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 - Class of 1959

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-f 4- -xxx-51, xgwxxw xyA'n.v1x1pS,w 'Huw xx 1-x xpxxglyx urnlwrnv pp 171 ,flllff I I If ' f' x . N f. Y . . . I , M? -gf, 3.-if-M' . X-X --. 2' -. df.-. .2 . .. , ,N.5,:fqXi'bs:-.w.-s:5iQ.V.-,W 4' H x '-5? ,- ,- -Q ,1- If Hkx ,f- A.-ff -.4-. .px -N .X N N.. w -5 -N X. f x 4 K vf. 'R .f- .Y - -N.Q.., wi- " If xt ' " L JT' '.g1l,1," ' '. ,,f.-- --- . - .. ' L - ff up:-g-g-"f"'-' . -V I v.-Y X. . , . . . v- , , W ,. , .1 Y ., 5 Wm. J. f H.:Al:3A:?:'::uJ5.w-,t 935 . 47' ffl? .fx 05, .if-"QW, 'L-I:3:- 1 ,W up c M -.P-.5 :.'.g:g4jJ1 ,,, 3159 YN ili- 'i?f . iirliz. l-K. . rj-3.f' :fav :jg is :ifii '3-:Q Ffa aaa? -.jfs 1-fax. :-:Ev 13:5- Q59 113:22 2-:-as I-1-'E 'Es' 'LH if The Eagle 1956 Dedzcatzon We are happy to dedlcate th1s volume of the Eagle to Mr Vlctor W11moth who for two years has been our sponsor and who has adv1sed us vv1th kmdness and understandmg The Semor Cla ss iv ll! C05 J ff' r. A11 fl . 1, "W K .Al 1 QI s 6 Q52 41" AWK? I I ,-,.....a Superzntendentfs Message In behalf of the faculty I would hke to express our appre c1at1on to you the Seruors of 1956 for your co operatxon dependabthty and wrlhngness to accept leadershrp ICSPOHS1 Dthttes durmg the past four years We trust that the educauon al advancement whrch you have made wh1le 1n hlgh school w1l1 serve as a foundatton upon whtch you may contmue to grow I trust that each of you w111 secure a copy of th1s school annual In future years rt w111 be a most pleasant pastrme to reread and re11ve your h1gh school expertences Iwlsh you the best of luck rn your hfe s endeavors EugeneE Luse Superrntendent Ti, it li1-1 --u-u- . ' - 1 ' 9 ' - . . . . , . - . I - 3255: 339 5 5 I 'M E E LUSE Supenntendent School Board RALPH BARNHART RENOUS ALLEN HOBART MCMILLEN ik.. EDITH DAILY MARY MILLS Secretaries - 1956 1 DORIS WHITE Secretary - 1955 f...? ,ink . M, E. V. P. C. V hr' M. SOMERHALDER Vocal Music STOTTS Speech MELIA Agriculture PITTENGER Football WHITE Band JONES Home Economics WILM OTH Commerce KITCHIN Mathematics ZACHARY Manual Training CAMPBELL English, Basketball ELY English MILLS Science Facu Zz D. R, YOUNG Social Science L. G. MCENTERFER Principal, Sixth Grade SNYDER Fifth Grade HAWES Fourth Grade MORRIS Third Grade FAUSETT Second Grade HEINTZ First Grade STEELE First Grade MELIA Kindergarten 4 v w x 44 ,. ' Mfr ,-x I' . 'fl' uf' -V 0313 j ,W .-f -1. uf. A -nl ' vw ,, W T15 F' 'ff 'Q Q Q. -1. "wif, I if qgl, , Ei Q - " 421 ,V ia: 'X 2 gf",-kfvgirv -5 'Y 1 20. H , .