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i ■■■r.-.r.-.,.r.-.......-...-..... . -.f.. .nyp, 7 C ELCOMPANILE 1966 y££ Volume Xlll Publisked by the Jlssodated Student MyofComptoH Senior Mlgh School, Com p ton, California .- ' .■i_ -tUja»v_k. »- % ' . V " ' - r ' ai ' f- Y, •:■ • t M Cm ' i " " ' Vi -vi " ikisf Discovery Js . . . Smtment coming loud fast clear resounding with a burst of pride. ' Discovery Is , , . coHcmtratioH. pride, spirit . discussion. . . . friendship. technique. clarification . . . under standing. ■SW Pi ??;: TU ' " - ■■ ' i v ' ' - ! ' P ' ' ' i ? iffip ' ' » »«r|» FOREWORD Discovery has no one definite meaning; it is many things to many people ex- citement; unknown secrets revealed; achievement; satisfaction. To discovery there are many reactions triumph; excitement; perhaps, even sorrow. Through the use of photography, prose and poetry, the 1966 El Companile has attempted to capture the essence of dis- covery as revealed on our high school campus. The open door of knowledge beckons with test tubes, T-squares and text books to inquiring minds. Light reveals discovery as preparation for growth and maturity. El Companile Staff of 1966 hopes that this yearbook will not only interest but encourage each Tarbabe to find his or her own definition of discovery. St.ff: EcJitor-in-Chiej — I ' jierre MoreUiid Editorial Assistatil — Miriam Snider Art Editor — Jo-Anti Steuard Photography Ediloi Shirteeii Dooley Photographer — Deborah Pickens Curriculum Editors — Ora Davis Regina Spicer Extra-Curriculum Editor — Beterly De Bise Co-Curriculum Editor — Jean Dasher Hall of Eame Editor — Mary Saldana Senior Class Editor — Gayle Matlock Vnderclassmen Editor — Beterly Benson Boys ' Sports Editors — Dow Freeman Manuel Torrez Girls ' Sports Editor — Jimmie X illiams Advertising Editor — Christine Gonzales Adviser — Mrs. Delight Hoffmann Alt a M t t ' iAll kail to thee, Dear Compton Migk Our alma mater true-, iMai all thy sons. Where ere they be, Qive thee all honor due Zhe years may come, Zhe years may go, M still we ' ll loyal be, Md when our high school Days are o ' er, e faithful unto thee 10 TABLE OF CONTENTS THEME 1 CAMPUS LIFE 12 Qwii ui SK 14 1 CO-CURRICUL I 38 LEXTRA-CUR|| 64 82 CLASSES 96 98 ' spSHfflf 138 SPORTS 168 170 K 198 ADVERTISEMENTS 206 11 CAMPUS LIFE 12 T)iscovery Js . . . Satisfaction trees sway overhead as laughter, smiles form and float upward and beyond . . . satisfaction exists In peace- ful coeds te nee with happiness. ' Discovery Js Studying endlessly . . peak of eichaustioH bound by pressures unknown . . . Curriculum 14 DISTRICT ADMINISTRATION 9 Mr. RueE. CurgilU Superintendent of Compion Union High School District Retiring after thirtv-six years of service to the district. Mr. ( ' argille has held this highest position as superintendent sin ce 1961. Compton High School is proud to have Mr. ( argille as one of its notable graduates and takes pleasure in dedicating to him this volume ot El CompaniU. , Kenneth W . Mason Mr. Charles Ambellan Director of Health. Director Special Services Physical Education and Recreation . |rj. Helen Thompion Assistant Supi.- Personnel Services Mr. Leslie 11. V ien Business Manager 15 ENTHUSIASTIC PRINCIPAL presiding «! el, Rot Jli. Ms " " ' lioisN.Jlt f E. Kii District. 5i« Known as an enthusiastic supporter of varied campus activities, Mr. Eduurd C. Moore has discovered the need for firm, yet understanding leadership which he expresses daily in his role as principal. As an alumnus of Compton High School, his presence at pep rallys, dances, athletic events and other school-sponsored functions reveals his understanding and interest in students. Through his help and guidance, he has helped many students find their own individual definition of discovery. NOTABLE BOARD OF TRUSTEES Presiding as president was Mr. Jesse L. Robinson, vice president; Mr. Manuel Correa, clerk; Dr. Ross N. Miller, Jr., member; Mr. W. E. Knight, member. These men have authority over the Compton Union High School District. Business is discussed and transacted each second and fourth Tuesday of the month. Members of the Board of Trus- tees of the Compton Union High School District are notable for their professional and community participation. Mr. Joseph Caus- ley, Compton ' s Post Master, has served on the Board since 1954 Dr. Ross Miller, Jr., Chief of Staff at Dominguez Valley Hos pital, since 1965; Lt. Manuel Cor rea, head of the juvenile Depart ment of Compton Police Depart ment, since 1963; Mr. W. E Knight, production manager of Stauffer Chemical Company, since 1950; and Mr. Jesse Robinson, chief training director for Los Angeles Post Office, since 1963. Mr. Jesse L. Robinson Mr. Joseph Causey Mr. Manuel Correa PROGRESSIVE ADMINISTRATORS f %t s ■ ' r r ' ' 3t M N HB ii K ' . B I R F w ' V r Ai ki S ' dH Hi Mrs. Martha Borders Assistant Principal The assistant principals, Mrs. Martha Borders and Mr. Gordon Orr, have made outstanding contributions to our school. With emphasis on organization and supervision of various school activities, these two are occupied daily with helping Compton High to function smoothly. The coordinators at Compton High aid the education of all the students helping them develop their individual abilities and talents. Il [ Mr. Gordon Orr Assistant Principal Mr. Gregor) ' Rosenthal worked at his desk doing one of his daily tasks, arranging for a special student body assembly. Mr. Gregory Rosenthal Coordinator of Activities Mr. William Rollins Coordinator of Attendance Afr. Janus O ' Donovan Coordinator of Continuation w RS MAINTAINED INTEREST IN STUDENTS i Miss Edith McCuHoch Senior Counselor Mr. Ednard Chester Senior Counselor All counselors at Compton High School work diligently throughout the year providing students with expert ad- vice and instructions. Working in conjuction with the sophomores were Mr. James Sherrill and Mr. Richard Jones. Assisting the juniors was Mr. William Barnes. Working conscientiously with seniors, their ambitions and future plans, were Miss Edith McCulloch and special senior counselor, Mr. Edward Chester. Mr. Chester pre- sided many seniors with scholarships and awards in- formation. We thank our counselors for a job well done. Mr. William Barnes Junior Counselor Mr. James Sherrill Sophomore Counselor Air. Richard Jones Sophomore Counse ' ir Miss McCulloch discussed cumuladsc recurd wiili member of senior class. Attending the annual tea for our new faculty were the teachers of Compton High. 19 PERSONNEL WORKED DILIGENTLY The custodians work serve us in many ways. They were: Ron- I: A. Tanner. R. Buckner, E. Favors, L. J Rarrott. Row 2: B. V. Gen tile, W. Kuntz, M. Brazo, T. Green, N. Daniels. Rou 3: R. Crawford, H. D. Brown, C. H. Brown, L Thompson, S. Daniels, J Randon, C. R. Brown. I i Mr. Kii ' ilz Head Custodian The bus drivers in addition to transporting students to and from school, also pro- vide for all delivery services and field trips for the dis- trict. Bus Drivers. Row 1; F. Engler, M. Martinez, T. Speer. Row 2: B. Sands, G. Hallritter, S. Montez, R. Jones. Mr. Lowe Chief Bus Driver The cafeteria staff offers many dishes for the students ' enjoyment. Those on the staff were: Row I: C. Birt- teu, D. Gehrene, C. Valen- ., terio, B. M. McKeever. Row 2: R. M. Thomas, H. Mc- Reynolds, A. Gunnett, N. Lashmett. If Mrs. Gunnetl Head of Cafeteria staff I TOGETHER i: Jan Mattson Francis Wymes Always available for assistance were the classified employees of Compton High, who were friendly and capable of handling duties as well as the special requ ' .st of teachers and students. Eleanora Walker Don Verbeck Dorcithv Mile Juaniia Raffert - tim ) Joseph Ascuitto FOREIGN LANGUAGE ENGLISH HUMANITIES COURSES - KEY TO CREATIVE THINKING Paul Gossman Viola Bagwell Talmage Bailey Florence Blight Maurice Bourdo Lawrence Carter I Mrs. Ba junior D k klable Corvette Dean Eisenmayer Miriam Gocke Mary Hinkle Lucille Jennings Betn,- Kurtz Frank Morris Patricia Sonnenburg Eugene Toliver Patricia Wells Sandra Willard Eleanor Wilson George Woods Four languages — Latin, French, and Spanish — were off- ered by the language department, under the supervision of Mr. Gossman. The English department, headed by Mrs. Ruth Eagles, stressed correct and effective use of English grammar, both in speaking and writing. Although special emphasis was placed on grammar, the department endeavored to promote critical thinking, develop an ap- preciation of literature, expand speaking and writing vo- cabularies, and improve the students ' spelling. Geared to national achievement, the language program was en- hanced by instructors ' use of recordings, and other teach- ing aids. With emphasis on vocabulary building and reading, students were encouraged to be able not only to read and write the language but to think it as well. 22 Eager to answer, attentive students responded to Miss Jennings in French I Class. Carol Keys and Pat Edwards had trouble with homework in pro- nouncing the many Spanish terms that Mr. Gossman assigned the night before. Ciner Mrs. Bagwell was starting another day giving her junior newspaper staff needed instructions. Waiting to respond was Maria Vepez, French I student. Richard Robinson is one of those students who took careful notes each day A student was checking out and James aided Mrs. Eagles in the clearance procedures. Unaware of the correct meaning of certain grammatical usuage, Elton English had this pointed out by Mr. Eisenmayer. 23 SOCIAL SCIENCE To teach students to understand themselves and others and to become better stud ents were the main objectives of the Social Studies Department, under the guidance of Mr. Francis Dilworth head of the department. In obtaining the knowledge necessary for successful completion of the courses in World Cultures, U.S. History, and Government, students were drawn closer to the fact that each individual is an important ciizen of this country and of the world. Ir.inus Dilworth Ronald AUice Maxine Stephanian Jerryl Gardner Joan Peterson Stanton Callet Ivan McKinney Renee Dorsev In deep concentration Emmett Bryant, George Carr, and Jerry Givens paid close attention during a morning lecture in their government class. STIMULATED INTEREST Jacomina Marsman William Rouse During a Senior assembly executive members of four sections of the U.S. Armed Forces presented special information for the further use of interested students. 24 Informing future drivers of their obligation is Mr. Dihvorth. In World Cul- ture classes driver education and driver training is regarded as a vital subject. Many students find History rewarding. Assuring us of this, in one of her informative lectures, was Miss Dorsey in one of her U.S. History classes. As you can see the se cn nunuie p.issinu period is Lr bene- ficial to everyone, as these girls make last mmute inps to their locker. In government Miss Stephanian points to Janet Rober- son and Frank Harris some of the major cities. Gaining a better understanding of American ideals was a student in Mr. Hamilton ' s U.S. history- class. Mr. Hamilton also taught Negro History. This year was the first time this course was offered to Compion High ' s students. There were special assignments needed to pass these re- quired subjects. In world cultures, one requirement was to study drivers education. In government the seniors studied the fundamental framework of our governmental system in our community. PHIL050PHEI 25 MATHEMATICS SCIENCE PROBLEM-SOLVING WAS DAILY EXPERIENCE Bernard Clark Mr, W hot 10 OS T( Rosario Conanan Paul Owens Emma Jean Essex and Billy Thomas are inclined to wonder what they will observe under the microscope. Miss E. Hanks was instructing JoAnn Felton and Pete Lopez on problems involving formulas in the most in olving subject — Geometry. With challenging courses in physical science, general science, chemistry, physics and biology, the science department prepared students to approach problems of all kinds in a logical and syste- matic manner. Laboratory sessions were particularly popular with science students since such diverse experiments as glass blowing, frog disection, and microscopic observations were offered. Mr. Clark served ably as chairman of the science department and Mr. Olson as mathematics department chairman. 0M " i m do dicrtmi one of ki f ; Mr. Karl Olson is pointing out to Melvin Smith how to use the slide rule correctly, a very useful skill. Mrs. Comanan, one of Compion ' s biology instructors, explains the respira- tory system to two members of her class, Lula Moore and Larry Turner. TODAY ' S CLASSROOM CHALLENGES PREPARED STUDENTS FOR TOMORROW ' S SCIENTIFIC EXPANSION " Now do you understand. ' " seemed to be the remarks of Mr. Sutton after explaining one of his geometiy problems to a puzzled student. Collecting oxygen, which was one of the many experiments in chemistry, was Gayle Matlock, Gladys Hicks, and Gwendolyn Helms with their instructor Mr. Miller. ftlioB and 1 in the I 27 Lois Atherton BUSINESS EDUCATION INDUSTRIAL ARTS STUDENTS MASTERED SPECIALIZED SKILLS 3 l Eloibi- Arihlh.ild William Armstrong Rose Davis Williard Fowler Ronald Guyer Marion Hickman Mary Hurst Webster McGee Lemuella Montgomery Madine Outlaw Onward Montgomery Frederick Tortolini Dwight Vacarro Warren Valdry Teresa Wooden M Lfi " Business is best discussed over a cup of coffee, " agreed Mrs. Gibson and Mrs. Concepcion. 28 The art of calculation, using an adding machine, was one of the many skills acquired by students participating in Mr. Hicks class in Business Machines. SKILLS PRODUCED OPPORTUNITY With math included as one of the many facets of general business , Mr. Armstrong gave advice to student Delia Andrews as she worked with decimal fractions. Hazel Jackson and Jerry Givens, two electricity shop students, are shown here connecting wires with an electric soldering iron. liter The importance of each piece of wood having a true edge is the point that Mr. Ronald Guyer is emphasizing to student John Turner. Feeding material into the offset press, Douglas Meyers does his daily job. To familiarize students with the knowledge needed for a successful career in business, the Business Edu- cation Department, under the super%ision of Mrs. Lois Atherton, offered basic and advanced courses in a variety of subjects. Those majoring in commercial subjects took bookkeeping, business law, general business, office practice, shorthand, typing and busi- ness machines. Non-majors were able to take any of these courses as electives. Stressing accuracy, prompt- ness, dependability, and friendliness, the department acquainted students with all aspects and conditions of a commercial career. Engrossed in the courses offered by the Industrial Arts Department, headed by Mr. Dalh Hatch, were students interested in many opportunities. Desig- nated subjects were a variety of shops consisting of wood, auto, print, electricity, and metal. Drafting I, II III, were offered for boys and girls. James Cox, drafting III student, was being shown by Mr. Valdry, teacher of drafting II and III, how the compass can be used in preparation of a drawing. Frances Lamb Esther Miller BEAUTY WAS EXPRESSED . . . ART-MUSIC Lula Conception Lenora Gibson Louis Thomas Darrell Waggoner HOME ECONOMICS Gayle Mailock and Mary Saldana were working late on the first deadline for the 1965-66 El Companile. Mrs, Gibson was showing Debra White how to blend ingredients in making cookies, which was the assignment for the day in her foods class. 30 IN SOUNDS OF INSTRUMENTAL AND VOCAL MUSIC A Cappella Choir members were: Row 1 — L. Reniie, B. Rey- nolds, R. Asam, B. Brown, L. Thompson, D. Williams, L. Braxton, B. Reece, L. Moore, E. Jones, D. Houston, E. Attawa. Row 2— Mrs. Miles, E. Williams, M. Harris, B. Taylor, L. Collins, K. Young, J. Felton, S. Yates, W. Hutchisen, M. Orchestra tne?nbers were: Row 1 — Marion Younger, Shirleen Dooley, Alvin Mor- ris, Francine Watkins, Sher- rie Smith, Renae Burt, Beverly Escoe, Sharon Churchill, John Tracy, Eula- lia Moslev, Darryl Dishman. Row 2— James Burks, Willie Allen, James Seymore, Ar- thur Clayton, ODell Mur- ray, Portia Johnson, Sammic Hill, Linda Johnson, Har- riet Jackson, Hazel Jackson, Row — Alton Hunter, Les- ter Lewis, Donald Rose, Fezelle Montgomery, Larry Head, Eric Payne, Oscar Or- ozco, Edward Scott, Eric Johnson, Mrs. Miles, Mr. Thomas. Back — George Felix, William Petty. Chorus members were: Row I — Mrs, Miles, C. Wright, J. McMillen, S. Strader, D. Sausedo, L. Smith, M. Robinson, L. Richardson, T. Jackson, T. Barrera, E. Kilgore, C. Driver, D. Wallace, R. Williams, R. Rodriguez, Y. Webb, V. Johnson, A. Jones. Ron- 2 — J. Govan, G. Powell, P. Rose, N, Diaz, S. Kendrick, W, Pulley, C, Gambrell, L. Walker, R, Sweed, C. White, J. Newchurch, Y. Debato, D. Green, B. Woods, A. Caesar, J. Burley, B. DeBise, J. Rudd, J. Swogger. Row 3 — S. Ray, R. Evans, C. Mode, B. Thomas, R. Ezum, W. Horton, R. Griffin, J. Hill, J. Colbert, R. Foste, S. Steal, A. Hudson, R. Spicer, C. Merriweiher, S. Hammond. Monroe, H. Ray, R. Smith, R. Bradshaw. L. Shorer. Row 3 — L. Gupton, O. Miller, B. Perry, J. Perry, C. Dodson, G. Ken- nedy, J. Aranda, S, Huff, M, Richardson, V, Thurmond, V. Hunter, Row 4 — S. Winston, J. Anderson, J. Safford, D. White, C. Smith, L. Jackson, J. Little, L. Gressey, J. Kendrick, M. Phillips. ip 5 w--m k IJ Ignacio Caudillo BOYS ' -GIRLS ' PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Ina Silverman Kathleen Campbell Wilhemina Ryan Charles Dovie Willie Williams Earnel Durden Manque Winters Charles Parish Lyle Newcomer Promoting sportsmanship, si ill and personal health habits were the main objectives of the Boys ' P.E. Department. Offering a wide variety of activities, the Girls ' P.E. Department aimed to build healthy, physically and mentally a lert young people. Modified P.E. was offered to meet the individual needs of those girls and boys unable to par- ticipate in regular P.E. " Various sports were offered to help build and maintain physical fitness. Under the leadership of Miss Ina Silverman, depart- ment chairman, many sports such as badmin- ton, archery, swimming, basketball, softball, bowling, hockey, and tennis were offered to the girls. Ignacio Caudillo, department chairman, also offered many sports to the boys. The most popular sports offered were football, basketball, baseball, track, swim- ming and water polo. I Aflive » SPO Mr, Andri Honiri ' • Sihetmaj Active in a game of basketball were boys in one of the first period I ' .t. Classes. SPORTS WAS FAVORITE OF ALL STUDENTS MID-TERM TEACHERS Volleyball was one of the major t;irls ' sports played during the gym periods. Coming to teach on the Compton campus at mid-term were: sealed — Miss Elinor Cohen, English; Mrs. Alicia Dominguez, Spanish. Standing — Mr. Andrew Kossives, English; Mr. Donald Commoree, Printing; Mr. Howard Crawford, STAY Program. Bowling was one of the many girl sports that the girls took part in every Monday after school. THEY SERVED, LE Assisting in the health office were: Sitting — C. Tomlin, E. Exum, B. Anthony, N. Nowell, R. Emmerson, J. Thomas. Standing — P. Sheftalh L. Trinidad, H Dunn, M. Marmalejo. Mrs. Dorothy Lowe, Health Counselor Assisting on und behind stage ttcrc: Levelling— D. Rodrigeriz, B. Johnson, L. Alatorre. Standing- den, O. Stitt, R. Smith, F. Harris, B. Hutchison. Throughout the )ear the school health program considered the well-being of the students physically, mentally, so- cially, and emotionally. Mrs. Lowe, health counselor, with the assistance of her aides, donated much of her extra time to the well-being of every student. Working hard, the stage crew made possible programs presented in the auditorium. Operated by student personnel, the stu- dent store opened each morning at 8:00 to serve the students ' every need. Mrs. Wooden, who was in charge of the student store, instructed her stu- dents in the fundamentals of merchan- dising. -C. Fingers, -Wm. Rho- In preparation for the spring play, members of the stage crew worked on a couch in need of repair for the coming up perform.ince. aides ' Slmik Working behind the student store counter were girls ready to aid the student body. They were: C. Thompson, J. Lewis, P. Moore, S. Howard, S. Hunt, B. Preston, F. Jones, J. Jackson. i! . ■ 34 HEY ED, WORKED, LEARNED Mrs. Barbara Jewell Librarian Assistance in the Library was gi en by these students. Sitting — P. Brooks, R. Johnson, B. Wesson. Standing — H. Givan, A. Rowell, J. Razelle. niiA Teacher ' s office assistance aides, better known as audio-visual aides were: Sitting — R. Lishe , L. Banks, L. Kini;, J. Bowens. Standing — J. C. Humphrey, R. Ortiz, C. Brown. Those who helped serve hearty, tasty meals were members of the cafeteria student staff. They were: Sitting — A. Gamboa, V. Rael, X ' . Hutcherson, S. Hicks, J. Bailey. Standing M. Dooley, S. Steel, R. Johnson, J. Mustgrove, L. Jackson, X. Washington. ieideni i The snack bar offered tasty snacks which students sold. Students working the snack bar were: Sitting — B. Riece, L. Wilson, J. Rarks, S. Dixon, L. Gough, B. Jackson, C. Rivas. Standing — J. Rrados, A. Powell, R. Spicer, R. Ferdinand, V. Davis, B. Preston, C. Aguilar, V. Thompson. 35 Miss Jennings instructed students as they used the modern language laborator). Shown here were: M. Flowers, S. Hill, M. Torrez, O. Davis, French students. Working in the allendunce office were students: Kneeling — L. Williams, F. Armstrong, J. Andrews. Sitting — S. Patter- son, F. Salazar, L. Mancha, L. Smith, L. Brady, A. Vargas. Standing — A. James, N. Ross, M. Morris, R. Carr, C. Ma)s, J. Swogger. Working in the Guidance office were: Sitting — J. Contreras, D. Porter, J. Maffo, T. Meza, R. Henderson, S. Puentes, M. Mendoza. Standing — R. Rodriquez, M. Saldana, J. Valdemar, M. Caldwell, G. Canchola, H. McGee. WORK EXPERIENCE PROVED VALUABLE I Working in connection iiith the Continuation Department were the following students: Left to right — A. Aguirre, F. Wilson, R. Pruitt, W. Augustus. Typical. ' You bet it was! It was very typical for " Big C " students to see our principal, Mr. Moore, enjoying his popcorn along with the rest of the lunch bunch. Student control helpers were: Sitting — J. Holman, E. Wil- liams, K. Taylor, J. Caldwell, O. Bennett. Standing — G Steins, R. Robertson, R. O ' Guinn, W. Nittleton, D. Evans, R. Taylor. Working in the Activities Office itere: Sitting — A. Holguin, D. Mitchell, R. Cook, A. Miller, M. Jackson. Standing — P. Harris, E. Singleton, E. Payton, R. Archie, K. Moore, C. Gray. EXTRA EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES READ, STAY and HELP are Economic Youth Opportun- ity Agency sponsored projects which the Compton Union High School District is currently sponsoring. Project READ (Reading for Expe rience Achievement Develop- ment) is a comprehensive reading project planned with a view to help motivate students to acquire effective read- ing and study skills. HELP (Helping to Educate for Life ' s Potential) after-school tutorial study centers were opened the second month of school to provide adequate facilities for effective out-of-class study and capable assistance in various study areas. STAY (Scho ' astic and Technical Ad- vantage for Youth) is designed to identify potential drop- outs and to provide special classes utilizing individual and group work methods to further social adjustment and rehabilitation. Mr. John Graham District Projects Administrator Mr. H.irlan Polsky Adult School Principal Mr. John Adams Coordinator of Adult School Basic Education The Adult School under the direction of Mr. Polsky, principal, is growing in that it had more students enrolling than ever before. The need for further education was a great demand because the more the need for knowledge grew the more students enrolled who were drop-outs or who had failed to make the requirements to finish high school. With the assistance of Mr. Adams the de- partment grew e en more. Mrs. Florence Blight, director of the " READ " program was giving instructions to student Paul Singleton, on the use of the shadowscope, an in- strument used to measure reading speed. 37 " Discovery Js . , Compatibly busy- knowledge a d time . . aeatlng a world discovering a mind. Co-currlculum 38 Compton ' s school year was full of many profitable as well as enjoyable activities. One of the first events was a Wel- come Hop given by the Boys ' Federation in the school cafeteria. YEAR OF Dl! SEPTEMBER JA In October, Compton High School was selected as one of the high schools to re- ceive the Moral Rearmament Singers as special guests. The theme throughout their tour was " Sing Out ' 65. " NOVEMBER " What would you do if your boyfriend was a dancer. ' " asked Master of Ceremonies, Lester Edwards to Homecoming Queen Candidate Genevieve Canchola. Assisting with the pro gram was fall semester student body president Neil Chan. The traditional ceremonies of Home coming were one of the most important high lights of the year. H! a k ijr ii wt bur, n loien DECEMBER Christmas dancing and songs were presented in the annual Christmas Vespers. The pro- gram spoth ' ghted the modern dance group and choral singers 4s they offered " Christmas in Mexico " . 