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Text from Pages 1 - 60 of the 1952 volume:

ft I MACI I 952 COLON COMMUNITY SCHOOLS COLON, MICHIGAN DEDICATION ABRAHAM JAFFE GIVING A steady lwand to pornt the way, A Frrm resolve that does not sway, An lwonest smile to lrglwt tlwe day, A welcome lwome tl1at's l'1ere to stay l-le opened new and untrred trarls of courage and unlocked the doors to corridors of mental treasures, often mrrrored on the mrnd and blossomnng nn new perfection rn the heart 2 FAPG N OYD EP' 1 01" qRL6s 81+ 'CE 9- 14 avec ENEJC E H UPN K QDETTE Qv R ww' 'Rv K ww VICE PRESIDENT PRESIDENT E7 E Wu xgglt 5 Mm RNA SECFEYARY CLASS gf 1951 H -NW .Ms Rex ae'- PRINCIPAL SuPERnN1eNDl.N'I' 'qw M CN' Wfuuf- wemie es .1 ao" JAFFE'S LAST GRADUATING CLASS 3 v---W - v ------vzfwx-5? Aovnson ' log OE f4RRu9 NWM CEAN CNARD wgx9 Sl ig w K 450 QQ A gf V 1' 8 Q' I '1 N C, occ' , 1 , SVN JW' iii-V . Y .. A 5. .5 3 f ,'-, 1 , , 3 I EY Y I" . '70 - Q ' -L 904' 1 43?- Nf' wiv Ar Vfol A of MOA I GO Q ' 4 . C' V K x yr . r w iifff , A 4 M g K: '90 W J Q Q- 94, er-V G n, ,,,, X. J P R , x ' X 5 x, , , X I .J- wa. K I z 4, '. ' QM .W Q98 g GQ 'Y4 A aw? I ya OQA1 N95-V x S 0 , uofifu fugk S V V Q- -J ' . , ., A ' K E f' My - A7 1 41 0 , 553 li WVGAQ 3000 44? 90+ ,' Q. ' 4 , sais? ,, -- Y 4 sxiiuefq V 3, 47 . 'KL 'jx , JO:-1 l L96 X I Q31 ' 0 - f "' u C8 V OY 4 R50 V , ' - 1 ,, . a ll i ,QM A Q fe A Y, ,K 41, M wee ' ' A? t ' ae, .- Q ' 0 gh 'Q + QV 40 Q' 47, Q 49 . ' 4'Nc 'A QQ 9:0 QSC! Q9 MR. sflvlfnmcsleaiaan Manley Van Voorhees, Superintendent W H Judd, Principal Doris Perry, Secretary Quaid a gducalian Raymond Birch Frank Shellenbarger Charles Williams Claude Oliver Doran Green 4 I I I ' U? . 7' ax . rl' Q sf 'J -"M-- fi 1 Mx 7 ' 67 4lSI6 'walt acuflq Melvin Flowers Band Leader extraordinary, Social Studies James Noodward quiet, steady leadership, Social Studies, Coach Manley Van Voorhees, Superintendent a genius at creating the important task for every student, always cheerful, considerate, and dependable W. H. Judd, Principal: firm, scholarly, his students excel: Mathematics and Science, Coach. Earl Haight: Agriculture: diligent and progressive. Mrs. Fredrica Jaffe: Librariang co-operative, cultured, and discreet. Mrs. Flora Ambs: patient, friendly, able, and industrious: Commercial-History Mrs. Virginia Ash: capable organizer: generous and public spirited, a mother to the students: English and Latin. Mrs. Margaret Gales: In His Service: versatile and calm, Art. Mlss Alice Grimes: world traveled: Science and Mathematics, recognized in Public Relations. Miss Wilma Ladyman: amiable leader, alert and understanding, Home Economics. Miss Jeanne Gascoigne: Vocal Instructor, Glee Club, Operettasg Dramatics: enthusiastic and inspiring. 5 -003' Student Caswell st Row Larry Kinter, treasurer, Allan King, vice president, Charles Nystrom president, Carolyn Merrifield, secretary, W H Judd, advisor Row Ellen Swift, Mary Good, Richard Kane, Ronnie Ward, Duane Fenner, Tom Johnson The aim of the Student Council is to present to the Administration and the School Board the students' viewpoints on planning new customs or chang ing old ones It is a clearing house for all student problems and acts as a mediator in this field It also acts as a board of control for regulating school functions, and it has the power to act as a jury when requested 6 is e..f 'NZ' DQ ,....f' Amual Stall lst Row Larry hinter, asst business mgr , Hugh Frisbie, business mgr , Robert Nelson, editor, Gloria Weiderman, asst editor, Esther Eicher, head typist 2nd Row Mrs Virginia Ash, English advisor, Ellen Swift, activities chairman Dale Thrams, advertising mgr , Peggy Van Deventer, snap shot chairman, Nadine Michael, art editor, Mrs Flora Ambs, annual advisor Typists Marlene Hetletvedt, Peggy Van Deventer, Nadine Michael, Cora Lucas, Theresa Buchner Advertising Sales Rosalie Leamon and Deloris Wondergem Reporters Band, Carolyn Merrifield Sports, Allan King, FFA, Leonard Burnham Prom, Sylvia Bokhart, Latin Club, Nancy Decker, Junior play, Beverly Tay lor, Senior play, Dolores Denney, Colon H1 News, Marjorie Nystrom Advertising Art: Art Class and Mrs. Gales. Our aims in publishing an annual have been to provide a permanent record, to gain a broader outlook on the school system, to keep our standards high, to acquire executive ability, and to learn to do demdl wmk of a precision nature. We have learned some new things about liwuqgnphy, art, photography, and typing. We have a staff of assistants whom we hope will benefit by our experience and do a better job next year. 7 WW fmlimw Mrs Fredflca Jaffe, Llbrarmn lst Row: Carol Ann Jacobs, Marlene Hetletvedt, Rosalie Leamon, Phyllis Case, 2nd Row: Ethal Trefry, Carol Schrader, Sylvia Bokhart, Marlene Wood, Carol Mun- ger, Margie Williams, Marjorie Nystrom. Judith Mwmby Ellen Swift Our librarian, with her staff of trained student librarians, conducts one of the most helpful departments in our school. Teaching is done along every line where help is requestedg classes are taught in how to use the libraryg and assignments in actual class work in various subjects are taken into the library and taught by her. In addition, tutoring, securing materials, explaining their uses, and locating information are done under her supervision. Our librarian organized the present library which contains over 1000 care- fully selected books and 160 film strips. 