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Text from Pages 1 - 68 of the 1954 volume:

Judith rpenter Jerry 1 ul 1 MACI 1954 COLON COMMUNITY SCHOOLS COLON, MICHIGAN 1 xfk 'T-YT. KM 'UI O A ' "W .V 1' I Z , 1 ! V - . f .,,' I 'mu Q 'X 'BK +1 2 ' ' " ' , - Q ,I , . YV"fsg lf f , ' . ?-ik . 4 00'-Uk . I' s Ln E, mn.4.,y ,fx 3'-X rf thnx 5 'K . 4,-Q 'M I -I I +V. .-,Q fgl XXL X.. ,V f ' X153 Lf-if-' 2? , ' ' A 1 cM.ff,,,f ,f MX-xx" Y N? ACITTINI matron all' E Ul ll"' 1.2-fx 'NA Mr Manley Van Voorhees, Superlntendent Miss Marlene Hetletvedt Mr W H Judd, Principal Secretary cStHDdlDg, BOARD of EOUCAUGH Raymond Birch Frank Shellenbarger Charles Williams Bernard Schrader Claude Oliver 4 g 5 'fs 5 l 2 g '! Q . S 5 gil 1"i 5 1 V: X . KW Q Hfl,V. ,V M ,.- Y fn 'W ' wzlil! W M 6. -n . A 3 ,if RY 5 5 facult Mrs Virginia Ash English and Latin, A B , Kalamazoo College Miss Wilma Ladyman Home Economics, B S , Western Michigan College of Education legs of Education, M A , Western Michigan College of Education, June, 19 Mr Melvin Flowers Band, Social Studies, B S Western Michigan College of Education Mr Earl Haight Vocational Agriculture, B S , Michigan State College Mrs Flora Ambs Commercial and Social Studies, A B , Olivet College Miss Alice Grimes Science and Mathematics B S Western Michigan College Education Mrs Fredrica Jaffe Librarian and English, A B , University of Indiana Mr Manley Van Voorhees, Superintendent A B Hillsdale College, M A Uni versity of Michigan Mrs. Margaret Gales Art, History B.S., Western Michigan College of Education. Mine Jeanne Gaeooigne Vocal Music, A. ., Nazareth College. Mr. Harold Lakin Coach and Shop, B.S. Murray State College, Kentucky M.S. University of Indiana. 5 n , , . t- 4 . 1 X 5 C...x M-f V -, N f 1 Mr. W. H. Judd, Principal--Science and Mathematics: B.S., Central Michigan Col- . "' ' . ., -- 1 . ., of , "' 1 -, ' e 1, ' -- s -- - B " ' i 3 I tuoent council lst Row Colleen Phelps, Phillip Mast, Roger Phelps, Duane Fenner, Allan King 2nd Row Thomas Johnson, Richard Lucas, Junior French, Harold Belote, Douglas Adams rd Row lr W H Judd, Mr Manley Van Voorhees, Advisors The aim of the Student Council is to present to the Administration and to tne School Board the students' viewpoint on planning new customs or changing old ones It is a clearing house for all student problems and acts as a mediator in this field It also acts as a board of control for regulating school functions, and lt has the power to act as a jury when requested 6 'la Q lst Row and Row YSAIQBOGK staff Carol Orchel, Art Editor, James Ryan, Advertising Editor, Ronald Ward, Assistant Business Manager, Leroy killer, Editor, Richard Kane, Busl ness manager, Harold Belote, Baseball Editor, Mrs Flora Ambs, Advison Allan King, Sports Editor Carol Scmrader, Prom Reporter, Florence Merrlfield Junior Play Repor ter, Edna Carpenter, Artlst, Jack Barker, History Lorraine Noga and Patrlcia Noga, Colon Hi News Reporters, Kathryn McKee, Senlor Play Re porter, Iaren Cupp, Snapshots Roger Phelps, Basketball Reporter, Syd ne, Abbott, ootball Reporter, Arlen King, Hi tory Ann wattles, l Teens Photographic Rage JplStS Lynn Ross, Carol Wood, Carol Schrader, Patricia Ioga, mernard Saxman, rry Baughman Co y Typi ts Dori Iackenburg, Nancy Nichols, Ilene Swlft, Llnda Bowerman, Leroy 'iller, Allan King, Arlon King Art Advisor Mrs Margaret Gales Engllsh Advlsor Mrs Virginia Ash Sales James Ryan, Robert Oliver, Richard Kane, Robert Trayling Advertising James Ryan, Robert Trayling, Oliver Parlin Proofreaders Typing Il Class Page Mountings Edna Carpenter, James Ryan, Allan King Carol Orchel Cover Design Bexnard Saxman Contest Winner 7 UBRAR lst Row Viola Drake, Wilma Warkentine, Carol Wood, Linda Frinc, Rose Johnston, Mrs Fredrica Jaffe Advisor 2nd Row Lillian Williams, Lonstance Ash, Elizabeth Van Voorhees, Marilyn Ab bott, Rae Bradford Our staff of student-librarians, under the guidance of Mrs. Fredrica Jaffe, take charge of the library each period of the day. They charge books and maga- zines out and in, keep the library neat, help pupils with reference problems, and aid in processing books. This year a new professional library has been in- stituted. It is located in the lounge of the new building and is kept in order by student librarians and Mrs. Jaffe. It contains magazines and books for use by teachers in improving their methods and keeping up-to-date. Our library is growing. We now have 1600 books, MSO of which are fiction. We have six sets of encyclopedias. Among our new reference materials are: a Compton's Pictured setg an Americanag and the World Bookg a Webstor's Geographic Dictionaryg a Biographical Dictionaryg the National Geographic, bound in pamph- let form for each yearg and forty-five subscriptions to current magazines. Four- teen of these magazines are for reading table use in the high school library and thirty for room libraries and professional use. We also have about 300 film strips for classroom use. 8 ,, v' v Qf , s Y E ,. -M1 Mrs. Edith Fry Mrs. Hulda Ethridge QQ UA: -A' If ' i G 3 Nf '-" M Q ,M ev Q Ktln Tjfzf VK, Li V ' 1 f .Q iff Mrs. Laura Frisbie Mrs. Ilah Baad fr' I., -N - Mrs, Wilma Knecht MPS . Letah Farr-and Mrs. Ethel Price Dick Day, Dick Judd Miss Celeste Happel WQSLJ: M ,, 'HRV . V 'f 3, Xi., gm 4 , Uf'4 Qff MQ,4, Q4 --.Lz WLS i Mrs. Doris Flowers IIACUUI .vi s " 1 ? 1 Y l g,ss 5 nz.-1 Q Eg, , an Miss Miriam Pearson .Z?E'195?f'm" "' N "'K!E'. JN Mrs. Marie Ensign Mrs. Virginia Mccartney i 43' Mrs. Esther Mumby ur YZF' Mrs. Leila Frey 'FX' Mrs. Lois Whttles Mrs. Audrey Godoy William Harrison Calletema staff COOKS Mrs. Edna Ambs, Mrs. Cora Bonham n 1:- M4114 BUS DRIVERS lst Row: Arnold Weitting Arthur Kane Tom Hurley James Hodges Ray Miller 2nd Row: Harvey May Fluett King Tommee Hughes 'IO M 5T""ilw up J - ing... stuoent Joan Blair Wilma Warkentine, Kathryn McKee. ' J S Vim' J Q 'lr' ! 