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- ,- - WW - - . . :W , X 1 575, K Q WM MQQ X WW IW f 74 Copyright, May, 1942 CONNIE CLINE Editor-in-Chief ARTHUR THOMAS, JR. Business Manager 19412 'W Published by THE SENIOR CLASS of CONCORD HIGH SCHOOL Concord, North Carolina O Qqfy' ' -' -X. ,fs i ' -Z . A V 7. 'wx U X 4 1 .,... : X7 '- X, ,, , ,,.--fr ZZM '-," 'x -xx 0l"QLU0l" To capture the cherished memories of days at Concord High School-the joyous association and closely woven friendships, the unshakable loyalty and undying love, the quiet hours of study and steady absorption of knowledge - we the Class of ,42 publish this book. WQa1afM1+ 1942 I r Q. LL' ,.. gr MR. FRANK L. AUSTIN 2 W E -if I ii I. 'i ' 'i Q . fgibivv . WH sin' agp? xi fl X, - UEUIEATIU We, the Class of '42 of Concord High School, re- spectfully dedicate the SPIDER WEB to Mr. Frank L. Austin -teacher, athlete, friend-in grateful recognition and appreciation of his irreproachable character, exceptional ability, clean sportsmanship, and gcntlemanly gestures. . 1, iff rf l .mx . , g ,, ,. . Qu 'fi!x. ' 1942 EUNEURD HIGH EEHUUL HY Of thee, Coizeorcl High, This praise we sing: MN With virtues you are hlessezl. Your ideals we praise, Through all our rlaysg You give fo us your hesf. 0 For fhee, Colleorcl High, This prayer we raise: May grace be ever lhine Our spirifs fo reaeh, Our miizcls io leach, Wifh wisdom all divine. 9 To fhee, Coiieoril High, This pledge we make: To give our hesf fo you. May our loyalfy Ul7SWCVUilIiQ he, Our love eaeh clay more irue. O 4Fi fzfsn 531- l - r EUNEUHU HIGH SEHUUL PA EULTY s , I 7 xl! N ly' lt' W' -J I In Q J. vs ' .P I: ': N J 9 I lf' , is L X ' 's ,. 6 in .. ' G-1" Ki Q 'S S. ' fl 0 Q v .., " 9 E f ' Ia' I ws w ' T' at 'Q' 'f ' . ,AW Q if 'U I 'O' .0 . o w': . to U" x X' fx x , . 5 J. ERIS CASSlZLI,. Prinvijial FRANK AUSTIN Soriul Sc'i4'm'c' J. G. BLACK, JR. Manual Training AIIELAIIIE BLACKWELIIER St'L'l'l'fdVYY FRANK BRASWELL Mdfl3l'IllrlflL'S LUCILLE BURRIS Com nzvrfial MARX' E. COCHRANI4: Art MARY JANE CRENSHAW Svierzcl' 181 x. ' So' L 1 IF A CC 'LU IL T Y . is GILBERT F. CURTIS DOROTHY MCKENZlli Hmnl of Musir Dvparflmfnf MAIJELINIS FARTIIING Maflmcilzafirs DORIS BOWMAN FISHER Sfivnfr' CLARENCE S. HARRIS Sciwzfv ERNEST HARSHBURGER Diwrsifczl Qcwilbufians HARRX' HOLLINGSWORTII S1'if'nrr', Afhlvfic' Dirvffor DWIGIIT H. IVES Diwrsifiwl Ol'l'IlIldflfII1S JANIE KLUTTZ Sf'L'w1fh Grade English HELEN MORGAN Frrnvla, En Ulisb MARGARET SMART Maflwnzafics BLANCHE STEWART Halal of Sovial SI'ic'm'r' 6 ELSIE NUNN Dl'fJ6IJ'fIl1l,l7f Mafbrnzafirs LII.I.IAN STEWART MARY ETHIEL OWEN bngllxb English, Luiin HELEN VIRGINIA THAYER .I , 1. EMILY LILLIAN QUINN L"'mm'1 Hvuzl of English Dffnzrf- R, N, Tom-,SON invnf, Drun of Girls Mntlzvnznlirs ELIZABETH RABY CAROLINE H. WAI,KER Home Econrmzivs R,-mfmg FRANCIS P. READ English WILMA WOLEE BAKER H ann' El'07'10'7lIiL'S av nl "' ' . ,'fcA' 742 19 Q X -, 117 STUDENTS SKIING TU CLASS Classes s. 8. s G Q fs r 1 Ns 5 N 5. ' A as ' yu aacofa ANNE HOWARID WILLIAM BOULUS MISS LILLIAN QUINN Sponsor enior H056 icerd ana! Organizafion PHIL WIDENHOUSE . . , ,,... President TOMMY NIBLOCK . ...Vice-President ELIZABETH KING . , . ..... Treasurer DORIS BLANCI-IARD , . . . . .Secretary CLASS MOTTO: "The lresl is yet fo be." CLASS COLORS: Red, White and Blue CLASS FLOWER: Red Rose if 5 , C f s'. 4 I I I J t 'A 4 .1 L c me .gioicler MA' -, lv 'Qa.i'-!- J . NORMAN ALSTON "Lvl 115 leave hurry lo slu1'c.t." ALFRED EARL BAKER "SUNNY" "A man I knew who lirfzl upon ri smile, Anil well il frrl binz: he look'Il plump unil fair." Treasurer Homeroom 1, President 2, 45 "B" Squad Football 35 Pan Players 3. 4g National Thespiang Role in Ever Sinn' Eu-g Why flu' Chimes Rang, and Tbr Wedding. . -IOSEPH LAWRENCE BARNHARDT "O Ibis lmrrriiflg, ll'l7!If ri thing il is!" I 6 JAMES FRANKLIN BARR, JR. 4 'I t I "Tbcn"s IIlllXll' in the xiglring nf u rural." Student Assembly lg Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Pan Players 2, 3, 4g Role in Ever Sinn' Ere. ,. .1 " 0 ff LANCIE BARRINGER "Il ufoulzl iallzg Lrml, bow if lalkrIl."' Student Assembly 4, S, A. Social Chairman, Glee Club l, 35 Pan Players 2, 3, 4, National Tliespiang Roles in Birds' Clnrixlnmx Carol, Young April, Anlir Spring, Ever Sinn' IIN, Assistant Director for Tln' xvftllllllgi Tennis 3, 4, Assistant Editor-in-Chief for THE SPIDER WI5B. I . MARTITA MAXINE BASINGER J: , ' "MAC" "Play up, fzluy up, uml play lhv garnrf' Midget Basketball 1, Class 1, Varsity 2, 3, 4g Soft- ball 3, 4. C MIRIAM ANGELINlf BENFIELD "Tn women silvnn' is fbi- best 0rnan1rnl," Student Assembly lg Glee Club 2g Girl Reserves 3. 4. U DORIS BLANCHARD "Herr is one of fbosf' ufbn jfoxxrss rllmoxl rwry gif!- ' b.. lulrnl, ,quail Ilixrourxi', a nolvlr' spiril uml J N, J natural genius." .sf- . ta, If I .ffl Secretary of Senior Classg Student Assembly 2, - 1 President Homeroom Sq Pan Players 2, 3, 4, S3 National Thespiang Student Director of Play 5, Roles in A Fricml ul Court, Young April, Tlu' Wmliling, Elm' Sinn' Ere, Senor l"n'1'ilonI: Forensic Club, 3, 4, S3 President S5 Winner in South Piedmont Conference Forensic, Recitation Division 4, Poetry Division 2, Sen- ior Class Poetq Band 4, S: Treasurer of Band S: Drum Maiorette 4, 53 Treasurer of Girl Reserve Club l, 2, 3, 4, S3 Vice-President of Glee Club S5 journalism Club S. O PAUL Bosr UFOOTSIEH My fr-rl, Ibm' baul mr' Rouml lbc House Tlary Huis! mv up Ibn' Slain' l only bun' lo slrrr lbflll, unil Tbcy Rifle Inf' E1'PY'j'll.'l7PV!'X..' Football, Midgets lg Varsity 2, 3, 4: Basketball, Midgets 1, Varsity 2, 3, 4, Captain 3: Class Basket- ball l, 2, Coach of Class Basketball 3, Baseball 3, 4. PAUL BOULUS "There was never suvh beau!-y in anolbvr man," Football 3, 4, S, Co-captain 55 Glee Club 3, 4: Rifle Club 3, 45 Basketball 4, S. ee HELEN BYRD CALDWELL "BUTcII" "I mmf xml my lbal xbc' wax iruc, Yvl lr! mv say lbul slar' was fair." Secretary of Homeroom 33 Pan Players 2, 3, 4, National Thcspiang Roles in A Frirml at Courl, Big Hvarlrd Hrrlwrl, Ezrr Sinn' Eur, Tbr- Nrighlmrxg National Unity Contest Medal 35 Journalism Club 3, 45 Glee Club 4: Band 2, 3, 4. FLOYD ALEXANDER CARSON "Grail is journalism. IX 1101 f'l'l'l'y ulzlr wlilor ri ruler nf lln' worlil, Irving fim'xuarlf'Il of il?,' Student Council 1, Sq Assemblymen l, 2, 3, 5: Assistant Marshall 1: Editor-in-Chief The Wr'az'ingxg Vice-President Forensic Club 5, Vice-President Home- room 2, 45 President Science Club 4, Vice-President Aviation Club 3g Pan Pluyrrx Sq Midget Basketball I, 2, DIANA CHARI.0TTE CATON "A lilllr, liny, prolly, willy, rlaarnziug darling xl1v." Class Prophet. CShe hailed from New York City to us this ycarj. O CONNIE CLINE "Grc'al lzllvnls, surb as honor, l'll'fIl!', lmzruing aml purlx, arf' izlww flat' gviivralilvy of lbr' ww-Ill." Editor-in-Chief of SPIDER Wifng Vice-President Girl Reserves, Pair Players 2, 3, Sg Class Historian, Children of Confederacy 4, Sq Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, S: Secretary Glee Club, Band 4, S. O ALICE COOK "Commits" "A elim' ruoulb ralrhrx no flies." Girl Reserves 3, 4, Industrial Arts 3. EMILY ERMINIA CooR "PETE" "Golden hair, lilzv xunligbl xlrrviming On llon' iiiurlzlr' of ber iboulilrr. ' Glee Club, 2, 3, 4g Pau Pla-Yvrx 2, 3, 45 Band 3, 4: Tennis Team 3, journalism 4. 0 CHARLES KENNETH Coon "KI1N,, "Huw tl'iff!'l'!'llf from llav firrsmil illllll zwix lbr- ymilly of earlier iluysf' Manager Football 4g Manager Baseball 45 Midgci Football 2, 34 Varsity S3 Baseball 55 Manager Bas- ketball S. I PENELOPE ANNE COOKE "By lbw lL'0Yk one knows lbr' ll'UVk7lll.HI.U Glee Club I, Iv, 44 Pan Playrrx: National Thespiang Roles in Ewr Sinn' EVP, The Wbilc' 1'lMi1l0li1. . . EMILY ELIZABETH COREN "ln framing an urlisi, url bulb lbw mlur'rcml, To ll1!Ik!' some good, buf olbrrx In f'.Yl'l't'lI,.H Student Assembly 2, Journalism 31 Pun Playvrx 5 Girl Reserves 4. . MARGARET ROSETTA CORZINE "MAGGY" "Small llzirrgs are bmi." Journalism Clubg Pan Players l, 2, 3, 4, Role in The Wbilf' Plldllffliilf Advertising Manager of Pali Players, National Thespizmg Advertising Manager THI-. SPIDER WILD. we .syoioler W .'4T"."' 3 9' I ' . ' o 1 w- .Ir s 'pi 1 ',.4o"' ' , .nl i I . 4 I . 4 'J' I Q1 an 113. 1"a , I J' 1 P. 1 'D .ff 1, P. rl." I f sr' lghfnyl .. 17 10111, 1 7Ae "Im suddcsl when I sing." I. ALICE LoUIsE CRAIG Glee Club, 3, 4, Pau Players 2, 3, 4. 0 ' , ROBERT R. CREECH ..BOB,, Q yarns .. 4 s 505 - I l "Suffir'ir'nf Io have xiood, fhough free fo fall." Student Assembly, Rifle Club. MARY RUBY CREss "HN air, her malirwrx, all who saw admired, rourtmllx, lhough roy, and gcuilr, though reiirz'd." 0 BOB DELI' "Lvl ignoranm' talk as ii will, learning has ils value." O ELIZABETH FURR "I grant I am a woman, buf withal u womun well-rz'pulrd.', President of Homeroom 1, Student Assembly 2, Journalism Club 3, Pan Players. C FRANCES FURR "Oh woman! Lovely u'omuu.' Nafun' made lhn' Io lcuipvr men, li We would have barn brulcx ufilhouf you!" Vice-President 1, Secretary and Treasurer 4, Roles in The Wedding, Why the Chimes Rang, Pan Play- ,, -t rp rrx 2, 3, 4, Properties in Ever Sinn- Eve, National 5' Thespian, journalism Club 3, 4, Forensic Club 4, Assistant Advertising Manager SPIDER WEB, Class Basketball 2, 3, 4. C BUDDY GOLDSTON "I had rathvr have Il fool io makr me merry lhan r.x'17r'rivI1n' lo malu' mr' sad." Glee Club, Pau Players 1, 2, 4, Band 4, S. U ' BUFORD YOUNG GOODMAN, JR. v "Em'rythiug ibut hrara' him play QL"7""' ' Errn Ihr billows of the sea, Q Hung ihvir heads." School Pianist 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Pau Players 2, 3, 4, Vice-President Pan Pluyrrx 4, National Tbespiang Roles in Birds' Chris!- max Carol, Young April, Anfir Spring, Iunc Mad, Cirruruxtaurex Alivr Ca.u'.v, Ever Siure Eve, Stage Manager for Thi' Wedding, Librarian for Band 3, 4, D. A. R. Essay Award 3. C BETTY GWYN a " L,h 0 u' fl :ewbfll shc suzilml, 'luuax a pleasure loo great." ni' 9 CATHERINE ELIZABETH HARDIN "Men fall you fair You do credit it. For fha! yourself you daily do sec." Vice-President of Student Body 3, Student Assem- bly 1, 2, 3, President of Home Room 4, Midget Bas- ketball 1, Tennis 3, 4, Glee Club 4, Forensic Club 2, 3. DORIS LORRAINE HARRISON S 3 .J WU rv ,- , f e , e Br lo lan IlVlIIl'S wry fund, ,gl er Bc lo ber faulix a Iillle lrlimlf' Glce Club 25 Pan Pla-wrt 2, 3, 45 Journalism Club 3, 4. . . BOB HARVEY Q," 1 HBIRDH I "How niany iimrx do I lore, again?" ' ' N--A Student Assembly 15 Glee Club 1, 25 Midget Bas- M: ketball Ig Midget Football 15 Class Basketball I, 2, "-A 3. 45 Varsity Football 2, 3, 45 Co-captain 45 Base- ' ball 45 Treasurer of Junior Homeroom 35 Rifle Club 35 Pan Players 3, 4. JEAN HAYDEN "Tbfrv's not a lzonnir lvinl fha! sings, Buf mimls mr 0' my Iran." Glee Club 3, 45 Journalism Club 3, 45 Pan Players 3, 4. MARY LORENE HERRIN "WMI mulrl I bv, but wha! I am?" H' Glee Club lg journalism Club 35 Industrial Arts. Club 3. BETTY HILL "Shall 1 l'0il1f7t1Vt' Ilan' to a XllNlNll'Y,X Jay? Tlmu ar! more fair aml more ft'lHfIl'Ydft'.H Treasurer of Homeroom 25 Marshall 25 Secretary of Junior Class 35 National Honor Society 45 Pau Playrrs Z, 3, 4. MILDRED NOVEl.LA HONEYCUTT "Girls :uv love for wha! Ibvy arc!" ' CLARENCE MONROE HOWARIJ, -JR. "Hr was a ralianf yrmfb .mil bis fan' Iiki- Ihr' fan' nf fbi' mrzrniug, Glailrlwivil fbi' rurllz uzilb ifx Iighif' Homeroom President 1, 2, 35 Vice-President 4g Student Assembly 45 Band 4, S5 Band President S5 Tennis 4, 55 Pictorial Editor of SPIDER WEB. . r I L. JOE HOWARD "lmlu.tfv'i0ux AI'iafm'." Vice-President of Homeroom 2. ' JOHN CHARLES HOWARIJ , NBII, xilmmf is most noble I0 Ihr' end." fi JOYCE EVELYN HOWELL - Y - rrvlffllf is like a rirh slow, basl plain srl." ' Alternate Marshall 15 Student Council 3, 45 Stu- dent Assembly 3, 45 Tennis 3, 45 Journalism Club 3g Pan Players 2, 3, 45 Band 3, 4. jhe ,ggoirler m 0 l , l'!'