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 - Class of 1937

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Coshocton High School - Tomahawk Yearbook (Coshocton, OH) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Cover

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f. Qs I" . ,,,, 1. Q"'Vr SL4 4, 'g,, L ,Ji 1 2' 'I' ' x 1 , L1 . A 2 '- 5.4.4 F 4 1 . A p , -. M. , r :fl 1 'N L I Y P' 4 w N , 4- u e .gf .5 i v I, I 1-M, F151-' -ik? ..a. - L v., .. xr., L ,1 'E' . ' x 71 vy-YS L,'- 1 M. , .X B13 4 A '11 1 .jf . . IA H1415 b ,. W II, brit ll I 1 V I' ,-P r 'f FJ we .aw ' n, F 1 'v L 4. .11 ,. 4 ,, ,V 1 1 I L ,V -' . z jk- "Ei 3 :4-,emnl H A- J, .xl f X , ff. r 51: , 4 w ,-i ' -c,'4 , .fc ,IW K. 1-A9331 Y , .- A :f?'.5'A q. .ix -mr 5.1. .IL . 1,i.59I2L'Z' 1. - ,, i-L rv , ' XSL., . G!-X r H, 5215: . yr- I- ' , . . 5 ' Q. .E . r, I . 'A 1 7, fi ' 1 ..f:,q T, , ., - -. If-A'r,,. ,g 5 I "1" " ,. , fi ,' 1-'F -. fl-:nv : -. . V '. ii! .-" ' N".-C " ferr' -Tn-sliigy --'L - LAP-J -Z'-m ilf -. '- V ' , 1' -V ,. M- ' v- ,R H.. K t 5...-H! 4. . Q U A. Af, L- - .-4.4. ' R' ' ' W m v si. . -. 5 A, ,. Y., ' 2 1 V fy 1 As.. ,f ... ,- um . , -ft -.... - ...-.. THE 1937 TOM WK Q 'llllnnn munum I Nfl' - -H lllhl ax 4 Q .. ,I P X ri i 9 5 M 'Hn if N ls vii' nlnmull " fi' is 5 : ""'H-U11 0 u via ,009 M mf I as 5 0 ua' N 5 f lu" L 5 Q llllis l'lllQ'l'llX'lllQ. . . . . .'l'hc Rzlwstliornc lii11g'1'zu'i11g' Company Pittsburgh, Pa. l'rinting'. . .................. The l'ri11t Shop William Ehrich, Prop., Coshocton, Ohio ls'lmtog'1'z1pl1y. .. ...... ....... . X. lf. Riley Coshocton, Ohio . . . Foreword . . . The Tomahawk Staff sincerely hopes that this Annual will fire anew the joy and happi- ness of these, your High School days, and light your life with these inernories and cleecls. I W QM Q? sh h ! an ,Q SL... - 7' i x if " 'J l2l . . . Dedication . . . To the active, living' personalities of this school who will carry the torch tlimiigliuiit life, we dedicate this, yillll' hcmk. llc it y0lll'S, :incl carry the lurch high! W KW all 4 f ' f WN ,f fj ,Nil W, , 4 'Q Z- 1 J . 5 -.3 i 5 ' , v , V ' nLn.,?."l:o,,, l3l 4252. f fk-IN Xi'xr' JX -s X amz -L.. TH E EDITOR .,...........,..... STAFF Assistants .... FEATURE EDITOR ..,.. Assistant ............... SPORTS EDITOR ....,,. Assistant .......,, ART EDITOR ,.,...,., Marie Marshall Suzanne Bachert Natalie Holl Alice Rice Jean Adams Peggy Lybarger Robert McClain James McIntyre Jean Crawford Douglas Davis Thomas Miskimen .......,.Martha Marie Sivaslian Assistants ......... Margaret Sheeley Junior Shipps SNAPSHOT EDITOR .i...,.,. ....-,.,. M arianne Rogers + at 4 1: ,...,...Robert Mulligan Busmess BUSINESS MANAGER .... Assistant .....,,,, ADVERTISING MANAGER ...... ,,,,7,,, Assistants .,,,..,..,... .,..r,...Sam Clow .Jane Conner ...,.....Joyce Orr Margaret Cuykendall Robert Biel Betty Strong Gaynelle Ely Arlene Gamertsfelder CIRCULATION MANAGER ...... .......,, R uth Patterson Asslstants ..................,... ......... M argaret J ane Brink TYPISTS ...., ADVISER ..... I 4 Margene Ehrich George Johnson Dorothy Miller I, .........Kathleen Call Mary Miller Jean McDonald Lois Porteus Mary Margaret Wilson Rose . . CONTENTS . . AD M I N I ST RAT I ON C LASS ICS AC'I'IX'I'l'I ICS ATII l,'If'I'IL'S FEATUR ICS I5I ...:u. .1 ,Q , gn, ,. , ., . ,v-,. , . Q V. 1 Q 9 bf j i In NVQ ' -I .I 1 3' 1 .1 I . -7' ' 4' Ei' 5"-fs' - 1 w iv "Y 1 . . I c L -'VL xw.,'5 -- 1 I ' 4 .- -t ev1'7'9T"5i n A X .-'gn ..- 1 3, v' 1 . ii. r V w,: -V. .L N 1 ..v. . M . ,X ...X. V .Lf xy- , I' A ' ,I . , . w ..v 1 w n x ...Lx r . , . - 5 1.14" f'. - L ' f f ,: 'Q' 'H , . . r .Xn , , 1,51-.. M .f A It .- AI- ...Il Y -r . .1 7.1 uv v H., J., .- JI, 23. ' N- Q--'nn , V HV, -- . 1 A iff.-P .gifs 1 ' ' - .1 wlww ff ' r ' ' 'mg' Z.. 1:5 1.2151-1 5-.M -I A ,V V A .-: .JV 3",i"r.9-A... , ,V . . , .. . :jf 711. g L - . , ...wr Aw S x K. ,. ga ' Q-gif? ' ut .4 HL 1 .Y x 3 1 1 5 'fit , 1 A QQ- 'fqtii gn ,Q .X 4. , . Q 4 f ,Fi ' "-Hifi. VST, fx X ,4 N R 'If X f X312 ff. if ME..-ff' X XM .et m XXI x ,f 7 X xx X I X Iylhmx lk. ADMINISTRATION . I I Q! e 'H SM of... 9- :Q- WD' J, BOARD OF EDUQXTION MILO C. ELY WVM. F. TANKERSLEY President Vice-President W PAUL A, RICE Clerk . D K "': DR. J. G. SMAILES DR. E. M. VVRIGHT ISI SUPERlN'l'lCNDliN'l' OF SCHOOLS I . l , ' X l l l Xl? Greetings: 'l'l l li TONAI LAXXYIQ, begun a quarter of a century ago, has come lu he one of the established institutions of the Coshocton High School. A tangible reeorcl of each year's work, its Value increases as the years eonie and go. Present niemlmers of the high school will treasure this book lincliug' increasing' pleasure in refreshing' memories ol those who Caine into their school life and then clisap- X pearecl. That this souvenir ol' the school year 1936-37 will he a source of much pleasure in the years lo come is the wish of your superintendent- i A. C. PICXCE. 259 lilly .ty ' Y -iff ' :1:,-1 f r-1.5.3 l 9 l A Q -K 9'9 'S' MHS PRINCIPAL OF HIGH SCHOOL f . X Greetings : The secondary schools of America pl' y an important part in our system of public education. Here rirnest efforts are made to prepare students to enter various fields of endeavor and to formu- late ideals which will encourage successful and useful lives. Stu- dent achievenient is written in this book. The success you have attained here, as well as that you will reach after you leave this in- stitution, is dependent upon individual ehfort. May this Toma- hawk ever remind you of your school successes and recall pleasant memories of the days spent in Coshocton High School. C. H. ROSS, Principal. l 101 Audrey E. Barcroft Commercial Studies: School Treasurer Ohlo Unlva-rsltyg Ohlo Sluts- l'nlv1-rslty: ll. Sv. ltlixs llllNlIll'SS Collvgv Grulluutn' XYork, l'nlvm-rsity ol' lilm-innuti Edward Cooney Sociology: Economics: Physical Education: Assistant in Athletics A. li. Ohio l'niv1-rsityi Grmluulm- Work, l'llivvl'slly oi' XVI:-it-olisill Niva Giauque Home Economics Ohlo l'niv1-rsily: li. Sc. in Homa- livonomivs liduvu- tlon, Columbia Univ:-i'slly: 'l'v1u'Il- FFS llollvgl' lllplomu. Columbian l'nIvvrsity FACULTY Ellen Louise Campbell English A. B. NYooslc'l' Colle-ge' Lena Daugherty Commercial: Business Practice Ii. Sc, ln l'ltllIl'3IllOll. OI'I'lv:- Training, liolumhus C. A. Groome Industrial Arts ll. Sc. Ohlo Slut:- l'niv1-rsily Delmar Hoover Harry S, Agriculture Lylbarger B. Sv. ln Ag.. Ohio General History: Sluh- l'lllVl'l'5lly Commercial Law: Sociology: Economics A. ll. lu-nyon l.ol- lc-gc: l.. l.. ll. Ohio State' l'nivvrsilyZ Grauluuln- Work. lllllll Slott- l'nlv4-rsity Zulu M. Marshall Paul Matthews Home Economics Nh'O03ltl'l' Collvgtv: A. li. Ohio Stott' Unlve-rslty: lt. Sc. Ohio Stull- l'nIv1-rsity Mathematics A. ll. Ohio NYM- l1'yilllQ Gruduuta- NYork. Ohio XYf-s- lr-yull. Ohio Stah- l'lllYl'I'Slly Wilma Compton Commercial Studies B. Sc. Antioch Coll:-gc: l-Illiot tlolunu-rciul School: Grzuluutv Work. l'nivm-rsily ol' l'hi Vo . ug.: 9 If ff 'l 1 C. . clcert Industrial Arts xVO0Sl1'l' Ilolla-gc: Ohio l'nlvc-rsity: Ii. Sc. in lialucution, Ohio Stale Univ:-t'sity Clarice L. Henderson English A. li. Ohio NYn's- ll'y1lll1 lirzulllutc' NVOrk. Ohio State l'niv1-rsity J. Malcolm ,MacQueen Commercial Arith- metic: Physics: Al- gebra: Astronomy .L ll. NYooste'l' Vol- lvgl-: Grzulllutz' NYol'k. Ohio Stutt- l'IllX'l'l'Slly Anna M. McCabe Latin A. B. Ohio XVvs- lz-ynng ll. Su. in lid. Ohio l'nivcl'sity I -F, F31 I my Q ..?f n , 1 lb I 4 l AQ X ' v ,- .lv f'- ' C n-n.s J? 5 f 0 wil Q ,.,-5 'Hr ii, 1 Q,. iz .1 X V ' i.. zfkgldf hjfy' V 1 Evelyn McGinnis Physical Education: Commercial Geography A. B. Ohio Northern Don Rader Biology: Orchestra B. Sc. Ohio Stah- Univorsiiy: M. Sc. Ohio Stah- Univ:-rsity I JV ,f V4 'EAS U LT Y H. R. Mclfissiclc Chester 0. Mills Chemistry A. B. xv0OSl6'l' Follz-gc: Graduati- NVork, Ohio State University Willoughby Rehard American History: Civics: Algebra: Debate . A. B. Ohio UlllVt'l'Slly Industrial Arts B. in Education, Ohio Stah- L'nive-rsity: Gradu- ate XVork. Ohio Stale' L'nivcrsity Harrison Rose French: English A. B. Muskingum Coll:-ge: Graduate XYo1'k, Northwestern l'niwg'sity Q Catharine Scott Mary E. Stewart Schuyler English: Assistant English: Latin: Wharton on Publications Dramatics General Science: A. B. hhvO0Sll'l' A. B. Denison: Athletics College A. M. Columbia Bt Sc. Ashland Univ:-l'sity College Leona Everhart Lois Thompkins Marjorie Rogers Secretary Secretary Librarian to Principal I 12 I to Superintendent W 25" Q ' in XX' JA I 4 I gl' ax , X' 1 . 1 , xfff 1 , 1 I x W fd ! , W H' , 5, f y I uf X, 1 1 I r 4 1 w 1 I K 1 X LU K X xx ,ii- E . :Q A Q f " fi .5 4+ is , g! X I 6 fm 1 xv i k ,K J ' f A: f A , 61. . . . CLASSES . . l13l -,1 Q S SENIORS eww: Four years ago a tribe of Freshmen invaded this place. They were Freshmen to the nth degree. It will probably astonish the reader, but they disbelieved in both Santa Claus and fairy tales. Some of them were the modest, retiring natures that befitted their years, but others Were not--definitely. All classes enjoyed partiesg so the Freshies let the realms of book7 learning become distant and partook of wholesome fun and merriment. John Ehrich, Marie Marshall, James Mclntyre and Robert Mulligan served as Freshmen officers. To lead the class as Sophs, Douglas Davis, Marianne Rogers, Jean Wolfe and Kathleen Call were chosen. They instilled into their follow- ers the fact that goals were to be crossed, so they buoyantly kept aloft the process of social activities, scholarship and school spirit. The same class that ended so gracefully as Sophomores began the Junior year in the same fashion. They were a jolly bunch, struggling manfully with wretched math, conjugating wholeheartedly French verbs, and learning to become romantic. Robert Mulligan was chosen to lead the class during the year, with him were John Ehrich, Douglas Davis, Gertrude Parks. Around council fires they chose class rings and class emblems which are symbols of their happy days together. This class has now entered and nearly finished the roles of sedate Seniors. They have been very happy and proud to be known as the illustrious "Class of ,37." They have shown marked dramatic ability through their performance of "One Mad Night." They have con- tributed much to the cause of journalism in this High School: both boys and girls have set remarkable standards in athletics, debate and other activities. The officers for this class were John Ehrich, Margaret Cuy- kendall, Marianne Rogers and Douglas Davis. Everyone wishes for this class a fitting climax in graduation. You will soon be gone from these surroundings dear to youg you Will soon be called to other courses Where life's race is run. May you run through- out life with the same gracefulness, dexterity and enthusiasm you have displayed in your race here. May you finish the race of life with high honors. Are you determined to finish the race With your torch? l14l SENIOR OFFICERS swwfe JOHN EHRICH President MARGARET CUYKENDALL Vice-President MARIANNE ROGERS Secretary DOUGLAS DAVIS Treasurer i151 127' vin, .ng . f A f if VJ wif S 2 N X Lv I 299 My , pi 91,5 0 ...N fb n h fmfv-fy gli il QVC. .A ,xx Klux, L I x , KJ.-,Ll Y 'N ., Q .. 3? , IH HAROLD ADAMS lI'l'tlllltlllL'S Club. Glu' Club. Se-nior Class Play Producti Assistant Club I, 1 nlas Play liooslvl' I Girl lit-sm f 'f .lul -rva-s l-2-il. Honn- lic. Club I-2. Iiaslu-tball I, Gi smr. lf. cz. .x. 1. X1 SHARLEY ANN ANTISDEL l.ibrarian I-2-3-I, llranlatics Club I. Houn- lirl He-sz-rvrs 4, Stall' ol' Sz-nior Class Play I. Chri I, l'.tllI0l'ltll Stall' 1. DOROTHY M. ARONHALT Girl llosm-i'v4-s l-2. Class llaskvtball I. MARIE ARRON Club I. l-'. H. A. I. l"l'4'llCll Club I. SUZANNE BACHERT lfrvslnnan Council 1. Party Connnitta-v I-2, Howl:-r Club I Girl lie-serve-s I-2-I5-I. Glu- Club 2. l'l4-b4-ian Latin Club Ops-rt-Ita 2, SODll0lll0l't' Council 2, Assistant S4-crotary P noe-r 2. Intramural liaskc-tball I-2-Il-I. Frm-m'li Club I. 'l'o 'l'on1 Stall' I, Tonlallawk Stall, ll:-batv 'l'4-ani I. lloostvr Cl I Class Play Production Stall' I, Scholarship 'lk-st I. Di 1 1 I . .... matics Club I. National Hmnn' Souix-ty . VIRGINIA BAIRD Girl ltt-sz-Iwo I-2-Sl-I, Howlcr Club I-2-Il. lntranlural llask bllllil ull lpl I ,"ioarsii "vain 2, ,lc-brian Latin Club French Club I. Scholarship 'l'm-st I. wi DOROTHY BAKER "A-a q rl-r Gill ltrsuu-5 I-Il-I. Honu- lic. Club I-2-ll-I, lu :su Hol lic. Cl b ' u L. 'JOAN L. BARTHOLOW Home' lic. Club I-2. Girl lt4-sn-rv:-s I-2-It-I. Pl:-bcian Lai ' ' I x " ' ss 4 lutbllll C11 lb I. Library Aim-5 ... Clay: las" 1 . IRIS IRENE BESST Girl Rose-rvvs I-2-Zi-I. Plelwian l.atin Club Il. Glu- Club EDMUND BIBLE Pri ing Club II, lf. C. A.. Toni-'l'onl, 4 if :, g, 45-if ESTHER BONIFIELD Girl Rest-rvf-s I-2-Il-I, F. H. A. I-2-ZS. Pit-bt-ian Latin Club Draluativs Club -I, Class Play I. ELIZABETH BOSTWICK Girl Rm-serves I-2-II. Classivs librarian 2-Il-I. Plc-In-ian l.a Clubf2, Patriqiau, Latin Club IS. Howl:-r Club 1-2-11. . 4, -4' rf' V' ' I -L BETTY BROWN I Home lic. I-2-Il-I, Girl l'tn-sn'rvvs I-2-Zi-I. llaskvtball I. HELEN JANE BUKER l H X 1-2-It-I. Howll-r Club I, Girl llc-sc-rw-s I-2-Zi-I. llasll , I: z' zskm-Iball I. Chu-r l.e-all:-r 3. Typ Club. lloostvr Club. Torn-'l'oni Stall, Class Play Product Sta Il'. NOBLE E. BURGER Orcln-stra I-2-3-I. Band I-2-Il, Hi-Y It-I, Class llaskvtball ys' GI4-0 Club I. Opvrvtta 2. l". H. A. ll. -I, 4.-1 JUNIOR LLOYD BURT Socil-ty. 2- . 'rt-sirlt-nt F. F. A. I. M4-xnln-r Stats- .lualg "Conn-st. Mm-:nbc-r Local Speaking Contvst. National Hoi I' X 1 QJQ4.. ff CALL 'Tomahawk I, Vic:--Presitlvnt Booster Club I. Girl ltt-sa-r "1 . C. . . ""z.' ' Class 2, lyfilllltl' Club I, Class Play I, Howie-r Club I-2. Oprrvtta 2. Class Librarian Il-I. P11-bt-ian Latin Club 2, F. H. A. fl. Party C1 lniltvv I-2-3. Invitation Connnittet- I. Council 2-Il, Glm- C 2, Frm-ncll Club I, National Honor Socit-ty. ' ' ALLAN CARNAHAN 6 Hi-x' muh, Class llaske-tball 1. FRANCES E. CARNAHAN X I ,Ziff ' Home lic. Club I-2-It-I, llramatics Club I. Glvz- Club I. P. ln. P. I. MAXINE CATON Honu- lic. Club I-2-ll-I. Girl R4-sm-l'v4-s I-2-It-I, l,l'1llll2lllCS C .J -I. Class liaskvtball I-2-It--I, Class Play I. 4 '-I RUSSELL CATON Q Hi-Y Club I. lf. C. A. 4. 9 l16l I I. Honu- lac, Club I-2. l'l1-bvian Latin Club HELEN RUTH CLARK lic. Illulr I-2. film- Illuh 2--I. Class Play -I, Girl Ilejsvrvtfl , llowlr-r Iiluh 2, liaske-Ihall I-2-Zi-I, llrauuatiss Lluh 4, PAULINE CLARK lluuu- liv. Club I-2-IS, liaskc-Ilmll 2, Iilvl' Iilllll 2. Iloustc-r Club I. RHEA MAE CLARK Iiirl III'NI'I'YI'S I-2. Iilass liaski-llxall I-2-CI-I. lla 2. JANE CONNER'1i M.,f'h. .,-1 Ivsn-i'x'1-s I-2-ZS-I. llmxln-r Illulx. I'i'1-MIIII-lit llunsll-r Illuh 1-lwian l.aIiu Iilulr 2. 'l'ulu-'l'ulu II. 'I'0IllIlIl2lNYk II-I, IFNIIIIY 'l'u-am JI. llmm- lim: lllulm I, 'Ih'aluaIius Illulx I. In I.Iuh I. -IIIIIIHI' Party Ilumluiltm- ZS. Intramural lias- ll I-Il-I. Class Play l'rmlurli1m Stall' I. National lluuur I' GEORGE cox Ian l.nliu I.luIr 2, l'aIrim'iau I.aIiu Illulr Il-I. Tuul-'I'nul AI, Ili-Y Illulv I. Iioum-il I, I". li. .L fl. N. Y. .L Ii-I. JEAN R. CRAWFORD III-sn-rvvs I-2-IS-I. lluwla-r Iilulr I-2. l'l4-lu-ian Latin Illuli lmlm' Nlanm.u-r IZ, Op:-rm-lla 2. lluuu- Iiu. Iilulx I. l"r1-m'h I, Vlass llaskvllmall I-2-Ii-I. Iiaptaiu Ilaskl-Iliall I. GIN- 2-I. 'l'ulu-'l'mu II-I. 'l'oulah:mk I, Illass Play I'l'INIlll'IIOll I. Naliuual lluuur Suri:-ly. MARGARET CUYKENDALI. ' lir. I'Iul1 I-2-II-I. liuslwllmall I. lluwlvr Illuli I-2. Girl vi-s I-2-II-I. Op:-ri-Ita 2. l'l4'ln-ian Latin Iilulx 2, 'l'uma- Niall' 242i-I. I'l'4'SIIIl'llI IIIIIIII' liv. I'IIIIl II. Iloosli-r Iilllll -I. filuh I, 'l'um-'l'mn Stall' I. Yivv-l'l'1-sill:-lil ul' Class I, alivx Vlulm I. luvilaliou Ilmnlllillm- I, Class Play l'l'0- llll Stall' I. LEON IJARR In-ian l.aIin Iilulr 2. I,l'1lIllilIIl'5 Illulx I. Fr:-ucli Illulr I. l'rrulum'Iinu Slall' Illass Play I. DOUGLAS DAVIS nal llnnur Snail-ly. Vnun il I-2, Sclmlarsllip 'Il-am l-2-Il. liaslu-llrall I-2-II, Iaplaiu liaxki-Ilmll I. l'l'm-sich-nl Class !'NIlIl'lII I'In-Iu'iall I.aIil1 I IllIl 2. Ili-Y Illuh ZS-I. 