Coolidge High School - President Yearbook (Coolidge, AZ)

 - Class of 1947

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Text from Pages 1 - 128 of the 1947 volume:

52,.w,, W' f W QXWZZ W,igz'fwf QQYZK f MK gwwwwdf MM 4' MMM WW, My l QSWM Qfqggfjfwggw 3339 WM wpgm 06 gwgffhwi Q A-in WMA? if VN W4 "'14?,jjlmXQrL443"wa awe Q M1531 ' 'lu a. vw M " , IKDVLZQD X , 3 x . v x K Q X . f3"f.,V , 1. QV WRYR YN 2552 53" M ii? 1-X 1 M if KQQLQMV L72fQJlffP1ff?ff1ff0f'f Haj bq be, .,MN.J7Z5wJ ima, ' W .CAJ--Crt.-L, .Qs - D MAJ 24,1 , Hymns WW ai JMWJZQAJ E I .Q g K . 1 1421.-k4f1r:jlf4.e',,:f H- W- V K 1 . K. 4 ' A N '- V -Q :lv K .'-.,,aq. , 1 , 5 - , 4 XA . -1 ld .W ,V -Q " A' 2 A ,V .. K I . ' ' H ' ?.s2i"f4rQff.l'f'2fi L V , . ' . f 1 fm ' ' m A - ' L V . ' , , U ' - ' s'N:f:1', .pf 4 . - 7 V , V- . - , V V 1, , 5 f. , X j R ., 1 , M: ' X' ' ' Annum-4-Lfmmq .- Au.-4.4541 :.mgMaA.x',. , 'J . - , , ' 4- QV x XY -um . fm-113654.19 a.' kv ww sr -View -'1 , My M5515 439, 11 ey 4 Q22 Zf Wdawwfvm Q2 i334 Q Q, X-Fig vi ,fx E2 Sgw .X ' Q 5 I 1 ,--WY ,, , -- - f---fr-,,.-U..YV-..- W, ,. M 5.1. Ava- I vb, 1 ,A .Q I t ,4 P' . J. 1 x. ' ' fs X . SO if J 'K 0 4DVQB 4f 1 1 5'- I X' X 2 X" Q 5 l . If A gs-N. A ,ff uf. fzzf, QE? f X E Xl! fu' "il" .T , , , . j .- A . ,Q ' .u f 1 L Q 1 11,11 , 'ld Xl il 'lf -YI " I I . '," Wd: -ii ,:' I fl . , 1 11' g ffl, .ll',g . ' v. g ! . ,.---fsk-- . , Z 44 C' ,511 D 2 Kuffvxfx m fNxm, ww . I X' rl, in Z' ' 'S-5.-1. .."' ,N . I fx. ff - " 'P -' 1-'X ' Li-:FT 'X lf . -N.. 1 'lj 4 1 f f - f vm 1364. I 3 f 1 ix , 1 1 W.-'-F 3.45: M ' V I. . I 1 n Z Y .K 3 x xx. : f., ' 1. 'L' l 9 JK' S-sf' 1 ,. 1. X 5 i J H 5.2:-A1 1,fff',f f V Q I l '!'.a"' ,I . 4' "fi fxmq, .. 5, !?': . V IM. n I X , I I.. Il : If YI, fl, - 4, .Qbtrl j ' X Zi I K . I 1 I I I. X --Fm I I A . 1 , I ' , 2' X' I xx f I "v f - : ' ' - ,f . f ,.,,, , ,,.,, X -'f -x'X'X3'xi:N H, 3 Q I' ' E , T o ,- I. ,L v A ' 5 g i , . , X EX 13. ' ' I vi N . N ,VJ V 1 Kt Q GX t - -X Xxx X - ., -x . 3, ti .wx 'x N-. - N , Q!---""'f. - XQE M if X.ivQgL- ' . ' .. -' -- --M ,-gg-2 -. 4. ,' N pg: Qks --4. b ----.-W---'-f -tg.,----K A ' wr: ' - 6x f 's..,,..,,,..,.,.--vw'-" WF., f.' ' x 1 QQ, N -N D. ,. " 1 ., :I , ' 6 -1 -- I l -, 5 .- 1 . ' I I--fS-':z"-.'.ff7:- 'xy .' . . s 2, 5 X I 'imt "K."Lff-If-f'2'X,k,x.xx ' I I ' W lf Q :iff 1 ? P 1' f" .'l ' 2 X f '?4?W3Qf ' . I -Q' . "?.H1 , t L . V. I m f , I .1-'-,M Ill I 3 ,3, 42' , ,,,,,4-.,.. - 1 ,..,g. w., , Q 1 . ' v ll ,...4L . ' . l fi ' 9 f"f..:Q':1 3' xx I 3 A-Q 1 3 Q ,' L. , N Y :fx .1 g,---9'J' if 3 R g ff' .X F55 - MA -rfe'-ff-'nfcfv4f4A hh Mil Q.-'Q-1 X , 4:AZi',.s' L v' I grill.. 1 t 1 NLQJXQZ, s " 3 Q V -g ' x, wg . X, ,fzffpffa-ftaxf' :gf . , M23 2 '4' 1,1 L - 1 f '36 ,,,.. ,4 7 , ,vw Aw, J -- f 'il E PL X ,"- ' f ' . g- -. 'fm jf x 3 . ------A--LLX ' N:-yTfJ4--Aiff' -, K-, 'f Q M ' .N ' K ,.,5i,.-, x, -.Iv U .W K :L ' f L' ---- . ' f ll'-flii-+"'5? ' ' R ' 0-K V 1 ' "7 1-,f 'E I -' 'xx 0""f' af ff:i22f p -. -' -" - , 3 a,..7:l'w" 'W xx. X X fl-ff , " 1 ,p -R.4Q SQ -I-I-2-1-A N , , , Jfwvf 4912ff4?'7 L, fii""'l fa S' " ----,Qy:1?E.ff5if- g +1 J .-. . i IM ' M ' .J xB' . .li.'Q1'. .Q h ., 2 1. . , "if: V -Q.. , 3 ---z2f1?'i'4'V '- ,ffs-ff" Tfffw' n f-JU To Mrs Mavis Addington: For her leadership and guidance to the girls of this school, and For her cooperation in helping in all school activitiesg We dedicate this issue of the President. Another year is nearly finished. For some it has been a year of splendid achievementsg for others, accomplishments of lesser degrees. But for all there should be a satis- faction of having effected some improvement in skills and personal betterments The year has been successful in so far as each student has that satisfaction, accompanied by a desire to do even better next year. D s lf-4,u..7fZd MRS . KLEINMAN MR. SIMMS MR. STONECIPHER Z df 1 ., v s 2 Q .. at ,Ugg .fei,:,15.,A wr .sveggg V 11 f W- .MK , r--V W--n-v N,.u1' 'I . n Q- A gk . , MRS. JEWEL RAY ' 0 O-XX in Azpofnf ,354 COLE N The school board for the Coolidge High School and Coolidge Elementary School District -lonsieted of three members: Mrs. Jewel Ray, Mr. Kenyon Harrie, and M . Dalton Cole. The stmdents wish to extend their apprecia- for the administration's unremitting efforts in providing and improving the facilities for our in- tellectual end social welfare. J.. I MALCOLM GQRRISCN HENRY WISMER A. K. OSBQINE Be Ae, Be Ae, Be Ae, ' Au so Te - -, Me Al, A. s. 12. c., Oshkosh Teachers College University of Tempe Arizona LYIE E. ANDERSCN GLENN WIISON Bl AO' Bl Al, Hartwick College Gonzaga Oneonta, N. Y., University Columbia University M. A., Albury St-f te University Teachers allege of Arizona ELMO .QNSON 1. . . .,n, I 5 F vulture Uttgp State A,.gf. eioulture College llaloolm Garrison--Math Department Al Sl TQ cl, M. A., Tempe University of Mexico CLARENCE LANIE1 A. B., Adams State Teachers College M. A., Colorado State Teachers College Greely ISADWE Sl-IOCRE B . A . , University of Utah Glenn Wilson--Principal, Lyle Anderson--Englieh Speech ' Elmo Jenson--Agriculture Hen? .2 . 'mer--Kath 8: Industrial Head Coach A, K. Osborne--Spanish Dept. Ieadore Shoore--Music Department ,f Clarence Lanier--Sports, Social Science Dept. .W .uf 'if UL rdf? gl , iv gww? .Jfwzws Emma! BURLENA LEE SOOTS EARIAN HoKALE A. B., B. A., Colorado State University College of of Arizona Education MAVIS ADDINGTON B. S., No. Texas S.T.C., Denton, Texas Al Se To Cl, Tempe Burlena Soots--Science Department RUTH MILLER Bo S'x University of Arizona University of Denver Ruth Miller--Commercial Dept Ii5'3'393 Lmvis Addington--Home Ee. mgrian Mckale-MEn51i1n Wapartment 0, I Department 1 P .....-......- - . l.1---- -. . -- . ,f'.'-. "- . 3.4 - K . , ,- - . A - - ff, ,V f ffyiiff 'Z V '1QQfQ'.f,.,.--Q--Q Q Q Vg, e,,,x,- . ,,......., .-. ...- rp- w' V' -'-" -f:-zo-f-:,.-f .- for!" ., . ......- .-.-..-.. ,. I, A .o-.nusgf-sy. :V . I A ..-....-.- ,.-. .. M... ,- ".l2:,ai1. - -- ,2,,m.,,L P ..- -C fl-,J 3:-4" ,s ' I N LJ, ,X - 'BXXIXXX 3 KN, mf M f 2 Y - ,ff11:!f3g -ff' iw AXGQN " ,Q . 47' y"'H 'ryvv KU fy - sf M ' . L " fR"' -if " ' XR -.-.3 9 i --,, rfb' Qt!-gf XW' .-. -. ' 2 x'x"v H- H --vpn I . +121 if- A -. 1 - N- - . .B ,. yn, .K 2 1 UC-P31 1 :X 15 . 52. X! '- -if: 'I 5 If i SWT' 1 1 32' Af, 3 XVI' "' 'X Q5 ' if , "K 3 X, .J 122: x ss'-'sf' 3 fx-fff ' ,f . R! 1' ..- 2 ga W X l..,:.- I f' Jo A I '., l . ,Q Ns, fs,' 1 i ' fx ' ,-' L. As -Lyf.---' '5 7, V .. , 5 W ,, . .QA F Y' A 'W fx' ,xx ' . wo ix J H, ' v . P x DON PEW President MR. LANIER Sponsor JACK PRETZER Social Chairman 6 GEORGE ACTON ROSEMARX DAVISON Vice-President Secretary 'Y GEORGE ACTON MARX APPEL MARTHA AYER HARRY BAKER ,f , 1 3' . of ff,.ffo rt 'UK' GEORGE ACTON Hayden High School l Class President 1 Phoenix Uhion 2 C Coolidge High School 3,4 Class Vice President 4 Foothill 1,4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Baseball 3,4,2 Annual-Staff 3,4 Bear Tvecls 4 All Eder Game A Charley's Aunt 3 Lettermanfs Club 3,4 I ' -el MARTHA AYER North Phoenix High 1 Esplanados Club l Parhrose High, Oregon 2 Phoenix Union 3 - Girls League 3 Coolidge High School A Home Economics Club 4 MARY APPEL' Coolidge High School l,2,3,L Home Eoonomice Club l,2,3,4 Home dcrnomiss Club Officer L Glee Club l -1 I P. E. N Wmdfevlmnel Arnuel eaiesman 2 CharLey's Aunt 3 Souvenir Program L HARRY BAKER Coolidge High School 1,2 Football 4 Basketball 2,3 Track 2,3 Char1ey's Aunt 3 Letterman's Club 3,4 MARY JO BATES WORTH BARTLETT Coolidge High School 1,2,3,4 Coolidge High School l,2,3 Dramatics Club 1,2 Glee Club 1,2 Words and Music 1 Charloy's Aunt 3 Tiger House l Bear Tracks 3,4 Home Economics Club l,2,3,4 Electricians Mate 3rd Class, Navy 1 year Coolidge High School A Huckleberry Finn 3 Basketball 2 Home Economics Club Officer A Annual Staff 3 Twirler 1,2 DOH THY BLALOCK Woodrow Wilson High Dallas, Tex. l,2,3 1.7 e. 3V-ffl-f7'4,1,Lg-rf' ' 3 Dallas Historical Society 3 Pan American Student Form 2,3 Girl Reserves 1,3 Coolidge High School 4 Home Economics Club 4 Bear Tracks L FLOR NGE BRADLEY Donningstown High, Penn. 1,2,3 Library Club 2 Junior Historian Club 3 Coolidge High School L Bear Tracks 4 BENNIE BOONE Coolidge High School l,2,3,4 Twirler 1 Majorette 2,3,L Annual Staff 2 Words and Music 1 Activity Pin 1,2,3 Glee Club l,2,3,4 Band 1,2,3,4 Home Economics Club l,2,3,A Bear Tracks 3 Honor Society 4 BETTY JUNE CLARK Nogales High School l Glee Club 1 P.Eu1 Pep Squad l Coolidge High School 2,3,4 Home Economics Club 2,3,L Bear Tracks 4 Chere's Grandma? 4 LAFON BUZB E Big Springs High, Tex. P. E. cms 1,z,3 Pres. of P. E. cms ly Activity pin 1,2,3 Office Work 3 Social Chairman 2 Softball 3 Coolidge High School x 1.2.3 W ELINOR cmnx Coolidge High School 1,2,3, L Words and Music 1 Twirler l,2,3 Glee Club l,2,3 Home Economics Club l,2,3,4 Ho e Economics Club Pres. A Annual staff 3,4 Class Secretary 1 Carnival Queen 3 Student Body Vice Pres. L Honor Society 4 DOROTHY BLALOCK BENNIE Bolozm V 'QQ 'Q 1 'T' FLORENCE BRADLEY BETTY JUNE CLARK IX TAPON RTTZRFZE ELINOR CLARK Rf.BEI,'lAR.Y DAVIS ON FEADGE DIXON JOHN DYE A ---. -.. ..--mann A Q ix" 2 , L . MARY HELEN HOLLAND RCBA LEE HORT ON RGEMAFLY DAVIS!!! I .mm mm uap,schoo1 1,2,3,L .g1gn,sgoo1 1,2,3 Home Ee, Club 1,2,3,4 B992 Tre.ske3dv Air Force 2 yrsl' SWF? Q-2 Tigsrvnouss, W' Words and Nluggg 1 U, Char1gy's Aunt 3 Annual Staff 3 Glo' ,1 . 