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Crawfordsville High School - Athenian Yearbook (Crawfordsville, IN) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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E F E 2 1 V. ,xx-,..rli.,t, r,l,,,g,fu Vi 1 . --rf' 'ig' 'X' k Belongs to Thls B00 I rawfordsvllle, Indlana 1 B- ..,. . .gf le' 1 Q .M , s.J 'lil V' C ,. .4 V , W O I - A ellA 1949 at In Cra W 9 5 5,7 ' v ' 4 y y if gif -'? W' - "'k , -M 5 fl M' Q. M 11 y . vp Ulf' Y I 'DU sk 'QS X 5 the 1949 ATHENIAN We'll always remember 1948-1949. Remem- ber . . . ? That was the year of the Berlin crisis and the airlift into Germany: the year of strained relations with Russia 5 the year Harry Truman Won the Presidential election, despite predictions ot a sweeping victory for Deweyg the year that Chiang Kai-sl'1ek's government in China gave way to the Communistsg the year that a peace-time dratt was first used in this countryg the year the B-50, Lucky Lady ll, circled the globe on the first non-stop flightg the year of controversy over Federal'Aid to Education and the soldiers' bonus in Indiana. lt Was a turbulent but Wonderful year! CRAWFORDSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL ,,.Mm,,,,.W,,H N: M, WW Ni WMD, My L E irq ,.,. 1: , sp E' ' , xilug 'L A-fL eff k,-- A ' ' - P-X K ' iff: gg , A 5 'fm-K-,Q 1 Q gig? V k"'f 'XV --I K' 2 5 5 K . . , Q 3 l .. m A A Q Q , . .Q iw . ggz Vg . ,. : 5 x. V532 u,v ' - fi 52 - . x jf , ' we w i 1. lg , A K. E 1 : -5 s K' K, fx if Q K - ' ,, 1 K U , . E7 5 . ,MZ - - - L X '- K f 2? ,ge i K KA mf L. ' V X. 4 Q .. A 'f '39 " 1-+Q 5+ ' ws-wxpl 3 gk ' 1h X fssxm 2, i , ' i i , k -Q SS N f, k,L in 5+ . ,, ,,, ,, Ki WA x x r A il 5 J si' N X X wxggk . s f S .1 Wi 4 i Q 5+ if Qs SS 6' as x . 5-rf 1 we'll always REMEMBER 1949 The things we'll always remember about l948-l949 Weren't World-shaking. They took place here in Crawfordsville High School. We'll always remember the pep sessions . . . the Way the six Weeks tests rolled around soonerthan we eXpeded,...the nowe and fun during noon recreation . . . the Wonderful feeling after the basketball team beat Attica . . . the solemn pageant at the Christmas formal dance . . . the let-down feeling at the sectional . . . the catchy tunes and gay colors of the operetta . . . and the Warm feeling that We all belonged to Crawfordsville l-ligh School! 1 x 16 'io YJ' o 'YV sf f" fl!! X . ! gg I fl W it f i 1 mlfft -- W E, l w ill- , ll . ek .ylfllf f A - K ,Nr A W W - , f lf .inf ,d fl lu , l W ll f - X f. Q. 'X kai 9 A Aj '27 THE FUTURE BELONGS 4' What is this . . . a Quaker meeting? lf 2x equals 10 X equals . T0 THOSE WHO PREPARE FOR IT. 4' Remember how We stood out in the Warm autumn sunshine Waiting for the bell to let us in? The boys always stood on one cor- ner and the girls on another. After We greeted all our locker partners and ex- changed late gossip, We hurried to classes. . , . ln shop class the boys learned to oper- ate lathes, drill presses, and many other machines that go to make up the school's top-notch machine shop .... ln math class we learned speed and accuracy, just what We will need for any job in the future. Great things are in progress in Room 3. Pagz' Svvmz f k sg' my Y 1 ' ll!! 'Exif lim! 1 5 4 atv D fr! 4 .4 1-"'. ' F137 4 ' is th l All 'E ,,-'Ely Al' che ' E . l fig!! X ' , ' . , fl ' if , 2' " E A I 1 1, I f' ' V' YA I lf 9 1,4 If , ., it E f X , A I V K L. H 0Zf five' 'E :gg Q ' E19 1 ' - - Y 50 36? ww Page Eight WE BRUAIDEN UUR The Hctrvest Hop was C1 tdll otctivitv oi the Sunshine Society otnd the ABC. lts success de- pended greatly on C1 good bond, d locctl tctlent show, cmd lots ot iood .... The rnctlcefup cornrnit- tee solved the problem oi nick- ing high school students look like shepherds and Wise men of old .... ln Mechctnicdl Drotw- ing cldss looys lectrned to drdw plons for rndchine ports and blueprints tor homes .... The Driver Trdining course totught students to drive sdiely gnd sgnely. Behind the scenes. Q super at the Harvest Hop! Yum, yum! The tood was Future drattsmen at work. Q Two Clutch pedals, two brake pedals, and one steering Wheel, VVho's driving? HURIZONS IN STUDY ANI! PLAY Page Nine xg- IT ISNQT ALI Page Ten 6 Printing that isn't done in the print shop. "Behold, there came wise men from the East to leru- salem." Matt. Zzl. Dancing led in popularity during the noon recreation program. The privilege ot wearing and signing senior cords was something We had looked forward to since the seventh grade .... An impressive program in tableau and song was presented by the Sunshine Society and the Chorus just before the Christmas holidays. . . . During the cold winter months the Student Coun- cil sponsored the noon recreation program in the auditorium. Dancing, ping pong, and shuttle board made the noon hour most enjoyable. WORK AND N0 PLAY AT C. H. S. l'r1g1' E1l'l'i'II Look out! The chemists are experimenting again! Line A-L forms on the lefty line M-Z on the right. f "'wg.. Page Twelve ALL IN A DAY AT The tirst day of school is al- ways exciting. Seeing familiar taces, and new ones, too, is lun. Waiting in line, you may hear such remarks as "l hope l have Mr. X this year, He's so good- loolcingu or "lt l don't have gym sixth period, l'll . . The long lolack tables, strange smelling chemicals, and bal- ance scales on each table re- mind us, ot course, ot the science laboratory. CRAWFORDSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL At the crock of down on No- vember 9 sedson bdskeibotll tickets went on sole in the gym. The procedure was to get Cl number ond woit. All couldn't be lucky enough to get secrts in the first three rows .... Ot 954 students in Cl-l.S., l87 lived outside the city limits. Except for the few who drove, or rode with their porents, rnost of the 187 come in school buses. Getting orll those seoson bosket- boll tickets distributed rnust be cr hedddche! Some come by toot or jolopyg sorne orrive by school bus. Pagf' T11 irfcvn lllll Citizens in the rnoking. United Stottes history and government ore required courses tor every student who groduotes irorn C.l-l.S. These studies gave us knowledge of our coun- try's post ond how it is run todoty .... Another stondord course is English. To be gble to reod, write, ond speck the English lon- gudge correctly is essen- ticrl to every person. Y X '1- 2,36 tb' J ,HERIYS WHAT WE'H.E 1-2, l-2, l-2. First Word, quinquennicxlg second word, zincogrcrpherg third . . . Page Fourteen X P 4 K an I rp f "'The secret oi a cook's success is in the eating."i Remember, girls, "The way to a man's heart . . DOING T0 PREPARE FOR TOMORROW. JUNIOR HIGH More than hali oi the students in Crawfordsville High School are in junior high, which includes grades seven, eight, and nine. Most oi the class rooms are located on the west side of the build- ing. The junior high has its own basketball teams, parties, and clubs, but it joins the senior high for assembly programs and pep sessions. C "Life" iascinates the seventh graders . Page Fiffvmz, lt's just too nice io qo inside. The Charm oi blended qold ond blue Will HGVGY fade from our View, And dear old qold ond blue so true, 'Tis you we love, 'tis you." , Y ".."f A SPIRIT OF FRIEND 5 S in sys' wk . li if 4 so Nga ,ff ,Y M . R X! J ,ikgpm 3 A 5 3 7 fs, 4 To i if ,P K. '- lg 5 i oy, .X 1 I, ' Q Take it easy, boys! Remember the Caiories! The Sweetheart Bali Called tor iona dresses and 1 pressed pants. LINESS PREVAILS A'l' DEAR ULD C. H. After school was over in the eveninq, some hurried downtown to get immedi- ate enerqy troni a coke. . . . Christmas trees, icicies and a snow man deco- rated the auditorium tor the Sweetheart Bail dur- ing the Christmas holi- days. We'll always remember '49 ,y X64 1 W rsh, 1 lu V, fm 59 We'll always remember the faculty and administration, who Were not only our teachers and advisors but also our friends through the years We spent in Crawfords- ville l-liqh School. ADMINISTRATION Any successful institution requires strong leader- ship. Crawtordsville High School is iortunate in hav- ing enthusiastic leaders who Work tirelessly for the best interests ot the students. Superintendent Alex- ander, professional leader oi the teachers of the city schools, devotes long hours to his administrative duties. L. I. C. Freeman and H. T. McCullough, prin- cipals oi senior and junior high schools, respectively, give their time and energies unselfishly to the high school program. On their shoulders lies the heavy responsibility ot maintaining the high standards of C. H. S. Page Twvnty "EDUCATION IS THE SCHOOL BOARD Lett to right: Melvin B. Mallery, President, Kenneth K. Buser, 9 Treasurer, George D. Manson, Selwyn F. Hustedg Mrs. I. P. Allen, Secretary. Mr. L. I. C. Freeman, Principal ol Crawiordsville Senior High School. Q Mr. H. T. McCullough, Principal of Crawfordsville lunior Hiqh School. Mr. Gerald Alexander, Superintendent of Crawiordsville City Schools. APPRENTICESHIP OF LIFE' --Willmoit. Pngc' T1l'1'n1'y-0116 'Q' MISS MAUDE ARTHUR English: sponsors "Athenian," Quill and Scroll, Board of Publications. HOMER E. BIDDLE Printing: sponsors "Gold and Blue," lunior Honor Society. MRS. PAULINE BIDDLE Girls' Counselor, Mathematics: sponsors Student Council, Senior Class. MISS ESTHER BRUNK Spanish, Daily Living: sponsors Spanish Club. GEORGE A. BURNS Social Studies, English: sponsors lr. Honor Society. MRS. ESTHER BURROUGHS English. MISS MARGARET CANINE Music: sponsors Music Club. LLOYD P. CHASE Athletics, Physical Education, Health, Driver Trains ing: sponsors Athenian Booster Club, Iunior Class. OWEN L. CRECELIUS Head of Social Studies Department: sponsors Senior Class, Speech Arts. ROBERT E. CROSS Vocational Agriculture: sponsors Future Farmers oi America. MAX GABBERT Librarian: sponsors Audio Visual Aides. MISS RUTH E. GIERZ Latin: sponsors Speech Arts, Latin Club. MRS. RUTH GOSMA English: sponsors Debate, Iunior Dramatic Club, Sophomore Class. DORRIS C. GRAHAM Mathematics, Athletics, Physical Education. BYRON I. GRATER Social Studies, Driver Training: sponsors lunior High Patrol, lunior Class. W. HINTON GRIDER English, Speech: sponsors Speech Arts, Oratory. MISS MARY E. GUILLIAMS English: sponsors Iunior Honor Society. MISS ESTELLE HEETER Mathematics, English. ROBERT L. HOKE General Science, Athletics: sponsors Student Council, Senior Class. VIRGIL M. HOWES Social Studies, Guidance Director: sponsors "Gold and Blue," Quill and Scroll, Board of Publications. Sophomore Class. FRED IACKSON Industrial Arts, Mechanical Drawing: sponsors Audio Visual Aides. Page Twenty-two 'WS S- 91" im 4w....... 2, ,W G 'Y' its M. KARL C. IAMES I Mathematics, Social Studies, sponsors Iunior Honor Society. MRS. IONA KIMBRELL Home Making. I. CARLYSLE LQFOLLETTE Social Studies, sponsors Athenian Booster Club, Senior Hiqh Patrol, IOHN F. MCCORMICK Physical Education, Iunior Athletics, Driver Training. MISS CATHERINE MARTIN Art: sponsors Paletteirs. MISS IEANNE PITKIN Physical Education, Health, sponsors lunior G.A.A., Freshman Class, lunior Dramatic Club. MRS. LUCILE REDDISH Commercial, sponsors Sunshine Society. LESTER D. REED Mathematics, sponsors Freshman Class. TIMOTHY W. ROSE industrial Arts, Vocational Co-ordinator. MISS MARY MILDRED SCHWEITZER Head of English Department, sponsors Sunshine So- ciety, Board oi Publications. MRS. EVELYN SHUTE Vocational Home Economics, sponsors Sunshine So- ciety, Hospital Aides. ROBERT E. SIMPERS Music, Science, sponsors lunior Dramatic Club. MISS DONNA LEE SMITH Commercial, sponsors luriior Class. MRS. MABEL T. SMITH Head of Mathematics Department, sponsors Senior Honor Society, Sunshine Society. VERNON E. SPAULDING Music, sponsors Music Club. EMMETT C. STOUT Science MERRILL F. THARP Mathematics, sponsors Freshman Class, Iunior High Sports. MRS. ARLENE WAGNER Physical Education. DAVID WELLS Head ot Science Department, Boys' Counselor, spon- sors Up-N-Atom Club, Student Council. MRS. IOANNE WRIGHT English. CHARLES B. YOUNG Head of Commercial Department, Secretary-Treasurer of School Activities Fund, Treasurer Athletic Associa- tion, sponsors Sophomore Class. Page Twenty-three MRS. BETTY SMITH Physical Education Sponsors Senior G.A.A. Accurate records must be kept in any efficiently- run business. According to statistics, education is the biqqest business in the country. The records tor C. H. S. and the city schools are kept straiaht by the oiiice personnel, who also serve as secretaries for the adrninistrators. The nurse keeps an eye on the health ot the students, and the attendance officer checks on absentees. The deans act as counsellors and help solve the individual problems of students. AN INVESTMENT IN KNOWLEDGE Lett: Miss Mary E. Bowers, Executive Secretary, Miss Barbara Karshner, Stenoqrapher. Right: Miss Doro- thea Knight, Secre- tary-Reqistrarg Miss Tisula Nussis, Clerk. Page Twenty-fom' A mi fa 47' MRS. MINA D. EVANS School Nurse MRS. IOY L. REMLEY Attendance Officer ALWAYS PAYS THE BEST INTEREST DEANS MRS. PAULINE BIDDLE Dean of Girls DAVID WELLS Dean of Boys F Page Twefnfy-fiife ,aw ,A-1 v4 'qw We 'll always remember '49 1 l 12. f S Q 1 All I g f! CLASS OFFICERS Row 4, leit to right: tSeniorsD Susan Harvey, Ruby Dawson, Charles Rogers, lerry VanSickle. Row 3: tluniorsl Margaret Cope, Elizabeth Ander- son, Torn Eyler, Burton Hoidlerth. How 2: CSophomoresl Hazel Baker, Marjorie Daw- son, Gordon Howard, Keith Gran. Row l: Cljreshmenl Susan Resoner, Sue Allman, Sara Nelson, lack Bratton. DONALD IOE AKERS-A.B.C.7 Speech Arts ll, 127 Music Club ll, 127 Football 117 Track ll, 12. RICHARD ANDERSON-A.B.C.7 Chorus 117 Band 10, ll, 12, Quar- termaster, 127 Music Club 10, ll, 12. RUTH ANDERSON-Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Master Sergeant of Reeds 127 G.A.A., Vice-President 127 Music Club 10, 11, 127 S.S.S.7 "Athenian," typist7 "Gold and Blue," typist. EULA BAKER-S.S.S.7 Spanish Club 9, 10, 11, 121 Librarian