8 :4lumm lst Row. Patricia Burke, Alumni secretary, Miss Alice Grimes, secretary trea surer, educational fundg Jay Peters, legal advisor, educational fund, inset. 2nd Row: Jerry Davis, president, educational fund: Wilfred Wing, Alumni Vice president, Calvin Wagner, Alumni presidentg Rose Jackson, treasuren e Colon now has an Alumni Educational Fund. Under the capable planning and dispatch of Miss Alice Grimes and her committee, over a thousand dollars was raised last year. The grateful appreciation of the student body is extended to Miss Grimes for her thoughtfulness and care and for the excessive time and ef- fort she has given. At the Alumni meeting last June, lr. Jerry Davis was elected president of the educational fund to succeed Kiss Grimes. Plans are now under way to kwrease the fund each year and to select the best manner of handling the money. We wish to give special recognition to the following high contributors: Vern French, in memory of his wife, lildred French, class of 19025 and Irs. Lucy Wilder Strunk, who died last summer. Mrs. Fredrica Jaffe 9 gf 3 3 G d Lf.. I , VL , npnp x As' in H Y' W? 'wp I . ,. ,,., A x"? ,, W new-1 ,Q 2 ' 5 11 i 'Q . . 5 ' I 1 '-Emu ' l Cooks Mrs Edna Ambs, cook, Betty Lou Jacobs, Barbara Wehrly Miss Wilma Ladyman, advisor Mrs Cora Bonham, cook Nancy Nichols, Doris Hackenburg Phyllis Case 1 Ml x x 5 Reverend Aaron Marshall ' Paul Stewart 10 zfggyv B H f 5 8 ef- - U A In gq+1vwwv'I?F4 A X . Q we -. ' .N lx M lx' 3 I .V ' ' s Q : . : ' : . L, I 'N ! 'V' no B A wx fa' ' -E0 6 Jai K. SENIGRS Y I A 7 + .....,,, ,, 5 ,g 3 If E 3 w xl f Ya Robert Belotg Jack Bennett Theresa Buchner M Leonard Burnham Anna Carpenter Dolores Dan-nay Doris Denney Esther Eicher Irven Eicholtz Leon French Hugh Frisbie Robert Grams 12 ' Mig? , , X V, a M , K x 1 a -, Lyman Groth Robert Hartman Marlene Hetletvedt Mary Hughes Kenneth Jackson Ivan Kasdorf Rosalie Leamon Cora Lucas Nadine Michael 5 4 6 Judith Numb? Carol Munger Robert Nelson 1 s I I '5 19' I Ii- ,gv ,L , V 2 ,--r r - 3 Charles Nystrom Marjorie Nystrom Robert samnan Doris Stuart Ellen Swift Dale Thru-ms Peg Van Deventer Ansel wattles Tracy Weinberg Margie Williams Deloris Wondergem 14 L1 'Hermes and Sewwes MARJORIE NYSTROM Valedictorian Editor, Colon Hi News, Latin Club D A R Pil grim, librarian, 2 yrs NADINE MICHAEL Salutatorian Band, M yrs drum majorette, 2 yrs , Chorus 2 yrs , Operetta, 2 yrs , Junior play cast, Senior play cast, Annuallmt Editor teachers' secretary, class reporter, school artist Y Teen member, yrs president, program chairman, queen's court, H Leader, delegate to White House Youth Conference Deanie CHARLES NYSTROM Class president, 5 yrs , Student Council president tdceimed dent, member, 5 yrs Athletics Football, varsity, 2 yrs , reserves Basket ball reserve squad, Baseball, 2 yrs Athletic Association, assistanttrea- surer, ticket salesman, 2 yrs FFA member, 2 yrs secretary delegate Leadership Training Camp, Battle Creek, public speaker, Battle Creek dele a e, White House Youth Conference, Senior play cast, honor student Chuck' ROBERT NELSON Intermediate Band, Editor, Annual radio recorder sports corder, sports reporter, monitor, 2 yrs Honor Student Bob MARLENE HETLETVEDT Chorus, 2 yrs , Operetta, 2 yrs , pianist and accompanmt Band, yrs , reporter Student Council, 2 yrs , secretary Co editor Col on H1 News, office secretary, Prom toastmistress, teachers' secretary,Senior play cast Honor Student ANNA CARPENTER Latin Club, teachers' secretary monitor, librarian, 2 yrs Honor Student DALE THRAMS Vice president, 3 yrs , Band 3 lf2 yrs , advertising mgr Anand Staff, business mgr Junior play, Basketball reserves, 3 yrs , Football mgr , 3 yrs , Baseball, varsity, 3 yrs Peewee Honor Student ESTHER EICHER Junior play cast, Latin Club, 2 yrs Colon Hi News, art edi secretary monitor Honor Student JUDITH MUNBY Band, M yrs , Chorus, 2 yrs Junior pla cast, Senior playcnsq class secretary, librarian, 2 yrs , Y Teen member, yrs queen's court secretary, 2 yrs Colon Hi News, typist Asst Band editor, teachers' sec retary Honor Student Judy DORIS STUART Band, 3 yrs , Carnival queen, Latin Club president, secretar Operetta, 2 yrs , Chorus, 2 yrs , class secretary treasurer Honor Student ROBERT BELOTE Junior vice president, Junior Carnival king, Baseball 3 yrs, Football, varsity, M yrs , Baseball, reserves, FFA, member 2 yrs treasunr Basketball, manager JACK BENNETT Usher Club, 2 yrs Junior play cast, Senior play cast Baseball Football, 3 yrs , FFA, member, 2 yrs , reporter THERESA PERRIN BUCHNER Band, L yrs , Chorus, 2 yrs , Colon H1 News Staff An nual Staff Junior play cast, monitor, Operetta, 2 yrs , teachers' secretary LEONARD BURNHAM FFA, president, 2 yrs , FFA News, advisor, Football, varsity 2 yrs , reserves, l yr , Basketball, varsity, 3 yrs , Baseball, varsity l yr reserves, 1 yr Burdie DOLORES DENNEY Band, M yrs Latin Club, 2 yrs Chorus, Capt , Volley Ball Team, Senior class reporter, Latin Club reporter, Annual reporter uDolly DORIS DENNEY' Band, M yrs , Latin Club, Capt , Volley Ball Team, Senior play IRVEN EICHOLTZ Football, varsity, 2 yrs , Baseball, varsity 3 yrs , Basket ball, varsity, l yr , reserves, 3 yrs , FFA, member, l yr LEON FRENCH Football, varsity, 2 yrs 5 reserves, l yr , football manager, basketball manager, FFA, member, 2 yrs., monitor PEGGY VAN DEVENTER Band, M yrs , Chorus, 2 s , Junior play Senior play, Colon Hi News, Student Council Cherleader, yrs , Y Teens, yrs,-reporter' Operetta, 2 yrs , librarian, Annual Staff, Jr reporter, teachers' typist. 