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W""'Wb ' f' 1' AW '- fwxtff. - . - 'i S' A QT 1 aw' T " 'I ff .-T"""r"1 7- - ' :vis Msfttvtfi 7 1 501 ' -V -V T' ".S1f55252f5'fie . 155 www - ' se 1 -f. 1 -.F - 1 - f- 'V 'tif "1 a .H-V ,- " .' , as ,A fm V A A 5' '-1"- - I my D ,.- . ft f" .-.1435 : '- P'-.J :, 5 20- 5 gf , "- - -- 1, 'ikycl I, .y ' fa 5- . 7 l l A Jryaijr 'avg . A 6 'zQ65 . 4. , ' Qs lam - - N 414 "l 'fx 'fail ' ,4 Wy' 5'?l'7 ' 'Wit t 'f'L"'x, wx' ' -. f- ff.: . f I '11 ufhffw u- ' ' ern' ,'?fff?t:Xf'S?- -, T ts ' . ' . if ' mx.. L AL Ip, 3,2 . fZ!1,,,,3g X2-'mei gf mimi. t.a-Rf? S 3 1 : qt " X. t a"' ' "S ,f , ' V -t ,..- . ' 2 - A "'Y V'-!'X'f -1,:.--'f 1- 'ft' 1. -ug , ' ' V ' "'!'."f" :- XA mi ' EAM!! "7" M CV- Af ' WYE- '. 'L'-Q'-F:i 'SPP-if " . .324 VV-J . 1.-14f'Q'z5i aE'9'?l'g' ETsi '--'TQMV1' 4-ig? r. , .- M... ra . .. ' avi, N . .5 .- . , . , 4, . .. D 1 , f, ,gg .. ' - .lx A- v' 1 3 .- .,.-fc .3 x 9 3. Mg V f 94 ,gps V 1 , 651 . f - 'wa V mi wits -ga: . at W me t V -' V f . ,ex '- N , Vs. Q' ',,- V Nj. -i .25 fl? , 5 - -V .: . ' Tv N J -F 'I ' ' ' 1' 1 ' W" Ii.V,a,V5,.1.,Vis. 1 -is Q- -4:52:53 we lsitft A 95? aff " .214 gif" tp Mit 'BT . .. ' .P A-ts' 4 . 1 , , s " ' 'T Q- V . 1 , wt- " "T ' - 5 Vvrrurmf ' " " " xr' ,. , Y-T ' " 5 i A tour for peace American eagle feather in Phoenix, U,S. and Canada. Y 'ef Panama Vice FEB 8: Panamanian Commander-in- in M1am1 on racketeering and drug trafficking charges. He is the highest ranking foreign figure every sought by U.S. law enforcement agencies. Pope Iohn Paul II is presented with an AZ, one stop of his 10-day tour of the Chief Gen. Manuel Noriega is indicted l 'M 3 I W' , A 47 Panic in Arcadia A SEP 11: The Ray family of Arcadia, FL, whose three boys suffer from the AIDS virus, leave town after their home burned down, presumably by arson. They later settled in Sarasota, FL where that community offered its sympathetic support. The Iran-contra Affair: Final Chapter NOV 18: After months of testimony, the Congressional Iran-contra Committee concludes the ultimate responsibility for the affair rests with the president, even if he did not know what was happening. Y - ,... p. Q, of 987 tt 1V Beverly Hilis Cop If Witches EaSf4t1ck,s VVVT , V 3Y5afH1VfAffra??if?H t 1iifEt?3iF5f?s11sf?l, lrrttt ' V 1 And in sports . . . The Washington Redskins celebrate their 42-10 Super Bowl rout of the Denver Broncos. Minnesota took the World Series in seven games against St. Louis. Y Hartfelt Hartaches After withdrawing from the presidential 'race because of his involvement with actress Donna Rice, Gary Hart returns to the campaign despite continuing concems about his character V X ' ., . , O ff W .L A-, ,H -.-1u- za. at ,.5fi, ...J 9,5 n-34,g,g::.q'ff,.- B- i 1 A . .5 5 vf.- 1.- , f....u'...d. REF LECTION S Mr. Kent Briggs, Principal Mr. Doug Schlenker, Advisor Kathy Koser, A Jason Labrie, Rona Pride, Bobby States, David Twigger, Editors Tracy Ayers, Business Jennifer Gorman, Phillip Shaw, Photo Volume 24, Year 28 1 I E 2 Population 1,401 16021589-1500 HIGH SCHOOL 8828 N. 31st Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85051 OPENING 1 lvnfh, for 2. Faculty membei,'Ms. Milligiliy iS caught bing out ofa tree. ' K y 3. Fresh momentchm 4. At the assembly, the students 5. .Inline eyes 6.'Faculty Mrs. "nn fs: ,ry ' ii, 2 ,. 9' . , Awdemws Q j Y Clubs . 2 img f 2 i r 2 l. Here is sophomore, Leesa Denny, dancing to a beat at the dance. 2. Seniors, Kelli Madeya, and Brain Bulman take care of music at the assembly. 3. On the winning float were seniors, Chris Bacon, Jason LaBrie, and David Schuster. 4. Juniors, Shelley Martin, Lisa Martin, and Sherry Hunter sell yearbooks at registration. 5. Taking pictures with a friend is Vince Lampert, junior 6. At lunchtime Cortez students relax and enjoy themselves. 7. At the snack bar, students could not make up their minds what to buy, as shown in the picture f-al' S X f 'sf N, q-1 ii? 'As-if ,,rf l Quake: l 4 THEME 1' V .f l s , ,L fi, if 1 B ft ' ' . i Q' M l ,J l , J, ' ,V 'ff f ,W ,-...awww E 5 THOSE GOOD OLD DAYS The theme for this year was reflections. We are all going to try to make something of ourselves in this world of ours and we will look back some day at the fun times we had in high school. How we cheered our teams on to victory, the school play, those band trips, and those after the game dances. Then there was Homecoming, the Christmas Party and Dance, the Yearbook Ski Trip to Purgatory, the Junior Prom, the Senior Trip to Mexico and the last days of school, final exams, graduation and parties, ooh yes, those were the days. Story by Jason LaBrie Layout by Jason LaBrie Photos by Mr. Schlenker THEME 5 HIGH SPIRITED School spirit is alive and kicking as hundreds of students gather for the assemblies. The thing stressed most is school spirit. The spirit flows higher than a regular high-lifting vocal expression to an intimate peak. We want every school to know that we are the most spirited. This spirit helps cheer on victories of our team and helps release the real person hidden deep inside of everyone. Let this spirit last forever! Let no one knock it and be as loud as you can because if we can't hear you, you're not loud enough. Let's remember that spirit we had and lets reflect on it in the future. Photos by: Mr. Schlenker Layout by: Bobby States Story by: Rona Pride 6 SPIRIT + WWM 'CN l .f"" J 5 1. At the assembly Mr. Briggs, Mr. Miller and Mrs. Johnson discuss who's going to do what at the next assembly. 2. Members of the student council show spirit in the assembly. 3. Junior, Brian Yarbrough and Junior Dawn Rowland compete at Homecoming assembly. 4. Junior, Ron Neal looks on as Krista Hanna, junior ties classmates in. 5. After an assembly, administration member, Jennifer Johnson, gives the o.k. signal. 6. The varsity football team had much spirit in fall assemblies. 7. The attention of the crowd was grabbed as the spiritline did an exciting number. SPIRIT 7 CORTEZ CELEBRATES 2 ? X N, ' "'-.M ITE '......., XZ .-ff NS,Qg DONT LET ruins DRIVE DRUNK . . wo, FE 5 t s ig Q fi if .-tml. rr-IW" E W if 7 1. Seniors celebrate relay race victory. 2. Coach Leikvold shows his spirit during homecoming assembly. 3. Tiffany Higgins and Athea Every work on cheering tor the discover America skit. 4. Junior Shagufta Mulla and freshman Becky Victor wait for art class to begin. 5. Senior, Tracy Kurtzman shows her spirit on red, white and blue day. 6. On their way to Ms. Sansoms class are Brad Osmick and Richard Clark 7. At halftime of the homecoming game, S.A.D.D. paraded their banner around the track. 8. Senior, Shannon May gets involved in the assembly. HOMECOMING WEEK 9 AMERICA - In 1492 Columbus discovered America. This discovery sent thousands of people from different countries to this new land. Now over hundreds of years later, Cortez celebrates America - together. The 1987 Homecoming theme, Cortez Celebrates America, has the traditional red, white and blue colors and floats representing them. The Homecoming weeks activities were on Thursday and Friday giving students and teachers time to prepare. Thursday was red, white and blue day. The lunch time activity was for students from each of the classes to go on stage and sing "Yankee Doodle." There were many variations of the song. The original author of "Yankee Doodle" would have been pleased. Friday was spirit day. The band mar- ched through the hall ways with the cheerleaders behind cheering and chanting for a victorious night. The school was decorated to the lowest lows and the highest high. The Friday's lunch time activity was for students from each class to find a gumball in a pan filled with whipped cream. The results were undescribable. The 1987 Homecoming was celebrated with liberty and pride. This Homecoming will be remembered in the future. Story by: Rona Pride. Layout by: Bobby States Photos by: Dean Schlenker and Mr. Schlenker max 'f 10 HOMECOMING WEEK Wm.. Aim.. nw. L 1: Y. Y 'L ti 11 ,ss , I L44 51214. V' M ,Q , ., ,:' at XX? 5 l. Norman Long and Eric Bramlett seniors, compete in a lun- chtime activity during Homecoming. 2. Many people seem to be having a good time at the Homecoming dance. 3. Kim Edmonson senior, goes through her routine during Homecoming assembly. 4. Terry Matlock senior, is left all by himselfafter the assembly. 5. Senior, Mark Fialkosky takes a break between classes. 6. Debbie Davis senior really enjoys her pan in the relay competition. 7. Senior, Dean Barnella andjunior Louie De La Cruz discuss their classes. HOMECOMING WEEK 1 l ,,.f"f . .3 3 ,ff ,f 'f"" wwf" X " lv kid lr-'fl' .i Mb M i fe ,n - Q- 4-f'4"fik"' ., 1. Student council members show their talent. 2. Spirit line performs for the crowd. 3. 8L 4. Senior, Rona Pride, gets ready to let Mr. Gadus have it, and then . . . Oh, what a mess. 5. Senior, Stephanie Toth, calls for volunteers. 6. Junior Aaron Huge, and senior, Amberly Eproson, enjoy the spirit of Homecoming. 7. Senior, Chris Ward, leads his team in the clothing exchange race. 8. Students on their way to class. 12 HOMECOMING WEEK , RED, WHITE AND BLUE X vu-ul' xx , .ms ww-- f' in ,V X, -1 . ':t",f" ,Q E 0 aigzzw zw 5 , ,lf Q JEQE E H Ng ., ,1 mf j nf 1 4, 1 E N 5, Rd. Xu .- 1 E52 was if g' t , f q.,X -2, + to W 4 , 1: ..,... g v HOMECOMING WEEK 13 IGHTIHE 4 14 HOMECOMING V+' Qi? 'ffhkgv .- J iff .1 an-Q - ik I R X l H X 7 l. Another club parades down in front of the stands. 2. At the Homecoming dance, Gary Thorn, senior, shows his stuff 3. At the Homecoming game, student council members show their spirit. 4. While looking to the side, Christy Geen is caught by the camera. 5. At the game, Stephan Smarr junior, runs the ball with pride. 6. Junior, Jason Ormiston and senior, Dennis Jerin, salute the crowd. 7. Sophomore class officers always take excellent pictures as shown by this one. 8. Junior, Jason Ormiston conducts with pride. 9. At the dance, many students had a good time as shown by juniors, Brian Yarbrough, Aaron Newkirk, and Callie Carman. X "Fly, HOMECOMING NIGHT 15 J... ' i -iff? 4 if A 1 'Q qi fi Z J Q gk ik M, . A A ' f I ff -v Q3 :u - "I" fx ,-F: -.a Q iw .4 11, aff 'Mi , ,, iw 'uma ag fu 4 ..-ff ..,. ,ti I fi CL. l , v- NN-. l. Senior attendants, L to R: Michelle Stewart, Greg Paul, Shannon Nor- ris, Bobby Valenzuela, Stephanie Toth, Scott Bowman, Kelli Madeya. 2. Senior Attendants: Scott Bowman and Kelli Madeya. 3. Senior Attendants: Greg Paul and Michelle Stewart. 4. Junior Attendants: Todd Springfield, and Kathy Shea. 5. King and Queen: Bobby Valenzuela and Shannon Norris. 6. Sophomore Attendants: Tyler Russell, and Debbie Baker. 7. Senior Attendants: Terry Matlock, and Stephanie Toth. 8. Sophomore Attendants: Tyler Russell, and Debbie Baker. 9. Junior Attendants: Kathy Shea, and Todd Springfield. 10. Freshman Attendants: Jason Zontanos, and Jennifer Bailey. , 1 7 1. While showing spirit on halloween, sophomores Sandra Brimmer and Debbie Baker are caught by the camera. 2. Dressed as the Wicked Witch and-Snow White are Erin Kelly and Kathy Koser, seniors. 3. Senior Rona Pride arrests senior Stephanie Verderame for loitering in the yearbook room. 4. Sophomores Rebecca Smook and Monica Tumer enjoy themselves while dressed up at Halloween. 5. Dressed as a painter, Mr. Walsh chills out in his class. 6. On Halloween, Mr. Carman dressed up as our very own President. 18 HALLOWEEN 3 is Z' we ' .,N,,,....---4 5253 SPOOKY Students and faculty members show- ed their school spirit with original and creative costumes. This day brought a different light on school for many students. Whether it,s the President of the United States or a clown, this day allowed everyone to express the person or thing they've always wanted to be. Spookes and ghouls were in our schools as Halloween approached Dressed to a tee maybe as a tree maybe even as a roach They showed their spirit dressed with merit being complimented by many folks They were happy at the end because they shared it with a friend the 1987 Halloween day will be reflected. The end. Story by: Rona Pride Layout by: Bobby States Photos by: Jennifer Gorman Q -y, .,,k K HALLOWEEN 19 DRACULA LIVES AIN The Cortez drama department's fall play was a great suc- cess. It was a box office sell-out two of the three nights it played. Dracula was produced and directed by Mr. Pat Walsh. The cast and crew of Dracula all worked very hard on the technical side of the show, and the set and special effects turned out great. Carrie Rush, head of the lighting depart- Cortez Ovation ment, commented, "The cast and crew were really hard work- ing and fun to work with. I really had a lot of fun? Photos by: George Doscher Layout by: Bobby States Story by: Bobby States 20 PLAY in C Y - .11 M 4 nag.. ,fha 655 I VT? Q f e lf I- 2-2: sig, K gj Kb' e x 'N' ' l-N N iv . Q X -',. . f . af ,13:ga,.1rawzQ.- 5 Q '1 4 X Q' + Q 1 g we r 4 32- W Q., A Nw xc X 'X 4 X -F' t MQ-x Q ik Q Q . 4, -X N ae N S 4 . fi ,.vg1e11K,4. 4 . ag 3 v i R 9 A Q 1 ' Dag. 4' SENIORS ADGPT A KID AGAIN Every year the senior class sponsors a Christmas Party for the children of less fortunate families. The children played games such as Simon Says and sat on Santa,s lap and received a present from him. "I enjoyed the senior pany with the children a lot. It made me look forward to the future when I will have my own little girl remarked Carl Wilson, senior. Layout by: Bobby States Photos by: Mr. Schlenker Story by: Bobby States si Ye it 0 iff y N Y ' ' 1 f K 22 CHRISTMAS PARTY -4-..,W..,,NNp-WQMQ 6 I. Seniors, Suzanna Holt and Mike Kennedy help their adopted kid pick out some goodies. 2. Santa Clause, played by senior, Greg Stanton and an adopted kid take time out to pose for a picture. 3. Senior, Linda MeCorkle, and her kid look over the good stuff. 4. Seniors, Terry Matlock and Darrin Galbreath show how they did it when they were kids. 5. Members ofthe band and their friends show some Christmas cheer. 6. Senior, Kathy Koser, helps her friend with Christmas cookies. 7, Senior, Nahid Nekho, seems to enjoy herself while her adopted friend and Shelley Bruner await their turn. Photos by: Mr. Sehlenkcr Layouts by: Bobby States Story by: Bobby States CHRISTMAS PARTY 23 ii :Y 6 Wk " 1 .- . Q, S 1 .L Q -iw:'Hgf: 'l .-.. S . - gs-151. " ' Z " - A ,, , Q Q-1 .- W 1 .. .Q i t . ' wi Emi I my fi? bl 3 ' 1 ,TX . x 2'i7-Vconvgfgb. , :"5 f' ,zL. ff' 1 f ' : iy, Egi 1:A, ?:l,il. i.V1,VEi i1,A,. ,l,i w Q 1 8. hav5 2i Qo0a in SDCCCFEUHSS- in ' 9 'vuwnunsq S , W 5 X l ' ' ' k -fl". 1:15 Q1 21, EfTE1L,,,'i'?3 1165 'X' -gy - " 4 WW ' , ll " , 4:9 5 3 I 3 aw .,,,,,.,w. . M,.,N, ilELsBaQt'fipsa2QfQQss2mfwgffmggegavgzaessifE221Q1L11sQ4SsQ22afGas5asHes3asYk122E210QQ57EA5Q53mwwzzssisfiifwmw54swgw::z4ss1i,e?f5:fv:faswi,asmz4:saf21s:2zamirzzs21s4Qiifwz.sfmwweigmsiwm4ifmsw4wasW.Qsmew:,4wzg4sz5Lifmsezgswxresfaawagemskwrezszemsmwmwwrzmwzz-.wfwzimwfmfwxzugzbgfwr'ewghfmfwzfwwsamffwmxgbw -mmm M QW mmm, Mi A SPICE OF LIFE Home economics is a dept. which offers a variety of classes, each of which help us to get along in our everyday life. The classes are ideal for everyone enrolled to help them enrich their skills to reach their full potential. Family Living and Singles Survival classes teach individuals little "how to's" in surviving in the real world. They give us tips on how to cope with our ever changing world. Foods l-8 and clothing teach us basic needs in cooking simple meals to making simple clothing which we all can benefit from knowing how to do. "I like to cook and foods allows us to cook a lot!,' stated Chris Beard, freshman. In conclusion, the Home Economics dept. is very needed and beneficial for each and every individual to take part in. The variety of skills we acquire here help us to become more rounded and happy individuals. Story by Kathy Koser Layout by Kathy Koser Photos by Jennifer Gorman 1. With much concentration, freshman Brandy Marvin, Heather Villers and Jeni Nelson work on their projects. 2. Proud of their candy apples are sophomores Gina Uzzanti and Tara Craig. 3. Sophomore Tara Craig watches carefully as Mrs. Theel shows her what to do. 26 HOME ECONOMICS if-if "" 5 i. .-.nj ART STUDENTS ENJOY FREEDOM OF CREATION "In art, the more advanced you get, the more you are allowed to explore and learn about your abilities," stated senior Jason LaBrie. "Arts and crafts allows students to express themselvesf' stated arts and crafts teacher Mr. Schlenker. Students involved in art range from beginner students to ad- vanced students. Each person takes these classes for a different reason. Arts allows students to' have a time to relax and do something they enjoy instead of just doing textbook studies. "I like crafts because I can express myself and how I feel by the things I create without having someone telling me I am right or wrongj, stated senior Lora Beres. story by: Kathy Koser layout by: Kathy Koser photos by: Tammy Shafer 1. Junior Jamie Boyer and senior Christian Power work on their projects in 311. 2. While in art, senior, Mike Herrel laughs at one of Mr. Herbert's dumb jokes. 3. Junior Lori Miller and senior Stephen Salcido smile pretty for the camera. 4. Junior John Aguilar examines his pencil instead of doing his drawing. me I INDUSTRIAL ARTS 27 1 mamma... as f" S' 28' BOYS' AND GIRLS' RE. -may 5 i t A49 ,"'h ,la-va:",.2 -inhaling,-. 6 , . ,,,, ...wwe- SH PING UP "The freshman level emphasizes basics in fitness and health related activities. Team sports make up most of our ac- tivities which we can carry over into later life," commented coach Turner. The P.E. program here at Cortez offers each student a sam- ple ofa variety of sports. Basketball, softball, soccer, flag foot- ball, volleyball field hockey weight training wrestling, ar- chery, fencing, raquetball, badminton, square dancing and tennis for both boys and girls. These classes help students to realize and explore their physical talents as well as get a good workout. "Physical Education gives the students a chance to excer- cise during their school day. It's a release for their extra enery and tension from too much sitting," stated Mrs. Austerman. "You can eam a credit and have fun at the same time. Also you can learn how to work with other people as a team," com- mented Brian Bloom, freshman. Story by: Kathy Koser Layout by: Kathy Koser Photos: Jennifer Gorman Mr. Schlenker 1. While stretching to reach for the ball, Chalis Dozier, freshman, aces the serve. 2. Maggie Aiton, freshman, takes a break between serves. 3. Freshman P.E. class yearns to take part in the wrestling action. 4. Anxious to wrestle are freshmen Terry Chitwood and Chris Ferra. 5. Wrestlers enbrace freshman P.E. class members. 6. Shawn Fraley, senior, flexes his awesome muscles for the camera. 7. Denise Ramos, freshman, serves the ball with a powerful swing. BOYS' AND GIRLS' P.E. 29 W I P P N BAND STAYS BUSY f'It's been a wonderful year and all my classes are great," said Miss Tucker, the band director. Fun- draising activities, concerts, and marching competi- tions are a few of the activities that the Cortez band has participated in this year. In order to raise money for California, the band had five car washes, a bake sale, sold fruit cake, cheese and sausage, and Tupperware. The band also put on three concerts this year, in- cluding the Christmas and spring shows. During the fall, the band competed at Arizona State University, University of Arizona, Chapparal High School, and the state band day tournaments. They received ratings of good, excellent, and superior. "Everyone was crying when we received the superior, we were all ecstatic and jumping up and down with excitement. We were really proud when we got it," said Kathey Koser, senior. Story by: Chris Bacon Layout by: Kathy Koser Photos by: Jennifer Gorman l. With much enthusiasm, junior Jason Ormiston conducts the band. 2. Band members congregate in A.P. Biology class. 3. Band shows their spirit by dressing up for the Halloween football game. 4. With much concentration, senior Dennis Jerin conducts the band in "Maria." 5. Sophomore Paul Butler and Junior Chris Winchell smile while playing 'gMambof' 6. The percussion section plays their feature for Homecoming. 7. Band members play the fight song at the winter assembly. 8. On Homecoming, the band played songs for the spiritline. MUSIC 31 LET'S GET AHEAD General business, word processing, accounting, typing and shorthand were some of the classes that were offered to Cortez this year. These classes gave each student a chance to get a feel for the "business world" and learn useful skills that will be used for their future business careers. "I think business classes are a real important thing to some people, like me who want to get into a prestigous school of business after high school," stated senior Jamie Nagy. One class, C.O.E. fcooperative office educationj allows students to have a fourth hour business fC.O.E.J class then a job in an office type setting after school. This allows the students to not only get out of school at noon but also hold an office job they get payed for as well as a credit for. "Business ed. is a requirement ifa student wants to be successful in job interviewing, promotions and future living," commented Mrs. Hoffman, business teacher and C.O.E. sponsor. Layout by: Kathy Koser Story by: Jenny Gorman Photos by: Mr. Schlenker l. Junior Jim Stanley and senior Mark Spezia look for their mistakes. 2. While talking to a friend, junior Karla Lanese corrects her mistakes. 3. Junior Ginger Bugh, freshman Caroline Bolton and senior Lora Bercs work for fast time on their typing. 32 BUSINESS ,. , -....1!e:s.g-'M is ew ms. :me I I s. I y . x . ,. ,uf-""wJ Q if COMPUTERS - A TRE D f'Programming was an interesting class because of all the new concepts and shortcuts I learned about using a computer," com- mented junior, Bobby States. HI took computers because it challenges my mind to figure out the difficult programs," stated junior, Cory Christiansen. With the world turning to computers like it is today, it is good for students to have a little background in computers. Cortez offered students classes such as computer applica- tions and programming one and two. Com- puters is a class which challenges students to use their minds and the skills they have learn- ed to figure out difficult programs. "I learned new things each time I did a new program. Then when it was finished, I felt good about what I had accomplished," stated junior, Chris Hudson. Photos By: Jennifer Gorman Layout By: Kathy Koser Story By: Kathy Koser l. After school on different days, many students went into the computer room to play games on the computer. 