Coronado High School - La Faena Yearbook (West Covina, CA)

 - Class of 1967

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Coronado High School - La Faena Yearbook (West Covina, CA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 52 of the 1967 volume:

The title of our yearbook reflects the Spanish influence which is apparent in our school name "Coronado" and our team name the "Matadors." In keeping with this tradition we have named our book of memories "La Faena." The end of the bull fight, la faena, is full of suspense and antici- pation of the outcome. Thegmatador has the chance to prove that he is an artist at bull fighting. The end of the school year is very exciting and important to ui We too are nearing the "moment of truth" as we approach the last days of this school year. We hope that in future ysears you will look through your year- book and be reminded that!you have lots of good memories which made the school year l96Q67 at Coronado very worthwhile. , fuww , W-"lik - 3:5 ,A 'W g' Alf A 1: . ' A. A 'i H12 3 ..,.,y M t hx , W gp ak 34: f-W viagigig if Our day at school is over . . . her day has iust begun. She goes about her work quietly and efficiently. She can always find time in her tight schedule to grant personal favors. Many students come to her to ask for one of the rooms to be opened for a forgotten sweater or book. Others come for advice. Somehow she finds time for the personal touches. She always seems to notice flowers or plants that need to be watered. Many teachers have said that once over lightly is not enough for Tommy. Mrs. Velasquez has worked in the West Covina School District for seventeen years. Eight of those years have been at Coronado. It has been long, hard work, but she has enioyed every minute of it. With her friendly smile and warm disposition, everyone finds room in their hearts for Mrs. Velasquez. We take deep pride in dedicating this 1967 yearbook to you- TOMASA VELASQUEZ It has been my pleasure to be associated with Mrs. Velasquez as a fellow member of the W. C. School District Staff. Her assigned responsibilities have always been completed in an exemplary manner. "Tommy" has not been satisfied with meeting minimum responsibility. She has set and continues to set the excellent example for us all. I value her friendship not iust because she is a very competent associate, but because she has always conveyed an image most complimentary to her gender. She is truly a fine lady and very deserving of this recog- nition from the hundreds of us. Bless you, "Tommy," Fred C. Shrader. Tomasa Velasquez-"Tommy" to all of us-has been a valued employee of the West Co- vina Unified School District since 1951, and she has served Coronado School loyally, faithfully, and well since 1959. This yearbook is dedicated to her with affection and appreciation by the student body of Coronado School. All her friends and co-workers in the district ioin in this expression of esteem. Sincerely, Clifford S. Thyberg, Ed.D., Superintendent of Schools Tomasa Velasquez has worked with me from time to time over the past seventeen