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f-5 ,.,... ...A-1 4 52 Q ,JA , i 1 ' Af 'HH 1 I V I ., I 1 , , 5 , Q' S- ' 11 . 5 ,.' 5 ' x gl l K ', 1 . Ar' KT I qr x A . F , . Aixfhf I 4' J .1 X Vp.,-5f:f',"r ' A+ . - ' ' ,ws "xg . -"1 I 'ex sp X , ,, -..--in-an-1 -M-,..qpZ 1.-.m if -R' in 'il ,fl 1 s ,v',' 'W 9-lg , . R., J Q. V 'N INN.. .V . pin, .V 1-9 ' ffl: buff .N 'w 4'.x?"il fd: .2 Q 'wif 335 , Q f!-J . ' '--Q ,, M MCL , V- v M L. ,, vin' .H . 1' if cuss g, 'Y I ' s fd 53 if fe fi? Mi sf-' -2 K , 5' 'f' A ' :. 33? il . es' M1 F' fa' - P2 ' I! gg, E? A11 my aj- ', M iff' 1-sw ?Q 4 ' ' ilA f , Q.: ..-.1 gwu. sim if "W' ww- EEL 5, n". v -J o 23,414 14? I W' 1 , W4 V xx ,, r , 1' A ' , . L, . 'A' ' X I ' xf,,,...........xm , f 434, ...... 4. -W W W M, ,, Q 1 N 21 , , J' 2 1- ' fm ' " 3 . 1' 1,15'51 -W! , +41 5 Y- 5 5 ,Xiu a ,.- 1 9 ' .,' '21 . , ,QW 1 .N A 'fi 'V-Wg V " . N: H . 1 QP 1 1. Z- . ,, 1' M, M 1 S' '- r'-'- , M ,' fi: -1 11 3 " wp ' gh Q Q - A ' ' ff' 114 1 'Huff-".-in ' 1 9' 'Q id 'W , 1. ,Sf - - 1 .ez 1 W , - 1 1111 1 , ' 'Q -' ' 1 1 3 X Y U1 V 11, , - " -Egg: - , pw? A, , 1 K 1 1' XT' " V ' V Q , A Y 4 V 5 l 1 4.4 V V J ' ' - I A is 2 AA, J , , ., , -mv 1- 1 ' ar - X KH w , -F1 V w o 4 4 , ,U .5 Q vi" 1.1 M 1 z A RW 0 am,,Vg?mL .af , gi,-, , ' ' 1 1 ., W , ,N ,glf15V.s im., , -'Q , X in 4 E ll,y X I N ,x . , V, Q5 , , Q , f ' we-151' .1 Z ' W" ' ' 1 ' is 1 - ra, ' 1 M5 V - , V me ' ffwiggw ..A..12mKQj? , ' A I , .fx A 1 334- M fb f, , 1 L., , 15531. ,, W wi F , A' 'v s' 1.,fY?f +P +1 f , V N 45, f W , P -11 x 5 ff Q " 5 ,SL r! P 'V gi-,., 1 fl W1 V - 5' '1f.:.155?'- ff f 1, 1, , ff W' 4'??'iJ'X' ' . W - 1.4 , , Hifi , . P 5. 354 ,, 1. .X 4 W .1 ,Ligyi-5 ' fm X MAN A F" -' lv gf. W ,ft fr . ,1- -A F ,,,., R- " fwfv . ,, A 11,2 ", ii,J'w.g ., 1 -1 :'55w1'WM A , , 1 ,A - 'fMM -1 '- 'rj ' . iffy? 'V gg. . mfr , wg 1 , r , izmfdy ' 53, '95 , 1' ,Q 1 " 1,1 11 ,1 A ' fx '1 '1,V dJ'4'T?' ,bil , -13 - , M1 1 1974 ROCKETTE Volume XIX Conotton Valley High School Bowerston, Ohio Solitude 'fn A5555 1 . . . is cramming for tomorrow's test. I W" d gf y fb11 . . is enjoying the echoes of Q I Y Q 1 + . ., M-.. 1, H.. E . ,,1i1t:g:a?1gaz35Wx,,r 'L' 1241-'via-ali.. 1 . . . is spending time together between classes. the empty halls. . . . is trying to forget. . . . is thinking of coming events. U8 . . . is taking a nap. Solitude . . . is Christmas Eve. is feeling the pressure of the winning shot. . is remembering Homecoming . ff is reliving Saturday's game . DAVID PAUL YAGER CC1ass of "YD Weep, ye who sorrow for the dead, Thus breaking hearts their pain relieve: And graceful are the tears ye shed, And honored ye who grieve. The praise of those who sleep in earth, The pleasant memory of their worth, The hope to meet when life is past, Shall heal the tortured mind at last. William Cullen Bryant dn? ' gk -my-VL 1,'S,ifZX ,fs sw .gm The 1974 Rockette Staff is proud to dedicate this yearbook to Mrs. Virginia Allen. She, in past years, has contributed greatly to the Conotton Valley Schools. To her, we say thank you. . . is walking alone. . . . is daydreaming at school. is a moment of thought. . . . is the warmth of each other Solitude n . , W-!'fi:.n W, A - i at is waiting for him . Q! 1S starting a new day. 'Yum X 2 f' , 2 .X if Ss... Ma .J ,rf f ' wa' Q f v 1 1 : ., gi., g Y A ku ' I ily. , -T., ' Q, 911. SE ICJRS ..-N X X 11,5133 , X kN' .fi Sfikkxs A QF 5 i1,M3f?'ig '5"' L '- gm 1 fiv- XN k-xV-k, av... K 31 .,..., CLASS SONG: Summer Breeze CLASS COLORS: Light Blue Dark Blue CLASS FLOWER: Yellow Rose CLASS MOTTO: From a tiny spark may burst a mighty flame . This year's Seniors started the year with a very good financial status. The Seniors created an enthusiastic and well-planned Homecoming. They were disappointed , how- ever, when an epidemic of hepa titis delayed graduation for one week. Graduation included 43 Seniors - 23 girls and 20 boys. Senior Class Officers Robin Zantene, Secretary: Chuck Milliken, President: Renee Hudak, Vice-Presidentg Anna Tope, Treasurer. TAMARA IO BENTE BRUCE IAY HENRY KAREN SUE POTTS Tami: F.H.A. Club 1: leader: Reserve Basketball Cheerleader 2: Varsity Bas- ketball Cheerleader 3, 4: Football Cheerleader Cap- tain 4: Band 1, 2. 3: Choir 2, 3, 4: Majorette 3: Librarians' Club 2, 3, 4: Librarians' Club Secretary 4: Girls' Basketball 4: N.E.O.S.L.A. Treasurer 3, 4: B.O.E. Club 3: Play Crew 2. JOHN KARNS MARSHA LYNN DUNFEE LISA SALAPACK Bruce: Football 2: Football Manager 1: Wrestling 2: Journalism 3: Choir 1, 2, 3, 4: Boys' Trio 2: Boys' Quartet 3: Boys' Ensemble 3: Mixed Ensemble 3: Jazz Ensemble 4: Madrigal Choir 4: Student Council 4. Karen: Choir 1, 3, 4: B.O.E. Club 3, 4: B.O.E. Club Trea- surer 4: Office Worker 4. John: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Golf Team 2: F.C.A. 1, 2: Student Council 1: Homecoming Escort 1, 2, 3: Sweetheart Escort 3. Marsha: Freshman Basketball Cheerleader: Reserve Basketball Cheerleader 2: Varsity Basketball Cheerleader 3, 4: Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Yearbook Staff 2, 4: Beta Club 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Student Council 1: Choir 2, 3: Mixed Ensemble 3: Girls' Ensemble 3: Girls' Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Sweetheart Attend- ant 3: Majorette 1, 2, 3. Freshman Basketball Cheer- MARGIE ELLEN THOMPSON JOSEPH FINNICUM CAROLYN LUCILLE TITUS Margie: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Clarinet Choir 1, 3, Saxo- phone Ensemble 4g Stage Band 1, 2: Select Band 1, 2, 3, Band Librarian 3, Band Student Director 4g Ameri- canism Award 2, 3, County Americanism Award 25 Scholarship Team 1, 2, 39 Beta Club 2, 3, 45 Librari- ans' Club 3, 4: Pep Club 2, 3: Science Club 4. Lucille: Choir 1, 2: Beta S Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Beta Club Treasurer 4g B.O.E. Club 3, 45 Pep Club 25 Librari- ans' Club 1, 2g Office Worker 4. ROBIN ANNE LESTER Robin: Claymont 1g Student Council 2, 4, Beta Club 45 Homecoming Attendant 2, 4, Choir 4g Girls' Basketball 4g Student Council Secretary 4. Chuck: Basketball 3, 4. Patty: Band lg Pep Club 2: B.O.E. Club 3, 45 Beta Club 45 Office Worker 4. CHUCK POTTS PATRICIA BAKER RENBE MARIE HUDAK PERRY L. GREZLIK JAY VAUGHAN CARLA RENE'BALL x ,wp-ssl? NANCY L. BOOTH Renee: Class Treasurer 3: Class Vice-President 4g Beta Club 2, 3, 49 Pep Club 4g Football Cheerleader 49 Homecoming Queen 4: Bas- ketball Manager 4. Perry: Football 3, 4. Nancy: Choir 1, 2, 33 Girls' Duet 1, 2: Pep Club 1, 25 Yearbook Staff 29 Ameri- canism Achievement Award 2g Girls' Ensemble 1, 2: Beta Club 2, 8, 4: Beta Club Vice-President 44 B.O.E. Club 3, 4: B.O.E. Club President 4, Student Council 25 Bowling Team 2g Librar- ians' Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Librarians' Club Vice-President 34 Librarians' Club President 4: N.E.O.S.L.A. Vice-President 3: N.E.O. S.L.A . President 45 Librarian of the Year 2: Office Worker 4. CAROL COPELAND Jay: Basketball lg Football 1, 25 Golf Team 1, 2: F.C.A. 1, 2: Homecoming Escort 2. Carol: Freshman Basketball Cheerleaderg Band 1, 2, 3g Reserve Basketball Cheerleader 25 Varsity Basketball Cheer- leader 3 . Carla: Band 1, 2. Ex ,. 4 A , u O .1 L x 1 4 ,ff W fl 1 , 4 I 'x w m n Q ? '.....u X Q., P ' E . . , ,mn x , 1 'diff fi- 'zll -- I,. v QQ ! Q N, v 4 , 4 2 W' F K ,!. 631 4 15' ie, v J, ai? ll Rx .si xy Ll. ROBIN ZANTENE FRANK SAYRE JAMES L. PRICE Robin: Band 1, 2, 35 Choir 3, 45 Class Secretary 1, 45 Librar ians' Club 2, 3, 45 Girls' Basketball 45 Girls' Ensemble 45 F.H.A. 1, 25 B.O.E. Club 35 Science Club 4. Frank: Basketball Manager 1, 25 Choir 3, 45 Audio- Visual Club 4. Jim: Beta Club 3, 45 Sci- ence Club 45 Buckeye Boys' State 3. Tom: Football 1, 2, 35 Choir 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Biology Club 1. 2, 3. Dick: New Philadelphia 1, 25 Buckeye Boys' State 3. THOMAS SCOTT RICHARD HENRY IANICE RILEY Ann: Girls' Basketball 1, 2, 4: Choir 1, 2, 3, 4: Prom Attendant 3: Freshman Basketball Cheerleader: Biology Club 1: Varsity Basketball Cheerleader 3: Football Cheerleader 2, 3: Librarian 1: Student Council 1: Yearbook Staff 2, 3, 4: Yearbook Editor 4: Beta Club 4: Beta Club Secretary 4: Homecoming Attendant 4. Patti: Class Secretary 2, 3: Yearbook Staff 2: Beta Club 2, 3: B.O.E. Club 3: B.O.E. Club Treasurer 3: Girls' Basketball 3. Cliff: F.C.A. 1: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 3: Home- coming Escort 2: Wrestling 2. Jean: Librarian 1, 2: Choir 1, 2: Office Worker 4: B.O.E. Club 3' ANN ELLEN FEDAsz Jay: Wrestling 2 . Anna Marie: Pep Club 2: Student Council 3: Choir 3 , 4: Homecoming Attendant 3: Class Vice-President 1: Girls' Basketball 3: G.A.A. 3: Class Treasurer 4: B.O.E. Club 3, 4: Office Worker 4. PATTI IO BOOTH CLIFF TOPE JEAN SIMLER JAY BROWN ANNA MARIE TOPE Tina: Girls' Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. 