Cohn High School - Accolade Yearbook (Nashville, TN)

 - Class of 1956

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Cohn High School - Accolade Yearbook (Nashville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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S! 6 II I9 27 69 87 Pa Page 6 Editor PATRICIA LAWRENCE Foreword As editor of the '56 TIGER, my staff and I have Worked diligently to fill our annual with memories of the past year. We hope that in years to come, as you open the pages of this book you will fi ' nd cherished memories oi your high school days. BUSINESS STAFF I Seated, left to right: STEVE DERRY- BERRY, ORVIL SMITH, BILLY REESE, EDWARD RODGERS, C. B. VANATTA Standing, left to right: BILL HIGGINS NANCY FERGERSON, PAUL LIGON. The Tiger Staff ANNUAL TY'PISTS I 'eated, left to right: BEVERLY BEL HER, JOAN YOUNG FARMER. Stand Ig: JOYCE GIBBS, RIARGO CHEAT QAM, HELEN PRATT, LINDA GREER, 'EGGY WORTHY. CIRCULATING STAFF I Seated, left to right: JUANA SULLI VAN, LYNDA DYcUs, SUE TOMLIN REBA PERGERSON, JANICE LYNCH Standing, left to right: JUDY SULLIL VAN, CLARA TIDWELL, PATSY ED- WARDS, EDWINA WORKMAN, GLORIA ROWLAND. Page 8 RT MR L. CATHCP- s, EDN MR, WALTSZLWSOY A.:-.roczlzte kgltpglijy r K " i , 1 T xii 51447 I I L LC' VXLN L Faculty Sponsors 1 MRS. W. B. CONNELL Miss LUCY JOSLIN Art Adviso? Lilerary Critic MR. SETH E. BROWN Business Sponsor fm ' MRS. DAVY, The TIGER Staff of 1955-56 affectionately dedicate this edition in recognition of your many years of patient, efficient service to our animal staffs and to our school. Your assistance in all our ac- tivities, and your deep interest in the progress and development of our school will always be remembered. Dedication Page 9 QUT ,glen .X Rf YP: 'W' 2 A JA su1i.vwv+'U L I-if X Z 'fn -Q ,Q 1 I' i ., M 4 .Jian -.3 , f 5021 Rang eo ' X 'lE'J1'i,.:L "ga-'-'55, ' Gv .. fm' w .-f-'-' ' ' ip 5'-113 ' 65615, wig . f J 3'TQ3.'7'ih.':.f-'4' KL M, Q -x. za X-. :,,,. WH-I , 551, -'-'Y a '-ff TWU XY iixfif 'fi' iff! 45-R33 '-1a-'- ' " " :QQ nr' -A MR. W. R. ROCHELLE mnczpa 'Ii rr1LUl.l'! 1 Q 11 , 1.11 LNG:-'if'-K".n HMJXL CDI' , . - Page , UKDQKYSKQQRAVKWU. 1 . '-'ffl L-'fl' -V' 77i-" I ' ' KR'-A The Faculty Firsi Row HowARD T. ACURE D.0'. Coordinator EDWARD A. ADELMAN Coach, Driver Training BETTY R. ALLEN Social Studies Second Row ROWENA B. ARNOLD Social Studies HELEN P. BAIN English, M athematics, History HORACE C. BEASLEY Instrumental Music Third Row CLARA M. BENEDICT English, Typing, M athematics, History LUCILLE P. BLACK Mathematics JOHN R. BRIGHT Orchestra ug R II . BEWN Industrial Arts WILLIAM H. BROWN Physical Education AILENE B. BURRIS Home Economics Fifth Row MARJORIE R. CAMPBELL English CHAUNCEY Y. CARNEY Home Economics MERRILL S. CARTER History, Industrial Arts Sixth Row WALTER L. CATHCART English MABEL C. CEARLEY Mathematics, Latin WILLIAM H. CHANDLER Social Studies The Faculty First Row Jo W. CLARKE Biology, Sociology HELEN I. CONNELL Art EDNA R. DAvv Mathematics Second Row MARY M. DEws Commerce SUE C. DORRIS Librarian WooDRow DORRIS English, History, Mathematics Third Row ROBBIE Lou FITZGERALD Visiting Teacher ALICE C. GASSAWAY Physical Education THELMA F. GOLD Registrar-Clerk Fourth Row IMOGENE B. HARPER Mathematics SARA W. HETHERINGTON English MARGARET HIGGINS School Nurse Fifth Row EARL HINTON Vocal Music HARRIET K. HUFFAIAN nish, Educable Mentally Retarded J. MCBRYDE JONES Mathematics Sixth Row LUCY JOSLIN English MARGARET B. KERR Health RUTH W. KILGORE Home Economics, Health The Faculty Fin-si Row SUSIE LANGFORD Mathematics LEOTA D. MAI DEN English ANNETTE B. MARTIN Mathematics Second Row ELLA B. MEEK Mathematics IRIS D. MILLER Civics MARY VV. MITCHELL Geography Third Row GEORGE C. MORTON Physical Education REBECCA MOSKOVXTZ Commerce MARIE S. PINDER English Fourth Row EVA G. RAWLS English FLORENCE RYAN History HILDA H. SHARP English Fifth Row JEAN B. SMITH Physical Education PEGGY STEWART Attendance Teacher MARGARET SULLIVAN Science Sixih Row NORMA J. SYKES Speech, English HOXVARD TROTTER Industrial Arts JERRY WILLIAMS Vocal Music I The School Staff ED GRIST C ustadian ELVA HUDGEXS Lunchroom Jlanager A I Cafeteria xy ,N SY' I JANICE HUTTON Faculty Editor Civitan Club Page 15 Student Government BILL HIGGINS President of Student Body M,tQxft fmttt on-. 1 f. 5? ' , It C T . 5 A.. mf'-' nf- t , ' we W ' I ftif 9 K, E5 gt x Q we . 3 f : t .1 XI Q5 t A it 'Q uv awww 2 i 5 4. K mf -t ,- 4 1 A ,friiiiif Av' .liz , f NANCY LASHLEE T , .IANICE HORNAL reamrer Secretary PATRICIA LAWRENCE Court Clerk STUDENT CONGRESS E: Page 16 gg, 2 1 R 5 , - Y mmAA K R. x fx '-N , xy A - 5 W GLEAVES m Q BOLTON RT . BOBBY 14 ROBE lam B0BBYMarshal her of Chap JUDGES Left to right: LARRY PHAR- Rls, RONNIE BLEVINS, EDWIN HARRIS, Chief Justiceg WAYNE GASSAWAY, BOBBY Hows. Page National Honor Society Page 18 First row left to right: EMMA OSBORNE, PATRICIA LAWRENCE, TERRY WILSON, EDWIN HARRIS, PEGGY WORTHY, , MARY GOODMAN, JAMES RIDLEY, BOBBY GLEAVES, NORMA HETHCOTE, REBA LAWRENCE. Second row: MISS HETH- ERINGTON, MISS SULLIVAN, NORLIA JEAN COSTELLO, SARAH FOSTER, MARGIE DAVIDSON, BEVERLY BELCHER, SHIR- LEY SCOTT, BARBARA RUCKER, MARY RUTH STEWART, JANICE HUTTON, MRS. DEWS, MRS. MAIDEN, MR. ROCHELLE. R E COURLEY TIDWELL Third row: MARTHA CROWELL, PEGGY KERN, NANCY LASHLEE, JANICE HORNAL, BILLY EES , , JUANA SULLIVAN, JANICE LYNCH, DOROTHY SUITS, JOYCE CALLIS. N, . ,iipi H,-mf x - Q gg- A ' ' rr -1 - 'Rf M' '- v2.SEfhi'q - ' YL , ua,f:feJL':: gig YM , , , .XV Quyqvu- W . ,V ' vuwh . C 1 QLSG: ?'ini'1'.'-'IJ . . . 'rf 'sfY4,E". '5 ,Q-35-553211 :"75'J? HES, 5:11-if ffl? if N51 ' 'ri- , a,v.,35,+ - M r a , X., vt?-fray. -54,13 .44-aff 1 . , z.q..5-. 5.5: .1 'gl , k"'.3w" fr.: f-' "-,-:- ua, -fgizwyb 151 ,. '31-vii - l rf -- aw: , iff 15515911 ' -21' iff" 4' :F 4535 I ' rdf' ' -" -3 L- -.1 , . I" WF" 32245 v'f2Pfaf'f,i, F' . i 'LH 'xfg wwe 2 4511. -,Q Q - 1 A f A x. 142+ 1 -we -Af 0-f'-,i N -f.e..- ' -at mg-255 H' 1 qs' Q-1 7' f'Z1HE:,'q'1"':1':AXli i 5-:' ' I? ii' Y , in f-"'i:'Ev ,f WV? V351 . ,f-uv. -6.11,w- f JLQE1 1-.4 . ff? 5:1932-" f -1. , --in xrzi' .-nga: 1 :.v-,Fgv .15 .-ggi. gh'-W ' N'--1--. ESQ :win saga 464 'gli-j'L2x' 1 :git-' ,' ' ' 2... .,, , 015 'ow -5 " 3,-' .'--4 -,Nev A ,ft 'M "-.5-. .11-vffm- .15 gig-f. q'f'. ' 1 ,:',.f.f- ..6-9,1 . ' -:sm-' - , 'ff -V . g.3,.m,., 15'-,QM . -ng:-if - lg f' ' -, -:-are-. 'waz-." lm., " ' qxgfw, -- A - -' as, -QV :31, 3v.:Qeag, - "f2f-5135 t 1,5169 Lf?-f H .'-1 4. Hr '-Cn.. - a 'n ', , ...A '..'f::-' -4af..fz-,W -1'-:env -yi Wiz ' - "'! , ..ag5:?"' .'.-.I9".,iQz3f N - +Qf:h' 'vial-f-q,'TBv?g, . "f1t,.s"d'l51"." 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L om LIMELIGHT MOST DIGNIFIED - Emma Osborne and Jonny Swink MUST COURTEOUS Bob,y Potts md be ,fly bofclmv BKT 'NW 'XROI NP sm 1 in ncz BPH Sw Glenda Swoexff WIT I lib? JQYCQ Clwgbfivi dlid Rwy' f Q , , MOST STUDIOUS Hvlcm Prafi and Edwin Harris Senior Honor Students EDWIN HARRIS Valedlctorian BEVERLY BELCHER Salutatorian and Co-Historian PATRICIA LAWRENCE D.A.R. Medalist BILL HIGGINS Clvitan Medalist and Class Orator - gy :ff J . NN Page 24 BOEBY GLEAVES C lass Historian JAMES PAYNE Class Musician BOBBY Poms Class Will Maker NANCY LASHLEE Co-Will Maker RAY HOGAN Class Prophet JAMES RIDLEY C 0-Prophet Junior Civitan Club First row, left to right: MRS. CLARKE, Chaplain, BOBBY Hows, Sgt,-at-Arms: BOBBY HOLLAND, Secretary, PATRICIA LAWRENCE, President, WAYNE ELROD, Treasurer, BOYD EVANS, Vice-Prcszdcutg MEDEARIS SADLER. Srrond row: WAYNE GASSAWAY, GLENDA SWEATT, JANICE HORNAL, RICHARD CHILDRESS, BILLY PEARSON, LARRY PHARRIS, BILLY B Y ' RINTON, JOAN OUNG FARMER, PEGGY WORTHY, MARGO CHEATHAM, BEVERLY BELCHER, LINDA HIGGINS, Tlnrd row: LINDA WHITE ALDA BAKER SUE WOOLDRIDGE CHARLE K . B , , , s EEI, OBBY POTTS, BOBBY GLEAYES, ORVIL SMITH, TOMMY HATCHETT, DONALD PARMAN, GERALDINE HEDGEPATH, SHIRLEY PEWITT SCOTT, BARBARA RUCKER. Fourth row: ANNETTE ANGLIN, BEVERLEY FERGERSON, BETTY SUE GREEN, MARY GOODMAN, NANCY LASHLEE, ROY CLARY, MAURICE EDWARDS, BOYD DAUGHERTY, JOE SMITH, ELLEN, MATTOX, FAYE TELEORD. Fifth row: MAR- JORIE WYRE, NANCY FERGERSON, ROBERT BOLTON, BILLY BROWN, JANICE HUTTON, REBA LAWRENCE, HEI.EN PRATT, EDWARD ROD E . S1 h : ' ' G RS wt row LINDA PALMORE, BEVERLY FRAKES, JOYCE PALMORE, BOB ROCHELLE. .Sw- enth row: JAMES MORROW, DAVID PLUMMER, BILL HIGGINS, BILL DENNIS. Page 25 Page 26 History of the Senior Class Entering Cohn in 1950 was one of the most important steps in our lives. We had come from many different grammar schools, but mainly Sylvan Park, Park Avenue, Cockrill, and Murphy. We were the victims of many practical jokes that year. Taking advantage of our innocence and gullibility, seniors sold us Hlunchroom tickets," "elevator tickets," and even special lockers. As eighth graders we felt like big shots, getting to throw our weight around with the "little" seventh graders. We were even privileged to join some of the junior high clubs that year. In the ninth grade, we were between the big and the little. We were the "big shots" in the junior high clubs, but we ate lunch and attended chapel with the senior high students, We furnished star junior high basketball players and most of the junior high cheerleaders that year. When we were sophomores, we enjoyed being members of our first organized class. That was the year that we gave a tea for the seniors at their graduation. Roy Clary was elected President of the Sophomore Class, and Mr. Holmes was our sponsor. Our junior year was perhaps the most enjoyable of our high school career. Members of the junior Class served on C lariou and Annual staffs, were active in the N.F.L., and on the football, basketball, baseball, and tennis teams. Our of- ficers for that year were: President, Ed Weaklyg Vice-President, Wayne Elrodg Treasurer, jim Finleyg and Secretary, Medearis Sadler. The Civitan Club was chartered during our junior year. The seniors were very fortunate in that we gave th-em an outstanding prom, with a gala Hawaiian setting. At last came our biggest year. We were Seniors. We furnished the follow- ing student government officers: President, Bill Higgins, Speaker of the House, Bobby Gleavesg Secretary, janice Hornalg Treasurer, Nancy Lashleeg Court Clerk, Patricia Lawrenceg Chief Marshal, Bobby Potts, Chief justice, Edwin Harris, and Chaplain, Robert Bolton. The senior judges were Bobby Hows and Larry Pharris. The Senior Class officers were: President, David Plummer, Vice- President, Boyd Evansg Secretary, Peggy Worthyg Treasurer, Ray Hogang and Sergeant-at-Arms, james Payne. The class was responsible for a most successful chapel program during the year called the "junior Grand Ole Opry." Patricia Lawrence received the D.A.R. Medal and Bill Higgins received the Civitan Medal. Glendola Christensen was the Clariorfs chief editor, and Patricia Lawrence and Bobby Gleaves were the chief editor and Senior Class editor respectively of the Annual. During our senior year a very good recreation center was charterediwhich was named "Tiger Town." Senior Day and the Senior Prom were the highlights of our fading days at Cohn. We are now reaching the end of our high school careers and looking forward to our diplomas in june and happy useful lives in the outside world. We feel that we have had the best training high school students can expect and think that we are now ready to forge ahead into the unknown. BOBBY GLEAVES, Historian BEVERLY BELCHER, Co-Historian '1'Ii"Z?'v 1.- 5,31 : .SS ff fx ,"' T ' 1,,.a2' ru-, C 1 5' .-'Q' fiffgxh' f :I :3'3:'a. '5-I9-FE . '-'rr-1:'cf ,-fig?-: Tiff ff - . ffkfv- -1 -K., - ,., - - A fjfww- VSQE B . . x wg ' '11, 1? 5 is 593 'P-gf. 'iQ iii' 'fzflgi P - 551-5 '-'fffkii 1-jk-3: ,L :egg ,.,'1ii,rx, ".Q',L'? .-Ex .5 H A i ,531 v 'K -iff 0521!-n 5-ig-F- ' Il 4 war ix'-"15fR Q25- f1:-:Sh 915' ' Yi-,5 :v..'.L - ...Aff WW , .fL 'LL 2 A A-1 :vw-.hifff-,' , ', - "WH-Q33 44 :bi 'ijifyflg 1 ' 55,3-gi .I 9 1"-'24, ,,, . . ,, .' ' '21rf.. 1 RE., X g ' X-.HY !fF.'7 ig . ,,. ,. , , " 2' Q K2 N EQ 'ax 1 Qx 5-'lr ,. X 1 1 sf, X B w? 5 N Q AQV ' -1 ,Q-'- q w. 1 :f,1 :: "v'f?Q:a1rf-N . 1, Maw'--, g ,ri vm -Q.-....,., ---. N-,w.,,,, L L HIE LI Jibril-'rl J ,-A, . r".-.4-K'4WY3',,v J..eJ ,A PJ,-Q 77 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS DAVID PLUMMER Bovn EVANS President Vice-President PAYNE MARGARET SULLIVAN PEGGY WORTHY RAY HOGAN JAMES Sergeant-at-Arms SPOH-70" Page 28 Senior Class Bonny GLEAVES Senior Editor REBECCA ANN ACKLIN Dramatic Club, '52-'54, Y-Teens, '52-'.53g Hobby Club, '52-'53, Starlettes, '54-'55, Choir, '55-'56, Dance Club, '52-'53, Marshal, '53-'55, Volley- hall All-Star, '54-'55, Volleyball Exhibition Team, '55-'56, Junior Dance Club, '54-'55, An- nual Staff, '55-'56, Honor Roll, '52-'55, Junior Girls' Basketball Team, '54-'55, Sophomore Girls' Basketball Team, '53-'54. BEVERLY JANE BELCHER Student Congress, '52-'53, Ninth Grade Chorus, '52-'53, Dramatic Club, '52-'53, Y-Teens, '52- '53g Hobby Club. '52-'53, Secretary of Home- room, '52-,53, Marshal, '53-'55, Senior High Dramatic Club, '53-'54, Junior Steering Com- mittee, '54-'55, Starlettes, '54-'55, Office Staff, '54-'56, Annual Staff, '55-'56, Civitan Club, '55-'56, Honor Society, '55-'56, Co-Historian, '55-'56, "Most Courteous," '55-'56, Civitan Pro- gram Committee, '55-'56. KENNETH WAYNE Ancocx LESTER EUGENE BELL Transferred from Bellevue, '55-'56, SENICRS BETTIE JEAN BINKLEY Ballet Club, '52-'53, Hobby Club, '53-'54, An nual Staff, '54-'55, Student Congress, '55-'56 ilarion Staff, '55-'56, Marshal, '55-'56, Y Teens, '55-'56. 