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fi zif 'Q 1, Q .Sf L. l ! 4. W: El if Qbx if Ml! X Tx X w i Av ,V 1 f 'J , X K Q Us MX hiv fei- D F b , X pvuxvvug .4 Q ' r .J i xg. XE X jf nj fa x f fx SX , fx, QE 2 ' Mgffylla X W M gf Mi? mf' M W'-My 70 251-2, " Km . ig? Vi an is M5 l 35,5 A S516 .ex Q Q . XA-UW 'fm4?lf4+'w"l 5 Annual! Publication of the Students of CORINNE L. COHN HIGH SCHOCL THE IGER ffffj, ffafa VILLE, TENNESSEE E QL- Qfb QQ' THE PLAN AND 74 M . HOMGMQMQMZ HISTORY OF COHN HIGH SCHOOL Corinne L. Cohn High School had its beginning in l928 when a wing of the present building was constructed and named to honor the memory of Mrs. Co- rinne Leiberman Cohn, a beloved former member of the Nashville City Board of Education. Mr. AI. H. Sikes, a long-time teacher in IfVest Nashville, was named principal. Immediately Cohn School became a center of community interest. Its lead- ership in Mr. Sikes, Mr. Brown, and other teachers, working in cooperation with a wide-awake Parent-Teacher Association and community leaders, brought the Cohn Junior High School, into the educational forefront of the city. The growth of the school was so rapid that it soon became overcrowded and badly in need of new facilities. The people of I'Vest Nashville liked their community school and dreamed of the day when their children might complete their high school training in their own school. In l937 a new building program began, doubling the floor space of Cohn, adding a gymnasium, a large auditorium, new shops, a new Home Economics department, and many new classrooms. The same year saw the tenth grade added to the school, with the promise of more grades being added in future years until a full high school status should be attained. The school was officially named the Corinne L. Cohn High School. The gratitude and pride of IfVest Nashville people immediately found expres- sion in increased school enthusiasm and support. The P.'T. A. enrollment soared and a new Men's Club of Cohn High School was formed. The fine loyalty, enthusiasm, and financial support of these organizations gave the school the undergirding it needed for permanent growth as a community center and as a leading educational institution. The line vision of the city school administraa tion, the unfailing love and generosity of Mr. Charles Cohn, and the hne loyalty of the business interests of Mfest Nashville were indispensable in these early years of development. By 1939 Cohn High School had a well-rounded four-year course of study, an excellent library, a Fine band and orchestra, a splendid chorus, full participation in all interscholastic athletics, a strong school newspaper, an ade- quate speech department, a Fine faculty of thirty-six teachers, and a building about to burst with enthusiastic young people. The year l939 saw the retirement of beloved Mr. -I. H. Sikes, after over fifty years of service to the children of IfVest Nashville. The school, the alumni, the P.-T. A., and the Men's Club joined hands and hearts in honoring Mr. Sikes at the largest banquet ever given in Ivest Nashville. In l940 Cohn High School had its hrst graduation. There were sixty-three members in the class. It was a good class - one that had borne responsibility and had helped set up sound precedents for tradition. By 1941 Cohn was becoming too crowded. Already the people of YV est Nash- ville were dreaming of and clamoring for a building program. The Board of Education was responsive to their needs and soon had blueprints under way for a greater Cohn High. AEIIUMPLISHMENT Y Then came the war-the terrible, anxious, grievous years of conflict. All plans for building had to be abandoned so materials might be had for winning the war. Hundreds of Cohn's grad- uates rose and students went out to defend the people and ideals they loved. The school rose to its obligations in selling bonds, making band- ages for the Red Cross, gathering scrap iron and waste paper. The Colm Clarion staff furnished morale to the boys in the Armed Services by sending the newspaper all over the world. Twenty-four of our men gave their lives for their way of life. They have become forever en- shrined in the character and tradition of their school. With the coming of peace came other things: the joy and relief of welcoming returning loved ones, the weariness and temptation to lassitudeg educational needs of returneesg reawakening old dreams and planning a new future. It was in 1943 that Cohn's athletic star began to rise. For over three and a half years Cohn reigned undefeated in football, going undefeated three years and retiring the Nashville Banner football trophy. The completion and lighting of Sikes Field and the building of the football held house gave the school the hnest in football facilities. Fine records in basketball, baseball, golf, and tennis have given Cohn an enviable place in the athletic picture in Nashville. It is characteristic of the people of l'Vest Nash- ville that their faith in a greater Cohn survived in the trying years of war and readjustment. As soon as materials were available, the Men's Club, the P.-T. A., the teachers, Mr. Cohn- all began to look forward to the expansion of the school to meet the growing needs of the community. Thanks to their efforts and to the understanding and vision of our Board of Education, ground was broken for the new wing to Cohn High School in January, 1949. At this writing most of the work is completed and new facilities are being added. Once again the floor space of the school has been doubled. A new gymnasium seating 1,400 people, a new library, a new dining room seating 400, a new band and orchestra department of fourteen rooms, a new Home Economics department, a new playroom, a new science laboratory, an enlarged stage and light- ing equipment, and twenty-one new classrooms have been built. The old building has been rearranged and refinished. A new public ad- dress system, a new time system, and a new fire alarm system have been installed. Altogether al- most a million dollars is being spent to make Cohn one of the finest school plants in Tennes- see. As usual, Mr. Cohn added the final touch by giving the school a beautiful new organ for the auditorium. The year 1950 has brought Cohn many good things. It has also brought irreparable loss. Mr. Xvilliam Hume, chairman of our Board of Edu- cation, passed away. A greater Cohn was a large part of Mr. Hume's educational vision for Nash- ville. His understanding, sympathy, and loyalty were unbounded. Cohn lost one of her oldest and best friends at the passing of Mr. Charles Cohn. His devo- tion to the school was a beautiful thing. During the years he lavished his affection, his attention, and his means upon Cohn High School. He was as modest as he was generous. He asked nothing but to give. He left us all a nobler thing than material wealth - he taught us the "giving life." The year 1949-50 has brought to Cohn a new adventure in school life. It has brought the students opportunity to share in the authority and responsibility of governing themselves. This is an important opportunity-to learn of de- mocracy through producing it - to learn thc price of freedom through responsibility and work - to learn to respect the will of the majority - to learn to live together in harmony and mutual respect. Student government has succeeded at Cohn. Cohn is growing up. GREATER COHN HAS ARRIVED! W. R. ROCHELLE fPrincijml for Twelve Yearsj 5 v ' " " ' 'WW 'A" '- -M """'- -W Y - V-WMMW-ww' ----4 wwf W ww-WMwwwwwM M-1.mwewwwwmfwwmfmwwwnwmramam-:mmvw:-wwmmwm , , W..MM.. ,M-.mwmfw-4-- ' wwW,::sc?mwmWx:wmwwm1smmwswaim A 1 , E , Z 3 5 5 5 , W 5 El 5 SQ E2 35 5 3 5 gf Q 5 5 2 lf 2 as ii if 2 is K 9 z 1 5, 52 55 5, 5: ii 5 E s Y V 5:5 1:5 ZZJ ,1 zz, ,,,LmM..wm,,wm,M,Wmw wwwmwwvwwmwwww .WWW .M,WMa.,-wifiwyywfrmmw,.yqafmwmmMw1a.QgN,vMN,1mfyg:m4.pgmm xwvmfwwwmmw , mm, , ,.4,mw:, WmmWm.M-mwQm,wmww.,.fNww'WmwMwwwwm-mmm ....... . W- , J Top Row Utcazliizg lo Rightj FRANCES FOSTER ,, NANCY VICKERY ,. GRANT SADLER , . . BETTY BOVVLING ,,...... NIARY LOUISE SADLER .... DORSIE FERRELL ,.,... DONNA SANDERS .. Second Row .t.Editor,,.Edilor Business Manager .,..Senior Editor' ....Sonio1' Editor ....junio1' Editor .....I1l7li0T Editor BIARY IRENA TAYLOR. ,. ,.... Feature Editor RAMONA YVATKINS .... . , .Feature Editor TREVA OARLEY .... Club Editor' JUNE GILLESPIE . .. ,. . Club Editor DOROTHY FLOYD ,. .,.. Club Editor LEWIS NIOORL ,...,.... sports Editor JIMMY BATES .. ...Assistant Sports Editor jIxIxIY SANDERS ,... Business Staff BOBBY BURROUGHS . . . .... Business Staff BUCK HARRIS ..... .... 1 iusiness Stay RICHARD Pl-IARRIS . . . .... Business Stall HENRY NICHOLS .. ..,. Business Staff CHARLIE SADLIZR .. ..., Business Staff DOUG HENIISX' ..., Business Slay Top Row fRCOfIi1'1g to Rightj ALFRED 'TURMAN SONNY ADLER HOMER COGGIN ,... YVILLIANI HUTCIIISON . CHARLIE STRONG .. DUWARD LAWSON .. BILL NIORRISON , . . Second SOPI-IIE SCHYVEINING MARY JANE HUNT .... JOYCE OSBURN .,., SUE KELLY . . JEAN MORRIS ..,,...,... Row BIARY LOUISE ROBIERTSON. . . NIARTHA ANN DISHNER.. BE'r'1'Y FULLER . . BIITTY NICHOLS . . . LOIS YVINKLER . . HELEN YVIIENKE Business Business H usincss Business Business li usi 11 ess li usi 11 ess Stafl Stufj Stag Staff Stag Stag Staff . . . .Typist , . . ,Typist . , . ,Typist . , .Typist , . .Typist Typist Typist . . .Typist Typist Typist Typist NICBRYDE JONES ........ FIJCIIIIJ' Iiusiness Manager NIARIE SMITI-I . , .,.,,..,......... .. JAMES GRIMES . Sponsor . Business Staff We, the Senior Class and the annual staff, dedicate THE TIGER of 1950 to MISS SUSIE LANGFORD, whose patience, generqus sympathy, broad understand- ing, and Willing helpfulness have niade her an indis- pensable and beloved part of Cohn's integrity. HlIlIIIHlIUN IHEHHY ,. 3, jf W. R. ROCHELLE Princijml HOXVARD ACUEE Di'oersificd Occujzatimzs HELEN PAT1-I ISAIN Speerll, English W. H. BROXVN Plzyximl 1511 urulion, Assislunl Couch 5,EQZ?q1Q, 450,243 EDWARD A. ADELMAN Sofia! Stmlics, Coarlz DOROTHY S. BARRICK Home Iirononzifs .XILIAINIC BLJRRIS Home ffl.'0!10lIlil'S MARGARET ADIQLMAN M usic CLARA NIAY BICNICDICT lirzglivlz, Hislory NIARAIURHC CANIPISFLL BE'1"1'Y RU'1'1'1 A LLEN AIIliiIl'IlIlIiif'S. Hi.Yf1IIij'.E71g'li.YiI, Civits LUCILLE BLMJR Mrzllzwnaliczv, History, Iiizglisli fSjM'ing Tf'I'IiIQ NIICRRILL S. CARTER Iinglislz, Hislory, AIlll,lCl7IllliCS History, Inrluslrial Arts FACULTY 5- QAKRTEER IQOWVICNA B. ARNOLD Social Studies B1i'1"l'Y PI. BLANKENSHII Home lfC0lIOIlliCS', Social Studies fFaIl Termj XVALTER I.Iili CATHCARI English X If NIMH L C CLARLLX CALLIIC jo CLLARKIQ Xlallwnmtzfs Hzslmx Imzqlzsll Health ORVILLIC liARH1eAR'1' lnrluxlrinl A rls .4 NIARc:,xR1a'1' IE. Klikk Hzfallh ""' ' ""'lv SUI-I Domus I.iIrra1'i1111 Al. NICBRYIJ1-1 JONES Mnlll erllalirzv DOROTHY BICCLANAHAN Rfgisl rn V-Clrfrlc Nw W e ""k" 3 fr ,if I ' ' ' K 'a I' 3' fm -wwf KIESSIE I.. Blc:FAR1.,xN1m Alrlsizr R1i1s1scc:,x NIos140v1'1'z Slmrllunrfl, liflolclcrepirzg GRAC1-1 SI s A111 lcumli , llis7r1rv ' z. 1?-,J-.9 wma , . 