3, 45 G.A.A. President 35 Choir 3, 45 Track 15 Retro-Rocket Staff 4. Marty: Choir 1, 2, 3, 45 All-Ohio Youth Choir 4: Student Council 2, 3 , 45 Jazz Ensemble 45 Madrigal Choir 45 Ensem- bles 2, 3, 45 Beta Club 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3: Clarinet Choir 2, 35 Who's Who Among American High School Students 35 Americanism Award 35 Select Band 2, 35 Yearbook 2, 3, 49 Yearbook Editor 2, 3, 4. Roxanne: Pep Club 15 Choir 2, 4. Girls' Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Prom Attendant 35 Mixed Ensemble 35 Class Vice- President 35 Class Treasurer 25 Homecoming Attendant 15 G.A.A. 3, 45 B.O.E. Club 45 Senior Girls' Ensemble 45 Science Club 4. si X 9 5 XX Shirley: Choir 1, 2, 3, 45 I ss TINA MARIE LEGGETT John: Football 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Council 3. Robin: Pep Club 25 Choir 2, 3: B.O.E. Club 3, 4. MARTIN LEE SHULTZ ROXANNE CADLE SHIRLEY JEAN COFFY JOHN CALDWELL ROBIN RAE RILEY SHAWN HERRON Shawn: Choir 1, 2, 3g Foot- ball 1g Mixed Ensemble 2. Chuck: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Football 1, 3: Football Statistician 2, 4g Class President 2, 3, 4: Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council President 3, 4: Beta Club 2, 3, 43 Beta Club President 4, F. C. A . lg Retro-Rocket Staff 4, Musical 4: National Sci- ence Foundation Scholar- ship 4: Choir 3, 4: Solo and Ensemble contest 1, 3, 4, Duet 3: Mixed Quartet 3 , 4g Ensembles 3: Madrigal Choir 4. Martha: Choir 1, 2, 3, 45 F.H.A. 1, 3, 4: Science Club 4. FRED BARNHOUSE CHARLES S. MILLIKEN MURRAY POUNDS MITCH ALSEPT MARTHA MAE COLE Shirley watches our last game. aww ,. 3555, Marty and Ann, Senior Editors, work on Rockette . ...W Robin enjoys a refreshing break. Anna orders her Senior pictures. Just think . . . my last year Senior Class Prophecy "Hi Marty, I thought I would never find your room. " "Well Ann , I was hoping someone would come and tell me about our classmates and the reunion. After all, it has been ten years since graduation. " "I wasn't sure what was wrong with you, so I asked at the reception desk. LUCILLE TITUS was there and she said you had a brain tumor. How are you feeling?" "Okay I guess, but when I got here I wasn't sure I would be. My doctor is SHAWN HERRON and my brain surgeon is FRED BARNHOUSE. Can you believe it? How was the reunion?" "The first person I saw was RENEE HUDAK . She said that she is now the manager for the New'York Knickerbockers, and that MITCH ALSEPT is their starting center. "PATTY BAKER is now a cover model in Paris and TAMI BENTE is her hair-dres- ser. Margie Thompson does her make-up and TOM SCOTT is her agent. "Of course , there are always a few who stay around the school. JOHN CALDWELL is now the principal: and his secretary, NANCY BOOTH , must be quite busy, for I understand that she is also librarian at the school. The new home ec . teacher is MARTHA COLE , and the janitor is JANICE RILEY . "Anna Tope had an interesting story. She and CLIFF are co-owners of Tope's Rootbeer Stand. CHUCK POTTS is head car-hop and Anna said that ROBIN LESTER and PATTI BOOTH are very regular customers. "SHIRLEY COFFY is the owner of the plantation which is the chief supplier for the Maxwell House Co . JIM PRICE is her head farmer and JAY BROWN keeps her equip- ment in tip-top shape . ' 'I was quite disappointed in the over-all turn-out of the reunion, but the high- light of the evening was CHUCK MILLIKEN streaking through the room . Due to his grotesque mask, the only positive identification was his laugh. "Oh by the way, you'll never guess who was driving my taxi here today, FRANK SAYRE. He told me that he had been talking to MURRAY POUNDS at his Playboy Club. Murray's two head bunnies are LISA SALAPACK and CARLA BALL. "Gee Marty, I bet it's costing you a bundle to stay here . " "No, not really, I have a pretty good insurance company. It's called "Henry Sc Henry Insurance Co. , " owned by DICK HENRY and BRUCE HENRY. " "On my way up, the elevator stopped at the maternity floor and I thought I rec- ognized the nurse, so I got off. Sure enough, it was ROBIN RILEY. She was showing a baby to JOHN KARNS. He told me that he and MARSHA DUNFEE finally tied the knot and settled down to a family. Have there been many people in to see you?" "Not really, but ROXANNE CADLE was in and told me about her problems as a housewife . Also I had a visit from the director of the hospital, PERRY GREZLIK . I was shocked. The head nurse, JEAN SIMLER came with him. I see ROBIN ZANTENE quite often, as she is the cleaning lady on this floor. "Oh yea , TINA LEGGETT was in but not to see me . She wrecked her car and was in the emergency room . "JAY VAUGHAN came up to see me. He was in a police uniform, and he said he had brought in JOE FINNICUM who had been shot robbing a bank. I asked him if he and CAROL COPELAND were married. He told me they were and that she stays home worrying about his being on the force . "Well Marty, I guess I had better go. Can I do anything before I leave?" "Yea , how about turning on the television. " "Okay - Qclickj - Hey look! There's that funny commercial about the pantyhose that never run. You might know that KAREN POTTS would be singing their theme song, 'Turtles Never Run. ' Well, I will go cook Rick's supper. Have a quick recovery and get out of here . " "Okay - Bye, Ann. Thanks for stopping by." --Ann Fedasz and Marty Shultz Senior Class Wills I, Mitch Alsept, will all of my old exams to any- one who is willing to pay what they are worth. I, Patty Baker, will all my old Government notes to Kathy Simlerg and my electric typewriter, to my sister, Carol. I, Carla Ball, will the ability to come to school straight and keep straight just until 3:10 to Mark Swonger. I, Fred Barnhouse, will my great driving skill to Mark Swongerg and a burned out light bulb, to Rick Smalley. I, Tami Bente, will to Mark Gilchrist, a jar of peanut butter: and to my brother Chris , at least 2 points a game in basketball. I, Nancy Booth, will to Brenda Booth the Gremlins from the libraryg and to Mrs. Gross, a doctor's certificate for the next time she goes to Nation- wide. I, Patti Booth, will to my sweet C73 Aunt Brenda my talent for doing nothing in shop and not get- ting caught. I, Jay Brown, will all my good little falcons to Scott Henry: and my ability to ride a bike, to Maggot. I, Roxanne Cadle, will myself to Rich Manbeckg and my good year of friendship with Marsha, to Kelly Nign, who needs it badly. I, John Caldwell, will my special driving skills to Terry Miller, and my New Year's resolution, to Sherrie Hudak. I, Carol Copeland, will to "The Pest" my ability to stay busy in shop class without doing anything. l, Martha Cole, being of sound mind and body, will to Miss Ross my cooking ability and my sense of timing. I, Shirley Coffy, will to Mr. Curry the Cleveland Browns Football team . I, Marsha Dunfee, will all my love to John Karnsg my nickname "underwear" to a certain sopho- more girl, and all my "Learn to Speak Spanish" bazooka comics, to Mr. McVey. I, Ann Fedasz, will to Cathy Masters one pair of suspenders to wear at basketball practice and one pack of band-aids. I, Joe Finnicum. will my ability to drive a stick- shift car to Betty Dobbins and my ability to get a deer, to Donnie Alsept. l, Perry Grezlik, will my "64" Chevelle and all its problems to Karen Browning: and to Mr. Fitz- water, steel hands. I, Bruce Henry, will my Super-Chevelle to Mark Swongerg a giant cigar to Miss Myersg my knowl- edge of music to "Rembrandt" Doberg and my ability to write Mr. McVey's name on a pass to Gerald Sanders. I, Shawn Herron, will to my brother, Toby, my boots: and to Kathy my mouse trap: and to Lori Gleitsman, my bugs. I, Renee Hudak, will to Doug Scott my Warlock's Curse, to Carl Causby, a Tic-Tac: to Jeff Elmore , Bozog and to Bill Potts, fermented grape juice. I, John Karns, will all my great hunting skills to Rod Cadleg and my nickname "Savage, " to Rocky Scott. I, Tina Leggett, will to Dianne Robinson an oxy- gen tank: to Dee Dee Hahn, the ability to go parking without getting bushwackedg to Peggy Rutledge , some spare time to catch up on her spare-time jokes, and to Marsha Dunfee, a pair of underwear. I, Robin Lester, will to Barb McBride , my ability to talk down a fight, to my kid sister Lori, my nose: and to Kevin Newell, my dog 'n suds ash- tray. I, Chuck Milliken, alias Charles Selby Dalton, III, will to Mrs. FitzPatrick, "a few little grue- somesg" and to Mr. Natoli, Chapters 8, 9, and 10 by the end of next six weeks. "Ah life has been sweet, but that will make 'going' . . . a little easier. " I, Chuck