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Coshocton High School - Tomahawk Yearbook (Coshocton, OH) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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"f WK 1 Pr 5 ,Ai THE TGMAHAWK F COSHOCTON HIGH SCHOOL Coshocton, Ohio We students of Coshocton High School have known Mr. Rose as a steadfast friend, a Christian gentleman, and a leader. We appreciate all he has done for C. H. S. through his leadership on Tom Tom broad- cast, Senior Class plays and Prince of Peace orations. To you, Mr. Rose, we dedicate this, the Tomahawk of 1949. MR, L. M. ANDERSON MR. LESTER BOYD MR. STUART LANE President Clerk Vice President DR.FLOYDCRAH2 MR.GEORGEPARREH MR.sEwARDscHooLER ADMINISTRATION On these pages are pictured the members of the executive branch of Coshocton High School. These people are responsible for the complex program of education which best benefits the students of today. The general policy and raising of funds is the responsibility of the Coshocton School Board. Mr. McConagha, as Superintendent, is the administrator of the en- tire school system. Mr. Puderbaugh has the responsibility of managing the High School. Mr. Randles, Lois Thompkins, and Grace Moore fill the positions of Attendance Oiiicer, Secretary to the Superintendent, and Secretary to the Principal, respectively. Page Three MR. MCCONAGHA MR. PUDERBAUGH Superintendent of Schools Principal of C. H. S. OFFICE ASSISTANTS Page F MISS THOMPKINS MR. RANDLES MRS. MOORE UUT FACULTY s Sherrets. Mis ss McCabe, Mi pton, IH sCo Mis Miss Marshall, ers, Og Miss R Mr. Gillett, Miss Barcroft, is W Mrs, Le W2 Top Ro auque. Gi SS Mi augherty, D SS t, Mi 21' Stew SS Hin, M .-1 Second Row: Mr. LeFavor, Mr. Anderson, Mr. Rose, Miss Mr. Lybarger, Mr. MacQueen, Miss Smith. J ssick ong, Mr. Blatter, Mr. McKi Bush rton, Mr. ha an, Mr, W WI Woof Mr. Vana ,- iss if Bottom Row: M 'S '54 4 Q TOMAHAVVK EDITORIAL STAFF Top Row: Richard Conard, Nancy Turner, Zoe Burrell, Patsy Rice, Roger Payne. Second Row: Patricia Carroll, Marilyn Casey. Third Row: Doris Wolfe, Nancy Rice, Beverly Boal, Josephine Gross, Mr. McQueen TOMAHAWK BUSINESS STAFF Top Row: Duane Paisley, Lowell Heinke, Jim Reiss, Second Row: Don Sturtz, Max Olinger. Bottom Row: Fld Jacobs, Mr. McQueen, Bob Westfall. Pate Six as CHARLES HIGGINS JANICE ELY "Deeds: not words." Tom Tom Staff 12: Chemistry Club 11: Jr. Choir 9: Senior Choir 10, 11, 12: Class Oiiicer Pres. 12: College Club 12: Hi- Y 10, 11, 12: Pres. 12: Library Board 11: Pres. 11: Perfect At- tendance 10: Latin Club 10: Prince of Peace 11. 12: Pub- licity Club 10, 11, 123 Scholar- ship Team 11: Class Play 12: Student Council 12: Football Jr. Varsity 10, 11: National Honor Society 12. "She is little but oh4!" Biology Club 10: Booster Club 12: Chemistry Club 12: Sec. 12: Jr. Choir 9, 10: Sr. Choir 11. 12: Class Officer 11, 12: Sec. 11: Treas. 12: College Club 12: Treas. 12: F.H.A. 11: G.A.A. 9, 10, 11, 12: Y-Teens 9, 10, 11, 12: Pin Wearers 11, 12: Latin Club 10: Publiciay Club 10, 11, 12: Dramatics Club 11, 123 Schglgr- ship Team 10. 11 I Class Play 12: Student Council 11. 12: Na- tional Honor Society 12. THOMAS SMAILES NATALIE WATSON "A small but mighty man is he." A.V.S. 9, 10: Biology Club 10: Vice Pres. 10: Class Officer, Vice Pres. 12: College Club 12: Pres. 12: Hi-Y 11, 121 Sec. 12: Perfect Attendance 11: Latin Club 10: Class Play 12: Stu- dent Council 11, 12: Jr. Var- sity Basketball Manager 10: Basketball Varsity Manager 11: Football Jr. Varsity Manager 10: Intramural Basketball 9. 10. 11: Freshman Basketball Team Manager 9. "Society is the happiness of life." Biology Club 10: Class Officer 12: Sec. 12: Drum Majorette 11.3123 G.A.A. 9. 10. 11. 12 Vice Pres. 11: F.H.A. 9, 10: Y- Teens 9, 10, 11, 12: Homecom- ing Attendant 12: Perfect At tendance 9. 10: Latin Club 11: Publicity Club 11, 12: Dramat- ics Club 12: Class Play 12: Student Council 9, 12. CLASS HISTORY Remember 'way back in '45 when Mr. Lybarger christened the newest batch of "Freshies" the "Gold-Diggers" and the "Forty-Niners"? On the following pages you'll see the Class of '49 as honored seniors. But, how about a look at the years that helped in their development? In September, 1945, we entered as the usual crop of "greenhorns." We elected Ross Corder as president, and like all freshmen, we stayed out of the limelight. Come another fall and we knew a little more about this business of being high school students. We elected Ross Corder for a second term, and began to make our- selves known. The following September we arrived as upper classmen. With the election of Duane Paisley we were 05 and the Juniors came forth in Prince of Peace, golf, foot- ball, basketball, art, music and scholarship. This year we entered C. H. S. feeling very strange indeed, about being in the senior end of the upper hall. For days we wandered around finding ourselves look- ing for members of the Class of '48. But we soon got accustomed to being left with this job- of being seniors. Now, it's almost all over and to you, the seniors of the fu- ture, we bequeath the honor of Coshocton High School, and we hope that you will add to this glory in the days and years to come. This Page Is Sponsored By HAY--YOUR JEWELER Page Eight MICHAEL ALLEN "The dimple that thy chin contains has beauty in its round." IERRY ANDREWS "Modesty becomes a young man." ' Intramural Basketball 10, 11. DOLLY BAILEY "Not that I love study less but I love fun more." Biology Club 10: Jr. Choir 9: Senior Choir 10. 11, 12: F.H.A. 9, 10: G.A.A. 9, 10, 11, 12: Y- Teens 9, 10, 11, 12: Homecom- ing Attendant 12: Pin Wearers 11, 12: Class Play 12. WILMA BODNAR "Excelling in athletics." Booster Club 12: F.H.A. 91 G.A.A. 9, 10. ll, 12: Y-Teens 12: Perfect Attendance 10, 11. BEVERLY BOAL "All the world's a stage." Zanesville High School 10: Band 9: Booster Club 122 Tom Tom Staff 12: Senior Choir 11, 12: College Club 12: F.H.A. 11: Y-Teens 9, 10, 11, 12: Pres. 12: G.A.A. 9, 11, 12: Library Staff 9: Perfect Attendance 9, 11: Pin Wearers 11, 12: Prince of Peace 12: Publicity Club 11, 12: Dramatics Club 11, 12: Class Play 12: Tomahawk Staff 12: National Honor Society 12. RODNEY BOYD "He has little care that life is brief, For none of his hours are spent in grief." Biology Club 10: Class Officer. Treas. 9: Hi-Y 11, 12: Plebian Latin Club 11: Student Council 9: Varsity Basketball Manager 12: Varsity Football Manager 12: Football Jr. Varsity 10, 11: Intramural Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12. ' MARTHA BRUNSKILL "For she was jes' the quiet kind." Biology Club 9: Booster Club 12: Jr. Choir 10: Senior Choir 11, 12: F.H.A. 9: G.A.A. 9, 10. 11, 12: Y-Teens 9, 10, 11, 12: Publicity Club 10, 11, 12: Class Play 12. VESTA BUKER "Sing away sorrow, cast away care." Biology Club 10: Booster Club 12: Jr. Choir 9: Senior Choir 10, 11, 12: G.A.A. 12: Y-Teens 9, 10, 12: Class Play 12: Typ- ing Service 11. ZOE BURRELL "Happy am l: from care I am free! Why aren't they all contented like me?" Band 9, 10, 11, 12: Biology Club 10: Booster Club 12: Tom Tom Staff 10, 12: College Club 12: F.T.A. 12: G.A.A. 9, 10, 11, 12: Y-Teens 9. 10, 11, 12: Sec. 9: Library Staff 9: Pin Wearers 11, 12: Latin Club 10: Publicity Club 9, 10, 11, 12: Prince of Peace 11. 12: Dramatics Club 11, 12: Class Play 12: Student Council 10, 11: Tomahawk Staff 9, 10. 11, 12: Editor-in- Chief 12: National Honor So- ciety 12. EILEEN CARPENTER "Another good natured blonde." F.H.A. 10: Vice Pres. 10: G.A.A. 10, 11: Y-Teens 10, 11. RONALD CARROLL "I am a man of peace." JANE CATLIN "Thy modesty's a candle to thy merit." Band 11, 12: Biology Club 10: Booster Club 12: Sec. 12: Chemistry Club 12: Treas. 12: G.A.A. 9, 10, 11: Y-Teens 9, 10, 11, 12: Pin Wearers 11, 12: Latin Club 10: Scholarship Team 9, 10, 11: Class Play 12: National Honor Society 12. Page Nine JAY CHANEY "Deliberately detained." A.V.S. 9, 10: Band 9, 10, 11: Class Oiiicer 10: Treasurer 10: Student Council 10: Football Jr. Varsity 9: Intramural Basket- ball 9, 10, 11, 12. BETTY CHASE "Virtue is like a rich stone, best plain set." Junior Choir 11: G.A.A. 9. KATHRYN CHILCOTE "Be happy now. There is yet time to be sad." Booster Club 12: F.H.A. 9: Y- Teens 9. TOM CLARK "The object of oratory is not truth, but persuasion." A.V.S. 9, 10, 11, 121 Band 10- 11: Biology Club 10: Tom Tom Staff 11, 12: Chemistry Club 12 :' Jr. Choir 9: Senior Choir 10, 11, 12: Hi-Y 11, 12: Prince of Peace 11: State Winner 11: Publicity Club 11, 12: Class Play 12. RICHARD CONARD "Good reasoning makes a good man." Biology Club 10: Booster Club 12: Hi-Y 12: Perfect Attend- ance 9. 11: Latin Club 11: Publicity Club 9, 10, 11, 12: Class Play 12: Tomahawk Staff 12: National Honor Society 12. DAVID CONRAD "He was the mildest mannered man." Biology Club 10. Page Ten WILLIAM COOPER "I was gratified to be able to answer promptly and I did. I said I didri't know." LEWIS COPENHAVER "A gentleman is always honest in his actions and refined in his words." Basketball Jr. Varsity 9, 10, 11: Basketball Varsity 12: Football Varsity 9, 10, 11, 12. ROSS CORDER "Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none." Biology Club 10: Class Oiiicer, Pres. 9, 10: Student Council 9, 10: Basketlfall Jr. Varsity 9, 10: Basketball Varsity 11, 12: Football Jr. Varsity 9, 10: Foot- ball Varsity 11, 12. JOE COX 'tI'll turn over a new leaf !" Perfect Atkndance 11: Football Jr. Varsity 9, 10, 11: Foot- ball Varsity 12: Intramural Basketball 10. THELMA COX "In her tongue is the law of kindness." Bilogy Club 10: Booster Club 12: G.A.A. 11: Y-Teens 9, 11, 12: Perfect Attendance 11: Pin Wearers 11, 12: Class Play 12. GORDON CRATER "How hard it is to make an English teacher happy." Biology Club 10: Booster Club 12: Chemistry Club 12: Hi-Y 11, 12: Sec. 11, 12: Publicity Club 10, 11, 12: President 12: Dramatics Club 12: Scholarship Team 9, 10: Class Play 12: Stu- dent Council 12: President 12: Tomahawk Staff 12: Football Jr. Varsity 9, 10: Intramural Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12. DONALD DARR "Let every man mind his own business." BILL DAVIS "Love me, love my dog." Class Oflicer, Vice Pres. 10: Basketball Jr. Varsity 10, 11: Basketball Varsity 12: Football Jr. Varsity 9: Football Varsity 10il11, 12: Intramural Basket- ba 9. TED DAYTON "We're only young once." Biology Club 10: Booster Club 12: Chemistry Club 11: Senior Choir 10, 11, 12: Hi-Y 11, 12: Papoose Club 9, 11: Perfect At- tendance 10: Class Play 12: College Club 12. RICHARD DEXTER "Boys will be boys." Biology Club 10: Hi-Y 11, 12: Scholarship Team 9. ROBERT DOBSON "Men of few words are the best men." FLORISE DULIERE "Look, he's winding up the watch of his wit: by and by it will strike." A.V.S. 9, 10: Chemistry Club 12: Jr. Choir 9: Latin Club 10: Publicity Club 9, 10, 11, 12: Varsity Football 12: Jr. Var- sity 9, 10, 11: Intramural Bas- ketball 9. WANITA DUNFEE "She hath a natural wise sin- cerity, a simple truthfulness and a way with all men," Plainfield High School 10 : F.H.A. 9: G.A.A. 9, 11: Y- Teens 9, 11. CYRUS EMIG "A man of honor is one who is faithful to his