- .3317 W7 w 3' 7, ff?ifQ ' 'M ' Sidi-M . .4 1 VICTOR WILMOTH Sponsor MABEL ELY Sponsor CAROL LOUSCH President Pep Club 1-2-3-4g Girls' Glee Club 2-3 -4g Mixed Chorus 2- 3-4g Band 1-2-33 Kayettes 1-2: Junior Playg Senior Playg Annual Staffg Football Attendant 25 Foot- ball Queen 4g Class President 4g Trumpet Trio 2g Librarian 3-4, KAREN PALMER Vice President Girls' Glee Club 1- 2-3-4g Mixed Chorus 3-4g Pep Club 1-2-3-45 Kayettes 1-25 Cheerleader 4g Class Vice President 4g Annual Staffg Girls' State 3g Junior Playg Speech Festival 3-4, BARBARA BLACKARD Secretary -Treasurer Band 1-2 -33 Pep Club 1-2-3 -45 Girls' Glee Club 2-3-4g Junior Playg Senior Playg NHS 2-3-4g NHS Secretary 3g Class President 3g Class Secretary-Treasub er 2-4g Annual staff Secretary and Typist 4g Clarinet Trio 2-3g Clarinet Quartette 1-2, Senior Class Ufficers and Sponsors RICHARD BEAN Footba1l5 Trackg Boys' Glee Club5 Mixed Chorus 1-2-3-45 Band 1-2-35 Junior P1ay5 Senior P1ay5 Boys' State 35 "C" Club 2-3-45 Class President 25 FFA 1-25 Class Vice Presi dent 35 Boys' Quartette 1-3-45 Trombone Quar- tette 1, MARION PALMER Girls' Glee Club 1-2- 3-45 Pep Club 1-2-3- 45 Mixed Chorus 1-2- 3-45 Kayettes 1-25 Junior Play5 Annual Staffg Librarian 3-4, DICK HERD FFA5 "C" Club5 Boys' Glee Club 1-2 -3-45 Football 1-25 Basket- ball 1-3-45 Track 1- 3-45 Mixed Chorus 2-3-4. LUE RITA BAILEY Glee Club 2-3-45 Mixed Chorus 2-3-45 Band 1-2-35 Pep Club 1-2-3-45 Kayettes 1- 25 Annual Staff5 Librarian 45 Senior Play, GARY CLINE Boys' Glee Club 1-2- 3-45 Band lg Junior Play5 Mixed Chorus 1 -2-35 Boys' Quartette 2. SHIRLEY SCHOLLE Glee Club 2-3 -45 Pep Club 1-2-3-4: Kayettes 1-25 Band 1-2-35 Editor-in- Chief on Annualg Trumpet Trio 2. JERRY HEFT Footba1l5 Glee C1ub5 "C" Club5 Mixed Chorus 1-2 -3-45 FFA 1-2-35 Track 35 Senior Playg Basketball 1-25 A Cappella Choir 1- 35 Intramural Champ 3. BILL PROCTOR Boys' Glee Club 1-2- 3-45 Mixed Chorus 1- 2-3-45 FFA 1-2-3-45 Band 1-2-35 Junior Play: A Cappella Choir 3-43 Boys' Quartette 2-3-45 Speech Festival 45 Vocal Solo 3-4, PAT BRANSOM Girls' Glee Club 1-2- 3-43 Mixed Chorus 3- 45 Band 1-2-35 Pep Club 1-2 -3 -45 Kayettes lg Basketball Candidate 25 Football Attendant 35 Senior Play, DARREL BILYEU Football 2 3 4 Basket ball 1 2 4 All State Football 4 All Western Football 4 C Club 3 4 Junior Play Track 2 3 MYRNA PEPPERD Kayettes 15 Pep Club 1-2-3-45 Girls' Glee Club 1-2-3-45 Mixed Chorus 3-45 Speech Festival 4. WAYNE DALE Band 1-35 Boys' Glee Club 1-2 -3-45 Boys' Trio 45 Mixed Chorus 1-2-3-4: A Cappella Choir 4g Trombone Quartette 1, CONNIE LEMON Glee Club 1 2 3 Band 1 2 M1xedChorus 2 3 PepClub1 2 3 4 Basketball Candidate 3 Kayettes 2 INEZ. YOUNG Girls' Glee Club 1-2- 3-45 Mixed Chorus 45 Pep Club 1-2-3-45 Kayettes 1-25 NHS 2- 3-45 Annual Staff 45 Senior Playg Basketball Queen 4, GARY BOLEY Footballg Glee Club 1- 2g Basketball5 Track5 Kays 15 Speech Festival 4. 3 i t ,ff We RICHARD BAIN Glee Club 1-2 -3 -4: Mixed Chorus 4: Senior Play: Speech Festival 4. ALAN WEBER Glee Club 1-2: Speech LEON SMITH Football: Basketball: Glee Club: Mixed Chorus 1-2- 3-4: Track 2-3-4: "C" Club 2-3-4: Senior Play: Junior Play: A Cappella Choir 3-4: Trombone and Boys' Quartette 1 -2 -3 -4: Speech Festival 4: Band 1-3: Annual Staff. ALICE BENNETT Glee Club 1-2 -3 -4: Pep Club 1-2: Band 1- 4: Annual Staff. MARIE WHITELY Festival 4, DANNY BURKHALL Speech Festival 4. JIMMY DYE Band 1-3: "C" Club 4: Annual Staff 3, Foot ball Manager 4: Senior Play, fi zu ll Senzor Play i Mffrewcuts and Longhazr . QQQQ- 1 'J 119 F45 nf' :AL L . 