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 - Class of 1958

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X' ..,.....,.. .-g.,..... ,,,..m.- ,,,,, , A-.. ,...... ..,- , -,..4......-....--....,,.,.,,,..a.. .W A.... - - - f' ftflfgr 'er ' " gm' Q, Xi ang,-AA. ' 'gif 1-1:9 ,-xx A , . M 'I-9-f ,A-4, Mg! he ,E , G-nb , fm fi.. .Ms 3, 5 Zane my same , ,4 K 'SX '4 hw X ' 1 Q ml.. -Q ' x -w 31555 393 O X 1 ,- '32-' Xl' al- l O We, the Senior Class of Cordova High School of '57-'58, dedicate this edition of the CRIMSON-BLUE to Cordova, the industrial heart of Walker County. We deeply appreciate the confidence and interest shown us by the townspeople throughout our high school career. We wish to thank them for all the support and encouragement they have shown us. To show our appreciation for all the help and co-operation that the city of Cordova has given to a1d our class projects, we wish to dedicate to you, Cordova, this edition of the CRIMSON BLUE. Business Manager LARRY C ORCORAN I . o 'I . X - Copy DEE ANN SHORT tht it Typist BETSY ODOM 4 . X' Editor BILLY ALDRIDGE Circulation Manager MARY RUTH HYCHE ' K COPY MARY ANN WINDSOR Sports KARL FRANKLIN 'ff H -- ' A- wi A Iw i: df -- x , S ip bm 'K 5 TX K K -- Y 1 K5 p t .zQ3k:f.1 U K f yn: 'fffiifk is I if R, jg - fi -7, .- L M . C , ,, 4 b ra- xwaigfgigd. ff in A W X +1 Q S S P105 T ll X 355 F 1 if 1 . V X , A: i 'f I4 ' ' ' 1 211' r lk Sw!! Sports Editor LECIL WYLIE Circulation Manager BETTY SANDERS Typist DORIS BARTON fQ -1 MRS. MYRL HUDSON Senior III Sponsor MR. WAYNE HENSLEE Senior II Sponsor MR HOWARD BARTON Senior I Sponsor MRS HOWARD BARTON Senior II Sponsor MR. WILBURN HUDSON Principal Q. A 'iv .V MRS BEUNA GLIDEWELL Semor I Sponsor MISS BARBARA PENNINGTON Junior III Sponsor 'nh -T' MRS. CHRISTINE HUFFMAN Senior III Sponsor l MR. GEORGE BROOM COACH FRED KNIGHT Band MRS. RUTH BLAKE Junior III Sponsor MR. JOHN MCGINTY Junior III Sponsor MRS. MAE FARRIS Junior II Sponsor MR. TULLIE THOMPSON Junior II Sponsor MR. JOHN DUTTON Junior II Sponsor V"-s X VCX o I gf LARRY CORCORAN President VIOLET CARMIC HEAL Secretary LECIL WYLIE Vice President ANN HYC HE Treasurer I If LARRY BUCHANAN - "Buck" Beta Clubg Who's Whog 4-Hg Red Crossg Football 2. VIOLET CARMICHAEL - "Hab" Beta Club 3g 4-H 2g Glee Clubg Library Club Secretary Senior III Class. "A smile that wins, A manner that takes: Everywhere she goes, Friends she makes. " MARY DUNN - "Mag" 4-H 1. "Those who say the least are usually the wisest. " GERALD BURNETT - "Buck Teeth" Football 2g Track 25 4-H 4g Band: Glee Clubg Projectionest Club. JIMMY ABEL - "Germ" Rorneog Who's Whog Football 3, Captain Ip "C" Club 3g Baseballg Track 3. "Chase me, girls, I'm a butterfly. " DORIS BARTON - "Tom" Annual Staffg Who's Whog Library Club: Glee Club: 4-H 2. "She burns the midnight oil, but not always for studying. " SHELBY BLACK - "Chub" 4-H 2g Who's Whog Band 1. "She carries her trouble in the pocket with a hole in it. " BILLY ALDRIDGE - "Barrel" Editor of Annualg Who's Whog 4-Hg Junior Red Cross. "I'll agree with you but you're wrong. " Q. 1 ' ' ss Rst if 5,tw,rt IM K X.. VW' I 2 1 TICIA GAMMON - "Tish" Glee Clubg Who's Who. "Those who say little, think a lot. " J. W. FOWLER - "Chin" President of Library Club: Vice President of Beta Clubg Who's Whog "C" Clubg 4-H Club: Red Crossg Football 3. WYTHE DEAN FINE -"Fats" Beta Club: Who's Whog "C" Clubg Footballg Basketballg Baseball: Red Crossg 4-H Club. PEGGY GILBERT - "Peg" Glee Club: 4-H Club. "Her talents are of the silent kind. " KENNETH BANKS - "Lanky" Bus Driverg Who's Who. "Like a dog he hunts and dreams. " VERA MAE DAVIS Mrs. Q Band 5, Glee Club. CAROLE ESTILL - "Gussy" Band 33 4-H 2. "Leave silence to the Saints, I'm just a human. " LARRY CORCORAN - "Frog" President of Senior Classg 4-H Clubg Red Crossg Band 6g Drum Major lp Who's Who: Basketballg Annual Staff. 