Potts, being of sound mind and body, will to my brother, William, a new Chang car: to my brother, Ray, a new pair of hoovesg and to Mr. McVey, my green Converse tennis shoes. I, Karen Potts, will to Mrs. Gross, my oldest, tackiest pair of jeans, to Chris Link, a plum tree: and to Mike Carrothers, my eternal love. I, lim Price, will my life on the farm to anyone who thinks they can hack it. I, Janice Riley, will my height to Dianne Robin- son: and my ability to graduate at an old age to David Wojcik. I, Robin Riley, will to Gretta Bowling, one pair of fingernail clippers and the ability to get along with my brother: and to Nancy Tope, one Daily Absentee Report every morning. I, Lisa Salapack, will to Mr. Fitzwater a bottle of Murine and a fire truck: to Mr. Graham, a piece of gum: and to Lori a new shirt. I, Frank Sayre , will my ability to eat fast to Tom Fish. I, Marty Shultz, will to Mr. Dober, a brake lin- ing for his luxury car. I, Jean Simler, will my great love of football to next year's football cheerleadersg and the New York lets, to Mr. Pore . I, Margie Thompson, will my ability to say "excuse me" after running into an inanimate object to Melinda Huntg and a Spanish dictionary to next year's Government class. I, Lucille Titus, will to Cindy Dorto and Kelly Nign my ability to catch and keep a many and to Mr. Pore, my favorable opinions on marriage. l, Anna Tope, will to Robert Fell, all my clean thoughtsg to Nadine Fish, a fishg and to my sister, Nancy, a new pair of glasses. - I, lay Vaughan, will to Doug Scott, my seat in eighth period study hall. I, Robin Zantene, will my nickname back to lay Yosick. WW-W ,.m4.w. 3 'T' 'Kg DERCLASSME I X - . , , , , Class Officers Jim Dalton. President: Carl Causby, Treasurer: Doug Scott, Vice-Presidentg Nita Leggett , Secretary Wendy Caldwell, Treasurer: Jenny Muth, Vice-President: Sherrie Hudak, President: Diane Robinson , Secretary Betty Walker, Treasurer: Karen Browning , Secretary: Chris Milliken, President: Ronnie Bowers, Vice-President Juniors Sophomores Freshmen ,vu Juniors Go On Selling Spree To Finance Prom Steve Acheson Denise Anderson Mark Angel Cindy Bache Brenda Booth Keith Bowling Sharon Browning Susie Carpenter -iw Carl Causby Bryan Cole Jim Dalton Tom Dalton Y-rv Ian Evans Steve Gartrell Dianna Gatz Mike Gilchrist . YW' Valerie Grimes Dee Dee Hahn Laura Henry Scott Henry f-A , ' ,,., . Iuniors l Nellie Bake and Gary Dunfee talk over the gas shortage . Juniors display selling items. Melinda Hunt Sharon Kniceley June Latimer Linda Lawrence Brian Leggett Nita Leggett Bob Leggett Chris Link Cathy Masters Joni McCauley I eff McGuire Britt Riley George Romig Peggy Rutledge Gerald Sanders Doug Scott Austin Sell Kathy Sirnler Rick Smalley Amy Smith Kathy Specht Mark Swonger Joyce Tripp Jay Yosick Sophomores Bnghten School Wlth Flower Day Donnie Alsept Carol Baker Wendy Caldwell Keri Colin Paige Cotter Art Devaul Betty Dobbins Jeanie Elifritz Jeff Elmore Torn Fish 5-rj xx A Phil Gooding Lynn Hamill James Heaston John Householder Sherrie Hudak Kathy Hunt Debbie Langenfeld Beverly McGill Gaylnn Meek Terry Miller Joe Moughiman Jenny Muth Kelly Nign Mark Palmer Janet Pearch Bill Potts Brenda Reynolds Dianne Robinson Barb McBride Wayne Shuss Sophomores f Paul Slutz I eff Warner Jerry Wh1I6h31I Sheree Zantene it Jeff looks for a rebound. Kathy Zurcher WI Jane , Barb, and Cindy work together to finish project. WW i I Q Vickie disgustingly corrects typing errors. 'eu 1. V, was Lori and Kathy slave through typing class. Keri hems a skirt Freshman Class Treasury Grows Prom Bake Sale Brenda searches for paper. Vickie puts up a new bulletin board . Carla Arbogast Dana Baer Angel Best Ronnie Bowers Karen Browning Tim Carroll Mike Carrothers Rhonda Cole Louise Cottis Mickey Cottis Christy Craft Allen Daugherty Cindy Dorto Mark Gilchrist Tammy Grezlik Valinda Grimes Lenny Harstine Harold Hawkins Darla Henry Noel Herron Tom Hoffman Brenda Householder Bill Imes Jimmy Knight Monica Kolat Pam Langenfeld Sharon Lee Rick Leggett Dennis Limron Beth Link Freshmen David West, David Shull, Charles DeWalt, and Denny Lim- ron discuss the "Out of Order" candy machine. Louise practices a recorder. Greg McCartney Susan McCullough Chris Milliken Randy Moreland Debbie Moughirnan Gene Moyer Laurie Nardi Kevin Neidig Kevin Newell Randy Robinson 'Q- Doug Sanders 'Hx-f 5 Q T Q4 5 Freshmen prepare for first performance in Senior Choir Levi Saylor Carl Scott Terry Scott Tony Scott Bill Shank Vickie Shultz Randy Shuss Brenda Slutz Linette Slutz Mandy Standiford Nancy Tope Benny Vought Betty Walker Kenny Watt Randy Weir David Wojcik Mark watches Tami play their favorite song. I Eg' V,k I . A typical day in the library finds Juniors hard at work. r,h, J e I ,.:tA, M, - Anna goes through another dis- Doug relaxes while he works. gusting day of Phys. Ed. .jf . Kelly uses her free time to write a letter. Mr. Graham and Randy seem very interested in something. I .s,s,.,,W, 37 Shawn shows how easy lifting weights is . . - ,J,- , t l f fin .sen .. .. k l K' . , 3 . I . . . 7 f ' .. ,.. f. , -e- III Q . 'E' .- . 1 S "l . rg: 1 M .IV I jr S .3 -...M My 3.1.7. H... gikf Joyce and Chuck have fun with the Air Force recruiter. A 5 . 32 ' 5 . ADMINISTRATIG ...ah ' a A K ax' .fJi"213,..T""' a"""-Q-. ,,. F"W Superintendent MR. JAMES CAMPBELL Board Cf Education SEATED: Dr. Kenneth Lloyd, Presidentg Mr. Oney Anderson, Vice-Pres ident. STANDING: Mr. Lester Stearns, Mr. George McCullough, Mr. Gene Willoughby. Principal MR. JOHN EVANS ,du-M Librarian ,L QLL 1 MRS. MAXINE PRICE MR. FRANK MASTERS Instrumental Music MR. JIM GALIGHER Industrial Arts Auto Mechanics MISS ROBERTA ROSS Family Living Home Economics MR. ALLAN DOBER Vocal Music r.....f hub. ,ww gif, RM' ' ,,f' 'mummy - ,. .,s. X S if ,F . ,thi ii, kt.. 1 yr ,xi Q: kg . .? KS' X ,Q Q fs. . 3 5 2 Y , ji : 1 . am 7 5153. bw -.sf-Q ,, .. -X V -P - if i:4 .f .,, 3 is . .1., .,.b ,.. as Mak 1 fi' 'f, ,W Y SPIE ' 1 ,. 1 V .E 'wa ng 4 V ff yspo 1 -gggig lv. 1. MRS. IAYNE HUEBNER Girls' Health and Physical Education Business Math Psychology and Sociology 2. MR. JAMES GROSS Science Physical Education 3. MR. ANTHONY NATOLI Math Science Chemistry 4. MR. JOHN PORE Business Office Education MR. JIM BIELESKI Math Drivers' Education MR. GREG NEWELL History Civics and Business Law Consumer Economics MRS. ELSIE WARNER Home Economics History MR. BOB FITZWATER Science Industrial Arts X , . ,k.. Lg.. 5 r-l""'f - if .Ke I 1 L f 1 I 1 pi a L ALI MR. GREG CURRY English MISS CHRISTINA MYERS English MR. DAVID GRAHAM Boys' Health and Physical Education MRS . SHIRLEY FITZPATRICK English Art Latin MRS . VELMA GROSS Business Office Education 'Qilrfw a I-IAPPENINGS l E L.A. , 2 fi Prom - '73 The 1973 Junior! Senior Prom was held on April 27 , 1973, at the Holiday Inn in New Philadel- phia. The main event of the evening was the crowning of the 1973 King and Queen. Denny Newell, 1972 King, crowned the new King, Carl Kutcher, and tl'1e new Queen, Cindy Copeland. eng, rf' .ft-I FRONT ROW: Carl Kutcher and Cindy Copeland. SECOND ROW: Jim Dalton, Shirley Coffy, Doug Scott, Pam Zimmerman, Martha Cole, Fred Ruwardi, Ann Fedasz and Rick Cummings. 1. Shirley Coffy and Anna Tope handed out the Senior gifts. 2. The Senior Wills were read by Carol Manbeck. 3. Colleen Hudak read the Class Prophesy. 4. Doug Conrad, the Senior Class President, thanked the Juniors for the outstanding Prom. 5. Chuck Milliken, Junior Class President, welcomed the Sen- iors. 'Sw me in rffqk v .,, . BA 4' V K N BN- V K km. ggi At' xr 1973 Seniors discuss the program. 2 e 3 i L A A knee injury confined them to a The music was provided by "Junction. " COIIICI . v f V Michelle Wallace and date "A Promise is Forever. " arrive at the Prom. pw . ,. V Ye is --,r ,Q ,,X, ",,' Everyone was anxious to sit down to a meal of stuffed pork chops ala ,I ,J VAVV xAEV 4 fi' N ,QV Nrrf or WW K K+? i lm 4 Colleen Hudak delivers her salu- tatorian address . Graduation - 73 z F 'Mig V :Qi to 1 Lee Ann Causby was valedictorian of Bill Lloyd sang "The Trumpet Shall Sound . ' ' Robbie thinks about his future. Yivaik . 1 1 ., - . gf 2 4 5 L E, ,ig W ,,,,,,, u Y V2-1 if Ti - is , aiu -,YQ j:y,f,f,g lfi an f, V f ,N .f V W W -m i -U y .1 ve ' 4 Misfit' it ,nga , ,i N E YW iris 4 f i ' ai 5 WWK - :'f+ww :zn- , -1: mm! . ,'..t. ,,i1 . , F.. f , . 13,1 V s wma: A, the 1973 graduating class. 'li Becky Hunt had the honors of leading in the girls. 56 I F Performing in the band for the last time . 15,3 , Something to work for. .. Q N., . nge f fa . Jw -.- N - , T ,fs .',. 