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Text from Pages 1 - 72 of the 1956 volume:

MAGI 1956 COLON COMMUNITY SCHOOLS COLON, MICHIGAN 1MISS ALICE GRIMES Courage is the wings of her wisdom; Understanding is the gateway of her mind; Honor is the garment of her heart; Love is the fortress of her faith. Sincerely The Mag i 2 Ur. W. H. Judd Principal Mr. Manlay Van Voorhees Suparlntandant Mlaa Mariana Hatlatvadt Secretaryfyactllilf Mr. W. H. Judd, Principal—Science and Mathematics; B.S., Central Michigan College of Education; M.A., Western Michigan College of Education. Mrs. Jaxle Mi 1ler--Horae Economics; B.S., Wheaton College, Illinois. Mrs. Fredrica Jaffe—Librarian and English; A.B., University of Indiana. Miss Jeanne Gascoigne—Vocal Music and Art; A.B., Nazareth College. Mrs. Janette Starr—A.B., Greenville College, Illinois. Mr. Manley Van Voorhees, Superintendent—A.B., Hillsdale College; M.A., University of Michigan. Mr. Earl Haight—Vocational Agriculture; B.S., Michigan State University. Mr. Melvin Flowers—Band and Social Studies; B.S., Western Michigan College of Education. Mrs. Flora Ambs—Commercial and Social Studies; A.B., Olivet College. Mrs. Virginia Ash—English and Latin; A.B., Kalamazoo College. Mr. Harold Lakin--Coach and Shop; B.S., Murray State College, Kentucky; M.S., University of Indiana. Mr. Lawrence Starr—Coach, Mathematics, and Science; B.S., Western Michigan College of Education. Mr. Daniel Flrebaugh—Driver Training and Social Studies; B.S., Goshen College, Indiana. Miss Alice Grimes—Science and Mathematics; B.S., Western Michigan College of Educat ion. Mr. Bill Ward--Band; Eutler University; Navy School of Music, Washington, D.C.; Michigan State University. 4Mrs. Lois Wattles Miss Celeste Happel Mrs. Hilda Waltz f tf-acutty Mrs. Betty iAkln Reverend Clayton MulvaneyStudent Gounod 1st Row: Raymond Saxman, Lee Sprowl, Reporter; Ralph Pari In, President; Sandra Loudenslager, Secretary-Treasurer; Richard Lucas, Judith Carpenter. 2nd Row: Douglas Adams, Vice-President; Rudolph Jenkins, Mr. Judd, Advisor, Mr. Van Voorhees, Advisor; Judith Decker, Thomas Loudenslager. The aim of the Student Council is to present to the Administration and to the School Board the students viewpoint on planning new customs or changing old ones. It is a clearing-house for all student problems and acts as a mediator in this field. It also acts as a board of control for regulating school functions, and it has the power to act as a Jury when requested. 6Anttwal StajM 1st Row: 2nd Row: 3rd Row: Beverly Weinberg, pictures; Janice James, band; Marilyn Perry, Junior re-porter; Janet Me Kee, Co-Editor; Viola Drake, Editor; JoAnne Swonk, senior play; Elizabeth Van Voorhees, class will; Bethal Stanton, snapshots. Marcia Tempi in, senior activities: Barbara Lane, history; Douglas Adams, Asst. Business Manager; Orville (Gene) Trine, artist; Jeannie Lawrence, °th grade reporter; Karen Cupp, snapshots; Mrs. Flora Ambs, Advisor. Barbara Brandt, artist; Norma Carr, Art Editor; Richard Bower, typist; Donald Oliver, Advertising Manager; Larry Bowerman, Advertising Manager; Ronald Ward, Business Manager; Carl Lucas, F.F.A. Uth Row: Patricia Geering, artist; Barbara Kane, sophomore reporter; Mary Trayling, freshman reporter; Lee Belote, sports; John Boyd, sales and sports; Roger Phelps, Sports Editor; Kenneth Decker, typist; Harriett Lunger, history. Absent: Margaret Pooler, F.T.A. Typists: Janice James, Kay Osbon, Sandra Loudenslager, Janet McKee, Richard Bower, Lee Belote, Barbara Lewis, Betty Lunger, Peter Hoekzema. Page Mounting: Norma Carr, Viola Drake, Barbara Brandt, Gene Trine. Snapshots: Karen Cupp, James Helmer, Mary Ellen Ward, class reporters. Advertisements: Patricia Geering, Norma Carr, Orville (Gene) Trine, Jane Westendorf, Barbara Hagelgans. Special Agents: Ralph Pari in, Richard Bonham, Dawayne Holtz. Introductory Pages: Artists—Norma Carr, Orville (Gene) Trine, Patricia Geering, Lynn Moyer. Sales Staff: Ronald Ward, James Frisbie, Marden Hinkley, John Boyd, Larry Bowerman, Donald Oliver. 7 Cover Design: Norma CarrJlUvuMianA, 1st Row: Roberta (Kay) Osbon. 2nd Row: Mary Mesler, Rita Mast, Mary Yeatter, Janet Me Kee, Marcella Shannon Marilyn Perry. The school library Is a materials center. In It are housed reference books, fiction, biography, magazines, and film strips. About 1750 books, 50 magazines, and 335 film strips are cared for here. The assistant librarians are on duty each period of the day. Their duties are to maintain order in the library, keep the center orderly and neat, assist in processing new books, and aid pupils needing assistance In their reference problems. The use of the library for both free-time and reference reading has increased each year, and the room given to library usage is proving inadequate. 8NewA Stcvjl 1st Row: 2nd Row: James Frlsbie, Gossip; John Boyd, Sports; Barbara Lewis, Assistant News Editor; Karen Cupp, stencils; Richard Bower, mimeograph operator; Kenneth Decker, Co-Editor; Patricia Geering, Editor; Ronald Ward, Sports Editor; Janice James, Feature Editor; JoAnne Swonk, News Editor and class reporter; Norma Carr, Art Editor; Marcia Tempi in. Exchange Editor; Barbara Lane, Exchange Editor, Lee Belote, mimeograph operator; Charles Draime, Mimeograph operator; Richard Bonham, stencils and mimeograph operator; Carl Lucas, F.F.A.; Harriett Lunger, typist; Wilma Warkentine, Joke Editor; Marilyn Perry, reporter; Kay Osbon, Assistant News Editor; Beverly Weinberg, typist and stencils; Elizabeth Van Voorhees, mimeograph assistant; Viola Drake, Feature Editor; Jeannie Lawrence, reporter; Mary Trayling, reporter; Barbara Kane, reporter; Mrs. Flora Ambs, Advisor. 3rd Row: Absent: Barbara Brandt, Joke Editor; Oliver, Business Manager. Larry Bowerman, Business Manager; Donald Ralph Pari in, Dawayne Holtz, Richard Bonham, Kay Thornton, Glee Club; Rae Bradford, Gossip; Peter Hoekzcma, typist. Patricia Geering, with the assistance of a talented staff, edited a most professional Colon Hi News. The staff reporters were efficient in collecting and writing the news. The colored covers were beautifully created by our Art Editor, Norma Carr. The mimeograph color work was reproduced with accurate registry by Ralph Pari in. Richard Bower, Dawayne Holtz, Lee Belote, Charles Draime, and Richard Bonham were our capable mimeograph staff. The dummies and stencils were carefully prepared by the seniors of the second year typing class. The business management was reorganized by Larry Bowerman and Donald Oliver. The sports articles were skillfully written by Ronald Ward with the assistance of John Boyd and James Frisbie. Jeannie Lawrence provided us with a new poem for each issue. Many new and clever ideas were brought to light by our Feature Editors, Viola Drake and Janice James, who made a real improvement in the Colon Hi News. The staff instructed the Juniors in publishing the April issue.GaoJiA. Mrs Louie Bauraeister, Mrs Cora Bonham QcJjjete ua £talfj Susan Snook, Louise Shultz, Sandra Swonk, Barbara Masters, Mary Yeatter, Donald Coats, Lee Sprowl, Dawayne Holtz. Rex Thraas, Erwin Hurley, Tommee Hughes Reverend Rudolph Burnson Reverend Leonard Stelnlnger, Ray Miller Lynn Lytle, Arthur Kane JANICE JAMES Band-3: secretary-trcasurer-l, twirler-3» majorette-1, reporter-1; cheerleader-2. Junior high cheerleader-2, sport reporter -1; school reporter for Colon Express-1; student bulletln-1; library-1; class sec-retary-3; Home-Coming Queen's Court-1; Pep Club-2; Future Teachers Club-1; Government Day: recorder-1; Y-tecns-1; F.H.A.