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QQMQSE X QI ? 313, 5 3:11 150 25, XX f' 'QI XX ,xxA "Q 1 ' ' I -A f- NW l X x . x fn' fs? ' N X fi Xxx 1--Q.. U . XX. .vu ,jj 4 any f.,' .. i . Af' ,f .' I ' Q z ,- X XX x, K. ,jf f ' I - N Xxxh i ,, 2 . v 1 F. :Z lx , f . 4' I-A .M :A Q v 4- - H I' ' '. 1 ' z , I ' '-,Q 1 Q A I 1 EX If xllg V A X x i X f f xx '. x, A. 1 3 I 2 X . x, li -1' X . xx T :Hn x X , ga x A . 1 '- A 1 1 ': - . ' ' K -. . X . . -1 Q 1 'I . '-4 1' 9 J H 1 , vi ' ' E .E ' If H 3 t " 2 .K 2 3 U- if f y f, I X i , .1 ' U ' 5- ' ' If 1 '17 35 ' ' 1 - 2 1 ' ilk? H5 1 1 I 5 Y ' g E ' 1 1 , ,. 1 f 1 is I ,1 It 'I s l !f I 1 -f-,1:cQ- e -4-Q1 .. -,- :eg-f 1- qw fl, -Y e at We , .lr 1 TO PROF 51 4' I You are an "Ancient Mariner," yy But you lookcth quite alive yn if II l Despite the years among us- E To the tune of twenty-five lg , I We hope you haven't often felt 4 That the years have been in vain for your drive and pep and stamina u 4 Have worked well for our gain. L We've admired your understanding, It nl , Your sportsmanship and tact, n 1- And we've looked to you for sound advice 1 ig That we could accept for fact. ' u lm y-s- e could go on relating i things that we all feel, B ut,.we'd like to stop this gabbing fn do something for real Z3-'77 So hcre's to you, dear Mr' Roll !m"the cl of 'Fifty f W Q'- ,ghis book to you we dedicate, ,elish we eoul do more ff! if " E . xtfiirtifiizw, f. ' . .,:-.,- . . . a-A , -3.5 1- ' -'S-:Q-f' ' ' ' ' 'n .J',.-,- Agia'-. 'uit ...+P as " " OUT' '. ,:'-' A J .-F1 ' --el ,,, W, --ff ,H f " ' 1'-E-'1 li'F3x.y :fax .-::1--- , elf ,, "'ff'.ff +-'- ' - " Qi 'C A 'f-sZ.?E'2Z-75- -ax: H 'W W '-'1'.'QQ3z1i'. :wa 45. . qw : 5 ' :g,.g. s rpg it efi1:g5- e' fl:-if 'fi eerie fe la---is rw IN APPRECIATION Now that graduation is near, we realize how Ld n much we owe in gratitude to the people of the com- ' munity for the help they have given us during our p ny years at Cullom Community High School. it 1 y 1 it We wish to thank the teachers and the members y of the Board of Education for their splended co- operation and helpful patience, We are grateful I 5 to the people of the community for their loyal Yi patronage of school affairs and for the help given VU, -us in connection with our trip and other extra- It curricular activities. Last, but not least, we want to thank our parents for the many things they If A have done in our behalf in seeing us through our if 1 high school careers. I gg., ,lfp " To all of you who have , in any way, helped5:f-3533 fl possible these past four years of educatifnslgi Q for us , we extend deep-felt T bottom of our hearts. YY S -:f1"'.-1rl- s- ' 'efr 4 The seniors ' "" eg ,:-f 1 If ,,4. ,N .... , UQ w-. Editor-in-chief Assistant Editor Art Typists Mimeographing Sales Sports Activities Calendar Features Snapshots Prophecy Advisors ...4-. -.... ..1...-- ',,,,..-.,-. iles lille, V Q,-fv --- ---....'v----....,.r ,.....- , ,...,---.-...,., "' .-N. ----.... I , y' Q2 IL!! L 5 F James Stucker Paul Deany V l Rita Sadler Ann Tinker Virgil Rocke V , , U N 1 f F5 Sandra Haag 3 Velma Nettleingham l Y nl, V f Arletta Ginter V Marilyn Kewley V Jean Donley 4 Ronald Haberkorn 1 1 4 ' r H Scotty Long l Jack Dutton , V Roger Corkill 4 Jerry Deany lp 1 P ,. Scotty Long Jerry Deany M!i Jean Donley I t Velma Nettleingham V H Marilyn Kewley A - V 1 Velma Nettleingham H K f l Betty Clark Sandra Haag 9 V Peggy Biiierbeck VI, Rita Clark J Richard Blackmore V Holland Read l Gerald Harms V I ' Jerry Deany Ld. v nr. Hahn ,gin Miss Lask dx Xa? Q -cw? 1 'VXI' f i W-,.,-.fa , A ,,f"!,Vf,,,,.f ,, Ext 1 ff 3 ' . X W , 6' cpm A X X ki, ...a ' 'Qu W N.. X , XX X7 f irm li ? 1 f if fd? S .- ff f ff 5 ' SK ff 'A ' ix ' in X Q is ff! . :SKK , xx' XM 55 ff '-,wvmw ,JN If , .Rx r it 2' Q XX N X. -W gb .' f ,ff N N fir, N W WHY! r 'Ei 'A 'vfx'511fi"'j W , 1 Jf,f, Ax iw f 2-ff S I XXX . , 1 1 ,Es -9272, K x Q - If -.Q HJ wi J Eff x X ' 1A-. f' J ' ,f J X' X "W . .,.f x I Kg ' W i ' 'ff' I K- ' 41 all-" fling? 1? M124 ,7 H" M 771. fabfvm f f f f f.iLC-j I 7 lu.. H5Q4mJ N Clglib ff ff 'Il ti it .ff-175 xi " f"'If'X UL , fu ya. , in in LQSLD 150 JXLUTELJ -'X'-but Illncis Wesleyan University University of Illinois Edward V Hahn. A.B. Illinois wcsleyen University University oi Illinois Janet Dowse, B.S. Illinois Wesleyan University Mary Ann Hack, A.B. Webster College St. Francis Gust Ferri Jr., BQS. Illinois State Normal University of Illinois Clarene NcCenghey, A.A. Illinois Wesleyan University Illinois State Normal Bessie Donahue, B.Ms ED,, M.M Chicago Institute of Music Colu bia School of Music Illinois Wesleyan University Gisela Lask, A.B. Illinois State Normal Everett Sandusky, B.B.S. University of Illinois F' il 4 If Li . ED. db 5,123 Z . es nf . I Zi ' H. ,fl P , gif ifi Principal A ssi stent Principal English Latin Science Mathematics Band Social Science English Speech 'Atnlueti cs Physical Education Biology Physical Education Music Shorthand Typing Bookkeeping Business Training Agriculture NT PQYYI MTS. Mllawakty Mfg, Hack WX?-Hakvs. VX! Sandusky M55 L35L 1 -fa vp VH. YXQXX ' W M f 4 za EWEHGNWEQ Nkss Du'naYuAe. 4 NYS Dowbc Ueius Cnswe-r jess H133 Hu-Mani Taxfwv Wuku buh. i Lk my Nant Lwuux Pssl R-aNu Hrren JAH. MKQVAKI . . A- .E . inu.',,1.1 .u. , 1, 5 11.11. :.- 'J . we I -V X . ,, A, ,aw AA.. V .. nu mg-fr 5, X ,354 .Lv-H ' -w.. , .9 1 if J' "w A- I', 1 M is-it ' .i 1 H 1-525431 2 -7'f4ffLf:l1l, f I k V'1,,' ,- ,A4Zk47Rn II' M .J-' YH 1 , - U... uwsi, V ya i- " ., ,137 f, :.1aw.-- , 9-'-I qi. 'QM , , . ' ,Y if .1 I . I I Q Wi X QU fx X? J fig!! if' MEUR ,X N Y X XX. fin' mx K. V X h ff fl x . J MX N f X I wx X i VX' X V - 'X 2 'R ' f I 5 J, 1 ,ig-j' 'Se1'K:- 8" 59'-X 13 El K x "'?Q'i. ""' ii:lf1,f'af'f4 XT V Ill- h rl vf 'il I U . I -"IN ,fx .' 'J 7 f' : ,,' .,. , 'ij ,i X ' 1- ' ll V A . ' V .1 ,. ' , ' ' N -- . r I ' x ' x h- . -'I - 1 s'i',, y '. N f J 4, 1 1-2 i ,, I '-, 'ggh ' 7i3!s --f' . I . 1 1 ' ', .-1. 5' 1 ' xt . I x I j. I S 1 I 1 :ji ,fix N x , X X NX, f IH, ,rl XX fv X X X ,lj ww! f' l A, i ni A, Q Q' X, X. :xxx X fl! 41-. "Q I Y f ' 2. , M fa tx g i XX g , - 'ww Iv f f 2 c -V HM lr 4, ' ' ,-,.,..,.,," fl X X 7 ff! if ',,,. X X if dxf, f A ww f ,L IX 'ssuiion HISTORY x Afvf ax n f S w Xp fivxxxxu 'TR NCQ! as ff to fr ff , 5X ff ,,. f Let2usxtravel,back fou yearsqto the'fallfotfl95O whgngiwgpfit four green Dfreshrnengjthe 'yClass, of 'Shy' started fout on? e'r!.hi'gh sch5JlY:areef-ivleeting with A-tl'ieirZ'?lassfadvisor, Miss nyderf they chose theffollowiig offiber 'E' Scotty Long, Presidentg Be-tt gClark, Vice:President5 and Jerom Deany, Secretary-Treasurerkfyf ' 4 "pf 7 7 Initiation of the! incoming Freshin'a7n Class was ,conducted by the Sophomores as a part,6f the annualkhigh school"homecoming cele- bration in Octoberl' FT6ShmGiXqEiT1S,'dT6ESGdffgS negro mam ies, were required to look after the boys who were dressed as helpless babies. The girls trundled baby buggies and gave the baby boys occasional rides in the wheeled vehicles. The boys carried bottles and dolls as a part of their initiation chore. The return party tendered to the Sophomores in November con- sisted of a treasure hunt in and out of the village of Cullom and a Weiner roast at the farm home of Marilyn Kewley. Members of the class prominent in many school activities were Betty Clark, Sandra Haag, and Velma Nettleingham became members of the 'M1-S. and Her Misses," c. C. H. s. All-Girl swing band. Scotty Long won a starting position on the varsity basketball team. Other fresh en participating in athletics were Jerome Deany, Jack Dutton, Paul Deany, James Stucker, Roger Corkill and Gerald Harms. Those who prepared solos for the music contest were Betty Clark, Marilyn Kewley, and Velma Nettleingham. Literary contestants were Lois Ann Tinker, Velma Nettleingham, and Sandra Haag. Semester honors were won by John Berberich, Sandra Haag, Velma Nettleingham, Rita Sadler, James Stuckerg Arletta Ginter, Lois Ann Tinker, Jerome Deany, and Paul Deany. They started their Sophomore year with twenty-four students but lost one later on in the year, Annabelle Widmer, who moved to Fairbury. They elected the following officers: President, Lois Tinken Vice-President, Annabelle Widmerg Secretary-Treasurer, John Berb- erich. Mrs. Hack was named as class advisor. During the Homecoming the Sophomores initiated the fresh an and later were given a return party. Anabelle was selected as an attendant to the Homecoming Queen, Outstanding students throughout the year were: Scotty Long and Jack Dutton in athletics, Velma Nettleingham, Sandra Haag, and Betty Clark were members of the Girls' Orchestra. Sandra Haag, Velma Nettleingham, Betty Clark, and Lois Tinker took part in the music and literary contests sponsored by the school. Those on the honor roll included: Sandra Haag, Velma Nettleingham, John Berb- erich, Rita Sadler, Lois Ann Tinker, and Arletta Ginter. At the beginning of the year the Junior Class consisted of twenty-two students, however, John Berberich left the class the first semester. Two members, Donald Irvin and Virgil Roche, joinei the class later in the year. A They elected the following officers: President, Rita Sadler, Vice-President, Paul Deanyg Secretary, John Berberichg Treasurer, Jack Dutton. Mrs. Dowse was named class advisor. Lois Ann Tinker and Jack Dutton were chosen to be attendants for the Homecoming King and Queen. Outstanding students in football were: Roger Corkill, Scotty Long, Jerome Deany, Jack Dutton, Paul Deany, Gerald Harms,. and James Stucker. Those who received letters were: Roger Corkill Scotty Long, Jerome Deany, and Jack Dutton. Those who entered in track events were: Scotty Long, Jack Dutton, Roger Corkill, James Stucker, Jerome Deany, Gerald Harms, and Paul Deany. The junior class presented the play, WClcmentineU, on Novembe- 2l, 1952. The cast was as follows: CLEMENTINE, Sandra Haag, MRS. KELLY, Lois Ann Tinker, CATHY, Velma Nettleinghamg JANE ANN, Jean Donleyg ANN MCNEIL, Rita Sadler, MISS PRINGLE, Betty Clarkg' MR. KELLY, Scotty Long, HANK MATTHEWS, Roger Corkillg ABE CARTER, Paul Deanyg BERTHA, Arletta Ginterg PETE, Jack Dutton, TUBBY, James Stucker. Members of the class included on the honor roll were: James Stucker, Marilyn Kewley, Leis Ann Tinker, Velma Nettleingham, Rita Sadler, Sandra Haag, Arletta Ginter, and Betty Clark. Students playing in the swing band, Mrs, and Her Misses and Gorgeous Gussie and Her Gas House Gang, were: Velma Nettleingham, Betty Claik, Sandra Haag, Jean Denley, Lois Ann Tinker, Roger Corkill, Richard Blackmore, and Gerald Harmsg ' Those active in music and literary 'work were: Jack Dutton vocal solog Velma Ncttleingham, vocal solo, ensemble, and orationg Betty Clark, vocal solo and ensembleg Jerry Daany, vocal solog and Sandra Harg, dramatic reading. Vehna Nettleingham and Sandra Haag, after winning honors at the District Speech Gontest, advanced to the Sectional. Sandra was selected to go to the State, This is the first time in the history of the achool that a literary contestant has been so rec- ognizeds' Betty Clark and Velma Nettleingham took part in the county chorus and Velma Hettleingham attended the allwstate chorus Outstanding events included the arrival of our class rings. The height of the year's activities, was the Junior-Senior Trips Mrs, Dowse and Nrt Ferri accompanied us as faculty advisors. We visited Washington, saw the famous buildings, and climbed Washing- ton Munument. Then we Vert to Philadelphia and Baltimore, At New York we saw the Statue of Liberty, Chinatown, The Bowery, and visited Rockefeller Center and saw a stage show, Finally we re- turned to Chicago on May 7th, full of exciting experiences about our journey. The senior class began its year at Cullom High with twenty- one members. Margaret Musselman did not return to school. Offic- ers choscn to lead the class were: Jack Dutton, Pxesidentg Jerry Deany, VlC6wPTG3ldSHtj Gerald Hanna, Secretaryg and Roger Corkill, Treasurer? At an early meeting, the class chose its colors, dubonnct and silverg its flower, violetsg and its motto, UTHE EEST IS YET TG COME.H Jimmy Stucker was chosen as editor to the Gullog, and his assistant was Paul Deany, Velma Nettleingham, Sandra Haag, and Gerald Harms, took part in the music and literary contests. Velma Nettleingham, and Sandra Haag took part in the literary contest at Onarga, and both of the girls rated first place divisions, A SUWMET, A The students of the academy of Dramatic and Allied Arts are extremely excited, for,they are expecting a very famous actress, Prudence Mason, who will guest star in one of their plays. Mean- while the director, Mr. Bach, 'is getting all in order. Phil, a pleasant you g painter, is looking for his girl, Janet. She turns up with a bad cold, after having walked through the hills barefoot trying to get in the Wmoodn for her part. Phil begs her to give up her career and marry him. She refuses. She will wait to see the famous actress. Into this mad house of art comes our famous actress. She is dumbfoundedl She has no idea how to cope with these over-arty students, and they are taken aback to learn that she gives no time to such nonsense herself. To make matters worse for the actress she has a personal problem that roughly parallels that of Janet and the painter, Phil. The way in which she handles her problem and that of the other couple makes for an uproarous ending. Janet Ross ----- Phil Ford ------ Marion Phipps-- CHARACTERS ------------------------------Rita Sadler -----------Jack Dutton -- ------------ hrletta Ginter John Redman ----- ------- ------ ------------ -Gerald Harms Cynthia Keene-- Raimund Brown-- Mavis Moriarity :Qum- .-u-un-- --------Marilyn Kewley ---Richard Blackmore --- ------------- Velma Nettleingham Miss Frecman----- -------- --- --------------- -Rita Clark Miss Jones----- ------- ------------Peggy B llerbeck Tad Voorhis- ------ -------- -- Stella Brahms-- ------1 -----James Stucker ------------------------Jean Donley - Mr. Bach, the head of the department ----- ----- Paul Deany Dean of Women, of the university ------------- Betty Clark Prudence Mason, a visiting actress ---------- -Sandra Haag Claire Carter, her friend --------------------- Ann Tinker Jerry Flanagan, from Eollylood ------------- -Jerdms Dcahy Arthur Scott, Jr., Prudences' finance ------ Roger Corkill Production Staff Property Managers --------- Ronald Haberkorn, Holland Read Stage Managers ---------------- -Scotty Long, Virgil Rocke Ushers- ----------- -- - ------- -- -------- -Junior Girls Director ---- --------- - ------ Anr. Hahn Make-Up--- -- - ----- -----Mrs. Hack f--N... S X C.OC.D'X'XXXT5 'YQ . fAcg,N ,f433:N xx X fe X 'fx fxX 6 EL M?- fy, I Q '?xx'..