'Ns SHARON SMITH President CLAY MORRIS Vice President ION SWISHER Secretary-Treasurer RONNIE BLACKARD an DONALD WALLACE . A ANITA WHITE "V" MAX MCINTYRE , A PATTY TRUMMEL LARRY MEYERS ROBERTA LENERTZ DALE HEFT LARRY ELLIS - A -nf Junzors RONALD WHITE SANDRA RRORHET ' A. , nM CAMPBELL A PEGGY HUCK DEWAYNE DUNBAR A A E' ELEANOR GREGG Q MAX TAYLOR ANNIE DIEMER ,, , 3, GEORGE USELMAN ,A 1" 'J L DONALD WILLIAMS ? , - DARLENE LITTLE gi A ff ROGER LOUSGH A-A EARL MCVEY I W CHARLA RICHARDSON DANA M1LLs JOE DIEMER IEANETTE KIMBERLY RICHARD EVANS MARLENE NICHOLAS 3 'Wi H-an-.... -aww v-WY wi is ,,,, 4' Y' jr' ag ag? , ,- m ', f55""-Q fa 1' Wy I' , iff ., V , . ffl ?, 'V 'K Y if , , 2 af f V , - , 5 . 5 X ' ? th ,Z fl df K' . g V ke' 2, 33, V ? 'Q I 5 i 1 I Q YM 0205 V 5 47 x -r ,--r gs Y 'E 5 5 X Eg, f r-,:Wg,,. in 1 L ' lim iw LK., X 1 ,5 ' 'rr X i 1 'K Larry Lousch President Heather Alder Vice President Carol McMillen Secretary-Treasurer Sophomores Raelene Shultz Gary Swarner Dennis Tucker Doyle Wallace Karla White Marlon White Dick Young Lester Young Ella Lording Denton Nicholson rf M' ae! Barbara Little Cora Klingengsmith Martin Jolly Mildred Bain Wanda Barnes Karen Bean Ernest Bennett Jerry Cline Jimmy Copple Larry Cox Rochelle Deewall Sharon Deewall Betty Evans Alfred Hobson Terry Huck ff . .Xav- 2 ,ff I 4 S .4 ,ik ,, . .-, fvll' --xx- W.,-, xx t A ' 7- gi , I- SN, . ". lv" 'A' Q" 5- ' . . A ' . X ' :f"-4 '-' . ' . V XX !,:,., l E. .X 1 7 , If , .5 -Q. xx ff ff 651 X .Ryu x'-in 'I f I n X . , , . . . YN xsxvq W 1 . X K X , ,.+.xw Lal, x X s H x. Y x J, ff fg' fx 'E ,I ,g 5, 'xnwg 'fgfll It ,i. X 5. Ui XX vi ,, , ' 1. Ea H. X 1, Nxt?-Wx x x . Y N K' X - fx. x . , Q Kew N ' fd? X 1- XM ,fe , lk K x J if 31 K .s - 1 x . ,W-f' uiy wf'.i4- xxx, !'l sl .3 , x . x - Ns., ., V 141 U 3 1 Gwen Burditt President Judith Lenertz Vice President Virginia Blackard Secretary -Treasurer Freshmen Lois Alexander Joe Atteberry Judith Blount Donald Bilyeu A.G. Boley Marcia Bramlett Clifford Clinesmith Billy Cox Mable Crouse Duane Deyoe Darlene Emerson James Fleming Harold Hass Barbara Hadley Linda Hilt Larry Huck llene Lee La Voe Little Ronald Lohrding Ronnie Lytle Garth McMillen James Monroe Viva Morgan Jerry Thompson David Uselman Vicki Stark Quan 45i?6 as gn? Mi Shirley Pepperd its Clydean Bibbs E h h 'H' , i 111-1 J' I D X Vice President t Jimmy Burton Secretary -Treasurer Carlyne Alder Jean Bardot Laveta Barnes James Barnhart Michael Barnhart Eddie Bennett Brenda Blackard Betty Bramlett Donald Bowman Ronald Bowman Myrna Cline Jerry Coles 'J J s . . icq I Linda Cummings J , Ross Deewall gi gg e x 'M 1 Sondra Deewall ' fl, ,J :ji c.1. Smith of J, Pierre Hobson Y V J R 1 Dennis Huck All NL 'JP' " 1' Carol Kimberly d iii' A XM 1-'E Vera Love Mike McEnterfer , o ' M V N- , B rw. 