'T-75 ROBERT DAVID BOLTON SYLVIA RosE BRINKLEY Ninth Grade'Chorus,' '52-'53, Student Congress, Jr. Y-Teens, '52-'53, Hobby Club, '52-'53g 52-535 Senior Choir, '53-'55, Junior Civitan Dance Club, '53-'54g Senior Y-Teens, '53-'54p Cslsub-g6'54-'56, Chaplain of Student Government, gliige Staff, '54, Dramatic Club, '53-'54, Clarion ' - ta , '55-'56. TOMMY LEE BLEVINS -Y, '52-'53, Ph t h Cl b, '52"53g T. d Club, '55-'56: 0DCigl3iJ Class? '55-'S6. an JOHN EDWARD BOWERS WILLIAM DANIEL BRINTON, JR. Junior Photography Clulb, '52-'54, Senior Pho- tography Club, '561 Civitan Club, '55-'56, Bache- lors Club, '56, Advance Band, '53-'56, Dance Club, '53-'5-lg Clarion Photographer, '55-'56, Annual Photographer, '55-'56, x ,F Page 29 SENIORS EMILY ANN BUCKNER JOYCE MARIE MILDRED BUNDAY Senior Alternate Cheerleader, '55, Prom Com- mittee, '54, Senior Dance Club, '53, Presi- dent of Senior Y-Teens, '55, Vice-President of Senior Y-Teens, '53, Marshal, '53, Senior Y- Teens, '52-'55, Senior Dramatic Club, '53, Homecoming Committee, '55, Secretary of Senior Y-Teens, '54' Vice-President of Senior Y-Teen Interclub Council, '55, Y-Teen Re- porter, '52, Steering Committee, 'S4. STOCKTON CALLIS MARCO JANNELL CHEATHAM Transfer from Marshall County High School '53-'54, President of Band, '55-'56, Senior At tendant to Homecoming Queen, '55-'56, Annua Staff, '55-'56, Civitan Club, 'SS-'56, All-City Orchestra, '55-'56, Orchestra, '55-'56, Middli Tennessee Band Camp, '55, Band, '53-'56. VOYD NELSON CAMPBELL Marshal, '55-'56, "B" Team Football, Senior High Dance Club, Bachelor's Club, '54-'55, Photography Club, Fire Marshal. GLENDOLA CHRISTENSEN Clinic Staff, '53-'54, Dance Club, '53-'54, Home- room Reporter, '53-'54, Representative to Stu- dent Congress, '53-'54, Honor Roll, '54-'55, Marshal, '54-'55, Starlettes, '54-'55, A Cappella Choir, '55-'56, Clarion Staff, '55-'56, Co-Editor of Clarion, '55-'56, Girls' Badminton Intra- murals, '53-'54. MALCOLM TRACEY CLEGI-IORNE RICHARD HOUSTON CHILDRESS "B" Team Football, '53-'54, Varsity Football, '53-'56, Junior High Basketball, '52-'53, "B" Team Basketball, '53-'55, Track Team, '54-'55, Glee Club, '52-'53, Dance Club, '52-'55, Junior Hi-Y, '53, Dramatic Club, '52-'53, Ninth Grade Choir, '52-'53, A Cappella Choir, '53-'56, Ninth Grade Quartet, '52-'53, All-State Choir, '54-'56, Most Valuable Football Player at Cohn, '54-'55, Honorable Mention on All-City Foot- ball Team. '55-'55, Civitan Club, '54-'56, Choraliers, '54-'56, Senior Track Team, '55-'56, Football Captain, '55-'56, Rifle Team, '54-'55, All-Cit Football Team, '55-'56, Most Hand- Y some, '55-'56. Page 30 ROY BUNCH CLARY Varsity Football, '52-'56, Junior High Track Team, '52-'53, Junior High Basketball, '52-'53, Student Congress, '52-'55, President of Sopho- more Class, '53-'54, Junior Tennis Team, '52- '53, Dance Club, '52-'53, Junior High Softball, '52-'53, "B" Basketball, '53-'55, Varsity Basket- ball, '54-'56, Junior Hi-Y, '52-'53, Baseball Team, '53-'56, Senior Track Team, '54-'55, Junior High Intramural Basketball Champs, '53-'55, Red Cross, '52-'53, Junior Steering Committee, '54-'55, N.I.L. Basketball Champs, '54-'55, Fire Marshal, '52-'54, Middle Tennes- see State Baseball Champs, '54-'55, Senior Hi-Y, '55-'56, Exchange Bowl Champs, '52-'53, Cam- paign Speaker, '54-'55, "Best Groomed," '55- '56, Dramatic Club, '52-'53, MILDREO FRANCES COSTELLO Ninth Grade Chorus, '52-'53. CLA! JUNE DALE COTHRAN BOYD BAXTER DAUGHERTY Junior High Track Team, '52-'53, rlunior High Choir, '52-'53, Junior High Softbal Team, '52- '53, "B" Team Basketball, '53-'55, Senior High Choir, '53-'56, Civitan Club, '54-'56, Clarion Stali, '55-'56, "Most Basht'ul," '55-'56, Base- ball Team, '55-'56, Dance Club, '54-'55, Track Team, '53-'54, Dramatic Club, '53-'55, Middle Tennessee Music Festival, '53-'56, Hi-Y, '54- '56, Junior High Basketball, '52-'53, Red Cross, '52-'53, Bachelor's Club, '52-'53, "B" Team Football, 52-'53, Co-Managing Editor of the SENIORS JAMES ORON DOTSON, JR. Clarion, '55-'56. ROBERT ESTEL CRAFT Dance Club, '53-'54, Junior High Chorus, '52, A Cappella Choir, '52- 56, Junior High Softball, Senior Hi-Y. LENNIE MAY DAVIDSON Y-Teens, '53, All-State Chorus, '54, Chorus, '53-'56, Dance Club, '54, Starlettes, '53, Stu- dent Congress, '53, Marshal, '53-'56, Volley- ball All-Stars, '54, Ninth Grade Glee Club, '53, Civitan Club, '54-'55, Senior Steering Committee, '55-'56, Annual Staff, '55-'56, Li- brarian for Choir, '53, Alternate Cheerleader, '54, Fire Marshal, '54. L h, N! -g 'r , te 'alibi' ROBERT DARNEL DUNCAN Dance Club, '54, Decorating Committees for Plays, '53-'54. LESLIE BOYD EVANS Ninth Grade Choir, '52-'53, Junior High Quartet, '52-'53, Senior High Choir, '53-'55, All-Star Chorus, '54-'55, Midstate Music Festival, '53-'55, "B" Team Football, '53-'55, "B" Team Basketball, '53-'55, Civitan Club, '54-'56, Treasurer of Civitan Club, '55-'56, Clarion Stalii, '55-'56, Manager of Varsity Foot- ball, '54-'55, Senior Class Steering Committee, '55-'56, Senior Hi-Y, '54-'55. KENNETH DOGGETT 1sferred from Hermitage High School, '55, DORRIS VVAYNE ELROD Junior High Basketball, '52-'53, Ninth Grade Choir, '52-'53, "B" Team Basketball, '53-'54, Tennis Team, '53-'56, Choir, '53-'56, Middle Tennessee Music Festival, '53-'56, Vice-Presi- dent of Civitan Club, '54-'55, Civitan Club, '54- '56, President of Civitan Club, '55-'56, Vice- President of Junior Class, '54-'55, Marshal, '53- '56, Fire Marshal, '54-'56, Dance Club, '52-'55, Junior Class Steering Committee, '54-'55, Repre- sentative to Volunteer Boys' State, '55, Junior Class Basketball Team, '55, Intramural Basket- ball Tournaments, '52-'53, Junior High Music Festival, '52-'53. BETTY JOAN YOUNG FARMER Y-Teens. '53-'54, Band. '52-'56, Majorette, '53- '56, Hobby Club, '53-'54, Civitan Club. '54- '56, Marshal, '54-'56, Dance Clnli. 53-'S-3: Band Otihcer. '55-'56, Annual Staff. '55-'56, Student Congress, '54-'55, Middle Tennessee Band Festival, '52-'56. F I Page 31 SENIORS NANCY CAROLYN FERGERSON Ballet Club, '52-'53, Library Staff, '52-'53, Y-Teens, '54-'55, Hobby Club, '52-,533 Dance Club, '53-'54g Starletts, '54-'55, Annual Staff, '54-'55g "Most Bashful," '55-'56, Scrap Book Committee, '55-'S6. ALVAN STEPHENS FOSTER Golf Team, '52-'54, Dance Club. '53-'54, Senior Hi-Y, '54-'56, Marshal, '53-'54, Ninth Grade Choir, '52-'53, Senior High Choir, '53-'55, Civitan Club, '55-'56, Middle Tennessee Music Festival, '53-'55, Bachelor's Club, '52-'53, Dra- matic Club, '53-'55, Junior Hi-Y, '52-'53Q Treas- urer of Hi-Y, '54-'55. RAYMOND HAROLD FRAME Hi-Y, '54-'55, Dance Club, '53-'54: Sciet Club, '52-'53, Student Congress, '52-'54g Stai Club, '52-'53, Photograxiihy Club, '52-'53g Ri Team, '52-'53g Honor oll, '52-'54. JAM ES EDGAR FINLEY Football, '52-'563 Golf Team, '53-'56g Track Team, '54, Basketball Manager, '54g Student Congress, '52-'53, Marshal, '53-'54, Senior Hi- Y, '55-'565 Junior Class Treasurer, '54-'5Sg Dance Club, '53-'54, Junior High Dramatic Club, '52-'53, Middle Tennessee Music Festival, '53-'54, Annual Staff, '53g Dramatic Club, '53- '54g All-State Choir, '53-'56g President of Senior Choir, '55-'56. ROBERT ALLEN Fox ROBERT MILNOR GLEAVES S eaker of the House, '55-'S65 Senior Editor otPAnnual, '55-'56g Civitan Club, '54-'56, Tennis Team, '53-'56, Student Executive Committee, '55-'563 Interhigh Council, '55-'56: N.F.L., '53- '56g Chaplain of N.F.L., '54-'55, Clarion Stali, '54-'55, Associate Junior. Editor of. Annual, '54-'55, Junior Class Advisory Committee, '54- '55g Marshal, '53-'54, Won Junior High Spell- ing Contest, '52-'53, Assistant Treasurer of Civitan Club, '55-'56g Class Historian, '55-'56, Honor Society, '55-'56, Fire Marshal, '53-'54g Co-Editor of Tiger Wise, '55-'56g Crowned Carnival King. CLAUDE MARSHALL GOWER EDNA JOYCE Guaas Band, '52-'56, Hobby Club, '52-'53, Clinic Staff, '53-'54, Track Team, '52-'53, Library Staff, '53-'54g Orchestra, '53-'55, Sophomore and Junior Basketball Team, '53-'55g Volleyball Tournament, '55-'56, Volleyball All-Stars, '54- '55g Tennis Team, '54-'56p Dramatic Club, '54- '555 Basketball Tournaments, '54-'56, Badminton Tournaments, '54-'56, Junior Class Decorating Committee, '54-'55, Annual Club Editor, '55-'56g Annual Staff, Typist, '55-'56, M.T.S.B.O.A. Concert Festival, '50-'56: "Wittiest Girl" of Senior Class, '55-'56g M.T.S.B.A. Marching Festival, '54-'56, Solo and Ensemble Festival, '52-'54g Betty Crocker Homemaking Award, '56: Volleyball Exhibition Team, '56g Usher of Plays, "Harvey," "Jane Eyre", Dance Club, 'S4.'5S: Tennis Team. '54-'56. MARY ALYNNE GOODMAN Library Staff, '52-'53, Hobby Club, '52-'53g Junior Y-Teens, '52-'53, Dance Club, '52-'54, Basketball, '53-'54, Y-Teens, '53-'55, Starlettes, '54-'55, Middle Tennessee Music Festival, '55, Office Staff, '55-'56, Honor Society, '55-'56, Treasurer of Honor Society, '55-'56, DD. Os, fS5- TE and I. Club, '55-'56, Junior Civitan ' u , ' 6. BETTY SUE GREEN Hobby Club, '52-'53: Dance Club, '53-'54, brary Staff, 'SZ-'53, Y-Teens, '52-'53g Hi coming Queen, '55-'56, Annual Staff, '55- Volleyball Tournaments, 'SSQ Civitan Club, '56 CLAS! LINDA SUE GREER "B" Team Basketball, '53, Band, '53-'56, Orchestra, '53-'56, Tennis Team, '55-'56, Bad- minton Tournaments, '54-'56, Badminton Champions, '55, Volleyball All-Stars, '54-'55, Representative to Volunteer Girls' State, '55, Track Team, Library Staff, '53-'54, Sopho- more and Junior Basketball Team, '54-'55, Vol- leyball Exhibition Team, '56, Dramatic Club, '54-'55, Basketball Tournament, '54-'56, Junior Class Decoration, '54, Club Editor of Annual, '56, MT.S.B.O.A. Concert, '52-'56, M.T.S.B. O.A. M'arching Festival, '53-'56, Solo Ensemble Festival, '54-'56, Typist of Annual, '56, Hobby Club, '53, All-Star Band, '56, All-City Band, WAYNE HAMM SENIORS CHARLES EDWIN HARRIS, JR. Honor Society, '55-'56, President of Honor So ciety, '56, Junior Justice, '55, Chief Justice '56, Volunteer Boys' State, '55. 55-'56, RUBY KATHERINE GREER Junior Glee Club, '52, Secretary of Glee Club 52, Junior Y-Teens, '52-'53, Senior Y-Teens: '53-'54, Dance Club, '54, Marshal, '54-'55 Fire Marshal, '54-'55, Badminton Tournament '54, Secretary of Junior Homeroom, '54-'55 Band, '52-'55, Clinic Staff, '55-'56. 1 v JUANITA HAMM Transferred from Glencoe, Alabama. I digs,-' Q 'lit Hooi' I 'fxvi -we-A LOIS GLYNN HAWKS Junior Y-Teens, '52-'53, Senior Y-Teens, '54-'55, Hobby Club, '52-'53, Travel Club, '53-'54, Dra- matic Club, '53-'55, Marshal, '53-'54, Red Cross, '52-'53, N.F.L., '53-'54, Junior High Dance Club, '52-'53, Senior Dance Club, '54- '55, Freshman Basketball Team, '53, Sophomore ggsketball Team, '54, Junior Basketball Team, 5 SS as BOBBIE JEWEL HIRSBRUNNER Junior Y-Teens, '52-'53, Senior Y-Teens, '55, Basketball Team, '52-'53, Starlettes, '53-'54, Choir, '55-'56, Junior High Choir, '52-'53, Dance Club, '52-'53, Middle Tennessee Music Festival. THOMAS HENRY HATCHETT chelor's Club, '54-'55, Civitan Club, '54-'56, irshal, '55-'56, Business Staff of Annual, '55- DF l956 WILLIAM EDWARD HIGGINS Tennis Team, '54-'56, Rifle Team, '55-'56, Senior High Dramatic Club, '53-'56, Plays: COur Hearts Vtlere Young and Gay, Jane Eyre, Leading Role in Harvey, The Mad Woman of Chaillotj, N.F.L., '54-'56, President of N.F.L., '54-'55, City Atlirmative Debate Championship, '54-'55, Acquired Degree of Distinction for N.F.L. Work, Civitan Club, '54-'56, Nashville Academy of Science, '54-'55, Inter-High, '55- '56, Dance Club, '54-'55, Exchange Editor of Clarion Staff, '54-'55, Annual Staff, '54-'56, Junior and Senior Prom Committee, '55, Cohn Disc Jockey on High School Hit Parade, '55, Tiger Town Advisory Board, '55-'56, Crowned Football Homecoming Queen, '55, Crowned Carnival Queen, '55, Student Executive Com- mittee, '55-'56, Co-Editor of Tiger Wise, Stu- dent Congress, '53-'56, Representative to Na- tional Association of Student Councils, '55-'56, "Most Likely to Succeed," '55-'56, Orator of Senior Class, '56, President of Student Body, '55-'56, Civitan Medalist, '56. RAY WILLIAM HOGAN Page 33 SENIORS FLOYD MACK HOLLADAY Varsity Football, '53-'54, Hi-Y Club, '53-'54, Dance Club, '53-'54, Rifle Team, '52-'53, Bache- lor's Club, '52-'53, Student Congress, '53-'54, B-Team Basketball Manager, '53, Intramural Basketball Champs, '53-'54, Otiicer in Home- room, '53-'54. ANITA JANICE HORNAL Junior High Music Festival, '52-'53, Alternate Junior High Cheerleader, '52-'53, Starlettes, '53-'54, Ninth Grade Chorus, '52-'53, President of Chorus, '52-'53, Hobby Club, '52-'53, Mar- shal, '53-'54, Junior Class Decorating Commit- tee, '54-'55, Carnival Committee, '54-'55, Sec- retary of Student Council, '55-'56, Student Congress, '55-'56, Senior High Cheerleader, '54- '56, Honor Society, '55-'56, Senior High Choir, '53-'55, Annual Staff, '52-'54, Middle Tennessee Music Festivals, '52-'55, Civitan Club, '55-'56, Usher, '53, "Most Beautiful," '55-'56, Entertainment Committee, '55-'56, Inter- ROBERT CLAYTON Hows Transferred from Bellevue, '55, Civitan Cli '55-'56, Hi-Y, '55, Annual Staff, '56, Seni Judge, '56, Student Council, '56. llglggh, '55-'56, Secretary of Student Body, '55- BOBBY RAY HOLLAND Charter Member of Civitan Club, '54-'55, Sergeant-at-Arms, Civitan Club, '55-'56, Dance Club, '53-'54, Student Congress, '54-'55, Vice- President of Homeroom, '55-'56, Senior Hi-Y, '55-'56, Junior High Choir, '52-'53, Senior Choir, '55-'56, Annual Staff, '55-'56, Steering Committee of Senior Class, '55-'56, Fire Mar- shal, '55-'56, Marshal, '53-'56, N.F.L., '53-'54, Red Cross, '52-'53, Dramatic Club, '52-'53, Junior Hi-Y, '52-'53, All-State Chorus, '54-'55, Chaplain of Homeroom, '52-'53, Delivered Christmas Baskets, '52-'53, Junior High Tennis Team, '52-'53, Charter Member of Tiger Town, '55-'56, Decorating Committee, Junior Class Prom, '54-'55. GLENDA PROCTOR HOWARD TALFORD LEONARD JAOGERS, JR. Junior High Basketball, '52-'53, Dramatic Club, '52-'53, Student Congress, '52-'53, Intramural Basketball Champs, '53-'54, Junior High Track Team, '52-'53, N.I.L. Basketball Champs, '54- '55, 18th District Basketball Champs, '54-'55, Midstate Baseball Champs, '54-'55, "B" Team Basketball, '53-'54, Varsity Basketball, '54-'56, Baseball, '52-'56, Football, '55-'56. EDITH AMANDA JONES Ninth Grade Choir, '52-'53, Middle, Tennessee Music Festival, '52-'55, Marshal, '53- 54, Volley- ball Tournament, '53-'54, Basketball Tourna- ment, '53-'54, Library Staff, '53-'54, A Cappella Choir, '54-'56, Clarion Staff, '55-'56. JANICE EARLINE HUTTON Hobby Club, '52-'53, Basketball Team, '52-'54, Library Staff, '53-'55, Volleyball All-Stars, '54- '55, Volleyball Exhibition Team, '55-'56, Civi- tan Club, '54-'56, Annual Staff, '55-'56, Honor Society, '55-'56, Tennis Team, '54-'56, "Most Athletic," '55-'56, Marshal, '54-'55. Page 34 MITCHELL RAY KNALL "B" Team Basketball, '53, Marshal, '52 Junior High