15 I 2 s ' 3 0 0 0 ' ' s 2 . .3 .' 0. .. . . 5 . . u s , ,, M .7 . ll .ll - : 0' " 3 " ' .3 -- .' 5 - ..- ' ,S ' o " .3 I 3 . 3 - S t Q . . II I . 2 ' 5 3 re- , , . . u .YI M : .' .' 3 2 ' 3 ' -3 O . . .. .3 ' . n --On ". ' : ' .g - tor: Annual Staff, head typistg school artist, teachers' secretary, office I . . A : O. .5 K . . . .. , ,, .5 3 . ., . ll A .H I . - , I .. 0 . -, X '. . .g B 2 -I ' ? 3 : .' .' I - I . . .. 0 '. . u ...un " 'S 2 .5 .5 ' . . . . ll 0 O : . .' , .' - . U 3 F " ' in 1 HUGH FRISBIE Baseball, varsity, 4 yrs , Basketball, varsity, 1 yr , reserve 3 yrs , Football, varsity, M yrs , Junior play cast, Senior play cast, class treasurer, 2 yrs 5 Prom toastmaster: business mgr , Annual, Colon Hi News ROBERT GRAMS Baseball, 1 LYMAN GROTH FFA, member, Baseball, reserves, l yr ROBERT HARTMAN. Chorus, 2 yr 3 FFA, member, 1 yr 2 yrs 3 Football, varsity, 2 yrs., reserves, l yr , , manager, l yr Band, 2 yrs , Senior play cast yrs 3 Band, yr , Baseball, 2 yrs MARY HUGHES: Chorus, 2 yrs 5 Operetta, 1 yr , Home Ec Fashion Show, librarian KENNETH JACKSON Football, l yr FFA, member, 2 yrs Senior play, HKen IVAN KASDORF Basketball, varsity, 2 yrs reserves, 2 yrs Baseball, varsity 3 yrs , teachers' secretary FFA News Staff FFA typist, Senior play cast ROSALIE LEAMON Glee Junior play, Annual Hi News, librarian, CORA LUCAS Carnival CAROL MUNGFR Usher, play cast Junior Club, yrs , Chorus, 2 yrs , reporter, Adv agent, sales 2 yrs , head librarian, Latin queen, class secretary, Colon 3 yrs head usher Chorus, 2 president, Operetta, 2 yrs Ushers Club, 2 yrs , Colon Club, teachers' secretary Hi News Latin Club, 2 yrs yrs , Band, 3 yrs Senior play cast Latin Club, 2 yrs librarian, l yr , monitor ROBERT SAXMAN FFA, member, 2 yrs FFA, Basketball 2 yrs FFA News Staff Junior play cast Senior play cast Football, reserves, 2 yrs , Baseball, ins ANSEL WATTLES sand, A yrs FFA, 1 yr Annual, TRACY WEINBERG FFA, member, 2 yrs , reporter, 2 3 YPS ' Chorus, 2 yrs radio announcer Junior DELORIS WONDERGEH Chorus, sales agent X Vernalee Henry Graduates at Mio, Michigan MARGIE WILLIAMS sand, A yrs , Junior play cast FPS 1 librarian, Latin Club, 2 yrs , Senior play photography committee yrs , FFA News, Editor, Band, play cast Chorus, 2 s Y Teens cast yrs , Colon H1 News, Annual advertislng and '5 1 Jules Abbott Joined the Marines in February 16 Z n ' 0 ' S1 . . . . I C I O O C 2 Q 0 . . . . . - . . . a n g 0 0 ' . M s.' . . . O C I . . . Q 77 . ., . , . . . . - Q, 0 3 . . . . 0 , 3 0 . . . . . L . . U . -, . . 0 , . . . . . I I . . . . . , , -4 7 .2 I Q ' of . . . . p y og . o o - . . . A ' Y I L ' 1 I . . . , , . . . ' OI .Q . . ' U . 0 ' A ' A . , ' 0 4' r 1 . 1 g . I . . ' I YP -1 - 1+ . 1 . . . 0 . 1, , . , . l , , a, , 'Q' ,,Lil? ff' ' L -I , 1" V- . ,s Santas class 'Hislaw The class of '52 started out with forty six members as nFreshies ' The first class officers elected were Charles Nystrom, president, Dale Thrams, vice president, Doris Stuart, secretary treasurer, and Peg Van Deventer, Student Council member Leonard Burnham and Nadine Michael were chosen candidates for the Carnival king and queen Audra Babcock left us during the last semester We accepted our initiation stunts willingly and completed the task of scrubbing the front sidewalk and steps with our toothbrushes, soap, and water The girls wore long underwear, and the boys wore baby clothes and carried bot tles About a month after we recovered, we gave the Sophomores s return party Mrs. Fredrica Jaffe was our advisor Our sophomore year found us forty two studious 'kids ready for the long climb to become Juniors. We elected Charles Nystrom as our president, Bob Belote, vice president, Maxine Hawver, secretary, Jules Abbott, treasurer, Marlene Hetletvedt, Student Council member, and Nadine Michael, reporter Walter Noga, Jack Kime, Charlene Lamb and Esther Rodgers left us during the last semes ter Richard Davis and Doris Stuart were our candidates for Carnival king and queen Incidentally, they won In the month of October, we initiated the Freshies of S3 Miss Wilma Ladyman was our advisor As we entered our junior year, Charles Nystrom again took over the duties of president Dale Thrams was vice president, Judy Mumby, secretary, Hugh Fris bie, ter, 19 O ter, treasurer, Marlene Hetletvedt, Student Council member, and Peg Van Deven reporter Omer Bontrager, Richard Davis, and Betty Droke did not enroll in Richard Day, Jim Kelley, and Joyce Burnham left us during the first semen and Cora Lucas joined us the last semester. On November 8, we gave our Junior Play, 'Good Night Lad1es,n directed by Mrs Virginia orated with a Lucas were our class advisor Ash Dolores Denney was our candidate for Hallowe'en queen and Paris version of 'Stairway to the Stars W Bob Belote and Cora candidates for Carnival king and queen Mrs Flora Ambs was our We began our senior year with thirty nine students Ellen Swift, Eileen Claspell, Vernalee Henry, and Gordon Jackson came to us at the beginning of