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• 7 ' 9 - 6 THE ECH 4 V f V K " X. - JL.JV.Muy m iM I itrfUll GENEALOGY 977.202 669CC, 1964 ■ ' f r " J u. V • l x JU " ' ( ' ■ ' K,-. ■■?S " Dedication P.T.A. Officers XOT SHOWN: Viofa Christner We are very thankful to the Parent Teachers Association for their steadfast consecration to the school. It has been revealed time after time as they labored hard for our benefit. They sponsored the chicken suppers and bake sales, to raise the needed funds. Our deep appreciation for the new desks, the purchase of which they took into their own hands, can hardly be expressed in words. The constant toiling of the P.T.A. is certainly worthy of our highest recognition. As an expression of gratitude for the P.T.A. ' s many contributions to the school, we dedicate to them the " 64 ECHO " . Our School Administration To you we look with upturned eyes with ready minds with trusting hearts: abecedarians ushers into worlds of experiences expositors of truth examplars mentors counselors Elementary We enter here vistas of hope antepast eager wondering plastic trusting teacher to be like God omniscient and good Junior High We seek to be, to become spurning a leader but welcoming a light wanting aid but fearing aid will foil our aims High School We search for meaning for core and fabric of life detesting sophist ' s mask we probe incessantly for reality, for truth Activities Not in books comes all our learning fidelity creativeness resourcefulness agility are refined in the crucible of responsibility Sports Quickening the mind the eye, the touch the kinesthetic sense of time and space Mind to mind brawn to brawn we match in game or race PrincipaVs Message You are a part of that generation of whom it has been well said, " It is the first generation that it is impossible to teach what it will need to know in life. " Changes are so rapidly occurring that often the content of vocational training and of the practical arts is obsolete before you can utilize it. This means that, more than ever before, you need an acquaintance with the fundamental and unchanging truths of life. You need to be versed in the under- lying principles of the sciences, both natural and social. Your need for ac- quaintance with the foundational principles and axioms in a broad spectrum of knowledge is becoming a basic necessity. Only with this acquaintance will you be prepared for the lifetime of learning that rapid change is dictating today. Only with this foundation can you build a worthwhile contribution in the field God chooses for you as you discover your gifts and live in a world quite dif- ferent than even the one you know today. Your place as the light, the salt, the witnesses of Christ can be filled only as you are prepared to fill it during the decades of your lives, — decades that will almost reel with changes, specialization, urbanization, and automation. Never in the course of human history has it been more needful for youth to know the meaning of life as God has graciously revealed it to us. As you leave this school to go on in the perennial necessity to learn, may you go with tills firm conviction, -- " that God is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. " Galen Johns xm. ' m To you we look . . with upturned eyes with ready minds with trusting hearts: abecedarians ushers into worlds of experien ces expositors of truth examplars mentors counselors. ADMINISTRATION Board of Directors John O. Miller, Chairman Otis Mast, Secretary Daniel Beachy, Treasurer Perry Yoder Henry Kauffman The Clinton Christian Day School Board of Directors consists of five members; one each from the Mennonite, Conservative, and Amish, plus two members at large. The school board enjoys the privilege of working in connection with the school in making weighty decisions for the benefit of the school. An organization of this type needs certain persons to be responsible for the operation of the school. With the help of the faculty and each patron, the program of the school can go forward in success. As problems arise in the school, the Board acts upon these problems with a great concern and uses the best knowledge that they can offer to promote the program of the school. As school terms end, there are frequently several teachers leaving the faculty. It is the Board ' s responsibility to replace these vacancies. It is a challenge to find consecrated teachers to fill these places. Through the years of C.C.D.S. the Lord has blessed and provided the school with faculty and financial support. We know that with earnest efforts made, many fine young men and women have come out of this school and are in Christian service. The Board Religeous Daniel Bontrager Welfare Vernon Bontrager Committee Clarence Yoder Janitor Herman Bontrager Faculty BRO. GALEN JOHNS Principal High School Speech Sociology Elements of Music Bible Doctrines Chorus 7-10 Calvary Singers Music 3 4, 7 8 MISS JOYCE SEIBEL High School English Literature General Math Biology MRS. LILLIAN PLETT Grades 7 8 Assistant Teacher Boy ' s Physical Educa- tion MISS SUSIE BONTRAGER Grades I 2 Faculty MISS MARY KATHRYN MILLER Grades 5 6 MRS. RUTH KORTEMEIER Grades 3 4 (Taught first II weeks) MRS. MARY GULP Grades 3 4 Teacher s Informal Photos ' Good Morning, boys and girls. " - Miss Bontrager ' Let ' s turn to page. - Mrs. Plett " Do, mi, sol, do! " ■ Bro. Galen Johns ' Okay boys, let ' s do some push-ups. ' - Bro. Herman Bontrager 10 " How about a game of ping-pong? " Miss Miller - Miss Siebel s We search for