ll. HM BARNHILL--Audio Visual Aides 9, 10, ll, 127 A.B,C.7 Wrest- ling 97 Yell Leader ll, 12, CAROL BARKALOW--Chorus 9, 10, ll, 127 Music Club 9, 10, ll, 127 G.A.A.7 S.S.S. NILA BARTON7S.S.S.j Nurses Aide 11, 127 G.A.A.7 Chorus 10, 127 Paletteirs 9 ,10, 12, typist 12. FRED BAYLESS-A.B.C,7 Speech Arts7 Football 9, 10, ll, 127 Bas- ketball 9, 107 Wrestling Manager 117 Wrestling 127 Golf 10, ll, 127 Chorus 9. PHYLLIS BIGGS--Newark, New lersey, High School 9, 10, 117 Paletteirs. CHARLES BINFORD-F.F.A., Vice-President 127 A.B.C.j Baseball ll, 127 Latin Club. 12. ANNE BOZE-S.S.S.7 Music Club 9, 10, 11, 127 Spanish Club 107 Chorus 127 Band 9, 10, 11, 127 "Gold and Blue" 117 Speech Arts 127 Drum Majorette 9, 10, 11, 127 Oratory 12. IOE BRADY -Monon High School 9, 101 A.B.C. MAXINE BURGETfBand 9, 10, ll, 127 Assistant Drum Majorette 10, ll, 127 S.S.S.7 G.A.A.7 Nurses Aide 127 Choir 10, ll, 127 Music Club ll, 127 Atheniettes 12, ROBERT BURKHARDT-A.B.C.7 Track 111 Up-N-Atom 117 Choir 9, 10, ll, 12, President 12: School Organist 127 Speech Arts 127 Music Club 11, 12, Program Chairman 12. ROBERTA BUSENBARK-fS.S.S,7 Hospital Aide. IACK CLEMENTS--A.B.C.7 Wrestling 107 Football 10, ll. LILLIAN COAHRAN-'S.S.S.: Band 9, 107 Nurses Aide 9, 10, 12. LUCY COOKSEY-S.S.S.j Band 9, 10, 11,12, Recording Secretary 127 Orchestra 97 Music Club 10, 11, 12. RUBY DAWSON--S.S.S., Vice-President ll, Corresponding Secre- tary 127 G.A.A., Secretary ll, President 127 Band 9, 10, 117 Nurses Aide 117 Music Club 10, 117 Class Treasurer 10, 122 National Honor Society: lunior Red Cross, Vice4President 10. KARL DICKERSON-A.B.C., President 12, Representative 10, 117 Class Vice-President 9, 10, 117 Music Club 10, 117 Chorus 9, 10, 117 Band 9, 107 Basketball 9, 10, ll, 127 Baseball 10, 111 Golf 121 National Honor Society7 Student Council 122 "Athen- ian," a1umni7 "Gold and Blue" 10, 117 Speech Arts 11. SAM DUNBAR-A.B.C.7 Speech Arts 127 Up-N-Atom 11, 12, Presi- dent 127 Track 127 Football 117 Student Council 117 Oratory 12. Page Twenty ezght TOM EAKLE-A.B.C., Band 9, 10, ll, 12, Vice-President 12, Music Club 9, 10, ll, 12, Vice-President 12, Chorus 9. PHYLLIS EGGERSA-Roachdale Hiqh School 9, 10, ll, S.S.S. TOM ELKINS-A.B.C., Basketball 10, Football 11, 12, Track ll, 12- 1 Choir 10, ll, 12, Music Club 10, 11, 12, Speech Arts 11, 12, "Gold and Blue" ll. LOIS ELLIOTTSSSS., Nurses Aide 9, 10, Music Club 11, 12, Choir ll, 12. ROBERT EVERETT-A.B.C.: Track ll, 12: Band 9, 10, 11, 12: Chorus ll, 12, Music Club 9, 10, ll, 12, Speech Arts 12. BEVERLY FISH--left of Lafayette 9, 10, ll, S.S.S., Nurses Aide 12. BILL FLANIGAN--A.B.C., Secretary 12, Baseball 10, Basketball 9, 10, Tennis ll, 12, Yell Leader ll, 12, Speech Arts 10, 11, 12, "Gold and Blue", Business Manager, Editor, Quill and Scroll, Board of Publications, Vice-President 12, Student Coun- cil 9, 10, 12. ANN FOI.EYvS.S.S. Cabinet 9. 11, "Gold and Blue" 11, 12, Quill and Scroll 12, Up-N-Atom 12, Chorus 9, 11, Latin Club ll, Music Club ll, 12, Speech Arts 12. PAT FRANCISfS.S.S., "Gold and Blue" ll, "Athenian," calen- dar, Latin Club ll, 12, Aedile 11, Cheer Leader 9, 10, ll, 12, Speech Arts ll, 12, Debate ll, Oratory ll, 12. DON FROEDGE-Football 9, 10, 11, 12, Basketball 9, 10, ll, 12, F.F.A., A.B.C., Sergeant-at-Arms 12. CHARLES FRYeA.B.C., Paletteirs 9, 10, 11, 12, Patrol 10, "Gold and Blue" 9. ROBERT GARNER-A.B.C., "Gold and Blue" 11, Up-N-Atom 12, Band 10, ll, 12, Spanish Club ll, 12, Music Club 9, 10, ll, 12, Chorus ll, 12. BARBARA GOLDEN-S.S.S., Music Club 10, ll, 12, "Gold and Blue" 10, Up-N-Atom 10, "Athenian," typist, Chorus 9, 10, Iunior Honor Society 9, Student Council ll. BETTY GOODWIN--S.S.S., "Gold and Blue" ll, 12, "Athenian," alumni, Speech Arts 10, ll, 12, Up-N-Atom 10, ll, Music Club, Chorus 9, 10, ll, 12. RUTH GRAVES-S.S.S., Spanish Club 10, Chorus 10, ll. WENDELL GRAVES--Darlington High School 9, 10, ll. DONALD GRIER-A.B.C., "Gold and Blue" ll, 12, Up4N-Atom 12, Speech Arts ll, 12. ALBERTA HAMILTON-S.S.S., G.A.A., Treasurer ll, Music Club ll, 12, Nurses Aide 10, ll, 12, "Athenian," typist, Chorus 10, ll, 12. MARILYN HARDING--S.S.S., G.A.A., Nurses Aide 9, "Gold and Blue" 10, Up-N-Atom 10, Paletteirs 10, ll, 12, Vice-President 10, Music Club 10, 11, 12. TRILLIS HARPER-S.S.S., Nurses Aide 9, 10. SUSAN HARVEY-"Athenian," Co-editor, "Gold and Blue," Editor ll, Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12, Atheniettes 12, Speech Arts 10, 11, 12, S.S.S., Cabinet 10, 12, Nurses Aide 9, Music Club 10, 11, 12, Quill and Scroll ll, 12, Board of Publications, President 12, Class Secretary ll, 12, Senior Honor Society. Page Twenty-'nine CAROLYN HASLAM-S.S.S.5 G.A.A.5 Nurses Aide 9, 10. DON HAYES-A.B.C., Cabinet5 Tennis 10, ll, 125 Wrestling ll, 125 "Gold and Blue" 115 Up-N-Atom ll, 125 Choir 9, 10, 11, 125 Iunior Honor Society 95 Senior Honor Society5 Speech Arts 125 Student Council 10. VIRGINIA HAYWORTH -"Gold and Blue" 115 Music Club 10, 11, 125 Choir 10, 11, 125 Atheniettes 125 SSS. ANNA HEATER4S,S.S.5 Nurses Aide. AUDREY HEATH-San Pedro, California 10, 115 S.S.S.5 Nurses Aide 12. DICK HENDERSON--A,B.C.5 Football 9, 10, 11, 125 Wrestling 9, 10, 11, 125 Track 11, 125 F.F.A. GORDON HENRY--vA.B.C.5 Band 9, 10, ll, 125 Drum Major ll, 125 Student Director ll ,125 Music Club 9, 10, ll, 125 "Athenian" Staff 125 Baseball ll, 125 Iunior Honor Society 9. ARNETTA HICKS--S.S,S.5 lunior Honor Society 95 Nurses Aide 9. FRED HITCH--A.B.C,5 Wrestling 125 Band 10, ll, 125 Music Club 10, ll, 12. MARGARET HOLE-S.S.S.5 Music Club 10, 11, 125 Nurses Aide 115 Chorus 125 Glee Club 95 Band 10, 11, 12, MARIORIE HOLEfS.S.S.5 Music Club 10, 11, 125 Nurses Aide 115 Chorus 125 Glee Club 95 Band 10, 11, 12. RICHARD HOWELL---A.B.C.5 Up-N-Atom 11, 125 Band 9, 10, 11, 125 Quill and Scroll ll, 125 "Gold and Blue" 9, 10, 115 "Athenian," photo editor. BARBARA HUNLEY-S.S.S.5 G.A.A.5 Chorus 10, 11, 125 Music Club ll, 12. NELLA HUNTER--S.S.S.5 Nurses Aide 115 Up-N-Atom 10, 12, Sec- retary 12, MILDRED ISENBERG--S.S.S.5 G.A.A.5 Nurses Aide 105 Speech Arts 10. RICHARD IESSUPfTenatly Hiqh School, New lersey 9, 10, 115 A.B.C.5 Basketball 9, 10, 115 Track 9, 10, 11, 12. ROSS IOLLEY-A.B.C.5 F.F.A., Reporter 11. LUCRETIA KARLE-S.S.S.5 Speech Arts 10, 11, 125 Music Club 10, 11, 125 Nurses Aide 95 Chorus 9, 10, 11, 125 "Gold cmd Blue" 9. ROBERT KEEDY-A.B.C.5 Track ll, 125 Music Club 11, 125 Choir 11, 125 Chorus 10, 11, 125 Speech Arts5 Up-N-Atom 11. MARGIE KINKEAD-S.S.S.5 G.A.A.5 Iunior Bed Cross, Representa- tive 10. MABEL KNOX-S.S.S.5 G.A.A.5 Nurses Aide 95 Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12. Page Thu ty ROBERT KNOX--Audio Visual Aides 10, ll, 125 A.B.C. Track ll, 12. REGINA LANDONiS.S.S.5 "Gold and Blue" ll, 125 "Athenian,' Treasurer 125 Choir 12, LEROY LARGENTiA .B.C. PEGGY LEWELLEN-S.S.S.5 Nurses Aide 9, 10, 125 Music Club ll 125 Chorus 9, 10, 11, 125 "Athenian," Typist5 Librarian ll. RICHARD LINGEMAN--.A.B.C.5 Football 10, ll, 125 Basketball 9 10, 115 Track ll, 125 Debate 10, ll, 125 Oratory 10, 11, 125 "Gold and Blue," Editor 115 "Athenian," Sports5 Speech Arts tary 125 Quill and Scroll ll, 125 Student Council 9, 10, 12 President 12. - DAVID LONG--A.B.C.5 Band 9, 10, 11, 125 "Athenian," music: "Gold and Blue" ll: Up-N-Atom 117 Senior Honor Society 125 Music Club 11, 125 Speech Arts 11, 12: Student Council ll. DONALD McMURRYfA.B.C.5 Baseball 10, 11. ROBERT MASON-A.B.C.5 Audio-Visual Aides 9, 10, ll, 125 F.F.A. WANETA MILES-S.S.S.5 Chorus 95 "Gold and Blue," Typist 12. BETTIE MISCH-S.S.S.5 Band 9, 10, 11, 125 Twirlerp Up-N-Atom 115 Music Club 10, 11, 125 "Gold and Blue," Typist 12. RAYMOND MOON-A.B.C.5 Speech Arts 11, 125 Spanish Club ll, 12, Vice-President 125 Chorus 125 Music Club 125 Wrestling ll. ANNE MOORE-S.S.S.5 G.A.A.5 Up-N-Atom 115 Senior Band 9, 10 11, 125 Choir 9, 10, ll, 125 Drum Majorette 10, 11, 125 Music Club. CARL MORRIS-A.B.C.5 Basketball 105 Football 10, 115 Baseball 10, 11, 125 Up-N-Atom 12. LETTISHIA MYERS-S.S.S.5 Chorusp G.A.A, IUANITA NICl'IOLSfS.S.S.: G.A.A.5 Nurses Aide 9, 10. DORIS NUNAN-S.S.S.5 Nurses Aide 10, 12. KENNETH NUNAN-A.B.C. DAVID O'NEALL-A.B.C.5 Chorus 9, 10, 11, 125 Librarian 105 Music Club 9, 10, 11, 125 Latin Club ll, 12, President 125 Up-N-Atom 11, 125 Football 125 Golf 12. DONALD PARKERA-A.B.C. FLOYD PEGLER-A.B.C.5 Track ll, 125 Up-N-Atom 10, 11, 125 Band 9, 10, 125 Speech Arts 12. Page Thirty-one BILL KRUG-A.B.C.5 Football 11, 125 Basketball 9, 10, ll, 125 Activities5 Up-N-Atom ll: Paletteirs 9, 10, ll, 12, Secretary- I 1 1 Vice-President 11, President 125 Senior Honor Society, Secre- AMY PLANK-S.S.S., Cabinet 11, Treasurer 127 G.A.A.7 Nurses Aide 11. PAUL PORTER4A.B.C.7 "Gold and Blue" 97 Up-N-Atom 10, 11, 127 Speech Arts 127 Debate 121 Chorus 12. FRED QUlLLEN!A.B.C.7 Football Manager 10, 117 Basketball 97 Basketball Manager 107 F.F.A.7 Track 11, 121 Baseball 10. GLORIA QUISENBERRYfS.S.S.7 G.A.A.7 Paletteirs 9, 10, 11, 12, President 10, Vice-President 117 lunior Honor Society 97 Quill and Scroll 11, 127 "Gold and Blue" 9, 117 Speech Arts 127 "Athenian," Art7 Senior Honor Society, President 12. MARTHINE QUlSENBERRY4S.S.S.: "Gold and Blue" 9. DAVID RANKIN-A.B.C.7 Athletic Manager 9, 101 Student Coun- cil 10. DONALD RANKlN4A.B.C.7 Band 9, 10, 11, 127 Track 117 Music Cluby Chorus 9, 127 Football 9, 107 Pep Band 12. IOSEPHINE REESEASSS.: G.A.A. DAVID REMLEY4A.B.C.J Audio Visual Aides, Vice-President 11, President 127 Track 11, 121 Chorus 127 Debate 117 Speech Arts 11, 121 Music Club 121 Senior Boys' Sextet 12. NANCY RESONER4S.S.S.7 Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12: Speech Arts 10, 11, 12, Secretary 10, 11, Treasurer 127 Spanish ll, 12, Secre- tary-Treasurer 121 Up-N-Atom 127 Music Club 11, 12. MARY RICHMONDA-Chorus 10, 11: S.S.S. ROBERT RIGGS-fA.B.C.g Football Q, 10, 11, 127 Basketball 9, 10, 111 Golf 117 Speech Arts, Treasurer 107 Debate 10, 11, 127 Oratory 10, 11, 12. IIM ROBINSON-A.B,C.7 Band 9, 10, 11, 127 Music Club 9, 10, 11, 127 Chorus 9. CHARLES ROGERS-'A.B.C.j Football 10, 11, 127 Wrestling gf Audio Visual Aides 11, 12: Up-N-Atom 11, 12, Vice-President 127 Speech Arts 10, 11, 12, Vice-President 127 "Athenian," Business Managen Class Vice-President 127 Choir 9, 11, 127 National Honor Society, Treasurer. EVERETT ROSEflNrestling 121 Baseball 11, 121 A.B.C.7 Foote ball 10. PATSY RUDY--S.S.S., Choir Director 117 "Gold and Blue," Typist 127 Band 9, 10, 11, 127 Music Club 9, 10, 11, 127 Choir 9, 10, 11, 127 Orchestra 9, 107 G.A.A.7 Drum Majorette7 Atheniettes 12. PHYLLIS SERING-S.S.S,7 Chorus 9, 10, 11: Music Club. RYAN SHAW4A.B.C.7 Basketball 9, 107 Wrestling 11, 127 "Gold and B1ue" 10, 117 Up'N-Atom 11, 127 Track 11, 127 Band 9, 10, 11. BILL SHIELDS'-Darlington High School 9, 10, 117 A.B.C. LORAINE SMITH-S.S.S.j Concession Chairman7 G.A.A.7 Music Club. PAT SMITH-S.S.S.7 G.A.A,7 Music Club 10, 11, 127 Nurses Aide 11. Page Thu ty two HAROLD STAMPSe-A.B.C., Wrestling 10, ll, 12, Chorus 9. HOWARD STEELEfA.B.C., Football 9, 10, 11, 12, Wrestling 9, ll. ANORA S'l'EWARTiS.S.S., Spanish Club 10, 11, 12, Paletteirs 9, 10, 11, 12, Secretary 10, National Honor Society, Vice-Presi dent 12, "Athenian," Art, Nurses Aide 9, ELSIE MAE SWlTZERfS.S.S.: G,A.A. ROBERT TAGUE-A.B.C., Football 10, Tennis 9, ll, 12, Wrestling 9, Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Music Club, Chorus 9, 12. BARBARA TITUS-S.S.S., Chorus 11, 12. GLEN TODD-A.B.C,, F.F.A., Treasurer 12, lunior Honor Society 9. DON VAN CLEAVEaA.B.C., Choir 11, 12, F.F,A. MELVIN VAN SCOYOC-A.B.C., Music Club, Senior Band 9, 10, ll 12 , . IERRY VAN SICKLE-A.B.C., Student Council ll, 12, "Gold and Blue" ll, Quill and Scroll ll, 12, Honor Society ll, 12, Class President 12. IACK WALTON---A.B.C., Basketball 9, 10, Wrestling ll, 12, Ten- nis l0, 11, 12, Chorus 12. FRED WARBINTLON-A.B.C., Reporter 12, "Athenian," Sports, "Gold and Blue," Sports Editor 10, 11, 12, Quill and Scroll 11, 12, Board of Publications, Secretary 12, Band 9, 10, 11, Speech Arts 11, 12, Iunior Honor Society 9, Football 9, 10. MARTHA ELLEN WARD-lunior Honor Society 9, Class Secre- tary 10, Class Treasurer 11, Senior Honor Society, "Athenian," Co-editor, S.S.S. ESTHER WARREN-S.S.S., Cabinet 10, President 12, G.A.A., Presi- dent 11, Band 9, 10, ll, Nurses Aide ll, Music Club 10, ll, Junior Honor Society 9, Class Treasurer 9, "Gold and Blue" ll. MARTHA IEAN WELLS-S.S.S., Cabinet 11, Band 10, ll, 12, Sec- retary 12, Chorus 10, Choir ll, 12, "Gold and Blue" ll, "Athenian," Music, Music Club 10, ll, 12, Iunior Honor So- ciety 9, Senior Honor Society, G.A.A. MARIORIE WHITE-S.S.S., G.A.A. CAROLE WILLIAMS-S.S.S., Nurses Aide 9, 10, "Gold and Blue" 11, "Athenian," Activities, Up-N-Atom ll, Speech Arts ll, 12, Music Club 12. PHILLIS WILLIAMS-S.S.S., Cabinet 12, Music Club 9, 10, ll, 12, Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Student Council 11. RICHARD WILLS--A.B.C., Basketball 9, 10, F.F.A., Iunior Honor Society 9, Baseball 12, Audio Visual Aides. ALBERT WILSON-Fenwick High, Oak' Park, Illinois 9, 10, 11, A.B.C., Baseball 12. AUDREY WOLFE -S.S.S. Page Thirty-three RICHARD WRIGHT-A.B.C.g Music Club, Choir ll, Band, Presi- dent 127 Quill and Scroll, "Gold and Blue" ll, Class President 10, ll, Pep Band 11, 12. IAMES YOUNT4A.B.C.5 F.F.A.7 Audio Visual Aides. BEVERLY ZACHARY--S.S.S.g Music Club 9, 10, ll, 12, Secretary 12, Band 9 ,1O, ll, 125 Choir ll, 12, "Gold and Blue" "Athenian," Business Manager, Quill and Scroll ll, 12, G.A.A. HELEN ZEIGLER--SSS., G.A.A.g Nurses Aide. G. E. D. GRADUATES The following have earned diplomas through the General Edu- cation Development Tests since the publication of the 1948 "Athenian": Raymond Addler, Ir., Dean A. Clark. Melvin A. Cope, Richard Lee Cord, Iulian L. Stout, and Cecil Eugene Zachary. ln Memoriam March 27, 1931 . . . MARGARET IONES . . . October 13, 1945 "Somewhere back in the sunset Vllhere loveliness never dies, She lives in a land ot qlory 'Mid the