Cuba Central School - Gargoyle Yearbook (Cuba, NY)

 - Class of 1972

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Cuba Central School - Gargoyle Yearbook (Cuba, NY) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Cover

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,J 1 , tt Qt, f ' gl V Mi 55 52 353 f sl 'il U5-' V-,gg vga 1. ,Q u,,,ff,g??: ESV:-4:3 f .:,zQ,.'::H if ami Tw 5 ,, 3: 42515: . N .r J "'.'+'k .:. xwgtuv uf K.. , Z f .' 1 ' 1 .."-Q ,. l - 1 i Y . Q V b, V4 - u 1 'tink , Q s1'jf,j f, ' "i ' , ',"qg'l.' if ' xiii" V P ,gi If djlff, 'Q , F5 4 1 -' -ic' 53' 55 v m .55 1 V ' V uv, G? - .W Q, - -, ,' I iQ ,V- , 9 . . -4 .9 11: -rr -5- 4 Hw i g l, ,fr,W3fif ' "Wig Fw: lug: V ,ff Y' ,, 'F I ' 1' ,, , ,M AQ l - , I' A . . lwfsn J' 'aw 1 I' 'fn .. , ,' ,N 'W' Ai 5,34 Aff: 4- 'fa Q. gh!!-JQIQITI AvE.X9R.55MHsx I " ' JLIEQX i Iafgwiyww ww i I F i 1 .l La ,, ., 1 -.up .ffm V v . r 4. - - a-. X .lx M,-si' -4 X .. ' ' h IP! jr' w 1 v Y----Yf - , y- P R , 'Q 4 'N E al x Y.-N Qi vi wx - K V-rilm, .kg W fi", 1 fm X X x Q X I . x . . N , X 1 f V 5 P , - N N -3 N , W N Na Z " W - J , 1 .qv L, X- L, .i 'L v L . EL XL. F " tw :' f ' A , V X M , xX L xx " L- , M 4 L., L - 5. , xff . ' -.f . zu' ' 1 L -X 1 x f- I , ' 'x 4' ' 5' wg, '- , 'H' " N- 1 -fx - 'N h , ,H X J 13- L Rf , A- .1 U x-5 U . ox. N X' ' ,' ' Q Y , ' 'um w b f A .1 N 1 , -. IT .f-2 --:UN-xx, -' V' L H X,L ,L W x f , 1 Y+5,W3Zw fi ' 'A Q ."'4,w Z: 4951? 1 ml , , A . :ew -A ff 'f vip: ,uifrfffiiaw ., ' : 7 Wx i,f':1f:Wifv-'M Y ,V Mkfgk 'wgf:lg',f 'w?B1Y-w' -43, ffm.",usc5,g,5.W.L,zr31:-3535.3-g'i-fix'V W I. , f 2 12 Wggfigivgg ' if 2-milf fegn'.ffH,'g ' Q ' f fm ff 1- ww f .Q ' .':-'Ln ,WMM .g. , ,, 1 N ' -'eg'::Q3?Z?3jQf 9 W4 ?1 'e ,glaqiggidg . ,, Q 'V ' ff ' , i ,. f L,,k. ',,,',, 5 EP . . fiiww W"U3f Esj, j, , F it A 1 5' " 'gif 1 if 71.4 iw: L, fy X wwwy 7' 5 Q xy mwmlzw 2 was 4 ' s f 3 1,v,is-Affair: M? Q Vlsafyff , E ,W f , .J xi 12' . lx, K Nw 1 A -+ - 1515 E21 wx , x ff-W4 f u.. gf. W . Wg 5 . K9?fff.i W gli, 2 N iflyzgv 6,3 wi ,flff f' w 2, 2, 'E Fifi ff? 5,3 s in 1 Y 1 H Q , A M. 'uf , - ' Q' 257 AXJQ , ' ga , Wifi?" E wr 5-rE531f vw x - uw LA :se I w' : Q. - 1, " -. f .-, M ,,, w,,v.w,,H,i5-N, i KZ W k Vw . an M . in lima 1 'z ggfzzw 1: Q W sxzlffiy ' gt' ,WJ N2 VMW- H WQn:ieg:V: Howl U Uiillif-'?f?1, 5' 'E .mm :jg Lg Hlsartwa' ihlsrvzqsyf :wi "2,f,,XQ-3 RZ f.- S E" 5' swim 'vfntbiz' 111:12 ilzfunw 'H k'..mmgf Khin? Jaw imwwy we mm, V -Arm l i'ivw,a:'y V A, Vilfi'-fi f1mv'1 Mwjb W Simi-"iw: fi 'Wsoiylz ami 4,1 H1344- M.. , vt. umm- I IIINI I ' .. C'I' 'I'Ill W 'hu--. A .,1i9h1'fffif-.: . cxthl 'B ax. ' . -'mu .f 11'n.,,. 'J 2: '1 1 I -" "fn If 7 vf- ,Mr-' ' ,. 1 Nw ff",'7,'53".'l- :E L5 1' ": "4X5fl' .w,,f,LEf,:,' ' 1 'Ir nu, N.-X' , ,Eipng W-M-y. '- .g."..f.5!f,pXQi,. .,,.. : , --VH, A ,, , '.1'..'f'2r l,..' R g It , .Wiy "mWli1gi3 aN,,g:r1 5 Re' ui . ' . 1'- .., ,H-'. . -I - ,Q I .' ,... 'f'.",-.- Aflf. 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V, N '1 . -'21 -,:,',1.',,- ' ' i' K-WAY ffiffi S-f yr .wafhfffp , I 'r...:,.QxQ:.-lx'- 'Qlgx fl' f.?5i47gf4'AjY ' H -" ynswesbw--:QT-'. - .f'lf'sf.1'-'ff' "X-. . Q.gZ5:'?g1:2f'3'13Wz-' f-if 'f5isj'7' X 1 ln slid: p . :-N I 1 ' I' X dxf- ,x-QKS3 Ig ' ,.,, '5 UQ! :ill A, , wigs, ' G' ,. .., ,-.-:4' ', 'x ' X. f""f1i'-.N 'Qi -f'Qi'f' 'J' f wvwm I1 NT N-Kzswp .NE il X ff 'X-fQWf9fFE' 'Ji Ax :.. .gg-,gg xg - .,, ' . xx Xu ..,.:iQQQ'qg1s b - an . 1 :,,, 1 .ff .A Xing ' If Wm fx 'I 452' XM Sw: 5:'5' 11 , --I E33 Tiff ' P N! tix. I' 'NQQELNVD L 6' XY' ,f ' ' x .' I ,I "- : I if X ADMINISTRATIGN SNAPS I DR. SAUL S. BECK, Supervising Principal You, our Senior Class, who this June have attained a most important goal, may go farther than you dream. Whether your goal be a highly successful career, further- ing your academics, a service to mankind, a happy family, adventure or whatever, state it to yourself and strive to attain it. I would hope that each of you will achieve the best and fullest possible life and will express yourself in the best possible way. When men believed that the earth was flat, it took great courage to set sail around the world. It took great courage to land on the moon. It takes courage to leave home for the first time and make a place for one's self. I wish you all "courage" as you each do your thing. Not everyone can establish new world records. Everyone, to the limit of his own abilities, can make the world a better place to live in by being genuinely good people. In that way not only your patents, teachers and friends will be proud of you, but you will be proud of yourself. Best Wishes. sea-,.9M.9.,8. ELEMENTARY PRINCIPAL MR. JAMES BOYD .Vx hmmm... BOARD OF EDUCATION LEFT TO RIGHT: BOARD MEMBERS: Mr. John President, Richard Kleing Vice- President, Nico van Setchel, Mr. Robert Smith, Business Manager, Mr. Zwanenbergg Reverend G. Curtis Conklin. David O'De11. MR. ALFRED TUCKER - School Psychologist GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT Chairman Herman Knowles and Mr. Norbert Perry. SECRETARIAL STAFF SEATED: Mrs. Dorothy Cradduck, Mrs. Wanda Hedden ROW TWO: Mrs. Virginia Harbeck, Mrs. Marjorie Clapp, Mrs. Evelyn Steen, Mrs. Connie Linderman. 's ,gli K -fmffixi I r -Q, .ff-Q 1. -Q-if 5 w -4 15 , 4: x y f mg 1 t t Q-.M-ark, Av gy if .R Q P 1 f r i or r 1 My i " i if ,X 5 :ASE ,new 3' f 'Q .A 'H W... . S? iw- 2 Miss Linda Lounsberry, Home-Ec.g Mr. Gary Mrs. Shirley Pugh, Remedial Readingg Mrs. Wight, I-lealthg Mrs. Beverly Harding, School Joanne Guild, Reading Aide: Mrs. Freda Pytcher, Nurse. Remedial Reading. Mr. Donald Ahl, Driver Mrs. Joanne Setchel, Mrs. Jean Resch, Library Training. Aidesg Mrs. Carole Golby, Librarian.',r,r,v ,,,, H FACULTY Miss Marilee Liederbach, Mrs. Donnalyn Swier, Mrs. Clara Smith, Speech Therapy Study Hall Study Hall ENGLISH ROW ONE: Mrs. Bessie Dillon, Miss Isabel Johnson. ROW TWO: Mr. Kenneth Dillon, Chairman Marjorie Bly, Mrs. Barbara McGarvey, Librarian ' Mrs. Ariel Williams. FACULTY DEPARTMENTS MUSIC Chairman Pauline Weart, Mr. Miss Wendy Estabrook Cha1rman Ronald Rowley Mrs Chairman Chet Swier Jeanne W1ll1ams ART iaitistoni, Miss Lisa L Chairman Paul Carls, Mr Mr Melvin Dye, Chairman Victor Ortiz. P5 H was 0 Ui he Marty Moyer, Chairman Miss Doris Gallose, Miss Mosher. Mrs. Carol Aiken, Mrs. Elizabeth Francis, Mr. Derwood Say. MATHEMATICS Miss Linda Wenke, Chairman Gary Enderle, Mary Ellen Moriarity. Law ,MJ L B! wwf , N 70' fylilfs P W " 4 tl' Mrs. Janet Prentice, Miss 'W David Sheridan, Mr. Richard Abbott. PHYS-ED Patricia Rawson, Chairman Ralph Harbeck, Mr. Ronald SOCIAL STUDIES Q 4' rwf"QeWffw11Qf,1 f'Hv",,fj'baL I ,vblf VZ? EW! ,WL 0 740,170 , LMI. ,fr V1 ' , MJ! fa' 52 YW Chainnan Charles Williams, Miss SCIENCE I 4 A BUS DRIVERS ROW ONE: Mr. Robert Lester, Mr. Edward Gross, Mr. Clifford Karn, Mr. David Washburn, Mr. Rockwell Stafford. ROW TWO: Mr. Alan Merrill, Mr. James Bump Mr. Robert Johnson, Mr. Nelson Burt, Mr. Dean Keesler, Mr. Robert Clayson, Mrs. Justine Weller. MISSING: Mrs. Paula Amundson, Mr. Howard Swift, Bus Super- visor. CUSTODIANS Mr. Royal Marsh, Mrs. Bethel Feuchter, Harold Feuchter, Head Custodian: Mr. David Washburn, Mr. Bill Smith, Mr. David Bell. CAFETERIA STAFF SEATEDg Mrs. Jean LaBarbiera, Mrs. Ruth Wilkinson, Cafeteria Manager: Mrs. Mary Lou Cummins, Mrs. Ruth Davis, Mrs. Beverly Abbott, Mrs. Iola Yaw. STAND- ING: Mrs. Shirley Rambuski, Mrs. Lucy Bosworth, Mrs. Beverly Harbeck, Mrs. Marty Stellrecht, Mrs. Jean Bump, Mrs. Rose Calhoun. -F I. av MAA I - , . g44Qf-.-N ,fix .X A .W Ev fi 5.5.1 I -A-4 -ff A Z- XXX XXX diff: - -i , , F:-M. Q FXS? -SN X 'ax m , LM :wi P MN" X T 'T V: Uh' - ' jx If N 'V'-3 'W 'mv 1 V xv? . 4 1 Q - . Xfffx -pi ,IA Mxxkbqyka , .' 4, 'T " "S'ff4RLi:4iggg7 - XXX ' A N W H pg f X + QT fMf's555f ' W MF. iii? J W P q y,X. ,,,4 If X. X' Qu"':1'1'ql:f,x'Nf '5 .X X Q, X g X!" "-' "I" U Sy X XXI E wmxgw. ' , f X WN wx! X M lx- Mx 5m . . A in My ,fpiprf X Nl ' , - N1 31 X X A ' , XIX, Q5 X Y -N 'ix l 'z fl b v . -fl. " W X ., Y SA-7' x " 4' V .- Niki. . 'NN N A P is Sfgeigi Q j yi ' + If ' Q36 ,ff " QW 1 N 4 ,-,T Q X ' ..- "L I W 'NU YYZQQNN -, . , 4-ui R i1'h: lf' . , 'Qi 'TEI f 4 p ' ' U4 Cixi 0.5 Yfff' "' M, '- Cf"-:,L-,:w1x-f: - : --..- .. , , R - -.----""- ' Z- J 1 ' N' W FX HN Q M? ' 152-4,i:5,QESsEi55553'fQ25s:ig5i"-QS1 -a, --:N fl . 'Q wif . 1 ' X- 2 w :W-' 5 X XX - . ll '41 W 4. U K :Ns- 1'my 't f- ,y M -5:at2ggQQ3E:5:SE:i:-::2g,5 as Nsixtiifiabmbi -' I ll wsu Q ' E? Q3 f ' 1 95151 5' : " .- I ' gg :R is 4 QW if f f H1212 fn! Y 1, 5 l ffffff 7 Mu' S' 3 W,-'Q' il' 51, V1 15. ' x N A f' " ' iff ' ,fl 5 ff 5:3 ' 7 W ssS:::ssis:fse:se:. 2 SSSNSESM ax M2 1 wx W W l L M i':i1' ?I,- X' "X Q2"i N ,BBW i:r!'M 2 ..,, ' f ,ff 'A1':f-'NVQ' '5 wif rf ami'-1 ,A X . .. A- '..'f"'i'fll'li'ra'i'w2f:'u mu' "nw JY n will ,All ly . , 'y gigs . :A I 'nlgg-l,q,.1,ma,,n,.u Q, A '35, ! g. 1 , n -1 -5' IL, ':'q, xzgwx - -' Q 2 .f I 15055 Q- 3 jllvf lf - .gg 1. .EQ 9. a,- IH 1.1, 1g3.::.X. .5 X 'X !L"Nl9Q"l' . E- :H if . ff M l.:f. u1:1f1.'y, fl Q . X' jgtasii ' sf i '12 Wim g Y 'Wh iw G 'F ' ' i!'I, iv 1f"".