01-aah 11244 Dramatics Club 1 Twirler 3,4 Class Sec., Trees. I, The Adorable Age 3 Drums of Death 2 Where's Grandma 4 Y x-'41 ' "L ff ,M LEONARD FITZCERAID 'Coolidge High School 1,2 Class President 1,2 Fnihbalk 1t,?,4, Amual Staff 13,2 Tiger House 1 Drums of Deak 21 U. S. Paratroops, Ceoiidge High S-shovel 4 Letterman's Club 1,2,l+ q. V MADGE DDION ' Coolidge High School 1,2,3,A Glee Club 1 Tvrirler 1,2 Typing pin 3 Activity pin 3 Shorthand pin 3 Class Vice-Pres. 3 . Char1ey's Aunt 3 Honor Society 3 ,L Honor Society Pres. Home Ee. Club 1,2,3,4 Home Ea. Club report Cheer Leeds: 3,4 Bear Tracks 3,4 Annml Staff 13.4 Student Council 3,4 Rodeo Queen 4 Honor Roll 1,2,3,4 4 srl. MARY HELEN HOLLAND Coolidge High School 1,2,3,l+ Home Ee.. Clggh 1,2,4 Beer Trsfcks 4 Shorthand Pill 3 RCBA IEE HCRTON Phenix Union 1,2 Class Representative 2 5.c -emu 1,2 00011430 Hi-li Sahel 3,4 TWi1'1Ql' 314 Char1ey's Aunt 3 Where 's Grandma I. Shorthand pin 3 Bear Tracks 4 Annual Staff I. Home Ec. Club I. Honor Society 4 - GLORIA l!ElIWORTH'! HAROLD KLIEIIIAN Coolidge High School 1,2,3,L ' Coolidge High School l,2,3,L lou Economics Club l,2,3,4 Annual Staff L Dramatics Club 1,2 har Tracks I, Glcc Club 1,2 r. r. A. 1,2,3,1, Words and Music 2 Char1ey's Aunt 3 Tiger House 2 Whorols Grandma A 'f2hs1o's Grandnal, Annual Staff 3 Boar Tracks 4 Tvirler l,2,3 Coronation Quaon 4 JUNIOR KDILER Empire Township High School Inlloy, Illinois 1 Carnival Program 1 Buchanan High School Troy, Missouri 2,3 Oporetta 2 Dramatics 3 ,L Coolidge High School A FRANCENE LOVE'-LACE Coolidge High School l,2,3,l+ P. E. 1 Home Economics Club .l,2,3,L Shorthand Pin 3 Boar Tracks 4 ALICE LOUCKS SCUDDER GLADYS HCAI-EXANER comags High School 1,2,4 coonag. sign .sehao1,1,z,3,l. Long Bosch High School 3 Home Economics Club 1,2,3,I. coondge fun cm, 1,2 P. E. 1 Home Economics Club' 1,2,L Girls Shop l Dramatic: l . Annual Staff L , .. W Band l,2,I, National Honor Socicty L GLORIA KENWORTHY JUNIOR KIMLER 'ii HAROLD KLEINMAN ALICE LGJCKS FRANCENE LGVELACE h1'lh17n alnnone.-fy. NADINE MCCLEERY MILDRED MERRILL MONTE MCCUTCHAN oscan rhzonmaomznr 'www www CLINTON NELSON ' 3 ,jyf 4 NADINE MCCLEERY MILURED UERRILL Coolidge High School 1,2,3,4 Casa Grande High School 1,2 Words and Music 1 Coolidge High School 3,4 Cleo Club 1,2,3 Ho e Economics Club 3,4 Band 1,2 ,3,4 Bear Tracks 4 Annual Staff 2,3 Annual Staff 4 Home Economics Club 1,2,3,4 Bear Tracks 3,4 Charley's Aunt 3 Cheer Leader 3 Class secretary and treasurer 3 National Honor Society 3,4 Oratorical Contest 2 Shorthand pin 3 Activity pin 3 Student Council 3 Music Award 2 P. E. 3 MARCUS ivBCUTCHAN Murray High School, Murray, Iowa l,2,Q-of 3' Basketball 1,2 Florence High School Q of 3 Coolidge High School 4- Ba-M 1,2,3plv SCAR MONTGOMERY 'A Carlsbad High School Carlsbad, New Mexicoff of l Coolidge'High Schoo1'Q of l,2,3,4 F0 Fe Al 1,2,3,4 Football 2,3,4 Basketball 2,3,4 Letterman's Club 2,3,4 Iatterman's Club officer 3,4 Track 3,4 Valley Conference Tackle 3,4 F. F. A. officer 4 Annual Staff 4 MELVIN MIRKIN CLINTON NEISCN Coolidge High School l,2,3,4 . Coolidge High School l,2,3,4 and 1 F0 Fe Ag 1.2,3,L Class Treasurer 1 Uncle Sam in Review 4 Annual Staff 3 Charley's Aunt 3 Manager 3 Letterman'e Club 3,4 Bear Tracks 3 National Honor Society 4 U DREPEW Superior High School 1 eooliige High School 2, 3, 4' sr. Es A. a,3,4, F. F. A. reporter 3 F. F. A. officer 4 Football 2,3,4 Letterman's Club 4 Track 3,4 Annual Staff 2,3,4 Class officer 4 I ,, Student body officer .4 Bear Tracks 4 Carnival king 3 JACK PRETZER Coolidge High School l,2,3,4 Fo Fe Ao 1,2y3,4- F. F..A. .officer.4 ,n Baseball l,2,3-, Football l,2,3,4 F Valley Conference guard 4 North-South game 4 , Basketball 1,2 Letterman's Club 2,3,4 Char1ey's Aunt 3., - A231 BONNIE RLBERTSON McAllester High School, A. Nelllester, Okla. 1,3 Gateeville High School .Gateovil1e, Texas 2 Coolidge High School 4 PQEO2 - Mixed Chorus 2 Yunnash Club 3 Social Secretary 1,2 .NEDRA JEAN RAY Coolidge High School l,2,3,4 Home Economics Club 1,2,3,4 Home Ec. Club officer 3 F. H. A. State officer 3,4 Bear Tracks 4 Annual Staff 2 Honor Roll 1,2,3,4 National Honor Se iety 3,4 National Honor Society Sec. 4 Qglutatoriah 4 Band l 2,3,A Class gecretary 2 Activity pin 2,3 Glee Club 2 Music Award 3 Oratorical Contest 3,4 Where's Grandma 4 Scholarship 2 EDDIE SCHELL Coolidge High School l,2,3,4 Football 1,2,3,4 Basketball l,2,3,4 Baseball 3,4 Track 2,4 ' All-state football 4 North-South game 4 Valley Conference Half-back L F. F. A. l,2,3,4 F. F. A. officer 2,3,4 F. F. A. State farmer 4 Class Treasurer 4 National Honor Society 3,4 Student Body Pres. 4 Letterman's Club 2,3,4 Letterman's Club officer 4 Annual Staff 3,4 BGBBY SKOU EN Coolidge High School l,2,3,L Ebothall 3:4 F. F. A. l,2,3,L F. F. A. officer 3,4 Charley? si Aunt 3 F, F. A. State contest 3 Annual Staffql Carnival 4 .lf-sw Wm? DON FEW NEDRA JEAN RAY JACK PRETZER EDDIE SCHELL nnnmm nnmmfrsnn nnnnv sxmsmm KENNETH TIFFANY BILLIE VAN ORMAN EDNA VELZEY 5 RUBY MAE IILSON -Q"""'S' DON PEW NEDRA JEAN RAY JACK PRETZER EDDIE SCHELL ummm nnnmwrsnn ' nnnnv srrmsml KENNETH TIFFANY BILLIE VAN OBMAN EDNA VELZEY RUBY MAE IILSON KENNETH TIFFANY EDNA VEAZEY coonag. nigh scnwz l,2,3,L coouag. nigh School 1,2,3,I, naman 1,2,3,4 Band 2,3 Basketball 1 Annual surf 3,4 Intramural pin 3 Bear Tracks 3,4 Letterman's Club 4 Home Ec. Club l,2,3,l, Class Vice-Pres. 2 Charley'a Aunt 3 Home Ee. delegate A Dranetica Club l Cleo Club 3 Activity pin 1 ' P. E. 1,3 Tiger House l Where's Grandma Lv ' BILLIE VAN GWAN Coolidge High School l,3,4 Florence High School 2 Office work 2 Paper Staff 2 Home Ec. Club l,3,4 Shorthand pin 3 BB!! TTBOKB 394 National Honor Society 3,4 National Honor Society Vice-Pres. L Scholarship pin 3 P. E. 1 Home Eo. Club Historian 4 Valedictorian 4 RUBY WILSON coouage High School 1,2,3,4 BCM 3:4 JACK WHITAKER SHERMAN WRIGHT Douglas High School 1,2 Lordaburg High School Coolidge High School 3,4 Lordcburg, New Mexico l,2,3 Ivhneger 4 Coolidge High School 4 Letter-man'a Club 4 Chaz-loy'a Amt 3 Annual Staff I, Bear Tracks 4 Where'a Grandma 4 We, the intelligent , dignified , lovable Seniors of 1947 while in our last state of sanity, wish to declare this to be our last will and testament. Article I Section I: Since we love the Juniors only a de- gree less than ourselves, we want to leave them our charm, our supreme title of NSeniorsg' our knack of do- i g the wrong thing at the right time, and our place in assembly. Also, for their good, and that of the teach- ers, we do not leave them our independent ways. Section II! To the Sophomores, we leave our ath- letic ability, although me realize no one can attain our degree of'perfection. Section III: To the Freshmen, we leave our symp pethy--we've been through it all! Article II Section I: To the faculty, we leave the command of the schoo1,. if they are able to secure it from the future Seniors. Also, we leave them a few bottles of genuine hair-dye for any gray hairs we may have caused, and the textbooks which we never opened---or even in- tended to! Section II: To all students who may follow, we leave you our hopes that you may remain here long enough to see the new gym built and the old school ra- modeled. 2 Section III: To the school, we leave our treasury to pay referrees with, so thzt we will min more basket- ball games. M Article III Section I: As individuals, we leave the following endowments: If George Acton, do hereby will and bequeath fly WBoils' to anyone that has had blood, and q artistic mind so that they will be able to think up fantastic designs so as to tape them during basketball season. -1-5' il ' I, Jack Pretzer, do hereby will and bequeath my ability at playing football Kif any! to my brother, Richardg and my arguing ways with teachers to Douglas MoEuen. I, Mary Appel, do hereby will and bequeath my abil- ity to have fun in Biology to anyone who does not like it-----either! 1 I I, Elinor Clark, do hereby will and bequeath m ability to get embarrased to Betty Gill. I, Alice Loucks, do hereby will and bequeath my chair in band to anyone who is crazy enough to want it. I, Clinton Nelson, do hereby will and bequeath m ability to sit in a class room and do nothing to Dayle Griffin, and my big feet to Jack Woodward. I, Betty June Clark, do hereby will and bequeath my complexion to Betty Turley. Q. I, Leonard Fitzgerald, do hereby will and bequeath my nahining scholastic abilityu to USwabbyU Sprinkles. I, Yhry Helen Holland, do hereby will and bequeath my quietness to anyone who can stand guietness. I, Bennie Boone, do hereby will and bequeath my position as Drum Majorette to Donna Letzring an hope she has as much fun as I didg also, m long, thick, black hair to Betty Burnside. I, Gloria Kenworthy, do hereby will and bequeath my short skirts to anyone who Udaresu to wear them! I, Mary Jo Bates, do hereby will and bequeath my energy to chase the boys and my Wswing-n'-swayn to Evelyn Atkisson. I, Eddie Schell, do hereby will and bequeath my ability for broken-field running to Kent McEuen. I, Lafon Buzbee, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to get along with people to Wayne Clark. I, Harold Kleinman, do hereby will and bequeath my knack for being ineligible for four years to WSammy- Boardn Compton. ' I, Billie Fan Orman, do hereby will and bequeath my quietness to Betty Burnside. 