2. Whilestaring intently at the computer screen, senior, Richard Brown tries to figure out what hap- pened to his program. COMPUTERS 33 BRILLIANT MINDS OF THE FUTURE "Fm glad that I took advanced math because I feel I will be more prepared for math in college," stated senior, Colin Johnston. Mathematics is a complex subject which, like English and science, forces the mind to think and reason to find solutions to different and difficult equations. Cortez of- fered students a variety of math classes, all at different levels to suit each individuals personal academic levels. F rom general math to advanced math, as well as consumer math and applied math for seniors, each gives the student an opportunity to increase their knowledge of math. "I feel that the math classes that I have taken all throughout high school have taught me a lot and will make me more able to handle the more difficult and challenging work college has to offer," commented senior, Lora Beres. HI feel that the great many things Iive learned will be very beneficial to me when I go to college to take Calculus next yearf' stated junior Tara Maddox. Story by: Kathy Koser Layout by: Kathy Koser Photos by: Jennifer Gorman l. In geometry, Mrs. Eul explains carefully how to do proofs. 2. Sophomore Alex Baird reads the explanation and examples in the book before starting her homework. 34 MATH F' w..,....nri' fl LET' EXPERIMENT Whether it be blowing flour into the air and watching it burn, slashing open afetal pig, or building a car that operates on energy, all help students make a feeble attempt to explain and make predictions about natural phenomenons in the world of science. Chemistry is a lab-oriented class with an emphasis on ex- perimentations on chemical principles such as the atomic theory, chemical bonding and base theory. Students do labs that are as simple as observing a candle to chemical equalibrium. "I think one of the best demonstration labs we had was wat- ching Mrs. Howerton fChemistry teacher and Department Headj, blow flour into the air so we could watch it burnl' said junior Tammy Sanders. In biology, students get a chance to do a variety of labs as well as the ever-famous .. . DISSECTIONS! From frogs to sheep brains, each lab allows each student to cut open the dif- ferent animals and insects to see how they work. In physics, mathematical concepts are applied to sort pro- blems and deriving laws to help explain natural behavior. They discuss himematics, dynamics, thermodynamics, wave motion, light, electrostatics, electric circuits and elec- tromagnetism to name a few. Their final project is to make a car moveable by energy. Whether it be chemistry, biology, or physics, all these sub- jects will help the students in a changing advanced world. Layout by: Kathy Koser Story by: Jennifer Gorman leflfflm Photos by: Jennifer Gorman l. Junior, Susie Ritchie takes time to mix the contents of each test tube. 'M 2. While relaxing during her prep hour, Mrs. Howerton takes time to read and grade each lab write up carefully. 3. While students are doing a lab in advanced biology, Mr. Furlong takes a moment to answer questions. SCIENCE 35 HAPPY ANNIVER ARY "I think government is interesting because we have big discussions about different areas and sometimes it becomes very involved," stated senior Sissa Pearson. "I think the movies we see are good. They offer us a break from the monotony of studying from a book, which gets boring," said senior David Nevin. "We learn about the interworkings of the U.S. government which is very complex," stated senior Erin Kelly. The U.S. Constitution celebrated its 200th anniversary on September 17, 1787. Cortez celebrated the anniversary by having a Homecoming theme of "Cortez Celebrates America." They also had a dress day during the week for everyone to dress patriotically. "The 'anniversary of the Constitution made me more aware of the rights I have and made me realize how lucky I am to be an American," stated senior Lora Beres. Layout By: Kathy Koser Photos By: Jennifer Gorman Story By: Kathy Koser l. Juniors Mike Stuart and Dana Forest study with much concentration. 2. Proudly displayed in Mr. Ted Carman's room is a board of quotes about our governor. 3. Seniors Matt Broze and Russel Madison read and discuss their paper in front of the class. 4. While sitting in history class, seniors Steve Hoskins and Teina Manu find much amusement when they compare answers. 36 SOCIAL STUDIES .bmw ,, 1 . . 4 . C Y 'haha in-...N M, . 1, Algg 1 imc, ggefw-f I5 2 f S-Eqm., f, 5 AND 9929543 xcwr - '73-If ff, 53 V wgvgya can wr ff, v 472,542 fYA'?'mrf, A ..c.1., 2 Bfmfvc tl Q22-.3-V are-aw ne erwaw, 44 ff ref- if M A W gg gcc at-11+ 'ZZYSNE KAL ,cr wav , , J J,,gw1fKvF" ' A , K , 'DEFFL' we my in ffvfvflfvezai 1a.4-rg ug, as ' " V' cw we 54- .fr If K if .,,M,MW..M,,sNN , fp, M 381' , .N .V uffjfgjjt pigs mum' IE!-TU:-A f' 'gi' 'Q ff e-.naw-'ev.rjf I M-C , "Vi -ttt A -W. Wgyuff, V," 2 5 ef 1 umm we yew I g,gff If 5' f J cwgtg5wjgf,,3.0.qv..mM, K , rrlr ,, A qw ,, ,. if L. 7Vf':Q,g,,',. ,Q 20.7 YJQTT VL! Liv: RA, K ,M ',51f.f5niI'tw7f Qt,-ix.:.E I rwvffez wwe: Xiibvf X! , .A X gf' wr.: Alf 7' F, ,.,, We 'lf rf, .. ,,,, VAVVV my NW f ff ,ft 'dave A 'worccw emma - I HP:-f on Aa My .mWwf,. f E, a. ug, :polar Apgamuw fda 6 5 Vkitkmphv ..,, ,mwmhipyyf ' f , M fdv- ia-11" M, ,,,,,,,. 'swf Dwi' I my "9'i'7x'u 'f'.f3Fw'5 .W 'S M Mr 7 tr... ,f W W -.-,-,.,, -"" I- ' .ij Q -nw ui I Q '4 A M LEE X-ff' ,,.. ' l 22 l1 21 1 ' 12 l l ' l S i l SSS SS , 1l 1f11 2 ff ' ' "' guw J' ' S, ' Ss4mwnw.96mf-.ywfycr ,-. : ' A A Qnlmfmuvvyf' .-'film'-naoaufAACAvff6 2 ,.c.,g,..4,,a.f....-.g,..fuz.,.,.,..f,r may "rg ' 4' ' ' 'yawn ' ' QV- . -i2' A ,. - . 'A' My Mm jay! H wnpdfalo-6.4-ilu A4 S S S -a-44 -dw 41,4.,..,,' ,,.,,.,4 , 0 f ' A S ,finale-vyfgwv! 4-..auvf4lL.--.A-anna: md-I4 5 6551 ' ,. ' L . 1L ' S S S ...M K L S 2 1 , S Z 'fc' 4, ,zL,1, H S gf . . S ,i,l Sansa S 2 1 S S 1' . 7 S SS S 1 g ii2i '-f S 61-w. IM - S S S S ','2 mL ,' S S SS f SSS A 1 S S S 'W ' Zilx f -ayf nf' l1A .VVI AV,A -Q, S X S 1 1E f l 1 2 i 1 S - ,,..g , Qin I J as kE2i S S A I S - V K 'S ' 'S A f , ,L. ,,,,. L1.'. ,. , V S' M 'V 'LtALlL LZZV LZI1?AiW:i 'LWAtL3AWAl' A Z V' V VAVZ .: V:,. 4i,.7V , , , ,i13,, I it , 3' Q24 ' 'V wap X M f :P WF 4 ' Q4 A A ri J Vgkyy A 9 - :-h:- ..'.': -:,'- , , S . , , , zaii S ,V h S S fw w- , S , ,, 4 q . .- m,,. . S S Lfk f1kk'L ,.,.. Q , , S. , , , ,. V ,. L,,.,1 . A . V: I l V f S f 1 1 - . i S S, S ,xr Kjg .11". 1 k"-' "" 11' i ' i 'l I I krk. A K. I Vr' K ,,,,k K VV,1 I , ,k,.,kA A . . XL . , .,:k K -qi V.k. L 2 K- ,.n W M . . , ,V 2' - ? , , SS S S S . , , , E J S 3 . , , l 11i : , 1 a Q , ,,,1,i. LV, 6 X- ,W y . , , .. I.. Q , A Q-'L' ' H - J 'W W 4 N Magi' J X M Q X Sf S 2 Q VV A . 2 ' ' W ."- Emi " 1' ' + 11'L M T i ' B' ' W if Y N S A ' S' AW S -. ,,,, Q S' ' ,1', .. 1, ,, W, Jw W Zffaik w V SSSS S , W' 135 ,Q 'fx ww ,hi' '2',hi 72 Q X ' - . .A , ' ,, - .. . , . , ' 'E . ' 5,41 J 1+ Q - fs Q1 H f Q 'f Q .,., 1 'f 49' .. g E ,Q A L.L,., 1 3 X . .1, g K, , L A , N m y P zt. 5, 5V': " S ' ' 1 k'hZ , L-za . 1.1-,' - 3' ,QQ weft 1"'L K .,f X . f' Yi ,. .MMU , N: A S 4 l ll 1 4 S Sf , , Y ,,f. I ,. ..k 24, k.hh. ii i -,7k , t f- , -J: :,.Z ,h , . i i K ,.,, J I , Ikylk Ik ' - 1,W r 1" A S J' '.': 'F .. ,'f1f - -K-, .. Q: -Q-'-' ,K iw .f1f. 1- 1 1i " " i7, ? ' ' f 11 w A1 S S ,Q , x .,, -: gs - ' S I V Vhih . is L,z., W,,LL S Vixy VV VL L I KM N my -W . ,..., F ' ,r 2-f- 2 f -vih VVVW M - 'W'- VLIL gm N I .,L., , S, .gp I .K kykfvlr aan' I N I krzkr I ii iti 'fs f l K 'kri i ' ,. . .x,1,: .1z..,.W ,, r, A TA 4 . , Q K , , ,, -1,L1 LAVL. . S ill, ' 2 S -S ' S N S S , 1 S S .--2M,,ff' lb - ,f fv W , ---' ww- 2 i W W .- , If Y ' " ' f 2 f l Zr' 5 , . A . Q J , h' ' - .,-,. L1l,,, K ,.,A., ,.1,. YK A . , A , ,.,, K LV.L LKVLWL . ,- V - 'Effie '-A' if in .,2!l I ., N . F 'V" ,Wk,-. 54.5, f S A . A ' ' i ' 4"S " ' ' h .1 '?'in1,gL ,. - ' ,f SSSS ,. " 1' f ., SE, S ' h ' A S -' '-' ' Y. h 4 A S S S ' S -h . b f S S N SOCIAL STUDIES 37 CONCENTRATION '4Senior English was more complex than I expected yet I feel I learned a great deal," commented senior, David Twigger. "A.P. English was one of my most challenging classes. I am glad I took it because it helped me to be more prepared for college," stated senior, Lora Beres. Grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening, and learning comprehen- sion are all core applications in every English class. However, this year classes were more complex than ever. Stress was placed heavily upon vocabulary and reading comprehen- sion. Each year we continue to work to increase our learning capacity so we will be more able to adapt into our everchanging society. "Senior English was an interesting class. I feel I payed attention a lot more than usual and because of it I learned a great deal more," stated senior, Kim Culbertson. Photos By: Jennifer Gorman Layout By: Kathy Koser Story By: Kathy Koser 1. ln junior English class, students read and work quickly to get their work done so they won't have homework over the weekend. 2. In senior English class the students make faces at the camera. 38 LANGUAGE ARTS -ai . XX mei I VMI.-we F ,fs rf . , " 'Win ff'-Ns, O R FRIENDS "I like all the teachers and the football coaches and the way they keep spirit together," said Tim Shortsle of his first year at Cortez. This is Co1tez's first year, in turn, to have a pro- gram designed for the handicapped. "I get a lot of satisfaction from working with the kids. It's rewarding when you see the slightest improvement," stated Mrs. May, an instructional technician. The kids worked at different places around the Cortez area. Jennifer Szabo, for instance, worked in a dentist's office. Others worked at places like Northern Animal Hospital, The Crescent Hotel, and Weiss Guy's Car Wash. Mrs. Spacone, an instructional specialist, told why she liked working with the special students. "It's fantastic! Each one has a different kind of personality. You can learn a lot from them." We at Cortez wish them all the best and hope they will be very successful in the future. Story by: Lora Beres Layout by: Kathy Koser Photos by: Tammy Shafer ' WM if ' . .z 'Hifi .. my-'WW' .a l. While waiting to go home, the students sit and talk about the day's many activities. 2. Happy to get their pictures taken students David Kaven and Christy Green smile for the camera. .wr 3. One of the many sports they did, Sean Woods and Mike Randloff liked to swim the most. SPECIAL PROGRAMS Q camera, t t L l 1 ' bal1rfi3r"the tfgiiieybaitliiiieam, 'Rachel Hunt sophdmore, observes thc game. 3 L ' M 3t.cf5Eynxor,c'5t gane Czggglon, luxftgcs for,t13gball talggve a pcfgnt. 4.VMembets of the soccer team are concerned about the H t 'chc ','c t 5, a footliali gamcc the team members make comments on S , ,'.1',' .',, -' 6. ,Softball fcam mcxtctbers cottccntratc cn the game at hiind. strategy. 8.--Senior, Mittlbck sho5S?s'goodctgf5rm. t M Layout by: Bobby States t SPGRTS I' tttt t,,tt.ttttt I W-fw...w Nptf tt t If Q PORTS T .A FOOTBALL :L SPIRIT LINE VOLLEYBALL I I CROSS COUNTRY 7' , GOLF 4 TENNIS BADMINTON 'V w I f8Lf,1rf9lW' """ SOCCER . - gVcRESTLING QW X 5 wif, .3 ,,,,, ,, ,,w,A FTBALL 5 55,3-:.-f.m:m' BASKETBALL 1 Wf WH BASEBALL I QI, N' 2 SWIMMING' 2 i s W . ' MSXQSL 3, ,567 Ig, 1606 7 42 48 52 58 62 64 68 70 7 27 78 7966 1702 8LLL88 7 fl CD S1 4' if fi" Z' -f I I .1 I ,S ' V ' - l"' 'fig I I i V is A .-YL ' "' ., W 1 - ' " i .' : ' ' 1 7 4,, , J K W , t G SHORTS 41 , , ,Yi 1. .1 PLAY-OF F S AGAI ! The football team this year had an overall record of 6 wins and 5 losses. The season started off with a 13-6 win over Coconino High School in Flagstaff. "I feel that we did a good job this year. Our best game was against North with a 33-14 win,', stated Senior Enri- que Burguan, and outside linebacker for the Colts. This is the second year in a row the team has made the play-offs. This year the team played second ranked Cactus. Jim Tucker, senior and a strong safety, gave the credit of the successful season to the coaches. Tucker said, "The f main reason why we made it to the play-offs is because of our coaches. They are the best one's around." 3 n.nla li' Bottom Row: Steve Batt, Cory Christiansen, Tyrone Smoak, Troy Parachini, Brian Gardner, Brent Hulbert, Greg Paul. Second Row: Matt Reese, Fred Ma tinez, Greg Phelps, Enrique Burguan, Jim Tucker, Bobby Valenzuela, Greg Perry, Todd Springfield. Third Row: Dean Sitzler, Scott Ulinger, Cesar Gonazale Coach Rob Roberson, Coach Dave Leikvold, Coach Dan Larson, Darrel Yakesh, Steve Estrada, Jason Toback. Fourth Row: Damien Bar, Lewis Kopis, Glen Wasil, Scott Bowman, Bryan Rossi, Pat Meza, Paul Sovacki, Terry Matlock, Dale White, Jason Wolf. Top Row: John Gray, Shawn Cage, David Madeya. 42 FOOTBALL I :W 'im A V' 1: w A i ,W -4 .L n. Y W .,,. X If' f ' .fa f ,,. . S A ,,,. ...nj xy'9,4 y.1..,' " ' -fwfr '.",f ,fp w f I tvwgyyf ,WM i f bw ' , . , sf. ra"" X , X X watff V' tw Q ' gr M .4 A v tt Pvifwwa . .V A ,rc A -4. rw, 'W A "'5s.7f, V 1. Number 25, Bobby Valenzula, senior, warming up after halftime. 2. Senior, Scott Bowman, running through some ' power blocks. . 3. Lineman coach, Rob Roberson, talking over stats with J .V. ooach Pat Witter. 4. Another victorious accomplishment demonstrated by our Colts. 5. Offensive team tries their hardest to gain as much yardage as possible. Story By: Susie Carr Layout By: Rona Pride Photos By: Phil Shaw FOOTBALL 43 05" k - O uE?"i'5--.St 5 ia ,, 8 V FOOTBALL HONE O' ' 4' O. . -- O.. f- x Wi' af" T' f' vw, ww W 11-Mf'Y at " 'O . was f- A A P ,.., A A x ,. -. -. 0 nw . ' - N 1 2 39" wk ,fx an t Q f- x .O . b Y . .1 fv me L .ww 44 FOOTBALL q,,,,,,wQWA.q -sw-rub-1. ,fs - sf t V' I I MMVI, K lv kr V. i M.. R f- 4 ,MIL W QQ' .Q .gf Q ' ir' ' " ' - - a ,,,W f. ., ,,,, . g to , y , ,,,, f?""'4f4f-1"..4,. m,,, 4.232 """"" , ., A., r- V,,,,: ,.,. , I 3 A ,,.:t,?,ff Y Hi g h?-,hy ,fa f 'M "'3:q.Ql,Xf",-QT .. t f iq. .Lakai lazy: y ,fad 'ff' , 'fin K "'7' 'V V . ' 2 7 ' 7? 1 ,ig vkrfg. - Q -A-Q-am., ...,,.,M,,,... m T. H +V Q .. l. Way to go team! 2. Junior, Cesar Gonzales attempts a field goal. 3. The Colts run their offense. 4. Assistant coach Dan Larson gives the team a signal. ... 5. Senior, Terry Matlock runs the ball in for a touchdown. 6. A play is run by the Colt offense. 7. The Colt defense is awesome. 8. "Lets stop this drive!" FOOTBALL 45 f SUCCESS FOR FUTURE The freshman football team this year had an outstanding season. Their record this year was six wins and two losses. The team started off the season with there wins. 'Brian Bloom led the Colt attack as the quarterback. The freshman team had a good attitude, and will bring success in future years. V The Junior Varsity season ended with 4 wins and 4 losses. Even though the team was set back by injuries during the year, the team put out a tremendous amount of effort. Chad Garner, the quarterback and middle linebacker and Jesse Puerer an of- fensive and defensive tackle, led the J .V. team. Story By: Susie Carr Photos By: Bobby States Layout By: Susie Carr I t O O Af 'fl' V .515 V 'fri-1' Listed Alphabetically: D. Armstrong, L. Brasher, P. Brinegar, J . Calnimptewa, M. Deboera, C. Duke, B. Eto, C. Figger, R. Felix, C. Garcia, D. Guzman, Gamer, D. Hwang, L. Henderson, B. Lee, T. Marseen, R. Marble, C. Pruett, S, Prigge, J . Puryear, B. Porter, C. Philpott, J . Pawlows, K. Runnion, J. Reed, Russell, J . Romero, M. Segarra, J. Smook, T. Stevens, R. Strickland, K. Tompkins, J . Toliver, P. Wasbotten. Coaches: Kelly Eppley, Pat Witter, and Denn Hulbert. 46 FOOTBALL 7-il ra .39 , S1135 'ws E5 ff? Vw f 5, og. . ,L 31.-.nit lg 3 ulunnrlr I 72 Q xp: D. Rogers, R. Velasquez, M. Gowlevech, S. Kollars, R. Libberton, M. Baker, J. Zacek, T. McDer- ott. Second: R. Marshall, T. Cedillo, E. Gardner, S. Cooper, M. Hendrix, G. Pennington, R. Payes, G. arsha, P. Summrall, E. Kullander. Third: B. Bloom, L. Hutchinsen, J. Pederson, C. Kuramoto, Mr. imer, Mr. Caman, Mr. Corley, S. Profiri, C. Lemons, S. Aguilar, E. Power. Fourth: D. McDaniel, K. mth, J. Legg, M. Saries, C. McArthur, M. Hall, R. Brown. Bottom: D. Meza, B. Garst, D. Hughes, B. ull, E. Addison, R. Plate. 7 l"I lun xagq ucq.a...n. 1 .Taz-M -J S., f 4 1. , , A " w-ff, V : . 'V ft - ,M ,jr rg ' 'efwg J .,,' ' 1,-W, 3, - 2 1 Q lt -a,w1w,ZV"1'.i -5 " -H, .1 I .iv J H " ., . ' " R' ' J ' ' ' .s ff +V 2 ,ay w s ff - ,- A- ' gy If 5, ,. .5 . wtf fxffifmiife A wax' ..J. rf, if f ' 1 7 -fi, ff Wh' Q Q1t,zs,a, Q , - M ' . fdf ' A x J f "'7YY7',l'Z'fE"""' 'U' 115 1, 4 i u 6' '1 f 1. All lined up is the J.V. football team. 2. The football team scores again. 3. A play is run beautifully by the J.V. offense. 4. Defense is hard work. FOOTBALL 47 3 CHEERS FOR SPIRIT LI E This year the varsity spirit line was better than ever. The cheers and dances at the football and basketball games gave the crowd a lot of school spirit. The line went to the United States Association camp at NAU this summer and received a superior trophy for their dance. The girls also competed individually and each one did very well. The club sponsor this year was Kris Sansom, an English teacher. This year Ms. Sansom was known as Hitler to the girls because of the tough practices. Angel Brown a senior member of the line said, "I love the line, it is really a lot of fun performing, and we all have fun laughing and joking together. Story by Susie Carr Layout by Susie Carr Photos by Mr. Schlenker Jennifer Gorman 1. Senior, Angel Brown cheers at a football game. , 2. Sophomores, Debbie Baker, Rachel Hunt, and Nicole Duffek relax- during an assembly. 3. At a football game senior Michelle Stewart 5 shows her Spirit. 53 4. J .V. and varsity spirit line get together for a cheer. 5. Senior, Shelley Brunner cheers the team on at the first football game. 6. Seniors Sue Richardson and Michelle Stewart pose with The colt. Top Row: Michelle Stewart Sue Richarson Nahid Nekho sponser Kris Sansom Shelley Brunner An Brown, Shannon Norris Middle Row Debbie Baker Cheryl League Amberly Eproson Nicle Duffe Michelle Wells. Bottom Row Rachel Hunt Kim Edmonson 48 SPIRIT LINE if? , ' A Km, 'z x S U' Q I CCHS ,- YM R mann wmfw- ,san , fl' A, is H- ef S rezss-ug GQ s ww ml-:sin ami! nigga IW! 4 VQ,1l"VLiE 6w:S:Qi fum cn L. izk Jar ev: 49. 1-. .ww 1. Sophomore, Monica Martinez shows her spirit at a recent basketball game. 2. Junior, Becky Chandler brings the music for practice. 3. At an assembly Christy Munson, sophomore, struts her stuffl 4. A pyramid built by the J .V. squad looks great. 5. With all her spirit, Christie Dodd dances at a basketball game. Story By: Susie Carr Photos By: Bobby States Layout By: Susie Carr 50 SPIRITLINE Ji 'sn- ,Nm WW? ,J Front Row: Monica Martinez, Rachel Razo, Rene St. Onge, Ms. Sansom. Middle Row: Becky Chand Sandy Brimmer, Christine Munson. Top Row: Christie Dodd, Monica Tumer, Yvonne Johnson. J V SPIRITLINE IS EXCELLENT The girls on the J .V. Spiritline this year all had a great time on the squad. They accompanied the varsity to the United Spirit Association pom camp. "The J .V. Spiritline worked hard all summer preparing for the 1987-88 school year. They scored "excellent" ratings at camp, and did a great job promoting spirit among the J .V. football and basketball teams? said Ms. Sansom, sponsor. This year's squad was extremely spirited, and all new. There were no retuming girls which made it a harder year. However, it proved to be more rewarding in the end. "It was a lot of work, and a lot of extra time, but I feel it was all worth it. This was my first year on the Spiritline and it was a blast!" said Yvonne Johnson, Junior. 5 T 1 it Q, we SPIRITLINE 51 THREE TITLE The Cortez Colts have won their third consecutive Skyline Division Il Volleyball Championship. The Colts captured their title by defeating the undefeated Agua Fria Owls in a double elimination ' f --.i. ., tournament to give our school another banner for our . I Sym- ' "lt was such a good feeling because we were the on- ly ones to beat them in league play and we did it twice. Three division titles in a row," said team representative Susie Carr senior. Winning the state championship title three times respectively is harder than winning divisionals. J The Colts came in second in the state tournament in Flagstaff. They defeated the Rincon Rangers and Cactus Cobras. The team suffered a hard defeat to the Agua Fria Owls. Jennifer Roberts,team captain and senior replied, "Winning second place was exciting. Many people didn't expect us to go as far as we did this year, and we proved them wrong. At least Agua Fria didn't take both banners home? 'Ein Top Row: Shawna Turner, Jennifer Roberts, Rona Pride, Susie Carr, Tina McKernan, Kelli Maydeya. Middle Row. Coach Sharon Auster: Tracey Dryer, Trisha Lenzner. Bottom Row: Kim Culbertson, Mgr. Jcane Whiley, Mgr. Sue Rademachcr, Jodi Hooker, Michelle Haywood. 52 VOLLEYBALL -f?L..Jf X . v.,' ' 5 . 1. .,.. fswgj ' 6 'un Q95 ..7wW f1 ,: 1 1 'M 3 .- ..:1....'a-i 1. Manager J eane Whiley gets water ready for the team 2. Senior Tina McKeman serves as Jennifer Roberts switches for defense. 3. Cortez crowd chats during a time out. 4. Senior Tina McKernan spikes the ball while senior Rona Pride covers for defense. 5. Junior Michelle Haywood goes up to block her opponent. Story by Rona Pride Layout by Rona Pride Photos by Mr. Schlenker and Dean Schlenker VOLLEYBALL L X ij f Neaxht. 4, S fifth .yzg L , f ' , "Kg ,, , Q 1 V '4WifZ2U"'1' ,. f f 5' V., vw: 1. .Z ,,, . V ...- 7 5 1,455 N V ,f ' J mhz -.--f " 'JN-Y x xj ,Af ,Ay -24 f 7 gm' '-E2 -f..-1 -.5-rf, 'N' ' -..-4 1 gd ., , ,,- v fy . M W . Hfgff, W5 2K R 5 my? I x wT,"S5J qskiw matkr . -3-L - 5 fl -232 1 QI THREE DIVI IO TITLE 4l 1. Senior Susie Carr short setsjunior, Michelle Haywood for V me it a kill. 2. Varsity volleyball teams line up to shake their opponents hands. 3. Senior and manager, Sue Rademaeher sets up the VTR equipment before a game. M """'?""""" ' " ' 4.Senior, Jennifer Roberts tips away from the Agua Fria blockers. l f ' LQ' I' R F-IJ 5. Junior, Jodi Hooker passes to the setter. A 1 W 'W 6. Junior, Trisha Lenzer and senior, Jennifer Roberts block a spike. ' Y 7. Seniors, Jennifer Roberts, Susie Carr, and Tina McKer- non move to positions for defense. Layout by Rona Pride Photos by Mr. Schlenker ,Af VOLLEYBALL 55 LOOKI G FORWARD The J .V. volleyball team finished their season with eleven wins and six losses. They have a very promising player for the future varsity team. 