Creston High School - Annual Yearbook (Creston, OH)

 - Class of 1923

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Creston High School - Annual Yearbook (Creston, OH) online yearbook collection, 1923 Edition, Page 138 of 148
Page 138 of 148

Creston High School - Annual Yearbook (Creston, OH) online yearbook collection, 1923 Edition, Page 137
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Creston High School - Annual Yearbook (Creston, OH) online yearbook collection, 1923 Edition, Page 139
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Page 138 text:

WZHEWEHZNSHZHZHZHZHH S H Z H 2 H Z H Z H Z H Z H Z H 2 H Z H Z H Z H Z H Z H Z M Z H Z H Z H Z N Z N Z H Z H Z H Z H Z H Z H Z N Z H E ZHZMZMZMZHZHEWZHZHZS PROFESSIO L C RDS W, Ill!IllllIllIllIlIIlIlllIIlllllIlllIIIIIIlilIIIllIllIllIlIIIIIIIIIIllillllllllllllllllllllllllllI11IIllIIIllIIIlllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllll A. S. BEATTY. M. D. Physician and Surgeon 213 N. Maple St. WZKZWSHZHEWSHSNEWEHZNENBKZHEKZHZKZHE .O O .SI 31 3. 3. O30 Ot' 050 OgO U O 0 O 5. 3. 0 J. 3. 'W 3. 3. 5' 5:0 Osi Q 3. 3. 1 :xo oth 5' 5 A 0 4. .:. Z O O 0 O :iz :iz E5 0:0 Oxb 0:0 0:0 .x. .x. 31 31 0x0 O30 O30 O80 .:. .:. Ott ost 2 o 0 0 0 fb 3. 3. Q, 4. .:. 3- 31 32 E 2 3 Q 3. .z. .51 rg: 3 o Q 0 Q Q 3. 3. : .xi O20 Q 2 2 OXO Ox! : 31 ISI -P- Oxi Usb m 3 X p-A C80 Qt. . o o o o Q9 0:0 Oxi OSC 0:0 .:. .:. 0x0 OXO 0.0 0.0 ZHZNZNZNZNZHZHZHZHZMZHZMZNZNZMEHZNZH oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooeooeooooooo 0,oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo,,oo.oo,Qo'oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo,oo.oo,oo.oo,oo.u.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo,oo.oo.oo.oo,oo.oo.oo,oo.oo,oo.oo,oo,oo000.0 HAL A. CHILDS. M. D. Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Eagle Block Creston, Iowa DR. F. M. DAVIS DENTIST Phone 467 Creston, Iowa DR. T. V. GOLDEN Physician 8z Surgeon E Strauss Bldg. Creston, Iowa E E House Phone 763 Office Phone 952 3 N H HZHZWZHZHZNZWZHEKZEZHZH 151 OzO O80 Ox! Ox! Ot! 0x0 OSD O30 0,0 :iz 15: :iz O50 O30 0,9 O O 0,0 OXO Oxb OXO QQO . . 0:0 :sz .:. O20 12: Oz0 0:0 O 0 OXO Oxf CSO 0x0 O30 0:9 O 0 080 O80 O!! O30 NZNZHZMEHZHZHEHEHZHZHZW EZHZMZMEHZHZHEHZ 3 I i H li Ei ii Ei ii ES I B6 EZ BG I 95 EZ Bi Si Bi I B5 i Ei Ei B5 EE 55 EE Ei E Bi EZ EG Z E5 SZ li 55 BG EZ Di ii BG EI D9 ii li SZ Ei I Pi Z E6 ii 5 WHZHZMZHZMZHZHEWZ J. G. HERRON. D. D. S. Over First National Bank Creston, Iowa Qo00oooooooooobooooooooboooooooooooooooooooooooo 0.00.00.oo.o6.o0.o0.o1.oo.oo.oo,o0.oQ.oo.n.oo,,oo,oo.oo,oo.oo.oo.oQ'oo.oo.oo.n'oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo,o0.oo.oo.n.oo.o W. K. KEITH. M. D. Myers Building, 211 N. Maple St. Creston, Iowa qznzuzooznzoofn:vogue:oo:oo:oo:oo:oo:oo:oo:04:00zoo:oo:oo:oo:oo:oo:oo:oo:oo:oozoozu:oo:oo:oo:oo20:40:00:oozoozoozoozoozoozoozoozoozoozoozo JOHN C. PARSONS. M. D. PHYSICIAN Rooms 9-10 Agnew Bldg. Creston, Iowa

Page 137 text:

IHZNEWENEHENENEWZNENZNENZNEMENEWENZNEHSNZNEHBHSNZNEHINEHIHIH EWALT MILLINERY CO. Exclusive Styles for Ladies and Misses HZHZHZHZHZHZHZHZH HZHZNZNZHZHZHZHI ea N E E 125 North Maple St. Creston, Iowa E w ra HZHZHZHZWZHZH i E E E E as Q-D. g 5-5 i O E 2.3 i w Q E -.m l "w E ze' 2 533 5 NE' E an 5 QS 5 on Q --O E ff ! E E E E E E E i HZMIHEHENZHZ Wheres' the school a'goin'? HZHZHZ EHZHEHZ When the Juniors all get through? They went to Lovers Lane They walked upon the sand S The moon was coming up N He held her little-shawl. 55 E f E gg And as he held her shawl in gg He heaved some heavy sighs 2.3 E And leaning forward gazed 5 Into her dark brown-lunch basket N . gg And as he gazed therein lg as Unconsciously he placed S E His unencumbered arm E Around her slender-umbrella ig 5 And as his grip grew tighter. gg: This pious little Miss Attempted to draw back Too late, he sto-le a sandwich. WZHZHZHZH NZHEHEHEH lllIllllllllilllllllllIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIlIIIIIllIIIllllIlllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIllllllIllIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllilllll N W E S SAVE WORRY SAVE WORK if 2 E N ZHZ ZH 95 gm 'gn 3-ics ICD Q! -o Sw in io li FEE Ein HZHZHZWZH NZHZMZMEH Q FU E C3 Us In Q 9 MlNBNENENBNZNZMININENENENENENEWENENZHZNENZWEHZWZNZNEHEHENEW2

