Colbert County High School - Chief Yearbook (Leighton, AL)

 - Class of 1950

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Colbert County High School - Chief Yearbook (Leighton, AL) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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-Z S X JZ! 454' ZFX fly? gpm ,fx ,I A ff NN Q J CI-Illff CULBEIQT 1950 . 1 - , Q , X I X , I W X N - f 1 f f It X ' A 'I il ., f ' ' Q, j, . or l I H b X li X 5 X ' X , 9 5 N-! llllru Umm iiliiiil -W We 1 J . ag- V .AEM wr 1-. if, f' 4' ' 3 , 2. , 5 1 -is MR. G. W. PERKINS Principal oftewozcl We wish to express our appreciation to the faculty and the students of Colbert County High, and to the merchants of this district, for their splendid co-opera- tion in helping us publish our yearbook of 1949-50. We welcorrie Mr. Perkins, our new principal, and Mr. Dill, our coach, who have won the appreciation of everyone for their Strong support of our Athletic Department. The Annual Staff congratulates the participants in this field with the hope that the students of this school will always strive to attain good sportman- ship and loyalty to our Alma Mater. -' ebicafion It IS cons1dered a pleasure and a PI'1V1l6g6 to dedlcate thls yearbook to a teacher who has done so much for the scholastlc standards of the school He strwed hard with the SOC16t19S ln snrrmg up Splflt where lt seemed t be dead For thls loyalty and se sacrlflcmg devotxon to the school we try to show our appreclatlon by the ded1cat1on ox thls edltlon of our yearbook to an outstandlng teacher Mr S E Sherrod ,Y U A' ' o - P' 9 x 3' 'bv f' ,I 'R' f 5 +C' .ps-f' "EO: if 'Q 1. 11:4 2, X aculfxl MR. G. W. PERKINS Principal Math MRS. REBECCA RILEY Sr. English MR. DICK DILL Boys Physical Education MRS. MARIE HUMPHRIES Science MR. R. C. SMITH Chemistry MRS WOODIS GITIS Physical Education MR SAM SHERROD Math MISS WINNIE FAYE MAXWELL Girls Home Economics lxIR M L STANCIL Vocat1onalAgr1culture MISS MARY ANN GOTCHER History MRS SHERMAN Librarian Jr Science MISS KATHLEEN WETHERBY Commercial MISS NETTIE SI-IERROD Jr Engllsh IVIR I-IOLLINGSWOR TH Band Glee C lub 'VIISS BROWN Jr HISIOTY N ATHLETICS max r m. Q Q. f DICK DILL Coach FLOYD PATTERSON L H B Captam THOMAS PENNINGTON L E Co Captam RAYMOND ISBELL C Co Captam HOLLIS ISBELL L G MILTON THOMAS R G WILLIAM GOTCHER R E FRANKLIN DAWSON L T IRA HOWARD O B CLARICE HOWARD R H B BENNY HARRIS R T JAMES RILEY WILKS F. B. vi .v 3 e,.fx,+,, , A THE VARSITY STARTERS THE MLLES uf' THE SQUAD THE HORSEMEN QS' L gaslzeflnzu A TEAM Charle ry T ornas Pennmgton Raymond Isbell Floyd Patterson C W Mltchell Melvm Scott W1ll1am Gotcher John Robert Pace s Gargls Bobby Myhan Bllly .To Ber h B TEAM Front Row Left to rxght B1llyPullen Gene Kent J B Hammack Norman Jordan Ralph Rmer Back Row Left to r1gnt Kenneth La d n ers Raymond Llgon M1lton Thomas Lacy Pate Tom Coburn Wayne Campbell JUNIOR TEAM Front Row Left to rlght James Johnson Brooks Bowlmg Ira Howard Oscar Patterson Thomas 1.116 Back Row I.. 15 ranon Russel Moreland Russel Jeffrles Lee Mac Gotcher eft to rlght Wlllle Campbell Curt B nhl X 70' -... twig Ja www 1 'W 'Wk Y f ,f an A 5 in Ylfll uf X phi. Il 4 0 'Y' 1'5" 4: sv.. QQ., Y G eez eabezs 5' Gl 1: s Q '7 iv N!!- 1 v uilx 7 CCJZZS L l owning Queen an? Heh Goufzf MRS JOSEPH KING QUEEN MISS DOROTHY PREUIT CLASS OF 1912 THOMAS PENNINGTON JOAIN MOORE W ILMA JEAN ODOM RAYMOND ISBELL NORMAN JORDAN v r l Q, A Q-. RAYMOIND ISBELL LaGrange Society Club Football Basket ball Cttwenship Club Clee Club Beta Club SENIUIQS 'RJ A MRS. RILEY Sponsor Bios The time has come to part Our different paths to take. What will become of you? What goals will you o'er take? When the partmg bell rings out Our class will scatter to different places And tho we ll make other friends We will never lorget these faces For the school has become a part of our liyes In OUT ITICITIOTISS GVGI' to FCITIBII1 It may change from year to year But in our hearts it will stay the same And whatever may be our hopes Through whatever we plan to do Dear Colbert Hwh We will remember you So with my classmates We propose a toast Our thanks for all you Adios 1' FLOYD PA TT ER SON C Club Football Basketball Baseball LaFayette Society Annual Staff Student Council Clee Club C1t1zensh1pClub ye done Ann Streit BETTH ALLEIN LaCran0eSoc1ety Beta Club F H -X News paper Staff Librarian Annual Staff AININ STREIT LaF'ayetteSoc1ety Club Cheerleader Clee Club AnnualStaff Newspaper Staff Student Councll Spanish Club F H A , V , I ,D 1 V' - I . - ' , , 49,7 ' A , 4 x y 1- " 5 7 ' 1-qv gy . 'tug kit 1 , .x V A, , . , Y President Sr. Classy Vice-President Sr.g Secretary' ix Treasurerg Class Poetg Beta Clubg ' vs -.Cu t. -Q 3 5 O ' "1 - ' I.: UC'- S 2 - 1 f 5 9 1 . .4 -9 N - 1 1 ' S A 2 .' 'L ' 1 ' ' 1 'Q 1 5 f . . ' 5 . ' ' . 