-l; Colon HI News: band reportcr-1, typist-1, special news reporter-1, stencils-1; Annual Staff: photographic copy typist-1, page mountlng-1, band reporter; Junior play-1; senior play-1; monlter-1; D.A.R. Pilgrim. "Planning smooths the paths of progress." cScUutcUo UOH ROGER PHELPS Band-1»: vice-president-1; baseball-L: co-captain-I; basketball-l|: reservcs-2, var-slty-2; Varsity Club-1; Junior play-1; Annual Staff-3: asst, sports editor-2, sports edltor-1, basketball reporter-1, baseball reporter-1, sales-1; monitor-3; senior carnival king-1; class vice-president- 1; class reporter-1; student council member-1. "His speed across the floor is like breaking the sound barrier." t - m BB PATRICIA GEERING Colon Hi News: Edltor-1; Annual Staff-5: page mounting-1;, ads-5. Introductory pages -3; cover design »55? Y-Tcens-1; Junior play: prompter-1; student teacher-2; Athletic Association: treasurer-1; principal's office-1; superintendent's office-1. "In her future there's a clue. And he's dressed In navy blue." Vice- RICHARD LUCAS Class President-3; football-1;; bascball-3; basketball: reserves-1, varsity-3; operetta -1; monitor-1; senior play-1; Colon Hi News typist-1; Student Council-3: secretary-1; F.F.A.-U: president-2, treasurcr-1, green-hand-1, chapter farmer-3, committee member -3, International Livestock Show-1, M.S.U. Farmers Week-1, State Convent ion-2, Leadership Training Caap-1, Varsity Club-1. "Great works are performed not by strength but by perserverance." e uxMiGl u O ica'ul Honor Student JO ANNE SWONK Future Teachers Club: president-1, vice- president-1, secretary-1; band-t: president -1, vice-president-1, secretary-?; class reporter- 1 ; class secretary-1; Junior play-I; senior play-1; Latin Club: secretary -!; Colon Hi News: News Editor-1; toastmistress: Prom-1; monitor-2; teacher's assistant- ; Annual Staff-3: band reportcr-2. senior play reporter-1. "Power dwells with cheerfulness." MBS ;;Honor Student KAREN CUPP Band-5; class treasurer-! ; Junior play-1; senior play-1; student teacher-1; Annual Staff: snapshot edltor-1 ; Colon Hi News: stencils-l: Y-Teens-1; seventh grade gym teacher-1; senior carnival queen candidate -1; cherry pee baking contest, first place; superintendent's office-2. "Her heart is like the moon, there's alwsys a oan in it." RALPH PARLIN Student Council President-1: member-I; football-! ; baseball-2; F.F.A.-l : green- hand-1, chapter farmer-3» vice-president-1, demonstration tears-1, state soil Judge-1; U H-3; Colon Hi News: mimeograph operator -2; mimeograph and mimeograph art instructor-2; mimeograph art operator; school mimeograph operator-2; Annual Staff: sales and special agent-1. "A good time was had by all, and 1 was no exception." Honor Student HARDEN HINKLEY Band-3: Ensembles-5—sextet-1; octet-1; Intramural basketball coach-1; intramural basketball-3: sports manager-1, sports re- porter-1; football manager-1; basketball manager-1; football statlstlclan-1; Junior play-1; monitor-1; class vlce-presldent-2; class secretary-1; Administrative Assistant -1; "Who is he that says the neighboring town is not as good as his home towr?" SesuonA,RICHARD BONHAM MARILYN ABBOTT Band-14: All Star Band-1; monitor-1; Library -2; Future Teachers Club-2: student teacher -3; Y-Teens-1: Pep Club-1: pep band leader -1{ Junior play: advertising manager-1; Youth Center Conmittee-1 • "Happy-Go-Lucky." LEE BELOTE Baseball-3; football-3; basketball varsity -2; co-captain basketbal1-1; co-captain baseball-1; sixth and seventh grade gym-1; F.F.A.-2: greenhand-1 chapter farmer-3; demonstration team-2; monitor-1; Colon Hi News, mimeograph operator-1; Annual Staff -2: football reporter-1; baseball reporter -1; sales-l; senior play-1; Junior play-1. "Happy am I, from cares I'm free." F.F.A.-lit greenhand-1, chapter farmer-3, national award, tractor maintenance-1• Colon Hi News: stencils and mimeograph-1 • Annual Staff: typist and special agent-1; cafeteria staff-1; Junior play-1; senior play-1. "The great pleasure in life Is doing what people tell me not to do." JOHN BCYD Football-3; basketball: reserves-1, varsity-Springfield-1; baseball-2, squad-2; Varsity Club-1: secretary-treasurer-1; Annual Staff -2: asst, business manager-1; sales-l, typ-lst-1, advertising staff-1, basketball re-porter-1; Colon Hi News: sports reporter-1, mimeograph operator-1; Junior play-1; senior play-1; monitor-1; Youth Center Committee chaiman. "Women are my downfall, but what would this world be without them." LARRY BOWERMAN Band-3; ensembles-2; class president-1; pep band-1; Student Council, member-1; Junior play: business manager-1; Colon Hi News: business aanager-1; Annual Staff: business manager-1; senior carnival king candidate-1; football-1. "The most important thing to know about rules is when to break them." RICHARD BOWER Basketball: varsity-1, reserves-3; baseball -2; Varsity Club-1, chairman-1; sixth and seventh grade gyn -l; senior play, tlckets-l; Junior play-1; Annual Staff: typist-1; Colon Hi News: typist-1, mimeograph oper- ator-1; school mimeograph operator-1; Prom tlckets-l. "The man with a burning ambition is seldom fired." 14 SesuefolNORMA CARR Colon HI News; Art Editor-1; Annual Staff-3: •56 cover design-1, Introductory pages-1, ads-5 page mounting-3; first price, poppy poster contest-1; art correspondence course -2; Sunday School pianist-U, S. S. Orchestra-3, Bible School planist-3, Bible School teacher-1; Halloween queen-1; Junior play-1 senior play-1; teachers assistant-1; principalis office-1; superintendent's office-1 "The greatest privilege of a human being is to be able to do good." BARBARA BRANDT Glee Club-3: operetta-3, state festivals-2; Colon Hi News: artist-1; Junior play:prompter-1; Y-Teens-2; Annual Staff: artist-3; Lutheran Senior League-3; Vacation Bible School, teacher-3; Art:U: Poppy Poster Con-test-2: first price-1, second price-1. Decorating rooms-3, Art Exhiblts-U, Pro»-l; Magi rabbits for Athletics-1, Literature scenes for English room-1. "Artist fingers reach far." RAE BRADFORD Band-5: enseables-2, band librarian-1; Pep Club-3, pep band-1; Llbrary-2; monitor-1; Youth Center Committee-1; Y-Teens-1; Junior play: advertising manager-1; Col n Hi News: Gossip Editor-1; class reporter- . "Not that 1 love study less, but 1 love fun more." KENNETH DECKER Basketball-1;: reserves-1, varsity-3; Varsity Club-1; baseboll-3; football-U: Co- Captain- 1; Annual Staff: tyrist and sales-1; Junior play-1; monitor-1; Colon Hi News: Co-Edltor-l; Class Vice-President. "He could always find things more interesting than lessons. Sesuakl CHARLES 0RA11S Band-U: Glee Club-1: operetta-1; monitor-1; Junior play-1; football-1, football manager -1; Colon Hi News: mimeograph and typist-1; Annual Staff: typist and sales-1. "The harder 1 try the gooder to be, the worser 1 become." 