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Y-5NN. J k?+ s - " ' (0 m .■•...■ v :. €hMM E Zke 1954 Silver Spruce Volume 49 Compiled by the Associated Students of Colorado A M College at Fort Collins, Colorado Katie Blevins, Editor Marie Macy, Business Manager Profile of a year at Aggies ■ Zke 1954 Silver Spruce is " Dedicated Zo the Memory of Doctor Jsaac Smest fiewsota Scientist, Zeacher, Administrator, and Genial friend 7 d Portrait by Gene Rouse Fishbach Studio Dan forth Chapel Administration building r ™ Industrial Jrts Guggenheim Hall forestry Building Student Union -Aggie Highlights 10 , Fall Events 11 Winter Events 23 Spring Events 30 Queens 37 Pacemakers 49 Administration 64 Student Government 70 Publications 80 Honoraries 86 Schools 104 Agriculture 108 Engineering 118 Forestry 126 Science Arts 130 Military 142 Veterinary Medicine 148 Home Economics 155 All Schools 158 Religious 169 Snaps 175 Socials i8o Sororities 182 Fraternities 198 Independents 228 Living Groups 234 Sports 24i Classes 288 Seniors 292 Juniors 308 Sophomore 324 Freshman 342 Ads k Jndac 362 ggie Highlights 10 all Events a Welcome Week and Registration ■x But Sarge, I have flat feet! This quick preview of college life finds the freshmen mighty busy. There are welcomes to the campus from all the higher ups, with " Glad to have you with us, " the password. Tests, tours of campus, rallies, and more tests fill many of these first days at Aggies. Evenings find rush parties followed by mixers where the upperclassMEN pick out what they feel will be good material for the coming year. Then comes the rush and confusion of Registration. Thanks to the IBM machines and the revision in the registration booklets, all this is done in two full days. Ik I nii Mil: m nlti on. i I ' M- U i Ira cnip ah, MIC I 12 In four years you too can be a Baggie Aggie " TT ■■Qtu , k Painting the " A " Got a lot on your mind? The frosh tradition of painting the " A " is al- ways the occasion of lots of fun. Lancers or- ganize this project and keep most of the fresh- men working. Applicants for the joh need old clothes, hrooms and lots of energy. There was a hitch or two, of course. This year the water pumps broke down, hut the lime went on, covering not only the " A " , but other areas human and otherwise. The freshmen had a chance really to meet each other, in be- tween lime fights. After their project was completed and the lime properly distributed, the weary workers were served cider and do- nuts. Their cry for the day was " Less work — more play. " Painting the " A " or painting a ■■? The 2AEs bringing up the rear This is the " A " ? 13 ,= Ml " «jJS ATO ' s sawed-off runt buzzed from behind to top A division Alexander G. Hutton, our Honor Alumnus Homecoming 14 This surrey with a fringe on top brought home the sorority cup to DZ ; gi Queen Carol Beardsley, and her attendants Bev Gibson and Dot Stochwell " Remember When " was chosen as the theme for this year ' s Homecoming. The festivities start with the Frosh-Sophomore contests, and the Freshman football game with Wyoming. Traditional lighting of the Aggie " A, " fol- lowed by the bonfire rally and the torch light parade, complete the day. Early Saturday morning, the freshmen roll out of their sacks for the annual pajama parade. Then comes the all important game, at which our Honor Alumnus is presented. Rounding out the weekend, house decoration awards are pre- sented at the Homecoming Dance. There ' ll be a hot time in the old town tonight Oh, to be a teddy bear! 15 Readers kip Conference Proof of the serious side of Leadership Conference Mr. Eastman engineers a human laugh King Farouk and his " inspired " panel The YMCA Camp near Estes Park was again the site of the sixth annual Leadership Con- ference. Mr. C. N. Eastman, a man outstand- ing in human engineering, led off the confer- ence with an inspiring speech. Discussions covered the Associated Students Constitution, group dynamics, appropriations, and long- range planning for the campus. Aggies of future years will apparently have to he ac- complished pedestrians as the campus now planned indicates plenty of walking. Satur- day night at the Conference found games and more games, well chaperoned. After Sunday services, there was a summary of the discus- sions. Those who attended returned to the campus hetter informed on the running of Colorado A M. 16 Calvin and Turpins entertainment — humorous? tittle Rational Western Five o ' clock shadow up there? Who worked the hardest for that ribbon? Park u; again LeiderJiip Con- i man out-land- s ' off the confer- du Discussions Mi Cnstitution, MR. ml long- pts. Agies oi : Imt to be ac- fe tanpus now nlking. Salur- fond prof- and i After Sunday r of the discus- returned to tie tke naming of The Aggie equivalent of the Denver Stock Show is the annual Little National Western Livestock Show. AH students spend many hours fitting their stock, hoping to receive one of the numerous trophies. Showing of beef, swine, sheep, horses and dairy cattle make up the schedule of events for the entire day and evening. Grand champion honors this yea went to John Holtorf, a freshman here at Ag- gies. Wheel barrel race honors went to the Kappa Deltas. A new addition to the horse events included the gamblers jumping class and the western trail class. Y Dobbin isn ' t very excited about it all 17 Engineers ' ftallandDay Presenting Queen Mary Ann and her attendants, Shirley Hall, Donna Lamb, and Bev Rushton Highlight of the fall for the Engineers is the annual Engineers ' Ball and crowning of their queen. This year ' s decorations consisted of balloons and more balloons, inflated, it is suspected by some, by the hot air of the En- gineers. Engineers ' Day, held during spring quarter, attracts many high school students and their families to the open house of the entire Engineering School. Exhibits are set up by the various departments having to do with their diversified fields. " Elmer, " the Electrical Engineers only 4-point student, is always on hand. Announcement of the selec- tion of Raoul Pettai as the Honor Engineer at the banquet ended another Engineers ' Day. 18 Watch his eyes light up y pa •;■■ hi a n W,; - Mort Show All that and Queen too! Queenie Sal and her lopsided crown " College Calendar " was the theme selected for this year ' s Hort Show, sponsored by the Horticulture Club. Flowers and fashions or- ganized and designed by members of the club suggested different phases of the college year, from Homecoming to Prom. In addition to the floral exhibits there were many outstand- ing displays of prize fruits and vegetables, all of which were later sold at auction. The cli- max of the evening was the crowning of the Flower Queen chosen by the ballots of those who attended the show. One of the outstanding displays Going, going, going to the sucker in the bach row 19 Look, Mom, no hands They ' d better put her away Skirt flight 20 Tribute to a lovely tree SPRUCE sponsors this annual show, in which eight organizations chosen in tryouts, put on their skits Friday and Saturday nights. Thursday evening found dress rehearsals without lights, and all kinds of confusion. KAs took first honors in the women ' s divis- ion with their version of " Aggie Seasons, " while the men ' s trophy went to the Lambda Chis for the third straight year in a row. " Native Slaves " was the theme, carried out with a bull whip and all. Second places went to the Sigma Kappas with " Seasons of the Trees, " and the 2AEs with their " Russian ROTC Camp. " Various in-between acts kept the show moving. Irma Sloan ' s version of ' I ' m Going Away, " will long be remembered. " Bumps and Grinds " Carter really lets him have it Uncle Joe ' 11 lie. watching you loo 21 A WS fiance and Carol Sing King Kirk and his knights, Jerry West and Ed Mott Associated Women Students trim the ball- room in holiday attire and escort their " Man of the Moment " to the AWS Christmas Dance. In true turn-about fashion the girls have an opportunity to foot the bills. At the 1953 dance, couples moved gracefully around huge replicas of lollipops and candy canes to ap- propriate music played by Ray Leach and his band. Crowning of the " Most eligible bache- lor on campus " as AWS King highlighted intermission. Another feature of the Christ- mas season is the AWS Carol Sing. This year A Cappella Choir and other groups from the music department portrayed the theme of the sing, " On This Day, Earth Shall Ring. " Num- bers by the guest singers, the Longmont High School Choir, completed the program. 22 An event popular with the whole town inter Events rait kill. -■■■Ma Malta. . " •rjif an lie 1953 «■% J ■§■ [Midi ,k U WdvCknl- at Tttwr mimk rWeoiAe 1 ' Kb J 23 Religious Emphasis Week Members of A Capella choir adding their talent to the week ' s activities Dean Paul Roberts leading off Religious Emphasis Week. Religious Emphasis Week finds time put aside by the students to look at their spiritual ideas and ideals. Outstanding speakers are brought to the c ampus to lead the various dis- cussion groups. Student Religious Council and the University Christian Mission spon- sored this year ' s Religious Emphasis Week, and used as their theme " Christianity in 3-D. " Discussions covering subjects especially inter- esting to the college level take place during this week. The various speakers are guests at all the organized houses for dinner, and after- wards there are short talks on problems con- fronting the college students and their re- ligious ideas. m 24 Contributing their all for the success of the week Snowball ■ •». • • £ £ . Queen Connie, her orchids, and her escort Hold me a little closer, babbbyyy dollllll Independent Students Association again brought nationally known musicians to the campus for their annual Snowball. With Bil- ly May ' s band providing the music, there was a great demand for tickets. " Symphony in Snow " was chosen as the theme for the eve- ning, and this was carried out with decora- tions of giant snowflakes and icicles. Crown- ing the Queen of ISA with a diadem of orch- ids highlighted the intermission. After many hours of painstaking work, ISA came through with one of the most successful dances of the year. x 2! ? Hot music — thawing icicles " Baby, it ' s crowded inside ' ' 25 Hesperia Sing i5A e ATrx Hesperia winners get their cups Arn V? Hours of practice from early morning to mid- night go into Hesperia Sing. Sponsored by the Junior Women ' s honorary, this year ' s performance was made more colorful by the placing of letters, representing the various social organizations, on the backdrop. Top- ping the women ' s division were the Delta Zetas with their rendition of " My Hero " and " Forest Hymn, " while Sigma Phi Epsilon brought home top honors in the men ' s di- vision with " Merry Go Round Broke Down " and " I Dream of You. " " Beautiful Savior, " interpreted by Gamma Phi Beta and Sigma Alpha Epsilon, received first place in the mixed division. 26 The Sig Alph - G Phi Combo -y » J or esters ' ' Days Think fast! Little George caught in the act The start of winter quarter is the signal for the foresters to begin growing beards. From peach fuzz to Hairless Harry, all sizes and shapes are to be seen. The oval is the scene of the Forestry Days field events. All kinds of competitions are featured. Tobacco spit- ting and log rolling give the forestry students a chance to show off their skills and talents, at least so they say. The annual tug of war was again won by the foresters, who seem to be rea l hefty fellows. Finishing off the week end is the annual elk banquet, at which time the all-around Forester is announced. This year he was Jon Hoefer, and the honor senior being Dick Rhoads. The honor alumni this year were Dr. Jess L. Fults and Leslie S. Bear. Jean Klodt was chosen Foresters ' Queen at the ball Saturday night. This is a foresters ' field event! 27 Swan Show Electrifying gals Aggie swimmers portrayed famous fairy tales in this year ' s Swan Show, entitled " Once Upon a Time. " Swan Club produces this an- nual aquatic exhibition in the men ' s pool. The show this year centered around a father telling bedtime stories to his children, the characters performing maneuvers in the water as the story progressed. Such old fav- orites as Humpty Dumpty, Cinderella, Pinoc- chio, and Old King Cole became marine char- acters. On the lighter side, highly skilled clown divers provided comedy for the specta- tors with their seemingly awkward antics. Highlights of this part of the spectacle were twelve " soldiers " who carried guns through- out their act. Long hours of practice have made the Swan Show a favorite among Aggie attractions. 28 Swan Club presents International Days Annually sponsored by the Cosmopolitan Club, International Days have become the oc- casion of a big celebration on the Aggie Campus. Months of planning go into this two- day festival, with students from all over the state coming here to participate. Exhibits showing samples of typical work of foreign countries are set up, while speeches by for- eign notables fill in a well-rounded program. A new addition to this year ' s celebration, the Civic Symphony performed a concert made up of selections representative of the various countries. Highlighting International Days, a smorgasbord dinner is served, with more than a dozen foreign dishes from which to choose. Several outstanding floor shows and skits are presented at the festive dance following the dinner. Hats off to the Cosmopolitan Club for another successful International Days. Schoene Sachen ion Oeulschland OS. . it: j 1 ig i What ' s cooking? Pass the jam, Sam 29 pr ' mg Events Si i$ Ml nil hi ( 30 Maylofters ' festival " Swing your partner round and round " is the call for the Haylofters to " All join hands " and come to the festival. Square dancing en- thusiasts from every part of the state collect in the fieldhouse for the annual event. Ac- tivities include discussion groups covering all phases of dancing and teaching sessions for instruction in the execution of new fig- ures. Top callers from surrounding states share the microphone during the mass dances held Friday and Saturday nights, while sev- eral hundred dancers whirl around the floor in tune to music provided by Boh Swerer and the Sons of the Rockies. This year President Morgan and his daughter aided in leading a grand march around the floor to finish off the festival in grand style. So popular is the Haylofters ' Festival that even the halcony of the gym overflows with spectators. Don ' t lose your head, go Russian Red Bob " Smiley " Swerer and his sons 31 College frays You poor soul, youve had it i I E s got a big boot out of this KA s display their artistic ability 32 Pretty good target, hey what? Anticipated anxiously for nine months. (J lege Days finds everybody I well almost everybody) oil campus in western wear. Those who prefer " eastern " eosliune may rewarded for their individualism hy a till bing. Following the theme " Western Hit rade, " organizations turned out floats repre- senting almost every famous western song. Alas, torrents of rain washetl out the sched- uled parade, hut the judges managed to make the rounds of barns and garages to pass judg- ment. A new addition to the festivities this year was a carnival sponsored hy the Spurs. Prizes for the winning floats were award? that evening at the annual dance. At Durrel Arena the last fling of the year ended with the awarding of championships to individua winners after the rodeo. ATO ' s conquer the Strawberry Roan and capture a trophy " B ■ ■ 1 y [ r sow [alls another Mp Nufl said! 33 Governor ' s Day Aggie ROTC—1953 Style Chained ah ' m sure A shining example Months of preparation precede Governor ' s Day. Spit and polish inspections, drilling, and anything else that goes into a federal inspection are orders of the day. Governor Dan this year was presented to the new Corp of Sponsors, and then together they review the ROTC units, followed by the Poudre Mus- kets exhibiting their flawless precision. Old Main shook a little more visibly on its foun- dation during the 19 gun salute for the Gov- ernor. In accordance with precedent the out- standing flight and squadron were chosen dur- ing this review, and the awards were later pre- sented at the Sunset Review. 34 Just some of Uncle Sam ' s boys ■ ? Vw Hanging mobiles and vivid murals created a " Mood Modernistic " as background for the Junior Prom. Under the direction of the Junior Class, the ballroom was transformed into a modern artist ' s dream, complete with 3-D. One of the largest dances of the year, the Prom attracted a large percentage of the student body who appeared in formal attire instead of space suits as one might have ex- pected. Capable Dick Jurgens and his musi- cians provided not only outstanding harmony for dancing but also spirited entertainment to top off another successful Aggie evening. Dig these crazy moderns • a rt J2K222 Shake it, but don ' t break it Moody Music for Mood Modernistic 35 Honor flight and Graduation That ' s my desire Dr. J. F. Pomjret, guest speaker for graduation Recognition of those students who have been outstanding in scholarship and activities pro- vides the program for Honor Night. Awards find their way into the hands of the studious, and Phi Kappa Phi introduces its new mem- bers. After many months of speculation, the SILVER SPRUCE Queen and her attendants are presented, and a mysterious something moves about tapping the Pacemakers. Cli- maxing four years of sweat and toil, midnight study, and lots of fun, is graduation. Friends and relatives watch as the diplomas are re- ceived, symbols of an end and of a beginning. 36 John Dekleva receiving the Lyle Stucker award 1 ueens 1 37 Janet and Tony Curtis To Janet and Tony Curtis we owe warmest thanks for selecting our Queen of Queens. With the able assistance of their casting officials, they chose Joyce Smartt. The basis for this selection was the nominating of 17 girls by the various social organizations on the campus. Each of these girls was given a personal interview by five business men from Fort Collins, representing social and fra- ternal groups. They were judged on personality, poise, and beauty. Five finalists were selected. Various poses of these five girls, taken by a Silver Spruce photographer, were sent to Janet and Tony. As they said in their letter, " The decision was not an easy one to make, since we and the casting of- ficials here at the studio, who helped us, thought all of the girls were excep- tionally pretty. Congratulations to the winner and best of luck to you all. " 38 0 i 00 i fo- rm . » Silver Spruce Queen JoyceS mar tt 39 Queen Kay Mc ' Donald AAA 40 fjoaH Kankin KA0 Attendants X Shawn Kussell AAA ftina Sguires AZ 41 Homecoming Queen Carol Meardsley 42 11 - ifc Slower Queen Sally Moore KA0 43 Engineers ' Queen Mary Ann Zkulin KA0 44 AWS King Kirk Hinderlider 45 Snowball Queen Connie Johnson 46 foresters ' Queen Jeannie Klodt KAO •« •- I ■ ■ 47 College ' Days Queen Virginia Painter KA0 48 acemakets To those who have contributed outstandingly to Colorado A M we give the title Pace- maker. These students are chosen by a com- mittee made up of students and faculty, picked as representatives of the various ac- tivities on the campus. Many fields of interest are represented on the following pages, all of which go into keeping our campus running smoothly. These students who are honored have devoted many hours to leadership in some phase of Aggie campus life and to the betterment of Aggies generally. Pacemakers also keep their scholarship standings high. To these students who have contributed much in their fours years, we. the student body, owe a great debt of thanks. Congratulations from the SPRUCE staff on a job well done. 49 Dale Amend StfE SO I Al Dorsey sn 51 Alan Eades 52 Harold Felte S E 53 John Fuhr AIT 54 Mike Gucovsky PXA 55 Janice Hall r B 56 I Merlin Kaeberle 57 Sally Moore KA0 58 I Lenette Newell AZ 59 1 Virginia Painter KA0 60 I Bill Sims AXA 61 Bill Smith 2N 62 i Jim Wilcox 2X 63 dmimstratioH Q over nor of Colorado Daft ZkowtoH Governor Dan is the man known for his white Stetson and cow- boy boots. He is rarely seen without his favorite seasoned pipe. Officially the Colorado Executive visits Colorado A M yearly on Governor ' s Day, but he has been seen around on other occasions interested with the work carried on here. He came to the State capitol from his spacious ranch near Gunnison, Colorado. State oard of Agriculture These are men everyone should know for they are the guiding hand of A M. They are appointed by the Governor from the many outstanding Colorado com- munity leaders. The Board meets at least once a month for transacting Aggie business. We owe to them much of our longterm policy and our growth. Back Row: George McClave, H. L. Dotson, Treasurer Joseph M. Whalley, Secretary James R. Miller, W. E. Morgan, Jesse McCabe. Front Row: L. S. McCandless, Walter H. Lehrer, President Warren H. Monfort, T. C. McPherson, R. A. Miller, Vice-President Charles P. Warren. 66 it ' ' ■ wd ■■ Uafc ■ n m| ■ • - Ik ■ ■dm William 8. Morgan President of Colorado A k M r they we lie ■ ■•-if. ihe tkm ii tmmi A graduate of Texas A M is Colorado A M ' s eighth president. This former Air Force Colonel is always keenly interested in the students and their activities. He apparently has energy enough to enable him to keep in touch with everything and everybody as he guides the school through the year. You find typical southern hospitality at Greenhaven, " the House of Morgan. ' Greenhaven Dorcas, Bryan, and family 67 Dean of Students Robert E. Bates is responsible for the non- academic aspects of student life. Still rather new on the Aggie campus, he is deeply im- pressed with the sincerity of A M students. Although his work occupies the majority of his time, he tries to squeeze in a few enjoy- able days of fishing. Administrative Supervisor Student Health Service Ruby F. Brigham, who heads the student health program, is the soother of Aggie aches and pains. She is a graduate of DU but re- mains loyal to Aggies. Along with generous distribution of pills for the student welfare, she is a whiz with a needle and thread. Director of Information Rex W. Brown directs the information and publications for Aggies. Visual Aids are also right down his alley. He serves on the Board of Publications and is very pleased with the growth of Colorado A M, especially in the number of students. He works hard to pub- licize Aggies, and takes great interest in all our athletic teams. Administration Officers Vice-President H. L. Dotson assists the president with administra- tive matters. He is in charge of the grounds and buildings of Colorado A M. He is forever plan- ning the future of the Aggie program. He was known as " Hap " when he was graduated from Ag- gies in 1918, and he still responds to this name. 68 Alumni Secretary Jasper French, known to everyone as " Jap, " has the pleasure of working with and for the benefit of Aggie grads. As a former A M athlete, he is inter- ested in all sports. As he is in charge of the entire Alumni program he is a man with few spare mo- ments. Director of Libraries James Hodgson is one of the campus walking encyclopedias because of his extensive study and research. He likes to conduct experi- ments in library operations and holds a doc- tor ' s degree from the University of Chicago Library School. During his vacations he can be found hiking in the Rockies, Housing Officer C. W. Hotchkiss, a native of Fort Collins, is in charge of campus housing. At one time he coached the Aggie golf team. An outdoor man at heart, he welcomes all hunting seasons. Manager, Student Union Kenneth L. McAferty holds two b: g jobs: manager of the Student Union and Coordi- nator of Student Affairs. Maintaining hos- pitality and friendliness in the Union and co- ordinating the many activities of the Aggie students keep him busy. His vacations are spent hunting and fishing in the streams of colorful Colorado. To his many friends he ' s " Mac. " cssw» « c ?w ' : ' ) Secretary of the State Board of Agriculture James R. Miller, the keeper of many valuable administrative records, is known to faculty members as " Mr. Information. " His Aggie career has been continuous since 1935. He was prominent in journalistic circles for many years, and for relaxation he still does a bit of writing now and then. Counselor for Men Warner Miller, along with assisting Aggie men with their problems, advises the foreign students. He manages to sponsor a few cam- pus activities in his spare time. He is always ready to greet men students with a smile and listen to their complaints. Registrar Stella Morris is just about the busiest per- son on campus at registration time. She keeps an accurate record of all the students 1 grades, schedules, transcripts and admissions. Her pride and joy is her new home, where she can often be found preparing delicious food. Iff ' ,« ? if " " • Purchasing Agent Ronald 0. Roberts is the man who runs up a big bill as A M Purchasing Agent. He doesn ' t believe spending money is what most people think it is. In his spare time he enjoys playing golf and eating his wife ' s cooking. Counselor for Women Eugenia Symms, Assistant Dean of Students, can always be identified by her southern drawl and soft smile. Regardless of her full schedule, she can always find time for hiking and camping trips which ease the tension of her job. Treasurer, Business Manager Joseph M. Whalley is the Aggie who has the money to spend and has loo many places to spend it. He serves the State Board of Agri- culture as treasurer. He has been around the campus for many years. He occasionally takes time out for his favorite sport — bowling. tudent Government Ik! ■I I U» [hoi ik at nil «.I 70 Student Council The Student Council is largely responsible for the policies and general control of student activities. It handles and disburses student fees for the operation of the Student Union and other student affairs. The Council is composed of the Executive Board, editors of the SILVER SPRUCE and COLLEGIAN, the prexy of A. W. S., and three repre- sentatives from each class, as well as representatives from each school and from the Student Union Advisory Commit- tee. The Council represents every student because each stu- dent has a vote in the all-school election. Student %ody President Mill Sims Back Row: Wooding, Moore, Mills, Sackschewsky, Lee, Miller, Fuhr, Mitchell, Vasey. Third Row: Allison, Eades, Kemp, Reed, Gray, McGeorge, Birdsall, Stanko, Wilcox. Second Row: Gucovsky, Mayber, Scofield, Dellinger, McFie, Meier, Webster, Collins, Hall, Anderson. Front Row: Dean Bates, Dr. Epling, Sims, Young, Moore, Pratt, Richardson, Blevins, Smith. 71 Were deciding our fate 9 (AfpU ' Democracy in Action We agree! Id fa 72 says Aere — MA Councils ' ntfm Back Row: Charles Miller, Polly Collins, Jan Hall, John Fuhr, Katie Blevins. Second Row: Larry Birdsall, Evelyn Morehart, Mike Gucovsky. Front Row: Dean Bales, President Morgan, Miss Symms, Bill Sims. President ' s Advisory ftoard The President ' s Advisory Board acts as liaison between the students and faculty. The Board is made up of the presidents of A. W. S. and the Student Body, and of representatives of the faculty. They meet to solve student-faculty and other current campus problems. No problem seems too big or too small for this group to solve. 73 Back Row: Broekmaiin, Bighee, Blandin, Keating, Ryan, Pratt. Second Row: Collins, Bond, Montgomery, McDonnell, White, Smartt, Hall. Front Row: Young, Deem, Gallagher, Newell, Baldwin, Koehler. Pep Council The business of Pep Council is to dream, create, plan, organize, and realize one of the biggest events of the year: Homecom- ing. They help create college morale by urging participation in all Aggie activi- ties. They also sponsor Pepperettes, who put on lively exhibitions at the football and basketball games. The Council con- sists of the First Vice-President, the Dean of Students, and a member of the Alumni Association, as well as of repre- sentatives from various campus organi- zations. cards and Hack Row: Mr. Loy Banks, Mike Gucovsky, Mr. Rex Brown. Front Row: Ted Lewis, Katie Blevins, Jeanne Galvin, Mr. J. L. Harlan, Alan Eades. Hoard of Publications Representatives dents govern all point the e d i SPRUCE and tl COLLEGIAN, tracts and take audits for both, after the affairs of the faculty and stu- student publications, ap- tors of the SILVER le ROCKY MOUNTAIN They approve all con- care of yearly financial , Their duty is to look of Aggie publications. 74 JVSA Sxecutive Council The National Students Association is an international organization which stresses the improvement of democratic student government. The NSA of A M also promotes a successful exchange of talent programs between colleges in this region in order to promote better inter-school relations. Every student is part of NSA and is needed to help make NSA ' s proj- ects a success. Elinor Ewald, Larry Birdsall, Vonnie Lyster, Harold Felte. Councils Back Row: Rich Young, Dr. Epling, Bill Sims, Phil Pratt. Front Row: Sally Moore, Polly Richardson. Executive ftoard The Executive Board is composed of the Student Body ' s executive officers. It is responsible for the efficient running of Student Council, the agenda of which they set up. They hear financial re- quests and act for the Council in emer- gency cases. 75 Back Row: Don Sackschewsky, Dean Clark, Mr. Joe Whalley, Mr. John Nesbit. Front Row: Coach Bob Davis, Duane Rice, Mr. Dale Maag. Athletic Council Faculty, students, and an alumni work together in managing of all intercol- legiate athletics for men. They stress sportsmanship, and keep Aggies well known by maintaining a high code. Hoards and Back Row: John Fuhr, Bill Sims, Dave Seaver, Dean Robert Bates. Front Row: Mr. Dale Maag, Joyce Kruckeberg, Miss Eugenia Symms. Social Committee The Social Committee is strongly in- fluential in the Aggies ' social lives. They have the final authority over all social functions, fitting social rules to the stu- dent ' s best needs. The committee is composed of a cross-section of faculty and students. 76 1 I i mltrtol- Student Union Board The students, faculty, and alums have a say on this board, which takes care of all matters concerning the Aggie Student Union. This group comes up with the solutions of Union life. The members meet regularly to keep the wheels turn- ing. Back Row: Bill Sims, Jack Maxwell, Mr. Ken McAferty, Bill Smith. Front Row: Mr. Julius Wagner, Pres. W. E. Morgan, Miss Audrey Sandstead, Carol Plummer, Jan Hall. Councils Back Row: Bill Sims, Mr. Ken McAferty, Larry Birdsall. Front Row: Miss Eugenia Symms, Dean Robert Bates, Sally Moore. Activity Council The Activity Council has a busy year whipping all clubs into shape, reviewing constitutions, and deciding on the merits of various groups. Its members also help to strengthen these organizations. This group is an excellent example of stu- dent-faculty cooperation, working smoothly together to improve our extra- curricular system. 77 Executive Council Rack Row: Graves, Whitney, Moore, Hannah, Barker, Schneider, Hildebrandt, Johnson, Bowman. Third Row: Kraiger, Squires, Ainsworth, Mayber, Rader, Repp, Hofmann. Second Row: Hessel, Newell, Berg, Rombach, Zimmerer, Priebe, Busey, Pacheco. Front Row: Miss Eugenia Symms, Mrs. Willard 0. Eddy, Hall, LaFarge, Blevins, Smartt, Sandhouse, Kruckeberg. judiciary Council 78 Rack Row: Beethe, Noffsinger, Overmyer, Schoonover, Garrett, Dalton, Freeburg, Read. Second Row: Adams, Goodenberger, Busey, Lowry, Peterson, Zimmerer, Wilhelm, Nordell. Front Row: Kruckeberg, Chung, Hollenbeck, Shawcroft, Thompson, McFarland. Oh! that lucky girl ft Associated Women Students President Jan Hall First vice-president Povy LaFarge Second vice-president Katie Blevins Secretary Joyce Smartt Treasurer Punky Sandhouse Carol singers Led by an executive and a judicial board, As- sociated Women Students guide the Aggie gals ' social events, sponsor a Christmas Dance, a carol sing, a bean supper, and an honor night. The only membership require- ment is that you be an Aggie coed. This is the women students ' own governing branch which gives with law and order for Aggie coeds. Tinsel tossers 79 ublieatioHs fm 80 ■ flews fluts The group giving out with the gossip _____ Fearless Mike, Private Eye 81 Good to the last drop. Kocky Mountain Collegian The COLLEGIAN takes some of the pain and strain out of Friday classes by furnishing the facts of interest to the Aggie students and em- ployees. The COLLEGIAN is one of the na- tion ' s top weekly college publications. Tuesday finds the staff working late, for deadlines are met early in the week. Hard work results in a great deal of enjoyment for many people. Back Row: Gorman, Newman, Ely, Stanley, Ryan, Grow. Third Row: Ewald, Hunt, Davis, Ludwick, Currie, Nash, Solomon. Second Row: Moore, Johnson, Jackson, Lamb, Dauth, Koch, Rhoads. Front Row: Mr. Banks, Gucovsky, Gardels, Sandhouse, MacLagen, Lewis 82 fiessie and Tessie Fragile? Commercial?? Furniture??? Editor Mike Gucovsky Managing Editor Keith Gardels Business Manager Pxrnky Sandhouse Assistant Ruth Ewald News Editor J ane Christopher Assistant Connie Johnson Copy Editor Sally MacLagan Assistant Claude Higgins Rewrite Editor Carolyn Jackson Sports Editor Ted Lewis Society Editor Frankie Richard Cartoonist Dick Peverley Circulation Manager Bill Weaver Head Photographer Larry Nash Exchange Editor Al Schulz Feature Writers: Bill Sims, Boh Ryan, Harold Felte, Ken Ludwick, Shirley Hutchin- son, Felix Gomez, Carolin Jackson, Jerry Stivers, Jim Hansen, Bill Hunt, J. R. Davis, George Talley, Barhara Koch, Nancy Rader, Barhara White, Ollie Hopkins, Jo Ann Foreman. Reporters: Donna Hart, Carolin Jackson. Richard Pinger, Bob Healy, Carol Moore. David Roberts, Gene Lomme, Kent Karst. Robert Soloman, Gil Pastor, Claude Hig- gins, Don Ferguson, Sylvia Doyle, Bob Bryant, Betty Looney, AI Peglow, Mary Green- wood. Proofreaders: Shirley Smith, Marjory Mills, Jerry McLaughlin. UP t TV I U H INI I FRAGILE HANDLE WITH CARE COLLEGIAN on the Air: Sylvia Doyle, Heyward Jenkins, Shirley Kerns, Shirley Smith, Bob Bryant, Claude Higgins, Dennis Gutzman, Don Ken- nedy. Ad Collectors: Don Ely, Sharon Russell, Jack Gately, Grant Gorman, David Grow, Barbara Koch, Darlene Pacheco, Bernard Stanley, Janet Whitney, Pat Williams, Ann Counter. Sponsor: Mr. Loy Banks. Cheese! 83 Sections got ' em coming out of her ears Silver Spruce Much more than appears between these covers goes into publishing an annual. There are, of course, editors, assis- tants, and a staff who spend days on end planning, organiz- ing, and wo rking to meet deadlines which come much too quickly. The headaches come when the pages come out odd when they should be even and the pictures don ' t fit and have to be cut to size. The enjoyment comes when all is done and the memories of the year are recorded for all to see. 84 Which one told the joke? What sport are they watching? Ammoniated and chlorophylled EdU °r Katie Blevins Assistant Carl Herringer Assistant Ann Lobenstein Business Manager Marie Macy Assistant Bill Bartran Assistant L ou j se Turpin Administration Editor J an ie Johnson Assistant Selby Young Schools Co-Editors Mary Jo Green Pat G. Williams Socials Co-Editors , Jan Priebe Paul Mumford Men ' s Sports Editor Deane Uhl Women ' s Sports Editor Sue Conley Honoraries Editor Jeanne Galvin Classes Editor Nancy Garfield Group Pictures Sharon Russell Layout Artist Judy Deem Picture Files Shirley Smyth Marlene Koehler Index Janet Floth Sue Macy Skit Night Managers Shirley Taylor Mary Rebbeck Dark Room Technician . Harold Felte Photographers Harold Felte Charles Newlon, John Lee, Dick Rhoads, Ted Speiser. Staff Assistants: Pete Schrepferman, Don DeBerard, Gay Caldwell, Judy Ham, Barbara Thornton, Helen Shea, Margery Mills, Betty Little, Sue Kardell, Jerry Bowman, Virginia Montgomery, Nancy Rainey, Gary Wheeler, Jerry Bryant, Ray Brown. Ad Collectors: Bill Smith, Carol Tyler, Dave Grow, Doug Sorrell. Skit Nile Committee: Sally Dey, Nancy Garfield, Selby Young, Carl Her- ringer, Paul Mumford, Marv White, Tad Lewis, Heyward Jenkins. Sponsor: Mr. J. Lee Harlan. V ' . ' m SPRUCE cut-ups 85 OHorams 86 Can ' t tell the players without a program! A Club President Al Dorse? Vice-President Bob Rollins Secretary Kirk Hinderlider Treasurer Kirk Hinderlider Sponsor Mr. Don Mullison A Club men have lettered in some varsity sport. Their other activities consist of managing the concession stands and selling programs at athletic events. They also work to improve school spirit for all sports among the students. Back Row: Gregory, Dalton, Kloeckner, Hartman, Hergert, Sweitzer, Graves, Stuehm. Third Row: Tavener, Moore, Sorrell, Patrick, Fuhr, Jones, Bast. Second Row: Plutt, Stewart, Lockwood, Broughton, Tillotson, Krenzien, Long. Front Row: Dorsey, Hinderlider, Rollins, Braun, Mohorcich, Urich, Sisson, Mikkelson. 87 Farmers feedin their faces. Alpha Zau Alpha President Donovan Pierson Vice-President Wayne Ball Secretary Charles Moeckly Treasurer Harold Lutz Sponsor Dr. R. W. Canada ' Alpha Tau Alpha consists of those men who are pros- pective teachers in Agriculture. Their purpose is to train teachers who will be efficient rural leaders. Each year the members sponsor a food booth at the College Days Rodeo and every spring take off for their annual outing. Back Row: Reid, Carmichael, Sneath, Felte, Ball, Shaw. Second Row: Reynolds, Rose, Shoof, Whittlesey, Pierson. Front Row: Dr. J. E. Woodhull, Dr. R. W. Canada, Annan, Daxton, Bishop, Brockmann, Burenheide. 88 They may get our " goat, " but not our Ram! III hi h mi Alpha Zeta President Melvin Getz Vice-President Clifford Johnston Secretary William Knorr Treasurer Bruce Allan Sponsor Mr. L. L. Gibbons This national honorary consists of those enrolled in technical agriculture. As a new activity this year some of the members were responsible for the Aggie Ram ' s being seen and heard at the major athletic events. A presentation to the best team in the 4-H judging each spring is also an Alpha Zeta activity. in Ba ck Row: Wymore, Mott, Wilcox, Miller, Tavener, Dorsey, Amend, Ehrlich, Malowney, Senko, Salazar, Naggatz. Third Row: Hagen, Gately, Bryant, Bigltee, Rilling, Ericson, Ellicott, Emeson, Klein. Second Row: Reynolds, Moeckly, Akey, Kemp, Hamilton, Malm, Johnson, Anderson, Rambolt, Madison, Williamson. Front Row: Mr. L. L. Gibbons, Getz, Johnston, Knorr, Allan, Miller, Hildebrand, Lock. None of the Aggies were " Party Poopers " this night! Arnold M Society . , Jim Moore President ... D ., , Ken Goldsberry Vice-President Harold Felte Secretary John D. Caldwell Treasurer c. . . Captain Lloyd H. Aronson Sponsor r n Military students in Air R.O.T.C, who have a three- point average in military, belong to this honorary. The ushers for many campus events are members of Arnold Air Society. They also offer valuable information to students interested in flying. ® Back Row: Smith, Brown, Johnston. Fourth Row: Eades, Buchal, Loosley. Third Row: Felte, Sorrell, Schoettger. Second Row: Gilmer, Allan, Getz. Front Row: Captain Lloyd H. Aronson, Moore, Goldsberry, Caldwell. 90 Back Row: Gay, Hughes, Kelly, Morehead, McCandles, Berens. Fourth Row: Strickler, Mueller, Malowney, Solomon. Third Row: Kirkley, Sweat, Will, Lovelace, Bond. Second Row: Gilger, Turpin, Brown, Ewald, Gray, Hilbers. Front Row: Mr. R. G. Beidleman, Kaeberle, Singer, Godden, Smith, Davis. tteta Ma fteta fat- TW all ■I President Merlin Kaeberle Vice-President Bob Singer Secretary Bill Godden Treasurer Mr. Beidleman Sponsor Mr. Beidleman This biological fraternity is limited to juniors and seniors. The Audubon films, which Aggie students are able to see frequently, are their main proj- ect. Beta Beta Beta also encourages investigations in the biological field, and presents an annual award to the outstanding freshman student in the field. Omicron Nu is an honorary for girls in the Home Ec school. Each year the members present a cup to the scholastically outstanding freshman Home Economics major. They also sell uniforms to the Foods students and sell candy on Valentine ' s Day. These girls usually graduate to make fine cooks and housekeepers. Omicron ftu President Margaret Cantrell Vice-President Jeanne Cooley Secretary Kay Velzing Treasurer June Beck Sponsor Mrs. Britton Back Row: Doris Johnson, Madeline Colby, Kay Velzing, Arlene Grisham. Second Row: June Beck, Joyce Kruckeberg, Vivian Cook, Corrine Johnson. Front Row: Miss Molly Sylvester, Margaret Cantrell, Jeanne Cooley. 91 Chomp, chomp, chomp — gulp! Chi Spsilon President Jim Bell Vice-President Robert Baker Secretary Robert Belling Treasurer Gerald McRae Sponsor Mr. Herbert Schweizer All the members of Chi Epsilon are students in Civil Engineering. Each year an award is presented to the Honorary CE graduate. They also run the Reading Room in the Civil Engineering Building and give aid to the undergraduates in this field. Their purposes are: To stress technical ability, to foster sound char- acter, and to contribute to improvement of engineering careers. n ■ III k m Back Row: Johnson, McFarlane, J. Moore, Fraser, Brown, Pratt. Second Row: Hohl, Gingery, Nichols, Cermak, R. Moore. Front Row: Evans, Berling, Bell, Baker, McRae. 92 r ' 5 i Back Roiv: Sue Spray, Vivian Cook, Margaret Hansen. Third Row: Marti Benson, LaRayne Warren, Laverne Batie. Second Row: Barbara Burry, Lenette Newell, Carolin Jackson, Marian Boul- ton. Front Row: Mr. Robert Barnes, Mary J. Wadsworth, Carmen Chirnside, Gerry Nordell. Zau Beta Sigma President Mary Jean Wadsworth Vice-President Carmen Chirnside Secretary Gerry Nordell Treasurer Marti Benson Sponsor Mr. Robert Barnes This band honorary for girls is new on the Aggie campus this year. Ta u Beta Sigma ' s main purposes coincide with the ideas of Kappa Kappa Psi, since they are the sister sorority. This year they worked in private homes to raise money for the band, and they also worked to stimulate interest among the girls in the band. Men interested in band belong to this national fraternity. Kappa Kappa Psi is responsible for many of the half-time formations during the football season. The Band Award dinner, " Green and Gold Revue, " and the enter- tainment of visiting bands are some of the activities of this honorary. . - -n- Kappa Kappa Psi Back Row: Pusheck, Ericson, J. Allen, L. Allen, Gilbert, Davis, Swearingen. Second Row: Hand, Braam, Little, Stahl, Rezac, Fletcher, Bueche. Front Row: Mr. Robert Barnes, Smith, Birdsall, Porter, Gomez, Ketchum, Moreland V " " " " Don Smith Vice-President t y Birdsall Secr «tarj Charles p 0I1er Tre " " rer Fe l ix Cmm . l S P° nsor Mr. Sobert Banies 93 Mesperia President Virginia Montgomery Vice-President Vonnie Lyster Secretary Ruth Ewald Treasurer Jerry Bowman Sponsor Miss Hettig Man! Those Hesperians really work! Thirteen junior women are chosen for their activities and grades to participate in this honorary. After meet- ing they either sell apples at fraternity houses or at- tend a local flicker. They also sponsor the Hesperia Sing in February. Back Row: Jane Christopher, Marilyn Scofield, Louise Turpin, Punky Sandhouse, Carol Kraiger. Second Row: Katie Blevins, Ann Lobenstein, Povy LaFarge, Polly Collins. Front Row: Virginia Montgomery, Vonnie Lyster, Ruth Ewald, Jerry Bowman. 