- - V14 "Sig , A E V ,as lm :J 1 553. ' I , WHQI, ':?iSE5Sg,Sf ,'Q'ff,5.""'39' !iQEtEl1"'gS,,'3hP3:gfI igf::1sizYl1:1-.:.1-.-. ..' 1 - ' . :ii'fF?fW" - S- '- T9 ..'1ff9E?'eE2i9f1.eE:'f?E7'M"'Z'1'ffV '- - ' . M iw Wfff " "--M: . ' "nl P ff' x nfs ' 'iizrffriifi r:"4'-f:I:1H'ff ip 4 if WIN 'wi wi" awisimi I V ' :?' ""'Y:I2i4:-,af-...t X Six ai, . x. :w::.5' V' 4 I'-'I N -"Sf -ff P 'EV L' iui sm--222-5fY2z'Qi2f" -"i X Q' " " X QM "Nr" . " 91.3" . ' I '1 .l.,b2-:,:r-'M 'NN Mau- 'KW'-W, x N - 1:-:f X. I ','-,+V 4' . , ' A' , W Li-' IJ .1gS'+fl:,W, 555s5aa!g H A, A Wd IHzl1ll,'H5+ . f ,, V' 'i.C, l1 I LW' it AIM !31i6!E5f "-'M' " " Q ig. 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YW: f 1 El-lllulm' -:--'.-14: E212-1--'-:'P?rUf4'11uuefawwi - NX, '-I I "ff F- 5' 1 A i g If .s: af:::::?:21 2sas:aa Q1 Q - I 1 H ' - P, Elf '51, la 'hui' lfq :glffzglhlq mi N ZW., X ,, - X. W. x if 'N U-7 Ti X 2, 1 XX ' ,li N 5 ' ,.... 1 nj! QE3?ff2E7i51' 'QQ XV ' V ff A . sig '- NX M " .Q ... 'I X : -, - - X -K A . f wmm , . 'Q-rmi - - X HX - Q -'A X n , - f. .. - Q 1 g ' .. ix hr T g :W , M-,,,1 , - ? N' ' t 3: - I ci' ,.-QQN ' 5,5 , I ' ROW ONE: Raymond Shawl, Nancy Lockwood, Donald Wright, Leon Greek, Craig Martin. ROW TWO: Steven Mountain, Ronald Kelley, Dennis Bunk, Virginia Dalaba Miss Jane Wright KINDERGARTEN - P.M. ROW ONE: Sandra Green, Jeffrey Wright, Jennifer Smith, Kimberley Edwards, Timmy Burt. ROW TWO: John Slater, Lin Makarowski, Amy Pettit, Douglas Rettig. James Cusimano. ROW THREE: Amy Carpenter, Lee Archibald, Ronald Kazanjian, Michael Congdon, Shane Stillman, Perry Gobrick. Mrs. Jo Ann Viglietta KINDERGARTEN - P.M. ROW ONE: Brian DeGr0ff, Bonnie Easterly, Thomas Geise, Edyrhe Shaffer, Larry Van Horn, Tracy Haley, Michelle Easterly. ROW TWO: Linda Covert, Trisha Rose, Michael Peterson, Kevin Burlingame, Fred Osmun. ROW THREE: Amy Rasmusson, Lynnette Allen, Nina Augustine, Lisa Baker, Tammy Keesler. Miss Jane Wright KINDERGARTEN - A M J 1 5 9? ROW ONE: Amie Simmons, William Witherell, Todd Jones Alison Lewandowski. ROW TWO: Vicki Dunlap, Arlene Stimson, Leslie Rogers, Jackie Bowker, Ronald Stillman. ROW THREE: Karl Shields, Ricky Sargent, Michael Bradley, David Gaeta, Mary Kay Rinker, Seth Beck. Mrs. Jo Ann,Viglietta KINDERGARTEN - A M ROW ONE: Amy Edwards, Penny Calhoun, Trina Resch, Lisa Augustine, Jimmy Riley. ROW TWO: Bill Weller, Stephen Crowley, William Allis, Chris Wigent, Billy Rose, Judy Frederick, Barry Cross, ROW THREE: David Enderle, Ronny Chapman, Robert Olin, Denise Stomierosky, Glenn Long, Tracy Searl, Brenda Kellogg, Arcadia Pilskalns, Jeff Resch. Mrs. Donna Sortore GRADE 1 ROW ONE: James Bell, Timmy Pratt, Richard Btunp, Brian Brege, Terry Payne, Jack Bunk, Gene Lee. ROW TWO: Sherri Holmes, Rene Robinson, Sherry Campbell, Laura Perry, Tracy Haynes, Lori Ripple. ROW THREE: Douglas Thomson, Mary Jo Fuller, Penny Kellogg, Kevin DeGroff, Staci Winchell, Steven Knapp, Douglas Witter, Dale Neilson, Alan Lockwood. Mrs. Juanita Hillman GRADE 1 ROW ONE Michael Taylor Sara Matylas Brian Borden, Ronnie Williams, Paula Butts Dawn Wagner ROW TWO Denise Harvey, Tracy Jo Roeske Joel Preston, Daphne Congdon Thomas Cappellmi, Bruce Ross, Mark Mahon Jacquel1ne Meehan ROW THREE Cathy Gordon, Judy Macker Mark Miller, Mitchell Gobrick, Dean Burrows Mark Stolberg, Torn Shaffer, Michael Raub G11 Hamer, Matthew Greek Mrs Ruth Thomas GRADE l red ROW ONE: Ricky Smith, Douglas Blakeslee, Michael Makarowski, LaVerne White, Robert Meehan, Jeff Winchell. ROW TWO: Darla Hardman, Julie Kent, Kelly Clark, Jamie Peckham, Jill Austin, Laurie Bixby, ,Lisa DeGroff, Kay Piechota. ROW THREE: David Lincoln, A. I. Higby, Lori Macker, LeAnn Shipley, Daren Vogel, Margaret Bradley, Kelly Schneider, Dina Greek. Mrs. Mary Jane Mabey GRADE 2 nay sri ROW ONE: Michael Clark, Lonn Benham, Kimberly Lockwood, Deborah Lyman, Tammy Matteson, Eric VanDruff. ROW TWO: Timothy Culliton, Douglas Gross, Karen Gordon, Keith Perry. Gloria Mosher, Michael Lee, Patty Thornton. ROW THREE: Jeannine Riley, Bradley Goldrhwait, Enzo Longo, Tim Schoonover, John Hardy, Timothy Frederick, Gayle VenDerLinden, Jeffrey Strong, Timothy Schryver. Mrs. Nancy Way GRADE 1 ROW ONE: Deanna Smith, Raggedy Ann, Dianna Smith, Lyle Adams, Matthew Young, Debra Botens, Michael Dowd. Row TWO: Cheryl Dye, 'Lisa Smith, Dawn LaRose, Michele Sweet, Tamara Brisky, Betty Slater, Lori Gordon. ROW THREE: Patrick Perry, Barry Thompson, Tom Congdon, Paula Roat, Lois Ludden, Andrew Baker, Thomas Burt, Janet Mountain, Robert Wright. Mrs. Sharon Matteson Grade 2 ROW ONE: Brian Lewandowski, Henry Dalaba, Kaldonna Runyan, Michelle Peterson, MaraLynn Pettit, Michael VanDerLinden, Frank Kelley. ROW TWO: Bonnie Scott, Donna KDS-PP: Terri O'Dell, Fay Stanbro, Tammy Roeske, Mary Gordon. ROW THREE: John Riley, Darwin Carlson, James Law, Gale Johnson, Theresa Drake, George Kuha- neck, Rebecca Stolberg, Mat- thew Colley. Mrs. Barbara Spateholts GRADE 2 ROW ONE: Jason Edwards, Ronald Young, Albert Cappellini, Tina Hughes, Marcia Stimson, Susan Davis, Tammy Blakeslee. ROW TWO Karen Smith, Brenda Ward, Deborah Austin, Melinda Rasmusson, Jean Ann Swain, Lisa Martin, Deanna Petrovich, Stephanie Searl. ROW THREE: Julie Smith, Sara Weatherly, John-Hupp, Patricia Hamilton, John Conroy, Mark Jones, Nancy Vossler, Todd Johnson, Dale Hamer, Philip Kellogg. Mrs. Jane Boyd GRADE 3 ROW ONE: Douglas Moot, Chris Ingalls, Joseph Wright, James Wright, Thomas Schoonover, Jamie Harding, Andrew Zalar. ROW TWO: Margaret Van Zwanenberg, Melody Crandall, Mary Lou Archibald, Mary Switalski, Claudia Perera, Kathleen Donovan, Student Teacher Mrs. Murray. ROW THREE: Ricky Payne, Donny Carrier, Kristine Jones, Julie Whittaker, Robyn Ritchey, Melody Shawl, Albert Wilson, Steven Little, Carol Napier. - Mrs. Wilma Wolf GRADE 2 ROW ONE: Brian Culliton, John Wagner, Douglas Grabbitt, Gerald Guild, Mark Wright, James Robinson, Alan Hadden. ROW TWO: Larisa Wigent, Stephanie Sheridan, Allison Gross, Mildred Covert, Deborah Wilson, Susan Ingalls, Wyneita Wright. ROW THREE: Carl Makarowski, Mark Thornton, Gregory Goldthwait, Michael Savard, Todd Mosher, Jeffery Beaver, Brian Bidwell, Margaret McGovern, Tammy Poore, Jill Bowker. Mrs.. Kalope Jamesson' GRADE 3 ROW ONE: Ricky Ratzel, Dana Bunk, Alyn Van Druff, Chet Booth, Andrew Gaeta, Brian Donovan, Robert Ballerstein. ROW TWO: Patty Slater. Brenda Dowd, Cynthia Fairbanks, JoAnn Swain, Rhonda Truax, Deborah Haynes, Kathleen Blake, Wendy Macwilliams. ROW THREE: Cheryl Newell, Dawn Sloat, Lena Mann, Todd Hardy, Walter Slater, Susan Chamberlin, Debra Witter, Michael Lyman, Todd Sweet, Lon Sweet. Mrs. Virginia Chamberlain GRADE 3 ROW ONE: Stephanie Congdon, Lisa Haley, Michele Cusimano Sarah Krivulka, Robert Jones, Diana Bunk, Luann Smith. ROW TWO: Lisa Perry, Joan VanHorn, Peggy Williams, Karen Hitchcock, Marilyn Caster, Dale Adams, Malcolm Ross, Raymond Rose. ROW THREE: Blake Tubbs, Michael Sinclair, Barbara Grabbitt, Denise Sawaya, Michael Napier, Larry Neilson, Gregory Smith, Danny Fuller, David Lindstrum, Toby Marsh. Mrs. Etelka Paull GRADE 3 ROW ONE: Grant Woodruff, Ray Adams, Gary Sherman, Clinton Mann Chuck Wa ner . g , Tim Chapman, Robert Hoffman. ROW TWO: Kathy Rambuski, Mary Pinney, Kathleen Merrill, Tammy Ramsey, Debbie Schoonover, Myrillyn Glow, Becky Emerson. ROW THREE: Bill Bowers, Cathy Thompson, Cathy Congdon, Butch Holden, Teresa McDermott, Joyce Lockwood, Cynthia Sargent, Donna Strong. Mr. Thomas Chandler GRADE 4 ROW ONE: Andrew Moot, Mark Totten, Loyd Swain, Douglas Dennis, Andrew Pilskalns, Joe Andrus, Scott Jordan, ROW TWO: Student Teacher Mrs. Alice Rogers, Ann Switalski, Tara Lea Pettit, Valerie Bunk, Donna Calhoun, Tamie Hadden, ROW THREE: William Colley, Ronald Kratts, Dana Klein, Bradley Green, Sharon Law, Hal Francis, Julie Hardy, Lorraine Thornton, Debra Ward. Mrs. Barbara Sheridan GRADE 4 ROW ONE: Ed Zalar, Darryl Blake, Robert Weller, Richard Schneider, Jerry Orcutt. ROW TWO: Jan Kent, Joyce Vandruff, Wandnetta Rambuski, Carolyn Dalaba, Karen Macwilliams, Dianne Feuchter, Robin Johnson. ROW THREE: Robin Smith, Marci Winchell, Katie Mountain, Jody Edwards, Steve Smith, Steve Hibbard, Mike Gordon, Doug Perry, Cindy Resch. Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Gross GRADE 4 KZ. Row ONE: Tim Hewitt, Stewart Freeman, Ray Charles, Richard Covert, Alan Perry, David Dennis. ROW TWO: Debby Dye, Charmaine Mosher, Ann Lincoln, Alison .Cole, Susan Kellogg, Laurie Bailey, Jackie Conroy. ROW THREE: Greg Weber, Doug Pilger, Tom Meehan, Peggy Stohr, Tom Treadway, Anita Conklin, Elizabeth Plants, Bill Hoffman, Andy Botens, Kelly Hitchcock. Mrs. Ruth Dumser GRADE 5 ROW One: Bill Bradley, Kevin Donovan, Dwayne Hughes, Blair Emerson, Jeff Brisky, Doug McLennan, Ricky Abramowicz. SECOND ROW: Eva Kellogg, Sally Nicholson, Lori Orcutt, Deena Perry, Amy Wetherby, Susan Cappellini. THIRD ROW: Cheryl Taylor, Bonnie Hosley, Marlene Matteson, Nora Sheridan, Vicky Pettit, Brian Frost, Lloyd Sweet, Jeff Meehan, Jim Torpey. Mrs. Margaret Swift GRADE 4 ROW ONE: Ricky Vance, Dennis Sawaya, Mike Deming, Norman Grabbitt, Douglas Bunk, Tracy Wood. ROW TWO: Robin Searle, Carol McLennan, Lydia Shaffer, Dessie Hamer, Susan Shear, Jeanne Pugh, Jody Mahon. ROW THREE: Greg Williams, Tim Johnson, Susan Krivulka, Kelley Campbell, Joyce Case, Maureen McGovern, Shari Crowley, Brenda Young, Teresa VanDruff. Mrs. Sally Jordan GRADE 5 CHAIRMAN ROW ONE: Tom Strong, Mark Kratts, Jim Spateholts, Alvin Gross, James Cappellini, Russell Siegel. ROW TWO: Jodi Maker, Cynthia Colley, Dawn Carlson, Shelly Dowd, Lynn Stellrecht, Michele Jones. ROW THREE: Peter Switalski, Russell Wilson, Susan Pettit, Tom Adams, Karl Kottwitz, Greg Cummins, Gary Duvall, Peggy Klice, Deanna Wright, David Bulger. Mr. Jeffrey Pallas GRADE 5 Row ONE: Eric Goldthwait, Gary Knapp, Marlon Kent, Gordon Green, Justin Francis, Craig Ingalls. ROW ONE: Christine Kratts, Ellen Cappellini, Debra Dalaba, Gale Hamer, Karen Donovan, Cynthia Hughes. ROW THREE: Penny Greene, Debora Jones, Patricia I-libbard, Edna Kellogg, Donna Karn, Dean LaRose, Brenda Dye, Lloyd Ludden, Paige Higby. Mrs. Mary Boyer GRADE 6 ROW ONE: Robert Schneider, Richard Caster, Jack Orcutt, Dennis Ramsey, Jim Pastor, Paul Pilskalns, David Shaller. ROW TWO: Lee Sweet, Linda Niles, Amy Smith, Terry Shipley, Brenda Lee, Tammy Burt, Faye Bunk. ROW THREE: Rick Hall, Pamela O'Dell, Rita Kellogg, Pattie Reynolds, Walker Perry, Nick Bunk, Tamrni Abbott, Beth Chamberlin, Debbie Wilson, Gordon Enderle. Mrs. Mary Jane Swift GRADE 5 ROW ONE: Mark Pettit, Joe Rinker, William Pugh, Stuart McLennan, Arthur Pilskalns, Tim Ramsey, Terry Perry. ROW TWO: Wendy Sweet, Sheila Roat, Linda Lucas, Lori Ludden, Danette Kresko. ROW THREE: Susan Meyers, Karie Schneider, Barbara Pettit, Linda Mann, Kelly McQuarrie, Mary Strong, Sharlene Perry, Georgianna McDermott, Lisa Robinson, Deirdre Schleigh. Mr. Duncan Pettit GRADE 6 CHAIRMAN ROW ONE: Alexander Cole, Matthew Clayson, William Bunk, Guy Cross, Todd Ashby, Terry Burt, Robert Comes. ROW TWO: Terri Calhoun, Susan Abramowicz, Susan Congdon, Marsha Clayson, Wendy Barber, Sherry Blake. ROW THREE: Leland Beck, Robert Botens, Michael Culliton, Martin Briskey, Julie Burdick, Beth Chapman, Janet Covert, Pamela Bump, Lori Campbell, Diana Burch, Gary Clark. Mrs. Lula Campbell GRADE 6 ROW ONE: Carleen Vogel, Irene Weller, Rockne Searle, Vincent Van Zwanenberg, Mike Smith, Robert Macwilliams, Jennifer Taylor. ROW TWO: Dawn Smith, Tom Swift, Lori Sweet, Jeanne Sheridan, Sylvia Wright, Melissa Stolberg. ROW THREE: Linda Smith, Marcia Tubbs, Nina Vossler, Asher Smith, Jeff Peckham, Dennis Vogel, Scott Taylor, Don Washburn, Vicki Winchell. Mrs. Genevieve Robertson GRADE 6 X1 9 X T-T. QS.. .fx f' 77 BX f ' gk XX 1' Q 'ES ROW ONE: John Switalski, Charles Weitz, Richard Reynolds, Joseph Slater, Joanna Setchel, Lois Stellrecht, Bradley Schintzius. ROW TWO: James Sprague, Kelly Wagner, Carol Truesdell, Rebecca Wise, Robert Strong, John Whittaker, Timothy Vogel, Karla Ward. ROW THREE: Steve Mahon, Michael Shawl, Edith Van Gilder, Suzanne Thomson, Ann Tubbs, Sharon Wilson, Lynn Sweet, Debby Shipley, Cynthia Weller. GR DE ROW ONE: David Carrier, Paul Biinkwart, Judy Ballerstein, Penny Bailey, Wendy Crowley, Thomas Collord, Randy Butts. ROW TWO: Thomas Culliton, Bonnie Dean, Claire Comes, Janet Botens, Denise Carlson, Loranda Berry, Dana Carey, Daniel Blake. ROW THREE: Neil Cline, Lucy Dalton, Shelly Burt, Cindy Brown, Connie Burrows, Darcy Botens, Gordon Caster, Glenn Andrus. ROW ONE: Steve Davis, Dennis Ingalls, Bruce Deming, Eric Wagner, Mark Gross, Duane Carey, Tracy Hadden, Melanie Harbeck. ROW TWO: Julie Herger, Linda Ingalls, Theresa Emerson, Dale Hardman, Darcy Harding, Steven Dougherty, Darlene Joy, Susan Gordon. ROW THREE: Rebecca Freeman, Janeen Kresko, Suzanna Johnson, George Farwell, Michael Robinson, Maryann Green, Linda Hupp, Bobbie Hoffman. SEVEN ROW ONE: John Jarnes, Andy Krivulka, Lil Herger, Glenda Rought, Coleen Sargent, Patti Lucas, Gail Ratzel, Tina Law. ROW TWO: Patti Luzier, Mike Miller, Calvin Mosher, Bob Ostrander, Therese Mclntyre, Patty Mann, Debra Mahon, Judy McLennan. ROW THREE: Diane Merrill, Michelle Miller, Scott Lester, Danny Savard, Gordon Maker, Charles Lee, Verne LaRose, Mike Poore. ROW ONE: Linda Kess, Joyce Kellogg, Leslie Kameck, Tim Main, Peter Nagle. ROW TWO: Jeffrey Patten, Dorothy Payne, Diane Pettit, Eve Pilskalns, Cindy Kottwitz, Jennifer Patten, Colette Plants, Janet Peckam. ROW THREE: David Klice, Robert Nagy, Douglas Kennedy, Muray Kent, Gay Klein, Carter McC1ennon. ROW FOUR: John Nease, Robert James, Guy Mann. ROW FIVE: Michael Little. ROW ONE: Sheri Guild, Kelly Edwards, Dawn Greene, Cindy Hoffman, Melody Hull. ROW TWO: Sam Hadden, Roger Green, Joe Gross, Alvin Haynes, Dana Harding, Randall Griswold,- Robin Edwards, John Freeman. ROW THREE: Donna Duvall, Amy Harbeck, Kimberly Conroy, Kathryn Cappellini, Steven Butts, Jim Berry, Monte Davis, Eric Clayson. ROW FOUR: Lynn Amundson, Ann Bowers, Jeanette Case, Renee Congdon, Joni Deming, Doug Burt, Bonnie Butts, Karen Covert, Susan Adams. ROW FIVE: Susan Case, Dusty Dougherty, Charles Conklin, Richard Bunk, Carl Cassford, Bradley Botens, Ernie Burch, Philip Austin, Robert Carey, Dennis Dye. ROW ONE: Ricky Wood, Charles VanDruff. ROW TWO: Randy Wakefield, Carole Ratzel, Susan Smith, Jim Webb, Kathryn Stolberg, Jill Seigel, Colleen Thompson, Kerry Ward, Laura Rambuski, Eddie Rambuski, Becky Young, Rose Snyder, Paul Shaller. Row THREE: David Rodkey, Denise Totten, Catherine Woodcock, Patricia Stimson. ROW FOUR: Brian Smith, Robin Torpey, Greg Voorhees, David Sinclair, Randy Vance, Bill VanHorn, David Resch. GR DE EIGHT CLASS OFFICERS: PRESIDENT - Amy Harbeck VICE- PRESIDENT - Richard Wood SECRETARY- TREASURER - Lynn Amundson ROW ONE: Patti Kunz, Karen' Manko, Jim Karn, Eric Ingalls, Gail Peckham. ROW TWO: Nancy Joy, Diane Kazanjian, Diane Pettit, Betty Kratts, Linda Peckham, Athena Pilskalns Sharon Morris, Betty Kellogg, Cindy Mabey, Kathy Odell, Carol Neilson. ROW THREE: Scott Murphy, Margaret Nagle, Tom Mogg, Loren Luzier, Lloyd Lewis, Edward Pastor, Steve Nease, Tom Oakes, Jim Ostrander, Sue Mann, Tom Law, Mark Mosher. ROW ONE: Debbie Chamberlain, Valerie Congdon, Melinda Harbeck, Pam Gross, Norma Grabbitt, Alice Cappellini. ROW TWO: Sue Hall, Melanie Blake, Melissa Berry, Pam Higby, Carrie Christman, Sandy Bunk, Debbie Blakeslee, Jean Donnelly, Joyce Holden. ROW THREE: Mark Cross, Greg Cole, Mike Duvall, Larry Bunk, Steve Burt, Joe Dunham, Jim Ballerstein, Cindy Clayson. ROW FOUR: Joe Hupp, Linda Bowers, Robert Gleason, Val Congdon, Alan Bates, Paula Dalton, Rick Dowd, John Adams, Don Adams, George Hadden, Jim Comes, Regina Caster. GR DE ROW ONE: Bob Spateholts, John Stellrecht, Darrel Smith, Lois Seigel, Kathy Snyder, Kathy Ward, Annette Stimson. ROW TWO: Gary Shaffer, Randy Searl, Randy Washburn, Bernard VanDruff, Kathy Weller, Lisa Sweet, Martin Santangelo, Tim Ostrum, Clara Smith, Patty Sprague. ROW THREE: Tom Stolberg, Barry Searl, Randy Swift, Scott Swift, David Wise, Debbie Totten, Carol Rung, Nora Wilson, Leonard Young, Don Vogel, Mark Schleigh. NIN CLASS OFFICERS: PRESIDENT - Paul Malzahn VICE- PRESIDENT - Loren Luzier SECRETARY - Tim Swift TREASURER - Karen Manko ROW ONE: Denise Johnson, Margaret Lajeunesse, Jean Pinney, Barbara Ingalls, Clinton Krivulka, Ted Ingalls, Dean Jefferies, Jenny Kess, Yvonne Mahon, Kay James. ROW TWO: Wendall Poore, Arnold Kirkmn, Mike Jefferies, Bob Kennedy. Wendy King, Lori Neilson, Athena Jamesson. ROW ONE: Renee Fanton, Pam Gaeta, Naomi Hasard, Don Barber, Wayne Butts, Michele Frungillo. ROW TWO: Mike Bresney, Nancy Collins, Clara Green, Sandy Burt, Tina Gris- wold, Mary Carpenter. ROW THREE: Dan Andrus, Roy Apple by, Bill Amundson, Norman Beaver, Kathy Davis, Dave Chamberlain, Greg Frost, Carl Burch, Tom Cradduck, Mike Fairbanks. GR DE ROW ONE: Mike Wagner, Joanne Sommers, Tom Torpey, -Taine Resch, Michele Van Zwanenberg, Brenda Vogel, Shirley Weatherly, Sandy Reynolds, Debbie Smith. ROW TWO: Martin Smith, Wayne Subject, Ray Washburn, Jo Vossler, Bob Vance, Sara Withey. ROW THREE: Luke Sweet, Steve Taylor, Dave Sherman, Pat Sherwood, Nora VanGi1der, ,Dave Setchel, Maureen Rung, Mark Young, Dan Smith. TE CLASS OFFICERS: PRESIDENT - Kathy Davis VICE- PRESIDENT - Bob Kennedy SECRETARY - Athena Iamesson TREASURER - Kay James ROW ONE: Georgeanne Blake, Barb Christman, Sue Congdon, Robin Deck, John Cappellini. ROW TWO: Patrice Higby, Debbie DeRock, Cheryl Brisky, Allison Harbeck, Melissa Freeman, Terri Bunk, Mary Ellen Holden, Delores Case, Laurie Burt. ROW THREE: Jack Bradley, George Brinkwart, Julie Case, Bill Clark. ROW FOUR: Jodi Dennis, Mark Conklin, Rick Amundson, Vicki Abbott, Diane Carrier, Tom Beebe. ROW ONE: Joyce Kratts, Doug Karst, Emerald Peckham, Kathy Karn, Connie Pinney, Beth Kresko. ROW TWO: Randy Poore, Mike Finney, Toni Lester, Reta McDermott, David Peckham. ROW THREE: Bruce Plano, LaVonne Mack, John McIntyre, Kerry- Odell, Suzanne Plants, Bill James. GRADE