1 1 v 4 .L 1 f rs-Wf2""'5" --4 ,- ,ff 11415 NIILLIQR v. f . J J MARY Cllicll. NIORRISUQA , A , 1rl,. - v JEAN XIIRAXDA NIARY NII'l'CHlCl.I, Sflfilll Sf1l!lfl'.Y Typing Sofia! Slufliffs Ari lfLOR1iNc:E RYAN C11-1AR1.0T'1'1L S,xN1m1cRs NIARILOU GARDNER SANDERS D1x1P1.1i I,Ax11suR'1' S1-11112 I-Iismry All1llll'IIIIlfil'S linglislz flfnll TUI'IllQ PlIy'Si!'l1I Education pipring T8l'II1Q Bl'I'1'TY AIIQAN Sx11'1'H DOR0'1'11Y 511114115 Sx11'1'1f1 NI,xR'1'11,x B. S'1',xR1x NIARLLAR1-i'1' SU1.I.1vAx K,x'1'1111klN1c SXVIFI I'l1v.vif'nl liclurrzlimz Iirzglislz .xIlllll1?I1llIlil'Sflfllii Termj Srience History fS11ri11g Tvrnzj FACULTY IHI IHHSSIS SENICDR LEWIS MOORE, JR. HENRY NICHOLS President V ice-Presi dent Jo ANN HEADRICK GEORGIA YOUNG W. R. SPEARS Secretary Treasurer Chaplain BILL NIORRISON SUSIE LANGFORD Sergeant at A rms Sponsor liolusli-1 .XRXISTRONG Red Cross '- '-'47, Y-Teens, '4s. l - 6549 9- 'fY7"n C' SENIOR CLASS itxxuc L1-11-1 lifxkxias linsemble, '47-V191 Clarizm Stall, '49-'50, Dramatic Club, '50, Student Congress Mar- shal, '49-'50, Best Croomed Girl, '5U. Alam-:s .XLLI-IN ISAYNIQ, ja. junior High Basketball, '4S0g B-Basketball, '47g A-Basket- ball Team, '48-'503 B-Football Team, '46-'47, A-Football Team, '48-'49g "C" Club, '48- '5Ug Student Congress, '50. JMALW . BETTY BOXVLING joftx lSRl1'TAiN CARROLL Dramatic Club. '47-'50g jr. High Basketball Team, '-17: jr. High Cheerleader, '47: lin- semble, '43-'50g ViCe-Presi- dent, '50g Sr, Cheerleader, '48- '50g Alternate Captain, "C" Club, '49-'5303 Attendant to Football Queen, '48, Football Queen, '49g Annual Staff, '50. Dramatic Club, '47-'50g Clnrimz Staff, '49-'5O: Most Courteous, '503 Student Con- gress, '48-'49. BRUCE Red Cross, '46, Dramatic Club, '47-'50g Assistant Secre- tary of Dramatic Club, '48- '4Slg Vice-President of Dra- matic Club, '-199501 Congres- sional Clerk of Student Con- gress, '48-'49g Clarion Staff. '-ISI-'50: Member of Science Club, '49-'50, NANCY YVAYNE BERNARD Library Stall, '45: Orchestra, '46, Office Staff, '47-'483 Stu- dent Congress, '48g Ensemble, '48-'50, Dramatic Club, '49: Manager Basketball Team, '50. ll B Y JOE RUR 'HS Basketball "A" Team, '49-'50g "B" Team, '47-'48g Golf, '49- '503 jr. High Softball, '47g jr. High Basketball, '46-'47, Band, '46-'49, All-City Band, '48, Orchestra, '47-'485 Sikcs Hi-Y, '46-'47g "C" Club, '49- '50g Annual Staff, '49-'50: Basketball Champions Jr. Class, '49, Monitor, '50. ROBICRT RAY BUSH Sikes Hi-Y Club, '47, Chief justice, '49-'50, Manager Base- ball Team, '49, Clarion Staff, '49-'50, Best Groomed Boy, ,50 HKJNIER COGGIN Foothail, '47-'49, jr. High Basketball. '48, B-Team Basketball. '48-'49, Homeroom Champs, '49, Annual Staff, '50, "C" Club, '49-'50g Base- ball Manager, '49, Sergeant-an Arms of Speech Class, '49g lganager of Basketball Team, ' 9. ' XJ XI Di-:AN CARRICK Soft l Team, '46, NIARY LUCILLE Cowizu. Y-Teen, '49-'50, ,,-V, vv-v NELLIIC ADIQLLA C1-usAxl Ensemble, '49-'50, B-Team Basketball, 47: A-Team Basketball, '-183451: Football Attendant, '49, Cheerleader, '49-'50: "CV Cluh, '48-'50. AIA'1"l'i15 SUE CROCKER ll and I. Club. JININIY FERRELL CLICGHORNE Sikes Hi-Y, '46, Dramatic Club, '49-'50, Senior Hi-Y, '49-,503 Clarion Staff, '49-'5llg Student Congress, '49-'50. liizrrv JEAN Cuzzokr Band. '46-'49, All-City Band, '47-'49. 'I 'v ' ' F I C CHARLES DIXON JOAN Dorsox BICTTY SUE DYER .XUDREY NIAI FLENIING B-Team Football, '47: B-Team Olliee Stall, '40-'4Sl: Red Cross Red Cross Club, '45-'49, Girl Reserves, '45-'46, Basket- Basketball, '47, Football, '4S- Club, '48. ball Team, '47, T. and l. 493 Hi-Y, '48-,50. Club, '49-'50, SENIOR FAYIS FLIQNIING Glee Club, '47, Girl Reserves, '47, B-Team Basketball, '47, jr. High Cheerleader, '47, Dramatic Club, '47-'48, lin- semble, '43-'50, Intramural Champs, '49, Tennis Team, '49-'50, Senior I-Iigh Cheer- leader, '49-'50, "C" Club, '49- 'Mlg Student Congress, '50, lViIIiest Girl, '50, ALGA NEL1. Fousr -J f 7 , -,. I-FV 1g,4,,.g. ,fre I f---L SISXVELL FLOXVERS I. and I. Club, '48-'50, D. O. Class, '48-'50. RIAXINIQ FULLER Library Staff, '45-'46, Girl Reserves, '46, Clinic Staff, '47, 'I'. and I., '48-'50, Secretary, T. and I. Club. 'ML f"'-0-C2-M DOROTHY RU H FLEJYD National Honor Society, '49- '5U, Dramatic Club, '47-'50, National Forensic League, '48- '50, Band, '47-'50, Orchestra, '47-'50, All-City Band, '47- '48, "C" Club, '49-'50, Repre- sentative in Carnegie Library Council, '48-'50, Clarion Staff, '47-'50, Annual Stall, '49-'50, Student Congress, '48-'50, Class Willmaker, '50, Saluta- torian, '50, PEGGY GAILEY Dramatic Club, '47-'50, Clinic Staff, '47-'48, Varsity Basket- ball, '48-'49, Student Govern- ment, '49-'50, 'I'. and I. Club, '49-'50. FRANCES ANN FOSTER Y-Teens, '48-'50, Treasurer. '49-'50, Science Unlimited Club, '48-'50, Senior Dramatic Club, '49-'50, National For- ensic League, '49-'50, Clarion Staff, '49-'50, Annual Staff, '49-'50, Co-Editor of Annual, '49-'50. KoisER'r GASRILL Red Cross, '46, Band, '48, Hi-Y, '48, D. O. Class, '49-'50, T. and I. Club, '49-'50. NICLL GASSAXVAY Basketball, '47-'50, "C" Club, '48-'50, Softball, '46, All- Tournament Teani, '49-'50, Most Athletic: Girl. CLASS RUBY NIELISA GLASS Clinic Staff, '47, All-State Chorus, '47, Ensemble, '47- '50, Girl Reserves, '47, Alter- nate Cheerleader, '48, Dra- matic Club, '4S-'5O, Vice- President Red Cross, '49, Ciheerleader, '49, Trio, '47- ' 9. wan, MQW DoRoT1-iv NIAI GREEN Y-Teens, '49, Girl Reserves, '45-'46, Alternate In Ensem- ble, '48, Office Staff, '46-'47, Red Cross, '46-'47, junior High Chorus, '47. JIMMY RAY GREEN DAVID GREER T. and I. Club, '49-'50g Pres- ident, State T. and I. Club, '49-'50, Dramatic Club, '46- '47g junior Hi-Y, '46-'47. ALBERT LEE HARRIS B-Team Football, '45-'46, A- Team Football, '47-'49, Base- ball Manager, '47, "C" Club, '46-'49, Most Pleasing Pera sonality. JAMES GRIMICS Football, '47-'48, Baseball, '-18g Annual Stall, '49-'50, Band. '45g Most Handsome Boy oi Senior Class, '49. JOHN OWEN PIAXVKINS Band, '46-'47, Manager of Football Team, '49, Justice, '49. BARBARA JANE HALL Clinic Staff, '47, Library Staff, '47g Red Cross, '47-'483 Most liashful Girl, '50. JOANNE HEADRICK Dramatic Club, '48-'50, Clarion Staff, '49-'50g Student Congress, '49, Program Chair- man of Dramatic Club, '49- '50g Secretary of junior Class, '48-'49, Secretary of Senior Class, '49-'50, Monitor of Stu- dent Congress, '49, Best All- Round Girl, '50, AAMMI ml.. le BETTY JUNE HALL Red Cross Club, '47g Treas- urer, '47, Library Staff, '473 Most Bashful Girl, '50, JAMES DOUGLAS Hmrm' Dramatic: Club, '47-'48, Foot ball, '48-'49, Annual Staff '49-'5Og "C" Club, '49-'50, NORMA JEAN Hooriia D, O. Class, '48-'50, T. and I. Treasurer, '49-'50, T. and I. Club, '48-'50, Red Cross, '46-'47g Clinic Staff, '47. .WW RTI-IRL KATHLEEN HUNT' ALARTHA GLORIA ROY LEE HUTCHISON Dramatic Club, '46, Intra- HUTCHISON Erlscmljle, 2173493 Dramatic mural llasketball Champions, Red Cross QW- Club, '46.'47, '4ll: Malorette, '48-'90, SENICJR I asf Wk, 422 ff .xr I9lUTCHlSON Baseball, '49-'50, "C" Club, '49-'50, Annual Staff, '49-'50. ELLIOTT KESTNER jr.-Sr. Basketball Team, '49- '50, "C" Club, '48-'50, Foot- ball, '47-'49, Ensemble, '50, All-Nashville High School Choir, '50 --L., ,- X - xx J QiEtg,KRI-tv?"RtIfg7joRk'a,y,I'- JACKIE KEfta'HLEY M GORDON KENT a ating , fl 1 3 ' :Q iff! X f ,f V 4 V91 111 M if ,L ,P v-41.39-f-X C' ' f NX, DORIS RUTH LANCASTER Basketball, '48-'49, "C" Club, '48-'49-'50, Y-Teen, '49, Al- ternate Cheerleader, '48, Sr. High Cheerleader, '49-'50, jr. High Basketball, '47, Girl Re- serves, '47, President, '47. .u'f'7' 1 1, '-""" v GEORGIA BIARIE LEYVIS lv,-9 TI-Ioivtls SCOTI' Red Cross, '45, Chorus "A," V I AICBIILLAN 49' ', YNational Forensic League, '48- ' 1 'f '50, Varsity Debate, '49-'50, .,v,4,,. Annual Staff, '49, Co-Editor fj,Qfv'ff4'?' ' Clarion, '49-'50, Boys' State, A- 'tiff ,f '49, Dramatic Club, '48-'50, f ' ' Treasurer Student Body, '48- C,'u -f-.ffl J I CLASS '49, National Honor Society, '49-'50, Science Unlimited, '48-'50, Representative in Carnegie Library Council, '48- '50. X 'D-Aff f 'ff 4- I BARBARA LAYVRENCE Dramatic Club, '47-'50, Secre- tary of Dramatic Club, '49-'50, Student Congress, '48-'50, Honor Society, '49-'50, Secre- tary of Honor Society, '50, '- ff SHIRLEY For NICPHERSON Dramatic Club, '48-'49, Band, '47-'50, Drum Majorette, '50 Student Congress, '50, All: City Band, '47. I ELIZABETH LAWRENCE D. O. Class, '49-'50, T. and I. Club, '49-'50, LOUISE AIARTIN Dramatic Club, '48, D. O Class, '48-'50, T. and I. Club '48-'50. DELBIAR AUSTIN AIICIDLIN Football, '47-'49, Hi-Y, '48- '5llZ Sergeant-at-Arms, '49, "C" Club, '49-'50, Senior lligh Basketball Champs. '49. I'1LIZAB1i'I'I-I JIQAN NIORRIS Dramatic Club, '47-'50, Band, '47-'48, Orchestra, '47, En- semble, '48-'50, Junior Basket- ball, '47, Senior Basketball, '49-'50, Captain, '50, Annual Stall, '50, Student Congress, '50, All-City Band, '46-'47: Vice-President Ensemble, '50, Intramural Champs, '-18. ELOISIL NIILDRISD AIILLER Intramural Basketball, '47- DON NIOORE Basketball, '47-'50, Band, '46- '493 Library Staff, '47, Y- '48, "C" Club, '48-'50, Teens, '48. A , ! 7 K N . 'l -I fu IJ .Q ti It .II c, I U BILLY RAY' NIORRISON fax . Football, 147-'48-'49, sites Hi-5 I Y fl li, '4fg'45: Senior Hi-T07 '46-' , l jx , '.i0, oys' Quartet, ' -'48, -. ,I ' ,7 .KL-Sl, Annual Staff, '47-'50: "C" vj ,7'Yl V, M! Club, '49-'50, B-Team Basket- ball, '47-'48, Student Con- gress, '49-'50, Marshal, '50, Sergeant-at-Arms of junior Class, Sergeant-at-Arms of Senior Class, All-City Chorus, '48-'49-'50, All-State Chorus, '48-'49-'50. BARBARA JEAN AIURRAY Chorus, '46-'47, Band, '46-'47, Girl Reserves, '46-'47, Library Staff, '47-'48, T. and I. Club, '48-'50, D. O. Class, '48-'5U. 0hQnl1A. rlhh LEWIS EDWARD NIOORE, JR. Tennis, '48-'50, Golf, '49-'50, Clarion Stall, '47-'50, Annual Stall, '48-'50, Senior H-Y, '48-'49, Pres., '49, Chap- lain, '48-'49, National Honor Society, '49-'50, V-P., '49-'50, NFL, '49-'50, Boys' State, '49, T.A.S,C. Delegate, '49, Pres. Junior Class, '48-'49, Pres. Senior Class, '49-'50, Pres. Student Government, '49-'50, Student Con- gress Marshal, '49, Treas., '48, "C" Club, '47-'50, Third Place Hume Award, '50, V-P. City Student Coun- cil, '50, Jr. Rotarian, '50, Most Like- ly to Succeed, '50, Civitan Medal, '50. BEITY ANN NICHOLS Annual Staff, '49-'50, Attendant to Football Queen, '49, Student Govern- ment Marshal, '50, Class Poet, '50. A,, HENRY CLAY NICHOLS junior High Basketball, '46, B-Team Basketball, '47, B- 'l'eam Football, '46, A-Team Football, '48-'49, Student Congress, '48-'50, Sergeant-an Arms, '48, Marshal, '50, "C" Club, '48-'49-'50, A-Team Basketball, '48, Vice-President Senior Class, Annual Staff, '48- '50, Senior High Basketball Champs, '49, Best All-Round. ALICE LORETTA OVERBY Band, '46-'49, Girl Scouts, '45, Girl Reserves, '46, Dramatic Club, '47-'50, N.F.L., '47- '50, Office Staff, '47, Library Stall, '48, Ensemble, '48-'50, Secretary Ensemble, '49, All- City Chorus, '49-'50, Senior Girls' Trio, '50, Basketball, '48-'50. JACK PI-:RRI-ZRSON YI 'qv ' RICHARD IIHARRIS Basketball, '47-'50, Baseball, '49, "C" Club, '49-'50, Moni- tor, '50, Most Handsome Boy, '50, Annual Staff, '50. SENIOR GAIL RADER I'IA'I"I'I E XVI-IRIS RALSTON Red Cross, '45, Cirl Reserves, Y-Teens. '48-'50: Clarion Stall, 'K Ill 'WWII '-17: Chorus .1 , 'A .. ,XLISERT NIONTGONIERY NIARY I.OUISE Rom-1R'l'soN R01s1QR'1's0N Member Student Council, VIII- Library Staff. '48-'49, Annual '5ll. Stall. '50. If-u"Zr CHARLI E SADLER A-Football, '44-VIS: B-Ifgpg. ball, '45-'46: Baseball, '47- '49, Most Athletic, '50, Club, '47-'49: Most Courteous, '50g Annual Staff, '50, CLASS HENRY GRANT SADLIQR A-Team Football, '46-'49, Basketball, junior High, ,463 Senior High Basketball, '49- '50g "C" Club, '47-'50, junior High Intramural Champs, '45g Business Manager of Annual Staff, '50, Marshal, '50. DOROEY Jawa READ Basketball 'IlCllIIl, '48-'49: 'l'. and I. Club, '49-'50Z Library Stall, '47-'-IH: ll. 0. Class, '49- JIU. BARBARA ROBIZSON Ilrainatic Club, '47-'483 Girl Reserves, 'Mig National Honor Society, '49-'50: 'I'reasurcr, '50, Band, '46-'50, Drum Major- ette, '49-'50, Band Sponsor, '-191 All-City Band, '46-'48Z Accompanist for Ensemble, '49, Orrhestra. '49-'50, Class Musician, '50. ,fiih ?v JAMES IYILLIAXI SANDERS Football, '46-'49, Tennis, '49, Chorus, '46-'47, Student Con- gress. '48-'49, Annual Stall '48-'-ISI: Clarion Staff, '47I IVi!liest Boy, '50, U- NIARILYN JUNE R1-ZYNOLDS junior Cheerleader, '47, Senior Cheerleader, '48-'49, Captain Cheerleaders. '50, Basketball, '49, Ensemble, '48-'49, Band, '47-'49, Tennis Team, '48- '5llg N.F.I,., '48-'49, Dramatic Club, '-I7-'48-'49, Intramural Champs, VIS: Orchestra. '48, "C" Club, '47-'50. AIARY LOUISE SADLER Cirl Reserves, '46, Band, '46- '503 Annual Stall, '50. DONALD SAXVYER Clee Club, '46-'47, '11 and I Club, V18-'50: D. 0. Class '48-'50, joins ANDREW SCHMl'I'l'0U Orchestra, '47-'48, D. O. Class, '49-'50, T. and I. Club, '49- '50 NELLIE BIAE SULLIVAN Clarion Staff, '48-'50, Y-Teens, '48-'50, Secretary, '49-'50: UV' SOPHIE SCI-IYVEINING Student Congress, '47-'48, Clarion, '47-'50, Library Staff, '48, Basketball, '47-'50, An- nual Staff, '49-'50, Honor So- ciety, '49-'50, Y-Teen, '48-'49, Club, '47-'50, Science Club, '48-'50, lklarshal, '50. EDNA NIAI SXVEENEY Girl Reserves, '46-'47, Dra- matic Club, '47-'50, Office Staff, '47-'48, Student Con- gress, '47-'48, Ensemble, '47- '50, Majorettc, '47-'50, Intra- mural Basketball Champions, '47-'48, N.F.L., '47-'50, Secre- tary, '48-'49, President, '49- '50, Clarion Staff, '50, Senior Girls' Trio, '49-'53 All-City joAN NIARELLE SMITH Red Cross, '47-'48, Library