'IIl'I'IlSlIl'l'I' I. lfontlmll II-I. Yarsily I. Sv rm-tary I lass II. lliug Cum- n- II. 'l'umahawk Stall' II-I. luvil.-Iiuu Ilunuuilta-v I. Class I. I"l'l'llI'Il Illulm I. Hraunalivs Illuly I. 'I'11-asurz-r ol' Iilass ml 2. N , JOHN DAVIS ' fQ,I'., ' I-'rmllrall 2. I"l'I'llCIl Iillllri Q-' !1'LAfI,.9 J. MARION DAVIS J' . '- '.':::r...!f:'.:.E":!s1'.'.l J.'1.1-'fY,37f',?fyk,,,wJ"' lf"f.' I ALLEN DAY 1-r Illulr 2, Illm- Ilulr I, I,l'llIlIllIIl'5 Illuln I. F. Il. .L I. DEAN IIULINGI . ., Pg . . Iilulm Il-I. YIPI'-I'l'l'NIIIl'llI llralualivs Illulm I. lfuotlrall I-I, Class liaskm-llmll I-2-ZS-I, I-'. II. .L I, lf. ll, .L IL TRACEY DULING Q . . ' I Ifoullrall IS-I. Illlralllural llaslu-Illall I. I". I". .L I-2. AUTUMN EIIRBAR 'l'um SlaI'I' Ii. I'Ir'I11-ian Latin Iflub 2. liirl Ili-s4-rvc-s I. Ii- II. SCIIIIIIIVSIIIID 'l'i-am Il. Ill'IllllIlIIl'S IIIIIII I. liuush-l' I ' 0 I, I'Iass llasku-Ilia I I-L Il-I. 'I' IIIRIIHIINII Stall' Il. l"i'm-lwll I. Naliunul Ilulun' Sm'iu'lx'. .IOIIN EHRICH 'slra I-2-II-I. lIal'iI I-213. Ili-Y CLI, I,l'l'SIlIl'III Hi-Y ,I 4-r Iilulr I. l'r4-siiln-ul Vlasw I-I. Viv:--l'l'4'si4Im-lil Illass II. Hunan I,.uum'iII I.. IxIll1,l, I'umiuiI1c-4- Zi. lnvilatiun Iluuuuil- . Inu:-lum Mall ll I. 'l'om:nhawk Stull' 25. l'iclur1- Owra- I -I gt'Il0I'Il'9IlIl 'I'I"llll I-2 'S flaw lI'Nk- will 2 - l- -AI I .-.. ... .u. ntl. I--. Ope- 2.. X lI'I'-I'l'I:hllIl.'llI l'lvlIa-'am Latin Illulm 2. Party Iluunuil- 5I'Il0IIlI'SIlIll 'lvsl I. I-ram-lx I'Iulx I. National Ilnunr Sn- A BETTY EMM: U4 I l Ili-sc-we-s I-I. liuusll-r I. Glu-1' Illulr I. Typing, flulx. JENNIE EVANS I Ilolm- I-Iv. I'lulr I-2-Il. l'l4-In-ian l.aIiu Iflulx 2. TWILA M. FISHER mlvul Ill'IlIIlIlI'4'N I'Iuli I. Iiirl lil-sm-vw-s. lioostl-r Ifluli 4 film' I'luIz, I". ll. .L Iiluh. LEROY FITCH l'rIn'lng tlluh Il. I-'. IZ. .L Vlulz. 'l'mu-Tum Stulll MIRIAM FREIFIELD mllcs Iflulx I. l'aIric'iau Latin Ifluln I. Girl IIA-si-l've-s 1, Sclmlarslllp Tvs! I. llaske-Ihall I. , I -n iffflf iW.4.M'L' I 5 IV If I 31 Wi Il ,Lia X X l fkkk' 4 YQQAX.- Q! VX, aviyz "rv lfyli - FYI I 'I .I I17I nfcj, I N X sh X I7 RSD . XII, pr- 1 M.pq.l M' f if l ' DALE FREKE Class Basketball 1-2-3-I, F. C. A. 4. xJ.J.!w6A I - ., .L , DICK GAYNOR - Hi-Y Club, Booster Club 4, llramatics Club 4. Glee Clul 5 I 5 CHARLES WILLIAM GILL Football 2-3, Varsity -I, Class Basketball 1-2-3-4, F. C. A. -I, F. B. A. Club 4. Class Play 4, Intramural Baskvtball, Chl-ex' Loader. . !' 2 r -1? ' WAUNETA GLAZIER Hylllk lic. Club 1-2, Give Club -I. , WILLIAM S. GRAHAM V Gleciflub 4, llramatics Club 4, F. B. A. Il, F. C. A. 4. Q' LA VERNE GRAY 0 F. F. A., Printing Club, Football Il-8, Basketball 2-3-4, C tain Basketball 4, Class Basketball I-2-3, Captain Class I 5 ketball 3, F. B. A., F. C. A. Club. 1 ' V HAZEL GREEN 1 E: A ionccr Club 1-2, Toni-'l'on1 IS, Home lic. Club 2, Typ 3 Qlub 2-4, Class- Basketball 1-2-3-4, Scholarship ,Team atmnal Honor Soeiqty. .S ' , IQATHRYN GROSS sliirl i'lt'St'l'Vl'S I-2, Home lic. Club 4, Class Basketball I " Y . . V, . S ERNEST L. GRUBBS Qxqlftmtlmll 2-Il-I, Class liaskvtball I. F. B. A. -I, F. C. A. 1 xi x JESSE HAGANS Class Baslu-tball I, lf. C. A. ZS. F. B. A. I. BETTY HALLER xi x, C11-l liz-se-1'v4-S 1-2-I, Clue- Club 2, Honu- lic. Club 1-2, R J Plc-bc-ian Latin Club 2. PAUL HAMILTON . jf Class Baskvtball I-2-4, F. li, A. Club I. F. C. A. -I. -xt, U A BETTY HANCOCK K Girl Resvrvcs 1-2-3-I, Dl'illllilIlL'S Club l. Boostvr Club 4 fy' Howlt-r Club, l"l't'llL'Il Club l. 'l'om-'l'om il-I, IN-batu. I . Jeff I . ELLA LOUISE HARGROVE -X I Houu- lic. Club l-2-It-I. ANNABELLE HARRAH Class Baske-tball I. l- l 1 CURTIS HARTLEY , L Boost:-1' Club -I, llraluatics Club I, Class Play 1. v . ' LEOTA HAYES I rj I Class Basks-tball -I. I fi ,XJ IX DOROTHY JUNE HENDERSON 2, Girl livsc-rv:-S I-2-Il-I, Howlt-r Club I-2. Holm- Economics CI Il-I, l'1'vsitlz-ut Hflllll' livouomivs Club J. Boostt-r Club I, D matics Club I, Give Club '2-I, 0p1-rvtta 'If Basketball 1-2-I NATALIE HOFFMAN I Girl Ih-st-rvcs I-2-It-I, Pla-bt-iau l.atiu Club 2. Patrician La 9 Club Il. I"l't'ncl1 Club I, HIllX'll'l' Club I-2. tile-4' Club I-2, Cl. f Baskvtball I-2. DESSEL HOLDER Illil'2lllllll'lll liaskt-tball I-2-Il-I. Hi-Y Club -I, F. B. A., Open-tta 2. , G' YV 'fiv- X X BETTY E. HOSEELT P. P. 3-4. Baskvlball 2-4. IISI .xx MILDRED JONES Ilona- lic. Iilub I-2. CARLOS KEMPF Irvin-slra I-2-I. Iianil I-2. Ili-Y JI-I. SI'I'l'1'IilI'j' Ili-Y I. l-'. ll. A, Iilub II. l-'. tl. A. tllub. HAROLD KINKADE :all It-I, Class Itaslu-lball I-2-Il-I. Ili-Y. l'l1-Iwian l.aIin I.lub. l'aIrician l.atin I.lub. I lass Play I. RUTH KIRKER .L I-1-.K-I. I-:rl III'NI'l'YI'5 I-2-I, l'lI-In-ian Latin Illub 2. iatius tlub I. Iilaxs l'luy l'ru4IuL'tion Stall' I, Typing National llonur Suri:-Iy. t,,.' GWENDOLYN KIRKPATRIOK It 'L' III'NI'I'XI'N I-2-IIVI. I'r.-xitlvnl I'IUIlI'I'l' 2. Ilfnxlz-I' Illlllj I-2. ' lic. Illnb I-2-II-I. I'I4-Iwian l.aIin IIIIIII 2. Iflussics Li- nn JI-I, I"I'I'lll'll I.lub I. Iiuualvr Illub I. IIl'1IlllIlIIl'S Iiluh - lary IIl'IlIllIlll"5 I.lub I. Illlristlnas Play Stall' I, Ula: I'r:nIut'tinn Slall' I. THOMAS KIRKPATRICK I.Iass Iiaxkvlball I-2-Il-I. I". II. A. Iilllll IC. ALLEN LAIRD f X Ns Itaskvlball II-I. I". I". A.. 'l'l'1'uslll'u'i' nl I'. I'. .L I. IRENE LOSEGO X I'II'I'IlL'Il Illub I. I LOUISE LOSEGO I'-l't'llI'Il Iilub I. REX LOWE brian Latin I'lub, linustt-r Iilub I. IIl'IlIll2lIll'S I.lulr I. Illuss Play I,I'0IIlIl'IIIlll Stull' I. 7 f RoLr,1N R. LUMM - Clans Ilaskn-tball I-2-II, I". Il. .k.kI1lub. lin... Z L i X MARIE MARSHALL -Q I i,I'I'SIIII'IlI Class l. Iluunfil I-2. Party IlIIIlllllIIII'I' l-2-Il. lII'hl'I'X'I'h I-2-II-I. VIUI'-I'l'1'SIIII'IlI I'i0n4'I'r 2. lIDI'I'I'Il1l 2. ian'n tllub 2, 'l'mn-'I'mn 2-II-l, 'l'ulnaImwk 2-Il-I. 1' 'l'mnall:mk I. Assistant I-Iclitur 'l'oln-'I'nnl I. Iilvt- Club ing Iinnnnitlvn- Il. vII'I'-I'l'I'SIIII'llI I'. I-I. l'. II. Yicm--l'r1-si- l'ntrlI'lan I.alin Iilub 2. lluwle-r Iilub 2. lnvitatiun Conf- - I. I,IlII'Il'IIlll Lalin Iilub II. tllass Ilaskvtball. Illass Play lclinn Stall' I. Ilranmtirs Club I. S1-lmlarsllip 'l'4-sl 4. h Iilub I. National llunur Sncivty. MARY EDITH MARTIN I1-svrvvs I-2-It-I, llunn- l-lc. Iilub I-2-II-I. Pla-lu-ian Ludlu- It. I'utrit'ian l.aIin I.lub I, Illass liaslwtball l-2-Wy s- IIl'IllllIlIIl'S Ilub I. lluuslc-r Iilub I. lluwlm-r III I l-2. ry I. Illvv Ilnb 2. D4-lmlv I. Sl'IlIlIIlI'5IlIlD 'll-st I. Na- Nl- Y Ilnnm' Sncivly. C N . ',N..I ROBERT R. MCCLAIN I hawk Stall' Zi. 'l'oln-'l'un1 II. lli-Y Il-I. 'l'rI-asurt-r liumlt-I' I. Svlmlarslxip 'IH-ann I-2-II, I'.l'I'lll'Il Illnb I. lf. II. A. National llnnm' Sm-in-ly. JEAN MCDONALD ian Latin Illub 2. lf. ll. .L I-2-il-I. llmxlm-r Illub l-2-Il. Il'SI'l'VI'!4 I-2-Il-I. 'IIUIII-'I'1Illl Stall' II. Tunlallauk Stall' 4, ' IIIIIIIIUII l-2. Illrt- IIIIIII I. IIl'IlllllllII.'5 Iflulr I, I F'LORENt'E MCKNIGHT II'l':IlIlIlIIl'S Iilub I. lfrt-nvll Club I. LAURA MILLER X Ill:-0 IIIIIII I. Iiirl III-st-rvt-s I-2-II-I. MARY MILLER 7 II'5iI'I'X'I'S It-I. Iilass llasku-Iball I-2-I. lfra-slnnan Iiuuncil. 'X Iir. Illub I-243-I. III'llIllIlIII'S lllub I. 'l'mn-'l'mn Stall' I. X hawk Stall' I. V PAUL MILLER mlball 2-II, Nlunapu-r Ifuulball I. lf. Ii. A. Illub I. k X THOMAS MISKIMEN 1' II-I, llnusli-r Illub I. 'I'it'k1-I Sal:-s I. Ili-Y I. 'IIOIII-'IIUIII W K II-I, Svllularsllip 'I't'1lIll 142-II. I'lvlu-ian Latin Iilub 2, 4 man Iinunvil, I-'re-ncb Illub I. I ' LESTER MOATS C " - lhmsle-r Illub I. I '1 9 LF- L ,4.7i 7 ' H - H - 5 ef 'I K9 .W ,J M i201 ROBERT MULLIGAN Hi-Y Club 34, Vice-Pri-sid:-ut Hi-Y 4. Class Treasurer Class President 3, Plc-bf-ian Latin Club 2, Ring Committee Invitation Connnittee 4, Toni-Toni Editor 1, Tomahawk I Class Play 4, French Club -I. RUTH MURPHEY Give Club I, Home lic. Club I, Orchestra 2-3-4. Hand E Dramatics Club 4, Plebcian Latin Club 2. ROBERT MURPHY Booster Club 4, Ticket SEIIUSIIIIIII. BETTY I. NELDON Home Ee. Club I-2, Glu- Club 4. Girl Reserves I-2, Class Basketball 4. U Q' PRESTON NORRIS Orchestra 1-2, Band 1-2, Cleo Club 4. F. B. A. Club 4, Prs-sidl-nt F. C. A. Club 4. JOYCE ORR G' eserves 1-2-Zi-4. Home Ee. Club 4. Plobcian Latin C 2, Tomahawk Stall' Il-4, Class Play 4, Glen- Club 4, Dramal Club 4, Debate Manager 4, Howler Club 1-2, Council GERTRUDE E. PARKS 1-2-3-l, Girl Reserves l-2-Ii-I, Howler Cluk lttva- Ii, Draniatics Club l, film- Club -l, Class Ii oi a,' 'lub v A -'V .atin Club 2, Tom-Tom Stall' 4, 'l'rm-asurer Clas: J, nn' . I 4, "2 Ifunch Club I. HAROLD PARKS F. F. A.. F. 11. .x. KENNETH PARKS Class Basketball l. F. C. A. Club 4. WILLIAM D, PATTERSON Class Basketball 2-Zi-I, Varsity I. F. C. A. Club. 'fvziwv A, VELMA PAYNE X'-, l -X p-,gy-f'9'IfInl11e lic. Club 1-2, Girl llc-serves 1. VIRGINIA PENICK CHARLES PIGMAN F C. A. Club, Class Basketball 1-2. ROBERT H. POPHAM askvtball I-2-It-4, Varsity 4, F. C. A. Club. . LOIS PORTEUS Plcbrian Latin Club 2. Patrician Latin Club Il, GI00 Clul Tonl-Toln Staff 4, Tablet Salesman 4, Tomahawk 4. JEAN RANDLES 'Girl Reserves 1-2-3-4, F. H. A. 3. Tom-Tom Staff 4, Drnmai Club 4, Library 4, Class Basketball 1-2--1, Typing Clul SUSIE RANDLES Glee Club 4, Dramatics Club 4, French Club 4. X BETTIE ROBERTS Girl Reserves 1-2-Il-'l, Plebs-ian Latin Club 2, F. H. A. 1-2-I Howler Club 1-2, Dramatics Club 4, Glce Club 4, Class B ketball 1-2-3-4. RUTH EILEEN ROBERTS Home lic. Club, Girl Reserves 1-2. RUTH ELEANOR ROBERTS Girl Reserves 1-2, Dramatics Club 4, Glee Club 4, B005 Club 4, French Club 4, Class Play 4. CARLYLE RODERICK Booster Club 4, F. C. A. Club, Ticket Salesman. lball I-2-II-I, Varsity ll-I. Class liaskrlball I-2-il-I, H vlarsbip 'l.I'lllll I. l-'rc-:.lIman Crunril l'l4bui null-r Club 2. l'ilII'lL'lIlll l.aIlu I MARIANNE ROGERS ,. rf' X. ,, cl' ' n-lan Latin lub L. Iiirl Ill-se-l'v4-s I-Z.-Sl-I. 'l're-usure-r Girl P - 'vs 2. I ramatius Club I, 'l'nm-'I'om Il-I, Tomahawk il-I, If 'Club l-I, llowla-r Club 2, Class Ilaskn-tball 1-2-3-I, Qpu- A J ,f ' ,I 2, Ning Cununillra- II, Invitation CIIIIIIIIIIIPI' I, yxcv- IlIIl'llI Class 2. sI'l'l'l'l1ll'y Class II, lloun- lic. Club I, I.llllIl- W I, Party Cmmnitlm- 2, I-'rrlwll Club Al- GERALDINE ROSE Glrl Ill-srrvrs I-2-Il-I, Iilro Club, liramatics Club -I. MARGARET L. ROSS Iiirl Ib-srrvrs l-2-Il-I. JIM RUSK .I-I, 14. li. A. Club -I. I". C. A. Club -I. MARY E. SALVAGE BETTY SHARPLES 'Irl III-servl-s I-2-Il-I, Iluostrr Club -I, Ilowle-1' Club I-", 'I'yping Club. ART SHEARN Ifaolball IQ2-Il-I, Var:-lily Il-I, Class llaskvlball I-2 lf. C. A. Club Il-I, I-'. ll. A. Club AI. LOIS JEANNE SHEPLER llc-ss-rv:-s I-2-3. Iluwla-r Club 2, I'l1-brian l.atiu'I'lub 'I llrlvlan l.aIIu Club I. lll'llIllllIll'S Club I, Class Play -I.., BILL SHEPPARD Football I-2-II, Varsity I. Class Ilaskrlball l-2-Il-I, I". ll. A. Club I. CARL SIEGRIST, Jr. I I, IIIIIIISIIII I Il-Iss llaskrlball I-2-Il, l'l1-lwian Latin I 2, llowll-r Club 2. lliug Cuuunittve' II. Ili-Y Club Il-I. ul Club I I' II X Ilub I 'x. . WILLIAM DALE SPEAKS I JEROME STENNER . - . , I Illlllb I Iluss I xlmas l'la5' I. LE ROMA SULCER Ile-se-l'v1-s I-2-II-I. Drama Y ,. H.. gh ., Ins I lub I. ,lm -lam . Ill Irr Club I. Vivm--I'r4-sitll-at l'ion4-4-r Club. Class liaskrt- I-2-Il-I. ' 1 CHARLES R. SVVIHARIIV I I " Ill-X Club I, Cla-1-I.llll1 I. lf. C. A. Club -I. IIAVIC G. TI-IAXTON liaskrlb' 'l " ' .Ill I---.I-I. lwmllzalll 2-Il-I. Yal'slIy fl-I. IIIIOSICI' Ib I, I'rinIing4 Club 2-Il Class l'l'Iv I I-' I' I lllul I , ... ROBERT II. TIIOMPKINS X Club .I-I, lwmolball I-2-Il-I. Class llaskrlball I-2-Il-I. Ifl' I I I' ll I 'II JEAN TISH ll ll:-sf-rw-s I-Il. Ilunslvr Club I. National llmmr Suri:-ly. ALEX R. TISONYAI llss llaskrlball Il-I. lf. ll, .L Club Il. I". C. .L Club I. LOIS ELAINE TROTTMAN IIIIII Lalln Club 2. 'l'mu-'I'mu Stall' I-I. Orclwstra I-2-Il-I. I I-2-ll, Girl Ill-sm-rw-s I-2-IS-I. 'I'rm-asurl-r Girl ll:-sa-rv:-s " 1 I-'r Club I 'f Upurltu 1 Ill un . . . --.. : L. 'z alirs Club I. llaskrlball Iilra' Clllb I lluwlrr Club I " SYLVIA WEISBLAT llrsrrv- ' -' ' K as I-1 .I-I, Class Play I. Orvln-slra I-2-Il-I. llauml Ilrbatr Tram Sl-I lluwla-r I' 'I ' ' 'I ' ' . .lub I--. II0lllll'Il ... llrln-:au 1 Club 2. Op:-rn-lla 2, l.i ' -' - -- ' - ks! IHIIIQ I. lil m.I I Club I. Illa- 1s Club I, l'vI'I'Ill'll Club I, llaskc-Iball I42-Il-I. 'l'ypil 2. Nalioual llmmr Such-ly. TOM C. WESTFA LL 'I':na Stall' I. Ill'IIIll1lIl0S Club I. Glre- Club 2-I. Class vlball I-2-ll-I. lfunlball Ii-I. Uprrrtla 2, Class Play -I. C2 "xl N 1 3 E59 lil, .rjf , I J! . ff ly.: l, Lcjjyg ' - 11.5.0 5 'H S. Qs-o I Ji 3 Q , Y m x ' XQ xr ? J , 'K Lv sf ROSE WESTON Booster Club 4. Girl Reserves 1-2-3-4, Typing Club. BETTY LEE WHEELER Secretary of Girl Reserves, Howler Club. Operetta, Tom- Tom Stall. Booster Club -I, P. E. P. Club, Draulatics Club, French Club. DEAN WHEELER Class Basketball 1-2, Glee Club 2-4. Operf-tta 2. Class Play Production Stuff 4, Howler Club I-2, Dramntics Club 4, F. C. A. Club. MARGARET ELLEN WILSON Glu- Club 4. Booster Club 4, Girl Reserves 3-4. MARY MARGARET VVILSON Howl:-r Club 1-2. Tom-'l'ou1 Stall' 4. Girl Rf-serves I-2-3-I, l.z'l'Hl'll2ltlL'S Club 4. Glee Club L Class Play Production Stull' I, 'lv0llllllHlV.lS Stall' I. Class liuskrtbull l-2-Il-L FRANCES WISENBURG Howler Club 1-2. Booster Club -l. vlllblll-'lvlllll StufT 1. Dl'2llll1liiCS Ilub 4, Girl Ita-ss-:Wm-s I-2-Zi-I. Glor Club I. Class Play Pro- duction Stull' I. JEAN E. WOLFE Secretary Pioneer 2, Secretary tluss 2. Plebc-iau Latin Club 2. Girl lies:-1'v1-S 1-2-Z5-4. Op:-retta 2. Howler Club, Draluatics Club 4. Tolu-Tom Stall, Secretary Booster Club 4, French Club 4. 1221 SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY GMMD In May of '57 I hopped into my private streamlined plane to see my old friend, Professor "Know It All" Miskimen, the inventor of non- wrinkleable wrinkles. As I flew over the tenement district of New York City, I looked down at the flat-roofed apartments and whom did I see but Jean Crawford at her weekly washing-her children waving frantically to the passing plane. Suddenly I felt a jolt and the plane stopped. I looked out to see what had happened. There, to my sur- prise, I saw Leon Darr as an inflated policeman giving directions to air- plane trafiic. It was not long until we were on our way again. Quickly out of an approaching cloud came a sport roadster plane and who was driving at a terrific rate of speed but Carl Siegrist. If it hadn't been for that red hair I'm afraid I wouldn't have seen him at all. On arriving at the observatory, William Graham, my pilot, helped me from the plane and Professor Miskimen met me at the door with my old friend, Marianne Rogers, whom I hadn't seen in years. Marianne and I discussed many of our good times together as we snopped in and out of the various mechanical machines. As we had just seated ourselves on some very comfortable seats in a rocket plane-POOFT-away went the rocket! We were so frightened we couldn't speak to each other for some time. When we looked out we could see the world whirling away from below. CRASH-we had stopped! Stepping out of the rocket, We saw Tom Westfall repainting the word "Mars" on a sign- post. Tom said he and Bettie Roberts had come up in 1950 and were living very happily. It was not long until we came to a huge palace at which Marion Davis was the gatekeeper. Seeing who we were he admitted us at once. We went directly to the high king and to our great surprise we found it to be Bob Mulligan and the queen none other than Joyce Orr KI guess that romance started in the class playj. Bob immediately threw off all his sophistication and began treating us royally. He first took us to the racing stables and there was Russell Caton, the jockey of "Brinky." "Brinky" was named after Bob's first love. Stepping back to our "speedbike" creeping at about 90 miles an hour we went slowly around the palace yards. Passing the kingdom's asylum we saw "Lady Mac- beth" Henderson, "John Alden" Kinkade, and "Priscilla" Bonifield hav- ing the times of their lives. We then Watched the planet's greatest baseball team at practice with Sharley Antisdel, Dorothy