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Property of Alumni Ministries Please do not remove. MI J ym — , ■ ■ n h. V e iv tfY ' .0 ' A s ounls ike QJieps . . . . . . in ike growth o COLUMBIA BIBLE COLLEGE COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA DEDI Through his gift of opening the treasures of God ' s Word to us in simplicity and clarity, with his never- failing calmness and even temper, by his under- standing interest in all our problems, Dr. Fleece has endeared himself to all of us who knew him in years past. The Junior Class takes pleasure in dedicating to Dr. G. Allen Fleece the 1948 Finial, praying God ' s continued blessing on his ministry in other fields. Page Four CATION " Look at his face! What ' s the matter? " Dr. Fleece looked all worn out, sad, and disheartened. Gone all day, he should have been eager to get back home. But today — well, he was just unhappy! At last the hu- miliating truth was out. He left home at daybreak, hopes high, promising a rare treat to his family. Now, after toiling patiently the long day through, he reluctantly trudged homeward with not even one small fish to reward his weary waiting. But his luck wasn ' t always so bad. Many times his favorite sport yielded a delicious meal, and once even the CBC faculty table enjoyed a fresh fish dinner, " special delivery " from Dr. Fleece. Dr. Fleece ' s fishing hobby is only one phase of his varied and interesting life. With a keen sense of humor, and a wit that often was quite unexpected, Dr. Fleece frequently upset the dignity of a faculty meeting, while his classes were always new and fascinating. Through his quiet dignity he commanded the respect of all who met him, and his kindly smile banished every thought of fear. His quick appreciation of another ' s joys, his ready sympathy in sorrow, together with his graci- ous manner toward all who know him, have combined to make Dr. Fleece one of God ' s grand men, one in whom the likeness of the Lord Jesus may be seen. IS M This is the place where, after more than four years of prayer and preparation, full time courses were begun at Columbia Bible College. Known then as Co- lumbia Bible School, its entire visible possessions were this one room furnished with a single hanging blackboard, an organ with a soap-box stool, and about ten chairs; one teacher, Mr. McQuilkin; and a handful of earnest Christian students who attended every class. Each successive year the Bible College has grown both outwardly and in- wardly — materially and spiritually. As we follow throughout this book the steps of progress in the history of the college, let us remember that these first faithful few planted, others since have watered; but then, as now, the Lord giveth the increase. Page Six Juiding Page Seven Robert C. McQuilkin, President English Bible, Biblical Hermencutics, Theology B.A., University of Pennsylvania; D.D., Wheaton College Paul G. Culley, Associate Director Graduate School of Missions B.A., M.A., Cornell; M.D., Johns Hopkins H. Waddell Pratt, Philosophy, Science, Mathematics B.A., M.A., D.D., Washington and Lee University Johx Hehl, Business Manager Religious Education I caaemic Thomas M. Petty, Director of Christian Service B.A., Asbury College; M.A. in Biblical Educa- tion, Columbia Bible College Dorothy M. Strauss, Director of Christian Service for Women B.A., Northwestern University Johx K. Munro, Dean of Men History, Theology B.A., Wheaton College; Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary Mrs. Wm. L. Walker, Dean of Women B.A., Queens-Chicora College James M. Hatch, Jr. Psychology, Sociology, Education, Bible, Anthro- pology B.A., Duke University; M.A., University of Chi- cago; Th.M., Columbia Bible College Eppie Adams, Associate Dean of Women B.A. in Biblical Education, Columbia Bible Col- lege; M.A., Texas Christian University r3 Frank H. Sells, English Bible, Homilctics B.A. in Biblical Education, Columbia Bible Col- lege; B.A., King College; Th.B., Th.M., Evan- gelical Theological College (Dallas). Walter J. Carpenter, Jr. Greek, Church History A.B., Milligan College; Th.M., Ph.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Wick Broomall, Greek, Hebrew, Theology, History B.A., Maryville College; M.A., Princeton Univer- sity; Th.B., Th.M., Princeton Theological Semi- nary Donald E. Hoke, Assistant to the President Bible, Greek B.A., M.A., Wheaton College di mi i irai isTixiuon Leigh H. Markham, Director of Music Brian King, Piano Kathryn L. Warren, Registrar English B.A., Bucknell University Kathryn E. McClarty, Spanish, English B.A., Elmira College; M.A. Middlebury College Margaret M. Wendell, Speech B.A., Wheaton College; M.A. in Biblical Educa- tion, Columbia Bible College Sarah Petty, Directed Teaching, Education B.A., Asbury College; M.A. in Biblical Education, Columbia Bible College MfM Home, John! . . . A new rag wipes clean. You DON ' T mean it! . . . " Dean " soup . . . " ' Tocc-o-a " Does it " Registrar " ? . . . We should " Hoke " so! " Wen-dell " it be spring? . . . " Well I should say- for instance! " ' Now take my GOATS ' J lie r 2) a Ferris, McQuilkin; " Registrar ' s Assistant and Alumni Secretary compare notes. Bonjour, Long; " The Edgehill Girls " Tweeten, Williams, Steele; " President ' s office takes a rest " Cumming, Wallis; " Second Semester Additions " Wood; " Could you guess she was the Librarian f " Herrick; " Smiling Secretary to the Dean of Men " Bowman ; " Men ' s Christian Service Office " Inset; Guess who? Page Eleven te la Page Twelve Dowdle, Norris — " Queens of the Kitchen " H. Smith, Owings — Business office powers Downey, Webendorfer, Harden — " Have you balanced yet? " Cowger, McNaul, E. Smith — Nurses — " The Three Cheers " Olsen — Astrid ' s Joy . . . The new Bookstore Hehl, Briggs, Moore — Workers in the Extension Department s o earmi i g Page Thirteen entors OFFICERS President George Beacham I ice-President Gene Barrs Secretary EviE BUCKLEY Treasurer Clayton Camp Adviser Dr. Carpenter ' 48 victorious again ! Unbelievable — but true, " Run for your life even if you ' re caught! And don ' t breathe a word — remember, even the walls have ears! " It was 9:30 P. M. on Senior Hall. In exactly seven and one-half hours the Se- niors were to make their get-away on the annual Senior Sneak. They were trying desperately to appear calm and composed, but it was agony. Suppose the Juniors had learned, and would be waiting to welcome them at the truck! Lurk- ing sentries were imagined at every corner. As the time grew shorter, their dread mounted higher. But their fears were un- founded — the Juniors were fast asleep! After catching the Seniors the year before, the class of ' 48 had gotten away without waking one sleepy Junior. The Senior Sneak climaxed four grand years of Christian companionship and social life. Friendships made have been one of the crowning blessings which members of the Senior class have received from classes and on the campus of CBC. The pause that " refleshes " . . . The Spirit of ' 48 . . . " Broommates ' Page Fourteen TOMMYE ADCOX Berry, Alabama " As thou goest step by step, I will open up the way before thee. " Proverbs 4:12 (Hebrew Translation). Chorus 2; FlNIAL Co-editor 3. MARIAN A. ALLEBACH SellersvillEj Pennsylvania " The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. " Psalm 23:1. Chorus 3; F.M.F. Associate Member 2; F.M.F. Active Member 3, 4; Phi. 4. EVELYN ELEANOR ARMSTRONG Washington, D. C. " ;; quietness and in confidence shall he your strength. " Isaiah 30:15. F.M.F. Active Member 1-4. EUGENIA LOUISE BARRS Quitman, Georgia " The secret of the Lord is with them that fear Him. " Psalm 25:14. Class Vice-President 4; Chorus 3; F.M.F. Active Member 2-4; F.M.F. Prayer Group Leader 4; Phi. 2-4; Serjeant-at-Arms 3. ADCOX ARMSTRONG ALLEBACH BARRS CHARLES GORDON BEACHAM, JR. WlLLOUGHBY, OHIO " That I may know Him. " Philippians 3:10. CeBeCean Associate Editor 3 ; FlNIAL Business Man- ager 3; F.M.F. Active Member 2-4; F.M.F. Prayer Group Leader 3 ; F.M.F. Southeastern Regional Chair- man 3; Phil. 3, 4; Phil. President 3; Student Associa- tion President 4. GEORGE DUNLAP BEACHAM WlLLOUGHBY, OHIO " That I may know Him . . . who always leadeth us in triumph in Christ. " Philippians 3 :10, 2 Corinthians 2:14. Class Treasurer 3; Class President 4; F.M.F. Active Member 3, 4; Vice-President Phil. 4. KATHERINE IRENE BOONE Elsinore, California " any man will come after me let him deny him- self, and take up his cross daily, and follow me. " Luke 9:23. Chorus; F.M.F. Active Member; F.M.F. Prayer Group Leader; Orchestra; Phi. MARJORIE ELIZABETH BOOZ Aldan, Pennsylvania " The Lord, He it is that doth go before thee . . . fear thou not. " Deuteronomy 31 :S. Finial Subscription Manager 3 ; F.M.F. Active Mem- ber 1-4; F.M.F. Secretary 4. C. G. BEACHAM, Ji BOONE G. D. BEACHAM BOOZ Page Fifteen ANNIE LEE BRANSFORD Union City, Tennessee " Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee. " Isaiah 26:3. Chorus 2; F.M.F. Active Member 2-+; Phi. 4. EVELYN J. BUCKLEY Duluth, Minnesota " will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shall go. " Psalm 32:8. Chorus 3; Class Secretary 4; FlNIAL Staff 3; F.M.F. Active Member 1-4. MILDRED ELLEN BUCKLEY Duluth, Minnesota " Thus saith the Lord . . . In quietness and confidence shall be your strength. " Isaiah 30:15. Class Vice-President 3; Dormitory Preside nt 4; Finial Literary Editor 3; F.M.F. Active Member 1-4. CLAYTON L. CAMP Garden