gold and blue of the skies." Page Thirty-four Left to right: Charles Rogers, Vice-President Ruby Dawson, Treasurer Susan Harvey, Secretary Ierry VanSick1e President A Pagv Tlzirfy-fire 'ml THE IUNIOR CLASS Row 6-Iohn Cowan, Pat Sinclair, Burton Hotierth, Greta Smith, Bob Iones, Pat Russell, Bill McMurray, Virginia Shillings, Iune Holley, Delta Clore. Row 5--Mari Ann Houston, Wayne Iacoby, Buddy Bradley, Malcolm McDonald, Cherry Young, Bob Shuler, Betty Libka. Row 4-Kathryn Swanson, Fred Cowan, Sarah Patton, Ronald Thompson, Elizabeth Ander- son, lohn Marshall, Marlene Knox, Pat Foster. Row 3-Richard Caldwell, Libby Luster, Margaret Cope, Beverly Birch, Bobby Scaggs, Yo- landa Earl, Bobby Harris. Row 2-Phyllis Coahran, lim Long, Peggy Spangler, Don Whalen, Marilyn Hardee, lack Roudebush, Tom Vifilson. Row l-Roy England, Denny Lou McDonald, Dallas Swank, Beverly Furgeson, Dan Hin- ton, Lou Sperry, Doris Barclay. Row 6-Iacqueline St. Clair, Bob Stiller, Pat Peacock, Shirley Hicks, Richard Stout, Tom Prince, Donald Coahran, Eleanor Brown, Mary Mutch. Row 5-Barbara Howard, lames Gill, Mary Ann Tilney, Lyle McClain, Mary Adams, Bob Pierson, Dick Delks. Row 4-Margaret Rhodes, lack Canine, Keith Willis, Sylvia Gardner, Maurice Merrell, Irene Matter, Don Gobel, loan Trurnp, Ioyce Sutton. Row 3-Donna Beck, Fred Buzzaird, Pat Crane, Ruth Reynolds, Martha Repp, Fred Hamm, Betty Grabman. Row 2-Henry Middleton, Catherine Foster, Ann Weliver, Bob Kincaid, Eugene Zachary, Roselyn Bottortt, Iesse Walters, Lelan Hole. Row l-Robert Hole, loyce Tilney, Rosemarie Bottortt, Barbara Akers, Ronald Bradley, Mary Elliott, lanine Alexander. Row 7-Donald Boots, Iudith Cornett, Shirley Clark, lim Kyger, Bob Thomas, Doris Wilson, Helen Harvey, Ruth Patrick. Row 6-Vivian Myers, Kenneth Eyler, Carol Cottingham, Ted Runyon, Richard Russell, Doris De Voto. Row 5-Dick Byrd, Margaret Biggs, Tom Eyler, David Hewitt, Bill Campbell, Don Fairfield. Row 4-Shirley Howard, Steve Grabman, lean Herbers, Margaret Vanette, Lee Pettit, Ed Walton, Anna Carolyn Stump. Row 3fTommy Redenbaugh, Albert Rayburn, Ioan Taylor, loyce Hill, Ruth Martin, Bar- bara Willoughby, Carolyn Hutchins. Row 2-Nancy Reichard, Keith Churchill, Alberta Gibson, Billy Douglas, Mona Whartf, Bob High. Row l-Doris Zachary, George Stoker, Mary Harwood, Robert Reese, Darlene Iones, Ron- ald Vance, Shirley Moore. Page Thirty-six ds, -4 Pugr' Tllirfy-sr'1'1'11 Qsismw HQ. 9' 5.9.9 .nl ? Aw, K.. .f ,X I X SM THE SOPHOMORE CLASS Row 6GRobert Lane, Donna Sowers, Roger Sering, Ellen lean Bintord, Phil Powell, Ann Cot- ton, Byron See, Barbara Ross, Pat Reinhardt. Row 5s-Alene Fisher, Dwayne Clark, Mary Andrews, lohn Hirshburg, Virginia Pettit, Gor- don Howard, Iudy Gegner, Paul Lynch, Nancy Mutch. Row 4----Pat Thomas, lim Mahan, Pam Hawkins, Dan Curtis, lean Walton, lunior Crane, ludith Laurimore, Henry French. Row 3f-Suzanne Beecher, Tom Mclntyre, Ioanne Lentz, Forrest Hicks, Marian Ellington, Bill Richmond, Patsy Gleason, Duane Neet. Row 2eeTorn McCain, Nancy Beck, lack Douglas, Greta Gray, Kevin Orr, Charlotte Ew- bank, lim Stribing, Betty Munn, Clyde Welsh. Row lfLawrence Brewer, Naomi Nichols, Richard Conway, Carol Todd, Evan Kessler, Patsy Gill, Bob Parsons, Barbara Wilson. Row 6fDavid Schaat, lackie Runyon, Keith Everett, Carolyn Lamb, Marvelon Brown, Barbara Handy, Sam Evans, Chloibelle Apple, lim Burkhardt. Row 5--Iohn Waldon, Keith Gran, Margaret Greer, Ed Darnall, Ierry McCormick, Albert Knowling, Pat Iones, Bob Stultz. Row 4-Don Lashley, Mary Grissom, Warren Harmeson, Eileen Bullock, Earl Elliott, Bar- bara Perkins, Orice Froedge, Pat Roudebush. Row 3-Sharleen Eyler, Phyllis Deck, loan Hose, lake Edminston, Suannys Black, Don Dickerson, Marlene Cowan, Charles Strain, Betty Stonebraker. Row 2fBetty Broderick, Don Schreiner, Marie Wolfe, Vincent Posthauer, Lois Byerley, Fred White, Sue Fry, lohn Kinkead, Shirley Dunkin. Row lfDon Smith, Hazel Baker, Bob Cook, Beverley Zachary, Ward Chambers, Carol Bottorit, Donald Hammer, loyce McGuire. Row 6-Bettylee lsenberg, Pat Kell, lane May, William Wooden, Grover Long, Shirley Haw- kins, Dick Custer, Martha Todd, Tom Showalter. Row 5fRextord Zachary, Marialice Mitchell, Charles Grimes, lanet Pearson, Ioy Lamb, Fred Poore, Lee Utterback, Ronald Miller, Mary Edith Patton. Row 4-Betty Eyler, Dale Kreps, Helen Crumley, Ted Elmore, Betty Wills, lim Stephens, Io Ann Booher, Larry Fishero, Phyl Flick, Don Warren. Row 3f-Marjorie Dawson, Norma Cummings, Pat Taylor, Bill White, Pat Livingston, Rob- ert Wilkinson, Norma Chandler, Dwight Cox. Row 2-Mary Mildred Patton, Bob Waldon, Beverly lane Stewart, Frank Switzer, Peggy Wooden, Max Cox, lanet Coahran, Dick King. Row l-Phyllis Breeden, Carl Franklin, Betty Wood, Richard Updike, Betty Titus, Richard Northcutt, loyce Staton, Robert Nocus. Page Thirty-eight . we mimi mn-ax XQ- dh -sm 1 HQ ...- M ig - RR ,Ei-if"' A-A-uw any S 5, an ,, K :.,f x J' -,Q -until ., Q """"U"m',,, g 4,-vm ,. f was x 1' 3 s f V J' .f-- , o ,.-. 4-s A Puyv T,II'l'fjl-HI'llt' THE FRESHMAN CLASS Row 7----Patty Laughlin, Mary Ellen Keller, Vernon Spaulding, Donald Cotten, Ruthanna Dellinger, Cynthia Fulford, lohanna Herrmann. Row 6eBetty Brown, Carl Cook, Mary Knox, lack Swanson, Lucille Kyger, Morton Pater- son, leanette McCollough, Allen Shaw, Bonnie Cochran. Row 5-Doyne Switzer, Iames Nelson, Edna Gass, Lonnie Birchfield, Esther Storms, Bob Harding, loyce Ann Etchison, lerome Zachary, Margaret Lane, Bob Dixon. Row 4---Beverly Clore, David Nelson, Estella Keller, Kenyon Moore, Betty Middleton, Bob VV ood, Pat Pritchett, Gary Neideifer, Rosalee Long. Row 3:-Shirley Todd, Bob Remley, Dolores Eblin, Raymond Mikels, Sharon Scott, Iohn lohnson, Joyce Reese, Larry Moore, Phyllis Long, Dick Layne. Row 2-Patty Quisenberry, Gilbert Custer, Mary Scott, Willie Robinson, Ierry Burk, Don- ald Stump, Kathleen Utterback, Don Rose, Carolyn Wiatt, lim Linn. Row l-Beverly Nichols, lvan Brewer, Beulah Miles, Tom Birch, Beverly lean Wall, Larry Robinson, Ioanne Seals, Don Cope, Monna Runyon, Nicky Kirages. Row 6-Carolyn Straub, lune Carter, Shirley Largent, Don Manly, Eddie McCallum, Larry Simpson, Pat Carman, Nancy Servies, Ronnie Martin, Sally Huber, Patsy Simonds. Row 5-Fredd Dye, Elinor Coffel, David Patton, Caroline Manson, Keith Phillips, Nancy Footitt, Iamie Beebe, Donna Gilliland, lack Bratton, Shaila VanSickle, Sara Nelson. Row 4-Don Stribling, Faye Ball, Iohn McAtee, Barbara Brann, Rex Hunley, Carolyn Dazey, Tom Newlin, Pat Caplinger, Billy Burks, laniece lack. Row 3-Ioan Cowan, Royce lones, Delores lones, lunior Gustafson, Donna Eyler, Bernard Vtfharff, Ramon Hamm, Beverly Henderson, Don Cox, loy Fredericks. Row 2-Shirley Coventry, Damon Hamm, Barbara Endean, Bob Dye, Barbara Wolfe, Wal- ter Iacoby, Sally Lou Clark, Warner Davison, Mary Griest, Tom Todd. Row 1--Ioan Grabman, lames Douglas, Clarabeth Griffin, Dickie Ford, Carol Cunning- ham, Kevin Zachary, Rose Peffley, Ierry Townsley, Alice Faye Houston, lack Cunningham. Row 6wCarolyn Armantrout, George Pickett, Diana Crane, Ulta Burks, Dick Cofer, Fred Ewoldt, Charles Kell, Anna Thomas. Row 5--Shirley Kiley, Arthur Lorenz, Doris Bundy, Stanley Terry, Phyllis Hultz, Ed Money, Waneta Shanklin, Cecil Howard, Phyllis Iohnson, Billy Powell. Row 4-Sue Allman, Bill Cummings, Doris Knowling, lim Hofferth, Diane Crawford, lohn Iones, Peggy Ross, Phil McQueen, Anne Hutson, Iohn Wilson. Row 3-Margaret Davis, I. Griner, Evelyn Hobbs, Frank Endicott, Virginia Akers, Clarence Taylor, Lulabell Brady, Donnie Hipes, Ioyce Gobel, Keith Stephens. Row 2-Martha Price, Bill Blacker, Phyllis Hoffa, Ernest Walden, Barbara Sommer, Ron- nie Demoret, Dawn Reicharcl, Don Dinwiddie, Helen Harris, Bill Hill. Row 1-Bernice Francis, Tommy Roche, Susie Resoner, Theron Lowe, Rita Scaggs, George Phares, Carol Brady, Duane Clements, Alice Walls, Wayne Smith. Page Forty '9-and ,mv NM 5 um' Forty-one Xfwmxxkf www A A 1 1 A THE EIGHTH GRADE Row 6--Sondra Vtfhartt, Darlene White, Kaye Ball, Lawrence Baldwin, Ronald Addler, Iuan Wilson, lanice Harper. Row 5-Patty Maxwell, Patty Caldwell, Freida McCollum, Betty Disney, Marie Hose, Phil Quillin, Betty Eden, Phyllis Ballard. Row 4-Shirley Arnold, Donald Pickett, Hazel Morley, Richard Kendricks, Sandra Swank Margaret Carothers, Ben Morris. 1 Row 3-eloan Baker, Bob Ferling, Shirley Duncan, Marvin Clark, Patsy W'elliver, Billy An- derson, Eleanor Baldwin, Robert Willhite. Row 2--Bessie Bannister, Homer Wilkinson, Barbara Manion, Ross Boraker, Patty Platt, Sammy McAlister, Mary Munson, Dean McClain. Row le-Sue Otterman, Howard Birdsong, Patty Swearingen, lim Quisenberry, lean Car- man, Keith Kauble, Charlotte Darwactor, Ralph Fairfield. Row 6efCharles Walker, Gwendolyn Morgan, Mildred Foy, Bill Brown, Elnora Clark, Billy W'ilhite, Glenda Milligan, Fred Baker, Marcia Schneider, David Parker. Row 5-lackie Hawkins, Patty Pointer, Bill Servies, Helen Baldwin, Bernard Waldon Ruby Lepper, Franklin Ruttner, Ethel Birchiield. 1 Row 4mBetty Northcutt, David Elmore, lane Beebe, Hobart Douglas, Patricia Long, Don Long, Nancy Graham, Sam Paxton. Row 3-Ioyce Tague, Donald Gleason, Caroline Roberts, Bob Sumner, Shirley Stites, Charles Gleason, Nancy Demoret, Don Shepherd. Row 2feLois Ann Keedy, lack Corbin, Shirley Cunningham, Robert Nunan, Barbara Hixon, Damon Grittin, Marilyn Miene, Billy Farrar. Row l-eAlice loan Northcutt, La Von Houston, Vera Alice Eden, William Cope, Florence Largent, Dale Leath, Norma Wray, lames Lee, lr. Row 6-Marietta Coble, Sylvia Walden, Dick Meister, Linda Evans, Ernest Patrick, Beth Polley, lohn Holt. Row 5--Barbara Ellen Crane, Ioann Elkins, Iudy La Rocque, Suzanne Wilson, Della Har- rington, Bill Harrison, Marilyn McCalme-nt, Sara Hultz. Row 4-Nancy Lou Hunt, Donald Auman, Mary Wolte, Dave Gentry, Mary Kathryn ln- man, Larry Bayless, Pat Scaggs. Row 3--Peggy Conway, lacky Thompson, Mary Servies, Duane Gatliii, Elizabeth Charles, Bob Morrison, Phyllis Sleight, Richard Lashley. Row 2AGenevieve lohnson, Roscoe Manion, Anna Dukes, Ted Coahran, Beverly Fytfe, Iimmy Lytle, Sue Buser, William Mount. Row 1-v-Mary Perkins, Larry Gegner, ludith Crane, Danny Mast, Reva Kingery, Bob Burk, Barbara Hobbs, Robert Keller. Page Forty-two W 1 w w 1 if g J Q A S' . x gffvg Page Forty-th ree THE SEVENTH GRADE Row 7-Herbert Cox, Paul Evans, Pat Stonebraker, Don Adams, Robert Elmore, Wanda Peacock, limmie Lewis, Everett Sexton. Row 6-Nancy Ann Rice, Iackie Addler, Barbara Humbert, lackie Ross, Dorothy Biggs, Bob Bennett, Phyllis Lewis. Row 5-Neal lones, lanet Hultz, Dean Simpson, Marilyn Parsons, Larry Cobleigh, Kathryn Farris, Raymond French, David Proctor. Row 4-Patricia Runyon, Francis Elmore, Glenellen Roberts, Bob Robinson, lohn Bruce, Ger- aldine Ioiner, Wayne Surface, Nancy Kendricks. Row 3-Delores Shahan, lanis Ewoldt, Marilyn Boze, lim Andrews, Ioyce lohnson, Tommy Underwood, Viola Turner, Iarnes Caldwell. Row 2-Max Servies, Mary Robinson, Larry Chambers, Charles Douglas, Mary Shelton, Bill Thomas, Shirley Smith, Ted Guire. Row lfDickie Williamson, loan Monroe, Morris Quisenberry, Ioan Waldon, Richard Davis, Gloria Carver, Ierry Smith. Row 7-Harry Swank, Duane Cliiton, Eddie Rutledge, Nancy Fink, Allen Love, Martha Meyer, Lora Belle Breshears, R. B. Swanson. Row 6-Lex Stonebraker, Susan Elkins, Max Servies, Richard Willhite, Fred Endicott, Rod- ney Wall, Stanley Sechman, Shirley Walton. Row 5-Gerald McKinsey, Linda l-lesler, Don Newlin, Ronnie loe Domasco, Rex Wills, Gwendolyn Burk, Billy loe Bottorrt, William Tilney. Row 4-Patricia Davis, Phil Cunningham, Beverly Broderick, Fred Dickerson, Sara Max- well, Nancy Ellis, David Flanigan. Row 3-lack Watson, Lois Pritchett, David Krug, Marilyn Black, Bobbie Young, Elinor Apple, lames Surber, Connie lo Herron. Row 2fFreddie Lamb, Beverly Ryker, Ed Bayless, Nancy Snider, David Swank, Mary lane Hutson, Tommy Esra, Marilyn Fyt-te. Row lvAShirley Baker, Iohn Todd, Shirley Rose, Harold Welliver, Nancy Albertson, Hu- bert Trump, Carolyn Harris. Row 7-Dan Showalter, Paul lackson, Snyder Greer, Bob Disney, Fred Klause, Carl Graves, Charles Iones, David Stout. Row 6-Harold Newlin, Tom West, Kay Staiiord, Thomas Griner, Barbara Gerard, Ierry Rutledge, Pat Powell, Merle Meagher. Row 5-Eunice McMurry, Marilyn lsaacs, Iohn Franklin, Marilyn Everson, Eddie Hoffa, Elinor Dunn, lean Zachary, David Abney. Row 4-Clarence Kemble, Shirley Wray, Eddie Holmes, Christina Mills, Charles Cox, Sharon Bell, lerry Gobel, Rita Myers. Row 3ARobert Norvell, lackie Steele, Katie Nutt, Richard Watkins, Ioy Lee Weliver, Billy White, Ioan Demoret, lim Shaver. Row 2--Lucile Brady, limmy Cope, Roberta Poore, George Brown, Anna Pickett, Freddie Stewart, Marla Willhite, William Lewis. Row 1-Martha Walling, Roy Kiste, Phyllis Schreiner, Nelson May, Maxine Hastaday, Tommy Caldwell, Patsy Keller, Kenneth McCollum. Page Forty-four Pugv Forly-five -I , 51 VL l x X 2 ' gh he A -.....