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M Ei' a ww' , i U 3: - x 2 .W HN ISE- g j ' X Y- ' , ' .xkkXxV,, vf CCDLLIMBLIS ACADEMY la-Yi-MV! 2 -A I9 0 CARA EL nl DEDICATION The staff of the 1950 Ccxravel proudly de dlcates th1s yearbook to Mr george D Bown 'There IS not a student 1n the Upper School who has not proflted from Mr Bowns Eng hsh courses Besrdes teachrnq Enqlrsh and pubhc speaklnq Mr Bown acts as l1a1son ofhcer for the Alurnnl Assoctatlon and the school He has coached the tennrs teams s1nce h1s return to the Academy four years aqo and under hts dlrectlon much work has been done to lrnprove the fGC1l1l1GS for tennrs For several years Mr Bown was the faculty advlsor for both the Caravel and the Academy Life he contmues to qulde the Lde Srnce Enqllsh rs the medrurn rn wh1ch thxs book IS prep red rt IS especlally ap propnate that the staff make the dedlcauon to the rnan who IS dlrectly respons1ble for teachtnq the Caravel edltors and wrrters to use the tools ot thelr trade to best advantage . . , . . . . l I ' Lf . I , I . . . . . . . , . N , . . - NA I . rum. Aww Ava IWW 'S W xx 5 I M966 awww ww 'W 'P V EW SOON TO BE OBSTRUCTED AT STUDY 11-7 xfx AND PLAY -J X N Kxxig X QW-n if 1 K" 1 ' 1'f'-'ff' 'rf 1 , ,W-. 5 i L--f'K mfr .' iv t vt ' 4 3 A ' , L I - fi , Q . it I N ' Q-' I' ... ,Q 'Y yf"'H-fl ADMINISTRATION .uw IT .X y! I fx - Ls- r ':":':'fn L., .A4A.fLf. ...,L.......k1 u xl If Il 'I .. Q v , ::..p.,,1. ' ' ff5:f:fA 'f. ?','I'ffI iw, .. .,,,,. .., - .. .. I-ww SUMNER F DENNETT AB Dartmouth IHSTYUCTOI' of Enq11sh ot Blshop s Co11eqe 1916 1917 A1bCmy Academy 192.1 1921 COLUMBUS ACADEMY 1921 Hecxdmoryer 1944 1 1-1 Adirondack-Florida School 1919-1920 wgv 1 y , . KENNETH R EVANS DANA WHITING CHARLES A GOODWIN B A M A Yale Umversnty B S Bodnn College B S Boston Umversuty Business Manager Dean of Faculty M A Columbia Latin Mafhemaflcs Registrar Scnences DAVID H SMITH PHILLIPS D IONES GEORGE D BOWN B A Clark Umversnty B A St Stevens B A Haverford College Lower School Headmaster Ar-nerucan Hnstory AM Harvard Unvversltv Lower School Mathematlcs Engllslw Publuc Speaklng Tennls I 1 I I W EVERETT H PERKINS WILLIAM R MATHEWS IACK WHITE AB AM Harvard University BS University of NH B A Princeton Universite de Nancy Ed M Boston University Mathematics Languages History Civics Geography Director of Athletics THOMAS E. BAKER BS., Rhode Island State Science, Middle School Athletics, Lower and Middle School Basketball, Baseball Football RAY KINSMAN WATERS Columbia Art School Art Page' Thirtccn l F Seated Stoneg Kumbleg Eidsong Srebertg Huffman, RJ jonesg Humphreyg O'NeuIg Katz. SENIOR Standmg Swnks, Pg Bull, R4 Brockg Renlandg Browng Bartong Spencerg Hannaj Fullenj Reslcr. CLASS OFFICERS Seated Stanley Katz Secretary Wullxam ONenI President Treasurer In Int Il Standing--Wnlllam Reiland, Council Representativeg Preston Sinks jtfm' :lr ROBERT KING BARTON Football 72, 3. -I Reserve Basketball fl, 2 'Capfamt Varstty Basketball 3, -l 'Caatatn'. Golf --4. Baseball -l, 2. 3. 4. Varsity "A"--3, -I Class Officer l, 2. 3. Student Counol l, 2, 3, 4, Pre-sudent of the School -1, Cum Laude -4, "Academy Lute" -l 'fCaravel" -4, Press Club --l Glee Club 3. 4, lntra-mural Champs --4, In the twelve years that Bobby Barton has been at the Academy he has compiled an enviable record He has played football basketball base loalr and golf and amassed a total of IU varsrty letters dur1ng hrs four years tn the Upper School Even more astoundmg ts the lac that he was Lower School Presrdent 1n the e1ghth grade Class Prestdent for the next three years and Soho l Presrdent thrs year Moreover he has kept hr grades high, has served on the "Caravel" and "Academy L'te" staffs and has recently made the Cum Laude Soctety Bob has won all these h rs and award because he trtes trres hard enough to succeed and to be respected Ouret and m d t he never hurts any ne s Ieelmgs and c nseauently has no enemtes Hrs Irrmness and C'IdGE111IY make htm a g cd Ieaaer He de s r es all th the has won Ht Wnera T m ca re t Acade v tre sec na sernester of hts Junror xear Iew pe le knew ab htm exc p hat ke w s r rr N Han Scb A the ena of me lan r year 1 a -:ed c mparatrvelv lr t e H we er wrth the ar f e o y r a a tba season tl' ss l d rn rrstch r e e n ggresst e rr ernart s ss n st ot e I1 Nt n THOMAS ELLIS BRO K Varstty r-ootbalt 4 Swlrnmtng 4 arstty A Glce Club 4 raru s tar agno t tne year was he c nter ot the ut at the pt td a hmd ca d lass wt r center cl hr h was Tom Br ck A a In the u ass GE ore1 tr u e R 1. e e ebb e ar the name Tb YC s d by att ney at avv l v l, ' ono s .c ' A ' ' ' t o es, o ' I I f : di, I I g 1 I , c' ' . , 's belt: 1 a . L or l f 'L H N I V I1 11-Aii4l 1 5 , l . I . o rr o III, 3:1 '. - c ' f e 1 o' 'L u. ' f . Oitez. Tern f' t. - c rr cc ' 3 , op e., . f I . 'abc or benz: i. much 'out '. e t t, . ac toti orth cf r s. 131 b ..ool. t . s . I 'I " to , h.s Many cf :ne C' - fer-97-597 i3 U 1OY1Q classmates were nc better tnlorrned, for Tom :mme the esoapaaes ana tales cf aaventure at the tell o .ilu c - . . c. - .I o Y. '. I - r1'.'al of s ni r ea n' the foo' Il so c ., he ture any of the Cl ou of Euefl ' 'ri .o bl , Cla-- .earnel to know To Q . bette. Hs bc- then' will ao xvorl to look tn to ter, . on rec- . w 1 - V ' l ' came an a -v 3. . . on the football tory to see 11 . . in .cmas E. B. CK 1- Iol- cauad, and the cla-- toa d htm at mo- ' th lowe or.. l ' . tffz' .lZ.'Izm' There rs a trme when modesty becomes stretched to the pornt where rt takes on the cog nomen ol pessrmrsm Because that pornt rs rnde termrnable we wrll say that the aualrty for whrch Grbhy Brown rs most noted rs hrs pessrmrstrc modesty Hrs fellow senrors have often heard hrm say All rrght srr rust grve me a z ro Though Grlo has gotten hrs share of zeros he has also Football Manager 4 Basketball Manager 3 4 2 fi Baseball Manager 3 4 r tty A 'When Bob entered the Class l l95O last year he s emed rather quret and shy But soon all shyness vanrshed Now as a senror Bull rs one of the m st rovral horsterous extr ve-rts rn th schol Hrs raucous caclclrng vorce hrs New lorsey accent and hrs absurdly rncongruous solrloqures exhtlarate ll hrs classes Hrs rn comparable wahoo has shattered many a poor teacher s nerves Desprte a tergned drsrnterest rn GILBERT KITTLE BROWN ootball 2 Qwtmmtng 2 3 'Captatn' 4 lcaptalnl a eball V r tty A r cerved a drploma Grp has clarmed that he rs e worst football player to set toot on a treld yet when trme came to elect an all league team Grh was placed on trrst team He rs also captarn of the swrm'rtrng team although accordrng to htm e would drown rt he ever got rn the water It the world doesnt come to an end as Grbby thrnks rt vrrght he wrll attend Denrsorr where he was ac cepted although he knew he wouldnt get rn hrs studres Bolo possesses a wrde general lcnowl edge Hrs greatest love rs not grrls but parntrng He c rn rntellrgently drscuss relrgron or else g rnto the the ry ot musrc At home he parnts c l lects stamps lrstens to classrcal musrc and some trm s cro sbreeds plants At the moment Bo breedrng Sramese cats and he l ves to tell hrs classmates how he wrll pass the rest ot hrs lrte lersurely parntrng atter he has made hrs fortune by sellrng the lcrttens I F - , 3. 4. Y ' ' A- -I n 1 B S -13. a 5 " "-2, 3, 4. . , S V, , ' , . . A A ' . th ' : ' ' - ' - ' 1 . . . . rl . , r A I I ' I . , S . r , ' ' 'Tm' l l ll l ROBERT LEE BULL Q 5,52 , - - e , t V Y llc ' Va 5' " "-4. ,Z . ., l 0 4 I I . o ., , o A - . A C ' ' ' ' T o - . . 4 O ' I O Q C , C , 5 I I I 1 I A - V' ' ' ' e s - . o is I ' ' l Q ' LA . ' l'try t' .STI r'rr!t't'rr RICHARD IRVJIN EIDSON Football Manager l Varsuty Football 2 3 4 Swfmmmg Baseball Manager arstty A Glee Club 4 The class of 1950 would have mrssed a lot of fun had not Dtck Eldson regtstered at Academy four years ago There would have been no one to krd no one to drscuss no one to ponder Prarses be for Drck and h1s ab1l1ty to absorb our lcrddmg D sprt From Arhngton Dave came to the Academy rn hts Freshman year Wrth one accord the class accepted Dave and Dave accepted 1t At frrst the stud1es were dtfftcult for Dav1d as they are for all new corners but he worked hard often con fused by the grammar and usage to whtch Mr Bown exposed the Freshmen As a result af drlr gent work rn hrs senrar y ar Dave 'nade group H of the Honor Roll Du rng the sophorrt re y ar when the class was Ill 111111 1 the good natured banter whtch tra1ls htm 1t IS not dlffrcult to realrze that Dtck rs one of the most popu lar boys at Academy He IS a loyal and unselhsh frrend Whether or not he IS krdded rn college we are sure he wtll have a host of fnends DAVID IOHN FULLEN Varsuty Football 3 Reserve Basketball 2 aseball arstty A Caravel 4 Glee flub 4 lntra mural Champs 4 try1ng to have dates on foot Dave often came to the rescue 1n that once black now blue Chevrolet The class w1ll never be able to return all the rrdes Althcugh hke many of the Vrkrngs Dave IS not a stellar athlete he has never given up worktng hard whether rt be at football basketball or baseball In the Glee Club as tenors Dave and a few others fought hard not to be outsung by the basses lt IS certarn that Davrd Fullen s future wrll be a suc ess 6 ' -1. XX ll J --4, lx S r 'il x V . ,, ,,g4I I ' -2, ,4. - , 3. Varsity Basketball-A4. B --l, 2, 3, 4. V - ,, ,,x3'4' ' ' U e , r' .3 e ' c . lljt' :Tl lay Hanna has spent SIX years at the Academy They are not consecuuve years for he attended Culver M1l1tary Academy 1n between But lay hlmself IS unchang1ng When he returned to th1s school we