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,v-ul-m fb by l Pu' i -s . H F rn I , 9,1-, 'Ffa ine. . ,..f 1 ,ff .ff X . ',,.,-Q T1 Bbfty Hicks, w i id! , H I A-nl. fd' 'Amli 1'.h'.'. vI.7'innJ! -llldlliie ' D kg -J X PUBLISHED BY THE SENl0R UIASS 0F THE ININGERS HIGH SGHODI. F 1342 FUBEUIDBD PRODUCTION is over, the finished picture is ready to be placed before the public. The reels are in the proiector, and we turn to a set far different from the one on which we have been working. Here, we have a few of the shots that went to make up the whole produc- tion, glimpses of the laughter and fun that will recreate time and time again the story of the filming of our stars. There have been tech- nical difficulties and temporary setbacks, but now the light flashes on. The world premiere of the Class of l942 is about to begin. DEDIBMILIII WE DEDICATE THIS BOOK TO THE TWO MEMBERS OF OUR CLASS WHO HAVE BEEN GIVEN ROLES IN A GREATER PRODUCTION THAN OURS. BUIIBD UF EDUBHTIUII MR. A. DAVID DAVIES MR. IRA W, HEATH MR. JOHN G. KERN MR. LELAND F. STONE MR. W. GIBSON HAGUE, Clerk MR. A. W, KLOTHE, Treasurer FELIX V. FESTA PIIDDUBEIIS f' ' 'F - fn ' ' 5 ' i',:???ilIf5f3fQ.TTTH42 ' f yr 5'S5'.'x gg . 427' ELLEN CLARK English, Librarian l CLAYTON WILLIAMSON FRANCES PARTRIDGE Science Social Studies VINCENT FESTA MARY DYER CECILIA MCCARTHY ELIZABETH SHERIDAN Mathematics Language Commercial History CECILIA FOX MARY TRASKOS JOSEPHINE MCVEIGH English, Dramatics Education Commercial Music, Art PATRICIA IRVING LORETTA O'CONNELL PETER MARCHAK EDWIN SALZMAN Physical Education Nurse-Teacher Industrial Arts Band LEONARD MILLER THERESE MAYO RALPH DeBAUN, M.D. Vocational Guidance Secretary School Physician A 'IE!3ilI1l!3lflI1i3 Editor-in-Chief GLORIA BONTEMPI Literary Editor JANICE LEWIS Assistants DORIS HOLZHAUER JEANNE KARRELL CURT REINHOLD JANE STEDGE Art Editor HELEN CUMMING Assistants ANNASTINE SVAHN ANDY MARTZ RICHARD MATHISON HELEN KEENAN Statistical Editor WILLIAM CRANDALL Assistants SHIRLEY KELLER RUTH MCLEOD ALAN DAVIES THELMA STROM JOHN SPRUILL Assistants LORETTA LOCKE HARRY WHALEN REGINA KELLEY VERA PAXTON Photography Editor LAURENCE BONHOTAL Assistants CARL FOGELIN GERTRUDE SCOTT IDA RUDDEN ARTHUR COCKCROFT RUTH COOPER MARY KEEFE BEN HERSEY Typists FLORA VAN NESS ADELAIDE DILLON ESTER POLHEMUS DORIS HOLZHAUER Faculty Adviser ELLEN CLARK Club Editor ELEANOR STARK Assistants HELEN WENNERHOLM LORA WEBB JACK LICK MARGARET DENNIS Athletic Editor THOMAS ZERECKER Assistants JOHN NELSON GLORIA REILLY AGNES KEEFE Advertising Manager WARREN AUSTIN Assistants DOUGLAS SHORTAL MARY KERLIN BERNARD KETTERER ROSE GANNON ARTHUR COCKCROFT Circulation Manager CLAIRE SOSNA T1-1E W STARS 5 sg 1 - X NF? Corps, Congeronian Staff, Saga Staff, AnnaStine Svahn "GuSfaf" Journalism Club, Sophomore Secretary, Service Corps, '40 G. O. Play, Sophomore Reporter, Junior Secretary, National Honor Society, Debating Club, Senior President, Vice-President of National VVsS2fUvn Mon Honor Society, Secretary of Service N I VW Senior Play. Director il ,M v lip!! yr' .gk g ista t ii Q' N ,r Te-:Q Robert Andrew Mart: ,iAndy,. Dancing Club, Service Corps, Sophomore Vice-President, Senior Vice-President, Chief of Service Corps. Bernard Maria Gloria Bontempi "Honey Chile" Dancing Club, Highest Freshmen Aver- age, Journalism Club, Congeronian Staff, Service Corps, Sophomore Home- room President, National Honor Society, Dramatic Club, Senior Secretary, Senior Homeroom Vice-President, Editor of Saga, Glee Club, Assistant Editor of Congeronian. I lilo, gvlow-we Wfido , Xnmcfw lore L 5 Script Girl Box Office Manager fb aj 43 aL-.,J- .fx ' I Warren Lawrence Austin "Golden-Boy" J. V. Soccer, J. V. Baseball, Track, Cheerleader, Dancing Club, Freshmen Homeroom President, Congeronian Staff, Sophomore President, Service Corps, Airplane Club Glee Club, '4l G. O. Play, Sports Club, Saga Staff, Dramatic Club, Laurence Jules Bonhotal "Bonny" Band, Track, Photography Club, Trans- ferred '39, from Nyack '40, Journalism Club, Basketball Manager, Congeronian Staff, Glee Club, Science Club, Saga Staff, Track Manager. Arthur Cockcroft UAW, J. V. Baseball, Dancing Club, Sports