word." Roscoe High School 9, 10: West Lafayette High School 11. RICHARD FINNELL "Blessed is the man who, hav- ing nothing to say, keeps quiet." RICHARD FOWLER "Cheer up, and smile for the ladies." Plainfield High School 9, 10: Senior Choir 11, 12: Hi-Y 11, 12: Football Varsity, Mgr., 12: Football Jr. Varsity 11: Intra- murals 11. JOHN GAMERTSFELDER "A long' drawn out string of contentment." ' Biology Club 10: Chemistry Club 12: Latin Club 10: Pub- licity Club 9, 10, 11, 12: In- tramural Basketball 10: Fresh- man Basketball 9. EDWARD GAUMER "Silence is more eloquent than words." Chemistry Club 11: Intramural Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12: Fresh- man Basketball Team 9. Page Eleven ANNA LEE GILMORE "Give every man thy ear, but few thy voice." Biology Club 10: Booster Club 12: Jr. Choir 9: Y-Teens 9, 10, 11, 12: Library Staff 9, 10, 11, 12: Vice Pres. 10: Sec. 11: Pin Wearers 11, 12: Class Play: National Honor Society 12. MARY GOSSER "Paradise is open to all kind hearts." Booster Club 12: F.H.A. 9: G.A.A. 10: Perfect Attendance 9, 10, 11. ROBERT GREEN "An honest man is able to speak for himself." Band 11, 12: Biology Club 10: Jr. Choir 9: Senior Choir 10, 11, 12: Hi-Y 11, 12: Publicity Club 10, 11, 12: Class Play 12: Stu- dent Council 9, 10, 11: Toma- hawk Staff 12. JOSEPHINE GROSS "Exceeding wise, fair spoken, and persuading-" Biology Club 10: Booster Club 12: Y-Teens 9, 10, 11, 12: Pres. 107 Vice Pres. 9: F.T.A. 122 College Club 12: Library Staff 9, 10, 11: Latin Club 12: Schol- arship Team 10, 11, 12: Class Play 12: Student Council 12: Tomahawk Staff 10, 12: Na- tional Honor Society 12. EDWIN GUILLIAMS "This learning-what a bore it is." Building and Lawn 10: Chem- istry Club 12: Football Jr. Var- sity 10. HELEN HALL "I know you are full of good nature." F.H.A. 9, 10: G.A.A. 9, 10: Y- Teens 9: Perfect Attendance 11: Typing Service 12. Page Twelve KATHLEEN HAMILTON "When words are scarce, they're seldom spent in vain." F.H.A. 9, 10: G.A.A.g 9, 10, 11, 12: Perfect Attendance 9, 10. RICHARD HENDERSON "My firm nerves shall never tremble." Chemistry Club 12: Football Varsity 12: Intramural 11: Avon High School 10: New Philadelphia High School 11. KENNETH HOLDER "A tall, silent man." Papoose Club 9: Scholarship Team 10, 11: Basketball Jr. Varsity 10, 11: Basketball Var- sity 12: Football Jr. Varsity 9, 10, 11: Freshman Basketball 9: Inatramural Basketball 10. PHYLLIS HOLDER "Silence gives consent." Booster Club 123 F.H.A. 9, 103 G.A.A. 10, 11, 12: Perfect At- tendance 9, 10, 11: Publicity Club 11, 12. FRED HOSFELT "Worry and I have never met." Biology Club 10: Hi-Y 11, 12: Papoose Club 9, 10: Publicity Club 9, 10, 11, 12: President 11: Class Play 12: Football Jr. Varsity 9. ALICE HUTCHINSON "Her hair shall be of what color it pleases God." Booster Club 12: G.A.A. 9 10, 11, 12: President 12: Y-Teens 9. 10. 11, 12: Perfect Attendance 10: Latin Club 11: Publicity Club 12. DON JARVIS "His fun is good: his truth is better: he alone is best of all." Basketball Jr. Varsity 10: Bas- ketball Varsity 11, 12: Football Jr. Varsity 10: Football Var- sity 11, 12: Freshman Basket- ball Team 9: Student Council 12. JAMES JENNINGS "I hurry not, neither do I worry." Papoose Club 10. 11, 12: Foot- ball Jr. Varsity 9: Intramural Basketball 12. CHARLES JONES "The very hair on my head stands up for dread." Capital Hill High School, Okla- homa City 9: Central High School, Oklahoma 10: Stark Senior High School, Texas 11. JEANNINE JONES "A soft answer turneth away wrath." F.H.A. 9: G.A.A. 11: Y-Teens 9: Perfect Attendance 103 Class Play 12. VVILLIAM JONES "The soul of this man is in his clothes." Booster Club 12: Hi-Y 11, 12: Vice. Pres. 11, 12: Publicity Club 10: Class Play 12. EDWARD KASER "His heart as far from fraud as heaven from earth." Building and Lawn Committee 9, 10, 11: Hi-Y 12: Papoose Club 9, 10, 11, 12. SHIRLEY LAFFERTY "Whatever advice you give, be short." Conesville High School 9: Sen- ior Choir 9, 10, 11, 12: F.H.A. 9, 10: G.A.A. 10, 11, 12: Y- Teens 10, 11, 12: Publicity Club 10, 11, 12: Dramatics Club 11, 12: Class Play 12. SHIRLEY LATIER "My life doesn't have enough doors to let in sorrow." Booster Club 12: College Club 125 F.H.A. 10. 11: G.A.A. 9. 10, 11, 12: Y-Teens 9, 10, 11, 12: Library Stal? 9, 10: Pin Wearers 11, 12: Latin Club 102 Publicity Club 11, 12: Dramat- ics Club 11, 12: Class Play 12: Student Council 11. BYRON LAWRENCE "I can see with half an eye." DAVID LEECH "What wisdom can you find that is greater than kind- ness Y" Biology Club 10: Chemistry Club 11: Hi-Y 11, 12: Toma- hawk Staff 9. JANET LITTLEFIELD "Let them call it mischief." Booster Club 12: Jr. Choir 9: Sr. Choir 10, 11, 12: College Club 12: F.T.A. 12: V. Pres. 12: G.A.A. 9, 10. 11, 12: Y-Teens 9. 10. 11: Palette and Brush 10: Publicity Club 9, 10, 12: Schol- arship Team 9, 10: Class Play 12. IVON LOOS "A woman would run through fire and water for such a kind heart." A.V.S. 9, 10, 11, 12: Booster Club 12: Biology Club 10: Chemistry Club 11: H'i-Y 11, 12: Sec. 12: Perfect Attendance 10: Latin Club 10: Publicity Club 11: Scholarship Team 10: Football Jr. Varsity 10: Na- tional Honor Society 12. Page Thirteen HAROLD LONGSTRETH "One vast substantial smile." Roscoe High School 9, 10, 11: Basketball Varsity 12. MARY ELLEN LOWE "She is gentle and sweet. She goes by the name of woman." F.H.A. 9, 10. MOLLIE MacKENZIE "The most I can do is make you laugh." Booster Club 12: Chemistry Club 12: Jr. Choir 11: College Club 12: V. Pres. 12: F.T.A. 12: Sec.-Treas. 12: G.A.A. 11, 12: Y-Teens 11, 12: Perfect At- tendance 10, 11: Pin Wearers 11, 12: Latin Club 12: Publicity Club 12: Treas. 12: Dramatics Club 12: Tomahawk Staff 11: Class PlaY 12: Student Council 11: St. Albans High School 9, 10. ELLEN MCCOMBER "I laugh at life." Jr. Choir 10: Sr. Choir 11, 12: F.H.A. 9, 10: G.A.A. 9, 10, 11: Y-Teens 9. 10, 11: Publicity Club 10: Class Play 12: Roscoe High School 9. DANNY MILLER "My life is like a stroll upon the beach." Roscoe High School 9 LEWIS MILLIGAN "A little nonsense will do the world some good." Football Jr. Varsity 11: Foot- ball Varsity 11, 12: Intramural Basketball 10, 11. Page Fourteen HARRY MOBLEY "Slow and easy going but he gets there just the same." JO ANN MOORE "And still my delight is young men." Cheerleader 10. 11, 12: Jr. Choir 9: Sr. Choir 10, 11, 12: College Club 12: G.A.A. 9, 10, 11, 12: Y-Teens 9, 10, 11, 12: G.G. Club 12: Latin Club 10: Prince of Peace 12: Publicity Club 12: Dramatics Club 11, 12: Class Play 12: Student Council 10: Tomahawk Staff 12. JANE MURPHY "A woman's hair is her crown- ing glory." Biology Club 10: G.A.A. 9, 10, 11, 12: Y-Teens 9, 10, 11, 12: Pin Wearers 11, 121 Publicity Club 11, 12: Class Play 12: Stu- dent Council 9, 10: Tomahawk Staff 12. GERALD MURRAY "I probably never will grow ups, Perfect Attendance 9. 10. 11. JOHN MYERS "The world knows little of its greatest men." Biology Club 10: Chemistry Club 11: Perfect Attendance 9: Football Jr. Varsity 10: Intra- mural Basketball 10. 11. KEITH O'HARA "Romeo with a passport." Biology Club 10: Hi-Y 11, 12: Basketball Jr. Varsity 11: Bas- ketball Varsity 12: Football Varsity 11, 12: Football Jr. Varsity 10: Intramural Basket- ball 9, 10. 11. ALICE OLINGER "Lovable, likeable and LIM- ITED 1" Band 9, 10, 11, 12: Biology Club 10: Sec. 10: Booster Club 12: Chemistry Club 12: Class Officer 10: Sec. College Club 12: G.A.A. 9, 10, 11, 12: Y-Teens 9, 10, 11, 12: Sec. 11: G.G. Club 10, 11, 12: Homecoming At- tendant 12: Library Board 11: Pin Wearers 11, 12: Latin Club 10: Prince of Peace 11, 12: Publicity Club 10, 11, 12: Dra- matics Club 11, 12: Class Play 12: Student Council 10: Toma- hawk Staff 9, 10. MAX OLINGER "The course of true love never did run smooth." Band 9, 10, 11, 12: Capt. 12: Biology Club 10: Booster Club 12: College Club 12: Hi-Y 11, 12: Library Board 10: Perfect Attendance 9: Latin Club 10: Dramatics Club 11, 12: Class Play 12: Student Council 10: Tomahawk Staff 12: Varsity Basketballball 11, 12: Intra- mural Basketball 9, 10. DUANE PAISLEY "Wearing his wisdom lightly." Band 10, 11, 12: Chemistry Club 12: Class Officer 11: Pres. Col- lege Club 12: Hi-Y 11, 12: Li- brary Board 12: Perfect Attend- ance 11: Latin Club Pres. 10: Dramatics Club 11: Scholarship Team 9,10, 11, 12 : Class Play 12 : Student Council Pres. 11: Tomahawk Staff 11, 12: Busi- ness Manager 11, 12: National Honor Society 12. JAMES PARR "The mildest manners and the gentlest heart." Building and Lawn Committee 11: Papoose Club 11, 12: Secre- tary 11, 12: Palette and Brush Club 10. ROGER PAYNE "Wit and wisdom are my de- light." Biology Club 10: Booster Club 12: Chemistry Club 11: Jr. Choir 9: Sr. Choir 10, 11, 12: College Club 12: Hi-Y 10, I1, 12: Perfect Attendance 10, 11: Latin Club 10: Prince of Peace 11, 12: Publicity Club 10, 11, 12: Dramatics Club 12: Scholar- ship Team 10, 11: Class Play 12: Tomahawk Staff 12: Na- tional Honor Society 12. TED POWERS "The mildest manners with the bravest mind." A.V.S. 9, 10, 11, 12: Chemistry Club 11: Hi-Y 11, 12: Perfect Attendance 9, 10, 11: Latin Club 10: Scholarship Team 10, 11: Student Council 12: Foot- ball Jr. Varsity 10: Football Varsity 11, 12. RAMAGE "Accuracy is the twin brother of honesty." Painesville High School 9, 10: A.V,S. 11, 12. WARD RINNER "He who invented work should have finished it." Biology Club 10: Palette and Brush 10: Class Play 12: Intra- mural Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12. GARY ROOF "A gentleman is often seen, but very seldom heard to laugh." Scholarship Team 10: Student Council 9. IVIERLYN SAXTON "The 'Moe' the merrier!" Golf Squad 11, 12: Intramural Basketball 10, 11, 12. EARL SCARR "He was a scholar and a right good one." Biology Club 10: Chemistry Club 11: Hi-Y 11, 12: Latin Club 10: Scholarship Team 9, 10, 11, 12: Football Jr. Varsity 11: Golf Squad 9, 10, 11, 12. OTTO SCOTT "An honest man's the noblest work of God." Biology Club 10: Booster Club 12: President 12: Perfect At- tefxdance 9, 10: Student Coun- ci 12. Page Fifteen RUTH SCOTT "Simple, steadfast, and de- mure." Jr. Choir 10: G.A.A. 9: Y-Teens 9, 10. JANIS SEFERT "She's the ornament of her sex." Louisville High School 9. 10: G.A.A. 12: BARBARA SHAVV "She was born to be loved." F.H.A. 11: G.A.A. 9: Y-Teens 9, 10. HAROLD SHAW "Our life is what our thoughts make it." Band 10, 11, 12: Hi-Y 11. 12: Perfect Attendance 11: Latin Club 12. JULIE SHERRETS "Good humor only teaches charms to last." Booster Club 12: F.H.A. 9, 10: G.A.A. 9, 10, 11, 12: Y-Teens 9, 10, 11, 12: G.G. Club 12: Pin Wearers 11, 12: Latin Club 11: Prince of Peace 121 Publicity Club 9, 10, 11, 12: Class Play 12: Tomahawk staff 12. WILLIAM SHOOK "It is a great plague to be too handsome a man." A.V.S. 9, 10: Biology Club 10: Booster Club 12: V. Pres. 12: Class Ohicer 9, 11: V. Pres. 9: Treas. 