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, ..:-uw-xk?:fL -, L asm.:-3.'A....! ..-an--L.,.. .1,L..aLgf,s..Q-mw a. -,.-5,g,.V,, . . ' ,...Q' 'I , ' 1'::1:LJ!f1-zen?-j ,.:v,,., , ,, , qw vfmwwfm i ffYla9 ...V www , 1 fr .ti "rl" K 1 J Qhmdl - U 0 fx I 2 i. C J.,a774,aLl-aff! -ft , I Q WJ!! ss AJ ,P K' - M Cwfgfmdfvff ' . R 'l Fe 3 WmH'f,?'5? ,, I- , I 1 1 1' ' j t Elf' p X 'V ' if Q X A, - V1-f f f F , -' ,ff IX X 'X j x 1 X Q ,"- Kg f f if'-3 x,xf'X--ii4fL' X ," '- f .. -N, ., ,, v .,.m,,, , .,,. , ,.-n,...,,wM...,.-, aff ff" 7 1 If X Q , -it-1,,,W: 55 ,?',?'jQl5"7fjefa M 5 , Oh'v.M6,7l',,1,I..vwnLJ H . I A jwwfiw ffyifww XML . 'ua 3 LIBRI 244 we if wmv wan' 1 f 7 1 ,kv .MM ww" W www Mama. 1 JVM 12 X w 'iff 1' HIV J ' 5 4 fff M ,. , ffimi f- I , , 15 . W W ' 44 W 7 " T523 W 1 gg 1 f f z f y ii ' ,M X Aiwa W , , , A vi px R 'Sl ' H ,w 'M S a ve Q lf L ', 4' 7 " , ' ,Www M114 w ? l 'Q ,W 7 fa M vu Q I 4 ffw 21 a X M ,,,,,5sg74-LT , CLDCICISCLD Pubnshed Each Year by THE SENIOR CLASS of B I K CLINTON HiGH SCHOOL CLINTON, INDIANA Claire McDonald -- Editor Miss Clayton -- Adviser Mr. Stwalley -- Business Adviser Page Three DEDICATION We, the Senior Class of '39, respectfully dedicate this edition of the Old Gold and Black to Mr. Toivo Lahti, in appreciation of his guidance through three hectic years of our high school career. Page Four SCHOOL BOARD I. D. WHITE B. C. HUFFMAN ll. W. LAWSON President Secretary Treasurer ADMINISTRATION SUPERINTENDENT S. H. S. PRINCIPAL E. C. BOYD Indiana State Columbia J. H. S. PRINCIPAL HELEN JOHNSON RAY R, SHEXV Latin Mathematics Indiana State Science Indiana University Indiana State Columbia Columbia Page Five FACULTY KATHRYN AHLEMEYER, English, History, Indiana State. FRED ANTONINI, Science, Indiana. ALICE BAUMGARTNER, English, Indiana, Indiana State. EUGENE BOSWELL, Science, Purdue. MARY LOUISE CARBON, English, Latin, Indiana State. ESTHER CLAYTON, Science, DePauw, Infli consin. C lVll'lDIDLA DLIDAIX VVALIDIED, 1'115LUl'-Y, lllllldllii. DLR-L5. ""' ' "7 v7 ADA CLOYD Mathematics Indiana State , , L. . ANNA LAURA CURTIS, Home Economics, St. Mary's, Purdue, Indiana State. ERNEST ELLIOTT, Social Studies, English, Indiana State. BERTHA FOLTZ, English, Social Studies, Indiana State. MAURICE FRUMP, Physical Ed., Ohio Wesleyan, Ohio State, Indiana State. n P 'VAL A FRED HAYES, English, Indiana State, So. Calif. ALVIN HAYS, Mathematics, Indiana State, V ZOE KIBLER, Social Studies, Ind. State, Arizona, So. Calif., Ore. Agri. College, Ind. EDWARD MCCOOL, Music, Indiana State. DERMOTT MCDONALD, Commerce, Indiana State. MARGARET McWETHY, English, Speech, Indiana State, Indiana, Chicago. Page Six FACULTY ADELINE MAGNABOSCO, Social Studies, Art, Indiana, John Herron Art Institute. HUGH MENDENHALL, English, Chicago, Indiana State. GLENN MORGAN, Mathematics, Indiana State, Indiana, Wisconsin. HELEN NEWPORT, Home Economics, Indiana State, Indiana, Purdue. EARL NEWTON, Industrial Arts, Indiana State. HENRY PALONCY, Commerce, Indiana State. MARGARET PATCH, Commerce, Indiana State, Wisconsin, Harvard. VAN REEDER, Social Studies, Illinois, Indiana State. ERNESTINE ROYER. Physical Education, Indiana State. FLORENCE SALAROGLIO, French, Indiana, McGill, Illinois. ADELYN SHEW, English, Mary Baldwin, Illinois, Ward-Belmont, WAYNE STAATS, Science, Mathematics, Indiana State, Rose Poly. EDWARD STUTEVILLE, Social Studies, Evansville College, W. Kentucky, Indiana CLIFFORD STUMP, Mathematics, Science, Indiana State. MERTON STWALLEY, Industrial Arts, Indiana State. ROBERT TOMPKINS, Mathematics, Indiana State. JOHN TUCK, English, Indiana State. MAYME WILLIAMS, Mathematics, Indiana State. Page Seven Q5 'Y CID TIS g iv- '- Y Q2 Q .Q Ea? gf' V f ..,, IQHy ,,,,. ., ?'?WWWwww if Q3 z ..,.-1:4312 , mv Jhma. lame, Norge Gaz? Page Eight nge Ni E IOR Our Senior Class entered into the mysterious domain called High School in the year 1935. Since we were to be a very outstanding lahemlj class, we did not choose the legendary green and white for our class colors. Instead blue and white have graced our class through all four years. Our class officers were: Alfred Lawson, presidentg Russell Helt, vice-president, Margaret White, secre- tary, Elmo Magnabosco, treasurer. Miss Newport and Mr. Lahti were chosen sponsors. Miss Newport left at the end of the first semester, Mr. Jenkins was elected to fill her place. Our greatest social event was a "kid" party. A Weiner roast gladdened our hearts land our stomachsj in the spring. In our Sophomore year our officers Were: president, George R. Jonesg vice- president, Alfred Lawson, secretary-treasurer, Claire McDonald, and sponsors, Miss Robertson and Mr. Trobaugh. We proved our superiority in the inter-class basketball ticket-selling contest by Winning the cup given for first place. Our class party was a hilarious affair celebrating our victory. The last event of the year was a "swell" picnic on Crompton Hill. Our Junior year was characterized by our triumphs in the commercial con- tests and our successful presentation of our class play "Happy-Go-Lucky." A Hallowe'en party was held in October. The second semester we had an enjoy- able outdoor party. Our Prom - the best ever iso we thinkl - was held on 'May 20 in the Gym with Tracy Hadley and his orchestra. Through this year our officers were: president, Josephine Marcinkog vice-president, Florence Trunkog secretary-treasurer, Thelma Stein. Our sponsors were Miss Robertson and Mr. Lahti. Miss Robertson left before the end of the year and Miss Royer and Miss Newport took her place. And at long last We reached our Senior year. Alfred Lawson was chosen fContinued On Page 171 President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer ALFRED LAWSON ELMO MAGNABOSCO REX HEDGES WILLIAM E. SMITH nshortyu aLMaggievv uzipn L6BillVY Class Officer 1, 2, 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Math Club 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 2, 3 Latin Club 1, 2 Class Officer 1, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Photo Club 4 Band Kc Orch. 1, 2, 3, 4 Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4 Dramatics Club 4 M th Cl b 4 A t Sz Sketch Club 4 a u r Photo Club 4 Page Ten Top Row Middle Row Bottom Row EVERETT ABRAMS IDAMAY BERRISFORD CLARA BOSCARDIN "Abe' French Club 1, 2, 3 Math Club 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Science Club 4 MARTHA AKERS Home Ec. Club 3, 4 G. A. A. 3 Photo Club 4 REX ANSTE AD "Husky" Math Club 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2 Glee Club 3 Sports Club 4 PETE AVENATTI NICK BALABAN r1BIabxy ROBERT BARNES "Barney" Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Cheer Club 3 Glee Club 4 Dramatics Club 4 THELMA BEARD Home Ec. Club 4 LEONORA BELTRAME uLeeu Home Ec. Club 4 Photo Club 4 Page Eleven G. A. A. 1, 2, 3 Cheer Club 1, 2 Dramatics Club 3 Photo Club 4 Home Ee. Club 4 TONY BERTO "Johnny" Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2 Orchestra 1, 2 Dramatics Club 3 Art 8: Sketch Club 4 ORIS BLACK "Blackie" MARY BETH BLANFORD G. A. A. 1 Commercial Club 3 Class Play 3 Dramatics Club 4 Home Ec. Club 4 WILLARD BLUE "Spanky" Sports Club 4 Literary Club 4 DALLAS BOETTO "Dal" Photo Club 4 Art Sc Sketch Club 4 Class Play 4 RALPH BONACORSI Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 ERMETE BONUCCHI "Bus" Class Play 3 "Blue Eyes" Commercial Club 1, 2, 3 Photo Club 4 Home Ee. Club 4 VAN BOZARTH "Smiley" Band 1, 2 Dramatics Club 4 Class Play 4 BILL BRANN HAROLD BRISCOE JOSEPHINE CALI HJOGH French Club 