0 0 ' B950 I, Bud Johns, do hereby will and bequeath my loud shirts to Richard Shaffer. I, Cordyce Clonts, do hereby will and bequeath my manly physizue to J. B. Carter. I, Nadine McC1eery, do hereby will and bequeath my Ucomprehensivenessn to Barbara Spooner, and my prac- tice of observing all traffic rules and safe criving to Kathleen Condit. I, WMonteU McCutchan, do hereby will and bequeath my quiet, reserved manner to Bill Davis. I, Harry Baker, do hereby will and bequeath, to my brother Joe, m quiet ways in school. I, John Dye, do hereby will and bequeath my shy- ness to anyone, and my industry to O'Neil Adams and may he use it! Q I, Francis Kuykendall, do hereby will and bequeath my nnon-polishing the appleu attitude with teachers to Ray Hanks. I, Bonnie Robertson, do hereby will and bequeath my big brown eyes to Ima June Millwee. I, Bobby Skousen, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to get along with people to John Earl Crick. I, Kenneth Tiffany, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to miss football practice only once in four years to Bill Davis. I, WFlossie0 Bradley, do hereby will and bequeath my Wexcessn plumpness to Leola Barrington. I, Francene Lovelace, do hereby will and bequeath my neatness and lady like ways to Mary Lou Dobson. I, Don Pew, do hereby will and bequeath my curly hair to Richard Pretzer. I, Rosemary Davison, do hereby will and bequeath, to Jackie Iles, my ability to interpet Chopin on the pianog also, my picture of Cornell Wilde in levis. I, Edna Veazey, do hereby will and bequeath m ability to flirt with Duane Xckinney to any underclass- man girl with honorable intentions, and my tennis rac ket to Oscar Bueno if he ever returns it. 7 , I, Rosa Lee Horton, do hereby will and bequeath my theory that 0Variety is the Spice of Lifen sto Joalrn MCEUBU e I, Ruby Mae Wilson, do hereby will and bequeath m Slim figure to Grenola Fields. I, Gladys McAlexander, do hereby will and bequeath my curly hair to Carolyn Alexander. I, Martha Ayer, do hereby will and bequeath my height to Jackie Iles. I, Wildred Merrill, do hereby will and bequeath 100 of my 102 pounds to Doug WcEuen, knowing he can uae them. I, Jack Whitaker, do hereby will and bequeath m ability to drive Ur. Lanier mad to Jim Vidano who may take Government. Also, my ultra-magnetic charms and flirtatious ways to Doug HcEuen, and my extra weight and sightless ways to Fred Appel. I, Madge Dixon, do hereby will and bequeath m old- est pair of levis to M s. Addington, so she won't al- ways have to sit like a nLadyn. I, Junior Kemler, do hereby will and bequeath an extra height that I may have to Charlie Iles. I, Dorothy Blalock, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to work up a hot temper in Typing to Jbe B kerg and to Donna Letzring, I will my love of chewing gum. I, Nedra Jean Ray, do hereby will and bequeath m editorship of the NBear Tracksu to anyone who thinks they have the ability to get it out three weeks late. In Worth Bartlett, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to wear ties and dress clothes with ease to Jim Vidano. I, Melvin Mirkin, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to get along with Hiss Soots to Buddy Kyser. I, Oscar Uontgomery, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to go steady to Dot Nafziger, I, Sherman Wright, do hereby will and 5equ9,gh-m ability to always have a seat on the bus to Ned Tiffany ua.: :mal 0, sb ' A f ' 1 ff A Q ev .vnlnuvixm-Mwuirngg Q .-w------- pin su is mg , A' 'L " . my www ms. .lx fs 'af 959 'ggffjgg Mn with uzuapmauau W ,mia ,.uQ1msmMma my vias wwe' iid MQfwsmx.mwiie .-nu .mnmg -f 13M ng qw 'W ."Q!P 1 SM QM :tw Mkiinuitalv' .hunk mmm .2 manga! rw mme ' as ' ,pzanljunlxga 3 andy if V 1 an -L 1 , :du'Qzrnnm'unnn' ulb ,mv as .pu I ,'b ' ' 3, 3 qu Q , It QI, 5, ' ' -'ff '.5',i W , ' . ,,.xgLV.,1f1,,,, , , ,, ,..,,M. M511-'vi sm 70,12 e ffJ.,x'..x' 1.0 While wandering the streets in the thriving metropolis of Coolidge, Arizona, a distinguished-looking gentlemen emer- ged from the newiy-constructed- skyscraper, .Lanierl s World Wide Worthless Insurance. He was none other than Mr. Lanier himself, Stepping into his atomobile, he dropped e little power pill in a slot and roared away. Mr. Lanier, with characteristic sgyggggfgigg, was bent on contacting the successful class of !47.' His interest was purely business and er, curiosity. Upon reaching the cut- skirts of the metropolis, he spied a little gray donkey led by Kenneth Tiffany. J Following him was Sherman Wright with a shovel over his shoulder. Informing Mr. Lanier that they had just invested their life's savings in these two possessions, they added, without further ado, that they were going to the famous Lost Dutchman Mine. If their venture proved fruit- ful, they would most assuredly buy some of his Worthless In- surance. Upon his arrival at the west coast, Mr. Lanier heard Harold CPepsodentl Kleinman had just taken over the Bob Hope show. Furthermore, he learned that Rosemary Davison had had her oscar insured which she won in the Rogg tg Elgggggg, co- starring with Jimmy Durante. La Davison informed him that Gloria Kenworthy was too busy for an interview, as she sang under water every day for the Reynold's Pen Company. Worth Bartlett was famous on the west coast as the yeas! Maggy He led Mr. Lanier to likeable prospects of life insurance,Cordyce Clonts and Montie McCutcham, public enemies No. 1 and 2 erespectively, who had at last resolved to quit stealing candy Pfrom innocent babies. Bai Johns, he found, had given up tennis to become the worldfs champion yo-yo-er. His latest record was 850 yo-yo's. He had insured his diamond-studded yo-yo for t5o,coo. 30' tween yo's he revealed the secret of John Dye 's Transcontin- ental Tunnel for tricyclers. ' e At the push ofea button, Mr. Lanier's automobile turn- ed into a atomoplane. He landed in Sidney5Auatralia,where he met Mrs. Skousen, nee Mary Jo Fates, who was in town shopping for the week-end. She sent him out to see Bobby Skousen and Oscar Montgomery, the biggest, kangaroo barons in the land from down under. They had invested in a double indemnity policy for each of their kangaroos. Gladys Mchlexander had transferred her service from the VaKi Inn and was managing the Rice Bowl, a famous restaurant in Hong Kong, China. With super aplomb, she served a bowl of half-grown rice to Mr. Lanier. ' - .ru - n .. ,+. Stopping in gay Parse he found Mary Solen Holland model- ling hoop skirts for Francene Lovelace's Famous Female Future Fashions. Both bought policies without a struggle. Lady Florence Bradley, wife of the deceased Lord Uyster Bottom, bought a policy for her pet pup's platinum plate. Once again he soared over the water and landed in New York. He purchased cosmetics from Mary Appel who had boug out Helena Rubinstein. Dorothy Blalock took a lot of'credi for her new products as chief chemist in her laboratory. Th tired traveler took the evening off from his insure ance and went to the grand opera. He discovered Bennie Boone singing the leading part in The Barber gg Seville. Her heavy schedule included Carmen and Tristram and Isoldg, Later he met Betty June Clark who explained breathlessly that she had to catch a boat. Her uncle had left her a for- tune and she was now touring the world. Feeling ill, Mr. Lanier decided to stop at John Hopkins in Baltimore. The head nurse, Bonnie Robertson, sent him to Doctors Whitaker and Mirkin, who were packing. After losing their tenth consecutive patient, they had decided to dissolve their partnership and become Pull-fledged butchers in Don Pen's packing house. Don had bought all of his stock whole- sale from the Rodeo association, after Eddie Schell, cham- pion cowboy, had killed them with his wild rope. Going down to Georgia, he found the battling politicians Nadine McC1eery and Rosa Lee Horton---fighting it out, tooth and nail, for the governorship of the state. Nedra Ray, also in the vicinity, was a famous chemist and cook, cooking deli- cious spun rubber for the Sympathetic Rubber Company of Amer- ica. In St. Louis, Leonard WFistyN Fitzgerald, is now fin idol of America's skirt twirlers, having just won the world's kindergarten wrestling matches. Mr. Lanier could not catch up with Francis Kuyksndall and Clinton Nelson, They were riding the rods of only the best trains, publishing and distributing The Egpg Eggs. George Acton was found coaching at P. U. No insurance could be sold there. In Bed Springs, Texas, he found Lafon Buzbee. Sh was chief supervisor of the Texas branch of the American Tele- phone and Telegraph Association. Lafon told Mr. Lanier to look in the dry counties of Texas for Madge Dixon and Edna Veazey. Remotely exconced, they lore'-bootlegging cactus' juice. P ft e Homeward bound, he raced his atomohile toward Eloy. Here he chatted amiably with Mildred Merrill, E1oy's pros- perous architect. She was designing Jack Pretzer's fifty- room tent with a special garbage disposal. Jack had em!