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HTHE MIGHTY MIDGETH Published By The Senior Class of 1956 Editor... ......... Assistant Editor.. Sports Editor ..... Activities Editor. Class Editor.. .... Advertising Editor Features Editor... Advisor ...... President... Clerk...... Treasurer..... Ransom Hooth Marvin Settje Corona High School Corona, South Dakota ANNUAL STAFF anaosuaclololo ol an one no los on too on BOARD OF EDUCATION ...Larry Ferber ...Benard Harms ...Gene Freriohs Dale Buttke .Ellliam Rell Jr. ..Donald Schultz ...Lloyd Fenhaus ....Mrs. Jordre ...Elmer Schulte ..Mi1ton Bentlng .....Anna Kampen Roland Fenhaus Delvin Schuler I I -.-....-V , I Z 52-E.. sim? g I 2 I l ' --f....-,.... Q ff 17 H6375 N - , , I. g ..,1P.f-fl flpzgwf, ,ff --' -Liu-f 4, .fu ' K Q fx 4? . 4 ggilkffffifwf' if ,' I 4X L-9' i pf? X Af ,X :Z 1' Af- l in , Fix ,i :ll Q: Q I , - - ' -' -,:'fr',: f .-- , 'QP-,.,, ,,-4 .1 K V. .1 I xi f 1,1 Af, It x -- Q, A X . fl x, Xi.:-if ' xs7'5v7 f' Q24-' ii' Q W ,f 'fl2'fW07 A -swmsxxx 1' ,Y,,,,, .- ..v f M' ,Ks f W : 1 W ' I I W 1 .Ye A V L 3 'Q 1'.lC Q .- 4 Gln:-S 'J9,+.:+G1 MJ of CQJOON v-v. A D13 7' -- - .1 fwfr- - ' t M we year 1 C1 v'-3' Qklybb, EVO 'DQ' O O A 'L OUP . I dedicatb 5vqQJgf ,ff.P9lY Q .4 7 , f to Gundefk U1f'2,kQQfQ YIOIA-lg QS his I I lvho 'chrouglgw' twat HAI f 'jfi21SIf and ' 1 fsgrst has tguffrwg it turn 'did rue w L 59+ Q 4 it 1 JI EUOIW-g,lli'l,:lffF of VD-:P 4.11 illQ Cgriihi A 4 Bentlezwgglxf Qllimfmln, Wfpe gfooii A 4 and Tatu JPi!nCdCtg +-rg DIS W1 U' blfifffv F . - 4 F V - L1 4 N 1 A 'a' ln additiq ,Tw , and WH car tae lwtteg Yn' 558-VS Us U 'lf life, A . I ' Z M 4 , , x ,N 4 W W, ,,V iw Qkx ., ' u , - Nmx--xx xxxix , g -,.K,k . N .-'Y's N -'---- xmwgx xx-N-.1 ,,.,,....-1' 1' ,4 ff f' 'f ff' ,- . , -f I ,fi pf mx pf . 1 , ' V 1 .'. 1 J, xxfx ,Q-, lvl-Q '.,.,..-.Jig ...LY 7 . if .11 xuixx . ' f. . QE, 1. 1 If xelwg ju 5 XANQW' v n 6137 lx my YO! 1 iw M is M V 'I i' ll 2 .iv Mr. Jordre Mrs. Jordre A Mr. French A Mr' Kwpen AQ - A ' - 91 -if 5 aff.: -J T'.?QIQ L ' ? 45 Digi ax 5 X an Agni, as Mrs. Madsen M re , Eddy ,a -1: 2, FACTS ABOUT OUR FACULTY SUPT. JAMES JORDRE: He is a graduate of North Dakota Agricultural Col- lege, Fargo, North Dakota, and holds a Bachelor of Sci- ence and Master of Science degrees in education. V With twenty-five years of teaching experience he has taught in three states, Iowa, Minnesota, and 50'-11311 Dakota. He is Senior advisor. MRS. JAMES JORDRE: She is a graduate of Northern State Teachers' Col- lege of Aberdeen and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in education, with majors in English and speech. She has had two years teaching experience in rural schools and eleven years in high school. Mrs. Jordre directs the G.A.A., school plays, declamation and is advisorfbr the school paper and annual. She also is sophomore and junior advisor. MR. WILLIAM FRENCH: He is a graduate of DePaul University of Chicago and has a major in social sciences. He teaches social studies, eoonoric geography and general business. He is advisor for the freshman class. MRS. FPANCIS EDDY: She is a graduate of Luther College, Decorah, Iowa and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree. She had six years of teaching experience in Iowa and one year of teaching in Kileen, Texas, before teaching the intermediate room in Corona. MRS. RUTH MADSEN: She has attended Northern State Teachers' College and has her state certificate. She also attended Beadle Teachers' College in Madison, South Dakota. She has taught primary grades in Astoria, South Dakota, Second grade at Clear Lake, primary room in Peever, and the primary room in Corona. MR. GUNDER KAMPEN: He attended N.S.T.C. at Aberdeen and holds a State General Certificate. He has had fourteen years of teaching experience. Mr. Kampen teaches the upper grade room in Corona, and is the high school and grade school coach in physical education. 2 X559 L Q W ,f 4 5 my if-gr: Q.: if 4' K Q. Q ,. 5 Q1 ,ff Nimm YS 1 X Larry Farber 0 Dale Buttke Lloyd Fenhaus CLASS CHOICES Motto NNot Finished, ' Just Begun.n Colors 1 Green and White Flower Pink Carnation .le-2-E-'sifyfovi-gm.. Xisxm '53 Donald Schultz Gene Frerichs M , 'Wi I aw ,, . xx v M 'ad sh, Y K 3 9 YA W we I' 1' ,WE I 1 , , Q 'mf .Y'Re ',W, j v2 H , ' K f. 1 'L 3 f K, Q ray ,xg -v ,if , 2 -,win ,ff,Q,,.v. ' 'S H Y ' . V, .,,.,,. xy 22 .0 L ', ' 'Q ,ag '1a..g,gg'qi1fQf'-?f, ?f5,gv4?'Lwy. if W. ,ga ' xggf' , gt n ij .,,g, ..3w,5: 1, f Q 4 .. ., , 1 L , 5 B9XlaI'd. HB.I'mB william Rell -.Q4F-- 1- - D ' l- ,g, -:-'in- Larry Ferber NI can't get up with the sun. I stay out too late with the daughter.W Basketball-l-2-3-43 Traokpl-5: Class President-l-43 Class Secretary-treasurer-23 Carnival Attendante45 One Act Playw2m43 Senior Play-43 Coronian Staff-43 Annual Staff-43 Valediotorian-4. Dale Buttke Nwhy study, just more to forget.W Basketball-2-5-43 Track-2-3-4: Student Manager-lg Class Vice-president-3-43 Assembly President-43 Senior Play-5-45 Goronian Staff-4: Annual Staff'4: Saluta- torian-4. Lloyd Fenhaus HWork fascinates meg I can sit and look at it for hours.U Basketball-1-2-5-43 Track-lg Class President-2-55 Clase Vice-president-lg One Act Play-l-45 Senior Play-43 Annual Staffn4. Donald Schultz nHe who sitteth upon a tack--yea, he shall rise.W Basketball-1-2x53 Track-l-23 Student Manager-43 Class Vice-president-23 Carnival Attendant-lg Senior Play-43 Annual Staff-4. Gene Frerichs UCaeaar was short, Napolean was short, and I'm not so tall myself.W Basketball-lg Student Manager-2-5-45 Carnival Attend- ant-25 Senior Play-41 Annual Staff-4. Benard Harms WOne hour of sleep before midnight is worth three after.N Basketballelj Class Secretary-treasurere5w4g Goronian Staff-43 Annual Staff-4. William Rell Jr. ' UI know a