15 VIOLA DRAKE Y-Teens: president-1; band-3; Colon Hi News: feature editor-1; Annual Staff-2: Co-Editor -1, Editor-1; Library-1; Ushers Club-2; L-H Club-6: president-1; Junior play-1; principal's office-2; Halloween Queen's Court-1, Wolverine Girls State. "The best year round temperature is a warm heart and a cool head."LILLIAN HINKLEY JAMES HELMER F.F.A.-U: greenhand-1, chapter, committee chairnan-2, president-1, public spcaking-L, district awards—3 firsts, re-gionals—2 firsts, 1 second, state—2 seconds. Lj—H— 3• public speaking-1, first In local, district, and state; national honor group; national award Grange soils essays contest; recreational chairman-1; football-U; basketball; reserves-1, varsity-3 Varsity Club-1; Latin Club-1; Junior play-1; M.Y.F.-district camp president; Christian witness chairman; vice-president--L itheran Walter League; F.M.Y.-reporter; C.Y.C.-director; usher-3; International Livestock show-1; M.S.C. Farmers Week-1. "if Speech will get him to heaven, he'll be there." JAMES FRISBIE Band-U; Football squad-1, football-3; basketball reservcs-2; baseball squad-1, base-ball-3; Varsity Club-1; Junior playl; senior play: stage setting-1; monitor-1; dance band-2; seventh grade basketball coach-1; Colon Hi News; gossip editor, sports reporter-1; Annual Staff: typist and sales-1. 'In my hot rod, every pole 1 see Is a magnetic pole." GLEE CLUB-3s operetta-3, sextet-1, octet-1, trio-1 treasurer-1; librarian-2; B.Y.F.-2: reporter-1, secretary-treasurer-1; Annual Staff typist-1; Junior play-1; essay winner, second prlrc—"How May Colon be Improved." "To me life Is as funny as all the Jokes put into one." QAWAYNE HOLTZ Band-L; monitor-!; F.F.A.-U: greenhand-1, chapter farmer-3, rep rter-1 farm forum district contest-1, Leadership Camp-1, committee member-1, International Livestock Show-1, M.S.C. Farmers Week-1; U-H Club-3; Junior play-1; senior play: stage manager-1; Annual Staff: typist-1; operetta-1; cafe- teria staff-1; baseball squad-1; Colon Hi News: mimeograph operator-1, stencils-1. International Livestock Show-1; M.S.U. Farmers Week-U. "A hunting I will go." KENNETH HURLEY Band-3 ; Junior Play Cast-1; U-H Club-6; Baseball-2. "Fun and study mix well." PETER HOEKZEMA Junior play, properties manager-1; Colon Hi News: typist-1: Annual Staff: sales-1; Amateur Radio, WNoSUE; American Radio Relay League-3; president. Young Peoples, Church of God. "Silence is the argument to which no one can reply." 16 SesUoM,HARRIETT LUNDER Girls Athletic Association- ; Library Club -1$; Ushers Club-1; senior play: business manager-1; Colon HI News: typist-1; Annual Staff: HI story-1; Honx»-Conlng Queen-1. "Being late Is better than now showing up at all." Home-Coming Queen Honor Student BARBARA LEVIS Y-Teens-2; principal's office-2; Colon Hi News: asst, news edltor-1, stenclls-l, typist- 1, mimeograph art-1; Annual Staff: page mountlng-ly typist-1; Junior play-1; Junior play, propertles-1; Glee Club-2: operctta-2. "Alaska and Moments to Remember." BARBARA LANE Y-Teens-2; senior play: business manager-1; Hone-Coning Queen's Court-1; Colon Hi News: Exchange Edltor-1; Annual StaTf: History-1; principal' office-1; monltor-1; Glee Club -1: operetta-1. "Love is a many-splendored things." DONALD OLIVER Colon Hi News: business manager-1; Annual Staff: business manager and sales-2; F.F.A. -2; greenhand-1; chapter farmer-1; assistant treasurer-1; Junior play: business manager- 1; Intermediate band-2. "They say the best things In life are free. 1 wish there were more of the best things." ROBERTA KAY OS BON Library-3; Glee Club-I ; Octet-1, Sextet-1, Trio-1; Junior Play-1, Colon HI News: News Editor-1, Stenclls-l; Annual Staff: Typist, Photographic Pages-1; Y-Teens-1. "A slick chick with flying fingers and silver skates." MARCIA TEMPLIN Future Teachers Club: president-1, Vice- president-1, reporter-1; teacher's asslst-ant-3; Latin Club-1; Y-Teens-1: program chairman-1; monitor-2; Colon HI News- exchange editor-1; Junior High cheerleader-2; Pep Club-2; Annual Staff-2: Future Teachers reporter-1, class activities-1; Junior play -1; senior play-1. "Teaching is my ideal." £e U ii 17ELIZABETH VAN VOORHEES Band-U; Latin Club-1: presldent-1; Future Teachers Club-1; Ushers Club-3; Wolverine Girls' State representatlve-1; Y-Teens-1; Llbiary-1; carnival queen-1; Pep Club-1; Junior play-1; senior play-1; basketball statlstlclan-1; Annual Staff-2: Junior play reporter-1, class wlll-1; Colon Hi News: mimeograph assistant-1; seventh grade gym coach-1; 1 -H Club-6; cherry pie contest-1; class reporter-1. "Enthusiasm is the oxygen of life." BEVERLY WEINBERG Y-Teens-1; Library-1; Band-lj; Latin Club-1; student teacher-3; Sunday School Teacher-1; Annual Staff-2: library reporter-1, page mountlng-1, typist-1; Colon Hi News: typist -1; Junior play-1; senior play: prompter-1. "Silence is a golden virtue." Honor Student AdoAMW Q (utesunmesit Jt adeA RONALD WARD Chairman, Court Session, Government Day-1; class vice-president-1; band-5: solos and ensembles-3; baseball-3; football-2; basketball: squad-1, reservcs-1; varsity-2; Co-Captein-1; Varsity Club-1; Annual Staff -Li: basketball reporter-2, asst, business manager-1, business oanaoer-1, sales-1; Colon Hi News: sports editor-1; toastmaster- Proo-1; 8th grade basketball coach-1; Student Counc11-2; senior play cast-1; Junior play cast-1. "Var'ety is the spice of life, I have plenty of It." I WILMA WARKENT1NE Glee Club-lj: octet-1, sextet-1, trlo-1, op-peretta-3, State Festival-2; Y-Teens; Prom artist-1; school artist-2; poppy poster con-test-2; Luthern Senior League-3, Vacation Bible School teacher-2; Lutheran Choir-2; Colon HI News: Joke edltor-1, typist-1; Junior play-1. "I'll never go hungry for I love to cook." 18  GLaM We the class of 1956 of Colon High School, located In the County of St. Joseph, the Town of Colon, and the State of Michigan, being of sound mind (a highly debatable sublectjand body, after four strenuous years, do hereby, make, publish, and declare this as our last will and testament; hereby revoking all former wills, bequests, and devices of whatever nature or form heretofore made by us. We, the seniors, will to the faculty all our neat, clean books, lockers, and also the gum which we parked under the seats; to the Junior class our ability to give a good prom and play. Our ability to be late to all our classes, skip classes, and get thrown out of classes we leave to the sophomores, with our prayers. To the freshmen we leave Mr. Judd»s office and our fond memories of the numerous times we visited it. We will to the Lions Club three tons of gum wrappers as a special donation for the next paper drive. We will our fingerprints on the walls and windows to Swede Johnson. We will our big feet, dirty faces, personal correspondence, and amusement at life to anyone dying of boredom. To obtain said correspondence, said persons must present a doctor»s certificate that they are dying. I, Marilyn Abbott, will coy bottles of peroxide and ammonia to Rita Mast. I, Lee Belote. will my glasses to the seventh graders, who don»t watch where they are going. “T7 fllchard Bonham, will my safe driving to Janet Me Kee. I, Richard Bower, will all of the times T haven t been late to school to Ronnie Ash. I, Larry Bowerman, will my ability to get out of school seventh and eighth hours to next year»s annual-advertising manager. 