-ks ff, ll fx ,f "-' ' QXWY xx x 'f .xXti 3 'M X 1 , ffvf! ,0M5XJ,M1,, 3 X X 1' 'QX'Rilc',Jlff' AWN 1" 2 ff wt f w O Hf M f Q, I 'N YQ fi e ' was Wkffd fe' it 'W W NNUi7i'X 114 'E-'Y' 3 , gf' it H Q,-, 4? M5 Rein, VWVNwfff2f'f'w X5 O- "' - ef me-We :QLQ,f' VALEPICTORIAN VELMA NETTLEINGHAM SALUTATORIAN SANDRA HALG HONOR PLAQUE ATHELETICS ACTIVITTES CITIZENSHIP AMERICAN HISTORY KThe names omitted above will be annbunced at the Commencement and may be written in the above spaces.j gif, ,,' " N,-M v 'Wm xx Q , A Q --sw - J 4 v o VYQAX Z N S faux I A ' e I if fw ffw f J X 1, ,G qA,,u+ f' f A 2 ,, N K un... , 1- J-JG 1 x X ff J.,.A., Kx Ii . M1 X X. bww mgwbwf N S1 VA X M QW Zggfm L., X L W ' Q..- X v r -n: ' 9 L 4 - V ,fx can .W .3 Tian . pus' 1. W - I. 84 - 14, fQ5W5 F , an-f , Fl 'H' i H -5-1 - N, 1' H: K- -,Ju - 3' ei I fr g4',,"1-.. .Q QI- ,ui'1.a. 'ln , ,V 4.55 K. ' 1 'A-, rv :s ---v ,W ,Q Y H 1 . LV' H '. 'Z Jia' . 1' flygaq 4 ' ' , ,,:,: - :am H ,, ' A ,U :J -'JK-eil r . wif- ' ' ' Q .fx ' '-1 .f-4. -u--',1- ri ' il , " ' ' " ""' ' 'A '-ki. 1'.':1552:-.Ii-iii 1 W " v L an , 1- -,,1.',w-..- I . --1 .,e 1 115, 15 " . , mi, . 4 "f-1, X ' V I , .1 F '33ii+Tfi. f- TF 'X' ' :fb ' -1: ', 5 'r 'female-2 5 W 2 It 'Y ' 'wil-ga Wie--ffl ' f'1ffiF?fW5-' T' - " "iii ' .1- 51' E, - X- -'1,w'1fgt'., f .- .' ,,- ,.' -- W - -' 3 ,A 'J",', iigffg ' ' W" 2 V, lm: , , , ' I w - , I r 1 V W W . 1 L ,W -L., rg, l , -I ,vl'- ?' au 'fav A-L+ f wif - i7f-ff5 A. .., , n-i 'gre - J . '- 'fQ,.'iQW.5f'1'7"'33 .wp-.i 3' J' E 1 , . 2f-'- .4 "YW 3 , J,-12: -'f.I'7 Qll,. P L ". ., , ' 1 .- A. 5-' 7' 55 5119:-g. '- -' .: . SQ'-wif ' , 4'-' 'g.M. I r F' 5' :vs ' K cfs 4' I ' . 9 is! psi f A N D 40 0f'i3Q:21 Ciarigfysef-31:10, :iii lj kgjl gig' I Nbf4 IL? FQNHEY ggi? WE, THE CLASS OF 195D of Cullom counties of Livingston and Ford and the United States of America, being of taking note that a sudden end of our scheduled for late in April of the year publish, devise, and declare this to Commurnty High School, in the of the State of Illinois in sound mind and memory, and associations together is l9SLL A. D., do hereby make be our Last Will and Testamezt revoking any and all Wills by us heretofore made:- A FIBSTLY: We hereby direct the Executor of this Will to pay ary and all just debts incurred by us and remaining unsettled at our demise. SECDNDLY: We further direct that any and all sums left after payment of just debts and expenses be given, devised, and bequeath- ed to our Alma Mater to be used for the betterment of the fine purposes for which said Alma Mater was established. THIRDLY: We further direct our Executor to enqnedite the trans- fer of the hereinafter named special bequests of -treasured individ- ual possessions oi' members of our Class to the hereinafter named heirs to our good fortune , to wit: I, Jean Donley, bequeath my natural and Beverly. I, hasn't any. 1: 1, curly hair to my sisters, Rita Ann Tinker, bequeath my hearty appetite to Carolyn Reed who Rolland Read, bequeath my curly hair to Jim Price. V J I Peggy Billerbeek, bequeath my many giggles to Janet Ellinger, Jerry Deany, bequeath my ability to get along with everybody to any needy person. Richard Blackmore , bequeath my photography to my brothers. Ronald Haberkorn, bequeath my back seat in study hall to anyone tired enough to take advantage of it. Arletta Ginter, bequeath to my sister the hope that she will have all the good times I have had while in school. Jack Dutton, bequeath to my brother my ability to get out ofthe afternoon study hall. Sandra Haag, bequeath my ability to talk myself out of jams to Nancy Koehler. Rita Sadler, bequeath all the fun of making new friendships to Billie Mae Twiehaus. Betty Clark, bequeath my ability to whistle to Carol Telford. Paul Deany, bequeath my ability to get ids in history to any needy person. Scotty Long, bequeath my height to Terry Flessner. Gerald Harms, bequeath my different hair styles to Duane Harms. Roger Corkill, leave my humor in English class to Ronnie Hack. Marilyn Kewley, leave my knowledge of the library to my sister, Velma Nettleingham, leave my ability to get along with music teachers to Rodney Fraher. Jim Stucker, leave my camera and my uklele to the next person who has my locker and cares to dig down after them. Virgil Rocke, leave my taxi service after school to Kenny Tharp. Rita Clark , leave my height to Judy Grubbs. POURTHLY: We jointly direct that the following bequests beexeeutei to wit: We, the Seniors of l95h, bequeath to the Junior class the ability to remain modest, industrious, and effiecient students, during their Senior year, as we did. We, the Seniors of l95h, bequeath to the Sophomore class, our diligence and co-operative manners in working together, and hope this will prove valuable to them in earning money for the trip. We, the Seniors of l95h, bequeath to the Freshman class, the air of sophistication and the ability to conduct themselves prop- erly in public which will help them become more worthy students. We, the Senior class of l95h, leave our humble thands and gret itude to the faculty who have so patiently tolerated our antics, mischirf, and childish actions during the past four years. We, the Senior class of l95h, leave to the janitors all our m scellnneous articles that we have so carelessly left lying around, with the hope that they will not have difficulties in find- ing a trash pile big enough for them. We, the Senior class of l95h, leave to the cooks the hope that the next Senior classes will be as dependable in coming to dinner as we have been. We, the Senior class of 19574, leave to the bus drivers the hope that they may have as good a behavior from the other students as they have had from us. We. the Senior class of l9Sh leave to the Directors Parents , 5 a Q Q. a and all paxoons oi the school our deep ielt gratitude for all the things they have done to make our four years in high school a success. ' We, the Seniors, being of sound mind and muscle, do declare this to be our list Will and Testiment, withdrawing any previous statement's and intentions. Having each decided to go our seperate ways, we propose to leave these bits of useless information. To the school as a whole, we the class of 'Sh, leave ------- - --- - ------ ---fwith relieflll In titness whereof, We the Class of 19511, the testators a n have to this will, set our hands and seal thisif th day of May in the year one thousand nine hundred and fifty- our. Nj ' ' I Q.. iff" b QKYLUIA! 6 Iarjlgiwfra V' . ef' f' Q Ax e, 42. if g4W,.b, UQQLZJ t fl, MVQS6. O ,. UA ' MV W 6+,,,,v DM ff 4, p 1 , Q rua 4 ,il-cr . 1"f?'fg'f3iQi V. .7?0'7J0!!s1 I 3211! 'Crigtbjr Q.. ' ' 1 5 ry C: ,G 'eff ' K Q .Y, I I 'dd ' '14-Ja' . ' K I A QJGJA i 01' 'I d ifffhw? Je., M" A j I if Q cf! L I.. y5wkej 4 i7CMy4 lviigiio N This instrument, we on the day of the date thereof signed published, and declared by the said testetors and 195lL Senior Class to be their last will and Testament, in presence of us who at their request have subscribed our names thereto as witnesses, in their presence and in the presence of each otherg and we fur- ther certify that we verily believe that at the time of executing the same the said testators were of sound mind and memory. A ,e 52. 3g.E'Fitness itness 5' '.J ' . , , ,L 'Lt Q My ,fitness , .,- 47, .jk4LJW1'l'f1'1eSS Jwhile following my usual summer itinerary, I decided it would K Qu fxzf y Xlfnflfff .ff ' ,- 1 -i a Gb, jf U ?4gWf C ' ' 'X X Q -x f f f X oi. I, -S c '.ZDi'X g ff , fd 1 f 'id" i ,ff . ff f X w ,Q r fx an W k f f y Q ff! 'vfff N,KQbSa pZ7g,f QFNX ?ZqNNfy!6' XG be fun to check up on my old high school classmates. The prospect of renewing old acquaintances would beta welcome relief from the monotony of my constant travels. As my train neared a tunnel somewhere in the mountain region in the eastern part of the Un ted States, I decided it would be best to expose myself to the train conductor or engineer rather than risk death on top of the engine which was going to clear the tunnel's upper wall only by inches. As I climbed down from my perch on top of the engine, I sud- denly realized that the engineer was a woman, probably the first woman engineer of a big locomotive. She certainly added a femi- nine touch to the train. After engineer Jean Donley and I chatted about the good old days in high school, she used her priority to secure larger and more comfortable accommodations on the train for meg 1 . , ' i Upon arrival at the pullman car, the first person to speak to me was a colored person whose features were similiar to Ronald Haberkorn's. lt was Ronald all rightg he had colored himself with charcoal to get a job as a porter. - ,, . As I was hungry, I started toward the dining car. Someone asked me to adjust her seat for her and then she handed me a five- dollar bill, 'I later learned that Lois Ann Tinker had fallen heir to the Johnson'Wax Company and was now very wealthy. , I passed through the circus car and I noticed that the fat woman grinned at me. Looking again, I realized that it was Rita Clark, who had sacrificed her figure to make a quick million. While I was eating and looking out the window, I saw an enor- mous sign which read, WNOW IN PERSON---GERALD HARMS GIVING H S LECTURES ON INTRA-SPACE TRAVEL.W I stopped off to give him some pointers, surrendering my accommodations on the train by doing so On the pictures I saw that the first Miss Universe, who was a resident of the moon, was another of my classmates, namely Rita Sadler. It was hard to catch a fast freight in such a small Eastern town, so I decided to talk to a junkman who was collecting junk from the junkyard. I was astonished to find it was Jack Dutton, who was doing a thriving business. Jack told me to go to a nearby town where Roger Corkill was running a used car lot, selling the cars his wife had worn out. Roger told me Holland Read had become a millionaire selling a type of yeast which allowed a person to make donuts without cutting holes in them. He didn't tell me his major secrets for fear that I would compete with him. I was going to hitch-hike to Chicago when I noticed a train pulled up to a siding- I hopped the freight and found a comfort- able spot on the surface of a cattle car, where I found a fellow hobo. I asked him for the details of the train and found that cousin Paul knew the best spots of the train nearly as well as I. We were going over a small lake when the train inspector spotted us. In order to conceal our idenity and keep from hurt- ing our reputation, we ju ped into the river. Realizing the shore was nearly 100-yards away, we swam toward a small rowboat occupied by a sleeping fisherman. We were utterly astounded to see Scotty spending his 365 leisure days of this leqa year fishing and sleeping. Taking us ashore he pointed out the house of Virgil Roche,th Secretary of the U. N., who had built himself a secluded shack in this territory. We remembered him as a great outdoor man when in high-school. We greatly enjoyed the scenic beauty of this particular area, but we never expected to find Richard flackmore, the famous motion picture director, here also, making a movie. He gave Paul and me permission to watch the movie stars perfonn. Being lovers of animals, we decided to visit the Brookfield Zoo, if it took no money to enter. We were greatly surprised to find the head physican was Velma Nettleingham, who is widely known as the world's foremost animal-mind specialist. Upon arrival at the village of Cullom, by means of a fast no m.p.h. freight train, I spied James Stucker chasing a butterfly with a net-like affair. When I caught up to him, he said that he was the village dog catcher. It seems he was elected to lure dogs as he used to lure girls during his high school years. I wanted to see my former classmate Sandra Haag, who was said to be highly successful. Having on my only set of clothing and also because of my habit of getting dizzy at heights, I decided it best just to wave at her and watch her paint the top of the water tower. She does a thriving business all over the U. S. painting water towers. Paul, the more cultured of the two of us went down to the business district and watched Betty Clark perform at her opera house, the only one remaining in the state. Her performances are considered to be the reason for the closing of the other opera houses in Illinois. Farther down the street I ran into a group of soldiers who were escorting the former Marilyn Kewley across the street. I had heard she was married to a five-star general, but I didn't know her new name so I didnit speak to her. Her husband had led the AJ! lied troops on an invasion of Christmas Island, which was being attacked by tropical birds. I learned that Arletta Ginter, who studied to be a nurse afta' high school, met a rich doctor recently and married him. Now they are one of the most important nurse-doctor teams in the medical profession today. As I walked farther down the street, I came to a pole which was partly concealed by a sigh stating, HVote for Peggy Billerbeck for Mayor.W Since, by reason for my occupation, it is not my nat- ure to become too familiar with minions to the law, I hastily took leave to the old home town and resumed my leisurely travel of the U. S. A. NAME Peggy Billerbeck Richard Blackmore Betty Clark Rita Clark Roger Corkill Jerry Deany Paul Deany Jean Donley Jack Dutton Arletta Ginter Sandra Haag Ronald Haberkorn Gerald Harms Marilyn Kewley Scotty Long Velma Nettleingham Rolland Read Virgil Rocke Rita Sadler James Stucker Ann Tinker NICKNIHE Peg Rich B.J. Ret Cork Butch Sweenie Jeanie Percy Mother Sandy Haby Cas Bill Scot Vel Rollie Virg Sadie Jim Lolo SAYING You don't know do you Nothing Oh crumb! Want to make a bet Yea boy Dem's fightn' words Junk it Look out Bub Beats me Dig that crazyh-- Ohl for Pete's sake Wanna bet Crying out loud Go fly a kite I'1l clue you Oh cry! On no! Oh gee2 I about died Keep calm Ohi co e now AMBTTION OUTSTANDING FEATURE PASTIME Roller skating champ Pilot for a big airline Model Housewife Man Being Ambitious Turkey Picker Beautician Disposlng of N. Y. Yankees Registered nurse Director of a Broadway Hit Farmer Millionaire in Calif. Bookkeeper Bachelor with a Cadillac Teacher Farmer See the world Getlthrough nurses training Become a man Housewife with husband Laugh Red hair Height Hands Haircut Feet Build Complexion Smile Hair Eyes Walk Ankles Teeth Black hair Freckles Ears Eyebrows Eyelashes Eyes Roller skating Taking pictures Baby sitting Roller skating Listening to radio Studying Shearing sheep Playing the piano Going to shows Going to neighboring towns Playing for marimba solos Driving Sleeping Reading Sleeping Going away Watching Television Goes to Kempton Staying with girl friends Living Going to dances PEGGY BILLERBECK Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,h Cantata 1 Music Program 2,3,h Hi-Times Staff h Cullog h HClementine0 3 WStardustN h RICHARD B ACKMORE Boys' Chorus l,2,3 V. V. Chorus 1 Cantata 1 Music Program 2,3 Band l,2,3,h Boys' Orchestra 2,3 Track 1 Cullog h UClementineH 3 UStardustN h BETTY CLARK Class Vice-President 1 Girls' Chorus l,2,3,h District Chorus h State Chorus h