40 OF BER DISCOVERY " ... Do I hear 2Sc " was the call of principal, Mr. Moore, who was acting as auctioneer at the annual Girls ' League fund raising auction for the March of Dimes. JANUARY FEBRUARY " Can ' t get away from me until you buy your bag of Candy Kisses ' warned Gayle Matlock to Steve McCall and Melvin Fountain. Also taking part in the annual school-candy sale was Latri- cia Manuel and prospective buyers Dwight Evans and Jacob Colbert. BER i. Uiiii iniiiiite, ix prc- rsiiki, (Hcdif- MARCH St. Patricks Day Pickle Sale sponsored by the senior service organization, Chimettes-Squires, was a profitable activity. The customers for the day were pleased by the bargain even if it took some persuasive sales talk to secure a buy. The pickle sale was only one of the many money-making ideas of the Chimettes-Squires throughout the school year. APRIL Sports nights in April seemed to reach its peak of excitement when the basket- ball teams battled for that tie-breaking point. Honoring the " Homecoming Queen and her court of 1931 " were Patricia Gray, Veronica £. ,1 , , . .1 1 „_• D„„ Ceron, Christina Gonzales and Reeina Spicer. Some of the onlookers at the homecoming Hep ' " " Rally were members of the Varsity team and the court. Christina Gonzales, a particioated in a skit court. " 1931 flapper, for the " royal EXCITEMENT AND SURPRISE PREVAILED AT HOMECOMING Mr., loordinator of activities, offered his congratulations to the newly announced queen. Mayor Chester Crain arrived with a police es- cort to announce the 1966 Homecoming queen. " Queen Nellie Chan of 1931 " was proudh escorted by " Sherman Jemp- son. " " Is it really true. ' " exclaimed Reichel. " Oh, Carolyn, I just can ' t believe it! 42 " And now I shall collect my bonus, " said Mr. Moore. r KoyalMdjcs. Mdj sty ' s Homecoming Princess Beverly De Bise AA Homecoming Princess Mary Saldana Homecoming Princess Viana Thompson Kot al Court Homecoming Princess Rachel Towns 45 Standing in attendance after the traditionally colorful crowning ceremonies was Homecoming Princess Beverly De Bise and her escort Frank Harris. Parading before the large crowd of spectators as part of the pre- game ceremonies were Homecoming Princess Viana Thompson and her escort James Dunn. Watching the colorful halftime performance in honor of the queen and her court were Homecoming Princess Genevieve Canchola and her escort Benard Skiles. J Mgkt of Qala Events 9or HomccomiHg Court Taking time to pose and smile as they rode atop of a 1966 Ford Galaxie Convertible were Homecoming Princess Carolyn Mays and escort James Seymour. Radiantly smiling over the honor bestowed upon her was Home- coming Princess Rachel Towns as she stood on the sidelines with- her escort Lester Edwards. Keeping in step to the music in the beautifully decorated cafe- teria after the game were Homecoming Princess Mary Saldana and her escort Manuel Torres. J J ight of Splendor r Homecoming Queen Reichel Winbush is jjiven some as- sistance by her escort Neil Chan and bv the 1964-65 Homecoming Queen Dorothy Baeza. Crown bearer for Homecom- ing court was Frank Pontes, f _,.i The most exciting moment awaited by the spectator as well as the queen and her court was the crowning of her majesty Reichel Winbush by the Homecoming queen of 1964-65, Dorothy Baeza. jiHiillr Entering the Homecoming Game were Princess Beverly De Bise and her escort Frank Harris. Enjo ing the highlight of the evening were Homecoming Princess Carolyn Mays and escort James Seymour. The court and escorts enjoxed a night of splen- dor sponsored by the Compton Adult Booster Club. nitdat The reigning Homecoming Court and escorts for 1965-66 were Rachel Towns and Lester Edwards, Mary Saldana and Manuel Torres, Beverly De Bise and Frank Harris, Neil Chan and Homecoming Queen Reichel Winbush, 64-65 Homecoming Queen Dorothy Baeza, Ben- ard Skiles and Genevieve Canchola, James Seymour and Carolyn Mays, James Dunn and Viana Thompson. Seated is crown bearer, Frank Fontes. Caught in the festivities of a night-to- be-remembered is the Queen and her escort Neil Chan. • J yy Members of the Comptoneltes were: Ron ' 1 — Anna Jiminez, Elizabeth Arenas, Martha Ramirez, Doris Porter, Mary Saldana, Helen Dunn, Vivian Jaimes, LaVorra Yates, Vivian Johnson. Roir 2 — Connie Aguilar, Paula Richards, Flora Washington, Mary Sherman, Margaret Aslorga, Effie Blanton, Joyce Easley, Karen Rothenhausler. Row 3 — Renae Burt, Shirleen Dooley, Renee Norton, Arlene Miller, Sherry Minor, Marcella DeVeras, Velma Cade, Carolyn German. Row 4 — Ida Martinez, Lynn Patrick, Doris Hunter, Veronica Burks, Jimmie Williams, Gene- vieve Canchola, Alba Rivera. Roif 5 — Angie Vargas, Barbara Armelin, Elisa Aguilar, Irma Silva, Irene Armendariz, JoAnn Steward, Betty Norton, Mary Mendoza. COMPTON ' S PERFORMING DRILL TEAM 48 I J Seeming to enjoy watching the precisioned Comptonettes was their long time director, Miss Elaine Hanks. She takes great pride in her drili team. Leading the famed Comptonettes through one of their routines in a football half-time show was Shirleen Dooley, extreme right, acting as temporary co-captain. Lovely Rubazene Cook was selected to Assisting Rubazene guide the 1965-66 Drill Team because of Saldana. Mary cont her personality and specialized abilities. ideas for routines was Co-Captain Mary ributed many original HIGH STEPPING COMPTONETTES The Comptonettes, under the leadership of Captain Rubazene Cook and Co-Captain Mary Sal- dana, helped to booster " the good old Tarbabe spirit, " by ex- emplifying poise and graceful- ness during both football and basketball half-time shows, pep assemblies and various other spe- cial assemblies. These girls spent many e.xtra hours after school practicing and creating unique routines for the improvement of Tarbabe entertainment. Their well known and experienced in- structor was Miss Elaine Hanks. iJil ff? i Keeping in perfect step, they marched pass the judges ' stand at the Annual Christmas Parade of Compton. " Be sure to remember this step " , Co-captain Mary Saldana seemed to be reminding the girls as they stood in line. " Well, this is the end of another little duty, " was the expression on the face of one of the girls of the Comptonettes. 49 r .1 xr Complon Marching Band Members were: Seated: Drum Ma- jorette: Doris Williams, G. Smith, J. McClelland, G. Williford, S. Matlock, W. Allen, L. Hathorn, F. Rothenhausler, J. Single- ton, E. Scott, R. Archie, L. Lewis, C. Zachary, O. Murr) ' , A. Douglas, H. Bonner. Row 2: Mgr. W. Rhoden, Drum Major: Henry Davis, L. Heads, N. Miya, W. Petty, C. Dearmon, M. i ' lSri: -if ; m ' l f ' ssS!% fEr 3t Dolphin, T. Douglas, J. Garner, J. Lambert, F. Turman, D. Pace, D. Dedman, M. Thompson, D. Ross, W. Earvin, A. Hunter, E. Payne, T. Lockett. Row 3: J. Tracy, P. Gray, C Wilton, E. Reed, Oro?co, G. Lewis, L. Webb, E. Johnson, L. Steward, C. Dersett, J. Burks, S. Akmal, H. McDaniel, H. Jackson, J. Poindexter, M. Payne. PRACTICE, PERFORMANCES PAID OFF 50 PerfoB looeDH diipliyi «0 I Matdi dono form their TarW veiT[ thelii H ' OI 10 i Performing together for a football game half-time show were the marching band and the Comp- tonettes. This was just one of the many well planned shows that the band and drill team displayed before a crowd of spectators. COMPTON ' S MARCHING BAND The high-stepping drills that were al- ways executed with precision by the well known Compton High School Marching Band were frequently seen by masses of viewers. Under the direc- tion of Mr. Thomas, the band practiced for many long hours before and after school, which paid off in the highly rated awards bestowed upon them for their first rank abilities. Their fellow Tarbabes of the Big " C " Campus are very proud of their band and also of the honor that the band brines with Caught directing Compton ' s " number one " ° marching band was Mr. Louis Thomas, a new every performance. instructor on campus. A new and very exciting addition to the band was Hector Bonner, out- standing baton twirler. Doris Williams, Tarbabe Drum Ma- jorette, led many musical pieces as well as field routines. Always ready to perform when called upon to Taking time to pose was Mr., shuwing do so was Thurman Lockett, another new addi- a sign of satisfaction and pride for his most tion to the pep units. deserving band. Steve McCail .ilwa s displ.ucd ,i num- ber of new tactics with his fast twirl- ing baton. 51 -_fl, » FLAGS To the left are Compton High ' s Flag Girls. From left to right they are Kathnin Johnson, Jua- nita Valdemar, Valeria More- land, Rhonda Martin and Gloria Ramos. The Tarbabes have al- ways held a special pride in these girls because of the skill- ful manner in which they per- formed with their blue and white flags Becoming a flag girl was no easy chore. It took long hours of practice to achieve the skill and deftness which these girls displayed at various school functions. i COMPTON ' S PEP UNITS DISPLAYED LIVELY SONGS, FLAG GIRLS, MAJORETTES LED BIG - ' 0 " ROOTERS SONGS The bouncy spirit of Compton High ' s song girls has always been a big help in leading our boys to victory. From left to right are Linda Wharton, Yo- landa Rabago, Beverly DeBise, Cheryl Reuter and ' ' olanda Franco. These five girls could always be seen prancing in ac- companiment to the band at all of the pep assemblies, foot- ball and basketball games. Miss Hanks, the renowned director of the drill team and other pep units takes a special pride in these girls. 52 Kathy Johnson and Steve McCall are pictured admiring each other ' s uniform at first football game. Steve McCall danced through one more routine to add that ingredi- ent of " soul " to the half-time show. THEIR TALENTS Steven McCall captivated the attenium of many half-time, pep assembly, and parade iewers b his dynamic dexterity in twirling a baton. MAJORETTES This lovely trio could always be seen leading Compton ' s Marching Band in parades, games and assemblies. The names of these high stepping baton twirl- ers are from left to right: Pricilla Mernt, Yoder McClinton, and Martha Wickers These three girls were often accompanm! by Joyce Anderson who is not picturni here. The most important dur - of the ni.i jorettes is to give performances t f prt cisioned skill that will help to maini.nn the high standards set by past Tarbaln majorettes. These girls certainly deser ni credit for doing such a good job. 53 Patricia Gray. Yell Queen. Paula Oliver, Vars{t)- Anioine James. Varsity Kenneth Moore, Varsity SPIRITED CHEERLEADERS LED 54 The attached cheering units. Var- sity and Junior Varsity, were headed by 1965-66 Yell Queen, Patricia Gray. Pat was awarded a trophy for being the " Best Spirited " by the Adult Booster Club. It is obvious why Patricia was given the honor of being elected Yell Queen of Coinpton High School. To aid as an inspir- ation to Pat were the remaining Varsity members and those of the Junior Varsit) ' squad. Each cheerleader had to play a very im- portant indi idual role in lead- ing Tarbabe spirit through all of the many sports activities for the entire school year. Vibrant per- sonalities have proved them suc- cessful. Wroiici.i Ctro ' i, J Linda Braxton, J.V. Sbaronie Fisher, Varsity ' BIG " C " ROOTERS (,,.,. . li,. I 55 Valerie Mortland Al, ; V Saldana Editor-in-Chief Dotiald Freeman H.i 11 of Fame Sports Miriam Snider Editorial Assistant Gayle Matlock Seniors Christina Gonzales Advertising Manuel Torrez Sports Joann Steward Art : J Jimmie Williatns G.A.A., Index 56 Alrj. Delight Hoffmann Advisor Staff members worked hard to compile their ma- terials, spending much time and effort to discover the secrets of composing a yearbook of quality. This objecti e was successfully achieved under the guidance of adviser, Mrs. Hoffmann, and editor-in-chief, Valeri e Moreland. Valerie shared the well-rounded life of a very active senior. As a flag girl and member of Chimettes and Squires, she maintained one of the highest grade averages in her class. After graduation, she plans to major in journalism. Advertising Manager, Christina Gonzales, was kept oc- cupied soliciting " ads " for the yearbook by telephone as well as by personal contacts. In the center, Shirleen Dooley, photography editor, was reminding staff photographer Deborah Pickens to take care of a scheduled picture assignment. " Keeping consistent margins throughout each section is essential in yearbook design, " said Mrs. Hoffmann to staff members Jean Dasher and Regina Spicer. Valerie Moreland, Editor-in-Chief, was explaining her ideas for the cover design to JoAnn Steward and Miriam Snider. EL COMPANILE STAFF sports Editors, Jimmie Williams, Manuel Torres and Donald Freeman labored industriously to meet a fast approaching deadline. 57 Odessa Dudley Donald Freeman Alice Shipman Thomas Crawford Mary Kertindall Marilyn Morihel Barnese Bell Janet Roberson J. C. Humphrey Cornell Wheeler Sharon Wilson Jake Whidbee Louis White Manuel Torrez With Jake Whidbee, the first male editor-in-chief in many years as their competent editor, and Mrs. Viola Bagwell, their inspir- ing advisor, the Chimes Staff strived for even higher journaf- ism standards. Once a week, an edition of the Chimes newspaper was published, distributed, and ready to be enjoyed by the stu- dent body. Danny Seitz Roderick Henderson CHIMES STAFF Steve McCall Mrs. Viola Bagwell 58 Robert Ramirez Van Landreaux Gary Johnso Arturo Jones Ronnie Orti Mr. Williard Fowler rady Young Douglas Meyers Bill Polion CRAFTSMEN The Junior Craftsmen are a group of young men eager to train for higher pay- ing jobs in the printing trade. These boys were sponsored by Mr. Willard Fowier, who has been teaching in Compton ' s industrial arts department for the last two years. Credit for excellence in typo- graphy is due them for the weekly Chimes publication. Oliver Thomas Glenn Taylor fc.,» Ralph Hudson |r Joseph Perkins George Harris Willie Nelson George McGhee Edward Cesena Larry Taylor Vincent Rosario 59 I CHANTEURS Compton High School has always held special pride for their seleclive vocal group, The Chantiiirs, sometimes called Ensem- ble. Under the direction of Mr. Laurence Shorer, the young singers gave a great number of public performances throughout the entire school year. Now standing in position best used for vocalizing are Roir ]: Mary Saldana, Lula Moore, Valerie Car- ter, Eleanor Dasher, Mary Lidell, Geraldine Eli, Francis Pala- cios, Velma Cade, Rachel Towns, Patricia Robinson. Rotv 2; Glenn Taylor, Willie Horton, Patrick Taylor, John Garner. of Joan Honitt, Eiblin, COMMERCIAL ART II Commercial Art II is one of the most ad- vanced classes on campus. Students work around the year on various publicity posters and programs. Siutcd — Pauletle Prison, Debra Warren, Veroncia Ceron. Stantlhtg — Larry Foster, Harvey Huggins, Deborah Evans, Aaron Bryant, Louis White, Neil Chan. Their instructor was Mr. Waggoner. YOi COl fori f™» 60 Students on the Junior Paper SttifJ studied about the techniques of journalism and reproduction of the Chimes. Ron 1: Sharon Hunter, Carol Bragg, Robert Cannon, Rosalind Parker, Juliana Edralin, Patricia White, Brenda Taylor, Ada Douglas, Crecia Dunn, Mary Gutierrez, Rita Clayton. Ron J Mozella Paul, Carol Moore, Brenda Hayes, Don Washington, Larry Hudson, JUNIOR PAPER STAFF Charles Harrell, Mona Gregoire, Linda Cade, Lydia Jackson, Carolyn Sibley, Mrs. Bagwell. Ron v Nancy Rice, Royann Cot- ton, Cynthia Downey, Margy DeLone , Lucretia Kirkland, Gar- thia Pero, Deborah Duckeit, Linda Caniu, Penny Nesbit, Joyce Isaac, Kenneth Woods. COMPTON ' S YOUTH COUNCIL Explaining his ideas was Thomas Craw- ford, current president of the Yoiith Council of Complon. Other members from Compton High were — Ron 1: " ' o- landa Rabago, Pat Gra . Ron 2: Yolanda Franco, Renae Burt, Paula Oliver, Larry Burton. They were among twenty repre- sentatives from other high schools. 61 During the night of the prom, couples visited the pool-side patio. Arriving in style, Mitchell Preston and escorted date, Rita Garlington. 1966 PROM THEME BIG SUCCESS " flambeau Skgance " " It has to be a white one, " explains Donald Landr , as florist tried to help him choose an orchid for his important date at the prom. Selected this year as the place for the Junior-Senior Prom was the La- fayette Hotel. Attended by Compton High Students and guests, they were entertained by Gerald Wilson and his band. At right, James Dunn and Pani Williams escaped the crowd to talk in the garden. in, I ► a -; V • v. J0 Having their share of fun at Newport Dunes were Melvin Foun- tain, Beverly De Bise, and Regina Spicer. Keeping cool and dry was Joseph Gonzales. t •ST .A « " Introducing Compton Senior Hii;h ' s I ' K.c B.uhliiL ' Beauty, Glen- dora Taylor, " announced Neil Chan, as he and Glenn Taylor pre- sented a small beauty contest. SENIOR DAY " DUNES " DAY Everyone joined in on the fun of roasting marshmal- lows and hot dogs over an open pit. The Senior Fun- day at Newport Dunes is always an event looked forward to by all seniors on the " Big C Campus " be- cause it is considered a real vacation from the regular school day routine. Not only do the seniors have the opportunity to enjoy Funday, but senior counselors and teachers as well. As these seniors were battling over the volleyball net, others were playing basketball, swimming, or eating. There was so much to do, no one knew just where to start. " Since no one is paying me any attention, I ' ll just sample this bowl of potato salad. " This was the shrewd plan of senior, Marj Harris. IS. Working together efchaust ' mgly— a seed blooms into worthwhile activities 64 Sfctra-Curriculum Joseph Gonzah Lola Colen Manuel Torrez Linda Wharton r onald Freeman Dom a Harris Lester Eduards Cheryl Renter Larry Burton Paula Other Valerie Moreland Jake W ' hidbee Miss R. Dorsey Yolanda Rabago Sell Chan Miss K. Bouers CHIMETTES-SQUIRES Membership in Chimette-Squires, honor-service club, is based on points earned in sophomore and junior years and vote of previous year ' s members. Ushering at all school functions and serving as oflficial hosts comprise their main activities. Eric Payne Beverly De Bise Ramon Manuel i it 65 Girls ' League — Row 1: S. Iriing, S. Huff, R. Henderson, S. Jackson, B. Jones, A. Holguin, C. Rivas, R. Adams, S. Connor. Row 2: L. Thompson, M. Flowers, G. Thomas, R. Clayton, L. James, N. Cunningham, M. Harris, R. Martin, L. Patrick, L. Culberson, L. Johnson, R. Ross, J. Carter. Row i: S. Patter- son, L. Bryant, G. Jackson, F. Placios, P. Jackson, R. Cook, G. Winston, J. Anderson, B. Tucker, L. Jones, B. Tatum, E. Olive, S. Johnson, L. Rubio, D. Green, B. Anderson, Mrs. Brown. Row 4: R. Winston, C. Webb, I. Johnson, F. Newls, A. Cleveland, J. Jackson, R. Burt, S. Dooley, P. Clark, P. Johnson, B. Scott, C. Gonzales, S. Ledet, A. Richards, B. Moore, D. Harmon. Girls ' League is an organization of girls selected to set themselves as examples for other girls in dress and in behavior. Mrs. Martha Borders and Miss Margaret Montgomery sponsor this group with the assistance of several other women faculty members. Girls are elected as representatives in their government classes each se- mester, and it is their job to make rules on appropriate dress for girls. The Girls ' League is also active in other areas, such as sponsoring dances, cake sales, and canned food drives. GIRLS ' LEAGUE Pm9 j «i f if i BOY I Girls ' League — Kneeling: L. Martinez, C. Smith, J. Yarbrought, I. Cortez, V. Jaines, A. Holguin, A. lemenez, F. Palacios, T. Williams, W. Fenderson, S. Narcisse ' , S. Ramos, W. Hider. Row L- E. Blanton, R. Winston, V. Davis, A. Miller, L. Palmer, B. Jones, B. Parks, B. Miller, D. Harmen, G. Eli, R. Martin, M. Younger, H. Jackson. Row 2: M. Gregoire, D. Jamison, E. Davis, V. Gross, D. Harris, P. Johnson, S. Williams, S. Dooley. D. White, N. Calhoun, M. Willis, S. Ledet, S. Morrow, R. Clay ton, B. Moore, C. Webster, M. Harris. Row ?.■ D. Blow, C. Wil ton, G. Helms, W. Burton, J. Anderson, B. Anderson, V. Porter L. Le Blanc, N. Cunningham, A. Wilson, P. Giles, D. Duffy S. Fisher, B. Shipman, P. Gray. 66 Boys ' Fcderulion — Roif 1: R. Gutierrez, A. Williams, R. Dixon, J. Burks, D. Ishikawa, B. Teamer, R. Ross, B. Jackson, J. McClelland, R. Jones, G. Kubota, C. Jones, L. Jones, G. Wat- son, S, Gonzalez, S. Bailey, Mr. Jones. Rotr 2: W. King, N. Richardson, M. Peters, J. Scruggs, D. Thompson, W. Brooks, D. Murphy, J. Brown, C. Kimbell, V. Johnson, D. Jordan, M. Richardson, K. Landry, R. Applewhite. Rotf 3: C. Jimmer- son, J. Tracy, C. Wheeler, J. Wotterding, S. Goulsby, J. Rhoden, G. Hennett, D. Redick, E. Watson, E. Bennett, T. Demmerelle, T. Pullum, B. Bell, M. Fleming, J. Atquah, T. Iverson, D. Mitchell. Row 4: J. Humphrey, L. Baldwin. C. Arceneaux, H. Purvis, S. McCall, H. Waters, R. Humphrey, P. Dixon, R. Riley, L. Morris, C. Glispie, L. BarnhiU, F. Von Lewis, C. Lanier, R. Lisherv, L. Wilborn, R. Henlev. Members of the Boys ' Federation sponsored many activities and promoted school spirit under the guidance of Mr. Richard Jones. The traditional Howdy Hop was one of the most successful activities the Boys ' Federation sponsored this year. BOYS ' FEDERATION If Boyi ' Ft ' derjtion — Kneeling: E. Bennett, R. Gutierrez, R. Apple- white, J. McCelland, J. Baker, K. Landry. Ron I: J. Rhoden, M. Fleming, M. Peters, L. Jackson, D. Thompson, P. Jones, D. Murphy, E. Pa ne, K. McGuire, K. Moore, D. Landry. Row 2: J. Mendez, J. Humprey, E. Watson, C. Barnes, E. Cross, S. McCall, P. Dixon, I, H,.ir.hill, O. Murrv, A. Clavton, B. Bell, T. Pullum, M. Martinez. Row ?.• N. Richardson, L. Jones, G. Hester. R. Dixon, C Kimbell, R. Milton, V. Burney, M. Rich- ardson, B. Jackson, C. Brown, J. Hodges, R. Ross, J. Vera, J. Moten. 67 LE CIRCLE DE FRANCE French Club — Ron 1: T. VC ' il. Hams, M. Childs, H. Dunn, B. Wrisht, M. Ross, L. Le V. Johnson. Ron 2: J. Moten, D. Rodriguez, F. Smith , S. Johnson, J. Singleton, M. Flowers, M. Sher- man, C. Renter, E. McGIothin, B. Gay. Roil J; B. Sims, S. Goulsby, E. Blanton, C. Sianlej, S. Caddeil, H. Hufjsins, D. Bond, F. Von Lewis, S. White, G. Tate, D. Ev- ans, O. Davis, B. Tucker, L. Turner. Le Circle de France, which trans- lated means the French Circle, is one of Compton High ' s newer clubs. It has proven to be a suc- cess, and is one of the more popu- lar clubs on the big " C " campus. Students are not required to be able to speak French or to have it as one of their school subjects; all that is needed is an interest in France and its people. Instead of concentrating on the grammatical aspect of the language, they con- centrate on the French way of life, its history, art, music, famous land- marks, and of course, a little about the food and fashions that are known to have originated there. LOS PICAROS i Loi Piciros. Kneeling — L. Smith, M. Ross, D. Williams, L. Culber- son, W. Glover, P. Gray. Row I: J. Roberson, A. Holland, M. Hawk- ins, J. Jones, J. Walker, P. Salazar, J. Windom. Ron 2: R. Humphrey S. Childcrs, C. Thompson, A. Den ham, P. Harrell, J. Lewis, P. Wig ley, H. Jackson, D. Orphey, Air Gossman. Rou 3.- E. Dasher, K Johnson, O. Dudle , L. Rose, P Edwards, J. Taylor, P. Jones, S Carter, M. Snider. Since the French club originated, they have found a friendly rivalry in the Spanish Club, Los Picaros (the Rogues). Mr. Gossman, spon- sor of Los Picaros, has always en- couraged a large membership. He keeps the students in the club in- terested by showing them various slides of Mexico and Spain, dis- cussing Spanish culture and his- tory with them, and taking them on field trips to Spanish ranches and plays. Once a year, the Span- ish Club has a pot-luck supper, where students have the oppor- tunity to share various types of Spanish food. 68 Chimetlcs und Squires — Ron 1: H. J.icksiin — 1st semester secretary; P. Oliver — 1st semester vice-president; Y. Rabago — 2nd semester treasurer. Ron 2: M. Torrez — 1st semester treasurer; J. Whidbee — 2nd semester secretary-; W. Payne — 1st semester pres- ident; R. Manuel — 2nd semester vice-president. ' Malh Club — L. Cole — president; D. Harris — vice-president; P. Wesley — secretar . Girts ' Lciigiii — Ron 1: N. Cunning- ham — Isi semester Senior class repre- sentative; B. Moore — 1st and 2nd se- mester Jr. class representative; A. Hol- guin — 2nd semester treasurer; S. Jack- son — 1st semester sophomore repre- sentative; D. Green — 1st semester re- cording secretary. Ron J; R. Martin — 1st semester corresponding secretary, 2nd semester Senior class representa- tive; A. Miller — 1st semester treas- urer, 2nd semester vice-president; S. Dooley — 1st semester vice-president, 2nd semester president; M. ■ ' t)unger — 2nd semester secretary; Harriet Jackson — 2nd semester Sophomore class representative. . I OFFICERS Lf Circle France — M. Childs — 1st semester secretary; V. Johnson — 1st semester treas- urer; S. Caddell — Isi and 2nd semester president; H. Dunn — 1st semester president; C. Reuier — 2nd semester vice-president. Ron 2: B. Jackson — 1st semester treasurer; B. Sims — 2nd semester corresponding secretary; A. Cleveland — 2nd Semester secretar ; L, Turner — 2nd semester historian. Leiteninii — Dave Mode — president tain — treasurer; D. L.indr — N ' iic-p Moore — secretarv. SPEECH CLUB: Roif 1—M. Coleman, P. Salazar, V. Scruggs, L. Cook, M. Collier, C. Pearson C. Reuter, R. Pastual, L. Kirkland, B. Whiteside, Mr. Overholt. Rotv 2— E. Reynolds, D. Chan F. Johnson, C. Ellis, R. Johnson, B. Johnson, B. Jackson, L. Allen, B. Greys, J. Bourgeois, S Hicks, D. Williams, E. ODell. Ron 3—}. Felton, B. Anthony, M. Fleming, D. Pickens, J Huber, S. Page, L. Robinson, L. Burton, J. Jackson, R. Smith, E. Mosley, G. Culpepper, D Washington. SPEECH This year the Speech Club has a new sponsor, Mr. Mendal Overholt. Although he is new to Compton, he has continued the tradition of the club. This organiza- tion is for students who are interested in improving their platform manner. They go to several speech tournaments where they have the opportunity to witness and take part in de- bates, prepared and spon- taneous speeches. SCIENCE Mr. Miller, with the help of Mr. Clark, sponsored the Science Club. Students in the club are generally those who wish to further their studies in science later on in college. In this club they can receive special help in various fields of science. They do research projects and take field trips to several science exhibits. The special requirements to join include being enrolled or having been enrolled in some type of a science class, either biology, chemistry, or popular science. This club is for students who are willing to do extra work and take extra time preparing various sub- jects, reports, and experiments. Row 1 — B. Jackson, P. Goodwin, M. Childs, S. Carter, A. Jiminez, D. Ishi- kawa. Rou ' 2 — J. Bourgeois, M. Har- ris, R. Bennett, L. Cole, D. Chan, Mr. Miller. Row 3— D. Harris, L. Bibby, T. Demmerelle, O. Murray, E. Watson, B. Heny, P. Wesley. 