---., We'll always remember 949 l r When we recall the pleasant times at C. H. S., We Will undoubtedly remember the thrills furnished us by the sports at our school. VVe'll remember the caressing coolness ot those tall nights at Hoover Fieldg those cold crisp winter nights and basketball games .... Yes, We'll remember sports at C. l-l. S. Dick Linaeinan captained the l948 Crawfords- ville football team and will be succeeded by Keith Churchill. FOOTBALL VARSITY SQUAD Row 4, left to right-David O'Neall, Burton Holferth lstudent rnanaqerl, Don Froedqe, Tom Eyler, W'illiarn Wooden, Phil Powell, Robert Stil- ler, Torn Elkins, David Schaaf fstudent rnanaqerl, Row 3-Coach D. C. Graham, Kenneth Eyler, Richard Linqeman, Robert Rigas, Dan Curtis, Keith Churchill, Dick Henderson, Don Coahran, Fred Fairfield, Roqer Serina, Bob Hake Cline coachl. Row 2--Iohn Cowan, Dick Custer, Henry Mid- dleton, David Hewitt, Ed Darnall, Chuck Rogers, Bill Douglas, john Hirshburq. Row l-Fred Hamm, Don Whalen, Richard Byrd, Albert Rayburn, Bob Scaqas, Bill Krug, Buddy Bradley, Orice Froedqe, lim Striblinq, Bill Steele, Nw- Plevfxft pulls fur thzvsu lusi low vxxzfifa ': guy dui wvh nz lfxuv I7f1nv1Nc" 'x uw ffww': N :1--SVN ru FOOTBALL Q 5 A X ?1u1z-I' 5 ms :wud dwwn cmd fV1Vl'5l T ' f 'vw' Ni Wm i'I'TfIiI"lSV Shvkr' wi '- .x V. ' mr.: -- l'rrgv Forty-nina' A f- ' Ima! Q ' KHFP Xb 2 'gpg sigsSsfg FOOTBALL RESERVE SQUAD Row 3-Left to right: Coach "Bill" Chase, Gilbert Custer, Dale Kreps, Ronald Martin, Grover Long, Don Dickerson, Ramon Hamm, Ted Elmore, lim Mahan, Duane Clark, Allen Shaw fstudent manaqerl, lim Hofierth fstudent manaqerl. Row 2-Ed McCallum, Phil McQueen, Don Cox, Don Dinwiddie, Forrest Hicks, Vincent Posthauer, Don I-Iipes, Clyde VJelsh, Damon Hamm, Bill White. Row 1-Wayne Smith, lohn lones, Ronald Bradley, Larry Flshero, Bill Richmond, Bob Vloods, George Phare-s, lack Douglas, Duane Clements. "Cracker" shows an aspiring group of Athenian qridciers how it ought to be done. 1 . J. w Page Fifty .. ,..,,,.... ,V -W my - . V an-f-,-----LIT pun:----f--f v -if r FOOTBALL Delphi A light and inexperienced Crawfordsville eleven was outclassed in the opening game of the season by the surprisingly strong Delphi Oracles, 19 to 0. Bogged down by crippling pen- alties all evening, the Athenians failed to muster any offensive threat. Noblesville The Athenians looked better in their home debut, but, hurt by fumbles, they were edged out by the Millers l3 to l2. A 50-yard run by Lingeman and a pass play, Whalen to Eyler, ac- counted for the Athenian scores. Shortridge Shortridge, a perennial power in Indiana high school football, brought another strong team to Hoover Field, and the game ran true to form with the Blue Devils rolling up a 20 to O first quarter lead. But the Athenians came to life in the third period, scoring on long passes from Whalen to Lingeman and Hamm, and bringing the count to 20 to 14. Shortridge, however, again turned on the steam and the final score was 32 to l4. Sheridan The Athenians took to the road for their next game to play a good Sheridan team. Sheri- dan pushed over an early touchdown and the game resolved itself into a battle of the two opposing lines, with the Athenians muffing several scoring opportunities and finally losing out, 6 to O. West Lafayette Crawfordsville went down to its fifth straight defeat at the hands of the West Lafayette Red Devils, 19 to U. Showing little in the way of a sustained offense, the Athenians played most of the game in their own territory. Danville Athenian fortunes reached their lowest ebb against a mediocre team from Danville. Al- though they scored two first-half touchdowns on plunges by Riggs and Hewitt, the Athenians were very lax defensively and let Danville run up a 33 to 13 score. Ieff A game but out-manned Crawfordsville team could offer little opposition to powerful Ief'f's North Central Conference champs and lost their final home game, 39 to 0. Keith Churchill, one of the mainstays of the Athenian offense all year, sparked the only Athenian offensive effort of the evening when he scored a touchdown, only to have it nullified by a penalty. Greenfield The Athenians ended an otherwise unlucky season on a happy note at Greenfield by tri- umphing 12 to 7. The game was Crawfordsville's all the way, for a change, with little Bill Krug scoring both touchdowns on passes from Whalen and with the Athenian line acquit- ting itself Well. Page Fifty-one Bczlw Sllllel llqllls gcmoly lm' CI Ioiwnulld Wlllm lwu Afllfgfx plcyebxs GS Buddy Bradley lcvoks cm. flue Alhemuus wrn from lhe RFIIUlWlPIS in G Thrill mfg overtime flume, 4l-39, VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD Slcmdmq, lefl lr riqhl Couch Elll Chase, Bull Stillel, Dlfli Sloul, Burtcn Hoflcrlll lsludenl mun- Ciqerb, Don Froeclqe, Phil Powell, Dirk Byrd KST11- de-nl IIIGIICIQOU Seated Karl Dxckerson, Fred Buzzmrcl, Dave Llewill, Buddy Bradley, Bill Kmq, lohn l-lirshlwum. Pago Fiffy-z'1l'o l' rg EH' 1,-lllzgf lwlscwvs my lus ovvu IUl5SGCl llefe llm W mznfl Sinks C1 0llP'l1lII'lClC'I Gs Q Sczuth Bend l-lllfly :luywx mulaos rw llllllii illl1?lIlPl to lvlfrvlc The 2-1lu '. BASKETBALL "B" SQUAD Llrancllnq, lvl? lcv riqhl Coarll D. C. Graham, Qtllikx F1119-dfze, VVlll1c1zn VVooulQn, Phil Powell, Dun Palms, Du-lc Byrd lsiudenl muncxqerl. Sealed lvlwn lanes, N43IlllCTU Cummings, Don Manly larry Fzshnrry Kc-Xvln Orr, lim Slrilvlmu. Page Fifty-fhrcc 5 , 13" 'K ,-an 1' AK M 1. 6. ...i., X BASKETBALL At the beginning of practice for the l948-49 basketball season, Athenian Coach Bill Chase was faced with the task of building a net squad with only two members of last year's team to use as a nucleus. Bill was forced to dig deep into the rosters of last sea- son's reserve and freshman squads to select the members of his team. The basketball squad which resulted was naturally quite green and inexperienced, but the Athenians of l948-49 made up in fighting spirit what they lacked in poise and confidence. By the time the season was nearly over, Crawfordsville proved it could fight some of the better teams in the state on an even basis. Frankfort's Hot Dogs slapped a decisive 66-36 defeat on the Athenians in the opener, and Chase's boys then proceeded to take seven more consecutive losses. The Noblesville Millers won a heart-breaking 49-46 decision in the second game as the hard-fighting Athenians came from far behind to tie the game and send it into an overtime. The 'Tigers of Lebanon handed the Athenians their second one-sided defeat of the sea- son on the C. H. S. court, 47-27. Crawfordsville lost its fourth straight home game as the Greencastle Tiger Cubs rolled to a 61-44 decision. The Athenians then took to the road in hopes of finding a victory, but instead they re- ceived their fifth loss from Brazil, 50-26. Bloomington's powerful Panthers buried the Chasemen under a terrific second-half attack at the southern city to give the Athenians their sixth consecutive defeat, 67-44. C. H. S. then traveled to Terre Haute Garfield and was once again soundly trounced by the Purple Eagles, 47-33. Crawfordsville returned home and, with a new lease on life, led a tall team from Riley High School of South Bend until the final few minutes but lost another heartbreaker, 47-43. The defeat was Crawfordsville's eighth against no wins. Crawfordsville next journeyed to Frankfort on New Year's Day and gave its loyal rooters a pleasant surprise by taking the holiday tourney with victories over Michigan City and Elwood. The scores were 38-36 and 4l-38, respectively, as the Athenians won their first two games of the season. West l..afayette's hard-driving Bed Devils quickly doused any hopes of a big Athe- nian comeback, however, by pouring it on C. H. S., 43-24. Crawfordsville traveled to the banks of the Wabash and matched Clinton's Wildcats point for point before losing again, 47-39. Page Fifty-four The hot and cold Athenians then astounded their fans by trouncing a host Indian- apolis Washington club, 52-40. Crawfordsville led all the way while racking up their third victory of the season. C. H. S. next battled furiously with an invading Franklin five before going down to defeat, 51-42. After a very low-scoring first half, Fort Wayne's South Side .Archers pulled away to deal the visiting Athenians their twelfth loss, 44-23. A large number of C.H.S. fans showed that they were still definitely behind the team as they made the long trip north. ln a terrific and closely-fought game, the Athenians lost to the Tigers at Lebanon, 45-40. Martinsville handed the C. H. S. squad its second straight close loss, 40-36, at the Artesian city. The Athenians led until the final few minutes of play. Then came that terrific overtime upset of Attica's Ramblers, runners-up in the Wa- bash Valley, by the Chasemen, 4l-39. The game was one of the most exciting viewed in the C. H. S. gym for several years. lust to prove further that they were not to be taken lightly, the Athenians proceeded to travel to Lafayette and trample the State Champion leff Bronchos, 42-37. C. H. S. blasted its way to the win with a surging second half attack that had the Broncs buried, 42-3l, with less than a minute to go. Three quick leff buckets narrowed the score as Crawfords- ville hopes reached a new high. As suddenly as they had arisen to new heights, however, the Athenians receded again as they lost to Indianapolis Shortridge in the season's finale, 46-36. C. H. S. played a rather listless game against the tall capital crew as Crawfordsville lost its fifteenth game of the season. Sectional Tourney As usual, Crawfordsville drew a tough assignment in the sectional. After opening with a comparatively easy 46-29 victory over Waynetown's Gladiators, last year's run- ners-up, the Athenians dropped a tough 40-37 decision to a tall and well-drilled group of Waveland Hornets. Waveland proved its worth by going ahead to win the tourney and take the Charn- pionship Crown from C. H. S. The Athenians finished with an over-all record of six wins and sixteen defeats. Page Fifty-five mam FRESHMAN BASKETBALL SQUAD ROW 3, left to right-George Phares fstudent manaqerl, Ronny Martin, Fred Ewoldt, Ed Mc- Callum, lack Bratton, Coach Iohn McCormick. Row 2-lohn Beebe, Bill Cummings, Kenyon Moore, lim Hofferth, Phil McQueen. Row l-Damon Hamm, David Nelson, Don Cox, Ramon Hamm, Don Hipes. NINTH GRADE BASKETBALL Schedule Iohn McCormick's hustling freshman squad gave great promise of things to come in C. H. S. basketball by compiling a record of ten Wins against six losses during the 1948- 49 season. The "Little Atheniansf' competing in the freshman tourney at left, advanced through the first round With a lusty Win over Attica, but Were then put out of competition by the host Ieff team in an overtime thriller, 27-24. One look at the ninth grade schedule will support the fact that the freshmen played a tough schedule. Crawfordsville 40, West Lafayette 24. Crawfordsville 22, Ieff 28. Crawfordsville 30, Delphi 2l. Crawfordsville Crawfordsville Crawfordsville Crawfordsville Crawfordsville Crawfordsville Crawfordsville Crawfordsville Crawfordsville Crawfordsville Crawfordsville Crawfordsville Crawfordsville 27, Greencastle 25. 18, Frankfort 21. 33, Ladoga 24. 25, Greencastle 18. 39, Rossville, 23. 28, Attica 27. 27, Lebanon 30. 38, Attica 8. fPteservesl ll, Ladoga 32, Lebanon 27. 24, Ieff 27 fovertimel. 19, Lebanon 25. 50, West Lafayette 10. Page Fifty-six .Im'llll'l!!l ,FHL . EIGHTH GRADE SCHEDULE SEVENTH GRADE SCHEDULE Crawtordsville Linden 21. Crawtordsville , Linden 4. Crawtordsville New Market 16. Crawtordsville , New Market 11. Crawfordsville Vtfaveland 23 Covertimel. Crawtordsville , Waveland 21. Crawtordsville Greencastle 37. Crawtordsville , New Market 17. Crawtordsville New Market 22. Crawtordsville , Linden 17. Crawtordsville Greencastle 16. Crawtordsville , Waveland 26. Crawtordsville Roseville 26 Covertiniel. Crawtordsville , Ladoqa 24. Crawiordsville Attica 22 Covertirnel. Crawiordsville , Darlington 26. Crawtordsville Lebanon 30. Crawlordsville Lebanon 16. Crawtordsville Linden 15. Crawtordsville Waveland 22. Crawtordsville Ladoqa 20. Crawiordsville Darlington 26. Page Fifty-seven EIGHTH GRADE Row 3-lames Lee lstudent manage-rl, Dick Meister, Coach Merrill Tharp, Ronald Addler, Larry Bayless, Larry Geqner istu- dent manaqerl. Bow Zvlohn Holt, David Gen- try, Iohn Wilson, Phil Ouillen, Ben Morris. Row 1-Duane Gatlirt, Dale Leath, Bob Morrison, David Bar- ton, Sam McA1ister. SEVENTH GRADE Row 3-Eddie Hoffa. Max Ser- vies, Coach Tharp, Fred Klause, Don Showalter, Ierry Smith tstu- dent manaqerl. Row 2-David Abney, Rodney Wall, Fred Endicott, Bill Thomas, Ted Guire, Fred Lamb. Row 1-Eddie Bayless, Larry Chambers, Richard Davis, Ern- est Coffing, Tommy Underwood, Tommy Esra. Not in picture-Charles Doug- las, David Krug. Row 4-'Warner Davidson, Fred Hamm, Torn Mclntyre, Don Hayes, Sam Evans, Coach Bob Hoke, Ronnie Miller, Earl Elliott, Albert Rayburn. Row 3-Don Dinwiddie, lim Long, lack Roudebush, Don Dickerson, lake Edtniston, Bob Woods, Ed Walton, lack Vxlalton, Clyde Vfelsh Cstudent inanagerb. Row 24Keith Vtfillis, Fred Bayless, Ed Darnall, Everett Rose, Dick Henderson, Dan Hinton, Bobby Bastion. Row lfBill l-lill, W'ard Chambers, Ronald Bradley, Harold Stamps, Fred Hitch, Don Smith, Larry Moore. WRESTLING Bob Hoke's Wrestling squad Went through one of the best seasons in the history ot this sport at C. H. S., winning six matches and losing three. Two ot the losses came at the hands of the lett Wrestlers, While Bloomington's State Champs inflicted the other loss. The Athenians slumped badly in the state meet at Bloomington, however, earning only one point to tie tor last place. Ryan Shaw, who placed fourth in the 120-pound class, was the only C. H. S. Wrestler to place in the state. Other highly-regarded Athenian wrestlers such as Dick Henderson, who placed fourth in the l28-pound class last year, Ward Chambers, and Harold "Mugs" Stamps all tailed to place in the state meet. Schedule Crawiordsville left ..............,. Crawtordsville Anderson ....... Crawtordsville .....,. ....... S outhport .......... Crawtordsville Bloomington ...... Crawtordsville Shortridge .......... Crawtordsville Southport ........... Crawtordsville Muncie Central Crawfordsville ....... ....... B road Ripple ..... Crawfordsville left ............,......... Page Fifty-eight Qaptarn Dusk Henderson at' erngvts to apply CI pinhold on his :l lilffffl Scvttthytnrt opponent, 'Mrtqsw Stamps, romplete with ,rretecftrve headgear, is on the l':fFTlLDIT1 in "referees position" as He and his Southport opponent awful tlre refs vall to "wrestle" WRESTLING "A" SQUAD How 2, leit to rtqht-Fred Bay- less, Ed Darncrll, Everett Rose, Dmlc Henderson, Ed Walton, Dan llmton. Row l --Ward Chambers, Ryan Shaw, Harold Stamps, Ilrn Lana, Fred Httch, Don Srntth. tw .