the year Charles Nystrom was given the honor of serving as president for the fourth time Dale Thrams repeated as vice president Other officers were Eileen Clas poll, secretary, Hugh Frisbie, treasurer, Ellen Swift, Student Council member, and Dolores Denney, reporter. Cora Lucas was our Ha1lowe'en queen Marjorie Nystrom was our D A R Pilgrim Maxine Hawver did not enroll for the senior year Before the semester was over, Eileen Claspell left us, and Cora Lucas re placed her as secretary Gordon Jackson also left us. Vernalee Henry returned to her home in Mio at the close of the first semester During the last semester, Jules Abbott, who began school with us in the Kindergarten, joined the Marine Corps Our senior play, with Nlss Jeanne Gascoigne as director, was nChesper by the Dozen ' We presented the Senior Carnival on April 25 Our senior trip was scheduled for Washington, D C Mr James Woodward, our senior advisor, and his wife accompanied us We earned the money for our trip by candy sales, bake goods sales, skating parties, dances, a movie at the Avalon, penny suppers, the sale of Magi pins, and our two plays Our class was the first class to publish an Annual in twenty three years We joined with the Student Council in making changes in the established order of the Junior-Senior Reception We graduated in forest green and white gowns ra ther than the usual royal blue Our class colors were forest green and white, our class flower was the gardenia, and our class motto was nToday We Follow, Tomorrow We Lead W Our Commencement speaker was Dr Willis of Education, and our pastor, who delivered Reverend Andrew Christopherson of the Baptist Dunbar of Western Michigan College the Baccalaureate sermon, was the Church 17 I - n . ' l . O 5. , - served on the queen's court. For our Junior-Senior Reception, the gym was dec- D D' U Y 1 L DO O Gu nlanlludlfl DALE THRAMS Senior Honor Student Died March 1, 1952 18 Q' ll -4'-x UNDERCLASSMEN 1 Q -y E Q' m' 1'W Q K 92 lst Row 2nd Row 3rd Row IHHCVLS Nancy Decker, Mildred Jacxson, Jerome Pattison, Fenner, Gaye Bradford, Carolyn Merrifield John Wickey, Marilyn Mrs Flora Ambs, Sylvia Bokhart, Marlene Wood, Gloria Weiderman, Sarah Hildebrand, Dona Hoekzema Larry Kinter, Gerald Nichols Joe Swonk Morris French, Richard Hartman, John Schull, Dale Eash, Ienneth Robbins President Larry Kinter Secretarv Nancy Decker Treasurer Gerald Nichols Student Council Carolyn Merrifield Reporter Beverly Taylor Advisor Mrs Flora Ambs 20 u 2 ' S I ' Vice-president: ' :Morris French st 2nd rd th Row Row Row Row Sapluunaws Harold Belote, Helen Masters, Nancy Nichols Patricia Noga, Linda Bowerman Judy Swonk Ilene Swift Doris Hackenburg, Gloria Rhine smith Mary Good Lillian Williams Janis Michael, Carol Schrader, Daisy Mae French, Barbara Wehrly, Kathryn Mc Kee Edna Carpenter, Velma Bontrager, Phyllis Case, Lorraine Noga, Miss Wilma Ladyman Richard Hill, Jack Barker, Joe Hughes, Richard Nichols, Max Eberhard, Maxine Harrison, Allan King, Arlon King, James Ryan, Gloria Moyer, Leslie Schrader, Betty Lou Jacob John Nystrom, Leroy Miller, Duane Green, Lyle Ware, Jerry Baughman, Robert Oliver, Oliver Parlin, Lynn Ross, John Yeatter, Bernard Saxmmm Clarice Higgins, David Taylor Vice president Secretary Treasurer Student Council Reporter Advisor Miss Arlon King Leroy Miller John Nystrom Mary Good Patricia Noga Wilma Ladyman 21 1 : o u S c 5 3 3 ' ' 5 . 2 I . . . . 5 . . 3 : s n n o Q M : . . . . . President....... ....Allan King lst 2nd rd th Row Row Row Row 'feeslunen Larry Campbell Ann Wattles Donna Teeple, Carol Wood Helen Wonder gem, Vera Shannon, Mary Lou Thrams, Marna Taylor Larry Bryan, Joyce Heath, Florence Merrifield, Marion Nystrom Laura McC1ish, Ethal Trefry, Sydney Abbott Carol Jacob, Nancy Quinn Duane Fenner, Junior Drumhiller, Earl Eicher Constance Ash, Allen Decker, Kenneth Long Milton Letts Wanda Inman, Edna Stewart Richard Kane, Dale Soper Kenneth Inman, Thomas Fredenburg, Paul Wagaman Sheila Bond Carol Orchel, absent President Richard Kane Secretary Treasurer Student Council Reporter Advisor Mrs Carol Wood Paul Wagaman Duane Fenner Ann Wattles Virginia Ash 22 I 1 5 5 ' S ' 2 . . . 5 3 : - I . 4 0 M z S . 5 . . ' ' S S Vice-president::::Rlorence Merrifield lst 2nd rd th Row Row Row Row gcqhlh guide Marden Hinkley Charles Draime Lee Belote, Dawayne Holtz Gerald Thrams, Viola Drake Sharon Wehrly, Marilyn Abbott Rae Bradford, Alice Stuck, Lillian Salter, Beverly Weinberg Sandra Stuck Roberta Osbon Wilma Warkentine, Elizabeth VanVoorhees, Lillian Hinkley Linda Frink, Kenneth Hurley, Donald Oliver, Gerald Truckey, Bill Teadt, William Truckey, Richard Walters, Marcia Templin Opal Thurston, Jo Anne Swonk Norma Carr, Karen Cupp, Patricia Geer ing Janice James, Rose Johnston, Barbara Lane, Barbara Lewis, Kenneth Decker, James Frisbie, Wayne Smith Elsie Hostetler, John Jackson, Lee Webb Roger Phelps, Richard Lucas, James Hilmer, Milton Henry, Barbara Brandt, Richard Bower, Peter Hoek President Ronald Ward Vice president Roger Phelps Secretary Jo Anne Swonk Treasurer Viola Drake Student Council Thomas Johnson Reporter Patricia Gearing Advisor Miss Alice Grimes 23 1 I I 5 ' 3 . 5 . Q . . . . z 5 3 . . I . . . . . . . . 3 : . 