5 z Q ' 9 ' Q 8l4l0'Z.S BILLY JOE BERRY LaGrange Soc1ety Basketball F F A JOSEPH EDWARD BRANSCOME Beta Club LaFayette Soclety Glee Club F F A JEWELL CARMACK Beta Club LaGrange Socxety Student Councxl Cflee Club Span1sh Club L1brar1an Paper Staff Annual Staff Future Teachers Club FRANCES CAMPBELL LaGrange SOC1ety Glee Club F H A Beta Club Llbrarxan CHRISTENE COBURN LaGrange Soc 1ety THOMAS COBURN LaGrange Soclety Basketball FLORENCE COUNTS F H A LaFayette Soclety Future Teachers C lub L1brar1an AUSTIN DAVENPORT LaFayette Soc 1ety CLARA DAVENPORT Beta Club Paper Staff LaFayette F H A Llbrarxan .TANICE DELONY LaGrangeSoc1ety Beta Club F H A Glee Club I , , . . . S 1 , ! 9 I ! I I D ' I I ' ' 'Y , . , . . . ., , , . , , , - - -3 , , . . .5 8141015 J NN FLETCHER C Club LaGrangeSoc1ety Basketball Glee Club Llbrarlan REFORD FINNEY LaGrange Soc1ety F H A WILLIAM GOTCHER C Club F F A Football Basketball Base ball LaGrange Soclety Llbrarlan ROBERT GAMMILL L1brar1an LaFayette Soclety Student Councll SUE GRISSOM LaFayette Soc 1ety L1brar1an Spanlsh Club C1t1zensh1p Club CLYDE HARRISON F F A LaGrangeSoc1ety Basketball C Club Student Councxl MARY ELLEN HOLT LaFayette Soc 1ety MARY LYNNE ISBELL LaFayetteSoc1ety L1brar1ar1 Glee Club F I-I RAY ISBELL I..aGrangeSoc1ety F F A HOLLIS ISBELL F' F A LaGrangeSoc1ety Football D ll " ' v. . 3 , , 5 . . I 5 . . . 't 'K . . u 1 I ' ' 'I I I 5 . 5 . . ' . . 3 . Z X .Q Basketballg F. F. A. . Q . . 5 . 3 I ' . . ll It ' ' 'J I I 5 I ' ' 1 ' ' 3 5 . . 5 . . . . . .Q I 1 I 49 in 'CST' 'lim an 'Sv E ,ff W' vt A 'intp- S0 2l4l0'LS BILLY KIDD Llbrarlan F F A LaGrange S0C1etY SARAH CARTER KING Beta Club F H A LaFayette Soc1ety Spanlsh Club Future Teachers Club Paper Staff Glee Club LEE ROY McDANIEL F F A LaGrange Soc1ety Beta Club DORIS GEAN MEADOWS Beta Club F H A LaFayette Student Council WILMA JEAN ODOM LaGrange Soc1ety F H A Llbrarlan Club Spanlsh Club BILLIE OSBORN LaFayette Soc1ety C Club CHRISTINE BUR DEN OSBORN F I-I A L1brar1an LaGrange Soc1ety Student Counc1l SHIRLEY PALMER LaGrange Soc1ety Spanlsh Club Glee Club Student Councll I-,1b1-al-lan F H A CAROLYN PREUIT Beta Club C Club LaGrange SOC16ty Spar-ugh Club Newspaper Staff Glee Club Cheerleader FRANCES MCCREARY LaGrange SOC1ety, Beta Club U in we , 4 . . 5 . ' I: A Y: ' 5 . . .5 5 5 3 S Q , V . . .5 3 . . 'V 3 - - -I I - ' YJ" .1 Q A K. , by .Jkt a t-fff t-5.2.5 ., ' J. .5 V' '-?.n"',, , S - - -S S ,, . hu In - , un vs N 1 0 , ag, , , Y . . .g 3 ' 5 9 was i lf. S S 3 5 g . . . , .. H I . , 1 J Q K' 3 5 I . , -.. 29110715 BOBBY SHARPSTON LaF1xette SOCl8ly MARTHA LEE SMITH Laf ange SOClCty Llbrarlan Beta Club HARLES SOCKWELL F F A LaGrangeSOc1ety AnnualStaff Student Counc 11 CE IASTEWART LaFayetteSoc1ety F H A IWILTON THOMAS LaGrange Soc1ety Olee Club C Club Foot ball Basketball JACK THOMPSON F F A C Club LaGrange SOC1CtN Foot ball Annual Staff Clee Club C1t17ensh1pClub L1brar1an ROY ALLEN UNDERW OOD LaGrange SOC16ty Football C Club MARY EUNICE WIMBERLEY F I-I A LaGrangeSoc1ety BETTY VN INTERS Clee Club, Annual Staff, Lal-'ay ette Soclety , F H A PAULINE WRIGHT LaGrange SOC1Bly, Student Councll, Clee Club 0-13 'f fi. Q 1 1. Sur 'Vt tu, I? T ass Hcsfoitl Vve entered Colbert County fflgll ID July of V94-1 for a surnrner sesmon N r terrod, our pr1nr1oal helped to xeorganlfe the I 1te ary SOFICIICS 'll e Fayette won the trophy that 1 ear We reenterfr school 1n the fall X ltr our same homeroom tearhers Ixhss Berry ann Nh s lc rwuson au ID IO-lv we entexnd school for 1 511 errn 'tar s ear as torne room teacher lvlrs Ashmore rllllb year tl e ltterary rro ahx x as won by Crange Sometx n 9-16 we began our te1n1 IF beptentbef xxttl Iyl 1 C 1 Carnpbell was our horneroont tearher l C C1165 Ned lor t lo At the begmntnw ofthe sunurner s SSIOI1 1n lf!-lf we x e flee st men on kept b Ixflrs Hurnphrtes and Iwfr Hal1 By now we were ll tcres ed tn s-no thts season m football xx is not one of our best We won 3 1 Sf H d los 6 Q 1 tes Wlth MISS Berry and Ivlrs I-lumphrtes as teachers and Mr hall ds pr1nc1Jal we began our lun1or year 1n the sumnder of l9-18 Th1s year the l1te1 ary soc 161195 were do11r1ant Our football quad suffered four defeats v 1th sul x tcto 1es Some of the students reused money and toured Vvashmgton D C durlng A F A yaca tlon Th15 year we feted the Sen1or Class vuth a banquet 1949 was a year of f1TbtS and reorgan1zat1ons The L1te1ary soc1et1es were reorganwed under the able leaderslup of Mr Sherrod xx 1th a 5en1or as lJX'CC1dC1'lf of both SOC1Ct1l s Mr Per kms began h1S fzrst year as pr1nc1pal, and we began our year vnxth horneroorn teacher MY s R1ley f1rst 1 the hearts of allstudents The football v1ctor1es th1s wear stood at sm x1ctor1es vuth four losses agam Anothel fust th1s year was llOIl1f.C'OHWlI'lg lollowlng our last footoall garne We hope that s1nce we eouldn t that the Sen1ors next year xx1ll be f1rst t graduate from the New Colbert County Iitph behool el ' ' ' V' " ' 4' ' . B 1' . ill . Sl ' A: . ' " .4 r ' ' ' . '1 La fy, X Va' y, . .:i. ' ' C f , q -1 . 