lot, but I can't think of 1t.U Basketball-le2-53 Track-lg Senior Play-45 Annual Staff-4. f'?'if:f'gf l vga 5554! s H.fTT'lw FRESHMEN 1952-'55 The date was September 1, 1952. Outside GoronaHIgh School were eleven young persons anxious to get their high school career under way. Namely: Bee Ann Peterson, Dale Buttke, Lloyd Fenhaus, Gene Frerichs, William Rell, Benard Harms, Lderald Peters, Milton Bohlen, Donald Schultz, Victor Rell, and Larry Fehber..After,lnitlat1on everything seemed to gc fine, but wait--our class was diminishing. Gerald Peters and Victor Rell discontinued and Milton Bohlen transferred to Milbank. Our freshmen year seemed to pass fast and we were looking to the time UUNIORS 1954-'55 we would be sophomores, one step closer to upperclassmen. SOPHOMORES 1955-'54 All of the class have returned from the freshmen graduation so there were stilleight members to our class. Then misfortune befell us and our only girl classmate Bee Ann Peterson moved away. The sophomore year passed rather quickly and we were on the move towards our Junior year. call uary tell look. held We were still the seven boys and we Ourselves the upperclassmen of our 5, 1955 we received our class-rings us they had ever seen rings that We all remember the Junior-Senior were now able to school. On Jan- and nobody could had so classy a Banquet that was at the Granite Room near Ortonvllle, Minnesota. Still we longed to be seniors and reach the top of our high school days. SENIORS 1955-'56 We have reached the senior year and we have the dis- tinction of being the only all male class ever to gradu- ate from Corona High School. Among our activities as seniors we have enjoyed Skip Day, Career Day, The Junior- Senior Banquet and the Basketball Banquets which has end- ed our participation of high school sports. We are fac- ing the future with determination to make good. As we look back on our four years of high school we regret hav- ing to leave it and all the good times we had here. We shall remember the days spent here and we will cherish these memories. -,f.L...:- -fe ' J' 4-1 'N , Q' A' 9, ' 14 ' -'-. - , A ,,,,,..- f' , -... ' ,,..---'T.1.'.fl N-T:.: N 'm '7 'Z' .C-. NEMA I WD -,..-55:1 --- ' F of f 'V 'INK ,,.--f3,..,,-f X -' I,:f'jf.f M, ! U f jJ If 'T' ' 1'------- '- 'u ':'-1,:5Se..fwi':? -K f ,- We the proud senlors of Corona High School, in the County of Roberts, In the year 1956 give you our last will and testement after four of the happiest years of our lives. I, Larry Ferber, will my front seat in the assembly to any one that comes in after the bell has rung. My position on the basketball squad I give to Schlieeman, Do your best, Sohllesyl My curiosity I give to Roy and my nolseness I leave to James Kampen, My red Ghevrolet I leave to Judy Beilke as she always wants lt anyway. I leave my talking ability to Myra Morton, I, Donald Sehmiti, will my student manager's job to anyone who likes to carry water. I will my school books to Karen Pew, I do hope you make good use of them, My seat by the window I will to anyone who is lucky enough to get lt, I leave my ability to flgure out tricks to Lloyd Hooth, I hope you don t get caught. I leave my ability to tell jokes to David DeBoer. Keep telling them as long as you believe them, I will my position at the blackboard in geometry class to Elaine Harms. It will be very handy for you, I, Billy Rell, leave my ability to be good in class to Charles Heath, I leave my seat by the window for the person who gets there first, I leave my ability of get- ting the blame for things I d1dn't do in class to Kenny Schulte. I leave my ability to come late to school to Dorene. I leave my ability to shoot a water gun to Gerald Bowersg 4 I, Benard Harms, will my ability to get to school when the buzzer is rlnglng to Shirley Quads, I will my motorcycle jacket to Virgil Snell who could use a few trimmings, My long winter hair I will to Erwin Harms as he could use some extra hair, My extra height I give to Corny. Don't grow too tall, My getting by without do- ing homework I will to Barbara Buttke as she is always pressed wlth too much of it, My typing ability I leave to Lavlda DoBoer, I, Gene Frerlohs, leave my back seat to anyone who lslucky enough not to come to school the first week as I did. My studytng ability I leave to Gene Dockter. My student managers job I will to George Harms, My ability to be good in class I leave to Rob Trnppg My chances of sleeping in my free periods to James DeBoer, I, Lloyd Fenhaus, will my position on the basket- ball aquad to Clifford. To Paul I will my ability to tease girls. Don't make them too angry. My car, to Gerald Petersg I know he can use it. I will that is always oeing broken to Maralyn bility to get al0ng with girls I leave I hope you can use it. I will my collection wrappers to Marilyn Miller. I leave my desk Akerson. My a- to Terry Jordre. of gum I, Dale Buttke, leave my ability to get along with others to Duane Steege. My quietness in whispering in class and getting by with it I give to Gaylord Boerger. My job as president of the student body I leave to Violet DeBoere To the slowest runner I leave my desk along with the gum wrwppers that will be left in it from the year before. My play acting Gloria Petersd The aame thing that we got we of 1957. They are the seats by the To the sophomores we leave our to behave. To the freshmen become seniors and be To the teachers when we graduate, We also will our coming upper-classmen textbooks. we leave the in our places we give the ability I will to will to the juniors window. ability to learn and hopes that they will one day. relief they deserve gay spirits and brainstorms to the along with our worn and tattered We do hereby appoint Mr. Jordre as administrator of this, our last will and testement. to be executed ence of these class of 1956 Signed, Sealed, and on the day of our graduation in the pres- witnesses. In testement thereof, we the do ascribe our names and affix our seal this Fifteenthday'of May,ENineteen hundred and fiftysix. ,v f 1 - , , 1 ' ,ff , ,- ,, f, , , ., , My Ii f,-- 'yy Af J ' h ,f J . LV' , f fy hge-L, lLK4!,- !.alL A,fJ,i,,1J x M: , .N jf JIAD i If If Nl: 3 K, I .1 'I J! -I, lj . ' . , C-, - vu f aft., fu ' x ,ppl A W, 1, ik. V F V, . 