Basketball Team, '52-'53, Si Hi,Y, '54-'56, Junior High Track Team, '53, Dance Club, '52-'54, Junior Baskr Team, '55. BORGIE JOHNSON CLA NANCY JEAN LASHLEE Junior High Music Festival, '52-'53, Clarion Staff, '52-'56, Junior High Cheerleader, '52-'53, Ninth Grade Choir, '52-'53, Junior High Music Festival, '53-'56, Marshal, '54-'55, Junior At- tendant to Football Queen, '54-'55, A Cappella Choir, '53-'56, Senior Cheerleader, '54-'56, Co- Captziin of Cheerleaders. '55-'56, 'l'Tl'!lSlll'Cl' ot Choir, '54-'55, Choraliers, '54-'56, Student L'oiigress, '55-'5fi, Treasurer of Student liody. '55-'56, Senior Steering Committee, '55-'56, Honor Society, '54-'56, Annual Stalt, '52-'56, Junior High Editor of Annual, '54-'56, Student Council, '55-'56, Civitan Club, '55-'56, Tennis Team, '55-'56, All-Star Volleyball Team, '54- '55, Junior Basketball Team, '54-'55, Solo and Ensemble Festival, '54-'56, Middle Tennessee Music Festival, '53-'56, Dance Club, '53-'54, All-State Chorus, '54-'56, "Most Likely to Succeed," 'SS-'56, Inter-High, '55-'56, Volley- RTARY ELIZABETH LAWSON Ninth Grade Choir, '52-'53, Junior High Cheer- leader. '52-'53, Junior High Music Festival, '53, Girls' Track Team, '52, Junior High Dance Club. '53, Senior High Dance Club, '53-'54, Junior Class Dance Club, '55, Secretary of Sophomore Class, '53-'54, Alternate Senior High Cheerleader, '53-'54, Middle Tennessee Music Festival, '53-'56, Badminton Tourna- ments, '54, All-Star Volleyball Team, '54-'55, Marshal, '54-'55, Senior High Cheerleader, '55- '56, Secretary of Student Congress, '55-'56, Student Executive Committee, '55-'56, Choral- iers, '55-'56, Senior High Choir Operetta, '54- '55, Representative to State Fair Horse Show, '55, Sophomore Basketball Team, '54, Junior Basketball Team, '5S. SENIORS G ball Exhibition Team, '55-'56. RTARY PATRICIA LAXVRENCE Junior High Cheerleader, '53, Dramatic Club, '53-'54, Y-Teens, '53, Ninth Grade Chorus, '52-'53, Volleyball Exhibition Team, '55-'56, Basketball Tournaments, '54-'56, Library Staff, '54-'55, Marshal, '53-'56, Circulation Staff of Annual, '53, Sophomore Editor, of Annual, '54, Junior Editor of Annual. '55, Editor of An- nual, '56, Secretary of Civitan Club, '55-'56, Volleyball All-Stars, '54-'55, Tennis Team, '55- '56, Represented Cohn at Girls' State, '55, Inter-High, '56, Inter-High State Convention, '55, "Best All-Around," '56, Honor Society, '56, Executive Committee, '56, Senior Class Steering Committee, '56, Court Clerk of Stu- dent Body, '56, D.A.R. Medalist, '56. JAMES BRYAN LEONARD Junior High Track Team, '53-'54, Midstate Baseball Champs, '55, Western Division Champs, '55, Dance Club, '52-'54, Most Pleas- ing Personality of Senior Class, '55-'56, Senior Hi-Y, '54-'56, Chaplain of Hi-Y, '55-'56, Vice- President of Hi- , '55-'56, Homeroom Presi- dent, '53-'54, Secretary of Homeroorn, '52-'53, Junior Basketball Team, '55, Student Congress, '52-'53, Red Cross Representative, '52-'53, Red Cross Club, '52-'53. CARL Reese RTCADAMS "B" Team Football, '53, Bachelor's Club '54- JAMES OLEN MCDONALD Marshal, '54-'55, Fire Marshal, '54-'S5. ss, D. O., 'ss-'56, T. and I. Club, 'ss-"so JF I9 N...-ff' JANICE LENORA MCPHERSON Transfer from Dyersburg High School, '55, A Cappella Choir, '55-'56. 44 Q. ALICE FAYE McKAi' CLAYTIE LORAINE MEREDITH 56 Page as SENIORS brary Staff, '55-'56. EMMA CORINNE OSBORNE Ninth Grade Choir, '52-'53, A Cappella Choir. '53-'56, Clarion Staff, '55-'56, Chairman of Scrapbook Committee, '55-'56, Most Dignifled, '55-'56: Honor Society, '55-'56, Middle Ten- nessee Music Festival, '52-'5S. 1f.."J ,Brit f ROBERT LEONARD PEARCE Cohn School Band, '54-'55, Hi-Y, '52-'53, Dance Club, '54-'SSL Junior High Dance Club, '52-'53, Photography Club, '52-'S3g Red Cross, '52-'53, Marshal, '53-'54, Intramural Basketball, '53-'54, Junior Class Basketball, '54, Junior High Chorus, '52-'53. JAMES ARNOLD PAYNE Band, '52-'56, "B" Team Football, '52-'53, Varsity Football, '52-'55, Junior High Softball, '52: Junior High Track Team, '52, Junior High Basketball, '52, Exchange Bowl Champs, '52g Senior High Dance Club, '53-'54, Homeroom President, '52-'53g Student Congress, '52-'54: Tennis, '53-'56g Junior Dance Club, 'S-1: Senior Hi-Y, '54, Junior Homeroom Basketball Champs, '54, Red Cross, '53-'54g Marshal, '53-'54, Vice- President of Sophomore'Class, '53-'54: Best All-Around, '55g Senior Track Team, '53-'55. Page 36 JOAN NANCE JOYCE ELAINE PAGE THURMAN DONALD PARMAN Student Congress Representative, '52-'535 Li- Band, '52-'55, Bachelor's Club, '53-'54, Rifle Team, '52-'53, Dramatic Club, '54-'55. JOYCE LUCILLE PALMORE Ninth Grade Choir, '524'53g A Cappella Choir, '53-'55, Civitan Club, '54-'56g Volleyball All- Stars, '54-'55, Middle Tennessee State Music Festival, '52-'55, Marshal, '53, Junior Class Steering Committee, '54-'55, Volleyball Exhibi- tion Team, '56. BILLY RAY PEARSON Vice-President of Bachelor's Club, '54-'55, Stu- dent Congress, '54"56g Nashville Academy of Science, '54-'55, Middle Tennessee Science Club, '54-'55, Junior Civitan Club, '54.-16: Dance Club, '53-'54, Congress School Spirit Commit- tee, '55-'56. GORDON RAY PEARSON NORRIS BUELL PELHAM National Academy of Science, '54-'55. CLA! LARRY GENE PI-IARRIS Idge, '55-'56, Photography Club, '52-'53, Stu- 'nt Congress, '52-'53, Ninth Grade Choir, '52- 3, Choir, '53-'56, Dance Club, '53-'54, Mar- al, '53-'54, Junior Civitan Club, '54-'56, gchelor's Club, '54-'55, Student Congress, '54- ROBERT GENE POTTS Junior High Boys' Choir, '52-'53, Bachelor's Club, '54-'55, "B" Team Football, '54, Marshal, '54-'55, Student Congress, '54-'55, Varsity Foot- ball, '55, Chief Marshal, '55-'56, Student Congress, '55-'56, Most Courteous Boy, '56, Inter-High, '55-'56, Steering Committee of ienior Class, '56, Will Maker of Senior Class, ' 6. SENIORS HELEN LOUISE PRATT Hobby Club, '52-'53, Library StalT, '53-'54, Badminton Champion, '55, Badminton Tourna- ment, '53-'55, Volleyball Tournaments, '54-'56, Volleyball All-Stars, '55, Volleyball Exhibition Team, '56, Basketball Tournaments, '53-'55, Tennis Team, '54-'56, Junior Basketball Team, '54-'55, Civitan Club, '54-'56, "Most Studious," '55-'56, Annual Staff, '55-'56. S. PEGGY ANN PROCTER DAVID ATwooD PLUMMER Ilunior High Basketball, '52, "B" Team Bas- etball, '53-'54, Varsity Basketball, '53-'56, Marshal, '55-'56, Student Congress, '52, Civitan Club, '54-'56, Rifle Club, '53-'55, Senior Class President, '55-'56. DOROTHY FAYE REDIKER Chorus, '52-'53, Y-Teens, '52-'53, Library StaE, '52-'53, Hobby Club, '52-'53, ,ry Staff, '52-'53, Ninth Grade Choir, '52- Y-Teens, '52-'53, A Cappella Choir, '53- Marshal, '54-'55, Middle Tennessee State val, '53-55, Scrapbook Committee, '55-'56, 5Team Basketball, '52-'53, Fire Marshal, F I956 DAVID LEE REDMOND LOWANDA MARIE POWERS Starlettes, '54-'55, Ninth Grade Choir, '52-'53, Middle Tennessee Music Festival, '52-'54, Hobby Club, '52-'53, Honor Roll, '53-'54, Clarion Staff, '55-'56. V, -....v" WILLIAM WAYNE REESE Bachelor's Club, '54-'55, Marshal, '55-'56, An- nual Staff, '55-'56, Dance Club, '54-'55, Stu- dent Congress, '52-'53, Honor Society, '56. Q. . i i Q 5 nr I, La iieb -al A .,., ,,,- g W as l I iiflsl' JAMES WATSON RIDLEY Dance Club, '52-'53, Student Congress, '52-'53, Hi-Y, '53, Bachelor's Club, '55-'56, Band, '52- '56, Senior High Representative, '54, Or- chestra, '54-'56, Clarion Staff, '56, Honor So- ciety, '55-'56, Nashville Academy of Science, '55, Junior Civitan Club, 'S5. Page 37 SENIORS CHARLES PRESTON RIGGS ALLEN EDWARD ROGERS Transferred from Bellevue to Cohn, '55, Mar- President of Orchestra, '53-'56, Bachelor's Club, shal, '55-'56. '54-'55, Civitan Club, '54-'56, Annual Staff, '55-'56, Dance Club, '54-'55, Marshal, '55-'56. EVA NELL SAUNDERS Senior Y-Teens, '53-'56: N.F.L., '52-'54, Dr: matic Club, '52-'54, Dance Club, '52-'53, Choi '54-'56, Junior Class Steering Committee, '51 '55, Tri State Speech Meet, '52-'53, Sophomor Basketball Team, '53-'54, N.F.L. City Finalii in Poetry, '54-'55p Middle Tennessee Musi Festival, '55, Finalist in Badminton Tournz ments, 'SZ-'53g Prop Manager for Play, "Ou Hearts Were Young and Gay," '53-'54. ROBERT LANNING ROCHELLE Science Club, '52-'53, Bachelor's Club, '54-'SS Civitan Club, '54-'56, "A" Team Football, '55 '56, "B" Team Football, '53-'54, Track Team, '53, Annual Staff, '55, Track Team Manager. MARION MEDEARIS SADLER Ninth Grade Chorus, '52-'53, Alternate Junior High Cheerleader, '52-'53, Junior High Y- Teens, '53-'54, Senior High Y-Teens, '53-'54, Marshal, '53-'54, A Cappella Choir, '53-'54, Dance Club, '53-'54, Secretary of Junior Class, '54-'55, Junior Steering Committee, '54-'55, Civitan Club, '54-'56, Second Vice-President of Civitan Club, '54-'55, Secretary of Choir, '55- '56g Most Pleasing Personality, '55-'56, Student Congress Representative, '55-'S6. Y Rah Wap .2 QW' "' is if 5 X 4-all it 1, awww" K' 43, ff fi Mya! , z JOSEPH CoNNoR SMITH ORVIL RAY SMITH Junior Civitan Club, '54-'56, "B" Team Foot- Bachelor's Club, '54-'55, Civitan Club, '55-'56, bills '53-'54, Varsity Football, '54-'56, Dance lgigsiness Staff of Annual, '55-'56g Marshal, '54- u . ' . DORTHY ANN SMITH MARIE CATHERINE SMITH PERCY RAY SMITH Library Stati, '55-'56g Red Cross Club, '52-'S3. Dance Club, '5Zp Hobby Club, '52-'53g Library Dance Club, '52-'S3. Page 38 Staff, '55-'56, Volleyball All-Stars, '54-'55, Red Cross, '52-'S3. CLAS THURMAN LEO SMITH, JR., AKKAYOU 'unior High Softball, '52-'53, "B" Team Bas- etball, '52-'53, Varsity Football, '53-'56, Varsity lasketball, '54-'56, All "AAA" Quarterback, 54, Baseball, '54-'56, "All-Western Division" Second Team All-City, Regional Champs, '54- 55, State Finals at Kingsport, Tennessee, '54- 55, Junior Class Justice, '54-'55, Vice-Presi- lent of Senior Homeroom, '55-'56, President of 'unior Homeroorn, '54-'55. BEVERLY KAY Srour Hobby Club, '52-'53, Y-Teens, '52-'53, Fresh- man Girls' Basketball Team, '52-'53, Sopho- more Girls' Basketball Team, '52-'53, Dance Club, '53-'54, Library Staff, '54-'55, Civitan Club, '54-'55, Starlettes, '54-'55, Middle Ten- nessee State Music Festival, '54-'55, Choir, '55-'56, Junior Ste ' ' ' -' ' Marshal, '54-'55. ering Committee, 54 55, SENIORS GLENDA SUE SWEATT Red Cross, '52, President of Junior Y-Teens, '52-'53, Y-Teen Representative to Camp Hy- Lake, '52, Model in City Wide Fashion Show, '53, Cheerleader, '53, Junior High Choir, '53, Senior High Cheerleader, '54-'56, Captain of Cheerleaders, '56, President of Senior Y-Teens, '54-'55, Vice-President of Y-Teens, '56, Presi- dent of City Y-Teen Council, '54, Treasurer of Hobby Club, '54, Representative to Camp Hy- Lake, '55, Civitan Club. '55-'56, Senior High Choir, '54-'55, Best School Spirit, '56, N.I.L. Sweetheart of the Week, '56, Advisory Commit- WILLIAM LUTHER STINSON "B" Team Football, '52-'53, Treasurer of Sophomore Class, '53-'54, Dance Club, '53, Senior Hi-Y, '54, Clarion Staff, '54, Student Congress, '53. tee, '56. BARBARA JEAN SULLIVAN Secretary of Homeroom, '52-'53, Ninth Grade Choir, '52-'53, Ninth Grade Sextet, '52-'53, Y- Teens, '52-'53, Hobby Club, '52-'53, A Ca ella Choir, '53-'56, Middle Tennessee State lillnusic Festival, '53-'56, Senior Scrapbook Committee, '55-'56, Honor Roll, '52-'56, Marshal, '53-'54, Fire Marshal, '53. BETTY JEAN TAYLOR SHARON DALE THOMPSON Y-Teens, '53-'54, Decorating Committee for Carnival, '54-'55, Stali, '55-'56, JONNY FRANK SWINK lance Club, '52-'54, Student Congress, '52-'54, li-Y, '52, Track Team, '55, Rifle Team, '55- i6, Clarion Stali, '55-'56, Bachelor's Club, '55. Marshal, '54-'55, Clarion Transfer, '53-'55, Hi-Y, '54-'55, Marshal. '55- '56, Intramural Basketball, '52-'53, Track Team, '52-'53. WADE HowARD TELFORD FRED BUSTER TOLER Clarion Staff, '55-'56. Clarion Staff, '55. , Y A-aw F I Page 39 SENIORS EVELYN LOUISE TRAVIS Junior Y-Teens, '52-'53, Hobby Club, '52-'53, Dance Club, '54-'55, Marshal, '53-'55, Starlettes, '54-'55, Clarion Staff, '55-'56, Managing Editor of Clarion, '55-'56, A Cappella Choir, '55-'56, Middle Tennessee State Music Festival, '54-'56, "Best Groomed Girl" of Senior Class, '56, Civitan Club, '54-'569 Senior Y-Teens, '53-'54. WILLIAM EUGENE VAUPEL Dance Club, '52-'53, Golf Team, '52-'54, Senior Hi-Y, '54. EDNVARD LEWIS WEAKLEY Dance Club, '52353g Student Congress, '52-'53g Junior Red Cross, '52-'53, Homeroom Ollicer, '52-'53, Sergeant-at-Arms of Sophomore Class, '53-'54, Intramural Basketball Champs, '53-'54g Sophomore and Junior Basketball Teams, Junior Class President, '54-'55, Junior Cla'ss Steering Committee, '54-'55, Lt. Marshal, '54-'55, Fire Marshal, '54-'56, Coach of Junior Girls' Bas- ketball Team, '54-'55, President of Homeroom, '54-'55, D. O. Class, '55-'56g T. and I. Club, '55-'56, "Best School Spirit" of Senior Class, '55-'56, Campaign Manager, '54-'55. CLARENCE TURNER TUCKER JUNE CORINNE WATKINS Junior Y-Teens, '52, Finalist in Badminton Tournament, '53, Dance Club, '52-'53, Junior Class Steering Committee, '54-'55, Sophomore Basketball Team, '53, Senior Y-Teens, '53-'56: Secretary of Senior Y-Teens, '55-'56. EDWARD WEAVER TERRY BURTON WILSON Student Congress, '53-'54, Dance Club, '53-'54g Bache1or's Club, '54-'553 Honor Society, '54-'56, Chaplain of Honor Society, '55-'56, Hi-Y Club, '54-'55. ROSE MARIE WEATHERBY NORINE WILLIAMS WALTER WILBER WILSON Student Congress, '52-'53g Library Staff, '52-'53, Badminton Tournaments, '55, Marshal, '55, Of- Transferred from Bellevue. Page 40 fnce Staff, '54-'55, Volleyball Team, '55. CLAS F I SENIORS SUE WOOLDRIDGE Civitan Club, '54-'56, Treasurer of Homeroom, '55-'56, Student Congress, '55-'56, PEGGY LEE WORTHY '16 Senior Steering Committee. '55-'56, Band, '52- '56g Majorette, '53-'56, Y-Teens, '53-'54, Hobby I f Club, '52-'53, Marshal, '54-'56g Honor Society, . '55-'56, Dance Club, '53-'54, Band Secretary, '53-'54, Senior Class Secretary, '55-'56, Annual Staff, '55-'56, Band Sponsor, '55-'56, Honor Society Secretary, '55-'56, Orchestra, '54-'SS' Middle Tennessee Band Festival, '52-'56, Civitaxi Club, '56, Miss Cohn High, '56, Attendant to Carnival Queen, '55. , 956 Page 41 Page 42 Prophecy We, the elected prophet-s of the class of '56, write the following telling what, we think, you are going to be. Some are famous and some are not. After all, people have their different ways of life. The average American husband has a wife and children to support. Their support greatly depends upon his ability to make a suc- cess in his field. Acklin, Becky--Sweet wife of a candyman Adcock, Kenneth-Head of '92 Boys Belcher, Beverly-Woman wizard Bell, Lester-Undertaker Binkley, Bettie J ean-Toni hair permanent sales- woman Blevins, Tommy-A popcorn man Bolton, Robert-President of the Mickey Mouse Club Bowers, Mickey-Playboy with a fifth of what it takes Brinkley, Sylvia-College 'tBrain" Brinton, Billy-Another "16 Tons" Bucknor, Anne-Wife to a certain boy at U.T. Bunday, Mildred-Housewife Callis, J oyce-Big Boss at Castner-Knott Campbell, Nelson-Weightlifter this owni Cheatham, Margo-Plumber's aide Childress, Richard-Playboy Glendola, Christensen-Becomes public enemy No. 1 with her Ford Clary, Roy-A hard working husband, very hard Cleghorne, Tracy-Moonshiner Costello, Mildred-Housewife Cothran, June-Stanley Saleswoman Craft, Estel-Bouncer at Bogies Bar Daugherty, Boyd-Shy spy for the F.B.I. Davidson, Lennie-Will become a History teacher at Cohn Dotson, J. O.