1 ff g , Ag '14 f C ' ' "r . ' 1 1 ,gl't t . We I ' I thi., jr 'i - '. .' ' . ' 4' I' 1 ' y' ,. 1 1' V Q ' 1' the La I 1 , u ' ' '. ' , . - ' 1 'r. 't".'ann as pr'n iyal. Mr. ' Q ' , . "l.e so if ' Q ' :ie tr ply. 1. h Q N ' SC 4' ' C ' H vf'Cjl'1l.l,.l, is ft' 1 La Gran le, S rinw Vallev, Fowler and Hovuell-Cvraves to enter into horrte 'oorns C3 1 y' . ' ' . '. ' ' ' ' "1 f at 4 or Cris but ' ' 1 1, . ' ' ,, 1 2 l, tn l st ,aw . V u ' fl ' C ,Y 1 V 1 ' ' . s C" r'-'. , , H" . 'V ' ', ' . ' .. . ' ' . , . - , - , - ..- ,.. . - V , .- - ,,..- V:,.n V U . . . V C .4 7. . V. Q V. . V .. .. .V r VV V X . . . VV , V ,V v . , t - , .- .. - V ,. O , , V ' '- 1 3 ' WP v As we are nearxng the end of our hlgh school days the future of all my class mates IS revealed before me ln my crystal ball I see Betty Allen as a Math teacher at old Colbert County Hlgh School Cella Stewart and Mary Ellen Holt haye also chosen teachlng as a professlon I see Bllly Joe Berry happlly marrxed w1th fue chlldren I-Ie and TomCoburn are runntng an apartment house 1n Sprtng Valley Chrlstme Coburn and Martha Lee Smlth are employed as cooks I see Dorls Jewn Meadows and Reyford Fmney nurses at Colbert County I-Iospltal B1lly and Chrlstlne Osborn are happ11y marr1ed runnmg a chxcken farm ln Mldway Austm Davenport IS a beauty operator g1x1ng Ton1s 1n hls own beauty shop m Tuscumbla I see Florence Counts modelmg bathmg sults for J W Fletcher who IS now rnanager of Rogers Dept Store I see Roy Underwood runmng an Lnforma txon bureau U1 Muscle Shoals C1ty Raymond Isbell Floyd Patterson and Mxlton Thomas are playmg professlonal football m Jefferson County Betty Wmters IS runnmg a second hand car lot U1 Florence whlle seekmg the return of her c1t1fen shlp Paulme W rlght and her husband are selhng pencxls on the corner IH Lexghton There IS Sara Carter Kmg on her way to Reno Seeklng 1 dnorce from her fourth husband Joseph Branscome IS pxlot for Pan Amerxcan Alr Llnes Jack Thompson IS Sports announcer at stat1onX A R ln Ford Clty Shlrley Palmer IS also workmg at X A R slnglng commercxals for Du? Looklng further I see Ann Strelt now the feature attractlon at Barnum and Bally C1rcus as the Fat Lady W 1th her IS Carolyn Preult an acrobatlc performer Robert Garr1rr111lha-2, made a success as an electrxclan Wxlma Jean Odom and Mar1lyn Isbellareworlung for Clyde I-Iarrlson and Lee Roy McDan1el who are rnanufacturmg hehcopters I see Bobby Sharpton and Charles Sockwell runnmg a prosperous glue factory 1n Muscle Shoals C1ty Sue Grlssom and Frances Campbell are runnmg a bakery IH La Grange W1llxam Cotcher Colbert County I-hgh s coach IS fast becommg bald because of hls los1ng teams Ray Isbell who chose an army career after ten years has been promoted to Pr1vate Fxrst Class Jamce Deloney IS helpmg her husband sell elevated shoes Mary W1mberly and B1lly Kldd are mn Chlna as mlsslonarxes I see Jewell Carmack a successful wrestler Clara Davenport IS tourxng the country selhng Hadacol Frances McCreary IS runnlng a nursery school m La Grange And oh yes IHoll1s Isbell after ten years and m my Seruor year 1n college All these thlngs w1ll come to pass I I-Iollls Isbell prophet of the future haye spoken I. . I c ' I ' . ' - 1 1 Y V. . . V . . .. C V c . . . '. ' , . , c . . v . , . . . , , . , ' , I . U Y. . y - I - V . v . ' 1 1 , 1 - 1 1 1 ' Glass We, the Class of '50, being of sound mind, and possessed with erudition do hereby make our Last W1ll and Testament subject to no changes except of Tlilnd whlch only makes us wxser We do hereby w1ll and bequeath our possesslons mdwxdually and collectlvely thls document Ann btrclt w1ll my helght to Dorls Kerby I Hollls Isbell wxll my books to Charles Cargls wlth hopes ofh1s usmg them I Ray Isbell w1ll my ltttle feet to Raymond Llgon I Shlrley Palmer w1ll my excess wexght to Alme Letson We Paulme Wrlght and Frances McCreary wlll our ab1l1ty to get marrted Dorothy McBr1de and Sara Jo Whxtlock We Clara Davenport and Chrlstme Burden w1ll our engagement rmgs to Loulse Sons and Blanche Cargxs I Jewell Carmack w1ll the mlmeograpn machlnes to the pretty Margaret Wood I Lee Roy McDan1el w1ll my helght to Tray 15 W1ll1ams I Charles Sockwell wxll my ab1l1ty to type to .l1mm1e Pounders I Florence Counts wtll my love for black wavy ha1red boys to Martha Hatton Atchely and Ruth Crlssom Joseph Branscome w1ll my sense to B1lly Pullen Roy Underwood w1ll my qu1et ways to Benny Harrls Mary Lynne Isbell w1ll my natural curly hamr to Eyelyn Denrus Austm Daxenport yull my bashful ways to C W lvhtchell Mxltorw Thornas w1ll my ab1l1ty to play basketball to Paul Jarnes Floyd Patterson w1ll :ny pos1t1on as the captam of the football team to Buddy l ec Ford I Bettyc Wmters w1l1 my place tn the offlce to Norma .lean Pmtman I Chrxstme Coburn w1ll my waxy hazr to bad1e Brock I Mary Wunoerley w1ll my Democracy book to Traycme Alexandra in ' . I, ' " , ' " l ' '- I . I l 1 I I VI I ' ' I J I l 1' . ' I . I , 7 L U . . ' to ' ' . J I I I I. . We, Celia