1 '4. ' Y 'Nr fag SS? x. ' '21A2 y if A fd 1 if 'Eff x Sf? j ff P ui3 , m 5 QW, W Xl T'k - X ' f, V 1 in if f um-.M 4 , ,lt Q .ii W . iff? my f-. HIORS DRSSIOEHII Allan King Class Pres1dent 5 Student Counc11 5 Student Council, Presldent 1, Vice President l, Varslty Basketball 2, Baseball 1, Football 1, Colon Hi News, stencils, Annual, Sports Editor 2, Football Reporter 1, F F A 2 F F A Secretary 2, Parliamentary Procedure Team 2, F F A Convention Delegate 1, F F A Tralning Camp Delegate 1, Com mittee Chairman F F A News 1, Junior Play Cast Senior Play Cast, Band 5 Ensembles 2, L4 H Club h L1 H Vice Presldent 1 Arlon King Class Vice-President-S- Baseball-2' Squad-lg Footba1l-3- Squad-lg Basket- ball, Varsity-25 Basketball, Reserves- l, Junior Play Cast, Senior Play Cast, F F A -33 Reporter-25 Committee Chair- man-23 Delegate for Leadership Train- ing Camp-15 Delegate for F F A Con- vention-1- Parliamentary Procedure Team-25 Colon Hi News, Editor-1- Oper- etta-lg Band-55 Vice-President-13 En- sembles-3, Annual snuff-2, F F A -1, Glass History-13 h-H Club-L, Treasurer Al6OlC1IOl2lAl1 Kathryn McKee Band-75 Latin Club-13 Y-Teens-h, Busi- ness Manager-1, Program Chairman-13 Colon Hi News, Exchange Edltor 1, h H Club 1, Pr1nc1pa1's Secretary 1, A1 ternate for Wolverine Girls State, Super1ntendent's Office 1 Junior Play Cast, Senlor Play Cast, Hot Lunches, Cashler 1, Annual Staff 2, Junior Play Reporter 1, Senlor Play, Reporter 1 SAUIIAIGIQIAH Edna Carpenter Annual Staff, Assistant Art Editor 1, Page Mountlng 2, Colon Hi News, Assis tant Art Editor, typist 1, Latln Club 1, Senior Play, Advertising, Monitor 2, Principal's Secretary 1, Sunday School Secretary 1 11011012 51110611115 ,inns an hOl1Ol2 51110671115 hs.. class OIIIIICERS Lynn Rosa Band 8, District Ensembles L1 State Ensembles 3, Annual Staff, Head Typist, 1, Colon Hi News, Business Manager 1, Stencils and Mimeograph 1, Chorus 2 Operettas 2 Football Manager 1, Fo bm squad 1 John Nystrom Class Treasurer 3 Junior Play, Buai ness Manager, Senior Play, Business Manager, Football 1, Basketball R serves 1, Basketball Manager 1 Base ball Manager 1, F F A lg, Greenhand 1, Chapter Farmer 3 State Farmer 1, F F A Treasurer 3, Comnuttee lbnber-14 Committee Chairman-h Delegate to Leadership Training Camp 2, Delegate to National Convention 1 Nm, -fn-angst A 4 SEN l0l2S Carol Schrader D A R Pilgrun, Band 8, Solo Ensem bles 2, MaJorette, Glee Club 2, Secre tary 1, Treasurer 1, 0peretu 2,! Teens LL Program Chairman 1, Librarian Ushers Club 3, Super1ntendent'a Office 2, Cheerleader 1, Cheerleaders Gllnic 1, Colon Hi News, Co Editor and Sten c11 Typist 1, Junior Play Cast, Senior Play Cast, h H Club 2, Secretary l, Junlor Leader 3, Junior Leadership Camp 1, County Girl Delegate, Delegate to State Show, Dairy Princess'a Court 1, Dairy Queen's Court 1, Annual Sta!! l, Young Peoples, Secretary 1, Trea surer 1 Leroy Miller Annual Editor 1, Class Secretary Class Treasurer 2, Monitor 1 F95 Al.. 4A'L" ' , E fo .Km - ' ',,.' I 2. . xx ' ff ana, A M i V 'Q as KW Harold Belote Student Councll 2, Student Council, Vlce President 1, Annual Staff, Sports Reporter 2, Colon Hi News, Sports Edi tor 1, Football 2, Squad 2, Baseball 3, Baseball Manager 1, Basketball Manager 1, F F A 3 Greenhand 1, Chapter Farmer 2, Sentlnal 1, Demonstration, First Place-1 Barbara Ash Teacher's Secretary-15 Cheerleader-1 Cheerleaders Clinic-13 Colon Hi News, typist-15 Junior Play Cast-1, Senior Play Cast-lg Class Reporter-13 Oper- etta-lg Glee Club-25 Teacher's Assist- ant-1. DIORS Linda Bowerman Glee Club 3 Glee Club Secretary 1 Operetta 2, Colon Hi News, typlst Junior Play, Stage Properties, Sen1or Play, Stage Properties Norman Foster F F A 2, Chapter Farmer 2, Football Reserves at Quincy 1, Colon Hi News, typist l Jack Barker Football 2, Baseball 33 Basketball, vBI'S1ty 23 Junior Play Cast, Senior Play Cast, Monitor l, Annual History 1, Operetta 15 Noon League, Student Coach 15 Colon H1 News, Gossip Edltor-1. Jerry Baughman Football LL, Baseball 1, Basketball, Varslty 1, Basketball, Reserves 2, Band 8, Band President 1, Solo 2, Trio M, Sextet 2, Octet 1, Chorus 2 Oper etta 2, Senlor Play Cast, Junior Play Cast, Colon Hi News, typist 1, Future Teachers of America Club, Presldent 1 "Oi 14 Dal sy Mae French Jumor Play Cast, Sen1or Play Cast, Glee Club 3, Operetta 2, Monitor 1, Sunday School Teacher Duane Green F F A 14, Greenhand 1, Chapter Farmer 1, State Farmer 1, Leadership Camp-1 Committee Member Ll, Committee Chair man 2, F F A National Convention F F A State Convention 2, Reporter 1, F F A District Contests 3 I4 H Club-7, Officer 1, h H Camp-6 h H Counsellor 1 h H Junior Leader 2, h H Leadership Tralnlng Camp 1, I4 H Club Week 1, State h H Club Show 2, County Falr U4 ll 7, Annual Photographer 1, Junior Plq Cast, Senior Play Cast, Football Squad 1 Basketball Manager 1, Colon Hi News, Reporter HIORS Joseph Hughes F F A h, F F A News, Editor 1, Green- hand 1, Chapter Farmer 3, Conunittee Chalrmen 1, Demonstration 3, Dlstrict Trophy 1 Sentinel 1, F F A Basket ball 2, Football 2, Baseball 2, Colon Hi News Staff, Gossip Edator l, Coach, Intraxmxral Basketball, Noon League 1, Junior Plav Cast, Senlor Play Cast Nancy Nichols Colon Hi News, Feature Editor 1, ee Club 2, V1ce President 1, Treasurer 1, Junior Play, Speclelty, Senior Play, Specialty, Prom, Specialty, Operetta 1 Hot Lunches 2 Ushers Club 1, Teachers's Secretary 15 Maine Harrison I4 H Club 7, Junior Ieader 3, President 1, Vice Pres1dent 1, Recreation Chain man 1, Agricultural Department Secre tary 1, Glee Club 2, Colon I-Ii News, typlst, Cherry P1e Baldng Contest Doris Hackenburg Colon I-Ii News, Feature Editor 1, Glee Club 2, Vice President 1, Treasurer 1 Junior Play, Specialty, Senior Play, Specialty, Prom, Specialty, Operetta 1 Hot Lunches 2 Ushers Club 1, March of Dunes 1, Teacher's Secretary Lorraine Noga Ushers Club I4 Glee Club 2 Superin tendent's Qfflce 1, Colon Hi News, typ ist 1, lg H Club 8, I4 H Secretary 1,14-H Treasurer l, Juraor Play Cast, Senior Play Cast, Annual Staff 2 Patricia Noga Class Reporter l, Annual Staff 2 Colon Hi News, typist l, Queen's Court 1, Junior Play Cast, Senior Plq Cast Glee Club 2, lg H Club 7, Treasurer 2, Reporter 1, Junior Leader 2, Annual Page Mounting 1, kumar Gloria Rhinesmlth Prlncipal's Secretary 1, Senlor Play Advertlsing, Glee Club 3 Operetta 1 Hot Lunches 1 h-H Club 1 Colon Hi News, typist 1, Bible School Teacher James Ryan Baseball 3 Football h Basketball Varsity M, Annual, Advertising Manager, 1 Sales Agent 2, Page Mountlng 2, Band S, Solo and Ensembles 2, Colon Hi News, Art Editor 1 Junior Play Cast Senlor Play Cast, Operetta 3, Latin Club, Secretary 1, Monitor 1, F F A Greenhand l fr sw! 