1 ,fi , 1 ok olloeooe fiat for 'A' e "M f 'Y Q A W, , . RU' W nn M Preparing for the ceremonies . The 1973 Senior Class l 1 -1 Mr. Evans presents special awards to the eleven top students in the class. ,. Wm.: .. ' A serious pose prior to the ceremonies! Nancy Pearch receives her diploma from the school board President. , R ' Mike Shepperson leads his fellow seniors into the gym . Seniors receive last minute instructions. I 'Mk 1 :wiht I The Benediction was given by Rev. Ralph Chambers. Graduation can be a sad occa sion . N1 'Q fs.- , 9. 5.1, ii -all .. Q ki Steve arrives at the school for A diploma is something to be proud of . graduation ceremonies. 4, Q' ff 1 . 4 U vo' ! v If 4 X4 ,iz CC 'fu - ,ual . '75 Nl Z 3, .4512 Homecoming '73 Queen and Court 1973 QUEEN Renee Hudak SENIOR ATTENDANT Robin Lester SENIOR ATTENDANT Ann Fedasz JUNIOR ATTENDANT Nita Leggett SOPHOMORE ATTENDANT Sherrie Hudak E Ribs, '5:?5Q1.gib .fi l i fzf aff:-,-r, 3 Q., vsdafwe :rfb 3 - Q W 'f ji-Q I , P' S,-2Q.QQ'ff'W .A rf ' 5 aw, aff ?f'.-1:4 ' 'lf I. ' f52,.":i"' ff' 'Q .t.e E - -A t-sm - .fm j.:.f . ,t w ., W, ,.f FRESHMAN ATTENDANT Nancy Tope EIGHTH GRADE ATTENDAN T Lori Gleitsman SEVENTH GRADE ATTENDANT Sharon Baer 1972 QUEEN Debbie Potts 2 Un., , - .-. 8 V s 3 35573 04 '- . ,, 9 4, S..Y.f I 1. The queen and her court enjoyed the ceremonies although the game was rather slushy. 2. Our queen, Renee, kept on smiling, keeping her crown dry. 3. Peggy enjoyed the evening's activities, and also dancing to the music of Buckwheat. 4. Mike and Brenda were one of the many couples who enjoyed the closeness of a slow dance. 5. Some couples just enjoyed being together. 6 . As you can see, the dance was a great success. 7. Bobby and Jay discuss the course of events, along with the latest jokes . ? Homecoming There was a record attendance that evening. W Joyce and John enjoyed the dance . It must have been funny. ,Lk , 'x Together . . . again. Jay and Carol Mike and Parry Sweetheart Dance 1974 91 S1 f Bryan and Susie John and Marsha John and Sherrie Chuck and Robin Valentine Sweethearts John Caldwell, Sherrie Hudak, Carol Copeland, Jay Vaughan, John Karns, Marsha Dunfee, Chuck Potts, Robin Lester, Patty Haines, Mike Gilchrist. SEATED: Bryan Cole and Susie McCullough. Bryan blushes as he crowns his sweetheart. Everyone enjoyed dancing to the music of Spyce . A striking pose by Mrs. Huebner and hubby. A tender moment. A delightful dance. Jim Dalton welcomed everyone to the Prom. Marty Shultz read the Senior Class Prophecy. Prom '74 Amy Smith passed out senior gifts to all seniors , including Perry Grez- lik. if I qs S f , 51 7 ' .Wi , Nr-nf' ku. il' Q 3 w ' ' '-f- ., Chuck Milliken thanked the lun- ior class for the evening's festivi- ties. The Senior Class Wills were read by Ann Fedasz . and Rhonda, Roxanne and Rich, Don and Susie, and Joni and Bryan the location, the Delphian Inn. .-w 'K Romig and Kathy Specht took an evening stroll before joining the June Latimer enjoyed the music by "Ho11ywood. " Prom Royalty SEATED: Chuck Milliken, Anna Marie Tope. STANDING: Bryan Cole, Joni McCauley, Mike Shepperson, Shir ley Coffy, Tom Dalton, Nita Leggett, Ann Fedasz, Rick Cummings, Chris Tedrick, Gary Tedrick. '74 King And '74 Prince And '73 King And Queen Princess Queen KING: Chuck Milliken PRINCE: Tom Dalton KING: Carl Kutcher QUEEN: Anna Marie Tope PRINCESS: Nita Leggett QUEEN: Cindy Copeland Senior Attendants Ann Fedasz Shirley Coffy Escort - Rick Cummings Escort - Mike Shepperson Junior Attendants Joni McCauley Chris Tedrick Escort - Bryan Cole Escort - Gary Tedrick Chuck and Anna Marie dance together during the dance for the royalty. N- H 4. D ,7'1s' N 1 Y' , ,J - I Rv N ' 3" ve- J, K 4'3- x' 'Q Patty fixes Iim's boutonniere before going in. Gerald and Brenda enjoy the meal of ham, green beans, baked potato, tossed salad , and cream pie . N -dp.: V' , . cry, X 6951 V Y, U X. I F-Jiikl-0 mm 7 - . 7 if .ix K K A v "eff 1 7 ' 5 , WF' 'fri' 3 ar , -2.519 ' 5- , 1 f t., ,fn 45 sg f, 1 ..', ' -25'-"' Anna Marie, 1974 queen, is Nita Leggett, 1974 princess, is crowned by Cindy Copeland, crowned by 1973 queen-. 1973 queen. Graduation - 1974 Q. Murray Pounds is congratulated by Mr. Evans. Margie Thompson was the class salutatorian . The future was discussed before Commencement. Chuck Milliken was the C1355 Class advisors presented the Seniors with their class flower. valedictorian . The Seniors perform for the last time with the high school choir. Everyone was proud of their achievements. Marty Shultz crosses the stage to receive his diploma . Patti Booth straightens her mor- tarboard . Mitch Alsept receives his flower from Mrs. Gross. Jay Vaughan receives his dip- loma from Dr. Kenneth Lloyd Concert Band RW er 2 M f by -5 I., A i raee BAND OFFICERS: Marsha Dunfee, President: Karen Browning, Valerie Grimes , Vice-President . Secretary: STUDENT DIRECTOR Margie Thompson Christmas Concert '73 . f The Concert got off to an unusual start with a Christmas play by various members of the high school choir. The Junior High and High School Choirs presented many Christmas songs. Nita Leggett depicted the part of a child and sang "You're all I want for Christmas." I i Dee Dee Hahn sang the solo ' 'Blue Christmas . ' ' The Ballad Of Brawn M1chael Wi' On April 5th and 6th, 1974 the Conotton Valley Music Depart- ment presented "The Ballad of Brawn Michael." After many long hours of work, the show was a great success. Portraying the part of the min- strel was Gerald Sanders while Peggy Rutledge was a hit as "Meg the Crone. " Chuck Milliken starred as Brawn Michael Dawson, as Tom Fish acted the part of Doc Flana- gan and Dee Dee Hahn had the opposite role as Lehna , a young witch who wanted to become mortal. Nita Leggett portrayed Molly Flanagan, the town sweetheart. Doc Flanagan hand wrestles Brawn Michael as the townspeople watch. June Latimer and Tim Carroll played Pots and Pans, the dueling duo. Toby Herron was sensational as Zachary Muldoon. Brawn Michael The pit band practices for the big night. Kathy Specht makes up Peggy A I0m3I1IiC ITIOITICHI Rutledge, who portrays the part of Meg the Crone. Spring Concert The Sr. High Choir sang seven numbers. P Tim Carroll and Ian Evans sang 5-gi, "People." The concert band filled the air with music. Senior Choir members received flowers . "Green Beret" was sung by Chuck Milliken and Gerald San ders . Madrigal Choir FRONT ROW: Jan Evans, Dee Dee Hahn, Joyce Tripp, Brenda Booth, Peggy Rutledge, Nita Leggett. ROW TWO: Steve Acheson, Bruce Henry, Kevin Newell, Chuck Milliken, Tim Carroll, Marty Shultz, Tom Fish. STUDENT DIRECTOR: ALL-OHIO YOUTH CHOIR: ACCOMPANISTS: Joyce Tripp Marty Shultz Joyce Tripp, Tim Carroll High School Choir im - .. . H , ., ,.. .vw .. ,.. .wev-i-rv. F, .-- , - 11. 1 I , 4, :E tk.k RONT ROW: Joyce Tripp, Dee Dee Hahn, Peggy Rutledge, Nita Leggett, Jan Evans, Cindy Bache, Bob Leg- ett. ROW TWO: Keith Bowling, Brian Leggett, Kathy Specht, Valerie Grimes, Brenda Booth, Melinda Hunt, enise Anderson. ROW THREE: Karen Potts, Shirley Coffy, Ann Fedasz, Marty Shultz, Gerald Sanders, Bruce enry, Steve Acheson, Martha Cole, Tami Bente. CLUBS BUSINESS MANAGERS: Peggy Rutledge and Joyce Tripp. R e , Marsha goes to work. xo v 1974 ROCKETTE EDITORS: Ann Fedasz and Marty Shultz. x ' ,,,.. .95 M LAYOUT STAFF: Melinda Hunt, Dee Dee Hahn, Joyce Tripp, Marty Shultz, Marsha Dunfee, Peggy Rutledge, and Ann Fedasz Yearbook Staff ADVISOR: Mrs. Velma Gross SPORTS STAFF: Janet Pearch, Brian Leggett, Nita Leggett, and Jerry Whitehair. K . J' Joyce prepares a final copy. SOPHOMORE EDITOR: Janet Pearch JUNIOR EDITOR: Brian Leggett The regular classroom look on '50's day. hh. , Vicki Hursey makes a pretty pic- ture on 50's day. '95" x,,. , , W .W,,..W..N. ,, W5MWH?W53l!PWM? ' M ,Wt if The typing students spend some time concentrating on their typing . Wayne and Donnie enjoy their work in mechanical drawing. The annual staff is hard at work as Nita talks to Brian. Retro-Rocket Staff 2 R if S3 1- TAFF: FRONT ROW: Laura Bush, Lori Baxter, Lori Lester, Carol Baker, FRONT ROW: Jim Dalton, Busi- .huck Milliken. ROW 2: Brenda Booth, Nancy Booth, Kathy Specht, ness Managerg Brian Leggett, elinda Hunt. ROW 3: Robin Riley, Valerie Grimes, Karen Potts, Brian Editor. ROW 2: Brenda Booth and ggett. ROW 4: Mr. John Pore, Anna Tope, Jim Dalton. Kathy Specht, Assistant Editors. Audio- :f Visual Club FRONT ROW: Jeff McGuire, Frank Sayre, Jan Yosick, Roy Slentz. ROW 2: Mr. Greg Newell, Jerry Whitehair, Waldon Leggett, Denny Jones. ROW 3: Doug Scott, John Caldwell, Jay Yosick. ROW 4: James Heaston, John Clatterbuck, Mark Palmer, 3 Lenny Harstine. ROW 5: Kevin Newell. Student Council FRONT ROW: Mr. John McVey, Chuck Milliken, Robin Lester, Cathy Masters, James Heaston, Jenny Muth, Carol Baker, Tami Bente, Keri Colin, Sherrie Hudak, Sherry Beamer. ROW 2: Greg Limron, Carl Householder Steve Tope, Ron Host, Joel Milliken, Jeff Leatherman, Ed Wilson, Jan Yosick, Mandy Standiford, Sara Mil- liken. ROW 3: Kathy Specht, Marty Shultz, Jim Dalton, Jerry Whitehair, Kevin Newell, Tom Dalton, Chris Milliken, Bruce Henry, Steve Gartrell, Mark Gilchrist, Tim Carroll, Brian Leggett. 