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iii? if P 7121, -R 3 g W5 ,pr iq in wl- isfw ., ,I N 696-4 'ff ,er-Nw HU Luv' kk' Hma- . an .. ,K-A ' lx is 'Vv 1 r ff' I 4 , I 1 n 1 .Y - L" . tu- , , V, Q A-M 1' , 1 A 6-iaiS'i 1!.!i'7F""':? 'Q f" f-'f""-r - -,,,...a EL' ,,- -- ' ' v 94-wb., ----qu.. 5,-'X I5 . ENE ,TQ .4 W 'J N2 - N4! - YL l ' , ul . J W-A Q", -:X -953' 'f :A D ..--3-,M l --..- f -1 .J ,,-, ,.u-.. HL.-- S . MW 'Eff "Sf 'v Q14 15-I L Qi' J -K an em IQ' dlbllf Q- A' ' ,,, ,,-,.Y, wpvvww, Q. x ., -,gl WPA l .,.J 1 X 46- ug .Q-,. .4 nt : 4' NW- 'VWQ l Z9-JYGAMIQNKWM5 zeefffldffb 1101- 1 -.-...F - V ..f' M--JD ffl -1, . , Q "'TFl5S3il8l"""" ' ' 1 ...K A U. fix fp- , - 1 . 1469" V I . - h ,.-H' 3 -"' L , " ua -- Jig, , . 1 . l 'x'--t.L.'.1,.:f .' in-Alu , ,xx - -1 - - .4 'f -ff. v N- -" rw' 6 Ldfgm Quito 2 Vi f 'V' 5.14 A-is bl A-if' -ag, -f-5-Q '-,A- 'A',,,4. I Q: A -as-. 1L ' 1':i1'-Tx' fr-it N -1 'Q 'fi' lk - 'QV' v.-. 4 " . V'-" ,wtgqt-V Jl.m. YTTITH ' .,,,,J ww" -.gas 1 -- ,P Aal- .' -. 3 ' an ' ffl 4, - v .s I C.-pnlk.1!xf'IO94 - N Lk Q f-4 -..., x If L1 JL' 1.1-,.ln X . . 4 IQ Q I Q K I ,ls .PT :- ., uf, , '4' - .F .-.H W' 1 4 in ng Y . u -.x, . 'vrh ', ., M- . ....4 A . , , ' -. , 4 1wvvao.cff N Zolleqe of am and Mary uzxr RIGHT '-5 ui' all 5 v. s,- -5 "'Tuo:Q4lf sense of life, a resuscitation, came with the mass of students and parents arriving during those first days. A campus, lulled into a quiet numbness, awoke to find its brick and dirt paths being walked, tripped and run upon once again. Dorms, left empty for the summer, now tremored with noise as each student tried to turn a 10x12 room into a home. Apartment complexes felt the tremors too. New and old residents settled in and checked out who lived down the block or across the parking lot. Reunited roommates eagerly discussed the events of va- cation while freshmen tried to adjust to the stranger who shared the other half of the room. - And August's ever- present humidity gave everyone a common bond - sweat. There was something reassuring in all of thisg to know that fifty years from now, just as it had been fifty years before, students would arrive, flood the campus and begin another year. The cycle continues. 1695 .549 J iw r in ' 5 5 ga MM S- X, Beginnings 3 ,I 'x V 1 ' If 7 -I. -52' . -V04 f "ny.',','v' ' ' s w 1 ' M A Hs.,-.. -x ' a..1'f' 9 e Y, 'v 4 hifuf. -4:-SI "rg . '-,iv 5' -. ' r.j-,"v.- 4. , 5'1,f'N1qf- 79 I .f-D Z.,-" li . '- ng 'ly It ,v . - .--K P- 1 I 414 X I --,r 1 I 'difkiisn .- V, X Ni , O 1 .P ' ' - . 1 ev "' ' , . N., s ei -- ' I Q. 4 ""' ' we ., . ,rf . -wiw f z. 7 1 e hue. - --' '- -"' " "i-Tx.: - I E,,,,im av V. -- iixinu-.....,. Continuum is what the dictionary calls itg a discernable characteristic or sequence which exists amid change. Alumni and students alike share this continuity. Each person perceived William and Mary in his own way. But, the mere fact that we all lived, studied, ate, slept, and played in a common place, linked all those who have attended this venerable institution. Whether the time spent here was pleasant or not doesn't matter. What mat- ters is that there were others who laughed and cried with us. And the part of college that mattered most arrived on a late summer's day. lt came in station wagons, cars, and vans. Boxes of clothes, books and stereos announced its coming. The year's potential opened simultaneously with the opening of dorm and apartment doors. here were others . ,who laughed and cried with us m"'1S:.'ff..,...M -'..':4a,...-.'z-":.-'fa a 1 pvdlrctbnupof The Good Walla :fugi- Tnvis Guy walks cava 11 gg! colorful amulun hy. Photos by T. he summer of '83 had seen seven Heads of State gather for the of Industrialized Nations, bringing Williams- burg to the front pages and newscasters' desks. The town's residents hat- ed the thought of itg some left for the week. College officials worked overtime for no extra pay. Walls were torn down, carpet layed, and miles of telephone wire strung everywhere. The Ma- rines, the Secret Service, the State Police, the F.B.l., and just about everyone else came to guard against the unthinkable. And for one week, Williamsburg was a Summit ABOVE: Eater C. W. employees watch as Reapn and is entourage exif via helicop- ter. MIDDLE: 1'heSeven Head: ojStale: Pierre Trudeau fCanadaJ, Aminrore Fanfani Ulalyl. Francois Minerrand lFrance1. Margaret Thatcher fBr1aainJ, Ronald Reagan fU.S.A.I. Prime Minister Ito Ua- pani. Chancellor Kohl fGeman 1. Photos courtesy of Colonial Willlanugwg A.V. Deprment - 6 Beginnings I, -f Tyr .na-,'. R.. 0 . U. in . ' --.Q - 1- 4 -135 Q24 - . . . - . Q T ' ' R Y . -..g."1,. , ., z --:-tw. HW 'if T -,fini - 55th - 'iid' 1 ' ' 4 'i ' ik: "iff A if -u-L . , in . . ', Q "gf: f ' .wk T Yr! '-STV" , ,Q ' T 'T A an-'T jig: E :Mi w'x-' L A 'S' ' ,N , .- ' llyfl if wi .W s fm 1 .za ' 0 . , ,r l " V V At ' ' - N, o 0. very tight place to be. The press combed D.O.G. street, the Sunken Gardens and the side streets, in search of what- ever interesting bit ofa story they could find. They came in record numbers to give the World Leaders just what they wanted - a spotlight. Nothing significant re- sulted from the round table and secret discussions, but the Summit Leaders looked great in front of the teeming mass of photographers. In the end, the banners fell to the floor, the Marines pulled out, and Williams- burg tried to recover. I 'I It 3 N :N X .7 . I in or one Week - it was a very tight place to be flu!-' I'f1fflMwv1rr,-X If 11 '. 4, hug y X l1,l1,,fA-w,w .1 'i llcginn H189 itiff' illiams- burg had recovered When the time came for the semester to begin, Wil- liamsburg had recovered. The campus looked much as it had the spring before, as if the summer or the Summit had never happened. Not everything was the same, however. The Gen- eral Assembly had decided that eighteen year olds could vote and be drafted, but they weren't old enough for beer. Parties, Derby Day, mixers, and smokers RlGH'l':AuorkllllnfousaonacoId.lanu- gZa,!hl'2l8llllQWOI'k0ll.,w!lS'0H. LOW: Sunshine otherback. this biker gulleshervoydownanoldeampuspoth. Photos 1'.S . U Mx BELOW RIGHT: Despite new beer nstrir- tions. D33 Day nnlaim one ofthe most popular colorful greek-wide events. 'i.',4" I. , - ' . ' is 'Q -4, whirl., s .Q ix 'buf 9. N xx x 'X N s ' , . I , I -i' L . xx 1 1 1 5 N- I gh- x or .E l l li All ' I X E at l 9 .4 , Q. tt V' fi A ' "I C r I if .2--H 2' , . 1-I f'Q,,,, , .wh -Q ij.-. 'zflf X'--, 7 . l f 'GFS r'f ff" .B.,i B ix 1 NH. i 6.4-a .. ia, S It O -9 5 ' ENV - ........ , - p l I ll seemed stifled somewhat by the awkward ruling. Larry Broomall, Vice- President for Business Af- fairs, had chosen Bridges House as the new location for his office. So, the girls that had selected those rooms - signed the con- tract for them - were moved to Ludwell. And jefferson looked like it might become a dorm again. Workmen sweated to repair the burned-out shellg their trucks and iackham- mers often drowning out professors' lectures in nearby Washington Hall. Those who passed by strained their necks to watch the men scale the scaffold- ing, while whistles of ap- proval descended to the girls who passed below. Chris Mahoncyand her Chi-Ofriendseem tobeenjoying Derby Day. Heldonborh of nwfmmuyfuus, Derby my ws divided intoabeerand non-beerfield.PhorobyT. Steeg , ! Qefwf' . i v v .t 4 Y' Y lxf X .9 . A 'Q X . 9 X X , 'I ' l - ' A I 'P fp gf in L0 'N r B . Q ' , i H sl l .' X' I l B if - L ' H Q-j. A19 ' 5 lr: -.....i'1"-3-Iii 'fe I Qwdswls an-5 Tvs is .fz L- 4.- . I ,E Iii S .2 Niall . 3- 14 iq sl asia. :th X fi, 1' . . Q . APE. 1 Y L jgiffs. - ...f Qs-A will 'V's'f 'fa-lthisge fi , 'l 47 :fl JP' I 5: f 1' , .ujxifcv J ' .K 11' 1 U ,re 1' if , '1 " . - '-,Q XV?" . ll: . . i". " iff Q. 5525 F Qlfil 4' A n era ending - with the future uncertain efferson's reconstruc- tion, the Bridge's House controversy, the drinking age change - these were the beginnings of a year when 'change' became part of everyone's vocabulary. As one alumna put it, 1983- 84 was a year when William and Mary "had begun to learn how to change." It didn't come in the form of new buildings - al- though the Muscarelle, glowing in the night, did sig- nal a shift in architectural philosophy. It didn't even seem all that obvious in some of the ways that it took shape. Nonetheless, the year saw William and Mary quietly but most certainly changing. The resignation of Tom Graves was definitely a sign of some transformation. Dr. Graves appeared tired and much older than fourteen years ago, when he ushered in the changes of the l970's. It was an era endingg one which saw William and Mary grow, but one which ended with the future uncertain. OPPOSITE: Glow! In the IIQIII, tht Muscarellds solar T36 produce a striking e ect. 0q'POSl1'E INSEE President Gum pm- pares to crown DMGVMIH queen. ABOVE: Alison Hbocrogks, min ueen. sancaowr . mves' r, ZEFT: r. and Mn. Graves watch meph- rgude from their backyard. Photos by T. 1028 Beginnings g fr U , A . H A.f4'Q'H . ' ' ,. , .s ff! ABOVE: Stan Yagiello calls the signals dur- ing the Delaware game. Photo by M. Bea- vers. OPPOSITE TOP: A fan has something to shout about during the Homecoming loss to Rutgers. Photo by T. Steeg OPPOSITE BOTTOM: The members ofthe field hockey team cheer during a home match. RIGHT: Carol Lye and teammate relax dur- ing a lull before a match. Photos by T. Steeg I2 Beginnings v. 1, Q A .N ,.. 3' 1 ' 'si A , . , v X-. A ' Q9 I . ' sl if 'Ol 4. W. I , Q . wr- '5 .fm fy fbi W It . b H. f J 3 4 ' 9'-' ' a , " it 1 l I 1 tv' rr' 'K -1 ,.. 1:91, ' 3 .1-f 'N' W mf: " 3 ootball's expense questioned again ' ,l. .I I. no h - s . ..- 5 I . -.. f -f Wi. Q ' A A ' , nun A.. H , A .44 K v I 7 - - V ' t M Qt ' I i A F - tg 4 K 4::g.:ig'f1' Q Q s :I "-' f., .1 - .' 'v"5""" K' " 'f1fZf'x"A: , el.a-'?"Sf'i.11i- - . -r L ' . I .J -'21 . U-65' .A -, :rv- ,2 ,CV f his f pq 64' SX' ' I ':. ',sig'Q-Qu,-. l ' ...J I 'Q Q - 'f ' ' i Even Cary Field changed as the fall progressed. In- stead of echoing the sounds of fans' disgruntlement, the walls reverberated with the celebration of a tradition brokeng the Tribe had had its first winning football sea- son in five years. But, amid the champagne and celebration, no one had any idea that only three months would pass before football's great expense would be questioned again. February came and six sports were gone. The ad- ministration and athletic de- partments had opted for doing away with: men's swimming, women's golf, men's and women's fencing, men's lacrosse, and rifleryg instead of cutting down on the bigger s orts. The cuts didnt come with- out disagreement thoughg A winter's rain storm on the morning of Feb- ruary 4th didn't -stop stu- dents from rallying at Barks- dale Field in protest of the decisiong Banners proclaim- ing "Support Every Sport" hung from the railings at home basketball gamesg Stu- dents liaisons to the Board of Visitors lobbyed for sup- port while the Flat Hal and the local newspapers ran editorials in favor of the six sports. By the end of the year, the sports were reinstated, and the students had proven that they could give a damn about something besides academics. Beginnings 15 year when changes came in abundance he resignation of a presi- dent and a controversial cut of the sports pro- gram could account for as much alteration as anyone had seen in some time. But, 1983-84 was a year when changes came in abundance. And the changes weren't lim- ited to the administrative world of james Blair or the Brafferton, a promised tuition raise affected everyone's pocketg as did the problem of faculty salaries. Even if the year had seen only a slight increase in salaries it was - at least - a beginning. TOP: Linda Wood, William and Mary 's first female dnmi major, conducts during had- time. BOTTOM RIGHT: A 5:30 a.m. fog enve- lopes the Wren Building. Photo by T. Steeg BELOW: Sting of the group, the Police. stares menancingly into the camera. Photo by M. lida. OPPOSING PAGE: Jackson Browne sings "Somebody's Baby" during his October show. Photo by M. Beavers . . . 1 s-Pfj - ' 15 v .yi -rl' wha-4.55 , 3, E 'Q 1 "'E: i.?31F"i1?1:i Q. I L rT:l5:fR21'X E '.f.I,-1" " 52 r-'3Vf:iQ.' 532' f ' 3:9 Niggaz. ' t r' ,':1-t-- I4 Beginnings , v 1 , - '1"-, .'.x. ul 1 x - 'fl 3 , I J . , Z ' 4. ,3y':.4 ..N:5. -3' -. , Q , Z , K -,pi-1 fav' 4,45 V 9-S-'Sr cf.,-.,,,. . , . gzfvfi Q 'a21i1iQ,14e1 ' v-sf cf53'?i-ww: Q--lsafh-.f'f3,f," ' . , ,mm . 'iii-fwz:!5.g,',gg,pga'4"-' 1 - Q- f . . , ' -5:55, -Q.:-'f" ' -'lh.'ii4Ifff'-154-'sa -V 4- , f , A y If , 1- --if ' r: -N 75 of - 4 7 -'-, 1 .af--1 f- . -X.. 1 - ' ff. 1 f. . - 9 V L 'fi' 531 . ---1 ':,.z4. xixz , - ' '4' wffzr- -Likgfl I . - L' -'Sgr-.,-iss A - a ' 511 8 ' Qin, Q' E' A N "Q sil 7 " -. 'fi-E45 swiff'-Yife-nf '-55-1 , - ,-- -,-Y-In .-, .xi iff- . a A 'Lil 1171"-H "YJ, -f f- L -55 " x ", , ',,':.',:f,A-:ir W.:, if?-Lg MI- ,J " f ,. : .5,:- ,rg-nl. V- 'a 1:1 -.M x 'x ' ' ' -I'-'fn-. Q :L f ' ' ' '- 1 fffwf ' A . 'S fx 1- Tt ' I' ' - if iff ifi ili .+L - -' ' -sibl-fi A 'A iff222ff,"5-325 f ..i fr -ff 'p ..rx1.:q'f -qt: " 1 , 'ack 1 ' x , ,- 4 ,, I' 'r - 1 ,. ' 5, l ,415 1 Andi- 9,1 1 Ns' i , '!4'!'."1fv1jw.x. , +..,,fw-U- m.. 1. l .I A -- . l, I. '4 5 , figs he GU!! lx X 'il Zidmrai. A 9' :Q it ' as I Kg- ' if ome things would never change. . . hopefully TOP: The members of the fiftieth reunion class sit together at the commencement ex- ercises. MIDDLE: During a late night fog, Crim gell casts n eerie glow. All photos by T. F008 OPPOSING PA GE: Nancy 0'Brien tries her hand ata spring time fa vorite - puddle- jumping. During the spring ruins and winter thaws, most people jumped at least one pud- dle every day. 5 -'I,,. U CIE' l I I 'W-' ll6'vf:5'j3eginnings if . U-gi," .- Y, 1 xgfs .2337 - Q Affglflf' 'rm , lg 1 ' ' H 70 N , I lf' is ' -r 11 9 Qirdii i ' Z - .' - , .l. Q 1, 'lift .,, , , fl ., Hifi -apglrm-1 'V- , L ' ' lx! -4. 1 A new student magazine, the first female drum major, the first woman rector of the Board of Visitors, the merging of black sororities and Panhelg William and Mary in 1985- 84 made up for some lost time. 'Change' was a word that became commonplace. William and Mary to the outsider looked much as it al- ways had, but inside, even to the most casual of observers things weren't the same. The years ahead will see shifting- perhaps much greater, but 1983-84 brought quiet changes which would echo for some time to come. Fortunately, for those of us who had a part in 1983-84, some things were left unaltered. And as long as there are brick paths, the Sunken Gardens, bustling dorm rooms, and 6500 students keeping the cycle going, then some things would never change . . . hopefully. - Mark Bearerr . 'iz' il A W F. 1.4 B . as rg I . ? 4. M N'-f .. ij.. ,rx .- nh- .ln , f fx 'fx X.. .ada Us -div: 31.9- A .-'rv I .-ln 1 4,,' .-f. V , ml? . +A, L 4' ' . , r' ' " " Y -ff' X swf!" -7 S,-fs, r" ' : ' 'rw 1-f,g.y.2:1.' ' '33 " ' . -I 1 5, I h. - ' 'iffy it ' , gn: 'uf' . ' '4I,.1"'fj!"9 ar' ki.-gym' RQ X' ,I -. . y-' , ,- -.-J,-H . gl ,L ,,6h31,i.AV5J,'3 ' J .fLh.4, H. .. . .A V. :A , --. K "5 .-f i,,.. .L -J QML5 ..5,5zl.1- -'-f- ' . 4, '-,Q ft '- ' ' ,nl . '- . . , J.. .v V. ' "--R -15.53, v,,- . M,-r A F I Qx -. , -, V 9 tLjQ.,l"j,..- ,V fifaziz ,131 , A s .A ' l 2, 45 1 S4 71' - .A 'J - W"-T'-:'x':4' ' -, I T.."f Y I 1-'-5 - : I' . "- 'I 7',:1LgQf- in-' Y,-.VA Q, 34352-x-" 'f I A 42-5 - ,A ', ffl " -5 -' ajfrfpa' ?'rff-Ji'--g'gl'2i:'-I.,-- f" - . vu- f ,, "N - ., - fw- ' ..:i'fJg,.ff, -xg: ',sL ,, ,, ,P ' A I -I 4. , ,. ,' 1, A D' I-f ,- Jr-2 i -711' .. 39 b':f?f54:T's'fQ'.-':gE,41'Q.l 'f' NJA- ', .. x- i If I q-"'i"'v' " 'E w - , A "' ff 'kai' J' ' L. '-iffy' cl' nf:f5Q9i,AX.,h...',H3T'4"51l24xLL-'f ,.1 'A ,. , 1 ' if -I - - lg-, 1 54' "XJ ' " "f . 1 ""'4. x- i,' . ,+-1"iv- ""' ,,,,, . ' .I ,,,'.f'-'-'MQ' P. L--.1 .. ff 5-F.. - N ..-'- --.Aww-1" -.u 'U 1, " ..1, -f 1 ' ' ' " . if " V 4 " f ll',3'f - 5-.if - 1 'v w ' if :lg :th 6. ' .figix-"4-3 ,A 35,315-2 , Q fvvf 21-ff-fs. a --va L-97" ln'-A L F7- 3--5' ,, '- , "- " gp? lfxgs-4 21, g,, .L fq 4. V - fu 1" V ' .A .7 "1-1,"'-' xff.f' ,q . .- -12 H -, ' .S . . ,-lg Ii, 1 , .V 1 bd ',.v.A'??,. :V V .. 4 . -' inf- N05 - ' s, ' 'Q K. -.Am .2 M- a- , S, Q 'PN .,.A W- g g x -, Ii: 1.1, il vi ...I-,. gr, : 1' ,A , in r-I, Lui, ,gy I 1,315 Q :Ni cQ9 ' l : .-1' 5.034 .' 'S Q. my ' ' ,4 . I ' "1"'y M. QQ ' John!"-' ' , . -.,- , ne-"' P I 'U 'W 3 'av '41 .40- QI 4- , ' 2 Wg-av 3 .l .f ' -1 . .an A . 5 ii Y' vi o rl 'ini -q-lk' -all 1-ui 'vn- ',a." ': IC' J fi! diff Z Q-ng, " l'r . '4' ?'..! 'E - qi' I If -fffx 4 'x lv 1 ip S N. Lf. 'E ' I :N , . fd' J X ,..4. 1 2 1 - xx ,. .lx Asw- X. ' I S '55 ' lg' 4 . 15 f' ix p ,I N F - xg fi L, S Q. X NR f uf-f THE STUDENT 1 1 .js f .. 9 -. ' 'Q .Iu- " . .55 . fb . . .i 19, - L .f f - . " 11 - 1 " Y . , Q- ,. f. '- - Q. .ftp ,rut Q f , A . 3-5, , -1' ' 1 'ft' A , - .' 4 Y' -Y: J .Q AA S " ' if " P., stCy5ud-ent n: a pressured, sober, quiet, exciting, oblivious, concerned, intellectual, drunk, boring, competitive, apathetic, carefree, procrastinating, hyperactive, diverse, frustrated, ambitious, periniscucus, determined. . . IN DIVIDUAL. TY FILM S063 63 dTY FILM 50 J 1 .1 . 4 L .U -.. 1 -DBA U Baby L 'Z- 3 3 L I -+u5vg -r31 -ram '53 3 noone sn :Tv nun 3 'v Fl M 506 F QMETHI REAL William and Mary to the first-time visitor appears as .1 well-groomed extension of Co- lonial XYilliamsburg. "It sure looks nice on the surface with all these neat old buildings and the seemingly contented looks on the students. Wouldn't it be nice ifglunior could go here one dav?!" Underneath this "colonial" facade the College which likes to proiect itself, has a lot more going for it than a pretty place to go to school. As with everything. there are good and bad points to the College. Good points according to the students seem to be reputation. size. tradition. cost and location. Students were more vocal about the bad points, however. These included the overly competitive nature of the school, grade quality, too much emphasis on sports, no social lite, the food, and housing. not to mention reputation. size. tradition, cost. and location. Slant point out that XX' and Marv breeds an attitude ofdispair and discontent ami ing Ili students. Xkliether this idea origif 'wateii ami ing the students is not known. but ' its explain the mx th of XYNKI as .1 cam- fit rc suicides are frequent. This prob- ri-ii.ei: discounted. must be frequent f stlioins. Nlost students do find 22 X .fflltlitieil some outlet in order to relieve tension, however. They realize that they have a breaking point and they have discovered means of avoiding it. The one thing that probably characterizes Wahl students to a tee is their individuality. There is little sense of community among the students. Interest in football and pep rallies is nominal. Primarily. there are pri- vate parties, the most popular campus-wide party being the Beaux Arts Ball, where the students are encouraged to be decadent and imaginative. The College does not seem to be characterized by any particular extreme. Each student does his own thing. The "Me" decade ofthe 'O's is still going strong in the 80's in XX'illiamsburg. Many students here are career oriented and are always looking ahead. Often they are frustrated by the idea that College is not preparing them for the world outside XYQQM. They complain of the Area- Sequence requirements. Many have asked that individual courses be developed to re- late their mayor interests with those ofother departments. Thus. a business mayor who needs an Area I course could take "Kafka and ,loint-Stock Investments: A Study in ln- tellectual Certaintyf' A music maior who ,P Q 1 cl- I ABOVE LEF1' : Stephanie Thompson and Sharon Varallo enjoy themselves while supporting the Tribe. Photo by: K. Libucha ABOVE: Dave Scanlon takes a well deserved break from the game. During hLs four year career at William arhd Marv, Scanlon gave it his all. Photo by M. Nikol- ic . needs something in the dreaded Area III could take "Mu1tivariabIe and the jazz Age." A physics major who needs a gov- ernment course to graduate could take A'Reagan and the Policies of Independent Molecular Structures." Some day, however, most of us will put aside any feelings of regret and look upon our years here with. . .with . . .we1l. with some sort offeeling, Our memories will be simple, individual. and lasting. Someday when we're all rich and famous. each in our own way, we will undoubtedly feel com- pelled to give something back to William and Mary, - Bill Mears N . -su-Qf h , MN-WA 6, , PW - ,gil x -"" I . . .. ' ' 5' 1 , An"-4? y ,gP"""N- "' Y "7 .- x I Rfk Q xy 4 K 'J' . , J -1 TOP: Hunter Kimhel ,Nlfllilh th he' paxiws pmplv mwr lm hun! Jurmu mrmw Aim IH George Cnlek ever popular Husinvu liclmvmrul murw. l'lw1f1lw H Imnwrx ABOVE: Kim Wvlrh, Annu f'un'w, uml fhurm' llurrimn vnu l'l I'h1 mrrgs 111 Iflrll Spring retreat. Photo bv: D. l'm'kman l.L'I"T: Willif' Nalmrs wurmx up un his xmuplmm' hqfnn' Ihr' f"l'L'lHHIHQ wr mr 1 .nl HibburdHvnmrimllSpring1iur1dt'um'vrI. I'hn1U In I Slury Nr:.mwHlM1:xuf 1 That first day was the worst. Arriving on campus. having no idea where Yates was, and finally opening the door to .1 barren room with two beds. thin. rubber covered mattresses, fake wood desks and dressers. and tiny closets, was something ofa shock. Freshman David Koman's first reaction was "Oh gosh, is this for real!" At this point, many began to question iust how worth- while and necessary a college education really was. During the first few days of orientation, there was little opportunity for activity that was not already on the orientation schedule. Mornings began with walks to the caf in the obligatory big group. a group. ironically. with people who later wouldn't speak to each other. After this miserable meal, came Th Fir t Days hours of dorm meetings which attempted to explain area-sequence requirements, vari- ous placement exams, and the hateful regis- tration. Then came the seemingly endless hours of campus tours. By the time classes started. freshmen had gone through enough meetings and tours to make them feel quite at home in their new surroundings. After classes got started, things began to settle down. ln the words of freshman Laurie Koth, "After spending the first week throwing up because of nerves, I found l really enjoyed college." Now began the long period of adjustment. Life would no longer mean staying after school for soccer practice or forensic meetings. There would no longer be the security of coming home to a quiet house, a single room, and a home cooked meal. Now life would mean sharing a bathroom with ten other people, having to do one's own laundry without ruining all those wool sweaters, learning what to risk and what not to touch at the caf, and when to bag it and order a pizza from Paul's. No longer would parents be around to lend money or help select courses for next semester. When freshmen came to college in Au- gust, they had to leave behind many famil- iar people and friends. But what they Two apprehensive Fresh- men load their belongings into the sparse rooms of Yates. Thefirst days were hectic but memorable. Photo bv: 11. Beavers f rin - .l ." 1 Q-'tive Q an 1 ,, ,X - 7,1 N l W' il li Fruiit-tit Defitied .S S s 4 vi .-.Q f7'::, v LEFIQ' Unpxlrkznlu LIHHUft'llllht'KlIl1lft'Vt'Fl'IhlfIU wr rul- ued added In Ihr lt'Vl.XflIl! nflhvjirxr dun ur N :Ilmm und Marfv. Pham hy: M. Hmrvrx TOP: Jnwph HGFVUH fhvrlu nu! Ihe' hulhnmrm uf hu new "hume. " Photo hs' K l.ihuflm AHUVE: Ihmnr .Vulkus nmkm hzmwlf ui hnmc hx' ru- Iaxing with hi,sgu1rar. Phnlu hr K l zhurhu 1 TTIN IE - 1 The First Days cont. rf' 0,3 l lHHl I' 'iluking the bell wus one of Ihejirxt tasks we in wif in ourrollt'm'1i1rz'er, P'lHl1lhV'.xf. Heuvers I N ll R l liiirln' I iiriwrighl niukes Iziniwlfmnifurl- Hr Allilkx In-'Il hi' uruumi as while. Durnis ,mun --vii' ii lifinii linux from Iwntr, Photo bi: K. l.lhll1'hU '11 lbttini-tl e 4 ,l found at college to replace them were many unique people. No where else but in a col- lege dorm could one find such a menagerie of different personalities and opinions. Republicans rooming with Democrats, southerners with northerners and wes- terners, catholics with atheists, and small- towners with big-city dwellers. No where else could one meet and make friends with such a diverse group of people. Freshmen gut a real taste of what it was like to be a college student after orientation ended and classes started. Days were spent trying to stay awake during Geo and Psych lectures. cramming for forgotten quizzes, and trying to finish papers. Nights were spent trying to stay awake while reading Geo or Psych, ordering pizza and making popcorn, or doing anything possible to avoid studying. Weekends flew by trying to blow off the steam and pressure that had built up during the week. Some used this time to decorate their rooms and to get rid of the institu- tionalized look. Others spent their week- ends trying to find ways to get into the seemingly endless smokers and mixers at the frat complex. Still others, those rare, diligent few, spent their weekend study- ing. After a few weeks of the cycle of study- ing and partying, some freshmen began to get homesick and long for the security of life with Mom and Dad. But with time, the friends made in the dorm began to till the void created by leaving home. Some would leave having made friends whom they would keep for the rest of their lives, A few would leave knowing that they would not return in the fall. ln the words of Margaret Ware, "You never replace your real family, but you do become a part ofa larger one in your freshmen dorm," - Carolyn Carter BELOW: LJUl'idSlIlf1l71t1f1 und Chria Kidder hung our dl afoorball game, Pham by? K. Libuchu BOTTOM: Frexhmen ulwuys seem ra find the phone. Phlo by: T. Sleeg BUVIUM LEFT: A group QfVf'Vf?5hl7lt'lI xir in frunl of Monroe and watch u parade pam. Pham by: K. Li- buchu 'M ' x L Q Y ,. L.1.- Ax, s . LI 4 1 I I. Z- - ,rg Ll L 'f",X 2 I will . Q Lui Q xl "I " u 1'-w s -' rs . -I . U . 1"' .l ld jr, N X',,1,xM'1,f11lN Basic Niicessiriesl ASICS wav from home for the first long period in our lives, it was time to start fending for our- selves. lt was INDI hard, but it took lots of practice. Making a small dorm room, furnished in the latest college decor, comfortably liveable. was a mayor feat in itself. Where were the cushioned chairs, sofa, and reading lamps? Or how about the private phone? Finding a phone to make the first call home probably took five ques- tions and four inaccurate replies. XX'here were the washers and dryers, yet alone the quarters to insert into the machines? Most often they were full or out-of-order ani'- how. Preparing a meal in dorm kitchens was quite an accomplishment. Lacking equip- ment and space, the kitchens were two flights downstairs or in the next building. Once the Stouffer's frozen dinner came of ,vf ABOVE: Todd Linsley eats on the run at a Brvan Com- plex dorm-widefunction. RIGHT: Heather Grant stocks up on ice cream. Nu- Irition sometimes gave way to the necessitv for a quick meal. FAR RIGHT: Doug Klein checks out the bulkfood sec- tion ai Safeway. Mos! slu- dents looked eagerly for any bargain they could find: ge- neric foods, macaroni and cheese, Oodles of Noodles werefawarites. Photos by T. Steeg : X. 'N 'Q 3. A Q Q M' l43.ix:.t I ,- gi JJ I' out of the oven, it was often depressing figuring out where to eat it. Sitting at a desk alone just was not the right atmos- phere for fine dining. Cleaning up after- wards was another obstacle - and what if you needed a vacuum cleaner! Eating at the Vilig and Cafwere novelties at first, but boredom and disgust set in af- ter about a week. Georges, Paul's, Mamma Mia's, and the Leafe were close to campus, but most freshmen felt guilty about not utilizing those nineteen meals a week. Most upperclassmen quickly real- ized that money for dining out was more in demand than supply, Students found holding down a iob in the many restaurants. shops, and hotels in Williamsburg to be a valuable source of incomez sometimes. however, it was a ma- ior problem when there were three En- glish papers due the next week. Working was a good method for meeting people, even if it was a nasty little tourist. Survival at college required more than good study habits, it required meeting the basic necessities oflife. - Szmnz Conn gn I 1 In s H J A'r1f'n6 .L Qi , :TX ,,! f-...- al Q4 1: lug' ba 12 EPB?" lf: , 5 Q L' sd num: 'wt 4 .,Pk ,' Q A S va, s Us 'W 4 s I , f1'T S- 'N V ,h A, . . l 'N 'r f"'Q 14- xxx? Q . Sig .T" , . 1 1 5' X sl , , 5 4evW""' ,.-nf' -, W Iv,-1 fn, ,, 'vi 'u K-10' f ,ff In :f V .c. A lfixlw x 7 H arf' 51, if. . x X 1 , A- A, f' -. ,. 5 - ' if 31,13 -JQL2. 1 - ' . Pb ' F w' 1 .--33:55 V 'Lj.f?'i1f' ' ' ' e- 44- J. gf 55, :il - 1:9 .lad y A ,ff ' .1 .num b 4 gs, .Q-.. '-".1Kx,- 121 ' '-vi?-uk: .bl va, -waxy' w' f 3 x 'A5'f:??:gf,- . p'1,5.5,, F if ,I bk. oney, Money, Money. As much as we all loved to have it, there was some point at i which we all encountered a lack of the green stuff. So we hit the road to find employment. Whatever the reason: l beer, fun, tuition, or a true interest, there iwere plenty of job opportunities in Wil- l liamsburg to help us meet the growing ex- :penses of college. The College itself was a big employer of i many students, for jobs could easily be se- i cured through the Office of Financial Aid. i The Caf, Wig, Swem, and different depart- i ments around campus hired students to fill various positions. Sue jackson and Denise Tilley commented that "working at the Caf was tiring, but it was a convenient way to earn money." For some, a combination of 1 the desire for money and a special interest presulted in the perfect job. Cathy Walsh l worked for the Biology Department in the lintroductory lab and also spent her Satur- gday mornings helping the XVomen's Club l swimming program. 'Wforking was hectic at times, but it al- lowed me to pursue my interests." Walsh remarked. Anne Wood, a chemistry maior who worked as a lab assistant for the Chemistry Department commented, "My iob helped both financially and personally. I gained valuable experience while work- ing in the lab." However. the Common- wealth of Virginia had its rules and only allowed students, paid by the State. to work up to fifteen hours a week. For some it was too little. for some too much, but for all it was mulah. Offcampus jobs were not as easy to lo- cate. But as long as there was the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. local restau- rants, and Busch Gardens in working or- der there were jobs to be found. The Colonial taverns were mainly manned by college students so hours were never too much of a problem. Kings Arms waiter Wilson Brown remarked. "lt's not too bad, the Arms is mostly students. so they sched- ule accordinglyf' Tourists provided enter- tainment as well for these working Q 'f'-li l 9-. is 'Y as I .r , K... gg ,BASIC Necessities V DRK students. uColonial costumes and college books send them into .1 frenzy." Brown continued." they feel students are a special breed ofanimalf' Wherever the iob. whatever the task, working was an enioyment even if it sim- ply kept one independent of the parents. Some described work as a mixed blessing, one better than the alternatives offered. Although it cut into study time. social time, and relaxation time it provided the green stuff. And thats all that really mat- tered. - Dtzbmi Curr W X. x. 8.1 l Q - Q.. . 4 7.0111 Uf'l'US'l.Nli l'.-Url' l'li11m' tilrlwfi works hind il! fmirui"s ti populiir riwliliiriiril imiofit' yriiilrfiti .-lfffllvfi flhflklllh' l illii mfr. nu hiv jkllli ri., Mail. ilrulinu wilh loumfv .ir Hilhi' t .milin ,wf..iri.: -'i lliiki' of ffloiiti-vnr Sm-i-1 lI'l'l .-li'i1n1pm1-will giiiili' mis um i-v JM. fi: in .if rxllrluinhx prnuilril In Iliff oliver l'hf It w 'ii I Ni. . i' W Y LEFT: In plann the choices ofm often, but it s, ABOVE:MikeJo en. Many studa cape from Sha .4 1 ' ! Shopping was a chore ue faced for loo tudying. Photo by T. Steeg cooking skills in this unusually clean kitch- to cooking their own meals as an es Photo by P. Paiewonsky menu, Debbie Packmon contemplates the s '- lisasic Niiciissitiias ki QOKI reshmen couldn't escape itg because of the required 19 meal plan for freshmen, Caf food was an arguably unfortunare part of their existence at Xlfilliam and Mary. Many upperclassmen took advantage oftheir option by taking a lil or li meal plan or by avoiding the Cat' altogether. Cooking in the dorms, obviously. had its ad- vantages and disadvantages. A greater variety of food and a greater op- portunity for maintaining a stricter diet were available to the conscientious dorm chef. While grocery shopping. one could avoid buying the starchy foods which comprise a large part of the Caf menu, and the tempta- tions ofthe desserts were reduced. "1 eat bet- ter than l did freshmen year because l don't go for the dessert as a last resort," said junior Sherry Hamby. who had opted for no meal plan for the past two years. Cooking for one- self while in college and on a limited budget, however. was not always an experience of culi- nary ecstasy. Cook- ' ing took time that 1 students often didn't have. Some- times nutrition was sacrificed for con- venience. ln order to save time. Don Hultman said he ate "a lot of frozen food because there are no dishes," Claua tended to think no one would ni lllvl. .1 : c ing scoop of ice cream or a missing staig celery. but they did when it began Zo a.1.1 ay Said one student. who asked to rc-znaizg anonymous. about stealing. A'Hey , whats one egg or four ice cubes." The often somewhat unsanitary. it-not absolutely digusting. ci indi- tions of many dorm kitcltens irritated some residents. Sherry Hamby. who liy eil in Lan- drum, exclaimed, "No one cleans up after himself. l wonder what their bathrooms look like." Still. many upperclassmen avoided these annoyances by keeping a meal plan Bien seemed especially likely to have a meal plan Said iunior Breck Hall, "lfl cooked for my- self, l'd starve to death " David Butler, after a year's experiment with cooking for himself at Ludwell, reached a similar conclusion. "l de- cided that l yy as sic k of eating my oyyn cooking. doing dishes. Preparing the food. and LNPC- c iallv doing the gro- cery shopping H Margie nlohns- iii. besides hating to .ii dishes. found eat- ing at the C at to ne 'iriltitc'cyi.1yc'I1lt'I1tU Xan llattc-cs. who had a li mc-al plan. agreed. and said. l tlUll'Klllxc'ly'xU1'h lll ylyvflll lQllxllLllN lat ydklst' you hayc T- search for c-yt ru' thing " -ltinii r Nazi' Work Vurilock cooks browniey. ci dish perfrc tml by mum stu- V V, dell'-' MCG-iul-:hi A ilenrs ihroughuur their cnlle'Uf'1urz't'r. lf'he'lI"U"' fhVf'lNl1lht' 'l 'V M U ' " l LAM residentofthefier- "WU"iU""'lW"'fl.""'f- """""" I 5""'f pcrliaps :lic sf man House, on the other hand, enioved cooking. but often found that she overc-stimatcid her appetite "l eat l lll of it ithe loodl, and thc- rc-st ol thc dorm eats fl ll? ol' it l cook so much 4 enough for an army " Other disadvantages ol the dorm cooking included theft and messy kitchens Most kitchen cabinets remained locked and thus relatively theftaresistc-nt. but hall relrigcraf tors provided an easy target tor chronic "bi -rf rowers" and notttirnal niunchcrs lleoplt y.nitii:c tt .tsl i not cooking in thc norm, I it-inf . dornikittlicnsiiccatisc lyalll'-N.1'i' l N "-V l clil ll H klliiosllllg bctyyccn :Pat .y tht- soy ial atnxosplic rt fi t i ' 1 .' lllk'l'l'1'lNllll'.lfiwfy gxiQ.t'.N ,i t V j'VtyxitciZ1iitl.t 1 "H- i1' as' -7' ., ' thc lil-TX'-f ff. 'ilfii aniliisra - lu 'Z f, im. s Basic NECESSITIESI ne of the more frequent com- plaints students had this year was the poor quality of food provided hy the cal.. The Sug- gestion hoard provided hy Shamrock Ser- vices was packed with comments. ranging from helpful to derisive, from dissatisfied students. Although Shamrock sometimes made attempts to appease its customers, time and time again these efforts were un- successful. As :Nl.1I'S'-l.1CliS, Al-!'CSlll'I1.3.I'1, put it, "Even after all the suggestions, the food is the same old unappealing thing." Al- though most XY'illiam and Mary students found that the caf was not an ideal source of good food and nutrition, it did fulfill other l'lCL'LlS. Many students found the social life at the cat' appealing. This was especially true of freshmen who found trips to the cat' .1 good way to get to know hallmates during orientation week. As Tom Downey re- marked. "It made eating .1 social event, he- cause everybody went together." ln addition to becoming more familiar with their hallmates. freshmen soon discovered that the caf was an excellent place to meet new people. Brad Miller commented. "1 had some of my hest conversations with people l didn't even know at the salad har." A freshmen girl noted that she and her friends quickly found that the caf was a great place for scoping. The laid hack at- mosphere imli the cat' made it easier to meet .iX'.1l'1L'l'X' ofguys. l'PPL'rcl.1ssinen found this source of so- cial interaction cut offwhen they no longer took the meal plan .lunu ir Rohi lllWlL'N.1lkl. "l didnt go to the caf that often this year. hut l sort of missed the atmosphere and the people H 1 1 1 i Q I E Q l i e . QR 1 I A i x fn Y 'Pill ""'4"Y'!' Q' ,mir wa- . V5- TOP: ldennfving the Shamrork cuisine was often a mind boggling task. RIGHT: Pulling out the meal rard was a common prac- tice in the daily routine of many students. Photo bv: T. Sreeg The caf was .1 great place to meet with old friends. for once they weren't rushing offto class or trying to study. To many. the social scene was the one redeeming quality exhihited hy the caf. and while many up- perclassmen ventured into the dorm kitchens to stake out a place in the hall fridge and to try their own culinary skills. some were drawn hack to the caf semester after semester for its social life. After all where else could one find such an infinite varietx' of conversation topics as when ex- amining the oddities served at the caff ' Li.a'7'h!t 1l.J7'l1fIL1'l.ll L -s l' I' b, N E.. stil l. thnx -ins. 1 - 5 YL' fri: gi N- X X X g f R 'zaf- 'F' fr'N A vz. ,J R127 1981 . .mfg- S ,- Z U . 1. Y 1' " x 1 8 'Q' X ,N az x .Q N lUl': SIe'l'e'lIl1lfI7lflH um X :Aw U1.1gl1rr1l1L':rr ll Ihr 1 XIIMMAJ. x rx 11 'V In .' I I V l'Ilf71l7!lllIh'lf uhnul flu' lmul, lhm hm! lrn 1lfl1'VII4lIll X ll:-x L mf ' Phrllu bv. I. Slwrg' Ali1H'l- N4 uni huln.'rH.,ulzu41ll.1lfmfu I lH1fIHl'l1fIf'f1 ' I Ihr' lllfr lhfllvf lvl I NIU U ,uvul Au. DMV' 1' x x N W 1 1 f ,wins -ss NNN I 4 E grkv , v f, ' 'QL I -"'i,f"'7 fl R O ,144 at ' "" ,Qq '-xg I l 'bv ' -Hi,df-Shy klfk George s You're hungry. You were up last night until 5 a.m., and you still had to get up at 8 to finish your paper. No breakfast, two Pop Tarts for lunch. Now, at supper time, you're going over your alternatives. All of your Spaghetti-Os are gone, and your bread has this green stuff on the corners. You could break out your 59th box of macaroni and cheese but you don't have any butter. You could go to the Wig . . . You could go to the hospital, too. So what about eating out? There's nothing in your wallet, you'll have to write a check. Don't look at the balance, just write it and forget it. You'll have to go someplace real, real cheap. Georges For 52.83153 with taxl you can get chopped steak, fries, a salad, bread, iced tea, and rice pudding. lt might be a little greasy, but it tastes okay and there's a lot ofit. Eat it as it comes. If you complain George will have your neck. He stands behind the counter squat and bald like a bowling pin, stained apron around his waist and meat clever in his hand. His skin is slightly dark, and when he talks his English is thick with a Greek accent. S0 you get your food and start to eat and the TV comes on. It's time for Hee Haw. All the Hee Haw gals are cavorting across the set and singing a song about physical fitness. George has stopped cutting meat and stands transfixed, a small grin in the corner of his mouth. The skit ends and he shakes his head, bends back to his work. You're sitting at the counter on a squeaky metal stool. Booths are open only to groups of people: you've got to order food or you can't stay. A single waitress rushes from booth to booth. Fast country music suddenly wails from the TV. George stops again, and smiles up at Chet Atkins and Roy Clark. He grabs his remote control and turns up the volume, when the song is over the set goes off. George gets back to work. George Dallas came to America in july of 1955. His home had been in Karpenese, a small town in northern Greece. As a young man he was drafted into the army, and the Greek Civil War occupied 1938-39. During World War ll Karpenese was totally devastated. "The Germans destroyed my house," George says. "They came in and cleaned out everything." He had to live in the hills for a time after the destruction, to escape capture. When he came to the U.S., George tried to find a job in many places. He went to New York, West Virginia. North Carolina, Virginia Beach, and Newport News, working mostly in restaurants. ln 1960 he came to Williamsburg. "l got stuck here," he says. "I'm still here." The restaurant he owns now has kept him busy since 1964. In '64 a full meal at his "Campus Restaurant" cost less than a dollar. George started giving price breaks to students because it was good for business, and got stuck with it. Prices have gone up some in recent years, but George's routine is fairly constant. He comes in by ' a.m. and cooks himself breakfast. "I don't cook at home," he says. The restaurant is open in the morning and for lunch. and then closes for a while around 5:30. George goes home, usually to nap. He comes back to reopen for dinner at 5. Closing time is 8, but George never goes home right away. He might hang around and have a beer, watch a little TV. finally heading out at 10, or maybe ll or 12. He feeds his cats some ofthe day's leftover meat. The people in George's life come and go. Students work for him, then graduate and move away: others take their place. But no one is ever forgotten. George remembers everything - what sorority or fraternity they were in, where they moved offto, who they married. The walls of his restaurant are covered with photographs ofold and new friends. No matter how gruff George gets, you can turn and look at those pictures and understand. He doesn'tme.1n to insult people, he just has. . . his way. "Eat your meat," George leans over a booth and shouts. "Why you not eatin itf lt's good for you." He smiles, .ind shakes his head, and turns around to flip some meat parties. Once in a while someone famous wanders in, but George takes no special notice. Fred Mac Murray came in ont e. but he only wanted a cup ofcoffee, no food. "l don't know him" George says. "l don't care. l throw him out." Another time fthis year, in factl jaclyn Smith came in and had "chicken or something," but George didn't recognize her "Somebody told me. She's nice lookin, you know. A lotta good lookin women come here." So you finish eating and sit there a minute, writing out your check before you get up. You George yell. "l lei. you come on, skata! People waiting to eat! Skatal" He means you. You get up, ofcourse, and you pay and leave. And you're not hungry anymore. - C, ll .5 x,1f,.,f.!.i- Georges 37 L15j11:51S1CT NECESSITIES 11'1111111g11111111:11.1111111111111-11.11111- 1-111 1 11-11111111111111 511111.15 .111 1x- 11K'1'1l'111l' 1111111- 13111-11111 111.111 .1 1111111111111111115 1111111-.11111-.1-11.111 1L'k- 11111- AlA1'1.11'KL .1 111111 111 .1 IX 1111.11 11111111, 5.11 111.1111111-1.11.15111111111.1111-111111111111-1111111 11111111. 1-.1111 .1 1111111- 111 1111' 1111'11-11111g11111- 11111. .1111111111 .i11g1151 QS .1 111-1-1 111 1'-11.11115 1.1111111g111111'-11-551111551-55111115111111.1111-1111- 11111111511-55x11-111-111 .111111-5, fx1111K111g11 5111111- 111' 1111- 111111115 111-1'.11111- .1 1111 1111111- 11111-11-51111g, 1111- 111-5111111-11 111111115 NII11 11.111 111.11 .1111151-11111 1111111 1111 .1 1111111-. 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A1111 11.111111 Au1-11111g .1 111-111-11 11111111111.111' .11111 11111-Q11-111-111-11 11111111, .-XHU11 0117111 Ulwn 11'1'm1 111 h1'111n1.f11rt11hl1'1r1 hh 1i11rn1 r1111n1. 11 11h ew-r1'Ihir1u 1111111 111-rum, 11'11'1-15111l11, NlIYf1l1, 111111.ur11ll11fr1.1I11rn1i111ri1'1 h1-1111111-n111r1' 111l1'r11- He' RIIIHI Jim 111r111n 111111 I'l11'I1i1 1111111111111 171111 111 11 n111n1 ff11l!1111l11lp1111111 h1IIH1'. l'h11m1 hv I 511-111 rf an Sw SS is XS X ,ng M1 ,f XX thanks to the lottery. some haphazard planning went into the decor of the rot im Sometimes the bedspreads actually matched. and the colors did not clash as badly. There were fewer. more carefully selected posters neatly arranged on the walls. After all, the sophomore was more mature and had developed taste. Some ofthe organized students planned a system of lofts, which was carefully pieced together outside their dorm the first day back. The finished product may have had shelves. a desk. or even a swing or a hammock. Although a little more plan- ning went into the decor this time. the oc- cupants were a bit more lax in the housecleaning department. lfnot bumped. the iunior may have got- ten a decent room, perhaps at Bryan or Chandler. Decorating was a snap. Since they did not worry much about how things looked, junior roommates decided to pur- chase a few more practical things. such as a coffee maker or a toaster-oven. After all. the Caf was old hat after two years. Open the freezer and you would find evidence that the occupants' culinary talents in- cluded putting two little frozen bags into a POI of boiling water and popping a Xlfeight- Xlfatchers dinner in the oven. At last senior year arrived. Although the discriminating senior insisted on the best nb- - 3:- fiiirm on campus. hc cared lzttie what it lo- fkeci llrie llellclci VZ'.oI'e1ZT.1NfVI.1IlIIlllllii to 'worrn graduating 1 'ri time , ..,, andpartxing. AIter.t.,1fieDc-sT',t.trsoT nis life would soon onlx he a nic-1:.or'. ilihc- messier his room got. the :ui re lsc i'IIe1'c'cl the hall maid to clean lin Yllc cni ot the first week. his wardrobe was sc.tVVcI'ci1 everywhere. llc- used his dressc 7 .ts .1 aar- bage can and as a hiding that iasaant pan By graduation, he iust trashed etc-rx thing After all. it would all be olasolele' in llls post-graduation lifestyle. Although there were alternatives tothe dorm room. such as Spring Road and Chandler Court. those who endured the good and the had of dorm life would later look at it as an enlightening experience ln these rooms. a side of personality show ed through: a side which parents would not recognize. Dorm life helped build our tol- erance ofothers' disgusting habits. blaring music. crowded bathrooms. and cock- roaches. it was really an experience in so- cialization. 1' I.: Jef' i 'illt LEFT: In order In make' the most ofthe limited sprite these students pu! up lofty in their mont. lnfrs were ti popular feature nf many durni nmnit. Photo hi li: Davis x s All lt. ,., l 1 r . W , UPPERCLASS - -f esee e fe c "W - o i"fln""'4li- S: : : : I 1 I 111110 'U 'iw -ii i..-in-. -'Q' V' i "' " "'."-".."f.".,'L'L!' f s, -.lZl,l.l1l2 .. . .slilllililriill 'ii ' f ' j .x,f,T3.' .. ,H-tv?-xg z ' , ,L-,V-if ', ' li - NB- . fi H. 1 -A ts-5.4, ., . I . in -Z-Qc-, .-5 3 Q5 gui t 'f2 amy' esidents of upperclass dorms dit- 'ff' ff? ee -gg gdwnw-,-A or-vw-W-A, wg ,. " tered in their evaluations ofsocial ' W3 ,.. E!i.Q- V' A 2 I life on the halls, but all agreed on 5 'iggcu' 1-'v,T,'2v- T 'T' - in :i""1L " "T the importance of the telephone " S1 '75 avi A-.ml5',f 3' as a way to meet their hall-mates. W'hen - x A ' ,E uf! ' asked ifhe had met most ofthe women who .Q "' " -. fffqf' 1 ' lived down the hall from him in Madison, - 54' u f ' L Qi' X "r ""'q """1 "" I Senior Scott Danforth replied, "just the Gi 715' 2 ' 5 ones who answer the phone." Despite the c " ' H ' U' .1--5' 'l -75 in, ' A v 'Sf-'F benefits of meeting new people, living in . -3- -4 -Sf 31,7 .'!f+-,gi L," qi , . , V 1 . . H BM-ua gf? A the room closest to the phone was not a ,sv M 4 I . . . . 5 , i Bils- desirable position. One beleagered group of 1 is W .-3 E Ya ,,Sg. I Q . - , - A A . .c .t.. , ,' :.,-.-ei-f 'Q students posted a notice on the halllhath x . A -dm Vumsgz... u Nth -bil. room door suggesting appropriate gifts tor '- q . -W - 5-Q 1 t C N . National Secretaries Day. Nevertheless ac- ,. I' 'Wg ALL. g ' , , 1 f , ' .... 234- uh ,af 1 , 4:-Z, g, quaintances .made as a resu t o answering . Q 'xuQEii,gtm.gsa'E.q ,I get L the phone often made up for the annoyance A E W 4 e ,Q ggwgf ogg- fl., ofthe constant ringing. i -' - 7 ,,. fig-,,,, e f - f , , 15" . E - '-f 1'2J."'swe...e.d-AWQMVV-M .iw All the upperclass residence halls spon- 5... rv -, -. , , UQ- lv if, f-'-"""'-'-'f' ' -0, sored social activities throughout the year, J I Q4 lu ln, M,'.g.il4,' :7-fl-liriiih , V il if ranging from Small Studi' breaks Organized ' Q . X. ' iff 1 .t.i'3ffa.La. 53.11 .1 SLERQ' ' QNEJ E-ll - 1: - , ...-z: V ,' --"ff: i, ..- ' il" :e.f. ' by the RA s to dances sponsored by several R, -il ,1 -,E , of the dorm councils. Reaction to these ..a.i'T?i'2iNvlHQ?.?zzi's: ,, 3 1918332-93- F' . ' 3- . . . s- ,I c ':' fu ' "' . - f tt ' L' ff. events varied. Senior Pete Tantillo attended ,V 1 ' VI. ,Q :j '..a, .,k, J, if , Q , ,IT A ' . . , , :su J- Y ' g --.ic , .,,. '. at x J" .,,.. , ... ,-" - ' a levv or the events, but "m0st.ot my' social c 5 in Ls:5i..... ..,,, it .,,,,' g ......r.- a-.T.,.--. - activityis centered around my fraternity and - 3 - ' , . , '. f .- ' ' H going out with people whom I've already , , M it S l t, ' ' ' ' ' I x it ' 1 ' i rf-i 1 I known for some time." On the other hand P' 4 '--1 S Am' 1 mkxdsm 'L' B V- ' 'Y i ' "H" , ,fix-s?is3m.xcs qgmsg . a - - - - - . . 4 Marr Olenirk watches the chaos and confusion of the a .51 , N M or 1 W Y XM do 2, I boinb scare from his third floor Old Dominion room. hi' A -1- .1 T? :E '1 'S sh jaraemau.-fnerszgssea az,-,as.1 , 5 :- Windows provided a vantage point for many students . ' -. 57---e-'f--4-N -4- We - - ,T . il Zhopreferredlostayin theromfortoftheirroom. Photo ' . -'X' 'S .Si V-wE'T1' fii"' f 4 i A - ii ni yT.Steeg ,, ,li ,.'TT.L . i, Q 1 . - :- '-YH Ei B ',,i1'QY"?'3! f lf' fi M . 7' -- ,B ' 'us' in-sfmqefm.. I 4'- . . msfflelm . - - Bl,-f..iSi my -A- ii. :af " 'marina sf- 4 ' . r - .pp-a ir 1 U x f 4 ' . - , Af- '-'I "-fm. - s is "1 1 'Li ' wail: J 1?..?!L',-5, 1- 'Qi -' fmi.n.:..fl' s e e - , . .,lIf.'z :german . 2 lg! at .. is .:f!:.lgg.:5,-'Q la Q r-tin, . 2 f, 1 -: ag! A, , I. o- aa 'f will 1 . Q. J 'nf' .14.Cl'iK!14 p - ..!fLf,,...X,-Q ..1,2i-- -' J s 8' in .el-.i Uv-l1Li'1'7i' - y lf' W ,- 5.93 .A ..fi1i,il-iQ 'H I ' , f N Q' c plan :lift AJIQA Li R - in .l s I I-cs yy- k A k M, r ." i i,.P"..W- . 5 'Aff ' Y ,W , , - , 1 - '45-Q1-veg 0. rs , kj' sa ' ,-...V -...,,.,,. , , 1. 1 4- 1' """""'f 'Hf' - 'ff -- ' , A W if 45, lf: i 4 'f..if'iLgl:3- , ' 1, an l. .auf i Q N911 c '- 2 r. il ,s I .. lf' ' 1'5- 'Un JL-v ' u. ll .gm-,fx Seifil- I '-'ii' 4 'c' Um - ' ' ' "' S- I 4 ' I ' we ui il' . W 1.1.-e J 'S '. "iii 7 .1 1. I.::a.!fi'f4q.sF.: f-a-i7-1g'l- Ui -5' - ! , i F V - . 1 Q, W , .i Q , . N F . J - Q gg '5 A, la, ,--- Y , Ili -1 I - 4 Basics 'qv ..1... - 111111 puma-.. - - . I.I1If1' .HHH Hudd und friend vrmw u llrrtm 1 fmrplvx funk nur. Ilurmx 1lfVfVt'l'f'!j tl mrwlr 411 wtml t1Ifll'IIIt'N In plvzm' ax nmm' Nllllffllh as pmuhlt' HI'l,UH 'Junl'1tkn'lunrlJfwXprlrluvrwmnx 4lqUle'l!41Ux mUlrllJnn1inmn. Plmtm hx' I, Srut'Q 2. xoplmomore C lms C llklllfLAll.iNK.lNIll1ll'l'k'll' ii, l'llLlSl.iSllk regartllnxu dorm lyunt tlonx, .and lu! A noted."l trx'tonmltelttonmostot fl1g'I'Kl1'I1g'N . W l 1 D- .4 'HA .md studx' lvre.1lxs." One 1mt'r1tux't tor dont: N9 1 I so, mrs the fU.llltl.HUI'S' .tttrvntx tee mrnpoxt-li - A I 5: .II the l'lL'j.ZlIHllI1'U of the VL-ar, wlntlt F.llll!L'tl .l dl from l-1lYlCL'Il totwL'I1tydoll.1rx. K Few students were p.1rt1tul.trx' tlmlled l "Y" with residencel1.1ll.1ct1v1t1eQ. lwutdt rhtw.nnt- i 'U time, most resldents .tt some ponnt would 'r enloy l1klOLlj.1l1I1LlI or p1zz.1 study lwredlt. or ' ,Tl on Ll slow weekend mght, .tttend .1 dorm '! sponsored party, SUFI1L'L'HIl'1LISl.i9IlL Rxk, rn ,q . . x an attempt to break the VVL'CliHlt!llI lwore- ? ' dom, planned varioui out ot' the ordnmrx' 'R .activities usflll-l--YOUI'-UXYI1 potato," "C.ome.1x tour m roommate p.1rt1eS,".1nd "Secret S.1nt.1" tide' B coes soon resulted. Although nunx' stuf H dents p.1rt1t1p.1ted, trying to dodge tht-se 5 activities often l5L'L.lIUL' the l1.1llHl.lfl'Q ot the g uninterested senior. ,E -,llnln1tfS!1n'111.xml17.111.fC,fv'1rltnnr,' 4- . Q u sy , , 4 ,Ai K ' 4' . , C 1- 3 K L L r- 'U 1' ' ' 4' 3 -Y -is If I' -v 'V -F' ' 1 A ' - .5 I- I ' . l of N lf A i N' 1 lu rl 5'x l i' f ll 5 ....,- ,a I . , lr ' 'N l l -T! 45! I P ffl l' xs. " ry Lf ,uid J in G lmxl o ri"'- ala Q. :wb-. x ii i. ' , ' 3 ffll ' '- f' ,T 5 .L X .ff L ALLI G HQME alling home, Come on, admit it. We all did it. Freshman tend to call home constantly. Independent Se- niors had to be nagged to make the once-a-month token call home to appease Mom. But, actually, we found it comforting to know that there was always someone to talk to when our roommates lost their pa- tience. Often, sometimes too often for our independent natures, these pleas for a sympa' thetic ear turned into lectures - "Well, ifyou would eat right like I told you, you wouldn't be sick" and "l've told you time and again that it's time you learned to budget your money . . Surely, academic and financial crises prompted calls home. Somehow the money we broke our backs for waiting tables or do- ing construction work over the summer never went as far as we had anticipated. Life was full of little emergencies. Our cars and stereos inevitably broke down or we spent a little too much on a few nights of reyelry in the 'Burg By November, we were living on peanut butter and beans tNo, I don't need a mean plan, Dad l. Time to call home. Said Se- nior-lohn Matheson, "I call home to ask dad to pull more money out ofthe bank." Money problems were only one motiva- tion towards communicating with the par- ents. Sometimes, face it, life at XYM was somewhat less than blissful. Punted tests, piles of papers, and just plain academic frus- tration sometimes comprised a great part of our lives, Time for a last desperate plea for sympathy before grades came out. Margie johnson said, "l call home once a week or more iflife's really rough. My mom's my chief - moral support. lf l get really bummed out or fail a physics test, that's the first thing l do." john Matheson agreed, saying that he called home to drown his sorrows. For some people, calling home wasn't so easy. Take Karin Neider, whose father was stationed in Gaeta, Italy. Because of the six hour time difference, Karin often receiyed calls from her parents at 5:00 a.m. Karin said they also called at such odd hours so that "they'll be sure l'm home," When asked how often she called home Karin said, "l rarely call home, but when money for tuition doc-sn't come, l go for it!" 'A Af - f', Hi IVV ' VHP' ff' 2. liven ifour parents didn't lite in ltalx. is e often found our phone hills prohilwitixe Those people w ho is ere fortunate or tintor- tunate. as the case niai lac tiiottgh to hay e phones in their totims tt fund tht teniptazi- tiis ofcalling hometown hoyfriendsor eiritricnas or friends at other schools lffesislalilt X., longer dependent on the hall pay phone. many found the quiet and prisatx ot their rooms conducive to long talks. whitli tliel thoroughly enioyed until the hill arrived. Some people had more trouble than others. ,lunior Sherry Hamby, for example, lids prac- tically kept Ma Bell in business for the past two years. Said Sherry, "lt can lie hard to monitor your phone calls. My sophomore roommate and l once had a S illtl phone hill Even now my phone bill tends to cost me an entire two-week paycheck. but l'm working on it." Still. despite the expenses and intonye- niences of calling home. most agreed that talking to a parent or an old friend often helped to get things in perspective and was well worth the effort. - K1r1.'.llf,i.if..' tl- -a 1 I Ns. .., ,Z ' g -K.. Lb" 'N -,f i lsshu- . v J' 'X , ' 4 .-inn' lhnmpyoti ri't firm tin iutt'x1ti't lril hifi lxrriiptki oil. li. s tall from liurm' Slutlvrils lsllfh if lhwi from Iionit ll in ti fi' 'i WlIIl4'tflllHyU l'llUllL',E I7dft'HlX woiiltlrieri- L"'I his tit tiiiitii tli..1. '. t ' lmilly cull. lIom'i't'r, when in final of wolhitlt' tot. i s N' .om it ii: ,'t..'w riioriry, xltulerils were Ihr flfsl to itil! liiiislittit' ttf! :lit yi ,f-ap. fi ,ifi.:' pu ii. it und plrtltl their t im' Io Horn :intl lhitl itlmii s it i rin .5 wioiltfi ,im t ii i'-dit' l.iJL iiillipilrrfiw ldiofosfiil Nlt't'L' liasit s Oi i lilX5lC1NECESSITIESl n R A was never reallv olt dutv. lzven on nights when it was otli- ciallv someone else's responsi- lwilitv to locli up and to lae around in case ot' emergencv. an R.A. could lve laced with anv numlwer of little crises. XY'ith the colleges new superrsensitive smoke de- tectors, tire alarms were routine - so rou- tine. in tact. that flew students paid any attention to them. Still. it was college policv that when the alarm went off. even if vou lsnevv someone had lwurned his dinner and thus activated the system. everyone must leave the building. Ofcourse. the RA. was responsible for tlushing out the residents who had grown tired of the fire drills. R.A.'s confronted numerous little proh- lems on a dav to dav lwasis - roommate prohlems, kitchen Il1ClwfS,cllSgUSIlH3llX'cllI'fY lounges, and work orders. To deal with such prohlems, the lilo Resident Assistants, l-I Head Residents, and lll Area Coordinators were prepared through a weel-tend of spring training and a week-long program in the fall. Thev were also trained to deal with the more serious and fortunatelv, less common prohlems otldiscipline and suicide attempts. This intensive training was supplemented throughout the vear with area stall' "in- service" sessions and campus-wide stall' lec- tures on specific topics such as Ucreative programming." 'Ahandling stress." and "time management." Said Laurie Ravmond, an R A. in Brvan Hall, "These sessions have reallv helped me to grow as an individual and as an RA. Thev're informative and en- iovalale too The speakers are alwavs outf standing. and it gives us a chance to spend time xx ith the imtlier' RA 's on campus." Still. lx-ing an R A had advantages as well as hassles Being an R A provided a great -ippi irtunirv for meeting new people, A -llfflll Rlfilll l.lllH'lt' RIUTIUK' oprnx tl new hug of 'hz't'Nt' IIHVIIIU tl UVM!!! flirniplplg' sglml Mir, R -1 's Qffpn ipifrioirvt! iliririw iliihs hir their resiilerirs, l'ho1o hy If Xfftl great kUFI1I'J.LlL'I'lL' also developed among the R.A.'s. As Tom johnson, an R.A in Brvan Complex. commented, "Our stall' enioved spring retreat so much that we decided to have our own to contribute to staff unilv. We all reallv enioved spend- ing time together and had a lot oti lun - until the port-a-pottv broke?" Une otithe most eniovahle responsihil- ities olan R.A. was programming for the hall, Planning dinners, parties, and study hrealas helped to promote hall unitv. Todd Armstrong. an R.A. in Monroe. said, "My hall's semi-formal dance was what People magazine called the social event of the season. Everyone danced the night awav. and l was especially pleased to see mv fellow staff members enioving themselves too. lt really helped to luring us all- hall and stat't'- together." - Patti Z1-NIJI1 .wtf Kzm Alfmfnl . 1 4,. . HJ! . I AH'-, le gL"f f I j l:7 A A .. 1 -1 H+ f n plgv, r"" hue 7 ,fx -.N ABOVE: Linda Reynard. Head Rexident in Hrvan Complex enjoys a surprise rixitfrom herjanzilr, R..-1, K often welcomed knocks at their door especially tfa was not a request to unlovk a daor, fill out a work order, or Sympathelimlly listen to a eonzplaint. LEFT: Making sure room damage reportx were pro- perlv completed was one of the mam' mltom whores that faced Resident Axxistants around nampux. How- ever, being an R.,-1. wax not all work and no plav. In fact mostfell it wax a rewarding experienl e l'hotox lu' T. Steeg lyixitx 0 Q BASIC NECESSITIESI COMM HGUS t's a group of people with similar inter- ests," claimed Bill Bennett, a resident ofthe Spanish House. That's what special interest housing is all about. The Spanish, French, German, Russian, and Creative Arts houses all fall under the title special interest hous- ing. They are all located in the units behind Spotswood and Fauquier, with the excep- tion ofthe Russian house which is located on Richmond Road. "We're a lot more cohesive than a dorm, we know definitely we have something in common," said Manny Marmol of the cre- ative arts house. Debbie Blackistone ofthe German house asserted, "There is an under- lying reason to being here other than just a place to live. With a theme it's easier to build unity." "It's more of a family atmos- phere, more unified," remarked Bennett. "We all share an interest in the Spanish lan- guage and culture." But that doesn't mean all those in the Spanish house are Spanish mayors. As a matter of fact only one student there is majoring in Spanish. "We have ma- jors from theatre to bio-chem," claimed Brick Ward of the creative arts house. The purpose ofspecial interest housing is to provide students with the opportunity to widen their backgrounds in different cul- tures. Each of the houses, the creative arts house excepted, has a resident tutor who is a graduate student native of the target coun- try. He or she organizes programs and en- courages use of the language in the house. For example, each house sponsors some sort of culturally related activity approxi- mately once a week to which all of the cam- pus is invited. This might be a foreign film, tloctirrieiitary. or guest speaker or per- former, Once a year the students travel to D C, for iultural dining and to see a mu- seum or some other similar excursion, LFUWH - 14 si l"'.4 1-'Y 111, f! I lu- , J . -, Y, ,. xx: Y flux H or -- sz: !!! E!! BEM! - IIIHUU-" ll' lllhlv ' :'.'.i'r1g l N ef?- --'wrt' I ig,-, gl . .K n a i 'h ., 4 .-I . Y - I" . 'if f' f- 1- kfgfr i , , ,",zm4" , 1.-,.'f', ' . :. : -...- -. .-- Many of the houses offer meal clubs during the week in which they serve continental cuisine. "A lot of what we do is related to food and culture," Smith said. To promote the use of the language each house sponsors a conversationfcoffee hour several times a week. The Spanish house also offers discussion classes of topics on South America, designed to help students with their conversation. "It's agood idea but not enough students take advantage of it," claimed Elena Ramirez, Spanish tutor. They have also tried to instigate a program allow- ing only Spanish to be spoken in the lobby between four and six every day. "The cul- tural exchange has been really successful," said john Fithian. "But to only speak that particular language is kind of an unrealistic expectation. The lobby usually empties be- tween four and six," added Bennett. "Al- though, the opportunity is definitely always there." The tutor plans the cultural activities, but each house also has its own dorm council to plan parties and other dorm functions. There is, of course, some competition among the houses. "It's mostly fun rivalry, a lot like sororities, like who can throw the best parties," Bennet remarked. The creative arts house was founded only two years ago, the language houses twelve to fifteen years ago. They moved into the units in 1980. "It's all new to me. Everyone goes to classes but here people may have two plays on the side, too" said Marmol. "I felt welcome the minute I walked in the door, people here are re- laxed," added Ann Poole, a resident of the creative arts house. Blackistone stated, "Before l even came here I read about the language houses in the catalogue and thought it was neat - such a good oppor- tunityf' - Berk Hemjy -H3 llasits -1 , . s.: .4 W Lg' L J .1 , x .q, n, 'Z ,I 'li l ' as Y- :A I I Y gy, - N V, 3: D 'P 2559 'wif 1 ,s . .-H .ff ' 7' 3+--J LEFT: With its wild parties and enthusiastil' residentf. BELOW: Mark Theriunos Catches up an his studiex in fhf Russian H011-W Pf0V9d I0 be an mff'Vf'5U'1g PIUFP IU the lounge of the Spanish House. Many vtudvnlx en- live. Photo by: K. Libllfhll joyed the Comforts of their hause. Photo by: I. Ebel YN 1 ' ge: 1 'E Y 42 I ma is E I I 0 N AJ-ur M,- wll PJI wil UJIPMPJIPJIIJIEIQ 5 l.EI-'If Alumni .Uarv I'as1an'amI lah Ilrnvlm rvrarn lu lIn'Spuni.xh llnuw to l'I,NII IFIVIIIIX I'I1aIff In I I In'I .'XHlH'l:".X'f'1iIUallrrxamll rmlvlhrrfm 11lIIH'IXr'IIl the Italian Ilaaw Iaraml an Rn Irrmvml Raati l'h.'l.' INK' I'. SIFUE i I 1 l4.unx It . i illiam and Mary in 198-i. Are we what the Alumni Association, College cata- logue, and university pro- file say we are! Are we what employers, riyal schools, and the rest ofthe world think we are! Theres no easy answer. Ask any professor, ad- ministr itor or student and for every aj 'inc you will receive a different opinion. The Vfilliam and Mary "bible," i.e. the undergraduate catalogue. describes the ob- iectiyes of the College in ageneralized fash- ion, "William and Marv emphasizes . . . the development ofthe student as a whole indi- vidual." Vfilliam and Mary is "small enough to provide for relationships that allow true teathing and learning, large enough to have the resourtes to athieye excellence." lt is "primarily an undergraduate institution, proy iiiinlu a liberal educatii in that is rounded and thorough, preparing its students to live and make a livinu " f olleiae ,uuiile books .uid university Pro- iilte have sonietlunu lim add to the dest rip- llii1'ii'lXXlll1.llil.lIltl Maru As stated in The Insiders Ciuide to Colleges, "To some 'lfX...1,.z:i .ini Marv tpitoiiiifes the tradition ' ,',' . 1 Ji 1 Nwuili. .iiiii Iiii1il1L'TN. it is .1 ,good 1 f .rrlit Xcks Noutli, vvlutli ls slowly M: itiiidt to llllL'llk'klli.ll Iortes with 1 ttatiitiiiii A fine ithouluh li' 'i I 4 . I QAJPQ. AT ILL AN D Aaeiweeuluaat ymfreoraoked tnuuvbe9 D- '-A ABOVE: As part of the William and Marv education. each student must take something from Area Ill. math and sciences. Photo by K. Libucha OPPOSITE: Sylvia Shirley. a women 's physical educa- tion teacher. shouts instructions to her canoeing class. INSET: The crowds swarm out oflllorton Hallat the end of a class period. Professor Livingston warns that the growth of class si:e could lead to "teacher burn-out." Photos by T. S Ieeg underpaidi faculty provides a broad liberal arts education for a student body not generally described as lib- eral." Selective Guide to Colleges contains the infamous statement. "lf you aren't especially outgoing your study lamp may end up as your best friend." It continued by stating, "Faculty members pride themselves on the absence of grade inflation, and many students resent the pressure for grade grubbing . . . Already achievement oriented, they complain the professors' expectations get out of hand sometimes." XY'ith regard to atmosphere it stated "a preppie one that some say borders on nerdishf' American Colleges is a bit more complimentary when it states William and Mary is "valuable as preparation for the real world." It's obvious that the impression of Xxvlllldm and Mary greatly varies, According to randomly picked univer- sity officials across the nation, XY'illiam and Marys reputation remains solid. A Duke University Admissions administrator saw Yfilliam and Mary as a strong academic insti- tution with a selective admissions record. At Columbia University, an admissions official " 1.1551 un'.--A - ,xia- s l". S4 . fb A :"f.,'Z' W'f'.'! 'fag Pr fy 'Vx , 1 ry V ffk' 4 gn , Q A. 'vig L' 3 C A K rx Xi Q, R X .A.CA.DEMICSCcont.D HliLUH': An economics professor talks with u .student after class. Dean 0fA rla and Sciences, Schiuvelli, feels that the William and Murvfiicult-v is "us good nr better than faculty elsewhere. " I-'hams by T. Steep. RIGHT: Erin Sheehey looks fnr information in the micro-jilnijiles. eil .2 P j-is 14 i I LA? - - sto-,tiff ,L"'I ft . A.. - felt that William and Mary had remained very strong because it has maintained its curriculum and not followed the path of other universities. William and Mary was viewed as competitive and with an edge on other universities. Dick Vllilliams. the Dean of Colleges at Princeton University, felt Vfilliam and Mary's "good academic reputation" would maintain its high status. Back on the home front, our own pro- fessors had a special insight into the strengths and weaknesses of Xlililliam and Mary.-lames Livingston ofthe Religion de- partment said "the faculty is concerned by the growth in the number oflarger classes. The student body hasn't grown that rap- idly." As well the rise in the number of professors who produce articlesofscholar- ship has risen in the last ten years. Living- ston saw this as "a curious tradeoff." There could be a faculty ofa few devoted profes- sors. but this could lead to teaching burn out. Hut when there is a department de- voted to publishing, professors tend to be- come less atcessible. Although he saw the Cf.ollege's first commitment tn teaching, he aist i sau the personal dilemma each profes- sor faces. :X disappointment part of the l oilegc lie felt was the "tragedy of ten- .irt-" Two of the ,lefferson Teaclnng recipients in last ten years never ret c-:vcd tenure, all :Xcacleinics History professor, james McCord felt many ofthe same concerns that Livingston brought forth. McCord believed "the gen- eral trend for classes to get larger was a result of the state's funds position." He saw private funding as the l-:ey to the College's present pitfalls. Additional funds, unavailable from the state, would enable additional faculty members which would allow for publishing and teaching. Private funds would provide for financial aid to maintain and perhaps improve the College's standards. These funds would also boost XY'illiam and Mary into a higher rank of comparision by attracting promi- nent educators. Dean of Arts and Sciences, Schiavelli felt. "XVilliam and Mary's faculty is as good or better than faculty elsewhere." On XY'il- liam and Mary as a whole, he stated, "No- body else in the state can hold a candle to us." - Dillnlei Curr' ff' -' x.,. A l A an mf. yi., .1 J. I XP 'ga.pxq'l T' xa, t v. 1 P K 1 , ' I s 'G -X " I 4 A '.i f .w.X.f .A ff W. ' . . ' A It SCM-,S "r 'S s J' I I -wi K X- ' YA TOP:'v Ifl1fl'l'lI1UlUfl hmks nrrr lhv lt'llt',H'l' vmlzm- li0llf0fl7l bqhfrvjillzng ll nut, l'lmms hr I .Nrmju .-XBUl'IE.' The lrqffl' umumi Ihr murlmnl In fmnf nf Swem ix buxtlinxu, us usual. .'M.a.hr11u N wl QCADEMICS W8fM STYLE l1lXUL1k'Y urn-Ql l1l'iL'uXXvlll1.lII'1.1Ihl 1 Xl.lrx".m-l'Nru.lx'1rmg"xxprvsx11ww11x1mvL1x' lxw Klum mmf' xrullx l.1mp .lx xwvur lx-xr lI'lx'!1-I lxq-r'xx,mtuvmuniull1u.1L1wxwL1I''xx.1xpllllmulnxtl11rll.zll-mgllrur wt ilu xxul-4 .mll x-vu p.m't xlvcp xxlrll tlm lluln lm' XX L-lwmu rw xulllxwng Xxllllldlll .uni Nlux xrxlv Qllyltll lf wwmli .lx lt' L'NL'l'xXXl1L'I'LA x-lu xxym, xwu uvulll flml N- www vm' xuulx my Om flu' lxuwx Butxx cum llmwx All flu- Xxlg ln flu' MTX' IWIUIN. lwvlxx,11-mlwll4x..m.1rmxwnxlumllrw lm pu-rxxx Iwru TM x.x-1rlXl+r.1ll,1ml nlmqxrwxllruxx L-ry tylr lxx .lllxllLiw.1lMIINQ'lxxlllllxlLlI'lI1N!lll.lI'XL'.1FN lun XX mrlu-r II xxplx .1 ll'L'SlllTl.lI'l pullxml rlm: llrv .nllfmulwrurwrxSur111wrpLlll1m: lux lm. flu' pm-xxuru tw SUI ll .lll llwnc. .mll mlm' lwmlr Klum flu- lfrlwr um. wgrnul up-r l'I'LNL'lll l3rwl1mu11 lull nw lla-.ll xx'1rl1 flux yu xwrm .lt l1.1x1r1gt-lpnwx L, rl1uruiulx'w .lgmrm H mx lyllxp lllull mlnml xx llurr xwu xnxx-.lf -l1'rlu.1rrllp my-rl xllur ll.1xx..1ml lllrm- ill XX llll.iITl ,md Klux xxlmru rlmrk ffm ll up-rxl-mp" l-lrllxmnrul Irwl1m.m l l lll,ll,l11.t Hwlllll lmxg rlllp-.1r'11r.m-'pu V- llll Ylll l x1llwPl'llllHll lllllxllli lllk' Nfllxltllfx Nlj'l1ll1VwI1,ll:l1L XX .lull-V x.l1lltl1.1I llrrlxru- l 'L xl Ml 'N'I'lnIl' xx.lx rUtl1uul11xt.1r1r. ru- .'f1',L xxz:.l11.mll1rl1l.lllllxmmpruxurm "l lx ,Zlmgxu.f.lxu1r:1.xxxwrlxxxmlllllnvxxlllg l mv l ll, .I Ill-.Q l xll-lulll lx Nlllxlxllll .Nl 1' I -'Hx llx'l,NL'xkl. lwllpxn' rll.ll 1" lxlx.l1'1,r'lrx,xl11xl.mxl.1r "l Ny '-will"'ll-ltul ' 1 W ,lwxl lL.1l.lxx.ll.lxxml1ll1 x."1f,l14xi'1 l.w.Ltfv,fr.1l1fr1s . 'X "W 9 x lll xl l':w.H!:fJL'x xl. rr wpwll Mfr H' 'x W1 '.' 'iw fx fll'lln fm Studying l h.1vc to tlo to uct thc LII'.itlL'N l want. Having an ILlQ.i tml' xx'h.1t li rt-quirul has taken .1v.'.1y some ui'ii1t, prtrwurc .1nti tension," Austin Pccry..1tr.1ri5rt1r Ntutlunt from Virginia Tcth. ohscrx to thru .1 num- ber ofstutlcnts stay in one night 1 xwulxt-riti to ease the Wcelinight hurtlcn. "Stuu3'1n.u and social life seem to bc niorcintcg.1ri1tctl, with Social life fit in arountl thu studying rather than thc other w.1y.1rountl." When the pressure was on, life sccnictl unbearable. Bur what about those ri1rc times when we found ourselves with .1n evening we Could blow off without feeling guilty for not too guilty, LiIlS'XX'.1y".' Wu watched TV, went out for .1 hccr with .1 bunch offriends, turned up thc SICI'L'U,.1I1tl more often than not, we slept. - Ywflliil Eff: r 1 TO laune Grungnul :uw 1 tht pam zjsrudung hx .-HiOk'I- Huw 1 iirm-r Jun Hrru'rr1li.1im'f. IM-film listening Ioherfamrm mum 1VIHhlIl2E'lJ6'X uhmu f,l't'fl1l'H'. Hohhi lurhrwill im.i.l:n1mi Nkiipurw ml-r romes rn srudung uIHlllf7lUV1d Han xnlv Phum hi par! rn u group wud: www: Nluiiuny with frirriiix v-in V Ilda 1101071llfIl1Nl1dffYVdiIl1'l' I'hffr1f In I NIFVL' lx. at ACADEMICS TUDY here is somethmg about ,1 library that gives .1n .ur of .1c.1clem1.1. ln tlbLlllxllI1g st.1cltedw1th over .1 million hooks how can one help but feel scholastic, even in the absence of scholarly .lCIlX'1IS'f Sxvem, for example. is noticeably lacking in the pro- cluction of .1c.1clem1c .1CIlVlIl'. ln all .1ctu.1l- uv it seems to he more ot'.1 soci.1lhotspot,.1 place to meet up with frlencls .1ncl eventu- .1llv go on to the Blue Rose. But,l1ect1useit IS .1l1l7l'.ll'Y. .1n .1c.1tlen11c tnstttunon, itgives siuclents .1l'.CL'l1I'lg41lA .1ccon1pl1shment .mtl constructive-ness of they put in some time uncler the tlemise ot"'stt1clvintL:." Sxvem is .1n interesting phenomenon ot' college lllVL'. lt may he .1 l1hr.1rv hut "real" stutlents 1lon't stutlx there, or they stuclv in the c1t'iernoon on the thircl floor. Nu one xwultl clunlw three flluhts of stairs unless thev were serious .1l1outstuclv1nu." theor- lzeti lD.lYL' XY'.1rren, The lolwlvv is .1 p.1rtv .1ncl the tirst .lllcl secontl floor .ire as noisv .is .lllll tlorm T he reserve room 1s.1l1v.1vslull A BOVE: Resting peacefully' in the lounge tj Swenl. this .student enjoys the warmth af the sunshine. When people tired Qfstuzlving, they qften abandoned their hunks and gathered in the luhhv. Pham by P, pl1lt'WOIlXk,Y RIGHT: Taking advantage IUFUIIEIJ the trulv quiet places in Swem, this t'onst'ientinus stu- dent studies in the reserve mam. Pham by M, lida ff' 46- Li. Jr NW i V N ifl- of people in a panic, trying to read every- Dave Warren These were iust a few of the responses. thing they haven't bothered to read all se- "Because it's the place where you feel Kathy Kuhn went so far as to equate Svyem mester. like you are supposed to study." - Martin with a giant gerbal cage. "There are always Yes, it SCCITIS that by early evening lNlCClanan a bunch of people scurrying around, They Swem becomes should put down transformed from a quiet, placid library to a hopping social hangout. It's Paul's without subs and beer. So just why do students go to Swem? "Because I have to use the dictio- nary." - jeff Gol- lomp "Because Mom told me to." - Kevinjones "Because my lounge is really noisy and this is far enough away from the kitchen" - Chris Blincoe "It's a good place to sleep." - Lars Okeson "Because I me "The girl's bathroom walls have the Mike Sehtmfeld most interesting graffiti."- Anonymous "To get 3 date "To get books I don't want to buy." - Brownlee sawdust in the lobby and a tread- mill for venting frustrations. There are a lot of little squeaks from peo- ple trying to be quiet. And you al- ways feel like you're being watched," she ex- plained. S o p h o m o r e Paula Mchlillen claimed, "It's un- comfortable here sol knowl won'tgo to sleep. But I started studying here in particular tthe second floor! because guys used t my girlfriend here." - to my dance." - Tracy . fs... I, rf, ' .a-'E' .f I .e-V+ e i l i I l to sit right over there, before they moved the shelves. lt was better than the caf for scoping." - Betlvllnir-1 ABOVE: This burned our siudier refuses to give up. Falling aleep in the pages of our books was not an uncommon occurrence. BELOW: Desmond Langjbrd takes a break and reads a magazine. Swem offered many diversions from studying. Photos by T. Sreeg pl. .tit :uit s ww L Dont tell me about the damn it was like that when 1 was here." Harriet D E R Stanley '72, A. A,,...oo- 1 A late-night studier takes advantage of the comfortable Landrum lounge. Lounges became popular spots for typ- ing and pre-dawn homework, when roommates wanted sleep. Photo by M. llda FULL PAGE: Carl Adkins takes advan- tage ofthe soft pages of hts CPA exam review book. Many students resorted to osmosis in their studying. Photo by T Steeg vm... 5 " 'T e- 4' Q f .J --.ying--,g. N "' 1' nh. ',' . I-.-',1f,iL' l5'3xA "'f.l 9. M. , "When it comes to 1 t f D t academics here I don"t think '- ' ",h t about it I just do it." -- -' Cathy Echols '87 t if 6' 11 Lfn ha rh asf th ACADEMICS FIR PER "Some feel guilty ifthey don't do the work, others don't. - Anon "You always feel like you have too little time." - Laura Baker When it comes to academics here. I don't think about it, l just do it." - CidIl'lYECl1OlS "I think I've been impressed with William and Mary" - Anon "I think there is grade deflation." - Cathy Echols "Certain professors want you to take on their philosophies." - Laura Baker "The intro Classes are too difficult," - Donna McXV1lliams "Vive le week-end ln -.loe Springer "Its .1 good thing there are so many dopes .iround lure," 1lD.'iYL'cll'1I'l9IL'llSk'll ,na ABOX 'E : Prijessor Garret! and David Hart discuss the da-v's econonzu' Iefture. Many studenrs sought help after clasx. Photo hy T. Steeg RIGHT: Paul SaII:man ix hard at work sludving hr an exam. fha' pressure In do well was sometimes unbearable. Pham by K. Libucha .E ,J- 17' 5 2. Q. 1.5 wt xtiltniits 'Fl7?E5l' r .A - .a- e , 5 I 7 L "I think you get enough for your money, you certainly clo get your money's worth." - Anon "Sometimes I wonder if the cost of losing personal contact isn't too high." - Anon "The thingl really miss from high school is that it seems the teachers took more effort "It's only as hard as you make it." Q -unr- AIQOVIE TIIB alert student isn 't going to mass a single - A pointo I e ecrure. Staying awake in class was afear in Cathy Ondls itseU. Photo by T. Steeg "Less emphasis on the liberal arts - so we "The academic pressure is intense to the could take more variety of classes within point that it can overwhelm." our major." - Anon - Carrie Allison "Often your week-end will start on M . ,, Wednesday." Its intense. . -jan Pickrel - Liz Christopher to get to know you. The professors should not present themselves in such a wayg cold ,, . . . "Academics? . . . What Academics! A ,, You always have to write your lznglish . i and offhand and unapproachable. . . ., - Doug and Debbie . . papers with a bottle of wine. , - Donna McWilliams Jan Pickrcl 110th semester seniors! ,n ' ' ' ' v - . l William and Mar is a uni ue challen e , 4 ,. "l m ettin' a d 1 A d 't - ' l l Y . q g. "It s tough, but you get used to it. g 5. gr? L 6 um 'On mtl l for those who seek the intellectual experi- . . 1 some exceptions. l . . . - Chris Lucuzzella i ence. Besides that, partying is really - Anon igoodf' - Doug Hawkins "The professors' doors are usually open." "Once you've learned to study, it's not that - Anim Lllfllfultf' "They don't need to be quite as hard on us - Anon HS they are." "You want to have some background . . . l -Anon but you don't necessarily want the in- "We were worried about !l1llUl5 liffslllll-H1 l depth knowledge that they would give year, but after that,'s the use worry- 'i"Pressure?. . .What Pressure?" you." ing about it!" 1 - Ody Granados - lamina lNlcXVilliams -im Pitkrel I l I il ll it "l At .tilt-mit s 59 ,. - , . 1' u. . . ,Q up Q v 1 T wig- lf 1 fl 'fm if 'Q , A ' tang: 3 'f?Q 0 ' if gfx, A' 'Wg . .L+ i . 1 , ' V' . . ' 'N 3, Y M1 'L 1 5 . E' '12 , 5 . LE, ii? AEI ' A .fif- I. ,mn : :- - 1- -z ' . ' ' , IL! if 3 691' . x M53'f'm A. V nu irq ,gym s.--. ,L X 2-I +- 1 nl .1 4 if R' I ,, H Q 4. , Q A A 35+ ,A P . 5' 4, azz, -4 'iff 2 '-J., Vi ,. 33275 sh rm - . fb' ' ' 1 5' ,r -wr f x I Yfifb f 51- -2 "T 42' fn-' 3- ' 21:5 :F .4 Au ..,, ,. :-uxf. ,.A. .1 5 4.-- 431. 'yu L-, . Cf, -'-A-1-'-: S.-A ' . 4 1 'A I ltvvsv There were plenty of b g 'ngs to talk about. Tuition was going up ag .gnd Buildings and Grounds ran around rotating tulips. Six varsity sports wou d no longer be of- fered here, because certain programs wer m re important than others. The Honor Council over-ruled t . Constitution and unchecked, violated basic guaranteed rig ts. , ams were here to test not how much we knew bm how fast we coulflscribble. And on andon.. ,,' r Something'about springtime, though, put it all in a different perspective. V Graduation came in thespring. New starts were marked by the X-death of an old and secure way of life. You had to worry about fihdingga job, but you also snild bask in the factkthat you had plained all year long, but when it came right down to it, no one wanted to be insulted for trying hard in a confusing world. All the corny things. Flowers and stuff were aliveagain, which were great unless you had allergies. life. was reaffirmed, even in the face of reading period. Maybe that was it. That's what it was about the spring. When you found out in the middle of winter that your term paper was due 15 minutes ago, or when you turned on the radio in the morning and the U.S. had invaded Grenada, bare trees and steely clouds didn't do muqh but confirm the fact that everybody was doomed. . if Q , , - ' . ,When y ould ruin bad, though, and- sprawl in the suxunder ' "nful blue s Y , y new that as long as that single accomplished at least one thing in the last four years. . . you gofa nifty piece of paper to show for it. Q i roaming evangelists came to town, too, and awhen they our waywf lifefh.