ROW ONE: SITTING: Kathy Shaller, Katy Sprague, Brenda Stanbro. ROW TWO: KNEELING: Karen Seigel, Kim Weber, Veronica Santangelo, Mary Swarthout. ROW THREE: Linda Smythe, Anne Nicholson, Gail Thompson, Cindy Stafford, Diane Rodkey. ROW FOUR: Dave Srimson, Joe Rix, Gail Schintzius, Joyce Swift, Amy Williams, Susan Taylor. ELEVEN ,G Q 'T 5 ROW ONE: KNEELING: Kim Hasard, David Smith, Wayne Green. ROW TWO: SITTING: Debbie Rambuski, Marilyn Mitchell, Wanda Bmnp, Paula Cummins, Nancy Yaw. ROW THREE: Burton Little, Doris Vogel, David Wilson, Linda Andrus, Stephen Mitchell. ROW FOUR: Richard Snyder, Mike McCollister, Keith Ward, Don Rix, Dan Comes, Terry Butts, Jack Kerswill, Bill Kratts, Sue Jones, Mary Jane Adams. SEATED: LEFT TO RIGHT: Dorothy Moore, Penelope Snyder, Eva Chamberlain. FIRST ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: David Furniss, Michael Gaines, Richard Frazier, Dennis Landries, Mark Rathbun. SECOND ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: David Stoneham, Larry James, John Blakeslee, John Stocum, Joyce Flegal, Melody Clark Robert Sherman. WORK-STUDY CLASS Under the direction of Mr. Mapes, the students of the Work-Study Class use their talents helping our school and community. Many of these students work in the CCS cafeteria, at the hospital, in stores, and general cleaning with the janitors. They earn and save money and so far have saved a net total of 34, OOO. Their goal is to work and learn, eventually being able to work under an employer, making their own living. ll JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: President - Jack Bradleyg Vice- President - Bruce Planog Secretary - Melissa Freernang Treasurer - Katy Sprague. ,g .,.: 4495 SEVENTH GRADE OFFICERS: President - Joanna Setchelg Vice- President - Wendy Crowleyg Secretary - Lil Herger: Treasurer - Bob Strong. ' u I -'--XHXW V XX SQL-g 'X ,ul ' A' ' ffg3f ",gZ:! 1 X p ' Y , R N 5 mx S, - 2 -2 fig! X' ' wvf ' ' g q5m11Ri11XE'+ X Wy! v 3' 4 Q 3 . V ' V ' "A Y - MK - 4:41. my - " V, , 'A l , ,,j I I 'H AEI. . W3 Q ' M 4 . f, I J X . f , 5 Q: X f ' 1 'S N Y A 1 ,f i f lip - A :, K- N, ,l " MLA ' V ' 'rf XG : :H X75 Kar' f 1 . ' A 5 L .4, , .J U ff fx F l Xff 2 vi , , i1fw2fTF'p,. f xl'--- ' fill W mis? , ' ws OF f ' ' f R K ' B J ,fr I-ff f -I Il Q I 1 -1-lim., ' an' ,A I l V 2? Q 'MAL' ,YA my XB U V -. 4 ' l - 5 ON J f M 1 ' Q, Q if 1 ' Y W f , ML? Y f V nf "S EW 1 ! L i if 5 f A D ' fi 4 M f Tl JC WN X Ni f K' +1 M' ' ,455 . . 'Y I I' g f :'i N' -wx' s l 'xi elvis x - ' jeff- -- 4--' JI- . ix, f I Q' 1' ' I Q 'xkmn I .ffxe 35? -' r - a Nik 1 1 .x UN M 2 'E 1- 'Qi ' :' , Q i 5 . I . "' 'V 511 ' N 1 V K 1'-'u11'1 Q "'J"'1" M 'A fyixfifi , fQ gy itg X X -, Ki it V lv - V- h T bm -H . vm w ,...-1 , l " K nv .::--V- I QNENQR Q g"'5Hf+v' FV X N . YEfQIZ! jf 2' 4, iv-24 I ll' M" In if my ai 1ixQl,ifff If 1 QRTI' ROBERT K. AMUNDSON - "Bob" never sits still . . . foot- ball, wrestling, and baseball 9-12 French Club 11 . . . hates physics . . . majors: French, math, and science .. . listed in Who's Who in Am. High Schools, Boys' State, county wrestling . . . plans on college to be a teacher DIANE M. BERRY - one of our more artistic classmates . . . Yorker Club 9 . . . BOCES VICA Club 11-12 . . . Narcotics Guidance Council 12 . . . likes cars, guys, and artwork . . . major in school was commer- cial art . . . plans to attend Mohawk Community College DUANE BARBER, JR. - "Dewey" or "Cork" for short . . . wres- tling 9,1O,12 . .. football 9, 10 FFA 9,10 BOCES conservation and heavy equip- ment operation 11, 12 . . . likes hunting, Pam majors: ag, heavy equip. op. plans: heavy equipment school, the Marines ANGELA J. BERRY - "Ang" is always quick with a joke . . . Yorker Club 9,10 . . . basket- ball inrramurals 10, 12 . . . volleyball intramurals 12 . . . Honor Basketball Team 12 . . . Gargoyle staff . . . likes Irish- men, KB radio . . . hates gain- ing weight . . . majored in math, science . . . future: college ,,,,, N , TIMOTHY BOTENS - "Tim," leader of the Black Creek gang: Baseball 9-11 . . . Football 10 . . . enjoys sleeping after en- joying the parties and girls . . . Tim majored in Math and Science during his years at CCS . . . plans to attend college this fall. LISA KAY BRESNEY - "Skees" always in the midst of some- thing . . . FTA 9-12 . . . Color- guard 9-12 . . . Choir 10, 12 . . Yorker Club 11,12 . . . Pep Club 11,12 NHS 11,12 FNA 10-12 .. . Gargoyle 12 .. Class Treas. 10,11 Class Sec. 9 . . . enjoys water skiing, collecting "bottles" and work- ing at H821 . . . Lisa majored in Math and Science and Spanish . . . career in Med. Tech. 4'r"""'QY' E gqgap TOM BOOTH - "Tom," CCS's Very own jolly baker . . . French Club 9-11 . .. FTA 9,10 Student Council 11,12 . . . Vice-Pres. 9' . .. NHS 11,12 . . . likes listening to Jethro Tull and boogie music . . . majored in Math and Science . . . plans a career in optometry. KIRK BROWN - "Kirk," only loud when he has to beg Foot- ball 9-11 . .. Basketball 9,10, 12 . .. Track 10-12 ... Vice- President of Soph. . . . enjoys snow, math and making ankhs . . . Kirk majored in Math and Science and Spanish . . . plans for a career in Math and traveling. JOSEPH BUNK - "Polack" . . . played football 9 . . . majored in Industrial Arts . . . Joe likes cars and girls . . . displays hatred for '66 GTO's that don't run . . . future plans include going to school in Illinois. LUCINDA J. BUNK - "Bunker" was involved in: Soccer 9,10, 12 . . . Basketball 9-12 . . . Honor team 10, 11, 12 . . . Vol- leyball 9-12 . . . Cheerleading 11, 12 . . . Color Guard 9, 10 . . . Choir 11,12 . . . Sophomore and Junior Prom Attendant . . . Gargoyle 12g Cindy enjoys riding around and partiesg majored in Business . . . she plans to work and marry you know who . .. MICHAEL F. BUNK - "Mike" worked hard in: Football 9-11 . . . Baseball 10, 11 . . . Pres. of Senior PartyiCommittee . . . Mike enjoys hunting, cars, and the class tap . . . dislikes party poopers . . . majored in con- servation . . . plans to work or enter the service. fg'fJ,iv. " wwe'--'f IACK BURCH- "Jack" was active in several sports: Football 9-12 . . . Baseball 9-12 . . . received letters in both of these sports . . . patricipated in "Li'l Abner" . . . Jack spends much time hunting, skiing, eating, and working on his cars and tractors. CAROL BURROWS - "Red," was very active in her church and traveled with their Youth Choir ... was a member of FNA .. . Carol likes reading, church and fun . . . dislikes spinach . . . she attended BOCES where she majored in Foods and Nurses Aid . . . Carol plans to attend Bible School. BILL BURT - " Bill, " always on the go, active in Yorker Club 9-12 Pres. 11 FTA 10-12 . . . Choir 10-12 . . . Student Council 11-12 . . . likes trains and honest people . . . dislikes homework . . . Honors: NHS . . . Mary H. Davis award . . . Who's Who among HS Students . . . Boys' State . . . Major: Math, Science, and Spanish ... Future: college and Law. STEPHEN C. BURT - "Burt," a favorite party man, wrestled 9-12 . . . was active in FFA, Sec. 9-11, Pres. 12 Choir 9-10 ... 4-H 9-11, PISS. 11 ... likes swimming, farming . . . spotted in a red chevelle Major: Ag. and Science, received FFA Green Hand Chapter Farmers Award . . . Future: Alfred Ag. Tech. BONNIE CASE - "Bonnie's" main interests were Bob and sports , get y :Lf , K --,Ht . . . was active in basketball, volleyball intra. 9-12 . . . soccer 9-10 . . . likes Bob, senior parties and painting . . . dislikes dirty old men . . . Majored in Art and received "Most Pop Painting Award" and Second Prize Key Award . .. Future plans, quote: "Beats Me! " BONNHE SUE CLARK - "Bonnie" majored in office practice at BOCES . . . found riding with Larry or collecting old bottles . . . enjoys softball and bowling . . . earned three awards of achievement at Boces . . . in the future, marriage is Bonnie's main goal. PAUL F. CONKLIN - "Pablo," was active in: Yorker Club 9-12 . . . Choir 10-12 .. . Pop Music 11, 12 . . . Gargoyle Editor . . . Pep Club 11-12 . . . All-State Choir 12 . . . enjoys Pro Hockey and "Chastity." In the future Paul plans to attend college and travel. D. NEAL CONKLIN - "Neal" participated in Football 9-10 . . Student Coun. 9 . . . Yorker and French Club 9-12 .. . re- ceived NMSQT letter of corn- rnendation . . . Hobbies - mon- eymaking and Oceanography . ... Major: Math, Scienc rx.. Future includes a career A .a Marine Biologist. 