1 . X 4' ""-ni" 1,1 4-5 tv" I , ,M i Iol- ANN HYCHE Who's Whog Treasurer Senior III Class: Beta Clubg Library Clubg Beautyg 4-H Club. CHARLES MARTIN - "Horse Lips" President of Student Councilg Betag "C" Club 31 4-Hg Red Crossg Romeog Football Captainp Basketball 3: JERRY WAYNE LEWIS -"Luch" Football 5g Romeog Who's Whog "C" Club 4g Glee Clubg 4-Hg Trackg President Red Cross MARY RUTH HYCHE - "Myrt" Cheerleaderg Who's Whog Annualg Libraryg Glee Clubg 4-Hg Red Cross. CARL FRANKLIN - "Ears" 4-Hg Beta Clubg Library Clubg Red Crossg Annual Staff. MARY ANN HUGGINS 4-Hg Bandg Red Cross. "Don't take life so seriouslyg You'l1 never get out alive. " BETTY IO HOWELL ABEL - "Mrs, " Cheerleaderg Who's Whog 4-Hg Red Crossg Beta Clubg Library. LELAND GLAZE - "Fatty" "C" Club 25 Baseballg Basketballg 4-H. "Never let studying interfere with your education. " was 1 7 3, '96 4. J 2 f 'TS' A. J. POSTEN 4-H Clubg Bus Driverg Basketball. "Blessed is the man who invented sleep. ' SHIRLEY SARGENT - "Big-Un" Who's Whog 4-H Clubg Glee Clubg Band 2. "Fu1l of life and lively fung A friend and pal to everyone. " BETTY SANDERS - "B100ty" Annual Staffg Red Cross: Senior Beautyg Glee Clubg 4-H Club. GARY ROSSER - "Nose" Footballg Basketballg Baseballg 4-H Clubg "C" Clubg Romeog Trackg Who's Who. .J f .F er amy., A 7 ,W AW. V Q41 JERRY MORROW -"Bones" Beta Clubg 4-H Clubg Footballg Basketballg Trackg Who's Whog "C" Clubg Red Crossg Library Club. BARBARA HELEN JEAN - "Susie" Band 4g 4-H Clubp Red Crossg Glee Club: Class Favorite. "Beware! I may yet do something sensa- tional. " BETSY ODOM - "COW" Cheerleaderp 4-H Clubg Red Crossg Annual Staffg Queen of Hearts Courtg Who's Who. SHELTON NARAMORE - "Eight Ball" 4-H Clubg Footballp Track: Who's Who. "I like workg I could sit and watch it for hours. " s FV! -In 63 , co of ,,..s. r 'i X r . ,W . A . K , . . 2 ' . N 5 is 5 , . MCKINLEY TAFT - "Kenny" Bus Driver, Quiet, Likable. "He gained no titles, but lost no friends. " MARIE SHERER -"Rie" 4-H Clubg Red Crossg Who's Who. "If boys interfere with your work, quit work. DEE ANNE SHORT - "Dee" Annual Staff 4 H Clubg Beta Club, Glee Club Senior Beauty, Who's Who, Library Club Student Council. Her future 15 planned: third finger, left hand EMONS THOMAS - "E-M0ns" C Club Football. Let the world slide, l'll not budge an inch. " JULIA STEPLETON 4-H Clubg Majoretteg Red Crossg Who's Who. DON WILLIANSON 4-H Clubg Glee Clubg Band 4. "Teachers and classrooms are my only objec- tions to education. " TROY WINDSOR "C" Clubg Glee Clubg Red Cross: 4-H Clubg Football. "A woman would run through fire and water for such a kind heart. " DUANE WATSON 4-H Clubg Red Cross. "My heart is whole, my fancy freeg Go away little boys, don't bother me. " UF sisiff Q HF' . J3, .. .,. ,I 'ff I Vi ,f sf' X -Q. T E' JOAN WORRELL -"Johnnie" Beta Clubg 4-H Club, Who's Who. "They gazed and gazed, but still the wonder grew, How one small head could carry all she knew. " MARIE FERGUSON 'Laugh and the whole world laughs with you: Frown and it wrinkles your face. " DICKIE WALDROP Who's Who. "A11 great men are dyingp I don't feel so well myself. " LOUISE STACKS - "Blondie" Glee Club, 4-H Club. "For gosh sake, give me a young man who has brains enough to make a fool of himself. " MARY ANN WINDSOR - "Willie" Miss Homecoming 