-Terror of Highway 101 Doggett, Kenneth-Midget Wrestler Duncan, Bob-Will be wanted for Love Elrod, Wayne-President of Last National Bank Evans, Boyd-Kentucky Basketball Center Farmer, J oan-Housewife and Farmer Fergerson, Nancy-Will become a Brunette Finley, Jimmy-Heavyweight Champ of the World, 360 pounds Foster, Alvan-Head of the Ku-Klux Klan Fox, Robert-Known as the "sly one" to the boys Frame, Raymond-Tax Collector Gibbs, J oyce-Gun Moll Gleaves, Bobby-"Malnor" shall become famous Goodman, Mary-Secretary Gower, Marshall-Cool fool at the swimming pool Green, Betty Sue-First woman in History to wear false teeth made of steel Greer, Linda-Woman Athlete Greer, Ruby-Kayo's Adviser Ham, Wayne- Hamm, J uanita-Housewife Harris, Edwin-Successful businessman Hatchett, Tommy-Mr. Moto with Duncan Yozo Hawks, Lois-Woman wrestler Higgins, Bill-Bookie at the rat races Hirsbrunner, Bobbie-Old Maid Hogan, Ray-A complete "Flop" Holladay, Floyd-Will be known as the man with the gun in social circle Holland, Bobby-Manager at Herman's Store ' Hornal, J anice-Founder of National Gossip Week Howard, Glenda-A good shoemaker Hows, Bobby-Cuspidor Collector Hutton, J anice-Big wheel at the Bel-Aire J aggers, Talford-Top Jockey of the Year Johnson, Borgie-History Major Jones, Edith-Woman cop Keel, Charles-Will be a woman cop Knall, Mitchell- Lashlee, Nancy--Model for stockings Lawrence, Patricia-Deputy to crooked Cop known a-s Bobby Potts Lawson, Mary-Model for Pocketbooks Leonard, J ames-Manager of Spud's place Mason, Myrna-Housewife McAdams, Carl-Draftsman McDonald, J ames-Another Roy Rogers McKay, Alice-Woman Cab Driver McPherson, J anice-Member of Women's Air Force Meredith, Claytie-Business Woman Page, J oyce-Housewife Palmore, J oyce-Manager of the Credit Department at Harvey's Parman, Donald-Slick Salesman Payne, J ames-ACollege Professor at Nail University Pearce, Buddy-King of the Playboys Pearson, Billy Ray-Revenue Agent Pearson, Gordon-A Bigamist Pelham, Norris-National thumb-twiddling champ Pharris, Larry-Will invent a new dye to match red hair Plummer, David-Recruiting Sergeant Potts, Bobby-Crooked Police Chief Powers, Lowanda-Housewife Pratt, Helen-Tennis Queen with an easy racket Proctor, Peggy-Raise cocker spaniels Rediker, Faye-Bubba's baby Redmond, David-Will ride John Randolph III to victory Reese, Billy-Will be the 32nd Tarzan Ridley, J ames-A most successful bum Riggs, Charles-English Professor at Vanderbilt Rochelle, Bob-Will become a three time loser Rogers, Edward-Symphony director Saunders, Eva N ell-Will make the Staten Island ferry famous Sadler, Medearis--A hot rod driver Smith, Dorothy--Housewife Smith, J oseph-Mad man with the Ku-Klux Klan Smith, Marie-Lady detective Smith, Orvil-Will have his own jug band Smith, 'Percy-Be a History teacher at Cohn Smith, Thurman-Checker's champion Stinson, William-Work at Lion "Jet" station Stout, Beverly-Famous acrobat at the circus Sullivan, Barbara- Sweatt, Glenda-Old maid Swink, J ohnny-Wild child with a file Nance, J oan- Osborne, Emma-Brain college gal Taylor, Betty-Will run a Hollywood gossip column Telford, Wade-Mop salesman Thompson, Dale-Tommy Gun Thompson Toler, Fred-Will attempt to make money Travis, Evelyn-Big Wig with a lot to dig Tucker, Clarence-Another Mengle Travis Vaupel, William-Will rewrite the play "Macbeth" Watkins, June-Gun Moll Weakley, Edward-Hard working man to everyone Weatherby, Rose-Secretary Williams, Norine- Wilson, Terry-Will try to put Tokyo Joe back in power Wilson, Wilburn-Genius ' - Woolridge, Sue-Will marry Worthy, Peggy-Housewife RAY HOGAN, Prophet JAMES RIDLEY, Co-Prophet CHARr.Es Kam. C lass Poet Class Poem As we take our last walk through these halls, We look around us at these rooms and walls, And the door to our future stands open wide, Our future is, rushing us like an oncoming tide. Now that it, is time for us to leave, There will be some who will grieve, But you taught us to overlook sorrow, And to look for a brighter tomorrow. Through the long months and many years, We played and had fun, but we had fears, We overlooked our fears, and with your care, Our burdens, and sorrows were easier to bare. We remember the hours of joy and fun, We all had our joy, yes everyone, We know we will leave with your love, And God's great blessings from above. CHARLES KEEL Page 43 Page 44 Name ACKLIN, BECKY ..,.. Ancocx, KENNETH BELcI-IER, BEVERLY .... BELL, LESTER ..,..... BINRLEY, BETTIE JEAN . BLEVINS, TOMMY ..... BOLTON, ROBERT ... BowERs, MICKEY BRINRLEY, SYLVIA .. BRINTON, BILLY BUCKNER, ANNE .... BUNDAY, MILDREIJ .. CALLIs, JOYCE ...... CAMPBELL, NELSON CHEATHAM, MARGQ CHILDRESS, RICHARD .. CHRIsrENsEN, GLENIJOLA CLARY, ROY .......,.. CLEGHORNE, TRACY .... CosrEI.Lo, MILDRED . . . Cori-IRAN, JUNE CRAFT, ESTEL ..,.. DAUGHERTY, Bovo .... DAVIDSON, LENNIE .... DOTSON, J. O. ..., . DOGGETT, KENNETH DUNCAN, Bon ......, ELROD, WAYNE EVANS, BOYD ..... FARMER, JOAN ...,. FERcERsoN, NANCY FINLEY, JAMES ..... FosTER, ALVAN .... Fox, ROBERT ..... FRAME, RAYMOND ,. Grass, JOYCE ,... GLEAVES, BOBBY . GOODMAN, MARY .. GowER, MARSHALL .. GREEN, BETTY SUE GREET, LINDA ..... GREER, RUBY .. HAM, WAYNE .... HAMM, JUANITA .... HARRIS, EDWIN ..., HATCHETT, TOMMY .. HAWK, Lois .,........ HIGGINS, BILL ....,.. HIRsHRRUNNER, BonRIE HooAN, RAY ........, HOLLADAY, FLoYn .. HoLLANn, BOBBY I-IoRNAL, JANICE HOWARD, GLENDA Hows, BOBBY ..., Herron, JANICE JAGGERS, TALEoRn JOHNSON, BoRoIE JoNEs, EDITH ,.... KEEL, CHARLES ., KNALL, MITCHELL .. Nickname ...."Acky" ."Daddeo" "Bev" .. "Wa Wa" . "Rabbit" .. "Zaro" .. "Cyrano" . "Squeaky" . "Little Bill" "Bunny" "Millie" AJOYH H "Bud" , "Pogo" . "Rat" ., 'Glenn .... 'Bunch" I c s "Chummy" . Y.Bug,. l . "Axel" . "Chuck" .. "Len" . "Jam" .. "Shorty" .. "Rodney" .. "Little Man" "Jo" . ...... "Red" "Finn" .. "Al" .. "Bobby" "Joy" ...... "Bobby D." "Hallie" "Queenie" "Suezy" .. "Rub" "Hambone" , "Skinny" ,. "Eddie" ... "Tom Henry" "T. D." ..... . . . . "Big Bill" .. .... "Hersey" ... . . . . "Ray Babe" "Bozo" .... Jan ....... .... ..."Howard" .. . . . ."Bunion" . .. .. . ."Bouncey" . . . . . ."Pee Wee" . ..,"Porgie" . . . . ."Jonsey" . . "Chas" , "Mitch" . Food ............... 'Tracy Horn" Pinpointing Like: Dislikes .Bill ......,.......... .... H . G. Hill's late working hours .A black haired girl .... English homework To sleep ............ .... H omework ii5..5Q,'L5QQ,'AnLIii,l1QQ' i i . . . . i Qstiyiiii AL' ight ' ' Pool and hunting ...... .... S tudying Moutons ......... .... Girls ............. . . Food and money Jimmy and the Delta Tau Delta . To eat and dance ..............,. Sonny ............ .... Sports .............. .... Eating and music . . . . . . . Mary Beth ......,.. .... TobewithRoy... Being with Betty . . . . . . . To sleep ......... .... T. V. ..,........... . . . . To meet cute boys .. Being with Lenny .. .. . . Basketball ...... . . . . . . . . Pete ....,....................... Mr. Carthcart's English class ...... Girls ..........,................. Girls from West . . . . . . Sports ......,............. .... To talk ........,.........,....... Weekend Ronnie comes home ...... Being over at Al's ............... Queenies ................... .... Girls . ..,............. Whales and hamburgers . . . . . . . Music and tennis ..,.... .... Long holidays .......... .... Myself ........ ' Iceskate ......... . . . Sports .,.....,..........,. .... To be with Kayo ....,........... To eat and to have a little money.. Vacation time ................... Weekends ................... .... To eat ............,.,........... A good time and plenty of excitement. Celebrating with the boys ........ Eating food .............. .... Fresh fish ,.... ......... .... Sexyways... Loafing .... -..- Weekends ...... ..-. Bob .............. i :iTo ramble around . . .. . . ....Food.............. ....To play cards ....Riding and roaming Basketball games ................. Brunettes, dark complexted girls . . ....Good looking girls '39 Chevrolets Western movies Being hungry H.'UHHHiThe drags Coneeited people Sonny being in the Navy Girls Nosey people Going to the Army The "Kings" Queens Slow drivers Tousled hair Working on Saturday night People who think they know and own everything Women drivers The Kings Work School Working Not playing sports Conceited people Weekend Ronnie doesn't come home All Queens at Cohn Rude boys Work Sharks and beet-pickles Procrastinators Short weekends "Local" girls . Homework English Smart remarks Trouble To get up early in the morning Getting up on cold mornings Homework The morning after the night before Studying Getting fat Tea The "Queens" Working Homework Bob working at night Physics Work Pests Staying in one place too long No money Anything that costs English ....To be Hat broke Personalities Name LASHLEE, NANCY ........ LAWRENCE, PATRICIA LAWSON, MARY ELIZABETH Lsonnn, Inns ......., MASON, MYRNA ......... McAnAus, Cnr. ...... MCDONALD, Lures ..., McKAY, ALICE ........ McPHnsoN, JANICE Mxnsnrrx, CLAvrn: .... NANcz, JOAN ........... Osnonur, Emu Column "Mutt" . . . . Ruby ,................ PAGE, Joyce ........... PALMORE, Jovcz ,...... PAXKAN, DONALD PAYNE, JAuxs ...... Pnncz, Bunny .....,. PEARSON, BILLY RAY .. Pensou, Gonnou ..... PELBAU, Nonnis Pnuuus, LAnnY .. Pununrn, DAVID Ports, Bonny ....... . Powells, LOWANDA .... PnA-rr, Hmmm ...... Pnocron, Peoov Rznixsn, FAvx Renuonn, DAVID .. Reese, BILLY .... RIDLEY, JAHES Rxocs, CHARLES Rocnznn, Bon ...,. Surn-1, Doxo-mv Sui-rn, Joszrx .... Sui-rn, MAH: Slurn, OZVIL Slum, Pncv Slum, Tnuxunu .... c u u nJeEu "Husky" . SAUNDERS, EvA Nur. SAnLu, Mznenrs Rocsns, Enwnn .,., Srmson, WILLIAH Srour, Bsvnu ...... SULLIVAN, BARBARA .. SWEATT, GLBNDA Swmx, Jonny ..... TAvLon, Bm--rv .... Tnronn, WADE Tnourson, DALE Tone, Faso ...... TRAVIS, Eveum .... Tvcxn, CLAIENCE VAvrzL, WILLIAH ,... WATKXNS, JUNE .,.. WEAKLEY, EnwAnn WEATHERBY, Rosa WILLIAXS, Nouns WxLsoN, Tumi ..... Wnson, Wrnunn Woor.muncz, Sun Wouny, Pzoov uBabsn is u u u as Nickname "Nan" ..... HPR., It Y! M-E-L . . "Mac" .. N ' Jim" .. AJ N BH .... cJOdyn U ' 'Ken" . qodyn h 'Cousin" . 'Don" . 'Herky" . . . . . . . Bo" ........, .... S lick cars and hunting . . . "Little Bill" "Shorty" ..,.. .... 'slAQ.ii5" ' f Davy" . 'Rod" . . . "Wanda" . "Hattie" . 'Sam" ... "Schoochie" "Bill" . . . "Uno" . . . "Riggs" . . "Bunny Hop" "Dot" ....... .... Rec" . . 'Perse" .. Kaya" . "Nellie" . . Dearis" . . Ed" Stein" . Bev" .. Dena" . Rasputann . Sonny" . . Bo" u "Little Ev" fr - Nip" ...., Junebug" . uNigu ' I Biggie" . . . Terrylee" . Cuz" .... ' It-Pegn Likes The "Queens" ............. Sports .......................... Food, Stan, and the "Queens" ....Sleep Food ,,...,. ....A Junior boy ....Men with money ....Chuck ....Money-Money-Money .. ....Money . Boys ........ . . ..... .Money ............... . Helen Crockett ......... .. . .. .Patty Richardson ....... Hunting and fishing ....To do nothing ....A certain Senior girl ...,Holidays ....To make friends ....Sports Lots of money .. To eat ........ Fords ........ ....,. . Sleeping late .............. Dislikes Nosey people Homework Smart remarks and "The Corner" Waking up English Certain social classes "Men drivers" To get up in the morning , . . .Untruthful people . . . .Girls with boy friends . . . .Homework . . . .The local "Queens" English class . . . .Bill collectors . . . .Homework . . . . Getting current events . . . . Clowns .. .... Long weekends and long vacations.. ....Females Loafing ........... Clifford McKinney Football ......... Food ..... Beverly S. Good times and Fred Food and money .... Saturdays ............. "Lovey Dovey" music .. Percy ................. Money ..,.............. Private swimming pools Saturday nights ...... Dill pickles ..... A carload of girls . ..,... . Everything that is likeable Walt .,...........,.... Girls ........................... ............ ... . Drive-In Krystal and big brown eyes . To eat, sleep, and dance Kenny ................ Cool music ......... , . . . To have longer vacations . . . Hubert ...... School days Sitting in church by myself To study Homework Getting up early Chevrolets Getting up early Short weekends He-males Work Nothing Baseball Diets People who talk a lot and say noth- mg Paying Fines Dull and dry people Lessons Monday morning Studying H. G. I-lill's late store hours Shorthand Having to wait until September to get married Picture shows with no comedies Staying home Jealous boys Everything that doesn't like me Boys and drags, too Anyone who doesn't like girls VVedding bands and talkative peo- ple To get up in the morning Staying at home Work Long hours in school Anything pertaining to work Page 45 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS lla. JIMMY GASKIN WAYNE GASSAVVAY President Vice-President REBA LAWRENCE TOMMY WELLS DICKIE LIGON Mlss ALLEN Secretary Treasurer Chaplain Sponsor Page 46 Junior Class MAURICE EDWARDS Junior Editor JUNIORS First Row, Left io Right: Herschel Aldridge, Carolyn Allen, Murray Anderson, Anette Anglin, Barbara Ashburn, Rita Ashburn, Bobbie Ballanfant, Ann Beamer. Second Row, Left Io Right: Linda Beasley, Edith Bell, Linda Bowen, Billy Brown, Sam Brown, Sarah Brown, Wayne Butler, Norma Costello. DF I957 Third Row, Left to Right: Martha Crowell, Sylvia Curtis, Margie Buey Daugherty, Margie Davidson, Arclis Decker, Bill Dennis, Doug Dennis, Steve Derryberry. Fourlh Row, Left lo Righl: Patsy Dollarllide, Bill Driver, Margie Dixon, Lynda Dycus, Bobbie Eatherly, Maurice Edwards, Jerry Elledge, Sylvia Ellis. Page 47 JUNIORS First Row, Left to Right: Troy Evans, Teresa Ellis, Beverly Fergerson, George Fergerson, Shelby Fergella Tcagmnziy . . r - Fetherling, Charles Flowers, Larry Foster. Second Row, Lvft to Right. Sarah Foster, Beverly Frakes, an ra a ner, Jimmy Gaskin, VVayne Gassaway, JCSSIC Giles, Virgil Gonce, Patsy Gruggs. CLASS Third Row Ivft to Right' Shirley Hand jimmv Hardwick Shirley Harper, Shirlev Hawkins, Marvin Haynes, Mil- L , . I . . 