1 Glee Club 1, 2, 3 J AMES CAMARATA 'tEthiopia" EARL CARMODY "Killer" Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Chorus 1, 2 Art 8: Sketch Club 4 Dramatics Club 4 GEORGE CARSO Sports Club 4 Top Row ANNA CASTAGNA Class Play 3 Photo Club 4 Art Kr Sketch Club 4 LUCILE CLOVER "Lucy" Latin Club 1 Cheer Club 2, 3 Class Play 4 Dramatics Club 4 Art 8: Sketch Club 4 HARRY COLEMAN MARY LOUISE CRAIG Commercial Club 2, 3 Home Ec. Club 2, 4 Photo Club 4 PAIILINE CROWDER Chorus 1 Home Ec. Club 1, 2, Il, 4 Dramatics Club 1 Photo Club 4 BETTY CUNNINGHAM "Bet" Commercial Club 2, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Annual Staff 3, 4 Dramatics Club 3, 4 Literary Club ,4 EUGENE DATA MAURIFE DAVIS Basketball 3 Sports Club 4 Middle Row WILLIAM DAVIS "Bill" Math Club 2, 3, 4 Draniatics Club 1 French Club 1 Photo Club 4 HELEN DELICH French Club 1, 4 Cheer Club 3 Literary Club 4 PETE DONNA "Big Feetu Football 1, 2, 3 French Club 2 Sports Club 4 Weight-Lifting Club 4 BILL DURMAN "l'udge" Football l, 2, 3, 4 Cheer Club 3 Conservation Club 4 MARGUERITE EASTER Latin Club 1, 2, 3 Draniatics 1, 2, 3 Cheer Club 2, 3 Social Studies Club 4 KATHERINE ELLIOTT t'Kay" Latin Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Cheer Club 1, 2 Math Club 3 Home Ec. Club 4 Class Play 4 CHESTER FARRINGTON 'AChubby" DONALD FELLOWS Bottom Row ANDREW FENOGLIO ..Andy,, BETTY FERGUSON GORDON FLETCHER "Fletch" Math Club 2 A N NEMARIE FOLDEN MAXINE FOLTZ "Mickey" Glee Club 4 Home Ec. Club 4 MAXINE FOOS "M ack " Art it Sketch Club 4 LESLIE FOSTER ..Lec,, Mgr. Basketball 2, 3 Mgr. Football 3 Class Play 4 Industrial Arts Club 4 Sports Club 4 EDWARD GABONAY P a g e T W e 1 v e Top Row FREDERICK GRINDLE ANNA GUNNOE ANN MARIE GUY HERBERT I-IALLETT "Herbie" Chorus 1, 2 Band 62 Orch 1, 2, 3, 4 French Club 1, 2 Math Club 2, 3, 4 Science Club 4 LOIS HALSEY Commercial Club 1 Home Ec. Club 1, 4 G. A. A. 2, 3 Dramatics Club 4 LOUIS HAPPEL EDWARD HARDIE Class Play 3, 4 Industrial Arts Club 4 DONELLA HARMON "Don" Class Vice-Pres. 1 CNewportJ Class President 2 fNewportJ Page Thirteen Middle Row ERNEST HARRIS ..Jug., Basketball 2, 3, 4 Football 3, 4 DAVID HARRISON "Dave" Football 1, 2, 3, 4 RAYMOND HEDGES 1nRayvv Class Play 4 WILLIAM HEDGES "Farmer" Sports Club 4 RUTH HELT "Sis" Cheer Club 1, 3 Photo Club 4 Home Ee. Club 4 GAIL HENNIS G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Dramatics Club 1, 3 Cheer Club 1, 2, 3 Latin Club 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Home Ec. Club 4 WILLIAM HESLER "Red" Drnmatics Club 3 Annual Staff 3, 4 Conservation Club 4 Art 8: Sketch Club 4 MARY HOWARD "Shirley Temple" Commercial Club 3 Home Ee. Club 4 Bottom Row ORPHA HUNT ROBERT HUNT .,RedH JANE HUNTER "Janie" Cheer Club 2 G. A. A. 3, 4 Dramatics Club 4 Home Ec. Club 4 MARGARET JACKSON i'Peggie" French Club 1 Home Ec. Club 4 MARGARET JENNINGS Mpeg., French Club 1 Dramatics Club 3, 4 Literary Club 4 GEORGE R. JONES Annual Staff 3, 4 Science Club 4 JOSEPH JONES "Joe" Weight-Lifting Club 4 Art Ka Sketch Club 4 HELEN KAIRNS Cheer Club 2 Commercial Club 3 Home Ee. Club 4 Top Row BEULAH KERKEZ Art Sn Sketch Club 4 MILDRED KERKEZ Dramatics Club 1, 4 Latin Club 2 Literary Club 4 Orchestra 2, 3, 4 Chorus 4 JOSEPHINE KIGER ...ION French Club 2 Draniatics Club 4 HAROLD LAMBERT A'Bob" Football 1, 2, 3 Photo Club 4 EDWARD LA RUCH E "Babe" Basketball 3, 4 MARCELLA LAWSON "Sally" Home Ec. Club 1 Commercial Club 2, 3, 4 Dramatics Club 3, 4 Cheer Club 4 Class Play 3 Annual Staff 4 VIRGINIA LEAR 'tGinny" French Club 3 Home Ec. Club 4 MARIE LOUDEN "Duke" Home Ec. Club 4 Photo Club 4 Middle Row DON LUCE ..Tub,, Literary Club 4 Photo Club 4 .IOSEPHINE MARCINKO HJOH French Club 2, 3 Commercial Club 3 Home Ec. Club 4 Dramatics Club 4 G. A. A. 4 Class Play 4 ELNORA MARIETTA "N0rie" Latin Club 2, 3, 4 Cheer Club 2, 3 Home Ec. Club 4 ROBERT MARKELLO "Bob" Industrial Arts Club 4 Sports Club 4 EVELYN MARTIN HEVU Commercial Club 2 Cheer Club 3 Class Play 4 Art KL Sketch Club 4 Photo Club 4 ANNA MENEGHINI Home Ec. Club 3, 4 French Club 4 LAMBERTO MICHELINI ROBERT MITCHELL '1Mitch" Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1 Math Club 4 Dramatics Club 4 Bottom Row WILLIAM MOONEY "Bill" Math Club 1 French 2, 3 Commercial Club 2 Dramatics Club 3 Art Sz Sketch Club 4 Sports Club 4 ARTHUR MOORE "Dutch" Dramatics Club 3 Photo Club 4 CARL MOSER Latin Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 1 Annual Staff 3, 4 Math Club 4 EVA MOSK Commercial Club 1 French Club 2, 3 Photo Club 4 Art 62 Sketch Club 4 ROSELINE MUZZARELLI "Rosie" Home Ec. Club, 2, 4 CLAIRE A. MCDONALD "Tis" Latin Club 1, 2, 3 Cheer Club 1, 2, 3 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Dramatics Club 3 Photo Club 4 Home Ec. Club 4 Annual Staff 3, 4 ELAINE McKAY JOE MCLEISH Page Fourteen Top Row THOMAS Mc-LEISH ..SiS,, Sports Club 4 MARGARET MCVAY "Midge" Cheer Club 2 Dramatics Club 4 Home Ec. 4 MARGARET NELSON "Marg" French Club 1 Dramatics Club 3, 4 Literary Club 4 PAULINE NEVINS "Polly" Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Dramatics Club 4 LILLIE NIEMONEN Commercial Club 1 French Club 2 Art 8: Sketch Club 4 Photo Club 4 GRACE NOWLING Middle Row NOBLE PAIN E RALPH PECK "Milkshake" Glee Club 1, 2 Band 1, 2 Football 3, 4 Weight-Lifting Club 4 ANGELO PERFETTI ..Ang,, VINSON PERKINS "l'erky" Basketball 1, 2, 3 Photo Club 4 LOUISE POGNANT "Frenchie" French Club 1, 2 Photo Club 4 Home Ee. Club 4 MARTHA PROHASKA Cheer Club 1 Home Ec. Club 4 Photo Club 4 MARY PIIOVENCE "Gracie" French Club 2, 3 Home Ee. Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Commercial Club 3 Dramatics Club 3, 4 Class Play 4 Dramatics Club 4 MILDRED Literary Club 4 O'BRADOVICH "Midge" JOE RALSTON Commercial Club 2, 3 Photo Club 4 Home Ec. Club 4 JUNE OWENS Page Fifteen Bottom Row KENNETH RONK ELINOR RUFFATTOLA MARION RUNYAN "Janie" Cheer Club 1 Home Ec. Club 2, 4 FRAN CES RUSSELL ..Fran,, Home Ec. Club 4 MILDRED RUSSELL AMBROGIO SA RTOR BILLIE LOUISE SATTERLEE "Bill" Cheer Club 2, 3 Class Play 3, 4 Photo Club 4 Art gl Sketch Club 4 LE ROY SATTERLEE Higgs., Dramatics Club 4 4 Top Row ALICE SAVIO "Savie" Commercial Club 1, 2, 3 French Club 2, 3 Cheer Club 3, 4 Dramatics Club 4 Home Ec. Club 4 EN Z0 SCORZA DAVID SCOTT CNot Graduatingy BILL SEXTON RENA SILOTTO "Pee Wee" Commercial Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Dramatics Club 4 VERA SLUSSER "Splasher" Home Ec. Club 4 MARY JANE SOMES DOUGLAS SPENCE Middle Row RAYMOND SPURR nspiken Football 1 Sports Club 4 WARREN STAATS "Staatsie" French Club "3 Math Club 4 Sports Club 4 Tl-IELMA STEIN "Steinie" Latin Club 1, 2 Commercial Club 1, 3 Cheer Club 1, 2, 3 Dramatics Club 3, 4 Home Ec. Club 4 Class Play 4 G. A. A. 1, 3, 4 MARYANN STRINGFELLOVV "Stringbeans" Latin Club 2, 3 Dramatics Club 3, 4 Literary Club 4 MARY SUCHTA Cheer Club 2 Commercial Club 2 Dramatics Club 4 Home Ec. Club 4 G. A. A. 4 Class Play 4 Annual Staff 4 DALE TAYLOR HAZEL TENNIS "Toots" Home Ec. Club 4 JAMES THOMAS uJiInInyn Annual Staff 3, 4 Bottom Row THEODORE THOMAS .lTed,, Math Club 2, 3, 4 Sports Club 4 YOLANDA TOMEI "Yolie" Cheer Club 2 Commercial Club 3 Dramatics Club 4 JAMES TREMORE "Gootch" Football 3 Sports Club 4 VICTORIA TROSKEY "Vicky" Track 3 Conservation Club 4 Literary Club 4 FLORENCE TRUNKO "Flat Foot Flossie" Latin Club 1, 2 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff 3, 4 Dramatics Club 4 Home Ec. Club 4 LENA TURCI-II l,Lee,, Conservation Club 4 VIRGINIA MAE VALENTE "Ginga Mae" Commercial Club 1, 2, 3 Photo Club 4 Home