Club, J, V. Soccer, Ping Pong Champ llntramurall, Varsity Baseball and Soc- cer, Ping Pong Team, Co-Captain Var- sity Baseball, Senior Play, Saga Staff, Track, Ruth Ann Cooper ,,Ruh,, Dramatic Club, Saga Staff. Helen Wentworth Cumming "Wentie" Card and Game Club, Mathematics Club, Debating Club, Saga Staff. WK Wil m C lins Crandal , lee Club, J. , ccer ri Trac Assistant Manage of en- nis, Math atics Club, Band, zonal Honor Sbci , C eerleader, Tennis Man- er I t o gic Debates, '4l G.O. , iy occer and Track, Service orps, Saga Staff, ' , .Play, I- ing Team, J. L- M V 'F ,Lf Q, Alan Dunbar Davies Margaert Elizabeth Dennis "Bushels" "M-YQ?" Freshmen Reporter, J. V. Soccer, Card and Game Club, Mathematics Club, Service Corps, Pi Mu Epsilon Test, Var- sity Soccer, National Honor Society, Saga Staff, Senior Play, '42 G. O. Play. Sewing Club, Dramatic Club, Saga Staff. I 'sl' 1 f uf D' 6 1, nf' 1' i . J ,Q , Q Adelai Loraffa Dillon ' i in!"-1 Carl Edward Fogelin xx' If, ii-I-inyn ,sweden 7 Dancing Club, Glee Club, Card and Photography Club, Student Council Rep- ' Game Club, Congeronian Staff, Saga resentative, Mathematics Club, J. V. l Staff, Dramatic Club. Ben Albert Herxey f "PLofessQ?" If M impfcl lJb,'7 aria clzgldsyslaff. 'af :ence rf' A ' ' S .712 WM ilflgeannfilixa le irre lf l H ff vi' " if I Adj an .Q , '. rd an Game I ournalis aCei L b. '4l . PI y, ro foe , Se- . la ' Saga aff, ing Club lee Chia J. Xl., heer er. ' f 1 Soccer, Track, Varsity Soccer, Science Club, Manager of Basketball Team, Team. Rosemarie Patricia Gannon HROSEH Freshmen Secretary, Dancing Club, Sew- ing Club, Glee Club, J. V. Cheerleader, Dramatic Club, Varsity Cheerleader, Saga Staff. .g.J tif 4 IV .J 1 VL' L ' vb ff we i Doris Katherine Holzhauer "Dorrie" Dancing Club, Freshmen Homeroom Sec- retary, Debating Club, Highest Sopho- more Average, Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Congeronian Staff, Saga Staff, Se- nior Play, '42 G, O. Play. I lr Ag nes Marie Keefe "Aggie" Dancing Club, Photography Club, matic Club, Saga Staff. Dra- Mary Frances Keefe "sis" Dancing Club, Photography Club, Dra- matic Club, Saga Staff. K" Helen Frances Keenan Shirley Ruth Keller Regina Cecelia Kelley "Tiny" "ShirI" "Fizz" Transferred from New York City '40, Glee Club, Debating Club, J. V. Cheer- Dancing Club, Glee Club, Journalism Saga Staff, Library Club. leader, Student Council Representative, Club, Sophomore Class Treasurer, Con- Captain of Varsity Cheerleader, Senior geronian Staff, Sports Club, Debating Play, '42 G, O. Play. Club, Saga Staff, - ' . K s f 4. J u 5 6 H. " V If ,fl I f X. rx IL, 'L f '- Ly ,Cf l Il , . V I ' tk! 144 ffl, e' 14 ll s J - f -' -t 1 , cMary Am: lQrIin , i - ""' I' ll .lgrficle Ann Lewis! I - 1 If ,,,,,,h.. ,+ rl M ,,,3,5,.f i ff fb: - Cyd and Gymg Clubh Photography Cljb, Transferred from Ny- '40 o rn lism Journalism Club, Glh Club, Dramatic Club, lf'lT6I'SCl10l6SfI 8llb355g,iCtllf'39'0- Club, Saga Staff. man Staff, Glee Cub, Debating Club, 'X Saga Staff, Senior ,fPlay, 42 GO. Play. L, l ' 1 G - 1 f 5 K - 5 ,V-af!! f VX S ' uke Lick Lowti ae L c e ' arren Mathison lil, "Rel" x"Dick" , I, , a d lub Bowl- GI Club' Transferred from Valley Stream en- 'fi-vi I f G1 Sf ff- rral High 141, Science Club, Mathematics l ee a Club, Service Corps, Senior Play, Track, Saga Staff, Senior Homeroom President. ll John Joseph Mc Keon "Jack" Band, Photography Club, Golf, J. V. Basketball, Captain of J, V. Basketball, Varsity Basketball, Bowling, Track, Saga ,wwf T Nr Vera Lydia Paxton "Paxtonian" Band, Orchestra, Dancing Club, Glec Club, Photography Club, Journalism Club, Congeronian Staff, Dramatic Club, Service Corps, Saga Staff. r wx. J' MQ' r wrt' N it ,wry L1 yi Ruth Jane McLeod John Francis Nelson "Ruthie" "Peannie" Dancing Club, Sewing Club, Sports Dancing Club, Soccer, Baseball, Track, Club, Glee Club, Library Club, Senior Airplane Club, Vice-President of Junior Play, Saga Staff. Class, Sports Club, Saga Staff. '69 . Gloria Margaret Reilly Curt Reinhold r r ,. ,,G,o,, , Dancin Club, lGlee Club, Journalism Card and Game Club, Mathematics Club, Eonqeronian Staff, Sports Club, Club, Assistant Manager of Tennis, Library Club, Saga Staff. grack, Congeronian Staff, Tennis, Saga ' tall. Esther Rose Polhemus "Esther" Transferred from Spring Valley '41, Sports Club, Library Club, Saga Staff. Ida Card gra and, e o tat . ,,iff,,1 O0 rj" lvl 4 1 . 