11: Hi-Y 11, 12: Pub- licity Club 9, 10, 11, 12: Student Council 9, 11: Class Play 12: Football Jr. Varsity 10, 11: Basketball, Freshman Team 9: Intramural 9, 10, 11, 12. Pate Sixteen ROGER SICKER "None but the brave deserve the fair." Biology Club 10: Class Officer 11, V. Pres. 11: Hi-Y 10, 11, 12: Scholarship Team 10, 11: Student Council 10: Basketball Varsity 11, 12: Football Var- sity 11, 12: Basketball Jr. Var- sity 10: Football Jr. Varsity 9, 10: Freshman Basketball Team 9. CAROLYN SIMMONS "How much better it is to weep at Joy than to joy at weep- mg." Booster Club 12: Jr. Choir 9: G.A.A. 9, 10, 11, 12: Secretary 12: Y-Teens 9, 10 11, 12: Treas- urer 12: Clerical Work 12: Perfect Attendance 9, 10: Pin Wearers 11, 12: Class Play 12. GLENN SMITH "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." Band 9, 10, 11, 12: Biology Club 10: Booster Club 12: Tom Tom Staff 10. 11, 12: Chemistry Club 11: Senior Choir 9, 10, 11, 12: Hi-Y 11, 12: V. Pres. 12: Perfect Attendance 9: Latin Club 10: Prince of Peace 11, 123 Dramatics Club 11, 12: Scholarship Team 9, 10: Class Play 12: Student Council 92 Basketball Jr. Varsity 10: In- tramural Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12: National Honor Society 12. NANCY SMITH "A sunny disposition is half the battle." Booster Club 12: F.H.A. 9, 10: G.A.A. 9, 10, 11, 12: Y-Teens 9, 10, 11: V. Pres. ll: G.G. Club 12: Clerical Work 12: Library StaH 9: Publicity Club 10, 11: Class Play 12: National Honor Society 12. JOHN SOUTH "You gotta be a football hero." Varsity Football 11, 12: Jr. Varsity Football 9, 10. GARY SPRAGUE "There's room in my heart for Joy." Building and Lawn 9, 10, 11: Chemistry Club 11: Papoose Club 9, 10, 11: Prince of Peace 11, 12. GEORGE STEVENS "Love with me hath made no stays." Band 9: Hi-Y 10, 11, 12: Toma- hawk Staif 9, 10, 11: Basket- ball Junior Varsity 9, 10: Bas- ketball Varsity 11, 12: Football Junior Varsity 9: Football Var- sity 10, 11, 12: Golf Squad 9, 10, 11, 12: National Honor So- ciety 12. GLENWOOD STRAWN "I hurry not, neither do I worry." Biology Club 10: Papoose Club 11, 12. RICHARD SYCKS "A boy worth meeting." Band 9, 10, 11, 121 Biology Cllub 10: Intramural Basketball 1 . NED THOMSON "Who is so deaf that will not hear me?" Band 9, 10. 11. 12: Booster Club 12: Tom Tom Stal? 11, 12: Jun- IOT, Choir 93 Latin Club 11: Prince of Peace 12: Publicity Club 11, 12: Scholarship Team 9, 11: Class Play 12: Intra- mural Basketball 10, 11, 12: Dramatics Club 11, 12. MARY TROTTMAN "One tongue is enough for a woman! Booster Club 12: Junior Choir 9: Senior choir 10,11,12g F.H.A. 93 G.A.A 9, 10, 11, 12: Y-Teens 9, 10,. 11, 12: Clerical Work 11, 12- Llbrary Staff 12, Latin Club 11, Prince of Peace 11: Public- ltY Club 9. 10, 11, 12: Class PIHY 122 Typinll Service 12. JULIE TUMBLIN "Good goods come in small packages." Booster Club 12: G.A.A. 10, 11, 12: Y-Teens 10, 11, 12: Pin Wearers 11, 12: Class Play 12. NANCY TURNER "Be merry, for our time of stay is short." Biology Club 10. Booster Club 12: Chemistry Club 12: Junior Choir 10, 11: Senior Choir 12: 4 College Club 12: G.A.A. 9, 10, 11, 12: Y-Teens 9, 10, 11, 12: Library Staff 9: Library Board 10: Palette and Brush 10: Sec- retary 10: Pin Wearers 11, 12: Latin Club 11: Publicity Club 11, 12: Dramatics Club 11, 12: Class Play 12: Student Council 123 Tomahawk Staff 12. ESTHER UGIE "A maiden never bold of spirit, still and quiet." Biology Club 10: Booster Club 12: Chemistry Club 11: F.H.A. 10, 11: G.A.A. 11, 12: Latin Club 11: Class Play 12: WAYNE VAN DUSEN "Learning by study must be won, 'Twas ne'er entrailed from son to son." Scholarship Team 9: National Honor Society 12. RUSSELL VICKERS "Each man reaps on his own farm." JACK WALTERS "It's easy to sleep: else why would I do it?" Class Play 12: Intramural Bas- ketball 11, 12. ELEANOR WEST "There is likewise a reward for faithful silence." West Lafayette High School 9: Fresno High School 10. Page Seventeen WANDA WELCH "Gentlemen prefer blondes." Booster Club 12: Junior Choir 9: G.A.A. 11, 12: Y-Teens 9, 10, 11: Treasurer 9. JAMES WHITIS "Strongest minds are those of whom the World hears least." Newcomerstown High School 9, 10: Perfect Attendance 11. PEGGY WIGGINS "Be of good cheer" F.H,A. 10: G.A.A. 11: Y-Teens 9, 10, 11: Vice-president 11. LOIS WILCOX "My interest is in the future he- cause I intend to spend the rest of my life there." Band 9, 10, 11, 12: Biology Club 10: Chemistry Club 12: Class Ofiicer, Secretary 9: Y-Teens 9. 10, 11: Library Board 12: Pal- ette and Brush Club 10: Latin Club 10: Scholarship Team 9, 10, 11: Student Council 9: Na- tional Honor Society 12. BONNIE WILSON "The hair is the richest orna- ment of a woman." Booster Club 12: Junior Choir 9: Senior Choir 10, 11, 12: F.H.A. 9, 10, 11: President 11: Class Play 12. CHARLES WILSON "Speech is silver, silence is golden." Page Eighteen DON WILSON "Why worry? Take things as they come." Band 9, 10, 11, 12: Biology Club 10: President 10: Booster Club 12: Chemistry Club 11: Hi-Y 10, 11, 12: Student Coun- cil 11: Treasurer 11 : Golf Squad 12: Intramural Basketball 10, 11, 12. JEAN WILSON "Great is Truth. Fire cannot burn, nor water drown it." Biology Club 10: Chemistry Club 12: Junior Choir 10: Col- lege Club 12: Y-Teens 9. 10, 11, 12: Palette and Brush Club 10: Latin Club 10. SARA WILSON "I am sure care's an enemy to life." Biology Club, 10: Booster Club 12: Treasurer 12: F.H.A. 10, 11, 12: Secretary 11: G.A.A. 10. 11, 12: G.G. Club, 12: Clerical Work 12: Homecoming Atten- dent 12: Perfect Attendence, 9, 10, 11: Publicity Club 12: Scholarship Team, 11: Class Play 12: National Honor So- ciety 12. DORIS WOLFE "In each cheek appears a pretty dimple." Biology Club 10: Tom Tom Staff 9: Chemistry Club 12: Cheerleader 10, 11, 12: Junior Choir 9: Senior Choir 10, 11. 12: College Club 12: G.A.A. 9. 10, 11. 12: Y-Teens 9, 10, 11, 12: 'G.G. Club 10. 11, 12: Home- coming Queen 12: Palette and Brush 10: Pin Wearer 11, 12: Publicity Club 10. 11, 12: Sec- retary 12: Dramatics Club 11. 12: Class Play 12: Stu-'lent gauncil 10: Tomahawk Staff 11, LOIS WOLFORD "A maid who has more thought than tongue." Booster Club 12: F.H.A. 9, 12: Y-Teens 9: Perfect. Attendance 9. 10, 11: Scholarship Team 11: National Honor Society 12. CHARLES WORKMAN "Better late than never." Booster Club 12: Perfect At- tendance 9. 11: Intramural Bas- ketball 10, 11, 12. May 27, 1979. Dear Diary: Imagine my surprise! My graduating class is being invited back for graduation exercises at C. H. S.! Just think how long it has been since I've seen good old Coshocton. I can barely wait un- til June 9. June 8, 1979. Dear Diary: How wonderful it is to see the rolling hills of Ohio after all these years. And of all surprises as I drove into Coshocton I saw the "I and J" Farms which are owned by Ivon Loos and John South. Farther on down the road I saw Russell Vickers driving a tractor down the lane toward a farm owned by Ronald Carroll. They certainly couldn't have picked harder work. As I drove up Main Street the first establish- ment I saw was "Wee Willy's Winery" which is owned by Charles Workman. Across the street I saw Bill Davis holding up the City Hall and watching Rodney Boyd wash the fire truck. I was so astonished with the huge hardware store now owned by Bud Lawrence that I ran into Duane Paisley, who was backing his car away from the curbing. After he had given me a lecture on women drivers, he told me he was now an insurance salesman. He also told me that Bud and his wife, the former Carolyn Sim- mons, have made their store the most complete hardware in town. After leaving Duane, I checked in at my hotel and decided to take a short walk. The fountain in the court square is now in good working con- dition. Sitting on one of the old benches feed- ing the squirrels was Gary Roof, who is now a traveling salesman for the Fuller Brush Com- pany. As we talked I found that many of the Class of '49 have carved quite a name for them- selves. Earl Scarr has become a surgeon, while Jean Wilson is doing medical research. Nancy Smith operates a secretarial service employing Mary Trottman, Thelma Cox and Barbara Shaw as secretaries, while Julia Tumblin, and Jean- nine Jones are bookkeepers. Ned Thomson is now president of Shaw-Barton. Roger Payne is working for the FBI in the crime lab. Charles Jones is now doing fashion illustrating for "Fash- ion" magazine. His assistant is Natalie Watson. Peggy Wiggins now operates her own beauty salon and employes Wanda Welch and Ruth Scott. The Navy claimed a few of the class in the few years after graduation, such as Jack Walters, John Myers and Skip Holder. Skip hasn't made his million yet. Edgar Ramage be- came an electrical engineer, while Dick Sycks took up air conditioning and refrigeration. As Gary and I were talking, I noticed a group of small children running through the court- square. Then I heard a familiar giggle and around the corner in hot pursuit came JoAnn Moore. She managed to get the children in hand long enough to tell me that she was married and her husband, Dick, was basketball coach at C. H. S. She also explained that she was a kindergar- ten teacher, now. Leaving my ,two former classmates to their va- rious pursuits I started across the street. Sud- denly, I heard a siren screaming and was prac- tically run down by a shiny ambulance. Behind the wheel was Alice Olinger. On the side of the ambulance in neon lights was "Let Us Find a Cozy Spot For You." Only then did I see Nancy Turner hanging onto the side. I imagine she finally got her own funeral home. As I got closer to a very large building far- ther up the block, I gasped. For there was the largest drug store I have ever seen. Three iioors of everything from soup to nuts. Above the door in six-foot letters was "Smith and Smailes." I entered to look around and saw more class- mates. Phyllis Holder, Mary Ellen Lowe, Bob Green and Bonnie Wilson were behind various counters. As I turned the corner I ran right into Zoe Burrell. Glenn Smith was giving her his fa- mous sales talk. It seems she is Biology teacher at C. H. S. now. Tom Smailes came up then to tell me of other students of the Class of '49 who had something to do with the store. The plumb- ing was installed by Dick Fowler, while the car- penter work was done by Jim Parr. The books are kept by Sara Wilson and Harold Longstreth. Most of the buying is done by David Conrad and sales promotion is in charge of Richard Conard. Glenn and Tom also have Waneta Dunfee, Mar- tha Brunskill, and Anna Lee Gilmore working in their offices. I stopped at the soda fountain for a sandwich, and Helen Hall waited on me. As I sat there I was aware of a familiar voice, and turning, I found Ted Dayton telling Cy Emig and'Joe Cox about the new chemical used on teeth to prevent decay. Also close at hand This Page Is Sponsored By THE PRINT SHOP Page Nineteen were Ellen "Bunny" McComber and Dolly Bai- ley. Dolly had just returned from California with her husband, and Ellen is now living in Florida with her husband. When I emerged from the drug store, I saw that it was getting rather dark. However, I hated to turn in, so I started walking on up Main Street. Coming out of a grocery store was Gor- don Crater, who had been working overtime cut- ting meat. Then I came across Wilma Bodnar and Eleanor West standing on the corner waiting for a bus. They are both working at the Tele- phone