V. V. Chorus 1 Cantata 1 Music Program 2,3,h Girls' Ensemble 2,3 Band 1,2,3,h Girls' Orchestra 2,3,h Orchestra Treasurer M Liv. County Chorus 3 Hi-Times Staff h Cullog h WC1ementiheN 3 Hstarduotv h Essay Contest 3 RITA CLAR Girls' Chorus l,2,3 Cantata 1 Music Program 2,3 Band 1 Hi-Times h Cullog h UClementineN 3 NStardustH h ROGER CORKILL Class Treasurer h Boys' Chorus 2 Cantata 1 Music Program 2 Band l,2,3,h Boys' Orchestra 2,3 Football Letter 3,h Basketball Letter 3,h Football Co-Captain M Basketball Co-Captain Track Co-Captain h District Track h Cullog h UClementineW 3 UStardustU b F.F.A. l,2,3,h F.F.A. President h F.F.A. Vice-President 3 F.F.A. Secretary 2 JE DME DEANY Class Vice-President h Boys' Chorus h,3 District Chorus h Cantata l Music Program 2,3,b District Solo 3 Vo Vo S010 3 Football l,2,3,h Football Letter 3,h Basketball 1,2,3,h Basketball letter 3,M Cullog M WStardustN M Semester l,2,? PAUL QBANY Class Vice President 3 Boys 'Chorus 3 ' Cantata l Music Program 2,3,M Football l,2,3,M Football Letter 3 M Basketball g 3 Jil Basketball M Track M Cullog Asst. Editor M NClementineH 3 WStardustV M Semester Honors S,6,7 F.F.A. l,2,3,M AG Scholastic Award M F.F.F. Project Award M JEAN DONLEY Girls' Chorus l,2,3 Cantata l Music Program 2,3,M Band l,2,3,M Girls' Orchestra 3,M Hi-Times Staff M Cullog M Homecoming Queen M UClewentineN 3 HStardust W M QAQE 222295 Class Treasurer 3 Class President M Boys' Chorus l,2,3,M District Chorus M V. V. Chorus l Cantata l Music Program 2,3,M Boys' Ensemble 2 Football Letter 3,M Basketball Letter 3 Football Captain M Football l,2,3,M Basketball 1,2,3 Track l52,3 Cullog M Homecoming King M HClementineN 3 NStardust U M F.F.A. l,2,3,M F.FQA. Secretary 3 F.F.A. Vice President M ARLETTA GINTER Girls' Chorus l,2,3,M District Chorus M State Chorus M V.V. Chorus l,M Cantata l Music Program 2,3,M Ensemble M Band 1,2 Essay 3 Hi-Times M Cullog M UClementineH 3 HStardustU M Semester l,2,3,M,S,6 SANDRA HAAG Girls' Chorus 2,3,M MmmmCmmsM State Chorus M V.V. Chorus M Accompanist 3,M Cantata l Music Program 2,3,M District Piano Solo 2,3,M District Literary 2,3,M Sectional Literary 2,3,M State Literary 3 V.V. Literary l,3,M Band 1,2,3,M Orchestra 1, 2'3,Ll. Orchestra Vice-President 3 Orchestra President M Cheerleader 2,M Hi-Times Staff M Cul1og.M HClementineN 3 WStardustH M Semester Honors l,2,3,M,S,6,7 Salutatorian M RDNALD HABERKORN Boys' Chorus 2 Cantata l Music Program 2 Cullog M NClementineW 3 NStardustN M GERALD HA MS Class Secretary M Boys' Chorus 1,2 3,M District Chorus M V.V. Chorus 1 Cantata 1 ' Music Program 2,3,M Boys' Ensemble 2 Band l,2,3,M A Boys' Orchestra 2,3 Football l,2,3,M Football Letter 3,M Basketball l,2,3 ' Track l,2,3 Cu1log'M HClementineU 3 UStardustN M F.F.A. 1,2,3,M MARILYN KEWLEY Cantata 1 Hi-Timos Staff M Cullpg M A WClementineU3 WStardustW M SCOTTY LONG. Class President 1 Cantata 1 ' Footbal1yl,2,3 Football Letter 2 3 Basketball Letter-1,2,3,M Track 1,2,3,1l Track Letter l,2,3,M Basketball Co-Captain M Track Co-Captain 3,M District Track 1,3,M Cullog M NC1ementineN 3 V NStardustW M F,FoAa 1,2,3,,4 VELMA NETTLEINGHAM , Girls' Chorus l,2,3,M District Chorus M State Chorus M V.V. Chorus l,M Cantata l f Music Program 2,3,M District Solo 3,h Ensemble l,2,3,M District Literary 2,3,U Sectional Literary 3 V.V. Literary 2,3,M District Essay Contest 2 Local American Legion Essay2 Band 1,2,3,M ' ' Girls' Orchestra l,2,3,M Orchestra Vice-President M Livingstion County Chorus 3 All State Chorus 3 Hi-Times h Cullog M UC1ementineU 3 nStardustW M Semester Honors 1,2,3,h,5,6,7 Valedictorian h HOLLAND READ Boys' Chorus 3,h District Chorus h Cantata 1 Music Program 2,3,h Cullog h UClementineH 3 NStarduStn M VIRGIL ROCKE Tiskelwa, Illinois 1,2 Boys' Chorus 3,h District Chorus h Music Program h Band 3,11 Cullog h UStardustH h FoFoAe 33,-1 RITA SADLER Class President 3 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,h mmnncmmsh state Chorus h V.V. Chorus l,h Cantata l Music Program 2,3,h Band 1 - Cheerleader M Hi-Times Staff h Cullog b NC1ementineU 3 WStardustU h Semester Honors 1,2,3,h,5,6,7 JAMES STUCKER Boys' Chorus l,2,3,h District Chorus h Vovo Chorus 1 Cantata 1 Music Program 2,3,h Ensemb1e'2,3 Band 1,2,3 Football 1,2,3 Basketball l,2,3 Track 1,2 Cullog Editor h NC1ementineN 3 HStardustW h Semester Honors l,2,7 M TINKER Class President 2 Girls' Chorus l,3,h MMnwCmmsh State Chorus h V.V. Chorus 1,h Cantata 1 Music Program 2,3,h Ensemble 1 Vivo Literary 2 Band 1,2,3,h ' Orchestra 3,h Orchestra Secretary h Hi-Times Staff h Cullog M Homecoming Attendant 3 WC1ementineH 3 WStardustN h Essay Contest h Semester Honors 1,2,3,h,6 Shut the door ----- Nervous----Having fun ---- Pose pretty ----- Cousins Hungry----Don't fall off ---- Three pals ----- Tired boys ------ Dreamer Schoolfs out ---- Interesting game ---- Hard work ---- Worried---4Monkey business ----- Juniors ------ Sandy ----- Dressed up ------ Sohpomore pals Relaxation--Butz's---Hel Woman ---- Cheerleaders ---- Lovers ---- Picnic Is that sol---Gab session ---- gard workers----Old pals ------ Popular Kenney ----- Sisters ----- Little Rollie ----- Nice pose ------- Fattening Senior pals ----- Too bad Jack! Empty----Show off ------ -More Juniors Tired monkeys ----- Cut-ups ----- Cullom man ----- Wow! ------- Peg's party Escape artists ---- Fuzzy----Old friends ---- Fresh an chums-----Shall we waltz ---- Studious students ---- Dig the crazy kids ---- Hokey Pokey Come and get it ----- Hit him----Short shortse----O. H, ff ll- Fil A A . 91 D' ,ZX Q, UH" -k-.4 Cixi! J lf i , 1 1 Q I . 1 n A, 'I V , , s , 1 1 4 . 1 1 ! -x x V -4,4 4 ,, , I I , 1," : - , f 1- , f f , 1 -11. .' -4 lx I1 'I' L ' , , . I I 4. ,. 'D , 4 f w Q Q 1 Ar 'Engl-4 .a r f .. 1591- M4 - 3 'df 2 AF"iU' ,srl L 1 r wg . , u I , . ,, 1 -.'q-rs-:w A I L 'SHE " if 1,1 Y -f,i:,.LZf,- "" "uw F'-'fflh iff,-4,,'."T,'-.1H' W' afgw B ,J :1'2-.:-.t2- 1 2 ,L 'fa why vfffewi. ff.,-. a vrlfgralg- ' fag' .. 5, ,N ffzfj.-' ,, g. , J ' 1E3"f4 N w -'iff-lgliyg .- !"Tg,f3 g ,rx .4-3 w' 'f .w-r ,', H I I"I"'.' 'x '. w-. ' :fl .721-fi k-5'ii ljr sefifg '.g":"7 Qi-1ff'.,?f'n.ji, "' V , vivannzgiij ,Q J Kfkvi rf' 'Gif' --Y 5 Q ' , ij' -as 1 as f 9 Us-3 CQIIQ ,.'? . mv 0 T X SIL:-'ri .i' 1 I? Zggq wig? XS " 1 Sun. May 3--At 12 noon hh students and two chaperones, Mrs. Dowse and Mr. Ferri, left Cullom on a bus heading for Chicago where we were met by Henry W. Boersma and Jim Kearney, who were going to take us on the six exciting days in the east. After boarding the Cclurrbia, Wowmra on our way to Washington. During the 18 hours on the train, we went through Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvarna, West Virg:f.nia. We arrived in Washington D. C. in the morning. all Mon. May L1--In washington we- nausea the QQQ Capitol. There we saw the Statuary HaD, i Ls The Rotunda, the House of Representa- if g -3'-L tives, and the Senate. After eating 3 dinner at the hotel, we again returned A xnxx to the buses to visit Congressional Li- -----L brary, Bureau of Printing and Fngravirg, S . N, Washington Monument, and 13n'ithsonian Q , ff N Institute. Returning to our hotel for a q ,. W' change of clothing, we then went to Qfyqfdfgfxgrtkxfixk D Casino Royal for supper followed by a LA f tour of Washington at night. N " ggrux-xxlixsi ' K Tues. May 5--This morning was left open for our own pleasure, Some went shop-- .. ...,. -- ,, ping, some visited the Senate and Hn.-use of Representatives, and talked to Les lirends. In the ai'terncon we visited the embassies, Arlington Cemetery, Mount Vernon, J efferson Memorial, and Lincoln's Memorial. Then we went to Union Station , and boarded the train that took us to New York City. We arrived in New York at ll:OO p.m., after coming from New Jersey by ferry. 'ii , as--,fl X , ' ,Mir-i--x ----,.-Q Wed. May 6--Bright and comix we walked to the water front to board the yacht whifzh took us on --ix--..Y a.. a 3-hour tour around F1az1hattenv:bXT.':,-N7 -1- Island. We saw several large SN, M fa" Z' -2 ocean liners and freighters, the .fig S Statue of Liberty, Staten Island, , 4, , f- f,S if and Brooklyn Bridge. In the 5,135 3 " 'X 1 a X1--' afternoon we toured Upper and QAMVW K Lower Manhatten, Chinatown, the Bowery, Harlem, Greenwich Village, f and Broadway. After supper at the hotel, we went to Radio City ' ,, Music Hall and saw the movie "Shane," which was followeni ' y. a stage show. After the show, we visited Times Square and-4:1ef:-43Jfm- pire State Building. Then we headed for the much needed sleep, ti! WV N Thurs. May 7--This morning was free, and we all went different ways, some went to the Statue of Liberty, some went swimming, some went shopping and some visited other parts of the. city. This afternoon we returned to our train for the trip home. In the evening we held a party in honor of Henry Boersma and his assistant, Jim Kearney. Fri. May 8--We arrived in Chicago about 9:00 a.m., we ate dinner and went shopping. We arrived in Cullom about 3:00 p.m. and were met by parents and the other students. , as-'N "' ' We fm C, X QQ ICQ X o is 00 Q O Slim- X :gg-Q N 'ff E' " into 0 Z ,,1 491111 ll mf uf A 1 'K W3--M4 awww 4, 14-f 4v-"N - ,W M .S"- G4 I I' M f gf , flgr , U:.'. 1 ill E- U .. I fr i' A -ii . 4 9 I I ,, . h ml In H , .':- fi 2 ' . I -,Q , ilrz L:-,4 .4 ' ' Q F.flffd1f".f., ,V -- 5-1, 'fa ' 1 ,f 'Fffgf' ' ff lftf' . . 3' :' vu K , .Q .' 1 Qi ' I't',1-Liv' ' 'ff fieff .F .Q I 5 i'f'f,5?:-':'Uf:'Vu:Ziyi, 1 ff-fp? ' , ' Kiss'-1,21-Q'fAi -4 1 VV I . ., .r-.ff 'll f'J'fl9Q'-' A i , +V,-r.',',.'5' " 1 fi !'g,a' N , , ,,,.. , V -'-1 xo" . -ask. 1 f . will " V .. ' n- rim .P1'tQgh , i , -' 'w2sf:l,- .Qi - A A A gd 3 1i.,, : ---9 , L Dj ,. .1 sq, 5 -E, 31 . ,gy 4 FAH' ': 'r' if-' :,-ill' , , , ,,f!f., P g1-'ii-,' g3gJ,J5iff11ff ' 'T 1 ' "3"2': l ,. ' fi?" vuffi . """ x w "71yg n'. 1-.3 111 -mv' - 2 A lrifieff' ' ' -.3'4"' - - 'f ' :!'?-k2?'M'5z , 'fffl'-'E f-- ' -fqi V l,TW"f9'Rf-ggfv '!?ja.1g I V -.P-2511 'if' ,ir-1 ', " Wiggww :F-'nf 75' . ,js-, .:'gQ?,-g j' E ir i-,J V . .41 ' 4 .- ' A rf 'gf' 4 ,, ', . u 4 ..x r lk N. an .i- mn hamxhma .a.':rr.q..lf E GF K f' ! 4 ' 145 ,, fiig Q M Xt, X' K A X ,f' " v V' J. f .D , Of A U X ,I Iv.. wx ....--N.. fa? fn ,,,,,, 'Rims-'-. :ff x 'NL - fi in X R . -- 1,.f .af !' f k,..xRXNN-gwdgwx rex Q 1 CQLQ-iff? 'N fy S x ,fl ,f"", !-N 1 W f fx ,ff , z"' X f , ffrf f if I, ,W 1- ' j ff XQX V- ff In f N ,,f ff Az., f f L5 I , X f ', V-' " V, f Q , . JUNIOR HISTORY !,Qi3'EBR rsxxfjpf -FXS 'S If , N. . 2 S' " Xhbbyif gl 'I yi 4 Q 1, . K 7 ZX!!! fl x Kvxsix Xxx J gb f X as 1 ff X-. ., X 3 ' ff 'V ff K 'fx 1 Y , Q 5 ,hcl get ,X as S f , ff Tnerty-seven freshmen entered CullomfCommunity High School in x 1 f fl the ialffo? l9blu At their first class meeting they,ehcse the folimmi, .5o.f"1c:rs to lead them inf' their ipit1a3.,,,yaar at the school: William Bauerle, President5'Teresa Hahn, Vice-President, and I.cS:e'1a Wic-'4natn,!Sefzretary-Treastprerx. Mr. Ferri was named as class advisor. "" XB X -I Q lnitiation ceremonies conducted by the Sophomores was a memo- rable affair- Freshmen boys wore skirts, blouses and carried suit- casesf 'Ihe girls were attired in overalls, shirts .on backwards, and caxviee baseball bats. The class honored the sophomores a returr party at the Community Building, Square dancing, games and lunch highlighted the evening. During the year the class lost two members, Teresa and Leland. Saindcn, who moved to Mommence. Member: who were prominent in the yearls school activities were: Sportsg Wilber Lauterbach, Stanley McSnlloh, Faul Hartman, Bill BdUslQB5 Ecrmie Deany, and Raymond Washer, Those who entered in eitheiziusie or literary contests were: Solosg Marlene Attig, Janet Ellinger, Lorena Wickham, and Sharon Saathoff. Sharon also won honors by getting second at the state, Speech, Marjorie Haren, Lorena Wickham, Stanley'McCulloh, and Roger Casper. Sharon was also a member of the All Girls' Orchestra, The honor students were that year as follows: Barbara Bauerla Bill Bauerle, Betty Bentley, Teresa Hahn, Marjorie Haren, Jerry Kiley, Ronnie Deany, Ronnie Koerner, Russell Fenner, Nita Ruehle, Sharon Saathoff, and Lorena Wickham I . Twenty-five eager Sophomores arrived in 1952 to start another exciting year, but lost Wayne Dietz after the first semester. They elected the following officers for the year: Raymond Wascher, Pres identg Ronnie Deany, Vice-President, and Barbara Bauerla Secretaryb Treasurer. Mrs. Hack was named as class advisor. - The Sophomores initiated the Freshmen the week before UHome- comingn and later were given a return party. Two honored sophomores were Lorena Wickham and Raymond Washer who were elected as atten- dants to the King and Queen. The Sophomores also took top honors with their float, NOut for a Big Catch.N Members of the class that were active in sports were: Wilber Lauterbach, Ronnie Deany, Stanley McCulloh, and Bill Bauerle. Barbara Bauerle and Marjorie Haren were elected as two of the schoo1's cheerleaders. Members who took part in the music and literary contest were Sharon Saathoff, Janet Ellinger, Marlene Attig, Nita Ruehle, Lorena Wickham, James Price, Raymond Wascher, and Stanley McCulloh. The orchestra members were: Lorena 'Wickham, Teresa Hahn, Nita Ruehle, and Barbara Bauerle, substitutes. Marjorie Haren, and Janet Ellinger were permanent members. Chosen on the honor roll were: Barbara Bauerle, Bill Bauerlo, Sharon Saathoff, Lorena Wickham, Nita Ruehle, Betty Bentley, Teresa Hahn, Marjorie Haren, Roger Casper, Jerry Kiley, Ronald Koerner, Ronnie Deany, and Marlene Attig. The members of the class who took part in the Boys' Orchestra were: Bill Bauerle, Stanley McCulloh, Raymond Wascher, Jim Price, and Roger Casper. Sophomores who took part in the county band and chorus and the state chorus were: Mita Ruehle, Marjorie Haren, Raymond Wascher, Stanley McCulloh, Sharon Saathoff, and Bill Bauerle. Twenty-three eager Jtniors arrived in 1953 to start another exciting year. They elected the following officers for the year: President, Teresa Hahn, Vice-President, Lorena Wickhamg Secretary, Nita Rnehleg and Treasurer, Marjorie Harem. Their class advisor was Mrs. Hack. Members of the class that were active in sports were: Bill Bauerle, Ronald Deany, Bobby Hahn, Wilber Lauterbach, Stanley McCulloh, Jim Price, Norman Telford, and Raymond Wascher. Lorena Wickham, and Barbara Bauerle were elected as two of the varsity cheerleaderss Marjorie Haren was elected as a cheer- leader' of' the second team, Members oi' the class that took part in the girls! orchestra were: B11-bm-a Bauerle, Janet Ellinger, Teresa Hahn, Marjorie Harm Nita Ruehlo, Sharon Saathoff, and Lorena Wickham, ' Those on the honor roll included the following: Marlene Attig, Barbara Bauorle, William Bauerle, Betty' Bentley, Ronald Deany, Teresa Hahn, Marjorie Haren, Nita Ruehle, Sharon Saathoff, Roger Casper, Ronald Koerher, ' and Lorena Wickham: P Sharon Saathoff and Roger Casper were attendants -to the King and Que en . Outstanding events during the year included the arrival of their class rings and -the Juni-or-Senior Prom on Mayall. gk., - ' 5f3? -N i x Iliff f Nba, ' , ..