-seed a ffutune with his muscle-building machine, B - - Em. Returning to Coolidge, he stopped at the paper office where: he fsund Billie Van Orman editing Martha Ayer writing a daily, 1 o Yo end Ruby Mae Wilson scribbing ' a que ation-and-answer column. Mr. Lanier returned to his 'gpg-tggggggpgm after e not-too-unusual week-end. As he relaxed, he smilingly thought of his class of '47 and how they had all surpassed the heights of their respective abilities: I E e E z E i I E I' I i 1 i E L 5 5 5 E F E E . r 5 Z E I E E i I 1 1 . Z" ,ef7f.41,.g-fd A 2 'nn Class of 47' has had a very successful and eventful four years of high school at dear old CUHQSQ Being initiated as little green Freshmen, we didn't have much of a chance at first, but after tne first day we gained our composure. We elected Mr. Jenkins as our class sponsor who was very helpful with the Sophomore Return and other social affairs given during that year. As Scphmores we got to do the initiating for a change, and then started off the social' affnirs of the year by honoring the Freshmen with the Freshmen reception. During that year we selected Mr. Lanier as our class sponsor who stayed with us for the rest cf our high school days. lhe Junior year proved to be a lot of work, and also fun, as ie sold pop and hot dogs at all football games and sponsored the football dances in an effort to earn money for the annual Junior- Senior Prom. We also helped the cause by present- ing the Junior play, "Charley's Aunt", which was said to be one of the best plays ever given here. We did a very good job of making money, and as usual the Prom was the outstanding social event of the year. We used the desert theme in our decora- tions and got many compliments on our works At long last. we finally reached the honored po ition of "Seniors", and our work being over we made the agreement to have fun, which we did. We had our Senior Ditch Day May 2 and 5, at Mount Lemon beside our other parties. 'lhis year's graduating class has not only been outstanding in social affairs but in all the activities around school, athletics, music. etc. We have maintained a high scholastic average, and have had several on the honor roll each time. In all drives we have como out at the top Although we have lost a few of our classmates that started with us, during the years we have gained some new ones. And all of us will always remember the good times we have had together. 1 2 2 3 I 3 s E 2 z I 5 K5 '1 QE5mf? fW,fyxQy Q k1RN 1 l N Q N NX .. . :L.Jl"N is QM f ...jjj 5 X -1: ,-9, 33' Q .- , ,WXJ Ei ,K f gf 9i 'g - NK.. ""'.: gf Aix ,f Y 133' Q TSX i X., iz1gf.1.f1ffmf5 ,ffjj ..,. H . l,l,, N ' ff u S '..1f 1'. YQ ffrr A A,..k X' .' .jff 13 Q ? f' " fif 4, f - 'wt' f "..f T T - N '. " - if Y i ,Q ' ' X4 f' X -7VPfkT'f--5'-2'-'T-1 RNS K., A , f' + Y' s.Kfgf""y P , I -1!',,...J v i . I . i 5 E E E I F E 5 , 5 Z 51 E 5 v 1 E Q 5 E E E I i 3 r E 5 E E . I v - E E I x W S ize: Akers, Melva Lee alexander, James tkisson, Lvelyn Barrington, Leola Breshear, Alfred Burnside, Bettie Clark, Tommy Davis , David Davis, Benjie Davison, Margaret Dobson, Mary Lou Dowdle, George Freeland, Roland Fields, Granola Ford, Mary Jean Gawmon, Nelson Hanks, Glynn Hanks, Ray Hill, Nadine Iles, Jackie Irwin, Mary Jackson, Ray L. Jellison, Anne Jordan, Susie Lawrence, Betty Lawrence, Phyllis McEuen, Douglas McEuen, Kent Miles, Eula Mae' Nafziger, Dorothy Phelps, Robert Sellers, Vera Shafer, Richard Spooner, Barbara Sturgeon, Rhama Lynn Ramey, Franklyn Turley, Malvina Vidano, Jim Vollmar, Eugene Watson, lade lolf, Jimmy Williams, Ava Bell Fright, Bill luertz, Helen Condit, Kathleen djgzeewi Mr. Shoore Sponsor KENT MCEUEN Vice-President v DOROTHY NAFZIGER President BARBARA SPOONER Secretary JIU vrmno Treasurer f, 1' s Aff? f4 f uwhewln nThank goodness that's over,n mutter- ed many a Junior this year after football season. It was a lot of hard work selling h iffggiard het coffee--but was a lot of fun. The Juniors threw a big Christmas party Dec. 20 with food, punch, and presents for everyone. A swell time was had by everyone there, including a few teachers. Remember all the hubbub at the first of the year? Well, it was only the Juniors choosing class rings. Finally, after much debating and indecision everyone was satisfied. The theme for .he Junior-Senior Prom :this year followed the story of The Wizard of Oz. A banquet honoring the Seniors also carried out the Oz theme. . On Junior Kid Day the true Juniors were 5..w, The years were turned back and the Juniors emerged as carefree children. All in all it was an eventful year. One we'll l ong remembe r . E I E E P ! I -id 4 I .0 171' ll, J. , .--Q-......... 7 ,,f 1 -"1 .f1,".,- , I :jg i --..... . I -f If I '.,I ll' I I if . ,, rx A , A L- QM" ' WMI, f, l A XL f 1' ,717 I , yy.- fa' Q ,I A'f.' if ' !"' ,Q A If AI. ! 9 2' -,X M4 . vlQ!42, 7 A ' X In 2 . I -' if .A-' A A XX' 'ar X . f-fA ,,Vf,, ,'., . , 7 ,ff 1 H X yf,ff4. 'if I , . S...- " 4 3 T ,, 6 " ' Q Q 5:93-Y" irzzv X ge - I i T' N N I .....,,Tr::?'1, 1- f j. ' 'iff-?,-. .,..,. .. X" X F F E 4 x E . 1 s E B E r E E ! P n A E A 2 1 w P a E r i F L 5 z 5 , . E E r E n 5 I' 2 r v H ? v 1 H r v n Z 5 i E E I F s E 5 E E E A V r E in ,,Y..,-,..,---,----,--- - -- "-' " Alexander, Caroline Appel, Fred Baker, Rita Baker, Joe Appel, Pauline Barrios, Geraldine Bauman, Marion Brown, Kathline Jo Broking, Jerry Bueno, Oscar Carter, Ruth Clonts, Eugene Crow, Hazel Edge, Forrest Ellis, Hinton Edwards, Mamie L. England, Dan Farar, Dora B. Freeland, Charles Gill, Betty i z Golson, Jay Golson, Neil Hagee, Mary Sue Harrold, Betty Hoover, Joan Jackson, Etta Faye Druse, Pauline Kyser, Buddy Kennorthy, Buddy Jones, Sylvester Layn, Sam Livingston, Marjorie Luellig, Mary Ann McBath, Bill lcEuen, Joann McKinney, Duane McMullen, Billie Mack, Eugene Minarik, Bob Millwee, Ima June Nafziger, Junior Nowell, Nancy Parsons, Ethel Pretzer, Richard Ralph, Albert Smith, James Smith, Robert Spruell , Leona Reed, James Sprinkles, Fred Steward, Bill Suggs, Ray Tiffany, Ned Troutt, Velma Underwood, Ima Gene Veldt, Stanley Wilson, Amy Louise Wilderson, Keith Woodward, Jack Compton, Jimmie fjffdeeyw HR . GARRISON Sonnaor DAN EIGLAND Vice'-President VELIA TROUT Secretary SAI LAZN President D ANE lcKINNE! Treasurer 3 School opened and we found ourselves no longer milk Freshmen but mi ehty Sophomores. A few d'.a after school opened we initiated the Fresh en with the Sophomores chosen winners. The night of the initiation we gave the Freshmen a reception which uns enjoyed by alll In the middle of the school year we had s hayride and Weiner roast com- bined. We went out to a pretty spot two miles this side of the Chuck Wagon. After about four hours of eating, talking, and snipe hunting we returned home, tired, but happy. E i F E I E I i E F i f E ! E ff' ---P..-.... ..., . i . I - 4 W. pawn. ! ,.., I I g I 4 7 ,v A .. '-iz, 4 1' if f"'!Z' if ' -.-- VE '- 5 Q ' P I ' 5 .g-ff"'1 ' H ' 3: 'A F ' .f-!:4t::a.L'..!..' "'.!L'l' Z' "' "!"'X:l.-'1:f' ' f.. ' ' i vi, l S N 441-5--sg if. 4.i.4-Q---L-S , -.1 g by Y . A-7 '--I , ,Wim E It .,... . Q, ..,.. -vi-.s-1h"'f1 Luka' E -.4..f 3 . Q. .-H. E I ' I' 4- ..-,buf MMFJ- , - . H. LA- 4. . 2 .g4i'Qf'f',-,Jf ,Q mivvkwf -4 ', ' 3 ,I 1 L- Q ' ' S 1 - 2 . ,, ,. ---1Q--- '-f "W-A 1,1- f--" -?"2"?Q' f'ig5g,g'T g :gr f -4 I L, W- . 2 1, B. P . fi ""-----f-ff-fm .2 .A,. 3, I . --.- -...--,-.u . .- .. ,-- 1 , X- ''QiQ7'7""'f,fx:?-f,.gf55?:X cz! ' -I-vp fx 5 Qflffivif-'Rx Nw - . ,. j4g'f?f ::11: ' F-ff' - 'Q " ""' '1""" ' , Q ' ' X - fl 7 A A' N - w- ' '47 '----.--W - . . - f:-. '- :, , ,-V -I3 -- . ,V--L--f -, ' A . ,1 A 1 U.. " 'M' ., A " " -1 N --vu WJ f- -H-...,....,,-...N 3,44 xqfflif- Q Nsfffjl , + A X pf' i ' " - ' - 'If-5-1557 s'Nf" --011, , '- ,-- , A - . ,.., ,,jf5,,ig:.'i3fi,.N.. - X' . L - ' - -1:-P - , , " . . ,f- ,.,.g,,....4J.g,LL...-I.L,'."..., "' 3Qg.Y:ff',W A-g""""' 'f 'Yi P ,Y ' .1 .4--L-- X , ' X 'R ' m 2' ,...-..,,, xr- '------ "NT . X, -X Y wx...--f in ' .,,lQf1f,,T,,H "" ..-gwe-V+-A--' -"' ' x S xl ' '-'T-ifffi .f ----' "T'?ff.Li'j.g, ..,..--- Q - ' H ' NH. Y f .--flffzf-xl?-1--L-,,,,,A,. "' N'f "" ' ' .NU 'X "' '7',:-,- """""' . Q 4 A X5X ' X N "":"fi"'-'M ....--., ,f-'lfQ"7f"'-Mew: 'A xt ,, Au K f f-"f"f "" 1- , W-,W xxx" "-. U My v -, - V h -.,...., ,.1.. , . ms., ,, ,Yi- -um., --i.......,. - ............ -........, , e E i E i r 3 5 e ! E z 1 1 u a F 5 F r F i 5 I I L . I . E s I I 3 5 ! i F a 5 E E : E J, Adams, O. E. Adams, O'Neal Arnold, Mary Ayer, Don Baker, Veronica Berry, Wanda Bradley, Jack Bouley, Dorothy Cashion, Harold Carrel,Rhrylyn Carter, Audra Carter, J. B. Campbell, Raymond Clark, Tommy Clark, Wayne Conner, Gary Crick, John Earl Curtis, Bobby Daniels, Joan David, Victor Davis, Bill Diamond, Ray Dickerson, Vernon Doggett, Diana Dugan, Leslie Fields, Calvin Fulton, Martin Gann, David Giles, Thurman E 'QS 1 5 ' . L Gray, Stanley Griffin, Dayle Hammon, Doris Harris, Evelyn Haugh, Clifford Horton, Bill Iles, Charles Irwin, Raymond Jordan, William Johnston, Emaline Holt, Mary Jo Kleinman, Rex Frantz, Alton Johnson, Diana Lattin, Audrey Lamb, Joyce Jean Langford, Joveta Large, Thelma Letzring, Donna Masterson, Mittie Mirkin, Diana Miles, James Morrow, Bobby Mayberry, lawrence Netherlain, Houston Nasser, Julie Nunnley, Glenna Jo Nottingham, Jessie Ortiz, Joe Perguson, Billy Ray Perkins, Larry Rogers, Billy Joe Rogers, Lois Scott, Eugene Scott, Renette Shafer, Rhry Ellen Slater, Rita Stewart, Geneva Shriver, Thelma Snelson, Betty Williams, Olive Saudak, Meyer Shoemaker, Tommy Simmons, Dale Simmons, Don Simmons, Spencer Slater, Donald Squires, Dewey Storie, Doil E. Turley, Betty Veldt, Alice Whatley, Nerma Jean Walker, Wallace Weddle, Austin Woods, Jay Henry, Tommy Wallace, Carl Yancy, Marilyn J J RAYMOND CAMPBELL MR. ANDERSON President Sponsor DIANA DOGGETT CHARLES II-ES Secrgtgry TTB! S'l11'BI' ' 2.177-fL.aZ01.l' On the opening day of school we really felt im- portangi after all we were beginning our first your in Ca gn so we were still pretty shy until initiation day on which the -sophomores, as always, really worked u over. However, there wie no casualties and the whole day turned out to befun for all. After ini- tiation day we 'felt as if we were really full fledged "Freshmen." At our first class meeting Mr. Anderson was chosen sponsor of the Freshnen elass. . Our first bigi .social '.'fff8.iI,"'f1'?"1'jl'!F7 Neshgen Reception which turned out to be a huge suocessa The class party was held on November 9. It qu epicnio out at the river with plenty of eats. The Freshmen sponsored a movie in order to raise .funds to honor the Sophmores with a uhm dance. The dance was greatly enjoyed by every oils This year as Freshmen, we have had a high per- centage in the War Bond Drive. We have been well represented in athletics and on the Snot Roll. Though we've worked hard this year we surely have had our share in the fun and now we know that high school is a pretty good place after alle I I I I I I I I I r I I I E I I I E I I I. 4 I s r I I E I L L I L I I 5 I E E l I I ! I s I E I I . E . I I I I E I Wlwwfyvgfw-.ymwdww-4 . ,. Uysfijfixwf f ' f f 1' I. ,h -eg, xi Q I Wxx , XX .,,, xg " xx "-X44 f QQV xx " ,,-A L 'jN,0,Q -4 -ig I' - 'vi jig:-X-l',i -, . .. .X "x"qfi. x X' xx- -- xg- M, ...uxqlm Xi.. I., H--NX . ,X E . X 1 -45.5 ' -. "NN, ' -J , L ' I,-r-f..::::mfzwfff J, E xx ..-5 "" 1 'lfg-g2:g1tt..X .v -BMJ 34: ' V ' NI :aa - .gli I -- ff .1 1, at "- ,.3:. '11, .gt.z:,1 - ffl- A' -,, 1 -44:-",Z"','-'1i': Q ,,,, uqg:-,,5:1,-,L,1 .3,fAi"??2 455. I ' . rf ::2f"f' 2521 5: gg-2 W 'if 52252135152 31:3 .' 555' X fi' was Y seas ai' y '-'.?.!1a-1Y22a2i1e12e:212' -5563225 GX -' -iz v IJ ' If i 4 I 1 1 1 x I 1 x 1' Y X tr' X X Xbx. NK Xxx Y I '. kj X Q .. , , f S-'XL ,, ' 5 Xxx---L: 'N--T7-J-"! X ww . ' f ,' "fs-,N ff x X f X 7 . ffl! A5 '-" 1 7: ,.,f"' 4, ,M ',f' .M ,- f4,ff1, .fx Qifffak EES Ui A Q? Q ' A Q1 wi? yw W ra 4 4 J A . ,gm Q,-N N., Aff -- f . -..--. -P W 1 Q A ' 2 chan-wSg. mmx W ig up ' '13, 8 "L K V, Q, X X-2---W k-RE Am.XMN, ifz:f.i m 53N -is ,,, ., . W,q?F ,. A, .. GEORGE mon 'M UMM -'L All Star Game L, h Q , ,Q EDDIE SCHELL A11 Star Game Second Team A11 State ff' D A JACK PREPZER All Star GBII If . ' f? 2L2u4'A,, 75 4 . 'Ihis year's team consisted of a well balanced line and a firey backfield. The veterans returning-1ke4.. from last year were Jim Vidano, Oscar Montgomery5,'a' ,ggij2y,E qi Jack Pretzer, kent McEuen, Sylvester Jones, Gene Volmar, Uscar Bueno and eddie Schell. The new members of'the starting lineup were Don Pew, J. B. Carter, and George Acton. This year the foot-all team of Coolidge High continued its domination of the East Central Valley Conference by taking its seventh Consecu- tive Conference Championship. The Bears placed two players, lineman, deck Pretzer and back, Eddie Schell, on the Conference first team, and lineman, Oscar Montgomery on the second team. .Coolidge was represented at the all star North South Game at Tem e by lineman Jack Pretzer and backs Eddie Schell and George Acton. Eddie Schell was chosen Second Team All State. After a hard sixteen days of practice under the watchful eyes of coaches Uhlson, Lani0r, and Wismer, the season was opened against Aja. The Bears defeated the hed Raiders by a score of 32-13 with a powerful running attack by Acton and SchelL All the touchdowns were made by runs between 40 and 86 yards in length. ' In the second game the Coolidge Sears out- scrambled the Amphitheater Panthers, 13 to 6, in the rain at the Panther field, with little Eddie Schell scoring both touchdowns. Right Guard, Jack Bretzer was the standout for the line. The Bears eked out a 6 to 6 tie against the Tempe Buffalows in the first home game of the sea- son played in Coolidge High School's new stadium. a smooth passing attack of In a game marked by Tbmpe's team, Coolidge showed itself weak on past defense. The Coolidge Bears defeated the Superior Panthers 34-13. The touchdowns were made by runs between 50 and 96 yards long. Eddie Schell made s 96 yard run which was the longest of the season. Montgomery stood out by placing his kickoffs be- tween the Panthers goal and I0 yard line. M-fly? Q4- New the Bears were put to a real fight when they played Florence. The odds were against them by weight and the Gopher's strong aerial attack, The final Score was 7-O in favor of the Gophers. However, this was not the last of the Coolidge and Florence game. A Florence Gopher was proved inel- ligble and the game was forfeited to Coolidge 1-0. T e following week the Bears invaded the Chandler Wolves domain and succeeded in trouncing the folves 31 to 13 with the Cubs playing half the game for Coolidge. Scoring 20 points the first five minutes of th game, the Bears smashed the Nogales eleven, L7 to 13, in the eighth game of the season, The Bears journeyed to the Casa Grande Cou- gar's field of mud where both teams had all kinds of bad luck. The teams came out about equal in had breaks in their scrambles for the ball. At the final quarter the score was 14 to 13 in the favor of Coolidge, Every Bear who played showed unusual spirit and determination. In the last game of the season against the Mesa Jackrabbits, the Bears held their opponents scoreless for the first quarter. The first half promised a good game, but injuries and lack of sub- stitutes for Gcolidge gave the Jackrabbits the de- cisive victory of 42-0. The following players were awarded letters in football: Sylvester Jones Eddie Schell Oscar Montgomery George Acton Roland Freeland Gene Vollmar Duane McKinney J. B, Carter Bobby Skousen Kent MdEuen Nelson Gammon Oscar Bueno Jack Pretzer B111 Davis Don Pew Jim Vidano O . i The Coolidge Bears started their season by drubbing a Casa Grande team 14-4. Oscar Bueno and Warren Thompson were the Bear's pitchers for the day allowing only 3 scattered hits between them, and striking out seven batters. Joe Ortiz was the outstanding hitter getting 4 hits out of 5 times at bat. Salazar and Armenta were worked for l2 hits. Runs vera made as follows: Ortiz, 33 Perkins, 25 Jones, 25 Acton, 35 Freeland, 23 Vidano, lg and Bueno, l. The Bears opened the Conference with a win over Hayden of 3 to 1, with pitchers Bueno and Thompson holding the Hayden boys to two hits. Acton completed the battery behind the plate. The Hayden pitcher, Roy Montana, allowed 7 hits and struck out 12 Coolidge batters. Runs were made by Ortiz, Perkins, and Schell. The lone run made for Hayden was made on a Coolidge error. In the next game Casa Grande was defeated for the second time bv the Bears. George Acton pitched for 4 innings and Joe Ortiz was behixd the plate. Then Ortiz pitched and Acton caught. They both allowed only 3 hits while the Bears pound- ed out 9 hits from the two Casa Grande pitchers. The game ended with Coolidge again the winner, 12-1. The only run the Cougars made was a ho e-run by Salazar. Coolidge won their next game at the expense of the Sup- erior Panthers, 12-5. Bueno pitched and Acton caught. The Panthers collected 4 hits from the Bear pitcher and Coolidge collected 9 from the fcnther pitcher. Bueno pitched seven strikeouts. Coolidge made three errors to Superior's four. Catcher George Acton of Coolidge and catcher Joe Herrada of Superior both tallied home runs, the first of the season for the new Coolidge field. Coolidge racked up three runs in the first inning, four in the second, and five in the third be- fore Superior tightened up to hold the Bears the rest of the gamr. George Acton of Coolidge turned in the best hitting performance of the day with with a 3 for L average. Coolidge managed to keep a clear record for 5 consecu- tive games when they defeated Ray l.'3 in a tight ball game. Neither team scored until the xixth inning and all the runs for both teams were made in that inning. The Bears, with Bueno pitching and Acton catching, collected six hits from the Ray pitcherg Hay, with Gonzales pitching and Martinez catching, got four hits. Three of the Eesr's runs were made on errors and all of Ray's runs were made on errors. Cool- idge's winning run was made by Joe Ortiz, after he doubled and he was brought in by Jones with a single. The next game was a tie between Coolidge and Superior. The reason for this is explained as follows: with two outs, Joe Herrada, Superior catcher, was on third base in the last of the second inning. Fraijo was up to bat, George Acton, who was pitching, pitched the ball and the batter, who was Eryiggtto get out of the way, accidently hit the ball with is . 