1 2 gwgnwnsmvvw WILLIAM A. DAVIS - "Bill," one of our more reserved peersg Football 95 Basketball 9,l0,1l, 12 . . . enjoys waterskiing in the stunmer, spends spare time working . . . Bill's majors were in Math and Science . . . plans to go on to college. VICKI A. DEAN - "Vic," a quiet member of our class . . . Soccer Intramurals 9g Basket- ball Intramurals 9,10 . . . en- joys parties . . . Vic majored in Math and Science .. . future includes college. DE-BORAH K. DONNELLY - "Don.ners, " gets around .. . Choir 93 Volleyball Intramurals 9g Soccer Intramurals and Award 10 . . . Uses spare time for parties and chasing boys . . . likes guys and "The Elves," dislikes school and Sales and Management class . . . "Donners" majored in Business . . . plans to attend Bryant Stratton Business Institute. LOIS E. EDWARDS - "Loie," seen almost anywhere . . . Soccer Intramurals 9, 10 . . . Volleyball Intramurals 9,10 . . FHA 9,1O,l1,12 FNA ll, 12 ...VICA Club at BOCES 11, 12 . .. likes dancing and bum- ming aroundg dislikes being bored . . . majored in Home Economics at BOCES . . . plans include higher education and the Air Force. DAN ENOS - "Enos" . . . has many a hobby . . . qgirls in- cludedy . . . participated in football 9-10 . . . Basketball 12 . . . and honored us as the President of the Senior class . enjoys parties .. . majored in Science and Business . . . in l future,p1ans to attend a busi- ness college. ALICE M. FODOR - "Daisey" . . . Very Active . . . Yorker Club 9-12 .. . choir 10-12 intramurals 9-12 . . . Pres. of class 10 .. . Prom attendant 10 . . . cheerleader 11 . . . pop music 11-12 . . . lent her voice to all- county and all-state choir . . . Gargoyle . . . likes parties and waving at people . . . majored in Math and Science . . . future plans - Happiness! HOLLISTER FRANCIS - "Holly" represented our class as Fresh- man attendant, Junior Prom Queen, and Senior Homecom- ing attendant . . . likes parties and to travel . .. majored in French . . . in future, plans to attend college. RICHARD GLEASON - "Dick" . . . likes girls and working on cars in his spare time . . . lent his voice to the madrigals in his Freshman year and was on the bowling team in his sopho- more year . . . majored in Math . . . future plans - to be an Electro- Mechanical Tech- nician at Alfred. N uno lv ?i f P UUQ QQQuyqfy 4 MUSIC W'-f This Certifies That JAMEQ COLLINS has met all equ re ent neces ary n the abo amed aCf1V ty or course a d s hereby gr ted n offcal a a d AML d1rector Ygf Al! fifgp ncpal JLJIIS 10 71 L 1' im bs s i Ven 'i n i an a ii wr. . 'N X Q . ' -hhffflwh'-" A-A ri 1' ' s ounmmQnno ooN HHHHHHHHHHHHHNHHHNHNHHHOHH H0 H6 - f--in W , FRED O. GROSS - "Fritz," known around school for his sober sense of humor . . . seen most frequently in the Market Basket or at parries . . . enjoys drinking and Health class . . . majored in Science . . . in future, plans to work. MARK R. HAMMER - "Mark," a member of Yorker Club 9-12 . . . French Club 9-12 . .. NHS 11-12 ... Band 9-12 ... likes vacations and Fridays . . . has majors in French, Math and Science ... awarded National Merit Letter of Commendation . . . looks forward to a law career. SUE A. HAMILTON - "Sue," active in intramuralsg Soccer 9-12 basketball 9-12 ... Volleyball 9-12 . . . FTA 9-12 . . . likes sports and going out with Dave . . . majored in Math and French . . . plans to attend college. KIM A. HILLMAN - "Kim," participated in Yorker Club 9-12 . . . football 10 . . . track 9-10 . . . baseball 11-12, boys' intramurals 11 . . . likes skiing, swimming, parties, people ... majored in Math and Science . . . in future, plans to attend college. JAMES D. HUNTER- "Jim," an all-'round guy: Choir 10-12, County 9-12, State 12 . . . Pop music 11, 12 . . . Play 11 . . . Gargoyle . . . Baseball, Foot- ball, Basketball 9-12 . . . en- joys girls, parties . . . Major: Math, Science . . . Future: Pharmacy DONALD KARST - "Don," Al- ways feelin' fine, FFA 9-10 . . . Wrestling 10-11 . . . likes girls and motorcycles . . . Major: Boces . . . received wrestling award . .. Future plans are service. WANDA JO INGALLS - "Wanda, Always busy at CCS: FTA 9-12 . . . Yorker Club 9-11, 12 - District Sec. , Stare Advisory Council. . . Choir 10-12 . . .' Intramurals 9-10 . . . Gargoyle . . . NHS . . . Major: Math, Science, Spanish . . . likes people . . . Awards: Gov. Writ- ing Trophy, Who's Who in Am. High Schools . . . Future: Coun- seling LEE KAMERY - "Lee," one of our more athletic members: Football, Basketball, Baseball 9-12 . . . Bowling team 11 . . . Yorker Club 9-12 . . . Major: Math, Science, Spanish . . . received Seneca Football League All-Star Award . . . Future Plans: College CYNTHIA A. CLARK - "Cindy" was an active business major at Cuba. She attended BOCES and received a Filing Award, two Silver Certificates, and a letter of Commendation. Cindy's ' future plans are to be a house- wife and secretary. I THOMAS KAZANJIAN - "Tom' is often seen lugging groceries or fixing cars. He majored in Industrial Arts and Science while at CCS and was active in Football 9-10. Tom plans a future in the Army. KENT KEESLER - "Kent" was one of the quiet members of the senior class. He majored in Math and Auto Mechanics . . . Kent was active in Basketball 9-12. He was often found driv- ing his truck. Kent plans a future in auto mechanics. FROSTINE KLICE - "Bunny" was very active while at CCS. She majored in Home Ec. and was a member of PNA 10-12 . . . FHA 9-12, Sec. 9 Ecology Club 12, and Intramurals 10-ll. Frostine likes singing, painting, and eating. She dis- likes sitting around. Her future plans are nursing. Q r I, P YJ Q, , M r .WW U 48 DEBORAH KRESKO - "Deb," always active. FTA 10, Treasurer ll, 12 . . . FNA 10-l2 . . . Choir 10-12 . . . Business Manager of Gargoyle Staff . . . enjoyed riding around in some- one else's car, and parties . . . Deb majored in Math, Science, and Spanish . . . plans for a career in nursing. DAVID KRIVULKA - "Chip- munk," enjoys cars, huniing, and girls . . . special hobby is building balsawood airplanes . . . majored 111 Vocational Carpen- try . . . plans for future school- ing at Bethal Farm on the Upper Hudson River. TOM LESTER- "Tom" was very sports minded, Football 9 12, -All-Stars ll . . . Wrestling 9, County Champ 10, 2nd place in Section 5 Track 9 . . . Baseball 10 . . . Band 9,10 . . . has fun drinking, likes girls and parties, except for the vinegar . . . Vocational major in Trade Electricity . . . looks to a future in the service. WAYNE LEWIS - our own little drummer boyg Band 9-12 . . . Wrestling 9,10 . . . spent spare time working on cars, liking money and people with a sense of humor . . . majored in Industrial Arts . . . plans for a future in Vocational School, construction, and life. I THOMAS J MANKO - "Tom, " active in school . football 9 12 wrestling 10-12, track 9 12 Yorker Club 9-12, president 9 10 Cohocton ' Valley District president 11, 12 French Club 11 12 Student Council 10 12, NHS Member 11 12 likes playing tackle football majors: French, Science Math .. plans to attend college possibly as history ma Jor JEFFERSON I. MANN " "Jeff, " football manager 9, 4-H 9,10 . . . attended Boces 11, 12 . . . likes hunting, hiking, and riding around in his car . . . Major: at Boces - Conservation and heavy equipment . . . future plans: Navy and to further his education. RICK MCLAY . . . one of our more talented seniors, Rick enjoys "Lisa" and playing his bass. He tunes his ears by listening to CSN8aY records. You may findhim at a rock concert or on his way to Wells- ville. Rick dislikes getting up early and homework. Rick has a major in art. DENNIS MORRIS - "Den" . . . Den engaged in football 9, 10 in Olean. ' Biology Club 10, 11 - Olean. Dennis plans to attend college. In his spare time he likes to draw. Den was awarded two letters in football at Olean. Den has a major in Math and Science. MICHELE MILLER - "Mitch" . . . considered one of the swingers of our class. Mitch enrolled in Yorker Club 9,l0, 11: FTA 10,11,12g Pep Club 11g Popular Music ll, 12g Honor Team, band 10, 11, 12g played in "Li'l Abner" . . . Senior class Vice-President. Mitch's future includes success. She has a French Major. CAROLYN MITCHELL - "Short- stuff," Carolyn participated in FHA 9, 10, Vice- President 11 . . . Carolyn loves drawing cartoon sketches, traveling, parties and boys. Many a time you will find Carolyn in a sleeping bag in any of our surrounding campgrounds. She has a business major at Boces. GARY NEASE - Active in Base- ball and Basketball 9-12 . . . Varsity Football 9-12 . .. Yorker Club 9-12 . . . Gargoyle . . . likes rock music and hav- ing fun in general . dislikes Physics and English. . . with majors in Science and Math . . . plans to go to college. CATHY NAGY - "Nag," active in Yorker Club 11, 12 . . . Pep Club 11,12 . . . Intra- mural volleyball 11, 12, Basket- ball 12 . .. Color Guard 12 . . . Homecoming Attendant 11 . . . likes a good laugh and snow skiing . . . with a Science major Cathy plans to go on to college. KRISTINE A. MOSHER - "Kris," active in FFA 9-11 . . . Cheer- leading 9,10,12 . . . Choir 10- 12 . . . Student Council 10 . . . Pop Music 11 . . . play 11 . . . Gargoyle . . . likes Gary, parties and the piano . . . Major: Science and Mathg Future: College and Marriage. MICHELE PETTIT - "Mickie, " active in Yorker Club 9 . . . FTA 9,10, Pres. 10, Treas. 12 . . . Volleyball, Basketball lntra. 