-"-'Xx .4 1 f- " ,V I Q VX t - K , Kwai, ity. fm K1 ru? 'f 'I fffflf "Q . gr f l' i' 'X l,.,, VJ-. . xv' , K. .L-ff if .ff :xx 7 wil-tli-. X 'J .XXXNAH ,ff 5 Q ., - - 5 ' .. . . xxx' an LW ,ff f ix F X21 ,Q . ,X V, ' ' ' If , fl'-I.. .1 Ya,L"4. :Vi - . .K gg: iw h 1" n xx '- ' '75 NM!! XX 'Wil AW., X 'l X ' Nix 1 ,ffl , W2-' ,ff Mfr all YN X, X . K X ?, , 2, qi. QW f ,FQ-A wx" hd! Hp XX K A .,, , ' F ' Fil' . f -' fl i-5 5? '-'- -5- , Y -wife: ,Q Q 5 "1 , 3 ix: f- 1 A M 'K . --, N I - . R x. A "Q ,J 'J J QA "ann - .AN 51 ? xx . lk.. qu gxxxlix A,',.,-.- .1 ,xxx xx-...NWS ., Lf D A r, I .. .5 .TXXYXJ -my .' ' ajax ff" ,H . . M ullu U IJW,f,"lf'a.--.v--6L,h1XXX,. , .fi tj kj:-RR may AX A - N' wvifflv :ff g, t NX ,lf A3 ,ff ,,.f" "" V A X K1 X J X ff L , . -a,-..f VX What is it----Squatters' rights ---- Af faction------Name it ---- -Chums Hands of desire --m- Nice truck ----- V ?ho wants it ------- X fJait a minute Prof and Barb ---- -Studious ---- Sisters ---- -Smile Boys ------ Rough it up boys ---1- I Iave some ----- 4Lost? ----- Contemplati ng ----- W hat-a-pose Long legs ---- Card sharks-----Is she heavgv?-----Coach ---- L oaded steps Pals----Disc jockey- .------Gloomya-----Play pre-:ti-:e??? ---- Umnl Good Caught in the act ---- -Bus teminal------Dazed------Stupified----S. H. Mr., Hahn at his peak ----- Some party ---- T hree musketeers--Pepsident smi1e-- --Humi Iiated ---- L! ---Mari o--Trouble Jim ---- D on't mar-r the finishm-----Wamslng the bench ----- That Haag?? Whats in there?-f ----- At the ha'f--------Mother ----- -Mind on Forrest 3 monks in a tree----Secret semri-ze-v---120113---Dewi beat reclining Long at leisure-----RoI'.E.e-----Mlxee up mess, 1 H ' ' 11 -wr-' Cf! - 'ws 9 if x kg lx H5141 X ix x ,KD Q ,fa-f X Tix QQ 14 2 -1 Jf -f 5159 3 ,f2X . . is f-au' ' 11"-GW .,, g..u1: n u r w 4 1,- 'FFW15 'I 4,I1'I H 1" 'J Ll . ld LH mpg: . X L1 QQ- :-1 k , qw , , X. ' ' I u .V ,,3f:9' 4- ' 'Q V ii M ' 1-,hifi-' .g :-.L - 1 ' ,nw P2wif..f1,k-- .fwmw '1s.4Tv3QfP Y ' if 0 f 9--HT X Q wwf' YQ .--Q-"- f if f ff 1? 7 U ' 1 . ,,. V ..A ' gi? -TJ Q J W l I .-1.211 lm' f W ,f E, fklz 1 1 Q D Xi X Y X ff if x Zi, - i ll. gk xy f-:ff 2 v--BJ! Qexkff 43-'U D xxxxu'-. I! -1 k'xx ff!! fir nqiili C ff- X X .Xl lx I li e f"jN.XxdXEX, QDPHGKCTX HI.SiI'DRY ij fg If V 7 as I! MJ ASA X 4 i . U l- , ' lrsliibx f f 4' fu 'Y f X A . if X 4, XX A , .N K D1 of ff XR" y X , V I xx A x . , Twenty-three timid freshman entered Cullom Com unity High School in 1952. To lead them through the year they chose the fol- lowing officers: President, Ronald Groskreutzg Vice-President, Nancy Koehler, and Barbara Roll, SecretarysTrcasurer. Miss Rasmussen was named their class advisor. ra As a part of the annual Homecoming at C.C.H.S., the sopho- mores conducted the traditional initiation rites for the freshmen. The class entered a float in the tig Homecoming Parade. 1 The return party for the sophomores was held early in Gctober. Members of the faculty were guests at the occasion. Ten members of the class made the Honor Roll for academic achievement. They were Ruth Ann Flessner, Rodney Fraher, Nancy Kewley, Nancy' Magee, Nancy Koehler, Barbara Roll, Donna Lee Bentley, Theresa Dietz, Rita Donley, and Richard Witte. ' The number of the class was reduced to twenty-two when Riehani Witte moved to Forrest. Members of the class who participated in the various Literary Contests held during the year Were: Barbara Roll, Nancy Kewley, Nancy Koehler, Nancy'Magee, Kenneth Tharp and Denald Donahue. Members of the class who took an active part in athletics included: Donald Donahue, Donald Johnson, Rodney Fraher, Duane Penner, Charles Price, Roger Clark, Donald Blackmore, and Ronald Groskreutz. Kenneth Tharp served as team manager in both football and basketball. The following were band members: Donna Lee Bentley, Roger Clark, Ruth Ann Flessner, Rodney Fraher, Betty Jehle, Nancy Kewlqy, Nancy Koehler, Nancy'Magee, Rita Donley, and Mary Donley. Nancy Kewley was band majorette. Rodney Fraher was a member of the Boys' Orchestra. All members of the class took part in vocal music. Twenty eager sophomores arrived in l9h3 to start another ex- citing year, but the class lost Donald Johnson and Duane Penner. Duane moved to Forrest. They elected the following officers for the year: President, Nancy Koehler, Vice-President, Ronald Groskreutzg and Theresa Dietz, SecretaryaTreasurer. Miss Lask was named their class advisor. The sophomores initiated the freshmen the day of Hotaooning and were later given a return party. Barbara Roll and Donald Donahue were chosen as attendents to the King and Queen. 7The sophomores also entered a float in the parade. Ralph Whittenberg was a new member of the sophomore class,nho came to Cullom and entered school in March l, l05h. Their class now has twenty-one. Barbara Roll and Nancy Kewley were elected cheerleaders for the second team. members of the class who were active in sports were: Donald Donahue, Charles Price, Ronald Broskreutz, Donald Hedrick, Rodney Fraher, Robert Snodgrass, and Kenneth Tharp, man- ager 0 Betty Jehle, Nancy Koehler, Ruth Ann Flessner, Rita Donley, Nancy Magee, and Barbara Roll participated in the Girls' Orchestra. The following were band members: Betty Jehle, Kenneth Tharp, Mary Donley, Barbara Roll, Robert Snodgrass, Nancy Koehler, Rodney Fraher, Ruth Ann Flessner, Rita Donlay, Nancy Kewley, Donna Bentley, Nancy Magee, Roger clark. Members of the class who took part in the Music-Literary con- tests were: Kenneth Tharp, Mary Donley, Barbara Roll, Ruth Ann Flessner, Nancy Kewley, and Nancy Magee. Members of the sophomore class who were on the honor roll were: Barbara Roll, Nancy Koehler, Rodney Fraher, Ruth Ann Flessner, Nancy Kewley, Donna Lee Bentley, Theresa Dietz, Nancy Magee, and Rita Donley. 2: px , .fb if if IQ 'Q A, ,140 T!! mis-60 f!iy,f77 ,K Ji f I W . ' x, gf" lx ,frm uf' - '- , Q Fgqvy 'jg KVM w Q ' 1,' , N,-.1 s. -Q M J XM , R N-1 1 4 4 J 'I ' K ' f ,pn ' 'm .' " , ,. 'I ' 'X ff f 'ff' fx ,ffffw Q f- , . .I 4 .5-W-rj I5 1, -Vg, ff fs if . L . 5 , .I K, Z Laid ii... I 7, . f X. V f X ' U ., X if x X X xr". I wx. A V 'IVE ,I ,ff , rf' ,, 'Q " . A ' "J, . K I ,. 7 r A li , V: . ,A lx: -I Xflx P Q 37 as v, :Is . 0 'A L ,Q X 'I' . f' 't 'lgi --f1W""- - 15--Qi" 1: I XX 'I lglfr-I.. -- 'H-Q 'V LQ. f V X f ug A ,N si V' -' KAXVI 'sf' If .xx XV. ' aff QJ1 f' f I . Q T4 -H , , Q3 V' HA F, ,f -' 'H . H11 - I V'L gf lf' ! - f f p H , fc ""' - i - Q N- f f. 'f . 'wx 5 f - . xpv , fx - XXQ Fla, YN. X ff" 1 ,525 f 'J' - x X' f ' .,,f'ifL.- f N K .1 1 xxmt x XT6?? ijkffl f u if Q ja f fx ,.. 1 f N-4' L, , . 9 f Igyisiaigazv HIs'ioaYjzQ,2 ff fl, 'X . ggpy Cajfiy ' ff, Qrxmxax XQQ Kqfbmjpig? 5 N xv fix af' L X 97 '-'. 1 5.57 61? . !,., f K f Diff an Vw? fe f f if ,ff XX SERTEMBER Qjgfsamxtgenty-one .students embark on thei phigh school,ftareers at wCuIlom' Community High Schoolrfyhllf but two members calf thegroup yxeregmembers o -f"'fp'3the Cullom Community Grade schooljraduazing class of 1253. g 1' ,JW N'--ff' ,y X5 ,X A if f -. N , , 1 Class officers were electedlatxthe first'class meeting. Those named includegxgudy Halpin, Presidentfxpilly Ommen, Vice Presideny and Carl Spangler, SecretarywTreasurerJigMr. Sandusky was named'as class advisor, lid! fin-.-if IMO,"-3 A 4 Initiation of the Freshman Class was conducted by the Soph- omores. The return party for the Sophomores consisted of a weiner roast, which was held at Taylorls. 1 Members who were prominent in many school activities were: Bill Landis and Jim Van Alstyne who got starting positions on the second team of basketballg Bill Landis also played on the First Team. Those on the honor roll were: Judy Halpin, Lorraine Sandquist Carolyn Read, Verla Taylor, Delores Ashman, and Billy'Mae Twienaua Lorraine Sandqu st, Carolyn Read, Verla Taylor, Billy Mae Twiehaus, and Delores Ashman participated in the Music and Literary activities sponsored by the School. Members of the class who took an active part in athletics included: David Dutton, -Bobby Blackmore ,- 'Bob Finefield, Roznwie Hack, Duane Harms, Dean Tharpe, Bill Ommen, Jim Van Alstyne, and B ll Landis. iCarolyn Read was elected cheerleader of the Second Team. Top row: R. Finefield, D. Dutton, D. Tharp, D. Harms, R. Hack, W. Landis, J. VanAlstyne. Third row: B. Donley, C. Read, V. Taylor, B. Twiehause, D. Ashman, B. Haberkorn. Second row: J. Grubbs, L. Sanquist, J. Frantz, B. Blackmore, T. Flessner, L. Hartman. . Front row: Mr. Sandusky, Advisor, C. Spangler, J. Halpin, B. Ommen. Top row: D. Blackmore, R. Fraher, R. Snodgrass, K. Tharp, D. Donahue, D. Hedrick, C. Price. Third row: C. Telford, R. Flessner, N. Kewley, N. Magee, R. Donley. Second row: B. roll, B. Jehle, M. Donley, D. Bentley. Front row: Miss Lask, Advisor, T. Dietz, N. Koehler, R. Groskreutz. Top row: A R. Wascher, J. Price, R. Koerner, J. Kiley, P. Hartman, R. Casper, W. Lauterbach. Third row: S. McCulloh, R. Deany, W. Bauerle, R. Hahn, J. Finefield, N. Telford. Second row: ' M. nttig, S. Saathoff, -B. Bauerle, J. Ellinger, B. Bentley, L. Donley. Front row: Mrs. Dowse, Advisor, M. Haren, L. Wickham, T. Hahn, N. Ruehlq Mrs. Hack, Advisor. C L -A ki fb fs :L In ., .,-,,,. .I ,.,,.,.,. - '. , ww, ,, . -.--w1:f , 14 N1 "M 'Q' V n 4, gm ,Q ' ragga xk 'Q V 'fb 5 W Duff '3 X UQ? Q U M MXH xx MQ Kg! N ! 5 L A L7 l' "4z"'5",g,.- g', 1 - . X nm.-E -' ff., Q. 1,11 h IQL. iiotfki' ' I i I, xy' N164 QQ ' fixf-,ff' ,1J, ,fig 3 1,.,,f' 1 ,.:?ss21-:wrigff , f ff Q ,. .,A. V ,gg s . ff I 'V xx X, ,V V if V' , xt A. -.... u f -x . N ' gg? N - , . I A . , ' . N ff f . A ' J: 'I 'Xi' ' ' Q. Y 1 fp I ! 'ij I I i . , XX M?f.- f 1 NX f pf K T: f'lxm .5 X ll f W I fry. I X lj. CT' The Cuilom Community High SchooZPBang"is under the direction of Mrs. Janet Dowse. The band consists of D5 membersg 9 seniors, . 13 juniors, 13 esophomores, and 10 freshman. Those participating in the band are: Tru petsg Ann Tinker, Richard Blackmore, Roger Corkill, Jean Donley, Velma Nettleingham, Bill Bauerle, Stanleylvio Culloh, James Frantz, Bobby Blackmore, Nancy Kewleyg Saxophonesg Gerald Hanns, Janet Ellinger, Betty Bentley, Barbara Roll, Ruth Ano Flessner, Mary Lee Donley, Judy Grubbs, Judith Halpin, Beverly'Don- ley, Carolyn Read, Billie Mae Twiehauseg Tenor Saxophoneg Sandra Haag, Rita Donley, Roger Clarkg Tromboneg James Price, Barbara Bau- erle, Nancy Magee, Nancy Koehler, Ronald Hack, Bobby Hahn3Bass Eggg Kenneth Tharp, Virgil Rocke, Dean Tharpg Drums, Betty Clark, Betty Jehle, Rodney Fraher, Robert Snodgrass3'Flutes5 Nita Ruehle, Verla Taylor, Clarinetsg Lorena Wickham, Teresa Hahn, Donna Bentley, S bolsg Sharon Saathoffg Bass Fiddleg Marjorie Haren. The band played at most of the basketball games during the seasong they also played and marched for the Homecom ng Parade on October 23. Their last engagement was playing for the Memorial Day Ser- vices. Color bearers, a color guard, flag twirlers, baton twirlera and a drum majorette accompanied the band. -Iv. ,-s- -- --N 4' N4-QS N V .ff 1 K f'i:jiQ4f,iT,R lgff ,eQk, .1 A .X lfgxfcfgife Y I X! ,wx , -J x . .' , . ,K w, N, 'V"'1f' . Xi" Q 1 ' ,ff x ff "r- ,435 q If I GIRLS ORCHESTRA Second row: J. Donley, N. Koehler, M. Haren, N. Magee, N. Ruehle, B. Clang B. Jehle, Mrs. Dowse, Instructorg S. Saathoff. Front row: B. Bauerle,' S. Haag, R. Donlcy, 'B. Roll, R. Flessner, J. Ellinger, A. Tinker, V. Nettlingham, T. Hahn, I. Wickham. BAND Stancings R. Casper, Mrs. Dowso, Instructor, M. Haren, B. Jchle, B. Clmk R. Fraher, S. Saathoff, B. Snocgrass. Third row: R. Hahn, R. Hack, B. Bauerle, N. Koehler, N. Magee, Jim Price. Second row: D. Bentley, R. Blackmore, J. Frantz, N. Kewley, J. Donley, S. McCulloh, K. Tharp, W. Bauerle, C. Read, B. Bentley, B. Donley J. Halpin, J. Grubbs, D. Tharp, M. Donlay, R. Donley, S. Haag. Front row: L. Wickham, T. Hahn, N. Ruchlc, V. Taylor, B. Twiehause, Ann Tinker, V. Nettleingham, R. Blackmore, R. Corkill, R. Flessnmg B. Roll, J. Ellingor, G. Harms. ,rx --i' " 1 fx iff' ,X 56 f' R 7,4 JZ N gg' S Ygg ff LL, Y X x vf ,f ff X y W 'T C7 1 X WIA, 5 'v ': ,in-rj fl-fi X X f f f 7 . X1 'O 6e"OxL6 l Mia!! Sweef music S XAQ fi 61 .V X DUQD SWK SK, j :Q YK f ef sd! fx N1 2 on. -1 A ' DI M B59 ofa n D t, is l ana 1 Q yi-fx, I5T5,,m . huxfd tx Cr z! M N X meSg I fx x ,fx ,Mk .X Q ?-3 I Ca x .1 J ' L, :!!J.f,i-L W . ,a - . 1 A gng,..' A ' YN? ' F . V' v ? . 1 . - -,L 'ggi' gi. .2541 -r ligil if3"nA1I. 652: ,..,,1-W1 wwf.. Q11 - 1'ff-,ga'- ' ' "ffl 51" -3954157 .V , K A +' ' ' Hb'fgj43425.45IQ.:nl' -P' .i 5'2"-" f-':'i',,t' ,'., 'M ii "' 132511 . , rw-V: fm. H r Q, Q s ,JL-, ,",, 4 A L. ,JH la 1 2 1111429 1 -1 .L -:V 1 1-1 Hr b p, fx, 1 145'-5'3"'u si g,",1'gi5 gi, 1 11,1 1:51--E Li , . ' "di " - X 'd ns ' ' - H-i'1w,1'f -as El"'L1',.'Efj-.. .v W 1 'uw 2-rf-5-eff-' 1535 '22 Efillffr . A HI pl 1 f "'wf v A'-1' ' 1 ' 4 jf '19 3 V76 4 Q .K 'F'- S ' 0 H ,.,""' Uc1'7E,, eff ft TW M U FH On the eighteenth of December the Christmas Program, comprised of all music students was held in the high school gym under the direction of Miss Donahue, The local elimination for the Cullom High School solo contest was held on March 23 in the high school gym. The results were as fbl1pwBy Soprano--Marlene Attig, lg Nancy Kewley, 25 Lorraine Sanquist, 3. Others who sang in this division were: Nita Ruehle, Billie Mae Twiehause and Janet Ellinger. Results in the alto divi- sion were: Sharon Saathoff, lg Velma Nettleingham 23 Nancy Magee 3 Carolyn Read and Verla Taylor also sang in the alto division. Bass- Stanley McCulloh, lg Gerald Harms, 23 and Dog r Casper, 3. Tenor- Kenncth Tharp, lg Raymond Wascher, 25 and James Price, 3, Those receiving first ratings represented the school in the V.V. Music Contest at Chatsworth on April 23. The District Solo and Ensemble Contest was held at Flanagan U1 March 6th, The results were as follows: Soprano-Marlene Attig, 23 and Nancy Kewlev, 3. Alto-Sharon Saathoff, lg and Velma Nettleing- ham, 25 Tenor-Raymond Wascher, 3 and James Price, 33 and Baritone- Rogar Casper, 3. Stanley McCulloh, who was to sing in the division was Unable to sing. The Girls' Ensemble, COHSiStiHg of Marlene Attig, Nancy Kewlex Arletta Ginter, Sharon Saathoff, Velma Nettleingham, and Nancy Magee placed second. The District Contest for Organizations was held at Flanagan on April lO. The Girls' Chorus received a superior rating and advanced to the State Contest on May l at Charleston. The Boys' Chorus re- ceived a superior rating also. The V.V. Music Contest was held at Chatsworth on April 23. The results were as follows: Soprano--Marlene Attig, 25 Alto--- Sharon Saathoff, 25 Tenor--Kenneth Tharp, 25 Baritone--Stanley McCulloh, 3, The Choruses sang in the evening and the results were as follows: Boys' Chorus, 23 and Girls' Chorus, l. Sandra Haag was accompanist for the Girls' Chorus and Sharon Saathoff was accompanist for the Boys' Chorus. Roger Casper placed lst on his marimba solo and competed in the State Contest at Charleston on April 30. He received a first rating at the State Contest, The officers of the Girls' Chorus were as follows: Pres. Sharon Saathoffg Sec., Jean Donloyg and Librarian, Nancy Kewley. 