'Tm looking forward to playing under Ms. Austerman. Ms. Ferguson has prepared me well and I feel I am ready to carry on the winning tradition," said Brandi Mass, sophomore. """ Each member showed their uniqueness playing style from checking their feet before a game to stopping a ball from penetrating the plane of the net. The freshman team took on new responsibilities and a new coach, Ms. Linda Belcher. The team had a very educational season with promises to reflect on into the future volleyball programs. 1 -if 1 1 zmimspw ' W 's .,-,jg 'Wa Top Row: Coach Jean Ferguson, Heather Imboden, Karen Bolton, Diane Carden, Wendy Forsberg, J 3 na Hock, Brandi Mass, Teresa Freeman. Bottom Row: Rachel Hunt, Tami Etter, Jennifer Sickt Rachel Gerard, Jennifer Durry, Nicole Duffek. , l l I-, 1 'Q' 56 VOLLEYBALL ww' w0U,,,.uv' I M A zu ' A - 4 ' ,T .. I' wv-"" eg . ' I ... .TEQX A-il . up .ag ' S l. Junior Karen Bolton checks her foot before the game. 2. Up for the block isjunior Brandi Mass. 3. New Coach Linda Belcher watches her team with great expectation. 309' 15 'U 4. Freshman Karon Burke shows her ability to jump high during a volleyball game. 5. Freshman team cheers on teammates during an introduction before a game. Top Row: Debbie Walker, Elissa Thompson, Amy Baldwin, Coach Linda Belcher, Kerstin Kecker, Allyson Eporson, Carolyn Bolton. Bottom Row: Michelle McGrath, Loretta Ussery, Karon Burke, Pam Dias, Amy Beres, Kelly Hull, Charisse LeDe. VOLLEYBALL 57 fv B 1. Freshman Andy Palmer runs his best for Cortez. 2. Coach Doug Obye shows his pride during an assembly. 3. The top three varsity runners, Dave Harkin, J on Law, seniors and Joe Devin junior. 4. Three Cortez runners wait for the start ofthe race. 5. Freshman Shawn Peterson gives it his all. Layout by Susie Carr Photos by Mr. Schlenker Story by Susie Carr 58 BOYS' CROSS-COUNTRY l 'Y lg 5 AQ x t J fa . .N Top Row: Chris Schultz, Dave Harkin, Travis Christiansen, Jon Law, Kevin Dangers, Dan Moseke, Lan Cook. Bottom Row: Shawn Peterson, Russ Liebman, John Pletka, Doug Moseke, Andy Palmer, Joel Pearsoi Bryan Linker, Coach Doug Obye. l QORTFQ' 'ii ' -iz ' '- H71 I -.1 C in S ' : if . ,,x K, I l . ' ' ,fri f 'V 4V , coarse A .sis THIRD IN 1 411: my .af ,, ,, g, ,,,g' it , W . , an ' 4 DIVISION S The Boys' Cross-Country team was extremely successful this year. Theyhad the biggest team in ten years. Some of the top runners in- cluded seniors, Dave Harkin, .lon Law, Travis Christiansen, and sophomore Joe Devin. The toughest competition was Prescott and Washington. The Colts finished third overall in the division T' J' tournament and eighteenth in state. '. T e itse All of the runners were great and Q M everyone had a fun time, Jon Law 9' 'A stated "Although we weren't the top 3 in the division, we had a good time and had a lot of competition." ,,,,,,, J .',, f t tty ', ' V2n T s WMM 'n" M "ff , i .Q . t'..V, , , ..,, ,fe T 6 Edu?-f i . was f 4 , l T '7 ,, ,. ,,.,, ..,t - ..,, V 5 ' nh , 26 ,75 ,L- , A K K' A ig? .ahh !1.,Jwiv w.'. g ,L ' W y Jim 7 F' , gtk' j , h ,y Q 3" isit if if f 5 t ..' 4 ,-............. H' , ff- i'f1 i i"t 1 W! ,, fi -,L l 91, L--f' BOYS' CROSS-COUNTRY 59 VJ xii' 'fbi if auof.gallil K5 X ----- . g 5 W S VV VV .Vw V A .,V,iVVV 7- V,,Vi.h, K W,L,L V VV .W :W.5 Lhli A 4 A V VV VVVV VVVV V 'Vi' ' 1 2 , V f 'V.V V ' VV V' -V4 ' ' ' ,,,. Q VL' U? V V - V-1 'Y V- 9 Vw V" f -V , Vf",,,,V,.V- VV ap 'ff V' WV J VV MV ,gg 5 I .4 Af 'Q ff',, .Mg ' ,Vf:V1"i ' - ,:,V:,wVV I . VV 7 ' N .Va ' YCVVL V ,v .VL ' wg Vg aj- 1 '1""'i22Tl"' 3 'W VV VVVV ' Y -V Q' ' V V ww V ff A- "'AV V V V V ff V V wr , Vflf W V ' mf IV -n V V V M .f +4V M' " "',- V 14 V' - .V'V V 43? , J- ,,.iaf'Lf . T ' HPHV V1 V V V" . 'waeiff L Vo ' 5' ffm: V :fa W z ' V VV ff VfWfi2fifi"w41' W W' V 'V g' V v V ' 'K-V, ggi VW' 72 V ' V flff- V V- MV-1LVVV, A f '5' A N VJ V V. ,VVV,ch- V V... A Vz. VV VVV, V ., Vw V 1, .V 5 9 VV-VVV VV fri . VLVQWWQ ' ' V VVVV V V ' V. + V-fpswi-Y" Ag 7' ,V V, 5' V L ,V 3 VV V ff f T512f'15?'4 Q V A 351:74 f??3? f -QQQQF73 - ' A I :b f M V , ,V .V VV VV Vgifigglf 1134! , MQ, ?:,6fVV,f.g,,,, , VM ,V v3,,:VvV f ayw, :tx Vw 6 , ""f?QVfV391af .Q in V. fn: fi n i 1y 4fiv'V'.V V ' Lv' 4' A Vfgn .., ' ,LV 3, vga, fy .L ' , If , b +V"V4Vffg ,fy V' V' fs 3 .Jin fi :Q xl," I L f, 52:31 H. if 1 " 'XXRTEZ . "Sift 11-. E 117. 1, If li- - V 5 Y vi ff my . ' yt ,K J t t sf. ri. J . P- A. w av . p df' ae J .: 4' Q' . ff- .af-ei, V 6 5 t hawk "f ' . . 'Y N 'Wx . ' V ii' gf- FR .3 A 70 ""' .,, ' NNW' -"" iff' -t 'W , , t . V""f, xuuxwtgj ,Wine 'xt-J UXRTEZ . 'N A CURT52 -. J Elan NITE? , M yy W... . Je. .. 'ff -- his SMALL BUT DEDICATED Full of heart and potential, the girls' cross-country team only lacked par- ticipants. The small but dedicated group of young ladies did not give up because they knew tough practices would bring success. Under the influential coaching of George Hester the girls' cross-country team had an outstanding season with only seven team members. Junior, Sylvia Aiton led the team and finished sixth in divisionals. She then went on to place sixteenth at state. The season took its toll, but left a lot to look forward to. Sophomore, Deanna Baker best summed up the season as be- ing "a successful season and a lot of fun." Story by Rona Pride Layout by Susie Carr Photos by Mr. Schlenker 1. Ready to start the race are Freshmen JoAnn Banks and Ruth Hamm. 2. Junior, Sylvia Aiton and Coach Hester celebrate another win. 3. Last minute instructions are given to JoAnn Banks, Freshman, from Coach Hester. 4. Sophomores, Deanna Baker and Jenny O'Neil take a break. 5. Freshmen Ruth Hamm and JoAnn Banks and Junior Sylvia Aiton enjoy the lead. 6. Top Row: Rebecca Benson, Sylvia Aiton, Ruth Hamm, Jenny O'Neil, Coach Hester. Bottom Row: JoAnn Banks, Tammy Watson, Deanna Baker. 61 T O GO TO STATE This yearls golf team was led by two time Division champion, and team captain, Ty Powell, junior, and Stan Baniewicz, senior, in which both qualified for state. Golf is a sport which requires concentration and thought which the team demonstrated at each match. The highlight of the year was when Stan Baniewicz shot a 78 at the division meet which tied for best score. f'This year we were young and inexperienced, but we had a good and exciting year," stated Chris Culligan, senior. The team had some difficulties with some of their players. f'The team lacked depth from the number three position on down,', stated Coach Schlenker. Coach Schlenker also said, "we're only losing two seniors, Stan Baniewicz, and Chris Culligan and we have three return- ing players which will be our strong point for next year. ,,,,.,f..a-wwf'-'vfr 1. Junior, Byran Postal, works out on the driving range while Jeff Roth, sophomore, Kenny Lessard junior, and Jeff Dickey, sophomore look on. 2. Junior, Bryan Postal, tends the flag during a practice at Ville De Paz. 3. Senior, Chris Culligan, works on his game at the driving range, while Don Baniewicz sophomore, tees his ball up. 4. Top Row, L to R: Coach Schlenker, Jeff Roth, Stan Baniewicz, Bryan Postal, Ty Powell, Chris Culligan, Jim Stanley. Bottom Row: Andrey Morich, Justin Lynch, Don Baniewicz, Mark Hancock, Marc Anderson, Kenny Lessard. 5. The number one player on the team, Ty Powell, Junior, shows his form before a match. 6. Stan Baniewicz, Senior, chips for birdie at Ville De Paz. Layout by Jarrett Calnimptewa Story by Jarrett Calnimptewa Photos by Mr. Schlenker 62 GOLF , r-i. -v- X ...W H '. I, -A , --.- L i .. spa. .4 fn ',,.,., a -f '. -13479 e fa- w " f,5'.j.5, 1 8. J -fi P ' 2: 1.1 JZ: li. Dig! L", 1' "wwf W ' "- QL. I ' 9. '-fi.-'f.f ' V, . ., 4' 3, . , " ,- 4 I 'P J A - iw .gk ,. , M ,...g1., . ., nw 3 ' ffm., :Y , xK.' , A Q - +'--' I 1 4 -5-W1 fi-?T.Z' Q f,f3".Q . . N jhmy, 31: A- "' is '51- X s Q m. yn KA we f: , W-..+-ia+.,,, vs- 6+ .. ?"?f' + 3 'N . -31 2245 "fl-nga'-'Q ..-wffgws 50 S Q Y. '14 '13-..1,--gif ff ' -'--eff 'f ' . ' N- .1-Q if.. L M ,1,'.vn"N:Q,-gr 'lfi' - 'f" f1Lgmf b f ' . gg 5 , - .,. ,JH A 1 N. ' A , . .,M., 1 .. L, ., ,,.,,.W-4::,f,'FLk ,Lx.g3.g ff ,,. ' A 5552.-..f,N J.:,,Wv' Q ,N 3 " 'mv - "QV-'ii L , fTi?'.QSi"ffg'J2fi?:x4f :fif'4-15W f" N i, :'f4.M411" 1f'i.-2 iiwffrfxzff ...' - .M 3:4 V4 Z-rw. 'Wg 'f1,'K,.'f-'ff' Y it 'Q was z afdiixfw-Qi"'w -- g5f,fg,rf?',4QQ+Q'f'nc47sAi 251-43 ff' , .Lffdfffr-awww? W .KH-5. M--xr 1' :N --'xvqwwfvi-,342 ,.,, i . . jx. .in e 1 N- ws Li W 5Q"?l, g,1 .f ,gfrmm-55, w 4 Mvgwk K A :Kx,..Qn.q'g1Q '., ,Z-g. -2. N -H Q- -.q . :4i5fg"1" .aw 41"-wffffx-1-Q1- ' V .gg wr- ' 'vim i ., ' , Q fl ,Jw-155 . .Q .a. , f- . A if '- -r wx' ' 2-'P+'-2 F 71-Q " V X ww, , 'Hn' "vs, f.?:"x9k 'fix - W .5 M -- 1 'X .L ,. -. wi ' 355,429 22'-EL1 ,e42. ,, ' 1 ',, , .,u ,.g,, ?-ml sk- . M xi Sw " ' x'1'2'.: ' RSV mf -- - 3-g,,f.x,wk..!A., . -'A-.WV 1 ,,M w.l--- ,Nu--,M , m:.,xx.L . , 1-1 X gn , 4 . - 4,,v.,,g -9- .-qx..R'L3i'1 'px 3 , -' gl ,, NV-: ' . w..,.f "WM A ? 6 1 aw' . .12 i N 31. z,v.41 .1 V v F 1- J,-. 5. . vi! f-353 , GOLF 63 SMALL VARSITY TEAM "This year's team was small in size but very big in heart. It seem- ed that everyone was giving 10096 in practice and all had a very positive attitude," said Coach Schlenker. Seniors Gary Thorn, Dean Schlenker, Greg Stanton and Bill Behm were on Varsity. Helping Varsity this year were Elic Bramlett, freshman, and juniors Bobby States, Tyrone Smoake and Brian Yarborough. "The team this year has an excellent chance to go to Divisionals and take first place. As for State, which is very hard competition, we will give it our best shotf' stated Gary Thom, senior. Gary Thorn, the defending division champ should repeat again this year and go on to State along with much improved Dean Schlenker. Greg Stanton, Elic Bramlett and Bill Behm also have a shot at making it to State. 3 fwxxifhat ,fi,v it ,Q , -' V A ,, ' rrrrr r ,f I if ",' . '.f' i-'- ,Q 3 gyt, "e- ' I .,." ..-. ,- .-i' ,, ' 1 j ,itf Q ,,, 5:5 ff. Y 'X' - . - 64 TENNIS G -.i V, 1 lu: ' '.V' ' t,l, A s 1 I 'V W 5 N ,f x , Y I J, X 6 ug lf 4,--' ' 'pw' K r-lfilifxgif - ', ' ii " M f N- t.-. 1 -f-,' ,, ,, i H va-'L-, :ws 0 wggezi t ', :tw-1 ww, 1,-f,5ifu?5g32f' J fi N Q ,R Y- X , ,oi A if ,.tiQt.11,i V .. R 9 . -. 1 3 x, ,, 2 " V, X , f., . :i.,, '-'wg ' '. t F. , '1 ' u, Y f' '., "' I K af - fa + .,,,, 2 'IV' , .... . 1 Q 'Tiff If ' ' TW1- 'im' 7.1, ,Q ,, H I K . ,au q 1 4 , v u. n 'f if 'e i ,if I e ' N " . A I ' :Wi , ,wiwaC"'7-.771 v , , ,3...,Cq,.- .... I , , ,, I f K Q . fmlr' e .sa 1,1-sgiviffy .qrzfuix ..m,W., -L1 3-N Q C: , iw' gf. 3:6522 .' 4 rig 5 1 ' 3 "' ,Q - ' I J ' , U, s :f1jqa.fzf:.jg:" Q1 gh t Cf? .a , Q ' A ,' f-WJ 5 ' "' .+..:..' .. 4 ji ' yy- ' 41 9 33-fn -p, 4 ' 1 :gi J f 'ff ,t J ' 1 ' N 5' ' pdf' A 1 1? 1 Z 1, 4, WHT-1"m fri f' ,ffm ' 4? ' Xa ij i' ' Y' WY H---.wli-M. zfgqgk Q VVV, ,J 1 2 f., Q - ..,,,,f ,Mg Q, fx. V, ' " f M elf , , ., ,, , N'.,, Q,.1.,gg ',,, H-fe i.WW-'rw-5iV'T' ,W.L' , 3 V f J- " " . , ,, ,f - .- 2 ,ad 1. J unior! Brian Yarbough keeps his eye on the ball during a volley. 2. Senior and Team Captain, Gary Thom works on his volley game, before his match with Moon Valley. 3. Top Row: Bobby States, Joey Powlows. Middle Row: Gary Thom, Brian Bulman, Elie Bramlett. Bottom Row: Chris Cullegan, Tyrone Smoake, John Sema, Brian Yarbrough. Coached by Doug Schelenker. 4. Senior, John Sema shows good form while warming up. 5. Members of the tennis team show off for Coach Schlenker. 6. Sophomore, Joey Powlows and Bobby States, junior, get ready for some tennis drills. Story By: Lora Beres Photos By: Mr. Schlenker Layout By: Rona Pride TENNIS 65 3 :R a IJ Q Ri tr .. . 'xy I I 2, K , W J 7,9 . l .jg DVANTAGE COLT I This year the girls, tennis team was small compared ot the past years. Even though they were small in number, they were dedicated and had a lot of spirit and enthusiasm. The team was made up of mostly freshmen, which should make an outstanding team in the future seasons. Senior, Amy 5 . f 1 Moore stated, "We will have a very strong team in years to is yccy p , come." vvvve ' .., .. .... , l I il il .li Ili Wiri. . ,PEW Q24 , i ' ' H. .. 1. Senior Kathy Koser tosses the ball high on her serve. 2. In doubles, Suzie Ritchie sophomore and Allyson Eproson freshman work well together. 3. Senior, Lora Beres volleys the ball for a point. 4. Coach Anderson spends time to help Allyson Eproson freshman with her serve. 5. Junior, Tara Maddox uses great form on her groundstrokes. Story by: Susie Carr Photos by: Mr. Schlenker Lay-out by: Susie Carr lt, Varsity and J.V., Top: Coach Andersen, Allyson Eproson, Lora Beres, Suzie Ritchie, Tz Maddox, Kathy Koser, Amy Moore. Bottom: Kathy Beam, Brandi Irving, Alex Baird, Lore Ussery. 66 TENNIS 32' ff , W4 .1-14.L1+,-ff If-1.4. 5332 g ,RN , .,1L1... ,Q.1 x ,z.1 . 111 A ,1. 5 ,Q .51 4? K. f . q 111 L1 z up -. x K, -,-- 1. fy. ,..f E .11 Q35 - Izlm ,V 155.4 M . Q Y . :I-drag in ,, . .... ,W W - . ff' U-M .fb 5 ,uxff ' 2 4 5 ..W-.W..,,..--L.-, m. L L 5 W 2 7 Q 3 Q .. , , M 2 Q4 r :Q-' , . , - . 'vu' ' N v .,:.f---W - .Lt:lTf,i-5"", V ' - '- ' www -L-S Cmw f v . 'E 'X 'su ww Q PM 5 'f31fl.f- ' 1 ' 'X . w r -e-W , 7 J 5 S ' m"' f 'diff if Jfy2f','fg,y, . ,, ,A -3, 4 Shy 'f s MEF, f nf-igx' 5 TENNIS 67 BADMI T0 GRGWS STRO GER The 1987-88 badminton team took many people by sur- prise. The team consisted of only three returning players, Amy Moore, Andrea McFeeters, Seniors, and Carrie Rush, Junior. The others are Jennifer Partridge, Tami Dover, Juniors, Alex Baid, Mary Holloway, Monica Martinez, Christie Munson, Cara Owen, Cathy Wilder, Judy Pursell, Debbie Baker, Sandy Brimmer, Maria Stanton, Sophomores, and Diane Tolifson, Freshman. This has been the largest bad- minton team so far here at Cortez. With the popularity of the sport growing, Cortez should have a banner to show off their effort and desire. - 2 'GRTIZ ' Top Row: Jennifer Partridge, Maria Stanton, Alex Baid, Tami Dover, Coach Kr-is Sansom, Debbie Baker, Christie Munson, Monica Martinez, Diane Tol son. Bottom Row: Amy Moore, Judy Pursell, Mary Holloway, Cara Owen, Cathy Wilder. 68 BADMINTON X N if . 5 - e iiw Qu E imwr 1 55 ,. . v E 1 Q s 'W M E Q 5 . 1 E ,, X f 2 wma EWR? , fa. S535 ggg iiig5Sf M A AA..- A A ' . ..-' :5 f:fi"1iQ2:Q -' -. g '-'- ., ' - . - 1:13-S 70 SOCCER ., - W wig- 2 i Qyl . . f s QE? uf: 4 -QLL-'--' I '- A L. -f K - rf ,ff-21 anf-ezaafufmwzfi-z11.1,Q:Qg1 -ww. - 11.-W, 1,:Qzza,1-3, NLI. g'-' - ,,.. A Q. 1. by ,IW .A ew l 59 , Ev ...,,.-1 FUTURE HCPE The Cortez soccer team had a tough year. They had a lot of new players, and a new coach. Glen Phelphs, senior, said, "We didn't have as good a year as we would have liked, but we did alright considering most of the players were underclassmenf' All the team members agree that they will be more competitive next season. "We had a good team, but we weren't together long enough. Next year we will do better." stated Brad Tonks, freshman. Tom Chase summed up the season well by saying, "We've got a lot of potential, and skill. We just needed to work a little longer with our new coach, Jeff Dallman, to make our team better and stronger." So watch out for the colt soccer team for next year. Story By: Susie Carr Layout By: Susie Carr Photos By: Mr. Schlenker lssnmmnfi-,d.z 1. Another ball is stopped by Junior, Ronnie Chekettes. 2. Junior, Brian Gardner gives it his all. 3. An exciting play is watched by Coach Dalman, Tyron Smoak, Junior and Joe' Evert, Junior. 4. There is a mad scramble for the ball during a recent soccer game. 5. A perfect throw is executed by Junior, Chris Bird. l'op Row Cory Christiansen Chris Bird Jason Chekettes Aaron Huge Glen Wasil Paul Rierson, Glen 'helps Trevor McDonald Brian Gardner Coach Jeff Dalman Middle Todd Phelps Chris Duke, Jeff Dickey Tyron Smoak Don McDaniel Ronnie Chekettes Joe Evert Eric Perkins Pat Zacek, Ann SOCCER 7l COLT YOUNGA D STRO N-J f Q' f ' t J 151 72 WRESTLING , A wwM,,N, ,. , f.. ,VA-M 'Y A ,J X i .,..w,,.,. ,....,,, , A - , my ,,,, , Q K QAWWM. A' Mm 23 ,,.,, , s 5 Q gf, r -ff it 'C' , I IWW? 1 ' ,, vs K ' Mr WT, ,I , . ,. IJ, Max , www V. V, f fy' DEDICATED This year the Cortez Colt wrestling team ended the season with a overall record of 7-7, and a 5-3 Division record. 5'This year we had a lot of fun," stated Pat Meza, Varsity co- captainj, we were young and wrestled tough, but next year we'll be awesomef, The greatest assets to the team were the best wrestlers on the team who were Brent Hulbert, Ron Felix, and Pat Meza. Sophomore, Ron Felix and team captain, placed 2nd in Divi- sionals and had a 8-10-1 record. And sophomore, Brent Hulbert placed 2nd in Divisionals and ended up with a 14-1 1- 1 record. Also junior Pat Meza placed 4th in Divisionals and had a 17-12 record. Other Varsity members who placed in Divisionals were juniors, Doug Montgomery and Rick Wagner, in which both placed 4th. '6This year's team was totally amazing, they kept fighting for wins," stated Coach Theel, "If all return next year as determined, next year will be the 'Year of the Colt'. The team had a weakness in togetherness and lacked in total dedication. And their strengths were that they were real scrappers and never gave up. Story By: Jarrett Calnimptewa Layout By: Jarrett Calnimptewa Photos By: Phil Shaew and Shelly Martin 74 WRESTLING 'K a ,Vg W lg ,,,.. - WK. AN X for 'EPM 1. Freshman, Phi Vu, maintains full control over his opponent. 2. Sophomore, Brent Hulbert, waits for the referee's whistle, while in the down position. 3. Ready to wrestle and getting fired up, is team captain Ron Felix. Ron had the best record on the varsity team this year. 4. Sid Salcido puts in the Cross-body ride hop- ing to keep total control. Sid was one of the on- ly seniors on the varsity this year. 5. Juniors, Doug Montgomery, Stefon Smarr, and John Aguilar watch as they wait for their tum to wrestle. 6. Back Row: P. Briniger, F. Martinez, R. Felix, D Montgomery, C. Uecker, A. Kim, S. Dillion, L. Bemder, J. Calnimptewa, P. Meza, M. Porter, R. Leibman, B. Hulbert, C. Usher, D. Carlton. Front Row: J. Minter, T. Stevens, J. Smook, P. Aiton, S. Salcido, E. Henry, E. Grant, D. McGraw, S. Smarr, Coach Theel. Story By: Jarrett Calnimptewa Layout By: Jarrett Calnimptewa Photos By: Phil Shaw WRESTLING 75 J.V. IN EXPERIENCED The J .V. team ended their year with a 6 win and 4 loss win- ning season. The team was smaller than usual, and did the best in every match. The team had a weakness of having very few upper weights, and had a strength of workingqhard and were dedicated to wrestling. The outstanding wrestlers on the team were Paul Oun, Dan Henderson, and Leslie Hutchinson, all freshmen. Most of the wrestlers were young and inex- perienced, but when they got on the mat, they were fighters and never gave up. "I think our greatest strength was the sup- port and help from coach Chitwoodj' stated John Aguilar, who also wrestled on the Varsity team. One of the highlights of the year was the first match of the season, when the J .V. defeated Greenway, an AAA-1 school. ., Ns . . va 1 vc vw war hu.. 1. Junior, Rick Wagner, calculates and times every move. i 2. Another victory for freshman David Meza, who defeats a Moon Valley opponent. 3. Junior, Chad Uecker, shows total concentra- tion and strength as he thinks on how to bring his opponent back into the wrestling circle. 4. Back Row, L to R: C. Lewis, R. Davralta, R. Smook, M. Ruiz, M. Lowman, A. Montoyia, J. Calnimptewa, L. Henderson, P. Vu, D. Arm- strong, Coach Chitwood. Front Row: C. Ferra, D. Henderson, T. Marsteen, C. Uecker, S. Sci- pione, J. Aguilar, D. Meza, B. Groscoff, R. Wagner. 76 WRESTLING GREAT YEAR The freshman team had an outstanding season record of 7 wins and 3 losses. The team was just star- ting up and learning new moves every day. They wrestled with heart and dedication and thatls what got them through. "A great help to us was the help that we got from each other and from coach Childress," stated freshman, Leslie Hutchinson, an outstanding wrestler who lost only one match on the freshman team this year. Layout By: Jarrett Calnimptewa Story By: Jarrett Calnimptewa Photos By: Phil Shaw ' l. Freshmen, Back L to R: D. Hughes, E. Power, A. Hurt, C. Kuramoto, D. Henderson, D. Handle, A. Hemandez, R. Libberton, L. Hutchinson, R. Velasquez, J. Pletra, T. Helzer, J. Pearson, M. Saries, P. Vu, J. Zontanos. Mid- dle: C. Seuta, J. Lynch, J. Tinsley, R. Patti, coach Rocco, coach Childress, P. Oun, T. Verela, S. Aguilar, J. Legg, W. Huges. Front: D. Henderson, J. Minter, C. Ferra, D. Meza. 2. Exhausted from a recent match are the freshman teammates. 3. Coach Childress yells out advice to his team. 4. Anticipating his next move, is Josh Legg, freshman. WRESTLING 77 Lista 1987 SKYLI E f:'i"' DIVI ION CHAMPS FOURTH IN 1988 Even though the Colts couldn't capture another division ti- tle, they came in fourth in league and in division. The senior Colts that helped the team were senior Kim Culbertson, with a batting average of 500 and a slugging average of 785, Stephanie Toth, who led in stolen bases, Kim Edmunson, with only one strike out of 63 times to bat, and Shannon May who didn't allow anyone to steal second base. The team demonstrated style and respect every time on the field. They played every game one at a time and worked their hardest SunyandLayoutBy:RonaPdde Photos By: Mr. Schlenker l Top Row: Assistant Coach Becky Fogerty, Amy Moore, Kim Culbertson, Judy Hooker, Jeana Hock, Sue Rademacher, Shannon May, Coach Kris Sansoni Bottom Row: Tami Etter, Angela Villagrana, Kim Edmunsen, Stephanie Toth, Debbie Peterson, Nichole Duffeck, Macis Sitrig. 78 SOFTBALL Y ' 'Q' vga v. l wwe Ou-an in QW ,LN-Wa Jn. W' f' N' "U" "" navel. 'Kiwis Nm 1 Team assembles during the fall sports assembly. 2. Coach Sansom gives a signal to the batter. 3. Junior Jody Hooker slides in a fast ball for a strike. 4. Senior Shannon May makes a throw to the infield for an out. 5. Senior Amy Moore watched an outside pitch go by. 6. Senior Sue Rademacher makes contact with the 1041 wa, .az ball. 7. Senior Stephanie Toth slugs a grounder towards third base. SOFTBALL 79 'nm F0 M wet fKjiQ2g, Q .Q , V p,A.,,b f was kim Q , M , "4ion3g, x , 3' K if asian W . WW 5. .tx 6 :- .Jaw . tw. any 3 Ana- v We .1 W M., - ' ,L 11. ,M ,., .. tam QW rf v ,,, ,., W V 4 9 . W V f'fBk.'5.1f'L. be Ab 4v',I,."f,.x,. is , .4 A 4 nt .... ,y if at mm -mf? if l. Team gets last minute advice from coach. 