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-- x 4 Wg?-' - -jug!::+1xpQf:S.--awry' 5 mf-xfwar QQ ' - , A , QM:-:rv 1' N 71 J J -- HAY,-J.,,N-v-'fG2Nff:.msfh2:ws.Q1-1 vwgwf-2.f,.'a:'fffwa.x-- , -ffdi -.fmsff-s '+-Lfy'w,w, Y 1 1 ,fn , A1 Q f .: fvxfziaf,-:rl .-:W :bf,:v.'1p:4+5f: f::afxa::-as-sffaezfarazg-:Q-fix' J.,-:1ifa':-.: '1 af rf- 3 Q5 1' ,,-.-of--.W 7 .Lx 645 I :ja 'fy 'jf Q"'Z'J-:,4:22J:' , 'E .f LJ, 157 iii HE 9141? JFS MQ, '-'W-:VM:,.ei'f'5' zfffff ' 1 A 'L .1 -, 'nf fm--wzgffiligiz 1 "' ' 'V-i.,-I .'L"'!2if"3.'ii:7,lf7' zfaffffz, . L,gg,1,,L 4Q.c,v:g.-a H7 7 ,F J' A1 f f wha fa 'smssrensmnmmmauwwzemzeawmfm wnww X reflectiuns 75 :oconino high olume viii . .1 . G 4 5 Q u 5.. W " I' . uf ' f -u an Jamax, .. , , , , , ' ETC Action Clubs People Faculty Editors Ads 9 40 74 9:2 14:2 152 154 x f' contents .7 V ,xv ..Q ,, 5 - .W- QQ 3 if 23 SEQ? 3 y 23 V si ri wmv Peggy Liggit, Bev Williams and Mr. Epperson lead the elephant Walk during a pep assembly Cindy Harenberg demonstrates the latest hat apparel. Penny Hopkins ponders about what to take to an early morning class. Ed Cooke practices skateboarding in the halls. Tim Weldon, Ellen Rozema and Karin Richards rehearse for "l Never Saw Another Butter- fly" Tracy Morgan blocks positions before filming. An interested crowd Watches While contestants compete in the bump contest. il 4 i i Vx T i 1 1 ' I 1 1 4 A ' 1 , i 1 e E 1 1 W 1 w A 1 1 1 w 1 , I etc Student Life etc. , Cet set'ereJ a combination of incongruous elements. This is what We portrayed at Coconino High School. We had a variety of people, extra curricular activities and academic programs. The student body at CHS was a potpourri of Chicanos, Blacks, cowboys, Indians, jocks, scholars, musicians, thespians, jesus freaks and nature lovers. We had a lot of extra curricular activities which ranged from sports to madrigals. In addition to regular classes, the aca- demic program included drivers education, debate and speech teams. We 've got it all and we're proud of it. CROSSRGAD FOR CHS STUDE T fffhff 'v 1' mamma 1 . F707 Crossroads at Coconino led to a variety of settings. Some roads led to the classroom, Where students had time for a fair amount of goofing off. Stu- dents also found time to travel the road to Oak Creek. Fall is a mild season and many of our students took advantage of the Weather and strolled down the streets of a colonial town. Stu- dents also found themselves be ing called for a Walk into the spotlight Where they received special recognition, as did our homecoming royalty. in class. Creek. Wins low. 2. Tami Ragan, Leslie Ragan and Mary Head in Oak 3. Shelly Steves and Beth Rho ton roaming the halls. 4. Alex Tapia, Louie Cordova and Fernie Duran during "The People of '76" show 5. Homecoming King and Queen: Steve Hatch and Donna Ross, Senior Attend ants: Matt Smith, Sandy Hunt, Mark Lescoe and Debbie Henson at the Home coming game, against 9 1. Mark Bergstresser and Rosemary Ryan having fun A TIME AND A PLACE' T pp To make the sophomores feel Welcome, the seniors held an orientation instead of thetraditional initiation this year. The sophomores were divided into teams, each With two seniorcaptains. The teams com- peted against each other in ten-legged races, a balloon toss, Waterbucket drink, and cracker Whistling contests. The over- all Winners chose seniorslaves at the end of the Week. Everybody had a great time. 1. Gary Kelley catchesla Water balloon as Matt Smith urges him on. 1 T t 2- Gary Eaton downsa cracker in the a Cracker whistling contest. l T 3. The balloon tossing lineup. l 4. Sheldon Parks grimaces as he catches a water balloon, yy hoping it won't burst on him. , ,. , , A 5. Mindy Schabatka attempts to stuff crack ers into her mouth with a bag over her head. T a t A ETC. School years are a collection of faces and experiences. Who will ever forget the dances in the cafeteria, yelling for the team until you're hoarse and filling the halls with "essence of puke" during chemistry. If these don't ring a bell, try remembering posing be- fore your locker for the photog- rapher or doing the bump in the gym during Spirit Week. l. Dana Jansen and Crystal Schick try out their new potion. 2. "This ought to knock them out!" Cathy Curry tells Denise jenkins. 3. "It's a deal!" Mark Fusselman tells Helen Kahn. 4. Ron Arnold in shop class. 5. Theresa Oakey lends vocal support. 6. Renee Crockett, Penny Hopkins, Theresa Oakey and Tim Sullivan do the bump during Spirit Week. A f it ff, Q X 1 . , 5 -1 5 ,TF Q ,, , , - 1 , Q 35 5 ,- sw V 3? ,f w 'M 11 3. M in X1 X Q agp fbi ,, Q Rx E it ik -ggsygggisisr I Hx gp xv gy . K.f, 351' 5 W as "' 1 ff' BLAST F RCM THE AS This year's homecoming theme Was, "A Blast From the Past." Spirit Week Was filled with various activities and a lot of fun. We had a hula- hoop contest, marshmallow-eating contest a tug-of-War Cvvon by the seniorsj, a contest in which the classes decorated their halls, and We even decorated the stadium. We had a super pep rally the night before the game which started with a spirit march from the jr. High and ended at a huge bonfire near the faculty parking lot. The game was against our arch rivals, the Winslow Bulldogs, and ended in an ex- citing 22-22 tie. Everyone enjoyed the dance afterward and boogied to the sounds of "Impulse," a band from Phoenix. ., The seniors coming out on top in the tug-o-war. The Spirit of "76" band. Another shot of the Winning tug-o- War team. Mark Lescoe falls asleep While eating marshmallowsf Chuck Morriss, Bryan Drye, and Donna Ross decorating senior hall HOMECOMING ROYALTY ,75 SENIOR ATTENDANTS: MARK LESCOE AND DEBBIE HENSON. IUNIOR ATTENDANTS: STEVE VVEEDMAN AND BEVERLY WILLIAMS. SOPHOMORE ATTENDANTS: DANNY GARCIA AND KATHY MILLER. KING AND QUEEN: STEVE HATCH AND DONNA ROSS. 'Qu .V sd? H 1 .nw '93, L. v' 2, "ff S, 2223 ,. ,ap asc, ,T wsfswee Ls .frjj ' Q ' - if-Q: :Wifi . ,K ,.,,x..,. W M , af.. gym-41, w v K i i 1 4 5 N w 1 5 1 s 1 5 K . -4.1, , ,fy 1 zu g , f 1,.V:fn-zf:g.fQ wg, x :J..Q,LAugQ.1Q,.g,gQm:g.ia,g41:,:.1x,crfgsh,.ag,:g,a1zLfg:a.f..4tQ'.4,'W1'2...'u .Q ,.'2"f:f11 H 6.1412 wfzulflflf'-1'L'J ilzmg, H 1 r 1 f 2 li 'I 3 .1 'x 3 .5 s 2 1 Qi 3 ! kv i i ! 5 1 G R I x A L 1 E w 1 i I J 3 ai 2 l K 3 13 24 11 3. fi L 1:1Vai.,if.:,:ezwmzaeizuma,Lfu2.fw1:zs:5fwr:za1Q1f::auraz2zQw,r.f1am mafzxs,asfz1fa4wmsaaw,:a'25mzzuraxmxz:-ammwifsw walaewzfsfee141:v.,sw::u: marywzaarseamameuwafazmaz,f-mm:umm1:emmafsmsesaneaumei-w::vgsy:.r::aM1::nz,,aaa51mwaaxwzssswm:,sfeu.W.w21as, .:, -,Q Q11::4:.p.1Qm'awf:sn:zum: nc rzwxwniszzf. nv :nam I . - - y i + . 1: 9 'X' k V5 Sikiifi 1 w t ...,c1nv. . ..., 4, if ir QM W Q Q xr-4 X . -Q ,f U -o-awww. . . v . F NH- Y 1 X MEM. 1 ' b Qu 5 -- "Sui ,Jill ,J I . What a lifel . The arm that Won the . Check out those legsl . Our star basketball . Coconino skate board . Believe it or not, they do COCO CUT-UPS West. player?? 'Z champ. have muscles . L, , x , w I, 1, 4" f ,,,, as ,,. ,f . I Alf Ka, gl J ,ye ,r ,A J ll .4 ,. XJ l, -- la , x N., H' a, ul 1 l f Y N w X 24 'W l AF' 1 . J XA SXXQEQQSQSQQ NGK Dix? XV6:gi N3 Qu-R, 5 I ,-Sfw ' ,, ,J - by y Y 1 , Y V MJ ri? 1 gf 'I J ' F-W U- XJ Arai ffm J A ix KXJAJ 'J 1 U Q R 'LAXQYJ CJ Qw:.4 +aJ rx rf-T AI-.qfjqff-, S Q if f , T 'N-Nb fqsj C1113 5 , E EQ Q U3 ,N 55 db-JJTW PPV f ' ,.1 J 'VfNU 'f Q' .J rijjxfi'-4-JXN Q " V + Q ' iff? X X gdx Q 5 5 wg 5,5fSQ4lMQ fb f LJ iw f Q if 5312 5 Q 39 ff Q gl few Q f ff O4 Q Q Qcyifxivj NaJ"fl- ' E'+vifQ+5B f 33?fQWi53,S3U Q6QjQvi32J5wbQi5 X ,mv 5 QQ if fy, QQ 54 '-4 0 Q fd 3nEP5Q 4 -,N 5 95 1,5 Q1 .MQ :,-QJfQp, QL1?-5ffE,yQ, 14 'fQ1L 5 ,QYNW :id 4 :yd J Q, vggf'9 M 'Tb 9 K P- .4234 13 S5 U f :D C? if 11511 4 ff 8 , Y J- Q CN qi QE-2 C15 j QS N?"" 'xg jfxibwglx J f Q 4' 1fF'iJ,QJQfj+3Uw' YQSITAQJ3: ef ' f " 'lf if ' -'J '4?J Sy U QL DQ VN 96215 ifj J- 55:25 CHS HO URS F .gs gi 19 imf X .. W V, 'Ffa K K 'FW' 3413? s i Qiffw ' ff? 'f . 1 is wk J H Q Q QQ X, ,xg .5 , 33 '3 SSL X, T? L- fi'gS 3, Q fi N x 'tr-gf W- Q Cd ' . Q if 2, Q gf-235 feMg? t2a5f:3 3125 ,ls Lg ij 114 5 .42 5 ,X ':5'2N ML, N YL iqgvfiggj ,gg C M Q f 5 ll A - Q .J wi YJ if is-Q 'Wg XJ" 7' 'JN-J ef , + f :J 0 W Q1 K -S J V3-4-f1iY'f 1 g' Yxgcg-KX-JUV"t5'JqNX1'l Tj if , Q Q-,J 9 aww Q 'img P9 N -T 'Q fx swf-'.x -,JQgL!JxJ2r-Jx-jx-cZ5'VQV OJK-,J,r ' F265 KJJNXJQ ,Wi 2 Q'-Jj -wvHfJ +d vw xx-.XJ , Jr-V,-LAEPXQQQJ x 1, wif g--x .X Qfsj J ,af x C. -Jfyga' NJ fx rv 4- -Q-w it Girls ' State-Kim Casebeer, Cathy Boehle Boys' State-Left to Right, Kenton Oakes, Kent Couch, Matt Smith, Mark Lescoe Junior Miss-Left to Right, Cathy Talakte Second run- ner-up, Cindy johnson Talent award, Renee Crockett Miss Congeniality Presidential Classroom for Young Americans-Chuck Morriss, Steve Hatch National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist-jim Neff r 07 Sv QSM X' 92 . of W X35 QQQQQQY' X Dx ggxu DX 5 X 5 Q5 J T7 if O D 3 M QYCJ X SUUSXJQQ7 C Epox ,QV r My L JJ EEE C55-7 505 Q J C sf 9 U CPS fxy JM Q 27 l x REF LE CTIO Susan Collins Paula Dodd Mr. Peterson and associates Chuck Morriss with Cindy johnson in the palm of his hand. Tim Sullivan Mike Dunhour Jeff Babcock, Rex Stevens, Mike Davis, Bill Bryant, and Pete Boyd Kim Casebeer Willard Reeves Gary Aimgst and Denise Muesch .- 'li'-0 5:90-uw-I rgraw-Ji QL-,V Ulu-V-A 5 h-Tnlx au ',et"'fz"e'?""A" LP3' v'5'Q""' 0' kb-Y a.c'0a.x3g-n.:'D- o-It '4LvVN+S. V5.g'H 1117435 '7U'x" VX""4-'X' KV, "7l7"-N SL-u'vo-1.5 0- lo-I' OST ggkrf-X af-A Vxwlfs'-8 LJ- W3 .gkok '7-21,-wr QAS, -1-xo?-Q, wc'-' bwlfdxa' ?4JVW-2-V'10Y4l QS!-1.1:-ai Q, m"'W'D.z.X Vim. DMA- MMM- Tvvjliiwim ado 4, -l'L..u3we V-5xNk M va... Ko-9. , L4 5-FWWIXZJX A-Dj, 74011-555 ,Q f 3 -70-VL, S QL 'D K-mrrw LUOA-Y -CY'ny.n-SKWYQ-,,fQ,,AA'B I , uw 41.33 V f ,g f ,,,f,- -,M . .2 PROM COURT 1976 KING STEVE HATCH QUEEN DONNA ROSS "VS l. First Attendants: Mark Lescoe and Debbie Henson. 2. Second Attendants: Bryan Drye and Kim Casebeer. 3. Third Attendants: Matt Smith and Sandy Hunt. 4. Fourth Attendants: Bill Ernst and Cathy Curry. 5. Fifth Attendants: Kenton Oakes and Nancy Pratt. "HOLDING ON T0 YESTERDAYS', Holding 011 To Yesterdays was not only portrayed at the Prom, but throughout the year. Fifties' Day, an Alumni Luncheon, sock hops and various other activities brought back memories of days past. The Prom was a final culmi- nating affair. The Prom was held in the formal atmosphere of Little America with music by 'Orpheas.' The evening was highlighted with the crowning of King and Queen. After Hours were spent at the Elks Lodge where students welcomed in a new dawn. mai? 5 .Loaf i f 17 n gl r' ,F V . My ,Lil L, ,' -"LwkcTf,fN+. . Xu . 6-h,i,'T'H r- J fx J - , .1 ivy: ,nrrfx 4 Qfxgi ,rpm ,fn -fgpcgl, , , , X! K X X 411 t T35 t X la g Q gf Y iYiX,:jj'1'2J N 1 ., YVQN 'filfwr IJJXQQQ .L Vzvg, .V x 1 373: C ,X Q 4- ,,,y.,VV-ff, , . , -1, E 3-2 g- is Q f X E-gf gjft K fs f -ffxr, 5-eQ:5:,1-,i FJ'-'V - c , ,. -, -lf ' , , . I 3 '-fl 5 -'SJ-.khjsjh CEN' C1 Cb. rx ,xv-X ,f-.V J x f, 3 pid , -1 1 ,f ' 1 , f .xv if fir-" , 1 ,jr 4 ' , N , 2 Jn ara--L ii1,.,','l: 'N' X--,.,x,, ,C.1fL ,. ,E fwgrvu, Nl tl'-Q Ll , . . - - lf Q J , V I L1 MLW, mr QF,LfsW,3j gf- ', 'f ' f Q , 95'-Lol' L, I j . , J V-Qfii it h :K rx . " Avi K 'rift Lib, X 'J '1 lmxp 21 X' "" x 1- , Lg., ,Y X -In,-. Mx. fl'l9"h gb BIOLUGY II COE TO fhe Biology ll class journeyed to NAU to explore various technical fields. They gained new insights into such fields as dental hygiene. l. Glen Sabyan about to be attacked by a dental as- sistant. 