31 5 5 3 . 5 ' . ' . ' Claire Mary Sosrla J lzsossyn cal-Jima Game-ciub,.r5lae Club, siu- dent Council Representative, Photog- ra h Club Servico Cor s Band '41 D Y I D . , G. O. Play, J. V. Cheerleader, National Honof Society, Senior Play, Varsity Cheerleader, Congeronian Staff, Drama- tic Club, Saga Staff '42 G. 0. Play. Robert Edward Schupner Gertrude Ann Scott "Bobby" "Gertle" Card and Game Club, Airplane Club, B . Dancing Club, Sewing Club, Library J. V. Baseball, Sports Club, Varsity z Club, Dramatic Club, Saga Staff. Soccer, Saga' Staff. , ' - , . gn 4 " l.,- W w I R' 3 J "' Xi il 'J ' 4 l ' , 4 . M' t ' x 1 I X K ., Douglas Edward Shortal "Starchy" G. O. Reporter, J. V, Basketball, Danc- ing Club, Congeronian Staff, Sports Club, J. V. Baseball, Bowling Team, De- bating Club, Junior Class President, Varsity Soccer, Dramatic Club, Saga Staff, Doubles Badmington Champ. John Thomas Spruill "Johnny" Card and Game Club, J. V. Basketball, J. V. Soccer, Glee Club, Debate Club, Sports Club, Dramatic Club, Assistant Basketball Manager. Eleanor Ruth Stark Jane Onolee Stedge Thelma Strom MEIN Hstoogeu ,.TheI,, Sewing Club, Debating Club, Library Dancing Card and Game Club, Glee Club, Con- Club, Saga Staff, Senior Play. Corps, geronian Staff, Dramatic Club, Saga O. Na- Staff. H5145 - 41 fl of Junior Rf3f'l5M6.E.1 THST 2 ' 1 ,Q Xttwi raffisg, J.'fpL .:r--Erilf gr 1 ,. 92 K.- L. I J -., iN l ..1ffl4f.'g ,- ,Cx'l" Flora May Van Ness HFIOH Dancln Club, Card and Game Club, Glee Cglub, Congeronian Staff, Dramatic Club, Saga Stall. JO-Af N , T ' A ir' 'X ' , vi of X ,sf x - N' 1 fl 7 ' i lip A , Lora Jane Webb "Shorty' Sewing Club, Debating Club Libr Club, Saga Staff. rf, l !, . . TJ!! ,, ll CAA'-'17 L, S.. I v ' 1 ' 1 f ' .1 . ,I Vg" , ff' Nw g,L'vL'.i'- jf A I ' ' 1 l .' . J X ,T "7 ' . . v I L I I . . .btftlek 1 Helen Adelaide Wennerholm Harry Aloysius Whalen Sidney Zenovie "Wennie" "Reggie" "Sid" Dancing Club, Glee Club, Library Club, Dancing Club, J. V. Cheerleader, Air- J, V. Baseball, J, V. Soccer, Airp ane Saga Staff, plane Club, Glee Club, J. V, Basketball, Club, Varsity Soccer, Track, Varsity Baseball, and Soccer, Dramatic Club, Baseball, Bowling and Basketball, Dra Senior Play, Saga Staff. matic Club. Thomas Maria Zerecker "Tommy" Dancin? Club, Photography Club, Track, Journa :sm Club, ongeronian Staff National Honor Society, Boys' State, Hockey Manager, Dramatic Club, Ecli- tor-in-Chief of Congeronian, Glce Club, Student Council, Saga Staff. 14 Richard Hunter Zwerlem Airplane Club, "Dick SHOUT H18 SBHEDULE Started shooting first scene in September 3, i938 under Jane Stedge and her assistants Warren Austin, Rose Gannon, and Agnes Erikson. Held cast luncheon in Studio Cafeteria. Time out for some social dances on the lot. Winter skating scenes taken at Congers Lake. On location at the World's Fair in May. Cast given short leave of absence for rest cure. Back to studio under new director, Warren Austin and assistants Andy Martz, AnnaStine Svahn, and Regina Kelley. Tea served after working hours in dressing rooms following ballroom scene. Action shots at Bear Mountain skating rink. Stars dashed to Sun Valley for brief rest. On location under Douglas Shortal, John Nelson, AnnaStine Svahn, and Jane Stedge. Revival of "The Buccaneer" for reproduction. Held studio formal, set decorated in garden style. Stars given short rest before completion of picture. Back to shooting under final directorship of AnnaStine Svahn, and assistants Andy Martz, Gloria Bontempi, and Bernard Ketterer. - Ups and downs suffered in cast roller-skating party. A short fling at theatrical acting in the highly successful "Swing Fever". Held square-dances on lot to help defray cost of production. Fast work after hours around the set to organize the studio record, the '42 "Saga". Last minute directions, serious shooting in June. Picture completed, stars given bonus and sent on to greater studio. 