3 . . , I .... . . . h , . . I . . zemag Ronald Ward, Larry Bowermang Thomas Johnson. ............... - 0 0 0 D l O . ....... ... ............... ...... ........... fi Yf'k!.J W' E I A 'vlfg 1 Q -4 In f' - 1 ,al Y ik" f 70 Jw '54 "L ,1 4 ., I: i n.. ,X xg K' If Y f - 9- ' 7:51 ff X ""' ,?""ggf, 'xi A an E. t' J: W " 6' ' i. ,, . Ki 4 'W x '. 5, 4 A Qs' , f' J. 'gf ' -Qfgiff-3, sL. , g, 4 Kfrx 4. Y.. Tsmkt 1.1. ' ff? A if-a'-4 ff Mc' ' ' . . Y Q f 3 Lf." 4 f ,,, . V A a Q ! N A 54152-fp L .. ,. . .. 1 . A-vw - fl fsawigw 1 I Q- ww, . , An me -- , . 'f' W, , '-E, K 1 ' Q' 'N ' , W Mgqilfifww., .u.,,, ,,..:, pg, . I 1 - -ew" f f J' f Q ' , Y,-,.w1gfM-bgwf , ' N . b,,,g.,QgmfQ ' F' I ' , ia, lg N. , 2 fx ' . ."' - . A W . . I Aw- .,,, f X 1 ti Q ' Ye I , lst Row: 2nd Row Band Gaye Bradford, Nadine Michael, Theresa Buchner, Gloria Moyer, Marlene Wood, Carolyn Merri- field, Florence Merrifield, Carol Cupp, Ann Nattles, Mar lene Hetletvedt Judy Mumby, Peg Van Deventer, Allan King, Richard Hill, Mary Good, Dale Thrams, Carol Wood, Arlon King, Ronald Ward, Jmnes Ryan, Tracy Weinberg, Lyman Groth, Robert Oliver, Marden Hinkley, Lee Webb, Marilyn Abbott, Roger Phelps, Kathryn McKee, Doris Stuart rd Nadine Michael 27 Row hth Row rele 1,1 T Janice James Dona Hoekzema, Carol Schrader, Rae Bradford, Leslie Schrader Robert Hartman, Connie Ash Margie Williams, Karen Cupp, Gloria Weiderman, Janice Michael Jerry Baughman, Lynn Ross, Rich Larry Kinter, Doris Denney, Ansel Wattles, James Frisbie, Charles Draime, Janice James, Lillian Wllliams, Carol Mungen Mr Melvin Flowers, Director I V - 0 O 3 : I ! ard Kane. - 1 ' o Gund The Colon High School Band is an organization of great interest to the student body and to the community. About one-third of the high school students are members. With their gay red and white uniforms, decorated with medals earned in past performances, they make a striking picture. They always add to the spirit and enthusiasm of any function which they attend. It is a real joy to be a member and to participate in the many occasions which add so much to a student's feeling of achievement. During the school year, the band is associated with school activities and occasional services such as Memorial Day. During the summer months, the band presents a series of open-air concerts for the community, which are wellattended. The contributions received at these wednesday evening concerts are used for re- freshments for the band members. The band is under the direction of Mr. Melvin Flowers, who holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Western Michigan College of Education and has been with us for sixteen years. Mr. Flowers organized the band and has raised it to its pre- sent high standing. He has been assisted by the Band Parents Club. This club was first organized in 1938 with Mrs. Ellis Lake as president. After being inactive for several years, the club was re-organized in l9h8. Mr. Robert Mumby was elec- ted president at this time. Money was raised for the purchase of the new uniforms and instru ents. At the present time, Mr. Edwin Hill is president of the organ- ization. Among this year's activities was a performance at the St. Joseph County Fair at Centreville, September Zh, on which occasion the band received an A plus rat- ing. This exhibit included marching formations of HHi,H a cake, a barrel, a cross, and a clock. The same exhibition was given at the South Western Michigan Band and Orchestra Marching Festival, at Coldwater, on October 19, where an A rating was awarded. On February 23, the band participated in the District Solo and Ensemble Festival at Kalamazoog on March 28, in the District Band and Orchestra Festivalg on April S, in the State Solo and Ensemble Festival at Jacksong and on April 26, the State Band and Orchestra Festival was held at East Lansing. Student-leaders for the year were Dale Thrams, president, Doris Stuart, vice- presidentg and Marlene Hetletvedt, reporter. Carolyn Merrifield, Annual Reporter District Solo and Ensemble Festival at Kalamazoo February 23 Firsts: Trombone Trio Dick Kane Jerry Baughman Lynn Ross' Bra O t t I Good, Richard Hill, Arlon King, Ronnie Ward, Jerry Baughman, Lynn Rgs:,'Larry Bowerman: Cornet, Ronnie lard: Trombone, Dick Kane. Seconds: Brass Quartet Carol Wood Gloria Weiderma Ji R L R ' Clarinet, eeye aredrerdi cernet, Rieierd H111. n' m y'n' yuh 05" Thirdsz Mixed Clarinet Quartet Carolyn.MerriUs1d G Br df d I 1 - Nadine uieneelg Jr. Clarinet Quarter, Coleen Pne1ie,'g:cne: oigeibugggeggrfzgie greeting: Rae Bradford: Baritone saxaphone, Margie Williams: Twirler, Virginia ay . ggurth: B-Flat Quartet, Peg Van Deventer, Dona Hoekzema, Gaye Bradford, Allan ng. Eileen Claspell Indiana Graduates at Muncie, lst th Row Row Row gulls glee Nui Nancy Nichols, Helen Masters, Rosalie Leamon, Linda Bowerman, Ellen Swift, Carol Wood, Vera Shannon, Helen Wondergem Judy Swonk, Daisy French, Laura McClish, Ilene Swift, Barbara Wehrl Joyce Heath, Deloris Wondergem, Miss Jeanne Gascolgne Hackenburg, Phyllis Case, Maxine Harrison, Ethal Trefry, Clarice Higgins Carol Ann Jacobs, Gloria Moyer, Lorraine Noga Connie Ash, Nancy Quinn Sheila Bond, Sarah Hildebrand, Lillian Williams, Wanda Inman, Edna Stewart Absent Members Mary Lou Thrams, Donna Teeple, Beverley Taylor The Glee Club and Band gave a Christmas concert which included tableaux portraying scenes from the Bible Two broadcasts were given over