2. ls that what l'll look like when I'm dead? 3. Patrissa Almquist, Kent Couch, Nancy Pratt. 4. Glen Sabyan. N 1 , . ff x 2' ui 9- A if clk Hin-1. - , , J L KT gsla flmifv-5 LR ' I TUDE TS WALK I T0 PA T The bicentennial program proved to be not only enjoyable, but also educational. On September 4 and 5 the "People of 76", a group of actors from the United States International University in San Diego, recreated the effects of the Revolutionary War on the town of New Bristol. Included in New Bristol, were a gunsmith shop, "Ye Olde Tavern", a pewter shop, a shoemaker's shop and homes of both loyalists and patriots. Settings of butter churning, embroidery, the making of coins from spoons, spinning, weaving and shoemaking were portrayed. Camped on the out- skirts of New Bristol was a battalion of Patriot soldiers, who were aided in a battle against the Red Coats by the New Bristol militia. Youngsters from all the elementary schools visited the town, and many citizens also attended the programs. lt was a lot of fun as well as a learning experience for everyone. few it wifi' S Vi "This Wool will keep the Winter's chill out of some Patriot's heart." "Black powder and grape shot Will eventually deter- mine our destiny. " "Quick, a glass of ale to abet my in- firmity. " "The loyalist's have gone as far as searching and reading our mail. " "Mr. Guay, the reactionairies tack before an ill Wind. " av J ...Q Spectators throughout the year have played an important role in Coconino's sports and other events. The year was full of success and disappoint ment, but the Panther spirit still lives through- out Flagstaff. N . , 1 ,, ' 5 , T'4'Ph:n ' " fi, AFA ' 4, i M 6 1 wg ht Y. 'NN rf gn,-. fx The greatest use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it. , -William james O 3 X W :'4""vw.lae O action C. H. S. sports has been a big part of student life this year. The participation was great, only to be topped by the overwhelming amount of school spirit. t Coconino's sports pro- grams has focused on girls in sports this year. As p usual, our female athletes have given us a tremendous show of enthusiasm, as well as Winning records. Faculty and student in- volvement Was outstanding. Everyone got into the act to help further the develop- fment of our fine athletic de- partment. lnvolvement is, in fact, the main factor that makes Coconino the great school it is. ARSITY FOOTB LL This year's Varsity Panther Football team started their season off to a good start by defeating the Globe Tigers with a score of 43-6, and continued winning until finally clashing with the Winslow Bulldogs on Homecoming night and ending in a 22-22 tie. We met our first defeat at the hands of the undefeated Snowflake Lobos on their home field by a score of 21-O. On November 14, we ended our season by losing to Flag High with a score of 22-6. Our overall season ended in 7 wins, 2 losses, and one tie. The team as a whole did pretty well this year. As individuals, Marty McKee had a great season, breaking a total of 10 records. His performance earned him the posi- tion of 2nd best in Coconino history. On the receiving end, Kenton Oakes set 2 season records and earned the ranking of 2nd best receiver in the school's history. Some of the outstanding offense men were Willard Reeves, Mark Lescoe, Armando Alonzo, and Scott Ross. On the defense side, Rob Wachter came just one short of breaking the record he set last year of 135 tackles in a season. Despite this he set a new record for the most tackles in one game. wi . if , . if . s w K LVZV ., sv-1-ff f 1 ' f - 11 . ,I .Q ,, 'gags'-:g, ,a....,.,,,. -.,.. . was ,. -: -no-q Tu- ... .- . .. , -a .. . W -.i -. ,,,fff,,...:1, -H . ., ea., .W.,, , -ff , ff-fn . N' , wo w ., -r , -.,. .... . . , K ,K , ...ff . M .1 R S 1 51. x ,L k , . ,K.,. . , . . , ,. M- .. , ,, . N M.. ,.., , . ,, ,.,,,i., ,,M.,,.., Q K f'-'H K ""' :iw ' A W -1-. -gcwrfm . ' V- , f7.'i?kf Swwmiiggagfffwxwi-ww1f'i:fffrw:+r,W-f..s,ff..,.,,.-.-.wrlwf,......f.f,..L.:, Mwwffsfswefwswsfvfwfww-:svwlfe-'fax-wsif -swf'bfiff-P-fwfkffsfi :ff Back Row: Coach Epperson, Coach Blair, R. Montoya, T. Corey, Coach Haines, Sth Row: R. Ulibarri, R. Van Ert, S. Ross, D. Hatch, T. Figy, M. McKee, T. Gillette, J. Shallmen, E. Tallez, T. Begayg 4th Row: D. Rade, R. Tirado, D. Caylor, A. Barker, S. Boehle, W. Reeves, F. DeMiguel, S. Weedman, M. Watchman, R. Ayala, 3rd Row: P. Garcia, J. Lobstein, C. Duran, I. Lepich, B. Henson, T. Lane, B. Williams, M. Clarkg 2nd Row: L. Johnson, B. Ernst, T. Sullivan, D. McPhet1'idge, D. White, M. Smith, M. Lescoe, A. Fajarclo, A. Alonzo, lst Row: R. Wachter, B. Bradley, J. Westling, K. Oakes, C. Barker, P. Gomez, A. Borg, R. Lucero, D. Owens, K. Call, M. Peck. W T ' Q, if , fjjm .f" 1 P' 1 :tai Y. LOST 1.v. Foorn L L Our J. V. Team was coached by Weldon Mickelson and Mike Olson. There Were many outstanding players throughout the sea- son, but the overall outstand- ing players Were: Linemen -Kevin Call, Ernie Birner Runningbacks-Clarence Gilham, jim McKerracher Center-Brad Kerby. The team turned in an overall season record of 4-4. The teams they beat were Grand Canyon, Bourgade, Holbrook, and Kingman. This years Junior Varsity Football team was very motivated and it looks like a promising future for Varsity football. I . T' i' . sl . rie QW i 53? ' L .. ' ' S x G' 3 A A , "" 3 1 as it W 1 AQ QQ iaxk ek . Mk JV., fe- in . .I M - K 4' .I wx A , da., - A ,L gr ,ai Back: 1. Sell, J. Burnett, K. Call, R. Gilliland, B. Kirby, S. Wagner I. I-Ioverg Row 4: M. Gallegos, D. Garcia, C. Ortiz, B. Morales, D. Haglin, M. May, Row 3: C. Gilham, I. Van Ert, S. Parks, E. Birner, M. Lopez, M. Lepich, E. Roahhorse. Row 2: R. Stalnaker, R. Robidoux, G. Augenstein, B. Cody, B. Lawrence, I. Williams, L. Lairson. ROW 1: Coach Michelson, J. Moya, C. johnson, T. Penedo, R. Farmins, J. McKer1-acher, S. Parrack, Coach Olson. 3 a CIROSS COU TRY BOYS cRoss COUNTRY: qi to Rl Row 1, Lorenzo Medina, Pete,Wong, RexiStephens, David Goh, Harry Williams, 'Paul Begay, CarliPeterson, Robert Shelton. Row 2, Arthur Long, Chris Jansen, Bill Bryant, Ricky Lopez, Justin Willie ,Jack Rick, Brian Crawford, Chris Ulibarri, Isaac Nelson, i Glenn Tsingine, Jim Mead. -NotRPictu,ved: Wayne Miller R ' and Mike Wommacl-c.' R R , in V GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY: QL to Rl Row 1, Maeiouisef l W Smith, Elaine Jim. Row 2, Jeanne Korn, jennifer'Martin,' E11aLee. R ' R ,',h Ag Z' r CCiLit1tr5ffrLinnerSio 5 1 Pe ?f017m6fd Well f'3hiS S93S011,f 1 G11di11gfWiC11HireC0rdi Of five if i a 1 HHCU W0-1 The ite-am WHS bllilf if r 1 1 f0frY9U T1gf1'UUUe1'5 with only aa 1 1 i i few gexperienoed harriers Qseasonp r jog: u O utstanding runners re-J g aceivedispecial recognition ufor their dedicated efforts e o and many hours of trainingi Mike Wommack was voted 4 "most valuable runner," f e While CarlPetersof1 showed the "most improved. " Chris Ulabarri was awarded f'b6Sg12i isophomoreg 'f The team iran 1 ai totalgdistance Ofgl10i,aO92i 5 o or f 1111165 f ChiS S SaSO1iQ To 1 ' ff f a I OL11' fgiI1fS iW611?G: IGCHO 5 r i iViCff0fYe by? ?1 femC1idf5USf 1 i i or .U QdiSP1H Y1bY ijUoT1i033,Jffllliiff-BriY i 5 aMartin.Q 3Goac11iBoeh1e is in f f r 1h0PCS iria 'Q l12it'T1?CXt Yeliffsf 1TU0i1f CA 9 5 a e g'iIQ1 SfWi11fP3IfiCiPat6iHf1?11iS if f-fTGWaIdi11g iiae SIJ01?'lQjf ff! . :SHOW1?ffs9QI1srafH1ated for sgrheenrlsseffqrers i311dEe5iQ3t?5'7n?i?13Fi0n fbi? Past Yea? :ff l T E E l 'eXGePUQr1a1f overs 411 ShQWL1Siit11ro1ighe5 . e s 'lseasmia wnslidesrmglws'lhadffflfairly l 1YQW1gllt93mi'ie:Th31Y0ungladle?onyftheqteamge s x lclidsggjeatye elf1ds their gteaem was aisoi lyeryw e e ee e flffMOSt5Pe0P1ei'10n't :understand fdeflif s s 1S1Il9e01? dediflafiolle thats s1011gedigSfanCC 1 esls i 1 a l N eruhiierf feels lwhexif he i Qi' lslief l setting the e l fp9.Cf53i f01fQi the1T!sSe1YCS in training and prac -l s l fiC S.V scroslslgclommtryllharrier feels that le thisQSPO1?ti laiselflimproving sport, and s usuallygystheildesire to runs is self moti- e f Vateed 'lereat 'oblrunnl ers and kee onl s 1 e e . - 'K as 1 Q, Q , 1. fu, 1 i W l l Flagstaff Invitational f elle l"' 2 l l 4thl e Mingus e e V e 1 i Thunderbird . s Qjgj llidgividual L95 5 5th l WOR Weon 211111 e Tthi Won Lost Won 4th 5th SKI TEAM Ski Program The ski program, even though it was no longer a competitive interscholastic sport, opened up to include any student of intermediate or better ability. It was made available for those who like to improve his or her skiing technique. The program emphasized down hill skiing, racing and run- ning gates, care of skis, and cross country skiing. Conditioning exercises and soccer were used two days a week to get in shape for skiing at the Snow Bowl on Friday afternoons. The team was coached by Larry Peterson, a new teacher at Coconino this year. Both men and women participated in this sport, and seemed to enjoy it throughout the season. Pictured From Left to Right: Top Row: Ed Porth, Aaron Parker, Barry Bergman Sth Row: Don Hendrickson, Ed Cooke 4th Row: Steve Wagner, Uwe Schweikert, Randy Steward, Don Swarts 3rd Row: Ron Crawforth, Jim Neff, Mike Wommack 2nd Row Jeanne Korn, Aline Parker, jennifer Martin lst Row: Coach: Peterson, Assistant Coach: Paula Martini, Laura Holmgren, Carol Luckey We .511 I ,'M,j:',V of ma . ,. , TY! 1 M' Q , ,N , PI K P THERS BLITZ SEASO PINK PANTI-ERS: Backg Colleen Lee, Mary Goldenstein, Anna Barreras, Lori Shifler, Stacy Pendleton, Sue Phillips, Sara Heaton, Judy Reinoso, Chris Minner, Valerie Sanchez, Jayne Morgan, Jean Taylor. Frontg Holly Kranzler, Barbara Spigner, Cindy Harenberg, Diana Herrera, Coach Sara Spigner, Jaime Gale, Carol Hills, jack Babcock, fNot Picturedj Mary Lansing. Coconino's Pink Panthers turned in an undefeated sea- son record. Their outstand- ing performance earned them the AA North Champi- onship. Team members Mary Lansing, Barbara Spigner and Cindy Haren- berg added to Panther glory by gaining berths on the First string All Conference Team during the seeding tournament. Jaime Gale was selected for the All Tourna- ment team. Prom Division- als, the Cats Went to Tucson for the State Play offs and took third place. Mary Lansing and Jaime Gale were chosen for the All State second String. 'Nl iw , i 1i ' 2 , i 1 - 1 ,N-Q, 'ff Jaw NZM? is 'l A 2, W. ww, J W ,f,,,VWf,, ,A ,kj , , nigeria , ff ' 8 ,Mm If , f , f 'Law' 51 GYM NASTICS The Coconino gymnastics team this year was coached by Mrs. Judy Romero. There were fourteen girls on the team. Six of those are seniors, five juniors, and three sophomores. There are four events in gymnastics There are the uneven paralell bars, the balance beam, floor exercise, and vaulting "" 5' X . ,. , . . Ki fi Top L to R: P. Loomis, D. Cazaras, C. Willis, R. Crockett, Middle Lto R M. Liebe, D. Miller, E. Jaramillo, D. Henson, K. Savage, Bottom Lto R: R. Burian, Coach Mrs. Romero, S. Wamble, K. Miller, Tammy Garver Manager, and S. Steves. JV s,,., WVAB-SLT Ya W M.. f .mmf - i- ,Q s. his S Xi. X E M ,EQ X k I wx 1 ,L Q. Q w 1 M EGi.'iiQ3?ii?ii'S Fr O., puff 1,4l,,4!lH me F 3 Left to Right: Coach Townsend, Mike Cowan, Marty Mckee, Rick Taylor, Mark Lescoe, Dale McPheteridge, jim Shallman, Lew Reese, Bill Ernst, Alan Roanhorse, Willard Reeves, Doug Hatch, Aaron Barker, Steve Lawrence, coach Mickelson. Not PicturedAre Steve Hatch and Chuck Morriss. PGP Qlub Lum' 18" Pantherettes Rosemary Ryan and Cindy Johnson. Steve sets for a free one. P a Q '92-fi is gh ,. 