94 Two plus ttvo equals three, see? v Kappa Mu Spsilon President Alan Eades Vice-President William Gunther Secretary Dave Patterson Treasurer Barbara Evert Sponsor Mr. R. K. Butz «» To participate in Kappa Mu Epsilon, a person needs a " B " average in Math courses and a good mathemati- cal background. This year a new project consists of in- creasing the interest of the members to give programs before the other members. Each spring they leave Fort Collins to amuse themselves on a picnic. Bach Row: Johnson, Gutscher, Barmington, Walker, Siegrist, Schachterle, Wait, Painter, Gardels, Black, Jones, Clements, Hall. Fourth Row: McKinley, Hughes, Clark, Keeler, Bowles, Stunke], Barger, Marker, Daugherty, Willaon. Third Row: Lindon, Kirol, Gilbert, Speiser, Clegg, Little, Ashcraft, Kellner, Burns, Bertorello. Second Row: McRae, McGeorge, Ermel, Priebe, Stimmel, Lanzl, Kemp, Mondt, Drager, Bueche. Front Row: Mr. R. K. Butz, Mr. W. C. Butler, Mr. H. T. Guard, Mr. M. L. Madison, Mrs. Leota Hayward, Eades, Patterson, Gunther, Work. 95 Spare a dime for the March of Dimes Cancers President Orval Jones Vice-President Ben Ferguson Secretary Don Bueche Treasurer Bill Marschner Sponsor Mr. M. W. Miller Lancers, an honorary for sophomore men, works on a cooperative basis with Spur. Some of our school pep is due to the hard work of its members. As a new project this year, they undertook the task of selling Directories. They also help the Aggie girls carry in luggage at the beginning of each quarter. Back Row: Johnson, Salazar, Ritschard, Clawson, Ely, R. Shoemaker, Pemberton, Haggstrom, Trumpe, Gilbert, Hughes, Emeson, Herbert, Watt, Wilkins, Wooding, Black. Third Row: E. Moreland, Potts, Trine, R. Moreland, F. Shoemaker, Speiser, Clegg, Doherty, Kesterson, Huntzinger, Tomlin, Michieli, Lewis, Hall. Second Row: Pusheck, Chancellor, Smyth, Davis, Moore, Braam, Pyle, Newton, Little, Rasmusson, Davidson, Allen. Front Row: Mr. M. W. Miller, Brockmann, Carter, Herron, Jones, Ferguson, Bueche, Marschner, Jenkins, Keating, Myers, Bruce. 96 B.M.O.C.S? OmicroH " Delta Kappa President Charles Painter Vice-President Dale Amend Secretary Vernon McGeorge Treasurer Don Hohl Sponsor Mr. D. N. Zwiep As the only all school men ' s honorary, ODK requires qualifications in scholarship, athletics, social or re- ligious affairs, puhlications, speech, music, or dra- matic arts. The members must participate in several of these fields and have activities in at least one. They must also be a junior or senior and be in the upper thirty per cent of their class. l ,.i % ■ Back Row: Hall, Gomez, Bryant, Wait, Kaeberle, Smith. Fourth Row: Rhoads, Felte, Gray, Gunther, Gardels, Eades. Third Row: Knorr, Brockmann, Kemp, McRae, Patterson, Gallagher, Brown. Second Row: Kemp, Allen, Beeman, Carlson, Carter. Front Row: Mr. D. N. Zwiep, Hohl, Amend, Painter, McGeorge, Burns. 97 Delta O micron Back Row: Sally Dey, Rosemarie Kreyer, Salena Roberts. Front Row: Lois Porter, Ann Trierweiler, Mrs. Schwartz. President Ann Trierweiler Vice-President Sally Dey Secretary Salena Roberts Treasurer Lois Porter Sponsor Mrs. Schwartz Listening is one of the most important features of Delta Omicron. They lis- ten to many recordings and student recitals. All the members are Music ma- jors, and encourage the cultivation of musical interests in others. Scholar- ship is also emphasized. This honorary consists of students who are active on the school publications. They edit the April Fool ' s edition of the COLLEGIAN and the supplement to the Directory. Last spring six members traveled to the national convention in Cincinnati. Pi T)elta Spsilon President, Keith Gardels Vice-President Carol Moore Secretary Jeanne Galvin Treasurer Dick Rhoads Sponsors Mr. J. L. Harlan Mr. Loy Banks Bach Row: Harold Felte, Mike Gucovsky, Louise White, Richard Rhoads. Second Row: Jane Christopher, Maxine Mark, Marie Dickman, Diane Burkepile. Front Row: Keith Gardels, Carol Moore, Jeanne Galvin. 98 Do they write jokes on those swords? fob mm. Scabbard and Wade President , Glenn Beil Vice-President Clay Henry Secretary Don Hohl Treasurer Robert Baker Sponsor Colonel L. H. Ham Advanced course students who are interested in Mili- tary Science belong to this national military honor so- ciety. Movies and speakers highlight many of the meetings of Scabbard and Blade. As a tradition they feature a banquet for their members before the Mili- tary Ball. Back Rom: Hixon, Pralt. Mondt. Wakefield. Thorn , Amend. Tomlin, Mees, Shalla. Third Row: Helton, Work, Maroney. Anderson. Sorenson. Madison, Sturm, Klein. Second Row: J. Moore, Jackson. G. Benson, Whittlesey, Klein. Williamson. R. Moore. Tavener Front Row: Beil, Henry, Baker, Hohl, Felte, Andresen, A. Carlson, V. Benson, S. Carlson. 99 Round ' n round she goes . Sigma Zau President Dale E. Johnson Vice-President John Mann Secretary Ronald Drager Treasurer LaVern Nelson Sponsor Mr. D. N. Zwiep Only junior and senior Engineering students be- long to Sigma Tau. The members are chosen mainly for their scholarship and their activities. The " Engineer ' s Ball " is presented each year by this honorary. They also have a Senior Engineer picnic every spring. Bach Row: Phelps, Gunther, Mondt, Wilmore, Keeler, McFarlane, W. Johnson. Fourth Row: Maul, Bell, Mayberry, Berling, Brown, McKinley. Third Row: Hohl, Patterson, Lawton, Kirol, Daugherty, Willson. Second Row: Painter, McGeorge, McRae,Lanzl, Kemp, Work. Front Row: Mr. D. N. Zwiep, D. Johnson, Mann, Hall, Drager, Nelson. 100 " S is for service, P is for pep " Pep? Spur President Barbara Mayber Vice-President Judy Deem Secretary Joan Walter Treasurer Jean Parker Sponsor Mrs. M. S. Rlevins lb rl, These active sophomore girls constitute the greater part of the Aggie cheering section. Spur also treats underprivileged families at Christmas and Thanksgiv- ing, sells shakers at football games and gives a dinner for the Basketball team. Back Row: Richardson, Spray, White, Majors, Moore, Adsit, Stiles, Koch, Whitney, Smartt, Kems. Fourth Row: Patchett, LeBaron, Palmes, Carlson, Cox, Williams, Hannah, Rusch, Hermes, McCall. Third Row: Feucht, Little, Weher, Green, Sarchet, Olsen, Squires, Dey, Mayberry. Second Row: Kardell, Wilcox, Morehart, Rarnard, McRae, MacLagan, Lunka, Smith, Burry, Wilhelm. Front Row: Mrs. M. S. Blevins, Bull, Mayber, Deem, Russell, Walter, Reardsley, Pratt, Priebe, Parker. 101 Ah — don ' t try to fool me! Zau Jota Omega President Beverly Bond Vice-President Doris Johnson Secretary Marie Dickman Treasurer Virginia Painter Sponsors Miss Reynolds Mrs. Waterbury I £ Women who show outstanding characteristics in lead- ership and scholarship belong in this group. Each year, just before Homecoming, it is easy to find them peddling Mums. TIO also sponsors Counselettes and awards a scholarship each spring. Back Row: Jeanne Cooley, Marie Dickman, Virginia Painter, Janice Hall. Front Row: Miss Winifred Reynolds, Doris Jolinson, Beverly Bond, Mrs. Claudine Waterbury. 102 Foresters plant another tree! Xi Sigma Pi President James Davis Vice-President Dick Rhoads Secretary Jack Moreliead Treasurer Jack Moreliead Sponsor Mr. Hervey u u id These Forestry upperclassmen have many projects which are helpful to school and the students. They act as guides for freshmen and also for visitors during Forestry Days. Xi Sigma Pi also compiled the Code of Ethics for the Forestry School, and each year they present an award to the school ' s " Outstanding Fresh- man Forester. " Back Row: Strickler, Wittmeyer, Larson, Hoskoviak, Aniidon. Second Row: Mueller, Oliver, Evison, Pitcher, Garrison. Front Row: Mr. Hervey, Davis, Rhoads, Morehead, Gay. 103 Graduate School ' Dean of the College Mdrew Clark Supervising the school ' s internal functions for the maximum benefit of students and faculty concerned is the Dean of the College. As a principal academic officer, he is the chairman of the Faculty Council, the Curric- ulum and Code Committee and, most important of all, signs the diplomas. The graduate school, in addition to its regular student enrollment, is attended by students from numerous foreign nations and has the largest enrollment in the Western Regional Summer School for extension work- ers. It offers opportunities for those interested in advanced study and research. During the summer session it attracts oustanding professional teachers from throughout the country. 106 " Dean of graduate School Walter K. Mo r lacker Graduate Council Stella Morris, Secretary; C. W. Barney, Forestry and Range Management: Feme Bowman, Home Economics: John S. Davis, Departments of Education; Rue Jensen, Veterinary Medicine; H. H. Stonaker, Agriculture; W. E. Pyke, Science and Arts; Walter Horlacher, Dean of the Graduate School. 107 -- ■£ ' griculture 108 T)e w of Agriculture Sherman S. Wheeler Department Heads A. M. Binkley, Horticulture; David W. Robertson, Agronomy; Sherman S. Wheeler, Dean of Agriculture; Leslie B. Daniels, Entomology; Edward G. Buss, Poultry; Lloyd E. Washburn, Animal Husbandry. 109 fudging Z earns T . R. Blackburn, Virginia Painter, Bill Shain, Marion Stanley, Tom Brown, Ed Loch, Ed Moll. Out of 37 teams competing at the International Livestock Show at Chicago, this team placed third. Senior Livestock Judging Team T. R. Blackburn, Ed Lock, George Van Dyne, Harold Blach, Ed Mott, Bob Bryant, Bob Bartholic, Dan Smiff, Mr. Mehin Hazaleus. Placed first in livestock judging contests at Ogden, Utah. Team members of the judging teams are selected from advanced courses in livestock judging. Every year highest scoring individuals in college judging classes compete at judging contests throughout the nation. Al- though it means extra work, the students gain valuable experience, and as a result are better trained. They are sponsored by the School of Agriculture. Walter Ehrlich, Frank Meeks, Jim Kemp, Mr. Ford Dougherty, Wat lace Peterson. Junior Livestock Judging Team 110 Lee Carlson, Polly Collins, Ted Thomas, Bill Wadlow, Frank Meeks, Paul Ellicott, Mr. Melvin Haza- leus. Placed seventh at the Denver National Western Livestock Show. Look what " Ewe " and I won! Ag Council President Marion Stanley Vice-President Bill Wadlow Secretary J onn Bigbee Treasurer J h n Bigbee Sponsors Mr. Carroll Fox Mr. Joe Marion In addition to sponsoring the Little National Western Live- stock Show and other worthwhile activities, the Ag Council works for unification and coordination of the units making up the School of Agriculture. The Council is made up of representatives from each agriculture club, and the organi- zation well illustrates what Aggies can do by promoting fellowship and spirit of cooperation among students. ■ I,- : uliulile ti. Ik Rack Row: Klein, Reid, Enos, Thomas, Wadlow, Wilcox. Third Row: Bartholic, Shoemaker, Lock, Schallenberger, Talley. Second Row: Ellicolt, Reynolds, Malm, Irilani, Rilling. Front Row: Mr. Carroll Fox, Mr. Joe Marion, Stanley, Bigbee, Kemp, Knori. l«r.« 111 Agronomy Club President John Letey Vice-President Dale Hammer Secretary Dan Iritani Treasurer Norman Malm Sponsors Mr. Joe Marion Mr. D. D. Johnson Back Row: Gerlits. Senko. Koon. Gaulhier. Carlson. Vlass. Third Row: Olson. Malowney. Shoemaker. Tomasu. Cary, Karns, Moreland. Second Row: Mr. T. E. Haus. Al-Hardan. Boyer. Reichert, Hinze, Lee. Front Row: Mr. D. D. Johnson, Letey, Malm. Iritani, Hammer, Mr. Joe Marion. J. u h The Agronomy Club assists its members ' in keeping up with recent scientific knowledge and techniques by means of various programs. The club includes both undergraduate and graduate students majoring in this field. It endeavors to pro- vide both vocational aid and advancement to its members. is: h Essentially a technical organization for those interested in the dairy industry, the Dairy Science Club is designed to acquaint students with trends and problems in the dairy business. Besides its annual fall dinner dance and spring picnic, it gives a prize at the College Days Rodeo. Dairy Science Club President George Purvis Vice-President Edward Robinson Secretary Walter Ehrlich Treasurer Robert Wingo Sponsor , . . . Mr. Gerald Ward Rack Row: Hann, Webster, Blatchley, Bender. Third Row: Lilly, Wilson, Locke. Second Row: Hardy, Miller, De Ruse, Ehrlich. Front Row: Mr. Gerald Ward, Purvis, Robinson, Wingo. fa an til ror 112 Bach Row: Longenbaugh, Reeves, McLaughlin, Seamans, Ellicott, Shoemaker, Enos, Peterson, Austin. Second Row: Stinnett, Dalton, Wyatt, Kawaguchi, J. Anderson, Johnson, Paine, Plant, Pearson. Front Row: Hollenbeck, Shoemaker, C. Johnson, Grisham, Hall, Thompson, Slover, S. Anderson, Rowe. Collegiate 4 M President Jim Kemp Vice-President Mary Hollenbeck Secretary Connie Johnson Treasurer Floyd Shoemaker notifit Bfep» Collegiate 4-H consists of former 4-H members. Its value lies in being able to further the members ' knowledge of new farm and homemaking practices beside providing opportunities for participation in an all-school dance and building a float for College Days. Mr. Ik Mgw Among the older technical clubs, Entomology provides majors in this field with an opportunity for fuller understanding of this science. At the same time, it tries to fit its members for a career in this field upon graduation. It is a regular competitor in the College Days parade. Back Row: Wirth, Sluss, Workmen. Fourth Row: Jones, Lau, Hagen. Third Row: Jenkins, Baker, Solomon. Second Row: Croft, Talley, McHaffey. Front Row: Mr. Leslie Daniels, Mr. Geo. List, Mr. Joseph Moffett, Mr. John Hoerner. Entomology Club President Don Crofl Vice-President George Talley Secretary David McHaffey Treasurer John Hoerner Reporter John Holzberlein Sponsor Mr. Joseph Moffett 113 Aggies connoisseurs of rare and exquisite flowers Horticulture Club President Edward Rakosnik Vice-President Frank Rossow Secretary Frankie Richard Sponsor Mr. A. C. Ferguson Hort Club is open to both students and faculty. It helps its members keep in direct contact with the progress made in the various fields of Horticulture and provides opportunities for work in this field upon graduation. It also sponsors an annual " Hort Show, " which gives its members excellent practical experience. Back Row: Neuman, Fairchield, Schiemann, Erwine, Tavener, Metzger. Third Row: Fisher, Bluemel, Knappenberger, Mellor, Seamans, Broughton. Second Row: Jenson, Allison, Younger, Allen, Priola, Foglesong. Front Row: Mr. W. D. Holley, Mr. A. C. Ferguson, Mr. George Beach, Rakosnik, Richard, Goldsberry. 114 Back Row: Magnusson, Slender, Fryberger Rothe Achziger, Newnam, Scott, Ellicott, Szymanski, Blevins, Fedderson, Jeffers, L. Smith, Geilenkirchen, Ritschard, Newman, G. Smith, Salazar, Seamans, Williams, Munsey, Cottrell, Oman, Mclntyre IsXr H. " !n IX " FT " ' S5 R ' ,L R f r«l. C M UrChill ' PzinSki ' " ° Ugh ' Palme ' ' P °° S ' Madis ° " P ' P » McMiU.n, Astler, Ham, Ketleler, hdmonson, Bredhoff, Skill man. Second Row: Teegarden, G. Knorr, MacVeagh Weiss, McKinster, Thompson, Freese, Norman, Feistel, Butsch, Hohbs, Pratt, Dixon Huntzinger, Ashford, Sarchet, McLaughlin, McBride, Moss. ' From Row: Molt, B. Knorr, Majors, M. Stanley, Franzman, Ely, Seott, Egry, Breeze, Wadlow, Y. Austin, Maul, Thomas R John- son, Lock, Guilliams. j«««» Cms toe It Club College Days and the Little National Western Livestock Show are two of the main ac- tivities sponsored by the Livestock Club. Open to livestock-minded men and women, this group strives to stimulate fellowship among students with mutual interests, es- pecially those within the School of Agriculture. President Ed Mott Vice-President Bill Knorr Secretary Pat Majors Treasurer Marion Stanley Sponsors T. R. Blackburn Mel Hazaleus Back Row: Dazey, Ellsworth, Williams, Hurt, McDonald, Hibbs, Emeson, Wise, Krauss, La Quey, Witte, Snyder, B. ' Stanley, Ellicott, Deterding, Finch, Blach, Lorenz, Whiting, Barbee. Third Row: Bryant, Kumor, L. Fletcher, Bartholic, Isbester, Knoeppel, Sharpless, Moore, Clark, Dame ron, Nelson, Burgess, Barry, Blair, Allen, Bruce, Carpenter, Kirk, Dietrich. Second Row: D. Smith, N. Fletcher, Harper, J. Johnson, Ginter, V. Painter, Campbell, Steerman, Klie, McConnell, Burkhard, Hurt, Rezac, Porter, Raley, Carlson, Black, Ankenman, Fulton Peltier, Albertson. Front Row: L. Austin, Webster, Zavislan, Tuell, Herman, Ericsson, Farrington, La Farge, Bigbee, Guenin, Patton, Clawson, Ga- bel, Wilkins, Hildebrand, Meeks, Peterson. 115 Head fer the kills, podner — here comes the posse. jCucky Horseshoes President John R. Gordon Vice-President Arthur Stanlit Secretary Shirley Burkhard Treasurer Kim Meyer I, For those Aggies interested in western life, Lucky Horseshoes helps to promote fun and an interest in good horsemanship among its members. Throughout the year its members participate in western song fests and moonlight hayrack rides. Back Row: Killian, May, Brownell, McKean, Harnill, Nelson, Fuller. Second Row: Buckingham, Curtis, Redmond, Graves, Brown, MrEwen. front Row: Gordon, Stanlit, Burkhard, Meyer, Butsch, Eisenhand. 116 Don ' t you want it to see where it ' s going? Kodeo Club President Robert Teegarden Vice-President Bill Wadlow Secretary Barbara Freese Treasurer Bob Schild 4 The Rodeo Club membership is open not only to those interested in rodeo but also to those who wish to enter active competition. This organization is a charter member of the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Associa- tion. Its members regularly attend meetings and work sessions. In addition to producing national and inter- national championship teams, this group plays an in- dispensable part in College Days Festivities. . ' Back Row: Healey, Hazle, Hale, Scott, Edmondson, Cottrell, Hanrahan, Johnson, M. Stanley, Keffeler, Stinnette, Feddersen, Gee, Hudson. Fourth Row: Ham, Schummer, Mathers, Palmer, MacVeagh, Hibbs, Woodworth, Hicks, LeCompte, B. Stanley, Chrismer, Williams. Third Row: Gordon, Davis, Yates, Ericsson, Evans, Naslund, Grant, Samuels, Geisert, J. McGinley, McDonald, Chase. Second Row: Blair, Deter, Smith, Thompson, Norman, Ericsson, Womack, Tate, T. McGinley, Wise. Front Row: Teegarden, Wadlow, Freese, Schild, Thomas, Majors, Hyatt, Branger, Bigbee, Hoffmeister, Kuiper, Guenin, Farrington. 117 ngineeriHg 118 ' Dean of Engineering Zhomas M. £vans Department Heads George F. Henry, Industrial Arts; J. Taylor Strate, Mechanical Engineering; John E. Dean, Electrical Engineering; Dean F. Peterson, Civil Engineering. 119 Big Wheels? Engineering Council President John E. Mann Vice-President Raymond McFarlane Secretary William Wilmore Treasurer William Wilmore Sponsors Mr. John E. Dean Mr. John E. Dixon Mr. Donald N. Zwiep The function of the Engineering Council is to coordi- nate Engineering activities. The council, composed of representatives from each of the Engineering socie- ties and from the Department of Industrial Arts, plans and executes the school ' s annual Engineers ' Day, pre- pares a float for the College Days parade, and stirs up competition with the Foresters for Foresters ' Day. It also sponsors the Engineering school ' s newspaper, THE SLIDE RULE. Back Row: Thomas Allison, Dale Johnson, Robert Berling, Cliff Hall. Second Row: Charles Weinrich, Ben Zastrow, Vernon McGcorge, James Blandin, William Wilmore. First Row: Mr. John E. Dean, Mr. John E. Dixon, Mr. Donald N. Zwiep, John E. Mann, Raymond McFarlane. 120 Is this the Prendergast machine? A 8. 8. and J. K. 8. President Robert Lanzl Vice President James Blandin Secretary Walter Keeler Treasurer Daril Outsider Sponsor Mr. John E. Dean The American Institute of Electrical Engineers enables Electrical Engineers to gain technical and other in- formation not obtained in the classroom. In addition to providing social contacts with fellow students, this organization enlivens its meetings with movies, speak- ers and field trips. wr Back Row: Maul, Gunther, Herbst, Swann, Hill, Emrie, Wolfe, Bertorello. Third Row: Shull, Reither, Wamer, Kloberdanz, Pipher, Bowles. Second Row: Brewer, McCarty, Kibler, Young, James, Lawton. First Row: Mr. Dean, Lanzl, Blandin, Keeler, Gu ' scher, Allison. 121 This is a tractor ft. v ( - O. President Charles Weinrich Vice-President John Mcintosh Secretary Owen Hixon Treasurer Owen Hixon Faculty Advisor Mr. John Dixon ! i " The newest of the engineering organizations is the American Society of Agricultural Engineers, organized in 1951-1952. It is open to all those majoring in the field. Recreation, practical experience and informa- tion are available to its members through various planned activities. Back Row: Norman, Siegrist, McFall, McMillin. Third Row: Boucher, Hansen, Ross, Davis. Second Row: Rettig, Eskanos, Doizaki, Longenbaugh. Front Row: Mr. John E. Dixon, Weinrich, Mcintosh, Hixon. 122 Nothing more invigorating than early morning bird calls from a bus ( % . u 0 •. President Robert Berling Vice President Gerald McRae Secretary Raymond McFarlane Treasurer Robert Baker Sponsor Mr. Jack E. Cermak bit mi • The American Society of Civil Engineers affords an opportunity for Civil Engineering students to become acquainted. At their meetings there are talks by speak- ers who help to keep A.S.C.E. members up-to-date. The student chapter also sponsors an annual essay contest and quarterly field trips to engineering projects in the region. Bach Row: Hohl, Gingery, Dismuke, Johnson, Stonebraker, Lauer, Brown, Lancaster, Pratt. Fourth Row: Segelke, Wood, Ralph Moore, Pos ' , Bell, Rolland Moore, Reed, J. Moore, Third Row: Stoddard, Nichols, Erling, Humaideh, D. Moore, Fraser, Peverley. Second Row: Chu, Gideon, Ryan, Raju, Hockett, Vidmar, Hastings, Djanjigian. First Row: Pinilla, Parshall, Mr. Cermak, McRae, Berling, Baker, McFarlane, Mr. Evans. 123 The answer to prohibition in Fort Collins A. S. M President Clifford Hall Vice President Lloyd Newland Secretary Peter Work Treasurer W. E. Worth Sponsors Mr. H. B. Mummert Mr. J. T. Strate The organization representing the mechanical engi- neers is the American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers. The society holds regular meetings, the pro- gram consisting of a talk or a movie of engineering interest. There are also field trips to neighboring in- dustrial plants every quarter. Back Row: Anderson, Stevens, McKinley, Kirol, Painter, Heald, Manchester, Rossmiller, Shull. Fourth Row: Erickson, Winemiller, Abu-Hamdan, Humburg, Chamberlain, DeWitt, Lyons, Deines. Third Row: Johnson, Lamkin, Mondt, Helton, Homey, Clements. Second Row: Drager, Benson, Ermel, McGeorge, Patterson, O ' Neal, Kemp, Willson. First Row: Mr. H. B. Mummert, Mr. R. D. Barmington, Mr. J. T. Strate, Mr. D. N. Zwiep, Hall, Newland, Worth, Work, Wilmore. 124 All screwed up Industrial Arts, Cigkt Const ruction and Marketing Club President. Ben C. Lunis Vice President Ben Zastrow Secretary Gene Kocol Treasurer Vern McCallister Sponsor Mr. L. L. Gibbons The Industrial Arts Club is open to all students major- ing in Industrial Arts and Light Construction and Marketing. By helping to promote friendship among its members, the club offers practical experience, in addition to technical discussions and job opportunities. Throughout the year, regular business meetings are supplemented by social functions and sports pro- grams. Back Row: George, Ginther, Baum, Shepherd, Stangl, Johnson. Third Row: Drager, McCoy, Hennen, Rominger, Uhl. Second Row: Kocol, Nelson, Bowden, Roark, Donahue, McCallister. First Row: Lunis, Dodge, Mr. Gibbons, Hejkal. Zastrow. 125 orestry 126 J) can of forestry and Kange Management Clinton H. Wasser Department Heads Jack Wagar, Forest Recreation and Wildlife; Gilbert Fechner, Arthur F. Noskowiak, Harold W. Steinhoff, Edwin W. Mogren, Charles Terwilliger, Dean Clinton Wasser, Range Management; Charles Barney, Silviculture; Donald F. Hervey, Howard A. Tanner, Carl A. Newport, A. C. Everson. 127 Nothing like a friendly dip - drip, splashy gurgle Telephones even up there? What a waste of energy Summer Camp 128 Go, men, go Think the frost will hurt the rhubarb? forestry Club President Virgil Binkley Vice President James Davis Secretary Harvey Rogers Treasurer Arthur Noskowiak Sponsor Arthur Noskowiak Membership in the Forestry Club is usually restricted to students and faculty of the School of Forestry and Range Management. The club aids in establishing a full understanding of the aims of problems of the profession through guest speakers, movies and special programs. The group seeks to promote better relation- ships between its own members and other forestry clubs. It also publishes two informational papers, the Colorado CRUISER and the Colorado FORESTER. A loan fund for forestry students is another feature. Back Row: Strickler, Morgan, Telfer, Schroeder, Collins, Miner, Featherston, Vetterling, Amidon, Coates, Sewell, Greeno, Monroe, Miller, Matlack, Huston, Could, Brunner, Hoefer. Fourth Row: Shewmake, Stone, Dickerson, Daniels, LaBau, Gay, Yerkes, Simonds, Downing, Sheldon, Allison, Arney, Grace, Jeglum, Rhoads, Wittmeyer, Bragdon. Third Row: Newlon, Evans, Morehead, Savage, Taylor, Kaltenbach, Crews, Choale, Draper, Henley, Stoker, Dodge, Powell, Hunt, Gallagher, Johanson, Tripp, Hope. Second Row: Starck, Scheetz, Tice, Waltz, Woodfin, Fenner, Umphrey, Brown, Weyte, Hubbard, Sundberg, Robinson, McCrary, Godshalk, Chappelle, Fridley, Bowles, Bunner. First Row: Binkley, Davis, Rogers, Flamm, Scott, Petersen, Dutton, Larson, Connelly, Mulvaney, Garrison, Hancock, Goll, Mast, Tully. 129 eience and % 130 T ean of Science and Jrts Austin O. Simonds ■■■■i Department Heads Back Row: Ralph Canada, Vocational Education; Jess Fults, Botany and Plant Pathology; Harris Guard, Mathematics; Louis Weber, Physics; W. E. Pyke, Chemistry. Front Row: Aurelia Harlan, English; Dean Austin Simonds; Carroll Miller, Psychology and Education; R. T. Burdick, Economics. 131 i i Jx J t» r C. K President Margery Schafer Vice President Donald Wilson Secretary JoAnne Trone Treasurer JoAnne Trone Sponsor Mr. Vernon L. McHone Back Row: Hartman, Page, Harrison, Toliver, Prescott, Beeten. Third Row: Kain, Lockwood, Shader, Trine, Coates, Olson. Second Row: Spray, Seger, Morris, Trone, Moran, Adsit, Lyon. First Row: Mr. McHone, Jones, Schafer, Wilson, Davis, Lamb. Open to all men and women physical education majors, the American Associa- tion of Health, Physical Education and Recreation helps to provide its mem- oers with practical knowledge through programs and speakers in this field. Dur- ing the year reports are given concerning all national and regional conventions. Women students majoring in Physical Education are members of the Physical Education Majors ' Club. In addition to promoting good fellowship among its members, the club sponsors such social events as the house parly, breakfasts and conventions. Pern Club President Jean Graves Vice President Pat Clute Secretary Sue Spray Treasurer Pat Majors Sponsor Miss Elizabeth Forbes Bach Row: Spray, Szymanski, Blevins, Seger, Lamb, Adsit, Osborn. Third Row: Austin, Bamhill, Pratt, Smith, Morris, Trone, Schneider. Second Row: Puntney, Klie, Litsey, Carlson, Dunn, Wagner, Sollenberger. Front Row: Woodhams, Majors, Graves, Bakke, Price, Clute. 132 Animal, vegetable, or mineral? ' Chemistry Club President R l, ert Frichtel Vice President Alan G. Eades Secretary Vivian Wetterick Treasurer Vivian Wetterick Sponsors Ml. C G. Harry Johnson Mr. Merle G. Payne The Chemistry Club is open to all students interested in Chemistry and its related fields. In order to stimu- late interest, the group presents programs on the vari- ous aspects of chemistry in addition to its regular so- cial events. There is an annual field trip to a chemical plant and a picnic in the spring. Mfik wUtk J Back Row; Boiler, Hall, Wiseman, Johnson, Montgomery, Kilburn, Schumacher, Ried. Third Row: Henry, Smischny, Nash, Zwemke, Weightman, Darrowski. Second Row: Durham, Bradley, Sutton, Yasuda, Busch, Taylor, King. Front Row: Mr. C. G. Harry Johnson, Eades, Frichtel, Wetterick, Mrs. Merle G. Payne, Dr. W. E. Pyke. 133 Columbian Society Back Row: Virginia Grimes, Carol Adsit, Clarice Blair. Third Row: Ahmad Humaideh, Bing Hunsberger, Wyvonna McClelland. Second Row: Laura Olson, Dannetta Unangst, Calvin Rogers. First Row: Miss Ruth J. Wattles, Mr. Lee Harlan, Dr. Aurelia Harlan. President Dannetta Unangst Vice President Bing Hunsberger Secretary Laura Olson Treasurer Laura Olson Sponsors Miss Ruth J. Wattles Mr. Lee Harlan Dr. Amelia Harlan For those interested in " the best that has been thought and said, " the Columbian Society is open to English majors and everyone interested in reading and writing. While providing its members with opportunities for better mutual understanding and social intercourse, it features lectures from visiting specialists, fellow students and members of the department. Speeckmakers President Ken Iverson Vice President Mike Gucovsky Secretary Shirley Smyth Treasurer Ronald Lewis Sponsors Mr. Donald Nelson Mr. Roy C. Nelson Mr. Randall Ruechelle For those who have the interest and are willing to put forth an effort, Speechmakers Club offers practical experience in debate, oratory, radio, extemporaneous speaking, discussion and oral interpretation. During the school year these articulate Aggies engage in ten major inter-school meets with colleges and universities from all parts of the United States. Back Row: Hugh Metcalf, Charles Simon, Glenn Brickley, Jim Phelps. Third Row: Dixie Williams, Laveme Bade, Carol Jean Opie. Second Row: Ronald Lewis, Shirley Smyth, Jo-Anne Bower, Mike Gucovsky. First Row: Mr. Donald Nelson, Mr. Roy C. Nelson, Ken Iverson, Mr. Randall Ruechelle. 134 Back Row: Wilmore, Wood, Sanders, Olson, Tomasu, Johnson, Allison, Rakosnik. Second Row: Kain, Sjostrom, Koon, Wirth, DeGrazio, Eaton, Weitzel, Duteil. From Row: Mrs. Wilmarth, Hammer, Woods, Norgren, Kloeckner, Rossmiller, Brown. Dames Club President Dixie Woods Vice-President Marilyn Hammer Secretary Donna Norgren Treasurer R ut h McCarty Sponsor Mrs. Emily Wilmarth Dames Club, a national organization for wives of students, meets twice a month at Ammons. One is a social meeting where they play cards, swim, or learn handcrafts. The other meeting is devoted to book reviews, speakers or discussions. The club affords a good place for new wives to make acquaintances. Highlight of the year for the German Club is the sponsoring of the Language Christmas party. Saint Nicholas drops in while candles flicker on the tree. At other times, movies are shown and speakers acquaint the members with Germany. Everyone gets to practice the language and obtains a better understanding of another culture. Back Row: Reardon, Burns, Pfau, Schroder, Hess, Kellner, Ried. Fourth Row: Werking, Speiser, Dunn, Dybing, Kelly. Third Row: Stagg, McNeal, Querbach, Kerns, Bast. Second Row: Williams, Matthews, Wilhelm, Schaffer, Erickson, Dey, Moore. Front Row: Mrs. Johanna Reitzer, Duve, Little, Lunka, Lunger, Heil. German Club President John Duve Vice-President Betty Little Secretary Pauline Lunka Treasurer Philip Lunger Sponsor Mrs. Johanna Reitzer 135 Is the music on the ceiling, Dale? A Cap pel la Choir President Bill Claudson Vice-President Jean Bull Secretary Mary Troeger Treasurer Don Smith Director Mr. Edward Anderson If you hear beautiful melodies floating on the air, it may be the A Cappella Choir practicing for one of its events. At Christmas they present Handel ' s " Messiah. " When spring rolls around it ' s tour sea- son, and time for the spring concert. All who listen to this group testify to the enjoyment they receive. Back Row: Hancock, Greenwall, Vasey, Miller, Penfold, McGlothlin, Skeels, Morehead, Carter, Lewis, Love, Amend, Brickley, Stewart, Jackson, Porter, Slayton, Bueche, Sack- schewsky, Widman, Wooding, D. Smith. Third Row: Ried, DeBerard, Kellner, Frank, Goldsberry, Price, B. Smith, Claudson, D. Roberts, Schiel, Thomas, Tomlin, Babcock, Shackelford, Fairchild, Buchal, Mikkelson, Metsker, Brown. Second Row: West, Cooley, S. Anderson, Dove, S. Roberts, Pratt, Gray, Weber, Bruce, Feucht, Nixon, Lamb, Boesel, Humphrey, Grasmick, McAllister, Meadows, Hurt, Wil- liams, Bull. Front Row: Busch, Matteson, Little, Giro, Troeger, Jurovich, White, Standage, Trierweiler, Mr. Edward Anderson, Meyer, Allen, Buck, Eliason, A. Lamb, Walter, Moore, Mattison. 136 " By the light of the Silvery Moon " — Maud President Don Smith Vice President Don Bueche Secretary Lenette Newell Treasurer Ann Trierweiler Director Mr. Robert Barnes Aggies is proud of its high stepping Concert March ing band. It provides spirited music for parades, ral- lies and pep assemblies. At halftime during football games they perform stories set to music. The steps of the Administration Building are the stage for the annual Memorial Day Concert. I »» H iK !»• » •to y« WmHm. Back Row: Gauthier, Slayton, Trierweiler, Swearingen, Magnusson, Maag, Gordon, Murray, Ericson, Hendr ix, C. Fletcher, J. Allen, J. Birdsall, Simonds. Fifth Row: Hickman, L. Birdsall. Fourth Row: Harpole, Pusheck, Porter, Irwin, Applebee, Hand, Tindall, Allen, G. Porter, Seamans, Gomez, Curtis, Davis, H. Fletcher, Brown, Tarvin, Sanders. Third Row: R. Miller, Stahl, Benson, Hayes, Chimside, Hansen, Jurgens, Boulton, Burry, Newell, Jackson, Bailey, Summers, Fiebig, Stout, Downs, Warren, McCuiston. Second Row: Mr. Robert Barnes, Smith, Wadsworth, Ketchum, Schaefer, Braam, Spray, Bueche, Herbrandson, Dixon, Hadden, Grant, Kremers, Grimes, Woodhams, Gilbert, Nordell, Little, Moreland. Front Row: Stephens, M. Miller, Smillie, Winslow. 137 How busy can you bee: Sigma Spsilon Kappa President Ann Hermes Vice President Joyce Smartt Secretary Beverly Koch Treasurer Joan Rankin Sponsor Miss Ruth Robers A fairly new club on campus, Sigma Epsilon Kappa is for students interested in business and secretarial training. At its meetings, visiting speakers acquaint members with possi- bilities and problems of the business field. Besi des being a supplement to classroom training, this club provides an opportunity to develop leadership. I Back Row: Beethe, Stout, Settele, Hannah, Smillie, Bloom, Richardson. Fourth Row: Miller, Starr, Munro, Grimes, Beardsley, James. Third Row: Busey, Hurt, Grauerholz, Carlson, Foree, Daugherty. Second Row: Miss Esther Vanderlas, O ' Connell, Nichols, Parker, Sitzman, Miss Eloise Jacoby. Front Row: Miss Ruth Roberts, Hermes, Smartt, Koch, Rankin, McCall, Mrs. Mercedes Gerhold. 138 But I want dimples, too ' Drama Club President Bing Hunsberger Vice President Sylvia Doyle Secretary Carole Eberle Business Manager Barbara Grady Sponsor Mr. David Morris J 9 a Students interested in theater and radio have a great chance to display their talents in one of the oldest clubs on campus. Every phase of dramatics is offered — from make-up to scenery production. Incoming members must serve an apprenticeship for one quarter before becoming one of the fifty active members. Back Row: Hobbs, Gunther, Harrah, Shain. Third Row: Jones, Hoff, Attari, Watkins, Canetta. Second Row: Wilcox, Smilb, Trierweiler, Wiest, McMillen, Standage. Front Row: Mr. David Morris, Hunsberger, Doyle, Eberle, Grady. 139 Stage Fright? Three plays were presented during the year hy I) ( ' lull. The fall quarter production of Thornton Wilder ! The Skin of Our Teeth presented man- kind through the ages, surviving the Ice Age, wars, excursions to Atlantic Ucach, and other vicissitudes. Noel Coward ' s Blithe Spirit con- cerned the plight of one man confronted with the unlikely prospect of having two wives at one time, although one was partially of another world. As this book goes to press, the title of the last play is unknown, hut we know that it will un- doubtedly he up to the Aggie standard. 140 Vm scared to be alone Did you ring, Mam 141 ' Uitary u V 142 Back Row: Major McGovern, Major Jones, Lt. Col. Thompson. Front Row: Lt. Col. Skold, Colonel Hani, Ll. Col, Marthinsen. Colonel Lewis H. Ham, Professor of Military Science and Tactics; Dean Andrew G. Clark, Head of Division of Armed Forces Sciences; Lt. Col. Samuel W. Parks, Professor of Air Science and Tactics. Military Meads Back Row: M Sgt. R. Miller, M SgL Coleman, M Sgt. C. Miller. Front Row: M Sgt. Jutty, SFC Land, M Sgt. Kalinosky. Back Row: Capt. Aronson, Capt. Stevens, Capt. Campbell, Lt. King Row: Lt. Col. Parks, Lt. Col. Munsey, Major Jones. I | | V4» 1 m ■ r r Q W 1 K J |: • r ■ T riiHV Back Row: M Sgt. Yon i?OHi; M Sgt. Brown, M Sgt Dinner, M Sg . Lichty, M Sgt. Hayes, S Sgt . Antoon, T Sgt. Moon. Ross. F . v H- k RT ■ ■ 1 9 tfi j . w v ' Tl r •W- i -ff 1 ' JBI ' 1 ftl% " 1 Ai • Wi ■« •t 1 i 1 «S x k f 1 143 uressea ugiu; Poudrc Muskets President William Webster Vice President Dan Lyons Secretary Bob Hoff Treasurer Bob Hoff Sponsor Colonel Lewis Ham The Poudre Muskets is an R. 0. T. C. rifle drill team, skilled in military antics, which performs several times during the school year at reviews and parades. The Muskets have a limited membership but it is open to all interested and qualified Army R. 0. T. C. Cadets. The members are identified by their white helmets, scarves, gloves, and spats. I Back Row: Shannon, Hill, Fuller, Rutt, P. Miller, Holt, J. Miller. Fourth Row: Bunney, Williamson, Coates, Friedman, Hubbard, Howe. Third Row: Tate, Chrisman, Karst, Zimmerman, Pusheck, Matejka, Dean. Second Row: Hoffner, DeBerard, Banks, Christenson, Schiemann, Bissey, Stocker, Selby. Front Row: Webster, Lyons, Hoff, Vetterling, Martin, Keatting, Newland, Schiel, Gabel. 144 Highlights of last year ' s Military Ball Military Sponsors ■mi nk lii LLC The Sponsors are chosen by the Advanced R.O.T.C. and are presented at the Military Ball. These girls learn about rank and military procedure in special classes. The Sponsors wear snappy uniforms and march as a unit in reviews. They rank from captains to colonels. Back Row: Collins, Christopher, Webster, Deem, Sitzman, Bond, Beardsley, Galvin. Second Row: Russell, Smyth, Rasmussen, Garfield, Sprague, Parker, Pratt. Front Row: Moore, Lamar, Young, Kornemann, Turpin, Sandhouse. 145 Heats us — you caption it Wings and Cannon President Don Holil Vice President Bill Tavener Secretary Dennis Stuehm Treasurer Bill Smith Sponsor Major Lloyd Jones Wings and Cannon is composed of Advanced Junior and Senior R. 0. T. C. members, including both Army and Air Force. It is organized for the maintenance and improvement of military standards. Each year Wing and Cannon sponsors the Military Ball and Sponsors ' Corps. P Bach Row: Stuehm, I.orenz, Collins, Ellis, Vance, Sharpe, Benson, Hildehrandt, Roherts, Shortridge, Dutton, Jackson, McCarty, Bock, Evans, Almquist. Fourth Row: Kingery, G. Smith, Bast, Work, King, Williamson, Kemp, Mauk, Malm, Wakefield, Gomez, Gelroth, l.amkin. Odell. Third Row: Milhurn, Deeds, Johnson. Heusehkel, Reynolds, Annan, Ramholt. Dodge, Klein, Gilmer, Collison, Burns. Second Row: Shackelford, Tupps, Black, Claudson, Thomas, Carlson, Alexander, Baum, Johnston, Lomme, Dismuke, Baker. Front Row: Raley, Roller, Goc hnauer, Gross, Robinson, Brewer, D. Smith, Hohl, B. Smith, Mills. Allan, Beil. 146 Sooo nice you could come id Back Row: Segelke, Webster, Wiseman, Pratt, J. Moore, Wellnitz, Hansen, Tomlin, Maroney, Month, Schanhols, McNatt, Madison, Klein, Lewis, Shalla. Fourth Row: Hixon, Helton, Benson, Haszier, Scott, Brown, Warner, Whittlesey, Anderson, Cronkliite, Sorensen, Andresen, Pettis, Tavener, R. Moore. Third Row: J. Moore, Seaver, Mees, Jerry Moore, Carbaugh, Aguerre, Amend, Birdsall, Jones, Schulz, J. Taylor, McKinnon. Second Row: Felte, Neitzel, Regan, Sturm, Henry, H. Taylor, Weilzel, Bryant, Lamons, Jensen, Hardy. Front Row: Meister, Karns, Stunkel, Brown, Reichert, Erwine, Boulter, Getz, Vogt, J. Carlson, Benson, S. Carlson. 147 etcrinary Medicine 148 T)ean of Veterinary Medicine Jloyd Cross • S Bet i OF SHEEP ,5 3 BETWEEN jj LI JLATIfl 0 AUTOPSY INi Department Heads Robert Davis, Veterinary Anatomy; Lloyd Moss, Veterinary Medicine; Robert Adams, Veterinary Medicine: Arthur Deem, Pathology and Bacteriology ; Nich- olas Booth, Physiology. Adcock, Jerry Barber, William Bement, Arthur Bierhaus, Gene Blanc, Harold Bond, Bob Brooksby, Wendell Brown, George Gausman, Glen Godden, William Green, Russell Hadley, John Hilbers, Gharles Hinshaw, Merritt Burford, William Doing, Keith Carlson, Walter Echeverria, Roy Dann, Robert Ellis, John Jensen, Grant Kaeberle, Merlin Keller, Carl I.aitiiHin, Douglas Leslie, Hugh 150 McLean, Donald Oakes, John Miller, Wayne Orchard, Thomas A V. M- A. - Seniors i Neuswanger, Henry Parvin, Charles Snyder, Robert Sohrbeck, Jack Stewart, Charles Swena, Edward Swiezy, Roman Taylor, Dee Piano, Marcus Rice, Duane Rolofson, Robert Saya, Marvin Schramm, William Shouse, Clyde Singer, Robert Smylie, Donald it Staples, George Stevens, Earl Teter, Roy Thompson, Myron X 17 Uecker, Charles Wall, William Wallace, Gordon Wolff, William 151 Juniors Back Row: Recht, Phelps, Biggs, Johnson, Hurry, Johnstone, Langley, Hitch, Masterson, Urich, Walker, B. Packard, Fay, Berens, Scott. Third Row: Cameron, Edwards, Fluke, Bryant, Whitford, Weinmeister, Clark, Bartlett, Sandstedt, Sawyer, Kreycik, Herrick, Roberts, Bergstrom. Second Row: Killpack, Woodworth, Tobin, Tunnicliff, Gilger, Lowe, Asay, Lester, Kirkley, Benedict, Huffman, Lovelace, Hutcherson. Front Row: Williams, Chandler, Sera. Cornforth. Smith, White, Solomon, Melcher, Will, Gray, A. Packard, Kerr. MJjjnrtTfiMgWg wm.m A- V. M- A- Sophomores 152 All Vet students join the Junior American Veterinary Medical Associa- tion. The organization seeks to make its members aware of their profes- sional responsibilities. There is a dance each quarter, and occasionally there are eminent veterinarians and other specialists at meetings. _ _— — — ■HMMHi Back Row: Rigg, Carroll, Oyler, Traber, Stear, Blake, Ketcham, Taylor, White, Mullenax, Eliot. Fourth Row: Nichols, Patterson, Hansen, Miller, Craves, Thomassen, Long, Taylor, Anzick, McNew, Newman. Third Row: Wiley, Baldwin, Davis, Timpe, Keiss, Ward, Makris, Miller, Call, Bell. Second Row: Brown, Anderson, Olsen, Higham, Oakes, Jensen, Babbitt, Erwin, Sweat, Hawley, Eliot. Front Row: Trefz, Bastian, Hardwick, McCandless, Felker, Rice, Teeter, Bartley, Dickinson, Fuhr, Smith, Rezac. " ' Glockner Veterinary Hospital i Vl ga tuufci; ' AV.iM-A- President Harold Blanc ■ i. »- ;- Back Row: Clark, Farrell, Wilcox, Stofer, Amsden, Taylor, Policky, Smith, Goddard, Johnson, Jackson, Wolfer. Fourth Row: Puckett, Parsons, Bailey, Shaffer, Jones, Ipson, Hindrichs, Kalisz, Jensen, Haines, Miller, Manners, Draper. Third Row: Smart, Johnson, Dunbar, Deines, Gerner, Henness, Popish, Stewart, Prock, Parkes, Monty, Herron, Howell. Second Row: Barnes, Rollins, Owen, Carroll, Hard, Kreycik, Stock, Maul, Ostwald, Conger, Ireland. Fourth Row: Vanderhoof, Pence, Tietz, Chaulk, Beeman, Carter, Trimble, Wheeler, Todd, Durio, Scott, Knorr. freshmen 153 Back Row: Piano, Swiezy, Kirkley, Oakes, Bement, Bryant, Sawyer, Saya, Lester, Bartlett, Berens, Long. Third Row: Johnson, Urich, Clark, Swena, Bond, Steves, Woodworlh, Sohrbeck, Hilbers, Neuswanger. Second Row: Killpack, Singer, Leslie, Hinshaw, Uecker, Miller, Hadley, Dickinson, Doing. Front Row: Godden, Echeverria, Asay, Mrs. R. W. Davis, Gilger, Dann, Hawley, Kreycik, Adcock. J.V. M- A- Auxiliary These members of the A.V.M.A. Auxiliary are the women who keep our Vets happy — their wives. By listening to speakers they gain an understanding of the problems that face veterinarians ' wives. Through this closely united group they make many professional and social friends. President Elizabeth Dann Secretary Hilda Gilger Treasurer Jeanne Hawley Sponsor Mrs. R. W. Davis Back Row: Eliot, Conger, Jensen, Amsden, Bell, Stock, Patterson, Monty, Johnson. Third Row: Stofer, Bastian, Olsen, Vanderhoof, Stear, Millet, Chaulk, Makris, Timpe. Second Row: Stewart, Wiley, Ireland, Durio, Policky, Tietz, Gerner, Farrell, Carroll. Front Row: Popish, Fuhr, Babbitt, McCandless, Felker, Oakes, Rigg, Parizo, Erwin. 