Ec. Club 4 VIRGINIA MAE VALERIN E "Jean" Commercial Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Cheer Club 2 Dramatics Club 3, 4 Page Sixteen Top Row MONA VAN LIEU Latin Club 1 Glee Club 3 Dramatics Club 4 Home Ec. Club 4 RUSSELL VANSANT Middle Row ANNA WALCZAK "Annie" Commercial Club 2, 3 Cheer Club 3 Home Ec. Club 4 Dramatics Club 4 Bottom Row ANDREW WILLIAMS -lAndyu Art 82 Sketch Club 4 JOHN SIMPSON QNo picturej LOGAN VVRIGHT "R0ckpile" MARTHA WEBSTER , Dramatics Club 4 "Chick" 50161109 Club 4 Cheer Club 1, 2 JOSEPHINE VOCATORE Latin Club 3, 4 HJOSGY' Literary Club 4 Commercial Club 1, 2, 3 Home EC. Club 4 FRED WHITVVORTH "Brownie" VIRGINIA MAE VOTO Class play 3, 4 "G1H111e" Dram:-mes Club 4 Commercial Club 3 Home Ec. Club 4 Industrial Arts Club 4 IOR iContinued from Page 105 presidentg Elmo Magnabosco, Vice-presidentg Rex Hedges, secretary, and Bill Smith, treasurer. Mr. Lahti and Miss Newport were elected sponsors. Mr. Lahti left during the year and Mr. Newton was chosen in his place. In this year our class was Well represented in athletics and in several contests. Our Senior class play, "Apron String Revolt," was well received. The Juniors entertained us with a beautiful Prom in the Gym on May 19. Baccalaureate was held on May 21. And our last great social event, a picnic at Turkey Run, was enjoyed May 23. Our coveted diplomas were presented to us at Commencement services on Maya 25. Thus the never-to-be-forgotten class of 1939 left Clinton High School with some regrets but with high hopes for the future. Page Seventeen WORLD'S FAIR -1950 Since San Francisco and New York have held their Expositions, it is high time for the buzzing metropolis of Clinton to have some such affair 1 a fairl. Therefore, the year 1950 hails the greatest event in the annals of time-the Clinton World's Fair, which marks the reunion of that super- colossal class of 1939. As we enter the grounds we see Gatekeeper Bill Hesler shirking his re- sponsibilities in an effort to greet his old classmates. Strolling along is Pete Avenatti with a girl on each arm - the same two who used to go around with him. There is Bill Hedges, famous photographer, taking pic- tures of the fair which has been well advertised, thanks to Bob Markello and Arthur Moore who printed the advertisements. What is everyone look- at? Why, it's Lena Turchi doing the hula, and just as good as ever. Mar- guerite Easter and Jimmie are here, toog they're married now. There's Mil- dred Kerkez, who now plays in the great symphony orchestra under Leo- pold Stokowski. Here comes Robert Hunt, we hear he is doing very well on the W.P.A. There is Anna Castagna, now Mrs. Gunnoe. and she hasn't grown an inch. She's talking to Ann Marie Guy and Vera Slusser, who are working in their home towns. Why, there's Helen Delich, the chairlady of the Literary Club's displayg she seems rather bored at hearing Donella Har- mon tell everyone how Reggie, Jr. is just like his papa: just loves to play football and grows like a weed. Well! Clara Boscardin is checking attend- ance at the fair-what a job! Over there at the Bachelors' Club display is Martha Akers. We wonder if she is still such an ardent man-hater. There, also, We see Lillie Niemonen and Mona Van Lieu, bachelor girls, either from choice or necessity. Here comes Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Fletcher with their triplets. The picture on that billboard looks familiar. Why, it's Annemarie Folden who is demonstrat- ing the new Kiss Proof Lipstick. Herbert Hallett, trombone-playing chemist, just passed by. Kay Elliott and Rena Silotto, who have taken Mrs. Johnson's place in the Latin department, just buzzed by. Oh! They surely didn't see Shorty Lawson, superintendent of the Electrical Engineering Department at Numa, for they bumped right into him. He seems to be hurt! But here comes nurses Mildred O'Bra.dovich, Elnora Ruffattola, Thelma Beard, Lois Hal- sey, and June Owegns to his rescue. Elnora Marietta, now head of the music at C.H.S., just arrived with Mary Suchta, local commercial teacher. who has attained her highest am- bition. She took her students to Danville and came back with almost all the trophies. They're now on exhibition - the trophies, not the students. There's a beauty salon right in the fair grounds operated by Grace Nowling, Virginia Valente, Mary Jane Somes, Frances Russell, Eva Mosk and Ruth Helt. They just gave "the works" to Evelyn Martin who reigns as Queen over the Fair. Elmo Magnabosco, local undertaker, is showing the secret of Egyptian mummifying at his display booth called "Maggie's Mummiesf' James Tre- more, who has recently returned from the navy bringing word that Bill Sex- ton could not get a leave of absence, is demonstrating the newest in stream- lined locomotives. Page Eighteen Among those watching Andrew Williams perform the is a dare-devil test pilot and still has that adorable southern accentj are Bill Smith, pres- ident of the fair, and his private secretary, Anna Walczakg Josephine Kiger Dunlop, who is buying candy, pop, balloons, etc. for the ten little Dunlopsg Pete Donna, proprietor of C1inton's world-famous restaurant, "Stumble Inn," which Yolanda Tomei has made famous by her spaghetti, and Mr. and Mrs. Ermete Bonucchi, who are doing very well in their Bonucchi Biscuit Bakery in southern Illinois. In the Milkmaid Contest we find Margaret Jackson, who lives on a dairy farm. Near by, Anna Meneghini is lecturing on "Health and Diet." The "big shot" newspapermen are all here today. There is Louis Hap- pel, the editor of the Daily Clintonian which now has a Sunday edition, and Fred Grindle, circulation manager. Next Sunday's paper will feature Noble Paine's review of Orpha Hunt's latest book. How To Be Married and Not Like It. Edward Gabonay, chief reporter. is interviewing Margaret McVay, who is a second Jeannette McDonald. Billie L. Satterlee is being interviewed by Margaret Nelson and Margaret Jennings, editors of a weekly gossip and fashion magazine. Billie is a character actress in the legitimate theater and is declared by the critics as good as Helen Hayes. In the building of "Come What May" we find Willard Blue and Dallas Boetto in the "I Have Eyes" contest. Bill Brann, Bob Barnes, and Bill Dor- man are judges for the beauty contest which consists of Lucile Clover, Cooke Berrisford, Mary Howard, Butch Moser - Oh, pardon, that was only one of the crowd - Helen Kairns, Beulah Kerkez, Maxine Foltz, and Mar- cella Lawson. In the same building Thelma Stein and Florence Trunko, danc- ing teachers, are sponsoring a "Jitterbug" contest. Contestants are Leonora Beltrame, Mary L. Craig, Betty Ferguson, Don Luce, Joe Ralston, Leroy Satterlee, and Don Fellows. Going into the radio building are David Harrison and Maurice Davis. We wonder if they are going to hear Uncle Ezra's "Rosedale" program. Speaking of radio, there is Pauline Nevins who is broadcasting over station L-O-V-E as the Voice of Experienceg Bill Mooney and Raymond Hedges, who are following singing careers in radio and television, and Ed Hardie, who has taken Jack Benny's place. Approaching the Hall of Science we find George R. Jones, the head elec- trician, and Raymond Spurr, draftsman, who have just finished their latest invention, an electrical-egg-beater-upper-separater. Everett Abrams is rap- idly becoming a millionaire selling his new substitute for helium. Near by, we see Harold "Lover" Lambert, who iiow owns a chain of filing stations. In the gym donated by James "Wimpy" Thomas, who got rich