Creston High School - Saga Yearbook (Grand Rapids, MI)

 - Class of 1929

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Creston High School - Saga Yearbook (Grand Rapids, MI) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 39 of 122
Page 39 of 122

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Page 39 text:

Q.SXuuD,,,!014 -5.5 rn lufnizfo frown Hlqlgfy -fsrii A api, gasxxi-.,..,f.,'2 . c E F E 5 5 C S Q principal of a deaf and dumb school with Walt Goebel as her secretary. Amelia Pratt and Evelyn Van Bree have just signed a tenfyear contract with the City Fish Market to retint all returned gold fish." "Ethel Faasenf' the announcer stops and draws a long breath and then proceeds, "has become the famous Countess of Belgium and dresses in silks and satins. Peter Wieland is a sailor, sailing fearlessly the dark blue seas. Marion Works tames tigers and lions with the sweet strains of her cello. Ruth Vis has, at last, invented a good imitation wheat biscuit. Earl Wood' worth's brightly beaming face is seen o'er all the lands, advertising the many merits of 'Dot' Fleming's complexion cream made from common soap and water. Mary Louise Kelley is a governess in an old Virginia family, teaching Latin, Greek and Spanish, but she is still happy. Dolores Dykhuis manages the matrimonial bureau in the lonely state of Iowa and is kept too busy for her own good. Marion Vander Noot, as a fortune teller, reads many a palm a day. Edna Van Oeveren is a nurse on the Mexican battle fields." "Lawrence Van Zee, as a successful Chinese optician, makes the blind see. Victor Leven' burg, the bloodthirsty captain of a pirate ship, is in possession of heaps of gold. Marie Schouwenaar has a clothes shop and gives advice on 'how to dressf Neva Thompson is very busy knitting stockings and socks for the Soldiers' Home. Gretchen Tusch travels with a Vaudeville company in Oregon. Doris Lowell runs a florist shop in the Sahara Desert. Anna Spaulding is the swimming instructor at the Y. W. C. A. She tries to teach diving and swimming. Florence Pear-sall is a telegraph operator on the Atlantic coast and Anna Pollie on the Pacihc. Jack Westrate has become an auctioneer and is blessed with more 'gift of gab' than any other auctioneer in Ada. Wilford Wolfan has risen to great heights by his pill which makes people grow thin in four hours. Henrietta Cost is now a very brave soldier because she never flees from powder." "Roger Moerman, records reveal, is a traveler, going to all the best schools and lecturing, his theme being 'The Wisdom of Fools.' Iames Vonk is a veterinary surgeon and although all his patients die, their pain is ceased. Lloyd West is no longer a traffic cop because he turned the sign 'go' when it should have been 'stop.' Donald Wright, a famous lawyer, writes many a will. Madge Hunsberger is the hat buyer for Wurzburg's and gets the hats in France a half year in advance. Lester Sherpinesse, always on time, invented a 'nickel' alarm clock. Guilbert Van Poperin, an 'espanal shark,' is now a detective and works after dark. Edward Downes is a barber. He hangs up his razor at nine each night and then brings in the sign. Lewis Winks is a very prosperous salesman, selling snowfflakes that don't melt. Hyman Berko' witz. is managing a group of chain clothing Stores. Marguerite Best and Victoria Cornelissens are owners of the largest beauty parlor in New York. Lucille Burgess has just completed a long run on Broadway and is now on .her way to Europe. Al Brown is doing interior decorating. Anna Cross is a well known author of fiction especially of romantic novels. John Dykeman is driving a taxi-cab in Chicago but drives only those in the highest class. Basil Edge is using his business ability as an attendant at an oil station in Sparta. Mark Cay is a barber in Detroit and is getting along so well that his hair is almost a beard. "Ed" Goudzwaard is playing with the New York Giants. Robert Knox is a motorman on a street car in St. Paul, Minn. Mable Lawton is with the Kieth Circuit and is well known to the theatergoers. Angeline Oudesluys is cultivating her voice by teaching kindergarten singing. Marshall Pettie is the owner of a large furniture factory. Marie Pulte is a prominent society leader in New York. Chet Beek' man has hidden himself away as a meat packer and he is always warned to be careful and not pack himself by mistake. James Kos, always athletically inclined, is chasing chickens and geese around his large farm." Father Time's records reveal no more untruths so we shall finish our part of the program by giving our best wishes to the members of this distinguished class for the remainder of their happy lives. :di 5141 ,lag I 1T7'ilI I :iii -CT-V1 - 4flWL'L A': .Milli hgfifibi -gf ,312 LA... A.. 1.65.0 .sf .AE L..A..f f fl.. E371