3 The officers of the Boys' Chorus were as follows: Pres., James Stuckerg Sec., William Bauerleg and Librarian, James Price. N? A 'T ,' . ..- 551 . 1,137 ,I I.. A U We MH? , Miillfiwzilfff Fr Sandra Haag, Velma Nettleingham, and Barbara Roll represented Cullom High School in the District Speech Contest in Fairbury on February 27. Barbara Roll advanced on to the Sectional Contest in Pontiac on March 13. The results of the V.V. Literary Contest were .as follows: Extemperaneous Speech--Rodney Fraher, 15 Dramatic Speech---Sandra Haag, lg Humorous Speech--Barbara Roll, 13 and Oration Speech--- Velma Nettloingham,l. ' Cullom won the Literary Division of V.V. Music and Literary Contest by collecting a total of 20 points from the four first , places. Jerome Betty J Mary A Peggy Elizabe Ronald Josep Virgil L Richard Alan Marilyn Jan Jean Avi Lois Ann 4 Rolland-DeW James Perry Paul Lero Rita Ra Fi Vehha Jean Ne Scotty Ler Ja Roger Frank C Sandra Gerald Eug rancis Deany ann Clark letta Ginter h Billerbeck Haberkorn e Rocke -A lackmore en Kewley Donley inker tt Redd - tucker Deany" 1 Sadler a Ann Clark tleingham y Long k Duane Dutton rkill ,. ' axine Haag ne Hanna GIRLS' ENSEMBLE MUSIC CONTESTANTS Back row: Third rowx Nancy Kewley, A. Ginter, B. Twiehause, V. Taylor, Velma Nettleingham. V. Nettleingham. Front row: Second row: M. Attig, S. Saathoff, N. Kewley, C. Read, No Ma-geeg M0 Donley, so S. Haag. First row: N. Ruehle, N. Magee, L. Sanquist, M. Attig. MUSIC CONTESTANTS Second row: V. Rocke, R. Casper, B. Hahn, K. Thorpe. Front row: ' G, Harms, J. Price, R. Wascher, S. McCu11oh. . BOYS' CHORUS Third row: . A Q J. Dutton, D. Donahue, P. Hartman, J. Deany, V. Racke, . 'K. . Tharp, R. Casper. Second row: W. Bauerle, R. Wascher, R. Snodgrass, J. Price, W. Lauterbach, R. Hahn, R. Deany. I First row: 1 A Miss Donahue, Instructorg S. McCul1oh, J. Stucker, G. Harm, P. Deany, R. Groskreutz, S. Saathoff, Accompanist. GIRLS' CHORUS Fourth row: ' ' R. Flossner, B, Banc:-le, B. Twiehause, T. Dietz, 'L. Tinker, B. Clark, A. Ginter, R. Sadler, V. Taylor, N. Magee. Third row: ' D. Ashman, P. Billerbeckg J. Ellinger, T. Ham., L. wmkhan, V. Nettleingham, N. Kewloy, C. Reari, R. Donley. Second row: , ' r J. Grubbs, L. Sanquist, IT. Har-en, C. Telford, B. Donley, Judy Halpin, S. Saathoff, B. Haber-korn, B. Jehle. First row: ' ' Miss Donahue, Instructor, B. Bentley, B. Roll, M. Donlay, Ldm Donlay, N. Ruehlo, M. Attigj S. Haag. UL X3 Xx J Y 'We mf,, X g - - vsh.-S , M' 1 S ai 40 55 e2'5e?"K , fc Q Xxwa bf 6. . NX Xa Q66 I 1 rn , Mig- . .21 if E , 1 ,. ,rw .1.:- , , F VM- , .. W. , ... , . 5 Yugspu. zu. ' align! 4 . :J - ,:' 5 I I E n 1 E.-I ' nv I 4 ,.-. liwfiit V: fn . E . , feiff wr - L - .4 Q 4 -' 1 1 .Wf3. :g" ffdfzlz , ,b H ivxfgqf rp, vl A ' - . .. '1fQI3.ff?. Lil? f Q: -5,515 "SMX I ' :, -'7 ' g 832135. . 1 . 'wh infiiwi 55 1 ' J.. . A .,gp:V .Q H, mi 1 . V . - -. .swf . ' - ,ft,. ' - F J! 11 ,- 'ig-L:-2 1 .-1' zs: 9f"Yi'is' ' ,,..,. x,M..!' jf ?'. '?9l? W .' . I sm. I . .J 5 f f Q' N ,U.:a.f 11: wx 1 r ... Agp , 1 . I J' V40 I WH N Q 17 ?ix,I -A T1 -I '- ' I TS: r rg 'F 4 'H u 1 v u f v ' L' + .49 , f..-1 in ...fa . .. X 1 1 V1 'r '- . r . . 4- . -1--:ar QW 16 3' 1 . 4. 1,.E51eg.,, - 'f,.g'1'. , 1 , 1 f" ingf1i4.f: f. I, 1 E f 1 J 4 31? , .. 1: 1 . V gl 1 --V E Q. .Hr 7' W NI ' Tp. 'fl ' I Q. , . f I F , 5,14 ' ' 1 ' .... . 5 . mi 4.1: fl M " .H V 3. V Q , g. ' 51.1 ,QE .xv Q X X L' f, ' . QT . w " Q' .x :A Lragygqze :.1',-SJ , 1 T' 311- E5 tar 145 ., , . QM 'af' V1.1 - +31i1..ee1f ' . -9' , . V .f " 'I VY - 1 V,-T' ,lui Ms, 1. - . . - ji: -i",??:,-192533. ' T243 - .i sz aria' c ,f-ff .,-,. Tu- ' -.rg Q... 1. g . ':-- . , 125 . ' . 1.:g 7 1 7 '- 1 ,Q ' 'V V Q , f k I. :- Mfr 54 ,P . . ps? f. ' '-u"g5.'11 ' . f13'-f :' ""f ':'1' ' "fi-7 -f -V ' '- 'G-1 Sw ' 7-"'i'f'uf "4 -I 'If' 'v1"1,-'W ig? 'a . Q The 25th Annual Homecoming was observed Friday, October 23, with the parade starting at one o'c1ock. The Legion men led the parade with their colors and were followed by the Cullom High School Band, Jean Donley, a senior, was chosen to be the queen. Her atten- dants were Sharon Saathoff, a junior, and Barbara Roll, a sophomore Jack Dutton, a senior, was chosen to be the King. His atten- dants were Roger Casper, a junior, and Raymond Wascher, a junior. Floats wereientered in the parade by the Grade School, High School, and business organizations. Prizes were presented to the group floats and also to the individual floats. A large crowd lined the streets of Cullom to watch the parade. Later many attended the football game and saw our team beaten by Forrest 6-O. The Coronation was led by the sophomore attendants. Barbara Roll and Raymond Uascher, followed by the Junior attondantsg Sharon Saathoff and Roger Casper, climaxed by 1953's King and Queen, Jack Dutton and Jean Donley. Paul Deany gave the high school histories of all the attendants and the King and Queen as they entered, to the accompaniment of HLovely Ladyn. Upon reaching the throne, 1952's King and Queen, Richard Landis and Donna Wrede, crowned the new royalty. Following this was the Grand March, led by the King and Queen. The floor show consisted of numbers by the Sour Seven from Sauneming The Cloveretts from Melvin, Sandra Haag and Rita Sadlerg Teresa and Danny Kiley, and Jim Price. The Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior classes prepared stunts. Three past members of the girls' orchestra, Both Ann Wright, Carol Kingdom and Bonnie Whitman, sang, NJust Another Polkan. The Alumni of the girls' orchestra were each presented with a white Chrysanthemun, ,- . , , 1 - . . bl 4 . if o O O 5 eg The-C.C.H. 'S. all Cirlq Orchestra, "Mrs, and ,Her Misses,"has 18 members: Velma Nettleingham, Ann Tinker, Sandra Haag, Betty Clark, Jean Donley, Seniors 3 Lorena Wickham, Nita Ruehle, 'Teresa Hahn, Sharon Saathoff, Barbara Bauerle, Janet Ellingor, Marjorie Haren, Juniors 3 Barbara Roll, Rita Donley, Nancy Koehler, Nancy Magee , Betty Jehle, Ruth Ann Flessner, Sophomores, The Orchestra was first organized in 19119 under the direction of Mrs. Janet Dowse. Nancy Kewley is an understudy for the trumpet section. During the year the Orchestra has played at various occasions. They have sponsored the Homecoming Dance, October 23, and Valen- tine Dance, February 123 also played after the "Delta Kappa Gamma Honorary Teachers Society" Banquet on November 213 played for en- tertainment at Sheldon, Illinois, March 133 Grade School Operetta, March 225 Style Show, March 303 played on Streator Station for the first time, April 113 Piper City, April 2,43 P,T.A. Dance, May 73 Kankakee Station, May 93 St. Anne Chamber of Commerce Dinner Dance, May ll3 and East Junior High Kankakee Prom, May 21. Members performing' as soloists are: Nita Ruehle, Lorena Wick- ham, Velma Nettleingham, Ann Tinker, Betty Clark, and Sharon Saa- thoff. New members this year are: Barbara Roll, Nancy Magee , Rita Donley, Ruth Ann Flessner, Betty Jehle, and Nancy Kewley. Officers were elected in the orchestra: President, Sandra Haag3 Vice-President, Velma Nettleingham3 Secretary, Ann Tinkerg Treasurer, Betty Clark, The Orchestra is planning to take a trip to Chicago the last part of May. QQIIDQ K, X N V1 'XY A Y ' f Ai? '- 1. V - ,J 'xi-6 5 x .A 5-f f' ' . ' 114 .6 n -x ,A , , A' .1 .' f' .X " J A L ixfi -. no .43 .U v. nm' ' n ' 5 A 6 J " um, ,M 1 g JJ., : 1 , K-f'CJ K7 Am.-n.xQK,l ' ww n L. lj Q , CL..ferv.kLe ,...- Q,...o- N 5 , 5 Lf- - X . . J ,f - i 1 I A bv ' vr.u.rli1 um our L ,L ' . ' Y A . J. , J? . I-,n -'S 2' J' 1 F , 2-3, ,W 'S ,x -5? AY: September November December April May June -,es 'Z eff, -' J' by X! xl f 3rd 16th- 27th 28th 29th 12th 15th 27th 12th 19th 25th 9th, --26 members started the year of 1953. Officers elected for the year were as follows: President, Roger Corkillg Vice-President, Jack Duttong Treasurer, Ronald Deanyg Secretary, Bill Bauerleg Reporter, Kenneth Tharpg and Sentinile, Wilbur Lauterbach. 4Nent to Chatsworth for the Soil Conservation Day. -Officers Banquet at Leroy. -Greenhands initiated, Bill Ommen, Dean Tharp, David Dutton, Robert Blackmore, Terry Flessner, Jimmy Frantz, and Carl Spangler. . Went to the International Livestock Exposition at Chicago. Donald Irwin left school --Program of work was set up. -Oyster Supper. --New Officers were elected -Judging Demonstration at Chambers. -Fat Judging Contest at Honneggers. -Trip to Pontiac Prison. Dairy Judging. -Junior-Seniors Fishing Trip at Wisconsin. lOth, and llth--F.F.A. Convention at Springfield. F. F. A. Top Row: ' D. Tharp, D. Harms, J. Kiley, S. Long, Y. Rocke, R. Wascher, R. Hahn, P-. Deany. Second Row: R. Blackmore, C. Spangler, D. Dutton, N. Telford, R.GroskreuTz W. Ommen, J. Frantz, D. Blackmore, T. Flessner. Sitting: K. Tharpe, W. Bauerle, R. Corkill, J. Dutton, R. Deanfyg Wilbur Lauterbach, Mr. Sandusky, Instructor. F. F. A. OFFICERS Standing: Wilbur Lauterbach, Mr. Sandusky, Instructor, Kenneth Tharp. Sitting: William Bauerle, Roger Coeldll, Jack Dutton, Ronald Deany. X 317' " X' '- 'Mg' A, f ka. A rf? 5 '- -f .1 wi, iz . ' I-f I lf:- A ., E' F-,Q Q-' 11" .. 1 Q ,vfymgggg 'U +'.,5f..f,,.'?ZI.,,J.-, A, , 152. IX E E I 1 'I I f f A W X 5 Y W , k M LU, . 1 QI -fl, .1 w Lx Q 5, ff., , f .HY , QL- i P: 1 f 1 x rs Ls. :I ii 1? HY + N , -1 I , H :,, Q5 ., . ,W -V ,rr 'rn V ---.1 , ' 'fnrgsl 1' w?M ' lhxA ,M. ' "?,15m55'l"?"1 , Jw. N ' -'fir' 41 . n qv- 1. ' V -' ' - . , I 4 I . 4 ,-.pun-4 , :zu-E yr A, Y ' ,, ,mwQ,f -- H ,bi-aagikl ' gs 5 .' , il'-"2 , ug.-.M,,.f5-Ki:-.3 ,H i, f I mmf'- -.-fr ,. ..-Hg, g, ' 1517 mg' W 21'-1 .5-II 1-V - V A 1. 13 -- .14-rx , 1. by , JS - -fl.. wr 1 ., - - " will f fr v " 954' IJ f, , - .- f 1" " " fu M - , L '. "' ' Q4- .f 1 is-1."Q'w 1' 4 X3 X 1 X ,. . . l , rn F .afp1w - iw? 2 , -:ff ,.1 ' i ' 1 ' 1. . A - 3 . H 1 i ' iw- Q i " ' 1T1.f,gEP15fJ A L - . ,Q :feaf fy? :., Zin:-1, lriifiggg- I 15' " ' 5 I 5 'Y ig, H151 - " .Ari i 3 Q .QT A, , , , W Q- 7lA'5l'+:' - .-. E "' 'if ff ' Q ' A' ff? . , 'La v 'Qlxl , 3 " T , e' J r- g , Q ,115 ,. wmv . I- -- . ..i. H4 1' w Q U35 Actor ------ ---- Actress ---- Movie ----- M ------- Television Magazine ---------- Newspaper ---- Song ----- Orchestra ----- Entertainment ---- Holiday ------- Vacation state--- Season ----- Car ----- Sport ---- -------- Night to go out--- Parking place ---- Hang-out ------ Room in schoo1--- Subject ------- Color ---- program ---- - .- SZMYFZYBEZYQ -------------------------Tony Curtis -Susan Hayward ---The Robe -----4Wrestling - ----- Seventeen, Life ------Pantagraph -----I Get So Lonely ---Glonn Miller - - - ---- -- -------- H-Movies H---Christmas -----California ----Summer - ----- ---Chevolet - -emBaseba1l -------Saturday ----North elevator ----- ------ Vanfs ---N-Mimeograph room -- Music, History ---------Bing Cheering Section ---- Prof ---- Mess Line ---- Mr. Blankenberg---Picnic At the Half ----- Study Hall? ------ 2nd Team Cheerleaders ------ Velma Ann and Velma ---- General Science ---- Ag Boys ----- 4Hhat'Bn up Doc? Bashful Butch ---- Taxi Drivers ---- Sour Seven ---- Initiation ----- The Bunn Hop--I guess? ---- Quick, get-away1Jim ---- Tired Mother? ---- At the game-A-4What's so Funn ---- Whatcha lookin at? ---- Yeah Culloml Shall we play something? ---- Dig the crazy messll ---- Farmer Billie Biology ----- Test time ----- Clowns? ----- Sophomore English ---------- Paul ----- Four Glammor girls ------ Time for Dinner ----- Quick pose Music Class ---- Ag Class ----- In action- ---- All set for the parade! Before busses ---- Shoot kid, Your hot, Dig the Refereeill , ..,, . , . if 'if '. .pfhwizas 1 J- 1-Lvh 531:15-. ' y . li, X.. . .. w,,,. -4 . Th ,Q-fwlf ,V . x ,3.:x'n'5,,y, . :i L,-V. . . , ,., ,w,,., ,ww ,,. , ,. "', Z . x-if f .FQQ1-Y W? A, 1 f - " MJ. ' , '5 Qf' 5--"LK, Q . - ff v ' ' gs ,V -, jhf E , , . f gffflf HQ iwnfl is ,hu - ,J fig-7, I v if". :E , ,, 1 . 15A 54 Ui' ,- as ?N"l7' if ' . rg I, rg'-5 4.3 Y -555, Q" ' , 3. fl: ., ,. 55' Ng. Y 'ri'- . . 1 , Q Lf? . QP .'v2E5f'k' ' fl ' 1351? -13Qi1:rQQ ', F '. Q. .. 'N fwmfff. ,ip-H 1 , ' L-if-' V -1' 'N' fu E -mfg? -3-1 ff.. ,lm .., I. ,ul gs J l. X , K:-ff lim , 4 .ggggaq-1, nh ' , gf ' il,'-,-,'f1.Svi:'Q, .' -FEW :P , "i i r A --1 jf J , -'Wi-Qiiff f " :EQ ' -,iii ir af 'N T' 5 1- F Q 4A- .,. ..l 'ef J im I h, gf L ' Q22 9 IJ, if. gn. 1 , W. -. VU uf " L' F ' av 1 ' , FJ 5 YTF gl ...N . . ' T' vi, K Q?3?','Z,'.' . W if ' vf 2. 47 275 ,, . 2. ', fig:-1 .fr ww, , -W -1 J --3-W Vi.,M: , M, igh pw! ,- -x ff . ,R R611 s-- 4.- I O BE RIGHT a ff f X XX KL Q ft - xxx ' Z - .T f T ' fl Ab . . 1 I T e S niors were on time for classes. J eanfand Pau1'weren't together. Sandra wasnf t in a hurry. Velma wasn't telling us her dreams. Marilyn wasn't chewing gum. Peggy and Rita C. weren't giggling. Betty went to music. Scotty and Roger weren't teasing the girls. Jerry didn't answer questions in American History. Rolland said more than 6 words a day. Virgil lost his voice. Jimmy wasn't dreaming of Terry Moore. Arletta, Ann, Rita S. never went to a dance. Gerald didn't have his car. Jack finished his WPractice Setn in bookkeeping. Richard wasn't working at the theater. Ronnie H. didn't miss half a week of school. Miss lask doesn't have a nervous-breakdown before the Cullog's done. Mrs. Hack never had HCheck-tests.N Mr. Hahn had straight hair. Mr. Roll didn't hurry us to classes. No one was in the hallway. No one went up town for dinner. The Senior class had perfect attendance. Henry didn't holler UBusses.H The Seniors werenft peering out of the mimeograph a room windowsfg A' f' The senioe diiagft have a S 'png ff Xi Q Z9 "x N,x X X X X Giii gixxxlggg v . -G-hx Es LN X X BUS DRIVERS Bill Twiehauseg Henry Koernerg Leroy Harms, Babe Twiehause. HONOR STUDENTS Top row: R. Fraher, B. Bauerle, J. Deany, K. Kiley, R. Koerner, P.Dea1y J. Stucker, J. Frantz. Third row: T. Hahn, B. Bauerle, B. Twiehause, A. Tinker, R. Sad1er,Ver1a Taylor, N. Kewley, V. Nettleingham. Second row: S. Saathoiff, C. Read, R. Donley, L. Wickham, R. Flessner, N. Koehler, J. Halpin, D. Ashman. Front row: B. Roll, N. Ruehle, M. Haren, S. Haag, L. Sanquist, D.Bent1ey M. Attig. STUDENT BODY COOKS Mrs. Edmang Mrs. Hackg Mrs. Billarbeckg Mrs. Lieser. 'ibyd 'N 1 Ng 4- Q 1 W' - t t 1 P1 Q Q vs Y' Q 1 , ,Waugh 1 16552 vwf f' -- 'ww '- pg ff IM, N A- '11 '01 P- , .v . - .14 -- W nf . F , 5+-'M 3. QXCQSG I-A'.,hA "gg,zK4R,.,L1A1 ,- il If 1 ,, , H wt. 5- 4 ' 5 av HK HH ll.. at-AJ-1 f' 'f KM .A "Plum" "Dumb" sv 1- -.le r w N, Xx .x. i 4 E If V 9 45 . ""' Rf E N ff' X P C n fm: O x Z 1 'N .?,f'?A1 iff, If T5 'M Q 5 IA !y H: ,. I N gig, kfjgvif 1 fxx T F ? ' I E 531252. 