selling hamburgers, are many C.H.S. alumni. Elaine McKay, Mary Provence, Vic Troskey, and Jane Hunter are here as members of the W.A.A. Watching the many activities are: Bet Cunningham, who has settled down f?J with her sextuplets in St. Bernice I They form a basketball team known as the "Red-headed Reeds" with the runt serving as water boyl 5 Tis McDonald, who is raising ducks at her farm called the "Dal Sasso Duck- ery," Bill Davis and Warren Staats lwho are still fighting over the girl on South Mainl g Dale Taylor and Joe Jones, who have just ganged up on Joe Louis and are now co-champions of the world, Ed LaRoche, current basket- Page Nineteen ball coach at C.H.S. 1His and Marie Lou's 8-year old 5'8" twins are promis- ing basketball materiall, and Fred Whitworth, stage manager of the Met- ropolitan Opera House where Josephine Cali and Rosaline Muzzarelli are singing. Mary Ann Stringfellow and Anna May Gunnoe are here with their Girl Scout troops giving safety and first aid demonstrations. As we leave the gym, we see Gail Hennis, who has a summer camp for girls. "Gail's Gals" are taught riding by Rex Hedges, that western whirlwind who still has a way with the women. Martha Webster, Olympic star, is teaching the girls to paddle. Here come Virginia Lear and Marian Runyan, who have a shop where they make clothes for the wealthy Virginia's - Voto and Valerine Harris. fErnie finally got up enough nervel. And there are Alice Savio and her husband, she is still as cute as ever. In the Midget Show are Van Bozarth lpart-time traffic copl, Harold Briscoe, Joe McLeish, Mildred Russell, Maxine Foos, and Hazel Tennis, George Carso makes a splendid barker. Rex Anstead and Ralph Peck are clowns in the show. On the next platform is Leslie Foster lecturing on How To Win Friends and Influence People. Listening to him are James Cama- rata, Eugene Data, Andy Fenoglio, and Marie Louden. Bv the merry-go-round we spy Marv Beth and Tony, now Mr. and Mrs. He is football coach at C.H.S. and they are the proud parents of sev- eral future All-Americans. With them are Josephine and Mitch, now hap- pily married. The Mitchels and the Bertos are neighbors, and the offspring of the two families practically make up a football team. There is Ang Perfetti, wor1d's ping pong champion, playing a fast game. Martha Prohaska, Louise Pognant, and Jose Vocatore, skating instructors at Kennv's place - Ronk's Rink - are entertaining with fancy skating. Who's that resting on the bench? Well! If it isn't John Simpson. Russell Vansant, and Logan Wright-still loafingg they never got over the habit. See that crowd of ladies! Could it be Taylor and Power? No ! ! It's just Vinson Perkins and Ted Thomas. An added attraction to this vear's fair is Tommy MCL-eish. world weight- lifting champion. Oris Black. famous sculptor, and his well-known model, Doug Spence, are here exhibiting Oris' prize works. Who's the man under the big derby smoking the big black cigar? Why, it's Chester Farrington! He is connected with the Defective Detective Agency, and is trailing Enzo Scorza and Harry Coleman, who are selling lottery tickets. What's the big prize? Nothing else but the Wabash River Bridge! Ralph Bonacorsi has just returned from a bicycle trip around the world. He looks sorta puny. What's the matter, Porky? Lost a few pounds? As we walk by, we behold Balaban's Bowling Ballet. Nick is the in- structor and bowling alley proprietor. His star pupils Lamberto Mickelini and Ambrogio Sartor are doing the "Wildcat Whirl" tonight. Nice showing the class of '39 made. Only one didn't show up-Pauline Crowder, who had changed her name so many times we couldn't keep track of her. No! Wait a minute - where's "Killer" Carmody? Oh! here he comes - late as usual. He just crashed through as Gatekeeper Hesler clos- ed the gates on the 1950 Wor1d's Fair. Page Twen JUNIOR CLASS We, the Junior Class, held our election at the beginning of the school year with the following results: President - James Berto Vice-President - Joe Provence Secretary-Treasurer - James Short Sponsors - Miss Royer and Mr. A. T. Hays On Armistice Day we had a float in the school parade preced- ing the Homecoming football game with Brazil. We chose Elise Meyer as one of the attendants of the queen for this celebration. On the night of January 5 most of the Juniors were at the gymnasium enjoying our Junior party. In the spring three one- act plays were given instead of the usual Junior play. We closed this successful year by entertaining the Seniors with the prom on May 19 at the gymnasium. JAMES BERTO JOE PROVENCE JAMES SHORT President Vice-President S6Cl'6tilI'Y-Tl'9i1SLll'8I' Page Twenty-One SOPHOMORE CLASS The Sophomores are 258 in number. At a meeting with Mrs. Johnson in charge they selected the following officers: President - Richard Perkins Vice-President - John Wayne Marietta Secretary-Treasurer - Martha Voto Sponsors - Mr. Dermott McDonald and Miss Anna Laura Curtis In the election of the attendants of the queen for the Home- coming game, Virginia Lee Stewart Was selected. On December 19, sixty-one "Sophies" enjoyed a grand party in the gym. In the spring another party in the form of a picnic was attended by a majority of members. RICHARD PERKINS JOHN WAYNE MARIETTA MARTHA VOTO President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Page Twenty-Two FRESHMAN CLASS The "Freshies" started the new school year with two hundred and forty-five students. They got together within a few weeks and chose their officers which are: President - Marion Dorman Vice-President - Mario Dal Sasso Secretary-Treasurer - Eleanor Archer Sponsors - Mr. M. E. Frump and Miss Adeline Magnabosco Later Alice Drake was chosen as one of the attendants of the queen for Homecoming Day. On December 15, two hundred and forty-five Freshman had a swell party at the gym. They enjoyed a picnic in the spring. MARION DORMAN MARIO DAL SASSO ELEANOR ARCHER President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Page Twenty-Three EIGHTH GRADE Soon after school started 129 pupils of the Eighth Grade met and elected officers and sponsors. On January 19 they had their annual party. During the year they had home room activi- ties under Mr. Elliott's supervision. President CHARLES BOSSTICK Vice-Presidezit RUTH ANN VVOOD Secretary-'I'reasu1'er ICVELYN CLOUGH Sponsors MR. TOMPKINS MISS CLEARWATERS S E V E N T H G R A D E CLARA HARDEN Vice-I'1'esident DONALD STITH Secretary-T1'easu1'er J OHN BAKER Sponsors M R. ANTONINI N ISS BAUMGARTNER Early in the year the Seventh Grade met and elected officers and sponsors. On December 19, they had their party at which refreshments were served. During the year they had home room activities under the direction of Miss Ahlemeyer. Page Twenty-I'our LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the Senior Class of 1939, although having few worldly pos- sessions, declare this to be our last will and testament. I, Everette Abrams, will my ability to get along with the girls to Robert Shew. I, Martha Akers, will my man-hating power to Dorothy Touhey. , Rex Anstead, will my height to next year's basketball team. , Pete Avenatti, will my four girl friends to any one who can get t em. I, Nick Balaban, will my bowling ability to Mr. McDonald. I, Bob Barnes, will my services as a trumpet player to N. B. C. I, Thelma Beard, will my flirtatious ways to Margaret Rovi. I, Leonora Beltrame, will my initials "lb." to Mr. Stuteville. I I I I I I , Idamay Berrisford, will my insomnia to Tommy Giovanini. , Tony