Company now. Also waiting for a bus were Lois Wilcox and Esther Ugie, who are nurses at Coshocton Hospital. As I crossed Sixth and Main I noticed a large building blazing with lights. This was the new radio station. Becoming interested I entered and heard a familiar voice. I found it was Vesta Buker doing her daily show. The announcer was Tom Clark, "The Boy With the Golden Throat." Soon I found out that Josephine Gross was writ- ing continuity. Next up was a comedy show featuring those two wits, Dick "The Kid" Hen- derson and Florise "Oni Oui" Duliere. Head en- gineer was Charles Wilson. Following Dick and Florise's show was a "spot," advertising The Ace Machine Shop operated by Harold Shaw, Gerald Murray, Wayne Van Dusen, and Gary Sprague. As I left the studio, I noticed a door with big gilt letters proclaiming Edward Gaumer, Commercial Manager. Well, Diary, that's about all. I'm so tired I am ready to drop into bed. June 9, 1979. Dear Diary: Well, tonight was the night. I went early in order to get a good seat and be able to talk to some of my old friends. And you should see the new school! It's all we ever dreamed of when we were in C. H. S. The new auditorium-gym has been built and the exercises were held there. When I arrived there were quite a few people there already. Standing in the rear talking were Alice Hutchinson, Janet Littlefield, and Shirley Latier. All these girls are teaching physical ed- ucation now and they were discussing the tourna- ments which had just been finished. Jane Catlin was sitting on the edge of her seat, for one of her piano pupils was accompanying the choir that evening and Jane was more nervous about it thank anyone else. Doris Wolfe, one of the top- fiight designers, was having a spirited conversa- tion with Julie Sherrets and Janice Ely about the "New Look" in dress designing. iRemember the long skirts and the short haircuts of '48 and '49'?l Julie and Janice are nurses in Columbus, but they managed to get off for this special occa- sion. Another spirited conversation was being car- ried on by Ed Kaser and John Myers about which branch of the Navy was the best. I learned that Bill Shook and Bill Jones couldn't make it back for the exercises because of their sheep ranch in Washington. David Leech was also under the same handicap. Mike Allan made it, however, complete with boots, a ten gallon hat and a "you- all" drawl. In another corner I saw Otto Scott discussing the new cars with Merlyn Saxton and Ted Powers. Kathleen Hamilton, Eileen Carpen- ter, Bonnie Wilson, and Betty Chase were busy catching up on the latest news, while Glenn Strawn and Robert Dobson discussed the merits of a silent woman. But who ever saw one? Suddenly, I saw that most of the young women were whispering and craning their necks to get a better view of something in the rear of the audi- torium. And imagine what it was! George Ste- vens, Buck O'Hara and Max Olinger were making their entrance. The boys are operating a love- lorn agency in Zanesville and Canton, and they still have enough of their old charm to rate a sec- ond look from the girls. I found a seat near Mary Gosser and Lois Wolford, more nurses, and we soon had a discus- sion on other classmates. Jane Murphy has a chain of dancing schools throughout the nation. She has become a female Arthur Murray. Jim Whitis is an engineer for the railroad. Suddenly, I heard the familiar strains of "Pomp and Circumstance' and the class of '79 entered. They took their places, and another classmate,Reverend Charles Higgins, gave the in- vocation. As I sat there watching the boys and girls so stiff and proud in their robes, I thought of the night many years ago when the Class of '49 stood in maroon and white robes and thought back over their years at C. H. S. I remembered the class which had members on the basketball team which took the C. O. L. Co-Championship and a winner of a Prince of Peace contest. Yes, I remembered the Class of '49 and their many accomplishments, and gee, Diary, weren't they a swell bunch of kids? Goodnight! This Page Is Sponsored By SPIC and SPAN-QUALITY CLEANERS Page Twenty Class Wolf ..... .. Most Popular Girl .....l.. Most Popular Boy ..rr..... Fashion Plate Girl--u-,-, MOCK ELECTION aaani-oQni4 Fashion Plate Boy ....,.sss..,.,s.,... Girl Most Likely to Succeed,. Boy Most Likelyxto Succeed ......,r . is Prettiest Girl ....ccc. I, Most Handsome Boy ..c.c,.. Class Livewire ...... A ...,.,,,....... Class Sweethearts Cgirll ...r,,., Class Sweethearts Cboyl ....... Class Punster ......................, Brain Trust Cgirll .,.... Brain Trust Cboyl .c...... Class Poet c.c,.. ..c.....v.... Class Glamour Girl ....... Best Girl Danceriic cL----Keith O'Hara ----,L,--Doris Wolfe cLwiiGeorge Stevens L c,,ccc,r Beverly Boal .,-----,LBi1l Jones --,------LLois Wilcox i,Charles Higgins -h-i,,,Natalie Watson --l--iLlMax Olinger ------Dick Henderson Carolyn Simmons --,,l----Bud Lawrence -, ..rc Dick Henderson --,----,,--Lois Wilcox --,------Duane Paisley --------Glenn Smith ---------Beverly Boal ----nJane Murphy Best Boy Dancer ............,.u.............. . ......................... .c...... G eorge Stevens Girl Most Likely to Turn Teachers' Hair Gray ........c -.r-cc J o Ann Moore Boy Most Likely to Turn Teachers' Hair Gray ...,.l,. ..,cci, D iek Dexter Outstanding Girl Musician ..ii.......,.,..iiii. , ....,...,. ,----lc L ois Wilcox Outstanding Boy Musician ..i,,. ,w,,c-,-4 T om Clark Class Sleeper ...e..........e........ ....... J ack Walters Girl with Best Figure .....,.. Boy with Best Build ...,.... Girl with Best Line li..... Boy with Best Line ....,.. This Page Is Sponsored By SYCKS BROTHERS c-l---Dolly Bailey ay Chaney ,---,,lNancy Turner ---,---vGeorge Stevens Page T e ty ne THE SENIOR CLASS PLAY We Standing: Tom Clark, Nancy Turner, Alice Olinger, Zoe Burrell, Janet Littlefield, Josephine Gross, Mary Trottman Gordon Crater. Seated: Glenn Smith, Beverly Boal, Bonnie Wilson, Tom Smailes, Roger Payne, Charles Higgins, Rich- ard Conard. As always the Senior Class play was looked forward to with a great deal of en- thusiasm, and this year's class play definitely did not prove to be a disappointment. "A Date With Judy," a sparkling comedy, caught the hearts of young and old alike. Mrs. Lewis and Mr. Bushong managed the stage, while Mr. Rose directed the cast. CLASS PLAY -- PRODUCTION STAFF i l Top Row: Jack Walters, Bill Jones, Duane Paisley, Bill Shook, Bob Green, Ned Thompson, Fred Hos- felt Max Olinger, Ted Dayton, Ward Rinner. Middle Bow: Anna Lee Gilmore, Janice Ely, Jane Murphy, Natalie Watson, Dolly Bailey, Mollie Mac- Kenzie Shirley Latier, Julie Sherrets, Ellen McComber, Thelma Cox, Martha Brunskill. Bottom Row: Mr. Bushong, Carolyn Simmons, Julie Tumblin, Jane Catlin, Shirley Lafferty, Vesta Bu- ker, Esther Ugie, Jeannine Jones, Nancy Smith, Doris Wolfe, Wanda Welch, Sara Wilson, Mrs. Lewis. This Page Is Sponsored By WTNS-1560 ON YOUR DIAL Page Twenty Twenty-two BOOSTER CLUB Top Row: Otto Scott, Richard Conard, Bill Shook, Ned Thomson, Gordon Crater, Charles Workman, Bob Green, Bill Jones, Max Olinger, Roger Payne. Second Row: Don Wilson, Wanda Welch, Nancy Smith, Peggy Wiggins, Julie Sherrets, Mary Trott- man, Mary Gosser, Glenn Smith, Miss Compton. Third Row: Carolyn Simmons, Julia Tumblin, Alice Olinger, Sara Wilson, Anna Lee Gilmore, Thelma Cox, Kathryn Chilcote, Jane Catlin, Martha Brunskill, Miss McCabe. Fourth Row: Janice Ely, Alice Hutchison, Shirley Latier, Vesta Buker, Josephine Gross, Esther Ugie, Miss Sherrets, Miss Smith. Bottom Row: Phyllis Holder, Wilma Bodnar, Beverly Boal, Mollie MacKenzie, Nancy Turner, Zoe Burrell, Bonnie Wilson, Lois Wolford, Janet Littlefield. Popcorn! Hotdogs! Pop! To the ones "pinned to the bleachers" during the football or basketball season this is a Welcome sound. This club is composed of sen- iors only, who are chosen by the faculty. All the hard work and fun are climaxed by the Booster banquet where all deserving C. H. S. students are given recognition. The club's advisors are Miss Compton, Miss McCabe, Miss Smith, Miss Wood, and Miss Sherrets, This Page Is Sponsored By J. J. NEWBERRY COMPANY Q Page Twenty-three COLLEGE CLUB Top Row: Tom Smailes, Jerry Johnson, Gene Stanley, Duane Paisley, Max Olinger, Lowell Heinke, Ned Thompson, Roger Payne, Raymond Barrick, Charles Higgins, Ed Jacobs. Second Row: Janice Ely, Alice Olinger, Susan Boyer, Mary Alice Wilson, Nancy Turner, Nancy Rice, Pat Carroll, Mollie MacKenzie, Delsie Lane, Verne Linebaugh, Carol Roof, Ann Morgan. Bottom Row: Shirley Latier, Josephine Gross, Joan Vogt, Zoe Burrell, Beverly Boal, Rachel Hoover, Joy Hoge, Junia Kirker, Dorothy Rea, Doris Wolfe, Joan Moore, Janet Littlefield, Miss Sherrets. This year the College Club was open to any sophomore, junior, or senior who wanted help and instruction in choosing a college or university. Representatives from different colleges speak at its meetings to give the members an idea of college life. The advisor is Miss Sherrets. This Page Is Sponsored By HOME LOAN and SAVINGS COMPANY Page Twenty-four MW vx9?Q N 9 W so 1 W 09 5 Ov' V35 'ue x N 4 04: .X X no X f V'Az N' 1' 3 ff' W 149 UH -L 5 QQ .Qfpgf Vs 1 'f GMI 7 "' Sp : -PM., FOOTBALL SQUAD I . l . , . Top Row: Bob Chilcote, Ronnie Haxton, Lewis Milligan, Carl Call, Bob Hopkins, Joe Cox, Paul Hoff- man, Mr, Anderson. Second Row: Mr, Wharton, Mr. Vanaman, Doug Grant, 'Bob Jones, Keith O'Hara, Ross Corder, Bill Fowler, Jake Mullet, Dick Henderson, Ted Powers, John South, Roger Sicker, Dick Fowler, Rod- ney Boyd. Front Row: Floris Duliere, Earl Morris, Robert Nilles, William Davis, George Stevens, Lewis Copenhaver, Don Jarvis, Lowell Heinke, Ted Gross, Jack Bodenheimer, Ed. Gephart. SPORTS ROUNDUP When Coshocton's Red boys got started, they really went places. From the second game our boys made such a roar that nothing short of a B-29 could have stopped them. Even with a few bad breaks, about the middle of November, Sky's Warriors lowered the curtain on the 1948 C. O. L. campaign in a third-place tie with Zanesville and Dover. I think none of us will forget the thrills of this season. No, we'll never forget that last touch- down that was made at Zanesville. It was the last touchdown of the season, and it was made by none other than "Squirrel" Morris. Into the Hall of Fame! Our co-captains, George and "Chubby," and the rest of the team surely gave out with a brand of football never to be beaten. Coshocton's record for the season is as follows: Coshocton- 6 Mt. Vernon-21 Coshocton-33 Marietta-7 Coshocton- 7 New Philadelphia- 6 Coshocton-14 ......... ..,..., D over-28 Coshocton- 0 Lancaster-19 Coshocton- Newark-14 Coshocton-35 ...,.... ..... . .Cleveland Centra Coshocton-28 ......... ..... . .Cambridge-0 Coshocton-20. Zanesville-13 This Page Is Sponsored By JACOBS INSURANCE SERVICE Page Twenty-six HOMECOMING QUEEN and ATTENDANTS Standing: Sara Wilson, Natalie Watson. ' Seated: Alice Olinger, Doris Wolfe, Queeng Dolly Bailey. "Lovely." "Ah-h-h." Words like that were floating around homecoming night. And how right they were. Our queen, Doris Wolfe, and