Aronhalt, Rhea Clark, Maxine Caton, Jennie Evans, Leota Hayes, Ruth Kirker, Laura Miller, and Ruth Murphy as the unbeatable nine. Seeing some excitement down the street, we hurried to the scene of a burning house. Bill Sheppard was the captain of the firemen and Rollin Lumm, P-reston Norris, Carlyle Roderick, Alex Tisonyai, and Harold Parks were the crew. Looking up I saw Robert Popham saving Mary Salvage from the roaring flames. We returned to the palace where we had dinner. Ella Louise Har- grove was chief cook. Jerome Stenner was the court jester, making cute remarks during the dinner hour. . In the evening everyone went to a dance in the ballroom and there we saw Carlos Kempf and John Ehrich with their orchestra called "The Last of the Del Mac's." As we were dancing around to the melodious voice of Allen Day singing "Look What You've Done to Me," we saw Autumn Ehrbar and Dean Duling walk in. After this selection the floor show started-with Betty Wheeler and Jean Wolfe tripping to the strains of "Organ Grinder Swing." Next came John Davis with a mammy song-Jim Rusk playing the part of "Sonny Boy." As a final finale Betty Neldon performed a highland fling. After the dance was I23l 954 I """ SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY awww over we hopped a Night Owl Cab Plane to a celebrated hamburger joint operated by Natalie Hoffman. Lois Trottman, Rose Weston, and Hazel Green did the hamburgering. The next morning We took a dip in the ocean-as they were having a bathing beauty contest. Frances Wisenburg, Betty Bostwick, Helen Jane Buker, and Mary Miller were the leading contestants. Suddenly we heard a call for help issued by Miriam Freifield. Art Shearn and Robert Thompkins, the handsome heads of the life guards, hurried to her rescue. Harold Adams, Junior Burt, Allan Carnahan, George Cox, and Ernest Grubbs were the crew. That afternoon as we were looking through the telescope at the World we saw " 'The Great Ziegfeld' Thaxton Follies" just start- ing- with Annabelle Harrah, Mildred Jones, Betty Brown, Joan Bartholow, Velma Payne, Jean Randles, Margaret Ross, Margaret Wilson and Betty Emig making their debut as chorus girls. Since the dance director was Dean Wheeler, the celebrated French actress, Irene Losego, had a hard time keeping her mind on her dancing. Switching to a Golden Pheasant Farm we saw Edmund Bible, Dale Freke, and LeRoy Fitch as caretakers. At the next turn we saw a hospital in which Robert McClain and Douglas Davis were working on the last disease left in the world-the common cold. They were using Gertrude Parks for their experiment. Here, too, was the great surgical doctor, Lois Shepler, now, kangaroos her specialty. At the Bachelors' Club we found Dick Gaynor carrying on his cheerleading. Here were Kenneth Parks, William Patterson, and Dale Speaks as leading members. The telescope featured next the happy homes of Noble Burger, Jean Mc- Donald, Mary Margaret Wilson, Virginia Baird, Marie Arron, Louise Losego, and Ruth Eleanor Roberts. We saw Jane Conner dressed in black, since she found that sailors had a girl in every port. Looking in on a church we discerned Jesse Hagans, Paul Hamilton, Curtis Hartley, Desiel Holder, and Lester Moats among the congregation. Rex Lowe was the preacher. The ushers were Tracey Duling, William Gill, Thomas Kirkpatrick, and Allan Laird, who also took the collection to the organ music played by Charles Pigman. Switching to a temperance meeting we found Susie Randles as head speaker, and Kathryn Gross, Pauline Clark, Ruth Roberts, and LeRoma Su cer as other speakers. Next came the circus. Frances Carnahan was a second Ringling Brother and Maxine Caton was the world's best bareback rider. It was soon we saw Paul Miller and Iris Besst taming the lions. Robert Murphy, the clown, was the idol of all children. Next we saw Mary Edith Martin and Betty Haller in a tight rope act. Betty Hosfelt, Florence McKnight, Wauneta Glazier, and Jean Tish were starred as hula hula dancers straight from Hawaii. Later, listening to the radio, we heard Helen Clark as the "Children's Lady." Margaret Cuykendall featured her "Advice to the Lovelorn," and this was followed by Lois Porteus, Virginia Penick and Geraldine Rose in the impersonation of the Boswell Sisters. The last hour gave us the National Ping Pong Tournament won by LaVerne Gray. Growing tired .ofthe radio I picked up "Gone With a Man," by Betty Hancock. Beautifiilyillustrations were made by "McClelland Barkley" Swihart, who used'iSuzafnne.Bachert, Kathleen Call, Twila Fisher, and Betty Sharples as models. That evening Marianne and I received a phone call from the World from Sylvia Weisblat informing us that our bridge club was meeting at Gwendolyn Kirkpatrick's and to try to slip down for the evening, which we did. l24l JUN1oRs GWMWD On September 10, 1934 the portals of Coshocton High were once more flung outward to welcome into her stately halls a crowd of grim, yet important-looking Freshmen. They were severely ignored by the Juniors and Seniors because of tradition, but they paid no heed to the ignoring because of the many new and wondrous things to be absorbed and learned. The first class election resulted in the selection of Barbara McConnell for president, with George Johnson, Margene Ehrich, and Margaret Sheeley as assistants. The class soon Won recognition among fellow students because of scholastic ability. The class party was a rousing success, displaying to the faculty and advanced students the emotion produced by pent-up pep and vigor. This class was fortunate in the first year to see both football and basketball championships brought home. This seemed to inspire them with a great amount of school spirit which is still aglow today. As ardent Sophomores those who were selected to serve important po- sitions in extra-curricular activities performed their duties well and proved themselves worthy to carry responsibility. The president dur- ing the second year was William Graham, assistants in carrying the "Banner of '38" were Dorothy Miller, Ruth Patterson and Bill Stover. The class party was an evening of displayed talentg the faculty seemed so much at home that even they provided some very extraordinary en- tertainment. This class loyally supported the Hi-Y and Booster dances, gained some recognition in athletics, and found themselves forgetting class boundaries and mixing freely with Seniors, Juniors and Freshmen. The members of '88 placed Cliff Stewart at the helm during their reign as Jolly Juniorsg their assistant officers were Marty Sivaslian, Betty Redman and Bob Kempf. This class ranked at the top in scholas- tic standing during the entire yearg there were Juniors on both varsity and junior-varsity athletic teams. The Junior Play and Party showed that the Juniors have dramatic ability. The musical talent of the girls was ably displayed by the vocal and instrumental solo work, and by the glee club at the annual spring festival of Muskingum College. This class has already accepted the torch and has shown undeniable advancement in leadership, character, and school spirit-all of these qualities lead to a well-rounded start for success as Seniors and for life. Keep them always! ,Q-lf' S'-1-Y Y Y ' ' i MH l25l 5 -Q Q-e-o n-Ji: tl' ROOM FIFTEEN-JUNIORS Top How: Cliurles Dunlap, Robert Fleming, Charles Boyd. Second Row: Robert Biel, Hubert Strasser, Jznnes Bonteinpt, John Jennings. liuynionil NY:ulker, Glenn XVilde. Third How: llliurles Heigle. Arthur Mathalny. Annabelle lioinan, Ruth Balyezit, Margaret Yingling, Margaret Kerr. Bottom Row: Lula Slietlield, Marie Uhl, Arlene Gun1ertst'elder. Opal Miller. Helen Pierre, Ellen Stone. GWMFD ROOM TWENTY-FIVE-JUNIORS Top Row: Homer Durand, Cll1ll'l0S Corbett, Harold Malone, .lack Prilulle, Robert liempf. Second Row: Keith Frilmrt, Frederick Bontrager, Leslie Fitzpatrick, Gene Lillibridge, John Frank- lin, Robert Henderson, Ruth Totsch. Third Row: Betty Redman, Helen Scheetz, Mary Ellen St. Clair. Irene Jennings. Betty Loos, Blil- dred Schonauer, Maxine Austin. Botiom Rowg Charlotte Couksey, Helen Miller, Marjorie NVilliams, Kenneth Bradford, Pauline Car- penter, Betty House, Juan Kitchen. i 26 1 ROOM TWENTY-SEVEN-JUNIORS Top llow: G4-orgv l'lil, XYilli:nn Stow-r, Clark NVilli:nns, Rohn-rl llunlap, Tllolrurn lla-ilxel, Dulc- Knrch. Second Mow- llolwrl Sluugllti-r, ltoln-rt linsh. l-Idwnrd Mnlanfu, Peggy l.ylmrgvr, llurolinv Micluwlis, liuylv XY:-znvvr, lin-tty liuyxner. 'l'llird liow: 'l'ln-lnm Brown, Marjorie Sclnnnnkvr, Uwrn Pophznn. Sllltllllli' Patterson, Margene l-Iln'it-li, Dorothy Milla-r. Doris lllbilllflbf. Bottom ltovs: tfanroline lfn-lion, Nrva Mm- llill. Murguri-t Sln-rley. Fred Moore. Marjorie NY:-lls. Gwwfb N ROUM TWENTY-EIGHT--JUNIORS K l Top Now: llurry Shaw, .lurk Lyons, l,e-wuyiw Bannngardin-r, tllillord Stewart, Albert Gvige-r, John X AGIIIIIIS. lfloyd lfoste-r. 1' Second llow: Marv:-l Tidlmll. M4-lvin Johnson, Gordon Collins, David Meftz, lizlrl NYilson, Helen Lutlnnn, Banrlmru Mcllonnz-ll. K X Third Row: Murno Thonipkins, Maxine- Wnlki-r, linthryn Braulford, Bi-tty Rusk, Margaret Parks, Annnlu-Ilv liigrimz, Wilma Osborn. ck Bottom ltovx: Martha M. SlYllSlliIIl, Holm-rt 'l'nrnrr, lfrann-es Glllll0l'l', Norman Besst, Si-lnm l-Iulflnam, ' X llutli l'ultc-rxon. liz-tty XY4-islxlzlt. I I - Q 1-h"1. Y f4.y1.5 i271 'V' 5 A e-O 5...-.-. Q' IYB' -: J ...-5 ROOM TWENTY-NINE-JUNIORS Top Row: Robert Gilmore, lirnest Fortune, William Mt-rrt-ll, Margaret Slnxrtz, .lanu-s Mclntyre. Jack Bolton. Se-cond Row: Gilbert Layton, Sunmvl Bt-rry, Robe-rt Nv0l'klllHI'l, One-ita Johnson, Gene Conrad, Junior Shipps. Third Row: Eleanor Criswf-ll, Thomas Corus, tiharlrs Turn:-r. Marjorie Odor, Lois Colbert, Gaynf-lle Ely. Bottom Rowg Jean Hamilton, Bt-tty Strong, llvc-lyn Shaw, .Iran Maxwell, Opal Rilz-y, Jean Adams, Alice Simpkins. GWMVD ROOM THIRTY-JUNIORS Top Row: lfrt-cl NVorkman, Natalie Holi, Charles Spear, George Johnson, Genevieve McNary, Ed Gambia-. Second Row: Gilbert Smith, Clarrnce liratz, VViIliam Graham, Dan Duren, NYalter Erman, Helen Adams. Third Row: Doris Dicken, Maro Smith, Frank Frecman, Bvrtha Roberts, Clara Mohler, Twill Baumgardm-r, Eloise Stinrr. Bottom How: Yvonne Sprague, Clara Forsythe, Aleta Shaeifer, Frances Stewart, Norma Shaman, Betty Burt, Mary Jane NVagner. i281 SOPHOMORES amen At the time of Indian Summer nearly two years ago, the Class of '29 came together to enter Central High School building, large and spacious. Laden with many odd-looking implements which they called books and pencils, they declared their mission was to glean some knowledge fwhatever that might bel from some corner inside the impressive-look- ing edifice. Although this group of would-be knowledge-seekers has attended Central High only two years, they have definitely made and won a place for themselves among both the faculty and the upperclrissmen. When the time came for their first election of officers they filled all four positions with the fairer sex which is somewhat unusual. Margaret Oakes was chosen presidentg Betty Perkins, vice-president, Betty Parks, secretary, Elinor Cullison, treasurer. They seemed to know how to conduct aiairs, for they had a real treat for the class at the annual party. The advisers for the year were Miss Compton and Miss Scott. Having been initiated suliiciently into the realms of "booky book learners," they turned laughter into sorrow because knowledge was not so easily acquired among the Central walls of learning. Through the progressing months, the maidens still seemed to be the chief go-getters of the tribe by their showing how well informed they were in the art of booking the upperclass warriors. They employed diverse means and many. When again this class assembled in the fall for the purpose of fur- thering their march to the goal of graduation some of their former friends had stepped out of the ranks. In general, though, they were still the ambitious Class of '39. They had regained their pep and go- getting qualities, had set themselves for a good start at the crack of the gun of another year. Their class party, held early in the year, was another successful attraction. The advisers, Miss Daugherty and Mr. MacQueen, along with the student council, assisted much to make the class affairs entertaining. During their second year the class chose Verle Rucker for president, the other ofiicers were Betty Parks, Alice Rice and Betty Perkins. This class has pursued knowledge, has gained recognition in all phases of school work, and has shown the spirit that is needed in any torch-bearer. Their torch is being lighted. They are worthy carriers. L,-tj -Q 7.11 i291 "' Q S 5 5 ll S 1 yi 4? 0 do ll 'R a L' l ...-5 l l ROOM TEN-SOPHOMORES Top How: Illillord Shaw. liharli-s Murphy. He-rlv liarnvs, Carl Conrad. Harry liil'kpah'iL'li. Fre4l Doi-nan, lloln-rt Mcllorinick, Irvin- Totsch. Svconll llow: l.m-wis Milla-r. ilharlu-s Goss. NYaynr- Lillilmridgc, .lc-an Mulford. Tn-cl Br:-nm-inan. Klhloz- Wrighl. William liarrl-tt. .lamvs llarr. Thircl How: Mary Holdl-r. All'r1-d Magnc-ss. XYanda Hamilton. Margarm-t Oak:-s. lr:-nv Loss. Mary Dunn, Mary Stil5.illlyl'l'. Bzltom Row: Dorothy Hnmml-l, Louise Hultz. .lam-t Laird, Ve-rnvtla Adams. Janice- liaintvr. Maxine 'l'l'r-sm-i1x'illvi'. Vi-ill'illlil Hack. CNMVD ROOM ELEVEN-SOPHOMORES Top How: .lack Hullz. XYard Richard. Raymond ginia llalpli, Boba-rt Norris. S4-cond Row: lieatricn- Sulcor. Farina Milli-r. Ji-an llatlwrinm- Morrison. Third Row: Bc-tty llhilcotc. Norma Goss. Marlha son, Donald Finney, Elizabeth Ht'llIlt'l', Clara She-arn. Bottom How: Howard Hayc-s, J2ll"lll'S Landis. Margarvt Jane Brink. Betty Hales. Christine Fitch Florence Lumm, Andre-y Hal'ne-r. i301 Mcilaskry, lioln-rt Daugherty, Forrest Rn-cd. Vir- Bic-I. Eleanor Addy, Edna Johnson. Vivian Ellison, NN'orkman. June- Criswvll. Mary Margarc-1 Richard- ROOM TWELVE-SOPHOMORES 'l'op How: iionn-r Hoops, .lov Sin-4-Ivy, Hurry lllson. llomlnvy NW-si, NX'illi:nn l"l4'tl'hl'l'. .lor lingli-. Sa-com! How: NllH'f.filI'l'! NY:-stun, Opal Gosse-r, .lnnr Funk, lloln-rt Mznxwa-Il. Russ:-ll Moorr, Lore-n Knuil', .luck Xl1'tl. 'l'hlr4l Ilow: ling:-iw .KIlllH't', John iloope-r. l':n'n4-ll llzmson, Nlurgure-t Johnston, ll:-My .lane Perkins,' B1-rry, Margie- Hrnnskill. Bottom Mow: Alice- Hier, Paulina- liochrun, The-ilu Robinson, lim-tty lkrhson, Miriam Lori-nz, Blanch? Lipps, Doris Stolls. CYWVD ROOM THIRTEEN-SOPHOMORES X K Top How: Ilobe-rl Scott, M4-lvin Gross, Ruth lIoln'trig.:hl, Max NYorthinglon, Nvillilllll Horns, lliclmrd X Smith, David llZlllSif0l'Ll. ' Se-cond Row- lloln-rt Hunk-r, Ge-orgv She-rhon, .Ianni-s l.lm-mln-nning, Ilulr Johnson, NYurd Arnold, Minn Slnrtz, Edna Crozier, Richard Hnrne-r. M N 'I'hirnl Row: 134-orgv Hold:-r, Nliriznn XY4-Ima-r. I-'Inorn Laird, Nlurjorim- Mohle-y, Sara Triplitt. Bonnk- lh-ann-r. Hurricl XYIH-1-In-r. cl H0ffllIll Nova: llc-tty Parks, Nlnlwzurvt NVilson, Mary Louise lh-mh'rson, Va-rn Nvllftlllilll, Robert Dv- ' X Coursry, H4-My llnrprnter, Bvtty Musgrove-. I '1 ij- M H i311 5 l l r o fi ki. 9- -:Q- -:S I-YD ,1 ROOM SEVENTEEN-SOPHOMORES Top How: lim-nneth Gray. Jann-s Boyd, Charles Silvcrthorn, Douglas Clark, Barbara liachert, Pauline NY1 lfe. Second How: Cliarles Copn-illmvm-r, .lack Fostvr. Charles Miskimen, Geraldine Luckarnl, Gladys Stiteler, liatl'ryn Krall. NYilma L4-mon. 