'Taps W R32 midi 11 . M, img T, H Beta Club FRONT ROW: Nancy Booth, Chuck Milliken, Ann Fedasz, Miss Christina Myers. ROW 2: Melinda Hunt, lan Evans, Peggy Rutledge, Amy Smith. ROW 3: Margie Thompson, Tami Bente, Patty Baker, Carol Baker. ROW 4: Cathy Masters, Chris Tedrick, Jenny Muth, Sherrie Hudak. ROW 5: Kelly Nign, Dee Dee Hahn, Joyce Tripp, Valerie Grimes, Kathy Specht. ROW 6: Jim Dal- ton, Marsha Dunfee, Robin Les- ter, Nita Leggett, Dianna Gatz. ROW 7: Marty Shultz, Phil Good- ing, Brian Leggett, Jim Price, Mark Angel. R Mike gets a candy bar to satisfy Renee helps Lori with Latin. Posters decorate the halls of hunger . C.V. F.H.A. , E f v-.. f dll , .... W-'Z FRONT ROW: Linda Lawrenceg Susie Carpenter: Barb McBride: Laura Henry: Betty Dobbins. ROW 2: Martha Coleg Susan Barnhouseg Shelly Hideyg Diane Lawrenceg Beverly McGill: Advisor, Miss Roberta Ross. ROW 3: Angel Best: Keri Coling Wendy Caldwellg Debbie Langenfeldg Dianna Gatzg Monica Kolatg Brenda Reynoldsg Darla Henryg Pam Langenfeld. Librarians ff 2255 FRONT ROW: Robin Zanteneg Debbie Langenfeldg Denise Andersong Keri Coling Erma Burkhart. ROW 2: Tami Benteg Margie Thompsong Nancy Boothg Melinda Huntg Wendy Caldwell: Paige Cotter: Susie Carpenterg Brenda Boothg Beverly McGillg Dianna Gatzg Advisor, Mrs. Maxine Price. Pep Club Cotter, Carol Baker, Dee Dee Hahn, Tami Bente, Malfsha Dunfee, Peg Rutledge, Jan Evans, Joyce Tripp. ROKW 3: Brenda Householder, Vickie Shultz, Dana Baer, Karen Browning, Louise Cottis, Betty Walker, Linnette Slutz, Cindy Zantene. ROW 4: Sherry Limron, Meri Cottis, Hallie Dempster, Janie Rutledge, Cheryl Penick, Gayle Henry, Marianne Thompson, Michelle Decker, Nadine Fish, Lori Lester. ROW 5: Carla Norris, Doris Cotter, Kathy Goodwin, Terry Mullins, Barb Hoffman, Brenda Bowers, Marian Dobbins, Rhonda Cole, Susan McCullough, Debbie Langenfeld, Christy Craft. ROW 6: Sara Milliken, Tina Galigher, Kim Cole, Debbie Moughiman, Valinda Grimes, Shelly Hidey, Tina Leggett, Kelly Nign, Janet Pearch. ROW 7: Barb McBride, Keri Colin, Meri Colin, Lisa Kinsey, Sharon Baer, Jenny Nardi, Suzanne Barnhouse, Patti Smalley. ROW 8: Shawn Chambers, Ronnie Bowers, Carl Householder, Steve Walker, Jeff Leatherman, Rod Cadle. B.0.E. Club FRONT ROW: Kathy Simler, Jan Evans, Peggy Rutledge, Mr. John Pore. ROW 2: Amy Smith, Nita Leggett, June Latimer, Dee Dee Hahn, Kathy Specht. ROW 3: Sharon Kniceley, Karen Potts, Robin Riley, Sharon Browning, Anna Tope. ROW 4: Joyce Tripp, Nancy Booth, Patty Baker, Shir- ley Coffy. - A Q , .,,. - H ,1.. Sis i ,: V' ... 1 ' ' 94 SPQRTS aff' X 'Q W ,,.,, JH 1973 Golf Team Bob Leggett, Steve Gartrell, Brian Leggett, Robbie Robinson, Jay Yosick, Jerry Whitehair. Coach Jay Yosick takes some practice swings before teeing off. - - Mr. James Gross Jerry Whitehair washes his golf ball on the first tee. Record C . V . Opponent 0 Garaway 28 15 Strasburg 41 '7 Carrollton CRes.J 8 0 Jewett-Scio 40 12 Steubenville C . C . 28 6 Buckeye West 36 6 Wintersville CRes.j 12 22 New Philadelphia 26 16 Glouster 34 The fans support the team even in the pouring rain. p Varsity Football Team FRONT ROW: Mike Gilchrist, John Karns, John Caldwell, Doug Scott, Cliff Tope, Jay Yosick, Mark Gilchrist ROW 2: Art DeVau1 , Kevin Neidig, Chris Milliken, Jim Dalton, Tim Carroll, Tom Dalton, Ronnie Bower, Dennis Limron, Mike Carrothers. ROW 3: Tony Scott, Lenny Harstine, Bill Potts, Joe Moughiman, George Romig, Jeff Elmore, Mickey Cottis, Keith Bowling, Bryan Cole. Doug Scott gains yardage . Jay Yosick throws a pass over defending I -S Vikings Coach assists a player in need . Cliff Tope runs for another C . V. touchdown. ame made the football hard to Cliff Tope scores a touchdown for C. V . ghe rain at the homecoming andle . Quarterback, Jay Yosick, looks for a receiver. Football Coaches Coach Graham discusses Mr. John McVeyg Mr. Robert Fitzwaterg Mr. David Graham, Head Coach: Mr. Greg Curry. Managers strategy . Statisticians Chuck Milliken and Phil Waldon Leggett, Mike Carrothers, Joe Gilchrist. Gooding . Senior Players I 5 P Y r ONT ROW: Tami Bente, Renee Hudak, Dianne Robinson. ROW 2: GO ROCKETS GO! ige Cotter, Sherrie Hudak, Amy Smith. FRONT ROW: Tami Bente, Peggy Rutledge, Shirley Coffy, Louise Cottis, Tina Leggett, Nita Leggett, Brenda Householder, Robin Zantene, June Latimer. ROW 2: Debbie Moughiman, Vickie Shultz, Janet Pearch, Dianne Robinson, Valinda Grimes, Marsha Dunfee, Cathy Masters, Ann Fedasz. C . V . Opponent 37 Caraway 43 42 Carrollton 35 38 Hiland 52 37 I. V. South 39 28 Tusky Valley 46 48 Newcomerstown 31 51 Carrollton 41 53 Jewett-Scio 18 57 Strasburg 32 57 Lakeland 19 COACHES: Miss Jane Sheridan and Mrs. Jayne Huebner. Girls' Basketball ,.4p"'1n SENIOR PLAYERS: Tina Leggett, Shirley Coffy, Tami Bente, Robin Zantene, Ann Fedasz, Marsha Dunfee. STATISTICIANS AND MANAGERS: Joyce Tripp, Barb McBride, Craft, Keri Colin. Varsity Team FRONT ROW: John Householder, Jeff Elmore, Chuck Milliken, Chuck Potts, John Karns, Jeff McGuire, John Caldwell, Gerald Sanders, lay Yosick, Mike Gilchrist, Tony Scott, Bob Leggett, Coach: James Gross. The Rocket fans show their pride as CV scares Garaway in Sectional Tournament. Rockets get last minute instructions from Coach Gross. Record C . V . Opponent 77 Lakeland 74 58 Hiland 59 78 Madison 32 69 Jewett-Scio 65 57 I. V. South 61 92 St. Edwards 57 74 Tusky Valley 60 68 Buckeye West 77 72 Madison 63 83 I. V. North 78 82 Buckeye North 58 77 Jewett-Scio 72 93 Ridgewood 101 59 Lakeland 58 108 St. Edwards 55 88 Malvern 79 58 Buckeye North 59 76 Buckeye West 107 SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT 49 Garaway 54 Coach Gross keeps everything RESERVE COACH: David Graham under control . VARSITY COACH: STATISTICIANS: Amy Smith, Denise Anderson, June Larimer, and Brenda Booth. James Gross MANAGERS: Bryan Cole, Jerry Whitehair, Renee Hudak, and Mike Carrothers. FM . ' yum' . -"fyf::fss.:2:,'-' ' .V . 1 av: ' ' I A -L f 'mi' 7:12 mfg?" U, .. w ::zf2:,,i"'2"azfd . ., . . ,,. f , . f . - L. , V -, ,--f-,,..i ....,f1,1-fimzl , X- A. 1-.-fl.-tt--.wane QQQ .. , , ,. .. .. X ,, H. ,.., .. 1 ,--1:-- , , ,f,, ,,, 7 - f- - f.:ff:Q,,1 Q 1 .. ih. , rfexil, Nr i ARSITY CHEERLEADERS: TOP TO BOTTOM: Marsha Dunfee, Captaing ami Benteg Nita Leggett: Peggy Rutledgeg Jan Evansg and Joyce Tripp. SENIOR PLAYERS: John Karns. Chuck Potts, John Caldwell, and Chuck Milliken. Reserve Team Mr. David Graham, Coachg Alan Daugherty: John Householderg Mark Gilchristg James Heastong Jeff McGuire: Jeff Elmore: Phil Goodingg Mike Gilchristg Tony Scott: Kevin Neidigg and Randy Robinson. Freshman Team ' ' ,"' ffff T K 7 ,.-' 3 ' K ' b-'- if . 'V L' , W. ' ' V11 ' i Mr. Greg Newell, Coachg Randy Robinsong Dennis Limrong Kevin Neidigg Tim Germang Alan Daugherty: Kevin Newellg Mark Gilchristg Tom Hoffmang Ronnie Bowersg and Randy Weir. C W i 1 R M ' it i 1 Crowd watches the Reserves in action. Phil Gooding fights for rebound in Reserve game against Lakeland . Freshman Cheerleaders an wil an at R ,, C, Louise Cottisg Karen Browningg Betty Walkerg Dana Baer, Captain: Vickie Shultz: and Brenda Householder. Reserve Cheerleaders FRONT TO BACK: Carol Baker: Paige Cotter: Sherrie Hudakg Dee Dee Hahn, Captain: Dianne Rob- inson. ff-' Greg McCartney jumps high to secure the ball for the Rockets. , --,, . Jay Yosick scores two for the Rockets against the Lakeland The Varsity cheerleaders root the Rockets onto a victory. Raiders . v g 1 ' , ii' 'H n X QQ X' Chuck Milliken shoots against rival J -S . The fans await the team. Chalk up another one for C. V . awww Q' . The Varsity get psyched in the spotlight. Bob Leggett sinks a foul shot. pr -Z 44 ' ll.. .mn L John Caldwell takes the jump Happy fans after the team picks up a victory against Malvern. V s i 1974 Baseball Team FRONT ROW: Rocky Scottg Bill Pottsg Jeff Elmore: Jay Vaughang Bruce Henryg Mark Swongerg Tony Scott. ROW 2: Bill Imesg Kenny Wattg Kevin Neidigg Tim Carrollg Doug Sandersg Tom Hoffmang Tim Germany Lenny Har- stineg and Paige Cotter, Manager. Coach Record C . V. Opponent 2 I. V. North 1 1 Carrollton 13 6 Iewett-Scio 8 3 Malvern Res. 15 6 Malvern Res. 13 6 Hiland 19 2 Dover Res. 4 3 New Phila Res. 5 Mr . David Graham 1974 Golf Team P11615 ian Le Shull, Steve Gartrell, Jerry Whitehair, Jay Yosick, Phil Gooding, Robinson, Bob Leggett, and Brian Leggett. ggett gets ready to putt. Phil Gooding watches tee shot. Coach C.V 192 173 191 191 180 179 170 196 181 181 179 176 179 169 178 174 181 Mr. James Gross Record New Phila I. V. South Dover Hiland Claymont Carrollton I. V. North Cen. Cath. Hiland Tusky Valley I. V. South Dover New Phila Dover I. V. North Carrollton Claymont Opponent 167 190 159 155 178 181 184 174 166 183 193 156 165 145 181 172 187 Jerry Whitehair walks to the next tee . John Karns gets the tip against J- S . i ' f A-if i " Doug Scott carries the ball for John Karns drives to the basket the Rockets. Coach Graham gives instructions to Mike Gilchrist. I Q1 Crowd watches with enthusiasm. Phil Gooding chips onto the green. 