. ' .I so n 1 "L" KATY LEE HOWELL "She was a seholar and a good ripe one." Marshall 25 Chief Marshall 35 United Daughters of Confederacy State Essay Prize 35 American Legion Auxiliary Essay Prize 35 National Unity Essay Prize, Firgt Place 35 Glee Club l, 2, 35 Industrial Arts 35 Pan Players 45 journalism 45 National Honor So- city 3, 45 Secretary 4. C JOYCE ELAINE KETNER UCHUNKIEH HZFHIOIIX, yet nzoilestg innocent, though freeg Patient of toil5 serene amidst alarms." Vice-President Girl Reserves 45 Basketball, Midget 1, Varsity 2, 3, 45 Softball 1, 2, 3, 45 Journalism Club 35 Pau Players 4. O ELIZABETH NORELEET KING "Reason 'masters every sense, Am! in her virtues grace hath birth." Assistant Chief Marshall 35 Student Assembly 35 Pau Players 2, 3, 45 Class Treasurer 3, 45 Chil- dren of Confederacy 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Lighting "Ever Sinee El'l'Uj Assistant Chief Mar- shall 3. I WILLIAM KLUTZ "A workman that neerlelh not to be ashamed." I LAURA FAYE KRIDER "And beautiful as Sweet! Ami as young as beautiful! Aml soft as young! Anil gay as soft! And irmorent as gay!" O DOROTHY MAE LEE "From a grave thinking mouser, she was grown, The gayest flirt that eoaelfil it rouml the town." Glee Club 1, 35 Secretary 15 Secretary Homeroom 25 Secretary-Treasurer Homeroom 45 Pan Players 2, 3, 45 journalism Club 45 Forensic Club 45 Chil- dren of Confederacy 4. O VERONA B. LEE "Au eppearanee of alelieaey, and even of fragility, is essential to beauty." Children of Confederacy 3, 45 Secretary and Treas- urer 4. Q MARY ELIZABETH LITTLE "She was a soft lamlsrajve of milil earth, Where all was harmony, and mlm, and quiet!" Glee Club 15 Student Assembly 15 Girl Reserves 4. O ANN SPENCER LLEWELLYN "LEW" "Nature made her-and then broke the mold." journalism Club 3, 45 Band 3, 45 Pan Players 2, 35 Minor Roles in The Neighbor and Young Aprilg Class Basketball 35 Children of Confederacy 45 Testator of Senior Class 45 Literary Editor of SPIDER WEB. O SUGENIA GERTRUDE MCGEE "A :laughter of the gods, divinely tall, and most ilizfinely fair." President of Homeroom 25 Band 2, 3, 45 Secre- tary of Band 45 journalism Club 35 Marshall 35 Tennis Team 35 Secretary and Treasurer of Home- room 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Treasurer of National Honor Society 45 Pan Players 2, 3, 45 Sec- retary of Pan Players 45 Assistant Director of Ever Sinre Eveg Assistant Pictorial Editor of SIIIDER WEE. CATHERINE MELTON ,.CAT,, "Women will low ber tba! she is a wornan, More worth than any man." Secretary and Treasurer of Homeroom 25 Girl Re- serves 2, 3, 45 Pan Players 2, 3, 4. BILL STUART MILLER "WILLIE" "Man in sootb is a marveloiis vain, firlele, and un- slablr subiz'rt." Glee Club 4, S5 Treasurer of Homeroom 45 Rifle Club 45 Tennis 4, 55 Class Basketball 45 "B" Squad 45 Varsity S5 Football, Varsity 4, 55 Band S5 Vice- President of Homeroom S5 Art Editor of SPIDER WEB 5. I EDNA AILEEN MILLER "Black brows, they say become some women best." Pan Players 2, 45 journalism Club 3, 45 Delegate of Journalism to Chapel Hill. ELLA BROWN MILLER "Mine eyes are gray and bright and quirk in turning." President of Homeroom 25 Student Assembly 35 Industrial Arts Club 35 Journalism Club 45 Girl Re- serves 4. O FLORA CAROLYN MILLER "Her air, her manners, all who saw ailmirrilf' Homeroom Treasurer 1, 25 Glee Club Z5 Pan Players 2, 3, 45 journalism Club 3, 45 Band 3, 4. CHESTER MISENHEIMER "I never thrust my nose into other men's porriilgef, Rifle Club 3, 45 Pan Players 4, S. 0 CHARLES RUSSELL MONTOOTH HJIZEPU "I am. just going to leap into the clark." Basketball, Midget 1, 2, 3, Varsity 4, S5 Football, Midget 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity 55 Baseball 4, S. n a gm a Q- Pill Q 0 ,vu V VN O 'Q BERNICE LEE MOOSE "Deep in ber lwarl the passion glowsg She lows and loves forever." Girl Reserves 35 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Children of Confederacy 3, 45 Pan Players 1, 2, 3, 45 Role in White Phantom. NOEL FRY MORRIS "Gite to the world' the best you hare, Aml the best will rome back to you." Secretary of Homeroom 15 President of Class 15 Photography Club 25 President of Homeroom Z5 Pan Players 2, 3, 45 Vice-President of Homeroom 55 Band 3, 45 National Honor Society. 0 LEROY MULLIS uDOCii "Nothing is impossible to imlnstryf' Basketball, Varsity 2, 35 Baseball, Varsity 2, 3, 45 Football, Varsity l, 2, 3, 4. il ' 1 I 5 .fi f we Spider MA K- , 3.43 C me-H nail" b,,s5'7"'! N105 Glvhcl' L. t ,ga hc Q ll " l .i ' I ,, we .Spider ,ML l Ni 0 'aff fi' .fs H Je, Q , ., 'V . . 5.5 :J ill 'N -1- 4 'Maul U 'PO I-I qs' . FRANKLIN CHALMERS NIBLOCK, JR. "Even fbougb L'HlllI1liSbf'll, be could argue will." Student Assembly 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Council 2, 3, 45 Secretary and Treasurer of Student Body 25 Vice-President 3: President 45 National Honor So- ciety 45 Rifle Club 55 Pun Players 4. TPIOMAS CLINTON NIBLOCK "Hr is as like our, as om' egg is like another." President of Homcroom I, 35 Vice-President of Homeroom 25 Rifle Club 35 Student Assembly 25 Vice-President Senior Class5 President National Honor Society 45 Pun Players 4. NEAL OWEN "Yea, be ilifl fly upon ilu' wings of flu' whirl." MARGARET DEAN PARTLOW "Thr smiles Ibm' win, Ihr tinls fha! glow, But ii-Il of :lays in goodness spent." Glee Club 15 Girl Reserves 45 Children of Con- federacy 4. DORIS BLAKE POLK "shi, was good us sbt' was fair." Student Assembly l5 Vice-President of Homeroom Z5 Journalism Club 45 Pun Players 4. ALEX PORTER "I lore a lussir, a bomxie, bonnia' lussief' Homeroom President 1, 25 Student Assembly 1, Z5 Aviation Club 35 lndustrial Arts Club 25 Band l, 2, 3, 4. CLYDE LUTHER PROPST, JR. "Thr lilllr foolvry Ihul ufisz' men have makes u grral show." Student Assembly 25 Pun Players 2, 3, 45 Roles in A Wfldlllflgr Wlailz' Pbanlom. HELEN M. QUERY "Siur4'rity is Ibz- way to Hz'a1"m." Pun Players I, 2, 3, 45 Journalism 1, 25 Glee Club 1, 2. I JUANITA READLING L5,,..t4I "Her siufurz- full-I bale a dumpy woman." Industrial Arts 3. O 4,21 NANCY SIMS RIDENHOUR "She is herself of basl llsings tba rolleciionf' Homeroom President 15 Glee Club 1, 45 Pan Players 2. 3, 45 National Thespiang Publicity Chairman of Pan Players 45 Roles in june Mazl, Ever Since Eve: Photography Club 25 Cheerleader 1, 2, 35 Band 3, 4. WILLIAM A. RIDENHOUR, JR. "I pr:-fer silvnl przulcnrc lo loquarioux folly." I IRIS MAURICE ROBBINS uIKIEn "Her ryex as slurx of lwilight fair, Y Lilac' iwilight, loo, ber :luxley l9uir.' Midget Basketball Manager 15 Assistant Softball Manager 15 Manager Softball 2, 3, 45 Assistant Bas- ketball Manager 35 Varsity Manager 45 Dramatic Club 2, 45 Prompter for one-act play The White Plaanfom 45 Journalism Club 3, 4, Assistant Editor of Wfmrings 45 Athletic Editor of SPIDER WEB 45 Forensic Club 45 Glee Club 45 Librarian Assistant 3, 4. LENA ROBERTS "Sofl penn' shi' brings as the arriI'ex." GLENN M. ROSEMAN "Lvl all fbingx br flour ifefenfly and in order." Student Assembly 4. ' . JUANITA JEAN SAFRIT "Thy morlfsly is a Vtlllllll' fo fhy wil." Glee Club 1, 3. O MARTPIA SAFRIT "A penny for your tbolighllu Basketball 1, 2, 35 Children of Confederacy 2, 35 Dramatic Club 4. PATRICIA JANE SAPP "PATSY" i "Her brzir like gold dill glixfen, Eafb eyz' was Iikr a Hur." Student Assembly 25 Vice-President Homeroom 35 member of Pau Players 2, 3, 45 Role in The Wiyiiz' Pbuulnm. O DORCAS L. SEAFORD "Poitier" "Thr rulv of my lift' ix Io make business a plruxilre and pleuxurc' u business." Pun Pluyvrx 1, 25 Girl Reserves 3, 45 Science Club 35 Industrial Arts Club 45 Children of Con- federacy 4, 55 Vice-President of Children of Con- federacy S. DONALD SELTZER "My mind to me u lzingzlom ix." "Stately and tall be morex in lin' hall, The thief of a ibozzxanfl for grart'.'l Rifle Club 4: Photography Club 35 President of Homeroom 45 Football 4, S5 Basketball 55 "B" Squad 45 Tennis 45 Band 4, 5. JIMMY SHAFFER "Herr comes Romeo, bore comes Romeo!" Football, Varsity 4, 55 Baseball 2, 4, 55 Bas- ketball "B" Squad 45 Class Basketball Captain 45 Varsity Basketball 55 Pun Playerx S5 Glee Club 4, S5 President S5 Forensic Club 55 Sports Editor of SPIDER WYEBQ Role in Ever Since Eve. u x il' lvnur. h?.'E.l .-fl ."' -1 'vi 0'1- in 59 I J so 5: .7lLe .S7,aic!er ML grab D , A. I " 0 Lal " xr J' O. Q .' A' VW "Y ' if slaffl ' TQ :Pl 'e 4 I 11 ." I me .lr If: 5 .- in J LUTHER SHERRILL JA J ,W UTOONEYH Pt er "Though he was rough, he was kindly," Pan Players 1, 2, 3, 4, ig Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, 55 Roles in Neighbors, A Frirml al Courl, Young April, Aniir Spring, Ercr Sinre Ere, Senor Frrvilorn, Master Ceremonies for junior-Senior 43 Freshman Advertising Manager of Wrarings: Football 3, 4, S. Q 50b"'fV 44 THAU SHERRILL "A youlh uunoIir'1'ii in fhe slrefwy square, Born fo enrirh fhis air." Midget Football l, 2, Varsity Football 3. O CHARLES SLOOP "Moilz's1'y hvcouzcs a young man." NELI. SLOOP "Anil thy iierp eyes amiil Ihr gloom, Shine like ieuuels in u shrou1l." BETTY TALBERT "How her fingers wen! when they niormi by nofe Through 7IIl'lIA'lH'l'X finz'.', Glce Club 1, 3, 4, Pun Players 3, 4. I . -, , BILL TARLTON "BreaIhes lhvre a man with soul so ilvazl, . ,ap at H Who ne1'z'r lo himself has suffi- This is my own, my mrliu' lunrl."' ARTPIUR WEBSTER TEIOMAS, JR. "A youlh Io -whom was given So murh of rarlh, so much of heaven." Pan Players 1, 2, 3, 4, S5 President Pan Players Sq National Tlmcspiang Student Director 55 Roles in fum' Mail, Young April, Cirrlunsfannfs Alfrr Cases, Senor Freedom, Almost Eighfeen, Thi- Wrzliling, Ever Sinn' Eve, Smiliu' Through: Stage Manager and Electrician 4, Sq Forensic Club 4, 55 President Forensic Club 4, journalism Club 3, 5: Glee Club 2, 3, 4, S5 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Vice-President of Home Room Sg Tattler 3g Business Manager of SPIDER WISH, News Editor of XVl'll1'il1gX S. NELL TRULL "Of all the girls fha! Har -was seen There is nom' so fine as Nelly." Pan Players 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1. C MARCSIE UNDERWOOD " "The rmlearing eleganre of friendship." Industrial Arts 3. O GERALD UTLEY UHANKU "To se! the rause ahora' renown, To lore the game hug and the prize, To honor while you strike him down." Baseball 3, 4, S3 Basketball S5 Midget Football 4, FRANCES WALTER "When you :ln dance, I wish you A wave 0' th' sea, that you might ever :lo Nothing but that." Student Assembly 15 Student Council 15 Home- room Vice-President 45 Pan Players 2, 3, 45 Circula- tion Manager for SPIDER WEB5 Glec Club 45 Journal- ism Club 3, 45 Children of Confederacy 45 Cheer- leader l, 2, 3, 45 Chief Cheerleader 45 Tennis 3, 4: Class Basketball 1, 2, 3. I IRA LUKE WALTER ULUKIEH "Thr little pleasure of the game Is from afar lo View the fight." Basketball 1, 2, 45 Manager Basketball 55 Foot- ball 25 Assistant Manager Football I, 45 Baseball 15 Manager Baseball 55 Photography Club 4. CHRISTINE WEDDINGTON "Thr tender glance, the reiliiening cheek, O'ersprea4l with rising hlushesf' President Homeroom 25 Student Assembly 45 Pan Players 4. Q GUION THOMAS WEDDINGTON "An honest man is the noblest work of Goal." Student Assembly 4, S. O 5' , HOWARD WHITTLE "My fair one, let ns swear an eternal friemlshipf' Student Assembly 2, 45 Student Council 45 Presi- dent Junior Class 45 Assistant Editor of SPIDER WEB5 Manager of Student Store 55 Assistant Manager 45 Band 1, 25 Forensic Club S5 Rifle Club 45 Photo- graphy Club 3. U NELDA WIDENHOUSE "She is pretty to walk with, Anil 'willy lo talk with, Anil pleasant loo, lo think ou." Student Assembly 15 Pan Players 1, 2, 3, 45 Jour- nalism 2, 3, 45 Assignment Editor 45 Children of Confederacy 35 Forensic Club 45 Marshall 3. PHIL WELDON WIDENHOUSE "His life was gentle, and the elements so mixed in him that nature might stand up and say to all the worlil, 'This was a man'.,' President Class 45 Vice-President Class 35 Student Assembly 1, 45 President of Homeroom 1, 35 Science Club 25 Vice-President Homeroom 25 Class Basket- ball 45 Football 2, 3, 45 "Smilin' Throughf' TAFFY JAMES WILLIAMS Football, Midget 15 Varsity 2, 3, 45 Baseball 3, 45 Basketball, Class 1, 2, Varsity 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3. Q LONNIE AUGUSTUS WYLIE "True as thc needle to the pole, or as the rlial to the sun. ' Science Club 25 Football, Midget 1, Varsity 3, 45 Baseball 3. o .ml ROBERT E. JONES, JR. "Our deeds determine us as much as we fletermim' our deeds." Pan Players l, 2, 35 Journalism 2, 35 Baseball 35 Band 1, 2, 3. CF jhe .gjloicler QM 3 l .V V X3 QF i 3 1 Se mio? Su P e rlaiiv 6' S Boys Girls PNK Wkdcnkonwc , . ,Bvsf Au-R01l11Ll ..... Frances Wfakcr Pwdnxr Thoxnas, Sr.. .Bust Drcsscd . . . . . .CXWKSLKBC Wcndkngxoxx Yard Bouhs .,,.... Most Afblvfir ..,,. Nhrdm Ymixngcr jnnrny Shane: , . . Biggusf Flirt ....... Lance Ymrrknger 'Yaiy Wkmmns .. Be-sf Sport .... .... Y mnces Vlaker ,.......... .. Prvfficsf Girl ..... CXxrXsukncWeddKn Lon Yard Ysonhs . . . Bvsf Looking Buy .............. . . . Sonny Baker . Swrvtcst ,,..,..... Frances Waker Taffy Vfkwmns , , Most Consirlrrafc .,.Connke CYxne ..,........, .,,Bigg,rsf Mun Hater. ,Yrcuy Gay 'Y:xX'om, Yvobby Ddp . , . Big,gvsfWon1m1 Hafcr ....,.. .,. Robcrc Creech ..,. Nratvsl ........,, Chrksnncwlc rn ion Sonny Baker . . . . Cufcsf . . . .....,. Dunn Cam Hnyd Carson .,.... Mosf C0,011vr'ufiw , .Conrnc C x Buford Goodman , . ,Moxf TL1lk'IlfCLl ..... Docks Y: cm Xknwny Shane: ,.... Biggcst HwrH1rvaIu'r Dkana Cac Ymnkkc Nkbkwck .... Must lihcly to sxacrmlkaxy How Sonny Baker ......, Most Aifrurtivc .,., Dum son Bobby DAQ . . . ,.,, Quivfcsf ,,,...... Mkrhfn Yann Sonny Ymkcr ..,.... Must Popular ...,.. Yranpes akcr Yrnnkkc Nkbhnck ..,. Mus! Sfudiuus ..... Katy Howd Buddy Goklsmon . , .Wiffivsf ,.4........ Manga: rn Yrankke NXXDXQCXL , . .Mosf Dignifcd ,.... Snbcma c ee Ymnkkc Nkbhuck . , ,Most Courtvous Benny YK X KSN Nikker .,..,... Most Original Connn me Psrt'nur Thonus. Sv.. .Most Dramatic . , Dons Yahnchar Tuffy Wkkkmns .... Bvst School Sbifi Yunceswaker 'Yooncy SXwrrkXX ...., Luzicst ...... Ann Uewchyn CXy6c Yropsu ,..... Biggcsf Talker Lance Barrxnger Sknu Skaiicr .,... Most Pickle . Hahn CaX6weX Most Basbful Nhrmn Ben e TW Bobby DBX? . . . . , SAILIUTATORY The Class of '42 greets you, our friends. We are happy to have you with us tonight, as we pause a moment on the crest of the hill to look backward and forward-backward on our days in Concord High, and forward to our future life. Tonight is both a graduation and a commencement. The backward glance reveals a panorama of memories. We are grateful for our years at Concord High and for our many opportunities. We appreciate tonight, perhaps as never before, the beauty of our school building, we are thankful for the friends and faculty who have made our years here worthwhile, whose influence we shall carry with us always. As Tennyson has said, "we are a part of all that we have met," and we feel, tonight, that the influences of High School have formed some of the best traits of character we possess. The forward look is our commencement. We see "brook gladened meadows ahead, and mountains of wearisome height." With courage, we stand tiptoe on the brow of the not know what it holds for us, but we go forth pledging our we leave our world of today striving to work unceasingly for and liberty. "Wr"z'r fired sailing our Fur in lbr inlet buy, hill, facing this World of strife and bloodshed. We do best efforts to be true citizens in a nation of free meng the world of tomorrow -M a world of peace, justice, lifllr boa! We want fo be where lbr' whiff' sails floal, Ou! when' fbi' big xbipx slay." -ELIZABETH NOR FLEET KING. L ,AN I. if ff fl':fW2yl l - 7429 QMWJY- 1 f ar. M way kffferl P' f im,-NM 1942 AM"'fff ' 'f Q' " if f F1 J- ML ace Qui' lfffdzrfcl .. Strong and young and unafraid, , -' We face our world fl I ,N-9-av: fw'f 0w-, ., QA, ,aa 3,1 And find a stronghold there 'long , - to eye, 1, ' I 1 . In ageless things, il '.L, - 7 I J? fine'-ffl!!! Like Truth and Love, That live 'F' - - ' When all else is washed awa I I1 IVJ ,ff , fl ' I Y ' A 4' i I' 'I I f 5 I By storms of strife. f. .' -urn M4 ,II If ff' i T' N", FV I L The turbulent tide that bears us V' C" f - The stream of life I 3 fi f 'J 'dif?- .Ji a-It .1 3 f: ri ,Y -F 2 "ev, T' 'Cannot defeat us, alt r . 5., rg' A-,Q 7 Nor make us bow our heads. I 5 . We look our Future eye ,fa . TWV A .- Stead is the aze! I 4-.. , ll' f ,,,f.-12v f l'-.- .. Y 8 ' ' ri ,f "" Fr 'A "'Welcome is the challenge! I ,,,.-ff For we possess a goodly share . ' Of Ho e and Faith A P , ' I r 4 "1 1 f 4, - As we face our world. We make this trust with you: Holding fast To Memories of happy days That once were and again shall surely beg Of our Strength and Faith We will build for you anew A Future secure and free. For we face our world Strong and young and -DORIS unafraid! BLANCHARD, f i s "QN 4 ' " . , T at fa. .wa . 1942 .IIOURNIEYSS END Toot!! Toot!! With quivering lips and pounding hearts, 213 frightened youngsters arrived at Station C. H. S. on Track I at exactly 9:02 o'clock, September 26, 1938. Individual tickets had to be purchased for the journey that for some was to last one, two. three, or even four years. Engineer Cassell, Fireman Quinn, and a dozen Flagmen were struggling to let each passenger know where he was going and when he would get there, together with the cost of the trip. At long last with all tickets in order, baggage checked, and passengers aboard car one, the train began its event- ful journey down Track I. Strange faces were seen in every aisle, faces of people that were soon to make excellent traveling companions over the battlefields of history and through the mysteries of the big world. From our crystal clear windows we were soon to see the marvels of science and literature, homemaking and sports. The Hrst lap of the journey was taken up in getting accustomed to train life: nothing of history-making importance was experienced as we rounded the first mile post. When our car jolted to a quick stop and we were hurriedly switched to car two on Track II, our youthful minds-especially Katy I-Iowell's-seemed fully capable of any undertaking. After a journey, colorful but overshadowed by thoughts of the next few years, our passengers, slightly diminished in number, were nearing the half-way signal. Howard Whittle was chosen as Conductor for car number three on its journey down Track IIIg Phil Widenhouse, Elizabeth King, and Betty Hill served as posters. When the magazine girl came through, all gladly subscribed, thus pay- ing for a six-course dinner on the dining car, Junior-Senior Banquet. The Concord High School Band made the journey more enjoyable with its versatile renditions, claiming top honors as we puffed through Salisbury and Richmond. As we steamed through the University town of Chapel Hill, our Thespians hopped off for a night to keep up the highest tradi- tions of the Dramatic Club, which always put on a good show-win, draw, or lose. Track IV! Last Call! All Aboard! Dignified and conhdent, we boarded the last car on the last track. Among the honor passengers of our number was the President of the Company, Franklin Niblock, together with his corps of executives, Phil Widenhouse, as Conductor, and his assistants, Tommy Niblock, Doris Blanchard and Elizabeth King, were given the final duties of seeing that the train, together with each passenger, arrived safely at Commencement Station. During every stop, Floyd Carson and his news hounds were busy gathering choice bits of news for the home folks. As all good things must end, so does our journey. Through the kindness of the years, each bristling to the brim with knowledge gained and joys unforgettable, the unpleasant things and hard knots, have faded into oblivion. Events both important and unimportant spring to my mind as I look back over the shining rails glistening and sparkling with the Hrst rays of our joyous day. Along the track there have been sharp curves, high mountains, and wide rivers to cross. It has been largely due to the guiding hand of Engineer Cassell that our four years of safe and productive travel has reached the climax - the arrival at Commencement Station. As I stand on the platform, just before stepping out into the Grand Future Station, I find myself eagerly searching the distant horizon for some sign of what lies in store for me and for those who have made this journey such a memor- able one. The unsettled world which greets us causes a feeling of thankfulness in our hearts for the high ideals which con- stantly have been instilled into our minds, better fitting us to cope with life as we shall find it when we leave our train to change for points north, east, south, West. -TOMMY NIBLOCK, Class Hixlorian. i FAGSIIMP-N SOPMMORE JUNIORS ggmogg T MM 'ii Lazsl Will and Testament of Class' of 942 Having arrived at a time which is the end of our days at Concord High School, we, the Senior Class of 1942, being of supposedly sound mind and memory, in consideration of the uncertainty of this frail and transitory life at Concord High School, do hereby make, ordain, publish, and declare this to be our Last Will and Testament. That is to say, after all our legal debts are paid and discharged, these are our gifts: I To our hardworking Principal, Mr. Cassell, we leave our carefree ways to be conserved until his old age, at which time we feel he will deserve a little irresponsibility. II Our knowledge fwhat there is of itj is left to the teachers who may bestow it as they deem necessary upon those students not so endowed, that knowledge may bring forth knowledge, creat- ing in the future a more shining Senior Class. III With due regards to its owners, the Luncheonette is given to the Juniors that in their many leisure moments they may have a place to meditate upon the affairs of the day and anything else which may arise. IV The individual generosity of the Class makes necessary the gifts from and to the following per- sonalities with the reservation that those unused be returned and donated to the Defense Effort: Elizabeth King and Noel Morris leave their studious ways to anyone who has not time to use his own ability. Kenneth Griffin falls heir to the "Woman Technique" of Arthur Thomas, even though his own seems suflicient. Connie Cline's unusual personality is to be added to her sister's pleasing ways, just to keep it in the family. The ability of Lance Barringer to talk perpetually is left to her Junior partner, Elzena Widenhouse. As Boss' of the Student Store, Howard Whittle wills the said position to Frank Terry for his faithfulness as an assistant. "Ike" Robbins' basketball managership goes to Helen Barrier, not to mention what usually goes with it. Without consideration for her cousin, Bernice Moose hands her share of Camp Edwards, Massa- chusetts, to Sarah Lee, fully assured that Sarah will make the best of it. The many abilities of Doris Blanchard go to her successor in band, Sara Smith. "Chubby" Cook gets "Pete's" glamour with the hope that she can use it. The giggles of Frances Furr are left to enrich the shy smile of Kay Whittle. Betty Gwyn leaves her backstage work to one who does all right in the limelight, Peggy Sapp. "Chien Wingate gets Sonny Baker's good looks providing he doesn't break any more hearts. Gaynelle Readling is to be calmed with Miriam Benf1eld's quiet ways. Frances Walter leaves her megaphone, Cwith the full realization of its uselessnessj, to Jumela Boulus. Frank Barr entrusts his clarinet to "Pee-Wee" Black, and Murl Litaker gets Joyce Howell's French horn, in order that the band may play on. To anyone who can get him, Aileen Miller presents her State College fellow. Paul Boulus donates his talent in the field of sports to "Turk" Pharr, hoping that "Turk" will play more and tall-I less. V Finally, we, the members of the Class of '42, make, constitute and appoint the Senior Class of 1943, friend and enemy alike, to serve without bond or other security as Executor of this our Last Will and Testament. IN WITNESS THEREOF, We have hereunto subscribed our names, this the 4th day of March, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and forty-two. W1TNEssEs: QSignedJ ANN LLEWELLYN QSignedj MARY ETHE1. OWEN fSignedj TooNEY SHERRILL QSignedj R. N. TOLLISON A ,. AFTIE A DIECADIE The attic was dark, musty and mysterious. The wind outside was blowing through the trees as the rain beat upon the window. The flame from the candle in my hand flickered uncertainly and played upon the wall forming shadowy figures of fantasy. As I stood in the midst of the old furniture and books that usually accumulate in neglected attics, my eyes rested upon a dusty and battered trunk. I recognized it as the familiar friend of my childhood days. As I could not resist the temptation to examine my former treasures, I walked over and lifted the top. To my surprise the trunk was nearly empty! I thought I had possessed more valuables than that! Upon investigation I found only some old clothes, my faithful doll, my diary and several books. As I was about to close the trunk, I had an irresistable desire to examine the topmost book-THE SPIDER WEB, 1942! The gold letters glimmered in the darkness! As I lifted the cover and turned the pages, the pictures of my classmates brought back many old and dear memories. I don't know how long I sat there on the floorg but I remember the book slipped from my hands, and my thoughts raced back and forth over the decade of years since we parted. As I rested on the present, I realized that on the whole my former class- mates were doing very well for themselves in the world. Quite