her court, the Misses Natalie Watson, Sara Wilson, Alice Olinger, and Dolly Bailey, were the victors in a beauty contest held at school. Of the fourteen girls chosen by our football squad these four were chosen by the stu- dent body to be the royal group. Queen Doris' bestowal of a good luck kiss to our co-captains, Chubby Copenha- Ver and George Stevens, and the gala dance at the Youth Center put the finishing touches on a perfect homecoming. t I This Page Is Sponsored By GOLD E.N'S Page Twenty-swell CHEERLEADERS Top Row: Carol Ames, John Parrish, Jo Ann Moore, Harry Wallace, Doris Wolfe. ROUNDUP OF THE BASKETBALL SEASON This year Coshocton High's Redskins came out with a quintet that was hard to beat. In fact, very few teams did beat them. The Redskins had everyone's eyes popping around C. H. S. Paced by "the big three," George Stevens, Don Jarvis and Carl Call, the Red- skins came out on top of the ever tough C. O. L. ladder sharing a co-championship with Lancaster. In the sectional tournament the Redskins swamped both Dover and Cambridge. This put them in the district tournament where they romped over Wellsville and then lost a heartbreaker by two points to New Philadelphia. This put an end to one of the best Red and Black quintets ever to don basketball togs around C. H. S. Congratulations, fellows, for a swell season. This Page Is Sponsored By ISALY DAIRY STORE Page Twanti'-eight A A N- ----of , as NJ! - E VARSIETY BASKETBALL .w ee- :li 5 nn, Q25 x Top Row: Kenneth Holder, Donald Jarvis, George Stevens, Bill Davis. Second Row: Max Olinger, Roger Sicker, Ross Corder, Carl Call, Bottom Row: Harold Longstreth, Lewis Copenhaver, Keith O'Hara, Rodney Boyd. COSHOCTON'S BASKETBALL RECORD IS AS FOLLOWS 'Opponent- Place C.H.S. Opp. Opponent- Place Uhrichsville ,... A 52 24 Lancaster ,... ..... . . A Lancaster ,,,,,,,,,,,, H 45 44 Newark ,,,.....,.. .,.. H Newark ...,...,......i. A 44 28 Mt. Vernon ..... .... A Mt. Vernon ............ H 57 38 Zanesville .... ....... H New Philadelphia .... A 56 57 Cambridge .............. A Girard .................. H 55 48 Dover .v.............,.,.... A North Canton .....,.. H 49 46 Marietta ........l....... H Aquinas ........,......... H 58 36 Tournaments-Dennison Zanesville .....Y A 63 50 Cambridge ........... Cambridge ...... H 81 66 Dover .At.......,........ Dover ......... ..... H 52 41 Tournaments-New Concord Marietta ..... ..... A 48 45 Wellsville .............. Uhrichsville .... ...,. H 52 37 New Philadelphia .... This Page Is Sponsored By M. O'NE.lL COMPANY C.H.S. Opp. 40 51 59 32 63 47 66 35 78 63 48 53 63 49 C.H.S. Opp. 74 37 60 46 C.H.S. Opp. 62 40 43 45 Page Twenty-nine VARSITY BASKETBALL A - . .L 4-. Top Row: Mr. Wharton, Roger Sicker, Keith O'Hara, Ross Corder, Kenneth Holder, Lewis Copenha- ver, Harold Longstreth, Rodney Boyd 1ManagerJ, Mr, Vanaman. Bottom Row: Bill Davis, George Stevens, Don Jarvis, Carl Call, Max Olinger. JUNIOR VARSITY Top Row: Mr. Wharton, Tom Kiste, Walter Lane, Lowell Heinke, Frank Barthalow, Ray Fitch, Mr Anderson. Bottom Row: Paul Reiss, Bob Hopkins, Jim Cherry, Ronnie Haxton, Bob Wilcox. This Page Is Sponsored By OLINGER CHEVROLET COMPANY Page Thirty L ,Xu - v ,.f""' S Z lk il 9-...?"' 'N S g I 2 7 X X "1 f,1f , Q? I N ff- yv XfX .M M AP i hi.f--"-Q -.S Q N mx ' if X fi -- ' r l f X HX y ' y fi QQ' 5... x A 5 S-1 2 H "E-.pfcf . is 2 I , m 1 ' ' H - W ' Qi N 1 - 1 M Q f JA:-..T'.' :l1gg"if?, 1 QQ p 'Mx' -t. -. .,-f I -'.,, Qi V :Xxfgp if f'fff"'1f-ai" 7' IX ! H ck X1 . A 'IV ,, X, . . . Y 2 A +. 1-f-" x sssfw 7 ' f , Rs-3744,-1- xx 1 N ' : k it lgvfrx X Y Af. Y : ,Il X , if , Q f yi- .. 4 xx 1' f 1 i, f 'Q rg f fx,: lg -- -L" ff gf if if 1 r I I .Q 1 3, , 1, 9, , If 23 lf 'M v'1'4f,7r,' I ,j Hi 2 ' V, .9 Holi-Q. Pg Th ty JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Top Row: Ann Miller, Carol Ames. Bottom Row: Ted Gross, Carl Call. ROOM TWENTY-FIVE Top Row: Carl Call, Jim Cherry, Dick Dexter. Second Row: Sam Appis, Floyd Aronhalt, Alan Alman, Bob Chilcote, Jack Bodenheimer, Richard Baumgardner, Paul Cummings. Third Row: Pat Bezek, Susan Boyer, Donna Denman, Marilyn Casey, Mr. McQueen. Bottom Row: Violet Boyce, Carol Ames, Margaret Bush, Ruthena Binning, Pat Carroll, Charlene Aronhalt, Delores Caton. This Page Is Sponsored By STALTER OFFICE SUPPLY Page Thirty-two HOME ROOM T WENTY-SEVEN Top Row: Douglas Grant, Bill Gray. Second Row: Ed Kaser, Fleet Girod, Lowell Heinke, Ronnie Haxton, Jerry Gilbert, Robert L. Jones, Jerry Johnson. Third Row: Robert Jones, Ed Jacobs, Connie Holmes, Virginia Gross, Ruth Gross, Ruth Frye, Shirley Ferne. Bottom Row: Kathryn Jenkins, Donna Guilliams, Barbara Hardesty, Rachel Hoover, Joy Hoge, Rachel Eberwine, Grace Ford, Nancy Gosser, HOME ROOM TWENTY-EIGHT Top Row: Bill Matthews, Ed Montgomery, Clifford McCormick, Jim Nelson, Bob Lewis, Larry Moore, Gerald Murray, Earl Morris. Second Row: Sue Myers, Rachel Kreider, Ann Miller, Junia Kirker, Elsie Lane, Ann Morgan, Nancy Norman, Patricia Knott. . Bottom Row: Jeannette Lowery, Verne Linebaugh, Betty Moffit, Beverly Lang Delsie Lane, Merva Lefebure, Natalie Lewis, Donna Miskimens, Mr. Vanaman. This Page Is Sponsored By GLENMAR STUDIO Page Thirty-three ROOM TWENTY-NINE Top gow: Henry Rodgers, Dean Patterson, Tom Ross, John Parrish, Jim Reiss, Keith Parkhill, Jack ierce. Second Igcilw: Paul Reiss, Martha Scheffler, Carole Roof, Patsy Rice, Jean Snyder, Harold Rine, Rol- 1n aw. Bottom Row: Mr. Rose, Wanda Sarbaugh, Pat Rose, Nancy Rice, Dorothy Rea, Ruth Scott. ROOM SIXTEEN Top Row: Jim Voshall, Jim Somerville, Bob Westfall, Paul Wright, Harry VVallace, Jerry Todd. Second Row: Lola Whiteus, Nancy Watson, Neal Ugie, Bonnalce Wilson, Helen Ward. Bottom Row: Peggy Wright, Mary Alice Wilson, Mary Katliryn Sturtz, Jo Ann Vogt, Retha Welch, Lorraine VVhite, Gloria VVilliams, Mr. Bushong. This Page ls Sponsored By - - CARTON'S SHOE STORE Page Thirty-four SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Jake Mullet, Chris Chacos, Marilyn Sicker, Bob Wilcox. ROOM TEN 'Top Row: Carl Kinner, Bob Fitch, Bill Fowler, Ed Hutchins, John Laird, Edwin Lee, Ray Fitch, Tom Kiste. Second Row: Jim Hamilton, John Lawrence, Edward Lee, Jim Mills, Ed Gephart, Gordon Hardesty, Bill Holmes, Terry Lennon, Ronnie Glosser. Third Row: Mr. Blatter, Beverly Garrett, Nancy Jones, Joanne McMillen, Carol Lurnm, Joan Green, Alice McGuire, Janice McKenzie, Pat Jones, Lorene McPheeters, Joan Kaser, Barbara Goodwin, Pat Latier, Evelyn Littlefield, Barbara Given, Martha Gilmore, This Page Is Sponsored By BUCKEYE FABRIC FINISHING COMPANY Page Thirty-five ROOM TWELVE Top Row: Dick Murray, Raymond Mobley, Jesse Porch, Charles Reiss, Jake Mullet, Richard Meek, Gary Powelson, Ralph Myers, Francis Robinson. Second Row: Barbara Mossman, Patsy Porter, Mary Power, Ruth Miller, Pat Robinson, Reva Moore. Bottom Row: Patty Mowery, Margaret Riggle, Joann Mathews, Pat Roof, Carol Richcreek, Mary Ann Parkhill, Thelma Ruthlin, Miss Compton. ROOM THIRTEEN w 1 Top Row: Bob Vansickle, John West, Bob Wilcox, John Tompkins, Charles Strauss. Second Row: Beverly Walters, John Scheffler, Saunder Scott, Harold Taylor, Don Sturtz, Gene Stan- ley, Lewis West, Raymond Walters, Bill Swigert, Carol Trottman, Donna Stipes. Bottom Row: Carol Wilson, Rheta Wisenburg, Barbara Shryock, Marilyn Sicker, Marilyn Smith, Patty Tumblin, Betty Spath, Betty Seward, Ann Stiles, Martha Turner, Libby Woods, Gilma Smith, Joan Snedeker, Janet Whittemore, Edith Smailes, Mr. Wharton. This Page Is Sponsored By SCOTT MOTOR SALES Page Thirty-six ROOM FIF TEEN Top Row: George Clough, Quimby Felton. A Second Row: Dale Fitch, Jack Ashman, Chris Chacos, Dale Cochran, Richard Appis, Jim Cooper, Bill Cranshall, Allan Clark. Third Row: Joan Evans, Joyce Doyle, Vesta Atkins, Fritz Bachert, Frank Barthalow, Nancy Court- iight, Ruth Angle, Joan Fife, Mary Ellen Catlin. Fourth Row: Sara Brady, Anna Bodner, Wanda Davis, Helen Brightwell, Mary Jane Branson, Mary Belle Congdon, Freda Cantner, Joan Bolitho, Betty Copenhaver, Mary Delle Bossen. Carol Fitch, Miss Woo . ROOM SEVENTEEN QA. V. SJ Top Row: Robert Timmons, Ed Rusk, Jim Marshall. Second1Rl3.vvg Mark Levine, John Woods, Paul Hoffman, Oilan Islay, Collin Hoskins, Curtiss Knoff, Da- viz ie er. Thi1dHRollv: Bob Speaks, Walter Lane, Bob Hopkins. Tom Clark. Bob Kinkley, Ed Wallen, Richard oo . Bottom Row: Don Kobel, John Womer, Carl Forman, Esta Patterson, Raymond Barrick, Edgar Ram- age, Ted Powers, Bill Anders, Mr. Gillett. This Page Is Sponsored By GENERAL ELECTRIC Page Thirty-seven FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS James Stahl, Joanna Whittemore, Harlan McCleary Robert McKissick. ROOM ONE Top Row: Geoffery Chaney, James Brandel, Albert Burris, Marianne Davis, Vera Corder, Jim Dawson, Bill Adams, Dick Boyd, Curtis Daugherty. Second Row: Miss Barcroft, James Carr, Bill Bennet, James Brunning, Betty Appis, Helen Bice, Bill Clough, Bob Billman, Don Carpenter. Bottom Row: Mary Adams, Mary L. Bickle, JoAnne Baumgardner, Ellen Ankrom, Emily Carpenter, Jane Clark, Joyce Casey, Betty Almack, Janice Borden, Catherine Berry, Pearl Cutshall, Lois Black, This Page Is Sponsored By CHICKEN BOX Page Thirty-eight ROOM TWO 'Top Row: Jack Rodgers, Bob Mulford, Danny Moody, Dewey Moffit, Dave Rusk, Dale Maston, Dale Meek, Ed Mills. Second Row: Miss Daugherty, Donald Rine, Yvonne Mulford, Carol Rusk, Carol Jean Moore, Ellen Scott, June Reddick, Terry Martter, Lynette Miller, Carol Norris, Bill Murray, Donald Matthews. Bottom Row: Clifford Reise, Henrietta Medley. Pauline Matthews, Dorothy Mills, Edna Sheets, Mari- lyn Schumaker, Sara Mulligan, Lynn Pruitt, Janet Rodabaugh, Anna Martin, Jane Schneeberger, Arleen Meek, David Parr. HOME ROOM FIVE Top Row: Warren Hall, Marion Haight, Wayne Finnell, Richard Grant, Jim Gephart, Robert Foster, Raymond Dunlap, Dick Hughes, Kenneth Grant, Lloyd Duling, Ronald Fett, Miss Marshall. Bottom Row: Betty Fitzpatrick, Nancy Holder, Evelyn Fitch, Lois Guilliams, Joyce Ann Hedge, Doro- thy Henderson, Diane Duling, Leotta Gilmore, Pat Everhart, Dorothy Hardesty, Donna Everhart. This Page Is Sponsored By ' J EDMONT MANUFACTURING COMPANY Page Thirty-nine ROOM SIX Top Row: Stanley McCoy, Russel Madison, Jim Lapp, Huey Lewis, Dick Markley, Ralph Leval, John McIntosh. ,Second'Row: I. Jones, Pat McGuire, Harlan McClary, Ronnie McCann, Tom Lindell, Dick Kimberly, Bob McKissick, Ed Hutchins, Don McMorris, Tom Lang, Miss Giauque. Bottom Row: Clarence McGinnis, Freda Kiser, Mary Ellen McConnell, Mary Lou LeCraft, Denise Mc- Murtrie, Lois Lenhart, Barbara Kohl, Wilma Jones, Carol Kirker, Lois Marquand, Rosetta Madi- son, Elinor McCabe, Don Loos. ROOM TH IRTEEN-J 'Top Row: Leo Wright, Edward Stitler, Larry Tubbs, James Smith, Joe Tisonyai, Paul Stelzner, Jim Stahl, Leo Zimmer, William Tovell, Rodney Vance, Don Zetty. Second Row: Miss Smith, Richard South, Millie Sherbon, Elsie Woods, Joanna Whittemore, Jo Ann Wharton, Sara Smailes, Donna Taylor, Jack Scott, Bob Smailes. Bottom Row: Carol Smalley, Dixie Wiggins, Irene Smith, Mary Jo Talbot, Joy Thompson, Patty Wil- son, Helen Woods, Mary Ellen Watson, Patty Whiteus, Shirley Stipes, Doris Shonkwiler. This Page Is Sponsored By MYERS BROTHERS Page Forty . 