154 omc Economics 155 " Dean of Mo me Economics Elizabeth T)t ar Department Heads Feme Bowman, Foods and Nutrition; Clara Hatton, Related 4rt: Dagmar GuaUlaon, Tex- tiles. 156 Back Row: Harper, Sheeder, McFarland, Bogenhagen, Bowling, O ' Kane, Anderson, Byers, Cook, Toussaint, Blackwill. Fourth Row: Hart, Novak, Brown, Kardell, Dalton, Lewis, Williams, Lowery, Trompeter, Schneebeck. Third Row: Reinert, Klein, Carlstrom, Lorton, Mullen, Larson, McKinney, Renzelman, Pearson. Second Row: Slover, Huntzinger, Smith, Bouts, Henderson, Benson, Hessel, Repp. Front Row: Miss Geraldine Liesch, Webster, Chirnside, Brunell, Russell, Good, Squires, McDonnell, Mrs. Maxine Britton. I Monte Sc Club Girls interested in all aspects of Home Economics learn of opportunities in this field. This busy group, Home Ec Club, starts out the year by honoring the fresh- men with a dinner. In October Aggies was hostess for the Province Convention. As the year progresses they have demonstration speeches, and forks flash at a spa- ghetti dinner. President Dorothy Russell Vice-President Pat Brunell Secretary Carmen Chirnside Treasurer Joyce Good Advisors Miss Geraldine Liesch Mrs. Maxine Britton Back Row: Deeping, Shawcroft, Furney, Painter, Coffey, Evans, Overmyer, Thompson, Grisham. Fourth Row: Paine, Busch, Thomson, Boulton, Blackledge, Barnum, Hickman, Counts. Third Row: Mills, Wells, Crews, Thomas, Williams, Cook, Hopkins, Brigham. Second Row: Freeman, Cirbo, Lamb, Evans, Wiest, Meador, Green, Plant. Front Row: Hill, Miller, Bockman, Kawaguchi, Warren, McDonough, Johnson, Streeb, Takeda. 157 Schools 158 Which one came In the trunk? CouHselettes President Jeanne Cooley Vice President Jean Bull Secretary Pat Brunell Treasurer Ollie Hopkins Sponsor Mrs. W. 0. Eddy Counselettes, sponsored by Tau Iota Omega, acquaints freshman girls and transfer students with the campus. In October they give a style show at which the type of apparel for Aggie events is modeled. Back Row: Spray, Chirnside, Querbach, Whitney, Beardsley, Shawcroft, Sitzman, McCall, Klodt, Rose, Fletcher, Smith, Graham, Stiles, Good, Russell, Adsit. Third Row: Meador, Looney, Williams, Bradley, Unangst, Squires, Bockman, Warren, Kardell, Busch, Rowe, Nordell, Jurgens, O ' Neill, Belier, Blevins, Hansen, Niedenthal. Second Row: Richard, Rader, Marshall, Carlson, Wilcox, Adams, Jackson, Wilhelm, Hessel, Norman, Berg, Kraiger, Koehler, Hermes, Buck. Front Row: Mrs. W. 0. Eddy, Cooley, Bull, Brunell, Hopkins, Howell, Stimmel, Webster, Burry, Lunka, Potter, Feucht, Wadsworth. 159 Aggies ' own UN working together for a successful International Days Cosmopolitan Club Presiu it Elemer Bernath Vice-Pre. ' dent William O ' Neal Secretary Quinten Waterman Treasurer Warren Jackson Sponsors Dr. Wilson Wilmarth Mr. Lester Stimmel The big event of the year for the Cosmopolitan Club is International Days, which features displays and de- licious foods from many countries. The Club boasts the school ' s only soccer team. It promotes better under- standing among students from other countries and American students. International understanding is also gained through lectures and films on different parts of the world. u r Back Row: Martinez, Alhardan, Mahayni, Dunbar, Shen, Hess, Heil, Lunger, GhashGhai. Fourth Row: Lazarte, Al-Nakib, Toma, Rana, Al-Khafaji, Goicochea, Swearingen. Third Row: Abuhamdan, Munib, Kuwatlv, Majumdar, Dunn, Schroder, Chu. Second Row: MacAlpine, McCandless, Masch, Marx, Bond, Azar, Sutton, Yingst, Nasu. Front Row: Dr. W. E. Wilmarth, Mrs. W. E. Wilmarth, Mrs. L. H. Stimmel, Mr. L. H. Stimmel, Bernath, O ' Neal, Jackson, Waterman. 160 Cosmopolitan Club Activities The usual — she talks, he listens ICs such a dahling little country 161 Swing the gal across the hall Haylofters President Melvin Getz Vice President Warren Mauk Secretary Barbara Pickering Treasurer Verla Blevins Sponsors Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Holley One of the largest groups on campus, Haylofters wel- come those who enjoy square dancing. They give week- ly lessons, and those who master the fundamentals are eligible for membership. An exhibition group travels to other schools and festivals throughout the year. This year a group performed in the Western Stampede, a well known weekly show. Every spring thousands of people from the region come to Haylofters Square Dance Festival. Hack Row: Kemp, Warren, Stanley, McConnell, Hayes, Hasui, Repp, Laber, Bloom, Chamberlain, Heberlein, Sappington, B. Stuehm, D. Sluehm. Fourth Row: Kumor, Ellicott, McBride, Hurt, Osborn, Hutchison, Tefertiller. Third Row: Ericson, Goodin, Lynch, Burry, Ellison, Pig;-, LaBau, Fiebig, Hermann, Carlson, Glenn. Second Row: Ellsworth, Hobbs, Johnson, Choate, Carpenter, Fridley, Bockman, Ham, Vagneur, Munib, Thornton. Front Row: Gelz, Rowe, Mauk, Barker, Dutton, Pickering, McSpadden, Blevins, H. Stahl, C. Stahl , Hamilton. 162 ■ " Lejt Rack to Front: Swearingen, Chirnside, Lynch, Burry, Ericson, Widhalm, Morgan, Barker. Right Hack to Front: Weldon, Pickering, Dougherty, Blevins, McSpadrlen, Prieskorn, Gelz, Brockmann. Hark Row: B. Jones, Jefferson, Burke, Harper, Gay, M. Jones, Reid, Quinlan, Wiehers, Becker, D. Widhalm, B. Widhalm, Cady. Herring, Barton, Bowles. Fourth Row: Parsons, Thompson, Williams, Hendrix, Coffey, Salas, Gardner, Weldon, Busey, Beaman, Overmyer, Ellsworth. Moore, Ferguson, Fairchild. Third Row: While, Chirnside, Malhias, Tuck, Kuhn, Horst, Hamilton, Harvey, Bellis, Smith, Bates, Miller, Prieskorn. Doheily. Second Row: Horn, Hart, Gochnauer, Haddan, King, Reineit, Johnson, Sheeder, Ming, Wyatt, Downs, Boulton, Bressler, Swearingen. Front Row: Mr. W. D. Holley, Mrs. W. D. Holley, Morgan, Caiis:rom, Donovan, D. Grigshy, Brewer, J. Grigshy, Bragdon. Johnson, Narragon, Hancock. 163 Look, Maw, we ' re on top of the dam Hikers Club President John Hoefer Vice-President Richard Becher Secretary Margaret Mueller Treasurer Margaret Mueller Sponsor Mr. Arthur Noskowiak This club is one of the most energetic on campus. Hikers Club is divided into two sections, the rock climbers and the hikers. The members must be fa- miliar with techniques necessary to safeguard them- selves as well as others. They meet every Monday afternoon. Back Row: Gay, Olsen, Mosier, Snider, Carpenter, Marshall, Choate, Bragdon. Second Row: Warner, Jones, Parsons, Erwin, Thornton, Herring. Front Row: Hoefer, Stebbins, Mueller, Hadley, Becher, Morrow. 164 justice William 0. Douglas relating his experiences on the Asian problem. International Relations Club President Rogene Mann Vice President Fransico Martinez Secretary Edgar Simpson Sponsor Mr. John McKinnon ■n At meetings held twice a month, members of Interna- tional Relations Club discuss and analyze current in- ternational problems. All students are welcome to at- tend the meetings and express their views on the sub- jects under consideration. Round table discussions, films, and internationally famous speakers are among the features of this club ' s program. Back Row: Dhari Al-Hardan, Henry Ehrmann, Mr. Edward Tannenliaum, Edgar Simpson. Second Row: Mr. Carl Birky, Kathleen Krebs, Florence Knickerbocker, Stan Feingold. Front Row: Mr. John McKinnon, Rogene Mann, Fransico Martinez. 165 No wonder the ratio is four to one Kifle and Pistol Club President Rod Currie Secretary Collie Norman Treasurer Carl Almquist Sponsor Major H. H. Jones Encouraging sportsmanship and competition in rifle and pistol marksmanship is the main aim of Rifle and Pistol Clul). A turkey shoot in November, weekly pos- tal matches with schools over the U. S., and matches with regional schools keep their aim sharp. Varsity and Women ' s teams and members of the KOTC unit journey to other schools for meets, bringing Aggies recognition as sharpshooters. fl Back Row: Cole, Jeffers, Carpenter,, Hagen, Gay. Fourth Row: Pettijohn, Erickson, Zimmerman, Miller, Knorr, Powell. Third Row: Feddersen, Furlong, Palmer, Larson, AlnHjuist. Second Row: Richardson, North, Hurt, Budin, Helms. Front Row: Major Jones, Sgt. Land, Currie, Norman, Banks, Noll. 166 Tennis anyone? Siegga Ski Club President Dave Wagner Secretary Pat Harvey Treasurer Pat Harvey Sponsor Dr. John Olive Anyone interested in developing the sport of skiing is welcome as a member of Ski Club. For the ones who are good, there are meets. For the others who seem to spend their time getting up and down, there are instructions. Every year this organization has an all-school dance and a Winter Carnival. Siegga is al- ways ready to cooperate with other collegiate ski groups. Baek Row: Reid, Boyce, Potts, Choate, Zugelder, Holmes, Becher, Astler, Mellow, Downs, Avent, Seibert, Work, Norman. Fourth Row: Ellsworth, Boyer, Marshall, Pat Williams, Snodgrass, Gill, Christie, Matthews, Polly Williams, Bowles, Smerchek, Koch, Adsit. Third Row: Read, LeBaron, Jurgens, Hofmann, James, Patchett, Rempet, McBurney, Hutton, Randecker, Feistel, Bird, Schumacher. Second Row: Cheeseman, Becker, McCarthy, Bowling, McConnell, Norris, Lewis, O ' Kane, Grant, Thomson, Cook. Front Row: Buck, Clegg, Peter, Wagner, Harvey, Clark, Rabe, Bowles, Howell, Rankin, Thulin, Scarvie. 167 WhaCs the use — nobody votes anyway Progressive Party President Jerry Mills Secretary Sally MacLagan Treasurer William Ernst An integral part of Aggie politics is the Progressive Party. Its membership of over 1000 students is com- posed of sorority and fraternity members. City Park is the location of the annual spring picnic at which all the party candidates are presented preceding the spring elections. Back Row: Pfau, Kercheval, Scott, Pemberton, Henley. Williams, Johanson, Lamons, Vodneck, Miller Fourth Row: Willson, Patrick, Hall, Galvin, Reed, Lyster. Pratt, Lamar, Moreland. Third Row: Humburg, Burns, F. Mills, Bauer, Gucovsky, Guilliams, Mondt. Second Row: Pingree, Hardy, Smith, Wilhelm, Green, O ' Neill, Labaree, Russell. Front Row: J. Mills, Ernst, MacLagan, Peterson, Quinlan, Carlson. 168 digious groups 1 169 Rise, all ye sinners! Religious Council President Ed Wiseman Vice President Paul Brockmann Secretary Bruce Pusheck Advisor Mr. Edward Buss Religious Council coordinates all church youth groups, all churches being represented. The council gives a picnic in the fall for freshmen and it also plans Re- ligious Emphasis week. The counseling program pro- vided by participating ministers is designed to strengthen the religious faith and conviction of stu- dents. Back Row: Almquist, West, Molello, Kindig, Anderson. Fourth Row: Moore, Meier, Miller, Deines. Third Row: Brenton, Warren, Stauffer, Talbott, Bull. Second Row: Brockmann, Seaver, Miller, Pusheck. Front Row: Rev. LeRoy Loats, Rev. Jordan Dctzer, Mr. Edward Buss, Wiseman. 170 -, -r» Rack Roto: kingeiv. lirinkmann, K I in z.sinitlu Slovci. Hull. Kerr. Second Ron : lritani. Hamilton. Wadswoiili. Wiesl. Hurl. Malm, I ' aine, Feiieht. Front Row: Rilling, Beardtdey, Baldwin, Anderson. Humphrey, Cautrell, Lewis. Campus Christian fellowship m hit •r» i + President Fred Rilling Secretary Carol Beardsley Treasurer Dixie Wilkinson Sponsor Mrs. Johanna Reitzer Regardless of faith or denomination, any student is welcome at meetings DM activities of Campus Christian Fellowship. Meetings of this interna- tionally affiliated group are held every Friday night for discussions. Bihle study groups meet on week days for the purpose of learning ahout God. A national Preshyterian organization, Westminster welcomes all who are willing to help build a Christian world. A feature of their program is a foreign dinner prepared by foreign students. They also visit missions throughout the state during spring vacation. This year they painted a local manse. Back Ron-: Rlatchh-y. Borland. Wheeler, Dunbar, Uernalh, Ncmniui. Fourth Ron: Hunt. Elder. Hastings, l ' uslieck, Siliullz. Stebhins. Third Row: Williams. Smilh, Snyder. Howell. Felle. Second Row: Jack. Monro. Harper, Hamilton, Nicholson. Rulll, Bird. Front Row: Rev. I.eRoy l.oals. Seaver. Weber, Mayherry, Colville, Clawson, Cady. Westminster fellowship President Dave Seaver Vice President Ed Cady Secretary Joleita Weber Treasurer Dave Colville Sponsor Rev. LeRoy Loals 171 Quit complaining, it ' s free (jam ma Delta President Elmer Kellner Secretary Shirlee Randecker Treasurer Marvin Sackschewsky Sponsor Rev. Theodore Meyer A national organization of students, Gamma Delta maintains and encourages Lutheran friendship. Mem- bers are classified as active, associate, alumni and honorary members. Meetings are held on the first and third Sunda ys at the church. Rack Uoiv: Jessen, Harrah. I). Sackschewsky. Fourth Rote: Brockmatm, Ken, Dienat. Third Row: Hanson, Tiute, J. Fenehl. Second How: lliessler, Zinler, I . Feuehl, Bailey. Front Row: Rev. Theodore Meyer, Kellner, Haiule M. Sackschewsky. 172 just like the Red Cross — free coffee and doughnuts Newman Club President Felix Gomez Vice President David Carpenter Secretary Sally Sutton Treasurer Thomas Doherty Sponsor Rev. Thomas McMahon j Dm Newman Club, a Catholic social and intellectual or- ganization, is a member of the National Newman Club Federation and Intermountain Province. They meet every Sunday at Ammons Hall and hold various so- cial events throughout the year. Various guest speak- ers talk at their monthly Communion Breakfast. Bach Row: Arnott, Fay, Kollath, Hoefler, Kontny, Cappellucci, R. Carpenter, Cameron, Pettingell, Geilenkirchen, McHugh, Schroeder, Kumor, DeBano, Welton, Andrijeski. Fourth Row: Iiurenhei de, Gauthier, Ried, Beethe, Marquez, Bergman, Anzick, Miller, Baum, Martinez, Seamans, Lomme. Third Row: Aguerre, Keating, Nalty, Schneider, Lowrey, J. Lamb, Capozzola, A. Doherty, Grauerholz, Zrubek, Bishop, Cook, D. Zrubeck. Second Row: Guzzetto, B. Lamb, Phillips, Parker, Norris, Bowling, Naslund, Grant, O ' Kane, Stamper. Front Row: Rev. Thomas McMahon, Gomez, D. Carpenter, Sutton, T. Doherty, Giro, Hermes, Graham, Hofmann, McCall, Hammett, Meier, Berg. 173 naps I 174 A date? With an Aggie cowboy, Vm not that hard up Oh, with a big time Charley Let ' s hit the road This isnt my only talent, either Sticky seat Dont let this happen to you! Freshman learn the hard way You re in the wrong alley, Falla Judged strictly on their personality F tsp B H d V H If ' ' A IL v L. • M (MS 1 ' 6out Aa Where d that butterfly go? Stella? . . . Eugenia? . . . Mohorcich? . . . Piano? ...BOBBY! Turnabout ' s fair play, Carol 175 Who ' s the bug in the rug? Don ' t throw it! Hand to to me Never had this much trouble with hose before Lose your teeth or something? Nothing could ever come between them What did it start to do, drip? Lazy guy, let ' s her do all the work ■ I I : Oh for the wings of an angel Must be a guy on the other end Lucky dog 176 George, there ' s a photographer Hut I can ' t pay the rent! I-um-er-ah-that is to say — He ' s still there, George The name doesnt Registrar This is a kitty skit Walk or ride y Hesperia activity Figure yourself I) lull production it this. Arsenic ami Old l.acef Doing the Tennessee bump-Walk Pie a la i uss m L b i ™ 4 i- Contented con (ho ) TrippuC the light and Fantas, No. 1 is way out in front Who let this across the border? 177 Aw , leave him alone, he cant help it John! Marcia! I ' m bushed, how about yc Fast buck Oont bite! Spud nuts She ' s the apple in his eyes But all I wanted was a drink! Some people have the strangest sleeping habits What elephant left this on our door step? 178 Ptui! PE major, and she ' s got the legs to go with it Formal pledging? Pledge her, she ' s a queen That beauty just blinds me Warning, this is what you 11 look like after studying too much You ' ve got something to hide? So that ' s what he meant! This is what ' s known as a mop That ' s what I call belly slammin Must have been a hot dance Half the world is white and free, the other half is you know what! Guess they don ' t like tomatoes Go on, you hit it iff, ' " 1 Oh, for a rake It ' s a bird, it ' s a plane, no it ' s Superman What a blast? Miss Aggie Haggy of 1954 179 J», ► «■»- , Pa ft ke Heme Council Back Row. Lamar, White, Richard. Third Row: Sloan, Lyster, McFie, Squires. Second Row: Wilkins, Scofield, Wilhelm, Walter. Front Row: Miss Eugenia Symms, Collins, Kerns, Hall. Back Row: Bentley, Hermes, LeBaron, Rogers. Second Row: Jensen, Beauchamp, Seabeck, Leake. Front Row: Collins, Looney, Foreman, Priehe. junior Panhellenie Council 182 Tri Delts receiving their honors . SCH DLAR 5H ! P to mi President Polly Collins Secretary Shirley Kerns Treasurer Ann McFie Panhellenic Council and their new offspring, Junior Panhellenic Council work together for better relations between all sorority members. This year ' s regular schedule was supplemented by working in many civic drives, such as the Korean Clothing Drive, the Heart Fund Drive, and the Chapel Fund Drive. The annual fall quarter Panhellenic dance this year was a typical October 31st dance, complete with costumes and masks. Not to be outdone, Junior Panhellenic sponsored a sports dance, The Cave-Inn, the proceeds from which were given to the Chapel Fund. Each year Panhellenic encourages good scholarship among sororities by pre- senting the Scholarship Cup to the group with the highest grade average for the preceding year, at the annual Panhellenic Dinner during fall quarter. This year, among many other activities, they played host to ten colleges for the Regional Panhellenic Conference. Caving-Inn the Cave! The one who wore that really must have been cute 183 Mrs. H. Bovee Beverly Bond ' Delta ' Delta Delta President Beverly Bond Vice President Joanne Videon Secretary Connie Smith Treasurer Virginia Montgomery Faculty Advisor Miss Ruth Edwards Third Dimension is the latest craze and these three D ' s are right in style. Beauty and brains seem to go well together in 3D for not only do they boast twelve military sponsors, two Silver Spruce Queen candidates, and the Homecom- ing Queen, but also at the same time they shine in scholarship, last year win- ning both the scholarship trophy for the sorority activities and the silver tray for the sorority pledges. This year ' s pledges turned up in good 3D tradition by winning the Miss Plum Street Re- view title. Even Shakespeare got scram- bled up in 3D as the Tri Deltas enter- tained with " Omelet " during Skit Nite. 184 A little one already? Allan, Maiiene Andersen, Ann Barnum, Bea Beardsley, Carol Busey, Barbara Caldwell, Gay Cliapin, Shirley Collins, Polly Counter, Ann Cox, Gretchen Dautli, Leslie Davis, Mary Deem, Judy Fulenwider, Joanne Galvin, Jeanne Garfield, Nancy Gray, Barbara; Gunnison, Gwyn; Hani, Judi ' li; Howell, Nancy; James, Phyllis; Koch, Barbara; Kornemann, Nancy; LeBaron, Dorothy; Lough, Dona; Macy, Marie; Macy, Sue; McDonald, Kav; McLauahlin. Vivian; Montgomery, Virginia; Moore, Carol. Owens, Janet Palmes, Carolyn Parker, Jean Pratt, Carol Prewitt, Shirley Rogers, Janet Rushton, Beverly Rushton, Joan Russell, Sharon Sandhouse, Jane Sitzman, Jo Ann Smith, Connie Smith, Marjorie Smyth, Shirley Sprague, Jo Stephens, Alfreda Stone, Marilyn Thornton, Barbar Turpin, Louise Tyler, Carol Videon, Joanne Wadsworth, Mary Walter, Joan Westerman, Lois Whitney, Janet Wilcox, Margaret Williams, Pat Young, Marilyn f 4 v ' 185 Delta Zeta Mrs. Gertrude A. Vawter Shirley Belier President Shirley Belier Vice-President Lenette Newell Secretary Marie Dickman Treasurer Margaret Benson Faculty Advisor Miss Margaret Boyle That little horse and buggy won first place for the Delta Zetas during Homecoming. At their steak and bean supper brainy actives eat steak. Their " Humpty Dumpty Heart " was broken when they didn ' t place in College Days. Last year, their out ' standing pledge was Gerda Wilhelm, and this year, with one of the largest pledge classes on campus, these gals are out to prove they are really in the swing of things. Their Rose dance, at which they elect the Dream Girl, is an annual affair. 186 Eugenia WHO? V Dybing, Joan Beauchamp, Ann Benson, Margaret Blevins, Verla Brunei], Patricia Burry, Barbara Byers, Beverly Carlstrom, Janet Chase, Bonnie Chirnside, Carmen Cluing, Eldean Cook, Vivian Cramer, Patricia Dickman, Marie Dobesh, JoAnne Fiebig, Phyllis; Hansen, Margaret; Harper, Jean; Henderson, Joan; Hessel, Maxine; Hutchinson, Shirley; Hutton, Carol; Kiggins, Sally; Lamb, Elizabeth; Lamb, Marjorie; Looney, Betty; Malles, Frankie; McFarland, Kaly; McMillan, Anne; Meador, Gwendolyn. Morehouse, Margie Newell, Lenette Nissen, Barbara Nissen, Beverly Norman, Columbine Pace, Joan Pratt, Geraldine Prout, Carol Rowe, Laura Schaffer, Rosamond Schmitt, Suzanne Sherman, Mari Squires, Nina Thomas, Pat Thompson, Nadine Troeger, Mary Webster, Louise Wilhelm, Gerda Woods, Jacquelyn Yai berry, Beverly 187 Gamma Phi ft eta Mrs. W. E. Neary Barbara Keith President Barbara Keith Vice President Jacqueline Guenin Secretary Darlene Pacheco Treasurer Beverly Cahill Faculty Advisor Miss Marjorie Ball When chlorophyll became so popu- lar, the Gamma Phis were right in style with their green house on the corner. More splashes of color could be found in the green and gold uniforms of the several girls who represented G I Bas Pepperettes and cheer-leaders. Their pledge class seemed to be out for recogni- tion this year, bringing home the over-all trophy from the Plum Street Review. These G Phis boast of their bridge talents, of their Sophomore queen of the freshman- sophomore contests and of the A.W.S. Presidency, while not neglect- ing their grades. There is more color on February 14, when the girls rise early to deliver valentines to all the fraternities, and dur- ing Spring quarter when the annual Pink Carnation dinner dance is held. 188 Minnie, you ' re the dummy! V Bainer, Shirley Barnard, Laura Bisgard, Kay Bloom, Vernetta Bole, JoAnna Bowman, Jeraldine Burman, Barbara Canfield, Margaret Conley, Sue Counts, Jane Crews, Carol Evans, Janice Feucht, Phyllis Gibson, Beverly Green, Mary Guenin, Jacqueline tine Gustafson, Sandra; Hall, Janice; Hannah, Marilyn; Hidy, Margaret; Janitell, Mildred; Jensen, Patricia; Kirschbaum, Roberta; Lampert, Sally; Little, Betty; Lowry, Ann; Malander, Phyllis; McCain, Charlene: McFie, Ann; Mclnnis, Cathy; Miller, Barbara. Mills, Marjory O ' Neil, Pat Pacheco, Darlene Porter, Lois Priebe, Janice Schultz, Barbara Service, Nancy Stimmel, Carolyn Stout, Joyce Thompson, Barbara Trierweiler, Ann Verlinden, Janice Williams, Dixie Williams, Dorothy Young, Merrilyn Zimmerer, Carleen 189 Mrs. A. P. Flateii Doris Johnson Kappa Alpha Zheta President Doris Johnson Vice President Sally Moore Secretary j oan ]{ankin Treasurer Ann Lolienstein Faculty Advisor Mrs. Leota Hayward The good ship Kappa Alpha Theta set sail this year with the President at the helm, ably assisted by an honorary cadet colonel and seven military sponsors. First stop on this year ' s cruise was at the Honor Islands, where Horticulture Queen, 1953 College Days Queen, En- gineers ' Queen, and Foresters ' Queen were picked up. Later on the crew took time to dress dolls for fifty underpriviledged girls at Christmas. At the same time the chapter has maintained a high scholarship average. Spring Quarter finds the ship anchored and the cap- tain and the crew eating outdoors in the Theta back yard. Theters functioning? 190 Santa, I ' ll take that one in the striped nightshirt " ■ Bakke, Kathryn Baldwin, Charlene Beck, Sandra Bentley, Diane Blevins, Katie Bryan, Colleen Buck, Marilyn Hull. Jean Cass. Mary Christopher, Jane Clark, Betsy Cooley, Jeanne Halligan, Lee; Hess, Janice; Hill, Phyllis; Holmes, Suzanne; Johnson, Janet; Johnston, Sue; Kardell, Suzanne; Klodt, Jeannie; Koehler, Marlene; LaFarge, Povy; Lamar, Jayne; Lichtenberg, Debbie; Lobenstein, Ann; Lyster, Vonnie; Mayber, Barbara. MeCoy, Elaine McDonnell, KUen Moore, Janice Moore, Sally- Moore, Shirley Morehead, Tina O ' Brien, Sally O ' Conuell. Sally Painter. Janice Painter, Virgini; Parker, Jean Patched, Sally Paulk, Dorothy Rainey, Nancy Kankin, Joan Rebbeck, Mary Smith, JoAnn Stiles, Diane Taylor, Shirley Timlin, Mary Ann Trompeter, Connie William Younger, Donna 191 Mrs. A. W. Heflin Jane J ane Jacob Kappa Delta Preudau Jane Jacob Vice President Louise While Secretary l a t Hardy Treasurer Nam y Jlli ' gena Faculty Advisor Mr . Merle Payne Dum. . . da. . . dum. . . DUM. This is the Kappa Delta house, the time is College Days, the place is " The Place Where I Worship. " Their job: win it — they did. Time: Homecom- ing, 1953. Place: Pre-historic cave. Outcome: Second place. Dum... da... dum... DUM. Next a call came in on 1538. Report: Kappa Delta taking first place in Skit Night. Our job: Present a trophy. Dum. . . da. . . dum. . . DUM. Ver- dict passed down: Kappa Delta found guilty of being very active on campus in view of the evidence: Nominating AWS King and having a SILVER SPRUCE candidate. Sent- ence: Push wheel barrow next year in Little National Western and take first place again. 192 So this is the way the KDs get their men -lv, I Ballmer, Mary Jo Bird, Frances Brown, Nancy Byers, Jacqueline Carbon, Marily Carter, Joan (Hark. Merrilyn Cline, Jean Larson, E Danieron, Delaine Dow, Jean McBurney, Norma McCall, Marjorie McConncll. Barbara Morelli, Joy Dunn, Eleanor F rascr. Sy villa Morgan, June Nichols, Norma Norris, Charlene O ' Kane, Mary Gestland, Sandra Graham, Phyllis Overmyer, Carol Price, Norma Reich, Karlin Reinert. Kathryn Hani fen, Dorothy Hardy, Patricia Scofield, Marilyn Shores, Beverly Smartt, Joyce Smith, Beverly Smith. Charlotte Strelesky, Carol Taylor, Janice Weirich, Maryanne White, Barbara White, Louise Wright, Natalie Zgut, Dona Harris, Sherry; Hart, Donna; Hermes, Anna; Hofmann, Rita; Isbester, Betty; Jack, Donna; Jennings, Jackie; Johnson, Darlene; Jur gens, Nancy; Koch, Beverly; Larson, Dawna; MacArthur, Mary; MacLagan, Sally; Malcolm. Doris; Matteson. Dana. 193 Run 3M ima V - gmma Mrs. M. L. McCarthy Janet Haennelt 5 lOTl fr T W President Janet Haennelt Vice-President Larue Brigham Secretary Nancy Cress Treasurer Arlene Grisham Faculty Advisor Miss F. M. Watts During spring quarter the Sigma Kappas ' ' Ghost Rider in the Sky ' rode to a second place cup for these industrious gals. Fall quarter found the Sigma Kappa sign moved from College Ave. to Remington, where they have taken up residence. Later this same quarter they rode a horse and buggy in front of Old Main dur- ing Homecoming. Come winter quar- ter the Christmas spirit shone forth as the SKs played Santa Claus for the underpriviledged children. Also highlighting winter quarter was their annual dinner dance, One Heart, One Way. And last but not least they won second place in Skit Nite with Sea- son ' s Splendor. 194 OK, Grace, off my foot im Adams, Barbara Anderson, Jeannine Asher, Janet l owiii;ii), Priscilla Brigham, Larue Brown, Marian Erickson. Margery Evert, Barbara Force, Wanda Foreman, Jo Ann Garvin, Mary Jane Goodman. Judith Green, Mildred Grigeby, Dorothy Grisham, Arlene Hickman, Julia; Hopkins, Ollie; Kenyon, Mary Ellen; Kerns, Shirley; Klein, Shirley ; Lamb, Doris Ann; Lewis, Mary; I.owery, Marjorie; Marble, Virginia; MacAlpine. Glenna. MeLeod, Barbara; MeMillen, Mable; Mullen, Charlene; Nagel, JoAnn; Nicholson, Nancy. Nix, Joan Olsen, Barbara Page, Frankee Pillgree, Dorothy Plummer, Carol Pzinski. I.orene Querbach, Barbara Rader, Nancy Rader. Norma Richard. Frankalee Robinson, Judith Schultz, Gretchen Seabeck, Marilyn Snider, Carol Storm, Shirley Stout, Karen Trcmaine, Delores Tucker, Dorothy Wiest, Joyce Winslow, Sallie 195 f Betty Wilkina President Belly Wilkins ice President Mary Jo Blackledge Secretary Joanne Ainsworlh Treasurer Maury Leake Faculty Advisor Mrs. Dorothy Wells Ainsworlh, Joanne Blackledgc, Mary Buck, Nancy Creaeh, Kathryn Dixon. Maryellen Douglas, Marilyn Doyle, Knunalou Drake, Terri Draper, Cecily Gow, Marian Homer, Mary Leake, Maury Lof ren, Janet McCarty. Diane Milner. C B. Nana»on, Joan Releford, Patricia Rempet, Darlene Rogers, Shirley Phillip , Patricia Quinlan, kathryn Ra»Iand. Jeanne Keinert, Barbara Sloan, Irma Stills, Bettie Sutton, Cynthia Wakefield, Toni West, Linda Wright, Donna Pi Phi (Jam ma These newcomers to the Aggie campus did them- selves proud with a very successful rush week and a large pledge class. The Pi Phis have heen working hard on laying a firm foundation for the day when they become a chapter in national Pi Beta Phi. However, they took time out during Homecoming and gave the new dorm a little competition by building a log cabin next door to Ammons. Eager to do their share for the Pan- hellenic Conference, these gals planned and served the opening banquet. Next year they hope to give up residence at Ammons and move into a new house. The arrow seems to be pointing in the right direction for the Pi Phis. Aggies is really proud of this new sorority. 196 Its not cold enough for ice cream. , Qreek Snaps Really hard up for pledges, aren ' t you? = 2r f mXTifl m XtM w % ft. k Birds of a feather . . . ■ » i - V ) The Queen of Queens getting her yearly bath 197 IYC Dance packs them in faterfratermty Council President John Ftihi Vice-President Mark Millet Secretary Wayne Smith Treasurer avne Smith faculty Advisor Col. Lewi H. Ham This group, composed of two representatives from each fraternity on campus and a faculty advisor, is the governing liody for all fraternities. At their l i» dance fall quarter, they presented the Scholarship Tro- phy, the Activities Trophy, and the new Rankin Me- morial Trophy, awarded each year to the fraternity contributing the most to Fraternity ideals. Together witli Panhellenic memhers they helped in various civic projects, such as the Chapel Funds Drive, the Heart Fund Drive, Red Cross Blood Drive, the Korean Cloth- ing Drive, and Community Help Projects. At Home- coming they present three trophies to the groups hav- ing the best house decorations. Rack Row: Sanders, Grow, Kolofson, Snyder, Wilkins. Hardy. Fourth Row: Summer Oppelt, Metzger, Pottn, Felte. Fluke. Stanley . Third Row: F. Mills, I.amons. Ipson, Duke, EskaiKW, Willson. Second Row: Herron, Binkley. Croft. Jackson. Vodneek. Kin;:. Front Ron: Col. Ham. Fnhr. Miller, Smith. J. Milk Patrick, Hun liurii. 198 -!W h»m Is he givitl ' it. or Ulkin it? AX Mills receives the Rankin Trophy J 3 C Activities And furthermore, friends, if we ' re elected . Santa ' s workshop 199 T i w I Mrs. G. A. Wells Wayne Smith Acacia President Wayne Smith Vice-President Tom Patrick Secretary Francis Moellenberg Treasurer Robert Bartholic Faculty Advisor Mr. Warner Miller - ' : ' • ! ■ 4 • .. ■ +++ 1 | t J Mummies, pyramids, and Cleopatra are the vogue at the annual Night-on- the-Nile Dance the Acacias hold every winter quarter. The big event of spring quarter is their spring for- mal. These hardworkers took a ride on the " Phantom Stage " during Col- lege Days, and then this fall the well-remembered " Galloping Goose " gave them a ride for third place in Homecoming. They also boast the new president of IFC. 200 You figure it out, we can ' t Bartholin, Robert Bowles, Jimmy Bright, Don Croissant, Robert Hix, Jeirokl Houses , Lowell Hamburg, Gene Humhnrg, Neil Johnson, Gordon; Lorenz, Ivan; Martinson, Charlie; Mciutyre, Larry; McLaughlin, William; Meister, James; Praefke, Gordon; Rothe, Alvie; Rothman. Elmer. McCauley, Melvin Moellenherg, Francis Sarchet, Robert Tanaka, Edwin McHaffey, David Ogden, Jon Stevens, Charles Wait, David Collins Toonerville Trolley rides again 201 Mrs. K. W. Lloyd Edward Mott Alpha Gamma Kko President Edward Mott Vice President Bob Lamons Secretary Edwin Higelow Treasurer Ed Carrol Faculty Advisor Mr. Rex. Rehnberg For it ' s punch, punch, punch that makes you want to sock her " I love Paris in the Springtime. " I also love Paris in the Alpha Gam- ma Rho house during the Bo Jon Dance. Oh! That F r e n c h atmos- phere! But the AGRs also do their share of entertaining at house dances, pledge dances and picnics, and climax their social season with the Pink Rose Formal. But is hasn ' t been all play and no work, for the AGR ram knocked the Utah Farm- ers down the mountain to win first place in their division during Home- coming. They also attended the Founder ' s Day Banquet and the Alumni Stock Show Banquet in Den- ver. 202 Odd place to dry fish nets Ml— fcH , Fridlev. Charles Allen, James Barber, Williai Barry. Donald Bigbee, John Bigelow, Lester Blair, Philip Brown, Willier Bruce, Charles Carrol], Edward Dazey, Earl Deter, Gary Ferguson. Ben Fulton, Richard; Goll. Charles; Hard. Lowell; rL ' ndrix, Clinton; Hunewill, Stanley; Huntzinger, John; Johanson, Eric; Keating, Delmer; Kreyeik, Robert; Kumor, Leon; Lamons, Robert; MacVeagli, Stuart; McCrary, Ernest; McPeek, William; Myers, George. Newman, Duane Pelley, Estel Peterson. Wallace Porter, Charles Raley. William Rezac, Darlan Roberson, Julius Savage, John Sehaefer, Donald Smith. Gordon Smyth. Gordon Stone, Norman Taylor, James Tice, Robert Woodfin. Richard 203 Mrs. H. T. Delp Scot Gilmer Alpha Zau Omega m Mfvg President Scot Gilmer Vice President Wayne Fluke Secretary Don Dunbar Treasurer Bel) Johnston Faculty Advisor Mr. lion Roberts " Round and round the wheel of fortune goes, and where she stops nobody knows. " The roulette wheel was spinning as the hardened crimi- nals and their molls won and lost fortunes at the gangster dance. But lady fortune was with the ATOs and everytime the wheel stopped, it pointed to new honors: First place in 1953 Hesperia, first place in Col- lege Days floats, third in Skit Nite, and first in Homecoming — all won by the fellows who couldn ' t seem to lose. But it hasn ' t been all luck, for only with hard work from all the members could that new addition have been added last fall. This year they were guests of the Sigma Chis and Phi Delts at the Miami Triad Dance. I ' m Stella Morris! I)um-dc-dum-dum 204 Dashing thro the snoiv, ho-ho-ho lull. J.I, As| in»all. Robert Black, Robert Broughloii, Harold Hrown, Holicrl lUirni ' tl. Marvin Oega. Geor»- (lolonian. James Dunbar. Donald Klkon. Kohorl KM is. I.ce Kvison. lloyd Grayheal. Jam Hansen, Paul; Hartshorn, Denny; Hejde, Dan; Hoff, Robert; Howell, John; Hunaberger, Ming; Jamison, Nicholas; Jensvold, Hruce: Jolmston, Robert; Jones, Oival; King, Dwain; Kreie, James; Litke, Donald; Lomnie. Gene; Pelerson, James. IVlcrson. ov Ml . line Scoll, larnhl Scania is. a con Shank John Smith, Churl •s Slcwa 1, Floy l Sweilzcr. Kic lard Thonu s. Nei . Dell Willi, crl Trine. m White, Man in For it ' s only a painted r 205 Mrs. S. V. Eaton Bob Snyder 3 arm House President Bob Synder Vice-President Marion Stanley Secretary Edward Schamberger Treasurer Eldon Reynolds Faculty Advisor Mr. Melvin Hazaleus As usual, these guys were right up there on top with scholarship again last year, and won the Interfraterni- ty Council Scholarship Trophy. How- ever, this year they have been doing very well in intramurals too, especi- ally in basketball. Winter quarter they initiated their new house with their annual Silver Dollar Stomp, western house dance. During Home- coming these fellows gave the Air Force competition by building their own version of Lindbergh ' s famous plane. 206 Lindbergh made it across the ocean in this? Elliott, Donald Annan, John licilMill. VtttK ' i Uishop. Dtmgla, Breeze, Carl ' Carbon, Arnold Carlson. Slener Carter, Everett Chandler, George (Sanson. William Dickinson. Wright Kllicoii. Georj Kllicott, Paul Ely, Donald; Graves, Robert; Hnrd, Charles; Johnson, Lee; Kemp, James; Klein, John: Knorr, Gordon; Knorr, William; Madison, James; Newman, Fred; Orr, George; Poos, Henry; Reynolds, Eldon; Rice, Lawrence; Ritsehard, Gene. Salazar. John Scott, Jim Scott, Lawrence Shoemaker, Kranci Shoemaker, Uollin SfTiith, Gordon Snyder, George Stanley, Bernard Must be humming cause they sure aren ' t singing 207 Mrs. E. F. Mervine Jerry Mills lambda Chi Mpka President Jerry Mills Vice-President Darwin Robison Secretary Gene Carter Treasurer Bruce Allen Faculty Advisor Capt. Stanley Campbell With the heat of fall quarter drums the Lamb- da Chi Alpha slaves were set free and they straightway stole the first place cup at Skit Nite. From the Equator to Anarctic was a big jump, but the blue shirt boys made it and thoroughly enjoyed the wine, women, and song at the Yukon Bar Room Brawl. Rumors have it Diamond Lil was guest of honor. These fellows weren ' t clowning when their cal- liope placed during Homecoming and suc- ceeded in lulling the neighbors to sleep. At the IFC Dance Lambda Chis were awarded the new Rankin memorial trophy given to the fraternity contributing the most to the ob- jectives of the fraternity system. The student body president of 1953-54 claims this fra- ternity. 208 They ' ll probably have this in the College Days parade Allan. Bruce Ames. Etlward Aiulicscn. Fred Rome . Erik licdciikop. Dale llowclcn, Kit Rowdcn. William Itraaiu. Krcd Rrcss. Wayne Green, Charles; Guntlier, William; Hayes, Richard; Herringer, Carl; Howey, Wayne; Hubbard, Robert; Harsh, Donald; Jeglum, Carl; Kelly, Douglas; Lamar, James; Lewis, Tom; Ludwick, Kenneth; Marker, Ralph; Matlack, Dale; Moore, Garland. Morchcad. John Miller. Dennis Miller, Don Mills. Fred Muniford. Paul Nelson, Loural Newromh, John Occhipinti, Salvatore Unborn, Oakley Osland. Rohert Olio. Wayne Rainier. Charles Patrick, Bruce IVniinan. Harold l ' uslierk, Bruce Rhoads. Richard Roberts, David Robison, Darwin Schumann, Kenneth Shupert, Tom Sills, Richard Sims, William Uhl, Deane Vlass, Norman Wiedeinan, Harry Wilson, Jack Young, Selhy Zastrow, Ben 209 e I • u II zx) Mrs. E. Smith Robert Gray Phi Delta Zheta President Robert Gray Vice President Neil Sanders Secretary Jim Potts Treasurer Dick Ambler faculty Advisor Dr. Walter Thomas I i These Aggie cowboys seem to have turned in their horses for ships last spring. The Phi Delt pirates in- vaded the 614 Dance and captured a huge bounty of fun for the evening. Still interested in ships, they dined and danced at their annual " Good Ship Phi " dinner dance. This win- ter, their ship is dry dock, the Phi Delts took to the slats and had a wonderful time at their ski party at Hidden Valley. Last year after much hard work trying to get the spring to flow, these fellows took home the second place cup for their College Days float. 210 Quick, kill it before it reproduces -— Ambler, John Aquerre, Jean Cameilo, James Chase, John Colket, Cliarles Currie, Gary Dawson, Edward Ferguson, Donald Geisert, Ronald Gunderson, Jaek Hand, Robert Law, Robert Lilly, Louis Lyon. Russell Magnusson, Peter; McGinley, Terry; Moore, James; Pemberton, John; Plumstead, Michael; Potts, James; Roalstad, Walter; Robinson, Dale; Rogers, Warner; Sanders, Neil; Shuler, Noel; Sloan, Byron; Tillotson, Clive; Tisdale, Don; Walker, Jerry. Ward, Hilly Weinman, James Wheeler, Jerry Whonilile. Kenneth Wil kins. Joseph Williams, Geonje Three pumpkin heads 211 maiMiitH«l»mi im im t Hli Hi i i i»lt» [L Mrs. L. J. Wheeler William Roller w w r« President William Roller Vice-President Jack Hardy Secretary John Glenn Treasurer Duane Campbell Faculty Advisor Mr. Howard Durham During spring quarter the bright red curtains at the Phi Kappa Tau house were pulled aside to reveal " The Doggie in the Window, " their float for College Days. For scene two the curtains were pulled aside again. This time it was fall quarter and an open house tea held for their new house mother was in progress. Scene three was Christmas time. Here the felows played Santa Claus to orphan children with a Christmas party at the Phi Tau house. Later they had their own eggnog party. The last scene is the annual Dream Girl Dinner Dance, held Spring quarter, where the Dream Girl of old Phi Tau is crowned. 212 Oh, it ' s hot! Anderson, Wesley Campbell, Tom Currie, Roderick Defferari, Douglas Glenn, John Hardy, Donald Hardy, John Johnson, Franklin Jones, Robert Mondt, Jack Klotz, Robert; Leaverton, Charles; Maroney, John; McAndrew, Donald; Reichenberg, George; Reid, Byron; Rombers, Bud; Schroeder, Nick; Schultz, Donald; Sitz, Robert; Stebbins, Robert; Willson, Robert. v Name it and you can have it I dreamed I went to the game in my 213 C -;- Mrs. C. B. Jones Sigma Alpha Spsilon President Ted Oppelt Vice President Bob Babcock Secretary Kirk Hinderlider Treasurer Sam Lee Noted for unusual dances, the SAEs got the year off to a colorful start by serving hot tamales at their an- nual Border Bounce Dance. This was followed by the revival of the slavery issue at their slave dance, held for the first time during winter quarter. During Homecoming their old-time piano player played to the tune of second place. The SAEs prov- ed again this year that men will be boys by having as much fun as the kids at their annual Christmas party for underprivileged children. Round- ing out the school year, they treat dates and house mothers to a tradi- tional Easter breakfast and a picnic in the afternoon. The final event of the year is their formal dinner dance. 