'l'll'l'Ll Row: liarl Gain:-rtsfelxler, llohert li. NYilson, Mildred Mchlurtrie, Beverly Snecleker, Dan Smith, Richard Finney. Bottom Row: Mary Kathryn Part-soil, Louel Umlerwoosl, Della .lane Dickerson, Donna Stiers, Betty Jones, Jean lily. GNMWD ROOM EIGHTEEN-SOPHOMORES Top Bow: Ned llatrow, Eugene Clark, Verle Rucker, Albert Baietti, June DeMoss, Rebecca Culbert- son, Mildred Zimmerman. S: cond l'ow: Merle Barnes, Randall Guthrie, LaVern Kent, Lucy Hissong, Dorothy Oliver, Ridglae XVisenhurg, Jean Leech. L Third Row: George Gritlith, James Markley, Dave Williams, Maxine McCoy, Maxine Boyd, Doris Ross, Joyce Ely. Bottom Row: James Thompson, Margretta NYilhite, Helen Steele, Elinor Cullison, Louise Underwood, Pauline Simmons. Lois Miller. l32l FRESHMEN Gwwfh Last fall, the Class of 1940, two hundred five in number and rich in quality, more than filled the vacancy left by the great Class of 1936. Judging from these youngsters' ripening personalities, scholastic stand- ing, and participation in activities, the prediction is that they will really make history for dear old Coshocton High School, and, in the next few years, will set high standards for their successors. Although the atmosphere of procedure and advanced learning was new to the Frosh, they seemed to fit in very well with the advanced classmen and found their way in a short time--and with very little dif- ficulty. The Yearlings gained much favor from the faculty and outside friends with their gala class party where they showed bubbling enthusiasm, school spirit, and the desire to break all class party records. The class advisers, Miss Scott and Mr. Mills, contributed much to make the party the remarkable success that it was. Even though upperclassmen hated to admit it, they actually were glad to hand credit to the Freshies. The Class of 1940 has the wish of the entire school that their parties will continue with a superlative degree of spirit, joy, and success. The school feels sure that this class will gonfar in all their undertak- ings in considering the wisdom they used in selecting their class officers. That stalwart gentleman, Jim Clow, was chosen president: his worthy assistants for the year have been Betty Lou Stanton, Janice Shipps, and James Davis Cone of the boys of the House of Davisj. This group of initiating youngsters selected violet and purple to be their class colors --a bit of a change from the usual trend of affairs in such matters. At least it denotes originality! The upperclassmen wish you, the Class of 1940, all kinds of success in your remaining years in carrying on your work and activities for C. H. S.-with graduation as a crown for your efforts. We know you'll never fail our faith in you or go far wrong from what we've predicted your future to be. Keep the torch fired with the spirit of your Tribal ancestors, add new sparks of joy and life that you, too, may be added to the select of Coshocton High School in 1940. K Mn l33l .,-5 N, N 'obo 100 l -1 9-O uw-xv B -1 Q' ROOM ONE--FRESHMEN Top How: Charles Tll0l'llSlf'y. liarl Wagm-r. Allan Laiul. .Iainm Dans. Second How: Ke-nm-th Madison. Raymond Rolla-r, Christy Kirkvr, Henry 'l'inor. .izunvs Carroll. 'I'hil'.l Row: Robe-rt Dawson. Arthur Arthurs, Hobart Lupp. Raymond McMillvn. Bruce Abel. Bottom How: NYillfam Benin-r. .lim Mill:-r. Raymond Marklry. Franklin Johnson, llrnneth Bon- lragrr. GWUKD ROOM TWO-FRESHMEN Top Row: listhffr Dunfee, Cora Royvr, Sara XY:-st, XYilma Turnbull. Mary Bassett. Dorothy Super. Second Row: Ruth De-It'4-nbaugli, Annabelle McKnight, Alva Ste-wart. Dorothy Franklin. Lucille- Layton. l-Illa Fitch. 'l'hiv-fl Row: Harriet Powell, Bl-tty Miller, Anal-la XYulkl-r. Maxine Haxton, Marjorie Slaughter, Marjorie Dawson, Irene- Porteus. Bottom ltow: Norma Dicken. Janet Blanton, Lillian Appis, Margaret Map:-l. Jean Moyer, Helen Bassett. l34l ROOM THREE-FRESHMEN Top llnw: 'I'om Aronhalt. lh-lla liinibe-rlvy. H1-len Fitch. Mary Margara-t Holder. Mary Bostwick Max Mcilonnrll. I,e-Hoy Silnpkins. v Sc-cond Itow: lirnq-st Duke-s. Francis Sprapuw, Marjoriv Cochran. Margaret Holdvr, Betty Miller, lic-tty I-In-rhart, June Stn-wart. Tllird Row: lidgar Sclloonover, listhrr Scott. Be-tty 'l'attz-n, Betty Marklvy, Gem- Iirman. .lohn For tunv, .lay Kitchen. Bottom Row: Wayne Johnson, Alphonsr Arron, Ifathe-rine Shaw, live-lyn Vinsel, Robert Win-elrr, I.:-nnarcl Gray, NN'ilIiam Kirkpatrick. GNMKD ROOM SIX-FRESHMEN X Top llow: 'I-INIIIIIIS lillisnn, Dale' ltancilvs, Luana llovwn, Robert Fe-Iver, Charles Turner, Carl Guin- X the-r, William Sprague-. Second ltow: Km-nne-th .Iona-s, Lori-Ita Garrett. Doris Parc-son, liugene Darling, Hester Salvage, JOSH Hartsork. Mary Louisa Darr. X f' Third liow: Billy limh-r, Hugh Barnes, Gordon Miller, John lil-iss, Robert Miller, Mary .lane Appls, lla l"r4-kr-, Donna Arthurm. M Fourth Row: Sam Sin-Illa-ld, Jann-s Woods, .lose-ph Simmons, lt l lrude' Clark. Carol Iinn-rsnn, Virginia Fitch. 0 wrt NYaltQ-rs, Norma Grimm, Ger- 1 1, it-en .liskimq-n, Fred Smith, Bonnie X gk Bottom Row: .Iunv limig. Mary Mrilluggage-, Delphinc Sm'tl I-Tl N v Juan th-iss, .lack .Ivnuings, l.:-nora Norris, L4-land Fitzpatrick. I '1 A i351 5-xj:J - - nn.: fU0 H '1 G-0 lb-D'n':-9 ,ag ROOM SIXTEEN-FRESHMEN Top Row: Sam Siegrist, Charles Xvood, Donald Scott, Phoehe Holt, Jack Grant, Glenn Hudson, Matt McConnell. Second Row: Donald Bissell. Baxter Mctjluggage, Robert Sherrets, Walter liverhart, llichard Davis, Robert White. Eugene Cooper. Third Row: Dorothy Stump, Robert Smith. Harold Law, Jo-Ann Lyons, Betty Lou Stanton, James Clow, Chaney Ross, Fourth How: Glendora Young, Marjorie Campbell, June Sprague, Lois liirker. Janice Shipps. Mar- garet Cone, Lois Ellen Swope. Bottom Hou: Stanford Bryan, Joyce liaton, Lillian Weishlat, Dorothy Lee Houston, Martha Naomi Mctjaskey, l-'red Johnston Gwwfb ROOM NINETEEN-FRESHMEN Top Row: Fred Johnson, Richard Salvage, Dennis Nelson, Gordon Mc-Xary, Alfred Riteheson, Robert Jones, Virginia Brooke, Mary Lybarger, Virginia Eckert. Second Row: Ruth NVilsou, NVayne Cross, Bruce Handles, Francis Thompson, Sally Ann Abel, David VVestI'all, George Teale, Kenneth Miller. Third Row: James Strong, XYilliam Henderson, .lane Barrick, Mary Gertler, Helen Bates, Marion Jennings, I1lilTord XVagner, Frances Clark, Richard Gildow, Tom XVheeler. Fourth Row: XVillian1 Brown. Margaret Herman, Vonda Lee Shufk. Margaret Henderson. Maxine Sehoch, liileen Sheeley, Barbara llichard. Janice Adams. Anna NVorkman. Bottom Row: Norma Thoinas. Glenn Sehuniaker, Becky Milligan, Fern Bennett. Annu Sees, June Shivers, Rolu-rt Bible, liloise Miller, Janenn Johnson. i301 .C fff-I-r -5-P' MA ,I QE, X 52 , , X ,px AR Q!! WI f A w k. f f MSX .MMWMK . . . ACTIVITIES . I qif1i+---"""r' Q N' i V 'll-:QC-0 IPB TOMAHANYK STAFF Top Row: Junior Shipps, Bob Bit-l, George Johnson, James Mclntyre. Tom Miskiinen. Robert Mr- Clain, Robert Mulligan. Second Row: Mr. Rose, Douglas Davis, Margaret tluykendall, Gaynelle lily. Kathleen Call. Natalie Holl, Suzanne Bachert, Jane Conner. Third Row: Joyce Orr, Jean Crawford, Lois Porteus, Betty Strong. Dorothy Miller. Mary Margaret VVilson, Jean McDonald, Margene Elirich, Peggy Lybarger. Bottom Row: Arlene Ganiertsfrlder, Martha Marie Sivaslian, Margaret Sheeley, Mary Miller. Mari- anne Rogers, Marie Marshall. Jean Adams, Margaret Jane Brink, Ruth Patterson. 5NM'fT: "Tomahawk" is a name loved by all Coshocton High grads and students. The pub- lication of a successful Tomahawk leaves a joy of accomplishment in the hearts of the staff. It is the duty of the staff to have within the covers of the Annual actual situa- tions once lived and enjoyed by the students. To do this brings out the co-operation of the entire student body and faculty and administration. This has been shown ex- tremely well because work on this Annual was begun in March. The book is the sum of the school's co-operating units. Each group is shown as a unit, but these units have made the 1936-37 history of Coshocton High School because of their integration, The staff is extremely large for this publication, but the effort put forth by the students has made them proud again of the fact that they can be of service to the school. When, in years to come, the 1937 Tomahawk is opened, think of the good times enjoyed in your activities, think of your initiative fn supporting your Annual. The adviser for this year's Tomahawk was Mr. Rose. l 38 l TOM-TOM STAFF Top How: Mr. Rose, Charles Boyd, Charles Spear, John lihrich, Edward Malafa, David Hansford, John Jennings, Edward Gamble, Joe Engle, William Merrell, George Johnson, Tom Mlskimen, Robert Mulligan. Second Row: Thomas Westfall, Chaney Ross, George Cox, Keith Frllmrt, Gertrude Parks, l.eRoma Sulcer, Margaret Oakes, Virginia Brooke, Helen Adams, Jean Crawford, Margaret Cuykendall, Suzanne Bachert, Jane Conner. Third ltow: Mr. Eckert, .lc-an Wolfe, Betty Wheeler, Mary Lybarger, Betty lloos, Lois Ellen Swope. Barbara McConnell, Dorothy Oliver, Gayle XVeuver, Betty Rusk, Betty Redman, Lois Porteus, Helen Jane Buker. Fourth Row: Mlss Scott, Tom XVheeler, Alice Itiee, Elinor Cullison, June Sprague, Lois Trottman, Evelyn Shaw, Lois Colbert, Jean Handles, Betty Weisblat, Maxine Boyd, Mary Miller, Betty Strong, Margaret NVilson. Bottom Row: Mary Katherine Pareson, Betty Burt, Betty Hancock, Frances NVlsenburg. Fred John- ston, .lay Kitchen, Opal Riley, .lean Ely. Marianne Rogers, Marie Marshall, Ruth Patterson, Jean Adams, Margaret Jane Brink. GNQVD The Tom-Tom is the medium through which important school news is transmitted. Its appearance every two weeks furnishes an interest to the student body and faculty. The paper not only contains thrills of battles on the gridiron, basketball court and forensic platform, but also brings to life the doings of the school in general. Feature stories are read with interest, book reviews are presentedg editorials are run to good advantageg news of social engagements catches the eyes-a complete newspaper every two weeks. This year saw the introduction of a Faculty Who's Who to acquaint the students with a history of instructorsg another new plan for the paper was a column of "News- ettes," which contained important happenings from all countries of the globe. The work on the paper gives the student a good background for advanced journal- istic work and gives him a value of leadership and initiative. The advisers of the Tom- Tom for the year were: Miss Scott, Mr. Eckert and Mr. Rose. e'1""4 f S 3.2, NH 5 ev I 5 l f 17 -O 9 IPM' ll 1: 9 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Top Row: Mr. Hoover, Mr. McKissick, Ilobert Mulligan, lloln-ri Mclllain, Junior Burt, Douglas Davis, Thomas Miskilnen. Second Rowg Mr. Ri-hard, Miss Ste-wart, John lihrich, Suzanne Bachc-rt, Hazel Green. Ruth Kirk:-r, Jane Conner. Third Bow: Miss Mcllabv. Miss Marshall, Autumn lihrhar. .ll-an Crawford, Kathleen Call, Betty Bostwick. Bottom Row: Miss Compton, Sylvia XV:-ishlai, Mary lidith Martin, Marie Marshall. Joyce Orr, Marianne Rogers, Jean Tish. GNMf?J One of the greatest honors which can be granted to a Senior of this High School is his being chosen a member of the National Honor Society. The Coshocton Chapter was organized in 1925. Since that time many students have been members, but each year brings new leaders, advanced scholars, superior service, and active, living person- alities who fulfill the requirements of character. To be chosen to this organization is a goal for which each one should strive. Traditional gold and black ribbons were bestowed upon the members at a school as- sembly on April Sth. This was done by Miss Stewart, chairman, and Miss McCabe, secretary-treasurer of this year's National Honor Society Council. Other faculty mem- bers of the council are: Miss Marshall, Miss Compton, Mr. McKissick, Mr. Rehard, and Mr. Hoover. The student officers are: President, Thomas Mhskimeng Vice-President, Betty Bostwickg Secretary-Treasurer, Robert McClain. l40l DlillATlT SQUAD Top Row: Mr. llc-lim-ml. Tom Bliskinwn. Klux Worlliington, Ilan Dun-n, Spencer Mew-ilitli. Mr. Ly- lnnrgz-r. Se-coml How: .hllllllllll l':lll'lJill'. Snxanini- Iialrliwl. Arlcm- Galin-x'lsl'z-lmlm-l', Joyce Orr. Bonnie Rl'1ll'llQ'l' Bottom Rim: lie-tty Strong. Mary Iimlitli Martin. .li-an Aclaiiis, Sylvia We-islxlat, Mary Louise Hender- son. ll:-My Bliisg.u'm'i-, GNMVD The debate season did not begin until March 24th this year in order that undivided attention might be given to the basketball games. In spite of a late start, however, the debate squad got off to a good start when the alfirmative won over Zanesville on the home floor by a 2-1 decision. Marietta and Zanesville bowed to Coshocton negative in 3-0 decisions on April 8th and 15th. The question, Resolved: That all electrical utilities should be governmentally owned and operated, presented many interesting points. The winning arguments of the affirmative were as follows: There is great need for a change from our present systemg an inadequacy of public regulation prevailsg munici- pal plants have succeeded. The negative argued that there is no need for a change, and that public ownership is socially, economically, and politically unsound. Members of the affirmative team were: Mary Edith Martin, Sylvia Weisblat, and Spencer Meredith. The negative consisted of: Spencer Meredith, Suzanne Bachert, and Tom Mis- kimen. Alternates were Betty Strong, Autumn Ehrbar, Mary L, Henderson, Bonnie Reamer, Betty Musgrove, Jean Adams, Arlene Gamertsfelder, Dan Duren, Joyce Orr, and Max Worthington. The coaches were Mr. Rehard and Mr. Lybarger. Ap-nl'- 5' ""f1J 'A' ' I A n I I 41 I lv, Q We fha C 11- G-O 29' lr-9-73 .-5 S IZNIOR PLA Y CAST Standing- Hr-lon Clark, Iioln-rt Mulligan, Joyce Orr, Lois .Ie-aiinv Slicplcr. Kathleen Call, David Thaxton, Harold Kinkade. llurntlly He-mls-rson. Dick Gaynor, 'lvlI0lll2lS XXX-stfall. Seated: Douglas Davis. Iluth lill-:mor Rohm-rts, Curtis Hurllvy, Esther Bonitlc-ld. GNMFF The startling action of "One Mad Night" took place in the Cutter mansion, an iso- lated house in the hills. Here, where peace and quiet should have reigned for the young playright, a nurse and a doctor had taken a number of insane-but really harm- less people! Imagine the excltementl The antics of the inmates of the temporary asylum and the arrival of an escaped conv'ct add comedy, horror and thrills to the plot. Don Cutter, the playright, was portrayed by Robert Mulligan. His Chinese valet, Wing, was played by Dick Gaynor. The assorted lunatics were: Priscilla, Esther Bonifieldg John Alden, the Indian hunter, Harold Kinkadeg Mr. Hyde, a ferocious vil- lain, Tom Westfall, Lady Macbeth, a victim of Shakespeare, Dorothy Henderson. Douglas Davis as Dr. Bunn, and Helen Clark as Mrs. Kluck, were in charge of the asy- lum. Gertrude, Don's fiancee, was acted by Kathleen Call, while Joyce Orr, as Lucille Marcy, was a damsel in distress. Gertrude's mother, played by Ruth Eleanor Roberts, and Depression, their maid, acted by Lois Jeanne Shepler, had strong character parts. Curtis Hartley, as Artemus Burke, a lawyer, and David Thaxton, as Danny Siletto, wanted for murder, completed the cast. The production was under the supervision of Miss Stewart. l42l lJRrXM.eX'l'lCS Cl.L'l1 Top llnw: xvllllillll lirullznn, Marion Davis. ll:-un llulinu, llox lmwc. llzirolql Adams, Allen Day, Curtis llurtlry, 'l'lllllllilS XY4'sll'alll. Si-conml Huw: Dirk iinyilur, llmiglaus lluvis. lim-rlruclr Parks, liwvmlolyu liirkpatrick, Le Roma Sul- ver, Geraldine Ruse. Dorothy lli-mln-rsuii, .lame li0Illlt'l'. Ruth liirkrr. Third Row: Miss Sl:-wart. .lr-:in Wolfe. Maxim- Canton. Suzanne Bach:-rl. Twila Fisher. Lois Trott- niun. Mary Mill:-r, Framces Cllfllllllilll, .lm-un Nlfllillllllll. M1ll'g1ll'1't Iluykemlaill. Fourth lima: liz-lly lioln-rts. Ruth Murphy, Autumn l':lll'lHll'. .lernnu- Slenm-r, Maury Mairgnn-l NYils0n, Lois .ll':llllll' Siu-plcr, Fluri-lice Mclinight. Sllurlcy Antisclrl. liillllll'1'll llull, Ruth lil:-:mor lloherts. llotlnm llow: Miriam l"r:'ille-ld, Mary limlith Martin. lim-My llullrurk. .luyrc Orr, Belly Lee NYlicclrr, .leun llalnmllrs, Frances xvlSl'lllYlII'g, Muriullm- lingers, Marie Murslmll. Sylvia NVeisblat. GNMVD Shortly after school started, the Dlamatcs Club presented the Tatterman Marion- ettes, a famous puppet troupe created by William Duncan and Edward Mobley. This company gave their version of Shakespeare's well-known "Taming of the Shrew." The marionette dolls were so c'everly manufactured and the stage so perfectly propor- tioned, that it was difficult to realize that they were not real people, The Dramatics Club also presented the Ch1'istmas play, a comedy skit entitled, "What, No Santa Suit!" The plot of this play consisted of the trials and tribulations ot' a hen-pecked husband trying to rent a Santa Claus suit on Christmas Eve in order to X dress up for his wife's relatives. Members of the cast included Douglas Davis, Mari- anne Rogers, Lois Jeanne Shepler, Miriam Freifield, Jerome Stenner, and Thomas X Westfall. H x lv' Appropriately near February 12th, the Lincoln Players were at school giving their version of the "Life of Abraham Lincoln." This production was also received with much enthusiasm. kjx The Dramatics Club deserves much credit for its successful accomplishments this asp year. 4 X The President for the year has been Twila Fishery the Vice-President, Dean Dulingg P I Secretary, Gwendolyn Kirkpatrick: Treasurer, Dick Gaynorg Adviser, Miss Stewart. 