-deffiided it. We might have com- .'ll'ifv. , , ,, . A nitgij 1f3f,ii.2' -' ,6'..:1.3,', A ..., U - '.: , . V - v, ' f . V :H ',q.' j-'bfi' " 1-"1-, H . . .Ag -.-Q.. ,. - :,'l.1 "ie 1' ' :I .-Aff. ' 3. if-7'-: ' - -'L if xl! ' 'AJ -"M.,4" rigs. 'P , 18. , -I 1.53,-Ill... E gift! ' ' ' 5 ,i act f spraw g was possible yotwexams couldn't touch you. , - as - Greg Srbneider X. , , , . Chris Turner-spraw V V t in munken Gnrde h escape the ensuing pressure qf exams. Even in the ' h ng period, sunny days drew throngs ofsunbarhers and frisbee arhiisspd iden. Q, iv, . I. inf ev. 4143 s R An Hour InC.W. ourists. What more can one say? If a picture can paint a thousand words, then this simple word can conjure up thousands of pictures for those ofus who reside in the famous colonial tourist trap eight months out of the year. The word "tourist" immedi- ately brought to mind sweaty multitudes wrapped in polyester. Williamsburg. Where the visitors all wear bermuda shorts, black socks, and suede running shoes. Sure, it was tacky, but it was en- A The first hint of warmth hrings forth the tourists in record numbers, year qlteryear. No two tourists really look alike, but to one who ix a college student or a townie. the tourists blend into a sea of lost people, all who want to know the quickest way to get to the Pottery. We sent our Photo editor, Tim Steeg, our among the tourists for one hour to photograph these aliens. What resulted ix an amusing glance at the rlifhfrent typex of people that we all lump into the term. tour- ist. Allphotos hy II Steee dearing in an odd way too. Vllhere else could you find elderly ladies grinning from a set of stocks or middle-aged businessmen wear- ing tri-cornered hats in order to humor their unruly children? Tourists. They flocked here in the balmy days oflndian Summer, and then their flow trickled off until the first bird-filled days of spring. They peered, they ate, they complained of sore feet and aching backs, they got in joggers way on DOG Street, they pumped hundreds ofthousands of dollars into the Williamsburg economy, they admired the grace- ful colonial architecture, and they asked us ifwe were students at the "College ofjoseph and Mary." Still, they provided a source ot entertainment and more impor- tantly, a connection to the "real" world for those of us cloistered in the halls of academia. - K im zllootlya 3 Q aw: 9 41313 'i T K si n' K 't 'rv . . i1 v" Student lfxposed .. . '4 Ea il ' , 4 .Cf . ,g,. v ff, i lun", 2 kia a,.f1' Q -,x 5- ' ' ' 1""1' . I v 1 YA I s .I 4 l .,' I . V 1 o 1 N ', ' way, , l l' 4" 5 Q '34 - . 2 12 ' .9 ze ml , f f , 1 Q I. xl ll v'5 E y rn ' Q,-571.7 Qf.-f-Z"- ' lt' 'xv-"'-' -J-1, lx 4 1 I 41. P 'A I . 5 I , 5 x .' ww- .Viddle-ugefl ladies in vmvkx. VWIM'V1lH4ll husbands, dogs in lrimrnered hun. N il- liamsburg in the .xummer was uverlv- blessed wirh an umuiinu rurzerv uf people. And unless mu sturefl lm An! In Swem. there was ul lem! une mm' when you were askedfur dlrecrmnx. NIL.-in HI l xpfwxn -1 in STUDE T EXPOSED THE STUDENT EXPOSED Yes, Even in Williamsburg, Sex, Alcohol, etc. oing away to college was an ex- ercise in learning tolerance. Most dorm halls collected a wide variety of lifestyles, atti- tudes, and beliefs. For most incoming freshmen, living in a college dorm was an eye-opening experience. Their hallmates were diverse - probably more so than their high school friends. A born again Christian might find himself thrown to- gether with an atheist for a roommate, and a teetotaler might find that he is living next door to an enthusiastic beer guzzler. Certainly, we found a wider range of po- litical, religious, and moral philosophies gathered in one place than ever before. The Marxist who would have been scrupu- lously avoided in high sthool became a close friend as ideological arguments stretc hed into the wee hours of the morn- ing, and rabid Republicans found that ul- tra-liberals and New Dealers were human, too, People of all religions found an oppor- Tlllllfx UI llllx II LIP, lior some adiusting to others' attitudes towards drugs, altohol, and sex was diffi- tult at times. Although drug use wasn't rampant on tampus, it wasn't uncommon. Si imeone who didn't approve ofthe use of illegal sulwrant es often lost patient e with a roommate who got high twice a day, but eventually. a toleranie for the "deviant" If ll' ls'i'sii1i'ri!5 of firvr fllrinrm- enjoy rheniselws in Split' of thi' s!ril1iJi'nItllrolmlrzfillzldlium. Photo hy: T. Sitter Rlfilll lliirk 1 lauwr :mil Karen Griffith wail jlrr lrlt'tiiIsu!,lIimii1 UMW, Pholu hr: If Steiff lifestyles of others often developed, and this was probably one of the more valuable lessons. Being awakened by a drunken roommate every Saturday night and nursing his hangover every Sunday morning took some adjustment, iust as the party animal had to get used to his roommates annoying habit of hitting the sack by ll:O0 every Friday and Saturday night. In many cases, coming to college ex- posed us to a multitude of new attitudes towards sex. Some discovered their roommates attitudes the first time they spent a night on the study lounge sofa. Many were surprised by the pick-ups that ,, 4 occurred at parties and by our hallmate's relaxed attitudes towards sexual habits and preferences of their hallmates. Twenty-four hour, seven days a week visi- tation in the dorms forced many to con- front these new perspectives, and as a result, many learned to accept responsibil- ity for their actions. Learning experiences were not confined to the classroom or the books. College life exposed many students to attitudes they had never encountered before. The col- lege experience was definitely more di- verse and broadening than that of high school. - Kim Moorha ' 5 ,A iiulura 'X' I iff- 1- , I XQJ fil Ntudt-nt l xposed b 5-" N X 1 1 E l i i I I r K u 3 1 t N I I I pQ 95 1 4k i- t fl?" u ABOVE: Mark Johnson attempts tu reamn with tt traveling preacher. Photo hv: T. Steep LEFT: Bill Wagner purt'haxe.s beer ut the Mtg. .Uanv students frequented the Wig rn esmpe the amdenm rigor. Photo by: T. Steeg NILLJVIII lwpt 'wtf 1 3 STUDE T EXPOSED p THE ART 0F DATING otes on the Sometimes Forgotten Practice of Dating ll the proper ingretlients were present: .1n almost equal num- ber ot' men .intl women. the eombmetl soe1.1l events ot' the tollege .mtl Colonial XYlllll.1H1SlWL1fjl, .mtl surrountlings romantic enough for .IDX ho- nex mooneror Harlequin novelist. Yet this potent1.1llv explosive 1l.1ting lwklflllllltl re- sultetl 111 .1 mere tizzle, Stutlents were .1l- most LlIl.lIlllUUUNlS' tlissatisfietl with tlatmg here. but1l1s.1gree.l.1b1-111tlieeitiseeotiits se.1re1tv, lfvervone's favorite tleseription of the tlating ilfkldilllll was. Hlt s11tks.".1t'.11rlv .1ttur.1te 11 impretise assessment. XX'hen pressetl, however. evervone hail his or l1er own pet theorv to explain tl1e l.11k ot' tl.1t- ing, The Views ot' men .mtl women tlitilieretl, but both .tgreeil tl1.1t .11 .1 sthool this size. gossip lllllll'1liL'Ll ilating, 'Alt' vo11 e.1t luneh with soineone .11 the 1.11. everxone .1s- s1L111es1.'1111're1gi11I11g1111t."w.1s.1tX'p11.1l re- mark l11.1v111o11s tvi le the r.1r1tx ot'1l.1t1ng lll.ltlL' ll .1 prime target for gossip whith Ill 111rz1tl1s.o1:r.1ge1l LW en more people lrom 1i.ll1llsl .'hkU1l'-llllkQU1HllL' hxporhesis, stutlents might ll.lN e been more willing to t.1ke the r1sk 111volxe1l. 11 tht onli .lllk'l'll.lllXL' h.1tl l11 1 ll ll 111 lx nights sg-e111 with their books lS1.'s11111.l.1t111.L was siarte.11w.1stl1er11le V.l'llt'!' Tll.lIl the exieption to go out Ill ,311 'Lys 1.1. ith 1111 mot rs 1 11 Illt same sex lt s N1pl:-111111111IM1111:slow11111101-11r1g1'l11p,111l11h11Ifury- -1-fl: .'11'!111'i' 11111111 111 1I11o 'lllhoizeh so1111' xI111I1'r11s w""l'1 'Yti1f1!I1111'f'rof1Ii'111. 11111111 w1'r1'11hl11'1o1n 111 II too easy for guvs to go to traternitv parties or P.1ul's .mtl pitk up girls. Wliv take the risk asking someone out when they tlon't have to!" was one toe1l's response. Most tlating seemetl to take one of two forms. piek ups or serious xltllllljl. This rigitl eli- ehotomv eonvineetl men that it'thev asketl .1 girl out, she woultl immetliatelv assume that he e1tl1er wantetl to go to betl with her or marry her, eliminating tl1e mitltlle- grountl UlYCL1SL1.1lel.HlIlg altogether. Many men also felt that women UI1l'.ilI'ly' plaeetl the burtlen ot' initi.1ting a tl.1te on them. Particularly, they emphasized that women turnetl tlown so many ol' the otitiers that guys tlitl make, "X'i'omen here neetl to learn how to reiett men." one stutlent sug- gested. He pointetl out that it is possible to turn down .1 tlate without implying that the guv who matle the offer is .iIOf.1lly worth- less person. "One or two rejections like that and vou're re.11lv to go home an-.l get out the razor blades." L .tl 'L U fran, o l'-,V Both men and women saw girls taking the initiative and asking guys out as .1 possi- ble solution. Although it occurred more frequently than before, it was by no means common. Despite reassurance from men that they found it flattering to be asked out, women were still hesitant about the impression they would make by breaking out of such well-established sex roles. They didn't want to risk being considered fast or aggressive, and there was still the possibility of rejection. Other students suggested preoccupa- tion with study or lack of friends as possi- ble explanations for the limited dating activity. Or perhaps it was because there was nowhere to go on a date if you didn't have a car or were under 19. No one could point to a single cause, but the variety of hypotheses suggests that dating was a problem that affected many students. Most ofstudents reacted with vague dis- satisfied murmurs and a feeling that their --' st fffj social life was somewhat less than ade- quate. Others however carried it a step fur- ther and created full-fledged theories. Une such theory was the Social Hamlet theory deyeloped by -lim Roberts and Paul Kuhnel. They pointed out that their the- ory was basically male oriented and that they hoped it only applies to social life at XY'illiam and Mary. The basic prennsc was that people here behaye differently in so- t Zfifm tt ff0ff l.." ' ,ji -.-,'. ' . ,. f.- ..x.- sl. - Rf. cial situations than they do normally. they "role play." Role playing permitted only the most superficial relationships, but rc-- fusing to role play put you out ofthe soc tal scene altogether. lncludecl in this theory was a four part pep talk. Part one warned that in I-ll years you would be dead, so you coulclnit afford to put off dating any longer. Part txyo tor- btded the social Hamlet to alloxy any ad- yerse response from a iiettlale that would yllilrtll his seliiesteem. it xyas essential that he believe he yyas superior. Part threc' re- quired that lie assutne .i totally c ay alter atti- tude to dating and retnatn undaunted by any possible failure. l'art lout' detnanded that he tntist be nice. sinile. sax hello to eyeryone Alter all, you cllcllllt xsant to needlessly lttnit your possibilities Dating at Xsilliatn and Marx xx as not yet in danger ol becotning the nc-xt topic ol telc-yisit mn's "ln bearc h of " bitt it xx as tat front conitnon .'Xlthough tht-ost tall int -- -it was one ot pc-ssttnistn, dating at XX tlltant and Marx yyas not dead kt t l.: t Ill-I Stttyt' Nttttttrtctitit ttntl Nlttirtttt IIt'c'lt'x stroll tltlwlllllllsettfftf1rHtt'sIt'l NIM tl 1 ttlttllltil ll iltlitnrtts hurt' prtnitlrtl it Iillfltlllflt WffllllfltllIl1IwtHt'ii'k'1ttltt'ti plc' moi I llilst' ll ttlslt tint! ,lttltt Nyttt tw t' ftt. tid not IIIU from llttlstrtsott, rrltlt oft tht ttitfttti' ftoult tttit' 1 rtnillwl l'hoyos ht I NIrt'L' l Xtn sl ' is V 'PF , .Q - -fe Af- .- f 4 1 X, . A ..-,- - ..o. --I .7 , Y, .-, .- My 3.1, I 192' M Ay I. , 11,7-g p 4 ' 'N i., ,X .J 4. 4, ,y n , . is-! .. g, . .,, ri , '-,-4, - -, if -- -'i ' ,',4,'g4' i, '- 4 lf:-,Q "Tie 'l' .?'flf', '51"?:-'Q r?'lf-""'ai1' 2: ."-: OF AGE A Look at the Social Fiasco of the Year y eighteenth birthday wasn't quite what l had expected," said one anonymous fresh- man, reflecting on the Vir- ginia General Assembly's decision to raise the legal drinking age for beer to nineteen. Although a sizeable number of students from across the state gathered in Rich- mond to demonstrate their concern about the proposed change, the national trend toward raising the drinking age prevailed and the college community was left with the fact that approximately one-quarter of its members could no longer legally drink, Regardless of their age, almost all students were affected in some way, but the en- tering freshman class suffered the most. These poor souls had to face the rigors of orientation without one of the greatest of all social traditions, the freshman hall keg party. ln contrast to past years, alcohol was conspicuously absent during this fall's orientation. Having never been exposed to the old system, freshman were generally satisfied with the orientation activities that were provided. However, most freshman looked forward to the day when they would once again come of age. The changes in the drinking age also had a substantial effect on the Greek system, particularly on fraternity rush. Thanks to the Virginia General Assembly, the old con- cept of smokers seemed to have disap- peared from the social scene at XY'illian'i an l Nlarx Free beer gave way to free food as the main attraction of fraternity smok- ers. Despite veritable feasts of crabs, nachos, and other munchies, attendance at smokers dropped from last year. How- ever, there were at least some benefits of the new law as Pi Lam member Paris Wilson stated, "this year, the guys who came to our smokers were really more in- terested in finding out about our fraternity and fraternities in general," Nevertheless, it was sometimes harder to get the brothers to attend "dry" smokers, and at- tendance by college women also dropped. Open parties sponsored by fraternities and sororities were also hard to find. Kappa Alpha Theta member Susan Conn noted that it was difficult to get all the per- mits necessary for a College-sanctioned party. Given the strictness of the new codes, violations were inevitable. In spite of this, most involved agreed that the ad- ministration handled the situation without undue harshness. Because ofthis coopera- tion between students and administration, the Greek organizations were able to com- ply with the new regulations while con- tinuing to function as a major source of social activity at the College, Nowhere was the logistical problem created by the new law felt more heavily than at the Student Association. The Haverty administration was stuck with the dilemma oftrying to continue traditionally popular events such as the Hall mixers, while at the same time not excluding the substantial minority ofstudents who could s iq ,+ 489: 'P -fn? 'Win X'-imp, ls.- :-Tp ' ,-..,x 1 ABOVE: Jeff Cole spikes another in a competitive game of volleyball. Alcohol was conspicuously absent at man y campus activities. BOTTOM: Fred Miller helps himseU' to another beer at a Bryan Complex cookout. Upperclassmen couldn't care less about the increase in the legal drinking age. not legally drink. Reaction to the first at- tempted solution was definitely mixed, as some commented on the inconvenience of having to crowd everyone who wanted a beer into a small area in the Hall. Still, most agreed with the basic plan to keep SA functions open to all and to serve beer in an area restricted to those students over nineteen. SA president Lisa Haverty noted that she was pleased that the "College ad- ministration continued to show faith in students running the events," and also stat- ed that the College's new alcohol policy was still more lenient than that in force at many other Virginia schools, While the new drinking law was specifi- cally designed to prohibit drinking only lwy those nineteen and under, the actual ef- fects were far reaching in the college com- munity. Campus parties and dances, fraternity smokers, dorm functions. and SA mixers were all greatly affected lvy the new law. These events, traditionally cen- tered around alcohol, were forced to he- come more diverse in their appeal. -- .'lll1ln1i'lSlnr-nl l Xlvwlil ffl GUIDE T0 NIGHT- LIFE Taking a look at night life away from books On the weekdays, Adam's was a quiet, relaxing bar where many people went to unwind after a long day. A tired soul could sink into one ofthe over-stuffed chairs that line the lounge and forget the problems of the day. The walls were lined with book shelves and tasteful prints that add to the soothing effect. The music consists ofmel- low oldies but goodies. Adam's sponsored a happy hour from -1:50 to ':OO Monday through Thursday and from 5:00 to ':O0 on Fridays. On any given night Adam's was sure to have plenty of college students making a meal out of the buffet of free hors d'oeuvres. On Fri- days Adam's featured a raw bar with clams and oysters on the halfshell, fish and fried clams. The food, in general, was good, not like Moms home cooking, or even like that which was offered on the other side of Adam's, in the restaurant, but it was a welcomed change from dorm cooking and fast foods. Adams's on the weekend was a different story. lt is standing room only, and barely that, after l lzllll p.m. Both the restaurant and the lounge area are open and the tables lill up quickly. This was the place to go for dancing and everyone knew it. The small dance floor was impossible to find. To gain actess to it, one had to wait until a song of lesser popularity was played, move onto the floor, stake a claim and wait for the next song. But this didn't happen often with the Dyl playing popular and funk fillies. noone left the floor. Adam's was a relatively large place and because ofits layout it was difficult to casu- ally run into friends, so it was best to go with a few friends for a good time. - Bella Hemjy A new combination restaurant and tav- ern opened its doors this fall to returning William and Mary students and effectively increased the small number of nightspots by one. Despite two name changes and a couple oftemporary closings for remodell- ing, UpstairsfDownstairs, previously known as Smokey's and the William and Mary Restaurant, became a favorite place for students and professors alike because it was within easy walking distance of cam- pus. In keeping with William and Mary's rep- utation for a conservative and traditional outlook, some expressed a lingering fond- ness for the old Cave which occupied the space where the Downstairs tavern is now. Susan Anson, a senior who decorated her apartment with the Cave sign, remem- bered that "the Cave was the most deca- dent place we could find within walking distance freshman year. lt made quite an impression." The Upstairs restaurant, famous for its taco salad and Haagen-Dazs ice-cream sundaes, incorporated one very unusual feature. Instead of tablecloths, there was paper covering the tables with a cup of crayons at each one providing starving art- ists with the opportunity to color to their A group of friends enjoy their Fosters Lager and con- versation at the Green Leafe. Located across from Bryan C omplex, the Leafe provided a drinking estab- lishment within walking distance of campus. Photo by T. Steeg hearts' content, at least until the food or drinks arrived. UpstairsfDownstairs also planned to in- stall a dance floor for the further enjoy- ment of its customers, good news for students without cars. All in all, the restau- rant and tavern enlivened the sometimes dreary social scene in Williamsburg, prompting Susan Anson to say "every little bit helps." -Surah L. Long After a productive and enjoyable eve- ning at the Green Leafe, many students noticed a ubiquitous smoky aroma on their clothes, but that never kept them from re- turning. The Leafe had certain qualities that we would always rememberg the dark, smoky atmosphere was conducive to the favorite collegiate pastimes of drinking, chatting, and munching. During the early evening lwhen the lights were upl stu- dents, professors, and often parents en- joyed varied and reasonably priced meals. Student prices on special dinners and sandwiches were particularly popular. La- ter in the evening, the managers turned the lights so low and the music up so high that it was easy to forget who you were with. From the jam to Neil Young, the stereo blasted music until 2 a.m., that bewitching closing hour when the lights blinked on ll l Yljxiwtwl l l l 1 l l and off and we realized who we were with. Nightly specials were a featured liquor and beer at reduced prices. Although the Leafe was patronized largely by upperclassmen, many professors were spotted taking a break from the rigors of academia. After nine, the sandwich prices were reduced, making the popular chicken fiesta too cheap to resist. Those who minded their health opted for the vegetarian souvlaki, even though hanging out at the Leafe for an hour was the equivalent of smoking two packs ofcigs. As the semester wore on, the Leafe became more and more crowded as seniors realized how precious their re- maining time had become. Four years at the Leafe had provided so many good times that leaving it as hard to imagine. - Swan Conn and Dare Chrzktemerz Celebrating its first anniversary, the Blue Rose Cafe was still drawing in many qs- students who were looking for something different. Different is what they got. Serv- ing a wonderful dinner menu until 10 o'clock, the Blue Rose was a great alterna- tive tothe crowded Delis along Richmond Road. With a DJ. on the weekends, a dance floor and MTV the rest ofthe week, the atmosphere was quite comfortable al- lowing students to forget that they lived in "colonial" Williamsburg. The Blue Rose also offered a happy hour from ll-12:50 during which all drinks, except bottled wine, were sold at two-for-one. This was a help to those on a student budget. It was easy to tell when happy hour had started, every seat filled, conversation at a high pitch - even standing room hard to find. The Blue Rose had obviously struck a re- sponsive chord with William Mary stu- dents. WM students walked into Mamma Mi.i's on Prince George Street to hear the iuke- box blaring with popular tunes, to play video games, or to gather over pitchers ui' beer in a small, friendly atmosphere. Al- most any night of the week .1 group ini' sororoty sisters could be seen huddled zo- gether in wooden booths because ui' Mamma Mia's convenient location In Greek housing. Open from l 11013 .i.m. to 2:00 a.m., Mama Mia's specialized in New York style pizza and stromboli, as well as .1 wide variety of imported beers and sandwiches. Popular because ofits friendly management and quick service, Mamma Mia's attracted students to meet for some post-examination celebration every day of the week. - 5111.111 Cfffmz 5 lv - j 011 Tl70lIIil,f C-z .-,iw 5 ABOVE: Seniors' Suxan funn and Dave l'hris!vn.wn abandon the'irstu1Iie'x and lounge ar Ihr bar al Second Street. LEFT: Keith C'ieplii'kiil11nr'e'.x' with Ufl'it'fIddI The Hlui' Rose. A large dance flour and rvm-fisrvd high halls attracted many students during Ihr hnurx of lI'00 to 12:30. Phnfnx by 1. Sl'c'f'g . . . '-,-' ' . 1 X '-ff.- - i t ' .r, , f V ' -. 4 Y -'ig , '.-, w-Q Ln, ,V '5.i j.1,' , at sad " ' '?-Jag. ,YEL ,,Q-Q' : Q." - 'Y .H f " i', ' - - ,, ia- - ,- , 1 - i - 13 ,- .jf .i.,, i. 1 l i T ' .fin ii " " '-- ,.t.7 oven - " Z' .w a 'V 'g . - 'Q tF,.i 4 e ., A X. is .6-l:.y' al - -1 -I ,..A , V.: W.: .V ,,:-,15. Lg. .La P 1: L -1 -i.. ,- -.. Z'-' , ,z , - , ST - 5 BDRING WEEKEND NIGHTS Inside some of the unexciting and not so unusual weekends. if' .Z et another boring weekend night in XY'illiamshurg. XY'e'ye all experienced them at some time, for whatever reason, More often then we would care to admit. last-minute. hard-core desperation study- ing encroached on our weekends. Said sophomore ,lune Harmon, "Have l had boring weekend nights? The exciting thing ahout boring weekend nights is trying dif- 'I ferent teas while l study," Unfortunately. the work load didn't take off for the week- end when we did. Vfeeliend socializing es- pecially suffered near the end of the semester when all those papers we had so diligently ignored all semester long. came home to roost. Time to pull an all- weelcender with a pot of coffee and Mr. Shakespeare. Of course. studying wasn't the only Weelsend liiller at good old XYM. Have you ever noticed how one weekend will he ac- tion-pacl-ted, with movies, nine hlow-out parties. three sorority dances, and a hall mixer, and the next you can't find anything more exciting than German l-louse Katie' lilastthf Sometimes there was iust noth- ing going on. Occasionally, we eyen felt antisocial, and the thought of enduring an- other frat party or having a beer at Pauls .4- 1 1 O 4. v ug, ,,- 'fi- v .N -vb. l-f.s..- ,vs .'Q s 1 1 J' -r-Sf, s . - 1. 5 ia ith the rest of the student population was if I ,Q , y , - NCS - WN tletitletili unappealing. Still, some people - h - . X yy. i-old rather face the hordes at Pauls than ' jfii si: at home on the weekend, .lunior Karin 417' 'ii Xerler t laiined that "even on boring X "5-Ltheilils you l1aX'e time to go out lilll' .i l' X 5tt1.1c'i7lfxpogL',i sn 51. un..- ' I .JS sq' Y P' . P.-P. -. :- as 4 9- ., r 9 1. "' .A- "1 .V U J W. 1 -, I -1- 2?-'L X N -1.r -s. Xxx., 1 -1 beer .tt P.1ul's." liven ."Xt1.1ID's .1nd the Blue Rose lJCk1lIUC old h.1t. .1nd those 111- us un- tlortunates who l.1cl4ed t.1rs didnt even have these .1ltern.1t1ves, XY'ell,wl1.1t to do? Often xxe studied or vegged out in lYl'Uf1Kl1l'IllLA'l-X., MTX' ys.1s a perennt.1l 1-.1YlJI'lIL'. Sotnetttnes it e gathered together .1ll our .1nt1soc1.1l friends for an evening of b.1d sittoms .1nd beer This practice usually degener.1ted into .111 enthusiastic game of "Chug l5o.1t" .1round 9:00 on Saturday. Oticourse, we tlltlllil .1l- ways sit .lround crying in our beer .1nd moaning about the dism11ld.1ting situ.1t1on at XVINI. Often .1 slow weekend VK'.lS .1 xvel- comed excuse to go home for .1 couple ot days or to catch up on the much-needed sleep that we missed during the xveelis barrage of tests .ind p.1pers. Some of us even tried to clean our rooms, while the most apathetic ofus curled up with .1lWl1Ol1i th.1tvvasn't.1ssigned for 1 cl.1ss. Some rem- edies for weekend boredom were more imaginitiye than others. -Iuntor l.jC.lll1111 Luslto turned to the kitchen for sol.1ce to "cook Cornish hens." For some, the boring weekend nights were .1 welcome relief .titer .1 tough week. For others, they were J.SL'L'II1lI1A!lY unend- ing source of torture. Yet some resourte- ful students denied the existence ot' boring Weekend nights. About 1WU1'll1xL1 xx eelsettds. -lanet Sever, .1 sophomore. s.1td, "l don't have themf l don't .1lxy.1ys go out. but l .1lw.1ys find something to 1111 lf.1th yseek- end ts different." Bob l..1lfr.1lste, .1 senior. agreed, Stiylllgl, "lt tust depends on htm boring your CHII'lP.111X' ts. You 1.111 ll.1Xt' .1 good time, you iust h.1ve to xsorlx h.1rder here." Un the other 1l.il1tl. some people regretted l1.1YlH.1l bust' weelsends 5.11.1 tu- ntor S.1nd1e Muller. uililte upsetting thing .tbout my weekend nights this setnestt-r ts l1l.1I I.1st when l lived in lfftmtl. l got involved in "D.1ll.1s." .1nd noyx l nc-yer ,Stl to XY'.ULih tt, .tnd "l7.1ll.1s" ts more emtttttg th.1n most t'r.1t p.1rt1es" Ulwtotislx boring weekend nights wert-yxl1.1t yt 1- 111.1111 tht lll .tnd were .1 p.1rt ot .tnxone s 1-1t11''s .tr XYNN1 IQ11 ll 1.11 IXf1l'.U1l- I1'1u11 11111 111-1111111 1111.1 11111111.31 ., 111111 their 1-1111111 lIlL'111 1111111 111111 11111.11 1111,-1. 1- 111.1 11111111111 111111 1 . I .-11111111 .N1'l1'tt1 H1111 111111 111'1 111111111111111'. 1111111 11 1 1 11tt'11n11'11l111111u1I11'1111p111.11 11111111 l':11s1.11s 17111 1'urx111IxI11'111n11'1ht'11111s1p1111t111z111.1.11..':11'1:t . 1: . 1,-11 : p11.y1111t'r11s1111111111111111111111111 l11t'1111:.111'1 11111 11.11 V 1111 111111 I 1111111 111111 1111111111 l11.1s1tL s. 1 A 11111111 1 11w111' from 1111'1t111s1 1111111 st1.11111113 .11 11111s11 .111 11 1 811111111111 11111111 1l11'11111.11 111 1 N1111' 1 1 . 1 I 1 i N".lt11l1' N112 N l 1 UPTO tilliii DATE - BQMBS BLAIR lt has happened in Paris, Washington, DC., and in all the maior capitals in the world. But for what reason would any- one want to bomb-Iames Blair Hall at the College ot' William and Mary in Vfilliamsburg, Vir- ginia? On XY'ednesday. March 21. WS-4, the offices of President Thomas A. Graves,-lr, and the campus police received calls warning that bombs might be placed somewhere on campus. At this time no buildings were evacuated, as none had been specifically mentioned by the callers, Two days later, Friday. March 25, W84, the Grants Office. located in james Blair Hall. received a similar call around 1 p.m, According to Mary XY'arner. the Grants Ot'- tiice secretary who tooli the call, a voice with .1 "slight Mid- dle East accent" told her, "We have placed bombs outside your office by the vending mae chines, We are with the Pales- tine Support Group." The caller gaye no reason for the bi imb threat, XY'.irner promptly notified the campus police. telling them that she lwclieyced the call had been .i tape record- 'XHY 'll Lumpur Polii eniun informs u fiilcrr that the mai nor crow lhv police llI'lr Police' limw were vrctcreil ro keep jlffifili' from UIQ' xit'l1t' of Ihr' IflI't't1f, l'liii!fi hi I Siem: Rlfflll I-tri' Minky, iinihizliirices. and :i- ifii r i 'irs siirroiiml Jilrnes liliiir during 'tif I ritltii iirreriiofiri Nlllft' Pliotvrhv. I' x' , -i ' , ri liatc' f' it 'S EIU. , i ' . .el 55' rfb .t 0 I. X v i a 1- if xx, Q Q , i . x : " I. i I f ---S--U f --Uri' ' -- -:ii np!- 'wuz-1 , 3 ,X l U ,rn X' xw'Q"fLi"' a it Q "Tha I : 5' - - 4, -.y -'gl - y n ,- I Q .4 ...-+..,,,- eg-iigrgg , --,..:-Y, " - 9 ., - 1 'S ,Qi 1.7-wg . in "ri Eg , 15 E - - ' .4 "'J,: . I' ' 9' ' " -.. "' 1 c , - .. kgu' ' 4... - , ,Q i i - -A . -5 -' - . , Q, LO. ia: .A .i kno o - Jo ,., LA' r 1. ' X -1 ' 1'5" T Q." " I - "W . F- -av " g4.ei-Q5 '-..,,' --'H-ins.. , ' .- ' x,l A I- ' , -- T .a.2.'P'.a-e' il: '.'," - 5 A .. - . ,. , . 0--L-, QW- L - 4' - -e - '- -s -4'-5, '+rT-:f"'!A 4, -... """ N15 'VE-3 " 'Nab-' f ' ' 'Qu if N x.. Xa I . 1 v"":, --vt Qfihs. big .1 9-fr" ' "L 'Z 'T' if'- DOQ -" 1 Q N :S c.! Q 1 .x. I - ,Q . ' 1 5 4' v-9-at . t fr?-Nu"A-" - 3913-eu" ..-Q. Q-- , " H ' : '- ',-nv-4,3-Q - 1- gs may -' - Vlfea 'fi?"5'?"J"' T ,.,-1-'fi---' " be 7' rt' . 1. ',.v-'- '-' 1- . -' fn- MH- .aaa L i -re V- 731' ' -'- ' 'I' 1- ing. The campus police had re- ceived a similar call minutes before Warner contacted them. Meanwhile, joan Seaman, another secretary, went to look under the drink machine in the hallway for the supposed bomb, 'fl thought it was a joke until I got down on my hands and knees and saw it," she said. The "bomb" turned out to be a dud. Actually, it was not a bomb at all, but a practice gre- nade such as, according to Campus Police Chief Richard Cumbee, are used in military training. These grenades have small explosive caps but they are less powerful than those in regular grenades. This particu- lar grenade was wired to a box trigger. The trigger was a "pressure release mechanism" which would detonate ifit were lilitecl. The campus police removed the device at about 5 pm., as- sisted by a bomb disposal unit from the Yorktown Naval Wfeapons Station and the state police. lt was later turned over to the State Polite l.aboratori' in Richmond. Attached to the devit e was a note saying that another bomb was located somewhere in the building. By this IllNe.,l.lt11es Blair Hall had been evatuatetl and the surrounding area roped off. A seart li was ton ducted, but no second bomb could be found. The campus police also searched surround- ing buildings, and resident as- sistants were asked to check their halls. A second search of james Blair was conducted by the Williamsburg Fire Depart- ment. Still the device men- tioned in the note was not found. Virginia State Police brought in a dog, specially trained to sniff out explosives. from Richmond. He, too, failed to locate the second de- vice after two searches. By ' p.m.,sIames Blair Hall was de- clared safe, and people were al- lowed to re-enter the building. Had the whole thing been a serious threat, or simpli' someone-'s idea of a poke! The campus police took the matter very seriously. 'Alf it's a prank, it's still a very serious matter," said Clumbee. "XYe're still go- ing to put the same amount til effort into it if it was a prank or a terrorist attionf' The l'.S. State Department and tlie lilll were asked lor .is- sistanee in identilving the l'alestine Support Uroup .-'xt tording to K anipus Polite ln- vestlgator Mark lolinston. "no prior tontattu with ani sutli group has been reported The bomb threat max liaxt dispersed administrators all over tampus. but tlie Regis But, ofcourse. nothing will stop thejluw of bureacracy: registration goes on de- spite the threat ofthe bombs. The threat came on a Friday, the final day of pre- registration for the coming fall semes- ter. Photo bv R. Larson trar's Office remained close by in Old Dominion dormitory to process registration forms from sophomores. lt turned out to be a false alarm, but the bomb threat cer- tainly added a bit of intrigue to a quiet campus. - fl I171e'Su'f.lblH'l litriillitt 'R I J TO DTE LARMS THE IGI-IT Un january 217, 11183 jeffer- son Hall burned, forcing the evacuation of all residents. With the rebuilding of Vleffer- son still in progress, the college community could not easily forget the tragedy of that day, ln hopes of preventing a simi- lar occurrence, a new fire alarm system was installed in all cam- pus housing. However, due to the ferquency of alarms, the new super-sensitive system not only prevented fires but also .1 good nights sleep. As one freshman remarked, "l don't like getting out of bed at three in the morning because ol birthday candles, burned toast A IJUYF: Firernen check out thi' puui- hiliry uftijirv. RIGHT: lhi' fire dvparrnierzl rvspurziis lil yer annrhvrfulw alarm. Ul'l'U.S'l.N'fi l'.'UiI1.' ll :Ill htiiflln Wifh Ihr Jijffvrwli fire. The fhllvge bvcuniv nwrly riiinmm after the .ltfffbrwri jiri' um! the qiwylinm tha! urnsi' nrvr safely prncedlirvs. Photo hy: H, Hiwlwrx lil! A an f 9 i or cigars. "lt got so you couldn't even cook popcorn without setting off the alarm," noted Doug Pierson. The fire alarms always seemed to come at the most in- opportune moments. Students came out of their dorms with soapy hair, wearing pajamas, and in various stages of un- dress, Laura Albert com- mented that "you got to see people as they really are," and some students enjoyed seeing the latest style of sleepwear. The fire alarm task force was established to alleviate the nui- sance of false alarms. Along with the aid of many consul- tants, including -lim Roberts, an electrical engineer, the task force found that the new alarm system was too sensitive for dormitory use. Despite these findings, the frequent alarms continued through the last day of classes and into the final exam period. Doug Pierson summed up the fire alarm problem: "They're actually more of a hazard than a safety unit be- cause people no longer leave the building when they hear the alarm. - Carlile Hu:-Iifiefd 5 Hvg .10 ,Y I ff P' f 'Q ,swf-N - ,... ,g '4'7' f Z N -A-XV X --1. -- .. is X Ta. ,,' 'N X 'Qv-.4-, -U2 ,Y ,. Q9 ul- xiii. 1-I, g4 --' '-' sv. --fl lv-5-4 L", A32 -suv -- Q-1' ..-Q. -. - 4. .fa 0 11. MQ-ZW 151,777 V 'll never forget the day, it was another long, hot boring Baltimore sum- mer afternoon. I was prawled on my parents' bed, he probable site ofmy concep- ion, flipping channels on our iewly installed cable televi- ion. Something caught my eye in channel 34, and I heard a leep voice say, "Now, the fu- ion of the two most powerful orces that have shaped your ife." It boggled my imagination. I 'onsidered what fusion was .bout to take place. I eventu- .lly found out what this face- ess voice believed these two aowerful forces were - video .nd music. MTV was born. Now, l won't deny that tele- 'ision and music are important nfluences in our lives. Whether we listen to Spring- teen or Boy George, Herbie -lancock or Mozart, their mu- ic helps us to look at ourselves .nd our world. Music can help is become socially conscious ir "lead us on the devil's path," .s one ofour campus preachers :ut it. Similarly, television, hough we sometimes deny it, ias shaped us. As we watched The Day After," we felt the mower oftelevision to meld our houghts and ideas. So, the fu- ion of these two forces could mental breakthrough. Yet, I sincerely doubt that MTV has changed the world. Oh, l've heard some people who can discuss the social and political significance of the final red baloon in Nena's N99 Luftballonsf' and some stu- dents can expound on the metaphysical implications of the Talking Heads videos. But, seriously, most of the videos are total mindless drivel - amusing at best, annoying at worst. Nonetheless, this explains a large part of MTV's appeal. Professors call on us to read, write, analyze, assess, define, articulate, and explain. We are assaulted with constant pres- sures that must be met. When we need a rest from all this, what could be better than total mindlessness. It is exactly what we need. Watching MTV not only removes the mind from the work, but it also drives us back to work because of its in- sipidity. MTV, though, does appeal to us for other reasons. Try to think ofall the new groups that you've seen on MTV long be- fore their songs arrived on KS- 96 or K-9-4. Men at Work, The Go-Go's, Boy George, Cyndi Lauper, Duran Duran are just a few that come to my mind. MTV, not having the strict PTO D TE WATCHI MUS C rules of airplay found at most radio stations, can afford to be a little daring. New groups know that an entertaining video will receive alot more at- tention than their song. Al- though MTV seems to be more and more dominated by pop and heavy metal bands, it still provides that alternative to the repetitious play of the radio stations - WCWM excluded, ofcourse. Finally MTV succeeded in moving Williamsburg a few hundred miles to the west. Concerts bg' the Police, the Pretenders, the Cars, and the Stray Cats in the last few years have all been listed on MTV's concert information as taking place at William and Mary Hall in Williamsburg, West Vir- ginia. Even from MTV, Vilil- liam and Mary doesn't get any respect. In any case, MTV is here to stay, for better or worse. It will probably continue to play a mixture of very good and very bad music. We will continue to see the same MTV commer- cials and hear the same grating theme music. But as for whether MTV will change us or our world - all that seems doubtful. ln fact, as l sit watch- ing Oingo Boingo's "l Like Lit- tle Girls," it seems impossible. - Dnnzlii Sim: , 1 ' ierhaps be considered a monu- i l l Q it, ii N all llllltilllll' T9 315 sat- ,gi t va, ,- 159. .l A -i 4:9 E2-War War is a departure of sorts for bl. With a few years of touring gone by, the boys have refined their sounds and tech- nical skills. and this album shows the resultant musical and lyrical growth. Vox's vo- cals soar over Edge's tearing guitar and Clayton and Mullerrs rhythm section. The drums. which are powerful, and often violent, propel the songs, while Clayton's bass rolls in and out of fierce pat- terns, Spirited anthems mingle with melodies oflove and com- mitment. The band's message is strong and clear. Lil sees a world at war and cries for peace. Vox sings in f'Sunday, Bloody Sun- day," "How long must we sing this song!" ln "New Year's Day," he sings ofthe greed that leads to separation and vio- lence. but he hopes that "though torn in two, we can be one." The theme of unity that pervades these songs continues on side two with the fast, ener- getic "Two l-learts Beat as One." "Red Light" and "Sur- renderf' The slow heartbeat oi 'A-ill," taken from Psalm -ill in the Bible. closes the album with the last lines floating over a steady drum and bass rhythm. lt you want to hear some- thing hopeful and passionate, War is the masterpiece to dis- t i ivet But as Yox puts it so elo- tiuentlv, "ls honesty what you want' The Police -- Syn- throncity. YK ell. everyone knew this i--is going to be a big one. Szzitli pr-ist-.1 once and for all .izigst tan sell albunis. as 4 .1 :IN yur in an attractive - at Sting, Andy. and Ti lylfi gy, r g, THE YEAR I ALBUMS Stew provide us with an album full of high-tech instrumenta- tion, but they still give their work a primitive edge, such as the African flute on "Walking in Your Footsteps." These boys don't see much cheer in anything. Combined with the lyrics, Sting's anguished yelp on "O My God" paints a pretty bleak picture ofman's relation- ship with God. Andy Summer's "Mother" examines a twisted mother son relation- ship, with a delightful sense of irony and satire, The megas- mash hit, "Every Breath You Take," is a painful description of the collapse of Sting's mar- riage. Yup, it seems modern man is doomed to solitary con- finement, but the Police make the sentence sound pretty good. Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams tAre Made Of This? and Touch The Eurythmics are Dave Stewart, synth wizard extraor- dinaire, and Annie Lennox, carrot-topped. crew-cut, torch- singing wonder. The Euryth- mics' appeal comes from their paradoxes and dualistic quali- ties. Annie's no-holds-barred approach to her singing con- trasts nicely with Dave's some- times cool and restrained synthesizer work, and of course, Annie's sexual ambi- guity gets the group a lot of at- tention from the press. Sweet Dreams, the Euryth- mics' first US. album, contains if-" If I Q ., . some great tunes, including "Sweet Dreams," "The Wlalku and "I Could Give You a Mir- ror." lt also holds a snorer or two, including "jennifer," which is a bit too hypnotic for its own good. But Touch. the follow-up lp, is iust too much - every song an instant classic. from the deceptively simple "Here Comes the Rain Again" to the Carribbean rhythms of "Right by Your Side." The gut- wrenching "No Fear, No I-late, No Pain lNo Broken I-Ieartsf' says in tive minutes what Sting takes all of Synchroncity to convey, While Sweet Dreams is a col- lection of interesting and en- tertaining songs. Touch shows the Eurythmics stretching out into new territory and becom- ing an even better duo. With these two albums, the Euryth- mics prove that a band can be intelligent without being arro- A ,W X "7 in tl' f 1, .f I ill, 'LIS l if ' 1' at if ' :l.'. 'I i , A A N 277 I ' - . gf ' x 'ls .gy ,. . I y Q.. . Qi " t 9 '84 66 -. .38 -as gantly artsy, and they prove that popularity does not have to be synonymous with musical pablum. Culture Club - Colour By Numbers Can you name the other members of Culture Club? 4:9 1L,,.x , .11 ill. gli rest of the group -.lon Moss. Mikey Craig and Roy Hay - provide a smooth, almost glossy backing. True, this al- bum isn't going to be remem- bered for being an important social statement on human rights or anything like that, but 4 . as Q' memories of james Honey- man-Scott's sharp guitar or Pete Farndon's snakv bass. The result is an unsettled al' bum of exquisitely beautiful and painfully awful moments. Hyndes new contentment has brought out her romanticism. Even though they provide mar- Culture C1ub'5 .. and Boy which was present. but hard to velous SUPPOFI, if is YOU-kf10W- Georges - talent cannot be find, on the first two albums. It who's show, and this album is a denied. has robbed her of the bitchi- ness that made her famous. ' The two advance singles,"Mid- e S dle of the Road" and "Back on the Chain Gang," and their tlip . sides, show the band in top jr A I' x - . . . gig., e torm-tight music,greatlyrics p,fi'5,f ' ' and the Akron voice that slaps X everything into perspective. , 15, E Everything goes to pieces on ' 5' 1 ! I the baby and bitch songs. The . ' 1 ' instrumentation on "Show , ' ' U- , ,, U . ,,. ' 51, Me and Thumbelina is apa- 3., , T I thetic session music that does A 'il nothing to relieve the senti- X mental tone of the songs. The 1-Q , .V ' E 173.5 1 ,V E ' I . l ,VA . IS. -' 1... . nifty pop showcase ofthe Boy's vocal talents. Throughout the pure pop of "Church of the Poisoned Mind," the har- monica-inflected "Karma Cha- meleon," and the gospel duet of "That's the Way 1l'm Only Trying to Help Yom," the Boy's performance is flawless. Vocalist Helen Terry deserves to be made a permanent mem- ber of the bandg her husky, gritty vocals are a good foil to Boy Georges clear tenor. The The Pretenders - Learning to Crawl Chrissie Hynde once said ol the Prentenders, "We didnt know what the hell we were doing." Four years after the ref lease of their first album. thei still don't. Hynde is happv tor the first time in her life. and slit' is not quite sure what to do about it. New members Rola- bie Maclntosh and Maltoltn Foster click occasionally. but they Can't approath the satred ' , " 1 - if t ' l i"'1 . T' 'bl I IA", ra. Q ' 1 4 ' ' 1 . ' l , I rl. lf TTWIS... quartet yust can'tget tt together for the three songs that attempt to re-create the older tough at- titude, "Time. the Avenger." "Watch the Clothes" and "l Hurt You." Hynde's spirit has deteriorated into sell- consctously awkward Hlllils and a shoulder-shrugging ap- proach to the vocals. Her tal- ents resurface in all their former glory for one golden moment in the cover of "Thin Line Between Love and Hate." whose soft piano and Muzak backing vocals provide the per- fect counterpoint to Hvnties harsh account of betrayal .ind revenge. Forgetabouttherecordsbe- ing about love and hate. death and transcendence, no matter what any fool reviewer tlaims. After all. Miss Hynde herself snapped. "lt's iust ten measly songs." l1ffill.1't HI AJR 305 . 36 gi 1-I +1 -'59 .4:,.A 1- .cfu i I :vhs . iff! gy-s It 1 fl an , ,fl QhiQ3 ,jf 'QF' THE YEAR I ALB MS David Bowie - Let's Dance Okay, Dave, let's dance. Anyplace you want, as long as you pay the cover charge and buy the drinks. You have the bucks to burn after this album. And now that you wear suits instead of those weird feather tube-tops and leather mini- skirts, well. shoot, we could get in anywhere. Oh, you want to talk? Vllell, let's talk. XY'hatcha wanna talk about! Your Let's Dance lp! XY' did I think of it! l thought it sounded like a rec- ord a man in a white, three- piece suit would make, without ever taking off is jacket. Sounds like you tossed it off between drinks and dinner. Pretty slick, pretty effortless. pretty danceable, but then you did have Nile Rodgers produce it. Hey, you get what you pay for, and if you want high-tech disco, well, Dave, you oughta buy it. I like it. l truly do. I think there's definitely a place in the world for well made dance mu- sic that doesn't say much but sure is enjoyable to listen to. You've elevated the style by turning out a flawless example ofit, No blips, no gaps, no mis- steps. just perfectly co-ordi- nated music with every instru- ment meticulously placed in the mix for maximum effect. Yes. yes, Dave, I know you WAHI to be taken seriously now. You are. After all, money talks, But aside from that, you do get wv... TA Hxl N QQHIQ Xlb 1:ge:ng,N gmc' NGC. 4,4 Q' 4, 9, 0' G og QL' .O u 4 Lu O Q .n Q a 0 : Q 'I 1 2 , . o I .1, Q .X Q 's .Q 9 .7 49 r'-i-Q-..'?i'Q A .'D, l NUUunfu5' 'j 'l'l-QXlxlN1Ll x gf--..,.i 'IU Nhl l-Qs i l lil llili' some very rational torment into your voice. It's an interest- ing effect that goes to show you haven't lost your soul, Dave, you're just dressing it more conservatively. The Talking Heads - Speaking in Tongues The Talking Heads used to make music that was great to get drunk by. It was so weird and spastic that you only had to knock down a few gulps of whatever and turn on one of the groups first few albums to be yanked out of the sphere of normalcy and thrown into a zone of contented paranoia. Then the T-Heads went funk, but the change was alright be- cause the group made funk mu- sic that you could listen to withoutgetting bored. The trend continues on Speaking in Tongues. The title is most appropriate because 1 the music is pretty standard. The outstanding feature of this lp is David Byrne's voice -the aural equivalent of the dt's. Byrne's is the neurotic Every- man, whose voice isn't wispy or rremulous, it's just, well, not all there -like David himself. It's a thin, reedy, nasal voice that expresses in one warble or shriek a multitude of paranoid delusions: "people gonna burst into flame," "all that blood gonna swallow you whole," "step out of line and you end up in jail." The Talking Heads' funk sound is jerky enough to ac- commodate Byrne's voice without fighting or smothering it, but it is hypnotically repeti- tive. It's notgreat experimental funk, but it soothes the listener like a Valium, which is what you need to cope with David Byrne's world. s i Michael jackson - Thriller I feel foolish writing this re- view. I mean, everyone with access to a radio, TV set or party has heard most of this al- bum now. Besides, what can I add to the massive public ex- amination of Michaeljackson? Except to vent my sneaking suspicions that this guy's public persona is a very impressive practical joke. After all, it's pretty funny that Jacksons one-glove habit has become a matter of national importance. ls this the culture we want to pass along? I-low will you feel if, in the year Z-OOO, the Smithsonian's clothing exhibit labelled "U.S.A., Late Twen- tieth Centuryf' is some dude in a white glove and a red leather jacket with zippers all over it? This is dancepopfluff, if you want a name for it. Expertly produced by Quincy jones, this album shows a lot of va- riety, considering it's all club- oriented music. "Beat It" and "Billie jean" may both get your feet grooving, but the former's mock-tough attitude and brash self-confidence are far re- moved form the latter's sinous rhythm and alternately re- strained and hysterical vocals. "Billie jean" features the album's best use of jackson's wispy, gulpy voice as he swoops from an uncontrolled falsetto down to a sly whisper. lt's a great vocal impression of paranoia, set on top ofone evil bass line. For the benefit of those with squeezes to slow dance with,jackson throws in a couple of ballads, like "The Lady in My Life" and "The Girl is Mine." This second one, a duet with the insufferable Paul McCartney shows that jack- .ege 43? 36 f fg 5 son's chauvinism is nicely in place as he and McCartney coo to each other, "The doggone girl is mine." Some of this album will re- mind you of 1976 -the worst parts of l9'6, to be specific. "Baby Be Mine" is the pits of disco, right down to its polyes- ter horns. "P.Y.T. rPretty Young Thingln is better left unacknowledged. jackson must s 1 if-' have put these songs on the al- bum to stretch the length. lt's a shame because he shows how well he can work the disco mode in "Wanna Be Startin' Something," a wonderful pri- mordial chaos of weird noises and jerky guitar chords that culminates in a wall ofgibber- ish punctuated by-lackson's ex- huberant yelps. Crank this baby up and start bouncing off ni.. in 1: 1 the walls. l- N Blish Review byz,Im1f1A'1fHti. Mark L. Daz if. Kf1mKtrr, and .llzlee Halter-1111. -ry .fx as-.x ,a,o ljxfwllilt Hi UP TE ' ixx ' A 3,5 4 -crg.. -5 's ' ,' HHH It Rvtiuun plum wltlivr during his xml rw Kuna! in Nnreniher, All phu- im tffiirtru Hy' l'l'I and .-Xl' wire' wr- llq QW R14 flll Rui uv vmrkerx furrv the hrrdr H1 41 I N Xlurim' killed in the hnnihinq 'il si Xitirim' ffpvriltlf-fix writer ,Suriclciv nwrizfn: A tru. A irirrvinsg QIHIU lhs nf l X I tmxlml inifw tht' Urlrlne furn- gwimltit l'lz'lfUlAtllll1U 210 :tml wunlid- wi: 'Q X wt find trut A. nlnzmr ximulm- W ' wlhu' neouslv. blew up a French paratroop burruckv iwu miles away. Furry of the French troops were killed. The suicide driver was linked to ter- rorigrs from either lrun or lruq. The bnmbingx ovritrred shortly before' dawn on Ocinber 23. Xu single action during the Vietnam War prnditved as many Cu- sualiivx as did this one incident. All in- fnrmutmn nhruinedfrnni Facts on File. rx, ,J'q x - , - A -. 'L A x 2, 'l , rg QL 15,4 -A-1' ' f . 4 I lla s 1 -. 55, -9' I I i I I n 5 I I I I I 4 LEFT: A soldler 511171113 Guard mer C a- ban prisoners faplurvzl during Ihr ranl on the island af Grenada. Approx:- mately 200 Cubans WFft'C'I1pfUfe'lllI1 Ihc mlllldlj' gU'nrI. Thr allude wax HI rf- vpanxe to a plflljbrl .Sf help in nrrlvr III restore denmcracjv lllfrft'l1Udl1. rlrvr him marina and 8110 rarwerx nan' uwrl In the lnvaxinn, whlrh Itmlx plan I' an UII 25, Reagan L'lUlf71c'dll1L1llht'llllIl1lIIfI wax rzeceisarv in urdvr In prffmr Ihr IIHH Anlericam lmns an lhv lklillltl l-zulu Marines were killed ami W wanulnl lll the lake-over, A Hllllldfk wap had Iaken plate on rhe island an flrrflbvr JI BELOW: .-113520 am. anSvpIn'n1ln'r I, a SuuIh Korvan Bunny '4' max xhffr down by the Sovlvr lnmrz. ffllllhl UH' had Ilffviatad frum its xI'l1f'IlIAlml muh' and vmlaled Suriv! azr xpauv Ihn llama- Iion from Ihr sfhedulrd murw razml quvxrlons ax ll? whelhvr nr fllll Ihr plane' was uarrfwng xurvvillanu' t'qlIlpf7l4'lII. A ll 240 paysengerx ami JU nwnzhvr rn-w ware' killvd. Anmm: Ihr paxwngrrs was Rep. Larljx' P. .Xlvllurxald rll, Kia.: lhv je! vrayhezl into the Sea aflapan. lj :I llm Hi X' ' I ,LAR lcontj RIGH 11' Phil Huhre vomperes in the giant xlulom ui the Winter Olynrpics held ut Sarajevo, Norway. Phil took the gold medal in the even! and his twin brother, Sieve. look the cilver. The Ulvrnpies were held in Februurv. All photos eourtesy ry' UPI and AP wire servifes. lnformaiion from I-'urls on File. ?" 1 12-, NI ' X , L . Y S 'S f ' 'lillfillfvl T1-7 -1 .QL ffl F, - + if -7- g ' a A 1 ,w,.1. fe'w .1 111- ' I ZX.: 'Q ,I Z ' X -f . ' P. - L.. .-1HUX'li lhe rollin of'SorieI l.t'1lll1'f Yuri Amlropor ix lurrierl from ilu' House of lmorzx lo ii uiin-eiirriliue during funeral Lt'ft'l7l1Illlt'N in Howow. Yuri died on llelv. Q from u fhronn kulrlev uilmeni onlx' li monlhx lifter XllL'Lt'f'1llll.U Hre:hner Knox. lllllllll l fherneriko look lhe place of 'Xmlropon Rlfflll Xullr Rnlexureels her huslruml uf- rer ft'lllflllIlLf xufelv on Ihr shuttle Vhul- lenuer Nullv win xxlVlt'l'lllI'X firxr wonmn in xpm 4' Chulleriuerll1um'hl'1l from Cope 1 llmiwrfll on .lime IH :mil returned on lime 24 lll'l'llNlll' RU .l1'u4' .lm lurlll UFVVIK mprrmvl Xniernmi pilol, ll Roller! ll, fr fllr ilmim ilrirme rhelr f7Il'l'llllU in IM- l'lllX1llN, Nxrni, IM ll ffooilmurz hull mio fill-.VII lvrlxorzer ilfler lux plum' win we if iloun lu Nxrmn lllllllllfl' during ll lx 'Hlllllj mul .iuiiiml .Sxrmn poxilionx in i.'1orzorv fofoflrmnz um releuxed ullrr ,lol ,L wi: rzegormml uilh Nvrmk presi- lv lt! WC- lVlilwl5.1fL' rt' f . kg 'k av, .., J "-if TD 'L 'O 7 433546 Q Y! 4 Ko 45.5, I I ,f-s ,., M, 4 yr I9- fi F if I I I I I i I -H x I I ...Ani-N, X ,, ,x, . --:X ' ,awk X' f Q I Y .,,.QThz'A K' X E14 ?5.'f3"'i' .. L? 19 sgioz-.L I3 E '! p Hg. TS Q !lf!f',Af.l!,' , 6 ! X N.. I R ffl 1 Q E53 , 'Cx J ,V ,A .JN . 4 -.- av. ,fb - F, 4 L a'L1?A'fF'4f"ui-f 1. , A,,, .1 1 yn' . ,ig as -v i .f -As, J I .35 -.. .' . PI I 44 4 ? 1 7 1 ' r ' . .mi 3 Q. , i 'Q 4 ff 5 " : 1.7 :gli ' 54- ,. Y '. 151 Yr. 5 U IQ? You tzly Knew The Sweeney Todd Production '33 K. Yi, f 'L M51 '. I ,li 9 ui nl r Y' i .' Q ,X R -1 b I' . rr' if It-I ,S 4 'Q S In jmt two mozzthy. students put together ez 77Zd55Z.Z'6 theatre ptfodtzettofz htzozwz df Sueetzey Todd. They fort Jleep. Jhzjvped meaty and 5dcrzfz'eed.5tudyz'1zg. ights out and the murmur dues. Programs settle onto laps .mtl m- struments are turned. The hur- gundy velvet curtain ts I''Ttl we are brought to Fleet Street m Nineteenth-tentury London. The Nt.tgt- Hlls with chamtters who sttmtl enlmtttt-tl by dazzling hlue .mtl russet ltghtmg 'lhex glare at the .autltt-me .mtl smg .tt full xorte An all-emhr.1tmgt'og glttles ontt t the st.tge Sc.1t't'old1ng ts l.ttetl wtth out mt'mherQ who ltstlessly or tl1xpl.tx mltertng steps or trtppletl .tppetttlagex A tmp tlot tr openstntht-tenterotythesmgeletttttg111.1 thttlt fog lwrmgs mth tt .t tlxxttttxlmg Sulphurtt'-yellow ltght, The pt mer lx .tx ere whelmmg .ts bweet1ex'Totltl. tht- "l5tAm- tn B.1rher," .anti Mrx, l,ovt-tt rm' thrt 'ugh tht smog to t.tlQt- p.trt m the ttmttttlhttt .mn mtenst- trerotttx' on xt.tgt' XX1 tt ntl to It tt net whoxe protluttmott or SXNL'L'I1L'X lotltl SIS.l1VL'l'lILl.lllX,NNL'l'L'.llIl'L 'tat .-We tumetl people on xmgt .ttt mv gmt t ' large numlwr or xtumt utx ul, N lugulmg NIt1tflt'N.ll1-1 rtltotrx. thtg evetttttu or gvtlnxlzt ' ' lSl1'll2Ill'llkKL t.tltt :ft ' ' the work hm mf. F.A1l'lXfr I' Url 'um K It 'J7."l. Jr, tt lair-ntuhl rvhwttrttttt mu, mt J nt: ' f ' from Ut'It:fH'r '- ffl l.l'l-'I Amit Xl. lt' tht tl-S t N :tn . N ' xhnultlrrx tn tht wllltflt' ' ttf- 't,. l"rt it hx K ltftut hu "Ns-',,, N t I ' I ' ' 'll Y -. ' HQ!! . lf You O1z1yKf1eztttr11i1f.J over one month's time that we begin to see the incredible flexibility they needed for success. Since late last Spring, there was great ex- citement from both the director and stu- dents to include Sweeney Todd in the XYM The.itre's Ss-Hi season. ln seeing this excitement. Dr Louis Latron gave it .1 chance .ind found his own challenges in directing it. ulrflilll the directors point of view, you don't want to go lltikls.iIlclil1tYllL'Ulel.SUlTlCflllll4LIlll'iL' Sweeney Todd stretches the T - directors .1hihtv and keeps liitn f. director said. "If someone asked me what the first thing l'd change would be ifl were directing this play, l'd say it would be to change my mind about doing this play." All of these worries, why's, what-ifs and other skepticisms were pushed aside by the director only to be picked up by those audif tions in late August, Anxieties, great ner- vousness and competition abounded during those few days, and eliminations and selec- tions began. Some were missing entrances ala T sw- , 1 -1 s-. y "the competition is strong. When you're standing up ton stageb with someone, you know you're up there with strong competi- tors." During the days ofauditions, Dr. Catron kept his eye open for several elements. They're "fresh air. . . they enioy what the director is doing more, even though they feel shy and overpowered." Of course he enioyed working with "old vets" as well, for Dr. Catron has had the opportunity to "watch them grow and exucle leadership." The one element that stood out in importance when choosing the cast was the atmos- phere. Because ofthe large size of the cast - over forty - there is always a "greater potential for negative vibes and splintering among cast members. " Therefore. Dr. Catron looked out for poten- tial troublespots and tried to avoid sour casting. Unfortunately, difficulties still existed in working with such a large cast despite the care that was :rowiiig " lfor the performer, Dr, V: - . 3 4 atron describes the pl.1v .is "inno- I Q 1.itis e. is ith several 1 hallenges with 9" ' I, th.1r.t1ieri1.ttioi1 " lint n1.1nv .inxf Q- 1 ll'fli'N efslsted Hitlietlieless lti the . 1.7 Zitectiitis et-es, the play "first ap. - Icirs Tin' .nnliztious " lit-tause of ex We szxt ofthe t't'1tiect,l5r latron ' .1 'V'vft'i1I1i,li1weX in it .inv- Iiyriu this plan ls out of his Sf ' and doing all they could to control their X -I 't tilted to sli,tt'c that thought with mpfypg whllt lsfhcrg fr-lr secure, George l " 1 111 V1 spin ot theititfiltletl11s!NL1Nl- "Sweeney" lack. though .1 veteran to the - ' 1 t -N1 ll lxllill lvilsfa 'UNIV-1f1fV1'fl1s' XYM stage still felt .1 bit nervous because 11 l 11 taken in choosing them. There was a problem with maintaining individuality with So many people, There were nights when rehearsals were lifeless and tempers 9 A.. 7' N cn rested. Others. t ch' ru t'.1tx Add tuth15. and my Li .1Pl.Hl4m Murcsw lin rhcw mghri hcrc were hrc.1k-i-mm gun- .md .1g.1Jcnu1. ww LUIFIX' un thus mai rw 4lI'xhC9U'.i. Ohh' h-vuiu .1LC17I'I'lP.iUlL'xiXYh1lCiILl- pcntcri,clcctr1Q1.1r1s .1r1.iwr.P1wrr.1 'S PCFTCLICJ Ihcll' Shift 111 KIM' fcorgc 1.1. R and th.-ru Vvcm- ut he "h.1d tw1IUp1's1N'14L'-.1lui 'lullcd' Bxll filwyrmur. whfw pl.1xr.1 l had uw lmwk .ir hlm rrmm: rw hu ' thc rust wt' thc S..-up .mul thu. buzldmg thc trunk." :XS Dr C .1- cd,A'xx'1th.1nm51..1l. rkwJ1m.n+r 10911 .1 hw mu c.m'rsr.1rr1r.1u.11m Y- -L1 h.1w In the hug zrsals rh.1r nh' .mum 1x uhicr uphill XX hum 'U W1 In mnmg " Jr.1gg:u.i wr rh..r xx.-ru: CIIICJ Ihr U wg-V. x. rm 2111 uvllcbelv hip f h.1PKL'fX XXI n.-N studvxng L- hur KL'F.lIM1!flL'VI1lLjflI lim. L w cm- pm I-wVIL'NIN..ir1.1NILQQMM fl ,, HH hum .1..TII1:l thnx um. -hwur-.1-mghr .um xx L Lk.-11.1-1-X111 lx WI lL'I1.lNhL' LlCIUR'HY um IHUSKJLILW4'FL'hL'.1fN.11N,INHNlu V1.9 1gu1Qh."Ly xx Q r.1.hw"' lhitkl-X'. l511Ni'i.. 'J x.11.1 up .111 mhgr: um.1uw.:."', wx Qhrhmn I: U'1L.1f1N lp ul thru' .nm I-wiw.1..-w11mr11.u l'.Xhl' lffl' lkhrzx lhirrrft Nzmxrr 'Amm- HVFIX lmlkz' al mmh rzuwiui hrmk ww: 'f Ihr' NlLlfff'It1lIlL'1If U11 Nuzwlrx .V wh! v NYLTU l"H1l' HMI I4 PH ,lm lV:'-M1 :xx hrr r.fIf'm.lffl1.1rrf1.1 l":f'! 'H I-. J, r burfwr fy. nw: ,lmk 1',,"H lmrm 1Ixr1.1r.mfr!1.-x f-. 1 wI,!1nlL'f IHVVIH VN s N 1 x fhe fm'r'n'rf In nzww Us A X IlafwirfvzffrzI-.1f!wf,'-.. M - fix l"1,1hM I N Jw, H up .mfx fh. ff M ,,L.' 1,5 , .r 1' .H W M A 1 ' X wil l X ' L , y- 1 . , Oulu lvzttc lttwfw wt alll-gyt ar1t1uNul:ar'ttlx 'N w-.1.ta w'Ill.ll! lt 7. l3 ' '41 .1 l'11t k'xtllk'llll ut lwllt up 1 ' um NLL.ll1 l'rolvlt1m ol It' 4 t N1agalzlxot-r'1i1Nt.tl1.ll.1t'ut'l.ut . 3 llr' farzwttt xxallxt'-1 .lfvlllltl vaut .. 1lv'll'.Zl.LIlYLll-'llM'lllt'Ullg'NIlIU' tx ".l1:.ttr1t'rw11t'N t lnutt- ol . l1.trattt't'1- ' 1 .au-to llt 11.tt1to1mtroloxtrtlut uroutwutlm tlxat .at Nl."t'mlIll1L't.lNIlXL't.lINtl11UVLAt'XtIl v. m .wN, lt M . tx trxxl1t'lm1uu l htm t .ut lx-parm It t an l'w'll zu.l1ww1t1x t' Nt-my XX1tl1l1m N Ul"ULNl llVNN U' H X .. -'rn lvotlm tlmarattt-tw arm 5-rot t'tl.tlwrrxx.u.lxxxll111t XX txolxt-.11-.ttwtllr l lm ort lmwtra. props aml fl fe w X lr-E' t otlmur t-ltzuvutx11olon,:t'rl1atl Uwlanlrll N lfu um-ti tor tluu xx t-ru ummm :lu-11' tlmantt' to alum- A vmplt- latltlur max tramtormt-tl I :Wi 1ilfw',ltl'lll.l.ll'llxl'ZL'xL'UlNxL'llL'FX U vutuallx tarrx mx: xx ntla ll l otltl N lwarlwr xltop, a trap tn tl tr .L.llllIl.! uf vu ll to MIN l.oX't'Itsokt'I1..1 f1L'Nll1lP, Nlri. L-wt'ttNlmomuantl most. klxtx 'llu-ru xx tart- UIUCN that mth all thc un HT- lul- f I f.lt1wtm.ltt1o1'1lmappvuluuonNtaurltlmartllx .N oat" Mkt tilt plax toult: pull ltxtlt to- Qu'H!f xx X' ' Y I ' trtrl tuula aut. ,lat ' .M at tllll liro-wma xwrt pulltll uqllrmg llL'NlHllL r wlltwl , it int- .tulmturu Ntvtll ax tlltl ltallatx lllbll' NL'tlllL'llxL' llmu 7'litfwllll:L,lX1I1!ll11I'C'.-lLL'lll1"ll - N .llzuu all ll1.f rlmt laatlt xxall -tt' tllt' l mt rtlu vra tmzt lautlt'at1tl11'ot1ul1 N Tax I rzzum 'lltt -lll'Lufwll'N Ttrrx ,1 1:1 lllk' atalltllt ,!,z1 f"l',1l.l'lll,Illlt wt V.ff.Lf'..!l"llf'-1-.QllN.l3l' LEFT: Debhiv .xlltfflllill and David John- wmn Catch up with their xrudies, Phvm hr K. l.ibut'hu, IOP: The dvnzun harbor rticurge Jurkf WE'IVt'V Jullgu' llurpin 1Duvid .luhmtunn u firm' thaw. Photo by 17. 518112. them Hu lrrantmtally wrote notu to wcry- om' tlm wuglu 'ut thu CYL'l'llIlAll, Tlx rulmt-arxalx ran xmootltlx' and tllc 1mprox'tAmt'ut that slmmwtl up attcr sutlm a short pcrlotl ot' ttmn was lIlkYLkl1lWlL'. Ot tolwr rw, H li put, tamuall IUm1klLllLl'ilX tlxouulm a tlwmru for mort- rcl1:.Aarsal tmm .:1tm't allow Tlx turtam xxrnt up .mtl tlmt- .lLlxllL'IlLL' wax m for an L'YL'Illlli! ol' powurlul tlwatrt- Botl1tl1tft.mantl tlmuxtltlltaxltmx tart' tzmaxxarta ot' Dr K atron who Nat amougxt tht autlmlmtt' .mrl muttt-rutl to lumwlt uXX'l1x a11.l l do 'l'll.Yl"" l llotfr rcallzt- lmoxx nur- 1 ma t-ml mf xt ll tt xoux l am tlurmu the purtormamt- umtl l t lo look down at my wut ll.1I1l'iCI'Cl'l1ClY.1Hs.l real- IZL' how much l'vc bcnn qu1wrmg." ln spits of Dr. Clatrorfs worrtcs. mach perfor- mance was a sump-ss. The xmpat prccmon was spell-lwmtlmg. t and thc Tlmrc was the matmcc on Ottolwcr lb .mtl thru lf was over. The lnghts XR'L'T'lI OU! aml the murmur tllutl. Thu wt wax struck. Thu trurmturc was Stoful.1wa5, Blatlcs .mtl trunk .mtl lwarlurs thaw lwtarml Mrs. Lovcttk pm shop Wai talucn tlormarxt. apart and tlau rwt was all laatlxt-tl away untll only thc Htlmatre lwlucsf' the slut-pltucss Scmw of tlw nlllllllll' that you .mtl thc vc lost. lmgcrutlabout.Tl1t'y.1llIf1ctl IUllUltlODfO xx hat thu hatl lmatl as a group for as long: as powllwlu mth parttw .mtl PJ.I'.1PllCl'Il.lll.i. tw-slurts antl tatws Pcoplu wwe glatl and 4.1 , 1-' unhappyg there were tears and realizations of limited attachments. There was no more yelling, no more late nights at PBK. The feelings slowly wore off. -Ioy Dibble said "in a way it's good to be back onto a normal schedule but there's a long time of feeling .i letdown. Eventually, everyone goes hack to his own way of life." New plays come up. There are new audi- tions to tone up the nerves and competitive senses again. "The rosy glow" finally sets Over Sweeney Todd: all the wrongs are for- gotten and only the wonder and fun linger. When that curtain went down, when the wide-eyed audience members came up to the cast while clutching their purses and programs, when the cast stood close to- gether and tenderly clutched the arm of an- other to hear the audiences praises. there was a stifled feeling held hy all the cast xx ith regard to all the work they had put into the past two months: "lfonlv you knew." 4.1. i i-.1 l,IfFl: Jim Seeley lalkx to Ibm lhmricv in Imilii Rll.N:1l'l'..HlIl'k Junlcs, A my Grimm imill lijiilwtli H.,- 1lft'f look on, Photo hy I' Sing IUI' RICIH If AnIhom'1John Iivmf-lil L'll't'x ,lnhimfm flux' Iiihhlw iz bird tix ti lokm or lm iiffri non in Him wig "Grant I-'inch limi fllHl:'l Hifi! " Pliorfi In I SIUKU. HlIl'lU1I Rllflll Irn Hlxp. C loin' 1 ilI7IIl','t'll .mil J H, Hletlwi' Wtlh h in thru for Ilr l iirrori prrn . is is Xcem' llhtlllf lu' lx Ithuchil xiii ,i- 'H .tt ,l I.. Z ii 'CN , .,.-- U1 Z X Mig .X1 gk A f 1 Q4 YZ N ' 9 .17 The Season OPPOSITE: Keith Stone ras BiIIvBuhW11rtm11n1.Sut- ton Stephens ras Lu Anm. and Cara ,Nbwnran 111.1 CIGULIIIIEJ, in U SCHIP frum In Ann Il'1m1,I1!1'n OI11'rI11n1I1'r, LEFT: Judy Clarke and Alexander Iden Ill 11 svvrze from TI11' PI111h111 11f'lI11' H'1'111'1'f1 11111111.-1I1'.x'pI111'e1I the part of Christv and J udy played Pegeen .V1k1'. BELOW: Janet Rollins and David Johnston Ill I111 G111f1I 111111111111ftS1'lfu11r1,.-Xllphums hx' R. Pulmvr hc XYUXM T11c.11r1Vs W8 4151 Sc11s1m1S .11 .111 c1111,1A1111s11111.1g1111 perhaps11mA11t'1111-11111s1.111x'1-11- turous su.1s11ns 1'x'1'r. '1A11LA 1111111 pany St.1yc11 11w.11' from 11111 UNLIFL'-XKIIINH 1-1 rhu S2-S5 sc.1S1111. FUL11 .1s I-'1.I.I ."t 1' 1 11' 'I11 Rf111I'.1n11 M11111-fuk 'I'.m'.11f.'1. 111 11111111111- thc p1.11'n 111.11 W1-ru L1I11'iIlUNXIl 111 111.1111 Though fU.1I11'01Af1WL' 1lkfl11"N 11.11 1's w1'r1' 11-1 - 11g111z.1hl11 1111111 p.1s1 1111111111 111111Q, 1111- 111.11 N 111 11'h11h 111111'p11r1'11r1111111 NX'L'I'L'I1'! .1s 11111111' 1.11. '14111' Th1-.1111 fl1111i .1 N11K1t .11 1WL'lI1.l .1 11111K less 1111151-r1'.1r1x'11,.1I111I1-11111r111111111x.1111'1. .11111.111111h.111111-1 w111'r1'.1111111'1111'11111111111 was 11111111111111. A1111 f1lL' 1111-r1x111'1111111,u 11111 wx 1-1 SIL'1'11L'Il S11111111111A1111R N11 111:11 'I .Lf 111 It 1111 1'.11111111s, thru' 11111111 11t1111111111111x 7111 111Wc11. '14111'Q1- 1111111111111 'I11 I ','. 1 '11 11"11t11'r1' 11'111'I.1" 111 11111111 X11111111-111 Nz' 1 U1-r11111 lir1-1111K 'I11 11 YI " . 11 ,N'1li,'1.H1, .11111 11lk' s1.1x1111R 1 111.'1.1 1 I.n .'1N1,' II.1"'.'lI'-' '. I..','111', 'Im' 1,r1'N11111 ,1l111k'N 111111 11111. 1' ,. ' 1111'.11r1-111-111111111.111 111.11 11 1 11111111 'II11l'.",,",I1',1','1.11 '11 X1 1 11"1"v 11r.1111.1111 1111111111 111.11 11 '1111 1 1: 111'111t1' 1111 111 1g111111 1111? 111.1:' .1 '11 1111 111 11111111-1111111.111. 11'111."1111 -111'1"1N 1311111111 11K 1111K 1111A-11. T11'N 111. v1111.1'l1 'IO The Season Kcozzfj Iii'-niglit ,i iiai of life to lite. Alex lden .is K hrisioplier Mahon successfully portraied the spirit that is central to the play itself. Next semester hegan with Bret ht's friflfuj ll"f.,ff.'.m, Auditions for the show liegan the dai after l'i"..'if3ff1 closed, .ind,l.inet Rollins, Kathleen Al.1X'lWL1I'Y.,lLlll.lIlIiL' lfanning, and David Hohnston went from one show to another with .lTlI.lIlliSg.1lX'lDjI .ind .lk,l1I'lSI- mas Break in he-tween. The play itselfcon- cerns three Lhinese gods - Clara Newman, Carol Penola, and Nancy Lowe- rei' - who are .ill searching for one good woman. defining the meaning of "good- ness" throughout the play. The play, as directed hy Bruce Mcilonachie, hrought mixed reviews, as was the case with Pftzzi hui .indLn.1lm1. Ln Arm, hy the way, was .1 last minute addition to the roster for the S5-8-4 season. In her place, Azzztztftni would have heen performed, but the Theatre couldn't obtain rights to this highly acclaimed Broadway success, 1.11 Arzzff rehearsal schedule was the same as first semester. Auditions were held right after Tin CIwitlX1"fm1.1r1 lffrscflllilll closed, and Cara Newman, Howvard f'f'l'UNlll Ulil litlhflll fl nrry Unrlnm. um! H :dow Quin 'Ki1I'lfU'l1 Xlilvliuri P. 1rii1wi'rn'f'runi Ili. l'!i1i- W' 'ff ll, if, ft' ll ".." lf JI' Nnrroli Nlfllhfll limi lxrlrh Shim' in I if 11:11 ""7l1f1VL'lPl1li1'4l in ,iiii 'H if i us Ihr fflIllfl7f1Hll1l'Il1lll nl Ihr ii mon Ui' 'l I I In Vrllil IUIVVVII, :li C lmrnnllnv, ilmi hey 'nf FIN! 411147 pnrniinig our Skip llilnlpmn v.l1m11'i' llflii ICI! flll Hu lilrriilmllhrijlrlsnyfhi'i'lllm,'i'1r1i1our1i' 'vi "" i 'f'i I' i. ' illpholm hi' R Pulmrr Brooks, .ind blames llurt were among the actors who went straight hack to work on this production. The play, based in .i small town in XY'est Texas, was direc red hy Rich- .ird Palmer. While rnany of the actors returned to perform on stage Uthe next show." there were those who took to working back- stage. George ,lack went from Sllc'c'!1tY1 to Production Stage Manager of Gum! Wnzzzizrz, .Iudy Clarke, who played Shawn Keogh in The Pftzifmi was an electrician for Tiff Gum! lY'n111.n1 and Larry Morton, who was Christopher M.ihon's father in The Goat! llnwzztnz. was on the properties crew for Lu flllli, This shifting to hehind-the- scenes rolls showed the diversity ofexperi- ence that the Theatre students received. Their theatre experience and knowledge was extensive, These students carry with them the knowledge of several aspects of the theatre as well as the pride of having made it through a season that wasn't ex- actly all spotlights for them. The plays in- cluded very difficult material and though some ofthe audiences may have grumbled at times, the actors and actresses of the S5- 8-l season can go on knowing that they were challenged a little hit more, -,lt',l',fI-fd Poffurd 'N 'l'1,t.i'r' rl' . ' -31 5- . I ff! if X., I , 7 i l Pirates Penzrmce Samuel, pluwd hi' Hike Donohue. AIHAQS ll suln in the Sirifnnicrwi prfitimrivfri of the Piratw of Perzzance. UNH? H tzlrvrx, whit pltlyud the part tgyfrtftierit, luukv nn in the lvtitkurnuliti. Photo br I. Slew. liey' iust make Hle want In get up and dance." a girl was over- heard aaving during intermis- sion. "Pirates" is .1 story about .1 voting boi Frederic. plaved bv Douglax XYalter. who because of hii niiriemaitik mixunderatanding teaches him to be a pirate initead ofa ship! pilot. from the moment the lights went up on stage, the Piratek troupe captured the auf thence with the spirit of Gilbert and Sul- livan cotiledk' .ind the separation between wage and auditorium disappeared, Bradley btauhex who plaved the Blaior-General. mid. "'l'here wai no winning over to be tltilleflllt'.LLLil1eUceXK'.1N with us from the lacuiiining H lhix 'irot...ttioii. like all Smfonitron I'w. wax entirelv Ntudent-run. C .ur i1'.c:11oerNiilce liratllex Staubex admit that inert- were momentx when "experi- tfitt '!.'. i ,Lit have m.i.1c thinga eaxier Overall. lit iwcxer. the taxi felt that putting - '. ' l':r.1'cf' we all .idxeiittire and .1 valu- .trit if-.petit ntt Xot lrollope. who Q 'rie Iizghif. ntiiweinaid Ruth and . 't .1 Q .iilzt iff, Iwi'tlic'VF1rilLitt1oIl,N.tiil. 1 XI1.Tif1lil'iifll'1''tl1.ifli'IlXN.lN.lcll.lIlcL v.-.1i-iztx ' 'gt 1 t reatixc lIllfL1l.iIltll.lliL' t uc rolex izixt tiircttiiig. prof 1 'ti Jiiialiiiig Q For student choreographer ,loanna Vfalberg. who dances and choreographs for Orchesis. "Pirates" was her first experience working with .1 group composed primarily of singers and actors. "lt was hard to know what they could do." she said. -loanna met the challenge and on the evening ofthe per- formance She realized th.1t "the dancing was not Secondarv. but .1 major factor contribut- ing to the success ofthe show." ,loanna Walberg felt. "the cast was more cohesive because ofteam effort," "XY'e're all in this together." said Zoe Trollope in refer- ence to all the students involved in the pro- duction. "The cast paints the setg the orchestra helps with props," said Zoe. The spirit of togetherness between director SCUIIBd1lCY.1f1cllTlLlS1C director Robert Seal and between cast and crew was immediately evident to the audience. This spirit en- tranced the audience from the beginning, Evervone left the performance with a dance Step added to their gait. - l'.1f.f..' Wir! RIUHI: Hrud .qlIllIht'Y av the Hujnr-Gerzvral and Drew Ihilst-ri tn 1he'Pirulc'KinH. irzaxt'1'r1t'fr0n1 1hf'Pirutes nf PHIZQIIIIU, Pharm ht' T. 51552. l"3l : VN i1l't:i,'.i!icc , 1 Q O' 3 'V ,I .I ix yy -' -5' z V. Q 1" . if 5 Y ' V A TOP l,l'I-'IJ lirml Nluulnw. uhm plural Ihr fklfl wf ilu' Xlinkl Uajnr-finwvml, HI 11 v vm' frwm flu' l'lru1m ffl l'rn:' Ifml,xlm1v unfei lhn prwlmlnrn um unrzrrls xrmlmrbrun um! plm - V f' nm: If V Nl Nh! ry X L ' f Llmlx 1 F f N f , uf M l1J.,v,,1.. Nl was spnnmrrrl M Nlflflflllr rw: Nm-g , 1 Question of Art The Opening of the Ioseplz and Margaret Mziscarelle Museum offlrt carlet, blue, violet and turquoise, 12 feet tall and 65 feet long, the south wall of the Muscarelle lights new campus and shines down Jamestown road. Entitled "Sun Sonata," the functional solar wall is the work of American artist Gene Davis and illuminated the opening of the Mus- carelle Museum of Art at Wfilliam and Mary. "Sun Sonata" is .1 controversial work. Colin R. Davis, head of the Board of Visitor's committee on building and grounds, told the Times-Herald, "lfwe're going to allow that to stay there, we ought to finish the iob and add ii merry-go-round .ind Ferris wheel to the sunken gardens and complete the circus," Modern .irt has .1 history of controversy at the College - the XXYFCII Building was criticized when it was first built for being too modern - and in 1938 Leslie Cheek, then tliairman ol the Fine Arts Depart- ment, ran into .i similar reaction when he introduced .1 design competition for a new line arts building to be built flrim Dell, llie winning design, drafted by lfero PNK- .Xiiltt ws structure lt was never realized. 5.i.irinen. resembled the present 'lille lilL'.l of tonstrutting such .1 building E ENTS 5.4 " I near Crim Dell raised roars of protest. Lloyd H. Williams harshly criticized the design in a 1959 issue ofthe Daily Press: it "reminds me ofthejones Concrete Ware- house" in Norfolk. He went on to declare with disgust, "It smacks of Frank Lloyd Wright." He also reported that "we hear a large part ofthe student body is opposed." Answering on their behalf, Ben Letson, a member of that student body, defended the idea of a modern building: "There must be a constant injection of the new- to harmonize with the old." Fine Arts De- partment chairman james D. Kornwolf agreed with Letson: "So here we are 200 years after jefferson and nearly 50 after Cheek, holding forth the same arguments. jefferson was right for his time1 Cheek for his -those of us responsible for obtaining "Sun Sonata" feel we are in the same com- pany. ln my view and in that held by my colleagues in the Department ofFine Arts, the college has with this work joined the City ofphiladelphia and the Corcoran Gal- lery in Wfashington in patronizing a major American .irtist in his creation of a most original and visually successful work of gift. The medium oftubes ofcolored water is "a first-ever," according to Museum direc- llll Nl'.isc.1I'elle 'K . A E -.. gif' tor Glenn Lowry. The building that houses the colored tuhes is also .1 first for XY'illiam and Mary, "Imagine building a museum like that for less than .1 million dollars," comments Kornwolf. lt is the first struc- ture in this century at the College tu he funded entirely from private gifts ,ind donations: .1 generous gilt from ,Ii 'sc-ph 412' 1 and Margaret Musctirelle tlllc in ed its construction. Lowry added that the sum' mer 01-1984 should usher in the addition of 1 1,000 square feet to the new huildinlu. An informal poll ot' the student hotly' conducted by the Flat Hat recorded gen- eral approval. jean Massey of the Virginia Commission for the Arts pointed out that the controversy is healthy: "It draws peo- ple to come and see it." Either waygleanne Kinnamon ofthe Board of Visitors added, "Whether you like it or not, it is certainly .1 shocking piece and it commands your .tt- tention. Everyone is talking about it." -,l111IIKl11. .lIrn11t.1 'l'i!:f.1N. u1n1'S.1rt1lv 11' '1ff1.1111iw1, 1 , 4.1 U, ig, 4 n. -if-, I '.1 " xr 1' ' ' ,,:3- . NT FA CING PA GE TOP: Srudrntx nn m'wi'1in1pux can see Lila Ktirzrnk nmdvrn wulplim' 'furled L'p Sen, " as Ihm' walk Ir1t'l11NS LEFT: Glen Lawn' ltllkx In rmturx In Ihi' Um- carelle Museum. l'Itv,Hi1.wuni upcriril on Utm- ber21, 19811. ,wr " ,.:j' ,M fifdgijl 0 5' 1' .qrw. 5-K' IOP: .V1nt'ure'Ilz' 'lluwimi 1 ummr lilfli I we rx lnuks upfmni llle'1Xipe'rwnrL 1,1111 1-im min, nm llll't't'Illl'X hilw' Indo I own, illlt'lllr'V1ll1l fm ti- liil and lsltmiit url, brought ii ilu rm Mi. L mundmrhr Him urvlli' Xliiwuni 1I!l'1in1id'ii I Steer: 1- 4 .Q v 5 1 2 ,. 1 l K1 st lll I I 1 'BAA-" : 'L ny .'w"5' ' ij 'c - 5:'.S5':,Q,w.- . , -'vi' N' '?m - mf' ' M ' . AH' ' ,. .5-' .,,, T-Q 4 - wry., v,ff'Ri'f 'I-L-Y, -. " y. ,-L,YV.4u , X -. N, '1 ' 1, '49 I - i "W fw..kk'!'!s R 1'-Concerts 83534 All Photos by T. Steeg "H-. 6. 111111151111 1117 ll 1111 ll fhlf-1 61:11 glllfltf 111111 11, A1171 It .11 . . . I1l1111l' 1111 1111111 11111,1'1,11111 f11L1f1111 111g .f1111'11 , . 1.K11fU V111 ll 1111f1f11'1 15111111 1l?If'c,U I 1111131111 .1111 1 ffm 1111f1 11111 I4 X111 f11.11'1 1111 -11'1.1111- Biff- 1 A :K111f1'f11 1111111141 11111 111'f.111111'1 111 X1111 lffflc 11111 - Lawyers in Love H112 11111111 1131111 11.11-1 414.1111 11111 It f1111 I 11.11 ,q111111g11111'11111 1.1 11 .1 fu 71 I 11 .11 r11111g111111.1i1 II 11f11-111111711111111'111'111gf11 I4 111511111 1 VI - Here Comes Those Tears - Hold On Hold Out L'.111gl11 111111 1111 1111 f1111,U'1,Ef1fff'1lf JUN! mf 111'11,Qgf1 1111' 1111 jclldf 11111f1'1'.' WX1, 1-1 1111 11'1'111,1 111133 .1111 1111 1111111111 fieffi 111 1111r 11111 1'I7I!Q11111ffl7t ,11111L1111111,f11111111f1 1111 1211115 V' - The Pretender if x 'W Pohce I I I I. I 1 I I I I 3 1 , 1 I I fi Remember thi! before you zfote . . We're all in the mme big boat - One World CNot Three? I have Jtood here before infide the pouring rain . . . world Iurning eirrlef running 'round my Ibrain I gum I ulufayx thought tharyozz fould 'end this reign But if: my destiny to be the king ofpain 5 King of Pain :Devil and the deep blue sea behind me .Vanifh in the air you 'II nererfnd me 1- Wrapped Around Your Finger 4 I I I I I I I 4 I I I I I I I I Another Juburban morning Grandmother frreanzing al lhe null Wfe have to ,fhout abore the din ofour rife rriJpieJ We fan 'I hear anything at all - Synchronicity II Ezerjyone I know 13' Ionely and Godk fofar auzzy - O My God Every brealh you take . . . I 'II be ZlZZfL'hIIIgA1'0Il - Every Breath You Take February 8 1984 OPPOSITE: Photo Irv M. Illia. TOP AND BOTTOM: Pho- ros by T. Sreeg. Y A I NX X IMI1 I IIN 7-11: ,. 8 Concert Series 83 84 :ere shown in these three pictures are some srenex :om the Mummenschanz mime troupe which came X' William and Marv on April 23. They performed N Phi Beta Kappa Memorial Hall. Photos hv T. fi o 'V Z ' 'So fv Q'eegandI.C.M. 1 4- - I 1 ,nit x I l I 5 I If HF .10 ,f .wwf rr Q ,. .,-",f-" ii. .414 'PE 11 S., mf, . ,. 1 Q 5 ,QQQSQ 5 at ix x 1 hx , 'lo' E I.. 1 Q i i J:-5 1,- .QQ yl , 'Et " W n-'T QR 3" ix 7. 