214 Joe Banana, and the bunch with appeal Babcock, Robert Barnhart, Roger Bartran, William Beeman, Marvin Bender, Richard Benedict, Fred Berry, Michael Bradley, Tom Holland, Laurence Houston, William; Keagy, Donald; Keller, William; Kuiper, Dave; LaMay, Theodore; Lee, Sam; Loetz, Merle; Ludlow, John; Manners, Charles; Maxwell, Jack; McConnell, Charles; Mikkelson, Charles; Miller, Glenn; Mohorcich, Joseph; Myers, Robert. Braun, Richard DeBerard, David Nelson, Marven Newlon, Charles Newton, Arnie Ostwald, Don DeBerard, Donald Denson, James Penfold, William Peter, George Plutt, Phillip Reed, Bert Garwood, Gary Guilliams, James Reed, Charles Reed, Ray Robhe, Gerald Rominger, Harold Hazelhurst, Jack Herron, Kenneth Schrepferman, Pete Skeels, Dean Stanko, Eugene Steinhauer, Scott Stout, Norman Thoelecke, Louis Tucker, Guy Von Strohe, Steven Wagner, David Walsh, John Waltz, Burt Wheeler, Donald lr Windsor, James Womack, John Yates, Don Zavislan, Don 215 Mrs. F. Young Standley Scott Sigma Chi President Standley Scott Vice President Kay Wilkins Secretary Wright Irwin Treasurer Frank Bossi Faculty Advisor Mr. Herbert Schweizer The Sigma Chis, well-known for their annual Sweetheart Dance, crowned Anna Jean Rasmussen as the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi for this year. At the opening of fall quarter, all new sorority pledges vie with each other in such skills as pig chas- ing, pie eating, and tomato throw- ng for the Plum Street Review cup. At the same time, the prettiest of the pledges is given the " Miss Plum Street Review " title and trophy. Come spring time these fellows are kept plenty busy with their Easter Egg Hunt, for the children of all faculty members and married stu- dents, and with their rip snortin ' Wild West Dance. 216 This one does too Arrowsmith, Rex Axsom, Donald Bossi, Frank Branson, Terry Brown, Donald Bunney, Gary Adams, Donald Anderson, Gerald Carbaugh, Lon Clements, Richard Douglass, Paul Druva, David Grow, David; Harvey, Jack; Hayes, Allen; Hildebrandt, Paul; Hudson, Robert; Kercheval, Jim; Leach, Ted; Lewis, Charles; Love, Don; Mahan, Mark; Malowney, Arthur; Maiden, Donald; Meyer, Vernon; Moore, Jerry; Moreland, Ronald. Olson, Gerald Pelton, David Price, Robert Ryan, Robert Shelley, James Smischny, John Smith, Don Stone, Lawrence Thompson, Myron Vette, John Werking, David Wilcox, James Wilkins, Kaye Wickersham, Roland 217 Sigma fiu Dan Sniff President Dan Sniff Vice-President Jay Sommer Secretary James Metzger Treasurer Bill Johnson Faculty Advisor Mr. Dale Maag " Hoot mon, but what a fine Scotch Dance these Sigma Nus put on each winter quarter. " " Aye, and every- one has such a good time! " How- ever, the SNs are far from Scotch when they entertain their dates at the First Nighter Dance, and their moth- ers on Mothers ' Day. They also royally entertained again this year at a Christmas dance, complete with Santa Claus and presents. Not to be left out in the honors, these fellows wrestled their way into first place in intramural wrestling. Another tradi- tion, not in Scotch keeping though, starts with the battle cry, " Go, you Mohawks! " It is reliably reported that the braves wield scissors instead of tomahawks. » K t 1 218 Santa really must have told a good one Ashbaugh, Larry Barger, Richard Coates, Lynn Cook, Jack Deveraux, Gary Dorsey, Alvin Dorsey, Robert Doss, Joseph Dyekmen, Ivan Fraser, Bruce Hospers, Richard Hyerstay, Russell; Johnson, Bill, Kelly, Neal; Lockwood, Delbert; Maag, Robert; Marshall, Robert; Martin, Larry; Meeks, Frank; Mekelburg, Robert; Metzger, James; Moore, Rolland; Petrie, Harold; Piatt, George; Phelps, William; Puckett, John. Gilliland, James Hanes, Don Roberts, Richard Shackleford, Bill W M w y Shalla, Tom Sisson, Ronald rf jm .■ fc i Henley, John A L Holzberlein, John Sommer, Jay fir jpm Sorrell, Douglas Spencer, Jack r — E Stocker, Richard % A fe- ' u Sneath, Fred T l PES Smith, William I ■ i Tavener, William 1 l l V Wall, Neal L J 1- Wheeler, Eldon Zibelman, Henry 219 ' - ' ■ %- Roger Lane Sigma Phi Spsilon President Roger Lane Vice President Harold Felte Secretary Ron Michieli Treasurer Jim Moore Faculty Advisor Col. Elwood Nye •• The SPEs proved they were out for the big honors this year. A glimpse into their trophy case reveals many additions. Among their honors were: IFC activities trophy, first place in mixed division of Hesperia for 1953, first place for the biggest boot dis- played during College Days, and first place in intramural football and cageball, as well as all-school honors in cage ball. But honors aren ' t their only interest: each year the house with big white columns becomes a virtual garden at their annual spring Flower Dance. It didnt win, but look at that sex c 220 Baldwin, Fred; Bast, Lee; Betts, Bob; Birdsall, Jay; Birdsall, Larry; Blach, Harold; Blach, Leonard; Brown, Bob; Bunner, Richard; Carlson, Donald; Chrispen, James; Corley, Edward; Culley, Clinton; Datteri, Bob; Davidson, Raymond; Diener, Willis; Donohue, Don; Doud, James. ' 1 n hitt ■a i Ehrlich, Dick Felte, Harold Finch, Thomas German, Calvin Hatcher, Gary Herbert, Gary Hildebrand, Paul Hindman, William Holland, John Holland, Willis Howard, Lester Howe, George Hughes, Ronald Hurry, James Kupilik, Fred; Lanari, Elmer; Lee, Rodney; Leonard, Richard; Lewis, Ted; Marschner, William; Martin, Duane; McKitrick, Byron; McMurtry, Gene; McMurtry, Ray; Michieli, Ronald; Mitchell, Keith; Mitchell, Kenneth; Montgomery, Mike; Moore, James; Moreland, Edward; Murray, John; Peate, Laurence; Phelps, James; Pollock, William; Pomranka, Donald; Pratt, Phil; Purvis, George; Ratliff, John. Jacohshagen, Boh Johnson, Bud Ray, George; Rennels, Duane; Ryan, James; Seawall, Albert; Shaffer, Robert; Shaffer, Ronald; Johnson, Charles Starrett, William; Stocker, David; Tefertiller, Billy; Johnson, Roger Kerr, Donald Kloberdanz, Kenneth Koehler, Kenneth PDO Saunders, Ken; Scott, Don; Schiel, Lloyd; Simon, Charles; Smith, Don; Spafford, Lloyd; Tempel, George; Vasey, Robert; Videon, Fred; Waterman, Quintin; Watt, Thomas; Weinhold, Paul; Williamson, James; Willis, John; Young, Thomas. 221 m Mrs. D. L. Kreycik Virgil Binkley Zau Kappa Spsilon President Virgil Binkley Vice President Lawrence Croft Secretary Eugene Phillips Treasurer Bob Bryant Faculty Advisor Mr. Don Nelson Popular hang-out for mobsters and their molls was the Teke house dur- ing the Gangland Get-Together held fall quarter. With plans well laid, these Tekes went on to steal second place in Homecoming decorations. During College Days last year the cowboy instinct triumphed and the mavericks of Rockwell were round- ed up and branded with the TKE iron. Tekes also took second place for their float. This year a full sched- ule of exchange dinners has kept them very busy. The big dance of the year is the Winter Carnival. 111 A ,- Practical education at the mile-high level : rt - " ■ Use Ajax, Boom, Boom, the foaming cleanser 223 Mrs. G. Smelser Jack Ipson Zketa Cki President Jack Ipson Vice President Vernon Duke Secretary John Taussig Treasurer Jim Iseminger Faculty Advisor Dr. Sumner Morrison Heap big pow-wow was held fall quarter at the Theta Chi house when all the chiefs and squaws got to- gether at the Indian Dance. Main service project of 1953 spring quar- ter was the car wash in which the Theta Chis were generously aided by the rain. But everything turned out all right, and proceeds from the 100 cars which were washed went to the Cancer Fund. Their big dance of the year is the Carnation Ball, which is held in the spring. 224 Must be intermission Brehm, Joe Cabrinha, Peter Carlson, Ralph Cousineau, William Duke, Vernon Hayes, Noel Henry, Clay Knudson, George Hillsten, Donald; Isemenger, James; Kendall, Donald; Pedrie, Donald; Reichert, Jack; Sillers, Thomas; Sturm, David; Taussig, Bill; Taussig, John. ■ Ik U i ■ " •.■■:» ■■ ■ M k ■- ■ ■• m tv . . d ji ■jfeitM ■■-:. ' .( kit • | 1m of f gft. ' 225 Mrs. A. Bowers Robert Eskanos Phi Sigma ' Delta President Robert Eskanos Vice President Mike Gucovsky Secretary Mark Miller Treasurer Edward Robinson The Phi Sigma Delta house decora- tions for homecoming were quite un- usual this year. In fact they were found all over the campus, for these four legged creatures were found showing the freshman the correct way to wear P.J.s in the parade on Saturday; and on Sunday the critters breakfasted on neighbors ' flowers. The Phi Sigs have been working like mad on all the civic projects spon- sored by IFC — the Heart Drive, blood drive, and clothing drive. Each year the Phi Sigs from Aggies have a football game against the Phi Sigs from Denver, with a trophy at stake. Straight from Napoli comes the Pizza Pie for their annual dinner. Winter steps aside night each year while the Phi Sigs dance in the Gar- den in the Rain, their annual formal. But Louie, you just went a minute ago. 226 Blatt, Jules; Emeson, Martin; Gross, Henry; Miller, Alan; Miller, Leroy; Miller, Mark; Robinson, Edward; Sheftel, Sheldon. 1 1 , ■w.icnfce, • amfei)o H) ■ nta :-;•■•■ ' ha ■ M Drive. ■ [btU - Ipibi ■licKSjp a akr. . ■ ii ■ I MB ■dial John Vodneck Mrs. L. E. Loetz President Jack Vodneck Vice President Alger Schulz Secretary Paul Jackson Treasurer Dale Pfau Faculty Advisor Mr. Walter Butler Fall quarter found the members of the American Commons Club taking a Sentimental Journey at their an- nual first-of-the-school dance. Again winter quarter they had a full social calendar that featured their Found- ers ' Day Dinner Dance. However, these ACCs still had time to enter intramurals, taking second place in all-fraternity cageball. During spring quarter the cowboy spirit showed through as they rounded up their favorite cowgirl and headed for the Western Dance. American Commons Club Blind man ' s bluff Asahina, Oscar Elliott, Gary; Jackson, Paul Rose, Thomas; Schulz, Alger Naggatz, Melvin; Powell, Dick; Upthegrove, Roy; Williams, Fred. 227 Must be that the holes are cheaper than the doughnuts Independent Students Association President Charles Miller Vice-President Carol Kraiger Secretary Wayne McKinnon Treasurer Dayonne Hurt Faculty Advisor Mr. R. G. Beidleman King Winter reigned supreme when the members of the Independent Students Association held their annual Snowball. This year ' s big success was topped off with Billy May ' s Band. These very active Aggies provide the torches for the Torch Light Parade during Home- coming. Also, they have had an ice skating party, a roller skating party, a backwards party, and several hayrides. Fall quarter all the hill billies from way back in them thar hills came out and danced at the Shabby Shag. Spring quarter the outstanding mem- bers, according to scholastic standing and work in ISA, are recognized at their annual Honor Night Banquet. Back Row: Schroeder, Ried, Brockmann, McKinnon, Tormohlen, Almquist. Fourth Row: Coleman, Boulton, Barker, Olson, Miller, White. Third Row: Ulivarri, Busey, Hurt, Hollenheck, Berg, Grant, Slover. Second Row: Erickson, Adsit, Tuck, Sarchet, Morehart, Dominguez, Wyatt. Front Row: Mr. R. G. Stewart, Case, Beidleman, Miller, Kraiger, Bockman, Gray. 228 - " " They look like they need a midnight snack Independent Women ' s Association President Evelyn Morehart Vice-President Marjorie Miller Secretary Joan Carver Treasurer Lois White Faculty Advisor Miss S. Morris 4 in ft urn win Ike -rtmlSA. These peppy independent girls are the right arm of ISA, helping out with all ISA projects. Bright eyed lassies that they are, they are well-known for their fre- quent pajama parties held at Amnions. Winter quar- ter finds them giving the pool at Amnions a work-out, as well as holding a Valentine Tea. Guest of honor at this year ' s tea was Mrs. Lucille Tobin. Back Row: Busey, Lamont, Munro, West, Kraiger, Yingst, Kragh, Richardson. Thir d Row: Pearson, Grimes, Weber, Balch, Johnson, Henderson, Boulton. Second Row: Starr, Sarchet, McCunniff, Eliot, Rasmussen, Stinnett, Berg. Front Row: Miss Stella Morris, Hurt, White, Morehart, Miller, Carver, Meier. 229 Mrs. E. L. Gibbs Dorothy Peterson A- A U. W. Co-operative Mouse President Dorothy Peterson Secretary Joleita Weber Social Ckrm Dayonne Hurt For it ' s milk, milk, milk Berg, Mary; Carver, Joan; Coleman, Alice; Erickson, Amelia; Henderson, Mary; Hurt, Dayonne; Johnson, Connie; Kraiger, Carol; Meier, Josephine; Morehart, Evelyn. The A.A.U.W. Cooperative House is inhabited by a group of independent girls who certainly live up to their name. They cooperate in doing their own cooking and housekeeping and find it good experience. Yet these girls still find time to take an ac- tive part in intramural sports as well as social affairs. With their share of beauties, they boast the Snowball Queen and Sigma Chi Sweetheart Queen. The main event of spring quarter for them is their spring Friendship Tea. Nasu, Tayeko Rasmussen, Anna Smith, Alice Stamey, Iris Weber, Joleita I alon; 230 " ' h Adsit, Carol Batie, Doris Watt, Joann Brown, Shirley Campbell, Helen Richardson, Polly Rienks, Corynne Ryan, Patricia President Joanne Osborn Vice President Alia Wadlow Secretary JoAnne Trone Treasurer Helen Campbell Faculty Advisor Mrs. Virginia K. Frank fade -Debs The Inde-Debs really raked in the honors last College Days when they took first place in the window decorating contest as well as third place in their division in the floats. This fall they con- tinued to be active, especially in the field of sports, where they headed the Swim Meet, Hoc- key, Volleyball, and other intramurals. However, they found time for social get-togethers and en- tertained I.S.A. at a roller-skating party this year, along with all their other activities. Schafer, Margery; Schneider, Alberta; Sollenberger, Bev; Trone, JoAnne. Halo, everybody, halo 231 President Paul Brockman Vice President George Neilson Secretary Dave Warden This independent men ' s organization claims intramurals as their main inter- est. In fact they have piled up a lot of points not only in intramurals, but also in other activities. They work in close cooperation with the Independent Stu- dents Association. Allen, Leonard; Farmer, Lonnie; King, Darrell; Neilsen, George; Jndeans Gray, Thomas; Jones, David; Phelps. MeKinley; Talley, George; Tormohlen, Donald; Warden, David. Zownhouse President Joan Barker Secretary Syvilla Fraser Treasurer Margaret Hansen Sponsor Miss Eloise Jacoby Townhouse is the group formed by the town girls of Fort Collins in 1947. It has since grown into an important Aggie group. These girls get better acquainted through their various activities, such as luncheons and exchange dinners. In the spring they hold a tea and invite the high school seniors from Fort Collins. H . f Back Row: Read, Fleming, Eisenhand, Baker, Lundquist, Lamont, Richardson. Third Row: Knickerbocker, Burger, Kiggins, Rohinson, Maxwell, West, Unangst. Second Row: Miss E. Jacoby, Taylor, Wetterick, Atkinson, Budin, Jensen. Front Row: McConnell, Garrett, Frazer, Barker, Hansen, Bockman. 232 mm .ft J.S.A. Snaps " Toucke M ' sieur Le Pussy-cat " A rousing ajter-the-game dance Foreign students at Aggies give their views to ISA 233 iv ' mg Qroups 234 T , Vet Village and Z taller Camp i " Be it ever so humble, " they still call it home. To many of these married students, these cir- cular houses in Vet Village are the first at- tempts at housekeeping. Here future Aggies are horn and begin growing up amid fences, playpins, tin roofs, and trailers. Last year the trailers had to be moved because of the new dorm, but in spite of this, Trailer Camp has continued to flourish. It ' s obvious who has all the brains in this family No more playing, it ' s time for your nap 235 South Hall Cow College, I guess! Once known as the athletic dorm, this year South hecame the only hoys ' dorm when the girls moved into Braiden last fall. Both freshmen and upperclassmen are represented here. It is appropriately nicknamed by its in- habitants " Stalag 17. " Here various types of card games can usually he found to be in progress. Next year these fellows are hoping to move into the new dorm, Green Hall. The men who live in this hall find plenty of op- portunity to work together. Td walk tines i d. these pri importatl tots. Tin 111 vv it i m men, (re httl 236 Sex on a wall — birds on the ceiling T Cory Mall ' ■maij bob || in 3 j4|§ » « — IJjj, baU B " I ' d walk a mile, " and they do, two or three times a day. This exercise must be good for these girls out at Lory, since they are always important contenders in all intramural con- tests. They also get a lot of good experience in cooking their own food. Could he that it is easier to cook than eat it? Upperclass- men, freshmen, and transfers are all found here at the Lory Apartment. We came to Aggies to learn, and we are Looks like you got more on your sweatshirts than in the bowl 237 Rockwell Mall . So you ' re the one on the phone all the time In this three story building lives a portion of the Aggie population known as the freshman girls. Selected upperclassmen act as coun- selors. Highlight of the social activities for this dorm is the annual dance, which this year used as its theme Melody Time. Grades are given recognition once a quarter at the Schol- arship Dinner. Here the two girls with the highest point average for the preceding quar- ter are awarded trophy cups, while all those with an average above 3.00 for the preceding quarter receive roses. 1 I 1 ' m tool litll of the Braiden 1 dorm lot Proof that some of the girls get dates K k km thill I around ti dial mean aninion they have sky 238 Sitting on a Sealy, is like sitting? - " ■ % widen Mall iiiiJ i 1 1 hi ii i i ff i I » S» KS fj . Braiden this year had to get used to the pat- ter of little feminine feet, after several years of the stomp of huge masculine feet, for Braiden has been converted into a second dorm for freshman girls. The Braidenites eat their meals at Student Union, and hold birth- day dinners once a month. The first week of school found these Braiden lovelies groping around through the intricate maze of halls that meander through the structure. They had an informal dance in the fall quarter, and they have been busy the rest of the year with exchange dinners. Someone must have lost their head l Get your hand off my - • - 239 I ILW — I I J • » -.. ■» - Vl 54 , 13 69- 3tT 1 5 j aa 31, ; j £4gx Back Row: Moore, Schultz, Shalla, Graves, Holland, Dalton, Hartman, Hoffner, Hinderlider. Third Row: Humphrey, Loetz, Dorsey, Peters, Hudson, Sanders, Reid, Tavener, Plutt. Second Row: Coach Davis, Zancanelli, Wolff, Akey, Glick, Rollins, Braun, Eberhardt, Coach Duncan. Front Row: Trainer Stults, Kloeckner, Long, Stephenson, McNart, Anderson, Dekleva, Mohorcich, Coach Mullison. Statistics I ' m llfeiM " " 11 rector. A fonwr i PlME-J ' ' second » ,CJ ' ill Ita I was freshman ca jgiSWB guard last year. ootball A M OPP Total points 147 129 Net yards gained rushing 1923 1533 Posses attempted 99 127 Passes completed 44 64 Net yards gained passing 625 945 Total net yards gained 2548 2478 First downs " . 123 126 Number of punts 41 52 Total yards " punts 1528 1868 Punting average 37.3 35.8 Number punt returns 26 19 Yards punts returned 289 160 Ave. yards punt returns 11.1 8.4 Number kickojf returns 22 29 Yards kickojfs returned 416 464 Ave. yards kickojf returns 14.4 16.0 Number penalties against 40 33 Yards penalized 342 323 242 - " " Varsity Coaches In his seventh year as head coach of football was Bob Davis, who also took over this year as Athletic Di- rector. A former football great himself at Utah Uni- versity, Davis has compiled a record of 43 wins, 24 losses and 2 ties since he took over our football in 1947. Assisting Davis as backfield coach was Mark Duncan — also in his seventh year at Aggies. In his second season as line coach for A M was Don " Tuffy ' Mullison. Nearing his thirtieth year as an Aggie coach was freshman coach Julius F. " Hans " Wagner. Assist- ing him with the frosh was Bob Blasi, all-conference guard last year. Assistant Coach Mark Duncan, Head Coach Bob Davis, Assistant Coach Don Mullison H iff h: 18 ■ !3J » m « M IS % St 3CT 13 m « 1 13 m W m 19 ltt HI II 8 » m « itt 1U • 33 X 33 J oo t ball Captain Kirk Hinderlider, senior end, was named honorary captain for the year by his teammates just prior to the final game of the season. Kirk has played outstanding football for the last three years and has been nominat- ed for Ail-American several times by the Associated Press regional board. He was the Ag ' s leading pass receiver this season: 11 passes for 163 yards. By vir- tue of a blocked punt he recovered, Kir k had the best punt average — 16 yards on one return. Hinderlider ' s home town is Denver, and he was active in athletics at East High. At Aggies Kirk is an active Physical Education major; a member of the track and football teams, and of " A " Club. He was also AWS King this year. 243 Caught from behind Al Kloeckner, End Quentin Eberhardt, Halfback AIM 14 Kansas State 13 A powerful defense and a steady offense proved a winning combination for the Colorado A M Rams as they whipped favored K State 14-13 in the season opener. The Ag defense not oidy stop- ped the Wildcat ' s speedster, Veryl Switzer, hut also bottled up the entire K state ground game. Bob Rollins played brilliant ball for A M in his first game at quarterback. After being behind 7-0 at the half, the Ags came back to score 14 points in the last half to K State ' s 6. Although the Ags ' pass defense was a little weak at times, they showed that they should be reckoned with in the Skyline Conference. 244 John Dekleva, Guard Rams shine against K State I Don Shultz, Guard A bit of fancy stepping AkM2l £ U6 After a scoreless first period, the Aggie ' s speed and power proved too great for Denver Universi- ty ' s Pioneers and A M went on to score a 21-6 victory. A blocked kick by Kirk Hinderlider set up a second quarter touchdown as the Aggies held a 7-0 halftime edge. A DU fumble at the start of the third quarter set up another score, and Dick Braun tallied from 13 yards out early in the fourth quarter to give Aggies a 21-0 lead. Coach Bob Davis ' squad continued to show a su- perb running attack as they gained 207 yards on the ground with ten first downs. Jim Chrispen, Quarterback Frank Crumpacker, End Dorsey off to the races Jim Scavarda, Halfback 245 Bob Anderson, Tackle Get off my back! Wyoming 21 -A M14 Wyoming ' s Cowboys stopped a second half ral- ly to score a 21 -14 victory over Colorado A M ' s Rams. A stout Aggie line stopped Wyoming star Joe Mastrogiovaimi on the ground, hut he com- pleted 7 passes for 158 yards and that was the difference in the game. The Aggies took an early lead, only to have a Mastrogiovanni pass tie the score. A M moved ahead again at the start of the third quarter, hut their pass defense fell apart as " Mastro " paused the ' Pokes to victory. Al Dorsey and Joe Mohorcich led the Ham of- fense, while Alex Burl was a standout oil defense. Bob Rollins, Quarterback Willis Holland, Tackle 246 Bill Peters, Halfback ■ ■ " Mastro " about to be dropped Jim Hartman, Guard Up, over, and down I Montana 32- A aM31 A tough Montana University eleven took advant- age of five Colorado A M fumbles and then fought off an Aggie rally to down the Rams by a 32-31 score. Of the five Montana touchdowns, four followed Aggie fumbles. In addition to the five fumbles, the Ram eleven was penalized a total of 50 yards; and this was a deficit they could not overcome, as the Grizzlies held a 26-13 half- time lead. The Aggie passing attack, with Bob Rollins doing most of the throwing, hit a season ' s high, with six completed for 98 yards. But Al Kloeckner ' s fourth quarter field goal attempt was wide and the Grizzlies took the victory. John Stephenson, Hal back Dan Mirich, End Sanders about to latch on Bob Hudson. Tackle 247 Alex Burl, Halfback And another Utah Ag glides in Wayne McNatt, Quarterback Utah State 14- A M 3 Utah State ' s goal line defenses and fumble re- coveries enabled them to squeeze out a 14-13 vic- tory over the Aggie Rams in the A M Homecom- ing game. Two Aggie fumbles in the first quar- ter led to the Utags ' only two scores. Although the Green and Gold offense outdistanced the op- ponent ' s, Utah State ' s defense held whenever the Rams threatened to score. Dick Braun shot off tackle for an eleven yard counter. Aggie Bob Rol- lins scored the Ags ' other touchdown in a five yard spurt. This was the Rams ' third straight defeat. Kirk Hinderlider, End I - 248 Bill Tavener, Center End of the line T L " - Jim Carlson, Center MM34 ftrigkant young 12 Alex Burl sparked the Aggies to a 34-12 victory over BYU by scoring once in the second, third and fourth quarters. Burl scored his first tally in a 61-yard sprint. Bob Rollins passed to Jim Scavar- da for a touchdown, and Al Dorsey sprinted 26 yards for the other score. The Aggies ' speed and depth proved too much for the Cougars, and the Rams, after losses to Montana and Utah State, won their third game of the season. Braun scores from the one Gary Glick, Fullback Al Dorsey, Halfback ■RHHI Which way do I go now? John Akey, Guard 249 Kay Dalton, End Nobody ' s slopping me! Kalpli Long, End Utak35-AkMi4 Utah ' s conference champion Redskins had too much power for Colorado A M as they rolled over the Aggies by a 35-14 count. They started early when they marched 73 yards down the field for a first period touchdown. Again in the sec- ond quarter they scored on a drive that started on their own 24-yard line. The Utes picked up two more scores before the Aggies finally found pay-dirt. Bill Peters rambled 76 yards to the Redskin 4 and scored two plays later. Alex Burl and Bob Rollins led the drive for a second Ram score before Utah ' s Don Rydalch threw a 40-yard touchdown pass to close out the scoring. Loren Reid, Tackle 250 Reid Graves, Tackle The lull before the storm Joe Mohorcich, Fullback Enroute to trouble AkM 9 ftew Mexico 3 Underdog Aggies broke a 3-3 tie in the final minutes of the game to hand New Mexico a 9-3 loss. With the Rams leading for three and a half quarters, New Mexico tied the game with a field goal by the Lobo ' s Ray Guerette. Fired by this turn of the game, the Aggies then opened a 72 yard drive to paydirt and ultimate victory. Gary Glick, voted the game ' s most outstanding back, scored all the Rams ' nine points to spark A M to its fourth win of the season. I 5 |V y Tom Shalla, End Bryan Hoffner, Tackle Too many Lobos Gary Sanders, End 251 CU takes home trophy Holland Moore, Guard Phil Plutt, Center Robert Zancanelli, Guard Colorado 13 £kM 7 Colorado A M ' s man power fell short in the final quarter as the Buffaloes came from behind to beat the Ags in their final 1 953 contest 13-7. A M suprprised CU early in the game by mark- ing up the only score made in the first half to lead 7-0. Bob Rollins led the drive and dashed eight yards through the middle for the Ags ' only tally. A M fought hard to hold on to their lead in the second half, but the Buffs ' depth proved too much for the Rams; and CU broke into the lead in the fourth quarter to win the game. 252 Stener Carlson, Fullback The masked marvel is off around end J tosh football Although Coach Julius Wagner ' s frosh football team was unable to win any of its games there were several players who played good football and will be fine prospects for next year ' s Varsi- ty squad. In their firrst game the young Rams were defeated by a good CU frosh team backed by two powerful fullbacks. The Ram yearlings were edged by the Wyoming frosh 13-6 in their second game. The frosh next tackled a very tough DU freshman team in their third game and suf- fered their third defeat. Their record was not brilliant, but the freshmen always had the will to win and displayed the Aggie spirit. You wouldn ' t dare tackle me! GtttttI Rumba, anyone? 253 T asketball In his fourth season at A M Coach Bill Strannigan led his team into the school ' s first Skyline Conference Basketball Championship. Stratinigan ' s three seniors, Dennis Stuehni, Bob Bet , and Stan 1 ' ivie, were freshmen when Bill came to A M from l.oveland High School, and the rest of the S(|iiad with the exception of Boh Cates, a transfer from Wyoming, have played all their collegiate basketball under Strannigan. The Aggie coach began his college career at Colorado U., where he was an all-conference performer. He then transferred to Wyoming L ' ., where he was an All-American pick in 1940. Bill played several years of AAL 1 basketball with the Denver Nnggets and Continental Airlines, and again was outstanding. Bill was also in the navy from 1942 to 1945 coaching and playing on some lop navy teams. Coach Bill Strannigan Back Row: Bartran, Sweitzer, Kinard, Stone. Vande rlioof. Wheeler. Second Row: Betz, Savoini, I ' ivic, Bryant, Cates. Front Row: Caylor, Hihhard, Coach Strannigan, Stuehni, Gregory. 254 I , K5« ■Im4 ' it ■ 5 £ p, t j», and Away basketball Dennis Stttehm, Senior The 1953-54 edition i f I he Aggie basketball (earn was one of the Ix ' si iii the history of the school. Compiling an outstanding season s record of 22 wins and 7 losses, these men wive the school its first conference championship. At the end of the sea- son ihey played in die NCAA championships at Corvallis, Ore- gon, Inil were defeated by a tall Santa (Mara team. The team slarled their season fast, winning six in a row before losing to Iowa of die big Ten. They had a perfect home record of 12 wins and no losses, and a commendable 10-7 record on the road, which is not loo had. considering the fact lhat they played such powerhouses as Iowa and Seattle. Bob Retz, Senior Stan Piric, Senior Ballet on the basketball floor starring " Dennis the Menace " 255 Hal Kinard, Junior Basketball For the first time in history, Aggies copped the Skyline basket- hall championship with a 12 won, 2 lost conference record. Though they were expected to finish no better than third or fourth in this year ' s race, the Aggies would not be beaten and in many games rallied to win in the final minutes. Three men, Dennis Stuehm, Bob Betz, and Hal Kinard rated places on all- conference teams. Stuehm led the league in rebounds and was second in scoring. The Rams beat every team in the conference at least once, losing only to Utah State and Wyoming. Clark Vanderhoof, Junior Ron Caylor, Junior Utah State , Deimr I , Montana I IMSu fjoagl Utah U . . . BrijnaniW Deiwrl Utah U . . Bri ' hani j 256 Bartran surrounded by Pokes — T- 1 ■ llNMti 1 Denny pulls a sneaky Conference Record A M New Mexico U 51 77 Montana U 50 73 Utah State 60 68 Denver U 51 62 New Mexico U 60 67 Montana U 64 67 Utah State 64 58 Wyoming U 43 47 Utah U 62 66 Brigham Young U 76 77 Denver U 45 58 Utah U 66 70 Brigham Young U 69 71 Wyoming U 52 44 Bill Bartran. Junior basketball Jack Bryant, Sophomore Bob Cates, Junior Head and shoulders above the rest 257 Ik Jim Savoini, Sophomore basketball h must be up there somewhere Colorado College 41 Colorado College 28 Colorado U 44 Regis 62 Colorado State 55 Drake U 64 Iowa U 72 Iowa State 57 Portland U 62 Seattle U 80 Seattle U 72 Colorado State 56 Regis 52 Santa Clara U 73 Idaho State 62 Leonard Gregory, Junior ' . : • pJW! WnamlTailPli ' A M 67 66 54 77 76 68 55 65 102 74 57 68 64 50 57 Gary Hibbard, Sophomore j - x j l -i t§ ' dfc OMBt ; x ' 8S M • Uk 5S f«|?j I • vifedt 258 Betz strikes a familiar pose Jrosh basketball Plagued l y midseason coaching changes, the Aggie freshman basket- ball team was slow in getting organized, but in their late season games they showed great improvement. Don Scothorn started the season as coach, but left at the end of fall quarter. Mark Duncan took over shortly after the start of winter quarter as the team wound up with a two win, seven loss season record. A comparatively small team physically, they had to make up for their lack of height with hustle and aggressiveness. Promising players on this squad included George Stuehm, Bill Keller, Bob Brookshire, Joe Motheral, Andy Simon, and Tad Pfister. Coach Mark C. Duncan a Rack Row: Brandenburg, Brown, Baldwin, Ebert. Second Row: Brookshire, Simon, Monlgornery, Fortuna. Front Row: Motheral, Stuehm, Pratt, Toland, Keller. 259 tcstl ' mg Coaching the Aggie wrestlers for ihe 28th consecutive year was Julius F. " Hans " Wagner. An outstanding football player and top wrestler in the conference while a student at A M, Wagner has compiled a remarkable record as coach. Mis inatmen have won 24 conference championships, while lieing with Wyoming for the title last year. In the fall. Wagner coaches the freshman football team. Assisting Wagner with the wrestling team is Don " Tuffy " Mullison, also a former football and wrestling great at Aggies, and now line coach for the football team. Coach Julius F. Wagner Hack Row: Holland, Reid, Ashbaugh, Peters, Marshall, Broughton, Bossi, McNatt, Gee, Coach Wagner. Second Row: Lewis, Wirtz, Wheeler, Lockwood, Sniff, Porter, Hoff, Tucker, Day, Coach Mullison. from Row: Weitzel, Hubbard, Polite, Gaskill, Datteri, Clegg, Whilmore, Ray, Shader, Weinhold. 260 ' toll. Dan Sniff— 157 lbs. Coach Wagner guides team to 24th Wrestling Championship Wrestling After winning four matches and the Colorado University Invitational tourney and losing only two matches, the Aggie wrestling team con- cluded a very successful season hy sweeping to an overwhelming vic- tory in the Skyline Conference championship. They started the season off by scoring an upset victory in the CU Invitational against CU, Wyo- ming U, and Colorado State. In winning this, the Aggies look (our first and four second places. On succeeding week ends, they defeated Colo- rado U, Wyoming U, Colorado Mines, and Colorado State, before losing matches to strong teams from Oklahoma U and Oklahoma A M. In winning the conference championship, the Ram matmen took five firsts, three seconds, and one third out of the nine weights. Delbert Lockwood — 147 lbs. OK coach, where do 1 go from here? Bob Datteri—137 lbs. 261 Loren Reid—191 lbs. Hack Row: Marshall, Reid, Holland, Broughton, Coach Wagner. Front Row: Lockwood, Datteri, Day, Coach Mullison. Wrestling The 1954 NCAA Wrestling Tournament was held at the University of Oklahoma at Norman. Coach Julius Wagner took seven men to the meet this year. They included Ron Day 130 lbs., Bob Datteri 137 lbs., Delbert Lockwood 147 lbs., Harold Broughton 167 lbs., Bob Marshall 177 lbs., Loren Reid 191 lbs., and Willis Holland, heavyweight. Dan Sniff, 157 lb. runner-up last year, was forced to withdraw due to an ankle injury. Delbert Lockwood, 147 lb, conference champion, led the Ags as he wrestled his way into the semi-finals where he was de- feated by Thompson of Oklahoma A M. Lockwood and Broughton then wrestled in the consolation bracket but both lost out. The other Ag matmen displayed fine wrestling techniques but were defeated after winning several matches. Willis Holland — heavyweight 262 Ron Day— 130 lbs. Tennis anyone? . i SX9 Bob Marshall— 177 lbs. Wrestling Conference Meet Colo A M, March 5-6 Team Score Colo A M 50 Wyoming U 34 Brigham Young U 14 UtahU 13 Utah State 12 Denver U 7 New Mexico U 2 Conference Champs 123 lbs Bob Koyce— Wyoming U 130 lbs Ron Day— Colo A M 137 lbs Bob Datteri— Colo A M 147 lbs Delbert Lockwood— Colo A M 157 lbs Bob Boi-muth— Wyoming U 167 lbs Bob Hockley— Wyoming U 1 77 lbs Fred Draayer — Utah U 191 lbs Loren Reid— Colo A M Heavyweights Willis Holland — Colo A M Keith Shader—123 lbs. If hat kind oj a hold do you call that? 263 Ron Lewis — 157 lbs. Wrestling Team Place A M Colorado U Boulder 9 15 Wyoming U Laramie 9 18 Colorado Mines Ft. Collins 36 Oklahoma U Norman, Okla 17 8 Oklahoma A M . . . Stillwater, Okla 22 5 Colorado State Greeley 9 17 Denver U Denver 11 26 r 4 1 1 AMLd L f V . 400 ' " ' Bl J iff. 1 B B ■ Takes two to tangle Coach Mark Dui j ik iniifW- ■ .iDiiinj of ll • jipsinlktiniiA pies of ike » Tom Porter — 7.57 lbs. 1 1 A 1 264 Dont just stand there with the whistle in your mouth George Clegg — ISO lbs. -r aseball Coach Mark Duncan ' s baseball squad, hampered by inexperience in the infield, had a mediocre season. The Ram sluggers won 4 and lost 10. Eleven lettermen answered Duncan ' s call at the be- ginning of the season, but the majority of these men were outfield- ers, so that Coach Duncan had to bring in outfielders to plug up the gaps in the infield. The Ag nine shone the brightest in its last two games of the season when it clubbed DU 18-6 and 8-7. Don Mul- lison assisted Coach Duncan this past season. Coach Mark Duncan Back Row: Coach Mullison, Goodson, Callahan, Rollins, Felte, Hergert, Urich, Jacobshagen, Jones, Coach Duncan. Front Row: Kough, Pivic, Sisson, Harper, Goll, Patrick, Fuhr, Mohorcich. 265 Chuck Jones, Injielder Welcome home, Joe T % Jck v ff 2 JH 7 ■ • « T M " il A Bob Urich, Injielder Joe Mohorcich, Outfielder Conference baseball After a very slow start, the Colorado A M base- ball team caught fire late in the season to edge Den- ver University out of third place in the eastern di- vision of the Skyline Conference. By winning their final game of the season from DU 8 to 7 in 10 inn- ings, the Aggies finished with a three won, seven lost conference record. New Mexico won the eastern division title with a 10-2 record but lost to Utah U. the Skyline title. Bob Rollins, Joe Mohorcich and Jerry Callahan paced the Aggie hitters, while Dutch Kough and Leon Vann were the most consistent pitchers for the Ram nine. You ' re out! M fetf Buck Rollins, Catcher baseball A M Lowry 7 4 Lowry 3 5 Colorado U 11 1 New Mexico 12 10 New Mexico 4 3 Colorado U 17 2 Wyoming U 4 3 Wyoming U 10 6 New Mexico 16 4 New Mexico 12 6 Wyoming U 9 6 Wyoming U 3 11 Denver U 6 18 Denver U 7 8 And it ' s Rollins into third Stan Pivic, Infielder Dutch Kough, Pitcher Careful, Ron! Tom Patrick, Outfielder Safe by a mile Chuck Goll, Pitcher Baseball When the A M basehall club opened its 1953 campaign the majority of the roster were underclassmen. Coach Duncan had lettermen in Don Boice, Ken Harper, Chuck Jones, Dutch Kough, Joe Mohorcich, Stan Pivic, Tom Patrick, Bob Rollins, Ron Sisson, Bob Urich, and Leon Vann. Some non-lettermen who played good ball were Jerry Callahan, John Fuhr, Don Headlee, Robert Jacobshagen, Chuck Goll, Harold Felte, Jim Chrispen, and Don Hergert. The Ram nine played some good baseball in all of their games, but just couldn ' t push across the winning runs at the right times. 268 Bob Jacobshagen, Injielder I spy! Coach Joe Tobiska Back Row: Boyd, Hurry, McNatt, Coach Tobiska, Preisser, Mark, Landgraf. Front Row: Snider, Baum, Patterson, Jensen, Feucht. tf .-- fk S - M Gymnastics The Colorado A M gymnastics team. al ly guided by the veteran coach Joe Tobiska, met such lough competition that it was able to win only one of five meets this year. This year ' s team lacked depth, hut Dick Hanm, Chet I ' reisser, Jim Feucht. Rod Snider. Jim Hurry, Orville McNatt, Dave Patterson, and Wayne Shortridge enabled tlie Ags to make a good showing. Dick Baum. senior letterman, proved to be the most consistent point getter in winning on the horse and placing in the horizontal and parallel bar competition. Rod Snider looked very good in scoring on the paral- lel bar in several meets. In tumbling Orville McNatt was A M ' s best participant. Don ' t be half safe Colorado State .... 61 1 ; Colorado U 60 1 , Denver U 42 4 Colorado State .... 52 Denver U 37 A M 341 j 35Vo 441 2 42 59 Feet up, pat him on the ■ 269 i Back Row: Webber, Riddell, Flowers, Lyons, Hinderlider, Ehrlich, Gregory, Long, Mitchell. Second Row: Coach McHone, German, Sniff, Hartman, Crumpacker, Watt, Dodge, M. Sackschewsky, Os- borne, Davies. Front Row: Mikkelson, Hoff. Achziger, Pitcher. Eades. Dorsev. Burl. Sorrell. Miller. Coach Vern McHone 1 Zraek The Aggie trackmen, powerful in every event, swept through all their meets and again repeated as Skyline Conference and Rocky Mountain AAU Champions. Alex Burl and Gor- don Riddell gave sparkling performances in lead- ing the Ags in this successful season. Sorrell, Crumpacker and Eades led the Ag hurdlers, while Pitcher and Achziger controlled the weights. Dor- sey, Hinderlider, Miller and the Sackschewsky brothers covered the distances, Long and Lyons were the boys in the high jump and Mikkelson and Flowers competed in the broad jump. These men scored many points but they were also backed by other capable point getters, namely German, Hartman, Osborne, Hoff, Ehrlich, and Dodge. CU Invitational No totals CU Relays A M 16; Lowry AFB 14; CU 12. Rocky Mountain AAU Track and Field Meet A M 75%; Lowt 7 AFB 35% ; Wyo 26 1 ,. Eastern Skyline Division Track and Field Meet A M 131; Wyo 50; New Mexico 23. Skyline Conference Track and Field Meet A M 62; Utah 42; BYU 34%. 270 Ram timbertoppers IF 1 r XL The fastest man in the conference Bottoms up! Zrack In the all important Skyline Conference track and field meet the Aggies had far too much bal- ance for the rest of the teams and retained their title with 62 points. The cindermen scored four first places, one less than Utah, but scored heavi- ly in other places. Alex Burl was the only double winner in the meet by virtue of his brilliant per- formances in the 100 and 220 yard dashes. Alex was a streak: he pounded over the 100 yard cind- ers in 9.5 seconds to equal the conference mark but his record was not allowed because of the back wind. The other A M first place winners were Gordon Riddell, who won pole vault at 13 feet 6 inches and Bill Flowers, who won broad jump with a leap of 23 feet 7 inches. The track- men also picked up seven second places and many thirds, fourths, and fifths to win the meet by a margin of 14 2 points. Alex wins anotker sprint Duals A M Wyoming 40 73 Wyoming 37 97 Wyoming 28 74% DU 4y 2 Cross Country Wyoming Invitational CU; Wyoming. CU Triangular CU 16; A M 28; Wyoming 40. Stalwarts of the track team 271 Coach Glen Gausman Norman Malm, George Howe, Jim Urich, Jim Phelps, Paul Jensen M What a folloiv-lhrough! Scores Wyoming 2 ' 2 New Mexico 4 New Mexico 31 2 Colorado U 17 Wyoming 2 New Mexico 3 Denver U 3 Denver U 4 Colorado U 11% New Mexico 10 1 -. Under the able coaching of Glen Gausman, the 1953 A M linksmen had a fair season. The team consisted of Jim Phelps, Paul Jensen, Jim Urich, George Howe, and Norman Malm. Phelps was consistently the team ' s top point getter with Urich providing some surprising wins. In a three-way meet at Colorado University, the link- sters defeated both CU and New Mexico. The Rams placed fifth of eight in the Colorado Col- lege Invitational which featured some of the top golf teams in the country. 