70 Y-TEENS The Y-Teens are an affiliate of the Y.W.C.A. This organization for girls, sponsored by Mrs. Drew, is very helpful to both the school and the community. They help to raise money for various charities and their own treasury by sponsoring dances and candy sales. They also offer their serv- ices at P.T.A. meetings, banquets, and other school activities. Y-TEENS: Row 1—]. Jones, P. Gray, J. Anderson, G. Ster- ling, V. Burks, J. Walker, J. Roberson. Ron 2— P. Williams, B. Jimmerson, K. Hill, L. Robinson, P. Robinson, V. Cade, B. Anderson. LIBRARY SYMPOSIUM The Library Symposium is a new club on the Comp- ton High campus. It was started last year by Mrs. Jewell, who had just taken the position as librarian. The main purpose of this organization is to familiar- ize students with some of the great classics and nov- els in our library today. The only requirement for this club is an interest in reading good books. This club is growing steadily as it becomes more popular. LIBRARY SYMPOSIUM: Row — K. Doby, P. Ton , M. Childs, L. Hodjjes, E. English. Row 2 — G. Sherman, V. Por- ter, J. Rozelle, M. Coleman, M, Watts, J. Turner, Mrs. Jewell. SOPHACHI Sopha Chi is a club which designates that only those girls who meet the require- ments may join. It is for tenth grade girls with a " B " grade average and good citi- zenship. This is a ser ice organization with the objective of not only helping the school, but of helping new sophomore girls feel welcome. SOPHA CHI: Row 1—A Thompson, A. Hol- land, S. Black, T. Myers, C Johnson. Roti ' 2 — K. Weatherly, G. Johnson, L. Rose, V. Johnson, P. Gray, Mrs. Lamb. SCRIBES The Scribes is a very old organization on the Compton High campus. It is only for those students who work on the school newspaper, the yearbook staff, and the printers of the production crew. These boys are respon- sible for the printing of the school ' s weekly newspaper. The Scribes are very busy on the big " C " campus. One of their projects is planning the installation of new student body officers every semester. They plan the MATH CLUB Math Club— Roil 1 : P. Salazar, B. Hender- son, J. Davis, F. Lopez, F. Rothenhausler, O. Murray, J. Matias, J. Atilano, D. Williams, W. Glover, S. Lopez. Row 2: Mr. Olsen, C. Reuter, C. A uilar, D. Chan, A. Chappell, L. Bibb), R. Bennett, O. Davis, N. Chan, J. Bourgeois, D. Harris, L. Cole, V. James, A. Jimenez. The Math Club of Compton High is a different and challenging type of club. The members of this club have the opportunity to learn modern meth- ods of algebra, geometry, and trigo- nometry. This club is helpful to stu- dents interested in majoring in math- ematics or engineering. It is also useful for those who are just interested in improving their everyday use of math. assembly and the style in which it is carried out. They are also responsible for the student-faculty basketball game which is held annually at Compton High. The profits of this game go to the March of Dimes. The Scribes sponsored the first game years ago and have continued doing so since that time. Mrs. Viola Bagwell, sponsor of the Chimes newspaper, is the sponsor of the Scribes. Scribes: Row 1: Mrs. Bagwell, S. Adams, W. Bailey, M. Sal- dana, M. Snider, G. Matlock, A. Shipman, D. Seitz, J. Williams, S. Wilson, J. Roberson. Row 2: J. Dasher, B. De Bise, B. Ben- son, M. Morthel, T. Iverson, M. Kertindall, D. Pickens, O. Davis, R. Ramirez, C. Wheeler, R. Ortiz, M. Torrez. Row 3: T. Crawford, D. Freeman, B. Bell, O. Dudley, R. Henderson, V. Holland, G. Taylor, L. White, S. McCall, S. Dooley, J. Humph- rey, R. Spicer, G. Winston. 72 J ' - CLUB OFFICERS Modern Dance Club — S. Exum — treasurer; C. Landreaux — secretary; J. Steward — president; C. Sibley — ice- president. Speech Club — B. Grays — 2nd semester treasurer; E. Bibby — 2nd se- mester secretary; L. Allen — 1st semester secretary; M. Collier — 1st semester president, 2nd semester vice-president; D. Washington — 1st semester vice-president, 2nd semester president. Business Club — Row 1: P. Mike — 1st semester president; L. Vasquez — 1st semester vice-president; V. Franco — 1st semester secretary. Rou J F. Washington — 2nd semester president; V. Brown — 2nd semester vice-president; L. Wharton — 2nd semester secretary. I im Library Club — M. Coleman — president; V. Porter — vice president. California Scholarship Federation — Rou 1: L. Wharton — 1st semester treas- urer; L. Coleman — 2nd semester treasurer; K. Johnson — 1st semester secre- tary; C. Reuter — 2nd semester president. Ron -■ M. DeVeres — 2nd semester secretary; L. Burton — 1st semester vice-president; N. Chan — 2nd semester vice-president. a MODERN DANCE CLUB Miss Silverman, sponsor of the Modern Dance Club, was very proud of her girls this year. Al- though the group was small, they were very busy. They participated in the Christmas and Spring programs at school. They also did extra work other than that for the school, perform- ing on various occasions for community affairs. These girls are required to have had at least one year of modern dancing, although many of these girls have studied for two or three years. MODERN DANCE: Kneeling—]. Wheaton, C. Lan- ilrc.iux, J. Steward, J. Kendrick, S. Exum. Stunding — Sibley, K. Hill, M. Holmes, K, Doby, Miss Silver- ni.ip, I. Williams. I.R.C. The International Relations Club is sponsored by Mrs. B. Jewell, who also sponsors the Library Sym- posium. The I.R.C. was organized last year with the objective of teaching students how to better their un- derstanding of the people of other nations. The mem- bers of this club discuss the different countries. Some of them are pen-pals with teenagers from Canada, Spain, Me.xico, England, France, and many other countries. They discuss these letters at their meetings. There are no requirements needed for membership in this organization. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB: Row l—O. Mur- ray, W. Boyd, J. Bourgeois. Ron- 2—K. Doby, M. Childs, S. Steadier, R. Padilla, C. Geter, E. Dob , L. Thompson. Row 3 — T. Ruiz, L. Cade, L. Patrick, A. Denham, V. Carter, M. Coleman, Mrs. Jewell. iih--ht- i HOMETTES The Homettes, co-sponsored by Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Concepcion, is a club for girls interested in home economics. These girls are active in raising money for several charities. They bake cakes and sew aprons in their spare time, then sell them at school. Since it is also a service or- ganization, they make and serve refreshments at various school functions. At least one year of home economics is required to join. HOMETTES: Row 1—G. Botts, J. Luna, S. Rentie, A. Jones. Row 2 — S. Hampton, G. Smith, B. Fullilove, O. Lutas, G. Jackson. 74 LETTERMEN The Lettermen of Compton High can be very proud to be in their organization. In order to be a member, a boy has to have received a letter in any of our sports. These boys can always be counted on to sponsor a worthy school activit) ' . They are re- sponsible for many of Compton ' s dances and can- dy sales which help to raise money for various school causes and for their own club treasury. LETTERMES: Row 7— T. McKinney, D. Mode, D. Landn, R. Manuel, L. Queen. Row 2— M. Peters, T. Gaines, R. Milton, V. Landreaux, B. Polion, j. Lewis, C. Moore, D. Carolina, L. Mobley, M. Thompson, J. Brown, K. Landry. Ron- 3 — S. Rose, G. Bush, P. Dixon, G. Kennedy, R. O ' Guinn, J. Colbert, D. Evans, T. Conzales, A. Rivera, M. Fountain, L. Williams, S. Lucas. BUSINESS CLUB The Business Club of Compton High is one of the more active and popular clubs on campus. Sponsored by Mrs. Outlaw, the club has taken several field trips to colleges to see the facilities available for those students who plan a business major in college. There are no special require- ments needed to join the business club, which is open to both boys and girls; it is usually advised that you have or have had one of the various business courses offered, be- cause then students will find the club more interesting. BUSIS ' ESS CLUB: Row 1—L Wharton, E. Aguilar, C. Thomp son, M. Rosa, P. Merritt, R Pruitt, S. Carter, L. Martinez, L Vasquez, R. Owens, Mrs. Out law. Rotr 2 — A. Young, P Mike, F. Washington, B. De Bise, V. Thompson, P. King, I Watts, D. Young. G. Hunt, H Jackson, G. Thomas, P. Harris N. Cunningham. Rou 3 — S Norris, B. Johnson, A. Vital, P. Oliver, R. Carr, P. Clark, J Jackson, C. Jones, B. Emerson R. Jones, J. Valdemar, G. Ram OS, R. Johnson, K. Johnson, P, Williams. f .4 75 t -aff } § 2 Pip Club: Roiv I: L. Braxton, S. Caddell, F. Geter, P. Emer- son, O. Davis, L. Haley, C. Glispie, L. Hathorn, A. Carter, M. Caldwell, M. Harris, D. Harris, H. Norwood. Row 2: R. Clayton, A. Hill, R. Bennett, B. Benson, J. Hale, B. Ander- son, W. Harris, J. Redd, A. Al- len, E. Essex, L. Bibby, P. Cole, J. Anderson, S. Carter. Ron 3.- D. Duckett, A. Hale, V. Bailey, B. Braswell, M. Collier, C. Geter, S. Childers, G. Davis, B. De Bise, D. Landry, J. Davis, B. Henderson, C. Adams, J. Dasher, P. Gray, Mr. Valdry. PEP CLUB At almost e er - football or basketball game held at Compton High, a group of students can be seen cheer- ing extra loudly for the Tarbabe team. The students sill usually be dressed in white shirts or blouses with dark blue skirts or pants. This is the Compton Senior High Pep Club. They have been helpful in cheering the boys to victory. Their objective is to assure the teams that they are backing them up all the way. For this reason they make it a point to attend as many away-from-home games as possible. This club is open to both boys and girls yvho have purchased their student activity cards. As can be seen here, this organization is extremely large, which is pleasing to both Mr. McGee and Mr. Valdry, co-sponsors of this club. This club requires no special abilities or requirements except to have spirit and a yvillingness to come to games and cheer our teams. I p Cbih — Si.iled — L. Braxton, P. Oliver, K. Moore, P. Grav. Rou 1: R. Lo«e, S. White, E. Payton, D. While, J. Lowe, S. Rose, G. Kennedv, i L Preston, R. Humphre , J. Jackson. T. Gonz-ales, Ron 2: L. Johnson, I). Williams, L. Wharton, |. McMilllon, M. Paul, C. Woods, L. Jones, B. Sims, C. Stanley, M. Willis, G. Matlock, B. Jackson, I. Jackson, R. Spicer, L. Moore, P. Sal.i ar, Mr. McClee. Ro:i ?.■ S. McCall, J. Williams, L. James, C. Smith, B. Reecc, B. Shipman, K. Johnson, V. Land- rcaux, J. Rhodcn, C. Wilton, C. Nash, L. Smith, L. Hodj es, M. Jackson, |. Moien. J. ■ounl;, G. Walker. 1l 2 76 Math Cliih — Roil 1 V. Jaimes — 1st semester secretary-, 2nd striiitMer treasurer; A. Jiminez — 2nd semester president: C. Aguilar — 1st semester treasurer, 2nd semester secretary. Ron J. O. Murray — 2nd semester ite- president; C. Reuter — 1st semester vice-president; L. Cole — 1st semester president. ' S .J3 ScrihiS — D. Freeman — KL-prLSident; R. Spicer — treasurer; G. Winston — president; B. De Bise — secretary. Homeltcs — Row I: J. Luna — 2nd semester secretary: G. Jackson — 1st semester secretary; A. Frazier — 2nd semester vice-president. Ron J O. Lucas — 1st and 2nd semester treasurer; S. Hampton — 1st semester president, 2nd semes- ter vice-president; D. Jamison — 1st semester president. Pep (. lb — Patricia Gra — president. 77 CHIMETTES AND SQUIRES REUNION BANQUET Old and new Chimettes and Squires had a thance to visit with each other at the Chimettes and Squires Reunion Banquet, This year the banquet was held at Angelino ' s in North Long Beach. SPANISH AND FRENCH POT LUCK The Spanish and French Clubs joined together to give a big dinner for club members. It appeared quite obviously that it was a big success with plenty of food for everyone. iBIKtIiS lat lit • f f f f i,ililortii,t Scho jrship Fcjemlion — Ron- 1: J. Win- dom, S. Blatk, V. Vepe.!, C. Johnson, R. Owens, M. Snider, S. Childers, R. Applewhite. R. Victor, P. Gray, L. Wharton, T. Moses, A. Holland. Ron 2: V. Hitks, J. Walker, J. Stephens, L. Cole, C. Reuter, L. Rentie, B. De Rise, A. Denham, V. Johnson, N. Chan, K. Johnson, G. Johnson. Y. Lanier, W. Glover, S. Carter, P. Johnson. Ron v L. Bibby, V. Johnson, D. Pickens, J. Whidbee. E. Imaizumi, P. Edwards, L. Burton, V. Moreland, J. Gonzales, R. Carr, L. Coleman, M. De Veres, P. Madison, C. Fletcher. CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION California Scholarship Federation, better known around campus as C.S.F., is a club for honor stu- dents. Maintaining membership required students to earn three " A ' s " (excluding their physical edu- cation grade), and one " B " . This club participated in campus activities, such as inter-club council, and also enjoyed off-campus activities. They are spon- sored by Miss Covrette and Mr. Bourdo. NCH UCK f f f f jU Ciliforuij SihoLirsl}il r,ciirut,on—Rou ] Win- dom. A. Holland, T Moses, L. Wharton, W. Glover. M. Snider, J. Steward, C. Reuter, C. Johnson, G. John- son, A. Denham, L. Thompson, S. Carter. Ron 2: C. Meriwether, L. Hubbard. M. DeVeres, L. Cole, L. Coleman, R. Applewhite, P. Johnson, ' H ' . Lamer, Porter, V. Johnson, R. Ross, D. Pickens, C. Fletcher, C. Le Blanc. Rou i V. •epez, D. Chan, J. Hernan- dez, H. Hupgins, E. Imaizumi, P. Edwards, R. Carr, E. Mosley, L. Burton, D. Freeman, L. Haley, N. Chan. 79 CLUB OFFICERS Boys ' Federation — Row 1: M. Richard son — 1st semester Sgt. at Arms; B. Bell — 2nd semester Sgt. at Arms; M Richardson — 1st semester President D. Murphy — 1st semester Vice-Presi dent; J. McClelland — 1st semester Sec retary; C. Kimbell — 1st semester Pub licity Chairman, 2nd semester Treas urer. Ron 2: R. Dixon — 2nd semester Secretary; K. Moore — 2nd semester Sgt. at Arms; K. Landry — 2nd semes- ter President; J. Humphrey — 2nd se- mester Vice-President. Sophi Chi — T. Myers — Vice President; A. Holland — Treasurer; G. Johnson — President; C. Johnson — Secretary. Y-Teens — R. Garlington — President; L. Robinson — Secretary; P. Robinson — Vice President. Los Picaros — Row 1: S. Carter — 2nd semester Secre- tary; L. Smith — 1st semester Secretary; A. Denham — Treasurer, 1st semester; H. Jackson — 2nd semester Vice-President. Rou 2: P. Jones — 1st semester Sgt. at Arms; K. Johnson — 1st and 2nd semester Presi- dent; O. Dudley — 1st semester Vice-President, 2nd semester Treasurer; L. Johnson — 2nd semester As- sistant President. Lola Coleman Yvonne Lanier Regina Carr Marcella De Veres Sondra Carter Juanita Valdemar Linda Wharton SEAL BEARERS The Sealbearers is an honorary group for those students who have been in the California Scholarship Federation for five semesters. Compton High can be very proud this year, for there are more than twice as many Seal- bearers for 1966 than for the previous year. Ellis Imaizumi Larry Burton Robert Applewhite 81 ' Discovery J$ . Desire to have . . . sooH to be accomplished . . . knowledge . . . . to gain— to reach- to keep. Mall of Jame Lola Coleman Science and Mathematics Shirleen Dooley Fine Arts Juanita Valdemar Vocational Arts TROPHY WINNERS BANK OF AMERICA AWARDS CERTIFICATE WINNERS The Bank of America gave recognition to outstanding seniors in special fields, at Compton High, by awarding certificates to those outstanding students. Four gold cups are also given to four students selected by their Scholarship achievements — 50 points; their citizenship. leadership, service — 25 points; their character, and per- sonality — 25 points. The Bank awards are offered in the general subjects of mathematics, industrial arts, science, foreign language, business, music and home economics. " T -• Ml Robert Applewhite Social Science h ks£ Wallace Biirney Trades and Industrial Arts Harvey Huggins Art Kathy Johnson Foreign Language William Payne Music Carolyn Mays Home Economics Alt ' in Morris Math Yolanda Rahigo Business 83 Larry Burton English Kathy Johmoti Foreign Language I VeroniCii Ciro) Art Lola Coleman Math, Sci ence, Social Science Jerry Given Industrial Art Gertrude Jackson Homemaking I William Payne Juanita Valdemar Music Business OUTSTANDING SENIORS BY DEPARTMENTS Receiving the D.A.R. Clothing award was Valerie Mosley. Valerie, shown on left, enjoyed sewing for herself and others. After graduation she plans to take up industrial designing. Fred " Pop " Leuders award for 1966 was bestowed upon Paulette prison, right. Paulette contributed much of her time in doing art work for organizations, even when busy with own work. I i 84 I I Lester Eduards Mary Kertindalt Carolyn Mays Valerie Moreland Art Drama Photography Modern Dance Journalism William Payne Insirumental Music Doris Williams Speech GREATEST CONTRIBUTION ... BY AREAS Each year at Compton High outstanding seniors are select- ed for an award in the department to which they have made an outstanding contribution. fl Pat Gray, shown on left, was awarded the D.A.R. award, which is the Daughters of the American Revolu- tion. This award is based on good citizenship and fellowship. Pat, who obtained all of these requirements, was a very active person on campus. She was ' e Queen and a member of Student Council. Her future plans are to open a dance studio. Recipient of the Soroptimist Girl of The Month for November was Val- erie Moreland, on right. Valerie main- tained a high grade point average and distinctly deserved this honor. She was active in many school offerings, which included being a flag girl and serving on El Companile Yearbook staff as Editor, and on Student Coun- cil. Her plans are lo become a writer SPECIAL AWARDS 85 ? P ' Valedlctorm LOLA COLEMAN Receiving the highest honor as Valedictorian for the year 1966 was Lola Pearl Coleman. Lola was a member of Mimirathenians for six semesters. She received many high honors in other fields such as, being among 250 National winners in a scholastic program for outstand- ing Negro students, Bank of America trophy cup win- ner for Science and Mathematics, and a member of Chimettes-Squires. Her future plan is to attend Stanford University, majoring in Mathematics. 86 I Kmners-Up Wiltric Moreland —2nd Place Robert Appteuhite — Tied, rd Place Striving for the top of their class were the four runners- up. Holding second place was Valerie Moreland. Val- erie received many high honors, among them, Soropti- mist Girl-of-the-Month in November, was California Savings and Loan award recipient and Editor-in-Chief for the yearbook for 1966. Tied for third place posi- tions were Robert Applewhite, winner of the Rotary Club outstanding community service award; Larry Bur- ton, who received recognition as Optimist Boy-of-the- Month in June, A.S.B. President, and a Bank of Amer- ica trophy winner for Liberal Arts; and Juanita Val- demar. Bank of America winner for Vocational Arts, and also Soroptimist Girl-of-the-Month in March. All these students are Sealbearers with five semesters mem- bership in the California Scholarship Federation. Larry Biirlon — Tied, rd Place Juanita Valdemar — Tied, rd Place 87 Soroptimist girl for the month of March was Juanita Valdemar, who was selected by the Honors ' and Awards ' Committee with Mrs. Border ' s assistance. She attended a luncheon at Angelino ' s Restaurant, where she was guest of honor. Erma Metcalf was this year ' s recipient of the Kate Glavinick award. This Award honors a girl outstanding in the field of home economics and is presented each year by the Pathfinders Club of Compton. Optimist Boy for the month of June was Larry Burton. Larry was recommended by the Student Council to the Honors ' and Awards ' Committee who made a final selec- tion. He also attended a luncheon in his honor at Angelino ' s Restaurant. NEWLY DISCOVERED INTERESTS Brotherhood Contest winners Miriam Snider and Ted Eaton were presented awards by actress Mary Tyler Moore at the 5th Annual Brother- hood Awards Night at Roose elt Junior High School Auditorium on March 25, 19fi6. Miriam received first place in poetry, high school divi- sion, which included a one hundred dollar scholarship and a trophy; Ted received a second place in art expression, including a fifty dollar scholarship. M by n ' aii Awarded the Student of the ' ear Certificate, which is given by the California Savings and Loan Company, was popular senior girl, Valerie Moreland. Valerie received this award because of her devotion to academic work and loyalty to her school. Recipient of the Los Amigos award was ' olanda Rabago. This is presented to a student of Spanish descent and is to be applied to college tuition. Barbara Ann Brown was recipient of the Betty Crocker Homemaker of the Year award. This award is presented to the stu- dent who scores the highest on the annual Betty Crocker examination. STS BROUGHT ACADEMIC SUCCESS Winning places in the Negro History Week Poster Contest were, John Huber, 1st place, Deborah Warren, 2nd place, and Paulette Prison, 3rd place. These students were among many contestants at Compton who entered. Donald Landry and Louis White, two outstanding art stu- dents, were picked among many other art students to attend the Saturday morning art class for high school students at Art Center School in Los Angeles. Others not shown, who attended, were Neil Chan and Paulette Prison. 89 In order tci quality for .1 dokl Fm, a siuclciii at Conipton Sen i(ir Hijjli ScIkkiI must ha c earned urade avcra.nes 3.5 or better. The student «ho qualified for these high honors were — Row 1: Linda Wharton, Chei l Reuier, Portia Johnson, Robert C. Applewliite, Carol Fletcher, Kathryn Johnson, Virginia Hicks, rl DeBise, Sondra Carter, Yvonne Lanier, VCilla Glover. Roif 2: Antonio Guitienez, Neil Chan, Lola Coleman, Deborah Pickens, Ellis Imaizumi, Larry Burton, Robert Stanley, Regina Carr, Marcella DeVeres, Dave Mode, Larry Cole, Jesus Diaz. P GOLD AND SILVER PIN RECIPIENTS f (% s t 1 «k In order to receive a silver pin at Compton High School, a student must have earned grades averaging between 3.0 and 3. 