15 5 A jg DAY, June l3, l95O, I had the strangest experience. Wait, l'll tell you .about it. I was walking down the street when suddenly it began to rain so vio- lently that l dashed into the nearest doorway, which proved to be a movie house. Without bothering to notice what was playing, l bought a ticket and sat down as the show began. The program started with the singing of the national anthem, as led by the prominent Metropolitan baritone, Arthur Cockcroft. When l had settled down again, the newsreel came on, and a ,burst of deafening applause greeted the first woman president of the United States, Jane Stedge, who was approving the plans by architect, Anna-Stina Svahn, for an army barracks There were many interesting shots of the peace con- ference, with the dean of M. l. T., Richard Mathison, and Janice Lewis, author of the column, "Listen America," as representatives of the United States. A review of the war heroes followed, and l was very proud to pick out some old classmates of mine, Andy Martz and Ben Hersey in sailor uniforms, and Richard Zwerlein and Douglas Shortal, aides of General MacArthur. Tribute was paid to the brave, unnamed nurses of the Red Cross, and in the victory parade l could distinctly pick out the faces of Gertrude Scott, Regina Kelly, and Gloria Reilly. Doris Holzhauer, national leader of the organization, was reviewing the parade with her secretaries, Shirley Keller, Mary Keefe, and Adelaide Dillon. The Mathematician's Conference at Columbia University showed Alan Davies and Curt Reinhold astounding the other professors with their concise explanation of the fifth dimension, with Ruth Cooper, Esther Polhemus, and Thelma Strom recording the proceedings for posterity. In a lighter vein was the Woman's Page. Rose Gannon, who always photographed well, was shown modeling hats. Explanations and interpreta- tions were given by Helen Keenan, one of America's foremost designers. The sports reel, narrated by Jack McKeon, followed next. Excerpts of the Heavyweight Boxing bout for World Championship, at Madison Square Garden, showed Warren Austin connecting his knock-out blow in his fourth consecutive defense of the title. John Nelson, sports commentator, was at the ringside with Tom Zerecker, editor of the "Herald Tribune", and Larry l6 Bonhotal was in the crowd, taking candid shots of the glamour girl of the year, Flora Van Ness. The Big Five Basketball Team, captained by Bernie Ketterer and managed by Carl Fogelin, ended their brilliant season by win- ning the National trophy at the Garden the following evening. Claire Sosna was pictured on her way to the Olympics after having won the national wo- man's skating title for speed. Shots of Santa Anita race track showed Reggie Whalen, prominent playboy, performing a business transaction with Bob Schupner for possession of the famous horse, Landcracker, grandson of Sea Biscuit. The feature picture was named, "Symphony Temperature", with Jeanne Karrell playing the ingenue lead. The story was by Gloria Bontempi, and the gorgeous costumes were designed by Helen Cumming. Agnes Keefe almost stole the show with her comedy portrayal, and John Spruill had then standing in their seats with his rendition of "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot." An educational short presented Eleanor Stark, leading lady chemist of the day, and her assistants, Lora Webb and Ruth McLeod, at their laboratory, where they are completing a nationwide project of home nursing. Ida Rud- den, and Margaret Dennis, typical housewives, were demonstrating the course. A musical feature showed the revival of good-old-fashioned square danc- ing, as explained by Mary Kerlin, and performed by Loretta Locke and Bill Crandall. The whole program came to an end with the singing of "God Bless America", led by the musical team of Vera Paxton, Jack Lick, and Helen Wennerhol-m. It was still raining when l finally came out of the movies, but it didn't bother me any more, for my mind was filled with memories of those far off days at Congers High School with the Class of '42. xy l f S --2 -llll m ft. g m i--,l I7 X -2 if Q WI v Xa x-51 5.2. O . 