Stewart and Mary Ellen Holt, will our pleasing personality to Hazel I, A , " ' - ' f . I' Y y ' . V . V y I, . I I, ' ' , " ' ' ' ' ' ' - I, ' , ' " 4 ' V ' - , .Q . h , 1. lv ' I I . - . A I, Bettye Allen, will my last book report to Tommie Beavers. I, lyflartha Smith,will my most sacred teacher flvlrs. Rileyj to Fannie Lou Ay'Coc'l+Q Qto niy' sorrowj. I, Billy' Kidd, will nfiy' radio announcing to Joseph Hanyeyx I, Rayniond Isbell, will niy' pnsition as president of the Sr. La Grange Soriety' to Robert Burden. I, Frances Campbell. will my' eager ways to Juanita Roden. We, Carolyn Preuitt and Sue Grissom Pennington. I, Robert Gammil,w'ill my second I, J. W. Fletcher, will my boasting ways to Billy Cotton. William Cioteher will my position class to Howard Vandiyer Jack Thompson will my football record to Gene Kent Sara Carter King will my good cornplexion to Elizabeth Weerns Janice Delony will my engagement ring to Dorothy Pruitt , will our knowledge in English to Thomas year Algebra book to Kenneth Landers. as being the best looking boy in the Senior Doris Jean Meadows will my position as the most studious person in the Senior Class to Gerlina Strmger Billy Joe Berry will my Avriculture to Wayne Ciznpbell Bobby bhirpston will my big mouth to Jack Flaniwan Toni Coburn will my height to Archie Aycofk Billy Osborn will niy ability to Coach the Pee Vyee football teini to Gilbert Reford Finey ll ny H story team er M1 Cotcher to lylely bcott I NN ilml .lean Odom will n y position as the Class Ciiftoriin to Bettye lyle Cormack l Clyde Hirrison will niy oosition s testitor of IIIL venio Class o lerry Ray Uptiin rm f J inc o o rt J 5 'o 'N ll 1 f H Q ,fi ,Ur ' L 1 oi uillb sen 7 I, . . , I . . . . . . . ' 'K i ' . l, ' , ' ' . I, ' , .' , .' l I, . V i V. I, . . . . I, ' I' ', " ' O ' ' I' r . If J B C 1 " .' ' Is - I, , '. Iv . A . Iv V ' l, ' df Y " J 1 ' ' ' t ' B ' t J. W. I, ' ', wi 1 I' i 4' "i Qfiss 2 t Q 'in ' . 1 vi I A , .A 7' H i C in ii W will - J -' 5 '- , " I, a' is f"t ' 1 ' ' 5' . On .' eteentl. day' oi Iyay in tl.eQ.f'f1r of our Lt rd, nineteen h'1ncl:'ed 2 i fipl-I TLC C5155 UQ j'2'rQ,, fC lf -ri Ctxntl. llipi.-'r1. ol, at l.eigr.ton, Alalmriri, dc I,U,m..i,, ,JAC lujxjl ILM -,3A'D "-yjj1,.1fy1QQX' Ut my f-lass, in i1'.ifiym1lj. 1illflf'Ulli'f" , ae: x :sf .yf:, llilf Iyllilyilililio Ol" llili lf,-XC 'l. l"' , -' ' OUl,. 45 45- I wdhsf I-All ? X QIJXSSIE Pwawlevti 4 fi MQ if SVU SVI QUR Tffi. .J if-'JJ E T. X ,Wg mr Srl QT 'iff' 1 2 sq If fi 'V ' W J "vb 'g L f x J 'I-5-Q ,id sb JV: b Vs' QM' Y A v A?f Y-,I f n - 1 gn' ,ff H -If Jr-UI n, K W I B Q . . ' . 37 s 1 lu sh, fx 1 A 'if Q12 1 A . sf. 55 'Q Sv- .N ' O NJYII 1 vu., -ony, 9 ,-,R 4+-.N 43' M 1 E9 ...1 7 O' 7 5' W 6 ig. 54 .L f NA Q: "' xi' " in if Q eniofz ll TRACYNE ALEXANDER HAZEL ATCHELY ARCHIE LESTER AYCOCK FANNIE LOU AYCOCK NEAL AYCOCK TOMMIE BEAVER SADIE BROCK SARAH BROWN ROBERT BURDEN FRANK CAMPBELL WAYNE CAMPBELL WILLIAM COPELAND BILL COTTON HILLARD CRAFT FRANK DAVN SON EVELHIN DEININIS JACK FLAINAGAIN " Q - "V I L. ' " .' Q, ... 4-' Am X f' 5 aw: , . ov 'iv . I 3' , ', ,W B L' , A ,:,,1'.,I I VV 1 , 21,5568 A " 1- Q s ' ' f' I C I n - . A - , , Y , . , , A , ' v enioi ll BUDDY LEE FORD BLANCI-IE GARGIS CHARLES GARGIS J W GILBERT RUTH GRISSOM JOSEPH LEE HANVY BENNY HARRIS MARTHA HATTON PAUL JAMES GENE KENT DORIS KERBY KEINNETH LANDERS CURTIS LARRY ALIINE LEISOIN RAHIVIOND LICJOIN DOROTHY KICBRIDL BETTY Iw1rCORIx1AC1x an 6 'fC '? 1' i i xA 2 3 Ui l "'1Us A I wi --. Q53 i 4. IRQ s.- 1? M .45 J NNQ4' "v '!"..2"' 5 7-1 1 -A0 Q .1 emofz I I G W MITCHELL EUGENE PENICK THOMAS PENNINGTON NORMA JEAN PITTMAN JIMMY POUNDERS DOROTHY PREUIT WILLIAM PULLEN RALPH RINER .IUANITA RODEN MELVIN SCOTT LOUISE SONS GERLINA STRINGER HOWARD VANDIVER ELIZABETH WEEMS SARAH JO WHITLOCK TRAVIS WILLIAMS MARGARET WOOD emoi I WILLARD AUSTIN DONNA F AYCOCK FRANK AYCOCK MARIE AYCOCK BEATRICE BACON TRAVIS BEAVER DOROTHY BERRY CATHERINE BERRYMAN GAYE RENTZ BLYTHE ANNETTE BROWN RUBY BURRELL LEON CARIVLACK BETTY RAYE DAILEY BOBBIE DEX AINEY CLYDE FISHER ODELL FRETWELL RUTH GEORGE RAMONA GOTCHER BLANCHE GRISSOM MAXINE HALL GRADY HALLNIARK RAYNIOND HALLMARK J. B. HAMMACK IRA Iv1AE HARGETT Q 'Tx-'GG' E' Y Av tl. 5 A., i 1 i S Q! Q,- 5-. Th., '-nfs VV L' 'S vs. ,a 'Min is Q.. 5-K Q ig, fx, '1 V4 pf M X. MN 5 Qu emofz. I GROVER I-IATTON STUART HENNIGAN WAYNE I-IESTER DANIEL HOLT CLARICE GENE HOWARD AMIZONA ISBELL FRANCES ISBELL MARSELL ISBELL MARIE JACOBS SARAH JUNE JONES KATIE LEE JORDAN NORMAN JORDAN KAY FRANCES KIDD MARY KATE LENZ NETTIE JEAN LOGAN FRANK LOONEY HENRY MARTHALER BONNIE MCCARY FRED MCDOUGAL JERRY MCGEE LOUISE MITCHELL NIARY FAYE MOLAND ROBERT MOORE BOBBY MYHAN emofz I REBA I NEWMAN LACY PATE FELTON PENICK .TOSEPHINE POSEY ARCHIE ROMANS MARGIE SCOGGINS LEWIS SMITH OTIS SMITH CAROLYN THORNHILL TERRY UPTAIN EDWARD K VANDIVER EDWARD O VANDIVER BILLY VINSON EDITH WALDREP GERALD WALDREP ROBERT WALKER ALMA