City, Minnesota " For I determined not to know anything . . . save Jesus Christ and Him crucified. " 1 Corinthians 2:2. Class Treasurer 4; F.M.F. Active Member 3, 4; Phil. 3, 4. BRANSFORD M. E. BUCKLEY E. J. BUCKLEY C. L. CAMP VERNA ELAINE CAMP Garden City ' , Minnesota " That we should be to the praise of His glory. " Ephesians 1 :12. F.M.F. Associate Member 3, 4; Phi. 4. JANET COWGER Fort Seybert, West Virginia " Trust in the Lord with all thine heart . . . and He shall direct thy paths. " Proverbs 3 : 5, 6. F.M.F. Active Member 1-4; Nurse 1-4. GLADYS CUNNINGHAM Pensacola, Florida " 1 am come that they might have life . . . more abundantly. " John 10:10. F.M.F. Associate Member 1-4; Phi. 3, 4. EDGAR DRESCHEL Maplewood, New Jersey " Wherefore we labor that whether present or absent we may be accepted of Him. " 2 Corinthians 5:9. Finial Treasurer 3; F.M.F. Active Member 1-4; F.M.F. Prayer Group Leader 3; Phil. 1-4; Student Council 5. V. E. CAMP CUNNINGHAM COWGER DRESCHEL Page Sixteen NELLIE GRACE DUVALL Atlanta, Georgia " In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths. " Proverbs 3 :6. Chorus 1-3; F.M.F. Active Member 1-4; Phi. 3; Student Association 3; Truth for Youth Secretary 3; Truth for Youth Program Chairman 4. MARIAN ERNEST HUNGERPILLER Orangeburg, South Carolina " As thou ijoest step by step I will open up the way before thee. " Proverbs 4:12. Class Secretarv 3; F.M.F. Associate Member 2-4; Phi. 3, 4. NEVA ELIZABETH JONES Greenfield Center, New York " Forgetting those things which are behind . . . reach- ing forth unto those things which are before. " Philip- pians 3 :13. F.M.F. Prayer Group Leader 1; Chorus 1, 3; F.M.F. Active Member 1-4; F.M.F. Secretary 2; F.M.F. South- eastern Regional Committee Secretary-Treasurer 3, 4; Phi. 1-4; Phi. Vice-President 2. BEVERLY SUE KENNEDY Knoxyille, Tennessee " Faithful is He that calleth you who also will do it. " 1 Thessalonians 5 :24. Chorus 3; F.M.F. Active Member 2-4; Phi. 2 HUNGERPILLER S. KENNEDY SARAH LAVINIA KENNEDY Clinton, North Carolina " That God in all things may be glorified through Jesus Christ. " 1 Peter 4:11. Chorus 1; F.M.F. Associate Member 1-3; F.M.F. Active Member 4; Social Chairman 3. DAVID W. KNOWLTON Edinboro, Pennsylvania " That I may know Him . . . I shall be satisfied when I awake with thy likeness. " Philippians 3:10, Psalm 17:15. Class President 3; F.M.F. 1-4; F.M.F. Prayer Group Leader 2; F.M.F. President 4; Student Council 2. MILDRED VICTORIA LONG Biscoe, North Carolina " How precious are thy thoughts unto me, O God! " Psalm 139:17. Finial Advertising Manager 3 ; Student Association Vice-President 2. DORIS ANN MILLER Batesburg, South Carolina " But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. " Matthew 6:3 3. F.M.F. Associate Member 2-4. S. L. KENNEDY LONG KNOWLTON " MILLER Page Scvcrttecn BARBARA REEVES MOORE Portsmouth, Virginia " Trust in the Lord with all thine heart . . . and He shall direct thy paths. " Proverbs 3 : 5,6. Chorus 3; FlNlAL Editor 3; F.M.F. Active Member 2-4; F.M.F. Prayer Group Leader 2. ROBERT MUNN Belfast, North Ireland " Fear thou not . . . I am with thee . . . be not dismayed . . . I am thy God. " Isaiah 41:10. F.M.F. Active Member 3, 4; F.M.F. Prayer Group Leader 3. MILDRED D. NAILE Salisbury, North Carolina " As for God, His way is perfect . . . therefore I will give thanks. " Psalm 18:30, 49. Chorus 1 ; F.M.F. Associate Member 2-4. ALICE CORHAM NEWSOM Union Point, Georgia " God is faithful by whom ye were called unto the fellowship of His Son. " 1 Corinthians 1 :9. Chorus 3; F.M.F. Active Member 1-4; Phi. 2-4; Phi. Sergeant-at-Aims 2; Phi. Secretary 4. GRACE ELIZABETH POWELL Portsmouth, Virginia " As thou c ocst step by step, 1 will open up the way before thee. " Proverbs 4:12. Chorus 3; Finial Staff 3; F.M.F. Active Member 1-4; F.M.F. Prayer Group Leader 3. GWEN RUTH ROGERS Bradenton, Florida " know that thou canst do all things . . . no purpose of thine can be restrained. " Job 42:2. F.M.F. Active Member 1-4. VIOLA CATHERINE SEIGLER Walterboro, South Carolina " Trust in the Lord with all thine heart . . . His way is perfect. " Proverbs 3:5; Psalm 18:30. Chorus 3; F.M.F. Active Member 1-4; Phi. 2, 4. LILLIAN MAY STRICKER Glassboro, New Jersey " He hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God. " Psalm 40:3. Chorus 2, 3; F.M.F. Active Member 1-4; Music Com- mittee Chairman 2; Phi. 2-4; Phi. Sergeant-at-Arms 2. Page Eighteen WINNIE TUCKER Mount Vernon, New York " Acquaint noiv thyself with Him and be at peace. " Job 22:21. CeBeCean 1, 2; CeBeCean Editor 2, 3; Class Secretary 2; Chorus 1; FlNIAL Art Editor 3; F.M.F. Active Member 4. WINNIFRED ELIZABETH WATSON Tampa, Florida " And the Lord, He it is that doth go before thee. " Deuteronomy 31:8. Chorus 3, 4; F .M.F. Associate Member 3, 4; F.M.F. Prayer Group Leader 4; Phi. 3, 4. EDITH M. WELCH Toomsuba, Mississippi " can do all things through Christ who strcngthencth me. " Philippians 4:13. Chorus 1, 2; F.M.F. Associate Member 1-4; F.M.F. Prayer Group Leader 4. Now j " Ladies " . . . Before . . . and after! Eating — as usual . . . Little J I ' alt. Page Nineteen uniors OFFICERS President Bo Beard Vice-President Irma Graves Secretary Joyce BuHLER Treasurer Charlie Beal Adviser Miss Petty " We ' ve been discriminat- ed against! " ' The voice of the Junior class rose in dis- may as the dreadful news leaked out. The Junior girls had been placed — every one of them — on the third floor of the New Dorm, with the Seniors all beneath so they could sneak out any old time — and the Juniors would never know they were gone ! And that ' s what they did ! " Hold that line, boys! Hold that line! " It was the day of the football game — the Sophs and Seniors versus the Freshmen and Juniors. Since the day of the Senior Sneak the Juniors had dreamed of revenge, and now the time had come. Such grim determination could not but con- quer. The whistle blew . . . the game was over . . . and the Juniors had cleared their name. Life at CBC has really been great for the Junior class. Hard work, combined with healthful recreation and an occasional breakfast hike (like the one when Harold scrambled the eggs) has worked toward making each member of the class well rounded in his life. Above all else has been the Christian fellowship, serving to unite the Juniors in their purpose to " know Him and to make Him known. " ' Dandy Mo ' " ... A " suite " life ' Nickolouse! " Page Tivcnty FRONT ROW — Hurley, Ferguson, King, Carpenter, Herron, Graves, Crane, Barnett, Buhler, Kemp, Chenault. f SEC- OND ROW — Evertsberg, Ernest, Beitzel, Goodall, Burnett, Doverspike, Gantt, Gehman, Beard, Davis, Bost. THIRD ROW— Gilchrist, Edge, Johnston, Hinkel, Grant, Britt, Beal, Ekstrom, Brouwer, Beacham. un i o rs FRONT ROW— W. Watson, Overstreet, R. Smith, Legant, Tucker, Most, McElveen, H. Smith, r SECOND ROW— Powlison, Sorrells, Lindsey, Midyett, Wright, Mood, Newman, Shumpert, Martin, Parsons. THIRD ROW — Popp, D. Stoddard, Story, Rowlee, J. Newsom, D. Watson, Laird, Niemeyer, Spence, Perkinson, Long. (2 opliomores OFFICERS President Bill Carter Vice-President Ed IwaN Secretary Grace Howell Treasurer Bill Stone Adviser Mr. Hoke " He ' ll be here today! " It was Thanksgiving Day — the day when HE was to make HIS appearance. For days the school had been in an uproar. What does HE look like? How long will HE stay? Can I go out with HIM? Many were the questions voiced by the excited stu- dents. And today HE was to arrive. An appropriately decorated jeep drove up on the football field. HIS loyal servants jumped out, laying out white carpets that HIS feet might not touch the cold ground. Before a crowd of eager admirers a frightened black " billy goat " descended from the royal carriage, accompanied by Mr. Broomall with his familiar, " Now take my goats, for instance. " Yes, the sophomores are overflowing with fun and the joy of living. And to balance their humor is a sincerity and purpose in all their activities. Their highest goal, in studies, in socials, and in Christian Service is that they might show forth the praises of the One who has called them out of darkness into His marvelous light. Engine Trouble . . . R.F.D., Tennessee . . . " Father " Bob Page Twenty-two FRONT ROW— Hill, James Davis, Hammond, Borton, Froelich, Cook, Braswell, Blair, Erwin. 1 SECOND ROW — Brown, Jervis Davis, Daniel, J. Carter, Brownlee, Doverspike, Cook, Beckley, Keever, Barnes, Downey. 1 THIRD ROW — Johnston, Dillard, Anderson, Avery, Bates, Carter, Davis, Chandler, B. Chenault, Carroll, Ciaffner, Hodge, Hodges. FOURTH ROW — Fox, Howell, Haroldsen, Jones, Cushnic, French, Bennett, Jacobsen, Brant, Bowman, Beauchamp, Iwan, Hamilton. GJ op li o in ores FRONT ROW— Williams, King, Music, Neef, W. Russ, Saltzman, Phelps, Sullivan, r SECOND ROW— Mahar, San- ders, J. Russ, Taylor, Pearsall, Moses, Noell, Richardson, Young, Silar, Opper. 1 THIRD ROW — McLeod, Parrott, Stone, Livingston, Wheatley, Nizamian, Parker, Martinez, Knight, Smith, Speanburg, Stevens. 