2. Senior Stephanie Toth takes a lead off of second base. 3. Team members watch other students assemble for a game. 4. Junior Jenna Hock says, "Come any closer and I'll swing!" 5. Strike one is the count as a team member swings and misses. 6. Senior Kim Edmundson demostrates her catching ability. 7. Senior Debbie Peterson enjoys "something" during a game. 8. Senior Amy Moore warms up before a game. Layout By Rona Pride Photos By Mr. Schlenker SOFTBALL 81 SUCCESSFUL SEASON The 1988 junior varsity softball team had a record of 13 wins and a single losse. One of the many players to look for in the future will be freshman Michelle McGrath who averaged five strikeouts per game. Taking no prisoners, the J .V. team defeated teams in double digits and held many of their opponents under ten points. The team also broke in a new coach Ms. Jean Ferguson. With a new coach and highly motivated young ladies, the team had a successful season that will carry on a winning tradition. Story and Layout By: Rona Pride Photos By: Mr. Schlenker 82 SOFTBALL . 1. Freshman Joanne Banks throws in a strike. 2. Top Row: Assistant coach Karen Hayrne, Judy Pursell, Wendy Forsberg, Heather Imboden, Teresa Freeman, Coach Jean Ferguson. Middle: J eanen Wiley, Dawn Dunbar, Brandi Mass, Milait Pierson, Michelle McGrath. Bottom: Jennifer Drury, Tiffany Hopper, Joanne Banks, Rachel Stevens. 3. Junior Tiffany Hooper slams one into left field. 4. Team members huddle to give a spirited cheer. 5. Freshman Jessica O'Connell anticipates a home run. 6. Team members pose for a picture. Say "cheese.,' 7. Before a game team members warm up. 8. Top Row: Jennifer Baily, Nikki Mitchell, Loretta Ussery. Middle: Jessica O'Connell, Monica Scialdone, Chisty Sinioris, Amy Beres, Coach Judi Hillard. Bottom: Tina Lowe, Maggie Aiton, Kim Brown, Jenni Scoles, Charisse Lede, Ruth Hamm. SOFTBALL 83 -F9 J. CORTEZ BA KETB LL DUNKS ' OPPO ENTS This year's varsity boys' basketball team, although inexperienced, put out an incredible effort. The team's skill and attitude improved towards the end of the season. While the team was improving the spirit and enthusiasm of the school also helped the team. For the first time ever the team ran out through a crash poster, while the band played the fight song. The season ended with a few highlights, such as senior, Bill Behm itt, Mmm rs, was named to the first team all division. The team also pulled out an QMBWNMWK upset of top ranked-Sunnyslope. The team reached the division tour- nament, placed fourth, where they lost a heartbreaker to Agua Fria by one point. Improving their record with six wins in a row, coach Enos stated, "By tne end ofthe season we had a good team? Story By: Susie Carr ,A Photos By: Mr. Schlenker Layout By: Susie Carr 1. Junior, Kieth Forsberg dribbles around a defender. 2. Senior, Bill Behm can fly higher than anyone. 3. Another rebound pulled down by Mark Whitcomb, sophomore, and Kieth Forsberg, Junior. 4. Senior Benny Colley shoots for two. 5. Senior Greg Stanton sinks a free throw. 6. The team warms up before the game. a,,f David Klaus, Greg Stanton, Jason Wolf, Steve Collins, Kieth Forsberg, Bruce Herrier, Bill Behm, Mark W comb, Rick Stewart, Mike Frehill, Dave Galas, Benny Colley, Coach Larry Enos. 84 BASKETBALL ...I gkbii, ,,,,.,,,..mWN' H if ' w Qm'wv,, BASKETBALL 85 D f'Q4 n4g'f gully is ...I 1. A fast break basket is made by Steve Collins junior. 2. Another rebound is pulled down by Bill Behm Benny Colley, senior and Keith Forsberg, junior watch. 3. Junior, Steve Collins breaks his defense. aim. 4. Let's go team! 5. Senior, Benny Colley keeps his balance as Greg Stanton, senior looks on. 6. Coach Enos gives Benny Colley last minute instructions. 7. Juniors, Keith Forsberg and Mike Freehill and senior Bill Behm fight for a rebound. 86 BASKETBALL sqm! u' f' Q 1 if K ,,,me1vU'N"' I Ms 0 , aQt 5?Q:Tf V s uh!! vu 4 ri 1 4 't f ,Q V ig. V' WMM' ' RW' 5 ,4 ,,,f 4dl' 4' K... BASKETBALL 87 9? L 9 U3 ii 2 'Wi 'wk , 5 Z' ,, y.,,,,, 1 2 s nw' ff' QAQ ,eww Q. , fy, i. WLT! QW: 05.75 54 42 5. ,- 'pun 'f Tony King, Mike Czigler, Darel Yakesh, Willie Preas, James Kidwell, Joe Bivins, Coach Tom Smith, up-4 Curt Fretz, Mario Blakely, Sean Cage, Marc Anderson, Wes Thompson, Larry McClure. 88 BASKETBALL 7' I ,i F ROSH LIVED UP TO EXPECTATICN S The boys' freshman basketball team this year lived up to high expectations made by coach Bruce Andersen. "Some of the best basketball players to come to Cortez in some time made up the freshman team. They won the league title and finished 12-4." said coach Andersen. This is the best record the freshmen have had in quite some time. The J .V. basketball team did not have the most outstanding season, however, the team ended on a good note. They defeated Independence high school in their final game of the season. Although they did not have the best record, they gave it their all. Mike Czigler, junior, stated, "We had a less than successful season, we lost many games, but we tried and that's all you can ask of a team." 1. Sophomore Wes Thompson, looks inside to his teammates. 2. A jump shot good for two made by Joe Bivins, sophomore. 1 3. Coach Smith explains a play to his team. 4. Freshman Mark Baker shoots during a recent victory. Layout By: Susie Carr Photos By: Mr. Schlenker Story By: Susie Carr 'op Row: Scott Kollars, Eric Gardner, Mark Anderson, Alex Figueroa, Coach Bruce Andersen, Bryan loom, Mark Gowlovech, Sean Cooper, Richardo Medina. Bottom Row: Eric Hapner, Ron Brown, like Bishop. BASKETBALL 89 DI I IU CHAMPIUNS GOI GFOR In 1987 the girls' basketball team went undefeated in division play and took the divi- smnudewhhmnnuwhuomme In 1988 the girls started their season undefeated and possessed great potential for another division title. With speed and grade, the girls worked hard every game on their defensive game and used defense as their tool for a great season. They started their season with a lot of injuries and illnesses but came back stronger and better thaneven ,:,L1:.,x:: ,,,,,,,, ,W.M1,.u,,,,-,..,.,........0-f,. ""'r "" ,. . . , ...C ' ami Slim aa 40 i an 5 me f,i. an , M, A 4 , . V if J - 1,,,,,,,,,,,..,, -nf.,,,.,,u.., V W -. ,,... ,,,, wma 5 LN , 'f . -.fb , iiieait q MU- -'elrf ' ti K Left to Right: Cecilia Scavone, Stephanie Verderame, Susie Carr, Rona Pride, Shawna Turner, Kelly Madeya, Michelle Haywood, Kim Culbertson, Sophia Keller, Coach Turner. Front Row: Managers, Leesa, Denny, and Patricia Enriquez. Not Pictured: Trisha Lenzner. 90 BASKETBALL alhv Z' WW .3 ix. . if Q26 1. Sophomore manager Patricia Enriquez takes time to pose for the camera as sophomore manager Leesa Denny daydreams. 2. Junior Trisha Lenzner uses her elbow to block off her opponents for a defensive rebound. 3. Senior Stephanie Verderame drives into the key for a lay up as her opponent tries to make her miss by yelling. Face!!! 4. Team members get ready for a cheer after shooting free throws in warm ups before a game. Story by: Rona Pride Layout by: Dr. R. Pride Photos by: Mr. Schlenker BASKETBALL 91 DETER ILL, AND PRIDE 4 -m 5 30 Fizz' 92 BASKETBALL I xi. i in-v-if gk . .I 2 Qi-.N -.,. NN. wg, 5.5, T .-f .xg 2 ef s w . if-Q Q , . M I , -1 Z If Quan l y L 5 ' i' ,nies 1. Team members take a rest as Coach Turner gives defensive' advice. 2. Senior Rona Pride goes in for a lay-up over her opponent. 3. Team members watch a free throw during warm ups. 4. Team members block out the opponents for a rebound. 5. Senior Susie Carr uses good form for a free throw. 6. Senior Kim Culbertson shoots asjunior Michelle Haywood moves into position. Layout by: Rona Pride Photos by: Mr. Schlenker BASKETBALL 93 DETERMI ED The J .V. girls' Basketball team was made up of mostly sophomores. What they lacked in experience, they made up for in determination and skill. The team did well despite some major injuries. The team had a new coach, Jeff Bader. Teresa Freeman, sophomore said "He's a great coach, I like him a lot." The freshman team also had a new coach, Sharon Austerman. Ms. Austerman was the varsity coach in 1986. This year's team is excited and exthusiastic about the future. Story By: Susie Carr Photos By: Mr. Schlenker Layout By: Susie Carr W 4 Nmfyp M 1 , . J. QM wh .. , l. Sophomore, Teresa Freeman sinks another jump shot. 2. Sophomore, Jennifer Drury goes up for a lay-up. - . mi is WHS W M W 59 3. Sophomore, Brandi Mass brings the defense to 50 their knees. 4. Al his best, Coach Bader coaches his team to victory. 5. Sophomore, Jennifer Delong drives right by the defense. ff' L to R: -Jennifer Drury, Millae Pearson, Jennifer Sickels, Wendy Forsberg, Teresa Freeman Coach Bader, Brandi Mass, Jennifer Delong, Judy Purcell, Shannon Hutzler, Kathy Young. 94 BASKETBALL is gg .l if MW SN -5--. l,8i.7'5 I4 QHLI5' 52 . to R: Assistant Coach Michelle Cooke, Tina Lowe, Mgr., Jess O'Connell, Nikki Mitchell, Michelle McGrath, enny Scoles, Chalice Dozier, Michelle Pridie, Amy Baldwin, Maggie Aiton, Melody Gordon, Cristi Loert- cher, Coach Sharon Austerman. BASKETBALL 95 KED FEONE The Colt baseball team this year has been picked to win the division. They have two of the best pit- chers in the skyline regiong Dave Madeya and Marc Anderson. If all goes well the team should go undefeated in league play. The team's skilled players will help them in their successful season. Some of the players have even higher hopes than divisionals, they feel the team is good enough to take the state title. Layout By: Susie Carr Story By: Susie Carr Photos By: Mr. Schlenker 1. Senior, Dean Barnella takes a break during a practice. 2. Top pitchers for the Colts are: Ty Powell, junior, David Buchan and Dave Madeya, seniors. 3. Coach Corley explains the next drill. 4. Members of the team after a tough practice. 5. Senior, Bobby Valenzuela hustles to his position. 96 BASEBALL T if we cr, 0 Q 5 . r ' . l 3 iii av- -lb' ieth Forsbreg, Lenard Bender, Dave Madeya, Bobby Valenzuela, Matt Rees, Cesar Gonzales, Steve ollins. Middle: Mike Freehill, Marc Anderson, Chad Gamer, Stan Baniewicz, Ty Powell, David uchan, Dean Bamella, Dave Galas. Bottom: Kevin Ray, Chris Hudson, Brian Gardner. we ' 21-4 ,z, 4 1 -.4- altlang 4' 2 ' ,:,,, xg 4 V 4 BASEBALL 97 l. The Colts work on the steal at practice. 2. Junior, Marc Anderson takes time to watch practice. 3. Seniors, Bobby Valenzuela and Stan Baniewicz practice hard. 4. A perfect bunt is shown by senior, Stan Baniewicz. 5. Senior Dave Madeya works off the mound. 6. Juniors, Matt Rees and Cesar Gonzales pay close attention to Coach Corley. 7. His eye on the ball, Chris Hudson, junior, bunts. 98 BASEBALL K.. .gihofiienvg-v ik ,E K, :fb Rr A 5 ,,,.V 4-.--napa: ff-,yn-N . 4 ,Q- M ,-W, ,L , W W ,.xkV in , at 9 5 A . .. H . 1 , Mg . ' W f 'fix . ' A - . . . .. ,,- 4 , V' A 2 k :' . -' - f h . wr 5 N -- , 1 X' - ' .4 .4 gig f m X Q ' v ' 5 ' -- ,N 2 -, . -M . '5n..,.. ' . X- fin - f? , . iw g .3 K K W ik: ,-.-uni. -rf., R h , ts . K :rs J , " ' , , .. fi dsx, fm Ns f . - 1. . TY W 7 , Si 12 32 35 V 3 .15 v mai kk N hw NWN fliifff Y 1 e af , 'U - .. . .W ,. if ' 'MM W A -- . fi Q L V . 'sf - . "' ...df .N-cr' BASEBALL 99 BATTER The Junior Varsity baseball team has some outstanding members. They improve every day in batting, fielding, throwing, and running the bases. The team is looking fre' forward to a successful season. A The freshman team also will have a S t - f season full of accomplishment. They will have a bright future here at Cortez. Layout By: Susie Carr Story By: Susie Carr T 1 N ' it . W g A. . Photos By: Mr. Schlenker . T it S A T B 1 r 35 ,. H erm if -Z' yt 3' , ,, 'Ma . ' , -N.. . ' W... -.f -mf fwfr, M, Top Row: Paul Rierson, Scott Ulinger, Chris Pruett, Brad Lee, Tom Cassidy. Middle Row: Steve Stoke g V ,,. M Aggz Phil Dougherty, Glenn Baldwin, Ed Henry, Don Baniewicz, Jeff Dickey. Bottom Row: Bryan Linker, Tor . itter Stevens, Don Zimmerman, Lenny Henderson. t . 5 W' M 'ravfgg . L fe-ge:'2'X 'figais,r2 if -v' :"" A s .. 5 , ,Q r ' ' .1 .WJ fum i. ' .3 ,. K . J- ,ye ' , K r- --,ix ,. WSE"-' t- ,.s?fS'f""r . v 'f f.1 g V .. s . .W-4-Q' 100 BASEBALL ' Qayjf' ,V W . 'wa ., ., r , G, 'Ma ' f -f:k2sy"j V .fm 7 ' , ' .11 , ,M,,,Mlz k , M . , , v' ay' gif" w Q Q 4, N 10- 1 mf' as it 4 'i.g"x1-f.-2',f? 'id ,lr wht Nv""'4e2b"' """Y' M '5 f 1 w :hx an 13" 5, M W-4 -K., , A, ra Mn ,spawn aw ,X Y- -.M Q' Q - ,r , 2 V K' sr. 5, , " -fha sg ff n, Q' , 17 'H-sv ,A mb ig, .-' ' 'A N: -14, Wy . 'K N A .. X-1.13, iluhtg ff ' , W M . nz' 'V . ,'.- 314,63-fp. . 'ff'-I 'N Mi" -.J f':ei-W-wtf. M' is . 5 -z..'fF'i1t. q .- wk' 51.52. ' H , .Iv.,f"'3 ya5" ?2r"F?3'A-Tv 'i"xi-4 '.. ' , Ha., ,, - ,U ,Mt ,, , .aw at A ' i V" Q, '- . ",,5.5-,, 1.32.7 if-44.5, 3 4 1.2: ' 1-n-J.if.f...t,-Q-"'J ,J ' 'W' 1 , .. I oi. ' f,'...r Hr' V.: '..',,:5 .F W 1 f V., ,- .Q Y .9 -' "?"1':' 'W ' ' - i Q 3 .,n,,,.-.Q-n .Q """x3ri'5QK. . get esstbfg -fr "",gfa..2 ,Q ., fs.: files e ,. .r w ' l'..i1FFk' "' Y ti' M, :Zf?i 4 . fgw ' -as I I iw-wi' . -,.,7'1QF inf J -s ""'T"f.-.1 ,Rays-I"M 2,-wc 1g,iJ?:,1 " 7' Rfmhiie fi A .L ..g..,g 'fp A .H W X . y. f -f M 4 - -- .Quit-"' f at TTL . are 5:f'L'3'fff?F" 11 ', Q g e fx aw- , 5 .Q rv. X , f ff. . . f in-V fi- ti.. we fe me .-t tf,p-,ff e- if mum? 4 ..S.f.i.-'31 -s 1.5 . "6Dv73'itiwv- 3- -'.- .J 1. A good arm is needed by a catcher as shown by sophomore, Chris Pruett. 2. With form, Don Zimmerman, sophomore, shows how to catch fly balls. 3. Dow in position to catch the ball is Paul Rierson, sophomore. 4. Strike one for freshman Josh Legg. 5. J .V. baseball members are hard at work during practice. BASEBALL lOl N CREDIBLE The boys, track team had a season of strong dedication. Senior, Dennis Jerrin, pole vaulter said, "I would say the team,s strongest events are the long jump, 100m and the 4x100, relay." Some of the leading runners are Scott Bowman, John Gray, and Cory Christiansen. The team is going to have a very successful season. Story by: Sushi Carr Layout by: Sushi Carr M1 "ls M. ,,,i, if , ,,,g nit Photos by: Mr. Schlenker 't 0 it'a l Ji'i 'ii A Q .f.. :lc K t ij: 5, Z' 91185, ,Q Top: S. Kytola, J . Gray, J. Devin, M. Runnion. Fifth: R. Wagner, M. Blakely, S. Bowman, T. Chr tiansen, D. Carlson, B. Bloom, P. Brinegar. Fourth: J. Orminston, A. Stole, G. Orminston, K. Runnic P. Washbotten, G. Phelps, A. Gibson, C. Winchel. Third: D. Jerrin, S. Cage, C. Phillips, J. Law, Christiansen, B. Rossi, M. Molina, E. Power. Second: S. Estrada, J . Kidwell, J . Aguilar, B. Porter, I Hendrix, A. Gibson, D. Howderson, J . Mihalein. Bottom: P. Sovacki, D. Gozman, J . Tillwack, J . Pletlw S. Peterson, A. Palmer, C. Webb, R. Liedman. 102 TRACK DEDICATIO F in at f 1" V. MXN uw. ..q...+ w yi-up l YL ia. 4 5 ' as 1419 1. -M W' wr' -r',..e'f AX .M . firm J' ,. .. 1. - Mft, Z,-,V-Q, . , W ,Ww1',T. , uf V .haf 5 , ., .. r R., M .. 4 mm l. Senior, Dennis Jerrin runs his hardest for Cortez. 2. After a hard practice, seniors Travis Christiansen, Aaron Strole, and Dennis J errin relax. 3. Junior, Steve Estrada and coach Tucker discuss the shotput. 4. At practice, junior Peter Wasbotten takes it easy after a long run. 5. Senior, J on Law streches out as ooach Hester Wrights down a time. 6. Members of the track team work hard in practice. TRACK 103 CORTEZ RUNNERS The runners of Cortez put in a lot of dedica- tion this year for the Cortez girls' track team. The track team is led by junior, Sylvia Aiton, who is expected to do well in divisionals. There were a lot of new people that tried out for the team for their first time. This is the first year for senior, Tina McKernan who said HI never knew running was so much funf, 1 t. 'ez . - a ' f f .. - , . . ,a L A MY. f.. J Q' f -' 7 W ' " "L, ,,.,,,,f l. Junior, Robin Hudson gives the shotput her best throw. 2. Sophomore, Cara Owen stretches her muscles before practice starts. 3. Coaches: Ms. Tucker, Mr. Chitwood, Ms. Strickland, Mr. Hester, Ms. Hillard. 4. Track practice can be fun as shown by Amy Beres, freshman. 5. Sophomore Nicole Duffek, andjuniors Sylvia Aiton and Rebecca Benson discuss who will run first. 6. A good start is important to Christy Siniors freshman. Story by: Susie Carr Lay-out by: Susie Carr Photos by: Mr. Schlenker. 104 TRACK -- vt Q I . R? f if J.. , , .. M3 . . K- M K M . 5 . .. L, ww' V v Q sr ' ,. T, 'wat' X W j. . . , , f . -- 9' KL.. . .. ' I "kd - 21,-st. . t .3 Q. . vt W, EM :M ' ' ' if WT ..-. Ie-'E' - i nw - -.,,,,,..,.,.v-..-.-------fx , , .. ...K ,.l..w+w-ss, ,p,. Q3 , B 'ij vkxk, gf- ' i'i 7 e ' W. ' ,- .. fs ' , s ,. 11+ ' x.w1gm,- ' we -.rf W- . N. , 9 W' 1: , J y ..y.. as .. ....a.. .y,..a.1p J f Top: Tina McKernan, Cara Owen, Rachel Hunt, Nicole Duffek, Sylvia Aiton. Second: Chris DeWade, Desiree Downey, Charlyse LaDe. Third: Wendy Williams, Lori Barnett, Krist Tunnell, Christy Siniors, Jennifer Bailey. Bottom: Monica Martinez, Patti Romberg, Tasl Goodreau, Diana Hernandez, JoAnn Banks, Carolynn Bolton. ,N is-:HMM 'W Ha .za ...- 4- WN fx? 1749 4, ff fc XJ .M ft uw ww ,M .,, ww HM 5" - ' 3 4 'ff A M , M504 as-Q Qgmix wx?-f wsfzf. -WWA. avg. Rx ,.,,.,- ,..,., W..- , , . K A mi sv- H55 W .,..f.f:'ftQQ,N-'Nw wwf ,Nm Qgmm 1 ,. 6 M K. . .4 '-L. Q .fp ' -- ' .X - - , .Q -.-. 4,4 ,. . -X wwi pf 2. J ..,, 1 'W ' wav. L, K ,. .M ,,. 1rw ' .. ..,, W .A ki-1 1 AM U ,Q M Y ' A ' ,,W, 1- , K r M ' , J, . ' Y z lf? , , W 5' f Mgt if , , a we Q 'W ' V ,fi - -fa Q? is was A. ,gg in .A N1-vi ,.ff + .-ff .X 6 ,xy S , ,, H, " ff' Z' 'Q 5' . 4 Vi Q,A, ,, L. up- , x A T J ' ' V, R f ,,,,.1,L k K , TRACK 105 WIMMING ITH SUCCESS Although the boys' swim team didnlt have an outstanding season, the team had fulfilled many dreams. This years team was led by captain Trevor McDonald, junior, who led the Relay team to a sixth place at Divisionals. Another outstanding execution fulfilled was Matt Eastin, junior, who placed an amazing first in State. Success has been a companion for Matt for many years who wouldn't have done it if it wasn't for his father and coach, Mr. Eastin. For Matt, this makes his second year as a Division Champion and he had an excellent 12-O record. Swimming made its debut under the fine coaching and direction of coach Howard. ln order to make a good showing, coach Howard put his boys through many long hours of prac- tice and swim drills. Even though the team didnlt win many meets, they showed other teams that Cortez is tough. 'fThe boys worked hard. There was a lot of individual progress made on this years team.", proudly stated coach Howard, MI could not have asked for a better group of boysf' Story by: Jarrett Calnimptewa Layout by: Jarrett Calnimptewa Photos by: Phil Shaw and Tammy Shafer A , .i . . . t ' ff-111, if - . , S . Q 106 BOYS SWIMMING IT!!! I ,gf Q N 44. ' ? . S.. .fa ' . ' - ' 'Y'-'P . v . - ' x.. R.. at ',.-g", ' '4 if . , , . " K 5' mi- I 4 . A 5 ff 4 3 'J Y' I, ' 4 1 . , . L". Y 1 4 . 1 K CR 3 l sv- an-, 7 .,f D 9' ' cg? J 4 , ' t E x' A Q fue ' my 1 1-,K ' b b at , 7 K K . ix, 639:-51 , ,. L . so gsm., W .3 S gp . ' .' M , ,M I 7' iillluh E... W-1' - . ...uni ,sw M .rw sf Q,1"FQQ9xxQ!WV' -- i'?'2"'f'f?'?'?iff:fiTir5is.fffti-'59 .. 115 -- t ...Q-avr 6 .. ,J Us-' - ,. -.--..,M .." E "f- ' ,wwf X M, U.q,vM' 'Q-.. 'ww 7 Q I ,.-, in ' :S-'NE V- .A M . .9 -K l. Diving coach, Mr. Eastin, looks over his forms with great interest. 2. Boys swimming coach, Mr. Howard, awaits information before he starts practice. 3. Team captain, Trevor McDonald, checks his head gear before he swims. 4. After practice, juniors, Trevor McDonald, Scott Scipione, and Lance Hyden sit back and relax. 5. While waiting for new instructions, members of the boys swim team take a break. 6. While giving us a smile, Mr. Enk helps out with the swimming meets. 7. Junior, Matt Eastin, performs an excellent back dive. BOYS SWIMMING 107 1 DETERMIN ED The girls swim team,.this year, accomplish- ed many goals they had hoped for. Led by team captain, junior, Cecila Sanchez, the team went on the Divisionals in which the team did very well. Some of the outstanding swimmers at Divisionals were, junior, Cecila Sanchez, Jennie Raphael, Tara Maddox, and Katie Billimack, and freshman, Susan Devin. This year's team was young and determin- ed to get the job done. "The team put a lot of hard work and heart into every practice. The team was small but mighty. Other coaches told me what good sportsmanship, manners, and the heart the team showed at the meets", stated coach Reece, "I knew I had the best team in the Divisionf' This team showed themselves to be tough and never gave up as a team. 1. Junior, Jennie Raphael, leaps off the platform to test her skills. 2. Junior, Tara Maddox, displays her ability to shoot into the water. 3. The breaststroke was an event which required a lot ofagility which is shown by Jennie Raphael. 4. Before the whistle is blown, Katie Billamack, junior, tires herself up. 5. The boys and girls swimming team, L to R, Front Row: Marc Owens, Kim Thomason, Desirie Downey, Mike Roberson, Trevor McDonald, Rick Wagner, Paul Rierson, Susan Devin, Cecilia Sanchez. Bottom Row: Jason Checketts, David Nevin, Susan Moore, Dylan Powers, Paul Oun, Jeff Barry, Chris Hudson, Tara Maddox, Steve Salcido, Jammie Templeton, Jamie Niehuis, Phil Vu, Robert Tuma, Jammie Raphael. 6. While preparing for her next event, Katie Billamack, checks her score as well as her teamls score. Layout by: Jarrett Calnimptewa Story by: Jarrett Calnimptewa Photos by: Phil Shaw and Tami Shaufer 108 GIRLS SWIMMING Q WY MM., I ,g1 I if-A - ---WJ,.f-15 f . wg. 'WN , sf ,ax ft "i 3 - I.. 4141. fp 'ff ,. " ww , GIRLS SWIMMING 109 X Us H H wgssifn, 424:21 , -H.1w--- szivfw, - iffy-pf., - ,m-14251 , ',-:iwfi .-15,5111 :fi-,V .-wses1"-uggg V f -,gg Agqgf-1, . ,..,,k U, ,,..,, LS .,,k D.V,.., , ,,.,,, iv, ,,.. ,,.. 5 L,., i . ,,,,, ,,,A. ,. f 5. .,,, BAND! FLAG 1 12 CHORUSIHERC 114 C.0.E.l IMPACT 1 16 ACADEMIC! DECATHLON ! F .B.L.A. 120 SPANISH HONOR SOCIETY! GERMAN CLUB 1 18 LANGUAGE ALLIANCEIOVATION A SPECTATORIQUILL AND SCROLL ' A U 1AA 11 4 1111 JUNIOR CIVITAN AAUAA fff AAU U1 A 1A111 A N AAU CLOSE UWCHMN GAN AA U AU A U f 11lA AUUAAN 5 A11Al U UAAAAAAA if AAAA AUAN A AAU1 A AUUAAU AUAlUlAAA111 U - AAU1. ANAA f"'- Lf:-I . , ,.-f ff-f , ,..,,..--, , -ww ,ZH ,-,, :af--f ,f ,. 