9, 10, 12 . . . Choir 9-12 . . . Prom Attendant 9 . . . spare 1:ime: A. J.: Major: Science . . . Mickie plans to write more letters and go to college. ELIZABETH G. RESCH - "Betsy" . . . active in volley- ball 9-115 soccer 9g basketball 9-11 Likes painting, draw- ing, sewing, bike riding, and swimming .. . Awarded a key for a picture in art . . . Ma- jored in math and art . . . Good luck in the coming years! MARY ROSS - "Bixby," active in soccer, basketball 9, volley- ball 9,10 . . . also active in FNA 9-12, FTA 9-12, FHA 9- 12 . . . Likes waterfighting, camping,' and snowmobiling . . . majored in home econom- ics, and childcare at BOCES . . . Future plans of marriage. Best of luck! JAMES R. SANDERS - "Sweet Baby James" . . . Active in wrestling 10-12 . .. Likes hunting, honda riding, and riding around in his car . . . majored in Auto Mechanics at BOCES . .. Future plans of -joining Uncle Sam's army. JAMES SCHLEIGH - "Jim" A gifted athlete . . . active in soccer and basketball at Bel- mont 9, 105 track and basket- ball for Cuba 11,12 ... excel- lent waterskier . . . Majored in math . . . Likes waterskiing, parties, basketball, and girls . . . Future plans of joining the Navy. SUSAN M. SCOTT - "Sue," one of our sports-minded sen- iors: soccer, basketball, and Volleyball intramurals 9- 12, softball 10-ll, and honor bas- ketball 12. A business and home economics major, Sue likes turtles and her bicycle.. Next year will see Sue playing hockey and records at college. TYE SEARL - "Tye" was one of our more active seniors: Basket- ball 9, football 9-12, basebair 9-12 . . . majored in science. Always a hard worker, lately Tye could be seen at Clark's Mobil. Other hobbies: hunting and senior parties. Tye's future plans are indefinite. JERRY SETCHEL - "Touch," an active participant in sports: Football, Track 9-12, Basket- ball 9-11 ... was also an active Yorker 8-12, along with being the senior class's only professional stage manager. Jerry can be found at James' cabin or running out of gas. His future plans include college, MICHAEL SHERWOOD - "Mike," one of our lesser seen friends, spent most of his time at BOCES, where he majored in auto mechanics. While not hunting, Mike could be found working on cars and motor- cycles. The future is indefinite for Mike. NANCY E. SMITH - "Nance," active in sports: Basketball, volleyball 9-12, tennis, track, softball 115 choir 10-125 FBLA Club 12: FTA 9-125 Gargoyle . . . loves the outdoors. A Business major, plans on attend- ing Jamestown Bus. College to become a secretary. DENNIS STAFFORD - "Den" participated in band 9-123 football 12, wrestling 10, 11 . . . outside of school and work found time for Water and snow skiing . .. likes parties, cars, and having fun. Dennis plans to attend college with a math, science major. ,sl LINDA SNYDER -' "Linda" en' gaged in Basketball, volleyball, softball, soccer intramurals 9-125 FTA 11,12 found time for cooking and dancing in spare time . . . major in Bus. , plans to attend a college in California to study account- ing. PAMELA G. STOCKING - "Pam," busy at BOCES with a major in cosmetology . . . took part in intramurals 10g FHA 10. Going out for a good time and playing records are some spe- cial interests . . . future plans undecided. SUSAN ANNETTE SWIER - "Sue," always ready for fun, was active in: Basketball, volleyball intra. 9-12 . . . Choir 9-12 ... FTA 9-12 ... Class Sec. 10-12 . . . Musical 11 Pep Club 11,12 Gargoyle . . . Honors: NHS . . Girls' State . . . Homecoming Queen . . . Mary H. Davis Award . . . Who's Who among HS Students . . . Major: Math, Science, Spanish . . . Future: College JOAN M. TOTTEN - "Ioan," a fun loving person, was active in: Basketball, volleyball intramural 9-12 . . . Choir 10- 12 Pop Music 11,12 FTA 9,10 Color Guard 11, ... Mus1cal11 Gar- goyle . . . dislikes bowling and boring people . . . Major: Math and Science . . . Destinaf tion . . . College -tiff' , '," ,l . ,j',yi.n,v1 43:51',mf:0:v" ,,,.ta.I'ZIj-'4,!f 1,2 115 nv-"Y ' mn' A ,- f ' lf QI V+ rf , ...J . . U as KENNETH STUBBS - "Stub," one of the quieter students of CCS . . . enjoys doing body work on cars . . . Kenny likes automobiles . . . dislikes read- ing books . . . plans for a future in the Air Force. anew r"Q-'Q 1? 4 MICHAEL VANDRUFF - "Mike," always looking for a good time, was active in: FFA 9-12 . . . Track 11 . . . Mike likes good food . .. enjoys hunting, working on cars, and especially motorcycling . . . Future: includes military ser- vice or a job. GLENDA VOGEL - Active in imxarnurals 9,10 . .. FHA 9, 10, 11, 12. Enjoys playing records, hunting, parties, and money. Major: Home Eco- nomics. Future plans to be practical nurse. KATHY WAKEFIELD - "Leslie," active in intramurals 9 . . . Enjoys dancing and Noel . . . Dislikes reading and school .. . Major: Home Eco- nomics . . . Future plans are working. IEROLYN WEBER - "Jerrie" spends most of spare time with boyfriend. Enjoys sketching scenes, dancing and driving. Dislikes homework. Awards received: Hallmark Honor Award and National Honor Society. Future plans to be art teacher. DAVID WILLIAMS - " Willie,' active in Football 9, l1,12g Baseball 9, Wrestling ll, 12 and Track 10, ll . . . His majors: Math, Science, Indrstrial Arts . . . Spends free time listening to music and the "Elves. " Dave plans on more wrestling in the future. DIANE YOUNG - Where there's a party, there's "Youngo." Active .in soccer, basketball and volleyball . . . 4 yrs. Honor basketball . . . 3 yrs. . . . FTA, Pep Club, Yorker Club ... 2 yrs. Choir ... 1 yr. Likes parties, dances, and just loafing around, Majored in business . . . plans to attend RBI and be Med. Sec. SHARON ZUVER - "Shary" participated in basketball 9 . . . and volleyball 10. Attended BOCES . . . Likes waterskiing, snowmobiling, pool, boys and drinking. Hopes to get a good job and get married some day. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Vice- President - Michele Miller Treasurer - Michele Pettit Secretary - Susan Swier President - Dan Enos LIFE IN THE CLASS OF 72 MARY HELEN DAVIS WILLIAM THURBER KELLY 1954-1959 1954-1972 N MEMORIAM- We, the class of 1972, fondly dedicate this yearbook to the memory of our beloved classmates Mary Helen Davis and William Thurber Kelly. Their warm friendliness and cheer will always be an inspiration to those who knew them. 'I'-l".c Q. . HTH DEW SS 1" l x- 0 ,Nigk Q .,x:7!fnf5.":'F," ". ' , .x N ,..':..-, V- S, .- ,..,x , .. K I , - . ' Q I' .. -. - '--.' - -n Q.: - . . --bug" .. -'fl-X55 . , N - HCUNDS IN ACTION! 1 VARSITY - ROW ONE: Jerry Setchel, Jack Bradley, Bill James, David Stimson. ROW TWO: Mike Pinney, Bill Kratts, David Peckham, Tom Beebe, Tye Searl, Tom Manko. ROW THREE: Calvin Mosher fManagerj, y Dennis Stafford, Dick Snyder, Dick Webb, Jim Hunter, Jack Burch, David Williams, Bill Clark. ROW FOUR: Rick Amundson, Gary Nease, Bill Amundson, Wayne Green, Bob Amundson, Lee Kamery, Coach Mosher. SENECA CONFERENCE CHAMPIO This season the Greyhounds finished with the unblemished record of 8-O, the best a Cuba team has posted in several decades. The season was highlighted with exciting and close wins over rivals, Franklinville and Hinsdale. Captain Lee Kamery, Tom Manko, Jack Bradley, Rick Amundson, and Bill Clark were named to the league all- 1 star team. 1971 FOOTBALL SCORES CUBA 27 Pine Valley O 36 Forestville O 14 Cattaraugus 8 12 Franklinville '7 35 Little Valley 8 14 Hinsdale 12 33 Ellicottville 8 35 West Valley 0 HEAD COACH, Ron Mosher ASSISTANT COACH, Gary Wight been ,.. . 'f , , ' :av ' ' Q gn Q . vga : 1 .ia , 3 ,f L, qv . if wx.. , Nr If 1' si W FI, '5' K 4 my fl gb A lx aa 'N ' v K' XX ' I , fa 5 R ,, , ,N J: Q , 7 , L , W r 1 ' f ??f'.S-" ' 1 ,Qg .V ,ff - .AY 4' 3' 5513 Kiwi Miz .sf RQ: vi ff" -BF' '-we -i 'llama nf '-V , , k . if PM . - t ,, , N1 fr. W5 -gg,-D ,, 'Nrf Q -N45 ,ff wx .QQ ,M NW1?f51.f .Wa if ROW ONE: Jim Ballerstein, Greg Frost, Bob Spateholts, Darrel Smith: ROW TWO Jlm Karn Randy Washburn, Steve Nease. ROW THREE: Eric Ingalls, Mark Mosher, Randy Searl Dave Setchel, Larry Bunk, Bob Kennedy, Tom Law. ROW FOUR: Loren Luzier, Mike Bresney, Tim Swift. COACH., vie oniz 1971 SEASON RECORD Won Lost Wellsville 44 0 Cattaraugus 0 0 Ellicotville 12 6 Franklinville 14 24 Hinsdale 28 5 JR. VARSITY FOOTBALL ROW ONE: Jim Hunter, Mike Pinney, Tim Vogel qManager5, Kirk Brown qCaptainJ, Don Barber fManager5. ROW TWO: Bill Clark, Dick Webb, Dan Enos, Gary Nease, Lee Kamery, Mark Conklin, Rick Amundson, Jim Schleigh, Coach Mosher. VARSITY B SKETB LL This year's team had an "on again and off again" year. The season was highlighted by over- time victories over Bolivar and Fillmore. Seniors wearing the "hound" uniform for the last time in- clude captain Kirk Brown, Jim Hunter, Dan Enos, Gary Nease, Lee Kamery, and Jim Schleigh. VARSITY SNAPS f ,A ' f t, U F ROW ONE: George Hadden, Tom Law, Steve Nease, David Setchel, Mark Mosher, John Stellrecht. ROW TWO: Coach Ortiz, B111 Amundson, Randy Searl, Tom Stolberg, Wendell Poore, Barry Searl, Mark Young Jim Sprague, Manager. ASKETB LL The J. V. 