57, Annual Staff, Red Cross 2g 4-H Club 3g Library Club, Glee Club. LECIL WYLIE - "Head" President of Beta Club, Who's Who, Annual Staffg Vice President of Senior Classg Glee Clubg Red Crossg Library Club, Student Council 4'5- BARBARA WAKEFIELD RONNIE HYCHE SHERRY PRICKRELL DON WILLIAMS SARA KATE TATUM LARRY CROCKER B. BLANKENSHIP RAYBURN BROWN FRANCIS KENDRICK RUFUS REED ANN PATE CHARLES ALEXANDER ANNIE PARKER JAMES DELAYE FAYE KEY PHILLIP SULARIN LINDA IAC KS HAROLD ALLEN MARY KEY BRUCE RUSSELL ETOICE REED LONNIE PATE JANE REED JOE SARGENT PEGGY PALMER RONALD BORDEN PEGGY PHILLIPS RONNIE PERKINS MARCELLIA LAYE CHARLES FOUST x ff' ,ff ,.-up vi", 5 Q R .g 1 , igggilig 5 , N ll L rn I FQ, Y 154 CQ Q 1 x 5 1 ' R X 1 B I gf' BILLY BARNETT MARGARET MCGUIRE CHARLES SHUBERT EVELYN BARTON TOM HUNTER LOUISE TUGGLE TIM PUCKETT BARBARA NATIONS KENNETH PORTER JOYCE RAYBURN DAN GATHER ANITA LEDBETTER JERRY NESBITT IOHNNIE JONES JERRY PLUMMER bgg- fl ,, f 4 5' f uw I J - f' gf 'f' , . ', . 2 Q Q, . ., aff 4 lm, 7 2.. v , ij gl :lb Y' fl! 4' 155' i E ,1 'iw' MA A P -qu, ?A - kv ,WA L, , .gy .4 4" n, ' Ili 93' gi' -'PH' 0174 1 aka! L,f ,M,..J, - 'Z 'X xx? ' ef QQ e E V Il ,YQ 3.129 fm: ,gin 'S Q.. PH .L ...-ur-A 4 qi' .gf w if Saw -Af E Vx J i X DLI? 1 f a ZlW',l'-35 3 W ..v as 47' Fit ff'il, i 3 N N W i , uf . . g .Q if 1 H 4 :Y mil 1 u- 1 24 I fm , inw- J f 5 Y' ' D ff Q ' Y. N A 'X I L3 . ,Ol D . , . Qc ,,. 14 -x, 4 gli' , 1 S s nl ' , '1 1' vw D S ' J 1 AW 70443 7044 A X ,,,,,,,,. .- If J 'V 3. R 4.35, I RM pf JOAN WORRELL I. W. FOWLER ' , ., N . ff' """ 'H rf 1' M Y .X if W W" we if MARY RUTH HYCHE GARY ROSSER av , V, I .s zu 9 SHIRLEY SARGENT ladefq' ANN HYCHE LECIL WYLIE LARRY CORCORAN 9' it miismh 5 Q wwf' 1, -wi Y ww :L 2 4 410+ H Y x : X " WJ MSX .W L , wo X ,WW Qgxwx, 1 'GN w, , My W X X Qx ' X Mmm M XMWMQ, X 3wiwwwwwwMum,X , A X X X Vwycjyx www X ' V XXWWWNGw,,XWQv ,W , W Q 'N QWWA X, Wxy Wm X A q4w,,wWWwwN Ni 3 X ww- , aL7W?w5ms WW J rf 4 1 5 '3+lQ"' fl H A N gr' i uf' f , ff I A . M-ww A -K n nw. 'Q ' ff! 'Q Q' ML W gg:-4 3 5 -cw-X mf -S- 0 1 Q 1 1 4 1 7, , 2.24 ww , ., ,, i 3' 4-:af 'N gi I ,14 Q 'nn Q. I fi I rx-.x s E2 at V gf rj KITS, f-fp? rj G1 161 5? Q Pg! Qt : f Q ' an 'aol 'N .- 1 . 1 41' 5 1 4 . 5 1 4 MQ EE Em Wad pw: 5' :IFN Glad Zac Duhefw --.-fi. :' + +- '7"38'15 vvwf 4 J .. ----r-v . A , SM- In l b K V k, +5 x ,, , MM ., . - A - l 4 1 O U , . W? an - 1 '-IQ-1: f"F?5' - if 'WHY -5, W' '94 Sedan! gmac! Directed by MR. GEORGE BROOM fx an 'iw' "'w, I , ' . , K. f - ' 'J ' 5,1 ' M . .w L A A ...V t 1 v i V K ,-7 , L14 V- .-, ' Q fn 4-Ng -w ,I 1 -1,1 Uni, Z . f --r A V f ls' 1 , f 1 5, M, "KJ .wwf 1 A 4 , KL law---, A I A k - , t ff 'Q,,,f,. ' 4 JZ C bmp . 4' -. QF, ..jKf". if ul'-.aff 'W 2 'xg-2. H . - Y " 4 ill ,.,'?L' q , Q " . 1 5. vi,- -... .Mw- qx ,ff X + Jr 1 , 153 , ,E ,sf 19. we vm Q .wffzf ' K ,fi 432. ff? QL, A 'M QL f my A H'wqlg.,,,,wwf bs krzwlsfg As MIM . 1 K ANN HYCHE N K, . ., ,,,gf.U,ggf3,wg.f. 1 '21 -' M s . :' V : Q Q A a 'E' ,, M K Lggw xg. 3 I, N M BETTY SANDERS Senior Beauty 11 'fl f I , W:- I 1 . I JA -'hnmgw V ,M M..--v0"! 52' :'. wifi .9 x X it A44 hw: ' Q t QR, ,, , 1 E , 1 X 'M-2 4 .XI Las :-nfl: k Q. " N ' wg if sm M., Q w -'Q ,I Z- if 4 ,A , 3, if fig k,,,w ,Q :F , va ' .. E'-Ee M 5 5? X R V . 'Q' n 'N s 1: 4"'w-I -qs. S ELIZABETH 4 9: ,K 5fii?':5c4! "' . TA 2- r :-- ' if 4 , el' ,J 9 1 ' 1, I - , Q 1 3 ' x 8 1 v 1 I ' a - 'f ' U I 1 Q ' is ,A :fu I ,b wi In . X it - lp 1- , 1 4 . A , 4 a f - 323 , QM 2.51 1 ' Aff ' ' ' ff 92. ' O ' v ' - -. gf. N K 5-, . '44-rl ......! v 4 iffy. -M 55:5 4 fy is WE VT 5 as wk? uv 434, Q4 f ,, . 