'i Y L ' ? Nik Penne Marley J Stanley Marley M R, Ruby Metzker Elizabeth Nicholson Bill Shepard F X .,-1' LW, Mm f 1 'ff -Q5 -23' "' L an Max Trummel Doris Wallace Dolores White Linnea White Virginia Herd -w-,,,,, ,rf 1 Seventh Grade Joe Brown Max Cary Beth Cline Donna Cline Joyce Coulter Linda Dale Nina Diemer Roland Dirks Elizabeth Fuller Patricia Hadley Larry Hatfield Louella Jones Doris Klingensmith James Lahar Judith Lahar Robert Lee Gary Lemon Gaye Lemon Jerry Lenertz Roger Meyers Larry Rose Billy Sanders Gary Shepard Nancy Thompson Rita Tolan Dennis Wallace Billy Wassinger Janet White Bonnie Wimmer Jimmy Allen Donnie Booth President Ralph Carthrae Vice President Kemper Campbell Secretary -Treasurer . '34 r.. ,-,L Mary Bain Wesley Bennett Bobby Bilyeu Sandra Bransom ' ' - wa I .4- .4 f R71 fe: ,, j f f ' - 1' - F wr X . 'J 3 .4 K s l 5 ,iii M - are no . A J no ve in eqK.,Z uimff, ' lis 'i J L 'C f sn" L J gf ii f .1 fs f'-',"x.f"', G sg. ff 5 if 54 l . f Q. if sf ,Q wr ff W., ., "- ' I 3? or J ' 'TW P J h u 3 M V, .J ew 2 4 'A ':e::::'.fa' K ' A 'A K mga: , ,v V ' Autographs if Sixth Grade 337 X' r F Back row, left to right: I. Richards, I. Vance, L. Little, J, Peterson, H. Monroe, M. Diemer, B. Blake, M, Atteberry, N. Barnes, A. Barnhart. Second row: P. Marley, D. McVey, L. Lytle, S. Henderson, E. Carter, D. Lousch, R. Young, L. Colter, D, Kimberly, V. Kropf, G, Wilmoth, B, Love, I. Deewall, Bottom row: W. Beeley, I. Bowman, G. Morgan, S. Brass, I. Mclntyre, R, Blount, B. Iarnagin, B. Uselman, R. Wimmer, L. Allen, C. Coople, F Wh Grade Front row, left to right: G. Hadley, M. Deewall, R. Beeley, M, Daily, K, Colter, G. Smith, D. Hilt, I. Coles, Second row: M. Alder, C, Craig, B. Cantwell, P. Lytle, P, Herd, G. Weber. Third row: M. Snyder, Teacherg M. Crouse, B. Cooper, D. Brown, L. Trummel, H. Jones. Fourth row: G. Gregg, L. Williams, M, Brass, C. Griffith. Fifth row: I. Alexander, D. Dirks, E. Stotts, L. Vierling, M. Cant- well. Fourth Grade Back row, left to right: A. Luse, M. Neukirch, H. Kropf, I. Allen, Second row: Mrs. Hawes, Teacher, I. Wimmer, D, Parcel, W. Bliss, C. Bain, J, Sanders. Third row: M. Colter, S, Stalcup, V. White, B. Buhl, S. Wasinger S. Nicholson. Fourth row: I. Booth, B. Barns, M. McCoy, S. McEnterfer, D. Barnhart, D. Alder, C. McIntyre. Fifth row: I. Cole, D. Byram, D. Krohn, D Hadley C Brass T Richardson Third Grade P '15 Back row, left to right: I. Allen, J, Wasinger, R, Wright, F, Peterson, T, Burnett. Second row: V, Morris, Teacher, I, Lahar, E, Herrington, C. Brass, L. White, L. Rathbun, Third row: L. Overocker, C, Rathbun, F, Gilchrist, S, Ludwick, S, Love, B, Alexander, S. Carrithers, I, Paul, R. Smith, R, Smith, B, Dirks, R. Deyoe, D. Butcher, D, Carter, R. Northern. Fourth row: G. Tolan, J, Kinberly, E.Boisseau, I, White, G, Mclntyre, M, Jameson, J. Davis. Second i Grade Back row, left to right: P. Schultz, M. Brown, C. Crouse, B, Fuller, J, Weber, T, Lousch, Second row: B.I. Herd, K, Hackney, M, Steele, H. Herd, T, Richardson. Third row: L. Paul, M. Vierling, S. Courson, B. Bilyeu, L, Little, G. Bramlett, G, Kirby, B, Cline, B, Barlow, C. McIntyre, J. Bowman, B, Byram, R, Emerson, Fourth