272 Howe takes aim WJ Manager Richard Shen Soccer Who ' ll gel there first? m MM -:■■ h mVk P -•: m I I Villon ■ fcColmfcl MW ' After an absence of two years, soccer has come back to the Aggie athletic department. The Cos- mopolitan Club had previously sponsored the team, but this year Athletic Director Bob Davis has given full support to the team. Members of the team were almost entirely students from India, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, New Zealand, and Germany. The Ags participated in a league con- sisting of teams from DU, CU, Colorado College, and Colorado Mines. It was Mines which emerged as league champions. Haluk Furtun, possibly the outstanding player in the region, and team captain Madan Rana were selected to play on the league all-star team against the Denver All-Stars, consisting of members from the Indus- trial League in Denver. The Ag kickers will com- pete again this spring. Rack Row: Hann, Mynarski. Third Row: Mahayni, Tamimi, Martinez. Second Row: Toma, Azar, Dunhar. Front Row: Kana, Shen, Khan. CU 2 CU 3 DU Mines 3 Mines 3 CC 4 A M 3 2 2 2 2 Crazy, mixed-up legs 273 Coach Strannigan, Olson, Dalton, Flint, Stewart, Hunt, Hudson, Speiser Coach Bill Strannigan (J - Now if 1 can only hit it Scores f M Colo. Mines Colo. Mines 7 won by forfeit 2 New Mexico 6 New Mexico 9 Colo. State 4 5 Wyoming New Mexico 7 7 2 2 New Mexico 9 Wyoming Colo. State 7 2 2 7 Zennis Though their record was not too impressive, Coach Bill Strannigan ' s 1953 tennis team improved greatly and showed good prospects for the 1954 season. The Aggie netmen compiled a season ' s record of two wins and eight losses in dual meets but did not place in the conference championship meet. The University of Utah won the conference, while Denver University and Brigham Young tied for second. Members of Coach Strannigan ' s squad included Dick Phillips, Joe Stewart, Keith Dunn, Kay Dalton, Clive Tillotson, Dave War- den, and Nick Jamison, all of whom will be back for the 1954 campaign. t ink I sored by I line compel d ■ ' ■ nk if Dun I ■- . and in the JotaL ' Oti iitkiew team inch We Ml) kuKirsi and the atClimai over CC, I 274 Stewart serves a sizzler CT Coach John Olive Back Row: Moreliead, Karst, Coach Olive, Gallagher, Elken. Front Row: Melani, Dismuke, Painter. Skiing M ■ ■ rffMl JMakeklst » I nam ilwastt «tm«fCotdi khnit, wittwlir- AkULk of m ■■»• " Colorado A M ' s 1954 ski team, again spon- sored by Dr. John Olive, ran into some very fine competition in DU and CU but through hard work on the sponsor ' s and the team ' s part they made respectable showings in all their meets. Don Dismuke was the leader of this year ' s team and in the DU Invitational Tourney defeated John L ' Orange, Denver ' s NCAA slalom champ, in that event. Other seasoned performers on the team included Chuck Painter, Jack Morehead, Dale Gallagher, Arnie Melani, Bob Elken, and Kent Karst. Late in the season the Ag slatmen and the Colorado Mines team sponsored a meet at Climax in which the A M skiers triumphed over CC, Regis, and Mines. Even the camera couldn ' t stop this guy 275 Back Row: Smith, Seawell, Trumpe, Coach Tompkin. Killgore, Robinson. Second Row: Allen, Jackson, Sharpe, Bast. Front Row: Ernst, Chambers, Babcock, Gould. Eastern Division Denver U 123 Colo A M 119 Wyoming U 39 Coach Tommy Tompkin Swimming Coach Tommy Tompkins ' Aggie tankmen dived and stroked their way to another successful sea- son winning 6 meets, tieing 2, and losing only 2. Graduating seniors Bill Ernst, Bill Gould, Boh Babcock, and Ken Chambers, along with under- classmen Don Jackson, Al Sharp, Charles Smith, Boh Allen, Lee Bast, Dick Trumpe, Al Seawell, and Bill Robinson, accounted for the fine season which ended with the Aggie team second in the conference behind DU. Bill Ernst, co-captain of this year ' s squad, was a standout, especially in the individual medley. Ken Chambers, Al Sharpe, and Bill Gould stroked for the Ags in the splints. In the Colorado Mines meet Bob Allen, scrappy competitor from Denver, won his speci- alty — the 200 yard backstroke — in the fine time of 2:28.7 for a new school record. In finishing second in the conference, the tankmen maintained Coach Tompkins ' record of not finishing lower than third in his 28 years at A M. 276 What you need is a Snorkel I ■Mali — What, no water? Another victory for the tankmen Swimming A M 1 30 62 . 35 49 . 42 42 . 42 42 . 32 52 Colorado Mines . 40 52 Nebraska U . 35 48 . 47 37 k. . 37 47 Denver U 53 31 % . m . 4r4 E BHi ' ,M V i % . i • • 4£ »«?i Igs (op backstrokers showing their stuff Conference Denver U 108 Colo A M 92 Montana U 53 Utah U 33 Wyoming U 17 New Mexico U 10 Utah State 3 On your mark, gel set — oops — SPLASH! 277 kl Cheerleaders Jackie Guenin, Mickey Janitell, Lou Guilliams, Punky Baldwin, Marv Horst, Nancy Garfield, Pat Clute. Pepperettes Pat O ' Neill, Jean Parker, Ann Hermes, Marg McCall, Marlene Koehler, Barbara McConnell. 278 Bo Cowel — Intramural Director Where do I go from here? Jntramurals Under the very capable intramural manager, Bo Cowel, the Intramural Sports program again func- tioned smoothly. Although no new sports were added this year. Bo, with the help of his Intramural Council, offers a diversified program so that all men who wish to participate can find a sport to their choosing. As usual, team enthusiasm and rivalry were at their great- est; the fraternities and Independents battled it out for the numerous coveted championships in an intramural program which is among the best organized in the country. ± 5 L Determination plus Me and Yogi 279 Oh catch it before it jails Jail Jntramurals In tlu- very busy fall quarter intramiiials Sl ' K emerged the winner with 347 points. The In- ileans. ranked No. 2. compiled a record of 241. The Independent cliainps in touch foot I tall were Wolfpack. with Sig E|i being the fraternity champs. In the campus playoff Wolfpack de- feated Sl ' K. Cagelmll was the other major spoil of the quarter, and again Sig E|i defeated all fra- ternity opponents and the independent champ In- deans to take this title. Helens. AVMA. defeated Windsor, SAE, to cop the horseshoe singles cham- pionship. The golf playoffs were won by Gaus- man. AVMA. with Saunders. Sl ' K. coining ill second. Sl ' K dominated handball singles, as Doiid defeated l ' reisser. SAE, for the title. Brown and Olson, unattached, teamed together to beat the I ' lielps-Klnlicli combination to win tennis doubles. 280 Takes two to hit that ball! ' ■: .III In a program of basketball, bowling, swimming, skiing, and wrestling, the Sig Eps again dominat- ed winter quarter intramurals. SPE completed an undefeated season by beating Green Wave, the Independent champs, for the campus basket- ball championship. FarmHouse was runner-up for the fraternity title while Green Wave edged AVMA for Independent honors. The bowling championship went to the Lambda Chis, who trounced Sigma Nu for the fraternity title and AVMA for campus laurels. Stocker with three firsts led SPE to the intramural swimming meet title, with Theta Chi paddling in second. SAE and AGR finished first and second in the skiing meet, although Truss, unattached, and Pence, AVMA, sailed away with individual honors. Sig- ma Nu with 42 points edged SPE with 35 to win the wrestling championship with titles in the 149, 156, and 175 lb. divisions. Sig E[) ' s winning ball club Two coming up 281 That was a good one Spring Jntramurals Spring quarter intramurals, which included soft- ball, volleyball, track, tennis, singles, horseshoe doubles, badminton singles and doubles, and handball doubles, were won by AVMA, with the Sig Eps close behind. AVMA beat the Sig Eps to win the softball championship. Sigma Nu John- son edged Lowe, AVMA, for the tennis singles title, and the Simon-David combination won the handball doubles for SPE. Bowles and Dekleva, Phi Delts, defeated Drager and Kennedy, IA, to win horseshoe doubles. In badminton singles Rana, competing for Braiden Hall, defeated Ben- nett, SAE, as Cushing and McGraw were edging Glick and Hudson of Green Wave for badminton doubles crown. The Sig Eps outdistanced the field to win the track meet. As the 1952-53 intra- mural season closed, Sig Eps had won the al sports trophy with 854 points over runner-up AVMA ' s 674. 282 Intramural timber toppers Mead of Women ' $ Sports Miss Elizabeth Jorbes Athletic Instructors Miss Kathleen Hettig, Miss Elizabeth Forbes, Miss Virginia Frank. 283 I liip Watch out. pin boy! Women ' s htramurals 284 didn ' t slip, f wasn ' t pushed, fell! fit Sports Day Hockey Team W.AA- Hoard President Donna I.amh Vice-President Janet Haennelt Secretary Pat Clute Sponsor Miss Virginia Frank The Women ' s Athletic Association sponsors women ' s intramurals and promotes good sportsmanship among Aggie girls. Members participate in various women ' s sports and earn letters and other awards. ■ MH i. I l Back Row: Schumacher, Wadlow, Osliorn, Scliafer, Morris, F.wahl. Third Row: Vagneur, Barczewski, Morgan, Tucker, Stiles. Second Row: Majors, Austin, Bakke, Schneider. Front Row: Chile, Haennelt, Lamli, Miss Virginia Frank, Belier. 285 Dig those cr-r-razy spiders! Orchesis President Pat Clute Secretary Ann Lowry Treasurer Ann Lowry Sponsor Miss Hettig 0 r J « if Orchesis, the modern dance club on campus, is open to all girls having a " C " average and who can pass a try-out test. The girls learn the styles and techniques of modern dance. Each year the group composes and presents a dance recital. 5m F •F Back Row: Gayle Elkins, Phyllis Feucht, Pat Clute, Barbara McConnell, Ann Lowry, Carleen Zimmerer, Jackie Guenin. Front Raw: Pat Brunell, Harriet McNeal, Jean Graham, Carol Adsit, Maryanne Weirich, Kendal Andrews, Connie Johnson. 286 Stars of the Swan Show Swan Club President Beverly Rushton Vice-President Bev Bond Secretary Liz Rose Sponsor Miss Kay Hetti» Swan Club provides aquatic enjoyment for all women who have a " C " average and can pass a specified swimming test. The members sponsor a swimming meet in which various women ' s organizations on cam- pus participate. They also put on a water show in the spring. Back Row: Benson, Wilcox, Chase, Parker, Priebe, Lilsey, Rees, Osboin, Hansen, Adsil, Looney. Second Row: Bakke, O ' Neill, Janitell, Braun, LeBaron, Lough, Foster, Bole, Evans, Aslier, Belier, Prewitt. Front Roiv: Rose, Bainhill, Bassett, Johnston, Buek, Rushton, Davis, White, Jack, Miss Kay Hettig. 287 Senior Class Back Row: Treasurer, Jim Phelps; Vice-President, Bob Bryant Front Row: President, Bob Vasey; Secretary, Bev Rushton. junior Class Back Row: Treasurer, Bill Tavener; Vice-President, John Big- bee. Front Row: President, Jerry Anderson; Secretary, Louise Tur- pin. 290 TW J Sophomore Class Back Row: Treasurer, Boh Hoff; Secretary, Mary Jo Green. Front Row: President, Gene Stanko; Vice-President, Joyce Smartt. ■tern freshman Class Back Row: Vice-President, Bill Hunt; Treasurer, Rusty Wil- kins. Front Row: Secretary, Marlene Allen; President, Ray Reed. 291 President of Kappa Alpha Theta, capable DORIS JOHNSON still finds time for other concerns: TIO. AWS Council, Counselettes, Omicron Nu, and the WAA Tennis Team. Tall, soft-spoken ED MOTT presided over Livestock Club and Alpha Gamma Rho this year. A member of the senior livestock judging team, Ed was arena chair- man of College Days last year. -C-T-- enior Class ' 292 Adooek, Jerry Ft. Collins— VM Alexander, Donald Longmont — F Barker, Joan M. Ft. Collins — TC Bartholic, Robert Denver — A Pr Alexander, Loren Sedalia — AH Allan, Bruce P. Dallas, Tex. — Ag Ec Allen, John V. Craig — Gen Ag Allen, Leonard B. Craig — Gen Ag Allison, Carl T. Wheat Ridge— GS Allison, Thomas 0. Grand Junction — E E Almquist, Carl A. Denver — GS Amend, Dale N. Rocky Ford — Gen Ag Seniors Baum, Richard A. Pueblo— LCM Beament, Arthur Ft. Collins— VM Amidon, Elliot L. Washington, D. C.—FM Anderson, Chester Aspen — GM Andresen, Fred R. El Paso, Tex.—FU Asahina, Oscar K. Honolulu, T. H.—A Pr Asher, Janet Lee Rroomjield—OT Babcock, Robert E. Denver — M Bachman, Eugene Golden — CE Baker, Robert C. Grand Junct. — CE Bakke, Kathryn Denver — PE Ball, Wayne E. Rriggsdale — Voc A Barber, William D. Denton, Mont. — VM Barger, Richard L. Wichita, Kans. — Ph Key to abbreviations will be found on page 365. 293 Beck, Wineva J. Las Animas — FN Beil, Glenn N. Hotchkiss — GS Belier, Shirley A. Rocky Ford—OT Benson, Vance D. Morristown, S. D. — AH Berg, Mary Jane Sterling — Voc HE Berling, Robert L. Broomjield — CE Bierhaus, Gene Ft. Collins— VM Bigelow, L. Edwin Rochester, Minn. — Ec Binkley, Virgil Glenwood Sprs. — FM Birdsall, Larry Morrill, Nebr.—A Pr Blach, Harold B. Yuma — A Pr Blackstone, Hulie Durango — AH Blanc, Harold Denver — VM Blevins, Verla L. Grand Junct. — TC Bond, Beverly Ann Denver — GS Bowden, William A. Ft. Collins— LCM Bond, Robert Corona, N. M.—VM Boulter, Robert C. Greeley — Agr Bowden, Cecil E. Ft. Collins— LCM BOB BRYANT knows his livestock: he has been a member of Livestock and Rodeo Clubs four years, and is on the rodeo team. This versatile Teke writes for the COLLEGIAN too. Sheepskin Seekers Bradley, Tom Brant, Buck S. Breeze, Carl Ray Denver — Hist Santa Cruz, Calif. — A Pr Kremmling — GS , ' ■ ' 294 ■ ' • : " ' -:-E. Brewer, Wallace D. McCoy — AH Brewer, Zaek B. Casper, Wyo. — EE Brigham, Larue E. Washington, D. C.—FN Coan, James V. Delta— CE Cogburn, Ray Dean Gilcreat — Cen Ag Cook, Vivian M. Manzanola — TC Brooksby, Wendell Ft. Collins— VM Brown, Bob Paul Ft. Collins — Eng Brown, Delbert T. Ft. Collins—A Pr Brown, George Ft. Collins— VM Brown, James W. Loveland — Ec Brown, Phyllis J. Ft. Collins — GS Brown, Richard J. Eaton — Gen Ag Bryant, Bobbie R. Evergreen — A Pr Bull, E. Jean Cedaredge — Voc HE Burford, William Ft. Collins— VM Burkepile, Diane Colo. Springs — Soc Burman, Barbara L. Ault — GS Burnett, Marvin P. Englewood — Z Cooley, Jeanne B. Denver — Voc HE Caldwell, John D. Ft. Collins — Poul Pr Campbell, Tom D. Dickens, Nebr. — Gen Ag Carlson, Arnold White Butte, S. Dak.—GS Carlson, Folke Ft. Collins— VM Carlson, Ralph Arlington, N. J. — A Pr Carlson, Stener J. White Butte, S. Dak.—GS Carmichael, Lawrence Grand Junct. — Voc Ag Carter, Everette Ft. Collins — Bad Carver, Harold 1. Altadena, Calij. — Ag Ec Caywood, Shirley Sidney, Nebr.— HE Chase, Bonnie R. Walsenburg — Soc Chrispen, James L. Eaton — Gen Ag Claudson, Bill D. Ft. Collins — Mu Clute, Patricia L. Rocky Ford — PE y l Seniors 295 Cramer, Patricia Denvei — FN Croft, Donald C. Avery, Tex. — Ent Currie, Gary R. Council Blujjs, la. — Hist Dameron, D. Delaine Pueblo— GS Davis, James R. St. Louis, Mo. — F M Dazey, Earl L. Ft. Collins — Gen Ag De Ruse, Joseph Phoenix, Ariz. — D Pr Dickman, D. Marie Penrose — GS Dismuke, Donald M. Steamboat Sprs. — CE Doing, Keith Ft. Collins— VM Dorsey, Alvin L. Eaton — A Pr Drager, Robert A. La Porte — I A Drager, Ronald W. La Porte— ME Duke, Vernon L. Rockville Centre, N. Y.—LCM Dunn, Eleanor J. Lakewood — PE Echeverria, Roy Ft. Collins— VM " 1 i Dutton, Howard M. Dybing, Joan R. Eades, Alan G. Strool, S. Dak.—FM Benkelman, Nebr.—Voc HE Ft. Collins— C T10 and Delta Delia Delta both list BEV BOND as their president. Her other activities include Military Sponsors, WAA, Ski Club, and Swan Club. Mgust Agg ' s Edwards, William Chicago, III. — CE Ehrlich, Richard Colo. Springs — PE Ellis, John Ft. Collins— VM mi 296 . Ericson, Bernard Denver — A Pr Erling, Donald M. Bismarck, N. Dak — CE Ermel, Eldon C. Fountain — ME Ernst, William H. Kirkwood, Mo. — GS Folger, John E. Bellvue—A Pr Frank, Vemie J. Sterling— PE Fraser, G. Bruce ft. Collins— A Pr Fritzler, Myron Ft. Collins— A Pr Erwine, Wright H. Evanston, III. — Hort Eskanos, Robert Denver — Ag E Evans, Janice M. Lakewood — FN Evison, Boyd Falls Chuch, Va.—F Ewald, Elinor R. Lead, S. Dak.— HE Farnham, Dorothy Ft. Collins — Z Felte, Harold L. Windsor— A Pr Fenner, William M. Ft. Collins— FM Finnell, Larry M. Ft. Collins— Fish M Gallagher, Dale Grand Junct. — FM Gardels, Keith D. Loveland — Ph Gately, John P. Colo. Springs — GS Gausman, Glen Ft. Collins— VM Gay, Lloyd W. College Station, Texas. — FR German, Calvin K. Cozad, Nebr.—AH Fletcher, Harlan Beaver City, Nebr. — Gen Ag Fletcher, Louis A. Sedalia — A Pr Foley, Charlene Ft. Collins— Bact Getz, Melvin E. Monte Vista — A Pr Gilmer, W. Scott Gunnison — A Pr Goldsberry, Kenneth Goodenberger, P. Goodson, Thomas P. Graham, Elizabeth Colo. Springs— Hort McCook,Nebr.—Eng Ft. Collins— PE Vona—FN Giro, Laura J. ft. Collins— Mu Godden, William Ft. Collins— VM Seniors 191 298 Graves, L. Jean Wheatland, Wyo.—PE Gray, Robert W. Manistee, Mich. — A Pr Green, Russell Ft. Collins— VM Grisham, Arlene Model— FN Gross, Henry A. Irvington, N. J. — GS Guenin, Jacqueline Julesburg — GS Gunderson, Jack Wheat Ridge— GS Hadley, John W. Ft. Collins— VM Haennelt, Janet Pueblo— PE Hagen, Arthur F. Armour, S. Dak. — Ent Hall, Clifford N. Denver — ME Hall, Janice M. Port Washington, N. Y. VocHE Hall, Shirley Denver — RA Halstead, Marlene Sioux Falls, S. Dak. — M Halterman, Betty Bellevue, Nebr.—OT JIM PHELPS is known for his speaking ability. He also finds time for golf, in which he took the Skyline Conference individual championship. Organizer of the Student Traffic Committee, he is treasurer of the Senior Class too. ' Decrepit Dudes Hann, Richard C. Hardy, John L. Harrison, Stanley Hartsaw, David R. Chatham, N. Y.—D Pr West Haven, Conn.— AH Bedrock— PE Logan, W. Va.—FM K ■ Harvey, Jack G. Longmoiu — VM Hawes, Harry J. Hayes, Noel Anderson, Calif. — AH Wichita, Kans. — AH Jensvold, Bruce C. Ringsted, la. — Ec Johnson, Bill D. Johnson, Doris E. Wichita, Kans. — ME Longmont — HE Heil, Donald E. Boulder — GS Holzberlein, John Meeker — Ent Houser, Lowell D. North Platte, Nebr.—A Pr Houston, James D. Palmer Lake — GM Howe, George W. Longmont — GS Henley, John W. Kansas City, Kans. — FM Henry, Clay A. Derby — C Herringer, Carl Pueblo— GS Heuschkel, Donald Glenwood Sprs. — Gen Ag Hicks, Phyllis J. Lakewood — Voc HE Hilbers, Charles Phoenix, Ariz. — VM Hill, Nancy Ann Greeley— HE Hinshaw, Merritt Grand J unci. — VM Hinze, Greg Greeley— Gen Ag Hoflund, Marvin S. Ft. Collins — I A Hohl, Donald N. Rensselaer, N. Y.—CE Hollenbeck, Mary Gunnison — TC Hudson, Donald B. Cheyenne Wells — A Pr Hughes, Eugene E. Solano, . Mex. — RM Humburg, Gene H. Boulder — ME Humphrey, Barbara Colo. Springs — OT Isbester, Belty J. Pueblo — Hist Iverson, Kenneth Adams City — Soc Jackson, Paul 1. Vona—A Pr Jacob, E. Jane Colo. Springs — Voc HE Johnston, Clifford Arlington — A Pr Jacobshagen, Bob Pueblo— PE Jensen, Grant Moroni, U.—VM Seniors 299 Johnston, Robert Wauneta, Nebr.—GS Jones, Chuck L. Grand Junct.—PE Jourdan, Robert D. Shelton, Conn. — VM Kaeberle, Merlin Vermillion, S. Dak. — VM Keller, Carl Ft. Collins— VM Kelley, William W. Lovell, Wyo.—GS Kelly, Douglas E. Menlo Park, Calif.— Z Kemp, George D. Adams City — ME Kershner, Wayne H. Ft. Collins — Gen Ag King, David W. Arriba — Gen Ag Knoeppel, Ruth J. Monrovia, Calif. — GS Knorr, William C. Kremmling — A Pr Koskie, John N. Ft. Collins — GS Kraiger, Carol A. Hamburg, N. Y.—GS Kremers, Phyllis La Porte — FN Lancaster, William Mesa Verde — CE Kruckeberg, Joyce Colo. Springs — FN Laitinen, Douglas Hartford, Conn. — VM Lamb, Donna R. Meeker — PE Handsome BOB VASEY is Senior Class president. He is also a freshman in Vet School. Sigma Phi Epsilon and A Cappella Choir claim the rest of his time — if any. ffut are they educated? i Lane, Roger B. Longmont — PE Lanzl, Robert H. Ft. Collins— EE Larson, Merlyn M. Sturgis, S. D.—FM Mela. 5, 300 Law, George P. Law, Donald K. Lawton, Kenneth G. Alhambra, Calif. — Bad Alhambra, Calif. — Bad Grand Junct. — EE Leaverton, Charles Arvada—GS McLean, Donald Ft. Collins— VM McMurtry, Gene Holly— AH McRae, Gerald B. Loveland — CE Lee, Sam M. Boulder — Ec Leslie, Hugh H. Belvidere, Nebr. — VM Letey, John Glenwood Sprs. — Agr I.indauer, Richard Brule, Nebr.— A Pr Linkel, Matthew J. Rahway, N. J. —ME Lock, Eddie W. Campo — A Pr Lorenz, Ivan L. La Salle— A Pr Lowry, Ann E. Shaker Heights, O.—RA Lutz, Harold R. Ft. Collins — Voc Ag Malabed, Bernardino Philippines — I A Malm, Norman R. Boulder — Agr Malowney, Arthur Denver — Agr McSparron, William Hesperus — A Pr m Mann, John F. Longmont — Ag E Marden, Donald T. Ft. Collins — Ag Ec Maroney, John J. Denver — EE Mayberry, Estelle Brighton— TC McCallister, Vern Del Norte— LCM McCarty, William Ft. Collins — EE McCauley, Melvin Ft. Collins— CS McCrary, Ernest E. Casper, Wyo. — RM McDonnell, Ellen Proctor — Voc HE McGeorge, Vernon Loveland — ME McHaffey, David G. Pueblo — Ent Mcintosh, John R. Brighton — Ag E McKinnon, Wayne T. Meeker — A Pr McLaughlin, Vivian Denver — GS Seniors 301 ■ m I; . i I Meeks, Frank A. Swink — A Pr Mellor, Robert S. Arvada — Hort Mikkelson, Charles Rifle— Ec Miller, Alan S. Denver — A Pr Miller, Dennis L. Lakewood — FM Miller, Mark S. Denver — A Pr Miller, Wayne Ft. Collins— VM Mills, Jerry E. Colo. Springs — GS Mitchell, Keith A. Yuma — Soc Mitchell, Kenneth Yuma — Soc Moeckly, Charles Britt, la. — Voc Ag Mohorcich, Joseph Pueblo— PE Moore, Carol Ann Denver — Eng Moore, Donald K. Ft. Collins— CE BONNIE CHASE is this year ' s Panhellenic president. Student Council, President ' s Advisory Board, Choir, and Psychology Club, and Delta Zeta leave her little time for bridge, her favorite pastime. Eminent elders Mueller, Kenneth Mueller, Margaret Munib, Hamid I. Naggatz, Melvin H. Chicago, 111. — RM Colo. Springs — OT Baghdad, Iraq — CE Venango, Nebr. — Gen Ag 302 ■ Nelson, Dale E. Rutland, 0.—1A Nelson, LaVern C. Loveland — CE Neuschwanger, Henry Ft. Collins— VM Newell, Lenette L. Dayton, O.—Voc HE Parvin, Charles Ft. Collins— VM Peregrine, Mary Ann Denver — HE I Poos, Henry W. Sterling — A Pr Post, Wayne L. Palisade, Nebr.—CE Pottorf, Dale L. Kremmling — A Pr Peterson, Dorothy San Jose, Calif. — CD Peterson, James L. Lawrence, Kans. — GS Newland, Lloyd C. Ft. Collins— ME Nomian, Carol J. Ft. Collins— Voc HE Oakes, John T. Ft. Collins— VM Olson, Laura R. Flagler — Eng O ' Neal, William C. Brooklyn, N. Y.—ME Oppelt, Norman T. Evanston, III. — Z Orchard, Thomas Bismarck, N. D. — VM Osborn, Alva C. Dallas City, Ill.—FM Osborn, M. Joanne Hamilton — PE Peterson, Wallace Sanjord — AH Petrie, Harold T. Arvada — Hort Phelps, James F. Colo. Springs — Sp A Phelps, Robert D. Coalings, Calif. — EE Phillips, Eugene Billings, Mont. — AH Piano, Marcus Aguilar — VM Ough, Mary M. Benkelman, Nebr.—Voc HE Painter, Charles Longmont — ME Painter, Virginia Roggen — AH Pierson, Donovan Hotchkiss — Voc Ag Pinger, Richard G. Denver — Ec Pratt, Geraldine Franktown — GS Pipher, Leo M. Jersey City, N. J. — EE Plummer, Carol J. Canon City — Soc it i Seniors 303 Prewitt, Shirley Slater, Wyo.—PE Price, Norma Lee Las Animas — PE Prout, Carol J. Denver — TC Purvis, George A. Rocky Ford— AH Rakosnik, Edward J. Chicago, lit. — Hort Rebbeck, Mary Pueblo — Soc Reeder, Bruce B. La Junta — EE Regan, Robert D. Wheat Ridge— LCM Reichert, Elmer L. Greeley — Agr Reynolds, Eldon R. Bristol — Voc Ag Rhoads, Richard E. Scotia, N. Y.—FU Rice, Duane Englewood — VM Ried, Louis, Jr. Denver — C Rienks, Corynne Hayden — GS Rilling, Fred E. Robinson, Edward Richmond Hill, V. Y. — A Pr Denver — D Mf Robinson, Harry A. Ft. Collins — GM Robison, Darwin L. Ely, Nev.—FM Skiing and swimming are the favorite pastimes of BEV RUSHTON, a stately Tri Delt. She has been active in WAA, AWS Council and Judiciary, Swan Club and Ski Club. Jt ' s a hard, cold world Roller, William D. Ft. Collins — GS Rolofson, Robert Rominger, Harold Rose, Thomas E. Cripple Creek — VM Del Norte — LCM Kim — Voc Ag fl.Collu,- 304 . i ' - If Rushton, Beverly A. Broomjield — OT Russell, Dorothy B. Denver — FN Ryan, Robert M. Denver — CE Saya, Marvin Crested Butte— VM Singer, Robert Pana, 1U.—VM Sisson, Ronald Greeley — PE Sizelove, Jerry L. Ft. Collins— AH Smith, Don D. Ft. Collins — Mu Schoettger, Richard A. Arlington, Nebr. — Z Schott, Edmund E. Atwood — Gen Ag Schramm, William Ft. Collins— VM - Schulz, Alger W. New Braunfels, Tex. — GS Scott, Harold L. Colo. Springs — GS Shaffer, Robert G. Cheyenne Wells — GS Smith, Josephine E. Florence — Voc HE Smith, William D. Hygiene — GS Smylie, Donald Wellington— VM Sneath, Fred E. Manzanola — Voc Ag Shaffer, Roland G. Cheyenne Wells — GS Shouse, Clyde Ft. Collins— VM Shuler, Noel B. Davenport, la. — AH Sikes, Jack T. Rye— A Pr Simon, Charles L. Colo. Sprs. — FU Sims, William M. Roanoke, Va. — FR. Sniff, Dan H. Lamar — AH Snyder, Robert Conde, S. Dak—VM Sohrbeck, John Ft. Collins— VM Sommer, Jay M. Peoria, Ill.—GM Staples, George E. Ft. Collins— VM Steves, Forrest Ft. Collins— VM Stewart, Charles R. Sanjord—VM Slimmel, Carolyn M. Ft. Collins— GS w V — - 1 1 Ti. j , If- .- xi Sorrell, Douglas D. Ft. Collins— PE Stanley, Marion E. New Raymer — A Pr Seniors 305 Stocker, Richard Chicago, III. — Z Stone, Lawrence H. Ogden, U.—PE Stout, Norman D. Kansas City, Kans. — PE Strickler, Gerald Ft. Collins— RM Strum, David C. Prescott, Ariz. — RM Sutton, Sally A. Farmington, Mo. — C Swena, Edward Golden— VM Swiezy, Roman A. Ft. Collins— VM Talbott, Roma B. Palisade— Voc HE Talley, George M. La Plata, N. Mex.—CS Taylor, Dee Nampa, Ida. — VM Taylor, James 0. Carlsbad, N. Mex.—CS Taylor, Shirley A. Ft. Collins — Eng Taylor, Walter E. Palisade— FM Teter, Roy Fairplay — VM Thomas, Ida Delta— Voc HE Thomas, Robert C. Thomas, S. Ted Denver — GS Pawhuska, Okla. — A Pr L 1 .. XL.y | ! H jl H K! f y m Active in many phases of college life, JANE JACOBS HILDE- HKANDT also finds time for being president of Kappa Delta. Hounding out her college career, she received her MRS. degree this past Christmas. Superannuated Thompson, Myron W. Tillotson, Clive H. Denver— VM Ryers—AH Toliver, Thomas L. Ft. Collins— PE Twombly, Jim Eads—A Pr 306 Uecker, Charles Dickinson, N. Dak.—VM Van Doran, Samuel North Platte, Nebr. — RM Van Dyne, George M. Pueblo— A Pr Van Sickle, Dale E. Ft. Collins — C Velzing, Agnes K. Glenview, III. — HM Videon, M. Joanne Craig — Psy Vodneck, John R. Bennett — Gen Ag Von Strohe, Steven Boulder — GS Wall, William Grand Junct. — VM Wallace, Gordon Pueblo— VM Westerman, Lois E. Denver — Eng Wetherington, Joseph Tacoma, Wash. — Hon Wheeler, William W. Ft. Collins— A Pr White, Louise M. McClave — Soc White, Marvin A. Ft. Collins — GS JEAN BULL ' s college life has heen full of song: she ' s heen song leader in many organizations on the campus. Senior Spur advisor, Counselettes, Madrigal Club, Choir, and Chorus complete this Thela ' s activities. Worth, Wilber E. Denver — ME Seniors Young, Thomas A. Cotopaxi — A Pr Wickeisham, Roland Widman, William T. Wilcox, James G. Williams, Fred E. Winslow, Sallie J. Ft. Collins — GS Loveland Carlsbad, N. M. — A Pr Hartman—Gen Ag Wheat Ridge PE Wolfe, Spencer E. Rig Spring, Tex. — EE Wolff, William Ft. Collins— VM Wood, June E. Denver — GS Woods, Jacquelyn Clayton, N. M.—GS Woods, Stanley T. Grand Junct. — ME Ut-tn Young, T. Richard Ft. Collins— GS Zastrow, Ben G. Wheat Ridge— LCM Zgut, Dona Mae Walsenburg — HE 307 " Glob " is Editor of the SPRUCE. KATIE BLEVINS also finds time for Hesperia, Student Council, and President ' s Advisory Board. She is social chairman of AWS, and a hometown KAT. Husky BILL TAVENER received his third football letter this year. He is also a wrestler. A hometown Sigma Nu, Bill is Junior Class treasurer, Alpha Zeta secretary, and a member of Scabbard and Blade and of A Club. Hula.! Hrto Btam.1 fiCol ham, unior Clasi 308 ' Adams, Donald K. Lucerne Aguerre, Jean P. Timpas Albertson, Frank Burns Amen, Alan E. Hill Anderson, Gerald Thedford, Nebr. Anderson, LeRoy F. Ft. Lupton Anderson, Stuart Boulder Bartlett, Phyllis Dodge City, Kans. Bartran, William Ft. Collins Bast, Edward L. Prescott, Ariz. Andrews, Kendal I Castle Rock Andrews, Mary L. Haxtum Arrowsmith, Rex E. Bassett, Nebr. Barczewski, Joanne Newark, Del. Barnhart, Roger A La Porte, Ind. juniors Batie, Doris L. Rocky Ford Bauder, Marvin E. Rocky Ford Becher, Richard H. Dayton, 0. Beeman, George M. Castle Rock Bellis, Shirley Denver Bender, Richard C. Johnstown Benedict, Fred Cheyenne, Wyo. 309 Benson, George R. Loveland Benson, Margaret Grand Junct. Bergman, Robert L Brighton Bessel, R. John Harvey, N. D. Bigbee, John F. Encino, N. Mex. A versatile young fellow from Craig, CHARLIE MILLER is ISA prexy. He also belongs to Student Religious Council, Student Council, and President ' s Advisory Board. Black, Robert M. Greeley Blair, Clarice Cripple Creek Blair, Phil A. Phoenix, Ariz. Blatt, Joann L. Lakewood Blevins, Katie Ft. Collins Bockman, Marlene Ft. Collins Bond, Donna L. mil Boulton, Marian E. Rifle Bowles, Jimmy J. Atwood, Kans. Bowman, Jeraldine Wray Bowman, Priscilla Pueblo Braun, Richard G. Denver Prom Planners Brenton, Laura J. Florence Brockmann, Paul G. Shoshoni, Wyo. Bronson, Robert S. Las Animas B rough ton, Harold Olathe Brown, Marian S. Denver Brunell, Patricia Denver 310 «, ■ c m 1.3 m. ■ ■ % 1 ; - 1- 1 Burenheide, Omer J. Fleming Burke, Ernest W. Boulder Burns, Ralph W. Atwood Campbell, Helen Gunnison h. Carbraugh, Lon A. Gree ey Carlson, Leland W Eaton 1 0 Dasch, Robby D. Florence Datterin, Robert F. Atwood Davis, Darrel D. Englewood Carter, Joan E. Ft. Collins Carver, Joan M. Steamboat Sprgs. Cbandler, George Longmont Christie, Emily L. Innisfail, Alberta Christopher, Jane Pueblo Chung, Eldean S. Y. Honolulu, T. H, Coleman, Alice M. Denver Collins, Polly Kit Carson Cooper, Lois A. Ft. Collins Croft, Lawrence E. Denver Curtis, Warren B. Pueblo Cuzzetto, Christine Aguilar Daxton, James C. Fraser Tri-Delt PUNKY SANDHOUSE is COLLEGIAN Business Manager. She is treasurer of AWS and a member of Hesperia. Punky was also chosen as a Military Sponsor last winter. She ' s a Fort Collins girl. juniors Deeds, Guy 0. PritcheU Deterding, Alva C. Vernon 311 Deutsch, Nancy M. Dickson, Harold D. Dietz, Jacob L. Dodge, Frank H. Doner, Forrest B. Dove, Henrietta E. Doud, James H Los Angeles, Calif. Pueblo Kirk Yerington, Nev. Ft. Collins Denver Montrose This small and active Theta is quite a talented poet. POVY LAFARGE is also a member of Livestock Club and Hesperia, and is vice-president of AWS. Drake, Terri Red Feather Lakes Duckworth, Phyllis Trinidad Eisenhand, Barbara Denver Eliot, Caliste C. Denver Elken, Robt. Sacramento, Calif. EUicott, Paul G. Harrison, Nebr. Elliott, Gary S. Cropsey, 111. Ellis, Lee F. St. Edward, Nebr. Emeson, Irwin M. Denver Erickson, Margery Denver Evert, Barbara A. Hyannis, Nebr. Farmer, Lonnie L. Englewood Older and wiser? Farny, David H. Morris Plains, N. J. Fay, Le Roy York, Nebr. Ferguson, Patricia Holyoke Feucht, James R. Wheat Ridge 312 Fiebig, Phyllis J. Ft. Morgan Flamm, Barry R. Cincinnati, Ohio la etcher, Nellie Flutcher, Charles Freeburg, Nettie Frichtel, Robert Fridley, Charles Furlong, Sandra G Sedalia Pueblo Seneca, N. Mex. Hayden Maplewood, Mo. Crawford, Nebr. Galvin, Jeanne Denver Gaskill, Richard Ft. Collins Gelroth, Marvin J. Louviers Gilliland, James A. Wheat Ridge Gingery, Deryl W. Loveland Glenn, John M. Crawford Goehnauer, James Calhan Gomez, Felix Pagosa Junct. Gray, Thomas C. Golden Groves, William B. Wray Gunther, William J. Loveland Hansen, Lowell D. Yuma ELDEAN CHUNG is a Delta Zeta from Honolulu, and keeps on her toes as a member of NSA, WAA, AWS Judiciary, and Cosmopolitan Club. She is also on the Skit Nite com- mittee and active in Orchesis. {juniors Hardy, Donald M. Lamar Hardy, Patricia J. Telluride Healy, Robert R. Colo. Springs Hejde, Dan I. Ft. Collins Henderson, Joan L. Casper, Wyo. Hennen, Verne C. Central City, S. Dak. 313 Dark-haired lass from Pueblo, JANE CHRISTOPHER keeps busy as news editor of the COLLEGIAN. She is a Military Sponsor, a member of Pi Delta Epsiion and Hesperia, and secretary of Kappa Alpha Theta. Almost at the top Iseminger, James Omaha, ISebr. Jackson, Dan D. Eads Jacobson, Helen M. Burlington Jefferson, Carol Akron Johanson, Eric G. Pueblo Johnson, Darlene R. Ft. Collins 314 Johnson, Gordon R Lake wood Johnson, Lee P. Stamford, Nebr. Johnson, William T. Trinidad Jones, David I. Denver Jurgens, Nancy J. Longmont Jnrovich, Bernice Bridger, Mont. Kawaguehi, Yaeko Lahaina, Maui; T. H. Keeler, Walter D. Wray Keith, Barbara Denver Kemp, James C. Adams City Kerr, Donald T. Ashland, Ore. Kettler, Betty L. Love land King, Darrel A. Ramah King, Dwain M. Montrose Kingery, Edward E. Bailey Klein, John E. Crook PHIL PRATT is a varsity quarterback from Montrose, and treasurer of Associated Students. Scabbard Blade, KME, and XE keep " Pete " hopping, and he is also social chair- man at the Sig Ep house. A real live-wire is MERT MACY, SPRUCE business man- ager. She also finds time for Counselettes, French Club, Board of Publications, and Choir. You ' ll find Mert at the 3-D house, where she ' s rush chairman. juniors Klein, William M. Wheat Ridge J Kleinknecht, J. Hartsel Kloberdanz, Kenneth Sterling Klodt, Jeannie Denver Kornemann, Nancy J. Denver Kreyer, Rosemarie Denver 315 La Farge, Povy LaMar, James W. Lamar, Jayne Lamb, Elizabeth C. Lamkin, T. Jack Lamons, Robert E. Lewis, Rodney D Fountain Sundown, Tex. Denver Palisade, Nebr. Ft. Collins Rye Glenwood Sprgs. This well-known Aggie, PAUL BROCKMANN, is an active In- dependent. Besides presiding over Gamma Delta, he may be found at meetings of Pep Council, Indeans, Alpha Zeta, ATA, and Stu- dent Religious Council. Specializing how Lewis, Ronald P. Denver Lobenstein, E. Ann Ogden, V. Lockwood, Delbert Ft. Collins Lewis, Ronald P. Denver Lobenstein, E. Ann Ogden, U. Lockwood, Delbert Ft. Collins Lukezic, Felix L. Florence Lyon, Russell E. If heat Ridge Lyster, Vonnie Denver Macy, Marie Longmont Madison, James T. Greeley Mahan, Mark J. Lake Village, Ind. Majumdar, Madhab C. Tezpur, Assam, India Manchester, William W. Grand J unci. Mann, Rogene Longmont Marr, Dorothy G. Martin, Dorothy L. Castle Rock Gordon, Nebr. Mason, Robert H. Durango 316 - 1 Mauk, Warren S. Ft. Collins Maxwell, Jack A. Arlington, Va. McConnell, Barbara J Ft. Collins McFarlane, Raymond Towner F; McFie, Ann Walsenburg Mr Near, Carolyn M. Padroni Meier, Jo Sedgwick Meister, James M. Loveland Melani, Arnold R. Lakewood Mergelman, Carol J. Durango Messenger, James F. Ft. Morgan Metzger, James C. Julesburg Meyer, Vernon W. Noonan, N. Dak. CAROL KRAIGER, a peppy blond from New York, is vice- president of ISA, and belongs to IWA, AWS, and Hesperia. She ' s not too busy to make high grades, though, for she holds a junior-senior scholarship. Carol lives at the Co-op House, where she is social chairman. Millard, Robert J. Monte Vista juniors Miller, Charles 0. Craig , Miller, Glenn C. Johnstown Miller, Jane M. Pueblo Miller, Shirley M. Ft. Collins Moellenberg, Francis Molello, Catherine Kirk Glenwood Sprs. 317 VONNIE LYSTER, an attractive blond, was Aggie ' s candidate for Miss Colorado last summer. She is a member of Panhellenic Council, Hesperia and Social Committee, and wears the kite of Kappa Alpha Theta. JOHN BIGBEE, the Junior Class veep did an excellent job this year as manager of the Little National Western Stock Show. He also is secretary -treasurer of the Ag Council. This busy AGR hails from New Mexico. Osboni, Oakley E, Dalton, Nebr. Upper classman now Pace, Joan R. Williamsburg, Va. 318 Pacheco, Darlene Ft. Collins Parker, Marlene Trinidad Patterson, David Longmont Pedrie, Donald L. Victor Peterson, Michael Greeley « lelps, McKinley Phelps, William F. Plutt, Phil E. Porter, Charles J. Porter, Lois E. Pradfke, Gordon E. Dolores Colo. Springs Denver Lewis Ft. Collins Rellvue Pratt, Phil Montrose Prock, Wanda M. llotchkiss Price, Howard E. Wray Pzinski, I. Lorene New Castle, Wyo. Querbach, Barbara Cedaredge Rader, Nancy J. Casper, Wyo. Raley, William Palisade liana. Madan B. Kathmandu, Nepal Rasmussen, Anna J. Palmer Lake Raven, Beverly Ault Reed, Bert R. McCook, Nebr. Reed, Charles W. Ft. Morgan This friendly and energetic Kit Carson gal has worked hard as Pan-Hell president, and is seen at Livestock Club, Chorus, Student Council, and wears the green and gold of Hesperia. Her name ' s POLLY COLLINS, a Tri-Delt. ' -r- ' C Mrl fltiHiors Reichenberg, George Rentle, Norman L. Rettig, Vernon E. Richard, Frankalee Robbe, Gerald Roberts, Richard Flats. Nebr. Project City, Calif. Grand Junct. Ft. Collins Pueblo Poncha Sprs. 319 ANN LOBENSTEIN spends her spare time at the SPRUCE of- fice, where she is assistant Editor. This small brunette minds the money matters for Theta. She is seen wearing an Hesperia uniform on Thursdays. Shackelford, Bill Lamar Still time for fun Shader, Keith E. Timnath Shalla, Tom A. Ft. Collins Shawcroft, Edwina Shepherd, Albert La Jara Craig Shortridge, Wayne Denver Shull, George B. Grand Junct. 320 Smith, Connie Denver Smith, Gordon C. St ration Smith, Gordon G. Eden, Wyo. Smith, JoAnn Florence Smith, Marilyn F. F airplay Smyth, Shirley J. Littleton Snyer, William H. Grand Junct. Sollenberger, Bev. Golden Sprague, Jo M. lialboa, Canal Zone Stauffer, Nancy Naperville, III. Stebbins, Robert Davis, Calif. Stinchcomb, Harold Grand Junct. Stinehagen, Doug St. Francis, Kans. Stirber, Clinton L. La Junta Tanner, Elizabeth Boulder Taussig, John G. Boulder Tavener, William Ft. Collins Thompson, Barbara Colo. Springs A Lambda Chi, BILL GUNTHER is vice-president of KME and a member of Sigma Tau and Arnold Air Society. Bill has been active in dramatics in which he received the out- standing junior award, and he ' s on Science Arts Council. juniors Thompson, Judy F. Todd, J. Donald Trierweiler, Ann Troeger, Mary Trone, Jo Anne Turpin, Louise Colo. Springs Clovis, V. M. Torrington, Wyo. Denver Ft. Collins Englewood 321 Columnist FRANKALEE RICHARD is COLLEGIAN society editor. This busy Sigma Kappa is seen at meetings of Panhellenic Council and Hort Club, and at Green and Gold Revue practices. One more flune Webster, William Greeley Wehrman, James M. Wellnitz, James F. Denver Rushville, Nebr. Welton, Richard F. Werking, David H. Wheeler, Eldon R. Ft. Collins Glenwood Sprs. Las Animas Ma 322 1 J ji A, lii i r A ' l 181 Whittlesey, Norman Carbondale Whomble, Kenneth Wray Wiedeman, Harry L. Greeley Williams, Delbert Vilas Williams, E. Ann Agate Williams, George Santa Fe, N. Hex. Williamson, James Sterling Willson, Robert B. Greeley Wilson, Donald W. Denver Wilson, Joe H. Craig Wilson, William T. Sail Lake City, U. Windsor, John C. Denver Wirth, Jack A. Fox River Grove, III. Wiseman, Ed R. Pueblo Woodfin, Richard Grand Junct. Woodworth, Lois A. Ft. Collins Woodyard, Stanley Ft. Collins Work, Peter T. Gunnison COLLEGIAN on the Air keeps MARK MAHAN ' s nose in the news. Majoring in Animal Production, Mark is also active in Sigma Chi. Lake Village, Ind., is his hometown. {Juniors Wright, Natalie Wurm, Donald W. Young, Kaye Young, Merrily n Zavislan, Don F. Zimmerer, Carleen Golden Auburn, Ind. Lakewood Greeley Pueblo Cheyenne, Wyo, 323 Politically minded MEL BLACK is an M.E. major from Englewood. One of the organizers of USP, he now manages its campaigns. He ' s a Lancer and a member of ISA. POLLY RICHARDSON keeps the minutes for the Stu- dent Body and for ISA. She ' s a member of Livestock Club and of Lucky Horseshoes. An Animal Production major from Los Alamos, she spends her spare time horseback riding. ophomore Class 324 Adams, Barbara L. Colo. Springs Adams, Lois E. Denver Adsit, Carol A. Noroton, Conn. Ainsworth, Joanne Denver Allen, James F. Pueblo Allen, Robert E. Denver Andersen, Anne M. Denver Al-Nakib, Ahmad Basrah, Iraq Ambler, John R. Denver Anderson, Arlynn Platteville Anzich, Mel L. Pueblo Armstrong, Jimmy La Jara Ashcraft, William Milliken Astler, George Denver Atkins, Gerald L. Nunn Sophomores Atkinson, Marjorie Florence Austin, Leonard L. Julesburg Avent, Richard A. Meeteetse, Wyo. Baker, Clarence E. Hilo, T. . Baldridge, John L. Carlsbad, N. Mex. Baldwin, Betty Engletvood 325 PHYLLIS FEUCHT spends much of her time playing the piano and organ. She sings in Choir and Chorus. Spur and Gamma Phi Beta also claim this peppy Wheat Ridge-ite. Baldwin, Charlene Pueblo Bauer, Frederick C. Middle Village, N. Y. Becker, Robert L. Ft. Collins Banks, John W. Torrington, Wyo. Bauer, Ronald F. Ft. Morgan Bedenkop, Dale V. Chesterton, Ind. Beeten, Robert L. Johnstown Bentley, Diane M. Silverton Berg, Richard L. Eaton Bertagnolli, John Rock Sprs., Wyo. Bertorello, Robert Montrose Billings, Margaret Ft. Collins Bingham, Paul E. Greeley Birdsall, Jay W. Morrill, Nebr. Bisgard, Kay Denver Bissey, Charles R. Cheyenne, Wyo. Blevins, Joan L. Kremmling Bloom, Vernetta Longmont Bodner, Conrad S. Raynesford, Mont. Bolin, R. Willis Cornish Bond, Jeanette Ft. Collins Bossi, Frank A. Arkansas City, Kans. Sing a song of Sophomores !