Stall, 40, Y-leens, 49. ALFRED EUGENE 'INURNIAN Science Unlimited, '48-'50, V-P., '49- '50, Student Congress, '47-'49, Treas. Student Body, '48-'49, Chief Marshal, Student Government, '49-'50, Senior Hi-Y, '47-'49, Dramatic Club, '48-'50, Sergeant-at-Arms, '48-'49, Pres., '49- '50, National Honor Society, '49-'50, Pres., '49-'50, NFL, '48-'50, First Team Debate, '48-'50, Annual Stall, '46-'50, Clarion Staff, '46-'48, V-P., junior Class, Senior Historian, Sikes Hi-Y, '46-'47, V-P., '46, Pres. '47, Parliamentarian Davidson County f..,,J,,.. ,--..L J. -Ht --,t. urtntfr YVILLIAM ROBERT SPEARS Sikes Hi-Y, '46, Chaplain, '46, Senior Hi-Y, '48, National Forensic League, '47-'50, Vice- Presid-ent, '48, Varsity Debate, '47-'50, Dramatic Club, '47- '5O, Student Congress, '47- '48, Parliamentarian, '47-'50, National Honor Society, '49- '50, Annual Staff, '48-'49, Clarion Staff, '47-'50, Co-Edi- tor, '49-'50, Chaplain of junior Class, '48-'49, Chaplain of Senior Class, '49-'50, Most Stndious Boy, '50, FRANCES ANN rfYLER jr, Red Cross, '47-'50, Vice- President, '47, Treasurer, '48, President, '49, Representative to Southeastern District of jr. Red Cross in Chipply, Ca., mo. v.,,,. n.,,....,l,,.,.f nr fun- BRUCE VICKERX' SABI DUDLEY YVADE DORRIS VVAGGONER Ensemble, '46-'49, Sikes Hi- D. O. Class, '49-'50, T. and Y, '46, Football, '49, Most l. Club, '49-'50. Bashful Boy, '50. SENIGR CLASS RAMONA YVATKINS Girl Reserves, '46-'47, Red Cross, '46- '473 Orchestra, '47-'49, All-City Band, '47-'49, Band, '46-'49, Nashville Schools Chorus, '46-'48, Ensemble, '46-'49, Clarion Staff, '50, Annual Staff, '50, Marshal, '50, Dramatic Club, '46-'50, Q11424f"f-1 ,f I I ' ' 190 ff LIONEL B. TVATKINS Bowling Team, '47-'49: Rifle Team, '503 Senior Hi-Y, '50, Chaplain, '50: Drarnatic Club, '50, "C" Club, '50. XIALCOM IVEBB - Baseball, '48'L50. f , fl , - ' K , ,af rw f " 1 4 A Hy 'f I yr, . fl .y l ' ' ' ' jo ANNE WILLIAMS GEORCIA RUTI-I YOUNG Office Staff, '46, Band, '46- Y-Teens, '47, Vice-President, .,',, V '48, Orchestra, '46-'48, Dra- V172 Junior Dramatic Club, , , ' matic Club, '46-'48, Clinic '47g Clinic Staff, '47, National I ' Staff, '49, T. and I. Club, Forensic League, '48-'50, Dra- I 11 al , . W49-'50, Intramural Basket- ball Champs, '48g National Honor Society, '49-'50, All- City Band, '47-'48. matic Club, '48-'50, Co-Spon- sor of jr. Dramatic Club, '49- '50g Office Staff, '48, Assistant I-Ioineroom Teacher, '48-'49: Most Beautiful Girl, Best Personality: Treasurer Senior Class. CLASS POEM GF '50 BETTY ANN NICHOLS Our leaving lhese halls is sweet sorrow lfor all of the joys lefl behind, But there is bright failh for lhe morrow To seek and to know and lo hnd. Hearts with warn? nrernories abound With hopes for future years, Minds qniekened wilhf knowledge found Look forward free of fears. Our days spent here are not in vain- Our for! in Iiine lo be, Our base for all that we shall gain Foundation of our destiny. , KIARY LOUISE YVEATHERBY T. and I. Club, '48-'50. XIARY SUE VVEST Red Cross Club, '48. CLASS HISTORY About six years ago the greater part of what is now the Senior Class of 1959 entered Cohn to make this page-HISTORY. And such a his- tory as it has been! Most of us came from Cockrill, Sylvan Park, and Park Avenue in Sep- tember, 1944, feeling big graduates of the sixth grade. These feelings last only a few days or possibly hours. "Elevator" tickets, "lunchroom" tickets, or room numbers belittled us to no great extent. After a diligent year as seventh graders, we were passed into the realms of higher education- the eighth grade. This year as well as the preceed- ing one was highlighted by the homeroom tourna- ments. just preceding the tournaments Cohn's football team had begun its great three-year reign of the championship throne by winning the trophy for the first time. The ninth grade passed with little change in our regular routine. In june of this year we received our Junior High School diplomas from Dr. A. K. Smithson. Entering High School in the fall of 1947, a joyful bunch of Sophomores, we began really to be a part of Cohn and to make HISTORY! Then the third year our team won the Inter- scholastic League Championship in football. During this same year we, with the rest of Cohn, became a part of something new- our Student Government. Several of our members were leaders in the movement. VVhen we came back to school in the fall, we became money-crazy Juniors. Lewis Moore was elected President, Alfred Turman, Vice-Presi- dentg Jo Ann Headrick, Secretary, Joe Payne, Treasurerg Charlie Sadler, Sergeant at Armtg and IV. R. Spears, Chaplain. Along with the student officers, Mr. Eddie Adelman was elected as our sponsor to guide us in our ventures for the year. Throughout the year our class sponsored variety shows, square dances, box suppers, popularity contests, and sold cold drinks and candy to get the much-needed money for the Prom. The money and plans ready, the affair was set for May 28th at the Maxwell House. Allen Jewel and his orchestra provided the music for the evening. By the end of the year six members of our class - Dorothy Floyd, Barbara Lawrence, Lewis Moore, Barbara Robeson, Sophie Schweining, W. R. Spears, and Alfred Turman-had been elected into the National Honor Society. An- other member of whom We are justly proud is Loretta Overby, who represented Tennessee in Dramatics in the National Speech Contest. Al- though our football team did not fare so well in the "won-and-lost" column, several of our class- mates performed at their posts exceptionally well. Among these were Grant Sadler, end, Henry Nichols, guard, Charlie Sadler and James Bayne, backs. In basketball we fared much bet- ter. Wfith Charlie and Grant Sadler as two of the main cogs and others as reserves, we reached the Hnals in the Eighth District, while the girls with Nell Gassaway, an all-tournament player, received the Sportsmanship Trophy. Before the year was over we could see the foundation of the long-sought-for addition to our school. Our Senior year began as all others, with the election of oflicers. They were Lewis Moore, Presidentg Henry Nichols, Vice-President, Jo Ann Headrick, Secretary, Georgia Young, Treas- urer, Bill Morrison, Sergeant at Arms, VV. R. Spears, Chaplain, and Miss Susie Langford, Spon- sor. This year our class added a new member in the charming person of Betty Ann Nichols. Wie, along with the rest of the school, were glad to hear that there would be a half-day school because of the lack of space during the construc- tion of the new building. Early in the fall we received our rings. This was only the beginning of our life as Seniors. Cards, invitations, caps and gowns, and what-not were also purchased. This year witnessed the beginning of the com- plete student government in our school., Lewis Moore, President, Alfred Turman, Chief Mar- shal, Bobby Bush, Chief Justice, John Hawkins and Nellie Sullivan, Justices. Our '49-'50 basket- ball team, of which Eve -Don Moore, Richard Pharris, james Bayne, Grant Sadler, and Bobby Burroughs-were Seniors, racked up a total of fourteen wins and live losses. The girls' team reached the Regional Tournaments, aided by Jean Morris, Loretta Overby, Nell Gassaway, and Sophie Schweining. During this year three more members - jo Ann VVilliams, Tommy McMillan, and john Hawkins-of our class were elected into the National Honor Society. After the work was over, Class Day, May 17, gave a wonderful day of fun and entertainment. The highlight of the year was the Junior- Senior Prom in the cafeteria of the "New Cohn" which had been recently completed. The food and entertainment were enjoyed by everyone. The last few days of rehearsals were trying ones for everyone, especially for our sponsor, Miss Langford, who had been so patient with us. Finally on June 9 we received our diplomas, for "He that conquers himself, conquers all." ALFRED TURMAN, H istorian. SENIOR SNAPSHOTS I DOROTHIM FLOYD ALFRED TURIXIIAN LEWIS MOORE, JR. BARBARA LAXVRENCE Salumlorian Vnlcdictorimz and Colm Civitan Medalist D. A. R. Medalist Medalist SENIOR HONOR STUDENTS S E N I O R S U P E R L A T I V E I S Seated, Left to Riglzt: NIELLIE XIAIQ SULLIVAN, Proplzetg BETTY ANN NICHOLS, Poel. Standing: DOROTHY FLOYD, Willnznker-,' EDNA SXVEENEY, Oramrg ALFRED TURRIAN, Hislariung BARBARA ROBESON, Musician. '- "'M-M--W'N-W ---M-'W N'-1-M-WNW-vw-W-hifyammv, , Awww-.mmam:,.,-.w:r.A- , , ' wwesamwaxufrw. -A1-M-M--wwmv,..Qfm.w,,.5,-x5glqQy,,w1gg,,?g.g, VM - x W Q 3 5 5 3 3? 35 3 , .X g 1:4nWK1QmN:hv,4fmMfmQ5,, V... V W . W ,. ,.1 . WM.. ,bw Ah WM. N, . , A--W-ff' W- ' 5 5 5 S ! J 5 S 3 2 2 E 5 2 E Q 2 W if mmm """'N-""'- " 1,01-1 ,,,, , , ffmf- -W V , HcsaUMwffMMg::.a,QN., f M - wf,,,mvzmwmfawa4ffwz w,zNM..:ixf , i"tn::awwwww-WY, - ' MMNwnf.,+m-zfww -Mwmmwgg , M N11 nu: BOBBIE ARMSTRONG ANN BARNES JAMES ALLEN BAYNE NANCY BERNARD BETTY BOWLING JOAN BRITTAIN REBECCA BRUCE BOBBY BURROUGI-IS BOBBY BUSH YVILLADEAN CARRICK NISLLILI CHISAXI JIMMY CLEGHORNE HONIER COGGIN LUCILLE COKVELL AIATTIE SUE CROCKER BETTY JEAN CUZZORT JOAN DOTSON BETTY SUE DYER AUDREY FLISXIING FAYE FLIZSIING SEKVELL FLOWERS DOROTHY RUTH FLOYD FRANCES FOSTER NELL FOREST ATAXIXIZ FULLER PEGGY GAILEY ROBERT GAsRILL SELL GASSAWAY AIELBA GLASS DOROTHY GREEN JIRIMY GREEN DAVID GREER JAMES GRIMES JANE HALL JUNE I-IALI. ALBERT HARRIS JOHN HAwRINs JO ANN HEADRICK DOUGLAS HERIBY NORMA JEAN HOOPER KATHLEEN HUNT NIARTHA HUTCHISON ROY LEE HUTCHISON AVILLIANI HUTCHISON AUDREY JORDAN JACKIE KEATHLICY GORDON KI-:NT ELLIOTT KESTNER RUTH LANCASTER Nifzlcrumw Shorty Pandy Lying Jim Hun Betty Mumhles I0 Becky Bob Cob Chico Dean Nell Speedy Meat-Head Whimpy Brown Eyes Run: Jo Sister Bessie Erma Rusty Petunia Dotty Oranges Algie Little Bit Pigattious Old Devil Nellie Brown Chicken Dot Grizzly Doodle Hot Twin Twin Buck Pete tLeadbellyj Jodie Mumbles Hoop B. B, Marty Roy Mfilly the Hare Little Audrey Penny Gordo Hot Ruth Baby SENIOR BLUEPRINTS Lilies Eating Cheeseburgers Nellie Joe Doug and popcorn Chocolate Hot biscuits and butter Cherries Doris Jean Sports jimmy Martha and new cars Bellevue girls School Eating and sleeping Spaghetti .ICFYY Wesley Krystal hamburgers, Bobby Dancing Girls at Central Music and knitting Chemistry class Sleeping Leonard, music, eating Apple pie Going to Woodbine Dates Bubba's blue eyes Kenneth Lunch Money and sleep Graduating Home economics Fried chicken Texas Sleep Potatoes French fried potatoes Arthur Ball park Nice people Traveling Baseball and basketball Friends Dancing Sleeping late Women Cheese and pineapple llislilces Studying Homework Faye Shorthand Getting up early Bells Long walk to lunzhroom Homer Coggin driving my car Communism Roaches Shorthand. Getting up in the morning Driving cars Working Nosey people Cold weather No Jerry No Wesley . N0 Krystal hamburgers and no Bobby Staying home XVork of any type Taking gym Living far from school Working Snooty people Prunes Having to leave XVoodbine before eleven Staying home No Bubba Ifussing with Kenneth English Dagos Work Show-offs Lessons School E. A. False teeth Women drivers No Arthur Being mad at my man Conceited people Work Nickname and tattletales Enemies Getting up in the Inornings Coming to school No music No Malvern Saying Did you? Oh! Piffle! I don't give a rare! Oh, toot! That just freezes me! Shucks! Well, I say! Not necessarily Check that! You just don't look right, Bub you just don't look right. Do you know your shorthand? Aw crap! I'm sleepy! Aw shucks! Whimpy? Good ness! Oh boy! No comment, please! Hi, Coon! I don't know! Shookie Well, that's O.K. For the love of Mike! Oh, you're quaint! Oh, you're cute, hun! Well I'll be! I declare! Sho nuff! Yeh? Give you a clue What are you talking about? I reckon Say, hey Barbara! How yoII all? I don't know! Doggone! It's a deal! Don't be vulgar! O, golly Pete! Mmmmmmmmmmmm! Bless you! Goodness! I'll say! Do you want to race? All right, boys' let's 'atrh that stu!! , It Fiddlesticks! I'm sleepy! How're you doin'? Gimme time! Mark my word! Nalin! BARBARA LAIYRENCE ELIZARETII LAWRENCE GEORGIA LEWIS LOUISE BIARTIN Toxmx' NICXIILIAN SIIIRLEY AICPI-IERSON AUSTIN MIQIILIN 1iI.oIsE NIILLER DON BIOORE LEWIS BIOORE JEAN INIORRIS BILL BIORRISON BARBARA BIURRAY BETTY ANN NICIIOLS HENRY NICHOLS LORE'r'rA OVI-QRBY JACK PERKERSON RICIIARD PIIARRIS GAIL RAIIER HATTIE RALs'rON DOROTHY R EA D BIARILYN REYNOLDS