WILLIS ROSA LEE WINTERS SULA MAE WRIGHT ELLA DEE WYRICK Not Plctured LUDA MAE BERRYMAN JOHN ROBERT PACE Qxi- Q.. I5 'vs Q' Q0 1, '00 Qf- 'vu-.,, ""-f up 1 hr 'E Siu Q- 'C' QQ .4 bv' 4- vw! "S-.. -ul "Ui -sqm 'vit if r .QM Y' "" DIC. N, 15- Nik- -2 haf M ,as gf ' HT if 5' 'IOM 3 '11 .IX u ob. Ill gon' DELANER ALEXANDER HUGH BOWLING REX COOK NATHAN FLANAGAN JOHN GARGIS LEE MAC GOTCHER HAROLD HATTON BILLY HENNIGAN IRA HOWARD BILLY JAMES RUSSELL JEFFREYS JAMES C JOHNSON JAMES E JOHNSON J FRED JOHNSON THOMAS LILE H C MCGEE HERMAN MITCHELL NEAL NARMORE OSCAR PATTERSON OTIS SOUTH Not Plctured BROOKS BOW LING J L HAYES MELVIN JEFFERYS ROY JEFFERYS HOMER MCCOLLUM JAMES MORRIS MICKEY OSBORN HOWARD PEDEN GLENN SMITH I U 5 " VU S L 1 .3 xl Q' , I , , H .YV A A LY 3 . 'M W , V 'lv' n vq ? A -- :- 1 I H , 'A I I fb I , M J , ' I z I . L " Z" I 1 4- X V W I J-'V , tn' 4, n V , Y I I :- ' A mix 'xa, ff Y E' i 1 g 'V 15 " ' . . . I' .. NY ,I I M i V Z, f ,Q ' ap- ' If X x Q , LN' A' LF Y 1 Y uniofz Ill PEGGY ALEXANDER JOYCE BREWER BARBARA CHAMBLEE MARIE DAVENPORT BILLIE JOAN DAVIS MILDRED FINNEY GRETTA JOHNSON ALEENE LIPSCOMB CAROLYN LOVS ERY RETHA LOVVERY THELMA LOWERY ELLA MITCHELL JOY NICHOLS KATHERINE NUCKOLS ELEASE RANDOLPH GLENNIS SOUTH BETTY VNADDLE JOYCE WALKER SHIRLEY JEAN WILKES HELEN VANDIVER Not Pmtured JUANIT A AUSTIN SHIRLEY NE LL MCGRECOR JEVK ELL DEAN POSEY if-' 11 bn ali ,Nn. 'ii it 'Q Q--0 IS aux 2 l 3 gf-' J qs 5 'Q' 'Q' S' l 5-4' 1 5 V, ini s. U? .QQ in xr, sv, TW L +21 Y' 'Ni ii -dl -Nd QI!! I1 -as 3 -55 F44 Q-ff il' 5 iii in" 3 W 'har' 5 in uniofz I I BETTY AUSTIN CLOVIS BEAVER BARBARA BOVN LING VK ILLIE BROWN SADIE CROWDEN DORIS DAWSON SHELBY DAWSON FRANCIS GILLAND ELIZABETH HATTON LINDA HENNIGAN CEC IL KENT LELA MASON DIMPLE MCCARY ANNA LYNN MCCORMACK SHIRI EY MCCORMACK ELLA MOORE EDNA NICHOLS METHEL NICHOLS SHIRLEY NICHOLS COLOMBIA POSEY 'V tP1Cturf-d A BERT BEAVERQ I R CROSSVKHITF A LV I-IALLN APP POM ISBELI OTHA. KIRK IL I IN MCCOI1 UN SHIRLEY MORCAIN umofz I I BENNY R-XY AYCOCK VI ILLIE CAMPBELL DAVID CROSSVSHITE I W CLARK BETTY DAVENPORT JIMMY FENNEL GLENNIS KEENUM LORENE LIPSCOMB MARVIN LOVE ERY MARGUERITE MARLAR JAMES MINOR SARAH MORRIS DOUGLAS NICHOLS GENE PATTERSON VN ADE PATTERSON THOMAS POSEY .T W THOMAS CHARLOTTE VK EEMS BUDDY WHITLOCK SHIRLEY WINIBERLY 'NotP1ctured XRTHUR BERRYMAIN .IIMMIF BINKLFY DOROTHY CH -XPMAN D1 OR X DERRICR BENINIE LOU MLCEE FI BERT MITCHEI I M 2 1 1. Q-A kr 'M ? X! ,ov M Q- Y .Q 4? if 5 at 1? Xl Q. GUYS.. 1-f Sn g .L 51 il- .I U . v v' ' . . is ' 'Q -5 ' Q -if ' A 1 .- . V r - i . - , - I -,- ' f - -- ff X 1 I 4 gg' - D I Q' f . , . I -Y I Q., ' ' 4 A , 4- K V V. K i ' 1' A X . , Y A , -A " A -sl ' ",'1l L , 5 . E V. V . , ?L,.V4 V 5 I 43. Q W, I , .L ..,,, Q5 ' ? 5 '2'i:. if-'f -'-'!,': ' "C K , I4 .Q':,e::::5Q::g,-S2'72-. 1' 1,:::5::7:::g55::g:f53' '. .I ,':..:::::5-.::g:.,,' , , 'I A 1 ...,Y?.:ff!'c:'.'. 4 .1 1 'L b I, , Q . 1 1' . T I . - 4 , v J - -- 5 f v K ' I x X " I f A R f L Z , Q -f I I I Z ' I "' ' f 'S X 1 y . I : . I 5' . 1 In , in . L' N 45 1 1 4 I ' X f A f A A ,M I V . N 9 Y FN 'M 1' vnq M if? S "--...f 'Suv- gin gf 41" -of gg Q-1 Sf 3 Y L..-f umofz l I FRANK BAKER MYRTLE BYRD JIMMY BINKLEY CURLIS BRANON 'E Qi F43 1 BILLY CROSSWHITE E N- 'KA .wif RICHARD DICKENS BILLY GARGIS MARY GRAY 'S 9 WILLIAM THOMAS HOLT MALCOLM HORTON ONEAL KEENUM DAN LEDLOW JOHN MARLAR STANLEY MCGREGOR BETTYE NARMORE m..x'N .Ain G5 'E OTT IS PATTERSON if FRANKLIN PULLEN BETTYE TAYLOR JOAN TROUSDAI E ?. 1-I Not Plcturcd DOUGLAS CROSSWHITE TRAXISELKINS J I HAY S RUSSELL MORLLAIND PAININIF BELL PA FTERSON HELLIN SUMMERS U . i ' A I ' S' v Q i , - Sv f xi I , 0- X I A Q I I A' aw : ' 9' I-'T-f f Nu li . 'X , A 'N QQ" 0 I fl' 5 ' 1 if f , K 9 A ' 2 , xr, Im A 1 k I I , , . ,Q A 1 A , : I . k. E M - , - 1 -A rf.. I'-- . " 9- -w . -. , f """'h" I H--. 2 Li Q Q! ' 4 Q i. I X V unfoi I DEL BERRY WINNIE SUE BEAVER BETTY JO BELL BARBARA BERRYMAN DELONY BLYTHE ELLEN BLYTHE DANIEL BURDEN TI-IELMARINE BURDEN DENZ IL BRACKENS LOUISE BRACKENS CASSIE C CAGLE ALMA RAY CAMBELL THELMA CROSSWHITE DONALD CROSS JOYCE CROWDEN PRESTON COX JAMES FLANAGAN THOMAS FOSTER GERALD GAMMILL HANNAH GARGIS MARTHA AINN GRAY RALPH GRISSOM LONNIE GRISSOM .TIMMIE HOLT Not Pmtured L A BEAVER LUTHER BEAN ER LARRY COBURN WILLIAM CROSSWHITE L! .1 4- rf, 40. -J r is Ar A -VM R? .,- ,I ik 1 HI up S -I . V.-,414-. ea. 1-1 .J EV ua 'N 'f' 2' J X' A NY. 4 I I -...W T Q.- Ll 1-'X 'is i U f-ff-3 CX ? cg? 5 i D37 1- 5 if Qv' Q . 1 , , 'f 9 - " L - " Q f , -u -.. I -- A 4-vs Nl vu Q M QQ-.- ,,,.