3 "KQV, M 3 sw 1 y ,gt 4' Sf k, ,.., ' 2 7 . Shallman shoots over a Holbrook defender. Bill Ernst skies over Joyce in adding to our victory REESE, SHALLMAN, LESCOE, RECEIVE ALL CONFERENCE HONORS The CHS varsity roundball team finished out the season with 16 wins and 8 loses. All in all, they had a great season. Our cagers were victorious in more games this year than the two previous seasons combined. Another outstanding factor, was that in the final home game of the season our mighty CHS hoopsters devastated the Flag High Eagles 57-56 in a hard fought battle. The Panther team boasts two All-Con- ference players with Lew Reese heading the first team roster and jim Shallman making the second All-Conference team. Mark Lescoe was another outstanding Panther, with an honorable mention in the All-Con- ference bracket. ln tournament action, our Panthers suc- ceeded in taking third place trophy at the Holbrook Invitational during the Christmas break. The Panthers will look forward to another good season next year with Willard Reeves, Jim Shallman, Doug Hatch, and Troy Lane all returning as Seniors. We al- so have several promising jr. Varsity cag- ers coming up to play Varsity Basketball for 76-77. Willard pumps one in over Joyce. VARSITY-RCUNDBALLERS-IN-ACTION N1 l fi 5' BOYS BA KETB LL Williams Page Mingus Tuba City Blue Ridge Kingman Snowflake Winslow Holbrook Page Flagstaff Tuba City Snowflake Winslow Kingman Holbrook Mingus Flagstaff Blue Ridge Left to Right: Terry Emig, jim McKerracher,. junior Camacho, Troy Lane, Dale Haglin, Curtis johnson, Kevin Call, jeff Lobstein, Gus Baber, Ron Kurtz, Andy Taranto, Elmer Roanhorse5 john Tomson, Brad Kerby, Glen Tsingine, Richard Perez, Robert Shelton, Mickelson 'WM ., ., 4. . H , 5: ,gk A g ,, V is . , A ,gf 57,517 ,, A -..' sawn' -vvv vzffffff f 115, , , f I '1 f SV" , .t " A ,V .1 '5 1 " K Q W f ii iff f fif' ' . , ,, +4 ,,,, ' 1 4 we M 'W ig' B is pg. ' I 4-'ff' iQ V , V 244 'S sw Q i...,,.,.,? Win Win Lost Lost Won Won Lost Won Won Won Lost Lost Won Won Lost Won Won Won Won ansfzzizaxzm F"1XNl?'i'ii ARSITY GIRL' KETB LL IW! Top Row Linda Smlth Dlana Herrera, Jom R1bel1n, Jayne Morgan, Cheryl Clah, jamie Gale, Denise Jenkins, Michelle Fredncks, Georgine Charhe, Debbie Lee Bottom Carol Hills, Tony Armenta, Denise Fredencks Cocomno Girls Basketball had an excellent year sparked by top scorers Jaime Gale with 271 points and Carol Hills With 107 points Top rebounders were Jaime Gale and Denise jenkins Ball handlers were Jaime Gale with the assistance if' -i of Carol Hills and Jayne Morgan and of course the defensive players were just as important- With Cheryl Clah and Diana Herrera. , .f I g. .V. GIRL BASKETB LL Top: Angie Nelson, Glenda Levens, Majorxe Scott, RODIH Jenkins, Pam Birkett, Sandy Walker, Pam Re1nert Debbie Tsosie, Mary Balone, Diane Cancmo Caroline YRZZIC Bottom Teresa Landavazo Diane Mowbray, Coach Bacus, Dorean Seaton, Jean Tsosie Coconino JV girls had their ups and downs this season with a 4 and 4 record. Five girls Were moved up to Varsity for the state tournament The most improved player was Diane Cancino. Page Snowflake Tuba City Snowflake Camp Verde Flag Page Flag WON LOST LOST LO ST LOST WON WON WON x ,sa hmmm. Back Row: S. Stavely, M. Bergstresser, J. Moya, Coach Dumas, M. Smith, D. Rade, R. LucerogMidd1e: M. Lepich, A. Long, C. Izbell, K. Garcia, J. Herrera, L. Blake, A. Tapiag Front Row: T. Morgan, D. Morriss, Y. Sedillo, F. Pelayo. sl, -awww a,.M......-:maid VARSITY RE TLER This year's team was young, but proved to be strong with five Wins and three losses for the season. At the Holbrook Invita- tional, the first tournament, Scott Staveley took second, while Matt Smith, Richard Lucero and Dalon Rade took third in their Weight classes. ln the next tournament, Winslow Invitational, ten of thirteen Wrestlers placed, Dave White and Scott Staveley with firsts. Scott Staveley was named as the tournament's out- standing wrestler. At Wrestling Divisionals in Holbrook, Mark Bergstresser, John Herrera and Richard Lucero took seconds. A At state, Matt Smith placed With a second, and Richard Lucero with a fourth. When Coach Dumas summar- ized the season, he said, "We were a young team. We had only four seniors out of a team of l3. As a team We didn't have a great season, but there were some super individual efforts and a lot of individual success. " Back: Coach Olson, B. Lawrence, R. Stalnaker, R. Stevens, S. Parksg Front: S. Perrick, A. Flores, R. Ulibarri. L Cordova. WRESTLING C.H.S. GRAPPLERS FI I H STRONG -'-N---.-.........M....,,.., if -- ' . M YW" 1 J. N wwsr. . ,v.f is .. It K KK K K . .-., if., A 1,. . .2 L, ff' 3 f ' X 1 'i' fs K - 3 . t K ,KK KK .aff 1 . 5 -5 s- 5 Q s ' ' six.-7' ' .,.. l .Q " ' 35' K- K- V' V H N' U , K- , K- K , KKKKWK K K ,.,K. Ksfi..K:K Ki' Kff , t . '2 ' K l ' Q ' -ffffwfs -N-, -Kb4- is fx if ' i it K fi.4,,Q2gpg1:11:?: -' K, K x g- ' f 1 f M , , , i s if K ' Kg' .A V " Q. T ., ..,,,'. 1:.,.f1.g i -P A Aa , -W ,MK s 'n...,.., H K! K japan Wrestler's Visit 'This year's A11 -stars of Northern Arizona were picked to wrestle the japa nese A11-stars from japan. The five Wres tiers from Coconino Were: Alex Tapia, Scott Stavely, Matt Smith, David White, and Richard Lucero. .t rro r if 'x U WJ' ,. ww. t VARSITY A EBALL ,.,,.,,.,, MMS 1 - ? Q . A 4' W V , YV. 1, ,Q ,S , . if . B 1' f ' kv W9 .f V 7' 1 'P 'wif 'MY' r , ' w - w vm, , f' , ,r f , W Q. f W- gy ff. W f 14-5: 1' ,, A ., my aw .ggi . Aqnffww: " 'Y , A X . P wif-W , f :1 , W, A . "V"-' ' , ' M 1? ,, y ,,.' ' 'vw , A W M, 'x , ., wav ,vw 5 M . w" fs ' ,qgw,v'4l'i!U nw' V . ,,""' 91" A ff. ,. W, 4, , 4- 4 , :M 4 1f,,'h vw , , "1 . ,V T .JGQW 4 , ln- ff Www , 4' . z- Back Row: Coach Painter, B. Tingey, T. Robinson, J. Smith, C. Cole, M. McKuen, C. Harenberg, J. Grippen, A. Roanhorse, J. Westling, P. Seglund, R. Wachter, 2nd Row: B. Churchman, D. Blalock, M. Wilson, R. Van Ert, R. Meade, K. Oakes, S. Stokes, A. Barker, A. Tapia, L. Garcia, R. Tiradog 1st Row: M. Cowan, M. McKee, T. Gillette M. Cody, P. Gomez, T. Ballard, M. Villapondo, and R. McAnally. Not Pictured: R. Montoya March March March March April April April April April April April April May May May VarsityrBase ball Schedule 9 12 20 23 3 6 10 13 16 20 24 27 1 8 13 ' A 475-767 Winslow Minguds M Winslow Williams Kingman Page . fl SnOWflake Flagstaff Shadow Mt. Mingus Holbrook Page Tuba City Flagstaff .AA Playoffs CAwayD fAWayJ fHomeJDH CAWavJ CHomeD DH C-Away? CHomeJDH fHomeJ fAWayj QHomeJ CAWayJ DH CHomej fAWayD DH fAWayD DH 5???'Y1' KN!! 'a, ,, 'l A W4-. r :Mil 'gf.,r,vi , ,,3-x L 1.3 1, M L, J " . Y. 2, -1 A ,ev '- 1' HY I Y 7 I I f '1:,:igfQiff'3-ff' nifty? Y,YgXf,q K ,, - ' .V -4 -W ' . B B L Q, .amz W, . 21wfJf1,+,, 'D'-3 ggi: :egg Y' N. .Q?5N,1,, my.. . , aa f'V'2L 13 it " ' vfffififirxg ,. .1 , , we . . wx . ,, a, . 'a-we-Q, . ' ff -i N-f 2' v N Afgg ijrg eiyfw K l f ,gi 1. -4- v w, - A W- - ' -- iiQiTf'1?'4ie f -eff -My W' fl z fn ' we-, R as " 5: 15523 M W , A? 1, Q ,, VY . - 'id w fflg 'A ami I K kg,,i4 - K., My 15 -,361 1 Sfgrg X Q 4 X 6, Yi' 4' ' . ,avid v L. , . 7 , 'b , .... fA- - - at-f l ' AA 4 B' of or . ff wa ix N .5 .1 'Y g 'Q ' ' -in 2 'E Q 'W 5 .ax n X X jg: fe :A , ,' yax":,f-1355? Z i '3'i'm:,,. R if A Y! ' ' "- ' L :N ilkffi-Ev ,.1z,.LN.f:gi-'a, ., 'Y mi., -Q 'T "W-1 K ,- -v. . , , , . xi 'Pg'-. Nr, ,gb Q - T,-Hggffdg. Y L'A' 1:kL:'?r lfsl-f h 'X-in-V'-R: T5 Sf'5lw :1T14'5 -li '5.Jg"' 7L""'3'aQ',, ' 4 Ji'? .li'4"5 """""sQ-x B "5-731 "1 'f9fI"f'1 ,. Q 1 ' 'if'35ZX-:'ii'1'3 Rl:-3'l+,?W. ffl. L5i'ef " 1 -' ...V ,, rhflwzxfi-2 .i .. . 1 , ,, :Q , -N k'g i' Y 'jgfsggsg-1g,r1 Ei 5-':.,',-'ml-.,g' 5-I P f- V- f f , -qw '1-, -- ., - M r - ,u,,-N'4v!k.w-,-ff. va- N-,efewh Y, 4- ,J 'fx fr-- , ,' , . - J. - mr-win-.Q --swf,-1,gfvmwwaavw.-1.-Lx -: 'rf2,,1:w24'f'fE ' ' V " ' ' 53", 'Li , - -f ' awww 'fi WS-df':"H' -r ar?-,ff I ' wS:1Ti.:6ra.f:-Jw: ' 'A-'Hard' ' '- ,. , :.::5v,,.., V r ' 'Y fi at 43:2-xr . '-. fre.:o"'1',:-,'-:'xtf':?f Wir. Mwwr--t MY Q0 'fl , ' 'Ni ' ' 'ot ""' , ' ' .JT-SVT' '- kwin. . . .. --"I'fl!..'-S79 ' -iw-"?'S-f3if'r-Qriwf if f trail' W " ' ' T1-an-a Ayi 5:35. . N-ev., W v4Z.i9f" .- - - 1.7 ,..fv x in :ways Top Left: Steve Weishapl, Tim Furrey, Kevin Call, jim Burnett, Jack Babcock, Steve Perrick, jim Hammitt, Don Yard, Brad Kerby, John Egan. Bottom Left: john Ruiz, Chris Ortiz, Rex Gilliland, John Herrera, jerry Van Ert, jeff Babcock, Jake Moya, Gary Eaton, Lance Roberts, Randy Steward. 66 :iff ffimi? P is lst Row: J. Hanks, 1. Fanning, T. Rios, L. Medina, 1. Mclierracher, G. Pickering, I. Ca- brera, 2nd Row: S. Lawrence, K. Begaye, T. Pino, D. Allen, M. Garcia, W. Reeves, K. Couch, T. Figyg 3rd Row: R. Stephens, S. Rick, D. Galahan, B. Henson, D. Hatch, G. Peter son, S. Ross, M. Smith, M. Lescoe, L. Reese, M. Gill. . ,f , ,. s r , wt- w E 1 . . M 5 .. . W 4 . Q.. 9 s.. - P' f T P V t-sfs to .5 1 iftrf lst Row: R. Stephens, G. Martinez, B. Henson, M. Garcia, S. Boehle, M. Lescoe, T. Sulli- van, P. Garcia, R. Ayala, J. Cabrera, A. Borg, 2nd Row: R. Blewit, P. Pratt, R. Gall, M. Smith, T. Corey, J. Lobstein, S. Ross. 76 TRACK ACTION L. Haines, M. Olson, J. Boehle. " " r Q Y 571 T -4fk,f'-f" ,,,-- ,. v- 1'-v '51-Q .f-.aa Aff I I 'f , .- , -, -r! 1? 'il JT -5 L gf kos a il fb. Spikettes. Back Row: Loree Osmun, Cindy johnson, Tammy Ragan, Kim Uhlesg Front Row: Carolyn Wycoff, Cathy Boehle, De De Head, Sharon Burnett. 69 in al.. -3' 'fiiwkx-Qaz... --.1 W' L to R: C. Minner, S. Almlof, P. Armijo, M. Wright, V. Montoya, T. Jimenez, L. I-Iukill, L. Gallegos, D. Ryan, J. Taylor. Not Pictured: C. Hills, T. Oakey, A. Barreras, K. Harris, J. Korn, I.. Leavens, M. Head, R. Jenkins, D. Joe, B. Lescoe, D. Martin, D. Mowbray, D. Morriss, L. Newton, T. Nolan, J. Phillips, C. Nesbitt, D. Herrera, D. Cancino, D. Tsosie, V. Sanchez, Coach Mrs. Bacus. F . E., i ......,,, ,,, Bren ' e Elaine jaram VLA, eo ag ' 76 Sponsor: Ms. Manley Lori Peterson , i' ' 35 5 'ml ,HV f K S V I1 all , ,, ff - ' ,. ,'.x Q X . i 55. . ..., la: ., .1 . eg? 2 RENE '5- DEBBIE f , ' li x gdf 'ef '--1.4 Clubs and Organizations At Coconino this year, there has been more student involvement than any years in the past. We have pro- vided Clubs and Organiza- tions for all interests. For physically inclined, We have offered intramurals, lettermen and Varsity Club. For the more scholastically bent, We have offered Key Club, NHS, and Drama. Our participation and determination by these clubs, allowed us to have more activities. Students have not only benefited from the learning in social aspects but also prove valuable in future years. spun. v--vwwinunuw 1st Row, Left to Right: Sandy Hunt, Billy Wright, Colle Lee, Shelly Eder, Pam Loomis, Robin Kinney, jennifer Walker, Sheri Newton, Crystal Shick, Kerri Harris, Ronda Stump, Connie Arnold, Mary McGaugh, Lori Gibson, Patti Lobstein. 