'xv-an ,1 ll ' -'GPL' ' 1 " -ar '-"+' - 4", " ' ' ' 'vu f . Ns.: X Q 'v 6 V' , : ' 5 7 ' W f'5"2n"1' t ' ' ' . ' Y 5 . S, ., f 4 'W -' - n ,, i . X. ' if ,,',ql . ' It!!! A V '-JY'-H M .. " "' ' n ' " 'Q .sl-. -""' u 2 'V ' y.. fi- 'il X f I ' 3 g . c Q J. A iT'R'O C C mrrovcrsy C omrovcrsv Controvcrsv Controversy' Controversy' Comrove C 5 1 ' ' X :E ' 6 3' S ! I 4 9 5 A, - N Q x G il Xfxf X 1 6, R ' rr - r , , F " I 1 Vffiori X irWTf I . . A n A I mgrxx V'E'R'S'Y . . . ntroversy Controversy Controversy Controversy Controversy Controversy Controversy Controversy Contr "I was bitterly disappointed. It is idiotic," proclaimed men's fencing Coach Pete Conomikes. "I was disappointed, angry, mad," explained lacrosse player Paul McMahon. These were the feelings of both coaches and players when it was announced on january 4, 1984, that the College would no longer be able to sponsor six intercollegiate varsity sports. The action would begin with the 1984-1985 season. The six affected sports were men's lacrosse, men's swimming and diving, men's and women's fencing, and women's golf. In addition, the women's JV tennis team would be cut. The cuts were proposed by Men's Athletic Director, -lim Cope- land and Women's Athletic Director Millie West as a way to de- crease the expenditures ofthe athletic department. Both Copeland and West had been directed by President Graves to balance the budget of the department, West having to cut an additional 350,000 from the women's sports. Upon returning from Christmas vacation, the Athletic Policy Evaluation Committee IAPECI was formed, as Chairman Rick Overy stated, "to find out what happened and why." APEC worked with Board of Visitors IBOVI, those people responsible for ap- proving the College's budget, to find alternatives that would allow the six sports to remain. A "We Support All Sports" rally was sponsored on Charter Day by APEC. Student support for the sports was again shown in February when over ninety percent of the voters on the Student Referendum stated they wanted the administration to find a way to keep the sports. The Faculty Ath- letic Policy Advisory Committee also recommended that the sports should be saved. Since the future of their sports was in jeopardy, the individual anger of each athlete affected the morale of the teams. Fencer Kirsten Ferguson explained, "We were very upset. At first we felt it wasn't worth continuing." However, on April 27 the BOV announced the "Athletic Policy Bailout Plan" which would require each of the six sports to raise fifty percent oftheir operating costs byjune 30 of this 1984 school year. For the sports which raised the money, the College would pay the other half of their operation budgets out of the Intercollegiate Athletic Reserve Fund. Men's swimming and diving had already x,, lrb raised their funds and it was expected the five other teams would follow suit. The teams all went about raising their funds through solicitiations from parents, alumni, and private corporations. The Bailout Plan permits the six sports to exist for one more year. Their ultimate future at William and Mary remains uncertain and reactions to the plan varied. Millie Wlest explained the plan "offers the best chance possible of all teams having a fair shake at possibly returning." Men's lacrosse coach Clarke Franke state, "It Ithe final outcome of reinstatementl should have been proposed right away. A lot of damage had been done. The players' morale was worn down to nothing and we lost a recruiting class. There was manipulation of the people involved. The BOV is saying they don't want to cut out sports, which is good. Where the money will come from next is uncertain. The structure ofthe William and Mary Athletic Program will change over the next couple of years. That's my prediction." Most of the athletes agree that a solution must be found which will guarantee the sports' futures and existence for more than one year. Coach Conomikes insists. "The students want to retain the sports because of the participation aspect. It's a learning experi- ence." "The opportunity Ito playl should be here. More of a pet- manency is need to it," adds athlete Paul McMahon. For a while at least, the controversy involving the athletic cuts has calmed down. The questioning and the ultimate future of these sports remains. "Everyone would like to see all sports maintained, I'm included in that. Our finances are limited. We can't be all things to all people," explained Copeland. West affirmed, "I haven't experienced a more difficult year. We have a philosophy of a broad-based program, l don't like the cut- ting process, but we're trying hard to assist the teams. l realize there's bitterness with the athletes. We are hoping we can above it and be a healthy program." rise - ll' 1 21i1'i Nm mlm Neither rain nor a dismal day stops Mike Branch and three hundred other students from showing their support for the sports cutfrom the athletic program. Efforts like these brought about reinstatement. Photos by T. Steeg. In F- if,- ,lvf It Iftft ati . H J, I WT II III I I I I III III I I III I I III III III III I. Illlllllllll ll III III II III III III III III I III III III I' III III III III I I III III III III I ll III III III III III a IIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I III III Il III ll-I Il III III IH Ill Ill III I III LLI LLI LLI LU fIIiIII'IvXk'fxI l li fi! .' 1 Ill l'iiii1i.Iim,' UIVHUUII the pooh Wlllff, this NWIHIIYIVI' ilmmmrrunnx the power .':w.'if'i.'1l1!f11v spur! Ht P17081 I-uizsliiriu priirricv Iups, this .twinimer mkvs ii hrvurher Injflirt' rmuniuig. l'hif1.ix hi' I .Stern I ' tn- i ""Q'1-. E' as 'Thx -ncLl'i-1 7 1 "'-I ll -' :XZ'pt'.ir.iiitc bports LA T TIME. 7. w "I was impressed by the team this year," commented Men's Swimming and Diving Coach Keith Havens. The team maintained a remarkable unity despite the threat of the program being cut. Hosting the Virginia Invitational Championship, the Tribe com- piled its highest score ever, placing 12th in a field of25 teams. In addition to the Virginia Invitational Championship and the ECAC. the team also participated in the Sea Hawks Championships in North Carolina, where it placed fifth ot-12. Individual stand-outs included free stylers Chris Hagar. a sopho- more, and Carl Brown, a junior. Diver Shawn McLane, a junior, set several new school records, won the ECAC competition, and was undefeated during the season. Coach Havens also cited the leader- ship qualities ofsenior co-captains Peter Boehling and Scott Gehs- mann as a driving force behind the team. Coach Havens said the team morale hit a low point when the members learned that their program was to be cut, but they still returned early from spring break and continued to work hard. Of course the team was elated when news of reinstatement came through. A steady hand and a keen eye were necessary to excel on the rifle team. Targets were located fifty feet away from the marksmen. Without the use oftelescopic sites or any other devices to enhance shooting accuracy, the team competed, using 22-caliber target ri- fles and air rifles. Team members shot from three positions: prone, standing, and kneeling, and in each match, there was .1 maximum score of 1200. Tribe squad included Eric Morrison, the captain .is a iunior, seniors Al Albiston, and Dan Timberlake, iunior Kerke johnson, and sophomoresjim Hevener and jeff Seeley. Most people average approximately 1000 on the range. Morri- son, shooting consistently above 1100 all year, was .i top shooter for the team. Hevener was also a high scorer, shooting .irotind 1100, Dan Timberlake was a newcomer and improved in pmt tice to shoot a score of 1 100. Highlights of the year were the College Sectionals .ind the lnf ternational Sectionals. ln the Southeastern Invitational rille twill'- nament, the Tribe came in second. The Tribe also t.iine wiiliin several points ofdefeating their rivals from NCI State. lndivitliially. ABOVE AND LEFT: "A Steady hand and a keen eye were riecemiri' lo inn el on lhc rifle team . . , Targets were locaredflftyfeet away from the niurkinivn . , , N irhoui the use of telescopic sites or any other devices lo enhance .X'IOIlIlIl!ij ucciirm i' Members whofrom threeposilionxprone,standing, andkneeling. . ."lirit ,Horriion demonstrates this. fre 4, fi -5-sa.. fm, 'yarn--A+ . A Morrison excelled. Competing in NCAA .iir rifle cUI111'L'!l1li in, lie XV.1SO11COliIl1CIOPl-NFIB'111.ll'l'iSl11t.'I1l11 the country fiOI11I'l1C11Ill1llUl1ll1L'lC.ll11ll11SyL'.1I',kU.1tl1 li.-li lf-ith and it we unusual they did not liave .i xyoman on the sqtiail sint e Hrillt it .izii is the only coed varsity lI1fL.'l'kl7llL'j.ll.llL' sport," Men .ind yy- iirit :i . i 1fli peted on the same level in other st ho UlN ix,,...f,....s, 1 ii 51111 1'thefirst1l.1v11f1l.1SSeS,tl1cI11el1'sfeI1tlt1L:te.1mpracticedfor the N84-H-1 se.1s11i1.'lil1ete.1m's efforts resulted in 1l5L'.lSUll total of IU, Wm, 'intl Nye' losses, IN.iI'l'ilIlxLI the lwest season for William and Nlarvk 111en'ste11c1ng team 111 the p.1stfourye.1rs. Of the nine nieinhers. there was only one senior, team captain RichXX'1erse111.1.Theother111e111l1ersincluded iuniors Troy Peple, 5.1111 Hines, liIU!U.1DUL'l Voy1.1.t1.1lc1s,,l1n1 Ra, Steve Milkey, sopho- n1ore Doug H.1rtn1.1n,.1nd freshman Matt Dallwey. Despite the fact that many of the team members had 11ot fenced before ioining the squad, the title of State Champions was clinched in the February tournament. lndividually, each member racl-:ed up many honors from the competitions during the season. Doug Hartman secured the indi- vidual State Championship. Sam Hines won the second place medal 111 competition. li1 foil competition, Votiazakias plated third, and Matt Dalbey followed with a fourth place finish. Peple, an epeeman, was undefeated in taking the first place medal at State Championship, Although the team plated fourth ill the Mid-Atl.1n1ic Fencing Championship, Peple clinched the first place l1llIllJI'S as an epeeman, defeating all other opponents. The first place finish qualified him to compete i11 the NCAA Championships. At the NCAA Peple finished eleventh. However, on the basis of Peple's performance alone, the XX"1lliam and Mary team was ranked nine- teenth in the nation. Coach Pete Conomikes commented that the team had shown much improvement over the year. During the final four matches, a tough veteran team emerged. "A coach from a team we met at the beginning ofthe season would come up to me and ask 'ls that the same teamf' " BELOW: It seems as ifform is a bigfactor in both men 's and women 'sfencing. Here, a fencer practices before a mirror just before competition. Fencing requires a mental toughness, combined with a touch of aggressiveness. Basicaliv. fencing is physical fighting with a weapon, but the object is not to hurt the opponent. Photos by T. Steeg 5 ,:' 2 l 1 tu 1 x N AJ Li' " '87 .yy A r . Q . H in 1 I I+- ll 1 b Fw., .1 I l I 1- 3' . fs" E: ' -T? t. . '11,-4, . A 5 "-1. . la 4.2 '- 'VY' ' ' ' S--, ' . 55" r 1. - -9-,-, ,. . .fgq Iwi, 1--f-r Y. 2 5, l IS lots' Afpe.1t.1i1tc Sports I I i r 1 I l r i r I ... V? .1 ix . 4,..--'- ECX X T' 4 Q! S wax 11- I N' if V iv -.V - i I , 14 ' N a I J .I .F-Q, L. 'i TOP AND BOTTOM: Again, the point is not tn hurt the opponent W'llfl'ft'llt'ilIvU. Ilvrv. scenes-from the men 's and women 'x daily practices are depicted. l'ractiu'x un' Ixiltim nl with seriousness and a little downing. The four-woman fencing team compiled an impressive 1.4-xi record this season. Senior, captainiludx' Gilbert, iunior Gretchen Schmidt, and sophomores Cathi Schultz, and ,lennifer Boruin composed the team. The team's coach, Shirley Robinson was pleased xx ith the seaf son and the team members, "Gretchen has a mental toughness and a very fast hand," commented Robinson. According to the coach, Cathi Schultz sported the lvest technique, xxthile ,lennifc-r combined both attributes to fence consistently, -Iudx Liilhcrtk skills were greatly improved over the course of thc- x'ear This particular year was highlighted hx' a team xictorx in the state championships, marking.: the fourth consecutive title for the Xxil- liam and Marx' squad, Gretchen Schmidt placed first xxith a '-U finish. This was Schinidfs third state title in the individual toinf petition. Following Schmidt xx'as Bortiin, who plated set ond xx ith a score of 5-2. Schultz came in fifth, and Liillwert plated eiulitli The Mid Atlantic- South NLAA xx'oinen's tieiitiiie prox c-d to lic somewhat disappointing. Coach Rolxinson lxelic-ved that thc-it fifth place finish should have lxeen a fourth plate. xxhit h xxoiild have qualified the team for nationals Hoxvever, at the National lntertolleuiatc Xxioiiiciil l-twine Association competition in Nc-xx' York, the squad plat t ti si .ond with a JU-1 l score, Schultz finished xx ith a storm -it lo ii tolli. ii finished with lx--ig liroxvn, xxith an HS, and N hii.i.i:, xx iii: ,i ' lndix'iduallx', Borum placed fifth and St hiiltx ixla. t .. 1 last X3'l't.lI.l1iitXl'wVlx ll'l "The men's lacrosse team could be broken into three segments," commented Coach Clarke Franke. At the beginning of the season, the Tribe crushed Duke ll-5 and Denison ll-8. The defeat of these strong teams was a real morale booster. The first stretch continued with wins over Hampden-Sydney and Notre Dame. The second stretch was composed of four straight losses, two of which Coach Franke felt that the team could have won. During the last third of the season, the team won two of the remaining three games, finishing with a 6-5 record. The strength of the team centered on the defense. Senior Tom Cullen, juniors Craig Oliver and jamie Williams, and sophomore Rob Forte, and freshmen Tim Carroll and Rigg Mohler composed the defensive end. On the offensive end, Chuck Ruland, a senior, was the leading scorer, with twenty-one goals during the season. Mohler was the most consistent scorer, scoring eight ofnine shots. Leading the team as co-captains were seniors Chuck Ruland and Corkie Andrew. Despite the fact that the team had been told their program was being cut before the season began, Coach Franke felt the team "had good unity" and that this unity carried the team through what could have been a terrible season. 1 fr'-l V rf Us Q v S Y , X ' 43 lfbllifllg 41g'j1,2: - A f-. . , V -. -f -.' ', .. i' ,, 1 " ' . i My W - , LQ ABOVE: Against a Franklin and Marshall opponent, Laxman Cullen scoops up a loose ball. William and Marv triumphed over the visiting team, scoring nine goals to their mere seven. RIGHT: GoU'ers work hard to attain a position on the traveling team of onlvjive members. Allphotos by T. Steeg All articles of"LAST TIMEI"'hyBe1liMack. Upon going to press, the Colonial Echo discovered that the Board of Visitors would reinstate the six sports for one more yearg in addition, the College would match 50'Zi of the teams' operation cost if the rest were raised by J une 30 of the past academic year. llll Last Appearance Sports Golf The women's golf team was composed of seven golfers: juniors Ann Bierman and Kathy Erdahl, sophomores Alison Seyler, and freshmen jody Carreiro, Kelly Hughes, Lisa Dooling and Debbie Lessel. The traveling team was composed of five members, with Ann Bierman and Lisa Dooling emerging as the leaders of the team. Lisa played in every tournament and Ann missed only one. The other three slots for the five woman team were picked by Coach Arwe according to the players' performances and abilities. Beerman's season culminated in the low score of224 at Longwood, which gave her the first place medal in the individual category. Dooling chalked up an impressive tenth place showing against a strong field at the Penn State tournament. However, a bad first day cost the golfers a fourth place finish. The Tribe placed an overall fifth of thirteen. In several tournaments, the William and Mary team faced tough competition. At Rollins, the team tied for fourteenth place out ofa Held of nineteen, including a strong team from the University of Florida. At the Appalachian Competition, where the team met four strong North Carolina teams, the Tribe placed sixth out of ten. Arwe commented that the scores were good, the girls played well in the 70's. Coach Arwe, however, was less satisfied with the third place finish in the ECAC competition. Although the team placed third, Arwe felt the team could have won the tournament. 41 S. , I i 'iff 5' 59 Q . nt 1, 61.1. x 'xl , V, .X , 47 av 4-in I ABOVE: Paul McMahon appeals to the referee over a cull in favor of rhe nrhvr mzm The ruling stood in favor ofthe opposriun, unforrunulely. f 1 F f ., 1 9 I I1 'xg,L1ru1mN,1 II SPORTS ' FOGTBALL Finall I1 PVT ,1Il11l11X' C .11.1K'l- 11.15 111e5111e11t, 11111111111 11111-11 1111.11 MTV 11315, .11111'1wl'l1JLA1UHI1Xl11 11.111.1 111111111111 NL'.lS4ll1. .Miter tive 111.115 111 1115.111p11111t111e11t, the XX'1111.1111 .11111 1x1.lI'1' t'11111b.111 11-.1111 1111 p.lX'111f1 114.1111 with .111- 5 re111r11. NT111-1 1l.1YL' every Flj.l11I 111 1'ee1 11111' winners. ,141lL'X"YL' 11111111111 11.1111 1111k1 11e5e1ve .1 winning re111111," 5.1111 111.1111 ,11111n11'eL.11'111111 when .1s14e11t11 11es111be 1115 gri1111er5. XY1111.1n1 .11111 M.1ry'5 winning 5e.1511n was .1 well 11e5e1ve11 en11 111 t11e 11u51r.1t11111 111- six losing 5e.1511n5. T11e Tribe 11pe11e11 111e 11185 1'1111tb.111 5e.1511n by 1.1pt11r1ng its first se.1s1111 11111-1111111 vic- tory since 111" .11:.11n5t the VMI Ke1'11et5 IS-1-1g the Tribe ex111b11e11 the qu.11it1e5 111.11 w11u111 1e.111 the111 111 their 11'1n111ng 51-.151111 - .1 strung 17.l1.1f1CL'k1 U1V1VL'll5C. p.11'e11 by .1 1.1rge, quick 111-1'e115ive 11110 .11111 .1 superb 1115511111 .11- t.1114. 'lun111r 51.111 Y.1gie11111111111e1'te111111 11ver 211111.11115 passing, threw three t11u1h1111w11 p.155es .IHL1 1115111-11 1-111 11ne111u1h1111wn, T11e Tribe 1'111111we11 this v11t11ry with tw11 tough 1115es, t'.111111g t11 De1.1w.1re 311-15 .11111 111 UNC 51-111. Despite the 111p5111e11 51111es, t11e Tribe p1.11'e11 with 1111111111-111e, 111 6 r---2. 11, 414 f CSPL'LlJ11y .11 CQh.1pel H111, where the 11111191150 r1111e11 up 552 1311115 .1g.11115t 1111e 111 the 11111 11et'e11se5i11t11e n.1t11111. 111 t11e next three games the '11 4 1011111115 11111 their "C.1r11i.1c K1115" 1n11t.1ti1111. Against the Y.111e5 the Tribe QJVCFCJYTIC .1 1-1-T 11et'ici1int11e1hir11qu.1rter 111 win 211-1-1. T.111b.1e11 Dave Scanlon g.1ine1181 1111115 1111 the gr11un11, .11111 qu.11terb.1114 Dave Murphy, who rep1.1ce11 the in- iure11 Y.1gie1111 1111 the rem.1in- 11e1 111' 111e 5e.1511n, p11s5e11 for 149 y.1r11s. A1 DdfII11lJUIh, the Tribe 5t.1ge11 one of the greatest 111meb.1c14s in recent W'i11i11m .1n11 bidfy history, scoring Z1 points in the tA11urth quarter 111 win 2 1-1'. "The win 11tD.1rn111uth was .1 thrilling effort. Everyone just came .1.1ive in the fourth .1n11 things st.1rte11 1t'lll1fI-Plllclfl TOP CENTER: Wide Receiver Mike Sutton holds the ball altjt after catching a touchdown pass against James Madison L'ni1'ersitA1'. Sutton lead all receivers with 66 passes caught during the season. Photos by T. Steeg BOTTOM CENTER: Reggie Hodnett, .lejf Saunders, and Dirk Gibson converse on the sideline during the Homecoming game against Rutgers. Unfortunately, the Tribe dropped another Homecoming loss, 35-28. FACING PAGE: Juniorfullbaek Bobby Wrightfor-varduge in the James Madison game whifh the Indians went on to win 24-21. Wright rushedfor 388,1'ard5 ami caught 23 passes. .0 4,1 ,J ,un . .J fvl diffh vu... I. + 1' 4 'Ju'-, Fllldll ami. --- .it king XXL knew we could do something iikt diaiainixvc-prox1wlii.K hiotballteani needs dru kuulin win once uma wlnlef said L hris Lileasini The Tribe defense. led by linebackers Brian Black and vlim MtHeffev, sparkled in the game, forcing four turnovers. Scanlon scored all three Indian touch- diwvns.the kmt corning with only QU sec- onds to plav. The following week the Tribe scored 14 in the last period to defeat'lML' 2 4-21. The defense, led by free Safety Mark Kelso, linebacker Karl XX'CI'f'lCCliC, and tackles Bob Crane and Mike Murphy. shut down the Dukes' high-powered of- fense. The Tribe offense had some trouble getting started. but came to life after a last- minute first half drive. "lt was the key. It got the momentum going our wav," said fullback Bobby Wright. The Tribe fell to .500 after a heartbreak- ing Homecoming loss to Rutgers, 55-28, and a trouncing at the hands of VPI, 59-2 l. nLonng to Rangers was reahy dhap- pointing because a win would have said more about the caliber of our team than our Cv-5 record did," commented Dave Scanlon. The following week the Tribe amassed 566 yards total offense while crushing the Thundering Herd ofMarshall, 48-24. This game marked the seventh straight time the Indians scored 20 points or more - a feat never before accomplished at the school. After a disappointing loss to East Caro- lina, the Indians returned home to com- plete their winning season. Paced by Dave Scanlon's 1-40 yards rushing and Murphys 223 yards passing. they beat Richmond 2+ l5. A iovous celebration followed as play- ers drenched themselves and their coaches wath chanipagne. - Dn1211ii'Sln.1 TOP: Lungingfuran extra-vurd. Jt1USt1nders is tackled by a 1.51. I '. defender. Sanders Cdllghl a season-high 42 yards worth Qfpasses. MIDDLE: Handing tiff to Dave Scanlon is Dare Murphy. Scanlon scored ren lirnevjkzr the Tribe during the 1083 season. Dau' Murphy -filled rhe shoes nf rhe injured .Sian Yagielln. Phnros by: T. S1862 12-4 P otball ill' 'V x f o .- 'pt 'Q I 1.4- -s s,: L, - i. 1, N 5, .- f, .ffL..u.D.. W LEFT: Jim MfHqffe1vs!ares V7'lt'fll1Cif1gil'Ut'l'tl3,K thi' Iinv of James Madison linenien. .llcllqffey had 52 unai- sisted tackles. 5c'cundonivIu.1lark Kelw wha had OH, ABOVE: Chris Huge and Mike Sulmn xlup high 'HWS after the Rifhmand game. William and Man' wan 25- 14 giving Ihem theirjirsr winning season xinfr IQ". Photos by T. Sreeg FUOTBALL WSLM OPPONENT 28 VMI 1-1 13 Delaware 50 20 UNC 51 26 Yale 14 21 Dartmouth 1' 24 JMU Z1 28 Rutgers 35 21 Virginia Tech 59 -18 Marshall 24 6 East Carolina -40 Z5 Richmond 15 In-, irlnill I 19 PORT ' FIELD HOCKEY A Famil n a period of iust two and half months, varsity hockey coach .lean Stetler with valu-help from Feffie Barnhill, guided sixteen very talented young women to an 8-o-2 season. The season was re- plete with daily practices, back-to back games lsometimes in ankle- deep mud l, well-executed moves, and unfortunately, some disap- pointing losses. Sporting seven freshmen, the team was led by two of its three seniors: Chris Paradis and Karen Thorne. These young women acted as the stabilizing force be- hind the team. Thorne, starting at right wing, was lead scorer with nine goals. I-Ier college career goals stands at thirty-seven, Paradis, left link for the team, boasted two goals and six assists. Paradis'ltz.vt.iet'm1d score in the 3-1 Rhode Island game. Although freshmen, Lisa Miller and Suzanne Scott added eight and four goals respectivelyg the team's weak- ness was, in fact, their one-in-ten scoring. The reason, difficult to pinpoint, may be attributable to the new for- ward line combination and overall lack of experience, Strengths, however, far out-weighed the team's weaknesses. Offering consistence and constant improve- I-mix-.--.'. -. , . , l2,i-.-....-, . . --. - I . 1 4 J .. A ,.,.. -1, 1- , We 1.9: ' ment, the defense was perheps the main reason the team held well against seven nationally- ranked teams. The defense's "offensive thinking". helped to keep opponents' shots on goal at 155, while WSLM barraged opponents with 298 shots on the cage. Aiding defense, yet often going unrecognized, the quick junior Sheila Cuneen of- fered a steadily-driven ball for penalty corner situations. She was responsible for eleven as- sists, second only to Thorne's twelve, Unquestionably, the Tribe's best asset was its defense. Made up of strong players, the midfield helped to .provide linkage with what was strictly the offensive and what was strictly defensive territory. In addition to Cunneen and Paradis, the midfield boasted starting sophomore Mary Pat Kurtz, an athlete with deft moves and darting speed. Flanking to either side of Kurtz were half- TOP CENTER: Just some ofthe necessities a field hockey player can 't do without include her stick and turf shoes. A game hardly begins without fuss over shinguards, mouthguards, and ankle-taping. BOTTOM CENTER: During the second overtime play. Suzanne Scott swoops into position. The UNC game ended with a I-1 tie. FACING PAGE: With Georgia Flamporis to her right. Heather Grant steals the ball from two converging Tech players. Photos by T. Steeg up-ug . '34, 'NMI' 'Nlmwv as- rf- . .if-" . ng. , r '-gl-f. MQ.- 5 l lultl llntlici sl ..5. Jaxx! 1,--U 4 I, Q6 Q. "' ' -C 1 I I f 4 Q! fn r' J' ff if' 5: ,X L Y . T' 3 5. . if s.,.V.. ' I ' M " "H" n --dk Am' 4, - , . my pu.: .- f14'i4ff'5'3 1 s -f .- - ' "'- , " h ' L.. 41 'ff - - rg ' 'T ': 'T' f .f . 'n- A' V . x 1 v 4. . ' N' .1 ' "" - ' "" rf. - ,. .' .' --w ..' :J . ' ' . ' P ,,. V 9Q11,-,"",'3,g - 'if' " . , .I --' 'fR,3':x7 . -0,3-f '-iffh.-..-4-...1-f.xsv-:Af+f3:" "YF-f ,. ff A ' . v. , -M..-..,f-:Ph , v 'lvl-Q4 NJ :ah l-, .-,QAQ :MNH A.,'L ., 4 ,j H K. ru- it . v ... i S QQVFJY Zl . A I ,V NLF A .sp X. 1 . ui l fl. 454, ' A-K f.ff.",w x .'g If- " " ' , -. " ' , . L-V il-7 RL 4 -'I cgi, h if ' x fs.. 'Jq1n'g.,Q',. -Arn air.. V'-Yiifu 1 ' 1 f 'N' :"" "'lf,. 0 JM. ,Q 3' 1 ' g 1 Aw- 'K-'.L,-. ' . , . -K2-if-.1 1 " ' Q. . - li" . 74 ' "' 1 'V ' Ja ' '- .yl Q. I -L."--Ay, -lg 'Qqlxd ,lt-ntl-..f.A N, Jag. -if-0,5 - ...Q '-- ll.4'- A ' Q' ,Wg ', - -l',f h Wm, - . , . . . - .1 4. ,A . X X .- ,A I ' ,-59. A . f A ' Q.. ,.-0' "AHL,-1 . V.. ' 4 ' ' , ' ' '-" Wt. -b ,, 5-4 '.,,, ,'."l1,' J! LT! '- 2' x . V . -. ,, fr ,. In V . , v- , . ,. - ,I 9 .l .. . . 05.01 ' . ilu: , -'ix .'7,.,:,'-A y a . 4,5 . ' - ' ,,' , ,. 1 ' - .I .n ' i nf , I U or. vvyx, :xx 31. q'.v.,P WMF' . ,gn A , ' H! ',.,n4" 2: " . -r . , fl- . up ,--. 4 L 'N' .,, v a'- . 'a' Y 5 . ' . , , ' .gy , - In 'I - e1'.1J.a..".,- x U i' C- ., -q I "V 'h -N' A -,..'g-, ' ' ' " 'Ai" ' ' " " - 1 - - "silt ' . dm' I'1Cld Hvgkcy 17" . l:x.xl'.ll. .lik .. , . L' . - H. . .. -l.. 3 ,L-tl lt. 0 1 . f , 1 Q xrl . , . at A Family lcont,Jl"'-1 backs Mary lfllen Farmer, a iunior, and "muth-improved" sophomore Georgia Flatnporis, Directing the defenses posi- tioning during crucial situations was iunior Kim Stewart, and alone in the cage during penalty flicks, sophomore Susie Creigh. A highlight of the season was the womens opener against Old Dominion L'niversity, now the NCAA Division Champs for the second year in a row. Holding ODL' to U-O at the half, Wahl predicted a possible upset for their oppo- nents. The teams were comparable in quickness and skill: unfortunately, the ln- dians fell, unaccustomed to play on fast- moving astroturf. Spirit was the key to this year's team: players treated each other as sistersg on the field. camaraderie was evident by a special "chemistry" that existed during the sev- enty minutes of play. ,lunior Heather Grant remarked that "this year, we treated each other as a family, like one unit." Daily practice demanded physical en- durance from the players, A typical workout began at -4 o'clock, only after warm-up laps stretching, and ankle-taping, however. The girls then moved into drills. intent on improving a particular move, tackling position, or drive to goal. After an hour of drill work, the varsity team then scrimmaged, often until sunset. The first team integrated with the second team to point out their weaknesses, assert their strengths. The varsity used it as opportu- nity to test team strategiesg the iunior var- sity used scrimmage time to better themselves. l'nfortunately, however. the three teams existing beneath varsity will no longer he continued as a program next school year. because of insufficient funds, An alternate program has been discussed, ILN l 'eld l it -tkev RIGHT: Left-wing Lixa .Hiller drops back to retrieve a free' ball. The YEIIIHA' ended with a I-I tie against DNC, only afterzluublv over- time play, BELOW: In the game againxt lipiginia Contmorzweallh, Chris Paradis takes the puch-in for the Indians. Shots against the opponent stood at -J-0 at the outcome of the I-0 game. Photos by T, Steeg To and the sc.1son,thc Trihc hostcd tht' Virginia Intercollegiate Lcsiguc C.h.imf pionship, which included Vl.1mc-5 fNI.idison. Virginia Tech, ODLI and thc Lhivcfrsiti' of Richmond. ODLI, .ls was cxpcctul. emerged victorious. XYXXM. howcwr, put on .1 great show, whipping Tech 4-H .ind sliding p,1stL'ofR. 2-1 in ovcrtimu pl.ii, -slisitfihl 1.1111 FIELD HDCKEY WSH OPPONENT O Old Dominion 5 I Boston University I 2 Northeastern I 3 Rhode Island l 1 North C.1rolin.i I I Maryland I I Virginia 2 3 Davis 5: Elkins 2 l james Madison 1 O Lehigh I 3 L.1f.1ycrtu l 5 Richmond U I james lNi.adison I 4 Virginia Tc-ch U Z Richmond I liti.1ll-mtv. IJ? SPURTS ' SOCCER A New Precedent ven those Wlilliam , .- - A . and Mary students who regularly take a ,gf ll ef--' ' passive attitude to- ward athletic events' -1,....f-f" on campus could have found A something very pleasing in the 1985 men's soccer team. A fact made no less remarkable when one considers the quality prec- edent set by past soccer teams which this year's squad had first to recognize and, ifpossible, la- ter surpass. Their 1-1-6-2 over- all record included a twin sweep ofGe0rge Mason, victo- ries over UConn and American University, a trip to the NCAA playoffs, and an impressive ar- ray of individual post-season honors. The 1985 team no doubt satisfied any skeptic. Mike Flood's overtime goal in the ECAC champion- ship game proved to be the margin of victory against perernial rival George Mason. In this meeting, as in their first encounter, the team staged a dramatic come-from- behind effort late in the game. As Keith Exton added, "It all came down to the Mason game. For me, the most exciting part ofthe season was scoring the three goals to get back into the-game." "Unity and closeness were the elements which distin- 9 wer? it ,vivi- qi! qu ? F T Y ll T ' guished this team from last year's," noted jon Leibowitz. "This year everyone pulled to- gether and backed each other when it really counted, espe- cially in the second GMU game and against American." Leibowitz and goal tender Charlie Smith were instru- mental in the team's 1-0 vic- tory over UConn, which had been ranked 14th in the coun- try prior to the game. "The UConn game was one of the biggest wins we've ever had," commented Coach A1 Albert, "and since it was a really emo- tional game, it was tough to come down after that," allud- ing to the team's subsequent loss to Rhode Island. Todd Middlebrook cogently summed up the team's growth during the season. "What I partic- lcontinuedb TOP CENTER: Freshmen Scott Repke battles a Howard opponent for the soccer ball. Scott was named to the All-Eastem division team of the Virginia Intercollegiate League. Phots by T. Steeg BOTTOM CENTER: A teammate show Howard the current score as Darcy Curran and teammates celebrate the most recent one. Howard was their last game ofthe regular season. FACING PAGE: Teammates, Mike Flood and Mike Kalaris, jump into the air to head the ball as Darcy Curran looks on. Senior, Mike Flood was drafted and plays for the Chicago Sting in the NASL. F I, + I -jif- 1- I' ' 1.1: if 1? I r lFY"F'V I-F +q"Y"1l'F -v-44,1 -v v -wl- Mens Soccer W 1095 Q D n U ' 1 4 4 0 , ' 0 ' . I 0 0 I I I 5 9 g . 1 1 I xv . r.U,v I 0 O I I .411 -Q-Les-U-15 , . r- '-' .I . V - .ML '81 ... r'5" ' FAR RIGHT: .lon Leibowill fol- lows the ball with his eyes antici- pating his next move. Jon played for Pan-Am team in the Maeva- biah Games held in Sao Paulo. Brazil. LEFF: Using his juggling skills. Jon Leibowitz, knees the ball away from surrounding opponents. Jon felt "unity and closeness" was a big part of this year's team. BELOW: Scott Repke demon- strates his skills with the soccer ball. Hard practices kept the team in shape. Photos by T. Steeg ew lcont.l tilarlv enitiyed ahotit this past season was the progression the team made. Following a inediocre hegitiiiitilu. we yelled together to win a string ot tritical .uatnes towards the end ot' the season, cultninating with an over- titne. plaxolt win over George Mason and an NC A.-X herth More iinportantlv. I en- iosed plating one final season with seniors lohn Rasnit. Rich Miller. Benny Bortlti and Mike ldtiwd. liach ol the seniors taught the rest ol tis to plat and glee ht-tter as a team. rt-st1itineinotirhestseasonsince 1981 " A Titirrx -il pivstseasiiti honors awatdesl to znnixititial tneinhers rounded out the stit- -tissltil tear Senior Mike Flood was natned rt the .-XJ-.Mnericati team :Division l third 152 Mc-n's Soccer teaml, becoming only the second William and Mary player ever to receive such a dis- tinction. Flood was also selected for the Se- nior Bowl and, most significantly. was drafted and now plays for the Chicago Sting in the NASL. ln addition, Freshman Andy Watson was selected to play for the All- South Atlantic team, while Scott Bell, Scott Replte. Andy XYatson. Mike Flood, Charlie Smith and Todd Middlehrook were named to the All-Eastern division team ol' the Vir- ginia Intercollegiate League. Finally, a team memher even tasted some international competition. asrlon Leihowitz played for the Pan-Am team in the Maccahiah Games held in Sao Paulo, Brazil. A new precendent has been set. -.llttttlntt Kai at J. a -fgs' - y -.-u. -v-1,,---- G- eo-'f..aQ,1l-msg-ul '- ' I . ,',.s-. . H,- WV, , "L-uw ,, '- h,r"?"1"'1l'L"sr1 , '21-M Q 'O'-v X - ,api -fa,-Pl' . J.i"' "' 'stikfpfg' '- . . ,. 1:- 1 x ., wilt? ' .9'isz'31cmr 5 nl. 'S+ vo-aff -, ,I , . 2 1" LM' 'g '-vw. -31 li! 'J LEFT: Freshman Scott Bell looks determined to keep the ball awayfrom the opponent, Smit was named-for the All-Eastern division team. BOTTOM LEFT: Rafingfor the ball Da ve Schneider is determined to get to the ball-first. The Tribe won thix bout against Howard Cnirerviry, BOTTOM RIGHT: Another score by the Tribe comm Freshman Larrv Krisman to jump for joy. The team had a successful season with a 14-6-2 record, Phoim by T. Steeg M. SOCCER W8cM OPPONENT 4 VA Wesleyan l 0 NC Wesleyan I 4 Christopher Newport 0 1 American O ' Lynchburg 0 2 Howard I I Towson I 2 Duke 8 1 ODU l 5 Richmond 0 1 Connecticut tl 2 Rhode Island l 8 V C L' U 2 George Washington E 5 George Mason .T 3 EasrC.mmlina ii 0 ,IM L' I 5 Lungwf ami ll 4 Uuurgu Mas.-n N l Virgina.: Mnillxxlwtar IU PORTS ' SOCCER Young and Successful outh proved no hindrance to the relatively new ithree yearl womens varsity soccer program and it's N85 mostly freshman team. The ECAC championship, national ranking, and a memorable up- set against fourth ranked Cort- land State were significant rewards for the efforts of this seasons team. Twelve freshmen, six sopho- mores, one junior, and three .-v seniors formed the team whose youth Coach john Charles saw as an asset. "Most of the freshmen were used to win- ning. They helped us enter each game thinking we could win," And win they did, la. ending the season 12-6-2, with even higher hopes for the team as it matures. Competitive tryouts assessed "compatibility, support- iveness, friendliness, communicability, committment and courage" as well as "skill, speed, endurance, knowl- edge of the game, tactical awareness, and sportsman- ship." These qualities were listed on a calendar which filled nearly every day of September with practice meet- ings and scrimmages. The highlight of the season arrived in early October at the W.A.G.S. tournament. We had lost the 10:30 game to UNC, so that night we were out to vindicate ourselves against Cortland State," recalled fresh- man Liz Hunter. "ln the begin- -ilqri , '- ning we were down, but we played tough, put in our best effort and beat a very tough team." Cortland State was ranked fourth in the nation and their goalie was a highly ac- claimed athlete who often shut an opponent out of any goal at all. "It was more than a come- back from UNC, to score against that goalie was a real ac- A' complishment. Strikers, janet Thomas and Laura Mason were crucial in this," Liz said. The atmosphere between the team members was elec- tric at this night game played under lights on a small bumpy field. The mist rose cold and damp on a large fcontinuedl TOP CENTER: Receiving instructions, Grace Boland listens intentlv to assistant Coach John Daly, alias J .D. Coach John Charles and assistant Coach John Daly aided the girls with their successful season. Photos by T. Steeg BOTTOM CENTER: Erin Sheehey successfully heads the ball away from her Maryland opponent. Janet assisted in three goals and made two of her own this season. ',"'v' 1 J 4' -7' la '-.0 Ili 1, . '-r 'A' -'Run J fivfffim 2' lvl Xkoiiic-ii's Soicer k., .W I 1 M ,S . . Va Nq- M - ,Q 5-.V-v -.-L, 1. K 5 ,s hw,- ,jr ,Q 8. ., 4: "D if , .5 .X xsxgsswgff Pl' : .331 Nga, .J rg 'Q 2 :Tight sy 0 Ankii ww- .4 .. L Aff, 'Vx "' , fiquggsv ' s 1 YK S 1 .- ,., , '91 rgawgg 'I' R 4 fi "P, 'A ? .-Q if , if -L it f , ' 1- fl 9' , ,dx 1. I I 74 3 4 wk? 1. 's 1 - F lax-N' , , s Q Y- 2 1 -1 . . 1 I Q .f' . 7 wg PE' ip '-. 's v I fzxif' l xi' ,xwrjlx s A ' f.. ' 24 4 ak . Q I 4 f. A .4 1 1-YM s X: Q' ,H ', 3:4 'X 53 X, N' 1 w'-' '-:J 'sr' 14, .- . -- - r , ,, R A. '54, . ' 5, , Q A X 1' 'Ya-.'Tw gk' Jag? 1 T f L' - ,I -'-1 Y' . .tty Q' 14 L. v - gl L., Q-l',!wQY'. IA L 7 . ,,, ,fr --1+ 3 y -KN w -, -.."-ff,-' ,F ,fg"4b".'i' ' 5651! GL xv' , 1' 0 .i x I.: tlklf. 1 ' .:"il'fQq.fg ++1f:f " "f" '85 4' ' fxf' 1 ,xg A W- Q ,,k. ,,. w Ili.- QI '41 . Ml!! xii AW 4 LJ ,.-5 rl sl-3 1 n ,Qi ,J yin, 9 Young t..,.t.,- group of spectators, whose spirits were any- thing but damp. as the game began. The crowd of mostly Northern Virginians cheered for the underdogs. the "home" team of XY'illiam and Mary. against the New Yorkers. Cortland State. Although the oppo- nents scored the only goal in the first half. Willliam and Mary players left the half time pep talk feeling victory was in their grasp. "They were one goal down so they gave everything they could. The performance was completely awesome." Coach Charles said. ln the second half Liz Gonda, a freshman goalie, shut out all the oppositions scoring attempt. Meanwhile. a small but fearless front line unsettled the Cortland team. -lanet Thomas ran tirelessly on the left flank as did l.aura Mason, a fast runner who was also a lllll meter hurdler. Sophomore Karen Barclay used her skills In break in and take chances which culminated in Karen Sheehan's score of the winning goal. The noise ofthe crowd spurred the offense on while the midfield held their own. De- ft'11st'was led by Seniorlirin Sheehey and the I't'sllIt'I1I Liz Cionda. Coach C harles declared the y ettorv "the high point of our three-year l its XX.it11eiiR St utter RIIIIII J .4ggrey.sirt'lv igningjirr the bull. I.uur1e!iurdim'r slmls lljinni u Virginia I wh playrer. lzrm Slwliuri' is ready to help in the buckgrnuml. H1:'l.UH: .linking tl sure. Senior Cb- capmin. Alun' Hun: jumps to knock tl hull uwuyfroni the gnul. .lfllU"N stum- Iitiy show she made .io wives this year. program, That will give us some national rec- ognitionf' junior Kelly jackson agreed that Cortland State and the ECAC victories over Colgate and Vermont were the most dramatic mo- ments ofthe season. A three-year veteran of the Tribe soccer team, she felt the year was more than just wins and rankings, "The team was united on the field and on the road. There's no division - we see each other as one big group." Kelly believes strategy gave the Indians a crucial edge, psychologically as well as on the field. Knowing strategy built interdependence and gave the team confi- dence." A different system of arrangement on the field also helped the team to gain extra goals this year. Liz Hunter described the line-up: "We pulled our two outside half-backs up to- ward the front line and used them mainly for offense, passing to the actual front line. This gave us a broader depth and allowed th front line to be way up there. A couple of key goals were break-aways with the front line charging quickly down the field," ln its three years. the team has gone from playing mainly club teams to a hefty varsity schedule. With a 12-o-2 record, the ISAA National poll ranked them sixteenth. Still. Liz Hunter felt that sometimes rankings did no reflect how hard they played. This frustratio y should subside next year because the attend tion and respect earned this year will carry on to the 1984-85 team. A ln the future, trive soccer tryouts will probf ably be even more competitive becaus l soccer's growing popularity has encourage many more high schools to pursue the sporti William and Mary's combination ofa superiorl academic curriculum and varsity soccer pro- gram helps to attract an abundance of these new recruits. Defensive players will be partic ularly sought for next year since the loss 0 . Seniors Cindy Dantszcher. Mary Danz, and Erin Sheehey. Erin. along with Karen Sheehan, and Diane Szczypinski was named to the VIWSA tour- nament team. Freshman Diane was also named to the ISAA SouthV'Midwest Regional team. In retrospect. Coach Charles observed, "We had an excellent recruiting class. a young team that matured quickly. I've seen the team progress from being aspiring soccer players to being athletes entirely, playing with skill and harmony on the field. XY'e came through the season with flying colors." - illmzira Tetzlaj? LEFT: Senior C ff-uupzum, lzrm Sheehey suffessfullr denmmzrurw hrr Skills wilh the mffvr hall She' Cum- pleted three' goals Ihix wuwn and nx- sisred in mn. W. SOCCER WSLM Opponent 0 Central Flornia 1 5 Wisconsin-Madnson li 1 Cmcxnnari 5 6 M.1ryl.and I 1 Vnrgmna I S Randolph Macon H 2 R.1d!'orJ U I George Muon 3 0 UNC 4 2 Cortland I 1 Texas I' 0 George Washxngron I' U GuorgL'M.1srvn I 5 -Lmlcs Ma-Minn H 5 Xvlf'2ll'1l.lTL1h I' I Rmihwrd , 1 C --lun 1 1 X1 rm- mr I xxx V. X SPORTS ' CROSS COU TRY Un ung Heros heir 4iCfUmPll5h- . -"'-'CVE If Number two runner john Q - - l W .I -IL, :LW I 1 UWCINS UNCH H0 UH' I -4. -"'1.L?:5ff,'A " Kellogg, expressed great satis- noticed. Their 1' heros remain anon- ' ' ymous. Yet cross- country runners endure. They sweated through daily workouts in the blistering heat "-' and humidity. They gallantly 'f tolerated running through downpours of rain. Through it all, these runners not only en- dured, they succeeded. The men were undefeated in the . regular season with a 5-0 rec- ord. They also placed third in the state meet. The women ran to a 6-2 season record. Their season was highlighted by win- ning the Old Dominion Uni- versity invitational where top runner Maureen I-linnebusch came in first. Sophomore Ken Halla and Senior john Kellog, the men's team's top two runners, were named to the All-East Cross Country Team. In fact, the only disappointment came at the beginning of the season when it was learned Senior Fraser Hudgins would be out for the season due to an injury. Coach Roy Chernock commented, "It could have been a great lif Fraser had not been injuredl. We were undefeated. That show we had agood season." .yya . , . -.,'i.'JXg:+" , ,, . ,N ,- .fi.3,"""F,'i?U:' 'T X ' I 'Z:"if3' ' fig! .ft-Y bf' . MC"-vtgw . ': fe. 1z7,.fi-- fr 14.2. .' 4--5: f"'f'1?44'r'f'??" ' l :F'."'3'. C ' ..f.e'rf.--'i.7- W. ,- . " 1 'lil' . - , ' Z'!',,1,-1Qt"i?.Z,'z-, V4 ' . .Y,-- .1 rx., V W. 'Jag f iissf iitiiitry ' ,,'g,, faction with the season. With -L'-. '77 - only two graduating seniors, the men's team was a very young one. Considering their success in 1983, Kellogg ex- plained, "They should be well prepared for next year." Along with the win at Old Dominion University, the womens' season was high- lighted with a seventh place finish out of fifteen competi- tors at the George Mason Uni- versity Invitational and a F K q fourth place finish in the Vir- Q xlz, ginialntercollegiate League. ln the East Coast Athletic Confer- ence Race, Maureen Hinne- busch placed second overall. Maureen believed she had had her best season yet. She felt this team was character- ized by a feeling of"comraderie," she explained, "There were lots of smiles. This is unusual when you're working that hard." - Wendy Neuman 1 - 'T at,-46-iassiiilxil Nfl F' ll R7 I .s N - - -1 3'Pl5fl3fw lb 34335 , :Ar if-ot' - vt- "sg"F":m' .T x fl,-l' gh Lf ,..Nyl, , 'tI"t-4?-S" ,. '. .: -1, -151.-" 'il ff fl- V' TOP CENTER: Coach Chernock gets information from Senior John Kellogg. John was named to the All-East C ross-Country Team. Photos by T. Steeg BOTTOM LEFT: Number 75, Ken Hallo crosses thefinish line. Only a sophomore Ken is one of the ream's top runners. BOTTOM RIGHT: Freshmen, Eileen Grissmer, rags in as she finished her race. Her opponent looks as U' she had a hard nm. -vi Xrllzp-h H F 4 D e v , V ,-v gf' A+-' u sr , s Y, X l.,,2K.1, ' 1 ,. 5 , If . i a' . . f,-1 . A BOX 'Er Todd l,ir1dA?y wilh .luhn lx'e'llU,gQ1: 1 lou' lhllllllll runs by Coach Chernufk. lhv rnvm' vrfm-murlin' team was undeffealed lhis waxmz. LEFT: Conzing in Ihree in a row urs ftlllfllltfi' P rmuh, Alison Hawley and Stucrjv Allen, Ihr girly' dvwlfqml camaradie. Photos hy 71 Smeg w'6:M1menr OPPONENT 21 VMI is 15 Chnsvophcr Ncwpnrt V1 Il Duke if 20 Rmhmnnd 1 T5 ODL' u WAN wwomenw OPPONENT 15 Nan 415 IH Chr1smphcrNwnpUrv 4? L9 Tom sun P 55 Gcurgcmvun ,- I9 Amerxcm is 25 Dcl.avrArc wt' -ll Bucknvll I" l xnxx!!-.,MVY'1 IV? SPQRT ' VOLLEYB LL Charisma harisma and ca- metaderie were the qualities that combined to bring the XX' X M womc-n's volleyball team its most exciting and successful X season. The final result was an , Coach Hill commented, "XXV: had our fair share of mira- cles. not to mention bad luck. They lthe playersi had every excuse to throw up their hands and say 'we can't do it.' To come through the way they did under the direst of circum- outstanding record of SS wins 'W' stances , , , is a real credit to .ind IZ losses. ll-2 at home , si Q" 'L it ,. gaghgyf-them," and 22-IU on the road. The Ag ,.'i fx X-4 A bg, Elaine Carlson, the Senior ledger included .i 12 match win -- IL .ii7"i, I ,Q co-captain of the team from streak, a school record, as well IX X fir Plainview, NY led the Indians as an unprecedented state title sl' lx A in total kills with 352. She fin- and a fourth-place finish in the , ' f ff- ished her last season with an ECAC Division I regional ly j ' 'LI impressive .281 hitting per- championship. In the words of 'Ki l I centage, second-highest on the both women's Sports Informa- , all , E team. She contributed Z9 solo tion Director Frances Bobbe ,Il ' .L ' L blocks and 55 block assists, as and Coach Debra Hill, it was "the best season in XYiIliam and Mary volleyball history." Bobbe, however, likened the experiences ofthe team to Agatha Christie's famous mystery: "Ten 'little' Indians began the season under seventh-year coach Debra I-Iill, And then, there were nine, when talented senior Kelly I-Ialligan re-injured her knee at the Navy Invitational. A week later, sophomore Laura Burrus suffered the same fate: and then. there were eight, Finally, in the first match of the state tournament, leading power hitter Elaine Carlson seriously sprained her ankle. And then, there were seven." well as 58 service acestand 13 digs. "Elaine had a great year," I-Iill said. "As always, she was very intimidating to other teams - a very flashy hitter. She was a good co-captain." On the difficulties of the season, Carlson commented, "we rose to the occa- sion, and got carried through by the momentum." frozzm TOP CEN TER: Readvfor the block. Senior Co-Captain. Elaine Carlson goes up for the ball. During the season. she had 29 solo blocks and 35 block assists. She attributed the team 's success In their unUied spirit. BOTTOM C ENTER : Arms outstretched. K hy Kaupelis and Lisa Babst strain to block a Virginia Tech hit during the State Volleyball ehampion- ship. Despite numerous injuries, the Tribe won the match and the cham- pionship. Photo by T. Steeg illc-yb.iIl ,'I ,TNQ --rb .ILL "" Y.-r,1 X -H 15 J ,iii- s ' 1 , 1 X1 4",,.f--'4' ' V 1 , , .- Q Y 'I '-' "Q ...xii g K J rl K113' 1i.111p1'11x 111 Y11r1411m'11 HL'1XL1111N N Y,. 211111111 111 i11x'1f1.11 1.111'g111r11w 1111r111g 1111 51111111 s1'.1w11, S111wx.1x s1'1111111111wrxf 111,11 111111 115 .1111 .111.1 .1111-111111r1111111'11 1111 1'il11S. 1x 111115. 1111111111 1iNN1NIN,,1I111 4111111 111111111 L11111111111111-1111111,"s111'p1.11'1111w1111'1'.111- 1115111 111-111111-.111111xpu.1r11.11 1111111111 " T1111 11151 4u.11111- 1111 1111' N1-,111-11 111111111111 111 H111. ww 1111- 11l11.11N s1.111- 11111r11.11111'111 1131111151 V1rg1111.1T11111, XX1111l 11111 11111 11111- CFR 11111 111114 111 111111r111S 111111 111111 111111 111 play.rhmgsl1111k1111gr111111111111111111 "Tc1hr111111g11111111' 11.111 II Xy4111.H 5111111-11 Hi11,'A11111w1 rct'115c11111g1x'111111" After 11ms111g 1111' 171111 111-11 .Q.111g1L'N, 11111 Tribe m1111511 111 wm XY11.iI H111 1.1111-11 M1111- r1111s1111c:11111r111w11'111.11111111XYaM 111s111rx " "1 l1'1lJUj.Z1II cvcry p1'rs1m11 11.1k1 11111 15L'SI 111.11111 ever,"1111111111'11r1'11 C .1r1s1111 'A11x1.1e 1111s fur 1:11111 S1111111rr11g1111111111111s111111-- I1I1DgUJ1WC pr111111111'." XX'1lCI1 11S1iCk1 1111.11 11111A1L' 1111s s11.1s1111 1111- 11c51.CQ.1r1i1111S.1111."1111r sp1r1r1x.1x1111111111a .11111 vw .111 111111111111111.111-11 111111 514115 111.1111 was 511111 .1 1111111 11111 I1L'XL'F 11111111 11.111 111111 1181.115111111'11.11111-111XK11111111Is11111.11111- 1tA11'11gr1111p " A 171.111 fu.: K1 11 11" f0P C'E.N'TI:'R: Arms rhrlnrirzgjkfrwurd. Kin lxuupr- 115 goes down ,yur Ihf' hump 111171772 the X'1rg1r1111 Sruru Xblleybull I0lIfl11H11t'l1I hald in sxlflllf firm Ihr Inbf rupturedIlleir-fTrx1S1u11' l'1fIl1jvh11ll 1'l111mp111r11l11p BOTTOM C'1:QN'1FR, Ann liwnzpskr, Ncnmr C111- Caprain, humps the hull bark during tht' I r11rrr1Irv11y' Virginia f71L1Il'h, Judr C'1I1'h7'1Il1 11111111811 Hflhxr w11I1f1 frum Ihr'1'0rr1ers. 101111111 hx' l. S1r1'13 VOLLEYB LL I 1-M11-11514' 1 ' 115.1111 4 V1 I 1,1-11.111 1 N 1 X11-, 1 1 l1111.,11..1N 1 1.111.1-1 M.1.11x11 Q Yi 1 F M11111'11I. 11 YL I .' L11'.111.1 Q k,11h1f11. Y1:x1111.1 111:.1:-11-111 r N1 11111f1 5,11wi-1.11 NL111 1X1 XX 1111111111 1.13.11 M1111-11 1X4 111,11'11-1'1 Y1r11-1111 11.1 l1111:111-11-1 41w.!1111'i1.114 1.1N.11,1 1 X111!l,.1. 1 Mx. ,1, 1 1"u.11-, V1-1-11, 111, 1 N1w111111 ' 1,1111 1' 1 1'- 1'111 1 11.11 , 11 1.11 1-, V1'1. 1'1111 1,1w1 1 W1 111-.1 XX N11 . 11X11' 1. 1 1- '. ' X ', N11 1 Y 111 11.111 111 3 2 i e T Q U s HIS Bdflfl' Pa1'kf9z'lf'5 p051'f1'011 as beau' baikeilmfl comb .s'parkec1' q11e5tz'0115 about the 7726272 zvfoo preceded 191111 lm b1f0Zl9e1'B1f11fe. cc N Here. B4z1'1j1'5peaz1e5 GA I remember in the locker room after the QI- JMU game you said this is the team to C beat. Is that true? Even though l've been here for a while .is .in assist.1nt.1nd were doing the same things, it's still .1 transition for everybody. XY'e've got a new team .ind l'm 3 new person, although l would like to be as successful. You've got a bunch of superior athletes on the team who are also superior students but you're playing against the Michael Jordans. the Sam Perkins. What do you 'Tm not Bruceg Fm my own person . . tell your group of people before you go out to play a big game? Those games .ire not the tough games to get your kids prepared to play. They know that when we plat' .1 team like that we h.1ve everything togain .md nothing to lose. XYe're supposed to get lWL'.lfL'I1 by twenty points. so there is .1 little bit ol' pressure taken off. You c'az1m'1'dl1f about h1'5f1'1ctt czlayy at the helm 1.17 cm Z.7Zf67'Z'Z.6Zl' with Mark Be1zz'e1f5.' Echo Editor. x N ' ,At M f -T i lu ku.. just prepare for a game like that just as you would prepare for any other team . . . I feel that's been the toughest part for me as a new head coach. You want to say something that's going to get them ready for every game, but you can't. . .they have to do it themselves. In big games, you hope the team will get off to a good start, and that's what really will build confidence. Last year in the locker room, I noticed the different ways that you and Bruce com- municated with the players. Bruce seemed to work with the team as a whole while you walked around and talked with the players individually. Do you think that's a plus for you? You know being an assistant coach and being a head coach are really different when it comes to communicating. I recruited all of the players, and you get to know a kid very Well when you recruit. As an assistant, you're really looking at different kids and ifyou see a kid Who's down you want to go help him out and be encouraging . . . not that the head- coach doesn't do that but as a head coach, you've got the whole group together. I still feel that there shouldn't be a real big barrier 'between me and our kids . . . although I'm calling the shots in practices and games, and I iwant those kids to respect me first. I feel close to the kids, but there's a fine line there. You have to make sure that when the whistle yblows, they're going to work for you and our kids do that. I don't think that my relationship 'is that much different from Bruce's. il-low is your coaching situation different iaecause you're dealing with academics so yrnuch here? iAcademics are the most important things for but kids. Now don't get me wrong. Basket- Jall is a big reason why those kids are here, Put academics is the bottom line. Our kids are 'students who just happen to have a little bit different talent in that they play basketball. if'hey've an incredible schedule. I don't think people realize what they go through . . .don't lget to go home for break . . . bust their tails I I I i l la l studying and then have to work hard in bas- ketball. They travel . . . miss work . . . make it up. . . socialize. . . and rally burn the can- dle at both ends . . . a whole lot of sacrifice. How long do you envision yourself being here? Who knows, forever. That's a tough question to answer. I'd like to think that l'll be here for "I'd like to think I'll be here for a long, long time . . a long, long time. I can honestly say that this is the place l'd like to be. I WAHI to be the best coach in the world. That's my goal right now, but being here as long as I've been here, and coming from a place like UVA makes this place perfect for me. You get a chance here to coach, you've got sold kids that work hard, you can really teach them to play basketball and they're going to listen to you. They're coachable kids . . .a credit to the school. One of the biggest reasons I like it here, or rather, love it here, is that I know these kids are go- ing to make it after they graduate. I would love to be as successful as Dean Smith IUNCI, and I'd love to have Michael jordan and Sam Perkins on my team but you know, I'm sure he doesn't have a lot of the advan- tages that l have being here. This school is great. I like the ideas and the philosophy that they have here. l've always been inspired by the student body. I think weve gotten great support and not just for the big games but for any game. There are always students in the stands. I think this place is great with the sup' port we get. A little about your past. . . you played for the pros for a few years. didn't you? And do you miss it? l played three years in the ABA. l was with the Virginia Squires for two years, and l was with St. Louis for one. Sometime I miss play' s lv y' 'fi xv. .I ing but I've gotten that out of my system When I look back and see the kind of money these guys are making, sometimes I miss it. I'm very lucky though, I really got a good start. I established a little nest egg. There was once an article in the alumni magazine that mentioned a little rivalry between you and your brother. Was there a rivalry or was that blown out of propor- tion! I think you're going to find that anytime brothers are close in age and athletically com- petitive, there are going to be rivalries, and we went at it all the time competitively, whether it be basketball or checkers or throwing a baseball at each other. Again, I feel it was normal. I think in the long run it really brought us closer together. Obviously, you can't work together in a job like this with- out being close. There is too much loyalty involved and that's the bottom line in work- ing and coaching. Is what you do to prepare for a game dif- "I eat, sleep, and dream basketball . . ferent from other coaches you've worked with, in particular, your brother? XX"ell, l've only really worked for my brother, and out preparations are similar. The bottom line is that you prepare your kids to do what you want. XY'e want us to play our defense. our offense, not what the other team's going to do. lf we're prepared to do things w ell, nothing will surprise us. Is this coaching iob a strictly nine to five thing? On no, during the season l toint' in early in the morning and stat until evening I take tapes home with me and warth tour ol fot- hours every night My wire is great .ibonr it She never complains I ear, sleep. and drtqnn basketball. XY'iyt's have to be spetial, and l have a spet ial one lhirkliill I I 4 M SPORTS-BASKETB LL In Fraternal Footstep ith four and .1 hall minutes remaining in .1 game against Duke, Wal- liam and Mary after trailing by Duke the victory, 'O-68. As she was filing out of the Hall, a student remarked to her com- panion, "1 just don't believe it . . . This couldn't have hap- pened last year." three points .it the half, held .1 .f X With the mcmiyfy-Offhe pre- H'I1Y1'1UU.H U5-bl lfdsl- PUT I vious years remarkable season most oi' the home fans. who V T still verv fresh in mind, it was i' were thoroughly familiar with the successful last-second his- l.xt trionics of the past year's team, the victory itself was already a - foregone conclusion. Fond memories of last season's Wake Forest victory seemed to confirm most fan's beliefin the team's ability to thrive and dominate in the late stages of the game. Yet scarcely three minutes land several Tribe turnoyersl later, the Score was knotted at obs, where it remained until the final seconds. Following a missed attempt by the tribe, the Blue Devils, successfully controlling the ball, finally went ahead on a 12-foot lump shot with only six seconds left in the game. At this point, eyen Keith Cieplicki could not push the game into overtime, as his long, last-second jumper bounced off the back rim, spreading disappointment over the hopes of the XX'illiam and Mary fans. The ln- dians, after dominating the second half of play, handed pw 'V"a1v inevitable that anyone could look at the statistical results of the 1985-8-1 men's basketball team and feel a little disap- pointed. ln a season character- ized by close losses as well as convincing victories, the Tribe managed to salvage only a 1-i- 1-i record under the direction xl 'Y 7 . of new head coach, Barry Parkhill. Comparing the 1984 squad to the 1982-1983 squad, which posted a 20-9 over- all record and received a bid to the National Invitational Tournament, made the job of assessing the team's per- -Al formance in the past season that much harder, Also both Sports Illustrated and The Sporting News tcontl ABOVE : Tony Tra ver watches his opponent take a foul shot. RIGHT: Junior Keith Cieplicki fends off a Delaware opponent. The Tribe battled on to win this game, one in a six-game winning streak. BELOW: Prior to their return against Duke. the team rallies, as Mike gracken watches the last seconds of haU-time tick away. Photos by T. teeg mon, if dz h- 41 Xl' ti s lf,iskc'tli.ill 09 O 'Nui N nw W HM IW MW vf. 4 U 'YQ' A "0 f 91 41 4 "- I I wa " qw Q .,, ,,, W ' X. bmah.. K--n 'I ., I Alkjli-lf.iYl'xlfih.lH I-I3 Y '1 4' an-..,Q L C' 'Q '-1, ' if waiiilzlfx , We-I. ' f ,jk f 73 4- A BOX 'E: Tony Traver shoots thejirsl ofa one and one against Dela ware. The Indians won 68-65. RIGHT: Senior Gan' Bland breaks up a fast break during the Delaware game. Photos by T. Sreeg Fraternal Ccont.j picked Xxfilliam and Mary to win the ECAC South. Yet in the final analysis, perhaps any comparison that one might attempt must rest on shaky footing. The IUHS-H I Tribe missed both the skill and leadership ofMike Strayhorn and Brant XYeidner, the latter of whom now plays in the NBA As Kevin Richardson pointed out. "You look up. . .and see no Brant or Strayhorn there to lead," XY'hen looking back over the season as a whole, Coach Parkhtll also mentioned the void which the li iss of Strayhorn and Xkieidner had created, tommenting as well on the's rough opetuiiil sc hc-dule, which included Duke, NDI '. YC Lf and Virginia in eight days. Al- .1-1:ne Uv the teamk shaky I-A early retord, ' rf.h.ll remarl-ted, "The team started out in A is 4 xgllev Alter the tough st.1rt,thc ' Euxc had .1 disastrous year, but st ' ihertiselyes up and put together :' sirt al.. finishing strong in the sec- A -l'l.iskt-tliall T ' u Q. N al is .4 ond half of the season." From 2-'. the team moved to 4-9. then 5- IO, and swept the next six straight games against opponents like Delaware and East Carolina. Immediately after the Duke loss. the team travelled to Scope to face perennial ECAC rival ODU. Yet the Monarchs proved all too ready, and they opened the contest with a flurry ofbaskets that stunned the Tribe and produced a lopsided -I0-I9 halftime lead. Parkhill commented, "We lost our poise very early and everything just mushroomed. Instead of buckling up, we took some bad shots, and their lead in- creased from I0 to I8 points." As Matt Brooks added, "They came out hitting everything in the first half." The Tribe ral- lied in the second half, closing the margin W-45 at one point, but they could not stop the Monarchs in the end. Against VCE, the team led ill-24 at the half. spurred by the accuracy of forward Gary Bland and Tony Traver, but the Rams rallied in the second half and held on to beat the Indians for the eighth straight, frustrating time. The Tribe also displayed a strong first half showing against UVA lone of the "final four" teams? trailing only by three at halftime. The Cavaliers prevailed, however, 52-41. Besides the six game tear. the team en- joyed impressive victories over Rich- mond, George Masonnlames Madison t2l, and ECU l5l. Parkhill admired "the way our kids hung in there to make the season successful," after so traumatic a start. Also, standout guard Keith Cieplicki received several individual honors, including selec- tion to the Academic All-South team, ECAC south All-Conference team and All-State. In addition, Cieplicki played with Athletes-in-Action against the Cana- dian Olympic Basketball team this past spring. "Beating,IMU on rcontinuedl their home court was a hit: vein for us," noted Ciepliclci. XX'hen asked about the Duke loss, he added. "XX'e played a good game and really deserved to win, After the game. sure, there was some disappoint- ment. hut we all felt that we had played a good game, and it cllulflll really alrirect our performance against UDL' the next day " Gary Bland. whose effort against Dulte included 14 points and D rehounds, ana- lyzed the season as a whole ulhere were many games. , .that came down to a cou- ple of points, and they got ayyay from us Last year, it seemed like they didnt" Bland explicitly mentioned the doulale overtime loss at Navy in which the team once held a 15 point advantage. When questioned about any particular high points in the season, Bland, hesides men- tioning the six game winning streak. noted the "extreme confidence" that Parl-chill had in him, as well as in the rest ofthe team, XY'ith four returning starters - Herh Harris, Tony Trayer, Keith Ciepllclti, and Richardson, as well as Scott Cox-al - the team will he strong next season. -,ll.1II Kal LEFT: Keith Ceiplicki drives the lanvjhr an easy lay- up againsl Old Dominion. Old Dominmn min rhe game by 11 score of 71-65. Phom by T, Smeg. Basketball WSLM Opponent 79 NC Wesleyan W 68 Duke 'U 5' ODL7 A3 58 VCL' ell -il Virginia 52 63 Towson -4 5 55 1.'NC-Yfilmington O1 Q4 Maryland 534 55 Wake Forest SU 6-4 ECL' 124 -5 Virginia Military 55 55 Navy Ml 59 Drexel fill 91 George Mason "P 60 Richmond 11" 68 Dt'1.lwarL' f i 10 Virginia XYL-sleyan 'Hi .lames Madison If laitaytrtt-C olltui 'tw VNC XX'iIn1:rrc' ii ty' lt l Al Nan its 11151 5' Lvtiirigt Ma- 5fi yl. i:z.i s X14 1. hi li X11 ' N 1 is l o PORT ' BASKETBALL An Honest Effort n November the V283- l98-i women's basket- ball team had high expectations for the sea- son. With six seniors re- turning, they were joined by junior Brigid Kealeyg sopho- more Debbie Taylor and a group of talented freshmen. The women talked about win- ning eighteen games and senior janet I-Ianrahan said, "We thought we had a good shot of making it into the finals of the ECAS-South tournament." Yet the team struggled to a dis- appointing 9-I8 record, .2-2 in the ECAC-South. Head Coach Barb Wetters said the team "had some good wins, but we certainly anticipated more." Injuries and inconsistency hurt the Tribe often in their difficult year. The team began the season by splitting games with VCU and Virginia Wesleyan, losing to the Rams, then dumping XVesleyan. Though the Tribe then finished fourth in a tough Georgia Southern tournament, senior Vickie Lutz, who led the team with 97 assists on the year, said this was time when we had some tough losses, but we were playing well." A different player led the scoring in each ofthe first six games. Resuming play after the break, two Indian starters, U f V1 I 'AM xx :, L Ai MARY I 'un .i F Q J' e 'vi , gf Ll-. N1-3 senior Chris Turner, averaging five points a game, and Brigid Kealey were both injured. Turner missed the rest of the i season, and Kealey saw only limited action after her injury. Nonetheless, the Tribe began l to hit their stride. After losing to UNC and Brown the women won four of their next five games. Senior Sandy De- silvio said, "We play a very me- thodical game and around this time we began to get our com- bination ofa strong inside and outside game going." Vickie Lutz and Debbie Taylor worked the outside and janet I-Ianrahan, DeSilvio, senior Sue Wise and Senior Betsy Becker, who led the team in scoring and rebounding, controlled the inside for the Indians. , The injuries did hurt the Tribe in many ways, though. DeSilvio mentioned that "We sometimes only suited icontinuedl TOP CENTER: During a tense moment during the Liberty Baptist game. Debbie Taylor awaits the call for substitution from the sideline. BOTTOM LEFT: Now, Debbie goes one on one in the first haU' of the I ndians'game against East Carolina. BOTTOM RIGHT: With Betsy Becker beneath the net, Sandy Desilvio prepares to take a shot in their game against the Highlanders. AT RIGHT: Winning the fight against her Ram opponent, Chris Turner takes the rebound. Photos by T. Steeg XX .4 is , I ,i ' -L, Z? -' -- --.S . A , Nc ...xg Z ,t S '-' -'A' S XX-i::1eii's l'm.isketlw.ill :tulle jill-N I. , . gf. .lei ngnacrdh AO' Q1 5.1-v"""' ' .-3,,,e1'1l 9 -t puf- up nine players." Mentally. physically and emotionally these losses placed many de- mands upon the entire team. Entering the ECAC South with a 6-9 record the team lust could not surmount their inconsistenciesrlanet Hanrahan said, "A couple of people would play well each night, but it seemed lilie we couldn't get everyone playing well together." Other teams capitalized on the lapses, bypassing the Indians and leaving them behind. There was one game, however, where there were no lapses. The third conference game was against a highly-respected, Divi- sion I opponent, ECU. It was a game that the women didn't expect to win - but it all came together that night. Barb Wetters said, "It was our best game. We shot better than 5062 from the Floor and hit 13 of 14 foul shots." Hanrahanjordan, and Becker combined for 42 points and 1' rebounds, and everyone on the team scored. The Tribe showed ECU how to play, in a stellar effort. Even with six seniors graduating, pros- pects for next year appear good. Freshman Lisa Koehl and Susan Koester gained some valuable experiece and will yoin jordan, Taylor, and Kealey to form the nucleus ofa strong young team. According to Kealey, next year's team may be uinexperienced. but we have a lot of talent, and there are .1 lot oftalented recruits coming in." Perhaps they can find what was missing this year and produce a winning record to show for all their effort. W. BASKETBALL warm OPPONENT 54 vcu sa 65 VA Wesleyan 63 61 Rice 80 44 Georgia Southern 57 46 Christopher Newport 45 44 Norfolk 54 41Randolph Macon-Ashland58 56 UNC Greensboro 61 59 Brown 66 2 52 Yale -H 4 I 'I g5 Niagara 40 PN 0 Davis 84 Elkins 'l VN' 55 Navy -is 63 Bridgewater il! 48 Navy Iii J- 51 Richmond Sl X 50 George Mason Ho . ,,,- 64 East Carolina Sh Y' Radford uh SH Lafayette W'- 52 Hampton Sl Liberty Lhiptist 1 64 Lntigwinul WW 65 '1 'l Mary Wfisliiiigri i at 55 Al Ml i gi 5 -H IM l ' ' 4 XX-illiiliNll,iNl'.tYl'.ili l Ill N SPORTS - GYM Asirics Decade of Dominanc s the men's gym- nastics team be- gan to prepare for their 83-H-4 sea- son, two goals were foremost in the team members minds. to win the YA State championshi meet and to place in the top five in - the Southern Championship meet. However, the momen- tum of the team halted as a se- ries ofiniuries at the beginning of the year dropped three of the nine-man traveling team out of competition. Senior Milte Mutti, iunior.Ieff5ickler, and Dave Note had had to be replaced by sophomores and freshman. The conse- quences ofthe iniuries were seen in the result ofthe first three meets. The change from a veteran team to a young, inexpe- rienced team made the members unite. "The pressures of the itiiuries made us work harder, "explained sophomore Noah Pierson. Because ofthe gaps in events left open by the withdrawal of the injured team members, several gymnasts had to perform in events in which they did not usually compete. W'ith the guidance of Coach Cliff Gauthier and the leadership and support of the team captains, seniors Bob Creagh and Tom Miles, the team .iiif was able to develop well. Ev- eryone pulled together. Marking the high point of the year was the State Cham- pionship Meet, With members of the team placing in every event, the title was clinched, Not only was the Xlfilliam and Mary men's gymnastics team A - i. the proud title holder for the Wm 85-84 season, but the new title A sparked a winning streak often , consecutive State Meet titles. The realization ofthe second goal was also destined for the V l hard-working team. A culmi- A nation ofthe team's efforts was rewarded by a fifth place rank- ing in the Southern Championship. Through unification ofthe team, incredible goals were able to be realized. Co- captains Tom Miles and Bob Creagh inspired fellow gymnasts with leadership and support. Coach Gauthier described Tom as a "good example ofa lot ofgymnastsf' Through hard work and a list of talent, Tom was able to TOP CENTER: Sophomore Stuart Schiffman. an all-around competitor. chalks up before taking a first in the State Meet. He scored 50 of the team's 250.25 points. BOTTOM LEFT: A returning sophomore, Jay Daugherty performs against JML'. In the 83 season, he set the record in scoring on the bars. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mike Saltzman takes a second in bars at the State Meer. Hefollowed Schiffman with 49.95 points. Photos by T. Steeg 1 3 , vig! i 1 . . ,fa Pr Qi' n J Y , CW? 2 T T gf 1 ' .1 i .H -'- . X SQ 'F VS a- J A . . .ffl JZ! --vm. N yltii'sL3yn1iiastics , i fe., ' 9 2, 5 .1- ,gil- a,,.... .-yd . . .Q V. if . f "ffl J move up in the records. In the all-time rec- ords of the William and Mary gymnastics team, Tom is sixth for floor exercise, third for pommel horse, and third in parallel bats. Bob Creagh was "the top man ever." In an all-time record, Bob captured the first place pommel horse. His routine, which gave him this position, featured a personally-created position. Coach Gauthier was pleased with the overall performance and each individual's achievements forthe year. "We were more than a team. We did alot outside of the gym," freshman Tim Morton commented. This statement epitomized the team's sentiment at the close ofthe season, - Beth Mark LEFT : Co-captain Tom Miles exhibits beautdulform in the Virginia Tech meet. Through dedication and prac- tice, this senior moved very quickly through the ranks. M. GYMNASTICS W8tM OPPONENT 243.80 Illinois 265.50 225.6 NC Stare 239.55 245.55 jacksonville 248.15 226.00 Georgia Tech 219.10 239.80 Towson Stare I5-4. I 5 239.80 Virginia Tech 145.90 256.15 JMU 234.05 211.75 Radford U73 00 211.75 UVA l-12 40 247.45 NC Stare 2 34.00 227.20 Princeton 21175 246.00 Penn 2'9.-I5 Mc-n's Liymn istit s New Talent SPORTSGYMNASTICS n order to fulfill their dreams of becoming the '-"N next Olga Korbut or Na- ff - dia Commaneci many I determined eight-year- olds spend hours trying to per- fect their tumhles. Unfortuna- tely. only a small percent of these playful eight-year-olds have the determination and ,gr- grace to become extraordinar- , ily talented gymnasts. At Wil- liam and Mary eleven of these talented gymnasts worked to- gether competing hard seniorsl had our best season ever, which says a lot for the team." On the vault, Irvin took fourth in Nationals. Sopho- more Lori Pepple, who, in great part, carried the team to their 1985 NAIA champion- ship, also had a remarkable year finishing fourth overall in the state tournament and fifth on the floor in Nationals. She and four other gymnasts, Karen Irvin, Nanae Fujita, Mary Ellen Williford, and Sue Kapp, earned NAIA All- throughout the season and placing third in the 198-1 NAIA championships. According to head coach - Sylvia Shirley, "This year's team was much more talented than teams of previous years," Even though the team consisted of five new gym- nasts including freshmen Kimberly Read, Sue Kapp, and jennifer Lareau, the team managed a record of 12 and 3, losing only to the powerful North Carolina teams - Duke, NC State, and UNC at Chapel Hill. Senior Nanae Fujita became the first William and Mary gymnast ever to graduate competing in all four areas of competition: beam, floor exercise. uneven bars, and vault. According to co-captain Karen Irvin, "both Nanae and I fthe only American honors. Despite these outstanding individual 1 efforts, Coach Shirley empha- sized that the season was a team effort with every girl making important contributions. In a nut shell, Coach Shirley stated that the seasori's worst obstacles were "two freshmen ankles." Kim Read and jennifer Lareau both suffered sprains which pre- vented them from competing in the majority of the meets. icont.l CENTER: Nanae Fujita, does her best during her floor exercise exhibi- tion. Nanae is the first gymnast to graduate from William and Mary having participated in all four areas ofeompetition. BELOW: Arms out, this gyrnnast displays her grace and poise at a meet. Photos Irv T. Steeg. is T 5 I - 4551? in X -4? " Qui final, . " f ' ' Vu .ow- X. -4 A . xX +in'.eti's Gymnastics H. i. According to Karen lryin, "the iniuries helped pull the team together and made us work harder." Coach Shirley also admits that the team had problems on the beam. XX'ether or not the girls tell off the beams largely determined the outcome ot' the meet. For example. in reference to their loss ofthe State tournament to,lML', the only upset of the season, Coach Shirley commented, "Our heam routines looked good, but after we finished our tricks we iust bubbled up and tell." Despite the disappointment at States. che team went on to earn 13' points at NAIA, which gave them third place. Said Coach Shirley, "The team failed to reach it's potential until Nationals." As the defending National Champions the young, injured-plagued team had high hopes. Although they did not retain their National title, the gymnasts, as well as their coach, were pleased with the seasons outcome and look forward to next season, - Patti Currnll 3. I F 9 ig:-L 1111 nl '- 4 e V S . i ls - 1 , .' ABOVE: With a look ofunsleudiness, Julie Srephuniw gels ready to grasp the upper bar ofthe uneven bars. LEFT: Freshmen Sue Kopp does her balance' beam routine with a sense ofassuredness, Sur was one ofthe gvmnasrs who earned All-American N.-AIA hunnri, Photos by T. Steeg W. Gymnastics WBLM Opponent 152.55 Clarion 124 oo 150.45 Longwood llri si 161.80 UNC lo' ol! 1627 Navy liars 4 l62.7 XYVCSI Chester l V1 U5 l52.05 Dulce lQ'l 4 H55 Radt' tvrt i I ll US l'2.-15 NCSU lf-H H5 168.85 Georgia College HU R XXIA vlllk Hixh ii innastits I5 SPORTS-WRESTLI A Typical Sea on illiain and Marys wres- tling team ended their season with an ll-ti record this year. "lt was a typical XX'illiam and Mary year," claimed Coach Alan Platt, "We had two times as many wins as losses and we popped someone through an outstanding season." That someone was iunior, Chris Aragona who won the Eastern lnter Collegiate Wrestling As- sociation Championships held at Navy. "l wasn't supposed to win," claimed Aragona, "lt was an upset." But he beat all the top seeds and therefore qualified for Nationals where he was seeded twelfth. "The tournament at Harvard was probably the high- light of our season," Aragona said. "Vie won some close matches. lt was a good team showing," added Teddy Lewis. Lewis also had a terrific season by placing in the EIXVA. He headed to Annapolis straight from the infirmary with an intestinal virus and still managed to take fourth place in the championships. "Teddy has the technique. He really helps the team out with that," pointed out Kevin Looney. The team chalked up another win at the Salisbury lnvi- tational. At Christmas they were '-ll. f'XY'e got off-to a fast start," said Platt. "lt was exhilarating." commented Ara- gona. Then the competition got a little stiffer. "We lost to American and Bucknell and we shouldn't have lost to IUP. frying lu get the rakedown the Indian wrestler trjys to urercanie his rival. RIGHT' Ising various body holds this wres- tler keeps his opponent to the mat. Phums if hry R. Larson W r e S t 1 1 n g Wahl Opponent 3' Longwood 12 -Uv Lynchburg 5 34 Hiram I5 -its Elizabeth City ll 12 New Hunpshire ll all Harvard 11 21 WPI 19 l f American 26 1' Bucknell lo l ' Franklin S4 Mar. 20 412 Salisbury H EH UVA 18 -. james Madison II ' George Washington li i Princeton 15 H Penn l 'S K E Stroudsberg U i'-viii either one." reasoned Looney. "From there things got a little rough. Vfrestling has a longer season than any other sport. And after a while guys get a lit- tle disappointed with having to lose weight." he added. Platt remarked, 'fXY'e missed guys like Doug Dix and Shaun Cava- naughf' Dix because of a seri- ous accident last year and Cavanaugh due to an iniury to his shoulder lust before the season started. An injury to both knees hindered .left Deal's season as well. , "XY'e're really looking for- ward to next year because al- most everybody is returningf' asserted Aragona. "It will probably be even stronger than this year since the guys will be more experienced competitors," avowed Platt. Aragona added, "Next year we're gonna be great!" P Next year the team will also have a new coach, Billy Pincus, a recent graduate of William and Mary. Coach Platt will be taking a step up to administrative work and a position as academic advisor for the football and wres- tling teams. "Pincus is an excellent wrestler and we really need a younger guy," Looney claimed. "A new coach will bring a lot of enthusiasm too," said Aragona. Platt will retain the title of Head Wrestling Coach but Pincus will run the practices. Glenn Gormley may also be returning as an unofficial assistant coach. "All-in-all we had a pretty good season and we're happy about that," concluded Platt. "XY'e're just happy to still have a team here." - Beth Henri ALWAYS Karen N N ER udley The team stood around me on the courts in the late afternoon sun, trying to tell me something that there were no words for. lt was very quiet. Memories were evident in the downcast eyes, thoughts that needed expression but were difficult to tell ahout. Marion Gengler was the first to try, "The team revolved around Karen," she said quietly. "She had a great sense of humor - she Could laugh at herself." Everyone agreed that "She was a fun person . . .she made everyone laugh . . . she helped others adiust to the team." Heather Clark added, "She always made you feel Su wel' Come and part of the team." Karen was easy to talk to, on and oft the court. "Even if you just met her, she made you feel as though you were a friend," said Marion. ln every way, astlill put ir, "Karen Was always a winner." Karen was a bright person. She loved lwright colors, and she loved life. She was always active - running, linking, playing tennis, or dancing. She never sat still. Karen was a vital part of the tennis team. She was .i soni-tt oi laughter and determination. She worked hard, but never lost sight of the fun side of everything. She was a lady on the tourt. and she set a great example. ln memory of Karen, the tennis team wore bright purple laces when they played. And, although they pulled together, things could never he the same. Marion summed up the team's feelings when she wrote' iifflcflflilllt' I lldlf' nil! fm lfu wlrrli. I fum iff' mlf :fre ff 'xg 1 fiaeftzrl t!7llf7flilIt'l.l llllliift flu! Vtflllflilll mt flkff lxffri rx 1. ff t I 1 ' M ifntz ll Ifu' ful! In nftzit' lif tn fvrili In t fm fllllt 'lfn it fwfr Irtmf fitfi ilu 1r.14e1t from fm! :ii f". i .' .. i ll .' uf fu Ifilrlf nf KiIP't!l illlflllhl our tU..'I.fi1, .'v'.:f.. I ' tr1ffvni1.1ir11ilmftftftr'mm.1l1ffr1 turf, env' ' 1 I A ' ilu limit it lffmllt fur. bn! I lfvlrff .fi if 1. lflmt Ii fm Iltft iflnpl fn fur' Karen lludlev was a vt-rx Npet ual pt rs' i ol the tennis team Stmieol their lit sr me of her lile. the memories will nt xii ' iii" fii'i 'iv-4 PORT -TENNIS 3 fm XX' Major Changes espite a sudden coaching change in October, a tragic death, and a mayor change in the spring line-up, the women's tennis team was able to continue its winning tradi- tion, ending the season with a lil-3 record and another state championship title. Said Coach Kim Davenport, who tem- porarily filled in as the team's coach when Elizabeth Sharp left the position, "A coaching change is difficult for every- one, but the mere fact that we were successful speaks highly ofthe team." During the spring semester, the team lost its number three and number four players. Sarah Dobbin decided not to play tennis spring semester, and Karen Dudley was killed by an automobile at Duke University. About Dudley's death, Davenport said that she decided that the team should take two weeks off in February. The sabbatical made the season more difficult later, but Davenport felt that it was "much more impor- tant for players to take time off to think." When the team returned to its regular schedule, Davenport said it had to make up for conditioning lost T earlier in the semester. The team's problems were com- pounded by the change in ros- ter. Only eight players re- , mained, and the team had lit- ' 1 ' tle depth. Many players who N were inexperienced in singles play filled in for the players lost earlier in the semester. The team, consisting of one senior, one junior, two sophomores, and four freshmen, was a young one. Despite these handicaps however, the team prevailed, equalling its' suc- cesses ofthe fall semester. Said Davenport, "We beat the same people in the spring as we did in the fall with a really different line up." Davenport was to be replaced as coach in August, 1984, by Ray E. Reppert,jr., ofSt. Petersburg, Florida' - Kim Mootba .4 9--X CENTER: Debbie MacCoIl and Carol Lye take a quick breather during a tough practice to quinch their thirst. Practicing hard and determination enabled the girls to get first place in the VIL Championship. BELOW LEFT: A ball seemed to go past this Tribe member during a tough practice. Her teammate awaits the next serve. BELOWRIGHT: Staying behind the white line this tribewoman lunges to meet the ball. Having good eyelhand coordination is a must. Photos by T. Steeg if1i'icii's iltuiiis 1x H x y 4 X' A . ,- 1 K nf' S., ' s. LliF7': I-'reshman Heuihrrl lurk wh up for u pnwrryul serve, lleathvr and hvr rvunlnmlv, wnmr Hurmn Gvngler. made an vxcvllerxr If-anzjhr summi flfmhlm ABOVE: The Williun1umI.Harv wunxvm' rvnrm mum had an 6',l't't'H6'I1I wumn rhix war. ffdllllllhf u lux My exposure rhis lvl'ibFWl?f7Hll1 plays hrr hm: Ill hrr Irrum marfh. W. Tenms XVXM Oppum-nt 'Q c.h.iflL'b-IUII ry I V1rp1111l.xTc-.lx N 5 Nl. Suu- W 2 UDV 2 IW1lLhl.ll.ll1 I G.XX'.M1x11,:rU1. 