'FTM WWA "'Wk Www? ,nw 3,379 Kr' HIGHS Robert Oliver F F A -lg Greenhand 1, Chapter Farmer 1, commas chairman 2, Band h h H Club 1, h H Reporter 1, Junior Play Cast, Senlor Play Cast, Annual Sales man 1, Colon Hi News, Mlmeograph 1, or March of Dimes Clerical Work 1 Ol1ver Parl1n A F News Co Editor, Greenhand 1, Chapter Farmer 3 F F A Demonstration 2, F F A COmM1ttBB Chalrman 1, Committee Secretary 2 F F A Basketball 1, h H Club 2, h Vice Presldent 1, Annual Staff Tree surer 1, Colon Hi News, Head Artist 1, Junwor Play, Stage Manager, Senlor Play Stage Manager, Baseball Manager 1 'Q -'WW 1-lil' ,' Rv A -'fr :fx H. Bernard Saxman F F A 3 Greenhand 1, Chapter Farmer 2 Committee Member 3, Committee Re porter 1, Colon Hi News, Stenclls and Mlrneograph 1, Annual, typ1ng and Ad VCTtl56mEHtS 1, Annual Cover Deslgn, 195h h H Club l Ilene Swift Colon Hi News, News Editor 1, I4 H Club 3 Operetta 1, Glee Club 2, Junior Play Cast, Senior Play, Properties, Future Home Makers f America-1 Annual, typist-l DIORS W Judith Swonk I4-H Club-13 Superintendentw Office-lg Junior Play Cast 5 Senior Play Cast., Colon Hi News, typist-13 Glee Club-35 Operetta-2. Leslie Schrader Band-63 All Star Band-lg Ensemble-13 Colon Hi News Staff-lg Junior Play, Stage Manager, Senior Play, Stage Man- agerg Basketball, Varsity-lg Basket- ball, Reserves-25 Football-23 Base- ball-23 coach, An Sports, 6th and nh Grades: Asst. Coach. All Svorts. Bth. David Taylor F F A 3, Greenhand 1, Chapter Farmer 2 I4 H Club 9 h H President 1, Foot ball Squad 1, Junior Play Cast Iyle Ware Colon Hi News, typist 1, A , 'VN Greenhand 1, 14 H Club 1, F F A News 1. XXX fffisfn lla..- kv QQ, www Q. Earl Haight, Advisor' 'hr Mon, Lillian Williams Latin Club 1, Ushers Club 3 Y Teens 3, Band S, Junior Play, Prompter, Senior Play Cast, Librarlan 2 K. John Yeatter us F F A 14, Greenhand 1, Chapter Farmer l Band l 1Wfy E 3 X I O U- ' - ' Q 3 - -3 - - ' - - . , Q, I -W' 4 - ' F.F. .-1' 1 Q - ' - - ' . . . - 2, ,432 ,, " , .5-5 A- 11.2. f C V f 3 I w , ,egg , 3 . A 5 ' .F ' A V' K' , 9 4 I , I , 1,11 F M iii , -- i f- ti . F W A .. . ' .e 1 ' - so NLNS M . 1 - - . fm Af l'1Qvi" Q, i 3- L15 A 1 'Ti VY ,eq , I ,E 3 V, ,ai h,,,'5LV7g,:,-,Al via M in-A K F. .f , A i qw' In . . .- . - . .. C jsp We 5 -- by ,Y 3 , ,-F .rec i ,,"? 'Q Sy A if hav sie.-Q .- gm. us. M 34 t NISIGI2 The Class of 'Sh started out with fifty-five members as Freshies. Our offi- cers were: president, Allan King: vice-president, Arlon King, secretary, Allie May Staufferg treasurer, Leroy Miller, Student Council member, John Kelley. We lost Rosemary Trattles, Jeanette Robertson, Fritz Hagelgans, Allie May Stauffer, Keith Kline, John Kelley, and we gained Charles Doran and Betty Lou Jacob. Rich- ard Hill and Mary Good were chosen as our candidates for the Carnival king and queen. For our initiation the boys wore skirts and blouses, nylon hose, shoes with high heels, ladies hats, and plenty of make-up. The girls wore overalls, sweat shirts, and kitchen pans on their heads for hats. They were not allowed to wear shoes and had to carry pipes. All the difficult tasks were assigned to them. We lived through it somehow and gave a return party to the sophomores later on in the year. Mrs. Ash was our class advisor. It was during our freshman year that we learned that we were not quite as smart as we thought we were. We all agreed that Mr. Judd and Mr. Flowers had something to do with this. Our sophomore year found us with forty studious nkids,H tolling with our textbooks in the long climb to become juniors. Our officers were: president, Allan King, vice-president, Arlon King, secretary, Leroy Miller, treasurer, John Nystromg Student Council members, Allan King and Mary Good, reporter, Patricia Noga. We lost Durwood Heath, Donald Bryngelsong Jerry Hastings, Robert Neuen- schwander, Barbara Wehrly, Velma Bontrager, and Barbara Ash. Miss Wilma Lady- man was our class advisor. Allan King took over the duties of president again in our junior year. Arlon King was vice-presidentg Leroy Miller, secretaryg John Nystrom, treasurer, Harold Belote, Student Council member, Barbara Ash, reporter. Barbara Ash re- turned to the fold and we lost Richard Hill. Mrs. Virginia Ash directed our Junior Play, nThe Brain Storm,H given on March 13th. Doris Hackenburg was our candidate for Hallowe'en queen and served on the queen's court. For our Junior- Senior Reception, the gym was decorated with bells and trellises, covered with flowers. The theme, 'The Ropes of the Past Ring the Bells of the Futuren was taken from the senior class motto. Mrs. Flora Ambs was our class advisor. As juniors, we had the privilege of marching in with the graduating Seniors of '53 at Commencement. It was at this next year it would be our turn to march last time. time that it first dawned upon us that down the aisles of Colon High for the As seniors, we lost Helen Masters, Mary Good Kinter, Gloria Moyer Hargreavq Betty Lou Jacob Hazen, and Janis German: and we gained David Taylor. Our offi- cers were: president, Allan Kingg vice-president, Arlon Kingg treasurer, John Nystromg secretary, Leroy Miller: Student Council member, Harold Belote, and Lynn Ross, Clase Reporter- We gave a very successful play in our senior year called UNO More Home Work,H directed by Mrs. Virginia Ash. We selected Carol Schrader as our D.A.R. Pilgrim. At the end of the year, we had earned enough money to take us to Wash- ington, D.C. for a five-day trip. Twenty-nine seniors took the trip along with our advisor, Mr. Earl Haight, and his wife. Reverend Morris Howell, of the Colon Methodist Church, delivered our Bac- calaureate sermon. Our speaker for Commencement was William V. Bailey, an at- torney ln Battle Creek and a former mayor. Our class colors were blue and gold, our class flower was the red rose. The boys wore blue gowns, and the girls wore white gowns for our graduation. Our class motto was HToday Decides Tomorrow.n On the third day of June, the Class of 'Sh said farewell to the school that had for so long been their home. The fun and work of thirteen years now turns from realities to memories. . ,qs IU! 'si we, 13"-' " . W ,A UNE! 1 .,4-f-4,1 A X 1 I O9 v It Nljg Q71 .J fir' 5 '22 a i' . M Ma. "vu--...,,,,,k B Ak P'Gww-M "' gf Zf g' f . -,-., 5 . y 1 'K -...,,, 'Nffgmwl 'H-..,,, WWW h Ur Q W an f lst Zn rd th Row Row Row Row Jumoms Vera Shannon, Carol Wood, Dona Teeple, Ann Wattles, Marne Taylor, Carol Orchel Laura lc Clish, Joyce Heath Assistant Advisor, lr W H Judd, Phillip last, James Pokorny, Dale Soper, Richard Kane, Thomas Fredenburg, Edna Stewart, Irs Flora Ambs, Advisor Junior Drumhiller, Allan Decker, Constance Ash, Jack Burle, Larry Bryan, Kenneth Long, Louis Miller, Brian Hargreave Marion Nystrom, Betty Castle, Sydney Abbott, Duane Fenner, Larry Camp bell, Earl Eicher, Florence Merrifield, Robert Trayling, Absent Mary Lou Thrams, Helen Wondergem, Ethel Matthewson President Phillip Mast Vice President Florence Merrifield Treasurer Mary Lou Thrams Student Council Duane Fenner Reporter James Pokorny Advisor Mrs Flora Ambs 20 , . d 2 . . . 