2-4 Coach Graham watches action :A 'Wy ,0- ,, mm vf IUNICDR HIGH SEVENTH GRADE: President, Steve Topeg Vice-Rresident, Ed Wilsong Secretary, Rocky Scottg Treasurer, Kathy Slutz. Ed puts his study hall to good use. EIGHTH GRADE: President, Ron Hostg Vice-President, Bob Fell: Secre- tary, Jeff Copeland: Treasurer, Lori Lester. knees ., Debbie Walker is 17 years old and attends The Ohio School for the Deaf. Her favorite hobbies Darlo Io Roach is 12 years old attends Bellstone School in Can- ton. Her favorite hobby is paint- are swimming, painting, and ing. skatin. 1 History class for the Eighth Grade. More math questions for Mr. Belieski . Weight lifting was enjoyed by the junior high. Sara works hard . Eighth Grade Looks Forward to Promotion Debbie West, Marianne Thomp- son, and Becky Farnsworth watch Rod Cadle and Joe Green work out with W6igh1QS. Laura Anderson Bob Bartimus Lori Baxter Sherry Beamer Julie Berg Anna Brown Laura Bush Shawn Chambers Iohn Clatterbuck Jeff Copeland K 1-Q ANT' Tammy Cummings Jody Daugherty Hallie Dempster Bobby Dobbins Jimmy Elifritz Rick Elmore Bob Fell Nadine Fish Lori Gleitsman Kathy Goodwin Ronnie Grezlik Ed Herbert Shelly Hidey Barb Hoffman Ronnie Host Joe Kerr Rod Lake Jeff Leatherman Lori Lester Joel Milliken Eighth Grade Jenny and Shelley cut out paper for a project. Tammy ponders on her art pro- ject. Steve Walker Karen West Jan Yosick Kenny McCauley Jenny Nardi Ray Potts Jane Rutledge John Rutledge Carl Sanders Connie Slutz Marianne Thompson Seventh Grade Is Lar est Ever! Ed Arbogast Sharon Baer Dennis Bake Nancy Baker John Ball Suzanne Barnhouse Ed Baxter Roger Bell Chris Bente Brenda Bower Ronald Buckey Barbara Causby Ellen Coffy Kim Cole Meri Colin Doris Cotter Merri Cottis Michelle Decker Marian Dobbins Sherry Dunfee Seventh Grade Terry Longsworth, Jimmy Barn- house , and Brett Farnsworth stand in from of Kathy Pounds, Charles Thompson, and Brenda Hawkins. 'lst Jtnet rg Mary dances in Phys. Ed . Julie Elifritz Tina Galigher Chuck Gordon Joni Grezlik Rodney Hartline Brenda Hawkins Gayle Henry Toby Herron Kenny Holter Carl Householder X Sl 1 Nw- x w-.J x 5' 7 -Us ,-4 aight X .,. v Mx ,u Dennis Jones I on Jones Lisa Kinsey Mark Knight Kathleen Kolat Dianna Lawrence Waldon Leggett Gregg Limron Sherry Limron Doug Link Cheryl Linkowski Jim Linkowski Teri Linkowski James Mansfield Mary Meek Sara Milliken Terri Mullins Carla Norris Elaine Palmer David Patterson Cheryl Penick Mark Saylor Rocky Scott Roy Slentz Cathy Slutz Patty Smalley Roger Smith Larry Steiner Bryan Swonger Charles Thompson Sara practrces for concert X kiyab -4fX'P'T'n 4 Steve Tope Art Tripp Brad Walker Bob Warner Doug Warner Kirk Williams Kevin Willoughby Eddie Wilson Cindy Zantene Donald Zeger C . 5. 3 H551 L3 - Some seventh graders hard at work . Chris stops for a refreshing drink Iunior High Choir y FRONT ROW: Tina Galigher, Sherry Limron, Carla Norris, Jodi Daugherty, Laura Anderson, Barbara Hoffman, Hallie Dempster, Marianne Thompson, Brenda Bowers, Gayle Henry, Shelley Hidey, Sara Milliken, Kathy Goodwin, lane Rutledge, Laura Bush, Diane Lawrence, Terri Mullins, Michelle Decker, and Debbie West. ROW 2: Greg Limron, Waldon Leggett, Bob Warner, Cindy Zantene, Cathy Pounds, Sharon Baer, Kim Cole, Marian Dobbins, Meri Colin, Jenny Nardi, Lori Lester, Lori Gleitsman, Lori Baxter, Connie Slutz, Sherry Beamer, Nadine Fish, lon Jones, Kenny Holter, Toby Herron, and Rod Hartline. The sax quartet plays at the spring concert. Drummers pay close attention. Iunior High Football Team f Hare., ,. ...pnnr.... RONT ROW: Bob Dobbins: Steve Tope, Rod Hartlineg Ed Wilson: Rocky Scott: Joe Kerry Jon Ionesg Doug Linkg Manager, Waldon Leggett. ROW TWO: Rod Lakeg Ronnie Hostg Rod Cadleg Chris Benteg Jeff Leatherman: Gregg imrong Brad Walkerg Art Trippg Denny Jones. ROW THREE: Mr. Graharng Mr. Fitzwaterg John Ballg Shawn hambersg Joel Millikeng Ronnie Buckeyg Rick Elrnoreg Jan Yosickg Bob Fellg Steve Walkerg Carl Sandersg Mr. Curry. Junior High Football Cheerleaders LEFT TO RIGHT: Meri Cottis, Nadine Fish, Michelle Decker, Lori Lester, Sherrie Limron. 7 Ir. High Basketball Teams S Jr. High a aa C Cheerleaders Gayle Henry, Jane Rutledge, '7th GRADE: Carl Householder, Kevin Willoughby, Art Tripp, Roger Cheryl Penick, Cathy Slutz, Bell, Steve Tope, Rocky Scott. ROW TWO: Chris Bente, Brad Walker, Marianne Thompson, Hallie Ronnie Buckey, Roger Smith, Ed Wilson, Bob Warner, Brett Farnsworth Dempster. Gregg Limron. Bryan was a who dresse a arns ballet 1D physlcal The glI1S practlce thelr ballet in physical educauon """'l-ug Ron Grezlik and John Clatterbuck are hard at work. Joel Milliken takes break in shop class. Toby Herron enjoys 50's Day. Kathy Goodwin works on an art project. . i ff' If J Jim Elifritz lifts weights during Phys. Ed . Sherry Beamer and Hallie Dempster practice in Music Room. Lori Gleitsman learns a new dance in Phys. Ed. X GRADE SCI-IQQL E ,XZ W"""w 1 X ,,-f Recess is the time for a good game of baseball. A man to man talk on the tire 4. Schulz is a favorite of grade school children. Practicing for the PBA? Librarians A M ROW: Tom Bower, Kenny McGill, Gary Swaim, Mike Baer, Kevin Tripp, David Fell. ROW 2: Shawn Gary Thompson Teresa Arn Amy Albright Susan Pender Lee Ann McClain Billy Moyers Nata Tripp Rita Shuss Dee Dee Lake Jill Host Tammy Host Dodi Zeger ROW 3: Debbie Bell Melissa Evans Sheila Walker. TEACHER: Mrs. Albright Student Council Hang in there. FRONT ROW: Mr. Ring, Steve Rippeth, Tom Bower, Dick Milliken. ROW 2: Mike Baer, Gary Thompson, Mike McClain, Dee Dee Lake. Sherrodsville Kindergarten S-....... YJ f ga ,tad-'L 'X , ' "'---1: 'ir FRONT ROW: Zeke Pegg, Bill Buckey, Eric Sayre, Jackie Wrana, Cindy Minnear, Joe Baker. ROW 2: Buddy Cartwright, Doug Barrick, Bill Galigher, Anna Smith, Jim Wood, Laurie Leatherman, Ben Kerr. ROW 3: TEACHER: Mrs. Helen McConnell. HELPERS: Kathy Simler, Brenda Booth, and Amy Smith. Bowerston Kindergarten FRONT ROW: Gene Gilchrist, Sammy Bente, Lorri Lindsey, Frank Masters, Leland Gardner, Marion Kolat, Angie Nign. ROW 2: Raymond Bush, Shannon Kanouff, Chrissy Davy, Melanie Host, Stephanie Howes, Teresa Green. ROW 3: TEACHER: Mrs. Helen McConnell. HELPERS: Brenda Booth, Amy Smith, and Kathy Simler. f 'QB I i UM! Sherrodsville First Grade FRONT ROW: Darin Kearns, Shelly Beem, Howard Anno, Steven West. ROW 2: Tammy Philligs, Leigh Ann Bell, Cindy Bell, Coral Sell, Kelly Craig, Tammy Thomas. ROW 3: Susan Rippeth, David Sc wiger, Jimmy Riley, Eddie Meek, Howard Heaston, Lin Slutz, Bert Bryant, Jimmy Copeland, Roy Rodgers Shuss. ROW 4: Donna Boger, Tina Norris, Paul McGill. TEACHER: Mrs. Alice Tope. Sherrodsville Second Grade I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II I I I I gt I I I I I LEFT TO RIGHT: Jenny Causby, Matthew Jordon, Denise Decker, Rodney West, Natalie Strawn, Rod Moreland, Ernie Baxter, Tacy Rider, Greg Renicker, Jeanine Smith, Talifmy Buckey, Kathy Stratton. TEACHER: Mrs. Caroline Jones . Bowerston Second Grade FRONT ROW: Gary Kirkpatrick, Larry Kirkpatrick, Bobby Hidey, James Trushell. ROW 2: Thomas Riley, 13110- lyn Farnsworth, Teresa Garner, Tina Lightell, Barbara Bell, Missy Bonnell, Trace Stanovich. ROW 3: David McClain, Darren Willoughby, Quentin Carrothers, Larry Phillips, Johnny Muth, Kent Mason, Joel Gleitsman, Vince Berg. TEACHER: Mrs. Charlene Holloway. Sherrodsville Third Grade FRONT ROW: Tammy Jones, Carol Kerr, Tracy Cox, Stephanie Novak, Norma Moyer, Molly Smith, Terri Puskarich. ROW 2: Jackie Slutz, Amber Williams, Tawni Potts. ROW 3: Steve Cottis, Cameron Peterman, Tim Roy, Ronnie Riley, Jeff Myers, Beth Poulson, Tammy Hartline. TEACHER: Miss Bonnie Anderson. y Bowerston Third Grade FRONT ROW: Kevin Limron, Curt Pender, Jackie Enold, Craig Thompson, Steve Hawkins, Mike Evans, Tracy Schwiger, Sam Boger, Rhonda DeWalt, Kim Weir, Sherri Host. ROW 2: Deneen Zeger, Ed Milliken, Lori Bower, Cindy Mercer, David Boles, Bart Busby, Julie Bryant, Mary Ann Slutz, Tracy Bush, Kathleen Milliken. ROW 3: Ronnie Hartline, Craig Beem, Martha Bowers, George Scott, Jane Gilchrist, Vicky Phil- lips, Shelly Craig, Sam Decker, Steven Kearns, Rod Hunt. 40 Sherrodsville