ALBERT ROBERTSON BIARY LOUISE ROBERTSON BARIIARA ROIIESON CHARLIE SADLER GRANT SAIILER BIARY LOUISE SAIILER JININIY SANIII-:Rs DONALD SAXVYER JOHN SCHMITTOU SOPHIE SCI-IIVEININC JOAN SMITH W. R. SPEARS NELLIE MAE SULLIVAN EIJNA SXVEENEY ALFRED TURNIAN FRANCES ANN TYLER BRUCE VICKERY SAM IVADE DORRIS IVAGGONER LIONEL XVATRINS RABIONA YVATKINS NIALCOM XVEIIIS NIARY XVEATIIIERBY KIARY SUE WEs'I jo ANN YVILLIABIS GEORGIA YOUNG Niclcnnme Babs Tiny Rembrant Lou Tobias IrIIIa Autie Lou Slim Sonny Jeannie Bad Slim Prissy Mrs. Nick Nick Retta Perk Rich lgnals Leaping Lena Dotty Proxy Einstein Lou Barbarossa Burr Drooley Sadler Soupy B ul Foxy H2501 lSulfurie Aeidj ,Ioanie Pila May Little Bit Alfonso Fran Big Bruce Sammy liarly Bub Mona Snake Mert Susie Q. Little Red WitIIp SENIOR BLUEPRINTS Likes Letters from Ohio Shorty Morgan Candy Getting out of class Swimming Getting up early Doe Basketball Sports and fried chicken ClIarlie Football East Nashville Henry Betty and fishing New clothes Eat and sleep Getting up early William Cherry pie Money, going to pieture shows Eating Poetry Playing basketball Skating Sports Basketball Food Soup Girls IVork Belle Meade TlIeater Skating Cihum Cherry pie Letters from California Eating Skating Food Mobile people Girls Wotnen and Inoney Men, money, and ire cream Baseball Tomtny, music, lllld eating Badminton Food Sidney Dislikes NO letters frotn OlIio Getting up every morning Arguments with Morgan NO candy Taking up IIIOHCY from Seniors Winter fran't go swimmingj Getting up early No Doe Iinglish Tardy bells Getting up on cold mornings XVearing a white shirt and tie Driving in traffic No Henry Nosey people Fnssing with Gerald XVork Getting up early Arguments with William History Going to school, getting up early Not getting fat Cold, rainy weather School Gold weather IVork English Iiating at the third period No soup Getting up early Sehoolteaehers No basketball games Working Nihie cibi Cokes I-Impty mailbox Not eating No skating Getting up early Fairy tales Iinglish No woIIIen and no tnoney No men, no money, and Onions Classes Being little People wlIo brag Going to school Other men Saying Oh! Fine! Bless your little pointed head! I wonder if Morgan is home? I don't know! Aw, you boogered it! IVeIl, I'll say! You wanna ticket? IJon't worry about il, Okel 'l'hat do make it niee, don't it? Good-ness! DO you know your shorthand? Come on, Carol, and let's go! Gollee! Have you seen Henry? Where you people supposed to be? It's 11:00, Gerald! lt's pathetic, ain't it? You got a note? What for? You IIIiglIt as well say it as think it! Really and truly! I'm innocent! OlI, yeh! Prove it! Oh, dOn't be silly! When are we gonna eat? Well, lad, what's wrong with you? Wanna borrow my car, Homer? Holy Cow! I hear you talking! Any fool can go to bed, but it takes a man to get up I feel foxy Yeah, boy! Really? Lureh, IIinIIy! I'll think about it, O.K. California, here I rome! N a - ww w w w ! O.K. When do we eat? Dogged if I know! Have you got your English? I lIllX'0I1'X. Seven, come eleven! Fiddle de de! I didn't do it! Well, corn! Oh, no! Oh, nuts! Why, sure! I M. ...-3 i .-f QW First Row, Left to Righl: Corrine Turman, Barbara Robeson, Nancy Vickery, Sue Kelly, Barbara Lawrence, Billie Teeple, Donna Sanders, Lois VVinkler. Second Row: Miss Morrison, Jo Ann XVilliams, Dorothy Floyd, Sophie Sehweining, Mr. Rochelle, Mrs. Driver. Third Row: Miss Hetherington, Tommy McMillan, Alfred Turman, W. R. Spears, john Hawkins, Lewis Moore, Miss Sullivan. Alisenl: Mary Irena Taylor. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS ALFRED 'VURMAN . . . Lewis Moomz ...... BARBARA LAWRENCE . . BARBARA Roisesox . . . SOPHIE SCHXVEINING The Cohn Chapter of the National Honor Society, which has one of the largest groups in the history of Cohn, has experienced a very pro- gressive year. One of its featured attractions is the annual banquet, which takes place in the spring. A large group of the faculty, a number of the alumni, and all members of the chapter . . . . . . . .President . . . . Vice-President . . . . . ,Secretary . . .Treasurer , . . .Chaplain were present at the l950 banquet. The speaker was Honorable Percy Priest, United States Rep- resentative from Tennessee, who spoke on the need to stress peace in our religious and educa- tional Iields. The Neophytes furnished a skit for the allair, entitled "Cohndora." The ban- quet was enjoyed by everyone. SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY Being very fond of cherry pie and overly inclined to eat too mtlch. I had three pieces for dinner. That is the only reason I can give for what happened afterwards. I had just comfortably settled in a chair when all of a sudden I seemed to be falling through space. I landed with a thud in front of what looked like an airport. From over the loud-speaker came a voice recog- nizable as Atlstin Medlin's saying, H1975 XVorld Cruiser leaving on runway live." I bought a ticket and climbed aboard. joan Dotson, Shirley McPherson. and -Ioan Smith were stewardesses. Taking a seat, I saw Betty Ann and Henry Nichols with their football team, and also Lucille Cowell and Nell Gassaway, owners of a string of drugstores. I saw thc famous professional boxer, Rtlth Lancaster, and her inan- 2lgCl', Mary Louise Sadler. -lean Morris, Nellie Chisam, and Betty Sue Dyer had embarked upon the sea of matri- monial bliss. Ann Barnes, .lo Ann Headrick, Melba Glass. Dot Green. and Norma Hooper were also married. They had all started on a pleasure cruise around the world on the new ship that would get them home by bedtime. Finally we got on our way, and several times we passed large flower-bedecked balloons. Letting my curiosity get the better of me, l asked a neighbor what they were and was told they were advertisements put out by Sewell Flowers, the Flower Man of the South. Our first stop was Rome, and there I saw Albert Rob- ertson, a famous architectural draftsman, who was admir- ing the Roman ruins. A little further on I met Tommy McMillan, civil engineer. giving a critical eye to the roads. At the Riviera I saw Ramona lVatkins, who married a millionaire and was still on her honeymoon. Next we stopped in New York where Georgia Lewis and Audrey Jordan had a thriving art studio in which all the celebrities sat for their portraits. I dropped into the radio station and heard Bill Morrison, known as The Voice, sing a solo. He was accompanied by Barbara Robe- son. Mary Louise Sadler, Betty Cuzzort, and jackie Keathley, girl members of Spike Jones' Band, were also seen in the big city. Our next stop was XVashington, where Edna Sweeney was first woman President and had started settling world all'airs in her own feminine way. She had made Nancy Bernard, Betty Bowling, Faye Fleming, and Nell Foust Good XViIl Ambassadors to Foreign Countries. Another prominent figure in the government was Lewis Moore, who had become Chief justice in the Supreme Cotlrt. Continuing to Nashville, I found that Harvey's was now managed by jimmy Cleghorne. and that Bobby Bush was the manager of McLellans. I was told that the beautiful window displays at Loveman's were done by none other than Joan Brittain, Also on fashionable Fifth Avenue was a new elegant photography studio called Smile Please, owned and operated by Louise Martin and Martha Hutch- ison. They were occasionally helped with their bookkeep- ing by XVilliam Hutchison, who was an accountant. Gordon Kent was now owner of the Paramount Theater. and showing there that day was Gone II'i!l1 lim I'I1l7'l'ffIIl1I', starring Loretta Overby, the toast of Hollywood, and her leading man. Richard Pharris. The story was originally a mtlrder mystery novel written by XV. R. Spears. He had sold it to the movie studio and received enough royalties to buy a mansion in the wilds of Alaska where he could have peace and quiet to write another novel. Frances Foster had devoted her life to science and owned a laboratory on Broadway, She was continually blowing up something, but the Good Samaritan Hospital was con- veniently located near by. The nurses there were Jane and june I-lall, Peggy Gailey, Rebecca Bruce, Frances Ty- ler, Gail Rader. and Marilyn Reynolds. Marilyn had final- ly reached the desired weight of 250 pounds and said that she would be glad to tell anyone what her dieting secret was. Dorothy Read had gained her master plumber's degree and now owned her own plumbing business. She em- ployed as her assistants Mattie Sue Crocker, Mary Louise Robertson, and Dean Carrick. Elizabeth Lawrence had devoted her life to having a good time and had even started a club for others who had the same idea. Honorary members were Charles Dixon, john Schmittou, Mary lVeatherby, Sam lVade, and Albert "Buck" Harris. Jo Anti lVilIiams was private secretary to the president of Montgomery lVard. Maxine Fuller owned the Life and Casualty Insurance Company, and Bobby Armstrong owned the Noel Hotel. She made enough money to hire a private mechanic, jimmy Green, for her five cars. Alfred Turman was a well-known physicist and taught at Vanderbilt, where Don Moore was teaching Physical Education and Malcolm lVebb was an engineering in- structor. John Hawkins was now president of the lVest Nashville Temperance ITnion. The next stop found me in Florida. Stepping olf the cruiser, I bought a newspaper and read that Sophie Schweining. editor of the Florida Sllll newspaper, had awarded Eloise Miller Andrews a trophy because her nine children were all paper boys. Strolling along Daytona Beach, I saw Donald Sawyer, who had married a wealthy widow and was enjoying himself on her money. I saw Lionel lVatkins, attorney- at-law. The Tennessee Tigers' basketball team-Bobby Burroughs. James fHotj Grimes, Grant Sadler, James Bayne, and Charles Sadler-were seen basking in the good old Florida sunshine. Their mascot was Kathleen Hunt, six foot one inch model from Nashville. Elliott Kestner performed with his trained coon dogs. Hattie Ralston was now the chief asset of the Royal Typewriter Company. Having easily beaten the world's typing speed record, she now toured the country giving performances in all the big business associations. Doug Hemby and Jimmy Sanders owned an exclusive dress salon where Barbara Murray, Georgia Young, Audrey Fleming, and Barbara Lawrence were models. The shop featured the original creations of Dorothy Floyd, famous designer. Robert Gaskill, along with David Greer and Roy Lee Hutchinson, had bought up all the Kroger Stores, and Bruce Vickery had become editor of V!ll'.Yffl', "the young man's magazine." Dorris XVaggoner and Jack Perkerson were president and vice-president, respectively. ofa Lonely Hearts Club. Both were confirmed bachelors. Glancing at my watch, I saw it was just about time for the cruiser to leave again, so I climbed aboard and we sailed away. At the airport I got oll' and went to my lonely little cattle ranch in Montana. Suddenly I awoke in my chair at home and realized it was only a dream. But. after all, even Seniors can dream -can't we? I949 JUNIOR SENIOR PROM JUNICDR CLASS OFFICERS JIMMY BATES SAMMIE JEAN ACKFRMAN Presirlenl Vice-Presillrml TREVA OAKLEY MARTHA ANN DISHNER JAMES PLUMMER Secretary Treasurer Chaplain RAYMOND REYNOLDS NIARGARET ADELNTAN Sc'?1'g'L'f1l'If al Arms Sjoonsor N W , gall . ..,., .,. K ,.,. If ii J .Q ,N , , JUNIOR CLASS SARIBIIE JEAN ACKERNIAN JUANITA ARNOLD BILLY BARNES JINIAIY BATES NANNIE LEE BATEY EUGENE BLACK BURTON BOOTH AIARGARET JUANITA BROXVN LIANIES BURGESS DOROTHY ANN CLARY BETTY ANN CRADDOCK JOE DAVIS AL-XRTI-IA ANN DISHNER RICI-IARD DUDNEY SARAIYI EASLEY DORSIE FERRELL RALPH FERRELL BETTY ANN FULLER JUNE BIAURYNNE GILLESPIE LORENE GOODMAN JACOB HAFFNER PATSY HINIES CLAYTON AI. HOLLAND KIARGARET GLYNN HOLLAND X 'M I -5 ,.... I 555' .3 ,. -b .- 5 2 f ,F gm - I , 5 ' .. .... , .... z . ..:f:- :, , .... y 1 f i :I "1 3.55: g:.::..-- f xme 5-we , HY ,- I I -A -aw... 2 ' Nw' Q . R . I 1 W UQ' 5 3 'H' ' .:. : ,Wh .w 'mf 2 1 Xwmw H7 " - 3,2 . .,,, L . I :.