5 RT: 1 X 'f?f?1N X ff?N""' -4-' I Y .4 L ..-,ff R ST, PAUL COPS OPENER Odell, November 25-St. Paul took the lead in the first quarter and were never headed in downing the Ramblers, M2-3h in the season opener at Odell. Long led the scoring for Cullow with 10 points, followed by Lauterback and J. Deany with 9 each. McCulloh and Corkill connected for 3 points. St. Paul took the reserve game, 38-32. Donahue and R, Dean were high scorers for Cullom, ., , . , ' l CULDOM BUMPS QDELL, D39-30 b Cullom, December l--Long jumped in 20 points to lead Cullom to a victory in the home game opener overt Odell, 39-BO., McCu11oh collected lO points, Cullom led at the half by a score of 227-155 1 ' The Rambler reserves scored a 35-18 victory over Odell with scoring honors divided among Donahue, Landis, Van Alstyne and R. Deany. The half time score was 23-12. ' ' ' - RAMBLERS DROP CLOSE ONE Herscher, December M--Herscher wont ahead in the closing min- utes of the game to take a narrow MO-36 victory from.the Ramblers. The score was tied at 30-all at the three-quarter mark. Jerome Degny headed the Cullom scoring with a total of 10 points, w 4 ' V ' 5 Cullom lost to the Herscher reserves by a narrow 39-37 mar- gin. Donahue and Landis were the most effective scorers for the Rams. 1 .' RAMBLERS Dowm EAGLES, 63-D5 Saunemin, December 8-The Ramblers, paced by Scotty Long with 28 points, handed the Saunemin Eagles a 63-MS loss on their own floor in a V.V. contest. McCulloh had lh poimms and Lauterbach 10 points in the scoring column also, b Landis netted 18 points for the Ramblers as they raced past Saunemin in the reserve tilt, Van Alstyne, Bauerle and Donahue showed well for Cullom also. Loss TO FORREST, hh-he Cullom, December ll--Cullom staged a fine second-half rally that all but upset a favored Forrest team. Final score was hh-M2 Forrest. Long and Lauterbach acored 12 points each for Cullomi The Cullom Hams were behind 27-18 at half-time. The reserves captured a well earned 52-h? Win over the Eski- mos. Landis' 18 points was tops for both teams. RAMS TR UNCE BLUE STREAKS Cullom, December 15--Long was busy at the nets to the tune of 31 points as the Ramblers outdistanced the Piper City Ilue Streaks to win handily by a score of 61-37 in a V. V. Conference game at Cullom. J. Deany and Lauterbach were other -Cullom scorers to register in two figures. Landis, Donahue and R. Deany led the scoring parade as the Rambler reserves handed Piper City a 63-3h lacing in the curtain- raiser. RDBERTS1THAWVILLE WINS A Roberts, December 22--Roberts-Thawville came from behind in the final period to down Cullom SO-38 in a non-conference game at Roberts. The Rams lost their touch in the final period and could score only six points as the hot Roberts outfit hit from A11 angles. Long was high in the point colu n for Cullom. The Cullom reserves also colled off in the final quarter, dropping their game to Roberts-Thawville by a M2-35 count. Landis led the Cullom scoring with l8. GARDNER HOLIDAY TOURNAMENT MINOOKA TAKES FIRST H UND TILT Gardner, December 28--Minookaia second half splurge pushed the Ramblers into the consolation division of the annual Gardner Holiday Tournament played during the Christmas recess. Minooka W' W" ""' ' - ai A' A V . W""""'-n"Qf"'-, 0 .-sg. .---.,, ,i "" V -Y'- Q.- - Y, -- Y -M145 - - - -' , flashed ahead in the third period and went on to win S14-113. Half- F time score was 2h all. tk Scotty Long bagged 21 points for Cullom and J. Deany ll, be- I f fore both players fouled out in the final period. 3 RAMS swm KEMPTON, 79-29 . ' ,, Gardner, December 30-Cullom's big center, Scotty Long, col- had lected no points as the Ramblers downed Kempton. 79-29, in the ft' tournament's consolation semi-final round. After a slow first T quarter, the Ramblers started to hit and won going away, Lauterbach scored lb points for Cullom and J, Deany and Buuerle 8 each. The victory put Cullom into the Consolation final 1 against Reddick. T RAMS TAKE CONSOLATION TITLE Gardner, December 31--The Ramblers won the consolation title by downing Reddick 68-SO. Cullom hurried to a l6-6 lead in the VC? First quarter and were never seriously threatened thereafter. ' The score at half-time was 3h-18, McCulloh's 17 points was high for Cullom, followed by Long 5 with 10 and J. Deany' with 7. Others who appeared in the Rambler line-up were Dutton, R. Deany, Donahue, and Bauerle. ESKIMOS TAKE COLD RAMS lil! Forrest, January S--The Ramblers were unable to hit with any T consistency from the court as Forrest took a 55-33 victory on -T 5154 I N. their home court, Long scored 3 baskets and 6 free throws for 12 n points to head Cullom in the scoring department. ' The Rambler reserves came from behind in the second half to 'Q score a hh-32 victory over the Forrest reserves. Forrest led at the half, 21219. The ,l7 point output of Landis was tops for p' Cullom Q , 1 KEMPTON IS 7h-53 VICTIM Q Cullom, January 8--McCulloh hit for 17 points to lead Cullom f to a 714-53 victory over the Kempton Red Devils in a Conferen game at Cullom. Other high scoring Ramblers were Long with l6an igbgf Lauter-been with 15. XA J ,f wffgl T... --f gi, 13 XA, Q fain Yf"ff, s ,"" ,JJ1gg"'-fr "-"uVq5' D v Donahue's 16 points and VanAlstyne's 15 faced Cullcm to a S2- 39 victory in the reserve games The Ramblers had a 30-l2 half- time lead. RMHS BEAT GNARGA Cullcm, January 12--Cullcm hit the nets for hh points in the first half to build up a big lead on Onarga in the first round df the Annual Vermilion Valley Tournament. They continued the pace in the second half to win by a score of 73-38. Long's 23 points was high for the teams. McCulloh added 17 points also, to swell the Cullcm total. The victory won the Rams a berth in championship division of.the tournament. OVERTIME LOSS OUSTS RAMS Cullcm, January lh--A hard earned fourth quarter lead melted in the waning seconds for the Ramblers. As forrest tied the scolb 37 all at the end of regulation play in a championship semi-final game of the tournament. Baskets by J. Deany and S. Long in the overtime were not enough as Forrest annexed five points to win h2-hl in a very thrilling finish. Jerome Deany connected for l3 points for Cullcm. Corkill hit for ll points and Long for 10 as the Ramblers bowed out of the tournament in a game that was a heart-breaker to lose. RMWELERS SUBDUE PIPER CITY Piper City, January 19--Cullcm maintained a slight lead throughout the game to take the measure of Piper City, Sh-h7, ,in a game not counting in conference standings. Long, Corkill, and J. Deany headed the scoring for the Ramblers. Cullom was ahead at the half byca slim 25-2h margin. Landis, Donahue and Van Alstyne took scoring honors as the Cullcm reserves downed the Blue Streaks by a M9-29 margin. They had a 26-12 lead at half time. A Qs... , is -- s 1 or--3 TI g Arg If 5 I O""'-TS.T""'?T:T..t:i"':2-' I'1?'fff' N-TZ" -'JPI' YV Q, Y . ir-, .--- ---- 'Q4 VEHMILION VALLEY 'CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT , H FIRST FOUND Saunemin K empton til:-NI Roberts Chatsworth M P Forrest Piper City Cullom Onarga. CONSOLATION SHVII-FINALS Chatsworth Kempton 1117 Piper City Onarga P Y. V . CHAMPIONSHIP SEMI - FINALS Saunemin Roberts Forrest L12 Cullom Liles P A .97 CONSOLATION CHAMPIONSHIP P' 1 t Piper City 52 Chatsworth 50 IIQ V.V. TOURNEY CHAMPIONSHIP 5 ' '9- Forrest S2 Saunemin 32 K -XOvertime Q w I I 4 V I I I I P117-4 I 'f' of J- PQ 4'--"' ""- lj' ---- be --- 76 -V rf --' A RHWHLERS NUDGE BLUEBIRDS Cullom, January 22--Cullom won a narrow M5-bl victory from the Chatsworth Bluebirds in a conference game at Cullom. The Ramblers balanced scoring attack maintained slight leads at the close of each of the M periods. Long netted 12 points to head the scoring column, Paced by Landis and Donahue, the reserves rang up a h?-3h victory over the Chatsworth reserves. They had a 9-2 first quarta' lead and were never headed during the balance of the game. MELVIN-SIBLEY FALLS, 56n29 Cullom, January 26--Lauterbachfs 15 points was tops for Culhmn as the Ramblers coasted to a 56-29 win over Melvin-Sibley in a non- cenference game at Cullom. Long added 12 to the Cullom total, J. Deany 9, McCul1oh 8, and Corkill 5 before the reserves took over. A SHERIDAN LOSES CLOSE ONE Cullom, February 3-Cullom's 36-25 half-time lead dwindled to a mere one point as the Ramblers downed Sheridan M6-h5 in a game played on the Cullom floor. The Ramblers had trouble finding the hoop in the third quarter and led by only two points as the final period stalted. Long was high for Cullom with 19 points followed by J. Deany with 12. Cu11om's reserves played alert ball to down the Sheridan reserves by a score of h3-35 in the opening gmne. Landis with 15 points was high for the Rams. . SAUNEMIN SURPRISES CULLOM Cullom, February 5-Saunemin's fourth quarter scoring tied the score at 62 all at the end of regular play and they came back in the overtime to win by a score of 69-6h in a game not counting in conference standings., Long netted 26 points in the losing cause. Cullom led at the half, 32-20, ' CULLOM BEATS INDIANS Onarga, February 12-Onarga held a slight lead over Cullom for more than three periods but Wilted in the closing minutes as Culhmn went ahead to win, 59-52, in a conference game at Onarga. J. Deany made 20 points which was high for the Ramblers, Long made 18 77177-as ee- vi If 5 -15-M-. .. --v--..... ' we new - ffm points and McCu1loh 12 in earning the victory, that placed Cullom in a second place tie in conference standings, The Rambler reserves, led by Landis with 16 points, downed the Indians hh-31 in the reserve tilt, Donahue netted 8 for the Cullcm Rams. I ' RAMBLEBS BUMP crmfrswofzru r C-1 Chatsworth, February l6-Despite a cold start the Ramblers beds Chansworth 63w5S on the Bluebird court. Long potted 19 points and Landis 12 to pace the Cullom attack. Cullom went ahead as the second quarter ended and were never seriously threatendd during the balance of the game, Cullomls reserves were too much for Chatsworth as they Went ahead from the start and rounded out a M9-18 victory, Landis had 15 for Cullom. - WIN REGULAR SEASON FINALE Kempton, February l?hNLong scored 37 points as the Ramblers raced to a 74-M6 'mgctfry over Kempton in the final game of the - regular season, Cullen w:s in frent at halfntime by a 38-22 score Jerry Deany sank 13 points to add to the Cullom total. Landis and Donahue led the scoring for Cullom as the Ramblers downed the Red Devil Reserves 50-A2 in their final game of the season. Cullum had a 23-L6 lead at the half. DISTRICT TOURNAMENT AT CHATSWOHTH ww ow-:R KEMPTON maxim' L . CHELSWOIT-111.3 Febmarff 23-.-C-.111sv., awmed Kempum, 6h-39, in the' first veund :T the annual state District Tournament held this year at Chatsworthf Following a clesely-played first quarter the Imms went ahead to stay in tae second periodo They led 23-15 at half- time g Scotty Long drilled the nets for 26 points to far outdistance the scorers on both teams. The line up was liberally sprinkled with reserves as the contest ended. - , Ta X! O ,.., 1' "i.14...a nf .i..g 'A 15 ,,, W ,- yy-a RAMS TAKE SHVII-FINAL FROM ODELL Chatsworth, February 25--Odell Community and Cullom played an almost even term for a half before the Ramblers started inching ahead in the third period and went on to win a semi-final victory by a 58-hh score, Cullom led by a 23--22 margin at the half-time rest period, In winning, Scotty Long rang up a total of 12 points. Other Rams in double figures were McCulloh with 15 and Jerry Deany ll. RAMBLERS 'WIN DISTRICT CHAMPIONSHIP Chatsworth, February 26-Cullom maintained leads at each of th quarter marks , except the first, in ringing up a convincing 58-L6 win in the championship game with the Piper City Blue Streaks. Behind 15-12 at the end of the first quarter, Cullom rallied to go ahead 35e27 at the half. f Long gathered 19 points beiQQ'e fouling out in the fourth quarter. Jerry Deany's 16 points and Lauterbach's 10 aided the Cullom cause immensely. The victory earned the Ramblers a berth in the Regional Tournament along with other larger schools not required to enter the District Tournament, REGIONAL TOURNAMENT AT PONTIAC RAMBLERS BOW TO COAL CITY Pontiac, March 3-Cheered on by several hundred loyal fans who made the trip to Pontiac under extremely adverse weather condition the Ramblers were definitely in contention until the final minutes of the game as they bowed out of the Regional Tournament, losing to Coal City by a 56-SO score. ' Ramblers Long and Jerry Deany were side lined via the foul route as the Coalers went ahead to win. Cullom point totals were, Long lh, Lauterbach 10, McCulloh 9, Cor-kill 7, Landis and J . Deany 5 each. , Y Y i V Y V Y A as-ff 1 6'-LL,-of --1 BI fe.. ,ego-6 5 - W ...., , .. wr. C' ,,,,.,....- Q S- - 'MS tiff? ,- V -1521, ,M x- ..- 1953-195h BASKETBALL STATISTICS WON 17 LCST 9 Fie1Q Goal Shooting gerceptages NAME GAMES FIELD GCALS F.G. ATTEMPTED MADE Long- 26 h95 1 9 191 McCu11oh 26 199. 75 J. Deany 26 229 76 Lauterbach 26 225 71 Corkill 26 193 b7 Free Throw Shooting Percentages NAME GAMES FREE THROWS F.T. ATTEWPTEU MADE McCh1loh 26 96 S9 Long 26 197 112 J. Deany 26 1h5 76 Corkill 26 98 as Lauterbach 26 113 S6 SCORING NAME FIELD GOALS FREE 1-Hams TOTAL Long 191 112 h9h J. Deany 76 76 228 McCul1oh 75 59 209 Lauterbach 71 S6 198 Corkill D7 h8 lb? Team Shooting Percentage 3h,3 Q ' ts Scored By Cullom 1h15 Average o' fS8ored By Opponents 1178 Average lb "jj 1 --ffcgf, 'ft:if2 11 "'Z' :l2?. 'T S SL' PERQENTAGE 38.6 37.6 33.1 31-5 2b.3 PERCENTAGE 61.h 56.7 52.h. h8.9 hO.9 AVERAGE PER GAM 19.0 8.7 8.0 7.6 S.h ' x k 1 ! 0 E7 rf il' .fql as V31 1 11 -:w 19 iii' AB ,. fi?X N5j7h!gJ?5?D ,we gms il XS fV""" M" JY W- ! f ,, . i ' Q 5 ' ,flwvxy , uf-fl'-'-'11- ..L,if'l. ij M W M2 e f,M MH gg f QMS M W af f i K w PM Wir! tiff? V! J g --im, 1 f lf 53, is ' N 'ifu.jfw?'j XO ll K X I fl' ' if 1 J -A mmf 7 g.LWflL,L,X t9Q0,.,Uj M M X Rf 1 P l 'iw K 'Q f ,Af wif X9 f-KW t j u. 1 KM t 'IR KTM! fTnf't.LfI7g' xc! E . 76 1 u J' .,- 'ffs r.- Hai.s.0 A 1' t1,Q'1',S' won-g H Ji Q' P1 '-' '- 51 5 cab eww Daswct Winne' X nom iXch9'5?,'3-4 nsscoqjffi LV Cor I' X X 'QQ64-, as 249 as Us U 665 . Q ZOJ4- Kamik: mod I fpo o 0 049 YV 0 VPQYS Xkffif 9 , do N99 'A' XQQ9 f 4 vxox G, ,Q Cid o , 'f q, ofxffpso' Cullom D1 STREET CHFWXPS., ,QQ Q. um 11' 'X U. um N WHI1 Scoffy Lo Paces R W'+h 3I Piper Cify. 6I-37 Second Half Rally! MDR ' X Q6 3 , ,1 .,. V ir C A--' ,Q I.. V - WFP' -:BETH-11+ ' n I. QW-E' 11+-- ge-T RTLL an Law REEL FOOTBALL LETTERS' 3 ii SENIORS: Roger Corkill, Jerome Deany, Paul Deany, Jack Dutton, Gerald Harms., ' 3+ " a JUNIORS: William Bauerle, Ronald- Deany, Robert Hahn,'Wilbur Lauterbach, Stanley-McCulloh, James Price, Raymond Wascher. SOPHOMORES: Donald D5nahuej'Char1es-Price. FBESHMEN: Ronnie Hack. --.. .M-- 1 ' 3 4' BASKETBALL LETTERS 4 SPNIORS: Roger Corkill, Jerome Deany, Paul Deany, Scotty Long. A'g. JUNIORS: Wilbur LauterbacHQ'Stanley McCulloh, , MMMQRIETMRS +t,"' Roger Casper Kenneth Tharp 3 1' ' CHEERLEADhRS'.. Rita Sadler Barbara Bauerle Sandra Haag Lorena Wickham " MFRRR THRow SHOOTING PERCENTAGE TROPHY stanley Mcculioh , LONG 0' SETS h-YEAR scoame MARK y Scotty Long, Cullom's 6 ft. b in. basketball center, scored b9b points in' his senior year to run his four-year total to 1303 points and establish a new record for the school. His 1303 points represents a 12.h por gamegaverage for a total of 105 games in the four years. During 'his final three years Long was among the top scorers in the Vermilion Valley Conference. An additional honor to Long was to be selected for honorable mention as a center by the board of coaches selecting the All-Star Teams from the State of Illinois. diiggxyb T QXSAXER T- fav L --4 We figs X O '1,.4 .... -...