years. She has always been dependable, has done excellent work, and has been a loyal friend to both teachers and students. Gerald Smith To the eyes and ears of Coronado School Tommy's contribution indicates loyalty, concern and dedication. "Champ" Means The dedication of a school's yearbook is one of the greatest honors that can be bestowed on a school employee. The choice of Tommy Velasquez is an excellent one. I have known Tommy and worked with her for many years at Coronado School. She was always very de- pendable, friendly, and an excellent worker. All of the students, teachers, and other staff mem- bers throughout the years had high praise for her as an employee and as a wonderful person to know. I know that I speak for everyone who has ever known her when I say it is very difficult to lose such a kind, and capable employee, and we would like to wish her many years of happiness. Tommy, the best of everything to you always. Peter Masonis eww S Rl, Bus Drivers-Kay Nichols and Ruth Guilloffe amid' Cafeteria Staff-Elinor Rand, Manager, Maxine Matthews, Alice Ellis, Lynelle Lees Noon Aids-Joyce Johnson, Anne Befera Marie Hughes and Catherine Hoilwig Marie Alexander-Nurse KQWW J"' Agmo Mofheus,-Secretary Helen Allen-Library Clerk Mer , V l N e,, , 4 f f.,lf,' f 5 .5- n-5 1 5 2 n V Q ,V lf Q ...M f ug . w f a 1 I 4, gf ' 1 Z ' ,x ,,, 1, 4 , , ' ,- ga W , 4 ' 'W """' X awgnllv 7155 L h',, , 1' ,hw --,'. i T ' Qi? ' L z ,, N. "gn ,Y . ,wwf .I C . -x51 ""A' f ' ' ,gm ,pf ' ,N f C, .PW ,, " "' YET K , ee - eeee ' N Q ' W-as If we, ,V eg Q ' ' " rdf.-,, 'wa 4, fff ff,e1, .MW - . , 'fW' ,ywr1A' , ,, " "" WI 3 ,, 1, 4 Q Ig 1-'W ' ' 777' I' 97 - V ' V A a,'bu.437n 1 .4 1, "Q 'Y ' ., 3., my 33,-My I , 51 73 52 C. 2 wi-f' I 'rift 1' J ' 'fp , 'X g 5,1 ,ny .--Jjj ,,.", i,, ,:w', K H ,giyw ,Q '5 f, "V -if fi'-'7 'f" -ar J' 2 75 ',."'i.f5'iQ2!Le23f 'WP-13' ? 'Z James Hollwig-Custodian "Champ" Means-Head Custodian 5 if ww ww X-' i 1 f i W Q ' A 3 Q, Q1 XL S J' i"'v ' S E x Q Xp w S i 2 f ww-M QM 1 5:1 25 S fx , 1. , if 1 ' E , -, , 4 'fiQ fx ' xx A ' K 5 no kj iii., Q... YS? fl A hi ,lu ,wiiii is 2 ,M . Y? 3 R A 1 f A X Principal Fred Shrader iff ,qw A E K A N sk, ,e ' 334 kLLh iii. 1 gi MQMY. Q.. W., rr I Harold Levy . ' X Q Q 6' xii, if Martha Mntchell Bruce Stark 'iv' .,.wt N, John Waugh I I I James Black Mary Booth Ni' qw V 1 -...rf . I June Brouhard Roy Qlifhefo M9Igqref Dionne Jkldifh EiC'hOI'I'1 X tx X C ,-J ' 'bf X Ruby Norwood Dorothy Pettit Jeannette Sohn SJ or Q ,N 'i we-1 Geraldine Welgh Jack Wilburn Jamie Prudhome Q Picture f' or ,W I Not 5 Available if 5 ' A Allen, Charles fi! - as., R fs' l I Alvarado, Robert gy fav we tr' He ,Q y.Vv,V. 5 Armstrong, Robert Atchison, Dawn Atwood, Diana Ballenger, Gary . 5,0 Barry, Bill Barry, Colleen rg, Qs N, . Q01 :"' Avila, Magdalen Ball, Jo Ann Muff Bcitres, Malena Bawden, Raymond K Baxter, Debra Bell, Stephen Brite, Joe Calkins, Nancy is Carson, Yvonne ti, l if s.. D. . , a-kk ,V L Beasley, James Becnel, Cynthia Bell, Debra Bell, Denise QM Berg, Roy Brannigan, David Brawley, Billie Brewer, GGVVY .n.r.w. ,-,mv -, HW.