3 : 1+ 2 - Secretery.....:........Dona Teeple lst 2nd rd th Row Row Row Row sophomone Richard Lucas, Peter Hoekzema, Richard Bower, James Helmer, Barbara Brandt, James Frisbie, Larry Bowerman, Ronald Ward, Kenneth Hurley Harold Lakin, Asst Advisor, Lee Belote, Rose Johnston, Marcia Temp lin, Barbara Lane, Barbara Lewis, Karen Cupp, Ralph Parlin Richard Walters, Roger Phelps, Melvin Flowers, Advisor Kay Osbon, JoAnne Swonk, Patricia Geering, Janice James, Albert Sax man, Lillian Hinkley, Daweyne Holtz, Kenneth Decker Elizabeth VanVoorhees, Viola Drake, Charles Draime, Richard Bonham, Marden Hinkley, Judy Blanchard, Linda Frink, Norma Carr, Wilma Warken tine, Marilyn Abbott, Rae Bradford, Beverly Weinberg President Vice President Secretary Richard Lucas Marden Hinkley Janice James Student Council Reporter Advisor Roger Phelps JoAnne Swonk Melvin Flowers Absent Dennis Brew, Donald Oliver, Wayne Smith, Alice Stuck 21 I 3 2 - Lg. : ....... ..... Treasurer. ...... ... .....Karen Cupp .... ... . .... . .... ..... ................ s 2nd rd th Row Row How Row lIl2 shm n Gene Trine, Thomas Johnson, Ernest Eicher, Douglas Adams, Esther Old enburg, Lee Webb, Edward Schrader, James Carpenter, Monafae Over street Mrs Virginia Ash, Advisor, Phyllis Geering, Phillip Fredenburg, Geo rge Mayer, Judith Poaorny, Jean Thurston, Carol Cupp, Gerald Truckey, John Yoder, Miss Wilma Ladyman, Asst Advisor Janet Teeple Marcia Stuart, Sandra Loudenslager, Barbara Hagelgans, Carla Robbins, Loretta Truckey, Ervin Wickey, Jean CCarlethaD Bartley, Marcella Shannon Ruth fArleneJ Miller, Julia McCl1sh, Bethel Stanton, Susan Messler, Janet McKee, Mitzi Holslnger, Marcia Stuck, Wendell Allen, Gerald Thrams, Robert Fredenburg, Marilyn Perry, Absent Jane Westendorf, John Miller, Cynthia Bailey, Christy Swartz President Vice President Douglas Adams Gene Trine Treasurer Student Council Reporter Advisor Mitzi Holsinger Thomas Johnson Gerald Truokey Mrs Virginia Ash 22 1 t : - 3 : 9 Ll : Secretary.....:.. ..::Marcia Stuart lst 2nd rd th th Row Row Row Row Row eighth GRACE Kay Thornton, Margo Green, Donald Church, Junior French, Lawrence Be lote, Earl Trine, Kay Parlin, Mary Stewart, Kenneth Broker Miss Alice Grimes, Advisor, Carl Haokenbur , Roy Johnson, John Truck ey, Ronald Ash, William Barker, Robert Pauli Lane, Helen Forrest, Barbara Kane, Mrs Margaret Gales, Asst Advisor Carl Lucas, Judith James, Karen Case, Sara Church, Melissa Frazier, Laura fChrist1eJ Freeland, Diane Johnson, Duane KRobertJ Long, Robert Wetzel, Chester Gearing, Miriam Lederman Clara Yoder, Doris Draime, Lee Sprowl, Phyllis Miller, Mary KCol1eenJ Phelps, David Hoekzema, Richard Dennison, Barbara Noga, Judith Decker, Gula Taylor, Jobana Robinson Arthur ILynnJ Moyer, David Trine, Larry Thornton, Jack Burnham, James Baum, James Lee, Charles Geering, Ronald Truckey, Marx Straw, James Farrand, Rosalie Burnham, Absent Mary Lou Yoder, Wilbur Yoder, Fred rick Yoder, Thomas Webb, Shirley Stewart, Joyce Soper, Leon Scritch field, Mary Robbins President Mary fColleenJ Phelps Vice President Lee Sprowl Treasurer Roy Johnson Student Council Junior French Reporter Jack Burnham Advisor Miss Alice Grimes 23 3 : ll : S : Secretary.....::::::::::::::Gula Taylor fr 01' ITIUSIC PLL ...Q If A-A 7: 5-EH if n v A ,, ' Tier' A , 9-N 1 16' , 1 W . HE? ' 1 194 if Q fm .- j'3'ua'+ 1- f ' A 2 - nfs?-1 , V5 . - , ,M 1 , v 1.4,-11-S-ES Q?" ' fi- ' ., " 2 1.12 ,f 'Q ,W Y, ' I V -1-:xy -ff' 991, QQ .jug- 1 .,.Q" ' if - f 1 '5" -xg f"Q!,1 ,fJ .-11,1 .J 'A , ' .1 X A 'jf' ,:, f V '-'gg 'EQ' -E .,4,.+:s. 'Z -xl if yah-"J, L 4 f1f7'.j 'K 'K f 4 V .. Vg ,lf ?14?fwT 41, -' - Q ' f a.::'f,. A ' fb -745: xii", QW! ' If IZ. , fr' f fy? I Qf?f'Tfl?W 4 I':ZI"A fl. ...F ,. , - ,, er . 5- -Wzgq' lf' W ,-.n Bane lst Row: Allan King, Rae Bradford, Sharon Hovis, Shirley Wagner, Janet McKee, Sandra Loudenslager, Florence Merrifield, Ann Wattles, Carol Cupp, Marilyn Abbott, Beverly Weinberg, Roger Phelps, Kathryn McKee. SENIOR BAND 2nd Row: Diane Freeland, Esther Oldenberg, Shirley Stewart, Viola Drake, Marcia Stuart, Judith Carpenter, Jerry Oldenberg, Gula Taylor, Ernest Eicher, Elizabeth Van Voorhees, Judith Decker, Margo Green, Lee Webb, Jobana Robison, Selma Kasdorf, Sandra Hughes, Karen Cupp. 3rd Row: Marcia Templin, Arlon King, Bethel Stanton, Marden Hinkley, Ronald Ward, Thomas Penrod Kenneth Hurle Ronald Ash Richard Denniso y n George Mayer, Mary Bllen Ward, Jo Anne Swonk, Linda Frink, Martin Bord- ner, Edward Schrader, Barbara Kane, Lynn Ross, Jerry Baughman. hth Row: Christine Freeland, Carol Schrader, Janice James, Michael Davis, Char- les Draime, James Frisbie, Leslie Schrader, Phillip Mast, James Helmen Dwayne Holtz, Melvin Flowers--Director, Lillian Williams, Marilyn Perry, Rita Mast, Carol Wood, Colleen Phelps. INTERMEDIATE BAND lst Row: Rita Wing, Rudy Jenkins, Larry McNeil, Tommy Loudenslager, Larry Sand- ford, Charles CBillyJ Wagner, Virginia Hill, Ronald Wing. 2nd Row: Ann Davis, Susan VanDeventer, Phyllis Taylor, Sue Sprowl, Leta Stan- ton, Robert Long, LeRoy Barton, Karen Case, Nancy Roach, David Hilde- brand, Richard Janes, Marilyn Farrand, Julia Ware. 3rd Row: Phyllis Wolf, Mary Stuart, Jerry Burle, Dale Barton, Gary Parlin, Ro- bert Roach, Mr. Melvin Flowers Director Jack Barton Gero Swift Richard Mathis, Lorena Dunn, Mary Trayling: Shirley Hovis. , JUNIOR BAND lst Row: Gerald Spooner, Ann Haglegans, Cyndy Ensign: Barbara London, BIPPY Mumby, Shirley Fenner, Warren Ash, Gary Phelps, Karen Adams, Phyllis Long, Patty McNeil, Boneta Offenbecker. 2nd Row: Beverly Vanvorst, Richard Haglegans, Richard Delp, Fred Frey, Craig Freeland, Dorothy Barton, Donald Coates, William Esseltine, Ronald Summers, Larry Roach, Larry Wagner, Richard Saxman, Chester Gearing, Ellen Morgan, Katharine Cunic, Louise Jordon. 