- 4 I 1 -' ,Aw , ga' fi 'A' .Q M. L H' , . , Z'E'.' , ' Aq wfif mm 18? -.wmv ' A ws ' .W ...QE -Q ,- mf, -t .1 ,W Mfg W., V 'Qt vii JUNIOR CLASS fli- IDA HOYAL MARY JANE HUNT JULIA CAROLYN HUTCI-IESON NIARGARET JOHNSON SUE KELLY S CHARLES LAVENDER DUVVARD LAWSON DAISY MAI LEE NIARIE LESTER ERNEST LIGHT CURTIS MARTIN HELEN MARTIN JACK MATTHEWS KATE WADE NfAYO JERRY BICCORD BETTY RUTH IWCGRADY ANN MISHLER BETTY LOU MOORE JINIMIE LEE NOLAND TREVA OAKLEY KEITH OLIPHANT JOYCE ANN OSBURN PAYE ELLA OVERTON JENANN PEDIGO PEGGY PENIX JAAIES PLUMMER BIATTIE BELL RANISEY RAYMOND REYNOLDS BILLY SCOTT ANN SIGLER THOBIAS SNODDY CHARLIE STRONG VIOLA SULLIVAN BIARY IRENA TAYLOR BILLIE JOYCE TEEPLE BOBBIE JANE THURMAN AGNES TIMES CORRINE TURNIAN NANCY VICRERY MARY WVILLIE XVARF BARBARA YVAYMAN NORAIA JEAN VVHITE HELEN WIENILE LOIS XVINKLER Not Pictu rrfd LEXVIS BROWN ALBERT BUSH BETTY JEAN BUSH Y- I LEROY BUTLER wb ' J QSQQ5, JAMES FRANK'-'N JOHN BURRUM I D Bm-1-Y JANE MCCORD -'-- Q Q I DONNA SANDERS ADA SMOTHERMAN ff M , , M ' ' ' S LLIVAY XMLJ ,XJ J! ARPHA ANN W U I JUNIOR CLASS HORACE 'IERRY JAMES YVILSON THE LOW ELEVENS Ifirsl Row, Left lo Right: jackie Robeson. Betty Marie Owen june Deinonbreun, Joyce Bell jean Duke. .Xnn Dozier, Patricia XVorthy. Svmnrl Row: liarlmaia A n lean Nlclilhiney. Ann Sullivan Shirley Hall, Joyce McDowell .lanice Castleberry. Bobbie jean Story, Helen Elhridge. Third Row: Pete Smith, Thomas XVz1lle1', Scott Pickens. Billy Slack, Hales Carlisle, Richa' Pratt, Royce Dunham. Billy N Neely. Alzsenl: Martha Givens. wa MISCELLANEOUS SNAPSHOTS f JUNIOR HIGH SNAPS E ix his H vi Q 'ima :Big HQ 4 QR.. W1 -Q.. X ,Q wi' 5 . , f',:wf, 3 3 mimi! 42. , an i s A A kr . ,Y 552322, K -2:2 5 L wisglq W, 'Q 'E we sf gy 4 A . Q - 5 5 1 Q . Y gm-an ' 'WN Y ,,,. ,,.,. 1,.gm.ffwnwwmimmwswwmmuwwwmwwxwmwwmwww gf-1,-LMN M wwQfw9fq,w.WV . q.: f fwmqwguimfmmm-W-1-ww-1mwwz-wmgggmzmf-fvwwvvffmfwawlw Q f WMM N-My-ak mwfww-"-fm SOPHOMORE CLASS First Row, Left to Right: jane Patmore, Ansel Stewart. Charles Wallace, Bobby Reese, Bobby Whitson, Evelyn Nichols. Second Row: Leland Soyars, Doris Brooks, Gertrude Dav- idson, Sadie Mai Givens, Imagene Haddock, Martha Dowd. Third Row: Carolyn Campbell, Dorothy Barnes, Phyllis Spencer, Christine Stockton, Henrietta Estes, Mary Timbs, Faye Perkins, Shirley Black, Marion Rucker. Fourth Row: Mary Jo Carlisle. Louise Ethridge, julia Crisp, Frances Crownover, Mary Biggs, Evelyn Bogle, De- vona Dc Grailienreid, Sammy Cox, Robin Bartlett, Robert Currey. Fifth Row: Buddy Baync, Dorothy Coleman, Dorothy Fitzgerald, Lillian Beecham, Retha Beecham, Beverly Adams, Barbara Burns, Tommy Toungette, Carolyn Hirshbrummer, Sue Jones, Bobby lVall, Wayne Jakes. Sixth Row: Dickie Bracey, Douglas Betty, John Burnett, Paul Jordon, Jimmey Edwards, Billy Sweeny, llfilliam Tweedy, Ronny ll'ood, Ralph Bunday, Donald Rucker. Billy Reeves, Euel Pittman, Douglas Carter, Earl Hinson. Seventh Row: Charles Berlin, Billy Smith, Edward Doss, William Walden, Louie Hooper. Edward Counter, Ed- ward Brown, Fred Cullop, Jimmy Draper, James Corn- well, James Dishman, Ray Arnold, Kenneth Shaver, Don ll'yre. Not Picturarl: Dean Burns, Ruby Thcnnpson, Dorothy Demonbreun. William jones, john Burnett, jimmy Dun- lap, Dorris Barnes, jimmy Hudgins, Geneva Mclllhirter. SOPHCMCRE CLASS First Row, Left to Right: Colleen Lawson, Betty Lou Travis, Joyce Hadcock, julia Thomas, Martha Rice, Nor- ma Smith, Annabel McNeil, Joanne Moore. Secmzd Row: Loretta Hooper, Carol Nokes, Shirley Muller, Ruby Finch, Carolyn jaynes, jenny Sutton, Dorothy Ann Thompson, Barbara Taylor, Evelyn Arnold. Third Row: Mildred lVilliams, Sue lVall, Ann Fleming, Sonny Adler, Dickie Hunt, Mildred Longworth, Hampton Mason, Betty Jo Alvis, Reta McNeise, joan Polk, Mary Nell Tyler. Fourth Row: Dorothy Tomes, Almeda XVall, Virgie Har- ville, Shirley Milligan, Carolyn Nichols, Eddie Mitchell, Danny Green, Richard Forehand, Robert Roland, Jean- nette Vaden, Mary jo Maples, Doris Knowles, Lavellc Ragland. Fifth Row: Gaynell Ligon, Martha Hatchett, Faye Woods, joan johnson, Donald Hatley, Mitchell Givens, Ronald Neely, Buddy Hickman, Billy Mimms, Charles Anderson, Peggy Hooper, Lynn Vickery, Geraldine Thompson. Sixth Row: Shirley Higgins, Donald Howser, Ernest Fann, Paskel Giles, Bobby Hill, William Longworth, Bobby Grimes, Francis Rochelle, Richard Johnson, Kathryn Moore, Ann Poe, Betty Johnson, Jane Maxwell. Seventh Row: Bobby jones, Jimmy Sager, Jimmy Lawson, Ray Scott, Freddy Hill, Pat Gentry, Charles Lawrence, Ira Loggins, Harold Martin, Billy Morton, Lester Ham, jack Lomax, Dorris Lnckett, Ray Graves. FRESHMAN CLASS First Row, Left to Right: Judy Parnell, Beverly Green, Donna Rucker, Bobbie Kerr, Peggy Hunt, Gloria Pratt, Barbara Gray. Second Row: Irene Ramsey, Corrine Russel, Beatrice joines, Celean Davidson, Dot Fisk, Barbara Pearce, Ray Crouch. Third Row: jean Dcnson, Mary Burnett, Juanita Keel, Shirley Hunt, Wilma Hawks, Betty Elmore, Imagene Mc- Mohan, "Tiny" Cook, David Elrocl. Fourth Row: Ruth Ralston, William Rogers, Gene Kerr, "Buddy" Hudgins, jack Hill, Wayman Lockwood, jesse Foster, Loyd Curtis, Paul Ridge. Fifth Row: Rosalind Dowd, Norma Black, Mary Alice Jenkins, Roberta Light, Carl Kennedy, Robert Moss, Don Johnson, Bobby Miller, H. C. Hill, Hershell Dodson, Billy Muller, Eldridge Binkley. Sixth Row: Margie Fleming, Marie Naron, jean Lepley, Mary Jane Berlin, Evelyn Foxall, Gwendolyn Felts, Doro- thy Noland, Nola Fergerson, Lorene Pratt, Dorothy Ann Christenson, Eileen Gonce, Elizabeth Hamm. Seventh Row: Carl Medlin, Tommy Morris, Odie Foxall, Bobby Crouch, John Flowers, Roy Foster, Hugh March, Preston Daniels, Harold Jones, Buddy Hooper, Lloyd Mayberry, Charles Jones. Absent: Richard Forehand, Robert Daugherty, Bobby Dodd, Robbie Bryant, Katherine Fleming, Charles Felts, jesse Foster. FRESHMAN CLASS First Row, Left I0 Right: Shirley Story, Betty Ballanfant, lvilma Tanner, Dimple Givens, jean Armstrong, Barbara Gibson, C. Reeder, Walter johnson, Teznmy Ramsey. Seronrl Row: Nancy Smith, Helen Smithson, Martha Per- ry, jackie Dorn, Nancy Arnette, Maxine Parks, Jewel Har- ville, Nancy Coleman, Patty Talley, Edward Walker. Third Row: Lora Barnes, Doris Ann Smith, Charlene Un- derwood, Betty Ruth Austin, Margaret Wells, Betty Sue Smith, Shirley Vaughn, Delores Coleman, l'Vilma Camp- hell, Betty Ruth Edgin, Bohhy Howard, Billy Higgason. Fourth Row: Laura Jones. Mary NVoodside, Betty Thomp- son, Shirley Arnold. Peggy Mlest, joy Beechan, Jennie Bell Trice, Louise Sullivan, Juanita Sweeney, jewel Evans. Frances Farmer, jimmy Johnson, Allen X'Volfe. Fifth Row: Ernestine Pewitt, Henry Barker, Don Bag- well, Bohhy Sadler, Joe Towry, Clayton King, jimmy Wlarren, Donald Hinson, Ralph Smith. Glenn Stinson, 'Richard Arnold, Bohhy Andrews, Donald Prosser. Jimmy Crimm, Jim my Throneherry. Sixth Row: Clark Bates, Buford Bates, Billy Anderson, Gene Sadler, Brownie Adams, Wylie Sensing, Ralph Plum- mer, Betty 'I'aylor, joe Hasty, Patty Barnett. Tommy Ar- thur, Donald Rohertson, james Scott. G. 'l'. Appleton Kenneth Ashburn, Henry Barker. Ahsrfnt: jimmy Allen. Avilllillll Brooks. XV. D. X'Valker. THE EIGHTH GRADE First Row, Left to Right: joe Holder, john Duncan, Jack Dunn, Bobby Dotson, Ruth VV. Eckel, Thelma jean Max- well, Bernadiue Campbell, Barbara Marie Bunday, Ella Rhea Dyer. .Second Row: Oscar Eubank, Virginia Hamm, jeraldine Hamm, Mary Ann Laster, Leora Butrum, Nancy Butler, Barbara Marlen, Margaret Hardcastle, Patty Castleberry, Faye Givens. Third Row: YVray Carlisle, Larry Jackson, Ray Hester, Kenneth Candler, Maness Campbell, Robert Kelly, Eddie Gleaves, Charles Goss, Harold Doss, Dan Foster, Bobby Davidson. Fourth Row: Billy Dellusk, Faye Hedgepath, Edward Fox, William Huff, joe Knowles, John Marshall, Annette Hick- man, Gladys Mai Locke, Rosie Hndgins, Nancy Doty, Nancy Killingsworth, Shirley Foust, Gertrude Haynes, Carolyn Bruce. Fifth Row: Roy Dorsey, Buddy Byrd, Mary Margarette jordan, Lessie Meredith, Ella Mae jones, Myrtle johnson, Alma King, Evelyn Lawrence, Delores McCall, Inez Mc- Grady, Betty Lou Graves, Betty jean Land, Audrey Holt. Sixth Row: Harville Hamm, Donnie Gilliam, Buford Hatcher, Ray Hedgepath, Franklin Bush, Levada Gossett, Anne Hightower, Patsy McKay, Connie johnson, Jane Hornal, Audrey Johnson, Shirley King, Jane Davis. Seventh Row: Bill Duke, Brady Luckett, Charles Costello, Hubert Hatchet, Johnnie Holmes, Robert Hoskins, Caro- lyn Jackson, Linda Hall, Patricia Elledge, Judy Dishner, Alice june Bush, Shirley Mays, jo Ann Gordan, Ernestine Loggins, Martha Ann Grimes. Absent: Corrine Bull, Pete Crocker, Bobby Mathis, Billy Maples, Alma Jean King, Billy Lynch, Carl Martin, Thom- as Malone. THE EIGHTH GRADE Ifirsl Row, 1,1311 to Right: Susan Rochelle, Josephine Toy, Gloria Travis, Dorothy Sirey, Anita Stewart, Ruth Binkley. Madeline Boykin, Shirley Austin, Betty Jo Anglin, Howard Oats. Szfrrrnnl Raw: Jane Tweedy, Joyce Brown. .Xline Puckett, Judith Pierce, Geneva Travis, Betty Lou Shanes. Marjorie Smith. Macy Summers. Beulah Robinson. Mattie Marie Osborne. Third Row: Glorice Sweeney, Helen Baker, Lena Mai Morton, Shirley Minton, Joy Sartin, Patsy Osburn, Joann Sweeney, Delores Vaden. Peggy Bowen, Doris Bennett, Reina Smithson, Myrtle Adams. Ifaurllz Row: M'ilson Osborn, Kay 'l'oombs, Anita Stiles. Gail Thompson. Nancy Moore, Joyce Pomeroy, Beverly Smith, Shirley Smith, Barbara Robinson. Mary Anderson. Betty Balentine, Elizabeth Palmore, Viola Scoggins, Billy Maples. lfifllz Row: Shirley Rankhorn, Cela Polk, Yvonne Rey- nolds, Audrey Steele, Betty Jo Robinson, Sue Robinson, Edith Parrish, Dicky Roy, Dicky Smithson, Jimmy Pharris, Cliflord Vaughn. Milton Smith, James Baskin, Earl Burk- low, Bobby Binkley. Sixllz Row: Thomas Malone, Arnold Mlebb, Mlilliam lVar- den, Edward Shepard, Miendell Russell, Mlayne Murphy, Eldridge Ashburn, Billy Stewart, Donald Richard Sadler, Douglas Rutherford, Frank Sullivan, Robert Thomas, Ronny Brewer, Raymond Berlin. Seventh Row: Johnny Sanders, Arvin Aldridge, Johnny Biggs, Billy Leach, Morris Brown, Howard Abernathy, James Robinson, Ernest Morgan, Carl Martin, Robert Mclllright, Roy Armstrong, Gayle Barnes, l'Villiam Baird. Bobby Mathis. Don Smith, Eddie Parrotte. - f Sw? THE EKSHTH GRADE First Row, Left L0 Right: Harry Woodside, Lewis Johnson, Gilbert NVall, Edward VValler, Frank Pierce, Milton Keathley, Sam Jones, Frank White. Second Row: Ima Jean Weatherby, Dorothy Hudgins. Eva Sue Ivy, Bessie Morrison, james Halfacre, Charles Evans. Arnold Williams, Louis Green, Mark Locker. Third Row: John Hargis, Pat O'Kain, Lex Toy, Houston YVilliams, Ronald Holton, Richard WVhite, John Acker- man, Franklin Burgess, YVayne X'Valker. Fourth Row: Lamar XfValdroup, Betty .Io Eaton, Volli: Ledbetter, Robbie Appleton, james Mathis, Clifford Vaughn, Don Waggoner, Hubert Town, joe Wheeler. Norman Gibbs, Larry Shaver. Fifth Row: XVilma Warren, Faye Xvarren, Janette Smith- son, Robbie Hulan, Patricia Bates, Vivian Parrish, Dorotliy, t.,.t M, King, Mary Biggs, Barbara Betty, Mary Durbin, Barbara Spray, Sadie Carter. Sixth Row: Wlilliam VVinchester, Milton Toombs, Lois King, Mary Burrum, Barbara White, Jane Cunningham, Mattie Ann Fagg, Shirley Rucker, Catherine Chambers, Rosie Hayes, Martha Burrum, Jo Ann Butler, Shirley johnson, Kathleen 'l'rice. Szfmfizllz Row: Shannon Vineyard, Thomas White, X'Villiam Etheridge, Ray Vlebb, Roy IVitham, Charles XfVade, C. Spencer, Edward Weakley, David Robertson, Wayne Spender, Frank Bruce. Mitchell Love, Dan Smith, Carlton Tarkington. Absenl: Raybon Chandler, Robert Guthrie, Billy Mead- ows, Howard Eaves, Elmer Lee Hibdou. Mattie Lou Wil- liams, junior McCord, Earnest Warrick, Irene Mcwhirter, Ruby Walker, Eddy XVitham. THE SEVENTH GRADE First Road, Left to Right: Jackie Hogin, Bobby Bass, Ben- nie Burns, Gail Gonce, Joan Bumbalough, Joyce Sullivan. Rosie Garvin, John Beamer, John DeGralfenreid. Second 160141: Harris Hatcher, Yllilliam Bass, Gordon Hunt, Eddy White, Robert Dishner, Billy Daugherty, Robert Brooks, VVayne Forehand, Danny Farmer, Carl Duke. Thomas Haislip. Third Row: Jewell Edens, Bobby Hedgepath, Johnny Hardy, Rex Clayton, Thomas Hudgens, Peggy Campbell. Nancy Graham, Janis Craig, Doris Cathey, Mary Ann Hleaver, Billie Forgy, Mary Frances Ethridge, Margaret Taylor, Charlotte Entrekin. Fourtll Row: Ralph Hinson, David Booth, Ralph Hig- gins, Bob Gray, Gye Inmnan. X'Vayne Hogue, Talmadge Greer, Roy Glenn, Marvin Snoddy, Aubrey Roberts, Her- bert Driver, James Campbell, William Givens, Peggy El- more, Ronald Ellis. Fifth Row: Roberta Harding, Anna Curtis, Ruby Ham, Elizabeth Gregory, Dorothy Vlells, Joanne VVarren, Henry Flowers, John Rosson, Larry Edwards, Eugene Ewing, Howard Dunavant, James