4 I A :litgv Y Y M N 5 l 43 l if -5 5 l .1 -Q.... W G :Q- ua-Wil .f-Q BOOSTER CLUB Top Row: Toni lsllSklIl1l"ll. Rose NW-ston. Mzwgart-t XYilson, Robert Blctllain, Lester Moats, Curtis Hart- ley, David Thaxton, John lihrich. Second Row: Dick Gaynor, Carlyle liomlcrirk. Rex Lowe, Holu-rt Murphy, Dorothy Henderson. Jane Conner, Suzanne Bachi-rt, Le Roma Sulcrr, Helen Jane linker. Thil'd Row: Miss BlCCl'llDl', Margarrt Cuykendall. GVVt'llll0lyll Kirkpatrick. Kathleen Call, Jerome Sl0lllH"l', Dorothy Arouhalt. llutll Roberts. Betty Sharplcs, Twila Fisher. Autumn Elll'b2ll'. Bottom Rowg Miss Henderson, Mary Edith Martin. Frances XX'isi-nlmrg, Betty VVheeler. Jean VVolfe, Pauline Clark, Sylvia NVL-ishlat, Betty Hancock, Jn-an 'l'ish. Be-tty Emig. GNMJTD One of the most active organizations of the High School is the Booster Club. It is composed of Seniors who have been chosen by the faculty. In past years membership was limited to girls, but boys have become ambitious and have been given the privilege of selling refreshing eats at athletic contests. Aside from selling candy, ice cream, sandwiches and pop to bleacher occupants, the club has stimulated sale of tickets to school functions by promoting class and room con- tests. The Boosters of 1937 have done a good service for the school. With the money earned they purchased uniforms for the cheer leadersg they supported and made pos- sible two major social events of the school year-the Booster Banquet and the Booster Dance. These made a fitting climax to a successful year. The officers for the organization were: President, Jane Connery Vice-President, Kathleen Callg Secretary, Jean Wolfeg Treasurer, Robert McClaing Advisers, Miss Hen- derson and Miss McCabe. l44l HI-Y CLUB 'l'op llow: 'l'oni Nliskinn-n, lloln-rl Mulligan, Carl Sicgrist. Allen lI:ix'nalnnl. Floyd Foster. George Johnson, llairolll Mnlnnr. S1-cond How: lfnrlos Ke-nlpI', llurolal Kinkzuli-, .lnnics Rusk, limlwnrml Mailufn. James Mclntyrc. Robert Thompkinx, Gilln-rt Smith. Thircl How: Mr. Cooney. John lihriih. llc-an lluling, l1lil1'nrd Stewart. John Jennings, NYilli:nln Kira- liznui. Marion lluvis. Fourth llow: lioln-rt Ke-nlpI', John Corbett, .lark Lyons. ll:-ssc-l Holder. llnbi-rl McClain, Bill Slover, Junior Sliipps. Bottom Row: George llox, Nolmli- llurgcr, Russell Canton, Douglas Davis, .Il'l'Ullll3 Stennrr, Dick Gay- nor, llhzulcs Swiliurl. GNMVQ Membership to Hi-Y is open to Juniors and Seniors only. Most boys begin early in their school career to show themselves capable of hard work and leadership. The four- fold requirement to whfch they are expected to live after their selection consists of clean speech, clean athletics, clean scholarship, and clean living. Following their se- lection, the boys must go through a period of initiation, after which they are officially declared members of the club. One of the activities of the Hi-Y is to sponsor a dance in honor of the football team X at the close of the season. This year's Hi-Y dance was pronounced the usual exciting success. The Hi-Y was also in charge of the Easter chapel program. When the X P. E. P. Club entertained the boys with their annual Hi-Y-P. E. P. Banquet, a general 3 good time was enjoyed. A pla.y entitled "Be a Little Cuckoo," presented by a group of the girls, was hilariously received by their guests, The Hi-Y Club recently joined with the national Hi-Y organization, being a mem- ber ot' this group gor the first time in several years. Robert Mulligang Secretary, Carlos Kempfg Treasurer, Douglas Davis: Adviser, Mr. v X x . , Q The officers for the year have been: President, John Ehrichg Vice-President, CX Cooney. J 1 - -.ft f 7 -- ' -"""i -.gJf-4 - p4,n,g I45l Q l il ll ez . an L' ...Q P. li. P. CLUB SENIORS Top Bow: x'il' liuiwi. .Ioan Bzlrthfslow, Ruth Iiirkvr. Slllillllli' Baclrvrt. ii1'l':Illillll' Rnsv. Hi-I1-n Clark. Jann- limnu-r. llurotlly l'iQ'lNli'l'S0l1. M:n'gurvt XYilsnn, Rose NY1-stun, Sm-com! Huw: listhvr lioniiic-lml. Bcity Sllznrplvs. Joycv Orr. H4-I4-n Jam- liukvr. .lm-:nn McDonald, Mal'- gurvl lluyki-lulanll, Iii-1'tl'udn' Pzlrks. Maxim- llutun. Autumn lllirlmr. I.:-Iiunm Sllll'l'l'. Third Row: lilnise- H:n'grov1-. Twiln Fislu-r, Mary iinlith Martin, Luis .I4-alliw Slam-plvr, liz-tty llnlla-r, xi2ll'QI1ll'Q't Ross. Sluwlvy Anlismlz-l. Gwcmlulyn liirkpzntrick, Iiutlile-on ilull. l:l'1lIlU4'S fl1lI'Ililllilll. Fourth Row: Lois 'l'mttnn1n, lin-My linlwrts, Mary Milli-r. Mary Mul'g::u's-t NYilsnn, .li-un NYU!!!-, .li-:in Cl'uxx'l'4:1'll. lil-ity Lvl- NYl1e-elm-1', lim-ity iflllig, Bs-My Hush-ii. Nuiuliv Hutlniun. Iiuilmn Huw: lhwntlly lizlkvr. Sylvian XV4'ishlni. IB:-My lirnxxn. Iris liz-sst. Mirinln lfrviiiz-lil. Mnriv Mzurshznll. Muriunni- ling:-rs, Ifranmuos XX'is4-nlmrg. .li-an Iiumlls-s. l.:nlu'u limnm Mills-r. GNMZD JUNIORS Top Ron: Suzunnv Patti-rsrm. P4-ggy I.ylm1'g1-l', H4-lm-n Arlznns, Nataliv Holi, Doris il'lk'iil'll, Marvel Tidbull, Ga-lu-vii-vv McXury. Ruth Tutsch, Margaret Yingling. Sccuml lirm: Guyh- XY1-:ive-I'. Ariz-nv Gaim-l'tsl'4'lmlol', .Ii-nn Hznnilton, Marjurio Sl'llllI'llZlkl'I', Guynellv lily, llilll'LKlll'Q't Siu-Q-Ivy. Belly Rusk, Maxim- Austin, lilc-unor ilriswvll, Bul'lJ:lru llil'fl0llill'il. Third Row: Mnrjoriv XYilliznns, Biill'g4'lH' lihrich, Mzn'g1n'ct Kerr, Dorothy Millvr, Bm-My Redman, NX'ilmu Oslmrnv, Mario L'hl, lllmrloitm- Cooksuy, Bi-tty Lows, Kathryn Braullhrd. Fourth Huw: Clara Forsythe, Twila Baunlgarrlm-r, Bc-tty Strung, Lulu Shel'i'ivld, Clara Mohler, Betty NYOishlut, Lois Colbz-rt, Oni-itzi Johnson, Bi-rtlm Roberts, Hvlvn Miller, Bottom Row: Mary June NYagm-r, Norma Shoman, J:-an Adams, Ruth Patterson, Marihu Marie Sivusliun, live-lyn Shaw, Srlnla Htlfflllllll, Ni-vu Mae' Hill, .lean Hitch:-n. i461 Top limi: l.unn:n limu-n, lluri llilin liilms Virginia llr ll l'lONliliR CLUB SOPHOMURES lnp Hun: .lllllv Li' Muni. Nlnry Slum' 4 r I. . - U. . ' . llf-lwrvau .lunv liulln-Vlsun. Virginian liulph. I him- XYl'i:4l1l, xvlllllll l.vumn, luitliryll lwull. Panullm- XX'1:ll'i-. liulllryn Nlfwrisnli, g.i:1l'4'l IHl'llill'ilSUll. Iii-llx' l'1-Vkins, Il'4'lll' 'llrlwrll Nl:ll'5.f'll'l'l XY:-wlull Si-4-mul llcm: Nurs: 'l'rEplil1. Maury lZlllll'I'llll' l'uri-smi. Maury Dunn. lrvm- Inns. .ln-:nn l.4-1-vll. Blznrgauiu-l .lulmslou. Nlilllrwl 7.lllllllt'l'lll1lll. llorulliy lllivi-r. fit'l'illlilIll' l,m'k:ir4l. llul'rim'l xVllL'l'lt'l'. Jlllll' lfuuk, llnmuin- Ill'iIlll4'l'. 'l'llir4l limi: lilvlllllll' Amlily. 5l:u'g.::irr-I Uulu-s. llvallrici- SlllK'l'l', .Ivan liivl. Aliw- Ilivo. llimlglau' XYis1-n- lxurg. Maury llnlilm-r. Xlauxim- lloyd. I-Qliznln-Ili Iii-mn-r. Nlilmli-ml xll'NlllI'tl'll'. Lucillc Ili-rry. lilnum l.:lil'cl. l':nuIina- Kjucllraull. .lf-an lily. lfuurlll llmx: .luprv lily. llurnlly llummi-I. .Xlllll'1'y llufne-i'. 5llll'L.f4lI'l'l XYilsol1. 'l'hr-mln llulrillson. livlly linll-5. lla-I4-n Sli-1-lv. Nlirinm I,nl'l-liz. .lainirv llllllllQ'l'. llunnn Slivrs. lilium' liullisun. Holly Parks. Ilullmn llow: Nlurg:n'4-t .lzmv lirink, Ill-lly 4I:n'p4-ull-r. Lulu-I l'mlm-rxumml. Maxim- 'l'I'l'Sl'lll'l4ll'I', lmllise- l'ml1-rxumll. Yo-rm-llu Aalnlna, V1-ru xvlifllllilll. Pnulim- Simnmns, .lam-l l.:lil'ml. l.uix Slilli-V, Maury Louim- ll1-mlvrmn. lim-tly Mllxgi'm'v. CNMVVF f FRI-ISHMIGN ' l s l':n1'vsnm. Sully Alu-I. Yir-finial l-Qvlu'rl. ll:-li-n lfitcll. Plum-luv llull. X VV ,f - - 1 'f : now-. Maury llustwicli. llzlrrivl l'nw4-ll. Se-cnml limi: llc-sh-r Salvage-. Maury l,ylHll'5-Kl'l'. Mary Buss:-tl. llulh XYiIson. .IU-.Xllll l,ynns, Luis l-flln-n Swupe-. Ymuln lm- Slluuk. lim-tty Gross. .Iam-t Hllllllllll, X, X 'l'hir1l llnw: lla-lly Spruguu-. liilw-ix Slim-ln-y, lilnisv Nlillm-r. Virginian lfitvh. .lzmicv Mlunis, Nurnm Ilia-km-n. .Xlvn Sta-xxnrl. Nl:nrg.::ura-I tiunv, lim-My l,uu Slnnlon, .Izuiicv Shipps. ci lfuurlh linux: Jum- Ste-unrl. Xlnrgura-I llolmlvr, Xl:u'jori4- Iialwson, l.l'llUl'1l Nurrix. Nlurg.i:u'4-t llvmlvr- mn. Lois liirks-r. .lunv Sp1':ng.uu'. lbvlphim- Smilh. H.ll'lHll'il liiclmml. Slnrjorii- l:2llllDlM'll. 'i llullolll Hum: .IUIIII lluki-r. lInrol l':lll1'l'SUll. Xorlllzi .li-:ln IIQIIUIIHIS, .lnycv linlun, Juni' lfllllgi. llulwwlliy l.4-i- Iluuslmx, Ammlrvlln- Nlclinigallt, l.illi:m XY1-islrlalt. Mary lilizuln-lll Nlilligzm. June- Sliivi-rs. I -5 t'Mf"1. ' -1 '-35 MH! l47l my! W0 L 5 H R1 - -O G WD' 7, -: Q ,.,-, HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS' GLEN CLL'l3 Top Row: Doris llicka-u, Mary l.ylJ1ll'gf'l'. Vivian lillison, Virginia Brook:-, Dorothy I'lt'llllI'l'5llIl. Nata- lim- Hull, Doris Parc-son, 01-114-via-vc MCNary, Barlmara liaclu-rt. St'C0ll1l liuw: Suzanne- Patil-rsnn. Rs-In-L'L'a lIulln-rtsnn. He-lvn liatvs. Marpaarrt Oak:-s. Nllll'Q2,'2ll't'l Ying- ling. .lunr Funk, llrtly Rusk, IN-gpgy Lyharger. lin-tty Pm-rkins. Third Row: Mr. Huntington, Mary Parc-sun, Maxine- XValkc-r, Carina Mills-r. llimlglac- xYlSL'lllllll'Q.f. Alice liics-. Miriam NNE-lun-r, lim-tty IU-rlman, Marg:-iw Iilirich, lic-tty l.uus. Fourth linw: Maxiiu- ML-tiny, Hs-la-n Milli-r. liuth lialyt-at. llvtty Strong, .luyuv lily, Clara Margznrrt Mahler, Margaret She-4-Icy. llnrothy Mills-r. Lulu Slu-l'l'i4-ld, lim-tty N4-lnlun, Bottom Row: Carol linu-rson, Milllrn-ml SCll0llillll'l'. .ll-an Adams, lic-tty llousv. l'auIin4- SlIllIllIlllS, lili- nor Cullison, Luis Trutllnan, Martha Mariv Sivaslian. llrtty Parks. GXMKD jL'N1OR-SENIOR GIRLS' GLlEl2 CLL'l3 Top lion: Mr. lluntingtun, XYaunn'la Glazim-r. llaynvlla- lily. liloisn- Stinrr. Maxim- Austin, Mariu- Arrun, G4-ralmlinv lloso. Ruth Tulscll, Margarrt Shurtz. Margzarrl NN'ilson, Xvlllllil La-nmn. Luis Porta-us. S:-cuml limv: lic-1'tl'1ulv Parks. .Xlvta Sl'llll'll'l'l', Margarrt Parks, lluth llolwrts. lim-tty lilniyq. .lc-an Maxim-ll, lllf-anor llriswm-ll. Doris lloahrigi, llarhara Mcllulnu-ll, H1-ls-n All2'llllS, H4-I1-n Scln-4-ll. I-'rant-Q-s Carnahan. 'l'l1irll Huw: Margarvt flllykl'llll2ill. .lm-an Hamilton. .ll-an lirxuxfurml. Iris lla-ssl. Ve-rn:-tta .xl'1llllS. Cllarlotli- Klurnksvy, Carolyn lf:-lton. Ruth Murphy, Mary lillvn St. lllair, Marjorie- Scluunalu-r, Twila lgZllllllg1ll'llll1'l'. Une-ita Johnson. Fourth liuw: 'l'lu-Ima lirown, lilnism- Hargrnvm-, Twila lfislu-r, Mariv Marshall. livn-lyn Shaw. Luis Colin-rt. Luis Joanne- Sli:-plc-l', Clara lfursyllu-. lie-rlha llolwrts, ,Iran Mcltonalml. liz-tty Ilulwrts. lintlmn llmx: Jnycn- Orr. liuth l'ath-rsun, Marianmf lingers. l"ram'i-s XYisc-nliurg. .Xlicv Sinlpkins. 1 Marjurin- XY4-lls. Mary Marg,ars-t XYilsnn, Francs-s Sic-wart. Opal liilvy, Marjurii- XYiIlian1s. Sm-lnm llullnlan, Laura linnna Milli-r. E481 SOPIIQMORIC GIRLS' GIJCIC CLUB Top lion: Sir. llnntinglon, Juni- D4-Moss, Nlilmlre-ml Zilninurinun. Nl1ll'S1lI'l'i June- Brink. .li-:in I.:-4-cll, Margin- Hrnnskill, Chloe- Wright. SPUUIILI How: iialnu Man' Crosivr, Marguwt Johnston, lilnorai I.zlirml, Martha NYorknmn, lien-l'Iy Sm-nh-krr, H1-I4-n Sh-1-Ir, Lncillr livrry. Thiril lion: Iiliznln-lh lic-nm-r. Donna Slivrs. XY:nmlu lhnnilton. Nlnxiln- lloyd. lrm-ne Criswi-ll. Blil- drwl Sk-Murtriv, Pauline Cochran. Iiotloni lion: Nlzurgzin-I NYilson. Mary Louisr lli'lHil'l'SUll. Maury Holdrr. lroroihy Ilnnmwl. lh-tic lianlvs. lin-U5 NIIISKIWIVIH .li-nn lily. GNMWT' FRIQSIIMICN GIRLS' GLIEIQ CLUB Top Row: Mr. Huntington. Sully Abc-I. Ruth XYilson. Hz-sh-r Sallvaigv, H4-tty Sprngln-. Virginia lickrrl. Am-E4-lan NY:iIk1-r, Joyce- Hurlsock. Svvoinl Novi: llal Fra-ka-, llonnn Arlhnrs. Norma Gl'iIllIll, Mawjorir Johnson. liilrvn Sin-via-y. Iiloiso Milli-r. Ilzirrirt Powu-ll, Mary Bostwivk. Third How: Annu XYol'knI:ln, .lzlnvt lilnnlon. H4-tty Gross. Jaunivv ACIRIIIIS, Vomln I.:-r Shurk. lrrne- Portvus, Marjorie Slannghtrr. June-am Johnson. Fourth lion: H4-tty Mille-r, Alva Sta-wort, .loycr Canton. IA-noru Norris. Anna Louisa- Se-rs, Goin- lir- nlun, Lois lillrn Sump:-. llzurhanrzi nil'll1ll'lI, Norman .lc-:in Thomas. lioitmn Row: Hi-tty Mzurklvy. iI:uiln-rim- Shaw. lfile-Q-n Miskinwns. llrlphina- Slllilh. Glvinloru Young. Honnia- ih-iss, Jnm- lilllig, lin-lyn Vinsi-I. 4-yfg-4 7 if i491 I N f 3 E39 iii 01.5.5 5 .,-5 it n-u-rl-.:Qhe- FKDYS'CH.EElCllfH Top Row: Dean Wheeler. Melvin Gross, Albert Baietti. David Hansford, Allen Day, liussell Moore, NYilliam Merrell, Harold Adams. Second Row: Clifford Shaw. Jack Bolton, Donald Scott. Thomas Aronhalt. Joc Engle, Tom Westfall, Preston Norris, Frederick Bontrager. Jack Hultz. Third How: Mr. Huntington, John Jennings, Robert Gilmore, Richard Harner, Gordon Miller. Dick Gaynor, Rrbert Kempf, Robert Biel. Fourth Row: Dick Davis, Charles Swihart. William Graham. Kenneth Madison. Robert Miller, Frank Freenlan, Glenn XYilde. Chaney Ross, Noble Burger. Bottom Row: Donald Finney! Hayfimnd'Markley, Stanford Bryan. Richard Finney. Donald Bisscl, NVilliam Benner, Robert Smith, NVilliam Kirk. XVayne Johnson. GNMWD ORCHESTRA Top How: Mr. Rader. Director: Carlos Kempf, John Adams. David Hansford, Albert Baietti, Verle Rucker, Bill Stover. Alfred llitchason. Second Bow: Joe Engle, Peggy Lybarger. NYilliam Graham, Maro Smith, Edward Malafa, Robert Kempf, John Ehrich. Third Row: Dan Smith, Marge-ne lihrich, Richard Harm-r. NYilma Lemon, Betty Jane Perkins, Eugene White, Phoebe Holl, Mary lillen St. Clair. Frederick Bontrager. Fourth Row: Alfred Mngness. Noble Burger, Baxter ltlcfluggage. Donald Bissell, Marjorie Dawson, John Cooper, Irene Loos, Miriam NN'elmcr, David N'Villiams, Ruth Murphy. Bottom llnwg Arlene Gamertsfelder. Sylvia XVeisblat, Martha Marie Sivnslinn, Jean Adams. Vernctta Adams, Marjorie Campbell, Fred Smith, Lillian NVeishlat, Lois Miller. l50l ,, I"L"l'L'I JUNIOR-SENIOR J QIC IIONIICIXIQXIQIERS Ol? .AXMIQIUCIX Twp Huw: Ulu-itn .Inlmsun. li:-tty lla-ilmun. Nlnxim- liulnu. Doris lll1'lU'Il. lialym-llv lily. lli-lvn Sclu-vii. Ilulli liirki-r. lli-lon Klhu-k. llumtliy ll:-mlm-rsrm. .lunv 121mm-r, liulh 'l'ulsi-li. Si-cuml Hem: finylc- NV:-nv:-r, Alvin SlliH'll'l'l'. lim-rllm llnlu-rts. iii-l'll'l11lv Panrks. Ili-lon .lamv Iiuki-r. tixwmlolyn Iiirkputrick. Ili-I4-in Gross, l'lIiillll'Q'S l'zll'liAlll1lll. Nlail'5i:u'i-t iluykm-mlnll. .ll'2lll Nlcllwmlil. 'l'l1irsl lion: Miss Nlurslmll. l-Ilizulu-Ili livnlwr. liluisi- lI:n'g.:ruvi-, Slmrlvy .knlisnli-l. Nlurii- Arruu. liillllll'l'll Call. liulh lloln-rts. Iii-My llruwn, lim-My lluln-ris. Bliss lll1lll1llll'. Bnlhnn lima: XX'ilmu Uslmrlw. Nlury limlilh NlIll'llll. lie-tty Strong, Xnrnm Slltblllllll. Iiuth Murphy. ' " Nl N I ' .luyrv Orr, I-ramen-s hllllmlu-. llnrollly llnkvr. ll-1-tly lluusv. . airy .li lor. liulh lutli-rsun. 6'NM'f'J FRESHM EN-SOPHOMORE Top lluw: lbiris llill'1'SIlll. linllwrim- Slmw, Ulm! Gossvr. Virginia llillllll. .luyrv llnrlsuck. Nlzirgiv lkrunskill. .Kl'i.u-In XY:iIki'r. l.ury Blau- Ilissung. NYilmu I.:-mon, ilurum Nlilli-r. l:l'Zllll'l'S Clark, ll:-li-u X :pi Huh-s, Lois lllli-n Sm Sn-cuml limi: 111-l':ulili1'4' l.1rk:lr4l. I-'lm-unur Mlily. lrom- 'l'uls1'h. Nlilmlri-ml ZllIllllt'l'lll2lll, liqlnn May X llrulia-r, Irvin- l'urh-us. Nlurjiwii- sl1lll1.Qlllt'l', Juni- tlrisxull li lthun li: lll Nl n ' ' Hass:-ll, .Xnilri-y ll1lflll'I', Maxim- Mvifimy. 'A '.. . 