1 'U .f .hi V 5. f 5 1 :oooai V 7 it f I xx N f -1 ,, , xx Q H 0.5. N ., 0 X 5 Lv -. lit N - ii, I iwb I - 'O -cf A b X Best Per'f'ormance7 Y Gable-Lamarr-XL 5. 'R tx Keefe-.Whalen Austin-Keller M M wif 1' AFM Box Offlce Demand Svahn-Martz 1 Help Mates Holzhauer Bonhotal and Qtrom VY Lf' . " Nicest Ha Keenan-Austin 5- ir if Chatterboxes Kerlin-Hathison 4 X? 2 , E . 1 E 'Y' fi 3 E P Q A ,.f K. .. Q Vi TV r L 5' "iw Best ,34 4 ,W fm G0Sl18'K6tt91'CT sL'I'+? Q. " 1. is W B k w oo arms ' A . 3 I 1 Stark-Reinhold Most Oomph A ,M f ...H ffm V N Kerlin-Whalen Quickest Temper fl If Lewis-Ketterer 'fe 'OK ,A Cap tivat ing Smile Gannon-Mathison Vx 1 M- -- W ,- 'Tris EDT if Q 1 t Conserve ve Vfennerholm-Hexylsey X A A 7 N.-M Class ins Karrelli-Davies Be st A1 l Around Svahn-Marta Q lb.: X any P 5 ,L A E ' fy' . ? Class Comedians Most Likely To Succeed Keefe-Lick Boxxiegi-Zerecker VanNe s s-Mathi son Faculty 'Joy' X ' if g Kar:-ell-Nelson QR I A xr i A 7 Square Dunciest 'I Kerlin-Crandallb R 2 2. 2 Glamour Eyes 2 5 f , X C I Jw X e .L " f Q Z LT. jf' If 7 Reilly-Martz N-"d I:- V L S'l'llllD-IHS LINDED by star dust and under the delusion of glamour, the Stars of '42 hereby bequeath their outstanding char- acteristics to next year's cast. Any resem- blance is purely coincidental. Bernie Ketterer is putting all his faith in Bill Ebner to bring the basketball team through to V. . .- Jean Whitten, with her sunny disposi- tion, will fill Gloria Bontempi's place very nicely. Upon Jean Entwistle, Larry Bonhotal bestows his excellence as class camera- man. Ruth Cooper leaves her calm, subdued manner to Dianna Kerlin, while Mary Ker- lin presents Grace Cooper with her vim, vigor and vitality. Pauline Garlick, who doesn't do so bad- ly herself, should consider herself fortu- nate to receive AnnaStine's popularity. Jack Lick's enchanting voice, and Vera Paxton's musical talent are to be passed on to Frank Austin and Tommy Wanama- ker respectively. Anne Hodgkins will take up where Thelma Strom left off in always helping out. We know that Leonard Hess will be more than glad to inherit Bob Schupner's unassuming l?l manner. Flora Van Ness's earmarks of being fair and lovely will be duplicated by her bene- ficiary, Betty Noyes. Doris Shortal is to acquire Mary Keefe's appreciation of music. Regina Kelly deservingly hands over her good sportsmanship to Florence Nel- son. Gene Heath's worries will be over when he receives Eleanor Stark's high marks, while Curt Reinhold's rating on the honor roll goes to Lois Rose. Peter Parker will aptly carry on in Bill Crandall's place as class Casanova. Claire Sosna's specialty of anything along athletic lines goes to Helen Kauf- man and Jean Eggleston. Alex Goodman, Kenny MacKay and Leonard Aspinall are to share equally Warren Austin's and Starchy's carefree Spirit. Doris Holzhauer has consented to leave her role of spitfire to Marjorie Borel. Janice Lewis has offered her willing- ness to work to Eleanor Doellner. Andy Martz is quite confident that the Service Corps will function well in the hands of Robert Hicks. Agnes Keefe, the class comedienne, would like to leave this honor to Johanna Castagnola. Harry Whalen, the life of the party, re- linquishes his position to Richie Eckhart. Ben Hersey leaves his seat in Room ZOO to his buddy, Smoky Gleason. No one is more qualified than Margaret Shaw to receive Jane Stedge's winning personality. Rosemarie Gannon has decided to give her place on the cheerleading squad to Gloria Hyde. We are quite sure that next year's edi- tor of the "Congeronian" will be more than grateful to receive Tommy Zerec- ker's deadline worries. Adelaide Dillon relinquishes her seat on the Rockland Lake bus to Bill Dittmer. Helen Wennerholm and Lora Webb bequeath their conservative manner to those quiet little ladies, Genevieve Porri, and Mary Alice Shiels. Esther Polhemus very graciously wills her nimbleness on the typewriter to Wil- liam Krausser. Jeanne Karrell very willingly bequeaths her well-worn French Ill book to Ger- maine Lallia. Vivacious Helen Keenan will be readily replaced by Charlotte Chamberlain. John Allen and Spencer Conklin are to become the proud possessors of Alan Da- vies' mathematical brilliance. Carl Fogelin and Loretta Locke wonder whether Fred Natale and Joan Best could use a few inches of their height . . . It's theirs for the asking. Miriam Dulmer is to receive Shirle 1 - - - II y Kellers distinction of class glamour girl." Gertrude Scott and Ruth McLeod re- fuse to divulge their selling technique in the Cafeteria to any one but Ruby Phil- lips. xc. ff .