1 FOURTH ROW — Stod- dard, Morgan, Stiles, Pierce, Tatem, Westley, Knowlton, Till, Miller, Petersen, Meier, J. Smith. , President . J ice-President OFFICERS . Cecil Hawkins Secretary Anne Kotiadis Hubert Addleton Treasurer Louise Hardy Adviser Miss Wallis , Cy res nine n An air of suspense pervaded the entire CBC campus as students from all parts of the country poured into the lobby on registration day. The occasion of this excitement was the entering Fresh- man class. " What will they be like? " was the question on every lip. But the poor Freshmen were the most mystified of all. Would they be considered as normal human beings or would they be ostracized as " green Freshmen? " It was not long before their fears melted away before the friendliness and interest of the upper classmen. More and more the Freshmen came to feel that they were a vital part of Columbia Bible College. The crowning day of recognition and appreciation came on Thanksgiving Day, when the Freshman class (with the hearty participation of the illustrious Junior class!) carried the annual " Grits Bowl Classic. " To the freshmen CBC has also given a vision of the world wide need, and of the privilege they have in helping to supply this need. Peek-a-Boo! . . . Think fast! . . . Those awful exams! . . . " Da — dunno! " Page Twenty-four FRONT ROW — Barnes, C. Daniels, B. Daniels, Abrahamsen, Brown, Cunningham, Collins, Flannegan, Falkenstein, Foster, Cockrell. SECOND ROW — R. Fitzsimmons, B. Fitzsimmons, V. Eremic, D. Eremic, E. C hapman, Anderson, H. Cook, Andrews, Arner, Blackburn, Brannon, Aims. THIRD ROW— Ferry, Duff, Addleton, C. Banks, A. Davis, D. Bennett, C. Duvall, Dimond, K. Callaway, Cameron, Anderson, M. Frederick. Cyresn in e n FRONT ROW— McGill, Lott, Grimes, Heidlauf, Hoeflinger, Haynes, Horton, Hendricks, Lucas. 1 SECOND ROW— McFarland, Graham, Morse, Lefever, Hardy, Meacham, Mitchell, Kotiadis, Madiera, Kirkwood, Garcia. 1 THIRD ROW — Hawkins, Greene, Heusinkveld, Hartman, Gaines, Gordon, Gardner, Mills, Moore, Haughton, Lynch, Gustafsen, Jensen. FIRST ROW— Shaw, F. Sanders, Stapf, Wilson, Wise, Wall, Reed, Stoddard, Polasky. SECOND ROW— E. Sanders, Rembes, Okarma, Sells, Yarley, Scott, Scholte, Orton, Nesm ' .th, Peters, Schlichter, Schmidt, i THIRD ROW — Sharpe, Snow, G. Standridge, J. Standridge, Walker, ess, Roberts, Robinson, Wakefield, Stout, Ralph West, Osborne. CJresli r n e 11 FRONT ROW — West, Shook, Warlick, Luttwig, Vaughan, Watson, J. Cail. Potts, Sykes, Stover, A. Knight, Boland. SECOND ROW— Ludlam, M. Cail, •I m id the Hy-)ii, ' Home of " Gene-ius " . . . Natalie at Open House North Campus " cleanup " . . . Mail call on Grad Hall Inside the new dorm . . . Scene from " Goldhricker ' s Rest ' Page Twenty-seven OFFICERS President Don Rulison First J ice-President Laura Williams Second J ' ice-President Kay Hertzog Secretary-Treasurer Dot WHITE Adviser Mr. Hatch dracliiale QJ ckool oj issions From the four corners of the U.S.A. and one corner of Canada came the Graduate class this year. And their plans for the future include the four corners of the earth. Since the creation of the Graduate School of Missions in September, people from all walks of graduate life have come to CBC. Doctors, teachers, and others trained in forestry, chemistry and engineering have left professional life to enter once more the halls of learning. Taught in the wisdom of the world, they have come here to learn of Christ and to train for missionary service at home and abroad. Friday afternoon . . . " Suities " . . . Its name is " Mud! " Page Twenty-eight STEPHEN J. BARRETT, M. A. St. Louis, Missouri B.A., in Biblical Education, Columbia Bible College. " That the exceeding greatness of the power may be of God and not from ourselves. " 2 Corinthians 4:7. President Alumni Association, ' 47. RALPH E. BELL, M. A. Royal Oak, Michigan B.S., in Electrical Engineering, Georgia School of Technology. " li ' ho leadeth thee by the way that thou shouldst go. " Isaiah 48:17. EVELYN MARIAN BERRY, M. A. Jacksonville, Florida B.S., in Education, Florida State College for Women. " That I may know Him in resurrection power and in suffering. " Philippians 3:10. Chorus ' 46- ' 47; F.M.F. ' 46- ' 4S ; F.M.F. Praver Group Leader ' 47; Phi. ' 46- ' 47. KATE F. CALLAWAY, M. A. Johnson City, Tennessee B. S., East Tennessee State College. " Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee. " Isaiah 26:3. F.M.F. ' 46- ' 4S; Phi ' 46- ' 4S; Student Council Program Chairman ' 47- ' 48. BELL CALLAWAY CHILTON MARSHALL CHARLOTTE CHILTON, M. A. North Plainfield, New Jersey B.A., New Jersey College for Women. " Behold, I am with thee and will keep thee in all the places whither thou goest. " Genesis 28:15. Class Vice-President, ' 46, ' 47, F.M.F. ' 45- ' 47, F.M.F. Prayer Group Leader; Phi ' 47. ELDERA DEE JENKINS, M. A. Devers, Texas B.S. in Physical Education, University of Texas. " Trust ye in Jehovah forever; for Jehovah is an ever- lasting rock: ' Isaiah 26:4. F.M.F. ' 46- ' 4S; F.M.F. Praver Group Leader ' 47; Phi ' 46- ' 4S. HARRY G. MARSHALL, M. A. Wilmington, Delaware B.A., in Biblical Education, Columbia Bible College. " The Lord is good and He knowcth them thai trust in Him. " N ' ahum I :7. Class President ' 46- ' 47. DONALD E. RULISON, M. A. Amsterdam, New York B.S. in Forestry, New York State College of Forestry. " Henceforth . . . unto Him. " 2 Corinthians 5:15. Class President ' 47- ' 48 ; F.M.F. Praver Group Leader ' 47; F.M.F. Vice-President ' 47- ' 48 ; Phil. ' 46- ' 47. Page Twenty-nine WILLIAMS JOHN S. SCHWAB, M. A. Galveston, Texas B.A. in Business Administration, University of Texas. " That I might testify of the gospel of the grace of God. " Acts 20:24. ' 46- ' 48; Phi. ' 46- ' 4S. LAURA ANN WILLIAMS, M. A. Pensacola, Florida B.A., Florida State College for Women. " In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. " I Thessa- lonians 5:1S. Class Vice-President ' 47; Chorus ' 46; F.M.F. ' 46- ' 4S; Phi. ' 46- ' 4S. FRANK CHARLES WUEST, B.A., M.A. Buffalo, New York B.A. in Biblical Education, Columbia Bible Col- lege. My times are in thy hand . . . show me thy ivays . . . lead me in thy. truth. " Psalm 31:15, Psalm 25:4, 5. F.M.F. ' 45- ' 48; F.M.F. Prayer Group Leader ' 45- ' 46; F.M.F. President ' 45-M-6. CLIFFORD C. CARTEE, B. D. Columbia, South Carolina B.A. and M.A. in Biblical Education, Columbia Bible College. " 1 must ivork the works of him that sent me. " John 9:4. FRONT ROW— Meyer, Allison, Erickson. 1 SECOND ROW— Sprinkle, Sedgley, G. Jones, Jensen, Gudschinsky, Trevvett, Hertzog, White, Fish, Plains. Page Thirty nsy iep s Page Thirty-one GJtucLit LA ssociation ft " Onward! " and " Upward! " are the watch- words of the Student Association which now consists of sixteen members representing the different classes and organizations of Bible College. In its eighteen years of activity the Associ- ation not only has increased in numbers — having begun with only four charter mem- bers, who were elected by ballot — but has also helped to bring about a greater school spirit and a closer spiritual unity through the cooperation of Faculty and students. Remember " Hey Day " and all the new students you met? Remember the Clean-up Campaign, and all the work you did? No one could forget the unique Christmas program and the party that followed, or the " Relief for Europe Campaign " to send food and clothing to those who have so little. These and many other responsibilities make the Student As- sociation an essential to the progress of C. B. C. OFFICERS President Gordon Beacham Vice-President . . . Bill Doverspike Secretary Dorothy Lindsey Treasurer Clifton Duvall Adviser Mr. Hatch Page T iirty-tivo uU ssociatwns Singing as ive go . . . " Going to sing " : Music Committee Our " Parshall " Social Chairman . . . Oh, say. can you see? . . . Campus cleanup Social Committee .... Program Committee Page Thirty-three r ie i ma i i Laying it out . . . Artistically speaking — ■ A ny Ads To day f From a paper-bound yearbook of 48 pages in 1939 The FlNIAL has grown each year in both size and quality. More and more the desire of the initial FlNIAL staff has been realized — that as the FlNIAL is a crowning adornment of a tower, so The FlNIAL might be a crowning adorn- ment to Columbia Bible College. If there were no outward mani- festation whatsoever of the work of Page Thirty-four " Ah! That ' s just the phrase we want! " Pieking the Pix This is the way zve type it up . . . Wanted — One Finial this year ' s staff, they should still count their hours of labor worth- while, for through them they have grown in the Lord. When they faced insurmountable difficulties, He strengthened them for the task, and gave fruitage for their labors. Only those who work on future yearbooks will know how much this year ' s growth has depended upon the network of roots estab- lished by those who preceded them. Page Thirty-five 9L ean ft " I wonder when the next issue will be out? " This statement has lapsed into history as the new Ce- BeCean, with its new handy size and photo-offset style of printing, has emerged as a regular bi-weekly publication. With the production time cut approximately in half, the CeBeCean now endeavors to make known to the student " the news as it happens 1 ' (at least before he hears about it). Now in its sixteenth year of publication, the CeBeCean has become a vital part of student life. Officers of the Staff Page Thirty-six TYPISTS WRITERS Page Thirty-seven (_y hilobwL 01 1 tan Lb tierary, QJ ociely. " We are fellow Philobiblonians, in purpose united as one, Trustworthy still they shall find us, and true to the task we ' ve begun. " For 16 years the Philobiblonian Literary Society has provided opportuni- ties for public speaking, creative writing, and leadership, developing quali- ties that will be useful to its members whether they serve at home or abroad. Of definite value to each