3 g Queen of Hearts MARCELLIA LAYE 1 :W .K SN Q ? CHARLES MARTIN GARY ROSSER pam JIMMY ABEL JERRY LEWIS 'K, ffiisoo lv J' -A 'wfffg 95 an fl' wzixf E? 217' Q? P A Miss Homecoming MARY ANN WINDSOR Second Ma1d Flrst Maud MARCELLIA LAYE MARGARET KEMP V654-f Y' ' f-434: 'qi.S23 fs3 .' ,i. Y it ' 'Qifig-,fgy,QIk54 .6 , - i f ru , '21:ifii'fHF'9?'TL-J f N" - 'YTJ9' iiff f? r 1 , .,, R 'S , ,.-, fM,, , 4 , , 1 Rs - Wiz. 2 1 in ,.,. ' , My M 5 i Qin 5 K 5 I if ,IJQSQQ if' 4 5 S ik if S1 ,hifsigu iuyx xi .J X it . df w w mlm 5 sw., g. Y is J Vi vi fwyffigi X A M QKL Nm, we NK -we 1 H A fp If -NK .M w A ali mv. R. W.: . Kr:-f . .' X fig,-A i . F n' W ff if W. 'LLK ,X Miss Citizenship ANN HYCHE sw ay- . LSTYJIQL, ,W 'Ny 1:51. .A 112: 1 ' if 'W . i U 5,4- Y. la, i- ' 11 ,J 4, .i.-L' ' ., ,W 4 af 4 '5- i . V 131 ill gf... v u lf. I W, 'Y yt 4+ .1 was , ,. Q iz ' ! H M M9 Q 1 - fn.: ,Y 4 i 1 e. iw. ,Q 1- t.--., gf.. xg? 4. ,, 1, . , 1 '1 an fa N 4 I ft" - ' - , 1 5- P, ,. 1 . ...- KW ,., ,.,..,a-un: ,ww Q. F :Q qw, ' ,J 1 .W .M rf 3.1 11? 5 '41 ' ii Q Q5 4 ,2""5U' L 54 fi tw ,fu E, ini , M I N-6' i k JH , :RAE Q Ye gi " , . I ' P W Q Q3 L i , iw 5 'ff' X V if Qlgf' an 'vu ,W .J QA k .A,1 as ag W 1 V as .Fig M S 1 V' sift' 0' 220 N 1- wk, Q3 is 5 J: Rf RICHARD KNIGHT Sports FRED KNIGHT Coach JIMMY ABEL Captain -1 . -1 1 Parrish Dora Curry John Carrol Carbon Hill Walker Oakman Tusca. County Martin Double Springs Cordova Cordova Cordova Cordova Cordova Cordov a Cordova Cordova Cordova Forfeit X-and , 1 12 12 38 26 19 7 0 39 31 JOHN MCGINTY Assistant Coach CHARLES MARTIN Co-Captain z. T44 Yr-+1 5 13-'1ffv'f'Fs0.i' 1 N IQ G 'D' ui si. . ' VFW.. 'wif' 'ir nggthr 1 Q' cw, rl QVEQYQ -. ,af- First row: Coach McGinty, Fowler, Foust, Ient, Morrow, Allen, Lewis, Pittman, Stanley, Coach Knight. Second row: Jent, Crocker, Thomas, Mills, Barton, Mitchell, Brown, Sanford, Manager Franklin. Third row: Fine, Manager Robinson, Rosser, Martin, Clark, Hunter, Pate, Plummer, Abel, Sularin, Naramore. ,iff fi . w g ' Ed Pickrell Mascot Right End Left Tackle Left Guard RONALD IENT CHARLES FOUST SHELTON NARRAMORE .al 11 .A EU, ,h ,M A .A fi- 5 sg A ,M .wk -5.1! . , ,, . . ' 1 Q. - 'Www V' mf In l stef? , , 'y , 'WY Center Right Guard Right Tackle J. W. FOWLER HAROLD ALLEN IERRY LEWIS 'Ill fm, ' in gpg ,,- QQ ,:"waif-'W 'K 89 it Left End Right End Fullback CLYDE PITTMAN IERRY MoRRow JERRY PLUMMER uf. Q s -wal. uw' V, fxff1"5fY.: fi. . f ,W L -L. :Lx 'P' r Q 5, A' 5 -,L Qwwfg, is 1-4f"""' ' M f"f-':"""""" A 4 , I r 1 Q M 1. N 'ur ' 'Tl I ,.,-.Xu NVQ '. 0 nf '33 T 4 . 5 .Q rs 'i-?3' :.,, .X,,, Wg? 1 1 , FJ. FH . vf.. Q mi' Y I F9531 .mf .1-M 1, Neff. ,L .-A -Am-N ,, , TS wr, L ,- K 1, , V 4. 7 ui . if A lf. 'f f J fm' W 's?,"""" F 'nd WA sy VL Q f'! i '-'. --U - ru? in 1 L., -s X' s, in -4 s r 1 'E 9 vm W ,Q W V 1.- JEL ,,-.4 . 9 f Xi, QF W - xi L , N ,,,,,,w- VJ ,Y 'gf V Li. ws. -iimv k xx "A" TEAM Coach McGinty, Wythe Fine, Don Barton, Phillip Sularin, Jerry Morrow, Charles Martin, Leland Glaze, Larry Corcoran and Coach Knight. ,E 1 "B" TEAM Coach McGinty, Charles Alexander, John Daniel, Lecil Early, Bobby Tatum, Don Willingham, John Herron, Jerry Burnett, Paul Barnett and Coach Knight. My wife, my son and I are making a visit to Cordova. I can hardly wait to find out exactly what all my former classmates are doing, these days. Quite a few years have passed since 1958, when we said "Goodby" to dear old Cordova High, Well, well, here we are in Cordova, and there is the Old City Hall. Who is that I see coming out the door? None