1 'g.,:ll'L'l llolllvr, Nlury Thircl Him: Bliss Xlillfllilll. Miss ffanllilllv. Nornm Grimm. Nllll'KZlI'l'l lli-rmzm. I-Ilnoru l.:lil'1l. llurntllv llumnu-I. Nl:n'gnri-I llolmivr, Slum hturlz. l.4-umm Xurris. l,Q'll7llllll' Smith, Ili-lla Jann- llirki-rsmi, X Nlllilllil .ll'illl lioss. jx? lfnurlh Rim: Hairy llilllli'l'llll' l':u'4-sun. Milnlrml Nlt'3lllI'lI'l4'. llvlty Nlnrkli-y, Pnulim- ilucllruu, lli-li-n is lhusswli. .Iuuicv llillllll'l'. .li-:in Nluyi-r, li:lrh:u':u llll'll1lI'll. .laulwzull .l0llllSllIl. ll4'l'll'll1lt' lllnrk. lim-ltv C Iflva-rlmrl, Nlilkllli' llnxtmi. ' v llullmn lhm: .lnyrv tfzitun, Tlx:-Ima Hawk, Nlnry Nlill'Lfill'l'l llll'llZll'4lSUll, Lillian Appis, .loam Bllkl'l'. I I-'i-rn Ih-Inu-ll. livi-lyn Vins:-I, Ili-ily llurpi-nh-r, xllI'lllll -l1'llll 'l'll0mus. Nlzll'gl'x'!l:1 NYilhil4', Lillian XX'vislnl:ut, lim-:willy Stump. I I ' 't ' Y ' Y jd-' M H 5 I 5 if -1 00 ,W ll 'Wag lMY'n':9Q-O i i PA'rR1CiAN LATIN CLUB Top Row: Margaret .lane Yingling, Natalie Hull. NVilliam M4-rr:-ll, Barbara McConnell, Robert K4-mpf, Edward Malal'a. Sc-cond Row: George llox, John Franklin, ltlargs-no lilirich, Peggy l.ybarge-r, Helen Adams. Third How: Miss McCabe, Lois Je-anne Shrpler, Glenn XN'ild1', Bl-tty Loos, Margaret Shen-li-y, Doris Eileen Roahrig. Bottom Row: lili-anor Criswq-ll, Betty Burt. Charlotte Cooks:-y, Martha Marie Sivaslian. Miriam Freifleld, Mary lidith Martin. GNMWE The Patrician Latin Club is composed of the pupils of the Cicero Classes this year. The purpose of the club is to obtain a greater knowledge of Roman life and to arouse interest in Greek mythology. Three of the outstanding meetings this year were the Christmas program at which carols were sung in Lating one meeting was devoted to reports on Roman heroesg and at another meeting the question, "Resolved: That Cicero was right in putting the conspirators to death," was debated. The meetings for the past year have been held the third Monday of the month during the regular class time. The officers of the club were: President, Barbara McConnellg Vice-President, Ed- ward Malafag Secretary, Glenn Wildeg Adviser, Miss McCabe. i521 'Pl,lCl3l2l'AN l,A'l'l N CLUB Top llnw: nlISSl'll Moore-. Richard Harm-r. Douglas Clark. ilarry Iiirlqmlrick. Allie-rl liaivtli. Va-rle Huck:-r, .lolin Boyd, Max hY0l'tllillgt0ll, ling:-lie While, llavid llansford. Barbara Bachafrt. S:-cond linwg Jonny livans, Dorothy Aronhall, llc-ily l'l'I'IiiilS, .loyce lily, Jlllll' Criswvll. lrvni- Loos, Paulim- Wolfe. Margaret Johnston, Rf-ln-cca ilulln-rtson. itidglar- Wise-nhurg, Dorothy Oliver, Alice Rice, Chloe XYl'iglll. Third liuw: Alfred Magness, .loan Barlhulow. l-Ilizalu-th B4'lllH'l', .lc-an l.c-i-ch, Sara 'l'i'iplitt. Arlene Valli:-l'lsi'1'lilrr, Carina Milli-r. XYamla Ilalnillnn. lllancln- Lipps. lilnora Laird, Brtly Chilcoie, Lucilli- Berry. Fourth Row: Miss Mctlalu-, llharlm-5 Cops-nllavi-r. .loc Engle-. David hvilll1llllS. Ilan Smith. Donald Finney, Vivian lillison, Margaret Oakes. Miriam Wm-inn-r. Mary Louise Henderson. Margaret Brink, Lou:-l l'ndc-rwood. Hottoni Row: James Thoinpson, Louise l'ndn-rwood. Maxim- Tres:-nrider, Elinor Cullison, Janet Laird, Vern:-tta Adams, Lois Miller, Miriam Lore-nz, he-tty Parks. Helen Sta-cle, Joyce Ely. Betty Musgrove. CWWID ' The Plebeian Latin Club consists of pupils taking Latin II who are interested in ancfent Rome. X The purpose of the club is to acquaint pupils with the life and customs of the an- f cient Romans. The outstanding meeting of the year was the February meeting' at which home- made valentines containing Latin verses were exchanged. Other meetings were de- voted to the study of Roman life. The meetings were held the third Monday of each X month during the activity period. The officers of the club were: President, Elinor Cullisong Vice-President, Marga- L' ret Oakesg Secretary, Betty Parks: Adviser, Miss McCabe. a Q H.q.l l53l 5 of, G. -A-Q' -at ll-B ..-5 FRENCH CLUB Top ltow: John Davis, lic-ith Friliart. Hmncr Durand, Leon llarr, ltoln-rt lillllllilflll, George Johnson, Carl Sin-grist, ltolmert McClain, liclward lilillllllth Second ltow: Mr. Hose, John lihrich, Virginia Baird. Louise Lost-go, Gaynelle Ely, Doris Dicken, .lane Conner, Peggy Lyliargvr, .lean Biol. Ire-nv hos:-go. Third Row: Marvel Titllmll, Gwendolyn Kirkpatrick, Douglas Davis, JL-rome Stenner, .lt-an XVolfe, Suzanne Bachert, G1-rtrudr Parks. Katliln-cn Call, Susie Handles. Fourth Row: B1-tty xvhl't'lt'l', J:-an l1raNxI'orLl, Margaret Slleeley. Mildrc-nl Schonauer, Dorothy Miller, Ruth ltoherts, Natalie Hoffman, Marie Arron. Bottom Row: Lula Shellii-ld. Marin- Marshall, Marianne Rogers, Jean Adams, Betty Burt, Sylvia NYeisblat, Betty Strong. Arlene GillllL'l'tSfl3lllt'l', Autumn Ehrbar. GNQO-713 Due to the fact that the French clases were supervised by three instructors during the lirst semester, the French Club was late in its appearance as an activity. The per- sonnel has increased considerably from past years because all students in the French department have been invited to the meetings. The purpose of the organization is to acquaint the student with a literary culture which prevails in France, to increase interest in the French language, and to enjoy socially activities which are customs of the French people. The success of the club has been due to the brilliant portrayal of French literary writers by the members, to the astonishing rapidity of the students' acquiring conver- sational qualities, and to the wise supervision of the officers. The officers of the organization for the past year have been: President, Douglas Davisg Secretary, Autumn Ehrbarg Social Chairman, Marianne Rogersg Adviser, Mr. Rose. l 54 l TYPING SERVICE CLUB 'l'np Novi: Juni- Count-r, H4-len Jam- llukn-r. .lm-am Mcllolmld, Rose NVeston, Mnrgzurcl Yingling. Ihltlx Kirks-r. Second Huw: Miss tiompton. Lois Porteus, Betty Shnrples. B4-tty llmig. ltlurgzlret Cuykemlall. Hnlluin How: Mnrnu Tlmmpkins, Bi-tty vVhl'1'll'l', .lc-an Rnmllm-s, l,4-ohm Hayes. Betty Strong. GWWJD The Typ'ng Service Club was formed this year as an elective activity for the girls who wished to devote their time to the work of the club. Fifteen girls have carried S this work successfully. The majority of these have two years of typing to their creditg a few have had one year. In other years, girls either did stencils for the teachers instead of the usual class work, or spent their study periods in the typing room without much reward except for the experience. The Typing Service Club has a different purpose in mind. Since students belonging to other organizations give their time to that club and receive extra- curricular activity points, each girl in the Typing Service Club gains one activity point X for each fifteen periods of work. Every forty minutes spent at work constitutes one j The girls in the club have done filing and stenographic work and stencils for most X "5 of the teachers and for Mr. Pence and Mr. Ross. They have helped the Boy Scout ex- ecutive and have done notebook work for several teachers. period. X t Us? i l :'- Al" T 7 W i-5' H H l55l if ! Q cm S in 0'0 QQ' wxvil u FL'TL'Rli FARM ERS QF AMERICA Top Row: Gordon McNury. Floyd Foster, Mr. Hoover, Clifl'm'cl Stewart. Jann-s Boyd, llulc- liarch. Second Row: Clturlcs Murphy, Cliarles Boyd, Arthur Royer. Junior Hurt, Fred llornzln, l.uYern Kent, Bottom How: Allen Luirll. Raynioml Roll:-r. Alphonse Arron. Rohm-l't lh-flollrsry. liulwri Miller, Ray- lnoiul xY1llkl'I'. Lori-n linofl'. GNMVD The Future Farmers of America have a bumper crop of club activities this year. Clifford Stewart won first place in the local Vocational Speaking Contest and fourth place in the district contest at Freeport. The club basketball team won third place in the district tournament at Freeport. The F. F. A. will enier nine teams in the State Judging Contest to be held in June. The teams entered are: Crops, Seed, Sheep, Wool, Dairy Cattle, General Livestock, Milk, Cream, and Poultry. At the regular meetings ping-pong, horse shoes, and refreshments are in order. Climaxing the yearly pest hunt, the losing team, captained by Dale Karch, gave a ban- quet to the winning team, captained by Arthur Royer. The F, F. A, has a representative on the Coshocton County Resources Council. In co-operation with this organization the club plans to plant about 4500 forestry trees this summer. The officers are: President, Junior Burtg Vice-President, Arthur Royerg Secretary, Clifford Stewartg Treasurer, Allen Lairdg Adviser, Mr. Hoover. E561 IVUTLTRIE CRAFTSMIEN OF AMERICA Top Row: Mr. lickn-rt, Allen Ilay, lirm-sl Grublns. llaln- Sp:-aks, Cliarlvs Pigman, James Rusk, l.aV4-rnn- Gray. Sm-cond llowf Mr. Mills, Carlos Ke-mpf, Dall- Frm-kr, Dm-an lluling, William Pallrrson, William Gill, Prrsloll Norris, Lelloy Fitch, Thlrll llow: Mr. Gl'00lllf', lidmuml llilxlv, Marion Davis, llarold Adams, Dessel Holder, Arlllur She-arn, lloln-rl Thompkins. l-'ourlh llow: Iioln-rt Mclilain. All-x Tisonyai, .ln-ssc llagans. lk-an Win-eler, David Tlxaxlon, Paul Millvr. Bottom Row: llollin I.umm, William Graham. Russ:-ll llaton, llolwrl Popham, Kl'llllQ'lll Parks, Carlyle ltodl-rick, llharlcs Swihart. Harold Parks. The Senior boys in the Industrial Arts Classes have organized a club known as the Future Craftsmen of America. This is a national organization, having state and na- tional conventions. The purpose of the club is to promote scholarship, to encourage recreational activities, to promote safety, accuracy, thoroughness, judgment, quality of workmanship, speed, and loyalty. As the club was organized late in the school year there are not many activities planned. The various committees have worked hard developing a constitution and X standards for the several degrees to be awarded. 2 The club is participating in a track meet sponsored by the F. H. A. to be given in 5 the gym in April. The Seniors are anticipating a pleasant evening initiating the ' Juniors into the club. The officers are: President, Preston Norrisg Vice-President, Harold Adamsg Sec- y X retary-Treasurer, Allen Day. The Advisers are: Mr. Eckert, Mr. Mills and Mr. Groome. Cx V Q fre, I 4-ff ,,,,,,,, l57l F I of -Tollulnwk Vacation'a M 0IIl ' 0lIl 5 A 5 - N0. 10 Coshocton, Ohio MARCH 24, 19:: , X. W ' W- ISFUDENTS COMMILNUE . g Q WORK ON 1937 ANNUAL ' fr Q Marie Marshall Is Appointed To Head Staff 07 l J f 5 S X Members: 0'-hlica' 0 sf' I ,t 0 uf cv 9 v 0shocton' ohm H A' n .- 3' x K Z: S QS X"U'm Smax von gi sy' xox X V5 GHUSL ASS PLM E QQ? S gf A JR'-L Q Asp Q, Q 3 'sq 349' 0 J .. 6 IL WX wr FW' my 'f'S' oiffgo x W: mrs'-Fo 'N-:L WN N 459' 65? 1131. X 'Toney-s.MW aww' 'nn1Yj"':':,n- S 0554? 3' 419 o,g,iS4'iif9':fi..9?5 QT? f if . f ff xS?'::'o::,,duormm Kiiygga 4? 6g5':g?,:4aY:-adage ails? di? JP' Ir a 5gnl2dg:gh:n':u1MX1, Kv -V 4 Q qj'b59"49:xS by dsrqvsnetgf-l A 'xM'Ldy gphllrf' by ffffj' 5 do 3 .1 'X' V .nmuw X' ON of Qfifisbee ' GXX WN 3 ff N " 'W'--. .. X 4v6'F"VJf! Q7 cb ' , E I -lb," Ulf' . xvisjfg Q22 Q f fl t l ,L:n:,,x or Q ' - .95 Isflll X94-3 53 .ff Ji vp ,H 1. ich , 00,y5,,,T0Zcr0 , X Q' fl' ' ' ' ' B f ' QQSYJ Sis? 3 m n n 0 :Q 1 L6 ff,'5E1f,S,LiY0 Ill!-gg X Q fo JJ if a 1 to 00 'Q 84' ll T N 1' .Q-Mio fox 55551 of ' Q ,-' Y' Q' N 5 N J' If r N o Q 1' o Ilona .,, To do 'fo 495 65:05 e9 Jn g U 9 fiZ:,5:::Zi.Qfh1s7:o,m Q 154549-flic5i,,y:fi2,'Qqa:, In uf ,Inf I 2 T flffgaffgx-i,','ZiL?dof.mof:w.,,h 9 . f f fifipffliff f-ff: SIMM fo-if 242' 4' 5535355 tr mrs :U arf P 59? ., J' xjwhehllw - 'Q' -. ijjjjdfy T Z rvmwmx 2595" Qmnsou nm KQEAKS nm K E ns ' ,Va H. nEcmmsn1s,1sse B wg on KAW f so ro nxonncm mmmmgqikqw' GROUP? R 0 G R A M 0 Y E R W 0 3 U o.o1fg'f,9"mU'a1x3s5TH5',1Qc0H ""'::, o. 1:3252 . w1LL gg M ,dn rx' N IZLQY' READINGS, To 1 your fmdizga. :Pena I MULUGAILOLQ FESTFR, .HIGH FmoWsLm.?adD'll1W.u5gmQ:f:'n -6613-, 13 WOSE 'S+ ,sd-0 w. H505 lludenll from CQQWMN ANNOUNCE na a'fh031"'bun.4i.E'-'3fI,'n"41emw2'-i'1'.ff.'-f.1T5',2'uY'd M-ff'4' -1-N",."':fL-oe'4-A--" the Given fl-qu 2m lvgjaxghon WOSU. 'Ugg P,-o:.a::?: :ll Dali' - I lf:""ll'l. 'no B., 4,-I Q lxuq' - 'NW Una-1 pw ,U l58l gl , ,Af ,X wfilf " X 'x .M 'QE30 ' iv dv: f' -f X 'x . Q! J! ' -13" X X f . ggfay 7 , x - Q. 5 N 55, xy - Z Y I I O I O O .....,..-Q.-H1 f 59 1 'VL QW 5' I T I as-:h:Q4o-0-C. ll' l i 1 I "SKY" WHARTON Coach F R, H. McKISSICK Business Manager DICK GAYNOR ATHLIZTIC STAFF , A K 2 7 2,1 ,Q Q 'R ra S A TV"-egg Q .fi i I EDWARD COONEY Assistant Y .L A xi xx , M- Q' "1 EJ A L A T, h ,L , . I L' W ,T T s,.. T, q Cheer Leaders I 60 1 1 i ! 1 ! T 1 1 ROBERT WORKMAN Manager PAUL MATTHEWS Equipment Manager RANDALL GUTHRIE FOOTIIALI, SQUAD Top llow: 'l'lioliurn In-ilu-I, 'l'lmlnus Aroulmli, Dale- llumllvs, 'l'lmui:is We-stfull, George Johnson, John Adams. 'l'lmmus Corus, Alfrm-d liitcllnsoll, ll':uvicl Mn-iz. l"rn-ml llornnn, .lov Slu-1-Icy, ll:-uuis Nelson, Marion Jennings, Mauro Smith, Leslie lfitzputrick. liolwrt Workuiuu, Cluurles Spe-ur. Mhlmllv Ilow: .lohu Corin-lt, llolwrl Norris. ltolu-rt Slzulgllter, lllillhnl Sh-wart. ling:-no Darling, lloli- crl l-lends-rson, Aubrey Sent:-r. Douglas Davis, NVillium Sheppard, llc-:in Iluliug. Clark Williams, Allen Laird. llouglus Clark, Couch---"Sky" xvllilldllll. Bothuu llmx: l-Iclwuril tlnnlwy. Assistant Connell: Gillu-rt Smith, 'l'i':lL'y lluling-E. llurolml liiukaulv, Arthur Sli:-urn. lloln-rt 'l'lmmpkins, .launes llusk, Marion Davis. lie-rle llnrm-s. M4-rlu llurm-s, XX'il- lixun Gill, lfloyml lfush-r, l.m-wig lluvidsou. l,:uVe-rne liruy. Paul Mullin-ws, liquipnn-nl Manager. GNMVD The Football Team of 1936 did not measure to previous teams of Coshocton in re- gard to the number of games won. They did show good spirit and presented interest- ing games for the spectators at home. The season opened with a win from the younger Scots of Wooster. This game pre- , sented thrills galore and was the lone game won during the season. The last game, which was played with Mount Vernon on Thanksgiving Day, upset a dope bucket be- cause ol' the scoreless tie with a classified superior team, The season scores follow: Sep. 26-Coshocton Wooster ,,.,,....,,,,,,, , 0 X Oct. 2-Coshocton New Philadelphia ...A 40 X Oct. 12-Foshocton Zanesville ,,.,,,,,,,e,, U , 7 Oct. 17-Coshocton Cambridge . .,,, 18 3 Oct. 24-Coshocton Newark .. ,,,, 25 Oct. 30-Coshocton Marietta ..,, ,,,, 2 7 Nov 7--Coshocton Lancaster .,,. , 7 X Nov. 26-Coshocton Mt. Vernon . , Y 0 X 5? fi I Q 74, , Y J .nl'-S V ' M.yq.l 6 ll 100 N G-O N :-:- 5, ,-.- 1--:- 1-2135.5 3: V, gtg., 5 4 I S I W r i X I 2' ,gel ' II af, E if N 0' I 'f y M I 4, If , W kj ws-231--Q' FOOTIIIA I ,I . l.l2'I'T IZRIXI EN :gf iz -:gg 5535:5:5g:::g:5:5:g:3:::5:f:E:E:2:: - 5 1, I MEEQE51' . .iii ..... . ' ' " 2:-Ijgzgz ' ljigigigi' rT'Err' E:1x5i:' "' . f:,,5E5E555EgE5 ''-:-'-.,g.,.,.g.g:2:5:1'3" - "E2"f1"2: .E:E:E:1:, zi: 552:Z:2:1:5.g.5.E:5:i:2:f'1:1:i:I:I: 9 ' I A ' ' .-:.3:1:I:I:I:I:2:I:f:1-Y:1:13?5f2E1E1EIE1 - , ,I-3:5-1-:'-u:,:-155.-ig.:I:2.,:- ' '-:-:+ M. .g:g:5g.g:f:222:21-'-'-'-'-:5:::5:::5:::5:-13,2 -V . -Q' rw-Q rrs':rz1:2:r:r:1ff?P"55:f-'-2:13525:I .f" E1".1:r"" 51: : : :f:1Z?2:-: - -55532IQ-E.E5?fEf5E5EfE5E5l5:fi:?'.lkffri . 1:11 ' 11212-1-, :Q ,j'-',,:3:5:3:: 1:55:55E5:55555E5E5E3E5E2ErE1E2E:'22-15:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:3:5:5:5-'.355:5:3E5E5E5E5E5E2E2E E' -I51EIE2:IE2E2E E "1 Ei' -E-:if 252222121 EIE"""""'1E2E2l2'1 f i 7'5 2:1:1'V5'5' :2:1:!:f. 2'3jr--2:4-."I:-.-,521 ,5E5f212+ IE1E1Ef35'624S3E2?iIEi251E2EiE1i2E21 'I' :5:7:5:7:- 'iz-:-:gf '-3, 525112315 -I:2:2" T:' ,Z-:A ' Tzi:15:21:3:3:I:l:2:Ig2pIg11:g:g:g:g:::55: .3:-'7'f'--- ,425 ":Q:f:3,, fi: "5,3:2:3:g:f." 'f' 72222111 4.-: f2f1f?fIfSf2If:Z:f:f:f:f:f:f:f:2:f:Q3E' :L-. "': 5'75:' "':3:3:::,. .-P22 ""2F11 : jf -I 1:34 "'E2E1Ef E:Q,..g 1:ff'?22E"5" ,. :-:-...'.-.A:::: -.:.g.:.:.3.,,:3:-nga:-:-1 .... V:-:-:v--:+.-..E5:5"' :f:f1E2E2 :S?.'1' " ,,1i-E1i2i1EI21i2"' ,:o:fSf-:-- H222-""1:1E2E:: :E:E:E:1:I"".,22 f' 2S:l -E2E2E22IE'IIi212 'A:3:. 541 ' ""'E1EIEfE2EC:f " FRE-ffl' ''35132.-,iE:52:ZQ5255E5Q:5:5E 1:1:2::'s:a:a-11. Ezisilfe. .f:::::a:e:5:s:s:2:' 254 ' -- - - .5:s:1.-.1159 ,s:sf'-"s2s2z2zfsffz 232325252555 -.j .3:' -"" '':,:-:1E3EgE5E12r2'f2:355l 'rig 5132232211 -'El 3: gag. 2'f"E15fEf1::::5:55.5. ''i:33g65:5:19g:5:5fEg:geg5f5E:5: 5 25E5E3f:E5I:22,"5' -IE fi7:i:EiE1E1i2'f'f' ' -. +:-:-:-:-:-:-'-:-:- :. , ,g:3:g:5 f:::::1:::::g :::g.5,,. ':2:1:f:1g:::g:-:-5-'::::1:::: 551,-vzfzf 115,2:2:Q -:. :'g1g2g1' " ,:::3:-:Ef:521'1F:h'E-'flifft1:5:1:I: .1:f:?:1:1:1:2':2g:3:::: -.