9. These students were — Ron J: Irene Armendariz, Socorro Lopez, Linda Hodges, Doris Porter, Peggy Johnson, Brenda J. Moore, Donna Harris. Row 2: olonda Rabago, ' olonda Fran- co, Pat C ' ole, Shirley McDaniel, Mary C. Harris, Patricia Ross, Gaylc Matlock, Lorraine Hubbard, Gilder Catchings, Patricia Benson, Elizabeth Bibby, Lisa Martinez, Hortencia Bermudez. Roti ?. ' Arvel Chappell, Ben Vasquez, Mary Kertindall, Barbara Henrj ' , Lawrence Haley, Fred Rothenhausler, Emmett Bryant, Joseph Gonzales, Orlando Uribe, William Payne, Alfred Gar- cia, Jacob Whidbee. Ron ' 4: Miriam Snider, Rosie Owens, Alexis Hale, Cynthia Nash, Glen Kubota, Dix Ishikawa, Ron- nie Nev ' some, John Vasquez, Calvin Cotton, Vivian Jaimes, Flora Washington. tear he ysuslii h 90 indwas FALL SEMESTER ASB OFFICERS OFFICERS WERE DISTINGUISHED IN DIVERSE ACTIVITIES President Neil Chan Devoting much of their time in bettering our school were the Comp- ton Associated Student Council members. President Neil Chan appointed committees and conducted all student council meetings. He served as master of ceremonies at assemblies and was very active in many school functions. Neil was selected in his junior year to represent Compton High School at Boys ' State. Since his sophomore year he has been a member of C. S. F. Taking o ■er the duties of the president during his absence was Vice-President Beverly DeBise. Beverly was Treasurer of her sophomore class. During her junior year she was corresponding secretary of Girls ' League. Keeping minutes at all student council meetings was ASB Secretary Yolanda Rabago. Yolanda was a member of C. S. F. and also received a schol- astic letter. During her senior year she was a song girl. Recording all expenditures and disbursements was Commissioner of Finance Yolonda Franco. Yolonda, as a sophomore, was her class treasurer and was a member of C. S. F. Neil Chan Rubazene Cook Beverly DeBise Preston Dixon Lester Edwards A.S.B. Girls ' League A.S.B. Vice President Commissioner of Senior Class President PresiHenr President Athletics FALL SEMESTER STUDENT COUNCIL Working diligently and initiating projects such as the official naming of buildings on campus of Compton High, were the fall semester student council. This group also traveled to Coast League meetings where they compared different aspects of campus life, such as pep assemblies and cheering methods. Mr. Gregory Rosenthal, sponsor, helped tremendously by giving his ideas and opinions, and by helping to carry out plans made by the council. Air. Gregory Rosenthal Sponsor Yolanda Franco Patricia Gray Domia Harris Paid Jones ( harUs Kimball Commissioner of Finance M Queen Commissioner of Public Relations Sophomore Class President Junior Class President Glen Kiihola X ' alcrie Morcland Yolanda Rabago Martin Richardson Jake Whidbee Commissioner of " ' earhook Editor A.S.B. Secretary Boys ' Federation Chimes Editor Activities President Dliltl Barbara Armelin Larry Burton Beverly DeBise Shirteen Dooley Rila Garlington Commissioner of A.S.B. President Commissioner of Public Girls ' League President Junior Class President Finance Relations mii lil. SPRING SEMESTER STUDENT COUNCIL The object of the Spring Semester Student Council was to set up activities and pro- jects for the incoming Student Council, such as selling cokes, popcorn and candy at all home basketball games. Many school functions were improved through the leadership abilities of the student coun- cils ' dedicated members. Due to the com- bined efforts of Mr. Gregorv Rosenthal and the council, many suggestions and ideas were carried out through projects for the student body. Student Council members were installed on January 18, 1966 at the installation assembly, an an- nual tradition. Mr, Gregory Rostnllnil Sponsor Shirly McDaniet Valerie Moreland Cheryl Renter Glen Taylor Jate W ' hidbee A.S.B. Secretary Yearbook Editor Commissioner of Athletics Senior Class President Chimes Editor SPRING SEMESTER ASB OFFICERS NEW CHALLENGES BECAME NEW DISCOVERIES Commissioner of Finance Barbara Armelin Secretary Shirley McDaniel Serving with honor were the spring semester student council members. Larry Burton, A.S.B. President, was installed on Febru- ary 18, 1966, at the annual installation assembly. During his term of office as president, he presided over all student council meetings and was responsible for keeping the student body in touch with all school events. He received many awards for speech and also won many essay contests. Spring semester vice-president was Frank Harris. Frank presided over the student council meetings during the absence of the president. He was treasurer of his junior class. Keeping the minutes at all student council meetings was secretary, Shirley McDaniel. Shirley was vice-president of her sophomore class. Keeping an account of student body funds was commissioner of finance, Barbara Armelin. Being a member of the Comptonettes was one of her many activities. Vice-President Frank Harris 94 Pmcipal ' s Monor Koll Continuing the tradition of giving recognition to these students, which was started last year by Principal Ed- ward C. Moore, was the Principal ' s Honor Roil. The honor roll is divided into two sections, Commendable and Outstanding scholars. The title of Commendable scholar was given to those students with a grade point average 3.0 to 3.49. To achieve the honor of Outstand- ing scholar, a grade point average of 3.50 is required. All students worked very hard to achieve this honor. Outstanding Applewhite, Robert Carr, Regina Carter, Sondra Chan, Donald Chan, Neil Cole, Larry Coleman, Lola Cowan, Stephen Denham, Alyce DeVeres, Marcella Dooley, Shirleen Douglas, Barbara Edwards, Patricia Fletcher, Carol Freeman, Donald Glover, WiUa Haley, Lawrence Harris, Mar ' Hicks, Virginia Holland, Antoinette Hubbard, Lorraine Huggins, Harvey Imaizumi, Ellis Jackson, Hazel Johnson, Betty Johnson, Carolyn Johnson, Greta Johnson, Portia Johnson, Veola Jones, Deborah L. Kertindall, Mary Landreaus, Van Lanier, Yvonne Le Blanc, Cathy Livingston, Marilyn Lockett, Otis Martinez, Christina Moore, Brenda Moreland, Valerie Mosely, Valerie Moses, Taeko Palmer, Lora Pascual, Rhoda Pickens, Deborah Porter, Victoria Rabago, Yolonda Reuter, Cheryl Sherman, Mary Snider, Miriam Sullivan, Rose Tomlin, Charlene Valdemar, Juanita Walker, Joyce Wesbrooks, Gwendolyn Vepez, Victor CommeHdable Adams, Eluerta Aguirre, Josephine Anderson, Betty Armendariz, Irene Bapboa, Maria Bennett, Roy Bermudez, Hortencia Birmingham, Lee Black, Sandra Brown, Alfred Bryant, Emmett Burt, Renae Cade, Linda Cade, Velma C. Catching, Gilder Chappell, Arvel Childers, Sandra Cleveland, Adreinne Cook, Linda Cooper, Frances Cordero, Joe Cross, Erwin Davis, Andra Davis, Ora Diaz, Ramon DeBise, Beverly Doby, Evangelina Doby, Kitt - Dotson, Alfed Duncan, Carl Easley, Joyce Edwards, Lester Eli, Gerald Elaine Essex, Emma Jean Evans, Steve Exum, Michael Franco, Volanda Frazier, .- rdana Frierson, Linda Fuller, Dorothy Gamboa, Alicia Gant, Edward Graham, Marcia Gray, Patricia A. Grays, Barbara Green, Theophilus Hale, Alexis Hale, Janet A. Hall, Gilda Hampton, Sharon Harrell, Charles Harris, Donna J. Harris, Frank Henderson, Roderick Henry, Barbara Hodges, Linda Humphrey, J. C. Hudson, Isacc Hutchins, Arthoree Iverson, Tim James, Antoine Johnson, Peggy Jones, Clifford Jones, Paul P. King, Patsy Kubota, Glen Landry, Donald Lofton, Edward Lopez, Soccero McCall, Steven R. McGowan, Gwendolyn Macias, Joe Madison, Mary Louise Madison, Paula Manuel, Latricia Martinez, Mary Elizabeth Maruno, Lois Mason, Jerry Matlock, Gayle Metcalf, Erma Mike, Patricia Miller, Arlene Mitchell, Daisy Mode, Dave Mosely, Eulalia Munoz, lessie Murry, Ode 11 Myers, Helen Myers, Teresa Narcisse, Sandra F. Owens, Rosie Padilla, Eva Page, Sherry Polk, Gail Preston, Andrea Reece, Barbara Richards, Adriana Rivera, Alba Roberson, Janet E. Rodriguez, Joe Rollins, Audria Rothenhausler, Fred Rothenhausler, Karen Saldana, Mary Scott, Brenda Sheftall, Patricia Singleton, Janet Small, Jo Ann Smith, Eugene Knith, Kennedi M. Steward, Jo-Ann Swagger, Jackie Taylor, Glenn E. Tejioa, Juan A. Thomas, Jacqueline Thomas, Ada Thompson, Elaine E. Thompson, Lorraine Tomlin, Cynthia Tracy, John Trcker, Brenda Vargas, Angelina Wadley, Barbara Washington, Don Watts, Ingrid Webb, Lena White, Shelli Wigley, Patricia Williams, Doris Williams, Patsy Williams, Thelma Willis, Mary 95 Classes 96 i Discoi ery Js . . . (growth Sophomores — seed of the yomg grows slowly into Humors — inbetween — almost there standing tall and sturdy are Seniors — strong — efcperlenced with the fruit of knowledge J)iscovery Js . . TiHished?— ot really , Only just begiHHiHg the long road of life waiting to be discovered Seniors 98 Elverta Adams Ethel Adams Horatio Adkins Elisa Auguilar Anita Aguirree Alicia Aguna Deborah Akmal Joe Alvarez Louis Allatorre Lottie Allen Melvin Allen Willie Allen DISCOVERY ' 66 Christopher Anderson Joyce Anderson Robert Applewhite Frederick Armstrong Vic Armendariz Elizabeth Attaway Wanda Augustus Janice Bailey 99 Jacqueline Bailey Willie Bailey Carol Baker JoAnne Barajas Willie Barber Maria Barboa Cary Barnett Teresa Barrera Raymond Battle Mary Baylor Clark Beatty Gilda Bell SENIORS GO FORTH George Bennett Orville Bennett Patricia Benson Hortencia Bermudas Wallace Berney Thomas Bertrand Marcellus Biol Lee Birmingham ' i ' .-..»f , 100 ! -Ik fl-!,,:f MAJESTICALLY Chester Brown Clifford Brown Diana Brown Joe Brown Lanell Brown Marion Brown Mar ' Brown Vincent Brown Patricia Black Cassandra Bloodsaw Henr - Bonner James Bourgeois George Bowens James Bownens Ethon Boyer Ruth Bradshaw Glen Brady Lani Brady Linda Braxton Barbara Brown 101 DILIGENT Velma Cade Svlvia Caddell Bobbie Caldwell Genevieve Canchola Rachel Cantu Regina Carr George Carrassco Ozzie Carreker 102 SENIORS Adrienne Cleveland Norita Citizen Patricia Clark Arthur ClavKm Jacob Colbert Obediah Cole Lola Coleman James Collins 103 SENIORS . . . Johnathan Collins Linda Collins Mack Connor Juanita Contreras Rubazene Cook Frances Cooper Calvin Cotton Verolyn Cox Wesley Crawford Norma Crockett Carlos Crouch Novetta Cunningham Carolyn Culpepper Gentle Culpepper Jean Dasher Andrea Davis Claude Davis George Davis Elizabeth Davis Henry Davis 104 . . . ON THE ROAD TO DISCOVERY Ora Davis yohue Dawson Lenora Dawson Cher I Dearmon Yolanda DeBato 105 Juliana Edralin Lester Hilwards Robert Edwards Geraldine Eli GRADUATING Willie Evans Sandra Exum Linda Farley George Felix Regina Ferdinand Theodore Ferguson Sharonnie Fisher Oscar Ford Daniel Fosterberry Larr Foster Melvin Fountain Francis Fraine Yolanda Franco Waller Franks Lance Frazier 106 Linda Gaines CLASS OF 1966 Thomas Gaines Alicia Gamboa Guadalupe Garcia Juan Garcia Gloria Garvin Ronald Gavin Deborah Gibson Portia Gillespie Hazel Givan Jerry Givens Mar - Glass Norma Glover Rudy Gomez Johnny Gomez Joseph Gonzales ' ' 7 ■■■, ' 107 Jerome Goodiin Rudolph Grant Eldredfie Graves Carolyn Gray Ira Gray Patricia Gray Willie Gray Darlene Green Rayford Green lacqueline Griffin Dorothy Gross Tony Guiterrez " DOMINI ORBUS " -MASTERS Izella Gupton Alexis Hale Lawrence Haley Dora Harmon Clarence Harper Verryn Harper Donna Harris Frank Harris 108 George Harris Mary Harris Mary Harris Patricia Harris Samuel Harvill Larry Hathorn Winston Hayes Linda Hayes Renee Henderson Otis Henry- Mary Henry- Pamela Hernandez OF THE WORLD class motto Cynthia Hester Wonder Hider Marzetta Hodge Johnny Holman Patricia Holman Vera Holmes juanita Horton Diane Howard 109 Andrew Hoxey Eugene Hubbard Nathanial Hudson Harvey Huggins ' [ ' " , J. J Am ! i¥ I 1 A Robert Humphries Robert Humphrey Gwendolyn Hunt Charlotte Hunter TODAY ' S SENIORS Veronica Hunter John Hurd Barry Hutcherson Ellis Imaizoumi -r-rv-i )! ,iL v H Barbara Jackson Booker Jackson Gertrude Jackson Hazel Jackson 1 Linda Jackson Louis Jackson Lydia Jackson Michael Jackson Floretta Jones Ruth Jones William Jones Barbara Johnson Bernita Johnson Betty Johnson Dorothy Johnson Eric Johnson Antione James David James Debra Jamison Shirley Jempson Isabelle Jiminez Brenda Jimmerson Charles Jones Clifford Jones TOMORROW ' S LEADERS ? Frederick Johnson Jackie Johnson Kathryn Johnson M.irv Johnson Pamela Johnson V--J , Patricia Johnson Vivian lohnson Lemuel King Kuz Knawahara Douglas Lambert Antoinette Lacy- Van Landreaux Willus Lanier Elrena Knox Virginia Johnson Darlene Lafayette Mary Kertindall Mm 112 Linda Lewis Margaret Lemos Robert Lishey Joyce Little Ora Lee Lucas Mary Livingstone Sydney Lucas Robert Long Gilbert Lucero Leveria Lee (oseph Lindsay Geraldine Little 113 Bessie Lynn Claudette McClain ]ohnn MeClinton Voder McClinton Shirley McDaniel David McKenna Patricia Manuel SENIORS LOOK TOWARDS Charles McGee Thomas McKinney Ramon Manuel George McGee Michael McKnight Maria Marmalejo Henrietta McGee Tony Maciias Patricia Martin Gwendolyn McGowan Robert Mandolph Jennie Martinez 114 Joyce Martin Rhonda Martin Lisa Martinez Mario Martinez Jern Mason THE FUTURE Gayle Matlock Juan Mendez Wiley Middleton Bonnie Maxwell Maria Mercado Patricia Mike Paula Maxwell Priscilla Merrit Carloita Miles Carohn Mays Irma Metcalf Susan Miles Charlene Mays Roscoe Meyers Eltha Millander 115 Arlene Miller Ronald Milton SENIORS OF TODAY- Noall Miya Lester Mobley Dave Mode Cynthia Monroe Shelia Monroe Gene Monico Carl Moore latkie Moore Kathv Moore Lula Moore Patricia Moore Valerie Moreland . Alvin Morris Michael Moss Sandra Morrow Charles Moten Carlotta Mosley Rubv MuUins Eulalia Mosley Sandra Narcisse Valerie Mosley Robert Navarro LEADERS OF TOMORROW Gloria Negrette Alan Nelson Robert Neri Rueveen Nevels JoAnn Newchurch Emme Newton William Nicholas Sharon Norris Nancy Nowell Ron ald O ' Guinn Evehn Olive Paula Oliver Christine Olmeda loe Orozco Rosie Owens DOORS OF THE FUTURE Ada Parhams Ray Payton Paul Perrez Rosalind Parks Maria Perez Janet Phillips i " T 118 Patricia Phillips Debra Phvlow Deborah Pickens William Polion OPEN WIDE TO SENIORS Doris Porter George Peterson Gloria Ramos Victoria Porter Sylvia Puentes Sallv Ramos Ann Preston L n ood Oueen Patricia Rav Janice Price ■ ' olanda Robago Renec Rav Carmen Poole Re.gina Pruitt Velia Ramos Shirlev Rav 119 fc .Y%i Barbara Reece Michael Reid Roger Reels Cheryl Reuter Anita Rhoden William Rhoden Matlie Richardson Nicola Richardson ii i f M.J Darlene Richards Alba Rivera Armado Rivera Aileen Roberts SENIORS DISCOVERED Mar Roberts Edwardo Rodriguez Janet Roberson (oe Rodriguez Lois Robinson David Rodriguez Patricia Robinson Evelyn Rogers Richard Robinson Robert Romeros (fin rk ' . y .f,?» L Linda Romo Teresa Romo Mary Ann Rosa Donald Rose Samuel Rose Henry Roseli Clinton Rossi Nancy Ross Patricia Ross Willie Ross Karen Rothenhausler Lawrence Route NEW INTERESTS Mario Rubio Frances Salazar James Russell Margaret Sanchez Paul Ryland Carolyn Session Mary Saldana Brenda Scutt James Scruggs James Seymour Barbara Shields Theresa Shields Patricia Sheftall Lee Shelby NEW HORIZONS OPEN DILIGENT Ella Singlelon Bernard Skiles James Skinner Tanya Slater Alexis Smith Carol Smith Elizabeth Smith Gwendolyn Smith John Smith Joyce Smith Lois Smith Regina Smith 111 F hi ' fi 122 f ...0 ,11 ? i-rt ' ll . i,:1i SENIORS OF ' 66 1 M iB . ' :. ' Robert Smith Wilbert Smith Willie Spears Sharon Speed Regina Spicer Sidney Stafford Robert Stanley Walter Staien Sam Steele Joan Steen Gregory Stephens Mary Sterling Jackie Swogger Bernadine Tatum Anthony Taylor Brenda Taylor Glenn Taylor Kenneth Taylor Bernard Teamer Irma Tellez 123 Frank Templeton Elaine Thomas Glenda Thomas Jacqueline Thomas Robert Tliompson Viana Thompson Delores Todd Cvnthia Tomlin Bill Tomlin Maria Torres Magdalena Torres Manuel Torres Rachel Towns Gary Trammel Clevron Tucker Debra Tucker Linda Thomas Oliver Thomas Dennis Thompson Carmoletha Thompson THE FUTURE IS UNLIMITED 124 Margaret Turner John Tyeda Charlene Tyson Earlene Tyson Juanita Valdemar Angeline Vargas Irene Vasquez Lily Vasquez FOR CLASS OF ' 66 Johnny Vera Frank Villegas Alexis Vital Frederick Von Lew is Erma Wallace Melvin Ward Stanley Ward Debra Warren Deidra Warren Arrond.i Washin.uton Flora Washinmon John Washington 125 mmm% Edrina Wade Reginald Watson Jesse Wadly Richard Watson Gary Walker Ingrid Watts Darrell Walker Lena Webb Horaic Waicrs Delores Webster Nolan Wells Sharon White Martha Wicker Gwendolyn Westbrooks Linda Wharton Jake Whidbee Dorothy White Betty Whiteside Andre Williams SENIORS EXCELLED ' f i ' Anthony Williams id i- f I r ' i ' l 126 h li: Gloria Williams Voncille Williams Sharon Wilson Julius Wright Rochelle Yates Kathleen Williams Gregory Williford Lawrence Williams Carolyn Wilson , ' tli Nathanial Williams Deyonne Wilson l i Patricia Williams Sharon Wilson Reischel Winbush Clarence Woods Howard Woolfolk Allen Wright Lavora Yates Joan Yarbrough THROUGH DISCOVERY 127 Gonzalo Acuno Brenda Hodge Donald Landry Janice Lang Yvonne Lanier 1 : ' ' Mk THE UNDAUNTED CLASS OF ' 66 The graduating class of 1966 looks ahead to the future. Fall semester senior council — Sealed: Carletta Mosely, Hazel Jackson, Novetta Cunningham, Linda Braxton, Sondra Carter, Car lot ta Miles, Carmoletha Thompson. Rote 1: Arthur Lev- ias, Margaret Johnson, Leonard Perry, Ingrid Watts, JoAnn Newchurch, Willus Lanier, M a r V i n Thompson. Ron 2: Gwendolyn McGowan, Ruth Bradshaw, Ethel Miller, Robert Lishey, Shirleen Dooley, Cheryl Dearmon, Louis Jackson. FALL SENIOR COUNCILS Sprinii semester senior council —Sealed: Row 1: Linda Whar- ton, Sondra Carter, Carmoletha Thompson, Aranda Washing- ton, S ' olanda Franco, Dorothy Johnson, Kathryn Johnson, Sharon Norris. Standing: Pa- tricia Gray, Marcella DeVeres, Frances Cooper, Deyonne Wil- son, Jacquelyn Jackson, Leon- ard Perry, Gleen Taylor, Carl Dencan, Jo-Ann Newchurch, Donna Harris, Evelyn Olive. SPRING 129 Kesemdfor 130 ' (If Semr V. I P. ' $ f 131 SENIOR ti Rosie Owens Willie Gray MOST ATHLETIC MOST ACADEMIC Larry Burton Lola Coleman FRIENDLIEST erly DeBise Glenn Taylor MOST DEBONAIR Manuel Torrez I 132 FAVORITES Shirley Jempson Andre Williams CLASS COMEDIANS MOST TALENTED William Payne Norma Glover MOST ATTRACTIVE Reischel Winhiish James Seymour BEST SMILE Patricia Gray 133 Lester Edwards, outstanding throughout his high school was elected as fall semester senior class president. During term of office he presided over senior council meetings and plan ned senior activities. A lime consuming job was per- formed by Valerie More and, first semester senior class secre- tar ' . Her duties were to keep accurate minutes of all meetings and maintain correspondence with other schools. Assisting the president in plan- ning senior activities and acting in his place during absence, was fall semester vice-president, Shirley McDaniel. Aside from being very active in school ac- tivities she remained on the Principals ' Honor Roll. Serving eagerly as senior class council treasurer first semester was Joyce Easley. Keeping records of all ex- penditures and making reg- ular reports were part of her very important job. 1 VALIANT LEADERS OF THE Glenn Taylor was installed as second-semester senior class presi- dent at the annual installation assembly. He was responsible for presiding over senior class council meetings and planning senior activities for the spring semester. Assisting the president with his many duties was Donna Harris, senior class vice-president, sec- ond semester. During her term of office, Donna also found time for extra-curricular activities. Sondra Carter was elected as senior class secretary for the spring semester. Keeping min- utes and making regular reports were Sondra ' s duties, which she performed diligently. Elected to the office of treas- urer of the senior class for the spring semester was Veronica Burks. Her duties, which she performed eagerly, included assisting the class sponsors with managing funds and keeping a record of the treasurv. E IMPERIAL CLASS OF ' 66 « L ■K. .._ . Beverly DeBise was deservingly named Miss Personality of 1966. Known by her friends as " Bug, " she was very active in extra-curricular activities. In the tenth grade, she was sophomore class treasurer; in the eleventh grade she was a Comptonette and Girls ' League secretary. As f % ! %« a senior, she was Associated Student Body Vice-presi- dent, Chimette, and song girl. One of her greatest ac- complishments was being chosen as a homecoming prin- cess. She also maintained a grade point average of 3.5. 136 Progressive but conservative, best describes Frank Har- ris, Mr. Personality of 1966. Besides being active in var- ious organizations, he was vice-president of the fall semester and treasurer second semester, in his junior year. He was Associate Student Body Vice-president second semester, in his senior year. He also showed his versatility by his membership in the Compton Chant- eurs. In spite of all his activities he still maintained a B average. 137 ' Discovery Js , , . Waiting although impatiently life is not ready (completely) for the turbulence of fresh minds and ideas. Underclassmen I C. Adams C. Adams E. Adams R. Adams L. Allen R. Allen J. Alvarez V. Alverez R. Anguiano J, Aranda R. Archie E. Arenas L. Ary S. Asher M. Astorca P. Bailev B. Barnes C. Barnes L. Barnes M. Barnes R. Agee C. Apuilar J. Apuirre D. Anderson B. Anderson J. Anderson B. Armelin I. Armendariz M. Armijo J. Baker B. Baldwin K. Banks L. Barnhill E. Barreras M. Barron B. Alexander C. Allen P. Anderson R. Andrews H. Armstrong S Arrinccon J. Barlo« B. Bell ' W. Beard M. Bell JUNIORS GO FORWARD E. Bennett R. Bennett R. Bennett T. Blevin D. Bond P. Bond B. Benson D. Benson E. Bibby B. Black S. Blackmon F Blanton H. Bonner R. Bonner C. Boslex J. Botis J. Bourgeois J. Bow den 139 R. Boyd W. B ) d H. Bridges V. Britton L. Biickhalter P. Bufcird R. Burt G. Burton M. Caniphell S. Canaan B. Bover E. Braaimonte C. Brace M. Bradlcv L. Bradshaw E. Brooks W. Brooks P. Broussard A. Brown C. Brown R. Buford J. Bupfjs C. Burks I. Burks A. Burnam J. Bush C, Butler J. Butler R. Buxton R. Caesar R. Cannon E. Cano D. Carolina C. Carrahy T. Carreker L. Branham B. Braswcll ]. Bridgeforth C. Brown D. Brown M. Bruce T. Burnette J. Burrell P. Burries M. Caldwell N. Calhoun C;. Campbell A. Carter C. Carter E. Carter T, f:;: [ [I.: M Df ■ JUNIORS FOLLOWED THROUGH WITH R. Carter R, Casarez J. Chcatom L. Cheek P. Cole W. Cole C. Castillo G. Catchines R. Catchincs A. Cato R. Ccniceros A. Chappell B. Childress M. Childs R. Churchill S. Churchill R. Clark W. Clark M. Coleman M. Collier D. Collins E. Conlcy L. Conley L. Contreras I. Chatman J. Chavez M. Coates L. Cole J. Cook B. Corley A.E! Lli, J.Fel (I yr . iMA. I T. Crawford W. Crawford M. Crtnshav E. Diisher L. Daughtrey G. Davis M. Dedios L. Delomey J. Delarosa E. Dixon L. Dixon P. Dixon A. Dotson E. Douglas Y. Douglas K. Crockcit L Crump E. Currv E. Curds R. Dandridge B. Dangerfte IdW . Dangerfield G Dav.s I. Davis M Davis M Davis V. Davis W Dawson T. Delacruz P. Denham C. Derrett A. Dia J. Diaz R. Dickerson A. Dipav P. Dishman R. Dixon E. Dobv K. Doh C. Dotson M Doolev W Dorn R. Dorsey L. Drake D Duckett O. Dudle G Duffv J. Dunklin D Dunn R Earl TH INDIVIDUAL DISCOVERIES 1 A. Eaton T. Eaton L. Edwards L. Edwards C. Ellis G. Ellis V. Emanuel P. Emerson L. Escoe E. Essex J. Evans M. Evans S. Evans K. Everage P. Everhardt P. Ewing J. Felton R. Fernandez R. Fernandez M, Figueroa R. Fitzgerald J. Fleming C. Fletcher J. Fletcher L. English R. English M. Exum S. Fedford L. Flores M. Flowers PROSPECTS OF THE FUTURE E. Floyd B. Ford G. Ford M. Ford F. Foreman H. Fortenberry C. Foster J. Foster J. Foster P. Foster S. Foster S. Fractious Y, Franco P. Franklin R. Franzier B. Freeman C. Freeny A. Frilloux G. Gaines E. Gant A. Garcia S. Garcia T. Gardner R. GarlinEton G Garner J. Garner E. Garrett C. Gatson C. German C. Geter B. Gibson P. Gibson L. Gillard B. Gims D. Gilmer F. Gilmore S. Glenn M. Glispie W, Glover A. Godley W. Godwin M. Gomez J. Gomez Y, Gomez C. Gonzales R. Gonzales S. Gonzales E. Gooden P. Goodwin J. Govan H. Grace V. Graham G. Gray B. Grays S. Grayson T. Green J. Gregoire D. Griffin M. Griffin W, Grisby A. Gross W. Groves B. Gupton A. Gutierrez M. Gutierrez R. Gutierr ez J. Hadley J. Hale E. Hamilton S. Hankins P. Hardaway G. Hardson K. Harmison L. Harper C. Harrell E. Harrell D. Harris E. Harris E. Harris F. Harris 1 Q ' Air r J Leading the class of 1967 forward in- to deeper discovery was Junior class president, Charles Kimbell. Willa Glover and Connie Acuilar held olficcs of sec- Assisting the president was Vice Presi- retary and treasurer, respectively. dent Patricia Marlowe. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Actively attending all meetings were Juniors Gerald Minters, Glen Kubota, Cynthia Nash, Jimmie Williams and Lynn Patrick. Guiding the council through their discoveries were Junior Class Adv ors Miss Campbell, Miss Kurt and Mr. Montgomery. Not shown was Mr. Hamilton. A in m ■»-i 25 s M . i i MjtL -J 4 143 Class of 1967 S. Hearns G. Helms B. Henderson O. Hendley R. Hendley B. Henry L. Henton A Htrrera D. Hickman R. Hickman B. Hoean A. Holguin R. Holland O. Hollida C. Hollowav T. Holmes G. Holt C. Holyfield M. Hopwood Y. Hopwood D. Houston L. Hubbard P Hubbard J. Huber A. Hudson I. Hudson L. Hudson O. Hudson R. Hudson J. Huffman J. Humphrey S. Hunt D. Hunter H. Hunter K. Hunter A. Huntington D. Hurd Z. Hurlic K. Ingram L. Ingram D. Ishikawa M. Iverson T. Iverson L. Ivie B. Jackson B. Jackson D. Jackson D. Jackson G. Jackson G, Jackson G. Jackson K. Jackson L. Jackson W. Jackson E. Jacobs V. Jaimes L, James R. Jefferson F. Jennings A. Jimenez L LEADING THROUGH DISCOVERY Rita GarlingloM sened as the second semester president for the Junior Class. She and the council were responsible for selecting the sweaters for class of ' 67. a i « i Preston Dixon sersed as vice-president for the spring semester. He aided the president in all the activities. Porliti Johnson, as Junior Class secretary, kept an accurate rec- ord of all the meetings that the council held. Mildred Collier was elected to he the Junior Class treasurer. She also kept records of the money in the treasury. To the Icjt were juniors as well as seniors receiving their class rings. Styles were selected by the ofl5cers and council members. 145 ftp f™ 1 First Semester Junior Class Council — Bottom Ron: C. Kimbell, G. Minters, |. Rhoden, T. Kerson, M. Richardson. Seutecl: P. Walker, W. Clover, L. James, G. Duffy, J. Willi,ims, C. Nash. Stiinding: L. Patrick, A. Norman, B. Jones, D. Murphy, G. Sterling, B. Henry, C. Aguilar, P. Marlowe. f M,J« Juniors, as well as Seniors, enjoyed the Prom diis year. The theme " Flam beau Elegance " proved to be an ex cellent one. To the left, enjoying themselves are: Rita Garlington Mitchell Preston, Pam Williams, Ron aid O ' Guinn, Pat Thompson and James Dunn. At the right is Mary Mendoza and Danny Enriquez arri ing for the prom. JUNIOR CLASS 4 COUNCILS CJa T.J iijt Second Semester Junior Class Council — Bottom Rou: P. Johnson, R. Garlington, C. Kimbell, O. Holliday, M. Barnes, A. Frazier. Rou 2: K. Banks, T. Iverson, T. Crawford, P. Dixon, J. Parks, G. Catchings, C. Nash, L. James. Row ?.