-1 ., .v 1.'-:',.:,E5L'1'vn-rt "rn qu- '-'SV " f w i' in , fit? iw , of Wifqw Brubaker, Ann Buerhaus, James Burgess, Richard Butcher, Bette . ' nv- Qu 1 I lf 5' :Q ' . l,', ., x A N Nh , , xxx H M N lffyg Q ' ' . 23 ya E Calnan, Maureen Campbell, Earl Canady, James Capestro, David .40 Q' LCV ww Carter, Yvonne Caruso, Sherine Cary, Linda Cline, Kenneth ,..., mrs,-0 5 hr' ww Jr pifygfi. f .-f"- 1:-1 . if T Colbert David Collins, Mary Cotter, Pamela Cox, Jane Cunningham, Terri '-R" Cunningham. William Cutler, Linda Czubek, Nancy Davis, Lawrence Dabbs, Janice fu 9 I I 1 gw D vp- 'K-M Day, Michele Deruelle, Robert Dooling, Tom Downes, Steven DuBusky, John Durham, Richard ,Wm ,A - , , . 0 - CH i 1' Q...,,.q 'lkv Dzieza, Larry Eaton, Chris Edwards, Nancy Eskew, Wayne Farnsworth, Vicki Fast, Rebecca IO Faulkner, Kimberly Feasel, Sandra Fernandez, Laura Fierro, Cindy Frank' 5Ue G9nffY, Mifhflel W Goebel, Cindy - Q . K v-L , Y P E45 ,', L A 3 j Greiner, Cynthia if Y K A 1,1fff3..:. A E a . , 1. is "s 't ' L , ,, . . lv A ' V A fii J? ia k ' 1? I ,,,. , rm -A - If L . --an gg, fi, 7, ,gf - f " .Q H ' Wg , 5 is ffl '- . 'X - - A A r ' V Goff, ROQGV Goldberg, Marla Gordon, Paul Gorton, James i uqw 4.-Q Griffin, .Iohn Grigsby, Donna Grochowski, Glenn Guhl, John 7 Gutzke, Lauren Wm- gi iiif ,.. , , .g,, fi e si L we ' x .4 an ui 1 Harmon, Dennis xx' --'N' """ Guy, Kevin Guzzo, Laura Haas, Cynthia Hand, Roxanne Haren, Brad i 'Q vx Q- .X 79' 'Oh GW-- N-.--' R i Harper, John Heinz, David Herndon, Vickie Herienstein, Robert Hido, David IN 'fx Q' if Q-..,,,,w i ha. Holland, Tim Qw- Qf, N, uw S... Horegian, Cheri Huichan, Luis Husebo, Jack Hutchinson, Robin Hyman, David .aw ' If 12 ns X 'T Jackson, Allen Jennings, Robert Jeske, Kenneth s...,. Johnston, Russel if ,... Q, Jn, .. .., ,V ,V in Y w, 5. Jones, Arthur i it ooott tttt L L ' L ' o . A t" J J L :.: N 'L hoo y i L., ' if ' f ,, A 'W' gig I N 2 X. i 1 A - - . L"'Pt'Qs 'S Knieling, Kimberly Kongsle, Patricia Lampman, Gail Lawson, Michele Leon, John L yguyg 'L' ., " " , 'Sw -Q L15 N- Jil, J N L kk N x X Q' Lewis, Geoffry London, Robert Loquet, Randy Luce, Robert McBay, Vicki McCabe, Raymond On Q. arf- 1 ,aim CN wi' N. McDcniel Edward MacDonell Jennifer Mclntosh Shirley McMeekin Daniel Marshall Lawrence Martin Mathew s isll "vw ,5 . MGFUH, Ted Martinez, Teresa Mattick, Sharon Medkiff, Michael Medlin, Joseph Melia, Louis 14. C is 'X inf ' K , - gps- K t ' ,, I jr . .K Mellor, Kathleen Moon, Terry Moore, Howard Moreau, Mistee Moungey, Jo Picture as Not id Available P '..V,' li, -Q. r, 3 mi....,, s.-:Q H9 Mullaney, Rick Myer, Steven Naparty, Victoria Navo, Cynthia Nelson, Amhony 4 as T vs' Q... . 