row: J. Lemo W N' h n, . ic olson, L, Oller, M. Kester, H. Wright, R, Craig I J, Hecht, P, Fausett, Teacher, First Grade if 'V 5 Back row, left to right: M, Steele, D. Herd, N. Zielke, V. Snidle, J, Vance M, Burnette, C, Peterson, T, White, R. McGinness, S, Overrocker, Second row: D, Beeley, G. Wallace, T. Kettewell, T, Moores, I. Alder, B. Bird, C Timmons, J, White, B. Stark, M. Crouse, K, Ditgen, L, Schroeder, C. Wil- liams, J. Coles, K. Malone, C. Cummings, R, Pepperd, Fourth row: C. Burt, L Smith D Hadley N Dailey R, Tolan B Griffith I Colter T Mc Millan C I-lemtz M Steele Teachers N..- 'S X, -,A ,- - 4. -:S 1, . X CAROL LOUSCH 3 -M. Football Queen Y, s o ff' 4' XX ' -v P , A 'X . n sux A : Ll jf Attendants, Sandra Prophet, Judith Lenertz, Heather Alder, ff' INEZ YOUNG Attendants, Gwen Burditt, Rochelle Deewall, Anita White, James Monroe, Larry Lousch, Dick Herd, Jon Swisher, Basketball Queen gwgmm p Q I I 4-5 DEWAYNE DUNBAR, End: ROGER LOUSCH, Right End: DAYLE HEFT, Left End, EARL MCVEY, Right Halfg RICHARD EVANS, Half- backg ION SWISHER, Quarterbackg MAX MCINTYRE, Halfbackg DON WILLIAMS, Left Half, Coach, DALLAS PITTINGER, Assistant Coach, RAY KITCHIN. Lv i 1' f 4 'u iff' I r.,',1 Y .lu JI. 'I 3 X n I N 1 if X L if K 7 ,Z ,, N. ,,f 5" ',- " " pv: f 1 f f ' w"l'! X A S ---L Cf ' Q . LEAGUE STANDINGS WON LOST Coldwater ------- 7- - - - - 0 Ford ---- - - 5 - - - -2 Fowler-- --5-- --2 Ash1and-- --4-- --3 Minneola - - - - -3 - - - -4 Protection - - - - 2 - - - -5 Greensburg-- ---2-- --5 Bucklin ---- - - -0 - - - -7 '.N4 f Q73 k X, -ft K LARRY Louscu Fullback LEON srvuru, Centerg K "' RICHARD BEAN Quarterback K 'VL . I 5 ,I '1- q, fav Q l ,J f f If I 'I '44, 'if-"ia 'J' 27'-6 Coldwater 26 Coldwater 32 Coldwater 41 Coldwater 6 Coldwater 21 Coldwater 26 Coldwater 20 Coldwater 38 Coldwater 2 256 Coldwater Won 8 VS VS VS VS VS VS VS VS VS Lostl Kiowa Greensburg Bucklin Ford Fowler Ashland Medicine Minneola Protection Lodge 6 0 O 0 12 6 21 6 0 51 JERRY HEFT, Right Tackle: MAX TAYIDR, Right Tackleg DARREL BILYEU, Left Tackle, CLAY MORRIS, Left Guardg GEORGE USELMAN, Left Guardg LARRY MEYERS, Right Guard. Front row: C. Morr1s, D, Dunbar, E. McVey, L. Lousch, Coldwater Coldwater Coldwater Coldwater LEAGUE TOURNAMENT 66 Fowler DISTRICT TOURNAMENT 66 Fowler 52 Meade 53 Cimarron I " , ,1. , I 1 H, '. . ' 8 A 4. 5 4 Q px , A , , 2.5. ' . F-,,-f ' 1 V,,f - , ' zr ,M 'L S-f .. k f W W Q 4 if M 11 ,E-. 'Q ' ,fwfw M , , E' ,af LW..:f .W . 1 y ,, , 6 Y . f V fee' t f , ,.. I J., Z V ,, 4, - 2- .3 ws ,A sau" ' - - , " " uv , X A 3 , W " W Q wa My -.5 wt +152 7 "'k ww 4 ,A ,,,,+ A ir , . PS4 4 I 0 I 0 x Boys 3 Quartet Girls 9 Trio M. Nicholas D. Mills I C. McMi11en . E. Gregg 5 M. McIntyre, R, Bean, L. Smith, B. Proctor, Jr 'J-U 4 4' Pep Club L 3 Band ,fumor H Lgh Sextet Q -fn 3 ...rue-'ww X 9 59 Xu A 'P . fa 3 an Q. Q Q li .1 ,NW Z 1 ,,-W4 ,fi 3' W8 ,Q ,A 1. ' :V W V ,VUL A ii as tw lk' 'f" fx 1 V . ' NJ .. ,Q All , . . I I Q A K A ,LC ' Q M z . , ffl-'J?.'