• Cj. Kubota, M. Flowers, G. " ' oung, A. Hol- guin, J. Bourgeois, M. Collier, D. Ishikawa. HU G.L 146 JUNIORS SHOWED ABILITY J. Johnson M. Johnson P. Johnson R. Johnson R. Johnson S. Johnson S. Johnson A. Jones B. Jones C. Jones GR t J. McClelland J. McClenon L, McCloud L. McKenna W. McKinney J. Macias I. Martinez M. Martinez S. Maruno P. Mendez T, Meyers T. Meza G. Minters L. Mitthell S. Mixon K. McDaniel |. McDnweil B. McGee D. McGee W, Mann H. Manning P. Marlowe C. Martin R. Mathieu S. Matlock S. Maxwell D. Mayer M. Middleton B. Miles A. Milleder C. Miller L. Monroe R. Montez F. Montgomer} B. Moore E. McGlothin G. McGuire E. McKay E. Martin W. Martin C. Martinez J. Mayer L. Mayfield J. Mendez J. Miiler D. Minor S. Minor K, Moore P. Moore J. Morales TOWARD A FUTURE OF . . . MP ! R. Morales E. Morris J. Morris W. Morris J. Munoz J. Munoz R. Murdock D. Murphy E. Morrow K. Morrow M. Marthel C. Moton |. Moten V. Mothershed O. Murr - J. Musgrove H. Myers C. Nash L. Neal J, Nelson GPe, I 148 GREATER CHALLENGES AND PROGRESS W. Nelson M. Newsom R. Newsome D. Nicholas A. Nickerson B. Nolan A. Norman B. Norton R. Norton E. O ' Dell M. Payne P. Pearson T. Pearson W. Pearson M. Pcndergraj h J. Penland R. Perea D. Perez M. Perez J. Perkins B. Perr J. Perkins G. Pero G. Peterson W. Petty D. Phillips M. Phillips T. Phillips M. Pierce G. Pimental R. Polee B. Pite G. Polk G. Pollard A. Powell S. Powell J. Prados B. Preston M. Preston E. Pritchett V. Pulley S. Pullings T. Pullum Glen Kubota Willa Glover BOYS ' STATE Representatives from Compton High School for Boys ' and Girls ' State were Glen Kubota and Willa Glover. Each has participated in many school activities, held GIRLS ' STATE class offices, and has had outstanding scholastical achievement in their class. i r f. P ■fll R. Amador C. Arnold D. Brown B. Coleman T. Demmerelle D. Evans J. Evans C. Finister A. Harris A. Hightower G. Holt C. Hunter M. Johnson F. McGee C. Marquez M. Milas J. Moffo K. Moore L. Neslon V. Owens A. Rankins . Richardson Roberts Rudd Scoot Sumlin Trouiman Turner Tyler . Vaughn Watson . Whitmore Williams :. Wilson Woodson E. .Von P. Shelb, V p. Reece E. Reed S. Reels C. Reid R. Remaker J. Resendez M. Rescnde B. Reves D. Rhodes N. Rice P. Richards M. Richardson N. RichardsonW. Richardson R. Riley G. Rising H, Roberson I. Roberts L. Roberts C. Robinson F. Robinson R. Robinson C. Robison A. Romo D. Rosa M. Ross R. Ross R. Ross F. Rothenhausler M. Roiissell L. Rnbio D. Rucker A. Ruiz L. Ruiz P. Salazar E. Salcedo L. Sandoval B. Reynolds |. Rhoden C. Ri as M. Rivers A. Roduers R. Rodriquez A. Rollins J. Rozelle R. Rubalcava F. Rubio P. Saunders R. Sanchez C. Sanders JUNIORS MADE VITAL DECISIONS E. Scott ). Scott R. Scott T. Scott R. Scruggs |. Sedberry L. Sedberry R. Sedillo D. Seitz P. Shadd P. Shelby ' Shelton R. Shepard M. Sherman L. Shields B. Shipman r. Silva D. Simmon G. Simpkin R. Simil M. Singleton J- Singleton T. Singleton D. Sisco O. Skinner D. Slater R. Slater C. Smith C. Smith h. Smith 1. I s f F. Smith R. Smith G. Sterlinu R. Sullivan P. Taylor H. Smith I. Smith K. Smith R. Smith M. Snider M. Soloman M. Stevenson J. Steward L. Stewart S. Summerfield R. Swan R. Tabata J. Tell L. Thibodeaux B. Thomas L. Smith C. Spivens R. Stokes G. Tate C. Thomas L. Smith C. Stanley M. Stoute B. Taylor R. Thomas M. Smith M. Smith R. Smith C. Steel A. Steen C. Sterling M. Strader C. Strange H. Strange L. Taylor L. Taylor M, Taylor A. Thompson P. Thompson G. Thurmond P. Tiraie; E, Vaufli I. Wifci W. W HWedloi JUNIORS JOINED D. Toliver A. Tomlin P. Toney G. Torres G. Torres G. Torres B. Tucker J. Tucker F. Turman A. Turner D. Turner J. Turner L. Traylor C. Trujillo F. Truss L. Turner L. Turner M. Turner § 5? 152 1 P Turner B T ler | l ' ii.m O. Uribe R. Vargas B. Vasquez C. Vasquez J. Vasquez B. Wiuyhn D. Vaughn E. Vaughn G. Vickers M. Viestas L. Villa a E. Villegas B. Wadley D. Walker E. Walker H. Walker L. Walker L. Walker |. Wanzo W. Wanzo J. Warnsbv A. WashingtonD. WashingtonD. WashingtonN. Washington S. Washington T. Washington W. Washington D. Waters B. Watkins M. Watkins G. Watson U. Watson D. Watts |. Wehb M. Webster L. Wedlow R. Wedlow D. Weeks R. Wellington C. Wells P. Wesley B. Wesson C. Wheeler A. Whitaker A. White C. White IN LEARNING AND ENDEAVORS D. White L. White S. White S. Whitfield B. Whitmore R. Whitmore L. Wilborn L. Wilkerson C Williams E. Williams F. Williams H. Williams J. Williams J. Williams J. Williams J. Williams J. WiUiam.s M. Williams P. Williams R. Williams 153 p. Walker S. Williams T, William S. Winston B, Woods D. Woods R. Wright S. Wright R. Wynne Y Williams F. Wilson S. Wilson J. Wimherly L. Winn G Winston J. Woods R. Woods L. Woi d G. Wortham B. Wright K. Wright M. Yepez G Young L. Young R. Young R. Young M. Zavala JUNIORS LOOK FORWARD Leading forward the class of 1967 were Junior Class President Charles Kimbell and Secretary Willa Glover. Participating in the many Junior class activities were representa- tives Brenda Tucker, Gerald Minters, Tim Iverson, Cynthia Nash, Jimmie Williams, Lynn Patrick and Junior Advisor, Mr. Mont- gomery. 154 I Airs, Brooks, periods 1 2 Roiv 1: G. Hicks, F. Whitfield, E. Leon,ird, R. Hutchison, J. Miller, J. Stevensdti, R. Turner, iM. Burns, H. Norwood. Ron 2: R. Jackson, N. Washington, M. Australia, L. Anderson, G. Crenshaw, H. Ferdinand, J. Carolina, P. Jackson, G. Alderete, Mr. Carter. Koti 5. H. Holman, R. Andrews, L. Thompson, S. Reed, D. Wright, L. Kelley, F. Dunne, L. Morris, L. Jones, F. Boy- kins, C. Jolman, R. Smith. SOPHOMORE WORLD CULTURE CLASSES Mrs. Brooks, Periods 4 ' Row 1: M. Gaona, A. Hutchines, R. Jones, R. King, J. Hinojez, C. Espinoza, R. Pat- terson, R. Walker. Rou- 2: J. Cofer, A. Plasencia, S. Jordan, W. Ashley, W. Johnson, C. Glispie, S. Golden, L. Johnson, C. Horton, Mr. Bailey. 4 Mrs, Brooks, period 6, Ron ' 1: F. Moore, I. Smith, B. McConnelle, A. Jones, S. Strader, V. Carter, R. Allen S. Huff, O. McCrary, J. Oliver, D Barnett, G. Friloux. Roir 2: R. Math ieu, E. McGaffey, C. Birmingham, G Blankenship, E. Silva, J. Kendrick, E Howard, G. Baylor, G. Bloodsaw, L Williams. Rou 5.- C. Davis, R. Mc Wright, J. Broom, J. Paulk, M. Rice K. Hill, L. Solomon, A. Hightowe r C. Broussard, L. Banks, V. Gross, D Jordan, G. Phillips, F. Mailiney. I 155 ,t. 3 Mr. Dilworth, period 2, Row 1: T. Lara, J. Zavala, P. Woods, A, Potts, R. Gaines, W. Harris, M. Watts, J. Reed, D. Green, M. Miller, ]. Chap- lin, T. Jackson. Roir 2: K, Kensi, A. Marks, D. Washington, L. Wilson, A. Allen, M. Hawkins, O. Orozco, R. Ford, W. Hudson. Ron i: S. Ledet, R. Earl, T. Florence, E. Neah, R. Powell, C. Mitchell, O. McClanahan, R. Carter, A. Thomas, L. Seaborn, M. Hart, L. Barnett. DISCOVERING Mr. Dilworth, period 3, Row 1: A. Benson, W. Dickerson, A. Dominoe, Y. Felix, T. Myers, S. Halcroinbe, K. MiUsap, N. Ross, D. Williams, D. Martins, G. Johnson, O. Jones, R. Adams, J. Wheaton. P. Jackson, L. Bridgeforth, J. English, M. Graham, L. Reed, Stitt, H. Mosley, J. Polidore, V. Johnson, M. Torres, L. Rentie, F. English. Row 2; B. Douglas, D. Pace, V. Amey, R. Lemos, R. Edwards, E. Garrett, H. Bethle, M. Broussard, J. Russ, V. France, L. Givens, G. Penn, W. Eamin, P. Garr. Mr. Dilworth, period 4. Row 1: V Fentress, M. Fisher, A. Newburne, J Jones, B. Jones, L. McGrary, L. Bon ner, L. Thompson, L. Johnson, S Jackson, R. Sena, R. Culpepper, C Swogger. Row 2: K. Morris, V. Hal- cromb, V. Burks, C. Moore, E. Nola V. Mingus, G. Johnson, A. Castors J. Taylor, T. Route, 1. Longino, G Evans, B. Cox, Mr. Dilworth. Roiv 3 R. Godwin, D. Cobbs, C. Salazar, K Willis, K. McGuire, R. Lee, D. Tay lor, L. Balwin, S. Goulsby, A. Allen D. Bryant, J. Salgado, N. Gutierrez 156 Mr. Diluorth. period 5. Ron 1 : J Windom, T. Moses, R. Estradas, S Black, C. Downey, P. Williams, J Walker, G. Horton, C. Dunn, A. Hoi land, L. Maruno. Ron 2: A. Mosley V. Vepez, B. Gray, C. Sibly, W. Bur- ton, B. Rcnfro, V. Wilson, J. Lewis. J. Carrabv, A. Ross, K. Simmous, Mr, Dilworih. Roif i: J. Johnson. P. Wig lev, R. Medellin, P. Jones, F. Smith A. Sales, P. Edwards, P. Reid, J Tracv, L., A. Shipman, J Young, L. Whaton. FOR FUTURE ENVIRONMENTS Mr. Diluorth. period 5, Roiv 1: V. Jackson, M. Alexander, G. Bradys, F. Johnson, P. Turner, C. Adamas, B. Kilfiore, 1. Coliman, R. Padilla. Rote 2: J. Burley, S. Watkins, C. Bynum, L. Cade, A. Grove, C. Johnson, M. Johnson, G. Webb, Mr. Dilworih. Roiv ?.- C. Wright, M. Guiterrez, A. Nickerson, J. Tate, G. Tate, P. Har- rell. A. Wilson, B. Knox, L. Kirk- land, C. Driver. Ron 4: G. Rhodes, B. Stanlev, D. Jordan, K. Tate, G. Hall, E. Se mours, E. Cross, S. Fry, L. Hall, B. Lindsey, J. Villacoate, F. Dotson, B. Hightower. Mrs. Hilaiid, period 5, Ron- 1: A. Thompson, O. Harris, J. Turner, C. Sapp, L. Butts, R. Burton, M. Boyd, K. Weatherly, C. Alvarado. Row 2; C. Pavne, C. Simmons, M. Flemming, R. Stafford, J. Chestang, D. Gutierrez, M. Doolev, H. Green. R. Vasquez, V. Erwin, Mrs. Hiland. Ron 1- B. Wes- son, L. Richardson, S. Mitchell, R. Exum, J. Taylor, R. Foster, K. Watts, C. Roberts, L. Johnson, E. Young, C. Campbell, B. Hays, N. Dent. 157 I li ' Mrs. Hiland, period 6, Row 1: I. Ruiz, D. Salcedo, Rodgers, G. Edwards, A. Payne, R. Gutierrez, P. Bradford. Ron- 2: A. Quantona, R. Neal, L. Wil- liams, R. Agee, L. Bonner, C. Rachel, W. Blucford, Mrs. Hiland. Rou 3: C. Harris, R. Moore, D. Cullors, S. Foster, S. Grandville, J. Williams, I. Rhodes, M. Webb, F. Geter, J. Mc- Millan. PREPARATION AND DISCOVERY Mr. McKinney, period 1, Row 1; C Parrish, J. Brown, L. Walkers, J Elliott, C. Lishey, J. Garlington, L Miller, M. Woods, G. Senas, S. Con ner. Rou ' 2: F. Lovett, J. Hunters, J Kato, B. Zazueto, N. Brock, L. Den nis, F. Moses, E. Johnson, A. Ramirez S. Wade, Mr. McKinney. Row 5: D Broom, S. Stephens, I. Harris, N. De pree, C. Walton, J. Jones, C. Thomp son, D. Fuller, L. Bridges, S. Pach, B. Day. Air. McKinney, period 2, Row 1: P. Brooks, B. Odoms, B. Hamilton, G. Hall, G. Smith, B. Escoe, A. Martinez, H. Jackson, P. Wesbrook, B. Child, J. Moten, J. Field. Row 2: E. Newton, H. Hairstorm, D. Smith, R. Wheler, J. Crockett, G. Ruelar, S. White, W. Fractious, W. Washington, A. Wil- liams, L. Culberson, Mr. McKinney. Row 3.- W. Edwards, B. Yeargin, F. Brown, T. Hardy, M. Knight, S. Scott, A. Anderson, S. Cowans, R. Cross, E. L. Daniels, V. Johnson, K. Nash. 158 President of the Sophomore class council for the first semester was Paul Jones. A very attentive offi- cer during his term of office, he and the other officers were re- sponsible for the Sophomore dance to raise money for the tra- ditional Christmas tree. To build up their treasury, the council par- ticipated in the school candy sale. Vice-President of the council was Mary Hawkins. Mary proved to be of great service to the council too; while in the absence of the president she took over and con- tinued with council projects. She -ilso appointed all committees. Mary Hawkins Paul Jones SOPHOMORE LEADERS DISCOVERED NEW PROJECTS Linda Johnson EUery Hou.ird Holding the offices of secretary and treasurer was Linda Johnson and Ellery Howard, respectively. Linda kept an accurate report on all meetings the council held. She also kept a record of all commit- tee work and reports on different projects. Linda had the responsi- bility of taking roll to see that all the council representatives at- tended the meetings. Eller) ' How- ard handled the council ' s budget and all expenses and income of the council. Both Linda and El- lery kept in close contact with the president about all the affairs of the Sophomore council. A. 159 p© On the Sophomore class council were: Bol- tom Row: R. Carter, S. Robinson, L. Morris. Second Rou: S. Jackson, S. Williams. M. Hawkins, L. Brown, L. Johnson, D. Wil- liams, J. Wheaton. Top Rou: D. White, R. Clayton, L. Johnson, V. Johnson, L. Cades, J. Chestang, L. Culberson, E. Howard, J. Lewis. ACTIVE COUNCILS-NEW GOALS Paul Jones, Sophomore Class President, is shown discussing with the council, plans for the Sophomore dance to raise money for the traditional Christmas tree project. Members shown are L. Morris, D. Chan, J. Johnson, C. Bynum and J. Chestang. Shown above discussing a favorite record at the Sophomore Chirstmas dance were two popular Sophomores, Rita Clayton and Yolanda Burks. They contributed their seriices for many of the projects to raise money for their class. Money from the dance was used to buy the traditional Christmas tree. 160 Horai P Seated: S. Smith, R. Stinson, G. Hall, B. Douglas, S. Childers, P. Gray, L. Kirk- land. Stdiidiug: B. Adams, M. Curn,-, E. Howard, L. D. Brown, T. Smith, J. Tay- lor, P. Lewis, D. White, G. Johnson, L. Johnson, L. Johnson. 3A I LSAND RESPONSIBILITIES Clowning around, while they are really supposed to be decorating the " Traditional Christmas Tree, " is the Sophomore Class Council. Collecting money for Sophomore dance were Ellery Howard, Paul Jones, Yolanda Burks, and Mary Hawkins. 161 Sophomore Class President for the second semester was Linda Johnson. She also held the posi- tion of Vice President for the first semester. Elected vice-presi- dent was Ellery Howard. She took over in case of absence of the President. @ Ellery Houiird Linda Joyce Johnson SOPHOMORE OFFICERS LED SEARCH FOR DISCOVERY Linda Lucille Johnson Patricia A. Gray I L Linda Johnson held the office of secretary of the council for sec- ond semester. Records of all the meetings held by the council were accurately kept by Linda. Patricia Gray, treasurer for the Class of 1968 recorded the budg- et of her classmates. 162 Mr. McK ' niney, Period 3, Ron I: M. Long, S. Williams, A. Love, G. Thompson, E. English, J. Jimenez, A. Lozano, K. Hoston, J. Br ant, I. Murdotk. Ron 2: R. Mosley, R. Scotts, L. Johnson, R. Calhoun, H. Stanley, J. Huntington, D. Blow, B. Wadley, J. Haley, K. Williams, R. Marguez, Mr. Mc- Kinn ' ev. Ron 1- C. Cooper, E. Jordan, P. Wood ' s, B. Woodson, R. Polk, M. Taylor, G. Wright, T. Wright, B. fngram, R. Jack- son, S. Davis. 1 f f Mr. McKiniiey. Period 4. Ron I; C. Sim- mons, C. Jones, R. Stoutes, P. ' okem, P. White, G. Caldwells, N. Diaz, E. Jackson, D. Seale, C. Pearson, M. Teems, G. Carter, C. Lanreauz. Ron 2: S. Meyers, R. Mendoza, L. Moses, S. Boyd, R. Clayton, L. Clark, G. Mackintosh, G. Hurley, C. Bogin, S. Allen, M. Green, A. Ramos, Mr. McKinne . Roif 3: C. Gamhrell, W. Sweed, J. Saenz. J. Perry, E. Oliver, W. Mays, P. Bradford, L. Wal- lace, C. Ed%vards, J. Humphrey, D. Jones, K. Smith, K. Peters. DISCOVERY LEADS TO DEVELOPMENT Mr. McKinney. Period 5. Roiv I: H. Mor- row, M. Waughn, L. Jones, P. Kirk, R. Cot- ton, J. Woods, L. Carter, S. Mayberry, T. Harrison. Ron 2: R. Rodriguez, M. Bowens, R. Smith, J. Hearns, P. Rose, D. Diedman, G. Watson, D. Primous, V; ' . Carson. Row ): E. Cano, J. Earl, J. Wilson, A. Mendeza, F. Holguin, B. Woods, W. Low, L. Bryant, C. Lucas, R. Clayton, Mr. McKinney. Row 4: B. Stanley, S. Hammond, L. Cressev, R. Williams, G. Shelton, S. Guest, P. liams, V. Thurmond, C. Carter, M. Williams, B. Sheft- all, W. Jones. 163 J BUSY SOPHOMORES SEARCHED FOR Miss Peterson, period 1, Row 1: A. Douglas, J. Wheaton, E. Eudave, C. Hampton, K, Coates, L. Wallace, M. Smith, C. Moore, R. Daniels, N. Ros- ales, H. Davis, R. Williams, D. Har- vr -. Row 2: C. Breckenridges, M. Par- ham, C. Bradshaw, A. Williams, S. Akmal, C. LeBlanc, F. Johnson, G. Hester, E. Bias, A. Denham, P. Joiner, R. Thomas, M. Mazen, Miss Peterson. Row 3.- D. Jones, S. Huff, O. Walder, D. Godley, B. Arnold, T. Person, J. Stevenson, C. Moore, R. Johnson, E. Moore, R. Johnson, E. Moore, G. Ew- ing, L. Jones, W. Tillman. i Miss Peterson, period 2, Row 1: L. Verrett, K. Dillard, V. Lewis, E. Rob- inson, G. Smith, L. Gardner, L. Baker, P. Mothershed, M. Deloney, K. Car- ter, K. English, E. Davis, J. Moore, C. Woolfolk, M. Griffin, V. Lamb, S. Hicks, M. Neslon, G. Young, Miss Peterson. Row 2: J. Johnson, B. Fulli- love, P. Lewis, M. Ward, M. Hop- wood, K. Wedlow, G. Riney, M. Davis, J. Walding, G. Boyd, M. Greoire, J. Battle. I Miss Peterson, period 3, Row I: H McDaniel, S. Bowers, Y. James, J Poindexter, E. Parker, P. Gray, C Johnson, R. Victor, Y. Marlowe, D, Dandridge. Rotf 2: G. Cordero, D Chan, C. Tomlin, J. Stephens, H. Mc Cormick, E. Smith, I. Decory, P. Har per, C. Howard, G. Hohnson, S. Chil ders, C. McNealy, Miss Peterson. Ron 3.- J. Hernandez, S. Smith, J. Acquah. K. Strokes, I. Williams, C. Arceneaux. L. Morris, R. Henderson, L. Rose, N, Jackson, H. Mosley, C. Meriwether, P. Madison. 164 )R MEANINGS IN ACTS OF DISCOVERY I Miss Peterson, period 4, Row 1: J. Synch, L. Cook, A. Wimbish, M. Go- mez, R. Stinson, L. Smith, Y. Lopez, M. Hinojoz, M. Robinson. Ron 2: D. Hamilton, D. Johnson, T. Jackson, J. Small, S. Kelley, G. Powell, M. Dod- son, H. Mosley, R. Johnson, R. Briggs, Miss Peterson. Roif 3. P. Jackson, K. Alston, C. Fuggins, A. Thompson, L. Freeny, K. Wallace, C. Featherson, S. Winston, C. Drayden, P. Camarillo, C. Bazzell, L. Thomas, C. Frierson. ia Miss Peterson, period 5, Row I: L LaBlanc, H. Nesbit, T. William, B Mixon, L. Gibbs, M. Clayton, H. Gon zaies, P. Blackburn, S. Ir ing, S. Go lightly, R. Rivers, M. Corrales. Row 2 L. Lambert, B. Jefferson, M. Calleros D. White, B. Williams, G. Kennedy B. Wiiherspoon, T. Smith, L. Hunt C. Little, S. Lenard, Z. Buford, E Johnson, Miss Peterson. Roiv i: L Madrid, J. Paredes, C. Conley, J. Stal worth, J. Moore, N. Woods, E Wright, S. Edmonds, A. Haynes, J Bryant, C. Manuel, L. Bates. Mr. Rouse, period 1, Row I: C. Jones, J. McMuller, S. Wright, J. Cole, A. Hunter, C. Wilton, H. Rayford, L. McKinnev. Roif 2: R. Helen, B. Mul- lette, P. Moblev, C. Webb, J. Little, C Mode, M. Wilson, B. Adams, B. McGhee, L. Walker, Mr. Rouse. Row 3: R. Araiza, F. Garibaldi, J. Parker, I. Brown, J. Dennie, M. Richardson, G. Burns, D. Mitchell, C. Page, L. Almstrong, T. Smith, H. Weston. 165 J Mr. Rouse, period 2, Row 1: L. Can tu, D. Diaz, E. Parez, G. Crummie, J Houston, L. Thompson, D. Dishman S. Smith, V. Rodriguez, R. Salazar Roif 2: O. Strange, Z. Merritt, R Smith, L. Herring, L. Brunswick, G Harris, D. Williams, V. Parhams, R Daniel, A. Torrez, S. Hicks, J. Jack son, Mr. Rouse. Row 5.- B. Irvin, B Smith, L. McWright, L. Daniels, T Brady, O. Johnson, H. Von, M Owens, B. Carter, J. White, J. Har ris, L. Brown. DISCOVERY CONTINUES FOR Mr. Rouse, period 3. Row 1 : R. Di- pav, D. Contreras, E. Reynolds, R. Johnson, C. Smith, D. Woods, L. Wil- liams, R. Ir ing. Row 2: D. Jackson, B. Gavin, L. Beverly, J. Contreras, R. English, G. Jones, B. Mills, M. Curry, R. Robinson, Mr. Rouse. Roir 3: G. Gray, J. Perez, T. Hester, L. Vaughn, J. Gomez, O. G. McClenton, L. Dunn, L. Beverly, C Whitfield, A. Richards. Mr. Rouse, period 4b. Row 1 : V. Hen- dricks, M. Cowan, P. Giles, D. Rich- ardson, J. Webb, V. Martinez, M. Powell, B. Bell, D. Gallier. Row 2: Y. Campbell, F. Woodfork, L. Mara- ble, R. Nobles, J. Anderson, W. Ku- see, T. Black, M. Shields. R. Isiceh, O. Perez, D. Pullum. C. White, Mr. Rouse. Row 5.- L. Spiller, G. Patter- son, R. Grayson, R. Aerie, L. Kelley, T. Campbell, J. Bertrand, W. Barnes, R. Rojero, W. Easley, V. Caldwell. 166 W TTf T- 6 I Mr. Rouse, period 4. Row 1: C. Fer- nandez, S. Trambel, R. Smith, . Pe- terson, M. Holmes, A. Adams, D. Wallace, P. Gates, V. Delaros, M. Moore. Rotf 2: L. Jones, I. Cortez, J. Walker, B. Jordan, L. Lewis, T. Lock- ett. J. Chappell, L. Sparke, L. Cavin, M. Gipson, Mr. Rouse. Row 3: M. Kinnev, L. Lewis, C. Johnson, R. Cof- fey, S. McDaniel, L. " McDowell, D. Marshall, J. Anderson, M. Ward, E. Ellis, B. Thompson. THE CLASS OF 1968 Juniors enjoying themselves before another school dav begins are Juanise Moten, Eli Curtis, Beverly Benson, and Louis White. Sophomores also enjoyed the new atmosphere on the Big " C " campus. Doing so were Gail Frilou.x, Mike Owens, and Delores Gallien. 167 Sports 168 Discovery Js . . . Zriumpk ever powerful . . . crack of strength CO meeting with the flying rush of age. . . connects — and impact strengthens further— power and elation of triumph achieved. Queet 1 Van Ian levis, )l MiicktU, EJnanl ( Sinttit Hmju Discomy Js . , £Ms stretchmg . . taut power, tired coHteHtmeHt emerges from mM and body oys ' Sports 170 Varsity Football Team — Row 1; Donald Johnson, Lynwood Queen, Bernard Teamer, Carl Moore, Dave Mode, John Smith, Van Landreaux. Roif 2: Alfred Brown, Nowlin Wells, Arthur Levis, Melvin Fountain, Carl Mills, Ronald Strupgs, Roger Mitchell, Juan Mendez, Donald Carolina. Ron ? Ronnie Oriiz, Edward Gant, Sammy Hill, Veryn Harper, Jehue Dawson, Ken- neth Ash, Tony Gonzales, Edward Lofton, Louie Sandoval, Bill Polion, Clarence Malone, Stanley Ward, Sam Rose, Ronald O ' Ginn, Edward Garrett, Ken Smith, Richard Watson, Aaron Bryant, Tom Campbell, Gerald Bush, Edward Jones, Willie Gray, Roger Reels, John Lewis. SKILL DISPLAYED BY GRIDDERS Since starting here at Compton two years ago as " B " coach, Mr. Manque Winleri has advanced to head coach position by his out- standing coaching talent and strong desire to win. In his first year as head coach he piloted the team toward dedication, discovery and victory. Comprising a four win and five loss season our Comp- ton Tarbabe gridders gave it all they had and left their mark on every opponent. Starting the season with a booming 18-0 victory over Santiago, the " Babes " were in high gear and were in even higher gear with a 6-0 edge over St. Anthony ' s before being dropped by C.I.F. seventh-ranked Servite. Rounding out the practice sea- son by serving a 30-0 blank, wrote defeat for Arroyo Grande. Coming into Coast League with a 3-1 record, the men of Compton could only find the range for blasting out the always important homecoming game against once defeated Warren 24-2. Although winning against Warren the team played in what many termed as their best game against C.I.F. powerhouse Centennial, bowing 6-4 in a contest in which victory could have walked both ways. As a result of their brilliant efforts, Willie Gray, Ken Smith, Lynwood Queen, Dave Mode and Aaron Bryant were named to All-Coast League teams. The boys discovered what it feels to come out a winner and what it means to fall to the shadows of defeat. 171 Coach Ernest Durden Coach Mike Dimitro SCOREBOARD Compton 18 Compton 6 Compton 13 Compton 30 Compton 4 Compton Compton 24 Compton 13 Compton Santiago St. Anthony Servite 27 Arroyo Grande Centennial Paramount Warren Lynwood Dominguez 6 6 2 26 26 Coach William Rouse Coach Alan King Coach Ivan McKinney The first ofifensive team, which gave opponents troubles after Landreaux, Ronald O ' Quinn, Dave Burkhead, Tony Gonzales, troubles, pictured below are, from left to right: Aaron Bryant, Sam Rose and Ken Smith. Lynwood Queen, Dave Mode, Edward Jones, Willie Gray, Van Two dtta Oueeo iti m Mr 172 Van Landreaux (QB) Sammy Hill (QB) Don Carolina (HB) Jehue Dawson (HB) Thomas McKinney (HB) Alfred Brown (HB) Mel Fountain (HB) Dave Mode (HB) ' BABES ' STOOD HIGH AND MIGHTY Two determined players were caught in action below as Lynwood Queen attempted to round right end before Paramount defender wrestled him down. " Get that man, " urged Coach Durden as he sent Thomas McKinny in on defensive play during the Warren game. 173 r - L b Tony Gonzales (G) Ron O ' Guinn (G) Vern Harper (G) Dave Burkhead (C) Ronnie Ortiz (C) ( ' auuhi in last semnd .lfort b Cciiicnnial defender, Dave Mode couldn ' t quite make it around end as he was dropped for a short gain. Willie Gray (T) d J yt I f Ed Lofton (T) Sam Rose (T) 174 Stan Ward (T) Kenneth Ash (E) J Gerald Bush (E) Tom Campbell (E) Ed Gant (E) Ed Jones (E) Ron Scruggs (E) Ken Smith (E) Aaron Br ant (FB) Bernard Teamer (E) Wl VARSITY ' BABES ' Fullhaik Aaron Br ant almost slipped a«ay from determined Paramount player as he was stopped for iine of the few times behind the line of scrimmage. Richard Watson (E) Roger Reels (E) Arthur Levis (T) Carl Moore (HB) ' J t Conrad Moore (G) Girardeau Kennedy (E) Nowlin Wells (HB) Carl Mills (E) MANY COMBINE TO MAKE A TEAM The official stopped play after Dave Mode was downed by an early tackle in the Lynwood game. With the aid of sound-powered phone Coach Winters and quar- terback Landreaux were able to confer over offensive tactics. Mike Parks (G) John Smith (E) Clarence Malone (HB) Ed Garrett (G) 176 I Varsity half, Lynwood Oui.i,ii, u.u pmscd that goal line in a 7-(l loss to the Paramount Pirates. Bclou-. tjl Kubota puts the last second stop to Paramount offender. Dave Mode was seen battlini; his a could as he slipped off tackle and v minute effort of a Paramount defender. for yardage any way he IS brought down by last : fs55r Ji H| J.V. ' S WERE READY f f Junior Varsity Football Team — Roiv 1; Robert Jones, Nathaniel Brock, Glen Kubota, Harold Williams, Thomas Heads, James Dixon, Sam Gaulsby, Herman Moseley, John Taylor, Kenneth Wil- lis. Row 2: Jerr - Waltindean, Frankie Jones, Burton, Robert Lamb, Willie Brooks, Ronald Heuley, Reginald Lee, Larry Lewis, Compton ' s Junior Varsity Football Team was led by Coach Mike Dimitro. J.V. ' s, finding the road rough, could only win one in seven tries. According to Coach Dimitro the greatest lack was inexperience of players. Despite the face of defeat they learned new lessons and became skilled in their positions. They played hard and clean football and kept spirit high throughout the season. Kenneth Watts, Joseph Acquah. Row 3: Coach Durden, Nonald Lowe, Clifton Mitchell, Louie Sandoval, John Stevenson, Stephen Powell, James Nelson, Terr ' Gardner, Kenneth Wedlaw, Michael Milas, Willie Nelson, Laurence Edwards, Frank Ortiz, Coach Dimitro. I © •? f f f f ft tf ? o t . . ■. _. . .M-. ,. i. a Jm- ' V _ --T T A r Wf-- r . Km gf " r 77 a f ! I f f f f Iff .Vr ■ ;f r f • •- w. -- ' B ' football Team — Rotf 1: Phillip Woods, Eugene Smith, Leon Miller, Herman McCormick, Wayne McKinney, Stanley Wade, Ar- mon Ross, Addison Benson. Roti 2: Arnold Allen, Rodney Gaines, Manuel Torre ' , Charles Lucas, Otis Lotkett, Taylor Black, Dennis Thomson, Giliberto Garibaldi, Joe Brown, Criss Breckenridge, Aboic, Coach King points out problems in win over Dominguez. Below, Paramount action found the going tough as Pirate rusher was stopped for short gain. Cleveland Sapp. Rote 3: Pete Camarillo, Lonnie Jones, Clifton Dray- den, John Saenz, Wayne Richardson, Rico Smith, Overton McClana- han, Reynold Cross, Kenneth Wallace, John Washington, Louis Harper, Leonard Dunn. " B " SOARED HIGH This year under new coach Mr. Alan King, our Compton B pigskinners discovered new heights on the field and of?. Practice and hard work was bottled up and thrown at each oncoming game; victory and pride was the result. The sea- son started ofif with a 30-6 win over powerful Long Beach Poly and finished with a 24-6 triumph over Dominguez. For their efforts, Lonnie Jones and Reynold Cross were chosen top back and lineman respectively. This year ' s outstanding " B " halfback, Lonnie Jones, cut up-field against Lynwood on kick-off return. It was all in vain as Lynwood won 20-7. 