other than the Mayor of the fair Metropolis, Jerry Lewis and Secretary, Shelby Black. Still reminiscing, I look up to behold Cordova High, perhaps dimmer by the passing of time, but still much as I remember it. As I walk into the principal's office I am shocked to see Don Williamson instead of Mr, Hudson. I leamed that Louise Stacks was now the teacher of Home Economics, and that Julia Stepleton was now the Senior III sponsor. As I walk down the street, I see Wythe Fine running a red light. He is in a hurry to reach Dover- town to see Carole Estill before Carl Franklin gets there. Some triangle. Continuing on, I see a sign, "Be popular--Leam to dance now." I peek into the window to find that Dickie Waldrop and Betty Sanders are now choreographers for the Dixie Doodle Dancers. They are: Ticia Gammon, Marie Ferguson, Joan Worrell, Mary Dunn and Peggy Gilbert. To ease my restlessness, I sent my wife and son to the Sportsman Club owned by Jimmy Abel, who is assisted by Charles Martin and Gary Rosser as bouncers. I stroll to the end of the street where I entered a large modern movie studio, owned by Jerry Morrow, who has an able director, Billy Aldridge. I decided to tour the rural area in an air conditioned bus, running from Frog Aggar to Cane Creek Bottoms. I entered the station to purchase a round' trip ticket and found the ticket seller to be Shirley Sargent. As I boarded the Bus and took my seat I discovered the bus driver was Kenneth Banks. The bus had been chartered by the Frog Aggar Lions Basketball Team coached by Leland Glaze and trained by McKinley Taft. Leland informed me that he had a rising star by the name of Larry Corcoran. Crossing Cane Creek I saw a large houseboat, and was told that A, J. Posten had now become a commercial fisherman, At the end of our joumey I stopped at a souvenir shop, which was owned by Mary Anne Huggins and Barbara Jean, now selling Elvis Presley Albums exclusively. I began to inquire about some of our former classmates. I was told that Troy Windsor was now owner of Cordova Water Works. Lecil Wylie is now a General at West Point. Larry Buchanan and Emons Thomas are architects, at present designing homes for Betsy O. Gilbert, Vera Davis, Mary A. Windsor and Violet Carmichael, all who are professional singers. Gerald Bumette is a Lieutenant in the National Guard. My greatest surprise came when I found out that Shelton Naramore was a college professor. Returning to the fair city I discovered that my wife had visited a beauty salon owned by Mary Ruth Hyche, assisted by Duane Watson and Dee Ann Short. Visiting the City Hall to bid farewell to Mayor Lewis, I find the city now has two marriage counselors by the names of Marie Sherer and Doris Barton. Here I learned that classmate Ann Hyche had become the owner of a chain of theatres across the country. I must now return to my dentist office in Pine Tree, Iowa, but this visit to Cordova will live forever in my memories, J. W. Fowler, Class Prophet We the Senior Class of Cordova High School being of sane state of mind Qonly a httle crazyj de clare this to be our last Will and Testament. Jimmy Abel wills his "All County" Patch to Phillip Sularin, Billy Aldridge wills his place in the concession stand to Lester McGuire. Doris Barton wills her dimples to Etoice Reed. Kenneth Banks wills his school bus to Neil Akins. Shelby Black wills her DCITIOCIBCY notes to Joe Sargent. Jerald Burnett is just going to leave us. Qwe hopej Larry Buchanan wills his quiet ways to Larry Crocker. Violet Carmichael wills her sweet ways to Bobbie Blankenship. Larry Corcoran