naturally, I recalled first those engaged in military activities. One of the most outstanding in Uncle Sam's legions is Bill Tarlton, now Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy and winner of many medals. Also in the Navy is Ensign Charles "Jeep" Montooth, who seems destined for higher honors. In the Army and doing a fine job of protecting our dear country are Captain Joe Barnhardt and Lieutenants Thad Sherrill and Norman Alston. Neal Owen, who is in the Air Corps, has just been assigned co-pilot of the B-19. A graduate from Annapolis and now Second Lieutenant is Howard Whittle. Mary Little, Ann Ilewellyn, Aileen Miller and jean Hayden are all doing their part for Uncle Sam as Red Cross Nurses. Christine Weddington, Mary Ruby Cress, and Elizabeth Furr are very popular Army Hostesses. Floyd Carson is now Editor-in-Chief of the New York Daily. On his list of employees Floyd has Connie Cline, following in Al Capps' footsteps with her version of the comic strip, "Li'l Abner." Posing as models for Connie are Patricia Sapp, as Daisy Mae, and Leroy "Doc" Mullis, as Li'l Abner. On the political sheet, Bill Miller, cartoonist, is supporting "Tooney" Sherrill, candidate for mayor. The society column in Floyd's paper is written by Helen Byrd Caldwell, who predicts that Nancy Ridenhour will be leading candidate for Glamour Girl of the Year. Another interesting item in Helen's column is the activities of the social leader, Sugenia McGee, and the club woman, Alice Craig. Lance Barringer's Gossip column, "Hollywood Stars," is quite the rage of the day. Her latest report is that P aul Boulus, the boy who has taken the place of that old timer, Cesar Romero, has won the lead in "The Follies of l9i2." According to this column, others of my former classmates have also made motion picture headlines. That sensational new actress, Doris Blanchard, who is following in the footsteps of Katherine Hepburn, is co-starring with Robert Creech, the successor to George Raft, in a revised version of that old favorite, "Goodbye, Mr. Chips." The film is to be directed by the leading director in Hollywood, Arthur Thomas. The costumes for the picture are to be designed by Emily Coren and Lena Roberts. Editors of the Daily sports section are Iris Robbins and Bobby Jones who are reporting on the athletic minded graduates of '42. From time to time Iris and Bobby furnish all concerned with interesting bits of information. Some of these I easily recall. Luke Walter is manager of the Chicago Bears Football Team. Bob Harvey is football coach at the University of North Carolina. He is assisted by Phil Widenhouse. Lending Bob and Phil keen competition at North Carolina State are their old school chums, Paul "Footsie" Bost and Don Seltzer. Gerald "Hank" Utley has been selected the outstanding baseball player of the year by the Sporling Nc-ws. Gerald's manager, Ken Cook, received honorable mention. Back in their native state, many from the class of '42 are following in their instructors' footsteps. At W. C. U. N. C. Katy Howell is head of the English Department while Martha Basinger is teaching Physical Education. At this same institution of learning are Librarian Ella Brown Miller, Dietitian Lorene Herrin, and Dean of Girls Anne Cooke. Far from the sunny south in grand old New York, Noel Morris and Chester Misenhiemer have just opened a new theater. As the leading feature, Noel and Chester presented Sonny Baker and Frances Furr in that sensational new play, "Stardust," supported by Ingenue Mildred Russell. Along Broadway, "The Taffy Shop," a new candy kitchen owned by T- fBut who would have to be told?J and managed by Tommy Weddington, is crowded to the door with enthusiastic customers. Around the corner is Alice Cook and Betty Gwyn's luxurious Perfume Shoppe. Not far away stands the First National Bank of which Clyde Propst is president. His very efficient secretary is Helen Query and his new cashier is Dorothy Lee. Margaret Cozine is manager of the Glamour Magazine, published in Chicago. Advertising agents for this periodical are Margaret Partlow and Juanita Readling. Those enviable photographs that appear in Margaret's magazine are by Pho- tographer Dorcas Seaford. The models that pose for Dorcas are Emily Cook and Nelda Widenhouse. The clever advertisements are arranged by Fashion Editor Betty Hill and Printer Glenn Roseman. Buddy Goldston is the leader of the "swing" band that was voted "tops" for this year. Among his really "solid senders" are Blake Polk, pianistg Frank Barr, clarinetistg and Clarence Howard, trombonist. Featured with the band is the dancing team of Walter CFrancisj and Shaffer fjimmyj. The band owes much of its success to the clever management of Catherine Hardin, who is secretary and booking agent for Buddy. Buford Goodman has just made a very successful debut at Carnegie Hall. In Philadelphia, Doctor Elizabeth Norfleet King's office is crowded with patients. Acting as assistants are Doris Harrison and Nurses Miriam Benfield and Nell Sloop. W. A. Ridenhour is owner of the Concord Creamery, and his assistant manager is William Kluttz. Far from the bright lights and big cities are Tommy and Franklin Niblock, who are running a large poultry farm with great success. The Niblock Hatchery is nationally known. L. A. Wylie is the owner of a cotton mill in Georgia, and his superintendent is Charles Sloop. Their secretary is Margie Underwood. Owners of an exclusive dress shop in Boston are Laura Faye Krider, Joyce Ketner, and Catherine Melton. Joint owners of a military shop in San Francisco are jean Safrit, Mildred Honeycutt, and Betty Gay Talbert. Far from home, in Africa, but close in our hearts, are Missionaries Carolyn Miller and Robert Delp. Yes, my dear classmates are scattered far and wideg buteach is making a place for himself in this world. And anew I remember, "The best is yet to bel" -DIANA CATON, Class Prophet. -25- 1 ' 5' . H1323 1 . p, H , K f .-M 1' 'Mn sf ,--X I + , -tx. i ' 5 x .Y N s . S J a. f fa 1942 K f x 'sf -,A-- a Q e Best ls Yet To Be The story of history is but the scroll of recorded changes in the world. Times change, cus- toms changeg ideals change, people change. One generation after another picks up the loose threads of life, weaves its measure into the pattern of history, then leaves the threads for the new generations to take up. From the preceding generation these loose threads of life are flung to us, the class of '42. It is ours to pick them up and continue the weaving, though the pattern may call for a change in design. As we, the class of nineteen hundred forty-two, graduate from high school, we find ourselves in a world confused by rapid changes. We find older and wiser heads than ours puzzled by that which is taking place, and the new ideas which are filtering into the thinking minds of the peoples of all nations. Before our very eyes, almost overnight, the world in which we live is changing. Thus we may say that we find ourselves in a new world. We face this new world knowing that each problem must be met as it arises, knowing that the complex existence in which we find ourselves is made up of many situations--and that each has its relative importance in the scheme of things. So as we graduate from high school this spring-along with thousands of others like ourselves -we graduate amidst the din and confusion of a war-torn world-with rapid changes. Yet, we despair not, despite our fate. Our youthful hearts find confidence in our motto, "The best is yet to be." In these crucial and evolutionary times, it will be difficult to grasp success with our inexperienced and weak hands. But through earnest striving and seeking, through honest effort and unceasing labor, we can and will reap anabundant harvest from life's fields. As we say farewell to these past opportunities and set ourselves for the new ventures, we cannot refrain from expressing our mingled feelings of gratitude and admiration for those who have been our advisers, counselers, teachers, and companions. To our superintendent and principal, we are grateful, for they have dealt justly with us. The Board of Education, for it has given us to eat of knowledge and to drink of wisdom. Our teachers, by holding up the facts and adding their ex- perience and counsel, have won for themselves a Warm spot in our memories. Then, we are grateful to our school for putting education into our minds and love into our hearts. We are grateful for Commencement, it opens to us the door into life. We are confident that "the best is yet to be." Not best in the sense of idle frivolity, but in the realm of usefulness to ourselves, our fellowman, our country, and the world. We speak of best in the sense of service to our Creator and all that would be to His honor and glory. We feel youth is but a practice for the great voyage of life, a mere water where, as ships, we were tested for leaks and defects, under constant guidance and protection. Now, we leave that test period and sail through the channel leading to the eminent sea of life, with no watchful eyes and guiding hands to follow our wayward driftings. May it be said of us, though, after life's countless rebuffs, that we "stood the storm when waves were rough." As we leave port, each with a silent prayer in his heart and a tear in his eye, may our course be charted by "Let all the ends thou aims't at be thy country's, Thy God's, and Truth's." -KATY HOWELL, Valedictorian. JTUNII R CLASS IFIFIICCIERS BIZN FLOWIS -Iumx-:LA BOULUS SARA Lua Go1umoN Pr'4'xiJf'11f Vin'-Pl'z'si1l1'11f Tl't't1.Y1l!'t'!' :mf ff JIMMII-1 GOODMAN Miss BLANCHE STEWART St't'l'l'fl1l'j' Sfmuxnr BEN xIIMMlE ,IUMELA SARA Lian Miss STIAQWART ,NX Bess, if N 1942 wimlwlg Allen, Gice Allred, Tina Andrews, Ruth CILQLSS Armstrong, Ruth Arrowood, john Baker, Bob Ballard, J. C. Barnhardt, Faye Barrier, Frances Barrier, Helen Beasley, Sar Beaver, james Beckerdite, Billie Rose Biggers, Betsy Ann Booe, Billy Bost, Gene Boulus, .lumela Brown, Brenard Barrier, Janis Barringer, Harold Basinger, Lovada a Black, Harold Blaekwelder, Charles Blackwelder, Williaiii Brown, Kaddy Cagle, Harold Calloway, Alice Joyce Cam pbell, james Carson, james Childers, james Clark, Ruth Conover Cook, Martha Coren, Cecil Corl, Marshall Cline, Mary Laura Cochrane, Ray Collette, Lillian , jean Cranford, Johnny Cress, ,Iohnsie Cruse, Edith Dees, Holland Eudy, Aileen Faulkenbury, Margaret Ferguson, Herbert Fry, Jimmy Fisher, George Flowe, Ben Fry, Curlec Furr, Archie Garmon, Lloyd Furr, Catherine Gibson, Richard Furr, Phyllis Glover, Dorothy Goodman, Frank Goodman, James Greene, Nancy Gordon, Sara Lee Griffin, Kenneth Greene, Betty Hagler, Marie Hagler, Ruby Harris, Edwin Helms, Jane Harris, Gertrude Helms, Kathryn Helms, Faye Helms, Max 28- Q B im' A r S if W W EJ ..... .X f x , , I .. , 'Aa I 1 , , x Q xosmt- fgtt .,,...f., ,zwh 1 x.. f 1942 Jlwelm Howell, nl. B. Howell, Phil Hurlocker, Margaret Jenkins, Kidd, Martha Kluttz, Ray Kluttz, Robert Linker, Litaker, Murl Livengood, Cecil Lyerly, Jean C HLQLSS Irvin, Dean jackson, Harold Jarvis, il. B. Gloria Laughlin, Sara ,lo Lentz, Robert Linker, Kate Robert MacLaughlin, Rose MacRae, Bobby McClellan, Ellen McDonald, Helen McEaehern. Elaine McLester, Bertha Miller, Addie Mae Misenheimer, Montooth, Faye Moore, Margie Morgan, Nancy Miller, Billy Miller, Elsie Mills, Carl Jacqueline Morris, Iris Patterson, Mary Peigler, james Pendleton, Louise Pharr, Erskine Rabon, Ruby Pinner, Ted Readling, Gaynelle Polk, Bub Rowlettc, Thomas Sanders, Annie SaPPv Frances Seltler, Marjorie Sapp, Peggy Shelton, johnny Sears, Martha Sides, john Smith, Catherine Smith, Eyvonne Smith, Sara Sherwood, Juanita Spears, Peggy Spong, Douglas Stewart, Anita Terry, Frank Threatt, Betty Tucker, Evelyn Treece, Jean Utley, Edd Tucker, Alice Wensil, Emma W'ensil, Helen Whisnant, George Williatns, Jack Whittle, Kay Wingate, "Chick" Widenlmouse, Elzena Anne I . 'V' ,' s ' t I ,,. I Ag e x ' 1 1 m..1 L 1 Kr g xf,fx4c,6 K x f L "- W3 --',. 