Creston High School - Crest Yearbook (Creston, IA)

 - Class of 1917

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Creston High School - Crest Yearbook (Creston, IA) online yearbook collection, 1917 Edition, Page 119 of 164
Page 119 of 164

Creston High School - Crest Yearbook (Creston, IA) online yearbook collection, 1917 Edition, Page 118
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Creston High School - Crest Yearbook (Creston, IA) online yearbook collection, 1917 Edition, Page 120
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Page 119 text:

'W U LN S Il ff ' mc LI mm cc I 1 1 u x 1 n N111 L 1 1 fm c 1 :N I' 1 n xc 11 ll f 1 mn uc ml rn 1 6 UT' mm . J gow' I . mu n 1 x L xc: 1 Q xl L I 1 N 1 Il unc xx 1.1 mc . uc Cxc N um nu cm N 1 n u mt u ul 1 . ' 'cn 4 X . 11 0 ez U c mm luk NH x xc fc c ua 1011 N n 11 w XX Ol XX U1 nm xo emnv ll ilixlec lmea ea llx punftuxcc 1 111 mln ut me N X mu . x non Ill 1 xg m x a 1 1 1 mn c . 0 x I uw 4 X IUII 01 anollul joke 101 the Annuil D11 'Al IKJNY-.RY UI" l.fN'lLI"5'I' 'l'ffRfX:,' If CQ H. 5. I mm., I1 "VI lu' KUIICI l'i4Ill.H fy , ".D" . f Illlll, 1' H Xml rv! ,milling sfmrl lx 'Il lgcf' Nall "QU I, Hllllt' mln- sluclvnls lmuxk up fcl1oul." ' .X --.X Nun XHII Ibm- not 1-xgvufccl your igrrr1':I1c':'." H H.-X fign you mc grm ing xxx-:kc1." QA HCL- .lfll krzmvlvrlgxg mpiclly king." lwnlllly Nll'l'tillL1 'ulbllf' plus llxe iywully c" jake wltlmnul ll getting in ilu- l mst." lilufling M,-X11 .nt rl-'xx-I1 pc-rl tlzmuylx yvxmx wi 1'5.lH0lil'IlCK', ffNv.x1wI p 1'l1-flifuu 111 51' hm' 5'v'1x's."j l'lll Lew "UI - not Hoocl :xt Ill fIl!lg.u Nlmlc xl "f 71 - wlm cuts Illllfll. sh-ups nz 'l1. :md l'UIIllJ1iliIl5 oi lirmxw llwxxvcl MXYI' lx.1p1mcr1s to f m' 151' Sl .vu I llwtrcl ul11cwlxm':4l lwkfi 1 l,l1.H 'XIIJIIIVI 'fxlly llilxg clvxcl ff1l:swl0l4'.UI N- 'L 'Ill. "UI Iv' 41 l"'un." XI ujxll flrpltz Q' 'Nfl' H Ii ' tlccl "5l1gl ll-' 'xcilvdz 1 Hlcdf. Rm :ls MVN 'n tl ' ..'NHIllI'll Hua '1' Q 'elf in." Pass. 1' 'fx s 'I 'iff' tu s mv. .x-' I :X stat' oi' rapt ali utiov. lil ax stall ul Iwrigl D lvl! l'lc:x11fm'l'vflvclfh lflunk. 1' AXX11 lvl nmil efclecl lo mu-'s cmlm. Fyn Iil'SO:llllUIIS Plillllpllj' img lien." 'l'0.x'lw1'. H ljvrsmms wlm souictinzcx lfzvk il 'lfk' ld A. .md num- di,nifi: 1 Ile s d'nIs. .-Xu-' rum' mxnfng .x gre lv I, wk." Chu 1 'I' . I1 "lI1c l'l'Qllill'd ofniefl of four or more ycurs lT!'.lf'i'I'S. .i,' Rvlmsz- 1 vu. ' lx to IUUIT' ' 5114 4. I1 Hljcrx ns ln 2 A' , .1 ' 1 ds. V' ' I." I ll'flHHl'll. 1: L.IlIll'Illi0I1LllllQ'. Syn IJCLKIIHUI' grvvrm la v 4. w tlten' I Jmclgu ftucl' S. wif. H.-X p11 71- al 1 s-"1 V' :I tc." If IQIIQ l.iI1C, ri "IDi1w 1if s len ling to the wixstw-p'xpe1' husk .4 5l1I'1'.r1 QT 1 ' A ' .' .