1-,f:,,-, ,,,-fnffw f,y1w- f,..,f,.f-xm:my-f,1f.:q, f,m.z., ,- . k,-f,.. ww- , f..,, 15:4-,ff U,-, . ,--, L- fs f , ., 1,-m,:f,-, , , ,fL:,,.1,,f,,.- ,K .,,. X q,-f ,iw ,, Lf--ff is-ww ,fm-fgwfeyf-g. -M f- 'f - - f---mlssifwr A wsssgf: ' , 'fi-224552-1--V H .saw - , ,wzsfim-f 1 , 1-uiszgiazff-vf f f-wsemfsw w-14122155-w11'1 , '-fzibewfww swsasx fiwz x- -iwfzw -f,. A ,J Z ,,12 11' 1. ,iwgifgiigfgsffg--1ni,-J+L! i WLET THE USIC PLAY" "This is a superior group!" stated Mrs. Tucker of the 1987-88 Cortez marching band. The band earned a superior rating at the Chaparral Invitational, the highest rating possible. The seventy member club played at concerts, football games and basketball games throughout the year to promote school spirit. A common sight at assemblies, the band played the fight song and some choice pieces like '6Twist and Shout". "Band is a lot of hard work, but it is worth it. Without the band, who would play the fight song to cheer Cortez on?', said Kathy Koser, senior. "This year has been an especially good one because I've been working hard with the band for four years and we finally achieved our goal of a superior rating," said Erin Kelly, senior. Story by: Lora Beres Layout by: Jason LaBrie Photos by: Jennifer Gorman Sophomore, Isabel Mestayer, plays the bells in band. Top row: Ray Horvat, Robin Bishop, Linda Mc- Coorkle, JoAnn Banks, Sheri Smith, Erin Kelly, Miss Tucker. Third Row: Scott Balthazor, Shan- non Arthur, Jason Checkettes, Paul Rierson, Gabe Smith, Kevin Brown, Jim Palmer, Dean Cron, Jessica O'Connell, Pat Kelly, Kim Brown, Mark Handly, and Bruno DiFabio. Second Row: Jason Ormiston, Bruce Palmer, Bobby Harrison, Chrissy Tompkins, Margie Bacon, Suzie Ritchie, Christy DeWad, Kim Hull, Gary Walton, Noel Robinson, Amy Simpson, Matt Joyce, Andy Mc- Carty, Robbie Tuma, Andy Palmer, Carl Wilson, 1 Erica Burgess, Charlotte Baker, Sonja Mehlau and Dennis Jerin. First Row: Isabel Mestayer, Jason Miller, Valarie Loertscher, Lisa Goering, Andrej Marich, Brandi Irvin, Glen' Ormiston, Jenny Raphael, Candy Davidson, Jason Sipe, Jennifer O'Neil, Matt Clark, Krista Hanna, Tyrone Smoak, Becky Rierson, Jason LaTella, Darrah Wisser, Paul Lewis, Tammy Dover, Mike Leon and Lori Barnett. Thc Cortez band jams out to "Pop Tune' at the Homecoming assembly. '91 1 12 BAND I si W BAND AUTGGRAPHS ,fffff I PERFECT HARMO Y 'Chorus is a class where one can feel good about oneself. The choir practices hard all year and rewards us with special programs to lift our spirits. This is a class with positive attitudes and a lot of good voices. Self assurance is almost guaranteed. Choir has a blending of voices as seniors are eager to help underclassmen. Not only does the choir work hard, they have fun and make others smile. "Chorus is a lot of fun and I look forward to the class everyday," ex- pressed Kim Zimbro, sophomore. Story by: Jason LaBrie Photos by: Jennifer Gorman Layout by: Jason LaBrie Junior, Sheri Smith, practices her vocals in seventh hour chorus. First Row: Miss Tucker, Sandi Nash, Diane Carden, Kem Zimbro, Dawn Rowland, John Nelson, Wendy Duffy, Lisa Booutier, Camellia Nichols, Janeen Peachy. Second Row: Melody Gordon, Melissa Vanboekel, Rachael Hunt, Glenn Meaking, Tom Cedillo, Sean Smith, Tim Galarza, Sheri Smith, Angie Tompkins, Tasha Godreau and Kelly Csupick. 3' Members Dawn Rowland, Lisa Lindsey, Melody Gordon, John Nelson, and Glen Meaking work on memorizing lyrics. l 14 CHORUS JOB EXPERIENCE "We teach transferable skills - those we can use on any job from now on," said Mrs. Simon, advisor for H.E.R.O., Home Economics Related Occupa- tions. Twenty-eight students held jobs after school or on weekends in areas like cosmetology, child care, fashion, interior design, food service and food production. H.E.R.O. ,was co-curricular and met during class time. Members received one credit for the class and another for the job, and had to meet the eligibility re- quirements of senior status and had enough credits accumulated to graduate with the class. "I like H.E.R.O. mostly because it brought a lot of individuals together to learn about the real world and how it works," commented Kristi Sweitzer, senior. "I think H.E.R.O. is great because I get job ex- perience and credits for the class at the same time," said Jennifer Alton, senior. Story by: Lora Beres Layout by: Jason LaBrie Photos by: Jennifer Gorman Front row: Jennifer Alton, Shauna Essary, Debbie Roeder, Heather Rockwell, Jennifer Gattis fState Senatorj Susan Flem- ing, Stacey Sullivan, Olga DeLaCruz, Kristi Sweitzer, Julie Walker. Middle Row: Jacque Kennerson, Shannon May CState Parliamentarian!Historianj, Tamee Gardner, Terri Lindell, Sandee Stengel, Stacey Uyehara, Kara Briscoe, Cecilia Scavo-ne, Angie Higgins, Mrs. Simon. Top Row: Keith Ovellette, Jon Beller, Matt Kilcran and John Kennerson. Advisor, Mrs. Simon, advises H.E.R.O. students about after school jobs. Seniors, Kristi Sweitzer and Shannon May, Organize H.E.R.O. fund raisers. H.E.R.O. 115 9. HELPI G O FOR THE FUT RE "I decided to take C.0.E. because it is a good reference to have on a resume. It's also la great way of gaining work experience and school credit at the same time," said Nahid Nekho, senior, and vice-president of C.O.E., Cooperative Office Education. C.O.E. students held jobs after school in various offices around the Phoenix area. Most did clerical work like typing, filing or answering phones. "I like C.O.E. because of the excellent training in the business world I am receiving at Valley National Bank," stated Shane Stutzman, senior. The purpose of C.O.E. was "to train students for office occupations and to furnish the community with qualified personnelj' according to Mrs. Hoffman, the club's sponsor. "C.O.E. will help me out in real life and with part-time jobs in the future," stated Kristen Dryfhout, senior. . ' A Story by Lora Beres A Layout by Jason LaBrie ' Photos by Jennifer Gorman I 3 Vis . X .J i-., ,Wg Officers, Top: Mark Elenbass, Lori Coil, Michelle Stewart 5 f 2 g and Shane Stuzman. Bottom: Jodi Vogel, Nahid Nekho and ff . 'iff ' Tiffany Bea. Page: an X f u Keigher, Kristin Dryfout, Julie Holbrook, Leesa Bently, . Michelle Stewart and Shane Stutzman. Middle: Nahid 1 Top: Pam Skelton, MartiChecketts, Sheri Mull, Deedee o , I is .Q 394' Nekho, Debbie McRoy, JodiVogel, Tammy Handcock, Alissa Fox, Lori Coil, Linda Palmer, Stacey Stevenson, Sheri ,, r N p t . S N Qt? Anton, Tiffany Bea, Vera Thompson, Mrs. Sharon Hoff- D. Q . 3 B is X, in lk ' man. Bottom: Mark Elenbass and Dana O'Dell. gr- x 5 is r 5 . 9 ll6 C.O.E. ,I ig! Y' Q' f , ,, to . Ay , , 4 , V in 54 ., " Q 1 E 4121 f , ft, E , ,, Q. 1 HELPING EACH OTHER IMPACT is about doing charity projects and helping others," stated Alice Gaynor, sophomore. IMPACT, individuals meeting, Participating and Cooperating Together, was a school and community ser- vice club. Eligibility was based on current enrollment in a home economics class. N "I joined IMPACT to get involved and it worked," said freshman Julian Clay. Members went to Cottonwood for a conference, held an ice cream social and assisted H.E.R.O. with the canned food drive at Christmas. "The convention we went to was a lot of fun and made us realize how we could make IMPACT better than ever before," said Angel Brown, senior. Story by: Lora Beres Photos by: Jennifer Gorman Layout by: Kathy Koser 'A 1. The Officers of IMPACT are: Alice Gaynor, Vice Pres., Susie Beutler, Treasurer, Rachel Davidson, Secretary and Angel Brown, President. 2. The Members of IMPACT are, Top: Julianna Clay, Susan Moore, Bernette Lopez, Susie Beutler, Angel Brown, Rebecca Benson. Spon- sor: Mrs. LaGanke, Karen Burke, Alice Gaynor, Rachel Davidson, Steve Salcido, Ashley Newbey. 3. At the Homecoming football game, IMPACT displays its colorful banner. P '1' 85,3-gtgrn rea Q 1 get f Mita y A Celebrates p clothing singles survival s I J at up ,, AD 1 UNIQUE "The Academic Decathlon is a unique contest of academic strength for Jr. and Sr. high school students," said Mr. Ed- dleman, Academic'Decathlon supervisor. The A.D. team is a group of 6 students ranging in academic interests, that competed in a super quiz with other high school students all over the state. Mr. Furlong, assistant add visor, attended meetings after school so the students could study the designated material for competition. They had to be specialist in thqfollowing areas: economics, fine arts language and literature, niathematics, science, and social science history. In addition, they had to give a speech about any topic, giving an interesting interview about themselves and write an essay. All students were honored at a S20 expense- paid banquet after the competition, at the Holiday Inn. "This year's team held its own in the regional competition and scored some outstanding in special areas," stated Mr. Eddleman. "I really enjoyed being on the Decathlon team," said Dan Moseke, senior, "and would advise anyone to join the team next year." Layout By: Shelly Martin Story By: Jarrett Calnimptewa Photos By: Jennifer Gorman Amusing himself during class is Mr. Furlong. Top Row: Mr. Furlong, Chris Ward, Chris Shutltz, Chris Culligan. Bottom Row: Dan Moseke, Becky Gentry, Greg Stanton, Chris Bacon. 1 18 ACADEMIC DECATHLON ,pals YM NL w iii' THE LEADERS ' 0F O R ERA One of the most popular clubs this year, with sixty-eight members, was Future Business Leaders of America, or F.B.L.A. Members attended regional, state and national leadership con- ferences and Yavapai College Skills Day. "You meet new and different people from all over the state," said Debbie Davis, president. "You learn to be the best person you possibly can be." Tracey Dryer, senior, gave her reason for joining F.B.L.A. "It sounded interesting and I wanted to learn about business." Story By: Lora Beres Layout By: Jason LaBrie Photos By: Jennifer Gorman Ofiicers, Top: Sue Radamacher, Debbie Davis and Tracey Dryer. Bottom: Shannon Norris and Michelle Stewart. Back Row: Kelly Madeya, Jon Law, Mike Rober- son, Suzan Buetler, Michelle Stewart, Debbie Davis, Shane Stutzman and Tina Lowe. Middle Row: Isabelle Mestayer, Ronnie Lopez, Kristen Geroux, Sue Rademacher, Nahid Nekho, Shan- non Norris, Tracey Dryer, Maria Zuckschwerdt and Becky Gentry. Front Row: Matt Parker, Nicole McDonald, Cathy Piland, Janine Cook, Kim Edmunson, Peggy Wilkens, Shagufta Mulla, Ginger Bugh, Colleen Cannon and Kelly Csupick. F.B.L.A 119 HARD WORK PAYS OFF With eligibility requirements of three semesters of one in Spanish, good citizenship and an overall grade point average of 1.5 Con a 1.0 scalej, itls no wonder that Spanish Honor Society members were the cream ofthe crop. Throughout the year the members of Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica par- ticipated in various fund raisers. The club sold tamales at Homecoming and took orders for cookie pies. The club also continued to sponsor the education of Javier, a boy in Chile and bought a turkey for a needy family for Thanksgiving. The purpose of S.H.S. is "to recognize high achievement in Spanish and to pro- mote continuity of interest in the Hispanic studies," according to Mr. Fierros. Story By: Lora Beres Layout By: Jason LaBrie Photos By: Jennifer Gorman l. Language Alliance Members: Mr. Brigger- man, Bruce Palmer, Cecilia Scavone, Monty Runnion, Tiffany Flam. Bottom Row: Mr. Fierros, Tammy Davis, Athea Every, Kathy Young, Sissa Pearson, Kristy Farmer, Mrs. Ducca. 2. Spanish Honor Society Officers: Bruce Palmer, Vice-Presidentg Cecilia Scavone, Presidentg Monty Runnion, Treasurer. Bottom Row: Athea Every, Kathy Young, Publicity Manager, Sissa Pearson. 120 SPANISH HONOR SOCIETY aww i I is 'Q 1 GERMA . . . A LANGUAGE TO LEARN "Aller Anfang ist schuerf' The first step in any language is the most difficult except when that language is German. Sup- porting the German program and making German an exciting language to learn were the Deutsch Klub and the German Na- tional Honor Society fDelta Epsilon Phil. These organiza- tions assist students in gaining an understanding of German culture, customs and people, while encouraging the use of German in many extra-curricular activities. Activities includ- ed regular meetings on Monday, guest speakers, and Oc- toberfest with Thunderbird High School, a car wash, dinner at a German restaurant, and a combined field trip. Sales of pretzels, flowers, balloons, advent calendars, and candy helped defray club expenses. Spring induction ceremonies for DEP succeeded in recognizing many students with high achievement in German. Story by: Marcy Ducca Layout by: Jason LaBrie Photos by: Jennifer Gorman 1. Dawn Rhodes, Tina Pritts, Ashley Newby, Shannon Kitchen, Athea Every. 2. German National Honor Society Officers: Becky Gentry, Craig Seals, and Tina Pritts. GERMAN 121 CLUB EXPLORES EXCITING IDEAS "Language Alliance's purposes are to compare the Spanish, German, and French languages and see how they differ from English," said Mr. Brig- german, sponsor. Although it has been Mr. Briggerman's first year teaching, he has very much enjoyed being a spon- sor forthe club. Some new ideas he's added to the club are a tutoring service for some of the students in foreign languages needing help and more social activities to keep the club rolling. Language Alliance had many fund raisers such as pretzels sales, car washes, and dances. With the funds they sent a student to Montreal for seven days and took a busload of students to Nogales for a weekend. "Being in Language Alliance was a great ex- perience for me because I learned a brand new culture and made a lot of new friends," stated Athea Every, junior. Story by: Jennifer Gorman Layout by: Jason LaBrie Photos: Jennifer Gorman -1.51- 'f,"'! EN ,. 'Q Oflicers, Top: Bnlce Palmer, V.P.g Cecilia Scavone, Pres., Montaque Run- nion, Treas. Bottom: Athea Every, Ger- man Rep.g Kathy Young, Pub. Mgr.g Sissa Pearson, Span. Rep. Top: Mr. Briggerman, Bruce Palmer, Cecilia Scavone, Montaque Runnion, Tiffany Flan. Bottom: Mr. Fierros, Tammy Davis, Athea Every, Kathy Young, Sissa Pearson, Kristy Farmer, and Mrs. Ducca. 122 LANGUAGE ALLIANCE HE.. CORTEZ OV TIO "To be or not to be, in drama that is the question." This year the drama club had 50 members that helped do the fall play and the spring musical. The club attended the Arizona State Thespian Conference and had an enlightening experience. They also had great fun playing softball games against the Apollo drama club. The drama club had many fund raisers throughout the year as well. They sold Christmas items which helped the produc- tion of Dracula, Pippen, and their one act play The Actors Nightmare. Then at the end of the year the club had an awards banquet to award each and every member for their outstanding work and effort. "Drama club is one of the most enjoyable clubs at Cortez," said Mr. Pat Walsh, advisor and director. "The people are fantastic and the friendships people made will last a lifetime." Layout By: Jarrett Calnimptewa Photos By: Jennifer Gorman Story By: Kathy Koser l. This year the Cortez drama club consisted of 50 members who all helped with the Fall play and Spring musical. Each person had their own duty to do. Whether it was doing lighting or working with the sound systems, which made the special effects work and the play much better. 2. Drama officers Michelle Hubastek, Eric Bramlett, Tracy Kurtzman, David Twigger, and Scarlet Stoppa. 3. Among the highest of the drama members who were the top people, were the Thespians. Each either helped out or acted in one of the plays. In order to become, one, you have to undergo some test to become worthy of being voted in. CORTEZ OVATION 123 N EXCELLE T YEAR This year the 1987-88 Cortez Spectator Staff did an ex- cellent job in meeting deadlines and getting the school newspaper on time. The members put a lot of heart and dedication in the Spectator. It also helps students learn about writing in stories by getting the facts only, talking to Cortez individuals and getting their quotes on a certain subject, and taking photographs, in which the staff took pictures at all sports, assemblies, clubs, and students, and faculty member. Story By: Jarrett Calnimptewa Layout By: J arett Calnimptewa Photos By: Jennifer Gorman 2 Theapeanuff Gang 225' 124 SPECTATOR ff' 52 3':...."' . .l :iv- 5 ' w-. ru p.+fWT'. 1 03' W. S 3' 1'-iw? s s. ,A H0 GRABLE CLUB "It's an honor to be in an organization that recognizes journalists of high standards," com- mented Valerie Knobel, senior. Quill and Scroll is a "It's an honor to be in an organization that recognizes joumalists of high standards," commented Valerie Knobel, senior. Quill and Scroll is a national journalism honorary organization for outstanding students. The requirements for eligibility is that the student has to be in the top one-third of their class, have 1,000 words published and be recommended by an advisor. "It's through this club that our outstanding newspaper The Spectator is published," said Christine Bacon, senior and president of the club. Members also hold Bagel and candy sales, attend conventions and enter in writing contests. Story By: Lora Beres Layout By: Jarrett Calnimptewa Photos By: Jennifer Gorman l. One of the top new members on the Spectator staff is one of Americas favorite cartoon character, Snoopy. - 2. Member of the Spectator staff is Chris Bacon, senior. 3. Hard at work doing stories and trying to make their deadlines are seniors, Chris Bacon and Eric Miceli. 4. Senior Rona Pride, gives sophomore, Chuck Figger advice. 5. Spectator advisor, Mrs. Finerman and sophomore, Chris Philpott check some photo negatives. QUILL AND SCROLL 125 A HELPI G HA D f'Being involved with Jr. Civitan gives you a feeling of self-satisfactionj, said Shagufta Mulla, junior, "Because you are helping out with good causes, which is what Jr. Civitan is all about." Junior Civitan is a service club for youth made specifically for training young people to become builders of good citizenship in the home, school, community and the nation. This year they did activities such as: visiting children's hospitals, nursing homes, collecting food and clothing for needed charities etc. "The best thing my friend's did for me," said Tara Maddox, "was to get me into Junior Civitan!" Story by: Jennifer Gorman Layout by: Jason LaBrie Photos by: Jennifer Gorman W 1 ' 'rrg Q " Y f . . 1. Junior Tara Maddox selects a committee for an upcoming 4 CVCIII. 2. Officers Mike Greenburg senior, Tara Maddox, Junior, Dan Howell Senior and Ma Lawless Senior, take time out for a picture. 3. Junior Tara Maddox, counts hands during a meeting. ' 4. Mrs. Brackney, Blake Burgess, Sr. Bill Bowman, Fr., J Robert Wagner, Fr., Marie Zurkschwerdt, Jr., Marc Owen, ' if Fr., Steve Hulse, Fr., Amanda Marillo, Fr. Bottom Row: Mike Greenburg, Sr., Dan Howell, Jr., Mary Lawless, Sr., Shagufta Mulla, Jr., Melanie Addison, Jr., Shawna Dobbins, Fr., Mr. Enk. 126 .1 UNIOR CIVITAN I .. E ilk., A THE SCIENTIST'S -OF TOMORROW "We went to the zoo and saw the different types of animals such as reptiles, birds and mammals. We learned their scientific names and their ecological background," said Mary Lawless, secretary of Y.S.A., Young Scientists of America. Not only did Y.S.A. members visit the zoo, they made trips to the science museum, planted a tree and held regular meetings on Wednesdays. f'We promote an interest in and an enjoyment of science," said Mrs. Howerton, the club's sponsor. alt really is a lot of fun. It's good for college and the animal we adopted at the zoo gives us pridef' said Craig Seals, the club's president. 'Tve enjoyed being in Y.S.A.," stated Angel Crandall, publicity chairperson. "It taught me a lot about science in modern technology? Story by: Lora Beres S Layout by: Kathy Koser Photos by: Jennifer Gorman 1. Sponsor Mrs. Howerton finds the trip to the Wildlife Park to be very exciting. 2. At the petting zoo, senior Kathy Koser finds much en- joyment in petting a goat. 3. Junior, Tara Maddox, giggles at one of Mr. Furlong's dumb jokes. YSA 127 SPEECH IMPROVES COMMUNICATION MSpeech has reaHy ludped rne out a lot in sehl confidencejl stated Mary Lawless, senior. 'fThis was only my second year in speech class and on the team, but I feel I've improved a great deal? The Speech team is made up of students who want to improve their oral communication skills, enjoy competitions, and enjoy any type of pcdonnance Their fundraisers consisted of candy sales and the egg-a- thon which pays for their awards and banquet at the end of theyean 'The speech team, to me, is one of the most fantastic clubs on campus," stated David Schuster, senior. "In speech you learn how to be calm, cool, and collect in front of a group of people. After being in speech for some time, the average person will loose most of his or her fear of speaking in public. Speech is a lot of work, but its rewards are greatV, Story by: Jennifer Gorman Photosby:JennHerC3onnan Layoutby:JaMniLaBrK l. Speech club members: Top: Michelle l-lubastek, jr, Scarlett Stoppa, jrg Diane Carden, jrg Krista Hanna, jr, Carl Wilson, sr, Andy Land- meier, jrg Sean Jantzi, fr, Chris Schultz, sr. Row 2: Jon Law, sr, Kevin Dangers, srg Walter Moralde, so: Margie Bacon, fr, Matthew Ventura, jr, Eric Bramlett, sr, Amberly Eproson, sr, Susie Beutler, sr, Scott Balthazor, so. Row 3: Tracey Kertzman, sr: Gwen Collier, fr, Athea Every, jr, Katie Billimack, jr, Annalene Foreman, sr, Tina Peterson, sr, Chris Bacon, sr: Peggy Wilkens, sr. Bottom: David Schuster, sr, Dan Howell, sr, Craig Seals, sr, Elie Bramlett, fr: Dean Barnella, sry Tiffany Bea, sr. 2. Senior Peggy Wilkens styles senior Shannon May's hair for an up- coming rock concert. 