found the same lay Hanna who had left Always outstandmg 1n athlet1cs lay played basketball h1s lun1or and Sen1or years he showed hlmself to be such a good prtcher on the baseball HERBERT RICHARD HUFFMAN Reserve Football Varslty Football 2 3 4 Swlrnmmg 2 arsnty A 3 4 lOff1cer Class Offncer 3 Glee Club 3 4 When Dxck Huffman entered the Columbus Academy IH the f1rst grade he d1dn t have the be whrskered face whlch IS known to us all today However 1t was only a few grades later that thrs famous beard began to sprout IU all 1ts glory Smce then the beard was to be seen runn1ng up and down a football freld for three years 1t has appeared 1n the Academy Glee Club 1t marks the treasurer of the Vars1ty A Drck IS bless d Wllh lA 1' SHERMAN HANNA Football -4 Bas etball 3 4 wummmg l a eball 3 4 'Cap am Varssty A Glee Club 4 squad that he was elected capta1n th1s year and part1c1pated rn football as quarterback He also obta1ned a berth on the sw1rnm1ng squad lay takes a great deal of pleasure 1n pleasure he loves a good Joke and a good t1me He 1S serlous and 1ntent on the thlngs he l1kes fr1ends fun and athletlcs lay IS QOIHQ to attend D n1son Den1 son w1ll re we qu1t an add1t1on a ready wrt and a full capac1ty for en1oy1ng h1m self Wherever a good tlme IS to be had there wrll you always frnd that beard But the Beard can be serxous too and often IS He IS a good and generous fr1end who IS ltked by most dlshked by none The beard IS shlny wrth aggresslve confr dence When 1t travels to Malne to attend Colby College Drck Huffman wlll undoubtedly accom pany 1t 111 X111 f ' S A Nw., , 1 ' k A, . S ' ff . 3. " B S -. t 1. ,, ,,-1.34. . ' : . H l I I ... 1 I , . o , ' , ' ' cer e " . . f ,AJ K uw.. ."r . . -1. . . MI' t V . ,,,,i2. ' . ,I -, . I - I I - , I ' - : . ' ' 1 , - -D . o . '1,.- RALPH EUGENE H U MPHREY Tennis Manager----4. "Academy L1fe"' -3, 4. PVQSS Club -4. Ralph Humphrey, throughout his tour years at the Acaderny, has been recognized as the hardest worker and the most serious student He has been manager oi the tennis team and circulation man ager of the Academy Lde ln both activities he has labored hard and long and won the highest of praise for himself Quiet and intent Ralph 1S great ly respected by all who know him But perhaps he can be appreciated the most by his teachers -4 has reen w1tn us althctgh retween 8 30 a a E 43 n the ni rning r ic darkly cn t is 'n tinal tar 1 ss th v u ha e used hi heer ul smile nd intec a ca nature especia r the eg ing c the aax An a ar1 1 us reaaer D1 k uia Q ways I I rr , ,A When Ralph entered the school he was not a scholar, but steadily his work began to improve ln his Sophomore year the faculty paid him great honor in awarding him the Princeton Cup the prize which is awarded each year to the student who has been most conspicuous tor improve ment Ralph receives praise with modesty We think that when he erters Ghi State this Fall there will be a great deal more of praise which shall greet his modesty RICHARD BONTECCU lONES Gee Club 3 4 tea Ll s s h eni J a is ,1t1 nar engineering feats D1 k is alsoi re ested ll industrial desig 11nJ VV1 h dl his enthu Q .v ubt a 1 D c me er r engineer at rin w I -- , A Dicl nc- Q . " "- for tw: years, -1 .. he c:11rz 2 S pin icr an answer in hzqcry class. Sadly, '4 A : H 1 : f It ' U C A A . At o::.e he nicst . sys ppitterin' arcun' h' , . chsrrmstry laboratory, when hs is nc: 'lanrxirig Sem: s lco . ' h - .1 a.. . id nec-, tar L C, , , C , , L revov o v . . . c f ri' r- . , , , . 119 CC td 'J .. . S 'R 4 " f 1 V 1 V - 1- - , c. . ci.. . a . v , I A I Z' 1 fl .V f. A ' . - 11 , ' 5 , , , , UVJS -V - 1-Y if A 5 mn A -iasrrt ' e have no do th t Drcfc wil, e c.. a ' s ' . 'cc s ' , c co ' ' xl 3- sup ac. .. 2. . T Q..itj. Ltllfa' fin' Perhaps the best liked boy rn the Senror Class rs Stanley Katz Since he came to this school a few y ars ago he has established himself as a scholar and athlete At Academy Stan has participated in many extra curricular activities but hrs civic actrv ities far outnumber these He has done work for is well known throughout the crty Stan rs a ser lOHN WELLINGTON KIMBLE Varslty Football 3 4 Reserve Basketball 2 Varsrty Basketball 3 Varsrty A Caravel Gee Club 3 4 During hrs two and a half years at the Academy I ck has divided hrs time evenly among sports studies and gallrvantrng He played reserve bas ketball during his sophomore year and partrcr pated in varsity basketball and varsity swrmmrng during hrs Junior year Hrs speed afoot however made him an especrally good football play r though he was often sidelined with rnrurres In his studies lack w s somewhat behind his fellow students when he enter d the .Academy but by constant application he now makes average STANLEY HOWARD KATZ Football 2 Football Manager 4 Reserve Basketball 2 3 Varsity Basketball 4 aseball l Varsrty A Class Offrcer 4 Cum Laude 4 Academy Lrfe Caravel Press Club 4 Gee Club 3 4 lntra mural Champ 4 rous minded student as a friend he owns a mighty wrt and clever personality Hrs sense of humor rs known and appreciated by both the faculty and the students Hrs feeling for pleasure rs greatly respected for rt rs intangible and cannot be d scribed If Stan obtains the success rn college cessful grades One of hrs more noteworthy talents aside from that of amusing his classmates with tall tales during bullsessrons rs hrs abrlrty to sing He is especrally adept at rmrtatrng Vaughn Monroe Another of hrs characteristics rs hrs ten d ncy to discourse on psychology or on psycholo grcal cases H likes people crowds and good times and whenever there rs a party lack rs sure to be there Next year Krmbre plans to go to Ohro State and later he will enter som freld of medrcrne l'rrfJr lrrrutr ml. H l r It B - , 2, 3, 44 ' " "--l, 2, 3, 4. ,, . Hi 4- iun, H ., ,,-4. A r . l - , . ,, ,A A-1 - M if if 1 e ' ' ' ' many social and civic organizations, and his name which he has had at high school, he will be suc- , ,, ,,g3' 44 ,, ,,-4. I W- , . ' V ' e , ' . e ' , , 9 . , ' , ' 9 'VJILLIAIMI IOSEPH O NEIL Reserve Basketball--2. 3 'Captain Varsuty Basketball-74. Tenms -2, 3,-1. Baseball -3. Varstty "A" 2, 3, -l 'Pres:dentI Class Officer 2, 3. 4 tPresndentI. Student Council 72, 3, -4. "Academy Llfe"- --4, Three years ot popularity and close Iriendshrp have marked Brll s attachment to the class of 1950 Sen1or qab sessrons have oft been htahltahted by hls sctnttllattna words OI wrsdom on many sub Jects In whatever sport he has partrcrpated he has been a sparkpluq and has never been known to qrve up Brll has been the pres1denI of the semor The I rages r y In thrs year s Sealer Class ana perhaps the Q' v l Itrle IS ca Racer Tod us d rs srze wel Ihr uah ut hrah s h Playrnq I I Independent I1 Q II 1 r Year Ira nd Iearr C MI Buckexet rs year T d s vm I 16 rnlah ca c, radrcal F xe tI1cat1 'I slrnply Q Itend an Arrer rcan Hrst ry class There yca wrll Irnd one boy I r JI Inv in 21 I class and cI the Varsity "A" In basketball he holds the Academy reserve scorma record and played In the all star C E L reserve qarne In 1949 Besrdes basketball Brll has been on both the Iennrs and aoII teams Wrth hrs capacrty Ior makrna and keeplna Irrends B1ll should have success In colleqe ana after STODDARD STOWE RAPER ootball 2 Basketball 2 Swlmmmg Baseball l Varsuty A Glee Club 3 the art ers ma a3'11nsIccaI vuners and ms pay w1lI be T a R per Now bern., pro scn ethrna rs act IU 1seI rad1caI but when suqaests that ar va all the coal rs fr e erw re pe come Iarrrers I IS I arc I Tod appre 1 es a a cd Irrne he IS a a cd tr e d e IS aaaressrve ana ne er n1dalecI ther aa h cptnr ns Ve expect I see hr n rnake rrg 'ION e lor hrrnsel' In eae and later In 16 - , , ' . . . V I . I v 4 I ' , I . F f , 3, 4, ' ' ---1. A " "fl, 2, 3, -l. , l ' 'age g',c I I '- I' ' , I I .nc :I fc J 'lx '-, t'I-,' - ' I f- I fy - A ' - aio-, C C , 'I' . be V 3 - I -- U 1 - F I O O I CA Cd- - 35- I I I- I. . I cne -- I l , we cu I I I -rmne ,nd v jo I V ball Icr three years, Ted rnade secondtearn all- I , , , .I .I -... h sra ca.. cat , . o, 'Inc Lno c I secs. S IA I - Cv ul H .H M d' A' H C ' . Q 1- I. il QT I II A A 'ir I I . Y- A 3 EQ IS I C -U X ' ' .Cr'Y"sC-I I 1 I I- cc :II afz. I ' ' o c-. ' ' ' Q call' c I ' I ' lI . 'I I IIAVYIU In IIVQ years at the Columbus Academy B111 Re1land has d1st1ngu1shed htmself as a conscrentr ous rel1able and w1ll1ng student Seldom has there been an affa1r 1n school 1n wh1ch B111 has not played a part HIS av1d 1nterest 1n photogra phy gave h1m a coveted pos1t1on on the Academy Life and the Caravel for h1s four h1gh school years After three years 1n the Press Club B111 rner1ted the honor of bemg Eclrtor of the 1950 Caruvel Srngmg was also one of B111 s extra ac lOl-IN BARTON RESLER Football 2 3 4 lCaptanl Reserve Basketball 2 Varsnty Ba ketball 3 Tenms Manager l T nms 3 4 Varsuty A lOtt1cerl Class Offncer 3 G e Club 3 4 In the Mlddle School Long lohn was a good student but rn the tenth grade he started to 11ft we1qhts and he soon declared that bulglng healthy muscles were better than a burn1ng t1red brarn So lohn concentrated chlefly on athletrcs HIS man 1nterest 1n 11fe became football and 1t pard off too for he was elected football capta1n and chosen the most valuable l1neman 1n the M1d Buckeye Conference In the w1nter lohn gleefully fouls on the basketball floor and rn the sprmg WILLIAM FRANK REILAND ootball 2 3 Re erve Basketball 2 3 Varsity Basketball 4 Baseball Manager l 2 Varsuty A Class Offucer l 4 Student Councul l Cum Laude 4 Academy Lute Caravel lEdltorl Press Club72 3 4 Glee 'lub Prestd nt 3 lntra mural Charrps 4 1lV11lGS and hrs unt1r1ng efforts as Presxdent of the Glee Club Warrant much approval B111 ach1eved Cum Laude th1s year after IIVG years of good scholarshlp and h1gh honor grades For the past three years B111 s fam1l1ar number 73 was seen at Academys left end Dur1ng basketball season B111 was known as a f1ne team player wh1le he garnered h1s share of pornts W1th h1s well rounded background and w1despread Ublllly B111 w1ll achreve success 1n whatever professron he chooses blasts tennls balls past h1s opponents Outs1de of athlet1cs Iohnny bel1eves 1n STGYIDQ hGDlOY He smgs rncessantly Jokes and laughs so much that the teachers often have to excuse h1m from class Just to keep the other boys rn order W1th h1s frrends and he has many Iohn IS srncere and fa1r He never bullres and IS l1ked by everyone Truly lohn should be a favorrte W1th h1s class mates and an asset to the football team when he enters Colby next fall 114 ta nfvy 1' 1 F -V. ,4, 5 -1, , . ' " "--l, 2. 