-N . it 1 l 5 Plzgr' Fifty-711'n0 gi Q wi 'gpm in NRS? April April April April April April April April April May May May May May May May May TENNIS TEAM Left to right-Larry Fish- ero, lack Walton, Don Hayes, Bill Flanigan, Dan Curtis. GOLF SQUAD Left to right-Ramon Hamm, Gordon Howard, Ed McCallum, Fred Bay- less, Damon Hamm. 1949 GOLF AND TENNIS SCHEDULE Terre Haute Tech .,,,..i,., Bloomington .,,,,.......,... Terre Haute Tech ,,.,.. Greencastle .....,..,,.,.,,,, Shartridge ...........,. Bloomington ..,........,....,,. West Lafayette ....,,,,,, Terre Haute Garfield Bloomington .,,, .,,,,,..,,,. West Lafayette ....,,. Shortridge .....,... Bloomington ....,,....,,..,, Greencastle .,,,.,....,,.,,,,,,,,,,,.,, Terre Haute Garfield .......... Terre Haute Tech ....., Terre Haute Tech .,,.,..,i,,...,...,,...., STATE GOLF TOURNAMENT HERE away away HERE away HERE HERE HERE away away HERE HERE away away away HERE tennis golf tennis both both tennis both both tennis both both golf both both golf golf Page Sixty ...Q--SL.. Henderson, Wil en, Torn Elkins, Row 2-Iohn Freddie Ouillen Iohn Cowan, B wt lag ' A.. gay, N 14, was!" April April April April April April May Eyler. Row I-Dick ice Froedqe, way, Jimmy St Krug. Row 3-Mr. Mr. McCormick. TRACK How 3, left to riqht--Mr. Graham, Fred Hamm, Dick liarn Wood- Dick Byrd, Hirshburg, , Dick Stout, uddy Brad- ley, Floyd Peqler, Tom Iessup, Or- Dick Con- ribling, Bill BASEBALL Thorp, Don Whalen, Karl Dickerson, Burton Hofferth, Bill Mc- Murry, Phil Powell, Tom Wilson, Mr. Chase. Row 2-lack Roudebush, Don Coahran, Iohn Iones. Kenny Moore, Bob Jones, Bob Scaaqs, Ed Darnall, Keith Willis, Albert Ray- burn. Row l-Iames Kyqer, Maurice Merrill, Don Cox, Dick Layne, Ronny Mar- tin, Clyde Welsh, Everett Rose. Reclining-Iirn Lonq. TRACK SCHEDULE BASEBALL SCHEDULE 7 Ffankfaa away April 7 Frankfort away 12 Lafayette GWGY April l9 Brazil away 19 West Lafayette away April 27 Lafayette HERE 22 Att' May 4 Lebanon away C 1 G away May 6 West Lafayette HERE 26 Greencastle away May 16 T ebcmon HERE 30 Delphi RSIUYS May 25 West Lafayette away l4 Sectional May 31 Lafayette away Page Sixty-one X. 1 Bi-i 9 .., is t Q 3 Q 4-i 7 We'll always remember '49 We'll always remember the music de- partment for the Way it supported the school in all activities. Yes, We'll remember the chorus for its many fine programs and the operetta, and the band for its performances at football and basketball games and concerts. SENIOR BAND Standing, leit to right:-Vernon E. Spaulding, Director, lack Canine. Row 4-f-Keith Gran, Nancy Beck, Lois Byerley, Marian Ellington, Pat Roudehush, Beverly Zachary, Tom McCain, Peggy Cedars, Don Stribling, Bob Tague, Henry French, Iessie Crane, Roy England, Robert Everett. Row 3M--Gordon Howard, ludy Cornett, George Stoker, Robert Cook, Fred Hitch, Pat Reinhardt, Norma Trump, Margaret Hole, Carol Cunningham, Robert Pierson, Iames Robinson, Melvin Van Scoyoc, Eugene Zachary. Row 2-ephillis Nlfilliams, Ann Weliver, Yolanda Earl, Betty Grabnian, Sarah Nelson, Phillis Deck, Barbara Wilsori, leanette McCullough, Barbara Howard. Row l-Ruth Anderson, Betty Misch, Beverly Birch, Richard Anderson, Shirley Moore. Page Sixty-fozw TWIRLERS Left to right-Shirley Moore, Anne Moore, Maxine Burqet, Gor- don Henry, Bettie Misch, Anne Bcze Pat Rudy. SENIOR BAND Row 4, left to riqht--Lyle McClain, Donald Boots, Iohn Marshall, Robert Nocus, lim Burkhardt, Pat Rudy, James Gill, Tom Eakle, lack Cunningham, Kevin Zachary, Keith Everett, Duane Neet, lack Roudebush, Floyd Peqler, Lucy Cooksey. Row 3'-David Long, Donald Rankin, Richard Vlfriqht, Tom Prince, Shirley l-licks, Maxine Burqet, Mary Ellis, Pat Caplinqer, Beverly Zachary, laniece lack, Iessie Lou Walters, Anne Moore. How 2--Martha Wells, Richard Howell, Robert Hole, Charles Strain, Robert Garner, lanine Alexander, Anne Boze, Pat Taylor, Carolyn Hutchins. Row l--Pat Livingston, Suzanne Beecher, Marilyn Hardee, Katherine Swanson, Martha Re-pp. STAR FORMATION This formation was used by the Band at State Contest in '48 as one of its special maneuvers. ' - A'V"""' . .se Q X Page Sixty-five GIRLS' CHORUS Bow 6---Helen Harvey, Shirley Hicks, Bose Bottortt, Sharon Eyler, Betty Munn, Miss Canine, Margaret Cope, Io anne Shannon, Doris Barclay, Mary Ann Tilney, loyce Tilney, lanet Pearson, Ianrne Alexander. Bow 5 Carole Bottorii, Elizabeth Anderson, Doris DeVoto, Carol Cottinqham, Sylvia, Gardner, Lucretia Karle, Ioanne Lentz, Mabel Knox, Martha Todd, Anna Stump, Barbara Hunley, lady Geaner, Ellen lean Binford, Betty Gralvrnan, Bow 4- Suannys Black, ludith Laurirnore, Sarah Patton, lrene Marter, Vivian Myers, lean Walton, Ann Cotton, Barbara Howard, Martha Bepp, Barbara Titus, Ann Weliver, Pat Peacock, Suzanne Beecher, Pat Taylor, Alberta Hamilton. Bow 3--loyce Staten, Nancy Besoner, Donna Sewers, Bettie Misch, Regina Landon, Mary Mutch, Phyllis Black, Lettishia Meyers, Pat Livingston, Betty Eyler, Caroline Hutchins, Carol Barkalow, Susan Harvey, Nancy Mutch. Bow 2 Paula Vtlaldon, Lois Elliott, Betty Goodwin, lady Cornet, Margaret Greer, Beverly Zachary, Pat Rudy, Pat Foster, Marlene Knox, Betty Wills, Ann Moore, Greta Gray, Yolanda Earl. Bow l ---Barbara Lee, Nila Barton, Barbara Boss, Peggy Lewellen, Ann Boze, Shirley Clark, Nancy Beck, Beverly Birch, Carol Vfilliarrrs, Denny Lou McDonald, Virginia Hayworth, Lou Sperry, Maxine Buraet. BOYS' CHORUS rw 3 leit t it Sant Evans Ton Elkins Iames Gill Boyre Moon Burton Hetierth Drck Stout David ONeall Babert Stiller Botvert Everett Lyle McClain Richard Delks Bobert Burkharat l uw '7 Pclv rt Carrier Malcolm McDonald lack Canine Donald Hayes Fred Harnrri Bolvert Taatre Paul Ptrter Grover Lona Ea rre t Htclfs larnes Strrol nq Dale Kreps Donald Akers now l larnes Lena Donald Whalen David Bernley F od Cowan, Charles Strarn, Dcnald Bankrn, lohn Marshall Tarn Wilson Chowk Boaers Bolert oedy Eugene Zacha 1 Bitthard Upd ke. Yrs .rw CHOIR ti.,-wv ft, lett to iight -lun Long, john Marshall, Donald Hayes, Toni Elkins, David O'Neall, Burton Holter-th, lxtiss Ka i ., Rtzyse Moon, Roliert Stiller, Richard Delks, Robert Everett, Robert Burkhardt, Donald VanCleave. Row 3 Beverly Zachary, Sarah Patton, Nancy Resoner, Donald Vtfhalen, Charles Rogers, Roluert Keedy llrm tjvvvan, Eugene Zarhary, Martha lean Wells, Anne Moore, Lois Elliott, Row Y? Vivian Myers, Sylvia Gardner, Lucretia Karle, Carol Cottinqhana, lanine Alexander, Mary Mutt-lx, Max it e Ruta-ei, Helen Harvey, Doris DeVoto. Row l Pat Rudy, Carolyn Hutchins, Denny Lou McDonald, Virginia Hayworth, Susan Harvey, Peaay lrxvrtlvn Y lxrtdd Eiirl, Beverly Birch. Soloists Rtfvv 4, left to riqli' ltitariw 50 H Pagf' Sirrty-smvcn Neet, Shirley lliclcs, lo Anne Shannen, Rnyse Moon, Rt bor' Burlzliardt, Maxine Buiqet, lint Rurkhardt, Roliert Garnet, Don- ald Strililinq. Row 3 Mary Mutch, Carolyn Hutcfhins, Iudith Lauritnctre, lane? Pearson, Marvin Clark, Doris De- Voto, Patsy Seaqas, Marilyn Mv Calrnent, Robert Hole, Donna Gil- liland, Gordon Howard. Row 2 Martha lean Nlfells, leanette McCullough, Genevieve lohnson, Suzanne Wilson, Peaay Ross, Virqinia Hayworth, lohn Bruce, Nancy Albertson, lack Cunningham. Row l---Glenda Milligan, Carol Cunningham, Pat Rudy, Beverly Birch, Phillis Vv'illiarns, Martha Repp, Mary Munson, Kevin Zavh- ary, Williani Mount. COLOR GUARD Lett to righte--Iudy Cor- nett, George Stoker, Sarah Patton, Pat Taylor, Don Striblina. IUNIOR BAND Standing, lett to right--Mr. Spaulding tdirectorl, David Patton, lames Burkhardt tstudent directorl, lack Corbin, Allan Love, David Flanigan, and Donald Long. Row 4-Marilyn Boze, Nancy Rice, Nancy er son, o . . , , , Iames Lytle, Frederick Dickerson, William Powell, Marilyn Isaacs, Charles Cox, Larry Horner, Hubert Trump, Rich- ard Dulin, Stan Terry, Sharon Scott, Nancy Ellis, Phillip Cunningham, lack Wiatt, Ronnie Domasco, Martha Robinson, W'lliam Servies, lerr Townsley, Della Harrington, Donald Stump, David Gentry, and Willie Robinson. 1 Y Row 3-Johanna Herrmann Rosalie Long, Phyllis Long, Gerald Mcliinzie, lames Shaver, LaVon Houston, William Anderson, Keith Stephens, Kathleen Utterback, Phillip Quillin, Marvin Clark, William Mount, William Tilney, Iames Linn, Patricia Powell, Donna Gilliland, Sharon Bell, Nancy Snider. Row 2-flack Swanson, Vernon E. Spaulding ll, ludith LaRocque, Marilyn McCalment, Carolyn Harris, Eunice Mc- Murry, Tom Birch, Patricia Scaggs, Ioyce Reese, Richard Cofer, lames Cope, Dorothy Biggs, David Elmore, Faye Ball, Alb t I an Cowan Anthelene Black Sue Buser Robert Ferling Peggy Ross. Row lfAlice Faye Houston, aro yn rau , g yon, Mary Munson, Anna Frances Dukes, lane Beebe, and Diana Crane. ' ' ' ' - 'T ' ' 'll S H lt The following members of the Iunior Band do not appear in the picture. Barbara Lyler, William Hi , ara u z, Larry Moore, Sammy Paxton, lorries Quisenberry, Morris Quisenberry, R, B. Swanson, Sylvia Waldon, Richard William- son, and Thomas Griner. Page Sixty-eight C l St b Mar aret Ann Davis, Shirley Coventry, Lois Pritchett, Patricia Run- IUNIOR GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Row 4, left to right joy Frederick, Elinor Coiiel, Della Harrington, Marietta Coble, Elnora Clark, Linda Evans, Miss Canine, Carolyn Straub, Suzanne Vlfilson, laniece lack, Ethel Birchtield, Sally Huber, Nancy Servies, loan Cowan. Row 3 -Barbara Sommer, Glenda Milligan, Kay Stafford, Caroline Roberts, Elizabeth Charles, Sue Allman, Patsy Caplinger, Peggy Ross, Mildred Foy, Margaret Davis, Delores iones, lo Ann Elkins, Phyllis Sleight, Sylvia Walden. Rcw 2- 'Patricia Davis, Eleanor Baldwin, Anna Dukes, Barbara VVolfe, Barbara Gerard, Patsy Scaggs, Beth Pol- ley, Nancy Eink, Nancy Graham, Anthelene Black, Elinor Dunn, Susan Elkins, Connie Herron. Row l- -Katie Nutt, Genevieve Iohnson, Shirley Cunningham, Barbara Hixon, Iackie Hawkins, Sue Buser, Alia' Houston, Rito Myers, Beverly Eyfte, Nancy Albertson, Carolyn Harris, Lois Pritchett. C' JUNIOR BOYS' GLEE CLUB Row 3- lack Cunningham, Royce Iones, Benny Morris, Iohn lones, lack Swanson, Allen Shaw, Miss Canine George Pickett, Don Manly, lame-s l-lotierth, Don Dinwiddie, George Phares, Donald Shepherd. Row 2--Dale Leath, Harold W'eliver, Billy Thomas, Dan Showalter, Billy Servies, David Gentry, larnes Shaver Kevin Zachary, Robert Keller, William Tilney, Wayne Surface, Bobbie Nunan, Richard Davis. Row l-Charles Cox, Eddie Bayless, Philip Cunningham, lack Corbin, Vtfilliam Mount, Marvin Clark, Donald Long lohn Bruce, Robert Sumner, R. B. Swanson, Ronny Domasco, David Swank, Fred Lamb. Pagv S1'.,c'fy-n1'm' ENSEMBLES ATHENIETTES Leil to right -Robert Burkhardt, Patsy Rudy, Nancy Resonei, Susan Harvey, Virginia Hayworth, Martha lean Vlells, Maxine Burget. FLUTE TRIO Standing, left to right--lane Beebe, Anna Francis Dukes Diana Crane. CLARINET TRIO lcon Cowan, Phyllis Long, Rosalee Long. WOODWIND QUINTET Standing, left to right-Suzanne Beecher, Pat Taylor, Nancy Beck, Barbara Wilson, lessie Lou Walters. WOODWIND TRIO Seated, left to right--Anne Moore, Keith Gran, Shir- ley Moore. EIGHTH GRADE TRIPLE TRIO SICIYZCIIDQ, left to right-Sue Buser, Barbara Hixon, Glenda Milligan, Beth Pollefy, Shirley Cunningham. Marietta Coble, lackie Hawkins, Elnora Clark, Elizabeth Charles. FRESHMAN SEXTET Seated, left to right--eMargaret Davis, Sue Allman. Peggy Ross, Carolyn Straub, Ianiece lack, Patsy Cap' linger. TRUMPET QUARTET Standing, left to right- 'Don Rankin, Robert Tague, Gordon Henry, David Long. CLARINET QUARTET Seated, left to righte-Ruth Anderson, Bettie Misch, Richard Anderson, Phillis Williams, DOUBLE QUARTET Standing, left to right--David Swank, Marvin Clark, Kevin Zachary, David Gentry, Donald Long, Don Din- widdie, lack Cunningham, Allan Shaw. SEVENTH GRADE TRIPLE TRIO Seated, left to rightfCarolyn Harris, Nancy Fink, Kay Stafford, Nancy Albertson, Anthelene Black, Marilyn Fyffe, Barbara Gerard, Elinor Dunn. TROMBONE QUARTET Standing, left to right-Keith Everett, NVillie Robine son, lack Cunningham, Kevin Zachary. FRENCH HORN QUARTET Seated, left to right-- Patricia Scaggs, Tom Birch, Richard Cofer, loyce Reese. CORNET TRIO Standing, left to right--Philip Quillin. Marvin Clark, William Mount, CLARINET TRIO Seated, left tc right- Carolyn Straub, Margaret Davis, Shirley Coventry. ACTIVITIES The Band participated in many activities during the year. They played at the park during the summer months, marched between halves at all home football games, played for basketball games, gave a short concert for the Re- publican Rally, played for the Elks' Flag Day ceremony, were host to the United States Marine Band and played two marches with them, served as guest band for the Wabash-Case Homecoming game, played for Knight Templars' Convention in Indianapolis, led the county bands in the Fall Festival parade, and played for the Waynetown Horse Show. Numerous concerts were held throughout the year. The District Band contest was held at Attica on April 2 and the State contest in Indianapolis on April 30. The soloists and ensembles performed at least IOU times during the year for school functions and local organizations. The Rep Band played for out-of-town football and basketball games and for the Halloween parade. Page Sevcnly-ovvr' 'ngz' Svvvizfy-ff14'o ENSEMBLES PEP BAND Lltuiiding, left to right-eRichard Anderson, Richard Howell, Robert Tague, Don Rankin, Torn Ealcle, lack Roudebush, Richard Wright. Seated, left to right--Robert Hole, Gordon Henry. Gordon Howard. DOUBLE QUARTET Lett to riglzt-lames Long, Fred Cowan, Donald Whalen, Iarnes Stribling, Forrest Hicks, Eugene Zachary, Grover Long, Charles Strain, WOODWIND QUINTET Standing, left to righte-Martha Repo, Sarah Patton, Barbara Howard, Carolyn Hutchins, lessie Lou Walters. MIXED CLARINET QUARTET Seated, left to right-Bettie Misch, Richard Anderson Beverly Zachary, Maxine Burget. BRASS SEXTET Standing, left to right-Richard Wright, Robert Ever- ett, Lucy Cooksey. Seated, left to right -Robert Tague, Richard Howell, Don