3 Rulumumi 9 l'Ni fl Pmpni U IMY1-iw r N Dub ,I X'1rrmw l V: rm 3 IMI 0 Vlll liAMl'llINNHII IwryI.4,4 XX- Ilan Nw E ' Sh h K l1lUVllUl -l 'N' f .2-' ,..' ' " ' ,,' ,, ' ' 451- .,.. f XX7ytl1e is to bean Environmen- , , A i b 1 - f v r E H1111-11 -N-'ffl NU' 1:!:,I.fTf+ X - ' - tal Lawyer. That explains why PVUU WVU flu' - N' E 1-, in lf' -'A" 'Wi she became active in VAPIRG most qualifiedg NX 'ai ' I 5' her iunior year. ln the spring, llki' Senior lffifi ,t 'B 1 5' 6 1 1: 3 this year she chaired the Toxic Sliec-l1t.y who the "" f , X PI-Digits Committee which Um- Southland Olympia Award for ' N Y CC,-ned iwclf with --fly ashj' l1er athletic, cultural .ind edu- . H "1',,gCthCr with thc Chem, c.1tion.1l accomplishments, On Q l i " E peake Bay Foundation, the February otl1,.15-i'XYilli.ii11 .ind li 1 ' 'A Audobon Sociefl' liflsl flw M-1Fl'tll'-lslll-Nl" RCHL' Hfmf- -1 5, ' A , mini 55,71 V X5Uaterman's Association, VA- West Cloast lloordinator ofthe A,-4 ' ' X b " is , PIRG is fllllmfl lm fhs EPA to Southland News Bureau .1 ' '. ' ,V - "'- ' "ll is gQtVEPCVZQ,r4,ClL.L1n up 1 pit of handed Erin .1 replica ofa oth x Q Q j ' 3 Z., 3,5 - Waste that is seeping into the century BC Greek Amphora, , 'g.,f3,L--1. A " Chesapeake- Fly ash arises given to winners at the ' Q, V V .fat 5 Q -is 'F from burnt coal, it is similar to PAN--lflwn-11C FC5UVl1l5- Plmql P the gray dust ofused charcoal. of former world and Olympic ,-,i:',sfl3Q,Ltag,:2ifL-if With 50 many Varied acmvi- athlets votes on 100 men and -312' ' A 'X " '-' 'if"15Qi?-26.3-ifvwr 1 A fjgg, Erin seems the epitome of -P. ' Af. - H f,-,'Q'1, '31 A women among the 31 Olympic MQ" M "il L ' K sports to recognize them with the award. Erin's coaches told her in September tl1ey had nominated herg in Octo- ber "There was .1 letter telling me l had won. l was pretty surprised," said Erin. Leadership ranked high among lirin's accomplish- ments. As captain of both tl1e swimming and soccer teams. Erin said "l'm happy I've gotten to meet so many people. two teams of girls." She maintains a 3,2 GPA with tl double maior whit h goes along with her interest ii1 people. The 3' Ill" senior's goal after three years at Mtirsliall- the "well-rounded' person you hear about in Amy,larmon's speech to the freshmen and in job interviews your senior year. "Time-management" and "involvement" nestle firmly in your brain but for most students it is difficult to make them obtainable goals. When someone like Erin actually realizes and ex- cels in these ideals, you can't help being a little lcont.l CENTER: Erin demonstrates her dribbling skills on the soccer field . Erin was captain of her soccer team. BELOW: Erin accepts her award from Rene Henry, a 54' William and Mary graduate. Photos by T. Steeg rs, ar' 6 r Q 'iff S.. . . I l N l i'.'i Nlipclit i. las. ,1- 38 .gg startled. Swimming Coach Sara Bingham at- tributes Erin's success to her "talent as far as being an athlete, her motivation, and her organization of time. The busier people are, the better they can do that, it seems." ln- deed, the swim team practices five days a week and some swimmers, among them Erin, often do their laps twice a day. The team competed in ten dual meets, one invi- tational, and the ECAC. Erin completed her fourth year this season. Her past ac- complishments include being the Colleges first collegiate swimming cham- pion, capturing the Div ll 100-yard breast' stroke M a sophomore. She set and reset 'V , 2 I three school swimming records in the same event and helped two other relay teams es- tablish new school marks. Recognition started coming in with the distinction of being named All-American, an honor she receive six times. Probably most important to lirin was realizing personal goals. especially in her swimming, 'Alt's an individual sport, so you can set goals for yourself and then work to meet them," she explained. One 1 iption lirin had been striving for was qualifying for the Olympic swimming trials in Los Angeles. She actually came within nine-tenths of a second to the mark, but she could not make it. Nevertheless, Erin has more athletic and academic challenges to look forward to in the future as a law student. She'll even be allowed a fourth year of play on the soccer team. Speedskating Olympic gold medalist Iirit l-leiden spoke ofthe award: "Vie are specifi- cally looking for outstanding individuals who not only fulfill excellent athletic achievement, but also make significant con- tributions in other areas. including ata- demics, the community and society. lirin is .1 gifted athlete who represents the Olympic spirit and ideal." - .llmzzttl 'litfgfvff LEFT: Following the presentation oftheUlyn1pia award. a member ofthe swim team warnilv tigers her congratu- lations to Erin. l 'ag sr .1 li' it SPORT 'TENNIS Bridging The Gap he menk tennis team went out against what Loath Steve Havnie called an "extremely de- manding schedule and tom- piled a lll-A record to earn a third place ranking in the liL.-Xl South hy the end of the Flliillll. This season's schedule in- X cluded such tennis powers as UNK., Virginia, Navy, Virginia Tech, and Penn State. XY'hen asked what he felt was the teams most impressive vice torv, Coach Havnie mentioned the Tribe's "big win" over the traditional rival Penn State. lniuries were a problem for ' the team. Said senior, Greg Miller, f'This year we didn't have our strongest line up in any match because of iniu- riesf' According to Miller, however. several freshmen, includinghlustin Shermannlim McAvoy, and hlike Stanc- zak. picked up the slack. ln fact Stanczak almost defeated a player ranked 25th in the nation. Of these impressive freshmen contingents l-laynie said, f'They have as much or more enthusiasm than any players l've ever worked with." Haynie was "fairly confi- dent" that the freshmen will move up to replace the top four players who graduated in May. Miller agreed, saying that the freshmen showed a lot of depth, but he felt that there was "none really strong" for the top three spots yet." A sense of team unity was difficult to achieve because of the individual nature of tennis competition. As Haynie said, "XY'hen you play a school like Carolina, you look for individ- ual performance. not team." When asked about team spirit, Miller said that there was a lot of comraderie among the se- niors because they had played tennis together for all four years. Because there were seven freshmen, one sophomore. and six seniors on the team, there was a division between the younger and the older members of the team, according to Coach Haynie. but as Miller said, "There was no tension icont.i CENTER: Senior Rodd Macklin demonstrates his serving ability. He and teammate, Gordon Diamond, compiled an 11-4 record as a double team. BELOW: Don Robbins puts all he has into his return ofthe tennis ball. Photos by Rodney Willett. gguq-ov"" I I , I 3, , 'Krug-"' v . f? AA., Al" 6' I lil' lsiy'islt1ifi ienpjklll -AAA I l All -1 bc1wuL'11 the 11wh111u11 .md 11114 sc11111rN The 1'rcsh111g11 4uKlt 115 1w11I1u1i .md ur 141111111 111mm 111111111 11111111111 " XX,hL'I1.iNl'iC11.ilN1LlI1Ih11XI11LJ,11 1141111111111 111 1111- wgwm. H.1x'1111' 111u11111111c1l sg-11111rs Rudd M.111x1111. 41111 0111111111 D11111111111. wh11111111p1I1-11.111 11-4 111111111 .is 11111 1111111f bn-1 1w11 J- -ulwlus 1c.1111 'I'P11-11.11rP1.111.111-11:1- s1ar11i111g ummm. 111-114111114 11111111 1111111 UVA 11111 P51111 51.1111 M1121-1 11111 1114: 1I'1L 11t'1h1-h1g11i11gl115-11 hw w.w111 '1'..1Q11x.1111 hlS p.1r111cr's x'11111rg 111 fr 11111 l'I1INCI'N1I1. 111 R1ch11111111i dwublcs 111.1111 11111111 ww 111111 r.111lwd V111 111 1111- 11.111-111 Thu .11-11-.11 1411111141-11 111: R11hn11111J11.11r11u111t111111L'11- 111111 for the NC,,:X:X'x 5.1111 Nhllur. 4'T111x was1hc11111s1c11111yJbluxr.1rt11r1111-," - lx'1f1.1,U11f11, Ll:'F7': Geuree I-'ureman gen un his tum m reach IhIN incurning bull. PfUl'fiL'8f1lf the rvnnn IKLH71 wax juxr 111 riguruux ax theu1'1uuImun'hm. Phufm bx Rmir1f'x'U1l- len. M. Tenms NRM UW- 1111111 3 C N4 l XK'Nl ' l H.a111gxi:.-11 51111111 N ' UDP I U Xl'.n11111.U1f11 S L11-11111' Mm--:1 H Y1r13111s.1'l11?. 1 l'1n11 ' IMI' I R.u.ff11' 1 4 'I'.1u.11N',.:f H Xu' 1, 1 xx, H X .1... 41 , H K S iw ' 51111xAI11.:11N lf1l IIE, XX1 A sPoRTs-LAcRossE ot Mea he women's I1 trosse season got oft' to .in optimistic start alter the te.1m was ranked seventh in Lacrosse Ibi.igl.lZIIlCIS IOS-1 preseason X'i'otnen's Poll. Third-year Coach Feliiiie Barnhill had l 3 returning play- ers, including senior co-captain -lulie Duff, .1 member of the L',S. team. The WS-1 women's lacrosse team seemed to have all the ingredients for success - experience, depth, and .1 v1.,wv- -4 winning tradition. Many, how- - I ..,... ever, were .1 bit disappointed . . with the team's final record of ..- li-8. Said sophomore Mary Pat Kurtz, 'ANY-'e didn't always play up to our potential." Still, the record did not accurately reflect the team's level of play, according to Kurtz. "XVe lost some close games. In fact, we lost 5 or o by one goal to good teams," said Kurtz. The greatest disappointment ol' the season to many players was notgetting an NCAA bid. "Not getting a bid to nationals was .1 tremendous disapptwintmentf' said ,Iu- lie Dulwli, "because we are definitely one ot' the top ll teams in the country. On the other hand we didn't have an outstanding season." Kurtz agreed with Duffs assess- Silt, ll kin. I IIIILTIIN I,.ic Ft xsse Juli..- .- - . - nf' --Q. '1 D 5 L PEW' uring Up ment, saying, "I believe we de- served to be in the top twelve." Despite these disappoint- ments, the team's season was not without moments of tri- umph. On April 21 and 22, the Tribe travelled to ODU for the VIL tournament and captured its third straight title. The team avenged previous losses to 1 Q JMU and Virginia by defeating ,IMU 9-6 in the opening round and by triumphing over Vir- ginia for the title. Duff was es- pecially pleased that the team was able to avoid an attitude of just going through the motions saying, "We rose to the occa- sion despite a disappointing season." Four team members were selected to the VIL all-tournament team: seniors julie Duff, Chris Paradis, Lisa Fuccella, and sophomore Mary Pat Kurtz. As for post-season play, several team members tried out for the Virginia and South teams. lcontinuedl TOP CENTER: Helping to whip the visiting Princeton team,junior Marv Pat Kurt: fightsfor the ball. All photos bv T. Steeg BOTTOM: Jenny Lewisjires one on the goal in a game against Princeton. The Lacrosse team was ranked seventh in the nation before the season began, but unfortunately did not receive a post-season bid to the NCAA tournament. The Iaxwomen finished with a disappointing 6-8 record, at is rvvnv 'vvvunrw rvvs 'Q "if " "Y .gag - iq.,-5-bubdtgbls IS ma?',1 'Wulf 1 I W Q mu ...-s- "W: Nhat!! o 5 1 an K it 0 dll.. pail- sf J 'r i s ,J -an 1 "L" QW U.. 1 ' f ll' "Af: te ' - is ,ans C 11' 0 Those who made the Virginia l team were Kurtz, Paradis, and Duff, while Georgia Flamooris made the Virginia ll team. and Lisa Miller made the Virginia lll team. Playing varsity laerosse in- volved a lot of time and dediea- tion. The team was required to attend a two hour practice every day. Traveling also involved a suh- stantial time commitment. but as Duff said, "lt doesn't take too much time out of studying if you arrange your time well." Despite the hard work and the time toma mitment Kurtz agreed with Dutit that being a memher ot' the la- crosse team was "ilet'initely worthwhile." - K1 m .limit lm Selernfdfor Ihv 19962 l 1,uc'rnxsi' Squad, Senior Juli? Duff hattlex for pmwuinri. Lisa Fufrvlla atrvmplx I1 t'nnn'fmn1 behind W. Lacrosse WSLM Opponent l-4 Yale ' 1' Rithmond IU 6 Madison ' 3 Old Dominion 3 Pt' iiii l-4 Tous tii. Num " lll Yire itii i ' l S MU, ,4,, V, t ' l xola H ii iieatii in 'l 'll.i.lisoii 4 'X Yuri XY-init nk lnitrw-sv H13 SPORTS-SWIMMING A D DIVING Four Years Best he 198-I swim team had a lot to be proud ofg the team competed profi- ciently in Division l for the second year and ended their season with an impressive record of '-5. The team's per- formance earned them .1 'th place in the Penn State Relays and a 10th place at the Eastern Championships. As Erin Sheehey. senior team captain, put it, "lt was the best team we've had in four years." The team started it's training while most of the colleges stu- dents were trying to recover from their New Year's celebrations. They returned to school onhlanuary 2nd and then headed for Fort Lauder- dale, Florida for some fun and training. ln Florida the girls had intensive practices twice a dayg the team swam in Tampa. On the way back the team visited Disney World. The trip prepared the team physically and mentally for the season that awaited them. Throughout the year, many of the swimmers swam to personal records. Of the 25 team members, 21 of them swam or dove to personal best marks. Tribe swimmers set -I pool records during the season and had 15 record- setting performances. Sophomore diver Sharon Callahan credited a lot of the team's spirit and motivation to the fact that, "a lot of personal and pool records were broken." One of the record breaking events in- cluded Kathy Welch's perfor- mance in the 200 meter freestyle at Easterns. Welch clocked a 1155.3 for a pool rec- ord. The excellence of the Wil- liam and Mary Swim team was really apparent in their show- ing at the Eastern Champion- ships in March. The Tribe placed 10th out of 28 compet- y ing teams. Leading the team were breast stroker, Erin Sheehey and freestyler, Kathy Welch. Both Sheehey and Welch placed individually in the top 10. Placing 5rd in the 100 breast, Sheehey clocked a 1:06.9. I-Ier time was just one one-thousandth of a sec- ond off to meet the national qualifying time. Sheehey lead the team with a personal record of 26 wins and 1 loss. Due to Sheehey's outstanding achievements and leadership qualities she received the Olympia Award in February. lcontinuedl TOP: A tribeswoman takes a breather during a tough practice. BELOW: Equipped with goggles, Heather Sell demonstrates her skill with the butteljlv stroke. Photos bv T. Steeg. I-,Nb 'G - - h.3,-- . 1 - ' 'E L-' V, "' . - ,,. uf, . In - Jr V ' "- '-v ff'. ir .Q . .kv 5-5-1,53 v. f , , .iw fy ..... if " p 4 111' j 'K ' H .- A .- Q ' '- VF' -' - r'r5'3E --- ' I it fy' 4.1 r ' ., 'f ':- 'aj -i. ' . 1,5 , . 3,3 km ., , I X - 'H , 3. . rt.: 'x 439 - l ,', -.., . fi 'Q' ,-jf' 1 r 9 ,fri t. ,ei . - 1 b 541- g.:-- ' ' .,. .-,.--. - - , .. g r l. Q 551.-V A . . :, ' ty J Vue , . .A .. - " ' - qi .. - 'Si - " ""I....'-' Ni my .fy x ' ' .-. " 1 0 ,fx is V an . AM, V . I i .,. V J. . T: . if 'n. ' .1 ' , ..i . . K. 1 Ma, , v. Cai XX onietik Swimmitig va1.Q F -A ,487 ia, 4' Ygqlsii-1.4L 0 ' ' , ?"'nN .,. Av c tp jfffs.. if 5 'rl Y-"x"W"l '33 .im .,,.."' ,A-jx. - ' ei 4 I .,.,:,,1.:4q3j.rc.J .i -'aff Q ' ' ft -S . A Tfziif -C 'QTX 1 I W t ,I IVIAIL if-M ' if A fa" l 1. I A .,f id' Both relays ended the Eastern Cham- pionships with top 10 honors. The alll? medley consisted of Sarah XY'ilson at Back- stroke, Sheehey at breast. XY'elch swam freestyle and Heather Sell swam buttertly. The medley placed 'th at Easterns and broke several pool records that Sheehey "hopes will stand for a while." The ZOO medley relay placed oth in it's competition and missed national qualilicaf tions by only one second. The relay was made up of senior Kara Brock. Welch. Sheehey, and Vililson who swam freestyle. butterfly, breast, and baclcstrolce respec- tively. The tribe had eleven ot' it's members compete at Easterns. Among these was freshman Sarah XX'ilson. Wlilson made a good showing for the team in her individ- ual event of 100 backstrolce with a reading of liol.-. The team lost three ot' its swimmers to graduation. Erin Sheehey, Kara Brock, and Mary Drain. The tribe had a sound base of freshmen though, including Diane Alleva, Lynne Alleva, Kathy Ennis, Leanne Lemerick, Kathy Redmond, Lisa Viyiano. and Sarah Vililson. Captain Erin Sheehey commented, "the team lool-as really good for next year." - Lalnu litfrfnr LEFT: Coming upfora breath td air. this rribewoman makes her way down the lane as fast as she can. Swimming 8a Diving WBLM Opponent 59 Virginia Tech Nl 52 Maryland if 72 UDL' i 5' T.imp.i 76 HIML' 82 George Xktsliiiitgr i N'- 82 N.iyy ah 91 YI l' 4" '13 Ritlmi--ni V '-l lt l' 'if' XXliii:tii's Snxiriiiiimu H5 E sPoR'rs-GoLF Getting Respect olf is a thinking, 1" ' not .1 physical or I emotional, " erhouses as UNC, Wlake Forest, Alabama, and Auburn. Accord- ing to Larsen, Willitim and Mary . Q , H-INN." S-ilsl IU- T was leading all after the first two WWF LJVFY I-JP " i rounds and was in tenth place SCU- BCC-1US'C HUM is JH q,. ' --L W after being seeded last. Later, individual sport, it is often hard , . p the Tribe slipped to fifteenth to develop .1 sense of team Ai. fr 4 W place' but as Lal-SCH Said, --We unity. Yet, Larsen felt that the " get Q1 lm gf fcgpcqg fmm Qfhgf, Tillie' had .1 SCIISC Ol- Ctltiifgiclt- bgfrgf teams' After two I-Qundsv VW- 5-Wlflfls UEVUFYUUC HWS j s people were saying, fWho is this along well. XVe're all good - X' tc-amy' " friends." XY'hen asked what he ' iq . 1 felt was the highlight ofthe sea- son, Larsen mentioned the "fda" ' Schenkel Tournament in State- ' N .lf 1' borg, Georgia, Coach Agee Z agreed, saying that the Schenkel Tournament was the most prestigious competition A-J-wi 'N--fe the team had ever played. He also called the competition one of the best college tournaments in the country. Lar- sen said of the tournament, "just getting asked was the biggest turnaround for our program." The Tribe's finish offifteenth in afield ofeighteen in the Schenkel Tournament might not have appeared to be im- pressive on the surface, but consider the competition. As Agee said. "The competition was the best 12 in the South- eastern L7.S." The Tribe went out against such golfing pow- 'G 've lr,-,guvz .. . 'N A- Rf ol.-'.--, .' . Y-5.4 .- .. Coach Agee also mentioned ' '. an impressive finish of ninth 1 out of eighteen teams in the 1 '-- arm Palmetto Classic, where the Tribe again faced stiffcompeti- tion. The golfers also placed second out of six in the ECAC South Tournament. Next year, Agee said that he will miss Duncan Weir of Burnt Isle, Scotland. His best golfer sophomore john McHenry of Ireland, will return, and Agee expects more I.: - '.-x '4-'4d"'4"b.4v-La-IL1- .. ... good play from McHenry, who averaged a score of 31.8 this year. - Kim Monifm CENTER: This goU'er seems to be waiting for a fellow teammate to make that crucial stroke ofhitting the ball into the hole, BELOW: Freshman John Doyle accompanies another William and Marv goU'er to the next hole. Photos by T. Steeg XXLXX.. l WU Xl',lllw Ltilll LEFT: A little twm here, u ltttle twist there , . . mm' fczlluw through . . . the art fffexcellertt gmlyfrtg xtanve 13 demumtrated here by thin Irthe golfer. Hli'l,UW: Caught in a sand trap. Larrv lurxen duex hu hext to get the hall nut UfIl1:'pII time thu step wax taken Larrv was ready to make the best ufbetmg an the green bv getting that hole he W!1SlU1lklHHftll', Q tl! "" sn 1- 9 w !, :x,. ,. 'L 351 'fx' fa- .,gz"F4'l '3f,l F ,' 4' r 'lvl' ""-ll' 'it .f , . ww, we J if : U ,I .vi '14, , .-1' - L" -- R' " . " ,' l' A' 'g1 .' z u' .71'L,,?a - "-K.- r, "' -xv-'-,'z ,. -1,. . A P ..- ,r:.-,,,,- , 'Lx-ri ff ? f i, gg, V: 1 .- W-Q5E,:.,.f,,. Q-,'-':g3,'.f , ,. F 0 , ' . . Q. '-, v A bv rflf . N! .. is .0 'V c I, I f 7, - 5 f ' - LH-5' L.. N 4. 4 -U. Sluhx . :Iv n. Q1 I if ,GA , Q ,.,3q.1g 1 - L "' . f' ' ,,' . ,. 4 :u.'. Ri- Six' Tl 9 ' 6 ,A 7- . 5.--, , ., .wf a' v ' ' ' ,.1.+1,q'v"-Q1 l 5 X :'Q..4A: "Q 1 flvirf ' .' -.f"r.. - f ' ,tgp A . , V 'Q '1- :3 'FL-Y - J ffl. iz" 7 , axe ..'v. ll gg. :5'7f1l',?v,5Lwub5 . t -flfgiff-X" '-vrmq...-54.1..,i....,,,..., A arf. -r ,, i C ,EW 'v . yi L' Ruhtmwml'llvurnmu-nt lfrh plan Paltmwrmi lam. tw Ililf lrm1l3ulwl Lum. C .llllPl.L'1LUlH Inu 1. KlIXQNI11lllXX .xMNZr1'w l ' Q m If .-V Ntwrl. vIl'QlY!1.lN'.tT1 ll- Clntts N l.4 t ltmr lm.:' '-Att. l.t: Irv' S SPORT TRACK Promi ing t was .1 successful season, that was also a lot of fun," said senior runner Alison Hawley of the women's track team's season. Hawley bubbled with enthusiasm about the very promising crop of freshmen that made an impact on this season's results," and said that there should be a good core of returning track members for next year's team. The team, as described by Alison's sister Diane. was team of strong middle distance runners." Next season she ex- pects the team to be stronger in the shorter distances, with ris- ing sophomore Uche Uwah leading the runners. The team will definitely be hurt by .-vlan-W Q, the loss of the Hawley sisters as well as by graduation of the top high jumper, Liz Simmons. The season was a successful one with the team placing indoor wins over Lafayette, LaSalle, and Trenton and experiencing a loss to Layfayette. The crowning win, however, came at States with the team placing an impres- sive second place finish that saw an exciting conclusion to the meet. The team was a definite underdog and was picked to finish in the middle ofthe pack. However, the team had other plans. "lt all just came to- getherf' said Diane Halwey. "All the performances were ex- ceptional." The whole meet came down to the final race, the distance medley. lt was a situation in which the team could have taken top honors in States if the relay team had placed first and the relay team from Virginia Tech had come in third or worse. The relay team did indeed take the top spot. Unfortunately, the Tech squad came in second in the re- lay and thus edged the Tribe by a margin of one point. Coach Y- -6- , ,Maw ,lenny Utz was disappointed by gy' the conclusion, but she was consoled by the fine performances ofthe team. "We ran very, very well. Most people saved their best races for the States," said Utz. ln that meet, the Tribe captured seven firsts and set eight school records. Sheila Arries toolt the 300 meters in 41.8 seconds, lowering the school lcontinuedl CENTER: Throwing the shot put, the track and field member does her best against her opponents from Howard. BELOW: The girls take a breather during a rough practice to sit and gossip a bit. Photos by T. Steeg. xxx 'Sf vf' 8 5 , . i 7 ' i U 1 , A 2 1'-gp 1? 1 47' 'J' J yn 1 I , 3 is A ' 1-Il . V . IX rw 1. . xx "" xt 'Q HJ, 4' aff i i M v X'iviUei1's'l'r.1cli 1 QI 01" YQ-vm .,.,a, 1- , . hug.. LEFT: At the beginning of the relay the Indians seemed to be ready to get out infront. BELOW: Making a tremondousjinish, this runner brings her relay team over the line to beat Howard. The relay teams this year fared extremely well in all competition. WX sf--7'5" -N e f f ,,,,... . , .-. - I 4 .---, V ,., -al, W. Track Hampton Relays james Madison Invitational Towson State Invitational Colonial Relays VIL Championships Penn Relays Maryland Invitational Easterns NCAA Division I Nationals record by over two seconds. Also placing vic- tories on the board were the 5200 meter relay team of Courtney French, Linda Burke, Theresa Jacoby, and Linda Malone and the 1600 meter relay team of Angie Fogle, Mar- gie johnson, Uwah, and Arries. Other high- lights included Uwah's win in the 400 meters and Diane I-Iawley's victory in the 800 me- ters. A total of nine track members qualified for the Eastern regionals. These included seniors Simmons, in the high jump, and Diane Haw- ley, in the 800 meters. Also qualifying in the field events were Antonia Powell and fresh- man Lynn Warner, both in the high jump. Freshman janet Thomas also made it to re- gionals with her performances in the triple jump. Hawley led five runners into the regionals, These included Uwah and Arries in the 55 meters and Laura Mason, a freshman compet- ing in the 55 meter hurdles. Also represent- ing the Tribe was junior Maureen Hinnesbusch in the 500 meters. Once at re- gionals, the members made the most of their opportunities. Hinnebusch shaved a whop- ping eight seconds off her 3000 meters time. placing 14th in 91495, and freshman Thomas captured the highest placing, a seventh in the triple jump. The most disappointing event was the final ofthe 800 meters in which Haw- ley was disqualified after a false start after she had posted the second fastest qualifying time in the heats. She was "really upset" that she had been waved off the line after only one false start. The Easterns closed the Tribe's successful season indoor season, and the team immedi- ately launched into the outdoor season. That season began with the Hampton relays, where two new outdoor school records were set by the 800 meter relay team of Llwah. Arries, Mason, and Fogle and by the sprint medley team of Uwah, Arries. Mason, and Hawley. Hawley. Uwah, and Arries also com- peted in the mile relay with Margie -Iohnson. and they placed second in the race. The team enjoyed a respectable showing in the relays and followed that with another strong meet in Harrisonburg. In the .IMU lnvitationals, l'XX'.l.lI led .1 strong freshman contingent in capturing .1 second in the 400 mc-ters and .1 fifth in the long jump, setting .1 school record of lofi " in the long jump, Not to be outdone, senior Hawley went out and set a school record in the 800 memters, taking sc-cond place with a run of 2:1 1.9. Then came the showcase eyc-nt for thc- team, the Colonial Rc-lays hc-ld at I ary liic-lil There again, the youngsters of the team placed the squad to another fine showing. Uwah once again led off the two-mile relay team, setting a blistering pace of li I 5. Neck and neck, the relay team, ran with the teams from Howard and VCL' until the anchor leg. Diane Hawley, the anchor. began her leg ol the race some 25 meters behind the Howard runner, and in an amazing effort, caught up to and passed the Howard runner at the wire. winning by a sc.1nt 0.2 seconds and setting a school record in the process. The other Ylc tor in the relays was Liz Simmons in thc- high jump. Other impressive performances in- cluded Hinnebusch's fifth in the 5000 meters and a third in the mile relay. The season came to a close with .1 tint- fourth place showing in the state INc'cI This season saw a fine crop of nc-wcomc-rs t - fntri buting greatly to the team. 'Iihc-y yy ill pros idc a solid ioundation for what may lat an c xc ii Stronger team for next 1 c-ar 'flu film' XX-iiiicits lixitic HM 4 SPORTS-TRACK Breaking Record n a season made memo- rable by the posting ol' sex eral new school rec- ords and standout indi- vidual performances throughout, especially in the Virginia lntercollegiate State tliampionship. the N84 track and tield team reached a pla- teau of excellence which next year's squad might find all too diticult to surpass. or even equal. This fact. combined with a lackluster recruiting year compared to that of the pre- vious season, will provide Head Coach Roy Chernoclt with all the problems he can handle as he seeks to ready the team for the coming season. "Next season will be what we. in coaching terms. label a time ol"rebu1lding.' XY'e'ye lost three very important team members in Co-captains Phil Hoey and 'lohn Far- rell. and .lohn Kellogg." Chernocli notes, "Hoey has been the leader ol' our meddle distance team for the past two yearsg Farrell's been our number one discus thrower since lie was a freshman, and number two shot putter for the past two yearsg and Kellogg has been the team's number one competitor in the steeplechase for the past four years. l think we had a l great season in 1984, yet we unfortunately did not have a really good recruiting year." Several school records were shattered in the late stages ot- y the season. At the Virginia ln- tercollegiate State Champion- ship held athlames Madison last April, Senior Marlon Mattis es- tablished a new school record in the hammer throw, improv- ing on the old marl-t. which he had Set two weeks earlier at the Colonial relays. by nearly 6 feet. The new record for the hammer stands at an impres- sive l8U'5". "Before the season started, l did a lot of research in the hammer and trained with Olympic power litters and some wrestlers. l found iconta CENTER: Looking for the mat, this Tribe high jumper does his best against Sttffcumpetition. Skill and not being afraid ofheights is the key to jumping well. BELOW: A fellow teammate helps this Indian relay member with his starting block. The boys' track team develops a since of mmruderie de- spite the individualism ofthe events. Photos by T. Steeg Q. .t t - af' T s 'nf '34 gg Q ,MW - V. A g 1- V V - .M ' .- - . 17, T - :ICQ its Q, , Q ' I V . - -jN--:-,,,'.- if a Q ,EI-1: Q If .ht fi QT l 'm'IIg.'?fff" . 'f ri X. 'a ae.-- -- Vail. i'nv"""'A 1 - un- wav! ,, "' ""',,,3'Q uf U' 16 .v xl, -sf? A. -..Q. f ,1 , .. --1. f - f ....,-,.. H- Y .-- .. :.c---5. ., A Tw I is l Vw. 5. to E' 1 :ii 'ni I. 4 :V ' - 'ix -7. that there is far more rhythm and finesse involved in the throw than l had thought before and that strength and power are sec- ondaryf' The collective talent of the team of Phil Wiggins, Ed Gibbons, Phil Peck and Phil Hoey proved good enough to set ii new school record ol":25.oU in the 52170 relay tit the Penn RelayCarnivi1l last April. Ken l-lalla's strong finish in the 10,0011 meter at the Colonial Relays took .ilniost ill seconds off the old school record and posted the new rnarlanut 291515. Ar the same meetulohn Kellogg pl.itetl first in the Steeplechase with .1 time ol'H150.P. Yet the team saved one ot' its best ovemll performances for the Virginia State Cllmin- pionship, easily outscoring opponents from VMI, -Iames lhladison, George lNl.ison, and VPl. First place finishes were tlistrihutetl LEFT: John Kellogg demonstrates his dexleritv in the steeplechase. John placedjirxt in the3km xteeplechuse in the Virginia State Championship. BELOW: A fanmstic hurdler, Jeff Powell. leads his opponent by one hurdle. Photos by T. Steeg, Q .al A " SNL - . I V n .': zyx , ... . n - . " L- EWXIEL-i-4...-- gil' sung-Y-. - l , -,-,- J ll bl , li' J - n I I ' .tu f ' ' i e 'ov throughout the team, George Dippoltl - shot putg Marlon Muttis - huinmer: Fraser M- Hudgins - lU,UUOinghlolin Kellogg - ikm Steeplechuegulefli Powell -- l lllm high hur- dles tnew school retortlig lien ll.1ll.i - illllllmg and Kevin Toomer. litl -lntlxsuii, Phil Higgins ,intl Phil Hoex' - ix 4 Mlm re- l.1y. Also, ,it the Pelill Rel.ix's.,leH Powells lin- ishing time ol' l 4 'Ml iii the llllm high hur- tlles e.irnetl him .1 churn e to qu.ililx' lor the Olympic ganies. Senior litl -latksoii is hiirlx' optiiiiislit About fieXl sc'.lsoii's piwispetts i'XX'e'll lit' very competitivt in tit-ltl eveiits liltt' the h.trnmer throw, .intl initltlle .list.intt' events, but more luiiinlu to lie tlelinitelx hurting in other .irt-.ix like spriiits " - - .lI..'.'.'lii:. lxlzi CNC lnvitational W8zM lnvitational Colonial Relays Mason-Dixon Relays VlL- Harrisonburg Penn Relavs - Phil PA Ternipin lnvit - MD lQ.iv.xlit-rl l.issit Yfff 1 lui ' PNQ All! oiritis X N 'ill IC ixh Ynii, ii.- i, l' X Nl .KA l .it -it 4, ill Nlizzslritl. l'l PORTSBASEBALL Pitching Well Supposedly, they itlie C C advisory and tourna- mentcommitteesofthe lfC,.-XC Southl were to pick the best, the strongest team to fill that slot in the ECAC South tournament." The reasons for Coach Ed nlones' surprise and disappoint- ment at his team's exclusion from the ECAC South tourna- ment are patently obvious in a season that witnessed both the growth and strong conference performance of the 1984 squad. XY'ith a 20-15-I regular season record which included strong wins at home over East Carolina and 'lames Madison, teams which were later seeded 4581 'K son, was instead chosen to compete in the tournament, in an action that suggests some- thing of the enigmatic process of tournament selection. Was it merely an unfortunate coinci- dence or did the advisory com- mittee of the ECAC South, composed of school represen- tatives from East Carolina, james Madison, La Salle and Georgetown tteams which ' X were later seeded first through fourth respectivelyl, act in such a way that would suggest its own self-interest entered into the decision, by recommend- ing to the tournament commit- tee each of the four teams for selection to the playoffs? At first and second in the ECAC South tournament respec- any rate, the defending champions of the ECAC South tively. an enviable 6-4 conference record, and the stand- were denied the chance to prove themselves once again. out performances of players such as john Volpi and jeff to the considerable surprise of team tcont,J Wolf, the 198-l baseball team looked forward to the pos- CENTER: A little bit ofplay is always incorporated in the team 's games. sibility of receiving a tournament bid with justifiable op- Here a tribesman demonstrates his juggling ability. Is he headed for the circus maybe? timism. Yet one week after its final regular season game. BELOW: The team gathers to congratulate each other on scoring again. the Tribe received the news that La Salle College which RIGHT: Putting everything he has into it, this pitcher grimaces as he had compiled a lackluster 18-lo-1 by the end of its sea- pitches the perfect pitch. Photos by T. Steeg. H..- 1 x:'1 K V 'Wifi , if Si, L f if E. -1-td' 1 ' 'T' We H - fa J l t . ' V .4 ff- xv rrdi-.5 Y". - lj , K U e l l UV . ' it if' -2 W 4, -'lt . . f F I AL! my F ,f 4. I Q , in-gilh K' . Pi' - in I scball h 3'!l'g L M, , ,,. -1 fff.,:!:A . .- -.H ,nt - 5 : "- . j.B9vu:, ' 1-.R 9 , Af, , T' . I I 'L -Q .f- uf' 1- v. On' . C Q y . ,rl 'P K. 12? -If Q-,kfig - -.5 -ig,-Q-4' . - .fg..,. . .jl vim' ws. Q-A . , I o 4 .., 1 IQ r-4 45 J- C '! RIGH T: The coach watches on as his players do their bex! out in lhejield. The Tribe had u successful xeasnn this -vear. BELOW: The catcher successfully rags our his Maryland opponent. Photos by T. Sleeg. Q 4 un -on 'Q - lv y 1 ., 'e I '1 "JZ - wsu.. . ,L V5 I can X1 '-Pl' 3 v-new nn- 5 .- wmnv - av 5 an an - -4 L- .. ..-.. . - ,,.. , - ' - an Q Q 9 . .,-" - :L - 07" 'rf' , 'gem . an -0 " " TF- sou " "I -' 41.5 1 is 0 -In " 'l - ' 3 - ' if., . '1 V, - as " : - -. 'f '- cl ' .,. A. 'r x ":, .- my - R .-' .au 4 Q 4- - , - P .1 -f - . 'A as 2 . n on 1 gl. - .nm ' ' . n Q ,, . . , . K , ' .. . g .Q .322 ' Q r- 1 o - , s., - , , i . nn n A' 4 ' A -n.- x . V - xx - ' I 'G -45 A 5 N I -A --4-'lv'-1A"f ' ' ."-' - . 'JL ' ev -- -4 R . , M - 1 .- . V . , ,g . - -A 1 -1- U L- ' .. . i . A Q I -.g . is - - 4 v 1cont.J"l' members. As Pitcher -lohn Volpi noted, "We were the champs last year. LaSalle was playing against weaker teams like Balti- more and Robert Morris, and we just thought we were the team to go." Coach jones cited the team's sound pitching staff and .289 team batting aver- age as principal reasons for its success last season. In addition, the efforts of Mark Xkysong, -lohn Volpi, .leff XX'olf, Dan Ze- browski, Stan Yagiello, and Llohn O'Keeffe deserve no small amount of recognition in guiding the team throughout the season. Volpi and Wolf were named to the LMISI regional all-star team. XY'ith an outstanding I f- ' I:R,-X over the course ofthe year, and 4-9 record. and .1 number nine ranking in the nation,,lolin Vopli emerged as the for- niklable .lefensive weapon to watch next seas- in "Shutting out Richmond 'I-ll was .1 I-: llaselmll real boost for me, since it was only the sec- ond game of the year that I started. Also, beatinghIMU in the second game ofthe dou- bleheader K-I-53 really helped me gain confi- dence." Besides the wins over East Carolina and .Iames Madison, the Tribe swept Campbell and Richmond twice each. ln perhaps its toughest loss ofthe season, the team fell one run short ofpowerhouse North Carolina, 9- 8, a team which at the time was ranked third in the nation. VUBLINI was also handed defeats by American and George Mason. "The bottom line was that if we had beaten East Carolina in the finalg game of the season, we would have assured our- selves ofa bid . , . we would have even been seeded first." In these words Tad Geschick- ter summed up the collective feeling of dis- appointment of all the teams members. When considering the gaps to be filled next season, Geschickter added, "Losing Ze- browski at short, XVolf in the outfield and V 911- - 1 " 4 pitcher Mark Wysong will create huge voids for next year's team to fill. Zebrowski has practically been a star for the past four years, and we'Il also miss Wolfs power in the line- up. We do have some promising new talent to fill those gaps, though it will be hard. I'm real positive for the next year, but we'll really miss those three team leaders." In all, the team will lose four starters in Wolf. Ze- browski, Wysong and DC. Aiken, but as Coachjones suggests, "W'e have some peo- ple who can fill their shoes." In the final analysis, it would not be "sour grapes" to question the involvement of"po- IiticaI" factors in the selection of teams for the postseason tournament. It is unfortu- nate that elements other than that ofathletic performance over the course of a season might have had a part in influencing the se- lection of teams for tournament competi- tion. There is no satisfactory conclusion: the team must put this behind it and wait for its vindication in 1985. -Mdnhw,Kdy ,255 "c ' 3, ex vw 'gg ,I Lf, - if -49: I g,- - -,Jn 1- g...- ,w L h -, K' ,A r :if-'eff' h .',"'v" '4'. ',. - ' ' ,-. 1 5 " ." '. ' ' 'P--2-ww in A -lXx,1'.L I ' Q A I if ,'. ' 5' .I fr'f'x ' s' ' . 451 , mf , 5 v I , I v. :ff YQgy.wQ,q-'kk yx.N' 1 .S 4 gy fl 1.6.20 , ., A, . QQ lg Q vs 1 - A M in 2. t V . x - ' .if .6 .rf " x'5' e - i. 1 , . , 1 Q.. .A -W 4 '- ' Q 1 ,'. ,, ,t ,aw .1 I. .fi TOP LEFT: Tribe ieammares work Iogether striving io get out tough adversarvies, BOTTOM LEFT: William and Marr player heats the 4,5 , - Q, K lr i throw to ge! to base, M --,':. ' 'M' ' 7: ' EELOW: Jeff Wolf rushes ro base before being tagged Q ' v ' ' .. ' ' is gift- 1: .alia - tg . LPM was -x l-'A P I i -, r ' C, .g.f'?iF'wf 'Qt-.Q ,,n'g',."" .M -K M? .V N '55 T? ,,,.,,,g ' -. fifapgfg' ,. L C, In .A gg. Q3 ,f1'.l3,Q?fi-Q '-,. 5- , , I r - Y sh-:iiYrf,lf,f" - A V U ix ,. -,,, ,,,,.--, , gp, ' vfwz 5' 5 f Af- 'A l GW W ' F 7 -if i , A Hiflfib.. xf 1 ig ,ee if ...,.. l """""T' V ' 1. l f ,tw .Lt-L, ...sff "'f' - X all-v - 'J 4 I-A . 3 C , V , - ' " x " ' . 4,1 - - L - Q A. I T 'V , ur sur- 1 1 ' ' , f S v v. i5i we K Baseball W8cM Opponent 6 VCU 2 21 CNC 0 A 6 UNC 2 11 UNC 8 4 Campbell ' 0 Campbell I l 4 NC Stare 21 8 UNC 0 I6 Maryland U T Coast Guard C1 9 Sr. Francis l l 6 Leigh High R ' Leigh High 14 9 Richmond ll 2 Va. Wesleyan -4 4 Providence -A 2 JMU 9 4 JMU 5 ' . 8 ECU 3 H' 6 ECU ll 1 5. 5 American -I i . .1-. - f-U." j +312 3 American 1 'tif A .' 'H l I0 N.N.Apprcnnc1: ' -'A"'- 9 Virginia ll 9 CNC mv 51" X T lmngxumrl '- '7 Campbell ' A I0 lnnmplu-ll I5 Rxrlmnmnnd - 8 VMI 2 VMI 3 Qvcwlrm-h1.x-.rwv , A 1 I lll Cru-wrpgc Xlv- " ' " lb' ' U um J -an ' ' YA YY' cn x A A' . 1 r 4 1 H! A , Vi '. .,4 NJ -'.',, ,., f.: V-. ' 1 JL", , 4 , . -11.11 .ll 3 . Q L.4'-1 ' ..' -- . U . 'HSV-Li 4:-L.. -. sf .,.,, 7 N A A ,i I 4' 4 T, 5- ...ff 9 14 1' -ww'-Y' I 1 --1 1. I -4 A.. Q V 4. 4 'kggung V isa? ff' Xl .0 'ff .. ' , .r- n-1I r Y In x u WT? 4 Q RQ' h, lf! I -P. v',' f , Pi Bela Phi 1968 WHL Irma X Kappa Sigma 1967 ,1n. 'QT Y .Q i 3 V l ? S- W 7' Greek week 1966 TH THE ... We've come a long way. Or have we? Greek life at William and Mary has changed into something quite different than it was in the forties, when 755 ofthe student body ithen a total of 1400 students? was in one of the nine sororities or twelve fraternities on campus. Mr. Scott Cunningham, class of lg-ls. was a Theta Delta Chi as well as student body president and member of Phi Beta Kappa. Now vice-president ofthe alumni association, he tells quite a story about greek life in the 4O's. "Mobility and size are the main differences between campus life then and now," according to Mr. Cunningham. After spring break, only senior men were allowed to have cars, so the student body stayed in Williamsburg virtually year round. What was there to do! Every Saturday night there was a dance in Blow Gym at an admission cost of25C. "Everyone went," so there was no need for the pledge dances and fraternity dances we now know and love so well. There was also the Presidents Christmas Party for which all the students and faculty rented costumes from the college at special low rates, and the German Club Formal Dance, a big affair to which women asked men. Any Greek parties were chaperoned by faculty members, and the rigidly enforced curfew for women put a true damper on the festivities that went on in the old fraternity houses including the present Alumni house. JU' 'R H ft .W I V Q f .4' ?fsg- S5539 55333 melissa 1 -'i .'- L4 .. L . V, Alpha f'h1 Unlegu pledge dance' 106' kiiizkliltbls l 9 THIS IS OW... Qi 'HA CHI OMEGA i . 3' QW ll.illoxx een p.1rty 'lllllxbl' 3. llletlglt' Ll.llIL'L' Ri ii. e inber l li Howl lor bre.1th Nl.irth ln: Senior tl.ince April li Alumni tlish supper April Hi Piirent-Daughter luncheon April lb: Senior brunch Rlfilllgfllliri the xpirzrufl'n1ler1tirie'sday: Sharon l'hilpm1umll1er duh' dreweil nur fhr Alpha f'hi's IVLIIFIIIIIFVS dur. Plmm by D. l'ui'kn1un HI-,l,0H': julie Huhnn erzjuyius u sururirv purlv. Pham by II Sleeg, FU U, nr' St. 49" it -:' l if l S-. I I AX!! AXH AXQ AXQ AXQ AXQ AXQ AXQ AXQ AXQ AXQ AXQ AXO. AXQ AXQ AXQ AXQ AXO. AXQ AXQ AX House .intl St, Betle's Rec- tory, The governor ol' Vir- giniii torile .muy the oltl timternity houses .it the onset ul' XYorlil XY'.1r ll, .intl .iliter the the lwI'.llL'I'UlU' men were houseil in p.irts ol tlorrns, suth its rI4dll.iliL'fI'll, until the lotlges were built tluring the titties, The women livetl in the present sorority houses throughout the During S.uuril.ix' .ilternoons stu-lents often t.inoetl on Like Xliirolei t.inoes toultl be rentA ul from the boiithouse therel ir ti his ln irses .it the oltl st.1bles it l.unt-sri, r.-. n Roiul There s no Utlating problem" on i 'ily hi! hi l Dmeg.i the Campus in the forties, un- less it was the "no dating on Monday night" rule made nec- essary by sorority meetings .intl eurfews. Serenatles were .1 tommon occurence, usually tlone by e.1eh lirtlternity for no reason other than for the fun of it. Pinnings .intl engagements were .i eommon especially tlur- ing w.1r time, .intl the same terernonies heraltletl then. Anil inste.ul ot' lieueh XY'eek .it Nagshetul, tluring the week be- tween lAin.ils .1ntlgr.1tlu.1tion the college brought in lmntls lil-ce Glenn Miller, Benny Gootl- man, Wootly, H.1rry james, .lI1tl'IQlIUIIIIIII' Dorsey to This Greek brother enjoys the unlimited supply of beer, Photo by M. Kundraeki. 4,4 .V LW fi QA- BOTTOM LEFT: A mud ride: Getting pulled through the mud at Derbie dai is part ofthefun. Photos by T. Sieeg BELOW: Suzi Schaeffer is the chained lioness at a safari informal rush Pam'- LEFT: Row 1: Lisa Burmeister, Debbie Moffeli, Ginny Kosi, Joanne Barakos, ValPandak, Pam Dunn, Su:yA1cElligon, .'HlSSj'CJ1l1l, Jan Singletaijv, Julie Bubon, Sandy Rexrode: Row 2. Gingerftbhoit, Alrnne Rucker, Julie Jones, Tracy Edler, Laura Avis, Diane Little, Dabney Curr. Leslie Bones, Sharon Philpait, Elaine Bogan, Jackie Walsh. Kelli- Wilwrzg Row 3: Debbie Hollen, Marsha Domzalski, Tern' Hoyle, Julia Atkinson. JenniferAlcantara, Tricia Baker. Kathy Nichols, Beth Butler, Kathy Starr Pam Johnson, Connie Bane, Sandie Muller, Row 4: Sue Easton, Jill Skanchy, Dale Kindregan, Marv St. George, Lori Connallv, Carol Holmes, Kim Moosha. Debbie Sleeper, Suzanne Shannon, .Susan Barco, Karen Whitaker, Marv Martin: Row5: Sue Sherwood, Suzi Schaeffer, Debbie Schwager, Rustv Burgener, Anna Grimsley. Colleen Cooke, Margie Johnson, Laura Belcher, Michele-Anne Ebe, Allison Stringer, Jennifer Reulenbach. -0-x 1 XQ AXQ AXQ AXQ AXQ AXQ AXQ AXQ AXQ AXQ AXQ AXO. AXQ AXQ AXQ AXQ AXQ AXQ AXQ AXQ AXQ Sigma Chi brothers enjoy the great weather, while waiting to lmw rhrir i:"'Hl' l"l "lf" 'UlH'f1, l'ho!o hx' I Slviiu .VL play to dii1r1cr-yaikctul .mil formally guwncd studems un- der thc stars in the sunken gar- dens each night. Again. "everyone went," for the lol' lege was still so small that uv. cryonc knew uvurvmmc Greeks umrrulleil .all sruilcm .mwc-rnnuurxr lu' sample v1riur'v of their numlwr. lwui rulnil-mx XVCI-C YUFX' tllklllkl lWL'fVL'Q Il Greeks .mil 'llwrrmi-N" or lllilt pc-mln-i1rs,.111-l lurxxii I1 rlmi .lil lAL'FL'HI NUI'l'l1litN .tix l-f.lIL'l'I1lllL'x l1ILilxN .ilk-1 slHINlI1.1!a'.lIl1L ll4'll1'l.llll Nxtnl' .is llllli .mtl Klwrmi liimiril. ull.-si' www mi l1Ili.l Lipiwiiii in ii Ii tritium X x-.i ri .tru rmiii lv. ilu Llllllf sii1.ii HI lr-will .aiml La-'M , , l.lkLLll'. 'llliiim aura' t1-+ 'K:tlvRirf .hllxlbif llilltlicill ISI l fl M EGA l.ill i'i' l' iiiiriiig Klip' llly f..1I'L' ciL'I1fL'I' i ill fwririgil.1iiiL' ii 1 l liiliii' rmli p.irry . iii l l.l5.uiiliv4rty'liir clinrity .Xiiril lH3 l'rL1isLirL'islJiiililati-ywarry April 253 Sciiior picnic RICIHI : ,lllkffiiflillgj Nun Shunlvv and John finlwun .uvt fllxUQ'l,1l'ffiPf ii Ian' nigh! hwr. HP LUN : I-'urniul Rush prqxiruimnx :1l71tIIlliflAit'f 'umhx drum uul plum btifill't'f'1l.NhL't'S urrire, Pharm by M. Knndruki .XJ K-1 ' , 5 , sf' f.. A x. A -, s':f'5L' J A .,,1-. . g'.f.'.,:-fix . .. ' 'ullh QXQXQXQXQXQXQXQXQXQXQXQXQXQXQXQXQXQXQXQXQXQXQXQXQXQXQXQXQX! CONT. .mil mm nil1dl'iL'SH .is thcrc .irc mm',tl1crcw.iS .1iiYdIL'I'IllIY rush week, .mil priisprctivc plcilgux wcrc Uwwii up" in .1 luurirlciiiuiik pggrcciiiciit. XX'imicii iuiilil rcuciu' lviils lriim .ill mm' wruritics, so .ii- icpnimc il.ix' mis .1 .mil rciisiiinfliillul Muna iliirmlu xxhiili ilu- mriiririus lliiiliil out wliii wwir wliuu- ru plulluu. Tliurc xxxis wine liniturniry lma- iiig, suili .is luring r.ilv.'n ui Yi1rlQriiwi1 .mil lmvirig iii xxxilli lmiilx iiirlii-il.irl-1,.milrliyruxxpis l'.li1NIVl sirliplk' lM1.iLlsL' nl ilu- i... r '? xi,-rx lux mimmrirx' stu- ii umm- um-ii .iiliiiiru-il tw ' .iilliwgu 'liliv x'L'm.'r.1lwlu ln- iz .ri ii. il trulim.iii wiiriicih i 3'I'i4'1w lull mit Vt'flHL'L'I1L'N' v- , 1-is fix 'H Y..- 1' G r ,-I I' - I ff - i - i li f Jnhnm' Spnrtmu! played at this hall mixer. Julie Haroodv and Greg C 'rump enjoy a beer. Photo by M, Kundrgfki , N llriipii AM. mu ,, Wai, ff' ar S M'PN3a..r,,g LEFT: Why not? Molly Sue Greene cannot understand why Ken Rogus does f1Uld,UR't' BELOW: Row I: Natalie Wyatt, Jennie Lewis, Katie Callerv, Jus-tina Julznsmi, llaylev Haee, Lyle Lesesne, Jennifer Ledwith, Mollye Sue Greene, Christine Mahoney. Julia Pawellg Roe J V.-1 nne .Surefi- sen, Nan Shanley. Mary Coyle, Kelly Jackson, Virginia Prasfh, Jill Gallagher, Jenny Broad, Rim ? Paula McMillen, Nannie Penny, Lindsey Willis, Sherry Leigh Gill, Beth Henry: Raw' 4. Patrit-ia .Nell Michelle Barnes, Cindy Budingen, Carhleen Caputo, Pam Krulitz, Margaret Collins, Alaryurine Hah- draeki, Amanda MeComb5: Row 5: Kirsten Fedewa, Heather Lloyd, Jameson Piser, Ann Searle, Katherine Stewart, Donna Desaulniers, Glenna Phillips, Row 6: Lisa Matick, Paili James, Rhannu Hidwell, Terry Rosenbaum. Photo by M. Kondraki XQ XO. XQ XQ X0 XQ X0 X0 X0 X0 XQ X9 XQ XQ XD X0 XQ XQ X0 XO. X0 X0 X0 XD. X0 XQ XD X0 X9 4 . l Lisa West opens the Greek Night ceremonies with a big fhug. Greek Wm-A mn from Apr. 2 to Apr. 7. Pohto by T, Sieeg tablishcd. So basically, where we now have one-thirtl of the Student body involvctl in Greek orgginizations, lmtlc then virtually everyone was Gfccli. Howcvcr, sintc the school was then snmll .llhl tloscly knit, the sororitics .intl fraternities werent tlcpciitlt-tl on .ts much for thc social lift-, lu-uiusc the oillt-gc took tart- ol' it for cvcryonc. Stutlt-nts worrictl more .ilwout war than their hooks .intl Sotml lives, whith wt-ru vt-rv tonwrxpitivt- and ccnsorctl coinpart-tl to thc modern students' life, Greeks dominated college life tlirotigh shi.-cr numlwcrg now it is nitiyh more tlillicult. Size .intl niolwil- ity .irc the main tlififit-rt-tires lic- twccnthcn.1ntl now- we LlSL'kl to hc .1 small, tight group ol pCOPlC, HHH' YVCLYK' Il-LrllXXll Lll' .intl Sprt-.ul out, .intl toiiwf qucntlv lost sonit- ol tht- L low nt-as in the transition lliit lint wt' inailu prwyiximw iii Klkll' ff lli:.:: ls' fl 1'i'llg'i,. INQ ' F' ' DELT DELTA im 1 - f , ,i..t,.tr.xix1tPil i iitiltit nnivti.1C,hi f z xi .. Mttteti iNl.11itlti.1tt-nifty' ew lgill iwtrtqtt .it Sinitiitiulti t v i i"it'tik:t'ti.iIltt'.1I C .impns Ct-ntt-r Liber Qi lg lfiwtiiitieiw ti.1i'rctt'ptini1 t :nlwr I li Pint-ixlrty,uxcl1.1iigt-Cihristinas gifts it I F . ti I1-bi't1.1ri' l:lniti.1tmn ittri lin t Hrtmry 1,41 drinking g.lIUL'SP.iI'IS'XX'ilfi1 K.11WlW.i5ig N nth 13: Spring ti.iiit'u.1t the Lodge iprii iil5L'I1itJI'iW.iI1L1L1L'f.1IKiIlg5H1iil Imiihle dating: Sigma C'hi's Dun Rnhini and Jnhn Otrimay team up with I 1: Sumnieri and Saliv Lewe. 1'h.finhi ,U Kondrarkl Rim 1 Unneiie Failiiul. .-Xlmiri Hiuhig Jenny Xaiak. Nuxan Frenth, Sandy Baker. .Narley Lux. Ll: Surnmers. I.uijv Hlerim. Kim- herir Alhertwn. Row 2: Cymrhia Armrh. lratjv Kraufheirri, Leigh Lrummer, Nanfy Taylor, Samir Brubaker. Lisa Virramz. Kathleen Redrnnnd. Karen lirimth. Raw 3: Dwnna Kurff. Sullnn Stevens, Margaret Eklind. Laurel Strawn. Anne-Jarell Raper. Meg Williann, Kathy H elvh, .1Ian'Ha:inski. Ann' Flint. Row 4: Julia Anderson, Li: Finger, Jennifer Janes, Jeannie Cheraridola. Sharon Miers, IVY' '3- ,.i " ,-. af' The PFL'P.lI'.1I1UI1 fur Anthimr pimh .it'tn.1l1i' iwgan tiurine t- ttiii winwtur. Chgrlntte Iertii. wt tim Ytqiri Knt iiiir Splmn limi .iirtnitii iw- L ,fl t i it irtiiimtiiiu t imirineii .inti AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAAAA AAA AAA AA NCHOR SPLASH . . . f from AnchiirSpl.1shgiwtiirct'tlx' tw :Xiti to the Blinti anti unc quarter gm-5 to the thaptt-r's lwgil phihnthriipy. :Xnchiir splash in-gtin with snlititini: lu- gtl mcrthants tim cnntributc time t ztuztxittte Q t-i preixxrt' fur xxgirti .in .ati bunk that was Utltg Li.nnin.tN tnnti- tiistriiwntt-ti thc tim' iwt':Xt1ti1tir izwr - Ant init Splnih Spiuh T-xhirts were ticsiiimmi nw Ant init Splmlix .try livlti M Utiti Qi.inin1.i tniptt-rx n.if ist-wi in in .in ttitlwrt tn mist- iint '. it it Ut-it.i Ki.1iUIN.1iN pin- rvnr .Mit 1-i tin- Blind lv' itttixnj tht'1'riittt'tix 1 Ui 11, DL-lt.i .inti wlti tw thc pntwlit. DG .tlw simiiwruti .iHPI'L'-SPi.1Sh Bash" tht' iiigiitiwtiwrt' Anthur Splxih Thu unit. in twninnt' ti-in with the Stiztit-nt .'XxxUCl.i- nun. tliu pit'-Splmh ixirtx' was SUN Y I - 5. ,,, A, I , . . 'e K,- Matt Dowdi' splashev hia The- - line. Pham by JI. Knndrafki ,gQ. Alls I I I I ,V I I .-i.!..l ,. ld Del! brothers during their "Surj'and Turf' rou The 'four musketeersu, Kathy Welch undfriends are allfur I,8lld1JElId Della LII llerhy Day. Photo by T. Steeg "We could have danced the nigh! away, " says Margaret Eklindm ,lL'l'Sl4QI7ll1 Ch: dare l'hnnf by M. Kondracki H lr' ,ATL I.. -l- .. . AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAAAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA A A .... . ,A played by Sl-up Castro. Mxller Beer donated .111 the beer for rhc party on the condntmn that thc Ul1l'1lHl.1l .xgc wt, .uirnnwlmm be 19 ye-.mrs utagc, Durmg the Hrsr lmmi lwrmlx. the Mr. Arwhor Splash um11Icst was he-IJ. liuh p.1rr1l1p.1r1n,u fnxtcrmty' SLIlWINlIlL'xl one entry furtlu-Mr.AmI1-wr Splmh Um' tcst. The uvlmtwranrx wen pudgui lw .1 gum-I wt wrwmrx uldges wlw lllsilllki ilu x.Hlxll Juv on lmpwrnmz y1lg.lI1m X , r.111.ur1xAu Trwm "1m.1.l1w :zum N srnniluw rw yum .ww:e.a. L'r.1I rwpmm 1.11111 .1 lrwm rfu wr1m:x.mpprw.ulw N1 RRR my Tackling the Anchor Splash relays requires intense concentration as rim frm hrnrhrr llvnmnsrranw, Pham hy H Knmlmf A1 I5Lll.mi5c1T,1l54!!.1 'Hi lf? LTA G MMA .- 3 Inani Hiinwn, I llllfll I ewix, lxlbun lurnvr, .Hilri'Uhi1ru, I vliellf' S'ltItllHllkt'f, Q' ii ii L .:1ln'r'irii' ll 4lL'Hc'f, leruimi Iluiiw, Sugunm' loiifffm-, Ji1lieliilrn'r1.'Rnwl' ik imifi Niinin lleiin. Kin: Nnnrh. .lenrnler Jnwe. llileen Nnrriul, l.urruini' Suulnmri, .f I fri li. lmrilre tivrkcn. JXIINIAW' Lkillmiirli, Juliliijrrlirim, .Uurv llmniuswri, Karen R.. ii if.i'wri, Rim ,C lii'rliUn'rs1reer, Hininn' lfukrrriuri, Susan .Hi1,x'nn. Allison In-Isclies, I num ll fiedi r Mimi lniuiu. I nun: Iiinner. lIiirjr.lr1liIfuyi1, l4I1:ubelhHnm'ri, lliipliliejli Vurrer. I inn I mrziirii, lli-mIi'RmIifIpli, l,m1Ruln'r1w1i, Kll7lfIlI4Ullt'l',.lUlII1fillllkllfh, Rulnnfmter, l niim' t mgoifll. .Nusiiri l un X iiyx. A nn I mln' I'uitli', llwiicw Iiiiswr, .lI1llf'llISlIl't'l', .IUIIUI Ilinklm, Nimiri .lIiii'mird. Siimlru I'urlnirn, Ilehhn' liirurz, .Hiriiini l.uwi'rerice, I ,lIlI,7t'lf1 I lirnitin, Ann llriike. Ann lhifpur, f.1llll'LlffllIhl'lt',' Ruw 5: lulvrie Kmwe. Jeririiler liumlermn Hn heh' Jiflinwn, .'Xriut'IilIl11swi'. .Hurv fiihwri. lplimberh lfuvclier. Jtnquilim' lfrwr. liuil Cinirirr, Rvfmni Hurnbright, Iflinihelli luhin, lliIlnrv,Hiz'hi1e'l. Hrimke Kirk, .Xnilrru I tfflWIL"l. Rltilll Snring the h1llle'f.' Flinlbetli Hrnwn, l'ink,i' l.tjfiwii'h. Nurici' Yinirilu, lllIllHt'l'l'1lSllfllllfl Irmisurr out the irigru4in'l1lxjl1rpie nm. Phino hi' I , SIt't'.lJ Hlfl.UH 5 Snriiililrifikirig: l'um llmllllrl' und Twinkvi' lafhwich pracrire lheir sui'i'iilgri1t'vs helnre erirerinu the real world, Pham: hi' H. Konilracki H11 Ll JN : Ieum rricuunigrnierit: tlrlluerz Quinn cheers her mini nn dl A nchur Splash. Plmln hi' ,U Allllllflllikl ' 5 I Aids' 3. Q .- at 1.1 D Q I . .. 'W ,, iq' Q 1 A. Q C 1 i FAFAFAFAFAFAFAFAFAFAFAFAFAFAFAFAFAFAFAFAFAFAFAFAFAFAFAFAFAFAFAFAFAF CONT ontl place winner Doug Sch- miclt who showecl mill his lwotlivhiiiltlinu prowess. to the less torinitlalwle approach olbig lfpk entrx Boh Reillx. who more plaitl shorts. high tops a polxcster shirt anil his "parm" tie xxliiih was also plaitl. lhe winiiinu enrri. ,lim Nlclartliv. a l'i Lam. linoxxii .1l'Tiettioii.1telx' .is xx haler was X-ratetl but inf tcrestiiiig iii sax' the least The lli lain s et iicraie.l a lot ol c-nf tliLls1t1sIi'i hir '4xxli.1lcr," xxhose '.'.1iiioiitrilii:tc.lpoiiitstoxmirils 'l' iiifirti Xntli-ir Nplisli ..c c ,i . , . Uralif lllt' ilax All fxlltllilf Hits brfnher riniw in thi'.-h1chnrSpIi1sIi rvlur. Plmto hi' ll. Kwrilrutki. lo' l.i',iki.ii".I2..1 Splash was the culmination of many weeks of preparatin by both fraternities and Delta Gammas. Each participating fraternity chose two DG coaches to help them in their preparation. Some teams even practicetl several times before Anchor Splash in hopes of swimming faster and perform- ing better than the other teams. They practiced such events like the "Brew-Thru" lswimming with a beer mug on a tray i, the "Kitlclie Pool Caper" mswim- ming with a kitltlie pooll. and the "Hangover Relay" lswim- ming in tennis shoes and sweat- A X October ZH: Pledge dance 4 , it i A :ill 'N D f X sl lava. L 'z G' , fi. f january 29: Initiation March 15: Founders day April oz Pre-splash with Slcip Cfastri April 'Q Anchor Splash April l51Spring1 dance April Ng Pimp and XY'hore P L "T" ' ,-eh- If 4 Q - ' -, L1 f t IJ April 25: Senior banquet arty ,V 11' 1 .A AFAFAFAFAI'AI'Al'Al'AI'AI'AT'Al'Al'AI'Al'Al'Al'Al'AI'Al' AI'AI'Al"AI'Al"Af'AI'Al'Al'Al'AI'Al'Al'A shirt. Pika, last year's champion, competed furiously against arch-rivals Theta Delt. How- ever most of the competition was not as fierce as seen by Sig Ep's who shouted cheers such as "We Suck" and others en- couraging their teammates to swim slower. By far the most spirited team was SAE. Nearly all of their fraternity came to watch and cheer for their team. While they did not have the strongest swimmers, they cer- tainly had the most ferver. The highlight of the afternoon was the Surf and Turf routines, a form of water ballet. Each frat had to compose a short routine to music consisting of move- ments both on the pool deelfi and in the water. Each routine was iudged by a panel of sororf ity girls, on musical impres- sion, use of props, .ind co-ordination. The event was highlightetl lvy S.-Klfs tl.tst year's winner of Surf .ind Turlt co-ordinated routine to "Lt-tk Hear it for the Boys." Their en' Semble drew enthusiastit tlap- ping and cheers from the audience. pll'C.lI1'l.1ILl'QL'il to disf gust the entire .tutliente with the display of their ni.tlt. ltm lltlllunzso1'I'lkt1tlrrutw up for lm 's ' W if lt- V A f - l EEFEJTA SIGMA THETA l l l l .3 V A sf 9,,,X AZGAEGAEGAZGAEGAEGAEGA29AEGAEGAEGAEGAEGAEGAEGAEGAEGAEGAEGAEGAZGAE CONT. prowess mr lack there nfl, while small Children were warned to "cover their eyes." Wlth thelr coaches Colleen Qulnn and Ana Kuhn, Pilqa tlressetl in priestly robes en- teretl to "You Cant Always GetX'i'l1.1tYou XY'ant,"str1ppetl ttw"Eatlt".1ntl then swam their rtlntlne tu 'lLonger." Fortuna- tely, DCR Alumni dLlX'lSOI'S were amused .tt Pllx.1's lttclc ul' Liste. Sxgtntz Nu .alsu enter- mlneelthe.1ntl1ente mth .1 cun- tnstnu rnntlne tw "People .tre Di Srreelfloats atop on empty keg during Sigma .Yu 's skir. Photo bv M. Kondrarki l9N llt '.1NlQll..l,l-llL'l.l TZ ' x 'I .-J. W i 1 . I J mv. .W WW? of ,.,.v V. 35,09 -... kfsva-fwkfrvf-119' wmnv49F"" . ,guna-I--.a. ..i:,- Ne yM vorif" September 2: Back to school party -I September 25: Formal , rush October 1: Carnation sale for Parent's weekend October 28: Halloween party November: Baby sitting at First Baptist Church Z!" , . November-December: ,A we February 2: Ground I-Iog's 3 v , .J s day study break February 12: Spring formal February 19: Informal rush March-April: Pledges initiated X X 5 Pledgesonline 2 Q -ab. FAR LEFT: Left to Right: LaVerne Randall, Angela Cody. Janice Allen. Cheryl Dinkins, Carla Tademy. New initiates not shown: Ariel Jones, Lisa Ferguson, Reneen Hewlett. and Moni- que Morton. LEFT: Carla Tademy reads excerpts from the Bible at opening greek week service. Photo by L. Barry 9 A29 A26 A29 A29 AEG AEG A29 A29 A29 A29 A26 A29 A26 A29 A29 A29 A29 A29 A29 A29 A26 A Strange" by The Doors. With pool deck and lined up like cir- their coaches Diana Street and cus seals along the deck. They Susan Dean, the Sigma Nu swam through hula hoops and team danced around and were fed "Sweedish fish" tot prayed to an empty keg, and their efforts. Their unique en- then they proceeded to sacri- try wonthe Surfand Turfevent lice it,while one lone swimmer and clinched the overall An- continually swam into a wall. chor Splash victory. ln all, An- The winning routine, done by chor Splash was a great success Theta Delt and their coaches with the events surrounding Ansley Calhoun and jennie the two day event netting close Gundersen, was to circus cal- to S2500 dollars for DG's phi- liope music. Wearing water lanthropy, Aid to the Blind polo head gear, the Theta Delts - lx'.irf'i .KfJ'f,- slid on their bellies across the This brother prepares for the Anchor Splash relays. Photo Irv M . Kondmrki lk lt.i Sihunia 'lilit ta H49 M .Ei MA PHI BETA . t' lnithition . me t 4. lpill pledge t eiiiliei' Q1 My tie party .t niliet' iz fillFlSfIH.1S p.irtx' lleteiiilvet l lp cil1I'lSUU.1S c.1rolling with 5.-Xll Vl.iIlLl.1fl' QU: lniti.ition February O- lll: RCII'L'.1I.1fS.1llgI' M.1reh2'l1 Mother-daughter banquet March 31: Spring eelebraton party' April 19: Dinner for Brothers of the l'l'1lJOIl 7 April -01 Philanthropy ruffle April 2 3: Senior banquet RIGH If Xue eau :gets one free loss ut her-fiivorire Sigma Chi du ring Derby day festivities. BELOW. lives Hreiderilnicli and Terri' Burrux disruss school life while savnri'rig some drinks. ,TT ' I , L if x f 64s l L15 - 'i I EEEHEEHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE GETTICERE DY: ANCE Have you ever wondered wht' sororities host Happx' Hours on days whith toinei- dentallx' fall near their Fall or Spring'es,' Moreover. have xou notited how fr.iter' nitv parties .ire sutltlenlx' t rowdedxvith tiev.'l.1tes in Ot- toher .ind M.1rtliorApr1l' Yi in probably h.ive guessed the .inf swer .ind .ire nodding your he-.ill in retognition betaust xou have t.1lQen .idx'.1nt.ige of ".i. st s1!Li.it1i ills Liu .isli .1 tl.lIe to X V N, that tr.ium.itit task wt " il".1l5tl.i .ill must confront at one time or .mother in our college Career has been completed by many methods. Probably the most common one is the "point blank" method where the ques- tion is posed at .1 dorm visit, or over the phone with all your friends nearby offering silent eheers of support. Other cre- ative approaches have also proved suttessful. One soror- ity sister sent .1 bouquet of flowers to her hopeful date, Another took .i more dan- gerous route. She leaned out of K., 'J 3-ig l Brent Greenwald and Karen Simmons begin their evening at Barrettis. The Colo- nial Eeho followed this couple through their preparations for the lxappa kappa Gamma's Spring dance. All Photos by T. Steeg. BELOW: Row I: Kathy Duffy. Sue Cass, A my Marrsolf, Renee Lamphere, Debbie Taylor, Geri Douglas, Anne Leigh Henlev, CinalvAnderson. Sandy Lewis, Maia Lewis: Row 2: Sue Wise, Wil Hoeke, Anne Allison, Chris Turner, Wendy Bernaih, Janet Hanrahm. Jenny Adams. Li: Christopher, Colleen Bilasf Row 3: Terri Watsan, Rhonda Jett, Anne Bierman, Laura Burrus, Katherine Evans, Melissa Moore, Vicki .Hariine:, Terri Lattange, Marv Ruth Lhrig. Sharon Weaver, Chris Paradis, Sherijv Bushong, Row 4: Ellen Wente, Peggv Moore, Wendy Xlfliee, Kay-Margaret Crank, Allison Irwin, Jan Pickrel. Lee Kutman, Jennder Vond, Dusie Creieh, Kris Deyerle, Jackie Crinni: Row 5: Diana Danzer, Caih-r Ondis, Suzie Duff. Chris Gingerv, Ruth Cure, Elizabeth Fairweather, Margie White, Marv Parke. Amy Piper, Anne Weybright, .Harei rula. Tees Breidenbach, Colleen Burke. BOTTOM: Mama Mia's.' Some sisters have pi::a and beer ata delly, Pham bv l. Steeg 1 . A E- H ' .. 1 '. 1 tl th - I E . I . FCDBFCDBIYIDBFCDBFCIJBFKIDBFCIJBFGJBFCDBFCIDBFCIJBl"CDBFCDBFCDBFCDBFCIDBFCIJBFCIDBIYIDBFCIJBIYIJBFCIJB her third floor Dupont witmtiuw clutching in her hand .1 stink with .1 long string: .1tt.1t ht-J to it On thc anti ofthe string hung .1 huiutifully written 1nx'1t.1t1nn Then she lowered the "hair" in front of her prtwstwctivu tlatt-'S window. and he grant-uslx .at- CL'pfCCl Untc N'Uu'x'c thwwn xwxgr 'llrt-ann" date tht tht utnnxu. Yiwu tluul tw plan 1--t imntr' 4tLIl'.1I1IL'xl thurt is tn, LC: 'vw lWL'fvUl'L'Il!L'tl,1lIx L 'lt 't I' nit XX1ll:.t'YNI',, ' x .ll'L'1WIL'NNLtqXklllinli.:h,.l1'.1',tt x nl Lkllllll iKt.ilQxNflI'.t1.fx flu: xxl1tt.1nx.ty1f1r'f, XX?1,eivrn1' uvlltxgi ' 'xxrw,,1,,Ln .iv tu.. li .t Tint st it 1 fit ri ina .ns if tim XX t t. in X ti- 'ht XX1I':.t:t,U are BrentandKaren examine thelobster which is about In hvmnn' the main4.trim-nrrlmrprf-fltirii1-ilmnwr lm, ,UW fn H. ,Hr 7 , W, MH ti,-H l", it , l'll QI!! gs U STX ' v .nap Q' W AB I ,,'f GKAGKAGKAGKAGKAGKAGKAGKAGKAGKAGKAGKAQKAGKAGKAGKASKAGKAGKAGKA CONT Cust more than the total check- nng account of most stutlcnts. Other stutlunts take atlvantagc of the Lolonlal Parkway or X'1l'.1llcr Mill Park antl pack .1 ptfnic tlinncr, only to have thc .ants ur musquitocs enjoy your presents for tlinncr. A Illlftl plan of aution for tlmnur 15, ull cuursc, to nuke your lawn. But thrs ns almost more trnuhlc thttn rt's worth lwcauic L1 numhur ul' us arc not wt-ll cxpcrlcntctl in thc tlmncr Pl.1I1I'1lIl4! tlt-turtrrwnt, .mtl .as Al rwult, tht- Steaks Jrc rcatly twcntx' IT1lI1Ul'L'S lwlurc thc po- t.1t1 ww. A k1lIlIFllNLlUIl4Ll tlzttur tu tlns tlllt-rnm.1 15 th.1t tlurm ltltclxt-nx IUNI tlw nut pI'lJVlLlC V71 lil? txt .-Xlgtl1.lTl1vt.t TQ: .1 u us '- 35 I' J?-Q " .' ? , '-, 2 4 H - 't ---41'-ff. ' ' I 1 1 L .1 .gr ,kg-X, rx.-1. -' .Id , E A N. , t F . 4 3 f-...- '- ,P'?fvaPf . .t 4 wx, . . .- . V Q x u u . . Y , . 0 0 A S ll' vc X ,- , x XL N""lt5:' Notjust an ordinary cook-out. Cooking on the grill for that charcoal flavor . . . Photo by T. Sreeg jg u September 25: Acceptance Day party with Lambda Chi October 1: Emergency room party November 4: Pledge dance at Lodge December 2: Green and Red party january 27: Initiation january 28: Founder's day tea March 31: Senior dance at CC. ballroom April 14: Retreat at house PPA ALPHA THETA FAR LEFT: Row I: Beth McGaffeyg Row 2: Melissa Justice, Leigh Ashley, Kate Untiedt, Joanna Ashworth, Tanya Hranowsky Mickey Mouse, Heather MacDonald: Row 3. Michelle Lewis, Jill Bobbin, Lauren Cunningham, Susan Gordon, Casey Lipinski, Mary Ellen Woglom. Kathy Hetker. Lisa Krizarz, Li: O'Brien, Row 5: A my Thompson, Rhonda Winstead, Kathy Moriarty, Melissa Funk, Marv Katherine Morgan, lwllljl Lynn Bowles, Joanne Orr, Kendra Morgari, Ginger Stair: Row 6: Karen Weiler, Allison Farwell, Sharon Burks, Beth Edwards, Ellen Lewis. Heidi Carr, Jessica Jones. BELOW LEFT: Rhonda Winstead, Diane Coulter, Mia A maya, and Marv Lynn Bowles stand shoulder to shoulder at 1heSt, Patrick 's day party., LEFT: Preparation for the race: Sharon Burks stretcher out before the balloon race. BELOW: Theta togetherness: A quick meeting at Derby Day, ,-'fl 5 4110 45 ,,. - I .1 1 T r ,qv , lx of , , . ', K ,- . -1 h .lk ,k V Q' M , ,'.- ' 'p-'. " 'I . A, " ' , ff' 'viii !f. .t . k- Nw,- .'- , I L, . '-ix. . 4- 6g ia' ' ' t 7 J' .N 9 KA9 KA6 KAG KAB KA9 KA6 KA9 KA9 KA9 KA6 KA9 KA9 KA9 KAG KA6 KA9 KA9 KA9 KA6 KA6 the necessary utensils. So in planning dinner you must either . allot "Borrow Timeu, where you frantically run around the . ,A f dorm borrowing .ill the took- ' ing paraphen.1li.1 you need, or make the best with what you have. For example two K.ipp.t's . made pecan pies in .1 skillet l . Cooking dinner is .in atlven- i ture in itself. Vfith .1 few yt-.irs e.. , 1 here, one learns two rult-N ul . thumb when it tomes to ptr ' , p.1rini.:me.1ls. Rule one't . . ' 6: - burn ntl 1 l1t'llft'.ll.tfHlXX1llNUI .-tl , V' .gut A 'tfi "-'- .3 I sk only tit-lay your mt-.1l. but .also G., 55, ,Av ' " ' . will t.1t1se jll'L'.ll t'I1llN.ll'l'.lNN -i , A ' Q . , , .. g,", -. A-X .L 5 ment, Rule two Nt-xt r tru ,? .'1.."Y1m, X to took .1 new .lisli Stax mil. . ,uf '- g ....A - . N .I vb VV: , 1,,,, f X A sotntt not .mt or xo.. not t. xy' Of. A - . ' '-' f "' W wind up with liurnt xtt'.tl.X,i'i.1 Nodinneris complete withoutan aflerdinnerdrink. Photo by 'IQ Steeg tinttvtultytl twtihliu sl-.tiny l.l.t't'.t Xlt lm lim !"w .fff f PPA DELTA 1 1i.l111X1 13111115 H.1111-5 . 11 1"1'14g1. 1'i.111r1'1r1-.11 1111111111 111:11.1r1'11s1R11s11p.1r11 . , . 171 1111111 l 51 1111111111-r 11111 1'1111'p1i11n 011111111-r 2413 Ciripp11-1111il11r1'11's 111151111111 111111 11r tr1'.11 N111'L'1l11WL'f ll: P11-11gc11111111- DCLiL'I111WL'f 5: CI11ris1n111s p11r11' 51.11111 SO: Senior 11.1nce .lf ci3SL.L1L1CS Apri12A1:Scni11r Banquet l'1n1l1 mrk Hl't'N.' Al ft'L't'I1l Kappa 11111111 p11rt1' .-1111111 Br1111'11 tllllf f1l1f1N ffllltfl' re1'i1'1' I:'ngIi,1h lfl'e'SS 111111. Ph11111b1' li. Slmjf l. 1 'A 1? '1 11" . 1 c X '1 QW!! I KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAK CONT. K11111' 11.11111 .11111 5115.111 13.15 11111, c,11kL' 11111111 .1rr.111g11'11 111c 111111111 111.1111 11111111 111111111 111- 1.1111 911111 .11, 1N1lDXX'L'I'S, "111-1'11r- .1111 , .11111 1r.1111p11r1.11111n 11111111 111 111- 1111111r1111'11, 1DL'k1k1l111' 11111-1111-1' 111 11111' .1 L1lFi.l4LIL', .1r T.1I1A!LA11lL'111 11r 11111111111n11'r1'. .1I111.11N111X11.111I11471'.11lI115L'11l1i 1111111 1'1p1'11.1111 11111111 11111 , , Q 1 11.1XK111 11111111 11111l111'1,1.11L' 111 111 1 11.1XN1N1'1.i11NL'111 p.1p1'1'1.11111 11111111-1111111 1111.11 1111'11I'L' 11 1'.11 111g .1111111111111111111111111111.11 1.11 11111111111111111111,1.111111' ':i1111'1.1111 11 1111: 111111 111!!11 .1 'I 1x11Qt1131'11.1 message .1cr11ss 111 your 111111: For cx.1n1p1c. r11s1'S 111.11 1111-.111 n111r11 111.1n 111rn.11i11ns for 111.11 spc11i.11 11.11c, .11111 111r1111'rn111rc rc11r11s1-s 11111 signify1111'ci1'1'1111 11.1ppc1111111111111'1'1111r 11.11c11 111- 111-11111115111n111i1n1's .1l1111'1h1: 11'11rr1'ingiS1'111i11-11'111'n 11111 .1r- r11'1' .11 1111' 11.1n11' .11111 r1'111c111- 11cr 111.11 1111' 111111111nn11'r1- is in 1111- r111'r1g1-r.1111r. 111 11'rn1s111i111'1'1-r11111-S, s11n11-- 11n11-1 .1 pr111111-111 .1r1s1-1 in p11r1 11.19lI1g 11111111r 1'11r 1111' 11.111111 L'NPL'1l.l111' 11'1'1111'1'1- 11111 Q1 1111111111111 l1.11'11.11.1r.'1'111s1s 11'111-1'1- 1513 11111111111 .11111 Big 5lN1L'I'N 1'1'.1111' p1'r111rn1 1111'1r 3 A Flnw1'rfr1rll11'lu1l1'. Alw11,1'1 ll nice uddrd murh. Photo 111' T. Smeg '1 FQ' :fx si - I s - ,b ' - 'Z' . Q- '. e 1"-"Spf f, , - . .. ., f ..JA,,g,g r 0 lhl-uI. .B:..g k, A. - l ? ' LC Tm ini ig xxx 1 iw 1 KAH!'.n1.1fr..ff 7'-1 1 l' 'l ' ' Raw l: Miriam Oakley. Linda Ritter. Imelda Serrano, Vanessa Griffiih. Linda Maya, Sheila Merres. Jane EL'an5, Li: Platt: Row 2: Debbie Nelson, Alix Franfix, Leslie Lerjr, Karen Wilson, Karherine Owen, Melissa Bowling, Janeftnderxan. Sue Mongrain, .Varrha Thomas: Row3: Susan Cousins. Jill Arree. Jennifer King, Marv Kay Gorman, Bonnie Burnetie. Anne Blessing, Donna Becker, Alisa Mullins: Rau 4 .Arim- Brown. Joan Palmer, Ann Fletcher, Chris liallfmap. Eileen Scherrer, Sarah Grady, Ka1hyLewi1, Pham by T. Steeg. BELOWLEFT: Firslprizex The Kappa Delia jluai receivedjirst place in sororirv flassUica!ion. BELOW: Green for Irish: Wear green or ,26'l pinched was the rhemefor this SI. Pairick 's day pam. A KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA ,rin Ahhh Made lr. The nighthas onlvyet hegunfnr lirmiiimlkiirfn I'hnrn lu I Nr'-vu r.1sks. Alsn they u.1n wiuur in VCI'YhdI1dX'lfS'OUl1L'L''lxlL'lU rhc xl.iTlQL'. Bnrrmwm: mrs i.1n he .1 hassle L'SPL'L'l.1lly why n xx vu and yuur 1l.1t4-get1nrhei.1r.1n1l you. the driver rc.1l1zu nr h.1x .1 SI.1Hxl.1l"nl rr.1r12r111Q211m .uni um ncvcr lc.1rnuri nm rim 11 'Kink- shift." lfvc.'n with .111 the !'N. . . . , jltlllll-L 111.1111 I-Ir .1 ummm :N .1.f M P N inmr .1lu.1x N .11 ntxn h 1'..:1 .11 'hr 5 xl.ilhL' mi-lt Burnt 1 wr L XKllfL'ulll1i'xKLf'yNl.ill1 '-1 1 .1ll l'.1l'l nt thi 4.1121 In ll1.llkL i1rr.1!"rirm:1.f r win :N xr-vriwfrrrllvlrmir 11.1 iv 1 lx 11. ' Wh 4 DPA K PPA GAMMA 1. ll ii 4.XXrlll:iiii'l5.1l li Kula l'.irry , ylIAWCV If .iiliqwniuip-l3Jy FLHl.H Sciuircs Pidw l ll lgiiilwr' ll XX'illlllmx'L'r C,lQ.ui-up with l..imlxl.i C.hi fklfuuuihuillpCiulinvuciiPartyxvidiilhiilnicga Nm niulwi' ll: l".1ll l'lcll.a1u.1ttl1c Lmlgu lglwrihiri Q liLi1whil9Arty'xvirl1'fl1ctJ Lbmlr Siwrhig Spwiuvr lD.UlCL'ci.c:.lldllflM3IH April lSIStllltll'B.iIlL1L1L'fLlfcl.Ci.l.1hL1llI'UO1H qkprill Pilfastcrlfgg lliuitxvith llicta llgltiitllnsrcr Aprilllx BigilhillP.1rrywirliPikii IIN A I1 in Him A und Hhilin Kuppffs 1,VVlllll PlIHl'l'l1l1lf I 'uthv Walsh with l,ll'il' rlillw Riltllllfl' H illvr umllluwurd HllxiffmxilxilUfzvlilfIllL'ilI1llllrIfHIll1'AtlIl4lU'hiIc'Pl1fI1'. HQ C17 n Smrc Z'- it ii-of S-v X Q NPC - B i X N . - , A 1 '-kfhgfi. W . 4 , ERS. f 'L' ' Q ' E ,f,,,,,- A ., V514 -fgsk , - 1 wi ' sf' '- KKI' KKI' KKI' KKF KKI' KKI' KKI' KKI' KKI' KKI' KKI' KKI' KKI' KKI' KKI' KKI' KKI' KKI' KKP KKI' KK1' l D ilryriisl1L.1inuiml't'.1s ii smicss, Trung um milk In srixmgcrs R U S H klllPf'1lVK'flll5L'illl L1I1LUIHlillI'I- .ilwlu sitihiriim iiml must ul' the .M rhi- .mn Iwi' -lriiilxiiimu fratcriiitiw .is xu-ll.1s ruslww lliliigl-il rliix rl: Illl1L'IL'L'I1, .igrccil thu' misscil that rixiii-iiiirx vii-li-i's lull in liml Lain' tlmx' uf umvcrsatimi .im rmirzxl N r-l lmvr imrriu wliiih um- ur IXYH lwurx liuliw naliiili, iii ilu iam. lm-l .iff prlwiliilu, I'L1SllL'L'N .ill- lI.lilLll mimi lit rlii iwmilwlu imrii-ll rl1.ii iiurwiiism-as ilwlaiix Din l'llNll lnmiiiii- .i xruppul tlicm lmm wixiriiilu :il KK L"xl'kl'lll1xt'l1lVlI'.llL'lAlllllL'N slwiiic lr.itcri1itiw sim ilu-xi VISI- .iiili .i miiliiiiiili- ill :il-1-l .mil if-l rhc mmm in wlmh thnx' ips' ri 1 liiixigx i in iil.iiul lxiiux mimi wt the lvrivtliurs, Al- l"'l..QlZi".l fi'.mi'iiirx rim .ix Illllllxllll thi' .itiuimsplicrv .mil i" l fill llpyi .i wlwr' iw :Aww lliiixm-iw.ii1lvi1s xwrc.ilirrlcll1'x' wil Nirilll-iiix .ii lint Ilia- Wuiiw tliimll thum- lw: ghriw i'rwixi.liil wlxu Iilllilllxl .ilwiir mum ' wi g,ii,.l lllllil ul-ri ilu- imgiiiiiwliil rliiiiux miliur than l 1 fi'i,aliiHi1x.iiill .ixxxvii 4'-ipiwssiiig.illriiiilxciixiriximiwl J: :l ui: xr luiilriiiiio iiiilillnrniii rlilwiihulirx, :Xml mi rlmi xxlillli-, ximi- ilil iqihililx lvl xHI1X'L'VN.l- ' lmii3,lli.iil5l.iLi.ii1iiii.i Snmkvrx rurnwl Illllr "iwki'rs 'A rim rvur mjrurs we'rz'fhru'ri In wru- nnlv ullvrnule' ht'l't'l'll4Ut'K ul l'llN'1Iltll'Il4'K. 1 -ir, I-' gg - -45 ABOVE: Raw I: Lydia Pullev. Donna Flinn. Anne Holmberg, Laurie Gardiner, Chrixiine 1- eruuwn, .Nurulee Griggs, Betsy Pendleton. Sheila MeDannell. Kim Staples, Anne St. Clair, Sherri llorxheimer. Aimee Helltiriu. Kim Darity, .Michelle Albert. Row 2: Elizabeth Kling, Reberea Hrawley. Karen Sinimonx, .Veg Hunter. A mx Marcos, Hollv Henderson, Debbie Garret, Suzanne Robinson. Heidi Reihanxperger. Raw 3. Sue Valinxki. Kristen Wagner, Amy Ross. Kelli' Doyle, Wei-Ming Hsu. Sarah Huiioms, Alison Dwier. Iran' Jlurhlexiiinu. x M. N., ff Margarette Leitte, Su:anne Sweeney, Hope Solomon, Laura Groom, Kim Herd. Rim' 4 l.i.xa Hylmn, Smun I P "' ' " Johnson, Cathy Walsh, .1IaifvKafh, Leslie Luulenslager, Jill Longmire, Tram' H right, .Uelinda Rigule. .Swan ' Qing' ' L -A V Frier, Kimberly Rabenberg. Marv Trigg, Deborah .VeIJaniels. Rim- 5. Heather Sell. I mlm! 'Hut Aer. l mm' Giermak, .lov Dibble, Catherine Hart, Jennv Holi. Desiree Di Alaum, Laura Harm, Km' lirfm, llealher lmuw. ,, Q .Q Cathy oskml ' A 51 - N X ' - 1' TOP: A Ivpieal Scene A! A Sorority Dance. Karen Simmom and Jim Jonex inihihr in mimi 1 Ieunjun ill Ihr . 1- Kappa, Senior Dance. Photo by T. bieeg LEFT: .lus!Another Candlelight? Anne St. Clair and Kim Siuplex "pau ii on" al the lim-A H rt-k tip,-riimg Service. Photo by L. Barn' KKI' KKF KKFKK1' KKF KKF KKI' KKI' KKI' KKF KKI' KKI' KKI' KKI' KKI' KKI' KKI' KKI' KKI' KKI' KKI' XY .. N lmbibing in Deep Conversation. Mike Sultgnmn, ti l'iAti ' xhiikr, Il'Hll'llNll virion Ihr . .init rniliiiii Iwi 1- '-. .'-' K5 : j iXQQ.iX:QQ-li' VV PHI MU I ' 1 1 l . 'liritls or 'l're.1t lor ily, ljroicct N -x eI11lWeI' ll: l:.lIl1L'I'-lgdklglllftl' lloolqout Xovenilwer lil: li.1ll Pletlge Dance Detenilwer H1Cll1ristn1.1st1tE.1st ,l.1l1L1.lI'K' lg: Retreat .1t S.lI1tLII'.1.ll lfelwr11.1ry 5: lniti.1tion ern State Fehrtitirs' l li XlLllCllIlI1L'lS tltiy party April 'z Spring tiornml April l3:5eniorlw.1nquet April 2 1: Motlier-Daugliter lu March lo: Be.1el1p.1rt1' March 51: Animal house party Row l: Jennifer Lewis, Dana ' Enslow, Kathy Brice, Deborah Frey. Julie Erwin. Jeannie Lind- sey. Trafy Kerr. Marie Mon- tallo: Row Z: Luvinda Snyder, Terrv Hall. Wendy Thomas. Marv Willis Jones, Margaret McGovern, Lynn Fitzgerald. Holly Harris. Jill Sanner: Row 3: Christy Hagar, Amy Beau- vhamp, Terri' Hall, .llama Ashburn, Marsha Youngblood. Terri Brannon. Michelle Chris- tie: Row-11: Laurie Thorton, Meg Hammes. Deborah I-Buess, Donna Porter, Karen Barclay: Row 5: Jo Atlee, Cathi Arse- nault. Kathy Fowler, Carol Johnson, Sue Bowen, Kim Haines, Beth Welsvh: Row 6: Li: Hutcheson, Karla Beyer. Amanda Mevers. Debbie Woodland , Sandra Press. nquet QS r .4 i-F C 132 I QM QM CDM CDM CDM CDM CDM CDM CDM CDM CDM CDM CDM CDM CDM CDM CDM CDM cDM GDM CDM CDM CDM CDM CDM CDM CD CUNT. tion was higher, the brothers thought they hatl more v.1l1tl opinions about the guys they met..1t11l tl1es's.1xx'.1n1ore re.1l- istit sitle ot' them, .is well. This helpetl in the Selettion session lietause one tlitl not remember .1 person 1LlNI het.1tise he p.1r- tietl ss ell Drs' rush requiretl .1 little more ul-liofl on the lwrothers PJFI. too Ther tonliessetl that the stitcess of rush tlepentletl on the strength ol' the I'r.1ter- 11111. Nome lvrothers m.1s' h.1ve felt .1s it tht-x' l1.1tl lwetter things ri 1 ,rh.1n.lr1iils tolie. hut then :4.1:i.. irlte .ins rtile that is . iri' to lie lirolten. tlri' rush e'-:tel-tion fdltllllljl .1 fn-litre the smoker was 44 'S- L Alike Olsen and Xlike Hrufken -Q., r, D24-- . ,Xml 1 5 l enjoy the beer at a Kappa 5120111 party l-'rats were drv only at Smokers. Phto hi' Ill. Kondracki Xl. Jluk H11w11111111 111111x. 11111111 bv I, Ii11rrx LEFT. l.e1111111g llll 11 jr11'111I' CDhr1C11111' l1'Z:11, X1 f1LlMft'U. 111111 xfllfi! U 1111s .I11111w 11111111 111111 frwndshlp. P1111111 hx I li11rr1 IQUYV. Photo by I. ,S!1'1'H 'far I gf?--1,- .Q . ., A 5 A If an '--N5 .qu 5 'ifffj V1 6,13 ,933 i i 'eff f at P"-'C ' 1 vs 4 . igfb- .xx CDM CDM CDM CDM CDM CDM CDM CDM CDM CDM CDM CDM CDM CDM CDM CDM CDM CDM CDM CDM CDM CDM CDM CDM QM CDM CDM ur h IU Frars were allowed to serve beer 111 private IN -A W 1r1le'x C111 1 X 4' 1111111111I111y1h11l11g1lp1IFlt nh1'11' 1111 lllll' mn 11Il.1111.! 111 -- 11l11w.1 1. .H 111 DMU. IWW IGXR l.l:I' 1. IJ1111 I11p1'5 111111 J1'11111111' I 1111ls1'x 111 H11 I HELUW: X'11t11rv Ph: Huk 11111 1111111!1'C1111 lI1'1f11 1 N 15- -4' 1-9, 1 I. 47 ali "3 5 x . 1 X C, ' x hx Lfmkzng' Cool: Jane I-llrwrzxrel, Hun' Cuutw and.Vm1icuJuhmm1 dun gluswx Ujlllillkl harmful xun rays. Photo by Il. Pafkman. KDHBCD HBO HBCD HBCIJ HBCD HBKD HBQJ HBfIJ HBCD HBKIJ HBfD HBCD HBKID HBQIJ HBfIJ HBCID HBCIJ HBCD HBCDI CONT. Um' nu-th--A .uni illkklklill rnxxlluwL1pNt.urxI1wpr1x.1rQp.1r- fzu um .lm-flu-1' S-nm' tm- rvrmrlu Pmmmxyr ulIUPl.llI1L'xi Mm .tru I'L1NhI1L'L'AiL'xiIU1WL pw ink 1 Mmm-r M-.Amp xllkxlfllli N11 rmlwI1.1l1 wt w!invrt1'.1rrrrx1- 'zu h1Ih1L'VL'xi rlnxr Iurm-mx nx.rwu1m.urlw1N um flll mv -arx I'L1Nll,f1M'X urn -vpl11mxr1k .Hwut m-Kr xxlmlm rlmm f. . 'HA ' ' rm'mr1u. rhprm' yxarruu Nk.lXQ'l1i..XX1FIlf4NYxl.lI1x1x1.lIhlIlL :':'.,r1u rw hw Num tm r I XNRLN THLLILI IILH 1WL1XlH! . JN -'I iw QV Ilu' .ilfirfr , , , . K , Ikgrfygnyrx nvn'fnrlydmfimlmm'farmsnfz'lm'rI411rlnn'rlI 1 hrnlr Huswr and mvmuv .xltlfllll Wllffh tlf4I0fhUH4Ul1l7lt'. - 'P-.tN.1.WwLlf rxxymrx-tlu rw Jw' V1 135.1 V111 l- . 4' 1' I 1 Q lf '-se, mil fi ' s n 1 sly 5. xt ..x x" X xx' 3 PI BETA PHI October 5 1: Trick or Treat for UNICEF November 5: Fall dance February el: Motown Party February lil: Vttleritiiies Di1l'lIlX'lfL' party March lo: I-lawaiiaii Luau party March 28:Courity F.1lI'.lIll4tJI'Il1.1l rush April 15: Spring dame April lo: Cut-il-thou with Toiifs Salon April 18: Senior Banquet BOTTOM LEFT: Susan Davis. Tammy Uaklex, and Annu' Stevenson do an amusing si! on a "C'oun!rv Fair. " Row I: Mit:i Smith, Sandy Desilvia, Palm' lzdehurn. Julie Beringer, Luanne Spruill. Judi' Kanjian. Lisa Uni. 'Hanna Johnson, Suzie Musviana. Lynne Helms. Phyllis lialliniore. Val Stlfjlerg Row 2: Pam Cunningham. Anne Hlanrhard, Shannon Berry, DFMFIFU Yeapanis. Megan Dawd, Coleen Rurhe. Marv Coates, Tracy Sinnorr, Kim Welch, Marv Maclnnis. Row is Janire Harrup. Courtner Joyner, Pennv Anderson, Harare Krebs. Joy Gibbons: Row 4: Chantal Emerson. Berry Molnar. Leanne Lemerirk, Susan Zanelti. Maureen Duhus. Chandra Navarro, Row 5: Marv Graham. Jan Arrman. Heaiher Brown. Kelly Huffman, Renee Ward. Annie Slerenson. Jeannie O'Gr0dx'. Julie Wallare, Marion Morgan. Susan Davis, Carrie Harrison. Alison Sellia, Karhy H'oodmfk: Row hx Lynn Xen- burv. Ginny Cook, Tammy Oakelev. Mar1'Knsko, Kan' Panas- Iel, Anna Carew. Dana Baldwin. Marv Halluhan, Joi Mcfiraih. BQD IIBCD IIBIID IIBKD HBCIJ HBCIJIIBCIJ TIBCD TIBKD IIBKD TIBfD TIBCD TIBCD HBCD HBCD ITBCD TIBCD lilBfD IBIBCDIIBCD tliirtx' tlollars, Ciirls were en- rememlier xslio rlitix talltt-.i ro touraluetl to tome .intl .lame or wlmt tliex miitl .Kr lt.isr out .intl sotmlizt- uiili the ,uuxs with .1 iiaguiripu limi:-ist-r rlrii Om- positiu' .opt-tr .ilwout ilrx' one t.m'r slialte ot! rusli was that tlit' lF.ilL'l'lllllL'N -l.'..'.'i ll lin' supportul exisrt'-l in the t.itr tliar People xxlio .irteriilul iliu SlHllliL'FN weft' Illurt lwoiiln' tliex ut-re .irrratiteil ro ilit' tri teriiiriw .inil rlit- lvrorlit-rs .mit 1----"2" not ZH rlit- lu-er .iii.l ixirrxinu f xxliiili vxisit-il iii rlit ixisi .Mi-l emu rliouuli rlit tiiiaiiriix , l ol Vuslit-tw suis loxxti. rlit iiipil' Z IU oltoiixt'i's.it1oiis.miloxtiyill .ut-mi'.il iilrtrtwr um mul li fur ter i .hlilitviixigll.ixxltxxaiwlrliisxoii. g J ilrx rizsli proxiiltil .1 uooi: .ii 1 1 i rt-r'ii.irixt to rlit -il.l lit t i imma' xxliitli lili iu.ii1f. roll Joanna Ashworth and Hrurl Anigerinv shun' a yoke anrl Il hwr Ill a Ihwm pam l'1lM'.fl' llll Zl9hl1A PHI B ET RIGHT: ZETA PHI BETA: ABOVE: At the serrife which started Greek Week, sorority' and PUQ Kem Ph fraternity presidents gathered together in a candlelight ceremony. Photo by L. Burrv xliem CHANGE I ast year the Common- wealth of Virginia changed its require- ments ofstate affiliated colleges to implement a more progressive affirmative action program which included a re- quest for changes within the Greek system. There are ten national sororities at the Col- lege of William and Mary which belong to the National Panhellenic Council. The Na- tional Panhellenic Council fNPCJ is an organization that sets recommended guidelines and unanimous agreements that sororities are suggested to follow concerning Rush, Scholarship, Philanthropy, and Public Relations. Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta and Zeta Phi Beta are three Na- tional sororities that belong to a separate national affiliation known as the National Pan- Hellenic Council KNPI-ICP. The NPHC has different guidelines and suggested rules than NPC, and the NPI-IC sororities will not abide by the NPC guidelines and vice- versa. Both the NPC sororities and the NPHC sororities were be- ing goverened by the Panhel- lenic Council at William and Mary. Under the Panhellenic Council, the NPHC sororities, which paid no dues to the ISC council, made suggestions at the Panhellenic meetings. but could not vote or hold an of- fice. Discrimination has never been allowed by the college. nor by the NPC or NPHK. sororities. The college ad- ministration saw problems in- herent in the Panhellenic Association which denied cer- tain privileges to certain sorori- ties. The solution to this problem was for the ten NPC sororities to brealc away from National Panhellenic Council and become the Inter-Sorority Council. The solution is not as simple as it sounds. The changeover process began shortly after the new members of Panhellenic were inducted in the Spring 1985. Ken Smith, associate Dean of Activities presented the Panhellenic Council with the necessity for a change in its constitution. The required change was more complex than merely amending the member- ship and voting rules. The unanimous agreements, adopted by NPC sororities. contains references that per- tain only to NPC sororities, lt was necessary to revise the constitution as well as drafting a new document that would lceep up the spirit of the agree- ment but omit any exclu- sionary rules, By obeying the unanimous agreements only in Spirit and leaving the NPC., the ten campus NPL sororities could no longer iudicially ap- peal to NPC., in conflicts be- tween a sorority and adminis- tration. The NPC sororities do have the ability to appeal to their own national sorority for resolutions. After many long involved meetings. on April Zo, MHS, the proposed changes concern- ing the constitution were ac- cepted and approved At this point, the Panhellenic council officially become the Inter- Sorority Council ilSC1. the new ISC. composed of two representatives from each sorority, will act as the local governing body for all sorori- ties on campus. Now. all thir- teen sororities at XYilliam and Mary have the privilege to vote and hold office as members of ISC Although Zeta Phi Beta. Alpha Kappa Alpha and Delta Sigma Theta are granted tliese opportunities, they do not par- ticipate in formal rush because of individual National regula- tions. Forming the ISCQ was the first step in uniting all thc- sororities on campus and hope- fully the future will bring .i more united cooperation lac'- tween the thirteen scifi writies at Xlvilliam and Mary. Q Carla I't1lil'lVlV vrilerlriim ll ilulil ill Ihr' lot Blillko him . . ,. ,. 1' ill :lin ic1ri'ii'l1ri'rclxilpnrlofii ioroffli pliil,iwi!i'o,fii prof. , ,' l'horo hi 1'li1llcl.i .lil A, -. 4' "--un-vc'-" lu ,in-1' ,- -u. .uh 1. H' , IUPJ KAl'l'.'X ALPIIA Row I: Skip N eller, .-X:hur Hiuh. Mutt Cm, Jeff Klhhllll. Hun' Hullihun, .Hike Foster, Robert Ilurtmn, Phil Buhler. Row 2: liwrge Suaff. Adam Frankel. Pete Jiinns, Erir Murrixnn, Hrent Green- wald. Dun limherliike, Jay Squires, Alun Nuhurx. Rim' 35 .limmy Wall. Tum Hilliumx, Ibm Schuedel. fiurv Rudd, Johnny .1Ii'!irunnuh11n. Steve Dunn, Rim- 4: Chrix lhnrn, Paul llnmmel. Run Harlow, Jiirmw Lewix, Dun Al- ilrifh, .Hike Jlmex, lfrif Williuntx. RIGHII' .Hutt Cm, Hill Met:ner, and Rifhiml Hlmilx nmdel their unifnrmx while waiting ni murvh through the cam- pux. KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA Ki GREEK WEEK '84 A new uvunt flltlld plain on thi' mrnpus ul XY'1ll1.1m .tn-I M.1rx this x'c.1r .1 multi- t.u.1Jul x-fuck ut ph1l.mthr11p1L. Nall11l.1l'lX', I'L'llALIll7LlN, .md smml L-xrtmtx It Vklli thu first .mil hwpgtiilly.mm1.1lGrL-uk XYQL-k XY' is .1crI'L'L'K Vfcck' lnrcr- Nurimrltv Prcxndcnt Cfwllccn Nhkcc 4e.:.n'c thm vxpl.xn.1t1m1 .tr thu Upcrming Ifiumunmil Pr'.13'L'r SL'I'X'lL'L', uCtI'L'Cl'i Xvccgk tx iwrh thu symlml .mtl thc m.1nxtmti1t1im HY' the umupcrd- trim 1-T tratyrttlty mum .mil Y-X-"lNk'I1 mth L-.uh mlwr, with ff i.iz'z'iym. .mil wlth the umm- 'zrimrx " Ar thc upurmirtg gt, .i j.XI1Wll.i le 'x 33 Father Run Sequin, nf.S'r1irl! Hede's Cathnlir Fhurch, leads the religious xervive which begun the Greek Week activities. T ' 'tx K X L N - X- 'vis ' - V Q PX . . S -1 i Iv GL' 5- it 1' PPA ALPHA September lll: Barbeque October lzjungle Party October 22: Alumni Reteptioii. Homecoming Baml Party November 5: Party with Delt.i Gamma November lllz Post-game P.1rtt' March 24: Charity Party April P: Frisbee Tourimmeiit LEFT: Erir Williams looks xhurp in hix mr1fedf'ruie uni- form whirh wax rented espec'iullvjl,ir the Suurhern Bull. All photos by K. Libucha. BOTTOM: Lindsciv Willis and Dennis I'hui'Aer share u beer at the KA, Chi O, PIKA party in Alarrh. KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA 5. ln. Gb HSN Melissa Justice and Kathy Hecker sing during ripening wrt'nim1ii'i I'lmmi hr I Iiurrv prayer serx-ite this symbol mis expressed bv tgiiitllelielit .ix each xorority .mtl triteriiiti presitletit mis .ibketl to tome torxxpirtl .intl light their ttllhlle .mtl then "pus it oriu to the eommutiity, the tnmpua. .intl eachother,l7.ttl1er Rott Seguin. the Clatholit Stutletit Xliiiixter .itltletl his retlettioiii lu mx me that one must loolm lxitlt oii tht oathsm.1tle.u.tlriiteriiitx xixtet or brother, Tliexe o.ithx prom use not oiilx iiitemt tioti. but communitx' .iiil .mil xtliolf .irly pursuit liiit- lit-tri iixi i il tht I.LALll'iL'llll.l liotiiitlnti-iii um present to th.iiil-X the iuittitif lhllllx of Cmfetix Wien lx Tivi' Ilitli' ellortutlitlt+iIitt'1luiIioiixlotlit l:outiil.1ti-iii XX'itli tlit tlooiie ol thix Nt rx it 4 Kitt t lx XX t t lt li.i.1 wllltmllk l'l'!llll llll Xloiitmx .Xpril if :lit- t.itI1yl1xxx.iNioliiitillikrllelcr li.ti'i'.i,'Xlyli.i Joi .NFPA SIG K.-Xl-'PA SIG: Raw I: Mark Kratliedni. Jnhn Reed. Dune Lagartle, Daw Ros- ilnl, .lf1ffll'olf', Jimm-v banners. Row 2: Stuart Deatan. .Uarlc Slmlawlll, Doug Xlasseqv. larn' ,HcEntee, Row 3: Unra- mie Hiller, Jnhn Griggs, Ronnie Havre. The intiniulutlnu A'H'hi1es" cheareil on the basketball team ut ull hanivganies. RIUHI' Iiht' Kappa Sins cheer nn the team at a Trihe haxkvtball ganie, Our men in white arc: Row 1: Jininiv Can- ner. Jeff' Wulf, Ilan' Rnxdnl. llaug La- carile, John Reed, Mark Krathedm. Hack: Stuart Deatun, .Hitch Slailuwiti. Doug Massey, Larrx' .NlcEntee. Cieraniie Miller, John Griggs. Ronnie Moore. Octtiher ll: Post-Li.une Rc-cc writ Uctoher 22: Alumni Reception December lil: Clhristmds l'.irtx December l li Cldrnlinu liehruary 22:'lle liar Chinccr SULI rch Sl: Sweetlmc-.irt Ilincc April I3: Precisiun L.twn Mmxcr Drill Ic im Appc irs in XY'.isl1ii1gttm, Dil. April 20: Spaghetti Dinner April 28: lnitiiitinn lf' -2 N ' -if Qs .P K..' xh v Q tp 1 7 lf I J 1 . L XJJXX Q an .yt J X A K' Jia 5 g W i ' i ' f.. fl- KZKEKEKEKZKEKZKEKEKEKZKEKEKEKEKEKEKZKEKEKZKEKEKEKEKEKZ CONT. sets nt the fraternities .ind stmrtwrities, Th.1t evening Mr. St-ltr presently Vice President tit' the Alumni llwusc .ind himself' .i llllll ur.i.i1i.ite, Live .i speetli .ilwut 1 tillextge l.ite .it XX illi,im .ind Nldrx during his xclim1lX'c'.1t'S. 'l4xtesd.ix hriiutzht Cireelc Night .it the Wi: .ind the SAK A'5l.ix'e .ind lfsciwrt Aiict1twn" l'.irt iilifllc' Lust ill-Lllkll Pllcllel' SHltlXX.lN,!lNL'll ti1tllt'l-eUlxL'I111.l l:HL1Ihl.it1HIl, A l.1st minute .idded ticgitiire Nuts .i tlwthinu xivliycflkilllwfflit'5ULlIl1f .mw- liiri twrn.idtw xittims Ihe 5:Xl' .iutriiin um liieliliulirul lw .in- iwnirt c rs l,is.i XX c'',!1L' lirt lv 'liht iQk'llllL'lllk'll1ll 5.'Xl" '.'.ti't s- .1 tntlixi-lu.illx tw thc' 1 t:.t-ziizithc .1titl1c'I1cc.itsL1cl1 rwmiit Vritcs .is SQUANQN ' lhc-'.iDcltxx.isi'i'c'scft1t1it it li.fg'gxt Ni: furce but their attempt to pur- ch.1se .in SAE slave proved tu- yet quite prntitdhle for SAE .ts it caused the bids to he 1nt'l.1ted, However Them Delt did manage to win the keg: he- ing given .muy to the fraternity nr stmrnrity buying: the most pitchers. Snme v.'twmen includ- ing Bridget liealey seemed to l'tlcl1iII.1lllli-Illtllitll up for .tuc- tiwn, When .lslced what she htwped UlklllXYlIl1 her .icquired "Sl.tx'es" Bridget responded she slime dusting .ind tlc-.mine tu he dune. hut her m.1m rcuistm was that the mt inet".1ll,u11inutuchdrity -.ten Xt the Init ultx XX me .ind C lieesc- tin XY'cwliic'stl.ix', four sclinl.ii'slin's mere .mqirded tt: wrtirirx xttimen sli.m'ing.1ct1ve imtilveiueitt in their surwritr. .ind tin tlic't.im1'us xx hile m.unf . 0 . , ' 1. -., L-4 .:A. . l,-l ., rv, . ..-w '. 4 ASTE? ilu-Qi A' ' - .4 agp' Jw.. 'xl' 5 H- .Q ... . ,, Q- fvlih---'fgiggsrx -1-510501.11 I.: . ,, 4 9' --,Q A i ln ."1"TT1 - af . ,,,. ?..,. ' . -,ri v.'7'AN '- -ati? KEKEKEKEKZKZKZKEKEKEKEKEKZKEKE S Q 4 I gy .E my 8 2 1 fi .1 ABOVE' Kappa Sig whire Hark Llllllllfh ln! Ihv IRIHI- Ilnwr All Ll hIIxAI'IhIIll game. The eheerx and arztivs qfrhe whrtex lf1K.I7Ift'tl fam NIMH' than IIII' I III I'rlI'II.iI'n aI home uumex, l.l:AFT: The f71IlX1 popular par! nf Ihe I1wnII'wnIIrIu f7Lll'Lltlt'. lxappa NIL' rm rub.-rx Dare Rmdnl, .llark Linauuh. VII Clark am! Swan Xlwryan man iz Ill um hrffnx wilh their lurrfx, Phutm hr I. Meer KEKZKEKEKEKZKEKEKEKZKEKEKEKEKEKZ f"" P Q L ' f P -Ulx Frunrix, Karen Hl1XIlllfllllfl'1t'lf Kappa Ih'lIII XlXlt'fN IIIIMIIII MIIII 4 II In III. N Xl Im. IIHII Izlhr x IIIIIII IMI .III LX XM-Ig' Ix,IQQ1N'. .VV le- AMBDA CHI LPH ' . ,r Sll,l9.lrty'Witl1 nl hi .intl lnlii Mu i A l'ieI'li1 llirtx' with Tri-Delt f Ltolwer lklz Cielelwration ol'l:.1ll xi, ith li.1pp.i Uttolwer ll: Homecoming lhirti' Novenilwer lH: Bring Your Own Bev .intl Cheese Party February 2141 Football Game .intl P.irty with Chi-U April H: Alumni Reception April lllxxlllltdllulcll1CCSC P.irty April JO: Study Session with Chi-O April 22: Easter Reception April 25: Senior Party RIGHT: Lumbus enjoy the first mga party ofthe year with Marlin Muddis and Keith Delong serv- ing the golden beverage. Photo by M. Kondrocki. BOTTOM: As her friends catfh the attention of the aurtioneer. Kathy Hefker bids jbr un SAE slave. Top-cost SAE's brought in 530. Photo by T, Shong. 7 I A AXA AXA AXA AXA AXA AXA AXA AXA AXA AXA AXA AXA AXA AXA AXA AXA AXA AXA AXA AXA AX -all , I -, .g..9-- V1 Ai it af' NH l..ii:'ilml.1f ln 4.4 1 'lrQ"1l XJ v XV' TOP: Keith Delong and date enjavv the Lambda xprir1,1:j11rn1al. Photo by M. Kondrocki. LAMBDA CHI: Row 1: Tim Wilson, Kevin Innes. Row 2: 1111111 Leeson, Jeff Brookman. Jeff Hughes. John Beuler, t'hr1's tml- lev. John Siegal. Row 35 Ma!! Rvan, Kevin ,V1'G1a11gl1l1'r1, Hrnd Hirshv, Noah Prerson, Anrhunlv Innes. Bruce C 'hase, Greg I 111 11- sale, Tad Geshiehter. Jejjffiallup. Raw 4: 1111111 lierznix, Ar11ir1-111 Horrucks, James Vick, Steve Lewis, Hen Brake. .'l1LII'IVY .H11Il11v. Mark Sharp. Photo by T. Sreeg. AXAAXAAXAAXAAXAAXAAXAAXAAXAAXAAXAAXAAXAAXAAXAAXAAXAAXAAXAAXAAXA en CONT. 1.11111r14ul11gl1 s1'l111l.1s111 .11l111-vc' IHCIII, The w1l111l.1rsl11ps xu-rr spo11s11rc1l lwy flu' 111111- S111'11r11v C,11111111l .1111l xu-111 .1w.1r1lc1l 111 l51.111c Llllll 111 l'1 l5c1.1Pl11..l.11111c .-Xll111111t l7ul1.1 Sigma Tl1c1.1. I,.v1l1.1 Pullux 111 Kappa K.llWIW.l LQ.1111111.1 .1111l 'l'crr1H.1ll111'l'l11M11 'lwlu' 11111-k was l11'1111gl11 1-1 .1 ulnw w11l1 1l11- xl11m'111.Q 111 N.1111111.1l l..111111111111R :X111111.1l Hlillil .ll XY1ll1.1111 .1111l Al.1IN 5I111lL'111N XKk'lAL' 11ll11'11l ,1 lllNKllLllll 1111 .11l1111w1-111 1111 XYL'.lTlll4IQ .1 'l11u.1 1-1 1l11 11111x11 ll1L'l'n' NL'1'l111'1l 111 lm .1 11111111 xl111xx1111g 111 111-.l Nl1111x .111.l l111llx l1'.1x1x 11111111111 1111111 .1ll p111111x11111.11111'11K ll11 11111111 1x.1x1l11'111.111.111111l1.11x111u1x1111 I111'1l11 l111l.11111.1 l'111111-1.1111111 l11'111a111g 111 .lll 1 N11111.111 1l NWN' Anne Tow? raises her hand I0 hidfnr anSAI1'.xIav1'1Iurin1gllzefirwk U1'1'L xI11v1'1i1n'ri1111 llillllll hx' I Siren l.1111l11l.14 l11 JW? P5 KAPPA ALPH h hm V fl .Xl1xil1l.L1hr L HN W1 um 1' IT Pr'u .:,11m' l'.L1'lx xx lfllf hx-U N4lXL'I1ll5L'I' l I. "li-IX Lic! Iwtilbllltl' l '.1rryxx'1rh l'h1 Nl Ll, l,L11hhd.1 Q 111, .md Pi I'h1 Nmiuhhur IW: Parry .xml Cflmkmlr xx'1tl1'I'ri-Ik-lr I'ClWI'L1.1FX' 4: Mwvnc Parry XYIHI Pi Phi l:L'l5I'L1.1I'X'.1WZ P.1rry with Chi-O RIIIHI Pzkm ,Jtll't'l.ll1lltl. Rub Huix- lip, lfft'!Jf'l'1If7lll, c1n11C'hrixSvllprvpzlrn' rn dnmhv Ihr flu' 'YUQIVIIIUIAU :gf llvlru Iimmzlmfs 'Xmlmr Splash lzistiritivs, Phutn hx' I. Slc't'!U. F.-XR Rlfilllf' Ifmllzerlv lure? .HIM llwhr and Nun' lhnmpwn rnuxquvruzlf' mulumpu1uIfnn'4gHm"u:rIx"u1ul'iku purrv. Prku parnvw wan' wvll-Amnwrx fur IhL'lf lugurra' rlzvnzrx. Phnln br JI. Kun- drucki, 4 'r ,, I lf' 1 LA ' AA I KA HKA IIKA HKA IIKA l'IKA HKA HKA I'IKA HKA HKA HKA HKA HKA HKA 1'IKA HKA HKA HKA HKA HK, CONT. :Xiu-r rhv IUHVIL' thu fYI'.1IL'I'Il1lX' x-1L1rrw.1m1pur1h1r.1I'ug.1l'.1rrx' -JI Mx mxh. .'Xlrhm1,uh shm' Ill ,uvrrmu xmrrui, mmm' uf' thc lwmw 1.1rur'ulwul SHL1llxiN4rf- IflQ'.'XII1IN.ll Ihmw wumhr.1Lk .md wthmr hvrrm nf "'lR+g.x" k1.lI1alI'1l rmmu U NH. -'x . 1fI'ffn'f1H7ILlIIlI ww furrhvlvullulmflurilluxgthvre'lurr11u's hclfl ul Y' - 'I .hilllfplllllllllfilljl :tflf'I1ll'Sf7llI,Nf1. Phnm hv JI. Kvndrafki X-. Q 90 tjgk F"'n'A 0, ' -X xy Q, ABUX'l:': PIKA Row I. Iirvu Crump, Paul Strarra, Srvw Hull, H111 fiurrvv. John Harman. Hvn lnwr, Uzkr Umu- man, Knrke Juhnwn. Chrn Sell, Row 1: Brvun Iirnw. John Pllflffl, Dun Head, Slerlirly Runmne, Jffhn Hurd, Drew Damelr. Chmk Uurrux. Xml! Cram.lJm1Q.Yell,.S1u1rl'Arnp. Huh lff. l71F,Y, Rudflcfl' UIHUII Rnw K' fum Vernon, Daw Bvru, yilkt' I wiv. Xrimn Anfhfmy. Rnh Hamlzp. Ium Sznzpwn. Dave Rednmnzi. llnmg Phllllpx, lffnx frftfX'.1Jf1l'I Jffrdurmfr. Tum Uwrs, Alnhn Jlllffflfl, John Ynlmvl, HIM' Hmhl. RltkhUl'ljlfIl1f7It', lun H zllmms. Paul HUA btw,RIIhHk'fS5f7ItH1, Vurk 1 Ulu Rum -I Chm Puma. .Nara Ihffnlpwn. Wiki' IJIIHUI7, Kevin Davis, Hrud .'XHL't7l'lHt', high school clllclu, Huh Uwwzx. Purkvf Chamberlin, lK'Uff Uzrngull. fwrmfrz Bmuks, J,II. llvurmrz. llrrzn l'lm1rr. J.lJ. Yvurr, lm! Dvnmrur, Ilruw Phil- lips, Hill BFVIIIFII, HKA HKA HKA HKA HKA HKA HKA l'IKA HKA HKA HKA HKA HKA IIKA HKA IIKA IIKA IIKA HKA HKA H ,, ' 7 t x lx... , X f Chanta1Emerson and Mike Jnhnwn dorm' t'Ill'1HSffIKlIl ullv ur I mrrluluf In Xlfflmk Iffuu l'urIx ffl" IWW I . , x, I h , I '- Al :I nllfum Ll, L l"w-f H KJ- f u ,, I iff lll Rllilllf' At it party given by Pi Lum. Kuppu Sie. Sig Ep. Alpha Chi. Pt Phi, and Phi Alu, brothers Hub Luve and Jm' Jurksun talk with Amanda Wilson, FAR RIGHT: Thew PiLun1s t'flklUYY5 thefbsttritiex at Derhv Day. Photos bv M. Kondrarki 'ir gm 1'- ,4 HACD HACIJ HACD l'IACIJ HAQJ HAIIJ HACD HAQJ HACIJ HACID HACD HACD HACID HACIJ HAQJ IIACD HACD fIAfIJ HACIJ IIACD Greeks 1983-1984: The Year ofthe Child 'lXYe'relw1gtiiil41tls."repl1etl C .trl.t 'lfitlemx' .1 xister til Delta 5111111 Them Nirtvritxk lne. '.XllL'll ,telxetl .tlmtit the phil.1ti- tlirtipiex wr tlmrities her tir- :.tiii4.ititiri servetl, The Deltaw, their t-vihthtiiilx lxtitixxii title. txttiititttl their time ltitallx' tti the l'irxt liiptist C htirthk Nhrwrx .llltl lle.1tl 5I.lFI NJ- 'iiiiiill'-. tht- Uelttis etititrilwtite l..:i.1N 1-ir xt-xeml th.trit1es A TQNK M1 tht Ne plitlniitrtipiex xer- ' .1 'iyfll L .lL.x.lll1lll .llltl INTL' .. iv ht-,tlth t.lre - tliex- ,i me lli'1ll1l'fN .ttiti iiilttiitx, ll it Fierrhi 'lihem Ul'lALIl J .1i.' vzll ix ,t serxite 'li lntii. tirgtinizatiori. But what .ilwut the other Greek social organ- izations, tlo they give time anti mtmriey tu rieetly muses! Yes. Sigma Nu .mtl Sigma Chi Fm- termties along with Delta Gamma Stmrtirity tltmtmteti tiuritls tu the Rui Cross this year. Besides ttiritrilwuting mtiriex'tutheAmerit.1t1CQ.mcer Stitiety .mtl wgtchmg fire en- gines while the hl.ize fighters went wut einswering the multi- tutletwtllltlse.1l.1rmstiut.1t11pL1S, the hrtithers til' Signia Nu titmtutetl their hrawti tu paint the Xxlilllldlllilillfx! Dat' Clare C, enter. l U0 wu- g N :W , A Nga- -':. viii :-4, 'H . -ut , ' ffm' '.' uni-F' ' . 4. by-:QA-1. R'-F 'U Bobbi' enjoys the utwntiun his getting tit the Halloween party given hr several sororitiex at it lofttldttr nm' writer. Phntm by C. Blinku . I 1 in ' rf ' P fail -5 ' iwQqu',-- QL... .S- -,.'-fs-Y lx PI LAMBD PHI .-1-.,s Rf-ri October 22: Homecoming Party December 9: Band Parry March 1': Sr. Parriclcs Day Parry March 241 Midnight Madness April 21: Generic Party FAR LEFT: J,H. Revere. Doug Mudd. Dave Andrews, Al Albismn. Gregg Haneklan relax bythe pool during lJt'llt1 Gamma's Anchor Splash. Photo by: M. Kondracki. LEFT: Al Albitsan looks inm Ihe pox! office for possible rirkel buyers for Psi Us Suilcase Party. Pham bv l.. Barn: PIACD HAKIJ 1-IACD HACD 1-IACIJ HACD HACD HACD HACID HACID 1-IACD HAG9 HA49 HAKD IIACD HAKIJ HACD HACD HACD HACD I ' y A n t' i Q A l , l g .. l I 0- ' i P f 4 l 1 in D e 7 QA - l I V -L l ' ' 1 . ' . I - A ' Y N Q ' -L, 4 . , . C'-ZW A A- 9 V u ' , ,. .I X n V I 1 , . I 1 l 1 G D Q 1 1 D l I ' - - .ai ' ' ' -- 1 'f I "v'x ' Ph i , ' , -. l ' -'- o 1 l 5 When Sigma Nu 'S house was painted inslead IIff'Il'lll1j'!'Ul't'l'l'Illf'l'. Sllljllltl N u mul! 'hi-I I pirflwd in Inp4llIl!lll1'1'1'lIlc'r l l i l XYl1ile Sigma Nllk yxiirirell. the sisters ot' Alplm li.ipp.i :Xl- pl1.iLlUH.iIL'sl time to ilie oliler cliilrlren - the senior ririzenx .ir the Vfesley liouniluiim The Sisters coniliictul .in cxeriiw PI'Uj.1I'.1ITl.Pl4l1L'liIl'NI or ilu- irxiili- tior1.illylwl.1i'lx women1vr'g.i1iiz.1f none, rlie AKA! ioiirrilwiiziwl lllllxli io ilie N A .Ni l' ,mil Ilic Negro C ollr-ge lfiiiill Altlliiugli Ilia' FXKJXX xpi ii: precioiis NHRA lwcpinu ilu- il llc-rlx' limlwr. rlic lmliw --r K lui Omega. Delta l5ili.i llily. K.ipp.i liipixi L-.ii'i't..i .1- K.ipp.i Driia mmm 4 X'ULll1.!HlxlilNl- 1 ir: U iz . ureil ni ilu ll ..'. I iii 11'r'1I llir' lri l5iliw,1ixi,u:'1iiim ii 1 fllil-l f .iiiiil lxlvni, li. i W' .Hull .i lil i- iii' li' fll1l.1Ii',X'iN1 Q ii. xw!i',1' i ' i '11 li' XX Nl Mfr- X l'w l'il.i'v .llr SAX, X.. xv , H .L A X 1, , ' 03 r if 'N A f al 15.6, dvi ' "INV 2 W , S luv. 5 ' '2 W ', QQ. a 'I-' , we 35' J ,, r -Y 5 iv' 1, 5 1 s. I ' qx M 1 '75 Q, .ff WV 3 ,'. . 7 . l?2f: I P .- 132 A'- 1 4 X , i.- 2 ' if , -gl Lisa 254- 'Q Y . Q, . 1 I ff 5 2 -, -1 g- J 4 1, ,wi 'hqak .. ' -yr 'V' ,. A T X , J YU YU YU YU YU YU YU YU YU YU YU YU YU YU YU YU YU YU YU YU YU YU YU YU YU YU YU YU X CONT. K.1pp.1Q gmc the clnldrcn .lt ifutcrn Marc .1 H.1llmx'u-11 Parrx' .md .ln Ulster lfgghunt, .md Wm ,1Lt1uA wlrh C lI'klL' K. Thuwu-u.1t'KID.1ru.1lg.1ru.1rud vnu .md r.11scJ fumlS Thr I, Crmpplp-J ck1llxiI'L'Il ut Rulmf II1wIlJ.l!hi I'rcw11r1wn wt'C'h1lJ .Hung f,Y!.lHlZ.iIl1lI1 Lmkillx. KD rm-um-Li pry-sdxmwl Juli -fI'L'Il Ihfl mph III! XY'1Il1.unxlwL1r.: .'XI'L'.i 'I11twr1.1I Fcrvuc XX :X 'lk N 1 Nw rw fu! m1m.11-4ur1 xmrh thu 4 ,gill-h1'm.1:1 gflrtrw, XX' :X TN. Vu',1N1x1 .nl-f Ifwm NL'X'Q'f.l1 Qv!'1',Y-. H?'.Q.iIN!.lf1HIlN lm .ulxlv DHI. V"Vf1I1"f.1IlLLL'.lV!lL'Nf11VIllL' inn wt lwzwrm Snmf, the 12 M.mx11L.1 P111 ISL-1.1 ww Lum-t--XX .NTS Y' V" 1 X In Vw? IPM' nrlllk 1,1- 1, -el 'W 1 u', Hal 4 0 J I .-Q --s -,,- -' -,v Hmm: entefrtuimfd by a flown, lhix child Ls par! fqyfu wrnriry philurzlhmpyprujecr auqn? X.g...1 : 1 PSI UPSILO February 10: XlL1lCIlflf1C'S Dax' Party February 2-iz Suitcase Party April 5ITiDgL1 Party r 1 t J PSI l'lSll.U.X Run' lg lfrvg Ilnspnilnr, Urns' lfurthm Rim J. Xl llhlx Sums, IJlll't'c'llHtll1tIl1. Rim' 3, lfulvt't1glu'll. lim llttlttlrrthnru, lhlw lmlrt-xt fx x J Mark Hurlv, Ihfrznix .Ht'FI4'ltx', Iiulil Hultlmm Rim' 5, I-ni lfhimitiri. I'h1l I it Gregg Haneklun. YU YU YU YU YU YU YU YU YU YU YU YU YU YU YU YU YU YU YU YU YU YU YU YU YU YU YU YU Y Q43 l l l i l 1 it l l l igdul Cann took his "little hl'0Ihl'l'HSl1UllF Brown tu ujnulhull Nuurm' I'lmrfi hx I 1 Mfg. 1 E Greeks ctxmeriierl .ilxtxut ethi- cation -the lwrtxthera tit 'l'het.t Delta Cjhi i:.1x'e the XX'.A.'l'.S. kids .1 H.tlltxxx'een llirtx' while the brothers turtle ttxtteil tti the W'ill1.itnslwL1rg ling Sister ling Brother prti.ut'.tti1s. The 'l'het.t Deltk .iltxnlu with the Pt Phik xxwrlxetl titxr l'NlC lil: tlrixe. Neetlx' thises ttxt' thiltlrett .ippe-.iretl P.lI'.llllULlIlI thnx pmt x' expetmllx' ttxr the xXlpl1.i f.lll Omeu.i xixters xxhtw titiif tellthitetl their xeiimllil xelllex ter etttxrtx tm l htltl list Wtxiitr-tt xxere tint thetxiilx tim-x lielpittlu the xwxtith. lx.tpp.i :Xl phil. Sigttht Phi litxxtl-in l'r.t tetwtittex ittntrilxttti-tl tit Mttxt liixtrixpltx ll: lx.tpp.i x'xlpl1.i heltl their .ttttitml Villa lhke'.1tltiiii..ii1tl the iitt.iitt 115 tttuitthx txhl' Nhuitrt .'Xltxh.i lpsilwtt l'r.itet'iittx rxttxi t1 x little lxx tl int tutmtiex'tiimrlerrx' ' itll: in the Super llmte hel l III ,I.mii.trxx 'Altlitxtihult xtxtm iwrilitig tti Uetxrktge K ttix presitlent txt Sfilf, uxx e xx err thi .lk L lxigwuext Greek grtwtip tix ti tntwtiex hxr the Super lliiit hut l ilatttetl QN htxttrx txt Alpli.1il'l1et.i But heltl their .tiitithil ttiiiti t.tixiii xtxtuulietti thtitter ttt-iii xxh the prtxieetix xxx tx .lt hx- rt 1 the .Xxxttrixtittii ix! tht lxt Ltrtleti .iitti I-te-tiw.ti.x tht i1.ttt-xit.iI pliiQ.t:ttliitxg'x I it 'llht-t.ix ttillittiti ,iixt A i glwixtlxi-xt .'Xlt'l:.i l'fiill"t i.lINl'L2'- utx:-t fi .ii xxhtth --tw i'.tit.i :ht lxtt " N Xlst Whitt tht lhimx xt f tht lily-5 ,. Xiu yt. tilt. t iz' it I-xt' tht X',t'it.ttt l ,.1ittt tlifk .iIt' f-.i ty yt Vt lkvl 'IN tm I HI S 'Tv .,, ZAEZAEEAEEAEEAEEAEEAEEAEEAEEAEEAEEAEEAEEAEEAEEAEEAEEAEZAEEAEEAEEAE - V000 d Noun' a , CONT havmg a "pep" squad ar everx' hwme haslcetlwall game Ar the Qame ume the Kappa Slgma lmwrlwrs nl' Alpha Phx Alpha lfrarermty. lm. "peppe.l up" lqhls ar the Dax' Care Q enter. l'pl1t'ung the spxrxrs ut' ele- l'fcS9ulelt1ZcIli5'wL1I1gwl'ulLl lx a Pllll.1UIl1l'UPY- Qvreelcs en- wluraueel .mel lLllllllL'xl, Huw- exer. allmatmg tumlx lwr meeax narmnal e.iL.1scx were and are rhe m.1wrtl1ruNtwl Greeks l'1 lalmlnla Phu lwmtherx waln- tzeell URM' rw rave Umrrxlnu- Harm twr the .'xf'IllTlflN lwumla- 'lw'l1'wKlllullI'LANk'.ll'LllL'N eurei lwr thlx xflllfllllll .lueaxe xvlmh vnkw lpzvemlei the hanles! fm:-fher rtnalallx xxhleh llelalll- f .V N .Nl ereLvr'.ll l'alv. Lamlmla f ra' Fllplm rave-.l laerxxeen llfv wil . , an 5 , for Cere- bral Palsy, Whxle these wrgannzauons eater no the physneal needs wt' the ewmmumry memlwere. the snsrers of Zena Phu Beta Smur- xtv. lm. wurlaeel the Baum Street Hut Lme. Baum Street 19 a help renter whxeh .leals mth the emutiwnal problems nt' aeloleseenrs .mel young aelulu. The Zerai. hke the Delraa. are II'.lullIlUIl.lllS' lwlaek iervxee11r31.1I11Zat1unQ wlm h are e-mmemeel about maternal'L'.f7l"lL'UlVIl1L'?iCI.1i'U.iIlUII.ll PI'O1L'L'lSl9 Snark Nest. .1ell.iI'lIX XYl'llLll .mls neeelx' mlurherx. Hwlc .14 Glwvlii Lan nut xcrvc the LUINlllLlIllIY lt' we .ln nut tant nurture aml elwrhe neun lwrmf' repl1e.l Maureen Urex, Pl'L'NlxlL'IllUlAZL'f.1, when aslaeel uhx the Zerax anll the Deltas i le' , Halluwem at u dal' can' t'4'f'llt'f pmvmi ru he ll In! sqfvrumj 0 lm mary funfnr 1hi5 child, v," vi, N I X 4 p-q I SIGM ALPH EPSILO September .Ili Alumni Reception December 9iUL.1SI Day of'tQ1.1sses" Party with Alpha Chi March l'i St. P.1tritl4'sDi1y Party April SITKJKLIL1 Party BELOW: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Row 1: Todd Armstrong. Roh Bark with, I-11 t ook, Mat! Towner. Stuart Srhrffman. lllllft' Jlarquart, Mark Snedklwr, lim U1 'onni'r. Aurelio Valeriunn, Tom liwald, Cameron Phfrr. Row 2: Ilan Iinlnrorto. lom John- son, George Buckley, Doug Rigqan. Yodd Morris, Hill fillfllllll, Kmfvr Johnion. Jonathon Pitt, Brendan Honns. 711, Holland. Row jr Kevin Kelli, Hillfam llwan. Nik Nikolic. Gordan Alcfarrher, SlVl'Q'SIl711PfIt'llU.Y, Ii0or2e'C'ru1wr, John fillllllllfll. Pat F rakes. LEFT: An SAE Slave performs hiw dulyfor hit nzaxler, FAR LEFT: Preparing to be ,told SAE hrorherx partivipaiv in :he slim- auf non hi-lf! during Greek week. AE EAE EAE EAE EAE EAE ZAE ZAE EAE EAE EAE EAE EAE ZAE EAE EAE EAE EAE EAE ZAE EAE EAE E A x .iw bf Z' A rowboygetx some helpfrnm afriend HI the dar K't'llIl'f al llallowrrn cuncentratetlmi int'.mtt.1re ht-.ilth Sll1kt.'XK t'.iI'ck'iut1r1ig. it ix Wllly .irc the Cifuulis um- our tltitx' to lmulg init imiir cernetl with pliilnriilmwpies lwrnthurdl that riitl chiltlreri, .rtlolt-stents Retmspettivelv. Grculu tio .mtl young .ttlultv Attortlinu lime .1 pufpoee other thm to to lxllllllkd Perri. .1Zk'I.i,.iXxiL' tmlizinlg - thei ht-lp titift llx it college .1retloser.1.i1t- wiw to yotinu .mtl olil. .mtl thu inter thiltlren .mtl ein rt-l.ite more to xe,1rtl1urN.iyur1Ix .if flitlirt-t-lv x'iii1tigsters.1 lieu XL'.lI'N our iii- matle lwsklllxi flu- N1-tif U1 mimri who mm' he ileprivul iv! thel hiltl tliithing. turupiriiiviisliip. or A - ,ll,.',',v'lr1,' 4,11 ' XXI ll' 'll X N1L"' lu plrllgl' umm sl lull' u hrwllwr szgm hu pulllllu llQ'llllISl'l!H't'1lH .':f w wus lr lu'1lfn'1ll1lll1rlffr1 17111111 lu' I .Nlwvu 'J' 'll I Jw: I .xmlufml Xlflllml lurk kc'z'l'Ill4' lh'rIu'l1m'lrnmlx Hllllc'fLHIlIl'lll l'hnIn I Null' nailz' -,, .z .1 IQW 3 4 ' U nel-.-. EX EX EX EX EX EX EX EX EX EX EX EX EX EX EX EX EX EX EX EX EX EX EX EX EX EX EX EX EX EX EX E DERBY D lr .lll lxwgin Ull .1 Uml lw NllllllX mmwrnmu. tlm - . 5.lturll.lx .ml lhmlv , - pm-p.1r.1rwm xx um- lWL'll1ALI mm lu tlu- wrururx urls .ls thu' llu plmul flu-lr ullwrx 111 thu lwrm v wr llllllftxl ll-ru-rx .mll t1Nul1rL-N lm Illrlf Luz. Arms, .lml lwgx H w XX1ll1.1m .m.l Klux. ll um ruin' I-Jr flu- l lrl1.lum1.1l Nlurull 4 lll lkrlvx lhx lll1NXL'.ll' mu wrm' llmrxuu .rl 'lu ' .l.1x Ht ummm 1 ,uw LL -,mul 111 lu-yr .4 . rn rlwm ll! .lun umlll pm ,nw ,mm Wlllh.Illl,'1FlWL'XL'F.i!:LL N q' lf ll!Nl'7'1'NwLll.lPl'I'Ul'Fl . .LN Vnlnropx .ml . tzzf -tg 41.211 ,Q 511 1 ' nw ll ll tlly 4 ll my gl Ilnpm' mum! pmhlvnz with rhv.'1HC' hoard. lJvrhrI7ux'vfml1vl1Iur1dSm11 Vkmp, Jam' I1-PIIFIINKI und .lun She rm A P11101 ,. if -l tlwxxlul'r,.lr-l.1xx L'Ilnl. l 1 "i N.4::..Ll lll llll' mum llrrml rnfns. Ihv hrfrund fha' mud. Pham hx' I. .SING P SIGMA CHI October lx P.1reut's Reception OCfObCf 21: Cllltllitlllf October 22: Homecoming liirty October ZLL Derby Dru November 1 lzrluntule P.1rtl' February -li XY'inter fJlX'INlW1cN C,elebr.1t1on Februaryleli "XY'.1stir1g,-Xw.1y m BI.1rxuttr1t.lx'1lle" l7.lI'l'l March l': Delt.1CQl1l Rubh bm-alter March Stl: Heaven .mtl Hell Party April 5: Greek W'ec:li Pelrty l SIGMA c.H1.'RllM'1f.11lvIlll1 lurk, .l.I'. Uriuwuv. Ruwf. Umu .lklmrmr lx slr llukrr Ruw 35 Juhn Hrrum, Hillr Slmnk. Run 45 Irrrx fxblllllllf, Phil Ima: Rm. 4, Arr: Bradley. Chad fiunrme, Ilurr xflI,l'Wt'H. .-lmlv ,UtC'ullu. .lwll Nrlfvlx lfrllz' lflwvi Dave Han. lzliiubelh Flumnz. Ruw 05 Rusll lmlrwws, lnm ltlny, .llmfm Nlulllllfx C'aU'Pnlk. Slevekrchurdx, Chru Klflfler. lfrru M llMLll'If. lilll IM. Amlnz Rvws '. NI: 11 Bommer, Hubby Futherelll, .Skull fflU7t'fI Rm- N. ln' U wlvlwr, Ikmlt Llllllllllll. Nlllrk Decker. EX EX EX ZX EX EX EX EX EX EX EX ZX EX EX EX EX EX ZX ZX ZX EX ZX EX EX ZX EX EX EX ZX ZX ZX f, g, I F' Q Q 1 If 91 .ff C? any l PUl!iC1FUlfY,.l..l. Jnhnmn.umIRnwrmlrr Illnrmlx lffrmuf lu-1 F mfrulx ln llnx roll lwgrllu 1 m Ill. 'lllul IW fl H El A '. A , Ngij,l" Q10 - -5 . .-11111111 1111111 ,L 1.11.1 1-.1111 1111N 1111 111111111l11111111 ' 1,,1: 111 111 IIT, .111 111111 1 1. .,11.,1111 1111111 T111 11.111 1.1111111111 I11111111111111 111, .1 '1.l111w111l1111.1Nk.l'111'1l1'111 1111- 111.1gg111g 111111111111 111111111 1111 1111.11111.111 .11'1'.1 .11111 11ll1N 111111111111111111.1.i1111111.111111111 ,'X1111111L1' .11111111 111.111l1L1' 11.11 , . 11111 11-.111 1111111-11 111111.1111111'11A 11111 111'111.1111.11111'111u.1111f.1111111, 11111111 111111111 11'11'111- 1111' 11111111-1 1'.11'111111 111 51111111 1111 Q - .11111 1111-11.11111111.111111g 11111111111-1 11: 11111 11.111, 1111' 1111.11 11.11111111us 11.111 1WL'L'11 N1'11I 111-1111-1111 1111-111 141-111111 .11111 11.1111 g.11'1- 111 11111111 111111-11111 111111.111111111111 V1-1118 S lv: 1.1-.11 111L' 11111.1111z.11111111 111111111111 " ' 11'11.lI111 111111-1111-1111.1111'111111 111 1'.1lNL' 515111111 1111 1111' R1-11 '99 'si-., Y ..... ' B - 'Fx i 'eq RIGHT: Pl1II11Q1'lfl1'f11I lhe'1tlAIf7I1f1llft'. S1112 Ep'1 h11n11'1'11n11r11: 1111111 111117111 win um' pri:1'1 hut Il 11111 1'nt1'r1uir1 the 1111- l1111k1'r U1Hh1'f1'd un D! IG Sirvft. Photo by 17. P111'kn111n. I".-KR RIGHT: Fred C'11pri11 f11lfE1'tS 111111 he'1 1upp111c1i 111 he pr1'1'1'r111l111 naw 111r11r111'pl1'd1J1'1frnn1 t'Ilft'f1f11Q the murr 111 he Qrabx .-Xlphu 1111 111101 Man' Sr. G1'11r21' 1111 d1'1'FpItlflCt' day. Phnm by IJ. PU1'kl'7Il1II ZCDE ECDE ZCDE ZCDE EIDE ZCDE ECDE ECDE EQIE EIDE EQDE ECIJE ECDE EQDE ECIDE EGJE ECDE ECIJE ZCDE EGJE ZGDE ECI? CONT, I C 11111 111 111111111 1111 1111111 11111111- 11111 1111'1'1111g1 11111111g 1.151 11.111 111111-111111 1111- T111' 1111'.1111111'1'11 1111111111111 .11111 1111- 1111111111-11 t'11l11'1' 11111111111 11111 51'1,11l1l1. .111 -11 11111111 11.11 111111.11111 111 11111 XX1111.1111111111u 111.11111-1 111 111L' 1iL'l1c 1-11NN N1111111 111111iN 111'11'1 111.1111111- 111-111:11 .11 XK'.1N 1-111111111 111' 1111' 1-111111 1.111 1111 1'1'11I11, 1111' 1jK1-111 13.11 111111111. 111.11111 111 111111 111 1111' 11111111111'1 ,I-11C 111111111 XKL1K 111.11111 111 1111.11 1,121 1:11,1'111'11x 111-111111-111111111111' lI.1111111N1111'1.l1 111.111'11111.111111111, 1X.11'f.1 111114 11.11 11'11'111'11 .11 '111 11.1111111111 11111 11.111 111 I111' 111151111111-111 1111 1"1111.11. 11111 1'1'1..11 1511111 K 11.111' 11.11 11l'1k1 11 '111 11.112111 :.11111'111 .II111 11113 11141111111 1111- -3.1 .11 1111- 41111 111.11111 1 H1 1 11N 1, 1 1 1.11111 M111m1111. 1111111 1f11n1n111'1 l'11' 11111 1t11rted11ffDf'rb1'17111: Tim N 11.11111 mur111u1'1 41 1n11I1' through the whipped1'r1'an111n hisfafe, ' 11 x1 - 1 1 .. .. 1.,, 1 1 A A SIGMA PHI EPSILO f 1 1 7 -Y .,?,, V gf I. r. xx ,Q Q J i RSL' Septenlber ll Factdtylleceptnau October 5: Lipperclass Rush Party CDcumbcm'2l: Fhiatliuihlhig Pgrty October 22: Alumni Receptiim December 5: Party with Little Sisters December ll: Rush Party March Slli Happy Hour witl1'l'ri-Dc-lt MarchSliAlumniH.1ppyHtitir SIG EP: Row I, Jim Muzinuu. Hriari Ximwi'i'. liini 1 WA, Scar! Anileregy. Raw 15 N ard Ihurriax, limi I lim, Riili Halker, Conrad Cleniwn, Hwwaril Nlllllltlll. lwl Niliifrwr, fum Weidner. Rim-,ig Ilmrntun Hilrriviiv, Riilitlx Rini Arrl. .Hike Huchmanii, .,ll7l1fUllIt'l', Dan N alker, Phil .limiixiiii. Sam Hines, Jim kiricksnn, Harlan ,'lIimi'nie Rim' 4, Ilan Filzgerald. Mark Farina, Dare Riwxwr, .Sieve tviiiuliw. Fred Amicn, Tum Powers, fum Pvahuilv. Jw l'aIi'nlimf. Marc Butler, Hill Kaheiwnzan, John llibillilimri. Mull Liiderwund. Row 55 Dare Braun, Prank Hiillniviwr, limi Trailer, .Hike A'Spike" Head. Greg Iliilniiw, lam limrieri. Mike Murray. EQEEQEEQEEQEEQEEQEEQEZQEEQEEQEEQEEQEEQEEQEEQEEQEEQEEQEEQEEQEEQEZQ W 'T' IMJIHIN tmxgirtl b.irtirtl.ix's civmpetitiimii, llic' cwciirx lit' mum im S.iiiirtl.ix .ittci li.iiip.i C,i.imm.i let wrt rlic-ir t--liirliil lic-liiim lull.-iix 'l'llc'Il' events sticli .is l' iit lvticlxc-uf' .mtl 'Nt-riii'iii rc xc'iiAue" xxcrc' iilaxctl. .iiiii .ii tl.iiN ciiil liipimi .'XIpli.i llii i.i , Wx., li.itl xxiiii tlic iiiiiiiwiiri--ii 1 plmxt' .'XliXl1.i l'lii 1 liiit Lil .i xii xite lr.irt-riiirx iiii Miiiigmix xxwi rlic liiiiilriixiii: iii:t1i'i iizii '. bi c'.lI'Il1li:Illt :wiv .ix ii. :ww':.iiii,'.1iiw:i xxliw 1-.i Iii l't ii-ill.lIi-I li lli lv flkvxx .lxrlzi rtt.N i Yi .i NVllAllN vii lL 'Z'.'li, Ml: l X ,i itwliillliili' ll,. ,. iipix lllil lli K2 T .li 'ik in 'P 'lil l il.lK lili ,l" ' i. imlllxllil .ili,.iii iiif' RH ' Iimlliilirii xiii lil- lv .i limi, 'liiiia ., ' ,illiii lllii U l' l .l.ll if llilil HW These Alpha C'hi's clzeerun Ihrir mini ilurinu llit' my nm, ,ini 'il ilir llrrlu lim will l will, .ffl N Rlfilllf' my Szgnm mx ,show N fha! I,1t'Vl'k'llII haw lll'liNlll' 5 xpirir Inu with rl1eir".S'4'11Ipt lht'Kl1l,QhIK"t'fIIlfl' Ill the hlII71t'l'Ul71fl1!2 parade, Pham hr K, Libufhu. EN EN EN EN EN EN EN EN EN EN EN EN EN EN EN EN EN EN EN EN EN EN EN EN EN EN EN EN EN EN -E u nb 6.4, 44 -Q -. .f 1 'T-' XJ --A.. 41 ,- ff-fly I "' it iii Hz. W l'l I'h1x num mmhim:IhrIh'rlwrlJz1vf41rm'x IInQuun1m W4'fl'I'1l' Vlf7lt'lIA lux! wars with fhA'6',Yl't'17IlllllQfrllll "lAllQUiCflIf"l'hUg1.fif1'E pyramid. ' N 1'w.1N1. SIGMA NU September 2,11 New Pool Table Celebration September 50: Pre-Oyster Bowl Party October 15: Post-Game Reception November 12: Viking Parry November 19: Party with Alpha Chi December 2: "One Week ToGoP.1rty" December 9: End ofCQlasses Party lr Q LI:FT: Sigma .N'u'x xiujfan ur anchor splash fearured u dance empty keg. Q-.. If-. F . 4ll' NENENENENENENENZNZNENZNENENENENZNENZNEN ENENENENZNENENENENENE Thefeature nf Ilerhv Hur, rhi'niuil,.Ii1irnx mimi Vlilllllwlllfli'1'IHlufIfl4'1fili Mui 'N drfrf Il RIGHT: A gang af Theta Delts' crash as their pvrumid rollupxes. Photu by 1'. Steeg. FAR RIGHT: Tum Brooks and .lim Lunirk mudel their Theta Delta Chi sweatshirt. ' AX SAX SAX SAX SAX SAX SAX SAX SAX SAX SAX SAX SAX SAX SAX SAX SAX SAX SAX QAX GAA fl-t llxc'.ll3L-it THET DELTA CHI September 10: Annual Uppercltiss Women's Reception September 1 1: XX'aterslitie Party with Pi Phi October 29: Annual Polynesian Party November 1l:"Boxer"Shorts with Tri Delt December 7: Pearl Harbor Rush Party February 14: Valentines Day Party February 251 Golfing Party with Kappa April 21: "Goodbye to School Year" Party e.. . Q- hs Q! -- qt M iw.. 'M Q - ' ' Q ' ' 'I . , G I .E A 1 eff A - ' ,A . , , 'C:iI:', - , ' . - -1.3 I I X X ," lv', . U Y ' vi 3,154 ,FSL 'f V 6 ' ' '-i- ' i 'Qi 4 i ' v l 4: ' I ' '- -s , f , 71.5, 'I' "' ' I ,J 19 - .Q K- , 3, . u "4 4 X ' 1' ' c wr ig A N .A N A-1 A lk ar! 'v L 4 ' Q Y iq' Q' Y 5 Q Q- 5 ' , - K l ' -1. I , ei X1 A S A ' A A ' ' 'lv ,Q ' V , J., 'i . I - A , , THETA DELTA CHI PYRAMID: Row lg Mark Kihuraret, Jervmr Hurst, Hutt Dowdy, Mike Powell, Paul Lihasxi, MU Fish, Chriw Suiler. chrii Ruiik. Amt Schaum. Row 2: Damon Butler, Juan Conde,JimC'huppeII,J1mlururk. Pm' Ilimr- ress, Chris Amorello, Row 3: Kevin Ward. Alan Ashworth, .XHIII lilntwri, Jifhn Reynolds, Pete Ferre, Jim Lovegren, Will Ginzpil, .Hike Swiklluucr, Rim' 4, Nm.- Silverberg, Billjoyner, Tum Bmuki, Todd Iiddim, Jtffrei',Ht'QuiIA1n, .Si nll K in hm AX SAX SAX SAX SAX SAX SAX SAX SAX SAX SAX SAX SAX SAX SAX SAX SAX SAX SAX SAX SAX Kappa Cathy Walsh hits the mud at the em! rgftlu' llerhv IhlvfeiI1rilu'x. 'I ht i.i IM It I 'N licho: llim niiiny years .lid 'i - Ill scryc on the t ouiit il ' Scott: l sclwetl for Your years on the council and was thair- man during my iunior and se- nior years Echo: The honor council tame under lic-.ivy questioning dur- ing the course of the year, per- haps more than any other year. C..iii you remember any other year when the council received .ts muc h coyeragc-.' Scott: No. Definitely not. This year. the honor council was talked .ind written about more than any year that I'ye been here. Echo: This questioning and scrutiny came .ts a result of a plagarism case during the time that you chaired the council. Scott: I was chairman during the trial, but not during the time that the Flat H41 article began togather the attention of the campus. Echo: In regards to the case, would you have done anything different? Scott: Yes. I wouldn't have written the reply to the Fla! Htl! article. There was so much that l couldn't say because of the secrecy ofour trials. Echo: Should the council's hearings be kept secret? Scott: Yes, I think so. lt pro- tects the accused from outside pressures. But, in this particu- RIGHT: The members ofthe 1083-84 Hunnrcnuncil, Photo by IJ. Parkniari. OPPOSITE: .lay chambers. Director for the Fenter jhr Psychological Ser- vices. Photo by V. Beavers '20 lloiiifrfotiiicil H0 OR CQUNCIL: TRIAL lar case, I wish that the hearing had been openg that way every- one would have known all the circumstances behind the deci- sion that was made. Echo: What bothered you the most about the controversy. Scott: I resented the personal scrutiny that the members of the council came under as a re- sult of the press coverage. They do a great job on a consis- tent basis. One case brings the whole system and everyone as- sociated with it under fire. The questions were too personal. And there was so little that we could say because of the se- crecy rule. It definitely cast a dark cloud on what would have been a very pleasant memory ofmy four years on the council. Echo: Any good that came from the controversy! Scott: Yes, for the first time, I think a lot of people began to think about the council and its role on campus. Echo: Any changes that will re- sult from all the questions? Scott: Major changes, no. Per- haps some election changes. The council will be enlarged from 15-18 members: but as far as significant changes, there will, in my opinion, be none. There are fundamental prob- lems that exist within the sys- tem, but these problems result from a lack of student and fac- support for the system. ulty This case may cause a greater lack of support. Student sup- for the council and the port Code is already waning. The professors are the only ones that ever turn people in for cheating. Echo: Looking back, what do you feel you learned from the controversy? Scott: Anything in print, peo- ple believe. The case definitely brought the power of the press idea clearly to me. -lr1teri'iez4'b1' Mark Beavers I I 0? A i L4 5. R., -. .. 1 ,fx jay Chambers, Director of the Center for Psyehologittil Services, xx'.1s one ul the most x' tririts of' tht- llonoi- t tint 1. System. Chambers was requested by a student to sit in on J.fI'lJl.i1Dxlcil1.llUlWL'I'S experit-rites with rri.1l pri winpttxi lnznz aletter to Dean Sadler and President Graves in which hest.1tt'd1"Rt-tentuxperiemes xx-itlx tlit1XX'illi.nn.xixxl M.irx llt in- xrf nt procedures have raised serious doubts in my mind as to the iustnt-ss .md etitiitieiitx- xml' the systt-tix." Later in an interview with the C'nfm11L1flft'lm, Cllnunlwers xxyis quoted .is s.ix'1l1Au. "thu triitl l xx itnvsst-tl xx .is iilftt .1 . x 1' -'i -tm l was my impression that Bill Scott 1Honor Countil fi,li.iirpt-rsoiii doiniimtt-tl .md tontrollt-tl tht' nt-.iriz I, :rn lg is i In were aimed at the student's innocence and not at the Prolt-ssork t lmrhut-sf' "The council hides behind this cloak of set rety - but rt-.tllx it m.tlttAs them un.tttount.xlxlt 'llif x 1.11. I t "ni xi rules. Nobody at the trial knew any law. . .the system L.lI1lWL'I1l.ll1ll'Lll.llL'xl.lllxlllI1fllNUI11L'Il1lll!! slit ,xx X ilu il .xx X xi x the same." 1i,'ff li--f ' I all 4 DIET PHI MU ALPH , DELTA OMICRON, CIRCLE K 1 rt .e K .s .iii i'fLl,lllll.llltlIl .ititiiliatc-d .. J ii Km .inis and 'ne Kei clula which serves both tht- sth-vol .ind the community with .i variety of service proj- ecfs, Through these projects, the members of Circle K had the opportunity to form close friendships among themselves as they served the community. Along with single service projects :such as a wheelchair- a-thoni held once every semes- ter, Circle sponsored seven year-round community proj- ects. These included the XY"il- liamsburg Area Tutorial Ser- vice iWATSl, Norge, Individ- ual Tutoring, Saturday Morning Activities, Saturday Afternoon Activities, SPCA, and the Se- nior Upportunities Program iSOPl. XYATS was a preschool pro- gram for underprivileged chil- dren which was planned, directed, and taught by Circle K volunteers, The Norge and ln- dividual Tutoring programs were based at an area primary and junior high school, respec- tively. Both programs involved assisting the teachers in instruct- 5 ' E, -li -. ' 3 ing the class. The two Saturday projects provided recreation for underprivileged children. The morning project worked with children aged six to eleven, while the afternoon project worked with twelve to four- teen-year-olds. The SPCA pro- gram allowed students to work at the Wlilliamsburg Animal Shelter by walking and caring for the animals. The SOP pro- gram involved visiting an "adopted" area senior citizen once a week and occasionally taking him shopping or out to lunch. On campus, Circle K helped to organize and run pre-reg- istration, registration, and vali- dation. ln addition, Circle K was in charge ofushering basketball games and concerts at William and Mary Hall. Although service has been and always will be the first prior- ity ofCircle K, there was social aspect as well. District, regional, and international conventions were held annually to allow members of Circle K of differ- ent colleges to party together and to exchange ideas. 'V+- ' Ellillft l'PPI:'R RIGHT: Pee Wee, ii child from circle KK l'mjec1 W.-X TS, erijuiw the ar- ff"1flf"1 lil' 11015 jrfllvi the Xfllllwll volun- lt't'VN l'l1nIu hx' Ii, Shin, 228 iJrg.iniz.itions i t .,4 1 r, I 4 i .. AB0l'Ii: George Jack. ti member of Phi Mu Alpha performs in a William and Mary production. Photo hi' T. Steeg. V A . If .1 4 -35.. vkwgy-:qi r 4 gh i A U . -ft" fag ' Nj' 1'- vt 4 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is the professional fraternity for men in music. lt is both a profes- sional and a social organization. Thus it seeks to encourage mu- sic, particularly American mu- sic. Music permeated all of its activities. They sang at their meetings, gave "brother re- citals" during the pledging pe- riod, and had its pledges organize and perform a recital each semester. Several of the brothers founded a barbership quartet to sing for fun, and four brothers formed a madrigal group with four sisters of Delta Omicron, the sister music fra- ternity. The group had an an- nual American Composers Re- cital which featured music writ- ten solely by Americans. -ves. 09' including William and Mary stu- dents. This year marked a high- light in Phi Mu Alpha history when the group endowed a se- mesterly applied music scholar- ship that was open to all music students. With Delta Omicron, Phi Mu Alpha sponsored Sin- fonicron, which does one light opera, usually one by Gilbert and Sullivan, in the spring of each year. lt also had social functions. Along with their meetings to carry out fraternal business, Phi Mu Alpha had occasional par- ties and several rush parties each semester. It had occasional trips to visit other chapters. The highlight of the year was the an- nual Viennese Waltz Ball. " 'f 1-.' Members of Circle K gather alan Awarrlx Banque! at the end ofrhe year. Phnm hv A, Hiller - k Hmm: ml-.1 tm-lr 112' lt' r-1. '4fw1r1r1lg..llf. ilruxzzg. xx. .ifl.11ll.H flue rz:e:t'.lm-rx All DLX.. 'I-dl.. lluprur l ll lk-lm C llf'l1a!"lIl lm lm lrarx yrwte-H1-lrl.1l fllldlx, ll'.ilL'Tl11f', '.wrl.e.: l1.1r.z rltlx tp-.11' I-l LI.l1.1llLL' Clulr :m.N1- .:..rlQLl5' .l:..i rm-lr wverl: -l' lr'l.1.11lf1-lzl rl.1fg"l.r".L7:4f. null l 'fllLl' ,li II" ul ax 'HL N N KL-rx wage' l."Illfi ::.,.n L'YL'IlfN. lmllqzlrlg .1 C .l, .nw lulu-ru vxrers .mn :mmf gm x cmtcrt.11m'.lln.l111A4l1r.l.gIww.lL scrum: 1. .1 I.-me N mu fN1l.N1l,.m-. .lUJllLjLIL'-NK'1LlC numl xlllY'lI,'l'I1' t1fm,.1ml .im .'Xl'NL'I'1y.ilI XX 1 um ll f,lllUPllSL'I'N RL-Ural XX'1rl1 l'lll Mu AIplu.151mlllm1.l. lhlm fllillnfllll xpwrlwrell Ill! Nlrlllff lllLl'Ul'l Opera C 'fmp.1m'.R pn. xlULU4lIl ul' l'.'f',f.'l ff l'.f.,..'f,... as null .lx the 1V1l'Lll.iF Lnllm-rr .mll bullxxgm Rune 'l'l1e wx- ters wkml L.ilL'Ihl.lI'i were Ill' le.lmrl1.1.r1x1r1w xulll .lx l'LgNl1 P.ll'IlL'M .1 plulge lwmmlm, .1 xqu.11'L- lime IVL'.ilLiI'1lflL flu l:I'lL'lhlN UI' App.1l.lLl11.1n Slave. ilu' .llllllhil imllqllez nail! l'l1: Blu .-Xlplm. .m.l flu nuxp. umlwllsllul wlpper llulw .M .1 wrxue prwle-lr. D UA -lm-rm fwrL1twrmL1x1Lrllmwrxwrmlellrx Alu1r.l1n3.1 up PI'L'NIulL'Df,lLll1.1 Slum, 'llm xp-.1r. :mr llmpru xwrlglwl l1.1r.l 1llkFL.lN- mu 1-ur lNLAIIllNL'l'Nll1V .mt LllIIIR.lI1l1Nj'lV1l.Lx XKQNYV1 KL " prwmwru xwrm-rm Ill zmm. IM., r.lOrmlr+111--lla-rxLu.1.l1.1mr r+- Nlmru um :Mull .lrllllxlg wurwlxw..lsxullmxxlrll-vrllnrw -ll' ilu' Mlrupux .lu-l l-lmmmllf Vx H llrgm. X ffl -11190. M RT f..1Q 111' 111 .'X11'1l.1 1 .41 1111 11.1111111.11 N1-1' .1111':.1r1.111'111111111111.1111 1 VK .1 1 N r'1111k 111111'g1'.111111111' XX11111111111111: 1111111111111111, Alf 1'11.1 11111 111111141 111111111111111 111 11111-1.1111 111 k'Nk171'1 11111111 1111111 IIN 1111111' 1111 11111 111s1 1111111 111 1411111111111 V1-111' 11111g1.1111, .11 L1NLl.i1. w.1x 1111111' s11111-sxtul. 1111111111111 A111111-1115 111111 .1 S.l1L' 11.1111 111111111 1VlX'1' I1l1I1lIN .1 1x'1'1'11, f,l1lL'l' s1'1v11'1' 1111111'11s 11111- 11111111 111' .'X11111.l 1,111 l,lUL'x!.l'5 1111111111-ri 1l1k1L1k1L'k1 .1 1'11w11111.111 1111111-111 Q1-1x'111'. 1111111 .11 12.1s1- 11111 S1.111'. 111111111 1111x1's, 1f.1s11'1 11111 11111111 1-111 .1111.1 111111111-11. 1111111 111111-Q, .11111 11111511 1115111- 1111111111 1111-1.111115 Qillk' C 111111112 A 11111111-11-1111 "rush" 11111- g1.1111, 11111111 w.1s 111-s1g11c11 111 1111111111 .11111 11111 111 51-11111 11111- S111-1111'e 111e111l11'1s, 111111151-11 11111 111.11111'1's 1111111111-1511111 111 1111111- 111.111 11111 11111111111-rs. B11- 1'.111s1- 111' 11s 1111'11'.1s1111 t111't11111-1- 511111, 11111 1111111111 was .111l1- tl, cxp.11111 118 51111.11 11111g1.1111s, 11111v111111g .111 .111ct11.111v1: 111 1.1t1111us 51111.11 11.111-1t111ics. Al- 1111.1 P111 O111eg.1s111111s11r1'11 rug- 111.11 511111111 1111115 .11111 11.111111 11111115 11111111g1111111 11111 1'L'.1I'. T111 51111.11 1ll1LZ1'l1l1U,11IS 111' 1111' 1'C.1I', 1111w1v1'1, w1111- 1111- 1111111.11 .1w.1111s 11.1111111c1 .11111 the 111.1p1c1's 11151 sc111i-1111111.11 5111ing 11.1111e. T1111 111.11 was11111'111A111-111c11- 1111115 gI'11XX'l1'l 17111 A111111 P111 fJIDL'12.l.l .xv lf 1-x11.111111-11 11s 111- x'111x'1'1111'1111t1 s1-1v11'1- .11111 5KlLY1.11 111111:1.1111s, .11111 1111'111.11111'1 s111- 11-ss1'11l1y 11111111111111 11s 11.1111 111111 111, "11'.1111-1s11111, I-1111111511111 .11111 1111111 '," 1 Afflf ,xIlllI1!!11 llil' IJ11111: Klein, l'al'lr1: 1'i1lllfl7lllll. lrpes ll l11ttr11g11t'1'1trt111t1pr111lu1'ts 1'llHt'Lf1' xttttlvnts hm' mm! l'h11t11 111' U. Punk- man. 111 074.1111511111111 I RTS, V PIRG E' "-Q-Q., f x g--x....1-,-- Q ALPHA PHI OMEGA: Row 1: Tim Gribben. Sue Howe. David Butler. Lorac Hintz, Lisa lngrassia, Chris Walker, ' Sharon Doherty. Row 2: Regina Gough, .loan Doetjlinger. Maria Rehyer. Debbie Banas, Rita Reinsel, Chris Meilly, Liz McC'loske1', Polly Gladding, Cheryl Brown. Sharon Callahan. Jenny Brock, Jimmy Whitney. Row 3 5 LaVonne Burger, 9 Annette K earns. Dorothy Davidson, Karen Prentiss. Diana Street. Cathy Moon, Tammy Mackinney, Linda Webber. Cin1l1'Paolillo, Kell1'McDaniel. Row 4: Jim Erskine, Andrew Brandt. Frank Edwards, Allison Brown, Kelly Jones, Amy, Furr. Breck Hull, Karen Kramer, Dwayne Therriault, Anita Clark, Cara McCarthy. Row 5 5 Jackie Boston, Melissa ' Conner. Denise Kruelle, Dan Aldendge, Mark Koschmeder, Sandra Parham, Nathan Ellis. Row 5 : Jimmy Young, Jef Palmer, Li: Radday, Patt1'Anderson. Janet Stotts. Patty Elliott. Dan Simon. g viz , f"K W C"' X Ai , The obleetlve 4 mtthe Xixvlllllm and Mary M.1rt1.1l Arts Llub was tu pruvlele mteresteel stu' dents the tmpptlrtumtf, U1 stutu: Karate-Duh in 1ts form. The XY1ll1.1m ,mel Mary Mart1alArts Qlub1s .1 member of the Dai Nippon Butwlxuf Kal. the oldest martml Arts wr- garlizatiun in ,l.iP.1I'1. whxeh boasts over haltu millmn mem- bers. As members ul' the elub. students were prwy to mstruef tion in Karate-Dinh pruvreleel by Tesvvm Sensei Himshm Ha- maela .mel Shlhan -Iwhrm Pose- mu. ln aelelitiem to weekly world- outs and elay'-long Karate climcs, club members were also priwreleu mth the upper- tumty tw .attehel Weelie-ntl karate eamps m whleh they were NulW1eeIe-el tu :ruelmg xv-lrlwuts xx huh utteh melueleel hilur-lun: NL'N9l4PllN UI spurrmu. meelrmtlwrn. .mel tr-wrm pmetlte. TheXY'1ll1.1m .illtl Marx Blur- v V ' ' 1 tml Arts Klub .uw utteretl .1 weelqlx Sell'-elelerise et tufse vshleh wus mstrueteti bn 5h1h.m ,lwhn Pwsetmu The errurse was urlwereel as ,1 publle serx lt e tt l ,ill mteresteel persons .1I'l'1l1.1teel mth the eullege, L J 231711 777111 1'- RIGHTJ All In while, Phillip Sll'Vt'fiN and Jim Maruiaekjabjorwurd111u ka- rale praetife of rhe Martial A rtx C luh Photo by P, Paiewonxky, -Q 'K i x , Q "' - ' E Y 0 n is-I if ,pw ,, fm .,A,'.J -Q., MARTIAL ARTS CLUB: Row 1: Shihan John Poseneau, Sean Ferguson. Dan Simon, April Warren, Steve Zelesnikar, Pete Gastouklkzn. .luny Samson, Georgianna Lambert. Row 2: Phil Stevenson. Jim Marousek, Tim Co-Hey, Mike Mufti, Buck Newton, AliAminuddin. Row 3: Dale Fennel. Bob Wise, Sondra Vanderwiele, Michael Lawson, Jana Gill, Ann Tisienga. Phmo by P. Paiewonsky. The Virgirua Interest Re- search Group etmtmuetl lts Serviee tu the College .mtl the eummumtx' thls year. YAPIRLQ members researehetl the l with worth twxle xxpzstesxte1uthet1.tA tum .it me-,irbv Limltf tn. Plru PLllWllSllL'el .1 Y!LllxlL' xxhuh llstetl the xurwus .1elx'.111t.1Nue-stmtl the,ues tml' .ire-.1 b.mles The lrwurueleltlfam Ihr the retxtlmu uf paper. Jlummum, .mtl ,alms were ltutl for next ' llllle prweeetlsrlltheretxtlxtluellwrt xxlll ut, tu the XX'1ll1.tmsburu Red C rms 'l'he luerux t-mmf Illllltl' xwllnlllklkkl .1 NLllllIl.lf lastl.1llxx1thl1elVlriumrl1eX.1 5f.l!elt1eVxX little e for l-me r mtttme l.lllllllL'N 111 the XX1l ll.lIllNlWl1l'l .1re.t will htm tw 1:1sl1l.lretllelrlm-+uses,m.l xlkt lhkl l'.lr1s XX'nlvt11 rt Vit st utr X'.tl'llil, .mtl the I rtlltut t the CP .ttlx lsttrx b-mrtt Y.1l'lRL1's l-mtmletlue -it telef plmme twrhtxtnx twrtx-tus mn en the eulleue .mer smmnv 'lllle lznergx C,wt1serx.ir1rm Pr-fleet submlttetl .1 lrst tsl exterm- N.lYlIl,2l suuxuestwns In the 1 ul- leque. .mu sexeml ut these prwtwmls mere 1mt'lemtute.1 vdljllifr Alva lwllletl VAN -il .1 IIAII4 tmutle t .uuphuu I- tr Mile r re.u1str.tt1ttnum-,zertlle .iusgwt t s Hi ilk' lllliirlx .lLI'11NNlllQ tr All trx Xxlllhilll .um xllf. sf: three represt ur.u1xt s Nun--u.ll Nttuitzar l-1 1 ft11XMttt lituv' 1' lly xml: ul lvl' N' .ILIH lt.1,'t' '. IN the .." ,.,,..,! I.. L 'yr N. Ky- trent uh- lwl EIO. HEALTH CAREERS P E MAJORS ' atdirhi .treerx C luh um tor thoxt' mtertwtetl 111 ,1. me, ttetttnxttw, .mtl rel.1tt-tl .t,::t tteltlx, ln thu x fx-.tlxt-rx at-rtu, l7r Karl Mhel- lt1t1lwt'!Q Spoke on opportumttei .tt t1.rtez1t lNL'tllt.ll resegre h .mtl Al--tml .ll'lWUIlL'SPUl'iL'UI1lHL'AllL.1l xt hool llltutxmtom. lltth Dr. C olemdn g.1x'e let tures on stutlettts shoultl he tlomxu to he-tome .ittlve tn he-.tlth tytreers. expetmlly' those who .are Pre-tueel. The eluh heltl ttsown.ttt1x'1t1esmgltt, tn which RIUHI, President ofthe Health l 'areers ulub. Ilan Hext, llIlllUlHH't'A ne.rtyear'x orfluerw durtng their last meeting, Photo by K Lthurha HFIUHQ- P.E. Majors club members and adrtson enjo-vfood and heer at the ltnkenhaetzers' resilience on the elght on .mtl oft'-c.tmpus phll.m- throptes, such as Bl-H Brothers, B134 Sxsters, Bacon Street, East- ern State, .mtl Cnrele K, were among those which mme to pro- vtele llll-1lI'ITl.iIlOf1 for he.1lth prof fesstons ,mtl to help gtutle people into commumty mvolve- ment. The club servetl .ts 4 link for gtvtng inlormatton on .111 .ts- pects otchoosing .il1L'JlIllC.lI'L'L'I' .mtl for providing.: opporrumttes for work. - Hzllarm .lI1't'ln1Jl Chiekahominy River. Photo ln' M. Xiekolifh LOWER RIGHT: A partiripant in the Karen Dudley Memorial Triathlon relaxes afterjinishing. The Triathlon netted S 750 for the Karen Dudley Memorial Fund. Photo bv M. Nickolich P.E. MAJORS CL UB: F rom: Steve Cole, Pollv Gloadding. Row I: Reed Haney, Margaret Register Row 2: Steve Haney. Chuck Voyled. Wanda Leaper. Mort Linkenhaeger, Pat Crowe Julie Jans Mike Schnieder, Mike Murphy. Drew Haney. Row 3 ,' C lm' Gauthier. Ginny Linkenhaeger Rusty Bergener Linda Gauthier. Anne Lampert, .IennU'er Hartman, Kevin Ruinion. Marc Magnus-Sharpe Davld ,,,..,.. Yaeger. Ed Jones. Bemie Whitlow. Nl fJr:,1t1:f.ttzom ,4 gh- U , 1? s " x QP JP"'4- 3 ? -ln- 9 .-f-' V X 1 0 x if' HEALTH CAREERS CLUB: Front: Kevin Vaughan. Blackwell, Dan Best, Roger Emory, F emi A wotesu. EQ' ll , f N 1' -.. I, - l 1555 ,K Lisa Wright, Anne Matson. Back: Brian 1 "'71'W7 , . . 'ffl . 'S g .n99E"'Y---- BIOLOGY CLUB: Sitting: Dave Brand. Row I: John Ricci. Dan Best, Gail Lirtlelon, Row 2: Adam Frankel. luurir Thornton, Susan Scharpji XL I xg l W.'?3',x N U 4 X' , M XR: 4 J , 'Th TOP: Perimlifullvx' Ihr xgrvrrzhiuiw in Ihr Bin building needs weeding nur. ut Ilml time'1hi'Hm Club spnnwrs lllx plum mln selling vlippingx from Ihi' mum xpufiv- in the greenhouse. John Run wrvm Pam l'f'rxigehl as xhe' looks on-r 1h plants. Pham hy P. ljuiwfrfrisky LPPER LEI-'ls Lauren Cunninulmni finishes Ihr last lay of ihu iriuihlnn Pham by ll. ,N ickolivlr Thu x'u.1rQ C.l.utw11-Lrrimw Biology Klub Npslllxuftil mm BlLlL'RlxljlL'xlUL1I1f.l1Y1Lllllfllli IFIPN JLir1r1grl1c xp-.1r.mi: hi-lpi-ii IU.1lI1I.ilIl Ill! igrurm lmusc Uuwi xgw.1kL-rw Ill' ilmiul Dr Uxwla l:.1NllII1!:L, .1 JL-11i1x1, .mii Rwlwm :KWWL x , xx law 1L'rtr1g'r-:li11rr'.al twlil ul' I Amcrlia nw xr1..:x .max lint Jul' llulil 1IN,1III1...1l M .li .mil wlffmll 3.1114 N .1441 ilwrmlxrrxi llllfllrlllllx llJ,w 111m Nh mlm ,X ,V . .. .. sLrw11li.iiwmlm..' 1 .t Tlx 1 fx fl1L Nt " ,xii 4"'v I Iv, , . Yxv 1" I.. 'xl H-3 1 1 l? Kljgy x K, ROTC. Q EEN'S GU RD, RANGERS The Reserved Officer Train- ing Corps became established onhlulv 1. 194' forthe purpose of training men and women for leadership positions in the Armed Forces. The R.O.T.C. program, operating out of Blow Gym, continues the successful train- ing of potential officers. Freshmen and Sophomores participate in what is known as the Basic Courseg juniors and seniors, who have completed the Basic, enroll in the Ad- vanced Program. All who are enrolled in the program can compete for scholarships. Aside from the scholarships, each senior and junior receives a minimum ofS2,UllOin subsis- tence allowance. Graduates of the R.O.T.C. program are commissioned as Second Leutinants in the Armv, the Reserves, or the Na- tional Guard. Delays are granted for those who wish to pursue graduate education. N-i Uru.iiii4.irioi:s RIGHT: General Prilluman addresses the crowd UI Ihe ROTC' awards cerenzony. Pham by AI. I Ida BUTI'U.'lI: Being 11 par! afR0l'C' in valves greul physical discipline. Here ROTC' members parricipate in a PT test under lhe supervision :if Cadet Co. Commander Kevin Corning. Pham hi' M. Xirkulich fr- .X .IJ T' Ill' 'V' 'Ill 'T 'Ill llll x ' ' ' gg 'kg jligiej :III Ill! III: , .. , . xx, -..4"N,. ' , 4 - , .. , ',f:'s': A .:'22L'1'A'-1""'s:w-f.e..' ' v.... .. ---L.-f.i. l'f'.Lu..':.' .A .1. QUEEN 'S GUARD: Row I: Bill Fecteau fstanding leftj. William Matlak, Tom Toler, Theresa Whelan J Mark Decoster. John Carbone, Robat Zaza. Row 2: .lon Graft, Pattie Coulter, Helen Nolman Kirsten Susan Millan, Susie Shannon, Phil Buhler l with Swordj. HW Qn-if 'L fs Nez Nl! ' .1 W 1. RANGERS: Row 1: Karen Johnson. Bob Zaza, John Fukuda, William Stokes, Raja Garcha, Tim Edgren. Row 2,- Ken Downer, Paul Chapman, Ricky 0'Keefe, JennU'er Morsch, Greg Stricklind, Pat Schinbi, Willie Nabors. Bill Matalack. Row 3: Dustin Kanzd Daniel Hill Paul Creeden, Brian William John Klear Lhris y, . . . ' O'De1l, Fred Ogline, Gail Guinee, Terry Armstrong. I9 T 54' -3543 7 Wig- , BELOW: .llemhers uf Rangers Nlllllll ar ease ax lhtfl' listen to alirevnom from Iheir mnlmarzdine olflwr. Pham hr ll. ,x'll'klIlll'l'l LOWER LEFI: Queenk fiuurrl Member Suxun llillun fcrhilulx Ihr rigid form required of her. but rx unublu io wupresx a smile. Photo ln' l.. Hurrv llI'.'.u1 4 1 ' NW "Most oi our work is with public relations," claimed freshman cheerleader XY'hitney Monger. Specifitally. the cheerleaders, besides cheering at various athletic events, aided President Graves and the So- ciety of the Alumni with the presentation of XY'illiani and Mary to the outside world. The squad sponsored tailgate par- ties at football games and con- tributed to alunini dinners. Members of the squad also par- ticipated in .1 fund raising proj- ect for career research which was sponsored by a local radio station. ln addition to working with university public relations and community service, the cheer- leaders had to find time for hours of practice. During the football and basketball sea- sons, the squad, in addition to participating in four hours of practice per week, was re- quired to devote two or three Cheerleaders hours per week to individual practice and practice with part- ners. Practices, .although rig- orous, were conducted with great attention paid to safety. Squad members always prac- ticed on mats, and there were no iniuries this year. As sopho- more .Iohn Kammeier said, "lf you don't practice, you could break your neck." Kammeier, one of the seven male squad members, said he was pleasantly surprised by the favorable reaction of most stu- dents to his being a cheer- leader. He said no one teased him about being a cheerleader and that he "gained a lot of re- spect" for his participation. Af- ter all, being a cheerleader took enormous amounts of time because the squad at- tended all home football and basketball games and as many away games as possible. Kam- meier estimated that the cheer- leaders attended 900 of the basketball games. Cheerlead- ing gained varsity status this year, an appropriate recogni- tion of the squad's efforts. The squad was also recog- nized for its excellence in the two competitions in which it participated. In the Universal Cheerleader Associations competition, the William and Mary squad was voted "Most Improved Collegiate Squad in the East Coast Division l-AA." The squad also received a 'Asu- perior" rating in the Ford Mo- tor Company's National Cheering Championship. According to Kammeier. the benefits of his participation in cheerleading were many. Be- ing a cheerleader was fun, and it provided an opportunity to meet people. After all the prac- ticing, said Kammeier, "You're in the best shape you could ever be in." - Kim M oorha Kin 5... . as .ii liUl'l-. 5 A li rlvcked nu! for huniecnniing. thc r'hef'rleaders practice behire the big game. All photos bv T. Smeg. RIHH lf' Junmr Inm Summerville leads the crowd in u chverfnr the Tribe. 2 so 6, Jruanizations ,jf A-J -'-4-'T -Q c-, 16 - 4 -.--N und ...Q ,rg -.- Nia . 1, mf, ... 5453 'HL 'X- ,,-q. Jim Palumbo, Robin Renwick, Ch: Smith. Kari Guillen, Linda Falk, Hria GJ I f bfn. HUI'IU.H' C'he'z'rln,L' Ivum lun: ,Sumn during u hmkvrhull QUHIQ' Tom Summerville, Alison Hurmcks, Hopping, Prifillu llumfnk, Jun p Lonick, Janne Hurrup. Jwhn Kum- Trebour, Angela Campbell. Patrick meier, Rifhurd Brzdges, lzjfuny lnwn- n send. A!" ll -1 ew: H ?llnAaf"f + if-5 f "7 ' 4 X' ZZ n f' , l J N.. X IXI xrrmlllr mul lv" Mn K, 'nm ll lU.',l1w,'.:r'1'w 'W .i' Y v I AHUVIL lzddnf llulff, Rum Spun, Iiu- mnn Iiullvr, and Stull Vilnr lim' ou! uyumxl l' f I Hnlh Sfflll und Ilumun www par! of Ihr wnmr group uhirh lvud the team lu u I4 und 4 nfmrrl, All phomx by l Siwg 'HIIlIll,lz ffuhff fiuyluflunn is muulrd by u Nvw York Ruyhy Iwlm mvrnber while rw mvirig u pass Ken I-lmrijnllrm s in xup- purl William unzl Hun win hy u large margin, 36,4 I-AR klfflll l'r'lw Juris streaks for u IQ uyrunx1X'f I' H f 7ru.1r1if,it1ii1ix The Menls Ru1:l'ij.'Tearri hail one ol' the most sucnessful years in gi long time Posting I 4 wiris and only llf1SSCS'1VCl' two seusons, the squad tool-1 ith in the college league. Coath Ken- l'lC'll.'f,1KCflSCfl1UfS Stott Milne. Chris Koznilz. Damon Butler. along with juniors. Ken Flynn un-'lC1reg: Denovia with leading u strong attatlf: and stiff tle- fense. Six freshmen coming from Langley High in North- ern Va. atltletl their champion- ship experience to give hoth A and B teams the much-needed depth. Teamwork played a vi- tal part in the season with it showing the most during the 56-4 rout of New York Rugby Team, - Gem- ,'lld,2t1r1 RIGHT: EQUCSIUIIH team rider Shari Ruben guides her horse as ir leaps a boundary. Pham by M. Burman, W1 ,Q -sf . f .JEL .-L1 v- ' , vg.- y , .us im, ,504 -. -. G, , . . Ann- """'f"' 'Qliuf-'l' , we i ,,, U ,egfilfifv I 1 I -r P", 1' ,"-.. " Sn?-T Z1 O 1. - '97 y-Jun", ' 47.5 ' l 'v ' ka ,E me 51' E . .-A.- h, Ll' . . ,. . 5: ' 1 ' 1. " . 5 - - . :.w N c '. ' ' Ev - .' .A ' ,.1' A 'wx " ' ' A .1 "L" - ' fs. " "-' 'L Ui" 1 1- 1 0 ' t I - H -'. , ' ,f Tv ,. 4 ' I, , U -.v 1 . L , A - N 0 N ' 5 ' ' a ,. -4 s- , 'Van' ' . . ' J- l ru ,, .....s ' .1 ..'.': ' ' .. A' ld, Sm, K :wk h 1 , . - x K K '4 X' EQUESTRIAN TEAM: Row I: Carmen Grafton, Jodi Minnich, Shari Rubin, Sarah Hale, Mimi Engel. Row 2: Gail Llddleton, Judy Cicatko. Row 3 : Coach David Dye, Amy Marcos. Carolyn Daughters, A lvse Rivinsky. Gaynor Ibbotston, Jackie Arends, Carla Haynes. Mark Burman. Photo Irv M. Hurman. l 1 I l .J 1 I 'I'l11- XX'1ll1.1111 .1111l lNl.lI'y R11l' lllILQf.lUl5.llUI 1111 r11.1xl11ws1.1r1 .11 1l11' lTL"LflIllllIl.1L ul 1l11' y'L'.if, .1111l .1s .1r1's11l1,11w.1s11111.1lvl1'111 p.1r1111p.111- Ill 111.11111 slmws H11- 1.111s1' ul .1 Fk'l111.lIlHl1 III -l.11111- .1113 1l11- 11-.1111 l5L'1LI.lH 111 r11lc 11111l1'r .1 IILWN' fV.llIl1'l', lJ.1v11l D11-1111 1-1l.1r X'.1ll1-1' l'-.lflll 'l'l11' 111.1111 .1111-111l1'1l .1ll llll' spr111,u Shows. l1pl.111-1l1l11r1l111.1xl111w .11 thc llI1lVL'FSlfy ul VlfAL11Ill.l .1111l 51-11111-l .11 1l1c 5XK'L'L'Il1fl.lI' C1JllL'j.IL'5l1UVV. 'l'l1c1l11l1 cxp1'r1- cn1c1l 115 l-lI'SI 1.1s1u ul v11111r1' when 111111111-1111414 .ll R.1111l11lpl1 Maman wl11I11L'Il'S 1,11llLqu1z 'I-llCI'CVVL'I'L'Clj.1l1I S1l11111lS 111 1l1c clulfs r1.'g11111, .1111l lllt XX'lllllJlU and Mary ICLHT1 was !'.iIIl'iL'kl 1l11r1l luy rl11-cml11l'1l1cy1-.1r, In the rcgirm, thc Flllllljl Llulw l-lfl- ishul 11110 11111111 lm-l11r11l thu Longw11u1l l,11ll1.-.LZQ club, XX"1l- liam and Mary had four rulers to qualify fur thc Rc11111n.1l C0mpc111111nS: Gaynur llmr- rson, Mark l5cr1n.1n,,l111ly 1,1- carko, and Vlmll lYllIlFllLl1, Regionals were l11'l1l .11 rhu Un1vcrS11y41lwV1r1.:111111. A Cf11r1r11'rr Cmfinri ll'1'.1I1:!.1l111l1'x .lN7 I Q H Ji vs. 'x ..,, ,, '5 1'-W . 1, '7 'Lrg' , Nqr: ' nt -: . ,, A A A ' 'ei . . , 0 ' " x X 4-'Qu Q1 lt S A MERMETTES LEFT: Cornie O'Harepractices th ' nar- ration for the spring show "Spla5hdance". All photos by T. Steeg BELOW: Mermettes swimmers move in perfect synchronization during the prac- tice for the spring show. BOTTOM LEFT: Julia Shen leads a group ofswimmers in a circular maneu- ver in preparation for their perfor- mance. Synchronized swimming. al- though not one ot' the most popular sports on campus. re- quires a year round commit- ment from swimmers who wish to challenge themselves. The mermettes, X'i'illi.1m and Marys water ballet .mtl syn- chronized swimming team has been in existence for thirty years. This ye,1r's Spring program. entitled Spltishtlanee. mis .1 success. One of the numbers. "Yes We C.1n-CQ.1n."storetl the highest in the N.l.lQ.A. aquatics competition. flubi- lee," choreogmphetl bi' ,luli.i Shen .mtl Meg Vuiilxirlt .intl Hlii Sequence." by Susan Bon e. ranltetl .imong the top roiitizit-s .it the meet - !:,.x..' N' 1- K lT!.lI1i.".ll14 iris .l 4 l 'lttf!T'Jf'f pr: rin- X1 zilmm um! Ulm' l r ,w'rV,frvHm1I Hmntn llhfllvl ' TOIR C how rnrrnhrrs Roll Ulf ll l l tfwroffmfnilI+1r!ht1h'url1erx sms 'I vdtljkifls tfurmutl l3r11rn11l'ur1sI1 film! l'lzoJff.'N I Nfum' MII! fwoftu ,Mt A, tl m'qm'r1I swg , x hx' The Xxvlllltilll .1ndM.1rx'Ckho1r ,tn .tttlve x' ol perform- tng tonterts .tnd lWL'IlL'llfN Thex sdng .lt the fpkktiblllll lor the Arts .md held .16 hrnstnmsl one tert durmg the nrst semester. The Lllllll' .also telehmted llometomtng bs tonstruetxng .1 tloat .tnd .1ceornp.tnx'1ng their tredtnon down Duke ot' Gloutester Street, Thek' kluked off the second semester wth thetr Sprtng Tour ot' New England, Newblersey. Pennsyl- x't1n1.1,1nd Xvll'3LIlI11A. TllL'1fIlllFal summer European tour, XK'l'l1Ch imluded twenty-four concerts tn France. Switzerland, Ger- m.1ny,,1nd Engl,1nd.w.1s sched- uled to begin the d.1yt'ollowing Commencement, The Choir members felt that the tour brought them closer together. Choir Prestdent Bob Seal said Meveryone X'k'L5I'liCLlX't'I'S''L.lftJ r.11se the money for the Euro- pean Tour. But, I know that it will be worth it11t.1lwe1ysiS." 1 'w I QM. -O.-.-I.. .,, HELOYVJ SIRI? I,UHQffflJl1lLlll'fN thu Band durin,Q1he.S'primg f'lIl1l't'l'I Direclor Charles Varnvr wux Uflllhfc' rf. atlend due In zllness. Phum by I .Slwf LOWER LEFT: lux! hqfhrf' thc currum rises, the Band menlberx mm' their instrumenls, Pham hx' l. Siege. LEFT: Marfhillg hand f71t'f71bt'l','Ufkt' Hobbs luuks over hrs mum' bqfhre thc band begins Irs hulfrinzv show, Th1s was Jn uipcclally Scum- r gl XNILF1 1 xx mental yc.1r fur the XYM Band, due rw the thu that xr was Pmw fcSSwr C,1h.lI'lL'N X,.lI'I1t.'I'-N Lu! year .ae J1rumr, Pr+1t'us.1r Varncr wrvui .ls Band Dlru- mr tlwr thu l.m rlurrx funn xx-.arx HlS1I1f1UL'I1kLAXNlIl lwruwk-.i lu thwsu rwumrmmxu .uni T'-wL1m-Hx rumcrnlwn-.1lwlmrmi.ilumm Dunn: ilu' lf.1ll wruurcr. thu fNI.1uh1r1!u IIIJIAIIN. Llllnitf DrumM.1ywrI.1mi.1XX'-1-mi,pr-1' xmui h.aIt-rlmv L-uu'rr.mum-ur .ir hmm- Twwllmll u.1utw.1rM .mr -',i1 x 51-i .v 1' " K' -ff-.p-61.1 ,Af 145 1 11011-3.4 ,y'g.1-D11 33561 - "" -l 1 ' Ml A -4- 'O 1 --Q11 .-1:7 4 . -Q ' 1 , if.: 4 Q , r l .L A 1 ' 55 " i nd 1 ' 1 W1 '- nf Q 'N Xfs L I V r 45' . 4 7 I J H. r-y-Q. N 'I I'- I fx Xfs ,Z -. ?f 5 '57 I f?i 'ii1ifi.1. AVIGATURSWESLEY 1111 X.111:.1111rs. .lll 11111-rf 1 111'11'111111111.1l C llI'lNIl.lIl QF11.l1'.Zwl1 111111111111111s1111.11111 111ll11e1' k.llllPllNL1N .11r115s 1l1e ll11:1e11 Nates .1s well .is 11x'c1- lis .lllll 19 111 l1el11 11111111 C,l111s1'Q C111-.11 C'11111m1ss11111 E11 '111 .11111 111.11111 111s1111les 111' .ill 11.1111111s." 111 111111-1 111 .11111111- 11l1sl1 11115 11111 XY'1ll1.1111 .1111lM.1r1' 11111111115 sm-111 1111111 11111 1'e.11 lll 511111111114 1l1e 1311111-, 11r.11'1113:. .1111111111111141111-111.11111M11s111t 1111-xe 1lLflX'll'lL'S 11111111 111.1111 Ill xlN.lll ,Llf11U115 111' 1111 .1 11IlL'-l11- 1111e l1.1s1s. lil11XK'L'X'L'l', 1111 Thurs- 11.11 Ill-Elll, .lliltf 11111 5111.111 111111111 B1l1le s1111l1es NICK .1ll 1111- stue 1le111s e.1r11e111ge1l1er1'11r .1 111111- 111' s111g111g, sl1.1r111g, .1111l 11-1111- mg. Some 1111 rhe 111l1e1 high- l1gl11s1'11r1hes1111le111s1h1s 111151 year were .1 weekend 1'11111'er- c111e,.1Cl111Stm.1S fklffy. 1l1nne1 .11 tht Surrey H1111se,.1r111.111111 111 1he beach. 'HT 1 3 1' K Xa Qs , C11 1 3110.- 11.51, NA VIGA TORS: Row I : Steve Dennis, Becca Spragens. Rob McTier, Susan White, Harold Goldston, Kathryn Laker. Row 2: Carol Forsyth, Kara Forsyth, Scott Morrow, Jeanne Linder, John Scheffler, Delana Williams, Dave Nygaard, Suzi Craig, Janet Grubber. Row 3 : Tom Forsyth, Lynn Swann, Mike Stinson, Bryan Wilson, Larrette Chaney, Robin Morris, Richard Carter. Row 45 Keith Shinault, Mike West. Q vc "s -Oi- Q-u 1 5 N ll1e lS.11111s1 5r111le111 l 1111111 1-111111e1l .111 1-7111111111 1'L'.i.V 111 er1111'1l11111r11111 l'2H S-H1 1111111- 1.1l1.1l1e l15l C11111111l,1l1es111' 11e111-11111 .111r111111s1r.1111e 1111111 111 1110 HSV. N11 'lf l1r1xU.l1l L3r111v1l1" .11 111 1111-me l'f1Fll1L' 1551 ,C,.l1r1s11.11114r11x1'1l1,111111111 1le1'el111111114 1111111111111-11 1 l1r11f 11.111s .11111 llllL'!!l'.iIlIllLI 1111111 l1e.1r1s.11111 111111111111 1111-111.11111 11.111 L'X1WL'l'lL'll1 e Vllllf 111e.111s 111 .1111111111l1sl1 11111 1111.11 lll l'15l' were 111.1111 171. N111'111.11 L'XL'lllIl4QS 1l11' 1111111111 g.1'l:1,1e11 l11F1l1i1I1k'f. 11111v11le1l 'x .1r1.1 l1.11111s1 kllLll'klli.'S. Dm' '11 .11 11 1ll1111e1l l11' .1 11111111.1111 -1. '.'Tl.111!L x11111e .1s11e11 111 1 11"w11.111 l1XI1lLl 5111.111 1111-1-1111 111 14111111 gr111111s gathered 1111 Bible 51111113 11r.11'er, .1r11l Christian 1ell11x-.'sl1111 1111111 .11m11spl1ere 111' 1r11S1.11111c.1r111g.Over l1J1Js1u- 111-111s 11.111111111111111 IH "1'.1m1ly" 1111111115 HSL'11-.11l1e1l111111111he cam- 1111s, Llllllllllllllfy, .1111l w11rl11 111111111111 .1 v.1r1e11' 111'm1sS11111 .xc- 11x'111es. l11gl1l1gl11e1l 111' .1 w11rl1l llllllaler S1-rv11e, .1 11115511111 11111 111 lllIlL'X"LlIX' Pl11l.11lel11l11.1, .11111 1111- SL'l'Ylll,Lf 1117 1e11esl1me111s .ll 11111111 9L'lL'Lll17ll 'l'w11 l1.1n11l1ell 111111rs .1111l .1 X'1lk.ll 1111111 regu- l.1rl1' 1111111 11111 111 1111111S1e1 111111111111 11111s11 111 .11c.1 1111111111-s. 7 17111 .Hllfr 1111111 1 .H ABUvE.'SH'UI7lf71iHg herguimr. Jeanne Linder leads worship iluring u Naviga- tors meeting, Photo by II Steefgf Llil-"IT HS! ' held weeklr dinners at 5:00 P-3' nn before their Sunday meetings. Member! Edwin Holt and Lisa C alas enjoy the combination ofgoodfood and good com- pany. Photo by D. Packman U I .0 , tiki' 1 x' 'W-.. 1 I wwf J ' - 9 I f -fm lb The XYcS1c1' 1511111111.1t11111. I111' 1'.1mp11s m1111s1r1'11t'11111V11111111 M1'11111111S1 C,.1111r111, 11r111'1111'11 s1u11c111Q .111 11p1111r11111111' 1111 111111111 111S111ss111111. 11-1l1111'111111. 1 .11111 11111. O11 5111111.11 k'N'L'IllIljLS. 1111111115 11r1'11.1r1'11 111' lu!-111111 1111-11111115 11'1'r1' 1111111111-11 111 pr11.11r.1111s1111.11'.1r11'r1'111 11111111 r.111g111g 1r11111 "1 11r1111.111111 111 C11111111' -Y '1411L' 1111.111 1111 '1'r.11'1'111'11" 111 111111r111.1111111 1111 1111111 111-1'1-111111111111 111111111111 1171111 111111111-1111 1111-11111.1111111 111 Pl .1 fn I 1..1I111 fX1111'r11.1 1111 111111 11111111 111I111'XX'1'N11'. 1"111::111,1111111I111X Q 11-.11 11.11 111111 111311114 '11 N'1N1f1' 1411111111 .11 1111 1 .111111 111-1-111111 1 .1r1'.11.111111,.111 11 11. K I l'l'l If Ill I 1111111111 Nl111l1'111 l 11111 n11'111111'r ,l1'1111lJ1'1 ll1'11ll111r11r11l1'1l11111'1 lflz' 11111111 1111111111 1,1,11111'r1'1I 111 HN! l'l111l11l111l N1.1111l11l1 WESLEY: Row 1: Joanne Coppola, Kelly McDaniel, Jim Whirnqv, Pun1l'er1ig1'hl, Row 2: liruxton Allpnrf. Ruben 1111 11 I 11 111111111 IN .1 f'lL' fklfl 111 N11111'1 Shaw, JeffPalmer, Susan Millan. CarolRich. 11111 111111111111 11.111 111-11 1.1111 11111.-11. 1 11111111,.1r11lI'1l111111111111111111 11r11'11 1111111 4 1111111 l'1111111,'11 I N111-11 1111113111111 .14 NEW TESTAMENT, WESTMI ISTER 111111 X111 1111.1- 111! .Xw1111.1111111 '1.1 1.111141111111111111-1111 . 111.1111111111111 111111 -1k'Nl1N .11 JX11111111111'1'x111111111111 " .1111 11111 11111'111.t1111111111111 11.11111-1:11111-11.111 1111111111111 111111 11111111g1'11111, 1i11111111111g 111::111,11 .1 1111.11 111111111s11111 111 1111 11111-11111111 111111111111111g f11L'111 N1-11' i1.Q'Nl.lll1L'lII kL'1l' 11-11-11 1111111111 1L'.lFlllIll1L 111111 0111115.1111111-.1111i11g111111't111-x- 1111-si 111s 11111 111 the 111-111111- .1111111111 111 1111-.111111g1i111 11-1.1t11111- 1111111 1'1XPFL'SSllltM c.1lflSIl.1l1 11111- 11.11 .1 1.1111 XK'1llk1l 1111114 Illilllk' 1111111s, 111- it 1-11111111.1g1- l11L'I1I, 11'11111g 111 ILISI 111-111g .1 1111-1111. All 111' 111 11'1-111 1111'1111g11 11111111111 s1111.1111111s, 11111 1111- 11-1- 11111's11111 111 e11111y1'11 11.11 1111- 11111111ng 17.111111 17111 1111- N1-11' '11-St.11111'111 fXss111i.1r11111 111111111- lH1l.1L'SL1S 1111-.1111 11111r1- 111.111 .111 1111111 1111 S111111.11'g it 1111-.1111 .1 111n1mitn11-nr 111 111111111 Him seven 11.1yS .1 we1-11. -f1l1u1 fxilfflc 'IFJ CATHOLIC STUDENTASSOCIATION: Row I: Robin Mattson, Jenn0'er Campbell, Mary Gair, Liz 0'Brien. Row 2,' Marie Dullaghen. Father Ron Seguin, Susan Doyle. Ed Cook. Row 3: Tod Geschickter, Sandy Bnibaker, Irene Kelly, K ym Snyder, Bridget Kealey, Luka Trimboli. Mike Lang. An ice cream 51111111 17111 freshmen .1n11t111n51'er s1u11en1s at the beginning 111' September. 1'11l111we11 by L1 picnic with the entire c11ngreg11t111n by the james River began this year 14111 the Westrninster Fellowship. Regular Sunday nights meet- ings 1n111u11ing speakers, films, 11111 11111 111' fun 1111-11' IhL'Ql'11L1P c111se1 thr11ug11 C11risti.1n trel- 11111's111p. Highlighting the year 111-re 11111 .1n11 spring 11-111-,111 111 N.1gQ111-1111 i1n11 11 S.1tur11.1y hike 111 111e Shen,1n1111.1h V.11l1-12 An .11t11'e 11.111 11171110 111111111-g11t111n, W1-11-11 .1 S11n11.1y 1111111111111 11111- 811111 Q1-r1'11'e ,1n11 h11ste11 .1 bim- 11111-1 1111 L1lUI'Lh 1111-n1b1-rs 111111 11.111 111-11111111-11 us 111111 t11e1r 111111115t1111111g11111.1t111e1'e.1r. l'n111-1 111e 11111111111 le11111-r- i111P 111 111-p11-s1111'nts M1111- .K11111111.11111C,1111rt111-1'R1-111.111e 1 111111111 N11:111-nt Ass11c1.1t111n 1111111 111-11 111.1111-11111-s .1n11 11111 1' 1 - 1 1 111,1.L1-1111 I I .2 Z -:Fila ' 11 ,1 I ,J 1..J , ' 1 '1 Q7 1 Y 2 I 11"-r----I NEW TESTAMENT ORGANIZATION: Row l : Danny Michaels, Laura WiLson, Mary Menejle, Karen Close, Patti Sorhehan. Sharon Young. Row 2: Pam Persigehl, Bill Atkinson, Rachel F linton. Andy C ronan. Row 35 Terri Hall, Alan Gillie, John Meyers. John Ambler, .leffSmethurst. ,, responsibilities with uninhih- ? -s . ir- Y iteel vigor, The hountlless en- -' A r ergy of Father Ron Seguin, the -1, A 0 campus minister, provitletl the V., if ' . soul force lor CSA activities all -F: 'A' year lone. zz" Various social attivities, ' , 1 ranxlinu from a beptemlwer trip W' ' " Y 1 A - '- gf if Q to Na. Beach to the annual bt. ' - i -iy li Pattfs Day party. gave stu- tlents the opportunity to meet and share their faith ina casual ll v'!l,'i setting, X? The ecumenical program was particularly strong.: this year, as CSA ioinetl with the Canterbury Association for many joint services, The two groups also sponsoretl two very successful musicals - "Gotlspell" in the lvall and "A Company of Wlaywartl Saints" in the spring. The CSA also sponsored a wide numher of social pro' grams. On a local level, stu- dents visited Eastern State Hospital, Pines Hursing Home, antl the Newport News juvenile Detention Center. During spring break, stutlents took part in the Appalaehian house-huiltling program, while others took an eye-opening trip to poverty-stricken Haiti. cf CSA continuetl to play tl dominant role in campus activi- ties, lt fielded an intermural , F L 1 team for virtually every sport - ' ""' ' ' from co-etl volleylwall to soc- cer. lt again sponsoretl faculty appreciation tlay, providing .i 55'-43911 -in balloon antl a smile to manv happy liaciilty memhers. Stutlent liturgies remainetl the local point of C SA activi- ties. Xlfeeltly' masses every Sun- clay, Tuestlay, .intl Thurstlav. plus a nuniher of tlorm masses provitletl the lfutharist for more than Soo Catholtts .it bl XY'illiam .intl Mary. A' fri' Nfl A 'wg' g' WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP: Row I : Vickie Moore, Lauri Ramsey, Catherine Patterson, Elizabeth Harrison. Ruw V V l V . . . . . , . - V ' . t i I l l 'i ii K . 2:Le1gh McDan1el,JenniferKmg,Kathnne Owen, Karen Branham, Sue l errmn. RlIN'.ljIhll't',llll0fI,.'1l1Ij'Hl'il, Hmm tl? fl Vtfyfliiir sr llll'C,l1,'jt:H' imfHZ:Lviii't' Schull, Jane Hatcher, Eileen Scherrer. Susan Maynard, Bob Pontz. Row-1: I"rvdSweUriru:e'I1. Barbara Arnerson. A nn 1 ?'lL"'lg l'H"'l' ,ZH H: Nfl ,HH N ,NNI it ll 4' V 4 4 I -I l Moore. PhotobyD. Packman 'Hmmm ,WMU M I, ,UH WMM litlixiwiis .ll 2 f Liisiiaii l'el 'ei so that sro- .. rMtlwl'.lsIl'i1lllQt'l' iisilii A 1 'AHI1 'lt-sos 6 hiist . "-X .tisiix llrltl uct-ltlx lm Zlatflllgs xxhere stu tit, ills kXiiI'slllPPL'sl Kitltl flirt ugh siiigmg, sll.ll'lllKLI, .mil outsitle speakers. Six small groups also heltl xveelslx' in 5 tlorms, emphasizetl the lilhle .mtl Ielloxxship. lnter-Yarsitx' sought to en- tourage the tollege tommum- ti' to tonsitler the kl.lllIl5 ot Christ. c.llilL' lxlietchle, .1 ihristian SPL'.lliL'I',NY.lNl5l'UL1k!llI onto campus .mtl for live tlays .liiswerecl his .iutlientcfs ques- tions about the evitlence for .mtl prattite Ol-cil1flSll.,1IIlIy. 4 Brin! .rlr'111lilt'.rtf 2 :V -1 rn F 4 De vw 52 -4 if ru 3? 4 rn :U no C :U 1-4 -1 1 A ' ' 'ri VI INTER-VARSITY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP: Row l: Bill Black, Stephanie Black, Cindy Fisher. Barb Smith. Steve Hall, Sharon Zagorski, Margaret Garland, John Dennis, Brent Armistead. Row 2: Sue Schecter, Gretchen Ensley, Carla Johnson, Cathy Ondis, Suzy Duff, Vicki Edwards. Scott Armistead, Maria Moshiri. Row 3: Dave Kiracofe, Scott Baum, Eric Maggie, Richard Bridges, Beth Shapiro, Dave Gerlitz, Eva Lopdrup, Cas Stroik, Scott Dryer, Tricia Geralds, Susie C reigh, Sprout Bartlett, Kathy Dunnington. Susan Powell, Lisa Bartlett. Row 4: Lisa Fann, Denise Noffsinger, Debbie Blackistone, Richard Carter, John Meyers, Nancy Hildreth, Dennis Ramsey. Mary Manson. Dave Montuori. Dianne McCall, Andrew E llett, Perry Matthews. N I AY, . 'tx ' l -tm -', - ' W ,' -2 ' ' i V' N, All li., LUTHERAN STUDENTASSOCIATION: Row l: Kathy Woodall, Mrs. Katherine Wolterink, Michael Deets, Diane McCall. Peter Neal. Row 2: Stasia Wright, Michael Lambert, Ken Kipps, Sharon Archer. Laurie Tubbs, Nancy Dieter. Row 3: Krista Mendelman. John Derrick, Herb Schriefer, David Tubbs, David Osder. Photo by D. Packman The Lutheran Stutlents' As- sociation is .1 fellowship seek- mg to create .1 home away from home for X"C'illiam .mtl Mari' stuclents. The LSA WL1S.llIlI1IL'- gral part til' the St. Steplieiis tongregation .mtl met at the thurth at i ill on Suntlays, Meetings Wei'eN'.1r1e1l .mtl usu- alli' intlutletl singing, games, .mtl .1 short program. liimlltixsctl lwi tlmner Programs toultl l3L'.1IlYLlTllll! from .1 liilwle stutly. In .1 guest lecturer, to an outsitle sport, l'ior.1i1xone whototilil hear In tear' hmtsell .twat trom cam- l pus, the group had frequent trips to places like the beach, the state fair, and the Rich- monclpl.1net.1rit1m. This year the LSA hostecl .1 state-wide retreat for the Lu- theran Stuclent Movement, .1 national group with which it is al'I'iliatetl. Other ongoing proi- ects mc lutlecl sponsoring .1 Thai thiltl through the Christian c,.llll1lI'L,'ll'S Funtl, raising money for XY'orlcl Hunger Re- lielihy tlomg iolws for congrega- tion memhers, anti stutlying their theme tor the year ol "Procl.1im.1n1lSetFree." age X if if ., ii' ABOVE: Betty Witldnm and David OPPOSITE TOP: Lisa Hylton and her Carlson enjoy a meal with the Canter- friend, Neil fellowship together after a hurt' Associatiori. Photos by ll. Pack- service sponsered by the CanterburvAs- man sociarion. Ni ' f f Q j . . 'ff 1. 'V hgh ll' , Q MI. . m, ,X Ita' Mi ,, lzmwh A- ,.-.. r - --A T- l l t c , es' , 4 K, , x' x. an V x A - I: 0 i'49 ' ' KN U W 3 CANTERBURY STUDENT ASSOCIA TION: Row I: Rob Smith, David l 'urlvnn, Kim. flllilllhflh Purringlon, .lruor WOU, Catherine Hart Amelie von Ludwig, Emily Clark. Rev. Run Fins if 'haplain J lfnw 25 Adam liurgani... Julie Harman, Mrs. MorrislMcCain, Lisa Hylton, Anne Bak, Neil. John A'Ic'Gve. livin' H uldam. Mm. Ronald I am. Row 35 Chris Foote, Meg, Jim Pratt, Bill Wild, Elizabeth Utz. Photo by IJ. Purknmn 1 fi ii , The Cunterlwtirx' Aw iemtit in is t11lJ1I'lIlU1HlSIX'X'UllllL'LllHkL'NL' ulhuuthern Vti. .intl lirutwn litr- ish tu the Xhilllldlli .intl Marx' mniniunity. Bi' nie.inx ni .i multi-lueetetl prwlurniii, C .inter- hury prnvitles uppnrtuniries ti--r SLTYICC.liCll11XKSlllI',.lllxl urmxth Xlfeelily stutlx' uruutw nn the lil- l1le.eurrent l5NllL'NlYl' literature. .llluw1mliv1tlu.ilNtfmex.iin1ne.iiitl .irtieulate their l'.i1th .intl .ipplx it to eonteinpumri lite The CQ.interhuri 1 huir. tuni- priseel ul' stutlent wilunteerx, continues the lunu extnlwlislietl tradition olwchuml extellente in Anglican worship. Spetnil ser- vices .1tAtlvent.intl'ten featuring instrunienml enxein- bles, highlight the Suntlny ser- vice of C.hur.1l livenwiig .tt Bruton Parish .intl the weekly celebration ul' the Holy liuelu- rist in the XY'ren C.h.ipel. Several years .lun the K .inter- hury Assoeiatiun enteretl intn .i covenant rehltitmship with the Ctithulic Stutlent Assutintinii, This eeumeniuil experiment continues tu hear mueh fruit .ix the Covenant is renewetl .innu- .1lly. An important part ntithe lite of the Clnvenant c,UlUfULlIllfY is the "CQoven.1nt Pl.13'ets" .i tlr.i- matic ministry tu the witler tuni- munity. ln the pmt thu sli.ire.l .ietivity prutluteil Lie-true Bern.1rtl Slmxxk "bt -limi", Neil Sininns 'Lmtlk l5.ut.wrire", the inusiuil "-luseplt .intl the Anur- inu Tetlinitnlnr", .1Iitl"Gmlstiell" ' RL I lxlfil1.Jil.ll .'t'.'i lit 1 .Fl CSG I-'gill Mieiitt' C olf 1.11 .itioii ht-ld xxeelxlx' .. ..1 t'1t hinipiis C en- , 21.111-.itrliepizlwlit XKLIS in- it lRL'.ltlll1iLNll'1TIll the Bible ..1 the 1 l1risti.1nStientetext- .wi-it. Mari' llalter lfddy's Sci- ence and Health with Key to the Scriptures, .ind .1 time for testimonies and remarks on Christian Science were the ba- sis ofeach meeting. ln addition to these meetings. the Organi- zation .1nnu.1lly sponsored .1 free Christian Science lecture 5-XA X ': l.4 - 55 1' sera . es . lx I , c- it cl 4 x ,---1 .ha 47" , free lending library. The focal point of all these activities was spiritual prayer as demon- strated in the Bible by Christ jesus. To close a fruitful year of work in the Christian Science Organization and to begin making plans for the upcoming year, members gathered for a picnic at the home of their ad- visor, Mr. Ralph Charbeneau. ABOVE: Lisa Woodbury and Jenni Sar- hiicher enjoy hamhurgerts at the end of the year picnic. All photos by D, Pack- ITIUII I PPER RIGHI : A my Ileth lulks m Pa- tricia Gibbs, one ofthe advisors of the Christian Science Organization, 1 Q Z- 111 N held on the college campus. This ye.1r's lecture, entitled "Christ, the Light Shining in Darkness," was delivered by Robert W. hleftiery, CSB., in the Botetourt theater. Students and members of the Organization also .ittended Sunday morning services and X'i'ednesday evening testimony meetings at the First Church of Christ Scientists on-lamestown Road. A Christian Science reading room on North Boundary Street provided a X X X I X L P, 1 5 , 1: , js HV'- pa ' 1' ,. ' ,r 'J aff 1 a , I 'o I ' X , It ' f ci ,slim , ,fx f QJ9: 4 .' Pg iz. 9 vs . w 'E-3 'Sf I ' S .. 4,1559 "5 lvfcf CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION: Row I: Lois Hornsby, Patricia Gibbs. Lisa Woodbury, .lo Rajfacle, Wendy Neuman. Row 2: Robert Hornsby, Amy Heth, Ralph C harbeneau, Jenni Sarbacher, Hope Jimenez, Mrs. Charbeneau. LEFT: Professor Seholnifk reads rhe traditional Hebrew rex! during lhe Hillel sponsered Seder celebration. All photos by M. Niekolieh BELOW: Steve Lewis and friend make the last of ihe earvings on a rurkev dl Seder. LOWER LEFT: Danny Malks lilwtenx intently during the Seder wrvive held on April 17. 