member of the student body is the bulletin board added this year to keep everyone " up on the news. " Valuable and entertaining too was the assembly program giving hints for school — such as " Take your as- signment, please! " Picnics and teas add to the social life of the membe rs. And of course everyone remembers the New Year ' s style show, portraying the " New Look. " " Lit " has always taken an active part in training Christian leaders, and through the years to come, those leaders will remain " true to the task " begun at CBC and in the Philobiblonian Literary Society. Officers First Semester . . . Officers Second Semester Page Thirty-eight Officers First Semester . . . Officers Second Semester Philologian Lit aims to train men tD serve Christ more effectively through a knowledge of the art of public speaking, and a familiarity with the gems of literature. Bi-monthly meetings consist of impromptu speeches, which train the stu- dents in the ability to give public addresses; parliamentary drill, which pre- pares the students for participation in church business meetings; and devotional keynotes, which remit in drawing the st idents closer to the Lord Jesus Christ. £PU ol ogia 1 1 oL i leva ry zJ ociehj 7 Page Thirty-nine OTK d Page Forty An ARTIST in the midst! . . . Whistle while we work Workin to play . . . Any Seconds? Snip! . . .Snap . . . Click! Face-Lifting? . . . Kitchen Maid . . . Diggin ' Dot Hk an iffl ay, Ready, Aim — . . . " Towering " John . . . Basket! Frahn-cee-sco ! . . . IJeave-ho, my lads . . . Croquet Charlie Number Two . . . Sock that Ball! Page Forty-one GV ce 1 1 es fro i 1 1- eisburg The Sals nan ' s . . . " Come, into my parlor " . . . Feeding time The Joneses . . . Readin an Rockin ' . . . The Smiths " Mutt and Jeff " Brant . . . Kitchen Comfort . . . The Mays- Bible College " Grandchildren " . . . Phil and Eldora Schwab Ricky ' s First Birthday . . . The Foxes and the Scholtes Page Forty-two s o evince Page Forty-three 7 risiian ervice Providing practical experience in soul-winning, teaching, and related min- istries, Christian service is an integral part of the preparation of each student at CBC. Everyone is given an opportunity for supervised service — actually win- ning souls to the Saviour while he is studying under consecrated Christian leaders who can help him solve his problems from week to week. The Christian Service departments supply workers for Sunday Schools, Junior Churches, orphanages, playgrounds, Bible clubs and classes for both colored and white, jails, reform schools, chain gangs, and prisons. Several of the men are pastors of churches. This year the purchase of many Christian service vehicles included a " Gospel Car, " designed to reach children in sec- tions of Columbia not touched in other ways. Thus the Christian Service Department is primarily a laboratory providing for every student a practical application of his classroom theory. Page Forty-four Industrial School . . . Student Pastor- Deputation group . . . Booth at State Fair . . . Bible Club Results — showing the Wordless Book . . . Street Meeting Page Forty- five 3u (iH ttflrfam WILLIAM MADISON WILSON 1922-1947 " But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. 1 ' Matthew 6:33, his life verse. He has not left us — this friend who, on September IS, 1947, passed through the shadow of death to the sunlight of the presence of God. Madison Wilson, veteran and missionary volunteer, though struck down by a drunken driver, is reaping in death the harvest of seed sown in a life characterized by unswerving devotion to the cause of Christ. The tract " One Day at the Fair, ' " relating briefly the facts of his conversion and subsequent zeal for Christ, has already been used to bring many souls to Christ. His testimony in life and death has challenged each of us as his classmates to strive more earnestly for the sal- vation of those souls for whom his Saviour and ours has died. Page Forty-six cJruili CJor " Jjouili One of the most interesting of all the student activities is the weekly radio broadcast, planned and produced by the students themselves. Truth For Youth began November, 1945, broadcasting over WKIX with 250 watts. Since that date the station has increased to 1000 watts, and the program reaches out in all directions telling forth in song and testimony the glad tidings of Christ. The Truth For Youth Octette have made themselves indispensable. The male quartette and the women ' s trios have become equally well known, and these, together with occasional duets and solos, give to the broadcast a colorful variety of sacred music. Again, it is usually the students who bring the testimonies and the impelling Gospel message, setting forth to the youth of Columbia the reality of Christ in a young per- son ' s life. The power behind the song . Announcing Nell at work Page Forty-seven Better " mark- em ' The Kings and the " Prince ' 11 SIC Music is vital to Christian Service. In the past few years the faculty has sought to build up the Music department in order that those who train here might go forth equipped to give out the gospel message not only in word, but also in song. Courses in notation, hymnology, and music appreciation provide the foundation and background for the more advanced fields of voice, piano, and conducting. There are also opportunities to sing in groups — trios, quar- tettes, and larger choral groups. By taking advantage of these courses, each student may gain the musical knowledge which plays so important a part in the training of successful Christian workers. School Days . . . " CBS Trio Vocalizing ' Page Forty-eight Q tit cle 1 1 i C o re i a 1 1 issions d lows nth OFFICERS President Dave Knowlton l r ice-President Don Rulison Secretary Margie Booz Treasurer Clint Hammond Adviser Dr. Culley Outstanding campus organization at CBC is FMF— local chapter of the National Student Foreign Mis- sions Fellowship. Special distinction of the local chapter is that it is the parent chapter of the national or- ganization. In the summer of 1935 FMF was born at the summer conference grounds in Ben Lippen. This step was taken after the prayerful consideration of those interested in the Student Volunteer Movement. From this small beginning the Fellowship soon reached out to Christian students in Universities, Colleges, and Bible Institutes throughout the whole United States. Last year the national officers of the FMF felt it advantageous to merge with the Inter-Varsity Fellowship in order to promote the realization of a world-wide missionary vision among the secular schools as well. Since this merger many new chapters have been added, helping to fulfill the FMF motto, " The Lord Jesus Christ unto the uttermost. " The fact that over 200 students have gone forth to the foreign field shows the effectiveness of the local chapter in stimulating missionary interest on the campus through its program of weekly meetings, deputations, and missionary giving. Local Officers . . . Regional Officers Page Forty-nine @£B@ efparL 9Q119 Prayer-group leaders, First Semester . . . Ann Chilis and Neva Summer Deputation team . . . Leland Wang . . . Erskine girls Georgia Scenery . . . Dr. Hugh Moreton . . . Bryan delegates Prayer-group leaders. Second Semester . . . Executives " Executing ' Page Fifty h { -Uc occoa on jerc 1 1 ce Lakeshore devotions . . . The Snapper snapped . . . What? Cheese! . . . OXE, two, three, four! . . . Bored? Parking ' ? . . . Trouble shooter shot . . . Ticket, please? Page Fifty -one , viation " Hey Ralph! I ' ve soloed! Boy, was it great ! " This enthusiastic greeting has become a familiar one this year. Many students have soloed, and four have received their private pilot ' s licenses. It is a thrilling event when one of these student fliers goes up into the blue for the first time alone; but it ' s nothing to the thrill there will be a few years from now, when these same students are out on the harvest fields of the world speeding the spread of the Gospel through this new method of missionary en- deavor. Introduced at CBC in January, 1946, through the cooperation of the Haw- thorne Flying Service, this department now merits a special curriculum in the catalogue entitled " Missionary Aviation. " Page Fifty-tivo HAPPY EXECUTIVES lumm Though scattered around the world, CBC alumni are vitally united to the college by the work of the Alumni Association. Important forward step of the graduates this year was the appointment of a full-time alumni secretary on the campus to integrate the alumni program and interests. This year ' s alumni secretary, Miss Marguerite McQuilkin, super- vised publication of the CeBeCequel, alumni newspaper, and the alumni direc- tory, handled all alumni correspondence, and managed the campus office. Alumni contributions this year reached a new high under the new program. Homecoming on Thanksgiving day was another new project of the associa- tion under direction of the executive committee. The largest and most successful homecoming in the history of the old grads, the Homecoming day program was climaxed by the evening convocation put on by alumni for the entire college family. Latest reports from the alumni office show over 200 members now on the mission field. Another 75 men are pastors; over 60 women teaching, the ma- jority of whom teach Bible in the public schools. At home Abroad . . . At home from Abroad Page Fifty-three George and Grade . . . " Marfy " . . . Just