WSTR Slip of the Slipper' was the Operetta chosen for the annual production 29 I 2nd I yi 3rd Row: Marilyn Fenner, Marna Taylor, Patricia Noga, Marian Nystrom, Doris H 7 1 . . ll ' O SPCRTS Y. 5, 4 , ? in Baseball lst Row Leslie Schrader, Chuck Thoms, James Ryan, Allan King, Arlon King, Jack Barker, Jerome Pattison, Gerald Nichols, Irven Eicholtz, Coach W E Judd Managers, in front, Oliver Parlin, Lyman Groth 2nd Row Ivan Kasdorf, Morris French, Robert Sharp, Norman Decker, Monte Powell, Durwood Heath, Ronnie Decker, Robert Oliver 3rd Row Hugh Frisbie, Harry Wagner, Jerry Baughman, Robert Saman, Robert Be lote The 1951 season brought three victories for the team They lost three games by a close margin and had only one loss by a wide margin Gerald Nichols and Leslie Schrader Uere the leading pitchers on the squad The leading hitters were Robert Sharp, Norm Decker, Monte Powell, and Harry Wagner. Their average was L,oo or better. These four and Chuck Thoms graduated in June and they will not be around for the team in 1952. CDONIUUINISONI Colon Cons tantine 10 Colon White Pigeon I+ C olon Schoolcraft 6 Colon london 6 C olon ' C entreville 10 Colon Marcellus 8 Colon Burr Oak 3 32 U 'foallmu lst Row Irven Eicholtz, Jerome Pattison, Arlon King, Sydney Abbott, Jack Barker, Harold Belote, Junior Drumhiller, Richard Nichols, Allan King 2nd Row Leon French, Larry Kinter, Jules Abbott, Charles Nystrom, Richard Kane, Jerry Baughman Lyman Groth, James Ryan, Robert Belote, Morris French 3rd Row Coach W H Judd, John Nystrom, Tom Fredenburg, Kenneth Inman, Hugh Frisbie, Joe Swonk, Gerald Nichols, Leslie Schrader, Allen Decker, Coach James Woodward The 1951 eleven showed lack of experience at the beginning of the season, but improvement with each game. They reached their peak in winning from Con- stantine, 19-O, and placed third in the Bi-River Valley League. Seniors on the team were: Jules Abbott, Robert Belote, Irven Eicholtz, Hugh Frisbie, Lyman Groth, and Charles Nystrom. Underclassmen that were regulars were: Morris French, Richard Kane, Allan King, Arlen King, Jerry Nichols, Rich- ard Nichols, James Ryan, Leslie Schrader, Jerry Pattison, and Larry Kinter. Colon O Bronson Colon 6 Union City Colon 6 Edwardsburg lh Colon 19 Constantine O Colon 7 White Pigeon 26 Colon O Sturgis Bn 7 33 38 26 The basketball boys whole heartedly dedicate this page to their long time friend, Carlton Scott Uaasclq gas lie Niall lst Row Arlon King Jerome Pattison Allan King 2nd Row Morris French, Leonard Burnham Ivan Kasdorf, James Woodward, Coach, Robert Nelson, manager, Hugh Prisbie, James Ryan, Irven Eicholtz The Colon Magi basketball team had a poor record this year by losing thir spirit of the boys was excellent The seniors on the squad this year were Ivan Kasdorf, Irven Eicholtz, Hugh Frisbie, and Leonard Burnham Next year much is expected from the remaining boys due to the experience they gained this year Colon Colon Colon Colon Colon Colon Colon Colon Colon Colon Colon Colon Colon Colon Colon Colon Union City Burr Oak Constantine White Pigeon Mendon Schoolcraft Centreville Burr Oak Schoolcraft Constantine Union City White Pigeon Sturgis B Marcellus Hendon Centreville I teen games and winning three. Although the record was poor, the attitude and 29 31 5? in 32 30 1+ 35 30 N 2 21+ 34 Ulesewe Team lst Row: Jack Barkerg Junior Drumhillerg Leslie Schraderg Larry Kinter. 2nd Row: Lee French, manager: John Nystrom: Kenneth Inmang Richard Kane: Robert Oliver: Jerry Baughman: Richard Hartman: Joseph Swonk: Coach W. H. Judd. Win or lose the Reserves were always out doing their best, fighting down to the last whistle. They had ten wins and seven losses during the season. Richard Hartman, Larry Kinter, and Dick Kane moved up on the varsity at mid-semester. Colon 21 Union City Colon L2 Bunr ook Colon 33 Constantine Colon 29 White Pigeon Colon MS Hendon Colon S5 Schoolcraft Colon 15 Centreville Colon 21 Centreville KTour Colon 314. Burr Oak Colon 1 Schoolcraft Colon Constantine Colon 15 Union City Colon 36 White Pigeon Colon 26 Sturgis B' Colon 14.1 Marcellus Colon 28 Hendon Colon 26 Centreville 35 gaqhlh guide lst Row Coachw H Judd, Lee Belote, Jerry Truckey, Wayne Smith, James Frisbie, Yenneth Decker, Roger Phelps, Coach James Woodward 2nd Row Larry Bowerman, Richard Lucas, Milton Henry, James Helmer, Ronnie elweafeadus Mary Good, Sophomore, Carolyn Merrifield, Junior, Peg Van Deventer, Senlor, Florence Merrifield, Freshman, Marlene Wood, Junlor 36 I X Q . Ward, Lee Webb. Richard Bower 9 ACTIVIT W Wd X I f f R I I lst Row: 2nd Row 3rd Row Lpth Row: 'fuiuu 'fafuneas a :flmehica Harold Belote: Arlen King, reporter: Allan King, secretary: Leonard Burnham, president: Morris French, vice president: John Nystrom, trea- surer: Earl Haight, advisor: Larry Campbell. Lyle Ware: Richard Nichols: Joseph Hughes: Jerome Pattison: Duane Fenner: Leon French: Ansel Wattlesg Earl Eicher: Duane Green. Gerald Nichols: David Taylor: Thomas Fredenburg: Lyman Groth: Joseph Swonk: Jack Bennett: Kenneth Jackson: Robert Belote. Oliver Parlin: Charles Nystrom: Bernard Saxman: Dale Soper: Ivan Kas- dorf: Robert Oliver: Robert Saxman: John Yeatter: Tracy Weinberg. The F.F.A. has been organized two years We have thirt eight m b . y- em ers twenty-five of which are chapter farmers and thirteen green