Rankin. CLARINET QUARTET Standing, left to right-MRuth Anderson, Beverly Birch, Gordon Howard, Keith Gran. SAXOPHONE QUARTET Seated, left to right-Robert Hcle, Charles Strain, Mariorie Hole, Robert Garner, IUNIOR PEP BAND Left to right'-Donald Long, lack Cunningham, David Elmore, David Flanigari, Gerald McKenzie, William Mount, Marvin Clark. TWIRLING CLASS Left to right--Donna Gilliland, Patricia Scaggs, Lois Pritchett, Nancy Albertson, Carolyn Harris, Marilyn Mc- Calment, Della Harrington. CORNET 'IRIO Standing, left to right-Carcl Cunningham, Margaret Hole, loan Trump. CLARINET TRIO Seated, left to right--Patsy Roadebush, Phyllis Deck, Patsy Reinhardt. SENIOR AWARDS Twenty-five seniors qualified for sweaters this year by meeting the following requirements: in band at least three years, in marching band one year or a substitute for two years: in band when winning a first division in State Band contestg or in an ensemble placing in first division at state contest. These students were Richard Anderson, Ruth Anderson, Anne Boze, Maxine Burget, Lucy Cooksey, Tom Eakie, Robert Everett, Robert Garner, Gordon Henry, Fred Hitch, Margaret Hole, Marjorie Hole, Richard Howell, David Long, Bettie Misch, Anne Moore, Don Rankin, lames Robinson, Patsy Rudy, Robert Tague, Melvin VanScoyoc, Martha lean Vtlells, Phillis Williams, Richard Wright, and Beverly Zachary, The officers of Senior Band were Richard Wright, Presidentg Torn Ealcle, Vice-President, Martha Wells, Secretary: Richard Anderson, Quartermasterg Gordon Henry, Drum Major and Student Director, Lucy Cooksey, Corresponding Secretaryy Keith Gran, Charles Strain, and Suzanne Beecher, Assistant Quartermasters. Page Seventy-tl11'f'r' H. ENSEMBLES CLARINET TRIO Standing, left to right-Alice Faye Houston, Vernon Spaulding, lack Swanson. CLARINET TRIO Seated, left to right-Pat Roudebush, Beverly Zach- ary, Pat Reinhardt. GIRLS' TRIPLE TRIO Standing, left to right-Carolyn Hutchins, Sylvia Gardner, Vivian Myers, Denny Lou McDonald, Mary Mutch, lanine Alexander, Doris DeVoto, Yolanda Earl, Beverly Birch. CLARINET TRIO Standing, left to right-'Robert Cook, George Stoker, ludy Cornett. CLARINET TRIO Seated, left to right-Marilyn Hardee, Suzanne Beecher, Catherine Swanson. STRING GROUP Standing, left to righteShirley Walton, Marvin Clark, Arthur Lorenz, Helen Harvey, Suzanne Wilson, Iohn Bruce, Gwendolyn Burk, Mary Elliot. Seated--lane Beebe, Martha Robinson, Ethel Birch- field, Elizabeth Charles. GIRLS' SEXTET Standing, left to right-Greta Gray, Suzanne Beecher, Donna Sowers, Io Anne Shannon, Nancy Mutch, Ianet Pearson. CORN ET TRIO Standing, left to righte-Robert Pierson, Iames Rolin- son, Eugene Zachary. DRUM TRIO Seated, left to right--lack Canine, Donald Long, Torn Eakle. CLARINET QUARTET Standing, left to right-eYolanda Earl, Betty Grabman, Martha Repp, Ann Weliver. CLARINET TRIO Seated, left to right-Lois Anne Byerly, Marian Ellingf ton, Beverly Zachary. SENIOR SEXTET Standing, left to righteDavid O'Neall, Paul Porter, Robert Everett, David Remley, Charles Rogers, Robert Keedy. BOYS' QUARTET Seated, left to right-Iohn Marshall, Tom Elkins, Royse Moon, Robert Burkhardt. CHOIR The following seniors were awarded pins for having completed three years in choir and having participated in solo and ensemble contests: Nancy Resoner, Patsy Rudy, Susan Harvey, Virginia Hayworth, Maxine Burget, Mar- tha Wells, Robert Burkhardt, Charles Rogers, Robert Everett, Robert Keedy, Thomas Elkins, and David O'Neall. Twelve seniors were selected from choir to participate in the All State Choral Festival held at Indianapolis on October 22, 1948. A very impressive Thanksgiving Vesper was given by the robed choir of forty voices on Sunday afternoon, November 21. The entire choral group presented a unique program, Fred VVaring's "Song of Christmas," with narrators and tableaus. The S.S,S. and A.B.C. aided in this production. For the first time in many years, the chorus presented an operetta. On March ll two performances of Oscar Strauss "A Waltz Dream" were presented before large audiences. Officers for the year were Robert Burkhardt, President: Susan Harvey, Vice-President, lohn Marshall, Secretary, Treasurerp larnes Long and Virginia Hayworth, Librariansy Patsy Rudy, Robe Mistress: and Charles Rogers, Robe Master. Pnyv Smimzty-' V0 H I E yi' 10: Ti? '- ,Q 'X ef?" ' ,f 04 -S ff- 4' l' - '. M l gl 4 Wegll always remember '49 'Well always remember our activities outside of classes. They were art important and happy part of our school life. The fun we had following our chosen leaders anol sponsors will always be close to our memory. Standing, left to right -- Karl Dickerson, lerry VanSickle, Bill Flanigan, Mr. Wells, Mrs. Biddle. Mr. Freeman. Seated f- Shirley Cunningham, Hazel Baker, lohn Marshall, Ed Darnall, Bob Stiller, Phil Powell, lack Roudebush, David Hewitt, Don Manly, Clyde Welsh, For- rest Hicks, Dick Linqernan. li' - On if .,'i ' Q . , '4 L M , , - ,, it Z4 V4.0 f . ",. - , . tiff? 5 so STUDENT COUNCIL ln its Constitution the Student Council states as its pur- pose "to give the student body representation in the ad- ministration ot extra-curricular activities of the school and to increase the morale and spirit ot the school." The elected membership consists of one representative trom each small senior high home room, one representative for every thirty people in the large home rooms, three repre- sentatives from the ninth grade, two from the eighth grade, and one representative from the seventh grade. During the year the Council sponsored noon dances, scheduled pep sessions and auditorium programs, gave assistance to the annual March ot Dimes campaign, and supervised election of yell leaders. Dick Lingeman was chairman of the 1948-1949 Student Council. Mr. Freeman, Mrs. Biddle, Mr. Hoke, Mr. Mc- Cullough, and Mr. Wells were sponsors. Page Seventy-eight ATHENIAN The "Athenian," compiled annually by a start from the iiorrrfr vlass, presents a history of the hiqlr school in pio toiial and siory ierri. lt is filled with narnes and iartes, -cones and events Lf our daily school lrie. The staff wishes 'fi express ag-gfreziratiorr to all who helped in any Way to nal-io :ho lt-1-19 howl: rx sucvess. ATHENIAN STAFF Editors Susan llarvey and lvlortlia Ellen VVard. Business lvlanaaers Charles Rogers and Beverly Zachary. Ixrtrvities Reaina Dorothy Landon and Carole L. Williarns. ftrt Gloria Quisenberry and Anora Lee Stewart. Athletics Rivlrard Linqorxian and Fred Xtlarbinton. Alumni Karl Divlcersan and Betty Goodwin. Calendar Patricia Francis and Gordon Henry. Musrr' David Luna and Martha lean VVells. Pidures Richard Howell. Typrsts Ruth Anderson, Alberta Hamilton, Barbara Golden, and Peaqy Lewellen. Lett to right Charles Rogers, Beverly Zachary, lvliss Arthur tsrionsorl, Martha Ward, Strsart Harvey. Athenian Staff Standing, Row 2 Betty Goodwin, Barlwara Golden, Alberta Harnrlton, Susan Harvey, Martha Vtlard, Miss firthur lsponsorl, Dick llowell, Dick Linqeman, David Lonq. Flow l Anora Stewart, Gloria Outsenluerry, Carole Williarirs, Regina l.andon, Gordon Henry, Karl Dicflcerson, Charles Rogers. Seated Ruth Anderson, Beverly Zachary, Peaay Levvellen, Pat Franris, Martha Wells. Pagv Svrrrfnfy-zzirzz' Oiiicers President, Io Anne Shannon Vice-President . Don Gobel Secretary-Treasurer, Regina Landon Typist ...,. Nila Barton Lett to right--Patty Quisenberry, Beverly Clore, Lulabell Brady, Reglna Lan- don, Fred Ewoldt, Vtfalter lacoby, Miss Martin, lack Bratton, Bob Scaggs, Gloria Quisenberry, Marilyn Harding, Dan Hinton, Io Anne Shannon, Phyllis Biggs, Anora Stewart, Nila Barton, Byron See, Chuck Rogers, and Shirley Howard, Not in picture--Betty Quisenberry, PALETTEIRS Because of their tireless efforts in decorating tor dances, holi- days, and various student activities, the Paletteirs had a busy year. The highlight ot their activities was the annual Christmas booth where delicacies of candy, truit, and cake, and also handicrafts were sold. Specialties were plaster angels for table decorations: hand-decorated Christmas tree ornaments: hand- painted trays, boxes, and Christmas cards. Decorating the stage for the operetta was the spring project for the organization. ln March eight students entered the National Scholastic Con- test. Fred Ewoldt was awarded the gold key, the highest award in the state, tor a black and white illustration. He also received an award of merit for a cartoon. Other awards ot merit were given to Don Gobel tor a wood carving and to Gloria Quisen- berry tor an oil still lite and black and White crayon illustration. Page Eighty GOLD AND BLUE , "To support all school activities" is the purpose of the "Gold and Blue," which arrives as often as Friday afternoon comes during the school year. It almost seems automatic, but it you will ask any one of the students on the staff, he will tell you a different story. Each week about 100 inches of space have to be filled with news items, features, editorials, and jokes. For the business manager, an issue ot the "Gold and Blue" means ads and bills. A large part of the headaches connected with the weekly paper belonged to the editors, who were Mary lvlutch, page one: Carol Cottingham, page two: Martha Repp, page threeg and lack Roudebush, page four. The business manager was George Stoker. This year the start welcomed Mr. Howes as the new "Gold and Blue" advisor. Mr. Biddle supervised printing the paper on the school press. Staff Row 3, left to right-Mr. Howes, Shirley Clark, Anne Foley, Don Grier, Charles Strain, Keith Gran. Row 2-Carolyn Lamb, Janet Pearson, Ianine Alexander, Ann Cotton, Doris DeVoto, Libby Luster, Regina Landon, Irene Marter, Pat Russell, Nancy Mutch, Greta Gray, Roselyn Bottorft. Row 1-Mary Mutch, Lou Sperry, lack Roudebush, Carol Cottingharn, Mar- tha Repp. Page Eighty-one ln an impressive candleliqh' ceremony on October 28, eighty- live girls accepted solemn vows: to uphold the high ideals for which the Sunshine Society stands. Officers Row 7, left lr: right Margaret Cope, Marjorie Dawson. Row l Amy Plank, Esther Xmriiiori, lliiliy Dawsnn, SUNSHINE SOCIETY "lill's Heritage" was the l9-43-l949 theme ot the Sunshine Society. The motto was "Service Above Self." During the year the society sponsored a "Get-Acauainted' picnic, a formal Sweetheart Ball, a Dad and Daughters' Chili Supper, a Mothers' Tea, and an impressive installation ot new otticers. With the Athenian Booster Club, the Sunshine girls co-sponsored the Harvest Hop and a "Little Abner and Daisy Mae" party. Tn co-operation with the state program, the orf ganization contributed to the State Riley Hospital Fund. Pourf teen delegates attended the District Convention at Frankfort on Qctober 2, thirty-one delegates attended the State Conven- tion at New Castle on March 25. The otticers were Esther War'ren, Presidenty Margaret Cope, Vice'President7 Marjorie Dawson, Secretaryp Ruby Dawson, Corresponding Secretaryg and Amy Plank, Treasurer. The cabinet members were Susan Harvey, Phillis Vlfilliams, lanine Alexander, Pat Sinclair, Ianet Pearson, Beverly Stewart, loy Fredrick and Shirley Todd. Sponsors were Mrs. Evelyn Shiite, Mrs. Lucile Reddish, Mrs. Mabel Smith, and Miss Mary M. Schweitzer. Prrgr' Eighty-Mrri Officers President ..... Karl Dickerson Vice-President ..... Bob Stiller Secretary ....... Bill Flaniqan Treasurer .... Dick Wright Reporter .... Fred Worbinton Sergeant-at-Arms . . Don Froedge ATHEN IAN BOOSTER CLUB The A.B.C., composed of boys in grades 10, ll, and l2, co- operated with the school program by sponsoring the Safety Patrol, providing ushers at all athletic games, taking charge ot concessions at all football games, and helping the Sunshine Society in their annual Christmas distribution. The club co- sponsored, with the Sunshine Society, the Harvest Hop and the "Hard Times" party. The boys' help and co-operation were available to all organizations at all times. The year's programs included Major Norwood Hughes, "Your lndiana National Guardug lohn Marshall, magiciany Pep Band: and panel discussions on the subject, "How to lmprove Standing of Athletic Teams in Qur School" and "Student Gov- ernment in C. H. S.