1 Y 1 I if f' X a VF? J n L A ':iA i: ' ' 3 Blat YC, C 2,5 3 9-H 5 mag 5 55? 'PU F53 Oggn 2 '4 w .. . O Q HP? 3 QE' S9 5 Ex? U1 UQ ff 02323 2. OU: fD 578' 5 f2uP1UC3 F ang' 'TJ 5' si :S Q' is Q gn' 'S' Ong 5 'Um 2 EE. 14 Wg r 1213 0 Q H P1 WW 53 fn.-1. 5' 302 na mf 2 'fm :r Zi'- FP 'SS fb Pa P: S59 C U-U S 23 Q 1 'UI U Z? QP: 5' SO H QE' QS 14 I" 5 EES E . Q2 F? 1, 3' QQ 'Q ws sr' gp O 5 ff 'FR G 'aw H rv- N 0 -. gm Z Hg 93 mn 9' sf? 0 EU? 2 3? m I3 1+ 1 CP 3 ,US F gf U2 592 H52 E. ,jo wi 5,- 531 P5 r-J NE fu: 3, F1 Z2 5'5- E NF' mm PSD UUZ OCD o-Q. C-TJ .- O U2 U1 cn P1 '11 E. CY' N UU N n 5' ro "1 FP E? W O P.: "1 PP 5' FU O 2 if : :s 'L 5' Cl o :R E N Hp iv I3 D- cn P1 Ill Q 2 5. III O w 5 5 U2 P11 P1 cn I5 CD U1 5. rr 5" G4 cu N E. 5 cu SD I3 5 rc U: r fD E cn QP1 F' N P1 P1 54 9. Q- U o P21 4 N 25 m U1 CI N IP P1 I3 5 Pi. Q- 2 5. CD H 4 ru UGIQWI MI VOI' 'PIO UH H SSE 'J Aww UOHEI 'UFIWO CI 1211110 uaq eof 'umu .xgu B pmmpg 'ua O'I 'a UIIOI' Ol. dw 'Sum PIHHOH 'U I TQ P9 "fl O '1 .. '4 . .. -s 9 m 54 23 ,- l.. T' O .-. m Z' 4 ,-. ,- O O Q54 'U DJ 21 ff: Pi : 5 U' ,-- 5' Ll O CP I3 Z3 Q xx: ..-. FV' 5' rn P1 --. G N N C-' UQ YQ D' sw "5 rf o I3 U5 o cs' UU o I3 5 P9 ET E DU ca 5 U O I3 z sw 8 41 N rf- va O 5: O so '1 O - Pi '1 O rf EI 5 'D w: L4 .-. .. 5 'TI O P1 rf CD P1 U S57 I3 C3 '4 G 'xawaqog uqof 'lipoow H0 uqof 'uoslgAA Salwio 'asain Od 'M puoumeg 1' 51011125 E Aux -0 nag puo OH IAA Ol Alum DI ll P3 uualg 'INFO-IS KanH OT 'Sym S PIOWH ml 'AA OG Kam OI' 'NEON ull AA poo aoz 'S 'Haung DU O E 5 E O m if I3 vm FU O CT' KD P1 rf- U1 'CS ra N W' E" Pi o Pc: DU o S U2 5' Q. .- co '4 'U o P1 um E o '4 Q. 'sdllllld If UI mg pu le a uuog uegow 'u AA 9.1.13 Hu 'HO QI R1 S9311 OH ,... aelsuuog 'uosugq OSUAA ew 'u A1 OOEIV Svuv 'HOSHAA O i.1aBug1 CINVEI DIRECTOR HAROLD LeFAVOR MAJORETTES 25,5 Left to Right: Ed Montgomery, Mary Kathryn Sturtz, Joan Snedeker, Lorraine White, Natalie Wat- son, Pat Mowery, Page Forty-three SENIOR CHOIR Top Row: Martha Brunskill, Joan Moore, Beverly Boal, Vesta Atkins, Ann Stiles, Nancy Rice, Janice MacKenzie, Bonnie Wilson, Junia Kirker, Mary A. Wilson, Joan Kaser, Jeanne Snyder. Second Row: Rheta Wisenburg, Susan Boyer, Ann Miller, Dolly Bailey, Sue Clymer, Charles Strauss, Fraficis Robinson, Chris Chacos, Tom Ross, Nancy Watson, Alice McGuire, Gilma Smith, Doris Wo fe. " Third Row: Barbara Goodwin, Natalie Lewis, Carol Trottman, Mary A, Parkhill, Dick Meek, Edwin Iljee, Paul Reiss, Gary Powelson, Ed Jacobs, Nancy Turner, Mary Lou Powers, Evelyn Littlefield, e ores Caton. Fourth Row: Mary Ellen Catlin, Patsy Porter, Patricia Tumblin, Charles Higgins, Jesse Porch, Ted Dayton, John Parrish, Ronnie Haxton, Edward Lee, Ronnie Glossel, Collin Hoskins, Rachel Hoo- ver, Vesta Buker, Joan Snedeker, Patsy Rice. Bottom Row: Janet Whittemore, Janice Ely, Ellen McComber, Shirley Lafferty, Mary Trottman, John Scheffler, Bill Fowler, Roger Payne, Tom Clark, Bill Anders, Bob Green, Ed Montgomery, Bob Westfall, Joan Vogt, Mary Delle Bosson, Marilyn Smith, Martha Scheffler, Janet Littleiield. BAND and CHOIR "The many rend the skies with loud applause." The choir has always been a favorite of all Coshoctonians. This year the choir sang at more programs, went to the district choir contest, had exchange programs with Dover and New Philadelphia and ended the year with two evening concerts in lMay. Down the Held! C. H. S. has always been proud of the band and their pride was justified. The band traveled to New Concord to the contest this year. This Page Is Sponsored By JONES METAL PRODUCTS COMPANY Page Forty-four A fi N EK X 3 KW? A ' , A' ' f, !.,"Y'f n' f- Q" I Ii X as Q . . 3 Hilfe. RED MASQUE DRAMATICS SOCIETY l Top Row: Bill Swigert, Edwin Lee, Raymond Barrick, Edward Lee, Bob Kinkley, Ned Thompson, Bob Westfall, Ed Montgomery, Ed Hutchins, Jim Stahl, Chris Chacos. Second Row: John Woods, Danny Moody, Bob Lewis, John Scheffler, Bill Anders, Gordon Crater, Fritz Bachert, Tom Clark, Max Olinger, Don Sturtz, Roger Payne, Ed Jacobs, Mr. Lybarger. Third Row: Zoe Burrell, Nancy Turner, Martha Gilmore. Fourth Row: Millie Sherbon, Alice Olinger, Sara Mulligan, Emily Carpenter, Ann Morgan, Beverly Boal, Alice McGuire, Mollie MacKenzie, Nancy Rice, Mary Alice Wilson, Susan Boyer, Lynne Pruitt, Pat Latier, Janet Whittemore. Bottom Row: Janice Ely, Jo Ann Wharton, Carole Roof, Jane Catlin, Joan Vogt, Mary Power, Pat Jones, Rachel Hoover, Junia Kirker, Marianne Davis, Shirley Latier, Shirley Lafferty, Natalie Wat- son, Natalie Lewis, Libby Woods. Since the fall of 1947 this club has done a very fine job of producing first class plays. Last year they produced "Arsenic and Old Lace." It was a mystery and proved to be a big hit. This year they produced "Ten Little Indians," another thriller, and it also proved to be a success. C0-starred in the romantic leads were Mary Alice Wilson and Bob Westfall. There was also a grand supporting cast which included the following: Ed Montgomery, Ed Jacobs, Susan Boyer, Roger Payne, Jim Stahl, Ed Hutchins, Marianne Davis, John Woods, and Chris Chacos. This club is hoping to raise more money to provide for new spotlights and other accessories for the stage. The advisors are Mr. Lybarger and Miss Smith. This Page Is Sponsored By MOORE ENAMELING and MANUFACTURING COMPANY Page Forty-six THE STUDENT COUNCIL Top Row: Tom Smailes, Otto Scott, Ted Powers, Ted Gross, Robert McKissick, Jim Stahl, Dick Hughes. Second Row: Dean Patterson, Chris Chacos, John Tompkins, Lowell Heinke, Carl Call, Don Jarvis, Ed Hutchins, Charles Higgins. Third Row: Harlan McCleary, Bob Wilcox, Janice Ely, Natalie Watson, Susan Boyer, Gordon Crater, Ann Miller, Bonnalee Wilson, Jake Mullet. Bottom Row: Jane Clark, Janet Whittemore, Marilyn Sicker, Mary Powers, Nancy Turner, Junia Kirker, Sara Mulligan, Nancy Courtright, Millie Sherbon, Mr. Puderbaugh. The student council is composed of home room representatives and class officers. The purpose of this organization is to promote better government for the schools. The council is in charge of all school drives such as Red Cross and Community Chest. This year it has been responsible for the noon movies. Mr. Puderbaugh is the advisor. This Page Is Sponsored By PEOPLES ICE COMPANY-HOME APPLIANCES Page Forty-seven LIBRARY STAFF Top Row: Bill Swigert, Bob Lewis, George Clough. Second Row: Ruth Frye, Ruth Scott, Mary Powerg Marilyn Casey, Jo Ann Evans, Bottom Row: Annalee Gilmore, Martha Gilmore, Verne Linebaugh, Evelyn Littlefield, Joan Green, Mary Trottman, Miss Rogers. LIBRARY BOARD Top Row: James Stahl, Bill Swigert. Second Row: Lois Wilcox, Joanna Whittemore. Third Row: Mary Power, Miss Rogers, Mary Alice Wilson. Bottom Row: John Parrish, Duane Paisley. This Page Is Sponsored By F. J. BATTESTIN--INSURANCE and CANTWELL SHOE STORE Page Forty-eight SENIOR G. A. A. Top Row: Janice Ely, Carolyn Simmons, Phyllis Holder, Julia Tumblin, JoAnn Moore, Doris Wolfe, Sara Wilson, Alice Hutchison. Second Row: Ellen McComber, Natalie Watson, Dolly Bailey, Jane Murphy, Beverly Boal, Mollie Mac- Kenzie, Kathleen Hamilton, Nancy Smith, Mary Trottman, Janet Littlefield, Miss Smith. Bottom Row: Shirley Laiferty, Julie Sherrets, Wanda Welch, Alice Olinger, Zoe Burrell, Nancy Tur- ner, Esther Ugie, Vesta Buker, Wilma Bodner, Shirley Latier. JUNIOR G. A. A. Top Row: Nancy Gosser, Nancy Norman, Carol Ames, Sue Myers, Shirley Ferne, Patricia Bezek, Ruth Frye, Ann Morgan, Patsy Rice. Second Row: Donna Miskimens, Esta Patterson, Bonnalee Wilson, Dorothy Rea, Junia Kirker, Joy Hoge, Betty Moffit, Beverly Lang, Pat Knoif, Donna Guilliams, Connie Holmes, Nancy VVatson. Third Row: Dolores Caton, Jeanne Snyder, Mary Alice Wilson, Pat Carroll, Rachel Hoover, Mary Kathryn Sturtz, Sue Clymer, Retha Welch, Carol Roof, Ann Miller, Miss Smith, This Page Is Sponsored By RICE'S MEN'S STORE and ROBSON BROTHERS Page Forty-nine SOPHOMORE G. A. A. V V Top Row: Pat Latier, Barbara Mossman, Pat Mowery, Nancy Jones, Anna Bodner, Carol Lumm, Joan Snedeker, Joanne McMillan, Marilyn Smith, Libby Woods, Barbara Goodwin, Janet Whitte- more, Sara Brady. Second Row: Marilyn Sicker, Evelyn Littlefield, JoAnn Mathews, Nancy Courtright, Joan Green, Pat Jones, Wanda Davis, Carol Fife, Patty Tumblin, Joann Evans. Third Row: Mary Ellen Catlin, Mary Delle Bosson, Gilma Smith, Mary Power, Mary Jane Branson, Janis MacKenzie, Alice McGuire, Joann Bolitho, Carol Trottman, Joann Kaser, Miss Smith. FRESHMAN G. A. A. Top Row: Millie Sherbon, Lois Lenhart, Jane Clark, Doris Shonkwiler, Ellen Scott, Irene Smith, Emily Carpenter, Catherine Berry, Joyce Casey, Lois Black, JoAnn Wharton, Carol Smalley, Mary Ellen McConnell. Second Row: Dorothy Mills, Edna Scheetz, Diane Duling, Carol Kirker, Joyce Hedge, Joy Thompson, Sara Mulligan, June Reddick, Evelyn Fitch, Joanna Whittemore, Carol Rusk. Bottom Row: Freida Kaiser, Eleanor McCabe, Lois Marquand, Carol LeCraft, Mary Jo Talbot, Lynne Pruitt, Marian Davis, Marilyn Shumaker, Lois Guilliams, Janet Rodabaugh, Mary Lou Bickle, Jane Schneeberger, Joanne Baumgardner, Miss Smith. This Page Is Sponsored By INDIANAPOLIS GLOVE COMPANY and WRIGHT VESS-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Page Fifty PUBLICITY CLUB Top Row: Ronnie Glosser, Jerry Johnston, Ed Montgomery, Bill Shook, Roger Payne, Fred Hosfelt, Gordon Crater, Ned Thomson, John Gamertsfelder, Bob Green, Don Sturtz, Richard Conard, Bob Jones. Second Row: Florise Duliere, Charles Higgins, Pat Latier, Mary Bosson, Lola Whiteus, Donna Den- man, Joan Moore, Jeanne Snyder, Martha Gilmore, Alice Olinger, Raymond Barrick. Third Row: Chris Chacos, Doris Wolfe, Susan Boyer, Joan Vogt, Patsy Rice, Esther Ugie, Mary Alice Wilsoen, Phwis Holder, Julie Sherrets, Alice Hutchison, Wanda Davis, Martha Schefler, Sue Cly- mer, ohn est. Fourth Row: Donna Guilliams, Shirley Lafferty, Carol Trottman, Ellen McComber, Mary Trottman, Rachel Hoover, Mary Jane Branson, Nancy Rice, Shirley Latier, Shirley Ferne, Mr. Lybarger, Fifth Row: Janice Ely, Sara Wilson, Barbara Har desty, Alice McGuire, Pat Jones, Ann Miller, Zoe Burrell, Nancy Watson, Pat Carroll, Nancy Turner, Joy Hoge, Mollie MacKenzie, Beverly Boal, Mary Kathryn Sturtz, Jane Murphy, Natalie Watson, Mary Ellen Catlin. The Publicity Club, formed after Coshocton entered the Central Ohio League, has as its purpose the backing of all Worthwhile projects and seeing that the school spirit remains high. Some of the club's projects include the collection of sales tax stamps, keeping the check room open, etc. The club's members are usually taken from the three lower classes, but this year quite a few members are seniors. The club's advisor is Mr. Lybarger. This Page Is Sponsored By PALACE RECREATION and PARRISHS' CREAMERY Page Fifty-one FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Top Row: Carol Moore, Yvonne Mulford, Barbara Mossman, Mary Lou Lecraft, Lynette Miller, Carol Rusk. Second Row: Miss Marshall, Sara Wilson, Nancy Holder, Janice Borden, JoAnn Baumgardner, Ar- lene