2nd Row: Susan Steves,jeanette Phillips, Ly'nnNewton, Melvin Denny, Tammy King, Veronica Montoya, Barbara Farjardo, Helen Lingerfelt, Paula Dodd, Dwayne Hevelone, Kris Savage, Debbie en Miller, Melinda Walker. 3rd Row: Tracy Reese, Joni Ribelin, Randy Hover, Tina Monteith, Margaret Cox, Kevin Veale, Marshall Munoz, David Sepulveda, Melissa Kuzell, Karen Callan, Debbie Tsosie, Beth Ankeah. 4th Row: Scott Myers, Don Hendrickson, Ron Crawforth, Chris Buell, Steve Hatch, Cindy Price, Doug Hatch, Pam Alvarez, Clory Duran, Ray Delgadillo, Mike Villalpondo. 5th Row: Ed Porth, Jirn Neff, Doug Nahlee, Ken Maxwell, jack Babcock, Richard Morales, Mark Fusselman, Curtis johnson, Don Swartz, Lars johnson, Brent Steward, Frank DeMiguel. Back Row: Leroy Zeller, George Alvarez, Bill Bryant, Pat Dawson, jim Stiff, Marc Potter, Cathy Curry, Diane Cancino, john Hover, Sheldon Parks, Clay Hardy, Mike Morales,Allen Minner. COCONINO The Coconino High School Band had a big year for '75 and '76, The 90 piece en- semble had the priveledge to trek to Phoenix for the State Fair Band Day and al- so to play in the Fiesta Bowl Parade in December. In addition to the new faces in the band, new uniforms were added. Five C.H. S. band members were chosen to play in the Regional Festival. Fourteen other musicians were chosen to perform in the Bicentennial Band, june 30 thru July 6, in Washington D.C. They are: Kris Savage, Melinda Walker, Helen Lingerfelt Kevin McSweeney, Lynn Newton, Pam Loomis, Ed Porth, Kim Uhles, Brent Steward, Tim Peterson, Randy Hover, Cathy Curry, Kevin Veale, and Lori Gibson. I X A one and a two and a three . First Row: C. Iohnson, C. Mon-iss. Second Row:P. Loomis, ...-4A. .28 , M. Wilkes, K. Uhles, H. Adams, E. Rozema, H. Lmgerfelt Fourth Row: I. Burnett, C. Hardy, T. Emig, S. Collirs, R. Kurtz, T. Sanders. Not Pictured: S. Burnett. CGNCERT CHOIR First Row: S. Collins, P. Dodd, M. Robidoux, T. Norwich, R. Babcock, C. Janson, B. Ernst, V. George, T. Emig, I. Powell, M. Kinclechenny, Mr. Ashely. Second Row: K. Uhles, L. Ower, K. Prosser, S. Roe, D. Norwich, V. Renner, I. Fowler, M. Munoz, B. Strivings, E. Rozema, D. Norwich, M. Ankeah. Third Row: D. Gardner, H. Lingerfelt, S. Steves, C. Johnson, G. Almarez, P. Gomez, M. Luna, T. Weldon, G. Leavens, K. McSweeny, M. Lansing, M. Wilkes, K. Richards, P. Loomis, T. Carver. Fourth Row: S. Burnett, T. Sanders, C. Bullmore, C. Hardy, D. Howe, E. Glenn, K. Maxwell, I. Morgan, C. Peterson, H. Adams, R. Kurtz, J. Burnett, T. Ragan, R. Gore, S. Eder, C. Brown, C. Harenberg. Not Pictured: Chuck Morriss, Bryan Drye, Lewis Reese, Mike Chavez. .. - 3 A GIRLS CHOIR First Row: M. Garcia, C. Quiroz, P. Morgan, S. johnson, T. Lyman. Second Row: R. Hoffner, D. Norwich, C. Norwich, R. Burian, I. Landavazo, C. Cook, L. Holmgren. Third Row: K. Parker, E. Jordon, D. Ower, E. Valdez, K. Garnmil, R. Nolgull, K. Gilliland, D. Morriss. Fourth Row: S. Williams, B. Scott, T. Norwich, S. Steves, C. Morgan, C. Lucky, L. Leavens, C. Belone, T. long, S. Pendleton. ORCHE TR First Row: C. Curry, S. Ernst, D. Cancino, S. Collins, L. Hukill, C. Peterson, B. Craw-forth, K. Buell. Second Row: R. Stevens, P. Dodd, D. Gardner, M. Fredicks, S. Williams, M. Baze. Third Row: Mr. Nebel, Mr. Mansure. DR A CLUB There are 40 mem- bers this year in the Coconino High Drama Club. This year's plays . were "I Never Saw Another Butterfly", Alw, "Ginger Bread House in A the Black Forest", and . "My Fair Lady". All of ""' these were very outstand- ing and took a lot of hard work. In April, the Drama Club put on a workshop for Flagstaff High and other surround- ing schools. They learned pantomimes, acting, make-up and stage design. This ses- sion was taught to them by NAU students and other teachers around Arizona. lst Row: H. Gallegos, P. Gallardo, J. Babcock, M. Ames, G. Almarez, B. Strivings, M. Wilkes, K. Richards, L. Issac, H. Lingerfelt, K. Prosser, P. Myers, S. Newton. 2nd Row: Mrs. McMacken, J. Burnett, P. Almquist, P. Dodd, D. Gardner, D. Cabrera, C. Brown, S. Collins, T. Weldon, L. Barr, T. Montieth, V. jacques, M. McGaugh, C.E.tter, K, Donovan, S. Eder. Back Row: I. Westerhaus, L. Zeller, S. Burnett, K. Uhles, L. Etter, M. Robidoux, J. Landavazo, R. Gore, S. Morrison, T. Garver, C. Cox, P. Loomis, L. Holmgren, K, Mills, C. Hardy, E. Rozema, K. Veale, G. I Eaton, M. Ives, D. Babcock, J. Ribelin. Thespians, lst Row: H. Lingerfelt, E. Rozema, J. Ribelin, K. Richards. Officers: M. Robidoux, Sec., L. lSSaC, 2nd Row: R. Gore, T. Weldon, M. Robidoux, S. Eder, T. Montieth, V. Pres., I. Ribelin, Pres., R. Gore, 3rd Row: B. Strivings, D. Cabrera, S. Collins, P. Loomis, L. Etter. SOC. Man., E. Rozema, Sgt. of Arms, S. Eder, Treas. View lst Row: Julie Richards, Carol Hills, Rhonda Gore, Cathy Curry, Melody Robidoux, Susie Collins, Kim Casebeer, Rosemary Ryan, Nancy Haglin, Paula Gilham, Debbie Miller, Mrs. Yogerst. 2nd Row: Sandy Hunt, Cindy I-Iarenburg, Val Cannon, Mary Lansing, Joni Ribelin, Bryan Drye, Lavon Ower, Elaine jaraxnillo, Lavonne Ettzer, Shell Wamble, Melinda Walker, jim Stiff, Chris Buell. Back Row: Aaron Parker, Noel Harris, joe Westling, Cindy johnson, Steve Hatch, Penny Hopkins, Matt Smith, Ed Porth, Kent Couch, jim Neff, Les Willey, Barry Bergman, Don Hendrickson. ,,., . - T s T . ...MW lst Row: Jim Stiff, Kate Donovan, Melody Robidoux, Lance Issac, Bo Brown, Ellen Rozema, Shelly Steves, Kim Mills. Back Row: Shelly Eder, Tina Montieth, Dan Cabrera, Betty Strivings, Helen Lingerfelt, Dabbie Gardner, Mrs. Stuart, Paula Dodd, Kari Richards, Charlie Cox, Randy Hover. The National Honor Society had two induc- tions this year. In the first assembly, Seniors were inducted, and in the second, the juniors were honored. To get into the National Honor Society, you must have a 1. 6 grade point average. To qualify you must have leadership, character, service and scholarship. This is a very outstanding award to achieve. SPEECH DEB TE The Coconino Speech gl Debate team traveled to U of A, ASU, NAU, and King- man to compete in several tournaments. Melody Robidoux and jim Stiff placed fifth in the Junior Division of the ASU competition. Lauren Barr competed in the tournament at the U of A and made semi-finals. The State AIA was held April 2nd at ASU. , X 1' f Vol. 8 No. 5 ' Flogstaff, Arizona 8651 ' tl, Jen. 30, 1976 in 4 ,V EV' News: S. Roe, K. Uhles, E. Aiken V. Cannon, C. Morriss. Sports: B. Bergman, G. Aungst, S. Ross, D. Miller, S. Hunt, L. Willsey. t w Co-Editors: D. Muesch, G. Aungst. 82 Photographers: B. Churchman, R. Morris Features: P. Ernry, L. Medina, E. Portillo, E. Rozema This year's Annual Staff consisted of 23 members. They are: Mr. Wells, Chuck Morriss, Michelle Liebe, Cindy johnson, Carolyn Wy- coff, Rhonda Gore, Trish Pate, Sharon Burnett, Pam Emry, Glynda Davies, Nancy Haglin, Michelle Beckham, Loree Os- mun, Debbie Henson, Toni Fajardo, Kristi Grim, Penny Hopkins, DeDe Head, Christy Egan, Paul Dominguez, Tony Rios, Scott Stavely, jim Bur- nett. Stude 83 Activities French Club is an organi- zation for those wishing to bet- ter their lmowledge and under- standing of the French language and culture. Some of the activ- ities French Club had through- out the year are: sponsoring a needy family or group for Christmas and Sponsoring the National French Contest Test for interested Coconino High students. Sp3,I'1lSl'1 is an organization for those wishing to better their knowledge and understanding of the Spanish language and culture. Some of the activities Spanish Club had throughout the year are: enchilacla sale, and a trip to Phoenix, january 30, to see "Man of LaMancha." ,, ii fl 1 s an SPA I H ' - 'P - ' Couch, GeorgeAlmarez, Mr. Vallejo, Lance Issacc, Lorenzo Medina. ill Sl atm, 4 Sitting: Helen Lingerfelt, Laure Holmgren, Patty Miles, Darleen Ryan. Standing: Mrs. Neul, Kevin McSweeny, Mary Goldenstein. 'S ' Sf, 3' iff Sitting: Celeste Kosar, Allison Cooley, Jennifer Martin, Milla Sharon Burnett Kim Uhles Susan Ph1ll1 s Sarah Keaton Standin ' M kim-wkffii l Left to Right: Tony Faj ardo, Mr. Gomez, George Ayala, Bill Quiteriz, Vangie jacques, Roy Ayala, Sam Dimas, Mike Villapondo. itting Front Row: K. Nelson, K. Couch, A. Cooley, S. Newton, H. Nelson, P. G lrnquist. Sitting Second Row: J. Fowler, M. Ives, I. Mead, 1. Boling, S. inner. Standing First Row: Mrs. Gaylord, A. Minner, K. Uhles, I. Hover, P. mry, J. Becker, M. Wagner, R. Hover. Standing Second Row: M. Wilkes, S. urnett, T. Weldon, T. Ragan. 1 IJ ' ' B CllE. Sitting: P. Lugo, J. McWatters, L. Sedillo, L. Etter, P. Lopez. Stand- ing: P. Moya, D. Tennent, D. Muesch, P. Mires, D. Scott, S. Dodd, P. Gilliam, E. Aiken, J. Isabell, L. Goatson, D. Rayn. ROTC First Row: D. Hukill, R. Bray, V. Montoya, L. DePadre, L. Shiffler, S. Minner, H. Adkins. Sec- ond Row: L. Barela, D. Holsomback, J. DePadre, R. Parrish, C. Phelan, R. Hover, M. Ives, B. Craw- forth, T. Armstrong. Third Row: J. Croww, L. Davis, R. Boling, 1. Mead, J. Boling, J. Hanks, J. Williams, B. Winner, J. Fowler. .CEL First Row: G. Hewey, G. Pickering, L. Manygoats, D. Cancino, D. Brougher, A. Dugi, A. Boone, C. Turney, R. Meridith, T. Sipes, T. Sipes, Mr. Fisher. Second Row: A. Montoya, T. Hall, D. Arnold, F. Sanchez, W. Halp, L. Stetson, C. Ragan. 86 .2 4 Q . .l 4, , wil 1 5 'gf',,y'f Sitting: C. Watkins, C. Long, R. Bradford, S Boger, S W11k6S, B Sandoval, Standmg D june, A. Cody, J. Benally, B. Shoemaker, J' Chlsm, E Sandoval, T Pursel, D NIEISOH, I Sanderson, Mrs. Manley. Rrchter, Diamas, Floor: J. Barreras, M. Wright, V Kelly S1tt1ng D Sandoval, P Land, R Conteras, R Jaram11lo, D S. McKenz1e. Standmg G Sabyan, T Montoya, F Sed111o, F Lescota, R Casaus, E Glen, S K. Kelly, W. Bible, T Fajardo Qi 2 ,,,..,.l.. ITY CLUB arise-U P rnffh?l ir lst Row: P. Loomis, R. Crockett, J. Moya, S. Almlof, C. Harenberg, K. Casebeer, H. Kranzler, B. Spigner, M. Liebe, D. Herrera, R. Wachter, J. Gayle, J. Ribelin, J. Westling, T. Robinson, R. Call. 2nd Row: Mr. Painter, M. Gill, S. Hatch, D. Owens, M. Peck, D. Drye, E. Porth, D. Caylor, D. Hatch, P. Wong, K. Oakes, T. Figy, L. Reese, T. Sullivan, D. White, Mr. Epperson. Back Row: B. Bardley, R. Lucero, A. Parker, L. Wilsey, T. Corey, W. Reaves, B. Henson, M. McKee, M. Smith, M. Lescoe, I. Shallman, S. Ross, D. McPheteredge, T. Lane, G. Gilham. Varsity Club was very active this year. They sponsored a trip to Phoenix to Watch the Phoenix Suns play the Golden State Warriors. With their funds, they bought equip to help im- prove our athletic department. The equip- ment included pitching machine, a whirlpool for injuries, a high jump standard for track, and a projector for foot- ball films. For fund raising they sold pop- corn at all the games and sponsored the Har- lem Clowns Basketball game. Varsity Club is one of our most active clubs at Coconino, and they did a good job in- volving everyone. Left to Right, Lewis Reeseg Treasurer, Rob Watcherg President, Mary Lansing, Girl's V. President, Pete Gomezg V. President, Brennon Bradleyg Sergeant of Arms. Fix First Row: Tami Long, Robin Roberts, Cheri Boyd, Allison Cooley, Kris Couch, jennifer Martin, Judy Wong, Mrs. Newell. 