178 Campion ' s Varsity Cross Country runners were — from left to right: R. Watson, L, Mobley, L. Frazier, A. Robinson, L. Hudson, L. Haley, A. Rivera, D. Landry. VARSITY " LUNGBUSTERS " SET PACE Willie Williams, new head coach, led the Varsity Cross ton ' s Varsitj ' squad did not win every time, the Harriers Country team to a record of three wins and two losses. got the first part of the test down by defeating Centennial; They placed third in the Coast League. Coach Williams by doing this, the Harriers proved their strength in Coast pinpointed Armando Rivera, Reginald Watson and Lance League action. Frazier as the most outstanding runhers. Although Comp- New Head Coach Willie Williams is seen here timing some run- ners for a Coast League encounter with the Warren Bears. Armando Rivera, this year ' s top runner, was showing his winning stride against Lynwood High School. 179 - % Running against time is every Cross Country runner ' s challenge. Andrew Robinson, this year ' s fifth ranked runner, showed good running form. Reginald Watson was seen as he took third place at the Lynwood meet. Reggie was voted the Most Inspirational player of ' 66. The Junior Varsity Cross Country Team of the Big " C " campus wound up at the end of the season in second place in Coast League play. Pacing the Junior Varsity squad were Edward Cesena, Jonathan Collins and James Scruggs. Compton High ' s Junior Varsity Harriers had a Coast League record of 4-1. These boys on the Junior Varsity team started out their life of high school sports on Coach Willie Williams ' squad and earned Big " C ' letters for their Letterman ' s Jackets. A RUNNER ' S LONG ROAD TO SUCCESS IS MILES AND MILES OF ENDURANCE Complon ' s Junior ' arsily Cross Country squad — Kneeling: T. Cesena, G. Bennett. Stiintling: L. Hathorn, D. McCoy, I. Hudson, R. Gaines, J. Collins, R. Exum, D. Ishikawa, A. Steen, R. Meredith, E. Aerie, G. Walker, R. Carter, J. Scruggs, R. Rojero, J. Colbert. RDiaj, i fr-WJ Bob Griffin and Ramon Diaz were seen in action against Bell Gar- dens High. Seconds later, Bob Griffin scored on a backhand shot in the corner. . ' .tT : L i Gar ' Trammel shot a hard one at Fermen Lasuen High ' s goal a game won by Compton, 7-5. Varsity Water Polo Team, left to rieht: Coach Doyle, E. Johnson, G. Trammel. R. Swan, R. Griffin, F. Villcgas, L Orozco, R. Millon, R. Diaz, R. Doinicio. WATER POLO TEAM HAS GREATEST SEASON Compton ' s Water Polo team, under the direction of Coach Charles Doyle, enjoyed an outstanding season this year. The Varsity won 8 games out of 10 while the J.V. ' s won 7 out of 10. It was a season of hard work and great dedication. Coach Doyle ' s constant drilling drove them relentlessly to their objective. Robert Griffin totaled 54 goals and Frank Villegas scored 14; Ramon Diaz threw in 9 goals, for his total, from the guard position. Some of the outstanding triumphs during the season were a victory over Bell Gardens by a 1 1 to 6 score, wins over Santa Monica (8-5) and Artesia (17-2). The Water polo team scored other impressive victories over Victor Valley, Bishop Montgomery, Aviation and Warren to highlight a fine year. Coach Doyle was caught giving last minute advice to Gary Trammel and Robert Griffin before game time with Artesia High. 181 1 Junior Varsity Water polo team, Bottom roiv: D. Green, D. Contreras, S. Boyd, J. Houston, J. Moten, W, Hudson, A. Men- do a, L. Jimenz. Standing: S. Okine, L. McDawell, T. Eaton, L. Linley, A, Burnam, L. Mitchell, J. Morales, R. Lemos, V. Armendariz, D. Verbeck, lifeguard; Coach Doyle. COMPTON ' S WATER BABES ENJOYED SEASON OF ACCOMPLISHMENT Um, ' Coacli ding I Domii Coach Doyle ' s Water Babes deserve recognition for winning eight straight games this season. " Every year the Water Polo team is usually made up of green, inex- perienced plavers who gained the earnest desire to de- velop their potential in drills and practice, " stated Coach Doyle. This year ' s Varsity Water Polo team was led by co-cap- tains Robert Griffin (center forward) and Frank Ville- gas (left forward); along with Eric Johnson, right for- ward; Joe Orozco, guard; Gary Trammel, guard; and Ramon Diaz, guard; to make up the ' 65 team. BredenriJ Ajiitniii, Compton High Varsity scored another goal in a thriller against St. Monica. The score was 6-5 in Compton ' s favor. Coach Doyle was demonstrating guard position against Victor Valley for- wards at halftime in the game with Victor Valley High School. Bob GrifBn is shown throwing the ball with tremendous force into the left corner against an Artesia High opponent. -■ ' ■■ f g .v , - 182 »oi,V. Varsity VCrestlitig team. Kneeling — J. Washington, L. Orozco, G. Kuboia, W. King, W. Bailey, V. Graham, B. Black. Standing— K. Kelley, W. Brooks, E. Garrett, C. Poole, I. Gray, J. Mendez, R. Ortiz, Coach Durden. Coach Durden ' s varsity wrestlers advanced to be one of the best teams in the league. The three-year old wres- tling team just missed a Coast League title by losing to Dominguez. The grapplers defeated Bell Gardens and Paramount by considerable margins to finish first in Coast League Finals. Compton High ' s Junior Varsity wrestling team finished the Coast League race in first place. Thev had a perfect season record of 9-0. This year ' s team were led bv eight undefeated wrestlers, Jarod Bowers, Roger Thomas, Criss Breckenridge, Kenneth Hunter, Robert Andreuis, and Curtis Dodson. DEVOTED MATMEN DISPLAYED SKILL Junior Vanity team, seated — J. Bowers, R. Thomas, J. Houston, C. Breckenridge, J. Williams, S. Smith. Kneeling — H. Morrow, R. Andreuis, S. Wade, M. Fleming, A. Hoxey, C. Dodson. Standing — A. Hutchins, K. Hunter, B. Tyler, K. Kelly, L. Sandoval, R. Lee, F. Ortiz, H. Purvis, Coach Durden. MH 183 1 WRESTLING TEAM GRABBED LEAGUE CROWN s Compton ' s varsity wrestling team outclassed a number of teams in the season to win the Coast League Finals. The wrestlers had placed 12 men in the finals to go in C.I.F. competition. The matmen who took first in League were Carmen Poole, Juan Mendez, Bobby Black, and Virgilio Graham. Second in League were Willie Brooks, Glen Kubota, Ed Garrett, and Louis Orozco. Ken Hunter placed third with Willie Bailey, and Ira Gray, fourth. iliroi tetoi Cil and Referee looked on as Carmen Poole applied a half-nelson combined with a cross-body ride to destroy his opponent ' s balance, thus giving no chance of escape. Varsity Basketball Team — Row 1: Eli Curtis, Bob Watkins, James Dunn, Mike Reid, Carl Slater. Rotf 2: Mr. Newman, Clyde Johnson, William Morris, Mr. Armstrong, Mike Hop- wood, Tommy Campbell, Mr. Newcomer. Eldredge Graves and James Cox. Not pictured is 1965-66 ' BABES ' WENT FAR Coach William Armstrong Bringing the Coast League Championship back to Compton High once again, this year ' s Varsity hoopsters were very sure and determined. Led by Coach Arm- strong and his two new assistant coaches, Mr. Newman and Mr. Newcomer, the Tarbabes started the year off with a good pre-season record of 12-4, and then went through the Coast League slate with a near perfect 9-1 record. The team entered C.LF. and defeated Mira Costa High and California High before losing in the C.LF. quarter-finals to second-ceded Torrance High and ended with an over-all season record of 21-6. 185 J SCOREBOARD ComptDn 100 Pacific 80 Compton 93 Oxnard 54 Compton 76 Leuzinger 65 Compton 91 Santana 50 Compton 53 Redondo 58 Compton 81 Alhambra 42 Compton 71 Morningside 31 Compton 45 Ventura 39 Compton 70 St. Bernard 53 Compton 71 Pius X 63 Compton 44 Millikan 49 Compton 76 Torrance 85 Compton 47 Jordan 52 Compton 70 California 58 s Coach Lyle Newcomer Coach James Newman OUTSTANDING INDIVIDUAL PLAYERS DEf This year ' s team included many outstanding individual players, but together they combined to make one strong team. The starting line-up consisted of three seniors and two sophomores. Starting at one forward % as 2nd All-Coast League Team senior, Mike Reid, who played quick and hard ball all season. At the other forward spot sophomore Tommy Campbell was under the boards just about every time fighting for those important rebounds or shots. At center was sophomore Mike Hopwood who proved to be a valuable defensive man. At one of the guards was 1st All-Coast League Team senior, James Dunn, who ripped the nets all season long. Opposite James was sparkling senior, Bobby Watkins, who was named to the 1st All-Coast League five. Mike Reid (F) Bobby Watkins (G) Tommy Campbell (F) William Morris (C) I 186 Clyde Johnson (F) James Dunn (G) Eli Curtis (G) Mike Hopwood (C) DEMONSTRATED TEAMWORK COAST LEAGUE Compton Compton Compton Compton Compton Compton Compton Compton 54 84 65 56 59 63 64 87 Centennial Paramount Warren Lynwood Dominguez Centennial Paramount Warren 58 56 33 32 71 46 79 Compton 64 Compton 67 Compton 86 Compton Compton Compton 58 61 68 Lynwood Dominguez Ontario CLE. Mira Costa California Torrance 29 45 46 53 45 81 Carl Slater (G) James Cox (C) Eldridge Graves (G) 187 Tommy Campbell, a sophomore that found himself in the starting lineup, dug up another two points in the important win over Centennial. Incredible Bobby Watkins was seen this year as one of Compton ' s most flashy players shown here easily laying up for two points in the first Paramount game. VARSITY TOOK COAST LEAGUE CROWN Zipping past Warren defender was James Dunn as he added to Outstanding sophomore center, Mike Hopwood, fought his way the winning efl ort over the Warren Bears. up for two pomis against the losing Centennial Apaches. Junior Varsity Baskelhalt players: Kneeling— }. Stevenson, G. Patter- Newman, E. Lyles, W. Nelson, J. Bertrand, Mr. Armstrong, M. Taylor, son, T. Iverson, J. Acquah, F. Dunn, D. Marshall. Standing — Mr. M. Butler. L. Morris, Mr. Newcomer. Not pictured is Roger Hen- derson. JV ' S RIPPED WINNINGSEASON The Junior Varsity basketball team ended their season with a 10-0 Coast League record to attain the Coast League Championship for the second consecutive year. Leading Compton ' s team were two sophomores and two juniors, Roger Henderson, Larry Morris, Tim Iverson, and Melvin Taylor, respectively. James Dunn let loose to pop for two markers in the first of two encounters with Centennial. Compton won the first game but lost the second. Tension was evident during every JV game. As shown below. Coach Armstrong was giving advice to his hard driving hoopsters. 189 B ' Btiiketball Ttdm: Ron I — Dix Ishikawa, Ron Newson, Lewis Mr. Armstrong, Mike Owens, Mike Richardson, Carl Steel, Mr. Jackson, Cornell Wheeler, Tr)s Washington, Ralph Lucas. Row Ne%vcomer. 2 — Mr. Newman, Gerald Wortham, William Cole, Richard Bell, i i B ' s " TAKE LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP Ending the season with an unthinkable 109-36 win over with a 46 point effort in the last game against the Dons, the Dominguez Dons, brought frosting to the cake of Carl Steel and Ralph Lucas were two other players who this year ' s ' B ' cager ' s record, winning for them the spearheaded this season. Coast League Championship. j , . j j j - Louis Jackson broke the single game scoring record the past but were in there trying all the time. ' C Buikt ' lhJI Team: Ron I — Joe Morris, Lawrence Winn, Mike aid Wheeler, Joe Rudd, Mr. Armstrong, Lenord Herring, Peters, Ken Dawson, Eugenie Smith. Ron 2 — Mr. Newman, Ron- Roscoe Meyers, Mr. Newcomer. 190 Noel Miya displa id furni ili.u m.ide Conil lon ' s r. rj . ' v lOnm ttjiii—kiutliHi;: W, Morns, K. Aira-, |. Cnodin, J. Garcia. Sland- him one of Compton ' s arsiiy aces. ing: ]. Diaz, N. Miya, L. Jackson, R. Lonj;, C. Sieel, C ' oach Caudiiio. RACKETMEN DISPLAYED SHOWMANSHIP Coach Ignacio Caudillo ' s varsity tennis team was com- posed mostly of seniors who had experience of one year or more. These boys proved to be a strong and dominating team by winning their league opener against Paramount, 271 2-1V2- Compton ' s Jayvee netters were a little weak during pre- season, but they had enthusiasm which aided greatly in the development of a good team. The Jayvees were led by spirit-minded Russell Williams and Da id Br ' ant throughout the year. Compton ' i Jnuior Viirsily Tennis ttam — Kneeling: M. Exum, V. Franco, D. Bryant, W. Nelson, P. Jones, G. Gomez. Standing: R. Gutierrez, E. Cano, A. Payne, A. Mosely, j. Morris, J. Hernandez, D. Chan, L. Winn, A. Chappell, J. Baker. For the past II years Mr. Caudiiio has coached the tennis teams at Compton. 191 Campion ' s Wirsily stiim Imm — Bollom row: E. Johnson, G. Trammel, M. McKnight, R. Men- doza, R. Foreman, L. Edwards, R. Lemos. Top ran: S. Okine, R. Stafford, J. Morales, V. Armendariz, R, Milton, R, Diaz, K. Kuwahara, Howard Rhoads, Lifeguard; Coach Charles Doyle. Waiion, Ttimp» MiiHev. SWIMMERS SHOWED PROMISING ABILITY The Compton Varsity swim team under Coach Charles Doyle enjoyed a satisfactory season this year. They showed great skill and power in out-swimming many of their opponents of schools located along the coastal waters. In the freestyle, Eric Johnson, Lester Edwards, Gary Trammel and Vic Armendariz performed brilliantly. Ray Mendoza showed his skill and ability in the back- stroke while Mack Long did equally well in the butterfly. Skowi scliool tlieM Coach Doyle took a breather before he resumed calling out drills to a group of swimmers. ComploHi Junior Wirsity suim team — Bottom row: A. Men. doza, F. Jones, R. Wright, G. Wolterding, D. Conlev, R. Bux- ton, H. McCormick. Top roiv: S. Okine, R. Stafford, ' W. Hud- son, S. Boyd, C. Jackson, J. Rudd, C, Woods, J. Moten, Howard Rhoads, lifeguard; Coach Charles Doyle. vault I i iV 192 Wirsity Ir.ick and Field tcim—Holtoin Rou: ) L.indr , K. Watson, C. Moore, M, Johnson, L. Jones, W. Danj;erfield, M. Thompson, D. Carolina, D. Mode, R. Jones. Second Run: L. Mobley, B. Bell, L. Frazier, L. Hudson, G. Peterson, S. William, L. Haihorn, K. Lee, |. Seymour, M. Fountain, J. Mende . Top Row: S. Steel, S. McCall, P. Dixon, W. Mays, E. Garrett, A. Bryant, S. Granville, R. Adams, L. Barnhill, D. Evans, J. Col- bert, A. Villalobos. TRACKSTERS SHOWED EARLY FORM Coaches Willie Williams ' and Ronald Allice ' s track and field athletes worked hard and turned in one of the best all-around performances in C.I.F. this season. Showing outstanding competitive sportsmanship and dedication, the tracksters proved champs as three new school records were established in pre-season meets. In the high jump, William Morris, early in the season set a new school mark of 6 ' 8% " against Centennial High. Also, Reggie Watson and James Seymour produced new records in the two-mile run (9:56.2) and pole vault (13 ' 3 " ) in the Oxnard, Santa Ana, and Compton triangular meet. By placing eight men in the Top Prep Marks in C.I.F. as of March 29, Compton ' s Cindermen were off to a flying start. 100 yard dash — Dwight Evans (9.8), Don- ald Carolina (9.8) 220 yard dash — Dwight Evans (21.4), Preston Dixon (21.4). 440 yard dash— Dwight Evans (49.1). Lester Mobley (49.4). 120 High Hurdles — Marvin Thompson (14.6). 880 relay team of Dixon, Evans, Mode, and Moore (1:27.5) second best time in C.I.F. High Jump— William Morris (6 ' 8l 4 " ) highest jump in C.I.F. Kenneth Landry Hurdles James Seymour Pole Vault Martin Thompson Hurdles 193 Coach Willie Williams George Bennett 660 Donald Carolina Sprints Dave Mode Sprints Donald Landry 880 Lance Frazier One-Mile Reginald Watson Two-Mile CINDERMEN SET THREE SCHOOL RECORDS Dwight Evans Sprints Lester Mobley 440 Jacob Colbert 880 Coach Ronald Allice I Bee Truck team — Bottom Rou: B. McCarn, N. Brook, D. Murphy, H. Williams, C. Lucas, R. Bonner, R. Simril, J. Parks, D. Thompson, F. Montgomer -, T. Gaines. Stcoiui Row: M. Fleming, J. Burton, D. Ishikawa, M. Hayes, I. Hudson, J. Brown, R. Dorsey, A. Charles, L. Jimene , . Burncy lop Ron: J. Musgrove, L. Taylor, M. Knight, R. Rojero, R. Smith, R. Carter, G. Bennett, R. Exum, J. Scrugg, C. Jimmerson, P. Camarillo, S. Steel. " B " AND " C " TEAMS STRODE TO VICTORY William Morris Robert Adams Cee Track team — Kneeling: S. Wilson, E. Cesena, E. Reynolds, Herring, M. Peters, J. Redd, W. Harris, R. Dixon, J. Woods, K. Landry, J. Ourton, J. Wheaton, W. Washington, G. Landry, R. Simmons, L. Wharton, R. Meredith, J. Musgrove. J. Garlington, S. Smith. Standing: L. Kelly, M. Gomez, L. I ' .irs ly B,ist ' h,tl te,tm — Ron I.- Van L.indreaux, Grc;, ' Hardson, Joseph Lindsey, Robert Griffin, Andrew Robinson, Laurence Charles Woofolk, Jake Whidbee, John Kaufman, Elijah Harris, Williams, James Hodges, Coach Charles Parish. Not pictured, Willie Brooks, Reggie R ibinson. Ron 2: Carl Lanier, Bob Bobby Watkins. Jefferson, Dennis Marshall, James C. Nelson, Edward Tybs, HIDERS DISPLAYED DEDICATION I The ' 66 Varsit) ' and Junior Varsity baseball teams en- joyed a hard-fought, well-rounded season. Under Var- sity coach Charles Parish, and JV coach, Ivan McKinney, the teams displayed fine work, quick thinking, and a sincere dedication to team victory. One outstanding highlight in the horsehider ' s early season drive was pitcher, Bobby Watkins ' heart-breaking 1-0 loss to the Paramount Pirates. Coaches Ivan McKinney left, and Charles Parish led the Junior Co-Captain Joe Lindsey was seen tearing into the ball during an Varsity and Varsity baseball teams respectively. c.irlv sc.ison coniest. 196 Edward Tyle Jake Whidbee Bob Jefferson j ' m - £ ' •jj Joseph Lindsey fittiior Wirsily B,nehiitl tiuim — Ron I: Es- ard Martin, Oscar Perez, Ernest Goodin, Sam Goulsby, John Aranda, Taylor Black, Terry Smith, Lee Butts. Row 2: Alfred Brown, Issac Hudson, Herman Bethley, Collen Arcneaux, Larry Solomon, Curtis Walton, Sammy Hill, Stephen Cowan, Dennis Watts, Lester Roberts, Ivan McKinney, coach. 197 •ifj- T)iscoi ery Js tense muscles flemg tight-impatieHt-ready efcertioH pours fully and completely — coHfldcHce collapses mto exhausted strenytk yy i Qirb Sports Keeping score for her team was Rosie Owens. Rosie and Pat Cole obtained the highest average in the G.A.A. bowling league. Displaying her bowling technique was Terryl Burnett. Bowling was a G.A.A. after school activity. The girls bowled every Monday at Woodley Lewis ' Bowl. PRACTICE BROUGHT PERFECTION Instructing Patricia Harper on the correct hockey positions was Miss Camp- bell. Hockey is a sport which requires speed and endurance. Hockey is a sport enjoyed by many, both men and women. Struggling to retain control of the hall was Wanda Tillman, as Bernita Johnson looked on, and was prepared in case Wanda missed. In this ollc ball pla day at Domingue high school, Compton exhibited its best competitive teams. I 199 On the fall G.A.A. council was sitting, Gwen Davis, Mildred Collier, Latricia Manuel, Belita Shipman, Standing — Portia Johnson, Mary Willis, Carmoletha Thompson, Gerrie Owens, and Cvnthia Nash. Working enthusiastically with the council, Rosie Owens presided as first semester president. G. A. A. OFFICERS AND MEMBERS SERVED Serving as the spring president of G.A.A. was Latricia Manuel. Serving on the spring council was, sitting — Pat Cole, Lajoy Smith, Gwen Davis, Belita Ship- man. Standing — Portia Johnson, Mary Willis, Sheryl Miller, Beverly Benson, and Carmoletha Thompson. 200 irrTWTT ijt ' : «i t . ' ■ ' li ' i ' iPSi? V M. J Members of G.A.A. ticre: Bollom rou — C. Stanley, J. Hale, S. Caddell, B, Cox, M. Miller, D. English, C. Howard, C. Tomlin, S. Childers, J. Thomas, A. Denhani, K. Pierson, B. Douglas. Row 2 — G. Johnson, ■. James, P. Merritt, A. Eaton, S. Lewis, C. Thompson, A. Marks, M. Currv, P. Johnson, G. Davis, L. Smith, C. McNealy. Ron 3— P. Mobly, L. Patrick, B. Shipman, V. Mosely, C. Nash, M. Jackson, L. Cook, R. Members of G.A.A. tierc: Row 1 — K. Smith, B. Johnson, S. Williams, S. Miller, A. Preston, A. Cleveland, B. Scott, G. Jackson, R. Burt, S. Scott, L. Rose. Row 2 — G. Penn, J. Perry, C. Merriweather, B. .Arnold, T. Burnett, O. Davis, B. Clark, J. Rozelle, B. Benson, M. Willis, C. Oliver. Row 3— J. Steen, I. Martinez, M. Caldwell, P. Williams, O. Holliday, J. Phil- lips, G. Owens, P. Cole, A. Norman, N. Calhoun, J. Moten, Victor, C. lohnson, 1. Cortez, B. Jones, E. Johnson. Ron 4 — D. White, B. Braswell, R. Owens, A. Hale, L. McKenna, L. Hodges, A. Rollins, I. Love, C Smith, M. Boyd, B. Parks, L. Manuel. Roiv 5 — Y. Marlowe, M. Teems, P. Hubbard, J. Aquirre, T. Lara, D. Dandridge, D. Vickers, L. Villalva, C. Trujillo, E. Arenas, B. Armelin, E. Doby, A. Jimenez. K. LeBlanc. Row 4 — E. Howard, S. Smith, G. Johnson, P. Moore, L. Thompson, G. Matlock, B. DeBise, W. Fractious, L. Allen, L. Johnson, E. Bias, P. Madison. Ron- 5 — Miss Rvan, S. Scott, I. Watts, D. Jones, S. White, D. Jones, W. Swede, A. Shipman, W. Tillman, J. Chestang, C. Paine, L. Escoe, P. Anderson, Miss Silverson. rt 201 Officials (Inh: R,.u I (, D.nis, ( Smith, L M.itnal. D, G.illicn, L. IIoJj cs. Ron 2 - L. Smith, D. Junes, A. liaton, K, Owens, B. Braswell, P. Cole. Kou } D. Junes, G. Owens, B. Benson, C. OIi er, T. Burnett, A. Preston, M. Willis, J. Steen. Helpinj; Beliia Shipman improve her stroke was Latricia Manuel and Bev- erly Benson. Golf was a challenging sport. Demonstrating the hatk-stroke to Sheryl Miller and Marilyn Miller was Gwen Peiin. Suinimini; was an after-school sport. During sixth period the sports class prepared for playday competi- tion. Attempting a jumpball was Andrea Preston, Valerie Mosely, Joan Steen, and Sylvia Caddell. 202 Setting up the badminton net was Cynthia Nash, Ora Lee HoUiday, and Audria Rollins. Speaking at the annual G.A.A. awards tea was Miss Nadie Smith, from Domin- quez high school. Assisting Ora Davis and Ina Love in sit- ups was Sherry Smith and Brenda Arn- old. GIRLS EXPERIENCED A VARIETY OF SPORTS Attempting to slide in to home plate was Charlestine Smith. Celestine Oliver makes the tag, but Mary Willis signals that she is safe. . »» ' : , 203 Discovery is . , , lighted stores- story-book windows present gleaming objects . . . bought and sold within the confines of the nlne-to-flve day Advertising J Proudly displaying Compton Tarbabe sweat shirts at WOODY ' S SPORTING GOODS, 259 East Compton Bhd., Compton, were students Lisa Martinez and Robert Lishey. Looking on was Woody Woodworth, owner. Pointing out the different types of radios and other appliances ayailable at the J.C. PENNEY DEPARTMENT STORE, located at 240 East Compton Blvd., Compton, were students Carmen Barron and Gary Trammel. Pictured below selecting a dickie from KINGS STORE FOR MEN was student Harvey Huggins. Kings, at 25S East Compton Blvd., Compton, offers a wide selection of the finest in men ' s clothing. Pictured below busily ordering hot dogs and cokes from DER WIENERHAUSEN, which is located at 845 West Rosecrans Avenue in Compton, are students Valerie Moreland and Toni Davis. D£r-U)iEn£rhaus£i made bt il South Fedo n Approaching CAPITAL NATIONAL BANK, ready to make de- posits, were students Olivia Felix and Shirleen Dooley. Capital National Bank is located at 400 East Compton Bl d.. Compton. Obviously admiring each other ' s formal ensembles from COMP- TON TUX and ' GOWN, located at 84S East Compton Blvd., in Compton, were students Volanda Robago and Johnny Tejeda. Showing off their senior sweaters were students Karen Rothen- hausler and Lawerence Doss. The senior sweaters are expertly made by the PERFECTION KNITTING MILLS, located at 1313 South Fedora Street, Los Angeles 6, Calif. Proudly receiving their bank books were Deborah Pickins and Regina Spicer. Serving them was Orvilla Erpenbach, assistant secretary at COMMUNITY SAVINGS AND LOAN, -li77 East Compton Blvd. Career Opportunities with PACIFIC TELEPHONE For job information call 621-2131 Pictured at left is student Eulalia Moseley, filling out an application at Pacific Telephone. After having completed the application, she was interviewed by Judy Sanders, a 1962 Compton High School graduate presently em- ployed by Pacific Telephone. " :iheti mm 0(1119 !| le»,i ; 208 diirrrrrrj inr«i ' -- ' HLA] CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS of 1966 PARAMOUNT FARMS DAIRY 400 West Rosecrans Ave. Compton, California All dairy products at low prices. CINDERELLA FLORISTS 5501 Atlantic Blvd Long Beach, California Beautiful flowers for all occasions To the right is Compton High School s ADULT BOOSTER CLUB, whose un- dying spirit and support for our stu- dents have proven fruitful and re- wording. Hats off to the Booster Club! Pictured to the right was Woodley Lewis handing bowling equipment to students Janet Hale, Pat Moore, and Andrea Preston, WOODLEY LEWIS ' SPORTSMAN ' S BOWL is located at 1950 N, Central Ave. m Compton, vmi v ■ ' BOB W ' EYGAND PHOTOGRAPHY Official School Photographer 2008 E. Rosecrans Avenue Compton, California i APHY STUDIO V ?