-41, 11-1- Robert Polyblank's own great store of athletic versatility will be greatly in- creased by Sid Zenovic's and John Spruill's bequest. That "special" place that Dick Mathi- son holds in Wimpy's heart will be filled by David Gordon. Adele Keoughan is to receive Gloria Reilly's .22 to help keep an eye on Eddie. John Nelson has promised to remove the horseshoe from his boxing gloves be- fore giving them to John Farrell. Margaret Dennis and Ida Rudden have cheerfully agreed to give the something borrowed to anyone in need of it. Attention Herbie Walden! lf you see the World Premiere of the Class of '42 you will find the hiding place of Art Cockcroft's ESQUIRE. Qi -.--nf it of 9 A' my Q or-up ar mc:-3 +0 0388 9-FZOZ :mm-mam! I lllll in-NEB :SD lllll-JOE-E goo N C-lllillllllll Illl'l I Illll :L-wm?ii llll SEO we 2 -3:3 on oklozfru-M .Z-ml:-m3N uc: ggi Illll I llllh 0-an ,El-llilllllilm-E055 GCE'-gl Iilllllllllllllll ish?-oem ECI: .Ill Iitllxlillltllllmmgm vcotllmtiorh NN-mv-UNEN mmm EOIIIJE-Nt, Em Moms RES' llllllllllllllllllllllllll fc?-gm M4 tllIIIllllllIII4llllIlI :mcg-mi LO: llllllllllll ggi llll 083.11-li lllllll ,Nair .ZwJ4T-3 ,Lux-gm' llllll 1 lllll mmm:-3:39 LMI' Illllll lil Illll xoon N mr-:Ugg Illllllllllllll -I llll Ullllll H Mg F-O: 5klll'lIllIlII 1 lllllllllilylllkllllll aol Illlll zwlmx N OT-xwzzwz, voomlli IIIlIIll,lIIIIy Em-mmcmmcoul Illl Il!!! lllli ll-2, cw-UI F-:XS Illllllllllillllllllllllllll :umm :Op IAIIQI Illlllllllkllll V- -2 rr-O3 or-ml llllyll ll IIII mzfq E04 Nmmm? 585 9100! 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Store Comfort Coal Company John P. Peters 6' Sons Nat Kaplin's Men's C: Ladies' Wear Keyrouse Pharmacy Mrs. Josephine Martin Compliments of a Friend Elizabeth DeChelfin B 0 0 S T E R S Mrs. Otto R. Moeller, Jr. William Vines Mr. and Mrs. L. Strong Vera Paxton Janice 6 Gloria Larry 6' Tom Ruth McLeod Robert Chester Pye George V. Dorsey Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Shiels Mrs. Francis Gannon Busch Cleaners Bliss Decorators Alex Christos and Orchestra Mrs. Florence Cumming David Gordon Emile M. Muller Helen Kaufman Dorothy Hicks -lr 2 Tel. Haverstraw 2210 Tel. Nyack 184-185 O O The Gillies Agency Baronls INSURANCE REAL ESTATE I Floor Covering - Furniture - Bedding ELEVEN BROADWAY HAVERSTRAW, N.Y. 58460 MAN STREET INYACKI N. Y- Tel. Nyack 1455 Service Always Tel' Nyack 1970 R. J. Haring All Musical Appliances Export Radio Repairing-Radio and Record Sales Van Der Walde's IOO MAIN STREET 7 S. BROADWAY NYACK, N. Y. NYACK NEW YORK Compliments of Congratulations to You Graduates ' from your local VBSIIIOW BYOS. s1'ATloNEn and SPALDING AGENT EAGLE Co"'ECT'oNE" NYACK NEW YORK W a g s c h a I ' s Compliments of Q Jeweler-Opttclan l 85 Main Street Nyack, N. Y. .ll W1 Y 90 M3111 St. I Tel. Nyack IOO7 , .95 3,613 Nii3f3 COMPLIMENTS OF ROCKLAND COUNTY'S LARGEST BANK Nyack Bank ancl Trust Company Buy U. S. Defense Bonds and Stamps Regularly Out of Income EVERY BANKING SERVICE FOR EVERYBODY Personal Loans U. S. Defense Bonds F. H. A. Loans Checking Accounts Mortgage Loans Thrift Accounts Building Loans Trust Department Insurance Loans Safe Deposit Boxes Automobile Loans Travelers Check Business Loans Xmas-Vacation Club A MARINE MIDLAND BANK Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 41 S , Compliments of Christy Eberling Compliments of Rockland Coal Cr Lumber Co. LEO J. PRATO CONGERS NEW YORK Tel. Congers 2019 Julia Oliverio Julia's Beauty Parlor OUR THREE PRIDES SANITATION, COURTESY, SERVICE LAKE ROAD CONGER, N. Y. Tel. Congers 691 Fred Meisinger, Prop. Fred's Lake Road Garage Complete Automobile Repair Service Detailed Lubrication - Gasoline - Batteries Tires and Accessories LAKE ROAD, OPP. FIRE HOUSE CONGERS, N. Y. Compliments of Johnny's Wonder Bar Tel. 96l