US three. Tit tat toe . . . Edith . . . JJmn, good! Ready? . . . Don ' t take it yet! . . . Interesting game! Page Fifty-four ' We are table best of all " . . . " four wheels and goes " Greenhorns . . . Not rumors — bored-ers . . . Welcome . . . sneaking? ' Tween us and the fence . . . just Betty Wa-a-ait a minute! . . . " Now in Africa ... " Sophs at ease Page Fifty-five A CONCERN With A Concern The customer is not always right, but his welfare rates above every other consideration in the Presbyterian Ministers ' Fund. Costs are kept down in his interest. No time or trouble is spared to give information and advice. Claims get tbe right of way. Extreme measures are taken to avoid lapsing policies. Investments are made with an eye single to the good estate of t he insured. In short, the policyholder receives the honors of an unseen guest at every official gathering. You can send your inquiries with confidence to The Presbyterian Minister ' s Fund FOR LIFE INSURANCE Alexander Mackie, President The First Life Insurance Company in America — The Oldest In The World Serving Ministers, Their Wives and Theological Students of All Protestant Denominations Founded 1 717— Chartered 1759 Home Office 805 Walnut Street Philadelphia 3, Penna. " MORE THAN A BUSINESS AN INSTITUTION. " Page Fifty-six WATCHES DIAMONDS SILVERWARE THE JEWEL BOX, Inc. " A Gift for Every Occasion " Columbia, South Carolina Telephone 7929 1605 Main Street RODGERS BROTHERS SERVICE STATION Complete Servicing and Lubrication Gas GULF Oil Corner Taylor and Pickens Streets Phone 6640 Columbia, South Carolina t For Men . GOOD CLOTHING MARSHAL-TATUM CO. 1307 MAIN STREET CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES The Personnel of DIXIE PRODUCE COMPANY 902 PULASKI STREET COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA Page Fifty-seven SUNDAY SCHOOL TIMES The All-Round Every Week CHRISTIAN JOURNAL International Uniform Lessons are treated in such a way that the busy teacher will find it possible to conduct a sat- isfactory class for all ages. Just look at these helps— during 1948. Main Lesson Exposition. By Dr. Harry A. Ironside. Busy Men ' s Corner. By Tom M. Olson. Juniors. By Miss Ruth E. Dow. Primary. By Mrs. Ethel S. Low. Little Jetts and Boys ' Talks. By Wade C. Smith. Girls ' Class. By Miss Vivian D. Gunderson. Family Worship. By Dr. Ernest M. Wads- worth. Cartoons. By James Emerson Russell. Questions and Answers. By J. C. Macaulay. Brief Stories and Incidents Illustrating the Lesson. Short Article for Superintendents. By the Rev. J. E. Harris. Golden Text put to music once a month by Robert Harkness. For Inspiration and General Information About once a month Ernest Gordon unearths unusual bits of news gathered from around ihe world. Aunt Mary will frequently answer difficult girl problems sent in by our readers. Occasional articles on recent archaeological discoveries by Dr. Joseph P. Free. Notes on Open Letters answer puzzling and hard questions. Christian Endeavor topics thoroughly ex- pounded. Extremely Important Articles Con- stantly Appear, Such As — The Keys to John ' s Gospel The Romance of the Hebrew Bible The Monk Who Lived Again The Conversion of a Chinese General Signs of the End of ihe Age Annual rate. §2.50; in clubs of 5 or more. $2 each subscription Canada: add 25 cents per year; foreign: add 50 cents per year SPECIAL SHORT-TERM OFFER— 22 weeks for $1 THE SUNDAY SCHOOL TIMES COMPANY 325 North Thirteenth Street Philadelphia 5, Pa. Compliments of JORDON ELECTRIC CO. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS Columbia, S. C. Tel. 7007 Pail G. Jordan, Owner YOBS " SHOE REPAIR SERVICE 1804 Main Street Telephone 6705 ' Serving Columbia Since 1908 ' Invisible Half-Soling Dr. T. A. W. Elmgren Optometrist Associate G. ROBERT DICKERT 1207 Hampton Avenue Columbia, S. C. Page Fijty-eight COLUMBIA TIRE SERVICE 1531 Taylor Street Phone 2-2123 Columbia, S. C. BRIGM AN ' S BARBER SHOP 1227 Taylor St. " Where Friends Meet " WATCHES DIAMONDS SILVERWARE KIBLER DENT JEWELERS 1122 Hampton Phone 8088 PROMPT SERVICE REASONABLE PRICES DIRECT MAIL ADVERTISING PHOTOLITHOGRAPHY Mcdonald letter shop I2O914 Washington Street Columbia, S. C. PHONE 2-7200 FOR Folding — Circulars — Addressing — Business Forms — Bulletins — House Organs Mimeographing — Form Letters " - - Coming from where Quality and Service Count " Jla Belle Gleaned 1709-1711 TAYLOR STREET Page Fifty-nine Major Conservatory of Music VOICE • MUSIC INSTRUMENTAL INSTRUCTION Phone 3937 1825-27 Main Street Columbia, S. C. Shop in store of always a step ahead. STAR LAUNDRY CO. 1801 TAYLOR ST. PHONE 4-3114-5 Columbia ' s Oldest Laundry Page Sixty 25 TH " overlooking Sunset „ A-iditonum, over Huston Hall. Conference i. w«— journal " ■ f , Ben Lippen Conference w Beautiful Ben u ior yon, Vacauon Th« t B ;r v— - :::, anll — — - °;;; • " ' - :: w .« wffl - ■ T-f y S never =• ■ for you! - Sc enery. and " ■ » 1C South ' »losx « ke your {orget OOTSTA mW SP ble8 .in 6 yo» " - Lewl „ „,. B— 13NE U- Siw E- HoWe, pi« -- Robert » Quilkxn, Don Cgrf g fi E . Hoke. Fellowship- " Rke, ■ l C e g e o ana Do j ep Bayly, ■» St errett, Dr tute. college ere d, . JUN E 29-3 " ' f; ! eS „ussion al y -terses Robert C . M S : 1 :- «-- -1 Confe-nce. Rev. Paul ■ ,„rv Ge " " " ' . -I C Teene?. Dt. T. • • Sl „„ le , Solum. n MJGUST 1-W- A r V G e X». Dr. Merr.U C. F)eece . Dr. Co . ««f mcq " " ri«„r n »» ss— °° " w M Carolina. • i ' r BEN UPPEN C0NfER ENCE Conference Inn overlooking Asheville from Mountain top Page Sixty-one REYNER ' S JEWELERS i i i 1604 MAIN STREET COLUMBIA, S. C. DOUGHTY DRY CLEANERS LAUNDRY DYEING 20% Savings — Cash and Carry Phone 2-4361 1410 Taylor Street Columbia, S. C. COLUMBIA ' S One Shop HEADQUARTERS 1704 MAIN ST. PHONE 2-6331 Structural Steel and Miscellaneous Iron Items Supplied For This Building By KLINE IRON and METAL CO. 1225 HUGER ST. COLUMBIA, S. C. Page Sixty-tivo CHARLES OLD STUDIO Photographs For Every Purpose 1711 MAIN STREET PHONE 2-2258 BENSON OIL CO. THE BEST IN HEATING OILS Phone 2-0564 2023 Gervais St. Columbia, S. C. WATCHES DIAMONDS WALTERS JEWELERS 1303 Main St. Columbia, S. C. Next Door to Jerome Hotel fT atch and Jewelry Repairing Claussen ' s Bakerv j A Hundred and Seven Years of Baking Excellence Page Sixty-three COLUMBIA, S. C. FLORENCE, S. C. SOUTHERN STATES SUPPLY COMPANY Plumbing and Heating Supplies 1316 SUMTER STREET COLUMBIA 56, S. C. STUCKEY LUMBER COMPANY " Owe Board or a Carload " BROAD RIVER ROAD TELEPHONE 3565 COLUMBIA, S. C. PRIVATE AMBULANCE SERVICE DUNBAR FUNERAL HOME o- COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA PHONE 9998 Selling and Servicing Chevrolets Since 1926 CENTRAL CHEVROLET COMPANY 1331 GERVA1S STREET COLUMBIA, S. C. Page Sixty-} our SAVE YOUR OLD SHOES PHONE 2-5462 ' ' Ask Your Friends " ROBERTS ' SHOE REPAIRING We Can Helj) You Walk in Comfort 1319 SUMTER STREET COLUMBIA, S. C. BOUKNIGHTS WADE HAMPTON GARAGE Service Gas Storage Oil 1125 Gervais Street Phone 7927 Columbia, South Carolina MERCHANTS WHOLESALE GROCERY, Inc. 707 Gervais Street Phone 2-6385 Columbia, South Carolina SOUTHERN DAIRIES 4629 Main Street Phone 2-1698 Columbia, South Carolina Compliments of THE CAROLINA PAPER COMPANY Columbia, South Carolina DIXIE LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING CO. Laundering and Dry Cleaning RUG CLEANING AND DYEING MAIN PLANT CORNER SENATE AND ASSEMBLY STREETS Eight Branch Offices Phone 2-4363 Columbia, S. C. Page Sixty-five REAMER ICE AND FUEL CO. ICE . . . COAL . . . COKE . . FUEL OIL . BRIQUETTES W estinghouse Electrical Appliances SEABOARD PARK— COLUMBIA, S. C. PHONE 2-4311 For Good Fish and Oysters Call CAPITAL FISH OYSTER CO. Phone 7627 1336 Assembly Street HARLEY ' S STUDIO PORTRAITS AND COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHS 1647 Main St. Y. M. C. A. BARBER SHOP College Students Welcome Convenient Location Sumter Near Hampton Street Columbia, South Carolina TYPEWRITER SERVICE COMPANY Columbia, South Carolina Telephone 2-1251 1512 Taylor St. R. C. WILLIAMS Incorporated FURNITURE SONS 1725 MAIN STREET TELEPHONE 5815 COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA Page Sixty-six SILVER ' S 5 - 10c - $1.00 Store 1546 MAIN STREET COLUMBIA, S. C. CALDWELL ' S DRESS SHOP 1228 HAMPTON ST. COLUMBIA, S. C. Ready-to-Wear (Juniors, Misses Large and Half Sizes) Millinery Lingerie Gloves Compliments of RE HERS Columbia, S. C. Page Sixty-seven- ANN LEWIS DRESS SHOP Complete Women ' s Apparel From Head to Toe 1534 Main St. Columbia, S. C. THE REMBERT COMPANY SOAPS • WAXES • GERMICIDES 522 Devine Street Phone 2-1551 Columbia, South Carolina CROWSON-STONE PRINTING COMPANY • Printers and Lithographers Specializing in Fine Commercial Stationery, Insurance Policies, Business Forms and Advertising Color Work 805-9 MAIN STREET PHONE 2-4109 COLUMBIA, S. C. FOR QUALITY JEWELRY DIAMONDS, WATCHES, AND SILVERWARE See HAMILTON ' S, Inc. 1611 Main St., Columbia, S. C. COLUMBIA LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING 1323 Taylor Street DRY CLEANING PROMPT DELIVERY SERVICE or Conveniently Located for CASH and CARRY ECKERD ' S CUT-RATE DRUG STORE Creators of Reasonable Drug Prices - - 1530 MAIN STREET South Carolina ' s Most Modern Drug Store COLUMBIA, S. C. Page Sixty-eight First-Class Service at ARCADE BARBER SHOP EIGHT CHAIRS Arcade Building Main Street Columbia, S. C. McCRORYS 5 10c Store " We Have What You Want When You Want It " 1556 Main Street PEOPLES ' BAKERY Cakes — Pies and Pastries WEDDING AND BIRTHDAY CAKES OUR SPECIALTY 1331 Main Street Phone 6220 MARSHALL ' S, Inc. ' Known for Quality Mens Wear - 1535 MAIN STREET COLUMBIA, S. C. Congratulations of the Mechanics Contracting Company 1325 MAIN STREET on the erection of the new dormitory and classroom building. With BEST WISHES to the Columbia Bible College for continued advancement of her fine work of Making Christ Known. Page Sixty-nine We Serve Your College QUALITY MEATS AND GROCERIES Lower Main Street Super Market Phone 7617 905 Main Street Columbia ' s Completely Feminine Store k ee zee PAINT STORE GIFTS ART SUPPLIES PAINT WALLPAPER GLASS 1218 M ain Street Phone 6947 PRODUCING and distributing Electricity for homes, farms, commercial establishments, and industrial plants in all or part of ten counties in central South Carolina . . . manufacturing and distributing gas in Columbia and its environs for homes, commercial businesses, and industrial enterprises . . . providing transportation in Columbia and its suburbs . . . this is our job! Adequacy in all of these services for tbe present and with a generous reserve for future growth of this area . . . dependable, economic delivery always . . . this is our aim! A privately owned tax-paying South Carolina Industry, directed and managed by South Carolina people. Sovik GaAaUna Zleefoic Qai Gamp tu , Principal Office: COLUMBIA Branch Offices at BATESBURG, JOHNSTON. LEXINGTON, SALUDA, AND ST. MATTHEWS Page Seventy ART FLOWER SHOP 1227 HAMPTON AVENUE PHONE 2-6781 COLUMBIA, S. C. FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS " When you say it with Flowers, Say it ivith Ours. " S. B. McMASTER, Inc. 1231 HAMPTON ST. Columbia ' s Complete Sporting Goods Store SYLVAN BROTHERS JEWELERS AND DIAMOND MERCHANTS QUALITY MERCHANDISE ONLY " Alivays Remember . . . Price Is Soon Forgotten . . . Quality Never! " 1500 MAIN STREET, CORNER HAMPTON COLUMBIA, S. C. Compare Our Prices and Quality. You 11 Find Our Prices Low Page Seventy-one f-fl J i miner rJ cliool Growing Horns . . . Hungri-Lee . . . Chug, chug, chug " Bugs! " . . . Sesqui Falls; DON ' T you! . . . Go jump in the Lake! " But, how COULD it be wrong! " . . . Studying Leaves . . . Shep ' s Biological Garden Page Seventy-tivo L ' han kscn nna hJJ giving h L aij Between the halves . . . Heralding " his " arrival . . . The cat ' s " Meow " Huddle of the Blue Streaks From the Sophs . . . The " Refs " confer . . . First-place Freshmen Poor Kitty . . . The End of a Perfect Day . . . You grabbed the Sneak — but not the ball XT (G) of, Q- 1 1 a Ly n K_yur k J pa re Qy i n le . . School picnics . . . " Cuttin Up " Home for week-ends . . . Dates . . . Writing Home . . . Campus Cleanup Trips to town . . . Sight Seeing in the City . . . Church Page Seventy-four Pearce- Young- Angel Company Wholesale Food Distributors AIMS TO PLEASE YOUR COLLEGE Columbia, S. C. 828 Gervais Street Pbone 2-4315 Congratulations and Best W ishes to the GRADUATING CLASS of 1948 The SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. Cob 1713 Main St. Pbone 2-1733 SOUTHERN SCALE and REFRIGERATOR CO. 1010 Gervais Street Columbia, Soutb Carolina EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES FOR HOTELS, RESTAURANTS AND INSTITUTIONS Pbone 9749 Pbone 8733 JOYNER OSTEEN JEWELERS Watch and Clock Repair a Specialty All Work Guaranteed Reasonable Prices 1506 Sumter St. Pbone 4-1235 DEPENDABLE TAXI SERVICE CHECKER CAB CO. DIAL 2-33 11 Page Seventy-five The To Buy: CANDY COOKIES COFFEE AND . . . TOILET ARTICLES, ETC. For that Afternoon Snack and Evening Pep-Up Hours: 4-4:30; 9:30- 10:00 p. m. MEN ' S CAMPUS BUILDING 3 Supervisor: Mr. John Hehi. CATCH UP ! GET AHEAD ! at C.B.C. Summer School Something New: • FULL YEAR. TWO SEMESTERS • 10 HOURS CREDIT POSSIBLE IN 8 WEEKS • JUNE 5-JULY 30 TUITION FREE Courses include Bible, Greek and Special Courses in the Graduate School of Missions Write: Registrar, Columbia Bible College Columbia, South Carolina FOR GIFTS . . . FOR DEVOTIONAL READING Studying Our Lord ' s Parables $ .35 The Message of Romans 2.00 Victory in Christ 2.00 Four Fundamentals 10 The Lord Is My Shepherd .25 Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled .35 Lord, Teach Us to Pray .50 Why Is It Right for a Christian ' mrpw. 1 J to Fight? 05 ■tfraiw ' ' Order from Bible College Book Store Box 229, Columbia, South Carolina Page Seventy-six SEXTON FRENCH DRESSING Enjoy this treat when you go out to eat ... at better hotels and restaurants everywhere. Sexton SUNDAY SCHOOL LITERATURE " TRUE TO THE WORD " Lesson Quarterlies For Pupils for all ages and departments. Also lesson leaflets and Sunday School papers for weekly distribution. FOLLOWING THE UNIFORM INTERNATIONAL LESSONS Lesson Helps For Teachers Superintendents, and Preachers Teachers ' quarterlies and valuable lesson helps for superin- tendents, Bible students and preachers. UNION GOSPEL PRESS box 6059 Cleveland, Ohio Page Seventy-seven Visit CABANISS Correct Ladies ' Apparel 1637 Main Street Faith Theological Seminary Fundamental Premillennial Scholarly A Bible-centered curriculum taught by Bible-believing men A warm Christian fellowship — in a student body whose vision includes the world For Information, Address: Dr. Allan A. MacRae, Pres. 1303 Delaware Avenue Wilmington 19, Delaware r X „.v- ... IN COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA . . . keeping step with the state and growing with Columbia BELK ' S . . . South Carolina ' s Largest Department Store Page Seventy-eight Congratulations and Best Wishes To The " Flying Missionaries " DIXIE AVIATION CO. Owens Field Columbia, S. C. DRAUGHON ' S BUSINESS COLLEGE Fully Accredited Standard Business Courses Located at 1218 Sumter Street COLUMBIA, S. C. Telephone 5951 PERRY-MANN ELECTRIC CO. Distri butors of GENERAL ELECTRIC PRODUCTS Columbia Charleston South Carolina - CUNNINGHAM LUMBER CO. MILLWORK LUMBER Our Motto: To Please 639 Elmwood Ave. Phone 8154 Page Scvcnty-tiinc THE CAPl TiVL A LIFi ilEALTH SPECIALIZING IN HOSPITALIZATION INSURANCE Pays Thirty Days Hospitalization Out of Each Year • PAYS FOR ANY CASE • NON-CANCELLABLE • GUARANTEED RATES • EMERGENCY HOSPITAL BENEFITS CASH SURRENDER VALUES PAID-UP INSURANCE LIFE INSURANCE WAIVER OF PREMIUM FOR PERMANENT DISABILITY The Company ' Carries ' the Risk; the UN insured ' Takes ' the Risk THE CAPITAL LIFE and HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANY Telephone 2-6368 Home Office: Columbia, S. C. Lester L. Bates, President Page Eighty COMPLIMENTS OF i wL.c MC m _ - y — — SEE THE NEW 1948 PONTIAC . . . Now on Display . . . PONTIAC SALES and SERVICE NEW CAR DEPARTMENT SERVICE DEPARTMENT USED CAR DEPARTMENT PARTS DEPARTMENT 1925 Main Street 1114 Calhoun Street Phone 2-4021 Phones 3311 and 7081 Page Eighty-one n retrospect In the years to come may the events and memories so vividly portrayed herein be re- viewed and relived with only the most pleasant of recollections. We are grateful for having had the privilege of playing a part in perpetuating " These Steps " to a higher life for each of you. 1223 Franklin Street Co umbia.V.L- PHONES 9681-4-4575 Page Eighty-tivo Your Annual - - - A bridge from the future back to your College Days. Irtish £ flkoto igravers columbia.s.c. 1311 Sumter St. Phone 4-3766 Page Eighty-three THE PLACE FOR YOU TAYLOR has room for students today. Room to train you for Christian leader- ship . . . just as it has done for over 100 years. COURSES leading to A.B. degree, in- cluding majors in music and science. B.S. in Ed. Degree. Pre-professional and Pre- Nursing. CATERING to Christian Young men and women who want a school academi- cally high, with high standards of devotion and separation from the world. Write today Taylor University UPLAND, INDIANA Compliments of LAFAYE, LAFAYE FAIR Architects COLUMBIA, S. C. Page Eighty-four Jem a irectory Abrahamsen, Jean A. Box 308, Orange, Virginia Adcox, Tommye N. Berry, Alabama Addleton, Hubert F. Route 5, Macon, Georgia Aims, Margaret E. 37 Colonial Terrace, East Orange, N. J. Alderman, James O. Route 2, Box 410, Sarasota, Fla. Allebach, Marion A. Route 1, Sellersville, Pa. Allison, John W. 2121 E. 6th St., Long Beach, Calif. Anderson, Ha Mae Emmalena, Kentucky Anderson, James E. E. Main St., New Egypt, New Jersey Anderson, Marlys Julia Emmalena, Kentucky- Andrews, Eleanor I. 629 S. Church St., Spartanburg, S. C. Armstrong, Evelyn E., 1827 " E " St., N.E., Washington, 2, D. C. Arner, Sally L. 2951 Third Ave., S., St. Petersburg, Fla. Avery, Dorothy J. 122 San Antonio Blvd., Norfolk, 5, Va. Avery, Wallace L. 122 San Antonio Blvd., Norfolk, 5, Va. Banks, Carolyn 302 S. First, Globe, Arizona Barnes, A. Grace Beech Bluff, Tennessee Barnes, John P. 235 Summit Rd., Springfield, Pa. Bamett, Hazel M. 5933 Pershing Ave., St. Louis, Mo. Barrett, Stephen J. 335 Tiffin Ave., Ferguson, 21, Mo. Barrs, Eugenia L. 512 Screven St., Quitman, Ga. Bates, Ralph 2715 Watson Blvd., Endicott, N. Y. Beacham, Ann 47 Euclid Ave., Willoughby, Ohio Beacham, George D. 47 Euclid Ave., Willoughby, Ohio Beacham, Gordon 47 Euclid Ave., Willoughby, Ohio Beal, Charles H. 921 N. Central Ave., Hapeville, Ga. Beard, Leonard Clearwater, S. C. Beauchamp, Betty A. 37 Alden Ave., Cradock, Va. Beckley, Warren J. 306 Johns St., Holly, Mich. Beitzel, Martha Ruth Batesburg, S. C. Bell, Ralph 421 Woodsboro Dr., Royal Oak, Mich. Bennett, Richard A. 103 West Calveras, Altedena, Calif. Bennett, L. Tifton