01211, it f '11 f7- ' gi 'f. 1 Vx- 'rj' ji, ,,, . ,-427 ., I ' ,- 4. J.f:j?yf 1 -' n Q ..,'f.-,. VI, ,Af if , , ff Y' I , ,f as if -,rs WIkl,',ly,,x,'! vrzykr .1 f fi 'lf' . . V V, ' r X QNOTARY PUBLICJ .....--.......-.....,..i, ze .Q -5,4rJff5f'f'N'7I-'fff is tl I.. . 1' IZ 55459 SL,fj? R 5WHI V XL f It is the year 1966 and I, Dale Buttke, after hav- ing worked two long years as chief designer for Ford Motors, have decided to take a vacation and look up all of my old classmates. I hopped into my new jetwpowered Ford and was off for Corona. When I got as far as Milbank, I found the streets were blocked off with ropes. After I investi- gated and found that there was a circus in town, I bought a ticket and sat down. As the first act was announced, I was stunned. The ringmaster had said, WBenard Harms, aorcbat,H Why I oouldnzt believe it! THe put on a very good act and when it was over, I went to his dressing room to see him. He said he got used to heights while he was a pilot in the Air Force so he be- came an acrobat, He was not married yet but was engaged to a pretty girl who was a tight rope walker in the same circus. After a short chat I moved on. He said he thought Donald Schultz still lived near Corona, so I went to in- vestigate. After inquiring several times, I found the place. It was a beautifully landscaped farm with a large ranch-type house. I found Donald in the barn feed- ing a large herd of herford cattle. With him were two boys about six years old both trying to help. I found out that he was married and that the boys were twins. He also was sole owner of his 2500 acre farm. After meeting his pretty wife, I left them. Donald had told me that the only other classmate that he knew the whereabouts of was Billy Rell who was a professor at South Dakota State College. I headed for Brookings and reached there just as classes were dismissed. I found Billy in his office. His stern face lit up in a big smile when he recognized me. He asked me to have supper with him and meet his lovely wife. I was glad to be in- vited and accepted with pleasure. He told me that he thought Gene Frerichs was a wheat farmer in Montana, and after spending an enjoyable evening with Billy, I left. I spent the night in a hotel in Brookings and left bright and early for Billings, Montana which was where Gene's farm was located. I found Gene directing the harvesting of the wheat. He seemed to be very con- tented, and he said this was the best crop he had ever raised. He took me to the house to meet his wife and as I walked ln, there stood four children in a perfect line. From the tallest to the shortest they all looked exactly like Gene. After diecusing old times, I moved on. Gene had told me that Lloyd Fenhaus was a race oar driver in Los Angeles, so that is where I headed. I found Lloyd in a garage bending over a sleek, black, jetepowered car that looked just about like a rocket lying down with wheels on it. He was glad to see me and insisted that I take a ride in his car. He took me for a few laps around a local track. He said the car would go 220 miles an hour and it did. He told me he wasn't married because he had too many other worries. When I asked him if he rememe bered the good times we had in his old '49 Ford, he said he would never forget them. Lloyd informed me that Larry Ferber was sole owner of a large resort at Palm Beach, Florida so I headed across the nation to see him. I found Larry, his pretty wife, and his three children having a grand time at the beach. I found an extra swimming suit and went swimming myself. Afterwards we went to his resort for lunch. The resort was a lavish one and undoubtedly very expen- sive. He told me that he was doing well in business and thought that he would probably take off and see his old classmates, too. I told him where they were located and what they were doing. He wanted me to stay and do some deep sea fishing, but I said I had better be moving along and so I left him. Well, that takes care of the WClass of '56W and it seems as if they are all doing very well for themselves. N-. lg? 3' tr, ,Qe'1Q.., -, X N W 'Ni AWx , N K Q V ,M xx x E438 N SN-Y. , QV V, ' 4, Gqmfegqtimbxrk ' 7 Junior Terry Jordre .-yi-A:..,! Gerald Bowers K Q' l as ' David. DeBoer vxoleu Deaver Duane Judy Beilke Lloyd Hooth ,P 'Gigi 1 C QC wwzik 4 ,315 -, K ,. ,,, ,s f-f Sf' ' f 2 Robert TTBPP Gerald Peters ophomore Dorene Fenhaus Marilyn Miller Bunkowske Harms Cornelius Smit Gay Boerger Q -Q wi V31 KT 'L Q -, 3.-vi, . 2 Rik -If pr qw? , ,A 'L . 'M QM L e ,4 e Virgil Snell :weve y f kv V '3 -'L ' 'ff '.+ ., 4 MA E., M'QqA' M., 1 . A mga' George Harms b fs?-gfp, .:,5 ,L W Eijkjwji 3' . . fewliwew, Essl QEQ S51 gi? ifj ---1: 'A-..' 3, xx ' z I 15: Roy DeBoer Charles Hooth zxga1Ae,i5 fiif Ffififi f ,fi :zz 5 we Q L , , , Q ??,A ,HZF V,g E '51 Q in ik gf 1 19 .N X5 I sw. , fgft 13? 4 ff 'E -J' ' i ll? V i X Robert Schliesman 5 E Q Sa rw ,wb Z ' f i T 'C 5iwi?'kw5Ei?4 ff? .. T' 35 .'-.F 5 'A gia -1' -ir, ,ef 3' 1. ,- 1... ,,, A Vx 4 . '11 - 11, rf ff, . ' aalweaaw, Kenneth Schulte Fra hmen Lavida DeBoer Gloria Peters Elaine Hams 5. fi kf-A 5' .' . N: i5ig51f4L'wg . ' if .. ' .,, ...,e l,. a BSMT 23' , 1 'ff f V .. i ii A 7A i l Maralyn Akereon Shirley Qpade -nz .. .N J Wi? S' . lf, J' ff ttf . Q li: i S Q' Q: fi if L. ii K 2' wifi 5 15 ,IS 'A I .If y jg :QQ 'Eb S l James Kampen O I-' Pi V1 Pb O '1 91 U1 'ii O Q '1 IR 0 '1 :lf H Q. .. 