1 , v V H clred Havnes Geraldine Hedgepath, Bcttye Herbert. Fourth Iftrzv, -Lvft to Right: Norma Hethcote, Llllda lggms, KCHl1Ctl1'Hl1iSOI1, Shelby Holland, Billy Hollandsworth, Ruby Hudgius, Nancy Hurd. Faye Inman. Page 48 JUNIGRS First Row, Left to Right: Carolyn Johnson, Bobby Kelley, Peggy Kern, Peggy Iilllllllclit Reba IHWVSIXCC, Kemlcth Lal" ender, VVilliam Leonard. Second Row, Left to Right: Dickie Ligon, Patsy Lovell, Janice Lynch, Neita Mabry, Ellen Maddox, Rena Marshall, Shirley Matthews, George McGrady. DF I957 Third Row, Left to Right: Tommy Milligan, Juanita Mills, James Morrow, Buddy Neeley, Betty Davidson Nicholson, Sonny Noland, Norma Oats, Linda Palmore. Fourth Row, Left to Riglzt: Becky Parker, Reba Pergerson, Janice Petty, Mary Sue Pewitt, VVayne Pewitt, Tommy Pomeroy, Jane Pullen, Frances Reese. Page 49 JUNIORS First Row, Left to Right: Jimmy Repp, Wayne Rice, Gloria Rowland, Barbara Rucker, Shirley Pewitt Scott, Gary Shaver, Mary Ruth Stewart, Dorothy Suits. Second Row, Left to Right: Johnny Sullivan, Juana Sullivan, Judy Sulli- van, Edwin Sutton, Harold Taylor, Robert Taylor, Faye Telford, Joyce Thompson. 5 Q CLAS! Page Ti' '31 , 'd may T l' M rl ne Toombs Marjorie Wrye June Tucker Th' d R , L ft t R'ght: Cam Tidwell, Courley Tidwell, Sue om in, u e I, l , r 1 FayyTylle?j C.eB glanhtta. Fomfth Row, Left to Right: Juanise Wall, Tommy Wells, Linda White, Herbert Wilkerson, Eddieleene Williams, Lorine Williams, Nadlne Wood, Edwina Whrte Workman. 50 MR. CHANDLER Sponsor SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS LARRY Ronmvrs PATTY FORIEST LINDA Go-RDoN President Secretary Treaxurer Sophomore Class Emu' Boo'rH Sophomore Editor Page 51 SOPHOMORES First Row, Left to Right: June Adcock, Betty Alley, Barbara Anderson, Becky Arnett, Fay Baker, Gayle Baker, Dean Bales, Becky Barnes. Second Row, Left to Right: Angeline Barrett, Ralph Barrett, Pat Bayne, Buddy Bass, Linda Biggs, Wayne Binkley, Charlotte Bishop, Ronny Blevins. Third Row, Left to Right: Emily Booth, Mary Louise Boyd, Emmett Bradley, Claudette Brittain, Bobby Brown, James Bunday, Larry Buttrey, Wayne Campbell. . . if j 1- W iii. - . CLASS OF I958 . H , .. S nt L P i .5311 '1 ... Q' i it i- - i f f P ? e it A . B of s . -' if I' K, V Q, 4 I ., B ty ., V ., J X . L i - . 1 'lll ,tlii '-r b.V s tse, i V' zg' , p QW ? i-' Q - , .s E 'f . A ' QL A i A' A . l 1 gg? gif J qksifwf .V Zigi 'et it ,gtg ,,,, ,mr .if ' 5 p gil E i9 n w 12 . VF, A Vx A A A .V ,f L :M-if :V Y Ac A , N' . 5 M . f . tis if eyye it 'ill t A iybt is r iQ he it is . it ' . -' ' ites i A , syeyyi ' , F i si ',, . a t " ' i 'B f t ,,,,.., V ' eee A ' . ' ei f t -H - F iii' A estn ' it K 'ty .C in ,. ' Q' it Q-'st Wh' , A V N, , , ii J ii if ""- .1 . 'V '- Z ii z B a s p Q g if l ,,.e ,..', f e A W Q, Sw 1 it, i B A. 371 jf? V f as 2 ' ik- ' i B 2 ' . fi rt t hi s i fi if , ' 4 'Q -at 'S-11" ,A 'A' ' A, C t y - ,,i y .Y f ' V- 'mt i gw- ' , i W ' 2 1 Y . B -.-.M . J e . if if ji' - 'it ii' 2 ' 2 i Fourth Row Left to Right: Aubrey Chambers, Gary Clouse Lauraette Cheatham Joyce Coleman Carrean Conner Gail Cook, Linda,Craun, Judy Crockett. Fifth Row, Left to Right: Edwin Crouch, fack Cullum, Wanda Cunningham: Gail Curtis, Philip Dalton, Melba Daugherty, Sandra Daugherty, Kenny Davidson. Sixth Row, Left to Right: Bartley Davis, Linda Doggett, Ann Donegan, Grady Dorris, Patricia Dotson, Robert Drumwright, Bill Eakes, Patsy Edwards. Page 52 SOPHCDMORES First Row, Left to Right: Wayne Elkins, Betty Elrod, Wanda Erwin, Rosemary Estes, Roger Evans Bobb E ll Margie Ford, Patty Foriest. Second Row, Left to Right: Gretchen Fowler, Roy Gatlford, Floyd Garman,yMargaiiet Gib: so , L'nda Gord B l G N ' ' ' - n 1 on, ever y ray, orman Gray, Carolyn Grifhn. Third Row, Left to Right. Burton Greer, Jerry Hall, Helen Hatcher, Doris Hay, Max Hedgepath, Richard Hedgepath, Kenny Henkel, Betty Hightower. . -1' '4 .L F J, ff' Nr 'F 5 F 5' my 'iii L., Q A-c gig A is ,g J , F , f , X I A 4 - 'E . U 'ii Q s .W Qui 1. I ' Q G, A : LL L A W, A t g F' 0, 5 ,N . , H rl ,'. . L, 5. . Vg . i T t ,K X at : i . il. V . iw- ' J A - -ti :K , f: , 5' 1 " , s e "ll I E B J elll W 7 J i l is 5 E J is .,.:::: ,, ' e slee A 4 s B f M Ss. ' pf- CLASS OF I958 if JA Q f my I if 5' 1 I. f i L., b , ..,,FF , A H Q q v,'F AAL- gs 5 Q r J E J " srr- f ..,, 5 J ,J . J g L 1. - tt: ' 1 a W -".kf ii ft" .. K: krkk . - ff E 'V fs " A 'gy ,U we jf' , :h ,, . . - r .t I K - A . A N Q K i ---- J , A ' e1-11F , K I ii , . 1 A ,,eLr - ',, : rl , A , K ' 2 5 V zrokk F li- in 5 F " S ,y J V s , ' ,, ---' 1 ' 'J' 5 , 1--5 lkgiifii "' W- A iiiif . ." .J Q I i wax J sw.. X A . : L . , if it z - V . W, i ,. A N ,,LF . .Q " Qi A g 2 ,.k. Ii ' ' K I :f K if i k,k., 5 7 V. 'K I , I .. i ' --it Es ' 11 , ,, , "" J ' I Y 5' "" , c Q J N . ,' ,,',-1 gf 511 A i i s A J. .. 7 I s iw' N 5: . L N. wefxs. I I gt 9 f-1 , M Q , 1 X, Fourth Row, Left to Right: Betty Hill, Betty Hinson, Linda Holland, Jerry Hollinsworth, Fay Horner, Sonja Horton, William Hudgins, Dean Hunter. Firth Row, Left to Right: Lois Hutchison, Timothy Inman, Winson Inman, Elliot Jackson, Ben Johnson, Fay Johnson, Helen Johnson, Mary Johnson. Sixth Row, Left to Right: Peggy Johnson, Wilson Jones, James Joscelyn, Bobby Kirby. Bedford Landers, Judy Lane, Nancy Larkins, Frank Lawrence. Page 53 SOPHOMORES First Row, Left to Right: Jerry Lawrence, Jackie Lee, Sylvia Little, Carol Longworth, Rachel Lovvern, Ruth Lovvern, Bobby Lynch, Janel Lynch. Second Row, Left to Right: Judy McAdams, Marian McDonald, Juanita Martin, Barbara Matlock, Betty Miller, Billy Miller, Fay Malton, Beverly Milligan. Third Row, Left to Right: Albert Mitchell, Dorris Moore, James Moore, Buddy Morris, Bobby Mullens, Joe Nash, Dorothy Nicholson, Tommy Ann Petty. 1. I K if .". if 'I -..e ' .. , ,V . .J ee' V -i"',,V, V' " Tg5j Q, 'EQ , 4 5 2 ,1 1 Ary' " r 3 Q ,E ' , : f i. ,i A 5giQ,5VQf,4,,:. 'i'. , ag. .- Vol' il ' 1, i ,iff ,:" -A , ,K '.e.l P ' . ' ' ' " ' ' 1. f 'uri L f we wo l f 94 fp I R twiki . is iiff' mr s ihiie it Y if J A i 55 YK x 1 i if 'W Va. . R . . 1 .V .N A V- ,.,. ., ., M We V w V I 'e.r 1 .. t ui. es. M 'ti CLASS OF I958 -.f 5. - 11. X-" B , ii., ,V , . K' xi. J J 4' V, V. . ' ,. f K lg nw' 1 if ' 'K ,L 1519 ' I 'E V ' K 5 'K ...-i . 'A 'E fi ..... V 1 . , Lf.. at . mv . sunt. .wi V- - .i -Vsw.-s. .V .. ..V1.:ii... A asf fu- N,- N v-. - .-.. Vi-. ww.. 1 . i . KW. .. . .i,..i . .. ,, ., , g . - - ' More V , ,www ,tis 'Het' -. .Vijif gif -Llfiiiiu' ' L Q 1 - V+ ' ' f - ft. VV .. 1 1 ' 1 'SK f t" ' ,,., f ra ,.ir 'l" w .wg P . as , V:.::f,g- g ...f .tv , . .,-, 7 . f' ,,f,7. Q., ist... 'yi-1 ' 'K 4',i iIi?ffi:' ,V M . . , - A .. iii fi V. .-. i,,,,a , .:" f 7 -V J" ' Z m y 'V -if 3:32 7 ' " 1 ' z nf- . if fe , .. V- . nin V. in..e . V ..-F' if ' Q A 5 -, V I V '- .K ' .V , . I ' v -wf,g'2gg'i. t W , V " - .11 LW" . ' 7 I - thigh' li' .4 . X Qi : ' "G 1 Q E595 - 's-if if KV 'K V if ,gag - H1 5 . X. i ii 3 ' , - li V. - K' 'K V Vi 2' ' ,. 4 .1 V ,fy ' iiii 7 4 V V . V ,. . ii A, . 1, ' i ' V , . R' ' ,g 1 ' 4' ,V , f' VV A w ' . ,V :if w - g 'V V I' LV , V V- 1 -1 Va if I. . 'tx' ' : i . ' . 'V T - M- Y 31 ' ' w 'f vt , 195. v '. ir .' .V - V i i 7 . ' -' , -5 V' 1 4' J .' if K. -. vwW'."f-1,1 . .. - '-' . Z 'ftfvw-1.fV1VV-S V ' : HV 'f f. 'f serif '15 'x 'gi Q ,,V., ,wr t L ,., . -,. K .!f,,,,,trVi,. ,Y N, .K '- . H K ' . .kj 4211 T. X fairs 17 ' ' VV I . Y :V X "T J tw -V 'Y - - K V ' .W . . I i V L .wig ..' i 55 -i" 5 '. at ' if V 2. -I V . L' L P . . ,fi r"' 41" - V P-.. ts- ,gf , ,sire X 1, g ,iv , ., , , Q51 ,., . . f- f Fourth Row, Left to Right: Charles Pewitt, Gene Phillips, Bobby Proctor, Bill Pruitt, William Quarles, Lon Raby, Patsy Ragsdale, Harold Raines. Fifth Row, Left to Right: Judy Raines, Warner Raines, Shirley Reynolds, Don Reed, John Repp, Peggy Rice, Willard Richards, NVilma Richards. Sixth Row, Left to Right: Joyce Roach, Larry Roberts, Hazel Robertson, Louis Robeson, Bill Roland, Billy Rolman, Judy Sadler, A. J. Skaggs. Page 54 SOPHOMORES Fi1'.rtRow, Left to Right: Larry Schmittou, Gerald Scott, Mary Ann Schacklett, Tommy Shacklett, james Stewart, Peggy Stockton, Leonard Sullivan, Martha Surratt. Second Row, Left to Right.' Royce Summers, Evelyne Taylor, Cal- vin Thomas, Wilma Thomas, Ernestine Thompson, Teddy Jo Throneberry, Ann Tidwell, Clara Tidwell. Third Row, Left to Right: Kermit Toungette, Geraldine Towry, Shirley Walker, Lonnie Watts, Robert Watts, Eva Weatherby, Jesse Wilson, Peggy Wilson. T: 4 Uf g 5 in R , S X - .. it at rr-ur' -Y.. -' ' , f'VY' :Q-2Q'1fi" ' A , yt g k , -Q Q , A I Vggyl A ,.,: I .,. , A , Y CLASS OF l958 eww! kk I A A , S : ,, ,, is tzs , r -A ii ti t,: 4. ' Fourth Raw, Left to Right: Roger Wilkerson, Wayne Winkler, Paul Wolf, Bill Woolridge, Nancy Young, Page 55 Page 55 Q K Q i 5: ii N ANCY LASHLE1: Junor High Editar ,luni0l' High X B 3 MR. BROWN'S HOMEROOM Mr. Brown, Lois Turman, Nancy Woodside, Linda Young, Burnace Terrell, Ronald White, Clarence Tyler, Ronald Ward, Patsy Vaden, Linda Williams. MISS CEARLEY'S HOMEROOM First Row, Left to Right: Margene Cole, Frances Bailey, Freda Ashburn, Nonye Bassett, Sandra Cannon, Eleanor Bol- ton, VVaynell Corbitt, Mary Baker, Rita Campbell. Scrond Row, Lrfl to lfliflllff james Boyce, jimmy Abernathy, Ronald Cantrell, Catherine Burrum, Gayle Brown, jean Compton, Glenda Cannady, Anne Bradford, Miss Cearley. Third Row, Left io Right: William Bates, Forrest Barnes, Lee Ball, Thomas Blackman, XVayne Bryson, Robert Campbell, Michael Bell, Frankie Corbitt. Alzscnt: George Andrews, Louis Atwood, Thomas Atwood, Landis Bargatze, Ken Betty, Margarett Baker, Barbara Bucy, Carolyn Callis, Wanda Campbell, Wilma Carter, Fay Costello. MRS. CLARKE'S HOMEROOM First Row, Left to Right: Harold Driver, Judy Goodman, Brenda Edwards, Sybil Greer, Shirley Felts, Mary Ellen Dozier, Judy Dean Cox, Barbara Faulkner Second Row Left to Right' Larr Han ' . , , y nlton, Howard Gay, Donald Fielder, NVyveta Cox, Carol Gore, Thelma Gentry, Barbara Duncan, Patsy Greer, Sara Edwards, Donna Gleason, Mrs. Clarke. Third Row, Left to Right: Grady Curley, Eddie Fergerson, Charles Dycus, jimmy Fleming, Bobby Foster, Carl Eth- ridge, Cecil Dudl T F ' ' ' ey, ommy riar, Bobby Ezelle, James Emmet, Carl Dollarhide, jerry Curry, Ray Givens. NINTH GRADE Page 5 MISS JOSLIN'S HOMEROOM First, Row, Left to Right: Ann Kern, Barbara Hillis, Dorothy Light, June Ligon, Nancy Inman, Faye Hardcastle, Ruby Nell Irwin, Rachel Hamilton, Thelma Horner, Carole Harvey. Second Row, Left to Riglif: Evelyn Jones, Whirley Moore, Peggy Adcock, Beverly McCall, Ruby Mai Hall, Margaret Martin, Jane Moore, Eva Nell Lancaster, Anne In- man, Denise Herndon, Ruth Hickerson, Miss Joslin. Third Row, Left to Right: Harold Hedge, Clifford Hatcher, Ken- neth Mitchellg Eugene Harris, Lawrence Knight, David Jones, Ronnie Hedgepath, Jimmy Lankford, Robert Headrick, James Hutcherson, Jerry Johnson, Johnny Kavich, Allen Lawrence, Karl Miller, Micheal McPherson. 241-1 N Z MRS. KILGORE'S HOMEROOM Fzrst Row, Left to Right: Jean Dunvant, Jean Skinner, Patty Shacklett, Barbara Shavers, Sarah Perritt, Shannon Osborn, Jean Parker, Betty' Parman, Laura Tee Rose, Joanna Pentecost. Second Row, Left I0 Righlz Roby Ann Story, Peggy Sorrell, Geneva Smith: Lenora Smith, Lana Garrett, Mary Ellen Pratt, Ronnie Muller, Charles Sigler, Ray Plumlee, Fay Smith, Opal Ritchie, Mrs. Kilgore. Third Row, Loft to Right: Paul Petty, Johnny Singleton, Knox Nash, Bobby Moore, Paul Murray, Jimmy Nicholson, Edward Oliver, Cordell Smith, H. O. Traniel, Kenn Riggs, Robert Roark, Larry Mullens, Lynn Spencer, Wayne Pomeroy. 