1 X I .:55d?Xg ' 'Qt fl fffgx' gif---W5 xxx. 5 IMF www", s it' I 1 K i MASS UWB SOWW OFFICERS DWIGHT BLACKXVELDER ........,,... .,.. A President RUSSELL COBLE .... A . . ,..,.. Vice-President FRANCES LEIGH ....... .,., S vcrefary-Treaxurcr Miss MARY ETHEL OWEN . , . ..,......, Sponsor Adams. Claude Aldridge, Betty Alexander, lfugene Alexander, Melba Allred, Bennie Alston. .lack Arrowood, Katharine Baker, Keith Baldwin. Nell Barnhardt, Charlet Barnhardt, R. l,. Beasley, Betty Beck, NVade Blaekwelder, Dwight Blaekwelder, Tracy Bost, Sara Boului, Sara Bowles, Geraldine Bratton, ,lack Burris, -lean Carriker, Gaynell Chilton, .Ieannette ClK7I1f7,l':X'Clj'l1 Coble, Rusaell Cook, Bill Cook, Smith Cox. lfdward Crooks, Gene Cruse, Claude Cruwe, Geraldine Horton, Jimmy Howie, Sara llrye, blames liaggart, Henry Farrington, junior Freeze, Charles Iiurr, James Harmon, Margaret Gibson, Billy Gibcon, Claude Gibson, 1'Ill7Cl Goodman, Margaret Greene, Bill Gregory, Maisel Griggs, Ilal Gwyn, Hazel Gwyn, Odelia Hagler, Gerald llagler, Wfilma llargett, Helen Chess Roll llarris, Coit Harris, Martha Harvey, Betty Hineon, Cecil Hinson, Ida Mae Honeyeutt, Curtis llopltinS. 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Cauthen, Buford Clark, Ruth Clay, Nancy Cline, Carolyn Cline, Harold Cline, William Cohen, Jack Cohen, Jerry Coley, Jack Collins, Howard Cook, Phyllis Cook, Ruth Cooke, Melvin Corl, George Cox, Barbara Cress, Hubert Crisco, Irene Cruse, Bernard Cruse, Elizabeth Cruse, Kenneth Daves, Bobby Davis, Albert Dayvault, Ira Denny, Harold Dick, Kenneth Drye, Evelyn Efird, Marvin Elliot, Margaret Faggart, Lewis Fry, Billy Fudge, Edna Mae 32- Fudge, Edwin Furr, Floyd Furr, jack Greene, Cornelia Ann Greene, Evelyn Grey, Wauleen Griffin, Ida Mae Gwynn, Hugh Hartsell, Lena Heath Harley, Dorothy Hatley, Earl Heafner, Nora Jane Helms, Inez , Henley, Frances Hinson, Frances Holshouser, Paul . Honeycutt, Iris Hopkins, John Horton, Donald Howell, Emmy Lou Hullender, Betty Hurlocker, Annie Hurlocker, Clyde Johnson, Annie Jean Jones, David Jones, Patricia Joyner, Phyllis Ann Kenley, Glenn Ketner, Gilbert K-iser, Mary Ellen Kleincrt, Marie Klutz, Fred Lapish, Dorothy Ledbetter, Erlinc Lee, Sarah Linker, Alice Litaker, ,lane Little, Bobby Little, Margaret Little, Ray Livengood, Wilburn Llewellyn, Clem Long, Betty Long, George Lowder, Doris Lowder, Geraldine Lowe, ,lane Mauldin, Fannie Louise May, Ted McCachern, Jack Measamer, Melvin Mcismer, Vonceil Miller, Billie Mills, Billy Misenheimer, Margaret Mitchell, Kathryn Mitchell, Mary Frances Moore, jack Morgan, Kathleen Mullis, Billy Myers, Margaret Page, Kathleen Patterson, Alice Rae Patterson, Mary Kay Pendleton, Doris Pendleton, Lacy Perkins, Sam I I Helms, Harold I, I 4 ' I g T' n Q.- il , Q Q OFFICERS RALPPX UNDl'lRWOOlJ . , .,,,. . . .Presidcnt ALBERT CALLOWAY ..,.,.., Vice-President SARAH STATON . , , S1'rr'ela1'y and Treasurer Miss DOROTI'lY MCKENZIE ' s..., Sponsor Petty, Dorothy Plott, Doris Poe, Willie Laura Pressley, Beatrice Price, Roscoe Pritchard, Leland Propst, Billy Propst, Ronald Query, Critz Query, Martha Ellen Raiford, Bob Rankin, Ann Redwine, Bertha Reynolds, Lorraine Rimer, Charles Ritchie, .lack Ritchie, -loc Ritchie, Pat Robbins, Marie Roberts, Harry Robinson, Nancy Ann Ross, Paul Rucl-tart, Bill Sherrin, Mary Ross Simpson, Mary Ella Slugh, Bill Smctana, Frederick Smith, -Iohnsie X, . 1942 Spears, Anna Cress Staton, Sarah Stewart, Joe Suthcr, Jerrold Swearingcr, Blain Talbirt, Lee Tallcnt, Luther Thomas, Ted Thompson, Nadine Turner, Enouch Underwood, Ralph XVall. 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Andrews, Billy Arrowood, Lois Ashby, Blanche Baker, Doris Barbee, Betty Barbee, Martha Jane Barbee, Robert Barnhardt, Doris Barnhardt, George Barnhardt, Leona Barnhardt, Tommy Barrier, Elaine Barrier, Lewis Barringer, Helen Barringer, Mae Baucom, Kenneth Beaver, Guy Benlield, Billie Jean Belton, Ruth Blackwelder, Gene Blackwelder, Peggy Boger, John Boger, Thomas Bolton, Fred Bonds, Elizabeth Bost, Betty Bost, Marvin Braswell, Betty Braswell, Mary Alice Bratton, Billy Bratton, Elsie Bratton, Ira Plott, Gloria Brewer, Jack Brooks, Louise Brown, Beulah Brown, Eugene Brown, Fadene Brown, Juanita Brown, Paul Burnette, Bernard Burris, Faye Burris, Glenn Burris, Nancy Calloway, Doris Calloway, Everett Caroll, Frances Carpenter, Fred Carpenter, Grady Cathcart, Iris Childers, Miriam Chilton, Frances Chilton, John Edward Christy, Edgar Clanton, Margaret Cline, Eugene Clontz, James Coan, Mary Louise Cook, David Corzine, Iris Cranfield, Maxine Cruse, Davis, Gladys Edna Lee Davis, Wayne Dixon, Ray Dryil uanita Drye, Herman Dorton, Joe Ellington, Everette Ennis, Doris Ennis, Sue Eudy, Helen Faggart, Dorothy Ferguson, Frances Fletcher, Betty Foster, Harold Freeze, Geraldine Frye, Jewel Goodman, Billy Goodman, Charles Goodman, Charles Ray Goodman, Creswell Goodman, Peggy Greene, Bill Gwyn, Billy Gwyn, Mary Elizabeth Hagler, Edsel Hartsell, Bathsheba Hartsell, Clyde Hartsell, Dolly Ruth Harley, Frank Harley, Ruby Haywood, Teddy Joe Hinson, Shirley Hinson, William Hobby, Betty Hoover, Aubrey Horton, Mary Moore Irvin, Harold lrvin, Martha Jackson, Gerald Jarvis, Floyd Jarvis, Richard Johnson, Herman Jones, Martha Jordan, Juanita Keasler, Kenneth Kellough, Bobby Kiker, Evelyn Kimball, Mack Kindley, G. C. King, Koren Kiscr, Carol Klutz, Betty Jean Krider, Jane Laughlin, William Lefler, Rachel Leigh, Beaulah Leylery, Betty Lipe, Hazeline Litaker, Helen Litaker, Walter Little, Doris Little, Kathleen Little, Mildred Littlejohn, William Lomax, Claudine Lomax, Irma Lee Lomax, Mary Virginia Lyerly, Edna Maness, Tommy Mantooth, Elsie Marlowe, Frances Martin, Eva Ann Martin, Iris Jean Melton, Don Miller, Edith Miller, Billie Jean Miller, Jack 0 ?' I ' ,l mi., gr ep 'F .M .M u i u ---if u i A9 F Q . lol OFFICERS EBBA Jo TATE ........., ..,.., . . ...,., President GRADY CARPENTER . i , . . .Vice-President Miss MARGARET SMART . . ....... Sponsor BILLY GOODMAN ..... .... S eerefury JACQUELINE WILSON , . , ,TV!'dSZlTCT Miller, Vance Mills, Betsy Misenheimer, Betty Jean Misenheimer, Peggy Moore, Earlene Moore, Geraldine Moose, Bobby Moose, Miriam Morgan, Eugene Morgan, Rachel McCoy, Carol Morris, Phyllis Morrison, Baker McKee, David MacRae, Billy Mullis, Ira Mullis, Ruby Myers, Betty Lou Myers, Bobby Sue Newton, Joyce Newton, Sarah Newton, Virginia Oglesby, Sarah Montgomery Paige, Harold Parnell, Charles Peacock, C. A. Pendleton, Colleen Petrea, Evelyn Pinion. Betty Porter, Ruby Porter, Tunney Potts, Faye Potts, Frances Pounds, Johncylee Ridenhour, James Riggs, Bobby Ritchie, Dorothy Ritchie, Von Carl Roberts, Donald Roseman, Jarvis Safrit, Donald Sanders, Mavis Sapp, Mac Scott, Edna Sells, Earl Sherrill, Pat Sherrill, Ray Sherwood, Kenneth Shinn, Billy Mike Shue, Paul Sides, Max Simpson, Donald Simpson, Juanita Smith, Betty Smith, Glenn Smith, Leon Smith, Mary Ann Smith, Mary Belle Smith, Ruby Sowers, Ella Frances Stallings, Billy Starnes, Mary Alice Starnes, R. B. Stuart, Betty Summerall, Zell Suther, Margaret Swaringen, Marvin Swinson, Juanita Talbert, Ray Talbirt, Dallas Tate, Ebba Jo Thompson, Harold Troutman, George Underwood, Jack Verble, Ruth Walter, Tommy Weaver, Doris Wliite, Farrell Whitener, Nancy Widenhouse, Franklin Wilkinson, Frankie Wilson, Jackie Winecoff, Emogene Wright, Mariam Young, Frances X . xya . Q' .p 9: fu. ' nj Y ', .1 .. Pa ,rub 4 0. K. . n. .gl N . 1112... V' .uf-' Af J., SUBAFRESHMAN C'1ifA,SiS S A as 'N II awk KI I s s I ,A I' v uf CONNIE CLINE I I .... Iliflifor-in-Clnicf ARTHUR PTHONIAS, JR. .,., Bzrsincss Mmmgcr IIANCE BARRINGILR HOWARD WHITTLI2 ANN LLEWELLYN BILL S. MILLER I I I CLARENCE HOWARD SUGENIA MCGEE I IRIS ROBBINS I I I JIMMY SHAFIPER I I I MARGARET CORZINE FRANCES FURR ..,. FRANCES WALTER ..... EDITORIAL STAFF BUSINESS STAFF I Asxociafc Ifzlifor I I Associafc Ealifor I I Lifcrary Ezlifor I I I I I Ari Editor I I ,Pictorial Ezliior I I .Pictorial Editor I I .Athletic Ea'il'0r I I .Afl9lf'1'ic Hrlifor Adccrfisirzg Mazmgcr , I I .Asxixfanf Azlzfcrfising Managcr ICirc11lafi0n Munagcr MISS LILLIAN QUINN I I I I... Faculty Adviser ,ll '-44 xg! X .XM -I - - ff' 1 wx N , ,, Y ' v::'- PQ ., f 2 . f " V ,X X m ix - ..Az L. E 14 J" . -1 Alciifviiies and C rubs 37 lite fe 5' 'J ax , l el' - lv ""--,gl la 'ML if ., . Student Body rgamzziziaziziomz STUDENT ASSEMBLY The Student Organization of Concord High School, familiarly known as the Student Assembly, was formed "to encourage a more effective spirit of co-operation be- tween the faculty and the student body, to insure a spirit of democracy, to establish and maintain higher moral and scholastic standards, to encourage participation of students in all school activities, and to afford opportunity for real training in citizenship." The activities of the Student Assembly are varied. Fore- most among its regular responsibilities are the handling of traiiic in the corridors, the general supervision of the build- ing and the grounds, and the enforcement of the democratic "point systemu of membership and honors. Seasonal activi- ties consist of the sponsoring of class basketball in che spring and the annual publication of the student handbook, The Web. Other activities are of a social nature, such as the welcoming of new students, the entertainment of school visitors, and the supervision of school social functions. The primary activities of the Student Assembly, however, are of a less tangible nature. This organization is the link be- tween the administration and the student body, and the "tuning fork" for a student sentiment and school spirit. The ideals of the organization are best incorporated in the Student Assembly Pledge by which every student Assemblyman dedicates himself to the noble performance of his duty. STUDENT ASSEMBLY PLEDGE We will never bring disgrace on this, our school, by any act of dishonesty or cowardice. We will cherish the ideals and the sacred things of the school, both as ofiicers and as students. We will revere and obey the school's laws, and we will do our best to incite a like reverence and respect for those in the student body. We will strive unceasingly to quicken the students' sense of duty. Thus, in all these ways we will leave the school, not less, but greater, better, and more beautiful than it was entrusted to us. Q FRANKLIN NIBLOW Prrsirff-nl MAX HELMS Vice-Presiilml I, I - f Miss MARY ETHEL OWEN Sponsor NANCY MORGAN Vive-President J I KY C fy 1, KENNETH MILLER Secretary-Treasurer SUB-FRESHMEN Barringer, Lance Carson, Floyd Howell, Joyce Student Assembly SENIORS Niblock, Tommy Roseman, Glenn Stewart, Rita Nibloek, Franklin Weddington, Christine Widenhouse, Phil Barrier, Helen Gibson, Richard Goodman, James Gordon, Sara Lee Harris, Gertrude f 1 if 'X frxxfr fx, - A . s R K". ' ' .J .x : . 1 , ,,,. . I lf., JUNIORS Helms, Max Morgan, Nancy Utley, Edd Widcnhouse, Elzena Williams, Jack SOPHOMORES Blackwelder, Dwight Miller, Donald Boulus, Sara Bratton, Jack Miller, Kenneth McDaniel, Coy Goodman, Margaret Oglesby, Josephine Joyner, Martha Ritchie, Marian XVhitley, Ruth PRESHMEN Beniield, Egbert Horton, Donald Bogle, Bobby Mills, Billy Caldwell, Margaret Plott, Doris Carson, Nadine Cline, Harold Cohen, Jack Barrier, Lewis Barringer, Mae Bolton, Fred Dorton, Joe Goodman, Billy Horton, Mary Moore Miller, Jack Mills, Betsy Sherrill, Pat Tate, Ebba Jo XVilson, Jacqueline Staton, Sarah Underwood, Ralph Wright, Ellena 5 J fx A - Q ,X xx ft ff T- .f K' A .Ar KA . lEl1lE THE INVICTUS CHAPTER National Honor Soeieity f 4 3 i iTi,,::s'3 if' "Vx ,' ' .' A 'D fzf l"" A L ' " all A 4 "' -fi 'm v 1-"1 ' fix . AWA v, AA TOMMY NIBLOCR A A A ..,,.,. Prfsizlrnf KATY HOWELL A A A A A A A , A A A Snrrfary NOIL MORRIS A A A A A A Vim'-Pn'xiJw1f SUGHNIA MCGEE A A A Trcuszmr Miss BLANCHE STEXVART A A ,AAAAAAA Sjmnxor 1941 Betty Hill Katy Howell Elizabeth King Sugenia McGee Noel Morris Franklin Niblock Tommy Niblock Billie Rose Beckerdite Doris Blanchard Connie Cline Ben Flowe Lloyd Garmon Richard Gibson Buford Goodman James Goodman Clarence Howard Joyce Ketncr Ella Brown Miller Sara Smith Christine Wcddington Phil Widcnhouse BILLIIZ Rosr ARTHUR I-I1:t.i1N Bran Bticitrzaoire Tiiomas, Ala. CALllNX'I1l.I. LANCW Bmuunoiia SUNNY Iinkl-R FRANK is FURR NATII NAIL Til-IIIESIPIIAN UCCIUEIT The National Thespian Honor Dramatic Society for High Schools was organized in order to give proper recognition to meritorious work done in the field of tlramaties. Its aims and purposes are serious and worthy, striving always to bring out to the fullest extent the talents of the individual members. Membership in the organization is not only a reward for work already done in dramatics, but it is also evidence of a serious desire on the part of the student to do better work in the future. The Pan Players became affiliated with The National Thcspian Society in the year 1932, and are designated as Troupe 202. Sinee that time a number of Pan Players have been honored eaeh year as individual e 1 My -WF I , -IACQUELINE "Clin it" IVIISFNHEINIER WINGATF Doms IVIARGARIET BLANCHARD Coitzmn 'X A f ,i Non-Sofial - N011-Serrrf AIM: To Create an Active and Intelligent Interest in Drama. ANNI' Cookl liul-'uno Goonma N y., Y i NANc v Riiintsiiiouix SUGLNIA MtG1:1-. members of the troops. The Na- tional Magazine is ealled "The High School Thespian" and is sent for a year to each 'l'hespian member. The colors are blue and gold. Individual membership into the National Thespians is a eoveted honor and well it might be because of the rigid requirements of the society, as well as its high stand- ards. To become a Thespian one must have played with distinetion in a maior role of one long play or two major roles in one-acts with minor parts in three long plays or four one-aetsg and in addition must have done Y0n1f Wllrk 011 the Pflf- dueing statf such .ts carpenter, property man, eleetrieian, scene painting, costume making and de- signing, prompting, or stage man- agement. ln short he must do more than "strut his role" before the footlights. Along with the above credits the National Tliexpian exs emplifies the "real trouper" and must at all times manifest the spirit of the true Thespian in loyalty, eo- operation, promptness, self-control, and dependability, seeking ever to promote to the best of his ability good dramaties in high school. The Thespian strives to live up to the troupe motto: "Act well your part: there all the honor lies." i t f. . sta ". Q X i 1 f ei ' ,if f 1 '1-1' 1' X 3-1 me A . if ' 1' , S Eff gp- 1 1 Lx A? 3 1 fr I' Ki str? lxxf , . , 2 J.