.1.1:::L ' K Y Au 1 '." 2. 1 4 - ' 5 in if .: , 3 H Q. .Q 1' 'Q ,, -fi ,. 1' ' n al 4 NX , f Eagle Staff F K4 W Q, f Junior Senior Banquet FHNrH5YLHNE Grade School M N U F ete o9 Graduating Seniors E i 5 -rv 2 COLORS: Navy and White MOTTOg You climb the Ladder Which You Build FLOWERS: Carnations CLASS HISTORY EPOCH I In September, 1952, there landed upon the shores of C,H,S, , a large number of strangers, who were seeking wisdom, Being shaken in spirit from their rough voyage upon the sea of inexperience, they were quite frightened by the three tribes already inhabiting this realm. There were the Sophomores, wild and reckless, who were always ready to jump upon the newcomers, attacking them with sarcasm and ridicule A tribe of greater power, but not so willing to afflict the strangers, was the Juniors, The chief settlers, the Seniors, who wouldn't lower themselves to the newcomers, kept themselves busy eluding the Rulers, or faculty members, and in the pursuit of knowledge just before struggles known as exams. The members of the strange group were called Freshmen, which in the language of the realm means "green, " They were thirty-four in number, and for the purpose of protection and mutual advancement, they organized and elected the following officers: Jerry Heft, presidentg Richard Bean, vice-president, Charles Caywood, secretary-treasurer, ln spite of their greenness, the new colonists made rapid progress. They obtained strong footholds in algebra, English, history, and other important obstacles of the country, The chief ruler, a kindly disposed man, by the name of E.E, Luse, soon became of much assistance in guiding the Freshmen and supplying them provisions for the mind, Incited by the daring of the higher tribes, the Freshmen, occasionally gathered for revels known as "parties" and even went so far, at intervals, as to break the rules, Without serious catastrophe they came to the end of the first epoch, Y? EPOCH II At the beglnmng of the second epoch the Freshmen advanced and took possess1on of the strongholds of the Sophomores thrs tnbe havlng advanced to the terntory formerly occupred by the Jun1ors The numbers were decreased from thrrty four to thlrty three havrng lost one member, Vrola W1throw to the wrles of the unknown The new Sophomores eager for revenge for the1r affhctrons of the prevrous year frequently harassed and annoyed the settlers of the Freshman colony but no casualtles are re corded To protect the1r Interests and lead them to greater achrevements the Sophomores elected as presrdent Rlchard Bean vxce presrdent Janet Hadley secretary treasurer Barbara Blackard Advanced strongholds of learnrng were conquered and the d1hgent Sophomores grew rn favor wrth the varrous mem bers of the faculty A specral occas1on of revelry dunng thrs penod was servrng the Jumor and Semor Banquet Rebelllons of small sxgmfrcance rose over occasronal faculty ruhngs and murmurmgs were heard because of the heavy tax rmposed on the1r m1nds by the length of