Page 38 text:

Qxtuiiilqflf' ' 4nu- 1,714 Q. grill 10141, x sffxxwililffgxgig 'Xidxiw ffwrggf N c , . c . N ,Id g 5 -V , 5 E. 7 is 5 Z. 3 1 Class Prophecy THIS is Station " F A T E" broadcasting Father Time's record of the Class of June, 1929, Creston High. The following reports are correct up to June, 1968. "Joe Appelt is a famous maker of sponges which sell very rapidly. Thelma Barclay and Eileen Malone are jailed for talking too much about their virtues. Harvard Van Belois has become a Latin teacher because he never could translate it." L'While Grayce Callaghan is writing her book on the 'Life of an Old Maid,' Polly Scott is singing grand opera against Jeanette Koert in Henry Warmolt's Opera House. Oscar Boylan and Frank Clark are agents for Wrigley's gum and they surely are good demonstrators. Robert Daverman is a very prosperous undertaker making his home in South America near the cannif bals. Lois Van Overen is the Radio Broadcaster of Gossip and New Fashions." "Further records prove that Wilma Prose and Edna Brandt are the very eflicient supervisors of a Bachelors' Home in which James Scott and Versol Lamphear are inmates. Eleanor Selzer has become the famous dietician at the hospital for Melvin Larsen's Engineering Company. Raymond Goulooze is dispensing sodas in a confectionary store in Lowell, Mich., and rc orts that business is very flourishing. Eleanor Guenther is a farmerette on a little farm ofpher own up in Northern Michigan. Fate has decreed that she become a spinster. Chester De Nuyl has a barber shop on Main Street in Parnell, Mlich. It was rumored that he has over one thousand customers on Saturday night. ln the basement of De Nuyl's store, Loren Hooger- hyde has set up a Turkish bath. His advertisement states that he makes a worried business man of forty look like a carefree kid of twelve. Clara Peel is bare back rider for Barnum E3 Bailey's Circus." , "Alice Buursma is proprietress of a restaurant in Grand Rapids and has a thriving business. She waits table, cooks, washes dishes, does the work of cashier, and manages the whole thing herself. In 1930 Dorothy Calrow accepted the position of teacher in a rural school in Alaska and since that time nothing has been heard of her. May Clarke and Katherine Kellogg have established a spinsters' rendezvous, and as a side line, they raise fancy cats. Who ever dreamed that those angels would be old maids with pet cats? Have you heard what a wonderful violinist Alice Ellens has become? She was heard playing in New York but it must be confessed that her music is liked better the farther away it is. About a month ago grand opera came here and Elizabeth Hodde did ballet dancing. She did such wonderful steps, and once so endangered her life that a lady in the audience fainted. Of course, Dr. Hoye, the well known physician, was called and she was put under the care of Dorothy Longcore, a trained nurse." "Harold De Windt, our well known debater and orator, is head waiter at the Pantlind Hotel and his tips will soon make his fortune. Nellie Werkema is a famous hair dresser. She puts up hair and only charges a dime. Edward Baas is a distinguished orator and his only topic is 'How to Make Dollars Out of Doughnuts' Elias Rosendall is single and always shall be, and, as professor in Yale College is known as the 'walking dictionaryf Donald Brandt is the only human fly alive and he has climbed every building in town." "Beatrice Wenger, disappointed in love, is traveling all ov-er the world, crying 'Any Kind of a Beau Will Do.' Doris Symes is teaching hockey to Bedouin bands because it's good exercise to play it on the sand. Lou Rodebach took advantage of leap year and is now suc- cessfully and happily married. Wayne Rice plays on his trumpet now in Bob Kirchner's Or' chestra and makes it worse yet. Marion Bacon is a great attraction at Ramona because she is doing nothing more than dancing on a crutch. Carole Canfield is teaching turtles how to dive while George Anderson is explaining his new way of squeezing lemons. Virgil Benson has spent all these years on growing a mustache and as a result is as poor as a church mouse. Louise Broene went to Peru, but she raised such a rumpus in the hearts of the people while there that she also raised a revolution." "Earl Douse licks envelopes sedately in Phil Walslfs pickle oflice. Katherine Landman is not the artist we expected she'd be but a pill coater down at Peck's. Johnny Feringa is chief lamplighter in Northville where he performs his chosen duties every evening. Helen Putt, Frances Korstange, and Clarice Lybaart are working in a rubber plantation in India. Bessie Taylor is in charge of a chemical laboratory where she is searching for a stickier type of chewing gum. Harold Van Stee is the proud steerer of the rear wheels of a big hundred foot hook and ladder fire engine. Bertrade Smith, Ona Slocum, and Myrtle Ross are very busy compiling a dictionary of modern slang. Lillian Vander Veen is barbering the bank roll of the big butter and egg man, Fred Miller." "Maxine Cook has discovered an island in the Atlantic Ocean where she can write master' pieces of literature undisturbed by the swarm of masculine admirers that pursue her. Louella Burgess and Doris Jackson are managers of the dog pound in Chicago. Dorothy Harroun is A gif ff' H i 1.5Qt sAs'f.-::: -1. . fa. I f34l