2nd Row: jill Powell, Pam Reinert, Mary Head, Wendy Wardner, Diane Mowbray, Tracy Morgan. First Row: Lynn Colwell, Ginger VanDiver, Liz Flores, DeDe Head, Sheryl Clah, Denise Fredericks. 2nd Row: Mrs. Nask, Joann Londavazo, Mary Head, Tami Ragan, Cathy Curry. Standing: Arthur Flores, Allen Roanhofrse, jake Moya, Brian Drye, Kevin McSWeeney, Richard Redsteer, Tony Rios, jim Burnett, Bruce Zeller Wade Richey. PEP CLUB Pep Club's goal this year was to keep up spirit during the entire year. They managed to do this by making post- ers for games and meets, and showing en- thusiasm during ath- letics. To help finance their activities, they sold carnations for Val- entine's Day and had several bake sales. They really did a good job supporting all ath- letics. ART CLUB The Art Club is a club that provides time after school for students who want to work on projects after school. The Art Club is also Working on Wall murals to go on some of the Walls around the school The President of the Art Club is Cathy Cur- ry, Vice President, Lynn Colwell, Secre- tary, Ginger VanDiver, Treasurer, Kevin Mc- Sweeney. STUDE T CONGRESS The sponsors of the Student Congress, Mr. and Mrs. Wolfe. Seniors The Seniors goal this year was to raise money for the trip to Disney- land at the end of the year. The Sen- iors sold ice cream had a dance mara- thon, and really en- joyed themselves in their final year at Coconino. xi, S. Executive Council. First Row, Sitting, Matt Smith, Cathy Talakte, Mark Lescoe, Vera Montoya. 2nd Row, Rick Robidoux, Kenton Oakes, Steve Hatch, Chuck Morriss. 'wi' . - if yi .. W-'ff ' s ' ' .,,,-, . -, - s I il R I . 1 s s'f2'fM"f, 1 1 3 1 E Q 2 ser' Front Row Sitting, Kris Savage, Holly Kranzler, DeDe Head, Kim Casebeer, Donna Ross, Mary Lansing, Mary Ames, Cindy Harenberg. Middle Row, Tami Ragan, Carolyn Wycoff, Mark Bergstresser, Rosemary Ryan, Rusty Call, Penny Hopkins. Standing 3rd Row, Mina Ahkeah, Tina Martinez, Melinda Walker, Cathy Talakte, Cathy Curry, Sandy Hunt, Scott Stavely, Brian Drye, Pete Gomez, Rob Wachter, Kenton Oakes, Kelly Pendleton, Angel Montoya, Cindy johnson, Chuck Morriss, Steve Hatch. Back Row, Rhonda Gore, Valerie Cannon, Denise Muesch, Paula Gilham, Matt Smith, Tim Sullivan, Lewis Reese. rf- Front Row, Left to Right, Vangie jacques, Lori Peterson, Peggy Liggitt, Bev Williams, Chris Isbell. 2nd Row, Debbie Maestas, Debbie Miller, Michelle Liebe, Diane Norwich, Sharon Burnett. 3rd Row, Bryan Steward, Tina Jiminez, Allison Cooley, Herman Tafoya, Kris Couch, Tim Weldon, Lisa Hukill, Doug Hatch, Tammy Garver. 'N T S 4.5: First Row, Sitting, Rick Robidoux, Pam Alvarez, Connie Selph, Dianne Hofner, Diane Mowbray, P.D. Caylor, Kay Gilliland. 2nd Row, Mark Lepich, Danny Garcia, Dana Morriss, Arthur Flores, Cindy Figy, Marshall Munoz. 3rd Row, Angel Flores, Red Babcock, Kevin McSweeney. juniors The juniors really did a lot this year. They got off to an early start raising funds by having a car Wash this sum- mer. Their main objec- tive Was to raise money for the prom. The theme of this year's prom was "Holding on to Yesterday". It was at Little America this year for the first time ever. The after hours were at the Elk's Club. When asked about the junior class, Vera Montoya replied, "I really liked the enthusi- asm of our class this year. " Sophos The Sophomores Worked hard this year and had a number of projects. They sold light bulbs to raise money. They Went on the canned food drive for the Elk's club. During Spirit Week the sopho- mores took first place in the hall decorating. Everybody Worked hard and had a lot of enthusi- asm. 1 n if V 7 li lj ,. ...vw ea-ff---an 1111? .L'g:i'..:a.Q- rg, .isa " .' J'--Q 'I 1' ' ' ,I "Q, i"'1,.f.41f5'- 2' ' i,,,'292'ff,f123'h?'fw,:5Z:f:.-:Kms - if 3 L ' W ' ,E-s' V ., .Gu . - tg -' - '-f Q ' 'vt ,, .jf P19 31.1 Q , G " V' 2-gswywggs' ag' Mawr-w..f' 2, S' , W 5 if . f-4,r'1,.,,:'.,m, -an V - My se-Q ' 'ik - ' L . . ,f ',,-H V Z:-?Yl1Ly ,PQ ' Q N? ', I , . 2 5 qxex,-:,' l W. ,""f F' fart-, M. ,A ,lm., it VL- ' x Ji? Q 9. L t r , , i S . . 1-.1 .. . -MJ 'Wagga , , C' i f K 4 M ba-f -wf5ii"g5fi'5 i High School Is. . High School is made up of 3 levels of lifel First you are a lowly Sophomore, just starting out. Then you are a Junior in the middle of all. The final goal is to be a Senior, and Graduation. High School is people and places. Memories of the Good times and Bad. High School is .... By Pam Emry O1t'l"1Cl:1 ' "In being a very unique class for the class '76', I tried to utilize many different unique ideas through out the year. We started it off by not having a Sophomore initiation. Instead, We had an orientation for our underclassmen. This Was a Week of competitive activities for the Sophomores, and everyone seemed to enjoy this new idea. Our goal this year Was to raise money for the Senior trip to Disneyland. Achieving this task was pretty difficult, but We did it by having several bake sales, consessions, and by selling ice cream at lunch time. The big event for our class, besides graduation was the first annual graduation dance. This dance was sponsored by the parents and was held at Little America. We all had a super time. The Senior class of 1976 is going to have a class reunion in 5 years, Try to keep in touch with everyone, and remember 1981 is the year for our lst class reunionl" QJQCLQXQ, N C. orb-QXUQQ .wql v ,VA I ' wr , u gg i 'Q lidkdnl 1:55 'wmv ilkl. 1 Chuck Morriss Senior Class President i Cindy Johnson, Melinda Walker, Denise jenkins, Bryan Drye, Chuck Morriss, Mary Lansing. 5 uf i,..,.e ra 5 iw' U van '55 U iii!! f 'Q " if 1: Ulf? 5 e X l SENIOR CLASS SE NATORS l. Denise jenkins 2. Mary Lansing 3. Bryan Drye 4. Melinda Walker 5. Cindy johnson i I-annum an-A cn Di P14 L11 cn FA ORITE Senior Favorites this year Were: l. Most Talented, Cindy johnson and Danny Cabrera. 2. Most Spirited, Debbie Henson and Armondo Alonzo. 3. Jane Kelly and Bill Ernst are Cutest Couple. 4. Most Active Bran Drye and Denise Jenkins. 5. Most Likely to Succeed, Melody Robidioux and jim Neff. 6. Mary Lansing and Mark Lescoe Most Athletic. 7. Matt Smith and Julie Richards are Best Dressed. 8. Julie Nuttall and Chuck Morriss, Funniest. 9. Best all Around are Donna Ross and Steve Hatch. k I-L M, I , .067 ', .Dub 3 'sql 5? avr xg .1 'ix E ,ka .S , V. . st 2 il' A4 ,.. , .5 jeff Agent Mina Ahkeah Eva Aiken Eleonor Almarez Susan Almlof Armondo Alonzo Mary Ames Pam Armijo Annalitta Austin Ted Ballard Brian Bailey Curtis Barker We Michelle Beckham Cherie Bedoni Frank Begay joe Begay 11 Karl Begay Barry Bergman Susan Boger , N' V . ' we-4 "' ' Daniel Brougher . ,-f , Lillian Begay julia Benally Mark Bergstresser '.., V if 4' " 1" . er! B B! Wesley Bible Sarah Blackhat Kathy Bible john Boling Allen Boone Andy Borg sam' , Ruth Bradford Brennen Bradley Gina Brown Debora Buchko X J. Chris Buell A45 H-' " 1 ' mfg --ky.: 3 ' V ,, 3, fer: ' L - mf 1 A ' Q' Q, ' e e e ig, ,1 en, 5 in fm X fy ' ci Q ,fy QQ?-sr . , Q5 1 4,55 W Q ,223 v s, , Robin Burian David Cancino fX Steve Buchko ' 1 L I ',,,-M, . ,M , . v.,,, Carol Bullmore 04,,,.p-rv' ,xii Q 1 Tom Burkes Danny Cabrera Rusty' Call N wi-- iw s'53M5':v Q if v .- ' .. ,,.,.i,:g1 3, .Sw ,. 44 -" 1 41 , J ws-If Valorie Cannon Martha Carter Roland Casaus . -F022 Kim Casebeer Nick Cavender Annette Chavez Ruthy Chavez jo Chism Anita Cody Milton Cody Chris Cole Susan Collins Greg Conrad Rosanne Contreras Ke nt Couch . 1,5 ,eff - ' -vii lx, If sf -2 . M 't 13' ' , L is ff?" A ' , ,, , fr 11 f. Sf N5 4 ff a Lv, -f Q 75 Karen Cowperthwait Ron Crawforth Cory Creighton Cathy Curry George Dalegowski Glynda Davies Kathy Demaris Robert Dexter Sam Dimas Kathy Donavan Bryan Drye Alfred Dugi L f ff! L gggpjfr . .. Q-il? ' ., ifgggi, f . ,.,, Ev ff , .fl 'J at ,faazw - ' If S1 ,, L, ' 'Y Renee Crockett ,,,,.Q.a. Jo Ann Dejeon Stanley Dodson 1 e Rochelle Eder Z' . Pamela Emry Bill Ernst Karen Ernst Robert Fallows Anthony Faj ardo jackie Fowler Tim George Paula Gilham Lavon Etter Toni Faj ardo Julie Flamme Marlyn Gill 4 Linda Goatson Pete Gomez Rhonda Gore Joe Gutierrez n.,.,y. sf" Nancy Haglin Tom Hall Cindy Harenberg Noel Harris , 1' .Af Rick Harris Steve Hatch DeDe Head Walter Help Don Hendrickson Debbie Henson Mary Hernandez George Hewey . X, 'hy ' ' gjl H N WV' 3, . r ff , l f f of 'iff Vkll M f h rw L . QI., K W 'R ., , n, H yy 5 ,,LW I ., , , n f- f 1 1 , . H , jg ff , ' T 'gf , ,. , elf J f 'z W 11,4 945- -5 , ,wil ' "kgs i 5, Q, 1, fs,-wi I ' n '53 Exif H 'W ?.'-V.. ASA-: f' r 4 , Dana Hoffman Terry Hollingsworth wff Denise Howe Sandy Hunt Elaine jaramillo Rosalie jaramillo "ski" iii I1 1egQ,w?'ig,?ff5,,2 Us ' f 1, -34-fy .ffy 5,11 ,ff ,. V F 2 , .. , 'Wm W 6 wifi' nw w Q av riff Lars johnso n Dee jones Kathy Hollow ay Penny Hopkins -W,"' fy K a,.,..-w' Elsie Huskon Jeanette Isbell ,uw Denise jenkins Cindy johnson jack jones Donna june Jane Kelly ff gjjxwm Mike Kelly 'tf'. Ken Kelly fl? Mary Kinlacheeni Md' I , ' . gi , . 'Q . ' ,' Holly Kranzler N fwliiff 52133 Mary Lansing Patrica Land Harry Lane ny Maxine Lane Marie I.aRoque john Law Mark Lescoe f...-aww' 'U 6 Shelly Lohman Cindy Long fy or Richard Lucero Pam Lugo Dorothy Lopez Patsy Lopez Wi. ,'... .f r e fir David Mackey Leroy Manygoats . -, R ig' 422154 12 'Q-4 2 ff' I lk.--fir-W ,J Y ,fb ,i ,Q rf ,Q M n pqxfjs - tgrqffwii. fr, . .W , ,-iff L L ' , . ,QF Greg Marble Steve Martin kin. in 4 jg ' Barbara Martinez Gerard Martinez W. 5, ,. , N .fp ,ii 1 Tina Martinez Russell Meredith Patty Miles Debbie Miller Sal' .1-.' J.. v we 'v 94, Wayne Miller Diane Mills Sephra Minner Anita Molton ff? if I Tina Monteith Angel Montoya jerry Montoya Maragret Mora MP? Gif' W V 'Y - .5 'fi 122i 'lin 1' f ',4i,i '5 ,i Sf. i n 'E 7 1 ' ' Mike Morales Richard Morris Chuck Morriss Denise Miiesch s:-- 5321: .. , ' . nf l .53 . 3 3 , , I - 5 L W L . ffffff. ,."' ' A J - . 5 fy, ,, +1 i 3 , 3 .,' 1 , Sf --VK .: --1 :, , 14 35 'ji V, I, , , . 5 W '1-if ww. 2- I , 1. 2 .S 2 algff-u,,.,, fs 1. ,MN Pam Myers Elwood McKenzie Susan McKenzie jerry McWaters Holly Nelson Debbie Nielsen Donna Norwich julie Nuttau Dale McPhetridge James Neff Sheri Newton Kenton Oakes Teresa OHRSY Loree OSITIUI1 David Othoudt Don Owens Lavaine Ower Aaron Parker Patricia Pate Mark Peck 'W fm P Fonda Pelayo Kelly Pendleton jeff Phillips George Pickering Brenda Pickett Olga Pico Ed Porth Lucy Portillo ,,.- Tina Portillo Rodney Potter Margie Pruitt Terri Pursel Sm 2 rm , ' w new A 1 , 'Y - " . vs ' 'mfesu-f'?'-.f r 'su Jennie Rabian M rib is vwi .. , . 'N Curtis Ragan Tami Ragan Lewis Reese A -f we --A f Joni Ribelin . , julie Richards Karen Richards Debra Richter Benson Riggs rl 'K' ri 3 .ggi ,.., 131911 Mr. y f W 4 Q is ,,'i is 4 i". 5 1: J B' Melody Robidoux Kenneth Robins Christine Rodriguez w e W 1 -fswf1L . 