Page 118 text:

I s fl J l I IA ROL X num! Um 1 Ullllll Sl! I ll U L tl ll xx men lt ueaomu nu ten ll 1 6 III L llllld lhlkk Ill O U 7 1 IN 6 X lllll l to JE OC UIC 1 U ound Ioux an Q llll Ill III lIll'i 'X K ULRLCC Ill ll CL Jtlsx L UUIICI IN C II It ill 7 OUYI Ll Clll T I C48 ll Xebex mx 0 xx Q IUI vu 111 c llc 1 U Ei! Cl C1 C U XXX XX Ili ICfUPIl ll CITUHHLN 30 K0 Und Ile lxlble c 0 sc 1 Il oo Y no mc ll L n mtcllut 1 4 fm llc pucl X Ol 0 I UH ITUQI 0 ll COIN l Lllt I HK C110COl!lCl7lldClll"U' do not ITIIX Xen well N IIC O C 11101 l I C C OX Il C IOUI c mxdmglmt x nm com ortnlc mou e cn 1 oxxm ned xx 1 41611111 xo Ju ua 612 eep3 aQ no ee Mai not to We 1 oltlcn IQ ne IIXKII xcn he uae a ook of great angulsh Hn fexexed mon uae xet x lth col QX H0 Inc ju t awmlxened from 1 Forrlblc n1vHrv11c But Lould xou blime lm 1 before exame O er cyes are lxlxe the Star that slum er cheeks ale like tl e Qparklmg mme Hcr lp irc' llxe we bluilmmv ICSC' er fee me Qmdll lllxe gun boxtx Iqhe Freshmen Qtudymg algebra Say nothlng can be uorse The Sophomore 'bought lt eu y But qeorretw a culse Iqhc unlor llkecl veomvtrx It xx as just a trlfle easy But the great lmportant Semor SGW Fwrstlmng xx we Pl y NUI" .l-'Xl.IXl-11' LLRIC.-X'lQ PRI' IAQIQHVI VQYIVIQH .N l'I X IN X l,I Ulf HOVI' f . ' ' 'l 'DS li ' Nm-I llmlws Rl xi 'ions shlla Q11 llu' pm willl lll Ill lillrxv. li 'lgx' lykxlxillg up l 's 1 rlx also Num'lc'l14xsL'slllupax lllillllll llu ll' In :un t'i'Il -I1 -s, 'l ' I ' vxla s Incl Hd s Incl llil bowl mi lux lm RL V Q In utlcnipll g l di, llmc pea mul, Ncvl ' dial lg rvtirrs to his 'm ' c' f I d l ' cl bv his S1'COId, llilflilll lj R T ' VIQIIP pea beumfs bold and Xvllllllcs out, and 1 IIINIILCIIIUIX lay the now smage . Cl ' in 'Qticl F,.'Iin'. Hs s ls in A H I 1 :idk R I7 'IQIIQ' pm rnaclly alto -pts to lyitv Xorfs hllglkl lmut 1 lndlx lx 'url ln tlxc 1 l' 'I I. V1 111' gl fright mid pain, exit" elu lb g three morn- I the pen finally commits suicids by leaping from tltv lxeigllts of tlmn txlwlm lo llu lmucl Hun I: ln '. A1417 YV ' las the Iionor of making the lwiglmtcsl "play" oi llmc xx n It xx x III the Bvdi' rd lxotel. xvlwxl' wc 'er' 1 'etly vzlting Supl " misfec that 5 bet 1 1 -.ll Cl are 'h'I f' 1 tly 1 'Q .Ie ' am. 1 2. , fpiqd A lish f .umetlxintg fre I king, and I lice ' ' " tclc him llmt nolicdy clse cared for any. and ll' inmlullxlllx llillllltl ll IQ 5 .S flitin f 'p tgtocsl, but fo Cl, , 'I l Ins dis' It vas in Ill? still Ss f Ili ',lt. Hfvk. ilu 011 l V clumk ul Jn mlm 11' I Inav' f f .l I 5, ec1','l.l: 'shui .Alu ,slp'-'sp . Oni P P ? WVH ? ? ? H I' M' 5 ' ' , H A '1' 1 . ' " I-51 l"'. H l"L'-44"-25. - J . .,' D VV'