7? MR. TROTTER'S HOMEROOM First Roig, Left to Right: Gretta Troxler, Doris Tramel, Evelyn Sullivan, Linda Sweatt, Billy Corum, Leslie Sullivan, Allen Trice, Howard D. Trotter. Second Row, Left to Right: Delvis Chandler, Vivian Sullivan, Juanita Taylor, George Clark, Larry Thompson, Carolyn Tarter, Shirley Travis, Jones Travis, Larry Graham. page 58 NINTH GRADE MRS. CAMPBELL'S HOMEROOM Firsl Row, Left to Right: Norma Edwards, Betty Dilday, Patricia Porterfield, Brenda Collins, Beverly Humphrey, Patsty Hows, Glynda Hand, Marty Cox. Lois Binkley. Srrmzd Kfnu, Lrff fn Right: Urs Campbell, Nancy Glass Carol Dycus, Bxrbara Patter: d B l ' ' A 1 son, Ju y re lm, Norma Hulnie, Patsv Foxall, Carolvn Sanders. Third Irma' Lfft shi Right' Charlie Bas R d G ' ' - ' ' . .s, u y odwin, David Costello, Sammy Bass, David Amonette, Donny Lawson, David Spciights, Bill Buckner, Denny Shepard, Joe Steranka, Jimmy Martin. s S3 . MRS. CARNEY'S HOMEROOM e, Maurine Malone, Nancy Nixon, Lois Rhea, Carolyn Sullivan, Gay Stanfill, Matthews. ,SiL'L'0Hd lrorv. Luft' fo Rirjht' David 'hlC'i'lIIllCI' joe Raines jerr First Row, Left to Right: Faye MeKenzi Patricia Stewart, Mary Sue Massie, Lola Pinkston, Freda Pack, Martha Russell, Marjorie Parsley, Peggy Taylor, Mrs. Carney, Buddy Ryan, lYillian1 Dorris, jimmy XYilliams. Third lfozu, Left In Right: VVillard Sweeney, Buddy Trimble, John Owens, Joe Street, Kenneth Rose, Morris Pate, Glenn Sexton, Grady Richards, Ronny Smith. MRS. CONNELL'S HOMEROOM Firsf Row, Left I0 Right: Peggy Greene, Mildred Hicks, Mickey Sue Dalton, Mark Binkley, Ronnie Grey, jerry Cullen Larry Dame-worth Peggy Bradford, Brenda Clouse Fa e B l l fl " M ' ' ' v , , y unua out, 1. .Stroud Ron, Lfft to R1',t1l1f: Leslie Bates, Lois Ballanfant, Lorene Anderson, Robert Sexton, jimmy YVeakley. Rosa Warren, Stanley Blackburn, Mrs. Helen 1. Connell. Third Roz", L 'ft R' h : ' ' " " ' " -' ' ' ' t 4 to lg t Jerry Cram, Chai les NVlLlxb, Moriis Dotson, Bobby Baker, Ronnie Lalhs, Charles Halfacre, Billy Arnett. EIGHTH GRADE p,,,, 5, MR. HINTON'S HOMEROOM First Row, Left to Right: Mr. Hinton, William' Lyles, Dorothy Thornton, Beverly Young, Peggy Jackson, Patricia Felts, Carolyn Wilson, Luther Robertson, Margaret Vaughn, Martha VVhite, Morris Hillis. Back Row, Left to Right: Larry Graves, Billy Moore, Danny Davenport, Wendell Cooper, VVilliam Hendricks, Tommy Lewis, Ray Qualls, Edgar Richards, J. D. Lynch, Jerry Russell, John Martin, Howard Ham, Jerry Bowker. l E n E i A i 4-'W' 'Q MRS. MlLLER'S HOMEROOM First Row, Left to Right: Wayne Lewis, Billy Horner, Thomas Kelly, Lola Kelly, Linda Forgy, Reginia Hill, Shirley Gray, Melvin Keel, Harold Howard, Buddy Hooper. Second Row, Left to Right: Gaynelle Harris, Shirley Lane, Gloria Gower, Mildred Toy, Peggy Inman, Brenda Gibbs, Robert Lasiter, Bruce Kirby, Mrs. Cole. Third Row: Left to Right: Mrs. Miller, VVayne Hay, Billy Hickman, Bobby Hindsley, Richard Johnson, Shirley Lester, Buddy Lamb, Billy Hirsbrunner, Thomas Smith, Patsy Hardcastle, Nancy Parrish. i MRS. MlTcHELL's HOMEROOM Front Row, Left to Right: Linda Rickman, Beverly Hunt, Judy Nash, Brenda Lankford, Lois Parker, Ruth Raines, Bar- bara Baker, Linda Reese, Sandra Sykes, Kaye Jackson. Semhd Row, Left to Right: Patricia Edwards, Patsy Arthur, Aetna Roland, Norma Wicks, Betty Davnell, Shirley Dobbs, Wilma Petty, Julia Roberts, Linda Bullington, Linda Watts, Mrs. Mitchell. Third Row, Left to Right: Jim Lancaster, Danny Roney, Jimmy Dean, Charles Sullivan, William Hobbs, Allen Toungette, Joe Fetherling, Frankie Arnold, Johnny Bruce, Frank Whitus, Larry Sullivan, Tommy John- son, Ronnie Vaupel, Richard Hurlburt. hge 60 EIGHTH GRADE MRS. PINDER'S HOMEROOM First Row, Left to Right: Jackie Atwood, Billy Storey, Freddie Travis, Larry Story, Jerry McCall, Kendall Ethridge, Jummy Gardner, Donald Savley, Everett Polk, John Anderson, Roy Garmon. Second Row, Lfft to Right: Charlotte Sentecost, Betty Baugue,.J0yce White, Betty Jones, Carolyn Downey, Brenda Dison, Judy Shockley, Juanette McNees 91 andra Hutton, Marie Pmder Cteacherj. Third Row, Left to Right: Gwendolyn Sartain, Ellen Gilliam, Linda Davies, Bonnie Proctor, Wanda Russell, Carole Jones Sarah Vickery, Dianne Mayo, ' ' ' ' Allbert. Absent: Gary Montgomery, Patsy Dalton, Linda Matthews. Gloria Stevxart, Cai olyn Smith, Loretta , li i at S l i 3 H i MISS RYAN'S HOMEROOM First Row,'Lrft to Right: Carolyn Green, Carolyn Taylor Evelyn Smith, Peggy Shaggs, Jane Putnam, Reba Hooper, Linda Pippin, Anne Pardue, Joyce Suits, Miss Ryan. Srirmzd Row, Left to Right: Barbara Taylor, Margaret Taylor, Linda Richards, Linda Ragsdale, Lois Sutton, Carolyn Sissoni, Bobbye VVatson, Hazel Stevens, Gail Bundrant. Thzra' R ri L' R ' h - J ' ' ' ' 0 c, tft to xg t. Ronald Sullivan, Princeton Westmoreland, Paul Vaughn, Buddy Watkins, Jimmy Leaton Way- nick, Tommy Moss, Kenneth Woods, Aaron Smith, Douglas Turner, Mark Wyatt, Edward Vance, Jimmie Welmer. MR. WILLIAMS' HOMEROOM First Row, Left to Right: Glenda Edward Th l E s, e ma stes, Linda Dill, Gertrude Devine Velma Fstes Brenda Edwards, Alma Emmett Mami Fl . l , e owers, Second Row, Left to Right: Roy McGrady, James Clay, VVayne Doytson, Sam Collins, Thomas Dickerson, Murice Cook, Carl Duncan, Clifford Davis, Tommy Duke, Leonard Ferrell. Third Row, Left to Right: Norman Hutcherson, Donald Frakes, David Eakes, XN'endell Edwards, Wallace Dye, Lawrence Frazier, Ed lompson, George Davis Le1anF1elder Vlfgll Glenn Not Puturcd Glend W'l Ed d B Robert Vaughn, , , . ' I : a ISOII, Joyce war s, etty Diviney, EIGHTH GRADE Page 61 MRS. BAlN'S HOMEROOM First Row, Left I0 Right: Kenny Morton, Jay Plumlee, George Jones, Marshall Northcutt, Jerry Myatt, Charles Tidwell, Linda Moore, Patricia Just, Barbara Mahaitlney, Patsy Parks. .Srrmiri Row, Lcfi to Right: Billy Cullen, Ronnie Mays, Gale Keith, Tommy Barnes, Judy McPherson, Gaynell Thomas, Earline Wlall. Helen Mullens, Evelyn Maitland, Linda Lanlfford. Third R01U,Lrft io Right: Mrs. Bain, Jerry Landers, Richard Lovvorn, Bill McGaw, Thomas Russell, David Coleman, Charles Harris, James Carroll, J. B. Polk. MISS BENEDICT'S HOMEROOM First Row, Left to Right: Mary Ann Phillips, Gayle White, Linda Armstrong, Judy Garland, Faye Vaden, Sue Shepper- S on, Brenda Lane, Sonja Pinson, Barbara Trice, Lawanda Victory. Second R0w,Lcft to Right: Wade Smith, Howard Morrison, Raymond Crowell, Jerry Hartman, Jimmy Grubbs, Jimmy Singleton, Donald Matthews, Eugene Greer, Larry Whitus, Linda Hethcote, Agnes Emmett, Donna Cannon, Linda Pate, Faye Ward, Marjorie Ballanfant. Teacher- Clara May Benedict. ,.', ',,...n MRS. BLACK'S HOMEROOM First Row, Left to Right: Martha VVilliams, Vada May XNalls, Linda Williams, Edith Thomas, Sandra Teleford, Ruth Weatherby, Virgie Tomes, June Goodman, Mrs. Black. Serona! Row, Left to Right: Gayle Young, Ray Greer, Marvis Odom, Mary Waldon, Norma Hamm, Darline Wheeler, David Duncan. Third Row, Left to Right: James White, Lon- nie Fox, William White, Paul Vaughan, Joe Hill, Walter Weaver, Leon White, Donald Tidwell, Eddie Woodside, Allen Weaver, Charles Travis. Page 62 SEVENTH GRADE MRS. DAVY'S HOMEROOM Front Row, Left io Right: Albert Atwood, Jackie Stiphens, Tommie Hines, Thomas Mosley John Payne Billy Mur hy, Herb M T P - 1 - A P y . anor, ommy roctor. Second Row, Left to Riglzl: Aline Hinson, Edith Nall, Linda Neeley, Sue Lawrence, Anita Lancaster. Mary Belle Hilton, Bonnie Mishler, Myrna LaFevor, Margo Margon, Mary Ann Kirby. Third Row. Loft to Right: Douglas Pond, Clarence McCaw, Morris Penrod, Raymond Kinslow, james Larkins, Mrs. Davy, David Reynolds, Winston Long, Harold Mayo, Walter Matthews. MRS. HARPER'S HOMEROOM Firsi Row, Left 10 Right: Tony Dickens, Joe Thompson, Mary Brown, Barbara Gregory, Shirley Hudgens, Carolyn Edmondson, Louise Fendley, Carl Walden, Carl Wilson. Srrorni Row, Lrft to Riglzl: Mrs. Harper, Carl johnson, VVayneBPowel1, James Anderson, Wayne Sweeney, Clyde Barnes, Albert Brown, Billy VValker, Lester Hill, joe Hurt, Jackie ox. -' :E i 0 sv, r k ts Xi 'J 4' MRS. HUFFMAN'S HOMEROCM First Row, Loft to Right: Mrs. Huffman, Jackie Vanatta, Donald Medley, Margaret Hayes, Rosalyn Corlew, Jo Ann Smith, Ivan XVeinstein, James Vanatta. Bagk Row, Left to Rlgllffl Ray Sanders, Jimmy Thomas, Bobby Farless, Bill Crocker, Harold Walker, Herman Vick, Mike Slate, Dickie Brewington. SEVENTH GRADE ,, MR. JONES' HOMEROOM First Row, Left ta Right: Ollie Duke, Billy Davis, James Baker, Harvill Duncan, Robert Davis, Billy Jo Clark, Wil- son Bond, Jerry Cathey, Jimmy Brown, Metro Fox., Second Row, Lcft to Right: Marie Burton, Betty Workman, Mary Doss, Betty Ashburn, Margie Cagle, Marjorie Bolton, Lola Beasley, Patricia Brittain, Margaret Allen, Patricia Ballentine, Peggy Qualls, Patricia Buttrey. Third Row, Left t0'Right: Tim Wyatt, Sam Putty, Carnell Buttrey, Ronald Bulla, Johnny Spray, VVillian1 Bess, Kenneth Bzirnes. 3' I MRS. MARTIN'S HOMEROCM First Row, Left to Right: Mary Hamilton, Mary Hightower, Beverly Crook, Joyce Ann Bruce, Ruby Adcock, Peggy McClellan, Sue Plunkett, Patricia Gammons, Dora Thompson, Joyce VVarrick. Second Row, Left to Right: Jimmy Holladay, Jackie Gann, Kenneth Faulkner, Sam Foster, Eugene Frame, Herman Robinson, Douglas Thomas, Mrs. Martin. Third Row, Left to Right: Terry Hayes, Billy Hornal, James Wright, Thomas Hamn, Mickey Wilson, Johnny White, Herschell Glenn, Doyle Sensing. Not Present: Louis Halfacre, Herbert Shadowers, Jackie Gregory. MRS. MEEK'S HOMEROOM First Row, Left to Right: Shirley Proctor, Jerry Harris, Donna Finley, Sandra Sorrel, Zadie Johnson, Billy P0H?e1'0Yi Mrs. Meek Second Row, Left to Right: Lois Crook, Wanda Horn, Judy Redmond, Brenda Swegney, Norm'?'hSrQr1n?ger, ' ' ir ow Dianne Niizhols, Susie Seals, Rebecca Courtney, Carmon Stansberry, Joan Fergerson, Linda weency.T 1 L , ' ' r arr Left to Right: -Robert Robeson, Gary Pierce, Jerry Powers, Allen Hilton, Thomas Hornal, Eugene ayo, y Sommars, Ronnie Thomas. pa. 64 SEVENTH GRADE Mas. EVA ca. RAWLS' ,HoMERooM First Row, Left to Right: Jimmy Demonbreun, Noel Moss, David,Gothard, Herbert Poston, Fred Hill, Mrs. Eva G. Rawls. Second Row, Left to Right: Patricia Harper, Martha Clinard, Jerry Stinson, Guy Stanley, Ronald Cooper, Gary Williams, Patricia Ransom, Karen Schultze, Billy Nash, James- Hartman. Third Row, Left to Riglzl: Mary Lane Futrell, Bonnie Jean Vanatta, Jimmie Wrather, Norma Morris, Nancy Smith, Wayne Miller, Frances Fox, Kenneth McGuire, Betty Brown, Fay Myatt, Nancy Harris. , MRS. SHARP'S HOMEROOM gl'-ff Iifw..l-ff! f0 Riyhii Norman Craft, Janice Smith, Judy Taylor, William Mangrum, Gerald Banks, Paulette LEggY,Aa5r1c1a Gray, Joyce Humphrey, J. P. Walker, Carnell Cripps, Jr. Second Row Left to Right' Lorene Richards kinsf'-Pail Il:3?,H,FE1:lESJfgrl1g?Y. LC0Hard Greer, Eddy Wells, Jerry Baker, Colin Hornel, Tyrone Coleman, Joyce Wat: SEVENTH GRADE Page 65 A' 1 .f l 3 if 5 iz 1- f -if 'A- W' 1? iii' 1 ' 1 n 'ii' . X i ff-ff 5 if 'LL, if Q ' xg jiz L-'.1VV f- ,KL L VLk-V . 5 A Q E Z 5 K ' A . - , S, r ..,A A4 ' A Yi ,Y ' I , ,Q Q , . i ii 5. kxkr V. , . , E , Irkkflkf t U P gy.. 1 1 VL t kj' V. K 1 V ,V -3, K Z K K f , im. is V i , , ' , j ' we ' 'V . ' ' : ' Q . Q, ,, ,V X W ivy V, ix Q, Sr ' j- ,I I A 1 J , A , 'I 2 .I : kc. ,. . ,Q tv- A 1 I 'f - an - R-1. n , ,. . P Q ., aj Q , 't -, 'S' ' ' , 's' 'fir' 1 gr- P - ' i Qi. m gl X' 4, i ,- 1 -ft , ?fki,g Us , - f C , ' I ' ,B T, , 5, Q, 'N' i in ' 'K i .IW r up -if, T. ' H c I' 3 3 3 -Q' ' xr ' Q ii 4 " .. tx " , 'f 5 I f iiwimldi-1-J K 1 , . 1 ' 5 Z K g K , M ,- ,i 1 i . NINTH GRADE CHGRUS Ftrs! Row, , 'l to Right: Donna Gleason, Barbara Taylor, Beverly McCall, Judy Cox, Sybil Greer, Re Hooper, Barl .Duncan, Linda Young, Denise Herndon, Shirley Travis, Carole Harvey, Ruby Nell Irw Gretta Troxler, Vlr. Hinton. Second Row, Lrft to Right: Betty Vi-owell, Lola Keel, Nancy Inman, Fre Ashburn, Eleanor Bolton, Kath rme Burrum, Thelma Gentry, Fay Hardcastle, Bonnie Misebfer, Jane Moo Sara dwards, Jean Parker, tty Parman, Anne Inman. Carolyn Sullivan. Third Rain, Luft to Rini Pa 1' Greer, Anne Bradf d, Shannon Osborne, Rita Campbell, Nancy Young, Geneva Smith, Glen Ca dy, Virginia Carr, Gayle Brown, Waynell Corbitt, Opal Ritchie, Patricia Stewart, Vivien Sulliv: Cla ce Tyler. Fourth Row, Left to Right: Jerry Cullen, Charles Sigler, Forrest Barnes, Ronald Wai Lynn,Soencer, jwrenee Knight, Larry Thompson Cordell Smith, Tommy Blackman, Lee Ball, Willia Batel,, Billy T s 'e Sullivan, Bobby Hindsley, James Emmett. Q M f Junior High Activities EIGHTH GRADE CHORUS Fin: Raw, Left to Right: Glenda Edwards, Beverly Young, Judy Hutchins, Norma Hulmc, Bobbie Watsc Norma Wicks, Ellen Gilliam, Ruth Ann Raines, Carol Dycus, Linda Bullmgton, Linda Forgy. Second Ro Left to Right: Gertrude Devine, Brenda Collins, Velma Estes, Carolyn Smith, Judith Nash, Bonnie lroctl Lois Parker, Carolyn Downey, Judy Shockl-ey, Judy- Roberts, Patsy Foxall, Linda Reese, Mamie Flowe Third Raw, Left to Right: Jackie Atwood, Jimmie Williams, Freddie Travis, Tommy Mosley. Carolyn Smi Loretta Albert, Buddy Vl'atkins, Gail Goad, Linda Richards, Dianne Mayo. Juanette McNeese, .llmf Weimer, Buddy Hooper. Fourth Row, Left to Right: Tommy Dukc, -Douglas Pond, John Anderson, Ever Polk, James Gardner, Donald Savley, Bobby Baker, Leaton Waynick, Paul Long, Ronnie Callls, Jei Russell, Buddy Ryan, Ronnie Vaupel, Butch Hobbs. fi l i ENGLAND ,Q to L ,A-.i,.,, QW -'-Us , , ,Y i - V - -if T' V 5 3+ V 5. A TRAVEL QQ., First Row, Left to Right: Anita Lancaster, Sue Lawrence, Douglas Pond, Linda Neely, Raymond Kinslow, Walter Matthews, Albert Atwood, Winston Long. Second Row, Luft to Right: Tommy Hines, Morris Penrod, Aline Hinson, Mary Bell Hilton, Bonnie, Mishler, Jackie Stephens, Tommy Proctor, David Reynolds, Billy Murphy, Wayne Marlin, Herby Manor, James Larkins, John Payne, Harold Mayo, Thomas Mosley, Mrs. Edna Davy. W ,L 3 fsfwwmmwmwwue l P I JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM Front Row, Left to Right: Allen Lawrence, Harold Dunlap, Clifford Hatcher, Billy Toy, Lynn Spencer. Back Row, Left to Right: Lee Ball, Bobby Backer, George Clark, Robert Headrick, Larry Thompson, Larry Green. Front Row, Left to Right: Noney Sue Bassett, Denise Herndon, Shirley Travis, Sara Pewitt, Gayle Brown, Marie Mekee, Linda Sweatt, Waynell Corbitt, Margie Cole. JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS Page 63 '41 1 -.J X N, 7-X' 5 1 v .ru 55? ' N .19 V' 'Pas' Q'- Qgjq-I 1. LEX 'qu .fe nkxsnf ri: rv ' 'bi ' 1? H . .,- xl iii 35, a :Tv -gi:-'.-f A3 HHN , -13R .v?:,i:'T2 1164, . .ft -1.- f-12 ..'l.," .3-1 .ii S,"'1'.'f ,pp mv- .L-' .Ak ' fn i 9 ul-13,-3' 75 ' .v?.g'.' 'r 1, ,fn ., v 'Q 4 X D T42 A O Q GREER AND LINDA OYCE GIBBS J C0-Editors -,Af-T1 2,4-K:,:.::A ---.- WL : -wp. . , L-'.f1,"i"i:'i"'f?f'-ff?