Berto, will my stuttering to Roscoe Ates. , Oris Black, will my black cookie duster to Nick Kerkez. , Willard Blue, will my gorgeous lashes to envious girls. , Mary Beth Blanford, will my Wassel dancing to Jack Taylor. , Dallas Bcetto, will my eyes to Eddie Cantor. I, Ralph Bonacorsi, will my roly-poly condition to Wilbur Harris. I, Ermette Bonucchi, will my gorgeous black hair to Herbert Hert. I, Clara Boscardin, will my checking of the assembly rows to an un- fortunate. , Van Bozarth, will my quietness to Pete Milanovich. .., Bill Brann, will my line to hang clothes on. , Harold Briscoe, will my recitations to George Howard Stevenson. I, Josephine Cali, will my voice to the chorus. I, James Camarata, will my nickname "Ethiopis" to "Muscleinni." I, Maurice Earl Carmody, will my first name to Maurice Chevalier. I, George Carso, will my broken nose to the person responsible. I, Anna Castagna, will my superfluous height to Martha White. I I I I I I I I T I , Lucile Clover, will my last name to cows. , Harry Coleman, will my technique to brother Dick. , Mary Louise Craig, will my walk to Mr. Tuck. , Pauline Crowder, will leave because I have 32 credits. , Betty Cunningham, will my absent-mindedness and all the things I've forgotten to Mr. Fred Hayes. I, Eugene Data, will my last name to Lovers. I William Reese Davis, will my loud socks and curly locks to Dale Youmans. Maurice Davis, will -my Rosedale nights to Emerson Crowder. Helen Delich, will my typing ability to both of my sisters, Mary and Dorothy. I, Pete Donna, will my good behavior in assemblies to George Lun- I, I, die. I, Bill Dorman, will my amazing sex appeal to handsome Clyde Tyler. I, Marguerite Easter, will Jimmy to anyone-if they can get him. I Katherine Elliott, will my security to hurdles classes. 7 Page Twenty-Five Chester Farrington, will my athletic build to "Rat" Clark. Donald Fellows, will my pestering to Bill Reeder. Andrew Fenolio, will my test papers to "Squinch." Betty Ferguson, will keep Walter for myself. Gordon Fletcher, will my Romeo mannerisms to Joe Getchie. Anne Marie Folden, will my lipstick to the tube it came from. Maxine Foltz, will my neat hair to Martha Mackie. Maxine Foos, will my "foos" to Smokey Stover. Leslie Foster, will my swell personality to Frank Kamarata. Edward Gabony, will my timidity to mice. Frederick Grindle, will my paper route to ambitious boys. Anna Mae Gunnoe, will my shorthand letters to anyone who can read them. Ann Marie Guy, will everything except my good looks to the Jun- ior Class. Herbert Hallett, will my perfect trombone playing to Edgar Hum- phrey. Lois Halsey, will my future as an Economics teacher to Miss Kib- ler. Louis Happel, will my name "Scoop" to Mr. Carey. Edward Hardie, will my nickname "Buck" to Jack Benny. Donella Harmon, will Reggie to the football squad. Ernest Harris, will my boldness to Don Thomson. David Harrison, will my blushes to Morgan Lachney. Raymond Hedges, will my last name to front yards. Rex Hedges, will my curly locks to Jerry Stuteville. William Hedges, will my candid camera to the Photography Club. Ruth Helt, will my walk to anyone who wants it. Gail Hennis, will my tomboyishness to Mary Louise Paquette. V William Hesler, will my red hair to Mr. Mendenhall. Mary Howard, will my boy friend to no one 5 I tried too hard to get him. Orpha Hunt, will my quietness to Irene Bogovich. Robert Hunt, will my complexion to anyone who blushes. Jane Hunter, will my speech making to Norma Kaster. Margaret Jackson, will my assembly seat to next year's Seniors. Margaret Jennings, will my fashion write-ups to Helen Bodnar. George R. Jones, will my scientific mind to Mr. Staats. Joseph Jones, will my unusual name to the other Jones Boys. Helen Kairns, will my pretty curls to Virginia Lee Stewart. Beulah Kerkez, will my page-boy bob to Florence Bledsoe. Mildred Kerkez, will my loyalty to boy friends laheml to anyone who can get away with it. Josephine Kiger, will my methods of giving current events to Speech teachers. Harold Lambert, will my red nose to W. C. Fields. Edward LaRoche, will my nickname "Babe" to Marie L. Adams. Alfred Lawson, will my walk to Numa to someone with bunions. Marcella Lawson, will my Rose Poly inspiration to Marcella Law- SOII. Page Twenty Six Virginia Lear, will my last name to Shakespearian plays. Marie Louden, will my fast ways to Buddy Ebson. Don Luce, will my "dates" with Miss Carbon to other kids who flunk Latin. Elmo Magnabosco, will "Zeegah" to Clinton High. Josephine Marcinko, will my sunny disposition to Mr. Tompkins for the second period assembly. Elnora Marietta, will my giggles to Sam Winters. Robert Markello, will my patrol belt to Bill Potter. Evelyn Martin, will my title as Beauty Queen to Elise Meyer. Anna Meneghini, will my white and green sweaters to Josephine Mestek. Lamberto Michelini, will my nickname "Dirty" to any sucker. Robert Mitchell, will my perfect timing to Charles McLeish. William Mooney, will my golden voice to anyone wishing a bright future on the radio. Arthur Moore, will my voice to the birds. Carl Moser, will my feet to J itterbugs. Eva Mosk, will my natural blonde hair to Alberta Thomas. Rosaline Muzzarelli, will my typing ability to Billy Bob Kutch. Claire McDonald, will my Irishness to Tony Dal Sasso. Elaine McKay, will my basketball prowess to Otis Anderson. Margaret McVay, will my dimples to Shirley Temple. Joe McLeish, will my speed to Jean Hitt. Tommy McLeish, will my well-pressed pants to Alexander Piag- narelli. Margaret Nelson, will my gossiping to Gillis' after-school gang. Pauline Nevins, will my irresistable looks and personality to any- one wishing to be popular among the boys of C. H. S. Lillie Niemonen, will my quietness to any loud-mouthed Junior. Grace Nowling, Will my slimness to Eleanor Kelley. Mildred O'Bradovich, will my place of eating at the Grill to Mar- garet Yeager. June Owens, will my excess weight to Rose Apa. Noble Paine, will my masculine charm in a gym suit to Robert Auer. Ralph Peck, will my piano playing to Harry Valente. Angelo Perfetti, will my ping-pong ability to Johnny Ellis. Vinson Perkins, will my high powered limousine to my brother NRi .H Louise Pognant, will my dark hair to Irene Gernus. Mary Provence, will my A's in Speech Class to Elizabeth Birt. Martha Prohaska, will my absence slips to Lyman Foncannon. Joe Ralston, will my temper, red hair, and ready fists to Jack Gilfo . Kennesth Ronk, will my line with girls to George Winters. Eleanor Ruffatola, will my heart to Bill. Marion Runyan, will my ability as a seamstress to Clara Grace Paine. Frances Russell, will my sense of humor to "Ginnie" Shew. Page Twenty-Seven Mildred Russell, will my "baby-doll" dresses to Mary Young. Ambrogio Sartor, will my curly hair to "Weigie" Reed. Billie Louise Satterlee, will my dancing to anyone who wishes to keep from being stepped on. Leroy Satterlee, will Dreamland to George Ann Slover. Alice Savio, will all my evenings to HIM! Enzo Scorza, will my mechanical knowledge to Frank Greco. Bill Sexton, will my love of the navy to James "Greasy" Short. Rena Silotto, will my intelligence to Einstein. John Simpson, will my long stay in high school to James Pesa- vento. Vera Slusser, will my Kentucky belle figure to anyone on a diet. William Smith, will my pleasure in bachanal revelry to Bob Mer- r1 ees. Douglas Spence, will my aristocratic nose to Mickey McDonald. Raymond Spurr, will my last name to horse-operas. Thelma Stein, will my classy dancing to Mary Pesavento. Warren Staats, will