- an Y vi 'gf "5 Fr, Us P , S E A Aa 'as 211 uguw 'Y Q5 Y ii Ah fa. figs unioz I NELLIE JEAN HAGOOD ROY HAND RUBY JEAN ISBELL BLANTON JAMES BETTY JEAN JEFFREYS VERNON JEFFREYS JAMES .IEFFREYS STANLEY JONES GLADYS KELLY BETTY JO KERBY BENNIE LETSINGER JIMMY MARTIN CARL MARLOW LONNIE IVIATLOCK CURTIS NIATLOCK MARIE MCCLURE CLARA MITCHELL BILLY JERRY MCCORMICK PEGGY NARMORE J B NELSON CAROLYN NICHOLS WYLODEAN NICHOLS MARY HELEN PARKER CLAUDIE SUE POSEY Not Plctured BILLY JO DENNIS SHELBY DICKENS BILLY JOE JEFFREYS SALLIE JEAIN JEFFREYS umofz I Q -vi- Y MARTHA PALMER MARY ANN RIIXIER X HARRY ROBERTS ll SY LVIA SARGENT Vt -eng.. E Y M ' SARAH .TONE SCHULTE MARY .IO SCHULTE FRANCES SCOTT HERSHEL SI7EMORE 'TQ Y VNESLEY SMITH KENNETH TERRY BELL TERRY DOROTHY TOMPKINS 4? GV ev wr ROBERT TROUSDALE PEGGY ANN VINSON BEVERLY VKALKER BUD WHITE 5 SHELBY JEAN WIMBE RLY JEVS EL WOODS BILLY SAM SIZEMORE BILLY SOUTH Not P1ctured HELLEN DEAN JEFFREYS CHARLES KNIGHT ZELMA LACKEY VN ILLER JEAN MATLOCK MYRTLE MATLOCK R C MINOR STANLEY MCCOLLUM FRANKLIN PEDEN CAMILLA WALDREP I E ' . i 4' v 0 A - - I in bf' 5' , ' V 'T' "' ' R i. ' f A if .34 1 ' 49 I - Nr ' ' I ' -Q X , " - 9 3 , h , . ,.., " -- ' ... 1 ,Tlfivf V J - A -T 3 lm 23 A I 3 4 - '- si, A f 'O T 1' , . . A lb.. . . K' A ' 2 ., f' ' V Q X I I A s. Q 1, .. if- , Q 3 .S X fs 'Q 9 ' , ' I s- ..- If 'v 'WM ' -, 'sd X VV,k 51 I Q- - 'Il' I r 7 .I X A 1 .. 5 ' x : ' " I -. :L --. Q.. I nr V I, Q v I Y A Kd- + ' A v' K. Xa Ye 19' Ku "" 1 D-A gf? 4' .I --4 f""' l ,palm Vg 4 Mjwug N, A , . Q hi ,gd 79" !""" v-"f""W" ww ..-0 Qucsxxwrzmvcbws WP 97 09 XF H A 74 5 J ! G G 0 6 0 A 62 1"""'q"N'M ANR Q 3:9 Mi Sx 'V KX A 56 ff 'Y' 7 , nnua f RAYMOND ISBELL Edxtor SARAH .TO WHITLOCK Asst Edltor CHARLES SOC KWELL Bus 1ness Manager KENNETH LANDERS Asst Buslness Manager JEWEL CARMACK Club Edltor FANNIE LOW AYCOCK Asst Club Ed1tor BETTY ALLEN Art Edltor WILLIAM COPELAND Asst Art Ed1tOr Subs c r 1pt1on Mana ge r CHARLES GARGIS Asst Sub Manager BETTY WINTERS Advert1s1ng Manager DOROTHY PREUIT Asst Advert1s1ng Manager JACK THOMPSON C1rcu1at1on Manager ROBER T BUR DEN Asst Clrculatlon Manager FLOYD PATTERSON Sports Edltor JIMMEY POUNDERS Asst Sports Editor MRS HUMPRIES Sponsor MISS WEA THERBY Sponsor 1 swss gefa Bettx Allen Dorothy Preun garah Jo Xlhnloclx Lerlma St mger Jewell Carmack Kenneth Landers Clari lxlae Dax enport Sarah Carter Kmg Carolxn Preuu Raymond Isbell Ann Strelt lxhss Gotcher gfuaenf eouncc Melw in Scott W1ll1e Thomas Campbell Ira Howard Mr Perkins James Cooper Johnson Sarah MOTT15 Martha Ann Gray Barbara Chamblee Linda Hennigan Doris Jean Meadows bylvia Sargent Margaret Woods w Louise Mitchell, Hazel Atchley, Betty Waddle, Clyde Harrison, Robert Burden, Nia ew Papal H266 Sitting Left to rlght Gerlma Strmger Sarah Carter Kmg Dorothx Preu1t Clara Nlae DaXenpO1'i Ann Stremt Standmg Left to r10ht Kenneth Landers Sarah .lo Vlfhltlock Jewel Carmack Raymond Isbell Carolxn Premt Betty Allen ff' I 05,5 lima- emoft a amleffe gcc efxi First Row Left to right Lewis Smith Austin Davenport Hlllard Craft Billy Pullen Billy Kidd Bobby Myhand Thomas Pennington Robert Gammill Wayne Hester Travis Williams Kenneth Landers Jack Flannagan Ralph Rmer Second Row Left to right Ruth George Ruby Burrell Annette Brown Gay Blythe Alrna Willis Tommie Beavers Tracyne Alexander Elizabeth Weems Ann Streit Frances Isbell Florence Counts Celia Stewart Kay Frances Kidd Margie Scoggms Sarah .To Whitlock Gerlma Stringer Marilyn Isbell Nettie Jean Logan Third Row Left to right Carolyn Thornhill Stewart Hennigan Katie Lee .Tor dan Felton Penick Sara June Jones Bobbie Nell DeVaney Hazel Atchley Cather ine Berryman Norma Jean Pittman Sue Grissom Doris Jean Meadows Dorthy Berry Maxine Hall Terry Uptain Edith Waldrep Marie Aycock Beatrice Bacon Donna Aycock Sarah Carter King Rose Lee Winters Mary Ellen Holt Lacy Pate Blanche Grissom Mary Faye Moland Ruth Grissom Marie Jacobs. Fourth Row Left to right: Joseph Branscome Frank Campbell William Cope- land Melvin Scott Floyd Patterson Franklin Dawson Raymond Ligon Lester Ay- cock Grady Hallmark J. W. Gilbert Bobby Sharpton Charles Gargis Billy Os- born Clara Mae Davenport Betty Winters. e ofz a qfzange oc ful First Row Left to right Clyde Harold Flsher Tom Coburn Raymond Isbell Frank Looney Jerry McGee Bllly Vinson Jerrel Waldrep Gene Kent O dell Fretwell Clarice Gene Howard Norman Jordan Robert Louis Moore Bonnie McCary Second Row Left to right Alme Letson Juanita Rhoden Mary Kate Lenz Blanche Gargls Doris Kerby Ella Dee Vlfyrick Christine Osborn Eyelyn Dennis Loulse Mitchell Sula Mae Wright Jewell Carmack Frances Campbell Betty Allen Dorothy McBr1de Frances McCreary Wilma Jean Odom Margarett Wood Jose phme Posey Betty McCormack Third Row Left to rlght Amlzona Isbell Leon Carmack Dorothy Preuit Bllly Joe Berry Reba Joyce Newman Fred McDougal Chr1st1ne Coburn Janice Delony Milton Thomas Ira Mae I-Iargett Robert Burden Betty Ray Daily Otis Smith Loulse Sons Shirley Palmer Jack Thompson Raymond Hallmark Martha Lee Smith Herny Marthaler Reford Finney Tray is Beavers Roy Underwood W illiam Cvotcher Fourth Row Left to right John Robert Pace Hollis Isbell Edward X andiver LeRoy McDaniels, Robert Walker, J. W. Fletcher, Willard Austin, J. B. Hammack, Archie Romans, Marsell Isbell, Grover Hatton, Eugene