hands. Our chapter reject f p was our and one-half acres of wheat. We have von high honors in our livestock exhibits at the St. Joseph County Fair. 38 lst 2nd rd th Row Row Row Row The Y teens Team Gloria Judith Ladyman, Nadine Michael, progran chairman, Marilyn Fenner, treasurer, Weiderman, vice president, Carolyn Merrifield, president, Numby, secretary, Peg Van Deventer, reporter, and Miss Wilma advisor Nancy Decker, Mary Good, Vera Shannon, Marna Kathryn McKee Taylor, Barbara Jehrly, Sylvia Bokhart, Gloria Moyer, Constance Ash Betty Lou Jacobs, Sheila Bond, Dona Hoekzema, Williams, Marlene Wood, Lillian Williams, Wanda Inman Sarah Hildebrand, Margie are a branch of the Y J C A The U and I Club of Colon are the sponsors for itlation with a Chrlstmas party, Christmas seals and giving presents to shut ins in and around Colon We had a Mothers Tea during the month of April and a picnic for new members who will join us in the Fall our local club During the month of very beautiful and effective candle we joined with the FFA The Y teens October, we held our in light ceremony For our were active in selling 39 j 3 : Carol Schrader, Florence Merrifield, Ethal Trefreyg Carol Ann Jacobs, A , I . . . . " ov 0 0 0 news Siu Mrs Vxrgxma Ash Advxsor lst Row Peggy Van Deventer typist Marlene Hetletvedt, Co Editor, Marjorie Nystrom, Editor, Rosalie Leamon, typist, Esther Eicher, art editor and Judy Mumby, typist 2nd Row Deloris Wondergem, typist, Theresa Buchner, typist, Ivan Kasdorf, typistg Tracy Weinberg, typist, Cora Lucas, typist, Nadine Michael, Co-Art Editor, and Mrs Flora Ambs, typing advisor In November, 1938, the Colon High News was started Mrs Fredrica Jaffe was the advisor in this momentous undertaking. The first paper was very small with only two pages, but now it has six or eight. It has won three certifi- cates of Honor from the Michigan Tuberculosis Association for its work in the School Press Project. The paper is now published every month and has 161 subscribers. This includes the twelve schools with which it is exchanged. The Seniors are the publishers of the paper, the class members acting as reporters. Each member of the staff has had special work on the operation of the mimeoscope and the mimeograph..Near the end of the school year, the Junior class elect their staff and are given the opportunity to publish one issue of the News. This enables them to be better prepared for the work they will under- take as Seniors. 40 90m nstairway to the Stareu was the theme presented by the Junior Class in honor of the Seniors at the Junior-Senior Reception. The gym was changed into a fairy- land of flowers with tall stairways, softly glowing with colored lights, at each side of the gym. Large lighted stars in blue and gold were placed at the top of the stairways and lilacs banked the sides. The bleachers were converted into a hillside garden with flagstone steps leading to a backdrop of stars and a lighted moon. A shining stairway adorned the stage with the Senior motto, HForward Ever, Backward Never.H How everyone enjoyed the chicken dinner prepared by Miss Ladyman and the Home Ec girls! Marlene Hetletvedt and Hugh Frisbie, with keen repartee, filled the honored chairs of Toastmistress and Toastmaster. Charles Nystrom, Junior President, welcomed the Seniors and urged them to climb the stairways to stars of achievement. Harry Wagner responded as Senior President. Rosalie Leamon and Maxine Hawver sang the theme song, nSta1rway to the Stars.n Esther Eicher gave a toast to the Seniors. Doris Stuart played 'Ester1e1de,n fL1ttle Starl on the saxophone. Hugh and Marlene gave a skit on the romances of the faculty Carol Munger rendered nstardust' on the glocken spiel A poem, 'O, Lovely Star' was done by Nadine Michael The program closed by the Juniors singing nThe S are Will Remember Favors, made by the Juniors, were minature lace and feather hats and purses for the girls and top hats and bill folds for the boys Pictures of girls and boys and the program in the form of paper money were inside the purses and bill folds The hats were worn during the dance which followed Sylvia Bokhart, Annual Reporter N Mid! T., ' - 0 I . . t . ll . . . if ' x . F. ,A ...Q ,cn k Q ll ' w . f 1 x - S K F 'E ' K5 v x Q , X .. f Q A , ' K 1 ' We , f .o 'T 1. I 51,1 --- , ' U ' Q .1 "T ' R ,Ll ,lifg . if 1. is . -X K ,, -o ' A 72. ,uw .Ay if W5 . K "5"QN'Q L' M'-f V W ":" Q M fijs ,Q :,',ff,,f-,gy ,L iy a1,,ij x . - v I L gvfpaa J' Atgfvxe V ' ' X x 1 f " ' Q H X Y G A 41 Semen fag lst Row Hugh Frisbie, Ivan Kasdorf, Charles Nystrom, Robert Saxman, Margie Williams, Doris Denney 2nd Row Miss Jeanne Gascoigne fdirectorl, Kenneth Jackson, Carol Munger, Jack Bennett, Lyman Groth, Peg Van Deventer, Irven Eicholtz, Nadine Michael, Marlene Hetletvedt, Ellen Swift Judy Mumby, absent ncheaper by the Dozenn fitted the Seniors like a tailor made garmen Brimful of humor, packed with meaning, and founded on fact, it depicted the life of an efficiency expert and his twelve growing children Organization, regimen tation, and factory methods spiced the existence of these deeply loved kiddies They enjoyed it all and somehow survived the great tragedy of losing the founder of their system of life A well filled auditorium was delighted with the interpretation under the direction of Miss Jeanne Gascoigne on April 42 amine 'D ag lst Row: Nancy Decker, Marilyn Fenner, Carolyn Merrifield, Gaye Bradford, and Sylvia Bokhart. 