Meek, Elsie Woods, Eileen Ankrom, Pat Latier, Miss Giauque. Third Row: Evelyn Fitch, Lois Guilliams, Lois Wolford, Joyce Ann Hedge, Betty Appis, Loreen Mc- Pheeters, Wilma Jones, Ellen Scott, Mary Ellen Watson, Rheta Wisenburg, Doris Shonkwiler. Bottom Row: Denise McMurtrie, Catherine Berry, Dixie Wiggins, Retha Welch, Gloria Williams, Nancy Watson, Helen Woods, JoAnn Kaser, Irene Smith, Diane Duling. This organization is composed of girls who are taking or who have taken home economics. Their goals are set for better home life now and for the future. For achievements they pass necessary requirements to receive their degrees. The advisors of this club are Miss Giauque and Miss Marshall. This Page Is Sponsored By JIM SMAILES MOTOR SALES and MUTUAL FURNITURE COMPANY Page Fifty-two HI-Y 'Top Row: Raymond Mobley, Eddie Montgomery, Glenn Smith, Rollin Shaw, Bill Matthews, Rodney Boyd, Don Wilson, Gary Powelson, John Laird, Charles Strauss, Ed Jacobs, Richard Meek. Second Row: Bill Swigert, Jim Summerville, Jerry Johnson, Earl Scarr, Ted Powers, Tom Smailes, Edward Lee, Jim Voshal, Cliff McCormick, Jesse Porch, Chris Chacos, Johnny West. Third Row: Charles Higgins, Richard Conard, Bill Holmes, John Scheffler, Harold Shaw, Bob West- fall, Bill Fowler, Donald Layton, Bob Duggan, Bob Jones, John Tompkins, Quimby Felton. Fourth Row: Mr. Gamertsfelder, Ivon Loos, John Parrish, Ronald Glosser, Max Olinger, Duane Pais- ley, George Stevens, Lowell Heinke, Bob Green, David Leech, Bill Anders, Jim Reiss, Bill Shook. Bottom Row: Paul Hoffman, Roger Sicker, Dick Dexter, Ed Kaser, Ted Dayton, Bill Jones, Bob Hop- kins, Gordon Crater, Tom Clark, Fritz Bachert, Roger Payne, Edwin Lee, Fred Hosfelt, Raymond Barrick, Mr. Bushong. The Hi-Y Club of Coshocton consists of boys in the sophomore, junior, and senior classes. These boys are divided into two chapters, the Alpha and the Beta. Even though they are divided they have the same purpose and goal which is: to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Chris- tian character. The club usually sponsors one or two proms a year besides carrying on several projects. The advisors are Mr. Bushong for the Alpha Chapter, and Mr. Gamertsfelder for the Beta Chapter. This Page Is Sponsored By MILTON'S and STONE MOTOR COMPANY Page Fifty-three BIOLOGY CLUB Top Row: Ralph Myers, John Scheffler, Bob Carpenter, Ed Hutchins, Bill Swigert, Jack Ashman, Bill Anders, Edwin Lee, Bob Kinkley, Alan Clark, Bob Duggan, Ray Fitch. Second Row: Jim Hamilton, Richard Murray, John Laird, Ed Gephart. Third Row: Bob Speaks, Francis Robinson, Gary Powelson, Dick Meek, Edward Lee, Bob Hopkins, Frank Barthalow, Ronnie McCann, Walter Lane, John Womer, John Thompkins, Chris Chacos, Ed Camp. Fourth Row: Libby Woods, Joan Snedeker, Barbara Goodwin, Pat Jones, Joan Matthews, Joan Bo- litho, Evelyn Littlefield, Janet Whittemore, Mary Delle Bosson, Rlteta Wisenburg, Beverly Wal- ters, Raymond Mobley, Charles Strauss. Fifth Row: Mary Ann Parkhill, Pat Mowery, Marilyn Sicker, Joan Kaser, Vesta Atkins, Mary Jane Branson, Gilma Smith, Wanda Davis, Carol Lumm, Joan McMillen, Pat Latier, Joan Fife, Martha Gilmore, Miss Compton. CHEMISTRY CLUB Top Row: Jim Somerville, Ed Jacobs, Charles Dozier, Paul Reiss, Bob Westfall, Florise Duliere, Dick Henderson, Tom Ross. Second Row: Ed Montgomery, Gene Stanley, Jim Reiss, Duane Paisley, John Gamertsfelder, Tom Clark, Bob Lewis, Keith Parkhill, John Parrish, Jack Walters, Third Row: Dolores Caton, Janice Ely, Alice Olinger, Ann Morgan, Carole Roof, Pat Carroll, Nancy Rice. Joan Vogt, Susan Boyer, Delsie Lane, Natalie Lewis. Bottom Row: Doris Wolfe, Verne Linebaugh, Lois Wilcox, Dorothy Rea, Mary Alice Wilson, Rachel Hoover, Nancy Turner, Mollie MacKenzie, Jane Catlin, Ruth Scott, Mr. McKissick. Page Fifty-four 1 LATIN CLUB Top Row: Chris Chacos, Francis Robinson, John West, Dick Meek, Harold Shaw, Second Row: John West, Ed Hutchins, Floyd Aronhalt, Fritz Bachert, Bob Hopkins, Don Sturtz, Bill Anders, Bob Kinkley, Bob Speaks, Ruth Frye. Third Row: Quimby Felton, Bill Siegrist, Mary Ann Parkhill, Joan Snedeker, Pat Jones, Ann Stiles, Mollie MacKenzie, Josephine Gross, Rheta Wisenburg, Mary Ellen Catlin, Miss McCabe. Fourth Row: Joan Evans, Patricia Tumblin, Libby Woods, Marilyn Smith, Alice McGuire, Janice Mc- Kenzie, Mary Jane Branson, Evelyn Littlefield, Martha Gilmore, Barbara Goodwin, Patsy Porter. G. G. COFFICE GIRLSJ Top Row: Nancy Smith, Sue Myers, Donna Guilliams. Second Row: JoAnn Moore, Sara Wilson, Pat Latier, Mrs. Moore. Third Row: Doris Wolfe, Carol Lumm, Alice Olinger, Shirley Ferne. ,Bottom Row: Carol Ames, Nancy Norman, Ann Miller, Julie Sherrets, Carol Roof. This Page Is Sponsored By SHAW'S JEWELRY and OHIO HARDWARE MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY Page Fifty-live TOM TOM STAFF Top Row: Ed Jacobs. Bill Shook, Ned Thompson, Tom Clark, Ruger Payne, Ed Montgomery, Don Sturtz, Bob Westfall, John Parrish, Bill Swigert. Second Row: Char'es Higgins, Joan Wharton, Donna Denman, Pat Carroll, Nancy Rice, Mary Alice Wilson, Mary Lou Bickel, Glenn Smith, John Scheffler. Bottom Row: Dir Rose, Joan Vogt, Ann Miller, Mary Power, Rachel Hoover, Beverly Boal, Zoe Bur- rell, Donna Guilliams, Bob Kinkley. PRINCE OF PEACE Top Row: Glenn Smitr, Ed Montgomery, Gary Sprague, Bob W'estfa1!, Ned Thompson, Lowell Heinke, Roger Payne, Charles Higgins, John Parrish. Second Row: Eddie Jacobs, Alice Olinger, Nancy Rice, Mary Jane Branson, Donna Denman, Jo Ann VVharton. Bottom Row: Mr, Rose, Jo Ann Moore, Zoe Burrell, Rachel Hoover, Beverly Boal, Julie Sherrets, Bill Swigert. This Page Is Sponsored By COSHOCTON LUMBER COMPANY and THE NOVELTY ADVERTISING COMPANY Page Fifty-six PAPOOSE CLUB Top Row: Curtis Daugherty, Raymond Mobley, Charles Strauss, Dean Patterson, Henry Rodgers, Jack Rodgers. Second Row: Jim Gephart, Robert Billman, Jack Scott, Terry Martter. Third Row: Maynard Hamilton, Glenwood Strawn, Ed Kaser, Bob Lewis, James Jennings. Bottom Row: John Laird, Saunders Scott, Sam Appis, Bob Jones, James Parr, Joe Tisonyai, Mr. Mc- Kissick. The boys of this club are really kept busy at all of our home football and basket- ball games. They sell tickets, park cars, and give information. By Working through the season, they are awarded a letter for the super job they have done. Mr. McKissick is the advisor. ' This Page Is Sponsored By EDW. T. JACOBS-Lumber, Builders' Supplies and CONNERS' MEADOW GOLD DAIRY-Ph. 2162 Page Fifty-seven SENIOR Y-TEENS Top Row: Anna Lee Gilmore, Carolyn Simmons, Doris Wolfe, Jane Murphy, Natalie Watson, Alice Hutchinson, Ellen McComber, Mary Trottman, Janet Littlefield, Janice Ely. Middle Row: Alice Olinger, Thelma Cox, Dolly Bailey, Zoe Burrell, Josephine Gross, Vesta Buker, Julia Sherrets, Martha Brunskill. Bottom Row: Julia Tumblin, Jane Catlin, Shirley Lafferty, Beverly Boal, Mollie MacKenzie, Nancy Turner, Shirley Latier, Joanne Moore, Nancy Smith. JUNIOR Y-TEENS Top Row: Ruth Frye, Sue Myers, Shirley Ferne, Donna Miskimens, Esta Patterson, Natalie Lewis, Donna Guilliams, Delores Caton. Second Row: Nancy Gosser, Joan Vogt, Ruth Scott, Virginia Gross, Connie Holmes, Pat Knoff, Car- ole Roof, Ann Morgan, Patsy Rice. Third Row: Nancy Norman, Donna Denman, Bonnalee Wilson, Beverly Lang, Nancy Rice, Rachel Hoover, Dorothy Rea, Jeanne Snyder, Lorraine White, Charlene Aronhalt, Sue Clymer, Mary Kathryn Sturtz. Fourth Row: Susan Boyer, Mary Alice Wilson, Helen Ward, Pat Rose, Joy Hoge, Barbara Hardesty, Junia Kirker, Pat Carroll, Retha Welch, Ruth Gross, Ann Miller, Nancy Watson, Carol Ames. This Page Is Sponsored By CANNON BROS. RESTAURANT and SHAW-BARTON, Inc. Page Fifty-eight SOPHOMORE Y-TEENS Top Row: Marilyn Smith, Patty Mowery, Martha Gilmore, Janet Whittemore, Mary Ellen Catlin. Second Row: Mary Delle Bosson, Barbara Goodwin, JoAnn Evans, Barbara Mossman, Donna Stipes, Patty Robinson, Third Row: Joan Snedeker, Libby Woods, JoAnn Kaser, Marilyn Sicker, Loreen McPheeters, Alice McGuire, Betty Seward, Wanda Davis, JoAnn McMillen, Patsy Porter. Bottom Row: Gilma Smith, Joan Green, Mary Jane Branson, Ann Stiles, Janice MacKenzie, Patty Jones, Patty Tumblin, Mary Powers, Carol Trottman. FRESHMAN Y-TEENS Top Row: Millie Sherbon, Mary E. McConnell, Carol Smalley, Janice Borden, Carol Rusk, Nancy Holde1'. Second Row: Eileen Ankrom, Lynette Miller, Joan Wharton, Dixie Wiggins, Mary LeCraft, Doris Shonkwiler, Freida Kaiser. Third Row: Mary Bickle, Edna Sheetz, Sara Mulligan, Irene Smith, Marian Davis, Lynne Pruitt, El- len Scott, Denise McMurtrie, Jane Schneeberger, Lois Lenhart, Bottom Row: Joanna Whittemore, Janet Rodabaugh, Jane Clark, Marilyn Schumaker, Mary Talbot, Joy Thompson, Pat Wilson, Emily Carpenter, Lois Guilliams, Carol Kirker, Diane Duling. Page Fifty-nine F. T. A. Top Row: Rachel Hoover, Mollie MacKenzie, Zoe Burrell, Carol Roof, Josephine Gross. Bottom Row: Donna Denman, Ruth Frye, Janet Littlefield, Miss Rogers. The George Washington Carver Chapter of the Future Teachers of America is open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors in the upper half of their class. Its pur- pose is to acquaint the members with the duties of a teacher and develop in them de- sirable traits of character and leadership. It is affiliated with the National Education Association. Miss Rogers is its advisor. This Page Is Sponsored By COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS and PRETTY PRODUCTS, Inc. Page Sixty CALENDAR for TOMAHAWK SEPTEMBER 7. Here we are again, gang! School starts with a bangg or ring from ye olde alarm clock! . . . Mi' gosh . . . how SMALL do they grow? Those Freshies are pretty cute, tho. 8. "Ooo la la-Hey fellas"! Get a gander at the new girls' gym teacher." Unquote! . . . We hear noises via new public address system. 9. "Duuh-which way did he go, George?" Our principal Cface Eastj has moved to the first floor-"The better to see you, my dear." 14. Ring that bell, mister! Ever see an un- welcome fire drill? 17. The Redskins roll to Mount Vernon for the first game of the season. Ah, heck. They beat us 21 to 6. 22. Say, "ain't" that snazzy? After years upon end of "Sky Blue Water" the Tom-Tom is giving out with the good old school song-in the 'ffl h." es 24. This is something like! The Ohio State Jazz Forum, complete with CHS grad Alan Abel, puts on a real assembly-bam, bam! . . . Here's the long awaited first home game complete with hot dogs, ice-cold fbrrr . . .J cokes and PRO- grams! . . . and we scalped New Philly 7 to 6 in a supergame. 30. A whole month gone so soon? 'Tain't possible! But here we are, peering around the corner into October. OCTOBER 1. Glamour enters! From the bevy of beau- ties in the Senior Class Doris Wolfe is chosen to be Homecoming Queen-although the "myster- ious Miss X--who closely resembles the versa- tile T. Clark-made the going rough for the gals! . , . Lancaster shows us a thing or two with a 19-0 score. 5. Mr. Lybarger is host to the Publicity Club at Wana-Tona-YOU know where I mean! Any- way, it gets mighty COOL out in "them that arts." P 6, 7, 8, 9. How much can one person eat? The County Fair is here again, and-hallelujuh -no school for three days! 8. Redskins break the "fair week jinx" by winning over Cleveland Central, 35 to 6. 