-'vg"' ' "fx "'-1523455 151,31 ,r U1iBf1IllZ11'I'lDI13 Page 69 COHN CLARION STAFF ::..,,.,,3,,.,,s1- ,L ,. - 5 ff Sitting, Left to Right: Maurice Edwards, Doug Dennis, Bill Driver, Anne Beamer, Winston Inman, Glendola Christen- son, Norma Costello, Evelyn Travis. Standing, Left to Right: Emma Osborne, Boyd Daugherty, Sylvia Brinkley, Betty Binkley, Edith Jones, Betty Taylor, Marvin Haynes, Gale Cook, Mrs. Meek, Miss Hetherington, Fred Toler, Mrs. Miller, Nancy Lashlee, Billy Brinton, Patsy Lovell, Wade Telford, Sandra Gardner, Jane Pullen, Boyd Evans, Marjorie Wrye, Linda Craun. Page 70 PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB i 'ft to Right: Wanda Irwin, Burnace Terrell, Johnny Kavich, Steve Der fberry, Judy Cox, john Sullivan, june gon, Billy Brinton, Peggy Sorrell, Mr. Brown, Ruby Mai Hall. Not in ":"f14f8.' Dicky Ligon, Sue Lunn. SPANISH CLUB First Row, Left to Right: Margaret Gibson, Carolyn Griffin, Beverly Gray, Peggy Wilson, Emily Booth, Linda Gor- don, Melba Daugherty.. Second Row, Left to Right: Judy Lane, Patricia Dotson, Sandra Daugherty, Shirley Reynolds Rosemary Estes, Patricia Forrest, Rebecca Barnes, Peggy Rice. Third Row, Left to Right: Mrs. Huifman, Jerry Hol- linsworth, Linda Craun, Marjorie Davidson, Betty Hinson, Ann Tidwell, Ronald Blevins. OFFICE STAFF Left to Right: Norene Williams, Beverly Belcher, Barbara Matlock, Patsy Rags- dale, Mary Goodman, Patsy Bayne, Mrs. Gold. CLINIC STAFF I First Row, Left to Right: Dr. W. R. Manlove, Murlene Toombs, Mrs. Kerr, Mrs Higgins, Patsy Lovell, Ruby Greer, Fay Costello, Sara Edwards, Ann Beamer page 72 Beck Row, Left to Right: Mary Sue Pewitt, Carol Gore. First Row, Left Io Right: Sybil Greer, Lenora Smith, Marjorie Wrye, Marie Smith, Rena Marshall, Geraldine Towry, Linda Holland, Shirley Hawkins, Norma Costello, Frances Reese. Second Row, Left to Right: Miss Sue Dorris, Margie Dixson, Lillian Sweatt, Carrean Conner, Rachel Hamil- ton, Maxine Hedgepath, Betty Hinson, Rebecea Barnes-. Absent: Evelyn Taylor, Ann Tidwell, Dorothy Smith, Joyce Page, Wilma Finley. LIBRARY STAFF is RIFLE TEAM First Row, Lfft to Rilfzlzf: Stove Derryherry, Cu-Cnptain,' Mr. Chancl- ler, Sffnnsorq Bill Dunn. .N'm'0nd Row, Left I0 1x'ig1ht: Ralph Barrett. Bill Higgins, Herschel Aldridge. Cllflflllillj Ronny XVhite, john Swink, Carl john- son, Bobby Foster. :11m'r1f from fir- turv: Courley Tidwell, Ronald Muller, Wayne Binkley, Murray Anderson. Page 73 Fin! Row, Loft to Right: Ann Beamer, T1'ea5zu'cr,' Glenda Sweatt, Vice-Prcsidenfq Mildred Bunday, P1'c.vidvnt,' june VVatkins, Secretory. Second Row, Lvff to Right: Ruby Hudgins, Bobbie Ballanfant, Shirley Matthews, Linda Dycus, Edwina VVorknian, Sue Tomlin, Fay Inman. Third Rn-zo, Left to Riyflzl: Juanita Mills, Sandra Gardner, Sarah Foster, Norma Hetheote, Shirley Leathers. Sylvia Ellis, Betty Binkley, Geraldine Hedgepath. Fourlh Row, Left fo Right: Margie Dixson, Shirley Hawkins, Patsy Grubbs, Alda Baker, Bobbie Eatherly, Margie VVyre, Carolyn Allen, Miss Allen, Sponsor. Front Row, Left to R1ght: Mise Sullivan, Robert Bolton, Ardis Decker, Billy Brinton, David Jones, John Kavltch, June Ligon, Bobby Hains. Second Row, Left to Right: Hershel Aldridge, Billy Ray Pearson, Kenneth Hinsen, Bob Ro- chelle, Bill Higgins. Page 74 q f First Row, Sitting, Left to Right: Sylvia Little, Maurice Edwards, Charles Flowers. .SQLTUIIII N F L Row, Left In Ifligllff Bill Higgins, Claudette Brittain, Ann Tidwell, Cam Ticlwell, Bohhy Kelly, Judy Lane, Patricia Dotson, Sandra Daugherty, Robert Taylor, Linda Craun, Shirley Reynolds, Bobby Gleaves. Third Row, Lrf! to Right: Miss Sykes, Jimmy Hardwick, Don Parman, Courley Tidwell, Steve Derryberry. First Raw, Left to Right: Gerald Scott, Ann Tidwell, Bobby Kelly, Patricia Dot- son, Maurice Edwards. Second Row, Left to Right, Sonja Horton, Shirley Reynolds, Claudette Brittain, Judy Lane, Sylvia Little, Roger XVilkerson, Melba Daugherty, Tommy Petty, Wanda Cunningham. Third Row, Left to Right: Miss Sykes, Murray Anderson, Cam Tidwell, Judy Raines, Wilma Richards, Rosemary Estes, Betty Hinson, Linda Craun, Sandra Daugherty, Beverly Milligan, Charles Flowers, Charles Dycus. Fourth Row, Left to Right: Bill Higgins, Billy Tom Hall, Jimmy Hardwick, Alda Baker, Donald Parman, Courely Tidwell, Jesse Wilson, Dorris Hay, Joe Nash, Steve Derryberry. DRAMATIC CLUB B Row Left to Right' Edith Bell, Nancy Hurd, UICUGH ru,-w.,...., ,, d Row Left to Right: Borgie johnson, Tommy t to Right: Gene Front , . Edwina Workman, Dorothy Poole. Secon , Blevins, Mary Goodman, Dorothy Suits, Joyce Callis. Third Row, Lef Graves, Terry Wilson, Carl McAdams, Lester Bell. T81 I CLUB "WE EARN Ac Page 76 In the Laboratory of 0 Stove Plant 1 It ill? Related C-lass W Our Jobf Leam Abou, tai Wien Av .li a - K-mf 'Mk Q4 . 1 J? DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS WE LEARN" Learner Get Started on the Job A Cahn Graduate Help.: a New Student- Page 77 SENIOR cl-nom First Row, Left to Right: Shelby Ferrell, Beverly Stout, Evelyn Travis, Becky Acklin, Lennie Davidson, Glendola Christensen, Nancy Lashlee, Linda Dycus, Emma Osborne, Jan McPherson, Sylvia Curtis, Frances Reese, Martha Crowell, Linda Higgins, Roby Ann Story, Pianists. Second Row, Left to Right: Mary E. Lawson, Bobbie Eatherly, Sylvia Ellis, Fay Tyler, Shirley Scott, Linda Palmore, Mary Sue Pewitt, Sue Tomlin, Edwina Workman, Janice Lynch, Rena Marshall, Peggy Proctor, Barbara Sullivan, Medearis Sadler, Edith Jones, Shelby Holland, Norma Hethcote. Third Row, Left to Right: Reba Lawrence, Charles Flowers, Kenneth Matthews, Troy Evans, John Fox, Robert Taylor, Eva Saunders, Juana Sullivan, Estel Craft, ,Terry Elledge, William Sullivan, Murray Anderson. Fourth Row, Left to Right: David Faust, George Ferguson, David Redmond, Larry Pharris, Kieffer Shepard, Gene Phillips, Ed Sutton, James- Finley, Richard Childress, Bobby Holland, Wayne Elrod, Kenneth Hinson. -Y i l l OFFICERS Left to Right: Edwin Sutton, Vice- President, Linda Higgins, Treasurer, Lynda Dycus, Librarian, Medearis Sadler, Secretaryg Jimmy Finley, President. Page 78 "AN AMBER SPOT FCR MUSIC!" 954 Fmnf R0'w, Left fo Right-' Roby Ann Storey, Afcompanistg Mary Sue Pewitt, Soprano' Reba Pergerson,-Soprano, Nancy Lashlee, Alto, Mary Elizabeth Lawson, Alto. Back Row, Left ta Rzght: Mr. Hinton, Director, Richard Childress, Bassg Robert Taylor, Tenor, Charles Flowers, Tenor. TENTH GRADE CHOIR First Row, Left to Right: Sonja Horton, Sandra Gardner, Mary Boyd, Lillian Sweatt, Sara Foster, Gayle Curtis, Betty Miller, Betty Alley, Mary Stewart, Lois Hutchison, Ann Donegan. Fay Horner. Shroud Row, Left to Right: Margaret Gibson, Mary johnson, Judy McAdams, Marion McDonald, Peggy Rice, Teddy Throneberry, VVilma Richards, Angeline Barrett, Gayle Baker, Gretchen Fowler, Linda Gordon, Emily Booth. Third Row, Left to Right: Patsy Grnhbs, Shirley Leathers, Martha Suratt, Nancy Larkins, Rachel Lavvorn, Ernestine 'l'honipson, Ruth Lavvorn, Sylvia Little, Beverly Milligan, Jessie Giles, Barbara Rucker, Fay Johnson, Dean Bales, Evelyn Towry, Helen johnson. Fourth Irmli, Lrff 'U Rlighf-' B'-my Hill, Doris Moore, Dwanda Campbell, Shirley Hawkins, Buddy Morris, Lon Raby, Bobby Proctor, Thomas Shaeklett, Larry Roberts, William Quarles, Frank Lawrence, Ken Betty, Ronnie Muller, Larry Buttrey, Leon- ard Sullivan, Kenneth Davidson. OFFICERS Left. to Right: Ed Rogers, President: Carolyn Allen, Social Chairman, Norma Costello, Vice-Prcsidcntg Roby Ann Storey, Secretary. ORCHESTRA STRING SECTION First Row, Left to Right: Roby Ann Storey CConcert Mistressj, Beverly Gray, John Payne, jerry Hol- linsworth, Herbert Poston, Linda Davis. Second R0-zv, Left to Right: Norma Costello, June Ligon, Gloria Gower, Eugene Greer, Sandra Sorrell, Mark Binkley, Linda VVilliams, Nancy Harris, Bobby Roberts, Carg- lyn Allen, Faye Costello. Third Row, Left to Right: John R. Bright CDirectorl, Leonard Greer, Ed-- ward Rogers, Frances Fox, Gary Montgomery, Betty jones, Roger Holland. Mrxm. ,M First Row, Left to Right: Roby Ann Storey CConcert Mistressj, Beverly Gray, John Payne, Jerry Hollins- worth, Herbert Poston, Linda Davis. Second Row, Lvft to Right: Norma Costello, june Ligon, Gloria Gower, Eugene Greer, Sandra Sorrell, Mark Binkley, Linda Williams, Nancy Harris, Linda Greer, Laura- ette Cheatham, Clara Tidwell, Frances Fox, Gary Montgomery, Betty Jones-, Roger Holland. Fourth Row, Left to Right: John R. Bright fDirectorD, jerry Hall, XVillie Ackerman, Reba Pergerson, Wayne Butler, Leonard Greer, Ed Rogers. Page 80 1 -QW' OFFICERS PEGGY WORTHY Band SP0""-90" BAND First Row, Left to Right: Ann Kern, Margene Cole, Lauraette Cheatham, Mildred Haynes, Clara Tidwell, Patsy Ed- wards, Faye Baker, Mary Baker. Second Row, Left to Right: VVillard Sweeney, Landis! Bargatze, Joyce Coleman, David Costello, Tommy Ann Petty, Gail Cook, Billy Miller, Barbara Patterson, Beverly Frakes, Robert Watts, Lois Binkley, Patricia Porterfield. Third Row, Left to Right: Rebecca Parker, Juanita Martin, Carol Longworth, Linda Biggs, Judy Sadler, Sarah Pewitt, Sandra Cannon, Bettye Herbert, Helen Hatcher, Timothy Inman, Linda Greer, James Ridley, James Bunday, Maxine Hedgepath, Denny Shepard, Billy Rolman, Larry Green. Fourth Row, Left to Right: Joyce Gibbs, James Payne, Margo Cheatham, Ardis Decker, C. B. Vanatta, Herbert Wilkerson, Billy Brown, Johnny Repp, Billy Brinton, Jimmy Repp, Clifford Hatcher. Roger Wilkerson, Knox Nash, Louis Roberson, Jesse VVilson, Kermit Toungette, Wayne Hay, Doris Hay, Jimmy Fleming. Fifth Row, Left to Right: Ann Buckner, Jane Pullen, Betty Elrod, Carolyn Allen, Peggy Worthy, Shirley Harper, Joan Farmer, Carolyn Callis, Wayne Young, Aaron Smith, Billy Hall, Bobby Mullens, Bates Miller, Burnace Terrell, Bobby Kelly, W'ayne Butler, Don Parman, Jerry Hall, Gerald Scott, Bobby Foster, Harold Dunlap, Robert Drumright, Willie Ackerman, Mr. Beasley, Direc- tor: Reba Pergerson, Drum Major. ,ai su. " . . .. , ,.,. a iKu?iSYe3L-doJyeiniiiilc,-E'2:li:?'efikFE 1, D' '21-"ith'Gif,JQQWEf:ils"1so,Ifa1Sf:i:?fAfQ'QPt " - J J D - ' , r ' Left to Right: Betty Faye Elrod, Vice-President: Jimmy Flemming Junior High Representatwe, Margo Cheatham, Pre.rident,' Reba Perger son, Secretory and Drum Major, Joan Young Farmer, Senior High -e Rcpre.ventatzoc.' Ann Buckner, Hmd Majorette. xi..,..,..f' Carolyn Callis Peggy Worthy Head Majorefie Ann Buckner . Shirley Harper Reba Pergerson Jane Pullen OTH N---in 1 Befiy Elrod arolyn Allen Joan Farmer s....-vii L14 TIGERETTE ATHLETIC CLUB OFFICERS BETTY ELROD ,....... .,....... P resident PATTY FORRIEST ,....,... .... ..... V i ce-President BETTY HINSON ...,..,..,........ ........ S ecretary ALICE GASSAWAY, JEAN SMITH .... ...., S ponsors 'WWW . . iii? A A i i V - - 'f l at T ...Q ml .. f - f if" ,WL A 2 .-1 , V . K f . t :si iz MQ . , . , ...T V V :af it A . ,1. tt ,- - T T .f O First Row, Left to Right: Claudette Brittain, Wilma Thomas, Patsy Arthur, Waynell Corbitt, Betty Elrod, Ann Brad- ford, Hazel Robertson. Second Row, Left to Right: Barbara Bucy, Opal Ritchie, Betty Hinson, Peggy Johnson, Gay Harris, Shannon Osborne, Peggy Rice. Third Row, Left to Right: Carolyn Callis, Fay Baker, Margaret Gibson, Gayle Brown, Linda Young, Pat Forries-t. Absent from picture: Nancy Inman. Page 83 COHN P.T.A. I955-56 The P.T.A. has the unique role of Home- School-Community Integrator. It is a self-gov- erning unit that plans its programs and activities to meet the needs of children and youth in the community. The association welcomes into mem- bership parents, teachers and all other citizens interested in the welfare of children and youth. OFFICERS MRS. EDNYARD H. Ross0N .................... President , . , , . .-,. .First Vice-President MRs. VV. S. SAGER ......,. .,.. S econd Vice-President MRs. HERMAN BOLTON ,..... .... T hird Vice-President Mus. HERMAN BoLToN .,.................,, Treasurer MRS. NIAJOR COX, JR... ...,.,..,. Recording Secretary Mus. Frxls Dvcus ........... Corresponding Secretary Mus. R. D. DRUMRIGHT ...,.,,....,......,., Historian 'Total Membership: 876 Theme for the Year: "Think on These Things." OUTSTANDING PROGRAMS Father's Night, American Education Week, Character and Spiritual Education, Founders Day, Citizenship. SOCIAL HIGHLIGHTS Tea, honoring new P.T.A. members and teachers. Teacher-Appreciation L u n c h e o n. Parent-Education Luncheon. l 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ll 12 OTHER ACTIVITIES Representation at All-Nashville Council P.T.A. meet- ingsg district and state conventions, Civil Defense meetings, Radio Council, safety groups, and a Parent- Education Workshop. Helped Junior Class with food booth at the school carnival. Cooperated with the school fair and sponsored booth in the fair. Sent a girl to "Volunteer Girls State." Held study courses on the P.T.A. Manual, Citizenship and Parent-Education. Participated in Civil Defense "Operation Dog-Tag." Gave S300 for school improvement. Gave S50 for Honor Society Banquet. Furnished workers for "Tiger Town" and donated S50 for its recreation program. Worked with the Council for the Improvement of West Nashville. Won first prize in the City Beautiful slogan contest. Seven members serve on the Nashville Council P.T.A. Board. Heh Q -in if -' ' i'KYtK""f'.Q,1l ttii, LfW l"""fWi?5e 6 WW 'XM7 as The " .a MEN'S CLUB OFFICERS MR. GLENN MARTIN .,... ............. .....,.....,..,. P r eszdent MR. MAIDEN DISHNER MR. JAMES WYATT The Men's Club of Cohn High School was organized in the fall of 1938. A small group of men in the community, not being satisfied with the educational opportunities afforded the children in West Nashville, decided to see that these chil- dren had the same opportunities as those of other sections of the city. This determination has paid big dividends. Cohn High School is now the largest Junior-Senior High School in the cityg has one of the best equipped and most modern plants in the city, and IS THE BEST school in the City of Nashville. .. .. .,Vice-President , . . . .Secretary and Treasurer From the small beginning in 1938, the club grew until it had a membership of more than 1200. Its accomplishments have been many and varied. It is the oldest continuous existing club of its kind anywhere in this part of the country. The lighting of the football Held and the erection of the electric scoreboard stand out among the works of the club. The greatest, and most grati- fying achievement of the club is the Annual Horse Show and Scholarship Program. From the proceeds of the Horse Show many Cohn grad- uates have been started successfully on the road to higher education and better positions in life. Page 85 ENTER THE QUEEN Left to Right: Cam Tidwell, Janice Hornal, Nancy Lashlee, Bill Pruitt, Escortg Betty Sue Green, Queen. WR' THE CORONATION Left to Right: Bill Pruitt, Es- cortj Betty Sue Green, Queen, Bill Higgins, President of the Student Body. QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS Left to Right: Lon Raby, Esrortg Judy Sadler Sophonmre Attemlmztg June Watkins, Senior Attendantg Wayne Ham, Excortq Betty Sue Green, Queeng Bill Pruitt, Escortg David Plummer, Escortg Margo Cheatham, Senior Attendantg Carolyn johnson, Junior Attendantf Jimmy Gaskin, Escort. 'if'ffKQ3P!i' , E' 5 ?MlKli:.LLfiLLSxiaK.wENifRii-m i A xv 3 3. 