lessons but they were settled by peaceful arbrtrauon So drew to an end the second epoch EPOCH III Wrth the begrnnlng of the thrrd epoch several changes were noted The vahant band who had entered as Freshmen and had conquered the lessons of the Sophomores now advanced agarnst and occupred the terrrtory of the Junlors To presrde over them as the1r cluef they elected Barbara Blackard prestdent Rrchard Bean v1ce prestdent VlCk1 Prophet secretary treasurer It was found that several members Janet Hadley Edrth and Joyce Srmpson 11m Campbell and Roscoe Jones had left the class and taken themselves to new scenes and dunes The number of members was found to be twenty s1x Important faculty members sk1lled generals rn the contests wrth Ignorance, Vrctor Wrlmoth and Glenna Davrs were elected class sponsors The epoch was charactenzed by contentxons and xnternal strrfe because many members were strugglrng for promrnence 1n the games of football basketball typlng races, and for supremacy 1n class standmgs Among the noted warrrors on the athletlc fxelds were, Rrchard Bean Leon Smrth Jerry Heft Darrel Bllyeu and D1ck Herd who won honors for the Junrors because of the1r mrght and muscle Important socral events of th1s penod were the Jumor Play, THE SKELETON WALKS and the Jumor Sen1or Prom The theme used for the Prom was Neptune s Klngdom Thus drew to a close the thtrd epoch EPOCH IV Epoch four was marked by rmportant reconstructron for the humble band who had lnvaded the Fresh man trenches three years before, now became Semors the mrghty leaders of the realm and the Inv1nc1 ble Class of 1956 The w1se and sagaclous Carol Lousch was elected presrdent other offrcers Karen Palmer vxce presrdent and Barbara Blackard secretary treasurer The Senlors numbenng twenty frve d1d greatly lmpress themselves upon the lower U'1bCS of C H S and became noted for the1r abrhty and dlhgence Especlally d1d they endear themselves to the Faculty who gave much effort rn preparrng them for the great contest of Graduatron The deserter from the class was V1ck1 Prophet who was lured rnto the outsrde world a new arnval for Commencement honors was Mane Whltely who was welcomed hearnly Great occastons were the Sen1or Play CREWCUTS AND LONGHAIRS whrch was a smash suc cess and sa1d to be the best ever Soon after th1s, the Seruor Tr1be started 1ts march to New Orleans and back through the South wh1ch after years and months of hard work was a reward entrtled to Sernors only As a part of the peace negouatrons on the1r return the Jumors prepared a Banquet and Prom rn honor of the Seruors Thus w1th the conung of Commencement the fourth epoch closes W1th the1r motto You Chmb the Ladder Wluch You Burld embazoned upon thexr shrelds and the hght of battle tn thexr eyes the mlghty warrlors of the class of 1956 gc forth to rnvade and to conquer new terrrtones tn the land beyond 1 , Q - .. ' ' 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' . . 1 1 0 1 u . 1 1 . 1 1 1 - 1 3 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 . ' . 