wills his ability to get out of class to Tim Puckett. Mary Dunn wills all the fun of CHS to all future seniors. Vera Mae Davis wills her title of "Mrs. " to Margaret McGuire. Carol Estill wills her silly laugh to anyone stupid enough to take it. Karl Franklin wills his class ring to Billie Sue. Wythe Fine wills his appendix to Dr. Camp since he already has it. Marie Ferguson leaves her seat in Democracy to some poor senior. J. W. Fowler wills his ability to make outrageous noises to Jerry Plummer. Ticia Gammon wills her quiet ways to Mary Key and Frances Kendrick. Betsy O. Gilbert wills her cheerleading experience to Joan Bennett. Peggy Gilbert wills her ability for doing everyone's typing to Johnnie Jones Leland Glaze decided to keep his basketball jacket. Ann Hyche wills Senior financial worries to the Senior Class of '59. Mary Ruth Hyche wills her height to anyone who needs it. Mary Ann Huggins wills her Elvis Presley records to Barbara Wakefield, Barbara Jean wills her title of "Class Favorite" to Jane Reed. Ronald Jent leaves his football pants to his brother, Tommy. Jerry Morrow wills his title of "Bones" to Bobby Mitchell, Jerry Lewis leaves nothing, Katie Tatum took it all. Charles Martin wills his ways with the Jasper girls to Clyde Pittman. Shelton Naramore wills his title of "Biggest Flirt" to Rayburn Brown. A. J. Posten wills his English book to Ronnie Perkins. Gary Rosser wills his football jacket to Linda Campbell. Betty Sanders wills her title of Senior Beauty to Evelyn Barton. Shirley Sargent wills her personality to Joyce Ballenger. Marie Sherer wills her title of "Cutest Girl" to Faye Key Herron. Dee Ann Short wills her Walker football jacket to Linda Kelly. Julia Stepleton wills--No, she had better keep it for future use. Louise Stacks wills her football programs to anyone that can sell them. Emons Thomas wills his title of "Class Grumbler" to Bill Brown. McKinley Taft leaves his old school bus to its future driver Jerry Hyche. Dickie Waldrop refuses to part with his ability to sleep in class, Duane Watson wills her bottle of peroxide to Barbara Nations. Don Williamson wills his appetite to Don Willingham. Troy Windsor wills his job at the Water Plant to any good swimmer. Lecil Wylie wills his title of "Big Wheel" to Bruce Russell, Mary Ann Windsor wills her title of "Miss Homecoming" to the Seniors of '59 Joan Worrell wills her title of "Most Studious" to Linda Jacks, Witnessed by: Superman By: Barbara Jean Zorro Cleo Alfred Hitchcock In 1946, we, the senior class of 1958, began our school career at Indian Head School. Our teachers were Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Ruddick, and Mrs. Birchfield. Our principal was Mr. Raymond Faught and our janitor was Mr. John Smith. Some of us were not very eager to start to school, or we surely didn't appear to be because we cried for several days before finally settling down. We attended school at Indian Head for three wonderful years. The next year we went to Bankhead School, and enjoyed the feeling of being nearer to our diplomas. We felt grown-up at Bankhead, because we put on small plays and helped decorate for the Halloween Parties. When we were in the fifth grade, our candidate won the title "Harvest Queen. " The last year we attended Bankhead was our happiest. Some of our classmates were now mem- bers of the newly organized high school band. That year we also made the annual trip to Mont- gomery. Then came the biggest event of all the years at Bankhead, our graduation exercises. Everyone was excited and wondered what to wear. We now felt older