3, 4. '-,4. " ' "fl, 2, 3, 4. " "Tl,2, 3,4 ' . x. A9 1 ,4. ..' K i ,- X' I I fl ,. 5 1 , I ' s - , 4. - ' -,2. 'Q' e '-, . ' " "+l,2, 3,4 ' . le 3, . l'u-'TV' '-fltrt' lOHN KING SIEBERT Varsity Basketball-3, 4. Tennis-3, 4. Varsity "A"--3, 4, There rs a boy rn the Senror class of 1950 who rs always rdentrfrable by hrs green corduroy pants hrs wrde qrrn and hrs sense of humor He operates an automobrle whrch has no headlrqhts he lrves rn Arlrnqton and dates qrrls from Bexley but whether he rs rn Arlrngton Bexley or Chrna he always enroys hrmself He has to because wher ever he qoes he brrnqs along hrs qood drsposrtron The Class of 1950 has found Preston Srnks to be rts top scholar For trve years Preston 1 d the Honor Rolls and he was named the Scholar ot the Year rn 1948 In hrs numerous appear ances rn the state scholarshrp tests Preston has always ranked hrqh rn hono s Ettrcrency rs an other of Preston s trne pornts He has been class treasurer for four years Pr ston was captarn or 111 I utr I in hrs personalrty and hrs frrend Brlly ONer1 lohn Srebert rs the boy s name lohn can do other thrnqs besrde enroyrnq hrmselt however He rs an excel lent basketball player who has won hrs Varsrty letter two trmes Also he plays a wrcked game of tennrs and was a member of the tennrs squad When Iohn qoes to college we are sure hrs car hrs pants and hrs smrle wrl1 attend hrm PRESTON SINKS Football 3 4 Tenms l 2 3lCaptam1 4 lCaptarnl Varsrty A ass Offrcer l Z 3 Academy Lute 3 4 tEdr orl Caravel 4 Press Club 3 4 Academy s charrrpronshrp tennrs team rn 1949 and the squad rn 1950 ln the freld of Journalrsm Preston rs the hard workrnq edr or of the Academy Lrie and a member of the board of edrtors of the Ccxravel Outsrde of school Preston frequently en royed athletrc contests partres and dances whrle he managed to wrrte for one of the crty papers Wrth hrs determrnaron and drlrqence Preston should trnd success and honors at Yale , . , . I ' I ' - , . , , . ' I - I , . . - , . 1 V - D ' . - I1 lr I' 2' 3' I, Cl ' e . , , 4, Cum Laude-4. ,, - ,, I .t ' K , ,r r, l - W ' - . . 9 . , . .x ' r 4 n . . . T . . . - , , r A I ' ' ' ' ' V I lrlm' MTU' .",1' ' l1mmy has come to the Academy for seven years now and rn all that t1me he has been the same qu1et undrsturbrng Irmmy neat obed1ent and punctual Not an athlete he has always focused hls rrterests on 1ntellectual subrects and now he IS a member of the Glee Club the Student Pederahsts and the Cum Laude Socxety He IS a true Francophrle and hrs god IS Louls XIV In fact one of hrs favonte hobbres IS the study of French hrstory Another of Ilmmys pastlmes IS GERALD LOUIS STONE otball Z 3 Swlmmlng l Tenms Manager l enms 2 3 Varsnty A Academy Lufe Caravel Press Club 4 G e Club 3 4 lntra mural Champs 4 lerry has been a member of Academy s class of l95O for tw lve full years ln that trme he has stored up enough knowledge to have hxs oprmons respected tn flelds rangmg from commumsm t dat1ng lerry has ranked especxally htgh tn Eng l1sh and has placed rn the fxrst ten rn the stat Englrsh test On the athlettc held Ierry has be n IAMFS PORTER SPENCER Cum 'aude 4 G 99 Club 3 4 experrmentmg 1n hrs chermstry laboratory and from experlment and study he has acqu1red such a vast knowledge of chemlstry that he can even stump Mr Goodwm wrth hts br1ll1ant QUQSTIOHS In truth Spence IS so cunous that hardly ftve mrnutes passes 1n any class that he doesnt ask a questxon For th1s mnate cunoslty he was awarded the Headrnasters Cup rn hrs Junror year Thrs fall hm w1ll enter OSU wrth hopes of be commg elther an outstandxng doctor or hxstory maktng research chem1st if equally adept As Academy s brtck wall center he has sparked many goal lme stands and a1ded many touchdown df1V9S Spnngtrme has always found lerry on the tenms courts playmg tn the nurnber one doubles team lerry IS always counted upon as a gracrous host and h1s whrte Ch vvy and basement refreshment bar w1ll long be re membered I ll I lift Am L 1 -A , '. I 4 I I I I I I , Z 33? U 49' A E , Y Fo 4 . . 4. - ,, 3 Reserve Basketball-2. T '- , , 4, ' A , ,- ' ' " "--l. 2. 3, 4. ,, . H74 ,, H44 A- Q Ie -, . e- . ' , ' ' ' ' ' ' ' o . V ' I - . I . . 6 ' . . ' ' e , . 'tfr 'Arm' SENICR ELECTIONS 515111 I flkl 4' LU VNII X I V x .J v SENIOR SAYINGS TCI Q 1 PQ X, ,Q I 1' V f :' -xg V-rf: '- : 15' .-.' J 11 :t Ir. -' ' - " ' f:'1 :V Y 1 ,T VI tzit. 1: 'lxfi' ' '.'.' If :'1-11 l'1:'1f5'f 7:5 'iffiil rjm 'T .1 W. ff: .:1:11,f'f-:.t ff'1fff11f1t. '1f5f 11fS:,1: H 111.11 '11'I P IIT :Q if "11. Rf 1-fl ::1f1f.11:':,1:.q Fwfgr. f1rr1 Rf :Q zrrz, Dv. 'GSI Slfflbrif 1:,T+?:1Zx:i:1:ff. Pix peeve ?f1j9Y i:r1'wj:1c1. 'WSI G1SC1"1f"'4'1f F AC"1:1Qi:.',' fI'ITrlQf11j 1111115-rr if 11-1 fl. Q1.1If '.'.'1I11 1 -11r,. E . V.-111,591 fl. Tifllf? fl? V1f'.S.G. s'1',1'ifr.I. Gf,fi'.' 11111 11, In-:. Af'fI'ilf1A Sfrg' wfxlfmli Eu? li wif. Qclr-. '1'1!'1a'S1 fri'-71 CNS-1. 1 rg .1 CICITC. 1" 1:-'1 fiflff ref' ".SG. ?11,Sk411l tGf1::., 3311. X4A!t.' Efrk Lflwd Q ' 311 WI, Vfe li E11 '.'fg1E.' ' fgzisrm G14 Pmllfll. 'Hmi I ff111:!11 IQQQ ' 11111. 12, Yi' H11rz1xf1rf ",' F I 111' Iripcfx IE1'1'.'2 Eillilf '...Y'IQf "1 ffgil I fs' 3,I5Q. E,'f:' S1--1 Eff rf .fr H151 1 If .ii V- 'xr 1 S.: 1' fi :xv 5" fp 1' JUNIOR SGPHOMORE FRESHMAN CLASSES ROBERT KI President rw ns Seated Cary, council member, Zollinger, president, Willcox, secretary, Standing Madison, Rosenfeld, Underwood, Feibel, l Kayser, Coleg Groffg Ayres, Bonnellg Bull D. JUNIOR CLASS Realizing its importance in school lite, this years lunior Class shouldered a rriaior part at scholastic and extracurricular activities. Andy Cary, our only new student, was warrnly wel' earned hy the entire school. For nearly a rnonth loefore school began, seven ot our rriernloers vied for positions on the first eleven. Dave Madison Bob Zollinger, Rod Wzllf cox and lir11 Feibel won letters: and Don Cole, Dick Bull, and Bob Rosenfeld saw considerable actor.. Shortly after school resurtged, cfass electiiz showed Zell, presiderity Rod, secretary-treasure. firi . Aridy council represezitative. VJ1th winter upon us we hastened inside. Zoll and Dave secured berths with the Varsity shoot- ers, while Tom Bonnell, Andy, and Wayne Kay- ser played reserve hall. Dick Bull rnanaged the Varsity while lim swam for the rnerrnen, The corriing oi Spring found lohn Ayres, Al Underwood, Dave, Andy, and Wayne swinging bats, along with Rod, last ye-ar's catcher. Paul Sroff asszsted in rtianagzng tennis, The riazties ot Cary Rosenfeld, Vlfzllcox Zol- Qinger, and Feiloel constantly frequented the Hori- or Roll. Cher aotL'.'1ties Qncligded SWT, Glee flak, . izrsxy A ', Press 'flak and School puhiicar 'L tis. 'ffe is i cresewed 1' '.'er',' 51lCh?SSf'.ll 'utiif .dr-M, - A - Q Scared Phtter, secretary, LaMfmrc, C , president, Sartdborg, counctl member Stamdung Rardtn, Hull, Darflerg Smks, T, MCLC-ang Ztcglerg Lurlc, Lunsford, Hanford SOPHOMORE CLASS Although the Soplftorriore Class beasts only twelve members, ll certainly lS one of the most aCt1ve groups at the Academy, lt 1s a Class plaqued by tragedy, besause tie areaa azsease rclrs, las: SLHHIIIPT, Clatrrred hte if a Class' mate Nate Hallwcicga. But despite Slllfll mister' turtes, the Sopl1ar1.1 res have dtlrqerrtly r.azea cz lfflll 1r1 schalasues, atrrletres, arta extra-C.grr1:11.1:r act1v1t1es. Crt the football ttela Taft Fritz-rr, Rirmie Sara' bzra, Don lflcleart, aio Trggrti xr. :mms ac' trert ort the varsity sauaa. Pdtter arta oar1ar,era received their Varsity letters, '.'.',l1 ..1u ,N .th ci wmter the athletes tgfxea if . zsfzeirz, ara sw1r1.rn1r1g. lohm Z1 eafer .rf ff-fy 1 rf-rw v .Y 3 u Hx .eta ,1 ..T.t.1.,,.. the varsity zasrcettzal tearr., aia six Qtners payea on the reserve team. To the sw1mrn1riq team the Soplworuore Class cemrmuted two rnerrriert. 'When sprma rolled around, the sgkt cf l6Y1I'1lS racrcets ana baseball gloves revealed the ftrral athletrc endeavor of the year. lm the classrqerr. the Sorrrgfriires perfirrred adr'r1iral,lyp the of Tcrr. Ftarazrr, ffharles Lalvlortte, and Alarr Lunsford regularly appeared CR the Honor Roll. Not coiterit with lirixinq their rrtterests m extra-Currtsular C1Cll'.'lT1ES to the Cara- vel, The Academy Life, Glee Club, VGIS1l'j Stuaeri' ffourzeil, and the lffifa FE'jlEYTIl1STS'-- the Sgrhirrines srfrsorea ' 'fern' S',lT'I9FSf',ll UflI'.ff?'. 'A rs' 1 " , 2 fi ef -f. K . 