50021440 Joe Ortiz, who w's catching, fielded the ball and threw him out at first. Herrada came in on the same play and crossed the plate before the out was made. The run was counted in the scorebook, but in the rule book it says: Wwith two outa, if a hitter is thrown out at Fgrst base, even if a runner from third scores befgre the out is made, the run gill ggi ggggt.' -So the real score was A-L, but Superior stillhad the last of the seventh to bat, and maybe they would have won the game in that last half. Who knows? The next game was with Florence, and the Bears blew up in the 6th inning. Florence collected A runs to tie the score 8 to 8, This was the first loss in seven games. The final score was 10-8. Bueno struck out ll Florence batters and gave up 6 hits. The Florence pitchers, D. Celera and Hawkins, gave up 8 hits. Cwolidge and Florence tangled again a week later wfih o free scoring game of 18-13 in which Florence again came out the winner. Acton pitched the whole game giving up 10 hits and striking out 5 batters, while NHarpoW Celaya pitcP+' f'r Florence yielding 14 hits and striking out 4 batters. Coolidge went to Hayden for the district playoff and was handed their third defeat in a game that was called in 6 ll6 innings because of darkness. Hayden won the game 10-5. The Bears haoie fairly successful season winning 5 games and losing 3. Joe Ortiz led with the most hits getting 12 for the season. He also led in the number of runs made with 12. Acton was second in each with ll hits and ll runs. Jones was third with 8 hits and 10 runs. Acton turned in th best batting average of the season which was .34L. He also led in the number of stolen bases with 6. Ortiz was second in hat- ting average with .3l6, and Schell was third with ,3l3. Bueno was second in the number of bases stolen which was 4, and Ramey was third with 2. f Letter Winners C-Actoni SS-Drtizf P-Buenos LF-Schell, lB-Rameyi CF-R lphi 2b-Perkirgf RF-Vidanof 3B-Jones' CF-Benn' RF-Vallace CF-Freeland 1B-Shoemaker 3B-Steward ' GF-Giles coach--Wisner ... E' 5 z E . af I , -zfrv' 'b ,:".. x ,. ' L pt A K if kklv ,, j X YM x . . 1 nf- t f H "' ,..... L' Af" ' - ' L ' 1 V. .X , 73, 'N ,Af ' ,, : Zl. 3 Lgg .W . ., . J A . jx - 1 X b ' ,' y-'swf' . f ...A Ru dw. f Q ,sb -7 L . A Q , . . Y , xmfxgsgkllk f , W - :Q i, ' - 1 W ., 4 'Lf "' "M Wi- 2 ' " -Ii - - fi? f."" ' 2 '- .. ., 99,-Q' ' ,, M U 5 fi Zi. MA A gif A- -w..,:,.,g ,, . ix? i .,-by ., , ,L V g , -f ' 1- T L,-L fx 1 Q s k ? W.- -..y - , 1 WN!- ,.....---M-Y"" .K - 1 Q -. 1 , NE, hfZ' iQf h " . 'Ei .J - ., - g-: .- f -K A , gg A , q,:, 2 ' O T' X . ,mx in nf. f wx, ig?--i X E' gif 5 5 555 -jg f A SM? M M- r ,v , a , K WWA ' Q WIN fNif?'Lfibf?' uf Q' 1-TK? nfgw gi 5 - ff 5:5 , A -- i A 3 --gf'H:1s3:,,1r 1, 41 . L ,wklggr ..,, . I 64, 1, ,HE -,gmkaww-11N ' 'A i -Mfggf2lf'f5If"3,i,5f ' A Q- ,, . . ,s L. . - IVLLV M ly sh .gf A .K I 'A Z I , .1 f , 1w U:yjjr:jg.4v 1 I-fs' 54 5 f',q .m -fgs-Eff: -.gfu..f,,.:f-fq s f i f JL 4- ,f NL -1"""' 7 2 Q . N '41 ' ' 4 2 , K -'K ig-L, , .,,v: M7 , K 4 ' ' , f--- -lf' ,fs ff' 4: I f s ' W f 1 if 9, X 'ml -m,.,.,, . "., H ' ' - "'w.,g 3 'I Eg, A, ,ggfgfgf Lf M A 5:5345 . wan . --LW-If yung,-.Y , ""' , MM . is W Mn MM S 1.-. chi' M4 Q ,,.. W -uf-.MW f. 2fQ15liE5:H.: 1, , Q - L 0 8 ,. - Q8 x 'X N f I. ,LIFE f' ' ""7?J adj, The Coolidge High School Lettermen's Club is A select grou . In order to be a member a boy must have earned a major letter in at least one of the competitive sports such as Football or Basketball. The Lettermen's Club this year is made u of thirty- five members. They have sponsored a track and field meet for the grammar school and have put on two initations for new members. They have sponsored a show in order to raise funds to carry on their activities. They gave a farewell steak fry for the graduating lettermen. The Club is striving to make possible the purchase of a clock for the Football field. This years members and officers are as follows: Pres., Jimmy Vidanog Vice Pres., Oscar Eontgomeryg Treas., 33519 Schell. Acton, George McEuen, Doug Appel, Fred McKinney, Duane Baker, Harry Bradley, Jack Bueno, Oscar Burtcher, Leonard Carter, J. B. Clark, Tormy Compton, Jimmie Davis, Bill Davis, David Freeland, Roland Gann, David Jackson, Ray Jdms,Hm Jones, Sylvester McEuen, Kent Mirkin, Melvin Montgomery, Oscar Ortiz, Joe Perkins, Larry Pew, Don Ralph, Al Ramey, Franklin Schell, Eddie Skousen, Bobby Shafer, Richard Sprinkles, Freddie Tiffany, Kenneth Vidano, Jim Vollmar, Gene Whitaker, Jack E k i B . E x E L E P f . I Z . s E L E S B E 5 i F 3 X ! E u v i I Q E v E 5 . r , ! R L i C 1 E E The Coolidge High School Bears opened their basketball season with a five game win streak be- fore the Tempe Buffaloes snaped it with a ,43436 victory. At the opening of the season the Bears were without the service of several of their regu- lars. This was due to the North-South football game and to injuries received during the football season. Even with this handicap the Bears had little trouble downing a determined five from Mar- ana 43-34. After the Tempe defeat the Bears came back in great style to smother both Chandler and Hayden with lopsided scores. When the week of the Florence game came along the Bears were determined to snap a four game losing streak to the Gophers. At the end of the regular game the score was 3Lup. In a two minute over time the Gophers were able to take a two point lead 36 +0 34. So again, five straight, the Gophers had come out on top. The following week the Bears expected to take an easy victory from the weak Cougars, but again the overconfidence never pays off. Coolidge came out under the heap 34 to 36. The Bears now sought revenge for two defeats and took their next two games in short order. With the Marana game coming up the Bears figured they would have no trouble, but at the end of the game Marana was on top by a score of 33 to 28. - Determined now to come out of their slump the Bears bounced back with a 42 to 27 victory over the strong Tempe five. The Bears now came to the top only losing one more game of their regular season to Mesa 44 to 34. In the second of their two game series with Florence the Bears de- termined to snap that five game win streak, and when the dust and smoke had cleared the Bears were on top 27 to 25. 4-.., Q5 ' . Mgf In the tournament Coolidge dropped their game to Tempe 29 to 25. In their second game for Con- solation, Coolidge dropped Hayden 42 to 15. In the third game Coolidge and Gilbert battled it out and at the end the score was Gilbert 33, Coolidge 31. Thus the 1946-47 Basketball season ended. Coolidge had a successful season although they never made the State tournament. Marana 34 Coolidge 43 Ray 17 " 1,1 Gilbert 34 " 36 Ray 22 " 35 Hayden 2 5 " 56 Tempe 1,3 " 36 Chandler 2 5 " 42 Hayden 23 " A8 Florence 38 " 36 Casa Grande 36 " 31, Superior 34 " L5 A J o 49 " 51 Marana 33 " 28 Tempe 27 " 42 Superior 31 " 33 Chandler 27 " 51 F lorence 25 " 27 Gilbert 41 " 42 Mesa LL " 31+ TGIRNAMENT Tempe 29 Coolidge 25 Hayden 15 " L2 Gilbert 33 " 3 1 wr M 4 if H WLM-mwwa YSLLLQJ fThe Coolidge High School Band, with a member' ship of twenty-four, will conclude this y'ar'c activities with an-especially arranged graduation program under Mr. Isadore Shoore's direction. Their star- studded program this year included home game field maneuvers, of which Qgglg gag in Qggigw was most spectacularg participation in out- of-town games, which included the All-Star game in Tempe. Good will and fellowship were exchanged by the musicians 'df 'Coolidge, Florence, and Crea Grxrie when the bands met and played together for the first annual Pinal County music festival. Band members and friends extend their enthus- iastic appreciation to Mr. Shoore, able director of the band. This year the Future Farmers of America had a total membership of thirty-six. The officers for the year were: President, Bobby Skouseng Vice- president, Don Pew, Secretary, Jim Vidanog treas- urer, Oscar Montgomery, and Reporter, Eugene Glonts. Nineteen new members were initiated at a par- ty in the Ag. room and shop of the school. The exhibition on Home Beautification won se- cond prize for the members at the State Fair , Also won were six first prizes, eight second priz- es, and two third prizes from farm mechanics and field crop exhibits. Eleven spray units for parasitic extermina- tion were bought. Also purchased cooperatively were 1200 chicks and two tons of feed. The F. F, A. Field Day at Tucson, which was sponsored by the Agriculture Department' of the University of Arizona, had a record attendance. Members add teams received two gold awards, two silver awards, and four bronze awards. The gold awards were won by Jim Vidano and the Agronomy team. ' The student's enterprizes consisted of one thousand two hundred chicks Cfryersb , thirty-nine animals, fifteen swine, one dairy cow, fifty-three acres of cotton, five acres of alfalfa, ten acres of maize and two hundred and ten acres of barley. The approximate value of these enterprises is 812,125. Coolidge High School salutes Mr. Elmo Jenson and the Future Farmers of America, Congratula- tions for such a successful year! Ita 4- gg -Q A -W ,L,, i .X N, N 5,3 Q X ur'-N we :Q- . ... .......?' ""...... J.. F X.. ....... .,... :.' ,... ' W' T 2 3 -.H ......."""' .... 