JOHN J. ROKOS, Prop. John Koop CONTRACTOR and BUILDER INTERIORS A SPECIALTY NEW CITY NEW YORK Tel. Nyack 1579-J' Nick's Service Station BODY and FENDER WORK NORMAN MOORE, Prop. ROUTE '59 WEST NYACK, N, Y. Hugh E. White, Inc. "THE FUNERAL HOME" Tel. Nyack 318 Compliments of H. Jansen FLORIST Compliments of J o h n A n g e s Tel. Nyack lOI3 Dr. I. Dubroff, D.D.S. ROCKLAND THEATRE BUILDING w NYACK NE YORK Compliments of Ross Blauvelt Compliments of The "Congeronian" For Appointment Phone Nyack 1075 Sam's Beauty Studio Specializing in Oil Permanent Waves Single Items-50c Permanent Waves--53.50 Up Manicures-50c Some Items 3 for 51.25 NYACK NEW YORK 75 SO. BROADWAY NYACK, N. Y. iiiii n 3ll11.l.l.le++9?4l-9 11- -in-37-:mal-4:-I-4-All Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Gustaf Svahn Compliments of The Sophomore Class V DIEGES Cr CLUST I7 JOHN STREET NEW YORK, N. Y. V OFFICIAL JEWELERS to the CLASS OF I942 CONGERS HIGH SCHOOL Blue Front Cleaners PRQVIDENT Safe, Economical and Odorless 8 NH ACK 25 NORTH BROADWAY NEW YORK U of Compliments of HAVERSTRAW, N. Y., INC. Kate Buchenau OH. Compliments of Van's Diner HOME MADE PIE HARVEY DeBAUN, President ROBERT H. BAILEY, Vice-President HEMAN M. PURDY, Secretary QUENTIN E. LYLE, Treasurer Directors ROUTE 303 WEST NYACK, N. Y. Compliments of Main Street Garage NEW CITY NEW YORK George S. Allison Robert H. Bailey George H. Burres Harvey DeBaun Clarence Decker Charles F. Freyfogle James J. Freeman Fred H. Taylor John W. Gillies Henry Helmcke Quentin E. Lyle Pincus Margulies Chas. A. Marks, Jr Heman M. Purdy Ettore Rubeo Assets Over S4,000,000.00 l lp117 4- - 4- 3lll3LQgg3l1pl7l Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Moe Brown SPRING VALLEY NEW YORK Compliments of Superior Garage Telephone 737 ROCKLAND COUNTY NEW CITY, N. Y. Tel. Spring Valley 870 Lancas MODERN BAKERY BREAD - ROLLS - CAKES - PASTRY FRESH DAILY 57 MAIN STREET SPRING VALLEY, N. Y. Tel. Haverstraw 2740 Time Payments on Repairs Sosna Sales Gr Service, Inc. CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH Ropaln On All Makes - Supply Cars When Needed U. S. ROUTE 9-W HAVERSTRAW, N. Y. Tel. Congers S02 Theresa's Beauty Shop Specializing In Permanent Waving and Hair Styling Complete Beauty Service at Reasonable Price LAKE ROAD CONGERS, N. Y. Best Wishes TO THE CLASS OF '42 The G. O. Tel, Haverstraw 7Ol Allison G' Ver Valen Co., Inc. Coal, Lumber, Building Supplies, Fuel and Furnace Oil Complete Line of Sherwin-Williams Paints and Varnishos Building Hardware HAVERSTRAW NEW YORK "ClTY STORE IN THE COUNTRY" Brown's Furniture Store Furniture and Gift Shop Radios, Refrigerators, and Washing Machines l22-l24 MAIN STREET NYACK, N. Y. Compliments of The Lucky Boys LUCKY'S MEN sHoP Nyack New York Tel. New City 7l7 Coyle and Coyle REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE MAIN STREET NEW CITY, N. Y. Tel. Congers 968 Gibson Hague A Monsim onus stone CONGERS NEW YORK Rockland Light 8' Power Co. "Make Electric Refrigeration Your Next Consideration" PROPER LIGHT SAVES PRECIOUS SIGHT I I The Bee Hive Rockland County's Largest Furniture Store LEONARD FRIGIDAIRE l4-l6 NEW MAIN STREET HAVERSTRAW, N, Y. Compliments of Miller Dairies "MiIk Products for Particular People" iii - 1 wiiitiiiiv 44 --w1i't'77itr-ar-nr-AVI? LLLLQA-+14-----ple 9--1114--:Ll-1-14x--Ll Tel. Nyack IIS Up-To-Date Laundry "Known for Perfect Laundering" CORNER BURD and WASHINGTON STREETS Compliments Of Blue Bird Shop NYACK NEW YORK NYACK NEW YORK Tel. Nyack 600 Compliments of I S h e a s I Meyer s Grocery Market A BETTER DRUG STORE 29 BROADWAY BROADWAY C1 BURD STREET NYACK, N, Y. HAVERSTRAW NEW YORK COMPLIMENTS OF THE PEOPLE'S BANK OF HAVERSTRAW Officers HEMAN M. PURDY, President JOHN W. GILLIES, Vice-President CHAS. F. FREYFOGLE, Executive Vice-President D. D. LAKE, Assistant Cashier WALTER SCHANTZ Assistant Cashier Trust Officer Directors MILTON DeBAUN CHAS. F. FREYFOGLE JOHN W. GILLIES DR. M. J. SULLIVAN HEMAN M .PURDY Compliments of Kaplowitz G' Albert SPRING VALLEY NEW YORK Tel. Nyack 1791 Eagle Army fr Navy Store Work Clothes - Sport Wear - Shoes II3 MAIN STREET NYACK, N. Y. Tel. Nyack 293 Clarence