5 H L 1 l First Row Katz, A., secretary, Griffin, president, Lario, Council member, Gaodman, Foreman, Qarroll, Feibrgl, D, LaM9ntc, I Clapham, Qulllan, Dooley. Second Row ,Schaefg Deitrich, Buchanan, Forsythe, Bc-rrnan, Abbott, Ford, Stauffer, Ktdwell, Wemgardner, F5 Corrodi, I Huffman, j, Wright, Brown, Walther. FRESHMAN CLASS Frfani the IFE-jlllfllllkj at this school year, the Class ot l953 knew lull well that the lallawing inanths would prove to he dilticult in both scholas- tics and athl zitauntahl etxcs. Despite the apparently insurf e apstacles in the farm af new expert ences and respansinilities, hard work and en- thusiastic play have resulted in knowledge, ex- perience, and CY9I'f1ll develojefizent. To the ten new members ct Freshman Class the work has been extremely difficulty however, r,a:z:es at several at these students cen- stantly appeared on the Honor Ball. More than a auarter ot the Freshmen have maintained hers er grades thrcuahauz the year. The class has been regiresented 1: Qithleticsg Freshmen have carried the balance af ptwer in upper-lawer sports an-d have lurnished reserve haskethall players and varsity hasehall and tennis candidates. This year the class elected very capable ci' ticers: President, Bill Grilling Council Ptepresenta' tive, Bill Lanep and Secretaryffreasurer, Aaron Katz. Despite the size ot the Freshman Class, one af The larqest in the histary af the Academy, all the bays have found places in the life cf the Siflllilf and the large number af Freshmen will increase the eniayment at remeziiperiria friends when the flass at l953 will cnaziae ti leak fhraulgh this frxrdvel in the future. MIDDLE SCHCDCDL President of the Middle School PETER FRENCH The Middle School is a place of challenging studies and com- petitive spcrts directed by its able headmaster, Mr. David H. Smith. Early last fall Peter French was elected presidenty Tom Barnes, vice- president, and Andy Steffan, secretary-treasurer. lt was these boys, with the guidance of Messrs. lones and Smith who were the guiding spirit of the Hlungle lamboreen,-this year's version of the tradi- tional Middle School fair. All the students and many adult friends worked hard to make this fair the most financially successful ever. The Middle School proudly presented a check for S1500 to the build- ing fund. Cummms, Englsshj Cartwright, Bloser, Schzcdmgcr, Thempsjn, RgThompson, Frcnch P Th rscn Femkncpf Larrnmer SECOND FORM ,Sf-vw een, 'Cf 1 if 'mes parted by Icm E Cc ff Seeeya Ferre sir. mime I1 A -X lgzzratzvely im m the kfzek rouhc he ,lr Qsei 11 1 .- ,gf the Upper semeus aspect ' JETCXG ' " 1-:fxs fed By Litle G T1 psir, Qi ile Pete Prem ns "e""e"' sg'- The fvhddle Sched is made up The riest advarieed if these us the whzse members have che lust Ccrefree 'year hefire fCC1Y,Q Tlsff Sfhlfl. This years :iierry ihiikit. fag tfziris SChCEd1I'lQQY amd hm Th C' ' ied :git szzgidw f rv J, l 1 x" Staftclmg--Sharp, Brookhoaseg Abbett, K, Turtart, Boothby, Geedyg Ellnatg Muller, Lealcart, Wg Hazeltort, Parett The r eye Lf this unusually large farrrr cf t'' nree are a very cengenral greup if ' ..A. dale ner. , Then hzrie reern this 'year was apa.. :fern ne rest ef the Mradle Schael, iff Upper Sched arfarnq where Mr. lanes actea as roam eter. Three new faces were netreezl when Chee. genes rn September: Mickey Galler., eipxak nlazeltan, ana lxrr. Parrett. Then, as the ye rr:- reeeed, Kerrnrz Turner, Fred lffhlte, ara Frei Thzrre ptr: in thetr appearance-9. Srx ki,-gs Lf Thr Ye.. we Cl'17IYf?f rnermbere: lzkester Rex Seated Rtceg Wasserstrafr, Thorpe, Tarrter, Steffen Arr-Qld, Appleton, Katz, D, Beatty, j, Gallen Cheerful hrrr Beatty, Gaagete Vtfalrer perm rt Pewerheuse Ereakheuse, Qrgairzer Reb s ara Flanay .Array Steffai. Dave Beathb aependahle as ever ra beast the Class' Q n average and 'liniy Arnela, Mike Tart ana Brace Mrfer have been aepe t 1 Ezeegng actrvgtiee gay and Lnteresirng. Ce :as been practreally crie hunared per C D- eetea rn all epirts in sefzserz. lf the Cl me n 2 tpgefher and rxcregses aurrng the nextf 1 r 'T ehealfi a Vry te AC':fif:':.y ffiffrchee Standing-Newstedt, Gj Chamblmg Wyatg Hull, A4 Gurevitzg Bryantg Clifford. SeatedWGree-neg Stoutg Paveyg Callaghang Curran, G5 Helsey, Wmegarner, W, B FORM With that first difficult year in the Middle School behind thern, the B Forrn this year have left them- selves veterans of a now familiar campaign. lohnny Pavey and Vforth Luft were new to the class in Septeber, and both have proved valuable additions. Arthur Hull soon joined to make the class the largest it has been to date. Billy Wine- aarner, Billy Greene and Donald Bryant have led the :lass athletically, while lohnny Pavey, Darold Greek, Elliott Stout, Dunbar Helsley, and Mike Callaghan have upheld the scholastic honors. LL lp 4 Standing Maullar, johnstan, D, Beatty, R, Snwth, B., Kincaid, White, Lacey, R, Brown, D, Luft, W, Schwarzell, rt, johnston, L, Ingrarn, Rector, French, A., Ruben, D, jacobs Seated -Donaldson, Bigelow, Kaiser, Hester, F., Strickland, Wilson, Cectdtngton, t-till As usual, the year in A Perrn has been one of tently, but he has been hard pressed such transition. And with the usual feeling at 'Vfhat students as laclcie Strickland, Boh Kinlcaid, Laurie else can happen to rne naw?l' the A-Farmers nave lacohs, lohn lngrarn, Fred Hill, Tarn Ceddingtarz carnpleted the year with calers flying. Each of the Tim Bigelow, and Bahlay Beatty. Athletzcally the twenty-tour :nernhers has maintained an attitude class has been led by Richard Bectar, whase en- ot cheer and industry that kids fair for ine ree thusiasrn was ill-paid by a hralcen nase during the rnaining three years of the Middle School. Dick baseball season, Pritzie Kaiser, Butch lahnstan, Lacey has been the tarnfs tap student cansis- and Bch Kincaid. GRAC E De LONE Fourth Grade DOROTHY IEFFRIES Thnrd Grade MARION HAGGERTY Second Grade LOUELLA NOG J F.r,t Grade I 1 , ' Illirtl'-J.. THELMA AYERS Fourth Grade MARTHA BODEY Third Grade OLIVE MILLER Second Grad HELEN PARQETT FHS? Grade TODAY LCDWER SCHOCDL 1 Z 'V I - E U .. Q I ' L.: A AJ1 , 'ftp , -.J an Scared Starvtrzrwg Sharp, Dj Rc,,sOfvwCr, Ohdc, CWWCUT0, Case, Pearse, Schwarzcll, jg BCH, Manckm, Cllms Sramimg Hester, F., Russ, S, Dumber, Morehouse, Bxersj Wglfo, A, Ncwstcdr, S, Ladfrsery Exam, Sn'uY?'w, Brown, S, Pafrgn, G, BNGTT, Wwncggrcer, R, Lculfart, D FOURTH GRADE LOWER SCHOOL If ycg were stcg cz rpg, 4212 ::.erg.rer:. Tips yen: rhe stuff as fcf- cf rrue flrst figxr qrcrcles cf the Cclurzplcpxs Acczilerzf' rcws: i1rst Qrizce, Mrs. Lexx-T-11:1 Nccrr :tid M1ss to ask hxrzr '.-Jhct he thought ci schccl hfe, h1s Ct Hel-err Pcrretiq second grade, Mrs. Mgxricrm Hxqh swer wcprid probably re errthusrzstrc. sgerty cmd Mrs. Ohve Milerg third qrzde, Mrs. In the four grades at Aczclertiyrethe sec- Mgzrthir Bcdey cmd Mrs. Dcrcthy Ieffrgesz trci referred tc Us the Lcwer Scrztcl -frhere are fcgrth grade, felis, Grcce Celecne lpflifflf 1:1 arid serie lf :Qivs het:-seeri ages cf srx xiii Terr. Mrs. Thelriz Hires. A prcblerrg fczced Ly Lcz-fer Schccl fccpxliy Cgisrcie cf their nqcrcgs echccsizc ripzuzre he was tc II'1fIfTUiI1 srtpzzf classes iii 'new cf ire sggdeits cf the lcwer Schccl engcyej iiiriiercgs large erpifiiient. If '.'.'::s sclvei Jcrmaig ,. sectzcis " exch Qrzxde arid Licrezzsx 1: the fcc-,Lf g,r"fvj 4-E my gn'-5 i 5 r ,, Seated--Tuttle, Peterson, Pj Curran, Aj Yeriang Squireg King, G., Dresselg Sanford, Rosenfeld, Sg Marteg jenkrnsg Griswold. Standing--,Yenking Gould, R5 Buchsrebg Krumrng Postlewalteg Scneaf, Ag Ziegg lsaacg Gerhartg Bonifieldg Handleyg Walton, Ag Kersclnenstinerg Lemrnong Knoopg Slyhg Walton, W4 Hysellg Gibbonney: Mazey, W. picnics and parties. The first fete of the year was the Thanksgiving program, given by the second grade for the rest of the coys. Later, games were played and refreshments served in the various hcme rooms, and the looys went horne to recuper- ate during the ensuing Novemloer vacation. When classes were resumed, thoughts turned toward the Christmas play. 'Grandfathers Christ' mas" provided a part for every boy, and the ex- citement cf "opening afternoon" mounted as par- ents and friends were seated in the crowded au- THIRD GRADE ditorium. When the play was over, the actors re- tired to their class rcorns to enjoy games and re- freshments planned cy the rooms' rnothers. Spring was in the air as the new semester pe- gan, and it was increasingly difficult for students to keep their minds cn studies. Realizing the need for open air and space, the teachers planned more picnics. ln May, the annual "box lunch party" was celebrated in the shade of the frees along t niifiiiirnl nil l'rlffr' ltlf 9 3 1 I 1 L A , ' 5 Seated Peterson, 1, Yo,1r1g, Wtnegarvwcr, T, Perktrws, Patt:,r1, M, SJoc1'r1ar1, Murtgh, ir betta, Matthews, Sease, Kng, 1, Goud, M, C110 Sfav1c11r1g Sharp, I, Essex, Barnes, Daly, Lubx, Sutton, Ross, A, Gwltspe, Lacey, S, Larson, Corgpgr, Holt, Adams, Grohe SECOND GRADE Algrxr Creek 11r1:i.QI1ihegZl11y1r1gf1eQ'i. All S-IlIfI'y'?fi fieis trrrried 31'-er ti the L31-fer Seri.: the JLIIIIQS and treasure hprrzts pfurzrzed by the Lxirfrry Fund, teachers cmd boys, Ancther p1cr11C was plcmrrej The Mothers' Ceurierl has been p11rt1c'.11.irly GT 1:1 Moy by the Mothers' Council. Thrs, was CI true zhis year. The Council is Corrrpcsed ef al' Fizthers cmd Sorzs party, and UN errgeyed C1 vigor' rzigthers of the 131-Jer sehaci bays, Thrs yecrr the ips day tollcwed rjy r1ct cr few cchrig backs. exeegtzzre cczrxrrxittee '.-.'Q1:s Ceripcsed ef Mrs. 'Nj A153 CH the sprrrrq as-jerijiz was 32:14:11 beak l1 ,, A. Carhle, fr., :ZfSSl1'l9YlTI Mrs. Alfa: Barnes f:x1r. As H1 the past Cocks were Cellesred and 're'--Lresrdehtz Mrs. Vfzfliarri Wbhen fr. secre sid :md this year refreshnierrts cmd cr puppef img Mrs. Fred Srrtith, treasurer cmd eight rcerr were ircvriied fer the Qhrldreri. The Meth- ers f3',1r1:11 sgcrrsered ih1s pregrcii, :rid pry 1' 1r1.'