3rd Row: Ronna Schaeffer, Barbara Green, Leslie Vanvorst, Mr. Melvin Flowers, Director, Sally layer, Patricia Long, James Saxman, Thomas Davis, Charles VanDeventer, Charles Geering, Larry Miller, Robert Long, Gay- lord Smith, Bruce Hurley, Larry Lane, Roger Decker. On January Zh, the District Solo and Ensemble Festival was held at Kalamazoo where the following band members participated, receiving ratings as indicated. Seconds: Cornet Ensemble--Ronald Ward, Carol Wood, Arlon King, Bethel Stanton. Octet--Jerry Baughman, Lynn Ross, Carol Wood, Marden Hinkley, Larry Bowerman, Barbara Kane, Arlon Kind, Ronald Ward. Third: Clarinet Ensemble--Rae Bradford, Esther Oldenberg, Allan King, Carol Schrader. State Solo and Ensemble Contest, University of Michigan, March 25, 1953. First: Clarinet Solo--NUne Pensee Lointainn by C. E. Thornton, Gaye Bradford. The District Band and Orchestra Festival was held at Mendon on February 26. Our band received a second rating. OFFICERS: Jo Anne Swonk President: Jerry Baughman Band Reporter Reporter: Jo Anne Swonk 28 'EV eblate INTER f-'Zu ai -4. -- I1 I "' lm " 7? x. ,., nl" u lx 0 Au, ,, Q ne, 'WMZXYZW Q" In 41 . '.. fw, '11 as ,. 5 1. Q - .9 3, 'Q' x Nw Q, 'Cs ,wiv ' all QQ' 'I X 4 wi, ap .. A Un GR BAN O F5 if f A n 0- 1 Q, V1 my , I :nr W- x- . M . .W xg, ' im if "'b?.-. , A .wx 6,2 9-vm ti ff? . AJ 1 , ,, . .,. Q' QHQZ Q . ., , Q' I 'Q- jul' NSD Bane Mr. Melvin Flowers, Colon's Band Director since Breckenridge High School. While in attendance there, 1936, is a graduate of he was active in all the major sports, serving as pitcher for two years. Music also received its share of his time, as he was a member of the Glee Club, Band, and Orchestra. He continued his interest in sports while at Western State Teache Cohw rs ge where he was pitcher for a Kalamazoo Industrial League. He followed his musical career in colle 1 1 he was president ge, jo n ng the Band, the Choir, and the Men's Glee Club of which Mr. Flowers enjoys the simple things of life such as gardening. In the sum- mertime, you often see him hoeing potatoes and caring for the flowers. Tr vel- a ing has a charm for him, too. He has made trips to the West, the East. the New England States, and Canada. He accompanied the Class of 'Sl to Washington, D.C. and the Class of '53 to Washington, D.C. and New York City. As the founder of our Band, he has spent nearly twenty years building char- acter and drawing music from the hidden places in young people's hearts. Under his direction, the Colon Band has made a com endable record. It started with eight members in 1936: Phillip Tunison, clarinet: Richard Smith, Warren Conklin, and Robert Downs, saxaphonesg Robert Baad, trombone, Keith Drake, bass, and Fran- 1 S c s nyder and Jack Kunzie, cornets. fFrancis Snyder gave his life for his coun- try in the Philippines during the Second World War.7 The year following saw the Band increase to eighteen members, and it has had a steady growth until, in 1953-Sh, there are lh2 boys and girls la i 1 P Y H8 H' struments. The Band started competing in 1938 and was judged fourth among eight bands. In the years since 1938, the Band has been given third division ratings five times. All other ratings have been first and second division ratings. These ratings were for both marching and playing The Band has pla ed in State - Y Festivals for the last three years in a row. Our outstanding majorettes have been Marjorie West, Betty Good, Judd, Nadine Michael, Joan Sharp, and Carol Wood. In the fall of 1953, the Band great folk songs by portraying nThe Margaret commemorated Stephen Foster and his many Stephen Foster Story.U After the Band marched onto the field, they played the nFanfare.N While in the formation of a house, the strains of NOld Folks At Homen and uMy Old Kentucky Homen floated in- to the stands. After a rapid change to the tune of nRing Ring De Banjo H the B d t- , , an ou lined a banjo and accompanied Miss Jeanne Gascoigne while she sang nJeannie With The Light Brown Hair.u The old covered wagon rolled right along while the Band played HOh, Susanna.H Then to depict the close of Stephen Foster's career, the Band marched to the formation of a setting sun while they played NCamptown Races.N For a conclusion to this performance, Black Joe hobbled into the set- ting sun while the Band played the touching strains of NOld Black Joe.n Y g ' Arranged by Jo Anne Swonk it Band Reporter A 'F if Twirlers jg ' H, .5 Colleen Phelps Wg f Christie Freeland 'Six T ' P 6 .g,,,P, -dflfl as 4 QlI2lS QlG6 ClL1B lst Row Wilma Warkentine, Betty Castle, Julia McClish Jean Thurston, Joan Blair, Helen Wondergem, Lillian Willlams 2nd Row Vera Shannon, Barbara Lewis, Ethel Matthewson Barbara Brandt, Edna Stewart, Phyllis Geering 3rd Row Marcia Stuck, Roberta Kaye Osbon, Janet Teeple, Laura McClish, Joyce Heath, Loretta Truckey, Marcella Shannon The Glee Club had the pleasure of singing for the teachers at their Annual Christmas party after which the girls had their own party with a gift exchange On December 22, the Band and Glee Club presented a joint Christmas Concert 1 which the girls san nThe Christmas Story to the accompaniment of the Band uThe Christmas Story is a collection of carols and Christmas hymns est song was NHe, Watching Over Israel' the voices are interwoven in such a way that there is no rest until the end of the song We enjoyed singing 'Oh You Beautiful Dollu about the best, because it was well suited to all our voices During the winter evenings, the girls spent extra time gettlng ready for their 'Minstrel Parade, which was an all black production, in which every girl had an important part It was presented on March 18 and 19 The Glee Club carried out some interesting social aotlvities in addition to their musical productions A box social, with a special dance treat by our own Orchestra, NThe Merry Makers , provided no end of fun We made use of other school talent by giving a floor show with tap dancing, magic, and special re quest musical numbers 32 I : 1 3 1 A I! 5 . ' The girls spent a busy winter preparing for the Spring Concert. The hard- 5 9 7 I ll - . ll 1 o CLARINET QUARTETTE CORNET QUARTETTE Rae Bradford, Allan King Bethel Stanton, Carol Wood Esther Oldenberg, Carol Schrader Aplon King, Ronald Ward 'J r ' -v. OCTET: GIRLS QUARTETTE lst Row: Arlon King, Barbara Kane Helen Wondergem, Laura McClish Carol Wood, Marden Hinkley Ethel Matthewson, Lillian Williams 2nd Row: Ronald Wgrd, Jerry Baughman Lynn Ross. Absent: Larry Bowerman ' - 0 I I A N SE iv t R - JI A-qua: -3- nx-. g A H-4 ,, Qi n .rv 1' 1 fl. L vi . 