1 nl the silmuolssuull lml over Sully-r was um' ut flu- relugiousurulnnimun lor ux ll1j.Zlll1tLIllI5 wt ilu- war, will students ummm xurx u mam' suilli-nu crmymiiyu ilu' L Q x x II'.lnllIlUI1.ll lld-ll.isl.l rnmlurlxu .mil mums Q nsistul wi kLlSlUlN.ll'X ,lL'XKlNll rw-nlx il- Hrumlus mil Nlulwl it llmmrx gg-rlmqr Tlm Xgjllh will lwlwl, 1 x ' ll xo Nl.lNIIx lvtllllrx .mit ll,xT'.'1' l llullel lux rrmlx :- 1 .mussmn ruups mum wurii -it lm-.lm 11 -l l.iiniw1N I ff, ll. liilll,-1-me .LWN 'KY' 'P' J if THE EW KID 1 THE BLOCK t was a night of firsts. On December 12, 1985, a small group of XVSLIVI journalists waited impatiently at the door of the Gazette. a local printer found on lronbound Road. for eight boxes which were filled with the fin! edition copies of the firtt feature magazine put out by undergraduates on an American campus. This magazine was entitledjump. The group of students obtained the copies at 9 p.m. and then drove back to campus so they could distribute the 2,500 magazines. Containing articles ranging from an interview with a WSQM graduate in Grenada to a cover story on the Muscarelle Museum, the maga- zine proved to be a "forum for many facets of campus life, while remaining open to pieces from different sources," as mentioned in the letter from the editor in the first issue of the magazine. When one speaks of the editor of the first edition ofjump. one can synonymously use the word founder in addressing him, his name being Stuart McCutcheon. Feeling that the campus needed a publica- tion "more suited to the academic environ- ment" and a publication with "less constraints than the Flat Hat and the REl'li?Zl'.u McCut- cheon mentioned his idea for a monthly cam- pus magazine to a few friends and faculty members last spring. Receiving favorable reactions from the people to whom he pro- posed the idea, he them decided to attend New York University for a six-week publish- ing seminar. Claiming that he could not have done the magazine without the program at NYU. McCutcheon returned to Vfilliams- burg with a dummy of the magazine and be- gan showing it to potential advertisers in the area. Again encouraged from the responses that he was receiving, he worked on forming an editorial board and approached Ken Smith to get details on how one would secure fund- ing for the venture. This editorial board was composed ofGreg Schneider. Ford Cochran, Matt Geer, and Ed Lull. "From the beginning I thought the idea for the magazine was a good one. YCI I tempered their enthusiasm and told them it would he a long. uphill struggle," commented Ken Smith, Dean ofStudents. l-le mentioned that the students who were working together to start the magazine intially lacked an under- standing of how the Publications Council worked." Funding was not automatic," said Smith. Smith explained that the Publications Council first had to endorse the concept of jump before the magazine could receive any funding from the Board of Student Affairs. Getting the intial endorsement from the Publications Council was a bit of a problem since the Council wanted to be positive that 1. 1,-7 ' 'A TP? " " 'L lav- Using Jump as u pleasant diversion. Monica Johnson reads the magazine during her shqft behind the Campus Center desk. Issues of Jump came out in December and in April. the publication would not "conflict with ex- isting publications and take away from their readershipsf' Smith stated. lfeditions keep materializing and response to the magazine is good,jump will formally be recognized by the Publications Council in the 1985-1986 school year and will receive a part of the money appropriated to the Publica- tions Council from the B.S.A. After receiving intial approval from the Publications Council in Ocroberulump had to establish itself as a campus organization be- fore the BSA would give them funding for its first three issues. On November 9.jump fi- nally received the funding it needed to print its first three issues, a sum of -1,500 dollars. McCutcheon mentioned that this amount covered only one-half of the magazines costs and that the rest of the money was raisedi by advertising. ' Remembering all the presentations and the red tape that they had to go through forl funding, Matt Geer, managing editor, was' surprised that the magazine finally mate-i rialized since "nothing really new ever: happens at this school." -l Geer feels thatjump is "right in the mid- dle of the Review and the Flat Hat." "The Rerieu' is not as accesible to the students' since its considered to be an Englishi major's magazine. And the Flat Hat can' 1 take the time to take anything down t i detail." I-Ie believes that since jump is ai feature magazine, it offers a "non-fiction, outlet not available previously on cami pus." We do not have to be as topical,' Geer stated. 1 McCutcheon cited that all of the articlei for the first edition were completed prio to the date on which they received fund- ing. The staff then had to procure advertis- ing contracts in November, somethin A which could not be done until jump ha become an official entity. A Since the first edition was to come ou' the second week of December and sincl the funding was secured so late, all the pro- duction work for the edition had to b done during the week of Thanksgivin break. Production of the magazine was done a the Yorktown Crier. a paper run by Willi and Mary graduates Bill and Mary Ka Seizemore. "The editorial staff really threw together the first issue," stated Mc- Cutcheon. "We wanted to familiarize our-l selves with all aspects of magazine production, from layout to typesetting. Inl fact, it was the first time I touched an X-Q acto knife." 1 Geer, who edited Cribnotes and wrote' two articles for the edition, said, "Stu and had to essentially put together the first is sue." The most memorable event that h remembers about production work was "waking up Thanksgiving morning, seeing the sun up, and going to Mike's, a shod which was across the Crier, for chili dogs."L 1 i 23-9 ,lumpf 'v Lauren Onkey, the features editor, men- tioned that it was "a real pooling of creative talent" to get the first issue offthe ground and that it was extremely frustrating at times: yet, she knew all the trouble was worth it "when the very first article came out typeset and it actually looked like a magazine article." When asked about his reaction to the first edition, McCutcheon said that he felt "it was professionally done and that it came out bet- ter than our wildest expectionsf' From an administrative point ofview, Pres- ident Graves thought it was a "darn good first effort" and that it seemed to be a fine attempt, He commented that it offered students an opportunity to do some "fun types of writ- ing." "Stu had a lot ofvision in what he wanted to do. I don't think I had one bad reaction to lump at all. People are so amazed that some- thing was actually produced," Geer said aughingly. - Smart u7I'71I'6L'kIi A J L--' ,..-. MWF' gi little P.R. never did any harm. Distributing afew issues, 1attGeer hands out the April edition to passer-hm in the Campus Center. - 'f'T"-K.. --3 I xlYYxgr Editor .Hutt fieer, uxmcniti' editur J. Patrick liurret, and business manager Intl l,ulI flip through the April issue and make rummentx nn what Ifmkerl gmt! um! what needed improvement. i ECHO CH NCB TAKE N CH FNGE hange is the keyword for desc ribing the Cfiltiu.t.1l Iftlm 84184. From hav- ing a theme entitled "Learning How to Change" to actually changing the delivery date ofthe book from spring to fall, the lfrlw staff worked on assembling a book which would capture the storytelling events of the entire H5-H-I school year. 'AYou have one shot to do the book, and you want to do it the way you svant to do it," stated Mark Beavers. editor-in-chief. Thinking "XX'illiam and Mary could use a change," Beavers had the idea for a fall de- livery book in the spring oflast year: but he did not pursue the idea until September when a senior class officer said he would like to see all the spring sports and gradua- tion events included in the book, After gaining approval from the Hunter Co.. the Erlmit publisher. from Ken Smith, and from the Publications Council, the Erlw became a fall delivery yearbook. Noting that there are always complaints about the book whether it has a spring or fall delivery. "the bitching about the change is at a minimum." commented Beavers. Teresa Layne, Classes Section editor, said she h.1dn't heard any complaints. "People do not like change. but if this yearbook is suc- cessful, the change will be perceived as a The telephone was like anotherappendagefar Business manager Rob Anderson. He was in charge of all the Et hit' y jinuncesfar theyear. Checking the correction she made an an article. Susan Conn reads over what is on the screen while Dare Christiansen does some over the shoulder reading. Precisely drawing his layouts. lifestyles editor John Haincm works un counting the number of pieas for each column nfcnpy. I E '- ow:-r'--' ,-ii. Sports co-editor Jewell Lim fills yet another copy sheet. Jewell worked with Mary Beth Straight who is checking on tvpestyles. good thing. We're giving them time so they'll accept it." Feeling that last year's book lacked con- sistency from pictures to layout to copy, Beaver's wanted "a more consistent theme" and came up with "Learning How to Change." I-Ie explained that W 84 M is in the process of changing and noted such things as a new Board of Visitors, selection ofa I new president, and a new sports program. ' "To look at the school, I had to talk to a lot of people about what the college was and 1 what it is now," stated Beavers. Layne said that she took the position ofg Classes editor because she wanted to see a I little more accuracy in the book. "For the l past three years there was something wrong i with my name, I found it a personal i challenge to have 800 faces and names I match with spellings correct." 1 "Our biggest problem for this year was that we only had three returning staff members outside of photographers. I had to gamble on some freshmen and although I lost a few, I gained people to carry on in years to come," stated Beavers. "We have fifteen staff mem- i bers who work consistently and about 60 1 people who have done anything from writing 5 one article to typing one page." ' One addition to the staff this year was a I I Q 5 S., I n -11 .0 'V- o' fir' Y' . El ng J :lux I .- Ns J I tml! uw- lv., Qi! yu u 1.x 31:1 ll ll: tr- 5 H lqfi k.UliJfIl.1ll'.klltl 11 ' :PT L' . I Q 'x X x .r -' '-sq.. '-,,n " W wig ,Q "Mark, can you come over here for a minq::e?" Editor-im chief Mark Beavers assists Kathy Walsh w h a problem on the computer. 2 . ,I ga 'i ,af 'N f W X l ,X Q h 7 -m hy' an X k X lafrjj l .,l.1r11.1il.'n W is ' .. i - - ' 'y .Q . -f " MH V ' -ff' X -.., Q- . -' wg , 'ft r 5:1- 'V 'viv- lking the 112,11 hoard In crop a pifrurv, Susan Lung care- fully nzmxurvs the dinlrnxinm qfu phnmgmph in pirm. lining hvr luwuts an once nvvr hqyhrv xhippinq rhvm Qffm Hunterl'uhl1xh1nQCh.. flames edzmr Ikresu Layne makes sure ull her paws are mnzplelv. '15- Q? E! .J .,,,g -4 .V 4, X x .-.-d---Y- ff' -I N ,..s- Q6 Z", ...".,-3.-. , k " " 'Q Vin,-5 1 1 ' ..,, voir. 4.. it - -. ,W-, 'S 4' 7:.f.?"" - ""f'?7'---4-L.. "' ,.. H ' .1'11A.QIkM' ' 1 "H April i 7 S Il Il YI " l7i ist 19. yo. .,.. 'I 9 'though she claims that she is the wont tvpisi on earth, nt Moosha spent many an hour behind the romputer Qing in copy. ' IfSu ' . 1' v V "Its" ' n - n , I . L Q 'rf ,K A." X 119 5 I 5 X x N 41- is it's after midnight, and the QHTN is wtillfilled with activ- ity. John Bainren looks over the photos that I im Steep took for his section. continuedfrom p. 256 word processor to use to type articles. Realiz- ing that a great deal of time was lost on the first deadline due to typing things over, Bea- vers decided to rent the computer for April and May. Susan Long, senior staffer. said. "Since we don't have paid typists, the tom- puter is more time efficient." Before the computer could be delivered. Beavers had to go to the Attorney Generals office to get .1 lease approved since all new state tontracts must be signed by him. "Sometimes the most frustrating part of the iob is following all the rules and doing things efficiently," men- tioned Beavers. Layne commented, "no one really appreci- ates how much work goes into the book un- less you work on the staff." "Those times when I felt there was no one else to help were the worst for me," commented Beavers. "I expect deadlines to be bad. But when I'x'e been the only one in the office for a week. it's terrible." "X'i"hen I think about yearbook sometimes -I just want to scream." said Kim Moosha. copy editor, "it's constant confusion." She went on to comment, "There is a sense of accomplishment when you're finished. It's really a learning experience in how to orga- nize and in working with other people. It's amazing that something so immense gets done," Relaying their most trying time this year, Layne and Long both agreed that it was the night they spent before the March 2 I st dead- line. "We finished all the pages at 3:1117 a.m. and then we couldn't find anyone to ship it to Winston-Salem. So, Tee and I went to Ho-lo's and waited until '60 a.m. when Greyhound opened." remienced Long. "I was so paranoid about all those pages. lt was storming. and l was afraid we would get into a wreck or the trunk would leak and allot it would get ruined." stated Long. Layne laughingly remembered "sitting, drinking coffee, and looking at one .mother with eyes like little slits. We were the table that wouldtft leave." She continued. "We were down at the end of the rope and we kept one another up. You get support from people when you really need it." Ulfanyone complains when this yeark hook arrives, l'lI kill them." Beavers said iokifiglx On a more serious note. he atititti. "Amongest any birthing. thtxll sit .town to read it. If they sax, 'it's the but book lat Seenf that will he our greatest tonzplinit nt And I think this hook has the port ntial to In lf. f Nr. .in ll .'f.,'t.1.' iid-tiiial l t lit' 297 XWWMQJ TI E FCRA RELGCATHD ti preparing I- ir its nit is eIw.1I1eNXlwtatlwll and tor its mime tii .1 new place on the dial. ll 'L ll fll stlctessftllly'urelu.1lI1etl.1Il.1L11ll- , .. et1te,IX1iwr.1ie, and momentum this year. ac- cording to lieXlI1 Hall, statliwnm.1t1.1ger.NYl1U .ttltled that in HQ-HQ the station only hroad- tasted W dai s out 1117.111 Sll day period. Deemed .1 "progressive" radio station with a Slllttlllltl alhum collection, ll"t.ll".ll of- fered something 1'ou're not going to get anyf where else on the dial. "The station plays songs on an alhum that no one else does." stated Hall. "We iust clon't appeal to the fif- teen to eighteen year-old. middle class crowd." The station gained .1 reputation for playing new alhums and demo tapes from lo- cal hands such .1s Ampersand and the Good Guys. This past tall. the station held .1 campaign to recruit new staff memhers. and the campaign paid oft since the station grew to haye oyer one-hundred staff memlaers. To get time on the air. new staff memhers did .1lUIOl-HlCHl.1l tasks around the station to earn "brownie pointsf' and then if they wished to pursue heing .1 d. 1.. they trained with .1 more experi- enced staff memher. For example. freshman Rick Box hegan hy writing campus news hriefs and eyentually got .1 radio show of his own from lll- l Q pm. om Friday nights. Host- ing .1 British lnyasion hour. Box commented. "lt's not what you play. lt's your personality and the zany things you do on the air that malxes people listen " 'l'l1est.1tl1tt1 lxept up theirprot111it1on.1l cam- paign throughout the year. ljlyers around t.1rnpus.tot1terts in the campus center hall- r-iiinz and record and concert ticlxet give' .1w.1i.s all llelyecl to make the station get its tall letters lgnown llt ll .ll also provided :nusii at prixate parties and est.1hlished an .il..:T.n1 iiru.1fiix.1t1iin. an untapped source of pi itential lllldllxldl NLJVP1 irt," mentioned Hall. lf1.hfKT1l.Illt stati-in ciindutted its first au- .geiitt strut in the pas: three years Nlarle Uslt r. pr- iurani dircttiir. telephoned l 411, on- szaqtiuts and asked thezn yariiuis si sam ,itllt llfll lletouniltliatlifl "txt st.. itnfs polled listened to llt llfll in i 1. 1 yths priiir tit the surxcx. and he 11.11 "CH 'XXVNI ..,.f cited that 20' I of these students listened to the station regularly. about once every four days, This fall. ll"Cll",lI'i twenty-fifth anniver- sary will he properly celebrated with the sta- tion changing its location on the dial from 89,1 to Ulf' and with the station's move from PBK to the newly renovated Trinlxle Hall. There-'s a hit ofa story as to why the station had to rnoye its position on the dial. Over the past couple years, the station had received complaints from the listeners of WHRU M95 l, a classical station. These listeners complained that they could not tune into WHRU since ll"Cll".lI came over the air so loud. "lt was frustrating to get letters ahout ltids playing damn rock-n-roll from the Dean ofthe Law School when we were totally withf out hlamef' commented Hall, "Even when the station operates at full power. we are in compliante with FCL' regulations. Xl"cll'1XI1 signal iust interferes with lliiHRU'X."Tl1eSt.1- tion also reteived complaints from the The- atre Department. They felt that the s brought in too much traffic. created too noise. and took up valuable space. To remedy the situaiton. WHRO proached ll"ClY'.lI and said they would pay have ll"Cll".lI'.f frequency changed. They fered to cover any engineering costs, costs. and promotional costs. Coinciding the new location on the dial is the station move to Trinkle. With a budget of S22 for 84-Si. ll"Cll",lI will use most of funds to re-locate and to repair the em radio system and transmitter. Hall also tioned that a new control board for the- will be purchased with a price tag of 561700. "ll"Cll".lI is like ,TI-Tlf Artists we p two years ago are popular now." said Hall. added. "ln the space of one year. lk"Cll".lI effected great strides in its efforts to re credibility and yiahility as one of the l campus organizations." - Szmzu llnzi :- 5 x U .Aff ,wir .. -L-I ' h Q Q' "gg 5 1 1-'Q ,hw ll!!! I l f' w ,.'4-ax., Q0 ., ,gn- QW' I J. msg 'SDI I . r' 44 R I BROADEN NG THEIR APPEAL GN CAMP e're discarding our ivory tower image and becoming less ofan elitist magazine." said Reima editor Sarah Xlfilliarnson. Clarifying the term "elitist," Williamson commented, "lla Rt- ittii was perceived as clickish and conserva- tive, so this year we tried to draw heavily on underclassmen talent and from the Fine Arts Society." By attempting to change this image, the staff hoped to broaden the Rrttezz fi ap- peal. After attending a three-day seminar for the Fiftieth Anniversary ofAmerican poets at the Library of Congress, staff members returned with an idea for a new policy that the maga- zine would institute second semester. They decided that the Rezieu would no longer work on a strict acceptance-rejection basis but would work to become more of a guide for writers and artists. Emily NY'ood, fiction editor, took this idea and began to personal- ize the Rei mt '.r reiection letters. People who submitted works to the magazine now re- ceived letters with the staffs constructive criticism. About the success of these efforts. Wood stated, "This semester we already re- ceived IO to 15 re-submissions of works we critiqued. lt makes us feel that the Rein-it has become something like a tutoring service, .1 very positive aspect that l would like to see BUTT OM: The Review C rew: Magon Kinzie, Bmce Hain- ley. Fred Brodnax, Sarah Williamson, Jamie Barnes, Bar- rett Warner, John Rendlemen, Emily Wood. and Lesley Mackay. XQS. Q 5 5 'kv TOP: Checking out the competition, senior Sarah Wil- liamson, editor, looks at literary magazines front other colleges. She is thefirstfemale editor in ten years, Photo by M. Bea vers. continued in the future. By co-sponsoring the Writer's Festival with the English Department, the Retiezc moved further into the public eye. Held from March 19-22, the Festival had five professional writers who gave readings of their works and held workshops and informal discussions. The Festival was open to all college students, members of the community, and local high school students. Senior art staff member, Cindy Barker, helped to popularize the Reziezt on campus with her creative posters which solicited members for the staffand requested campus- wide submissions. The publicity paid off ac- cording to Magon Kinzie zvho was "more con- scious as poetry editor of having a new staff comprised ofmore enthusiastic freshmen and sophomores this year than in the past." Mentioning that "the Reziiezc is set apart from other publications by its consideration of works by artists and authors outside ofthe college," Williamson stated that the Reiieui tried to increase its outside exposure. The idea to seek and to publish works submitted by those outside the college community was introduced three years ago when former edi- tor Tom Prince put the Retieu' in listings in' Tlae Fiction W'r1'ter.r fllarket and The Coordirzat-i ing Council 0fLl'l6ft1fj' Mugaz1'r1e.t. These list- ings allowed the review to serve as a' reference for other authors throughout the country. This past year, the Rerieu printed' 500 extra copies of the magazine for the Se- rial Department in Swem Library to exchange with other colleges. Through all these efforts, Emily Wood commented, "The Reziieu has become a major asset to our school by broadening our audience. ' - Sabrina Rirlanitzn and Susan lY'1'r1ieckf QD lf' -.1 4 5.1 s 4. se 1112 lkcxiuxy 'r 'fag f - - r TOP: Holding up the dummy ofthe Spring '84 cover. Sarah Williamson waits for comments from .Wagon Kinzie and other staff members. The cover work was done by Grieg Leach. BOTTOM: Coeart editors for Spring '84, Harret N arner and John Rendleman go over submmions at o staff meet- ing. Photos by T. Steeg. ik I ,fl I N we I-3 I P I-3 T ORKI NIGHT A I1f1i1i.l1.,l.1l1lJtlV'I 22. 2:05 pm. Last weeks edition is critiqued by the staff, "Lots of good tomments on Tim's Redskins article," says Tom Corsi, sports editor. "Where are the lines in the Campus section," someone asks. A yote is taken on whether the staff likes or dislikes the lines. The lines win. Thanks is given to people who worked on the F.1tH.i1i1' from Dan Halberstein, columns editor. .Iune Sherry brings up the Shamrock ad, claiming it's propaganda. Tim Yfilson, editor. retorts. "Where advertising is concerned, a buck is a buck." 1 22 8-4 2:29 pm, Sections of the paper split up, storiesyfor the week are assigned. The assistant editors meet with Kim Smith who vows. "X'i'e're going to get people to read The F1iz.fHat" by having more revelant, light sto- ries." Tim offers everyone wedding cake from his sister's wedding. 1125-25. Information for articles is collected. IY'edrze.iiii1-1.jarzutnfi 25. '32 pm. The Tribe basketball game is blaring from the "box". The headliner is whizzing away in the produc- tion room, Wilson woefully laments, "I'm the only one missing the ultimate Lambda Chi party of the year. 1 can't believe I'm sitting here reading everyones campaign blurbsf' ":50p.m, Wilson sees how production people are doing on designing the ads. He comments that he was concerned about receiving only one letter on the dropping of six varsity sports. "Luckily, I got eight more in today." 8:02 pm. While reading his mail, Greg Sch- neider, features editor, feels it's going to be a long evening and suggests that someone read Shakespeare outloud to him tomorrow eve- ning during production. H53 5 pm, Katherine Leupold arrives. "XY'here are the cookiesf' asks Halberstein. Katherine sorts through the campus briefs. Halberstein starts his feature on karate, and Carl Becker types his article on .Ieff Sickler. Kim Smith is told not to put herself down. "There are enough people to do that for you." says Halberstein. 6 -4 K pm 'lust as Kc-ith Cieplicki goes to the firee throw line, Lisa Daniels enters, lassoing her scarf, and says hello to everyone. 'i..'+'f Af in XYANI defeats George Mason fil- DD .,.r' 6-vt., 1 I 3?-'iilu f sf ' " MQ- ' . ' ,.4. 5 M ny, 'mx ,l,v I 1 5' flef TOP: The work of many hands goes into producing one issue ofthe newspaper. After copy is Qpeset, it is cut and pasted up on the board in the production room. BOTTOM: With a "box" by his side blasting music of W8zM basketball, editor Tim Wilson oversees work in the office. All photos by T. Steeg T9. 10:2-1 pm. Sherry runs over to the SA office to get some quotes on a story on which she is working. Phyllis Wolfteich bangs out her arti- cle on the drinking age proposal. Wilson an- noyingly says. "People have been asking me questions since I got here." 10:46 pm. Katherine finishes for the eve- ning. Sherry sneaks offto see the Good Guys. Waiting for a confirmation of figures for the Daifi Prefs. Paul Moore patiently sits with the phone at his ear. Halberstein informs Wlilson that "they have altered body chemistry in Eastern block countries. so editors can stay up all night." "The yucks never cease around this place," comments Smith. 11:30 p.m. Going through the campaign i pitches, Wilson finds that Lisa I-Iaverty didz not type hers. "Tell her to do it, or we're not , printing her pitch to the pigeons." Tim claims I "I've never done anything to hurt anyone"4 when he finds campaign pitches on computer printouts. 11:40 p.m. "Michelle" by the Beatles is play-N ing. Moore is still working on his story: "I've been here since 5:3O!" Starting his review on TlaeBirdr. Doug Petrie says, "I think I'll finish this in 20 minutes and then get some beer. Or maybe I'II just write for 20 minutes and then l go get some." 12:03 a.m. The sports editors try to decide iff they have ever had Keith Cieplicki as an ath-I lete of the month. Schneider reminiscesl about snowstorms at W8tM. "It was like be-I ing alone in the Cosmos." Manolita lMannieI Marmol sits down and starts writing her arti- 1 cle on the SAC. 3:30 am. Schneider leaves on the note, ii "Sometimes it's not even worth going toy bed." - 7540 a.m. After staying up reading copy all night, Wilson is finished until 6:00 p,m. T19ur.rdaAi,jar1uarji 26. 6:31 pm. All is quiet on The F1atHat front. Angelique Aubrey,j. Barrett, and Normanjohnson work on laying T . we W 4 10 + Fiat Hat 11" .. out the advertising flats. 7:03 p.m. johnson updates Wilson on this week's edition - 28 pages ofcopy, 45W ads. "l'm worried. june has thirteen stories but she only has 4 pages. Hope it will work out." ,Wilson feels that the SA should pay for its campaign section. "We shouldn't have to use lpart ofour budget." 17:25 p.m. "Good Lovin' " by the Rascals is turned up. "This is such a great album," com- rnents Schneider. johnson cannot find the Zutlines. He puts in a call to Mannie. Section editors sit and read all their stories before aying them out. "l'm scared this election crap s going to screw up everything," statesjohn- son. 9:05 p.m. "What are we going to do, june- QJug?" says Smith when they realize they must Liu! some Stories. ln her Pokey and Gumby Qzhirt, Daniels stands on a chair and reads over Lier copy. 3:45 p.m. A sing-a-long of "Mairzy Doats" Vontinues. Section editors are all arranging lheir copy. Daniels steals an "X-acto" knife 'I i and June Sherry, along confer over a layout for a do, Schneider, Arts and Features editor, takes a break to entertain the production with his mllrguitar. from the news people while "johnny, Be Good" comes on. 9:50 p.m. Tim asks where the story on cam- paign elections is. Sherry then realizes she doesn't have one and goes to write some late copy. A group ofstudents from the Womens Forum comes into the office and alerts the staff of the sexist connotations found in the diploma. "What's going on tomorrow night!" asks Schneider. Mr. Security Man passes through. 11:10 p.m. "Tim, can we consult you on something?" asks Corsi from the headliner. A call for graphics is made. Corrections are be- ing typed. 1I.'55 pm. Kevin McLaughlin turns in his campaign statement late. A decision to run it has to be made. "Vl'e had a record of 39 cam- pus briefs," says Leupold as she leaves for the evening. Schneider is now on the phone, ask- ing "W'hat's going on tomorrow night!" Ont e again, Wilson mentions that he had missed the biggest party of the year. The sports set- tion is finished. FYI-ddA1.'lcZlIlldYf1 2'. 130' am. "Lola" cwmes on. While munching on his Wendy burger. Wilson works on the editorial page. Schnei- der types headlines. Smith comments. "l'm not a loser, l'm a Greek." as she writes cut- lines. 1:35 am johnson and Barrett shout point sizes across the office. As he plows through his corrections. Schneider relays the fact that "Were not sure how the ancient Greek pro- nounced anything. Oedipus could have het-n pronounced Smnithf' 2108 41.112, XX'ilson contemplates the subiect for his article. "Maybe l'll write one on not voting." johnson realizes that he set the last page ofthe paper incorrectly and will have to do it over. "Life is full of unexpected crap" becomes the motto for the hour. 5 2145 a.m. Mannie calls. She is told everything is going pretty well. Schneider comments, "It's amazing that the paper comes out at all." 3.130 a.m. XVilson and Schneider doa duet to "All my love, all my kissin' Sherry finished laying out her headlines and is done for the evening. Barrett screams from across the room. Schneider looks for his ,l.D. Souther tape. 5:04 am. All staff members are gone except for Yfilson, who sits down to write his edito- rial. 8:15 a.m. Mannie and Brian Wilson do the final proofreading. SAC lilection K ornniiriec Chairperson Pedro Carroll runs into :hi vi' fice with a reprimand that he it isht s to .itiat li to Mcl.aughlin's statement Nlannie calls Yi'ilson to see ifshe t .in run tht latc copy 9.'5llt1.r11 All flats are .it the Liaztttt otfitc .1l'ltl.1l'L' fcxltli IH lWe IX Vest! -4.'46fv.r11. lleadlines rtqii: liratc rnitzt s lliilit Dry Rush, SA llrt siilciir St i its Rt election f Nr. lf ll :'.':i.r 1 Joi fel .ESI ,, 4 ,L i fir fail. , 53 G3 1 T 'rg 3' ..,.:i ,N - QQ fe-qv . ,- ,, - iig- ff 1 if fl .a- rg 5- .. .- 4 V- 4? A-b Q- am , Q ... .. -1- i.? v....-, 5, ,V - f f .1 11" Mx X -Q Y . X jf TKO! -' 73 wig 5, fx ' 'ffffs 'f Xl! Q f S ff ," f, f 3 XX 4 x ,ht 5 ,A , 1 .Vw , f -. 1 Ar 61 ' N 'i '- . '1- Wi QQ r ' '-f B fb! .ff .'J'-. l Q f x ' ' N 'C'-uh if X Q 4 , if in 17, ' Y ,-Q 0' J 5 sf Q . ,s '.a 1, ff f-in ' 1 1 gQy:sI7,f .L 2,4 1.. f f f, 1 K .1 1 RL KI ,A 'fra 'ADMINISTRATION GRAVE The upstairs sittin room of President Graves' home is filled with symbols of his years at Wil iam and Mary . . . an ancient, silver Phi Beta Kappa pocketwatch, photographs of his children, and a guest hook filled with 617710115 7'l6ll'l1ES. Echo: What sort of career experience had you had that prepared you to be a college president? I-Iow did a bachelors degree in Economics lead to education administra- tion? TAG: Almost my entire career had been in the management of business and interna- tional schools. I had never had any direct association with a liberal arts college other than my undergraduate years at Yale, so what I'm doing here I don't know. Echo: Shortly after your inauguration in 1971, you were quoted as saying that Wil- liam and Mary was "on the verge of excel- lence." Do you feel we have attained that rating since? Have your goals been fulfilled? TAG: I was rereading that speech last May as I prepared my annual report to the Board of Visitors. I think there is a close relation- ship between what I thought William and Mary was about then and what I think Wil- liam and Mary is about now. I do think we've made some progress. I think we still have an enormous way to go. l think we always will. Echo: Thirteen years ago you brought the principles of self-determination to WMM. Do you feel that this has been your greatest contribution to the College? TAG: Certainly in the area of Student Af- fairs, yes. It was the opening up of the sys- temg itgave the students a chance to feel like part of a collegiate community made up of faculty and Board members, not simply in- dividuals who are here to study. As a part of the governing system, it has encouraged the students to take responsibility for the con- duct of their lives. Prior to 19'I, I don't think that was true. Overall, the progress in the area ofStudent Affairs has also been due to the efforts ofexceptional people like Sam Sadler, jim Livingston and Linda Reilly. Their approach, their attitudes, and their implementation have made a big difference. ECHO: As president ofthe College, whom do you answer to? TAG: The Board of Visitors, basically. It hired me and it can fire me at any time. Echo: So you have no contract! TAG: No. As far as I know, l'm the only one at the college who doesn't have .1 ton- tract. Wlhen you are in my position you start with the assumption thatyou .1re.1bo- solutely expendable. You h.1vetot.1keth.1t philosophy in order to make the kinds of decision I think a college president has to make. I don't think a president could be .is effective ifall ludgments were made based on their relation to his security. Echo: Besides lobbying the General As- sembly for addendums to their target bud- get for the college, what is your role in the colleges fundraising campaign! TAG: lt's fair to say that l am the thief fundraiser at the college. XY'e l1.1ve.1 Vite- President for University Advancement, .1 Director of Development, .1 network ol alumni volunteers and the Dc-.ins ol' the schools helping me with this task On the large gifts, I am directly involved. l'ni in the process of working with liust li ni mx to develop ideas .ind offerings towards xx hit li "X.li1.:ii I V ii .IIN . ' 1'-e i I 'JY-. 1""'i' X Al IS- Q, l I 1 , M- lliglnimn ,M - Ulf:-J Psi EL 'f ' 5 If .Y 4 A V , xx 'TT 1 I -ry A i they can contribute according to their own corporate philosophy. That kind of thing is done frequently to meet the needs ofboth. l try to make our priorities mesh with their interests. lt does take .1 lot of my time, Echo: Overall, what is the breakdown on your time' TAG: Niiite this is .lI11L'AllUID'SlZL'Ll, largely resitieiitial university with the lotus on un- dtrtira-luates. and sinte l hye on campus, the iiib is nearly twenty-Your hours a day, seyen .lays .1 week And l say that without tomplaining f l like it that way l would have Iii sax thirty pertenr Student Affairs, thirty pertent Acatleiiiit .-Xffairs, thirty per, tent lleyelopment, and thirty percent working with the state goveriiinent and liiiarti .iliV1s1tors Yes, you say llltllk one m rt land tu eiltl' percent, well that s the ll'i4 l1llWlN so 0. hat is your relationship In the lat - , l -'W ilw' ol the things l think any presi l out Trl. i in constantly is finding the ,, - - 33.4 T fe! BUCKIINSTE ULLE R ':i"'F5:TTn- - , ' v 5 gh? ij! fl ff' ' W ' i '5Q -I 4 fl, ' 1 --"PA R' xl if 'P X. 5' vw -a S '-mr . -F . I - ' -U., J P' 3 I K A --N. --2- ' time to work with the two most important groups at the college, the faculty and the students. Therefore, l try hard to make my- self available to any faculty member who wants to see me on anything and as soon as possible. If I'm in town and a faculty mem- ber really wants to see me, within twenty four hours I'll see him or her. Of course, in addition, l have regular meetings with the faculty and administrators, Echo: During your Open Houses with the students, what kinds of comments do you hear most often? Are they usually items rel- evant to your work as president? TAG: There's almost no way to generalize on that. A number of students who come here want to talk about some very personal toncerns from careers to any other aspects ofworking, living and studying here. Others will tome in as a representative of a group that wants me to be aware of something or to thange something. lt's interesting to me the number ofstudents that come in during the spring of their senior year or the fall of ' x X-ii-,gf their freshman year fundamentally for the reason that they haven't met the president ofthe college and they want to do so. One never knows really what to expect. Echo: If there were something you could change about the student body at William and Mary, what would it be? TAG: If there were a way to reduce the sense of pressure, that would be it. So many students would enjoy college more fully. lt's sort ofsad. What 1 would change about William and Mary ifl really had my druthers would be to pay the faculty the salaries that they deserve in order that Wil- liam and Mary would be able to attract the best. Echo: Do you think students are under more pressure at Wfilliam and Mary now than they were at Yale when you were an undergraduate? TAG: l think that William and Mary is no more difficult academically than Yale was when l was there. However, the students are more goal-oriented today than they fiilll were in the past. I believe that this is be- , cause more people are going to college now and competing for a still limited number of spaces in the job market and in the profes- ' sional schools. The pressure is really coming from within and from each other, which isn't all bad, but I do think some of the students at William and Mary are missing some of the great adventure ofgoing to college because of this attitude. Echo: Do you see the Greek system as an asset or a liability to this campus! What changes would you make in it if you could? TAG: At William and Mary, the Greek sys- tem Works very well. The R.A.'s on closed association contribute substantially to the female freshmen's abilities to make unbi- ased choices. Fortunately, a great percent- age of those rushing get what they want. I also think it's good that less than fifty per- cent ofthe students are Greek because it makes the campus less dependent on Greeks for social life. As far as rush for freshmen women, I don't think we can ex- pect a student who has been here less than a month to make such a decision. The prob- lem I see with the fraternities is the way the buildings are arranged. They are extremely vulnerable to breaking and entering, which gives the resident fraternity a bad name for the vandalism that is done on its premises. Echo: Last May, you were on campus dur- ing the Summit of the industrialized na- tions. Wlhat role did you play in the preparations? How do you think hosting the the summit helped XX'iIliam and Mary? TAG: I spent most of my time at William and Mary Hall which was the communica- tions center. Igot to greet President Reagan as he arrived by helicopter on Barksdale field which was great fun. I went to the final banquet at the Inn, also. That, ofcourse, was a very interesting affair. There was a receiv- ing line in which I met both President and Mrs. Reagan again. We were seated at the table right in front ofthe head table so I got to see all the heads ofstate. I really enioyed myself. "v Q As for gains to the college. I would have to say most were intangible People saw II on television and it was gooii ptgbliciti Possibly welll get more applit ants because of that exposure I'iChO2 llow do you feel alititit living - in campus' TAG: We like it. lieforc we most-ti in here we were given the thoiie betxxccii living in the house which was in tairlx ba' shapelthe past twt I presitzents ha.: lix t- in Campusl, or having a new hi :List built 'I li college agreed to fix up the itti-catiigit IT I N house and I believe we made the right ize- Cision. xy'eiute1iviia here. It yllcfb busy .ll times and once on a while nt iisy with sort ir- ity rush across the street. But overall, I think it is good tube right here in the ten- ter ofthings. On November, l985, President Grave N announced his resignation effective May, I985. -Sni.1uII'1v11i.i Susie .V-vers listens as President and Ilrx. lirtivm tll cuss the athletic team cuts. The Graves were talkin over campus issues with a group :rf C 'handler rmidwit who had invited them over hir dinner. Since coming t v X. U x ll Ililltam and ,xflllfll Prmiderit firawi has hem ui- tremclui' accessible to students anal their prifhlerns Photo by M, Beavers I I 1 V-V5 -. '55 553 '9aaf"' 'T'-tex, 345 .44 . , :wtf 351 'K 1 pi 3 ,L ,ek X V 'xg " ""ff Tr Q A .-1: QW' :fa- -Fg S'-'lf wa-'gf' .xx .x.. -Q-Q Y' JN 1. . .rpg e -:mi s. lADM1N1STRAT1oN I SADLER Dean Sacller's office on the second floor of james Blair is altoays liasy. The plants, the friendly secretaries, and a rocker that tlze Parents' Associa- tion gave hint reflect his calrn style. Echo: This year a great deal of change is occurring within Student Affairs. Your title has been changed from Dean of Students to Dean of Student Affairs. What is the signifi- cance of that? WSS: The changes taking place now are be- ing initiated in order to make Student Af- fairs more efficient. In the past there was too much overlap and too little communica- tion between the different departments. My job has not only a new title, but lots more responsibilities. I will be overseeing about fifty people in all categories of Student Af- fairs. I will no longer be in charge of the Committee on Academic Status which ap- proves deferred exams, underloads, et cet- era. My job will involve less student contact and much more administrative work. I'm sad to see that happen, but I think the im- provements in Student Affairs coordination will be well worth the growing pains our offices are experiencing right now. Echo: Are you still going to be serving as the advisor to the Honor Council? WSS: No, I'll be there for any procedural guidance they may need, but for the most part, Dean jarmon will be taking over my responsibilities. Echo: As their past advisor, can you com- ment on the controversy over the Honor Council's procedures and jurisdiction that arose this spring? WSS: The situation that has arisen is a very frustrating one for several reasons. For one. it is difhcult for the council to defend itself against the accusations and maintain the necessary level of confidentiality. Also, I think things have gotten out of hand be- cause the students are questioning the whole system based on what they know of one specific case. I think that is foolish. For the future, I doubt any great changes will occur in the way the council is set up or run. Hopefully, though, the student body will regain its respect for the Honor System. Maybe ifmore people were aware that each year the council's guidelines and procedures are reviewed by the state attorney generals office they would feel more secure. Echo: You were an undergraduate here and you have worked here for over fifteen years as an administrator. What kinds ofchanges have you found most significant and what direction do you see VC'illiam and Mary tak- ing in the future under a new president! WSS: For one thing the size and quality til the school has dramatically changed. The population has doubled and the students are now significantly brighter, more com- petitive and more diverse. I have been here to see the construction of much til new campus which is what accompanied the increase in the number of students here. All these changes were compli- mented by the policies of President Graves who liberalized the college through implementing self-determination and other programs. I think we're heading in agood direction and that the new presi- dent will not radically alter the present course. Echo: What is your greatest frustration with your job? WSS: I would have to say that I .im frus- trated by the lack of free time I have to meet with students one-on-one. One goes into Student Affairs to help people. not to make money, so I wish I could have .i little more of that intangible s.itisf.iction that comes from helping the students eniox' their college experience. ..f.""s -.. ,Q--.- -2::gQ-ERE -.. .f'..""" -.. . -...' L". -4... f "1 Z 'og ,,,..-1 y I I I 1 .iiirtiizm i ri T'-I' Uh mv.-. - .- fx fr v-4-.oo-og-u 1-uv-I ' pr 1 . if ., 4 Z -aj, 'W I 'v N '05 ,nt "FNB -'iihpu "1 no-v....,. "T lADMINISTRATIONl JARMO Dean Iarm0n's office is unexpectedly filled with plants, suizliglit, and College momentos includinga green and golclfreslzmeii beanie with "Amy" stitc ed in grey on the sicle. Echo: There has been a great deal of re- shuffling in the area of Student Affairs this year. How has this effected your job, and how do you see it improving or hurting the other administrators? ALJ: As you know, my title used to be 'As- sistant Dean of Students for Student Devel- opment'. That job involved academic counselling for freshmen and transfers, as well as, discipline hearings for the entire un- dergraduate student body. My new respon- sibilities will greatly expand the amount of 'work I do. I'll be counselling all undergrad- uate, advising the Honor Council, heading the committee on Academic Status, and tak- ing on other tasks that used to be handled by Dean Sadler. Echo: This is your last year to be directly involved in the discipline process. I-low do you feel about leaving that behind? QALJ: I am immensely relieved to be 'through with discipline hearings. I will still -be overseeing the process, but it will take a l l lot of stress off me not to be dealing with it directly. The decision making involved in discipline can be very draining. Also, it is difficult to make students feel as if they can approach you when you have the image of being the one in charge ofdiscipline. There is so much my office has to offer other than discipline, so l'll be glad to see that psycho- logical barrier come down. Echo: What percentage ofthe student body do you see for discipline? ALJ: This office sees only about two per- cent ofthe students and usually only once. It is very rare that someone will repeat an of- fense. Actually, most of the people that come in here realize that they have done something stupid and that they deserve some kind of punishment. Echo: To what extent do you think the new drinking policy that prevents freshmen from drinking has contributed to the stu- dent code violations in the dorms? ALJ: I think the new drinking policy has had some detrimental effects on the freshmen halls. The students are still drink- ing. but they're driven into their rooms to do it instead of drinking at parties where there is something else to do besides get drunk. The students drink more .ind lic- cause they do it in the dorms, the possibili- ties of vandalism have greatly increased. Echo: Is there anything about you or your job that you wish the students at William and Mary knew? AI.-I: I wish the students would realize that I am an alumnus ofthe College and that my connection with the school for the past twelve years has made me take .1 strong interest in making the school the best it can be. I understand what it is like to go to school here and I care for the well-being of the students and the college. I also wish that more students would realize that I try to be a nice person .ind that my intentions are good. l went into Student Affairs because l wanted to help people, but l can't unless they trust me .ind come to me for whatever help I can give them. -Sni.1r1ll"1r1.'t.t 5 .l ll I ww, Xu--it i t W ,Mix fn.. Q 1 5- .f.- ,zfff .Y-.mmut eff' 'ADMINISTRATION' HEALY Provost Geor e Healy's office is a center for rnuclz of tlze Colle te's fund- raising and budgeting. faculty salaries. Echo: What progress has been made this year in the search for faculty salary in- creases? Healy: Numerically, the ten percent salary increase that most students were aware of was only a representative figure of much more complex salary changes. For one thing, not everyone got exactly ten percent . . . that is just an average because increases are doled out according to a merit system. Also, some schools did better than ten per- cent. The law school did very well and the business school faculty received an addi- tional five percent salary hike. Further- more, the administration added to the salary increases through funds raised privately. I'd :say that the average increase was about gtwelve and a halfpercent. .Echoz How does William and Mary do for .support from Richmond? Is our aid com- :parable to that received by UVA, VPI and ithe others? iHealy: In a word, no. Because we are in a ynumber two category on the ladder of 're- searching' universities fthere are five cate- Kgoriesl, we receive less than major research institutions like UVA, VPI and VCU. :These classifications are awarded according i V I l l I ii l l l I i is One of his job objectives is to search for funds for to the number of doctoral degrees given out and the amount of federal money realized annually through research. Richmond feels that these universities deserve more money in order to attract the best faculty to perpet- uate the research. I'm not sure I agree with that philosophy. Echo: William and Mary has a noticeable lack of minority and female professors. What is being done to change this imbal- ance? Healy: Statistically, we do well as far as em- ploying women. We don't have many. but we have a high percentage compared to most schools, As far as minorities. we've got to do better, Good minority professors are still hard to come by though, particularly since William and Mary has the reputation of being such an all-white school. One bright spot is that next year we'll be getting two visiting distinguished minority profes- sors. The state pays their salaries which is sort of an incentive for us to try to get them to stay longer than one year. Echo: Do you think this year's salary in- creases have improved faculty-administrw tion relations? Healy: I don't talk to the faculty as much as l do the Deans. so l'm not really sure, They shouldn't be displeased. We give them all we have . . . it's not as if were funnelling it off to some other use. This is the first year in several that they have got- ten more than cost-of-living increases and next year we expect another ten percent increase from the state. The last eight years have been bad for faculty nationwide. The only reason I can see for the fatulty directing their anger at us is because we are the lobbyists and distributors. l think most, however are wise enough to be an- gry only at the system and at the govern- ment. They know that all non-earmarked funds that come into this office are allotted with faculty salaries in the priority one spot. Were really doing all we can. i Ir' r .fl O l :'x'17.:ii ii '- Larry Broomall watches the jinal seconds of the Wil- liam ancillary' vs. U.lJ.L'. busketbollgonie. The Tribe lost. Photo by T. Sreeg Echo: What exactly is the "Vice-President for Business Affairsf' LWB: I am one of the three vice- presidents under President Graves. My of- fice provides support services for the administration. Business Affairs includes the 'I'reasurer's office. the accounting staff. private funds management. building and grounds. security personnel and all capital Pftilecls, Echo: Div you have any contact with the students .it all! LXYB: l'd like. hutsome. I meet with the N :X president pc-riotlically. I also get to :neet sttltlcllts .it Board .ind committee meetings Uvc r.ill though. I dont think my iolw requires alot tif student contact I work more ht-hind the scenes .ind expett others to lit- on the front line dialing with students while I .ittt-nd to tit ii:-srutlt-tit .tlfairs issues Iit ho: IN it-s I'rcs1tlc'nI Litas es t' tht- stu- . .1 is an.: you tree tiit.1fI'X out the ' l' .1'l .il'1twla' INN ll' l'rt sift :at Qiraves is very proud ol - ' 'z ri with tht student Ilt-lirings ' IMQVIINIHIIIK .llltllllllll :ADMI is'rRATioNl BROO LL Echo: tan you tonlirm. deny. .ind or ex- plain the ruiiil ir that .ill seryit es provided on t ,imptis ,iregtitliltltolvt'tiwiitr.ittt'cltrtit tothe low c-st-lnthlmg private tompany. thus thre.itenting the quality of many student Nets lies! LWB: l'd like to make clear that rumor is false and emphasize that the Office of Busi- ness Affairs has .icttiallv det teased the amount ofcontracting the Lollege has done. The rumor arose. I believe. because of a trend in the executive branch ofthe govern- ment in Richmond to try to decrease the state payroll. Echo: Would you also comment on the con- sulting proiect this year in which the college had its housekeeping and maintenance sys- tem evaluatedf A great deal of money was given to the consulting firm, but it seems no real changes and improvements resulted. LW'B: The consultants did have an effect although it is unfortunate that they did cost us so much money. We made some progress in Yates and in the fraternity complex by laying off the cleaning staff there and shift- ing the burden on to the present housekeep- ing staff. They didn't do anything we couldn't have done. but they had the time and the freedom to concentrate on one problem which got the job done quickly and in some respects. efficiently. Echo: Whose idea was it that your office be moved into Bridges House! LWB: No one person's really. Last summer. space was needed in-lames Blair Hall but no one would agree to move. I had been here only a short time ttwo years? and I felt flexible enough to make a transition. Eff Echo: Didnt it cross anyone-'s mind that moving into Bridges House violated a col- lege contract with students? LWB: Of course it did. and many adminis- trators felt that the situation should have been handled differently.'s really all I can say. Echo: What has been your greatest frustra- tion with the iob of Vice-President for Busi- ness Affairs? LWB: I think it has been frustrating know- ing that there is a need for a comprehensive plan for William and Mary to better distrib- ute its resources and seeing how slowly that plan is developing. Also, the computer sys- tem here is somewhat obsolete and that slows everything down. For me, though. this year with the Bridges house scandal and the furniture inventory audit was the lowest point in my career both personally and pro- fessionally. Echo: Have you or will you be giving any input during the presidential search? LWB: I haven't so far. It seems that the ad- ministration will have many opportunities for input. My observation is that it is a very open. highly visible process that is complex because the views of so many are consid- ered. Echo: W'hat would you like W'illiam and Mary to know about your LWB: That I am here to serve. I'd like them to know that I am dedicated and that I try to be responsive and appropriate. OPPOSITE: Broomall poses in front of Bridges House. which became his new office amid considerable contro- versy. Photo by T. Steeg I i I L l 1 Tm u-,xevf 9' 'J :yr ' fgfggwfiwi? -S Styx.- . v i, ".'.n 1, ,.. .. E Qt- -v 5.1 "f,-34. I 44.32 .Q . -lj.-v Tnfqgir 1 K Q J- hnpra J.,- O n 's I if . rv E3 ES ,.,.1 'FIV J d K ...,...-msvanv, ' ' ,J A ' au... v- 'ru J , , . . '- :-T ax z'. . "' "L+ . . f .2 Sfyveg, ,,,. " '- :'- -,'44 ' - -x L -- . . , --x: N tix Q E51 . lf, A.e'.??-,A ' iss? PRESIDENT aff f' ' V' 4 BUSINESS AFFAIRS ,l ,V ,-..,. ,. . ,..f-ev-"""-"""" F' 'Y vi. - 1 V- Y ' 5. uf., 4-fin, 1 , vi'-I., A". 'nn P X tx., ,--1.4. T .3 fx HA 1.51.3 ' . 1' 'X 'V F- 'L 4-LA ADMINISTRATION l CHALLE GEFOR1984 THE PRE IDE TI LSE RCH ff' In flu filff fir' 1989. Pniztfwzl 'lifwmtu A. Grzzitf .111tfPmin,i.f Gwrgt Hmfi tlfllllllllltltlj Iluzr ri,f1gr1.1I1m1f, tfficlltt ,JI the i'lU1ifll,lIlHI Q! .fin 195-1-'Hi .1t.1.ft-11115 iitzr. Illlfllziljlilfcxi. Ib: .it.1v'tffi fin' Ilmr i1m'etifn1i btgtzu. A ,nmzff fiffiif in rift' C.JlI!f7l1.i Cintn' biipwzi live fhi1tfij1n1r'Iu',i' .zr1.fDr. Her-m.nn1 tl71H',lr'uJd,l the L'UUP'L!l.?Ic1f0!'lff flu iwzznllillif fm- flu pnitliftrftlizf .iit1v'i'lv. Ht .feiir'1be.i the i'w11pf1't'.1!t'tfpr0i'i'ttx "As the newly elected rector ofthe Board of Visitors, Anne Dobie Peebles naturally assumed the role of chairman of the search committee. The committee of seventeen was formed from all areas of the university . . .eight members of the Board of Visitors iincluding Lieutenant Governor Dick Davisi. two faculty members from the school ofArts and Sciences. one representa- tive from the Business school. one from the law school. one from the school of Marine Science. one from the liducation depart- ment. two distinguished alumni. and one undergraduate student. After its formation. the committee held a series of meetings. ,lille initial ones were intense sessions in which we sought input on the topic of what iharacteristics we should be looking for in .i :rt s1,ft'llY Also. there was much discus- s' ri on the question of where XYilliani and v' 1 shi 'uid at headed in the upcoming .nic lkriri: this time. there was the op- j ..:iztv ri if t i. c rv maior constituent group wwf.. on campus to offer sugestions and view- points. Unfortunately, there was limited student participation because the bulk of the committee hearings were scheduled during the final exam period. The Board of Visitors liasons from the Student Associa- tion, however. have steadily been offering input. The committee listened to the opin- ions of the faculty. the alumni. the deans, and the incumbents. Graves and Healy. All of these sugestions were boiled down in further meetings and some conclusions were finally defined. From there, advertisements were placed in the Cbrnzzrcfe QfH1'glver Eif1m1t1'w1 and in the Sunday edition of the Nazi York 7-lillleil. In addition. we put a notice in the Affiirzmz- flilc' :lt'I1'o11 Regzltter, which is the unofficial clearinghouse for minority candidates. The next step in the process was to send out let- ters to present college presidents and out- standing alumni seeking recommendations and nominations. Now. during the summer, we are awaiting the closing date for applications, which is ,luly thirty-first. W'e've gotten alot so far and we expect many more during the next few weel-15. From here. we will sift through the ap- plications and the committee will invite several candidates with their wives or husbands to the campus for a visit and an interview. Finally, three finalists will be brought before the Board of Visitors, un- ranked, for a vote. At that point, my job should become obsolete. Echo: ls the college specifically recruiting female and minority candidates? If so is it an indication ofa direction that the Board ofVisitors wants W'illiam and Mary to take in the future. towards a more diverse fac- ulty and student body? Hermann: It may seem as if we are trying to recruit more minority and female candi- dates than we did before simply because during the search that yielded Dr. Graves as president there was no such thing as Af- firmative Action. Vile are not specifically recruiting anyone. I can say that we have received several application from female candidates that have been very impressive. At this point, there's no telling what could happen. Echo: Do you have a specific goal date in mind for the inauguration ofthe new presi- dent and provost? Hermann: No. The only guideline is that we would lil-ce to have a new president in before the beginning of the fall '85 semes- ter! As far as the provost, George Healy has agreed to remain on to maintain a cer- tain continuity until the new president is fully oriented. This will also allow the new president to have some say in the selection of the new provost and other administra- tors that may be resigning. So. as to a spe- .Will .X iit.i:11 'ini cific target for the new administration, we really have none. Echo: What are the basic education of work experience requirements that the Board is requiring of the new president? Hermann: Naturally, we would perfer some one who has had teaching experience. However we are not excluding candidates with experience in other fields. I have heard of businessmen and other professionals that have taken on the job at other universities and been very successful at it. An under- graduate degree, of course. is helpful. 1 ADMINISTRATION I Below, The newly elected Board of Visi- tors pose with President Graves. Row one. from left: Caroline T. Egelhofflio, A. Ad- dison Roberts '35g Jeanne S, Kinnamon '59, Herbert V. Kelly '-10, Anne Dobie Peebles 1Rectorb '44, Row two, from left: Edwar E. Brickell '50, Thomas A. Graves. r'-4, 'VR 4 46 IQ' 3 3 25 CE np .f if-I1 . 1:-' EjBaiocco E S S E N I -Eat? lillllltfl lark Klilmotl l 'it YN l HB1 hmtli l .irl l-clo.irll 'ulkins xtxwlllllllll X.-Iloilx Slvwii Nlgirk Xdkins lm-logx,t..i1t-Q Hx Nomla hail Kdkinx lholoux, liaihonlxxillt' XlllSUllll'tI'hlxlf1llllL.l kvowxiiriwrit Ioltxo Nliclwll Xlhcrt l golioxintx X lIl11llI.l lltxxth lxinihcrly l.ynn Xllwrhon Lioxcxnlncnr. ,lohn l-Qric Xlcxamdcr Sgicmu lllllllxl, l'h1l.1tlclpln.1. l'.'X Susan l'1lllLll'lL'lll Allan l Icincnhnx l tl .lallx Clnntli William Roger Allen lwononixw RClllllUl'l,ll.lgl1C Grm-gory Paul Allhanx ,'h!!UllllllHg. L'h.igrin lnillx. Ull John-Nlark Ambler Stw1ology.fXriiherNI Robert Harry Amerman hllhly 'l'hc41trc..-Xrlinglon Scott Nlarshall Anderegg Anthropology. .''lLlI'l.l Amy Jane Anderson NlLlll1ClllLlllCS.YUl'lx. PA Robert F. Anderson Accounting. Roanoke Susan Patricia Anderson ll'llCVl'l.ill0l'1.llRCl.lllUl'lS,hxvliflfllltlll Valerie Hope Anderson English. Nlcl.c.m NN illiam Ronald Andrews l'1lologi,W.1lxclicId Brad Geoffrey Angeiine ltononilo. lVUlxy0..l.1P.Ill Andrew Nl. Applew haite Pnglixh. ,l.llll.tlCtl. NY ,lohn l,. Ard l'hc!ii1X!rx.Sx,olphl'l.nnx Nl NliChan:l,lan1cs.-Xrd ll1NIor5.lllllN1tlc.N.l Nlary Katherine Aruood Spnnixh. I xnthhnrg Joanna lee Ashworth iiox ernment. W artllcx, l' X Scden luyuhu Mt-sol Hamncw Miinin . Ixhmhnl. lnlkcx Nlagda Nladclcim' lladran lrcnyh, You Rmlicll. NN Kin 'Nlaric liadura l lclncnhlrx l Ll . Stcrlmg lrcd Peter llaervnl i"'Q'!,.s1l-vU.1i Krlnlliinw. Slnlllulxl ,Iohn Patrick llaiucro ' ' .- l nu:xh,Nllu1i11.il3c.oh l, VN av Q . K r 1 V 2 I 5 -Q Ms 8 , gif? ' -ur 1'--v xx S+, Q- 5 . E- 1. vm Q , v -r- - 4, --VY. . if 61 'bf I" Q Q I ff' Q " " i I L is 'Q 4. K I L 5 15 -,. Q-1' Q11 "Tx, C V , i 1' . I., .Ls 1 it Baker-Beadles Sandie Jay Baker Nlatheniatics, NN illiaiiisbtzrc Susan Nlarie Ball ,i -.- tio'-ernment l.irnp.t ll ' ' Sylvia Karen lflaniherijt-r yu l'ltllttsUPlI5 Kruk I little littlm' IN Jo-anne Baraltos lx litttttotttlts,tilttstoribiiiy I l Cynthia Lee Barker - Psycltttlstgt. 'hlL'X.t!Itll t.. Dena Marie Barnes Business Admin .White Stone Jamie Len Barnes Government. lrredericlesbtirg Jennifer Ann Barr Accounting. Strasburg Elizabeth Anne Bartlett Physical Education. lzl Paso. IX Lisa Hope Bartlett Ian Locheil Barton Ecology . Arlington Nancy Jane Barton Theatre Speech. Springticld --...f Mary E. Bateman Chemistry . Chespealte Kathy Nl. Batenhorst Computer Science. Rota. Spain Dabney Anne Beadles GINGER CLARK ABBOTT -- Alpha Chi Omega, T. Binford Watford Architecture Schol- arship, Fine Arts Society, Collegiate Manage- ment Association. CARL EDWARD ADKINS III -Junior Board. Senior Board, Accounting Club. STEVEN MARK ADKINS - Baptist Student Union Choir. WANDA GAIL ADKINS - Health Careers Club, Biology Club, OIT-Campus Student Coun- ctl. MITSUHIRO AKIYAMA - Sigma Chi, Interna- tional Circle, International Relations Club. MICHELLE ALBERT - Kappa Kappa Gamma, Junior Varsity Lacrosse, Field Hockey. Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma. KIMBERLY LYNN ALBERTSON -- Delta Delta Delta. JOHN ERIC ALEXANDER -- WCWM. SUSAN ELIZABETH ALLAN -- Resident As- sistant, Transfer Orientation Aide. WILLIAM ROGER ALLEN - Phi Kappa Tau. Economics Club. GREGORY PAUL ALTHANS - International Relations Club, Accounting Club. Intramural Referees Association. JOHN-MARK AMBLER - New Testament Student Association. ROBERT HARRY AMERMAN SCOTT MARSHALL ANDEREGG -- Sigma Phi Epsilon, Young Democrats. AMY JANE ANDERSON ROBERT F. ANDERSON - Alpha Lambda Delta Treasurer, Phi Eta Sigma. Colonial Echo Business Manager. Baptist Student Union Pro- gram Chairman, Family Group Leader. William and Mary Choir Alumni Secretary. SUSAN PATRICIA ANDERSON - Senior Class Publicity Committee. WCWM. VALERIE HOPE ANDERSON - Pi Beta Phi Rush Chairman. Campus Crusade for Christ. WILLIAM RONALD ANDREWS - Sigma Chi President. BRAD GEOFFREY ANGEVINE- Pi Kappa AI- pha, Omicron Delta Epsilon. ANDREW M. APPLEWHITE JOHN L. ARD - Sigma Phi Epsilon. Chemistry Club, Interfraternity Council. Catholic Student Association. MICHAEL JAMES ARD -- WCWM.Flu1Hin. MARY KATHERINE ARWOOD - Wesley Foundation. .IOANNA LEE ASHWORTH - Kappa Alpha Theta, Vice-President. Activities Chairman. Pledge Class President: Senior Class Vice- Presidentg Admissions Tourguideg Student Ad- visory Council: Catholic Student Associationl Student-Alumni Liason Association: Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister. SEDEN EYUBE ATESOZ - Alpha Lambda Delta. Phi Eta Sigma, Collegiate Management Association. p MAGDA MADELEINE BADRAN - Pi Delta Phi. KIM MARIE BADURA - Delta Delta Delta. FRED PETER BAERENZ - Kappa Alpha. Cross-Country. State Vice-President Baptist Student Union. International Relations Club President, William and Mary Choir. JOHN PATRICK BAIOCCO - Colofiiul Iii-ho Lifestyles Editor. Economics Club. Society of Collegiate Journalists. SYLVIA KAREN BAMBERGER SANDIE JAY BAKER - Delta Delta Delta. SUSAN MARIE BALI, - Delta Delta Delta. WCWM. Fine Arts Society. Young Democrats. Amnesty International. JOANNE BARAKOS -- Alpha Chi Omega, Omi- cron Delta Epsilon. Alpha Lambda Delta. Dorm Council Treasurer. Economics Club Secretary Treasurer. Student Advisory Council for Resi- dence Hall Life. Alpha Chi Omega. CYNTHIA LEE BARKER -- Gamma Phi Beta. Psychology Club Publicity. Co-President. WCWM. Nuclear Disarmament Study Group Hard.C.ores. DENA MARIE BARNES - Kappa Kappa Gamma. Rush Counselorz Collegiate Manage- ment Association. JAMIE LEN BARNES - Delta Gamma. House Manager, Recording Secretary: Senior Class Council: Gift Committee: Adult Skills Volun- teer: William and Mary Rei'iwi'. Managing Edi- tor. JENNIFER ANN BARR - Intramural Volley- ball and Basketball, Colonial Erlio, Wayne lf. Gibbs Sr. Accounting Society. International Cir- cle K. ELIZABETH ANNE BARTLETT - Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship, LISA HOPE BARTLETT - Delta tlmicron. William and Mary Choir. Inter-Varsity t' Fellow ship. Band. Sinfonicron IAN LOCHEIL BARTON - Botulyo- Kai Karate Association. William and Mary Ranger t'Iiib, Biology Club. NANCY JANE BARTON A Delta ti.iiiitii.i. t itt ls Basketball Manager. MARY E. BATENIAN - Sigma l'lii l psiloti Ciuldenheart. Haslyetbxill liiti.iiiitii.ils t liciiiis try Club, Coloniiil I.. lio X oltintccrs lol I otitli KATHY M. BA'I'l-INIltlRfsl Xlilliaiii .intl Mary Choir. DABNEY ANNE Ill..-XIII IN llclta Iillllllll-I. Phi Eta Sigma. .-Xlpha I qinil-iI.i Delis. t'ollegi.itt- Management Xssociatioii. Spt-.ilsci Seisiccs Committee, I tlc Xttei Dt it . Street Voimiiittt-t' s, . fb Music Secondary lid . Ness port Tscyss Business Administration. Richiiioml llnsint-ss Xtliitiiiistixitioit, Reno, NX tioxciiiiiiciit Ilistoi't.Ii1'e.ttIntlls I onomics Cioxernment. Anriandale l'li1alwtli llatrrison Beal I iiulIsl1.liiiuxNlllc. IN Nlairlk If llezners I nglish. Rtmnokc Betsy I .5 nn lleclwr Carl Ste.-ten Ilccker Robert Becltw ith Sociologt. Next port New s Gary Duiid Bet-len tim ernment. Youngston. I PII Iililaheth Nl. Bo.-ngtson I coiioniics. NN xomissing. PA l.arisa X argas Benitez lfconoiuics, lnncxzi I-'rances Churchill Bennett Biology, Baltimore. MD Russell Keith Bentley John E. Berger Business .-Xdministration. Reston Julia A. Beringer ltrench. Atlanta, GA Wendy Sue Bernath Business Admin.. Tokyo. Japan Daniel Wynn Best Biology Greek. Charlottesville John William Bickel Cioxernmcnt, Bismarck. ND ,ann .Q n ,.- '- z 11' 1 ! A ELIZABETH HARRISON BEAL - Delta Delta Delta. William and Mary Choir, Botetourt Chambers Singers. MARK C. BEAVERS - Intramurals: Society for Collegiate Joumalists: William and Mary Re- vieit-: Colonial Echo Photographer, Photogra- phy Editor. Editor-in-Chief. BETSY LYNN BECKER - Chi Omega. Women's Varsity Basketball, Collegiate Man- agement Association. CARL STEVEN BECKER- FIalHu1. Pi Sigma Alpha. Phi Alpha Theta. ROBERT LOWELL BECKWITH -- Sigma pha Epsilon, Junior Board. Dorm Council. Soci- ology Club Co-Chairman. Senior Class Social Committee. GARY DAVID BEELEN - Sigma Nu Pledge Marshall. Alumni Contact. Wrestling. Volun- teers for Youth. Catholic Student Association. Intramurals. International Relations Club. ELIZABETH M. BENGSTON - Pi Beta Phi. Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Campus Cru- sade. Sophomore Steering Committee. Resident Assistant. Head Resident. LARISA VARGAS BENITEZ FRANCES CHURCHILL BENNETT - Sigma Nu little Sister. Nlen's Swim Team Manager. Chorus. RUSSELL KEITH BENTLEY - International Relations Club. JOHN E. BERGER- Tau Kappa Epsilon, Con- sumer Research Center. Collegiate Management Association. Catholic Student Association. Di- rect Marketing of Williamsburg President. JULIA A. BERINGER - Pi Beta Phi. Commit- tee for International Studies. Greek Life. WENDY SUE BERNATH - Gamma Phi Beta. Cross-Country. Track. Lacrosse. DANIEL WYNN BEST - Chi Phi Tau: Biology Club Secretary: Health Careers Club Secretary. President: Senior Classical League President: Classics Club: Nuclear Disarmament Study Group: Central America Action Group. JOHN WILLIAM BICKEL JEFFREY D. BISHOP -- Lambda Chi Alpha. Varsity Football, Fellowship of Christian Ath- Ietes. STEVEN PAUL BISHOP LINDA ROSE BLACK - Alpha Phi Omega. Orienteering Club. Society of Physics Students. DEAN FRANKLIN BLAND -- Phi Kappa Tau, Alpha Lambda Delta. Phi Eta Sigma. Pi Delta Phi. Scabbard and Blade. Pi Sigma Alpha. Re- serve Officer Training Corps. GARY ARTHUR BLAND - Varsity Basketball Co-Captain. Pi Sigma Alpha. VIVIAN ANNE BLESSING -- Kappa Delta. Collegiate Management Association. LUCY ANNE BLEVINS - Delta Delta Delta, Collegiate Management Association. TERRENCE SCOTT BOCKHORN - Pi Sigma Alpha. William and Mary Choir. Sinfonicron, Student Association Council. Resident Assis- tant. PETER FRANCIS BOEHLING -- Varsity Swimming Co-Captain. Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma. F.H.C. Society, Phi Sigma. S. ALI BOKHARI - Intramural Squash. In- temational Circle. Dorm Council. Southwestem Company Student Manager. LESLIE CORNELL BONES - Alpha Chi Omega, Sophomore Steering Committee. Su- perdance Committee. ERIC M. BOWMAN - Alpha Lambda Delta. Phi Eta Sigma. Psi Chi. Circle K. LORI JEANNE BOYCE - Alpha Phi Omega. Biology Club. AMY MICHELLE BOYER - Accounting So- ciety. Junior Board Advisor. JAMES PEYTON BRADY - Phi Sigma. Health Careers Club. Biology Club. WI 'N iii-Irs ' 1 K ' r fr 1 . 1'-W. 'Q- .b L L. Q' r- , I. 6 l wg- 5, C r S. 'N' Bishop-Brady .lelTrey D. Bishop Computer Seicn4e.lionA1r Steyen Paul Bishop Xlttlllcttldllgs.Wllll.1msl't1,1Ig Linda Rose Black Plly slgs hltxlhCVll.1llgs. hl.:It.1ss.1s Dean Franklin Bland Cioycrnmcnt. Xrlmgton Gary Arthur Bland Cioy't l'.s.Ul'1 .UcI'lxClL'X,llL'1y1l'ilsi'Nl Vivian Anne Blessing Business Admin.. Sprmgticld Lucy Anne Blevins Bus1ncssAdmm,.Hopeyy ell Terrence Scott Buckhorn Government P.ngl1sh.KcIIv:r1ng,fJH Peter Francis Buehling Biology . Richmond S. Ali Bokhari Econom1es, Leslie Cornell Bones Biology . Riehmond Eric NI. Boys man Psychology . Springfield Lori Jeanne Boyce Blology , Xyoodslocls Amy Michelle Boyer .AtCCUUl'"l James Peyton Brady B1ology,Arl1ngton ntics ,mm lmw-i 1 t. .'lt.t.t llrwfnn rim! wwf: yin 'W' tr!rnsfr1:':,.'l,:w,, i s 1- lift ff.,-, " 11,1-N X U, 1- N I-l fn. ,. .,: , 4 .i,.1., .4 Q mlrnr, 1ist'l!'V' .how dn., l.,.f,y.. lP...,. , 14 it Hlhlllbrf l"rt It ,M I Nrffi' Nr 'li rs .Ni l iioisli llistoiy. lh't.ittii.Li X Kl'lt'llllsllX, l'c.ichticel lly . ti X It mess Admin .Mechamcsyille siness Admin .Yirginia Beach Rolit-rt IiLII1FIt'IIII'lILZllI'IIAl luiiioittlts Yoilsloyyit IN illiani Jennings Branan III Y ictor Kayy Branch Nitptttlttgy. HUM lll Dayitl Douglass Brand Biology. .Xlcx.uitlii.i I rrettu' Scott IIFKIIII Psychology . t'lit's.ipe.ilsc Julie I.. Breidt-gain Kathryn R. Brice tioy ct nnicnt. NN illiamsbuig Gregory Ny illiatn Briscoe Btology . Corbin. KY Iimothy .Iunies Brittain Xccounting. NN illianisbuig Bruce Stuart Britton Biology. Arlington 5- ' Diane Carol Broach Accounting. Mechanicsyille Claire Jean Brooks Robert John Brotzman Econonncs, NN illtanisburg Bradley Poyyell Broughton Jessica Lauren Broun I-me Arts, YN illiamsbuig qv 1? '4- ROBERT GABRIEL BRAGANZA - Senior Class Publicity' Co-Chairman. Young Demo- crats. Economics Club. WILLIAM JENNINGS BRANAN III VICTOR KAYY BRANCH - Black Student Or- ganization. DAVID DOLGLASS BRAND - Pi Kappa AI- pha. TERENCI-Q SCOTT BRAZIL - Kappa Alpha Intramurals. JIALIE L. BREIDEGAM - Phi Eta Sigma. AI- pha Lambda Delta. Gamma Sigma lipsilon Choir. Chorus. Lutheran Student Association Chemistry Club KATHRYN R. BRICE - Phi Mu, GRIIKJORY Wll.I,lAM BRISCOI-I - Cross- Country. lraclt, Alpha Lambda Delta. Circle K. 'TIMOTIIY JAMES BRITT-XIN f Wayne It Gibbs Accounting Society. Historical Simula- tions Society. BRLCE S'I'l ART BRITTON DIANE CAROL BROACH - Chi Omega Alum- nae Committee Chairman. Key Club. NK .ty ne le Gibbs Accounting Society CLAIRE JEAN BROOKS - Collegiate Manage ttient .'ANNUCl,iIl0I'l ROBERT JOHN BROTZMAN +DCiV.tICIiiOllI1 .l y... BR Xlll FY POW ELI. BROIIQHTON - Inlet N .tl . t hristiari I-clloyyship JLSNH Xl ALRIEN BROWN LALREL ANNE BROWN - Intramural Soft- ball. Volleyball. ROXANNE THERESA BROWN - Black Stu- dent Organization. Ebony Expressions. .IEANIE GILLETT BROWNING - Chi Omega. JULIE E. BUBON - Alpha Chi Omega. Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweetheart. Sociology' Club. Resi- dent Assistant. PHILLIP ARTHUR BUHLER - Kappa Alpha. Queen's Guard Commander. Historical Simula- tions Club. Young .Americans for Freedom, Vir- ginia Public Interest Research Group. LORI RAE BUCKIIJS - Chi Omega. GAYE LYNN BUMGARDNER - Varsity' Fenc- ing. Kappa Delta Pi. Lutheran Student Associa- tion. Student Education Association. JONATHAN CARLTON BURCHARD - Psy- chology' Club. Gamma Phi Beta Brother ol Moon, PAMELA DAWN BIJRKHOLDER - Lambda Chi Gamma. Intramurals. Phi Sigma. Biology Club. LISA ANNE BURMEISTER - Alpha Chi Omega. Lacrosse. Alpha Lambda Delta. Phi Eta Sigma. Gamma Sigma Epsilon. Chemistry Club Vice-President. ELLEN KEPLAR BCRTON ALISON ANN BUSBY - Delta Delta Delta. His- torian: Orientation Aid. LARRY BLSCEMI - Pi Lambda Phi. PAl'L JEFFREY BUSHMANN - Kappa Alpha. William and Mary Rugby Club. Karate Club. CAROL ALISON BYNUM - Intramurals. Bap- tist Student Union. Colonial Evlw. THERESA MARIE CABANO PACL REID CABE KATIE CECILIA CALLERY - Chi Omega. Field Hockey. Lacrosse. MARY P. CANONICO - Head Resident. HUYEN VAN CAO - Chemistry' Club. Biology Club. Health Careers Club. RONALD WAYNE CARDEN REBECCA I. CARLIN DAVID R. CARLSON - Delta Phi Alpha. Can- terbury' .Association Officer. German House. ELAINE MARY CARLSON - Volleyball. DABNEY H. CARR - Alpha Chi Omega. So- ciety' of Collegiate Joumalists. WCWM Busi- ness Manager. Colonial Echo. Administration. Media. and Organizations. JOSEPH THOMAS CARROLL - Pi Kappa Al- pha. MELISSA JANE CHAI- Alpha Chi Omega. PATRICIA ALICE CHAMBERLIN - Wayne F. Gibbs .Accounting Society. Canterbury' Asso- ciation. Senior Steering Committee. Junior Steering Committee, Dorm Council. SUSAN LYNN CHAMLEE - Delta Delta Della. KIMBERLEY LYNN CHANDLER - Alpha Lambda Delta: Kappa Delta Pi: Student Educa- tion Association: Vice-President. President. 7 A Brown-C handler Laurel Xnne Hmm n l.-'1--mf V xx r1'1---Nh Nl X Roxanne 'l hcrcsa Bmw n l'-',.r:,-li-Q. It.-ni-.-.fill l .lm-anis hills!! lirm-ning NV,1:z1-hm. l .1 . li, -.-.ul 4- 'x Jilliv.-l-..l'li1hnn l . 1' .- Phillip Xrlhur Buhler l'l1-I--rgfyi--.1 Xu,-li-.i.? ll Lori Rae Huckius Bimnew,-Xdn11n,.Sprmgticlil Gaye Lynn Bumgardner Henieniuy Hd .ljlXUlUlllll, Nll jonathan farltun Burchard Pxy ghull-gy . Wlvod-lm. lx Pamela Dawn Burl-lholdcr Biology, Hiirrl-unlmrg Lisa Anne Hurmeislcr Cihen1mry.Nuxx.iik.lDl lillen Keplar Burton bqononnu.-Xrnhr--pol--ax Rnhm nd Alison Ann Busby French, Atl.mI.i. if -X Larry Buwemi lgngl1xh.l,.ilwCimw.NN Paul ,lefTrcy Bushmann Biology . .lcflcrwn Vlix, N11' Carol Alison Bynum Huxinew -Mlni1n1xIr.il1--n. l.i1r1.ix 'l heresa Nlarie Vuhann Hem-:nI.irx ld ,l1m.--lmlw-if II Paul Reid! alu- B1-vl--gx . NN .fx m'-P'--rw Katie liwilia ldallvrp lin-lwgx Nlulxcm l"x Nlary l'. limi-ariirn l lumuriinzx l .1 'xlvitgili-V Huycn X an Cam lil--lugx, Xlsx.n1ilri.i Runalld N aynrl nrdvn K4-mpulcr Nglfllkk' M311--xi! Rvxhccca l. liarlin Nic-l1ux.ilNIx1-lim. ll-mx!---1 IX llznid R. lhnrlwn Rclngi--n N1.l um l' lnim- Nlurs l .lrls-in ln-'.l'v1zrm'n' l'l.1i"x-ix-, NN llnluicy ll. l .irr lllNl-'YR MNH- R 4lnuxLllllll14m1.vl .air 'X N 1, Wlmllx-.1 1 I-- : l'.1Ilnv.1Xl.,m iam V Nil-.41-l -'L-I 'mml-i 1 .. lx.v:i' 1 l -.mul l1.4u.ll-r l a . v 1.x. . . . ,-1- Zgphatten-Cochran gfkwf- . ' 5.l'5'-t- 1 ' I4 nur hut Nfl A111 l k Init tt L lirisluts 1 1 N .1 llu ihtth lrtnt l lnristophtr Nucrn liordtnl hurn 1 tins 11 IN 1 Nl trlt l ic X lxl lllTlU l ttherlm I inn l ltrkt ichmo t ' risk R l t 1rx xlxs Nl Ford l othran X 1111 tliris ,tl - I.t 1 len xi. llsli l.1it-do IX Hy- an Pho " ll 1-mc-ss Xdiiiin Nt lllllll 'Id i l1'll'-"'en ' l .oi1Kc'l3c1o:1 Nlioil llills Nl Phillip .lay l'l1ri Iit' l .oi1oi11ics.St.1ll id Plillosoplix, lieinnitla 10 T llit logx , XX illl. l ng ' " lf. a V 'lark ', 5, 1 vc I l 'ulog . ' c ml s ' V yi 'z ' - . 'a " ' L .A , v ' . .Xccotii1I1ng. R ' I1 l Y ' ' lat" .'l'a-.Ill 1 l'hx ' ..klCX.ll1tlIl.l ' lnglish., nn. l.ilc V ' ' i i . s . . it 1 The UHSOFOIIL 7 Lunihtlttrelii Cinninmx Front row: Pam Burkholder. Juafv Gilbert. Dawn Truver. Laurie Tuhhs. Secund rtm','L1x11Jackw:n, Debbie Young. Tina Giopqi. Doug Klein. Rdfhelt' l ulrnte. lhirtl row. Cindy I.-yons, Susan Lung, Udv Grunadus. Photo by T. Steve ' illiam and Mary's newest Greek organi- zation, and its least official one. is Lambda Chi Gamma. tl1e Lodge Ten Gang. Boasting ten charter members. .1 sweetheart, .1 little brother. and its own mascot. Loogev the ll.lIUl-.ll Attack flat. the unsorority was instituted with one purpose in mind - to make the campus more funf l..1mbd.1 4 hi ki.lIIlIll.i began with .1 dream, .1 dream of ow ning .1 shirt with Greek letters on it. By September. the had lvccoinc- reality. t-.ith member now has .1 roxal bluc icrscx with gold letters and nicknames Royal blue represents a couch with great sentimental value named Tyrone. now deceased. and gold represents the gross yellow fireplace in the lodge. As far as letters are concerned. member Rachele Va- lente discussed their significance: "We chose Lambda because it begins with the same letter as 'lodge' and we picked Chi because X is the Roman numeral for ten. At first Gamma stood for 'girlsf but when we let guys in. we had to change it to mean 'garigf " Now Lambda Chi Gamma has a porch routine to Michael Jacksons "Beat It," elected officers factually there's only one officer. the social chairman 1, and its own exacting criteria for choos- ing new members. "XY'e're the unselective unsororityf' explained Cindy "lSIax" Lyons. In keeping with the Greek tradition. Lambda Chi Gamma members live for their next theme party. So far they have sponsored the Other Fish in the Sea and the Pennsylvania Fencers Pumper Parties, celebrated the be- ginning of the Year of the Rat, and pulled off' a daring commando raid to recover a stolen photograph ofa male stripper. However, the Lodge Ten Gang has become best known for its revival of the Moose Party where guests can dance their antlers off to the tune of "Twist and Shout," The Moose Party is now entering its third year at William and Mary and shows definite signs of being a permanent fixture. Lambda Chi Gamma members freely admit that their organization is a parody. though not .1 malicious one. of the Greek system. In response to any possible criticism. Laurie Tubbs. social chairman, h.1s released the group's official policy statement. "You gotta love itl And if you don't. pooh-pooh on you." -Sn-.zu I.. Lung NH it 'i its I I ofman-Costo .I l r l af-s vs 4 A . 1 .. 1 1 l . il 5 .t S ji f-Q av Daiid XllunCol'In1an tioxetr1rti."i' X irgini.. llozd Richard Jeffrey I ole l'lt.sit2css X.l'ii1rist' .ta-ci li..?i'r .. Chris .lamcsl olton lcon-fines lui ltiswzil- Nr' H Charles .losephl oinislst-qi lluxness Xtittpf. liocl. . . NH Pamelalnt onlt-5 linullshllisiwfx 1 tiki: Susan l.. Conn l'l1stort.S.tlcni.llll Nicholas Conte Ciox ernment lcononiics. N X llca. Nlichael Samuel Cook Business Admin Ncwpoit News s Joanne Coppola Biology. Dani illc Camille 'Nlariz' Cormier Economics. Springticltl Robert Henry Cormier Ifllgllsll SCC Id .ItllUIlNNlllL' Nlll Joseph Buran Cornet! B1ologi.l3.inxillc Kevin D. Corning Ciosernment. Sprtngticltl Thomas NI. Corsi fiosernmcnt. l'X Lourdes H. Casio l'.ngl1sh.Nl1.ittti.l'l CHRISTOPHER L. CHATTEN - Intramurals. Spanish House. HYEYOON CHO - Collegiate Management As' sociation. DAVID LEE CHRISTENSEN - Society of Col- legiate Journalists. Economics Club. Coloma! Echo, WCWM Training Director. PI-IILLIP JAY CHRISTIE JR. - Omicron Delta Epsilon. Baptist Student Union. flat Htu Pho- tographer. Dorm Council, Cambridge Program. IRENE ELIZABETH CHRISTOPHER -5 Gamma Phi Beta. Intramurals. Alpha Phi Omega. SEVERN BORDEN CHURN - Sigma NU- WCWM. Karate Club. Health Careers Club. LISA MARIE CLARK CATHERINE LYNN CLARKE - Accounting Club. PATRICK R. CLI-LARI'..lII - Karate. Hcad Resident. Society of Physics Students. M. FORD COCHRAN - Omicron Delta Kappa. Mortar Board. Society of Collegiate Journalists. FIarHu1Editor-in-Chief. DAVID ALLEN COFFMAN - Pi Sigma Alpha. Literary Magazine. Pre-Lau Club. International Relations Club. Change of Pace. RICHARD JEFFREY COLE - Beta Gamma Sigma. Alpha Lambda Delta. Phi Eta Sigma. Sc- nior Board. Collegiate Management Associa- tion. .lunior Board, CHRIS JAMES COTTON - Pi Kappa Alpha. Rugby. CHARLES JOSEPH COMISKEY - Football. PAMELA I.. CONLEY - Alpha Phi Omega SUSAN L. CONN - Kappa Alpha 'lihcta Corrca sponding Secretary . Oilofiiiil lit ho. NICHOLAS CONTE -!l'hcta Delta Chi. l.i.ison tothe General Assembly. Liason to thc lioartl ol' Visitors. Resident Assisttittl. llcad Rcsitlcnt MICHAEL SAMUEL COOK - Vitfhlll 5Wm' ming Team, JOANNE COPPOLA - Delta Omicron National Music Fraternity . Catholic Student .-Xssociation. Baptist Student L'nion. Chorus. Choir. Dorm Council. Sinfonicron Opera Company. Cox c- nant Players. CANIILLE MARIE CORNIIER - WCW Nl So- cial Director. Dorm Council. ROBERT HENRY CORMII-QR - t'rc.itixc 'Xrts House. JOSEPH BLR.-IN CORNE'I"I' - Pi Kappa .Xlf pha KI-WIN D. CORNINIS - Sigma l'lii l psilon 'IIIONIAS NI. CORSI - Sigma l'lii l psiloti Nut ict iii Sigmilklt i l'i Phi Xlpli llitt N itt "i'.