- - DI3.i ve' . - .--. I +--- QU VARSITY BASKETBALL AND RECORD OPPONENT DATE warm: PLAYED Lrg THEY st. Paul 11-25-53 odeil 3h he Odell 12--1-53. Cullom 39 30 Herscher 120-M-53 Herscher 36 Mo Saunemin 12--8 53 Saunemin 63 M5 Forrest 12-ll 53 Cullom M2 MM Piper City 12-15-53 Cu1l5m 61 37 Roberts 12-22-53 Roberts 38 So Forrest 1--5 5M Forrest 33 S5 Kempton 1--8-SM Cullom 7M 53 Piper City 1-19-EM Piper City SM M7 Chatsworth 1-22 SM Cullom M5 Ml Melvin 1-26-SM Cullom S6 29 Sheridan 2--3-SM Cullom M6 M5 Saunemin 2--5-SM Cullom 69 6M4 Onarga 2-12 EM Onarga 59 S2 Chatsworth 2-16-SM Chatsworth 63 SS Kempton 2-19 SM Kempton 7M M6 TOURNAMENTS GARDNER HOLIDAY DISTRICT AI CHAT9JOR'l'H Cullom M3 Minooka SM Gullom 6M Kempton 39 Cullom 79 Kempton 29 Cullom 58 Odell MM Cullom 68 Reddick So Cullom 58 Piper M6 VERMILLION. VALLEY REGIONAL 52 PONTIAC cuiiom 73 onarga, 38 Cuiiom So- coal City S6 Cullom Ml Forrest M24 QQQVERTJME WON 17 LOST 9 A Vlff-7-"O" --'YuiCi4'T""' iA--- UT --D ft --- -- 5 XL-Q.. ,, , M '1 " Q a"-'lf so :- ZJCCJ5- 471k-Tl FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE TOURNAMENT . CULL M DOWNS KEMPTON, h7-39 Kempton, March 8--Landis with 16 points and Donahue with lh headed the Cullom scoring as the Ramblers Freshman-Sophomore combination beat Kempton,,h7-39, in the D-team tournament at Kempton. Players appearing in the Cullom line up were: Ommen, C.Pg-ice, Dutton, Finefield, Donahue, Tharp, Landis, Van Alstynp, Harms, and Groskreutz. iii lx' RANBLERS WIN CHAMPIONSHIP I LJ Kempton, March 9-Landis sank 27 points to match the Piper City Q total as the Freshman-Sophomore team trounced Piper City S8-27 to plt win the championship game of the tournament. Cullom Jumped to an P early lead and steadily built up their advantage as the game pro- gressed. Donahue gathered 20 points and Van Alstyne 10 in the point t parade. Cullom's defense kept the Piper offense well throttled for almost the entire game 'l 9-f-f3KxLY'! P Q,...:? ,f" A 4 L0 'gl !,fj:?:L, 'iZ:::2i-X ,f ' Nfl? fA ff!! 29x15 A, ' ..f', grin 41 ff l W f C-UL L- 0 My P gp mx P lol xf f' O xgikt 93, if e WZ? 1 , P Q ...Q -1.---f n-- ----5 sv ' RESERVE BASKETBALL SCHEDULE'AN1j 'RECORD 5 ,Q '9............PP0NENT 92-.TE ' 15.15.32-E 514232. A 'E W.. st. Paul 11-25-53 Qdell. U "' Odell 12--1-53 'Cullum Herscher 12--L1-5 3 Her-schez' 375 I , Saunemin 12--8-53 Saunemin 52' N Forrest 12-11-53 Cullom 52 Piper city 12-15-53 Cullum o3 Roberts 12-22-S3 Roberts 35x Forrest 1--S-Sb Forrest hh A Kempton 1--8-Sh Cullom S2 Piper city 1-19-Sh Piper City L9 Chatsworth 1-22-Sb Cullum L17 V Melvin 1-26-ELL Cullom 117 Sheridan 2--3-5h Cullom L13 Saunemin 2--5-571 Cullom 10 V Onarga 2-12-574 Onarga hh Chatsworth 2-16-Sh Chatsworth 11.9 Kempton 2-19-Sit Kempton 60 won lb . LOST 3 l9I'OURfIIJiEN:!L P Cullom 117 Kempton 39 CSemi Finall Cullom 58 Piper City 27 CChampionshipQ it--.Q-. -s-r-nv' -v Y V W f -.. .4-,-5 vm uni.. ,ET ....--.s,s4-,- --- G TJ Q V P I X In N, Qgg? Q Ci? CH U' LM- J J ,V 3 A xg J I 5101: '5 Ng 4 -Q. Q, N 1 W 0' ffmx QN l w 4? V ff NH 'f Xxyf X W fy :- Jr Sandy Rxto Barb Loreha Roh ne Q .1 iw f Slujyo B H 1 4 'Tb I ' ,-4 fl, 'Wi x 'A 'JL -' ., 4.2 5, 41251. J as .514 52-W 27.71333- 'a A 1 all -'lv . v 'lffievi ' I. 1 .1 .ig Q, , 1..:". "Q-,' 'f' V4 --af... S.. .- -'.q'2w'7gM , J. ' .. " f 'Ng .. , 'zrflfrfzil , " Uklii- '. .Q':"1 ,- -- N -D -. Il .LL I ag'.'g4 ' g . '-1'H2.y:. - ,.,51,M'W swf., , J fl-' 1 " '.e:'f'.ii-3 Zaliqxfall ' :ff '1f5"l,F asm-1 . "' 'L .., X- '1 !7i-'+"':- .A L, f lid! ieii. ! 2412 . - f V fag- ex? . .,v. . 3 r - gg, ai ,. X.: - x ,Tl V 1 .. X , ii+i'1'f 'QL 531 .1 -p Tif .,1 .- . "",.'1 .2552-21.45 wi.: 5' + ,..:' 13523315 554' .S V -?':' 5 ' fu'-I w"wf1 E .f1L4.e .lv-' F- A T -5 3, jg., 9 1-if-F - '12 - X. . -- -ffm., .. . 7'1:EE'."'.'QL? -' rfit i Ifh ,- r PEI' 1 ,. .1 ' - 'T 17 mi. f fx ' iff- . " EQfr?:'! if ja' Q! Qi, "V: 3157. ?f'iF' ,:1...- - 1-A : xi ir ff: -TL : ' -. '. 21.3. En 'rlfaaip I 35? L' '12 I N,5,4LL -qw .. .--L Him," D-if 1 41 ..1 5+ . Y . . g ...U 1 ' f,i -I -FL. 5 1 .-TM L " -:Lg ' lug' . N?" 1,5 . fgllifq X ! - lvl' t .- . amy' . :Q A . Eff: "1i'iw.-i fir 4- igflhi .. P91535 . VIS' 'i"?I'u vi I X .:rAA ,..tl33'71 I 'T' 7 'J E5 H N , wtf W --L wnqa- " 421' 'fif ' . gl" .'.4 . 'let !"1lI.1' ., V n, ,vi ,-..-,Q - ,-,W. N Q , Q 7"T'TT e'Ge:"1f1 11? '7- . ,, A J 1 X Q , , X .l , l Hfw : ' ' L I 1 f , g ' T 1.1,-----4-J", ' xg '5 4. -i JZ A ,-l f tif' I e ,kg ,QNX T .lf 4 In f W A J!,ap.s'j,-.Qg,t ig ir.t K,NiXf T ' -.Q 'A V - 'A Xxx! 4L'i-ix Twenty-five Rambler grid-men, comprising--Cullom's smallest iijn i'ootb9..l squad in years, reported to Coach Ferri at the 'start of Q the 1553 season., In this number were nine lettermen, including- five regulars from the 1952 team. V ' . b' A T i CULLOM twins OPENER FROM FLANAGAN T A I cuiiom, Septg 16--The 'Ramblers pounded out a -21-8-win over the Flanagan Falcons in the season opener at Cullom.. Jerry Deany I went over for two first quarter scores, and tallied again in the. third period to rack up 18 of the Cullom points. 4 F . . .b I. - . .1.n.! The undzrmanned Cullom team played heads-up ball in conquering 'f:J . their old non-conference reval from the western end of Livingston county. ' Q , e a ' The starting line-up for Cullo included Wascher and Bauerle' ,,'T at ends, Price-and Dutton at tackles, Harms and Hahn at guards, ' and Paul Deany at center. Starting in the backfield were Jerry '- ' Deany, Roger Corkill, Ronny Deany and Wilbur Lauterbach. ,Aww SAUNENIN WINS V. V. TILT - Cullom, Sept. 25--Cullom's defense fell apart in the third lx period and the Saunemin Eagles capitalized to score a 21.1-6 victory in a V. V, contest between the two teams. Cullum led at the half, ' 6-O. Corkill scored the Ramblers lone touchdown early in the T second quarter. - t is Saunemin's scoring resulted from two pass interceptions and .:y two long runs. Cullom dominated' play until well into the third 'period when Corkill left the game on an injury. ' , X ' If N if ef R xx f . 33533 Q 'fir TTTT e 3 L "'- JY -+-- --- 45 RAMS LOSE TO CHATSWORTH Chatsworth, Oct. 2h-Chatsworth's Don Snow led the Blueb rds to a hl-O victory over the Ramblers in a V, V, game played on the Chatsworth field. Snow punched over for fourtouchdowns, Cullom played the Bluebirds on even tenns for a quarter but bogged down in the second period and were unable to get a sustahfd drive going during the balance of the game. Bob Hahn, Cullom guard, was injured on the first play from scrimmage and was out of action for the rest of the game. PIPER CITY WINS F DM CULLOM Piper City, Oct. 9--Cullom's injury ridden Ramblers proved to be easy victims for the Piper City Blue Streaks in a V. V. game at Piper City played under the lights. Piper City scored seven times to rack up a h3,0 win. Cullom's defenses stiffened considerably in the second half but the Rams could not get an effective offense rolling. Out of action for most of the game on injuries were Ramblers, Hahn, Harms, Donahue and Corkill. ONARGA TUMBLES CULLOM Onarga, Oct, 16--Onarga scored on the opening kick-off and scooped up several fumbles for touchdowns to humble Cullom, 25-O, in a V. V. game played under the Onarga lights. Rambler defenses tightened following the early spectacularard the final half was played on even terms. , An Oaarge lineman scored twice for his team, picking up Culmmx fu bles and dashing over for the tallies. ' , FORREST NIPS CULLOM, 6-O .Cullom, Oota 23--Forrest scored ir the 'waning minutes .of the game to break a scoreless tie and win, 6-O, in Cullomfs annual, Homecoming game. A Forrest back was tackled as he went into the end zona and fumbled but the ball rolled out of the end zone and was declared a touchdown. , , . - , V M' miie' ""-UT'-M s--J1--- 5 n H - --and --f 'M - 4. ' ' ' W -..,,... --.Q A it ' 1l7??'v U .--ss in .. ..,.,,,.- YW i s --al vi- -, 1 . Y---nr - .4-Y-,Y -:' 'vs' The Ramblers played outstanding football throughout. Forrest did not threaten at any other time than when they scored their Lie touchdown. Cullom penetrated deep into Forrest territory several times but could not punch over for a score.-V HERCHER STOPS CULLOM Cullom, Oct. 30--Hercherfs husky Tigers scored in .each quarter to down Cullom 25-O in a V. V. Conference gave at Cullmn, The heavier Herscher team held the Rambler offense in check for most of the game. . Cullom did penetrate to the Herscher 35 on several occasions when their attack failed. Dutton, Lauterbnck and Paul Deany turned in fine defensive gaves for Cullom. CULLOM WHIPS SAUNEMIN Saunemin, Nov. 6--The Ramblers made their season's finale their best as they dumped Seuncming 27-12, in e non-conference tilt under the Saunemin arcs. Each of the Rambler backs scored a touchdown in grinding a victory they were determined to have. Jerome and Ron Deany, Wascher and Lauterbach went over for touch- downs. Linemen who turned in excellent games for Cullom were McCulld1 Bauerle, Price, Donahue, Harms, Hahn, Paul Deeny and Dutton. The game marked the Gnd of high schoo1'football careers -for sen ors Jack Dutton, Jerry Deany, Paul Deany, Gerald Harms and.the V +V 1 r Q 1 w Tj 4 1 .1-5 C24 W I injured Ruger Gorkill, v,4 'w4ig?T?HK Ii fav i. 3 w 46 isnt? as 'J n W-M4 ."' ,' W " 5 i Q s ,l ffftxfbfgzg FOOTBALL TEAM Top Row: y Coach Ferr'i,'J. Finefield, R. Hack, J. VanAlstyne, B. Ommen, R. Blackmore, W. Landis, D. Dutton, D. Tharp. . y Second Row: B. Bauer-le, S. McCu1loh, C. Price, J. Deany, P. Deany, R. Groskreutz, D. Hams, R. Finefield. Front Row: ' K., Tharp,'Manager, R. Deany, G. Hams, D. Donahue, R. ,Cor1cll1, J ., Dutton, R. Hahn, J. Price, W. Sauterbach, Roger Casper., Manager. ' GIRLS' P. E. Top Row: M. Attig, D. Bentley, L. Donley, B. Bentley, L. Sanquist, M., Donley, B. Jehle, N. Ruehle, B. Roll, J. Grubbs. P . ' Third Row: l 'A M. Haren, C. Telford, J. Halpin, S. Saathoff, C. Read, Rita Donlay, D. Ashman, B. Donlay, B. Haberkorn. Second Rom . T. Dietz, B. Bauerle, L. Wickham, N.,Magee, T.,Hahn, N, Kewlqy J . Ellinger, B. Twiehause, V. Taylor, N. Koehler, R. Flessner. First Row: - L. Tinker, R. Sadler, V. Nettleingham, A. Ginter, M. Kewley, J . Donley, P. Billerbeck, B. Clark, S. Haag, Mrs. McCaughey, Instructor. . TRACK TEAM Third Row: E ' Be Finefield, R. Fraher, D. Dutton, C. Price, J. Price, Bob Hahn, B, Snodgrass, D. Hedrick, R. Growkreutz, D. Hams. Second Row: I Coach Perri, J. Vanlxlstyne, D. Donahue, S. Long, B. Bauerle, S. McCulloh. Front Row: B. Landis, R. Deany, R. Wascher, R. Corkill, B. Ommen. Gulch Paul- Cork .4..n... ..4 Foofball Sc1uA Q5 muck Team 2 2- A X---:M WH if X -A...--U The first meet of the season was with Saunemin. The meet was a good meet with Cullom out on top with A 70-Sh point advantage. The next meet was a triangular one with Forrest and Chats- worth. This one was close with Cullo coming in second by 1 1f3 points. Chatsworth first with 52 lf3, Cullom Sl points, and Ftr- rest with hh points. The next meet was a dual meet with Herscher. ing out on top by a 213 point, The points were: Herscher with 61 213 points. CULLOM RELAYS Shct Put Buckler Cullom Pole Vault Colr-avy Piper City Discus Snow Chatsworth Broad Jump Billington Saunemin High Jump Landis Cullom Vanderyt Piper City M80 Yds Low Hurdels Relay Chatsworth hhO Yd. Freshmen Relay Sauneminw Sprint Medley Relay Cullom C22O, tho, 880, milel Soph. Medley Relay Saunemin into, 220, 220, 8803 Mile Relay Saunemin 880 Yd. Relay Saunem n With Cullom com- Cullom 62 lf33nd 1953 195k l95h l9h9 1953 195D 19119 l9h9 l9h9 l9h9 l9h9 1461 glu 11 1110.91 125' 10" 20 I hill 5s6n 36007 351.9 8311607 hllona 3418.3 1239 VEHMILION VALLEY CONFERENCE Shot Put Wise Pole Vault Colravy Discus D. Roy Javelin Hu mel High Jump Herr Board Jump P. Wickham Billington 70 Yds. High Hurdels Dehm 110 Yds. Low Hurdels Wickham Archer 120 Low Hurdels Dehm 100 Yd. Dash Siedentop .220.Yd. Dash Snow huofYd. Dash Q2 Curves! smith Ahh0'Yd. Dash Cl Curvel Steffins Mile Run CChuteJ Verlker Mile Bram 4, Larkin 880 fd. Run CChutel Verkler' . Freshman Relay C2 Curvesj Freshman Relay Cl Curvel B80 Yd Relay 830 Yd. Relay QChuteQ 880 Yd. Run L. Malone Cullom Piper City Forrest Chatsworth Piper City Cullom Saunemin Chatsworth Cullom Onarga Chatsworth Herscher Chatsworth Chatsworth Saunemin Forrest Onarga Forrest Herscher Forrest Herscher Saunemin Kempton 1939 195k 1950 195k l9h6 l9h9 195D l9h6 19h9 l95h 195h l9h9 l9h9 195k l9h9 195D l9h9 l9h9 h6'6H 12' 136' 159l9H sea" 219 210 19.1 :l2.6 :12.6 :lh.2 21003 :22.8 255 35'-119 ll.: h:52 :O8.2 :5o.9 :S0.6 1.33807 137.1 20809 The Vermilion Valley Conference Track Meet was heldcnbday ll, l95b. With nine schools participating, Roberts being here for the first time. The day was undesirable,but records fell often. Seven records were setg they were as follows: 70 Yard high hurdles : 9.1 Dehm 220 Yard Dash :22.8 Snow 120 Low Hurdles :lh.2 Dehm' Mile h:S2 Larkin' Pole Vault 12' Colravy High Jump S'9iH Herr hh0 Freshman Relay :S0.9 Herscher Onarga won the meet with SO pointsg Cullom and Chatsworth tied for second with 30 points each. Piper City, 293 Herscher, 295 For- rest, 20. Roberts and Kempton followed respectively. CULLOM COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL 100 Yd Dash A Vernon Adams 1936 :lO.5 Richard.Wise 1937 :lO.5 220 Yd Dash Richard Wise 1938 :23.l 70 Yd High Hurdles Arthur Aden l9Ml :9 120 Yd High Hurdles Arthur Aden l9Ml :1S.5 110 Yd Low Hurdles Paul Wickham l9M6 :12.6 120 Yd Low Hurdles Vernon Adams 1935 :lM.M 200 Yd Low Hurdles Vernon Adams 1936 :23.8 220 Yd Low Hurdles Vernon Adams 1935 :27.5 MMO Yd Dash Merle Haley 1937 :5M.8 880 Yd. Dash Robert Fraher 19M5 2:13.5 Mile Run Wendell Peterson 1937 M:M6 Pole Vault Merle McCaughey l9Ml 11' Qgv Shot Put Richard Wise 1939 M6' 6 U Discus Scotty Long l95M l2M' 7 W Javelin Leroy Hack 1933 lM1' 3 N Broad Jump Vernon Adams 1936 21' 6 U High Jump Lawrence Schipper 1935 5'lO H Hop Step Jump Vernon Adams l93M 39'lO H MMO Yd Freshman Relay l9MO :51.l Henry Wickham, Denver Hopper, Thomas Flessner, Homer Billerbeck 880 Yd Relay 1936 1:3645 Hollas Moore, Howard Moore, Richard Wise, Vernon Adams Mile Relay 1935 3:55 Howard Moore, Arthur Ide, Wendell Peterson, Donald Nettleingham Sprint Medley Relay f220, MMO, 880, miley 1935 8:35 Vernon Adams, Arthur Ide, Hollas Moore, Howard Moore Fr.