2nd Row: Larry Kinter, Morris French, Gloria Weiderman, Sarah Hildebrand, and Mrs. Virginia Ash, director. 3rd Row: Dona Hoekzema, Joseph Swonk, Jerry Nichols, Dale Eash, and Marlene Wood. 'Love is Too Much Troublen was the entertaining play presented by a vivid cast of characters selected from the Junior class. The play featured several college students who were involved in arrangements for their prom. The action took place in a college eating place affectionately known as the nPo1son Pot.n How to finance the prom became a campus problem. Trouble really started when the boys accidently gave their professor neutralization pills. Therein lay a tale of many delightfully humorous tangles and incidents. The play was presented at the Colon High School Auditorium on November the second, under the direction of Mrs. Virginia Ash. 43 Kiln lst Row Nancy Decker, Carolyn Merrifield, secretary, Doris Stuart, president Sylvia Bokhart , 2nd Row Anna Carpenter Marjorie Nystrom, Esther Eicher, Mrs Virginia Ash, advisor 3rd Row Margie Williams Carol Munger Dona Hoekzema Dale Bash lst Row 2nd Row 3rd Row Ush ee uf, Nancy Nichols, Rosalie Leamon, Carol Wood, Janice Michael, Carol Schrader, Lorraine Noga Barbara Wehrly, Doris Hackenburg, Gaye Bradford, Ethal Trefry Super intendent hanley Van Voorhees Nancy Quinn, Sarah Hildebrand, Carol Munger, fhead usherj, Lillian Williams, Wanda Inman 44 Z t' CM Cl ST PAULS LUTHEQAN CHURCH The Church of the Lutheran Hour Divine Worship Service 10 15 A M Sunday School, Bible Class ll 15 A M A cordial welcome is extended to all Rev Clyde Hildebrand, pastor Phone Colon 2693 f Uwocf st I-:ure urch f J Morning worship 10 30 A M Church School 10 OO Sunday School ll 30 A M Rev william E ,N Rev Ralph Hinderer, ' t minister pas or COMPLIMENTS o on sf urc FRED V TRAYUNG 8. 5 ON Sunday School 10 00 A M Morning Worship ll O0 A M General Insurance Rev Andrew Christopherson, Phone 2731+ pagtcr Colon Michigan C G pHEL-PS PHONE 258i COMPLIMENTS Pl-IELPS FUNERAL HOME COLON MICHIGAN 45 EFS me I C L U Co '- t , of C! 1 LI I . 752 amb Knit Goods HA c - O 'G 0. COLON, Mach. 46 DEBXXCKX SON? Colon, michigan C! 1: , 1- F I y WB.c7:mlKh9ohWSf iQfZ,'7,'L',"L'Q3l.T'1',"Z.f'.2ff,'L, M LuELe,wBvie4.rSf 51 P, , 4 Glo ,Ms hi A S3TH,1r5?Q"'s . h W 5 K J For GH your imwrwnce, needs E. H. UAVISSSON Phone zlfof .N Cofomfvl :'c:lu'ga'n 47 6771 JWMWQ WdTd Truble Qywwif O7 TQ X! v Y, COLON Mich ,QV ff, Q V rf 'df U ' Y YY YY, J X f f 2, wr ff,35! wx , 'V . . his ?, X ' I ' -. i , 1 1 ' . X I""'x Y -5? rl svff 1-' 9 '2 N JKN4 K. V '. V - V Q- . , 9.- x x ' 'A pg. 7 ,K Qa 1 4 . ,,,. - gf K PAQ-M, 2751 RW. Bfw-M,.'zzzff FRANCISCOE QROIJERY AND MARKET Ulwfacy - Awww, CMM! ww. , ,..--.---I - -I' - Y . , Y ,, cornplnnenfs of 3 Lomfgvigncnta iD GI G H :P ne 0 on Ol MIC. wh AVERYS '1 an 0 'GY 4,0 cz 0 u ' 1.13 s. .5 Holme? Bdacffy SERVICE Shop 3I5'E,.STATESI PHUYCI C O lon Mic A coL0N,M1cH1cAN ,M,,,, 50 t e Co lime f of L B0X:E6RS'Sl?RiflCE General Repairing FOP C00Kfnj, COLON MICH. Th e Lfarlrls FineS'f'Fu.ef Mfa,'f,'erI'1ea,7",'n5 L pH:278l Refrf5eraJ'f0n Complimenfs of PERRY? HARDWIRE HA Rowsf Moen. coLoN,M1cH. SERWCE 101122701 COLON 'WH' Ew arihofomew f'Nems""'Boy3UoTl1ingq"ff furnishirzgs 5,10 ES for the Famiffj H902 Qu:-50 ggqf 19952 NANO af um.. . .STEAKSCHKWZF fZATEIJMKWTS .SH0RT'40RD5QS CDNPLETE FOUNTAIN SERVICE HOME MADE ALL KINDS FWESQLNWVUT5 CH: AND CA K E 5 SANDWICHES MEET YOUR FRIENDS HERE HY, , 7 :r , V, , FQQVIE IQEQCUL Compllaxonts L7 5 L OF -7110 Cofam Exprdss m.nAMcN Cojomj ml'Chljqn PubHrf.e.r' Cohn, Miohiqmfy .2071 ' l C0mp!imenfs of DECKERTS DAIRY 5 mlafefe fine of pasfeurized clafryproducfs, Cofoh lDAone 2352! Ml'CAIyan Webbs STore P F a BCLK 50 0 4 d DOT JWARREN Phone, f3f Q 45 C0mpfImenT5 Cglgm Ke DS Ffumb ng QQ GGTW3 50 Pefgffg 001077 M106 g477 1 7771677 Pb we, 4181 QMPLIMENT Reynolds C S DON KINGS 5 'amor BARBPRSHOP Colo n, M lchlgan COL ON,MlCWGAN Q QL Z Our S e c fals Are 5 Good oo cl ' SP6 ci I ffl I1 f' ef' b gi , ' ' F2unTainSe.rvice i F ' G roc erfeg J me Q,T5 gl 1 QQ' C o me In A n Se e Us ii-Qff 4 + . , A I I O fd ' H ' 1 J . I. Co oh . 1 o 1 gf' Welding i Phone. "l"l7i PAULJS SHOP Blacksmithing and Repairing Eiccilric. and Acctyicnc: K-4 Y"' ComFiimeh'i'5 0-F' AifE5fv'9 i..0LciieS' 'i'ChIicire.Ns'i Reaciyti-in wearn i Ompi' ents of 9VlQ'Q.E1.D'Hiin?LOgff o on Cenilrevi e, iviichfeani J x- -,,A - . . , rf. Yrrf - .V - ..- --.., V-W-, V, -rf-3 -f ..f- mw Y V ' I X'g'fTWG'77l'5 Qmplimenfs of ' Qfw? Of CITYEIECTVIC EH t fkoms SCVVICC TEIGVISIONHDQ OLON MICH P1 'lik Greet A35 to th U ss f 51, ASS ENBLY OF GOD CHURCH 0 ' 0 I W A A1 Zvi M Aff i o ' Colvhv ichig 371 Q l n 0 ' C 1, I ' P , A 35 A., ' APKQA ? Qi.: X 1 ,. :. . . l 1.l.' T if . ,. i e cu o ' ss GODBY 5 W' WN H I W AVA IDN OM? L WDW F THEATRE C P vc FAR RA ND ,I A coI.oN MICH ongra. uaions o e ass of !75.2 EI-IILLESONS STATE BANK Rf-INKING Ifltf'IN MICHIGAN FOR CONTINIOUS SERVICE COION -MICHIGAN MEMBER PED. DEI? INSLLORI? 56 RADIATOREBUDY .SHOP 3, RA 55 T3 Colon, Mic: . P iv Ph. 2461 43 5 U H E En? E ishes M W E r0m 'f,!pe o 5 Wllfff, aufbve I ' ' Bert 00+ Carof nn L 1 ' C I I I + +11 CI

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