-'t '. . .1 '.t tk"- lior Collcgiatc .louin.ilists. lint ll...' Npoits l .ti lttl'. IIIIVRIIIQS II. COSIO, ti-Initial l .lin is i:.:' Illllh, llllk' Xfls Sitllclk X ict' l'lt'slilt'tl' I lillliiim imtl lliifi H. ist -- -F1 If 4. ' J-:fl-rf 1'-,g 'EJ' V ' iw ,- Gate Denson Nami l uuiw K ull' ll lil ".,' :mix Nwliiclxd. N1 X kwin Xndrcss lkmglilili l mglixh Ulmx , Xlll Nlirlmcl l'.l uuxins l ,--:iw:1i',xN:lu'f Nmzug. X115 hairy l.. K'0NlllIj1,XMl1i.11iixlili1g Suxnn lwlainc lrzigllcud l my Xilx,Spxnigl'1clil Ruhl-rt lrucy Crcagh Xprnuiiliiig. NN lllllL'llN.l. ll Donald Ruxton friggcr kmxcrnriicril. Nirg1n1.1l5c.i.'h Guy Smith frittcnrlcn llLlN1llCNN Xalllllli .lilUllxL'NlL'l' Nlatllicw. Bradley Cro UCUlOgX . Slnlull lNl.lULl. YN lininlhy Vliristupher from Lmxc1nmcnI.l.1llx Churuli lin-urge l-Q. Cruser. .Ir. Mmiirilirig. New Hope. P-X Thomas KN . Cullen Accounting. H.nikI1r1SqL1.n'c. NY Brian ,luhn Cuthrell Geology Dani ills James l. Daigle lhmricwx Mlmin .llillninixhurg Catherine Ann Dalton lnglixh. Duxbury. NIA fynthiaAnneDant1scher Blulugy. hl.iVlClll1. UA Nlary li. Dan! Phx vga! lil Bwlugy . .-Xnnundnlc farolyn Daughters XQCUKIDIINQ. Rxshmund Barbara Lee Daiis l'hxvp.lll1d .lrcllci'lclx. Nlll .Ierry Allen Daxix .M.uL1nIing.QXwlun1.1lllcighlw lihomas Bennett Dax is urnpwcr mir-rigu Nluvg. l cwlmig .lclTrey l.. Deal lkx lhwlugx. l'clcrxlmrg Susan Elaine Dean lim crmnun!.lirc.1l lqillx l' Iranur Duhoncp l mimi l .un llimtmgron Nr .XX Nlarlx Xndrmi Dclaplanc PM xi, X llmkuvin. lil linda .l. llt'l,IlllQ NtM.riiNl'i l .illxl hmdi lllwpll l !'l1rNlllt'l0N 'XllLfi'lt'N l 'wriiwix t liw.1pu.1lw Nin'luri1ilh.lh'lp llwl-'gi linliriiwml .lulin lirian llcnikmxifl l4 w -'QE 'Ml-.l wil XVI luhn l Icy Dcnwn. .lr. llw Xlmmmli lu ll x De0rnelIas-Drennan - vs Q. .. , ,. ' 1 'I hotnas Anthony Dctlrncllas v lllnlflcas Xt1ti'.i'1is1:..I:o:i lmiiis Richard Ihomas IIt'l'I'IlIlLlt'I' 1 Koiripatcr Scicrc: Xlcxaritlii.. Sandra .lean llwilsio liioi. '1'- . XX,-'I1,l.i.if--i' ,4 N11 lerryilolluiers K A I l1leiticrit.1t.lti lllw-i-"i ' II. Gordon Diamond B1ologx.Nl.1nln1is NN Ni N .- -3 Q3 .Sq .Y A -Y ff .X p a. X' l . n 4, . Dina Anita Dicenlo - Biology.L'oraopol1s.l'X Renata Sharon Philosophy lliologyl X.t X Nlanya John Djim aniois Philosophy lioxernnicnt. llopt-it Katherine Nlarie Dodge Q Nlusic. I-lorcncc. St i Elizabeth R. Dolan ltlusmcss Xtlinin . lqillst lunch v cl '. Andrew ,Ioseph Dolson Goicrnment. Npringticltl Scott Allen Dougald Geology . Charlottesx illc Daiid YN illiam Doult-r Hiologx Nlusit. Saliillasyillc Nlll Nlary Flilaheth Drain I'h1losophx.lallst huith Jean Nlaric Drennan lzngllsh. Inills tliuicli I J NANCY LOUISE COTE- Pi Beta Phi. Orchesis Vice-President. KEVIN ANDREW COUGHLIN - Pi Lambda Phi Social Chairman. lnterfraternity Council Rush Chairman. MICHAEL P. COUSINS - Varsity Track. Fel- lowship of Christian Athletes. Volunteers for Youth. GARY L. COWLING - William and Mary The- atre, Director's Workshop. Premiere Theatre. Covenant Players. Theatre Students Associa- tion President, Premiere Theatre Board, SUSAN ELAINE CRAGHEAD - Intramurals. Senior Class Publicity. Florence Program ROBERT TRACY CREAGH - Gymnastics. DONALD RUXTON CRIGGER GUY SMITH CRITTENDEN -- Kappa Sigma. Varsity Football. MATTHEW BRADLEY CRO - Kappa Alpha. William and Mary Rugby Club, Intramurals. Sigma Gamma Epsilon. Geology Club. TIMOTHY CHRISTOPHER CROSS - Pi Sigma Alpha. Fla1Hu1. GEORGE E. CRUSER JR. - Sigma Alpha Epsi' lon. Wayne F. Gibbs Accounting Society. THOMAS W. CULLEN - Pi Lambda Phi. Varsity Lacrosse. Wayne F. Gibbs Accounting Society. BRIAN JOHN CUTHRELL - WCWM. Geol- ogy Club. JAMES L. DAIGLE CATHERINE ANN DALTON CYNTHIA ANNE DANTZSCHER - Varsity Soccer. MARY E. DANZ - Soccer. Lacrosse. CAROLYN DAUGI-ITERS - Equestrian Team. College Republicans. Wayne F. Gibbs Account- ing Society. BARBARA LEE DAVIS - Gamma Phi Beta. Varsity Track. Student Athletic Trainer. RO TC. Physical Education Majors Club. Canterbury Choir. Felloii ship ofChristian Athletes. JERRY ALLEN DAVIS - Sigma Phi lipsilon THOMAS BENNETT DAVIS - William and Mary Theatre. WCWM. JEFFERY I.. DEAI. - Wrestling. Ifclloxt ship ol Christian Athletes. Campus Crusade for t'hrist SUSAN ELAINE DEAN +IjClILlci1lllllll.l. ELEANOR DEHONI-IY MARK ANDREW Dl'II.AI'I.ANI-Q LINDA J. DELONG JOSEPH ERNI-QSI DIiI.OS ANIiIiI.I'.S - Sigma Nu VICTORIA E. DELI' - lliologx club JOHN BRIAN IlENlRtNIlI'l -- Xlcns lnti.i- murals. William .intl Nlaix llicatic. .lunioi Board. Catholic Stutlcnt .Xssoci.ition. llonic- coming Coninuttcc. Picnuctc llicatic. Dircctor's Worlssliop. lloini t 'omit il JOHN I'Ql,IiY DICNSON. .lR. NN illiani .intl Mary Theatre. lbiicciois XM-iltsliop. I'icnucic Theatre. 'lhcatrc Stntlcnt Xssotmtioii. l'lu Nlti Alpha Sinfonia. lnitctl States l'ulilic lnlcicst Research Group nicnilici THOMAS i'tN'l'llUNX DI-ORNI' l,l. KS xIL'llis Intramurals. tlitliolit Nttitlcnt Xssotiatioii. Vi il liamsliurg Soccci I tziauc RICHARD THOMAS DI-QRI'iI.INGIiR - Saint.: Pr. Varisty Soccer. SANDRA JEAN DESILYIO --- l'i llc!.i llhi, Sigma Nu Sweetheart. N arsitx ll.isltctb.iIl. Womcn's lntr.unui.ils. tlricntation fotic TERRY JO DEX ERS A Dorm Council N iccv Prcsitlcnt. Baptist Student L l'1lUll. Stutlcnt Iztlu- cation Association H. GORDON DIAMOND' N .tl'sllX lcnnis DINA ANITA DICI-INZO - Rugbx lcani. Biology Club Rl-lNA'l'A SHARON DILISCI X - Xlltticslx In- tcrnational NIANYA JOIIN DJION ANIOIS -- Relations Club KATHERINE NIARII. DUDGI-' I7clt.i tlmi cron. Summct Nlissions t'li.inpcison lor liaptis: Student l'nion. llcatl l'rool'rc.itlci for thc l ,... ' llul, Sintonicion Piotlucci. Dorint ountil litui suici El.lZAllIQ'lill R. DOIAN -N Muni., l'!wi l imloi tioli.lcnhc.irt. t'ollci:i.itc Xl.oi.icciiicn' it tion - Spcaltcts t'onnnittcc ANDREW! JtlSlf1l'Illltll,sUX l": N1 Xi" SinlonicronOpera, NNilli.i1i:.::1tl 'xl .: . + my St'U'l"l'-Il.l.I'NlN1ttitlli D'UIDXIII.l,lXXlDHXXI I R l' l i Nlcn's lnti.oniii.ils l'lii si i A i Nlaiy thou, lloit-:oil is ii, ti NIARX l-.l ll klll lll IDR XIX ii Suiniininr ltan. I oi g' H- l.lt1l.l ,itliolh siiitlti. X . .II AN Nl XRII llRl NN KN 31" .',i,,.' V . '- bl " 'us-Einse --Q IDU lmily 1 atht-rinc Drt'yl'us l'st c hoiogx I 'Iitss RIX Cl' 'Ni Doug llryan Drummond Vliilosoplii. Ricliniontl Karen Llilalirlh Dudley Pht sical I tl .lloltlcn.N1.'X Kim Nl. DutTy Psy tliology . Staiiitoid. K' I Sheila Josephine IIulI'y lllttlttlly . Iilval I".llls Nlichael F. Dullaghan niputci Science. IN ilmington. Dl- Pann-la .lean Dunn Psy chologi. Fairlax Anthony Scott Durkin lliology . Springfield Kimberly Jean Eagle Illlsllitfss Adniin.. Houston. TX Travis NI. Ebel Bustness.Administration. Reston Ji- Paige Boykin Edeburn Economics. Nlatxyy ell AFB. Al. Nlary Elizabeth Edgette Psychology . Hampton Gregory William Edwards Government. Charlottesville Victoria Lynn Edwards English, Smithtield Hilleyi A. Einseln Anthropology . Fairfax it UI l '14 Q.. f L s I a 'T . 5 . ii a . A , H wif... EMILY CATHERINE DREYFUS - Psi Chi. Psy- chology Club, Young Democrats. Virginia Public Interest Research Group member. DOUG BRYAN DRUMMOND - Swimming Team. Philosophy Club. KAREN ELIZABETH DUDLEY - Varsity Tennis. Omicron Delta Kappa, Physical Education Majors Club. President. KIM M. DUFFY - Chi Omega. Psi Chi. SHEILA JOSEPHINE DUFFY- Rugby Club. Ath- letic Trainer. MICHAEL F. DULLAGHAN - Science Fiction Club. .Association for Computing Machinery. Catholic Student Association. WMTV. William and Mary Theatre. Studio Productions. PAMELA JEAN DUNN -Alpha Chi Omega. ANTHONY SCOTT DURKIN - Sigma Nu. Wres- tling. KIMBERLY JEAN EAGLE - Chi Omega. Womens Tennis. Collegiate Management Associa- tion. TRAVIS M. EBEL - Omicron Delta Kappa Presi- dent. Mortar Board. William and Mary Ranking Scholar. BctaGamma Sigma. CUl0IlIlllEi'll1I, Colle- giate Management Association. PAIGI-I BOYKIN EDEBURN - Pi Beta Phi. Womcn's Intramurals Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister. Dorm Council. Junior Steering Committee. MARY ELIZABETH EDGETTE- Varsity Soccer. Catholic Student Association. Dorm Council. Stu- dent Health Promoters. GREGORY WILLIAM EDWARDS - Pi Sigma Al- pha. Debate Council. Dorm Council. VICTORIA LYNN EDWARDS - Gamma Phi Beta. Cheerleader. Hll.I.EYI A. EINSELN - Delta Gamma. Rugby. lntramtirals. Dorm Council. .IUHN CHARLES ELSER - Junior Board. KQREITHIQN DI-IIRDRE ENSLET - William and Naary Christian Fellowship. Young Life Leader- s ip. DANA CHARLOTTE ENSLOW - Phi Mu Trea- surer. Assistant Social Chairperson. Dorm Coun- cil. Queens Guard. Collegiate Management Association. JANE F. EPHRUSSI - Chi Omega, William and Mary Chorus. Orientation Aide. Munster Summer Program. MICHELLE CHRISTINE ESPEJO -- Field Hockey. Mermettes. MELISSA ANNE ETCHBERGER LORI ANNE ETKIN - Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sis- ter. Manager of Men's Swimming Team. Dorm Council President. Virginia Senior Classical League Secretary. JANE ANNE EVANS - Kappa Delta. Head Resi- dent. President's Aide. KATHERINE TYLER EVANS - Gamma Phi Beta. Junior Varsity Lacrosse. Intramurals. PHILIP H. EVANS CAROL MELISSA EZZELL -- Alpha Chi Omega. Committee to Furnish the President's House. Resi- dent Assistant. ODETTE MARY FADOUL - Della Delta Delta. Pi Delta Phi. International Circle. Presidents Aide. GARY WAYNE FAIRCLOTH - Sigma Chi Stew- ard, Student Association Treasurer. Sophomore Steering Committee. GREGORY G. FARAGASSO -- Sigma Nu Chap- lain. Inter-fraternity Council Representative. So- cial Chairman. Latin Studies Association. Catholic Student Association. English Majors Club. Karate Club. Oriental Outreach Program. Peace Corps. WCWM, Intramurals. Job Search Program Coordi- nator. Chemistry Tutor. Fine Arts Society. KRISTINE ERIN FARIA - Intramurals. Circle K Publicity Director. Catholic Student Association. Sociology Club. JOHN F. FARRELL - Lambda Chi Alpha. Varsity Track. Captain, Student Association Refrigerator Program. WILLIAM E. FECTEAU - F.H.C. Society. Presi- dent. Queen's Guard Commander. Student Asso- ciation Vice-President. Film Series Director. Reserve Officers Training Corps. Disciplinary Committee. MARK THOMAS FERRIS -- Biology Club. THOMAS BURNAM FIELD - College Orchestra, Backdrop Club. JAN FINDLEY -- Lacrosse. Dorm Council. KAREN P. FINGER -- Intramurals, Pi Delta Phi, Fine Arts Society, Collegiate Management Asso- ciation. DAVID LYE FINNEGAN MARGUERITE FRANCES FINNERTY - Intra- murals. Catholic Students Association. Flat Hal. CYNTHIA RAE FISHER - Delta Omicron. Inter- varsity Christian Fellowship. Sinfonicron Opera Company. JOHN FLOYD FITHIAN - Alpha Lambda Delta. Phi Eta Sigma. Mortar Board. Phi Beta Kappa. AI- pha Phi Omega. JOHN P. FITZPATRICK - Sigma Chi. Intra- murals. Pheonix Award. President's Aide, Honor Council. Head Resident. Resident Assistant, WCWM, Catholic Student's Association. Sinfoni- cron Opera Company. Covenant Players, Dorm Council. JOHN BRADFORD FLECKE - Reserve Officers Training Corps, International Relations Club. RACHEL T. FLINTOM -- New Testament Student Association. GEORGE WILLIAM FOREMAN - Pi Kappa Al- pha. Tennis. PAUL ROBERT FORGRAVE - Swim Team. Re- serve Oflicers Training Corps. William and Mary Review. Flat Hal. ll . Sena s A Elser-Forgrave .luhn fharlex Pllser llllwlllgx,Xlcriri.1 Gretchen Deirdrc l-.nsley hlcmcnttlix l tl Rullgztwn. lilllixl' Dana Charlotte l-,nslms Htlvncw Xtlnnn Nlllr.uN1i MPX .lane lr. bphruxsi flCYYl'l.lll, Klllflflilll 'Nl Michelle ljhrixline l.spt'ju Binlugx Xlig1nl.lllu.l.ll Melissa Anne litchherger Elenicntnry kd . Llgllllriltll Lori Anne I-ltkin Cl'lCI'lllNlVX.NllLllUll'll.1ll .lane Anne I-Bans Hutory . Wcxtlicld. NJ Katherine T5 Ier l-lx am B1ulug5.R1uhmuml Philip H. Exam Ecnnomiu, Chtlrlottcw ills Carol Melissa lizzell B1ulugy.H.tn1pion Odette Mary lfadnul Biology. Beirut. lrlmrion Gary NN ay ne Faircloth .'XCCULll1lll"lg.xCNK port New N Gregory G. lfaragassn English Hlxlurx . SlllIll'llUkKll. NN Kristine Erin Faria Socioltvgy. lfltlrnptun john F. Farrell Chcrnixlrx, XN'illx.lrnNhnrg William lx. h-rteau CimurnmcntRclig1lwn.Nlt'rI1mg Mark lhumas H-rris llllvlngx. Nicrllng 'l'hml1asllurIIanl Field Xilhlxj. New fi.ll'l.l.tll.l I ,lan Findlcy lkx t-hnltvgx.ll.li11pruil Kart-n I'. linger litmnt-H lXtl1nlrnxlr.ltl--it lil.-tlltm David lqt- linncgain ltun l .lim NK cllcxlux M X Nlargucritt' l ranvu Finnrrly lllNlUlk4''.lI1 Cynthia Rm- lixhvr Mwst Rlulriukt' ,Iuhn l-lnytl l'llllILlll tum Cllllllflll Xnrumtl llc .lullll l', l llllmli ll lt itll-'twat l' ,Iul1lillr'.ull-viii l lurk- lrtlw- 1 ' L Rzutlnll lllitll-luv l l ' l 1.11-igXllllymlllluiimii ,1, ,- l . . l I .ml lvllv- i. I -within . I l l -l x flu Foster F uccella ltlnairil Nlichairl losler lconomics. Richniond lxathleen Xlexiindra lox llllsiilcss X1llllllilNll.illUll.llllltlll Xlexundra Kun lrancis Religion, Riu-is11ic'.l'l -'kdiitn lrainkel lhologv.Ro.ii1ol-ce ,lordan liruy Fri-eauf lnglish Religion. Susan Renee French Spanish. Nlechanicsx ille llehra I.. lrey lliisiiiess ,Xdniin ,l'xll0XNlllC. IN Susan Lloyd l-'rier ghsh lim 't , lletidetsonxillc. NL' lilizaheth Ann Frye Accounting. Richmond Lisa Nl. Fuccella Nl.llhClll.lllCN. l.ill'lQiNb.l. PA 'T '17 X' . 1 s. - p irect Marketing Direct Marketing of Williamsburg, a corporation founded by senior John Berger, is the first student run corporation under the auspices ofa college or univer- sity. Front row: Mary ltda. Scott Schroeder, Sharon Crumpton, Alison Horrocks, Caleen Norrod, Milan Turk. Back row: David Moore fadvisorj, John Berger, Larry Levy, Ed Healey, Paul Golder, Travis Ebel. Photo by M. lida 16'-Q , f "l have lust done something that any other student could have done." commented ,Iohn Berger, Chief Ex- ecutive Officer and Founder oi'Direct Marketing ot'XY'il- liamsburg. "Mr Berger," as he is called bv his clients, is .1 senior business administratiiin-managernent mayor who has ap- plied his college education to the "real world" bv obt.1in- ing a hands-on experience in the corporate world. What is Direct Marketing Ui-XYvllll.1ITlSlWLlI'gf DMXY' is .1 completely' student-run corporation which provides anv- thing from mailing labels tor catalogues and promotional material to logo designs and complete marketing ser- vices, lt einplovs eleven students from different disci- plines - accounting, linglish, philosophy. and economics -and thev in turn provide .1 particular talent to the companv in marketing. advertising, copv-writing, yll'.llWl1lkS.Hl' sales ,lohn's idea tor DMXY' originated out 1iiAb1it'c'tliJtYi with his classworlc. During his iunior vear he wanted to obtain sonic' practic al .ipplication in win the courses he xv .1s studv- ing K onseciuentlv. with the guidance ot'l7r. Bill Rice, his marketingprofessor. lic'c'st.1lWllsl1c'1l the first student-run . .'. fn, il .,,,N. r' . fr' 1 I if V QF i f i i corporation under the auspices ofa college or university. David Moore, assistant professor of business. currently serves as faculty advisor for DMW. DMXX' has served a diverse clientele. Their first cus- tomer was the Williamsburg Pottery Facturv, to whom they provided l4U.UlJlJ lavels for a direct mail catalogue, Direct Marketing of Williamsburg has also served Con- scientious Carpet Care, Exxon, and Royal Travel Agency in Williamsburg. Their largest projects have been with the National Park Service, which they provided with a gift catalogue, and with Xerox. who will provide a size- able monthly contract for direct mail services. XY'ill Direct Marketing of Yfilliamsburg survive after john Bergers graduation? The answer is a definite "yes" Dean .lamison ot' the Business School and -lohn agreed that this opportunity should be extended to interested studentsg therefore, ,Iohn "bequeathed" his original cre- ation tothe Business School. To insure accomplishment ol'DMXY"s obiectives, Marv lida. the iunior participant in the business. will serve .1s President for the 198-i-85 vear. - Sb.1r'm1Sz41'r1e 4 Sri, s ,-v L I S-' Deborah R. Iruess itrvlttg'-.lj '.,. Hel t' lit Kathy N. Iujita '""g Isvtol l" l'X Phyllis Ann ttallitttore lit.-.TWQH I.-1' " 'tffr " Charles Iltortttts tturttltle. Ir. l.coiot'1..- lie Nl Datid Steten ttarlattd Htologi. NN t l..t'tt-strc Margaret Lee Garland Religion. Don ners t trot e ll Robert F. Garnett Economics. Iixansstlle IN Deobrah Nlarie Garrett History. Buena X tsta Gail Ellen Gasparich Biology. Sprtngtield K Y x, -" it C JI .XX Y X Scott James tiehsmann Nccttttnttng. Nets t ttt. NN Nlnniea Ann Genadio Cieology. Fittrtas Nlarion Church Iiengler lgngltsh. Locust Njtllex NN Robert S. Gerenser Cioterntttettt. llattx tlle Donald li. Gibson Judy A. Gilbert Biology Haltttttote, Nllb tl EDWARD MICHAEL FOSTER - Kappa Al- pha, Treasurer: Intramurals: Mortar Board. Secretary: Omicron Delta Epsilon. President: lnterfraternity Council. Treasurer: Dorm Coun- cil. Secretary. Vice-President. KATHLEEN ALEXANDRA FOX - Collegiate Management Association. ALEXANDRA ANN FRANCIS - Kappa Delta. Lacrosse. Queen's Guard. Catholic Students Association. ADAM FRANKEL - Kappa Alpha. Freshman Citation. Biology Club. Sierra Club. JORDAN GRAY FREEALF - Sigma Chi. SUSAN RENEE FRENCH - Delta Delta Delta. Intramurals. DEBRA L. I-'REY - Phi Mu. President Pttnhel- Ienic Council Representative: Pi Lanthda Phi Sweetheart. Little SistcrL Dorm Council. SUSAN LLOYD FRIER - Kappa Kappa Gamma. Florence Summer Program. Hand. Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister. Catholic Students Association. ELIZABETH ANN FRYE - Alpha Chi Omega. gftrgesponding Secretary: Rugby. Accounting u . LISA M. FLCCELLA - Field Hockey. Lat, Crosse. DEBORAH R. Fl'ESS - Phi Nlu. Sunshine Chairman. Historian: Volleyball1 Geology Club. Commencement Committee. KATHY N. I-'l',II'I'A - Ciyntnasttcs. Captain: Women's Athletic .-Xtlxtsttli Cotttmtlteeg .Nc- counting Club. PHYLLISANNtSAl.l.lNIURl-1 - I't IIet.t l'ht CHARLES THONI XS CL XNIIIIII JR. - Soeter lntranttlratls. hcottottttc s Cltth DAYIDSTEYIQNIQKRI KNIT Ntgttt.tNtt NI.-KRGARl'l'I' I.I-.l- t.XRI XNIP - NNtIlt.tttt .ttttl Mary Cht'tstt.ttt I ello-.t slttp. ttetttt.ttt Ilottse. Itt' ternattonttl Cttclc ROBERT' I". IQNRNI- I I ltttt.ttttttt.tIs, I'Itt I l.t Sigma. Alpha Lambda Delta. 1 tntte ron Delta lap, silon, DEBORAH NIARIE GARRFTT -- lx.tpp.t Kappa Ciammzt. GAIL IQLLIEN GASPARICH W I-teld llocket. l,.t.'rosse. lfltology Club. Health Careers Club SCOTT .IANIES GI-IHSSIANN - l'het.t Delta Chi. Stunt Team Captaing lntt'ttmttr.tls, tN.tttte F. fillWIWN.'NCCUlIl'1IlI'l!l Society. I're.tsurer. Catho- Ite Students Association. Class titlt Cotttttttttee. Orientation Aide. NIONICA ANN GI-fNADIO Y I'Itt Kitt. Rttltttg 'l'e.tnt. Stgttta Ciantttta I pstlott. l3elt.t Sigma I't XIARIUNCHl'RCIItilf,Ntil I-R - lettttts 1 .tp t.tttt. NN-utten's Athletic 'Xtlttsott tottttttl l rf lottshtp ot Cht'tstt.ttt Xtltlt-tes Nt X X Volunteers lor Yotttlt RUIIIQRI' S. HIQRI-NSFR l' ls. ' I'lesttlettl. X tee I'testtlczt' N-t + DUNVKI It I.. MIIINHN lIet.t I pstlott lteltt .Il IH X. t.II lil ltl Iettcttte 1 11"-t ,t Business:Xtltttttttsttattott Xtttt.ttt 'LJ' A-wsu fdf'-W. af., '1'T- ' 4 1 . W ,- .V xl- .1 ' ,1 nz" .9535 1' 1 M r' if 1 0 gg, A ' S Gunter Vharlotte Nlaiureen Gilt-N xlllNlx. ll.lllX llle .lama l an-rnne Gill l.on.-:nun llzxrorx. llurke Rhonda Nlielielle Gillespie Noelologx. New port New x Nlarie Kimball Gilliam Goxeinnienl l nglixh. Riphniond KN illiam .Ieffrey Gimpel ln1'l Relanonx. ,xlldlllli lllgh . Nl Christine l ee Gingery lleinenuux ld Leexliuig l'ina Nlarie Giorgi llxxtorx . L'hex.1pcalw 'Iraq Ann Glasshurn Geology . L'lcgirn.itcr'. H. Rohert Christopher Gleason lnglish,Sr1ringIicld Leona N1arieGloisic1 .-Xpuounung. .Xlcx.indri.x James Bradley Gochenour Goxernmcnl. Colonial Beach Paul l-I. Golder Fnglixh llIxlUl'l . Chanully Julie Anne Goldstein lrlcmentary Ed . Riuhmond Resin R. Gough lmon Philoxophy. Hai ppaugc. NY ,lon S. Graft Accounting. Springticld Rodolfo ,lose Granados Goicrnmcnt Biology Nlelean Jean Elizabeth Grant E-1ngIuh.l'ullx Church Sarah Joanna Gray Accounting. Sandxlon Nlollye Sue Greene l-eononuu Pxyehology. Martino ille Brent Hirsch Greenwald Biology. l.UlllNNlllC. KY Susan lloldin Greer Vluloxophx Rcllgion. Pctcrxhurg .lennifer lee Gregg l'v. uhologx. l'olom.u.'. Nlll Nlaureen Antoinette Grey ll1xrorx.St 'Xllmnx NY Amy R. Griflin lnglixh. Richmond Yanessa Wynne Griflith l'w .l1ulugX,Ng'xkpUl'l Nexu .lellrey Scott Grist lulUPlllL'I'NeIL'I1LC.lCXlHgloI1 laura Hizaheth Groom ll,,::a.n Refatiolix t herrx ll1lI.N.l Nleien ldviard Gross lliologx , Dani alle Xlaruarel .leanne Gula lrentli XlCX.lllxll'l.i larry Nlartin Gunter , N. mmf Xlrh Ne'J.1M-rl Nexu N 4 . 4 -A t. I 4- X . l - . 'x 3. Y- a alfa 5 : Gur-Hancock .--- -.-. I ynnt' Nlicht-Ie tiur l Cl'2.L'li'.1f.ltI NN :Q 1. 0 's Paul t.tis'ltt-t' s ,leannt'Nlaritliti11o ilk: Kg ' - KN - Kei in llnttglas llarlt is." llhristint- Xntill.idLlii1tot"'t X..o.i:i','., 'sl-.-' f- 3 NI Sharon K. Ilaegelt- English, Richhot--, PX Catherine Izllen Ilainer English. X itginia Beach Robert lilley Haislip lliologi, Q NN llll.ttlisC'tttgg Nlark J. Hall l-.con-trnics. Smithfield Stew en Lee Hall Political Philosorhx Nli.iYti2 ll Steten 'Nlirhael Hall Biologx . llanxillt' Kelly Anne Halligan Gosernnicnt. lit-iss x n. P X Christopher Xlfrt-d Hamhleton Accounting. Springfield Nleg Leigh Hantmes Nlatlietnaties. W1lll.tltlsl'tllil Priscilla Ann llancoclt Nnthropologu X itginia lit-.ith lu- L. CHARLOTTE MAUREEN GILES - Baptist Student Union. .IANA LAVERNE GILL - Phi Alpha Theta. Ec- onomics Club, Orchesis Apprentice. Resident Assistant, Facts and Referrals. RI-IONDA MICHELLE GILLESPIE - Fellow- ship SCHEV: Sociology Club: Black Thespians: Ebony Expressions, Director: Black Students Organization. MARIE KIMBALL GILLIAM - Delta Delta Delta. Recording Secretary: Scholarship Chair- man. Orchesis Apprentice. Pre-Law Club. Totir Guide. Cambridge Program. WILLIAM JEFFREY GIMPEL -- Theta Delta Chi, Gymnastics. Honor Council. Resident As- Stslanl. Cambridge Program. Presidents Aide. CHRISTINE LEE GINGERY - Gamma Phi Beta. Vice President: Kappa Delta Pi: Circle K. TINA MARIE GIORGI - Lambda Chi Gamma. TRACY .ANN GLASSBIQRN - Kappa Alpha Theta. Sigma Gamma Epsilon. Phi Eta Sigma. Alpha Lambda Delta. Sigma Nu Little Sister. ROBERT CHRISTOPHER GLEASON - Lambda Chi Alpha, Football. Distinguished Mil- itary Student. Reserve Officers Training Corps. Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Campus Cru- sade for Christ. LEONA MARIE GLOWICZ - Wayne F. Gibbs, .lr. Accounting Society. Band. .EQIVIES BRADLEY GOCHENOUR - Sigma t. PAUL E. GOLDER- Flu! Hui. Marching Band. JULIE ANNE GOLDSTEIN -- Alpha Chi Omega. Prizes and Awards Committee: Student Association Council Representative. KEVIN R. GOUCH - Debate Council. Presi- dent. .ION S. CRAFT - Alpha Phi Omega. Wesley Foundation. Queen's Guard. International Rela- tions Club. Reserve Officers Training Corps. Es- cort. Historical Simulation Society. RODOLFO .IOSE GRANADOS - Circle K. Dorm Council. Gamma Phi Beta Brother ot' the Moon. Colonial Echo, Lambda Chi Gamma. JEAN ELIZABETH GRANT - Baptist Sttitlcnt Union. William and Mary Chorus. SARAH .IOANNA GRAY - Lacrosse. Wayne F. Gibbs. Jr. Accounting Society, MOLLYE SUE GREENE - Chi tlnicga. Phi Kappa Alpha Little Sister, BrRENT HIRSCH GRI'QENWAI,D - Kappa Al- p a. SUSAN BOLDIN GREER JENNIFER l.I-IE GREUG MAUREEN ANTOINI-I'I'TI'Q GREY - feta Phi Beta. Ebony lixprcsstons. Black ihesptans So- ciety. Dorm Council. College tiontttttttce on Ca- reer Planning. .-Xlpha Phi Xlpha Succtltcat't. AMY R. GRIFIVIN VANESSA XVYNNI-Q IQRII I"I'I'II -- Kappa l7t'lt.t. Circle K. Christian tssalsctiitig. Pstchologx Club. Dorm t'ouncil .IEI'4I"RIiY Sl'0'I'l GRIS l' LALRA I'1I.Il-XIII" I II IIRUUNI Ye Kappa Kappa Gamma STEVEN I-LIN! -NRI? GROSS - .-Xlpha Phi Omega. Biology Club. lntctxaistlx INIARGARIUI .IFXNNI-' lil I.-X -- Intlllllltt Phi Beta. Delta llttllulixtt, l .illittltc Sttitlt-nts Xssti- ciation. Music Niintstry. Delta Otntcron Histo- rian. Chorus. Choir. Botetourt t hanim-r Singers. Baptist Students L nion. Choir LARRY MARTIN GI N TER - Su ini leant. Xs- sociation for Computing Slachinerx LYNNE SIICHELE GLR - t .lllltlllc Sttitluttt .-Xssoctatton. Yirgtnta Education -Xssociation. Pt Kappa Alpha Little Sister DAVID P.-tl'l. GLSHEI-I - lntramutals. Phi Icla Sigma. Baptist Student l'nton. Presttlettt .IEANNI-Q MARIE GLZZO - tiollegtate Neto- htcs. lnc.. President KEVIN DOIAGLAS HAD!-I - Sigma Pt. lco- nomics Majors Club. WCW Nl. CHRISTINE ANN H-KlI.IIliIi0RliI'i -- Xlplia Chi Omega. Assistant Treasurer. 'Xctounting Club. SHARON K. HAIiliIiI.Ii - Cianititt' Phi llcta Cross-Country. lracls CATIIICRINE IiI.I.IQN Il-'IINFR - Rst Xt Xl llillmrritmtl Hur-t Rt in it lm I H...' ll:--t-ks ss RUHIHRT TII.I.IfY II-KISI Il' -- l'ils,1Fi'- X1g"'i MARK .I. II.-XI.I. -- llicta lltlia 1 ': I Republicanstihaittitan,Rcsultiw' X s ' ltam and Klart Xlilitttnittxt 'tw I'.C0nUt1tlt'slPlttl1 STEVEN IFF lltl I ' l ifc. Phtlosophx t lm S'l'l-IYIHN XIII II-XII ll Xl l ' 1: 1 KEl.l.X XNNI- ll 'tl l lt, tN -. l'IIRISIUI'IIl'R Xl l Rl ll ll XNll1l l INN NIIEIQII-Il.IlllXNlNllS ' '-l 5lIIlXXNNllXXttitIs l.l' l t'L'tlc'.:tlt' PRI t'h l4,.- il.-.Mille X113 liiguie l Iil1llll'lhHLIllNt'Il X:itiit.,ifN!xit1iw Wwir':tu'k K I li"i Kt'.:iii'l1N Xiititilutux-.ii NN i i 'II1g'I1Y.L!'- I tititatiuii. NN liitiiwlci .lunul Xlarie HllIll'1lh.lIl Xhirlai HLIIINUII imc Xrix,N1tle.iri Susan ll Iilalu-th HLIIINUII 'xllL1L'lLlxxillIl Hardy X ioiiiitx. XJ ' . '. lximherly Kay Harris I' nglixh. Dunnsx illc Ruhr.-rt l,ee Harris I riglisli.R1uiiriiuiitl Elizabeth Garland Harrison Hixlurx. XLHWlllI1..Xl Daxid I-I. Hart Hixlurx. Xfl.lIl1l.lkl, Lance Nlichael Harringtnn Moi X nun I X 'I am:-ra Ymnne Harwood HINIOU . K,iltillCCxlCI' ,lane Bright Hatcher Latin, Danxillc Jeff I-Q. Hatter Bmlogi . t'ur1Iami. NY Jerry Michael Hawkins Umernnicnl. Newport New N Susan F. Hawking lkwniputcr O Ll . You. You. Tribe lam point acvizwingfiriugerx at a xmall erffup :gf .laniex ,Uuclisun NIlldt'f1!,X ujtvr 41 xhnwer 'gf Iuifvl paper forrvd gurne ofjimilx rn tmp the urrinri, llespile ,xufh rrgnrnm, if chilflixh. exhibitions 1ffXl1f1ll!IfIhVYfhU Jill' lane, Ihe .Hudiwn Ivunz wut urmhle' In pull wut ti wm, ax u rit'mrimn Iribe mntrulled um! ultimareli mm lhv Qunzv. Pham hi' I1 SIUE! rx NX, nn' Pt' Q.. if ... . L- Q I , f. l sf ., ...L 0494.1 S" -tgztv' . 'a ' ' aff' "T -Q' f K 1- r ,X ,S .R I 'i .4 v-- 4' awley-Hoey it Alison Pier Hawley Diane XX ilsrtn Ilan Icy - I Xl.r'r'wi.r:r.,. rift-ew.-. t l - nl .lames Randolph llt-tlin Pl. . sr, tg'r'rr' .. fr, Ile Heidvttreit h l rrrg.rrs'r.s I nt. ' XX S vi .jennifer Iynne Helms Illstlttgkl f..1lltr"est 'l Elizabeth Nlarie Hendriclts Modern l..tngu.tges. llristtrl Terri I.. Hendrickson Business .-Xdrnrriistratrori oe Robert P. Hesse Colin .loseph Hickey English lzeottorrrrcs Xeton Nl X Hilarie Nlargaret llielts licononircs Nlusrt . tiloutester Craig .lames Ilillegas Htlslticss Gretchen Clair Hines Nltrsre.'l1nr. NX .l. Michael Huhhs fioternnrent. Strllolls Diane Nlarie Hot-ltstra Pstehologt . 1 Lilslarttl 'sl Philip Joesph Hoey liusrrtess l'rtrstrrrtl JANET MARIE HANRAHAN - Gamma Phi Beta, Varsity Basketball. DIANE ELIZABETH HANSEN - Delta Gamma. MARTA HANSEN SUSAN ELIZABETH HANSEN - New Testa- ment Student Association oflicer. ANGELA WINN HARDY -- Kappa Delta Pi. Resident Assistant. Head Resident. LANCE MICHAEL HARRINGTON - Senior Class Social Committee. Commencement Com- mittee. Treasurer of College Republicans, KIMBERLY KAY HARRIS - Delta Delta Delta. ROBERT LEE HARRIS. JR. - Pi Kappa Alpha. IVIen's Basketball Manager. United Way ofWil- ltamsburg Big Brother. ELIZABETH GARLAND HARRISON - lntra- mural Volleyball, Westminster Fellowship Co- leader. Historical Simulation Society. DAVID E. HART - Sigma Phi Epsilon. Social Chairmang lntramurals: Phi Alpha Theta: ROTC: Spanish Drill Instructor. TAMERA YVONNE HARWOOD - Delta Omi- cron, Women's Chorus. William and Mary Choir, Sigma Phi Epsilon Goldenhcart, JANE BRIGHT HATCHER - Westminster Fel- lowship. Baptist Student Union Bell Choir. JEFF E. HATTER - Sigma Nu. Social Chair- man: Varsity Wrestling: Phi Eta Sigmat Alpha Lambda Delta: Honors Biology. JERRY MICHAEL HAWKINS - Pi Sigma Alf pha. Central American Action Group. Percus- sion Ensemble. SUSAN C. HAWKINS - lfenerng. Pi Delta Plri. Dorm Council. College Republicans. ALISON PIER HAWLEY - tiantma Phi lieta. Cross Country. lntloor 'lir'aclt. Outdoor Iracls. Collegiate Management .-Xssoeratttvrt. Senior Board. DIANE WILSON IIADIIQY Y t2.rttint.t l'ht Beta. Track. Dorm Cotrrierl. t'o-l'resrdent JAMES RANDOl.l'lI lllzl-l.lN -- rXlplt.i Lambda Delta. Baptist Stutlerit l mon UTE IIEIDI'lNRI'Qll'Il- l'lri l ta Sri1nt.i.tierrri.iti Tutor. lnternrttrorialt ire Ie JENNIIJICR LYNNI. lll' IRIS l'i llet.r l'ltt Omicron Delta lsapp-t l'lII Nlflllel- I" 'N-'Pl'-4 -V pha Little Sister I'1I.IZ.-AIIHIIII 'NINRII' Ill NIPKILKS ltrttes lflart leitttt. l'l l l.r Nrerrra Xlplm l .trtrlttla llella. Montpelier l'rt-urarrr TERRI L. HENDRICKSON -f lellottslirp ol Christian Athletes. Spanish Drrll Instructor. Men's Gymnastics leam theer leader. Varsity Soccer' ROBERT P. HESSIQ --1 lnterrt.ttrort.ilt rrele. NN ilg lranr .intl Mart Spirit Club COLIN JOSEPH HICKEI -- lnlr'.irttur'.ils. Ihr lltrl Hit! HILARII-L MARGARET HICKS - l'lu lt.r Sigma. .-'tlpha l,anil1tl.t Delta. Delta tlrrrrert-ri OmrcronDelt.il1ps1lon,t'.itholie Stutleirr Xsst- eration CRAIG .IASII-IS HlI.I.EGAS -A Stgttrat ltr. t ul' legtate Nlarnagentettt 'Xssotr.itrt-ri X it e President tiRE'l't'llEN CIAIR HINIS -- l'ltr Xtir Xler rttettes. Delta tlrtirert-ri l'resitlerit Xkrllrrrwr .intl Nlatt Choir. Wrllrartr .intl Nl.rr'. t lirrrrrs ll.-'. tourt l'h.rrrtltet Singers, ttielresri.. ll .ml N ltlllleltlli Opera l'trl'litr!'. t li.r-rrrrw' Nz. H Director .l. Nlltllklal HOIKIIN N- torttritiltee tot li.irr.rr rr sr . A NRCS Xsltrsttlt l ttt'r:rr Y' . ll I DI-XNIA NIXRII llHllsNIll1 ' Yttt' l'tesrtlr'rrt Nlfrr' lf ' lg,isp,,- I'sr l liz l 1 l Iittclt' lx l-trr't l'llIl ll',Ittsl l'll llttll r I silt lmtli N 'T lillvtkssNl.1lr.1Le.!'Lr thier er K l Comp Science. treriet .t. Su irferli Rithard l ut' IlolTnizin xiii-lio Mi Nt Iinctksx iilc. I'X t In-leriv In Holmes Itlizsirit-ss Xtliiirri I'roxitIt'ritc I urge Scott tiury Holmes Biology , Nitkaxiiria. Ni Iicccat Holi l'sx thologx. Nltl can Xlonica N t-rnt-Ita Hopkins Sttclttitigt. IQCIIIWIHIILL' V' Julia Xlarit' Hornian tit'ini.intioniptilcrSc1ciitc.I.ill't1ix H Sharon Ialilahelh Horner ,, K Iliologx. Ilcntluison. Nt' Howard Brian Horowitz Iillslllcss Xdniin . Ilr1tlgcit.ilcl.N.l Alison Katherine Horrocks Btisnicss Xdiiiiriistiatiori. Reston William .larnes Hough , 'oniputcr Science. Nlontgoniciy. IX Nu , . 'lereasa l.y nn House Accounting. Richmond Geoffrey Allen Howe ,, Comp Science -Xnthro.. Annandale Kathleen Susan Huhona ' - Business Admin., Charlottcsy illc .Alexander Fraser Hudgins. III English. locust Hill Pamela S. Hudson Psy chology , Slallord J T vs 4 . 1 i RICHARD LEE HOFFMAN - William and Mary Choir. Botetourt Chamber Singers. Fine Arts Society. CHELENE E. HOLMES -- Collegiate Manage- ment Association. Karate Club. SCOTT GARY HOLMES - Cross Country. Track. Phi Sigma, Psi Chi. The Fla1Har. BECCA HOLZ - Psi Chi. Psychology Club. MONICA VERNETTA HOPKINS - Alpha Kappa Alpha. Vice-President. Dean of Pledges: Sociology Clubg Black Thespian Society: Ebony Expressions: William and Mary Forensics Team: Black Student Organization. JULIA MARIE HORMAN - Delta Phi Alpha. Catholic Student Association. Band. Canter- bury Association. SHARON ELIZABETH HORNER - Alpha Kappa Alpha. Vice-President. President: Stu- dent Financial Aid Committee. Biology Club. HOWARD BRIAN HOROWITZ - Theta Delta Chi. Senior Class Social Committee. Recording Seicretary and Social Chairman for Theta Delta C i. ALISON KATHERINE HORROCKS - Delta Delta Delta. Cheerleader. WILI.IANl JAMES HOUGH - Association for Computing Machinery. Cinema Classics Direc- tor. 'l'ERI-IASA LYNN HOUSE - Delta Gamma. Re- cording Secretary. Panhellenic Delegate. Rush Lounselor. Charter Member: Men's Track Man- .iger1Signia Dclta Pi1OrrcntationAidc. GEOFFREY ALLEN HOWE -- Association for tonipirririg Nlachincry. KATHIFEN SUSAN HUBONA -- Alpha l .irnbda Dclta. Phi Ilia Sigma. Collcgiatc Man- agement Xssociation, XI FX XNDER FRASER HUDGINS III - fifths Votiritir. liack.Captain.SeniorClassPresident: i i I Presidents Aide: Board of Student Affairs. PAMELA S. HUDSON - Phi Mu. Psi Chi. TYLER MCLANE HUDSON STEPHEN JAMES HUFFMAN - Fencing. CHRISTOPHER S. HUGE - Kappa Sigma. Varsity Football. TODD DOUGLAS HULTMAN - Circle K Pres- ident. Baptist Student Union. College Republi- cans. LANCE LEE HUMPHRIES - Sinfonicron Opera. Backdrop. Directors Workshop. WILLIAM GREGORY HUNDLEY - Pi Kappa Alpha. Intramurals. Basketball Manager. MARGARET MARY HUNTER - Kappa Kappa Gamma. President's Aide. Liaison to the Board of Visitors. Debate Team. Dorm Council. GREGORY STEPHENS HURLBRINK - Pi Lambda Phi. Lacrosse. MICHEL PIERRE HURTUBISE - Tennis. .gil-QN TURNER HUTCHESON - Pre-law u . HEIDI MARIE INGRAM - Delta Gamma. Kappa Delta Pi. Catholic Student Association. Tutor Rita Welsh Adult Skills Program. ALLISON SINCLAIR IRVIN - Gamma Phi Beta. Orchestra. KAREN ELIZABETH IRVIN - Phi Mu. Senior Captain Varsity Gymnastics Team. Accounting Society. JULIE R. IRWIN - Phi Mu. Psi Chi. Pi Delta Phi. Circle K. The William llIltIMl1l'j' Review. SHOTARO ISHIHARA -International Circle. ADAM F. IVEY III - Phi Beta Sigma. William and Mary Theatre, Sinfonicron Opera Company. Back- drop Club. Premiere Theatre. Directors Workshop. Covenant Players. Dancetera. GEORGE F. JACK. JR. - Phi Mu Alpha. Ho- xi ard Scammon Award. FHC Society. William and Mary Theatre. Backdrop. Sinfonicron. Pre- miere Theatre. Director's Workshop. William and Mary Choir. Theatre Student Association. JULIA SARAH JACKSON -- Circle K. Wesley Foundation. Dorm Council. ColonialEcho staff. LISA ANNE JACKSON ERIC R. JAHN - Prelaw Club. Accounting ub. INDU JAIN - Biology Club. lntemational Cir- cle. GREGORY M. JAMISON - Chemistry Honor Society. Chemistry Club. THOMAS PAUL JARVIE - Alpha Lambda Delta. Phi Eta Sigma. Chemistry Honor Society. Chemistry Club. ELLEN VIRGINIA JEFFERY - Gamma Phi Beta Corresponding Secretary. Delta Phi Alpha. German House Dorm Council President and Treasurer. Transfer Orientation Aide. William and Mary Chorus. BARBARA OLIVIA JEROME - Kappa Kappa Gamma Vice President. INGRID ANN JOHNS - Delta Delta Delta. Honor Council. Junior Board. Dorm Council. Greek Life. DENNISE ELIZABETH JOHNSON - Alpha Lambda Delta. Phi Eta Sigma. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. JANET ELIZABETH JOHNSON - Intra- murals. Baptist Student Union. Dorm Council. JUSTINA MARIA JOHNSON -- Chi Omega Pledge Trainer. Kappa Delta Pi. Senior Class Co-Publicity Chairman. Catholic Student Asso- ciation. Sophomore Steering Committee. Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister. Junior Board. Orien- tation Aide. Adult Skills Program. KRISTINE LYNNE JOHNSON - Canterbury Asso- ciation. Covenant Players Board. Junior Dorm Coun- cil Treasurer. Evensong Choir. Creative Arts House. Sophomore Steering Committee. ,i .ix 1 in X 'il .-, Q.. 25 'JY -ui- - V , va- 't get l fa ,Q as Yr' ' f mink Qs 'Us -. C? ix Ex L Nxt L.- 'C"7 K Lie I yler Nlclane Hudson Pnglish, X irgilina Stephen James Hulfman 1,mucr'ri:11eni. Chrislophn-r S. Huge P,wnwrw.X laxwuer Nl 'l odd lluuglas Hullman l'y.elwlw53, . N it tina Lance Lee Humphries Buwincw N1.1n.igun'icni Ilimwi Nil William Gregory Hundley Biology. Riehmund Margaret Mary Hunter Government, Hay rnarkct Gregory Stephens Hurlhrink Businew Nlan.1genicnt.Rt1xtwn. Nlll Michel Pierre Hurtubise liCUflOlTllCN.ljll.1XNLi. lllll-il'lU. l'.1r1.1d1 John Turner Hutchesnn History. Annandale Heidi Nlarie Ingram El'1gllxh.lH1il'ftiX Allison Sinclair lrxin hnglixh Pay ehulugy . .-Xlcx.mdr'1.1 Karen Elizabeth lrvin Buxinewlkuuiiintirig. H.1rtitvrd.l, l Julie R. lruin Englixh Puchulugy , Vcntrcx ilic Shotaro Ishihara Finance Sl.1l1xllux.,l.1Pt1Fl Adam F. lwey. lll Theatre It Spcceh Ninth l't-rtxrnt-uth George Y, Jack. .lr. Theatre tk Spccph, NK iliinimhiiig Julia Sarah ,lauksnn Biology. N1.ix Nltxidmx N l.isa 'Knntqlacksun Hmlugi . .'Xiir1.mtl.iIc l-lric R. .lahn -Meutiritiiig. Piitxiturigh l'AX lndu .lain lliulwgx. N nginm litxieii Gregory Nl. Jamiwn t'hcm1Nirx , NN ilmmgit-ii Ill lhumas Paul Jars ic tliciiiixlrx Npririglit-lil Hlen Nirgii1ia.lrfTt-ry llL'llll.lli lluiiiv illt' N111 llarhara Ulix in .It-ruiiir l nglixh. l .ii:t.n. lngrul xllll,l4'l1IlX litmii ,i. N llciimw I In,-.ilu vii !- 'ii i lmxim X V. .laiml l liipili iii ini-it-A X1 " ' .ltlNliii,4Xl.ii1.i liflllivtlu l lxiixtiml mit liiluiitiiii 1 i i ml K x tnuieiit Reiiuiott Ritleeyiot-tl.N.l . I9 yttntncnt. I otltttmn Heights. NN l ltti 'Xnieitcan Studies. titinston l t n titties Religion. lfyeigieen. CU r ENI R l Johnson-Kearby Nlt-lissa 'Inn .lolitisiiii ls..'i Kel ua-ti liitlutirotitl . Nloiiira Jean .lohnsoti '- llnsitxess Xia .... Ltiiitut X tcntin N zilerit- Xitlitglolittsoti , liioloey Prince t teoige Dt-horalt Carol Jolly I lkxtliolocy Ili-sxtell f ff , Sharon I'III1IIN.'IIl,ItlIlt'N , ,Q Z ltoyeiiiiiit-tit. Xiliuctoii t 17 .- X , ,f x I MIAMI Dan ,lt-lTry .Iorclangt-r .lennil't't' Nlary Joyce I leiiieiitait. ltl .llaiiisonluiig N illiatn Henry Joyner Religion Nltisic. Raleigh. Nt . Nlelissa S. Justice lwoiit-iiiies. Xlex.intlti.i Bruce II. Kalk tim ei iiitient. tiieer. St' Andrew .lanies Kant- tioxeiiiinent. lsnoxy tllc. IN Khy Jean Rau elis Judy Lynn Kayjian Accotintitig. ll.iy erlortl. PA Herbert N illiam Kay lor Donald IN illiam Kearhy t I uv. 3 MELISSA ANN JOHNSON - Baptist Student Union. SIONICA JEAN JOHNSON - Pi Beta Phi. Col- legiate Management Association. Senior Class Committee Chairman. YALERIE ANNE JOHNSON - Delta Gamma. Varsity Track. Alpha Lambda Delta. Phi Eta Sigma. Phi Sigma. Omicron Delta Kappa Vice- President. Health Careers Club. Biology Club. Student .Athletic Advisory Committee. DEBORAH CAROL .IOLLY - Alpha Lambda Delta. Phi Eta Sigma. SHARON ELIZABETH .IONES - Chi Omega. Intramurals. Pi Sigma Alpha. DAN JFI-'I-'RY.lORDANGI-1R W Pi Kappa Alpha President. Pulte-Bilxe. Pledge Master. Steward: lntrartitirals. Pi Delta Phi. Pi Sigma Alpha3 Greels'e JENNIIIQR NIARY JOYCE - Delta tianima. tatiittlic Student .-Xssociation. Student Ftluca- tion 'tssocxation II ll.l.l XXI IIIHNRI JOYNER -Theta Delt Chi Resident Assistant. lntrritiiiirals. Choir. William and Nl.:i'. Ihtuitie. Ninliotitcron Opera Coin' pany. Premiere Theatre. Catholic Student Asso- ciation. Canterbury Association. Covenant Players Board. MELISSA S. JUSTICE - Kappa Alpha Theta. BRUCE H. KALK ANDREW JAMES KANE KHY JEAN KAUPELIS - Volleyball Intra- murals. Junior Board. JUDY LYNN KAYJIAN - Pi Beta Phi Treasurer and .Assistant Treasurer. Phi Eta Sigma. Alpha Lambda Delta. Chorus. Sophomore Steering Committee. Dorm Council. HERBERT WILLIAM KAYLOR - Alpha Phi Omega. Fencing Team. Symphonic and March- ing Bands. DONALD WILLIAM KEARBY - Sigma Chi. Lacrosse Club. COLLEEN PATRICIA KEARNS - Womens Yarsity Syn imming. Rugby. Student Association Council. Dorm Council Vice-President. Orienta- tion Aide. Catholic Student Association. Career Counseling and Placement Committee. Sigma Phi Epsilon Goldenheart. Pre-Law Club. MARY ANN KEARNS - Fine Arts Society. ELIZABETH A. KEATING - Delta Delta Delta. College Republicans. PATRICIA ANN KEEN - Accounting Club. JOHN R. KELLOGG - Sigma Phi Epsilon. Track and Cross Country. ANN KEMPSKI - Varsity Volleyball. Omicron Delta Kappa. Phi Eta Sigma. TRACY LEE KERR - Phi Mu Chaplain and Recording Secretary. Kappa Delta Pi Vice- President. Student Education Association Vice- President. Die-Hard Tribe Fan Club. Tau Beta Sigma. IAN GEORGE KERSEY - National ROTC Outstanding Sophomore. Dt.-INE Buss Kixnmcit - Phi Sigma. Alpha Phi Omega. MICHAEL DEAN KING - Varsity Fencing. Collegiate Management Association. I N 'iv L4 L. ve- Volleen Patricia Kearns Clos ernment Sociologi , NK illianishutg Nlary Ann Kearns .AFT History . Chester Elizabeth A. Keating .4.ecutznt1ng.Shori llills. Nl Patricia Ann Keen Accounting. llopexiell John R. Kellogg B1ologyfltenton.N,l Ann Kempski Economics. Wiltnington. lil: Tracy Lee Kerr English, Sterling Ian George Kersey History . Fairfax Station Diane Elise Kindriclt B1ology.Free L'mon Michael Dean King Business Nlanagenient. San Pt-tlto. LQ-X p at Da break O senior psychology major Dawn Traver, go- ing to bed before 11:00 each week night was more than just the wistful dream ofa student feeling the strain oftoo many all-nighters. For a girl who had to be at work at 6:50 every morning, an early bed-time was a necessity. Dawn remarked that although getting up at 5:30w,1s a little bit easier than it had been, "the hard part is trying to go to bed by 9:30 every night. l've missed out on alot of social life this year." Dawn worked for the Colonial Workshop, a branch of the Colonial Service Board, in its Transitional Living Apartment Program. Fundamentally, the program helps mentally retarded persons live on their own, away from institutions and their families. As an Independent Living Skills lnstructor, Dawn made certain that the apartment residents got up, dressed, anti off to work, and also guided them through programs designed to teach them. among other things, how to recognize coins .ind turrt-nti' and how to prepare nutritious meals. Although one may not realize it, even teaching the simplest tasks could lie both very difficult and full of joy. Dawn remembered one man in particular who had trouble waking up with his alarm clock. After waking him day after day so that ht- could get to work on time, Dawn decided one day that She would see what happened if she let him slet-p1 "When he didn't get up in time to get his bus tu work, he was very worried and penitent. lt was a breakthrough for both of us, he has not slept through his alarm suit e. and I have realized a new strategv for trying to develop the residents' independence." 1 Qtr P 1, if YD v I., R' 1 ,KW X QX N4 l.i.4X Dawn obtained this rather unusual ioli after working on tlPSYLl1Ol1lllY ttrattitum with the t olonial Xkorkshop during her tumor vt-ar. Sintt' lwetoining exp.-st-ti to this fi el tl. she has dettded to studx' for .t tiiaster s dt-grt-t in spetial edutation .int gram, Altl lltwti stressed the l to totitiuue working with tht pro, tough she .tdmittt-d tht ioh tould lit trustratizie, pnsltlst.tstttttsiill1t't'xwt.tt14'ti lht- bt-st thing " sht- mu NLR l is th it tht rtsitlt nts yi Ul'fl1lIlLIN we dont t-xtti tri to tt.ith them tri like IN ll tX.'t ,- k1lllk'Lfk'NlLltlt'lliNIllilllillL'llll1lXXlXlfttH'isLjl'tfX:s, ew lor them. too N. sits :su 4- 1 3 v 4 fin. J ' 7 ,rj .-if uber-Kruse . i. i- . lxtlatioiis, lsncltxillt. Nlll lntttti.il1iiti.ilKelattotts. l'lllsI'l1tgli,l, X llistt-is tioxeinnieiit. I hesapealse I' icliologi I leiiieiitarx Pd .Salem ' .. ' 1.11" Klux Radu IXIIIIIIIIIICI' Ii is.: rss'i1iciit Xiliiigtun l'.iul Kt-tint-ily Kipps l4i.i:.-cu llaziisoiilitiig Dai id .lxllllus Kirat'ol'e llistoix N.-ir.-ll-t Robert A. Kirchner Anne Kathryn Kirk .Ianut lille.-ii Kirltley t heiiiistix liiologi. I exington .Ion Douglas Klein Christopher A. Knopes I- cotioiiiics. lleiting. China Ann Cameron Kolmer Gregory Konstantin Kontopanos Biology. Richmond Christopher Il. Kontos Chemistry. Richmond Virginia Louise Kust Biology . Camp llill. PA Karen Lea Kramer Accounting. X irgmia Beach Nlarls Ilaxid Krautheim ioxernrnent :Xtithro . Iiotoiia. NJ lf N , Timothy Arthur Kruse History . N retina I ga ug, Lund E .....,.:Jll ALEX RADO KINZHUBER - Sigma Phi Epsi- lon. Intramural Swimming. Water Instructor. Lifeguard. PAUL KENNEDY KIPPS - Lutheran Student Association. Student Association Press Secre- tary. DAVID JAMES KIRACOFE -Intramural Soft- ball. Cinema Classics Society Board of Direc- tors. William and Mary Christian Fellow ship. ROBERT A. KIRCHNER ANNE KATHRYN KIRK - Pi Beta Phi Public- ity Chairman. fjllll Hal. Tourguide. JANET ELLEN KIRKLEY - Alpha Lambda Delta. Phi Eta Sigma. WCWM Music Director. Flat lftll Contributor, JON DOIGLAS KLEIN - Wrestling Team. Athletic Trainer. Phi Sigma Alpha. Phi Alpha Theta. Balfour-Hillel President. Virginia Public Interest Research Group Board ol' Directors. William and Nlary Ecumenical Council. Young Democrats, Amnesty International. CHRISTOPHER A. KNOPES - Pi Kappa Al- pha ANN CAMERON KOLHER - Kappa Kappa Iiamnia Corrcspontling Secretary . Chorus, GREGORI KONSTANTIN KONTOPANOS - l'i lsiriibtla Phi. Campus Crusade for Christ. llealih Careers Club. Biology Club. CHRISTOPHER D. KONTOS - Theta Delta Chi Rush Chairman. Varsity Swim Team. Div- ing Team. Orientation Aide. VIRGINIA LOUISE KOST - Alpha Chi Omega. William and Mary College Community Orchestra. KAREN LEA KRAMER - Intramurals. Catho- lic Student Association. Alpha Phi Omega. Ac- counting Society. MARK DAVID KRAUTHEIM - Kappa Sigma. Football. Inter-fraternity Council Vice- President. TIMOTHY ARTHUR KRUSE - Intramurals. Cinema Classics. ANA MARIA KLIHN - Delta Gamma. Varsity Soccer Team. Biology Club. Catholic Student Association. PAL'L C. KUHNEL - Lambda Chi Alpha. WCWM. Fll1IHtII. MICHAEL BROWN KUMMER - Intramurals. Phi Sigma Eta. .Alpha Lambda Delta. AR-IEL BERNARDO KUPERNINC - Lambda Chi Alpha. Karate. William and Mary Martial Arts Club. ROBERT LEWIS LAFRANKIE - Varsity Track and Field. Student Association Council Representative. DOUGLAS HOWE LAGARDE - Kappa Sigma Vice-President and Social Chairman. Wrestling. G. RICHARD LANCHANTIN III - Phi Delta Theta.. Kappa Gamma Beta. Philosophy Club. Association for Computing Machinery. ROBERT K. LANDEN - Sigma Nu Social Chairman. WCWM. PHILIP WILLIAM LANDIB - Pi Lambda Phi. Biology Honor Society. REBECCA LEIGH LANDES JAMES RUDOLPH LANGSTON JR. - Circle K. Collegiate Management Association. JOHN WILLIAM LANNEN - Swim Team Let- termen. Economics Honor Society. Economics Club. Catholic Student Association. CRAIG DAVID LANSING - Shonn Ryu Karate Club. Association for Computing Machinery. VIRGINIA LYNNE LASSITER - Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Black Students Organization. ROBIN E. LAWRENCE - Lacrosse. Brooks 55. Nuclear Disarmament Group. Environmen- tal Center. Aspen Society. Dorm Council. Change of Pace. Collegiate Management Asso- ciation. Professional Background Vocalist. N E' "4 QL. -is f Q .W A , K uhn-Lawrence Ana Maria Kuhn Btology. Arlington Paul C. Kuhnel Amertetm Stud1ex.t,i.1tdentittx, NN Michael Brown Kummer Fine -Xl'lx.Sg1lem Ariel Bernardo Kupernine Gokernment. Rtehnwml Robert Lewis Lafirankie Got ernment lpeonorntn. Bethlehem Douglas Howe Lagarde Economics. Wilmington. DE G. Richard Lanchantin. Ill Computer Scienee.Yirg1n1.1 Beach Robert K. Landen Anthropology. Farragut. TN Phillip William Landes Biology. Balt1more.NlD A Rebecca Leigh Landes Government. Staunton James Rudolph Langston. Jr. Bustnexs Admin .Next port New N John William Lannen Economicx. Vienna Craig David Lansing Computer Science. New port New N Virginia Ly nne Lassiter Mathematiu, Portxmouth Robin E. Law renee l Bus.Adm1n .Nluwupeqtm Park. NY 'T' oyal Court Homemnllmg Queen .-lllwn Ilorrtwkw and Senior reprewnrulm' lltlftjlt' .llulhull Iuka' 11 Yfllffll' mir in ti horn' drawn t'urr141umitm'n Ilulw of lilumm- ter St. during the lionrcmnilr pumtlt' Phnln bl' l Stew: Qtlw iyne-Lewe , , .1 'f af- ., -f ,ru 1 ' -,Za li-rt-an Renee Lay ne lllmiiew,MliinniN!i.il1ui1.lzylnglun Gregory l1ddiel.eaieh l41uIugy.S1Ixei Spring. N113 time 'Nlurie Leaf llmlogy,XX.ixliiiigim1.l3.L', .lennifer Anne Leduith l Icniuiimrx l tl .xh.lll'L'll. Nl .-hjll Lee lil1c1i11xli'x.Nlcl e.1n l'ng K. Lee lfcuimiiiiex. .Nrlington Jun l.eibmmitL PA uholugy. l,.mi'cnccx illc. Nj Diane Yalenle Leite lilnlngy, Pimitlcnue. Rl jeffrey Grant Lenhart Lim crniiici1t.L'hmc City Apollo Y. Leung Biology. Frctlcricluhurg P. Charlotte Lcrch liconnnnes. Mclrgin Noah Stephen Levine H1Niory.Woudn1erc. NY Larry S. Levy BuxlncwAnln11n,.Y1rglniuBc11ch Leslie Sue Levy' Nlgilhcniulicy, Bl2iClxNl0l"lC Sally Ann Lewe Psychology, Wynnewood. PA et a Clue Sororiiy' clue week. when sisters sent their new little QisterS on exciirsinns which farm u xeries ofclues abou! their idenlilies, was in full swing in Ovtohftr. Here. Phi .llu pledge Judy' Civatkn en- juvv ll wine and Cheese Shop lunch with Dave L0pe:. Pham hy' T, Smeg lil-w x , -- .L.....Al r ,Q Lewis Long Jennie Lewis briglish.l'tiitsto'.1.ri. IPX Linda Joan Lewis Nlaia Linda Lewis Carol Lee Liddle Robert Paul Lightner Psychology . Staunton Matthew Yann Liles Psychology . Dani ille , Robert Stuart Lind Jeanie Py per Lindsey CiciNerTiTi'i:Tti Nlutir' l.i-i-.-on Nancy Lee Lex Business.-'itlrriirtisiryior' N.-rt l Business 1oin11rtis1r.1tio::. Nlcl can IDP. Business fttlfllllilal iiir: X.c"...rit.l': Computer Science.'le.1ch , Business .-'ldministraiion. Richmond Daiid Brenner Linka Business Admin .Springtield Jennifer Ann Lissfelt Goit. French. Berlin. NK ticri Diane Beth Little Goxernment. Vloquct. MN John Joseph Little. Jr. Gow ernment. Willianishtirg Mary Ann Locke Susan Louise Long History. Amherst Theatre and Speech. .-Xlexaritlria lltlllk TERESA RENEE LAYNE -Intramural Volley- ball and Basketball. Alpha Lambda Delta. Colle- giate Management Association Communica- tions Committee, Senior Class Publicity Com- mittee. Colonial Echo Classes Editor. GREGORY EDDIE LEACH -Intramurals Bas- ketball, French House. Circle K. Parachute Club, William and Mary Christian Fellowship. Tai-Chi Club. QNNE MARIE LEAF - Fencing Team, Biology lub. JENNIFER ANNE LEDWITH - Chi Omega. Swim Team. Catholic Student Association. AJA LEE UNG K. LEE-Alpha Lambda Delta. Phi Sigma Eta, Omicron Delta Epsilon. Amnesty Interna- tional, Catholic Student Association. JON LEIBOWITZ -- Pi Kappa Alpha. Varsity Soccer. Psi Chi. DIANE VALENTE LEITE - Intramural Volley- ball. Student Association Council. Off-Campus Student Council, Freshmen Orientation Aide. Catholic Student Association, Dorm Council. JEFFREY GRANT LENHART - Pi Kappa Al- pha. Resident Assistant. Head Resident, Resi- dence Life Advisory Council. APOLLO Y. LEONG - Intramurals. Phi Sigma President. Phi Eta Sigma. Student Association Council. Honor Council. Baptist Student Asso- ciation. Dorm Council President. Student Advi- sory to Residence Life. Advisory Committee for Orientation. Liason Committee to Board ofVisi- tors. Orientation Aide Director. Biology Club. Student Policy Coordinating Committee. P. CHARLOTTE LERCH - Delta Gamma. Ec- onomics Club. NOAH STEPHEN LEVINE - Lambda Chi Al- pha. Varsity Baseball. LARRY S. LEVY - Direct Marketing of Wil- liamsburg. Collegiate Management Association, LESLIE SCE LEVY -- Kappa Delta. Junior Board. SALLY ANN LEWIS -- Delta Delta Delta. Social Chairman: Varsity Tennis Team. JENNIE LEWIS -- Chi Omega. Yarsiti Hockey and Lacrosse. Willirmi tintl .Utiri Ru lun. Women's .Athletic Advisory Board. LINDA JOAN LEWIS - Delta Gamma. llousc Manager: Mermeuesg Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma: Alpha Lambtla Delta. MAIA LINDA LEWIS - Gamma Phi Bela. Yar- stty Badminton. Pi Dtlllll Phi. liadniiiitoii Club. Young Democrats. NANCY LEE LEX - Delta Delta Delta. lntra- murals. Collegiate Management Association. Junior Board. CAROL LEE LIDDLE - Sigma Della Pi. Circle K. Spanish House. ROBERT PAIQL LIGHTNER - Intramurals. Campus Crusade for Christ. Msrruizw swiss LILI-IS - Pi Kappa .sipna ROBERT STUART uso - Pi ieapp.. .-sipna JEANIE PYPER Lisnsiii' - Phi sur. DAVID BRi:ssER1.isie.s - in reap,-.. .--tif-ii... JENNIFER ANN LISSFELT - Rugby. liench Honor Society. Dorm Council Secretarx. ln- ternational Circle Club. DIANE BETH LITTLE - Alpha l'hi ttiiictm Secretary L .'xlPl'lil Chi Delta. Choir Notiall ff: man. Chorus JOHN JOSEPH l.lTIl I JR. MARY ANN l.0t'kIz -- W li x . H 'tl . l ' f atrc. Sinlonicron. li.oi..l:---- lt '- ' 'sl -- shop. Pieiiiicic llic.-:ir lst. " S' v Association. I ongslw--r l':. it 1 SUSAN Ltll ISI' IUNM l 'vids l Dorml oiintil l ir 'i '- as I ' 1 tiarnru.i.f .- ir.. 1 stl lXl'llllL'lll Ray I mlm. .lr. IKx,IwI.Igx lkwmnt-tiih . liunjzunin l, Jr. I torioniuu. llanxillc Ngnicy Ann Loxwry I mga-I1 I'xnhoIogx. I CXIIIQIUII Donald li. Luridi Ilmmx. II1IlNI'lIl'gI'I I' X Karen NX. Lum-hx kI1L'I1t1xlIX.Rcxlwl1 Edward N arrcn l.ull. .lr. Iinwncw Xdmin .NN illmrnxlmrg Catherine Leu l,umun Cmxcrtilticiil. qXlcx.imIr1.t X ictoria Ann l.ut1 l'hu14.tI Id .hlinlmrg Donald -xllkH1l.UZIiillll Iznglnxli. Xl illmmxhurg Christopher Nlichael Ly nth Iworionnu, Grove Point Shores. NII Cynthia Nlaxine Lyons Comp Science I'jNfCI'l..:XICXLll'IxIl'l.1 Nada Nlaalouf Goxcrnmcnt. Rome. Italy Gordon C. MacArthur Iiqononnu.NN.1xh1nglon.D.C. llawid Nlark Nlacauley Goxcrnnicnt. Bloonuhurg. P,-X Hayley Susan Mace liuononnu. Rcxton Tammy L. Nlacliinney .'XCnQUllDllUg.l,Xl"lCI1I7lll'g Rodd ,lefTrey Nlacklin xI.1lIlClll.tllCN.BAIllIllOl'C.NID Douglas Patrick Nlaclrod Econorniu. laniextmx n Eric Robert Nlaggio .'XCCUUllIlIlg. Homdcl. NJ Shahryar Nlahhuh kuononilu.KnrL1uh1.l'nk1Nt.1n P. Karen Nlahcr Nl.tIhcn1.1tugN.CI1cx.tpc.tlw Christim- Nlahonvy tim ernment, Nlgl can .Im-an li. Nlalc So:1oIogx.RQxlol1 Uya Nlaltcpe Iiimrww Xtlritinlxlmtiorl. NICI can lracy Xnn Nlarhlestone Iomputcr N.1cnCu.I,Ig1n.Il Xmy KnnNlz1rcos lim rwzw Xdw1:'iNI1.1'1wl1 Wtlton CI Stn-phaniuNlurul1ick I Ic7m'r1I,Ir'. I LI Xktwmlltiulgu Cathcrim' Knnu Nlarlcy I NI XI1 I M llnlllltlmlll NN llcrngird R.XlLll'l'2ll71l I C,-7'-'I' IQ I'x1',:V!1'x.NI .ILIIIICN klfrcd 'Nlnrtin lvq'i'.,.n H1,hi'wvmI N N C ,.. px H 1, I., Y 4 I 1' fr 5 s., Q... l A XXV' llo-McGaffey .lay Peter xlkifllllltt Psychology. Nortlipori. NN Bruce Nlasterson IconPiillosopliy.l'illslu1ii:li.l'X Stephen Kenji Nlatsurnoto Iflusxriess -Xdiiiiriismtiiori Xrliiiett ri James Dayid Nltilllteyss Biology Nlusz. tlnirloiit-syille Kathleen Patricia Nlayhury Geology . Arlington -pr Sara Grason Slay nard W- English. Richmond Linda Kay Mayo , Economies I-Qnglrsh. H.uiipton - f Scott CliITnrd NlcCIeskey Goy ernment. lrort I..urderdale. I'I Kelly Gwen McDaniel 'uf Psychology Sociology . I lrarige Amy Sue NIeIJiITett Os Y Mathematics,tJx1'orti,tili ' , ...J til f A ' 4 sneira Lynn yifritinnt-ir Iinglish. 'K Keyin Nlclluflie ck Psychology . Paterson. Nl ,, , I I f I , Susan Gavin Nlclllligott ' Business Administration. l'.iir'l'.is -. 4 Peter Neil Nlcliarlane 'A ' Accounting. Alexandria Beth Constance Nlt'GalTey ug, Anthropology. Nlequori. NNI llll IAL.1.....udN KENNETH RAY LOVKO, JR - Intramurals. Psi Chi. WCWM, Psychology Club. Baptist Stu- dent Union. BENJAMIN F. LOWE, JR. - Pi Kappa Alpha Treasurer and Intramural Chairman. Intra- murals, Varsity Baseball Manager. Omicron Delta Epsilon, Economics Club. NANCY ANN LOWERY - William and Mary Review staff, Psychology Club. Backdrop Club. William and Mary Theater. Director's Work- shop, Reader's Theatre. Resident Assistant. DONALD G. LUCIDI - Alpha Lambda Delta. Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Alpha Theta, Catholic Stu- dent Association, College Republicans. Pre- Law Club. KAREN W. LUEBS - Kappa Alpha Theta Trea- surer, Gamma Sigma Epsilon. EDWARD WARREN LULL, JR. - Pi Lambda Phi, Cross Country, Track, Slots. CATHERINE LEA LUMAN - St. Bede's Social Ministry Chorus, Intemational Relations Club Newsletter Editor. VICTORIA ANN LUTZ - Women's Varsity Basketball, Alpha Lambda Delta. Phi I-Zta Sigma. Physical Education Majors Club. DONALD ALLAN LUZZATTO -- Theta Delta Chi. CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL LYNCH - Omicron Delta Epsilon, Intemational Circle, Intemational Relu- tions Club, Accounting Society. Catholic Student As- sociation, American Red Cross. CYNTHIA MAXINE LYONS - Lambda Chi Gamma, Intramurals. NADA MAALOUF - Phi Mu. GORDON C. MACARTHUR - Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Dorm Council, Junior Board. Senior Class Committee. DAVID MARK MACAULEY - Intramurals. Phi Eta Sigma. Alpha Lambda Delta. Pi Sigma Alpha. Pi Alpha Theta. Dorm Council. Flat Har, International Relations Club, Philosophy Club. Pre-Law Club. Environment Committee. HAYLEY SUSAN MACE - Chi Omega. TAMMY L. MACKINNEY - Phi Eta Sigma. Alpha Phi Omega. Accounting Society. RODD JEFFREY MACKLIN - Pi Lambda Phi. Varsity Tennis Co-Captain. DOUGLAS PATRICK MACLEOD - Phi Kappa Tau, Karate, Recreational Football. ERIC ROBERT MAGGIO - Intramurals. Wil- liam and Mary Christian Fellovt ship. Adult Skills Program. Accounting Society. Youth Soc- cer Coach. SHAHRYAR MAI-IBUB - International Circle. Vice-President and Publicity. P. KAREN MAHER CHRISTINE MAHONEY -- Chi Omega. Kappa Sigma Sweetheart. Orientation Aide, Dorm Council. JEAN E. MALE OYA MALTEPE - Collegiate Management As- sociation. International Circle. TRACY ANN MARBLESTONIC - Kappa Kappa Gamma. Treasurer and Corresponding Secretary: Alpha Phi Oniegag Career' .Spealtei Series Assistant Director, .-Xssoeiattion lor Com- puting Machinery. AMY ANN MARCUS - Kappa Kappa Ciarnrua Philanthropy Chairperson. Horseback Riding. Collegiate Management Association, Sopho- more Steering Comriuttee. STEPHANIE MARENICK - Residence llitll Life Staff. Circle K Volunteer. CATHERINE ANNE MARI.IiY - llcltu Della Delta. BERNARD K. IVIARRAZZO H Kappa Sigma. Varsity Football Co-Captain. JAMES ALFRICII MARTIN - Phi Mu Alpha. .lunior Year Abroad at lylirnstet. William and Mary Theatre. Sinfonicron. Premiere Theatre. WCWM. Colonitil lit Ito, Superdanee JAY PETER MARZl'I.LO - Iraek. Cross Country , BRUCE MASTERSON - Pi Lambda Phi STEPHEN KENJI INIATSL'M0'I'0 - President Asia Africa Society , College Republicans. JAMES DAYID MATTHEWS - Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. KA'I'HI.EEN PATRICIA MAYBIIRY - Back- drop Club. SARA GRASON MAYNARD -- Pi Ifleta Phi. Chorus. Choir. William and Mary l'heatr'e. IJir'eetor's Workshop. Premiere Theatre LINDA KAY NATO - Kappa Delta. tlmrerori Delta Epsilon. William and Mary Chorus Presi- dent. Science Fiction Club President SCOTT Cl.lI-'I-'ORD NICCLESKI-IX' - President Seabbard and Blade. Delta Phi Alpha. RHIC. .Association ofthe US. Army President, Rus- sian Ilouse Vice-President. Olitiet-r's tilirrstiari Fclloyy ship. Nay tgators KI'II.l.Y GWI-IN MCDANII-il. --- Alpha l'lu Omega. President and Social l'h.urrii.iri NN eslex Foundation. ANIT SLE NICDlFl"IiTT W Plii l 1.1 Nigiu. Xi phil Lambda Delta. Kappa l5elt.t l'i tip' i l"i Omega. Wesley lround.ui--ri SHEILA LYNN Nlt'lDtINNI'l I ls .5 ol. 1'- Ganirua. Intramurals, Rush t or 1. , ii. I it Council. KEVIN MCIN I-'FII lui '..- i'-- 4 'Niilfv Truck. SUSAN IIAYIN XII I I I li,tII I Xlw , 'i Urnega PI'1'l'I-lR NI1II.NItl-IRI XXI I'i l . it-' ti.. l'l- Varsity IK.tslseib.ili 'y i,t i. '- HIQTIICUNSIXNI I Xli I.XlllT l't il- ' Kuppat.-Xlpli.i llltln ll-trim t ,rziix I sll' ot ernment. Lao rcncex ille. NJ lst-sin .l. Nli't.t-ttigali X..f'1" :tg tlicuu t li.isc. Xlll lliant-l arolt' Nlctiiiiipsey Xuottiitiiig. L aliton. Nl Nlarlt XL Nlctilynn llzsit-tx lctlltttltllcs. l .iiiiax ll ends l atloalatler Nlrlxee otiiitpng. l ppci'll'oto.N1ll lxelly Xlclxet-ter ilst L liologx. Roanoke .laint-s Randall Nldlillen iconoinics. Hopewell Robert Dinneen NIL' liier Loniptitci Science. Roanoke Sarah Nl. Nlcil illiams llistoix. l redcricltsburg Xlichael lidniund Nleagher Thomas I-Qdu ard Meehan English. l-allnian. NY Timothy joseph Meell lzcononiics. Yardley. PA Shelley Ruse Meister Fconomics. Swanton. UH Michelle Ly nn Melany Chemistry English. Fairfax Sheila Eileen Mertes Economics. Springtield Leigh Ann Merwarth Accounting. Raleigh. NC if 'rm s YE' Q.. . f Q .if Y-1' KEVIN J. MCGETTIGAN - Pi Kappa Alpha. Varsity Track. Phi Eta Sigma. Alpha Lambda Delta. Wayne F. Gibbs. Sr. .Accounting Society President. National Collegiate .Association for .Athletics Volunteers for Youth. Catholic Stu- dent Association. DIANE CAROLE MCGIMPSEY - Kappa Al- pha Theta. Fencing. Phi Eta Sigma. Alpha Lambda Delta. MARK W. MCGLYNN WENDY CADWALADER MCKEE - Gamma Phi Beta Treasurer. Field Hockey. Lacrosse. Wayne F. Gibbs Sr. Accounting Society. KELLY MCKEEVER -- Delta Delta Delta. Wil- liam and Mary Equestrian Team. Baptist Stu- dent L'nion. JAMES RANDALL MCNIILLEN - Baptist Stu- dent L'nion. ROBERT DINNEEN NICTIER -- Navigators. German Honor Society. SARAH M. MCWILLIAMS -- Alpha Chi Omega. Phi Eta Sigma. Alpha Lambda Delta. Phi Alpha Theta. MICHAEL EDMLND NIEAGHER - Fla! Hut. tiarttomen. 'I HOMAS EDWARD MI-IEHAN TIMOTHY JOSEPH NIEELL - Kappa Sigma. Varsity Football. SHFLLEY ROSE MEISTER - l-'ield Hockey. l aciosse. tlmic ron Delta Epsilon. N1lt'HFl.l.FI.YNN MELANY - Phi Fta Sigma. immni.: Sigma lipsilon. Alpha Lambda Delta. Xoluniecrs tor Youth. Shared lixpericnce ln- tcrnship, tlricntation Aide. Resident Assistant. E.l,'X.1llki Rctcrials. llrlfitmittritllltiri Rpt init. SHFIIA I-QIl.l-.EN NIFRTES - Kappa Delta iictswrci, fliziicion Delta Epsilon. Alpha Lambda Delta. Phi Eta Sigma. LEIGH ANN MERWARTH - Chi Omega Trea- surer. Wayne F. Gibbs Accounting Society. Emory Business Team. LISA ROSE MIDDLETON - Student Associa- tion Council. Theatre Students Association. THOMAS l. MILES - Lambda Chi Alpha. Gymnastics. Physical Education Club. Biology Club. ALAINE YOUNG MILLER - Phi Eta Sigma. Alpha Lambda Delta. Pre-Law Club. Philoso- phy Club. Intramurals. SHEILA GREGORY MITCHELL - Account- ing Society. DEBORAH PERRY MOFFETT - Alpha Chi Omega Treasurer. Sigma Delta Pi. Band. Or- chestra. .Accounting Club. Dorm Council. Sigma Nu Little Sister. HANIF HASSANALI MOLEDINA - Lambda Chi Alpha. MARSHA MAE MONHOLLON - Phi Sigma. Biology Club. Health Careers Club. CONLEY ELIZABETH MONTJOY - Alpha Chi Omega. Dorm Council. Junior Board. Facts and Referrals. DANA PEARL MOODY NICOLETTE STATON MOON - Alpha Chi Omega. Biology Club. Catholic Student Asso- ciation. Karate Club. DOREEN E. MOONEY - Chi Omega. Alpha Phi Omega. Economics Club. Accounting Club. MELISSA .IEANNE MOORE - Gamma Phi Beta. Fencing Team. Phi Sigma. Alpha Lambda Delta. Phi Eta Sigma. Gamma Sigma Theta. SARA CAROLYN MOORE - llilliam and l'tllfYR1'l'Il'H', WCWM. JAMES E. MORAN JR. - William and Mary Choir Historian. Treasurer and Vice-President. Alpha Phi Omega Director of Public Relations. MELANIE BEATRICE MOREAU - Varsity Soccer. MELANIE K. MORGAN - Pi Beta Phi. MATTHEW S. MORRISON - Spanish House President and Dorm Council. Alpha Phi Omega. SALLY R. MOZLEY - Intramural Softball, Basketball. Volleyball: WCWM Disc Jockey. MARGUERITE PATRICE MULHALL - Kappa Kappa Gamma. Senior Class Treasurer. Intersoronty Council. Lectures Committee. Dorm Council. DEBRA K. MUNRO - Delta Omicron. William and Mary Band. Dorm Council. Intramural Vol- leyball. MARK WELLINGTON MURDOCK - Baptist Student Union. DAVID HALL MURPHY - Kappa Sigma. Var- sity Football. KATHLEEN ANNE MURPHY - Intemational Relations Club. MICHAEL JOHN MURPHY - Kappa Sigma. Football. CHARLES S. MURRAY JR. - Pi Kappa Alpha. Alpha Lambda Delta. Phi Eta Sigma Treasurer. DAVID F. MURRAY - Sigma Phi Epsilon. SUZANNE MARIE MUSCIANO - Pi Beta Phi. Beta Gamma Sigma. SALLY ANN MUSICK - Phi Sigma. Omicron Delta Epsilon. Baptist Student Union. Queen's Guard. Alpha Phi Omega. Health Careers Club. WILLIAM A. MUSTO - Varsity Golf. MICHAEL C.C. MUTTI - Lambda Chi Alpha. Gymnastics Team. Resident Assistant. Head Resident. I dleton-Mufti Lisa Rose Middleton ,ow xx l 'v K Q.. s. Q 5 N- 1- 6 ex I fv rw Q... 5 A. e Q... Theatre and Spceeh,XRooill1r1tlge Thomas l. Miles B1ology.L11rn1cl. NY Alaine X oung Miller Philoxophy . Semekley. l' X Sheila Gregory Mitchell Aeeountmg. Uoiruon Deborah Perry Moffett Accounting. Way ne. l'.-X Hanif Hassanali Moledina Buxiness Admin.. Deira Duhnu. TC Marsha Mae Monhollon Biology. Richmond Conley Elizabeth Montjoy Elementary Ed .Clifton l-orge Dana Pearl Moody Biology. Bowling Green Nicolette Staton Moon International Relationx. Parlwley Doreen E. Mooney Economicx. Belmont. CA Melissa Jeanne Moore Chemixtry B1ology.Neu Market Sara Carolyn Moore English. Reidxx illc. Nl' James E. Moran. Jr. Buxlneur-Xdn11n,, Melanie Beatrice Moreau German. Miwion Visio. LEX Melanie K. Morgan Philosophy . XX ex! Plaonx. MU Matthew S. Morrison Economiu. l-img George Sally R. Muzley lllalory.ClhCN.1Pc'.llxL' Marguerite Patrice Mulhall Buxxnew .-Xtllllll'llNll'.lll0ll. N .X litzuel Debra K. Munro Nlatlicnialiw. Nl.li1.1w.u Mark W ellington Murdock Soeiologx ,'.i llayid Hall Murphy lluyineu.1'-.tlin1nmi.uiou.Rulnnonl Kathleen 'Anne Murphy fi0XCllllllClll l nglixlm NK illrondwoe Michael John Murphy l'hyve.lI l'tlot.moo l tnixm-ix ills fharles S. Murray . .lr. llhiloxophx l ewllullllt X l ,i.rl.:x lluxitl l'. Mui I .ui lu'-ilu". A '. i Nllldllllx Xian. Moe. 1 o Mum 1 ' Xlllx Kim Nlizxnr. llll 1, ' Milll.ii'r U. Xlr: lv is 1 nr Nlillmlll l Xlulllx i' .4 J it Ml '.f."11'5,-f'i-VV' v ' -' 71. l -15323 ' 5.-xg,,L'T rf-l ' . . . . ,,. ' iii-Oglesby C hrislophmr Roherl Nlnrs L Q0 ou NX: :um w L l 4lan'Nahors on nun llanul Xrlhur Nav. 0llUllllgN l in NL Jennifer l.y nm- Nillilk lingllxli.l'.nllsl'l1urcl1 John Millard Ncuhauser i'lCLll'lUllllCN, Nlanawax n , Jody Daniel Newman llllCfLilNClPllIlill'j.xyllillil'llNhl1lg Denise l.aRae Nuffsinger Elementary Ed.. Ly nchburg Caleen Frances Norrnd El'lgilNil.FllIfl1LlX Karen Lee Nuckols Geologu. Rockville Miriam Kap Oakley Religion. New port New N Nancy Marie Ohadal Hixtory. Fairfax Mary Grace Obata Accounting, Springlield Ox Stephen Farrell Odom Comp. Science Econ,.Szm.-Xn1onxo,TX Mary Elizabeth Uflield English Pxychologl , Woodbridge Judith Orenstein Psychology. Williamsburg Penny E. Ogleshy English.Axhev1lle.NC Early Fog Thix Inne free stands watch over Ihr Sunken Garderfs from gate as I-'ehruan' early nzorning hnurv un' cuvvred in denwfng. Photo hr T. Steely ,J ,A I G, - PQ 5 W 1 f' f I V r XS f 1 ,A HH llllllllllllllllllllll 1 0 Hare-Parker PQ -ff 1- - - s .i i. u 3- Tw " i - 1 Q T' Q-. ':. - :. L . il 'O ,EV Constance Nlarie tl'llart- Philosopliy. llunlingtoti 'statzt-ri NN Jeanne Nlarie O'lst-ele Sociology. billsl hutch Nlattheu Aeneas tilt-rticli PM sits Nl.itbctn.ttz. s NN u . ko!! N l Scott B. Olsen Business Xdmitt tilc': NN Julie U'Neill ifcononiits, New t .i!i...:'i 1 I . .,'lSn.l:1'l ' lr, ' Jean Mary O'Sulliyan Accounting. lflotal Pailt. NY John P. Ottaway. lll Business Admin .tirosse Pointe. Nl Deborah Ann Ottinger English. Reston Shari Ellen Ozmore Business Admin .t' lleights Kathryn Ann Padgett Nlatheniatics. Yienna John Adam Painter Valerie Pandak Biology . Staunton r' Christine Yyonne Paradis Business Admin . l-t'.miitigli.mi. Nlfs Raymond John Parisi. Jr. Economics History , .'sles.uitlii.i William Thomas Parker English. Williamsburg CHRISTOPHER ROBERT MYERS - Sigma Gamma Epsilon. Geology Club. Wizards. T. ALAN NABORS - Kappa Alpha. Cheer- leader, Board of Student Affairs. DANIEL ARTHUR NASS - Lambda Chi Alpha. Vice Presidentg Varsity Football: Varsity Track: Order ofthe White Jacket: Interfraternity Coun- cil, President, Vice President: lntarmurals: Dorm Council: Athletic Advisory Committee: Fla1HuI, Southwestern Top First-Year Dealer. JENNIFER LYNNE NAZAK - Delta Delta Delta, Wrestling Manager. JOHN MILLARD NEUHAUSER JODY DANIEL NEWMAN DENISE LARAE NOFFSINGER - Mermettcs. lntervarsity Christian Fellowship. CALEEN FRANCES NORROD - Delta Gamma. Rituals Chairman, Corresponding Sec- retary: Honors Program: Flu! Har. Staff Writer. Assistant Features Editor: FUTURES Editor: Circle K Teacher's Aide: Creative Arts House Advisory Committee: Dorm Council. KAREN KEE NUCKOLS - Alpha Lambda Delta. Campus Crusade for Christ. MIRIAM KAY OAKLEY - Kappa Delta. Vice President, Secretary. Pledge Class President. Outstanding Pledge. Efficiency Chairman. Se- nior Banquet Chairmang Student Assistant for Business School. NANCY MARIE OBADAL - Chi Omega. Rush Chairman: Swim team: Catholic Student Asso- ciation: Panhel Representative. MARY G. OBATA - Delta Gamma. William and Mary Christian Fellowship. Wayne F. Gibbs Accounting Society. WCWM. Resident Assis- lanl. STEPHEN FARRELL ODOM - Society ot't'ol- legiate Journalists. Student Association Coun- cil, Co1m1ialErho. MARY ELIZABETH OFFIELD - Colonial Echo, Resident Assistant. Facts and Referrals. PENNY E. OGLESBY - Delta Sigma Theta. President. CONSTANCE MARIE 0'HARE - Ficldhocltcy Team. Synchronized Swimming Team. Alpha Lambda Delta. Phi Eta Sigma. Exchange Schol- arship to University ol'St. Andrevt s in Scotland. Philosophy Club. Oflice of International Pro- grams. Shamrock Food Service. JEANNE MARIE O'KI-II-IFE - lfrcshman Orientation Aideg Sociology Club. Publicity t'o- Chairperson: Dorm Council: Freshman Big Sis- ter. MATTHEW AENEAS Ol.l-INICH SCOTT B. OLSEN JULIE O'NEILL - Pi Beta Phi. JEAN MARY 0'SULI.IYAN - Way nc l". fillWlWs Accounting Society . JOHN P. OTTAWAY III - Sigma Chi. Psy chol- ogy' Club. DEBORAH ANN OTTINGER -- Intramural Volleyball. Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi lita Sigma. SHARI ELLEN OZMORE - Kappa Kappa Gamma. Student Association Council. Scmoi Class Gift Committee. Collegiate !Nl.inagement Association. KATHRYN ANN PADGETT JOHN ADAM PAINTER - Chi Phi l.iu. Rt-tie ational Football. WCWM VALERIE PANDAK A Alpha Chi tlincga Ky .iz den. Circle K. Notllheast Asia Society lit'- surer. CI'IRIS'IiINE YYONNE PKR XIHN fi Phi Beta. Fieldhockey I Xl Board. Beta. Ciainnia Slum. ' iii. 'V 'tl agement Association Kyo:-i X ' i i 'tt' sory lioard I'lAY5IUNll.lUllNl"tRlNl..lli l"1' W'illigin1sbtiig Smut: l i ri WIl.l.lA'N1l'lltiNlsNl' Xl-llsl R .tis I Religion Pliyslcs. VL y.'sl llaritortl. t'l I l lblltlsttttltk l ctttltttlllcs. llctllttltl Ili trtt-ss Xtltttitiistiattoti, Natttlstoti Ili it tiotcinntcnt. Simslttirx , t'l f llonaltl I .Parks llmitl Nlicliut-l Pastorv: Cindy I.. Pearson ltttc Xtts. XX tlltattislititg lililahellt .lane Pendleton liiologx . Rtthttiorttl Susan lililaheth Peterson 'Iraq Lynne Petitt tiox ci nmettt. Yorlstou rt Stu en Richard Petri tioxernnicnt. Nlcl can Thoaii an Phan Lheittisttw. Alexandria Bruce A. Phillips Accounting. Cranston. Rl Martha Ann Phillips Ilistorx . Alexandria Laura Picciano History. lriatrlax Saseria 'Ieresa Picillo Fine Arts. Gambrills. MD Scott Lisle Picken linglish. Houston. 'I X .lan Marie Pickrel Geology , Alexandria Chris I.. Pierce History. Columbia. M D Fla : 4 - 'za :Y bv 15 L ,. .- 3 y ...Ml L :- 4 -4 M , Q ' 5 Q' is lil v + nf DONALD L. PARKS - Honors Program. Am- nesty International. WCWM. Nuclear Disarma- ment Study Group, DAVID MICHAEL PASTORE - Discipline Committee, Circle K, Premiere Theatre. Dorm Council, Collegiate Management Association. CINDY L. PEARSON ELIZABETH JANE PENDLETON - Kappa Kappa Gamma. Junior Varsity Lacrosse, Fieldhockey. GREG T. PERRY SUSAN ELIZABETH PETERSON - Kappa Kappa Gamma, Catholic Student Association- Board Sophomore. Steering. Superdance. Stu- dent Association Liaison to Board of Vistors. French House. TRACY QLYNNE PETITT - Dorm Council. Reader lor the Blind, Bryan Complex Heart Dance. STEVEN RICHARD PETRI - Theta Delta Chi. Government Honor Society. THOAIYAN PHAN BRLCI-I A. PHILLIPS - Pi Kappa Alpha. Var- sity Tennis Co-Captain. NIARTIIA ANN PHILLIPS - Shorin Ryu Ka- THIS. LALRA PICCIANO - Alpha Chi Omega. SAY!-IRIA 'l'I-IRESA PICILLO - Ifine Arts So- ciety. llillztzm tilicl.'lltt1'i'Rt't'1wr, WCWM. SI'0'l"I' LISLE PICKIQN - Flu! Iltll - Sports Director. WCWM. Lacrosse Club, Youth Soc- Ctl' ct-.ich .l-KN Nl,-XRIIA. PICKREL - Ciattttntt Phi Beta. Ritual t'h.ntiu.iti. ll1lI'2lllllIl'2llNl William tk Nlary Marching Band: Flag Corps: Geology Club. Stu- dent Liaison to the Faculty: WCWM. CHRIS L. PIERCE DONNA HOPE PIERCE MYRA M. PIERSON R. WILL PLANERT - Queen's Guard. ELIZABETH P. PLATT -- Kappa Delta, Dorm Council. College Republicans. JOSEPH RICHARD POLIDORO LISA ANN POLLARD - Intramurals. softball. basketball. flag football. MICHAEL JAMES PORCH CAITLIN J. PORTER - Delta Gamma. Rugby. Scabbard 8L Blade. ROTC. INA SUSAN POWELL - Delta Omicron. Wil- liam 8L Mary Christian Fellowship. College! Community Orchestra. Sinfonicron Opera Company, College Concen Committee. JULIA COLEMAN POWELL - Chi Omega. Swimming. LAURIE ANNE POWELL - Kappa Delta. Wil- liam 8: Mary Review. ALICE ANN PREVITE - Queen's Guard. Wil- liam and Mary Chorus. STEPHEN D. PRIAL -- Men's Volleyball Club, Intramurals. Dorm Council. Covenant Players Production. PAUL EDMOND PRINCE. JR. - French House. Junior Board. Social Committee for Se- nior Class. WILLIAM H. PROSSER - Football. TONY T. PSYCHOYOS - International Circle. Alpha Phi Omega. Collegiate Management As- sociation. DANA KRISTINE PURDY - Catholic Student Association Intramurals. Outdoor Club. JOHN ROMOLO QUAGLIANO - College Re- publicans. Chemistry Club. Volleyball Club. In- tramurals. ANNE M. QUINN -- Alpha Chi Omega. KATHLEEN JOSLYN QUINN - Anthropology Club. KIMBERLY MORROW RABENBERG - Kappa Kappa Gamma. Sigma Chi Little Sister. DONNA MARIE RAINES - Delta Delta Delta. Pledge Class President. Special Events Chair- man: Resident Assistant: Orientation Aide: Dorm Council, Vice President: Collegiate Man- agement Association: College Republicans. TIMOTHY LEE RAINES - Pi Lambda Phi. Swim Team. MARJORIE ANN RALEY - Colonial Echo, Catholic Student Association, Circle K. LOURDES M. RAMON - Delta Delta Delta. Biology Honor Society. DAVID KIRK RAMEY - Lambda Chi Alpha. International Relations Club. FIatHa1. LAURIE ANNE RAMSEY - Phi Eta Sigma. Al- pha Lambda Delta. William and Mary College! Community Orchestra. Sinfonicron's produc- tions of "The Mikado" and "Ruddigore." French House Dorm Council, Junior year abroad at Montpellier in France. ROBERT DENNIS RAMSEY 5 lnterVarsity. Botetourt Chamber Singers. Choir. SHERRY LYNELLE RAMSEY PORTER G. RAPER I ' i tx Donna Hnpe Pieree Clieiiiixliy , Ilnhlin Nlyru Nl. Pierson I rigI1Nh,Nlel,e-.iii R. Will Planerl lwumviiilw. .Xiliiiuwii lilizaheth P. Plull I Umeriiincrn, Sniixlniix l I Joseph Riehur1ll'ulidurn Lisa Ann Pollard Computer Scicnce.X'1nmn Michael James Porch Government. Brigantine. NJ Caitlin J. Porter Spanish. Chemipciilw Ina Susan Powell Muxic. l.ynchhni'g Julia Coleman Pow ell Human RCiLlIlOl'lN, New DUII New N Laurie Anne Pow ell Englixh. I-lillx Churuh Alice Ann Previte I-lcononiicx Religion. lladduiilield. 'NI Stephen D. Prial Ecnnonnex. Trcnlon. Nl Paul Edmond Prince. Jr. Biology, Riehninnd William H. Prosser Math Phyxiex. MilledgexiIIe.l1fX Tony T. Psyehuyns Buxxnew ,-Xilrnin .I Dana Kristine Purdy Hislorx . Q'.ixIIeInn John Rnnmlu Quaglianm Clieiiiulry , Riehniunil Anne Nl. Quinn l:Ienienl.nx I el .Yue-nn.1 Kathleen ,lnsly n Quinn .'XnlliI'opnIugX , X iennn 1 Klllllitflf Nlurrms Ralu-nlu-rg I nglixh. Si Iw1nN,'XlH llnnna 'Nlarie Rainiw lflnxiiiew Mlnnn L.nnpI cieum' Na Timothy I.e1-Rainiw INl.lIIlCIlI.lIIeN llimnx Ilnnpiun Nlurjnrie Xnn Railey I Ill1iINIl,XIL'lIll.1 lnurtlex Nl. Rziinun lllulupx , Nw l'.niI-I Ilmyil ll:nirllxi1' Iiilurrun . w I- lamrn Xxnn Imni I li ii, I L- 1' - Rulimlllluiliwv I-Univ I NI: Nilllll I -will limi I I I I l'nr!4i li Iffipiv 1-I I, ,N 5 I .wit-ss Xttziittztsttaiioti. I .tttt.tx Fri-tlerick ,lost-ph R1Il.lSl'Ill'I'. ,Ir. I .t soqtlw. tionctttztteitt. Xtlittcton Business .Xdnt1nistr.itton. Dolphin .IuhltI'.R1istiic lanirie ll Raytiioiid IItoIogN.N1cI can Cherie Nlarie Ret-tes llctttctttatx I tl . 'Xiltngton Sonny Reeycs tttttcttt I con ttttcs. IbUtNII'lIrIgc' ,W A Nlary Courtney Reid tiotetntttcnt. Rtclnnontl Pamela Denise Reid Psi chologx . NN iltnington. Nl -X .. Sandra Jean Ruxrode . . I'hx stcal l.tluc.ition. Richmond Linda Iililaheth Rey nard I''y I d .Arlington Dayid Scott Reynolds tim ernment. llanxtlle r - -. .Q ,s .lnhn Ricci Biology . Alex.ititlt'i.i Beierly Arnette Rice Nlelinda Ann Riggle Sociology . Wt they illc Linda Sue Ritter tfomputer Science. Fairfax t Donald Nlills Robbins Business Admin.. Kingston. PA ' I I Cf' Us r v f I F A .. it L A x. . i. -sal JOHN P. RASNIC - Pi Lambda Phi. Varsity Soccer. FREDERICK JOSEPH RAUSCHER. JR. - Phi Eta Sigma. Alpha Lambda Delta. Young Demo- crats. LACRIE C. RAYMOND - Orchesis. Alpha Phi Omega, Resident Assistant. Orientation Aide. CHERIE MARIE REEVES - Phi Mu Phi Direc- tor. Vice President: Orientation Aide: Presidents Aide. SONNY REEVES - Scabbard and Blade. Circle K. Orienteering Club. ROTC. Dorm Council. Black Student Organization. Latter-Day Saints Student Association. MARY COLRTNEY REID - Delta Delta Delta. Treasurer. Songleader: William and Mary Choir: Catholic Student Association. Secretary. President. PASIELA DENISE REID - Lacrosse. Psy chol- ogy Club. SANDRA .II-LAN REXRODE - Alpha Chi Omega Historian. Orchesis. Student Trainer for Phy sical I-Qducation Majors Club. LINDA ELIZABETH RI-ZYNARD AChi Omega. Cixi: Cliaitttizirt. Junior Personnel: Presidentk Attic. Head Resident: Resident Assistatit. Stu- dent -Xssociation Council Pmlianienttiriain: Se- nior Class Council: Junior Board. Greek'e: llinlit-l lntersorority Council. Dorm Council. Prizes .intl Xt-.ards Committee. II-U III SI'0'l"l' REYNOLDS - Kappa Alpha. H Vice President. JOHN RICCI - Biology Club. WCWM. BEVERLY ARNETTE RICE - Circle K. Colle- giate Management Association. MELINDA ANN RIGGLE - Kappa Kappa Gamma. Sociology Club. LINDA SUE RITTER - Kappa Delta. DONALD MILLS ROBBINS - Sigma Chi. Var- sity Tennis. JAMES A. ROBERTS PAUL DOUGLAS ROBERTS - Nuclear Dis- armament Study Group: Facts and Referrals on Sexuality. Chairperson: Russian House: Inten- sive Language Drill Instructor. POLLY ELIZABETH ROBERTS - Delta Delta Delta. Marshal. Secretary: Junior Varsity Ten- nis: Circle K: Christian Science Organization. Treasurer. President: College Republicans: Honor Council. LEE ANN ROBINSON - Kappa Kappa Gamma. Inner Social Chairman: Intramurals: Resident Assistant: Collegiate Management As- sociation: Dorm Council. MARK MORGAN ROGERS - Virginia Public Interest Research Group, International Rela- tions Club. DOUGLAS MATTHEW ROHRER - Track. JANET LYNN ROLLINS - Delta Gamma. songleader: Irene Ryan Nominee: William and Mary Theatre: Company. C aburet, Tarmjfe: Directors Workshop. Premiere: William and Mary Chorus: Colonial Echo. PATRICIA ANNE ROSE - Baptist Student Union. Family Group Leader: Handbell Choir Director. LINDA ROMAINE ROSS -- Chemistry Club. RANDY BARHAM ROWLETT - Pi Sigma A1- pha. ALICIA ELIZABETH RUBI - Delta Delta Delta. Executive Vice President: Honor Coun- cil: Alpha Lambda Delta: Phi Eta Sigma: Fla: Hat. News Editor. ALYNNE CLAIRE-TRISTEN RUCKER -- AI- pha Chi Omega: Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sis- ter: Canterbury Association. Vestry Member: Stage Director for "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Assistant Stage Direc- tor for "God's Favorite" both Covenant Players Productions. Daughters of The American Revo- lution Chairman for District. JOSEPH GARY RUDD - Kappa Alpha. Co- Rush Chairman. ALBERT RUENES - Sigma Phi Epsilon. Alpha Lambda Delta. Phi Eta Sigma. Phi Sigma Vir- ginia Social Science Academy. Biology Club. Rugby- Football Club. CAROLYN J. RUFI-'IN - Psychology Club. Black Student Organization. Ebony Expres- sions. X Roberts Ruffin James A. Robert- Cymwnriicnl. lhopcrxioun NN Paul Douglas Roberta lzwnorruw Ruwian Stutircx, N1.I,c Polly lllizabeth Roberta i..1lil'l XmCl'ls..ll'l hllitiltm l5i.:tlxNi".ll Lee Ann Robinson Buvncw .Mlrnzn . licllu lla-cr Nlark Nlorgan Rogcrx Lioxernmcnt. lirgn Slam PA Douglas Nlatthevs Rohrer Nluthenialin, Qicrrnanton. N115 Janet Lynn Rollins Theatre. Hampton. NJ Patricia Anne Rose Computer Scxenue. Jaul-wont ills. lr Linda Romaine Ross Chemixtry Hrxtory. Nlcl,c.m Randy Barham Roulett Goxernment. Nl.1to.14.1 Alicia Elizabeth Ruhi lnt'l. Relnl1onN,D.ilIm-. TX Alynne Claire-Tristen Rucker Biology. Vienna Joseph Gary Rudd Goxcrnment. Nlidloihrtm Albert Ruenes Biology. Dix H1llN.NY 1 Carolyn J.Rul'I1n Psy chnlogy. New port New N atch That , ,,, Derby! ffl1l71lTlUPhlHt'Il1N1NIt'l'N Jun l'11'krvI uniljmrm' ,hiunit CornerSn1niaChit'onradIlvrr:Ierlnilit'S'1il1At'r1mir- denx during' Ihr' unnuul Ilrrhr Vhuxr Srunzu t hik Derby Day was u popularfund-ramnu z'l'L'7lI and nn upporliinitrvjor xororily Nlxlerx In ge! flown und thru in rhe mud. Pholo hi' ll, 111111 gi' y:'QnH" . .2142-F A , y ' Sisiell-Sherman Relveera louise Ruswll I Pglixli llztmirt' lroltxxille I orraine I lilalieth 51lLlllll1lll lt'I7ig'LlfL'! Stirrmr, l! NN Laura l.llen Sahatini Soeiuiogx . Spilnglieltl Pdu in Alon-ph Saber I .uiwiiirtx I .1n'I.1x Danid Nlirhael Salon I tononno. lim Shine. NN Darlene I-rances Salo l'veliult-gt, X nginm Burgh Dm id Nlichael Scanlon Xniliropologx. I llieoil Lim. KID lany a Gail Schaffer lltmriew Xdnnn .NN illmiiixhtiig Ihonias Dorn Sehardt KVUFIIPUICI Su1ent'c.N1eI,, Suxan Anne Sehecler l1cologx.Sceondtn'x Id ,.-Xrlinglon Richard Scherclinger Blix fxdniin .Iolxc Ronlwnlmni.1.NY Robert Louis Schmehl. Jr. Uoxernnienl. Ytr'ginl.1Bct1eh Douglas Craig Schmidt Sociology. Bcthcxdo. Nil! Gigi Desiree Schneppat Iinglixh. I lllin, 1 IH Robert Scott Schroeder rhCu'UL1l'lllFlg.IIIIIKI-LIIUUIUNC.ll, Brian Jerome Scott Buwnew :XtIFllll'llSll'.lllUll. Hampton Pamela jean Scott I-eononnw Fine Arn, Ridgewood. Nl NN illiam Cooper Scott Hmory tioxernnient. Nlehnnc. IA Robert Kimball Seal Nluve PNxchology.flr.n1gc Christopher Edwards Sell lzgoiiorniw. .'Xnn.1nd.1Ic Imelda Serrano tornptiier Scleriee. Xng1nl.iIle.ith Sonia Celeste Sewoms I ngluxh Klum., I ttmlt Andrew Hry ant Seward Soewlogx. I x nehlnng Kathryn liimherly Shankx !'v.elit-logx Nluvti NK .lrienlon Suzanne Purwr Shannon 1w:er1i1ttt'nI.SrlxuiSnllriuhlll llennix liernrd Shea l, l.1lwiiwillL.NIl5 lurin 1t.Slit-eliey I'-vt it '42 Swezvi-'gk I't'nlzt'lti. NN .lohn llaxid Shefller 1 I ,'uS.'ef1,t' Iitmri--ltr .lnli.i NlneShen I, ite Nl 1-it l.:i'l.:x Neil I rlvxn'tlSl1t-rlllatn NI .X , l'w'i'i' ,,, N111 X X S ' I Q 1 P r.J' Q 'gal I nl ex L1 ,1l 'Vi A Q, s M. L T1 N1 :Bk S herwood-Slocum Susan Lee Sherwood Psychology Iducatrou. Penticld, NX Lynette NI. Shoemaker Psychology Religion. eyrlrrrgtou II illiam Scott Shonls Business ,Xdrnrrustr.itrorr. Reston Charles Thomas Shottou. .lr. Computer Science. Nl rllrarrrsburc Alan Arthur Simeonc Biology . Cherry Ilrll Nl I. Karen Elizabeth Simmons Government, Chase City Mary' Diane Simmons English. Strasburg s- S. Susan Simmons ' - Business Administration. Yorlttoyy n Daniel Jay' Simon Economics. Aley.rndrr.r Stephen F. Simoneaux Biology . Pensayyla. I-I Jan C. Singletary Economics Religion. Blakely . tr.