-fDo We Want More or Less?" The cabinet included Don Hayes, lack Roudebush, and Sam Evans. Sponsors were Mr. Lalrollette and Mr. Chase. Standing, left to right --Mr. Chase, sponsorp Mr. LaFollette, sponsor. Seated---Bill Flanigan, lack Houdebush, Don Hayes, Fred Warbinton, Dick Vtfright, Karl Dickerson, Don Froeclge, Bolo Stiller, and Sam Evans. Page Eiglzfy-th1'cv Up-N-Atom Standing, left to right- -Mr. Wells, Charles Rogers, Don Grier, Bob Garner, lim Long, Ryan Shaw, Nancy Besoner, Don liayes, Sam Dunbar. Seaied-- Dick Howell, Nella Hunter, Anne Foley, Paul Porter. Library Row 3, left to right--Lawrence Brewer, Audrey Wolfe, Don Shep- herd, Denny McDonald, lack Cor- bin. Bow 2 Mr. Gabbert, Librar- ian, Byron See, Bob Wilkinson, Bill Vtfilhite, Dick Byrd, Bob Scaggs. Bow l--Bob Harding, Delta Mae Clore, Virginia Shillings, Cherry Young, Lee Utterback. UP-N-ATOM CLUB The Up-N-Atom, which is affiliated with the Science Clubs of America, a national or- ganization, has as its purpose the pursuit of scientific interests. Bi-monthly meetings were held in Boom 200. Club members performed experiments and gave reports on up-to-date scientific achievements at each group meeting. Officers for this year were Sam Dunbar, President, Charles Rogers, Vice-President: Nella Hunter, Secretary-Treasurer. Mr. Wells was sponsor of the club. LIBRARY Our school library, under the direction of Mr. Gabbert, ably fulfills the purpose of a library as defined by lohn Colburn: "Por the individual and for the group, the library serves pupils, teachers, and adminisf trators with books, magazines, pamphlets, clippings, papers, pictures, maps and at- lases, illustrative materials, records, slides, films, and other types of aural and visual instructional and reference materials. More- over, it becomes a teaching agency with a positive, active program for giving all pupils instruction and practice in using the library and its tools and getting the maximum of pleasure and profit out of the available ma- terials." Page Eighty-four SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club has as its aim to get more information about Spanish-speaking countries. The programs the club enioyed during the year prove that they attained their goal. For example, Mrs. Pfersick showed slides on Mexico, and on April 14 the Span- ish Club shared their program with the whole school when Dr. LeZotte of Wabash College also showed slides on Mexico. The officers were Doris DeVoto, Presidentg Raymond Moon, Vice President, and Nancy Resoner, Secretary-Treasurer. Miss Brunk was the sponsor. LATIN CLUB Servi Latinae, the Latin Club, was organ- ized for the purpose of furthering interest in and gaining knowledge of Roman culture. The club held regular monthly meetings, and several small groups gave skits de- picting some phase of the Roman civili- zation. The club elected David O'Neall and For- rest l-licks, Consulsg Marjorie Dawson, Quaestorg and Edward Darnall, Aedile. Miss Gierz was sponsor. zz. F ' K F Spanish Club Row 3, left to rights-Ronnie Vance, Robert Garner, Sara Nele son, Nancy Resoner, Doris De- Voto, Ruth Ann Patrick, Royse Moon, Don Stribling. Row 2--- Miss Brunk, Bill Cum- mings, lohn lones, Carolyn Straub, Mary Mitchell, Diane Crawford, Chloibelle Apple, lanet Pearson, Don Cox, lack Cunning- ham. Row l-Bill Hill, Ann Hutson, Anora Stewart, Carol Cunning- ham, Susie Resoner, Dawn Reich- ard, Rita Scaggs, Dick Cofer. Latin Club Row 3, left to right1Miss Gierz, Pat Francis, Ray Binforcl, Susan Beecher. Row 2--Hazel Baker, Ann Cot- ton, Margaret Rhodes, Tom Sho- walter, Forrest Hicks, Nancy Beck. Row l - Ioanne Lentz, Mar- garet Grier, Sue Fry, Nancy Mutch, Ellen Binford. Standing-David O'Neall. Page Eigh ty-jive Senior Honor Society Row 2, left to right4David Long, Karl Dickerson, Martha Wells, Ruby Dawson, Mrs. Smith, Martha Ward, Susan Harvey, Don Hayes, lerry VanSickle. Row l--Richard Lingeman, Gloria Quisenberry, Anora Stew- art, Charles Rogers. Iunior Honor Society Row 3, left to right- Shirley Cunningham, Carolyn Roberts, Sarah Nelson, Morton Paterson, Alan Shaw, lohn lanes, Don Manly, Marietta Coble, Nancy Graham, Marie Hose, Carole Cunningham. Row 2-Mr. Burns, Ioyce Goble, Peggy Conway, Beth Polley, El- nora Clark, Suzanne Wilson, lo- Anne Elkins, Linda Evans, Mr. Biddle, Mr. Iames. Row l-Peggy Ross, Margaret Davis, Sue Allman, Susie Res- oner, Kevin Zachary, Richard Ford, Shaila VanSickle, loy Fred- ericlcs, Ann l-lutson, Barbara Sommer. SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY To be elected into membership of the Sen- ior Honor Society is to have achieved the greatest honor and recognition Crawfords- ville High School affords a student. The members elected by both student and fac- ulty vote must qualify in the virtues of char- acter, leadership, scholarship, and service. Officers for this year were Gloria Quisen- berry, Presidentg Anora Stewart, Vice Presi- dentg Richard Lingernan, Secretary, and Charles Rogers, Treasurer. Mrs. Mabel Smith was sponsor. IUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY lunior High students who have completed two full semesters with an average grade of 90, or country students who enter in the ninth year and attain QU average the first semester, are eligible for membership in the National lunior Honor Society. Selections are made by the faculty who consider the qualities of character, leadership, scholar- ship, and service of each candidate. The officers Were Ronny Martin, Presi- dent, lack Bratton, Vice President, and Sue Allman, Secretary. The sponsors were Mr. Burns, Mr. lame-s, Mr. Biddle, and Miss Guilliams. Page Eighty-Six AUDIO VISUAL AIDES Visual education is recognized as a vital force in modern education. Through the ef- forts of the Audio Visual Aides, films were shown in Room ll7 for the enjoyment and enlightenment of the students and faculty. The Aides also controlled the public address system during auditorium programs and pep sessions. The l948-l949 officers were David Rem- ley, President: Iohn Kinkead, Vice-President, loy Frederick, Secretary-Treasurer. Mr. lack- son was in charge of equipment and aides: Mr. Gabloert was in charge of orders, sched- ules, and audio visual materials. , FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Vocational agriculture students Were mem- bers of F. F. A., a national organization. Their motto was "Learning to do, doing to learn, learning to live, living to serve." On April 20 a "crops" team participated in the district contest in Frankfort. Officers were Dick Henderson, Presidenty Ray Binford, Vice-President: Glen Todd, Treasurerg Dwight Cox, Secretary: Ross Iol- ley, Reporter, and Don Froedge, Sentinel Mr. Cross was sponsor. Audio Visual Aides Row 2 V-David Remley, Mr, Iackson tsponsorl, Don Boots, Ronald Martin, Sam Evans, Don Gobel, Mr. Gabbert fsponsorl. Row lf -David Elmore, Elinor Coffel, Ioy Frederick, Ronald Bradley, Bob Mason, Charles Rogers, Theron Lowe. Future Farmers of America Row 2, left to right- 'Lonnie Birchfield, Carl Cook, Fred Buz- zaird, Malcolm McDonald, Bob Shuler, Bob Thomas, Ronald Thompson, Ed Walton, Mr. Cross tsponsorl. Row l-Lawrence Brewer, Dale las Swank, Frank Switzer, Wayne lacoby, Keith Willis, Dale Kreps, Glen Todd. Pagr' Eigh ty-smfmz BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS Maintaining the standards ot C. H. S. pub- lications by selecting capable editors and reporters tor the "Gold and Blue" and en- deavorinq to stimulate interest in school jour- nalistic fields are the aims of the Board ot Publications. This board determines iour- nalistic policies tor the school publications. Members who were elected by the Quill and Scroll were Susan Harvey, chairman, Bill Flaniqan, and Fred Warbinton. Faculty advisors were Miss Arthur, Miss Schweitzer, and Mr. Howes. Board of Publications Left to riqht-Miss Schweitzer, Mr. Howes, Susan Harvey, Bill Flaniqan, Fred Warbinton, Miss Arthur. Quill and Scroll Standing--Mr. Howes, Dick Howell, Bill Flaniqan, Ierry Van- Sickle, Fred Warbinton, Dick Linqeman, Miss Arthur. Seated-Beverly Zachary, Su- san Harvey, Anne Foley, Gloria Quisenberry. l QUILL AND SCROLL Quill and Scroll, sponsored by the Board ot Publications, is an international honorary society ior hiqh school journalists. This in- cludes starl members on both the "Athenian" and the "Gold and Blue." Members must be juniors or seniors and in the upper third of their classes scholastically. They must be recommended by the Board ot Publications tor superior work in the journalistic field. Officers for 1948-1949 were Susan Harvey, President, Bill Flaniqan, Vice-President: and Fred Warbinton, Secretary. Sponsors were Miss Arthur and Mr. Howes. Page Eighty-eight HOSPITAL AIDES The Sunshine Society sponsored the Hos- pital Aides, composed ot twenty-eight girls who gave their time and energy to volunteer work in Culver Hospital. Their services con- sisted ot carrying trays to patients on second and third floors between tive and six-thirty P. M. daily. Barbara Howard, chairman, was in charge oi planning schedules and arranging sub- stitutions trorn a long list ot volunteers. Mrs. Evelyn Shute was sponsor tor the group. SAFETY PATROL The Salety Patrol, which is rnade up ot volunteers trorn A. B. C., rendered invaluable service to students and citizens. Although the safety patrol has been lunc- tioning tor ten years, the organization was divided two years ago into a senior high pa' irol and junior high patrol. This year Bob Everett was senior high chiety Bob Keedy, inspectory Mr. LaEollette, sponsor. Damon Hamm was junior high chief: Mr. Crater, sponsor. t Hospital Aides Row 2' -loyce Tilney, Susie tlesoner, Mary Akers, Betty Lili ka, Margaret Cope, Doris Nnnan, Marian Robinson, Phyllis Black, Paula Vlfalden, Mrs. Shiite. Bow l Peaay Lewellon, lanot Pearson, Sylvia Gardner, Cara lyn Lamb, Birth Dillinger, Max ine Burget, Ann Tliornas, Nila Barton, Mary Mitrhell, Margaret Biggs, Barbara Howard, Roliwrta Birsenbark, Andrey Heath. Safety Patrol Row Billy Burks, Vinson: Posthauer, Paul Porter, Fred White, Norman Curnrnings, Bolr Keedy, Don Warren, Fred Ouiltin, Lawrence Brewer, Donald Roach, Row l Larry Simpson, Don Cox, Phil Powell, Torn Prince, lint Robinson, Melvin VanSc'oyoc, Bolt Everett, Don Manly. Pugf' Eiglrty-irinv Row 3-Carolyn Lamb, Carol Barkalow. Carol Cottingham, Pat Sinclair, Nancy Mutch, Mary Adams, Pat Rinehart, Sylvia Gardner, Pat Roudebush, Margaret Rhodes, Carolyn Haslam, Pat Gleason, Lucille Redenbaugh, Mrs. Betty Smith. Row 24Beverly Stewart, Greta Gray, Marjorie Dawson, Ellen Biniord, Mary Mutch, Shirley Clark, Vivian Myers, Betty Robinson, jeanette McCollough, Alberta Gibson, Mary Elliot, Marjorie Kinkead, Peggy Wooden. Row lfBeverly Wall, joyce McGuire, Beverly Zachary, Pat Livingston, Charlotte Eubanks, Betty Munn, joanne Hose, Sharleen Eyler, Helen Crumly, Amy Plank, Ruby Dawson. SENIOR GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Senior G. A. A., as it is popularly known, is an athletic or- ganization which played basketball, volleyball, softball, tennis, speed ball and many other games during the year. On December ll the G. A. A. traveled to Alexandria for a volleyball play day, and on April Zl, ten girls went to lndiana Officers State Teachers' College in Terre Haute for a play day. President .--A- Ruby DGWSOY1 Esther Warren, Marjorie Dawson, and Ruby Dawson were Vice-President .... Mary Elliott the local representatives to the state G. A. A. camp at Pokagon State Park last tall. Secretary .... Marjorie Dawson Besides participating in various sports, G. A. A. sponsored the Valentine Dance, where a King and Queen of Hearts were elected, and a Sock Dance in the girls' gym after the Frankfort basketball game. Mrs. Arlene Wagner and Mrs. Betty Smith were sponsors of the association. Page Ninety Standing, left to right-Mr. Grider, Ryan Shaw, Richard Lingeman, Paul Porter, Morton Paterson. Seated-Anne Boze, Fred Warbinton, Pat Francis, Robert Riggs, Yolanda Earl, Sam Dunbar, Carolyn Hutchins, Bill Flanigan. ORATORY Central Indiana Gratoricale-November 18. Yolanda Earl participated in the girls' division, William Flanigan Won second place in the boys' division. The contest was held in Delphi. Anna Willson Oratorical-Ianuary 25. Richard Lingeman placed first: Yolanda Earl, sec- ond: William Flanigan, third. American Legion Oratorical--February 16. 'William Flanigan Won the County Contest and placed third in the District Contest at Rockville on March 2. Rotary Oratorical-March 2. Sam Dunbar and Ryan Shaw participated. Ryan Shaw, first place winner, competed in the group contest on March l6. The District Contest was held in Frankfort on April 22. Wabash Oratorical--March 12. Richard Lingeman competed in the State Contest at Wa- bash College. DePauw Extemporaneous Speaking Contest-April 6 .Iohn Cowan represented our school in this contest. Page Ninety-one Paterson, Don Grier, Mrs. Gosma, Dick Lingeman, Paul Porter, Bev- erly Birch, Bob Riggs, Bill Flani- qan. Not in picture' f-Don Schrei- ner. Paterson, Fred Warbinton, Ray Moon, Charles Rogers, Dick How- ell, Bob Keedy, Don Akers, Sam Dunbar, Ryan Shaw, Bob Riggs, Dick Lingeman, Bill Flanigan, David Long. Gosma, Bob Burkhardt, Paul Por' ter, Bob Everett, David Schaaf, Floyd Pegler, Duane Neel, Keith Gran, Don Grier, Tom Elkins, Fred Bayless, Don Hayes, lerry VanSickle, Burton Hofferlh, Dave Debate Row 5, left lo right--Morton Speech Arts Row 4, left to right -Morton Row 3--fMr. Crecelius, Mrs. Remley, Row 2-- Mr. Grider, Beverly Birch, Martha Repp, Carol Cot- tingham, lessie Lou Walters, Barbara Howard, Lucretia Karle, Anne Boze, Pat Francis, Anne Foley, Pat Thomas, ludy Gegner, Nancy Resoner, Yolanda Earl, Carolyn Hutchins. Row l-'Ruth Reynolds, Lou Sperry, Helen Harvey, ludy Cor- nell, Belly Goodwin, lackie St. Clair, Gloria Quisenberry, Susan Harvey, Shirley Hicks, Pat Rus- sell, Denny Lou McDonald, la- nine Alexander, Greta Gray, DEBATE "Resolved that the United Nations now be revised into a Federal World Government" was the subject debated by our affirmative team, Don Grier and Paul Porter, and nega- tive team, Richard Lingeman and Bill Flani- gan. Mrs. Gosma coached the debaters. February l7feOur affirmative team de- feated Wiley of Terre Haute: February 21- Our negative team defeated Wiley, Febru- ary 23-Both affirmative and negative teams defeated left of Lafayette in the sectional con- test: March 10--Our teams were defeated by Wiley in the zone contest. SPEECH ARTS The Speech Arts Club sponsored debate, oratory, and dramatics. All members met one of the following requirements: in an ora- torical contest, in school playg in speech class, Winner in tryouts. The club presented the Thanksgiving play, "Grapes for Dinner"p sponsored the Anna Willson Oratorical contest: and gave a three- act play in the spring. Officers were Richard Lingeman, Presi- dent: Charles Rogers, Vice-President: Loretta Sperry, Secretaryg Nancy Resoner, Treasurer. Mr. Grider, Mr. Crecelius, and Miss Gierz were club sponsors. Page Ninety-two ,Q-lima 4.45 . - 'I' ,ay -z.