'v 'av . -g m,-2 ,Q Q. f a gg ,, , -33:15 2 f af ' ' iff: 5 up .a .. . 'Y - If 1 W. James DeBoer 'Sf H. fl 3: 1: . , , I 55? . E1 :f f .. ,Ri , it ,1 .,, V , ai ii Y sf ... a an Q F it gif ., I 5 Z is x Sssllsii . Gene Dock170r CLASS NOTES FRESHMEN When school opened, there were thirteen members in the Freshman Class. They are Gloria Peters, Maralyn Ackerson, Lavida DeBoer, Elaine Harms, Shirley Quads, Roy DeBoer, James Kampen, Charles Hooth, Kenneth Schulte, Clifford Boerger, and Robert Schliesman. All of the girls took part in G.A.A. and Glee Club. The boys all played basketball and participated in track. The class officers are President, Kenneth Schulteg vice-president, Roy DeBoerg secretary-treasurer, James Kampen. Maralyn Ackerson and Kenneth Schulte were the rep- resentatives from the Freshman Class for the high school royalty contest. Lavida DeBoer, Maralyn Ackerson, and 'Kenneth Schulte took part in declamation. SOPHOMORES The Sophomore Class consists of twelve members. They are Dorene Fenhaus, Myra Morton, Marilyn Miller, Karen Pew, George Harms, Erwin Harms, Gerald Peters, Cornelius Smit, Robert Trapp, Gaylord Boerger, Virgil Snell, and Paul Bunkowske. . All the girls took part in G.A.A. and Glee Club. The boys took part in basketball and track. The class officers are President, Robert .Trpppg vice-president, Paul Bunkowskeg and secretary-treasurer, Karen Pew. Dorene Fenhaus was the Student Assembly secretary-treasurer. JUNIORS The Junior Class consists of eight members. They are Judy Beilke, Barbara Buttke, Violet DeBoer, Terry Jordre, Lloyd Hooth, Gerald Bowers, Duane Steege, and David DeBoer. The girls took part in G.A.A. and Glee Club and the boys participated in basketball and track. The class officers are President, Terry Jordreg vice-president, Gerald Bowersg and secretary-treasurer, Violet DeBoer. Judy Beilke was the president of G.A.A., Barbara Buttke the vice-president, and Violet DeBoer the secretary-treasurer. Gerald Bowers was the Student Assembly vice-president. Judy Beilke was the Queen of high school royalty and Duane Steege was the King. Barbara Buttke was the candidate for Queen for the Senior Class. Judy Beilke took part in declamation. sy:- ,A 'Q I Q SQ wg-'L 7 1,1 5: '- f'- Q fs af 'Ir , ,A.- , 13: A If 1 1 UPPER F f a. 112. g ., L ' ..1 'W ffm 2 6 W 2 , I . ' A L oi 2.1 Wi .V., LE? , 7, A r: ri -9 A A k .. V A 1 ,.,. I -' 'f J 1, V 4' 3 . 1 ' f fu 2? ' k ' gear ., ,,5, 'f z -gg ', a 5 jg, ? 'ai zaiiii w W 3 ' P ' 4' ' 'j 'L' A ,, - Q K 1. 2' it q ix 'ip' ,l lui V Q R if 2 49 2 62. , :f m ' 2' f-gf ... f i, - 2,. AL.L , ' 'gf sa xg a L ,X 3,- Q. - Q 1 . 1 5:23,-' + D 2 ' ...'I'If' 1 u In 5 IZ V ' , 215: ki 2.1 34 ' gif 5 B gi A H 9 5, , eq . ix V N it 1, ,K iw I , . 1 WV 1 3 M ' 'ti m 1 I ' gf : 3 . 4 ., 42 J, f'Pgf'L, ',,, ,T 275 fig 5 A f- Q , a 'WE 1 f V 41' 'E , ' TETVQ.. 5 . . I Q gf-fb A A , V sf ,, ,, , 'Q Y- . Q' iw? qc. I . it ,, ll. X . 1 J ' I BMT' . Q W ' i1 f iii, , K' 5' A ' gb A R, Z A 1 if v fh , lj IQ 'S UPPLR RADE RCCH 1, Shirley Bohlen 8. Lowell Herrled 2, Janet Zelgler 9. Nona Viese 5. Grace Seehafer 10 Larry Peters 4, Duane Schulte 5. Roger Poppeu 6. Kristen nampen 7. Audrey Hooth 11 12 15 14 Pearl DeBoer Carol Smit Dale Steege Anthony H111 The total enrollment in our room at the beginning of the year was fifteen. They were eighth graders Peaei De Boer, Nona diese, Roger Poppen, Lowell HHenQedg,GehSL' Smit, Grace See-hafer and 'Janet Zeizler, The seventh 1 , graders were Audrey Hooth, Kristen Kampen, Shirley Bohlen, Alma ?oe1, Anthony Hill, Larry Peters, Dale Steege, end Duane Schulte, Alma Poel transferred to Pllbank during the termo Lowell Herried was a new student in our school, He transferred here from the Vermillion School, Our Yeung Citizen's League was very active during the year, Every member held an office during the year, Each member served on various committees such as desk, door, flag, lunch room, decoration, and clean up, We had our own court with a Judge and Jury to handle some of the Y.C.L, dlsclnllne problems, Ye had several nar- ties and socials during the year. Ye made an extensive study of Democracy and made a Yho's Who booklet on important people in the news, Nona Veise and kristen Kampen were our grade and B term cheerleaders. Our grade team olayed two games loa- ing them both by close scores, This has bffn a very enjoyable and profitable year of school. Ve have seven oeople graduating from the cigth grade. They are all ambitious students, and we wish them the best of everything during their high school career. and fall recess activity has beenkitten- I NT ERMED IATE R00 M 1. Esther Seehafer 10. Paul DeBoer 2. James Pew ll. Jean Settje 3. Richard Eliason 12. Earl Schultz 4. Sharon Sleeper 15. Richard Poppen 5. Clifford Weise 14, David Poel 6. Marwood DeClercq 15. Sharon DeClerCq 7. Galen Jordre 16. Henry Harms 8. Gayle Benting 17. Roland Fenhaus 9. Roland Smit 18. Larry Rohlfs We started our school year with nineteen pupils in our room. Two have moved away and Bonnie Nordquist has joined our sixth grade. We now have eighteen pupils. In the fourth grade we have Paul DeBoer, Sharon DeClercq, Richard Eliason, Larry Rohlfs, and Earl Schultz. Gayle Benting, Roland Fenhaus, Galen Jordre, David Pcel, Richard Poppen, and Jean Settje are in the fifth grade. The members of the sixth grade are Marwood DeClercq Henry Harms, James Pew, Esther Seehafer, 'Roland Smit, Clifford Wiese, and Bonnie Nordquist. We have enjoyed the usual year's activities. We had parties at Halloween, Christmas, and Valent1ne's Day We took part in Our Y.C.L. ent classes put We enjoyed ing the year. Our spring ball. Our four the fall programa met once each six-weeks