1-for - gf-M. JK l X Newton, Marilyn Newton, Peter Nicolin, Mary Noah, Teresa Oberdick, Colleen Oldham, Nancy Cl hiv' li xv x rf N P5 l K W W s. .1 HM l Pearson, Opal Piehler, Robert Pierce, Norman Pinckard, Diana Plunkett, Suzanne ROClCllff9. P0T"iCi0 ,,, -f f T we-. -f 5 ' f- . l Q, . fe Em VW. a 1 N Ramirez, Douglas Ramsey, Betty Reilly, Curtis Richards, Barbara Risinger, Brad Ritchey, Leslie .meg JC' :Yv- 1-'ws n, f, Roberts, Dave Roberts, Randy Robertson, Don Robinson, Steve Roden, Wendy 4 ox Ronald, Jeff Rosenkrantz, Wayne Rossney, Steven Sabatino, Peter Samberg, if is-r 'T 5' lr. f .9 - ,T ,. Gtr" 4 'Q Barry Santee, Randy sa A A . qv 'V zfxmw Sasser, Gary Saunders, Mark Scarlett, Bonnie Schwager, Michael Scobey, Richard SCON, JOhl'1 5i0DG, Richard Sieber, Deborah Slivkoff, Vera Smith, Deborah Smith, Lydia Snyder, Jack My 'W W-rm Q7 gf Spurney, Thomas Steele, Patricia Strachen, Steven Strain, Karen Suggs, Don Tonner, David 'vi -Us ,-, QT, M, Taylor, Frank Taylor, Laurie Y Taylor, Jay Taylor, Jess Teel, Ed -,1 as, 6 T F, 4 Tell, Wanda Terle, Calvin Termine, Sam Thayre, Rick Todd, Gary Toms, De Ann I A V 1. i K V: f .Q 'IN ,V 4 4' A? , 'hx ' A 4, V r ' ' ,ft We , , ,,,,,,. I . at 3 fi 2 ffl' ,QE ,mi 'xi s in , f K 4 fe 0. Ay is xv 1 A ' . . ' X A Tsutsui, Ro Van, Bill VanDeventer, Bob Vilardo, Larry Waltz, Bob Ward David Y , ni Om .. V gg., 1 I y for " Warford, Chris Weight, Bryan Welemin, Andy Wetzel, Tina Whitt, Charlotte Williams, Kent iw! Ybfevr X.. X, Womack, Karen Woodbury, Mariko Woody, Debra Wyman, Cheryl Yates, Jan Yost, Jim Bell, Melodie Biggers, Mark 2 Borag ine, Sandra . i i l , Boyd, Melody Brady, Karen 31,1 K 6 H ,lAf AL Brown, Daniel ,-'A gf Brown, Dennis - 'f ' F 1542 B A T, xi, .1 Z '11 ill' ' ' f 1, Q feli f' M Mi M5 531: n . if - w - -fi N - iiwlgsz - L , Q., Q ,, - H f ery' Q' Allen, Ray Avila, Fernando Arkless, Debbie f A 3 3 , 4 Ashley, Michal ' Baines, Edward "D if 'lv Barry, Robert J, L 'Ml Bafeman, Rickey ,Y 4' ,,,,, 1, ,,,flgi' Bauer, Robert 2 9'-fiat' Bale Anim Beall, Walter Beal ' Karon Beasley, Jerry 1 1' 1 -s V . Burgess, Barbara Bush, Mark Calarco, Nicky Cameron, David Buehring, Linda Buerhaus, John Bulthuis, Brian Burch, Winona Brafcher, Zel Brawley, Bruce Brown, Mike Buday, Randy 1 PM X ,, 5 W, Bellaver Judy Bird, Billy Boyd, Grace Cantor, Lesley Capestro, Danny Carlson, Susan Carman, Russel Carson, Linda Carter, Darlene Carter, Janet Christopher, John Church, Gerald Cline, Deborah Clubb, Bobby Coale, Maurice Collins, Mary Cook, Debra Copeland, Jon .ss Cover, Denise MV Cozad Robert Dahlm Pamela Curry Karen Dampier Christine Dobbs Ralph Daniels Debra Daniels Kim Davis Denise Darnell Debra Davis Sheryl DeHaven Bruce Dempsey Randall Despqm Patti Denman Richard Denney Ralph Dragus Donald D Hondt David Duncan Arthur Dim Brian Ebbers Tarn Edgar, Scott Edwards, John Ellis, Jay Ellison, Gerry Ernst, Margaret Ernst, Mary Ethridge, Debra Farnsworth, Linda Fast, Patty Ferra, Tami Fields, Neil Fisher, Cindy Foster, Russel. Gallagher, Harry Ganteaume, Lisa Gentili, Dina Gentry, Tim Gillum, Debbie Goff, Carol Good, Sandy Gordon, Cindy Gray, Bradley Groene, Karen Gustafson, William Guzzo, Joe Haas, Paul -f -N Hahn, Gary rag. ,J 31 Hall, Walter 1:1 s t Hamilton, Vivian W1 , Hanley, Margaret 'MX Hansen, Eric X' ik, Harris, Jim ,V ggi ..,.