-.4.-Q:1:f:?: ':.1f42EfEI2-,- gf-:53:flS4EE?5:k5f?555?1E5551' 5FI1:f:5:5:i'f:1:I:2:'.-.-.- j:5:5:g:g:5:g:3. ,.3:f.gf1:g:3:g:11i .551 1595- ' I.: 35:22.55S5:gs:5:5:5:5:f25E-I1 '2ErE2Er3,:5:3fg:5:5:2:5 g:g:1:':3:1:::::1.,., ,551-'2:5:1:3:::1:, -:::::::3:::5:::: ,:g:g::Sg:55g.gE:g:::g:f555:.1:2" 1:35. .-.-:iz .':I:2:I:-:-' 151515:E1Er2rEi1:2:4:131Er:51g:,:g:g5:5:5:5. .f.::E:2:E11rEi1E1 5125215351:2S8EfEr?r?rEfEr?f--:ir?rE.f 1E152E1ErErErfrE'. Er?" ""' "i'353fE'f'i'if'- 'f3f5:3:-:5i:3:5!3!3If' E2E1EiE"51'--E25 .557557t7:5f3fTfI7Z5'7'5'f:3:1:5:i:3:5:f:5:5:'V' :IEff'I1fffIEiEi.-13:i:E.,,, ,,,iii' - 51515I51:15:f51EEEEEEE2E55EE1:'la- 35: --.-255352. H., ilfiiifiiifiv + gig:Q552255555553533555555-:fi:.5E5E?5?5E5E51 '""'::Q3E5E5E135Ef ..,::Q:i2E5E5EfE:E,- 4:5E55,,,, 5f:f5f5?5- - :5EA.. 555293'f'5fEi5E55i5g'?gE1E1E15?512555523151215251:-:-.-:-1-:SEI5252555 I H133 ,,"g-533:41-h .-:-:- ,ez-'-:-2AF:-:.g.5.5,g.3.g.3.75.:.gtg.55:15:::3:::g:g:5:5:3:3::: Wligiziziilj'3222222 Dean DL111112 ?'51f'i, .Q ,, E12sfa2s:iE2i2E?2iA" Q ua 1-te 1' ,-.-5.34.g.,:.-.f.-.1.:.5.,,.,.,.,.,.g,g:1:11:-::::' 3151: SCHUYLER isiesais2s2e Ef Sz: : A..... if NX 525552355 .Y ..A. . I:-1-ss:1:2m-:-1.1-A ' ' ' 2- .4:7:5:3",5:4.':Tt3: IW-2151212111: If I , ...,. ' ....,.... .. ,. . M,,:::1:::::,:::::,::,::3 51-tg : - . 3 5 f:f:f'f15 f - :3:L:3:Q:: ' 5:93:23 " 5 935? 3 2 '- '- 5.11: '- '-:-:-: -: 9 .-N ..-:-11:-.1:1. - kg - :-:-:Q5Q,'5'1- f 5 -. -. i J :v ,YV G aww I' x Ig X-.'gj'3...,,' ,N 4 1, N I vp: X ' ' ,. v 1. -i, ' .f , t Q? i v o v f 'ff 5' Q", +5 1, x v. xr it 4? 13 I ' A 3' v J 8 .v J 2. v , ,A 1. N -. saw i Q If I 19 . 't.?...q,t.c K 5.2 . f""'f'f':' - " ' ." fx. .4""-' vii" Y , , wg, x LaVe1'nQ Gray Tackle End WHARTON Coach Harold Malone Douglas Davis Arthur Shearn Floyd Foster Half Half End End Robert Thompkins Guard Full Guard Celltel' iw-5 M 3.5.:.5:,:.,:,,:.,:g.c-:-' -1- -.:.g.:,:. Vg I.-.5.:.5:5:5,:5:::5E:2f.::Q:2: 3.1.:.g.g.-. . e ..-.-:-q-Q1-g.g.g.:.g.:.1,:,f. -.N-.1 , X . . I B91-le Barnes Clark Williams N Merle B3I'Y19S I BQ I '-'-'-:-:':':-:-:-:- , I sw A ,. s 5' W , 5:.:5241::maE2:f:1 . '2AH+3.fira:5:sara-2::'1:f:a:gg::EE::::a2: Marion Davis Jim Rusk Lewis Davidson Gilbert Smith Center Tackle Taffkle Guard I 62 I L-'K' I. X'ARSl'l'Y IZQXSIQ lC'l'llALl. SQL' Top Ibm: lfloycl lfush-l', lfrf-cl lY:lll5.1lll'l'ly, Gvoi'p:v .lohnson A D S4-coml limi: Mr. Nlcliissick. l-'acuity 3l1lllilKl'l'2 .lanu-s Mclntyre, liliiforml Sll'NNllI'l. linln-rl Poplialn. ti.-urge l'hI, Sfllllylvl' XYlmrtou, lloucll. Se-uh-ml: V:-rlv Huck:-r. l.uV1-rll4- Gray. Harold Illulone. Robert NYorkni:m, Mzullugu-r. VVith the possibility of one of C0shocton's finest basketball seasons the Redskins were able to take the scalp of only fifty per cent of their opponents. The success of the team has been in the individual advancement made by each player, for it was sel- dom that the first stringers were without injuries. This was a severe drawback to the success of the season. Captain LaVerne Gray was named on the All Central Ohio League Team. Sea:'on's record: 'i"'i'f Dec. I2-Coshocton . ..,,.,, ,,,,, , . . 38 - Mt, Vernon ,,,,, U 24 S Ilcc. 18-Coshocton ., 33 - Dennisonl: , I7 Dec lil-Coshocton ., 19 - Wooster . , 29 Dec. 22-Coshocton ,,,, 35 - Granville ,, .,., . . 22 Q Dec. 340-Coshocton , 48 - Erie East fPa.W.,, , 27 Jan. 8-Coshocton 31 - Lancaster? .,.l, , , 25 Jan. 12-Coshocton . 19 - Zanesvillell ,, 24 Jan 15-Coshocton ,, 25 - Newark , ,, .,.., ., 30 S Jan. 22-Coshocton , 28 - Cambridge l,...l.,,. , Sl Jan 23-Coshocton 39 - Akron Goodrichli, ,, 32 X Jan. 29-Coshocton 28 - Marietta ..,.,.,..l,, ,, 42 H Jan. 30-Coshocton ., 32 - Akron Westl: ., . , 37 1 ,J Feb. 5-Coshocton 28 - Lancaster ,,.,,,,,,.,,,,, 31 Feb. 6-Coshocton ,,.. 24 - New Philadelphia? .. .. 22 Feb. 9-Coshocton 21 - Zanesville ..,,,.,,..,., . 31 X 1 Feb. lil-Coshocton ., 31 - Newark? .,.. H H 35 Feb. I9-Coshocton .,,, 32 - Cambrid,qe"i ., ,,.., 17 cl Feb. 26-Coshocton , ,,,l 32 - Marietta? ,,,, , 31 ' X 'Home games. is K fviidv V i Y ff'-1 V ' -I fi, l63l Q --','L"....-"i lb'l'n'z-QQ-0 .1 VARSITY IRZASKETBA Ll, LETTERM EN HAROLD MALONE Forward GEORGE JOHNSON Guard LA VERNE GRAY Captain--Forward ,sf S I in X 1 N L E r , A rx' aux' YT ,X , A Y , JAMES MCINTYRE Forward VERLE RUCKER A Guard r I v I, . KAI KS' i I ,I ' V ,.. iff A A FLO Y D FO S T E R Center I 64 1 ! , ', I U JUNIOR-VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD Standing: lfred Dornnn, Charles Spear, George Util, Clitford Stewart, Thoburn Deibel, Robert Slaughter. Scntcdg Mr. Cooney, Assistant Coach: Dave Metz, Manager: Merle Barnes, Herle Barnes, Fred Daugherty, Mr. Matthews, liquipnu-nt Manager. Gwwfb The Junior-Varsity is composed of boys who show promise of becoming good bas- ketball players. Boys are taken from class teams and some are taken from the re- serves of the Varsity. This team plays the Junior-Varsity of other schools. They play preliminaries to the regular varsity games. This gives them experience for Var- sity competition for the following year or years. There are several boys who show promisingly well for the Varsity next year. The Junior-Varsity travels with the Varsity on most of their trips. The boys on this team consist principally of students from the three lower classes because they are the ones that will return the following year for Varsity competition. The schedule for the past season is as follows: Dec Dec. Jan Jan Jan Jan Feb. Feb. Feb Feb. Feb Mt. Vernon -Dennison . ..,, . Lancaster . ,. Zanesvlle .... Newark ...,., Cambridge .......... Lancaster .........,.. New Philadelphia ...,. -Zanesville ,, -Newark . , -Cambridge . Coshocton Opponents 26 25 21 N 24 X 24 3 16 15 15 20 x x 19 11 Q86 'Q -:fi H.yq.l 1651 if 5 ua-xriiego-o 15 INTRA MLTRAI, CHAN PIONS Top Row: lil-or'ge .lolmson. tlozncli: George- L'hl, Mr. Helmrcl. Advise-rg Alfri-il llilclmson, VN'illinm Korns. Si-cond How: Clark NX'illiums, .lainie-s Blllllvlllpl, Noble- liiirgi-r, lllmlwy Ross. llolwrl Slaughter. Bottom llwm: Gilln-rt Smith. lilig.:Q-iw lJ'u1'lillg. 'l'lmmus llorvs. Rolls-rl Dunlap, Rolwrt llzillglic-rty, .loc lingli-. Gwvfl Coshocton High has developed a very efficient system in intramurals. Not only is valuable experience given the boys in basketball technique but also is shown a spirit of school and sportsmanship. Good ball was played during' the season. The Historians won the championship in a very exciting game. They were behind on a 9-1 score at the half, but managed to beat the gun a 12-11 register. The Politicians did the battering of the Historians in this final game. Club standing: Teams- Won Lost Historians .,,, - 7 0 Politicians ..,, 5 2 Stargazers .,,, 5 2 Scientists .... 4 3 Earthworms .. 2 5 Craftsmen .,,. 2 5 Farmers .....,,,...... 2 5 Mathematicians . ....V,,,,,,......fV,,,,ffffA, ---V---------',f,-"'f,,"--------'-f- 1 5 All League Team: Captain, Robert Popham, Farmersg F. Daugherty, Politiciansg T. Deibel, Earthwoxmsg G. Uhl, Historiansg R. Slaughter, Historians. Second Team: Captain, Clifford Stewart, Mathematiciansg C. Williams, Historiansg C. Spear, Scientistsg M. Barnes, Stargazersg D. Davis, Politicians, l66l lil RLS' llASKlQ'l'lAlAI,l. Cl IAM PS Standing: Alva Stewart. Nlililri-il Zimmernmn, Suzanne Patterson, Miss Metiinnis. Surah West, lileznnnr llriswell. Seated: NI:u'g:n'et Jolmslou, lilnorzu l,:uil'd, llorollly Oliver, .lean llrawlbrd. Swwfb The Girls' Intramural basketball league was organized this year under the direction of Miss McGinnis, the girls' gym instructor. A schedule was made which gave each team one game with each of the other 1118111- bers of the league. At the close of the regular schedule two teams were in a tie for first plaee. The leaders had six wins against one loss. To break the tie a play-otf be- tween the Hot Shots and Holy Terrors resulted. The Hot Shots barely edged their ri- vals in a I7-15 score. The season was marked with plenty of enthusiasm. The last game was an exceed- ingly exciting one in which a handy lead was 'cut to a two-point win. All games were well attended. The standing of Team- Hot Shots , Holy Terrors Spartans . , Trojans . , Skyrockets. , Shamrocks , Green Devils , ,, Scotchies . the teams follows : Captain- Iean Crawford ,....r. Helen Jane Buker. Helen Clark ..,....... Dorothy Henderson., , ,A Rhea Clark ..........., Betty Weisblat ...,.. ,Hazel Green .....,, Marie Uhl ..,.... Won Lost , .7 1 ,, . 6 2 5 2 5 2 ,, .. 4 3 .. ,, 1 6 1 6 I 6 E59 Jill? 71 aff! Y - if X X vi M Fl-I -rn-11:-Seo-o ,-5 GOLF SQUAD Top Now: Nl:-rlv linrm-s, fl. A. lick:-rt. Klonchz Floyd lfoster. .lunior Shipps. B1-rlv Bill'll0S, Roh:-rt Dunlap. Midmlh- Huw: Daw- Metz, N4-al llutrow. Donald Scott. Sun: Clow, lilly-IUIN' xYilll2lIllS Bottonl Ihm: .Iznnn-s Strung, Manx Mcliomn-ll, .lunn-s ills-mlc-xmiug. .lnlncs Clow. GNOME A golf team was organized this spring' as soon as favorable weather and conditions permitted play. Fourteen boys reported for the squad and Coach Eckert found some very good ability among them. After several practice rounds at Lake Pa1'k Hills Course an elimination tournament was staged in order to select the team. Top scores were turned in by the twins, Merle and Berle Barnesflilerle topping' the list. The team for the first match consisted of Merle and Berle Barnes, Floyd Foster, and Robert Dunlap. Matches were d'fi'icult to arrange this spring due to the fact that most of the schools in the Central Ohio League have discontinued golf. Newark fur- nished this tirst opposition on May 7 at the local golf course. A return match has been scheduled with Newark. As this section of the Annual goes to the press plans have been made for home and home matches with Massillon and Granville. A successful season is anticipated. l68l AB 4 ef 4v4rcLN,X 614: E' . g 1' QD ' y.. - -f ' ' ,Mx . . 1 . X -A 316 Cka 845 -Z ' I p W , 7.5: 1. V' Bing 'C Q lllFEAT sllO l69I if CHRONICLE OF EVENTS AT C. H. S. ammo SEPTEMBER 8-Bang-what's that-oh, just the beginning of a new school year. Gray, one of our most dignified Senior boys, asks where Room 20 is. Stealing the Freshmen's stuff. 19-Opening game of football season is with Wooster, we won, 6-0. Good start, you Redskins! 28-Rev. Barss gave us an interesting talk in chapel on "Making the Best of Our Opportunities." 30-Carl Siegrist is counting the weeks already-only about 35 more- wonder how many nights of those weeks he will spend in D. T? OCTOBER 2-New Phila. defeated us by a score of-well-I'd rather not men- tion it. 9-Scheduled game with Zanesville is postponed because of rain. We would have played but-guess they had wet feet. 12-Lost that postponed game to Zanesville after a hard-fought bat- tle. Score 7-6. Mr. Ross said it was plain luck on their part. NOVEMBER 14-Game at Marietta-they threshed us to the tune of 26-0. Looks like you Redskins had better sharpen up your tomahawks. 17-Book week-speakers in chapel. 25-Thanksgiving service given to us by Rev. Kiskaddon. Mr. Hunt- ington sang some songs, and then led us in a few. DECEMBER 11-Hi-Y Dance-what we have been waiting for-everyone enjoyed the rhythm of Harstler's High Hatters. 15-Liquid air demonstration-given by Mr. James. 18-Christmas Play-"What, No Santa Claus?"-presented by Dra- matics Club. 19-Beginning of our two weeks' vacation-which Will be welcomed and enjoyed by everyone. l'70l M 1 Q. lj . .. " Q19 l7ll Do They Grow These? The Thrve Parks Frances Watch Out, Helen The VVh00l0r's Orr Alone Park Road Frankie and Junior Dinner Time Home From School VVorkman in Action F'rank's Jewel Pals ,, -'v4 N f 5 1" Gif I ' 1 HH ,ag X THIS BOOK THE PRINT SHOP "Printing for Particular People" X ll Opp. Pennsy Station 0 COSHO CTON, - OHIO 2, ll Q in L' The publication of this year's Annual, your Tomahawk, has been due to the loyal support of these advertisers and contributors. The Toma- hawk Staff takes this means of thanking all who have contributed to the success of this Yearbook. THE HOME Loan and Savings Company FEDERAL INSURED SAVINGS LOANS FOR HOMES You Can Acculnulate Money or Property Easier by the HOME plan SAFE THROUGH EVERY STORM FOR FIFTY-SIX YEARS l72l R. R. ICaseyI jones Sinclair Products Corner Fifth and Chestnut Streets C h t Oh R. C. A. VICTOR CAR RADIO COMPLIMENTS OF E. D. STANTON I'I.UIXII3ING and HEATING 401 South Ninth Str t PHONE 765-J The Coshocton Farmers See Them at HOHSKOH Servlce GRAIN 1 Iflzlan 1 SEEDS Station FARM HIxRUxx'ARE AT THE POINT PHONE 65 126 H' kory Street PHONE 49 HDISTINCTIVE FUNERAL SERVICE" GI-ass Funeral Home 710 MAIN STREET AM IBLTLANCE SERVICE Day or Night PHONE 40 COSHOCTON, OHIO I73l COMPLIMENTS OF B LA C K W E L L DRY CLEANERS 115 South Sixth Street PHONE 181 Coshocton Hotel Private Tub or Shower . HESLT5 Single Connecting Shower , ,,,,,...,.,,,.,, .,S1.50 Single ALL OUTSIDE ROOMS Double Spring Nlatlresses on All the llccls L. GRUBER, Manager Coehocton, Ohio RICHCREEK'S 1. cz. lex. Fooo M,xR14l2'r Best Wishes to the Class of 193 ll' Ii l7lfl.I X' lfli 109 North Third Street PHONE COMPLIMFINTS OF P a r k V i e W Billiard Parlor 329 MAIN STREET I norm qqnpzss P xsonn. un-nu 1 C. M. HAY--Your C.H S. jeweler l74l Co-operative l.ive Stock Marketing Service Fat and Feeder Live Stock Auction Sale Every Friday Coshocton Live Stock Mulliqan Office Supphg Co. Steel Filing' Cases, Chairs, Des Index Folders. Diebold Safes, ks Manifold Printing. Sales Hooks PHONE 990 Cooperative Assn. North Sixth Street, Coshocton, Ohio PHONE 188 Opposite Pennsylvania Station COSHOCTON, OHIO i PASSENUIPER CARS AND TRUCKS COMPLIETIE SIERYICIE OLINQER CHEDROLET COMPANU CORNER OF THIRD AND WALNUT STREETS COSHOCTON, OHIO PHONE 120 s-"- K i751 V Q Wins-QQ-9 MORE CHRONICLES Gwewn JANUARY 7-Chapel program-Betty Weakland-girl evangelist--gave us all advice on a very common subject--"Love," 14--Another chapel program. A most interesting talk given us by Dr. Kelsey, president of Sterling College, Sterling, Kans. 22-Game with Cambridge, which we should have won but didn't. Lost it in the last few minutes. 23-Defeated Akron Goodrich in an exciting game on our own floor. Score 39-32. Too bad it wasn't a league game. 25-Beginning of semester examinations-"'Twas the night before exams, and all through my bean-I searched in vain for a light to glean." FEBRUARY 11-Movie shown to us by the Standard Oil Co. Three reels of vita- phone, Industrial Ohio, Cartoon and Beautiful Ohio. 12-Another defeat handed us by Newark. Close game though- score 31-35. 13--Tryouts for Dramatics Club and Glee Club. More fun. Enter- tained in assembly by the Honolulu Guitar Club. 19-26-We won our last two games of the season-from Cambridge and Marietta, respectively. MARCH 4-Superintendent Pence told us all about his trip to New Orleans where he attended the Superintendents' Convention. 8-Historical movie during activity period. Mr. Rehard's history students thought they were in class. 10-High School Girls' Chorus is announced. This group will be hav- ing rehearsals nearly every day in order to be ready for a trip to Muskingum College. 11-Another issue of the Tom-Tom-what would we do without it? Everyone enjoyed Miss Campbell's original contribution. 17-If you are Irish you should have on green today. Mr. Rehard had on a red-striped tie. Perhaps he's color blind. 19-The last night of the Senior Class Play-"One Mad Night." A full house-one of the teachers who received flowers had a bad case of stage fright. Funny-she's not like that at all in class. l'76l VValking the Plank Is the Horse a Junio "Celtia" Do I Rate? A Michigan View "Bang, Bang" Summer Days The Four of Us Goin' My Way? WVQ See You Home Finance Service Inc. 15 Fijew Building E. C. FOX, Manager PHONE 112 TEXACO SERVICE Texaco Fire Chief Gasoline Firestone Tires and Accessories Martak Lubrication MAX RUSK PHONE 318 WARNER BROTHERS Sixth Street AND Pastime Theaters COSHOCTON, OHIO Pastime Bowling Alley TIEDT Sz OUNNINGHAM, Props. HOVVLING : BILLIARDS Candy and Smokers' Articles COMPLIMENTS OF T H E Cussins and Fearn Company A GOOD PLACE TO BUY! 131 NORTH THIRD STREET PHONE 266 COMPLIMENTS OF G. M. C. TRUCKS PONTIAC : BUICK SCOTT Motor Sales Covered XVagOn Trailers LaSalle Cadillac T781 A QONIPLI'.1I'. LIINIZ OI' DAIRY PRODUCTS LUNCHEON SUPPLIES MEET ME AT THE DAIRY STORE 528 Nl St' t Phone 442 PASTEURIZED DAIRY PRODUCTS ICI L RI AM MILK PL TTICRMILK LOI IAQ LCHI I I CHOCOLATE MILK SOI?