period. Differ- on a short program at each meeting. having several visitors in our room dur- girls have become good umpires and ball players in general. They've had to, to compete with the fourteen boys. Our attendance has been very good and has been very much appriciated. Clifford Wiese has not missed any school and Larry Fohlfs, Earl Schultz, Galen Jordre, and Roland Smit have missed one day or less than a whole day Now we are looxing forward to the picnic and clos- ing of school. The year seems to have passed quickly for us, but we are ready for vacation. Also we are looking forward to the pupils that will becoming into our room and we wish the best of luck for the ones that are graduating into the upper grade room. I 0 PRIMARY Q Mya K L , .mm ,, A V ' an M ii A n A . Z fb: FT :R x - 41 xi . ,B -I lp., 'dig F Tm. I ,fl 4 , X, , vi f f : ..,.,,gq, f f G L W' ' . Q xv 4' :IE 4' M .. my memes K is 9 , xl , I' A 3 5 . . I W In B f f 'fin , , 2- ei: 7141 .', .. V . ' 2' 5V'-11 df' 1 as - f' ,,,, ii, V A,a,, H V. Z, if' t f IA 5-'- ' .1 f v w ' S. A :gl 'fj 5 in I V HJ , Z if ' ff l l :P g h ii ,, 12,144 ,xt ,uv af , 611 I , X, I, W ff H m , , , ,,,,: .- J 1 f 315 l, Fwy, , 'uf' rs 'X nw' fq Q. '4' va P ' 253 V iq ima 5 M .wgsfxfi 72 f V 1 - ,zswifwvvw u ' M . , My as if :sl A Q, N1 if ' 'i Q 45415432 ,g vm V U. lb? 50- ,liz ,f f C PRIMARY BOOM August 29, 1955, twenty-four eager, happy young- sters entered the Primary Room for another term of school. In this group were seven beginnersg namely, David Eliason, Joann Harms, Betty Munson, Daryl Poppen, Linda Settje, Suzanne Schuler, and Dennis Rohlfs. The second grade class continued to be the large class that it was the previous year with eleven pupils enrolling: Gary Benting, Merle Busjahn, Alan DeBoer, Elaine DeBoer, Jean Loof, Donne Munson, Donne Munson, Gordon Schulte, Emil Settje, and Donald Sleaper. During the year Donald Sleaper transferred to a Minnesota school but Carol Mathiesen enrolled so the class continued to boast of ll members. The third grade had five members at the opening of school, but in October, Helen Wenck transferred to a rural school and in December, Russell Schmeichel moved to Milbank. Later Robert Poel enrolled in Milbank, too. The term closes with three pupils in the third grade: Alvin Settje, Margaret Mc Vey, and Larry De Clercq. We have all worked hard all year and each sex weeks period showed progress was being made. Every pupil is completing the work outlined for the grade, finishing the text books, and getting ready to pass on to the next grade at the close of the year. Though there has been much work and drill, each boy and girl is happy that the lessons have been done. We observed several holidays and all birthdays that came during the year. We had parties on Halloween, Ghristmas and Valentine's Day, We packed and sent two Junior Red Cross Boxes to Sisseton for over sea's shipment at Christmas. we had a small part in the all-school program in the fall. We have had an enjoyable school year with our stud- ing and friendships. Now we look forward to the closing day with the school picnic. - l. Gordon Schulte David Eliason 2 Jean Loof Marie Munson 5. Larry DeClercq Gary Benting 4. 5 6 Alvin Settje Joann Harms Merle Busjahn Linda Settje Allan DeBoer Barbara Eliason 7 Donald Sleaper Emil Settje 8 Margaret M Vey Betty Munson 9 Dennis Rohlfs Daryl Poppen 10 11 Donnie Munson Elaine De oer Suzanne Schuler .-X, W- an J f -WM . , 5 H.. A .W 1. dk 11-, gk Q JU: Q. N gfx-,ir J H 1 49,5 M., 4 3 8 V .V w 3'-L f xi? 'f Q ' DE :'w4,, . , u , .1 qi E215 nf ,yy .. .3 1, wa: X , ga, 5 :A .-.,M4ffg- 1 ' .f -..., u -. ,, '? 'U f X . .. ' V ' 1'-X ff- . N, i Q':f?Q 1 ' .. .'f:I3'E? - 1 A 'gm fm 1. ',' .4,J e'1. T . ,,ffxn'iQ,Fi. 3, ,. 1 if Q , I vi! 'Y we - i fF?55 f . Af 5.2233-Qi Q-sag ' ' 4 wg ' 'aff J wg-45 ' ll Ill BASKETBALL TEAM: Back rowg Coach Gunder Kampen, Duane Steege, Terry Jordre, Robert Trapp, Cornelius Smit, Gerald Peters, Lloyd Fenhaus, Donald Schultz 1Student Managerb. Middle rowg Kenneth Schulte, Roy DeBoer, Gerald Bowers, David DeBoer, Larry Ferber, Dale Buttke, James Kampen, Lloyd Hooth. Bottom rowg Robert Schlles- man, Paul Bunkowake, Charles Hooth, Erwin Harms, Gaylord Boerger, James DeBoer, Gene Docktor, Virgil Snell. HIGH SCHOOL CHEERLEADERS Barbara Buttke, Judy Beilke, Dorene Penhaus Lloyd Terry Gerald Student Managers Gene 5 no nald Coach Kampen Robert Larry Cornelius Duane i Dale GRADE EASKE TBALL TEAM. Back rowg Clifford Wlese, Larry Peters, Dale Steege, Roger Poppen, Lowell Herried, Duane Schulte, Roland Smit, Front rowg Larry Rolfs, Earl Schultz, James Pew, Roland Fehhaus U Galen Jordre. , nenry Harms, and - GD GRADE CHEERLEADERS Nona Wieee and K risten Kampen X101 F , lflr xxx 49 A , safe L? SASKETBALL ACTIVITIES WILMOT INVITATIONAL The annual Wilmot Invitational Tournament was held at Wilmot on December 16, 1955, There were four teams present: Wilmot, Corona, Peever, and Summit, In the first game in the afternoon Corona was defeated by Wilmot, 59 to 51, In the second game in the afternoon Summit was defeated by Peever 61 to 55. In the first same ln the evening Corona defeated Summit ev to so for the consolation award, In the second game in the evening Wilmot defeated Peever 67 to 52 for the championship trophy, SISSETON INVITATIONAL . On December 29 and 50, 1955 Corona was-invited to Sisseton for a tournament. There were four .teams present, Sisseton, Corona, Browns valley, and Revlllo. In the first evening, Corona defeated Revillo 71 to 40. That same night Slsseton defeated Browns Valley 75 to 58. In the second evening Revlllo defeated Browns Valley 56 to 40 for the consolation trophy. The same night Sisseton defeated Corona 64 to 57 for the champ- ionship wlth Corona recelvlng the runnersup