1, John Boyd, will my gold plated straw to Chuck Van Deventer. I, Rae Bradford, will my abiITtv to aet along with Jerry Wagner to Marilynn Farrand. I, Barbara Brandt, will my heiciht to next year s basketball team. I, Norma Carr, will my A s In Citizenship to Leon Scritchfield. 1, Karen Cupp, will my notorious slumber-parties to the Junior girls. I, Kenneth Decker, will my ability to chew gum in class and not get caught to anyone who thinks He can carry on. I, Chuck Draime, will my clowning and unfailing wit to John Yoder. I, Viola Drake, will my abi1ity to sew to Barbara Masters. I, Jim Frlsble, will my ability to get along with Mrs. Ambs to Johnnie Miller. 1, Pat Geer-ing. will my ability to walk around school without a pass to Larry Belote. I, JlnTTTelmer. will my ability to use big words to Jerry Eberhard. I, LI11ian Hlnkley, will my Half of locker No. 50 to anyone who can get the door open. I, Marden TTTnk'l'ey, will nothino: I»m taking it all with rae. I, Peter Hoekzema, will my quietness to Lynn Moyer. I, Dawayne Holtz, will my interest in un dere la s s "women" to no one. 1, Kenneth Hurley, will ny un-bleached hair to Mary Trayling. I, Janice James, will the ability to keep money straight to Diane Freeland, Judy Carpenter, and War!lynn Farrand. I, Barbara Lane, will my way of attending school and seldom being there, to Colleen and Betty, If they can get away with it. I, Barbara Lewis, will what s left of the driver-training car to next fall s class. 1, Richard Lucas, will my ability to lead the senior class into debt to Doug Adams. I, Harriett Lunger, will my ability to write my own excuses to anyone who can write like his mother. 1 Donald 01lver. will my tardiness habit to Barbara Kane. I, Kay Osbon, will my disinterested attitude towards boys to Bessie Pesti. I, Dog—Ralph Pari InTwi 1 i mv pups to Jerry Truckey. I, Roger Phelps, will ny basketball ability To George Mayer. I, Jo Anne Swpnk. will my even disposition to Judy Pokorny. I, Marc la Tempi in. will my attendance at al1 sports events to Margaret Pooler. I, Elizabeth Van Voorhees, will the name "superintendent»s daughter" to anyone who wants it. I, konald Ward, will my curly hair to Mr. Judd. 1, Wilma Warkentine, will all my books and my seat Tn Economics class to any Junior that will take them. T, Beverly Weinberg, will my shyness to Jo Anne Perry. In witness whereof. We, Senior Class the testator, have set our hand and so l hereto, this day of May 31, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and fifty-six.  GLm tJliitosuj, The class of '56 started out with twenty-four members as Freshies. Our officers were: president, Larry Bowerman; vice-president, Kenneth Decker; secretary, JoAnne Swonk; treasurer, Karen Cupp; reporter, Elirabeth Van Voorhees; and student council member, Ronald Ward, We lost Edna Yoder and Kenneth Homan. We gained Janice James from Houghton Lake, Michigan. Our member on the Halloween Queen's Court was Viola Drake. For our initiation the girls plodded around in dad's bib overalls, on backwards, with sloppy sweat shirts, good old plow shoes, and an old straw had, each girl carrying a shovel. The boys, a sight for sore eyes, were in mother's nightgown and house slippers with a bandana around their heads and carrying hot water bottles. Our duty for the day was polishing the white line down through main street and bowing to the seniors. We survived to give the sophomores a return party. We were lead through this obstacle course by the moral support of our advisor, Mrs. Virginia Ash. Forty-three ambitious nkids" started out as sophomores. Our officers were: president, Richard Lucas; vice-president. Warden Hinkley; secretary, Janice James; treasurer, Karen Cupp; reporter, JoAnne Swonk; student council member, Roger Phelps. We lost William Teadt, Alice Stuck, and JoAnne Blair. We drew names for initiation and provided plenty of surprises with each freshie having different stunts. Miss Wilma Ladyman was our advisor. In our Junior year, forty-one students began the long, steady stride toward graduation. Richard Lucas returned as our president. His fellow officers were: Marden Hinkley, vice-president; Janice James, secretary; Karen Cupp, treasurer; Roger Phelps, reporter, and Ronald Ward, student council member. Harriett Lunger came to us from Sturgis, Michigan. Rose Johnson, Wayne Smith, Albert Saxraan, Linda Frink, and Dennis Brew left us during our Junior year. Mrs. Virginia Ash was our director in "Beauty and the Beef." We edited our first issue of the Colon Hi News. We sent Viola Drake to Wolverine Girls State. For our Prom, we carried out our theme. Springtime in Paris, with a street scene featuring a cafe. There were lighted street lamps all along the way, a park with a glistening pool of water, a beautiful full moon shedding Its soft glow over flower gardens and blossoming shrubbery. Mrs. Flora Ambs and Miss Jeanne Gascoigne, our advisors, worked with us in this difficult but enjoyable undertaking. As seniors, our class officers were: Richard Lucas, president; Roger Phelps, vice- president; Marden Hinkley, secretary; Karen Cupp, treasurer; JoAnne Swonk, reporter; and Ralph Pari in, student council member. Richard Walters left our ranks, leaving us thirty-six students to begin our senior year. We tried our luck at comedy in "Shy Guy." Mrs. Virginia Ash was our director. We published the Colon Hi News under the editorship of Patricia Geering. We chose Janice James as our D.A.R. Pilgrim. Viola Drake was Editor of the Annual. Janice James was our senior cheer leader and also our majorette. Harriett Lunger was Home-Coming Queen and Norma Carr, Halloween Queen. Richard Lucas and Kenneth Decker were our football captains. Lee Belote and Ronald Ward were our basketball captains. James Helmer was F.F.A. president. Ralph Pari in was president of the student council. Mr. Judd was our respected advisor. Thirty seniors labored faithfully to earn the money and took the trip to Washington, D.C. and New York City. We chose blue and white as our class colors and the red rose as our class flower. Our class motto was: "Build for character not for fame." Our commencement speaker was Dr. R.B. Blakney, President of Olivet College. Our baccalaureate sermon was delivered by the Reverend Rudolph Burnson of Leonidas. 20 Barbara Lane and Harriett Lunger1 i uieA yuuiu UeA. Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom; but, with all your getting, get understanding. QlaM-1st Row: Marilyn Perry, Susie Mesler, Mitzl Holsinger, Phyllis Cutchall, Julia McClish, Carla Robbins, Arlene Miller, Marcella Shannon 2nd Row: Asst. Advisor, Mrs. Jaxie Miller, Carol Cupp, Barbara Hagelgans, Betty Lunger, Jane Westendorf, Doris Steininger, Iva (Jean) Thurston, Bethel Stanton, Advisor, Mrs. Flora Ambs 3rd Row: Esther Oldenberg, John Yoder, Orville (Gene) Trine, Douglas Adams, Richard Thomas, John Miller, Robert Fredenberg, Loretta Truckey. l th Row: Bill Vaughn, George Mayer, Jeanette Thompson, Barbara French, Judith Pokorny, Marcia Stuart, Sandra Loudenslager, Janet McKee, Jerry Truckey, Phillip Fredenberg. Absent: Marcia Schrock, Edward Schrader. President..................Douglas Adams Vice-President.......Orville (Gene) Trine Secretary................Susie Mesler Treasurer.........................Bethel Stanton Student Council.......Sandra Loudenslager Reporter....................Marilyn Perry Advisor..................Mrs. Flora Ambs Asst. Advisor...........Mrs. Jaxie Miller 22 04lbj(HM0SLeA 1st Row: Karen Case, Mary Robbins, Shirley Stewart, Judith (Judy) Decker, Floyd Humphries, Lee Sprowl, Miriam Lederman, Phyllis Miller, Mary (Colleen) Phelps, Gail Snow. 2nd Row: Mr. Melvin Flowers, Advisor, Jobanna Robinson, Judith James, Diane John- son, Leon Scritchfleld, John (Jack) Truckey, Larry Belote, Robert (Jerry) Wagner, Thomas Webb, Duane (Robert) Long, Mr. Harold Lakin, Asst, Advisor. 3rd Row: David Hoekzeraa, Kenneth Broker, Carl Hackenburg, Roy Johnson, Carl Lucas, Joyce Soper, Joan Hug, Rita Hacker, Edward Binkley, Ronald Ash. Uth Row: Earl Trine, Richard Dennison, Kay Thornton, Margaret Pooler, Kay Pari in, Barbara Kane, ?.1argo Green, Louise Knox, Helen Forrest, Barbara Noga, Laura (Christie) Freeland, Robert (Paul) Lane. 5th Row: James Farrand, Marx Straw, Ronald Baker, Arthur (Lynn) Moyer, William Barker, Charles Geering, James Lee, Jack Burnham. President...... Vice-President. Secretary...... Treasurer.••••• Student Council Reporter....... Advisor........ Asst. Advisor.. ..........Lee Sprowl John (Jack) Truckey ........Judith James ••••Miriam Lederman ......Judith Decker ........Barbara Kane •Mr. Melvin Flowers ...Mr. Harold Lakin 231st Row: Rita Davenport, Shirley Fenner, Ruby Yoder, Edna Bontrager, Joyce Allen, Barbara Green, Sharon Hovis, Joseph Wickey, Mary Louise Mesler, Sharon Rhiresmith. 2nd Row: Gerald Oldenburg, Bessie Pesti, Barbara Masters, Marllynn Farrand, JoAnne Perry, Judith Carpenter, Mary Yeatter, Sally Mayer, Michael Davis, Selma Kasdorf, Shirley Wagner, Mrs. Virginia Ash, Advisor. 3rd Row: Mr. Lawrence Starr, Asst. Advisor, William Esseltine, Howard Decker, William Ward, Mary Trayling, Janice Truckey, Virginia Stauffer, Rita Mast, Sandra Hughes, Priscilla Thompson, Phillip (Jerry) Eberhard. Uth Row: Jerald Boals, Richard Hagelgans, Diane Freeland, Mary Ellen Ward, Charles Van Deventer, Ronald Wing, William Sumners, Robert Weaver, James Thompson, Bruce Keeler, Jack Barton, Sandra De Hoff. 5th Row: Robert Roach, Ronald Truckey, Martin Bordner, David Burnson, Richard Mathis, Thomas Penrod, Richard Janes, Francisco Jenkins, Roger Herman, Raymond Saxman, Erwin Shannon. Absent: Eva Cruz, Patricia Long, Edith Yoder, Mary Yoder. President.......................Raymond Saxman Vice-President...................Thomas Penrod Secretary................Shirley Wagner Treasurer................Diane Freeland Student Council........Judith Carpenter Reporter.................Mary Trayling Advisor..............Mrs. Virginia Ash Asst. Advisor........Mr. Lawrence Starr 24fsUfJitU Q iade, 1st Row: Larry Miller, Gary Parlln, Gero Swift, Larry Mac Nelli, William Wagner, Bruce Hurley, Larry Sanford, William James, Roger Allen, Rudolph Jenkins. 2nd Row: Leslie Van Vorst, Susan Van Deventer, Phyllis Long, Phyllis Jackson, Beverly Masters, Sharon Tyson, Gail Stuck, Barry Case, Thomas Louden-slager, Paul Lederman, Dale Barton, Thomas Ross, James Trine. 3rd Row: Merle Yoder, Fredrick Frey, Freddie Decker, Craig Freeland, Maurine Bonham, Larry Soper, Arden Hetletvedt, Donald Coats, Carol Ryan, Sally Sanford, Barbara London, Jeanette Woodworth, Earl Hoffman, Mr. Earl Haight, Asst. Advisor. Uth Row: David Hildebrand, Gloria Baum, Susan Snook, Sandra Swonk, Sharon Schrock, Julia Ware, La Molne Cutchall, Martha Carlisle, Jeannie Lawrence, Louise Shultz, Nancy Roach, Jerry Burle, Lorena Dunn. 5th Row: Shirley Hovis, Phyllis Wolfe, Susan Sprowl, Rita Wing, Ronna Schaeffer, Ruth Ann Thrams, Helen Harrison, Diane Brandys, Rebecca Bryns, Lucile Knox, Bonita Henry, Anne Davis, Mary Stuart, Leta Stanton. Absent: Patricia Lewandowski, Donna Geering, Charles Spohn, Susan Decker. Presdient..•••• Vice-Presdient. Secretary...... Treasurer...... Student Council Reporter.•••••• Advisor......... Asst. Advisor.. ....Rudolph Jenkins .....Freddie Decker •Jeanette Woodworth ...........Ann Davis Thomas Loudenslager ...Jeannie Lawrence ••Miss Alice Grimes ••••Mr. Earl Haight 25A lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.IP Rga LgM, R 1st Row: Kenneth Decker, James Frisble, Roger Phelps, John Truckey. 2nd Row: Lawrence Belote, Roy Johnson, William Barker, John Boyd, Jerry Truckey, Thomas Webb, Asst. Manager. 3rd Row: Jack Burle, Asst. Manager; Edward Schrader, Ronald Ward, Richard Bower, James Farrand, Lee Belote, James Lee, Manager; Mr. Harold Lakin, Coach. Inset: Richard Kane, Sydney Abbott. The Colon Magi ended one of its best seasons in years with a record of seven wins and two losses and sharing the St. Joseph County League Championship with Mendon and Marcellus. Every league game was a shutout Including the game lost to Marcellus, which Is very unusual. After sharing the championship for the past two years, the ?.iagi hope to be on top all by themselves this year. The team, losing only two boys from Its 55 squad—Richard Kane and Sydney Abbott—should be favorites for the $6 Season. With all the hitters back, along with the sane pitching staff. Coach Harold Lakin should be looking forward to a great season. Colon Ik 'White Pigeon 0 Colon 12 Mendon 0 Colon 11 Constantine 0 Colon 9 Schoolcraft 0 Colon 11 Centreville 0 Colon lk Burr Oak 0 Colon 19 Centrevi1le k Colon 0 Marcellus 1 Colon 6 Howe Military 10 Non-Leaguefyooihall 1st Row: Gerald Oldenburg, Ronald Ash, Phillip (Jerry) Eberhard, Richard Lucas, Kenneth Decker, Ralph Pari In, Gerald Wagner, George Mayer, John Truckey. 2nd Row: James Lee, Manager, Ronald Wing Robert Fredenburg, Orville (Gene) Trine, Douglas Adams, Raymond Saxman, Bruce Keeler, Carl Lucas, Mr. Harold Lakln, Coach; Mr. Lawrence Starr, Asst. Coach. 3rd Row: Charles Geering, William Barker, James Helmer, Ronald Ward, Ronald Truckey, Robert Roach, James Farrand, Robert Weaver. Uth Row: James Frisbie, Charles Van Deventer, Roy Johnson, Lee Belote, John Boyd, Francisco Jenkins, James Mathis, Thomas Penrod, Howard Decker, Michael Davis, Asst. Manager; Thomas Webb, Asst. Manager. The Magi had a tough eight-game schedule and came through with an impressive 3 wins, 3 losses, and 2 ties, winding up in third place in the Conference. The team s losses this year due to graduation are co-captains Kenneth Decker and Richard Lucas, and Ronald Ward, Lee Belote, John Boyd, Ralph Pari in, James Frisbie, and James Helmer. There is promising material in the reserve squad, and eighth grade, and the Magl s hopes are high for a fine team next year. Individual and team statistics include the following points: Lee Belote, 30; Kenneth Decker, 2?; Richard Lucas, 6; Ralph Pari in, 6;Roy Johnson, 6; John Boyd, 6; Ronald Ward, 6. Yardage gains were: Kenneth Decker, 393; John Boyd, 365; Ralph Pari in, 322; Lee Belote, 297; Richard Lucas, 213; Ronald Ward, 111; Roy Johnson, 29, Gerald Wagner, 12; Gene Trine, I . The total yardage for the team by rushing was 937 yards; the total yardage gained by passing was U5U yards. Colon 7 Union City 26 Colon 7 Mendon 6 Colon 0 Schoolcraft 0 Colon 31 Burr Oak 0 Colon 13 White Pigeon 13 Colon 6 Centreville 20 Colon 20 Marcellus 0 Colon 6 Constantine 13 29VaMdhf liaAJzethaU 1st Row: William Vaughn, manager, Roger Phelps, Ronald Ward, Lee Belote, Richard Lucas, James Helmer. 