's showed them all where it's at! They are 15-0 now and headed toward a fantastic 18-0 season. IN POSITION, BOTTOM: Dave Williams. TOP: Tom Manko. ROW ONE: Jim Karn, Mike Wagner, Chris Hamilton, Wayne Butts, Larry Bunk, Mike Bresney, John Cappellini. ROW TWO: Bob Vance, Bill James, Tom Oakes, Steve Burt, Gary Green, Bob Amundson, Scott Murphy, Kerry Odell, Dave Stimson, Mark Schleigh, Dave Peckham, Bob Nagy, Coach Wight. ABSENT: Jamie Sanders. THE IGHTY MAT-ME OPPONE NT Oswayo Valley Fillmore Bolivar Alfred Almond Belmont Fillmore .Bolivar Alfred Almond Warsaw Belmont CUBA 63 29 51 40 31 24 48 37 0 30 The C. C. S. Wrestlers had an exceptionally good season this year, ending up second in the league. Their league record is 6 and 2, while their over all record is 'I and 3. This year the first two place winners of the county meet were eligible to advance to the Bi-County Tourney. Cuba had seven wrestlers eligible to go on, two in first place and five in second place. Terry Butts, 105 wt. class, and Tom Manko, 155 wt. class, won their divisions. Bob Amundson, heavy wt., Loren Luzier, unlimited, Kerry Odell, 145 wt. class, and David Williams, 132 wt. class, came in second. Jamie Sanders, 112 wt. class, took third but the second place wrestler will not go, so Jamie will take his place. We wish these wrestlers luck at the Tourney. ROW ONE: SITTING: Tom Beebe, Carl Burch, Wally Dillon, ROW TWO: KNEELING: Kim Hillman, Tye Searl, Mark Young, Mike Bunk. ROW THREE: Steve Taylor, Dave Peckham, Coach Harbeck, Bob Amundson Jim Hunter. ROW FOUR: Randy Washburn, Mgr. , Lee Kamery, David Wilson, Gary Nease. BASEB LL 19 1 Last season the "hounds" compiled a fair record of 6 - 4, finishing third in league com- petition. This marked only the second time in fourteen years that the team was not in the sectionals. The club had good hitting during the season with two players over .400 and five more over the . 300 mark. Only two players will be lost for this year's team. CUBA 18 9 7 15 1 28 2 18 3 3 OTHER Rushford 1 Andover 8 A. A. 8 Bolivar 8 Fillmore 2 Franklinville 2 Andover 11 A. A. 2 Bolivar 2 Fillmore 4 R95 fan 5 ROW ONE: Tom Torpey, Robert Kennedy, Ray Washburn, Kirk Brown. ROW TWO: Gilbert Green, Wayne Green, Tim Williams, Lewis Kratts, Jerry Setchel, David Setchel. ROW THREE: Rick Amundson, Jim Swift Theron Dunlap, John Mclntyre, David Williams, Coach Mosher. ROW FOUR: Jim Schleigh, Tom Manko, Jack Bradley. In nine meets this year the team finished second six times and third three times. The fellows worked hard in their events as evi- denced by their times. Six boys won or helped win their events in the cotmty meet. The Mile Relay, consisted of Rick Amundson, Robert Kennedy, Kirk Brown and Dave Williams. They finished second in the sec- tional meet, setting a school record with a time of 3:47. 5. Jerry Setchel finished second in the long jtunp in the county meet and Torn Manko finished second in the hundred yard dash. Tom also finished first in the 220. TRACK - In the sectional meet Tom finished second in the hundred with a time of 10.2 and fin- ished first in the 220 with a time of 22.4, which set a new school record breaking the old one set by Sam Guild in 1954. Tom missed go- ing to state meet by two steps in the 220. We hope for another successful season in 1972. 97 ,wr Q ,Mil at if THE VARSITY W , . AJ f J 1 V R255 ' -if V I if THE JUNIOR VARSITY PEP BAND ROW ONE: lim Karn, Brenda Stanbro, Diane Merrill, Linda Bowers, David Battistoni, Director. ROW TWO: Karla Ward, Donna Kam, Dierdre Schleigh, Laurie Burt, George Brlnkwart, Paul Brinkwart, Wayne Green. ROW THREE: Greg Voorhees, Rick Wood, Joe Hupp, Mark Hammer, Vicki Abbott, Tom Manko, Therese Mclntyre. ROW FOUR: Michael Miller, Scott Swift, John Mclntyre, Bill Ingraham, Steve Taylor, Randy Swift. ROW FIVE: Bill Pugh, Mike Poore, Randy Vance, Mike Robinson. PEP CLUB The Pep Club volunteered its large amount of spirit to this years athletic teams. It was given much credit in making our football season so successful Led by Suzanne Plants, its president, the organization carried its vibrant spirit into the basketball season. 3, JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL ROW ONE: Dennis Ingalls, Robin Edwards, Randy Vance, Doug Kennedy, Eddie Rambuski. ROW TWO: Rick Wood, John Nease, Tim Vogel, Jim Sprague, Dennis Pilger, Coach Stellrecht, Skip Voorhees, Doug Burt, Ernie Burch, David Resch, Calvin Mosher. BOYS' INTRAMURALS Boys' Intramurals met every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, involving those boys who did not participate in varsity basketball. INTRA- MURALS SOCCER TEAM BASKET- BALL HONOR TEAM Cto date undefeat dj INTRA- MURALS BASKET- BALL TEAM R.HKHi SNAP GYM SHOTS ACTIVITIES -ffs' '-.Ny- IM, -.X g , ,.............- ...... .. gi A ., ,Ss S'Q 'X ,, .,,,...W......I.. . ,..I. 5. S ,QQIQT ,NI . X, x E35 ff'-'L ------ '1""' 5: ' ! -WRX' - X .'--23:55 zz .12 J x 'I :Hin ' :' 0 ' I - X -I'- ."--1:1 ' '11 E. N I I g x . Q " s Iwi .,l6Z:ff2gI:.'-' 'I 5233.3-fn -'-i' X ' N ' Y"-fi XARXW' . 2 usi?2i.:1v-.1fi"HI-T'-lx ' ' xxx- -- -.. MI-wi WQRX NNQD - ', A .-.-A 'iaix-?1.XN'I' INN- X N, N xg X--.:wx'x-Y' ,AN 9 53 as an 2' 1p5a1q.9.'Q-,FEE - N e f xgx ' .. X: -QQ M4 I , - X" M'-.5 -., 9 4 '.--. -I-:I'."-- 496 252 . I "'f X ..-ffm '- X -'- -1-3 E l'I'Y 5' ' ' I .KRQX x ix Q.. 'IN -', x I 1 24: . ' XX PA A 'jkfk JN In '4' Max'-.XX X -cs, kg ly! . .IL . X ,I-rf' Lk ' X - qt' x PXQI ,"'qf I V V - N Nbbx t- I f' -4 S 4 if I I ,, uv ji , 4 I 'ffvff' I .4-! f1.I:'-'-If-Y"'7'2ZW I . 7 Sf' '7 ' ' I Vw, 'U 5 f - xx " QW-:gli X M 'fx ijt! I xiiagj, s ' fm f .r Q ffm gIIIXY:s.e3i-3r"- X ' Q: .'-4-f-9'Q5:,w:fa'5J'afw",1'fF jf 7 -QQ-Iif f,,ff.,45g2', I ff W I-5 X .- in- 5. . an ,Tv-1-' - I:M1'f1,:I!'f1IE. ' '-. 'hw ' . 'J 1 NI, X , 'lIIl1'j"'x 'E' , 552 "1-iii' Vt: "" "jf I-"L , V 'l 'fvf fefffijf pk - I .,,- ! XC-,xx '!"IJ'- ' Q, , . if! S Z Mg X Wa' gf t :f!ll Qflf,'f MN N A- Q x 5 5,55-iff ,ff - -T 3 5.311 Ao.-'. : fl , . W1 f ' XX 135, 5 ' M , KIM wg. 'Ig xx S ' ff xx ,sig'I.""'-'Milf' A-. ' Rv.. ' f 39-'A' f"r'f!f'f4fkfN 0 'XXX XXX X Gf2e1Ma'ft.'f4f'14 k'1'I M .,-2ly'5.Wfu'7--Asgly , Mg Il' X . K I I NX IS, I I t ' W1 inf ?XQfxQQEg.31f III GN . I I I-III-QQIIMXI ww, IA I1 I" I' ILM " 'II " Q 'ff Y XNN'b'4QE5QIX XXII KI! Wal' 1 f X I-H. ' IL YNNSQQXSQNSIIQ' Q I Q'3"'j X L,-If mf! - Qxkmikgxsfxtxkgmgf gm mu ' s Ii ,fish XS-x..N ,QI J ,I-fn. -'AI l ,r' - -1 ,-'XQEQX XXX 'Q' N WIN If' ' 'V ix: in Iijx Q I' - na A1 Illx 1iflgf1zf'I - IfII?ri5YQ2'9'II ' Ni1IIIIQ'3 E5 "" ff g k? J Q , I If 9 X Q - Q ,," -xi -g .xgw 1 -gx L-A Q- ,-' 4 gi ' X ' ' -' Q---' 'Fil " ix ff: -'S - - ,F--Q. X Q b..ifi':g -ff? - :..g :QJ53 J -fl- -I fr?2, 3, 'f f 4' , I- fi I:iQA:51'ffT4'?54+-L54 Q -If 'A -I ""' -f .-:---- -L.-. D 'J 4 ,:' 1----3 '69 "'ff:4-f-'- -4" - 6114+ -A ----I" "2 J: ,f--it-. 5:1331 F, -, Htl, -D --.4-YY U 4 Xu' ,r-"""'--... .... 1 Nf,,-..:-35112 31:-'..-g,T,,.. .. " -3 ' "H: """' A-' T' -Qi ..... .5.1 ..... :.g::f. "- S. ' , w V K qw 79 W X .Y -1 , if , .1 ,, A ' is il ROW ONE: Susan Swier, Vice-President: Thomas Booth, President: Wanda Ingalls, Secretary- Treasurer. ROW TWO: William Burt, Lisa Bresney, Jerrie Weber, Michele Miller. ROW THREE: Mark Hammer, Bob Amundson, Neal Conklin, Tom Manko, Lee Kamery, Dennis Stafford. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Members of the 1972 Chimerian Chapter of the emphasis of the candlelight program was the eternal National Honor Society decided upon several devia- light of knowledge. The fifth candle was lighted for tions from the traditional induction ceremony. The the glowing torch of knowledge. Mr. Herman Knowles served as advisor. E y I ' of' , 4.90 ' I . Q ,ana , MM ham. STUDE T COUNCIL STANDING: Tom Manko, Laurie Burt, Tom Booth, Janine Kresko, Paul Conklin, Vice- President. KNEELING: Bill Arnundson, Bill James, President: Steve Burt, Bill Burt. SITTING: Gary Shaffer, Yvonne Mahon, Amy Williams, Secretary- Treasurer. This year the Student Council has been busy with many activities. They continued the juke box, spon- sored Homecoming 1971, sold programs at football games, sponsored the National Honor Society, attended a convention at Alfred University, presented the Christmas program, and gave the announcements. One of their new ideas was a meeting of Student Coun- cil members and students to discuss problems and com- plaints. With Mr. Perry as advisor, the Student Coun- cil has contributed to various school clubs and activi- ties. Homecoming Parade, Senior float wins second prize. ..-f-""',' ' . -iii' iiijiii' n C, C, S, Football Team, Cuba's victory tastes good. t 1 Homecoming game against Cattaurugus. The Queen and Her Court: Beth Kresko - Junior Attendantg Athena Iamesson - Sophomore i Attendant: Sue Swier - Queeng ' ' i ' ,,,...,.M-w-wN""' " fm .V-we Sophomore float wins first prize. Junior Float. 