- gr Il 1 , .S 'Eg ?x-' '54 I ,J Mg, ' jfh:,,?.S V x gk Q Il 8 ESQ - ' N 'H mi: 1 -ggi? , V 4.1 ,:, "Mm T -,311 , 9 'V , , -A .Ta 1 . - Q'-I 2 'lL' 'lj ' ' fl ' f gf. T rf ' ,L ' . , -if ljseitg uni? a re ,F fiifijkv fwsx ' ' 'if oiiw ARTPIUR THOMAS, JR. . . .,..... Presiflenf BEN FLOWE . . .,.. . .......,.,. Treasurer BUFORD GOODMAN . . . . . Vire-Presidenf CONNIE CLINE, EMILY COREN .,.. Historians SUGENIA MCGEE . . ..,.. Secretary Miss LILLIAN QUINN . . ..,., . , . Director , The Pan Players of Concord High School, which is the zoznd Troupe of the National Thespians, number one hundred and forty enthusiastic, pcppy troupers this year. This club is open to Sopho- mores, Juniors, and Seniors, and meets every two weeks. Varied programs of dramatic interest are presented. Usually two public performances are given during the year, with a number of one act plays for the school and club. V Plays already presented this year are: Ever Since Eve, The Wfezizling, The While' Phantom, Why The Chimes Rang, Silence Please, and Senor .Fl'l'f'd0ll1. Others are planned for the latter part of the year. Silenee Please was directed by Arthur Thomas, Jr., and was presented once for the school and once for a night meeting of the P. T. A. Doris Blanchard is the other student director sched- uled for a play this spring. Senor Freedom, a drama, was presented at Belmont at the District Festival on March 20 and 21. With twelve groups participating in the festival, Concord won an A-1 rating which entitles them to participate in the state finals at Chapel Hill. The following Pan Players made the trip to Belmont: Sonny Baker, Arthur Thomas, Buford Goodman, "Chick" Wingate, "Toomey" Sherrill, Nancy Ridenhour, Sugenia McGee, Billie Rose Beckerdite, Ann Llewellyn, Doris Blanchard, Frances Furr, and Helen Byrd Caldwell. A number of the Pan Players saw Lynn Fontaine and Alfred Lunt in "There Shall Be No Night," which was one of our big moments. As an extra touch to all the work and the fun this year, the troupe has added to our stage a beautiful interior set, and a new cyclorama. Last year we added an exterior, a back drop, a pin rail, and a few counterweights. F71 7 A "N 1 , ' .. f k X Xxx K ix K.. . l .I 4 E 1 .1 4 E .Xl'1mxwmI. ,lulm ra-ss, Jwulnlsiv llmu-Il. K.ltv Mmm-. Hn-ulirv Sll1'up5lxir4-. 'funn .X1'r:mmnI, lxgftluvlwvn rllsv. 11:-l':Llwli1w ll11l'lQwke'l'. XIfl1'g:lx'c't Xlurg-,1ll, Xxlllrx Siwlm-X, llvlvn Allxtllx. Nurvlxfxll Hzakm-V, Nunn ILgl1I:mI.,l. 1, li,n'r. l"1',u1L Hzurim-V. llrlvrl H:u'riv1. lqmix l3:1v'1'ix14uL'1'. l.:um'm' li:lxil1u4'l, IJ-xml: lic-Ulwxwlitf-, llvlliv lilzxlmvluufl. lhnix Iiwllluw. lmm-In Hruxxwx. Huvuxlnl Vnlclxxn-ll. llm-lux ltznnmlxx, Iflmxl Vzllwm. ,Mlm-N Vlim-, K"u11xwiv Vlim-. Xlurx l..ul l'Ii11lm1, ,Im-mlvllm i'.,.yIxr. ,Mun- I. V , . UNL. ltmllx Umk. Xl,ullr.x Gul. Nl:nv'Nl1.4ll l'f-rvxv. lfmilx 4'm'7i1u-. H111 gum 41.Hu. ,Kluw- In R1-4' Hx--I zllllkcxxln-wg. xlll1'I.1llI't'1 Imxu. Ih-n ry. Vurlic ry. jimmy llrr, Archic- utr, l"l':l1lrL's llrr. Vllyllis ilmm. l'l1ll14Iv ilrsun, Ilan-I fmflmznl. lilllrml mullnzm, -lllnmy rmflm:111. NIzn1'g4'zx1'm-t mwlull, Szlrzl l.vL' 11-1.1'u1'y, Xlznsvl rxlfm. Konm-ah :xglQ1'. Ruby Jlrrllu. lX:Ltl1n'1'i11L- fuxmnl. Ibm-mx zlrvvy, Hvttv xluwcy, Hula zuwln-11. Ivan L-Inu, lfzlyc rims, ,lzulc HI, lin-tty mu-II. jwyvv lvnkllu, Ulf-1'x'l ,lmu-N, HVIHINIYII Kvtllcw, Aluyru Iiirlvl. Nl:n'tl1.n King. l'lliz:lIn.'ll1 Klutz. Rm' I.n-x', Ilmmilly Imutz. RuIwl't I.i11kQ'I'. Ruln-rt hum. limmx Inu Xlzlrluw, Hin Klcllullicl. 11,5 XluIC:ncl1vl'l1. l'I Xlcilc' Xlillvl Hillel Hill:-I Hillcl Hill:-1 Millvl Xllllx, Xlisvl Nlism 1-, Suun- zulu' 11111 Nlcltun, lzxtllcrlvln- Millvr. Arl-liv '. Ailuvlm ', Alivl' ', Nutty ', Hillx' ', l:u'u1x'1I '. 121-lf' Szulir' llu-imp-1. xhn-iulvv. Nl zu' Vhvs Izlcslm-I nv 'Xlm'11s, Iris .Xl-my-. Nm-I Niluluwk. 'I'ummx Xilulnuk. lfvxulklin Hgh,-Nlwy. ,lu5L'1ullil1m- H1114-lsmx, Mary - I 1-yllm. X'.uun.n Nlzu I'l1:u1'. liuwkim' IMIIQ, Hl.xkm' VVHIVNI, Vlvulc Hvxullimq, llzlxm-llv Rm-mllimq. Illilllilil Rulwl-inf, luis lingrxs. Hn-Ilv ,Mm Rugvxs, l'llxlI.4 Rmxlrtt. Tlx-nnxu RirIn'11lnn11', NIIIICY Ri chin' Xlwliwll Szatrlt. XI:1v'th:x S.II'Il, I':nt1'iri:u Supp. l'm'guy Svllwr. Nl:1l'fm'iv Sl1uI'f'vr, limmv ShL'1'1'iII. 'I'mnm'x Nlllwnp-l1!M', ,lllnnly Smith Smith. 4' nth:-1 lm' Smith. lfyumm' . lmlm Hm- . 5.1111 A Stn-xxzwl. .Xmtzl Smith Nlllwx , Hz-t I v Fox Trlllwl t. Url! v 'l' Artluur. I 'l'lllm':nII. HL-tty 'lillrkrlg .Xlivv 'l'm'Iu-1. IC1ln:l 'l'HxH. Nm-II l'llr5'. l':xt4x XY:lItm'1, l"l'.1llL'vs 1 XYQ-Klmlingtmm. 1'l1ris'll1 XYNINII. Hn-lvl! XYl1itI4-v. l':ntl1m'1'im' VK'l'ittlv. Km- XYI1iQn.zl1t, llml-lx' XYDIL-vllmlxsr. lim-Hx XYi-lm-lnllwllw. ICIA-nl XYi4In-ull-luw. Nc-llln XYiw!1'11l1wv1lw. Hil1lv'L'th XYillu.x1v, "I llivu Ywl1l1x4lvlmnl lv nz S CTE NE F QR " SEHOB PBBED GNL" coz-freer Fwy 'rr-mv ming: Mraz PLAYS 'flea 'ra me " "I SHALL FORGET ALL 1-:LSB 'Bur you' IN 'THE MAKE-'U? BOOM- BEFORE. CURTAIN CALL 'BACKSTAGERS 'QLE QEVEP- SINCE EVE " CAST BETTY Sm JIMMIE LI ' GHTS DOWN' QAP-TI-IUR! T FOR EVER SINCE P i B 1 , 1 fe e? of 1,7 . ,Q Q 4 g we r i 4- giii r W .Will l.-llclvn Byral Lnlclwcll, Must Ficklu. 2.'Nlll'l.lI11 Buliliclcl, Most Bnsliful. 3.-Katy Howell, Mum Suuliom, Nlost Likely to x west. 5.'4Nlk1C Bnsingcr, Nlmt Arlilcriu. 6.4-Lance B.irringcr, Succcccl. 4.--lfranccs Wnltur, Best All-Round, Bcn Sport, Svci. Biggest l'lir1 Biggest 'l'.1lkcr. 7.-Bill Millcr, Must Original. R.-Robcrl Crcccli, "NL'LllCSf.'l 9.--,Iimmic Sl1.1l'l'cr,Biggcst Flirt .xml l'lUAl'll7l'C.ll'iCil': Mml Ificklc. lfl,7Ariliur 'l-liomav, Bust Urcsscnl, Most lJl'.llNA1flC. ll.-Y'Clirisli11c XVcclnlingt0n, Prctucxt, Best llrusxul Ncilcu I2 --iiuiinic Cflinu, Most Consinlcrnrc, Blrust C0AopcrJt1vc .I5. Bclty Hill, Mon Lourtcimus. 14.-Llyalc Prupsl, Biggcxl ilflllicr. li.-Ann llcwcllyii, "l.i1,icst." If-.fSuc MCGCC, Mow! Uiguiliccl. I7.-ilinfly XX'illi.1mS, Beet Sport, Most Ciimirlr-i-.ur-, Bcsl Sclimxl Spirir. !S.f-'lJi.1ng1 Cuuii, Must Altmctivu. 19.-'Uurix lSl.mcli.1i-d, Must 'l4.ilcntccl, Must Dra- matic. 2U.- -l'.iul Buulus, Mmm llnmlwiiw, Best Aililcic. 21.-Buddy Guldston, XY'ittics1. 22.-l'liil XVlLlL'l1lXUUSC. Best All-Round. 15.---M.irg.u-cr Cnrvim-, "XVitriu5L" :'l,fSUI1l1Y Baker, Mon 1'upulnr,Swcctcwt, Must 1Xrrr.1clivu, Cutcst. 46'- MUSIC DEPARTMENT CLARENCE FRANK MR. CURTIS SUGENIA Doius HOWARD BARR Dircfior Mc'GI31a BLANCHARD Prcsidrni Vin'-President Secretary Treasurer SENIOR GLEE CLUB Boys Alston, Norman Arrowood, John Beck, Wade Blackwelder, Charles Burnette, Bernard Cook, Bill Corl, Marshall Dees, Holland Flowe, Ben Fry, Jimmy Furr, Archie Cvoldston, Buddy CONNIE CLINE Srfrclary Goodman, Frank Griffin, Kenneth Howard, Clarence Lentz, Robert Miller, Bill S. Shaffer, Jimmy Sherrill, Tooney Spears, Carl Thomas, Arthur W'hisnant, Buddy Wingate, Charles Yates, Rodney DORIS BLANCHARD Vifr-Prcsizlcnt Girls Arrowood, Katharine Barrier, Helen Blanchard, Doris Bost, Sara Caldwell, Helen Byrd Cline, Connie Cline, Mary Laura Conover, Jean Cooke, Anne Cook, Emily Craig, Alice Green, Nancy Gwyn, Betty Hardin, Catherine Hargctt, Helen Hayden, Jean Hurlocker, Margaret Irvin, Frances MacLaughlen, Rose Anne Litakcr, Jeanette McLester, Bertha Misenheimcr, Jacqueline Moose, Bernice Ridenhour, Nancy Ritchie. Edith Robbins, Iris Simmons, Ruth Smith, Eyvonne Talbcrt, Berry Treece, Jean W'alter, Frances Wensil, Helen Whittle, Kay Williams, Mary Youngblood, jean KAY WHITTLE JIMMY SHAFFER Treasurrr Prcxirfrnl zigh Sehoo Bw md MEMBERS Boys Arrowood, John Ballard, J. C. Baueom, Kenneth Barr, Frank Beaver, Guy Black, Harold Blaekwelder, Charles Boger, John Bost, John Brown, Brenard Burris, Glenn Cochrane, Ray Corl, Marshall Cox, Edward Dees, Holland Flowe, Ben Frye, Jimmy Furr, Arehie Gibson, Hazel Gibson, Richard Goldston, Buddy Goodman, Buford Goodman, Frank Griffin, Kenneth Haywood, Teddy Joe Howard, Clarence Jones, Branson Litaker, Murl Maness, Thomas Miller, Bill Morris, Noel Patterson, Alex Porter, Alex Porter, Tunney Rowlette, Thomas Seltzer, Don Talbirt, Dallas Thomas, Arthur, Jr. NWard, Eugene XVhite, Farrell Vi'illhelm, Bobby Wfingate, Chic Yates, Rodney Girls Barrier, Helen Barrier, Janis Beekerdite, Billy Rose Blanchard, Doris Caldwell, Helen Byrd Calloway, Alyee Joyce Cline, Connie Cook, Emily Howell, Joyce Litakcr, Jeanette Long, Fmmy Lou McGee, Sngenia MeLester, Lillie Miller, Carolyn Moose, Miriam C. Ogleshy, Josephine Ridenhour, Nancy Ritchie, Marion Swv. Peggy Seltzer, Marioric Smith, Sara Stewart, Anita Wensil, Emma Whittle, Kay 48- MR. GILBERT CURTIS , . ,... . A . Dfl'l't'fl1Y CLARENCE Hoxvfmn ,,... . . ..... ,... P Vl'Xil1l'1lf FRANK BARR . . . . , . .VIN-Pr'r'xiJ1'11f SUGENIA MCGHQ . i.,.,. S!'l'l'l'fdV-Ji' DLWIKIS BLANCHAIQD . , i . .Trvaxurer PAT SHERRILL . , . . .......,..... Presidenf JOHNCYLEE POUNDS s . , , ,Svvrvlary-Trcaszzrtr BILLY GOOUMAN . ..........., Vice-President MRs. WALKER ......,,.....,.. . . SARA LEE GORDON .,.. , . .......,....... . Pianist s 7, .14 H., lt, -0-L 1 1 -hw Lg I- fl MK- 'fif .ll TU N ll R L U B Baucom, Kenneth Clontz, James Goodman, Billy Littlejohn, W'illiam Paige, Harold Ritchie, Von Carl W'ilhelm. Bob Aiken, Ruth Allman, Dorothy Arrowood, Lois Baker, Doris Barbee, Martha Jane Barnhardt, Leona Barrier, Elaine Barringer, Mae Bcn5eld. Billie Jean Biggcrs, Peggy Blacltwelder, Peggy Bost, Betty Jane Bratton, Elsie Brown, Beulah Brooks, Louise Calloway, Doris Carpenter, Evelyn Cathcart, Iris Corzine, Iris Davis, Edna Lee Dayvault, Edith Dry, Juanita Drye, Evelyn Earley, Allene Ennis, Sue Eudy, Helen Faggart, Dorothy Ferguson, Frances Freeze, Geraldine Frye, Jean Frye, Jewell GLIEE ME Gwynn, Mary Elizabeth Hartsell, Bathsheba Hartsell, Dolly Ruth Hatley, Ruby Hobby, Betty Howell, Emmy Lou BERS Johnson, Annie Jean Jones, Martha Jordan, Juanita Joyner, Phyllis Ann Klutt7, Betty Jean Krider, Jane Lefler. Rachel Lipe, Hazeline Little, Doris Montooth, Elsie Martin, Eva Ann Martin, Iris Jean Mauldin, Fannie Louise Miller, Billie Jean Misenh eimer, Betty Jean Moore, Earlene Moore, Geraldine Morgan, Rachel Morris, Phyllis Ann Myers, Betty Lou Myers, Bobbie Sue Newton, Sarah E I Patterson, Alice Pendleton, Colleen Pinion, Betty Plott, Betty Jean Porter, R uby Jane Potts, Faye Potts, Frances Mae Pounds, Johncylee Ritchie, Dorothy San dcrs, Mavis Sherrill, Pat Simpson, Juanita Sowers, Ella Frances Staton, Sarah Stewart, Betty Summerell, Zell W'l1isnant, Alice Wilson, Jackie W'right, Ellena Jean Wiimccoff, Sybil Young, Frances , .Sponsor rl fl 4 E lF0lF61U1SlC Ululbv MISS CIKIQNSIIIXXY' I"ar1z1f-y Aflz'ixa'r Doius lilnwczimim l'1'vxifle11f liroyn CIXIRSLJN Vim'-I'1'r'xiff1'11f AR'l'llUiL THOMAS, klk. SIT.