-.4 MA. IUNIOR DRAMATIC CLUB The Iunior Dramatic Club is an organiza- tion for the presentation of plays by junior high students to entertain others as well as to gain experience in the art oi play acting and production. The club presented a Christmas play, "The Shepherds and the Wise Men," before junior and senior high schools. On April 22 "Wilcat Willie's Lucky Number" was presented. Officers were loy Frederick, Presidentg Marietta Coble, Vice President: Sue Buser, Secretary: and Shaila VanSickle, Treasurer. Sponsors were Miss Pitkin, Mrs. Gosma, and Mr. Simpers. IUNIOR GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSN. Members of lunior G. A. A. are seventh and eighth grade girls who are interested in athletics and strive to develop sportsman- ship and further their skill in sports. The girls may earn a lunior G. A. A. shield by attending four out ot six meetings in a series, and by participating in an unorgan- ized activity tor a specified time. Officers for 1948-1949 were Shirley Cun- ningham, President: Peggy Conway, Vice- President: and Linda I-Iesler, Secretary-Treas- urer. Miss Pitkin sponsored the group. I unior Dramatic Club Row 4, left to right-Kevin Zachary, lack Swanson, Iunior Gustafson, Dick Cofer, Morton Paterson, Allen Shaw, Vernon Spaulding, Ernest Patrick, Don Dinwiddie, lack Cunningham. Row 3-Carolyn Straub, Patsy Simonds, Diane Crawford, Lucille Kyger, Marietta Coble, Ioan Els kins, Beth Polley, Linda Evans. Row 2---Ianiece lack, loy Fred- erick, Shirley Cunningham, Peggy Ross, Iackie Hawkins, Rita Scaggs, Nancy Graham, Sue Buser, Mary Sylvia Walden, Phyllis Slate, Carolyn Roberts. Peggy Conway, Genevieve Iohn- son, Marilyn Miene, Lulabell Brady, Dawn Reicharcl. Row l-Barbara Sommer, Sue Allman, leanette McCollough, Pat Henderson, Donna Eyler, Donna Gilliland, Shirley Todd, Delores Eblin, Barbara Wolfe. Iunior G. A. A. Row 3, left to right-Betty Eden, Elnora Clark, Nancy Ellis, lacky Hawkins, Marilyn Isaacs, Miss Pitkins, Ioan Elkins, Linda Evans, Marietta Coble, Marie Hose, Shir- ley Wray. Row 2- Shirley Cunningham, Sylvia Walden, Beth Polley, Nancy Graham, Peggy Conway, Vera Eden. Row 1-Martha Walling, Nancy Snider, Beverly Ryker, Eleanor Apple. Page Ninety-three' CHEER LEADERS Bill Flcmigcm, Pai Francis, Darlene Iones, lim Long Prlgf' Niflzefy-four l Mrs. Florence Hungate, Assistant Secretaryy Miss Mary Guilliarns, Secre- tary: Mrs. Mary Edith Kinnaman Moe, First Vice-President: Miss Harriett Flaningam, Assistant Secretary: Mr. Herbert Morrison, Treasurer, Mrs. Esther McClamroc1c Pollom, Assistant Secretary. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Since the first commencement exercises in 1877, Crawfordsville High School has graduated 4,951 students. CThe Class of 1949 will swell this number to 5,086.1 Graduates are scattered from Maine to California and into foreign lands. Addresses in the alumni files include Af- ghanistan, Alaska, South America, Iapan, Germany, etc. Reunions in some form have been in existence since 1878. More elaborate reunions, in- cluding banquets and dances, have been held for the past fifty years. The seventy-second annual reunion was held at Crawfordsville High School on May 28. Classes whose numeral years end in 4 and 9 had special celebrations. Several classes, such as 1915, 1924, and 1945, also hold summer or winter reunions. Pfzgr' Nz'm'fy-sim TO THE CLASS OF 1949 Crawfordsville High School has long been charac- terized by a loyalty which expresses itself in a spirit of kindliness and aifection which binds alumni, stu- dents, and faculty together as one great family. lt is the sincere desire of the alumni association that you who stand on the threshold of life will long remember the pleasant experiences, the achieve- ments and inspirations of your high school days. "All that you are planning for ln days ahead of you, All that you are hoping for And looking forward to, All the best that life can bring Along your future way, All that means your happiness We wish for you today." Crawfordsville Alumni Association Dorothy Everson Elmore, President Dorothy Everson Elmore, President TWO GENERATIONS ln a survey taken in the senior class, it was learned that the following are second genera- tion graduates of C. H. S. Phyllis Biggs .................. Lillian Coahran ....... Karl Dickerson ......... Bill Flanigan ...,..... Betty Goodwin ............ Virginia Hayworth ......... Lucretia Karle .......... Bill Krug ............. Bettie Misch .......... Royse Moon ............. Gloria Quisenberry ....... Nancy Resoner ......,..... Bob Riggs .,......... Glen Todd ........,.,...... Beverly Zachary ......... .........Gi1bert Biggs, 1926 .........Wi11iam H. Coahran, 1927 .........Mrs. Mary Jeannette Herron Dickerson, Karl Dickerson, 1925 .........EdWin Flanigan, 1925 .........Mrs. Ruth Stout Goodwin, 1920 .........Mrs. Mary Hymer Hayworth, 1918 .........Mrs. Elizabeth Wallace Karle, 1924 Albert B. Karle, 1916 .........C1yde Krug, 1921 Mrs. Loretta Walters Misch, 1927 Mm-UEd Misch, 1925 .........Mrs. Ella Kostanzer Moon, 1916 H. Royse Moon, 1915 Edith Iackson Quisenberry, 1930 . ...,,.. Mrs. Helen McC1uskey Resoner, 1924 Mrs. Margaret Vaughn Riggs, 1916 .........Car1 S. Todd, 1911 ....,....1esse M. Zachary, 1927 Page Ninety-seven 1925 WE'LL ALWAYS REMEMBER . . September -School againl "Gee, l had fun this summer," was one of the familiar cries heard. - --'- We began our football season by playing Delphi and losing, 19-U. ililveryone was home from the State Fair and school really started rolling. eeThe annual Sunshine Get-Acquainted Picnic was held at Milligan Park. ---We lost a hard fought game to Noblesville in our first home game of the season, 3-12. After the game the Sunshine Society sponsored a dance. fShortridge trampled us, 34-lil, after a close first half. October -The football team traveled to Sheridan and was defeated, 6-O. f-The District Sunshine Convention was held at Frankfort. Fourteen girls attended from Crawfordsville. --Mr. Alexander was the speaker at our second annual Guidance Clinic. -West Lafayette came here and defeated our football team, 19-O. l5-Six weeks tests--those first tests always seem the hardest. -Danville came here and played havoc with our team. The final score was 32-O. elef-f paid us a visit. Did we give them a tussle? The final score, however, was 39-12. They also gave us some red paint on our steps. 2021-22-Hurrah! Teachers' Institute in Indianapolis kept the faculty busy, and the students enjoyed a vacation of two and one-half days. -First grade cards were issued, and sighs of both relief and anguish were heard. --An impressive Sunshine initiation was held for grades 9, lO, ll, l2. -Our team came through and beat Greenfield in the last game, lZ-7. fCrawfordsville was honored to have the United States Marine Band play two concerts. - x . 'i'L . Q ff ig 'v 1 I ' I L- J., , Y wwia f E if 1. k - ' 4 -Q . ' ns Page Ninety-eight Q f ... rt, t , A1 'P' vt if avi.. i "E, l 1 Wi t i l K5 w November 7'l2eEducation Week. Hag Week! The teachers and underclassmen couldn't decide who looked the worst-the senior boys or senior girls. llfMrs. Marguerite Soule Shoemaker gave an interesting and informative talk on "Marine Wonderland." 12-fSenior Band Concert was held. l8f-eBill Flanigan and Yolanda Earl competed in the Central Indiana Oratorical Contest. Congratulations, Bill. l9efFrankfort ran away with our basketball team in the first game of the season. We were feeling down-hearted, but soon felt somewhat better when We Went to the G. A. A. Sock Dance. 23WThe Speech Arts Club presented a Thanksgiving play called "Grapes for Dinner." 24e-eWe played Noblesville and lost again. 24-25--Thanksgiving vacation finally arrived. We were on our own for four whole days. December l-ffMr. I. I. Lynch, a trick shot archer, gave us some interesting ideas about archery. Weren't you scared, Pat and Dick? 3--Tempus fugit! The second six weeks were over. Lebanon, our old rivals, paid us a visit and made up for their two losses last year. 10-eSecond Vocational Guidance Program was held. The Athenians traveled to Brazil and were defeated once more. 14-This time the team went to Bloomington and lost again. 17-Garfield beat us this time. 22-School Concert and Christmas Program began the Yuletide activities. 23-V-A Christmas pageant was sponsored by the Chorus and the Sunshine Society. We delivered Christmas cheer baskets all afternoon. Christmas vacation began. 25-We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. 28-The Sunshine Society sponsored the Sweetheart Ball. Page N inety-nine I iff 5 .. .411 'S L AL I cmuary l-The basketball team defeated Michigan City and Elwood to bring home a trophy. Nice work, fellows! 4w-West Lafayette were our visitors and defeated the team. 7eWe saw a close game at Clinton, but we were defeated. l4-The team was on the road again and chalked up a victory for C. H. S. This time we defeated Washington of lndianapolis. The pep band was there playing all the time. 18-We lost another home game, this time to Franklin. 24-Another six weeks had passed. We seniors were now half way through our senior year. 25-Second semester began. The Anna Willson Oratorical Contest was held. Richard Lingeman placed first: Yolanda Earl, secondg and Bill Elanigan, third. 28-Although we lost to Lebanon, the boys showed much improvement. February l-We were defeated again. This time Martinsville was our rival. 4fThe team came back and beat the Attica Ramblers, who were rated about fifth in the state. 5iSome members of the Music Department went to Terre Haute and brought back firsts. 8-Well, we beat leff, last year's state champs! ll--The Music Department gave one of their annual concerts. lO-Mr. Walter Everrnan gave a colorful lecture on Liquid Air. l4-Mr. Frederic Sjobiarn, a pianist, gave us a special auditorium program. l6+Bill Elanigan and Morris Smith of Linden competed for the American Legion Speech Contest. Bill won. Congratulations! 18-Mr. Maynard Darnall, former superintendent of city schools, suffered a fatal heart attack in Bloomington, Indiana. l8-Shortridge was too tough for our team. The G. A. A. sponsored the Valentine Dance. Esther Warren and Karl Dickerson, steadies all through high school, were crowned queen and king of hearts. 24-25-26-Sectional tourney. This year we had games in the morning, also. Waveland beat Crawfordsvillel Many tears were shed. Pagf' One Hundred March Only twelve more weeks of school were lett. The students rated a day's vacation, for the teachers had an all-day conference. Something new was added. Instead ot a regular concert, an operetta, "A Waltz Dream," was held. A special assembly program was held. Albert Franklin, baritone, enter- tained us with lndian folk songs. April "How many people were fooled at the lunior-Senior Banquet?" Surely none of the seniors were. l9fSpring vacation gave us a short rest. At least the kids weren't playing hookey! We just got back to school and realized that another six weeks had passed. May The seniors' last auditorium program was Piero Pierotic, a baritone. Senior class play. The Music-Parents held their pot-luck dinner. "Wasn't the prom fun?" Baccalaureate made us realize our senior days were almost over. Memorial Day was observed. School was dismissed. Our senior picnic at last. We certainly had fun, but climbing up hills makes one rather tired. Iune Commencement night came all too soon. With heavy hearts we went to the stage to receive our diplomas. Farewell, C. H. S. Our senior year is over. For us there will be no more high school assemblies, high school dances, or sitting with our gang at the games. We will be separated from our friends, each going out into the world to seek his or her own success, but we will always remember our senior year at C. H. S. if ff -M3 -3 -' 4 OI ' l Q x ', Ji- .. -,n sa , G 4 731515 , ,-.-. -f-is h as .......-.M - i One Hundred One' , 7vL Liim 71?--, I .. 8 A f egfggfffg 1 .E km, L.. 75 A', 'Ei' ,fx EMM 25? fe Y? 'X E ka.. N5 Ax, :Ni Q 'B'- Q 0 25 lam SEQ is dxf 9 , M .N 'iffsu-W' Y 1' Q , ve . Q' f.. QQ .N '4- a. 'Z X A X ' Q' , fgiimg 35 Qi L Row 2, left to right-Mr. Raymond Kline, Mr. Pearl Maines, Mr. Roy Thompson. Row l-Mr. Claude Harmless, Mr. Vfalter Long, Mr. Henry Banks, Mr. lacob Gerrold, CUSTODIANS To seven hard-working men goes the credit for the neat appearance ot the high school building and the grounds. These men are constantly waging a never-ending war on dirt. Inside the building they are busy the year round keeping the floors clean, the desks and seats dusted, the stage in order, the chairs in line for programs, the furnaces fired, the windows polished, the waste baskets emptied, the boards clean, and the corridors spotless. Outside the building they keep the lawns mowed, the leaves raked, and the walks free from ice. While we enjoy vacations in the summer, they are busy preparing the building for another year of school. One Hundred Four Our Thanks To ALBERSHARDT FURNITURE COMPANY AMERICAN SECURITY COMPANY BANTZ DRUG STORE BEATRICE FOODS COMPANY BEN HUR SPORTS SHOP IOSEPH BINFORD 6. SON BRIER'S STUDIO BURGET'S MEAT MARKET BURROUGHS BROTHERS' SHOE STORE THE CLEVELAND BAKERY CLOVERLEAF DAIRY COLLEGE INN IACK COOK'S GRILL CORNER GIFT SHOP CRAWFORD CAFE CRAWFORDSVILLE DRY CLEANERS CRAWFORDSVILLE LINCOLN-MERCURY DO-NUT DUNK R. R. DONNELLEY 6. SONS ELSTON BANK 6. TRUST COMPANY FANNY-BEE STYLE SHOP FARMERS COOPERATIVE CREAMERY FREEDMAN'S STORE GERRY'S RADIO SERVICE GOODMAN'S DEPARTMENT STORE HAZEL'S BO-KA SHOPPE R. M. HORNER GARAGE HOWELL-GOODWIN PRINTING COMPANY PAUL HUSTING MOTORS 0110 Hlmdrvd Fiw' Our Thanks To INDIANA GAS 6. WATER COMPANY KRUG PLUMBING COMPANY BOB LAYNE'S INSULATION 6. ROOFING PERRY LEWIS COMPANY B. N. LINGEMAN, M. D. MCFARLAND 6 MILLER MONUMENT WORKS MONTGOMERY COUNTY LUMBER COMPANY MONTGOMERY WARD 6 COMPANY NYE BOOE DRUG STORE I. C. PENNEY COMPANY MINNIE PETT'S FLOWER SHOP R. 6 M. BOOK STORE E. K. RESONER COMPANY SCHLOOT FURNITURE COMPANY SCHULTZ 6 SCHULTZ BOOK STORE SELF-HELP GROCERY SHAVER'S HATCHERY SNAPPY SANDWICH SHOP THE SPORTSMAN'S SHOP STECK'S CLOTHING STORE E. L. STOKER 6. SON SYMMES 6: WILLIAMS ELECTRIC, INCORPORATED PAUL TIPPETT. INCORPORATED TRIPLE XXX DRIVE INN VAL-U DRESS SHOP WAYNE CAFE One Hundred Six Sign Here, Please Om' H1mdred Smvmz, Sign H ere, Please INDIANAPOLIS ENGRAVING COMPANY HOWELL-GOODWIN PRINTING COMPANY R. R. DONNELLEY AND SONS COMPANY BRIER'S STUDIO Ona' Hvmrlrwd Eighf

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