1 ,Q 'JG C Xu-cr' - SDGRIIS 35 ,rf ,P BASGBAH lst Row Lee Belote, Roger Phelps, Joseph Hughes, Allan King, Kenneth Decker Arlon King, James Ryan, Wayne Smith, Dwayne Holtz, W H Judd, Coach 2nd Row John P Keniston, Asst Coach, Morris French Jack Barker, Robert 3rd Row Richard Bower, Phillip Mast, Joseph Swonk, Richard Kane The Colon Magi ended the 1953 baseball season with a not too impressive re cord, as they won and lost S games The weather was not too favorable during the season consequently, two games had to be postponed and one game cancelled This was to be the last season that the Colon teams were to be under the manage ment of Mr Judd, although they did not know this at the time Mr Judd taught his teams good sportsmanshi above all desire to win The team lost five mem bers who were not on the 195 diamond three seniors and two because of the age rule These members were Joe Swonk, Morris French, Jerry Nichols, Allan King and Arlon King Colon Colon Colon Colon Colon Colon Colon Colon Colon ONINJD-'NOXIUXMJO 36 Climax Hendon Constantine Marcellus Climax Centreville Burr Oak Centreville White Pigeon 1 ONKIUI NOVJINJ . . .. pg '1 CD '4 0 9-4 P-' Ui' J 4:- . O CD '1 FD D-' .. Q. Z J7'C v- I-' O O D' , Q , H c,,, me 1 . 0 , CD 'XJ '1 P-' CA O' D-N 0 . HJ H' O ' D' SD '1 Qpe F4 C O ' D M Q . 1 Q 0 SD I "3 I O D-' D1 U1 CD P-' J O ff O I lo I e qu i lst Row is an an ,0- A HK IIGOIIBAU Lee Webb, anager, Charles Dralme, George Mayer, Jerry Truckey, Harold Belote, Jerry Baughman, Lee Belote, Kenneth Decker, Ralph Parlin 2nd Row Mr Harold Lakin, Coach, Joseph Hughes, Richard Lucas, Junior Drum hiller, James Frisbie, Douglas Adams, Gene Trine, Robert Trayllng, Manager 3rd Row James Ryan, Larry Campbell, James Helmer, Richard Kane, Jack Barker, Duane Green, James Pokorny, Allen Decker, Philllp Mast The Colon High School team fought a rough nine game schedule, coming through with three victories against six defeats Co1on's new Coach, Harold Lakin, di rected the team to two league victories, one being over highly favored Nbrcellus, snapping their eighteen game winning streak. Although we are losing six seniors this year, the Coach feels that we will have a more experienced team next fall to shoot us toward the top. The Seniors, who will be raduatin this s rin are Jerry Baughman, Duane 8 8 P S Green, James Ryan, Joseph Hughes, Jack Barker and Harold Belote. The Magi will play an eight game schedule next fall, all the teams being ln the newly formed St. Joseph County League. Colon Colon Colon Colon Colon Colon Colon Colon Colon Union City O 18 13 Burr Oak 20 6 North Adams 7 31 Centreville O 13 Marcellus 12 13 Camden O O Mendon 6 O White Pigeon 27 6 Schoolcraft 18 37 I T ?g If ynely 1 iff? is MQ M H, tyf A g gg .2 he L Y 1535, Y it eg v if N R ff- t 6 J F 'J L f, f Li, K Q f - + .1 ff, I ,ug ' ' J as if in '16- Carlton Scott ARSIIY BASKEIIBAU lst Row: Coach--Harold Lakin, Jerry Baughman, Ronald Ward, Phil Mast, Duane Green, Manager. 2nd Row: Jack Barker, Richard Kane, James Helmer, James Pokorny. 3rd Row: Larry Campbell, Manager, Richard Lucas, James Ryan, Kenneth Decker. Colon's varsity basketball team had its ups-and-downs during the l95h sea- son, coming out on the short end of the won-lost column by winning five games and losing ten. The team had ten varsity players and only three of them were seniors. Four Juniors and three sophomores completed the squad. For that reason, the hopes for a better season next year are high. Coach Harold Lakin hopes to have an assistant coach next year so that he will be able to devote his full time to the Varsity. Jack Barker, Jerry Baughman, and James Ryan will graduate from the team this year. All ten of the players had enough playing time to enable them to win letters. Colon M? Union City hh Colon 33 Constantine 3? Colon 38 White Pigeon MS Colon 3l Burr Oak 61 Colon Sl Centreville 31 Colon 35 Schoolcraft U8 Colon 32 Marcellus 55 Colon 35 Mendon 60 Colon Sh Constantine U7 Colon 26 White Pigeon 57 Colon 38 Burr Oak M8 Colon M2 Centreville 3h Colon 60 Marcellus 62 Lovertimel Colon M9 Schoolcraft M8 L2 U6 Colon Mendon 38 la A X RESERVE BASKEIIBAH lst Row Coach Harold Lakln, Richard Bower, Ernest Elcher, Sydney Abbott, Jerry Truckey, Thomas Johnson, Douglas Adams, Manager 2nd Row Lee Webb, Manager, James Frlsbie, Lee Belote, Gerry Thrams, Gene Trine, Charles Draime, Manager The reserve basketball squad had a fair year by wlnnlng seven games and loslng only elght. The team is made up of five freshmen, three sophomores and one junlor. The team lost some of their games by a very small margin. They had a young squad and gained very much experlence this year, which will help them in the future. Coach Lakin dld a fine job with the boys COHSid6TlHg the limited time he had as coach of both teams. It takes a good reserve team to build a strong varslty, and with this in mind, the hopes of a fine varsity team are high. Colon 2h Colon 2M Colon 22 Colon l9 Colon 2 Colon l Colon 27 Colon 26 Colon 17 Colon 29 Colon 26 Colon 25 Colon 28 Colon 28 Colon Ml Union City Constant1ne White Pigeon Burr Oak Centreville Schoolcraft Marcellus Mendon Constantine White Pigeon Burr Oak Centreville Marcellus SChO0lCPelt Mendon eighth GRACE Basketmll lst Row: Roy Johnson, Carl Lucas. 2nd Row: Billy Barker, Jack Truckey, Ronald Ash. 3rd Row: Leslie Schrader, Assistant Coachg Jack Burnham, Harold Lakin, Coachg Jim Farrand, Duane Green, Assistant Coach. cheenleaoens Linda Frink Florence Merrifield Carol Schrader Mitzi Holsinger 40 41 ACUVIUGS 'WK 4 J -A 'legis- Tr' ff . 1, " M m N w919' lgog '1 460 lst rd th th Futuna fanmens of amemca Row Row Row Row Row OFFICERS John Nystrom, Earl Eicher, Earl Haight, Advisor, Richard Lucas, Duane Fenner, Duane Green, Norman Foster Louis Hiller, Donald Oliver, Larry Campbell, Brian Bargreave, Douglas Adams, Wayne Smith, Edward Schrader, David Taylor John Hiller, Richard Walters, Ralph Parlin, Harold Belote, Joseph Hughes, James Ryan, Ernest Eieher, Gene Trine, Thomas Johnson Richard Bonham, James Helmer, James Carpenter, Dale Soper, Oliver Par lin, Thomas Fredenburg, Robert Oliver, Wendell Allen Gerald Thrams, Robert Fredenburg, Ervin Wickey, Dwayne Holtz, Phillip Fredenburg, George layer, Jerry Truckey, Lee Belote President, Richard Lucas, Vice President, Earl Eicher, Secretary, Duane Fenner, Treasurer, John Nystrom, Reporter, Duane Green Sentin al, Norman Foster, Advisor, Earl Haight The F F A has entered its fourth year with a total membership of forty four, sixteen of which are green hands, twenty