Creston High School - Annual Yearbook (Creston, OH)

 - Class of 1943

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Creston High School - Annual Yearbook (Creston, OH) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 42 of 62
Page 42 of 62

Creston High School - Annual Yearbook (Creston, OH) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 41
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Page 42 text:

-x--x--z--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x- 1 9 4 3 A N N U A L -x--x.-x--x--x--x--x--x--x--z--x--x--x--x--x--x- JANUARY 4-No school yet. Roads too icy. 5-Back to school again. Gloria and Opal are starting the year out right. They are wearing diamond rings. 7-Annual pictures are taken at last. Sophomore sweaters came. Green, gold, and red. What a combination we have in the study hall! 11-Selected commencement invitations and cards. 18-Another slippery day. Buses all late. So were the teachers. 19f22-Midyear exams. Groan! !! 21-Mrs. Fox left us to teach Naval Air Cadets at Wooster College. Our new teacher is Mr. Wm. Huff. 22-HSophomores present chapel program. They had a Kay Kyser musical college show. 27-Grade cards again. 28-Commercial students have vacation today. Miss Bryan is ill. 29-The Junior class is rather a crippled class now-Irvin has a broken wrist and Feeman has a broken collar bone. FEBRUARY 5+-Phil's birthday. 10-A certain Junior girl's heart throbed when she saw her Marine walk in. 12-The eighth grade had the assembly program today. Mr. hMartin got his first piggyfback ride at Doylestown today. We hope he gets anot er. 13-Bud Long had a big party for the basketball team as a compliment for their perfect season. Everyone got home early Sunday morning. 16-Vacation today. No city water supply. 17-Senior class play matinee today. Largest matinee ever. 19-Seniors presented "Almost Summer". We learn that starting Tuesday school will begin at 8 145 slow time. 22-Vacation-Washington's birthday. Everyone goes to the basketball tournament. 23-We just have a half day of school every day for rest of week because of rationing. -Started to school today at 8:45 War Time. There were quite a few tardy marks. -Everyone's worried! Will we or will we not come across with the Wayne County 24 27 Championship? 28hEveryone's happy!!! Creston won the championship. MARCH 1-March came in like a lion. 4HFourth sixfweek period ends. Tests again. 5-Freshman present chapel program. Playlet was written by Alice Slater. Some of us are going to Ashland tonight to see Creston play Orrville. We won! 6-Creston loses to Smithville in semiffinals by one point. 9-Mr. Frey presented us with the new final examination plan. 10-Those terrible grade cards again! 15-Goldia is ill with a very serious disease, "Threefday measles". 16-Dancing is resumed in gym today. Senior and junior girls practiced volleyball. 17-School basketball tournaments started today. 18-Seniors play Freshmen in tournament. Score was 45 to 4 in Seniors favor. Measles seems to be the current fad now. 19-juniors gave the chapel program. A 22-Patch test given today. Senior boys win basketball tournament. 24-Senior boys go to Chester to play the boys over there in a pleasure game. Do you know how to change a tire? That's what seven girls said when they had a flat on the way to Chester. The boys came to their rescue and changed it in 10 minutes. fPage Fortyl

Page 41 text:

-x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--z--x--x'-z--x--x--x- 1 9 4 3 A N N U A L 4--x--x-4--1--x-4--1--x--x--x--x--xf++-r CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 8-School began. New teachers are: Miss Koehnlein, Mrs. Fox, Mrs. McFadden. 10-Senior rings are here. 15-Vacation already-why of course, we all go to the fair. 21-Cafeteria opened with Mrs. Wells and Mrs. Reese in charge. 24-We all sang happy birthday to Lois Meyer today. 28-Seniors and juniors have class meeting and select their officers for the year. 29eGoldia Kintner's birthday. We all sang happy birthday to her. OCTOBER 1-Another happy birthday, Betty Sykes this time. 9-Seniors have a hayride. 10-Mr. Martin became the proud father of another son, Philip Dean, today. 14f26+Magazine contest in six upper grades. We are all divided into two groups, Army, headed by Miss Bryang Navy, headed by Mr. Martin. Army wins by a few dollars. 14-Juniors have hayride and farewell party for Mary Jo Sacha. 15 '16-First sixfweeks up. Six weeks test given. 21-Grade cards! I must study harder. 22f23-The third annual Creston Community Fair opens. Mrs. Fox was in charge of the entertainment. Who do you suppose the Harvest Queen was? You'd never guess!!! Why none other than one of our best Seniors "Dave"! Seniors serve supper. 28-Vaccinations and diphtheria shots are given. Oh! my poor arm! 29-Selection of Annual Staff by Seniors. Juniors select their class colors of Gold and Black for class sweaters. 30-Vacation!!! Teachers go to Cleveland. NOVEMBER 2sAt last Senior class pins come. 3-I. Q. tests were given to the Seniors. 4-Freshmen learn of Senior Initiation Party. 6-The big day! Freshman Initiation. They all parade in a grand march through study hall in the morning. The evening workout brought out the fact that all were good sports. 11-We can sleep one half hour longer. School doesn't begin now until 9: 15. Sophomores order green and white class sweaters. 13-Annual Staff meeting. 1849-We get out of school at 3 these days. Cas rationing. Even rationing has its joys. 24-Kenneth is getting a little absentfminded. He drove his car to school and forgot about it and rode home on the bus. My! My! 25-Thanksgiving vacation begins. Gold is precious, so thinks the junior class. DECEMBER 1-Have you heard the latest? Miss Koontz will become Mrs. Romich on Dec. 29. 2-Almost all the Sophomores and Juniors are angry about the new seating arrange' ment. Grade card again!!! 4-Betty Plants is getting a little forgetful. This morning she forgot her skirt. 8-Rumor!! Carter in jail! Rumor false. just sick. 15 -Dentist trailer here. Five Senior girls get out of classes all day to help. Fisher's upper teeth found very solid. 21-Mrs. Fox will not be here this week. Her husband is going to the Navy. 24-School just till noon. Christmas vacation from then on. fPage Thirtyfninej

Page 43 text:

4--x0'.-z-ax.-1-4--:Q-x--P-:oz-ew:--wx. 1 Q 4 3 A N N ' U A L 'aw-x--z-fx--:Q-z--1--x--r-1--xf-x--x--r Z Db :U cu :z ww to lv T? T T wgsmxr E.f"m'S-EP o"::.-.cfm Hghgs-gs' UQ'-1 9' .... EUQUHU lEUvS'gT 228923 ...OO O:- DHrvg.""" S-Qlgiihi m w - f"fnn2': 4m Om O r-r -'-U:-:J O -N-W Us -220-2:'CD 5-- wa-- sv 'QSM O :,.joO"'Cf- UQ5-Cggshp' 5 -. x W QjTH 2 Bw 3:- W m ENV m r'Q7"O.w'2OS3 Q-vCj2:3U"OG' 99.25-o'I gg-14,940 353.902 1-quipgcfg C O-SP-c. E.ip:9-7 p-rj Q 3 D B m mfyxfrm W we-F2 2 5015" : rvm 2 . UDP H S Om 5' 0.2 2 OS ' 353' H'H 72 9:- 9.2 Hz 2 n OO QP-e U1 U15 9. D2 fo E r' PPP P P PPP TT T TTT S,"C7ff3',f,f'5'ZRH'-l1CE5'Sf'3',Cf'S!'5'-ZC,ff'3f '-1 ff ...OW rr-1 mg-: D' 3:70, ps '.3Q,'.3D -a W -'T . ..... '-1 . O ,-in-.,...mB ,CQUH r- - ..Q4v Q M 0 m o W o o B w o'm ru W rv ITC W D 5 O'3."'QWzmgw4"'anaHm"'-ag m 0 ,,m m w H -.H O Q rw..W Z m 57 fm U-xfiom cniwci'-U5 H5'g1igF5g':aT,:g-ETm5'2w'su-v2f.:gQCr F,'::m.Q...."U2054rigDmD9"E. WAC! gg,--mc:::E'fn:P"5::::E58mw w-vw U, mm ...ul H J D,-A4 -v-.P-D P-JD-fo-D... :J-"N-+P-15' '1 "'Z,'c. 03.555-:rgw?.i Q:.ES':35'S:',Ef' 915-HA 4 Q,-w m H' HwLw :wg O Saamgsg QHQS wwf 523 p4D"f-+g,-U... :jmgngc DS. Ed:-QNET mm THB UQD2, 3352523 Slgagiiii 255 NC 94 g5'H 6 M QQQQ mmq QD N fvlgggr.-2, 5535 'oql .525 Rfvw---fun: UQQQJIQO HU- or foiibia'-'QQ :swans E35 HEL 5?Q's 9 53553 Ei 22 . H . A 5- Q. rv ff WC1.. f-:D rv gg sw F, 3-:sf:,,-"rw 024, 533- i'H 3 w m O WN4 m m w'Q 3 SQH W l.-. 3- m 4 3 x w O 2 H 552' 3' 2 ' 28? PT: r.-D :Di E. .-f 2?A':,55 5 :1-gl. 'ig 8 9. ,-.'42"5'g 4 32 P--Q gq D"Or'0 Q. Rr-f '+"' if 3 P5323 :fr -W 'J",... . ' m 3 D. S OJQS E' PP Eng - M . O . EU Q. Q R582' E wg mm pa 5 P-13,7-rvr-f H Pe-+ H 4 M m 0 5 E. O 3 H-.W O ,-.Nh-. 1 C U53 912 9'-. E P' D X4 3 218 015. U1 D' 2 pg Q O D - 5 D 0 2 E. Q E 5 w Q WE 2 'V 'WSE S DH of' qs.. S- :.."'C!. UE. F' CLE, 'Pl' :Q Q. 0,8 if S57 rv' 1-,LL v-1 pgs- ... H' 5 .. ,hm P-:Wm "' UQ on 5 E N 5 N E' 5 m Q - E : 5 E. H Q H D gn 7 O :D 'U O C D2 5 P B E' 2 3 S Z 31 4 INJKNPIJ hir- XI-f-2-J v--ANT XMI Ill H 'pig Q m C W n1Q N 2.5.3 3415232 paw?-JC-U1 RBC -02 5'wgf'8m55'g P5'-w"2'1vfff "?'f5""9'9. U0 E-H 0 'E WQFE Q. 'FE gg-Ba' 5'-5 nm-O , D 0 --H H ' m ::H1:v"l 4,4 0.1: T 0 P-.,.-.Q-0 lim 5'U 7 .-Q 1, M 5'H gram Bm 55 E-Q' mm 'WUOCD O3 f3"rD"""3 '-n"" fv"'O""" O nf-130. H 0 o D m 2? E.Fn 1 O as G' 2 C"lf-2 a RE' :V 31-4 m WUQ 9 ii m fn 17 73 QL SQ- H gs c ' Q m 4 2 M I3 C- CD C I3 C- w 'C E3 O "1 P ++++++++++++ i++ iiiiiiiiiiiiiii 9+9++4++9Q++++++++++++++++?++++4+i++++4+4?++++?++++++++49++9+?++9++++++4 The EDUCATIONAL SUPPLY COMPANY DIPLOMAS, NAME CARDS and INVITATIONS Salesman DUKE BLACET, Massillon, Ohio up 4--xox.-x--1--xf-:Q-xf Z 3' 5 F" I" O Z O I U"l O -z--x-'x-'zf-x--zf-x--z- 2 2 +64+9++++++++44+++++644544944+?+++++++++iiikkkiiiiiiikkiiii?4?+++?+++i+4 I:Page Fcmyfonej

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