.-11-1.-f 1 1- 1 , 2? scared Haggert my Ugen, NN, Parifer, Le lfzr J W spar Y gbarp W Bemug a dung N W rd Sourhard, Mazey, D, Huddx W3 ., C1332-3, ine L12 ff PLA 1 n mu fm as :cr me cuss :rr QQ A 1 bdllfll C5 was as C1 521125 11' f DS args QIIQQC -1,- QI1 x, F5 VR - v timer 121 TZLZSCI E1- armithe 1f.j GX-EY , .4.1s':f1f9fl 1 spc AVN,-4 xflx.4D..s., UCEIIQYS fISYI'1fIflSH1Y, 1 TO REMEMBER , A' f ' ' . A ,NV 'lufmzf Xl' 'Qff'fQ'-. Hz" .gclllllf X1mI..'.v" -1 . ., . E 5 La Monte C French P Grnffun Reuland Zollunger Barton Cary Sandborg ONe:I Lane STUDENT COUNCIL Semor Repres ntcmves Robert Burton Vfxlllum O N911 W1H1crm Rexlcmd Iumor Represemczuves Robert ZOHIYIQQT Andr W CGW S yh um Pflprebe N311 95 C xr es L51 Mimtf- R 1 Sand rfonmn fcL,YcS uc cs XJ 1 W' IM-ry-dv' 1.- WORLD FEDERALISTS eated Soeecer secrerary LaMonre C presuderwf Rardm treasurer Qrarwcnrfe Doo ey Stoneman Lane R enfeld I-Iuffrran Wrughr B II D WIII ox F Il5QI Kayser Qngg a me Fewbe PRESS CLUB QI el a z one arrow ew and nks WIIIcox Kayser I-Inv phrex f I I Q S . , . , g . . -.', I, rg qos g -.I, g.1,.,' c,e ,I, ,I g L MQ , I 5 I, D If ' . I ' A 1 41 ' l fx A Q '-Y D 'L X ' .ff 1 , y l, F, 'L F IJ j K Tj St g B g R I , S' , Pj 5 2 1' , Seated Rcllarad, Barrow, Sporwccr, Rcslcr, jones, Fuller' Kmz, Stone Enrisarw, Krmblo, Haffmarw, R Srarwdrng Mr Exams, Ferbeh D, Lawg, Carrodu, Zregler, Larlc, Aves, Z'IT ngerg Graff Fcrbcl, I, VVMCU-Q, Kaxser GLEE CLUB Thxs pas! year was the seeexa seaserx s1:13-.5 The rekurth 1:1 the Glee Curt. As was Case ias: year, B111 Rexiarra was presrdem aria T-ir. Kermeth Evans, arrectar ai the group. Early rri the fafl Mr. Evans called a rzreetmg af sangsters, aria thereafter err frferiaay and Eriaay afterrzeezis the sgriaers gregiarea fer their 53:11:13 erigaaerierits. The frrst appearariee was at Eaerbaf Bari- aiget, Here, the Glee Cfakt eiterrarziea fathers aria satis with 'The Vfhiffenpsef Sena" ana 'Clea- herpaf Eririi fJe'.'e:r1iier is May rhe rehearsafs . . , .'11fr'1'r',."A1:frf V'r1.'llr'1'.f rllrrr' A I. V-M-Q -'ear 0 rregare ine seestzgzzs :er the sprrzig fzrpce Th ,lrzrrax pf the year was the Calyrrzzbus SCT'1f'3l ter Grrls Cherr and the Academy Giee rjlllf rt Concert, The boys and QXZS sama eral greaps ef serigs separatefy aria Carrxbrrrea in a areap whleh was hlghlrahtea The Sprria Serta, Eellewirga .he preceaerzi set last year at ine czrieeri, the tw: araarirzairiris sperzssrea a aarfe 'zter the perlfrrtiartce. ,l'f'Jr' II f.'Ir'r'f1ffffff .NNI X" mm' '4f1f,'f.r,'5ff:11rr" gs E F993 First Row--Felbel, D., Darfler, Huffman, R, O'Nell, Slebert, Feutael, 1, Rc-sler, Fullen, Willcox, Buchanan, Ziegler, Slime, Sandberg, SlY'll't3, T. Second Row -Bull, R, Eldson, Ayres, Barton, Zollmger, Potter, Brown, Brock, Kvmble, Katz, Sinks, Pg Raper, Rellarwd The Varsity "A" Clip, consisting of letterrnen of any varsity sport, set during the l94QelQ5U sea- son a preceaent to he followed hy future "A" Cluhs. This year the clulo under the leadership of President Bill 9'Neil aotually ascornplishea sexe eral proiects. During the football season grarris were prepared tor each horrie game were passed out to all spectators clulo r QYC- and Tiifll' bers. Later in the fall the Varsity "A" sponsored a successful aariee in Irie school assernhly r orn. The proceeds trorri the dance were used to pur- Cnase Z.9'v'J rfzskets fur the qyrtxnasiurrx, ln spring The frxrgial Zfllililiifi Cereniorfy inauofea ten ne:-' IIxi"f.I',ifS IYY2 TIAS CQQI VARSITY " " CLUB Seven years ago zhe Varsity "A" Club was organized for the purpose of bringing together varsity letter winners, thereby creating a hetter understarioling arrgong the Acaolerriy teams. Af present, rnainly through the nurrieropis tasks which this years :lub has undertaken and coni- pleted, the Varsity "A" is one ot the most in- tl'iential clubs in the school. VJith Bill Q'Ne1l serving as president, lilnifl Resler as' vice-prestclerzt, and Dzclc Huttrnan as seoretary-treasurer this year the Varsity "A" Club his certainly developed into a rrzaoh 1::1pro','e'i organizatiop. . . A ,f'i't't111'1l'v Inflk' l"l't'f'I'4'li 1. 4 51 1 .Q: g'f.?gQ'i A :ii 31 ll Q -15 Q i 5, j 1,1 l A " f li 4., !f15' f - 5 A ' ' . i ,f.,R.,V , ' 'QNX lxxe' iw vf 5 wx ,rf , W x V, f v . naw' :I 7 .J 5 H 1. . I! L g ,ws- : wt, .ii ,-.-. -1 'U 6- 1,9 ,3- .6 ,,, Qi , 'Q '53 s.- 4 'I . M . G , AAN qs- 'Ah' - I ' I I-s 43 Nl I I I. D I Wi' -v 'JJVYLV' fmrvzi Sturm, Katz, Ofxew, Humphrey Urwdpwwzii Kane' L Stgrfiwg ZA 4 W Academy Life . . - , . Y. J Y'-'.,Il...g rm, I A - vw. ,,,,v-v-- fv- ,, c H JM .., ,4.., 3 Se-an-fi ,.. ,y 'xy ffm. 5 ' L ., A-,-J, , , w rarwt Efiumr NNHCC,-Q ACADEMY LIFE .K f I Y - ' .4 , HH. .4 .Mgr- .J ..,.. ., .,..,. -.,. .4.. .. ... X HA ,A AI 1 V- 3 JW. ,, , vl f,.,4'IfA ..,, L 1 11 L my . . y. ., " "1" ST-U1 Academy Life. f.i'::.'.' fin ., fd., . ., .1 1.,4.., ficzdd sl' , J ,, ,, ., ... Wwf- X,-, fy fr yggv ...VA N , . 11,43 ,.., ..f . ., ,, , WC , ' J, ,4..,,- . 4. ... ' A.,.,gr.,:.,, 1 . C. . ,W f-,. IN L ., 1, Y, 1 .. 4 ,4 K. A .A' ... , V-131 : 515: .... , A X . r "4 iff LQIIIJA. .HM by 1 7: rd Q. ., h ,A .,, .,.., ..,,.. F, ,. ' A 'I -f,.. XJ . ' ... Q-.. .. ' ll If. fmt, ,M r,1f."1.'ff 1f.fI.'f.' H1 "ff Af. ' vmifi. ., ,, V -11, " Lv . lads-r. 29 Academy Life 5 .. .4.,, , V v P X, ,ful 1 1 ffm "M FHBEL Mr Everett H. Perkins 1950 CARAVEL IERRY STONE Asscciate Edmor ACKNOWLEDGMENT BOB BARTON Business Manager 1 5 The Ccxrcrvel staff wishes is askhowleaqe we efforts of al' the students sorizrbgte 1 mage the 'EO Ccncrvel more than any stil' ary high school ppihlzsation. task has een tryirig at urn-es, but the resqg recompense- he hard work whetrier it be '.-rrztlrig cipy or ,, , W . I SCHCITZIBQ f,If1'.'5YfISlIfQ. LHTSQ Tiff TIT T26 Sf r - t .YQ ipaq we N., .V , -roar 1-2, .1 1. TONTRIBUTERS Wiiliarh C'Neil '50 Boa Vfillcix 'Sl Charles lsalvlorite '52 Byron Fora '53 SQLIUTEBS lohh Ayres 'Sl Bolo Rosenfeld 'Sl Davia Madison 'Sl Rod Willcox 'Sl Bolo Zollmqer 'Sl Charles lsalvlorite '52 Tom Hardin '52 lohh Ziegler '52 lohri lNriqht '53 lon Gillette '57 IIM SPENCER WAYNE KAYSER Associate Editor Photographer IACK KIMBLE Advertising DAVE FULLEN Circulation .1 me f. 1, y ,rf f' Q 1 . so CAPTAINS ' 'vw Bagkefbak B35 Barrow EXNNFYWFVNUQ, Gab Briwng Bagebalf jay Hanfag Foorbail. jzhn Fieskar, Term Preston Smks SPCDRTS FOOTBALL ,E'if'Z'iEII.',' Fcitrfrl 'ear' . ing with niany fine prfsgecte, fe f" title in the rnia-Bpxckeye finfefrcf, 'zfia 'xii ceflent coaching staff. Ae 1Tff'f'T'.f-I: ffhiie arid Baker rnoulaea a hard iahiiig spxfei crei-.' Vikinas, the first dame Ereztvft N' "" e dy. Bremen, fresh trorn a 'czctfrn if the rre':1i1ge -:eeli trotted cn tc the Ac':de:t1',' field where Thi 'A.' Silk' rnttted tc cr T2-O tro1.gnc1ri'5 fy the Ilieeiiieri. EJ Barton spearheaded the drreregtied Acadefny :t tack, crashing over tor twe touchdowns, Bremen later went on to finish the season wzxh the leer .5 Girrgx VTE: 'z ras: Zrfrti Tia l T. Sf"-EfT1Yf'j carrie tc Academy next and has S'96K1Ii'Z revenge ict the lceiztiriq saf- rt Ili. Sierhna the jcreuicus year Shcwea a 23.113 ifienee headed by Tod Racer s accurate eeing. Gibby Brown aathe-red in twc of Tode xcliacnvn passes and David Madison another. eedy Don foie qarnerea six points in a 20- ' fcyrth auarter dash. The Vikings thus 'gained e fchn Galhreatn trophy. Academy ran into rnud at lvlechanicslourq then and in a dull hattle in the rnire, the only decisive to Acfldemy GS the Tiglngh V7 had YQTVTG' cron' :L carne in the final halt rninute. Russ lcnes. jggk Vtfhmis rnen suffered a i2-T defea' inf 't'ff:i'::iicsburq field aoal specialist took a had following week at Franktcrz. The sriiritiese Acfide :Lies trotn center and outsloshed the Viking rnud- rny squad showed little offensive r deteneivf dere in a ten-yard dash to the aoal line. Cincin- power althouqh one Viking scfre was called nick T'1'Zii ffcziintry Day School journeyed to Academy kiecauee ct a penalty. The Vikings' ' e SC'Y"i '11 the Vikings crushed the dcwn staters 256 ll'f1i1l ffl' fft' f.'t'114f,' Um' 1-711i11'ti'1'fwIiwl.' ,q11t'irf.'.' I.r'j'1T'f.'T ru' 1 ,QN X gr. a Lf1,llS1T.Q battle, Qxoe agairp Tea Paper af.: extra ' afj iz' good and the tie game was Ginny Brown coliaberated for two stores. Ronde eve' Saxanorg ana Dicn Harrigan gataerea iff- oirf,-, T- 9 :xii 23355 31 -Iggy with Uzgveisity Lvl Six pointers' ' eiaea gr, 115. .Qoaaeriy 'notary 7-5. Still showing Shjwmg mme hghtl gpm and dine than ever spirit ine fxgxgs -'i-'Lin ori.y :ive ante Laci: tielas refore. Academy ran into Liberty Uris: oi the 55 1243? gamewcnu held Gut to th? L, U. homecoming night. Battling toe to toe, the gif sgjriea SY 15:1 Rgpgr' Acgdemyscjrec TNC teams fought, smashed and :oQQ1dea iii 42 I' 'lj E jig 'fum Sxegk' BCL Burton ached The minutes ot driving football. Academy took a six 'iV'rt3T'T 53:31 pill' nothing lead when Rod Vfiicox skirted end for Cizptair. fair. Resler along with Gibby Browr. 9 yards and a score. Late in the final stages ',' '-'et-- rise: 'xg the all Mid-Conference Team the game, after being driven Lack tinge and agair. '.-,fitii fear. Uiifig voted the Leagues outstanding Ly Captain Reslet and Dave Madison along with il!tfJI1.'If,. Tom Brock and Tod Raper were awards the rest of the team, Liberty Union scored an the fri ,1--fora teari. positions ara Ierry Stone and finai play ot the game on a 12-yard pass. The ,:. 