2... .. Q' 'E ,... 2 sm WL. 1 3 -' Q ...,..""' ' Q if--A Q ., W ,.....'i"' ,....,.,. ... .,..,,,,, i vs! QMK 7 .1 ,. iw-'. ,Q -an fn mg., an-an an fm .1 -v-an Q nuns an-o -can-u .-man woman mam NIH!!! 1 - u u-, uf '52 nw wr Q-W... annum --1-Q --an-an ..--Q fi C mm' Ill!!! mm Q-M v-1 5 1 - if B M Q! nm ' f. ,, ab " '.+ fi? - ,f ff - ff' ' Af' j V I ,V K , :wp Y X! .. l sa,-or ' -' 13" V',..f" -,1 C -3' ., I, ' . 'if'-::'-' ,Z 'ein gl? I W ' V ,ff ,qt A n f ' Thzilannual staff , with Mr. Garrison as a sor, had a very successful year. The only social affair vas the annual Cernitil-Gornstfdn dwnoe Qivefllarrh 15, E' purpose of raising funds iiB"f'M9.i6l!fP't-his tissue' of' 'me yweiduaw' ' :,-,111 YL, K vm M gal The staff is as follows: Editor-in-chief . . . . . . . AssiSHH5EE"Ediif'to!5L af 4 O Busids ' . . Sporifgaigtgfl B4 . AssislE'ifi5QEdit'Q?4 " o . . . Featuiii"Edf'55YL . . . . Seniorfieiiesexitative . . Junidl' A' 'tive . . Sep , Silgtative. . . Fremn ?'iie?r2s'6'hte+tive O ik, l ll l e 0 Club Enid Organization Editor. . . Artmitborgesepuoeeee ee 1 o e e e 5 e e e FQFDTADOOQOII-ee lelegelit . . . Elinor Clark . a .fwinmxy Vidano Rd! Lee Horton A. Montgomery e e e 'George Acton GK llellexander e e V Wh1tQkCr . . '1'Vera Sellers Carolsine Alexander . lkniond Campbell . . A lhdge Dixon . Mildred Merrill . . . Osoar Bueno ' ' ' 'Cleats Photograpmr . . . . . . . I . . . Joe Baker, mr' lheinnan Stenciling and Mimeographing. . . . . . spOnS0reeeeeoeeeeeeeee 41" ' 5' . Comercial Classes e 0 0 e 0 he Garrison o,,,.1F,df,.f6! s- mw4:44':J" The 'Beer Track's" staff was ehosenifroniqmoiig the mem- bers of the Speech Class at the beginning of with Mr Anderson as sponsor. The staff is as follows: e -0 e e s e e e 0 e e 0 e Ass5.stagW . A, Exchange Editor . Home Ec. Editor , , Art Editor . . . . . Business Manager . . . Reporters: Gloria Kenvorthy Ava Belle Williams Ray Hanks Eula Mae Miles Betty June Clark Jack Whitaker Harold Kleinman Billie Tllclhllan 1 Hedge glean Ray QQ. T ' 111 e l l1UOk ,,, lhdgebixon . . Rosemary Davison . , . Edna Veany Buddy ull? Douglas Molhxen Francis Kykendall Rosa Lee Horton Bette Burnsido Alfred Brshaer Florence Bradley Stencilers and Mimeographers . . Shorthand II and Typing II Advisor.................., Mnlnnderaon 1 wa, 9 The Junior Play this year was entitled 'The Groom 'Said No," a three act comedy. It was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience. CAST' Mother clmeronepeeeool eestqmfy Lou wf c onf...l. CllOll. Patty Cameron... ... .... .Barbara Spooner Virgie Cameron..... .....a..lhana Srurgein S073 c8llSI'0neaeoeoe o oeeeeeoeenuddy Kyser I IQ oeeoeeoe etevera lhry Alice Ca11ister.... ......Jaekfe Iles Mrs. '5orenson.......... .....I'Ie1en Wuertz Edsmithcoeoeeeoeeanaeoe eeeeeuelson Gammon Ltg Q Q- Q Q Q Q Q Q g g QAUM llr. Anderson Directed and Lecla Barringtcn acted-as Prompter. Ray Hanks took charge of stage properties. I Tae Glee Club, consisting of twenty-six girls had an active program providing entertainment for civic organizations, and also participating in the Spring Concert and Music Festival. 'fhey ended a very successful year by singing aH3onmenoement, 'hey ole much to Ilr. Shane, their director, for his patience and cooperation. ff? X256 1-, li' . INA' may-It i , .CQ 5 , rl 1 ,Q 1 fi -fifj Liz! . eq -5' off ..' A' N 'Q Q . 4- , yfwf H' aff' A . yy-,nlqffi ws- .sm-an Nw frown xw new vm, 43 Nbr-sis UWNZHS -so-mana:-n QM- ,- ewvwwk Yup ,f""7 ,gfjy-'ul 'A .. The Future Homemakers of Coolidge High School had a very successful year under the direction of Mrs. .Addington. The initation of Sixteen new members started off the year. The girls sold pop and hot dogs at all the basketball games and made costumes for the pageant given by the band. The highlight of the year, the Mother-Daughter Banquet, was given March 22, with the WTop Hatn theme carried out in the decorations. There the girls modeled the clothes they had made during the year, and canning, and also displayed their minature house. Other social events during the year were a Thanksgiving dinner for the Mothers, and a combined F. F. A. and F. H. A. steak fry held at Signal Peak. Regular meetings were held every second Friday of each month. OFFICERS President . . . . . . . . . . Elinor Clark Vice-President, , , , , , Nedra Ray Secretary . . . . . . . . . . Mary Irwin Treasurer , , , , , , Mary Appel Historian . . . . Billie Van Grman Parlamentarian . . . . Mary Jo Bites Song Leader . . . . Gloria Kenworthy Reporter. . . . . . Madge Dixon Delegates . . , . Helen Wuertz Edna Veazey Sponsor , , . . M s. Addington 34? . v .' 1 ' ' 1 ' , , , - "i3.. -Sir, T A' x . T, , xl -, ,M .1 QA .,..f--N, Y- ' .-'- - - -, -' QQL Am- 5: ff 'Sf 'I ' ,, , " f . fi - 5,1'gaT'QL , A ., ,W , iw' 'mi smhihnliillhitakxli 4lQ.'4li!!Hf!ff!'k 'md' fm mm ,fs-was if 1-ima sm! vietnam :wer J .R in- ilu ,AQQQQT mil 'IVE marsh .mn :nam .fs :arm WMM fel 4, in Q 5 as A Q if Q Url! l 45114 lfigrl il 4Q Ql':l' QL .3 ill' 1 any o Q w 10 i6 Qv-Wd v in 1 4 .v 4 '1'f.,s.,ffa y1. ni, lflub gg 9 ' ' I 0- if I+' f -f is 5-, if M -1 an Q i'n 5stff15 o c f6f :y Vi? V Q V. M ij! iV'l.l if-l'.1,1 I my ir in wo .0 9 Q tuna-ns if A n Q a Q .X 2 0f a,n 'n 'aaasiuasvasooaud " ",? ! ' +V' 1' 1 1 U Q1 If tv--0 li www N--V--V ww ww- Y---V y - F-1---v-Y--V -1 .. X-Mggn 1--r ,V .vw 'ef' :ll . x 5 1, 1 , K . .X sg ,AW E X ' mm .k 'hu K. X 2 5. ff, of Wm W i 1,1 4' .SF . h 5 .- T Sm. -i -. fy sfgiqg xx-it , S., , Sf' I 2 .. 1 8551 as W A ,R ,R My -k,V ,INK .. .. f K ,AQ-X . - V ,, 1 A, ' , .- . A L- X -gi. -Q , A , I T A Q Q H N S' ,vw N , :X X is qu , + v N xr Q' , ,Q Q " Qxxgxig Jaw S 'Qs' QE. 'LT if f 5-'ASK af Eur wma 33? as .1 . , .. T :-1 - ,- vi K 5- - ., . Kpxiwxg-+4 u.5.-7. ., 2 - ML- ,f:t.- ,xv . . 7 X , f - ff- Q . L f wi-2 f .7 ' we- -M -- Q. .-sn. , W ,fa--::t'--w '--:kfa Wf 51.,p ,a .,Q: M an-. ,A ' 4-wil? ,ffgk5':xs,Efi ., : L ., .1".f"f'-i'fl:.f1E'1Q?.1f 35" +4 -1 kijfigf ' :ww :se I f Q if 'I 5 ' 1 I ' ff" 'xsl- R Xt I "Rf K' . k.Xx'- KX Un 1 we ' px xf ' 2:-gs ,f - wsu 1 . 5:1 T41 gf X1 ,ff ,' M 'f-15,5 xy-fx X ,,' uk 'Q if, '-' 'I . X ' xp f lt x xg - :E-5 x!s f' gfx- .W MQ -' 'X x sf . 211 ' La., + 511 IQ -Av 3 if N 1 ?"N7'f'wWU23-W5 ,f 1 'le E 'fTf::S,. - -Y X ,M ' ' ' 1 ' Q ,iggbg X x. fini 1, X rii If Eg: kj , 4 r ,Q vi 1 ' A-f ,,.-A. ,, , x X . - I xx x ef 1 , . ' GLX! , X. U' Xl F, 1' --1 I 1.1 I I If , P"'f,f'if l,Qi X X ! A f' . P ..",f ll I. if :A ,fl ' ' wx Elk i , "fi, I f 'I F . K ...-f-"M .-'Zxx l' 1 n ,! f f I : , ----W'jj1,---ff' , Q 'K J ,if iff! I .".:g-ll 'I ' MMM- 4, ,' X is .W- E .fb ! X 4 '4:Qli-ll 'lggpx 'l'f'1 4 -ff-19. H I ' . if - , ' 4 f ' f X 5, hai' Y ff' EN' A Q ,,l,, ' uf Y n A , .. 1, 'Ar ,grim I X i.. 5 X L ' Q ff' N .' 10 If , ,I .A-i ,434 X ,f if f if 7 :-am A - . . .' ' I Y! 4'j'IA1Z I4 15?-itfmnr fgxizrf , .1 gl X I by iff!!! . " if 1 .1 -'Q- - 5,:.1fe?Z' pf If if 42 9 5 - u F n ? E s 5 v. 5 E E E : e 4 5 E E k 5 s 5 5 F i 5 i E 9 I I 1 5 R ! 5 S L B 1 5 E I 1 . E I I E E E E 5 e Z E The second annual Carnival and Coronation was a great success. It was held on Friday, March 14. The entertainment for the evening was provid- ed by side shows, boxing matches, motion pictures, and a bathing beauty contest was located in the hall, with game booths, dancing, fortune telling, bingo, and the throne of the King and Queen in the Sym' ll II ll Side shows featured, The Hunan Organ , Favor ite Comics Characters" and motion picture comedies which were presented in the classrooms adjoining the hall. Staff members and students operated The high these events. Game booths in the gym operated by students P1'0V9d 120 have "A land office" business, and also there was a long line at the Fortune Telling booth where Mrs. Wm. Knight was reading hand writing. Bingo was patronized by older people who were much satisfied with the nice prizes offered. light of the evening came at ll:O0 o'clock when the candidates for King and Queen marched to the throne. George Acton and Gloria Kbnworthy led the march followed by Bobby Skousen and Joann MbEuen, Dale Griffin and Audrey Lattin. Mr. Taylor announced the election winners. Bobby Skousen was presented the crown of the King and Gloria Kenworthy received that of Queen. Congratulations for the success of the Carni val go to Mr. Garrison for his untiring work and to those students and faculty members who partici- pated. Wade Watson was carnival manager. GLORIA KENWORTHY . . . . . . . . Queen BOBBY SKOUSEN . . . King .... H Q0 .A ., , - ,f 4: ig'-J v ni President . . . . . . . . . Madge Dixon Vice-President . . Billie Van Ormsn Secretary . . . . . . . Nedra Ray Sponsor . . . . Miss Miller Barbara Spoonerv Bennie Boone Gladys McA1exander Melvin Mirkin Dorothy Nafziger Elinor Clark Helen Wuertz Rosa Lee Horton Nadine McCleery . Eddie Schell Jimmie Vidano The Honor Society started off the year with only five members left in school, the other Charter Members having graduated. During the second semes- ter ten new members were initiated. Membership in the Society is based on Charac- ter, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service. Juniors and Seniors with a scholarship average of 2.5 or above are eligible to membership. Another require- ment is participation in at least three different activities. Miss Miller is sponsor of the local Chapter. 