2nd Row: Coach Lawrence Starr, John Miller, Ronald Ash, Richard Bower, Roy Johnson, Jerry Truckey, Mr, Harold Lakin, Assistant Coach. Sportsmanship and clean hard play were the chief assets of the 55-56 varsity. Under the capable direction of Coach Starr, new here this year, the boys refused to give up in any of their games until the final buzzer ended the game. Although they had a poor season, the boys played much better than the scores indicate. The chief factor in many of their losses was the lack of height, which was the deciding factor in many of their games in which they outplayed the taller opposition. The end of the season found the boys with 4 wins and 12 losses. Although losing the backbone of his varsity this year in Roger Phelps, Ron Ward, Lee Belote, Richard Bower, Richard Lucas, James Helmer, and Jerry Truckey, Coach Starr looks for brighter things in the future from Roy Johnson, John Miller, and the replacements that will be moved up from this year s fine reserve team of taller boys. Colon 23 Union City Schoolcraft 72 Colon 1 2 73 Colon l o 51 Mendon 66 Colon Constantine 57 Colon hh White Pigeon 70 Colon 67 Burr Oak 1 1 58 Colon 1 3 Centreville Colon 1 8 Marcellus 67 Colon 66 Schoolcraft 75 Colon 5U Mendon 78 Colon 62 Constantine 69 Colon 56 White Pigeon 65 Colon 59 Burr Oak 1 0 Colon f 6 Centreville 58 Colon 64 Marcellus 38 Colon 75 »Penfield 27 Non-League Games 30(leA uue RaAJzetLaU 1st Row: Gerald Oldenburg, Carl Lucas, John Truckey, Jerald Boals. 2nd Row: Thomas Penrod, Lee Sprowl, Phillip (Jerry) Eberhard, Raymond Saxman. 3rd Row: Coach Harold Lakln, Robert Roach, James Lee, Jack Barker, Francisco Jenkins, James Farrand, Lawrence Starr, Assistant Coach, The reserve basketball squad of 55-5 came through with another fine season, winning 12 games and losing 4 . The team, losing only two from its regular 5U-55 squad, showed much improvement, and this experience should mold a fine team in the near future. With several tall boys coming up for next season1s team. Coach Starr should be looking for better rebounding, a factor which handicapped his varsity during the 55-56 season. Colon 23 tfUnion City 15 Colon 9 Schoolcraft 38 Colon 23 Mendon 16 Colon 22 Constantine 23 Colon 29 White Pigeon 27 Colon Uh Burr Oak li Colon 2k Centreville 25 Colon 37 Ma reellus 30 Colon 25 Schoolcraft 39 Colon 1 9 Mendon 2h Colon 1 7 Constantine 30 Colon 1 6 White Pigeon 25 Colon 1 8 Burr Oak 18 Colon 39 Centreville 31 Colon 34 Marcellus 9 Colon 36 ■frPenfield 11 Non-League Game 31CufJttU Cjladle HaAJzetkall 1st Row: Rudolph Jenkins, William James, William Wagner, Roger Allen, Larry Mac Neill 2nd Row: Freddie Decker, Maurice Bonham, Thomas Ross, Dale Barton, Fredrick Frey. 3rd Row: James Trine, Larry Miller, Gary Parlln, Leslie Van Vorst, Gero Swift, Barry Case. GltegAlexiAeAA, Marilynn Farrand, Judy Carpenter, Janice James, Judy Pokorny, Judy James, Diane Freeland.MMlc So teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. 331st Row: Rae Bradford, Anne Davis, Marilynn Farrand, Laura (Christie) Freeland. 2nd Row: Esther Oldenberg, Shirley Stewart, Julia Ware, Roger Phelps, Beverly Weinberg, Phyllis Wolfe, Mary Stuart, Richard Dennison. 3rd Row: Janet McKee, Shirley Wagner, Sharon Hovis, Bethal Stanton, Thomas Penrod, Virginia Hill, William Wagner, Rudolph Jenkins, Gerald Oldenberg, George Mayer. Uth Row: Janice James, Rita Mast, Charles Van Deventer. 341st Row: 2nd Row: 3rd Row: Uth Row: Absent: Jobanna Robinson, Judith Decker, Diane Freeland, Carol Cupp. Margo Green, Richard Mathis, Philip (Jerry) Eberhard, f«4ary Ward, JoAnne Swonk, Selma Kasdorf, Sandra Hughes, Karen Cupp. Elizabeth Van Voorhees, Judith Carpenter, Martin Bordner, David Burnson, Gary Pari In, Barbara Kane. David Hildebrand, Dawayne Holtz, Gary Phelps, Mr. Melvin Flowers, Director, Charles Drairae, Judith James, Shirley Fenner. Marcia Stuart, Viola Drake, Phyllis Taylor, Mary (Colleen) Phelps, Michael Davis.Laura (Christine) Freeland Mary (Colleen) Phelps, Marcia Stuart. Janice James Mgj iet Ha ut The Colon High Senior Band has had a very interesting year. September 2ii, we paid our annual visit to the St. Joseph County fair with a "Salute to the Scouts." For the third time we were invited to attend the University of Michigan Band Day. We took a 2nd division rating at the Marching Festival at Vicksburg and attended all the home football games. December 9, the Western Michigan College Band gave a concert sponsored by our Band Parents. On the 22nd of December, we Joined with the Glee Club to present our annual Christmas Concert. The band also presented music at all the home basketball games. Come spring we gave a spring concert and marched in the Memorial Day parades. Band officers for this year are: President...............JoAnne Swonk Vice-President..........Roger Phelps Secretary-Treasurer.....Janice James 36Qlee. 1st Row: Rosalce Burnham, Gall Snow, Rita Hacker, Jeannle Lawrence, Wilma Warkentlne, Barbara Green, Martha Carlisle. 2nd Row: Bessie Pesti, Mary Lee Robbins, Rebecca Brynes, Boneta Henry, LaMoine Cut- chall, Gula Taylor, Miss Jeanne Gascoigne, Instructor. 3rd Row: Barbara Noga, Kay Thornton, Barbara Brandt, Joan Hugg, Lorena Dunn, Lucille Knox, Barbara French. Uth Row: Kay osbon, Karen Case, Diane Johnson, Lillian Hinkley, Helen Forrest, Kay Pari in, Louise Knox, Nancy Roach. The Christmas season, this year, was the beginning of the Glee Club activities. The first activity was ensemble singing for the American Legion Auxiliary Christmas party. The barber shop quartet and the trio sang popular Christmas songs and carols. Gula Taylor, popular soloist, sang "O Holy Night.” The Glee Club and band gave their annual Christmas concert together, as usual. Familiar Christmas songs were sung and played. The Christmas season was brought to an end with the Glee Club»s annual Christmas party, which was a gala affair. Each member brought along a guest, and the evening s entertainment consisted of games, dancing, and refreshments. During the second semester, the Glee Club s study and practice centered around the spring concert and State Choral Festival, which took place in Kalamazoo. The spring concert had two parts; part one. Glee Club and part two, a variety show. The year s activities culminated with a picnic planned for members of the Glee Club. At the regular high school plcinic, awards were presented to honor students. 37VOCAL TRIO Wilma Warkentine, Lillian Hinkley, Roberta (Kay) Oabon. PIANIST: Uartha Carlisle VOCAL QUARTET Louise Knox, G"1® T®ylor Barbara French, Lucille KnoxActUtiti b The pen is mightier than the sword. 