- In . - ' 1 . V, ,HSL A j.' fl ,,.' V 1, 'i.5f'fA sl-"" --. gi Heck, Brad Henry, Larry Heflin, Bruce Herbert,' Mike Henry, Jim Hewlett, Jaime Hipp, Steven Hottelet, Renee Hirschy, John Huddleston, Cheryl Hutchinson, Susan Johnson, Kenny Janus, John Jones, Edward N Jones, Phyllis Keith, John Jungles, Carol Kielb, Tom Kaitz, Paul Kilz, Maria Komac, DeLon Krueger, Jay Kuhn, Daniel Laing, John La Ma r, Ga ry Lampson, Karen Ledbetter, Lynette I Lee, Corrine Lees, Lynelle l8 Linke, Susan Lisenbe, Jeanne London, Sally Longshore, John Loquet, Michel Lundeen, Aleta McBay, Kathy McCann Tim McComb Kevin McHugh Patricia Mann Jeff Maples, Margaret Marioram, Ernest Martin, Steven Mathewson Vicki Medlin Steven Melia, Richard Millar, Diana Milliron, Brad Montes, Barbara Mora, Randy Mullaney, Steve Noah, Jack it Nuhfer, Mike Ortiz, Gerald Orr, Gail Palmer, Natalie Orr, Janice Pavone, Cindy Pearson, Robert Pollan, Dorothy Petroff Lois Porter Debbie PUQ5leY, JOYCS Reves, Susan Re0"lCk, JGFYWSS Richards, Louise Ridley, M,ke Routh, Lorene Rizzo, Toni Sabatino, Ralph Rodriguez, Caroline Scllscenle, Anim Sanford, Michael Savage, Dennis Scheiffele, Derek Schneider, Stephen Schreurs, Aort Schulz, Marian Scott, Berlene Seaman, Scott Selby, Kirk Sergott, Laura Sharr, Kathy Shaw, Gail Shepherd, Dianna Shepherd, Douglas Shire, Pamela Shobe, Pamela Q Q fif ii . , I9 In Shore, Lorraine Shotrosky, Joan Shubin, Denise Sicuranzo, Susan Sidener, Miles Slivkoft, Tonya Smith, Becky Smith, Grace Smith, Mindy Spellum, Debbie Spracher, Robin Stewart, David Stewart, Debbie Stewart, Stephen Stillwater, Starlene Stinchcomb, Evelyn Strachan, Barry Sutherland, Terry Stratton, John Tdpert, Beth Suela, Becky Tapia, Mike ' x Z ,M X Tapp, Debbie Taylor, Jeff Taylor, Brian Taylor, Terry Thayre, Donna Trujillo, Philip Toms, Suzanne Trzeciak, Dale Tsutsui, Debbie Ventimiglia, Pat Van Fleet, Gary Vetter, Scott Vaughan, Dennis Vilardo, Beth Vogel, Bruce Wallace, Stephen Ward, Debbie Warshauer, Tori Weber, Jeff Welemin, Robert Wheeler, Duane White, Kathy Willess, Pandora Williams, Kenneth Williams, Richard Wilson, Cheryl Winger, Floyd Witt, Eric Womack, Beverly Zainfeld, Dennis L .Q .Q exe ei -fi Mrs, Kiser Tackles on endless iob. Mrs. Allen gives her fingers 0 welcome break Finol inspection by Mr. Shrcder. CWM Bock to work. v-. , ,,,. 1' ' ns 'Wm-.W W , , Allen, Pamela Alvarado, Olivia Alvarez, David Arkless, Billy Arkless, Debbie Armstrong, Thomas Arseneault, John Avila, Diane Bakes, Katherine Barnes, Renee Barry, Ron Batres, Jessie Bowden, Barbara Becnel, Renee Becnel, Robin Bemis, Steven Berg, Bonnie Bigos, Cynthia Bletcher, Frances Bligh, Patrick Blume, Denine Boragine, David Bosserman, Linda Brashear, David Breitenbach, Jerry Bright, Billy Brown, G, Quin Brown, Tom Bruno, John Buckley, Daniel Budilo, Natalie Buerhaus,RoberT Burke, Stephen Butkiewicz, Anthony Butler, Deborah Butts, Barbara Calandro, Judy Calkins, Carol Calnan, John Chambers, Karla Chappelle, Ralph Cianci, John Cochran, Par Collins, Vicky Cox, Mike Cozad, Steve Crawford, Pat' Cunningham, Glade Cunningham, Kevin Curry, Susan Dobbs, Ray D'Hondt, Alan Dietel, Marcia Doss, Gary Downes, Shelle Dun, Mary Eaton, Robin Ecclestone, Ray Eddy, Arthur Eddy, Donald Eddy, Frank Eiseman, Dale Elliot, David Ells, Stephen Fast, Reymund Faulkner, Tammy Feasel, Melinda Feeney, Maureen Fields, Alan Flynn, Connie Foerstel, Cynthia Gasset, David Genereau, Kimberly Goddard, Cathryn Goodrich, Jack Granger, Rhonda Grattan, Patricia Green, Sheryl sf- 4- us.. Q- . O O W X A, 1. 