3 L L z ,K W: ' X ,, :ii-'W' .,. .. K ., Z Q x f Q fgyzsilip wi' S ,Vx I, mow ,. .., 4,-fo gn, .i ,i Ellen Rozema Darlene Ryan . , A , ,. X , ,yy , , .,..f, ,, ,- , , if R K 'T " ' ,, .X 1+ 'E Glen Sabyan Evelyn Sandoval ,, - .ffl f EQTX 2 Donna Ross W if 1 Q W 1 f if: S- fyiasi f ,, iz Yi sw, 1 55, ,ew gl , 2, V- Q ,, gy ,f-1, '13, Ms ,g ., , f 5 Zi f Q S C 1 4 5 2 1 ,v ,,,., ,,. eg E.Si,,,,,. . ,L f,. ,. zs,,f Q, . , . Hui? R ,,., i ,,,, , Vfxp- "" 2:25 '2 ,J H M f '1 Rosemary Ryan v-'NJ EJ' 2 5 XM - Frank SanCl122 Jackie Sanderson Diane Sandoval Kris Savage Richard Seavey Loretta Sedillo 7 LTVA Delores Seschillie john Sheppard Bill Shoemaker ,AIU Tim Sipes Gayle Slyton jim Smith V f gf if in .wijgpfqfiw W ,W W' A Wm john Shill Q K, 4. Q, ,. . ,I 4? f'f-ff if E 'Q Q 3 A , me ' 2 Scott Staveley Arnetta Simpson . -1 -1 QW-.fs.11f ff'-argl:-Q .wr . 'gf' 11' if f gf-gy ri sz' ff' ax, fx f 1-,iff .1 fi , ,: 21- -E ,fv- ff, T K' ' l 'iff A 'X 6 -ws . 4 T V- Pop S A ' l 1 ' ,' Q -L - , . :M hw-, jr , VN . . fy it Matt Smitt Barbara Spigner Jim Stiff Marc Stinespring Tim Sullivan ' 5 525555- ! . f -1. ,. -. -,- kx .. tggirgk, 5 tw I 1 4-Q gl x 1 :P 1 4 s + ,xg ' x 'K 3, 'W , 4' Q' F X algal Cathy Talakte Rick Taylor Debbie Tennant Eddie Thompson Josie Torrez Diane Vias Mike Villalpando Robert Wachter Shell Wamble Cindy Watkins fav. Q Donna Wally Melinda Walker Mm me liiii s ' ' fi! Howard Watson Brenda West joe W estling Vickie Whipple David White Harry Williams Bradley Winner Diane Wood Carolyn Wycoff Ben David Yazzie Sabra Wilkes Leslie Willsey Mike Wommack Bruce Zeller SE NIORS COT IT ALL ff- Crossroads in Seniors Everyday Lives JU Ion CLASS OFFICER Being president this year Was the toughest job I'd ever faced. lt had many responsibili- ties Which at times I thought I couldn't handle, but thanks to the junior Senators QPeg Liggit, Tammy Garver, Valerie Sanchez, Bev Williams, and Mitchelle Liebej, everything Worked out just fine. The junior Senators as leaders through hard work and spirit dis- played what the junior Class is all about. The involvement of the juniors in the activities We had planned was really great, that's the reason that We were able to get so many things done. We had our goals, and We ac- complished them With sucess. We're a great class, and We will be even better next year as seniors! be F 'f .J Vera Montoya junior Class President Tammy Carver, Valorie Sanchez, Vera Montoya, Michelle Liebe, Beverly Williams, Peggy Llgglt JUNIOR l 2 3 4. 5. 3 CLASS SENATORS Valorie Sanchez Peggy Liggit Tammy Garver Beverly Williams Mitchelle Liebe Danny Adragna Wayne Armstrong Gary Aungst Donna Bailey Eddie Beetso Steve Boehle Andrea Allen I William Atkin 4.5 Andy Avots Lawrence Barela Lena Begay Gail Bonner , S Patricia Almquist Margaret Alonzo Brenda Atwater Kirk Audilett flzwf, Gilbert Ayala Roy Ayala Aaron Barker Anna Barreras nr A A , . X - ,ir Louise Begay Tim Begay Daniel Blailock Lee Blake Jeri Bdone Cheri Boyd Boe Brown Cindy Brown ..J,. Milfred Cody Eddie Cooke Allison Cooley if Kris Couch Mike Cowan Margaret Cox Patty Brown Dwayne C alahan Debbie Cazares Ulinda Chee juli Cope land Robert Crank Patty Burks Ervin Bw-ns Karin Callan Dave Caylor Georgina Charley David Chaudron Mark Clark David Clary Marguerita Cordova Tom Corey joe Crisp Sandy Davison k! ,. X Kenneth Dayzie Irene Del eon A Rick Derryberry Debbie D illow 1J"' T. I Q Tonja Dugan Sharon Donald Christy Egan Nancy Ely Tim Furrey Jaime Gale 15X 3? Marty Garcia Phil Garcia ,-f Frank DeMigue1 Paula Dodd V X . E June Duke Sharon Ernst Helene Gallegos Debbie Gardner Ronnie Dennis Q' Stanley Dodson Carmen Duran Rosalie F aj ardo Lorraine Gallegos X 'Y Tammy Garver Melvin Denny Paul Dominguez Clory Duran Tom Figy Louie Garcia Greg Gilham Lena DoPadre john Donohoe Fernando Duran Denise Fredericks Mark Gracia. Tris Gillette Mary Goldenstein Diane Griffin Jeri Grippin f X f , + DT Tina Harper jon Harris Doug Hatch J- ,az fl l v W , ,Q 2 Billy Henson Diana Herrera DEWRYHE HCVBIOHG Chris Isbell Mark Ives Vangie Jacquez 1 ' ' I. Y V! luv. vi Elaine Jim Tina Jimenez Gloria Jiron V , f f james Kleck Melissa Kuzell IoAn Landavazo Bobby Gutierrez David Haven Dale I-Iolsomback Cecilia James Sandy Johnson ss . Terrie Lansing Marilyn Hardy Cindy Henderson Tim Huffman Dana Jansen John Jordan Steve Lawrence John Harkey Richard Hendricks IV' Lisa Hukill Mike Jenkins Arthur Kerley Gotfred Larson OH 4 Troy Lane George Leavens Debbie Lee Ella Mae Lee jim Lepich Shannon Lewis Michelle Liebe Peggy Liggit Mary Ann Maestas Debbie Maestas Devon Malott Leslie Marsh Jennifer Martin Terry May II' Smile Milfred Mary McEuen Harry Lee Helen Lingerfelt Debbie Martinez Pam Martin Randy McAnally Merry MCG:-iugh julia Lee PN Pam Loomis Larry Martinez Mike May Jeanie McDonald I F1 Marty McKee Gary McNeil Lorenzo Medina Melody Miller Debbie Montoya Phil Morris Mary Nielsen joel McReynolds Pete Mickelson Elizabeth Mills 1 Vera Montoya , 9 1 D Wanda Morrow Dianna Norwich .vfl yrw L. 'mf Ron Mead Debbie Miller Chris Minner David Morefield Douglas Nahlee Terrill Norwich may Randy Morgan Tracy Morgan Silas NatOni2 Evangeline Nelson Cheryl O'Don.nah Teresa Olson I Shanna Morison Mary Nelson Dale Ordiway is l E Donna O'Royt Donna Phillips ' ' , 'twain' - I X Karen Prosser Willard Reaves J R wi Tony Rios THE SOPHOMORES OF YESTERDAY. .. Juanita Ortiz Marie Padilla je anette Pint Lori Piper D ebbie Quahi Lisa Raabe .M go- f-Q, ZZ? THE JUNIORS 1 N "' Scott Renner Allen Roanhorse A Vernon Renner s , 1 44 Terilyn Roberson 'li , vs C arl Peterson XJ' Portillo Eldy Dalon Rade OF TODAY. 4 T 'is ' Beth Rhoton s r w. X . n Q ' Z T ' 9' if Robin Roberts Lori Peterson Clay Phelan Marc Potter jill Powell .f - Bo Ragan Junior Ray 2 s ri 3 gr X 'N at J. X Tommy Richards Greg Richter Suzie Roe Scott Ross Charles Sadahiro Christine Sanchez Ken Sanderson Anna L. Sandoval Mary Ann Sandoval Mike Sayer D avid S epulveda V -1-Aw' , Y- Mae Loise Smith Bryan Steward T- 4. .1 nf Herman Tafoya Randy Tir ado .K .V qgihqy it Debbie Scantland Liz Schaeffer Yvonne Sedillo James Seeberger 4. jim Shallman Lori Shiflee Melita Shoup Gary Singer Ex Eg in SK Q' 53 pf' A K 4' xt ,q,. J 4..k .. U eyer Gary Stanfield Mary Springs Glenda Stokes Alex Tapia Patty Titus X' v ,.,f,V rf. 'Q' , . X ' .. V, s l'J'P s fr? ' 9 Scott Stokes Jean T aylor john Trujillo THE SE NIORS Y' 'Y Rex Stephens Shelly Steves xt Betty Strivings Diane Squire Eric Tellez Brian Thom as Kim Uhles Beatrice Ulibarri OF TOMORROW Mark Selph g :lf Linda Smith ,f... Brent Steward Donald Swarts Sheryl Thorpe Russell Ulibarri Mario Valencia David Ve rmande i Bill Way Ilene Westerhaus Roger Williams Peter Wong jim Van Diver Debbie Wallace W' , .3 5 I ff 1 fi' .f i X Steve Weedman Milla Wilkes Billie Wright Jeannie Yarne ll rin? , E 3 RQ , 1 l, ,X 'NE if . X , . ,V ' va. ,:, w- X Richard Van Ert Mike Watchman Tim Weldon Bruce Williams Tracy Wright Stanley Yazzie Patty Alvarado Kristi Grim 1 Sam Marion Ralph Montoya W Kathleen Nez Debbie Scantland Sharon Burnett Margret Garcia Lance Isaac Debe Lorneli mx Melody Miller Geneva Monroe Jane Morgan, Julie Moya Lori Piper Tony Sanders Paul Seglund Virginia Smallwood OPHO ORE CLASS OFFICERS This year Went real Well for the sopho- mores. They had the best spirit I have ever seen. I think the sophomores showed the " other classes what class competition really is. They Won hall competition. And we will be looking forward to next year to sponsor the prom and to help the community and to make Coconino a better school in the future AQ!! Ricky Robidoux Sophomore Class Officer Connie Selph, Pam Alvarez, Diane Hofner, Richard Perez, Ricky Robidoux, Blake Lawrence .Mei :qi H-wa ..,, g ,Z ,M 3 4 'ew ' .f i, . ,f 74 SOPHOMORE CLASS SE NATORS l. Blake Lawrence 2. Diane Hofner 3. Pam Alvarez 4. Richard Perez 5. Connie Selph S ,, hx Harold Adams Harmony Adkins Eddie Agent Beth Ahkeah George Almaraz Pam Alvarez Christy Angel Patty Armstrong Connie Arnold Ron Arnold David Babcock Jack Babcock jeff Babcock Gus Baber Tina Baker Cory Barkley Lauren Barr JoAnn Barreras Tom Batson jeff Becher Christina Begay Edward Begay Rudy Begay Wesley Begay Mary Belone Beverly Benally Melinda Bevill Rose Ann Billy Pam Birkett Ernie Birner Phyllis Bitsuie Robert Blewitt Chris Bobadilla Robert Boling Beth Booker jimmy Boston Pete Boyd Kim Bradley Ray Bradley Renita Bray Brian Brinkman Shelda Brooks Betty Brown Beverly Bryan '40 if My if 'af X ' Wi' E 5 ff-ffW 4 f .Y f ,. Wk iff I levy- W ji: 'l'X.1F?M ' f Bill Bryant Kathy Buell Donna Burian Margaret Burian jim Burnett Helen Cahn Kevin Call Diane Cancino joe Canedo P,D. Caylor Ulinda Chee Bill Cody Lorraine Cody Lynn Colwell Kristine Cooke Rock Cosand Brian Crawforth Laurie Culbertson Landis Davis Pat Dawson Sheri Dexter Lauri Dimas Lorraine Dominguez joe Dopadre Lloyd Drinkard Gary Eaton John Egan Yolanda Ellis Terry Emig Ricky Emmry Bill Ernst Sherri Ernst Frank Garcia Mary Garcia Judy Gee Estalene George Vaughn George Clarence Gilham Kay Gilliland Rex Gilliland David Gilmore Valerie Gonzales Clifford Goitia Gwen Goodwin Cindy Etter Barbara Fajardo jim Fancher Rusty Fanning Lloyd Fenney Cindy Figy Arthur Flores Angel Flores Lizzie Flores Robert Foster Becky Furry Mark Fusselman jerry Gallegos Kathy Gallegos Mark Gallegos Mike Gallegos Kathy Gammill Danny Garcia Ii , ,-1, 1 . I W r' 7? dk 'INK ,qv- Q1 ,.. F ni' I I Kenny Gracia Kathy Griego Paul Griffin Dale Haglin Dennis Hamilton jim Hammit Christine Haney Clay Hardy Tim Hardy Ricky Harenberg Kerry Harris Mandie Harris Mary Head Sara Heaton johnny Herrera F lf' M .4 ss , vit f- yii'-. 1 H ' I wad T f fig- 4. ,I .,9 ,.. W, Q 'lv A f L W. W ' - asf.,-viii' ' , ' Q 5 r.,. , 9, 149' Q " i s f wr sf ,Q -' 4. 1 17 ,WM if ,v , 41 f ' 1 f , ' t 1 . a s or .. If X F343 Eric Hicks Tami Hoffman Dianne Hofner Laura Holmgren Charles Holland john Hover Randy Hover Debbie Howard Allan Hudson Loretta Jacques Chris Jansen Eva Iaramillo Robyn jenkins juan Iiron Dorothy joe Curtis Iohnson julie johnson Janice jones Elisha jordan Scott Kattau Arthur Kerley Vicky Kelley Gary Kelly Keith Kennedy Brad Kerby Robin Kinney Celeste Koshr Ron Kurtz Leif Lairson Theresa Landavazo Blake Lawrence Linda Leavens Colleen Lee Margaret Lee Mark Lepich Barbara Lescoe Melissa Liebe Nancy Lewis Lynette Lomayesva Monty Lombardi Arthur Long Pearl Long Angelina Lopez Mark Lopez Ricky Lopez Mario Lucero Carol Luckey Donna Land Q. I 5 l X f -: j ' it 1 QF 1 Q t . Y f . 35 " X . ly? i"Q 74 "7 N fiiffi vgfi 7 1 ' it VW? I ,I 5 M ' "ii we 2? Q .3 ff' " ., x. P? 1 -an --st, f f .141 i'?1Z.f','4'9:,j:,f,fE3- H A:-',.' ,gf.. - we- '.-' 1 '-New 2 xr ,Y ,c poof ,Til Terri Lyman Ben Manley Billy Marshall Danna Martin Debbie Martin Tammy May 'Q ' 'Y 7' l gf, 32 ... ff ,f w r . W 'fs "" A 2 NJ, ,fgg fff 2 wt - af , Cb if 19 6 li T, 4622 X n C. :cw 0 sa fl I :Q -J 'fi' , N' 'W 1 e - -"' l Q -31" rar: J, riff? 5, , ,II , . .iii - I , fa ,. Fi? C , . isa? if l N, i. .ggi .i "B , 'M 4 4' Li .fvggi 2 W'-- 'Z v rf- , f .. . ,W . V!" il, ' . M .. 4 -f IM, , ffii 1. 1, if fi-W? .51 me-I 'X f , , . 4 , . 