Page 40 text:

X I , - V X ' g . 4,, A, ., ,V ,. , K Qsxtu 110,014 Q4X,iu1f.f-gg Q?SNxl1l1,,L0 ,Swan ,W XX5,4Niu,1,,T?, . L , 5 X 4 L Class Will We, the Seniors of '29, being of a sound and sane condition of mind and body, do bequeath our possessions as follows: I, Thelma Barclay, do bequeath to Mary Hands my initials, providing she doesn't get the disease implied thereby. I, Chet De Nuyl, do bequeath to Neil Ludwick my athletic ability, I, Angeline Oudesluys, do bequeath to whomsoever is capable of holding such a high position my reputation as class chatterbox. I, Don Brandt, do bequeath to Irving Smith my popularity with the girls. I, Bessie Taylor, do bequeath to Agnes Ghysels my seat at the piano, providing she watches the music and not anyone else. I, Marion Vander Noot, do bequeath my boisterous nature to Agnes Buchan. I, Ed Baas, do bequeath to William Heyns my dramatic ability, may h-e be a successful scene shifter. I, Bill Isabell, do bequeath to Warren Oatley my avoirdupois. I, Florence Pearsall, do bequeath my interest in the Girl Reserves to Pearl MacDermond. I, Al Rosendall, do bequeath to Frank DeYoung my presidential ability. I, Loren Hoogerhyde, do bequeath to Fred Norman my ability as a mile runner. I, Evelyn Van Bree, do bequeath to Bda Herwig my ability to do and say the right thing at the right time. I, Ruth Vis, do bequeath to Mary Daniels my calm outlook on life, I, Melvin Larson, do bequeath to Bill Wagenaar my ability to get along with Mr. Wood, on condition that he does not beat him at chess too often. I, Clarice Lybart, do bequeath to Helen Van Vuren my ability to upset nice full ink bottles. I, George Anderson, do bequeath to Lester Kurz my Buick car if he will keep it washed and polished for a change. I, Dorothy Fleming, do bequeath to June Roest my loud voice. I, Eileen Malone, do bequeath to Margaret Wendler my cheerful and bright personality on consideration that she will take good care of it. I, Dorothy Calrow, do bequeath to Bob Slack my position as blackboard decorator. I, Bee Wenger, do bequeath to Dorothy Van Aken, my ability to have and to hold the Seniors' Class President. I, Lillian Vander Veen, do bequeath to Helen Calkins, the privilege of using the first aid room when she has a run in her hose. I, James Kos, do bequeath to Roger Bresnaham my lengthy basketball reach. I, Henrietta Oost, do bequeath to Genevieve Wilkowski my journalistic ability. I, Carole Canfield, do bequeath to Florence Hartwell my high position in life. I, Paul Hoye, do bequeath to Rae De Bree my ability to get along with the Faculty. I, Doris Symes, do bequeath to Elizabeth Symes my desk in the Senior session room. I, Marie Schouwenaar, do bequeath to Marion Vander Meulen my position as tallest girl. I Maxine Cook, do bequeath to Mary Ann Welch my ability as a dancer. I, John Dykman, do bequeath to John Van't Hof my position as caretaker of the Ferns. b H I Versal Lamphear, do bequeath to Lawrence Eno my ability to captain a successful foot- a team. I, Walt Goebel, do bequeath to Frank Ver Berg some of my height. I, Grayce Callaghan, do bequeath to Hazel or Helen Taylor my man'hating ideas. I, G, Van Poperin, do bequeath to V. Fox my ability to get on a committee and then fall down on the job. Lastly, we, the Seniors of '29, do bequeath to the Juniors our teacher, Mr. Buss, our two ferns, and our new session room. s s Signed, THE SENIORS OF '29. Witnesses: Mr. Buss, A Sophomore, The Two Ferns. A. E 1 fgtii gn .,,.. - :gg f ,.f'H .cf'g: n j' .jj :', - 215 egg' fi '43 i36l

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