11. The Deep River Singers start our week off. 15. Gee, aren't they purdy? Queen Doris breaks that "sweet seventeen" stuff, with a couple of honeys for co-captains Chubby and George. Who blushed? 18. "I'll be good, daddy!" Ned Ellis, ex- convict, tells us that crime does not pay. 20. Oh you Seniors! After hearing Mr. Rose tell about it for WEEKS, the Seniors pre- sent "A Date With Judy" for the high school. What was that again, J anet?" 21. We drool over the rosy visions of new gym and auditorium painted for us by Stuart Lane, the bond-issue man. 22. I guess we didn't show Dover a thing or two. -14-28. 26. Not both on the same day! Two dreaded evils-gradecards and school night! 28. Newark's Wildcats claw the Redskins, 14 to 6. 29. The teachers go to a convention and the kiddies play. Who invented this thing, bless his soul. 30. The Wigwam is all dressed up fir to kill for the Halloween Dance. Happy tombstone! 31. Lookie out! The witch'll get 'yal NOVEMBER 2. Harry pulled through and Mr. Blatter's kids can't even vote yet! 5. Sad 'n glad. Last home game but we whipped Cambridge 28-0. 8. An assembly for the purpose of presenting awards for posters done by the art classes AND the "White Hussars." Who said bleached hair was a local fad? 10. The Y-Teens throw their first dance of the year-"Twirp Twirl" . . . The cast of the Red Masque play, "Ten Little Indians," travel to Denison U to see the college performance. Say the bus was late? 11. Did you hear the bells? I was asleep! 12. The 'Skins wind up the season at Zanes- ville and defeat our old foes, 20-13, in a real thriller. 16. Bell Telephone sponsors an assembly. Did I hear the phone? 19. There's nothing wrong with me, with me, with me! Seniors take the Ohio State Psyco- logical test. 24. Tom-Tom listeners get a treat when the choir sings for the Thanksgiving program. This is followed by a special assembly in charge of the Alpha Hi-Y Club . . . At lastg the Fall Prom. Everyone looks positively dreamy and Joby Lan- ning's music is likewise. 25. "Don't ever mention turkey again !" The Thanksgiving Dance at the Youth Center con- sisted of moans, groans, and "never again's." 30. They walk, they talk, they Jump!" The GAA sponsors a "Blue Jean Jump" at the Youth 'Center-Doug Clark's band providing the back- ground. Whose plaid shirt was loudest? DECEMBER 4. Basketball season, we love thee! The ball starts rolling at Uhrichsville when the Redskins whip them 52-24. 6. One of those things! An every-pupil English test to brighten the day! . . ,, Rev. Root gave an inspiring talk in assembly. 8. Gosh! CHS never sounded like that! Band and choir members travel to ,Columbus to see the Fred Waring show. 9. Gradecards again? Ah well, the janitor was still smiling! 10. A big pep rally does its part in helping the Redskins lick Lancaster, 45-44. WHAT a game! Shaky knees didn't help the dancing much at the Youth Center celebration! 12. It's just around the corner! The Christ- mas season opens officially with the annual Com- munity Sing. CHS Choir started. 14. This could become a lovely habit. Co- shocton goes to Newark and tramples them 44- 28. 16. All the way from Michigan! Fritz Cris- ler is guest speaker at the annual Booster Club Banquet. 17. Two glorious weeks of Christmas vaca- tion commg up! Or are you, too, a slave at the local five and dime? We celebrate by defeating Mount Vernon, 57 to 38. 20. Was that a nice Christmas spirit? New Philadelphia gave us the slip-but just barely- 57 to 56. 21. More like it! Coshocton 55, Girard 48. 25. Santa was good to the gals at CHS. Did you? see all those lush watches they were sport- mg. 27. Christmas put fight in the Redskins! It was a victory over North Canton, 49-46. 28. 'Nother one. This time it's Coshocton 58, Columbus Aquinas 36, 29. Into a busy vacation the GR's squeeze their annual Christmas formal. Doug Clark furnished the music for a swell dance. A 31. Here's that night again! Who said we'd be sorry in the morning, JANUARY , 1. Happy New Year! The Junior Masons crowd the Masonic Temple for the annual New Year's Dance. Ray Swank's Continental Orches- tra was very swanky. Page Sixty-one 2. John Parrish comes in second in district Prince of Peace contest. Good work, John. 3. How can anyone possibly be rested up yet? Back to the grind, kiddies! 7. Ha! It's always fun to beat Zanesville- this time the scoreboard said 63-50. 11. Pep assembly or sumpin' sure set those dribblers on fire! 81-66 against Cambridge. 12. The choir does a program at Ohio Power dinner. Who would like to donate a few boards to the Legion Hall? 14. Here we go again! This time it's Co- shocton 52, Dover 41. 16. Everybody is a schmoe! How many times a day do YOU hear that word? 17. Wade Quartet entertains us with batons and hoops . . . Red Masque has opening night with "Ten Little Indians." 18. Orchids and brickbats to Red Masque. . . . Another matinee and another afternoon minus classes! 21. We go "down the river" to show Mari- etta up, 48 to 45. HO and "Smitty" harmonize on WTNS. 24. You got a "code in your node?" Seems to be the fashion! 25. Mr. Puderbaugh calls a "new rules" as- sembly. This sign says "UP"g this one "DOWN" , . . Redskins whip Uhrichsville 52-27. 27. "Can she bake a cherry pie?" The gals learn how in a Home Economics lecture by Mar- than Logan, Swift. and Co. representative. 28. They wouldn't but they did! Lancaster knocked the stuffing out of us, 50-41. FEBRUARY "He just picks on me!" Gradecards again- and this time they really count. 4. Goodie, goodie! We whipped Newark 59- 32. 8. That's showin' 'em! Coshocton 63, Mount Vernon 47. 11. Those Wildcats again-this time we claw them, 61-35. 12. Local Trades and Labor Hall is invaded by GR's and their dates for the Sweetheart Swing. "Weren't it fun?" 14. Umm . , . "Ain't love grand?" Lorraine got TWO boxes! . . . CHS Choir entertains the Rotary of Newcomerstown. 15. How high do they go? Redskins 78, Cambridge 62. 17. "Just checkin'!" Remember? 18. The Nastys! Dover's victory, 53-48 . . . First song assembly in a lung, lung time takes a nice hunk of the afternoon! . . . Oh, you big handsome basses! 22. Love that man! Papa Washington cre- ates a holiday. 24. "He has the most bee-U-tiful eyes!" Mock elections starring the Olingers! 25. Yippee! We're co-champs! Marietta bows down 62-39. 28. Everybody's celebrating. Big pep rally in the gym after a slightly COOL fire-truck ride MARCH 1. Like a big, bad lion, complete with snow. Brr. 2. "Here's mud in your eye!" First tourna- ment game turns out--Coshocton 74, Cambridge 37. 4. Mr. LeFavor turns purple around the edges as the choir does an impromptu fifteen minute rehearsal on WTNS. The .truth is out! . , . Second league game, this one with Dover, is . . . pant . . . pant . . . REALLY a thriller. Final score, Coshocton 60, Dover 46. 7. Safety movies. 'Nuff said! 8. "Look mommie, we did it againf' Red- skins go to New Concord to win over Wellsville, 62 to 40. 9. "Oh, no! Not in classes!" VVTNS Page Sixty-two for our heros. threatens to broadcast fifteen minute program weekly-direct from the classes at CHS. Have you read your history assignment? 11. It was fun while it lasted, but we're out of tournament play now after a defeat by New Philly, 45 to 43. 17. Ah, and you're bein' a -pretty lass with your wearin' o' the green! 21. "The flowers that bloom in the spring, tra la!" Love, spring, and all "that there." 22. The teachers go social and throw a party at the American Legion Hall. Choir and vocal ensembles entertain. Has Mr. Puderbaugh learned any new jokes since last year? 24. National Transcribers Society for the blind presents a very worthwhile Hammond Organ and Piano Concert, dr 25. Nine months 'till Santa Claus. No kid- in . 28, 29, 30, 31 and April 1. This is what we hate! A whole week of eating, sleeping and APRIL 1. PEP PUELLAS treat the Hi-Y boys to an- nual banquet at the HY." Who ate the table- cloth? 2. "Sing purdy for the nice mans!" The choir and vocal ensembles travel to Dover for the contest. 8.' The Juniors have the opening class party- and a big, big evening is had by all. 9. The band makes it initial trip to the con- test. Nice going, band . . . Those Freshies have their first class party-they catch on quickly, don't they? 12. PEP has its annual pin-wearer's cere- monial. 14. "It's a birdg it's a many it's Jack Rank, quick change artist, with "Macbeth!" 15. The Hi-Y Handsome Harrys become ser- ious and put on a lovely Easter assembly. 17. Easter Sunday. That coconut-cream pie turns out to be a hat . . . everyone looks dee- vine and the Park opening overflows. 22. The choir presents its program for the lucky high school. Aren't they smooth? . . . Then the Girl Reserves announce spring with a Date Dress Dance . . . more fun! 29. The band holds the spotlight at the an- nual concert. ' MAY 1. April Showers brought May Flowers-it says here in small print! 2 and 3. Mr. LeFavor is rewarded for his hard work by two evenings of beautiful music from the choir. 6. Those Sophisticated Seniors let down their hair at their last and most wonderful Party. 7. The sassy sophomores have their big night in the gym. 12. The Seniors realize that Htempus is fugit- ing" when the Methodist young people have a farewell banquet. 13. A last dreamy Prom for the graduating Seniors. Thanks, fellows. 19. "Here's pie up your sleeve!" The Booster Banquet honors teams, scholars and musicians. 20. Hot dogs, cokes, and cold, cold, water! Band, Choir and guests invade the Park for the JUNE 1. Practically summer and here we are, slav- ing away over hot desk! 5. "It's comin' closerll' Baccalaureate is a beautiful ceremony and we realize the seniors won't be ours much longer. E 8. Commencement. The forty-niners look dignified in maroon and white-and we try to look likewise with watery eyes. S'long to some mighty wonderful people. Mac's. annual outing. O4utographs Ohio Fuel Gas Company Rapid Shoe Repair Firestone Coshocton Paint Company Carrie Glass Music Store MacKenzie-Woods Hardware Davis Drive-In Cleaners Stevens Barber Shop Home Candy Company Miller's Thrift Drugs Keystone Shoe Store Wimmer-Arnold Coshocton Hat Shop Hosick's Shoe Store Stroup's Cake Box Fashion Stores, Inc. Buckeye Clothing Company Gray Insurance Agency Rogers Shop Arnold Tin Shop Olinger Motor Sales Pal's Restaurant Puritan Laundry Anart Beauty Salon Caton Electric Page Sixty-four CONTRIBUTORS Stewart Tire and Body Shop The Auto Supply Company West End Grocery Gray Hardware Co., Ltd. Ohio Power Company Stover Electric Senter Clothing Store Gallimore and Lane United Photo Service Chacos Brothers Page Sz Lorenz Bon Bon Shop Union News Company Wagner Electric Fowler Grocery A. J. Stewart and Sons Muskingum Valley Lumber Co. Hunt-Crawford Company V Beach Leather Company Courtesy Pure Oil Company, Cam bridge at Walnut ' - Smith's Men's Shop Triplitt's Drug Stores Chamber of Commerce Q 3: 9 F tix bw , K.. ff F Xia

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