1 1 Cuba Central School held its fifth annual Homecoming on October 2, 1971. The event started with a parade displaying the floats of the various classes. The football game against Cattauragus, being a Victory for Cuba, was just the start of an undefeat- ed football season. Half-time brought the activities of the crowning of the queen, n FFeShI11aT1 float- Sue Swier. Tom Manko was named Most Valuable Player at the conclusion of the 1 I E game' Q51 N q 5 1 faq: 1 The week-end came to an end with a ' E. A f jp dance featuring the "Elves." All in all the W5 F fjs l 1 occasion-was a success. li g f .Ui ,I ' .I 72 Q 3 tg.. S '-, . A Q W' 'N ' K Eighth grade float. Margaret Taylor - 1970 Queeng Seventh grade float. Patty Sprague - Freshman Attendantg Holly Francis - Senior Attendant. Row ONE: Sue scent, Wanda Ingalls, Paul Conklin, Editor. ROW TWO: Michele Pettit, Sue Swier, Alice Fodor, Jim Hunter, Cindy Bunk. ROW THREE: Diane Young, Gary Nease, Tom Manko, Kris Mosher, Lisa Bresney, Bill Burt, Marcia Congdon. ROW FOUR: Nancy Smith, Frostine Klice, Debbie Kresko, Business Man- ager, Angela Berry, Joan Totten. ABSENT: Rick McLay. G . ., MR. WILLIAMS - Advisor RGOYLE STAFF E 1 l This year a few changes were made in the development of the r 1972 Gargoyle. The number of people on the staff was increased be- T cause anyone who applied was accepted to see if working individually on pages was more logical than individually working on sections. Actual work on the book was delayed in relation to previous years as the staff looked for a new publisher, finally selecting the Taylor Pub- lishing Company over many others. The new Gargoyle has an addition- al ten pages to try to capture more of the informality around C. C. S. , and it includes the full names of students and teachers. We hope that you will enjoy our book as much as we enjoyed, despite the tremendous work, putting it together. 9 JN 1 1 S Q J UNIOR l PRO g s -Q gi ,s On June 4, 1971, the Junior Class of Cuba Central School pre- sented, "Scarborough Fair." Al Cecchi was featured during the evening, bringing pleasant music to the ears of those present. As the evening progressed, the queen was chosen and her court presented. The president of the class, Jim Hunter, crowned the queen, Holly Francis. Pictured here with her, from left to right, are Jean Pinney, Freshman attendant: Linda Vance, Senior attendantg Cindy Bunk, Junior attendantg Sara Hamilton, Sophomore attendant. The crown and flowers were carried by Matthew Young and Gloria Mosher. l 85 FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA OFFICERS: President - Bill Kratts, Vice-President - Sandy Burt, Secretary - Julie Case, Treasurer - Kerry O'del1, Reporter - Bob Vance, Sentinel - Walter Payne. Mr. Melvin Dye serves as advisor. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA OFFICERS: President - Michele Miller, Vice-President - Katy Sprague, Secretary - Nancy Collins, Treasurer - Wanda Ingalls. Advisor - Mr. Jeff Pallas and Mrs. Elizabeth Francis. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA ROW ONE: Regina Caster, Marilyn Mitchell, Cindy Clayson, Wanda Bump, Clara Green. ROW TWO: Betty Kellogg, Frostine Klice, Veronica Santangelo, Martha Miller. Miss Linda Lounsberry is the advisor. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OFFICERS: President - Bobbi Luzier, Vice-President - Gail Thompson, Treasurer - Diane Young, Secretary - Gail Thompson, Reporter - Annette Stimson. This is a new club in 1972. They have begun publi- cation of a school newspaper. Advisors are Mr. Ronald Rowley and Mrs. Jeanne Williams. ROW ONE: LEFT TO RIGHT: Robin Deck, Michele Van Zwanenb erg , Greg Cole, Tom Torpey. ROW TWO: LEFT TO RIGHT: Karen Manko, Caty Sprague, Carrie Christman, Margaret Nagle, Neal Conklin, Tom Manko, Bob Ken- nedy, Bob Spateholts. ROW THREE: LEFT TO RIGHT: Sue Hall, Pat Sprague, Bob Gleason, Barb Christman, Gail Schintzius, Mark Ham- mer, Vicky Abbott, Nora VanGilder, Nancy Col- lins, Kathy O'del1, Valerie Congdon. Ad- visor Mr. Paul Carls. FRENCH CLUB ROW ONE: LEFT TO RIGHT: Kay James, Mar- garet Lajeunese. ROW TWO: LEFT TO RIGHT: Lisa Bresney, Debbie Kresko, Cathy Nagy, Sue Scott, Mary Carpenter. ROW THREE: LEFT TO RIGHT: Brenda Stanbro, Mary Swarthout, Doris Vogel, April Hadden, Michele Van Zwanenberg, Barb Ingalls, Sara Withey. ROW FOUR: LEFT TO RIGHT: Jo Vossler, Susan Jones, Brenda Vogel Shirley Weatherly, Nancy Joy, Mrs. Harding, Lorrie Nielson. ROW FIVE: LEFT TO RIGHT: Frostine Klice, Veronica San- tangelo, Maureen Rung, lim Hunter, Rick Amund- son. MEDICAL CAREERS CLUB SENKHKYORKERCIUB The Senior and Junior Yorker Clubs, under the direction of Mrs. Elizabeth Francis, are very active at researching local history, selling candy, producing plays, and working for the community. Also, every year they prepare an exhibit ,to be taken to their annual convention, which is to be held at Lake Placid this year. HDUOR psf fy YORKERS yQiWmy1MpQQ "F REE X SOULE" SEATED: LaVOr11'1e Mack, Yvonne Mahon, Gail Schintzius Jo Vossler, Dave Chamberlain. STANDING: Patrice Higby, Vicki Abbott, Michele Miller, Allison Harbeck, Paul Conklin, Jack Bradley, Alice Fodor, Carl Burch, Joan Totten. MISSING: Jim Hunter, Cathy Nagy, Jodi Dennis, Laurie Burt, Bob Amundson. Directed by Miss Lisa Chapman. SE IOR CHOIR 4 n 1 r 5 4 UB TRAL SCH cusA. N. Y L GUN BEARERS: Terri Bunk, Joan Totten. BANNER CARRIERS: Rene Fanton, Clara Green. FLAG BEARERS Diane Young, Cathy Nagy. SERGEANT-AT-ARMS: Lisa Bresney. COLOR GUARD AND MAJORETTES i A C ' 6 A. JUNIOR MAJORETTE: Sharon Law. MAIORETTES: Becky Cooper, Nancy Joy, Melissa Berry, Patty Kunz. C.C.S. DRAMATICS Hoping to increase interest in C.C. S. dramatics, a group of new faculty members de- cided to produce three one-act plays instead of the traditional performance. Under the supervision of Mrs. McGarvey and Miss Moyer, three unique skits were chosen. The first "If Boys Wore Skirts," is a comedy. The lead roles are played by Michele Pettit and Jack Bradley. Other members: Dan Enos, Jim Hunter, Lee Kamery, Randy Poore, Cathy Nagy, Marcia Congdon, Rick McLay, Kirk Brown, Suzanne Plants. I I The last in the series, Cobbler, Stick to Thy Last," 1S another comedy. The play takes place in a frontier village in Nova Scotia and deals with the hilarious antics of husband and wife. Diane Berry and Bob Amundson portray the. lead roles. Members of the cast include, SITTING: Diane Berry, Bob Amundson, Torn Manko. STANDING: Angela Berry, Kris Mosher. The second play of the series is a drama entitled, "The Lottery." It is the story of an old, rural village and their mysterious tradition. Alice Fodor plays the lead role Other members of the cast in- clude: ROW ONE: Tom Booth, Patrice Higby, Wanda Ingalls, Kim Hillman, Lisa Bresney, Kirk Brown, Susan Taylor. ROW TWO: Paul Conklin, Alice Fodor, Jim Hunter, Cindy Btmk, Diane Young, Kathy Shaller, Toni Lester. 3 E d A 45' 4 A K 951: ' 12-:.,, I ,. x 1-'alia' . x if -we it ' ' It's chowtime . . . Our Editor! How to fill a gym . . . The Electric Elves. A' Z' 59 The undefeated Jackets LEFT: Eight Regents Scholar- ship Winners. BELOW: Duh . .. huh? It's either the ball or your leg, buddy! ! ! First mY Skateboard and HOW this! I London Bridge is falling down . . . 25 to the left, 58 to the right . . . I'11 wait! 1 - - - He didH'r! I used to be able to do this! 1 Try if. YOU'11 like it! I Globetrotters?!? A future Gary Nease? Air raid drill? Who said you could come in here? Rose Bowl Parade. Thirsty, boys'?'?? Wait until after the game! If it gets any warmer in here, I think we're in big trouble . . . CIS- w f .QEV argl, K Q, ga WI- K , H. 2 1 r fm i X V f AVA A AL LILLXYQ' 'J Q 335 - Q 5 5 1 6 ,5 we s j -N ir x ff-'ff v " si"w5W-Q ??? We've seen it before, Greg We're Number One! I Which one are you going to ask? ?? .4 Leonard Bernstein Next Year - the right size - say Band Boosters. THE END Higsfaiiggiifgwsa Eiga? Qi 1, , 6 'QE gg ia, G61 3152413 LSHEQSEQQ 53 A WE M A ?4,pf'UN5jf Q X. ww iipwfwmjfyfvf f My ' K'Gi62'fLAf9 Y- 'A mf ' 'df -2 L . 'KC HVZLU . X df bang? tc Jw JCC' 5 da m 1j5 QQ? aw QQ- WM L. lvl. iw , lffflizif- X ' lm fa 'A Q' . G1 S' JJ emu E 'Q Cb W A fl ww X' XM xii?-wifi? I ,G Qfgiid w 1 VX' 'f A XQ1 K N ' X ff. R E S Q 0' VM 22XWQ7.x,f gy Ngxygf Q6 J QNX KY x , f, fi Ip 5 K Sf 2594? , gm 9:3171 fag SSG? ggi E32 GW ob M1355 mv fyyg j W -+4 5i!ffMZiQWY WE.. Q-fy NA W 4 ffl'1MLgxXXV-L ' f -6 J' !fymf.+UM'1Q QUWJ, IJTVMFI' och mx vm Q ,Z fs QW xx Wi my Y , Sf L Qc K' I Sibgji jpiplx X Rf ffwwiw '- 'Sf F, M 5 , SX vc Q 5 W Q W M Qwiifmfyflfw, AMS? J f M W QS' QW ,Qg,Q RWM w W vw W ww fag nQ23Ax fig - f A A9 y Q Wm ,QNXWN mx XX QQ W f'QCf?Nf2fQifW3f VAS dai 666 QPQSQVQ Ng 'Q i5C5i5vJmQLQCX f9m QQW6 5,490 'Www Qkfggwfipfwm W9 GQ WY. any ,f 4 My djfjy mm, fW ibiiyiiwiw W? f L52 ji? xx, 2 214 5 x WW WWE WWW N 5uQfVyygX 535333 QSQW 59 MW NX SF? N lm X. 5 K N ixiiiiw is 53 Sw Q ff wwf - O3 Q fisfii QQ 2 'Simi viii WW ' 541 Qi Q 9130 j ww- " Us 1 ww AVUJJUJ 5"YwL04qdQA .V Qi CSX?-' X WWJfQ'ff1?5f023fW2, 3 is WW JKQZWQA- 9, if if ff :Anim ,ij A ' it glfwim ,ff 'fiiyq 1e4-wi. A 4 a v 9 vWQ " " """""'L'J77 T """FT' ' ,va- A-U, ' .f ., 'fm' , A v Eli 'A' 1, ,V . gi'-',??F., ' - 'J Q 1 nag r - ifw ms . k- M . ,- 'f .1 .Q "F .. N ff, ,-F 'W' --.R-4315, x- 4 -Y .. W, . .. 30 N, 1 xg I g wx v X' N5 t , U' ,Tv 45 ,N-,,!,m: , . x ,Vs , ,ig TX: ,fa x if 'V 1- .. s ' 1 .. ' 1.1 W if . QP' 'M 1? ,f , Lf I ' '. Eff' I' Nay' , '13-1 1? V V... I

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