« Shirley McDaniel and Willious Lanier, mo diligent student coun- cil members, are shown displaying the senior announcements for the class of 1966. The announcements, as well as the class rings. are from the HERFF-JOSES COMPANY . located at 214 West Pico Blvd. in Los Angeles. FIRST LUTHERAN CHURCH 804 East Rosecrans Ave. Compton, California NE 1-7505 Herbert H. Landdeck, Pastor 1. 03 North Chester Ave. Sunday School 8:45 A.M. Worship Service 10:00 A.M. WELCOME i ■5: 211 J SENIOR CLASS OF 1966 BIDS FAREWELL Lester Edwards and Glenn Taylor, first and second semester presidents of the senior class of 1966, are shown collaborating on their farewell speeches for the Senior Vesper Services. A Senior Burial is conducted every year by the graduating class. Senior inscriptions on the tomb stones give the names of the A.S.B. presidents of that year. 212 DR. MARVIN GOLDSMITH Optometrist 248 West Compton Blvd. Compton, California NEvada 6-0545 The Latest in Rhythm and Blues Hits always at SAM ' S RECORD SHOPS 440 W. Compton Blvd. Compton California NE 5-3235 " Jazz Centers of the West Coast " NE 5-0131 Res. LA 1-6080 HUB CITY TUX RENTAL SHOP Formal and Semi-Formal Wear 323 E. Compton Blvd. Compton, California Hours: 9 to 8 Friday: 9 to 9 Saturday 9 to 6 FINLEY ' S CAMERA SUPPLY AND JEWELRY STORE Cameras - Sales and Rentals Trade-ins - Photo Supplies Jewelry Repairs - Diamonds - China and Crystal 221 -223 E. Compton Blvd., Compton, Calif. PEARSON ' S YARDAGE Comptons Largest Yardage Center Established 1945 271 E. Compton Blvd., Corner of Alameda St. Compton, Calif. NEwmark 9-91 24 Open Monday-Thursday until 8 p.m. Friday until 9 p.m. - Saturday until 6 p.m. THE BEEF HOUSE 2617 W. Alondra Compton, Calif. NE 9-4140 VID . . . that feminine shop 1700 W. Rosecrans Ave. Compton, Calif. J. J. NEWBERRY CO. 1700 W. Rosecrans Compton, Calif. 636-2568 SALON DE PAREE 521 W. Compton Blvd. Compton, Calif. NE 9-9069 Pictured below, carefully examining a fine sport coat at Benson ' s Mens Shop, were students Joe Alvarez and Lawrence Edwards. Benson ' s is located at 214 E. Compton Blvd. in Compton. INDEX Acacza. Rudy ir,S Acquah. loseph P .6 Acrrc. Roberi 16-,lS(),iyi Acuno. Gonozolo 128 Adams. An.elus 166 Adams. Barbara 165 Adams. Cecil H9 Adams. Charles H9 Adams. Chervl 15 " .5«. " 6 Adams. Elveria 99,95 Adams. Eihell99 Adams. Edward 1. 9 Adams, Edward 26 Ad.ims. )i)hn " Adams. Rohbic HV.l ' M Adkins. Harai.o99 Agee. Ronald 1 9 Alguna. Alic.a 99 Aguilar. Connie 4S.1. 9.l43.l46 Aguilar. Elisa -i8.99. " 5 Aguirre. Aniia . 6,99 Aguirre. Josephine 95,139 Akmal. Sheila 50 Akmal. Deborah 99 Aldrele. Gilberl 155 Alexander. Brvon 139 Alexander. Charles 139 Alexander. Martha 15 " Allatorrc. Louis 34,99 Allen. Arbete 156 Allen. Arnold 165. rS Allen. Clarance 139. 6 Allen. Linda 139 Allen, Lottie 99 Allen, Melvin 2 " ,99 Allen. Rosie 139 Allen. Sharon 163 Allen. ■Willie 99,31,50 Allice, Ronald 24 Alston. Kathleen 165 Alvarez. Joe 99 Alvarez, Joseph 139 Alvarez, Vera 139 Ambellan, Charles 15 Amev, Volta 156 Anderson, Arlinda 158 Anderson. Betty 95.139,66,76 Anderson. (Christopher 99 Anderson. Darrvl 139 Anderson. James A. 165 Anderson. James E. 166 Anderson, Jennie 139 Anderson, Joyce 99, 66, 53, " " 6 Anderson, Patricia 139 Ander Andre Andre Andre Angia Anth 1, Veroncia 128 , Delia 29 James 23 Robert 139.183 Roberi 139 Beverly Applewhite, Robert ' 9. 81. 83. 8 " . 88.95. 99,90 Aranda, John 13y.M.I9 " Archibald. Eloise 28 Archie. Ronald 139.50 Arenas. Elizabeth 48. 139 Armelin, Barbara 49.93.94.H9 Armendariz, Irene 48,95, 139, 182.90 Armendari . ' k 99.1i)2 Armijo. Mary IV; Armstrong. Freddrick 99 Armstrong. Hattie M9 Armstrong. Leonard 165 Armstrong. Vl illiam 29.28 Arnold. Brenda 201.203 Arrington. Sandra 139 Arv. Linda H9 Asciutto. Joseph 22 Ash. Kenneth PI Asher. Sylvia 139 Astorga. Margaret 1 9.48 Atherton. Lo.s 28.29 Attjwav. Elizabeth 31.99 Augustus, anda99 B Baeza, Dorothy ' ' Bagwell. Viola Bailev. Alma 3 " Bailey. Janice 99 Bailey. Jacquelvn 100 Bailev. Peggie 139 Bailev. Talmage 22 Bailev. Vi illie 100. 183.1 8 . " 6.58 Baker, Carol 100 Baker, James M9, 191,67 Baldwin. Brenda 139 Baldwin. Larry 156.6 " Banks, Kathy H9 Barajos, JoAnn 100 Barboa. Maria 95.100 Barlow. JoAnn 139 Barnes, Carl 139.6 " Barnes. Loretta 139 Barnes. Maralue 139 Barnes. X illiam 19 Barnes. Ji illie 16 ' ' Barnett. Carv 100 Barnett. Diane 155 Barnett. Linda 156.193 Barnhill. Lenwood 139,67 Barrera. Teresa 31,100 Barrera. Elizabeth 139 Barron, Carmen 206 Barron, Mary 1 39 Bates, La France 165 Battle, Judv 155 Battle. Raymond 100 Baylor. Given 165 Baylor. Mary 1(10 BazelL Cynthia 165 Beard. ■« alter H9 Beatly. Clark 100 Bell. Barnese 58.6 " , 1 39,193,194 Bell. Brenda 166 Bell. Gilda 100 Bell. Moses 139 Bennett. Emmctt 139.6 Bennett. George 100,180,195 Bennett. Orville 100 Bennett. Richard 139. 6 Bennett. Rov95,139 Benson. Addison 156.1 " 8 Benson. Beverly Ann 56.-2,1 39,16 " . " 6. 200,201,202 D.irryl H9 Benson, Patricia 90.100 Bermudias. Hortencia 90.95,100 Berney,N allace 100 Bertrand. John 16 " Bertrand. Thomas 100 Bethley. Herman 156.19 " Bias. Ella 201 Bibbv. Elizabeth 90. M9. " 6 Billin. W illiam P. 1 " ! Biol. Marcellas 10(1 Birmingham, (hcrvl 155 Birmingham, Lee 100 Birheau, ( . 20 Black, Bobby R, My.l83.1Si Black, Patricia 100 Black, Sandra 95,139 Black, Taylor 19 " Blankership. Gedrgia 155 Blanton, Effie 8,l 39.66 Blevins. Glcnda 139 Blight. Florence 22.3 " Bloodsaw. Cassandra 100 Blow. Donnise 163.66 Bogin. Carduis 163 Bond. Darlene 139 Bonds. Patsy 139 Bonner, Hector 139.50.51 Bonner. Henry 100 Bonner. Linda 156 Bonner. Robert 139,195 Borders. Martha 18 Bosley. Carol F. 139 Bourdo, Maurice 22 Bourgeois, James 100. " 4 Bourgeois. James A. 139 Bowens. George 183 Bowens. Janice 139 Bowens. Jarod 183 Bowens. Margie 163 Bowers. Kathryn 30.65 Boyd, Mable 15 Bovd, Ronald 140 Boyd, Samuel 163,182.192 Boyd. ■ ellington l-l0. " 4 Boyer. Barbara WO Bover. Ethon 100 Bovs Federation 6 " Bracamonte. Elizabeth 140 Brace, Casey 140 Bradford, Patrick 163 Bradshaw, Lester 140 Bradshaw, Ruth 31.100.128 Brady. George 15 ' ' Brady, Glen 100 Brady, Lani 100 Bragg, Carol 61 Branham, Lillian WO Braswell. Beverly WO.20.1 Braxton. Linda 31,100.55.129 Brazo. Myrtle 20 Breckinridge. Criss 1 " 8 Bridges. Helen 140 Bridges. Linda 158 Bridgeforlh. Johnnie 158 Brooks. Elizabeth WO Brooks. Paulette 158 Brooks. Vi illie |. 1 (0. 1 " " , 18 ,18 Brooks, W in ola 2 Broom. John I5S Broussard. Phillip WO Brown. Alfred 95, 1 lO, 1 " 1. 19 " . I " •! Brown. Betty M Brovvn. Barbara 89.100 Brown. {. H. 20 Brown. (. R. 20 Brown. ( hester 10(1 Brown, (hris WO Brown, (larance WO Brown, Debra WO Brown. Diana 100 Brown. Frank 158 Brown. H. D. 20 Brown, lanice 158 Brown.jarod 165 Brown. Joe 10(1, 1 " (1 Brown, lancll 100 Brown, Linda 166 Brown, Marion 100 Brown. Mary 10(1 Brown. Regent 2 Brown. ' incent 100 Bryant. Emmett 90.95 Buckner, R. 20 Burlev, James M Burks. James -11,6 " Burks, eronicj 102.135 Burton, Jerry 195 Burke. Carl 15 Burkhead, Dave l " .l " 2 Burton. Larry 65.90.93,94 8 " Burton. anda 66 Butts. Linda 102 Buxton. Raymond WO. 192 Bynume. Charlene 15 " Caddell, Sylvia 102, 64. 201. 202. " 6 Cade. Linda 95. 15 " .61. " Cade. Velma 48.60.95. 102 Caesar. Michael 103,31 Caesar, Ronald 140 Caldwell, Bobbie 102 Caldwell, Gail 163 Caldwell. Margaret W(l.2(ll. " 6 Caldwell. Victor 16 " Calhoun. Nicola WO Calhoun. Royal 163 Calleros. Marie 165 Callet. Stanton 2 Camarillo. Pete 165,1 ' W.I 95 Campbell, Gregory WO Campbell, Kathleen 2,I99 Campbell. Mane WO Campbell, Thomas 16 " , 185. 186, 1 " 1, 1 " 5 Campbell, Volanda 166 Canaan, Sadie 140 Canchola, Genevieve 0, 8, 102.44,46.4 Cannon, Robert 6 1. WO Cano. Eliazar WO.16 .191 Caniu. Linda 61.166 Cantu, Racheal 102 Cargille. Rav 15 Caro. Olivia 20 " Carolina. Donald 1 id. 1 " 1. 1 " 3. " 5 Carr, George 2- ( irr. Patrki.1 1S6 Carr, Regina Sl. ' S.yd.-S.lO ' Carrahv. ' Carlos UO Carrahv, Joseph UO Carrasco. " Georgf 11)2 ( arreker. Tommy l-lO { arreker. Ozzie 1112 ( " arson. W illie 16 Carter. Anioinetlc W(l, " 6 Carlcr. Brenda ICr, Carter. Charles U(l Carter. Celia 16 Carter. Gloria 161 Carter. Janice Ill Carter. Josephine 1(H ( arter. Law rence 22 Carter. Linda 16 Carter. Roherl U(I.1 ' )S Carter. Ronald ISfi.lSd Carter. Sondra S1.95.yil, " i.-6.1ll-(. 129. l.« Carter. Valerie 60 Casarez. Rosemary 1-10 Cassell. Nosetta 21 Castillo. Cruzita HO Castor, Arlhana l ' i6 Catchmss, Gilderyo.l-iO Cato. Arwiider 1 -lO Caudillo. li;nacio32 Causey. Joseph 1 Caving Linda 16 " Ceniceros, Rosa UO Ceron, Veronica 55.60,83,S4,10 ,H ' i Cesena, Edward ' i9,6-(, 103. 195 Chaffin. Naomi 1(H ( " han. Donald 9S, 191 Chan, Neil -|0.-)2,4S,4-,60.6 .6S,,S1.K . 90.9I,92,9 ' i,10-( Chappell, Ar el 90.UO.9S, 191 Chappell, John 16 " Charles. Alexander = ( " hatman, James UO (heatom, Janice UO Check, Larry UO Chestang, Jackie H ' ,201 Chester, Edssard 19 Childers, Sandra 95, ' ' 6 Childress, Bohhy UO ( " hilds. B.irhara 158 Childs, .Martha UO,69J4 Childs, Victoria 103 ( " himettes - Squires 65 Churchill, Ronald UO Churchill, Sharon 31. UO Citizen, Noma 103 Clark. Bernard 26 Clark. Lorna 16 3 Clark. Patricia 103. " 5 Clark. Ronald UO Clark. W illiam UO Clayton. Arthur 1. 103.6 " Clayton. Michael UO Clayton. Rita 61. 163. " 6 Clayton. Ronald 163 Cleyeland. Adrienne 103.95,69 Cobhs, Darrvl 156 Coffey, Roheri 16 " Cohen. Eknor Colbert. Jacoh M , ) 1 , 1 03. 1 SO. 19 V 1 9 i. -5 Cole. Larr 90.U0.95 Cole. Ohediah 101 Cole, Patricia 90.UO.2Ol.2O0.202.2O3, " 6 Cole. Vi illaim U0.U5 Coleman. Lola,,s3.Xh.H6.90.95,103 ( " oleman. Mar -t Collier. Mildred U0.20O,201. 6 Collins, David UO Collins, James 103 Collins, Jonathon lO-i Collins, Linda 31,104 Collins, Thomas ISO Commorre, Donald 33 Conanon. Rosaria 26,2- Concepcion, Zula 2S,30 Conley, Charles 165 Conlcy, Elmer UO Conlev, Lloyd UO,192 Conner, Mack 104 Conner, Stephanie 158 Contreras, David 182 Contreras, Juanita 104 Contreras, Louise UO Cook. Johnny UO Cook, Linda 165.95 ( ook. Rubazene 49,36.58 Cooper. Frances 95 Cordero. |oe95 ( " orrea. Manuel 1 " Cortez. Irene 66 ( ' onan. Stephen 95 Cox. James IS " . 19 " Crawford. R. 20 ( rasyford. Thomas 58 Oessev, Linda 3 1 Cross. Erwin 95.6 " ( unningham. Nosetta 69.129 ( urtis. Ell 1S3 ( uttcer, Edna 21 Crawford. Howard 3 Crawford. Thomas 61 Cotton. Roxann 61 D Dandridge. Darlene201 Dangerfield. Betty Ul Dangerfield. W ilson Ul Daniels. Leon 158 Daniels. Norma 20 Dasher. Eleanor Ul Dasher, jeanner 56.63.-6.104 Daughtrev. Linda Ul Davla. Andrea IO4 DaMS. Andrew 95 Davis, (laud IO4 Davis. Elizabeth IO4.66 Davis. Gail Ul,-6 Davis. George IO4 Davis. Gwendolyn 14 1,200.201 Davis, Henry 50,104 Davis. Josephine l4l. " 6 Davis, Marion Ul Davis, Martin Itl Davis. Ora 56.-6,9 . I 03. Jo6. 20 1 .20 3 Davis. Rose Ul Davis, ickie 1 11.66 Dawson. Jehuc 105.1 " 1.1 " 3 Dawson. Lenora 105 Dawson. v ilma Ul Dearmon. ( hervl 105.129 Debato, ■ olanda 31.10S De Bise. Bevcrly.65.91 .92.9 V95.6 V56. 52. " 5. " 6,1 36.46.4 " . 90.20 1 Dehios. Manuel Ul Dedman. Dexter 50 Deloney. Larry Ul Deloney. Margv 61 Demmerelle. Tyrone 6 " Denham. Alice 201. 95. " 4 Denham. Peola Ul Dennis. La Verne 158 Denny. Vi illiam 105 Dersett. Carolyn 50. Ul Deveres. Marcella,129 Diaz. Alicia Ul Diaz. Jesus C.90.U1 Diaz. Nash 163 Diaz. Jess 191 Diaz. Nash 3 1 Diaz. Ramon 81.103.192 Diaz. Virginia 166 Dickerson. Robert Ul Dickerson. Vv endy 156 Diedman. Dexter 163 Dilworth. Frances 24.25 Dinkens. Alelha 105 Dionicio. Rodriquez 181 Dipay. Alice Ul Dishman. Darrell 31 Dishman. Pamela Ul Dixon. Ella Ul Dixon. Garland lOS Dixon. Gregory 6 " Dixon. James I " - Dixon. Linda I4I Dixon. Presion 45.92. U 1 . 193, " 6, " 3 Dixon, Ronald I4 1,195 Dixon, Sandra lOS Doby, Evangeline 1 4 1.201.95, " 4 Doby, Kitty l4l,95, " 4 Doby, Matthew 15 " Dodson, Curtis 31,l4l,183 Domino, Alfreda 156 Dominquez, Alicia 33 Dolphin, .Michael 50, 103 Dooley, Michael Ul Dooley, Shirleen 3 1.48,49,56, 5 " , 66,69, 83,93,95,105,129.20 " Dorn. U aldine Ul Dorsey, Renee 24.25 Dorsev, Richard 141,195 Doss, Lawrence 165,20 " Dotson, Alfred Ul,95 Douglas, Ada 5o,6l Douglas, Barbara 95,136 Douglas, Earnest Ul Douglas, Yvonne Ul Downey, Cynthia 61,1 51 Doyle, Charles 32,181,192 Drake. Linda Ul Dravdcn. Clifton 165. 1 " 8 Driver. Carmen. 31.15 " Duckett. Deborah I4I.-6 Dudley. Odessa 14 1.58 Duffy. Gloria 66 Duncan. Carl 105,95,129 Dunklin, Jacqueline Ul Dunn, Crecia 61,15 " Dunn, Dorothy Ul Dunn, Helen 34,48,69, los Dunn, James 46, 4 " , 62, 1 05, 1 85, 18 " Dunn, Leon.ird 1 " S Dupree, Nelson 158 Durden, Ernest 32, 1 " 2, 1 " 3, 1 " " . 1 83 Eagles, Ruth 22,23 Earl, Jesse 163 Earl, Richard 141 Earl, Rita 156 Earwin, NXillie 50, 1 56 Easley, Dwaine 16 " Easlev, Joyce 48,95,134,165 Eason, Vincent 105 Eaton, Floyd Ann l4l,2oi Eaton. Theodis 182,U1.88 Edmonds. Stanley 165 Edralin. Juliana 61. I06 Edwards. Galvin 163 Edwards. Gwandolyn 158 Edwards. Lawrence 1 " " . U 1 Edwards. Lester 46.4 " . 65. 83, 85.92. 95. 4(1.1 " (4. Edwards. Linda I4I Edwards. Patricia 23,95.15 " Edwards. Richard 156 Edwards. Robert 106 Edwards. Wendy 158 Eisenmayer. Dean 22.2 3 Eli. Geraldine Elliot. Jennifer 158 Ellis, (heryl Ul Ellis. Deborah 16 " Ellis. Gloria Ul Emanuel. Vonda Ul Emerson. Barbara 4 Emerson. Patricia l4l. " 6 Engler. Frank 20 English. Elton 23.163 English. Flora 156 English. Jacqueline 156 English. Loweena Ul English. Rueben Ul Ennis. Leon 166 Enriquez. Danny 62 Erpenhach. Orvilla 20 " Escoe, Beverly 31,158 Escoe, Linda 1 4 1,201 Essex, Emma 26,141,95.-6 Estrada. Rachel 15 " Eudave. Esperanza 60 Evans. Deborah 60 Evans. Dwight 4 1.193. 194. " 5 Evans. George 156 Evans. Judv Ul Evans. Monica Ul Evans. Peggie 3 1 Evans. Sieve Ul Evans. W ili.e 106 Everage, Keith Ul Evcrhardt, Patricia Ul Ewing, Patrma Ul Exum, Michael 95, Ul, 191 Exum. Ronald 1 . 180. 195. " 4 Exum, S.indr.i U.106 Farlev. Linda 106 Favors. Eddie 20 Fedford. Sandra 1 (1 Felix. George 31.106 Eeliz. Volanda 156 Felton. Jo Ann 31.141 Fenderson. W illis66 Fentress. ' ivi.,n 156 Ferdinand, Helen ISS Ferdinand. Resin.. IDrt Ferguson. Theodore Ul6 Fernandez. Richard Ul Fernandez. Roherto WI Fields. John 1S8 Figueroa. Margaret Wl Finger, ( harles M Fisher. Michael 5 Fisher. Michelle 1 sr. Fisher. SharonnieSS.r,fi,I()6 Fitzgerald. Romaine Ul Fie , Ul Fleming. Malcom lyS. C.- Fletcher. Carol yo.ys.ui Fletcher. )anes Ul Florence. Thomas ISC Flores. Lupe N I Flowers. Maurine Ul Floyd, Edris U2 Fontes, Frank 4 " Ford. Bohbv U2 Ford.Garv U2 Ford. Michael U2 Ford. Oscar 106 Ford. Roosevelt isr. Foreman. Freddie U2 Foreman. Rova! l ' ;2 Fortenberrv. Daniel Ulfi Fortenberrv. Hursey 142 Foster. Carolyn 142 Foster, |errv 142 Foster, Larrv 60,106 Foster, Phvliss 142 Foster, Ronald M Foster, Stanlev U2 Fountain, Melvin 1 ,6 V6 ' ;.- ' ). 106. n . r3.iy. Fowler. Vi illard 2H.V) Fractious. Sandra 1 2 Fractious. )i anda 1SS.20I Fraine, Francis 106 Francis. Yolanda U2 Franco. Victor l ' i6,iyi Franco, Yolanda ' )2.6 1.6-1.6S.yo.yi,92. 95.106 Franklin. Paulette U2 Franks. alter 106 Frazier. Lance .ly Frazier. Rosalind U2 Freeman, Betty 142 Freeman. Donald yS.S6.S ,S«.6S,l( - Freenv. Cason U2 Freeny. Chris 10- Freenv, Lonnie 16S Frierson, Cynthia 165 Frierson, Linda 95,10 " Friloux, Allison 142 Friloux, Gail 155 Frison, Paulette 60,84, «9 , Thn , 10 " Fuller, Dorothy 95,15H Fullilove, Barbara " 5 G Gaines. Gerry 142 Gaines, Linda 10 " Gaines. Rodney 156,1 " 8 Gaines. Thomas HP, ISO, 195 Gallien, Delores 201,202 Gambrell, Corliss M,16 Gamboa, Alicia 95,10 " Gant, Edward 95, U2,l " ' l,l " 5 Gaona. Maria 155 Garcia, Alfred 142 Garcia. Guadalupe 10 " Garcia. )uan 10 " . 191 Garcia. Sahador 1 i2 Gardner, jerryl 2 Gardner. Terrafice 1 i2.1 " " Garibaldi. Giliberlo 165, 1 " 8 Garlington. lames 158.195 Garlington. Rita 62.9 V U2.1i5 Garner. Glenn I -i2 Garner, |ohn 50,60,U2 Garrett, Edward 195 Garrett, Elise U2.18 Garvins. Gloria 10 " Gatson. ( harles U2 Gavin. Ronald 10 " Gehrene. C. 20 Geist, Gloria 30 Gentile. B.V. 20 German. Carolyn 48,142 Geter, Cynthia U2 Geter, Francine 158 Gibson. Bennie U2 Gibson. Deborah 10 " Gibson. Lenora 28,MI Gibson. Pluscedia U2 Gieger. Ronald 28.29 Giliard, Luther U2 Gilmer, Deborah U2 Gilmore, Floyd 142 Gims, Billy 142 Gipson, Marcellas 16 " Girls- League 66 Givan, Hazel 10 " Given. Lonnie 156 Givens. Jerry 2 . 29.84. 10 " Glass. Mary 10 " Glenn, Sandv 142 Giles. Pa tsv 66 Gilispie. Charles 155 Gilispie. Maxine U2 Gilispie. Portia 10 " Glover. Norma 6V10 " Glover, ■ ilia 90,95. U2, U VU6.1 50 Gocke. Miriam 22 Godlev. Anthony U2 Godwin. Robert 156 Godwin. 5 illiam U2 Golightly. Sarah 165 Gomez, Gorge 191 Gomez, large U2 Gomez. Johnny 10 " Gomez. Mario U2.195 Gomez. Mona 165 Gomez, Rudy 10 " Gomez, ' olanda U2 Gonzales. Christina (2.56.5 " Gonzales. Henry 165 Gonzales, Joseph 6- .90.10 " Gonzales, Robert U2 Gonzales, Salvador U2,16 " Gonzales, Tony 142.1 " 1,1 " 2. " 5 Gooden, Ernest 142.19 " Goodin. Jerome 108.191 Goodwin. Pauline 1(2 Gossman. Paul 22.2 3 Gough. Fredric 15 " Goulsbv. Samuel 156.1 " " , 19 " Govan. Josephine M.l (2 Grace. Hazel U2 Graham. Marchia 95. 1 5f, Graham. Virgilio 1(2.18V184 Grant. Rudolph 108 Granville, Stevie 193 Graves. Eldridge 108 Gray. Brenda 15 " Cray. Carolyn 108 Gray. George U2 Gray. Ira 108.183.184 Gray. Patricia " 6.83,85. Gray. Patricia A. 61 Gray. Willie 108.1 " l.l " 2.r4 Grays. Barbara 95, U2 Gravson, Ralph 16 " Grayson, Sandra U2 Green. Darlene 108.69 Green. Darrvl 156.182 Green. Harold 15 " Green. Mary 163 Green, Rayfort 108 Green, Theophilus 20,95,142 Gregoire, Jerry 142 Gregoire, Mona 61.66 Griffin, Doretha 142 Griffin, Jacqueline 108 Griffin, Michaelann U2 Griffin, Robert 31,181,182 Grigby, W anda 142 Gross, Dorothy 108 Gross, Enneite 142 Gross, Vickie 66.155 Grove, Ann 15 Groves, W illiam 142 Gunnett. Ann 20 Guest. Stephen 163 Gupton. Brenda 142 Gupton. Izella 31.108 Gutierrez. Antonia90,U2 Gutierrez. Margaret U2 Gutierrez. Mary 61.15 Gutierrez. Nicholas 156 Gutierrez. Richard 142.6 Gutierrez. Ruehen 158,191 Gutierrez, Tony 108 H Hadlev, James 1 (2 Hairston, Hildren 158 Halcromb, Sherin 156 Halcromb, Vickie 156 Hale, Alexia 90,95,108,201 Hale, Janet 95,142,201 Halev Joyce 163 Halev, " Lawrence 90,95, 108.1 " 9 Hall, Gilda 95,15 " Hall, Gregory 158 Hall, Larry 15 " Hallriler. G. 20 Hamilton. Ellen U2 Hamilton. Walter 24.25, U8 Hammond. Sandra 31.163 Hampton. Claudetta " -( Hankins, Samuel 142 Hanks, Elaine 26.49 Hardaway. Princess 142 Hardson. Greg 142 Harmison. Kenneth U2 Harmon. Dora 108.66 Harper, Clarence 108 Harper, Louis 142, r 8 Harper, Vcrryn 108,ni,r4 Harrell. Charles 61.95, U2 Harrell, Edward U2 Harrell, Paulette 15 " Harris, ( onstance 158 De , Donna 66,90,92,95.108.65 , Edna U2 , Eliiah U2 . Frank 25.46.4 " ,93,94,95, 108 . Frankie 34, U2 .George 109 , Ina Ray 158 . Mary C. , Mary 109.66 , Olivia 15 " , Patricia 109 , Patricia Ul. " 5 . W ilbur 156.195 on. Dwight U4 on. Thomas 163 1. Samuel 109 Harri ' Harri ' Harri ' Harrr Harrr Harri ' Harri ' Harri ' Harri Harri ' Harri ' Harri ' Harri ' Harri Harrison. D Harrison. T Harvill. San Hart. Barbara 144 Hart. Mary 156 Hartley. Jacqueline 144 Hatch. Dalh 28 Hathorn. Larry Hawkins. Mary 156 Hawkins. Mike 144 Hayes. Brenda 61 Haves. Linda 109 Hayes, Michael 195 Haves, Paulette I44 Hayes, W inston 109 Haynes, Adam 165 Hays, Ta Image 144 Heads, Larry 31.50,144 Hearns, Josie 163 Hearns, Sheila 144 Helm, Gwendolyne 2 " , 144,66 Heming. Malcom 183 Henderson. Barbara 144 Henderson. Renee 109 Henderson, Roderick 58,95 Hendley, Opal l44 Henry, Barbara 90,95,144,146 Henry, Mary 109 Henrv, Otis 109 Henton. Linda I44 Hernandez, Joaquin 191 Hernandez, Pamela 109 Herrera, Arthur 144 Herring, Leonard 195 Hester, ' Cynthia 109,6 ' Hester, Theopilis 144 Heuley, Ronald V Hickman. Deborah 144 Hickman, Marion 28 Hickman, Robert I44 Hicks. Charlie I44 Hicks, Geneva 155 Hicks. Gladys 2 " . 144 Hicks. Virginia 90.95.144 Hider. W anda 109 Hightower. A. Z. U4.155 Highlower. Brenda 15 ' Hiland. Cheryl 30 HiU. Angela U4 Hill. Barbara l44 Hill. Jeff 31 Hill. Karen 155. " 4 Hill. Sammy 31.144,1 " 1,1 " 3,19 ' Hinkle, Meryl 22 Hinoioz, Maria 165 Hodge, Brenda 128 Hodges, James 144,6 " Hodges, Linda 90,95,144 Hodges, Marzctta 109 Hoffmann. Delight 3(I.V,,S- Hogan, Bernard 1-n Holquin, Alfredo 163 Holquin, Anna 144,69,66 Holland, Anioinetie IV Holland, Reggie l44 Hollidav, Ora Lee 144 Hollins, Fave 3 " Hollowav, Carl 144 Holman, lohnnv 109 Holman, Patricia 11)9 Holmes, Truman U4 Homes, Vera 109 Holt, Gwen l Holvfield. Charles 144 Hopwood, Michael 144,18 ,18 ' i Hopwood, ' vonne 14- Horton, luanita 109 Horton, " ' illie M,60 Hosion, Keith 163 Houston, Dale 3I,1 ,21)1 Houston, lohn 166,182,183 Howard, Diane 109 Howard, Ellery l ' iS,2()l Hoxev, Andrew 1 10 Huhhard, Eugene 110 Huhhard, Lorraine 90,9S, l Huhbard, PhiUipa U-t,2()l Huber, |ohn 89,144 Hudson, Anthony 144 Hudson, Issac 16 Hudson, [ssac 180,144,195 Hudson. Anthony 31 Hudson, Larrv r9,193,61 Hudson, Isaac 19 " Hudson, Otis 1-n Hudson, Nathaniel 110 Hudson, Ralph S9,Wt Hudson, W rlhe 1S6.182,192 Huff, Suzette 31 Huff, Svlvia ISS Huffman, [esse U4 Huggins, Harvey 60,83,9= ,110,206 Humphrey, l.C. 58,93, 14 Humphrey, lohn 163 Humphrey. Robert 110,6 " Humphries, Robert 111) Hunt, Gwen 11(1 Hunt, Linda 165 Hunt, Shirley 4,U4 Hunter, Alton M. 50. 165 Hunter, Charlotte 110 Hunter, Dorris 48,144 Hunter, Henry 144 Hunter, [oseph 158 Hunter, Kenneth 144,18 .18-1 Hunter. Veronica 31.110 Huntington. Armida W4 Huntington, [anice 16; Hurd. Don -n Hurd, lohn 110 Hurley. Glenn 163 Hurlic, ZonElla 144 Hurst. Mary 28 Hulchersnn. Artharce 95.183 Hutchison. Milton 31 lams, Pamela 163 maizumi, Ellis 90,81.95.1 10 ngram. Barbara 163 ngram. Karen 14-t ngram. Larrv 128.144 Irving. Svlvia 165 Ishikawa, Ben 90 Issac, |ovce61 Ishikawa. Dix I44. 180. 195.6 " Iverson. Minnie I44 Iverson. Timothy 58,6 " .95.l44. I46.I 54 Ivie. Lenthus I44 j Jackson. Barbara 110 Jackson, Beverly I44 Jackson, Booker 110, " ' 6 Jackson, Brenda 144,69 Jackson, Charles 192 Jackson, David I44 Jackson, Dianna I44 Jackson, Eyonne 163 Jackson, Gail 144.201. 4 Jackson, Gerrolvn l44 Jackson, Gertrude 84.1 10 Jackson, Gladys I44 Jackson, Harriet 31,158,69,66 Jackson, Hazel M, 29. 9S. 1 1(1.65.69. 1 29, -s Jackson. Jean " 6 Jackson. Jackie 110. 5, " 6 Jackson, Jacqueline 110 Jackson, Katherine 129,144 Jackson. Lewis 129,191 Jackson, Linda 110 Jackson, Linda R, I44 " Jackson, Louis 110,6 " Jackson, Lvdia 110 Jackson, Lvdia M. 144 Jackson, Michael 110, " 6 Jackson, Patricia 165 Jackson, Phillip 155 Jackson, Sharon 156,69 Jackson, Tern M,156 Jackson, Theodore 165 Jackson. Valerie 15 " Jackson. oodrow l44 Jacobs. Elaine 144 Jaimes. Vivian 48,66,90,144 James, Antoinne 54,95,1 1 1 James, David 111 James, Loretta l44.l46. " 6 Jamison. Debra 111.66 " Jefferson, Bettv 165 Jefferson, Robert 144,19 " jempson- Shirley 111.42 Jennings, Floria 144 Jennings, Lucille 22 Ju Jimenez. Ann 48.66,144 Jimenez, Isabella 111 Jimenez, Ladislao 182,195 Jimenez. Manuel I4 " Jimmerson. Brenda 111 Jimmerson. Corace Jr. 19 Johns. Leon 14 " Johnson. Barbara 111 Johnson. Bernita 111.199.201 Johnson, Betty 95,1 11 Johnson, Brenda I4 " " Johnson, Carolyn 95,1 5 " Johnson, Charles E. I4 " Johnson, Charles L. 16 " " Johnson, Clyde l4 " ,185.18 " Johnson. Cynthia I4- ■johnson. Donald 165.1 " ! Johnson. Dorothy 111,129 " Johnson. Elret I4 " Johnson. Em M. 181. 192 Johnson. Ens 111 Johnson. Eugene 158 Johnson. Everett 163 Johnson, Fannie 14 Johnson, Freddie 15 Johnson, Fredrick 1 1 1 Johnson. Gary I4 " Johnson, Gerald 156 Johnson, Ginger 156,201 Johnson, Greta 95,201 " Johnson, Jackie 111 Johnson, Janice 14 " Johnson, Jerriln 156 Johnson, Joseph 14 " Johnson, " Kathrvn 52,5 ,8 84,9(1.111, 5.76 Johnson. Larrv 156, " 6 Johnson. Lawrence 155 Johnson. Linda Joyce 31. 15 " . 201 Johnson, Linda Lucille 163 Johnson, Major 14 " , 193 Johnson, Mary 111 Johnson, Mary 14 " Johnson, Mary Ann 15 " " johnson, Pamela 111,66 Johnson, Patricia 60,1 12,201 " Johnson, Peggy 95.1 12 " Johnson. Portia 31.90.95,145, I4 " . 200. 201 Johnson, Ray 112 Johnson, Ray I4 " Johnson, Raymond H. 14 " Johnson, Ronald E. 165 Johnson. Ronnie J. 16 " " Johnson. Ruth 1 12. " 5 Johnson. Saundra 14 " 3 ' i MlLi .b Johnson. Shirley 14 - ' " Johnson, Verdell 156 Johnson, Verla 95,15 " Johnson. Vincent 158 " Johnson. Virginia 31.112 " Johnson. Vivian 48.112.69. " 6 Johnson. ( illiams D. 155 Jones. AdrianneM. 31 Jones, Arturo I4 " Jones, Barbara l4 " ,l46.66 Jones, Brenda M. 156 Jones, CessandraM. 165 Jones, Charles III Jones, Charles A. 14 " ' Jones, Clifford 95,1 11. 5 Jones. Deborah F. 163 " Jones, Deborah L. 95.14 " Jones. Earlene 14 " Jones. Edward E. I4 " . I " 1. 1 " 2.1 " 5 Jones, Ella B. 31,14 " Jones, Eloretta 34,1 1 1 Jones, FrankieL. l4 " ,I " " ,I92 Jones, Helen D. I4 " Jones. James C. 156 Jones, Joe Ann R. 158 lones, " LeathaM. 163 Jones. Lonnie I4 " .l " 8.193 Jones, Loretta 16 " Jones. Odella 156 Jones. Paul P. 92.95. 1 5 " . I60. 16 " . 19 1 Jones. Richard 19 Jones. Robert C. l4 " .l " " .193 Jones. R. 20 Jones. Robert E. I4 " Jones, Ruth 111, " 5 Jones. Timoihv I4 " Jones, Vi.( . 