Penick. Ima AMR u oi a atleffe gcc f First Row Left to right Jimmy Nelson Vernon Jeffreys Dan Ledlow James Flannigan Delony Blythe Oscar Patterson Gene Patterson J W Thomas Billy Joe Crosswhite Dal Berry Daniel Burden Buddy Whitlock Jimmy Binkley Gerald Gammill Donald Cross H C McGee Second Row Left to right Helen Parker Marguerite Marlow Shirley Mc Cormack Carolyn Lowery Peggy Alexander Betty Waddle Barbara Chamblee Sara Schulte Ivlartha Palmer Betty Joyce Crowden Betty Jo Bell Beverly Wal- ker Clara Mitchell Methel Nichols Betty Jean Jeffreys Thelma Crosswhite Myrtle Jeffreys. Third Row Left to right: Barbara Bowling Sara Morris Frances Grissom Glenice Keenum Ella Mitchell Flora Derrick Helen Vandiver Joyce Walker Katheryn Nuckles Bud White Edna Nichols Linda I-Iennigan Mary Jo Schulte Joyce Brewer Shirley Nichols Curtis Matlock Bell Terry Lonnie Grissom Helen Jeffreys Robert Trousdale Betty Jean Austin Marie Davenport. Fourth Row Left to right: .Billy Gargis Willie Thomas Campbell Frank Baker Richard Dickens Billy Sam Sizemore Kenneth Terry James Jeffreys Carl Iviarlow Billy Hermigan Roy Jeffreys Billy Joe Dennis Neal Narmore Billy Frank Letsinger. Er' l ,. .- 5'-1-. . U Oi 6 Qidnge OC Zhi F1YSt Row Left to r1ght Jlmmy Fennel Ottls South Bllly South Lee Mac Gotcher Thomas L1le JamesE Johnson Bxlly James Charles Knight Douglas Nzchols Blanton James J W Clark Russel Jeffr1es Second Row Left to rlght Lorme Llpscomb Anna Lynn McCormack Fannle Charlotte Weems Ella Jean Moore Shlrley Wlmberly Mary Ann Rlner Claudle Sue Posey John Gargms Thlrd Row Left to rlght Homer McCollum Lela Mason Marvm Lowery Betty Davenport Alme Llpscomb Myrtle Byrd Thelma Lowery B1l11e Joan Davls Elease Randolph Shlrley Morgan Mxldred Fmney Joy Nxchols Retha Lowery D1mple McCary Shelby Dawson Sad1e V Crowden Barbara Berryman Wesley Smlth Ira Howard Ellen Blythe Sylvla Sargent Ellzabeth Hatton Dorls Dawson Fourth Row Left to r1ght Torn Isbell Davxd Crosswhxte Brooks Bowlmg Franklln Pullen Howard Peden James Cooper Johnson Hugh Bowlmg James Mmor J Fred Johnson Elbert Mltchell Curtrs Brannon 1 hr- 'Y s 4 Q .2 A 'n .tw J ' - . 'fl K ' xx 1- ' . ' s I I VH E I . , . : . Y . y . ' I ' I ' I I I A I l 1 1 - ' n l - , ' : ' ' , , ' Patterson, Gretta Johnson, Glenice South, Jean Scott, Peggy Vinson, Cecile Kent, x I ' I A l 1 I I . . . I I . I I I I I I I l I I . ' I I 7 ' I I I O I I I ' I ', ' : , ' ' . ' . tab riff TH G First Row Left to right Celia .Stewart Reford Finney Ella Mitchell Thelma Lowery Billie Joan Davis Peggy Alexander Joy Nichols Gretta Johnson Retha Lowery Barbara Chamblee Betty Waddle Elease Randolph Joyce Brewer Kath ryn Nuckles Second Row Left to right Ella Dee Wyrick Shirley Palmer Norma Jean Pittman, Blanche Grissom, Mary Faye Moland, Betty Ray Daily, Reba Newman, Nettie Jean Logan, Kay Frances Kidd, Amizona Isbell, Marie Aycock, Donna Ay- cock, Margie Scoggins, Frances Isbell, Aline Lipscomb, Marie Davenport. Third Row, Left to right: Gerlina Stringer, Juanita Roden, Sarah Jo Whit- lock, Aline Letson, Frances Campbell, Bettye McCormack, Wilma Jean Odom, Doris Jean Meadows, Sarah Carter King, Edith Waldrep, Maxine Hall, Doris Ker- by, Blanche Gargis, Carolyn Thornhill, Dorothy McBride, Sara June Jones, Caro- lyn Lowery, Clara Mae Davenport, Miss Maxwell. Fourth Row, Left to right: Christine Burden Osborn, Ruth George, Ruby Bur- rell, Bobbie Nell DeVaney, Dorothy Berry, Beatrice Bacon, Annette Brown, Mary Kate Lenz, Alma Willis, Catherine Berryman, Marie Jacobs, Sula Mae Wright, Louise Mitchell, Ira Mae Hargett, Marilyn Isbell. sexdcg N we 'W-.. 'HO F1rst Row Left to rlght Lee Mac Gotcher Paul James Lew1s Smlth W1ll1am Gotcher Gerald Waldrep B1lly James H C McGee Odell Fretweel Carl G1lbert Ralph R1nner B1lly Joe Berry Clyde Flsher Wxlllam Copeland Jerry McGee Kenneth Landers Second Row Left to r1ght John Robert Pace Travls Beavers Ray Isbell Fred McDougal Jack Thompson Wayne Hester J B Hammack V ayne Campbell Brooks Bowlmg Robert Lou1s Moore Travls W1ll1ams Melvm Scott Bllly K1dd Robert Burden Th1rd Row Left to r1ght B111 Hennlgan Neal Narmore B1lly Cotten Charles Sockwell Rex Cook Franklm Dawson Frank Campbell Edward K Vandwer Raymond L1gon Lester Aycock Joseph Lee Hanvy B1lly Osborn Fourth Row Left to r1ght Terry Ray Uptam B1lly Pullen Stewart Hennlgan Hugh Bowlmg Charles Gargls H11lard Craft I-Iolhs Isbell Raymond C Hallmark Grady Hallmark Marsell Isbell Grover Hatton Eugene Pemck Jack Flanagan Buddy Lee Ford 'fi- 0--vw 'SK X. . ' '- 1 - 1 , h ,, , L4 , r ' , J 1 '11 . 1 ' h 'fl ', Qc . 5" J ..-fn A as ,- ,Q ',- ' - . ,ny X , . N x - " ---'H ,ft . ' t h 1.-2 I ' .