Page 120 text:

JL 'NIOR jOIxl S Il0l tl 1x1ld gut lor tu 1ltc of 1 grx c IC M1011 1r1d Dlx ll lllle une Ilttlt lo llud or1 tht dhputcd dlNlNl0Il between two ICTIIIOTICN h 5 1t1u e xs1t11 11etrQesn1ote1s1ly hoxsn 01119 X f un there rs 1 strong xx 1r1d MN Vyhrte Mlldred you xslll hnd the le- on rn Modern H1 tory o11 p rge 709 M1ld1ed Q1 c1dent1llx pultmg up West s AIICICIII Worlcl 1nd IUIHIIIL, 1ts prge 1 ye lemt 111 nr n 1 t IN 1boutAlex1n er tn rc 1t 111 t 1t3 In t11t1c1s1ng 1 scntrnfe COllltlnlllg rcpetrtlon Ruth hweeny wh OU dftlll H01 ll XOUI two M1 Wl11tr 1 we Ithrnlt o M1 SIBXEII ul1a nrme the types ol hogs s he heel type lltllll marry 1 out llll erm 111 test 1 cout on y 1 lx1ttx 111 rm de lt M1 Xvlttlt rslts 111 Soplomore I nghsh In M111 lmguxge drd Vlfgll XNlll93 IX hrlght pllpll rephes In Caesar X urse bcphomore rem ulted that she hoped to get a better grade 1n mu IL th1s year 111ce Mm Whrte xx rs mon1tor Mrs C-ar1de nexer gaxe her what she deserxed tl all l he class h 1d heen rather no1sy Mlss eflr 1 What lund ol 1 pmlt tea do you people thlnlx your l111111g 111 heref XX L rhalt lhere am t no such thlnd Myrna Sandall What a man Danrel Webster must have been a regular walkmg drctlonarx to hawe had all of those words IH hrs head Lucrle B after the hohdays I tell you I feel hlce Merry Xmas oy M You look hke a merry wrdow Mrss Whrte We shall dmde the study of hrstory 1nto SIX movements each of xx h1ch mtl represent one day s work 1n re1 rem On the sewenth day Yelma Rest Mrss Turner Where are cats found? V Sammons Cats are found rn the house Mlss Handy fln B Enghsh gllvlflg quotatron from Shakespeare Cue your ear to exery one but your tongue to few M S rlhat s the truth Mrss Handy Im afrald some of the B Enghsh class xull have to learn that Opal C Anrmatron means to gnc the readmg ln such a way that the audrence mn not help but draw toward you Mrss Turner Who lard the corner stone of the arch 1n Yellowstone Park5 X Sammons Noah. . , - 3 . .AX h" 'H I 'ss ' - I-sr " a adfz "ll as r '.o A ' '1I'.-N.I "Cv d , 'l ' Q: '. s l ' G. I.: U ,fl 1 : 1 5 'A " "7 4 : U n A . ' " 1 :S ' 'S is - - "Ol,v's,I' 1 l-' ov. lla 'Ja d l'G'2 .' j ' Vs." 'ss ' t: 'AOl, j's, ' ' I d . .. . wi Wisi '. - ' s: J , 1 H' 5 :. Ukl'llt'l't".' t I -' lv M1ld1'ed A.: "I wo l ' '1 1' tl: la G a J 'l I ' ll lb' lut my I . I v sv." . . . . 5-if .Ad ,, 4 . . . . .. ss . 1 1 J: 'a a 4 " . .A 7- N z" Q ' sl' 'yt' s' ' 'rs ' 'ar ' . 's s' ' ' 't J ' f 4 . ' 1 ' 2 -5 . 'e,': U 7 '. ' ' . Q' ' ' ' a '4 j' .H 'lr S- N --' - - 1 - -v V . . - 3. . - -I Y ' v - . ,, i- . K . ,ff i . .. -- -w - Z .. . . , ' -- ? - I .. .. .I ll ' !' - - . . . .. . .: ' , ' , ' ' I ' k ki., If I 1 . . u - , : H ' ' - " V' ' ll ll K I '

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