3. Officers: Top: Eric Bramlett and Jon Law. Bottom: Katie Billimack and Tracey Kurtzman. ' l28 SPEECH "'4 V' i ,- 's CAPTURI G YEAR GGAL CF TAF F "I like yearbook because it's challenging. I want people to look at the yearbook and be able to see Cortez and be proudofthdrschoolnsakiJamn1LaBde,dubsedHon Producing the yearbook proved to be a demanding job, but for the second year in a row, the yearbook was put umedwrdudngdamtnne "I enjoy being photography editor because I like taking pictures, especially at assemblies," said Jennifer Gorman, senion The staff was comprised of section editors, reporters, photographers, business representatives, all headed by editor-in-chief Bobby States, junior. "As an advisor for a rookie staff, I was apprehensive at first, but the staff pulled together and produced an ex- cellent yearbook," stated Mr. Sehlenker. The theme "Reflections" was chosen to bring back memories of past years. In the future, the class of 1988 will be able to use this yearbook to reflect upon their years at Conez Story by: Lora Beres Layout by: Mary Harbin Photos by: Jennifer Gorman Junior, Shelley Martin works hard as this years photography editor. Top: Mike Diekner, George Doschner, and Bobby States. Se- cond Row: Mary Harbin, Angel Zagorski, Jarrett Calnimptewa, Todd Springfield and David Twigger. Third Row: Efren Cantu, Carrie Rush and Susie Carr. Bottom Row: Tracy Ayres, Rona , 1 Pride, Tammy Shaffer, Melanie Addison, Kim Culbertson, ff Lora Beres, Jennifer Gorman, Phil Shaw, Jason LaBrie and Kathy Koser. Advisor, Mr. Sehlenker, strolls along to class. Junior, Mary Harbin and senior, Angel Zagorski, search for their files. YEARBOOK l29 -if .x 4. . - .f ' I fif X " '66: : ? p- -- 1 . I, .,., . .. , . I I , I, I , I . ,I II . , .. . I . I I I I.AI?' - fr." if -14-. ,... , . . . .. . I-I u- 7 ' " ' A ..,..,,.,.... .. . . I. 12-in f - .., .Q I . .. -. LI: '45 9: is 1 ' '. , flv . V mp 5 It , ,I1 ' gi ' 'i'gt:5j-FX5'AQ1lg'Q?v-J :-argue v.y.-sa-rms41fnsr2:a'. . ' jr 'III' 1 A U I i I I , ,b -1. 0 OOO L-T723 '-'- - . 'f 4Y"- O NL' "1 ' A '.1l-Wifi' 0 Ol 'fl if 0 - :Lees U-,rf ' o ooo . 1 :ug . H ' ff 2551 I Q' :Hi . 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I ' g .-- - -"hr: 'lg ff. 51, ' PQ 1 .i 4' 'L fi! 1 I 1 '1 if ' 1 V I1 .- 4- ' i . . Ic, ' 4-X ' 1. r 2 .L , . . I I I , JI , . ',r .1 ,. 1 .EI fm 1: -': ,5 - ' ? I ' -If ' . - ' . Y ' ' I. 11 Q52 1. I f F - 'y i ' sg: U lg -I -A 'if ' I 'z' .mv 41- Az- - 31 --... . I . .. -I I ,qw-. ,X .ty .IrI..I. ,, 1 I 'I - . I . I - . . ings, . .- .. II - . L .IQM 1 .' vm-.. . - . wmv . ..v ff , .. .-.., , 1- . , , 'H . 1 . .:1 -35.9 I- N I A .-gvnslxs. M .lJ.i. I , , N ' x.:.f-l,,Q .I I , 15, gif- I . ., . I ,ri . ' '45i.:'Zlc-if fg. - --.e sv. .AF . ,Q 1.-X ..x,1-'Zi --:aI ,rp . 1517 .'I I x Af. . . 'wi N A 130 AUTOGRAPHS Y .....n. ,- II , 5- ,. -5,-IX . ' Sf r .., . -T iijfzgfgr . , .1 4, I "fl 1'--, 'I' ' .' Fgml,-:IC-:'f..Q , 'MT I-fr' Q .44 .fl ..- , -711. ' -I, ' v - 'L-'Q Q-'Q A I4-,7 I. 'lx' A . ,Jn .,. .. . f.. . .JS sg, n.r. . . Xia? A I ,lain r- 1:1 .fr . ,.:,f,' , '55-.V p,-.J .---ztf, . ' ' ' " Q '1- . , . 4, .iz- :N - '--' -..'-'l V: - f.I,. v fl I-' I.1,' ,Ib F .I Q , asp. I I g:- . . wif- 9 J- . -.- 1- ' - ., Q . In II. ,,. . ,I.I.I I ' I. 2 q'-,' ' A ' f, tr. 1. iz? . 7"hI',g-. ' . . . " "--,N wr. . . ffff- ' 4-7 .,I4,, , v . : if' i'f.'ff-9? fi' .xx 1' 1' . :-2? ' .JV P W, I JI' -f ' Aff' .-V , 1. :.' 1 S, , f I,. I -V, J. . .-11 . , fl ,-Q v i " ' I V. 1..':f" ., 1,7 .- - ,. ,Q .. .- ,. ,A . ..A. I. M., A .,... ,AA. ,A .AA..k.I. , "AIAA, A,..k,,,. A' Ah ru '-' H . qh. . . -. - '-. . ' 'HIL ' T 41 .- i ..- I if 5- eilllulnin - I Aiw.. 'ilk ,ga ' - V is X.: .-Qi: E :Ver-.A x -a ' x F' 11? ,FE , -, 1 qw, 5. 4.14 1. an X5 ax dx I .A 5' A f UN A A. .. LH "IVA, V "'f- :"1.'.'V .fq ' J w' 5:,3':, A . Am- - ' -ffm . 1- ' 1:-' .1 -"L: QI v .xi .1 - A 12-5 . A J fi.-:Q ,'. '-L -,xi .- -.' if- Ai '35 fl. F' '.1f1-.-- x Auf, Q-pA',f I - ff, , . A,,V A 2... A-n -At. - 1-. I 922' ' .-"H Q " "' V' T' -"C" J 'f 59 ' , 1. -"':"x1 ' "1 ' ' . 1' ' 'F'-1 -1' 'fi . , .--1:-Jr - - .. , -are .N -A.Ar.,- 5. A - c... ,CA Ag AA. I-v 4A-A - ' ,f .gr .1 - ' - fr' - - ,- . , . A . ' -fp M'wf:.'f .JV J'- ' -"":"- 1.5 'ini -.r-,.- ,. -A i-- .T ..' ' '.' ,- A A . - .: ', ..' - , '-15 CVS 'V '- '-1'-If 'fa ' JG' V 123514 ' -, A. ,A U- f . . - ge-.A .A A.,A -u ,--1 " ' .-Q -'M' V- ' 4. '..-T'- Q fp- ,L7a -'Qf-, Q-ep . 9 .,f' - . - -1 :t ., ,-V, .' N- V' , A 2 4 V - 1? xr' V , A AL. , Q av' :Z ' 4 ' 27-7. 1- ' 'A A . ,A A :mx Mx, - - '-.A .V ' " f1.'- - H- 4 ' Tfi ' ' ' ' ' 3523. ' ' 'Q -Qxf' 1, A -.,4. V A ,. . ,AAA-A., - --...L, ., AA. ,A . , .-4 -wifi' . .- - .- - ., . -'xii " '.'3i-2? -A :.A gr-g, - 3- gv'f3n:1'- Ffaffij"1L A . ' ' ' ' -- "A--.-.1 -' ':-- .:-1' . B A- Tygfqek- -f -z- ?" . ."-. :'. 'wwf' A --V '. .2 'K -:2rV'1QfX2'?flf-.13-A 'f -'vuvl'-A-.A vhlv' "V ' - . ,fu ,mv ' M 4. m W .1 uwuu only ilu! an Us j .Vi -. :QV ' -1199 ' A vi., A .wg .A .fu . .f. ,-If A ..V J... A 1 "TS1i'5SiZ?c35" . , . , 1 A, - A - .r . , - A, 1 . ..,V. , A .. .J Q X , ' A. A' L., . 1 H 4:2 .1 S 'Ati-,."" 455 '?f3', f .f ...J 'A ,E AA! A ,,' A- ,, .A, ,FFAAAWI - ,QA Atl' X 3' fflfl?-f-1' N - f' ,AA " ,Ax rw " m O M - A 'x' f , O ,,m A. 4, 4 - uh " ' "' , H - - - ' -vsiy.-3' .' 5 g 'F - 364' 34,-R'-x .4 fi N-A A-.xf Ar .V U V A 'f 5 1225.-' A- .. - - if , 7 . ,-N .P A .' .. A V .. .1 Lx . , A A.1A -. ' 'y . -' 1 ' w V- ,f . ., V A Vu. - -..,, V -A ' V - , . . A 1 A -. ' w I - - A 1 . , 'A ,V V..,.-+-,A .-A Q QA- X. AA Q 'l.,A. , . A , . H I A r . 5 " ' ' .- -My ' - '. ' - gf.. - A Q - 1 -1 1- , a - -nu 4 . V Iv DA A AAAAA.a7,,f:A,. . 3 A. - A - . .A ,:,- A , r u ' 1 . .Ji-S -LZ' 'J . 'S V' - .Ar " . ' I :L I 1 . .A H .LL . X- Q1 TT -- " .' , '-wi-1 ,A -,-. 3 V- V X 5 J " 4, X 4 r Ap V- ' N.- -vb A .V ' 1 . 1 1 if ' :5 J- rf-.. at ' q . ' ' 41. .i ' .. .5 a-7: .1 C . ff. I . 'x' -. ' 4 fi -f .V .A ' '4 Ljff .. F 1' . ' , 5 v as-. :Ji 4 ' ig ,J - .iff A.- A . x . 3 Xa' .. 'JZ X '- .ir ' K. - 1 AY V' .-7 r ' 1' , Q, 4 5 fi- V jp 1 - V V, . . . V. - f A' aa" I V ' - A .. , : ' -' , , A., , NX 1i -an . X A 'tl 5 h " X h A.. AA.-f,.li LV'+'A' AA 'f -4 A AVA.1j V' If , - R .v M i - 'i'h:'f" "f.'1-f"'-fffffr-UM-'' ' .J-Q "?I"'L'f".'??'V1' 3""' 4W.."T'," pf' 2-' 5' " ' 'T-. - . J f Q fy, .,...--V - .-.-., .' .' '.' ' " ' " A' - " - 4 " Q' V ry ,X " rx -.. A ,VL bb,-,A,, , f A . . -I , .- .wr - . Awww- v.-:qm:...,,,., .. . .,,,,A,, .AL . f JPN- - 'W '- - - 'J f' -.-,.-LA--'-' "-'ni-1 -Lb, "-. - .ILA -: . 1 V12 MMV- Y 'I'-1 Q . -. -. f "ll , Z-'3EYRP"f ' fffiiifqf-T.1-,-Z7-2.'f2'.?-''PQI-.24 -.'..-.'3?'pH'1,7V-TV 1'-A 'if I--15121: sa- 'B' i"5.5--fA?' 7 ' V. K .X -f.' f :N - - 3- f xg-if. 7'-.- 1.1. uff. -'-3,:.A -.qv '.-.A-'.'-In-,i.1f.".7-1.-1 'lxV'--- ,f:g1'.g,-A',--.,gV .3 ,, - I . A f . I- . v , .A - " ' ' - --f.-V-.-gf.,--df 'c,- Qiw-V,..AA - - L. qw... , ,A .A A, - ' ..'Vf A A A -- '1j,'ff 4... "V AA .dz A , 15' 'T' v A1 - " - -- . -- '. '. Vi- A. -A A-1fag..-:1.,'A--p'1s:-,,--5 5 A.-', A 5 V . ' .V f. N 6' ni' ' ' V 1- lllll ., 1 - f'i"'W -4-'- ,-'-f'""'.i1i'xIL5'7X:?.": 'Q'-1' . :5..'f' T51 '57 lh 5- .1 X. he 5-f 1-g - -.MH -' J. .A.A-A., A. AA. . A A i " 'A 'J F- ! . .- .. . A. A . , - y-f ' '- - - - . A - -' 1" -"ig-1--'J-'L -'f'-P31-" V V - , .. .- ' '- : ,A ,.A. . . i , .A .A ' A A. , 'Q?.fV:- - -- ' . '-.' 'G -wi V, Q31 A -. ' 1: 1- 1 Z5 -J.. A ,Ag A J -A . - f L .P Q59-rt.,A.'-. 1 V - N U I "Q, - V " "'- T .- , 1 2 ' A '- ., I-,,,V -. ,.A.A..A. AA. is A f ' 'E 3 51 - 4 Q. - .Q-.rr Juaii AAA+' 2 f ' , - - I ,E nr f A A AA .,,AV'A,A AWA'- .- 1, 4 A . A ",A' ','.:A'I'1j,vVf VA-A"A" ' ' A faq 'I Z: "HA . ,pw ,AA A V- - AlAAff12.-lf 2,3 H .,,.- -A .,A.,, - - -A. . ,-A . ,A A "5 f Y.. .. .- f ff f C- .J1 f x - :f'f:-'JH' " "'i'Vf:f?f'11'qf3' ',, A- A 7 .. . ...P5.f'.e,F 111139-353''f:AV,V1'4iJfQV.-lf'-..f1LAL2,A-L..-, .--11.1-v..'4,'Q'1"A-..Q'I,,L,.'15" i'11Ai:g.,L6',i.C ,.AQf V.f"A'Q:'- f. A ', . -' -- . .', J.. - .-A... , .4 .ea - - -... -. - . --. . ,VA , , .. .. , A ,. if...-.. . A 1, ..,,,.Au. A,A .A . L.,-.A,.. Q ,. A, Am . . A, A .AAAA AA A ,A ,..AA JA . .- . A. LA. ,A..V -. A .A.. .AA A . .AA , .AAA- A, A qu . - AA,A A,. AKA Ar.A. A A.A -.-1-4 AA . , , ,A .. A A ,- . AA., .3 .V A A - AA ' " ' - x" '- 'w'-5friYTi,..sAv.fV --P.Q,5EH1?'3?-'I-"iV::Vf ---' - --N1--' ' ' -5" 5' ,f':'.f? nf-QV 1'-I-.-'L-.'-Aff' .1 T171-:q w ,f.:.-.- A - 1. w :, A. V . . - - - , .. --,- A,,.,., A. MVA, - -A . ,Q AUTOGRAPHS 131 ff! P' .'- . GX- .x 'X' A 1' c, -. L , A R. .. .x -1 1 J 'X XPLORI THE PA T This year the Chiricahua Challengers had an exciting year. The club goes on hikes and explore our great state of Arizona. When the club goes on those mild outdoor trips, -it's up to the members where they want to go. Every once in awhile, they'll stop at a junk food place while on their way to their designated spot. Mrs. Cash, the clubs Co-sponsor, helps out in many ways, she gives history and photography lessons on where they go. Many of the members enjoy leaming and im- agining about old ghost towns and mines. Next year, the club wishes to get more members to sign up and learn a lot of things about Arizona's past. Story By: Jarrett Calnimptewa Layout By: Jarrett Calniptewa Photos By: Jennifer Gormman l. To be a Chiricahua Challenger, a member must, know the beauty ofthe terrain. 2. Mrs. Cash, Judy Pursell, Chris Pmitt, and Larry Cook. 3. Top: Shannon Norris, Alice Gaynor, and Terri Treece. Bottom: Amberly Eproson, and Tamee Gardner. 4. Top: Chris Pruitt, David Klaus, Tiffany Flam. 2nd Row: Athea Every, Kathy Young, Amy Wentszel, Cathy Wilder, Tammy Aazga, Kelly Csupick, Alice Gaynor, Maria Stanton. 3rd Row: Terri Treece, Christy Munson, Shan- non Morris, Nicole Duffek, Tamee Gardner, Tina Pritts, Angela Pennington, Krista Hanna. Bottom Row: Brandon Hudson, Janine Cook, Kathy Shea, Angela Anania, Debbie Baker, Amberly Eproson, Nahid Nekho, Uni Kim, Amy Baldwin, Tina Peterson, Mr. Ciarico, and .ww Andrea McFeeters. 9 AM Mmm .awn- l32 CHIRICAHUA CHALLENGERS 3 's. 35 1 S.A.D.D. STAYING ALIVE "We are striving to make people aware of the thousands of deaths Cone each hourj caused by the people who don't care enough about themselves or others to not drive after drink- ing," said Amberly Eproson, senior and president of S.A.D.D., Students Against Drunk Driving. Approximately sixty members participated in S.A.D.D. this year to alert high school students to the dangers of drinking and driving. "You really have some heavy thoughts when you see a film on all of these kids who die from drinking and driving," said Debbie Baker, sophomore. "You think 'Hey,' someday these could be my friends dying. What can I do to help stop it?" "Being in S.A.D.D. gives me the feeling that I am doing something I really believe in," stated Susan Devin, freshman. Story By: Lora Beres Layout By: Jarrett Calnimptewa Photos By: Jennifer Gorman 434 t B at i SADD 133 CLOSE-UP MEMBERS GETTING A LOOK AT OUR GOVERNMENT "When you join Close-Up, you are giving yourself the- chance to receive hands-on ex- perience on how our federal government works and the opportunity to meet the people that run it," said David Schuster, senior and club president. On March 13th through the 19th, five Cor- tesians, along with Mr. Carman, traveled to Washington D.C. to attend the Close-Up conference. "I wanted to see the national government up close," said Chris Culligan, senior. Close-Up members each raised enough money to pay the S870 cost of the trip throughout carport, bake and candy sales. "When the trip is completed, CID will not only have increased my knowledge of the U.S. Federal Government, but had a bird's- eye view of how it works," said Schuster. Story By: Lora Beres Photos By: Jennifer Gorman Layout By: Jarrett Calnimptewa 1. Giving us a smile is Senior, Chris Culligan. 2. Member of the Close-Up is senior, David Schuster. 3. lst Row, L to R: Mr. Carman, Callire Carman, Chris Bacon. 2nd Row: Daniel Moske, Chris Culligan, and David Schuster. 134 CLOSE-UP Wx 5 V haw ,f K av' ' W . . tl: MARK TH T LI E Running down markers and serving water to the thirsty players, Chain Gang members were an important part of the football games. "It's one on one with the game instead of being in the stands where there are so many distractionsn stated Debbie Davis, senior and vice-president of Chain Gang. Chain Gang members learn uself-responsibility, team- work and the game of footballn according to Mr. Leikvold, the club's sponsor. To raise money for the team the Chain Gang members helped out with the lift-a-thon, a fundraiser where the players got pledges for how many pounds they could lift. "I have learned more about football through working the chains and doing the water," said Debbie McRoy, senior and president of the club. Story by: Lora Beres Layout by: Jason LaBrie Photos by: Jennifer Gorman Junior, Lisa Campbell, stands with a marker on the ten-yard line. Sophomore, Ashley Newby, waits while the referee checks the place- ment ofthe markers. Top Row: Jennifer Rice, Wendy Bakley, Ashley Newby, Trisha Enri- quez, Lisa Campbell and Sandy Brimmer. Middle Row: Jody Rainey, Rebecca Benzer, Debbie McRoy, Debbie Peterson, Monica Martinez, Lisa Martin. Bottom Row: Julie Walker and Debbie Davis. CHAIN GANG 135 X' 136 SPURS SUPPURTING TEAM Spurs is a support group for Colt Wrestling. The girls in the club sell can- dy, play secret pals for the boys and cheer them on during matches. Fillies, a club that supported the baseball teams, ran the concession stand, worked the scoreboard and cheered for the teams at their games. "The club adds support spirit to the baseball teams, while supporting them," said Trisha Enriquez, Sophomore. "CID also got to know the guys. It was a lot of fun." The club held a preseason picnic and a banquet at the end of the year for the teams. They sold suckers and ran the concession stand for raising funds. Story By: Lora Beres!Shelly Martin Photos By: Jennifer Gorman Layout By: Shelly Martin 1. Junior, Donna Fuller, Sophomore Heather Villers, Sophomore, Terri Treece, wait patiently at an assembly. 2. Top: Terri Treece, Tara Maddox, Wendi Bark- ly. Bottom: Leslie Rodriguez. Bottom: Dawn Kuntz, Donna Fuller, Mary Kuykendall. ' 3. lst Row: Lisa Martin, Tara Maddox, Heather Villers, Tiffany Rocheleau, Tina Pritts, Leslie Rodriguez, Larae Lewis. 2nd: Gina Uzzanti, Mary Shroeder, Lim Kim, Wendy Barley, Dawn Kuntz. 3rd: Terri Treece, Donna Fuller, Mary Kuykendall. 4. Top: Mary Kuykendall, Robin Hudson, Uni Kim, Gina Uzzanti. Middle: Tiffany Rocheleau, Terri Treece, Lisa Martin, Christy Jones, Heather Villers, Donna Fuller. Bottom: Leslie Rodriguez, Krista Hanna, Larae Lewis, and Wendy Barkley. PHILLIES 137 49' 'QQ 'Q f XRS 9' .ef 5? Q mi 1'3,'T'f 3 QE .SP 54 Salim , X if A VCU Ha -'du cam cmd god bless you. kj W 4m re fc'H'm" ' . Fung fghs LS !6ar+ or 'Du 45529512 5mJwj5amwww ff l,LJag5lQo.wvo.tuQ15T3b15X fUKUYYxsl 'LOQ E 2 Wu.: hifi? ,ul Q Q . 7+ -.C 2 fr 'X' QESSESQ QKQEPUKJO vvhq'1'f-,U. gsbgsr- z3C,EH,ZJ -I 0 "JJ -fawo 3394356 .uv M Eggmigh , 0 i,,.:f54w T ol H! l-5QjT'g'u XV, Ixieff-,SQ 9 Z Pg!- UR 2 COT, '20-.J O 1 ri 2 y 0 .2 ua OBJ .- 6 56936 5 Ei iw - 'D -vw 5 I 23' s I Amber jf 'C Ck 3 '91 o 5453 1- xo '02 fa 22 D' vg if 6 X 'O Q1 32 140 WRITING ON THE WALL Wiffl 5125 Q S53 2 2 w gsm, N I ,iv EEEQ 2 Cow .u-4-,Q Q6 'X x 3 'Huy m Qu X0 'W XCxxVNk'fS '76 S42 fixhg ii fi +15 S52 Drum,-Q, JM Cgfff d L we wx AAAQWT L03 ' 'UE 1cJxJJ2 ,had sump wL,wMf:5'uQPy +,f vu 3,90 U4 D uv! 'lv'-QP WMQM ulmm QF f' - f"1 'J GUM Q wjvmv 4 gdb - M Tygf "gYHkfw'X'd. FXRSO, XOUVXXSS Q5-vi Lily'-YD'-KS, X , A Q ' . . K 3 ' QA Qmmfa ww. MW MWOSN L 'mf y 4611 54'3B1fw.-SCM, C10 63, Qimijn Q Lmfcuix K, 1 . R f , f-7 QCLXf LNLLYA gLx5Qg'Fvwx'Exl5q 1XRkgfok0LifNOlu" UWC VXA ' 5' 16+ Ca C5124 UVLOOSLLJ VUE' X , N 5355 LEG 'iijl 253-,SE 'J ',EI QHQKUNXS 55' x. 2528 wil I 3-55,39 3 2 ,DJ I -C-QD fsmoi Fx-1171: wx, m f tlgu .5 ifr- foil? . W3 ,XS 525391 . -6-N g9f33,'fZ QU76 4 mum xdq 1321 220 5522 3225 155955 SQfd .927-Q S532 .M Q-, 2 gggtml D ozthlm Q! s-yhfl 3 Live rf! 52: .fx SEQ 135.25 Q 2 An. 41 qu-r ' -mek, 'VAC :JCI 'fl-A-JCC I love 'EJHH -Jinx 915500, vw-I wma in +1w..e nu M-I 'ff low ya., ,Hi Knyq, J'b,m,' A0 fvsw-' so-.JJ Ask 4 Ur LNJVK .wi my crap- lfwxe M-.J 04 qwf I WORKING TOGETHER "I get the satisfaction ofknowing I played a role . . . in mak- ing Cortez High School the excellent Cschoolj that it is," stated Greg Stanton, senior. Joining Student Council was the most popular way of hav- ing a chance to participate in student government. Members from all four classes held dances, assemblies, Spirit Week and a talent show among other activities. They also sponsored the tailgate party, Homecoming and prom. NI learned how to work with people 'and how to put on ac- tivities and set goals and I've had the opportunity to meet new people from conventions and other schools," said Shan- non Norris, senior. Various fund raisers were held by the club throughout the year. Cortez pennants, tumblers, candy, Christmas and Valentine cards, and buttons were all some of the money raisers. "I got a sense of if you take the time, effort and com- munication with others, there isn't anything that can't hap- pen!" said Debbie Baker, sophomore. Story by: Lora Beres Layout by: Kathy Koser Photos by: Jennifer Gorman l. Members of Student Council, Top: Brian Bowman, Lewis Kopis, Kelley Medaya, Aaron Huge, Greg Stanton, Jennifer Roberts, Ron Neal, Monica Garcia, Athea Every. Middle: Jody Rudge, Angel Crandell, Krista Hanna, Amberly Eproson, Shannon Norris, Debbie Baker, Sandy Brim- mer, Rona Pride. Bottom: Becky Gentry, Stephanie Verderame, Stephanie Toth, David Twigger, Nicole Duffek, Leslie Rodriguez, Tiffany Higgins. 2. At a fall assembly, Student Council performs a dance and a skit for the student body. 3. After the tailgate party, seniors Rona Pride and Shannon Norris help take down the letters off the billboard on the cafeteria. STUDENT COUNCIL 141 1. Before a dance, students can't wait to get in. 2. After teaching class, Mr. Fierros takes time out for a snack. 3. At the Christmas party, Mrs. Simon cuts up the cake. 4. While at the Christmas party, Mr. Furlong opens his present. 5. While in the Band room, Mrs. Tucker listens to her radio. 6. Senior Lisa Ashley and Sophomore Scott Scopione walk to class. 7. During lunch break, Mrs. George, the nurse, does her paperwork. 8. After talking to Mr. Helms, junior Melissa Mendivil and sophomore Christi Dodd continue on to class. 142 PEOPLE NE' ll, ., PEOPLE 143 V, , , 4.5 f ,,:--mai.-', ' 11,iw:9f'f' ,',?ss3?w ,,waz,w -vf-limiw .f--miswf ,f:w.:-M ws f 5 144 SENIORS AUTOGRAPHS f f? 'S ww ' Q , E by 4 Sf Senior Class Officers, Top: Ste h ' V 'Ra , .Q Q ww qk Sl g S gs S N, .af p ame erderame, Jennifer Roberts. Bottom: An el Cr d ll S SE IOR g an e , tephanie Toth, Kellie Madeya. SENIOR CLASS 145 Adams, Clinton Alsobrook, Keith Alton, Jennifer Arthur, Shannon Ashley, Lisa Bacon, Christine . Barnella, Dean Bay, Paul Bea, Tiffany. Beam, Kevin Behm, William Bell, M. Beller, Jon Bentley, Leesa Beres, Lora Beutler, Suzann Bowman, Scott Bramlett, Eric Brandon, Julianne Brees, Ronald 146 SENIOR CLASS s E I I l X fi 4- . h f B if gi, il 'VN f , iii 4. - A HM Torei n exchan e student Jacob Jor ensen from Denmark artici ates in a school S 8 , S , P P ssembly. libs. Brisco, Kara Brooker, Matt Brown, Angel Broze, Matthew Bruner, Michelle Buchan, David Buckley, Debra Bulman, Brian Burgess, Blake Burguan, Enrique Bush, Ben SENIOR CLASS 147 Bush, Lester Cabrera, Santiago Cage, Kari Calhoun, Douglas Campbell, Chris Cardoza, Jeanie Carlson, David Carpenter, Michael Carr, Susan Celaya, John Chace, Thomas 148 SENIOR CLASS F . S fssr 'Q nrrr siril Aili nlla S Q 5 , is 3 QQWWNKBQIQAKYK ,mf reil Senior Craig Seals takes a moment to relax before class. 'Ffh- .mn-CG' Senior Shannon Norris concentrates on her typing. of Checketts, Martha Christiansen, Travis Clark, Richard Class, Elizabeth Coil, Laurie Cottingham, Ed Crance, Trisha Crandall, Anjeanette Culbertson, Kimberly Culligan, Christopher Curry, Audrey SENIOR CLASS 149 Dailey, George Dangers, Kevin Davis, Deborah Deal, Troy Delacruz, Olga Digiuseppe, Anthony Dimas, Victoria Dryer, Tracey Dryihout, Kristen Eancheff, Nicole Edmonson, Kinberly Eproson, Amberly Essary, Shauna Faiss, John 150 SENIOR CLASS Seniors Tami Gardner and Terry Matlock flirt between classes 11 344. t an 159 Seniors David Harkin and Travis Christiansen were chosen to participate in the Associated Press Team covering the Pope's visit. Falter, Stephanie Fine, David Fineberg, Brian Flanagan, Amy Fons, Jennifer Foote, Dennis Foreman, Annale Fox, Alisa Fraley, Kelly Fraley, Shawn Garcia, Monica Gardner, Tami IIC SENIOR CLASS 151 Gattis, J ennifei l Gentry, Rebecca Geroux, Kristen Gillaspy, Paul Gillett, Tamara Gore, Thomas Greenberg, Michael Halford, John Hallman, Brian Hallock, Kenneth Qi Hancock, Tami Heinrich, Ro-belt Herrell, Michael Hicks, Tom 132 SENIOR CLASS Senior football players Jim Tucker and Enrique Burguan rest while watching the gam4 4-fb i i .ga .,, I 4 , Q? Higgins, Angelique Himes, Laura Holbrook, Julia Hoskins, Steven Howard, Keith Insera, Frank Isaacs, Scott Jackson, Phaedra J erin, Dennis Johnston, Colin Kelly, Erin SENIOR CLASS L53 Kennedy, Mike Kereny, Richard Kessler, Ray Kilcran, Matthew Kimbell, David Kittel, Steven Knobel, Valerie Koenig, Kerry Kopis, Lewis Koser, Kathy Kraus, Greg l54 SENIOR CLASS x if ,QW 405 , 1 -1+ X A , , A42 , 1 , 41 yiml l 27jz? ..' V , g 1. Q F' 5 in , t 2 as I an i' a 1' 'l Seniors Suzie Beutler, Cathy Moore, and Monica Garcia chat between classes Krispin, Karl Krispin, Kevin Kurtzman, Tracey Kytola, Stephen Labrie, Jason Lasswell, John Law, Jon Lawless, Mary Lea, Rachelle Lee, Scott Levey, Stephanie SENIOR CLASS 155 Lindell, Teresa Lindsey, Lisa Long, Norman Lorrey, Tad Lovell, Karla Madeya, David Madeya, Kelli Manu, Teina Martin, Darla Martinez, Fred Matlock, Terry May, Michael May, Shannon McClain, Sean McFeeters, Andrea McKernan, Kristina McRoy, Deborah Meakin, Glenn Mendivil, Christopher Meron, Matthew SENIOR CLASS ,N t , -53: z Q: 6 fi ,tw ,X "v if 29? M f N CND' ii 'F MW? we S of ffm-W3-' 'f Seniors Darrin Galbreth and Dean Bamella casually strut to class. Q9 'fib- l S , 2 J Miner, Steve Moore, Katherine Moseke, Daniel Mull, Sherrie Munn, Daniel Nekho, Nahid Nelson, Rebecca Nevin, David Noorollah, J avid Norris, Shannon Odell, Dana Ouellette, Keith Palmer, Bruce Palmer, Linda SENIOR CLASS 157 Parachini, Troy Parker, Amy Parrott, Christopher Patterson, Lisa Paul, Greg Pearson, Sissa Perez, Jeremy Peterson, Christine Peterson, Debra Phelps, Glen Piland, Cathy 158 SENIOR CLASS Senior Eric Bramlett shows his enthusiasm at a pep rally. wv"'1 Plew, John Pollack, Shannon Pollard, Gerald Pride, Rona Profiri, Joseph Rademacher, Susan Ramey, Jennifer Ratley, Roger Reese, Colleen Rice, Jennifer Richardson, Suzanne SENIOR CLASS 159 Rierson, Rebecca Rivera, Rachel Roberts, Jennifer Robinson, Noel Roeder, Deanna Roth, Kenneth Scavone, Cecilia Schlenker, Dean Schultz, Christopher Schuster, David Scott, Kimberly 160 SENIOR CLASS S 5 v E 2 'f 7, Qt ' x ,., i t 1 1 . S 1 5 Senior Angela Villagrama jokes around with friend, Junior Faith Nelson and teac Mr. Adams. wa. i X ,, 'hx-my SX V Ai ' as it S gl A X x , Seniors Greg Stanton and Becky Gentry read a magazine while relaxing in the office. I xi S Seals, Craig Serna, John Shafer, Tammy Sipe, Danny Sipe, Jason Sitzler, Dean Skelton, Pamela Sloan, Shawn Sovacki, Paul Spezia, Mark Stanton, Gregory Stephens, Damon Stevens, Stacy Stewart, Michelle SENIOR CLASS 161 St. George, Dustin Strole, Aaron Stutzman, Shane Sullivan, Dennis Sversvold, Darren Terry, Shara Thiry, Wayne Thomas, Kathleen Thompson, Verna Thorn, Gary Toback, Jason 162 SENIOR CLASS W J' if ., k fr Senior David Madeya is caught off guard before school , i I in kr: t ,ax , E. N ,. 