Moss, Charles Reding, George Flair, Gary Gentry. Sixth Row: Vlalker Love, Pamela Hickman, Mary Evelyn Johnson, Jacqueline Hahn, Elizabeth Heathcoat, Jo Ann Mlilliams, Anne Toombs, Ann Brown, Lura Croft, Shirley Cox. Barbara Crook, Joyce Clouse, Gracie Johnson, Anita Harris, Blanche Sutton, Myra Fergerson, Christine Fen- tress. THE SEVENTH GRADE First Row, Left to Right: Franklin Bracey, Barbara Ann Adler, jo Ann Green, Charles Tinin, james Leonard, Maurice Ashburn, john Sullivan, Glendyl Harvey, Joe Moore. Second Row: Earl lVarrick, Joyce Hatchett, Faye Fuller, Nancy Hirshbrunner, Dorothy Frame, Catherine Fox, Roy Xvhite, Justice Rader, Vernon Biggs, Earl York, jack Story. Third Row: Robert Taylor, Leroy Parrish, Aline Down- ing, Lessie Hinson, Daisy Sanders, Norine Mlilliams, Bob- bie Jean Wilkerson, Mary Vanatta, Edna Baker, Jo Ann Briley, John Mcdlin. Fourth Row: lVayne Ham, Betty Ashburn, Sadie Putman, Annie Louise Haislip, Elizabeth Snow, Claudia Timbs, Mary Martha Rhea, Myrna Mason, Louise Bessire, Bobbie Flowers, Lura Mae Robertson, Opal Taylor, Betty Strong. Fifth Row: George Huff, Betty Smith, Sarah Lackey, Shir- ley Meadows, Janell Strong, Alice McKay, Jo Ann Strong, Faye Simmons, Lawrence Murphy, James Harris, Clyde Eakes, Hubert Anderson. Sixth Row: Robert Hulan, Paul Landers, Grady Smith, Margaret Currey, Geraldine Brown, Donald Barber, Charles Sutton, Billy Joe Curtis, Jerry Lovett, Hubert Davis, Bobby Bates, Paul Ashburn. Seventh Row: Mitchell Knall, james Hinsou, Cortez Mack, Elsie Montgomery, Billy joe Daniels, Charles Bebout, Larry Arnold, Ralph Ransom, lVilliam Broadway, Tommy Allen, jimmy Upchurch, XVilliam Ragland, William Bow- ker. THE SEVENTH GRADE First Row, Left to Right: Jimmy Pomeroy, Tommy Taylor. Buddy Uselton, Billy Teal, Gordon Nlilliams. l'Varren lValp, Bobby Teal, George Joines. Second Row: jimmy Wlalker. Donald Strong. Wayne Thompson, Donald Mfall, Rudy Neilly, Randall Hlyatt, George Locke, Albert Jones, Hollis lVebb. Third Row: Robert Teeple, Leon Matthews, jerry Pegram, Denville Pascal, James Parks, Ronald Pewett, Charles Smith, jackie Hlilson, Robert l'Ventz, Jerry Young, Claude Pearson. Fourth Row: Odis Hamilton, Ernestine Mitchell, Beverly jackson, Garland Smith, Nancy Prosser, Linda Sadler, Claudette Knight, joe Keith, Billy McCornell. George Moore, Houston Mingle. Fifth Row: Mai Layne, Helen Coflelt, Rosemary Ramsey, Eva Joyce McNeil, Betty Pewe, Betty Sigler, Joyce Ash- burn, Barbara Perkins, Lois Martin, Peggy Pentecost, Margaret Neblett, Robert Malery, G. L. lvaywick. Sixth Row: Gail Jordon, Arnette Sanders, Elsie Scott, Martha Spray, Marie Vanatta, Louise Morrison, Juanita Light, Joyce Page. Shirley McElyea, Doris Ritterberry, Cladine Steele, Madelyn Sadler, Dorothy Brown. Seventli Row: Shirley Anderson, Kathleen Baker, Joel Matthews, Franklin Pewe, Kenneth Pratt, Ralph Neilly, Harold Pedigo, jack Raby, Robert Morris, jane Berlin, Patsy Nelson, Patsy O'Kain, Peggy Phillips, Bobbie Dor- sey. SNAPSHOTS UHEHNIZHTIUNS EXECUTIVE OFFICERS OF STUDENT GOVERNMENT LEYVIS MOORE, jk.. ALFRED KIEURMAN. , CHARLES STRONG SAMMIE ACKERMAX. THOMAS ZNICMILLAN' .,....,Preside11t . . . . . . .Chief Marshal Speaker of Congress .,....,...,.S6C7'6lG'I'y , . . . . .Treasurer THE COHN CLARION TOMMY NICBIILLAN W. R. SPEARS ,.,. TOMMY NICNIILLAN W. R. SPEARS .... JOAN BRITTAIN . . . LEWVIS AIOORE .... JIMMY BATES ...., JIMMY CLILGHORNIQ JUNE GILLESPII5 . . , NfARY I. TAYLOR.. SOPI-III: SCHXVEINING SABIMIE ACKERMAN DOROTHY FLOYD . RAMONA YVATKINS LOIS WINKLI-QR , . . EDNA SYVEENEY . . . ..... Co-Editor ...,. Co-Editor . . . .. Editorials . , . , Editorials ..... . Cartoons . Spur-is Editor Sports Reporter Sports Reporter Sports Reporter ,,.,..,Featares . ..., F ea! ures , .... Features . . . ,Ifaslzious . . . ,Reporter . . . Reporter , . , .Reporter T AND I CLUB DONALD SAWYER . . . DIARY WEATHERBY MAKINE FULLER .,., VIOLA SULLIVAN .. HOYVARD ACUFF . . . , . . , .President , Vice-PresideIIt .. . . . . ,Secretary . . ,Treasurer . . .Sponsor First Row, Seated, Left to Right: Sannnie Ackerman, Daisy Mai Lee, june Gillespie, Sophie Schweining, Ramona Watkins, Rebecca Bruce, jo Anne Headrick, Dorothy Floyd, Joan Brittain, Martha Ann Dishner, Lois Winkler, Ann Barnes, Edna SweeIIey, Mary Irena Taylor, Frances Foster. Serourl Row: Miss Moskovitz, Business Manager, Betty Jo Alvis, Mildred Longworth, Al2ll'g2ll'CL Holland, Nellie Mae Sullivan, Hattie Ralston, 'l'oInnIy McMillan, NV. R. Spears, jinnny Bates, Lewis Moore, Jinnny Cleghorne, Leland Soyars, Bobby Whit- son. Absent: Bobby Bush, Mattie Ramsey, Harlan .-XllCl1'CWS, Dorothy Barnes, Douglas Betty, Evelyn Bogle, Mary jo Carlisle, Sara YVard Heatherington, Faculty Adviser. First Row, Left to Right: Audrey Fleming, Peggy Gailey, Louise Martin, Norma Jean Hooper, Maxine Fuller, Mary Xvcatherby, Jo Ann Williams, Barbara Murray, Eliz- abeth Lawrence, Mattie Sue Crocker, Mattie Ramsey, Viola Sullivan, AIIn Siegler. Second Row: Ralph Ferrell, john Sclnnittou, Albert Bush, David Greer, Robert Gaskill, Donald Sawyer, joe Davis, james Burgess, Sewell Flowers, Mr. Acuff, Sponsor. Front Row, Seated, Left to Right: Mr. Czlrtcr, Lionel Ivalklns, Raymond Reynolds, James Plummer, Duward Lawson. Second Row: Sammy Cox, Jimmy Cleghorne, Austin Medlin, Harold Marlin, Floyd Cullop, Jimmy Bates, Lewis Moore, jr., Jimmy Draper. Standing, Left to Right: Lorene Goodman, Ann Dozier, Judy Dishner, Martha Sul- livan, Joan Dotson, Mary Jo Maples, Dorothy MeClanahan, Registrar-Clerk. Seated: Joyce McDowell. Absent: Mary NVoodside. SENIOR HI-Y OFFICERS RAYMOND REYNOLDS ...... President JAMES PLUMMRR .,,... Vice-President DUWVARD LAWSON . ,Secretary-Treasurer LIONEL IVATKINS ........... Chaplain MERRILL S. CARTER .... .... S ponsor IHE OFFICE STAFF DOROTHY BICCLANAHAN .....,.,........,,...Registrar-Clerk COHN A CAPPEIIA CHOIR OFFICERS DONALD HOUSER .......... President BETTY BowLINtI . ....,, Vice-Przfsident BILLY Mmms ............ librarian SONNY ADLER ..,. Assistant Librarian FAYE FLEMING ,.... Robe Custodian NIARIE LIZSTIZR ......... Accompanist NIARGARET ADELMAN ....,.., Director JUNIOR HIGH GIEE CLUB OFFICERS WILLIAM BROOKS , ,. . . . , . Prcsirlzfnt GENE SADLER ......,. I ice-Presideiit NOLA FERGERSON .... ..... ELIZABETH Cook . ,. Rose POMEROY .... . DOROTHY NOLANID . . . JEAN LEPLQZY ,..I.., . MRS. J. M'CFARI.AND . Secreta ry Trefzsurer Librarian Librarian . Pianist Director First Row, Left to Right: '1'l'CV2i Oakley, Betty Marie Owen, Betty Fuller, Edna Sweeney, Juanita Brown, Gwendolyn Felts, Nancy Bernard, Betty Bowling, jean Wlhite, Mrs. Adelman, Director. Scconcl Row: Melba Glass, Daisy Lee, .lean XIeEllIiney. Betty jo Alvis. Martha Rice, Nellie Chisam, jean Morris. Helen Martin, Barbara Allen, Faye Fleming. Third Row: Anita Vineyard, Sue Kelly, Billy Mimms, XVayne jakes, WVillia1n Mlal- den, Elliott Kestner, Charles Felts, Loretta Overby, Betty Sue Smith. Fourth Row: Donald Howser, Pete Smith, Preston Daniels, Bill MorrisoII, Paul Tripp, Pat Gentry, Hales Carlisle, Dorris Luekett, Sonny Adler, YVillian1 Longworth, Dorris Sharber, Jimmy Dunlap. Marie Lester. Acconzpanist. First Row, Left to Right: XN'illiam jones, IIYOIUHIY Ramsey. Donald Prosser, Rose Pomeroy, Patty Barnett, Nola Fergerson, Helen Smithson, Imogene Y'Veatherly, Betty Taylor, Nancy Smith, Delores Coleman. Second Row: Bobby Dodd, Charles Gregory, Gene Kerr. Juanita Sweeny, Louise Sullivan, Ella Dyer, Elizabeth Cook, Peggy Hunt, Barlmzna Pearce, Hazel Glasgow. jerry Bell Trice, Roberta Light. Third Row: Don Bagwell, Jimmy johnson, XVilliam Brooks, Joe Hasty, Shirley Hunt, Judy Parnell, Dorothy Noland, Josephine Toy, Betty Elmore, Maxine Parks. Wilma Tanner, Mary .-Xnderson. Fourth Row: Tommy Morris, VVilliam VVZIIIICII, John Green, Carl Medlin, Marie Naron, Robbie Bryant. Mary jane Berlin, HVIIIDZI Campbell. Betty Ballanfant. R::s- alind Dowd, Patty Tally, joy Beecham. Absent: Gene Sadler, Eileen Gonee, Dorothy Ann Christensen, Iola Polk. Yllilma Hawks, Don johnson. First Row, Seated, Left lo Right: Jack Hill, Jimmy Allen, Harold Doss, Johnny Biggs, Francis Rochelle, Ernest Warrick, William Rogers. Second Row: Norma Smith, Anita Stiles, Jo Ann Johnson, Barbara Gray, Sammie Cox, Patricia Elledge, Lloyd Mayberry, Billy DeBusk, Earl Xvarrick, James Gray, Dorothy Floyd. Third Row: Martha Ann Dishner, Jackie Robeson, James Cornwell, Jimmy Draper, Scott Pickens, Harold Martin, Judy Dishner, Beverly Green, Barbara Robeson, Geneva Mcwhirter, Robert Roland. Fourth Row: Mr. Hillis, Freddy Hill, Thomas Haislip, Paskel Giles, Eugene Black, Charles Berlin, Billy Scott. First Row, Left to Right: Dorothy Floyd, Martha Ann Dishner, James Cornwell, Barbara Grey, Jo Ann Johnson, Shirley Smith. Second Row: Donald Hatley, Jackie Robeson, Harold Martin, Judy Dishner, Beverly Green, Ansel Stewart, Jimmy Draper. Third Row: Kathleen Hunt, Edna Sweeney, Paskel Giles, Betty Cuzzort, Mary Louise Sadler, Eugene Black, Sammy Cox, Patsy Elledge, Lloyd Mayberry, Hershell Dodson, Bobby Crouch, Bobby Andrews. Fourth Row: Joyce McDowell, Janice Castleberry, Imogene McMahon, Jean Duke, Norma Black, Gertrude Haynes, Robbie Appleton, Carolyn Horton, Shirley Story, David Elrod, Doris Barnes, Geneva Mcwhirter, Robert Roland. Fifth Row: Barbara Robeson, Shirley McPherson, Scott Pickens, Freddie Hill, Mr. Hillis, Francis Rochelle, Kenneth Shaver, Forrest Russell. Robin Bartlett, Charles Berlin, Billy Scott. Lloyd Curtis, Annette Hickman. ORCHESTRA LEE HILLIS, JR. ..,. , .... Director ADVANCED BAND SCOTT PICKENS . . , IQDNA SWEENEY . . . . . KATHLEEN HUNT . , JOYCE McDowELL , . . . . . JANICE CASTLEBERRY ...., BARBARA ROBESON . . ,Drum SHIRLEY NICPHERSON Drum . . . ,Drum Major Majorelte Majorette Majorette .Majorette Majorette Majorette CLINIC STAFF CALLIE Jo CLARKE. .Health Counselor LIBRARY STAFF First Row, Sealed, Left to Right: Beulah Mai Robinson, Elizabeth Hamm, Patsy Elledge, Shirley Story, Rose Pomroy, Mary Timbs. Second Row: joan Marshall, Anita Stiles, Mrs. Clarke, Charlene Underwood, Peggy l'Vest, Martha Perry, Juanita Brown. First Row, Left to Right: Celene Davidson, Betty Sigler, Ella Mai jones, Susan Rochelle, Rachel Glasgow, Myrna Mason, Peggy West, Vergie Harville, Norma Smith, Gladys Locke, Ann Fleming, Carolyn Jackson, Virginia Fentress, Mildred Longworth. Second Row: Wliilma Hawks, Nancy Graham, Shirley Smith, Joyce Bell, Nancy Smith, Nancy Killingsworth, Sue W'all, Shirley Milligan, Juanita Sweeney, Joan Polk, Louise Sullivan, Mattie Marie Osborne, Mary Ann Lester, Mary Biggs. Third Row: Miss Dorris, I.il1raria11y Shirley Hunt, Betty Johnson, jean Duke, Donna Rucker, Linda Hall, Betty Lou Moore, Nancy Bernard. First Row, Seated, Left to Right: Dorothy Green, Betty Ann Fuller, Frances Ann Tyler, Betty Ruth Edgin. Second Row: jean White, Gwendolyn Felts, Tommy Tonngette, Mary Jo Maples, Norma Smith, Phyllis Spencer, Miss Ryan, Sponsor. First Row, Seated, Left to Right: Gertrude Haines, Beulah Robinson, Nancy Graham, Joyce McNeil, Gail Gonce, Anita Harris, Delores McCall, Elizabeth Heathcoat. Second Row: Joyce Sartain, Betty Ballentine, Audrey Steele, Ernest Morgan, Cortez Mack, Tommy Toungette, Jane Davis, Barbara White, Faye Givens, Myrtle Gillespie, Doris Bennette. SENIOR RED CROSS OFFICERS BETTY ANN FULLER ...,..... President BETTY RUTH EDGIN .... Vice-President DOROTHY GREEN ........... Secretary PHYLLIS SPENCER .. .... Treasurer FLORENCE RYAN .... , .,.. Sponsor JUNIOR RED CROSS STUDENT CDNGRESS QLEGISLATIVEJ 1950 MARSHALS First Row, Left to Right: David Booth, Leon Matthews, Donald Strong, James Bas- kin, Johnny Harty, Eddie lvhite, Joe Moore. Second Row: Carolyn Jaynes, Sammie Ackerman, Dorothy Clary, Martha Ann Dish- ner, Carol Horton, Joyce McDowell, Jackie Robeson, Mary Biggs. Third Row: Marilyn Reynolds, Treva Oakley, Joan Brittain, Jean Morris, Faye Fleming, Patsy O'Kain, Geraldine Thompson, Mary Nell Tyler, Shirley Hall. Fourth Row: Bobby Dodd, Al lVolf, Devona DeGraffenried, Louise Etheridge, Bar- bara Lawrence Shirley McPherson, Evelyn Arnold, Mattie Ann Fagg, Evelyn Foxall, Carolyn Nichols. Fifth Row: Bobby Miller, James Scott, Maxine Parks, Betty Edgin, Carolyn Jackson, Shirley Rucker, Betty Ruth Austin, Ralph Bunday, Lynn Vickery. Sixth Row: Carl Medlin, Sammie Cox, Billy Muller, Hubert Townes, Raymond Reynolds, Jimmy Bates, Francis