1 fiatgfi vos w. s- Q , L Kennv, Mark Kirk, Nancy Kirsch, Doris Koppel, Marianne Koupal, Robin Kramer, Bert Lampman, Greg Lee, Karen Leibowitz, Robert Leidelmeyer, Shirley Lembke, Susan Loquet, Sandy Luce, Jerry McCann, Kim McComb, Donna McConnell, Cheryl McCoulf, Mike MacDoneIl, Allan McGuire, Pamela McHug.h, Kathy Marshall, Greg Matheus, Wayne Miles, Tracey Milhollin, Nancy Miller, Joel Mirasole, David Moore, James v- Gueffroy, Jeff Hand, Sharon Hart, Vincent Heflin, Matt Helzar, Mary Herrmann, Laurel Hertenstein, Scott Hillman, Tammy Hogg, Sherrie Holladay, Steven Holm, Andy Hopping, Ron Huichan, Hilda Hunsaker, Donna Hutchinson, Matt Hyman, Susan lmler, Veronica lnalish, Scott Janus, Kotheryn Johnson, Carole Johnson, Kathleen Johnson, Kaylene Johnson, Lynette Jones, Danny Jones, Denise Jones, Stephen Kohm, James we . Will "rin J x T. 'wx Yo O! ll er 7' 5 in ,tw 1 W ,R , Rosenkrantz, Sherry Rossney, Suzanne Roy, Janice Sager, Mary Savage, Debra Scobey, Cynthia Scott, Jilene Shaw, Michael Shearin, Robert Shepherd, Cheryl Sherman, Delaina Shubin, Kenneth Siana, Victoria Sicuranzo, Barbara Simpson, Colleen Sleme, Wayne Smith, David Smith, Sabrina Smith, Victor Snyder, Will Spangler, Richard Stables, Philip Steele, Michael Stewart, Terry Stivers, Philip Strain, Richard Strull, Laura Q-er Moreau, Robert Morganella, Mark Moungey, Robin Mullican, Marcia Navo, Kirk Nehlsen, Barbara Newby, Susan Nicolin, Judy Nitkinr, Russell Nuhfer, William Oberdick, Michael Oldham, Jeff Parker, Diane Pavone, Terry Peterson, Robert Petroft, Brad Plumley, John Quinones, Susan Rearick, Carol Reason, Mark Reeve, Robert Renfro, Diane Roberts, Mark Robles, Elisa Rodriguez, Sylvia Rogers, Jahn Rollins, Robert Strunk, Grant Stucker, Candy Summer, Jamie Swartz, Donn Tackett, Bonnie Tapie, Arnold Taylor, Debra Tell, Cynthia Termine, Anita Thignes, Peggy Tingley, Victor - Todd, Paula Tognetti, Gene Toms, Marianne Trent, Denise Trent, Dan Tutor, Steven Van Deventer, Marcie Vaughan, Terri Vetter, Sandra Volz, David Ward, Roy Willess, Debra Worth, James Wyman, Carol Zachary, Carmen Bartolotti, Ai Bateman, Jean Bell, David Benner, Rhonda Berg, John Buehring, Kathy Capestro, Terri Cimmarrusti, Cindy Curtis, Mike Cutler, Cindy Dobbs, Latanva Daniels, Cathy Dernke, Tim Denman, Mark Daley, Debra Dooling, Richard Doss, Susan Ellis, Kay Emmons, Howard Esakoff, Mark Gillum, Merlinda Grigsbv, Mike Hahn, Roger Harper, James Hein, Cindy Hottelet, Vicki Hunsaker, Matt Jeske, Pat Jester, Michelle Johnson, Andria Johnson, Karen Kruger, David LaBree, Dannfy Leal, Keith Leal, Martha Lieberman, Judy McCormick, Peggy McDonough, Ray McGuire, Vicki McNamara, Sharon Maples, Donald Martin, Jill Medkiff, Susan Michael, Mindy Mirasole, Janie Moore, Cindy Newton, Karin Miski, Mike Noe, Susan Norton, Sharon Perry, Bobby Pill, Jan Plumley, Mark Reason, Mike Richards, 'Mary Salcedo, Victoria Schulz, Nancy