39tiJ-utuAe, eG heAA, Am Uca 1st Row: Marcia Tempi In; John Miller; Kay Thornton; Carla Robbins. 2nd Row: Mrs. Fredrica Jaffe, Advisor; Jo Anne Swonk, Gula Taylor, Barbara Kane. Janice James The Future Teachers Club, which was organized in the school year of 1953-5U, elected as officers this year: Marcia Tempi in, president; Barbara Kane, vice-president; Jo Anne Swonk, secretary; and Margaret Pooler, reporter. The purposes of the club are: to encourage young people to enter the teaching profession; to gather specific information about opportunities in various fields of teaching; to encourage our young people to cultivate in themselves the qualities of personality and character which are foundations of successful teaching. Our faculty advisor is Mrs. Fredrica Jaffe. No specific project has been undertaken this year, but several of our members, Marcia Tempi in, Barbara Kane, Janice James, and JoAnne Swonk are helping teachers in various departments.i, - "Springtime in Paris" was the Junior Prom created to honor the graduating seniors of Colon High School on the evening of Saturday, May 21, 1955 As the seniors stepped into the auditorium, they found themselves transported to "Gay Paree." They walked through a charming little park aflame with gorgeous-colored French iris and multicolored tulips, and fragrant with narcissi, past a quaint, diminutive pool banked with violets, into a cozy little street cafe. Everyone stopped on the way to admire the water lilies in rose, white, and yellow, which floated on the pool. The cafe was constructed with a typical French awning in the seniors burgundy and white with a high stone curbing of coblestone, flanked by rows of wrought iron street lamps. While brightly-toned tables and spectator seats invited passers-by to relax and be watched a while. In the distance could be seen the Eiffel Tower, cathedrals, and dwellings, an illusion created by a mural. A flower-banked pathway from the pool climbed upward to a terrace of small pines and blossoming shrubs over which a large yellow moon cast its glow. On the stage, a wheel illusion in burgundy and white spread sideways, and upward and forward to the senior class motto: "We build the ladder by which we climb." The motto was a shining silver thought against this background, with silver ladders leading upward, at either end of it. Cobblestone walls on the north and south and a promenade on the east completed the boundaries of the park. The banquet tables were arranged In the center of the park in the form of a star. They were beautiful with burgundy and white appointments. The flowers were burgundy iris and white narcissi. (All of the iris were a giant variety given us by Mrs. Riley Schaeffer.) Candles and nutcups were in burgundy, and the programs were burgundy Eiffel Towers on white. The delicious chicken dinner was prepared and served by our mothers. Miss Ladyman, and the sophomore girls. The sophomore boys, in chef caps and aprons, waited on the tables. After dinner, the following program was presented to the gay banter of Ronald Ward, toastmaster, and Jo Anne Swonk, toastmistress: Welcome—Richard Lucas, Junior Class President; Response—Richard Kane, Senior Class President; Ascondian Solo, Norma Carr; Senior Alphabet, Marcia Tempi in; Vocal Duet: Janice and Judy James; Toast, James Frisbie; Comedy Act: Ralph Pari in, Lee Belote, Richard Bower, Kenneth Decker; Theme J Song: Wilma Warkentine, Karen Cupp, Harriett Lunger, Barbara Brandt, Dawayne Holtz, . Lee Belote, Ronald Ward, Charles Dralme. The theme song "Springtime in Paris" was beautifully played by the orchestra dur-I Ing the dance, which lasted from nine until twelve.Sesuosi Plau GgaA 1st Row: Elizabeth Van Voorhees, Marcia Tempi in, Janice James, Karen Cupp, Norma Carr, "Pudgie," Jo Ann Swonk. 2nd Row: Lee Belote, John Boyd, Ronald Ward, Ralph Pari in, Richard Lucas, Mrs, Virginia Ash, Director. The Friday night of November 11 entertained a nervous cast backstage for the opening curtain on what was one of the most hilarious comedies of Colon dramatic history. The audience, already seated, waited, tense with speculation. As the curtain slowly was drawn, a hush fell over the auditorium and the play began. And this is the story of that play: When Fred Hastings spends more money than his parents believe he is earning, when his friend, Larry Madison, attempts to get his chum out of hot water, and when an eccentric little lady of eighty decides to play football, any attempt at trying to preserve the sanity of other casual observers becomes futile. Fred»s mother, Cora, is planning a birthday party for Fred s girl, Nancy, but when two strangers, beautifully feminine, appear, in the persons of Gloria Patterson and Lois Corwin, the plot thickens. Fred is doomed; his Job as a model for Glamour Girl Cosmetics is about to be revealed. But leave everything to Larry, Larry insists. Gilbert Hastings, Fred s father, is furious when he learns of Fred s modeling Job. Nancy is not sure how she feels about it; Julie Tucker s chief concern is being able to keep the puppy, Ichabod, Larry has bought on the installment plan. And that is when Melinda Whipple, that wiry bundle of energy, eighty years strong, appears. The birthday Party7 It turns out to be something slightly less than an open-house affair, with Mr. Danbury looking for local television talent; Bill Sterling looking for his girl, and Melinda Whipple looking for enough space in which to make a touchdown. 42Sesw i P1st Row: 4.4. A. James Lee, Douglas Adams, Lee Sprowl, James Helmer, Ralph Pari in, Mr. Earl Haight, Advisor, Carl Lucas. 2nd Row: Robert Fredenburg, Earl Trine, Wi11iam Vaughn, Richard Bonham, Richard Thomas, Phillip Fredenburg, Raymond Saxman, Jerry Truckey, John Yoder, Paul Lane. 3rd Row: Roger Herman, Lynn Moyer, Robert Roach, Richard James, Carl Hackenburg, Ronald Truckey, Jack Burnham, Charles Geering. Uth Row: Edward Binkley, George Mayer, Dawayne Holtz, Richard Hagelgans, Robert Weaver, Erwin Shannon, Robert Long, Leon Schritchfield. Jack Truckey, Jerald Boals. OFFICERS: President, James Helmer; Vice-President, Ralph Pari in; Secretary, Douglas Adams; Treasurer, Lee Sprowl; Reporter, Carl Lucas; Sentinal, James Lee; Advisor, Mr. Earl Haight. The F. F. A. has entered its sixth year with a total membership of l+5» 17 of which are green hands, 19--chapter farmer, and postgraduates, II4.— three of whom are State Farmers. There are five honorary chapter farmers: Edwin Hill, Frank Damon, W. H. Judd, Manley Van Voorhees, and Carlton Scott. Thirty-three of our chapter are carrying on supervised farming programs and other projects, Including 77 ownership projects, lq.0 improvement projects, and I4.I6 supplementary projects. This year's net income from these projects was $22,390.60. The chapter received a silver award for being one of the best chapters of the 2l±0 chapters in the state. Three members, who received the degree of State Farmer for outstanding F. F. A. work are: Earl Eicher, Duane Green, and Larry Campbell. ACTIVITIES: State Convention, National Convention, District Contest, Leadership Training Camp, Parent and Son Banquet, basketball team, donkey basketball aarae, community rodent control, seed sales, F. F. A. barn dance. HONORS: District Contest: Public Speaking, James Helmer, first. Demonstration Team, Lynn Moyer and John Truckey, second. Regional Contest: Public Speaking, James Helmer, First. State Contest: Public Speaking, James Helmer, 1955—second, 1956—representative. 