Rochelle, Jinnny Throneberry, Jimmy Draper, Ansell Stewart, Robert Teeple. . Absent: Inez Curtis, Charles Dixon, Sewall Flowers, Peggy Gaily, Bill Morrison, Dorothy Jeanette, Bobby Miller, Evelyn Nichols, Ann Sigler, Georgia Young, Mal- com Webb, VV. R. Spears, Albert Robertson, Joe Moore, Jo Ann Sweeney, Dickie Roy. First Row, Left to Right: Carolyn Nichols, Jane Maxwell, Edward Counter, Ann Sullivan, Lavelle Ragland. Second Row: Dorothy Barnes, Marie Lester, Louise Ethridge, Ramona lvatkins, Sophie Schweining, Betty Nichols. Third Row: Ann Barnes, Jo Ann Headrick, Rebecca Bruce, Joyce Osborn, Eddie Mitchell, Bobby Burroughs, Henry Nichols. Fourth Row: Alfred Turman, Lewis Moore, Leland Soycrs, Charles Berlin, Richard Pharris, Austin Medlin, Don Moore, Jimmy Cleghorne, Bill Morrison. STUDENT GOVERNMENT This year the students of Cohn High School placed in operation for the first time a full pro- gram of Student Government. Under the leader- ship of the faculty advisory committee composed of Mr. Rochelle, Miss Sullivan, Mrs. Driver, Mrs. Bain, and Mr. Acuff, the executive, legislative and judicial departments of the government were organized. The responsibility of the President of the Student Government is to see that all three de- partments function properly. It is his duty to see that all phases of Student Government are car- ried out Without conflict. The Chief Marshal, who selects student marshals, is responsible for the enforcement of school rules. The conduct of the student body rests with him. The duty of the Speaker of the Congress is to preside over the congressional sessions. He also is responsible for seeing that special meetings are called in case of necessity. The Chief Justice presides over the Student Court Uudicialj. Here students are tried for violation of school rules. The Secretary of the Student Government must take care of any correspondence that is carried on with other schools or organizations. The Court Clerk must keep a record of all of- fenders and see that they appear in court. The Clerk must also keep records of the court's ses'- sions and see that time is served by convicted offenders. The Treasurer must handle all financial mat- ters that concern the Student Government, and is responsible for keeping records of all money taken in and all money that is spent. Cohn is proud of its Student Government. Al- lowing students to participate in school govern- ment is a vital step in the teaching of Democ- racy. BOBBY BUSH CORRINE TURMAN Chief justice Court Clerk JOHN HAWKINS NELLIE MAE SULLIVAN JACK lNlATTHEWS FRED CULLOP Senior justice Senior justice junior justice Sophomore justice SENIOR HIGH DRAMATIC CLUB OFFICERS ALFRED TURMAN ,,,.,...,. President REBECCA BRUCE ..,.,. Vice-Presidenl BARBARA LAWRENCE ,....... Secretary GEORGIA YOUNG ..,.. ,... 7' reasurer HELEN BAIN , . . . . .Sjionsor NATIONAL FORENSIC IEAGUE OFFICERS EDNA SWIQENEY ...,..,.... President CORRINE 'TURLIAN ..,.. Vice-President HELEN ETHRIDGE .. ....,. Secretary BILLIE TEEPLE .,.,...,.... Treasurer ALLEN WOLFE ..... Sergeant at Arms Front Row, Seated, Left to Right: Mrs. Bain, Patsy Worthy, Carolyn Nichols, Shirley Milligan, Sammie Ackerman, Loretta Overby, Lois Winkler, Martha Dishner, Jean White, Anne Sullivan. Second Row: Sue lVal1, Edna Sweeney, Dorothy Clary, June Gillespie, Margaret Holland, Joyce Osburn, Jimmie Noland, Mary Jane Hunt, Mary Xvarf, Betty John- son, Betty Ann Fuller. Third Row: Allen Wolf, Patsy Hines, Mary Jo Carlisle, Audrey Jordan, Jane Max- well. Lynn Vickery, Mary Nell Tyler, Daisy Mai Lee, Janice Castleberry, Joyce Me- Dowell, Nancy Bernard, Betty Bowling, Donna Sanders. Fourth Row: Ann Barnes, Marilyn Reynolds, Dorothy Floyd, Nancy Vickery, Louise Ethridge, Billie Teeple, Corrine Turman, Joyce Bell, Georgia Young, Ann Fleming, Ruby Finch, Carolyn Jaynes, Shirley Hall, Frances Crownover. Fifth Row: Betty Lou Moore, Helen l'Vienke, Ida Hoyal, Treva Oakley, Faye Flem- ing, Melba Glass, Mary Irena Taylor, Frances Foster, Jean Duke, Helen Martin, Marie Lester, Betty Ruth McGrady, Barbara Lawrence, Ann Dozier, Jo Ann Head- rick. Sixth Row: Julia Crisp, Carolyn Campbell, Jean Morris, YV. R. Spears, Alfred Tur- man, Tommy McMillan, Jimmy Cleghorne, Lionel Watkins, Don VVrye, Pete Smith, Hampton Mason, Ramona Mfatkins, Joan Brittain, Rebecca Bruce. Absent: Jean Melilhiney, Faye Woods, Helen Ethridge, Duward Lawson, Joyce Sensing, Jackie Dorn, Shirley Muller, Mildred Mfilliams, Julia Thomas, Jeanette Vaden. First Row, Left to Right: Ida Hoyal, Shirley Muller, Shirley Black, Mary Jane Hunt, Billie Teeple, Edna Sweeney, Corrine Turman, Allen l'Volfe, Mary Irena Taylor, Ann Fleming. Dorothy Floyd, Mary Nell Tyler, Jane Maxwell. Second Row: Sammie Ackerman, Betty Lou Moore, Frances Foster, Loretta Overby, Sammy Cox, Francis Rochelle. W. R. Spears, Tommy McMillan, Alfred Turman, Lewis Moore, Lynn Vickery, Nancy Vickery, Georgia Young, Dorothy Clary, Mrs. Bain, Sponsor. Absent: Helen Ethridge, YV. D. Mlalker. Front Row, Left to Right: Evelyn Foxall, Gwendolyn Felts, Bobbie Jean Story, June Demonbreun, Joyce Bell. Helen Martin, Daisy Mae Lee, Marie Lester, Nellie Mae Sullivan, Frances Foster, June Gillespie, Margaret Holland, Betty Ruth McGrady, Jean White. Second Row: Mrs. Burris, Sponsor, Lora Barnes, Lucille Cowall, Betty Johnson, Nancy Arnette, Joyce McDowell, Jean Duke, Betty Ruth Austin, Hattie Ralston, Frances Crownover, Lynn Vickery, Georgia Young, Jackie Dorn, Nancy Vickery, Ruby Finch, Virgie Harville, Mary JO Maples. Seated: Celene Davidson, Peggy Hooper, Mary Willie Warf, Joyce Osburn. First Row, Left to Right: Shirley Cox, Gail Gonce, Nancy Graham, Claudia Knight, Eva McNeil, Bernadine Campbell, Barbara Bundy. Second Row: Shirley Rankhorn, Myra Fergueson, Betty Lou Graves, Barbara Per- kins, Patsy Nelson, Nancy Coleman, Jewel Harville, Beulah Robinson. Third Row: Joyce Ashburn, Patty Castleberry, Nancy Killingsworth, Betty Jo Rob- inson, Nancy Doty, Annette Saunders, Ann Brown, Joyce Sartain, Faye Givens. Fourth Row: Lavada Gossett, Barbara Robinson, Beverly Smith, Anita Stiles, Joan Gordon, Gail Thompson, Evelyn Lawrence, Dolores McCall, Anne Toombs, Audrey Steele. Fifth Row: Dorothy Fox, Shirley Smith, Nancy Moore, Shirley Mclilyea, Carolyn Jackson, Linda Hall, Patsy Elledge, Ann Hightower, Judy Dishner, Jeanette Smith- son, Doris Bennett, Margaret Davis, SENIOR Y-TEENS OFFICERS MARIE LESTER .,..,........ President DAISY MAE LEE. . . . . . Vice-President NELLIE SULLIVAN . . . ...... Secretary FRANCES FOSTER ........... Treasurer HELEN MARTIN .... Sergeant at Arms AILENE BURRIS ....,......... Sponsor JR. HIGH Y-TEENS OFFICERS CAROLYN JACKSON , . , . ,... President SHIRLEY SMITH .... . . . Vice-President LINDA HALL .... ........ S eeretary NANCY NIOORE . .. .... Treasurer MARGARET KERR . . . . . , .Sponsor SENIOR CHEERLEADERS NIARILYN REYNOLDS .,., .... C nplain JUNIOR CHEERLEADERS BIARGARET ADELMAN .. ..., .S'jmn.m1' From the Black "C," Reading to the Left: Marilyn Reynolds, Captaing Treva Oakley, Betty Bowling, Helen SVienke, Ruth Lancaster, Nellie Chisam, Dorothy Ann Standing, Left to Right: lively Center: Peggy Hunt. Margaret Aflelman, Spm1s01j, j Tliompson, Donna Sanders, Carol Nokes. W--A-...,f' ll Nichols, Betty Ruth Austin, Nola Ferguson. uninr 117111 Senior High Clleerlrfaflers. First Row, Left to Right' Donald Rucker, Virgie Harville, Faye Fleming, Helen Wienke, Ruth Lancaster, Donna Sanders, Betty Bowling. Second Row: Homer Coggin, Sonny Adler, Margaret Holland, "Hot" Kestner, Bobby Burroughs, Henry Nichols, Nancy Bernard. Third Row: Carol Nokes, Helen Ethridge, Ann Fleming, Carolyn jaynes, Jenny Sutton, Thomas Hunt, Robin Bartlett, Donald Howser, Jimmy Dunlap. Fourth Row: jimmy Bayne, Nellie Chisam, jean Morris, Loretta Overby, Marilyn Reynolds, Treva Oakley, Dorothy Ann Thompson, Raymond Reynolds, "Lefty" Brooks, Royce Dunham. Fifth Row: jimmy Bates, Lewis Moore, Nell Gassaway, Sophie Schweining, Richard Pharris, Austin Medlin, Duward Lawson, Grant Sadler, Charles Lavender, Freddie Hill, jack Lomax. Sixth Rout: Mr. Brown. Lionel Xvatkins, Thomas Snoddy, Malcom Webb, jack Matthews, Don Moore, G. T. Appleton, Richard Dudney, Bill Morrison, james Sadler, Mr. Adelmau, Slbonsor. .mt gn.. Left to Right: Edna Sweeney, Janice Castleberry, Joyce McDowell, Kathleen Hunt. CLUB MAJDRETTES T 81 I CLUB IDIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONSQ XX COHN CHRISTMAS CELEBRATIONS ATHLETIC SNAPS HIHHHES Left to Right: MR. W. H. BROWN, Assistant Coachg MR. EDWARD ADELMAN, Coach THE SQUAD Front Row Unit to riglitj: Elliot Kestner, Dickie Hunt, Charlie Strong, Bill Morrison, Henry Nichols, Lewis Moore, Dong Hemby. Svrnnd Row: Homer Coggin, Grant Sadler, James Bayne, Buck Harris, Austin Medlin, Dorris Luckett, William Long- worth, Roy Foster, Bobby Davidson. Third Row: Raymond Gray, Donald Howser, Duward Lawson, G. T. Appleton, Ray- mond Reynolds, Bruce Virkery, jimmy Bates, Sonny Adler. lfourllz Row: Royce Dunham, jack Matthews, Richard Dud- ney, Keith Oliphant, james Sadler, Harlan Andrews. FOOTBALL .Lewis Mootuz, -IR. Tiger Sports Editor T'Vith their hopes high the i949 Cohn Tigers returned from Camp Elklore ready for a winning season. Then disaster struck-Tom Marshall all-city end and James Grimes outstanding hall- baek were ruled ineligible. This happening dealt a crippling blow to the "Black Knights," for most of the offense had been built around Marshall and Grimes. Opening the season without these two per- formers the "Tigers" played their hearts out against a Ryan High club which was tabbed for the city championship. The "Panthers" pre- vailed 20-0. Iourneying over to N'Vest's Alumni Memorial Field the "Cohnites" were a determined eleven as they squared oil: against the favored "Blue lays." NVhen the Hnal whistle sounded the "Tigers" had upset the "Dope" by tying TfVest, 6-6. Next in line came the "Yankess" from North. The North Crew had its hands full defeating the "Black Knights," 26-lfl. The "Tigers" claimed their only victory of the year at Sikes Field as they clipped the Hume- Fogg "Blue Devils" by a convincing score ol 28-12. During pre-game ceremonies the Cohn Men's Club presented the school with a new electric scoreboard. Determined to give their "all" in the en- OFFENSIVE TEAM lfirsf Roni, lm!! to Right: Bates. Nichols, llemhy. Xlorrison, Oliphant, Reynolds. Moore. Semnfl Row: Bayne. Third Row: Kestner, Harris. Strong. 'B" FOOTBALL TEAM Taxis. ' Q. VM '. Vi, ww: Q. tiltsai - , First Row fleft to riglitj: Harrille Hamm, Billy Reeves, Harlan Andrews, Sonny Adler, Roy Foster, Raymond Gray, Bobby Davidson. Second Row: Pete Smith, Richard lforehand, Albert Bush, Sammy Cox, Donald Rucker, Dorris Sharber, Billy Mimnis, Buddy Hickman. Third Row: Jimmy Dunlap, Gene Sadler, Alvin Gardner, jimmy Draper, Pat Gentry, Buddy Hooper, Ray Graves, Carl Nledlin, William Brooks. counter with the "Eagles" from East, the "Tigers" held a First quarter lead, 6-0, but lost to the high llying "Eagles" 27-6. During that week a new Heldhouse was completed for the team's use. Against the Donelson "Dons" the "Black Knights" played their best game of the year. Facing the task of stopping the "A" Division Champs the "Tigers" did just that until a fourth quarter score and conversion gave the "Dons" seven points and the game 7-6. The T. I. and DuPont elevens were hard pressed by the "Tigers" and had to go all out to defeat them 20-6, and 18-6 respectively. The Central "Golden Tornados" holding down third place in the "AA" Division, behind M. B. A. and Ryan, came within a hair's breadth ol being "upset" by the "Fighting Tigers." The "Tor- nados" won 20-13 in a wild offensive battle. The next week found the "Tigers" enjoying an open date because the Isaac Litton "Lions" had been suspended. The last game olf the season was against the "Big Redu from M. B. A. During the year the "Maroons" had had no more than nineteen points scored against them by any one team. The "Tiger" seniors: Bill Morrison, l-lenry Nichols, Lewis Moore, Grant Sadler, Austin Medlin, jim Rayne, Albert "Buck" Harris, Elliot Kestner, Homer Coggin and Doug Hemby lin- ished their high school careers by playing the best offensive game of the year as the 'ililack Knights" gained over three hundred yards on the ground and in the air and scored nineteen points. The "Maroons" won fl-5-19. The 