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 . - . , . Q 1 a I - 1 . 1 g 1 ' 1 s 1 ' , s u Q 1 0 I 1 1 ' 1 1 1 Q 1 1 1 ' 1 1 0 1 ,, - . . ,, . . . . . 1 - CLASS PROPHECY FOR 1966! ! The other night I had a dream This dream took me to the year 1966 in which the Senior class of 1956 had a class reumon I d l1ke to tell you what each member of the class had been do1ng durrng th1S 10 year perrod 1n my dream Lue Rrta Barley owns her own mllhon dollar Beauty Shoppe 1n Pans France Mar1on Palmer IS a great and famous smger 1n the Metropohtan Opera D1ck Herd 1S the underpa1d water boy for the New York Yankees Barbara Blackard havrng retrred from nursmg IS the head butcher 1n a mortuary Gary Cl1ne the well known Guts IS the ch1efmov1e projector operator 1n Trmbuktu Pat Bransom has now founded a new 1nst1tute for the forgetful and scatterbra1ned Jerry I-left the now famous Brtuser Heft, 15 the champ1on wrestler of the world havmg kllled one hundred men Carol Lousch IS the head of the Old Malds Center at Lansrng B111 Proctor IS the hen pecked Casanova of the Umverse Inez Young has s1nce marned a p1lot and has 12 lrttle Jets' Leon Sm1th IS CO3ChlHg g1r1s ballet 1n lnc1nbock Alaska Ahce Bennett rs a well pa1d secretary noted for her embezzlement of the hrm s money Gary Boley IS noted for hrs outstand1ng speeches on Safe Dnvrngl Rrchard Bam has been voted the number one H111 B11ly smger for the past 10 years He g1VSS free gu1tar lessons to anyone rnterested Karen Palmer IS now an old farm gal busy ra1s1ng ch1ldren and rearrng p1gs Danny Burkhall IS st11l trymg to swap hrs red P1Ck11P for a horse to r1de 1n the Derby Sh1r1ey Scholle has been sunporung her ch1ldren for the past seven years by wlnmng the Ind1anapol1s Speedway Darrel B1lyeu' The grrls are swoomng over the All Amer1can Football Star Incrdentally he s st1l1 a bachelor Conme Lemon IS the beauuful wartress at Wrmpy s Cafeterra Alan Weber has been wash1ng test tubes 1n the C H S SCISHCC department Mane Wh1tely IS a wonderful nurse on the th1ckly populated South Pole R.1chard Bean has been playmg the role of Marlon Brando rn the mov1es smce Marlon ret1red Jrm Dye IS teachrng boys Home Ec classes at Harvard UIDVSISIIY Wayne Dale has bur1ed 50 W1V6S"' 'll 'V' "he's a mort1c1an' Myrna Pepperd is drawing the commercials for Mule Bock Beer, '-WP' . 1' 4-. .F Mjumm 72 ' 1 --J HQ ,.pv"' xx., U2 nb' P L 'lfqfl ,g . QR' If 7, 0 wi Ewa Autographs and Snaps Autographs and Snaps rv. Q-iii, x, 7- kb-.ia ----.: ,A 3 .h J., .- .... . , H V, ., V ,. .SNL-ii-fl?-..'ix,?NQ4.1x'1 -.-. 4. .nz ':8. -.fx - -- '1.'.'.Im-Sw-En: . 'f::Z'i1'Q ffhv,-2 . V ' f 'f'yf:'2v'--"Lui ':.-- -QQ ., X :qs -JS , X X ' 'x Yi: i IS: T41 F.. I .Q- ,Ma ...f '31 N K x Xx NN- x 5 .-. n-. X, X. Q: -Q. X.. 'S gt .R X it g X -R N... 2 :X X. 'S Q: Nm N C- XS w A.. N 'Q X AI: XE XX Sf 4. x... X... xx NX.. 'lf-' , ,f X Hx M ii .Q .., X f NX VBS kbs X X X Qui!-1 xg.. Xi 1 Q fi S Q ii: .Ski QMS QR X NF: .Ns

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