-'I1l'l'llX. ,ll AN Tnri 411. l'1'ogw1r11 Clmirunuz Flmmcilgs lfunn Suriul Cfuzirmazz MEMBERS Doris Bl.ll1Cl1.ll'kl, liillie Ruse Beekerdiie, Floyd Carson, Mary' l..lUf'Ll Cline, Frnneea l7urr, ,Innes Ciuudinaii, l'mr.1nsnn jones, lloroiliy Lee, Ruben Lentv, Ruse Anne M.1el.nuglilen, Billy Miller, KCl1I1Cll1 Miller, Bobby Peurfuy, Iris liulibinx, -liinmy Slintfer, Arlliur Tlioninw, Ir., .lean ilireeee, Huvxxuxl Xwliiltle, lxay w,llllIlL', Nelil.1 wvlLlL'I1l10U5C. X Xyinnerx in Sourli Piedmont Forensic contest l.lSL year were nlulin Sniilli, l,L!Cl.lH1.'lll0I1Q , fl Duri5 Blnnclmral, Reeilation: .xml .lime Barrier, uriginal speeclies. . f x f ,- r fm., 4ry-l , X ' W - 21' as ff' PQSQE 1.52 ,Jr . , W .fifi V i ,f wa aw 1 fl '42 ff in K 'M iii Rf? ff ., ,K , f. V, , X . X lllfniillf, men of ' Coimllkefdleirgaley CoNNn-. Cl INK Pr'r'xizlw1f Dom AS Sl-,Alilllill . Vin'-P1'z'xiffr'f1l V1 RONA Li 1. Sr'r.-Trmzx. Miss BmNc,ll1 Sllfwfxlvi' Sjwnmr ,504 il' Xl l Cmolx lqI'1l1CCSFLll'I' Flirxbetli lily lilirnlinrdl, Mary Laura Cline, Connie C ine, rnrlm fi '. 'Q . , , ,. A . . ,f 1 liing, Dorothy l,ee. lixxinees Whlter. Anne Llewellyn, Bernice Moowe, M.1rg.1rLt I'.1rLlnw, Durex, Sea orc, X x, X 1942 . . Sjmrfx Iiililm' . I,if1'1'aryIfilifm Cify News Iirfifm' .Cil-31 Nvuxv Ifrfifoi FLOYD CARSON . . . Iiclifor-in-Claief GEORGE FISIIIQR . , , BILLY MILLER . , ,Asxorialv Eflifor CATIII-LRINIQ XVHITLIQY . . . IRIS ROBBINS I , . , . . .A.YXO!'ilIfI' Iidifm' ARTHUR TlIOA1AS, JR. . NILLIJA WIIJt1NrIoUsIa .,.. Assignuzvni Iidifor ANN I.LI1wFI.I.YN LANCE BARRINGIQR . ...... Social Edilor LAURA PAYE KRIDIQR , , . , .Alznmzi Ifffifor N A lL ll S M IC lL lU The Journalism Club under the sponsorship of Mr. Frank Read was organized in 1939. The Club's purpose is to give those students interested in Journalism the opportunity to write. Also the Club helps to awaken creative ability in journalism. The Wt'dl'flIAQ.Y, our printed each Thursday in Tbr' Collrortf Trifllme. Krider, Laura Faye Lee, Dorothy Llewellyn, Ann Litaker, Murl MeClellen, Ifllen lVlCEQlCl1Cl'I1, lilaine hliller, Billy Miller, Carolyn Miller, Flla Brown Morris, Iris Pharr, lfrskine Polk, Blake Barringer, Lance Blanchard, Doris Boulus, Jumela Caldwell, Helen Byrd Carson. Floyd Conover, Jean Cook, limily Fisher, George Furr, Frances lfurr, Phyllis Harrison, Doris Hayden, Jean Howell, Katy Query, Helen Readling, Gaynelle Robbins, Iris Terry, Frank Thomas, Arthur, ,Ir Threatt, lletlv XY':Il1erx, Frances Whisnant, Buddy Whittley, Cathryn NY'idenhouse, Nelda Xxlllljlillli, Charles GllRlL SLOGAN G As a Girl Reserve I will fry fo I fare life squarely. R L PURPGSE R To fiml ann' give flat' best. E S PLEDGE E I 'X -.W-77 ' I .'K.'1, K ,,... i it J x l RESERVES raeious in manner mpartial in judgment eady for service oyal to friends eaching toward the best arnest in purpose eeing the beautiful ager for knowledge I will rlo my lies! lo honor God, my country, R everent to God aml :ny mnzmzznifyg fo laelp other girls, aml V ictorious over self fo ln' in all ways a loyal friie memlzvr of E ver dependable fha' Girl Rr'ser1't's. S incere at all times had a very successful year. In September The Blue Triangle Club of Concord High School has we compiled our annual handbook for old and new members of our club. Our programs have been interesting and varied. Throughout the year a rotation of classes in charge of the programs was repeated so that the girls in all four classes might learn to display leadership and feel that they had a real part in the work of the club. Our social affairs have not been numerous, but they have been successful and enjoyable for all. JuMuLA . ., ,. Prrsiilent hus Moiuus . ,.,. . . Secretary Jovan KETNI-ilk ........., Vive-Presiilvnf MARGARET HURLOCKER , , , . . Treasurer Miss DOIKOTIIX' MCKENZIE ..., i . . ..... , . , . Faciilfy Adviser Peggy Allred, Betty Beasley, Miriam Benfield, Jumela Boulus, Sara Boulus, Betsy Boykin, Jean Burris, Alyce Joyce Call- oway, Louise Campayner, Ruth M. Clark, Alice Cook, Martha Cook, Emily Coren, Margaret Faufkenberry, Nancy Greene, Maisel Gregory, Margaret Hurloeker, Annie Jean Johnson, Joyce Ketner, Mary Little, Geraldine Lowder, Lillie McLester, Bertha McLester, Voneeil Meismer, Catharine Melton, Ella Brown Miller, Sadie Mills, Jaequeline Misenheimer, Bernice Moose, Miriam Moose, Kathleen Mor gan, Iris Morris, Margaret Partlow, Willie Laura Poe, Gay- . . , , Y . Y F 4 S h nelle Readling, Betty Rimer, Iris Roberts, Phyllis Anne Rogers, Annie Sanders, Dorothy Smith, Betty ov: ut er, Emma Wexisil, Helen Wensil, Ruth Wliitley, Mary Willialns. RALPH 'UNnl4A1uvoon l:RElJlzRlCK SMIVIANA EHBA jo TA'l'lQ A A A SARAH S'rA'roN A MARGARH' CA1Anw1-Au. A MRS. Flsm-AR A A A A A A A A A , A A PI'l'Xilll'lIl4 Alfirsf Vin'-l'n'xiili'11f Semml Vin'-Pi'4'siilz'11f A A Sevr'vfm' y A Y'l'l'tlKlll't'l' A A A Sfzonxor MIQMBERS lfred Holton, Leona Barnhardt, Margaret Caldwell, Nadine Carson. Carolyn Cline, Charles Goodman, Dolly Ruth Hartsell, Lena lleaxh Harwell, Mary Moore llorton, jane Rrider, jane Lowe, Mary Kay Patterson, Criw Query, Martha lfllen Query, Ann Rankin, Nancy Robinson Mary Rows Sherrin, Frederick Smetana, Sarah Siaton, Ralph Undervrood. Frances Wlilkinson Martha Best Yorke. + + + umdorlked Cross QC uh hui lAil liovi A. A .A .Pl'A'.fiA,l'llf Rurn Coon , Vin'-Pn'.viili'u1' l'ilili.'X -lo 'I'A'ri St'1'l'l'f1Il'Vj' ANNA Clu ss SPVARS A T1w1x1l1'1'1 Miss F.-in i IIINK, A Sf1UlIX0l' MEMIKIQRS Leona B.lfllll.lI'Lll, lilaine Barrier, lris Lee Bust, Fadene Brown, Faye Bur- ris, Phyllis Cook, Ruth Cook, Iris Corvine, Dorothy l'iLlXg.1I'I, Geraldine Freeze, Jewell Frye, Martha Irvin, Martha jones, lfvelyn Kiker, Betty -lean Kluw, Hazeline Lipe, Kathleen Little, Flsie Manzooth, Miriam Moose, lflla Sowers. Anna Crees Spears. liblna jo Tate. i NX X jf. A, ..,. XM ' A ' - 1 AX 2. U. Q, ,,, i . If Y, 1' ,lf K P L l i -tu y : A N ' A' ', JUUNIIUR SCI NCCE CCIUU -53 l SIENTO TN TUSTRTAL ART QC B RUTH SIMMONS ..., ,. .,., Pl'A'Xf1lt'llf HAlt1,aN Russiiu, ...... . , . . Tl't'tlaIll'l'l' RUTH CI.AIiK . , .,.. , . , .. . . , .St'fl't'ft11jv BILL Cook ,. . . , . . . , .. . . . Aiaixltlrll Tr't't4xl4rt'l' lrlarold Black, Bill Blackwelder, Geraldine Bowles, Charles Clark, Ruth Clark, Bill Cook, Kathryn Helms, Geraldine Lowder, james Moose, james Peigler, Harlan Russell, Ruth Simmons, Peggy Spears, Rita Stewart, Mary Wfilliams. TUNTUR T UST TAL A TS CLUB Atari' l.lNlxlll . , . .... . Prexitlt-rzf HuBi3l1'i', . ., , ....... Setwftrry HM rn' lhflfkl BA1 I. . , . . . ..., ....... . . , .. 'I V't'11Xlll't'l' Sanford Austin. Hattie Mae Ball, Doris Baker, David Brown, Bernard Burneite, Evelyn Carpenter, Billy Cathcart, Hubert Cress. Ira Dayvault, -lean Frye, Peggy Goodman, Floyd -Iarvis, Sara Lee, Alice Linker, ,limber Lee Lomax, Doris Lowder, Fannie Maulden, C. A. Peacock, George Trotttman, Mildred XVeddington, Betty Ray NVensil. The Industrial Arts Club is an organization for those students who are interested in various types of handicraft and provides opportunity for the development of many interesting hobbies. Wliile the range of crafts is somewhat restricted this year, due to the cessation nf certain imports, the club has projects in Archery, Beadwork, Cord Knotting, Basketry, Block Printing, Leather Craft, Plastics, Soft Metals and NVoodwork. Bracelets, necklaces, belts, poeketbooks and archery sets have been made in large numbers. The helpful :md stimulating interests developed in this club carry over into other activities and tend to make school life more enjoyable. bw 4 M 'ig Y AV C. H. S.'s band music cnrri Spiders on to victory. Ali lfeiics Reading from lrfl 10 rigbt, jirsl row--Co-Captain Paul Boulus B.ckg jimmy Shaffer, Back, Ken Cook, End, Phil Wiclenhousc, Guard, "Footsie" Bost, End, Ted Pinner, Back, "Iecp" Montooth, Backg Bill Cook, Guard, and Co-Captain Bob Harvey, Back. Svrwzil ron'- 'Docn Mullis, Tackle, Bill Miller, End, Dori Seltzer, Endg Clyde Biggers, Tackle, Harold Barringer, Center, Harry W'inecoff, Tackle, and iohnny Cranford, Back. Tbiril ron'--Gerald Melton, Mgr., Gerald Haglcr, Guard: "Toad" Adams, Center: "Tooney" Sherrill, Tackle, Taffy Williams. Tackleg junior Farrington, Backg and jack Coley, Assistant Mgr. Z H ' '-... - n f' 4 -L11 , A N it FOOTBALL SQUAD Concord Concord Concord Concord Concord Concord Concord Concord Concord 1941 RESULTS . . .. Mooresville . Spencer .Monroe . Albemarle Kannapolis .. Statesville . Thomasville Children's Home , Lexington O 13 0 6 19 7 25 28 40 Sept. Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov Nov Nov. 1942 SCHEDULE 18-Barium Springs at. , . ,Concord 25-Albemarle at . . . Albemarle 2-Mills Home at . , . Concord 9-Mooresville at , . . ,Concord 16-Thomasville at 'Concord 23-Spencer at ..., , Concord 30-Kannapolis at . . , Kannapolis 6-Monroe at . . . . . . . . Concord 13.-Children's Home at Winston-Salem 20-Lexington at , . , , . Lexington Witli the graduation of jim Boger, Don Calloway, "Shirt" Allen, "Boots" Beaver, Clyde Cannupp and Paul Seaford the "4l" football season looked rather gloomy for the Spider mentors--Hollingsworth and Austin. But it was not as bad as it appeared, for out of a small, green, inexperienced bunch of boys, a rugged but big eleven was produced. The Spiders were the underdogs in every encounter, though they showed their metrle by winning their first three X ames and losing two hard fought battles to Albemarle and Kannapolis. The boys lost their last few games, but at times played bang up ball. The best games of the year were two heartbreaking losses to Albemarle and the Little Wonders of Kannapolis. The Spiders out-fought their Stanly county friends only to be put in the hole by Morgan's superb kicking. Again they out- pl ayed the l.ittle Wonders only to see a long pass completed in the last ten seconds of the game to snatch victory out of Ere for the Wonders. The longest run of the year was made by Paul Boulus in the Monroe game, when the fellow hit his own right tackle, got into the secondary and ran 65 yards for pay dirt. The outstanding linemen were "Footsie" Bost, "Doc" Mullis, and Phil Widenhouse, while in the backfleld the burden was carried by Co-Captains Bob Harvey and Paul Boulus. Pliiyrri from li-fi lo riglil, firxf row-joe Dorton, "Jeep" Montooth, Bill Cook, .lohnny Cranford, .lack Bratton, lloh Harvey, George Fisher, -lunior Farrington, Gerald Utley, and Gice Allen. Sernriil ron'-P.uil Iioulus, Ed Utley, Tally Williams. john Robinson, .lim Goodman, Harry Wiiiecoff, "Doc" Mullis, ,Iimmy Shatlier, Ted Pinner, "Footsie" Bost and Clyde Biggers. Coach Harry Hollingsworth Cinsetj and Manager Turk Phnrr finsetjg Coy McDaniel, Assistant Mgr. Cinsetj. 1942 SCHEDULE March 24LMills Home . . Here April Zl-Statesville March 26-Thomasville , . ,Here April Z4--Thomasville . March 3l+Statesville ..... Here April 28-Mooresville . . April I-Monroe . . . There May l-Children's Home April 3-Mills Home .... There May 5-Albemarle , April 10-Monroe . . , Here May 8-Mooresville . . April l7iAlbemarle ,... Here May 12-Children's Home 1942 RESULTS Concord 7 . . . . . . . . .Mills Home 0 Concord 0 , , , . , Thnmasv Concord I0 ..... . . . ,,..,. , . . , ,Albemarle l The Spiders of Concord High are starting the season with a good record to keep clean, for last year they were the conference CHAMPS. There There Here Hel 1' There There There ille 4 Even though they have lost some of their key men -Don Calloway, -lim Boger, Bobo Boger, Shirt Allen and the best hurler in the league, Clyde Cannupp-Coach Hollingsworth says that chances of retaining the title are better than ever. The team will probably miss Clyde the most as he was our ace left-hander. Satisfactory replacements are being made very easily. "Footsie" Bost will play first: Ted Pinner, at shortg Bob Harvey behind the plateg and "Jeep" Montooth and Taffy Wfilliams in the outfield. The returning veterans are Gerald Utley at third, Junior Farrington at second, Jimmy Shaffer in eenterfield and two hurlers, Johnny Cranford, left-hander and "Doc" Mullis, righthander. These two will be backed at the mound by right-handers Clyde Biggers and Harry Wfinecoff. Both boys are improving day by day and show great promise. Putting up a Hghr for an infleld position is Gice Allen. Scrapping along with Allen are -lim Goodman, Joe Dorton, Jack Bratton, George Fisher, Paul Boulus and a few others. The Spiders will start for another championship Tuesday, March 24, when Mills Home moves in to Webb Field for the opener of the schedule. -JIMMY SHAFFER. -57 K7ll'I'liVlK'FfL1I'1li Austin, Coach. Slumling, left lo Vigbi-Paul "Footsie" Bost. Alternate Captaing Ted Pinner Captaing Leroy "Doe" Mullis, Donald Seltzer. -Iames Goodman, Taffy Williams, Al. S. Rimer. Paul Boulus, Johnny Cranford, Charles Montooth, Gene Bost, lfrskine "Turk" Pharr, Managerg Bill Miller, absent. BUYS9 BASKETBALL SQUAD Concord Concord Concord Concord Concord Con cord Concord 58- RESULTS 33 .... Staresville 20 Concord 31 . Albemarle 28 . . Barium Springs 31 Concord 38 , ....., Kannapolis 18 .,.,.. Monroe 23 Concord 29 , , . Children's Home 24 . . . Barium Springs 37 Concord 26 . , , . .Statesville 20 , . ,Children's Home 34 Concord 35 . .Albemarle 39 .. . Moorcsville 22 Concord 42 . .Mooresville 30 . ..Kannapolis 32 Concord 26 . ., .Monroe Starting the se ason with a worried mind Q riir l three of his starting five missing, the Spider mel. Frank Austin mia may rims. of .1 basketball mm. Bur by placing Ted Pinner, "Jeep" Montooth, and Al. Rinier in the gaps along with his veterans johnny Cranford and "Fontsie" Boat, Austin rounded out a lighting five. A starting five was not all-because his biggest problem was the lacking of reservesg the fellow could depend only on Taffy Williaiiis and Paul Boulus who were fresh from the B-Squad. The Spiders started the season by running away with the Greyhounds from Statesville and losing a close, hard fought, overtime battle with Barium Springs. Probably the best games of the year were the ones with Kannapolis. Even though we lost, superb playing was presented against a great team. Towards the end of the season the Spiders did what few other teams could, beat Children's Home. Taffy W'illiams, a reserve a year ago, was thc most improved ball player on the squad. Vfith the long shots coming from Pinner, the one handed "swishers" from Cranford, floor work from Rimer and good defense from Bust and Montooth the team broke even for a good season. --.HMMY SHAFFFQR, Sports Wfriler. ffxx . 