Page 139 text:

ZHZHZHZHZHZHZHIHZHZHZHZHZWZHZHZHZHZNZHZHg H Z H I O 5 TES as I-4 :ai 2 Z2 3 3 N H 4-rug 2 To H 2. U 2 5m pu H 2 - E G rq 2 m - na F ' Z .Q 5 SE 2 Q E Q1 Z Q Z U? H I 'hi' E-g Z 2 3 m :U H E59 Cf f, 5 E 5 H .GZ Q I Q 5 H 352- 5 U1 gs 4 sa E .3 E -I I 5 M2HZHZHZHZHZHZHZMSHZHZHZNZHIHINIHSHZHIHII 0oQ0o0o00ooooooeoeooooohooeoooooooooooooooo90000 0.00.oo.oo30.00.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo,oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo300000000000oo,0o,oo.u.oo.oo.oo.00.00.oo,oo.oo.oo,oo.0o.oo,oo,oo.n.oe.o DRS. REYNOLDS 8: BARBER SPECIALISTS Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Creston, Iowa oooo000400090900099000090oooeooooooooooooooooooo 0,00000,00.0o.0o.M,M.0030.0030.00.00,M.N0ooOoo.0930QM,M.oo.oo,oo,oo,oo.oo,oo.oo.oo.N.oo.oo,oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo,oo.oo,oo.oo.o4'n.oo.o0,0 M. F. STEVER. D. D. S. Room 2, Eagle Block Montgomery St. Creston, Iowa ooooooooooooooooo00000000000oooooboooooooooooooo O.0o.0o.0o,M'00.oo.M.oo,oo.oo.oo.oo,oo0oo,oo.oo,,ooOno,00000.00.000oo0ooOoo.oo.oo.oo.n,oo.oo.oo,oo.oo.oo,oo,oo,oo.oo.0o.oo.oo.o E DR. L. A. TEMPLETON E S DENTIST E S X-Ray Diagnosis E S Telephone 1194 Ide-Richardson Bldg. E ZHZHEHZWZHZHZHZHZHZHZH 'EGO 2 E ...G 2-ra 5 1 20 9 4 33 an oo o T' no WO 33 P 3 55 SE umm E.. o 'F 5 MIMZNZHZHZHIHSMZHZHEMZMI ooooooooooooooooaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 030,00.00.oo30.00.oo,oo,n.0Q.oo,oo,oo.oo,n,9v.oo.00,N.0o.0o.0o.oo.0o.00.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.Nfo.oo.oo.oo.oo,eo.oe,oo.oo.ov.00,oo.ov.0 DR. SHERMAN OPP Osteopathic Physician 300 W. Adams St. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo o,oo.oo.oo.oo.oo,oo,oo30.00.0030000,00.oo,oo.oo,oe,oo.oo39.00.oo0oo,oo.0,oo.oo,oo0oo,oo,ov.oo.00.00,00.00.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo,oo.oo.oo.oo,oo.oo,o DRS. J. W. Sz ORLO E. COAKLEY Creston, Iowa ZHZHZHZM HZNZME OOOOOOOOQOOOOOOOO0000900009000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 0,0440,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,u,oo,oo,oo.og:goo,oo,n,oo,u,oo30.0544fo,oo.oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo.oo.oo,oo.oo.oo,oo.oo.oo,o DR. J. J. HESSC DENTIST HZHZHZHZHZHEHZH -: o o sg fb :a 'J 5 m g O 92 5 3 'S I F m 3 n Q E :W 2 3 Q Q Q 'S 21. Q S Z wa ' 5- 5 5 E- :cs Q 2. w 2' S 1 E 3' Q 5 1 FD 5' ' o 3 3 -. ,.. 53 E H m 5 'r' N G6 2n:n2nau2w2n2ee2 oooooooooooooooooooooocoooaooooooooooooooooooooo 030.00.oo.oo.oo,oo.oo.oo.oo30.oo.oo,oo,oo,oo.oo,u.oo,oo.00.00.oo.oo,oo,oo,oo.00.00.0030.04.oo.oo,oo,oo.oo.oo,oo.oo,oo.oo.oo.oo,oo,oo,oo,oo.o A. FRED WATTS. M. D. 222222 nl 2 ll 2 nl 2 ll 2 H 2 lu 2 n 2 al 2 ll 2 u 2 ea 2 as 2 su 2 H 2 as 2 me 2 2 2 se 2 ne 2 na 2 H 2 as 2 we 2 as 2 as 2 H i sl 2 nl 2 llllzolzoa

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