'zrrtefi ti Honorable Mention. Vp fm' .mum frtivft tlir, 6.?.' D,,Da,Ch pp-,Ofc COACH IACK WHITE lack White came to Academy tour years ago. ln those four years he has' won friends :tot only in our school, but among the many friends ci Academy on the outside. A great athlete himself, Mr. Whxe has how to get the most from Academy foofball and basketball teams which have consistently faced teams which are lar su- perior in numbers and strength. Mr. Vfhites ieanis al- ways stress sportsmanship, aqgressiveness, and inteilif gent playing. This year for the lirst time Acadernys foot- ball squad used the T-formation. There were temporary stands on the lield, and the field itself was kept Qreen and firm thanks to the efiorts of Mr. White. He has always kept Academy a name to be reckoned with in Columbus sports. Mr, White teaches algebra to Freshmen and his tory to the middle school boys, besides helping with the Middle School athletic program. Day in and day out Mr. White is a very busy man. Academyfl2 Bremen O Academye- 7 Frankfort . l2 Academyf Mt. Sterling ,. 6 Academye- O Mechanicsburg ,, 6 Academy C.C.D.S. , ,.,. .. ,, 7 Academyee 6 Liberty Union . . 6 Academye- 7 University , .. , 6 4' tiff, H011 ,' , Dispatch Photo 1949 VIKING FOOTBALL TEAM Y vs ' R 455' 4 ronr P w rock wm I Huf man Res er Fullen Barton Hanna Sun S Second Row Head Coe hwlmte Robenfeld Fewbel I Sinks T andborg :tone Rape Brown Re-:land WTI ox Ends n Madison Coach Torn Baker wrd R w rHer nford M Lean C Ie B ll r n r U a Z X ,J Pm, J l11l1"T,fT gif" 4 ' bg . lx I Lx A ' 'licks N -7 1 I , N!-. - sf A ls- , '. -v '-1. .:,v.L "ii 71. 45, " .V 4 A 'F -'51-. ., n -eagf-ig, A - K' , 'i .QQ "'- 5 ' , , W ' - 1. ix 8 -1 t It 1 ' ' 1 ' D? , . I ' 1 X s asf, A 58 h , t . . - , 1 4 W r ' F , I o 6 0 7 0 F XO -VB ', K '33, 'f ,RQ I g j Q ,Q k, P. f- C : ' 1 . -2 ' . -J 5 , ' Q '. . G: Th Q fDa gk-ia , c g O g u ,Dy Porte g Zollu geg B Il, By K r. llvlv' f mf! mf l'z'fp ff' DW, ,rn SENIOR PLAYERS Stan Katz Ca. 1 F,'Nem M Sle f O Cl VARSITY BASKETBALL SEASON SCORING r D JU LQ FREE Wann ry Jr FTA C rw bCT Bill 'N I NC. 'EL AAP. S A A.IUU'.'.7S NN A f-. , -f- , -M , WM'- ucxes F. .-. ng. A, . . :.., f ,,.,:. 13 4l Q3 11.7 25 AQ ei.Q lu .4 lu if f'..Q '75 4' IST, 231 it E5 L f.g,f "Q 2" 4,1 Q 1 T Qc SQ-1 Nl 227 739 if if ff, 7 Q2 22 f if Q" H QQ in 'vf-1 rw .1 'JX COACH TOM BAKER YQ fu -w A pi x .. , , -L ,. .- -.,A, .,.4, ll, "",.Y.,, ., H - f' ' ' :i 'x5f22':f:Q. 5l'Z,f,f, 2:5-2f 1 Thf. '.-fi: 3 ' ty zfrgirf ff ::, HTS' 1,11 i : :pg t ,',Q,,,,v 1 YT, W '- ",,,YQ . .. ,L ",..v,x M, 4,4i,..3 'Z' L,..1."f.'. 5 1- ii, A ' ,J ,....f:.,1,y fZ'f?Il.'f -ix :Z ., :1 :iff 7 .111 QQ ,rzigzrc K V- .. 'F' "' Y' 'X ' ' -V . , ., I7 K fif,--ff-, ,13f:gA, 1 ws. .Q gi .-.-,:3f.,,, ,: .'t-...,J,v-- 1I'lEff1'.' f' Algixzgi EQ .3.ig13:..'.' 42 Bexley -fQAwf-- A ' ' W .- 1' ",ifX,X.X,.-v ll. Y-wx qwffxu' x:,f..., ata nf.1:,z 3. A :W fu., -, J. ...3.A:. fziizzpy 1? Bz, :ey '4 A 'fl ffzy' 4,1 D 3Li'..'3r.1 ' fgr, ': "N,'-.,.. Mg K. 1 Annx ,Marg X., JrX,.,1..'.'. , f.. ,1'fM., 1, x7',fr.A-xA : 'wj-f,.,,x m -Q N. 'M lilru,-v , lJi,,I.'v 1.6 ',.l :A.,.4,i'...3 -1- C.. ,.f., lib '10 X Captain Barron and Coach Baker Madison, Zelgkr, O'Neu!, FUHen, Zcf1r1ger, Barron, Hanna, Rader, Katz, Sxebcrr IIVI-'Z'I.lZff Inf I lfffx RESERVES I 5. C'f1'111"'111X ,fffmff f 111 L3"f"fl - SWWMNHNG . h as Vvvzj U...-.a .. V, . --, - sr-1-,, Html Brownj Thompson, RJ Thompson, jg Corrodig Feibel, jg Lunsfordg French, P.g LaMonte, Cg Thorsong Fenbef, D. GOLF Resler Lune ary Barton Fullen ONQII Buchanan I 1 N 1 1 . - . F ,, . . f -. 1 1N- 1 1 1 1 4 1 ,, ', ',. . 4114 V1- SENIOR PLAYERS iw m 1 qw..-. -ns w Wm , gf.. A,-3 N- an-X' E all .fr with My +"m,, ay Hanna Bob Barton w- H tv Qiav at :PW D x11 Fu r N I 652 QM V I , I ' ,. i. .- 1 V -V' .' V N 2, M, , ,Y '.k n', GM PWM J, J' ,V M f.. '.. . ' ' ...., J .:,.V . -. .1 4 - 4 ,gm - ' ' . ' ze. ' L ' . , . ,. Q ,:' N ' - ..., . Y ,. . , Q , ,- Q-..ra,-.,, sk .f " , , '.k 4 ahlg-Avevf fe , ' rl.. ' AL: A '52 +'2f7!'-2. . " ' j . " bf" ' 1 nic' "' p X fo, V fa, U,-v-V lj., -. - - ,N.-.- f f ' ,xx f,.. 0, xx ' lun ' ' 4,.:! !!3'i,t:'fni.?+,"fv.'f?3x,iive!, .. . -23,-fy' ' ' A Q?".Wiv!'fA"'f if x' W Ui v K A . I xxx 5 1 x v ff ' v i K q , -.U ' - y' , I , -- g fs Q f .. - 1 ' f 4 ., . :1 , , Q., I 1 f X, 3 J S- in , W .. A , - .,.vv - , " .' y ' , .- "' H "Q -.." A ' :ww 1- L -4-5'-' T ' -f , - f- .A A - .- " . . M -- 4 I - ' r ' f' L- 5'-' A ' . . ' -. ' ' v4Hf.: 3 ' -- ' -N, 'Z . A,' V - ' , A ' " . Iggwi 1: .fi , 5 T ' ' . .f ' -an , 4 ' K Z x - f mg.. - ., fm, ff a:,...4. N27 LZ ',1,.ff:" "U ' 4 a Q Ile Seated Potter Wullcox Katz Fullen Hanna Barton Cary Sandborg Madnson ctandmghCoach Tom Baker B Il R Darfler Underwood Ayres Bonnell Kayser Buchanan Zlegler Dooley Hand ford Eldson The 1950 baseball squad under the drrectron of a new coach began practrcrng the frrst of Aprrl The new coach Mr Tom Baker harls from Rhode Island State College Besrdes hrs detarled knowl edge of the sport hrs splrlt and encouragement have been a great asset to the team At the hrst practrce erght retumrng lettermen greeted Mr Baker lay Hanna Captarn and hrst strrng prtcher was back for hrs second season Although not a letter wrnner last year Al Under wood was the second prtcher thrs year followed by lohn Buchanan and Wayne Kayser Rod Wrll cox aga1n resumed hrs posrtron behrnd the plate whrle Bonme Sandborg and Stan Katz fought rt out for thrrd base As rn two prevrous years Bob Barton patroled the short stop posrtron Two new comers completed the rnheld Dave Madrson took over the keystone sack and Andy Cary grabbed hrst base from other lrkely candrdates In the out freld there were three lettermen Dave Fullen Tad BASEBALL Potter and lohn Ayres However two more new comers Chuck Dooley and Iohn Zergler edged out Potter and Ayres for startrng berths Other out fler and Tom Bonnell The startrng lrneup for the marorrty of the games read as follows Hanna prtcher Wrllcox catche Cary hrst Madrson second Barton short stop Sandborg thrrd Dooley left held Zergler center freld and Fullen rrght held On the startrng nrne there are three senrors three runrors two sopho mores and one freshman At press trme the varsrty had played only hve games los1ng all frve If thrs 1S any rndrcatron of what the rest of the season wrll be lrke and rt rs we surely cannot nope for a champronshrp Nevertheless everyone trres hrs hardest and has a lot of fun The scores of the hrst fourteen games are lrsted below Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy St Charles 5 Bexley l8 Mt Vernon Graravrew Arlrngtcn 17 Reynoldsburg Mt Vernon 3 2 Academy Academy Academy Acaderny Academy Academy Academy Delaware 8 Grandvrew l l Delaware 8 Bexley Arlrngton C C D S C C D S 6 I r S' t 55' , A A , f 1 6.4 V -- A ' . . 21" A . Pl' ' , I, ,, A' l is ,, , q f f r V V 5 5.11 , ' 4fw ' . ' E 'W - '- I I 1 'U . 1 J ' 1 I 1 Q 1 J ' J : - . ' ' ' - fielders who will add their services are Bob Dar- - ' ' ' - 1 I Q ' I 3 . ' 4 2 0 ' 6 . 9 19 5 r' ' 8 r ll 10 3 ' ..., ' ,.r. 4 V 7 .... 6 6 . 13 .... ,rar . if Humphrey, O'Netl, Reslerg Stone, Stebert, Sinks, P TENNIS y Smks, T., Wright, Mr, Bovm, Lame Six letteririerl lent last years cnarnpianship lre scheaale inc.uaea :natcnes with :ne IC.iOf.'.'- tenriis team returned far actian th1s seasari. Lng CBL. teams: Delaware, Ariiriatan, Grana- Thcuah these players farmed the nucleus at a Bexley, and Mt. Vernon. Other hari-leaaue ccwertal squad, they realized that ether CBL. ccrizeszs were with Chilhcathe, the faculty, and teams had became niare iarceful and that the Vi- f,f,D,S, Egglq gf the lggg-45 qggmg wgg plgygj kmas would have ta struqale cleverly and yialerit- in-,rice --arice OH tiiexr caurts and ance an ly ta maintain first place. Academys Prem these six rnen Caach Bet-Jn filled in the Again as last year, the Viking tennis squad ieanz pasiticns lil fallawina manner. Captain 13323535 gpgre than nie-rg tennis players. Mr, Presteri Sirlks WGS riufilbef CTIG S1IiC5lGS PXCIYQI- Bcwns secancl pregect that at resuriacina the lihn Sielaert, Bill O'Neil, and Thurman Sinks bat- riirtfieast clay courts, drafted many hearty pick- ilea fcr the tw: ana three singles cesmcns with fjfic gig-,-91 53515 gzncna 1-.rhcrn Ralph Harriphrey, the wcrst cf these three jilfllilffll Ci T59 SSCCFU friarles Lalwlante ana Allen llnderwcca liiifif-Eli aeuiiles teanx lahn l.'.lr1aht ar Bill especially well. The scncal and all the tennis Lane. Finally lerry Stcne and lehn Fesler farmed payers sincerely thank these bays fer ny:k1nq Aw: .- ,N ng-f fy-3 -A--f Q ggfvns , ll Musee. ., asa. .,c4,.., SENIOR NETMEN lchn V-,Aw3,-v ,-, :nf--.. ease. a rca...,. Raster, jerry Stone, Captain Preston Surrke, Bill O'NetI, and john Suebert, f .-.r ref" Msg.: I...-45 -,:f'f 'E zguffmfr W , , ",',',..,., , , ,444 ary' -, . ," U4 4,1-r' HONORS AWARDS HGNCRQ ANNA RDS NLT VP J LQ P PIGQGUTGG w Q Prmcercm .NLM , of Cclu Omg to he ,, umrwl A CIil6"'1E Mc: fu Cucw r me Q FC T Q K, Q y C rw std C MGC Y X X 1 5,1 YY 4 I - rrf- f 21:1 4 : if A:.i'.f11f.' 1 Q 'I :Y f, :Hg i ,P :'z' 'T . THE HE!.QA.f.i.:'fWlx'S ff? P!ffv:,1C'i the I-.l"r':.r.1 Rss' 'izigri 15, cz fifty: f'-f if Kite 1' 1 fx xii: :inf SEI' 1r.tfl.ff't.11,I cwziisiijx 1rgf.'.'111f: cf if 1r.'1wg'2:1'1-L:.1 f .f?f1" " 'gfifif 'T' gi: 1' " r,ffTI':"'1','1 'zr " :'!f1fc1I1'.'+ Q.QI11'Q35 'f Tiff '." :.1:A Y" :',' ....... jim. 