eight, chapter farmers, and six, postgraduates Forty four of our chapter are carrying on Supervised Farming Programs and other projects, including sixty two ownership projects, forty five improvement rejects programs is 7050 We have a swine and R98 supplementary projects The net income from these chain started with Duane Fenner and Harold Belote owning gilts Two members Farmer for this year have applied for the state farmer degree Chapter Star is John Nystrom Awards to members were S120 ACTIVITIES National Convention, State Convention, District Contest, Leadership Training Camp, Parent and Son Banquet, F F A and Y Teen party, basketball team, ice skating party, donkey basketball game, seed sale First PTlZe Distrlct Contest, James Helmer First Prlze Puulln, opeaklng, Reglonal Contest, James Helmer- 42 2nd : 3 3 1+ 1 - 5 : 5 . ' y teen lst Row Karen Cupp, Carol Schrader, Marna Taylor, Barbara Lewis, Rose Johnson, Marcia Templin, Florence Merrlfield, Barbara Brandt 2nd Row Rae Bradford, Barbara Hagelgans, Janice James, Barbara Lane, Carletha Bartley, Kathryn McKee, Monafae Overstreet, Carol Cupp, Mlss Wilma Ladyman, Advlsor 3rd Row Janet McKee, Ellzabeth Van Voorhees, Viola Drake, Vera Shannon, Mar cella Shannon, Janet Teeple, Linda Frink, Ann Wattles, Marilyn Abbott The Y Teens is a Christlan organization for the girls of our high school Our goals are public affalrs at home and abroad, religion, our relatlon to the tion to livlng, servlce and health Our club challanges us to work together, share responslbility, and to develop leadership We learn to give and take, and to be considerate of the other person The year's activlties began with the initiation of our new members The traditional candle light ceremony, in October, was an impressive event The activity of November was a record dance Caroling was our way of showing the Christmas spirit We started the New Year by attending the church of our choice A party was held by the Y Teens and F F A in February To end the year, a pic nic was held for girls interested in joining our club in the fall 43 Young Women's Christian Association, and the development of personality in rela- C W S staff lst Row. Oliver Parlin, Head Artlstg Edna Carpenter, Art and Typist, Leslie Schrader, Mimeograph Operator, James Ryan, Art Editor, Lynn Ross, Mimeograph Operator and Business Manager, Arlen King Editor, Carol Schrader, Co-Editor, Kathryn McKee, Exchange Editor, Joseph Hughes, Gossip, Jack Barker, Gossip: Harold Belote, Sports Editor 2nd Row: Doris Hackenburg, Nancy Nichols, Feature Editors, Mrs. Virginia Ash, Advisor, Maxine Harrison, Typist, Ilene Swift, News Editor: Linda Bowerman, Typist: Gloria Rhinesmith, Typist, Mrs. Flora Ambs, Typing Advisor. The Colon Hi Nets Staff has had a very busy year publishing the high school paper. We have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in our new room where all our ma- chines, equipment, and files are located. The added feature of a cover done in colors has required much more precision work in Art and in operating the mimeo- graph. We appreciate all the new materials that have made our work interesting and helped us to get better results. Arlon King and Carol Schrader edited a fine paper which always ran short of the increasing demand for copies. Oliver Parlin prepared our beautiful colored covers. Lynn Ross, Leslie Schrader, Bernard Saxman, Oliver Parlin, and Robert Oliver operated the mimeograph. Allan King and Jerry Baughman became skilled in preparing stencils. Patricia Noga, Lorraine Noga, Barbara Ash, Leroy Miller, Lyle Ware, and Judy Swonk assisted in typing copy work. Duane Green wrote many interesting F.F.A. articles, and Harold Belote was an excellent sports editor. 44 DICI2 DIA CASI lst Row Carol Schrader, Lorraine Noga, Daisy Mae French, Lillian Williams, Kathryn McKee, Doris Hackenburg 2nd Row Mrs Virginia Ash, Advisor, Leslie Schrader, Patricia Noga, John Ny strom, Judith Swonk, Oliver Parlin, Robert Oliver 3rd Row Joseph Hughes, Arlon King, Jerry Baughman, Jack Barker, Allan King, James Ryan, Duane Green The play was centered around Pamela Jones When Pamela was elected student council president, never in her wildest dreams did she foresee having to make the thousand and one decisions required of a school principal Should she abol ish home work, as one friend helpfully suggests? Should she stand behind an un popular teacher? Should she keep the schoo1's star athlete out of the state basketball tournament for disciplinary reasons? These were only a few of the headaches that confronted Pam and her boy friend 'Buzzn Bailey, who unexpectedly found himself doubling as vice principal and 'home ec teacher, with an omelet in one hand and a dress pattern in the other The play was presented at the Colon High School Auditorium, November Zh 1953, under the direction of Hrs Virginia Ash 46 0 O 'No lore Homeworku was the three act comedy presented by the Senior Class. - .ll I O D Jumon ple cast lst Row Robert Trayling Laura Mctlish, Donna Teeple, Carol Wood, Marna Taylor, Mary Lou Fhrams, Ann Wattles, Helen Wondergem, Sydney Abbott 2nd Row Duane Fenner, Brian Hargreave Joyce Heath, Edna Stewart Florence Merrifleld, Phillip Mast, James Pokorny, Richard Kane, Mrs Virginia Ash Advisor "The Little Dog Laughed" was the title of the three act comedy presented by the Junior Class in the Hlgh chool Auditorium, on April 9, under the direction of Mrs Virginla Ash An appreclatlve audience were united in their opinlon of a well done perfonnance The plot centers around Laurie Iwntington, a sophomore, majoring in psy chology, who arrlves home expecting to flnd a normal, well adjusted famlly, but flnds lnstead, a bunch of Cwhat she callsl psychological knots Sid Huntlngton, ner father, isn't qulte hls normal, jocular self, because Ted HDeadwood Wood, dealership Nally Huntington, Laurie's young brother, though usually fun lovlng and easy going, 18 in the family doghouse, because he inslsts on going steady with cute Joan Wood, Deadwood's daughter So Laurie, confident that her college courses in psychology fully qualify her to straighten out her fami1y'stang led llves, goes zealously to work to tangle them more Before she knows it, Laurie falls in love wlth the handsome nephew of Dead wood, Mark Bradford Trying to get revenge, the Huntlngton family, after Laurie and Mark return home from a date, carry to rib tickling extremes the character 1St1CS Laurie