Scalinos, Maria Sherman, Laurie Slagle, Robin Stratton, Jarnes Suela, Randy Wade, Debra Wagon, Torn Wallace, Rick Ward, Christy Warner, Mark Webb, Laurel Wendt, Rebecca . West, Larrie Witt, Marc Woodberry, lrene Vik D. Eddy S. Frank C. Oberdick M. Ashley D. Stewart T. ferra J. Orr R. Becnel M. Day R. Burgess W. Rosenkrantz D. Roberts R. Johnston R. Alvarado E. Teel C, Church D. Vaughan G. Tognetti M, Reason K. Johnson B. Heflin Inset Mr. Helquist asa I f" f If Lg., ..""k4 MN J vi' U kvftl 'A Our Student Council, under the direction of Mr. Helquist, has accomplished many things this year. 28 O G. Tognetti Dd. Suggs A. Jones R. Suela I. Woobury K. Groene M. Dietel S. Smith M. Kenny D. Buckley F. Foerstel J. Nicolin M. Tapia S. Hipp G. Church D. Stewart J. Pugsley M. Ashley K. Mellor P. Radcliffe D. Bell J. Canady if L 1 6' M f:" ' , ' W-fl 'WZ is JI F ' 'Q fi: ' va, Lesley Cantor, Jennifer MacDonel, Neil Fields, Marla Goldberg, Karen Womack, Sue Frank, Robert Alvarado, Tommie Hillman, Ann Brubaker, Ernest Marioram, Vicki Ncparty, Dale Trzeciak, Kenny Cline, Kim Guhl, Tony Nelson, John Leon, Jeff Mann, Tom Spurney, Joe Brite, Arthur Jones. Lesley Cantor, Jennifer MacDonell, Marla Goldberg, Ernest Marioram Co-Editors: Vicki Naparty, Kenny Cline ,rf Robert Herfenstein, Karen Womack, Ann Brubaker, Tony Nelson X 1-1-q ' i,,.M1-r' z ,Pat Ventimiglia, Tom Spurney, Joe Brite, Jeff Mann, John Leon Edewwfd Mr. Fice offers instruction in chess playing offer school several days eoch week. A - 1 f W NUCLEAR R POWE Sccazce Mr. Wilburn as The chief scienTisT In The Science Club. -J' fa f f' UNK ' 2 ' f fl H W1.,v"'f1'm I 'C ' If X V V. D ly ' flfvxgj 1" YW . J l aff -, 'TI JH r r. dz." ra ? r M r ' Mrs. Brouhord has enriched our elec- hitl T Q 'me1 1' ' J five program by offering arf. YN MN. 32 -J '-QV X G POWER 0? Joy Ellis ond Mark Biggers mode Mrs. Severns very happy when they placed 2nd ond 3rd in the Moth Field Dcy of South Hills High School. Mrs.,Severns sponsors the Moth Club. Her enthusiasm hos certainly rubbed off on ull members. l 'i 4 ,,- Allen, Ray Baines, Ed Barry Bill d Beall,I Walter Boragine, David Brown, Daniel Carman, Russel Ellis, Jay Gentry, Bill Berg, Bonnie Boragine, Sandy Boyd, Grace Dun, Mary Ebbiers, Tari Gentry, Timothy Goodrich, Jack Gorton, James Gustafson, Sue Harmon, Dennis Helfin, Mathew Krueger, Jay Lampman, Greg Martin, Ted Elliott, David Gillum, Debora Harris, James Horegian, Cheri Lees, Lynnel McCabe, Ray McCoulf, Mike Melia, Louis Mullaney, Steve Reeve, Robert Sabatino, Peter Sanford, Mike Schuly, Maria Shepherd, Diana Links, Susan McBay, Mary McHergh, Katy McHugh, Patrick Siairanzo, Sue Taylor, Jeffery Toms, Suzann Vogel, Bruce Waltz, Robert Warshauer, Vic Weight, Bryan Williams, Ken Saunders, Mark Steele, Michael Thienes, Morgan Zachary, Carmen i Atchison, Dawn Barry, Colleen Bell, Debra Brawley, Billie Butcher, Betty Calkins, Nancy Carter, Yvonne Ashley, Michal Bell, Melodi Bellauer, Judy Brady, Karen Burgess, Barbara Cline, Deborah Collins,, Mary Dohlin, Pam Darnell, Debra Davis, Sheryl D'Hondt, David eeli Curry, Karen