■:■:. I CkinB .Cj Dim QlUSMji Bower, JoAnne Julesburg Bowles, Trulene Bristol Braam, Fred W. Highland, Ind. Bradley, Patricia Grand J unci. Braiden, William . ' Jara Branson, Terry F. Wichita, Kans. 326 Sophomores Chancellor, James Fountain Chirnside, Carmen Denver Clauson, William Livermore, Calif. Chappelle, Daniel Arlington, Va. Christiansen, Bev Denver Clegg, George J. Denver Bress, Wayne R. Greeley Breasler, Nancy L Windsor Bright, Don E. Granite City, IK. Brown, Donald R. Denver Brown, Wilbur F. Toledo, Ohio Brown, William C. Marquette, Kans. Chase. John P. Sheridan, Wyo. Clark, Meirilyn A. Flagstaff, Ariz. Clements, Richard Denver Bruce, Charles R. Hotchkiss Brunner, Robert C. Ft. Collins Buck, Marilyn Colo. Springs Bud in, Pearl Ann Willard Bueche, Donald L. Ft. Collins Burger, Joan L. Glenwood Sprs. Burkhard, Shirley Denver Barry, Barbara Denver Bosch, B. Sandra Platteville Cabrinha, Peter M. Canikai, Hawaii Camerlo, James P. Florence Carlson, Effa Mae Colo. Springs Carlson, Marian I. Cheyenne, Wyo. Carlson, Marilyn Denver Carpenter, Grace tladdam, Conn. Chauvin, Clarence Albuquerque, N. Mex. Claussen, Bruce W. Kremmling Coleman, James W. Saguache ATO from Greeley, friendly ORVILLE JONES is kept busy as Lancer president, but he also finds time for dramatics, KME, and ASME. 327 -ir High-stepping ED MORELAND leads the hand in formations as drum major. Hailing from Ordway, this Sig Ep is a member of Lancers, Pep Council, Agronomy Club, and Kappa Kappa Psi. Colket, Charles H. Sheridan, Wyo. Cope, Phyllis Ann Ft. Collins Currie, Roderick Bogota, Colombia Colville, David G. Del Norte Cousineau, William Kings ford, Mich. Davidson, Raymond Balboa, Canal Zone Conley, Sue Ann Den per Cox, Gretchen Ann Ft. Collins Davidson, William Lamar Cook, Jack D. Earhille, III. Croissant, Robert La Salle. Davis. Anne Marie Denver Davis, Ronald T. Wheat Ridge Davis, Wayne C. Center Dawson, Edward B. Denver Dean, Edward M. Paonia Deardorf, Eldon N. Brighton Deem, Judy Ann Ft. Collins Dickerson, Robert Ottawa, Kans. Dickinson, Wright Rock Sprs., Wyo. Diener, Willis Ft. Collins Dienst, Eugene K. Colo. Springs Doherty, Thomas J. Hoehne Donnel, Karolyn K. Ft. Collins Donovan, Roy V. Wray Druva, David li. Pueblo Dunbar, Waller T. Longmont Zwo down, two to go Dunham, DeRyl D. Keenesburg Dunn, James W. Purdum, Nebr. Edington, Richard Longmont. . Edmondson, Richard Montrose Eliason, Richard Longmont Eliot, Theodore Denver 328 Elliott. Donald K. Sioux Falls, S. Dak. Ellsworth, Jay P. Denver Ely, Donald E. Brush Enos, Howard L Yoder Erickson, Amelia Akron Ervin, Nancie J. North Webster, I nil. Sophomores Everett, Glenn E. Salida Ewbank, Jane Ft, Collins Eyestone, C. Frank Limon Falloon, Richard La Porte Farrington, Thomas Harvey, N. Dak. Feistel, Eloise E. Las Animas Ferguson, Ben R. Denver Ferguson, Donald Denver Feucht, Phyllis A. Wheal Ridge Finnell, Clyde A. Massena, la. Fleming, Evelyn Y. Colo. Springs Fletcher, Barbara Cortez Fletcher, Conrad Beaver City, Nebr. Fogg, Tage J. Cody, Wyo. Foglesong, Beryle North Platte, Nebr. Foree, Wanda I.. Akron Fuhr, John D. Aledo, III. Garfield. Nancy I.. Ft. Collins Franzman, E. Gail La Junta Fuller, Charles B. Buhl, Ida. Garrett, Peggi J. Yoder, Wyo. Fraser, Syvllia J. Ft. Collins Fulton, Richard K. Longmont Garvin, Mary Jane Denver Freese, Barbara 1.. Ritzville, Wash. Gabel, Philip T. Ft. Lupton Garwood, Gary A. Ft. Collins. . JOYCE SMAKTT is secretary of AWS. Spur, Pep Council, Chorus, and Sigma Epsilon Kappa occupy this busy KD ' s extra time. She majors in Secretarial Training. i 329 Peppy Gamma Phi JAN PRIEBE is SILVER SPRUCE socials editor. She also combines AWS Council, Spur, and Panhellenic Council with high scholarship, as shown by her membership in Kappa Mu Epsilon. Green, Mary Jo Denver Green, Mildred J. Colo. Spring Grow, William D. Rensselaer, Ind. Guenin, Burton W. Julesburg Guilliams, J. Louis Olne.y Sprs. Gunnison, Gwyn Denver Gustafson, Sandra Denver Hadley, David L. Toledo, 0. Hall, James A. Port Washington, N. Y. Ham, Donald J. Piedmont, S. Dak. Hand, Robert W. Mulvane, Kans. Hannah, Marilyn J. Palisade Hansen, Evelyn M. Brush Hansen, Margaret Cheyenne Wells Hansen, Paul W. Denver Geisert, Ronald G Ogallala, Nebr. Good, Joyce Lamar Grady, Barbara J. Ft. Collins Zkey won tkeir Spun Harper, E. Jean Florissant Harris, Charles W. Montrose Harris, Sherry C. Golden Harvey, Myrna L. Brighton Hayes, Allan L. Akron Hayes, Richard L. Ft. Collins 330 c lm ' HI Hi Henderson, Mary J. Hemingford, Nebr. Herbert, Gary R. Colo. Springs Hermes, Anna M. Lamar Hessel, Maxine R. Engleivood Hicks, Mark P. Dragerton, U. Hildebrand, Paul Brush Sophomores Hill, Sara Arkansas City, Kans. Hix, Jerrold W. Alta, la. Hockett, Albert E. Aroya Hoff, Robert Greeley Hoffmeister, Larry Imperial, Nebr. Hofmann, Rita E. Montrose Holland, Willis J. Wheat Ridge Hood, John R. Cheyenne, Wyo. Hopkins, Ollie E. Greeley Hopson, Irvin G. Simla Horiuchi, Takenobu Brighton Hoshide, Robert K. Lihue, Kauai, T. H. Hosier, Robert E. Montrose Houston, William M. Ft. Morgan Howard, Lester R. Colo. Springs Howell, Nancy Ft. Collins Hunter, Joan M. Arvada Jack, Donna Greeley Hudson, Robert D. Chattanooga, Tenn. Huntzinger, John Arriba Jackson, Carotin Manitou Sprs. Hughes, Ronald M. Ft. Collins Hurt, E. Dayonne Wheat Ridge James, Phyllis J. Denver Hunewill, Stan L. Wellington, Nev. Hyerstay, Russell Denver James, Theodore K. Clarksburg, W . Va. JUDY DEEM puts her time to good use in Pep Council, Silver Spruce, and French Club. A Tri Delt, this hometown girl took over presidency of Spur winter quarter. 331 Spoils editor of the COLLEGIAN is TED LEWIS. He also does good jobs as Board of Publications secretary and scholarship chair- man of Sigma Phi Epsilon. Jamison, Nicholas Greeley Jensen, J. Paul Engleivood Johnson, Janet Ft. Collins Janitell, Mildred Fountain Jessen, Richard H. Denver Johnson, Roger K. Wheat Ridge Jenkins, Heyward Golden Johnson, Connie L. Denver Johnston, Shirley LaGrange, III. Jennings, Robert W. Grand Junct. Johnson, Gilbert Longmont Jones, Orval E. Greeley Kardell, Suzanne Los Angeles, Calif. Karnes, Richard D. Simla Karst, R. Kent Ft. Collins Keating, Delmer P. Alamosa Keiss, Charles W. Grand Island, JSebr. Kellner, Elmer N. St. Francis, Kans. Kelly, John W. La Jara Kendall, Donald E. Ft. Collins Kennedy, Don K. Akron Kenyon, Maryella Littleton Kercheval, Jim Arcadia, Calif. Kerns, Shirley A. Denver Kesterson, Richard Fowler • Ketchum, Stanley Cody, Wyo. Kinghorn, Dale B. Rigby, Ida. Cancers come from their rankA Sofk bsj ■ | !■■:: i 1 Ohm ' ■ Klie, Bonnie L. Armel Knudson, George A. Denver Koch, Barbara A. Golden Koch, Beverly A. Montrose Koehler, Marlene Greeley Koehler, Richard Upland, Calif. 332 Knickerbocker, Flo JTAeat fo ' r ge Kollath, James J. Limon Kreie, James W. La Junta Kuiper. J. Dave Thermopolis, Wyo. Kupilik, Fred M. Longmont Laidlaw, Charles Ft. Collins Sophomores La May, Theodore Huntington, N. Y. Lamme, Susanne E. Las Animas Lampert, Sally F. Denver Lanari, Elmer J. Colo. Springs Leach, Donald W. Wallingford, Conn. Leake, Maury Leigh Laramie, Wyo. Le Baron, Dorothy Denver Lee, Brice F. Montrose Leonard, Kichard Colo. Springs Lewis, Charles D. Burlington Lewis, J. Thomas Whittier, Calif. Lewis, Robert D. Boulder Lewis, Ted E. Brush Litke, Donald P. Denver Little, Betty A. Warren, Ariz. Loetz, Merle R. Ft. Collins Lohry, Charles S. Windsor Lunka, Pauline A. Denver Looney, Betty Grand Junct. MacAlpine, Glenna Denver Mall, Thomas J. Walsenburg Well-liked Sig Ep PHIL SCOTT from Catlin, 111., handled the big job as exchange assembly eo-ordinator for NSA. Scottie also belongs to IRC and works in the Plant Pathology Department. 333 zfll NSA, Panhellenic Council, Progressive Party, and Spur keep DZ GERDA WILHELM very l usy, but she still finds time for Chorus, AWS Judiciary, and German Club. Marble, Virginia Lakeivood Marshall, Robert E. La Junta Martinez, Raehael Ft. Collins Marker, Ralph D. Marschner, William Colo. Springs Martin, Kent S. Wheat Ridge Matejka, James R. Geneva, Nebr. Denver Martin, Larry A. Ft. Collins Mathers, Robert Las Animas Marshall, Jean A. Denver Martinson, Charlie La Salle Matteson, Dana L. Ft. Collins Mattison, Carol L. Loveland Mayber, Barbara J. Pueblo Mayberry, Wanda L. Brighton McCall, Marjorie Lamar McCarty, Diane K. Denver McConnell, Charles Denver McDonald, M. Kay Denver McElroy, John H. Kremmling McFall, Robert L. Manzanola McFarland, Kathy Wray McGinley, Lawrence Ft. Collins McGinley, Terry Keystone, Nebr. Mclnnis, Catherine Denver McKitrick, Byron Wiley McMillen, Mable F. Silver City, N. Mex. fto longer a novelty McNeil, William E. Montrose McPeek, William D. Grand Junct. Meador, Gwendolyn Hotchkiss Meadows, Margaret Durango Michieli, Ronald At wood Miller, Leroy Denver Sofk UoMr NieW.NUr 334 ht USA hUhu Sophomores Miller, Paul R. Brighton Miller, Robert E. Craig Mills, Fred S.v Colo. Springs Mills, William N. Denver Milner, Jo Parshall Ming, Larry D. PritcheU Moore, Garland H. Window, Ariz. Moore, James F. Denver Moore, Janice E. Ft. Collins Moore, Mary E. Littleton Moore, Shirley A. Longmont Moran, Judy M. Lamar Morehart, Evelyn Aurora Moreland, Edward Ordway Moreland, Ronald Boulder Morris, Katherine Simla Moss, Donald A. Yoder Mumford, Paul A. Western Sprs., III. Myers, George S. Alamosa Myers, Robert E. Mission, Kans. Nalty, Jane Denver Nasu, Tayeko Tokyo, Japan Newman, Fred L. Holyoke Nielson, Marjorie Santa Cruz, Calif. Nelson, Ralph C. Gilcrest Newton, Arnie Ft. Collins Noffsinger, Ella Center Nelson, Vern A. Limon Nichols, Norma I. Denver Nylund, Robert L. Nucla Newman, Duane A. Alamosa Nichols, R. Dean Flagler O ' Connell, Sally J. Denver Fireball SALLY MACLAGAN is copy editor on the COLLEGIAN. She is also Progressive Party secretary. Spur, NSA, and Kappa Delta occupy the rest of this Denverite ' s time. 335 KAYE WILKINS fits Lancers, Inter fraternity Council, and the vice-presidency of Sigma Chi into his busy schedule. He was also honor freshman ROTC cadet last year. He ' s from Kirkwood, Mo. Off, Gordon L Del Norte Olson, Stanley A. Grand Junct. Otto, Wayne F. Flossmoor, III. Ogden, Jon S. Granby Oman, Billy H. Holly Overmyer, Carol L. Littleton Olsen, Barbara A. Ft. Collins O ' Neill, Pat A. Denver Oyler, Theodore T. Grand Lake Olson, Paula D. Johnstown Osland, Robert B. San Dimas, Calif. Packard, Pete Colo. Springs Page, Frankee Boulder Paine, Roberta Lee Byers Palmer, Carole W. Kremmling Palmes, H. Carolyn Ft. Collins Palmquist, Allen Windsor Pepez, Nick J. Ely, Nev. Parker, R. Jean Golden Patchett, Sally J. Englewood Pedersen, Gordon Ft. Collins Pemberton, John R. Gypsum Pence, Stanley E. Denver Penfold, William Ft. Lupton Perriman, Harold Fountain Peter, George T. Laguna Beach, Calif. Peterson, Richard Colo. Springs Mow ' $ the cumulative A Pingree, Dorothy Denver Polders, James E. Calhan Pollock, William C. Denver Potts, James K. Longmire, Wash. Powell, Richard L. Alliance, Nebr. Pratt, Carol A. Montrose 336 Prendergast, Pat Denver Price, Robert A. Belleville, 111. Priebe, Janice M. Denver Pusheck, Bruce N. Itasca, III. Radar, Norma L. Casper, Wyo. Radley, Richard L Pueblo imm Sophomores Ragland, A. Jeanne Denver Rainey, Nancy H. Ft. Collins Rankin, Joan P. Denver Rapp, Berty H. Cope Ray, George M. Lakewood Read, Jacqueline Glenwood Sprs. Redmond, Donna L. Snowmass Rezac, Darlan J. Venango, Nebr. Rezzonico, W. John Prescott, Ariz. Rice, Donald J. Nucla Rice, Lawrence E. Dillon Richardson, Joan Denver Richardson, Polly Los Alamos, N. Mex. Richmond, Alfred Denver Ritschard, Gene C. Kremmling Roalstad, Walter Prescott, Ariz. Roush, Richard A. Dillon Russell, Sharon R. Colo. Springs Roberts, David L. Liver more Rowan, Dan A. Gurley, Nebr. Rutt, Rodney Ray North Platte, Nebr. Roberts, Salena S. Pueblo Rowe, Kenneth E. Eaton Ryan, James R. Rocky Ford Rothrock, Jack M. Longmont Rowe, Laura J. Arvada Salazar, John H. El Paso, Tex. Personable BARBARA MAYBER became Mrs. Frank Lynch at Christmas time. She ' s Spur president, and a member of Pep Council, Student Council, and AWS Council. B. J., a Theta, majors in Chemistry, and likes to debate. )0C )00 P i x • " 1 | Br " W: y T | . - - A PE major from Colorado Springs, EFFA MAE CARLSON com- bines membership in Spur, Counselettes, WAA, and PEM Club with doing a good job as counselor on Braiden ' s 3rd floor. Sanders, Gary T. Lakewood Savage, John L. Colo. Springs Schmitt, Suzanne Hollywood, III. Sarchet, Nancy R. Ft. Lupton Schaefer, Donald Windsor Schneider, Calista Timpas Sarchet, William Ft. Lupton Schamp, Judy A. Littleton Schroeder, James Las Animas Saunders, Ken W. Ft. Collins Schiel, Lloyd M. Ft. Lupton Schumacher, Philip Kit Carson Schummer, Paul A. Sturgis, S. Dak. Schwartz, Fred J. Pueblo Scott, Don P. Catlin, III. Seabeck, Marilyn Casper, Wyo. Seawel!, Albert C. Denver Service, Nancy J. Denver Sewell, Margaret Yuma Shannon, Kenyon C. Webster Groves, Mo. Sharpe, Alan V. Omaha, Nebr. Sharpless, Louie Atmore, Ala. Shea, Helen L. Franktown Sheldon, Mitchell Walden Shelly, James L. Tempe, Ariz. Sherman, Mari E. Ft. Collins Shoemaker, Floyd Denver Veterans of two years! Shoemaker, Rollin Denver Siegrist, Bill G. Eaton Sillers, Thomas E. Denver Sitzman, JoAnn M. Greeley Skeels, V. Dean Denver Sloan, Byron E. Strasburg 338 i Sophomores Standage, Charla Cheyenne, Wyo. Stephenson, Richard La Junta Siinkwell, Dorothy Ft. Collins Stanko, Eugene R. Pueblo Stevens, Charles Olathe Stone, Norman S. Mosinee, Wis. Sloan, Irma I.. Pueblo Smartl. Joyce C. MdOave Smerchek, Barbara Fairplay Smillit 1 , lionnie J. Eaton Smith, Alice P. La Junta Smith. Charles P. Honolulu, T. H. Stanley, Bernard New Raymer Stiles, Diane Denver Stonehraker, Austin Trinidad Smith, Charlotte Denver Smith, Don R. Rush Smith, Donna J. Arvada Smith, Shirley J. Pueblo ' Smith, Wayne E. Mitchell, Nebr. Smyth, Gordon A. Julesburg Snedaker, Sally J. Ottawa, Kans. Snyder, George A. Conde, S. Dak. Soderquist, George Cimarron Speiser, Ted Ft. Collins Spencer, Jack W. Longmont Spray, Sue Craivford, Nebr. Squires, Nina J. Bayfield Stagg, Hollis J. Lander, Wyo. Stamey, Iris A. Denver Steerman, Phyllis Dolores Stinnett, Evelyn Brighton Slout, Joyce Kansas City, Mo. HP 3 Hard working DIANE STILES spends her energies on WAA Board, Spur, AWS Council, French Club, and Counselettes. A Theta, Diane also leads a Girl Seout troop and counsels at Kockwell. 339 A Morrill, Nebraska, hoy, tall JAY BIRDSALL is active in NSA. Jay was on the Student Traffic Committee and is a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon. Strelesky, Carol Denver Tate, Bradner A. Lakin, Kans. Thomas, Neil A. Denver Timpe, Lon W. Gary Tisdale, Don Dix, Nebr. Todd, Lilian A. Harmony, Minn. Tomlin, Don D. Cheyenne, Wyo. Traber, John E. Grand Junct. Tremaine, Delores Denver Trine, William A. Grand Junct. Turvey, Megan G. Seattle, Wash. Tuttle, Alfreda Snowmass Tyler, M. Carol Denver Wade, Carl H. Denver Wagner, D. Ardith . Collins Walker, Robert L Denver Walter, Joan A. Ft. Collins Wasinger, Lenora D. Ft. Collins Taussig, Bill H. Boulder Thornton, Beverly Kearney, Nebr. Tempel, George H. Wiley Thulin, Mary Ann Englewood Thomas, Bruce J. De lta Tice, Robert W. Denver freshman supervisors Walkins, Leon D. Denver Watt, Thomas L Delta Weber, Joleita J. Montrose Weirich, Maryanne Denver Werner, Raymond H. Delta West, Jerry R. Santa Fe, N. Mex. fa, Da Mm 340 Sophomores West. Sarah J. Santa Fe. N. Mex Wclterick, Viviai Paonia Wharton, Neola Alamosa Iteeler, Jerry C. Ft. Collins White, Lyman Mojfat Whit.-. Lois E. Hygiene White, Ronald R. Winterset, la. Whitney, Janet K. Greeley Wiebers, William Fleming Wiest, Joyce E. Chappell, Nebr. Wilcox, Margaret Colo. Springs Wilhelm, Gerda B. Evergreen Wilkins, Kaye E. Kirhtvond, Mo. Wilkinson, Dixie Colo. Springs Williams, Charles Delta Williams, Dorolhv Denier Williams, Lewis 0. Colo. Springs Williams, Mary E. Sedalia Williams, Pat G. Pueblo Williams, Pat L. Ft. Collins Williams, Rollen North Platte, Nebr. Williams. William Hartman Wooding, Sherman H. Ft. Collins Yates, Don McCiave Williamson, M. Lake wood mtltlt idge. Charles Park River. A . Dak. Young, J. Seiliy Colo. Springs Willis, John M. Wheat Ridge Wright, Donna M. Denver Xanranelli, Gerahl Louisville Womaek, James C. Houston, Tex. Yarherry, Beverly Montrose Zehner, Ronald J. Hay den Enthusiastic MARY JO GREEN is secretary of the Sophomore Class, schools editor of the SRPUCE, and a member of Spur. Active in Gamma Phi Beta, Mary Jo also maintains a high scholastic average. 341 -...V f Witty BILL HUNT is vice-president of the Freshman Class. He is kept husy by cross-country track, Forestry Club, and the COLLEGIAN. Bill is also quite active in ISA. The presidency of Braiden Hall should keep friendly MARLENE ALLEN busy, but she is also secretary of the Freshman Class. Singing in Choir and being a Tri Delt round out her activities. Class :■» 342 ■ ■■ Achziger, Charles Greeley Albertson, Verne Allen, Marlene J. Burns Denver Ames, Edward R. Anderson, Benard Littleton Eaton Anderson, Jeannine Eaton Axsom, Donald W. Joes ?res h me n Anderson, Sally M. Anderson, Wesley J. Denver LaGrange, III. Arnold, Marlene Ashbaugh, Larry J. Seamboat Sprs. Longmont Andrews, John A. Applegate, John Fleming Lamar Aspinwall, Robert Avguares, Deno G. Greeley Craig Bailey, Janice L. Bainer, Shirley Haxtun Ft. Collins Balch, Ann L. Hotchkiss Baldwin, Fred Brighton Bailey, James H. Forsyth, Mont. m Ballmer, Mary J. Denver Bannon. Joanne Auk Barber, Shirley Steamboat Sprs. Barnes, H. Erik Littleton liainuni, Beatrice Denver Barton, Glenna L Loveland Rarutli, Shirley M. Ft Collins Bassett, Shirley Longmoat Beauchamp, Ann E, Longmont Qreen, but eager Likable RAY REED holds the presidency of the Freshman Class. A Sig Alph from Ft. Morgan, Kay is aetive in gymnastics, ASCE, and Student Council. Beck, Sandra L. Denver Becker, Dale E. Denver Beethe, Carolyn Ynma Benander, Darlene Ft. Collins Benson, Harriet Loveland Berry, J. Michael West Orange, N. J. Bertram], Gene L. Oakley, Kans. Bird, Frances L. Eads Blach, Leonard P. Ynma Black, Jean Greeley Blackledge, Mary Denver Blackwiil, Catherine Wray Blatchley, William Ft. Collins Boden, Dolores C. Id alia Bogenhagen, Janet Crook Bole, Jo Anna Ft. Collins Bonis, Joan Denver Bowling. Barbara Den ver Boyce, George R. Monte Vista Bradshaw, M. Sue Ft. Collins Brant, Mary L. Colo. Springs Brehiu, Joe L. lloulder Brickley, Glenn Colo. Springs Brink, Georgie A. Sugar City Brown, Harvey B. Glenwood Sprs. Brown, Laurene E. Akron 344 Jerome, Idaho, is the home town of studious JOHN LEE. A pre- Vet, John is a SPRUCE photographer, Student Council representa- tive, and secretary of USP. Brown, Nancy B. Pueblo Brown, Robert E. Denver Brown, Shirley L, McClave Bruce, Joan B. Snyder Bruce, 0. Verlene Meeker Bryan, Colleen Lakeivood Bryant, Gerald C. Colo. Springs Buck, Nancy J. Denver Bunner, Richard Wray Jreshmen Bunney, Gary E. Omaha, Nebr. Burgess, Betty M. Castle Rock Burgess, Herschel Notch kiss Burnham, Frank E. Denver ak r l Busey, Barbara J. Denver IE. ■ Busey, Charlotte Paonia B V 1 Byers, Beverly B. Eagle Byers, Jacqueline Dillon Caldwell, Gay Colo. Springs Campbell, Frank P. Colo. Springs Canfield, Margaret La Porte Carlson, Charles Potter, Nebr. Carlson, Donald G. Colo. Springs Carlstrom, Janet Denver Carollo, Albert M. Rock Sprs., Wyo. Carpenter, Rose E. Brighton Carroll, Edward Meeker Carter, Gene D. Coolidge, Ariz. Cass, Mary Lou Denver Chapin, Shirley A. Burlington Chase, Carolyn P. Denver Chessbrough, Colleen Ft. Collins Cheeseman, Elizabeth Buena Vista Christenson, Gary Denver Clark, Betsy Libertyville, III. Cline Jean M. Denver 345 Cloud, Nancy C. Granada Coates, Carl W. Denver Coates, Lynn W. Longmont Coffey, Barbara L. Wheat Ridge Cogburn, Jerry L. Eaton Cogburn, Roland R. Gilcrest Cook, Barbara C. Denver Copeland, Joanne Boulder Corley, Edward M. Charleston, III. ((Iff A painters Seen twirling a baton for the band in every parade is MARGIE MILLER, a Secretarial Training major from Craig. Margie is on the ISA Executive Council and the Braiden Hall Executive Council. tupifll Antmil n EilotHfL ' jnmi Cottrell, Virgil Montrose Creach, Kathryn Denver Crowell, Jill Estes Park Dalton, A. Joan Eaton Counter, Ann M. Ft. Lupton Crews, Carol A. Wray Culbreath, Grady Breckenridge Daniels, Orville Kansas City, Kans. Counts, Jane M. Denver Crews, Don L. Culbertson, Nebr. Culley, Clinton L. Colo. Springs Dansdill, Fred C. Akron Cox, Ray E. Denver Crouse, Scott R. Burlington Curtis, Vera L. Bethesda, Md. Daugherty, Joyce Hugo Dauth, Leslie A. Greeley Davis, Allen E. Yuma Davis, Joy D. Ft. Collins Davis, Mary L. Colo. Springs DeBerard, David J. Wilmette, III. DeBerard, Donald Wilmette, HI. Decker, Jack Colo. Springs Deeds, Sherry L. Pritchett Deering, Beverly Englewood Defferari, Douglas Houston, Tex. 346 Deines, Mary J. Ft. Collins Deiison, James D. Barrington, III. Deter, Gary A. Deer Trail Deveraux, D. Gary Grey bully Wyo. Dietrich, Ronald Castle Rock Dixon, Maryellen Denver Dixon, Shirley R. Cory Dohesh, JoAnne Curtis, Nebr. Doherty, Ann C. Hoehne Freshman football and track keep athletic BOB DORSEY oc- cupied. Animal Production is the major of this Sigma Nu from Eaton. He is a member of Livestock Club. freshmen Doizaki, Tommy T. Brighton Dominguez,. Priscilla Brighton Donohoe, Don Holly Donohoe, Murlin L. Walden Dorsey, Robert Eaton Doss, Joseph V. Los Angeles, Calif. ■ m 1 ™ M ±7W + Douglas, Marilyn Pueblo Douglass, Paul T. Pel rA 1 A r Ft. Morgan rH 1 il 1:0 ft Downs, Matthew J. Doyle, Emmalou Dozzi, John T. Draper, Cecily M Dow, Jean La Veto Lovelnnd Ft. Morgan Denver Longmont Dunbar, Dona Dee Dunbar, Donald Duve, John P. Dyekman, Ivan J. Downing, Wayne E. Bennett Gunnison Hackeltstown, N. J. Arlington, Va. Lincoln, III. Ebert, Dan N. Elder, Jack G. Eliason, Carol A. Elkins, Gayle Norwalk, 0. Hereford Sterling Steamboat Sprs. Ellicott, George Ellison, Mitchell Ellsworth, William Enderud, Alice G. Harrison, Nebr. Thunder Hawk, S. Dak. Denver Rocky Ford 347 .. Jv- Enos, Frank L. Lander, Wyo. Erger, Elizabeth Henderson Erickson, Rodney Ft. Collins Ericsson, Ronald Belle Fourche, S. Dak. Evans, E. Jean Belle Fourche, S. Dak. Evans, Mary A. Arvada Evans, Sally Ft. Collins Featlierslon, Robert Denver Feddersen, Leon B. Loveland flew sights, new friends Sigma Phi Epsilon claims good-looking MIKE MONTGOMERY, a Chemistry major from Longmont. Mike ' s activities include fresh- fe : ' man football and basketball, and Chem Club. He ranks high 1 uggjilGA, scholastically. Ferris, Cheryl E. Ft. Collins Fetters, Neita J. Ft. Lupton Finch, Thomas F. Denver Floth, Janet L. Ft. Collins Foreman, Jo Ann Denver Foster, Patricia Loveland Freemyer, Francis Greeley Fryberger, Harvey Sheridan, Wyo. Fulenwider, Joanne Greeley Furney, Bonnie M. Longmont Gardner, Emily G. Ruby Valley, Nev. Gaskill, Jack D. Ft. Collins Gates, William L. Burns Gebauer, Charlotte Akron Gee, John W. Toledo, Ohio Gestland, Sandra Denver Gill, Dorothy M. McClave Gillispie, Melvin Manitou Sprs. Ginter, Carol Denver Glenn, Kathryn J. Ft. Morgan Goddard, Kenneth Greeley Godshalk, David R. Lisle, III. Godwin, Marlene Westclijje Goff, Geraldine Denver Goodman, Judith Plenty wood, Mont. Gotschall, Donald Hugo 348 i ■l Gow, Marian B. Denver -AS •» Grandbouche, Gordon Hayden f SB Grant, Joan A. Wheat Ridge Grauerholz, Patricia Yuma ■ Jk i Gray, Barbara J. Durango H _ I Graybeal, James M. Greeley tw. m Green, Barbara J. Fowler — ' 1 Green, Charles J. LaGrange, III. Green, Marshall J. Ft. Morgan NADINE THOMPSON is a national officer in 4-H. She is from Beirut, Lebanon. She ' s a Delta Zeta Home Ec major, and quite active in NSA. 9reskmen Greenwood, Mary I. Greeley Griggs, William H. Wakefield, Nebr. Grigsby, Dorothy IPray Grim, Joan L. Dernier Grimes, Virginia Vona Grimes, William H. Ft. Morgan Gutzman, Dennis G. Ft. Morgan Hagemeister, William Potter, Nebr. Haines, Richard J. Montrose Hale, Marilyn J. Estes Park Halligan, Lee Montclair, N. J. Ham, Judith T. Ft. Collins Hamilton, Betty R. Aguilar Hamilton, Ellis D. Limon Hanes, Don F. Colo. Springs Hanson, Laurence Wakefield, Nebr. Hard, Lowell 0. Ft. Collins Harms, Wilma R. Steamboat Sprs. Harper, Patricia Denver Harpole, Don D. Windsor Hart, Donna E. Wheat Ridge Hart, Karla E. Arenzville, III. Hartshorn, Denny Ft. Collins Hatcher, Gary L. Holly Hausser, Alice K. Cedaredge Hawley, Chester C. Republican City, Nebr 349 Hayes, Laurie A. Thermopolis, Wyo. Hays, Elizabeth Steamboat Sprs. Hazelhurst, Jack Denver Heberlein, Joyce Ault Helget, Shirley L. Wiggins Hemmerle, Barbara Windsor Hendrix, Clinton Denver Henry, Shirley J. Ft. Morgan Herbst, Roy R. Ft. Collins Tilled with exuberance Herman, Roger G. Yuma Heuer, Clement S. Denver Higgins, Claude M. Ft. Morgan Hinrichs, W. Lee Gurley, Nebr. 350 Hermann, Frank E. Lemmon, S. Dak. Hibbs, Roger A. Strasburg Higgins, Janice K. Cortez Hobbs, Carole V. Chicago, III. Herron, Kenneth E. Golden Hickman, Julia J. Windsor Hill, Phyllis A. Ft. Collins Hobbs, Dale E. Colo. Springs Hess, Janice E. Denver Hidy, Margaret H. Colo. Springs Hindman, William Wilmette, III. Hockett, Harold D. Aroya TESS KITSMILLER is social chairman for Braiden Hall. Hailing from Denver, Tess ' s major is General Science, and she spends her spare time skiing. Holland, Ann L. Meeker Holland, John L. Wheat Ridge Holmes, John W. Montour, la. Holmes, Suzanne K. Denver Homer, Mary E. Denver Hopkins, Leon L. Center Hospers, Richard A. Western Sprs., III. Hotchkiss, Fremont Hotchhiss Howell, John M. Ft. Collins Howey, Wayne D. Meeker ».«( An energetic freshman cheerleader from Denver is GAY CALD- WELL. AWS Judiciary and the SILVER SPRUCE occupy the rest of this Tri Delt lass ' s time. Hubbard, Robert V. Park Ridge, III. Humphrey, Leroy D. Lakewood Hunt, William H. Glen Ellyn, III. Huntzinger, Mary A. Arriba Hursh, Donald W. Riverton, Wyo. Hurt, Anne Center Hurt, James C. Center Hutchison, Bonnie Carr Huth, James A. Colo. Springs Jreshmen Hutton, Carol M. Denver Hyatt, Wilma L. Estes Park Inman, Thomas M. Denver Irwin, Jim A. Alliance, Nebr. Jacobs, Beverly Claremont, N. H. Jacobs, Ralph J. Alliance, Nebr. Jacoby, Norman E. Windsor Jeffers, E. Dean Loveland Jeglum, Carl P. Sivarthmore, Pa. Jennings, Jackie Denver Jensen, Betty Ft. Collins Johnson, Charles Craig Johnson, George E. Model Jones, Evan Earl Wray Jensen, Patricia Ft. Collins Johnson, David W. Yuma, Ariz. Johnson, Julia H. Brighton Jones, Margaret L. Denver Johnson, C. Leon Sanjord Johnson, Eileen M. Denver Johnson, Yvonne D. Wiggins Jones, Myrna F. Denver Johnson, Carlene Castle Rock Johnson, Franklin Hayden Johnston, J. Sue Lakewood Jones, Robert D. Westminster 351 Beanies and Bibles Juelfs, Lloyd A. Potter, Nebr. Karr, Donald V. Denver Keagy, Donald M. Ft. Morgan Keffeler, Jerry L. Sturgis, S. Dak. Keller, William J. Denver Kelly, Neal E. Torrington, Wyo. Kemp, Darrell D. Arriba Kiggins, Sally S. Ft. Collins Kilburn, E. James Bellvue Kirk, Charles W. Castle Rock Klotz, Robert 0. Bonner Sprs., Kans. Koehler, Kenneth Brush Kumor, Leon J. Grant, Nebr. Kirschbaum, Roberta Lakewood Knight, Donald M. Boulder Kontny, James G. Julesburg Kun! . Sandra M. Albuquerque, ! . Mex. Klein, Shirley A. Denver Knorr, Gordon E. Kremmling Kreycik, Robert C. Ft. Collins La Bau, Vernon J. Lemmon, S. Dak. Klie, Nancy J. Armel Knowles, Betly A. Ordway Kruse, LaRue Colo. Springs Lamb, Doris Ann Denver Girl Scouting claims Theta DONNA YOUNGER ' s summer months. A Horticulture major from Denver, Donna is president of her pledge class and a member of Hort Club. Lamb, Marjorie A. Palisade, Nebr. Lamont, Mary I. Ft. Collins La Quey, Allen R. Ft. Morgan Larson, Dawna J. Telluride Larson, Marilyn L. Steamboat Sprs. Law, Robert E. Colo. Springs Lawhead, Charles L. Littleton Leach, Ted E. Bliss, Ida. Lee, John C. Jerome, Ida. Lee, Rodney D. Wheat Ridge Ik DEBEBARD ti 352 »,«•, .J The DEBERARD twins, DON and DAVE, harmonize in a Sig Alph barbershop quartet. Wilmette, 111., is their hometown, and their activities include Forestry Club and track. freshmen Loutzenhiser, Don Flagler Love, Charles D. Ft. Collins Lovell, Ralph J. Ft. Collins Lowrey, Marjorie A. Denver Ludlow, John E. Pueblo Lundquist, Mina K. Ft. Collins Maag, Robert G. McCook, Nebr. Maas, Merlin L. Potter, Nebr. MacArthur, MaryAnne Denver MacVeagh, Stuart W. Colo. Springs Macy, Sue Longmont Malnistroni, John L. Ault Martin, Nancy L. Gordon, Nebr. Matz, John J. Alliance, Nebr. Magnusson, Peter D. Bell lower, Calif. Manners, Charles Lafayette Masch, Mary A. Aguilar Maul, Marvin 0. Kiowa Malcolm, Doris J. Lakewood Marshall, Donna M. Denver Matthews, Eunice Golden Maxwell, Roine R. Rellvue Malles. Frankie M. Durango Martin, Duane L. Windsor Matthews, Vivian Arvada McAllister, Carol Rangely 353 Mc Andrew, Donald Denver McAninch, Donald Center McAvoy, Jerry L. Denver McBumey, Norma J. Colo. Springs McCain, Charlene Ft. Collins McCarthy, Julie A. Denver McCoy, Gloria E. Englewood McCuistion, Verena Fowler McCunniff, Janet Montrose bewildered but brave Presidency of the Sig Ep pledge class doesn ' t keep PAUL WEIN- HOLD from participating in freshman wrestling and the Cheni Cluh. He is a General Science major from Greeley. K Mtriao i I REPP. Colkpi bail ni McDonald, Irene Salida McGrath, John T. Bristol McKinster, William Castle Rock McMillan, Anne T. St. Louis, Mo. McDonough, Irene Gunnison Mclntyre, Larry R. Hotchkiss McKilrick, Warren Wiley McMillin, Robert Lamar McEwen, Bill Scarsdale, N. Y. McKenney, Jimmy D. Denver McLaughlin, Bill Olathe McMurtry, Ray Holly McFarlane, Glen L. Towner McKinney, Joanne Colby, Kans. McLeod, Barbara M. Canon City McNeal, Harriet Loveland Mekelburg, Robert Otis Merelli, Joy C. Denver Meyer, Manon E. Nutley, N. ]. Meyer, Marilyn J. Golden Miles, Virginia Haxtun Miller, Barbara Greeley Miller, Don A. Denver Miller, Marjorie Craig Mills, Marjory E. Denver Milner, C. B. Estes Park 354 i w freshmen Murray, John A. Lakewood Musgrave, Robert Paonia Nagel, Jo Ann Golden Narragon, Carol J. Boulder Naslund, Mary D. Faith, S. Dak. Nelson, George R. Eaton Nelson, Loural A. Longmont Nelson, Marven E. Ft. Morgan Newcomb, John C. Denver Newland, George J. Bayfield B Nicholson, Nancy Denver Noga, Don L. Walsenburg Nygren, Lawrence Nucla Olson, Gerald R. Chicago, III. Nissen, Barbara J. Denver Norm, Charlene Denver O ' Brien, Sally M. Denver Olson, La Verne P. Grand Junct. Nissen, Beverly J. Denver North, Janis Albuquerque, N. Mex. Occhipinti, S. Allendale, N. J. Opie, Carol J. Denver Nixon, Dixie L. Matheson Novak, Evelyn J. Walsenburg O ' Kane, Mary K. Denver Orme, Donna C. Denver 355 Orr, George W. Lisco, Nebr. Ostwald, Don Ft. Morgan Overmeyer, Janice Littleton Owen, Donald L. Longmont Owens, Janet F. Ft. Collins Page, Jerome W. Denver Painter, Janice E. Longmont Painter, Paul L. Belle Fourche, S. Dak. Parker, Jean Denver Zassle, Zoots! FRED VIDEON was out for freshman football. He ' s majoring in Chemistry. Craig is the hometown of this Sig Ep. f " Pomranka, Donald Loveland Porter, Gene Ft. Collins Powell, Dick N. Oregon, III. Pratt, Orville D. Burlington Pryor, Edwin R. Paonio Puckett, John R. Parma, Ida. m " ■ m ' -rm I -1 Puntney, Darlene Loveland il y : til y Quinlan, Kathryn Ft. Collins Patrick, Bruce W. Paulk, Dorothy Pavlisick, Kenneth Pearson, Za Dean Aurora Denver Paonia Laramie, Wyo. Randecker, Shirlee Peate, Laurence R. Pelley, Estel D. Pelton, David M. Peterson, Helen I. Kearney, Nebr. ifolcott Craig Watervliet, N. Y. La Salle Peterson, Marion Pettijohn, Robert Phillips, Patricia Pierson, Victor C. Ratliff, John R. Colo. Springs Littleton Kanorado, Kans. Denver Hotchkiss Pigg, Carol M. Plant, Carole Piatt, George W. Plumstead, Michael Colo. Springs. Rocky Ford Boulder Birmingham, Mich. 356 Theta CONNIE TROMPETER is vice-president of Rockwell and on its House Council. An Englewood-ite, she is also in Chorus and AWS Council. Rein, Johnny R. Kersey Reinert, Barbara Boulder Reinert, Kathryn Pueblo Reinhard, John L. Colo. Springs Releford, Patricia Pueblo Rempet, Darlene E. Littleton Rennels, Duane Westjield, 111. Renzelman, Carol Wray Repp, Shirley A. Merino Resseguie, Robert Longmont Reary, Eugene F. Denver Reaser, Shirley A. Ft. Collins Reed, C. Raybourn Ft. Morgan Reed, Robert T. Denver Rees, David W. Rochester, Wis. Reeves, Eldon L. Lamar Reich, Karlin L. Denver Reichert, Jack L. Denver Reid, Byron W. Colo. Springs freshmen Reynolds, Raymond Ft. Collins Richman, Camil la Denver Robinson, Judith Denver Rose, Elizabeth K. Ordway Rice, Elizabeth F. Idaho Sprs. Ridenour, Lewis G. Cedar edge Rogers, Shirley A. Denver Ross, Douglas M. Steamboat Sprs. Rice, Wanda J. Wellington Roberson, Julius Carlsbad, N. Mex. Rombach, Ruth J. Denver Rothe, Alvie W. Kersey Richardson, Clyde Wiggins Robertson, Duane Yuma Romberg, Bud White Plains, N. f Rothman, Elmer E. Greeley 357 Mutton, Jrosh! Rushton, Joan L. Broomfield Russell, Judy L. Denver Sarchet, Robert A. Ft. Lupton Sater, Thomas A. Denver Schaffer, Rosamond Eaton Scheer, Ruth A. iiifi Scheetz, James J. Delta Schiemann, F. Dean Denver Schilling, Frances Ft. Collins An Animal Husbandry major from Montclair, N. J., LEE HALLI- GAN lists her activities as Livestock Club, Dorm Council, WAA, and Kappa Alpha Theta. im ■ ■ Dtwi •• ' .. ' ■■■■■ Schneebeck, Lu Ann Colo. Springs Schrepferman, John Denver Schroeder, Nick Colby, Kans. Schultz, Barbara Ft. Collins Schultz, Gretchen Pueblo Schumacher, Donna Honolulu, T. H. Scott, Jim Kiowa Scott, Lawrence D Kiowa Seamans, Warren A. Ft. Collins Seger, Donna M. Calhan Settele, Carole L. Garo Shader, Leslie E. Ft. Collins Shank, John E. Ovid Shaw, John C. Park Forest, III. Sheeder, Nancy Longmont Sheftel, Sheldon Denver Sherrod, Douglas Steamboat Sprs. Shores, Beverly C. Cheyenne, Wyo. Shupert, Tom C. Elkhart, Ind. Sills, Richard E. Denver Simon, Andy E. Rifle Sitz, Robert L. Longmont Skillman, Thomas Narberth, Pa. Slover, Wilma A. Hurley, N. Mex. Smischny, Cecil D. Green Mt. Falls Smischny, John R. Manitou Sprs. 358 « Denver claims pert DIXIE WILLIAMS, song leader at Rockwell. Debating, Choir, Chorus and Dorm Council also occupy this Gamma Phi ' s time. Sprick, Eileen J. Julesburg Stancato, E. Salida Starck, Ralph F. Denver Starr, Yvonne L. Louviers Starrett, William Holly Steinhauer, Scott Denver Stephens, Alfreda Walsenburg Stewart, Floyd G. Center Stills, Betti Denver Stinehagen, Carol St. Francis, Kans. Smith, Anna L. Silverton Smith, Beverly L. Denver Smith, Glenda J. Pueblo Smith, Marjorie Greeley Smits, Martin P. Platteville Smothermon, Philip Sugar City Snider, Carol A. Denver Snodgrass, Beverly La Mesa, Calif. Spafford, Lloyd J. Brush freshmen Stocker, David P. Omaha, Nebr. Stout, Karen Denver Summers, Geraldine Stratton Szymanski, Ann Castle Rock Stone, George Pueblo Streeb, Deloris J. Windsor Sundberg, John L Hayden Tefertiller, Billy Granada Stone, Marilyn J. Grand Lake Stuehm, George North Platte, Nebr. Swigert, Mona Lea Denver Thoelecke, Louis Wilmette, III. Storm, Shirley A. Ft. Collins Sturges, Dewey V. Aurora Swinscoe, Ann Boulder Thomas, Pat A. Limon 359 Thompson, Gerald C. Stratton Thompson, Nadine Lakewood Thomson, Elaine Grand Junct. Thornton, Barbara Ft. Collins Tindall, Kenneth Pueblo Toland, Delbert F. Denver Tormohlen, Donald Ft. Morgan Toussaint, Julia Greeley Trantham, Charles Malta Bend, Mo. {fust hatched Majoring in OT are both the NISSEN twins, BARBARA and 1 Ewrpaic BARB. ' BEVERLY. These Delta Zetas are active in Rifle and Pistol Club, Women ' s Rifle Team, Home Ec Club, and Intervarsity. Trimble, Joe B. Clovis, N. Hex. Tuck, Martha R. Wheal Ridge Ulrich, H. Dennis Platteville Vette, John R. Evanston, 111. Trompeter, Connie Englewood Tucker, Dorothy Denver Van der Hoop, Julie Boulder Vetting, Joyce A. Arvada Traux, Delores L. Steamboat Sprs. Tucker, Guy Los Angeles, Calif. Van Dyke, Don F. Redlands, Calif. Videon, Fred F. Craig Trute, Ruth E. Gering, Nebr. Tuell, Richard J. Eckley Vasey, Robert K. Cozad, Nebr. Vigil, F. Joe Hotchhiss Wakefield, Toni Denver Walker, Jerry R. Denver Wall, Neal N. Brighton Walradt, Patti Ft. Collins Walsh, John V. Denver Ward, Billy T. Pueblo Warne, Constance Honolulu, T. H. Warner, David B. Mead Waterman, Quintin Ft. Collins Weinhold, Paul A. Greeley 360 Weiss, Ramon Littleton Wellnitz, Mary Ann Rushville, Nebr. Wells, Norma J. Sterling West, Linda Denver West, Mary L. Denver Wheeler, Donald 0. Golden White, Barbara J. Lamar Whiting, Jack Littleton Whitmore, Doren Burlington ■-•» Hi ilUmh. Energetic BARBARA WHITE sings in the Choir and works for the COLLEGIAN. This Kappa Delta is a Secretarial Training major from Lamar. Jreshmen Whitmore, Loren Burlington Whittlesey, Myra Basalt Wilgus, Frank E. Evanston, III. Wilkins, Joseph R. Wilkins, Nev. Williams, Bruce Littleton Williams, Dixie Denver Williams, Doris Denver Williams, Margaret Pueblo Wilson, Hazel I. Wellington Wilson, Jack H. Fountain Wise, James A. Hutchinson, Kans. Woodworth, Don D. Parker Wyatt, Thomas V. Denver Zeile r, Constance Loveland Witte, Wilmer D. Vernon Wright, Dolores A. Gillette, Wyo. Yingst, Patricia Golden Zimbelman, Henry Keenesburg Wolff, Carol J. Yuma Wyant, Richard G. Hyannis, Nebr. Young, Marilyn Colo. Springs Zinter, Carol J. Denver Woodhams, Nona V. Sedgwick Wyatt, Shirley L. Pueblo Younger, Donna L. Denver Zugelder, Frank W. Gunnison 361 ds and Index u©Hes ken: - weai HUGHES MEN ' S WEAR 133 S. College Phone 103 VARSITY GRILL 149 Linden St. Phone 2350 ROBINSON -WARFIELD PRINTING CO. 142 W. Oak Phone 314 364 Abbreviations Key Ag — Agriculture Ag Ec — Agriculture Economics Agr — General Agronomy AH — Animal Husbandry An Nu — Animal Nutrition A Pr — Animal Production D Mf — Dairy Manufactures D Pr — Dairy Production Ent — Entomology Gen Ag — General Agriculture Hort — Horticulture Poul Pr — Poultry Production Poul Nu — Poultry Nutrition Soils — Technical Soils Voc Ag; — Vocational Agriculture E — Engineering Ag E — Agricultural Engineering CE — Civil Engineering EE — Electrical Engineering ME — Mechanical Engineering LA — Industrial Arts LCM — Light Construction and Marketing F — Forestry and Range Management FM — Forest Management FR — Forest Recreation FU — Forest Utilization Fish M ' — Fish Management GM — Game Management RM — Range Management HE — Home Economics HE — General Home Economics CD — Child Development FN — Foods and Nutrition HM — Home Management OT — Occupational Therapy RA— Related Art TC — Textiles and Clothing Voc HE — Vocational Home Economics Sci and Arts — Science and Arts B — Botany and Plant Pathology C — Chemistry Ec — Economics Eng — English GS — General Science and Arts Hist — History M — Mathematics Mu — Music PE — Physical Education Ph— Physics Psy — Psychology Sec Tr — Secretarial Training Sp A — Speech Arts Soc — Sociology Z — Zoology VM Veterinary Medicine Bact — Bacteriology 365 ' Have a Coke " Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of Fort Collins 143 Remington Phone 72 Fort Collins Light Power Depf Student fadex A- Abuhamdan, Shafig D Achziger, Charles L. Achziger, Harvey W. Ackelson, James A. Acree, John A. Adams, Barbara L Adams, Donald K. Adams, Lois E. Adcock, Jerry L. Adcock, Pepper Adolph, Dorothy J. Adsit, Carol A. 101, 228, Agee, Gerald L. Aguerre, Jean P. Ahrenholtz, Donald R. Ainsworth, Joanne Akey, John M. Alber, Thomas E. Alber, Thomas L. Albertson, Frank O. Alberfson, Verne E. Aldrich, Thayer M. Alexander, Donald S. Alexander, Leslie G. Alexander, Loren W. Al-Hardan, Dhari Al-Khafaji, Abbaas N. Allan, Bruce P. Allen, Edward F. Allen, James F. Allen, John V. Alien, Leonard B Allen, Lucy L. Allen, Marlene Alien, Natalie S. Allen, Robert E. Allinger, Jerry K. Allison, Carl T. Allison, Helen Allison, Stanley M. Allison, Thomas O. Almquist, Carl A. 146, Al-Nakib, Ahmad A. Ambler, John R. Ambrogi, Floyd E. Amen, Alan E. Amend, Dale N. Ames, Edward R. Amidon, Elliott L. Amsden, Helen Amsden, William L. Andersen, Anne M. Anderson, Anton F, Anderson, Arlynn D. Anderson, Benard H. Anderson, Chester R. Anderson, Donald L. 124, 160 115, 343 270 78 159 195 325 217, 309 325 150, 293 154 132, 134, 159, 167, 231, 286, 287, 325 147, 173, 309 78, 89, 196, 242, 115, 223, 325 249 309 343 146, 160, 89, 90, 146, 209, 136, 115, 93, 93, 137, 185, 291, 96, 220, 71, 166, 120, 170, 50, 87, 97, 147, 203, 137, 232, 342, 276, 129, 121, 228, 160, 211, 99, 220, 209, 129, 185, 293 165 160 293 325 293 293 343 114 325 293 135 114 293 293 325 325 309 136, 293 343 293 154 153 325 325 343 293 Anderson, Anderson, Donald P. Gerald E. Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Jeannine H, John A. LeRoy F. Mildred E. Richard A. Robert L. Anderson, Roscoe M. Anderson, Sally M. Anderson, Stuart S. Anderson, Wesley J. Andresen, Fred R. Andrews, Charles W. Andrews, John A. Andrews, Kendal I. Andrews, Mary L. Andrijeski, Francis J. Ankenman, Harold D. Annan, John L. Anzick, Melvyn L. Applebee, Jerry L. Applegate, John C. Aguerre, Jean Arehart, Jon K. Armstrong, Dennis V. Armstrong, Jimmy W. Armstrong, Thomas C. Arney, Jack A. Arnold, Marlene E. Arnott, James D. Arrowsmith, Rex E. Asahina, Oscar Ashcraft, William D. Asay, Charlotte Asay, David H. Ashbaugh, Larry J. Asher, Janet L. Ashford, Ella A. Ashton, William H. Aspinwall, Bob Astler, George H. Atkins, Gerald L. Atkinson, Marjorie M. Attari, Amir Autsin, Elden R. Austin, Leonard L. Austin, R. Yulene Avent, Richard A. Avguares, Deno G. Axsom, Donald W. 71, 89, 217, 113, 157, 99, 290, 195, 242, 171, 99, 147, 146, 113, 213, 209, 147, 309 343 170 309 152 246 124 343 309 343 293 343 309 309 173 115 309 325 137 343 211 129 343 173 217, 309 227, 293 95, 325 154 152 219 260, 343 195, 287, 293 115 205, 343 167, 325 325 232, 325 139 113, 115, 325 115 132, 285 167, 325 343 217, 343 Azar, Joseph S. -B Babbitt, Eleanor Babbitt, Wayne H. Babcock, Buddy B. Babcock, Donald D. Babcock, Nancy L. Babcock, Robert E. Baca, Rita M. Bachman, Eugene Bader, Charles W. Badey, Frank W. Baese, Walter R. Baetz, Mae E. Bailey, Danny J. Bailey, James H. Bailey, James P. Bailey, Janice L. Bailey, Robert B. Bainer, Shirley L. Baker, Bill M. Baker, Clarence E. Baker, Harriett Baker, James O. Baker, Raymond H. Baker, Robert C. Bakke, Kathryn V. 132 Balch, Ann L. Baldridge, John L. Baldiwn, Charlene Baldwin, Elizabeth A. Baldwin, Fred O. Baldwin, William K. Ball, Leslie Ball, Wayne E. Ballard, Pat J. Ballmer, Mary Jo Bane, Ralph R. Banks, John W. Banno, Joanne M. Barbee, Bob Barber, Shirley Barber, William D. Barczewski, Joanne K. Barella, Manuel D. Barger, Richard L. Barhydt, John F. Barker, Joan M. 78, 162, 163, 228, 154 152 136 214, 215, 276, 293 153, 343 137 172, 343 189, 343 325 113, 232 92, 9S , 123 , 146 293 , 191, 285 287 293 229, 343 325 74, 191, 278, 326 171, 325 220, 253, 343 152 82, 144, 150, 193, 344 166, 326 344 115 344 203, 293 285, 309 95, 219, 293 101, 153, 157, Barnard, Laura L. Barnes, H. Erik Barnes, Roger, L. Barnhart, Roger A. Barnhill, Irene Barnum, Bea Barr, William E. Barrett, Joe R. Barrows, Paul T. Barry, Donald K. Bartholic, Robert I. 110, 111, 115, Bartlett, Milton Bartlett, Phyllis Bartlett, Robert Bartlett, Robin Bartley, Jack C. Barton, Glenna L . Bartran, William D. 85, 215, 254, Baruth, Shirley M. Bass, Robert Bassett, Shirley Bast, E. Lee 87, 135, 146, 220, Bastian, James C. Bastian, Jean Bateman, John C. Bates, Almond J. Batie, LaVerne Bauder, Marvin E. Bauer, Fred C. Bauer, Ronald F. Baugh, Leland W. Baum, Norma J. Baum, Richard A. Beaman, Bruce E. Beament, Arthur Beardsley, Carol G. 15,42, 145, 159, 171, 2 32, 293 189, 326 209, 344 215, 309 132, 287 185, 344 93, 168, 125, 146, 173, Beauchamp, Ann 182, Becher, Richard H. 164, Beck, June Beck, Sandra L. Beck, Wineva J. Becker, Dale E. 163 Becker, Robert L. Beckley, John J. Beckvermir, George L. Bedenkop, Dale V. Beecher, Robert S. Beem, Don R. Beeman, George M. 97 Beeten, Robert L. Beethe, Carolyn J. 78, 138, Beil, Glenn N. 99, Belier, Joe C. Belier, Shirley A. 159, 186, 285, Bell. Eileen Bell, James H. Bell, James M. 92, Bell, Nondis L. Bellis, Shirley J. Bellm. Kay M. Bement, Arthur C. Bement, Charlotte Benander, Darlene A. 115, 326 201,293 309 152 154 152 163, 344 257, 309 344 287, 344 276, 309 152 154 163 134, 231 309 326 223, 326 326 269, 293 163 293 101, 138, 185, 326 187, 344 167, 309 91 191, 344 294 167, 344 326 153,309 132, 326 173, 344 146, 294 287, 294 154 152 100, 123 326 163, 309 150 154 344 Bender, Harvey S. Bender, Richard C. Benedick, Paul D. Benedict, Fred R. Benedict, Louise M. Benedict, Robert L. Bennett, Amanda L. Benson, Arthur C. Benson, George R. Benson, Harriet A. Benson, Margaret A. Benson, Vance D. Bentley, Diane M. Berens, Darlene Berens, Earl J. Berezin, Gilbert H. Berg, Johnny Berg, Mary Jane Berg, Norma L. Berg, Richard L. Bergman, Robert L. Bergstrom, Lewis S. 112, 215, 309 147 99, 124, 146, 310 287, 344 93, 137, 157, 186, 187, 310 99, 147, 207, 294 182, 191, 326 154 91, 152 159, 173, 228, 229, 230, 294 326 173, 310 152 Berling, Robert L. 92, 100, 120, 123, 294 Bernath, Elemer 121, 160 Bernstein, Barbara J. Berry, Charles J. Berry, Ira S. Berry, Mike Bertagnolli, John O. Bertorello, Robert J. Bertrand, Gene L. Bessel, Rufus J. Betka, Beverley Betts, Richard E. Betts, Robert W. Betz, Robert W. Bierhaus, Gene M. Biesendorfer, Don E. Bigbee, John F. Bigelow, Lester E. Biggs, Marvin L. Billings, Margaret R. Billingslea, Beverly G. Bingham, Paul E. Binkley, H. Alson Binkley, Virgil W. Bird, Frances L. Birdsall, Jay W. Birdsall, Larry R. Bisgard, Judith Kay Bishop, Douglas D. Bissey, Charles R. Blach, Harold B. Blach, Leonard P. Black, Alfred L. Black, Frank Black, Gene Black, Jean L. Black, Melvin R. Black, Robert M. Blackburn, Bruce W. Blackledge, Mary Blackmore, Jack S. Blackstone, Edith J. Blackstone, Hulie W. Blackwill, Catherine V. Blair, Clarice A. Blair, Phil A. Blake, Robert E. Blanc, Harold R. Blanchard, Gary G. Blandin, James G. Blanford, Sidney E. Blasi, Robert L. Blatchley, William Blatt, Joann L. Blatt, Jules J. Blevins, Joan L. Blevins, Kathleen S. 215, 344 326 95, 121, 326 344 310 220, 310 254, 255, 257 150, 294 74 89, 111, 115, 117 203 290 310 203, 294 152 326 326 129, 198, 222, 294 167, 171, 193, 344 137, 220, 326, 340 71, ' 3, 75, 77 93, 137, 147, 220, 294 189, 326 88 207, 310 144, 326 110, 115, 220, 294 220, 344 115 344 96, 324 W, 146, 205, 310 157, 196, 344 294 157, 344 134, 310 115, 117, 203, 310 152 150, 153, 294 74 120, 121 112, 171, 344 310, 321 226 115, 132, 326 73, 74, 78, 79, 85, 91, 94, 191, 308, 310 Blevins, Verla L. 159, 162, 163, 187, 294 Blewett, Robert N. Bloom, Vernetta L. Bloxsom, George G. Bluemel, William E. Bock, Donald L. Bockman, Marlene L. Boden, Dolores C. Bodner, Conrad S. Boeker, Harold M. Boesel, Barbara J. Bogenhagen, Janet R. Bohlender, Robert E. Boldt, Charles E. Bote, Jo Anna Bolin, Rodney W. Boiler, Bill Bond, Beverly A. Bond, Bob O. Bond, Donna L. Bond, Henry E. Bond, Jeanette L. Bond, Richard E. Bond, Tarlton J. Boren, Charles H. Borland, Robert 1. Bossi, Frank A. 138, 162, 189, 326 114 146 157, 159, 162, 163, 228, 232, 310 344 326 136 157, 344 189, 344 326 133 74, 102, 145, 184, 287, 294, 296 91 150 294 154, 310 160, 326 Bossi, James E. Botsford, Phyllis E. Boucher, Phillip R. Boulter, Robert C. Boulton, Marian E. Boulton, Weston E. Bouts, S. Joan Bowden, Cecil E. Bowden, David L. Bowden, William A. Bower, JoAnne Bowles, B. Trulene Bowles, David L. Bowles, Jimmy Bowles, Lloyd W. Bowling, Barbara Bowman, Jack Bowman, Jeraldine Bowman, Priscilla L. Boyce, George Boyd, Raymond J. Boyer, Donald E. Boyer, Richard Braam, Fred W. Bradford, Sam Bradley, C. Thomas Bradley, Patricia L. Bradshaw, M. Sue Bradgon, John S. Braiden, William J. Brandenburg, Jimmy R. Brandner, Charles E. Brandt, LeRoy Branger, David H. Branson, Robert S. Branson, Terry F. Brant, Buck S. Brant, Mary Lou Braun, Joan Braun, Richard G. Bredhoff, Carl H. Breeze, Carl R. Brehm, Joe L. Brenton, Laura J. Bress, Wayne R. Bressler, Nancy L. Brewer, Jan Brewer, Wallace D. Brewer, Zack B. Bricker, Don L. Brickley, Glenn E. Bridge water, Donald Brigham, James L. Brigham, Larue E. Bright, Don E. Brink, Georgia Ann Brikman, George C. Brockmann, Paul G. 172 Brodie, Berton D. Bronson, Robert S. Brooks, Asa C. Brooks, Loraine P. Brooksby, Wendell E. Brookshire, Robert D. Broughton, Harold H. Broughton, Paul R. Brown, Barbara Brown, Bob P. Brown, Charles C. Brown, Delbert T. Brown, Donald R. Brown, Donald W. Brown, Dwight K. Brown, Edith R. Brown, Eugene A. Brown, Florence P. Brown, George M. Brown, Harlan J. Brown, Harvey B. Brown, James A. Brown, James W. Brown, Joe H. 122 147, 294 93, 137, 157, 163, 228, 229, 310 157, 344 125 209, 294 209, 294 134, 326 167, 326 95, 121 210, 310 129, 163, 167 157 167, 173, 344 78, 35, 94 , 189 310 195, 310 167, 344 269 112, 167 93,96, 137 ,209 326 215, 294 133, 159, 326 344 . 