5 r 5 F 5 F y E F 2 2 F 5 e 5 F E 5 ! I E E I I a E E E a E P E i E E 5 i F E E 4 'rx W' k ,.' fn Si E si! . . :Q 'Y 4 5' 5 .s Q Q f , 1 MWQM 'I Ax f Sw f ' sg n Q , A Um ,fsf -xg: M., 55- , 1 u A , tk ,I . E- ' K 5" xx W f , -gif V EEZ? 'YN' f' 7 .'?f'?Vl'i 7:34 nf way, 'EW . .q w Q, - I XE? , h.. Q " n. 1- 'T' 4-I' .' fr W ' 'K .5 'Vw W4 f. Q31 E+ ug, 1 mx.: W 'C' ' N gg Q -av' tw 45225 ' 1 'Sag wr his MQW :A H W W ,ai 1- , ,'L- P, V 1 - iw my ifbffifai? I L, , i AQ--3' Wgiygfmikff- , " ff 5153.1 -:la 'A f-.u,'.P5'2"'fsxz5H . as f-ff! 342535-dfyy, 5 fax 2.2, .- g ':x'i1if' 1 9ra?'?ff: f S, Q.. Y' + ...way 21? ' g .,7k,a , U A :.n,,r 1 J .f ' X Ce 7.61 ' ,g.g. -. Q J! I - x 'Q 5 f .Q , ze! ' X ' y , 'Q -O .X xr H Q' f f 439 1 'X . - : '- - , , :N 'N f 'x : ' X ' . , , . ' .X In' 5 i"x"'5v' .- V I WY' 'i""""- . . V .ff X N. I, x .: 1' f 1. ww-f A .., V .' - 'X fx' 'QL .wi ,- '- N: r 1 AX 2 M f af My f f I X '- "' ---' C3 Ax!-K'-LXXYX I' TT.::-- 5 X ,X Tix I 9 . .. -.Z 1 ky , K 3. I xx , it ""J I , xx . ' 'N - ' ' 1 . . P, XZ I' ,S-:IL V' 'Of XX-' 3 X f xx I I 1 . f.. - , 1, " A" ' fy- fx I f f ' xx K ,Q X P 5 jk," ' ,lx X- . '- . ,Q,l'j:'q: ! "J: 2 1 f .IW nl - I " ' 'I -fur.. .. . 'QE' E ' Q A if , ' S f X X f f ,' ' 'N' - 'WZ rr. Q, ! K - I' I' S-1--nf" """"""""" I A"' f , D 'f'Ng, . " -. ..Lfw 'H I K A HS I' - . ' ' - - ' .':'Z':wJ 'A A . J S fT'JTx::, ' 5 1 , ,J MJ --2--L3 "-ff. ... QMQ 1: - t: ' 'K , f rw- V ff X 'swf . , 5 , NE IE If XJ :f?1'f- X' Q lp: V' ' 9 r 1 X f A - 5 I . qx , 4 XX .... ...hug M :ir-U 2 'I Sli l. + ' - . . y V, J - ' . .A - ,. QQ" 'ff' q 5. ' -lj1ff.,.7' .V 'I'-'like-L ' -' . U - lQx.:j,.,, rf CC.. , X mt f,-' ., 'l.H," 91 jg-30' A YS P gi 4 511 sly, .X umm 7 rv, ,n-.VN 1 . X v-V V. C1 .1 , fig? . ,S A .1 HL w p 1 - , 1 y . ' :V I ' x .M 1 'V "fp ' ,i--Hu .A ,lair ff' ,H 5. ,V . - W, VVNV. ki Kit .h. X Y J' V, '-'.. gt f , , A .,. . Y A, " . , ' . fx, ' .f V M , ,fy I -We. W 1.4 . K, V f , , ,- . Y. ' f A X. , . .- ' ,, .f.e'5',, 5' ' V , . f . V --5, 215- 1 . fl .. '- 'QA' K' ' ' ,V . A , h 3. F ,.-, . . A , .f - V r x .t 'X' Vi:3.L'f,, ,W - Q A K ,,,: V-wav , 'K ' - f . NL. F,-2 . :HJ Mg, I 5 I S: It . ,f .V:,l4. J. sf, ., . ,4 ,- -, .2 , .-1, ,' ' , 1 ., , ,X , lsjrx' 5. ,'A.4 I , A . .if - . t -, . .gughx ' 1 ' iii-',, , .J- .4 , , , V 1 gy.. ,V V ' X 1 nf: 'F ., 'M k, Ji, NM' .. N N , k , rf. n 1,1 ff, . . , . 415, V -' V- 4 jk . V ..' vil lh fixilruf KA Q. KX. V Y . V ,- .M .,.:. A,f-,,.,..V A Wu ' V A Y ' gin. L 1,k L X lu ,ku,.',,A, -V ,,, 5 - A V ,gfrjr di-3 1 . . X M.. W V45 .4 V.- A ' ' -Tn- .ig Z be WI I gf w - 4 .4 Vw .',, x g , ,,, .,A. , Y- 4 X N a -1 4 ,.J , I , 1 i f ff A '. 1 J - i 'tf'f:,4Q.....f"fiff yu P 4 M' Pennie without Larry Elinor getting in a mad rush Nadine not taking up for Indge Dot N. weighing 10 more pounds Miss Soots not keeping somebody after school Marion B. not giggling Jim V. not speaking Evelyn A. walking without a swing Jr. N. not flirting with the girls Betty June Clark getting her shorthand in on time Worth Bartlet being solomn Lafon Busbee not laughing out loud Bonnie Rsbinson not being a lady Francene Lovelace not being reserved Dorothy Blalock not teasing somebody lwry Appel not pinching somebody Rav Hanks agreeing with evervbodff Doug ITcEuen not drawing fantn stio picture, Lnry Lou Dobson not being the laugh of the crowd Edna not flirting with the underclassmen Duane not carrying the torch for Helen Donna not having crushes on the boys that she goes with Doris Hammon and Lois Rogers not being together Joe and nPerkn not being good athigbeg Rosemary and Gloria not being nCardsn Susie Jordan withrut a good figure Houston Netherlani-Without his derby! The boys wanting to leave Miss McKale's class nNoeu in a pair of levis Martha Ayer not being so tall Jack Vjhitaker not being nice to everybody The Juniors being quiet . Miss Miller not having an attractive bulletin board September October November December January February YQ? on A 4, 5 School Opened 13 1' reshman Receptton 20 First Football game- Ajo there 26 Amphitheater there 4 Tempe here 8 Assembly ll Superior here 18 Florence here 19 End of first 6 weeks 25 Chandler there 1 Buckeye here 8 Nogales here 15 Casa Grande there 26 Home Ec. Club Pot Luck 30 All Star Game ' 30 End of second 6 weeks 4 First Basketball game Marana here . 6 Ray there 10 Gilbert here ll Assembly Happy Holly 13 Ray there 13 Hayden there lg F. F. A. party l Tempe there 23 to Jan.6 Christmas vacation 10 Chandler there ll Hayden here 15 Florence there lg Casa Grande here l Superior here 20 Assembly Bobo Majic 22 Gilbert here 24 Mesa there 25 Ajo there End of Semester , 29 marana there 30 Jr. play 7 Chandler here ll Picture Tom Browns School Days 12 Florence here F. F. H. A. Valentine Party 14 Casa Grande there 20, 21, 22 District Tournment 2g F.H.A. and F. F. A. Steak Fry 2 First Baseball Game Casa Grande there March April May W- Y. -- Y Y, Y, V we we Y , , .. ,wr , , Psalms Assembly Major the Dog Sophomore party Music Program Carnival Hayden here District Oratorial Contest Casa Grande here Superior here Music concert Ray here Junior Kid day F.F.A. field day Superior there Easter Florence here Assembly Mississippian's Valley Conference Florence there Letterman's initztion Nat. Honor Society initation Florence, Casa Grande and Coolidge Music concert Prom Music Concert Speech Play Sophomore return Senior Ditch Day School ends E u E : E E E e 2 E s s s r F 5 E F I i I I F 3 S 5 i : v E ! ! 5 r E E i E QW I x J ag- ., .1 ,fi,:i w 5 ' iff? bf' K i E Sak J WS? N!! Wifi' - ,X , , 6 kkr- . 3 Q - Li Ah- Q . . ::, Q W ti ., - at V s A x ,Q '- 1' F 1 , K E QF L 'L L 1 M 1 , Q .ff 4 A . I . , www N qi, l , . ,J-IW 1 Q 5 EP I Yfffffuww-.3 1 ,Es J' W 5 KX - 0 1 . 1 ' . Agn - 2 . a -. . , K J H . . I iv' ,sr ' -LXR ' 1 I H -, 1, Q A MT:f'T1fl'N-LN: ,A "3 -S g K 'Q We J-X ' 5 ' X ' 55? li 1 -as 'A Q E W -. ' . ' .,., A gl X ' ' 3 Q z Q LW ,ifflelsm . . ' , 'L 1- .V Q 'H' Y I iq- -gn :Gul INK X Q 2 33" Q' W ' gs ,W . so - f ,A:, iiyk ,. iY .,:V yn ff- .- k ,Qb - ..'N ' ' U- 77 M! 41 .' . - If , I Q . L i i V, 1 in Eg 5 A WT " 1- 'A . . - fi an I iyti 7 A 7 I fl - ' R "': -9' L .. " S B xi H n a '- "' ft' s Q25 .1 nw? 'if 1 '1 Q '53 X ss 51- K 1. M 5 V , 'P , is I QQ ' Y . iz., Q W. fin L Y. 4, A by -Q '1 Ziiffik I " lf? f 1 5, J .-J' Jhlywivj 'i?Q,7,44.4-'1f'7-"' fi' fy Life is a game with a glorious prize If only we play it right. It is give ard take, build and break, Aid often it ends in a fight. But he surely wins who honestly tries, Regardless of realth or fame. He can never despair who plays it fair-- Say! How are you playing the game? Do you wilt and whine if you fail to win In the manner you think your due? Do you sneer at the man in case that he can, And does, do better than you? Get into the thick of it--wade in, you! whatever your cherished goelg Brace up your will till your pulses thrill, And you dare--to your very soul! Do something more than make a noiseg Let your purpose leap into flame As you ,lu ge 'ith a cry, NI shall do or dieln Then you will be playing the game. 4-1 1 Velda Abbott-.Working in Coolidge Tom Adamo--University of Arizona Helen Anderson--Going to school in California Olivia Barrios--Married living in Coolidge Jimmie Davis--Army Air Corp Milton Burroughs--Working in the bank at Casa Grande Betty Corbett--Working in Prescott lhrilyn Elsberry--Working in Coolidge lhggie Fields--Tempe State College Sue Kyser--Living in Coolidge Mack lIoEuen--United States Army Frank Mauldin--University of Arizona Betty Ruth Moody--Arizona State College, Flagstaff lhrgie Neighbors--Junior College, lfhngun., Oklahoma Mary Ellen Rose-Married living in Coolidge Curtis Shaw--Working in California Vance Taylor-QUnlversity of Arizona Bill. Ware-.United States Army Tommy Wolfe--Married living in Coolidge Vera Wilson--Valley National Bank f. Ns if NW. v ,...1-'W M W Ezgg s v , - - .1 ,a .gig I - Q V' a 1 1- .Ly . , , A 1 J :M r A 'Q Wm x ' K W 4 IS - , H x-1:6 vi :EY gi, r..,,.v:.,,- 3 T84 4 M vb?-s Wd: wr Q f Q if R 'M 732+ vw KU' ' it 'I'H 4 my JR Q1 M 1 sw w . ' K-fgiijkif' L . 5-' 'A 1- rf jk - .4-m n T 1-: Qu i A .1 X X 1 ffaigwifigfffv fifffa f5?1f iw- w .Jil 0 N R -. Q .,.. , P' ., M A-1-sw .nf E,-.-,,.,f-,. . . ,. 1. .-Q W 1'- ,. ,, ., f K5 we if 55' . ... u f. 'HM - ..,k gg. 'E "" Q .Qi-iv , ' T " -Q wywwfwi"P f . W 5 fuss? wyfwsw wV,LA R Q gi JA A ' Q., : , Q? Q ilk M sf! A-QA V ' ' Ep ' K , sn ,.-'X' f - -....,Q' vfm M. iff' ,,, .nw 1 , I K ' . , E .r K ., f , X 1 Y' I 'lfhfs 1? , I A .4 it w ,' V A W . u 2-ja - I K Pl' x U X I X f.": X f ' ' 1 ' F ii . 4 1 ' A I I 1 .rx -Q, I X ' f .. -. wi. 53' ' Q r K L ' -My, 'L ' ' . 2' . ' , - ' - "aj-J , ,rf-Q!! Q : 7" Sig V Vf .. 1 , ' X ,ji-5263 f ' s I 'Q 1' . . N" f i n?,,l,i-1: r A ' ' X ' V gf i 1 'L 'X ' ' K 5. .1 N ,X .Vg-fV 33 . 1 "K" Vg n . I 4, H4 nfl ,Wg 59' ' 'J' A - 11 x fy, . 'Xvr i X ' fain Q . x y 51324 ..s. ,M ,J 1 i x r - N ' ' . I I Q ff. g , f - f X . ,, , -N , r I i ,, f s J . . 4

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