- li , K f' , K 1 2 T 3, :L A f X ll 'V ' A L ' -Y . Q ,V V I tv- 1 vb r ' 'K s J' Y ' , ,df l M , aww -f, . , ' . -'z'i1,. ' '41 ft M 1 -,-: 'f' '- Y -- L., 'nv' , ' ',' ,w...:",vlf1 G' f ' . rw-"' , A ' 1 a . . QQ" -N . y - -' . Q. -' 3 '1 - . , , 1 1 -JA , J -M-In ' ' I U U I I I I I I I I ' ' I I I I I I I I 1 I 1 1 1 .1 1 1 - - 1 ' 1 I I I I I 1 I 1 1 1 I I I I ' I 1 1 1 - Y ' I I I I I I I 0 y I I I I J T57 Lf H Qu! Flrst Row Left to r1ght Ella Moore I..ou1se Bracken Sara MOTTIS Barbara Boyylmg Hannah Garg1s Dorothy TompkmS Jevyel Woods Helen Jeffreys Alma Campbell EdnaN1chols Betty Taylor Dorothy Chapman Second Row Left to r1ght Nettle Jean Hagood Helen McCormack Carolyn Nlchols Fannle Patterson Lorme Llpscomb Jean bcott Thelma Burden Frances Gllland Betty Jo Bell Bell Terry Sh1rley N1chols Gladys Kelly Thlrd Royy Left to r1ght Wesley Srruth Ellen Blythe Syly1a Sargent Betty Jean Jeffreys Cassle Cagle Barbara Berryman Martha Gray Betty Austm Joan Trousdale Charlotte Weems Lela Mason Helen Parker yyh1te Mary Ann Rmer Peggy Vmson Marguemte Marloyy Cecll Kent Flora Der r1cl-y Cvlenlce Keenum Beyerly Walker F1fth Royy Left to rxght Shelby D1ckens Shlrley Vhmberly VN mme Sue Beayer Shelby Dayyson Sally Jean Jeffreys Bettyf Jo Kerby Sue Posey Sh1rley McCor mack Lmda Hennqjan Dlmple McCary Myrtle By rd Anna Lynn McCormack Iy1ethelN1chols Betty Dayenport I ' S . , . I , . ' . I V . I . J . I r , , I I 7 I ' , ' : ' , , . 2 . , . . I ,, I 1 . 1 Y y , . v . , i ' f, ' : v ' I , f' I v , . I I 1, Y ' , , , , . Fourth Row, Left to right: Wila Jean Matlock, Myrtle Matlock, Thelma Cross- , . , Y . 1 Y . I . 4, . I - ' ,, ' , , , ' . . H . : . V . y . V ,. In ,. . V V , ,V , I, , I I .1 V ,I Q I. - I ' A, I - 1,1 f, a. 1 I, A, . Q, In p I ynunhuf 1 vsx ,as ""'l 90 L 'C' 4Hezaf2o.,S First Roxy Left to right Deloney Blythe James Flarmagan Dal Berry Daniel Burden Carl Marlar Bud Holt Nernon Jeffreys Preston Cox Bud White Kenneth Terry Stanley Jones Second Row Left to rivht Billy McCormick Thomas Foster Blonton James Billy South Donold Cross L A Beaxer Jimmy Martin Charles Knight Mr Smith. Third Row, Left to right: Robert Trousdale, Stanley' McCollum, Denzil Brac kin, Gerald Camrnill. Fourth Row, Left to right: Billy' Jeffreys, R. C. lvlinor, Lonnie Grissom, I-larry' Robert, Jr., Jimmy' Holt, Bennie F. Letsinger, Jirnn1y'Nelson, Billy'S.Si7erY1ore. Fifth Row, Left to right: Jandes Jeffreys, Billy' J. Dennis, Curtis Nlatlocbt, Roy' Hand, Russell Jeffreys, Willie Camplpell. fll7'Z.C2'Z.KC2VlS Slttmw l eft to T1 ht XN1lma Jean Odom Ira Mae Haragett Sue Grlssom P rances Carnpbell Stdndlngu Left to Flilll Mrs Slmcrmin Cl1F1St1H6 Burden Ruth Cvrlssom Rlchard Dmlxens Mar1lxn Isbell Clara Mae Davenport Martha bmlth -2 'UU '-1 bv 'Ss 5 oi 1-5 Y? 1 ig L 'Q qzee ez IJ 151 'F . ' ..,313.f Ei A . . fzi 5 1- vm ! 45 fix 'E' L Q 3 N X 4 1 i. 1 w f H xl, '7 -fx 'A gf Q ' 'qv al., -. ' Q W L , .ff f r ' 7' M tilkf 'fufufze 7-eacluefzs , VX MR' fgixg-g2z11YORTH ,,,,,,5 ,,i ,A-iff. 'ff 5 1,' Q, A 'ifeut 1 I J 8 A 'fi' if 'rv-"9 'nz 5 sv' 4 ACTIVITIES gil S :- vn claw f.,1+914g11z 4?- mi. Golluefzf GOunfv gchool Z4 YTQUNIJ ISF E-11.1. MOST ATHLETIC SHIRLEY PALMER FLOYD PATTERSON MOST STUDIOUS DORIS JEAN MEADOWS AUSTIIN DAVENPORT BEST SPORTS BETTY WINTERS BILLY OSBORN MOST POPULAR ANN STREIT HOLLIS ISBELL 1-nq MOST LIKELY TO SU SUE GRISSOM CLYDE HARRISON BEST LOOKING PAULINE WRIGHT WILLIAM GOTCHER CCEED BEST-ALL-ROUND BETTY ALLEN RAYMOND ISBELL FRIENDLIEST FRANCES CAMPBELL ROY ALLEN UNDERW OOD 119 E FN MOST COURTEOUS REYFORD FINNEY BILLY JOE BERRY CUTEST JACK THOMPSOIN FRANCES MCCREARY , 1. - 9' ,-9' 7 8 , WITTIEST MARTHA SMITH BOBBY SI-IARPSTON NEA TEST JANICE DeLONY LEE ROY MCDANIEL I 15151 4 ff' Q ADVPRIIJING X lj i N 3' E QE E 1-,ZTPOSHLQE J 1 "' ' C vs X 1 . f' Y X ji I W 3 J . T A 0 1 4 gg f 1 J A "fT"' A ' ' ' A g - LQ' X .fb W: - 'A F 'X w 5 - 1f 1 i,ZL,,gg I VV h F -V x ,L X .. 'L375' Q 7 ' 1 '-N :A ,. 4 , 6 jx ff ' 2? fri . N j Z' ' , 47 ' xx XJ fl 'nj ,I I U xiii? 1 f!!! 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Compliments Of GROGAN Sz SON Jewelers Florence Ala Remember THE LUCKY MINNOW FARM Wholesale at Retail Bait South Montgomery Ave Sheffield Ala Compliments S Sz M CHEVROLET COMPANY MHEVROLEI Phone 745 515 Montgomery Ave Sheffield Ala Compliments YOUNG PITTMAN CO Florence Ala Compliments o DICK DILL and a GOOD FOOTBALL TEAM IGQEISMAN S Court St Florence 0'0 s A - - t Of Of T 5 lt , -l?' - I The Finest In Alabama N THE SHOALS THEATRE 5 In Florence Q: 1350 Slide-Back Seats Opens l P. M. On Weekdays 10 A. M. Saturdays, If 2 P. M. 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Suggestions in the Colbert County High School - Chief Yearbook (Leighton, AL) collection:

Colbert County High School - Chief Yearbook (Leighton, AL) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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Colbert County High School - Chief Yearbook (Leighton, AL) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 89

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Colbert County High School - Chief Yearbook (Leighton, AL) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 88

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