44, cMotm C0MA4tU( l Sandra De Hoff, Rita Davenport, Ruby Yoder, Sharon Rhinesmith. The long overdue remodeling of the Home Economics Department became a reality during the summer of 1955 We now have a stream-1ined, modernly equipped place in which to study and carry out our home-making projects. The color scheme, chosen for the decoration of the rooms, was gray and green walls, accented by yellow Formica cupboard tops, which are heat resistant. The girls love the department and enjoy spending extra hours in its pleasant surroundings. The new kitchen equipment is a homemaker s dream of perfection. There are four new kitchen units, consisting of double sinks, new apartment-size General Electric stoves, and a garbage disposal unit. The cupboards in each unit are high-lighted by a lazy-susan in each corner. Other new equipment consists of an automatic washer, dryer, and a refrigerator. We have a filter-flo washer and a dryer with built-in sprinkler. The refrigerator has revolving shelves, built-in shelves in the door, and a large freezing compartment. We have made new modern-designed cafe curtains for the home economics rooms, and wardrobe cupboards and a dressing table have been Installed in the dressing room. The department has been further modernized by a blonde oak teacher's desk. 46GUL 1st Row: Barbara Hagelgans, Mrs Frcdrlca Jaffe, Advisor, Loretta Truckey. 2nd Row: Elizabeth Van Voorhees, Marcella Shannon 3rd Row: Harriett Lunger, Betty Lunger, Jane Westendorf. The Ushers Club Is organized each year for the purpose of furnishing ushers for such events as plays, concerts, and commencement activities Also, this year, the Ushers Club has been asked to usher at our home basketball games. Our club now numbers ten members with Jane Westendorf as head usher and Barbara Hagelgans as co-head usher. The new-comers to our regular ushers are Barbara Hagelgans, Betty Lunger, and Harriett Lunger. As our substitutes, we have Jobanna Robinson, Kay Pari In, and Barbara Noga, who may be ushers In the following year. Elizabeth Van Voorhees has had three years experience, and Jane Westendorf has had two years experience. Becoming a member Is voluntary, and the choice of ushers Is dependent upon experience, with preference given to upper-classmen. Members of the club, who usher not less than five times during the year In a satisfactory manner, earn a five-inch block C. A seven-Inch block C, with bars for each year s service, is awarded at the end of the senior year. Meetings of the club are held preceding each school event requiring ushers. 47John Ken Doin' Hawk-eye Patsy Cuppy Marcl Jim Liz r Chuck Barb Casper Wilma Harriett DICK Luke Dogfjutu i Pl G it 1st Row: Julia Mo Clish, Janet Me Kee, Bethel Stanton, Barbara Hagelgans, Sandra Loudenslager, Doris Steininger, Marcia Stuart. 2nd Row: Mrs. Virginia Ash, Director, Gene Trine, Douglas Adams, Edward Schrader, John Miller, Judith Pokorny, Jerry Truckey. Absent: Jeanette Thompson. "The Able Miss Cain" was the three-act comedy presented by the Junior Class, in the Colon High School Auditorium, April 13 1956, under the capable direction of Mrs. Virginia Ash. The Prescotts learned that Leapers rich eccentric Aunt Molly Cain was visiting all her kin in turn with the object of leaving her fortune to the most needy nephew.. In order to capture Aunt Molly's Hundred Thousand, Elinor commanded that the Prescotts must play poverty-stricken. At last Aunt Molly arrived. She was a vitamin bug and was aghast at her relatives emaciated appearance and believed they were all suffering from malnutrition, so she poked pounds of vitamins down them, from A to K. Wildly hilarious situations developed as the Prescotts unwittingly maneuvered themselves into side-splitting predicaments. To keep from spoiling things, Petey hypnotized Izzy and Fifi into a dog and a cat. They had the wildest dog and cat fight imaginable. Suddenly, Elinor found out that Aunt Molly was going to leave her fortune to the richest nephew. How Leaper finally became head of his family and Elinor took a back seat—how sweet Mary-Jo got Jed away from spoiled Cheryl, and a substantial wedding check from Aunt Molly--how Petey got cured of hypnotism for life--formed the delightful climax of this rib-cracking comedyl 49COLON, MICHIGAN CHZVROL Z T TEXACO GAS M. M. FARM MACHINERY NEW HOLLAND BALERSWHEN YOU BUY SWEATERS, SWIM TRUNKS, and KNITTED CASUAL WEAR, ASK FOR LAMB KNIT I IT INSURES YOU LASTING SATISFACTION. iamb knit Jamb cALc0»M Knit" 100% PURE WOOL 51Compllments Ol VZRS Furniture Company COMPLETE LINE OF RECOVERING MATERIALS. FREE ESTIMATION S-LOOK BEFORE YOU BUY 1 OPEN EVENINGS BRONSON MICHIGAN Phone 3365 N Compliments of DZCKZRS DAIRY Complete line of Pasteurized 13 airy 0 roducts COLON Phone 2331 MICHIGAN To Get Your Clothes Really Clean Take Them To: LAKZV ZW CLEANERS Harris W. Mast Prop. Phone 4381 Colon Mighigan SKelqas C Appliances Fishing Tackle DuoTherm 6 Heating Equipment PHONE Day - 2701 Night - 2321 PffC, 53 Phone 2751 Res. Phone 2864 rRANC SCO'S SUPER QUALITY - SERV COLON AAR LET ICE - ECONOMY MICHIGAN p 76 Compliments of COLON COLON MICHIGAN SDramiA nnnv 9- F F N T) F R GARAGP SHOP NLC j J — i SWEDE COMPLIMENTS OF WB. TOMLINSON JOHNSON 4 Son LUMBER AND BUILDING SUPPLIES COLON, MICH. Pfl6 COLON MICH. NkC 54  UC the best to the C caff of, r oVtM COOf V- Colon Phone 2801 Mich. me Complements of HA ZENS MmMa CoL on Mick. C. G. PHELPS COMPLIMENTS of PHELPS FUNERAL HOME COLON, MICHIGAN PHONE 2581 55OZQACK L SO A! COLON, MICHIGAN v, r J CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CUSS OF 1955 RANKING 12th IN MICHIGAN FOR CONTINIOUS SERVICE COLON,MICH. MEMBER FED. DEP. INS.CORP. RRC, 56SALES SERVICE COLON, MICH. Compliments of GERTIE BROWN DRY GOODS READY WEAR PEARL'S BEAUTY SHOP Colon Mich. COLON Ph. 2071 MICH. Hit COMPLIMENTS GAMBLE PHARMACIES PHONE 2621 COLON 57 PHONE 52 CENTREVILLE COMPLIMENTS OF RONNIE’S DRlICS-GIFIS-ICf CREAM SHELL SERVICE Phone 2701; LEONIDAS MICHIGAN Ph. 2U09 Leonidas Michigan COMPLIMENTS OF Life-Time" Mufflers installed free on M-60 LEONIDAS MICHIGAN BIRCHES RESTAURANT on M-60 58 LEONIDAS MICHIGANKM Ol GROCERIES ri A COLON MICHIGAN Compliments of BI. POOLER COLON EXPRESS Colofi Mich« mx. COMPLIMENTS OF General T?epa'ir COLON MICH. PH: 2781 NIC co LIM% 3R AST'S, 'Cry st0 Cole ' y ° tMBftt phone ■ I "I'i 1' ■ yTTnnTl Harry C. Malo WARM AIR HEATING GUTTER AND SHEET METAL WORK 1261 WILLOW DRIVE COLON, MICH.: V m r v. FOR ALL YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS E.H. D Av r Phone 2401 COLON, MICHIGAN o r. SOP a Compliments of TEMPLIN’S PAINT STORE Phone I4.3H Colon Mich. Compliments of FARRAND'S hardware store Colon Mich. 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