Fourth Grade I FRONT ROW: Jeff Elifritz, Sam Ball, Brian Standiford, Danny Tope, Doug Smalley, Arthur Fish. ROW 2: Bridget Milner, Peggy Herron, Frances Vittling, Karen Slutz, Bridget West, Cathy Knight, Brad McClain, Rus Cottis. ROW 3: Jeannie Buckey, Mary Tope, Jennifer Fedasz, Linda Daugherty, Susan Tope, Steve Smalley, Denise McGuire, Dawn Decker. TEACHER: Mrs. Beatrice Dunfee. Bowerston Fourth Grade FRONT ROW: Mary Householder, Susan Smith, Gayleen Zurcher, Susan Roberson, Gayle Bell, Patty Meek, Cindy DeWalt, Kelly Mason, Beth Webb. ROW 2: Steve Rippeth, Mike McClain, Sam Myers, Robbie Hunt, Dana Albright, Penny Norris, Michelle Arn. ROW 3: John Bell, John Magnus, Mike West, Todd Galigher, Robin Shuss. ROW 4: Alan: Davy, Teresa Hartline, Todd Beem, Jerry Kearns, Steve Roth, Joe Gilchrist, Jimmy Wat- son, George Farnsworth. TEACHER: Mrs. June Albright. Sherrodsville Fifth Grade FRONT ROW: Billy Cox, Mark Whitehair, Karen Watt, Michelle McCartney, Greg Rook. ROW 2: Mike Knight, Eddie Alsept, Mike Whitman, Craig Ryder, Jeff Neidig, Kenny Hoffman, Terri Novak, Tom Cottis Emil Colin, Chris Myers, Richard Mansfield. TEACHER: Mr. Dean Bruno. Bowerston Fifth Grade RONT ROW: David Householder, Jill Host, Natalie Tripp, Sheila Walker, Dee Dee Lake, Cindy Heaston, onya Decker, Connie Bell, Bob Gartrell, Brenda Vought, Anita Meek. ROW 2: Jimmy Green, Larry Boger. OW 3: Mike Baer, Ray Bell, Virginia Slentz, Christine Linkowski, Sherri Leatherman, Tammy Host, Dodi eger, Kay West, Vic Berg, Ronnie Weir, Dale Langenfeld, Donald Gordon. TEACHER: Mr. Jerry Rippeth. Sherrodsville Sixth Grade - FRONT ROW: Betsy Colin, LuRae Cox, Becky Carroll, Jill Elifritz, Margie Fish, Richard Imes, Rod Decker. ROW 2: Vanita Grimes, Martha Herron, Dolly Tope, Lisa McClain, Lisa Robinson. ROW 3: Steve Fedasz, Terr Sanders, Tim Slutz, Tim Gartrell, Jeff Reynolds. TEACHER: Mr. Jim Monigold. Bowerston Sixth Grade FRONT ROW: Lee Ann McClain, Susan Pender, Amy Albright, Lisa Gleitsman, Teresa Arn, Shawn Cummings, Rita Shuss. ROW 2: Pat McCartney, Tom Bower, Jimmy Gibson, Sandra Heaston, Debbie Bell. ROW 3: Mark Farnsworth, Dave Fell, Alan Webb, Greg Host, Brad Buckey, Brian Zurcher, Ed West, Gary Swaim, Melissa Evans, Kevin Tripp, Dick Milliken, Terry Shreffler, Bill Boles, Kenny McGill, Gary Thompson, Billy Moyers. TEACHER: Mr. Gilbert Ring. k sliding board provides hours entertainment . 'msn . rw, 'vw-si - ..w'wf1 e ' , M! .fr 3' X, busy third graders do their These students take time from their studies for a picture . Mr. Monigold has a serious talk with the sixth grade. These three have fun by them- selves. 14 Pee Wee Football FRONT ROW: Sam Ball, Danny Tope, Ed Milliken, Steve Rippeth, Ronnie Hartline, Kevin Limron, Sam Decker. ROW 2: Craig Beem, Sam Boger, Robbie Hunt, Rod Hunt, Tom Cottis, Ronnie Smalley, Kyle Woods, Brad McClain. ROW 3: Mike Evans, Alan Davy, Steve Smalley, Joe Gilchrist, Doug Smalley, Russ Cottis, Mike McClain, Jimmy Watson, Todd Beem. Coaches Cheerleaders rg 1 Les Berg, Jim Smalley, Duane Mascot, Jennifer Limrong Tammy Jones: Gayleen Zurcherg Teresa Evans. lineg Jane Gilchrist: Michelle Arng Susan Smith: Jennifer Fedasz. Pee Wee Football FRONT ROW: Jeff Neidig, Larry Boger, Tom Cottis, Kenny McGill, Tommy Bower, Mark Whitehair, Dick Milliken, Dave Fell. ROW 2: Greg Host, Kevin Tripp, Brian Zurcher, John Bryant, Steve Fedasz, Bill Moyers, Vic Berg, Brad Buckey, Gary Thompson. Cheerleaders Coaches r H If -2' 3. Ee.. , gsm ' I' Hire B L g, X-x ul.: ,f W'-...f Susan Ripperhg Dee Dee Lake, Natalie Trippg Tammy Host: Herb Bower, Gilbert Ring. eresa Arn, Shawn Cummings, Jill Host. 14 6 Biddy Basketball Coordinators Mr. Jim Smalley Mr. James Gross "Warriors" Keith Host, Terry Carrothers, Coaches: Steve Rippethg Greg Hostg Rusty Cottisg David Fellg John Bryantg and Sam Ball. "Buckeyes" Amy Smith, Steve Bowling, and Crystal Beamer, Coachesg Jerry Kearnsg John Bellg Mike McC1aing Rodney Deckerg Kenny Hoffmang Todd Beamg Brian Standifordg and Ronnie Weir. .QNAQ I if,1'.'J Y , 45:9 "Bucks" lack Buckey, Danny Tope, Coaches: Arthur Fish: Kevin Tripp: Terry Sanders: Doug Smalley: and Robbie Hunt. "Pirates" Bill Moughiman, John Stocker, Coaches: John Magness: Vic Berg: Richard Imes: Alan Webb: Larry Boger: Ray Bell: and Emil Colin. "Lakers" Jerry Ripperh, Coach: Dick Milliken: Steve Fedasz: Alan Davy: and Todd Galigher. 14 "Bombers" Fred Sterling, Fred Sayre , Coaches: Mark Whitehairg Pat McCartney: Bil11Moyerg Mike Baerg Kenny McGil1g Danny Tope. "Rockets" Mike Cottis, Gerald Bower, Coachesg Tom Bower: Joe Gil- christ: Tom Cottisg Steve Smal- ley: Steve Roth. l "Bruins" Chuck Gilchrist, Head Scorerg Kevin Love, Head Refereeg Brad McClaing Bobby Gartrellg Brad Buckeyg Jimmy Greeng Greg Rookg Mike Westl g X.:- Principal MR. JAMES WIGGINS 2 Bowerston Teachers' Sherrodsville Teachers' Secretary Aide Aide MRS . CONNIE LAKE MRS . NANCY BERG MRS. MELBALENE BELKNAP Remedial Reading MRS . FLORENCE POSTLETHWAIT 14 Bill Wilkin Jack Wilkin Bob McClain Don Thompson Jerry Renicker Beverly McGill Cathy Slutz Patty Baker Michelle Decker Merri Cottis Bus Drivers l Cafeteria Workers . f ,ree. e ,,,,r,j High School Cooks Mrs. Irene Czatt and Mrs. Gladys McClintock Sherrodsville Cooks 3 s itaa. rv - , Mrs. Neva Leggett and Mrs. Kate Simler Bowerston Cooks Mrs. Della Sell Mrs. Betty Love Janitors 592 fi 5 HIGH SCHOOL: Mr. Kenneth McClintock HIGH SCHOOL: Mr. Jasper Roach SHERRODSVILLE: MIS . Beverley Pearch BOWERSTON: Mr. Roger Reiboldt Mr. Ray Harmon takes pictures or the yearbook staff. 'EK is Mike Nolan assists the Year- Staff. Behind The Scenes no f.p,W,.., U is i w. ll Mr. Bob Novotny delivers class rings, Senior keys, and graduation announcements . Mr. A1 Ve1e1 takes the students' orders for sports equipment. ADS 1 ,hs V 'WHL vgmih -an 1 ' 4 1 'af EEZ? 'IJ'-11.17 M Q Q wx v vllffing-QM' ,M wx.. 'Q' ,Y K I U5 Wm. ' It ,gig 53 511 - -yy- -I ' - K V ... ,, its 49, 4 ,L V, QS Ewa, f. Y' . l Ffa' Qfi1i3gffffIA Aff' Compliments of THE NCDLAN COMPANY Bowerston , Ohio Manufacturers of Mining-Railroading and Industrial Equipment - ?g ff' Q 1, F fra? Xe J' V 'ff' " , ' 'mm' 5- f 5' ,.,q,-A5 rv erm f -Lilly g--4 Rixm Aiwa 7 N - " . . M V Q, - V N i1P"",v V: , , - .- .ff V, N +A.--54 'V-N "' n- 1, J-I M2 f ,v. 1. Y ,Nt M iw V 7 r r 2 ww ' f - W' A " -A N fu wr M I .4 r ew a , M L' . . e W r r r , r -we ,.,.,A,f f 'e ' r w r u ,,.e - P X , - ' ' -qerffaz "' , ' ' - 'iY ? J ffffff 4' ' 'x,s:-5155? r - -fe ""+ 0 , ,X 1- -.y - f F .Qu 2 ff' -""' ffrxiif vnf '-,.' -qw ls , fr 4, -vtfvy ' JL UL' f"' , ,F-' - , . ' . ' -.- 1 as x L l . lt- TY, " ' f , f 'sg ...-Ti-".-- g. ,H f - . --w- '-.-. -fs "' JK: f I .tv sg. 1 ,-,. ' ,-iii? fi 1 12 2 f 4 4 Jeff: Q' l,,, " . A HUEBNER CHEVROLET, INC. Chevrolet and Oldsmobile Carrollton, Ohio "Ohio's Only Cost Plus Dealer" Phone - 456-9096 Congratulations Class of "74" SH ERRODSVILLE AMERICAN LEGION Post 660 Sherrodsville , Ohio SUNNYSLOPE RETIREMENT HOME Bowerston, Ohio Phone - 269-8001 ANGEL'S JEWELRY "Keepsake Diamonds" X llmllllt 107 East Third I 6-'Ymll bww, K .bi UhI1ChSV1116 L" Ohio U-54 Phone 922 3262 M' I A Y AN GEL B 84 G CERAMICS "The Wor1d's Most Fascinating Hobby" Classes Monday thru Friday 7:00 to 11:00 p.m. GEORGE and MAXINE YAGER, BEULAH CHANEY Phone 269-2253 Rt. 1, Dennison, Ohio Compliments of ED GALIGH ER Contract Hauling and Garage Repair Bowerston, Ohio Phone: 269-8221 SCIO ' 5 . . , ' '11 .- P '-"fr 2 nf. ,, , J- 1 P ' . -2-ez, .,. I F"f'. if 45 ,- , 3,1 sm' -'Wx H -1- .IYJF-Q ,Wh Z' .' ki' ' '-zu: '11 :gi '-Jfklf' aft '11 QQ., ii--QP "ga 19, 'th gi et . 1 'av -- t. 'B'-L.,..... , , Congratulations Class of ' '74" POTTERY For Fine Quality China and Pottery 7 58 Whatever the drainage job, the be ' st way to assure lasting satisfaction is to s ec'f P 1 Y Guaranteed Vitrified Extra Quality Drain Tile. "Extra Quality" is the standard set for the quality drain tile by the American Society for Testing Materials. Extra Quality Drain Tile have exceptionally hi h 8 cruslung strength and lower absorption. Pk Frost Resistant K Acid Proof ei Everlasting W Guaranteed Vitrified S Farm De-Aired Extra Quality ' Drain Tile ? l i - Q., null -5' va' ,Jim I .L , . ' 3' "' Q The " 'r Bowers+on Shale Co m pa ny 'W' Highway T R6Sid6I'1Ii31 E E i 1- 35. -. " i ll'M".wT 1 mil 'N s 0 WW gp 0 ,tgp ' A all l galli f ' Jl.,'. - Z1 ,I Z Q5 - -L lg Il ' Bowerston , Ohio Phone 269-2921 Compliments of The Royal Nursing Home Congratulations Class of "'74 Phone 269 8393 W. LAWRANCE MYERS INSURANCE AGENCY Main Street Iewett Ohio Phone 946 3901 If Its Insurance Better See Lawrance "Drive Carefully, We Can Wait" STEVENSON MEMORIALS New Philadelphia , Uhrichsville , West Lafayette and Flushing, Ohio TWIN CITY GREENHOUSE INC. "OUR FLOWERS ARE HOME GROWN" Uhrichsville, Ohio 922-3361 KISH AN'S FOODLINER Everyday Low Prices Red Carpet Service Shop and Save Everyday at Kishman's IGA Route 43 .............. --- Carrollton Ohm Look for the IGA Signs IF YOU STUDY ART, HISTORY OR ECONOMICS IOR JUST INTEND SOMEDAY TO CONTROL A FOOD BUDGETI Make a Fieldtrip to either our Uhrichsville or New Philadelphia Stores where Big, Beautiful Early American Decor is the Background for Truly Modern American "Down to Earth" Prices. We Think You'll Like Us - We Know WE'RE PROUD to be doing Business in Tuscarawas County - The Heart of Ohio's Natural History. Compliments of Compliments of E N LU M B E R CO CU M M I Donald J. Host and Son f' , 'l ' 1' , BANK CO, Ililiioininiolilfwoflf iiilpiiif Now Paying 7070 Interest on Certificates of Deposit BANK HOURS Mon. , Tues. , Thurs. , Sat. , 9a.m. to3p.m. Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Phone 735-2311 Dellroy , Ohio Plumbing and Electrical Supplies Bowerston , Ohio Phone 269-2561 fl HARMON STUDIO C mercial Senior Pictures P Yearbook Pict dd g Q 2 2 gr, .ff ggi 4 ll' i 3 3 2333 131 3 d S D Ohi Congratulations Class of "'74" BELL M EADOWS BEAUTY SALON Bowerston, Ohio 269-4131 Compliments of BOOR-LI NDSEY FU N E RA L H O M E Bowerston , Ohio 269-8331 1 BaX+er'S COU LTRAP'S Union '76 S u pe rm a r kei' Sh - - Q? f errodsvllle , Ohio . , Route 250 Phone 269-2795 ' Cadiz, Ohio I , - Restaurant Groceries Meat Clothing Hardware Food Tires at our new speed shop Inc. i Eastport and Walnut Streets Scio, Ohio Purviance's Funeral Home and Furniture Store Scio, Ohio Xx uh My M -tt' -4" Xxx-F' A ' - . 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Broadway Affiliated with BancOhio Corporation Member F.D.I.C. 4 YOUR TRQUBLES 2 4. 44 VAIISII QW .Ag ' Quality Automotive Parts and Service NAPA ATWOOD Edge of Paradise Year 'Round Memorable Dinners Exciting Weekends Business Meetings Family Vacations - Parties ATWOOD LAKE LODGE Outstanding Dining Room Famous Sunday Buffets saturday Oriental Specials "Heart of Muskingumland' ' Dellroy, Ohio 44620 Phone C2163 735-2211 Modern Pa r+s Company '773 Lincoln Ave. Extension Cadiz, Ohio 43907 Phone 942-2153 PENN'S Hardware - Furniture - Appliances 1874 - 100th Anniversary - 1974 Bowerston S 8a E UNION TRUCK STOP Restaurant Road Service Wash and Lubrication Tire Service R.F.D. 1, Dennison, O. 614-922-2471 '-If 'cm SOUTHSIDE Road Service Lubrication Wash and Tune up 659 S. 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X -,:f:'f -- 2 f .og-ff Qz- ,kg -W f , - ti aff , 31 1 ,',i '. -f?:-- ' 1 .' --as Yu X t 'Q 343-5581 Q' :J,k . Q Truck Sales And Service, Inc. International Trucks - Parts Service Located at Route 250 Midvale, Ohio Mailing Address: Box 49 New Philadelphia, Ohio 44663 New Philadelphia , Uhrichsville W , A 2-3412 Compliments of U n i'l'ed Ba nk Main Office Uhrichsville Tuscarawas Branch MemberofF.D.I.C. WILKIN S BODY SHOP :xo X Body and Fender repair Painting, Glass Insulation Muffler and Exhaust work Tune-ups, Brake jobs TWIN CITY PHARMACY Complete Drug Store Service 201 E. Grant Street Dennison, Ohio Phone 922-2591 SCOTT PONTIAC AND OLDS 601 Center Street Dennison, Ohio 922-0862 922-3508 Complete Auto Body Repairing Painting and Glass Installation FOR GOD AND COUNTRY ,nl u. , , 69194: T if U-Sig s . VA ' 'fee-ff' If 4 6 ,MQ 9 'v,f1fAe.1: : . 3 YS 4 5 1 '-" ' F 7 s In,"'gV' Dedicated to the Service of the Community, State, and Nation JAMES O. PRESTON AMERICAN LEGION POST NO. 58I Bowerston, Ohio Congratulations 1974 Graduates 1973 1973 1973 BUCKEYE BOYS' STATE BUCKEYE GIRLS' STATE I ames Price Tami Bente BUCKEYE BOYS' STATE Dick Henry Spend a Little On Your Body And Less on Covering it The most expensive outfit in the world can't compare with the feeling you get when you're slim and trim underneath. Elaine Powers knows F ' how to bring out the best in every body. You get unlimited use of our special machines. Lots of personal attention. Most important, you get results. That's why we're number one in the busi- ness. Next time you feel like buying a dress, look in the phone book and call us instead. We'll help you look better in the clothes you have now. Elaine Powers Figure Salons WHEN A BODY NEEDS A FRIEND CAT A PRICE ANY BODY CAN AFFORDJ. Dunlap Electric Electric Wiring and Supplies Hotpoint Appliances Sales and Service 202 North Water Street Uhrichsville , Ohio Phone 922-5343 CRAFT SUPPLIES YARNS FREE INSTRUCTIONS Bowerston Phone 614-269-5291 Twila's Gi'F+ Shoppe GIBSON INSURANCE AGENCY P . O . BOX 230 153 East High Avenue New Philadelphia , Ohio " N 44683 X 7 Telephone: 343-1252 Compliments of JOSTEN'S Class Rings and Graduation Announcements Area Representative: Mr. Bob Novotny 1434 Salway S. W. North Canton, Ohio 44720 fer , f Q YOU R zzzfepezzffezzf lzzszzrmzfe AGENT HSERVES YOU FIRSIH ga e NAIA Compliments of GOSH EN DAIRY COMPANY Phone 343-8881 New Philadelphia, Ohio Stores in New Philadelphia , Dover, Sugarcreek , Gnadenhutten THE SCIO BANK COMPANY Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Congratulations to the Class of 7 5 J 7 - Whatever You Do - - - ff " 5 - - - Bank at Scio Bank ff! g 1, 571 gf fiat -f H74.. N Masters Market, Bowerston L. J. Smith SL Son, Bowerston Marlene's Dance Studio, Sherr. Betty's Beauty Nook, Sherr. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Leggett Leeper's Insurance Agency Sunset Valley Bakery Jones' Market, Dellroy Jones' Arco Service, Scio Blondie's Beauty Shop, Scio Scio Roller Rink, Scio Roger's Pennzoil, Scio Scio Medical Clinic Dr. J. Z. Scott Scio Trophy Shop G. E. Vorhies, M.D. B 85 F Dairy Bar, Scio Well's Barber Shop, Scio Chrisman Electric, Scio Scio Clothing Store Neimayer Pharmacy, Scio Scio Dry Cleaners Scio Cabinet Company Horton's Pharmacy, Scio Tappan Marina Bud's Flowers Sc Gifts, Carrollton C 85 K Shoe Store, Carrollton Carrollton Standard Printing Co. Zerbe Auto Parts, Carrollton Dr. and Mrs. Ray George Glenn's Barber Shop, Scio Dr. Gene R. Hawk, D.D.S. Roming Insurance Agency, Inc. William's Furniture , Inc . Endres Floral Company Dr. Koran L. Zehnder Fleming Office Equip. 8a Supplies Bond's Shoe Store, New Phila. Dr. Dan Wherley Posy Pot, 302 N. Wooster, Dover Dr. S. J. Gombos, D.D.S. Robert R. Mellor, D.D.S. Fernedale Fruit Farm, Dennison R. K. Lindsey Funeral Home, Inc Ginnetti's Shoes 8a Repair, Denn. Cadiz Pike Inn, Dennison W.B.T.C. and W.N.P.Q. Allensworth Jewelry Schreiner Ford , Inc. J. V. Marstrell, D.D.S. Uhrichsville American Dr. J. A. Williams, Inc., O.D. W. D. Jones Sewing Machines and Fabrics Jack White Lincoln Mercury, Inc. Chrest Motors Sales Twin City Hardware Daniel W. Peck, D.D.S. Gibbs Chevrolet-Buick , Inc . Haas Hardware, Uhrichsville Kohl Lumber and Supply Co. , Inc Zifaro's Pizza , Uhrichsville Dr. E. J. Casiano Harrison-Hahn Motors, Scio The Village Shop, Scio Graber's Drive-In 8a Restaurant John F. Hawk, D.D.S. Fleming Office Equip. 8a Supplies W. R. Mellor, D.D.S. x goaviv 41444: JF:L'2:.w':1?'Qg 61455 X iq 4-uc'-I 71 'Y-4,11 Q04 1914.34 454. ' I l, 1 x Vi 5 f 1 4 I S 1 1 , ? ,ml i Lfxi V I-4 QQV- f my iw 'If W' 11.45 Q 5 ,A A W 36" A ' 1 P, tm 4 5 -fa At .FGM V ,H M A-j Tv- i Q? .M h X Egg, VA g i V V W l '3 n -: M g f . 1 "W ! l 3 J I . , Q , Q 2 1 'ik ws ck,A 'u ,I 0 ,.. f Y , fl 5K r 'J' Q fd tb 1 X V. .....-..-,, A Q 3 'ph lull, - fit ' I I - K 1 I sm, ,,. . Q . , , ' . ,- J-H-iw I-:1,m4,li,n . 1 M , . ' 1 -'HW . 1 -+5 H, 'T .A .5 , .495 EN , ,, r- x , ' .mv- '1 I Z-""'+'-.., . V h 1 A --.-N ,l. fa V ag - .ff r wh N 1 , "'-' 1. ' A' - 9 4 1 J I k K -.3 , ,1 - vf g 5, Q b 4 n , ' . A if: , , A I . 4' wr, M 47 M - , ' f 1179 " i if Q ' F' ' .1 ' f, 4 ' ' 5 .. I1 l lg-a . . 35 1 , , arg, ., I Av ' A v' , I . , . A A 1 L , W I' , 3 ' .V , I v ' ' 1 . V 3'--Vt,-"':'. . ,K , . - , t , .V K , 4 A , , , '.'.f,5,-A M-, . Q. , ,. , ,AM if-ag. 5.42 nd" 1. 4 be - X

Suggestions in the Conotton Valley High School - Rockette Yearbook (Bowerston, OH) collection:

Conotton Valley High School - Rockette Yearbook (Bowerston, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Conotton Valley High School - Rockette Yearbook (Bowerston, OH) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


Conotton Valley High School - Rockette Yearbook (Bowerston, OH) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


Conotton Valley High School - Rockette Yearbook (Bowerston, OH) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


Conotton Valley High School - Rockette Yearbook (Bowerston, OH) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


Conotton Valley High School - Rockette Yearbook (Bowerston, OH) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 96

1974, pg 96

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