-KLIRD MINERAL MODIFIED MILK THE CONNER Dairy Products Company 222 North Second Stgfeet Phone 442 ,.v.L, f K I 1 :V COMPLIMENTS OF Syck's Bros. ICE CREAM and PASTRY SHOPPE 614 Main Street COMPLIMENTS OF Robson Bros. 442 Main Street COMPLIMENTS OF Coshocton Lake Park Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. 86 YEARS OLD THOMAS XY. KARR, Agent PHONE 239 BE SURE WITH PURE COMPLIMENTS OF Bob McCann, Agent FOR The Pure Oil Company Phone 400 - 475 Coshocton, Ohio l801 For More Than Fifty Y Bfgthgfs moon snoizs ALI, 'l'lllf FAMILY Best Wishes to the Class of 1937 7 Hignur Zlilnriaty-" S "Where Quality Counts" PHONE 516 Fountain Furniture Co. Qualitq Merchandise at Fair Prices 331 MAI N STREET PHONE 32 K -N14 , ,Q-.J,11 1, I 81 J THE LAST OF THE CHRONICLES Gmom APRIL 1-No school today-April Fool-Chapel program-Play-"Be a Lit- tle Cuckoo." 6-Meeting of Jr.-Sr. class officers. Maybe they are getting ready for the swanky Jr.-Sr. Prom. 8-Chapel-Honor Society chosen-what a surprise-Debate with Marietta-defeated them 3-0. 9-Big social event-Booster Banquet-at Riverside Bar-B-Que- Everyone enjoyed-chicken-songs-music. 13-"Hotshots" take girls' basketball championship-after a hard game with the "Holy Terrorsf' 14-seniors choose blue gowns and caps with White tassels-for grad- uation. 16-A. A. U. W. party for Senior girls-Held at Stage Coach Tavern. 23-Booster Club dance-good band-good crowd-good time by all. MAY 7-Jr.-Sr. Party-another nice affair-since We are upper classmen dancing is the only form of entertainment. 13-14-Jr. Class Play-"Lady Spitfire"-a sparkling performance given by these young actors. 21-Honor Society Banquet-held at the Country Club-quite an af- fair-the new members tried so hard to be dignified. 31-Final examinations begin for the three unfortunate classes-are we Seniors lucky-oh Well, We've earned it. JUNE 1-2-Seniors are doing a little last minute rehearsing for their big night. 3-The big step for Seniors-from High School into Life-has come at last-some are glad, but most are sorry. X 4-Whoops! This is the last day-for three Whole months-ta-ta till next year. l32l Autumn Without Dean GN-1 L- y V's TOL - SIEWARX Furl. I0 Z0-40 ' How You've Changed, Ruth Iiloanorr Not Before Dinner, Harold Ye Iiiiitor Depression iii, In Action Laughing Mary Did We Win? In the Mountains S Our Captain X ! Our Flag Dedication of Flag Pole E39 hi .-.--2. f Af . if HN 5 Wynrgi-9 Riverside Inn Famous For Good Food STEAK, FISH, CHICKEN FROG LEG DINNERS South Second Street Road SETH R. CUYKENDALL, Prop. FRIGIDAIRE Dependable Refrigeration Stover Electric: Company MAIN STREET PHONE 609 COMPLIMENTS OF Mecluggages "XYl1e1'e Students Meet" 504 MAIN STREET PHONE 349 Charles P. Malafa CUSTOIVI TAILOR American Auto Wrecking NENV and USED PARTS For All Makes of Cars NVE BUY and SELL USED CARS 134 NORTH FIFTH STREET R. F. MISKIMEN PHONE 5 ELBERPELDS 425 MAIN STREET COSHOCTON, OHIO Dry Goods, Curtains and Draperies, Rugs, FL1I'l'lIfl11'C, VVindow Shades, Ladies' Coats, Suits and Dresses H O S I E R Y PHONE 236 l84I VVe l':ln't Sell All the Mill So XVe just Sell the Rest Moles Dairq Seleetecl Dairy Procluets PHONE 249 For Distinctive ltlusic Brillharfs C-Toqq Cleaners 139 South Sixth Street PHONE 133 YOUNG M ENS CLOTHINCZ nncl l7L'RNlSHlNC'S DEL ITIACK Styled Right-Prie ed Rlght AND HIS Satisfaction Guaranteed 0FChCSTFC'1 Lorenz f- Hunter 504 MAIN STREET PHONE 349 408 MAIN STREET Stump Motor Sales Sales and Service Seventh and Walnut Streets and COSHOCTON, OHIO 244 Main Street 1- 11-15. -- .if l85l , Ju FEATURING the Success ofthe Social Season New things are constantly popping up on the social calendar. Charm is the never-ending road. Be in the lime- light of fashion. Dagley Beauty Parlor The Senter Clothing Company We Are YVell Prepared to Serve You Our stock consists of all well known merchandise. Clothcraft and Hyde Suits for young men in all the wanted models. Sincere and Mack Shirts. Berg' and Portis Hats. 436W Main Street PHONE 46 All Prices Consistent VVith Quality Congratulations, Seniors SALES Palardy Typewriter 7 .iw Service Q41 TX PEIX RITERS WILLYS Sld:Retl:Rpai'l . O H ei C lei M4 O. Bretzlus Motor 5 HOME BUILDING PHONE 671 COMPLIMENTS OF DAVIS Dry Cleaning We Have Our Own Cleaning Plant Corner Third and Pine Streets PHONE 81 YOU NYILI. BE MILES AHEAD To Come To HUFF Tire Service 618 MAIN STREET TIRE REPAIRING COMPLIMENTS OF J. C. Penney Co. Cosliocton's Economy Center 341 MAIN STREET A. BRIES PRACTICAL PLUMBING Vapor and Hot Water Heating -Iobbing a Specialty 142 Hickory Street, Coshocton, Ohio PHONE 119 l86l Trottman's Grocery GLENN HAMILTON, Mgr. MICATS :md X'Ii1ili'l'.Xl3l.liS PHONE 1341-W Corner Pine and Seventh Streets COMPLIMENTS OF The Gas Co. 536 MAIN STREET 9 Triplitt s Orivinal Cut Rate Drug Store HOURS Week Days, 8 a. ni. to 10 p. m. Sundays, 9 a. m. to 12 ni., 4 p. m. to 9 p. m PHONE YOUR WANTS We Deliver PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIfTS With Registered Man on Duly 5 523 MAIN ST. 234 MAIN FT. SHOES For the lintire Family at Lowest Prices SCHIFF'S Big Shoe Store 409 MAIN STREET MICIXIO TO: ALI, RIQADERS RIC: YOUR Cl,O'l'llliS Our theme is Progress : Our best efforts are Quality : Our most cherished ideal is your Good Will. VVe choose our merchandise with an eye to your critical taste, and always insistent upon bringing you the finest fabrics ob- tainable. GOLDE ' ip lil ISTI Q74 N f l 1" HH Farm Bureau lnsurance AUTO MOBILE l.lFE V FIRE C. HAROLD PRESTON WILMER A. SALRIN 133 South Third Street PHONE 152 Bells Home Store 518 MAIN STREET XX'2lSl'16l'S : Refrigerzitors : Sweepers Radio : Whllpapei' PHONE 699-J COMPLIMENTS OF lDilliarn's Auto Bodq Shop Specialists in Auto Bodies and YVreck Rebuilding PHONE 700 228 North Fifth Street, Coshocton, Ohio Class of H37 " We hope this is only the first of your Big Years-with many more to come. We'1l be Watching you with Wishes for a lot of success. CRenner 'S JEWELERS 1 oPToME'rR1sTs BEST WISHES St. Clair Realtu Service, ,E S. L. ST, CLAIR .,.........,,.,..,.... Broker C. C. DAWSON ..............,,,. Salesman MARGARET ST. CLAIR..Sec1'etary Fon Disrinoriviz CANDIES Home Canclu Co. Quality, Courtesy, Service PHONE 661-J 109 SOUTH SIXTH STREET DEPENDABLE SERVICE Phillips Service Center WALNUT and CAMBRIDGE PHONE 86-VV Gallimore and l..ane's Barber Shop 543 MAIN STREET l88l C. H. Kokensparger COMPLIMFINTS OF COSHOCTON, OHIO J' J. Your Dodge and Plymouth Dealer Chmclricll Tires : SiIlClZli1' Gasoline PIIONIC 655 COMPLIMENTS OF Spic and pan Cleaners CUl.L'Ml1l,X DL' PUNT X SL'l'liR C'I.liA-XNIQR 'l'RlCl.liNIi 1 SYSTIOEIXI CLIC.-XNING 1:12 MAIN STR!-:ICT PHONE 649 .-,-2.--1----"1 O if Y I 89 I D-LITE BAKERY PROD KCTS COMPLIMENTS OF Eat "D-Lite" and he Delightecl Haller and Daniels Pafflsh Baking Company PHONE 103 COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF Darling's Sinclair QEIII1flfH11,Z Statwn Zlllnrinia Corner Eleventh and Walnut Streets PHONE 69 Qilllx 0 Learn How to Bowl! Q F I xlyi llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllIIIllIllIIIllllllIIIlllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllmilllllllllIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllmlll l ' jjlj , film. EowL1NG IS THE GREATEST 1NDooR BOQL SPORT EoR MEN AND VVOMEN BONVL For Health BOWL For Real Exercise BONVL For Pleasure BOVVL For a Trim, Slim Figure INSTRUCTIVE! ENTERTAINING! AMAZING! , Marathon Recreation 4 CHACOS BROS. AMUSEMENT CO. X 133 South Sixth Street 4' H COSHOCTON, OHIO ' l90l i For Quality and Efficient COMPLIMENTS OF SHOE RIEPAIRING Coshocton County 7 Finance Co. Cpperman S S H O li S H O P 112 South Sixth Street 531 Main Street SlllCl.l. HASOIJNIC and OIL at All Shell Stations The llest Place For Toys Pope-Cosser llinnerware The Hartley Co, Service With a Smile Distributors 607 Main Street Phone 923-W Philco Radios Kelvinator Refrigerators General Electric Refrigerators ALSO L'OMl''l'li CQICNIQRAI. lil.liC'l'RlC APPLIANCES lilectric Ranges, Water Heaters. Dishwashers, Disposals, Ironcrs, litc. General Hardware Roscoe Hardware Y-2: ,Y lgll :xr KEYSTONE SHOES FOR EVERY OCCASION 'Tis true yuu can find Shoes priced the same tnever Imverb IIUT there is Z1 IIIQST in everytllingx Shoe Store 422 Main Street, Coshocton, Chio BEST STYLES SUPERIOR QL'rXI,ITY CORRECT FIT IXIODIYRATELY PRICED O R1ce's Young Mews Shop TASTY S,-XNDXYICHIQS 2 SUNDAICS : IJIiI,ICIOL'S SODIXS MALTIQD IXIILIQS : RICFRESHIXG DRINKS We Pride Ourselves in Serving Only the Best in the Most Sanitary Manner "The BEST at its IZIZST for the REST" I92I J J X 1 X Protect and Beautify Your Home with ' X 1 ' if f' i ft f LUC XS QUALITY PAINTS l i e , A 1 SOLD BY ' h is R. H. Finnell SL Sons 2' W ' - l 121 S. Sixth St. Phone 6 Coshocton, Oh o COMPLIMENTS OF MCGUWAN BROTHERS Wholesale Grocers 130 S. SIXTH STREET ,4 ' YICS SIR! SINCE 1876 W 3 QQ: I Q . A 4. 2 i We have carried the most complete i3 k line of Athletic Equipment and hard- lg , ware items in southeastern Ohio. We xg. I l specialize in luggage which makes a 2- j' Q very useful graduation present. h You can get what you want X when you want it at The Glossman Hardware Company Zanesville, Ohio The "New Ray"-The New Nl 'lx No llflzichine-No Wfires PHONE 610 TO INQUIRE l'IERMANliN'l'S, 352.00 to EFS OO QEND PERMANENTS, 351.50 UPJ SHUCK'S Beauty Salon 628 Main Street l93l --V -2 Lfwlx-L 'EJ' 7 A 5 QP as-841190-0 7 ti... A aah ma.. CONTRIBUTORS fAlphabetically, According to Amount of Contribution! GSQYD American Art Works Carl Patterson 49 0 O 49 49 Charles R. Frederickson W Milf? Cl Ely Gleason Lumber Company Hoslck S Ohio Power Company The Tribune Q60 Buckeye Clothing Company Dr. Paul Harner Dr. A. P. Magness Novelty Advertising Company Robertson's Drug Store 7', l . 4 K 1 ' s 1 I, If W79 'IAN Dr. J. G. Smailes A. J. Stewart Wimmer and Arnold o o o Dr. Honabarger o e o Blanche Kinkade awww 6WMfD AUTOGRAPHS l - u X x x- W .fa , " T fbi! 0 fa R Allilfwjbd Jw ,M X.. ,xx fill' ill I MQW' W ff, l l94,I SENIOR HITS HAROLD ADAMS "Talking Through My Hat" SHARLEY ANN ANTISDEL "P. S. I Love You" DOROTHY M. ARONHALT "There's Yoo Hoo in Your Eyes" MARIE ARRON "In My Country That Means Love" SUZANNE BACHERT "In Your Own Quiet Way" VIRGINIA BAIRD " That's How Virginia Began" DOROTHY BAKER "You're So Darn Charming" JOAN L. BARTHOLOW 'Painting the Clouds With Sunshine" IRIS IRENE BESST "Love's Young Dream" EDMUND BIBLE Whistle and Blow Your Blues Away" ESTHER BONIFIELD "It Happened in Chicago" ELIZABETH BOSTWICK "Keep That Twinkle in Your Eye" BETTY BROWN "Miss Brown To You" HELEN JANE BUKER "Simply Grand" NOBLE E. BURGER "We Were So Young" JUNIOR LLOYD BURT "Just to Live Awhile and Dream" KATHLEEN CALL "I Wake Up Smiling" ALLAN CARNAHAN "Sing Something Simple" FRANCES E. CARNAHAN "The Lady in Red" MAXINE CATON "Sweetheart ol My Campfire Days" RUSSELL CATON "Papa Treetop Tall" HELEN RUTH CLARK "Too Much Imagination" PAULINE CLARK "Smile At Me" RHEA MAE CLARK "A Million Dollar Baby From a Five and Ten Cent Store" JANE CONNER "Sailor, Beware" GEORGE COX "You Don't Love Right" JEAN R. CRAWFORD "Shall We Dance" MARGARET CUYKENDALL "Double Trouble" LEON DARR "One Night in Monte Carlo" DOUGLAS DAVIS "It's the Gypsy in Me" JOHN DAVIS The Gentleman Obviously Doesn't Believe in Making Love" J. MARION DAVIS G'WWfD DEAN DULING "Then I Could Forget You" TRACEY DULING "It's Funny to Everyone But Me" AUTUMN EHRBAR "Why Shouldn't I" JOHN EHRICH "Play, Orchestra, Play" BETTY EMIG "Life Is a Song" JENNIE EVANS "Lady Known as Lulu" TWILA M. FISHER "Gee, But You're Swell" LEROY FITCH "Don't Bring Lulu" MIRIAM FREIFIELD "Tell Me I'm Wrong" DALE FREKE "A Little Rendezvous in Honolulu" DICK GAYNOR "Cheer Leader, Charlie" CHARLES WILLIAM GILL "Footloose and Fancy Free" WAUNETA GLAZIER "Who But You" WILLIAM S. GRAHAM "Rhythm in My Bones" LA VERNE GRAY "May I Have the Next Romance With You" HAZEL GREEN "You're An Angel" KATHRYN GROSS "I Ask Not Who You Are" ERNEST L. GRUBBS "Lost in My Dreams" JESSE HAGANS- "A Lazy Day in the Sun" BETTY HALLER On a Sunday Afternoon" PAUL HAMILTON "Restless" . BETTY HANCOCK "Time Will Tell" ELLA LOUISE HARGROVE "Old Man Rhythm" ANNABELLE HARR-AH u S "You've Been Taking Lessons in Love" CURTIS HARTLEY "If They Feel Like a War Let Them Keep It Over There" LEOTA HAYES "Lovely To Look At" DOROTHY JUNE HENDERSON "One Never Knows Does One" NATALIE HOFFMAN "Only a Rose" DESSEL HOLDER "Easy Come, Easy Go" BETTY E. HOSFELT "Seein' Is Believin"' MILDRED JONES "Why Do They Call It Gay Paree" CARLOS KEMPF S f K 5 x- x vs? x wing" ' '1 Learned About Women Ffgm Here "Wotcha' Gonna Do When There Ain't No S ALLEN DAY HAROLD 'I Feel Like a Feather in the Breeze" "Thurs LifEI1Ng,igE I95l mf! IN VN lv -41" 1' 1- Y I .., i 1 , I ...L gy HMI Q n-u-negro-0 "A Woman Has the Right To Change He SENIOR' HITS RUTH KIRKER "Somehow I Knew" GWENDOLYN KIRKPATRICK "There's No Substitute For You" THOMAS KIRKPATRICK "Oh, I Don't Know" ALLEN LAIRD "The Simple Things in Life" IRENE LOSEGO "Quand Tu Chantes" LOUISE LOSEGO "Mademoiselle" REX LOWE "What ,Are Your Intentions" ROLLIN E. LUMM "Just Once Too Often" MARIE MARSHALL MARY EDITH MARTIN "Please Keep Me in Your Dreams" ROBERT R. McCLAIN "Freckle Face" JEAN McDONALD "I'll Always Be in Love With You" FLORENCE McKNIGHT "Let It Be Me" LAURA MILLER "Short and Sweet" MARY MILLER "I- Like That Face Your Wearing" PAUL MILLER "It's All So New To Me" THOMAS MISKIMEN "Lulu's Back in Town" LESTER MOATS "Pm Running Around in Circles" ROBERT MULLIGAN "Fm Living in a Great Big Way" RUTH MURPHEY "As Long As I Live" ROBERT MURPHY "Dames" BETTY I. NELDON "I'm a Little Moon Mad" PRESTON NORRIS "'Drifting Along" JOYCE ORR "Who Walks In When I Walk Out" GERTRUDE E. PARKS "l'll Bet You Tell That To All the Boys" HAROLD PARKS "Little Man You've Had a Busy Day" KENNETH PARKS "Fm Glad I Waited" WILLIAM D, PATTERSON "I Was Lucky" VELMA PAYNE "Trouble Don't Like Music" VIRGINIA PENICK "You Fit Into the Picture" CHARLES PIGMAN "I Don't Want To Make History" ROBERT H. POPHAM "He's a Humdingern LOIS PORTEUS "Everyday" JEAN RANDLES ..Happy,, GNMWD r M ind" l96l SUSIE RANDLES . "Unsophisticated Sue" ' BETTIE ROBERTS "Sweethearts Forevef' RUTH EILEEN ROBERTS "Your Eyes Have Told Me" RUTH ELEANOR ROBERTS "Will Wonders Never Cease" CARLYLE RODERICK "Near and Yet So Far" MARIANNE ROGERS "Sweet, Is the Word For You" GERALDINE ROSE "You're the Tops" MARGARET L. ROSS "I Think You're Wonderful" I JIM RUSK "Loajin' Time" - MARY E. SALVAGE "Fit As a Fiddle" BETTY SHARPLES "Without a Word of Warning" ART SHEARN "Youfve Got To Be a Football Hero LOIS JEANNE SHEPLER "Wouldn't I Be a Wonder" BILL SHEPPARD "I'm Lost For Words" CARL SIEGRIST, Jr. "A Mile a Minute" WILLIAM DALE SPEAKS "Sweet and Slow" JEROME STENNER "Smoke Dreams" LE ROMA SULCER "The Guy From the Isle of Capri" CHARLES R. SWIHART "Curly Top" DAVE G. THAXTON "Love 'em and Leave 'em" ROBERT H. THOMPKINS 'Take a Number From One to Ten" JEAN TISH "Every Little Moment" ALEX R. TISONYAI "When My Dream Boat Comes Home' LOIS ELAINE TROTTMAN "Because It's Love"' SYLVIA WEISBLAT "Ain't Ya Glad" TOM C. WESTFALL "The Meanest Man in Town" ROSE WESTON "Our Little Girl" BETTY LEE WHEELER "Believe It Beloved" DEAN WHEELER "In a Soda Fountain Mirror" MARGARET ELLEN WILSON "You're the Cream in My Coffee" MARY MARGARET WILSON "Easy To Love" FRANCES WISENBURG "Oh! Me! Oh! My! Oh! You!" JEAN E. WOLFE "Just Picture Me Without You" t ...K el,,f,,f4?L. My Wifkfmw M' 4fwjQ'?lEfi 1f9g?Vjffff, r TZMWYM yffiw-2 MM w WMM ' Q QSYQQMW ff W ffm , X 0 a Ji f ww lofwhv ' gjjjifuwi Vs' WWA!-,dmv . ff wfd if, W Q., ,-f ff ,1 f L 1 'f ' ,f ' , ""'?ifT.f ..,, Ai, 5 i c ' ' s l agua V3 6 ,I fn, Wvwm x' vi! , ..f5WgmfCwfQ!, Q 6 1666 ' l X ff 4a f Q QW! A ,f 1- Xxycxf X, xv ky Q QQQQ

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