trophy, DISTRICT TOURNAMENT The Corona Midgets ppaced fifth for consolation in the District Tournament held at Sisseton, February 22, 25, and 24, In the first game Corona was defeated by the strong Wilmot team by the score of 55 to 57. In the second game Corona defeated Big Stone by a score of 64 to 42 in the third game Corona defeated Rosholt by a score of 84 to 66. Wilmot won a close game with Summit for champion- ship honors, PROSPECTS FOR NEXT YEAR The prospects for next year look promising indeed. Although three Senior boys, Lloyd Fenhaus, Larry Ferber, and Dale Buttke will graduate, there will be others to take their places. ' Returning Juniors are Terry Jordre, David DeBoer, Gerald Bowers, and Duane Steege, The Sophomore Class has three blg boys that will be in than again next year helping the teamg Robert Trapp, Cornelius Smit, and Gerald Peters, Two Freshmen of the first twelve are Roy DeBoer and James Kampen which will be helpful plus the other sophomores and freshmen who gained valuable information on the B squad this year. Corona Corona Corona Corona Corona Corona Corona Corona Corona Corona Corona Corona Corona Corona Corona Corona Corona Corona Corona Corona Corona Corona Corona Corona Corona Totals Name Fenhaus Peters Trapp Jordre Farber Buttke Steege Smit Kampen R, DeBoer D. DeBoer Bowers SEASON'S RECORD 71 71 69 68 54 70 51 67 84 71 57 74 64 55 50 48 67 72 66 70 68 45 55 64 Qi 1655 South Shore Peever Summit New Efflngton Veblen WmeMmm.M. Wilmot Summit Rosholt Revillo Sisseton Watertown Jr. Browns Valley New Efflngton Wilmot Big Stone Fosnolt Summit Waubay Big Stone Peever Wilmot Wilmot Big Stone Rosholt INDIVIDUAL RECORDS FT Made FT Missed Fouls 65 55 61 64 61 65 129 71 72 95 29 54 26 27 54 12 6 5 4 4 14 19 15 28 7 5 7 5 1 1 9 5 2 G 4 5 FG 99 105 145 146 54 16 16 21 12 5 4 5 55 57 48 59 55 57 59 56 57 40 64 59 42 41 47 55 40 41 62 44 so 48 vs 42 QQ 1165 TP 265 274 419 587 94 44 56 55 51 15 9 7 xl f ly' I ' ,r '11 ' m'i'1fD.:f.f'1 ww, - W . 3, lx I x ' X UF 7. The Student Body 'liii :Tin Ir llmffid-FF-lzglliifdi ANNUAL STAFF Standing left to rightg Mrs. Jordre Dale Buttke William Rell Jr. Lloyd Fenhaus Seated left to rlghtg Benard Harms Donald Schultz Larry Ferber KM1ss1ng-- Gene Frerichsj DECLAMATION Standing left to rightg Mrs. Jordre Lavida DeBoer G1 orla Pet ers Judy Beilke Seated left to rightg Paul Bunkowske Maralyn Akerson Kenneth Schulte -'k., G. A. A. Standingg Mrs. Jordre, Elaine Harms, Maralyn Akereon, Judy Bellke, Karen Pew, Barbara Buttke, Marilyn Miller. Seatedg Shirley Quade, Lavida DeBoer, Gloria Peters, Violet DeBoer, Dorene Fenhaus, Myra Morton. PAPER STAFF: Standing left to rightg Benard Harms, Dale Buttke, Terry Jordre, Duane Steege, Mrs. Jordre, Lloyd Hooth, David DeBoer, Gerald Bowers, Judy Bellke, Barbara Buttke. CLASS COUNCIL: Standlngg James Kampen, Roy DeBoer, Gerald Bowers, Karen Pew, Dorene Fenhaus, Violet DeBoer, Paul Bunkowske, Benard Harms. Seatedg Dale Buttke, Larry Farber, Terry Jordre, Robert Trapo, Kenneth Schulte. QH9en Judy King Duane Back Row: Kenneth Schulte, Maralyn Ackerson, Larry Ferber, Barbara Buttke, Robert Trapp, Roger Poppen, and Kristen Kampen- Front ROW: Suzann Schuler, Princess Pearl DeBoer, Queen Judy Beilke, King Duane Steege, Prince Dale Steege, and Dennis Rnhlfs. Robert, James D., Roy, James K., Elaine, Maralyn, Shirley, Kenneth, Gene, and Charles. Lavida, and Gloria. e2n444nm1.v ilwe zdisvv R'7- ? L, JZNJQ, 9fa,.M-V QW-.aff I Zum? ? 2f INITIATION On Friday, September 25, the thirteen freShm9H Were initiated by the seniors, The boys were made to wear skirts, girls' blouses on backwards, one high-heeled and one low-heeled shoe, and plenty of makeup, The girls Wore mens? Ribbed ovnrxiihc with thc.legs rolled up, mens' work shoes with-out laces, a sweatshirt and no makeup, They had to wear a tin can around their necks and starch in their hair. In the evening the freshmen were guests at a party held in the gym. Each one had to do some special stunt for the entertainment ofgthe uppcrclassmen. The group was divided into teams for a scavenger hunt, Holley ball and other games were also played. Lundnwas served by Karen Pew, Violet DeBoer, and Judy Beilke who acted on the refreshment committee, DECLAMATION Six students took part in dcclamation this year, In the elimination contest in the oratory division, Kenneth Schulte took HEnduring Powers of the Constitu- tlonn and won over Paul Bunkowske who spoke on UBill of Rlghtsu, In the dramatic division, Judy Bellke, took HThe Cheerleadern and won over maralyn Akerson who recited UWoman at Midnlghtn. This took place on October 23 1955, On November lO, they wont to Big Stone where Judy Beilke got a rating of excellentg Gloria Peters received a rating of goody and in the oratory division Kenneth Schulte received a rating of good, In the poetry divi- sion Lavida DeBoer read ULincoln, Man of the Peoplen for a rating of good, HOMECOMING A capacity crowd attended the school program given on Friday evening, November 18 in the Corona Gym, The entertainment consisted of a number of skits and musical numbers supplied by the high school and grade school, The high light of the evening was the crowning of the Queen Judy Beilkz and King Duane Steege. Their at- tendants were Barkara Buttke, Dorene Fenhaus, Maralyn Ackerson, Larry Ferber, Robert Trapp, And Kenneth Schulte. The upper grade Prince and Princess were Pearl DeBoer and Dale Steege, Attendants were Kristen Kampen and Roger Poppen, Suzanne Schulsr and Bennie Rohlfs acted as crown bearers. Gifts were presented to the royalty by Master of Ceremonies, Dale Buttke. CHRISTMAS PARTY Corona High School held a Christmas party in the assembly on Wednesday, December 21, 1955. It was pre- pared by Violet DeBoer, Karen Pew, Dorene Fenhaue, Judy Beilke. Each