Libum, Ga. Berry, Evelyn M. 163 Briarwood R., Route 2, Atlanta, Ga. Blackburn, E. Genevieve, 122 San Antonio Blvd., Norfolk, 5, Va. Blair, Howard C. 1216 Myrtlewood Ave., Upper Darby, Pa. Boland, Jeanette M. 106 George St., Muscatine, Iowa Booz, Majorie E. 100 S. Clifton Ave., Aldan, Pa. Borman, Marlytte B. 12 Richards St., Geneva, Illinois Bost, Sara 208 Fink St., Concord, N. C. Bowe, Gertrude V. 2209 Center St., Catlettsburg, Ky. Bowman, Betty Austin Springs Rd., Johnson City, Tenn. Brannon, Mary Ann __301 Crewdson Ave., Chattanooga, Tenn. Bransford, Annie Lee 510 E. Cheatham St., Union City, Tenn. Brant, Robert O. Ocklawaha, Fla. Braswell, James Otis P.O. Box 1761, Ft. Walton, Fla. Britt, James G. 1616 Pickens St., Columbia, S. C. Brosius, Robert E. 937 South 2nd St., Sunbury, Pa. Brouwer, Harold W. 1647 S. Cuyler Ave., Berwyn, 111. Brown, Elaine R.F.D. 2, Manlius, New York- Brown, Nancy A. __1334 Stockley Gardens, Apt. 2, Norfolk, Va. Brownlee, Elaine 158 E. Walnut Lane, Philadelphia, Pa. Buckley, Evelyn J. Box 216-A, Route 6, Duluth, Minn. Buckley, Mildred E. Box 216-A, Route 6, Duluth, Minn. Buhhr, Joyce N. 149 Madison St., Brooklyn, 16, N. Y. Burnett, Ollie Sue 516 E. Cheatham St., Union City, Tenn. Burton, Clifford K. 415 Whitaker St., Savannah, Ga. Cail, James N. 2026 Sharon Lane, Charlotte, N. C. Cail, Martha Frances 2026 Sharon Lane, Charlotte, N. C. Callaway, Kate F. __308 W. Holston Ave., Johnson City, Tenn. Callaway, Katherine Aline Route 6, Anderson, S. C. Cameron, Chester Alvin __1503 Fairview Dr., Columbia, S. C. Camp, Clayton L. Garden City, Minn. Camp, Verna Garden City, Minn. Carpenter, Gustava ST. Route, Susquehanna, Penn. Carroll, Annie Laura __2615 Chesterfield Ave., Charlotte, N. C. Cartee, Clifford C. _. Route 2, Box 317, West Columbia, S. C. Carter, James P., Apt. C-2, Columbia Bible College, Cola., S. C. Carter, Marion Apt. C-2, Bible College, Columbia, S. C. Carter, William P. 120 White Oak Park, Sumter, S. C. Cather, William B., Jr. 39-24th St., Bristol, Tenn. Chaincy, Earl S. 2815 Park St., Columbia, S. C. Chandler, Vernon, Jr., R.F.D. 2, Johnson City, New York Chapman, Eunice 423 Telfair St., Augusta, Ga. Chenault, Bryan Newtown, Va. Chenault, Doris M. 5204 Ashley, Detroit, Mich. Chilton, M. Charlotte 156 Grove St., N. Plainfield, N. J. Christopher, Samuel, Jr., R. 2, Box 549-A, West Columbia, S. C. Cockrell, Marvin D. R.F.D. 1, Batesburg, S. C. Collins, G. Dean Fort Mill, S. C. Cook, Hazel M. Box 142, Cordova, Alabama Cook, Herman H. Route 1, Kannapolis, N. C. Cook, Jeanne Route 1, Kannapolis, N. C. Cook, O ' Neal 1522 Gregg St., Columbia, S. C. Copeland, James M. 515 Whaley St., Columbia, S. C. Cowger, Janet Fort Seybert, West Virginia Crane, Alice _. 426 Evesham Ave., Baltimore, 12, Md. Cummingham, Edward G. Hastings, West Virginia Cummingham, Gladys Route 3, Marianna, Fla. Cushnic, Ellen 728 W. Newell St., Syracuse, N. Y. Daniel, Robert E., 1663 Fort Davis Place, S. E., Washington, D. C. Daniels, Carolyn 1913 Ann St., Wilmington, N. C. Daniels, Robert E. 313 Castle St., Wilmintogn, N. C. Davis, Archie 200 Elford Terrace, Spartanburg, S. C. Davis, James L. R.F.D. 1, Kingston Springs, Tenn. Davis, Jervis T. 1840 Walker St., Augusta, Ga. Davis, Pat A. 115 Rose Avenue, Greenville, S. C. Davis, Ruth 1721 Plaza, Charlotte, N. C. Dillard, George P. 134 Fieldcrest Rd., Draper, N. C. Dillard, Morris 109 Ave. S. E., Childress, Texas Doverspike, Betty R. 114 S. Salem Ave., Sumter, S. C. Doverspike, William F. 114 S. Salem Ave., Sumter, S. C. Downey, Josephine 2636 Wilmot Ave., Columbia, S. C. Drechsel, Edgar A. 94 Tittany PI., Maplewood, N. J. Duff, Martha E. Route 2, Box 73, Lenoir City, Tenn. Duvall, Clifton Cohen __1353 Dupont Ave., S.E., Atlanta, Ga. Duval], Nellie G. 1353 Dupont Ave., S.E., Atlanta, Ga. Easley, Betty Leaksville, N. C. Edge, Joseph 620 N. Lenola Road, Moorestown, N. J. Ekstrom, Jonathan 7251 W. Farwell Ave., Chicago, 111. Eremic, Douglas 3498 Beniteau Ave., Detroit, Mich. Eremic, Virginia P.O. Box 2173, Charlotte, N. C. Erikson, Walter 726 N. 12th St., DeKalb, 111. Etchison, Preston 1000 Woodrow St., Columbia, S. C. Ernest, Faye T. Route 1, Megargel, Texas Erwin, Frank 1306 35th St., Birmingham, Ala. Estes, Marilyn E. 804 Augusta St., Greenville, S. C. Evertsberg, Dave N. 2120 Horton Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. Falkenstein, Delores D. 1102 West Poplar St., York, Pa. Ferguson, Dorothy Gail, 1418 Oakmont Rd., Charleston, W. Va. Ferr y, Russell H. 101.52 110 St., Richmond Hill, N. Y. Finley, Laurie 1417 Woodrow St., Columbia, S. C. Fish, Priscilla J. 326 St. George St., Toronto, S., Canada Fitzsimmons, Barbara Route 4, Box 344, Turlock, Calif. Fitzsimmons, Raymond R.R. 2, Roachdale, Ind. Flanagan, Clarence J. 401 Cleavland, Amarillo, Texas Foster, O. Robert Route 1, Portsmouth, Ohio Fox, Harry E. 755 Moore Ave., Williamsport, Pa. Fox, Margaret L. 3710 Yosemite Ave., Baltimore, Md. Page Eighty-jivr indent hJJireclor Continued Fox, Roger 1600 Blanding St., Apt. D-4, Columbia, S. C. Frederick, Warren Highway 1, Columbia, S. C. French, Stanley K., 819 Woodward Ave., Ridgewood, Brooklyn, N. Y. Friedkin, John .. 2442 N. 44th St., Milwaukee, Wis. Froehlich, Robert F., 2105 N. 44th St., No. 1, Milwaukee, Wis. Gaffner, Geraldine M. 1421 E. 60th St., Chicago, 111. Gaines, Jane Ellen 214 Coffee St., Talladega, Ala. Gantt, Doris 1125 ' , Woodrow St., Columbia, S. C. Garcia, Francisco Box 131, Placetas, Cuba Gardner, Leonard R.F.D. 3, Winnsboro, S. C. Gehman, Marie 364 Walnut St., Denv.r, Pa. Gilchrist, Phoebe 461 N. Maryland Ave., Atlantic City, N. J. Goodall, Wanda 2121 E. 6th St., Long Beach, 14, Calif. Graham, Sophie P. 1214 Princeton Dr., Glendale, Calif. Grant, Wm. R. Batesburg, S. C. Graves, Irma M. Seagrove, N. C. Greene, Dorothy 302 E. 11th Ave., Johnson City, Tenn. Grimes, Paul E. 2214 Holt Drive, Columbia, S. C. Gudschinsky, Sarah C. 1008 3rd St., Bay City, Mich. Gustafson, Gordon C. 1750 N. Sawyer Ave., Chicago, 111. Hains, Elizabeth Oak Ridge Cottage, Winona Lake, Ind. Hamilton, Thomas G., Jr. Pearson, Ga. Hammond, Clinton 2436 37th Ave., Minneapolis, 6, Minn. Hardy, Louise Roberts St., Swainsboro, Ga. Hargrave, Opie Mountain Home, Ark. Haroldsen, George 193 Roosevelt Ave., Valley Stream, N. Y. Hartman, Stanley 780 S. Graham, Memphis, Tenn. Haughton, Patricia __207 Harvey Bldg., West Palm Beach, Fla. Hawkins, Cecil 152 N. State St., Rittman, Ohio Haynes, Arthur A. 112 Cottman Ave., Cheltenham, Pa. Heidlauf, June L. 20 N. Knight Ave., Park Ridge, 111. Hendricks, Eugene L. Route 3, Box 199, Pensacola, Fla. Herron, June A. _ 629 Schuylkill St., Harrisburg, Pa. Hertzog, Catherine A. Peddie Schook, Hightstown, N. J. Heusinkveld, Richard H., 1743 6th Ave., S.E., Cedar Rapids, Iowa Hill, Jennings, Jr. Box 388, Salisbury, N. C. Hinkel, George E. __ ___5300 Addison St., Philadelphia, Pa. Hodge, Esther 2 Hillcrest Ave., Yorkville, N. Y. Hodges, Russell H. __Apt. 6-A, 1600 Blanding, Columbia, S. C. Hoeflinger, Catherine M. __1313 E. Main, Lansing, 12, Mich. Hollingsworth, William E. 2131 Park St., Columbia, S. C. Hooker, Virginia Tobaccoville, N. C. Horton. H. Jean 385 Mathewson Place, SW, Atlanta, Ga. Howell, Grace E. Route 1, Box 129, Evergreen, Ala. Humphreys, Gwen 118 E. Providence Rd., Aldan, Pa. Hungerpiller, Marian E. R.F.D. 1, Orangeburg, S. C. Hurley, Harriet P. 539 Tougy Ave., Pitman, N. J. Hyatt, James E. 1900 Liberty St., Columbia, S. C. Iwan, Edward L. 815 Elton Ave., Bronx, New York City Jacobsen, Alice Box 99, Largo, Fla. Jenkins, Eldera Dee Devers, Texas Jensen, Roy 142 Goodwin Ave., Staten Island, 2, N. Y. Jensen, Ruth M. 1 Ronada Ave., Oakland, 11, Calif. Johnson, Bemice G. R. 2, Box 254, West Columbia, S. C. Johnson, Harvey R. 2, Box 638, West Columbia, S. C. Johnston, Pauline A. __7225 Natural Bridge, St. Louis, 21, Mo. Jones, Gladys M. Greenfield Center. R.F.D., New York Jones, Mary Jane 44 Walnut St., Haddonfield, N. J. Jones, Morgan 22 Fairview Ave., New York, N. Y. Jones, Neva Greenfield Center, R.F.D., New York Keever, Lorene Route 2, Hiddenite, N. C. Kemp, Anne 322 Jefferson Terrace, East Point, Ga. Kennedy, Sarah 317 Johnson St., Clinton, N. C. Kennedy, Sue 1144 Eleanor St., Knoxville, Tenn. King, Carolyn Route 3, Asheville, N. C. King, Harold 525 Highland Blvd., San Antonio, Texas Kirkwood, Donald 30 East Chelton Rd., Chester, Pa. Knight, Alba Jean 1014 E. Henry Ave., Tampa, 4, Fla. Knight, Patricia Ann 1014 E. Henry Ave., Tampa, 4, Fla. Knowlton, David Edinboro, Pa. Knowlton, Rebecca S. Box 206, Edinboro, Pa. Kotiadis, Anne 3135 Fairfield Ave., New York, N. Y. Laird, Marian J. 3145 S. Cherokee, Englewood, Colorado Lee, Francis 1737 College Drive, Columbia, S. C. Lefever, Ormand 412 S. Sheridan St., Pana, 111. Legant, Harold 219 Marion Ave., Big Rapids, Mich. Lindsey, Dorothy N. Dallas, Ga. Livingston, Roberta M. Berlin, New York Long, G. Ray Tignall, Ga. Lucas, Earl Gaston, S. C. Lucas, Jonathan Box 198, Folly Beach, S. C. Ludlam, E. Jane 503 Augusta St., Greenville, S. C. Lynch, Evelyn M. 54 Holt Ave., Macon, Ga. Madeira, Eugene 314 College Ave., Elizabethtown, Pa. Mahar, Bernard 1313 E. Main St., Lansing, Mich. Mahar, Ruth 1313 E. Main St., Lansing, Mich. Marshall, Florence W. 2505 Ferris Rd., Wilmington, Del. Marshall, Harry G. 2505 Ferris Rd., Wilmington, Del. Martin, Marion Route 2, Conway, S. C. Martinez, Magdalen 22 Ft. Greene PI., Brooklyn, N. Y. May, Robert L. Route 2, Box 8, Ellenton, S. C. McDowell, Samuel --Columbia