129, 163, 164 326 253 117 217, 326 294 344 287 87, 215, 242 244 310 115 115, 207, 294 225, 344 170, 310 209, 327 163, 172, 327 146, 163 295 121 295 134, 136, 344 157, 194, 195 294 201 327 344 171 74, 88, 96 97, 170, 228, 232, 310 316 150 295 253 87, 114, 205, 260, 262, 263, 310 135 295 92, 100, 123 97, 110, 295 217, 327 150, 295 344 171 216, 217, 260, 326 Brown, Laurene E 157, 344 Brown, Marian S. 195, 310 Brown, Nancy B. 193, 345 Brown, Paul R. Brown, Phyllis J. 91, 152, 295 Brown, Ray mond Q. 85 Brown, Richard J. 90, 147, 295 Brown, Robert E. 147 205 220, 253 345 Brown, Shirley L. 231, 345 Brown, Wilbur F. 116, 136, 137, 203, 327 Brown, William C. 129, 223, 327 Bruce, C. Roger 96, 115, 203, 327 Bruce, Joan B. 345 Bruce, O. Verlene 136, 345 Bruce, Richard M. Brundage, Donald D. Brunell, B. Pat 157 159 187,286 310 Brunner, Robert C 129, 327 Bryan, Colleen 191, 345 Bryant, Bobbie R. 83, 110, 115, 147, 222 223 290,294 295 Bryant, Gerald C. 85, 345 Bryant, Jack L. 254, 257 Bryant, Lee 154 Bryant, Robert E. 83 89, 97, 152 Buchal, George F. 90, 136 Buck, John N. Buck, Marilyn 34, 159, 167, 191, 327 367 MORRIE ' S IN N OUT 1611 S. College Ave. Phone 1551 -J State Dry Goods 151 S. College Phone 1420 SU ANSON STUDIO DISTINCTIVE PORTRAITS 605 Remington Street Phone 259 hi, tadft 1 " Buerger, »W L M t J " " M. ' i ' " 10 ' . Bun , I " 1 a (HI. G " . time, M " " ' Buntefl, Dm t tnnheM, ft ' ■ Kted, " ' Burger, Jo " L ' Buroen Betty ■ (urge K«W 5. Burgen, htkel Me, Smell ■ Burke, m ■■ Me, W ■ Burke, Vinjiw 1 Mepile, N. 0 » tM » l Burl, Alei lirmen, Sett ! l - Burnett, w " ' ■ Burrta, Frmk E. Burrs, I ' ll ■ Burrv. WW L Burt, Wl Butch, I S » ' POUDRE VALLEY RE. A., INC. 220 E. Olive Phone 15 368 Student Jndex 1 oods fern 1420 Buck, Nancy 194 287 345 Buck, Robert W. Buckingham, Bruce F. 116 Buckley, Jay K. Buckman, Don Ray Budin, Pearl Ann 166 232 327 Bueche, Don Lee 93, 95 , 96, 136, 137 327 Buerger, Alfred L. Bull, E. Jean 101, 136, 159, 170, 191, 295 307 Bull, Richard C. Bunner, Richard O. 129 220 345 Bunney, Gary E. 144 217 345 Bunte, Patrick H. Bunten, Dan L. Burenheide, Omer J. 88 173 311 Burford, William F. 150 295 Burger, Joan L. 232, 327 Burgess, Betty M. 345 Burgess, Herschel G. 115, 345 Burgess, Rachel Burke, Ernest W. 311 Burke, Louis R. Burke, Ralph A. 163 Burke, Virginia J. Burkepile, N. Diane 98, 295 Burkhard, Shirley L. 115 116 327 Burl, Alex 248, 270 Burman, Barbara L. 189, 295 Burnett, Marvin P. 205, 295 Burnham, Frank E. 209 345 Burns, Ralph W. 95, 97, 135, 146, 168 209, 311 Burry, Barbara L. 93, 101, 137, 159, 162, 163, 187, 327 Burt, Bill Busch, B. Sandra 101, 133, 136, 157, 159, 327 Busey, Barbara 78, 185, 345 Busey, Charlotte A. 138, 163,2 ,229 345 BusseM, Eldon R. Bussert, W. Clyde Butsch, Joan B. 115 116 Byers, Beverly B. 157, 187, 345 Byers, Jacqueline G. 193, 345 Byrd, Barbara J. Byrne, Beverly -c — Cabrinha, Peter M. 225, 326 Cady, Alonza E. 163, 171 Caffey, Ronald B, Cahill, Beverly J, 188 Caldwell, Gay 85, 185, 345, 351 Caldwell, John D. 90, 295 Calkins, Mary L. Call, Jay W. 152 Cambria, James E. Camerlo, James P. 211, 327 Cameron, John M. 152, 173 Campbeil, Frank P. 209, 345 Campbell, Helen L. 115, 231, 311 Campbell, James J. Campbell, Thomas D. 213, 295 Canetta, Robert 139 Canfield, Margaret A. 189, 345 Cantrell, Margaret 171 Caparas, Jorge T. Cape, John A. Capozzola, Lucille N, 173 Cappellucci, Robert A. 173 Carbaugh, Lon A. 147, 217, 311 Cardenas, Francisco R. Carle, Charles F. Carlson, A. James 99, 147, 207, 249, 295 Carlson, Charles E. 345 Carlson, Donald G. 220, 345 Carlson, Effa Mae 101 132, 159, 327, 338 Carlson, F. Walter 150, 295 Carlson, Frank H. Carlson, Guilford E. Carlson, Lee W. 97, Carlson, Marian Carlson, Marilyn J. Carlson, Ralph M. Carlson, Robert M. Carlson, Stener J. 99, Carlstrom, Janet E. Carmichael, Lawrence E. Carollo, Albert M. Carpenter, David E. Carpenter, Dick Carpenter, Grace Carpenter, Robert L. Carpenter, Rose E. Carr, Bruce L. Carroll, Edward J. Carroll, Lillie Carroll, Tom R. Carter, Everette L. Carter, Gene D. Carter, Joan E. Carter, Milton F. Carver, Harold I. Carver, Joan M. Cary, John Cass, Mary Casselberry, Robert L. Cate, Rufus H. Cates, Glen R. Caylor, Ronald N. Caywood, Shirley E. M7, 157, 115, 146, 162, 138, 193, 168, 225, 207, 252, 163, 187, 88, 162, 115, 166, 153, 203, 207, 96,97, 153,209, 193, 229, 230, 191, 254, 254, 256, 311 327 327 295 112 295 345 295 345 173 164 327 173 345 345 154 152 295 345 311 136 295 311 112 345 257 257 295 Cermack, Jack E. Cervin, Beverly J. Chamberlain, Adrian R. Chamberlain, Janice P. Chamberlain, Robert L. Chambers, James C. Chambers, John K. Chancellor, James M. Chandler, George F. Chapin, Charles D. Chapin, Shirley Chapell, James Chappelle, Daniel E. Chase, Bonnie R. Chase, Carolyn P. Chase, John P. Chaulk, Marie Chaulk, Simon R. Chauvin, Clarence A. Chedsey, David L. Cheesebrough, Colleen J. Cheeseman, Elizabeth F. Cher, Larry E, Cherrington, Ben M. Chetelat, Larree E. Chiang, Hyun K. Chirnside, Carmen A. 93, Choate, Thomas S. 129, Chrisman, Phillip D. Chrismer, Don L. Chrispen, James L. Christenson, Gary O. Christiansen, Beverly A. Christiansen, Joyce L. Christie, Emily L. Christopher, Jane A. 83, Chu, Yih Chubb, Marvin K. Chung, Eldean S. 78, Churchill, Gregg Cirbo, Sherlene M. Clark, Betsy Clark, John C. Clark, Joseph G. Clark, Loran J. Clark, Margaret R. Clark, Merrilyn A. Clark, Phillip J. Clark, Royce B. Clark, Ruth B. Clark, Sally Clark, William L. Clarke, John P. Claudson, Bill D. Claussen, Bruce W. Clauson, William J. 96, 115, Clegg, George J. 205, Clements, Richard K. 95, Clifton, Charles W. Cline, Jean M. Closs, Carl W. Cloud, Nancy E. Clute, Patricia L. 132, 278, Clymer, Sterling D. Coan, James V. Coates, Carl W. Coates, Lynn W. 132, Coats, Margaret L. Cochran, Ralph E. Coffey, Barbara L. Coffin, Donald L. Cogburn, Jerry L. Cogburn, Ray D. Cogburn, Roland R. Colby, Madeline E. Cole, Don H. Cole, Quinten Coleman, Alice M, Coleman, James W. Coleman, Jesse C. Coleman, Paul S. Colkert, Charles H. Collard, Thomas E. Collins, Polly B. 71, 73, 74, 182, 183, Collins, Richard Collison, John G. Colville, David G. Colwelf, Robert E. Comos, Clarence J. Comstock, Nora L. Conger, Gerald B. Conger, Shirley Conkey, Stanley R. Con ley, Robert Conley, Sue A. Connelly, Richard J. Conner, Arlie R. Conner, Florence B. Cook, Barbara C. Cook, Charle E. Cook, Gordon D. Cook, Jack D. Cook, Vivian M. 91, 93, Cooley, Jeanne 91, 1 Cooney, Roberta S. Cooper, Lois A. Cope, Phyllis A. Copeland, Joanne L. 92 124, 162 276 96 209, 327 152 207, 311 185, 345 129, 327 187, 295, 302 287, 345 117, 211, 327 154 153 327 345 167, 345 137, 157, 159, 163 187 327 162, 164, 167 144 117 220, 245, 295 144, 345 327 167 311 94, 98, 145, 191 311 314 123, 160 187 311, 313 115 157 191, 345 153 152 115, 193, 327 167 136, 146, 295 327 171, 207, 327 95, 96, 167, 260, 264, 327 124, 217, 327 193, 345 346 285, 286, 295 295 295 129, 346 144, 219, 346 157, 163, 346 346 295 346 91 166 228, 230, 311 205, 327 211, 328 94, 110, 145, 185, 311, 319 129, 146 146 171, 328 153 154 189, 328 129 157, 167, 173, 346 219, 328 157, 187,295 02, 136, 159, 191, 295 311 328 346 Corbin, Dean K. Corey, Marilou D. Corley, Edward M. Corners, Billy V. Cornforth, Keith Corning, Raymond V. Costello, Bernard W. Costello, James E. Cottrell, Virgil L. Coulter, Almon W. Counter, Ann Counts, Jane W. Cousineau, William D. Cowan, Richard E. Cox, Gretchen A. Cox, Ray E. Cox, William B. Craig, Donald J. Cramer, Patricia Crawford, Gene A. Crawford, Richard Creach, Kathryn Creger, David B. Crews, Carol A. Crews, Donald L. Crist, Robert B. Criswell, Bob J. Criswell, Robert I. Croft, Donald C. Croft, Lawrence E. 1 Croissant, Robert L. Cronin, George A. Cronkhite, Cyrus G. Crouse, Scott R. Crowell, Jill Crumpacker, Frank E. Cudworth, Kenneth E. Culbreath, Grady Culley, Clinton L. Cunningham, Maurice L. Currie, Gary Currie, Roderick B. Curtis, Evelyn Curtis, Henry H. Curtis, Vera Curtis, Warren B. Cuzzetto, Christine J. Dabrowski, Charles T, Dahlgren, Robert R. 82, 220, 346 152 115, 117, 346 83, 185, 346 157, 189, 346 225, 328 101, 195, 328 209, 346 196, 346 157, 189, 346 129, 346 113, 296 222, 223, 311 201, 328 147 346 346 245, 270 346 220, 346 211, 296 166, 213, 328 137 116, 346 311 173, 311 Dalton , Joan 78, 113, 157, 191 346 Dalton , O. Kay 87 242 250 Dameron, Dorothy De aine 115, 193 296 Danie s, Orville 129, 346 Dann, Betsy 154 Dann, Jordon R. 150 Dansdill, Fred C. 346 Dasch, Robert D. 311 Dascom, Loru N. Datter , Robert F. 220, 260, 26 ,262 ,311 Daugherty, James C. 95 100 Daugherty, John Daugherty, Joyce A. 138, 346 Dauth Leslie 82 185 346 Davidson, Raymond 220, 328 Davidson, William Ernest 96, 328 Davis, Allen 346 Davis, Anne M, 287 328 Davis, Darrel Dean 93 137 311 Davis, David M. 152 Davis, Jack R. Davis, James R. 82, 83,9 , 103 129 Davis, John R . 132, 295 Davis, Joy 346 Davis, Lawrence C. Davis, Mary Lou 185, 346 Davis, Phillip Davis, Richard 122 Davis, Ronald S. 117, 209 Davis, Ronald T. 96, 328 Davis, Wayne C. 328 Dawson, Edward B. 211, 328 Daxtor , James C. 88, 311 Day, J ames R. 260, 262 Dazey, Earl L. 115, 203, 296 Dean, Edward M. 144, 328 Deane, John Deardorf, Eldon N. 328 DeBano, Leonard F. 173 Deberard, David 144, 215, 346, 353 Deberard, Don 85, 136, 215, 346, 353 DeBrie Leonard E. Decker Jack 209, 346 Deeds, Guy O. 146, 311 Deeds, Sherry L. 346 Deem, Judy A. 74, 85, 101, 145, 185 328, 331 Deerin a, Beverley A. 157, 346 Defferari, Douglas M. 213, 346 Degenhart, Jack De Grazio, Bettee 135 De Grazio, John W. Deines Ernest P. 153 Deines James A. Deines Mary Jane 170, 347 Deines Maurice 124 Deines Ralph A. Dekleva, John 36, 242, 244 Dellinger, Sue 71 Deltondo, Albert Deminc , Kenneth A. Dennis Edward D. Dennis, Jerome Denson, Jim 215 347 DePuy, Vera De Ruse, Joseph T. 112 ,296 Deter, Gary 117 204 347 Deterding, Alva C. 115 311 Detzer, Jeanne Deutsch, Nancy M. 312 Deveraux, Douglas G. 219 347 DeWitt, Fred D. 124 Dey, Sally F. 85, 98 , 101 135 Dickerson, Lucius Dickerson, Robert M. 129 328 Dickey, John L. Dickie, Charles Dickinson, Earl O. Dickinson, Margie 154 Dickinson, Wright A. 152 207 328 Dickman, D. Marie 98 102, 186 187 296 Dickson, Harold D 312 Dickson, Thomas J. Diehl, Donald J. Diener, Willis G. 220 328 Dienst, Eugene K, 172 328 Dietrich, Ronald J. 115, 347 Dietz, Jacob L. 312 Dillner, Gene O. Dimock, Donald Dismuke, Donald M. 123 146 296 Dixon, Carl Dixon, Elizabeth Dixon, Mary E. 196, 347 Dixon, Shirley R. 115 137, 347 Djunjigian, Papken 123 Dobbins, Sue Dobesh, JoAnne 187, 347 Docheff, James C. Dodge, Frank H. 129, 146 270 312 Doherty, Ann 173, 347 Doherty, Thomas J. 96, 163 173 328 Doing, Keith L. 150, 296 Doing, Marty 154 Doizaki, Tommy 122, 347 Dominguez, Priscilla N . 228, 347 Donahue, Bryon H. 125 Donahue, Don 220 Donahue, John T. Doner, Forrest B. 312 Donnel, Karolyn K. 328 Donnelly, Alvah C. Donohoe, Donald R. 347 Donohoe, Murlin L, 347 Donovan, Roy V. 163, 328 Dorsey, Alvin L. 51, 83 , 89, 219 242, 249 207, 296 Dorsey, Robert H. 219, 347 Doss, Joseph V, 219, 347 Doud, James H. 220, 312 Douglas, Marilyn 196, 347 Douglass, Paul T. 217, 347 Dove, Henrietta E. 136, 312 Dow, Jean 193, 347 Downing, Wayne 129, 223, 347 Downs, Dick 167 Downs, Matthew J. 137 163, 347 Doyle, Don G. Doyle, Emma L. 196, 347 Doyle, Sylvia M. 83, 139 Dozzi, John T. 223, 347 Drager, Robert A. 125, 296 Drager, Ronald W. 95, 100, 124, 296 Drake, Charles R. Drake, Terri 196, 312 Drake, William A. Draper, Cecily 196 Draper, Paul H. 153 Draper, Walter 129 Druva, David B. 217, 328 Dubs, Henry Docker, Donald D. Ducker, E. Ann Duckworth, Phyllis 312 Duke, Vernon L. 198, 224, 225, 296 Dull, Robert O. Dunbar, Dona D. 347 Dunbar, Donald G. 153 160, 171, 205, 347 Dunbar, Graham 273 Dunbar, Walter T. 328 Dunham, DeRyl D. 328 Dunn, Eleanor J. 132, 193, 296 Dunn, James W. 135, 160, 328 Dunn, Warren H. Durio, Nola 154 Durio, William D. 153 Durward, James A. Duteil, Arlene 135 Duteil, Harry W. Dutton, Howard M. 129, 146, 162, 296 Duve, John P. 135, 347 Dybing, C. Dean 135 Dybing, Joan 187, 296 Dyekman, Ivan -E Eades, Alan G. 219, 347 52, 71, 74, 90 95 97, 133, 270, 296 Eaton, Mickey 135 Eberhardf, Quentin 242, 244 Eberle, Carole L. 139 Ebert, Daniel 253, 347 Echeverria, Fawn 154 Echeverria, Roy 150, 296 Edgington, Richard E. 328 369 PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY OF COLORADO % N. Colleg w % ' --Mm rf L ja» _, ■ W Student Jndek: Edmondson, Richard 115, 117, 328 Ferris, Cheryl 348 Gay, Lloyd W. 91 103 129 163 Edwards, E. Allen Fetters Neita 348 164 166 297 Edwards, Ivan 152 Feucht James R. 171, 172, 269, 312 Gebauer, Charlotte L. 348 Edwards, William J. 296 Feucht Phyllis A. 101, 136, 159, 172, Gee, John W. 117, 260, 348 Eggers, James 189, 286, 326, 329 Geib, Melvin L. Egry, Mary Alice 115 Fidino Ray P. Geilenkirchen, Glenn G. 115, 173 Ehrlich, E. Richard 221, 270, 296 Fiebig, Phyllis 137, 187, 312 Geisert, Ronald 117, 211, 330 Ehrlich, Waller 89, 110, 112 Fifield Dean Gelroth, Marvin J. 146 209 313 Ehrmann, Henry 165 Finch, Melvin D. George, Delbert L. 125 Eichenberger, William Finch, Tom 115 221 348 George, Richard K, Eisel stein, Marjorie Finger Jack W. Gerlits, Edward F. 112, 330 Eisenhand, Barbara L. 116 232 312 Fink, Richard D. German, Calvin K. 221, 270, 297 Elder, Jack 171, 347 Finley, Robert B. Gerner, Kenneth A. 153 Eliason, Carol A. 136, 347 Finnel Clyde A. 329 Gerner, Lois 154 EMason, Richard C. 328 Finnel Larry M. 297 Gestland, Sandra L. 193, 348 Eliot, Calista C. 229, 312 Fishack , Carol J. Gettel, Ronald W. Eliot, T. S. 152 328 Fisher, Al J. 114 Gettman, William L. Elken, Robert C. 205 312 Fix, Daurd L. Getz, Melvin E. 89, 9 147, 297 Elkins, Gayle M. 286, 347 Flack, Duane GhashGhai, Ira j B. 160 Ellicott, George 113, IIJ , 162 207 347 Flamm Barry R. 129, 223, 312 Giauque, Donald D. Ellicott, Paul G. 89, no. 111, 115 Flanag in, Bernard E. Gibson, oeverly M. 15, 189, 330 207, 312 Flemin 3, Evelyn Y. 232, 329 Giddings, Jeanne A. Elliff, James H. Fletche r, Barbara C. 159, 329 Gifford, Dale E. Ellifritz, Don Fletcher, Conrad C. 137, 329 Gilbert, Leland G. 93, 95, 96, 137, 330 Elliott, Donald R. 207, 329 Fletcher, Harlan L. 93, 137, 297 Giles, Richard M. Elliott, Doris M. Fletcher, Louis A. 115, 297 Gilger, Arthur L. 91, 152 Elliott, Eugene C. Fletche r, Nellis 115, 313 Gilger, Hilda 154 Elliott, Gary S. 227, 312 Flint, Dick Gill, Dorothy M. 167, 348 Elliott, James A. Flint, Howard Gilliland, James H. 219, 313 Ellis, John W. 150, 296 Floth, lanet 85 191 347 Gillispie, Melvin H. 348 Ellis, Lee F. 146 205, 312 Floyd, Gene Gilmer, William S. 90, 146, 204, 297 Ellison, Mitchell 162, 347 Floyd, Gerald Gilmore, Jerry P. Ellsworth, J. Phillip 163, 329 Fluke, Wayne G. 152, 198 Giltz, Beverly J. Ellsworth, Robert M. Flutche r, Charles A. 313 Gingery, Deryl W. 92 123 313 Ellsworth, William 115, 162, 167, 347 Foeppe 1. William G. Ginter, Carol 115, 191, 348 Ely, Donald E. 82, 83, 96 115 207 329 Fogg, Harold T. Ginther, Clifford H. 125 Emeson, 1. Martin 89, 96 115, 226, 312 Fogg, Tage J. 329 Giro, Laura J. 136, 173, 297 Emrie, Fred 121 Foglesong, Beryl L. 114, 329 Gisi, Clarence B. Enderud, Alice G. 347 Foley, Charlene L. 297 Givan, Sam J. England, Walter Folger, John E. 297 Glenn, John M. 212 213, 313 English, James E. Follett, Roy H. Glenn, J. Kathryn 162, 348 Enos, Frank 348 Forbes Don B. Glick, Gary G. 242, 249 Enos, Howard L. 111 113, 329 Fordham, Howard C. Goble, William D. Erger, Elizabeth L. 348 Foree, Wanda L. 138, 195, 329 Gochis, Paul D. Erickson, Amelia L. 228, 230, 329 Foreman, JoAnn 83, 182, 195, 348 Gochnauer, James R. 146, 163, 313 Erickson, Charles E. Fortuna, Raymond A. 253 Goddard, Kenneth M. 153, 348 Erickson, Margery 135, 195, 312 Foster, Barbara A. Godden, Donna R. Erickson, Rodney 124, 166, 348 Foster, Patricia G. 287, 348 Godden, Mary 154 Ericson, Bernard G. 89, 297 Fowler William K. Godden, William R. 91 150 297 Ericson, John E. 93 137, 162, 163 Fox, Elwood F. Godshalk, David R. 129 209, 348 Ericsson, Donna M. 117 Frain, Wary C. Godwin, Marlene 348 Ericsson, Ronald 115, 117, 347 Frank, Gerald A. 136 Goff, Geraldine 348 Er ling, Donald M. 123, 297 Frank, Jerald D. Goff, Warren J. Ermel, Eldon C. 95, 124, 297 Frank, Mary E. Goick, Eugene G. Ernst, Charles Frank, Venantius J. 297 Goicochea, Rodolfo 160 Ernst, William H. 168, 223, 276, 297 Franzman, E. Gail 115, 329 Goin, Phillip B. Ervtn, Nancie 329 Frary, Ladd G. Goldsberry, Kenneth L. 90 113 136, 297 Erwin, Bennie G. 152, 164 Fraser, Donald R. 92, 123 Goll, Charles E. 129, 203, 265, 268 Erwin, Virginia 154 Eraser, Gordon B. 219, 297 Gomez, J. Felix 83, 93 , 97, 137 Erwine, Wright H. 114, 147 216, 217, 297 Fraser, John C. 146 173 209 313 Esgar, Donald J. Fraser, Syvilla J. 193, 232, 329 Good, Wilma J. 157, 159, 330 Eskanos, Robert 122, 198, 226, 297 Freeburg, Nettie R- 78, 313 Goodall, Eugene P. Eskridge, Evelyn Freebu g, Pat W. Goodenberger, John R Estrick, Douglas Freeman, Anita C. 157 Goodenberger, Phyllis A. 78, 297 Etchepare, Rolando Freemyer, Francis G. 348 Goodin, Jan V. 162 Evans, Donald Freese, Barbara L. 115, 117, 329 Goodman, Gibson Evans, Edwina J. 348 Freriks Stanley R. Goodman, Judith A. 195, 348 Evans, Gayle W. 146 Frichte , Robert R. 133, 313 Goodman, Mary M. Evans, Jane A. 157 Fridley Charles 1. 129, 162, 203, 313 Goodson, Tom P. 265, 297 Evans, Janice 189, 297 Friedman, Bob A. 144 Goor, Dan Evans, Mary A. 157, 348 Frihaul Louis E. Goor, E. Patricia Evans, Norman A. 92 Frink, Bert E. Gordon, John R. 116, 117 Evans, Roger 129 Fritchle , Suzanne Gordon, Orbin B. 137, 330 Evans, Sally 287, 348 Fritzler Myron G. 297 Gorman, Grant N. 82 , 83, 209, 330 Evans, Teddy 117 Fryberger, Harvey N. 115, 348 Gossman, Max G. Eveatt, Donald Fuhlrodt, Gene E. Gotschall, Donald J. 348 Everett, Glenn 329 Fuhr, Adrian 154 Gould, Leonard K. 129 Everitt, Richard Fuhr, John D. 54, 71, 73, : , 87 Gould, William R. 276 Evert, Barbara A. 195, 312 152, 198 265, 329 Gow, Marian 196, 349 Evison, Boyd 103 205, 297 Fulenwider, Joanne 185, 348 Grace, James L. 129, 330 Ewald, Elinor R. 75, 191, 297 Fuller, Charles B. 116, 144, 329 Grady, Barbara J. 139, 330 Ewald, Ruth A. 82, 83, 91 , 94, 285 Fuller, Charles M. Graham, Elizabeth M. 297 Ewan, Chuck Fulton, Richard K. 115, 203, 329 Graham, Marvin L. Ewbank, Jane 329 Furlonc , Sandra G. 166, 313 Graham, Phyllis J. 159, 173 193 286 330 Eyestone, C. Frank 329 Furney Bonnie M. 157, 348 Grandbouche, Gordon T. 348 - F- Furtun, Haluk Grant, Joan 117, 137, 167 173, 228, 349 Grasmick, Nadine 136, 330 Fairchitd, Arvel H. 114, 136, 163 -G Grauerholz, Patricia D. 138, 173, 349 Falloon, R ichard 329 Graves, Lois J. 78, 116, 132, 298 Farington, Thomas 115, 117, 329 Gabel, Phil T. 115, 144, 329 Graves, Edward R. 87, 242, 250 Farmer, Lonnie L. 232, 312 Galba, Joseph Graves, Robert C. 152, 207, 330 Farnham, Dorothy J. 297 Gallagher, Dale G. 74, 97, 129 209, 297 Gray, Barbara 136, 185, 349 Farny, David H. 312 Galvin, E. Jeanne 74, 85, 98, 145 Gray, Earl E. Farrell, Jean 154 168, 185, 313 Gray, Robert W. 210, 298 Farrell, Val P. 153 Gammie, James L. Gray, Thomas C. 71, , 97, 152 Faulkner, Lin R. Garde 1 , Keith D. 82, 83, 95, 91 , 98, 297 228, 232, 313 Fay, LeRoy P. 152, 173, 223, 312 Gardner, Emily G. 163, 348 Gray, William H. Featherston, Robert 129, 348 Gardner, Ivy R. Graybeal, Jim 205, 349 Feddersen, Leon 115, 117, 166 Garfield, Nancy L. 85 145, 185, 278, 329 Greeb, Marvin E. Feingold, Stanley 165 Garrett Peggy J. 78, 232, 329 Green, Barbara J. 157, 349 Feistel, Eloise E. 115, 167, 329 Garrison, Verne L. 103, 129 Green, Charles J. 209, 349 Feldman, Gordon Garwood, Gary A. Green, G. James Feldman, Robert Gartside, Harry G. Green, Marshall J. 349 Felker, Dee 154 Garvin, Mary J. 195, 329 Green, Mary Jo 85, 101, 168, 189 Felker, Robert L. 152 Garwood, Gary A. 215, 329 291, 330, 341 Fellers, Judy Gaskill Jack D. 348 Green, Mildred J. 195, 330 Felte, Harold L. 53, 75, 83, 85, 88, 90, 97 Gaskill John R. 260, 313 Green, Russell L. 150, 298 98,99, 147, 171, 198,220,221 ,265 297 Gately, John P. 83 89, 297 Green, Tom Fenner, William M. 129 297 Gates, Charles O. Greene, Ernest G. Ferguson, Ben R., Jr. 96, 203, 329 Gates, Robert D. Greeno, Ronald L. 129 Ferguson, Donald 83, 211, 329 Gates, William L. 348 Greenwall, Richard L. 136 Ferguson, Patricia 163, 312 Gausman, Glen J. 150, 272, 297 Greenwood, Mary 1. 83, 349 Ferguson, Walter Gauthier, Edwin B. 112, 137, 173 Gregory, Leonard L. 87, 254, 257 ,258 270 349 163, 195, 349 163 349 Gress, Lyle E. Griffin, Kenneth L. Griggs, William H. Grigsby, Dorothy L. Grigsby, Jocelyn Grim, Joan L. Grimes, Laura R. Grimes, Virginia A. 134, 137, 138, 229, 349 Grimes, William H. 223, 349 Grisham, Arlene M. 91, 113, 157, 195, 298 Grohmann, Francisco Gross, Henry A. 146, 226, 298 Gross, Jack E. Groves, William B. 313 Grow, William D. 82, 83, 85, 198, 217, 330 Gucovsky, Mike 55, 73, 74, 82, 83 98, 134, 168, 226 Guenin, Burton W. 115, 117, 330 Guenin, Jacqueline M. 189, 278, 286, 298 Gwilliarm, James L. 115, 168,215,278, 330 Guinan, Gerald L. Guindon, Aleta V. Gum, Phyllis J. Gunderson, Jack H. Gunkle, Marjorie A. Gunn, Judith F. Gunnison, Gwyn Gunther, William J. Gustafson, Sandra A. Gutscher, W. Daril Gutzman, Dennis G. Guymon, Gary L. -H Haddan, Barbara A. Hadiey, David L Hadley, John W. Hadtey, Totsy Hadtock, Dick L. Haennelt, Janet L. Hageman, Barbara D. Hagen, Arthur F. Hagenmeister, William Haggstrom, Gus W. Hahl, Ross M. HaMey, Bob G. Haines, Richard J. Hale, James C. Hale, Marilyn J. Hall, Clifford N. 95,97,100,120,124,298 Hall, James Hall, Janice M. 211, 298 185, 330 95, 97, 100, 121 139, 209, 313, 321 189, 330 95, 121 83, 223, 349 — 137, 163 164, 330 150, 298 154 194, 285, 298 89, 113, 166, 298 D. 349 96 153, 349 117 349 96, 133, 168, 205, 330 56, 71, 73, 74, 77, 78 79, 102, 182, 189, 298 Halt, Richard A. Hall, Richard L. Hall, Shirley A. Halligan, Lee Halstead, Marlene C Halterman, Betty J. Ham, Donald J. Ham, Judy Ham, Kenneth C. Hamill, Jakie A. Hamtll, Jerry J. Hamilton, Betty R. Hamilton, Dewayne Hamilton, John W. Hamilton, Robert J. Hammer, Eunice M. Hammer, Franklin D. Hammer, Marilyn Hammond, Jack W. Hancock, Maxwell E. Hancock, William F. Hand, Robert W. Hanes, Don F. Hanifen, Dorothy Hann, Richard C. Hanna, James E. Hannah, Marilyn J. 78, 101, 138, 189, 330 Hannah, Stanley L 18, 113, 298 191, 349, 358 298 298 115, 117, 330 85, 185, 349 162 116 163, 171, 349 349 89, 162, 171, 298 112, 298 135 129, 136, 163, 298 93, 137, 211, 330 219, 349 193 112, 223, 273, 298 Hanrahan, Miles P. Hansen, Darryl G. Hansen, Edward D. Hansen, Ernest J. Hansen, Evelyn M. Hansen, James C. Hansen, Lowell D. Hansen, Margaret E. Hansen, Paul W. Hanson, Carl W. Hanson, John A. Hanson, Laurence D. Harbour, Kenneth G. Hard, Lowell O. Harding, Harley D. Hardwick, William H. Hardy, Donald M. Hardy, John L. Hardy, Patricia J. Harman, Jerry B. Harms, Wilma R. Harper, Jean Harper, Kenneth H. Harper, Patricia L. Harpole, Donald D. Harrah, Marvin D. Harris, Charles W. Harris, Reo L. Harris, Sherry C. Harrison, S. Clark 117 152 330 83 122, 147, 313 93, 137, 159, 187 232, 287, 330 205, 330 172, 349 153, 203, 349 152 112, 213, 313 147 198 213, 298 168, 193, 313 349 57, 163, 187, 330 265 115, 171, 349 137, 349 139, 172 330 330 132, 298 DAIRY GOLD GRADE A DAIRY PRODUCTS Phone 1300 Hut, » " » l HH.W Hiw. " " Hitpn, )« Hum " . • " Hirtmnv lw Han . HunlWi Hlffiko™. D " » H««». Wt Hon. w Hn ' Kllhm, J- ■ Hiili««i Kw Itoi, Yok Hiu , 0 k Hildw. 5 " Hitten, W FIRST NATIONAL BANK Ul there ' s no hoy left for me 137 S. College flctfazttt Phone 975 372 Student Judex L. Hart, Donna E. Hart, Karla E. Hartman, Anna V. Hartman, James D Hartman, John G. Hartman, Loyal M. Hartman, Roberta A Hartshaw, David R. Hartshorn, Denny F. Harvey, Jack G. Harvey, Myrna L. Harvey, Patricia A. Haslem, J. Jack Hastings, Maurice M. Hasui, Yoshimi Haszier, Charles J. Hatcher, Gary L. Hatten, Bob Hausser, Alice K. Havens, Milton L. Havens, Robert D. Hawes, Harry J. Hawley, Chester C. Hawley, Jeanne Hawley, John F. Hayashi, Yuzo Hayden, Ralph J. Hayes, Allan L. Hayes, Laurie A. Hayes, Lawrence D., Hayes, Noel V., Jr. Hayes, Richard L. Hays, Elizabeth Y. Hays, Richard P. Hazelhurst, Jack Hazle, Albert J. Heald, John G. Healy, Robert R. Healey, Lynn Heberlein, Joyce E. Hedrick, Elwood T. Heil, Donald E. Hejde, Dan I. Helget, Shirley L. Helms, William B. Helton, James W. Hembrey, John R. Hemmerle, Barbara Henderson, Hedy Henderson, Joan L. Henderson, Mary J. Hendrix, Clinton Hendrix, Jack L. Hendrix, Roberta J. Henley, John W. Hennen, Verne C. Henness, Donald M. Hennessy, William J. Henry, Clay A. 99, Henry, Shirley J. Hepler, Zea Herberger, Joseph T. Herbert, Gary R. Herbrandson, Clarence Herbsf, Roy R. Hergert, Donald E. Herman, Roger G. Hermann, Frank E. Hermes, Ann M. Herrick, David D. Herring, Georgia Lee Herringer, Carl J. Herron, Ken E. Herseth, Minda M, Hess, Hans Hess, Janice Hessel, Maxine R. Heth, Gordon L. Hettinger, Beverlee J Heuer, Clement S. Heuschkel, Donald G. Hibbard, Gary G. Hibbs, Roger A. Hickman, Julia J. Hickman, Keith F. Hicks, Marjorie A. Hicks, Mark P. Hicks, Phyllis J. Hidy, Margaret H. Higgins, Claude M. Higgins, Janice K. Higham, Charles W. Hilbers, Charles R. Hilbers, Donna Hild, Dorwin L. Hildebrand, Paul R. Hildebrand, Peter E. Hildebrandt, E. Jane Hildebrandt, Paul K. Hill, Clyde A. G. Robert John K. Nancy Phyllis Sara A. Hillsten, Donald L. Hinderlider, Kirk 83, 157, 193, 163, Jr. 87, 132, 242, 349 349 247 270 163, 223, 205, 217, 298 349 299 330 167 171 162 147 349 162, 299 349 154 152 217 330 350 225, 299 137, 330 350 209 215, 350 117 124 83, 313 117 162, 350 160, 299 205, 313 350 166 124 147 157, 229, 187, 230, 203, 137, 219, 125, 133, 147, 225, 87, 265, 101 182, 96, 153, 139, 193, 85 198, 121, 268, 115, 162, 159, 278, 163, 209, 215, 135, 191, 78, 157, 159, 187, 115, 146, 257, 115, 195, 350 313 331 350 163 299 313 153 299 350 331 137 350 314 350 350 173 331 152 164 299 350 160 350 331 137, 157, 89, 78, 146, Hill Hill Hill, Hill Hill Hindman, William Hines, William C. Hinman, Gary A. Hinrichs, Warren L 22, 45 242, 243, J., Jr. 189, 83, 221, 115, 299, 217, 191, 157, 225, 87, 248, 221, 350 299 258 117 350 331 229 350 223 350 152 299 154 331 314 306 314 144 121 299 350 331 314 214 270 350 Hinshaw, Merritt, Jr. 150, 299 Hinshaw, Sue 154 Hinze, Greg O. 112 223 Hitch, James M. 152 Hix, Jerrold W. 201, 331 Hixon, Owen P. 99, 122, 147 Hoar, Vernice L. Hobbs, Carole V. 115, 350 Hobbs, Dale E. 139 162 350 Hoberg, Donald N. Hockett, Albert E. 123, 331 Hockett, Harold D. 350 Hodgdon, Charles A. Hoefer, Jonathan F. 113, 129, 164, 314 Hoefler, Andrew F. 173, 314 Hoerber, Gerald F. Hoff, Robert L. 139, 144, 205, 260 270, 291, 331 Hoffmeister, Larry E. 117, 331 Hoffner, Bryan D. 144 242, 251 Hoflund, Marvin S. 299 Hofmann, Rita E. 78 167, 173 193 331 Hohl, Donald N. 92, 97, 99, 100 123, 146, 223, 299 Holland, Leanor 350 Holland, John L. 221, 350 Holland, Laurence M. 215, 314 Holland, Willis J. 221, 242, 246, 260 262, 331 Hollenbeck, Mary E. 78, 113 228, 299 Hollingsworth, Robert H. Holmberg, Russell K. 314 Holmes, John W. 167, 350 Holmes, Suzanne 191, 350 Holt, Richard L. 144 Holtorf, John C, Jr. Holzberlein, John M. 113, 219, 299 Homer, Mary 196, 350 Honstein, Betty J. Hood, Harold E. Hood, John R. 223, 331 Hope, William , D. 129 Hopkins, Leon L., Jr. 350 Hopkins, Ollie E. 83 157, 159 195, 331 Hopson, Irvin 331 Hopwood, Alfred J. Horiuchi, Takemobu 331 Horn, Beverly Y. Horn, Luys B. 163, 314 Homey, Robert D. 124, 314 Horst, Marvin E. 163, 278 Horton, Helen R. 314 Horton, Robert W. Hoshide, Robert 331 Hosier, Robert E. 331 Hospers, Richard A. 219, 350 Hotchkiss, Fremont P. 350 Hottel, William W. Hotz, Charles H. Hougham, Duane F. Houser, Lowell D. 201, 299 Houston, James D. 299 Houston, Ralph H. Houston, William M. 215, 331 Howard, Lester R., Jr. 221, 331 Howard, Marilyn A. Howarth, Wilfred H. Howe, George W., Jr. 221, 272, 299 Howe, Robert D. Howe, Woodrow V. 144 Howell, John M. 167, 171, 205, 350 Howell, Nancy S. 159, 185, 331 Howell, Thomas F. 153 Howey, Wayne D. 209, 350 Hubbard, Robert V. 129, 144, 209, 260, 351 Hudson, Donald B. 117, 299 Hudson, Robert D., Jr. 217, 242, 247, 331 Huff, Hugh M. 152 91, 299 95, 96, 221, 331 Huffman, Charles L. Hughes, Eugene E. Hughes, Ronald M. Hulett, Dale E. Humaideh, Ahmad A. Humburg, Gene H. Humburg, Neil E. Humphrey, Barbara L. Humphrey, David L. Humphrey, Dennis L. Humphrey, James E. Humphrey, Robert E. 123, 134 124, 201, 299 168, 198, 201, 314 136, 171, 299 153, 350 Hunewill, Stanley L. 203, 331 Hunsberger, Bing L. 134, 139, 205, 314 Hunt, William H. 82 83, 129, 171 291, 342, 351 Hunter, Joan M. 331 Huntzinger, John T. 96 115 203 331, 351 Huntzinger, Mary A. 157, 351 Hurd, Charles L. 207, 314 Hurry, James J. 152, 221, 269, 314 Hursh, Donald W. 209, 351 Hurt, Anne 136, 138, 351 Hurt, Dayonne 115, 162, 166, 171 228 229 230. 331 Hurt, James C. 115, 351 Huston, Joe E. 129, 314 Hutcherson, Brian L. 152 Hutchinson, Robert G. Hutchinson, Shirley J. 83, 187, 314 Hutchison, Bonnie J. 162, 351 Huth, James A. 351 Hutton, Carol M. 167, 187, 351 Hyatt, Wilma L. 117, 351 Hyde, Travis P. Hyerstay, Russell H., Jr. -I lacobucci, Alfred L. Inman, Thomas M. Ipson, John R. Ireland, Darrell W. Ireland, Jessie Irey, John Iritani, Daniel Y. Irwin, James A. Irwin, Joe K. Isbester, Elizabeth J. Iseminger, James Isherwook, Myron O. Iverson, Kenneth M. 351 153, 198, 224, 314 153 154 111, 112, 171, 314 137, 351 115, 193, 299 224, 225, 314 ■J- Jack, Donna L. Jackson, Carolin Jackson, Core L. Jackson, Dan D. Jackson, Donald E. Jackson, Dorothy C. Jackson, Frederick W Jackson, Joseph W. Jackson, Melvin S. Jackson, Paul I. Jackson, Raymond T. Jacobs, Beverly J. Jacobs, Edwin L. Jacobs, Ralph J. Jacobshagen, Bob R. Jacobson, Helen M. Jacoby, Norman E. Jaerger, Edward L. Jagoda, Richard A. James, Norman I. James, Phyllis J. James, Theodore K. James, Wesley K. Jamison, Nicholas A. janitell, Mildred Jansen, Vivian R. Jeffers, Earl D. Jefferson, Carol J. Jeglum, Carl P. Jenkins, Alan L. Jenkins, Charles H., Jenkins, Leonard E. Jennings, Dale L. Jennings, Jacqueline A. Jennings, Robert W., Jr Jensen, Betty A. Jensen, Grant C. Jensen, E. Paul Jensen, JoAnn Jensen, Ken E. Jensen, Marvin B. Jensen, Pat A. Jensen, Paul E. Jensvold, Bruce C. Jessen, Richard H. Johanson, Eric G, Johnson, Bi.l D. Johnson, Carlene Johnson, Carroll K Johnson, Charles L. Johnson, Connie L. 171, 193, 287, 83, 93, 137, 136, 99, , 83, 331 159 314 146 331 198, 227, 153, 221, 265, 268, 38, 167, 185, 205, 189, 278, 287, 115, 166, 163, 129, 209, Jr. 83, 85, 96, 193, 232, 150, 152, 153,269, 114, 182, 189, 205, 172, 129, 168, 203, 92, 218, 219, 153, 221, 46, 82, 83, 229, 230, 286, Johnson, Corrine E. 91, Johnson, Dale E. 100, 120, Johnson, Darlene R. 193, Johnson, David 133, 163, Johnson, Donald A. Johnson, Doris E. 78, 91, 102, 190, 292, Johnson, Eileen M. Johnson, Elaine Johnson, Franklin B. Johnson, Franklin R„ Jr. 213, Johnson, George E. Johnson, Gilbert L. Johnson, Gordon R. Johnson, Jack Johnson, Janet K. Johnson, Julia H. Johnson, K. Allen Johnson, Kendall L. Johnson, Kenneth W. Johnson, Lee P. Johnson, Lola Johnson, Lyle D. Johnson, Phyllis Johnson, Richard K. Johnson, Roger K. Johnson, Ruben F. Johnson, Warren F. Johnson, Wendell L. Johnson, William E. Johnson, William T. Johnson, Yvonne D. Johnston, Clifford A. Johnston, Janet S. Johnston, Robert D. Johnston, Shirley A. Johnstone, Charles A. Jones, Charles D. Jones, Charles L. Jones, Clyde R. Jones, David I. Jones, Earl L. 95, 96, 221, 201, 85, 115, 191, 146, 152, 207, 115, 221, 100, 117, 123, 113, 157, 162, 89, 152, 191, 287, 90, 146, 205, 87, 132, 265, 266, 299 276 351 351 299 314 351 331 331 121 332 332 351 314 351 332 113 351 332 351 299 332 154 147 351 272 299 332 314 299 351 89 351 113 332 163 124 314 351 299 351 154 351 315 351 332 315 332 351 315 315 135 154 153 332 315 351 299 351 300 332 147 300 113 315 Jones, Evan E. 351 Jones, Jay W. Jones, Joanne M. Jones, Myrna F. 163, 351 Jones, Margaret L. 351 Jones, Orval E. 95 96, 139, 205, 327, 332 Jones, Robert D. 213, 351 Jones, William E. 153, 163 Joris, Frances G. Jourda n, Robert D. 300 Joyce, William M. Juarez Robert J. Judge James W. Juelfs, Lloyd A. 352 Jugerts, Melvin D. Jurgens, Nancy J. 137, 159, 167, 193, 315 Jurovi :h, Bernice 136, 315 Just, F rank A. - K- Kaeberle, Merlin L. 57, 91, 97, Kain, Albert S. Kain, Shirley Kalisz, Gene A. Kaltenbach, Raymond W. Karaki, Susumu Karas, Clark L. Kardell, R. Suzanne 85, Karman, James S, Karnes, Richard D. Karnik, Ronald L. Karns, Ted E. Karr, Donald V. Karst, Ronald K. Kasza, Paul E. Kawaguchi, Yaeko Keagy, Don Keating, Delmar P. Keck, James P. Keeler, Walter D. Keene, Jack H. Keene, Richard G, Keeler, Walter D. Keener, Glen L. Keffeler, Jerry L. Keiss, Charles W. Keiss, Robert E. Keith, Barbara J. Keller, Bill Keller, Carl A. Kelley, William W. Kellner, Elmer N, Kelly, Douglas E. Kelly, John R. Kelly, Neal E. Kemp, Darrell D. Kemp, George D. Kemp, James C. Kemper, Joel J. Kendall, Donald E. Kendell, Vern K. Kennedy, Don K. Kenyon, Mary E. Kercheval, James E. Kerns, Donald D. Kerns, Shirley A. Kerr, Donald T. Kershner, Wayne H. Kesterson, Richard L, Ketcham, William D Ketchum, Stanley W. Kettler, Betty L. Khan, Badrul H. Kibler, Lawrence S. Kidd, George T. Kiefer, Edward D. Kiggins, Sally S. Kilburn, James Killgore, William S. Killiam, James J. Killpack, Elliott R. Killpack, Marjorie Kinard, Harold G. Kindig, Orville A. King, Ben A. King, Darrel A. King, David W. King, Dwain M. King, John C. King, Robert B. King, William P. Kingery, Edward E. 146, Kinghorn, Dale Kinney, Margaret L. Kirk, Charles W. Kirkley, Betty Kirkley, Warren L. Kirol, John 95, Kirschbaum, Roberta A. Kishiyama, Minoru R. Kishiyama, James S. Kitsmiller, Tessie Kiumarsi, Mohamad A. Klaich, George W. Kledt, Harold A. Klein, John E. 89, 99, 111, 147, Klein, Shirley A. 157, Klein, William M. 99, Kleinknecht, Jeannette M. 150, 300 132 135 153 129 101, 191, 159, 332 332 112, 147 352 , 144, 332 i, 157, 315 215, 352 144, 173, 203, 332 100 95, 121, 315 115, 117, 352 152, 332 188, 315 215, 253, 352 150, 300 300 95, 135, 136 172, 332 91, 135, 166 ,209 300 332 219, 352 352 95, 97, 100 , 124 300 71,89,97 110, 111, 113, 146, 162 ,207 315 225, 332 83, 332 195, 332 168 217, 332 83, 101, 135, 182, 183, 195, 332 152 171 221, 315 300 L. ) . 96, 332 152 93, 137, 332 315 273 121 187, 232, 352 133, 352 276 116 152 154 254, 256, 257 170 232, 315 146, 163, 223, 300 198, 205, 315 171 315 332 115. 352 154 91, 152 100, 124 189, 352 350 207, 315 195, 352 146, 315 315 373 Compliments Mac-Van Locker Co. 163 W. Mountain Ave. Phone 35 J. C. Penney Co. 150 S. College Ave. Phone 23 The Great Western Sugar Fort Collins Phone 129 Co. Anderson Jewelers 118 N. College Ave. Phone 1240 Collinado Drug Across from the Post Office Campus Shop 649 S. College Phone 254 Park B. Herrick Special Agent Prudential Insurance Co. 608 W. Laurel Phone 2878 Paramount Laundry Cleaners 314 E. Mountain Phone 818 374 Student Judex Klie, Bonnie I. Klie, Nancy J. Klingsmith, Frederick D Kloberdanz, Kenneth L. Klodt, Jean A. Kloeckner, Alvin W. Kloeckner, Ruby Klotz, Robert O. Knappenberger, Dick Knickerbocker, Florence Knight, Donald M. Knoeppel, Ruth Joan Knopf, Cynthia S. Knopf, Jerry A. Knorr, Gordon E. 1 Knorr, William C. Knowles, Betta A. Knudson, George A. Koch, Barbara A. 82, Koch, Beverly A. Koch, Theodore R. Kocol, Gene S. Kochenderfer, Gary R. Koehler, Kenneth L. Koehler, Marlene J. Koehler, Richard K. Koelzer, Josephine Koerner, Henry M. Kollath, James J. Kontny, James G. Koon, Jeanice Koon, Sidney E., Jr. Kornemann, Nancy J. Koskie, John N. Kough, Clarence Kragh, Loraine Kraiger, Carol A. Kramer, James F. Krauss, Eugene Krebs, Jack 115, 132, 332 352 171 121 221 315 47, 159, 191, 315 87, 242, 244 135 213, 352 114 M. 165, 232, 233 352 115 300 15, 153, 207, 351 89 97, 111, 115, 166, 207, 300 352 225, 332 83, 101, 185, 332 38, 167, 193, 332 221, 352 74, 85, 159, 191, 278, 332 332 173, 333 173, 352 135 112 145 185, 315 300 265, 267 229 78, 94, 159, 228, 229 230, 300 Krebs, Kathleen C. 165 Kreie, James W. 205, 333 Kremers, Phyllis E. 137, 300 Krenzien, Richard S. 87 Kreycik, Donald L. 152 Kreyc ik, Jonnye 154, 222 Kreycik, Robert C. 153, 203, 352 Kreyer, Rosemarie E. 98, 315 Kruckeberg, Joyce A. 76, 7£ , 91, 300 Krug, Alvina P. Kruse, LaRue 352 Kugler, Gordon L. Kuhn, Robert L. 163 Kuiper, John D. 117, 215, 333 Kumor, Leon J. 115, 162, 173, 203, 352 Kuntz, Sandra M. 352 Kupilik, Fred M. 221. 333 Kuwatly, A. Waleed -L Labaree, Zora J. 160 168 LaBau, Jim 129 162, 352 Laber, Henry A. Lacerte, Henry A., Jr. Ladely, Oral A. LaFarge, Povy 78, 79 94, 115, 191, 312, 316 Laidiaw, Charles S. 333 Laitinen, Douglas W. 150, 300 Lamar, James W. 209, 316 Lamar, Jayne G. 145, 168, 182, 191, 316 LaMay, Ted 215, 333 Lamb, Donna R. 18, 132. 285, 300 Lamb, Doris A. 82, 195, 352 Lamb, Elizabeth C. 136, 187, 316 Lamb, Marjorie A. 136, 157 187, 352 Lambon, Jon Lamkin, Theodore J. 124 146 316 Lamle, Jack D. Lamble, Joyce E. Lamme, Susan E. 333 Lamons, Robert E. 147, 168. 198, 203, 316 Lamont, Mary 1. 