4 1 5 I i 4 fe fa ' M- sfrzr C W gf . .A , iq -Q-7' ,cry 1, y yvkg 'Xu 'A L Z.. 1' P F My A e l + Kenneth McKenzie jim McKerracher Bob McPhe1Iidge Kevin McSweey jam es Mead Ann Meis al' B 5 . A law? X Y X' . I , Mix 4 k rf gf' W? 6 1 ,, , 40" I Q l , :ez W, ,Mi QS 1 I 16' in . XW,Arrg'a1f3fl Kathy Miller Allen Minner Deserie Mogensen Maggie Molten Roalita Molten Rosalie Montoya Veronica Montoya Terri Moore Richard Morales Colleen Morgan john Morgan Poula Morgan Dana Morriss Diane Mowbray Marshall Munoz Terry Myers Kellee Nelson Nannette Nelson Carolynne Nesbitt Fonda Newton Lynn Newton Aria Nogle Tammy Nolan Cheryl Norwich Nancy Nuttall Shannon O'royt Chris Ortiz Diana Ower Bernadette Padilla Cecelia Padilla ?' ' ,,- . LA 'sgy Q me , S S 8 -9: J A' 'P M '35 ii 'Q N ' iff! f g - ,f Q, ' " " ' , ,j ' Wb fx,5 i 1 - of A ,.,, .Q W- , I . 'Q 3 . hides if as T f af 41? J jg A.,V fs C , fi T T ffv Y Aline Parker Kathy Parker Sheldon Parks Steve Parrack Robert Parrish Cindy Peck Stacy Pendleton Tony Penedo Richard Perez Tim Peterson Teresa Phelps Earl Phillips Jeanette Phillips Susan Phillips Rick Pickett Philip Pratt Cindy Price Jim Protiva Lenora Putesoy Margaret Quiroz Leslie Ragan Richard Reosteer Tracy Reese Pam Reinert Judy Reinoso Barbara Richter Iack Rick Benson Riggs Connie Rivera Cricket Roach Elmer Roanhorse Lance Roberts Ricky Robidoux Loretta Rodriguez Russell Rose jenny Ruiz john Ruiz Neal Sabyan Dan Sadahiro Tammy Sanders Debbie Sandoval Gail Sankey Susan Savage Myndy Schabatka Crystal Schick Beth Scott Cathy Scott Marjorie Scott ,K+ "r Y 'ei ' K Q Q. 1 va ' , ,lrgiian X A254571 'f ' , , Q ' C at iff. -Y 'v ' 'rn 1 . .w'.U2'x,,u. . I 1 av nm J'- X ed' 'V' 'Qi f , t x J V3 1 ifsefg ALA '5 ,. K 3 .1 felf, M 1 A A -Nv- A fff 'fix K i1 g 'P 1' .ft 1 .9 if ef f .U 45 ,, ,. C... li ou. 3 Q .1 ' Q . "" ' f QT f'-' ' u , . 12, Q M 'gc' 1 .M M ,f :'si1NA i rf 2 Doreen Seaton Greg Seavey Robert Sedillo jay Sell Connie Selph Deana Sharp Vincent Sharpe Andena Shook Ray Skinner Ricky Skousen Debbie Slayton Jerold Sloan awaits 2 I .R I , af' ,r,H 3077 ' Q '52 ff ff ' ' a n is Marc Snyder Susan Snyder Patty Stamps Susan Steves Randy Steward Brenda Stewart Andy Taranto Debra Tillman Kim Tinnin Glenn Tsingine Debbie Tsosie jean Tsosie john Utley Dolores Valdez Ellie Valdez Ginger Vandivier Jerry VanErt Matt Vaughan a ,A .Ayr 179122 4 J K A I' 7 1 s ga is I ,K i " ' Kevin Veale B e cky Vill alpando Steve Wagner Kathi Watkins Justin Watson Martina Welch Gina Williams Robyn Williams Sidney Williams Paul Wolf Rose Worker Melanie Wright Glenn Yazzie john Yellowhorse Sammy Zamora Curtis Zeitz Virginia Zhine Leroy Zeller , , 'W as 1 'ian a K A :fn 1. ' i ff 5 P N N X ' I ' A 97 2 L.. 'fi' f " nm V ,Sf-. .,ig4f' L, , .1::1, . 123' 'QL , and I .k Q A , ,Q t X' , 1 fn - M, 'M - idlvwm Q, 2 a' Mx Q s .,, swaqi,sa,wfn W 5. as ,.i :Q ,Fil J' if Cheryl Willis Carolyn Yazzie Danny Bobadilla Jim Burnett Barry Cox Lori Gibson Jeanne Korn Martha Maniates Maerose Natonie Rhoda Riggs Marjorie Scott Ronda Stump jennifer Walker Sandy Walker Wendy Warrender Steve Weishapl jack Williams WT W Qi ' is H, 1 1 .Asf 3 fiK'f59 rf' AMW? ,lni , iw Mi , , .1 wr , ,,1 , x. f :.5f'.ff ,f v W .W Ay 7' ,... A N I K . .., rf ' Q . . x 5' f 1 Q. E, Ip 95 , W X ' f 1 , X i ' 'Finns ,P . V . TF5ffj"" 1 ,.:- fm A -. .422 eg' QAM ' pun ' De Miguel 'YW X 'Y 4 fx 'sg fr S' X ji J I, X .V . v .1 .' 5' Pai ter 1 W - ,yi "iq ffjf f 1 . - , J X' ,X A e N 1 W , im, , x at I . -., ...-. :ar- i I MX .1 Larson l' Ei.. vusmisxwmflk g1f ""f e if ' Bacus I faculty OLDIE BUT CUODIES This year's theme for our Student Council was HNIVOLVEMENT. Many faculty members found them- selves participating in var- ious student activities. We've had great enthusiasm and cooperation throughout the year from our teachers. We are proud of the involve- ment and participation that our teachers put into activ- ities that were launched this year. We also thank all of our teachers for putting up with all the EXCUSED ab- sences we have put them A through and we appreciate the extra time and effort you put forth to see to it that We had the chance to make up all our Work. M1"f7Q PeteQen, 'A Mr. Wolfe, vice mipal f ADMI I TRATIO Once again the students and faculty at Coconino High School have had a very productive school year. lt is obvi- ous that many students have worked very hard in the class- room and we have had a large involvement in extra- curricular activities. We can all be proud of our school. Let's keep up the good work and continue to su-ive for improvement in all areas. Cf, Seniors: We started our careers at CHS together three years ago, and it has been a busy, exciting, and profitable three years. We have all grown from our experiences. It has been rewarding to lcnow all of you fin my various capacitiesj. It will be exciting to see what directions you take now as you prepare to leave CHS armed with that all- important diploma. Good Luck! ! juniors: You are more than halfway to attaining your graduation from high school. Next fall, as you assume the major burden of leadership among students of CHS, you will discover that you will be required to depend less and less upon others for support. You will be required to take more and more responsibility for everything you do. When you are able to accept this responsibility, you will have become a mature person. Best wishes to you all. Sophomores: It was predicted that you would be a most difficult class when you came to CHS last fall. You have proven the prediction false! The upperclassmen, faculty, and administration have been pleased with your spirited performance and organization as a class. Keep up the good work. Set your goals, and keep them in mind. If your growth continues at its demonstrated rate, you will be a most remarkable class. Mia ua, whsul K OFFICE PER ONNEL Mrs. Ferguson, Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. Larson, Mrs. Garduno APEX Mrs. Hendricks, Mrs. Chavez, Mrs. O'Dair, Mrs. Wolfe, Mr. Wells, Mrs. Stuart, Mr. Armenta, MIS. McMacken, Mr. Gill. SOCIAL T DIE Mr. Guay, Mrs. Lakin, Mr. Furst, Mrs. Yogerst, Mr. Dumas. X U x . . Nw Mg I my , n ' E rl :xg ' X . .- Iv R' X 1 H by -, xnx , N , - x 1 N 1. Math: Mr. Epperson, Mrs. Stapleton, Mr. Painter. 2. Science:Mr. Perpich, Mr. Friend, Mr. DeMigue1, 2 Mr. Haines. 3. Librarians: Mrs. Jacobs, Mr. Canter- qxxbury. 4. Women's P.E.: A Mrs. Spigner, Mrs. Q . qi X, - Q5 l M , . X, X , or xo' N.. a V XR Romero Mrs. Bacus. A AX X Q XL ' 'lv X X1 X X -.' . .Q A X 4 X Xi! ,X Xl X, x , W xktf . 7 'X 1: N' X Q, N ' on xi X n of 'fr ' o P 1 X w xx 5 X. -NX - Nc T' X y Q 5 R M R 'W if P X., kq XX xv V , M Y .Rig A? x .1 X1 H X X, A 4 so X Q so a -.L V sf . W N N ' fr-,X so q X Q X: :sg X- X , X X -or sn sw 2 ox f N r of A A.. NX, x X r. . 1 A , X., Y R. A , N xxx , , N x .Kg rf NH- x X ' .f F A Q 51 , V x XL T4 Xxx X' xx 192' , X RN xv Ia ,X 'Xd,X.ffx, Xl Q lk? N X, , x., X N' , 1 , 'rm X , . S 1 X , WN 'fa a ,. -r - X x X Ki, Q K n Q' ., NY , f' 'Q . ' , w . 5' Ng f v xy 'Q 'Rv N- 2-0 , F A' Nz X , K L -X V ' X Q - k . K r N x xl . 'X 'A KM " a ' Q r N . fx, s - xg - ' W W x, , N., ,J X NJ n , " H- XX 7 -, ,AQ ,A M .W-.Mx A wx x.. gix 4 H XJ, -, 55 or X X . N V -k , , ' ' "H N Q ' X - - 1 Q. all . TP X! x N XR if N FN xi VU -, ' f "X X Y' li xy ,si N. is ' . .Eg , 'xl ws 1 ,X ,A ,, K W ' ow 11 Y X P I , X' 4 .X .W . FJ: by ,H X 1 ,ff X5 ' N, A ,L N. , X3 , N R X s I V X J . 5 X. ix' XY' A' ' X W sa iff . M .o P .. X -.X X V x X, -G r A V' - Q? X' M K X3 NX X' RAF -.ww ' "R 'R 'X .A 4 X , . xv X. " kc 'Q-X X.. 5: EZ .RAL ss, X 2 , ' 1 x 1 N. K XJ' I LN a X X A P x T' W .XX nf Xia' k V "':- f -Q xx XA ' Rx N , Q3 N X14 Q: , X X .ni V' . X NI 'Y-Q.: . , J ,W ,, A .- X IX '-is X 'hiv N 15:-J V 'X 'V ' -. XX , ' - X Y' N M -U S- ,AJ -QNX-xi XX! Xj, w -Tx 146 " X f- if I .M f, 5 '71 F , 3 . , 1 M . ' x ws m N f' 1 W? Ufbomn, Qwljfwdlimngwwilaa Pwwffva LlfX0bUNQ.Z5 . L CUC, MWAQ i meow t 1,126 wuQMXV7K,Q.OUYlDOUl y - I s l. l 1c :x i l f ld jim ox, We at Coconiiscj fl 0'clf High School are very . o.QO proud of the Winning tra- 5 J ""' dition that has developed QFXVUVVTX, . at our school in such a ' relatively sh t time. j U3 OC? W Cm Our student body is UQ lb O QJQOD-Q known thourgh ut the , s --ff" ' state for th cellent E M Xji 041071 support they give to the ' pr g rn. Our administr -xQJO'VYN 7'Vlf07UM'll 071710 tioni b h' d teamsxb E Win o t' . l eight iQ Q04 wa years at Co ' We can ' truly say its been great to Gum kg be a Panther." 2. School - l N M h 3 ' urse: rs. C apman. .s X Foreign Language: Mrs. - flfb I 5, l Gaylord, Mrs. Newell, X Mr Vallejo. Xi1l'Ul,0N6 alle .t I Yo who wvaoowd Om LE Uh jg we WW M Hiliifmz 5 MMM ix wee NWUW mb M A WMA Www WGN ' LQ wiimkl-Y.. U www KSQEQBWN imedf 4 uMNNM LC, L ' UL X3 x QMQCL ww HQ U Wx Rm Ingois lQfIrskffj avgr, Mr.,Gome. ,. XDCEVWLQ 2. ROTC: C 1.. D dw , A' ' Homas. -F 2255315 ,w2?EHii?,Ns:f5E2 MW fx OUVN E+5 W Q win CQUKO 15 OVLQV my CEM LQOJM Wmmm MQW? T WMM ? Y T 3 OW? WEN Mmww Kgiiiiik v if R My 4 K5fM?5S . f Qgwbxgy C0M5QW3GQWfw5 Um Ab j ww wg mmm mg? www, ww? Um W wmgmgybimwmwwg Qwaq 5 wwmgwqmggj ww Qgxw KDUUWWQQ MQW X QWXQ5. Xcpwmo, kit: nwiii Xian, Wim an wtfwm CWMQ Wf8M'?'mLyJJAokY1o X-af J ' J Qu f A K X 2 xi!! ,I V XA X F! Aix Y I :LA ,rx .A v NX V ,xy EN I A W N A Ky, gif V? Q5 5 -dj lx.-bfE?JyyX, xlTxQkJrlilgJf7LlfxJ vligiv! 1 v".x1f4v,U lf? -LW f , Q M xx, s a , ,n X as it ,A M ' Q 1Lu:ewifiMfwr,iQ,,ifm .-:Jq.tfx CL to siuiwfsifl' l,,MMf13 Q: t' 1, t H .1- ,f . ' Q W l ,JfJ'l,,ff1"i Qi,f'pf7'3 pQgQUj14":'Q . 7 ,X lf N , Hs LN, ft M fy . . l,'l,jl,3QfL'l.,JlN.,jX X. MXL., X' rX'j'Lk'! L CL' 'Ei' 5 I " V 1 ' o 1 .1 fry' lilyfx fy ,lr , V. 2 t Q wwf: was iw atm. v -rx' ' - i f-' it Q., : Q XY l' V 5 . ,,5, ,ngljfitil-E93 v,4fffJiL,l.,W5f'T'V5QV 'C ,KIM M Q 1 xz s ur .. X M' A , rm . ,a,.,, if YJ. bNi5f-4m5w,. 'c:..Q3lf2f'W skew: Lf2QM"'le we l WU Q,f:lNlJfl Resources: Miss Uhfb :WX Yjiqmslffilf UMM lir, Mrs. Maiers,t.EmNViM Ji ng! 9 OLZMCQ ' ' llffifltfielsqcjililflvli-3:1 X -A N is f 7 arson-K5 QJQUX X3 2. Crafts: Mr. Barney. VN A D013 ly VJ 1,4 W ,IXQ 3. Welding: Mr. Glenn. hwy ' Ui ffllalblfifffllgif 4. Art: Mrs. Nask. i.J9aQX,U.!15'Q,mx,ifi Kxdjlifffgsfffl 5. Mechanical Drawinglf iN ,f,, f Woods: Mr. Eaton. gills! 6. Metals, Electronics,C7gQJfYs-JU' J ii' QQyxl.,,lJQi li Power Mechanics,. GXQ.ffWX MmX'N3gif Ufiffwg Crafts: Mr. WQHHIF. L sq,-7 N M F 2 X 1, Q Art- Mr Morgan at wt 25ti.,.vir-is i we 1 ml v on , , I wwf UVM W: My Gffwa, .fLCbMCff:i WW-Mm no ttdffm ., vii' S ' , fl olpfxftiltgblrfiwfvjg J 555,81 t ir ' , fl Mtiwlsx r.,a,il1f7l vflolilflli-ljvf . , 1 . .L wwlil f?j3:,tf.ti-fitif fl LJL ' HU V'+f: flfff' fin. Lajijna T .K -if P fix. fi'-lj it ilk Q QQSXIZN, Veil! w fl J tif5Q9f7f'ri,QfCgig1fi54 t t Qf':ttfmf53W , . i , .,aQ , V Q, l,5ZgiafLtHiw, KDQWT l,l,,fL,fF'l'R lhfixflllefldfkkl 3 V ti , , 'iyflff ,f L' , .L is OV, U W ll if N Qifvs- x,J.,j,, 1 5 ' ' .A L . 1. ': 4 V1 Q! NYJNJ I vl7sX'kJQNy"k!,TN Xxx,"-fl K'Xh.,n kgbyh -,ir XRXJIUW k '4 'N 1' N 7 Q 'X N "N " .1 " If u .fm 'x fq' 'XX' fx x A xl ll . W' X ' ll li l ,lil nftjfiyaliw n,'7M3l.,N fzjw Li :K,tx11,lX. jx. ll Q jxh-QQ ,jj QgLf7'F,l-'yl1.,1fwQgJi.. QNVX E M ' ' 1, X A .. . . 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You shou1dn't have told her she looked like she'd been frenched kissed by a freight train!" "What do you mean this isn't the Boys Rest- What do you mean he is off key? room'??? " FACULTY. . . l. Men's P.E.: Mr. Blair, Mr. Townsend, Mr. Fox. 2. COE: Mr. Compton. 