-So Sprint Medley Relay CMMO, 220, 220, 880jl9M8 M:18.3 Lyle Haag, Tom Gray, Gerald Kroll, Paul Gray Fr-se MMO Yd Relayl l9M3 :So Robert Eranrr, Richard Dehm, Duane Tinker, Donald Flessner MMO ld Low Hurdles l9F3 :S6.2 Richard Landis, Roger Corkill, Stanley McGul1oh, Scotty Long eawwwft ff X, J --- - 0 f' The annual Athletic Banquet was held on Thrusday, March 25, 199k in the Cullom Com unity Hall honoring approsimately 80 Cullom Grade and High School athleticsa The banquet was well attended by approximately 330 fans of the Cullom teams. The banquet has been held annually for better than a quarter of a century to honor the Cullom athletics. The comm- ittee in charge was Floyd Ginter, chairmang Don Deany, Toastmasten Frank Cozkill, Virg Fraher, and Elmer Donahue. H After the invocation by Father Fulton, Pastor of the St. Johns Catholic Church of Cullom. dinner was served by the Lutheran La- diesa Virgil Fraher gave the Address of Welcome to the fans and athletiesa The Response was given by Roger Corkill, on behalf cf the athleticf s - The Boys! Ensemble sang two numbers, NThe Harlem Goatn and HJubilate,V The main speaker for the Banquet was Doug Mills, Athletic Di- rector at the University of Illinois. He spoke about the amount of emphasis that is put on sports and their value. The title of his talk was Uvalue of Athletics in School.N A Letter awards to high and grade school athletics and the eight cheerleaders were made by Coach Guts Ferri Jra, who thanked the parents and fans for following the teams during their respective campaigns. Captains for next year's team were introduced by Coach Ferri. They are Ronald Deany and Bob Hahn, football co-captains and Wilbur Lauterbach, basketball captain. The 1955 committee was announced by Don Deany. Those appointed to the 1955 committee were Jack Saathoff, Merle McCaughey, Dan Wascher, Norman Grimsley, and Lester Hahn. The Banquet was closed with the Benediction, given by Father O. TQ Fl11t0l'1o SECOND TEAM BASKETBALL Second Row: ' B. Ommen, D. Harms, J. Price, R. Wescher, D. Tharp, Coach Ferri o Front Row: C. Dutton, C. Price, R. Finefield, J. VanA1styne. SECOND TEAM CHEERLEADERS Margie Haren, Barbara Roll, Nancy Kewley, Carolyn Read. MCU CLUB Third Row: ' - C. Price, S. McCul1oh, W. Bauerle, P. Deany, J. Deany, W. Lauterbach, G. Hanns. Second Row: R. Wascher, J. Price, K. Tharp, D. Donahue, R. Casper, R. Hack. Front Row: R. Corkill, J. Dutton, S. Long, B. Hahn, R. Deany. 6 V7 fn cfccond 7272207 ! UFQIC ,Barb Ylfbncy f'c2f'04ff7 59 9 .115 . , ' . . b 915433 4+ J , . A Q- -.. AL. 'U"CVub 1 11 .11 " ' 1. 4511. M .J yr Y , 2, A P if. EMU .,:L. . -+1 ,ix .Qo- L EL :fl '. 1.7. 1 S52 -7. 5fg,A,.i 2'-5'1SIf:Sf : '.. :EH-if ' - ?i11:Qf'kf .., 1..,b 1 4 1311: 'H fi' TE " 51225 '11 if- aiu 1 1 1 1 111 H5 11 '11 I-fb A 'C 1, 311 1 I .12 1,11 11 1 uv 1 fr if 1 1 N A 'I 1 1 Q1 1 Q1 41 1 143: fl' 1 u 1 r ",1. NL.. 1 f P1 , 11,1 1 '41 wx! 1' f 1 A 1 L1 H 5 It ' '1 711 I x T, J, fd- 4 1 L' u 1 1 ,11 .fi L 311 'I T41 15 91 1 rl! 'H 'P 14, 11 1 Q? 54- -- .u , .Ju 1 ' .Ve 1'1 S' , 1 1 , . A41 --mw- . ., ,Q ' , .Q-1. . 1 L ,, , 1 -il I fu 1 . . . L ' -. Y 4. ' 1. 4 ' x 1, , Alf- . ' if".i. 4 .- 1 1 ,c .4731 " . "-1'f,,. , . '1 W 'Q . 1 ,..,1 1 1 - .1.Lgi'- s . 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Shearer Reuben Unzicker 1903 William Donahue George Kingdom Henry Opperman Ethel Shearer 190k Jacob Flood Frank Kiley Eva Kurtz Sadie McKeown 1906 Nellie Fogerty Andrew Gassler Emma Gassler Martha Reinhard 1907 Esther Fulton Arthur Haag Nettie Hack Matilda Hussong Lissie Opperman Marie Reinhard 1908 John Barn r will Chandler Alma Flessner Emma Mueller Lillian Mueller Sophia Opperman Richard Ottmuller 1909 William Ark Bessie Donahue Elvina Haag Matilda Opperman Augusta Reinhard Earl Shearer Catherine Swanton George Swanton 1911 Carol James 1912 Elmer Donahue Marcella Lyons 1913 Lena Heckleman Minnie Reinhard Doy Skinner 1915 May Brady Clara Donahue Hazel Haag Edith Huffman Lotus Kingdom Charles Ortman Dena Ottmuller Gertrude Schmidt 1916 Gertrude Fulton Rex Howard Madeline Koerner Louis Ramien 1917 Bernice Daly Hazel Corkill Della Clark Amelia Roggenberg Wayne Amacher Louis Van Alstyne James Ortman John McCarty 1918 Lowell Amacher Helen Clark Earl Cook Emma Faust Thelma Heckelman Clifford Kopp Kenneth Porterfield Walter Ramien Russel Shearer Mary Stedman Mildred Throne 1919 Lester Farber Irene Koerner Leo Moelter Viola Sheehan 1920 Clair Fraher Floyd Hatfield Minnie Price Arthur Ramien Mary Schoder Otto Whittaker 1921 Irene Detwiler Elma Schoder 1922 Vera Amsler Eileen Bitterman Suzanne Decker Marie Donahue F1orence'Farber Emma Kratina Mary McCulloh 1923 Clara Zeita Zella Clara Irene Marie Viola Diebel Hack Hack Hahn Hills Puckett Raising Venetta Throne Nila Wilson 192D Holland Allen James Bilby Luella Billerbeck Ethel Corbin Ogreta Drew Wesley Haag Ervie Hahn Rika Hahn Olive Hirstein Minnie Koerner Della Morrissette Ross Olson Mary Ortman Mabel Read Bertha Reedy Bernice Tyrrell 1925 Eldora Barnhardt Earl Blackmore Ruth Cook Ruth Decker Frank Drendel Ivan Edman Dona Belle Jensen Eula Belle Jensen Olive Jensen Hugh Kain Loretta Larsen Floyd Stahl Merle Throne 1926 Hazel Abrams Clara Allen Kenneth Grubbs Lewis Hack Edward Hahn Maxine Hills Arthur Kane Mildred K' Sophia Koerner Harriett Martin Harry Stewart Marjorie Thorndyke John Van Alstyne Gilbert Zollinger 1927 Aldine Amsler Charles Arch Rose Ginter Laverne Haag Imogene Landis Mabel Lenz Vincent Ortman Idelle Puckett Elmer Riebe Henry Schoder Florence Stahl Myrtle Stahl Glenn Taylor 1928 Robert Billerbeck Aloysius Brady Margaret Corkill Raymond Farber Everett Haag Lester Hahn Alean Hamilton Sylvia Hamilton Howard Hills Violette White 1929 Donald Deany Howard Hillyer Hunter Landis Eva Martin Roscoe Read Pearle Reising Elaine Riebe Mary Wise l93O Kathryn Berlett Grace Dibert James Elbert James Fulton Ellis Lange Orval Miller Gertrude Puckett Howard Taylor 1931 Viola Ldams Corwin Amsler Jennie Arch Jeanette Bergan James Cook Glenn Corkill Joseph Culkin Francis Drendel Bernice Elbert Thomas Fulton Arnold Kewley Jerome Kiley Laverne King Florence Koehler Gus Koehler Irma Lehman Richard Mcdrew Darrell T'Benske Josephine Leiser Clara Zimmerman Velma Zimmerman 1932 Dorothea Aden William Billerbeck Thomas Carney Dorothy Culkin Louis Drendel Delmar Farber Virgil Fraher Raymond Frantz Omar Grubbs Louis Hahn Marvin Hirstein Ruth Ide Donald Lehman Edward Morrissette Helen McDermott Lucile McDermott Paul McGrew Dorothy Penwitt Clarence Platz Clara Riebe Orville Sulsdorf Marie Wagner Kathryn Wegstein 1933 Elzie Clark Elmo Coash Marie Coash Haven Crum Vincent Deany Floyd Gintor Leroy Hack Reno Harms Bruce Koerner Edward Krull Mardelle Ottmuller Luella Price James Puckett Charles Remmers Everett Remmers John Riebe Margaret Trost Bruce Twiehaus Dale Wise Mae Ethel Zollinger l93h Llmead Billcrbeck Mary Agatha Carney Darrell Clark Luella Culkin Russell Diebel Ann Dohman Anna Marie Eheart Dorothy Grubbs Vernon Haag Verle Hack Donald Haley Alice Heppe Evelyn Landis Jeanette Landis Marguerite Milton Lester McDermott Ruth McGraw Devere Nettleingham Leroy Remmers Evelyn Ringler Paul Robinson Lucille Spall Thalina Sterrenberg Helen Trost 1935 Bertha Boeman Theodore Chandler Genevieve Clark LaVan Clark Gertrude Elbert Harold Flessner LeRoy Frantz Agnes Hoffman Donald Koerner Arlene Magee Kathleen Magee Bernice Miller Roy Miller Donald McCaughey Donald Nettleingham Russell Puckett Laurence Schipper Mary Spangler Francis Sterrenberg Louis Wegstein 1936 Vernon Adams Ralph Clark Kathrvn Culkin Veronica Deany Ethel Detwiler Elvin Frantz Margorie Frantz Russel Ginter Helen Haag Marlin Haag Gerald Hack Glen Harms Mildroi Hartman Dale Uirstein Artlgu r Ido Lcray koerner Ruth Koerner Gladys Krall Arthur Koiper Samuel Leiser Alice Moore Hellas Moore Howard Moore Ferne Rinqler Jenn Wes Shearer Everett Sterrenberg Lois Taylor Dale Twieheus Van Alstyne Durelle Ruth Van hlstyne 1937 Carol Berlett Shirley Booman Dorothy Brantley Keith Clark Charles Coash Lorraine Corkill Gladys Gahwilor Merle Haley Fliedc kennedy Dale Kimmel Henry Kroll Opal Lewin Francis McCaughey Wendell Peterson Mary Alice Serene Esther Spangler 1935 Raymond Attig Charles Brinkman Thomas Chandler Clinton Classen Harry Coash Birkenbeil Josephine Deany Elizabeth Drlong Alice Donahue Harold Fatka Delmar Flessner Dorothy Hang Merle Haag Janette Hahn Bernice Hostert Lyndon Isham Vernon Koerner Bruce Landis Richard Magee Walter Musselman Gerald McPherson Leta Perkins Leroy Storrenberg Harold Thorndyke Evonne Tinker Lloyd Voss LeRoy Walsh Lawrence Weaver Richard Young 1939 Warren Booman Herschel Coash Elaine Conrad Merle Ccrban Jack Fagan Alice Jeanne Flessner Keith Frantz Hari Lois Haag Merril Haag William Hack Florence Krull Robert Lewin Harry Magee Irma McPherson Ruth Euckett Helen Rosendahl Gerafi Serene Lrtlmr frost Richard Wise Charles Young l9hO Eleanor Anderson Dorothy Blackmore Dorothy Siebel Ferne Nllinger Eileen Frantz Andrew Frvclich Evelyn Ge lexuy Berrerl G':v Harold Croskreutz Tnsgrdfre Creskreutz . , - , Gmmrnwormml Paul Asha Louise Hempken Merle Firzteln Margery Huff Tvere Fcfgmgn ho?,LQ3'Ilrguon Geraldine Landis Enrol 1Hi.w'garet Lowe Bernadine Liewick Robert Miller Paul Blackmore Jean Kerrins l9bO eonvt Dorothy Kennedy Leona Platz Delmar Teague Richard Tinker LaVerne Trost l9bl Arthur Aden John Bowman Marjorie Branz James Byerley James Donahue James Gray Delores Haag Margaret Ide Ruth Johnson Mary Jeanne Koerner Duane Landis Doris Magee Lucille Morrissette Merle McCaughey John Pawlish, Jr Arthur Riebe Loretta Trost l9h2 Wilmer Allig Phyllis Anderson Beryl Blackmore Wayne Corban Arthur Crane Mary Deany Mary Fraher Rolland Frantz Verna Frieden Birdell Galloway Leo Gray Eva Grubbs Farol Jean Hack Ferne Harms l9h2 con't Lowell Hartman Velma Hirstein Lois Kasch Orie Koerner Sol Langman Adrienne Leiser Agnes Jean McPherson Marion Ottmuller Ivan Peterson Duane Puckett Paul Spangler Laurene Sterrenberg Leroy Stevens Mary Stucker James Wagner Marjorie Weller James ,Whitmen 19b3 Earl Bayles Raymond Blackmore Eileen Crane Clara Deany Mary Lou Dohman Eugene Fraher Thomas Flessner Frances Gassler Richard Groskreutz Gene Hack Marvin Hack Imogene Hahn Betty Hoff Geverly Hills Robert Koerner Lloyd Landis Dean Makinson Kenneth McPherson Verna Ommen Claranell Post Harold Raboin Olive Raboin Mary Gertrude Hartman Charles Riete l9h3 con't Charles Rose Edwin Rosendahl Florence Telford Henry Wickham 19hb ' Paul Anderson Thelma Anderson Dean Clark James Culkin Dorothy Mae Flessner William Fraher Geneva Goggins Deloris Gray Shirley Gray James Haag LeRoy Haag Lyle Jehle William Kerrins Edna Leschen LaVerne Rewerts Anna Mae Ruehle Theresa Stucker Phoebe Van Alstyne Maxine Wise 19b5 Franklin Aellig Pauline Brantley Frances Chandler Richard Dehm Donald Flessner Robert Fraher John Gassler Dolores Hahn Joseph Hahn Leona Harms Zelda Harms Bernice Hartman Fern Landis Duane Longmire C Ont! William McDermott Betty Ruehle Mildred Stoup Duane Tinker Evelyn Wickham l9h6 Phyllis Boeman John Donahue Hilda Galloway Ivadelle Geisler Paul Gray Ernest Hahn Leroy Harms LaVerne Hells Jacqueline Hoff Marjorie'Johnson Marion Kingdon Ruah Laase Donald Landis Pauline Long Clarene Makinson Mary Ommen Donald Polizzi Floyd Rewerts Betty Jeanne Roll Merle Schoon Kenneth Snodgrass Jean Van Alstyne Shirley Wagner Geraldine Weller Merlin Whitman l9h7 Glenn Anderson Ila Bayles Paul Behrends Elgene Brantley Richard Burdick Marilyn Chandler Geraldine Flessner l9U7 Cont. Ruth Gassler Floyd Haag W Herbert Haag Durwood Hack Betty Hahn Donald Hahn Louise Hahn Wayne Harms Leona Kewley Clara Lask Roger Leiser Phyllis Pawlish Virgil Reno Even Saathoff Beulah Schoon Marlyn Schramm Mary Lou Stark Velma Trost Paul Weller Paul Wickham Richard Zeine 19b8 Phyllis Bucklcr Delbert Cantrell Mary Flessner Evelyn Flynn Eldon Hack Lois Harms Paul H1115 Geraldine Jehlc Paul Kingdom George Kroll Betty McCulleh Jeanette Magee James Musselman Betty Rewerts Rosemary Stiege Bob Corban Shirley Harter r l9b9 l9h9 Alice Blackmore Verna Dietz Richard Faust Ronald Flessner Evelyn Haag arthur Hack Ethel Hartman Clara Gaye Kerrins Lavern Landis Gisela Lask Eldon Miller Phyllis Mc Pherson Willian Read Menard Schramm Wayne Snodgrass Arnold Stahl Charles Stark Ruth Zeins 1950 Larbara Anderson Durl Anderson Duane Arch Dorothy Buckler Shirley Corkill Patricia Donahue Doris Dutton Robert Ehlers Eldon Flessner Donald Frieden Arthur Gasslcr Jfseph Ginter Paul Gray Thomas Gray Paul Groskreutz Lyle Haag James Harms Rosalie Hartman Wanda Hedrick Ronald Koerner Gerald Kroll hhn Icng 1950 Cont. Alan Longmire Phyllis Magee Helen Ommen Arthur Whaley 1951 Milton Bauerle Gene Howard Corban Alice Dietz James Haag Shirley Haag Lewis Hartman Carol Kingdon Leslie Kopp Deloris Kroll John Lehman Lois Longmire Donald Magee Joanne Miller ueorge Rewerts Gordon Stahl Phyllis Tracy Dennis Weber Bonita Whitman Beth Ann Wright 1952 Jean Billerbeck Bonnie Chandler Tersa Donahue Raymond Farney Jr. John Flessner Margie Haberkorn Thomas Haberk Marlene Hahn Rita Hahn Paul Jehle Donald Johnson James Keip Roger Magee 1952 Cont. Ilene Martin Richard Read Devere Redenius Spencer Sanquist Llcyd Schramm Lloyd Widmer 194 3 Q Robert Ashwnn Rose Marie Billerbeck Gerald Buckler Donald DGany Shirley Farber Duane Flessner Gerald Gray John Haag Jane Haberkorn Donna Haren Hita Hartman Richard Landis Joann Magee June Magee Marlene Stahl Mary Lou Snodgrass Leatha Taylor Dolores Telford Marilyn Vollmer Loo Weller Rita Weller Sarah Whaley Donna Wrede l95b Peggy Billerbeck Richard Blackmore Betty Clark Rita Clark Roger Corkill Jerome Deany Paul Deany l95h Cont. Jean Donley Jack Dutton hrletta Ginter Sandra Haag Ronald Haberkorn Gerald Harms Marilyn Kewley Scotty Long Velma Nettleingham Roland Read Viril Rouke Rita Sadler James Stucker Ann Tinker T953 M 'Di' 1 ,-' f vfxlg NDAK ff! - fb.: ati?-. J jf A Q- Vt 1 I. 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Suggestions in the Cullom High School - Cullog Yearbook (Cullom, IL) collection:

Cullom High School - Cullog Yearbook (Cullom, IL) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


Cullom High School - Cullog Yearbook (Cullom, IL) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


Cullom High School - Cullog Yearbook (Cullom, IL) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Cullom High School - Cullog Yearbook (Cullom, IL) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Cullom High School - Cullog Yearbook (Cullom, IL) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 96

1954, pg 96

Cullom High School - Cullog Yearbook (Cullom, IL) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 35

1954, pg 35

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