3 Senior Benny Colley and Junior Kenya Sylvester talk about the latest music craze. siw',,.-of Tolby, Joy Tompkins, Angie Toth, Stephanie Tucker, James Tuzik, Susan Twigger, David Uyehara, Stacey Valenzuela, Robert Vandegrift, Timothy Ventura, Lisa Verderame, Stephanie SENIOR CLASS Vernon, Mike Viarengo, Victor Villagrana, Angela Vogel, Jody Vrooman, Glenn Wainwright, Nica Walker, Julie Ward, Christopher Wasil, Glenn Watt, Steven White, Dale Wiley, John Wilkens, Peggy Williams, Douglas Wilson, Carl Wilson, Marisa Winn, Mike Zagorski, Angel Zweiger, Charles 164 SENIOR CLASS We EQ W .X X N X X xx I X ,X 2 N NN X 'K 1 1 M K- ,Ni 9 'J fm '65 ' ,,. 1v.':f:-mai" 'Aff , fiflx V . My W :M X N -Q. QUTJA SENIORCLASS NL H N in 'N 8 166 ,JUNIOR CLASS fir ,T Top: Aaron Huge, Tiffany Higgins. Bottom: Athea Every, Ron Neal I Addison, Melanie Aguilar, John Aiton, Sylvia Akers, Jenny Allen, Todd Amari, Suzanne Ambrose, Anthony Anania, Angela Ayres, Tracy Baggesen, William Baize, Richard Baldwin, Daniel Ballard, Michelle Bark, Jeffery Barldey, Wendy Barnes, John Barr, Damien Barry, Jeffrey Bates, Kimberly Batt, Steven Beard, Donald Bender, Leonard Bennett, Brandi Benson, Rebecca Beltoldo, Enrica Billimack, Kate Bird, Chris Bishop, Robin Block, Jeanne Bode, Dawn SENIOR CLASS 167 Bolton, Karen Bonnell, Bradley Bowans, Richard Boyer, James Bradsher, Michael Breckenridge, Theresa Brown, Alicia Brown, Ira Brown, Kevin Bugh, Ginger Burklow, Matthew Burns, John Cage, Shawn Calnimptewa, Jarrett Campbell, Lisa Cannon, Erin Carden, Diane Cardenas, Linda Cardoza, Heidi Carman, Callie Chandler, Becky Checketts, Ronnie Christiansen, Cory Christman, Shannon 168 JUNIOR CLASS 'ii fifgsgzvict M3553 K Juniors Brian Gardener, Keith Forsburg, and David Gelles walk to class. Coil, Joey Cole, Mark Collins, Steven Connolly, Keri Cook, Patti Cornwell, Michael Cox, John Csupick, Kelly Czigler, Michael Davidson, Candi Davies, Andrew Davis, Cary David, Timm Day, James Dean, Christy De La Cruz, J ose-Luis Derner, Dan Derr, Jennifer Devine, Michelle Devore, Amy Dickner, Michael Difabio, Bruno Dillon, Daniel Dimaria, Jason Dougherty, Phillip Dover, Tamara Drover, Eric Eancheff, Matthew Eastin, Matt JUNIOR CLASS 169 Estrada, Steve Etter, Tami Every, Athea Farmer, Karen Figueroa, Josette Flanagan, Andrew Forrest, Dana Forsberg, Keith Foster, Paul Freehill, Michael Fretz, Kurt Fuller, Donna Galles, David Gardner, Brian Gardner, Cindy Gertjejansen, Trisha Gibson, Aaron Girard, Rachael Glenn, Jennifer Glover, Mark Gomez, Patricia Gonzalez, Cesar Gosch, Ray Graham, Stacey Grant, Eddie Green, Paula Hallock, Katharine Hanna, Krista Harbin, Mary Harkin, David 170 JUNIOR CLASS fs 1' '7' W, Qt .sv J-1' M X X ',, gf sri A i 'S 'i'Wt 5: - 1 ! . t t , L ,1 , A his K 1 1 N J J ' f X t , 3: 1-,..,..-M --..... e We X, ' Q 2' ai .A Na I ' m W, 3 . .J - - ,. ,f -. -N ,H Y 7 i 4 is w f or X S H S as . K NwWf"XHwnsw's is +N..0's ,ks R . , , t, J ,i :- g - NX-.f Callie Carman, junior, enjoys herself while working at registration. Harmon, Bill Haro, Patricia Harrison, Robert Harwood, Shawna Haught, Paul Hayden, Shannon Haywood, Michelle Heinrich, Ann Henry, Edward Hernandez, Paul Hernandez, Teresa Herrier, Bruce Higgins, Tiffany Higley, Julie Hilleker, Kimberly Hillman, Donna Hook, Jenna Holland, Heather Hollaway, Mark Holson, Robert Hooker, Jodi Hooper, Tiffany Howard, Sharron Hrovat, Raymond JUNIOR CLASS 171 Hubatsek, Michelle Hudson, Christopher Hudson, Robin Huge, Aaron Hwang, David Jacoby, Tiffany Johnson, Scott Johnson, Yvonne Jones, Alan Jones, Jason Jones, Johnathan Keller, Sophia Kim, Kyong King, Dylan King, Richard Kitchen, Shannon Klaus, David Knorowski, Dawn Kortman, Chad Lampert, Vincent Landmeier, Andrew Lanese, Karla Leadabrand, Patrick League, Cheryl 172 JUNIOR CLASS i .-.3 Xw l 1 ' I-J. Caught off guard at lunch is Junior, Angele Solano. Lede, Craig Leeds, Shannon Lenzner, Patricia Leon, Michael Lessard, Kenny Levin, Troy Lewis, Christopher Lewis, Cindy Lewis, Michael Liebman, Russell Loertscher, Valerie Lopez-Perez, Bernadette Loudermilk, Leslie Lowman, William Lucas, Sonia Macon, Christopher Maddox, Tara Maine, Heather Mianes, Barry Major, Danny Maloney, Ryan Marble, Jennifer Martin, Lisa Martin, Shelley Mathias, Todd Mattox, Wendy McCarty, Andrew McCauslin, Shannon McConkey, Heath McCorkle, Linda JUNIOR CLASS 173 McDonald, Trevor McGuire, Steven McNeel, William Mehlau, Sonja Mendivil, Melissa Meza, Pat Michel, Mark Mihalcin, James Miller, Lori Miller, Rebecca Miller, William Minter, Steve Mitchell, Shelley Montgomery, Douglas Montoya, Arnold Moore, Alicia Moore, Tiffany Mulla, Shagufta Murphy, Diana Murphy, Kevin Neal, 'Ron Needham, Edmund Newkirk, Aaron Niehuis, Jamie Ogle, Nikki Oliva, Monique Oneal, Cara Oneill, Jennifer Ormiston, Glen Ormiston, Jason 174 JUNIOR CLASS ,A-9, 4' -,X if lf if l 0 mea' J X W Junior, Ron Neal and Sophomore Priscilla Sweeter engage in conversation. Palmer, Pamela Palmer, Richard Parkhouse, Shawn Parrott, Charles Partidge, Jennifer Pearson, Milae Pennington, Angela Perez, Thomas Perkins, Eric Perry, Gregory Peterson, Toby Phelps, Gregory Phillips, Lynn Pichee, Jodi Porter, Brian Postal, Bryan Powell, Ty Preas, Willie Pritts, Tina Rainey, Jodi Raphael, Jennifer Ray, Kevin Razo, Rachel Rees, Matthew JUNIOR CLASS 175 Reichley, Jaci Requinton, Richard Reynolds, Renae Rhodes, Dawn Riggen, Raymond Robb, Shelley Rodgers, Brent Rogers, Lenny Romberg, Patricia Rossi, Bryan Row, J ohathan Rowland, Dawn Ruiz, Sonia Runnion, Montaque Rush, Carrie Russell, Laura Sanchez, Cecilia Sanders, Tammy Sansonetti, Sandra Schroeder, Mary Scialdone, Christine Scipione, Scott Shea, Kathy Siedjak, Marianne 176 JUNIOR CLASS Simpson, Brian Slaback, Tracey Smarr, Stephon Smith, Dennis Smith, Sheri Smoak, Tyrone Smook, Robert Solano, Angele Soriano, Hector South, Christopher Springfield, Todd Stanley, James Starkey, John States, Bobby Stewart, Richard Stoppa, Scarlett Stuart, David Sunseir, Jeff Sunseri, Joseph Switzer, Stacey Sylvester, Kenya Taylor, Matthew Taylor, Bruce Templeton, Jay Tetu, Tracy Tillwach, Jason Titzer, Mark Tompkins, Christine Tuma, James Tumer, Shawna JUNIOR CLASS 177 Uecker, Chad Ulinger, Scott Valdez, Anthony Valdivia, Dawn Vendernaalt, Marianne Ventura, Matthew Villalobos, Joseph Wagner, Rick Wall, Kelly Walton, Gary Watson, James Waynick, Lore Welmers, Dawn Wentzell, Amy Wiley, Janine Winschel, Chris Wisser, Darrah Wolf, Jason Wright, Desmon Yakesh, Darrel I Yarbrough, Brian Yates, Deborah Yeldig, Christopher Yonker, Tabitha Young, Paul Young, Russell Zacek, Patrick Zimbelman, Serena Zotanos, Tara Zuckschwerdt, Maria 178 JUNIOR CLASS Xl Ax, X N ii x 1 . , , ,J ,C A , V I'-,J 0 aff I-IANIE DN M aia in U . I, I ,,Z Q ff if K xxx Xl - .fx f f A , 5 M WWA WIf'l2lf ALMIDST TI-IEIQE! JUNIOR CLASS Iv ,iii XM i .1 is A W is Q QT A .J J.. 1 R L ,,-.T Y. x y S K: 1 -X. . i.,xggiQi i , - Top: Leslie Rodriguez, Nicole Duffek, Sandra Brimmer. Bottom: Jodi Rudge, Debbie Baker. Sophomores ., 'Ugg .X we A N ii Q ww-0 sash, i + X M y F K A md ':- ' . .-s w ii f K - . A. . R i-if -GQ' " lf. . .,.. M i ' f'x,,f51s t Brandi Mass, Sophomore, awaits a catch at second base. we S KATE Acevedo, Robert Adair, Stephen Aiton, Paul Allender, Timothy Andelin, Andrew Avenetti, Tonya Baird, Alexandra Baker, Deanna Baker, Debra Baker, Robert Ball, Francesca Balthzor, Scott Baniewicz, Donald Barksdale, Tammy Belanger, Jason Bivins, Joseph Blakely, Mario Boudinot, Jamie Boyer, Wendi Bradley, Delmar Brasher, Eron Bremser, Tim Brimmer, Sandra Brinegar, Patrick SOPHOMORE CLASS 181 Brown, Jessica Brubaker, Becky Burney, David Burrow, J ohnie Cabrera, Aida Carman, Denise Casey, Marcy Cassidy, Thomas Chandler, Amy Chapman, Kelly Chearney, William Checketts, Jason Choate, Michelle Clark, Heather Clark, Matthew Coker, Marla Comstock, Bill Connery, Roseann Consolver, J osett Cook, Elaine Cook, Janine Cook, Larry Cords, James Cords, Michael 182 SOPHOMORE CLASS 3, G' 9. 5? ff- Q SQ ,jigs QL 5.- , by - -,f tw'-v "7--w--.,.,W,, , ffl' , 1, VV I Sophomore Brandi Mass has a rad time at lunch as usual ,M I We ,gi ' W I M Q r - 1 -un!" l is were U11 X ... ..- ,1 '- ' F ,J wg xi J N 6 3 it f N .. ' B ,ii Sophomore Walter Moralde uses study time in class diligently. H7 -St Cox, Nicole Crawford, Brian Crawford, Michael Crummy, Kenneth Davis, Johna Davidson, Rachel Delgado, Efren Deloera, Mark Delong, Jennifer Denny, Leesa Deshazo, Tammy Deveny, Angie Dewade, Christina Dewitt, Jimmy Dickey, Jeffrey Dimelis, Dena Dodd, Christine Downey, Desiree Drury, Jennifer Duffek, Nicole Duffy, Wendy Duke, Chris Dunbar, Dawn Duncan, Micah SOPHOMORE CLASS 183 Dvojack, David Dybeck, Edward Edmund, Albert Efros, Lisa Ellison, Thomas England, Katrina Enriquez, Patricia Erbe, Angela Erlbacher, Bobby Eto, Bryan Faiss, Robert Felix, Ron Ferguson, Amy Ferra, Jeanette Fielding, James Figger, Charles Flam, Tiffany Flores, Kevin Forsberg, Wendy Foster, Mark Freeman, Teresa Frye, Laura Garelick, Timothy Galarza, Gustavo 184 SOPHOMORE CLASS Jw ,.f 4 .....-A ...f 1 QM, 17,1 f' ff ,W ! 1' ti.. 'e-e y , at ,,,.,.., .Mi X 'I A Sophomore Racheal Stevens is not amused by a joke made by Sophomore Marc Ulm. X S 'JV X I ' xl .3 4 5 Sophomores Racheal Davidson and Monica Martinez listen atten- tively to Junior Sylvia Aiton. Garner, Chad Garner, Jon Gaspar, Randy Gaynor, Alice Gaziano, Tabitha Gentry, Tammy Gibson, Adam Gordon, Diana Gramm, Justin Green, Debra Greenberg, Lisa Gliego, Kimberly Guzman, Dominic Hallock, Chad Halterman, Christina Hancock, Mark Harbin, Christopher Hayes, Tara Heeter, Christine Henderson, Lenny Henry, Rodney Henson, Crystal Hernandez, Diane Hemandez, Melisa SOPHOMORE CLASS 185 Hodges, Clifford Holloway, Mary Horton, Lincoln Hudson, Brandon Hudson, Donald Hulbert, Brent Hunt, Rachel Hunter, Sherry Imboden, Heather Isaacs, Charles J inkins, Ryndal Johnson, Jason Jonson, Jason Jordan, Victoria Kechanin, Stefanie Keller, Gina Kellis, David King, Ray Kingsbury, Laska Koser, Dale Lachance, Chris Lamb, Brian Lee, Brad Lee, Lisa 186 SOPHOMORE CLASS Qi Q! i . m,,A,, Q 1 r srirr, W 5 to N-ff Sophomore Cara Owen thinks one of Mr. Furlong's jokes is funny but Sophomore Jeanette Ferra doesn't agree. f' N fall i Sophomore, Alex Baird and friend Tanya Turner show that working at registration can be fun. Leeds, Deborah Leslie, David Levin, Stacy Lewis, Craig Lewis, Paul Ligon, Kimberley Lindsey, Tracy Linker, Bryan Locke, Angela Lopez, Dana Malone, Brian Manaktala, Theron Marble, Russell Marsteen, Timothy Martin, Melinda Martinez, Monica Mass, Brandi McMorran, Kristopher McClure, Larry McCulley, Jerry McGuirk, Heather Medina, Joaquin Mindivil, Lisa Milne, Michelle SOPHOMORE CLASS 187 Moen, Jesse Moore, Brian Moralde, Walter Moseke, Douglas Munson, Christie Needham, Phelim Nekho, Wael Nelson, Scott Nichols, Art Owen, Cara Page, Julie Page, Steven Palmer, James Palone, Anne Parker, Matthew Pawlows, Joey Pearson, Elicia Peil, Loann Peralta, Richard Perey, Shawna Petersen, Jonathan Philpott, Christopher Pierce, Virginia Pinner, Trisha 188 SOPHOMORE CLASS . . .M G .f Sr K V - ' 5 Y S A 1 1 . iv. . ia 'w . 1 A A .sl X X 'X Il W zz A Sophomore Nate Jackson and Junior Bobby States rap while walking to class. Freshman, Jason Zontanos, and sophomore Heather Imboden, discuss homework before class. ..-' E Pollard, Ronald Porter, Michael Powell, Susanne Prigge, Steven Pruett, Christopher Pursell, Judith Puryear, Jessie Rahn, Walter Ray, Jennifer Reed, James Richards, Jennifer Rierson, Paul Ritchie, Suzanne Roberson, Michael Robinson, Connie Rocheleau, Tiffany. Rodriguez, Chris Rodriguez, Leslie Roie, Linda Rogers, Christopher Rogers, Kim Romero, Jason Ross, Deltonis Roth, Jeffrey SOPHOMORE CLASS 189 Row, Corinna Rozga, Tammy Rudge, Jodi Runnion, Kevin Russell, Tyler Saint, Phillip Salter, Steven Sanville, Dana Scanlon, William Schultz, Tamara Scott, Keneth Segarra, Michael Sewell, John , Shaar, Brian Shirlaw, Brandi Sickels, Jennifer Slucher, Maria Smith, Gabriel Smook, Jason Smook, Rebecca Soliz, Jesse South, Wendi Stanton, Maria Stevens, Rachel 190 SOPHOMORE CLASS ww 1 I ik K , I I Sophomore, Jodi Rudge, works hard at registration. My i -.a v v Q MI' J A At the Homecoming dance, Priscilla Sweeter, sophomore, shows her excitement. 42 Y ' 1 is 1 J A 4. 5 41, Stevens, Torrey Stinson, Laurie Stokes, Steve Strava, Jacob Strickland, Russell Sullivan, Ryan Svoboda, Jennifer Sweeter, Priscilla Taylor, Johnny Taylor, Michael Thomason, Kimberly Thompson, Robert Thompson, James Thompson, Wesley Tipton, John Tolifson, David Toliver, Jerry Tompkins, Kurt Tracy, Leah Treece, Terri Triant, Andrea Turner, Monica Ulm, Marcus Uzzanti, Gina SOPHOMORE CLASS 191 Vandunsen, Patricia Villareal, Adisa Vince, Kevin Vojtko, Christina Wallin, Bessie Walston, Susan Walton, Angela Ward, J ohnathon Wasbotten, Peter Watson, Tammy Wells, Michelle Werner, Jennifer Westlake, Scott Wetter, Ryan Whitcomb, Mark White, David Wilder, Cathy Williams, Douglas Williams, Kristi Wilson, Michael Ybanez, Athena Young, Kathy Zimbro, Kimberly Zimmerman, Don 192 SOPHOMORE CLASS N117 TH! an , JY' Sophomore, Scott Balthazor, discusses speech toumament scores with Coach Childress and Mrs. Bykowski. 'n 3 NM 5x fx ul Q 1 ,N , if . f 2' f ' I EX f 79, Q 1,177 55 fl X X cw Nl C i V K' lf 1... ns' SGPHOMORE CLASS 193 :wif 21 49" ll' '91 Class Officers Top: Loretta Ussey, Nikki Mitchell, Elic Bramlett, Pam Dias, and Mickey Loomis. Bottom: Margie Bacon, Allyson Eproson, Christy Sinioi and Jessica O'Connel. F E MAN 194 FRESHMAN CLASS Adams, Dawn Addison, Edmond Aguilar, Shawn Aiton, Maggie Akers, Julie Allender, Joy Allison, Kimberly Bacon, Margie Bailey, Jennifer Baker, Charlotte Baker, Mark Baldwin, Amy Ball, Brian Banks, Joanne Banks, Robert Banville, Beth Barnett, Lori Bauman, Tina FRESHMAN CLASS 195 Beard, Christopher Beres, Amy Bird, Tracey Bishop, Kevin Bishop, Michael Block, Matthew Bloom, Bryan Boehm, Katheryn Bolton, Carolyn Boontjer, Lisa Bowman, William Boynton, Lori Bramlett, Elic Brandt, Bill Brown, Kimberly Burgess, Erica Burke, Karen Burkett, Delynn 196 FRESHMAN CLASS Y 1 'V K "fm N5 , -.av .Ns I X ' s ,-F if 'ff , f " K , I 3 i 1:31 ' ,r V' p ,f ..- Xa 1 N' f fi" Nina-sw., LL , , J ,G -V Freshman Ruth Hamm is tired out after a long day at school ya, fl' ... f i :uc Freshman Alan Hunt gives a confused look to a teacher. Q 0 , 1 1.- l 1 .6 O emma' -2 Cannon, Colleen Chitwood, Terry Clay, Juliana Clousing, Melinda Clover, Sherri Collier, Gwendolyn Cooke, Steven Cooper, Sean Cron, Dean Crosby, Kelley Cruse, Jennifer D'Angelo, Angelina Davis, Tammy Devin, Susan Dias, Pamela Diaz, Georgina Earick, Christopher Edelstein, James FRESHMAN CLASS 197 Ehler, Michael Eproson, Allyson Farmer, Kristy Ferra, Christopher Flowerws, Micheael Foote, Shannon Gardner, Eric Gardner, Leonard Garst, Bradley Giesenhagen, Gerald Glover, Todd Godreau, Tasha Goering, Lisa Gomez, Rudy Gordon, Melody Gowlovech, Mark Grebe, Stephanie Hall, Mark 198 FRESHMAN CLASS dv--4 rr, Fii fi Freshman, Alex Hernandez and Wendy Williams dance at Homecoming. X, -af ,J hp... A Freshman Nikki Mitchell demonstrates her attentiveness in class. Hamm, Ruth Handly, Mark Hanyzewski, Michael Hapner, Eric Harrison, Melissa Harsha, Gregory Hayes, Craig Helzer, Kris Henderson, Daniel Hendrix, Michael Henry, Christopher Herrera, Kasey Howard, Candy Hubatsek, Richard Hughes, David Hulen, Donald Hull, Kelly Hulse, Steven FRESHMAN CLASS 199 Hurt, Alvin Huston, Kelly Hutchinson, Leslie Irvin, Brandi J antzi, Sean Johnson, J odee Johnson, Josette Jones, Cristina Joyce, Matthew Kechanin, David Kecker, Kerstin Keesee, Chandra Kelly, Patrick Kenney, Travis Kerslake, Julian Kim, Yun Koenig, Kathie Kollars, Scott 200 FRESHMAN CLASS fa -, ,,,, 'nf 1 f ix l N ' 'E 3 fQ',21 Freshman Aminah Muhammed searches for a friend after school. Koser, Robert Larsen, Kimberly Leadabrand, Lori Lede, Charisse Lee, Kristina Legg, Joshua Lentsch, Debra Leslie, Terry Lewis, Larae Libberton, Brian Libbetton, Robert Loertscher, Cristi Loomis, Mickaline Lowe, Tina Luzak, Diane Lynch, Justin MacDonald, Nicole Maciulis, Michelle FRESHMAN CLASS 201 Maddeaux, Jerry Malone, Kelly Marich, Andrej Marin, Mario Martin, Trent Mawin, Brandy Masek, Carolyn McArthur, Chad McDaniel, Dan McDermott, Ryan McGrath, Michelle McWilliams, Yvonne Medina, Ricardo Meller, Trace Mendivil, Melodie Meschede, Patrick Meza, David Miller, Jason 202 FRESHMAN CLASS A group of freshman boys converse between classes N 1- J? irfiwwi if 'I? 0 ,r t A A, X Y Freshman Elic Bramlett poses for a camera during class. Milligan, Shelley Minter, Jeffery Miranda, Robert Mitchell, Michael Mitchell, Nicole Moffitt, Tony Moore, Susan Murillo, Amanda Murphy, Theresa Nash, Sandi Needham, Mary Nelson, Jennifer Nelson, John Nichols, Camellia O,Connell, Jessica Oun, Paul Owen, Jason Owen, Marc FRESHMAN CLASS 203 Palmer, Andrew Patti, Ross Peachey, Janeen Pearson, Joel Pederson, Justin Pennington, Gregory Percy, Jason Perez, Robert Petersen, Shawn Phelps, Todd Pichee, Traci Plate, Roger Pletka, John Power, Dylan Power, Edward Profiri, Sam Ramos, Lynnette Ries, Darin 204 FRESHMAN CLASS 6 QI I Qiebevsns T127 ' 'EH of" Freshmen Allyson Eproson and Monica Shaldon gossip between classes. Rogers, Derek Rogers, Lisa Roth, Kevin Russell, Brenda Scavone, Carlos Schmitt, David Schuh, Michael Scialdone, Monica Scott, Tiffany Segobiano, Kimberly i Shultz, Chris Simpson, Amy Sinioris, Christy Skok, Ami Soriano, Herman South, Jodi Spillman, Derek Sterling, Rachel F RESHMAN CLASS 205 Stevens, Betsy Stevens, Brenda Sugata, Christopher Sumrall, Patrick Tait, Joy Tapia, Monica Teeters, Vicky Templeton, Jenna Thoamas, Mark Thompson, Elissa Tinsley, Joseph Tolifson, Diane Tonks, Bradley Tradup, Mark Tuma, Robert Tunnell, Kristen Ussery, Loretta Vanskyhock, Jacqueline 206 FRESHMAN CLASS Freshmen enjoy the games at a pep rally. Varela, Tom Velasquez, Ramon Victor, Rebecca Villareal, Angel Villareal, Mike Villers, Heather Vu, Phi Wagner, Robert Walker, Debra Watson, Leashya Webb, Clint Williams, Wendy Winschel, Kevin Yancey, Henry Yeldig, Wendy Zacek, Johnathan Zagorski, Kimberly Zontanos, Jason FRESHMAN CLASS 207 CCDNIE HDCCDWN, 4 ff' My 0 w A , N I 'LZQ w r X1 f THREE 'HKD GCN .,Npqgu.xpq11.X1xqprypqpq,zqpqpqpqfmqpqpq4xqf1.yn.yym.y,1q :qnqpq my my my my my Sq my my :qpqpq iq my iq ny iq my 2. hx 3 1 AvvvvwvwvvwvvvvvvvvvvvvvwwwwwwvwwvvwwvwvwvbwM CV Q Qi W 15 Z SQ x 5 is Q MX 2 E9 ' 4 59 cfs ol 41 , vu? x Q' ,W ' L K E x " .-fy' v X .Q , , X , , . 31.-" X , x .-f .iwtg X, X EFX MX, A '. X I WW af? ED i9 ED 23 T9 53 is Q Q 29 5? Q E9 Q fs 4 S 23 S9 Q fe ers Q sa ED M is 5 se Qnqnqp?535 'V"V7'NPfV"'Nf' Q Q Q Q G3 S 5 5 G3 Q G? 2 Q3 2 Q2 is Q G3 CE 2 222 2 Qi 5 SWEETHEART PAGE 209GQ '59 KQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQWWQQQQQQQQQQQQA CORTEZ ADMIN ISTRATIO M ' i s H , ' 1 M X,-Q? 210 ADMINISTRATION L, fl I. Principal, Mr. Briggs shows his spirit at a pep assembly. 2. Asst. Principal in charge of student activities, Mr. Miller checks over some pap work. 3. Dean of students, Mr. Gadus lakes time out for a smile. 4. Asst. Principal for student affairs, Mrs. Johnson lives out some instruction. GLENDALE UNION HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT GOVERNING BOARD Richard D. Stapley, President Bill Stout, Clerk John S. Campbell, Member Anne Schulz, Member Craig A. Trueblood, Member The five members of the governing Board are elected by the community and legally charged with the responsibility of setting goals and establishing policies which will govern the operation of the district. Gerald E. George, Ed.D. Superintendent of Schools The superintendent and his staff, hired by the Governing Board, are responsible for operating the schools according to Governing Board policy. p GUHSD BOARD 211 CURTEZ FACULT THE BE T GF THE BE T. Andersen, Bruce Asmuth, Richard Austerman, Sharon Barnes, Marie Belcher, Donn Briggerman, Robert Bykowski, Diane Campbell, Len Carman, Ted Cash, Sue Ciarico, Fred Corley, Ken Eddleman, Richard Enk, John Erickson, Robert Eul, Mary Pat Ferguson, J can Fierros, Mario Finerman, Sandy Furlong, Robert Galloway, Orca Helms, Tom Herbert, Tom Hester, George Hillard, Judi 21 2 FACULTY SEQNUR af big! like - u1,i'id i.g'ii "lk gli 33 HAH? MQ, Hoelle, Patricia Hoffman, Sharon Holloway, Miki Howard, Doug Howell, Bill Howerton, Peggy Hughes, Kris Jackson, Don Jordon, Deborah .aGanke, Gloria Larson, Dan Leech, David Leikudd, David Locke, Chris Milligan, Marci Morris, Carol Nach, Lea Obye, Doug Parkinson, MaryAnn Reece, J udy l Showing off her beautiful smile is Mrs. Howerton. 2 Really getting into announ cing the game is Ms. Sansom FACULTY 213 Roberson, Olen Schlenker, Doug Simon, Syndi Strebe, Kit Theel, Ritch Theel, Susan Tucker, Betsy Tumer, Buz Walsh, Pat Whittaker, Nan Whitter, Pat "Wy, 1. Just receiving his "teachers who care" award is Mr. Belcher. 2. Intensely judging a speech is Ms. Bykowski. 3. Showing the true spirit of togetherness is Mrs. Johnson, Mr. Adams, and Mrs. Tumer. 214 FACULTY 1n"wfan1,u,,i, , . x -sf W3 'Q FACULTY 215 R l. Students on their way to class. 2. Caught by the camera's eye are seniors Anjeanette Crandall and Shannon May. 3. Here are junior Tyrone Smoak, sophomores Jerry Tolliver and John Taylor. 4. At lunchtime Junior Cheryl League and Fred Martinez have fun. 5. While at lunch a group of students leaves the cafeteria. 6. Freshmen were often confused about their next class as shown by the picture. 7. Sophomores Ashley Newby and Tim Marsteen hold hands on their to class. 