and more important because in the next school term we would begin our high school career. , In 1952 a new phase of our life was opened. We left grammar school, the school we had be- come so accustomed to in six years and began high school at the Cordova High School. This year our class was enlarged by students from the Barney Elementary School. Our teachers for our first year in high school were Mrs. Farris, Mrs. Barton and Mrs. Guthrie. Although we didn't win a place in the sponsor race this first year in high school, we all worked very hard and, enjoyed every minute of it. In the ninth grade we all felt different, because this year many new changes were made. We had all new teachers and we changed classes at the end of each period, just as the upper grades did. In the eleventh grade we all watched the seniors eagerly because we knew we had only one year until we would be seniors. At last the dream we had been striving for became a reality. We were now seniors. This year, for the first time, we won the sponsor race, with Miss Mary Ann Windsor as our representative. Memories of the past twelve years will remain with us, the seniors of nineteen hundred and fifty-eight, for the remainder of our lives. We will especially remember the help and guidance we received from each of our many wonderful teachers. We will also remember the help we re- ceived from the community and from our parents. I am sure many of these memories will follow us into the future and will help us become strong American citizens. Ann I-Iyche Historian f N... ...ljggfyi 'rr xi .1 LJ I n A.,-nm.,-wax-'Q GSM-rf' I ivwx -. ,um- eff Wu' .gigs X. fi' f' K ww-5 4 , ,1 X, x , V, L . .X ,nj ky , I J 1 .4"'!A1lf l.A4nRQ4h-62.55- KT 1 Q S+ w 345 NQWORKF v FR ICV' OFFICERS T.W.U.A. , LOCAL 282 x An-cm "' I. B. PORTER --------------- President HERMAN RICHARDSON ------- Vice President META SCOTT --------- Recording Secretary CATHYNE BURNETT ----- Secretary-Treasurer WILBURN SIDES - - - ----- Sergeant-at-Arms HERIVIAN HYCHE -------------- Trustee CLAUDE HOUSTON ------------- Trustee JOHN LAIRD IR. -------------- Trustee Meets on First and Third Saturdays, 6:30 P.M. BEST JEWELERS JASPE Jasper, Alabam R TIRE Sr RECAPPING CO a Jasper, Alabama E. K. BARNES, GROC. BERNARD'S Cordova and Boldo Jasper, Alabama MMM mv REFINING co. A Cordova, Alabama Cor J Hmm PPLIANCES dova, Alabama NATCO Fine Quality Tile and Brick Cordova, Alabama HE' BOTTLING COMPANY "Refresh With a Coke" 'T' fr Qi ffii LP: rTr.'li-.align 12- Ti I 3, 'E gli F 1 Els 3 fl I I Z YDUI! SEAIICII EIIDS Q . 2 -1- H . , ' CCTTON MERC ANTILE C OMPANY "Go to Church Sunday" Cordova, Alabama ez 'My GOOPHKFOOD a ' ' r a , -3: f'f'f'?f2'i9v ' ..-'1,6L 3 Him' ' I ." if iaifixuil ,QT Ma vim ' N..w!,1 HMllllMx.SxmMmX CIOOI4- NORRIS DR UG C OMPANY "Congratulations to the Senior Class" Cordova, Alabama S44 3 X X QW, Q ' F If -L md fl Nl Scwe at For Cornfort - For Style See the WHMMMW FURNITURE CO. Cordova, Alabama "Your Search Ends at" FDL.L.JlVIMEl2 HARDWARE CO. Cordova, Alabama ' , , L-l. Hfffff 5. if ' 1.6950 WRIGHTS CAFE Cordova, Alabama -1 BARNEITT SHOE SHOP Cordova, Alabama HONEYCUTT GROCERY Cordova, Alabama TW EDDY 'S Jasper, Alabama TATUMS DR Y G OODS Congratulations to the Seniors Cordova, Alabama E. LAMB FURN. COMPANY Jasper, Alabama FRANKLIN MOTOR CO. Jasper, Alabama ALLIED STEEL. CORPORATION Cordova, Alabama ' ,A 78 AUSTIN MUSIC co. AND NAANCEESTEQ Birmingham, Alabama DRIVE-INS CORDOVA CITIZENS BANK Cordova and Jasper Cordova, Alabama eds TRADING POST Congratulations to the Seniors Cordova, Alabama THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE Jasper , Alabama C ompliment s of M. mafww. biwziwmw Good Luck in the Future Seniors COEDOVA FOOD MARKET Fine Meats, Vegetables, and Fine Food Products Cordova, Alabama SAMFDIEIZI TELEVISION Sales and Service Cordova, Alabama CORDOVA DRUG COMPANY "Our Dream Is to Serve You JOHN CARRAWAY, Druggist Cordova, Alabama C-5. INAAY X SONS FURNITURE CO. "First in Furniture All Around the County" Jasper , Alabama I-l!XL.l. BIZCDTF-I ERS "The Sports Center in Walker County" Jasper , Alabama BRAKEFIELD DAIIZIES Rain, Sleet, or Shine We Will Always Be on Time Jasper , Alabama ' 4 KAYS "The Fashion Center in Walker County" Jasper , Alabama WW? WW SUPER MARKET "Finest Foods Anywhere" Jasper , Alabama FIRST AVENUE SERVICE STATION Jasper , Alabama ODUM CLEANERS Cordova, Alabama J. M. HAYES 8: CO. Jasper, Alabama LIGGETT 8: MYERS TOBACCO CO. Cordova. Alabama 3? 5 I-ILJTTO FIRST FURNITURE CO- FEDERAL Good Furniture and A.pP1ia.I1CeS SAVIN'C'S at Make the Home Complete" Jasper, Alabama Jasper, Alabama Mya FURNITURE CO. Cordova, Alabama NDIAN HEAD MILLS, INC. Cordova, Alabama WEINSTEINS FROSTY WALK-IN Jasper, Alabama Jasper, Alabama COMMERCIAL PRESS FROSTY DRIVE-IN Jasper, Alabama Jasper, Alabama VVALKER COUNTY TIMES 51.00 Down, Sl. 00 Per Week Jasper, Alabama I CCEDOVA READY-TO-WEAR Quality Products Cordova, Alabama NATIONS VARIETY STORE Cordova, Alabama ENGLE'S Jasper , Alabama Z 6255075 WAREHOUSE Cordova, Alabama IDEAL CAFE Jasper , Alabama DAIRY QUEEN Jasper , Alabama SON HUMPHRIES SUPER MARKET Jasper, Alabama E. R. MATTINGLY Jasper, Alabama VI CTO RY GR OC ERY Cordova, Alabama -vw. -fs- AND SA VE IN ,xaifusl l 4... BERNARDS Jasper , Alabama WELL FOLKS, THIS IS IT ll fbookl Au TAY FN gk 4 -. I . ,.. V ,-44 , .fs f . 'M ,Vw 1 , .Cum-,lpl " ' KSA 1-ff . . 'VVV . QA- 14 n N U 1 r , VVVE V, V Gif I 'I - 1, , ' ' H r.. J. . :A -5? -ff, AN: A xv 'v urs- ,. , A V ,,,, ' f.1.:, px, '. 1, I Q' Q f 'fn . 1 V -,Q , ,-:if ' 0 ..' ""5-.Y-'Q , 4 ' , .qw V ::x'1l'.., X . '.. . 1. v' - ', ' 'ff ky -11' .A 1 V ' J V 'flf-H1 V . ,v .. fx." ,gl ., 4 . '- ' . . j'V.f.',L ,fy ' ' 1- . , ' Ar., V .. Vg! -Vx., ,VQVV-.VVVVVTVXVV V 1 'A Q., ' I ., "M rg.-f,"1' ff " .S a .w , . '-J 1. . qi 1' 3 , yi-1-L L,"-fp. -14 V 5-JUN '. ,,'5?ff'5j' - y '.',-QLQM-'-.. 4 1 A . " :Am gig' -e ' --4 1 'iifj .4 ,V , -,' ' 'f '1ff..wiA ' "-'- Q gg-",.",Af5., -. V ,V u.V.., ,VH ' 3VV ,171 1 Vi . V A 7 -,VQ,,,:,- Ac - .3. .",' . - ,- JS' . 1. H1153 ' -.N .- .1..'..4- -'g h 'fl Yf 'WY' -' .7 .' , ' -. lil? ' - .-c',. .P .VFW . , V, 'K " ' c. .. ,D ' ' ' 4 -v Q, P' F .1. hi- A . r . t .- fi -,fm-1 I, i ' -'a':. '05 '. V I - -"KES ' " ' -y'.'.-.Q 4134. NL... Q ., -W .4 . -V -wp . . ,V 3 V, .. 4 , . . "., -1, - , ' xv .V ard- V , A4 , algrl . .. , ef., .f,.,,,.2ff .' A "',"? f"".v:.5"1:.'f",1" ' V VA , ., . 'n:.'I'- f".Q.'. V. .V HJ! .Q f Farm,-4' Ly. '- 13 I., -1 , V- 1',.'lZ1 . . 1. L grfjsw F P ' "V ff'.': -fv- , V V rVVV,iV.V'V.VV,. . - azguqi . 'V' ,A . -w , aww. v-, ,-- , 1 .gym .. , , .- f 1-3 ,s ' 2-sf.: A 'A . -'Q X, '- " ,- f' 'Ff.,j:,:,,' . 'jf' 1.41 . ' - ' ' 1- ' ' '1'..'r1m, '. - 1' , ,- uf.. j '. . m -A 4.- .4 1 ..- 4 V.. :V VV .,VV , ,n, .J , A , 119' . V' . Y., . 1- A , 4.1, MS, 5 VV V ,,,' .VK-- 1 f if-1g.fH??f+fWsE-fr.. Q- ' .1. ,p ,.: 5151- ' "' 3- 1, I FK . J L, , 1 X ..'. f .L ,P 4.1. 'A ve. -.1 Y 1-M ,-T, -.U . , -., fi? . V VVJVV s M QM Q-115533 . Q KO WLM 1515244 ke! MYQ4, low Zikmgk 252 Y 4913 Q Q X2 MSX? Qi Q1 5 R XQN Jig gf! Q43 gig? W 5 fa EAM? ff? 55 gay a 2 E5 WQW fi?

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