brother Wayne to future chemistry students. Mary Stringfellow, will my nickname to string beans. Mary Suchta, will all my time to "Gussie." Dale Taylor, will my nickname "Zip" to Stepin Fetchit. Hazel Tennis, will my last name to rackets. James Thomas, will my clarinet playing to Benny Goodman. Theodore Thomas, will my engineering ability to the students of Rose Poly Tech. Yolanda Tomei, will my narrow escape to any autoist. James Tremore, will my sailor hat to Donald Duck. Victoria Troskey, will my boots to Rosemary Cogan. Florence Trunko, will all of my fun in hurdles class to next year's Juniors. Lena Turchi, will my Hawaiian costume to anyone with the abil- ity to use it. Virginia Valente, will my basketball player to no one, he grad- uates. Mona VanLieu, will my stature to Lena Camarata. Russell Vansant, will my assembly gossip to Virginia Morini. Josephine Vocatore, will my color combinations to the rainbow. Virginia Voto, will my hog-calling to any old farmer. Ann Walczak, will my noisy ways to Mary Helen Kandera. Martha Webster, will my love for the classics to Ruth H. Cluder. Fred Whitworth, will my blushes to "Raisins" Dal Sasso. Andrew Williams, will my Southern accent to Rhett Butler. Logan Wright, will my "rightness" to people in the wrong. We, the undersigned, testify that this will has been properly sealed and declared by the Senior Class of 1939. Florence Trunko Helen Sanders Gail Hennis Irene Gernus Claire McDonald Martha Mackie James Thomas Mary Potisek Page Twenty Eight ge Twenty-Ni Thursday Cast Friday Cast SENIOR CLASS PLAY Mrs. McWethy - Director Thir nr' i Q ly it PRO - TRI GRE 0LT,' Thursday Cast MrS. Elizabeth Holt ........................ Josephine Marcinko Annabelle Maden ................,.....,,,,,---,- Luc11e Clover Mrs. Alden -.................................. Elnora Marietta Mrs. Lanigan .................................-.. Mary Suchta David .-..................................... William Mooney Mary LOU ................................... Claire McDonald Henry Fenstehmacher ...................-......... Dale Taylor MiSS Martin ................................... Gail M. Hennis Mr. Wade ................................... Raymond Hedges Jack Alden ................................... Herbert Hallett Messenger Boy .................................... Bill Brann Grocery Boy ...................................... Bill Sexton Officer Clancy ................................ Everett Abrams Synopsis Elizabeth Holt is the youthful mother of David, an all-around boy. According to Annabelle, Elizabeth's school-day chum, Elizabeth is the clinging vine type. Eliz- abeth, widowed for some time, has had the big problem of rearing David alone. But finally. the football coach, Henry Fenstermacher, takes a helping hand. Because David refused the customary descipline on the field, the coach taps him on the jaw. This makes David admire him and Elizabeth hate him. Because she takes this at- titude, David runs away, "with his football sweater." The whole town is in an uproar. Elizabeth receives word that David is found but that he has killed a. man. Again Henry steps in and gets David, who is cleared of the murder and is welcomed home by the school band and his team-mates. Then "Good Ole" Annabelle gives Henry a bit of advice as to what Elizabeth wants David to do, thus he gets Elziabeth and everything has a glorious ending for them all. Friday Cast Mrs. Elizabeth Holt ....................... Betty J. Cunningham Annabelle Maden ............................ Billie L. Satterlee Mrs. Alden .................................... Grace Nowling Mrs. Lanigan .................................. Mary Provence David ........................................... Rex Hedges Mary Lou .,................................... Evelyn Martin Henry Fenstermacher ......................... Gordon Fletcher Miss Martin ...........................-.... .... D allas Boetto Mr, Wade ----,,,,,-,,-....,.,........... .......... C arl Moser Jack Alden ,,,,,,,,--,,,..,......... .......... E dward Hardie Messenger Boy ............................. ..... V an Bozarth Grocery Boy ........................... ......... L Ouis Happel Officer Clancy ,,,.,,,,,..................... .... L eSlle FOS'C8I' Page Thirty-One ART and SKETCH I'1'esicle11t 1611110 lull?-YIILIUOSCO VTCQ-I,1'k?Sif1C1Ilf Earl C111'111o1ly Secretz11'y-T1'v:1s111'e1' Tony Berto Sponsors Miss Mag11z1hosCo Miss Alll6l11Qy't?1' WEIGHT-LIFTING CLUB I'1'eside11t T0111 McL9isl1 ViC9-I'1'i5Sifl4xlll Dale Taylor Sec1'et,a11'y-T1'eus1111-1' Bill Sexton Sponsor Mr. Fred Hu yvs PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB I'1'esidP11t, Harold Lz1111b0rt ViC6-1JI'l'Si1lf?l1f Alfred Lawson Secretz11'y-Trensu1'e1' Virginia Vzxlente Sponsors M12 A. T. Hays Mr, Show T W , A K .W 2 wsrzamw? W- 1 A wligfgxfnw, Q "'-'f f A . M ! 5 M- H+ Q , W ww A in A W 4 , , may m 4 M . ,K X - '71-5 A V, nw - .. ' ,. .Q " W ,-lvl: f - M K ' IEIM., - "6 . V w , NL . l . ,M W K A A My , ,Y ,, .f.f:5- A-A:..,. 5 ,, nv. S: ., 4:3 I , 1 .,,, - JE U .V 'H' A ., 2 L , E, 3 W M 584 ALM ' - f A ,mM4 W g, 5 4 ' .. ,5 ff Q k GM Ugg. M ,V , I 1 V MIM -kr 'V ' V1 Q X 'F 1 ,3 ZZ' XfiilQ1, ,, 7 . g'k..?i? xgs 36 37 ,visas .35 X' ' M S if iq? f-gr! X FQ uni ., Pix. , Sin A 1 ef 3 ,s . , W is l Q 4 If a H121 .f 3 A - . :1... "' vf A , , Y .. -g.,2:.. , H by W gg, f 1 W 0, E 4 In 'Q .7 2411, "Y f - Q 7 3 M wr , 31 ew ti", 5 v 3 , -MJ EXW In Q ww 4' V ' W 173' K 'N gs M Q may 1 4.111 age Th CONSERVATION CLUB President Bill Dorman Vice-llresirlent Bill Potter Secretary-Treasurer Jack Taylor Sponsor Miss Clayton BAND and ORCHESTRA President Ora Max Wellman Vice-President Glenn Clark Treasurer Pauline Nevins Secretary Herbert Hallett 'Reporter lilizabeth Birt Director Mr. McCool MIXED CHORUS Director Mr. McCool LITERARY CLUB President Louis Happel Vice-President, Martha Mackie Secretary-Treasurer Betty Cu nningha in Sponsor Mr. Fred Hayes INDUSTRIAL ARTS President Leslie Foster Vice-President Enzo Scorza Secretary Edward Hardie Treasure-r Louis Peradotto Sponsors Mr. Newton Mr. Stwalley LIBRARY STAFF Sponsors Miss Salaroglio Miss Carbon S ge Thirty-Sev HOME ECONOMICS CLUB President Martha Reed Vice-President Margaret Nesbit Secretary Beulah Bonacorsi Treasurer Bessie Harden Sponsors Miss Newport Miss Curtis CHEER CLUB President George Ann Slover Vice-President Mary Pesavento Secretary Bessie Harden Sponsors Miss Royer Miss Carbon Mr. Tuck Mr. Reeder DRAMATICS CLUB President Betty Cunningham Vice-President Bill Reeder Secretary Mary Suchta Treasurer Tony Berto Sponsors McWethy, Royer, Tuck Kibler, Mendenhall SCIENCE CLUB President George R. Jones Vice-I'1'esi1le111t Mildred Skvlly Sponsor Mr. Stunts SOCIAL STUDIES CLUB President. .luck Taylor Vive-President Jess Rvefl S8CI'9f.flI'Y-Tl'6ilSllPPI' Murgueritv Easter Sponsor Miss Kiblvr COMMERCIAL CLUB President Rena Silotto Vice-I'resiclent Mary Potisek Secretary Marcella Lawson TI'6ilS11I'6'I' Mary Ronda:-i Sponsor Miss Putvh Page Thirty-Eig ANNUAL STAFF SENIORS J UNIORS Claire McDonald ...... Editors-in-Chief --- --- Martha Mackie George R. Jones ...... Business Managers ........ Mary Potisek Gail Hennis ......... Circulation Managers ..... Mary Pesavento James Thomas --- .... Athletic Editors --- ..... Robert Shew William Hesler .......... Art Editors ........ Marie Lu Adams Florence Trunko .... -School-Life-Editors- --- -- Irene Gernus Betty Cunningham Helen Sanders Carl Moser ......... Advertising Managers ........ Jack Taylor Marcella Lawson .......... Typists ........... Martha L. Reed Mary Suchta George Ann Slover Patty Hennis ---- Sophomore Representatives --- Marie Marietta Edward Stuteville-Junior High Representatives-- Valeria Valente Miss Newport ......... Seniors Sponsors ............ Mr. Lahti Miss Clayton --- .... Annual Sponsors --- -.-- Mr. Stwalley ge Thirty-Nine E , ? '5i16?'m f' nw. l...a'.a'4.4s-4 'W Mn, Page Forty ATHL gp Forty-One ATHLETIC When we Seniors look back on our high school career twenty or thirty years from now, we are sure to think of many things of which to be proud. Among these will most certainly be our sports activities. Although we did not always win, we have had the best all-around seasons in both basketball and football that C. H. S. has had in a long, long time. After the Wildcats had opened the season against Dugger and dedicated the new stadium with a victory, they went on to win five games and to take four defeats. For the Homecoming game with Brazil, the "C" Men's Club sponsored a contest to select a queen to rule over the festivities. Evelyn Martin was chosen to wear the crown with Elise Meyer, Virginia Lee Stewart, and Alice Mae Drake as her attendants. The Wabash Valley Championship was lost to Sullivan in a hard fought battle on Turkey Day. Tony Berto, our star quarterback, received All-Valley and All-State recognition for his outstanding ability during the season. When the new satin pants had been laid away to rest, the Wild- cats donned their basketball suits and ventured on the hardwood "to do or die" for Dear Old C. H. S. After pulling the same trick on Garfield that they pulled on us two years ago fnamely, defeat- ing us at the opening of our new gyml, we went on to win eighteen games and lose seven, including the Wabash Valley and the State tourneys. We lost to Dana in the Semi-finals of the Wabash Valley. We won the Sectional Meet of the State Tourney, but we were de- feated by Greencastle in the final game of the Regional. Clinton entered both a girls' and boys' track team on several meets and both proved highly successful. Page Forty Two CRIDIRON GAMES CLINTON VS. DUGGER To start off the age-old battle of Clinton against the World, the Wildcats dedicated their brand new stadium to the Goddess of Vic- tory by defeating Dugger 31 - 6. CLINTON VS. WASHINGTON iEast Chicagol The next Friday, Washington of East Chicago took us down the rocky road to an honorable defeat 26 - 7. CLINTON VS. REITZ lEvansVil1eJ Although we had a better-than-average team, we were now in the midst of a bunch of tough players. The game was a tie until the closing minutes, when Reitz completed a last pass across the goal to end it 7 - 0. CLINTON VS. BICKNELL The next week-end we played our first game away from home- at Bicknell. It was one of the best games of the year and all the more thrilling because Tony Berto made a 70-yard run that put us ahead at the end to the tune of 14 - 7. CLINTON VS. WILEY 1 Terre Hautel On October 14 we made another trip south to Terre Haute where we defeated Wiley. The score at the end, 33 - 24, looked like the score of a basketball game and had changed about as quickly too. It was one of the most exciting games of the year. CLINTON VS. GARFIELD 1Terre Hautej On October 26 after a long lay-off, Clinton played another Terre Haute team, Garfield, at our stadium. Clinton made a touchdown in the first few minutes to give them the extra points needed to win. Clinton 21 - Garfield 13. fContinued on Page 461 Page Forty-Three Row Row Row Row GRIDIRON CALAHADS Elmo Magnabosco, guardg Robert Mitchell, centerg Ernest Harris, endg Bill Dorman, guardg Tony Berto, quarterback. Bob Barnes, guardg Captain Earl Carmody, fullbackg Louis Peradotto, tackle. Jim Berto, halfbackg John Valente, end. Reginald Whitlock, tackleg Mr. M. E. Frump, Head Coachg Mr. Boswell, Assistant Coachg Tony Dal Sasso, halfback. Page Forty-Four SQUAD IDENTIFICATIONS Bynum, Thomas, Potisek, Kirkman, Chenall, Abernathy, H. Valente, McDonald, Dugger, Rodich, Stevenson, Doughty, Weir, Miller, Ram- sey, Smith, J. Marietta, Bozlner, Hillyer, Kelley, Meneghini, Zonatti, Bates, McConnell, Hill, Colderbank, Reynolds, Perkins, P. Jones, Harrison, Drake, Scaggiari, Pesavento, Greco, Turchi, Fenoglio, Peradotto, Peck, G. Jones, Dorman, Giovanini, Shelton, P. Marietta, Scorza, J. Berto, T. Berto, Captain Carmody, Dal Sasso, Purcell, Thomson, Coach Stuteville, Athletic Manager Mr. A. T. Hays, Stu- dent Manager Jim Short, J. Valente, Kendall, Magnabosco, Mitchell, Barnes, Whitlock, Harris, Head Coach Mr. M. E. Frump, Assistant Coach, Mr. Eugene Boswell. age Forty-Five GRIDIRON GAMES CLINTON VS. MISHAWAKA On November 5 a new team invaded the home of the Wildcats, a team from up north by the name of Mishawaka, who after wait- ing from Friday until Saturday to play us because of a rain storm, beat us 19 - 7. CLINTON VS. BRAZIL On Homecoming Day, November 11, after an afternoon of parading and welcoming back Old Grads, we played Brazil. Of y course, after such an afternoon, we could not have it any other way than to beat the Red Devils 13 - 6. CLINTON VS. SULLIVAN I "Turkey Day," November 24, was cold, bleak, and slushy. On this day ,with snow piled high around the Sullivan field, the game for the championship for the Wabash Valley was fought. Although the boys played hard to the last minute, Sullivan pushed over two touchdowns to our one to win 13 - 6. LOVE AND HONOR Love and honor to our High School, Our High School old and grand, Proudly we shall ever hail thee, Over all the land. Rah! Rah! Rah! Clinton High School, now we praise thee, Sing joyfully this layg Love and honor to our High School Forever and a day ! ! ! Page Forty-Six HARDWOOD HISTORY CLINTON VS. GARFIELD On December 1 the Wildcats opened the new season and also opened a new gymnasium at Garfield. The team displayed good form for an opening game and won by a score of Clinton 24 - Gar- field 20. CLINTON VS. NEWPORT Clinton journeyed to Newport on December 9 for their second game. They marked up another victory without the services of Tony Berto, who was out because of an injury. Clinton 31 - New- port 19. CLINTON VS. CRAWFORDSVILLE On December 13 we played our first home game and suffered our first defeat of the season. It was in the first minutes of this game that Bonacorsi, a last year's regular, received a knee injury which kept him out for the rest of the season. Clinton 13 - Craw- fordsville 22. CLINTON VS. PARIS The Cats crossed the state line on December 16 to play Paris in their next game. After putting up a game fight in the first half, they succumbed to the Paris barrage in the last half. Clinton 32 - Paris 48. ' CLINTON VS. SULLIVAN On January 2 Clinton avenged a last year's defeat by downing the Sullivan Golden Arrows. The Wildcats led all the way and won by a score of Clinton 29 - Sullivan 25. CLINTON VS. ATTICA On January 6 Attica visited Clinton. The Cats showed an air- tight defense and won by a score of Clinton 24 - Attica 13. CLINTON VS. BRAZIL A week later the Cats were host to Brazil for what was one of the most exciting games of the season. After the score had been tied 22-22 at the close of the fourth quarter, Clinton won in the over- time period by a score of Clinton 24 - Brazil 23. CLINTON VS. WILEY On the very next night. Clinton visited Wiley for the last game before the Wabash Valley Tournament. The team showed the ef- fects of the hard fought game with Brazil and lost by a score of Clinton 27 - Wiley 35. CLINTON VS. CAYUGA On February 1 the Wildcats invaded