19119 lettermen ean't say they played on a championship team but they can proudly say that they played on the "fightir1'est" team in Cohn history. DEFENSIVE TEAM Front Row deft In righlj: Moore, Reynolds, Morrison, Olipha it. Nichols, Bates. Szfmnrl Row: Howser, Harris, Hunt, Long- worth, Bayne. mnnumzmmwuw --M +-ummm ss -augur--s-1 'managm- BOYS' BASKETBALL The "Black Knight Ironmen" enjoyed a successful as well as an exciting season. The starting Eve-Don Moore, Jack Matthews, Grant Sadler, Richard Pharris, and james Bayne-proved to be good "Ironmen," as they went in many games the total 32 minutes without substitution. The end of the season found the Black Knights seeded in third place with fourteen wins and Five defeats. The team was built around Grant Sadler and Jack Matthews, who scored 227 and 221 points, respectively. Sadler and Matthews were the only re- turnees from last year's starters. Don Moore, who was only a substitute last year, gave a good appearance of improvement by starting at center. Being a good rebounder as well as a good point maker was proven by Don's 227 points. Honors for dominating the boards were shared by Moore with Pharris, another sub from last year's team. Another substitute from last year who showed improvement was jim Bayne. Bayne proved to be a good playmaker by getting the ball to Matthews and Moore. The chief substitute of the team was Bob Burroughs, who was a good ball handler as well as a good scrapper. No doubt school spirit was a great help to the boys because they felt that they were being backed np. This team had to face many difficulties concerning practices. Having to go to Hume-Fogg High to practice until our gym was ready to play in was one handicap, After Cohn's gym was completed, the boys had to get acquainted with the large floor and the new fan' shaped backboards. Then the backboards were changed, so the boys had to get used to them all over again. So the team should be congratulated, I think. Don't you? ln the tournament the "BLACK KNICHTSH had to play East, whom they had beaten only once in two years. Though Cohn gave a good light, the "BLACK KNICI-ITS" went down 31 to 29. Captain Matthews led his team with 13 points. SENIOR SQUAD First Row fLeft to Righty jack Matthews Richard Pharris Don Moore james Bayne Grant Sadler Second Row Jack Lomax Bobby Burroughs james Sadler jimmy Bates Charlie Strong GIRLS' BASKETBALL Starting out with an inexperienced group ol girls at the beginning of practice, also hindered by the lack ol a home gym to practice in and play in, contributed to a losing season. The team was built around the follow- ing girls from last year's team: Ann Fleming, Carolyn Jaynes, Julia Hut- cheson, Nell Gassaway, and Sophie Schweining. Starring practice in the Y.XN.C.A. gym, the following team developed: Nell Gassaway, Carolyn Jaynes, Jennie Sutton, lorwardsg Julia Hutcheson, Ann Fleming and Jean Morris, guards. Jean Morris was selected as Captain. The many losses suffered in the regular season against the best teams in Middle Tennessee only served as a build-up for the great team play in the Second District Tournament. Going into the tournament as the "underdog," the girls upset Mt. Juliet 25 to 23 to gain the finals. In the Hnals against East they again played a fine game losing to East in an over- time 30 to 29 and thereby winning the runnerhup cup and the privilege to play in the Regional Tournament. In the Regional they were de- feated by Tribble 27 to l9 in a very hard fought game. The Cohn girls were truly the surprise team of the league. GIRLS' SQUAD I" Row fsealezl, left 10 riglzlj: Sue Wall, Julia Hutcheson, Loretta Overby, Jean Morris, Jenny Sutton. Carolyn Jaynes, Nell Gassaway. Second Row: Ruby Finch, Shirley Muller, Betty Johnson, Janice Castleberry, Joyce McDowell, Mary Louise Sadler, Virgie Harville, Ann Fleming. Third Row: Nancy Bernard, Sophie Schwcining, Dorothy Christensen, June Gillespie, Helen Ethridge, Jean Duke. Margaret Holland. we rw -A A L. :p,Ala1 Azw 1 .Mts, mw:.x.aif1 BOYS' VARSITY Iffl lo right: Grant Sadler, forwardg Jimmy Bayne, guardg Don Moore, ccnterg Richard Pliarris, guarclg Tack Matthews, forward. "B" BASKETBALL TEAM Ifirsl Row fleft Lo riglztj: Sonny Adler, Charles Anderson, Homer Coggin, Louie Hooper. Second Row: Donald Howser, Pat Gentry. .Timmy Dunlap. JUNIOR HIGH BOYS' BASKETBALL TEAM First Row fleft to riglztj: Rav Crouch, David Elrod, Billy Muller. Szfrond Row: Bobby Sadler, Bobby Reese. Gene Sadler, Robin Bartlett. Third Row: NV. D. YValker, VVillian1 Brooks, YViley Sensing, Donald Rucker, jim- my Dunlap. , I TENNIS GIRLS The l949 Cohn girls' tennis team was com- posed of Clarice Toombs, Dot Graves, Marilyn Reynolds, Donna Sanders, Mary Ann Ridley, and Faye Fleming. VVith Reynolds, Sanders, and Fleming returning the 1950 edition should go Ear in the league and tournament play this spring. The outstanding feature of the '49 season was the excellent playing of Clarice Toombs in singles and the doubles by Donna Sanders and Faye Fleming. BOYS YVith only two returnees from the '48 aggre- gation the 19119 tennis team was greatly handi' capped by the lack of experienced boys. The outstanding accomplishment was the play of the Richard Hunter-Lewis Moore doubles duo. This tandem upset the highly favored and record seeded entry ol Bradshaw-Grant from Lipscomb and advanced to the semi-hnals. The other mem- bers of the team Ed Collins, Jimmy Sanders, and Floyd Cullop were very instrumental in the Cohn victories over Hillsboro and Ryan. Moore is the only returnee from the '49 team, so there will be red-hot competition lor the other four 'islotsf' YVhoever carries the '50 tennis colors will carry them proudly and ably. I GIRLS' TENNIS TEAM Left to right: Jean Morris, Mari- Iyn Reynolds, Nellie Chisam, Dorothy Thompson, Faye Flem- ing, Donna Sanders, Treva Oakley. BOYS' TENNIS TEAM Fi14SfR01LV fleft to rightj: Sammie Cox, Kenneth Shaver, Charles Anderson, Jimmy Draper, Jimmy Dunlap. Second Row: Duward Lawson, Henry Nichols, Don Moore, Fred Cullop, Lewis Moore, Jimmy Bayne. wmssz ,A A - 1 .fi G0lF The l949 golf team was composed of: No. l, Bobby Burroughs, No. 2, Richard Hunter, No. 3, Lewis Mooreg No. 4, Tommy Pollard. The Tiger 'iLinkrnen" won two matches by defeating North and Lipscomb. The outstanding match for the "Tigers" was against Duncan. The Long- horns were third in the league and highly favored over tl1e Tigers, but the "Black Knights" tied them 3-3 in the opening day of play. The 1950 golf outlook is good. The team will be without Hunter and Pollard, but with Burroughs, Moore, and Mfayne lakes, plus the addition of a fourth teammate, the "Tigers" should be a very capable crew. I949 GOLF SCORES Cohn .,.. .... 5 S 13111111111 .,. ..,. 3 Cohn .... .... 1 Tjll Pont .. ..,. .42 Cohn .... .... 4 North ,.. ..,. lm Cohn. ., NAM Lll7SCOl1llJ .... ...HIM Cohn .,.. .... 0 lVest ,,.. ..,. 6 COl1ll .....,,..,,.. , . .0 M.B.A. .,......, . . . . .6 Cohn .... .,.. 0 East .....,. ..,. 6 Cohn .............,.... 1 Ryan ....,..,,.,.,...,, 5 Col1n .......,..,..,,,., 2 Hillsboro .............. 4 'l'O'I'AL: 2 Xvinsg 6 Losses, 1 Tie. l i eotr TEAM l Left to right: Bobby Burroughs, l' Richard Hunter, Lewis Moore,1. Tommy Pollard, Coach "Pop"l Brown. RIFLE TEAM First Rau' fleft to riglztj: Richard Dudney, Buddy Bayne, Billy Reeves, Charles Lavender. Second Row: Paskel Giles, jerry McCord, Robert Currey, Thomas Snoddy, Lionel Watkins. Tommy Morris, Robert Roland, Harold Martin, Freddy Hill. l BASEBALL The I9-l9 Cohn High HDlZl1llOIld Dandies' linished the regular season with a record of 4 wins and 5 defeats. ln the league standings the "Tigers" linished in the midway spot, fifth. The team was built around returning regulars 'Iohn Crocker, lack Perkerson, and Charlie "Burr" Sadler. Crocker did the catching, and Perkerson and Sadler roamed the right and lelt field "gardens" respectively. 'l'he remaining mem- bers ol' the team were: lst Base, Sonny Shirleyg 2nd Base, james Grimesg SS, Charlie Strongg 3rd Base, Raymond Reynolclsg CF, Malcom YVebbg Pitchers, Jack Matthews, Grant Sadler, and Alim- my Bates. Wlilliam Hutcherson handled the utility 'lchoresf' At the close ol' the season Crocker was honored by being placed on the All-Nashville Baseball Team. Several other "Tigers" received mention on the various All-City teams. I 949 BASEBALL SCORES Cohn .... . . . 5 Cohn .... . . . fl Cohn .,.. .. fl Cohn ,... , . , 3 Cohn .,,. . . , 5 Cohn .... . . . 7 Cohn .... . . . 8 Cohn .,.. .... l 2 Cohn .... ..,.,.,.. 6 Hillsboro , . . , . . 6 North ,.. ... fi West ., ... 9 Bellevue ...... , 5 Clmnberland . . . , . . fi Ryan ...... , . . 3 Peabody . . . . . . 3 Duncan ... ... 7 XLBA. .... ... 3 'l'OT'Al,: Wlon fl, Lost 5 ' E Q e ' .. .,,. , , ,, 1 1 "YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU" 'l'he Senior High Drzunatic Club under the direction of Helen Bain presented the spring play, "You Can't Take lt NVith You," on Slay fifth and sixth. Starring in the drama were: Don Hlrye. Ida Hoyal, Alfred Turman, Mary Jane Hunt, Duward Lawson, Dorothy Floyd, Donald Howser, Austin Medlin, Edna Sweeney, Jimmy Bates, Charlie Strong, YV. R. Spears, I.nretta Overlay, Lionel Hlalkins, Nancy Victkery, Pete Smith, Homer Coggin, Freddie Hill, and Dorntliy Clary. QQ 3' 2 X 3 Q . V M-fini?-MM Wm 1- M' s 5""T'f' f .Q M a , 1- i ..:.. 'A . 6, ,. .5:1:ss.g-Qg5:.-V-:b .gf- ..., - M .H Qi i W 1 l ,Q f 4.2 . 50. ,., ., H as Q . .A .,,. ,, v 4 'N Q 4 vm . , 'X fri' Q 4 , . i Q '9 X 1'V f' 4 S ww it . 2 fy ' Q f ""3sm R, w q3Lf.i2,sQ,s's sz... . The Value of the telephone isn't just the calls you make. Sometimes the calls you receive are even more important. Youid miss a lot if the telephone Wasn't there. Just on calls you make, the tele- phone's a big bargain in convenience, security, success and good times. When you add the calls you receive , it's an even bigger value. SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY GOOD FOOD-FAST SERVICE Plate Lunch 7 days per week STEAKS - CHOPS - CHILI -- BEEF STEW Oysters in Season Large Selection of Sandwiches See you at Heaths after the games HEATHS CAFE LIFE AND CASUALTY INSURANCE CO. OF TENNESSEE PAUL MOUNTCASTLE, President Home Office Nashville, Tennessee Compliments of TENNESSEE ENAMEL MANUFACTURING COMPANY NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE THE MIRROR CAMERA JAYNES' QUALITY MARKET Ph R fl S d Fancy Groceries a d Fresh Meats LOVEMAN'S F D l y THRIFT SHOP FLOOR 4000 Murphy Road Ph 9 4591 joe B. Holder R. M. Northern HOLDER 8a NORTHERN LUMBER CO. Building Materials-All Kinds We can fill your order, large or small 5705 New York Avenue Phone 9-1682 Rufus Gann Realty Co. Rents-Sales-Loans Appraisals 113 Union Street Nashville 5, Tenn. DOBSON-HICKS CO. Wholesale Field Seed Office and Sales Department 110 Second Avenue, North Long Distance Phone 4-0516 Warehouse and Cleaning Dept. 415-417-419 Chestnut St. Hybrid Corn Plant Gainsboro, Tenn. Nashville 2, Tennessee One of Ame1'ica's finest coffees . . . M t.l Q iLQj:gjLjQijf "fgQ:1ijg45' 9 Y 4'-ff iliwhv , .:t, w ls ii COLONIAL M we 47012121215 5 ffiv ' MV ill? lip g,l AT YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD GROCER COLONIAL COFFEE CO THE SWEET SHOP Twenty-first and Capers Compliments of Allen-Bean Firestone 5102 Charlotte Ave. Phone 7 0042 Compliments of SIEGRIST'S BAKERY DRAUGHON'S 1519 51st Ave., No. Phone 9 5413 BUSINESS "Makers of Those Delicious P ACE PIT BARBECUE White Bridge Road and Harding Pike TENNESSEE GRAIN CO Compliments of Phone 8-9159 D. V. JOHNSON STERCHI'S THE MEAD Nash le's Largest Furniture St CORPORATION Church at Ninth NASHVILLE BUSINESS COLLEGE Appealing to Those Who Want the Best" Y.M.C.A. Building Compliments of TEAS EXTRACT CO. Professional, Domestic, Industrial Uniforms VISIT OUR RETAIL STORE Hartley Garment Co. 1811 Church Street Compliments of Ragland-Potter 81 Co. 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Frofted Malt Sandtcficber and Short Orrlen Phone 8-9148 5518 Charlotte Avenue NICK LAMBOS SCHOOL OF DANCING "The School for Perfection" fC1ass and Priv InstructionQ Foxtrot Rumba Swing Samba Waltz Tango 1918 West End A Compliments Of FRIENDS Compliments fff THE PAULINE SCHOOL OF THE DANCE LAST WILL TESTAMENT OF THE SENIOR CLASS l950 Yr COHN HIGH SCHOOL N I1 II T f

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