has attributed to them and broadly SEtHP1ZS her theories This causes Mark to leave, and Laurle, humlliated beyond endurance, soon follows The dlstressed family, fearlng they have over done matters, spend a worried dozen hours, awaltlng her return The returning Laurie, cognizant now, that a little psychology is a dangerous thing, flnds forg1veness and love from her amily Mark, Wally, and Joan re discover each other n this mutual crisls, and almost everyone learns somethlng new and helpful about hlmself 47 I 1 X 7 1 J . S - . . A . . H his hated rival in the used-car business is about to snatch up a much coveted . J f- . - 1 u - .11 ushens ClLlB lst Row Elizabeth Van Voorhees, Viola Drake, Vera Shannon, Lorraine Noga, Carol Wood 2nd Row Marna Taylor, Carol Schrader, Monafae Overstreet, Rose Johnston, Lillian Williams, Mrs Fredrica Jaffe, Advisor ushers for such events as plays, concerts, and com encement activities This year the club numbers twelve members with Lorraine Noga and Carol Wood as co headushers. All the girls have had a year or more experience except Rose John ston, Marna Taylor, Elizabeth Van Voorhees, and Monafae Overstreet, who are new comers this year. Becoming a member is voluntary and the choice of ushers is dependent upon experience, with preference given to upper classmen Members of the club who usher not less than five times during the year, in a satisfactory manner, earn a five inch block C A seven inch block C with bars for each year's service is awarded at the ond of the senior year Meetings of the club are held preceding each school event requiring ushers Hrs Fredrica Jaffe is advisor of the group 48 The Usher's Club is organized each year for the purpose of furnishing ST PAULS LUTHEQAN CHURCH The Church of the Lutheran Hour Divine Worship Service 10 15 A M Sunday School, Bible Class ll 15 A M A cordial welcome is extended to all Rev Clyde Hildebrand, pastor Phone Colon 2693 urclw f J t etkod sf fm-C, M s M 1 lO 00 Chun c oo Morning Worship 10 30 A M w M1 ll 00 Morning OPS P Sunday School ll 30 A M Rev homer Balley fcev Iorrls F Howell Complamentt of I on St ur-C Sunday School 10 00 A M Dr Glen Golfrcy Morning Worship ll OO A M l Rev Andrew Christopherson, hone O on pastor 2801 Muchngan G PHELPS PHONE 250: COMPLIMENTS Pl-IELPS FUNERAL HOME COLON MICHIGAN 5 Ch U C0 EFS M I C A A v . I 1- If ' . . . IM n 5 Col I I1 1 1 ' 2 -' P 4 , ' 'I of D 40 -' -' I f 1 C I WGPCKFTfSbie Ciwfw-if CoLon , MiCl'1i3Ell't Te xaco Gas New H01 1 and Ballers m.N. Farm Naclwinery f , h 4 ' 15' yet! t Y it 2 sg X ,V - , "K Q L , , X W, " , : , ' f 'S 3 ' - ' ' , 'f XV f 'M V552 ' , -. 'N "W ' I' ' ' ,4:VlE3.L'?j,Jj,,, ,V af fl W ' xzzw.. ' ... U ' N 5 f 7569 mf 525 he gee , E , i n E I . , 5, , , 5 . M Iv 2 , ,l '.3y.gM:v H QS, is .Q V... Agg ie WV .I F 4 W realm S to The G55 0 ASSE NBLY OF G OD CHURCH omphmmjrs of nLy ElEL+f1C larvae!! N'PLl!XNCES SRLQSEI SERVKCE Q-ED T-Ph 2044 2941 Com Muon G 'j Cf f54 Q gf S , I Knit G ocl WHFN YOU BUY SWEATFHS SWIM THUNKS and KNITTED CASUAL WEAR, ASK FOR LAMB KNIT' IT INSUHES YOU LASTING SATIQFACTION s MB KNIT swell' R V'-X 52 glam Q Q LA E 'K i COMPLIMENTS GF FRED W,-I-NHYLING N50 N UJUST INSURANCE., PHONE 2734 CGLON MICH., I2 Si SZWFWZIAJ SWWQIQ ,loaf 500 MA IN STO ELK HA RT , l an Ke n's Su perette QUALITY IVXEATJS CIROCERIES Colon Fvch White HWS: p ice cream QGJJ if Cbfdif Q. 6omP1irmn13 of C ornplimenfs of WB.J:m, 9 Sw BowERs'sERvfcE I nsmlf General Repazrmg Luml1er'lfBvi?Jcv-S'5xupp1Se Cam, Miunjm plj:17g1 Compljfngfffg of Hifzshers .Servicei The Cofon Express HiZ23"Jq'n2H Liv-E -Btu.-It "T-a.g1K'c. - 00, 5- fVXo oY5 Publisher mags' Colm Mm Colon, Mich. C 3 'lLula17on5'fo'H1e Class of 1754 STATE QAMM 5'-5 RANKnNG :QQLIM MICHIGAN ,WFOR CQNTINIOUS SERVICE Q COLOM -MICHIGAN MEMBER FED. DEP nN5,CoRf? A ff VERYQ-5 Qx '92 jfslivaci 41 '92, APPLIANCE QQIOH mich be.1mApp PCA Television, CQIJXPUMHVYIQ xlVl1'lI"l,poolW Siu: V Sun liincc? ,fffry ST QW, ' QUMEIW-U QQYX SQA Deback Z Son Q Q c0Lo1v,MlcH. 49 47006 N15 5 gf M .DENNY15 2j'i'QiI"2J'5g, 'BQdY"LF-enderl HLadies'4fChildvenSf 5hO Read T W Q, 1' 'Colon FISCHLCOQOHY 0M"ih3?5Of'1 I " 'A 'wr' J K fov 'all your msurancs needs E.H.DAVlS ESON Dhowe 2410! N Colow, IVIICI-HC-,AN f I 1 , 4 57 C f HENRY , lffonssfa C'13,fjQ,'E5QE3'1T,NfT" Mafffeson en cr ore4 116, W' L W Drv G 'G S""0l' h .,,,,1.,,,e,n: of HHRRy IVIHLO D5 '- C T ff, L0 . rocergeg Q, I W1 8 Compfimenfs of DZCICZ1? 'S DA 1177 any lbro uc 'phohd .1331 ompm-men-E For Good, Eh EY minmgn ERTIE BROWN f 'B t Dry Goods and Visit The Ready Wears AV0"0"' Thefbffe co M L P4 ag, E Eg -w. Nl M Ani 'lm-um HBHES11' W fo HQ MASS cow NEVEQ 5ToD LEARNINGI SOMEONE HAS SAID, K'l4NQwl.5Doa 19 PQWEIX' -AND ITS TI2uE! CCQLLQN, Mmm. B L 'zlflhe S TEA Ks CHoPs HA TE LUNCHE5 SHORT ORDEQS COMPLETE FOUNTAIN SERVICE Hans MADE XQ ALL kuvos Q1 PIE S, DDNUT2 E W OF KE-A ANO CA KES SANDWICHES MEET YOUR FRIENDS HERE QJSXUBUBUHWK 5, i CQMPLJME NTS OF I M 0,lvERS FURNUTURE C0- COMPLETE une OF RECOVERING MATERIALS. FREE E57fMATlOIVS' LDQK BE FORE You Buy OPEN evzwnves PHUNE 33L5f ERUNSON M1cHsoAN conrzimfn rs or ' EO LCN VIYIANS zzmengf d BfAuly5HOP i 5WeJfHzV5oN FH' LW' coeoytl .W V Conwy Mim 60 6 . Kovqvxmcnfs of CompIlmenTs of Yourfoal 0-nd E":"UMT'1h'fm5 G:-avelMan Catan: 'gm I lv rj p!fiL3,lE'AQINb?G Pham, HUGH ' 'P G5 C.a,g..'aGAN aflholomcw MCITE at in? ei Iv:-ll"llI'5 I1 fnjs Silocs For 'Use Ezmily 170.73 ULU' 521' year " 1954 and 6 PJW-M, .2751 R,...,. Elm-m,.'2x1,Lf FFANCISCOS SUPER MARKET Ljlwadcy-Kawai. CMM, EMM? mf, -'J i................ TZ Get your Remlly CICCLI1 TmKe Th cm 'b o I Lxa,K'ev?ew C learners Ph' 4391 H0-fYr"6S W. NV,-5-t 'L P 2 is . 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Suggestions in the Colon High School - Magi Yearbook (Colon, MI) collection:

Colon High School - Magi Yearbook (Colon, MI) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 1


Colon High School - Magi Yearbook (Colon, MI) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Colon High School - Magi Yearbook (Colon, MI) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Colon High School - Magi Yearbook (Colon, MI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Colon High School - Magi Yearbook (Colon, MI) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Colon High School - Magi Yearbook (Colon, MI) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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