Cayuga, the home of a team which they had beaten by only seven points in the tourna- ment. fContinued on Page 493 Page Forty-Seven WHO'S WHO ON THE HARDWOOD Row 1: Tony Berto, guardg Paul Marietta, guardg Edward La- Roche, centerg Donald Thomson, forwardg Ernest Harris, forward. Row 2: Jim Berto, forwardg John W. Marietta, forward. Row 3: Joe Provence, guardg Mr. Stuteville, Coachg Mr. McDonald, Assistant Coachg Bill LaVanne, forward. Page Forty-Eight Page F HARDWOOD HISTORY fContinued from Page 475 Showing an improved offense, they ran up their highest score of the season. Clinton 52 - Cayuga 23. CLINTON VS. OTTER CREEK Otter Creek of North Terre Haute invaded Clinton on Feb- ruary 3. Clinton easily overwhelmed the Otters by a score of Clin- ton 40 - Otter Creek 12. CLINTON VS. DANA On February 7 the Wildcats traveled with revenge in their hearts to the home of the Dana Aggies. Although without the ser- vices of LaRoche, who was out with chicken pox, they led all through the game and withstood a last quarter rally to win by a score of Clinton 31 - Dana 29. CLINTON VS. GARFIELD Two days later Garfield came up from Terre Haute, also seek- ing revenge. However, they were disappointed as the Wildcats, still without LaRoche, continued their winning ways. Clinton 24 - Gar- field 18. CLINTON VS. RENSSELAER On February 11 Clinton made its first trip to Rensselaer. The Wildcats, greatly handicapped by the absence of three players - LaRoche, LaVanne and John Marietta - could not keep up with the speedy attack of their opponents. Clinton 16 - Rensselaer 25. CLINTON VS. COVINGTON The Cats were again on the road on February 15. This time they went to Covington where they put themselves back in the win column in a closely fought game. Clinton 19 - Covington 17. CLINTON VS. PARIS The high point of our season was reached two days later. The Paris Tigers, who had beaten us by 16 points early in the season, came prowling over the state line expecting to repeat as easily. They were surprised, however, as Clinton played the best game of the season and came from behind in the last minute of play to win by a score of Clinton 24 - Paris 23. CLINTON VS. ROCKVILLE On February 21 Rockville, a strong Parke County team, came over hoping to spring an upset. Clinton, although without the ser- vices of Thomson, who suffered an ankle injury in the Paris game, led throughout the game and won by a score of Clinton 26 - Rock- ville 20. CLINTON VS. STATE HIGH On February 24 the Cats, still without Thomson, went down to Terre Haute to play State High in the last game of the season. Both teams played ragged ball with State holding the advantage. It was Clinton's fifth loss against twelve victories for the season. Clinton 10 - State High 15. orty-Nine SECOND TEAM BASKETBALL The Kittens played this season under a new coach, Mr. Dermott Mc- Donald. Although they played very unsteady basketball in their sched- uled games, they came through in fine form to win the county tourna- ment by defeating Newport, Cayuga, and St. Bernice. Some of the boys improved greatly during the season and will prob- ably be used often on the first squad next year. Row 1: Harris, Student Manager-Short, Hayslett. Row 2: Fenoglio, Anderson, Coach McDonald, Smith, Dal Sasso. Page Fifty I-IP Fif a-gm-.W CLINTON BOOK STORE For GENERAL ELECTRIC Triple - Thrift Refrigerators EVERYTHING See F Th SCT-TOOITS RADIO SERVICE O C 456 N. Ninth St. 242 Mulberry St. E Phage 792 t as a men s Phone 235W No Tginagce Co. Compliments ANNUAL f Was Produced By o FRIST FUNERAL HOME THE DAILY CLINTONIAN If It's Printed- We Can Print It! The Local Union Label On Your Printed Matter Costs No More! LET US PROVE IT Compliments A. J. DOUGHTY MEDLOCK JEWELRY CO. DIAMONDS Furniture WATCHES G'ft f l't Stoves 1 S 0 Qual y Ig "Look For The R11gS jg Big Clock" Page Fifty Two Victor Paloncy GROCERIES and MEATS Telephone 76 Fairview H. J. Schrader 81 Co. "GENERAL TIRES" Paints - Batteries Auto Supplies Tel. 11 300 So. Main Elliott's Standard Service Complete Line of 'I Standard Products I V 4 1: ATLAS TIRES and BATTERIES 3rd and Vine Sts. Model Cleaners Efficient Band Box Cleaning We Give Prompt Service Telephone 13 Wood 8E CO. eiforaishgn EiTsown :i WALLPAPER - PAINT R1VC1'S1dC 11111 We Specialize In GLASS Italian Spaghetti 8z Raviola Phone 58 E. Elm St. near River Bridge CLINTON, IND. Lucky Strike Bowling Alley "Bowl For Health" ff Billiards - Fountain Service The Service Oil Co. "On The Banks Of The Wabash" SHELL PRODUCTS Phone 479 Compliments of Clinton Hotel 9 Dolly s Cupboard HOME COOKED MEALS 417 So. Main St. l Stevenson I Lumber Company Auto "The Building Material Body 'Shop Stow, Wrecked Cars Made Like New Page Fifty-Three Lee Hain Wasserman Furniture - Rugs - Stoves SHOES For 2? The Family ARMSTRONG Modern Prices LINOLEUM 218 so. Main Compliments BUY f HEALTH and ACCIDENT 0 INSURANCE J. C. Penne Co. of y O. F. Houston Buffer-Krusl' Bread Made - With - Milk Gillis Pharmacy Modern Drug Store and Fountain Lunch Service 0lmstead's Cleaners " A Little Better" PHONE 129 A Bottle of Milk Is A Bottle of Health Clinton Pure Milk Co. City Market GROCERIES and MEATS PHONE 1 7 9 When You Think of Tires and Batteries Think Off Ninth and Bogart Mobilgas Station Joe Giacoletto - Clinton, Ind. Goodyear Tires - Globe Batteries Powell's Pharmacy The Accomodating Drug Store 123 S. Main Moore's Shoe Shop "For Better Shoe Repairing" We Deliver - Phone 139 Phone 102 229 So. Main y Page Fifty Four Bonacorsi Bros. GROCERIES and MEATS "We Trim Our Meat, Not Our Customers" We Deliver Phone 144 or 145 Leeds Flowers "BEST SELECTION of CUT FLOWERS" Phone 752 Compliments of P. E. Moser CLOTHING and SHOES Baker's WOMEN'S 81 CHILDREN'S WEAR 345 South Main Clinton, Ind. White's Pharmacy Corner Main and Elm Sts. Phone 16 Blake,s Neighborhood Store "All Your Needs Can Be Supplied Here" 404 North Ninth Phone 12 Scc F araco's Headquarters For BULOVA and GRUEN WATCHES 218 So. Main St. L. W. Hershey Florists "We Grow Our Own" Antonini's Restaurant "ITALIAN FOODS Our Specialty" The Derby "Your Best Bet" 555 North Ninth 518 N0IT?'I?Il?IelN?IlFI,TH ST. Compliments Courtesy of of Karanovich Mary Ann Beauty Funeral Home Sh0P Phone 165 Page Fifty-Five ROSENRLATTQS CLINTON'S GREATEST STORE High School and College Pictures OUR SPECIALTY Photography In All Branches SPIETH STUDIO Olney, Illinois 1. I .1 I .I HI-1, f 1 -4 'sf' 4 .- .. n .xg J. ., '3 'ANY 1' 'Qi 'Ian ,. I II... - .I w. . ..g,.4III, - I F534 '- r '-- -.' I. , . I - 1 I x A Y: V-"'u. .4 ' " ' I 1 . . 1 I Lg-I, . I.. -.- - ...1 ' ' , I... . 33- -- I .,- 4' 'L if 'rw' -D "-4.--lg 1- '- E-f'i'fLE a":,.I 44 .-. - It . - 2I . I ,4 ..' , 1 " L ',-Q-- ,:.' P -. . --, ' ..1.",," , - I ii- . 1, -' .-."'. 'I r 1 TI if -T-f"f.',I?g 3 1 ' ' f 3 ..,'5'f. ig If .33 QNIQ. 1 -- nr ,I - - - - I - -I.-,I-II I, -I I . AI -T-.I 1.-I I .- ., .' .I IDI-,H - .- fII.-' I, .- II ,I " -I1 -'-g'.i y 1 I:i II :Q ' ' ' ' I . '-gi-'Lj,,'-Q . I ' I - fn .iii 4 . " I. .I .' II -Q,"!--,L,'g,1' - ' ."'1 - V 1 Ii -. 1 f - . -:Jw x: A I -. Q --5. "' 11'--, - . 3' - . ' 4- - -' ' -' A -' QI ' ' ' '-ftgigrg - -- -. 1-I 4.-, ' L , : A- '- ' .rg Q' 44 ' " 5" , 1 ,- - - . ' l ' -1 ' 1 ' '- '- - "4 , 1 In I If -'z V -uf - w, Ii, I.III1I' I1 1 ., 'F537' -- .. ' ""f' 'T- . ,.I'. .I- ,I I. . , I ' II I I-5 I,I-II - -. 1- 'm ' r 12 , ' . I ' L- -.f :LII I- -- , , I, .ruff ' I 4 ' X, I I . '1 r'- 'zL7'i1ik- - 'L-,'-'I " L1 I I - .. -- . ,I .,.,, --4 - , . .- I -I . 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