R. Burns, Prop. Burns Hardware G' Paint Co. ECLIPSE LAWN MOWERS Home Furnishings - Gifts - Dupont Paint Builders Hardware H8 MAIN STREET NYACK, N. Y. Tel. Haverstraw 9876 Chas. Thiebaut The Lodge RESTAURANT - TAP ROOM AT THE FOOT OF HIGH TOR WATCH GRAND OPENING - MILK BAR U. S. ROUTE 9-W HAVERSTRAW, N. Y. MEET ME AT THE "MiIky Way" Pyrofax Kadushin's DEPENDABLE GAS SERVICE For Homes Beyond the Gas Mains 'T'5 NEW 'TIS MODERN WARRINER SMITH UTILITIES, INC. MILK BAR Rouge 59 Tel. Nanuet 960 Church Street Twixt Spring Valley and Nanuet Spring Valley Tel. 900 TTTYT 'I' reigns- 4- -- 1 + 4- +gLllll lglgp James Zabriskie "ON BROADWAY" NYACK NEW YORK Ccmrltments of Harry's Nyack Hardware 129 MAIN STREET NYACK NEW YORK Compliments of Magnus Pedersen JEWELER NYACK NEW YORK LuIeich's Bakery Bread - Buns Fresh Twice Daily Wedding and Birthday Cakes I5 NEW MAIN STREET 86 MAN STREET HAVERSTRAW, N. Y. NYACK, N, Y. Crescent Drug Co. PRESCRIPTION PHARMACIST5 29 BROADWAY HAVERSTRAW, N, Y, Messenger Printing Co., Inc. JOB PRINTING Publishers of The Rockland County Messenger ll Broadway Haverstraw, N. Y. "A Nic: PLACE TO co" Stumble Inn Fish Fry, Spaghetti-Meat Balls All Kinds ot Sandwiches Hot Turkey Sandwich-Special 5.35 Dining and Dancing ROUTE 9-W CONGERS, N. Y, Compliments of BolIey's IO MAPLE AVENUE HAVERSTRAW NEW YORK Compliments of Nyack Food Center l4l MAIN STREET NYACK NEW YORK Compliments of N e i s n e r s "BETTER MEN'S WEAR" NYACK NEW YORK Tel. New Cnty ZIB8 Julius F. Doetschmann, Prop. New City Hardware Store Sherwin-Williams Paint Garden Supplies - Household Furnishings NEW CITY NEW YORK J. E. VANDERBILT G' CO., INC. COAL BUILDING MATERIALS PAINT NEW CITY, NEW YORK ROCKLAND COUNTY Tel. New City 622 I I I 1-LLQQQLL4--xl-:--4--Q Tel. Congers 657 Rider College Of Business Administration BACHELOR 0F SCIENCE DEGREES IN ACCOUNTANCY SECRETARIAL SCIENCE FINANCE STEAIEI-IEI1 TRAINING JOURNALISM nec a Accelerated Program Leads to Bachelor Degree in Two Years FOUNDED I865 TRENTON, N. J. "THE A. Niemeyer G' Son. Birds Eye Brand Frosted Foods - Fine Groceries STORE WITH A WELCOME" CONGERS NEW YORK Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Lewis Tel. Congers 505 Walter Hicks ICE and COAL CONGERS NEW YORK Compliments of McCarthy G' Simon, Inc. Manufacturing Specialists Specialists in CHOIR VESTMENTS - PULPIT GOWNS CAPS, GOWNS, HOODS FOR ALL DEGREES 7-9 West 36th Street Just off Fifth Avenue New York, N. Y. Congers Parent-Teacher Association COMPLIMENTS OF THE FRESI-IMAN CLASS V S 47 Tiiiiiiiii' 1 Compliments of Tel. Haverstraw 21 I7 A. W. Dutcher's Sons E. P. Vandenburgh, Inc. FUNERAL HOME Residence: HAVERSTRAW NEW YORK HO HUDSON AVENUE HAVERSTRAW, N. Y, Compliments of Compliments of Helen Kauflnal' and Claire Sosna The Dancing Club Mr. Kern COMPLIMENTS OF A F r i e n d COMPLIMENTS OF The Junior Class V I Produced by Engravafone 48 0 NEW CITY PRINTING COMPANY UNION CITY, N. J. ...:.Q...... Mig., P MLP 919' up J xx x A ,LMHLE A Z 1444... 4 . xx , , .X X Qing 41 v "W Haj um fffvglq o,fbjY0,3f HMA. fvlaf wb? ww Wwriw :sg 333 W M 'Wie Q3 fy if Wlfifkfffg , .-,q. -:X'- , ft.-' ' 'I .Q"'. ' ir: K I 1 A ii fi fggif i . f ,. gigif' if iw W : .iiwi sf X . 0 5 wifi ' ' ' I z, v, J ' ,. w . 'Cz N " ' ' .v K 'M 11 . J .wg ,fm 'Rf J. -,L . ,Q ...AA 'X K 1 ' ' '- 5. .. A 4: U. A nk , rg M , , ,QT 'A A ,

Suggestions in the Congers High School - Saga Yearbook (Congers, NY) collection:

Congers High School - Saga Yearbook (Congers, NY) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Congers High School - Saga Yearbook (Congers, NY) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 55

1942, pg 55

Congers High School - Saga Yearbook (Congers, NY) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 22

1942, pg 22

Congers High School - Saga Yearbook (Congers, NY) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 34

1942, pg 34

Congers High School - Saga Yearbook (Congers, NY) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 52

1942, pg 52

Congers High School - Saga Yearbook (Congers, NY) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 35

1942, pg 35

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