8. At registration, Cortesians talked about the upcoming year. 216 CLOSING - - -W .fegsrsi-srvww1...g,.3,g K A 0 AUTOGRAPHS FIGHT SONG INDEX WRITING ON THE WALL ADS Q F' 218 220 M 221 P-4 228 229 CLOSING 217 U1-Q, ff? .f1'K L 218 AUTOGRAPHS And Even More Autographs AUTOGRAPHS 219 CORTEZ HIGH SCHUGL School Colors: Red, White, Black School Mascot: Colts School Motto: Together WE LOVE CDRTEZ Alma Mater Cortez Fight Song Here in the Valley ofthe sun We salute thee, Cortez High. Loud and true our praises ring, Echo through the sky We,ll evermore revere thy names, Let no honor pass her by. Now we hail thee, Alma Mater Praise thee, Cortez High. 220 CORTEZ POWER Run Colts, run for victory, Win for the black and white. Take Cortez up to the top, Come on you Colts and Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Though we play it fair and square, 0ur team will do or die. So fight to raise the score team On, Colts, for Cortez High. Adams, Clinton. . Adams, Dawn. . . Addison, Edmond .... Addison, Melanie Aguilar, John .... Aguilar, Shawn . . Aiton, Jennifer . . Aiton, Maggie . . . Aiton, Sylvia .... Akers, Julie ..... Allender, Joy .... Allison, Kimberly Alsobrook, Keith Anderson, Mark . Anton, Sheri .... Arthur, Shannon . Ashley, Lisa ..... Bacon, Chris .... Bacon, Margie. . . Baid, Alex .,.... Bailey, Jennifer. . Baird, Alex ..... Baker, Charlotte . Baker, Deanna . . Baker, Debbie . . . Baker, Mark .... Baldwin, Amy. . . Ball, Brian ...... Balthazor, Scott . Baniewicz, Don. . Baniewicz, Stan . .....146 ...,... 195 .... 47,195 ....... 126 .,.....27,76 .... 47,77,195 .......... 146 . 28,83,95,195 .... 60,61,104 ........ 195 .......195 195 146 63,88,89 116 112,146 .....146 ........ 4, 146 ......,...195 ........,.. 68 17,83,104,195 .......... 126 .......... 195 ........ 60,61 16,17,18,48,68 ...,... 88,195 .... 57,95,195 ..... 47,195 ..... 112 ........62,63 . . . . . . 63 Banlisggoanne .... 60, 61, 82, 104, 177, Banks, Robert ....... Banville, Beth ..... Barksdale, Tammy . . . Barnella, Dean .... Barnett, Lori ..,.. Barr, Damien .... Batt, Steve ...,. Bauman, Tina .... Bay, Paul ...... Bea, Tiffany . . . Behm, Bill .,..... Behm, Kevin ..... Beller, John ....... Bender, Leonard. . . Benson, Rebecca ..... Bentley, Leesa ..... Beres, Amy ...... . . Beres, Laura ..... . . Beutler, Suzann .... Billamack, Katie. . . Bird, Chris ...... Bishop, Mike .... 195 195 11,96,146 104,195 42 ....42 .....l95 .......146 .... 116,146 ... 85,86,87 .......146 .....146 ........ 96 ..... 61,104 ...... 116,146 ...,... 83,104 .. 2,32,57,146 ...... 119,146 ........ 109 71 ....89 Bishop, Robin ..... Bivins, Joe ..... Blakely, Mario .... Bloom, Bryan ..... Bolton, Carolyn .... Bolton, Karen ...... Bonnell, Bradley ..... Booutier, Lisa .......... Bowans, Richard ........ Bowman Bill ....l12 ...... 88 .... 88, . 47,89, 2,32,51 . 56,57, Bowqnanjscorifff'16,42,43,102, Boyer, James ....... Bradsher, Michael. . . Bramlett, Elic ..... Bramlett, Eric ..... Brandon, Julianne . . . Braun, Richard ..... Breckenridge, Theresa Brimmer, Sandra .... Brinegar, Pat ....... Brisco, Kara .... Brooker, Matt . . . Brose, Matt. . . Brown, Alicia . . . Brown, Angel . . . Brown, Ira .... Brown, Kevin . . . Brown, Kim .... Brown, Ron ....... Broze, Matthew ..... Bruner, Michelle ..,. Brunner, Shelley .... Buchan, David .... Buckley, David .... Bugh, Ginger .... Bulman, Brian ..... Burgess, Blake ..... Burguan, Enrique . . . Burke, Karen ...... Burklow, Matt ..... Burns, John ..... Bush, Ben ..... Bush, Lester ..... Cabrera, Santiago . . . Cage, Kari ......... Cage, Shawn ....... Calhoun, Douglas. . . Calnimptewa, Jarrett .... Campbell, Chris ...... Campbell, Lisa ...... Cannon, Colleen ..., Cannon, Er1n ..... Carden, Diane ..... Cardenas, Linda ..... . . Cardoza, Heidi .... Cardoza, Jeanie . . . Carlson, David .... 102 102 104 168 168 ....... 114 168 126 146 .... 27,168 .,.....168 ...... 64 .... 10,146 ..... 146 .....33 ... 168 ... 18 46 147 147 36 ..... 168 .... 48,147 ......168 ..... 112 .... 83,112 .... 47,89 ... 147 .....147 ........ 49 .... 96,147 ....,.. 147 32,119,168 .. 4,14,147 ... 126,147 .... 42,147 .......57 .....168 .... 71,168 ...,. 147 148 f'42,88, f'46,76, '54,114, Carman, Callie .,..... 6, 15, 168, Carpenter, Michael ...... 148 148 168 148 168 148 168 ....... 119 168 168 168 168 148 148 171 ....... 148 Carr, Susie .... . . . Cedillo, Tom .... . Celaya, John .... Chace, Thomas .... Chandler, Becky . . . Chase, Tom ....... Checketts, Jason . . . Checketts, Marti. . . Checketts, Ronnie. . Chitwood, Terry. . . Christiansen, Cory . Christiansen, Travis Christman, Shannon Clark, Richard .... Cobasky, Dean .... Coil, Joey ...... Coil, Lori .... Cole, Mark ...... Colley, Benny .... Collins, Steve .... A Connely, Keri .... Cook, Janine. . . Cook, Larry ...... Cook, Patti ....... Cooper, Sean ...... Cornwell, Michael . Cox, John ........ Craig, Tara .....,. Crandell, Angel .... Cron, Dean ...... Csupick, Kelly .... Culbertson, Kim . . . Culligan, Chris . . . Czigler, Mike ..... Dangers, Kevin .... David, Timm ..,.. Davidson, Candi. . . Davies, Andy .... Davis, Cary .... Davis, Debbie .... Davis, Tammy . . . Day, James ....... De La Cruz, Louis . . Dean, Christy ..... Delong, Jennifer . . . Denny, Leesa .... Derner, Dan ..... Derr, Jennifer .... Devin, Joe .....,. Devin, Susan ...... Devine, Michelle . . Devore, Amy ..... DeWade, Christy . . Dias, Pam ....... Dickey, Jeff ...... Dickner, Michael . . Difabio, Bruno . . . Dillon, Dan ...... Dimaria, Jason . . . 54, 90, 93, 148 114 148 148 . ...... 50,168 71 112 . 71,109, ........116 .. 70,71,168 .........28 , 4271,168 .58,102,103 ........168 ..169 ..169 116 169 10, 85, 86, 87 169 ... 85,86, 169 ......l19 ,...58 169 89 169 169 .... 26 145 112 169 114,119, 52, 7.8, 90, 93 . . . 62, 63, 64 . . . 88, 169 .... 3,58 .... 169 ......169 ........ 169 .... 119,169 ......,l1 .... 122 .... 169 ... 11,169 ...... 169 .... 94,95 ... 4,90 ,... 169 ...... 169 ... 58,102 ..,..109 .. 169 ...169 .. 104 ..... 57 ....62,71 ...... 169 ,... 112,169 ......169 .... 169 INDEX 221 Dobbins, Shawna .... Dodd, Christie .... Dougherty, Phil . . . 126 50 169 Dover, Tami ...,.. . . . 68, 169 Downey, Desirie .... . . . 104, 109 Dozier, Chalis ..... .... 2 8, 95 Driggers, Derek .... ..... 7 l Drover, Eric ...... ........ 1 69 Dryer, Tracey .................. 52 Dryfout, Kristin ............... 116 Duffek, Nicole ........ 48, 56, 78, 104 Duffy, Wendy ..... ........... 1 14 Duke, Chris ..... ....... 4 6, 71 Dunbar, Dawn .... ......... 8 2 Durry, Jennifer .... .... 5 6, 82, 94 Eancheff, Matt .... Eastin, Matt ...... . Edmonson, Kim ...... Ehler, Michael. . . Elenbass, Mark ..... Enriquez, Patricia. . . Eproson, Allyson .... Eproson, Amberly ..... Estrada, Steve ..... . . Eto, Brian ...... Etter, Tami . . . Evert, Joe ..... Every, Athea .... Farmer, Karen .... Farmer, Kristy ....... Ferra, Christopher .... Fialkowski, Mark ..... Figueroa, Alex ..... Figueroa, Josette .... Flan, Tiffany ....... Flanagan, Andy ...... Flowerws, Micheael . . . Foote, Shannon ...... Foreman, Ann ....... Forrest, Dana ......... Forsberjg, Keith. 84, 85, 17 Forsberg, Wendy ...,. Foster, Paul ........ Fox, Alissa ....... Fraley, Shawn ...... Freehill, Michael .... Freeman, Teresa .... Fretz, Kurt ....... Fuller, Donna .... 222 INDEX ........ 169 ,... 107,169 10,49,78,119 .........l98 116 ..... 90,91 ...... 57,198 ....... 13,49 .. 42,103,170 ......... 46 .. 56,78,170 ..... 70,71 ... 8,122,170 ........ 170 ,... 122,198 .28,76,77,198 ......... 11 ..........89 ....170 ....l22 ....170 ,... 198 .........198 ..........71 ..... 36,170 86,87,96,168, .... 56,82,94 .......170 116 ........ 29 ... 85,87,170 ..... 56,82 ... 88,170 170 Galarza, Tim ...... Galles, David .......... , 42 70 Gardner, Brian . . . Gardner, Eric ..... Gardner, Leonard. . Garner, Chad ..... Garst, Bradley ..... Gentry, Becky ..... Gerard, Rachel .... Gerjejansen, Trisha .... Geroux, Kristen ...... Gibson, Aaron ......... Giesenhagen, Gerald Girard, Rachael ....... ....... Glenn, Jennifer .... Glover, Mark .... Glover, Todd ..... Godreau, Tasha . . . Goering, Lisa .... Gomez, Patricia . . . Gomez, Rudy . . . Gonzalez, Cesar . . . Goodreau, Tasha .... ........ 95 1 14 Gordon, Melody . . . Gosch, Ray ....... Gowlovech, Mark . . Graham, Stacey . . . Grant, Eddie ...... Gray, John ......... .... 4 2, Grebe, Stephanie .... Green, Christy .... Green, Paula ...... Greenberg, Mike. . . Hall, Mark ...... Hallock, Kathy .... Hamm, Ruth ,..... Hancock, Mark .... Handcock, Tammy . Handly, Mark ..... Hanna, Krista ..... Hapner, Eric .... Harbin, Mary . . . Harkin, Dave . . . Harmon, Bill ...... Haro, Patricia ..... Harrison, Robert. . . Harwood, Shawna. . Haught, Paul ...... Hayden, Shannon . . Haywood, Michelle . Heinrich, Ann ..... Henderson, Lenny. . Henry, Edward , . . . Hernandez, Alex. . . Hernandez, Diane. . .. ... 170, ..... , , 114 85,168 170 , , 71,168,170 198 198 46 ......... 98, 198 12,119 56 170 IQQ'114, ..ff'42, 47, 89, 119 170 198 170 176 170 198 198 198 170 198 170 104 198 170 198 170 170 102 ..... 198 ... 14,39 ....170 .. .... 126 ....47,198 170 ,... 60,61,83 63 116 117 170 ...... 89 fffI'58, 'S2'S3'S4'90 3 3 3 3 170 170 171 171 . ... 117,171 171 171 171 171 171 :1i21i1ii1'46,76 .. ....... 171 77, 198 . ...... 104 Hernandez, Paul. . . Hernandez, Teresa . Herrel, Mike ...... Herrier, Bruce .... Higgins, Tiffany . . . Higley, Julie ....... Hilleker, Kimberly . Hillman, Donna . . L Hock, Jenna ..... Holbrook, Julie .... Holland, Heather . . . Hollaway, Mark .... . Holloway, Mary ....... Holson, Robert .... Hooker, Jodi ...... Hooper, Tiffany ....... Hopkins, Tanu . . . Howard,.Sharron . . . Howell, Dan ...... Hrovat Raymond ..... Hubatsek, Michelle . Hudson, Christopher Hudson, Robin ........ Huge, Aaron ...... Hughes, David .... Hulbert, Brent .... Hull, Kelly ..... Hulse, Steve .... . Hunt, Rachel. . . . Hunter, Sherry .... Hutzler, Shannon . . . . Hwang, David .... Hyden, Lance .... Imboden, Heather . . Jacoby, Tiffany. . . Jerin, Dennis. . . Johnson, Scott .... Johnson, Yvonne . . . Jones, Alan ...... Jones, Jason ...... Jones, Johnathon . . . Jorgensen, Jacob. . . Kaven, David .... Kecker, Kerstin .... Keigher, Deedee . . . Keller, Sophia .... Kelly, Erin ..... Kelly, Pat .... 17 17 111'85, ,... 8, QQ'56,78, .2 17 17 17 17 17 17 11 17 17 9 7 3 .6 17 52787917 17 ..... 82, 31 17 A v 124 171,l7' lO9,17. 104 12,13,71,172 ...... 47,71 4, .ffffffff'5 A n 121 4048 56 111 9 3 7 L ...46,17 ... 10 1 4 f ....56,81 1.'15,93, 17 10 17 50,17 17 ..17 ..l7 14 ....3 11 ...90,17 ..11 1 5 Loudermilk, Leslie . Mestayer,,Isabelle. . .B ' i t Kidwell, James ..... Kim, Kyong ..... King, Dylan ..... King, Richard ..... King, Tony ......... Kitchen, Shannon .... Klaus, David ...... Knorowski, Dawn .... . . . Kollars, Scott ...,.. Kopis, Lewis ..... Kortman, Chad .... Koser, Kathy ..... Kuramoto, Chris, . . Kurtzman, Tracey. . LaBrie, Jason .... Lampert, Vince .... Landmeier, Andy .... Lanese, Karla ...... .... 88 ... 172 ... 172 ... 172 ,..... 88 ....... 172 .... 85,172 ..172 ... 46,89 .... 42 ...172 ....18 ....77 .. ...,9 ..f'5, "Q'58'103 Law, John ............ , , Lawless, Mary ................. Leadabrand, Patrick . League, Cheryl ........... 3, 49, LeDe, Charisse .... LeDe, Craig ...... Leeds, Shannon ..,. Legg, Josh .......... .... 57,83, Leibman, Russell .............. Lenzner, Patricia ...... 52, 55, 91, Leon, Michael ..... Lessard, Kenny .... Levin, Troy ......... Lewis, Christopher . . . Lewis, Cindy ...... Lewis, Michael ..... Liebman, Russ ..... Linker, Bryan ....... Loertscher, Valerie . . . Long, Norman ........ Lopez, Ronnie .......... . . . Lopez-Perez, Burnadette ........ Lowe, Tina ....... Lowman, William. . Lucas, Sonia ..... Lynch, Justin .... 83,95, . 4 172 172 172 119 126 172 172 104 173 .......173 77 173 173 ..........l73 .... 62,63,173 ........ 173 ... 76,173 .....l73 ... 173 58 .... 58,71 ... 95,173 ...... 10 119 173 173 119 ........ 173 ..... 173 ...63,77 Macon, Christopher ..........,. 173 Maddeaux, Jerry ............... 202 Maddox, Tara ......... 109, 126, 173 Madeya, David .............. 42, 96 4 5,16, 52, 90,119, Madeya, Kelli . . 1, 145 Maine, Heather .... Maines, Barry .... ............l73 173 Major, Danny. . . Malone, Kelly ..... Maloney, Ryan .... Manu, Steve ....... Marble, Jennifer .... Marble, Rusty ...., Marich, Andrej .... Marillo, Amanda .... Marin, Mario ..... Marsteen, Tim .... Martin, Lisa .... Martin, Shelley .... Martin, Trent ..... Martinez, Fred ..... 173 .... 202 173 36 173 .....46 ....202 ... 126 ..... 202 ... 46,76 ... 4,173 ... 4,173 .....202 . .......... 42 . 50 68 104 Martinez, Monica ....... , , Marvin, Brandy ............ 26, 202 Masek, Carolyn ................ 202 Mass, Brandi .... 10, 56, 57, 82, 94, 95 Mathias, Todd ..... Matlock, Terry ..... May, Shannon ..... McArthur, Chad .... McCarthy, Andrew. . McCausl1n, Shannon .... . . . McClure, Larry ....... McConkey, Heath. . . McCorkle, Linda. . . McDaniel, Dan .... ........... 173 ... 16,17,41,42 . . . 9, 78, 79 202 . .... 47, 173 173 ..... 88 173 ..Q'117, McDaniel, Don ................. McDermott, Ryan . . McDonald, Nicole . . McDonald, Trevor. . 174 McGrath, Michelle .... 173 ..... 202 71 202 119 7 3 3 '71'106'107 57, 82, 95, McGuire, Steve ................ McKeman, Tina . .... . . . McNeel, Billy ...... 52,53, McRoy, Debbie ....... ...... McWilliams, Yvonne Meakin, Glen ...... Medina, Ricardo .... Mehlau, Sonja ..... Meller, Trace ...... Mendivil, Melissa. . . Mendivil, Melodie . . Meschede Patrick . . Meza, David . . Meza, Pat ....... Michel, Mark .... Mihakin, James . . . Miller, Billy ..... Lanka Lanka Jason .... Lori ..... Miller, Rebecca. . . Minter, Mitchell, Nikki . . . Mitchell, Shelley . . Montgomery, Doug Montoya, Amold . Moore, Alicia .... Moore, Amy .... Moore, Susan .... Moore, Tiffany. . . .... 42'4 Steve ..... .... 89, ... 117, , 7,76,77, ..ff'27, 202 174 104 174 1 16 202 114 202 174 202 . . .... 174 202 202 119 202 174 174 174 174 202 174 174 174 ...83,95 .....174 174 76,174 174 40,68,78,79 109 174 Morich, Andrey .... Moseke, Dan ..... Moseke, Doug ...... . Mottox, Wendy ......,. 63 ....58 ........l73 Mull, Sheri .................. Mulla, Shagufta ...... . 116 8,119,126,174 Munson, Christie ............ 50, 68 Murphy, Diana. . . Murphy, Kevin. . . Nash, Sand1 ........... Neal, Ron ........... Needham, Edmund ..... Nekho, Nahid ......... Nelson, Jeni ..... Nelson, John .... Nevin, David .... Newkirk, Aaron . . Nichols, Camellia ..... Niehuis, Jamie ..... . Norris, Shannon .... . O'Conne1l, Jessica ...... O'Dell, Dana ....... O'Neil, Jenny .... Ogle, Nikki ........ Oliva, Monique ..... Oneal, Cara ........... Oneill, Jennifer ........ Ormiston, Glen ............ 14,15,l02,117, Osmick, Brad ......... Ormiston, Jason . Oun, Paul ...... Owen, Cara .... Owens, Marc. . . Palmer, Andy .... Palmer, Bruce .... Palmer, Jim .... Palmer, Linda .... Palmer, Pamela ..... Palmer, Richard .... Parachini, Troy ..... Parker, Matt ......... Parkhouse, Shawn .... Parrott, Charles . . Partridge, Jennifer .... Paul, Greg ......... Pawlows, Joe ..... Peachy, Janeen . . . Pearson, Joel. . . 174 ... 174 ........114 3,12,174,175 ........174 . 49,116,119 . .......... 26 ........l14 .... 109 ... 15,174 ........ 114 .... 109,174 .. 16,49,119 ., 83,95,ll7 ......1l6 .... 60,61 .... 174 .....174 ........l74 ........ 174 '102,174 174 .......... 9 ,.... 77,109 ... 68,104 .... 109,126 ......... 58 .... 117,122 ......117 ....116 ...175 ... 175 ....42 ... 119 .....175 ...... 175 ... 68,175 ,..... 16,42 ... 46,64,65 ...... 114 ....58,77 INDEX 223 Pearson, Miilae .... Pearson, Sissa- ....... Pennington, Angela .... Perez, Thomas ....... Perkins, Eric ..... Perry, Greg ........ Peterson, Debbie . . . Peterson, Shawn .... Peterson, Toby . . . Phelps, Glen . . . Phelps, Greg . . . Phillios, Lynn .... Pichee, Jodi .... Piland, Cathy .... Pletka, John .... Porter, Brian. . . Postal, Bryan ..... Powell, Ty ........ Power, Christian ....... Powers, Dylan ......... Preas, Willie .......... Pride, Rona . . . 1,12,14 Pridie, Michelle . . . Pritts, Tina ........... Pursell, Judy . . . Rademacher, Sue. . . 52, Rainey, Jodi .......... Ramos, Denise ........ Raphael, Jennifer ...... Ray, Kevin ....... Razo, Rachel ...... Rees, Matt ........ Reichley, J aci ..... Requinton, Richard .... Reynolds, Renae ..... Rhodes, Dawn .... Richardson, Sue .... Richie, Susie ..... ..82,94,175 122 175 175 ...71,175 ...42,175 78 ...58,59 175 - ....... 71 ...42,175 175 ...175 119 58 .....46,l75 ..62,63, 175 .. 63,96,175 109 88,175 ,18, 52, 90, 93 95 175 68,82,94 175 29 54,7s,79,119 1i08,109j 1fffff5o, ...42, 175 175 175 175 176 176 ...176 176 49 126 Rierson, Paul ...... . . . 71, 109, Riggen, Raymond .... Robb, Shelley ...... . Roberson, Mike . . . Roberts, Jennifer ...... Rodgers, Brent .... Rogers, Lenny ...... . . Romberg, Patty .... Rossi, Bryan ..... Roth, Jeff ..... Row, Johathan . . . Rowland, Dawn .... . . Rudge, Jody ..... Ruiz,Sonia. . . . .. Runnion, Kevin ....... Runnion, Montaque Rush, Carrie .......... Russell, Laura .... Russell, Tyler .... 224 INDEX 117 176 176 109,119 52, 54, 55, 145 176 ........176 104,176 176 ... 42, ,..... 62,63 ........ 176 .. 6,114,176 . 6 176 .......,. 46 102,122,176 176 11111111 176 ... 16,l7,46 Salcido, Stephen . . . Sanchez, Cecilia . . . Sanders, Tammy. . . Sansonetti, Sandra . Scavone, Cecilia . . . Schroeder, Mary . . . Schultz, Chris ..... Schuster, David . . . Scialdone, Christine Scialdone, Monica . Scipione, Scott .... Scoles, Jenni ...,.. Seals, Craig ..... Segarra, Mike . . . Sema, John ...., Shea, Kathy ...... Sickels, Jennifer . . . Siedjak, Marianne .... Simpson, Brian .... Sinioris, Christy . . . Sinioris, Monica. . . Sitrig, Nacis ...... Sitzler, Dean .... Skelton, Pam ...... Slaback, Tracey .... Smarr, Stephen .... Smith, Dennis. . . Smith, Gabe ...... Smith, Sean ....... Smith, Sheri .,.... Smoak, Tyrone . . Smook, Jason ..... Smook, Rebecca. . . Smook, Robert .... Solano, Angele .... Soriano, Hector .... South, Chris ..... Sovacki, Paul ., . . . Spezia, Mark ...... Springfield, Todd . . St. Onge, Rene .... Stanley, Jim ..... Stanton, Greg . . . Stanton, Maria .... Starkey, John .... States, Bobby ..... Stevenson, Stacey . . Stewart, Michelle. . Stoppa, Scarlett .... Strole, Aaron .... Stuart, David ..... Stuart, Mike ...... 111411161117 111116,171421 .. .... 27,109 109,176 ,. ..... 176 ...........176 .. .... 90,122 .. ..... 176 .. .... 58 .. ....4 176 76,107,176 .......83,95 .......148 ........46 .......64,65 16,17,176 ..... 56, 94 176 11111 177 ... 104 83 ... 78 1fff11S, 9 42 116 177 177 177 117 114 , , 177 42, 64, 70, 71,177 46 19 177 76,' 172,177 .....l77 177 42 32 177 50 63177 7 3 ...32, , 14,85,87 ........68 .....64,65, 111161491116 9 9 3 177 177 116 I 119 Stewart, Richard ............ 85, 177 177 103 177 36 116 Stutzman, Shane ..... Sugata, Chris ...... Sunseri, Jeff ..... Sunseri, Joe ....... Sweeter, Prescilla . . Switzer, Stacey .... Sylvester, Kenya . . . .. ...3, .. .... 10, 1111119, 195 177 177 175 ..... 177 177 Taylor, Matthew ....... . . . 177 Templeton, Jammie ..,.. .. 109 Templeton, Jay ....... . . . 177 Tetu, Tracy ........ . . 177 Thomason, Kim .... . . 109 Thompson, Elissa. . . . . . 57- Thompson, Vera .... .... 1 16 Thompson, Wes .... ..... 8 8 Thorn, Gary ...... .... 1 4, 64 Tillwach, Jason. . . . . . . 177 Titzer, Mark ...... .... 1 77 Toback, Jason .... . . . 42 Tolifson, Diane ..... ..... 6 8 Tolliver, Jerry ........ ....... 4 6 Tompkins, Angie .............. 1 14 Tompkins, Christine ........ 117, 177 Tonks, Brad ................... 71 Toth, Stephanie ..., 13, 16, 78, 79, 122 Tucker, Jim .................... 42 Tuma, James .... ........... 1 77 Tuma, Robert ..... ,... 1 09 Tunnell, Kristin .... ...... 1 04 Turner, Monica ..... 15 19 50 Tumer, Shawma .... Twigger, David. . . Uecker, Chad . . . Ulin'ger, Scott ..... Usseri, Loretta .... Uzzanti, Gina ..... Valdez, Anthony .... Valdivia, Dawn ...... Valenzuela, Bobby . . . Vanboekel, Melissa. . . Vandernaalt, Marianne Ventura, Matthew .... Verderame, Stephanie . Victor, Becky ........ Villagrana, Angela .... Villalobos, Joe ...... Villers, Heather. . . Vogel, Jodi ..... Vu, Phil ...... Wagner, Rick ........ Wagner, Robert . . . . .ff152,b0,i77 ....... 6,14 76,178 42,178 57,83 .....26 ......178 ........178 .. l6,42,96 .. ...... 114 178 .........178 909 18,91,145, 78 178 ........26 116 76,77,109 76, 77,102,178 126 Walker, Debbie .... Wall, Kelly ..... Walton, Gary . . . Ward, Chris .... Wasbotten, Peter Wasil, Glen ..,.... . . Watson, James . . Watson, Tammy ..... Waynick, Lore . . Wells, Michelle .... Welmers, Dawn . Wentzell, Amy . . Whitcomb, Mark ...,.57 178 178 13 46,102,103 .....42,71 178 ..,61 178 .....49 178 178 85 White, Dale ..,. . . . 42 Wilder, Cathy. . . ,.... . . 68 Wiley,Janine . . . . . 82, 178 Wilkens, Peggy . . ....... 119 Williams, Wendy . . . 104, 198 Winschel, Chris. . . . 102, 178 Wisser, Darrah 1 . ....... 178 Wolf, Jason .... . 42, 85, 178 Wright, Desmon .... ....... 1 78 Yakesh, Darrel , . . 42, 88, 178 Yarbrough, Brian 6, 15, 64, 178 Yates, Deborah ..,.. ......... 1 78 Yeldig, Christopher . . . ...... . 178 Yonker, Tabitha ..... ...... 1 78 Young, Kathy ..... . . . 94, 122 Young, Paul ...... .... 1 78 Young, Russell . . .... 178 Zacek, Patrick ........ . . . 71, 178 Zimbelman, Serena .... .... 1 78 Zimbro, Kim ,...... ....... 1 14 Zontanos, Jason ..... ....... 1 7, 77 Zontanos Tara , ................ 178 Zuckschwerdt, Maria . . . 119, 126, 178 lags 1 '45 ?n'Q'v 'W k ffl , K dw 4 lw Q 'N 4'-M 4 INDEX 225 226 CANDIDS CAMPUS inf CA DIDS sz? 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Our Success THE FOLLOWING IS A PARTIAL LIST OF SERVICES AVAILABLE: o RINGS SIZED o RINGS SOLDERED TOGETHER 0 CHAIN REPAIR 0 RING AND JEWELRY DESIGN 0 BATTERIES FOR ALL QUARTZ WATCHES e EXPERT WATCH REPAIR e JEWELRY AND DIAMONDS CLEANED AND CHECKED FREE 0 DIAMONDS REMOUNTED 0 ENGRAVING We have an ultra-modern lewolry repair shop and professional craftsmen wlth many years of experlence to assure you of quallty work and at very reasonable rates. 7814 N. 27th AVE. I1 blk. S. of N0rlherrlI o 864-6352 'Ss X F. f' Ni T, N K j' .J 1? 1 'MV 14,4 fr, ' ' SK .-1' N x --i""4, X' . N ge be W fx y ,iv IF av Y l l A A 04 Ri Q"'x'w' 3 K' i WW ,WW WW M WWW W5'ff5fw5fQ, Q9 ,LM M , my W MKVQQWHL W N V i 4

Suggestions in the Cortez High School - Cortesians Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) collection:

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