'L P' riff Sg f rn, FAT TH- FINCETCI CUP - ' Fd' . ' .. xxx' 'X Hdbus, V ' , I - "5 "Q - .',C ' .A ', A IQE4. TC beg ff' l yes 'F ifzrzpe if Ihf dy: wh: ., - :ii ,1fz,t C'xI'1FflC',Ll'.1S fir :Izzy rC'.'Gr:,e:,t, X-A-7' r, ir. 39:7 rg' , .... F.:,:QgE1E'.1qe:,- Hyxtpg hrs' THE 'ff-.LE LU? P525-,f:,i'?1: fy' The 'lie ,QQ'.,LI1'.t'.1 pi f1Q11:1:n1gS ir TSE fi Q,.r'g1:,gs .lxfflflvfifj ,.,-Liv 1,4 mf , ,W f, QW., in cated Srwl-Q Katz andwg Spencer Barmn Rewand CUM LAUDE SOCIETY T r ff V9 wg rv-vgy C cr-nn! clnn f-N ,A 'D :G ""LfI K S 1 ,,. P, . ST 1 g A , . . he 491251 32,21-9211: 2:22. 1-1213: :Zi re rss- spite inert, cis it lS rpgzf 1: Iflifllfifli IQ.-' d :H rzzerirter 3: 3:1 And qrsdu 1- Eitrgice C1 C1 nigh Whvv. Sipzavri 1A.1v pw- .Q .pw AN Q':-..w .A .pg f..-4: A, ,WAS -n.:... .Q M. QNA, H414 Nam Q lug ,MQ .L ,f -A,,..-., ., ..,, vm.. PWM, SV L,.,...- S,,A,., .R .. .NNW WMM- Cisty. Students 1:1 the 12: f1f.h if the S?IYlCI :TCSS .efeiviig ah, Cami d Phi B613 KMM , ' 2-.'h,se grizdes :'.'e:1'ge aqhtx' :artery :T aicve eye. The hlfiff SLQYIQSS the highest R 3,1r1r1g :hir Uixgr :xiii Script ','91:rS :re E1lCZilCiE ::1f'.gs'.'2::.srits Hifi fgllsst, :ist :CHQ tif r:e::.:a5r,1:,, 1: 5:2 gi trigs sicietg' QF tg eil- G:-ilrise 5: T19 Sf.l'.19I.f 5 Qf'.1E..5Cf',lf'. 9:13 i'1pri'1:e ig riesi Stgzrxjfzrds gf sthglgzrshgi iz, Lie' -V . I . N . .WF f f ' A F3 "2"'rf'f f' 212 M353 1: ,1'D, 1 , QAp,,:Q. 1 N Q ' " """"A :eip 242:23 tg tie s'C12t',' ite: hgre' 'fff f .tg Qi: Liif- S ieiy :5 fi .ffiEj fri T'f':12 21:1 Kit: '.'.'g.l11:::A F51 :fix P'f2F"t. S 7" ' ' ,..' .' ,Y " V "1-V Af---...',f,. f.v 'f.. f. C,,,,- v T 'f. . If, I ...W :,X.':., ..,I: JY.,-SI. ,I..,f: M: 'f...f.. Aw SPONSORS 1 1 ., 'I X' .1 ff, . ll , ,Y K ., My ':f.': ff . ,Y r ., ,mm 1.11 ,L ". -1 4, -A Tx, .J1 T Y q X Y JA. Af.. vi , -x I. :tml .11 H W. " W Z, , .-1Y.,.,11." 1 . .. 1: l.f.f - .4 , . ,, I. ity: .'f,f Uv A, - V . ,v , PROPHECY My rame rs FrftY F Sdrok prruate GYe I was 8 JO rr a I QQ! New Or ans nrght r m ort n th lfI ea a tn noarse rn an o a foghor as t ea t th dark ess I thought It haa been three a ys srrrce I had lo 'r called rrto the f th Upper Arlrng ton chref of polrce Th chr was smart he k J what he was talkrrrg ab ut After m vrng upthernsfrmrcokrethaa es nxas rmte rc cause of hrs brrllrant rdea cl thrng al oatrolm rr r rnaroon pegg a parr s and grey sued shoes Y s Fhr flay Hanro was a calculatr g ran H explarned th atter to me s rn where rrr the wrckea crty o 'XI w Orleans was a 'nan wrth a th ry wnr h Joula charrge th Parrs U Irrn had exoostula a th ory r atr rr f topsor t r ug t e use but Gr grass' Urrdervt rld p wers were after thrs m rr My Job was to stop th powers Sudd nly my thoughts were br k n by the r ar of a huge s mrtrarler as rt swerx ed drre tly toward m I flung myself to the gr und As I lay there I h ard th huge vehr les arrbrakes screech as rt came to a halt Th d or opened and shut When I looked up agarn rt was rnto the eyes f a aark grant In a low c arse xorce he sard Corn wrth me Ralph Humphrey led me to hr cab and I was off for th wrldest adventure of my lrfe When the truck stopned agarn rt was at what seemed a deserted spot about srx mrl s out of New Orleans Get out sard my srlent fr nd Humphrey When I had alrghted the truck drove off Somewhere rn the nrght I hea d musrc from a honrcy tank sorloon I walked toward the norse and soon found myself rn front of a drngy nrght spot call d Stuffman s As I entered a sleezy dark hatred man wrth a crgarette hangrng from the corner of hrs mouth gre ted me It was ferry Rocky Stone co owner of the nrght club Stone had reached the peak of hrs pow r rn 1956 when he owned 453 bars rn the state of Ohro However he attempt ed to besrege the governor s mansron and was forced rnto exrle by the Ohro Natronal Guard He now lrves rn New Orleans where he makes a comfortable lrvrng and every evenrng en tertarns hrs frrends rn hrs recreatron room whrch he had had rmported from Columbus The other owner of Stuffmans rs Drck Huffman former brewer of Huffs Ale who when the brewery busrness farled began the marrufactu e of chewrng tobacco The nrght club rs a srde f onzplunents Buckeye IOIIIIIIIIIIPII s 0 Letter SSIVICG The Iulicm 6 Kokenqe Co. if 375 fzast Sprrng St I: N Zregler . ' " ' H C ' , " - Y In o. 'o ' o' le . F o : or e Gun he r ' ' e ' M3 I r n N 1 be.1o'.-1- ' o e n . . "cr V Aa lr o ee. our ,offrceo e . - ' I -. e 'ef 'J o IRSV ' A o '. ' o . . o ' a k o . o ' 'o o 're ' of the vrc- QL-Gd, l e uf p or loud to Chief of Pol e be- ' ' ' I of o I 'rrer 'n r. I e' n rt o f e . e,o 'e ,a' o rt . e ' em c -1 -o e- ', ' " fre' orc rr r ' eo 'c v f r o e structure of the world. The nian was lames P. Spencer B.S., LS MFT, Professor Emeritus of ' . . A ted e of eclarn o. o 'l h o h he of 1. 'rf lo . r ro o o ' a.. ' ese . e A V o e lo . o e. ' ' r I c ' e. o . r , e e ' c ' ' I ' , . .e o o . ' ' , . , A O , , . l O V V . I . I ,t A S . 's e I Q . ' rl A lr - I 1' I V I . . ' ' , o r ' I - r' f . fC'fur!ir11u'u' nu fnrgft' fell I ' .' nf ' ' .. I I 11 5't':.':rIy-txt' X W -:,:g5:45g3:y 254441 1: 'Inn llli THE IIANN A AINT MFG C0 ANY LOUISVILLE PITTSBURGH INDIANAPOLIS JACKSON MISS BIRMINGHAM COLUMBUS OHIO wx x , . Y lullfln' .S'4'I'm1lyAf11r lrne wrth Drck who also substrtutes rn Rrnqlrnq Bros crrcus for the bearded lady on her vaca trons As l stepped rnto the room whrch was d1mlY lrt wrth maroon lrqhts and shrouaed wrth gray sm ke a blood curdlrnq scream frlled the arrl Doctor' Doctor' ls there a Doctor rn the hou e7 Forward carrre a clean cut younq man wrth a black baq a whrt coat and a number 73 on hrs back It was my qood frrend Brll Berlarrd crrrne doctor Hrs p trent lay screa'nrna her srdes splrt B111 showrnq all hrs ten years medrcal experrence at Srrra Srna deftly sewed the woman up She was now rn strtches and why l looked to the staqe and saw There was Stan Katz world famed c rnedran composer of the popular hrt tune Eqads It s a Cop Aaa 1' Stan whc had made mrllrons sellrnq plarn prpe racks to Case Clothes of Srberra was tellrna for the tenth trme hrs famous Joke about th man who wanted to have only thre chrldren when he was marrred because he heard that every fourth person born rn the world was a Chrnaman Followrna the brrllrant comedran carne the featured crooner lack Krmble wrrter of lx rnbles Book of Facts who sanq one of the lrqhter torch sonqs Nobody Can Match You Honey Because You re My Flame As I heard lack rna I remembered that he was one of Lucky Tom s torpedoes As everybody knows Lucky Tom Brock was the leader of the North Srde syndrcate Tom owned qamblrna casrnos from Watervrlle Marne to San Dreao In Tom 1 saw the answer to the case He was out to steal the Spencerran theory and 1 had to stop hrm There he was now at the roulette table coolly placrnq 591 on the black I went to a table to fraure my plan of attack I glanced around me At the table at my left sat Davrd Fullen famous archrtect and Grbby Brown 1 saw on the tablecloth that Dave had drawn numerous blueprrnts for the new Columbus Academy Gymnasrum whrch at long last was rn the plannrng staqe Fullen was as surprrsed as 1 as he saw hrs plans suddenly obscured by Grbby Brown who was lyrnq on hrs back across the table demonstratrnq the Arabran back stroke whrch had won hrm the Olymprc Champronshrp for ten years Grbby who rs presrdent of the World Optrmrst Club was celebratrnq wrth Fullen a new rnventron of Dave s a three prece paper bathrnq surt for women Before my eyes Grbby was whrsked See the NEW 1950 CADILLAC and OLDSMOBILE Moron CARS COLUMBUS MOTOR CAR CO. Don Cole, Pres. 600 East Long St Cor of jefferson Ave 1 ' ' ' ' V A o , . . . C H . . .. . . ' , Q , A . A 1 . C . - 1 A A-1 1 W 1 I I , rr. , , , ' ' ' ' 'rf Q . : c 1 V ,Q , . ,, 1 I A C , . - - , , ' I f , - - , 1 - , , fC'11rrl1'11zm1l .fn ftrryfr fm' I 1 .Yrrrrrly-1 ru' 1 Iflllllfllill 0 l'1l11 1'11sl11un rr tlurtx tlzr 1 x urs CAPITOL BARBER SHOP wo E MAIN ST ,5 gf ,Ze fayf, 113 E-xsr BIXOAD STREET nc 4!tl11sImutml1 gl wars COLUMBUS 15 OHIO PENDLETON fmnplznunls fr MCGREGOR ADLER 7801 E MAIN ST S k O CQLUMBUSQ or-no DO 4113 THE SPORTSMAN 2469 East Mann Sheet BYER DE SOTO PLYMOUTH MOTOR CARS GI:NERAL MOTORS TRUCKS AND BUSShS 46 L TORX 'N STREET l,n1zunIms UM:-st 111111 Lurgmt II'flllS1IUl'fllflUII Uvrrluznts f, '-V-- ,U K-4, . , 1 ' I 4 ' .' f Slncks-Xvuol Shxrls Sports Sh1rrs4Sw1mm1ng Trunks H U . Whlze C 5-I.0v1s HHH. .' l'.mr .N IX f CTWCIY by bouncer Iohn Resler lohn who had been a pro football player for ten years wrth the Warsaw Wrzards worked rn the off season as a strong armed man for Stuffman s Iohn s mam ambrtron to become a sports announcer was never realrzed for rn a game lohn had l st hrs two front teeth I glanced to the rrght There surrounded by a bevy of beautres sat professronal lover Brchard Erdson Eldson through hrs many years rn the practrse of love makrng had attarned such a peak of perfectron that he had become a one man datrng bureau' My attentron was drawn to the door where announced by the clash of cymbals and the tune Onward Chrrs tran Soldrers stood that outstandrng temperance leader author of the controversral novel The Keg and I Robert Bull I'Ie was followed by hrs I2 Sramese cats each carryrng a parnt brush rn rts mouth Bob looked around and approached the table where sat Preston Srnks Srnks reputed to be the rrchest man rn the country had earned hrs fortune by travelrng around the world answerrng prrze questrons on radro and televrsron qurz programs Srnks also was a famous authorrty on Chrnese phrlosophy and a proponent of the hydrogenatron of tennts balls Suddenly the band struck up a rhumba tempo On the stage were those two former B Hrve boys Iohn Srebert and Brll O Nerl O Nerl was now on a vacatron from hts coachrnq strarght years Srebert who had made hrs mon y manufacturrng used cars had combrned wrth O Nerl rn parntrng old tennrs balls red and sellrng them as apples The musrc was loud the talk was louder Suddenly I felt a chrll of fear I slowly turned my head to the door There Just entermg was the man whom all the world has been awart mg Iames Porter Spencer He was followed by hrs lawyer and advrsor Bob Barton who had Just returned from hrs trrp to the moon Spencer had offered Barton a valuable opportunrty If Bob could be the lawyer who patented Spencer s theory Bob would have the feather rn hrs cap whrch would enable hlm to run for the Presrdency of the Unrted States the followrng year A hush fell over the crowd Across the room I saw FBI agent Drck Iones arrse from hrs seat Drck aroused my courage and my hope I-Ie was sent here by the Federal government to protect Spencer A former presrdent of the Unrted Natrons Iones was a good man for the rob I knew he could do rt U ll CULBERTSON HENDERSON 281 East Broad Street MERCURY LINCOLN job at Columbus Academy where his basketball teams had won the State "Z" title for nine . . . 