family contributed for the lunch, After everyone had eaten as much as they could, the seniors passed out the gifts to see who had each other's names and what presents had been given, The Christmas vaca- tion began that day December 21 and ended on January 2, when we had to return to school. SKIP DAY On Friday April 6, 1956, the seven seniors of CHS met at the school to go to Minneapolis, Minnesota for their Skip Day. We left at 5:CQ rfulotk aid started out in a rain that turned to snow as up vent on. Soon we were ahead of the snow and driving was better. and after stopping a couple oi times to get ont and stretch we reached the Twin Cities, We decided to go to Wold Chamberlain Field first and watch the planes land and unload and then reload and take off, The huge fournmo- tored planes were exciting to watch while they were tak- ing off, but the small j t-powered planes really made a showing. It was just a swish, roar, and zoom they were air- off and climbing for altitude. After leaving the port we went to Minneapolis and the Loop to watch the HGood Neighbor Timen and UCedric Adams and the Newsn at the WCCO Broadcasting Station, Then we went up the high Foshay Tower to look across the city. To our amazement we Saw thousands of cars, trucks, and buses on the maze of streets and parking lots. Uhile we were on the Tower we also saw many buildings, but due to the four-hundred foot height only a few stood out. From here, too, we got our first glimpse of the Yississippi River. At noon we went to a cafeteria to eat and after dinner we took a bus over to St, Raul to see the state capitol building add the Science Museaum. After this we took the bus back and vent to the Curtis Hotel where we checked in. After resting awhile we ate supper and came back to the hotel to clean up and get ready for the big night which was to be something special for us. We got ready and drove to the Arena where the ICE FOLLIES were helde During the course of the evening we saw many skating acts of men, women, and shildren. They wore costume: of very elaborate decoration and due to lights they sparkled very brilliantly. Each act had a different colored light in it to set the mood for the coming act. Everyone enjoyed the Follies and they were well worth going to. Late that night we got back to the Daytons where wewldoked hotel and wont to bed thinking of what we would do in the morning of the next day. On waking up, we Went out to eat breakfast, then went to the large department stores of Donaldson's and over all the flmors and enjoyed riding the escalators up and down the store. We went to the car and started home. The weather was blustry but soon it changed to fairly good driving weather. We were much suprised to get home and see the ditches full of snow but anyway it was good to return, We all had an exciting time and many of us would have liked to stay a- while longerg but for one thing it costs money to stay if you spend it like we did. Anyway at home we can sit back and relax and really enjoy the things we saw and did on our Skip Day. The Seniors of '56 ' Q HGHSH SCHOOL PLAY The school play, NJuSt Duckyu was presented on Fri- day evening, April 27, under the direction of Mrs, Jordre, The story centered around John Maxwell CL1oyd Fenhausj who thinks he is head of his family. He is hired and fired and rehired as head of the Citizens Committee all in one day, due to the actions of ,Betty Lou Maxwell, His daughter, CJudy Beilkej and her friend write a letter to Vester of the love lorn column situations arise when she especially with Mrs. Max- Mary CMar1lyn Millerj, and Hercules Nelson CDale Bernadlne Smith CKaren Pewj who Elayne CDorene Fenhausj editor of the local paper, Diffisult visits the Maxwell household, well Qvlolet DeBoerj, Aunt Wilbur Maxwell CLarry Ferberb Buttkej to aid them. Connie Maxwell CBarbara Buttkej and her boyfriend, Craig Moore Kwilliam Reilb are also drawn into the mess, As are Del Marshall, QGene Frerichsb staff writer of the paper and Mr. Moore, CDonald Schultz! the president of the Citizens Committee, who receive quite a surprise as they visit the Maxwell house to interview Mr. Maxwell. JURIOR-SENIOR BANQUET On Friday evening April 20, the Junior-Senkmr Ban-- quet was held at the Granite Room in Ortonville, A Jap- anese setting and theme were chosen by the juniors with the program and menu written in Japanese. The menu con- sisted of fruit juice, chicken, mashed potatoes and gra- vy, fresh vegetables, salad, and for dessert, cake and lime sherbet. The toast program with Terry Jordre presiding was centered around Japanese words, The juniors were thank- ed and the dinner ended with the short speeches made by the seniors, BASKETBALL BANQUET The basketball squad was given its annual banquet by the mothers on April 16. The tables were attractively decorated in purple and gold with flowers and candles to harmonize. Place cards were miniature basketballs. The three trophies which the team won this season were also on display, The boys along with the cheerleaders and all of the teachers were served a delicious meal, WATERTOWN BASKETBALL BANQUET On Monday, April 9, the basketball team and student manager with Mr, Kampen, Mr. Jordre, and George Wiese journeyed to Watertown to attend the area basketball banquet sponsored by the Watertown Quarterback Club, There were over 900 attending, The main speaker of the evening was George Mikan who gave an interesting speech, The evening was enjoyed by all who attended, Robert Trapp was presented with a medal for the most valuable player on the Corona team, CALENDAR OF EVENTS AUGUST 29 - School Began SEPTEMBER 10 - Hickory Stick Meeting l5 - Junior Order Rings 16 - Class Officers Elected 22 - 25 M Grade Teachers Attend Institute 25 - G,A.Ac Elect Officers 26 - Basketball Committee of District I Meet 29 - Chest X-rays Given OCTOBER ll - Senior and Freshman Tests 20 - Boys Take Physicals 26 - National Merit Scholarship Test Given 28 - Local Ueclam Elimination NOVEMBER 2 - Ping Pongs Taken lO - Big Stone Declam Contest 15 - Basketball, South Shore 18 M Annual Homecoming 21 N Midgets New Warmup Jackets Arrive 22 - Basketball, Peever 28 N Senior Pictures Taken 29 - Annual Staff Selected DECEMBER l - Safe Driving Day 2 - Basketball, Summit 6 - Basketball, New Effington 9 - Basketball, Veblen 15 - Basketball, Watertown Jr. 16 H Wilmot Invitational 20 - Basketball, Rosholt 21 - Christmas Vacation Begins 21 - Juniors Recieve Class Rings JANUA RY 5.