3. ICE: Mr. Fischer. 4. HERO: Mrs. Manley. 5. DECA: Business Law, Mar- keting: Mr. Evans. 6. Nursing: Mrs. Lauman. 7. Counselors: Mr. Boehle, Mrs. Kragh, Mr. Kelly, Mrs. Wilson. . . .They,re Great! Band: Mr. Curry. Orchestra: Mr. Nebel. Chorus: Mr. Ashley. Cafeteria: CFirst Rowj Sally Villapondo, Cafeteria: Gold- ie Crouch, Lydia Gallegos, Donna Nelson, CSecond Rowj Ashley Higgins, Arlene Davis, Rebecca Ruiz. Custodians: David Rivera, Benny Griego, Orlando Fajardo, Danny Shanks. ' .S .s .59 .5 Q., i s .-'.".::5 '. 'IQ s' .K Q s' Q Q- 1' ,v Q ,.:,. Q... Nga .gm gm ,Q pas. . ,Q Q . ,. ,. '.-'v . , -,.-,. ,..-5., 5 0 I I .gf , 4 mg: 13-5 ,Q , .. . 5251 321: , . X'a,:1Aw li if . Q. if X . 'w N .6 ,. , fjfi f k .,.a .' 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San Franclsco St. I 4 :V 4 Q 4 1 O U Us Best in Motorcycle Sales and Service Q' I 'Mfrs 5 K, g..,QM ,..V. ..nMw, Q :Sl viZi?"""F""""-1 H 81 R SPORTS CENTER BAR 0 NONE 2405 E Santa Fe Congratulatlons To The Seruors of the Honda Yamaha Best School ln The World Wllma V Smlth M0t01'CYC1aS Congratulatlo ns Senlors tr' lffpfff M E SPI L altlhmtl W ' I N V 'V' JMA Eugene Anderson Owner Q as TPIE EAST FLAGSTAFF OFFICE lfjzgna lll North Leroux 602 526 2571 ,.. BANK Flagstaff, Az P O BOX 3120 FLAGSTAFF ARIZONA 86001 ffl X ,. Q . F . . I' 1 I - ll .. .. . . . 1 we gg ' , J' ., N- ,, , . . wr' Q ,RW t-'W li' WVWE' 'E 'JMU' V ztlilwlmt :iff ' ' xii' ' I li , , Y W' rf f " , L Q ' , S ' , ww.. . .Q yt . b ,ww i X- .. 9 ' f, ,, WF ,F w w f M , Fu' , ll lfmwt1w'zwwl,vm:,'1, ,U-H' YE 'J-vt, J - ' Mc' N A . , in wa E M ' ' , vuyfat f' , , limit: ' N fl , " it ll A m -. .N ll .. , '- -num W ' ' Q 1. 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EDWARDS SHOES YaW'1l Come- 2532 N. 4th Street ' ' Owner: Marvin Harper DGVANEY S MEN 5 WEAR 128 Plaza M311 EORT MCC LURG WAX MUSEUM OWHGII Bob S1 Sandy DGVHHGY North Highway 89 gift shop gl miniature golf FINE 5 READY TO WEAR Owners gl Mgrs Bea 8: Howard Taft LITTLE OUTLET 1441 S Mlirou PLAZA PIZZA 98 Plaza Mall PRESCILLA S FRAME gl ART SUPPLIES 2502 E Santa Fe FORT MCCLURG WAX MUSEUM Indian Jewelery 5820 N HWY 89A STARLITE BOWLING LANES KSO YOU DON T HAVE TO'J W Tell us what you need price suze E ' and locatnon Well match your ' E needs against hundreds of Ixstmgs Q, R and fund the home you ve always I XS I Wan 8 S A' t d SSNRSXN NN-Ax A pl ne BILL Mnsstm 774-1613 ELTON ruamea 774-3921 Boa RAY 774-1984 PHONE 526 0121 HOME SEARCH CENTER 2510 E 7th AVE FLAGSTAFF Nw 1 Q 1 1 ' Q . v . 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AUTO NEEDS av-wa13 16 .fs w m!"'?5?x We-ww EIDEL TIRE A TO PPLY 1919 NORTH FOURTH STREET 774 6625 I 1 ' - - W. 1 K Z ,MLW .,,,,, , J , M A t - . - - , ' V . - -A ' Kg"'11s1f's' N. ,1 ' .. 1 . ., 31 - . - -1. 5 Q M - fa,--.,.-Q.. .,.. .aewf--gg 1' ' f " ' 1 ' 1 - . . -1 T '- - - - - --ws-g ,. -- Q , . .6 ,6,.s ..r, N A'-11 'ig'1.ex.-:fQf'I" 1112- 1 g " 1'-Z 1: 1 1-.-,X "M 1'f?f41f1 . ' W -'lf ,rf,gff1f1-1-W, 114- 1-5- - mfg 1 '-q,5:Q' .1 51.111-'g:.,.,,,f L is .' -21: " ,. . . 4 . iswwifsfv' .. 4-1-ra' -2: ---r: 4 '11 ns: 1 . , 1 ' ' -1 5 . 1: .. .. 1 L' A-'M-A-M'4 1 i ' 1 ' 1 ' ' 3115- . . in gi.. : ya 4 M, - - - - W .1 .- . 1. . X1 W .- A"tt 5 . 1. ea . ., Y "1.,.- .. .. gn h , 11-ff - -e - ful -K - Y . , .. 62- 5 .,. "1 - -. .- H - F- r - 1.1 .1 .Q as K 1 0-I. . .. -- 1 - t 11:1 az f ' M- -2"f1Pu-' Q-sfw -f 'eww ' 235 4 , iw -1.. .. ..1k1ezffae-95411 . ' . , .-.fa -' - .- xx ,W TM fe- 1 M, NM! . fm--e w--1... 6, ' -' k K .. , 1 M V ,-... 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Trust Company I' 4 A' " Z 1461 S Mllton Road HOBBIES ETC Statewlde Escrow Offices Congratulatlons Class of 1976 Sherwood Forest Shopplng Center sawn 12, aw ww we Wwwmmf v QMWMWWBAQ w2 WW mmmgwdwnvwww am tee just Thmkmg About Those Hot Dogs Makes You Hungry CONGRATULATIONS D J C Penney C0 WEINERSCHNITZEL Downtown Flagstaff 120 N Leroux We know what you re lookmg for! The hot dog place Wlth the brlght red roof 1 ' T ' ' 'Z - JJ at 1 1 1 - .ia-1-Vf .. , , , ' ' , N ' P'--5-'Z' K ' g 'li N 5 x ' t is 1 OO' , . AX I . V X ya 3 0 ll ' ll i , W' ' A . mi, X, NYM-,S v ' ' QM f " J' ' Lara .wr QM MMMAAQQ ' 'wwmn N ' " 1 -..a.,..,,tva 'V -- ,...,. ,Ax a4w.m'wQ?",,5 " , Q fi? M ,tgp N WMV X , Wruww .1sfN 'Y ' 'A ' Q i ., rr M1 1 " ' -.. 1 K V, ,, - - ' ' ' A 'U ' K 1f'c:s411 T . 1' K .1 ' ' , . , , ,LY qgg,'L,Q gwamrww t WA , E H ' Va, 'T Mawgg,fw1 'H' NJN ,,MywmW'N y 1 ' ' ' M, 1- was ': tim 1 t ' rw ,swans Y, e 1 ,f ., V 1, ' ' f 11 - - , T L ' 11 f Q ' I I I . . . , . I u 0 Bledsoes Mens Shop Inc 1 EAST SPEN 2820 NOIT11 West FLAGSTAFF ARIZONA aeooi See Us for Flowers ooucL.As L BL Eosoe zi 6082 ACCE NT O N BEAUTY Complete Beauty Service 84 Wig Styling 2631 E 7th Avenue Er fi' i'2tt iso C0mm91'C1H1 Custom Bu1lder RSS1d9Ut13-1 DONNAR CONSTRUCTION CO GENERAL CONTRACTORS 2570 E 7th Ave Flagstaff Arlzona 86001 Lovell Whltey Potter FLAGSTAFF 526 3143 D011 Potter GRAND CANYON 638 2 2 FLAG POWER TOOLS CONTRACTOR S SUPPLIES Telephone 526 3141 42 43 K Mart Shopplng Center 2570 E 7th Ave Flagstaff Arlzona 86001 POWER TOOLS HAND TOOLS OTHER SUPPLIES Black S Decker M111er Falls Dap Products Rockwell N1c1 Olson 3 M Products S141 Coldblatt Masonry POWER TOOL REPAIR COHgf3tUlatlOHS d K I 4 U M ' , ft Senlorsl xx fn X! pothacary hop 1355 N. Beaver Owner Paul Armstrong Congratulat1Ons if Class of 1976 COCONINO HIGH SCHOOL BOOK STORE HEATH,S PAINT CENTER 2905 North Fourth Street Flagstaff, Arlzona 86001 Telephone 602 779 0355 K E CLASS B LICENSE ' I f ' - 4 3 I '1 I NET ' Congratulatlons From 2 South Sltgreaves K M, Flagstaff, Arlzona mm 14 RW we X M-M 1 WWE Maggy Jin M 774 6057 Llquor and Sportmg Goods if your home needs a httle heat or your hfe a 11tt1e , go 111 and see john Hughes of SOUTHERN UNION GAS CO at 420 N San Franclsco by the Underpass ERVING S ICR FUR 36YEAR ASX: fyl if ,A 21 EAST ASPEN TEL If-3 SEN' FLAGSTAFF ARIZONA 86001 QZNJTVVAAZL srunlo HUNT,S CASH N, CARRY Pa1nt Plywood Plumbmg Electr1cal Supphes Located at 2711 E Lak1n Dr For all your bulldmg needs Bruce Hunt Owner Mgr me c rn 515 Zinn? ,S iles WE SUTCLIFFE FLORAL az GIFTS 15 E Aspen Ave Flagstaff Arlzona 774 O6 79 Flowers whlsper how FT you feel GIFTS .113 ,gsm YL OR I QENTAL I 'H gy-JM q'ERY T1le Doors Lumber Hardware Panehng Bull 8. Jean Stranger HOBBIES ARTS 81 CRAFTS CURIOS INDIAN JEWELRY 774 4317 1116 E SANTA FE FLAGSTAFF ARIZONA EVERYTHING FROM BACKHOE LOADERS TO FINE CANDELABRA AT TAYLOR RENTAL 600 W R1ord n Rd Tel 16021779 3651 x - ,K ., , ' Q , T 4 so 5 .1 R - ' ' x 5 5 ' f '- IV V-ggi, . ,vi A L Y 7412-'L-,r my ' ' if fi, EQ' W '- . ' if .""7zi if if "-21 Z1 ng J ,gf P ' ' F1 ., 'Q Nff' .I a r' ' ' I 49 , A. . , o KWQQWIMDDG s 2 vu ' S 1 0 ' . a I lv wx 6. . Qfcmy 0,9 . - Athlet1c Shoe Headquarters of Northern Ar1zona Ad1das Converse Ntke Pumal NNN.. 'X-N. TISSAW S l09N Leroux Sports East Greenlaw JOE MUESCH Tom's Toasted Peanuts 3222 N. Fourth St. Flagstaff, Artzona 86001 ,ffl QL'-9a"b 6' . NORTHERN ARIZONA AMUSEMENT CO We carry all the KEOS happemng hzts Albums and Chzldrens Records FREE GIFT WRAP 107 W Aspen 774 4701 flllS1ElTB Mm' LARRY STEWARD is Agent UR' Sears Roebuck and Co Bu1ld1ng 228 W Flagstaff Mall Flagstaff Ar1zona 86001 Bus. 774 3855 . Res. 526 1926 Reg1stered Representattve, Allstate Enterpmses Management Company AIISIGTE 2 47M Atts 1:7 QALLI fo 9 TERRY RICE 0AHm,oQ Sentor Account Agent 2025 N. Fourth Street, Flagstaff, Arxzona 86001 BUS. 774 5005 . Res. 774 1245 Regtstered Representatwe, Allstate Enterpmses Management Company . -57.177 Y I ' 77' 7: is ligf' . . 7' 724' 7 Y' has 7 3 I 9 15' nuns". Q 0 -o- Ro , ' . . ' 9 , . For the Largest Variety at Reasonable Prices. They have take out orders too! They now have spaghetti, sandwiches, thick and chewy, and cavatini. Also Smorgasbord every f Tuesday night 5 to 8 p.rn. 2120 N. 4th st. a lag QA lp! M S. Milton ,Ml M MW Q Choose from over 100,000 items in our catalogn 2227 E. 7th Ave. Flagstaff N K KD A-1. Y fb N an , , QS X45 54 to 1 f C 0 P A' 'O 040 at gy X-B QL E 1 N C s KN -Q7 JW ,9 . QV .N Q' - dc' O X 5 W N Us V X V 5 51,9 .. It - QQ 1 JD ef of vf 1 O 9 Q NAP Q . Sy Qc X 0 4 D f 5 5 cf N9 X of 7 RX Q CJ ,-S. 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FLAGSTAFF U gyw 569i 41 UQJLE, 526-3755 we ul QEQWANS PHARMACY FLAGSTAFF GLASS H A1S 2223 E. 7th Ave. Greenlaw Village 1 L ted t 2921 North West Street 1 ' f Y N d FLAGSTAFF TIRE COMPANY SUZUKI OF GDDDEYEAR SUZUKI S FLAGSTAFF G d T es oo Year ir Hi-Performance Auto A CCCSSOII Custom and Mag Wheels Suzuki Motorcycle Parts and A 2020 E t 6th St , , ll "- A Offcfmff 61,0152 M2701 WW! +515 !G6"7'07gf7ZW' MM, bf jjqqj jg -9 ' fymvfw ,A asf, '43 Cf? g g VO A, 1 :9795 y by Lfrdmwgjj mf 461237 MQW' C D +5225 QOEQMQTLD ESM 5fQfW"757"Jf Xff-gg cHEvnoN 7 A J J Q SENIORS! W Q, 7. FROM KEN BATES CHEVRON We Speelallze ln Automotlve Tune up Refrlgeratlon Wheel Balanclng and Coollng Repalrs Open 24 Hours Atlas TIFCS 0 Batterles 0 Shocks F g tAH A 526 0819 N thH y 89 1 . 4 1 ,J , Lb 2 ' Li V , 11" , ,i Q p C r:v! ' i QI 1 iv' 2 M I .ly ' , Congratulations to the fb A . L A N AJ K fi Class of '76 X , M L46 of x , 1 i f My w W ,Vp LEWAY gl Ak A ' Q1 FLORAL ARTS LTD. 6 M ' ' fi of Flagstaff 901 S. Milton ' KQ ' V A, I 4th + 7th in East Flag fF0fmef1Y Laughhnsb LV 4,41 1 0 so Congratulations tb - ,,- Seniors With 2 locations to serve you. M I From My 53. ' U i N SLR P I VJ S EEDY 124 So. Beaver 779-0319 Instant Printing Center 2098 No. 4th st. 526-3281 2101 N 4th Street Bob gl Ann Phillips Flagstaff Arizona Phone 602 526-5742 A You CAN IFFURU A FURU! J IM BABBITT '32 I JACQUE SULLIVAN NORTHERN ARIZONA 'S NU- 1 RAMADA EAST FULL SERVICE Fonn DEALER C OCKTAIL H, LOUNGE :lit I 'V Q, 2 4 5' R Q! 526 -02 80 FORD SERVICE-SERVICE STATION 2610 E- Sama Fe DAILY RENT-A-CAR FLAGSTAFF, ARIZ. 1 1 North Verde 774-5063 FLAGSTAFF. ARIZONA 14 fldmc yt fp M7737 IW! gmgcglf fclm-'e he 5 fwiw W9 Yew gj'm7 QU Wcvwcex Yao af Dwv5lf"'ff6"x C' 07 WNW vecww wt 'SLJQVQXLLLKJ hour Y NRYMNM I vm A YO b"'nf'7"V BANK M' UWVQL fbwfl Chow 1- we c 1 4 N' me 4-'We 1 3200 E santa Fe 54 'Q NIO TW-5 S wzwfzf may my CW 07055 Cv-Mfr tjxvftf IW' DUMAQ Si! 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Suggestions in the Coconino High School - Reflections Yearbook (Flagstaff, AZ) collection:

Coconino High School - Reflections Yearbook (Flagstaff, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


Coconino High School - Reflections Yearbook (Flagstaff, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


Coconino High School - Reflections Yearbook (Flagstaff, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 1


Coconino High School - Reflections Yearbook (Flagstaff, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 169

1976, pg 169

Coconino High School - Reflections Yearbook (Flagstaff, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 118

1976, pg 118

Coconino High School - Reflections Yearbook (Flagstaff, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 158

1976, pg 158

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