3 . . 10 1t'rur'd fm fttljlr' ZW I ll ,N't':.'1r!' nrnpllnzf nts MONTALDO S BATES FLORISTS I-I B f 4111111111111 IIIS 0 T E DAVIS 675 E Broad St THE HARRIS COMPANY OPTICIAINS 106 E-XST BROAD STREET COLUNIBLJS OHIO ffilllllllllll nts IUIIIIIIIIIH 111s n THE FRANKLIN THE STERLING PAPER GLUE CO l1111. S 1 C ' 1 .- of 1 Owen . ares Nelson Road at Broad Street. Columbus. O51 142 East Broad S rect Fxizrfax 3155 ' ' f Courruous Servlcc Amnms 574 . . 1 V f ' ' inf f ' I pf CO. O u 1 "1 the e IJJT1 Jn ra -c H Wea V1 b began LJ 110 I a t e Q en 1 S My stead11y the 'ar es ul qooa an Jae 111 on t '1 wha G 1"1 f' NJ" W9 Ty' a tv a as'1 wae eara 3 a 11 e W a c Cl a '1 a aaqge P t J D tmaed 1 It was T a Ra e a'1a 1'1 '11s I' '13 h fl a a L: actc C S h1gh h ,f e a cal X Jhat was 1' ha 17 ery he I e '1e 3 u shatt ha e ,ae cers theory he J1 th ase a QS v ere- t b '12 S J .ta ea ea D e ry t Q re J he-re a tr 1 e D af1gt11sh w h , 13 e .f b ck a S 1 D6 er fyushat he M name IS F1111 Fosdmk It Jas 8 30 11 a faqgy New Orteahs mqht 1 II BYER and BOWMAN ADVERTISING Beavers G Horn Markets ualxty and Economy With Servtce 75 E Broad St 1660 E Nlitn St 3 '567 N -4th St XV-X 15 C0l1gl'!1flllllfl0llS and In sl NINIIPS to the nnrnbers 0 th: 2'I'flf1lllIflllg!IllSS of 1910 IOHN W. GALBREATH 6. CO. 4' I ist Gay Street RILALTORS AD H06 COLUMBUS, OHIO Bttoh ',cthers1d, ofthe 'fr,Te1 B'c1,fc 3 'by P115 10, 'f F ve 31-'GTO h, -Cie tgst. Ea' ', V " , 1 C, e' ' al e'.'1f Cie ed ' 1. he H131 " 1 had cffere' 'I e Sjserye '11 'IWC ' . Sud , cr Q - - he ' a' f1a"re 1.1 bla k Tc k 'mtl ' ,r Qe ee: hi' eeth he '1 'e :ic the mem. ' 3' per, 1 ' '1 I 1a. ' e'e1' 't ' ' Even 2 hi t 5:.QQ1f1ef S, he had been a ra '1 . 1' 'N 1e up ta 1. . "Ev, 'Che be stil," ' C ted. MNC. af 'a ' up Se IT , ' . It t' , reja- iatim at tcp S511 thrapgqh e " , of h',1fta1 ara- J, U 3 be breught a cut, the cant er 'Q' I ze V V . aw: 'mth the coal mme f Dew: with SA QC- Y Name 3 a 1 1 have 111' he: Ted 111 th, 132:13 aid thwx- 11. The - was e:1e:1dC11s expiceiah. People ecreariea V1 1 1 , me rev la 1 nd . . . y ' " '. v 1 C ' 1U ' U' f l'1i1'l'l' 2. 4. 1 . 4, 1' 1 FA. ll5 . ' , . '. . 3 1 ' . , . .' . . It N 1'1:f-t'-.':1:71! SENIORS Bmf-ff J. ..,.. Ercck Brzvm Bm., R. 15.544, Pyle: A .... 3 12 17 Z' 2' 2-, Z1 77 5 ,Jf ,., ,S ,., ,-, 75. 1, ...., in, R. 151 H .. Hufpp V515 hre Kutz, S. K1ZT11'Q1n QNQ11 Rape: Rexhnd PICTURE INDEX ...,..,.-. .5 .J A- A A ,-. ,- -. 4 ,X , V, -, X-A ,,,. Qzis. 5 27 -:,, -: -:J if, 45, .,., A 1 1, H... 15 EQQZQS fi' 24 57. 79. 52, 57, 33. Sseicer 15, 25 57 iz Q.,,., '1 T, 5.4 .5 2, 17 57, 75. IUNIORS 47 51 57, 58, 58, 84, Ayres 28 48 3CI'.Y.E11 28 52 57, 'Q El, 84 85. 3311 F. 28, 45 47, 57. 'fury 28 62 49, 55. C919 28, 57 45, 25. 159155, f. 28, 45 45 47, 49, 50, 57, 58, Graff 28, 45 85, 78. Kayser 45 28 51, 57. Mudzszri 28, 57 2 5' 5 55 Rosexfefd 28, 45 55, U., 73, JJ. U'5df2-I'-M221 28, 49 45, 47, 49, 50, 57, 58, 57711125245 25, 45 78, 23111239 28 45 47 52 58, 51 47 42 45, 51 45, 47 F-4 15 ,., rw 1.7. 47, 58 4951, 135. 47, 49. 47, 51. 0 ,7-. 4 57, N. 52 5 BAKER ART GALLERY EXTENDS BEST WISHES THE 1970 SENIORS ll' EAST BROAD STREET AD 7630 SOPHOMORES Q N4 LDY1 R511 1'1 YWKQ 1 QI FRESHMEN ON BST 11C1r1 EY WD R Buch 111011 Carr Il cmhcxm V' TT d 4 PICTURE INDEX QLD 'U Q VT 'TT 11 11 'id I 'W Katz A Kmwe 1 LQM Q111 1111 Scneo' S1 uffer Stcneman Wclth r XVIWGQGIDGY Vfmqht JP -1 For More Than A uarter Centurx at Drexel and E II IIIHIINS au nfutlur lfll vnu 1 on ff I Hg! WENTZ PHARMACY Y I :hug mm' lull: drugs unrl flu' IXIIHIll!'I1,Ql' uf lllllllllllllllllllw Ilwm Maln 'tetxck 20. Dzrfler 29 41 in 15. 51512-,f Qi, as Hzifird 23, 57, ES. 391591, D. 30, 41 HQ.. ' '. 29. Fifi lf, LGT-415215, C, 23, 45 '32, 53. Firms: 30 45 Lune 29, 45, 52, 53. . 3r-y1..e '3 Lunsfcrd 20, 53. ' COC-'...CIi1 :3- 1 Q WL, QQ, 57, Yrf 1 P31151 29, 47, S7 Q2 55. . 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I ' f Red ' 7 le Super NL rlcet ll- - I flu r 1 ua lf 3 ' - e ' . and Low Prices Premil 3 ' j .- f CO. A- 7, QQ.-ff IENSEN DRY CLEANERS I umplmu nl 2996 E Mann Street 3 SI at 35K or Call DO 1166 24 NORTH HIGH STREET IUIIIIIIIIIHIIYN 0 S Iuhus C Felbel BEXLEY FLORISTS REALTOR DO 4571 f0lIf.,l'llfIlIllfI0llS to tht Czflldllllflllg, flass rf I9 U rum sour ll! zghbors TUWN and COUNTRY 41Il'Rlf 4 S 1'lNl'S7 DR1IhIN SHOPPINI ll' Nll'R 3600 Block East Broad Street A NATIONAL INSTITUTION f ' 1 .Q of M in . E mo Blvd. Virl:-up und llvlirvry Svrrirv I I If A' ' . .- f I . 1312 E- Broad St- FA' 0034 Flozrers for ull ovrasi 3 ff 1' "f.'.'15 A,f 'jfI"Q nr,-4 Cflflllflilll' llff fjllllllllilllf 1119 HE BEXLEY PHARMACY The Z aner-Bloser C o f om ilinu ll s 0 O R WOODYARD CO I I E Howard Johnson s MA 7746 Famous Restaurants an 13 S th Hgh St Ice Cream Shoppes GA 1157 East Broad and james Road F WILKE CCD MEATS Dependable Service Smce 1907 BUY WITH CONFIDENCE SERVE XVITH PRIDE 3245 E Fifth A e DO 2765 1 s uf , , uf T Bexley 5' Mocem Druq Store 61' worth Park Dt I 255 ast State Street d 46 ou i rect I I . ' v . . l'.1fl I f fl THE BROADMOOR MARKET 3521 East Broad Street OPEN SUNDAYS 5431 IOHNSON DAWES COMPANY r E g COLUXIBLJS 15 OHIO C Burr Dawes f Olllllllllll nls n CURTIS FRENCH M AI Realtor Appraxser d 4410 T V APPLIANCES SALES AND SERVICE P ll88 E r N Schoedlnger 81 Co FUNERAL DIRECTORS 9 F1 r Stare Sr AD 6105 PICMRD IU! R IRIP NDI! I 4llx1KIJ19P NIR Geo Cooper 6. Sons Motor Sales Inc OPEINS EYES 7800 I' MAIIN DO 4561 ADams AD.-ims 8312 Elgh as! Lon Street "lf1'Il1'r Hurnm for l.vxx Il0lIl'f'u I:Ernwoo . . I ' 1 I f Tclevision4Hous1-hold Applinncvs . . 1 o 0 U - h Frank H. crry as . Iam Sr. Columbus. Ohm Y I . 0 , , -A . A , -. I 22 .. S . . ' ' f 0III1l1lll1llllS o Victor Samee Tailor LADIES 8, MEN S APPAREL So Dr xel A e DO 6518 UIIIIIIIIIHIIIN 0 th: FreyYenk1n Pcnnt Co 1 nufa nr x1AJEsT1C PAINT PRODUCTS 51 IN Sandusky St commbus ohio SECKEL S ILEANOR .I GROGAN 747' If MAIN ST BEXLEY sour rumllx mlghbnrhomi Sf0l'l Newbook Llbrary Co 139 East Broad Street sooo LUCK sENloRs 1950 TOPKNOT COLUMBUS SCHOOL FOR GIRLS l'.1l lil lx I1 J'f.-f If . . . ' o ' lu 1' 1 Pre of l V v A' L' 1 . 4 . 1, '7 Y Ur' .5llPl'lfIllZl' UI Gift lrvms " ' ' . e v . . 1 A I . I . f -, . ,' ' I I PHOTO ENGRAVING 1950 CARAVEL INDIANAPOLIS ENGRAVING co .HI ST Jihlle-I DIRECTING CENTRAL OHIO SALES 32W SPENCER WALKER PRESS INC f S CI b Oh for furrzislwrl by . COLUMBUS OFFICE fi0llI1IIiIl16'IlIS of ' I SlPl'l'l'lIliZilIf.f in Publications, Catalogs and Mui i-Color Printing PH N. 4i85 arren ADVERTISER S INDEX K Bf r a o GCIN11 C, 1urr u 1 per e c5Sr1s D J1 T Dr Xe' V Par B 1st B r 17ran1c11n G Vrencn C1,r 17reyY rmn P fl 17 W11ke C Ga1area11'1 1 hw VJ Gray Mrs Bug Hanna Par 1 F' Harden CS B 1 Harns C Howard 1011 Inohanapons E Iran 1r ns1d s C 1enser1 Drv 1o1'1nson Daw s 1 n CS K Kahn 1 we1 Leaka t Ma Lana s B ok S1 re erk s D 1 Montaldo s Moore Busm ss 17 r n Newbook L1hra y Same Vrcior Soho drnqer CS- Secke1 s Spencer Wa re Sportsrnaa Sterhnq Pap ' Co Town CS Coan'rv Travel Shop TV Apphances Wentz Drugs Woodyard, O B Zaner B1oser Co "1 O S f unzplnmnts 0 MOORE BUSINESS FORMS NC I 1 906 E Broad SI FA 2I2I W E Re and llllllllllllllllfx 0 THE IRONSIDES CO lnmplznunls fl I LEUKART MACHINE Potronlze Our Advertisers H1111 l fl I Baker Af: oigie-,Y 79 ' ' Q' f Bates 1'-BCTQSTE 77 Beavers ara Horn Market , 78 Bexley 1:hCfff.f1'f'f 82 I . Broaarioir flarlzei 84 BUCK "EYE LGTTEY SEYVVJE 72 Tlw riyll lfninvm form for PL' rj ' e na Bowrzan . 78 'I"r"' "I I""'I"p"" Capri f Barker Shop 75 C 'A' o1 M 'I',',.fCC1LlY1I'1f5 Co. 81 I I , I Co s Motor Car Ca. ,74 ' ' II Conne1 's Florgsfs 82 Coo o , G 3. 2. 84 Cu1her1son 6 Henderson 77, a' 's, .. B. 77 e ,. Q1f:',Iff'.E 81 f r ..f:et'z'1, :xt 75 , . t Fe1'ge1, 11111115 82 ' ' ' f f Q Qge QC. 77 . . , ' 11s 84 , - e.1'. a1. I Co. 85 . ' 3. 88 I , o. . . 78 , . ene 75 1 'n ao. I 73 Q tes 81 ' o. ,77 ' . ns:n's , 83 ' 'S'.qC. 88 o ' e ,Q 87 f ' ' 5 f . A C1ear1-ers 82 1 ' ' 84 1u1'a okenae , 72 ' e I er , , , 82 1 r .. onine Co. H , 87 CO' ' 3 3 I 81 M ' r":e-in 81 1 8 I 77 Q1 e o r 87 ' r 85 e, ' . , 85 e ' Co. ,, 84 ' ,, , 85 ' -. Iker P ss , 87 AUTOGRAPHS

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Columbus Academy - Caravel Yearbook (Gahanna, OH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Columbus Academy - Caravel Yearbook (Gahanna, OH) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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