229, 232, 352 Lampert, Sally F. 189, 333 Lanari, Elmer J. 221, 333 Lancaster, Paul D. Lancaster, William A. 123, 300 Landmark, Paul A. Lane, Roger B. 220, 300 Langley, James W., Jr 152 Langley, Lorraine M. Langston, William P. Langthorn, Jacob S. Lanzl, Robert H. 95, 100, 121, 300 LaQuey, Alan R. 115, 223, 352 Larsen, David L. Larsen, James A. Larson, Dawna J. 157, 193, 352 Larson, Marilyn L. 352 Larson, Merlyn M. 103, 129, 166, 300 Lau, Norma E. 113 Laubhan, James C. Lauer, William G. 123 Laugesen, Lawrence C. Lavington, Robert W. Law, Donald K. 299 Law, George P. 299 Law, Robert E., Jr, 211, 352 Lawhead, Charles L. 223, 352 Lawrence, Frederick T. Lawton, Kenneth G. 100, 121, 299 Lazarte, Alfredo G. 160 Leach, Donald W. 333 Leach, Ted E. 217, 352 Leake, Maury L. 182, 196, 333 Leaverton, Charles W. 213, 299 LeBaron, Dorothy L. 101, 167, 182, 185, 287, 333 Lyons, Earl D. Lyons, Marvin D. Lyster, Vonnie M LeCompte, Steven D. 117 Lee, B rice 112, 333 Lee, Ernest L, Lee, Harry R. Lee, John C. 71, 8 345 351 Lee, Rodney D. 221, 352 Lee, S amuel M. 214, 215, 299 Leggett, Ronald L. Lehl, Marjorie L. 353 Lehman, Robert C. Leik, Thomas H. Lemmon, James L. Leonard, Richard L. 221, 333 Lerner Colleen J. Lerner Robert W. Lesh, .ynn L. Leslie, Hugh A. 160, 299 Leslie, Mildred A. 154 Lesser John, Jr. Lester, Jack E. 152 Lester, Zorada 154 Letey, John, Jr, 112, 299 Lewis, Charles D. 217, 333 Lewis, Glenn F, Lewis, James T. 209, 333 Lewis, Mary E. 157, 167, 195, 353 Lewis, Rodney 147, 316 Lewis, Robert D. 333 Lewis, Robert P. Lewis, Ronald P. 134 136, 171 264, 270 Lewis, Sally H. Lewi s, Ted E. 74, i , 83, 85, 96, 221, 332, 333 Libby, Robert P. Lichtenberg, Deborah T. Lichty, Robert W. Lightcap, Lawrence Lijewski, Melvin Lilly, Louis Lin, Pauline Lind, Harold Lindauer, Donald W. 191, 353 112, 211, 353 Lindauer, Richard L. 299 Linkel, Matthew J. 299 Litke, Donald P. 205, 333 Litsey, Arloa J. 132, 287 Little, Betty A. 85, 101, 135, 136 , 189 333 Little, James D. 93, 95, 96 , 137 333 Littlefield, Merle D. 353 Lloyd, James D. Lloyd, Priscilla Lobenstein, E. Ann 85, 94, 191 ,316 320 Lock, Edgar W. 89, 110, 111 , 115 299 Locke, David L. 112 Lockman, John R. Lockwood, Delbert D. 87, 132, 219, 260, 261, 262, 316 Loetz, Merle R. 215, 242, 333 Lofgren, Janet 196, 353 Lohr, James M. Lohry, Charles S. 333 Lolotai, Albert Lomme, Gene E. 83, 146, 173, 205, 316 Lomme, Jon R. Long, Bertlee Long, Nancy 154 Long, Ralph E. 87, 242, 250, 270 Long, Sharon Long, Walter E. 152 Longenbaugh, Robert A. 113, 122, 353 Longmore, Beverley 1. Look, Shirley L. 353 Looney, Betty 83, 157, 182, 187 287, 333 Loosley, James H. 90 Lorenz, Ivan L. 115, 146, 201, 299 Lorton, Alice D. 157, 353 Lough, Dona R. 185, 287, 333 Loutzenhiser, Donald D. 353 Love, Charles D. 136, 353 Love, Donald E. 217, 333 Lovelace, Stuart A. Lovell, Ralph J. Lowe, James A. Lowe, Richard Lowery, Max L. Lowrey, Marjorie A. Lowry, Ann E. Lucht, Donald D. Ludlow, John E. Ludwick, Kenneth C. Ludwig, Raymond C. Lukezic, Felix L. Lund, Anders E. Lundgren, John A. Lundquist, Mina K. Lunger, Philip D. Lunis, Benjamin C. Lunka, Pauline A. Lutz, Harold Lyall, William L. Lyman, Edwin K. Lynch, Barree B. Lyon, Russell E. Lynch, Jim ' Lyons, Daniel J. 91, 152 353 152 157, 173, 78, 189, 82, 83, 195, 353 286, 299 .316 215, 353 209, 3J6 316 232, 353 135, 160 125 159, 333 211, 316 162, 163 144 Maag, Robert G. Maas, Merlin L. MacAlprne, Glenna MacArthur, Mary A. MacDonald, Donald Mace, O. Gary MacLagan, Sally A. MacVeagh, Stuart W. Macy, M. Marie Macy, Sue Madison, James T. Magnusson, Peter D. Mahan, Mark J. Mahayni, Mouhamad M. Majors, Patricia R. Majumdar, Madhab C. Makris, Joanne Makris, John Malabed, Bernardino Q. Malander, Phyllis A. Malcolm, Doris J. Mall, Thomas J. Malles, Frankie M. Mallory, Paul J. Malm, Norman R. Malmstrom, John L. Maloney, Verne D. Malowney, Arthur R. Manchester, William W. Mann, Beverly Mann, John F. Mann, Rogene Manners, Charles I. Mantle, Lonnie Marble, Virginia A. Marbut, Albert Marden, Donald T. Mark, Jerome M. Mark, Maxine Marker, Ralph D. Maroney, John J. Marr, Dorothy C. Marschner, William M. Marshall, Donna Marshall, Jean A. Marshall, Robert E. 219, Marthinsen, Margaret Martin, Dorothy Martin, Duane L. Martin, James Martin, Kent S. Martin, Larry A. Martin, Nancy Martinez, Charles Martinez, Francisco G. Martinez, Jerald Martinez, Rachael T. Martinson, Charlie A. Marx, Virginia Masch, Mary A. Mason, Charles Mason, John R. Mason, Leo M. Mason, Robert H. Mason, Robert L. Mast, J. Russell Masterson, Kenneth G, Matejka, James R. Mathers, Robert L. Mathews, Bruce Mathews, Robert L. Mathias, Milton W. Matlack, Dale D. Matney, Dan R. Matteson, Dana L. Matthews, Dean N. Matthews, Eunice Matthews, Vivian Mattison, Carol L. Matz, John Mauk, Warren S. Maul, Lloyd L. Maul, Marvin O. Maxwell, Jack A. Maxwell, Roine Rae Mayber, Barbara J. Mayberry, A. Estella Mayberry, Robert C. Mayberry, Wanda L. Mayberry, William H. Mayer, William E. McAdams, Robert E. McAllister, Carol K. McAndrew, Donald W. McAninch, Donald L. McAvoy, Jerry L. McBride, Audrey V. McBurney, Norma J. McCain, Charlene McCall, Marjorie McCallister, Vernon C. 124 270 75, 94, 168, 182, 191, 316, 318 137, 219, 353 223 353 160, 195 193, 353 82 83. 101, 168, 193 333 335 115 117 203 353 85, 185 315 316 85, 185, 353 89 99, 115, 147, 207, 316 115 139, 211 217, 316, 323 160, 273 101, 115, 117, 132, 235, 333 160, 316 154 152 301 189, 333 193, 353 223, 333 187, 353 89, 111, 112, 146, 171, 272, 301 353 89, 112 217, 302 214, 316 100 120, 301 165, 316 153, 215, 353 195, 334 78 217, 301 269 98 95, 209, 334 99 213, 301 316 96, 221, 334 353 15S , 164 , 167 334 26C , 262 ,263 334 316 221, 353 144, 334 219, 334 353 160 165, 273 334 201, 334 160 160, 171, 353 316 129, 223, 317 152 144, 334 117, 334 163, 317 129, 209, 317 136, 193, 334 167, 353 135, 353 136, 334 353 146, 162, 317 100, 121, 316 115, 153, 353 77, 215. 317 232, 353 71, 78, 101, 191, 334, 337 301 100 101, 171, 334 136, 353 213, 354 354 354 115, 162 167, 193, 354 189, 354 101, 137, 159, 173, 193, 278, 334 125, 301 McCandless, D. Neil McCandless, Jill McCandless, Ruth A. McCarthy, Julie A. McCarty, Chalmer H. McCarty, Diane K. McCarty, Ruth McCarty, William L, McCauley, Melvin E. McClelland, Bernard McConnell, Barbara J. McConnell, Charles E. McConnell, Norman N. McCown, Barbara S. McCoy, Elaine McCoy, Jerry A. McCoy, Robert E. McCrary, Ernest E. McCuistion, Verena McCullough, Murray B. McCunniff, Janet L. McDonald, Gary S. McDonald, M. Kay McDonald, Ruth I. McDonnell, Ellen I. McDonough, Goldie I. McElroy, John H. McElroy, Patrick J. McEwen, Frederic W. McFall, Robert L. McFarland, Katherine I, McFarlane, Glen L. McFarlane, Raymond E. 91, 152 154 160 167, 354 196, 334 135 121 146, 301 201, 301 115, 167, 193, 232, 278, 283, 317 215, 334 191, 354 125 129, 203, 301 137, 354 30, 229, 354 115, 117 185, 334 354 74, 157, 191, 301 157, 354 334 116, 354 122, 334 78, 157, 187, 334 McFie, S. Ann McGeorge, Vernon E. McGinley, A. Terry McGinley, James A . McGinley, Lawrence R, McGlothlin, Bryon P. McGrath, Richard P. McGrath, Theodore McGuire, Daniel J. McHaffey, David G. McHenry, William A. McHugh, John B. Mclner, Mary E. Mclnnis, Mary C. Mcintosh, John R. Mclntyre, Larry R. Mclver, Paul D. McKay, Thomas J. McKenna, Alfred K. McKenney, Jimmy D. McKinley, John C. McKinney, Joanne McKinnon, Wayne T. McKinster, William D. McKitrick, Byron S. McKitrick, Warren McLaughlin, Vivian C. McLaughlin, William L. McLean, Donald G. McLean, Douglas D. McLeod, Barbara McMillan, Anne T. McMillen, Kenneth R. McMillen, Mable F. McMillin, Robert C. McMurry, Burton A. McMurtry, Gene McMurtry, Ray McNab, Donald McNatt, Donald McNatt, Orville W. McNeal, Harriet McNear, Carolyn M. McNeil, William E. McNew, Howard K. McNew, Keith McNey, Robert S. McNulty, Robert R. McOllough, Phillip R. McPeek, William D. 92, 100, 120, 123,317 71, 182, 183, 189,317 71,95,97, 100, 120, 124,301 117, 211, 334 117 334 136 113, 201, 301 189, 334 122, 301 115, 201, 354 354 95, 100, 124 157, 354 147, 228, 301 115, 354 221, 334 354 83, 185, 301 113, 115, 201, 354 151, 301 195, 354 115, 187, 354 139, 195, 334 122, 354 221,301 221,354 147, 242, 248, 260, 269 135, 286, 354 317 334 152 203, 334 McRae, Gerald B. 91, 95, 97, 100, 123, 301 McRae, Jeanette A. 101 McSpadden, Richard W. 162, 163 McSparron, William G. 301 Meador, Gwendolyn J. 157, 159, 187, 334 Meadows, Margaret M. 136, 334 Mealy, William T. Meeks, Frank A, 110, 115, 219, 302 Mees, Arthur W. 99, 147 Meier, Jo 71, 170, 173, 229, 230, 317 Meink, Helen C. Meister, James M. Mekelburg, Robert B. Melani, Arnold R. Melcher, Douglas W. Mellor, Robert S. Mellow, Dale F. Meng, Carl D. Mergelman, Carol J. Merrick, Nelouise W. Messenger, James F. Messick, Darrell E. Messick, Richard L. Metcalf, Hugh E. Metsker, William M. 147, 210, 317 219, 354 223, 317 152 89, 173 167 317 317 134 136 Metzger, James C. 114, 198, 218, 219, 317 % Aim Slwwe 1 26 S. College • Phone 59 Knottq Pine Cafe 1793 S. College Big Time Charlie just visitin Spic Span Pastry Shop 144 W. Mountain Phone 220 376 Student Jndex Meyer, Edward R. Meyer, Kim Meyer, Marilyn J. Meyer, Vernon W. Meyers, Betty S. Meyers, Sam M. Michieli, Ranald A. Mikkelson, Charles W. Milburn, Louis A. Milenski, Joan O. Milenski, John W. Miles, Donald L. Miles, Virginia L. Mill, Duane R. Millard, Robert J. Miller, Alan S. Miller, Barbara Miller, Charlene Miller, Charles O. Miller, Dennis L. Miller, Donald A. Miller, Donald D. Miller, Donald F. Miller, Gary W. Miller, Gerald C. Miller, Glenn C. Miller, Jane M. Miller, John H. Miller, Joseph 0. Miller, LeRoy N. Miller, Marjorie Miller, Mark S. Miller, Natalie S. Miller, Paul R. Miller, Phyllis Miller, Reuben F. Miller, Richard D. Miller, Robert D. 116, 354 136, 354 217, 317 96, 220, 221. 334 87, 136, 215, 270, 300 146 354 317 89, 226, 302 189, 354 355 71, 73, 170, 270, 228, 310, 317 129, 209, 302 209, 354 112, 215, 317 157, 170, 317 144 152, 226, 334 137, 138, 228, 229, 346, 354 168, 198, 226, 302 44, 166, 173, 335 154 Miller, Robert Earl 136, 137, 335 Miller, Robert Edward 153 Miller, Robert M. 152 Miller, Shirley M. 163, 177, 317, 248, 346 Miller, Sue 154 Miller. Wayne 151 300 Mills, Fred S. 168, 198, 209, 335 Mills, Jerry E. 71 , 146, 16E ,208 302 Mills, Leon R. Mills, Marjory E. 83 85 157, 189, 354 Mills, William N. 335 Milner, C. B. 196, 354 Milner, JoAnn 335 Miner, Norton R. 129 Ming, Larry D. 163, 335 Mirich, Dan 247 Misner, Charles 355 Mitchell, Keith A. 71 221 302 Mitchell, Kenneth V. 221, 270, 302 Miyakawa, Kozaburo Moeckly, Charles R. 88, 89, 302 Moelleberg, Francis W 201, 317 Mohorcich, Joesph J. 87, 215, 242, 265 266 302 Mohr, Vernon Molello, Catherine E. 170, 317 Mondt, Jack F. 95, M 100, 124, 147, 168 213 318 Monroe, Thomas D. 129, 355 Montgomery, Lawrence 133 221, 348 253, 355 Montgomery, Raymond G. Montgomery, Virginia L. 74, 8i .94, 184 185 318 Monty, Dewey E. 153 Monty, Dorothy 154 Moore, Carol A. 82 83 98, 185, 302 Moore, Donald K. 123, 302 Moore, Duane Moore, Garland H. 96, 209, 335 Moore, Harry W. Moore, James E. 71, 90, 147, 302, 318 Moore, James F. 211, 300, 335 Moore, James H. 92 99, 123, 220, 221 Moore, Janice E. 135, 136, 191, 335 Moore, Jerry S. 147, 217, 318 Moore, Mary E. 115, 163, 335 Moore, Ralph W. 123 Moore, Rolland W. 87, 92 99, 123, 147, 219 242 252 318 Moore, Sally L. 43 58, 71, 75, 77, 145, 17C , 191 302 Moore, Shirley A. 78, 101, 191, 335 Moran, Judith M. 132, 335 Mordhorsr, Robin M. 335 Morehart, Evelyn 73, 101, 228, 229, 230, 335 Morehead, Tina 191, 355 Morehead, John 91, 103, 129, 136, 209, 302 Morehouse, Margie E. 187, 355 Moreland, Edward A. 93 96, 112, 137, 221 328, 335 Moreland, Ronald E. 96 168 217, 335 Morelli, Joy C. 193, 354 Morgan, Bruce T. 129 Morgan, June A. 193, 318 Morgan, Paula A. 285 Morgan, R. Kent 163, 355 Morgenegg, Edgar Morreft, Jack L. Morris, Katherine L. Morrow, Robert J, Moser, George A. Mosier, Ross E. Mosier, Russell W. Moskowitz, Richard Moss, Donald A. Motheral, Joe G. Mott, Edward C. Muehlenbein, Gretchen Mueller, Kenneth E. 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Nylund, Robert L. 160, 162, 302 229 355 115, 318 221, 355 355 203, 335 215, 335 273 195, 355 227, 302 173, 335 163, 196 . 83, 133 117, 173 230, 335 232, 318 147 125, 303 115, 355 100, 303 209 215, 355 335 114, 171 154 151, 303 209, 355 59, 74 , 78, 93, 137, 186, 187, 303 144, 355 124, 303 85 129 318 152, 203, 335 82, 115, 207, 335 115 96, 215, 335 152 92, 123 138, 193, 335 335 171, 195, 355 159 335 -o- Oakes, Evelyn Oakes, Jeanne Oakes, John T. Oakes, Richard G. 187, 355, 360 187, 355 360 195, 318 136, 355 318 78, 335 355 166 8,93, 137 , 159 318 135 303 115, 117, 159, 166, 187, 318 122, 167, 318 167, 173, 193, 355 166, 355 157, 355 355 335 154 154 Obenchain, Sue O ' Brien, Sally J. O ' Brien, Sally M. O ' Brien, Shirley A. Occhipinti, Salvatore O ' Connell, Sally J. Odell, Robert A. Odum, Vernon J. Off, Gordon L. Ogden, Jon S. Oh, Herng K. O ' Kane, Mary K. O ' Leary, John E. Oliver, Carolyn A. 191, 355 209 355 38, 191 335 146 336 201, 336 157, 173, 193, 355 152 Oliver, Donald M. 103 Olsen, Barbara A. 101 195 336 Olsen, Donald B. 152, 318 Olsen, Don K. Olsen, Joyyce 154 Olson, Carl N. Olson, Gerald R. 217, 355 Olson, Judy 135 Olson, Laura R. 134, 303 Olson, LaVerne P. 355 Olson, Leo V. 112 Olson, Paula D. 228, 336 Olson, Stanley A. 132, 336 Oman, Billy H. 115, 336 O ' Neal, William C. 124, 160, 303 O ' Neill, Patricia A. 159, 168, 189, 278, 187, 336 Opie, Carol J. 134, 355 Oppelt, N. Ted 198, 214, 303 Orchard, Thomas F. 151, 303 Orme, Donna C. 355 Orr, George W. 115 207, 356 Osborn, Alva C. 303 Osborn, Charles E. 162, 318 Osborn, Joanne M. 132, 231, 285, 303 Osborn, Oakley E. 209, 318 Osborne, Clement D. 270 Osland, Robert B. 209, 336 Ostwald, Donald A. 153, 356 Otto, Wayne F. 209, 336 Ough, M. 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Ryan, Patricia A. 173 228, 304 15, 231, 304 152 154 Ml, 171, 304 IS, 207, 337 211, 337 125 215, 319 203, 357 83 1 36, 2( 337 152 46 219, 319 98, 136, 337 112, 146, 211, 320 226, 304 129, 304 195, 357 276 209, 304 182, 151, 185, 196, 211, 212, 265, 198, 78, 129 320 357 320 304 267 153 304 357 357 304 159, 287, 357 227, 115, 304 357 122 135 124 115, 201, 357 201, 357 337 337 337 337 159, 162, 187, 337 18, 185, 287, 290 304, 305 185, 358 158, 304 358 41, 83, 85 101 145 159, 168 185 337 171 144, 171, 337 221, 337 231, 320 !2, 83, 123 217 304 -s- Sackschewsky, Donald M. 71, 76, 136, 172 Sackschewsky, Marvin L. 172, 270 Sadar, Donald J. Saier, Al E. Salas, John P. Salazar, John H, Sale, Larry R. Saltzman, Ronald Samuels, Neil Sanborn, Howard P. Sander, Sarah L. Sanders, Gary T. Sanders, Neil D. Sanders, Welborn W. Sanders, Zelda Sandhouse, Punky Sandstedt, Van D. Sappington, James H. Sarchet, Nancy R. Sarchet, Robert A. Sarchet, William D. Sargent, Marjorie A. Sater, Thomas A. 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Clifford R. 115, 137, Smith, Constance A. 184 185, 321 205, 358 Smith, Don B. 146, 217, 339 Smith, Donald D. 93 97, 136, 137, 171, 320 221, 305 276, 338 Smith, Donald K. 147, 320 Smith, Donna J. 115, 117, 132, 163, 339 132, 358 167 Smith, Smith, Gerald J. Glenda J. 144 Smith, Gordon C. 203, 321 89, 112 Smith, Gordon G. 115, 146 171 207 321 152 Smith, James R. 189, 338 Smith, JoAnn 191, 321 138, 358 338 Smith, Smith, Josephine E. Larry L. 305 129 Smith, Lee A. 115 ,219 320 Smith, Marilyn F. 159, 321 ,263 320 Smith, Marjorie A. 185 358 Smith, Smith, Shirley J. Vern L. 83, 101, 139, 339 153 Smith, Vern R. 153 221 305 Smith, Wayne E. 152, 198, 200, 339 221, 305 Smith, William D. 62, 71, 77, 85 90, 139 136 219, 305 Smith, Willard E. Smithson, Helen W. Smithson, Thomas R. Smits, Martin P. Smotherman, Philip R. Smylie, Donald J. Smyth, Gordon A. Smyth, Shirley J. 85, 134, Smyth, Wayne S. Sneath, Fred E. Snedaker, Sally J. Snell, Larry D. Snell, Lyle L. Snider, Carol A. Snider, Rodney D. Sniff, Dan H. 110,218,260,261,270,305 Snodgrass, Beverly C. 167 Snodgrass, Kenneth M. Snow, Murray J. Snyder, George A. 115, 171, 207, 339 Snyder, Robert D. 151, 198, 206, 305 151, 305 203, 339 ■15, 185, 321 96 88 219, 305 339 195 164, 269 Securutleb @tetUt @vrfi6 uitl6K Automobile Financing - Loans Insurance Phone 11 174 II. College five. ft. Collins, Colorado Poudre Valley Creamery A Complete Line of Dairy Products 145 W. Oak Phone 333 CLANCYS South of Fort Collins Phone 0722 J3 380 Student Jndex bwfl Snyder, William H. 321 Soderqu St, Herman G 339 Sohr bee , Dorothy 154 Sohrbec , Jack N. 151 305 Sollenbe rger, Beverly M. 132, 231 321 Solomon , Gordon C. 91, 152 Solomon , Robert E. 82, 8 113 Solomon , William E. Sommer Jay M. 198, 218, 219, 305 Soper, 1 ma L Sorenser . Carl S. 99, 147 Sorenser , Katherine J Sorrell, Douglas D. 85 87, 90, 270, 219, 305 Sorrell, Doyle M. Sowder, Glen E. Spafforc , Lloyd J. 221 Speers, Robert C. Speiser, Ted W. 8S 95 96, 135, 339 Spence, William S. Spencer, Eugene W. Spencer, George K. Spencer, Jack W. Spencer, John W. Spiers, Donald R. Spinner, Howard D. Sprague, Jo M. Spray, Sue A. 93, 10 Sprick, Eileen J. Squires, Larry C. Squires, Nina J. Stafford, Robert J. Stagg, Hollis J. Stahl, Carol E. Stahl, Harlow L. Staliings, William B. Stamey, Iris A. Stancafo, Evangeline M Standage, Charla AA. Stangl, Otto A. Stanko, Eugene R. Stanley, Bernard F. Stanley, Marion E. 145, 185, 132, 137, 159, 321 339 41, 78, 101, 159, 182, 187, 135, 93, 137, 230, 136, 139, 71, 215, 291, 82, 83, 115, 162, 198, 207, 110, 111, 115, 206, 207, Stanlit, Arthur E. Staples, George E. Stapleton, David E. Starck, Ralph F. Stark, Jack E. Starr, Fred A. Starr, Yvonne L. Starrett, William L. Stauffer, Nancy C. Stear, Joyce Stear, Robert L. Stebbins, Robert L. 163, Steerman, Phyllis J. Stegner, Nancy J. Steinhaur, Scott Steinhoff, Howard G. Stender, William A. Stenmark, Richard J. Stephens, Alfreda Stephens, William A. Stephenson, John M. Stephenson, Richard L. Stetter, William R. Stettler, Lee R. Stevens, Charles A. Steves, Earl Steves, Loraine Stewart, Charles R. Stewart, Floyd G. Stewart, Gwen Stewart, Joseph C. Stewart, Norman K. Stewart, Richard G. Stiles, Diane 101, 159, Sti liens, Robert L. Stills, Bettie L. Stimmel, Carolyn AA. 95, Stinchcomb, Harold G. Stinehagen, Carol L. Stinehagen, Douglas N. Stinnett, Helen E. Stinnette, Norman Stivers, Jerrold L. Stock, Boyd L. Stock, Neva Stocker, David A. Stocker, J. Richard Stone, AAarilyn J. Stone, Norman S. Stonebraker, A. Philip Storey, James Storm, Shirley Stout, Karen AA. Stout, Norman D. Stout, W. Joyce Strate, Barbara L. Streeb, Judy Strelesky, Carol A. Stockwell, Dorothy L. Stoddard, Albert L. Stoddard, Glen E. Stoddard, Lawrence Stofer, AAary Ann Stofer, Raymond C. Stoker, Frederick J. Stoll, Richard W. Stone, George 151, 157, 339 339 162 162 339 339 125 339 117, 339 H7, 305 116 305 129 138 229 221 170, 321 154 152 171, 213, 321 115, 339 215 115 137, 185 242, 247 339 124 201 339 151, 305 154 151, 305 205 154 87 153 136 191 285 339 196 159, 189, 305 321 321 113, 229, 339 117 83 153 154 144 221 219, 306 185 129 203, 339 123, 339 195 137 138 195 215, 306 339 157 193, 340 15, 339 123 154 153 129 Stone, Lawrence H. 217. 254, 306 Strickler, Gerald S. 91, 103, 129. 306 Stroh, James Stroh, Jerry D. Strong, Myron H. Strubi, Jacob F. Struckman, Keith A. Stuehm, Billie L. 162 Stuehm, Dennis E. 87, 146, 162, 254, 255, 257 Stuehm, George M. 253 Stunkard, Jim A. Stunkel, Jack W. 95, 147 Stunkel, Margaret P. Sturges, Dewey V. Sturm, David C. 99, 147, 225, 306 Sfutler, Robert K. Sullivan, Arthur L. Summers, Geraldine D. 137 Sundberg, John L. 129 Sunshine, Floyd Surber, Clinton L. 321 Sutton, Cynthia 196, 340 Sutton, Harold E. Sutton, Sally 133, 160, 173, 306 Swancara, Frank Swann, Frederick L. 121 Swanson, John G. Swanson, Richard C. Swearingen, Paul L. 93, 137, 160, 163 Sweat, Bob 91, 152 Sweitzer, Richard B. 87, 205, 254 Swena, Edward M. 151, 306 Swena, Ruth 154 Swiezy, Roman A. 151, 306 Swiezy, Wanda 154 Swigert, Mona L. Swinscoe, Virginia A. Szymanski, Ann 115, 132 -T- Tabb, Barbara J. Takaguchi, Haromi Takeda, Sumi 157, 340 Talboft, Roma R, 170, 306 Talley, George M. 83, 111, 113, 232, 306 Tamimi, Sado 273 Tanaka, Edwin K. 201, 340 Tangney, Robert R, Tanner, Elizabeth J. 321 Tanner, Gerald E. Tarvin, Anthony H. 137 Tate, Brandner A. 117, 144, 340 Taussig, John G. 224, 225, 321 Taussig, William H. 225, 340 Tavener, William B. 87, 89 99, 114, 146, 147. 219, 242, 248 290 308 321 Taylor, David L. Taylor, Dee O. 151, 306 Taylor, Glenn N. 152 Taylor, Harry R. 129 147 Taylor, James O. 147, 203, 306 Taylor, Janice 1. 133, 193, 232 Taylor, Max E. 152 Taylor, S, Eugene 153 Taylor, Shirley A. 85, 191, 306 Taylor, Walter E. 306 Taylor, Walter R. Teegarden, Robert M. 115, 117 Teeter, Stanley AA. 152 Tefertiller, Billy E. 162, 221 Telfer, Forrest C. 129 Tempel, George H. 221, 340 Tester, John R. Teter, Roy E. 151, 306 Tetly, AAittie E. Tharp, Edward H. Tharp, Joseph B. Thoelecke, Louis W. 215 Thoen, Curtis E. Thomas, Arlen L. Thomas, Bruce G. 146, 340 Thomas, Donald E. Thomas. Ida 157, 306 Thomas, Neil A. 99 136 205 340 Thomas, Pat A. 187 Thomas, Richard AA. Thomas, Robert C. 306 Thomas, S. Ted 110, 111 115 117, 306 Thomassen, Robert W. 152 Thompson, Barbara J. 189 321 Thompson, Gerald C. 360 Thompson, Judy F. 115 117, 321 Thompson, AAyron W. 151, 217, 306 Thompson, Nadine F. 78, 113, 157, 163, 187, 360 Thomsen, Howard L. Thomson, Elaine R. 157 167, 360 Thornton, Barbara 85 185, 360 Thornton, Beverly A. 162, 164, 340 Thorson, Donald A. Thulin, Mary A. 18, 44 167 191 340 Tice, Robert W. 129, 203, 340 Tietz, Pat 154 Tietz, William J. 152 Tillotson, Clive H. 87, 211, 306 Timpe, Lon W. 152, 340 Timpe, AAollie 154 Tindall, Kenneth C. 137, 360 Tinsley, Richard H. Tisdale, Donald L. 211, 340 Tobin, William C. 152 Todd, Judson D. 153, 321 Todd, Lilian A. 340 Todd, Robert C. Tolanc , Del 205, 253, 360 Toma, Kamal R. 160, 273 Tomasu, Bob 1. 112 Tomasu, Sue 135 Tomlin , Donald D. 96 99, 136, 147, 340 Tormo ilen, Donald H. 228, 232, 360 Toussa nt, Julia K. 157, 360 Towner, Jack T. Townsend, Ralph E. Toyne, Llewellyn D. Traber John E, 152, 340 Tranth am, Charles 1. 360 Trefz, William J. 152 Trema ne, Dolores R. 195 340 Tremb ey, David L. eiler, Ann 98, 136, 137, Trierw 139, 189, 321 Trimble, Joe B. 153, 360 Tripp, William P. 129 Troege r, Mary A. 136 178 187 321 Trompeter, Constance . . 157, 191 , 351 360 Trone, Joanne 132 231, 321 Troudt Daniel F. Truax, Delores L. 360 Trueblook, Malcolm S. Trumpe, Richard M. 96, 276 Trute, Ruth E. 172, 360 Tuck, Martha R. 163, 228, 360 Tucker Dorothy 1. 195, 285, 360 Tucker Guy 215, 260, 360 Tucker Tom Tudor, Sandra E. Tuell, Richard J. 115, 360 Tully, Robert J. 129 Tunnic iff, Roger E. 152 Tupps, Harold W. 146, 171, 216, 319 Turpin L. Louise 85, 91 94, 145, 185, 290, 321 Turvey , Megan G. 340 Tuttle, Alfreda 3 40 Twombley, Jimmy L. Tyler, M. Carol - u- Uecker, Charles F. Uecker, Edna Uhl, Deane A. 85, Ulivarri, Helen J. Ulhich, Henry D. Umphrey, Milton F. Unangst, Dannetta J. 134, Unhanand, Komain Upthegrove, Roy E. Urich, James A. Urich, Oren D. Urich, Robert F. Urich, Sally Uzelac, Rudy G. 151, 307 154 125 209, 322 228, 322 360 129 159 232, 322 227, 322 152, 272 265, 266 154 Vachtar, Milton A. Vagneur, Clare Van Arsdale, George A. Vance, Quentin E. Vanderhoof, Clark D. 15 Vanderhoof, Mary A. van der Hoop, Julie M. Van Der Veken, Jozef J. Van Der Veken, Otilia M. Van Doran, Samuel W. Van Dyck, Valerie J. 162, 285, 322 146 . 254, 256, 257 154 360 Van Dyke, Donald F. 360 Van Dyne, George M. no. 307 Van Pe!t, Roger E. Van Sant, Elsie M. Van Sickle, Dale E. 307 Van Slyke, James W. Vasey, Robert K. 71, 136, 221, 360 Veenhuis, Esther R. Velzing, Agnes Kay 91, 307 Vencill, William J. Vendetti, John M. Ver linden, Janice R. 189, 322 Verzub, James M. Vette, John P. 217, 360 Vetterling, John M. 129 144 Vetting, Joyce A. 360 Videon, Fred F. 221, 360 Videon, M. Joanne 184 185, 307 Vidmar, Albin L. 123 322 Vigil, Felix J. 360 Vlass, Norman O. 112, 209, 322 Vodneck, John R. 168 198 227, 307 Vogt, James P. 147 Von Strohe, Steven S. 215, 307 Voss, James L. - w — Wacker, Benjamin, 189, 370 Wade, Carl H„ 340 Wadlow, Alta R. 148, 231, 240, 295, 285- 319 Wadlow, William A. no, 111, 115- 117, 123, 125 322, 350 Wadsworth, Mary J. 93, 137, 159- 171, 185, 322 Wagner, D. Ardith 132, 340 Wagner, Emery J. Wagner, James D. 215 Wagner, John D. 167, 322 Wahl, Raymond M. Jr. Waind, Robert E. Wait, David F. 95, 97, 102, 151, 153, 201, 211, Wakefield, Enloe A. Wakefield, Gene F. Wakefield, Roy M. Walbye, George H. Walker, Bruce W. Walker, Daniel L. Walker, Gerald R. Walker, Lory T. Walker, Robert L. Wall, Neal N. Wall, William W. Wallace, Gordon D. Waldradt, Patricia A. Walsh, John Walter, Joan A. 101, Waltz, Burton L. Wangen, Omier M. Ward, Billy T. Ward, Gilbert E. Ward, Leonard C. Warden, David V. Wardlaw, Robert H. Warne, Constance J. Warner, David B. Warner, Edgar E. Warren, Dake F. Warren, LaRayne A. Washburn, Arland E. Wasinger, Lenora D. Waterman, Quintin Watkins, Joseph M. Watkins, Leon D. Watkins, Samuel B. Watt, Thomas L. Weatherill, Janice K. Weaver, Donald M. Weaver, Wiiliam H. Webber, Don L. Weber, Janice N. Weber, Joleita J. Webster, Louise M. Webster, Sylvia D. Webster, William H. Weed, Frederick D. Wehrman, James M. Weightman, Lionel F. Weiland, Dudley L. Weinhold, Albert R. Weinhold, Paul A. Weinmeister, Theodore Weinrich, Charles E. Weirich, Maryanne Weiss, Donald D. Weiss, Ramon J. Weitzel, Carol Weitzel, James R. Weldon, Robert W. Wellman, Douglas C. Wellnitz, James F. Wellnifz, Mary A. Wells, Norma J. Welsby, George R. Welton, Richard F. Werking, David H. Werner, James D. Werner, Raymond H. West, Carolyn West, Jerry R. West, Linda West, Mary L. West, Sarah J. Westerman, Lois E. Western, Dallas E. Wetherington, Joseph M Wetterick, Vivian L. Weyte, Richard R. Wharton, Neola A. Wheeler, Donald O. Wheeler, Eldon R. Wheeler, Gary Wheeler, Jerry G. Wheeler, William W. Whetmore, Clayton E. White, Barbara J. White, Carrol T. White, Lyman White, James L. White, Lots E. White, Lois I. White, M. Louise 74, White, Marvin A. White, Ronald R. White, W. Lowell Whitford, Robert W. Whiting, Jack W. Whitley, Paul R. Whitmore, Doren D. Whitmore, Loren L. Whitney, Janet K. Whittlesey, Myra L. Whittlesey, Norman K. Whomble, Kenneth D. Wickersham, Roland Wicks, Stanley R. Widhalm, Dale 101- 350 360 211, 360 152 95, 340 219, 360 151, 162, 317 151, 162, 307 360 215, 360 136, 182, 185, 340 129, 215, 322 322 211, 360 152 232, 322 360 121, 360 147, 164, 322 93, 137, 157, 159, 162, 170, 322 340 160, 221, 360 340 139 96, 221, 270, 340 83 167, 270, 335 101, 136, 171- 229, 230, 340 71, 145, 157- 159, 187, 322 322 112, 115, 144, 147, 322 211, 322 133 221, 260, 360 152 120, 122 193, 286, 340 115 361 135 147, 260 163 147, 322 361 157, 361 173, 322 135, 217, 322 340 22, 170, 340 196, 361 136, 361 229, 232, 341 A. 185, 307 307 133, 232, 341 129 341 153, 215, 361 219, 322 85, 268 171, 211, 341 254, 307 83, 136, 193, 361 152, 163, 341 152 228, 229, 341 101, 287 98, 182, 193, 307 85, 205, 307 341 152 115, 361 260, 361 361 78,83 101, 159, 185, 341 361 88, 99, 147, 323 211, 323 217, 307 163 381 GLASS of all kinds Window and Plate Glass Safety Glass for Wind- shields and Car Doors Store Front Construction BUmm f M PHONE 926 153 LINDEN STREET CANVAS GOODS Tarpaulins, Roll Duck and American Flags Manufacturer of Awnings, Tents. Camp Equipment FORT COLLINS, COLORADO ALPERT SON ' S The MAN ' S STORE 133 N. College Ave. Phone 520-W THE COLONADES 415 Remington • Phone 2108 AL ' S RUTH ' S BAKERY CAFETERIA 226 S. College Ave. • Phone 29 E.G.STEELE LUMBER CO. 281 N. College Phone 161 382 Student Judex Widman, William Wiebers, William Wiedeman, Harry Wiest, Joyce E. Wilbanks, Joe W Wilcox, James G. T. D. L. 139. 157, 136, 307 163, 341 209, 323 171, 195, 341 Williams, lewis 0. Williams, Margaret R. 157, Williams, Mary E. Williams, Patricia G. 85, 101, Wilcox, Margaret L. Wilcox, Robert F. Wilcox, Thomas W. Wiley, John J. Wiley, Lee Wilgus, Frank E. Wilgus, Herb S. Wilhelm, Gerda B. 159, 168, Wilkins, Elizabeth P. Wilkins, Joseph R. Wilkins, Kaye E. Wilkins, O. Wayne Wilkinson, Dixie L. Will, Donald H. Williams, Bruce Williams, Charles R. Williams, Delbert L. Williams, Dennis E. Williams, Dixie L Williams, Doris M. Williams, Dorothy L. Williams, E. Ann Williams, Fred E. Williams, Gene L. Williams, George S. Williams, Gerald L. Williams, Jerry L. Williams, John E. Williams, John L. Williams, John W. Williams, L. Paul 63, 71, 89, 111, 217, 307 101, 139, 159, 185, 287, 341 153 152 154 361 78, 101, 135, 182, 187, 334, 341 182, 196 211, 361 96, 198, 216, 217, 336, 341 115 171, 341 91, 152 361 341 115, 323 134, 136, 189, 361 361 189, 341 157, 323 227, 307 211, 323 115, 117 152 Williams, Patricia L. 83, Williams, Polly Williams, Richard L. Williams, Rollen H. Williams, William E. Williamson, James D. 89,99, 146, Williamson, Leslie D. Williamson, Margaretta A. Williamson, William E. Willis, John M. Willis, Milo S, Willis, Theodore J. Willson, Robert B. Wilmore, Barbara Wilmor e, William W. Wilson, Bill J. Wilson, Charles H. Wilson, Donald W. Wilson, Hazel I. Wilson, J. Howard Wilson, Joe H. Wilson, Joe R. Wilson, Richard A. Wilson, William T. Wiltzius, William J. Windsor, John C. Winemiller, Arlyn F, Wingerter, Herman T. Wingo, Robert D. Winkler, Carl R. Winslow, Carol Winslow, Sallie J. Wirth, Jack A. 341 163 361 341 135, 159, 191 341 16 171, 185 341 167 341 341 2? 1 323 221 323 144 341 00, 124, 168, 198 213, 323 135 100, 120, 124 132, 323 361 11? 209, 361 323 95 323 215, 323 124 112 137 195 307 113 323 Wirth, Ruth Wirtz, Jim Wisdom, Robert L. Wise, James A. Wiseman, Ed II Witherell, Robert A. Withers, Bill R. Witte, Wilmer D. Wittmeyer, J. Gray Wolfe, Andrew C. Wolfe, Robert E. Wolfe, Spencer E. Wolfer, J. Jere Wolff, Carol J. Wolff, William A. Womack, John C. Wood, June E. Wood, Larry R. Wood, Leslie G. Woodfin, Richard O., Jr. Woodhams, Nona Woodhouse, Franklin H. Wooding, Sherman H. Woodings, Eric T. Woods, Dixie Woods, Jacquelyn Woods, Stanley T. Woodworth, Bertram O. Wood worth, Charlotte Woodworth, Dona Id D. Woodworth, Lois A. Woodyard, Stanley O. Woodridge, Charles O. Work, Peter T. 1 Workman, Ralph B. Worrell, William W. Worth, Wiiber E., Jr. Wright, Dolores A. Wright, Donna Wright, Edward L. 135 260 115, 117, 361 147, 170, 323 115, 361 103, 129 71, 121, 307 153 361 151, 307 117, 215, 341 135, 307 123, 335 129, 203, 323 132, 137, 361 96, 136, 341 135 187, 307 307 152 154 117, 361 323 323 341 95, 99, 100, 146, 167, 323 113 124, 307 361 196, 341 Wright Herb Wright Natalie P. 193, 323 Wurm, Donald W. 323 Wyant, Richard G. 361 Wyatf, Shirley L. 113, 163, 228, 361 Wyatt, Thomas V. 361 Wymore, Ivan F. 89 -Y _ Yachin, Gideon 123 Yarberry, Beverly J. 187, 341 Yasuda Grace K. 133 Yates, Don R. 117, 215, 341 Yeo, Donald L. Yerkes, Vern P. 129 Yingst, Patricia A. 160, 229, 361 Young, J. Selby 85, 121, 209, 341 Young, Kaye 323 Young, Marilyn 185, 361 Young, Merrilyn 145, 189, 323 Young, Thomas A. 221, 307 Young, Thomas R. 71, 74, 75, 307 Younge r, Donna 114, 191, 361 Younki ■», David J. -Z Zadel, Franklin C, Zancanelli, Gerald L. 242, 252, 341 Zastrow, Ben G. 120, 125, 209, 307 Zavisla i, Donald F. 115, 215, 323 Zehner Ronald J. 341 Zeiler, Constance L. 361 Zgut, !)ona M, 193, 307 Zimbel " nan, Henry G. 219, 361 Zimmerer, Carleen F. 78, 189, 286, 323 Zimmerman, Richard G. 144, 166 Zimme mann, George P. Zinter, Carol J. 172, 361 Zipse, Robert E. 335 Zugeld er, Frank W. 167, 361 Zuspan , Richard A. Zwemk e, Fred B. 133 faculty fadex Adams, O. Robert 149 Anderson, Edward D. 136 Antoon, M Sgt. Emil J. 143 Aronson, Capt. Lloyd H. 90 143 - IB- Banks, Loy O. 74 98 Barmington, Raymond D. 95 124 Barnes, Robert M. 93 137 Barney, Charles W. 107 127 Bates, Robert E. 68, 71 73, 76 77 Beach, George A. 114 Beidleman, Richard G. 91, 228 Binkley, A. M. 109 Birky, Carl W. 165 Blackburn, Tom R. no. 115 Blevins, Margaret S. 101 Booth, Nicholas H. 149 Bowman, Feme 107, 156 Boyle, Margaret M. 186 Brigham, Ruby F. 68 Britton, Maxine H. 91, 157 Brown, Rex W. 68, 74 Brown, M Sgt. Robert 143 Burdick, R. T. 131 Buss, Edward 109, 170 Butler, Walter C. 95 Butz, Robert K. 95 -c- Campbell, Capt. Sfatnley 143, 208 Canada, R. W. 88, 131 Case, Stewart G. 228 Cermak, Jack E. 123 Clark, Andrew G. 75, 95, 106, 143 Coleman, M Sgt. Robert 143 Cowel, Bo C. 279 Cross, Floyd 149 -D- Daniels, Leslie B. 109, 113 Daugherty, Ford C. 110 Davis, John S. 107 Davis, Robert L. 76, 242, 243 Davis, Robert W. 149 Dean, John E. 119, 121 Deem, Arthur W. 149 Dinner, M Sgt. Herbert 143 Dixon, John E. 122 Dodge, James C. 125 Dotson, H. L. 66 68 Duncan, Mark C. 242, 243, 253, 265 Durham, Howard A. 133, 212 Dyar, Elizabeth 156 Edwards, Ruth E. Epling, Glenwood P. Evans, Norman A. Everson, A. C. Fechner, Gilbert Ferguson, A. C. Forbes, Elizabeth Fox, Carroll W. Frank, Virginia K. French, Jasper Fults, Jess L. -G- Eddy, Willard O. Gerhold, Mercedes Gibbons, Leslie L. Guard, Harris T, Gustafson, Dagmar - H- Ham, Cot. Lewis H. 99, Harlan, Aurelia B. Harlan, James L. 74, Hatton, Clara A. Haus, Thilo E. Hayes, M Sgt. Russ O. Hayward, Leota C. Hazaleus, Melvin H. Hejkal, Otto C. Henry, George F. Hervey, Donald F. Hettig, Kay 94, Hodgson, James G. Hoerner, John L. Holley, W. D. Horlacher, Walter R. Hotchkiss, Courtlyn W. -J- Jacoby, M. Eloise Jensen, Rue Johnson, C. G. Harry Johnson, Donal D. Johnson, Russell A. Jones, Maj Harwell H. Jones, Maj Lloyd E. -K- Kalinosky, M Sgt Edmund J King, Lt Elmer M. King, Wendell B. -L- Land, Sgt 1 C William Lehrer, Walter H. Lichty, M Sgt Robert E. 184 71, 75 123 127 127 114 283 111 231 283, 285 69 131 138 89, 125 95, 131 156 143, 144, 198 131, 134 85, 98, 134 141, 156 112 143 95 110. 115, 206 125 119 103, 127 283, 286, 287 69 113 114, 162, 163 107 69 138, 232 107 133 112 125 143, 166 143, 146 143 143 133 Liesch, Geraldine 157 List, George 113 -M Maag, Dale D. 76 218 Madison, M. Leslie 95 Marion, Joe 111 112 Marrhinsen, Lt Col William H. 143 McAferty, K. L. 69 77 McCabe, Jesse 66 McCandless, L. S. 66 McClave, George 66 McGovern, Maj. John 143 McHone, Vernon L. 132 270 McKinnon, John C. 165 McPherson, T. C. 66 Miller, Carroll H. 131 Miller, M Sgt Charles 143 Miller, James R. 66, 6 Miller, M. Warner 69 200 Miller, R. A, 66 Miller, M Sgt Robert 143 Moffett, Joseph O. 113 Mogren, Edwin W. 127 Monfort, Warren P. 66 Moon, T Sgt Glenwood F. 143 Morgan, William E. 66, 67, 73, 77 Morris, Stella, 69, 107, 229 Morris, David 139 Morrison, Sumner M. 224 Moss, Lloyd C. 149 Mullison, Don W. 87, 242, 243, 262, 260, 265 Mommert, Harold B. 124 Munsey, Lt Col Charles W. 143 -N- Nelson, Donald W. 134, 222 Nelson, Roy C. 134 Newport, Carl A. 127 Noskowiak, Arthur F. 102 127 129 164 Nye, Elwood L. 220 143, 166 66 143 -o- Olive, John R. - P- Parks, Lt Col Samuel W. Parshall, Maxwell Payne, Merle G. Peterson, Dean F. Pinilla, Claudio G. Putty, M Sgt Elmer Pyke, W. E. Reitze r, Johanna M. 143 123 133 119 123 143 107, 131, 133 135, 171 Reynolds, Winifred R. 102 Roberts, Ronald O. 68 Roberts, Ruth L. 138 Robertson, David W. 109 Rogers, Calvin 134 Ross, S Sgt Darald K. 143 Ruechelle, Randall 134 -s- Sandstead, Audrey 77 Schwartz, Luciene D. 98 Schwiezer, Herbert H. 91, 216 Simonds, Austin O. 131 Skold, Mai Bernard 143 Stevens, Capt Randolph E. 143 Stimmel, Lester H. 160 Stimmel, Margaret P. 160 Stonaker, H. H. 107 Strannigan, William M. 254 Strate, J. T. 119, 124 Sylvester, Molly 91 Symms, Eugenia 73, 76, 77, 78, 182 -T- Tannenbaum, Edward R. 165 Tanner, Howard A. 127 Terwi Niger, Charles 127 Thompson, Lt Col James O. 143 Thornton, Gov. Dan 66 Tobiska, Joe 269 Tompkin, Tommy 276 Urich, Bob U -V- Vanderlas, Esther - w- Wager, J. V. K. Wagner, Julius F. Ward, Gerald M. Warren, Charles P. Washburn, Lloyd E. Wasser, C. H. Wattles, Ruth J. Watts, Frances M. Weber, Louis R. Wells, Mrs. Dorothy M. Whalley, Joseph M. Wheeler, S. S. Wilmarth, Wilson E. 87 127 77, 260, 262 112 66 109 127 134 194 131 196 76 109 160 66, 68, -z- Zwiep, Donald N. 97, 100, 124 383 FORT COLLINS FAMILY SHOE STORE 158 S. College Ave. Phone 58 Sfcudttut 626 S. College Ave. phon e 377 Spring lias sprung, and that ' s not all HICKMAN ' S for Men Phone 51 162 S. College 384 sro« V -I 1l « , If hal ' s this — (Ac French Line? Which one has the Toni? Mud packs won ' t help either Commissioner Romney hands across the Skyline Trophy to seniors Stan Pivic, Dennis Stuehm, Bob Betz, and Coach Strannigan J t| Grace! Really gone! Oh come on, please take me oiU • THE POUDRE VALLEY NATIONAL BANK Established 1878 Now in its 76th 1 ear HAUF BRAU E. of Fort Collins Phone 2110 MILLER STUDIO 146 ' 2 S. College Ave. Phone 85 Iverson Dairy Corner N. Shields and Laramie Road Phone 1091 Serving Aggies since 1930 386 Advertisers ' fadex m [All Al ' s and Ruth ' s 382 Alpert and Sons 382 Anderson Jewelers 374 Automobile Dealer ' s Ass ' n 378 Black, the Glass Man 382 Campus Shop 374 Clancy ' s Country Club 380 Coca Cola Bottling Co 366 ■ Collinado Drug 374 Dairv Gold 372 E. G. Steele Lumber Co 382 F.I Palomino Lodge 370 First National Bank 372 Fishback Studio 378 Fort Collins Family Shoe Store 384 Fort Collins Light S. Power 366 Great Western Sugar Co 371 Haul Brail 386 HickmanV for Men 384 Hughe- Men ' s Wear 364 Iverson Dairv 386 J. C. Penney Co 374 JoAnn Shoppe 376 Julian ' s 372 Knotty Pine 376 MacVau Locker 374 Miller Studio 386 Morrie ' s In and Out 368 Paramount Laundry and Cleaners 374 Paik B. Herrick. Insurance 374 Poudre Valley Creamery 380 Poudre Valley National Bank 386 Poudre Valley R. E. A.. Inc 368 Public Service Co. of Colorado 370 Robinson-Warfield Printing Co 364 Rogers Jewelry 364 Securities Credit Corp 380 Spic and Span Pastry Shop 376 Spudnut Shop 384 State Dry Goods 368 Trostel Lumber Co 380 Varsity Grill 364 f Forr Collins I 2111 Where to Tmd What A. A. H. P. E. R. 132 A. A. U. W. Co-op 230 Abbreviations, Key o 365 Acacia 200-01 A Cappella Choir 136 " A " Club 87 Activity Council 77 ADMINISTRATION 64-65 Administrative Officers 68-69 ADVERTISEMENTS 362-86 Ag Council 111 AGGIE HIGHLIGHTS 10-36 Agriculture School 108-17 Agronomy Club 112 A. 1. E. E. 121 All Schools Clubs 158-68 Alpha Gamma Rho 202-03 Alpha Tau Alpha 88 Alpha Tau Omega 204-05 Alpha Zefa 89 American Commons Club 227 Arnold Air Society 90 A. S. A. E. 122 A. S. C. E. 123 A. S. M. E. 124 Athletic Council 76 A. V. M. A. 150-53 A. V. M. A. Auxili sry 154 A. W. S. 78-79 A. W. S. Dance 22 A. W. S. King 45 Band 137 Baseball 265-68 Basketball 25459 Beta Beta Beta 91 Board of Publication l 74 Boards and Councils 73-77 Braiden Hall 239 Campus Christian Fe lowship 171 Cheerleaders 278 Chemistry Club 133 Chi Epsilon 92 Choir 136 CLASSES 288-361 Class Officers 29091 College Days 32-33 College Days Queen 48 Collegian 82-83 Collegiate 4-H 113 Columbian Society 134 CONTENTS, TABLE C )F 9 Cosmopolitan Club 160-61 Councils, Boards anc 73-77 Counselettes 159 Dairy Science Club 112 Dames Club 135 " D " Club Plays 140-41 Delta Delta Delta 184-85 Delta Omicron 98 Delta Zeta 186-87 Drama Club 139 Engineering Council 120 Engineering School 118-25 Engineers ' Ball 18 Engineers ' Queen 44 Entomology Club 113 Executive Council 75 Farmhouse 206-07 Football 242-53 Foresters ' Days 27 Foresters ' Queen 47 Forestry Club 129 Forestry School 126-29 Forestry Summer Camp 1 28 Freshman Class 342-61 Gamma Delta 172 Gamma Phi Beta 188-89 German Club 135 Golf 272 Governor Thornton 66 Governor ' s Day 34 Graduate School 106-07 Graduation 36 Gymnastics 269 Haylofters Club 162-63 Haylofters ' Festival 31 Hesperia 94 Hesperia Sing 26 Hikers Club 164 Homecoming 14-15 Homecoming Queen 42 Home Economics Club 157 Home Economics School 155-57 Honor Night 36 Honorary Societies 86-103 Horticulture Club 114 Horticulture Queen 43 Horticulture Show 19 Indeans 232 Inde-Debs 231 INDEX-FACULTY 383 INDEX, STUDENT 36783 Industrial Arts Club 125 Interfraternity Council 198-99 International Days 29 International Relations Club 165 Intramural Sports 279-82 1. S. A. Activities 233 1. S. A. Council 228 1. W. A. 229 Judging Teams 110 Junior Class 308-23 Junior Prom 35 Kappa Alpha Theta 190-91 Kappa Delta 192-93 Kappa Kappa Psi 93 Kappa Mu Epsilon 95 Lambda Chi Alpha 208-09 Lancers 96 Leadership Conference 16 Little National Western Livestock Show 17 Livestock Club 115 Living Groups 234-39 Lory Hall 237 Lucky Horseshoes Club 116 Military School 142-47 Military Sponsors 145 Morgan, President 67 Newman Club 173 N.S.A. Executive Council 75 Omicron Delta Kappa 97 Omicron Nu 91 Orchesis 286 Pacemakers 49-63 Painting the " A " 13 Panhellenic Councils 182-83 P.E.M. Club 132 Pep Council 74 Pepperettes 278 Phi Delta Theta 210-11 Phi Kappa Tau 212-13 Phi Sigma Delta 226 Pi Delta Epsilon 98 Pi Phi Gamma 196 Poudre Muskets 144 President Morgan and Family 67 Presidents ' Advisor Board 73 President, Student Body 71 Progressive Party 168 Publications 80-85 Publications, Board of 74 Queens 37-48 Registration 12 Religious Council 170 Religious Emphasis Week 24 Religious Groups 169-73 Rifle and Pistol Club 166 Rockwell Hall 238 Rocky Mountain Collegian 82-83 Rodeo Club 117 Scabbard and Blade 99 Senics 4-8 SCHOOLS 104-57 Science and Arts School 130-41 Seigga Ski Club 167 Semot Class 293-307 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 214-15 Sigma Chi 216-17 Sigma Epsilon Kappa 138 Sigma Kappa 19495 Sigma Nu 218-19 Sigma Phi Epsilon 220-21 Sigma Tau 100 SILVER SPRUCE 84-85 Ski Club 167 Skiing 275 Skit Nile 20-21 Snaps 174-79 Snowball 25 Snowball Queen 46 Soccer 273 Social Committee 76 SOCIAL GROUPS 180-233 Sophomore Class 324-41 South Hall 236 Speechmakers 134 SPORTS 240-87 Spruce Queen 38-39 Spruce Queen Attendants 40-41 Spur 101 State Board of Agriculture 66 Student Body President 71 Student Council 71 Student Government 70-72 Student Government Activities 72 Sudent Union Advisory Board 77 Swan Club 287 Swan Club Show 28 Swimming 276-77 Tau Beta Sigma 93 Tau lota Omega 102 Tau Kappa Epsilon ■ 222-23 Tennis 274 Theta Chi 224-25 Townhouse 232 Track 270-71 Trailer Camp 235 Vet Village 235 Veterinary Medicine School 148-54 W.A.A. Board 285 Welcome Week 12 Westminister Fellowship 171 Wings and Cannon 146-47 Women ' s Sports 283-87 Wrestling 260-64 Xi Sigma Pi 103 387 fnf4lC COLORADO A M COLLEGE • FORT COLLINS, COLORADO f ' 54 KATIE BLEVINS. EDITOR A ' WACY, BUSINESS MANAGER At last long the end is at hand. It was about the middle of March last year — 14 months ago — that this book had its beginning. Theme ideas and suggestions, staff selection, house party planning — these and many others were the preliminaries. The actual work started fall quarter and continued through winter quarter. The section editors combined were responsible for most of the book. They compiled all the copy and pictures in their respective sections. Without them we would have been lost. When we had finally decided on the theme, " Profile of a year at Aggies, " Judy Deem proved indispensable for drawing all the profile artwork plus all the layouts. She did many ' deadline-is-near ' hours of work and I certainly appreciate it. We also owe a vote of thanks to our social artists, who drew the houses and pins. The photogs spent many nights and days snapping the shutter so that this book wouldn ' t be just blank pages. This indefatigable crew includes Harold Felte, Bob Frichtel, John Lee, Larry Nash, Charlie Newlon, Dick Rhoads, Ted Speiser, and Quinten Waterman. Harold was also our darkroom technician, devoting much time to developing and printing. Our sincerest thanks to Harold and the rest for an inte- gral part of the book. Other important parts of any yearbook are the index, group pictures, and picture files. These involve many more hours than one would suspect and often are thankless jobs. To the many who worked on these and the other continuous tasks we say, " Many Thanks. " Mert Macy and her business staff helped us over the financial trouble spots and over the huge task of distribution. ' Twas much ap- preciated, Mert. The final work involves checking all the many details before sending in the pages to the printers, Newsfoto Publishing Co. of San Angelo, Texas. Easily more than three-quarters of the editorial work was done by a tireless trio, Mr. J. Lee Harlan, Carl Herringer, and Ann Lobenstein. Mr. Harlan spent many late hours correcting copy and was always willing to give his time and valuable aid to make a better book. Ann and Granny were my right hands — doing everything asked of them and much more. I can ' t say thanks enough to these people. Tony Darnell and Bob Reed of Newsfoto helped us a great deal from the publisher ' s end. Their capable hands solved many a problem and made a book out of all the art, pictures, copy and layout we sent them and we greatly appreciate their assistance. Working with all these fine people will long be an enjoyable memory, along with all the fun times, including a surprise birthday party. My greatest thanks to everybody who helped make this book a reality. We hope you ' ll enjoy reading this year ' s SPRUCE as much as we have enjoyed compiling it. 388 MMctNkiiibb ■Ah bi d feral knife tb«lU«1Nlll btlkk " t» Tm wi «p- ■. W Bmiipr. m W jtuJkMkl It «W masaesBsm -f.--S.;.- : :.:■ L ' -, Jtt i t?na.j,_ t. 4

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