'CME , 'K i 1942 Imfl fo Rilqbl-Iris Roberts, Juanita Rcadling, Jean Youngblood, Betty Miller, Gaynclle Carricker, Mary Wil- liams, Martha Basinger, Melba Alexander, Iris Morris, Jumela Boulus, lflvena wlldCI1ll0USC, Joyce Kctner, Gaynelle Readling. GIRILSQ BASKETBALL SQUAD The girls' basketball team had only a fair season. They won six and lost eight out of the fourteen conference games. Joyce Ketner and Martha Basinger acted as co-captains for the '41 team. Outstanding as for- wards were Martha Basinger, Gaynelle Readling, and Elzena Widenhouse. Outstanding as guards were Joyce Ketner, Jumela Boulus, Melba Alexander and Betty Miller. The team loses only one player next year, Joyce Ketner, co-captain graduates. XVith the excep- tion of Joyce, the complete first team will be back. Therefore the girls are looking forward to a good season next year. The games and their scores were as follows: Tram Score Team Smn Statesville . , . . 19 Concord 21 Barium Springs . . 28 Concord 11 Monroe ,....,, 12 Concord 19 Barium Springs , 27 Concord 22 Children's Home . . . 44 Concord 14 Mooresville ..... 1 1 Concord 2 3 Kannapolis . . 19 Concord 12 Albemarle . . 2 9 Concord 3 6 Kannapolis .,..... 13 Concord 10 Children's Home , , , 42 Concord 16 Statesvillc ...... 28 Concord 20 Albemarle . . 33 Concord 21 Mooresville . . 17 Concord 42 Monroe ..,, 13 Concord 17 IIDCGIET ASKETBALL TEAMS F"E xx-f ,N . Q? Boys Teal m Lvfl fn right, xifliug-4Cupfain joe Dorton, .lack Mclfachcrn, lfvcrctt Calloway, Grady Cnr- pcntcr, Floyd Jarvis, Loc Tnlbcrt and Richard llarvis. Sfmlllilfflg arc jimmy Colvlc and Hugh Gwynn. 60- Girls Team 1 ,, .-, W- Lwf! in rigfwl, front mu'--Mac linrringvr, Blanche Ashbcy, N'iirian1 Moose, Jenn Lomax, Nancy W'hitncr, Margarun Suthcr, Mary Moore Horton, lfvclyn Green, Betty Smith, libba jo Tatc. Burk mic'-Frank II. Braswcll, coach, Ruth Aiken, Doris Lowdur, Bertha Rcdwinc, PiillliC Mac Ball. Martha lien York, Ann Rankin, Ruby H1lllCy', Margaret Caldwull, Mnnagur. Ywfww fl X 1 X ,ff l ,f .fffgiwwvfkxx ,V,. " lf ,,. is f T Y ,4,, F I, Bm' C , X C EER LEADERS f uNrwm,,,...-, I I 1 I 0 J H5 f Y M,,...., Carolyn Cline, Martha Kidd, jumela Boulus, jean Youngblood, Ebba jo Tatu Cvrzfvr-Frances Walter, Chief. Miss Cochrane, inxrl. Fran! row-Norman Plot, Russell Coble, Gerald Hngler, Bill Slough. Sfumlinq -Ralph Underwood, Dale Roberts, Claude Adams, Curtis Honeycutt. K l.-On thc Bunch. 2.-Cunumrd-K.mnnpolis Parade. Lfln the Spring-Baseball. 4,--They Cheer Them on to Victory. S4 19-H Pigekin. 6.-"l5uotsic." 7,--Gum Best. 8.Yl'11ul. 9.4"jccp." 10.-"l'.1tfcy." Il.f-Iimmic. 12.-w-Ted. l5.fA Tense Moment. 62- I.-Over K1ll1l1.ll7OiiS. 2.fSciionl Dnys.3.-Doris, "Pete," Nelda. 4.fFr11nccs, "Suu" S.-Always Siicking Our His Neck. 6.-At Pounds Lake. 7.-Betty. 8.-A"I Pritiicc, Sir." 9.iCCl1lCl1 Austin. IU.-Behold the Musicians. li.--Girl Ruwcrvc Party? IZ.-Wfimt W'0uld You Say. 13.- "Campus Romcocsf' 14.-Kay W'i1ittlc. ls.'i'w'ilCI1 thc Snow Conws. ll1.gl3uiifVuyngc to Crew of '4I. 17.-The Good Ole W'intcr Tiinc. 18.fA Bicycle built for two. l9.fYou Guess. 20.4"'I'l1c Forc- somc-." 21.-One For All and All For One. -63 102111 1131 1 1 1:11 211111311111 11111: PHOTOGRAPHS IN THIS ANNUAL Made B31 IVIUIIEL STUDIO N. Union St. Dial 2-3231 CONCORD, N. C. PHONE NO. 6226 For 'Pleasinq Printing" II. E. EIIUUISS Printer Opposite Post Oflice CONCORD, N. C. ui inimiiiri 3 1:1 11141 1 0:00111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 zncofo 54,10 101,29 03010201 1 1 1 1:1 1:1 1 111 1 CONGRATULATIONS Class of '42 0 We Outfitted Your Bandg We Can Outfit You, Too 0 COME TO SEE US For Your Graduation Needs .I. E. PENNY EU. 11121111111 21120 Cornplilrzmfs J. ERIS CASSELL, Owner THE PROVIDENT INSURANCE AGENCY 0 Save 20 to zsw on your Fire and Auto Insurance. Our current divi- dends on our profit-sharing insur- ance enables you to do this. O Dial 6110 Cannon Bldg. "Ins11ram.-1' Thai Pays" win: 1 ii 1 1 1 1 301112 ini 102 2 rioiuinieviuniuznioiaxioi 1 1 iui:s:z-1n1u:nio1D1- 11: 1414- 2014-iafiuiniuinlnzm-in-11-QD 1 -n:4--v-n-n-v1n3n-n-4--n- GROCERIES That Are Fresh and af Rvasonable Pricrs Always 0 COCHRAN- UN DERWOOD -1- 111302:liuiuiniuiuil1103 3 -in 11 in-ini: 14101:-iv-ivi vi: 1 CABARRUS CREAMERY CO. Dial 2181 GRADE Pu.vlf'1n'i:f'd Milk-Irlval ln' Crram nz-'21 1 in:min:-11-v-241014:1 xi- vc :fe . o.: 1. 0:01 Q uioiuioioioioi ini vi 101011 IZNLYUUNBBLUUD AND EUMPANY Wflwlrxalr' Grofrrx CONCORD, N. C. 'vi' 1131114103 luinzuz- 3:1 CONCORD BOTTLING WORKS "B.'1lll1'rx of Brflm' Bl'll'l'd,QFSu 11n3-v1-:2n1uiu1u1-cm if 301: E. L. MORRISON LUMBER COMPANY Retail Dealers in "E1'rryIlring Io Build Wiilf' Phone 3216 270 W. Corbin St. 11 -4 0:0 into 1-vc 1:4020 'ban Q o 12450 4.054 134 3 g Congralulafions, Srniors 5 TI-IE I Q Lunuheunette E Billmon' Parfy Irv Crranz i Phone 6245 We Deliver I 34wif130101:-ioioioiuimvioirxiarioi ! ! B. 5. BUST ! l Wbolrsalc' C0'nfr'rfi0m'rx I g PHONE 7226 i ogon1ni'i -21-:vi -1 111 -1 rl 1121-1 ! Q CABARRUS E AND i PARAMOUNT I THEATRES Q MEET YOUR FRIENDS Q Al Tm i S O D A S H O P E Phone 4212 V712 DELIVER I Cfmzjrlimrwfs of g RITCHIE AUTO SERVICE T AUTO PARTS DIAL 2106 14si:,11ni-n11n14n14ri1r1mr1nr3nr11:1wviuozo 9:91 4:3011 uioioim ri-124 ini: 1311102 133' 1 5 .Xi A l.--"Art" Does Lie: Around. 1217.111 Players at tlie Hill. 3.4ElilLibeLl1. 4.4Nnn Morgan. i.4"XY'illie" Sc Helen. 6.-"j.ineL" Before the Tire Sliormge. 7.--Dorcas in tlie Sligulow. S.4Mr. Austink Shadow. 9.4C.1ugl1L in the Plate. 10.-Keep ilie Pigskin Rolling. ll.f-fats. l2.fOur Director. I3.--Proud VC'innei's at Cliapel Hill. l4.JCiooil Old XYillllCl'. li,-liail' Pnxy. Ili:- Ned .mil Pat. 17.-"The Nuts." lS,4P.1tsy. Ned, Nl.lfQ.Z.lK'CI. 19.-Two of u Kind. Ill.-Down the Khin Drag. 06- a 'Q W5 10101010101111010101014 in r1cni4ni4nio1ui0i01oio1oi4s1u CITY PRESSING CLUB 104 0:0111 1 viisixwznminricqmxiumiuwiwxic in WILLIAMS CANDY -.-.---.--.-..---...-.-..!. To Win the Battle of Winter, BURN COAL From E P1 'S Dial 2174 Kerr St. rx-roozo Musfrr Clrumwx aml Dyvr: 0300101 sioiuioioi 10101011 110101: Conzplinwnfs of W. HWAHII 8 CU., Inc. WHOLESALE GROCERS Dial 31 13 ,-..-....,..,-.,-.,..,-.,..,..: I :,...,-.. - wg. Ozipctintl::i:b14:ir:l::l:r1o10l0iui0l4 in 130 110110 . I fi 2 EMI li OW mi' ru Qiu PUC Qfiiii I? O ii! '15 ffm? I A U W0 iiUS:EHSSEif F955 H gc i'Qnnm2 ::'IQif'f5S-5 D' I" ai OCP QI-I N off- FQ P-r1QN..-In ol'1'1 Zfi-U no : fo a-lgpgffiwggmuigsiez -3- S- , ', O : N zu: 5,fi2:52fE5Ui22::,2NE O elifvz QQQs2,Un 5052 Z QEU ?'n ggggi 3 5. in ,110 : 'N I2 QU! 'Q I Ui logo ing bio: Cogot uc? ?1 Eu S! llw Igw lg: Q 53" U50 21 GUiU 2 cb .W 'H Sv .O :- im 'im rm WUi9, 6 :SC i--Ima mild 21 W gil ilwag wn'O E" Q 5wD'a I Og 3' Eg G 7: FU 04 -61:0 A0 15,21 fiom! mUi vi: 1 Saw alma? M ni? 53,51 -P-4 ' ' J H: 2 -xg SIG xii Za gUi5' Ns Z M159 ,sigh g Quin is - - "e. '-I fm 77iifq, 2. Ui? Ui: I: Wim E! 1101014 .1103 0.050101010101011 110.0 0.051114114110101-11011 0:11 00:0 I 11920 3 0.09: a day. 4.-4Q, H. S. Fluat in Merchants' Christmas Parade. I A Fine Turn Out. 1.-Sonny and "Pat" Reign for Concord in Kannapulis-ConcurJ Parade. 3.--Tcmanay iw Ucillikff 1 1011111:11311:1v1011r11x101010:0: 3 1031120101011-111103011-10111102 The H omv of Good Ealx 2292-Dial-2292 g LIPPARD AND BARRIER IL1101111'11111011v11v1uiu1010101:n:o 301011111-11111-3010101 11 30211102 Cmnplimerzfs of ! ROBINSON,S 2 :..:..:..:..:..:..:1.....:..:1.:..:..-..3. . 10:111111111011l11111l111101011111,ago WENSIL PLBG. Sc HTG. Co. I 409 N. Church St. Phone 6138 i CONCORD. N. C. i Sli N. Main St. Phone 147 - RANNAPOLIS. N. C. 11131:nicnxoininiuiuioi 101111.-:0 v- 111101010101010:1-101 11111111020 Congratulations, Seniors THE PINE TAVERN 11111:i01011r11m1011n11vq:.110102113 ko 1 1101111111011-11111-11111-1 11111 gg, Q Crmzjmlinzwzfx of QUERY'S FLORIST ! 37 N. Crowell St. Phone 6152 ! Iflfllvrul Dvxignv um! Cul Flowers ' -.,-..-.,-1.-1.-1.-.,-..-.,-.,-.,...-.,-..g. fc' uxol I'-1 l STAR NES-MILLER-PARKER I 'COMPANY Dial 6173 i 1 301 :1x1011ri011r10i 11 1103 :logo 1 R11-an-11111111111.11111-11.11111-111.020 BIG STAR STORE : 1 :1:l:1,:.-:1-10:11:11:111 :U-1.8 in o eo I Corrzplizrzfnfs of Q KESTLER BROTHERS Qualify Painting ul Evonomy Priws CONCORD. N. C. i 103030311101010101011n101- iniwzo 0.0501010112 101010101 1010101 1110! -1.11010111101111111111111011-11-1 -11-ap, 9 I BENDIX HOME LAUNDRY i NORCE AND RECORDS I I Q : CONCORD TRACTOR ac Q IMPLEMENT CO. ! N. UNION I i1r1010i1v21r10:1a10i 131:11 11111-10129 C0lIll1IiIl1!'11fK of CHARM SHOP 91:11 do ri-11 11010112 ini vi if inqvozo 101010111x1:z1r10:111111031-1031-10:4 CLAUDE WEDDINGTON 9 Sfrorling Goozfs Phone 8710 Concord, N. C. .'....-..-..:..:..:..:1,- ,-..:..:..-.,-.:..-..g. -1- Conzjllinmnlx of LEONARD BROWN COAL CO. C Coal - Coke - Wood Dial 3127 I -.11-. - -1.-0-1.1010-1.-1.-1 -11-..-0-1.1. vi 1011 3 1203031wi1wi1m11-1011130111624 Conzjwlinzwzfx of MAXWELL BROS. sc COLLINS i 03 1011101010:01010101111021-31020 11.11111101031131130311311101011111-:sfo DELUXE BARBER SHOP Concord's Oldest Barber Shop Under : Same Management ! ll XV. DEPOT ST. i 3 0.0503 1 1 1030103oi1xi011v1. 103' 310.0 Q -20101:m:0:1r103011wiui0111111311101 o 2 E. C. KLUTTZ LUMBER CO. BUILDING MATERIALS D um! SHERXVIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS 1- .-..-1.-1.-..-.1-1..1....-Q..-1,-.1-1,1-lg. 0:0 O- .g.,- -,. - - - - - - - - - -V-0.3. .g.,-,-,. -.,-.,-.,-.,-.,-.,- - -.... -- --- -------i 2 - -----w--- Q 5 SENIOR CLASS, '42 u 3 THANKS FOR ! C THE PRIVILEGE Your Slogan H : U "The Bos! Is Yr! T0 Bev 9 2 ll II C Is a Shining Star in These Il'ITH 315311 Dark Skies Q IVISIIIVJS A i ' 2 2 ! 0 CONGRATULATIONS Q 2 Q . . 2 Q News PFIHTIHQ House B E Il H , 5 g 128 South Clll1I't'll St. U D Ph4m.- :s'0:z0:z Com'0nl,S Lvading Dvpi. Sfore CHARLOTTE. N. C. H 2 2 ll .021 iiiilll illllilliblill 130 5i1Ul'v-ili'l'l'i ill i llifli Phone 5463 P. O. Box 956 Dcfcoraiors STAGE CURTAINS - SCENERY FLAGS AND BANNERS J. O. ELLIS WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. oiuifrioi-oioicrifxisxzfxioi-05411 S1-iunioifrioioioioi 11111111141 101 1im'Cl1,11nps in Class ,l'Ul.lI'I1.ll11Cl'll. 2.fl5illic Row. 3.-Pom Cook, 4.'SlCPPil1j.Q High. Y-ffCr.1n1 il in .xt mlm l.1sL .IYCHCC H.1x'nid. S.--"Adclmidc." 9.-"Through thc Main l7r.1g." llP.ff"Suu." ll.f'l'l1u Big liidx, ll.f5uniur flu: III Q lun lOLlI'I1.l!11Clll. I 1 f , . , ., ,,,. . ,, . ,, , 4- , -, - 's.., fs ,N -rp A Q .-'s A P K D' ,N -5 . ,yi X ,ex rm.. 8 A , ,. ,. ,, ta. ..,. .1 .. , ,hmm 5, - f, ,f ,-,, -N- Nr A? -uf :AT-gf-,, f -fu fn ' +P "i'5-m,'y'."1- at - 1. ,V A k, , - . W 5 ,AN NJXN- , 1 ... . - ., , ,M, ,-.R Q , -lr ,.L,f,VAy.,:,V. ,V ,X --V -. J- - -5 , -A La ' 1-M -. f 'Q A 'A' A" T2 .Q v A 5- '- 'N' ,, -LF' we , X- W :."- ff.-. ,. .T fl' .FS-:A Of' T K f' -5 ' -f ..g "f :QQ F'-ex ., ,' -' f" fi- ' .:'jgf57,-q,.' 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