163 Jones. W illiam 111 " Jordan. Bernard J. 16 " Jordan. Donna G. 15 Jordan, Leroy 14 " Jordan, Rose 112 Joseph, Virginia 14 " Judd, Sheridan 14 " Kaiwi. Hank 14 " Kascle. Clifford 26 Kato. Johnny 14 ,158 Kaufman. John 196 Keesee. Stephen 14 " Kellev. Sharon 165 Kendrick. J. " 4 Kendrick. " Sharon M Kennedy. Carlethia 14 " Kennedy. Girardeau 1 " 6 Kennedy. Glenda 31,165 Kensie, Kevin 156 Kertindall, Mary 83,95.112 Keyes. Carolyn 23.14 " Kiigore. Brenda 31 Kilgore, E. I4 " Kiigore. Harold I4 " Kimhell, Charles 92.93.143,146,14 " , 154 Kiney, Marvin 16 " King, Allen I " 2 King, Lemuel 1 12 King, Renae 155 King, Valerie 1 4 " King. Winston 6 " , I4 " , 183 Kirk, Peggy 16-( Kirkland,Lucretia 15 " Knight, Mitchell 158,195 Knight, W illiam 1 " Knox. Barbara 15 " Knox. EIrena 112 Kawahara. Kaz 112 Kuhota. Glen 6 " .92.95. I4 " . 1 5(1.1 " " . 18 V IS4 Kuntz. W . 20 La Londe. Frances 21 Le Blanc. Cathy 95,201 Le Blanc, Leona 165 Le Blanc, Linda 14 " , 66 Lacy, Antoinette 1 12 Lacy, Barbara I4 " Lalond, Frances 21 Lamb, Frances W Lamb, Lillie 112 Lamb. Robert l4 " ,l " " Lambert. Douglas 112.50 Lambert, Joseph 50 Lambert. Linda 165 Landreaux. Cynthia " 4,163 Landreaux. Van59, " 5,95.1I2.1 " 6.I--, 1 " 2.I " 3,19 " Landry, Donald 69, " 6.89,95, 1 28,I " 9, 193J94 Landry, Gerald 14 " . 195 Landry. Kenneth 6 " . " 5.l4 " ,93.193,I95 Lang,Jonice 128 Langham, Lula 14 " Lanier, Carl 6 " , 1 4 " Lanier. " Villus 112 Lanier. Yvonne 90.95,128,81 Lara. .Sal 113 Lara. Trinadad 156 Larry, Ronald 14 Lashmett. N. 20 Lassiier, Rowland 147 Lawson, Cynthia 113 Lawson. Frederick 14 Lyies. Edward 128 Le Circle De France ( « Lcdii. Sandra 156.66 Lee. Lcveria 113 Lee, Reginald I56.r-.1S3.193 Lemes. Rosalio l56.lS2.iy2 Lemos. Margaret 113 Lemus, John 14 Lenard, " .Sharon 165 Leonard. Josephine 1 1 3 Lcvias. Arthur 113.1-1.1-5.129 Levy. Jimmie E. W Lewis. Gerald 14 " ' Lewis, lanice 34 Lewis,john 75.112.1-1.1-5 Lewis, Larry 167. n- Lewis, Lester 31.16- Lewis, Shirley 113,201 Lewis, Thomas 14- Librarv Symposium -1 Liddcll, Mary 113,61) Lindlev, Llovd 1H2 Lindsva, Burvin 15- Lindsav, (oseph 113,iy- Lishev,(:lark 158 Lishev, Rohert6-.113.2()6 Little! Carol 165 Little. Geraldine 113 Little, (ovce 113 Little. Joyce A. 31.165 Livingstone. Mary 113 Lizana, Glenda W Lockett, Cherry 14- Lockett, Otis 95, 14 " " , 1-8 Lockett, Thurmond 50.16- Lofland. Shannon It- Lofton. Edward 95,1- 1,1 - Long, Isamu 16 Long, Robert 113.191 Long i no, John 156 Lopez. Edward 1- - Lopez. M.iria -i Lopez, Ralph U- Lopez. Socorro 90.95 Los Picaros 68 Love. Atricia 163 Love. Ina Ray 14- Lovett, Frances 158 Low. i ilson 16 Lowe, Johnny -5 Lowe. Marty 1 13 Lowe, Ronald 14-,r Lowerv, Lillie 14- Lozano, Adolfo 163 Lozano, Rudolpho 14- Lucas, Charles 16 .1-8.195 Lucas, Ora Lee - .1M Lucas, Ralph I.- Lucas, Sidney -5, 1 1 3,1 95 Lucero, Gilbert 113 Luna,Jennie-4.113 Luna. Lupe 14- Luna. Nellie 14- Lyles, Edward 14 " Lynch, John 14- Lynch.Linday4- Lynn. Bessie 1 14 M McCall. Ronald 41,5.3,,iy3 McCartv, Bobby 147,195 McClain, Claudette 114 McClanahan, Overton 156, 1 -8 McClelland, |ohn NM McClenon, jovce U8 Mc( l[nton, " )ohnnv ll4 McClinton, Voder 53,1 W McCloud, Louis NS McCornell. Bruce 155 McCormick, Herman |-8,192 McCoy. Dave 18(1 McCrarv. O ' Neal 155 McCulloch. Edith 19 McDaniel. Harry 50 McDaniel. Kathryn U8 McDaniel, Shirley 90,94. 114,1 34 McCarty. Bobby 14-. 195 McClelland, )ohn 6 ' Mc( hnton. Yoder 54.1U Mctulloch. Edith 181 McDaniel, Sylvester 16- McDowell, lohnny 148 McDowell. Larry 16 ,182 McElveny. Marjene 21 McGee. Beverly 1 48 McGee. Charles lU McGee. Deborah 148 McGee. George 1 14 McGee. Henrietta 1 U McGee, Vi ebster 28 McGee, Brenda 165 McGlothin, Essie W8 McGowan, Gwendolyn 95,1 14,129 McGuire, Gamaliel -iX. McGuire, Kenn eth 156.69 McKay, Edward U8 McKenna, David lit McKenna, Linda U8,201 McKeever, B.M. 20 McKinney, Ivan 24,1-2 McKinnev, Linda 165 M.Kinnev, Thomas -5. 1 I4, 1 - 3.I9- McKinnev, Wayne rs.l 18 McKnight, Michael 114,192 McMillan, Josephine -6 McMullen.ludv Ann M,165 McReynolds, H. 20 McW right, Rita 155 Macias, joe 95 Macias.Josephine I48 Macias, Tony 1 14 Mackintosh, George 163 Madison, Paula 95.201 Madrid. Lasaro 165 Malone. Clarence r6,171 Mancha, Linda 128 Mandolph. Robert II4 Mann. W .Hie I48 Manning. Hazel I48 Manuel. Charles 165 Manuel. Latricia 4 1,95, 1 1 4.200,201. 202 Manuel, Ramon 1 1 4,65,r,9,-5 Marks, Alesia 156,201 Marlowe, Paulelte I i ,l .6,148 Marmeljo, Maria 4,ll4 Marquez, Robert 163 Marsman, Jacomina 24 Martin, Deborah 156 Martin, Eszard 148.19- Mariin. )..vcc 115 Martin, Patricia 114 Martin, Rhonda 115,69,52,66 Martin, W illie C. 148 Martinez. Alicia 158 Martinez. Christina 95.148 Martinez. Jennie 1 14 Martinez. Lisa 66,90.1 15 Martinez, Margie 148 Martinez, Mario 20,1 15 Martinez, Mary E. 6-, 95,206 Maruno, Lois 95,157 Maruno, Steve 148 Mason, Jerry 95,115 Mason, Kenneth 15 Mathieu, Reginald 155 Mathieu, Rudolph I4K Matlock, Gavle 2-,M). . l, ' i6.-6.90.95. 115.201 Matlock. Stanley 148,50 Matison, Jan 21 Maxwell, " Bonnie 115 Maxwell, Paula 115 Maxwell, Shirley 148 Mayer, Donna 148 Mayer, James 148 Mayfieid, Linda 148 Mays, Carolyn 42, 44, 46,4-. 8 ,1 15 Mays, W illie 163,193 Medellin, Ruben 15- , loan 184,115,1-1,1-4 ,|uanital48 , Pauline 148 a, Arturo 163.182,192 a. Mary 48.128 Mende Mende Mende Mendtj Mende Mendoza. Romelia 163 Mercado. Mar.z 115 Meredith. Ronald 195 Meriwether. Carolyn 31.201 Merritt. Prise. Ha 115, 5 ,-4 Metcalf, Irma 88,1 15,90 Meyers, Douglas 29,59 Meyers, Roscoe 1 15 Meyers, Shiela 163 Mcvers. Thrvia 148 Me a, Theresita 148 Middlcton, Carl :48 Middleton. Wiley 115 Mike. Patricia 95 Milas. Michael P- Miles. Betty I48 Miles. Carololtj 115 Miles. Dorothy 21.31 Miles. Susan 115 Millender. Allen 148 iMillender. Eltha 115 Miller. Arlene 48,95, 116,69,66 Miller, Beatrice 116.66 Miller, Cheryl 116 Miller, Cloved I48 Miller, Esther M) Miller. John 26.2-. 155 Miller, " juanita I48 Miller, Leon 158,1-8 Miller, Marilyn 156 Miller, Ora Lee 31 Miller, Ross M. 1- M.lls, Betty 116 Mills, Carl 116,1-1,1-6 Millsap, Katrina 156,201 Milton, Roger 1 15,-5 Mihon, Ronald " 6, 1 8 1. 1 16. 192 Mingus, Yonnine 156 Minor, Diedri 116 Minor, Don 148 Minor, Sherry 148 Mintcrs, Gerald 146,148,154 Miskinis, Eva 21 Mitchell. ( lifton 1 " Mitchell. Daisy 95.116 Mitchell. David 165 Mitchell. Ernest 116 Mitchell. Larry I48.I82 Mitchell. Roger 1-1 Mixon. Betty 165 Mixon, Shirley I48 Miya, Noal 50.116.191 Miiblcv. Lester 1 16,1 -9. 19 V 1 94.-5 Mode, Charlene 165,31 Mode, Dave 90,-5, 84, 95, 1-6,1--. 116,69 193,194,1-1,1-2,1-3 Monico. Gene 116 Monroe. Albert 3I.I4H Monroe, Cynthia 116 Monroe, Sheila 116 Montez. Rodger 20.148 Montez. S. 20 Montgomery. Fezell M, 1.8, 195 Montgomery, Lemuell.i 28 Montgomery, Onward 28. 14 3.1 54 Moore. Brenda 48 Moore. Carl 69.-5.116.1-1.1-5.193 Moore. Carol 61.156 Moore. Conrad 1-6 Moore. Edward C. 16,41,42 Moore, J ackie 1 16 Moore, Johnny L. 165 Moore, Kathv6-.116 Moore, Kenneth 54,148 Moore, Linda 31 Moore. Lula 2-, 60, 116 Moore, Patricia 34 Moore, Patricia R. 116,148 Morales, John 148,182,192 Morale, Ricardo 148 Moreland, Valerie 52, 5-, 83, 84, 85, 8-, 89,93,95,116,134,191 Morris, Alvin 31,83,11- Morris. Eugene I48 Morris. Frank 22 Morris. Joseph I 48 Morris. Katie 156 Morris. Law rence 6- Morr.s, W illiam l48.191.195 Morrow. Edward I48 Morrow. Howard 163.183 Morrow. Karen I48 Morrow. Sandra 66,11 - Morthel, Marilyn 58,148 Moselv, Arthur 15-. 191 M.ises. Floyd 158 Moses, Eloyd 163 - .-i Moses. Taeko 95,1 5- Mosley, (arlotia U . 2 , Mosley, Eulalia 31,95,11- ' Mosley, Herman 156,1 " ' - Mosley, Hermond 165 Mosley, Robert 163 Mosley, Valerie 95, 11 -,20 1,202 Moss, Michael ir Molcn, Charles IP Moten, ( " harolette I48 Moten, |uanas6-,158,182,192 Molen, Juanise 148,201 Molhershed, ' ivian I4S Mullen, Ruby IP Munoz. IfsMt ' JS.l ,H Munoz U-sus 1 iS Murdock, I .. Ul- Kv Murphv, Darwin r,-,l ' )S Murrv. Odeli •( l.f T4. ' il), ' S. H Musgrove, |ohn UH.iyS Mvers. Douglas S ' J Mvers. Helenas. US Mvers, Teresa VS N Nartisse, Sandra 9S,ir Nash, Cynthia -ri. ' )(I.H6,l iX.N Vl ' i . 2( (),2()1,2() Nash. Kathleen ISH Na arro, Robert 11 " Neal. Lola US Negrette. Gloria 1 1 " Nelson, Alan IP Nelson. James 1 iS.l " - Nelson Vi illic 1 i ' ).r " ,iyi Nerri, Robert 11 " Nesbit, Harriet ir,S Nesbit, Penny r,l Nesels, Rueseen 11 " Newburn. Aviar ISCi Newchurch, joAnn M.ll " Newcomer. Lvle IS " ; Newman. James 18S Newsom. Melvin W9 Newsome, Ronnie ' 0, It ' ) Newton. Emmie 1 1 " Newton. Rosella ISs Nicholas. Darlene U ' ) Nicholas. Vl illiam 11 Nickerson. Antonette IS " Nickerson. Andrea Uy Nolan. Brenda Uy Norman. Ardie l-i6.Uy.2(ll Norris. Sharon fi ' . ' S. 1 r. 1 29 Norton. Betty 4S.U9 Norton. Nowell. Nancy 4. 1 P O ODell. Eugene -i9 Odom. Brenda 15S ODonayon. |ames IH O ' Guinn. RonaUKr.-S. 1 r, 1 " 1, r , 1 " ' 2 O ' Kine. Stanley Uy.IS2 Oliye. Ernest 16 Oliye. Evelyn IP Oliver. Paula 6S.r.y.r,I.S4.- ' i.-r,.l 1 " Olmeda. ( hristine IIS Olson. Karl 2C .2 ' Orozco. Louis 181.1S .1S Orosco. I oe 11 " Orosco. Oscar M.lSr, Orphey. Deborah 1 i ' ) Orr. Gordon IS Ortiz. Frank Uy.l " .lS Ort.z. Ronnie lr. l, Outlaw. Madeline 2S Overton. Johnny U ' ;.ly5 Owens. Geraldine Uy.2IMI.2lll .2(H Owens, Paul 26 Owens. Rosie " ' s.s .yl).l l " .iyy.20ll.2lll Owens. Vl illiam 1 .y Pjihii. Sara I ' iS P.uliUo. EvayS.US P.idillo. Rebecca - .1 S- Page. ( leo IfiS Page. Sherry yS. lis Palacias. Francia 60.66 Palmer, locelyn Uy Palmcr. " Lora66.yS,llS Paredez. (immie I6S Parhams! Ada lis Parker. Alice Uy Parker. Hubert 2S Parker. Mattie Uy Parker. Rosalind 61 Parker. Shirley Uy Parks. Barbara Uy Parks. Beverly 66.1 IS Parks. (lilTord ). Uy Parks. Ed Uy Parks, lerome lyS Parks. Rosalind US Parrish. Charles ' 2 Pascual. Rhoda y5 Pate. Lois Uy Patrick. Lvnn M. S.- «. 1 i V U6. 1 ty. IS, 16- Paittrson.G Patterson. Maggie Uy Patterson. Sandra 1 IH Paul. Mozella61.-6.Uy Pavne. Adolphus ISS.iyi Payne. Eric .U.6S.6-.6y.S-(.S ..yd. I IK Payne. Marion 51). Uy Payton. Ray ' 6 Pearson. Cathie 16,-( Pearson. Marilyn 21 Pearson. Pierre Uy Pearson, Tommy Uy Pearson. i illiam Uy Pendergraph. Mane 1 y Penland, lohnnie Uy Penn, Gwendolyn 156 Perea, Rachel U9 Perez, David U9 Perez, Maria 118 Perez, Mar|orie U9 Perel, Paul6S Perkins, lessie U9 Perkins, loseph 59,U9 Pero, G,irthia61,U9 Perry, Barbara IIS Perry, Brenda M.U9 Perrv, Charolette 149 Perrv, lanice 149 Perry. Jeanette 51.16 Perry. Joyce 14y Perry. Larry US Perrv. Leonard llS.12y Perrez. Paul 118 Perslev. James Uy Persley. John Uy Peters. Kathv 161 Peters. Michael 6 " . 1(9. lyS Peterson. Gail Uy Peterson. George 1 19 Peterson. George 19 Peterson. JoAnn 2 Petty. W illiam M.U9 Phillips, liouglas U9 Phillips. Janet 1 18.2(11 Phillips. Marion M.U9 Phillips Palrm.i 119 Phillips, Tvnine I l9 Phvlovv, Debr.i I 19 Pickens. Deh.irah 56,5-,y{i.y i.ys, 1 |y. Pierce. Mark I ly Pimcntal. Gilbert I ly Pure. Brenda 1 ly Polidore. James 156 Polion, William 5y.-5. 1 ly, 1 " -, Polk. Gail ys.i ly Polk. Robert 16 Pollard. George 1 (9 Poole. Carmen 119.181,184 Porter, Doris 48,911,119 Porter, N ' ictoria 66,95 Potts. Addic 156 Powell. Altheria Uy Powell. Gloria 51,165 Powell, Richard 156 Powell, Stephen Uy,r- Prados, lohnnv Uy Preston, Andrea 95.1 19.291 Preston. Berdia I i9 Preston, Mitchell " 6,1 y Price. Tolberl 26 Primous. Dorothy 165 Prison. .Marilyn 21 Pritchett. Edward U9 Pruitt. Regina " 5.119 Pullinas. Shirley U9 Pulley. Wanda M.U9 Pullum. Terrv 6 " .U9 Purvis. Henrv 6 " . I )y.I85 Queen. Lvnwood 6 " . 1 ly. ri. r 2. 1 " 5. 1 " R Rahago. ■ olanda 5 1.52,61, 65, 6y,S 5,88, yi.92. 95, 119,21) Rael. Victoria 149 Rafferty, Juanita 21 Ramirez. Martha |8.U9 Ramos. Alicia 165 Ramos. Glori.i 52, " 5.1 19 Ramos, Ralph I t ' l Ramos, Sally 1 19 Ramos, Velia 119 Ramos, Victor U9 Randon. James 211 Rangel. Andrea U9 Rarrot. L.J. 20 Ratcliffe, Rosetta U9 Ray, Helen 51 Ray, Patricia I 19 Ray, Ren ae 119 Ray, Shirley 51,119 Ravford, Helen 165 Redd, Henrv Uy Redd, James 156,ly5 Redick, Darryl6 " ,U9 Reece, Barbara 51, " 5, 95. 120 Reece. Philbert 150 Reed. Eru 50,150 Reed. Linda 156 Reels. Roger 120.1-1.1-5 Reels. Steven 150 Reid. (arol 150 Reid. Michael I 20. 1 86 Reid. Peggy 15- Remaker. Ruhard 15(1 Renfro. Barbara 15- Rente. PrisiUa 128 Rentie. Lynette 5 1.156 Resendez. Joel 15 0 Reuter. ( hervl 52.65,69,81.8 5,90.95. Re . Bl.; Reynolds. Beverlv 5 1 Reynolds. Ernest 195 Rhoden. Anita 12(1 Rhoden. James 6-,-6. 150 Rhoden. W illiam 5. .120 Rhodes. Diane 150 Rhodes. Gwendolyn 15- Rice. Milton 155 Rice. Nancy 61.150 Richards. Andriana 95 Richards. Darlene 120 Richards. Paula 48.150 Richardson. Linda 51 Richardson. Marv in 6-.92. U6. 1 5(1. 1 5 1 Richardson. Michael 51.165 Richardson. Niles 6- Richerson. Nikola 120 Rilev. Rickv6-.150 Rising. Gregory 150 Rivas. Caroline 150 Rivera. Alba 48. -5, 1 20 Rivera. Armando -5. 1 20. 1 -9 Ri . Mai 1 15(1 Rivers. Relda 165 Roberson. HiUerv 15o Roberson. Janet 25,58,95,120 Roberts, Aleen 120 Roberts, Charles 15 " Roherts, Iwona 150 , Roberts, Lester 150 Roberts, Marv 120 Robinson. Andrew 1 " 9.1S0 Robinson. Carol 15(1 Robinson. (I. ft, in 150 Robinson. Fannie 150 Robinson, Jessie L. 1 " Robinson. Lois 120 Robinson, Milion 51,165 Robinson, Patricia 120 Robinson, Richard 25.120 Rodgers, Anthony 15(1 Rodriquez, Dionicio 54 Rodriquez. Edwardo 120 Rodriquez. Joe 95.120 Rodriquez. Roberta 150 Rodriquez. Rosem.iry 51.165 Rogers. Evelyn 120 Roiero. Rudy 16 " . ISO, 195 Rollins, Audria 95.150.201 Rollins. W illiam 18 Romo. Alicia 121.150 Romo. Linda 121 Rosa. Merry Ann " 5.121 Rose. Donald 5 1.121 Rose. La Von 201 Rose. Paul 165 Rose. Samuel " S.-ft, 1 " 1.1 " 2. 1 " 4 Rosenthal. Gregory 18.(2.92.95 Ross. Armen 15 " ,1 " 8 Ross. Marilyn 150 Ross. Nancy 121 Ross. Naoimi 156 Ross. Patricia 90.121 Ross. Ruebeii 6 " . 150 Ross. Rochelle 150 Ross, X ' illie 121 Rossi, Clincon 121 Roihenhausler. Fred yO.yS. ' iD.l Sd Rolhenhausler. Karen 4S,yS, 12 1.2(1 " Rouse, ' iilliam 2i.l ' 2 Roussell. Marva 150 Route, Laurence 121 Route. Trudv isr, Rovhal. Diana 121 Rozeii. loAnn 1S(I.201 RubaUa a. Rav 15(1 Rubio. Franii 150 Ruhio. Lucv 150 Rubio, Mario 121 Rucker, Darnell 15(1 Rudd, Joe 31.192 Ruelas. Gregory 15S Ruiz. Torena 121 Russell, lames 121 Rvan. Wilhemina 32,201 Rvland. Paul 121 Saenz, John 121. 163. rs Saenz. Lvdia 121 Safford, (ackie 31 Salazar,rarl 156 Salazar, Frances 121 Salazar, Patricia " 6,150 Salcedo, Evangeline 150 Saldana, Mary 30.45.46.-i ,48,-iy.56.6o, 95,122 Sales. Alonao 15 Salgado, Joe 156 Sam, Jo Ann 121 Sanchez. Margaret 62. 1 21 Sanchez. Margaret 62, 121 Sanchez, Rosemary 150 Sandoval. Trinidad 20 Sapp, Cleveland rS Saucedo, Diane 31 Saunders, Patrick 150 Science " ' O Scott. Brenda 55.95.122 Scott, Edward 31.150 Scott, lanet 150 Scott. Ruby 150 Scott. Roosevelt 163 Scott, Sherrilyn 158 Scott. Thomas 150 Scruggs, lames 6 " . 122. 180.195 Scruggs, Ronald 150,l " l,n5 Seaborn, Larry 156 Seale. Dianne 163 Sedberry. Janice 150 Sedberry. Leatrice 150 Sedillo. Robert 150 Sequro, Edward 15 " Seitz. Danny 58.150 Sena. Rachel 156 Seymour. Everett 15 " Seymour, lames 31. 46.4 " . 122 Shaddock. Patricia 150 Sheftall. Beverly 3-1.95. l63 Shefiall, Patrilia 122 Shelby. Lee 122 Shelby, Pearl 150 Shelton, Gregory 163 Shelton. Yvonne 150 Sheppard.Roy 150 Sherinan. Mary 48,95. 150 Sherrill, James 19 Shields, Barbara 122 Shields, Linda 150 Shields. Theresa 122 Shipman. Alice 15 " Shipman. Belita 66.6 " . 1 50 Shorer, Lawrence 30.60 Sibley, Carolyn 61.15 " Silva, Eslella 155 Silva, Irma 48,150 Silverman, Ina 32,201 Simmons, Cordice 163 Simmons. Devora 150 Simmons. Keith 15 " Simmons. Richard 195 Simpkins. George 150 Simrol, Ramon 150,195 Sims. Billy 69. " 6 Singleton. Ella 122 Singleton. Gertrude 150 Singleton, Janet 95.150 Singleton, Tanya 150 Skiles. Bernard 46,4 ,122 Skinner. James 122 Skinner. Ollie 150 Slater, Carlton 185,18 Slater. Danny 150 Slater, Reginna 150 Slater, Tanva 122 SmalLJoan 95,165 Smith, Alexis 122 Smith, CarolynJ. 122 Smith, Charlesteen 66 Smith, Clementine 31.150 Smith, Clinton 150 Smith. Deborah 158 Smith, Elizabeth 122 Smith, Erman 151 Smith, Eugene 95. r8 Smith, Fay 151 Smith, Francine 15 " Smith. Gloria D. 158 Smith. Gloria J. 158 Smith. Gwendolyn 122 Smith. Ida Bell 155 Smith. James E. 151 Smith.john 122. n6 Smith. Joyce 122 Smith, Kenneth 95,1 5 l,r 1.1 2. n5 Smith. Lajoy 151 Smith. Linda 151 Smith. Luci 31,165 Smith. Michael 151 Smith. Murriel 151 Smith, Regina 122 Smith, Renae 155 Smith, Rico 152.78,195 Smith. Robena 163 Smith. Robert 123 Smith. Roland 31,83 Smith. Ronald 152 Smith. Roscoe 1 52 Smith. Rupert 83,85 Smith, Samuel 166,183,195 Smith, Sherry 31,201,203 Smith, Terry 165 Smith. Wilbert 123 Snider. Miriam 56.5 .88.95,90.152 Solomon. Larry 16 " Solomon. Marilyn 152 Sonnenburg. Patricia 22 Sophi Chi " .Spears, Willie 123 Speech 0 Speed, Sharon 123 Speer. T. 20 Spicer, Regina 31,42,56,5 " . 63, 6,123, 207 Spiller. Larry 16 " Spinger, Kathryn21 Stafford, Ralph 192 Stafford. Sidney 123 Stanley. Brenda 15 " Stanley. Charlene " Stanley. Robert 90,123 Staten, W alter 123 Steel, Carl 152,191 Steel, Sam 31,123.193,195 Steen, Albert 152,180 Steen, Joan 123.202 Stephanian. Maxine 24.25 Stephens, Gregory 123 Stephens, Joyce 163 Stephens, Shirley 158 Sterling, Claudia 152 Sterling, Gvvenith 146,152 Sterling, Mary 123 Stevenson, Johnny 155 Stevenson. Mary 152 Steward, JoAnn 48.56.57,95.152 Stewart, Levora 152 Stines, Johnny 36 Stinson. Rita 165 Stilt. Linda 156 Stilt. Oscar 34 Stokes. Raymond 152 Stoute. Michele 152 Stouie, Rhoda 163 Strader, Mildred 152 Sirader, Suzeile 31 Strange, Clyde 152 Stuart, Eugene 24 Sullivan, Rose 95,152 Sutton. Leonard 26.27 Swan, Ronnie 152,181 Sweed, Ruth 31 Sweed, X illie 163.202 Sweet. Dan 24 Swogger, Cheryl 156 Swogger, Jackie 31,36,95,123 Tabata, Robert 152 Tanner, A. 20 Tate, Geneva 152 Tate, Gwendolyn I 57 Tate, June 157 Tatum. Bernadine 66,123 Taylor. Anthony 123 Taylor, Brenda 61,152 Taylor, Brenda J. 31.123 Taylor, Dwight ' l56 Taylor, Glenn 60,63,93,95,123.129 Taylor. Jewel 156 Taylor, John 177 Taylor. Kenneth 36,123 Taylor. Larry 152.195 Taylor. Leona 152 Taylor. Melvin 152 Taylor. Patrick 60. 1 52 Taylor, Robert 36 Teems, Mary 163 Teamer, Bernard 67, 1 23,17 1,175 Tejeda, Johnny 125,207 Tell, Jacqueline 152 Tellez, Irma 123 Templeton. Frank 124 Thibadeaux. Lawrence 152 Thomas, Alaine 124 Thomas. Billy 26 Thomas. Bernadine 31.152 Thomas. Curtis 152 Thomas. Glcnda 5.124 Thomas. Ida 95 Thomas. Jacqueline 34,95,124,201 Thomas, Linda 124.155 Thomas. Louis 30.31.51 Thomas. Oliver 124 Thomas. R.M. 20 Thomas. Robert 152 Thompson. Ada 152 Thompson. Ann I64 Thompson. Bonita 16 " Thompson, Carmoletha " 5,124,129.200, 201 Thompson. Charles 158 Thompson. Dennis 6 , 124,1 " 8,195 Thompson, Elaine 95 Thompson. Gladys 163 Thompson L. 20 Thompson. Linda V. 155 Thompson. Lorraine 31. " 4,95.201 Thompson, Marvin " 5.129,193 Thompson. Patricia 62,152 Thompson. Robert 124 Thompson. Viana 45.46.4 . " 5,124 Thurmond, Gregory 1 52 Thurmond, Vincent 31 Tillman. V( anda 199.201 Todd, Delores 124 Toliver, Darlene 152 Toliver. Eugene 22 Tomlin. Alvjn 152 Tomlin, Bill 124 Tomlin, Charlene 24,95 Tomlin, Cynthia 34.95.124 Toney. Pendelita 152 Torres. Geneviene 152 Torres. Gilbert 152 Torres, Maria 124 Torrez, Magdelina 124 Torrez, Manuel 46,4 " . 5 . 58,65,69,124, r8 Tortalini. Frederick 28 Towns. Rachel 45.60,124 Tracy, |ohn 31,67,95 Trammel. Gary 124.181,182,206 Traylor. Lola 152 Trinidad. Linda 34 Trujillo, Charlotte 152 Truss. Frank 152 Tucker. Brenda 66,95.152,154 Tucker. Clevron 124 Tucker. Deborah 124 Tucker. I uanita 152 ■ .,, Turman. Frank 152 Turner. Alvnece 152 Turner. James 152 Turner, Johnny 29 Turner, Larry 27.69.152 Turner. Lois 152 Turner. Margaret 125 Turne. Patricia 153 Tyler, Bruce 153 Tyson, Charlene 125 Tyson, Earlene 125 Tyson. Janice 153 Urihe. Orlando ' JO.n Valdemar. luanita r S2,-S,Sl.S .S• , S " " , 88,95. 12S Valdry, arren 28,2yr6 Volenierio, C. 20 Vargas, Angelina 48,S8,ys, 1 ' " J Vargas, Robert 1S3 Vasquez, Bennyo,l ' 5-( Vasquez, Irene 125 Vasquez, John 15. Vasquez, Lilv " 5,125 Vaughn, Brenda IS Vaughn, Douglas 153 Vaughn, Earlie 153 Vera. Iohnr,-,12S Vcrbeck, Don 21,182 Vickers. Diane 153 Viecus, Margaret 153 Villalobos. Arthur 193 Villalva, Lucv 153 Villegas. Eli 153 ViUegas. Frank 125.181 Vital ' . Ale.via " 5 Von Lewis. Fredrick ri-,125 V(ade, Edrina 12C )( ade, Stanley 1 " ' 8.183 Viadlev, Barbara 95.1 5 adley, Jesse 126 Vl agner, Mr. 6(1 Vl aggoner, Darrell 39 Vl alker, Darrvl 126 Vl alker. Duane 6(1 Walker. Eddie 15 Walker. Eleanor 21 Walker. Gary - ' 6.126 W alker. Helen 153 Walker. loyce95 Walker. Larry L. 153 Walker. Larry R. 15 Walker. Linda lean M Walker. Phvliss 153.15 ,1 6 Walker. Terrv 126 Wallace. Dollie 31 Wallace. Erma 125 Wallace. Kenneth r8 W ' altindean. )erry P Wanzo. lerry 153 Wanzo. Willie 153 Ward. Melyin 125 Ward, Stanley n,n-i W arnsbv, John 153 W arren, Deborah 125,6(1 W arren, Diedra 125 Washington, Antionette 153 Washington, Arranda 125 Washington. Dayid 153 W ashinglon, Don Q. 61,95,153 Washington, Flora 48,88,99,125 W ashington. lessc 18 V( ashingtou. (onn I 25, r 8. 184. 1K Washington. Nathan 153 Washington, Shirley 15 Washington, Reginald 18(1 Washington, Tyrus 15 Washington, W iUie 153.195 W aters, Donald 153 Waters, Horace 6 ,126 W aters, Margaret 21 Watkins. Bernie 153 W aik.ns. Francine3I Watkins. Martin 153 W atkins. Robert 185.186 W arson. Eugene 6 Watson. Gerald 6 " .l 5 3 W arson. Gregory 6 " W atson. Reginald 1 26. r9. 194.193 Watson. Richard 126.n.l-5 Watson. Ulyses 153 Watts. Dennie 153 Watts. Ingrid 95.126.129 Webb. Carolyn 66 W ebbs, lohnnie 153 W ebb. Lena 95.126 W ebb. • ' yonne 31 W ebster. ynthia 66 Webster. Delores 126 W ebster. Maetta 153 W ebster. Nolan 126 W ' cdlow. Linda 153 Wedlow. Ronald 153 Weeks. Dedrich 15 Wellington. Rudolph 153 Wells. Ka thy 153 Wells. Nowlin n.r6 W ells. Patricia 22 Wesley. Patricia 153 Wesson. Billie 153 W harton. Linda 51.52.65.-5,81.88.9(1.12 W harton. Louis 195 Wheaton. Jerry 195 W heaton. |udy -t W heeler. Cornell 6 " , 1 53 W heeler. Ronald 58 W hidbee. lake 58.65.69,8-(.9(1.9 ,95. 85.92.126 W hitaker. Aumount 153 W hite. Antionette 153 W hite. Christine 153 White. Cynthia 31 W hite. Deborah 39.66. ' ' 6 White. Diane 153 W hite. Dorothy 31.126 W hite. Louis ' 58.60.89. 153 W hite. Sharon 126 W hite. Shelli " 6.95,153 W hiieside. Betty 126 W hitfield. Sheriy 153 W hitmorc. Bonnie 153 W hitmore. Connie 150 W hilmore. Robin 153 Wickers. Martha 53.126 Wieton. Cathy 66 Wigley. Patricia 95 W ilborn. Larry 6 ,153 W ilkerson. Larry 15 W ilkey. Lois 21 Will.ird. Sandra 22 W illiai W illiai W illiai W illiai W illiai W illiai W illi.ii W illiai W illiai W illiai W lUiai . Andre 6 .1 26 . Anthony 126 . Arthur 76 .Clifford 153 .Deborah 31.89 .Do i 83 .Doris 50.5 .-6,95,1; , Ernest 31.36.153 , Gloria 127 , Harold 153 , Iris 74,201 w lliams lames T. 15 w lliams )anicel5 w lUiams lessie 153.183 w lliams |immieLaVerne4 l43,l4 ri.15 3.15) w illiams lohnnie 153 w illiams )oycel53 w illiams Kathleen 12 " w illiams La«rence-5.12- w illiams Margarel 153 w illiams Mary 95 w illiams Nathaniel 12 " w lliams Pamela -6.153.20 w lliams Patricia -5. 12-.-6 w lliams Patsy 95.76 w illiams Ronald 31 w lliams Russell 153 w illiams Saundra ). 66.2(11 w illiams Sandra 1. 154 w illiams Sims 19-( w illiams Thelma 66.95.154 ■ ates. La 48,1: W illiams, Voncile 12 " Williams, Willie 1-9.193.194 Williams, Yolanda 154 W ' illiford. Gregory 50,127 W illis, Kenneth 1 — W illis, Mary 28,29,66,-6,154,; 203 i66 1 3,4-, 12- W ilso Wilson, Carolyn 127 W ilson, Devonne 127 W ilson, Eleanor 22 W ilson, Fannie 36,154 W ilson, Sam 195 Wilson, Sayoy 154 Wilson, 127 W ilson, Shron 12 " W ihon, ( athy-6 W imberly. (ames 154 W inbush, Reishel 42, W indom Janet 95 W inger, Phyllis 32 Winn, Lawrence 154,191 W inston, Gwendolyn 56,58,154 W inston, Sadie 66,154 W ' inston, Steyen 31 W ' inlers. Manque 32.1-6 Wohering.Jerald 192 Wooden. Teresa 28 Woods. Barbara 31.154 W oods. Clarence -6.12-. 192 Woods. Demishie 154 W oods. George 22 Woods, lack 154,195 Woods. Kenneth 61.154 Woods. Phillip 1-8 Woods. Rosina 154 Woodson. Marsin 154 W oodworth. W oody 206 Woolfolk. Howard 12- Word. Lenora 154 Wortham. Gerald 154 W right. Allen 12- W right. Belinda 154 Wright. ( heryl 31 W right, lulius 12 " W right. Kenneth 154 W right. Ronald 154.192 Wynne. Randell 154 ■ Yarbrough,Joan66,12- Vates. Rochelle 12- ates. Stephanie 31 Vepez. Maria 23.154 Yepez. Victor 95 Young. Arthena -5.12- Young. Deborah -5.12- Young. Gradv 154 Young. Janice -6 Young. Karen 1 2- Young. Lester 154 Young. Rita 154 Young. Patricia 128 Young. Roderick 154 Younger. Roderick 154 Younger. Marion 1.31.66,69.128 Zachary, Cornell 50,128 Zayala. Mary 154 m m TO Jt 1 222 223 V {u . As I blow out my candle denot- ing the end of my editorship, I extend my heartfelt appreciation and thanks to all those who made this yearbook edition possible. This includes the administrators, faculty, and of course, my hard- working staff. Special thanks goes to Mrs. Delight Hoffmann, advisor, for her patience and de- votion; Bob, Anibal, Nick, for their excellent photography work; and Mr. Wilbur Lowe, representative from American Publishing Company for his pro- fessional advice. Now the solemn time has come for me to say farewell. I leave, hoping each and every student will do as I plan — take the fol- lowing quotation to heart, which is inscribed on the southeast side of the Administration Building and let it lead you to discovery: " Give the people light and they will find their way. " " GIVE THE PEOPLE LIGHT AND THEY WILL FIND THEIR IVAY. Editor ' s 3 are well aaa ■irmmmj .u jl -,l .

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