-X Elizabeth Marie Singleton I-Irstory. Yorlstou rr Stephen Andrew Sltrabal Geology . Next Proy rdeucc. Nl Deborah Ann Sleeper Psychology. Salem Peter S. Slocum. II Economics. I-Qssex. Ifngland REBECCA LOUISE RUSSELL - Pi Beta Phi. William and Mary Theatre, C olorrial Echo. LORRAINE ELIZABETH SAATMAN - Delta Gamma, Lutheran Student Association. LAURA ELLEN SABATINI - WC WM. EDWIN JOSEPH SABEC - Pi Delta Phi, Wil- liam and Mary Band. Dorm Council, Fine Arts Society. DAVID MICHAEL SAFON - Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma. Omicron Delta Kappa. Omicron Delta Epsilon. Phi Beta Kappa. President's Aide, Marching Band, Concert Band. Section Leader. DARLENE FRANCES SALO - Psychology Club, Wesley Foundation. DAVID MICHAEL scAN1.oN - Kappa sigma. Football, Anthropology Club. TANYA GAIL SCHAFFER - Collegiate Man- agement Association. THOMAS DORN SCHARDT - Intramurals. Computer Consultant, Catholic Student Asso- ciation. SUSAN ANNE SCHECTER - InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. RICHARD SCHERCZINGER - Pi Lambda Phi, Lacrosse. Collegiate Management Associa- ll0l'l. ROBERT LOUIS SCHMEHL, JR. - Resident Assistant, College Republicans. DOUGLAS CRAIG SCHMIDT - Kappa Alpha. Sociology Club, Dorm Council. GIGI DESIREE SCHNEPPAT ROBERT SCOTT SCHROEDER - Society ol' Collegiate Journalists, WCWM. Flat Hal, Fine Arts Society. BRIAN JEROME SCOTT - Black Student Or- ganization. Ebony Expressions. Admissions Policy Committee. Concert Series Committee. Collegiate Management Association. PAMELA JEAN SCOTT - Phi Mu. Fine Arts Society. WILLIAM COOPER SCOTT - Lambda Chi Alpha: Omicron Delta Kappa: Mortar Board: Phi Alpha Theta: Pi Sigma Alpha: Honor Coun- cil, Chairman: F.H.C. Society: Flat Hut. Stu- dent Association. ROBERT KIMBALL SEAL - Phi Mu Alpha: Choir, President: Botetourt Chamber Singers: Baptist Student Union: Sinfonicron Opera Com- pany, Vocal Director. CHRISTOPHER EDWARDS SELL -- Pi Kappa Alpha, Swim Team. Intramurals. National So- ciety of Scabbard and Blade. Reserve Ofticers Training Corps. IMELDA SERRANO - Kappa Delta. Dorm Council, Circle K. SONIA CELESTE SESSOMS - Delta Omicron. Ebony Expressions. Black Thespian Society. Choir. Chorus. Amnesty International. Sinfoni- cron Opera Company. ANDREW BRYANT SEWARD - Theta Della Chi. Fencing. Intramurals. Reserve Ollicers Training Corps. Rangers. KATHRYN KIMBERLY SHANKS - Delta Gamma, Delta Omicron. SUZANNE PURSER SHANNON - Alpha Chi Omega. Intramurals. Queen's Guard. Catholic Student Association. DENNIS GERARD SHEA - Theta Delta Clit, Phi Eta Sigma. Alpha Laml'-da Delta. Omicron Delta Epsilon. Senior Class Secretary, Inco- nomics Club. ERIN A. SHI-II-llll-IY - Sysim Team: Soccer. Captain: Psi Chi: Martha Iiarltsdalc Scholar- ship: Virginia Public Intcrcst Research tiroup. JOHN DAVID SIIEFI-'I.ER - Phi lita Sigma. The Navigators. Association for Computing Ma- chinery. JULIA MAE SHEN - Mermettes. Co-captain. Mortar Board: Omicron Delta Kappa: Delta Omicron. Vice President: Baptist Student Union: Girl Scout Volunteer: Pre-layy Club NEIL EDWARD SHERMAN -Pi lambda Phi. Soccer. SUSAN LEE SHI-IRWOOD - Alpha Chr Omega. Psi Chr. President: Resident .-Asstslcllll. LXNETIE M. SHOENLAKER - Delta Cianrrrra. Mortar Boanl. Circle K. Canterbury Associatrorr WILLIAM SCOTT SHONK - Sigma Chr. Intra- murals. .lunior Board. Lacrosse Club 'lic.urr. Collegiate Management Association CHARLES THOMAS SHOTTON. JR. - Fencing. Band. .Association for Compuung Machinery . ALAN ARTHUR SIMEONI-1 - Sigma Nu. Presi- dent: Varsity Baseball. KAREN ELIZABETH SIMMONS - Kappa Kappa Gamma. Men's Tracls Team Manager MARY DIANE SIMMONS - Crrclc K. Baptist Student Union. Lutheran Student Asst-ciatiorr S. SCSAN SIMMONS - Baptist Student I 'nrou, Collegiate Management .-Xssocratrorr DANIEL JAY SIMON - Alpha Phi tlrucga l'lrr Mu Alpha. Sinfonicron. K.rr.uc Clul' r rr: .. Iii lm Photographer. STEPHEN F.SIMONFtl'X Nici-r.. yrrw I r- silon. Biology Club. .lunior lit-.rrti .IAN C. SINGLETARI W- Xlrit . 4 tr it r , CulrvltlilllfrllrrlIl1oIogr.rpht'r EI.IZABE'I'lI NI-IRII SlNt.l I IHS yrvlf pology Club STI-IPIIISN ANIPRHN SRM yll Xl N r' Basclxill. lulr.ruui:.rls I-r -it-'Ht Hi IIIQIIUR-'III ANN SI I l l'I R X'i'l" ' Omega. l'sttlrr-lou' it liar IH' PETI-1RS.SltNlN1ll l .iii-.1 'tr Narr- lrurarrrur .ils I I Nl.ttliem.ities. I i.tilhet'slilitg. Nil? Bti .letlrt-5 Iltmt Smethurst llciztetitatx I tl .Sptitiglieltl XllistittNI1lt'it'SmiIh lliultiux. l exington l'.iils. NIII Ilarhara X. Smith I nglisli Spaittsh. Sintsbmt , t I IM-ohrah 'kim Smith Iximherly ,leanne Smith Illslttl N, IICll1cstl.t. XIII Nlitli Nlylene Smith Illlsttless ,Xdtitin .NI inchestei Sandra Lee Smith siness ettlniitiistratioii. Mel can Thomas Il right Smith ,-Xnthtopulogy. Narroyt s Zella Louise Smith Ipngl1sh.NexxpoitNews George Ste-ten Smolik Fcononiics. Washington. IJ C .lean Nlarlen Snow fx Btlsll'less:XtImlt1..hILlIIltCXks,NC Gxs endoly n K. Sny der International Htlsltlcss. Alexandria Nickolas Joseph Sojka , Economics Government. Afton Hope S. Solomon I"Itlsll'1Css Admin., Hot Springs Elizabeth Gallagher Somers Iiot ernment. Marberth. PA A ii- : :1 A ,X L- . T4 1' . .X I V 1 X a- va : fy 1 I' if- lli i.. L nr oc g . Q v I I .. A x 'lf JEFFEREY HUNT SMETHURST - Baseball. Intramurals. New Testament Student Associa- tion, ALLISON MARIE SMITH - Gamma Phi Beta. Assistant Social Chairman. Parliamentarian: ln- tramurals: Alpha Lambda Delta: Phi Eta Sigma: Alpha Phi Omega: Junior Board: Biology Club. BARBARA A. SMITH - Sigma Delta Pi. Alpha Phi Omega. The Wesley Foundation. Band. Wil- liam and Mary Christian Fellowship. DEBORAH ANN SMITH - Dorm Council. Nu- clear Disarmament Study Group. United Way Big Sister. KIMBERLY JEANNE SMITH - Delta Gamma. Mortar Board. The Flat Ilur. Alumni Liaison Committee. MITZI MYLENE SMITH - Pi Beta Phi. Colle- giate Management Association. Aluntni'Student liaison Committee. Campus Tout' Guide. Orien- tation Aide SANDRA LEE SMITH IHONI XS WRICHI' SNIITH - Virvtnia Public . 1 . . g Interest Research Group. ZELLA LOUISE SMITH - Delta Delta Delta. Intramurals. William and Mary Chorus. GEORGE STEVEN SMOLIK - Theta Delta Chi, Fine Arts Society. JEAN MARLEN SNOW - Collegiate Manage- ment Association. GWENDOLYN K. SNYDER - Collegiate Man- agement Association. Dorm Council. NICKOLAS JOSEPH SOJKA - Phi Eta Sigma: Alpha Lambda Delta: Omicron Delta Epsilon: Pi Sigma Alpha: Intemational Relations Club: Ju- nior Board: Young Democrats, Vice-President and President: College Transportation Commit- IGB. HOPE S. SOLOMON - Kappa Kappa Gamma. Resident Assistant. ELIZABETH GALLAGHER SOMERS - Delta Delta Delta. Lacrosse. TERESA LYNN SOUKUP - Phi Sigma. Phi Eta Sigma. Alpha Lambda Delta. Circle K. REBECCA ALLISON SPRAGENS - Navigaa tors. Lutheran Student Associaticft. Archaeo- logical Society of Virginia. Williamsburg Choral Guild. JOSEPH STEPHEN SPRINGER -- WCWM. The FIutHa1. LUANNE STEVENS SPRUILL -- Pi Beta Phi. Collegiate Management Association, Inter Sorority Council Treasurer, Senior Class Public- ity Committee. College-Wide Disciplinary Com- mittee. JOHN L. SQUIRES - Kappa Alpha President. Student Association Vice-President. Student Association Council. Young Democrats. Alpha Phi Omega. CYNTHIA JEAN SQUYARS - Commencement Committee, Wayne F. Gibbs Accounting So- ciety. ANNE LEATH ST. CLAIR - Kappa Kappa Gamma. Mortar Board. President's Aide. Junior Board. Baptist Student Union. NATALIE KING ST. JOHN THOMAS JAMES STALLINGS KIMBERLY ANNA STAPLES - Kappa Kappa Gamma. lr -vs -1 LJ Y I for lea.. si Teresa Ly nn Snukup Biology . N Haledon. Nl Rebecca Allison Spragens :Xnthro Geology. lebanon. KY Joseph Stephen Springer Lnglish F1ne.fxi'ts.l-airiax Luanne Steiens Spruill Business Admin .Springfield John L. Squires History . Richmond Cynthia .lean Squyars Accounting. Newport New s Anne Leath St. Clair English. Greenville. DL Natalie King St. John Psychology . New port New s Thomas James Stallings Philosophy. McLean Kimberly Anna Staples English. Ashland arried Life h, college life. New people, parties, dates, some wild times - a general carefree atti- tude. Hardly do the words commitment or marriage enter a student's mind. However, for Rod and Carmen Jacobs, marriage has become a reality. Married this past summer, Rod and Carmen knew it was the right course for them. Rod, who is twenty-one and a senior, and Carmen. who is twenty and works in Dean Sadler's office, had had a long distance relationship for three years. While Rod came to William and Mary, Carmen attended school in Fairborn, Ohio. Deciding that they wanted to be together, Carmen and Rod were married in june and then moved into an apartment offcampus. Carmen mentioned that although their families were "not happy with the decision until after 2:30 onjune 18th," most of their friends were "ec- static" for them. Rod commented, "Most people are sur- prised when I tell them since I don't look my age. lt usually takes them a couple of weeks to see the ring." The move to Williamsburg was "kind of uncomfort- able for Carmen," said Rod. because she did not know anybody here. "Our social life is not most active, but because we've been such a couple, when l meet Rod's friends, they say, 'Oh, there's Carmen. l feel like l know you,' "mentioned Carmen. No longer under parental care, both Carmen and Rod work in order to support themselves. Carmen works as a secretary forty hours a week in the Deans offite, and Rod works nights at the Lodge, twenty to thirty hours per week. As well as working. Rod took nineteen credit hours last semester and fortunately only had one toursc to complete second semester to obtain his double mayor Rod Jacobs. a senior at William and fllarv. flismwri that School and married ltfegi mix us he. wifi' K 'urnn'n. and thefamilypooch. Manda, pose outside their apart- ment. Photo by T. Steeg in math and economics. "First semester was really difficult. Rod wasn't home that much, but we had an agreement that I would take care ofthings around the house so Rod could tontetitrate on his studies. Now that Rod has onli one tlass. he has slid into doing more," said Kartnen, Although they had to iuigele their st hedules. thei still found time to spend together. "Last semester, it w as lllsl Sunday afternoons. ilillis semester it's right lielt ire dinner and weekend afternoons," said Rod They often go shopping when they are together. and they had an agreement last semester that it thtx saw somethlnlu. they bought it "XYe had a lantastit K hrist mas, but XK'L'll'L'P.lYll1'l.IltlF it now. 1 .irmen lauuht -l lift stated, A'X'i't"vc- always paid the rent .intl lwills and liaxi ii., some tlose sliax-es Now we are putting .i littlt zu 'ii .iw.ix'." X., .. . ll . M" xll . s puter Scieiict' Psxcl1..L'oncoitl. Nl' J. . ' v .1 -'If r ' :- . . - ,, . , - 5, JL . S ugg Nlallory I ,Stark li.isi:1t-ss Xtliiiiinstiatioii. Nuitollk I iinotliy l'atrit'k Stn-cg lttiiitiiiii.s.S1lxt'iSpiing.Xll7 Xshley Xnn Stem-lt' I iigl1slt.S.iiitlstoii -tiny E. Stengt-r lliologx. Xniheist. NY 'Slartha I homas Stetson I lciiiciitaix ltl , I .ititxistei N alt-rie Alana: Stilller Psi clioltigx Sociology. Ilctlloitl Katherine Stoides lltisiness Xtliiiiiiistipttioii. Sterling Karen l.. Stone Keith Alan Stone l'he.itei'. Vinton Kimberly I-Ilizaheth Stott Psxehology . Yirginia Beach Douglas P. Strobel .-Xceutiiiting. Nlentlham. NJ Rita Ytonne Stry ker l.lcment.ii5 lzd.. Willhinisbtirg Linda Susan Sturm Biology . Arlington Michael Lee Sturm tim ernnient Psi ch.. Endicott. NY Mary Elizabeth Sugg Computer' Science. Rockxille. MD 0 T7 ww.. 1 V J .-.. lim MALLORY L. STARK - The Flu! Hal. Circle K. Collegiate Management Association. Hillel. TIMOTHY PATRICK STEEG - The Flu! Hui, Colonial Eclm. ASHLEY ANN STEELE AMY E. STENGER -- Sigma Nu Little Sister. Phi Sigma. MARTHA THOMAS STETSON - Pi Kappa Al- pha Little Sister. YALERIE ALANE STIFFLER - Pi Beta Phi. Intramurals. Theta Delta Chi Sweetheart. KATHERINE STOIDES - Phi Mu. Collegiate Management Association. KAREN L. STONE - Intramurals. Phi Eta Sigma. Alpha Lambda Delta. Psi Chi. The I-'lui Hui. Circle-K. .Association for Computing Ma- chinery. Vice-Chairman and Chairman. KEITH ALAN STONE KIMBERLY ELIZABETH STOTT DOUGLAS P. STROBEL RITA YYONNE STRYKER - Baptist Student L'nion. LINDA SISAN STURM - Phi Sigma. Pi Delta Phi. Band. Circle K. MICHAEL LEE STCRM -- Pi Sigma Alpha. Psi Chi. Alpha Lambda Delta. Phi Eta Sigma. Young Democrats. MARY ELIZABETH Sl'GG - Oinicron Delta Kappa KAREN E. Sl'l.I.IY.-AN VINCENT J. Sl'LLIYAN - Sigma Chi, Chemis- IIN Club N XNCY W IIARTON SCNIMERS - Phi Mu. Sl N XN NIARIE SLMMERS - Canterbury As- wtiation. Student Fducation Association. Inter b.1l'wllXkl'll'lxlIllIlIjCll0NKNlllP. Nl S KN I . SIN AIN YJXIPIILII-lll"lll"kl1IIJCllll.I7IIl I 1. Sgzina. Wax ne I- Gibbs Accounting So- ciety. William and Mary Christian Fellowship. Baptist Student Union. SUZANNE CHRISTINE SWEENEY - Kappa Kappa Gamma. SUSANN ELLEN SWEETSER - Chi Omega. Sophomore Steering Committee. Junior Board. Orientation Aide. CYNTHIA LYNN SWICEGOOD SHARON LYNN SWINK - Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma. Collegiate Management Association President. Order of the White Jacket Scholarship. Summer Study in Germany. Faculty Realtions Chairperson. Chorus. Pre- Law Club. William and Mary Theatre. PETER TANTILLO - Pi Kappa Alpha: Alpha Lambda Delta: Phi Eta Sigma: Orientation Aide: Accounting Society. ALLEN JOHN TAYLOR - Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon: Alpha Lambda Delta: Phi Eta Sigma: Gamma Sigma Epsilon: Mortar Board: SAC Representative: Chemistry Club: Pre-health Ca- reers Club: Student Health Services Advisory Board: Junior Steering Committee. DEBBIE LYNN TAYLOR - Phi Mu: Collegiate Civitans: Intramurals: Economics Club: In- temational Circle: Colonial Et-lm: Spanish House. WHITNEY LEIGH THAYER - Varsity La- crosse: Dorm Council: Athletic Advisory Coun- cil - Secretary: Economics Club. MARK A. THERIANOS - Intramurals. Team Captain: Band: Spanish: Orientation: ROTC. ANDREW KEITH THOMAS - Certilicate of Commendation lLawl. THERESA SUE THON - Kappa Alpha Theta: Orientation Aid: Superdance Chairman: Alumni-Student Liaison Committee: Sigma Ep- silon Alpha. KAREN ELAINE THORNE - Field Hockey: Basketball: Lacrosse: Fellowship of Christian Athletes: Greek Life. LAURIE ANNE THORNTON - Phi Mu: Phi Eta Sigma: Alpha Lambda Delta: Phi Sigma: Society of Collegiate Joumalists: William and Mary Band: Flat Hat. SUZANNE STUART TIERNEY - Delta Gamma: William and Mary Choir: William and Mary Chorus. DANIEL SCOTT TIMBERLAKE -- Kappa Al- pha: Rugby: Executive Council: Govemment Club: Philosophy Club. JANICE LEIGH TRAMMELL - Delta Omi- cron: Baptist Student Union: William and Mary Choir: Chorus: Band. DAWN ALLISON TRAVER - Lambda Chi Gamma: Psi Chi: William and Man' Review: William 8: Mary Christian Fellowship: Catholic Student Association. MARY BRENT TRIGG - Kappa Kappa Gamma. JOHN MICHAEL TRINDLE - Chi Phi Tau: Fla!Hat,'WCWM. OLLIVER OTT TRUMBO. Il - Honors Gov- emment: Mortar Board: Pi Sigma Alpha: Alumni-Student Liaison Committee: Canter- bury Association. LAURIE ANN TUBBS - Lambda Chi Gamma: Volleyball: Psi Chi. VICKIE LYNN TURCOTTE - C hoir: Classical Studies Club. MILAN JOSEPH TURK. JR. - Sigma Chi: Col- lege Management Association. LYNNE ANN TURNAGE -- Kappa Kappa Gamma: Mermettes: Circle K. CHRISTINE L. TURNER - Gamma Phi Beta: Varsity Basketball: Junior Varsity Lacrosse. Sullivan-Turner Karen I-Q. Sulliy an Economtex.X'1rgtn1.1l3e.1eh Vincent J. Sulliy an f'hern1Ntry.rtllIsC hureh Nancy Wharton Summers Theater.Xtrgtrn.rHe1t.'h Susan Nlarie Summers Engltxh.r.rnpor1um.PAX Susan L. Swain ACCOLll1lll'Tg,NCN.K ptyrt New x Suzanne Christine Sweeney Accounting.NlcN1urrtty.PA Susann Ellen Sweetser Psychology . Camp Leyreune. Nt' Cynthia Ly nn Syyicegood Biology. Rochester. NY Sharon Lynn Svwink Businew Adrntnrxtratron. Salem Peter Tantillo Accounting. North Bench. NJ Allen john Taylor Chemistry.Fatr1'ax Debbie Lynn Taylor Economicx. Chesterfield Whitney Leigh Thayer Econom1es.Hamtlton. MA Mark A. Therianos Pay chology . Hampton Andrew Keith Thomas Economics. Kilmarnock Thereasa Sue Thon'y hd . Nlqttoztept Karen Elaine Thorne NiLtli1c'I11.1lI!N. Xiftiirtlfki. 'Nj Laurie Anne Thornton Biology. xiUl'l'1NtllT,f ll Su1anneStuart Tierney Got ernment. liumtrtcx Daniel Scott Timherlalte Got 'I Phtlowphy. Nlcelmtttuyi t Janice Leigh Trammell N1tme.Toxy yon, Nil! Days n Allison Tray er lzconorntw lKyehoIogy, llctntlon Nlary Brent Trigg lzngltxh, .'xIcx.tntlrr.t John Michael lrindlt- Phy vu. that Iotttwx illc Ulliyer Ott lrutnho. ll Uoyetnmcnt letwlwtrt' laurit- Nun lul-M l'Nytl'oi.w. P T Y Nitltlrl yum ln: ntl. titles .i Y' r' Xlil.tIl.i"w3'i' ittvif Iv li, r 1 ' I ynnt Km. lntrmgt ltr - I littxmvt I ltzrmt rl i N N limll1cw,Mll11ll1 .Nl.u1h.1xw!. NY 1 UXCIIIIIICIII. l .lkCRUIlkUl1k0I!1.1.NN kimberly 'Anne lurner lex-rlullmx. Xpplclvn, NNI Peler Nlerriek lurner lim.-In I nglnxh. X1lxxkLAg10l1.X1l hate l nliedl Ilmlngx.X1c11n.1 Stoll l'harlu X ilK'hI'is Rachele Ruse Y illt'llll' Pamela G. Yan Der Leeden Lum ernment, XR exllmrx. N Y Donald Nlalaehy N an Rhyn lzemmllllu.Slun1t'u1'd.l'lW V1 erisa R. YanClezn e Nililht.'IULllICN. iiluucexter Patrick W illiam Vaughan l:eunun1les.Cire:1l Ieullx Anne Alimn Veil Hmwy. Deertield. ll. Lori Ann Yirga Huvnew -Xdn11n,.Sclauket. NY 1A Lauren Yolgenuu B1ulugy.Rcxlon Catherine Lynn Wagner .'XCC0llI1lllll:l.ShllLi5 Side. MD P Gregory Wan ne Wagner Uoxernment. Williurnshurg Nleijeanne Wagner Bmlogy,Anr1g1nd11le A 11- 9. 'sax iv, K Q- alf-Time Honor Coach Jimmye l.f1y1'm'k presents Qflkvzxivef guard Mario Schaffer the Kodak Al1AAl7l?f'i1'Ull Fnntbull A ward during the haljltime hreuk Qf a home bus- kerballganze. Phuro hv T. Sleeg .vi X1,3,lw1'X 9- 1 I' 7' Q 'Qw- , ' . fr n V il ,v ard fo- fn 2. Wagner- Wendt - Ihtimas N ails Wagner l hctiiistr: .' Xp.-, : C William Rohert lkagiicr J- - lizsi-lr. l't'iit!l'lc1s.m' Xl -.. .loannal inn Halherg Aiiii'-ips -lg. llv'r'o1: 'Yi Stephen .lames NN allwr i..ilnv7nics l ic.,-l l ,' scsi H. it ant, hlr, Religion Xn,glis't MX .lacquelyn Nl. Walsh tioxernment. l ittle Salter. Nl - s 6 l -t 111 I+ . v . ' fi if f i .V vnu ' RIN LM 1' rv - Sharon Lynne NS eater T Neal Lawrence X! alters Engl1sh.i.1llst,htHch " Diane Carol XI alyllto C omptiter Science. l recholtl N I Anne Nlarie Nampler Accounting. Richnit-ntl G. Harris Warner Business 'Xdministi.i11on Rtlnrit-At 9- Cheryl Ann N atanahe lr.ngl1sh.Hcrndon Rebecca Anne XM-awr Cioxernnicnt. 'trlington imc .'Xt'Is. Ni.1Vt.iss.1s Leslie Ann Vieiriclt Cioternmentli'cntl1.l.i1i' Amy Christine IS endt Geology , NN ilnnnigton. lll KIMBERLY ANNE TURNER - Delta Gamma: Phi Eta Sigma: Alpha Lambda Delta: Omicron Delta Epsilon: Flat Hat - Business Manager: SAC Representative: Dorm Council. PETER MERRICK TURNER -- Honors Pro- gram: Director, Student Association Film Se- nes. KATE UNTIEDT - Kappa Alpha Theta: Ten- nis: Alpha Epsilon Delta: Young Republicans: Health Careers Club. SCOTT CHARLES VACHRIS - Theda Delta Chi: Varsity Lacrosse: Catholic Students Asso- ciation: Collegiate Management Association. RACHELE ROSE VALENTE - Lambda Chi Gamma: Pi Delta Phi: French Honor Society: Catholic Student Association. PAMELA G. VAN DER LEEDEN DONALD MALACHY VAN RHYN - Omicron Delta Epsilon. TERISA R. VANCLEAVE PATRICK WILLIAM VAUGHAN - Pi Kappa Alpha. ANNE ALISON VEIT - Delta Delta Delta: Phi Alpha Theta: Fine Arts Society. Association of Williamsburg: Dorm Council. Vice President: Collegiate .Management Asso- ciation: Senior Class Publicity Committee. LAUREN VOLGENAU - Lacrosse: Soccer: Field Hockey: Greek Life: FCA: FOAM. CATHERINE LYNN WAGNER - Delta Gamma: Accounting Society. GREGORY WAYNE WAGNER - Theta Delta Chi: Distinguished Military Student: Ranger Club: Queen's Guard: Cadet Club: College Re- publicans: Scabbard 6: Blade: Premiere The- ater: Director's Workshop: Order of the White Jacket: Dorm Council Representative. MEI ,IEANNE WAGNER - Director. Change of Pace: Inter-Varsity: WCWN1: Student Associa- tion: Brooks 55: Associate Produce: Smfonicron Opera Company. RICHARD OGDEN WAK S N I-IR THOMAS WATTS VYAGNIIR - Sigma Phi lap- silon. WILLIAM ROBERT' WAGNIQR JOANNA LYNN WAl,HI-LRG - Kappa Alpha Theta: Fill! Hnlg tlrcht-sis. NEAL H. WALLS. JR. .IACQUELYN M. WALSH - Alpha Chi tlmega. Intramurals, NEAL LAWRENCE WALTERS - William and Mary Fiction Prize: Italian House: Gallery of Writing. CAROL DIANE WALYLKO -- Biology Club: Accounting Society. .Association for Computing Machinery. ANNE MARIE WAMPLER - Kappa Delta. W Gibbs Accounting Society: Senior Class Com- mencement Committee. G. HARRIS WARNER - Collegiate Manage- ment Association: Senior Class Comniittecs CHERYL ANN WATANABI-1 A llie Xntact tors. REBECCA ANNE N If AYFR SHARON LYNN!-2 NH U t tt 1 Beta:lntran1uralSoctcv l'l 1 l.ESI.II'Q ANN KN HRH Is t i Pi DcItaPh1,t xtclt' ls firm: cnmsiisi in sm s if I STEPHEN JAMES WALKER - Phi l-.ta Sigma. Epsilon. t 'colt-rt I "i' Y l'. ' H ' LORI ANN VIRGA - United States Volleyball Catholic student .lxssomtit-ii. I-1.11 11.11. Rvw-lfs'l1ful"-i Karen ll lilalwth W enl l ngllsli.l31xll1lls.NX l.isa l.ynn W est tieiohai l eononnes. Ioledo. till Xlichael Xllen W est Religion. t'hesape.tkc Elizabeth l.ynn White Xnthtopologx. W illtaiiisluirg liania Ratarina White Klatlieniaties. W Iiil.tlllNiWllI'g Bradley Scott W hitehurst English. Rieluuond Richard Edw ard Wiersema i'.llgllNil.ill.i.C1lNCllWUl'lll.lRS Nlarlha Lee Williams latin. Richmond Melanie l,. Williams Seheneetady. NY Nancy Love Williams Biology. Bethesda. MD Sarah Elizabeth Williamson English. Charlottesville Glenda Gayle Wilson Sociology, Frederieluhurg Paris Dean Wilson Eeonomics, Richmond Timothy B. Wilson Governnient. Annandale Susan Elaine Wines Elementary Ed.. Midland Doreen Elisabeth Winn Government. Vienna Susan Elizabeth Wise Physical Ed .Chagrin Falls. OH Christopher Paul Wittkamp Psychology.Rlchn1om.l Paul Gerard Wolfteich llistorx Religion. Atlantic Bch.. NY Alison Nlarion Wood Theater. Alexandria Ann Louise W ood Klienusuy ieeononucs, Jackson. NIS Benjamin lD.Nl. Wood Phi stu. White Stone Catherine Elizabeth Wood i nghsh i'iLillC.lllUll. Springtield Emily .lane Wood l' nglish. Wilhamshurg l.inda farol Wood idneatlon Nlnslt. Roanoke Nlichae liee W ood Xtqotirilmu. I xmlihtirgg kathy Sue Woodall liwlogx Xlosn. llnntington. YY Nancy Woodward lwrriiari. W iliiatiislwniu l inda Susann W ray I r fwfr Newman-.N1tle.tri Natalie lynn W yatt v"llii!IiL', New poi! News N 'iii-IN fl 1 1 . so R I 0 9 4 -rg YT 's A 4 CN sn A . I K' rv 'Uh asf Q7-1 in I 0,5 w..-.. Yackow Zydron Joseph Nlichael I aclsou Econotntcs ttowctreriieft' Xie'-,1t1t. Douglas I. I eamans I'JIUslC.1IIidLlc'.1l1ttt'. I'o'.t. Fw Hyewon Yi Goternment Soctt-logs litirkc Debra S. Young Music. L ntondale. NX I Daniel Craig Zehrovt ski Accounting. King ot'Prusst.t. PA ' Stew. en Louis Zeleznilsar Anthropology . McLean ' Stew en Dasid Zeuli - 'Ui B1ology,M.irlton. NJ ' Patricia Ann Zillian Economics Got ernment. Mclean -vs Daniel Charles Zinman English. Wtlltnntshttrg Laura Lynne Zinni T, 7 Economics. Wy nness ood. I'A Cindy Louise Zsirzdin Business Admin .Petersburg Julie Anne Zydron Goxernment lzconomtcs. Ches.ipe.tlte 'S , 1 1 L. KAREN ELIZABETH WENZ -- OIT-Campus Student Council, Student Association Council. LISA LYNN WEST - Pi Beta Phi: Field Hockey. MICHAEL ALLEN WEST - The Navigators. ELIZABETH LYNN WHITE - Chi Omega: Asia and Africa Society: Canterbury. TANJA KATARINA WHITE - The Wesley Foundation: James City County Fire Depart- ment. BRADLEY SCOTT WHITEHURST - William and Mary Review: French House. RICHARD EDWARD WIERSEMA - Varsity Fencing, Captain: Intramurals: Military Honor Society of Scabbard and Blade: Forensics: ROTC g John Pope Literary Society. MARTHA LEE WILLIAMS - Intramural Vol- leylaall: Junior Year Abroad - Egypt: Classics u . MELANIE L. WILLIAMS NANCY LOVE WILLIAMS - Delta Delta Delta: Men's Varsity Soccer Manager. SARAH ELIZABETH WILLIAMSON - Delta Gamma: Editor, William dt Mary Review. Fic- tion Editor. GLENDA GAYLE WILSON - Sociology Club. PARIS DEAN WILSON - Pi Lambda Phi: Omi- cron Delta Epsilon: Circle K: Young Demo- crats. Affirmative Action Director. Virginia Public Interest Research Group. TIMOTHY B. WILSON - Lambda Chi Alpha: Intramurals: Society for Collegiate Journalists: Editor-in-Chief, Flut Hut: WCWM: Publica- tions Council. SUSAN ELAINE WINES - Adult Skills Pro- gram. DOREEN ELISABETH WINN - Karate Club: Rangers: German House. SUSAN ELIZABETH WISE - Gamma Phi Beta: Women's Basketball: Women's Tennis: Phi Eta Sigma: Westminster Fellowship: Fel- Iowship of Christian Athletes: Physical Educa- tion Majors Club. Omnicron Delta Kappa. CHRISTOPHER PAUL VVITTKAMP - Kappa Sigma. PAUL GERARD WOLFTEICH - Varsity Track: Junior Varsity Soccer: Catholic Student Association. ALISON MARION WOOD - William K Mary Theater: Covenant Players: Directors Work- shop: T.O.A.: Sinfonicron. Theatre Students Association. ANN LOUISE WOOD - Alpha Chi Omega: Chemistry Club: American Chemical Society, BENJAMIN D.M. WO0D-- Phi Eta Sigma: So- ciety of Collegiate Journalists: Catholic Student Association. CATHERINE ELIZABETH WOOD - Mortar Board: Resident Assistant: Head Resident. EMILY JANE WOOD - Cross Country: Wil- liam and Mary Ret twin LINDA CAROL WOOD - Delta Omtcroni Kappa Delta Pi: Drum Mu-tor. Hand: Resident Assistant. MICHAEL LEE wooo - Pt Kappa Alpha. xc- counting Society. KATHY SLE WOODALI. - Delta Onitcron. Lutheran Student Assoctutton. Stnlontcron NANCY WOODII ARD - Munster LINDA SCS.-ANN NRAY - Assoctattton for Computing Machinery NATALIE LYNN IVY-ATI - Chi Ilttlcgu. Wayne F. Gibbs. St' Accounting Society . Rush Counselor. Inter-Sort-rits Council JOSEPH MICHAEL YACKON! M NN !IIlctl'll .ind Mary Lacrosse Club. Federal Junior Pell--ws. President. Bryan Dorm Council. Jantest--'.sn Road Dorm Council: Accounting Cluh. L .ttholtc Student Association: Intramurals, NN CNN M DOCGLAS I. YEAMANS I'IYIfXVON YI DEBRA YOCNG - l.umhd.i Chi tinntntn. Choir: Chorus: Orchestra: Catholic Studcnt As- soctation. DANIEL CRAIG ZEBROWSKI - I .tmhtla tht Alpha: Baseball. STEVEN LOCIS ZELEZNIKAR - Sigma Phi Epsilon: Murttatl Arts Club. President. L'lttnt.ite Frisbee Wizards, STI-1X'ENDAVIIJZIil.'l,l- Kappa Sigma. X .tt- sity Football: WCAA Yolunteers tot Youth, Iltg Brother Program. PATRICIA ANN ZII.l.IAN - Nlort.ttho.ittl President: Umtcrort Ilcltxi Ifpstlon. Pt Sigma Xl- pha: Omtcron Delta Kappa. l't'cstdctrt's Kult Honor Council. Resident Xsststnn' lit-tin Council President. Sophotnotc Stet-:mr t mtttee1.luntor Board. Atlttttsst.-t-s llww I'- pltnatry Committee, tk-ttttttct: t t"t ' Chairperson. Student Assocri ' cordtng'1 XJ .I DANIEI. CHARLES IINNI xN I,Al'RA LYNNI. IINNI . Mortar Iionrtl. Xlrlt., I Sigma. tlttttcton ltd' ' :try Society. N-c" .luntor Il.-.ntl CINDY Itll ISI I t Omega Uv" I ,lI'I.ll. INN IX ltt-1' ' Q ross I wt" Phil. Ile' I ' I I ilill Ogden Acree Xlcl can .lK'llllIfL'I'll'Sll1' Adnints Xlex.1ntlti.t .lL'lllll I inn Adunis llu.tttNX1llc,Nlll Aileen ll1lSlll'tlllClx Aderton l x ntltlitng xlill'lSM.l l inn Allonxo X.-ithlF.ntniotitli.X1X .I.iniw Nliehelle Allen Xttgtmn. lv A Harrie Nlarie Allimn Nolwn :llc llenther Renee Arnes lletntlon Douglas Allen Anderson Xlex.tntli1.t .lane R. Anderxon NA illmtiixlatng l'ntrit'ia Nlary Anderson Sptlngtieltl Lisa Ann Antonelli Xnn.tntl.ile N irginia .Anne Araln XA llll.lIllNlWlll'll Sharon Jean Archer ,-Xtnhcrxt. Nl,-X Arlene Nlarie Armilla N 1cnn.t lodd Robert Armstrong New port. Rl Alargaret Edwards Ashhurn XA lllrnnxburg Alan flark .Ashworth .Axhl.tnd Laura ,lo Axix .Arlington tllufemi Bahayomi Auotesu Petcuhtirg Lydia Lee Bailey Lltrollton Kyle Derrick Baker Y1t'gin1.iBe.tuh Andrea Lsnne Balliette Uourt Home. Nl Ronald Lewis Barden Pon Kimberly Kea Barlou Vinton Nlichelle Nlarie Barnex Sioux Pity. lll .lulia H. Baroody Rlehniond Nlonica .lean Baroody ,Ann.intl.ilc Kord Hall Bawnight L'hcx.tpe.tltc Nlark Brannon Beasley Nlc4h.iniwx1llc Donna C. Becker Nl.tdtNon. Bl Karen A. Becl-with Newport Neue Lauri Ann Bell l'lttxl1ut'gli.l'A Olixiu Benitez XN'tllt.irmlmtg XS illiam il. Bennett Spt ungticltl Shannon C. Berry Ruthniontl Elizabeth Anne Bexio X it-nn.t K-1l"liIl',ll'lll:lllt'fl'I' llttntineton. NY Xlarguret Annellieklei Arlington Annette hay Blackman llllllldlll. Nt .lennifer Ann Blarkuell Rtntttoltc Susan Hayle Blake Benn l rim llrleitttt Bleek l .txt'ttLtt: t Ill lill l limlietli llnlmliin tttnxent St Nil lx.itlirxn Xnn llorn lilnelwtittre l itqneline Ann lloxton l tetlelrtlt. Xlll Sumn l limlu-tli Bmw XX illv.tnixl'tng Xnflrew t.erl1.irt llmndt Rttlttttvtttl .1 I l :I 4 -4 ,fi V7 A 'N Mimi i 4 f -Ari I wg? .-., I ,1 A I ff w... L V, 3 fg ll . Q R sf ' S ,I fx E e TX x i 1. 4 Y -,JO lla.. 93 -gf v, Y 4 Sarah Louise Branham t'h.o'lotlcm :llc Terri Lynn Brannon Sterling Gregory Barnett Braxton Therese li. Breidenhach Sprmgtlcld W alter N ance Brice-land Rie hmond Jeffrey Clarke Brockman Ly mhhorg Gordon Patrick Brooks Adelphi. Nl ld How ard Dayid Brooks Richmond Nancy Elizabeth Brooks Richmond, IN Thomas Ward Brooks. jr. Ftortltx , Tracy Ann Brow nlee lrkortox Sandra C. Brubaker Ph1l.idelphm. l',X David Keith Bryant Richmond Gary' Michael Bryant North Grafton. Janet Elizabeth Buckner l".oit.ix William Matthew Budd Ale xand r1.1 LaYonne .lane Burger Hampton ,Ian Edith Burgess tlipron Colleen Patricia Burke Scituate. Nl.-X Leslie Susan Burke New port New N Thornton Grayes Burneltc l x nchhuri. Lee Anne SN. Bush Glouccxtcr Dayid Ferrell Butler New York. NY J uddle After on orerllme lou ro l lo, nienihfrx of rl1e'fleIdhot'ke'y' lmm,m1Iht'r1og.'rht'r flllllv Cuss the muirh. 1ft'UlhL'f'frlVtIl1l. o lhrm' nur veteran of I rihejield hor Au vrm hm in rhf' huddlv. Phulo ht' Tlf71Slt't't: , 1 Jennifer Leigh Brock NN ilmmgioo lil uid Nlathts Butler Nllillllll. MA lxuin Palritk Byers Arlington P Iii iheth Bull Cabell Ritlimonti in nrt R l amp l.1slW1lllsl0rl.NY Barbara lean I .irey NN illiginisburg it Nl irit I .irlsun Virginia Btxich iih.itI Ihiimis i ey Nlillmiiislmru u ii Nllldllt 1 hams I x nthliiiiig i ii ian Yllllllllii lflexith sun l lh lpple lll.ill1L'. KS ins Vliirli Xlex.iiidi'i.i ii i X Vlark Ritliuiunil ni i Mini lose N 1eliI1.i ll 1 i' N .rullilil lltzitli . ri iignu-ll Xtliriuloii ., 1 5' W lli 1 ul lirl I iplitrf iili lx li ii limi .imler N X lltuitli ith varying expressions of energy, three superdan- cers help raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. At left, a weary Doug Rohrer catches some Z's during the two hour break between 4:00 and 6:00 a.m. while Todd Hultman waltzes off with a Superdance trophy. At right, a tired but still spirited Dave Safon shows off some hot new dance steps in the Campus Cen- ter Ballroom. When it was all over, superdancers had raised over S10,000. Photo by: Paul Paiewonsky fr l when Nw iiiuliuli. I ,Q -A11 ight Img.- lf I' 'lux x """wu T ix! M Nr 'W Michael Scott Complun Xlc mimi' 1 Melissa llorolhy Vunnosr Nlx Cl ND "'x - A Thomas Prim-r fool. Y llizmuIAynnl'nrdm1mu 1 Christopher llcrniw Vnstlry RM nik Mlrim-nm' Nlurggaulll wx NX wr - t....' Nlury I lllljjlltllllrf mh I 4 Q lI1ulmnlHrrlu l mln-- N VJ 1 I ' 'DJ Xl.11v.cv4,l-. w ' mm , v . LA V. ...A- im .F Susan Lindsey Cousins NN Kz1llmnm'.Ium-lmn-rl l mmm X1 U NI. I.nir1-nl lllllllllgjlllllll Rithniontl I 1lIlI'1II hristinet IINIIIHAIII lloslon. Xl X 'N ,' . N r .3 llnriive It-e Dunn-I Riehinontl . , Nliiry ,I1iIlt:Il1llIIt'l Siillolls I.isa1 I.t.'k'Il1llIll'lN Xilington Philip Xnthony Dtiyi X1.iss.itycqti.i, NN 5 - . Misun l.ynn Dzuis XI iIli.inisl1urg John l'pshur Dennis Norlolls Diunt' ,leunllt.'ttt- Dt-smontl XX .irienlon K. Darhy Dickerson XNxoinissii1g.l"X Sheila Rt-nue Diggs l .ny rcnccy :Ile knm-nmrie DiNnrdo ll1ixi1i.ii'kct Crab I'layton,l.Dingn1an XX illmtiishtiig Nlartha Ann Dixon l.xnehhui'g f' ' ' Kathleen 'Xnn Doherty Nl.iss.1peqn.i. NY Sharon Linda Doherty Ilopcyyell John joseph Donohue Iniirlltx Thomas Henry Douglas Ilitlcll Q-- --A I 'W Izyrry' Fritl.1y', thc Fl.1t H.1t ltilltltjxl on the steps ot tht- tlorm. You pielgt-tl it UP. looltctl lor .1 D . "personal" pt-rson.1l. Sc.1rchctllior stromlwoli coupons, gl.1nce1l .1t L 'k the hedtllincs .mtl rc.1tl 1, e the Q.1l'IlJtJIl. But wlicthcr you Il.1LI time to l'L'.ltl .1ny' or .1ll ofthe 0 0 0 Fl.1t Hat, nc.1rly' every one looliul .II the cartoon, Ut1X'i't-tim-stl.1y' nights, you uyultl limuli UP Um Oltl Dominion st-tontl floor .mtl sec Tim Cross' stutly' l.1mp burning lwrightly. Tim, .1 senior Government n1.1ior, was one ot' the k.iI'flll7I'lISI5 for the Fl.1t I-I.1t, .mtl XX'tr.lr1cstl.1y' nights were tlc.1tllinc nights for him. "lt t.1kus .1 lot more time th.1n yonkl think," Cross stiitl. "First yt wuyt- got to tome up with.1tl1t-int-.tntltl1tri1.1w.iy to express th.1t tliurma Aliturtliis I sl4cttl1.1lL-xx'tri.1ls.1ntl thtrn yyorlt with tht' lm.1ltlr.1wing." MNo one rtnliztrs thc time it I.ll'iL'S. The tlmwing prof il tt-ss t,1lttfs .1lwout thrt-1' hours, hut tht- thcnit- mn t.1lsc tort'1't'r " Tim toinint-nttwl th.1t ht-'tl like to In-toim' .1 politit.1l t.1rtooi1istv.'l1t'n lit-gr.1tltt.1tt's, Hxxilllhllll .mtl Bl.1t1'l1.1s.1lru.1tly' protltitutl two lint' pof I l1I1t.1l k.ll'ItJtlIllNlN lltruh ll.1x nit' from the lffmtzlfft 6.1111- ffu' fr.'u".'.:.'. .intl Mil-Qt' blvnltins who works with tht, f71.1'.'4'7.' "..' l1n'ftv'fH'1tt 4 link s.1i.l th.1t tht' tiitltL' st.1,uu ol' his t .trtoons xx'.1s tht tooulittst t1.trt,l1t1tht-.lot-sl1.1y't'.1rcI11t'tly' lorthnti 'l Qtr lll.illX itltpis hx ltuupiiilu my L'.lI'N open - lots ol 'wird-1 tt miiiith " lint, ot .,oi:i'stt with Xhllllldlll .intl DI.lI'X ht-ing .1 rt-l.i- " 1 init-r pltttp tht' Lisle xx.1s still tlitlitult 'l':ist.ti:iiwis is.1l'totir .1slivt'ly'.ts.1 llurrvf omoconf , I iiziitii:t'-'l1t1'1 W- ll..'r'fI5t.11tr't 'll VN X. fi 4? ,C v , v if ll .ii 5 . sr, V . F I. Matthew KI llmsdy l.x mlthntg Runnie Al. Dunning Nlztllt-It11.m ,lellrey Nl. lluyun Smtttvltl Nlark NN. lluyun l .tl?'T.1W. Ellen Eileen Dully XNil.tPUl1N Nlll Nlarie l.. llullughan 4 lit-N.tgw.1Iw Rhonda K. Dye L ptun. KN Michele-Anne Allegra Hn- Xrlnngt Gisele f. Echalar .-Xrlmgtun John Barton Edmunds Roanoke Carol Ann lipling Salem Allison Yail Farwell .-XIcx.tm1r1.1 Martha Lynn Feathers Hnrnptun Kimberlw Ann Fiers .-'xrlingtun Dfbble lf. l"iIIt'rt'!' Nlttrkixxtx x 4. r 1 , H F i 4 , V V Frm ' Kirsten Ann Fedeua Sprmgticld K Q- l Jem. Fish r..trf.n S li: l Q' f . W r f e a a a a a a aata at A i in M A , Y, ,. 5 Agdwlet me assuregou that dwingply ,ii -' 3 a m1t11SlrHT10n.'fhe .A.wdI be a strung and 4 Q J 7 J Cfliethve Student government... as soon ag 3'3ii'.5sT.,I1 :a',.,z'. 7:' we cm and soneom who wants to lieth il, Ai ,ml 1 -, 'fl IV '- I 4 4-11" 4' W It -1' XX K xt ll it N , XX Y 1 S f , ' i " l ll' , 1 r x jf, .1 1 ' , W! i I ,Y . A .,..,',.l!M'vqiE4 'W I f' K-. .. U .tg vxlxxqxx fx, ' I if Tv3f1.E::? W tk ' ' g m ij ly. ,,... , , . , . - ,. x xQ x it ,,.,, , .....V.. """"" ,. "-'f-4-11-QQNEQI-'QQ an ' ......4'.4-ul a ' ,"e!alxEllh'L!H-I .,Df:'?L,IQ 3-Z.. V " ff? ar tt- X7 t 'ZA if 4 .1 QQ' V1 X Lucretia Hestun Durrctt,t 1 X UH SN Q: ,X '15 '- K iw, gg, 4-A , N ,- 'ix' ' 9, 5 3' -. -.wt - -. " 4, F BN., 'Hr -a 112'ff.. J V , 4 .:: ,-12:-., H N ff if 'r Hx Y . :L " ' 4 V. 'A ,a .pq , . xi Nl .F Q-fa. '54-H5 J' 3- x ..4 . '!4E'5i ,4 - Q J L5 '. " v . . - F L . iv . x ,- I 14' ,Q :A wb . APN: 'D s L : ' ' u- - . 5: . Ji' -I' t 1 . 5, I' A W ,.' 'Q V s ,X-V' ' . , -. I . A N ml: X.: ' , '. -,-1i- L- " F . , , 'vp --4. .' '.. -' '. , -, x 1 1 4 - A n - ' .Tn " 1 Q' 'f , " 2 K ' . , gm. . A - QQ. - X 1, ' Zi " ffl " C ' Q--,A gg' . .' '- '- - ., -'ni , XT' ,,,'. 4 . -, - -'J ' . , f Q -. 1 , ': V A '33 .-up ' ' . 1 Y , -F gap, . '. - -" -,zu 5, ,, - -' . .,-,Q 1 ff- -' 2 ' Lf, 'vas 'J -' g I ' I -2 Jil .V .UL i.. 'U-K 31. Q I. 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I -?L'y"i-,iff :A :Lf J 'J I 'QI lg A lr -4 A ' ' np. c .tfjia ' Lame Nm r:, essert Direftor of Residence Hall Life, Chuck Luniburdu. receives a little help from the furry' clean up umm after Della Gammak pie-throwing curirusl lim Wilson, Fla! Hai editor and pie rhruwing mnrn, looks on with amusement. Pham bv T, Swag N 1 ! karen lucy Nici :mic .Xl ll. Nl Robert ill. l anci l'hcN.npc.xkc Ht-njainiri Houghton lilllglllilld lqrllxt huieli WN illiam hlcnn Lanham Vulpcpei l'lllHl!l'lllB.l.1ll'll' tv.ntler1L'1lx. NY l eslie laulemlagcr :XlCX.tlltlll.l Nliriam fonway Lawrence XX imliexlcr Nlargaretlc N . Ieilo: lf Pioi idencc. Rl Ellen Louise lewis Hnmplon Stephanie llouise Leyland llnmpton Diane Rose Limm l .rne.1xtcr. PA Kelley Nlichelle l.indes Chuichx rllc. MIB .Ieanne Nlichelle Lindner flll1fl0llCSXlllC Todd Theodore Lindslep Penn N .1n. NY Carla Ann Limille VN lllILllllSl'VLll'll Gregory Thomas Lofasale Doi lextoxsn. 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MD Catherine Berwind Ondis Pittshurgh. P.-X Barry J. Ota South Windsor, Cl' x i X W kv x ' Siltia Cristina Otto PortNN.ish1ngton,NY ,V Brandon Gerald Ow en Nlidlothian " Robert Gerard Owens Hampton ' ,fi , Deborah Ann Packman Ruckx ille Ctr. NY i Jeffrey Neil Palmer Woodbridge Joan Nlarie Palmer Nlclean f 1 X -A 4 . ti, ,Q Ampersand ontiay through Friday from tour until six, sountis of drums and synthesize-rs tlritit up through Unit L, Behind the door ofa small room in the unit's hasement are three musicians who are practicing. The drummer sits barefoot at his drum set, sounding ULII a heat. the hassist concentrates intently on his thortl changes, anti the leati vocalist rehearses the song, "Talk- ing, Talking." This three-man hand is tailed Ampersanti. anti its memhers int lutie Tom Davis, leatl votals anti keyhoattls. Ti tin Rowland, bass anti hack-up votalsg anti Greg Yoltz. tlrtims, Ampersantl was tiormeil last Ottoher when a New . , H -irk hand. itttimmrl.1lL'.Lalleti Davis, aseniimanti asketl him it he was inreresteti in performing with them at a sitiwk at the C ampus 6 enter in Noveinlwer. Davis usetl swine ot the material he hati written over the past two 'stars llixis appriiatlieti Rowlanti, who was working L FQ1-rs 91 1'- Q 33. 5 l 5. :LM fvv- fv f 1 4 Q.. , ,1 A Guy Keyin Palmes Arlington Cynthia Ann Paolillo Nolsomis. I ls Elizabeth Heath Parker Springtield Susan Louise Pasteris lnttstturigh. l' X Joseph G. Pasture Rest--n Nlichael H. Patrick lftilltzs. IX Suzanne Ruth Pattee I-tnrtltx Mason A. Peay Virginia Beath Michael Arthur Pemberton Richmond Linwood Hagan Pendleton NK illiarnsbtirg Penni 0. Pennington Waverly Monica C. Perry Pauling. NY Eric Dayid Peterson James Howard Peterson l mon Bridge. N David Larcomb Petree Cole, I PH Dwayne Kevin Petty Highland Springs Harris Joseph Pezzella Virginia Beaeh Sharon Kay Philpott Salem Pamela J. Piscatelli Holmdel. Nl Henry G. Plaster Bethesda. XID R. . -I Jessica L. Pollard Portland. Nile ' ' , ,v Emma Jane Pope Petersburg Virginia Louise Porter Vienna ' Katherine Elizabeth Powell N icnntt J .f N. Lastfall, the Campus Center ballroom rocked to the innovative sounds oflndoor Life, from New York. and Ampersand, a band comprised of William and .llarv Students. Here, Tom Davis and Ampersand open for Indoor Life. Photo by T. Steeg with him on a Godspell production at the time. and sophomore Gregg Voltz, and Ampersand was born. About the origin ofthe band's name, Davis said, "A three syllable name is good in a band. and l wanted the band to be at first called And. So, then it became Ampersandf' All three members hatl been involved with other bands in the past. Davis, a musicfcomputer st'ient'e ma- jor, has played piano for lo years, has written pieces for Orchesis, anti was very' much interested in t lassital musit' in high school. "I never got into any' pop musit until l came here." Davis stated. Rowland, a psvchreligion fIlL110I','L'tlyK'lfll.llW.lIltl in high school that performed ti lot olioriginal materittl "l even played at my' own senior prom - my' date tlitln't appreciate that much," said Rowlantl. Voltf .tlso plaxetl in bands throughout hittzh school. He tites Mit lttw I ot the Grateful Dead anti Charlie Watts til' tht- litilliriig Stones as big influences on him, So, then what kind ot' music does Ampt-rs.intl plat f Davis describes it as progressive, original st iuntl. et lt-te tic and minimal." Citing the all-svnthesift-r lxtiitl Kraftwerk as an intluente behind the h.1nd's tttuslt. Am- persand tries to put all original songs into their sets Davis stated. "We do play' .1 touple covers, but thttv .ire so obsture no one ever retogruzes them." ln addition to playing .it XY' .ind Mart and .it l'Y.t. they' have also perliormetl in nighttlubs in Rithniontl Such as Rokitz .intl Goin' I' "Wiel1.1y'ett'tpl.1yt-ti .tt .1liftlIy'L't,l'iUtyK'L"I'e'WHI'lilItAtJUI1 it lsvotilti love to plat on campus like that," stated Yoltz "XX' .t Ixtnti ti-its not ntalte monev .tt niglittlubs. llIS.1l tinglitt lttbs uht rt hands develop," s.ittl Davis "l5or gigs .it tht- tr.t:s .it Q ., dantes. we toultl m.tlte Sbllll to - ltllltl. rtztzzrtt ut ' v .. - - X oltz .-Xt Ltoin, tse teut'tt1ritgoiu.'t tat". ' to plat: Ilut the plavirig is itnpt 1rt.tnt Future plans tor the Ixint I ttitluttt tt sometime in tht- nt-xt sis Iltttttllts "XX t 'tt Iutlqt-rs - it s .t lyositiess xetittzrt tht w -1 olt on their intonit' taxes. s. t t , , titlllmis xtt protlutetl demo tape, lint prune' .1 1 f r niylhttlub is so niuth better' tt it t , -il 1 lracie S. Prillainan tolllnsx tllc Sean Prosser Sterling .Iill knne l'ryor l tlcts. l',X ylelanie Pugh XX .tstnngl-ln. D L' Lydia Rose Pulley tnccnx illc. Sl' llarbara Louise Quinn ltiookx alle. NN Colleen Nlarea Quinn Lorton Nloira 'Xnne Rallerty lnettt lnills James Streeter Ramsay fXlcx.tntil'l.1 lhomas ,lull Rapp NN ey ci s thy e Kenneth Francesco Rapuano Lorton Janet Lynn Reed I ynchburg .lanice Samuelle Reuben Sumter. SL' Kimberly Ann Rhodes Reston Dana Lynne Rice Hampton Karen Renee Richardson Ric bmoncl Oscar Smith Rickman. Jr. Sundston Soh Yeong Ro Seoul, Korea Darryl Robinson Willmnisbtirg Kristen Patricia Roby Sin1sbury.C'li Colleen Tylarie Roche Wooster. OH X alerie ,lean Roeder Campbell Hull. NY ,lulia Nl. Rosche Williunisburg Carol Ann Rousseau Alexandria Roger Charles Roy . .lr. l'iQlll'liLlX Blair S. Rucks Vienna Wendy Susan Rudolph Muncie. IN Linda Johnson Salisbury Willntrnsbtirg Daniel Shawn Scerbo Syosset. NY Susan Julia Scharpf Portsmouth Gretchen -X. Schmidt Ny illntnisburg Lisa Lynn Schmitt N'1rg1n1.iBe4ich Gregory S. Schneider llumpton ylicbael Alan Schonfeld l'hes.ipe.tkc Nlonique Leigh Schoonmaker Norfolk Jo- Anne Schueller Ki.nthcrsbt1rg. Nlll Robert Dean Scott Pelican lsluntl. Nl Ann ll. Searle l'l.tlh. Nll ilobn Scott Sepple Sterling yen Nl, Seryitlio lilcnxyuotll.ind1ng.NY .lanell Xgncs Sewell S.1n nXnIonlo, IX 'Nlehul S. Shah ll.nnpton Xrtlnn' X inccnt Shaheen Rlillllltttlxl yy R.nnlaIISlmner1m tnorisxulle N113 ylniria l limlwetli Shapiro l .n1t.1x 'ylelintla llare Slielor Stn.nt ll. .Inst-ph Sberrick 4 .nwn .lohn N . Shih S +r,tsnt.i, ll Some M issy Z iggv I0 wee Paieu v D ,Imce falherine lerhune West Nltlloid, NJ Xnitu laiilii Strzitipeiiic-ks lallst hutch lliaiui Lynn Street xl.ll1llllN,NY Laura 'lllison Stringer .Xtl.iiit.i. Lid l' ric keith Slruhinger Nliiiiiiii lfl. lhonias Dean Suintnerxille llimden. NJ cheryl Lynn Sullerlield l'oi'ning. NY Carla Elaine lademy lxiirfiix Laura I-llizahi.-th Tanner Bois ie. N115 Nancy ,lop Taylor Yiiginm Beach 1 Lisa Suzanne Thacker Madison Heights Nlark Alfred Thalhimer Alexandria W NEWSFLASH ,.. NEWSFLASH ... NEWS- 'N FLASH. Dateline, Wlilliamsburg, Feb 22, 198-4. Sel- chow and Richter, makers of the popular "Trivial Pur- suit." today unveiled .1 new edition of the game. Having recently put out the "Teen" edition, as well as the "Sports" and "Genius" edition, the company has decided to deversify and move into more obscure and less-lcnown areas. With this in mind. the company has decided to put out. yeah. you guessed it, a "William and Marv" edition 4rumor has it that the makers wanted to call the game 'Tribe'al Pursuit. Ahemm Seeing as how this edition could well sweep the country in much the same way as Cabbage Patch dolls and Pet Rocks, we at the Erlw de- cided to run a quick refresher course on Bill ae Mary trivia so that you can amaze your friends and beat them as well. So, here goes . , . Q: XVhat residence hall houses the greatest number of students? Cmon you trivia fans! You all should know this? lt's DuPont Hall, with 2'2 students. Landrum Hall, with 229 is the largest upperclass dorm, Q: What residence hall houses the least number of students? You may not l-tnow this one, but according to Resi- dence Hall Life, since the Hoke Cottage garage is consid- ered a separate dorm, the one graduate student living there has the distinction of being the only resident in the smallest dorm, For the smallest undergraduate dorm, N, Lambert House, with .1 whopping five residents, takes the prize. Q: W'hat residence hall is the oldest on campus! This one is a little tricky. The oldest dorm on campus used to be Tyler i both A and B1 having opened as a men's dorm in 1916, however, the dorm is no longer being used as a residence but rather as offices. So, the next oldest dorm on campus is.lefferson Hall, d.YVOl'l'lCI11S dorm con- structed in 112.2lll1lJXYL'VL'I',Il1.1IlSI1'I1l'1 use either. There- fore, the distinction ofcurrent oldest dormitory belongs to Monroe Hall. built in 1921. Q. What dorms are the newest on campus! This is sort of .1 trick question. Most students know that the Randolph residences were the most recently 13111311118 1 lyiiiiirs 1 x 1' Q' A v- ' ' il , U K li I . Us 'L completed forms, but the Delta Gamma House was the most recent acquisition of the college, having been ac- quired last year. Q: What dorms are the most sought after, come lottery time! Cabell apartments, in the Randolph area were the first taken in last year's lottery, with the Lodges, Old Domin- ion, Chandler, and the Road houses all close behind. All right, that's enough of residence halls, on to more trivial matters. On to that wonderful institution, the Greel-1 social organization and their more trivial aspects . . . A Q: W'hat sorority is the oldest on campus? The Chi Omega sorority, chartered in August of 1926 gains this honor over a number of other- sororities that were chartered in September of 1920. Q: What sorority is the "youngest" one on campus? In the fall of 1981, William and Mary's thirteenth and newest sorority received charter. The sorority? Delta Gamma. Q: What sorority currently has the largest number of sisters? The Delta Delta Delta sorority, with 106 sisters cur- rently has more than any other: however. there are quite .1 few currently at quota at the moment so there are a number of sororities that have close to the same number ofsisters that Delta Delta Delta has. Q: What fraternity is the oldest on campus? This question can be answered a number of ways. The oldest social fraternity in both the College and the coun- try is the Phi Beta Kappa fraternity, begun here Decem- ber 5, 1226. W'hen it began, it was a social organization and therefore should have the title of the oldest social organization, however, through the years, it has evolved into the honorary organization it is today. Moreover, in November of 1250, the "F.H.C." society was formed, the first secret student organization in the country and the forerunner of the current crop of social organiza- tions, The current oldest fraternity that is still a social organization is the Theta Delta Chi fraternity, chartered here in 1833. Q: What frat is currently the "youngest" on campus! i . 4' i' Timothy Arnolt Thomas Sterling Hard J. Thomas NN est Point. NN NN endy Lee Thomas Pittsburgh. P.-X L Y - T Margaret Holland Thompson Richrnon l Pamela Nl. Thompson'f.ix . Raiford Hall lhompson fjihnlt-n Scott Brian Ticknor Reston Taryn Gayle-Nlarie Torre Roanoke Stephen James Town liaslchester. NH , Phil D. Tremo Lebanon. Nl 4 Zoe A. Trollope West Chester. PA Debra Paige Turner Richmond 4- - . .1 While it may seem that the Sigma Alpha Epsilon frater- nity is a recent addition to the College, they have been a part of the College for awhile and have simply been dor- mant for some years. This award goes to Psi Upsilon, who have been on campus as a colony since late 1981 but are expected to get their charter sometime this year. Q: What was the greatest number of fraternities at any one time? At the moment there are 12 chartered fraternities and one colony. This is the largest it has been for awhile, There are other interesting tidbits about the Greek organizations, such as the fact that the Rectory at St, Bedes was formerly the Phi Tau frat house and the Alumni House was formerly the Kappa Alpha house. This was before they moved on campus to the Lodges, which were the fraternity houses until 1968 when the current frat complex was completed. All right, enough of the Greeks. On to more general trivia. . . Q: Where do most of the students come from? This should be an easy question to answer since it seems that everyone is from Northern Virginia, and, as a matter of fact, the largest group of students are from Northern Virginia, Q: When was the Colleges first literary magazine published? The lY'1'lf1'an1 and Muffy Coffege Morzffyfi was first published in December of 1890. Rumor has it that the magazine quickly died out when nobody took the time to submit articles to it. Q: When was the College's first football game!! I know all you sports fans are dying to find out the answer to this one! On November ll, 1895, the college fielded a team to go against the Norfolk YMCA. The YMCA won, 16-0. The College-'s first inter-collegiate game was on November 10, l89ti. We lost that one as well, 24-0. Q: What program had the highest number of degree recipients in 1985? Business definitely leads the way with 18' people who were Business majors last year, Econ, with l52 concen- trators and Biology with l09 trail behind. At the other end ofthe scale, there was a grand total of three German majors. Q: What about average GPAs? For the fall semester, here's a breakdown ofgrades: MALES FEMALES TOTAL 2.378 2.620 2.50-4 FRESHMEN 2.-189 2.665 2.5'9 SOPHOMORES 2.650 2.825 2,'56,lUNlOR BUSINESS 2.596 2.'42 2.6'9,lUN. ARTSSQSCIENCES 2.'59 2.958 2.8'0 SENIORS BUSINESS 2.'68 2.'99 2.'85 SEN. ARTSuSC.lliNC,,I2S Pretty amazing, eh? Here are some more interesting things about the Col- lege in general, a sort of"didia know . . section. DIDJA KNOXV: That we were the first and only College to receive ii coat of arms from the College of Heralds in 1694! That we were the first College in the L'.S. to have a full faculty 1 l'29J? That we were the first College to have the elective system ofstudy? That we were the first to have the Honor system llTT9i? Tell your UVa friends about that onef That we were the first College to become .1 L'niversity 1 l-'T9l? That the current Student'Teacher ratio is l' to lf That there are currently ll students ithree full time and eight part-timei at the College that are over the age of60f That there are currently 68 students under the age ol 18" That there are currently 5 S9 full .ind p.irt-time profes- sors and instructors at the college iintluding VIMSV That the first issue of Tlvt I-'!inH.1r.ippeared on Otto- ber 3, l9l lf That the Cfifwlmf Erin, has been in existent e sint e l899f That Crim Dell has only been around sinte l'Pofi' That the third lford-Carter presidential di-b.ite xi is held at Phi Beta Kappa Hall on October til' I9 'of That the College ceasetl to exist between lHSl .ind ISHH due to lack ol funds' fljtf-I4 i i' lmiiiirs 5-45 Rayna Lee lurner Rutlnnond Xnn l eslie luttle ltx tngton X ida Nlariel gineius l lCklCllCl'sNlWlllg Nlary Ruth l hrig t haste: Scott lltrop Rtelnnond Douglas R. l ptlegrox e Rte hmutttl l-Qlizaheth llrne l ll X icnna Simonne N alenti l'.tlls Chttteh Diana K. N an de Kamp Ultit9icc11u1tl1.t'l Anita Louise X an 'limmeren X orlttou n Lisa Renee Vaughan lltllltslst Christine Nlarie N illa Stony Point. NY Amelie Lucy Non Ludwig liront Royal Kristen E. Wagner Seattle. WA Christoph Walker Reston Jonathan Carl Wallace Sprlnglicld Nlaryellen Walsh Nlclean Rebecca Jeanne Ward San Diego. CI-X fraig J. Watt .-Xnnantialc Nlartha Frances W eay er Sttffollx Daniel Nl. W eher fXshhurn liyelyn L. Westbrook Richmond Janet Patricia W haley Herndon I-Ilizaheth Lester White Nleehanicsx illc Roy Stuart Whitehurst Vienna James Nlarshall Whitney. Jr. :Xrhngton Phillip Hiram Wiggins Suotch Plains. NJ Rodney Turner Willett YlTglllltlBC1lCll Gary John Williams Vienna Steyen Robert Williams W inter Sprgs.. L l. L. Lindsey Willis,-X Carrie l-ly ans Wilson L'oloni.tI Heights Karen Anne Wilson C'lc.tru.tter. l L Laura Beth Wilson Chester. NJ Wendy Paige Wilson Hampton Sharon Patricia Winn Vienna Nlary Llilaheth Wiseman ID.tnx ills lrayis Harry Witt lltltldleston Nlaryt-llenWogIom Ruston Tracy Lynne Wolf l.tmp.t, l l. .lames R. Wolfe W IllI.llllNl'lll'Q Kathryn ll. Woodeoclt W illmtnslytitu Julie lleth Woodrlnig lfmnx tllt' HH l l1t'istitl.tllayyiillritglll llalrl ily Mailllt1.llnthWrnght llltllxtll' NX lu-lls l-. W right llIlUllll.1ll,llll ll' tnttm leapatits Ne twtt Nt".-. X muy Ntt-ten N entts lltnxtllt' ...A l VX I-ui 1-94 ff!! X 33' C aan? Eun Yung Xi Sp: mglkld James Otis Ynung. Jr. K, larlwx ullc Sharon Ruth Young Robert Nuone Zaza .'xl'lll'1glUlW Maria Milagrus Zwick lhhlgx cn ,fih F , - 'T 4 in-1: . 4-'. '-1 ,mf 'cb 1' dl .,- .f ' - 4 -,. ,, , , - .., ,. ,,f', sf- "' f' 'nr J ,L ,4-K nowy Snack A winrer storm slrufk Willmrmhurg surl- denly in earlv February' dflff a pvriful af unseasonably warm weather. Less :han an inch of snow avfumuluted, and it nwlml quickly. Here, Fran Weaver, lK'Ulht'fIHe' Gwaltney. and Clvde lake advantage qfrhr only snowfall of the season. Phnm hv I. 1 Steeg - Q ' u s vnnl I nth Xlxlns uns it lllllf 1 L is x L n Nlilton Xldrulgc N ul tl thtllt lnm Xmas 1 r e ulopt lune Xndt rson N umm Bu sin I X dcrson N L 1Bc 1 Jaxid Brent krrnistead Nleclmruc 1 - Sheila Ann Arries llcrndt n .anetNlichele Artinan Lhgul IIC ul ' Julie Kathryn Atkinson loitsnioulh 'xdLllllBt.'IIlxCI'lAU1'l Puicellx :llc Jeanette Nl. Baer Newport News Patricia Nlaria Baker lfrunlslm Ramona Leigh Balilcs Stuart Constance Slarie Bane L'hristl.insburg Karen E. Barclay Huntsxille. .-Xl, Susan Gwynn Barco Virginia Beach Rebecca Louise Barnes Franklin Robert Alfred Barnes Roanoke Allan Garrett Bartolich Prince George Dawid Gerald Bass Richmond Roh Woods Bass Little Rock. AR Robert Charles Basis Reston Anne Theresa Beck Rocl-tville. MD Elizabeth Franke Bell l's1lleen.lX Pamela Theresa Beltran l.y nchburg Alice Miner Bengtsnn Wyoming. PA l.eah Elizabeth Bennett Auburn. AL Dawid Reginald Benton l-'runlslm Ramona Marie Biliunas Vienna fatherine Anne Bireley Vlillmrnsburg Jane Nlarie Birschhach Bethesda. NID Pamela Ann Bitto White Post James I-llbert Blackwell Marshall .Anne l-Q. Blanchard Palmy ru. NJ Andrew R. Block Burke Carey Stuart Body XYllllllllt.IllWll.l,L1 Grace lillen Boland fXnn.tnd.tle Iennifer Quinhy Bond Winter Paris. l-I Nlelinda .lean Bond Richmond llaxid Troy Boroughs Quinton ,Iaincs lflton Boswell Billings, 'Vll Sarah lrances Bottoms New X orlc, NX Susan Nlorrum lltmell 'N4iss,ixs,nlux Rexonrla Pape Bowers Iktlcs ille- Nlury l ynn Bowles Roclsx Nlount Nlari Ruth Bowman X ienrm Nlary Xnn Boyd Xrlmuton N- 3 Yi' trim' tru s Boyes-Cahn 9- T' Mary Christine Moyes Bedl' wrd ' ry Boyle Nl lion. 1 Richard Blake Bridges xl.lllCll. , 1' Cna Frances Brien Ninn. .. Douglasi YN right Brinkley l t Nil M. ' 'Z I ' I: . . , I ler 1 Dl : I, I -f ,N 5' v E.N1arie Bradsher Wlll1.lnixhur'g 1 ' 1 l X W X z .N 1795773 X ov wn J I 1 3 H l A IJ pq llifllllsllllal ' - , Sabrina Elizabeth Brinkley CheN.1pe.1lcc -3' ' Ronnie Kris Britton Chexrtpenke - ' Ann Marie Brosnahan lrallx Church ' i Ann Caroline Brown Tequexta. Fl, Cheryl Ann Brown Chempenke Leslie Allyson Brown Richmond V Tanya Yolanda Brow n Culpeper Rebecca Lee Browning Olney. N113 James Graham Brubaker Way ne. Nl Elizabeth B. Burger Camden. SC Bonnie Aldine Burnette New hurgh. N Y Richard Edmond Burns Furmingx ille. NY l Elizabeth Ann Burr Amherxl. NY Joyce Elizabeth Burson APU. NY Sherry Lynn Bushong Timherx ille 5 i ,129 Beth Ann Butler Roanoke Terry Don Buyer Orange 1 David Howard Cahn ' ,,,,..f-5. f-' FQ. i1'1'o1' Mi1'1'o1'. . . Sunny skies are reflected in Richard A mhlerk shudm as hexoakx in Ihe xun at Hrvun C 'nurtrurd Hn' 1 hourl- ,vard was a popular spur-for I-'fisher and l ullrvboll on warm dau. Photo bl' P. l'u1z'won,xki' l l i 1 I ,Im kmlcy t arol tialhoun, ti X llaiid ll. Callalizin Ncxxlu1lgl1,NN lxathlccn Nl. Calpin Nlltiitllillillt Xmy lxlilahcth Campbell Xlcxamlim Xngcla kay Camphcll Rcxlon Patrick tl. Cannon N1igliil.illc.icli William Nlaxic Caplan Nun port Nun N , Cathlccn Ann Caputo Belmont. MX t na llarrict Carcn XX itxlnnglon lbcpol. Cl Ruhcn Antonio Caropresso llaix niarlwl llc-idi Nlaric-Hu.-atricc Carr Nlaiiiaxmx Richard Carter l-mul 1 Susan Nlaric Cass ly nchburg Angela E. Castle Hcnipxtcaul. NY Sara N. Cccil N1cntlhan1,N.l Margaret Delores Chandler Mclcxin Scott Thacker Chapin Richmond John E. Chapman tilouccxtcr .. ' 1 Jeannie Marie Chcrundolo Darien. C'I' X A Michelle Georgia Christie Williamsburg T 3 Elizabeth Hope Clancy Rcxton 7 Anita G. Clark New port Ncxu . - ' nb Kewin Patrick Clark Arlington , ' William ,lose h Clinton Vienna - , p gift. X- - xg .. . X QV S , I X No A, vs ol 'a if .,'S ate Night Dj Things get Inncly at ll'6'll'M at 2:45 a.m. Late 'li2hl IJ.J. .lim Hneck gelxfew requests and Hnds that crm a halfrluzcn rupx QfFl'Qf-fl't'dlP71'f quitedn qu' trick in his StrugQlc11g11in,vt ilecp. Photo hy 'l'. . twill .TL l lr. Z I :C i 4 MJ 'f' Q Y? .,.- v-v -Q if f K l 5, I.-.44 :E .R lLl 'NL i' T' V: nh ff' al' L Q if f s t 1 U- N, "1 .vu og Cy P W A 4 il.: 2' 1 I vs -I K.. 4 C louser-Ehrich 'Nlark Edgar Clouser Rithinontl Michael Allen Clouser Klinip llill. ll X Angela H. Cody l'1udei1.'lwlii1rg Roht-rt Cali in Coghill Nlct h.imC xx :llc hlizaheth -Xnn Colawilo N1rglni.ilic.ith Nlarlt Leonardl ole I 1glllllUUxCl'U1Hl ll Joel Wesley Collier Roanoltc C. Herald Comey Ill lgxctcr. N H Andrea Robin Connell 1.5 nthhurg Mark Damron Constantine ,l.1Cluunxlllc. ll Virginia Kaye Cook Du nifriw Colleen Doris Cooke Hergenlicld. Nj Chris S. Cornell Y41lh4illgi.NY Daniel Richard Corry liucliarcxl. Rom.ini.i Susan Renee Counies Willmnixlvuig Scott Alfred Cowal Whitehall. Pk Christopher Nl. Craig lnillx Cihuiuh Carol Lynne Creager Frederick. MD Kay-Margaret Crunk Wen Sand l..iltc. NN Catherine I.. Croswhite Hanipton Pamela Paige Cunningham Klan: llCNlCI , L' I Mona Belle C-1UCll Rn erl1tlge.N,l Richard Anthony DeI.oria Newport Nou Anne Marie Dc-tterer Wy oniiving, PA William Arthur Del an XX ullmmxhiiiu Kristie Anne Deycrit- llot Rumi, Ill Joy Dihhle Nilg1m.illt'..tli Georgejohn Dippolrl lkillx Xml. Nl ,loan 'I . Dot-rllinger Nltl tum Nlarsha Lynn llllIlIlLllNlxl l .iirmx Gretchen li. Doner Nt-it l'ri-x uit-into VX Laura Elilahelli Donohue Xi1n.itl.ilt' NlillklosephDoucette Ritlinionti Geri l.ea Douglas Nlntlltvllimn Kelly Anne Doyle Ritliriiuntl Ann 'Nlarie Drake Iiuikt- l.. Dzirhy Dreu ll.iin1ult'n S-tum Nlilfllliljlllll'llftlljl' Xli'-..wi.4'ii Nlaurut-n llt-It-n Iluhux 1 'i 'N ' Sllly 'Nlellon Dull XM xf Kl'Ylll.'llllll'Slllll1X 'ti - llelh lllt-it llunom KK hllvlll lm' li wit lkt-xllvNt1',l.f'f4 l I4p1l1lllrlii'lillV'l lxlvlli. 4 iil:".-.avi lx.nviilt-1-lilvwfli Xvl.l'li lliie'i VI Nlargaret tone I- Itlind I oogm-od. I I R1il1t'l'l ll. Fllet 'Nstlltlllx N ieki I ynn Fllix toII1n1b1.I,XIID t hantal Gabrielle l-'merxon Xlonnt N CIIIUII Xdriana X. I-,reoland Xrlington laura l ee F wans Xlexatnll l.i Roxeniary Helen-Rees Ixianx liloneutel I'I Nlarilee .lop Faass tvmml R.lPIxlN. XII Nnnel .Fallon I .txt Nelaiilwt, NX laura Fllen Fanning Rexlon l.isa Kay Ferguson Nxlaeliw, NN R. Deborah l't'llt'l'lIlillI Iioxerroon. I' X .lames Nliehael Fetters l'retIerieIwburg Ilaiid Benson Field Sprlngticld John Patrick Fielding Nlorrixtoon. NJ Resin Alan Fink Virginia Beach Jennifer NI. Finn NI.Iw.tpeqtI.1l'ar'lx, NY Lynn Page Fitzgerald New port Neo x Elizabeth ,l. Flamm Norwalk, C I' Georgia Flamporis Cherry Hill. NJ Kristine Leigh Fryer Sadbury. NIA Nlark Nlinohu Fukuda Sprlngtield lililabeth Ann Fuleher Dax axon. Nil Flizabeth Harris Fulghum xhiIlll.IHINl7LIl'g 'Iiamara Helen Funk Viarren. NJ Nlary Catherine Gair Annxtritlgilc Daxid Robert Gallagher .lr. hhi.IlN.tXX Kevin l.eRue Gentry xlL'Cl'I.tI'IlCNN 1IIe Leigh Ann GeoITroy NN IllI.tlIINl3LII'g Patricia -Xnn Geralds .AXIexar1tIr1.t Dawid Gerlitl fXnn.tntI.1Ie Lila Rani Ghatak Richmond Nlarlt D. Giantureo I'.IIIxt'ht1reb Nlary ,lean Gibson Xrlington Celt-Nte 'Nlarie Gilbertie I Jaton, li l' Sherri Annette Gisenx New port New R Polly lynn Glarlding Hn.n1eoek Scott Robert Gleason ivrcal lxtlix Peter Ihomas Glenshaxs Rexton .lohn Stone Goloen Xlempbix I N Nlary Il. Graham Xngln1.IIie.nIi XI. Desiree Green hI'II1.lIIxl.tlC Robert Dwight Greiner ftakton I lllltlllli I- dmuntl Gribben lll.ta.hNiWlII'g I .nv rente Xlphonw Grillith N' III.-trim, N I Y Il'IjlIIl.t I itton t,roweIow lront Roxal ilarril Xaiier Gugig Rwix n llCIIllIlN. NX l aiuenee ,loxeph Gnirlry -Xnn.Ind.xIc X , I'.'VLN I , I a """l .asf 3 jx .,.' Q, -B I w-. Ira' I A-v ',,g I Q V 4 . Q x 5. V I 'ri 'FP xA 'I ! ' v l' , J V ' 1:: '72:i"' ' f"A'3' , M ' ' MAI" I v fb 'X fl! fx.. !f .ASME A 'W I v. .'5 00 s g-v V I s S i.I I NI ta liharles D. Gunnoe rorewt Christina Lee Hagar Lienllllclaliulg Xllb Donna Elizabeth Hagstrand Riehnit-ntl Deobrah Lynn Haley thextei lan Nllchael Hall lxiirlttx Stephen Nlichael Hall Rnrigtinii Ken Halla Vienna Alison Leona Haller Riehnitwnd Rebecca Ann Hambright Laneaxter. l' X Sherelyn Davis Hammett Richrnt-ntl Dave Han Springfield June Ellen Harmon Wheeling, KN X Lisa Dawn Harper Clifton Paul Daniel Harrill Fairfax Archie Lee Harris Riehmund Heather Lisabeth Hearn Ciortlm .L IN Kathryn Lee Heckler Ctvetm Heat h. H William John Hefele Xlechariiux illc Hallie Margaret Henderson lnalnit-nth Anne Leigh Henley Nlqtn.1k1n-Sw.-t Anne Mary Herbst lemplc lllllx Nlll Amy J. Heth l.y nhrtmlt, NY James Jordan Hesener Ru erode. t l Andrea Marie Hill Ft Belt oir Mark T. Hissong X :anna Colleen Nlary Hogan X irginia Deborah Anne Hollen Hcrnaillw 'l.t Nl Edwin X5 right Holt N1ig1ri1.tlle.i.l Anastasia Kcrawia Homatidix NX nlli.i:nx:wi L Jill-Taylor Huhard Ramlttlpli Nl Kimberly Ann llugncy Xleyintli t.t Richard l.. Hulmr llcintlon Vharles Stormont Hunt Rltlllllillltl Nlarlt 'Nlichavl Hurley l'utwni.l. X1 ll James Patrirk Hylind llutliwtla Nl ll Donna Sutglahltumlti Rle lwniwritl .lulia.lum',lans X vu inn lla .J Pt-ter Nlurtinilnme v,1"f'.' Christinal wluriu N 't !' Nliclwlc N1l4f'lC,Ik'I'llIlll . ' - Rhonda l ynm' ,lttl l ' flntlrt-w X :mt-nt It vt ll 'X Xlltllllt loei- i we i Nnrvimr Fw - ' time v' ll.ttltlllll'.l liilfvl- Xtifl I i- ' lt i ti ,ltvzmlt l iilt limi Illia." iowa l' Karen Dann Jones Nntlolk Xndrew llnyes Kahl N neon.: tieneyiew e Kaiser N 1cnn.i llrian Douglas Kaine Sntllyuix. NIS llanid x.lX1lllNllll'00Ill Snlxci Spring. Ml! Ruth Xnita Kat! 4YilIllL'NXlllL'. lrl fheryl lillen Keenan X nginm licaeh Jody Keenan hl.lI1.isx.ix Kathleen Kelleher l .iltc Ronkon Koln.i. NY Irene lililaheth Kelly Vienna Kevin Michael Kelly lmillx Vhureh Nancy Keon Snnthtoxxn. NY Stephen Edward Kern Nlcxieo L'nx. Mexico l.ora lsahella Keshishian l,0lUI1l.lC, MD Eleanor Amanda Ketchum Belhcxtlo. MD F. Anouah Keyorkian Richmond Dayid Carlton Key Charlotte. NK' Elizabeth Nlarie Keyes yll'glI'll.l Beach Rhanna Kidwell Richmond Trudy Elizabeth Kim xyIllllll1lNl7Lll'g Dale W arner Kindregan Wilnnnglon. DH Jennifer A. King Hcndeuonx1lle.Nl' Lynn King l-'rainltlin Paul Gregory Kinley Virginia Bench Nlagon Kinzie YITgll'1l.1llCt1Cl'l Katherine Moore Kitzmann Virginian Bench Bill Klunk Powell, OH Karen Ly nn Klwae Haelxettxtoxxn. NJ Kurt Knachel Midlothian ,lohn lf. Knowles .-Xlexaindrio V7 gn v I I r I A, ll YY q it to or . " 1 . 1 , L 1.4611 x, gy I' 1 L it u n-dn., ex 5 ,v- I acle in the Shade This studrril hui it rmnle in the xhudv ox he run numde .S wcrn l ihrury' under un irrrxixlrhli' shady' ffm' during om' of I-ull'x long, hu! uflvrrmorzx. Xluzlvnls of- It'll yffuml ir rmf'xs:1ry' rn luke 11 vmojt' in flu' gruu lnjfore fllL'IllQl1l'lltit'l7lll pret- mnw1nSni'n1 Phnlo hi' IP lkzmworixkl' L... 4 x I '. ,.. 1 klf!. . A- 'auv ,V 1 .,.,, - vy.-:hu !'x,' 5- ,L X. A L J. .I ' .wk .. t 1.3.-b:l's:'pv'wx .,',p-..- A 1.-L Xa' -at f lv' vi, .. s ' - WK.: Y. J A: -Jfibwiwi , , u1Q7fH' - ...3 ol- wf l, ... - .nf 91 3' F. X. A . , -. Q L54-ktgg , 7 'Qt WW- -P .,r,g,u... R Y. kb. J' tk-ig I' h y 4 -T.E:?.3gH -,115-yi, N 'Lax' - - .V .A E K ,U 'Sara-,,:,- Q . g f f. 3'-1 'N -f .,y,.g i4N!!'k1:'.g gi ' L i 1 , Q? OIlC6llt1'k1tiOI1 The 1983 football xeasnn held many xurprixex fur Trihc enthusiasts. For rhefirxr time since 1977, 1rihefourbalI had a winning season. Herr an official rnnleniplurm u call. Phom by T. Sleeg Q , ii -J -'v 1 ,, -0 0. r" i .N Q 5 E7 x nv L X w s. 1 .I John Julius Koegl ll Slcphcnx VII5 Maryanne Knndracki Circa! I-aflx Robert William Kraus Clark, NJ Denise Ann Kruelle Alexandrla Jeffrey ,lon Krugman N1:Lc4m Kathryn Elizabeth Kuhn Ylrginia Beach Andrew J. Lal-se Nklrun Kevin A. Lake Burke Jill A. Landon I'.irr.1gu1. IN John Edgar Langan XX mum 1, il Richard P, Larrick 'Xihriglun Brad 5. Latham NN uIl1.1n1x!'urg len-sa Sharon I allann N" Flilahclh Knn I .nw ' Janet Haine Layuon l3urnt'rrvx xlldl'k'1lJUlll'l.l'l1lNlt'l1 lil1ey.rpc.xlw Kendall k1ijl'l.t'LllllklIl Rrehmond Lynn -Kun Leonard l .urtlrx Katherine Ann l.eupold Xrlrnglon Elizabeth Michelle Leyyiy Rrchrnorul Heidi Marie Leyyis :Xlcx.indr'u.r Michael Thane Lewis P.rlrny r.1 Gregory Jon Lind X rrglnm Beach Christine Michelle Lindsey Mrdlothmri Lesin Deming Liskey ll.rr'rrwr1bur'g Gail l-'east Littleton B.rItrrnore. MD Barry Gly ndon Logsdon Yrrgzinrrr Beach Anthony Gerard Lombardo l-fre. PA Dayid A. Lopez .-Xlexgrndrrgr Elizabeth Anne Loudy lirlrnnrnock .lane-tLoughlin McLean Janine Maria Lowery Virginia Bench Nathan Jacob Lucas Rincr Katherine l. MacGregor Yirgrnra Beach Donald G. Mackay Sudbury . MA Linda Ann Malone Virginia Bench Veronica Tracy Mance Lorain. UH Philip A. Mangieri Grcenu ich. CT Andrea Maria Mardones Santiago. Chile Susan Frances Marlizo Harrixburg, PA Laura Ann Martin Cox lngton Amy L. Martsolf Chairlottcxx rlle Monica Mason New Murlxct Cynthia R. Matera Woodbridge Lisa Michelle Matick Peclulull, NY Robin Jean Mattson lnxrrtlix Susan Annette Maxson Richmond Ilayid Michael Maxwell Cheyrpearke Brendan Joseph Mcfarthy McLean Ann Meredith Mcford Ylllllflld Bench Silas Xllred Mefullough lll lior1:X1r .lames Frederick Mellaniel llucltirigharii llehorah ,Io Mcllaniels Glen Burnie, MH Gabrielle Beth Mellonald Scituate. M.-X .larnes R. Mcllonnell llirlc Place. 'YY Paula Sue MeMillen t'hex.ipc.rlxc .lanrt Marie Mt'Minn Mcmphrx. 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OH l mpie Hope ith one eye looking down the barrel ofa Q2 caliber rifle to the Olympics, iunior Eric Morrison has established himselfas a dedicated student athlete. Extremely committed to his sport, as well as to his pre-med studies, Morrison, a three-year veteran of the William and Mary rifle team. has as an immediate goal becoming a member ofthe US. Olympic Rifle Team, He became fascinated with shooting while at summer camp prior to entering the eighth grade, and he ioined his high school team as an unofficial member while he was still in junior high. By the time he graduated from Lon- don High School in Maryland, he was a two-time state champion, and he set three national records in the twenty-and-under age category. When it came to selecting a college, Morrison com- mented, "I had to find a school where I could mix both riflery and academics, since. to me, education comes over shooting. William and Mary was the school." However, with this year's budget cuts, the team might not be in existence next year. He stated, "As of right now, we won't have a team next year unless we raise one-third til our budget in cash and get the other two-thirds in pledges and still we'll be operating at a bare minimum. l tan guarantee you this would not be happening if it was bas- ketball or football." Despite its facing possible dissolu' tion next fall, Morrison stated that this season was the "best year yet for the team" as the Tribe fared well against teams from VMI, L7Va, and NK. State, Over the past three years, Morrison has led the team in scoring. He has been regional champion for the past two years and has also qualified for the NLAA nationals twice. Outside of college competition, Morrison, who is among the top twenty individual shooters in the ti itintrx. has entered international rillery competitions, lie tried fll be - it s lst en .i long gi ial ol ii 'Q out forthe PAN-AM games last st mme r but lit .iid not malte the team, Loi ilting bat lt on the experientt. lit s.lliH, l tan t really get iipser about not m ilcing it sintt lslioi e best that l ever had H llie year laelore. lie titzalilit il to ' r file XX orld Ciaines. but lie did Iiiii go lit taiist try out To he was st lietliileil to attend the K Ili mp it 'liraiiiiiigl twit r in Koloratlo Springs, in order to iiirrlitr sliariwfi ' sltills ,-lt the tiitl ol lillle. Morrison will it 4- iiza' klllilli 1olistiiniiiiliosqliieele sliilfl i Lilli " manl N Olxmpit liillt ltam Naid Mor i i i ,it frames are the iiltimatt t si-rt ssi ii Il llllk' to- i- ii .i ,ie N. l, chi 7 K lll'lNllLlIlt'lull1l llylantl Xlex.nmlI1.i l'hristina lt-Ili King llL'UlgL' Nlelincla tiny lwy llopexxell Nlarianne l'. .lacks xltllllllilllll1llNL'N.N.l I heresa Curlevn ,laeohy Nlgmgtlxtpan. Nl Ellen Beth ,IalTe Sullolk Stephen Daniel .lanies Nlitltllelyurg Stephanie Angela Jayne Nlul.egtn Annette .lean Johnson Ocala. l-I Varla Kay Johnson New l nglztml. WN' Erika llianejohnaon Vienna Gail Patricia .lohnsun Nlclran Lauren Dale Johnson RlCllIlltll1Ll Tracy Ellen ,lolles Penn Valley . PA Cassandra Ruth .lones liuckingham Kellie Ly nn ,lones Vienna Mark Spencer .lones Staunton Erie Scott Joyyett Rexton Anthony J. Kanakry Catharpin Philip Samuel Kaplan Exton. PA Anita Kapur Suffollt Christa Dann Kessler xN'lllL'hCSlCl' Christopher H. 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Teschauer I lltl l.1r't' N I Carla Hay nes Thomas ttlotttestet Stephanie Kay Thompson Ittalton Anne Louise Tiesenga Pottstnouth Anne Margaret Toevwe X ttgtntn lit-,ith , Thomas 'I oler tht-s.ipe.tke J. Pitt Tomlinson. IX XR tlltnttistsmg .. Troy Allen Toth Round lltll Caroline Thomas T rost Nnshx tlle I N Pamela Turla Lltngets, NX , Kenneth DuN al Tyler t hat les lots n NK X Nlary Tucker lskurait llow ee J, . lfhenwa l'wah lttea, NX " Joseph Peter X alentino X ienna Susan Ann X an Nlljs I .itrtax Sharon Marie Yarallo ttatnht tllsi Nlll Kelly Lynn X arner Rtthntontl Jennifer Diane X eley thu. hes. I R S . t was about 5:50 when Tim Steeg started his morning, taking pictures for the Cuffl- zziaf Erlw. The Silver Spring, Maryland Senior had just begun along day behind the lens olwhis Nikon FE2. For the next three hours. Tim would spend his time photographing the dawn hours ol the campus, while other students grabbetl the last few hours ofsleep, Not every day began at 3130 .i.m., but on the average Tim spent three to four hours eath dat' photographing and processing for Xli'omen's Sports Information and the tfofftntlzf Ifrlttt. "I guess the longest day was about eight hours, But that was a really long day - all ol' tt tn the darkroom too," Tim said. "It does take away from studying, but its .i good release. lt's what I like to do," As the Photo Ftlttor for the C,ttfftr11.1f lftlttt. Tint had to cover a wide range of asstgtitnetits. .inv- thing from a lodge party to .i women's liteltl hockey game, Tim was there. Ile eyen tlttnbetl atop Barrett's tower to get .in overview shot ol the campus. "l enjoy the variety of .issignments that l get with the yearbook," tommented Tim "lt's better than lust running out .ind taking mug shots .ill ol the time." Tim said that he was looking torxsard to the book coming out .ind planned to use his published work for .i portfolio "Hopefully alter working .i tottple ot years. I can go to gradu.1te sthool in photonturn.iltstn .it the L'D1YL'I'SlIX' ot' Missouri I .un rt-.illx tttterested in sports photography .intl IRI Ioxe to work tor S.f707'fl lff11tIr.1!ttf" Ttm's parents bought his ltrst t.itner.i tor htnx during his sophomore tn tollege "I knew that most people st.trtet1 taking pit- tures tn high sthool I had .i lot or t.itt htnu up to xltl. And tatth up Tint did Xktthtn tub tt.trs ltttp was publishing mixer h.iIt ol tht's rrzt X .I , .I I'7h I L,ttfttr11.1t! 11.1 f .intl h.i.t t stahltsftt 4 ?.,:s st ts .III extelletit plittttttgraplittr tot 'ht XX- Il Sports lntorni.itton lit p.trttttt tt: But even with this ter-.i' tt: lzr' . 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Willard Bethel lllllils. MD llelana Ann Williams Salem Erie S. Williams l'pper Nhnlhoro. N113 Rimherly Ann Williamson YICIIILI Diana l-Q. Wilson llnrlsc Kathleen 'Xnn Wilson St l,oms. N10 Sarah .lean Wilson l.m'h.ttcn. Nl Susan J. Winieeki Rxehmontl lsaren t ecilia W intermute Xtr1oltl.X1lJ Xalda Nl. Witt NKXIRUIC. PX Kurt lwdoard Witlgall Nler1or1.l',X Phyllis Nl. Wolfteieh Xllttllllt lltutuh. NX Richard Nlarls Wong l.tIIs Chtneh Cmthia Nlarian W rat l entrex tlle barrel Rohert W ll Rntlnnontl l hornas Nl. W ullT Xnn.nnl.tIe 1 hristi.inr W urth l x nthlnnu lxarrn Nlarie l .ilxlonslti l t'lt.1t1wt1,Nl I ann ,lt-nn lain lftelllllttlltl lefl ll. loller Ne'IItt.1 l .tIIs. NN ' l' s' rt.. I1 ve' 'XG A rv 1 7' E' 1 , 4 ,1- vi ,- 1 . ul I 'J lg I m"X O f ,J ce -ll t I a ..-f x .A 'S A H I H n l 44 1 5 . sf, e ' I I t ' l H 60 r u .5 ws lileanor l.. 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Mars Beth 'Nos rs-U XX lll W- N I Morrsx, ljrxan Nelson Morr1s,R-than Rae J ln, li' Moms, Ntephen Kenh Mormon. Flrsaheth Nhaxx Mormon, lint Kenneth ll , HW Morr1son.l.unt-x Noll 'slorrnt n. Matthtvs Nhannon sl I . 1 Motrom, lane lrlnnlhtth Morrow, Rohctt Stott Q lv., s sw Morsth, Itnnlter I tnn JV- I Q Morton. lohn I loo-l, IX' s "' s1.,ft.,,., st.,.t.a...r .s wr s lWItlfIun.lllI1nlll1t Ilotnton Most't,Katllet1nt Moses, Knnlwrlt :Inn Vs Mtvses,Mnlt.ltlX.tn1 Q Mosher, lrtlret lohn 1 W M4-slntl,Mt'htlnk1 Monet, Donal-1 I rant Is Mountaln, Martha ltan Monstala, Moh.nnt-d lalo Movtatt I,lrtstn,lt1. Mo-,shra-. v.l.nt t Mo1nngo,l.nnlx Nlllton Mo1let.N.llIs Rollln fl I'X Mnelltv loft tm .N Mnlhall,M.nentvnt l'.nrnt sw. Ill Mull: n I roll.. Ilohl Mulltv.I1t.1t'o.s Rt '. not It Alnllt r loot lnl Mnlhean Mn h.n I Mark Mullnts X:o.lM.oll l"k Ill Mtnlnts Mt nts.. Xnn s Naltors, Nnlart r s ' Nalsors 'I tnlnan .sian s N.lI.ors.XX.lllt lwtstll . . Nagel I .trlaltnnt ahh Il.ttl'ar.1It:n. 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"We don't charge for children nineteen years or younger who are traveling with their par- ents." Open all year round, Holiday Inn West accepts tours and gives special group rates for tours reserving 20 or more rooms. With such ser- vice, the Holiday Inn West really does seem num- ber one in making its customers satisfied. i .. P11anowsl1i1,Brvan Chrnstnpher Pnawka. Susan Ehzabeth P1land.Ellvn Page Plland. Robert Stanlev, Ill P1ncus,Kar1Esrher Pnnltleton, Susan Frames 151' P1nzon,Marv1n F P1PC1',A1'1'1y'L 191 P1san0,Dav1djon P1scare111,Pamelajov 3111 P1tts,jonathan Harrell V1 Pnzzam, Ednbc-l1Mar1a V11 Placke, Stephen M1chael Planert, Ru1:11W111 315 Plante, Laura Kathleen Plaster, Henry Garnett 3-11 P1att,El1zabeth P 195, 515 Ple1er,,1enn1t'er Mary 111-1 Plump1s. Katnna Ellen V11 Pocta, Dav1d Prancxs Poe-,Chr1st1ne E Poffenberger. Bnenjamcs V11 Pomt, Thomas Wendell Po1r1er,jea.n-Marc Poland, Mark Wavne Polesnak. 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Susan Lynn Po1.1rreau.Cather1ne Nancy' Powell, Antoma Marte Powell, Bonme Lee Powell, Elame Catherme Powe-ll,El1zabeth Lee Powell, lna Susan 1115 Powell.,lelfrey O Powe11,johanna Powe1l,ju11a Coleman 1?-H, 119 Powell,Kather1ne Elxzabeth Powell, K1mberlvLvnn V1 Powell, Laurne Anne 315 Powell, Lmda Margaret V11 Powell, M1chaelKev1n Powell, Patrncna A Powell.R1Chard Edwardnlr Powers, Emma Lou Powers. Thomas Mxchael Poynteruludy F Prasch,V1rg1n1a Marv 151 Pratt, Anne Moore Pratt,ja.rnes Boggs 5511 Prentlss, Karen V-1 Press, Sandra Kava WH, 1150 Preston, Duane Mane 1'-1 Prev1te,A11ce Ann 1115 Pnal. Stephen Douglas Sli Pr1ce,Chr1stophcr11 Pr1ce,ja.mes Edward Pr1ce,Ylam1eson Kent Pr1ce,jo Anna Saegusa Prnllaman.Stcphan1eOv11ngs Pr1l1aman,Trat1e Snmonc 111 Prxnce. 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H35 , , STAFF jennifer Alcantara, Christine Bauman, Laura Belcher, Dabney Carr, Patty Car- roll, Carolyn Carter, Laura Champe, Dave Christensen, Susan Conn, Mark Constan- tine, Traci Edler, Pete Ferre, Sarah Friedall, Ody Granadas, jeff Grossman, Patty Hanson, jon Hartman, Carole Hartsfield, Elizabeth Heil, Beth Henry. Alison Irvin, Matt Kay, Michelle Mancini, Lisa Maruca, Doug Mudd, Wendy Neuman, Mary Kay Phelps, Johanna Po- well, jessica Pollard, Dianna Roberts, Anne Salsbury, Dennis Shea, Susan Singley, Mike Sturm, Monica Tetslaff,,Ion Thomas, Leticia Van Doorn, Donna Wade. PHOTOGRAPHERS Tim Steeg, Maryanne Kondracki, Mike Nikolich, Paul Paiewonsky, Mary lida, Debbie Packman, Leslie Barry, Richard Palmer, Karen Libucha, Liz Davis, Rodney Willett, Rich Larson, Mark Beavers, ,Ian Singeltary. ln just a few moments, I will ship off the final pages of the book, lt is difficult to believe that the task has taken so much time and energy. I have so many people to whom l owe thanks: Tim Steeg, for being a friend through four deadlines, and for all those great photographs, Susan Barco, for picking up where others never began, john Baiocco, for having helpful friends, and for putting together a very solid section, Sarah Williamson, for moral support and typing, Kim Moosha tSailor- tonguel for reworking unworkable copy, good luck next year - you poor soul, Tim johnson, for all that computer knowhow, Teresa, for making the job so much easier, you and Eddie were great, john Perry, for the once-a-week help sessions and for the trip to Hunter, Valda Witt, for putting up with lost copy and negatives, Susan Winiecki, for near perfect layouts, jewel, Mary- beth, and Dianna, for rescuing the sports section, Brent Thomas, for letting me stay in his apartment, and for his temporary role as sports edi- tor, Cathy Walsh, for listening to the greeks bitch, Howard Bos, for typ- ing above and beyond . . ., Ken Smith, Betty Kelly, Bob Knowlton, Phyllis Long, and Martin Keck, for keeping us straight, Nancy Patter- son, where it all began, ,Ienny Bea- vers, for indexing all those namesl -'I V 5. Andy Gordon, for help artistically and for beautiful Cibatliroines, Mrs, Gordon. for being .1 yyoiitlerful hostess, Matt Kay. for all that topy. and for being "the best ilanin writer", Kathy Born, for being our staff artist. .ind forthe beautiful end- sheetsg Denise Tillery. for listening to me complain. .intl ik ir .ill that typ- ing, Lynnard and Sue. tor inaking this project financially possible. .intl for being my parents, The P .intl B Club, for being great friends, Rob Anderson, for balancing my check- book and the budget, and to anyone who ever spent any time working for the book, thanks. 'illu'f'LBti1ltf',i SQ fvx 1? sQi,x l,f1l'il IU!" lim .N'Ii'z'Q. Ihr' fiurhlul 1l'lUltfL'Vilfl,ltV ul gnulmiriori. Photo hy ll Iiilii Llfl-'I llUl'ltHI liilhi llillsh with iinil NilllN for ffl: fruts rhur rii'rt'r slum' up I'lio1nIii' I blt't'U .'llitIl'l', Rum1i'RouI4'11, you liriiilli rniiilt' ll in ti ittzr book. Phorn hr U, llmwrs llflfllnlt' Nh til lllt'f nltilllilf l t flii Nilw f'Vt'illii til t li lli xiwli' In sluilrrilx ill Iliff oliver of Nn'1ii:fiit:ti.l Hilti I'rmlirii3 iilitl puhlliliiriu In lltifirrr l'ti!i.'iilniii' -i' ll .': xml!-.Ni1lt'ni, N 1 Rr'llVt'Xt nliifiil loliti l'i fn In J i:..' mil IVUFIHIIIN fu lmirlwiik loo. .mini -' 'w' i ' ri'pn'wriltilii'r Kiiirr rriiittfiin' yn, , Hlllillllxg' Nfiiirlit' Semi I'i:.'f' ll ,"i l1uII,t.iii-r llitllif lim,l.'fii' ll, " ' in Hex JJHLK tflwl J ' , , I ill lvliolfvurtililiy in fi Illtit A tiritl H hifi lily. lnlor lllni lkr.1. lin surrx toliir Xiiw.t.., ftlrtl, lil til'-ii' tmriltiri liz Ili ' iltim' In rlit X: J" ill HINIIN lit 4 PW PW 1-Q4 ml! u, . QI .1 E Ni . 'L 4'-4 " qi Y' X.. -f- u r Of' ., '- 'L I r' ' vw Q 1 ' r ' - . bio Q-K Z' , 1 A. X R, Q, -5 u x Q mg. - N . Fx 1 Q 1. L, ' 11"- Ga he Q 51' Z, 1 "VI Q . -... . .. . J.-Q., ' 14 5. -A- vitprl-A . . . --.J----Q.-. ,.,....-' Q T M " s Q' ,- ..-f off, W., -. QQ.. mfg 1-v ,9- yjn z, I 5, 5-. Vtc, , f EG' jf ltvf 1 PX. Ai?" I yu. .J i .ini Q Vi 24 'lies' 'S '51 W "" .ff .ks ., ,, 1 1 X ,ri XX Q k 'Qin KN' .1 4 Q N s k 1 ' "1f--rutwQ.qq1vw.-- . k'ji "'9?' 'U 'F -wa-H A "5-., ,pax IF' KLA Eff 1 : i-Sri ' r 1 ' .- "TYR, . 5' '- 1rY"'-' Uh :Y--'rw7.2' r-si 'FN ' '. .-g -',. ' nf H, xxx ' f . - 1, Lg ,- , QI 1' ' ,, . F, 6 4' r T Q ig 1 h il ,LN a- - f, 2 z ,fi 1 . "1 qv' ' f. .r " r-1"1gffgfnf- I Q I.. :.+wf'11nf ' 'f'f"f?g4V I A ,1"'1.142:" ' ' 5 .. 4 X I .J 'f . , ,,f r Jr' 1 4 Viigzwn M 1 . 1 'f " 1 r- 14 ,,,, 34,333 ,V 5 J , T , 'Mg LW .-ww--va... f N I I' -Q. .g,, N- if 1 5. ,. V ' 1' '-1. F ' A -is, ..--ww., k'?'f J ' ' ,.., 0 . rf v- ., """ --:tr ,tg ,. ' , .0 A 1 4 , ll? I 5 1 4 i im . ,hams 'i f 5V 1Q-- , " 7 J Q, 'X 4 7" , 'N 1. "N-...,,. . I .' W Ulf", 2 , ' 1 rp 1 .My vpn. ! -, J ' 5 fi I qv ' -c..,,.,,,, 1 W ,A 'LM 41", f 6,4 """45' . --f S ' f' ' e'., ff 1 TE-'71 f' ' .1 . 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' x l Q x 1 Y' E5 mn 'Wt' 0 'B -4-'fff X X I n . . fri, ,X -O' V . '1-fl N wwf' ' x N '-6 1 r. ,. K .A a . J' 1 Nd Qfifaykx A 1 ' ihfli 1 S 4. ' I , ff-- 6 a,,- . , n ' J I . 'i ,fx , .u m .. . s . Q lifl , l' s '.. A -.. , i , J 5 ,L 'B 9 1 -4 Al ghffjl 'NW' X 'P 4-f'f . jf -nf' Kline KV., X 1 Q - Jo N, mf 1 iix ., I .E X is W IL 'Y Wrx Y, te-., ..,'-,h, -1. .Vvi h 'nphinygjfg ?. six '-Q ' Q - Q. .JSI . . , if 3, ,- L 1 ,fs A . 3.4 , 5' W ' 1- A, 'g --1-.-lv -1.: x AY ,1 , -5 13- x-- c , ,,-, ,x1.. v i I ri 'K V rf' fa ,H 1 O I . L i s K V I 'QAN' r X 8 1 Iwi ' ' -1 ,ll I aa. ' aiiiilf ,pr--1-3 gl-.. -. , f?f'ffff5.z 4,3 - Q f r L ,f-. -- x "--"w"'--.-- A f -'v "'-'g-'- -4' 'r -' f ..--.14 -:..4-p-.4 1" , . . kk T ri - ng ' "S 0 JE :rm- mmm? 1 ff MLEE ,L-1 R I . 5+ H552 f :"W'n , :Uv ' ,,, .9 ' ei e. 4 - V.-1,-ii! ,I -UQ ' , ,zf-' -ww x vf-Hmm 'W -dum '3X'2"3i,,.' . " 'n -' '- L A . ,,,,,.,,..-i .s.w'f ,. n 2

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