Bible College, Columbia, S. C. McElveen, Mary Alice _. _-_2733 Wheat St., Columbia, S. C. McFarland, John L. 612 W. 37th St., Savannah, Ga. McGill, Olin 1321 Calhoun St., Columbia, S. C. McLeod, James E. 716 E. Council St., Salisbury, N. C. McMullen, Margaret 1813 Pickens, Columbia, S. C. McNeill, John D. 1302 Pinecraft Rd., Greensboro, N. C. Meacham, Mary K. Route 3, Martin, Tenn. Meier, Barbara 5812 Quebec St., Berwyn Heights, Md. Midyett, James T. Route 2, Kenton, Tenn. Miller, Doris Batesburg, S. C. Miller, Vivian R. Route 2, Box 135, West Point, Miss. Mills, Elizabeth 8557 Ellsworth, Detroit, 21, Mich. Mitchell, Louise 222 Walnut St., Wilmington, Del. Mood, Frank 19 Hillcrest Ave., Collingswood, N. J. Moore, Barbara 422 McLean St., Portsmouth, Va. Moore, Betty Jane 2000 Oxford St., Greensboro, N. C. Morgan, Ruth 1225 E. Strong St., Pensacola, Fla. Morse, Phebe Pineville, N. C, c-o Dr. R. C. Reid Moses, Don K. 2107 Delaware Ave., Pittsburg, 18, Pa. Most, Mary A. 1515 Blanding St., Columbia, S. C. Munn, Robert 5 Keadyville Ave., Belfast, Ireland Musick, Henry G., Jr. Coulwood, Virginia Naile, Mildred 427 Heilig Ave., Salisbury, N. C. Neef, Ruth A. 27 Beech Ave., Aldan, Pa. Neef, William 27 Beech Ave., Aldan, Pa. Nelson, Beverly 713 N. Madison, Bay City, Mich. Nesmith, Ann P.O. Box 5084, Jacksonville, 7, Fla. Ness, Ingeborg, Freeman, Apt. 2, Garner ' s Ferry Rd., Columbia, S. C. Newman, Elizabeth L. __3107 Colonial Drive, Columbia, S. C. Newsom, Alice 205 Thornton St., Union Point, Ga. Newsom, James 205 Thornton St., Union Point, Ga. Newsom, Ruth 1076 Hardee St., N.E., Atlanta, Ga. Niemeyer, Josephine 6919 Park Ave., Merchantville, N. J. Niemeyer, Warren 1915 Pratt St., Philadelphia, Pa. Nizamain, Martha, Elmoie St., Central Islip, Long Island, N. Y. Page Eighty-six GJ Indent hJJireclov ' I Continued Noell, Frank .. 310 B St., N.E., Washington 2, D. C. Okarma, Eugene 302 Colton Ave., Thomasville, Ga. Olsen, Astrid Columbia Bible College, Columbia, S. C. Opper, Annamae 213 East Avenue, Elyria, Ohio Orton, Margaret 238 E. Catherine St., Chambersburg, Pa. Osbom, Ralph Pinetown, N. C. Overstreet, Sarah Box 1195, Haines City, Fla. Parker, James __Apt. B-6, 1600 Blanding St., Columbia, S. C. Parker, William 2546 Sweetbriar Ave., Roanoke, 15, Va. Parrott. Dorothy 386 Fairview Ave., Elmhurst, 111. Parsons, Marshall Muirkird, Maryland Pearsall, Robert G. 76 Roosevelt St., Inwood, L. I. 4, N. Y. Pelly, Charles 20 Forrest St., River Rouge, 18, Mich. Perkinson, Mary Helen Route 2, Chester, Va. Peters, Louise Mountain Grove, Mo. Peterson, Donald C. B. C, Columbia, S. C. Phelps, Clinton __Apt. C-3, 1600 Blanding St., Columbia, S. C. Pierce, Lois 1875 Young Avenue, Memphis, Tenn. Polasky, Chester 4647 Haines Road, St. Petersburg, Fla. Popp, Marie Lincoln Riverview Aves., Claymont, Del. Potts, Mary V. 407 N. Natchez, Kosciuso, Miss. Powell, Grace E. 176 Cambridge St., Portsmouth, Va. Powlison, Lloyd 3626 Wilmot Ave., Columbia ,S. C. Ready, Ethel E. 1011 Muller Ave., Columbia, S. C. Reed, Roland F. 885 Francis St., Longmont, Colo. Reiter, Barbara J. 2030 Plainfield, Grand Rapids, Mich. Reiter, Don W. 8233 Greenwood Ave., Munster, Ind. Rembes, Alice 267 Sherman St.. Buffalo, 12, N. Y. Richardson, Eleanor 509 N. Church St., Spartanburg, S. C. Riley, Jacqueline 413 W. Wing St., Arlington Heights, 111. Roberts, Mizpah S. Nassau, N. P., Bahamas Robinson, John F. R.F.D. 2, Blackstock, S. C. Rogers, Gwen R. Palmebto Trailer Park, Palmetto, Fla. Rowlee, M. Faye 1053 Cherry Ave., Long Beach, Calif. Rulison, Donald E. R.D. 2, Amsterdam, N. Y. Russ, Jimmie W. 1217 Chesapeake Ave., So. Norfolk, Va. Russ, William C. 1217 Chesapeake Ave., So. Norfolk, Va. Saltzman, Max A. 372 21st St., East Moline, 111. Saltzman, Violette M. 372 21st St., East Moline, 111. Sanders, H. Edward __13th Liberty Sts., Harrisburg, Penna. Sanders, Ella M. 100 Morningside Drive, N. Y., N. Y. Sanders, Elsie M. Rt. 1, Goshen, Ala. Sanders, J. Frank 54 Woodvalc Ave., Greenville, S. C. Schlichter, Elizabeth M. 139 Powell Rd., Springfield, Del. Co., Pa. Schmidt, William G. _ 5938 Reach St., Philadelphia, 20, Penna. Scholte, Franklin E. 314 Madison St., Grand Haven, Mich. Schwab, Eldora J. 3802 Avenue 0 ' 2 , Galveston, Texas Schwab, John S. 3802 Avenue 1 ,, Galveston, Texas Scott, Robert H. 217 N. Easton Rd., Glenside, Pa. Seanor, Edward R. Muirkirk, Md. Sedgley, Edyth W. " Riverside, " Rt. 1, Bristol, Tenn. Seigler, V. Catherine Walterboro, S. C. Sells, Harold E. 7629 Evans Ave., Chicago, 111. Sharpe, Jack Q. 2500 Superior St., Columbia, S. C. Shaw, Silas, B. T. 274 Duncan St., Greenwood, S. C. Shook, Irvin J. R.D. 3, Dallas, Penna. Shumpert, Retha L. Rt. 2, Box 371, West Columbia, S. C. Silar, Dorothy M. 1354 W. Market St., York, Penna. Smith, F. Evelyn 322 Jefferson Terrace, East Point, Ga. Smith, Harriett E. 1561 Waverly Place, Memphis, Tenn. Smith, E. Juanita 1780 Marjorie, Box 450, Memphis, Tenn. Smith, Natalie A. R.F.D. 2, Rochester, New Hampshire Smith, Richard T. 202 E. Second St., Corning, N. Y. Snow, R. Eugene Rt. 1, Box 73, Calera, Ala. Sorrells, Doris P. Weaverville, N. C. Speanburg, Elaine B. R.D. 3, Amsterdam, N. Y. Spence, V. Ruth — Rt. 1, Gamer, N. C. Sprinkle, Jacqueline H. Rt. 1, Tryon, N. C. Standridge, Gordon 701 Newnan Ave., East Point, Ga. Standridge, James L. 701 Newnan Ave., East Point, Ga. Stapf, Beulah L. __Oak Hill Ave. NR. Belair Rd., Fullerton, Md. Stevens, Harold J. Rt. 1, Goldsboro, N. C. Stiles, Ernest A. Box 284, Robbinsville, N. C. Stoddard, Donald A. 3626 Wilmot Ave., Columbia, S. C. Stoddard, James A. 260 W. 44th St., N. Y., 18, N. Y. Stoddard, Mildred E. 3636 Wilmot Ave., Columbia, S. C. Stone, William D. Sharon, West Va. Story, Horace E. 3004 Colonial Drive, Columbia, S. C. Stout, Mildred L. 608 N. Boone, Johnson City, Tenn. Stover, Betty M. 416 First St.. South Winter Haven, Fla. Strieker, Lillian M. 312 Georgetown Rd., Glassboro, N. J. Stump, Margaret E. 132 S. Penn St., York, Penna. Sullivan, Wendell M. Box 105, Mt. Hermon, Calif. Sykes, Josephine M. Coulwood, Va. Tatem, Samuel W. 915 Wilson Rd., S. Norfolk, Va. Taylor, Agnes J. Rt. 3, Geneva, N. Y. Thorsby, Dorothy D. 203 S. Clinton Ave., Trenton, N. J. Thorsby, Forrest S. 203 S. Clinton Ave., Trenton, N. J. Till, E. Lloyd R.F.D. 1, Box 103, Orangeburg, S. C. Trevvett, Christine M. 1604 Pope Ave., Richmond, Va. Tucker, Winifred J. 472 Gramatan Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Tweten, Grace M. 1355-84th St., Brooklyn 28, N. Y. Vaughan, Harold E. Oak Hill, West Va. Wakefield, Richard A., S.A.I.M. Box 147, West Palm Beach, Fla. Wakefield, Virginia B. Star Rt. 2, Rison, Ark. Walker, Edwin S. P.O. Box 2183, Greenville, S. C. Walker, Thomas B. P.O. Box 2, Springfield, Ky. Walters, Clem A. Culpeper, Va. Warlick, Carroll F. 168 E. Pearl St., Spartanburg, S. C. Watson, Douglas S. 193 Hickory Ave., Tenafly, N. J. Watson, Thomas W. __912 C. Suburban Pkwy., Portsmouth, Va. Watson, Winnifred E. 311 E. Feni St., Tampa, Fla. Weaver, Arthur F. 10 Bartram Ave., Glenoldtn, Penna. Weaver, Mildred 1040 W. 10th St., Lakeland, Fla. Welch, Edith M. Toomsuba, Miss. Wenzel, Charles J. 34 Cypress St., Milbum, N. J. West, Blair D. 158 Gallup Ave., Mount Clemens, Mich. West, Ralph T. Ogunquit, Me. Westley, Eugene M. R.D. 2, Cuba, N. Y. Wheatley, L. Jeannette Evans, Ga. White, Dorothy L., 2511 Wyoming Ave., SW., Grand Rapids, 9, Mich. Whitted, Edna L. R.R. 5, Bedford, Ind., Williams, Ernest L. c-o Mrs. S. P. Gilley, Spray, N. C. Wilson, David S. 134 Hazel Ave., Lansdown, Bait. 27. Md. Wilson, C. Raymond 1416 Heyward St., Columbia, S. C. Wise, Man- R. DeWitt, Ark. Wittig, Emil C. 6482 Oxford Ave., Chicago, HI. Wright, Mildred L. West Point, Ky. Wuest, Frank C. 226 Johnson St.. Buffalo, 11, N. Y. Young, I. Glennis Perry, Fla. Page Eighty-seven Compliments of COLUMBIA SANDWICH SHOP and KRISPY KREME DONUT SHOP HALTIW ANGER ' S DRESS SHOP Everything for College Girls Sweaters, Skirts, Suits, Accessories, Dresses, Formats Columbia, S. C. Phone 2-2119 1441 Main Street IMPERIAL BARBER SHOP 1211 TAYLOR ST. TEL. 2-5349 s. H. KRESS 5c-10c-25c Store COLUMBIA, S. C. CO. Automotive Accessories Gulf Protective Household Items Maintenance Service DERRICK ' S GULF FOUNTAIN " The Fountain of Youth for Your Car ' Gervais and Assembly COLUMBIA, S. C. J. M. DERRICK Phone 9363 Page Eighty-eight uiograpks Page Eighty-nine ' Little Buck " . . . Palestine bound . . . Southern blizzard Just restin . . . At home . . . Ye ole cole bin IVell ' ll! . . . Line up pretty . . . " Give me an old straw hat " Page Ninety Joe . . . S ' matter, Alice . . . Senior feast Pleased as punch . . . Il ' aitin ' still Pretty trees . . . Russ-ling the pages . . . Cram-class-relief Happy landing . . . Oh — ain ' t " they " cute . . . Siving hard Page Ninety- one. IS its : From the single room pictured at the beginning of this book to the buildings rep- resented above — this is the extent of the outward growth of Columbia Bible College in its first twenty-five years. The tiny mustard seed is become a tree. And yet, this is but a poor representation of the growth that has taken place for outward growth is only a means to an end. Eternity alone will tell the won ders of the real growth — that which has taken place in the heart and life oj every student who has sojourned at Columbia Bible College. " What hath Goc 1 wrought! " Page Nincty-tnvo .WL. ' 1-t ' J iwjjg gy Wi

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