2 g A RNA., iii: L - .ml ' r H X' " " 'Xa " fiwiff ff' . . ,,,-.Q .Q " is- 3 Q .A-g f, ,-,. XX i S , 4 ,I .M 'mayb f . - 5,3 fy- 'Sf M: J ,ah QW if .-rig .ififf I , '35 ui' f 452' S3551 - :fri fix f aww Q, A ., 4' r ' ,-:pf-: 'Y 'lf x -wb'-. ' 5-,Af-f I' ' .Q-:Qi fm- fi :,j,1f,'J. f -f-- '-. f 4' ..1: ' 4-Q-1 ,Q 4 zwigfb-'L' ' 1,51-. .-137-6 al,-Y . ' 5 . . fvezj' 1 dzfifsv-1 Y: Wi' ' - +1-sk. 'wraxi 'STE ER ew T: fawm, isa.: - 'Lrg'-' 'nga ,- .lffsfwl "M:-1-cf' ' '-'L' '7 , ?fE'fg'5' 3141: S2251 nrxm-I .7-111, 'V :--wg ' 4 f4':P:x V rg,,i'f 1: it 147515170 Jw Eff--4 vm p ' 3 'T igigc. xglxjltf '. f -ea. vs- ' Ps- - 5 .ww ,':' -1 'W .. , A -if ma- 23555 :iff .' .- jx.. 1335: E.. Li?-.A , .',.' jaiygsn- 1 , , 1,4558 - :,,g4,?-,A ,meiziqf 'uw S, A .1y.:' . agwf g , ir.Qf-if . 36" gl 55 :P Eggs 1 1 9:1 P, - 3313 1752 49' 14:1 1,1 3519- N. . 25 n?'Q'J'?5 Eff-I .ff . " 'Es 1 Ls?"-SAY 425' 9 ' , r-d'ylf,' -il1f.K- ww fx, X - K rf,-H. Nw '93 5-3 I bmi: ff -a - T153 QW!! :1P.j41Q gf' '. 4 Q .rn QD-f2y'f2 'qi rf-.ifz ,sarah :gg-gfa v Wx- :-- Q hr,-lj 4'g':xi1, mg- fe vig ' wyw " ff, v. :gt f-'- yy., - ', .,g,q1. J :.-g, '. Ama 130' , .- ,'555,5!bw ',',,::?j?:nw vt, ,. ' f,'.1'2 ,. .,:' -. , , v1.1-,-.s - ' x , 'z'-33" mid' V. 1,31-af:-13+ -tv W " on -, 57. ng" 4-,Lg-Ji Q3 '- ffiflrf 'gkqbg 4 1 ,Ref K' ' N f -z e: 5 , .-Efbff . .iuJQ5j+f:'f-.-.r- .zkfwl if-1M-'J.2l3'f5'QP ""FfEZi'f G. , . ,,e,wf,.:'.'-Qqnl-9M 9' - ,.-MX . A ' A,f ::ff,:L5-, ' KW ,fgxekfi-1,123 1- ., ,,, ,. 1- .W ,-wx -W-H' f' Wa- ag ' P -' 1-f.-.,33f,g3g:,:h,qz x,.v-,!x.11-za . a .ef L.-5-" -' " ' 4 ',-' wg 5.1, .,Qb,7,ZZ1?bjsitl v , V: r 'nuff' -ag-'ff '-P-K-w ' ' ' ' ww wpizf- ,A ,'1, , .',, . 1 , , 55, gm. W, .Pr-. 1 , ,.-fy.-. tm-,.', Dfw- x :"'f" ,,"5' Td i,'f.9,,i ., 5, .... .r M 4'xY',.f-gi' r w. K' " 'vlisvv ,f'.,. 4-r ' X ' . . .' 1' , ,, ., .gyfw !,'y'31:.?'-'RELJQS-fx-5' 5.3, .K,U,,J,.x,,Hr . , b r ,. ,, . ,. 1-,- '. 5? . , ,C-, '-'ff,.'f , '-1 fav x v' ,1'MG?'?'?f'f fY7f:7"r5'QP'1 1 W 'f',:'5,'a21Lvf?7i r.'-AVI-LW Jf"'+'.' 1 X r0f4:f'i"f F " f 1 A 4 , ,,f.jsa"4 . - ...yz v-5 i '- .fu 3 -,UA av.-3.,3rRf?fE?5:!25f"fQ'-' 1 ' L ' mg.--,--L. -- Y C .K ,, , , ., A -V .Y""'vYa ,,,..L- v-u,c1x..-' I C' H 1 :ZZ 'VK 'v Hx" . x Page 87 Page 88 BOB ROCHELLE Dear Sports Fans : Taken as a whole, Cohn has enjo ed y another successful athletic year. Excellent sportsmanship and teamwork were characteristic of the players on this year's teams. Much of the credit for COl111'S success should be given to the coaches for their guidance and inspiration. The student body exhibited fine school spirit throughout the year. West Nashville has good reason t b excellent record. o I e proud of Cohn's BOB ROCHELLE Sports Editor A VARSITY FOOTBALL Front Raw, Lvff to Ifigflzt: Harold Drivcr, .llU11LIflt'7',' Bartlcy Davis, XYuync Gassavxziy, Bohhy Bzikcr, Tommy XYclls, ,loc Nash, Ronny Blevins, Charlie Bass, ,lla11ag1i'r. Svrand Kors, lift In lfllilflff Marvin llayncs. .llam1g1rr',' Roy Clary, Kayo Smith, Estel Craft, jzunes Leonard, ,lznnes Payne, livnni-tlm Davidson, Tonnny Milligan, Boh Rochelle, Bill Driver, Tommy Blackman. Fark Rirzu, Imft fo lflfjllff Bill Dennis. 'Valford ,laggm-rs, Bohhy Potts, Alhcrt Mitchell, Gary Shaver, jimmy Finley, Richard Childress, Edwin Sutton, Tlioinas Shacklett, Douglas Dennis, Louis Roberson. Abxeni Smith. COACH AND CO-CAPTAINS Lvff to R1'gl1!."RiCh:1rd Chil- ixm dress, C0-Cawptazn,' Mr. Adel- man, Head Coarh, Estcl Craft, C0-Captain. . 5 .ff 'Q-215042 COACHING STAFF Left to Right: Mr. Brown, Junior High Coach: Mr. Adelman, Head Coach: Mr. Jones, "B" Tram Coach,- Mr. Morton, A,m-isfant Coach, NW cf .f ch i Xi i E ,KY 4 , Q x ' x I Q E i f EJ 1 5 sa sob Rochelle fl- ' . '-V James Leonard Richard Childress J enlOl' llermen 1 QE, 5! ln mf 'MJ it l V .. is 5- F' James Payne K , x Talford Jaggers J- F' I Tommy Milligan lmmy In ey S , I X ll Q 5 L 3 if S ' -v 5 Kayo Smith 3 5 gobbypom Esfcrcfdff I I, Roy Clary xff' ' first Row Left to Right Vary Shaver R1ght End Richard Childress Rzqh! Tall! Estel Craft, Right Gzmrdq Jimmy Finlev Center Ronny Blexms Left Guard Bill Dennis Left Tarllt Thomas Shatklett, Loft Endq Kayo Smith, Quar- tcrbarl. Kenneth Davidson Left Halfbark Roy Clary FMIIIPGEL James Payne 16111111 Halflvark. x, Lrft 10 Rwlzt Douglas Dennis Rzqht End Bobby Potts Rzqlzi Tarltlf' Bob Rochelle Right Guard: James Lcnard, Lvft Guard Albert Mitchell Left Tacklc' Edwin Sutton Loft Fnd Bartley Davis Rzalzt Lir1clmrlcr'r,' Tommy Milligan, lliddle Luzcbatkcr Bill Drixer Left Lmebackcr Wayne Gas away luqht Halfbaflt lommy Wells, Lvft Halflvark. B-TEAM FOOTBALL Front Row, Left to Right: Bill Toy, Lonnie Watts, Bill Hakes, Billy Hirs- brunner, George Davis, Ronald XVard, Leonard Sullivan, Harold Ham, A. J. Skaggs, Carl Dollarhide, David Onienette. Bark Row, Left to Right: Bill Buckner, Paul Murray, Bobby Brown, David Rey- nolds, Joe Nash, Tommy Blackman, Louis Roberson, Albert Mitchell, Douglas Dennis, Bobby Baker. Page 91 The 1955 Football Season The Tigers of 1955 upheld Cohn's reputation of Fielding winning football teams. They ended the season with a good 6-3-l record. Cohn started the season by rolling over the VVest Blue Jays 37-7. During the next two weeks the Tigers were beaten in hard-fought games by the Litton Lions and Ryan Panthers, respectively. Cohn bounced back to beat the East Eagles 21-O but had to settle for a O-0 tie against Sparta. The Big Red team of MBA. set the Tigers down 34-O in the sixth game of the season. The Tigers ended the season with impressive wins over the Dupont Bulldogs, Central Tornadoes, Mt. Pleasant, and B.G.A. Among the outstanding players on this year's offensive team were Kayo Smith and Roy Clary in the backheld. Richard Childress, Estel Craft, and Jim Finley did a fine job in the line. The defensive line had such standouts as Bobby Potts, Gary Shaver, Edwin Sutton, and Bill Dennis. Bill Driver, Tommy Wells, Kenny Davidson, and XVayne Gassaway carried the main load in the backheld. The best of luck is wished' for next year's team. 4 , Page 92 WINS HUME AWARD Kayo Smith, Cohn's quarterback, received the Hume Award for '56. This award is given to the outstand- ing football player in the City high schools each year. Sportsmanship and scholastic record are considered along with the player's football per- formance to determine the winner. Mary Sue Pewiti , .sf X fx X N , 'Q . f"' ,fy 1 l Nancy Lashlee I . x X wff X ' 7 1 f 8 fl iol' fn -N Q K Janice Hornal ai 2 3 X 0 5. . X 1 fxgerfeacle 5' i xg yi if Q" sk Gloria Rowla Mary Elizabeih Lawson Glenda Sweati E0 . ,Wwrewmwr s K ' Page 94 ' VAKDII I Dru'---' - . h Roy Cxary, Bart' D vid Plummer, Kayo Smit :Thomas Shacklett , D 'dson, H . , g rs, ' L ft to Right: Harold Driver, MAeIrgglZre?.Kg1x23l2 RT73, Left to Right. Taliord Jag e Front RPW' e Gas-saway, Charley BHSSY. hell Edwin Sutton. Eei'EJ3rv1gh:1Ya2i'5d?eI.Ouis Roberson, Albert MHC ' Varsity Basketball This year's basketball team was considerably better than its 5-15 record indicates. Many on the team were sophomores and juniors, who improved greatly as the season progressed. The starting lineup was composed of Albert Mitchell, David Plummer, Talford jaggers, Kayo Smith, and Roy Clary for the majority of the games. Kayo Smith led the Tigers with his line ball handling and accurate shooting, although Talford Jaggers constantly scored in the double figures at the beginning of the season. Albert Mitchell. who broke into the lineup after several games, did a fine job of rebounding with the aid of David Plummer. Roy Clary would hit from outside and always supplied good all-round play. Tommy Shacklett, who was among the starting live at the beginning of the season, turned in sev- eral good performances. Among the many capable reserves were Louis Robeson, Bartley Davis, and Wayne Gassaway. With only four playersgraduating and players like Albert Mitchell, Louis Robeson, and Thomas Shacklett returning, the Tigers should develop into a fine team in the 1956-57 season. 5 ll jg? K ' "fi Q 3 xxx -I X l V A xl f .XA - 4 . ,X A 3 lg - 1: F1 e Talford Jaggers Roy Clary Kayo Smiih Wayne Gassaway arg a'i5kEfbc?f Q ,L '7 x l lv' . -I l an LJ , :: fl 5 lk , Kenny Davidson Bartley Davis Edwin Sutton , ,fe ouis Roberson A ,Q QQ, ' e e 1 f 1 . - E X , 5 K ,Q Thomas Shackletf Albert Miichell David Pmmme' Kieffer Shepard SENIOR HIGH BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS Front Row, Left to Right: Mildred Bundy, Mary Sue Pewitt, Gloria Rowland, Nancy Lashlee, Janice Hornal, Glenda Sweatt. Back Row, Left to Right: Lynda Dycus, Patsy Lovell. Page 96 "B" TEAM BASKETBALL Front Row, Left to Right: Charley Bass, Manager, Dickie Ligon, Bill Driver, Lonnie Watts Kenny Davidson, Kermit Toungett, Harold Driver, Manager. Back Row, Left to Right: James Dunn, Bill Dennis, KielTer Shepard, Edwin Sutton, Tommy Wells, Ronnie Blevins Front Row, Left fo Right: Kayo Smith, Kenny Davidson, Micky Bowers, Bill Driver. Back Row, Left to Rzght: Talford jaggers, Tommy Wells, Roy Clary, Ray Hogan, Marvin Haynes, Manager. Baseball Team Track Team Front Row, Left to Right: Jimmy Gaskin, james Payne, Wayne Gassaway, Robert Drumright, Bill Driver. Back Row, Left to Right: 'Tommy Wells, Albert Mitchell, Tommy Shacklett, Bill Dennis, Bob Rochelle, Manugerr. .K25 33!'WiEZ,lLkKBENfP li? ,x..iE'n!'i 5'.'LfsT? ZWQWWQX TWIJW-'.fS"swER!lY'fYr'h.2v?iW:ETHMBJKYQKIRFUWQELQ '!iR?J6 Q SNS Page 97 BOYS TEAM !, i 1 Kglev A wi Nj E .e In Wayne shea Bobby Gleaves Coach Smith Joyce Gibbs , 1 Bill Higgins ae ' 3. m. Q Nannv lachlnn- CL- ..., M Vvr,:-L-- ,M if Y!! f KA 1 ,Q ' e 'mee-e 1 - , A James Payne NS'-ef. if we fy - 'fl' Y. TEAM ..-N fm., Helen Prati Linda Greer ., -if-yi . ,,..,,.e,,. 1. Coach Brown Nw' Pairicia Lawrence ' " fi. 1 W ' ft. ff? ' Left to Right: Louis Roberson, Bobby Proctor, Tommy Milligan, Jimmy Finley, Mr. Brown, C ouch. Golf Team lf- I it 'R ' Front Row, Left to Right: Mrs. Gassaway, Miss Smith. Back Row, Left to Right: Mr. Brown, Mr. Morton. Gym Teachers Page 99 Page 100 is a s Y' r i L ca D no rf wsessseaia 1 if 8' 6 1. i O s elcomes Another Season 4 "ii 'ii I NHL.. , I for Serving ew AH the Boys and Girls of Cohn High School i' Our super-malts, our delectable sundaes-our fabulous mile-high cones-all are concocted with particular emphasis on youth appeal. Made with 'Fresh whole mill: and rich sweet cream. if Lowcin calories-high in energy. Sanitarily served in a jiffy-straight from the freezer to you-the sweetest palate ticlrler on earth. ik So Move Up to the Window-There's a 'Rah and a Welcome for Cohn High Students! i NATIONALLY SOLD QUALITY CONTROLLED Choice of the Nation Across the Nation 53' :fix pun-nil.l1'E y zfzf 901 51 , ' with A doliciousfg Qagofroslxing quictjgfgf 5 energy foodqaf The treat My i . if Z, 'A gpg Qui homo or .52 f away! o'jt,- I ge:- 421 n CHARLOTTE -.-4.:fz':fz:e5"' TEMCO . . . GAS HEATING SPECIALISTS FOR THE NATION GAS ROOM HEATERS GAS WALL HEATERS GAS FLOOR FURNACES GAS CLOTHES DRYERS GAS WARM AIR FURNACES AND AIR CONDITIONING ESTES DRIVE INN CAFE AND GROCERY Free Delivery 55I,I Centennial Blvd. Phone CY 2-9I75 DRINK KV Lx I Rec-. u. s. m. off. IN BOTTLES Coca-Cola Bottling Works Nashville, Tennessee Jaynes' Quality Market Fancy Groceries and Fresh Meats Free Delivery 4000 Murphy Road Phone AM 9-459l Compliments of Teas Extract Co. Compliments of West Nashville Shell Service 53 I9 Charlotte Avenue "Meet Your Friends at" B. 8: W. Cafeteria 222 Sixth Avenue, North Nashville, Tennessee Smitty's Bi-Rite Market and M. L. Smith Produce Co. 5lst and Illinois Phone CY 7-5372 Delivery Service Served in Cohn Cafeteria Nashville Pure Milk Co. Compliments of The Mead Corporation J. O. Boesinger ge 102 YOUR GR ON ZWMWW WW 'L ZQWWWWZM fr MQ x M56 ,LAI X W 1 J ,v 0,2 5? W f 1 Nay S UTHER BELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGR PH COMPANY Cam J. Tidwell Electric Co. Commercial and Residential Wiring Phone CY 7-2094 4305 Colorado Ave. Joe B. Holder R. M. Northern Holder 84 Northern Lumber Co. BUILDING MATERIALS ALL KINDS We Can Fill Your Order, Large or Small 5705 New York Avenue Phone CY 7-3574 Pratt Brothers Garage General Automobile Repairing Front End Alignment-Wheel Balancing 46th and Charlotte Phone CYpress 7-6696 COLEMAN'S PURE IPORK SAUSAGE 4709 Park Avenue Compliments of Fidelity Union Life Insurance Company I7I0 Hayes Street Phone AL 4-6372 Nashville, Tennessee Page 104 Neidert's Service Station Gas-Oil-Tires-Accessories Fishing Worms-Minnow: Woody Miller Service Station Oil-Tires-Road Service 5500 Charlotte Phone AM 9-3725 4500 Murphy Rnd phone Cy 2,9'38 Compliment' White Front Farmers Handy Andy BILLIARD muon Cafe 5l0b Charlotte Avenue Matthew's Market Fresh Meats, Groceries, Vegetables 43I0 Dakota Avenue Phone CY 2-9298 Compliments of Richland Grill 50I9 Charlotte Avenue Aclclen Park Market Complete Line df Groceries and Meats 3528 Nebraska Compliments of Cecil C-ollins C and H Radio and T. V. 450I Murphy Road Phone AM 9-I602 Crafton's Shoe Shop Complete Line of Polilhes and Laces All Types of Leather Goods 5I26 Charlotte Avenue Phone AM 9-9I85 Radio and T. V. Clinic sALes .ma service Home or Shop 5802 Charlotte Phone AM 9-0950 S. J. Smith Grocery BII Forty-Ninth Avenue, North Phone CY 2-9829 Warren Tire Service 4500 Charlotte Avenue Phone CY 2-6724 West Nashville Self-Service Laundry 5I06 Charlotte Avenue Phone CY 7-55I5 Thomerson Drug Co. The Rexall Store-Qualify Service 4800 Charlotte Ave. Phone CY 7-426I Compliments ol C. L. Steele Co. Page 105 Pettus-Owen 8: Wood Radio and Oxygen Equipped Ambulance Service Phone CY 2-3392 Compliments of Parlc T.V. Co. 40ll Charlotte Ave. Compliments of B. H. Stiet Jewelry Co. 2l4 Sixth Ave., No. Established lB58 Vick and Lovell TV and Air Conditioner Sales and Service 4507 Charlotte Ave. Phone CY 2-0846 Compliments Crouch and Thompson's Barber Shop 5l24 Charlotte Ave. Standard-TV Radio Repair Compliment: of S. H. 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Suggestions in the Cohn High School - Accolade Yearbook (Nashville, TN) collection:

Cohn High School - Accolade Yearbook (Nashville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


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