Darnpier, Christy Daniels, Debbie Daniels, Kim Davis, Hilliard Ernst, Ann Ernst, Mary Edwick, Maria Farnsworth, Linda Fisher, Cindy Gentili, Dina Groene, Karen Hahn, Gary Hamilton, Vivian Hanley, Margaret Hattelet, Renee Kamac, Delon Laing, John Fast, Patty Ferra, Tammy Greiner, Cindy Kongsle, Pat Ledbetter, Lynnette Mellor, Kathy Moreau, Misty Lee, Corrine Lisembe, Jeanie Loquet, Michelle Lundeen, Margaret Maples, Margaret Montey, Barbara Orr, Gail Pavone, Cindy Rearick, James Richards, Louise Rizzo, Tony Noah, Teresa Pinchard, Diane Ramsey, Betty Lou Smith, Deborah Smith, Lydia Stewart, Debbie Taylor, Laurie Routh, Lorene Seaman, Scott- Selby, Kirk Sergatt, Laura Shaw, Gail Shubin, Denise Smith, Becky Smith, Sabrina Wilbess, Pandora Womack, Beverly l YFW6 3. 36 .vw--. L 1 gc ...u ul. ---....,,-.. 'Y' 9 Y' I L I, 0 f , N' W ff' y 4 . A, M i! P ,ga A ,, w w- x ,, F W 5 6 , Q 4. ' V, I" ,Q:'f552iieQZii2i1i'W?b', 5' 4 V Q W'i,f14-ply" 'Y f vw'Z"":'5Wf4f7fQi:3'fzfl2': if' V k ' v ,f "-.' x ,, V , V ., ,,",' ',,-Y ' , "L' H ' , Ag 1 K 1 .. ., , , W H' 'ff' , .wfkr ,A -'zwkkm ff.1,m.","w . ' 44' . . , - we, f:fv'f,. 1 1.,,,,,-:' ., ,, A A . , ,, ,-N' f" Y Q. Y 'W 4 nm Qi 'aw -., 'Av-on--m.m,, lg Wm '. 'AN 45" sv if 4' 'ww 5 lx 'X wg' Ak 'Hn 4- 11333: Q wil 1 :Mas QW' Aqq, nf ' A M 1 ii :V Us 2 'C 'F 3' . 3 , . 5' W . 'U' 9' K.. . -7,- EQEQM V 3 my LL, ,, 1 Q 2 ,, a QW J ,f 1l P M' ""' T f ,,,gf,Ef3 ,, Ji-ff' '. 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Jackson -Q as px is ."-'L' Y-Y ,.f' J f rf-' zfrs' X.. .kiwi L .H - I 'Y A . g r V x M .l Mrs. E. Taper? TL Mrs. R. Komac 1 fx' ,x ' l A . X, , ffffffitsmissin- 1 C-iff'f:'Z'Z-Iii-'-T-'' l' 1 A-...M l Mrs. R. Toms Mrs. A. Greiner Mrs. R. Hall A VL,',, zgazssz.4i5s?:?iisirs2:fie l E:32i?11E::::::aw:iff1s1.'wf'f-'-L-.Gif f.1..122:11::35zzi?sf 1 r' . - i ..... .. 1 Mrs. P. Ellis l i i K l i i i t . -. l . -...ff S sf, Mrs. F. Shobe 2 . Mrs. A. Severns MV- W- Fice l The PTA awarded Mrs. Severns and l Mr. Fice with outstanding Teacher cer- tificates in recognition of their work in h l the Math Club and Chess Club respec- l tively. l Last Year's Candid of P.T.A. and Student Government ' l l s" l 4' N Mrs. W. Johnson , . Qg li":V l l l i l , l g M e. eee A el

Suggestions in the Coronado High School - La Faena Yearbook (West Covina, CA) collection:

Coronado High School - La Faena Yearbook (West Covina, CA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Coronado High School - La Faena Yearbook (West Covina, CA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Coronado High School - La Faena Yearbook (West Covina, CA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


Coronado High School - La Faena Yearbook (West Covina, CA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 23

1967, pg 23

Coronado High School - La Faena Yearbook (West Covina, CA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 7

1967, pg 7

Coronado High School - La Faena Yearbook (West Covina, CA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 34

1967, pg 34

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