- 6 12 15 17 25 28 51 Basketball, Watertown Jr. Basketball, Brswnw Valley C119:Ls'?'ma,s Vaf:m,j,or: Finds Basketoall, new Ffflngton xl, V '., ' vi 'v .. etelll wllmhi Big Stone Hug' .Hit Summit Ba S S... 2 BHf,1kx iff, fill. , Basketball, Basketball, 'ff K7 asset AR- 'T o - Basketball, Wtubay 7 U Baeketeall, Big Dtone 10 - Baekcioall, Peever 14 - Baeketfaij, Wilmot 22-23-24m District Tournament MARQE 2 1 5 1 6 1 19 21 50 Basketball Party at Baptist Church Milk Prcgram Started Play Braetloe Started Career Pay Seccgl Eateon Test Taken Goal Friday APRIL 6 9 15 16 19 N 20 M av H es H MAY 2 1 8 ll 1 12 - 15 e 16 - 17 - Skip Bay Watertown Basketball Banquet Basketball Banquet Inkya Tract Meet DT' W 'va-J--1 V1 f:.--f-' ,TQ t JLl,',,z. .JS .Llc..v.f. .glue Jun' r-Senior Banquet bp?i4g P125 Webster Truck Meet Student Government Day N Clevton Snrmidt Track Meet f . , ..- A tales .1blu UAW and HBH Regional Track Meet Graduation School Picnic School Closes XY ,.oY9'.' - 1 - f-:mf g. iutl 'l, N n Y jam!! wr' D' ,..,. g .,.,,.,w..,.f ' f:.xc:.v'5,v .wut 0 A' vw -.491 KV 'dsx' ,.- RRR My my nm. . ,. f,....1- v w..f- , w 1-f: W H, Emil ' ns. .W--H ,. ... , . ..... xx. , +2423 's I ' ---hut ' iii' 'juni' r -A '-euiunlgin L hd-ntl, --1777 MAYNES Q CO. Firestone Tires, Tubes, Home dk Auto Supplies Milbank Tel, 114 COMMUNITY OIL CO, Erwin Wilde, Prop. Phone 514 Milbank, So. Dak, ra,-,, - , HANCE'S OUR OWN HARDWARE Speed Qpeen Washers E Dryers Q Monarch Ranges Tel. 54 Milbank SPRING CREEK SERVICE Merlin Van Hoorn--Prop. Radio and TY Sales Q Service I L I 5 4 PATRIDGE RADIO Philco Radio and W 'What We Sell, We Milbank, So. LARSON ELECT G.E. Appliances a Milbank, so, SERVICE elevision Service.n MILBANK MUTUAL INSURANCE CO. M Fire and Extended Coverage City and Farm Property Dak, RIC LAKEVIEW HATCHERX Television Dean Schlefelbein, Mgr, Home of Hy-Line Chicks Dak. Milbank, S.D. Tel 91 N. J. BLESER DRUG CO. The Rexall Store OGENERAL TRUCKING Local E Long Distance Hauling Phone 20 Hzcman Poppen M11bank, sp, Dax, Twin Brooks Tel. Q4ew2o JENSON 6 CHRISTENSON MILBANK GREENHOUSE Flowers For All Occasions JEWLERS OPTOMETRISTS M11bank, S.D. Tel, 75 MILBANK, SO, DAK. lm---We-A S so S S -,er C rr,.s mee, .... C -H --,.....,-...,..... CQ CE. MoGOWAN CLUMBCER co. 4 DAKOTA STATE BANK 1 I Your Friendly Home Owned : The Corona Lumber A I Bank Building Material Yard 1 g ' Milbank, So. Dak. I Corona Tel. 9l4WlO Q Q e -..,.,,..,.II..,le,Mmll.- ,MI---e. A JACK'S SPORT SHOP ' Compliments of 86 2 FIRST NATIONAL BANK I TAVERN 3 of Aberdeen 1 1 .ilb k S , D k, Phone 515 Jack Van Ray 1 M an ' O a . I , C i I C EUGENE'S GARAGE WHATHNOT SHOP Phillips H56u Gas 5 O11 5 Mrs, Nellie Patrldae, Owner Welding--General Repairing 5 502 South Main St, I Corona Tel. 92ew2o Q Milbank, Soo Dak' NORD'S APPLICANCES THETSTONE BALIEY I ELECTRIC CO-OP I RCA T Frigidaire Appliances, Mayjag, Amana Phone 426 Hoover and Pfaff. Mllbaxk, So, Dak, On H1-Way 77 So. Milbank FARMER'S UNION GRAIN SCHAGERAL ELECTRIC TERMINAL ASSOCIATION Kelvinator Appliances Grind, Mix, and Clean Feeds Adrien Sohwageral, Prop, Seed, Fertilizer 6 Corndrying Milbank, So, Dak. Phone 580 Milbank, S.D. Q UM..,lm umhumu M, ,,,, AOA, -uhm, wnmmmwpngmhpmuwm-mmmuni GRANT COUNTY REVIEW MILBANK HATCHERY i i Quality Commerxlal Printing Your Baby Chick I Headquarters W. S. Dolan--Editor p I Phone 146 Ed Szymanski, Prop? Milbank, S,D. , C O W ,W ,, F--- .-, I- , --....-I- ......,.-l MILBANK I7PLC7EFT McCorm1c Deering Internailonal Lilbank Phone 507 TRA5?'S eeoceey Quality Foods Our Specielny Lyle a Laverne Trapp Gorona Tel. Q14J11 Cuefow CORN SHELLIKI I1 It Is my Business Promnt Service George Vlese C'rona Tel, 928W5 FI5hER SFUDIO CAPQRAESHGP Camera Acoeseries Vilbahk Tel, 415 FOENESS STORE Complete Line Cf Furniture CSCEQP TUFTISSS Hilbank, So. Dak, OTTERDAIL POWER CO. Henry Berqulst, Vgr. Phone 262 Vllnank DORNEVSCH 8 PEDAN Veterinarians Phone 94 Vlldsnk, So, Dak, Compliments Of F. h, IU4RA! Your Lobllqes Nan Milbank, So. Dah. FLANLRY SAUSAGE CC. hllkota Brand Keat Products klloenk, So. Dek, GESSVEIN VCTOR3 Cldsmobile G,V,C. Parts 5 Service illbank, S.D. Tel. 221 BRITE STO? CAPE Vilbenk Phone 504 Linguist and ?orter APHA Flkiq CL3AN5iS Free Pickup And Delivery kllbenk PnU'e 86 MAGIC GAS SERVICE Gas for Cooking A Water Heating Phone 477 Milbank, So. Dak. M 'Tlrlifisiiz' CHEESE FACTORY Cheese and Butter iibanx, s. D. Tel. 55 MILBANK EODY SHOP Wheel Balancing and Alignment Milbank Phone 28J .,l------l-,e- ' Ml--- ,ll-,,.--,,,,-.ui ERICSON OIL CO. NPhillips 66N Prompt Delivery Tires and Batteries Milbank Tel. 150 MODERN DRY CLEANERS We Call For Q Deliver Milbank Tel. 67 MITTLESTAEDT'S Clothing Store Phone S5 Milbank, So. Dak. EMANUAL FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Gall 25 or 591 and Home Furnishings Milbank, So . Dax. ENROLL IN CORONA HIGH SCHOOL A good school, Makes good friends. James Jordre, Supt. Phone 948Wll WE THE SENIORS OF CORONA HIGH SCHOOL WISH TO THANK EVERYONE FOR THEIR ADVERITISING THAT MADE THIS ANNUAL POSSIBLE THANK YOU ONE AND ALL

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