meaning for core and fabric of life detesting sophist ' s mask we probe incessantly for reality for truth. HIGH SCHOOL High School Our Thanks You ' ve done so much for us, Dear Lord, We want to thank You too. And so we ' ll show our gratefulness By serving only You. We ' ll use our talents, large and small To tell of Thy great love. And live our lives with Thy help ' til We reach our home above. Lois Johns ' i ' President Barbara Miller Vice-President Joe Shetler Secretary Verna Miller Treasurer Bontrager 12 VERNA ELLEN MILLER Keensense-commonsense always room for nonsense. Interesting written material IF you can read it. Class Officers, 9, 10. NORMA JEAN BONTRAGER Winning disposition, always ready for fun. JOSEPH ELDON HOCHSTETLER Does not shirk responsibility,, but occasionally likes to skip home- work. Wastes no love on math. Class Officer 1( Mirror Staff 9, 10. 13 BARBARA EILEEN MILLER Radiates friendliness, has original writing ability, useful wherever she is. Class Officer IC Mirror Staff 8, £ Echo Staff 10, LEON DALE MILLER 100% gentleman, efficient work with A ' s to prove it. Class Officers, Echo Staff 9, 10; Student Council 7. IRENE THOMAS Seldom at a loss for words, person- ality plus, busy as a beaver- mischief or business, true friend. Echo Staff 10. 14 FRIEDA BONTRAGER Sweetness and meekness equal a real lady. As busy as the day is long, greatest joy comes from bringing happiness to others. LOIS ELAINE JOHNS Considerate friend, lier fingers run races on the keyboard, A ' s decorate her papers. Give Lois the job; she ' ll do it to the best of her abilities. Echo Staff- 9, 10 Mirror Staff- 7 Student Council- 10 Class Officer- 8 Echo Staff- 10 Mirror Staff- 8, 9 Student Council- 7, 10 Class Officer- 7 15 V.E.M. G.J. J.S. L.E.J. -. L.D.M. I.T. J.E.H. B.E.M. N.J.B. 16 SHIRLEY ANN BRENNEMAN Has a voice like a songbird; good worker; friendly to all. LaVERNE JAY BONTRAGER Quiet; conscientious worker; " silence is w isdom, therefore I ' m wise. ... " P ANN MARIE HOCHSTETLER Sunny disposition; loyal heart, ever ready to do her part. 17 LAUREEN SCHROCK Loquacious, tidy; " Give me an F now, because I know I won ' t have time to do it. " BETTY ANN HERSHBERGER Here for the first semester only, quiet till you know her, hails us from Florida . JOSEPH SHETLER Excels in sports, courteous, has to ignore the girls to escape being mobbed. 18 EUGENE MILLER Molecular size; works hard; if si- lence were golden, he ' d be a n:iillionaire. MARVIN BORNTRAGER Not even water can put this fire- cracker out. Studied -once and then got sidetracked. ' , t ' RUBY MILLER Neat and out for a good time, friendly. 19 WAYNE BONTRAGER Enjoys a good joke; they say girls are stars, so he keeps them at telescopic distance; future dairyman. JOANN SCHWEITERT Friendly; lightning on the gym floor. LAURA ELLEN MILLER A good student; would rather write than speak. 20 " VIEWPOINTS " " I know the Christian atmosphere has greatly influenced me to daily walk with the Lord. I believe if this atmosphere would be meaningful to all the students we would have a better school. I believe all children should take a Christian attitude in everything they do. " Marie Hochstetler " I feel this school has really helped me in ' preparing for the life which is and that which is to come ' . It has been a real asset to my life. " Joseph Hochstetler " I will appreciate Clinton Christian Day School all my life. I am sure I will never regret these ten years I spent here. It is here I gained knowledge and learned to understand much about God. I will always cherish Speech class where we had many discussions that probed into the deep things of life. " Frieda Mae Bontrager " This school has meant much to me through the years I attended here. I think we students should be thankful we have the opportunity to at- tend this school. Money is worth far less than the blessings received here. I thank God for the privilege to attend here. " Joe Shetler " I greatly appreciate the years I have spent at Clinton Christian Day School. Fellowshipping with other young Christians is a wonderful privilege. Our chapel period has helped me discover various ways of worship. " Marvin Borntrager " Words cannot fexpress my deep appreciation for Clinton Christian Day School. I have had many helpful experiences here. I am thankful for Christian parents who have sacrificed much to give me a Christian education. " Shirley Brenneman " To me Clinton Christian Day School is a source of learning. We learn through seeing relationships and through experiences. We find both of these here. We can see the relationship between our studies and God ' s plan for our lives. This makes us realize the importance of studies in fulfilling God ' s plan for us. We also learn through actually trying, sometimes failing, but always learning from these experiences. " Lois Johns " I believe the Christian teachers are the most important asset to the school. Their dedication and devotion challenge us to live happy and useful lives, for the cause of God ' s divine kingdom. They help us understand life as it is. As a result we establish our own definite ' Philosophy of Life ' . " Leon Dale Miller 21 tlc i « • ■.■■ ' : - - -. « h JUNIOR HIGH Eighth (,ra(le CLA. ' S OFFICERS President Gar Miller Vice-President Carol " ; Yoder Secretary-Treasjrer . Meredith Ontrager 24 f ' 1 iCSTETSiS: Si«iSi « r s: ,J; «i. JcA s: Charles Bontrager Alve Shetler 25 Wayne Miller Carolyn Yoder Richard Beachy Gary Miller Ada Kauffman Class Roll Richard Beachy: There is a great deal of mischief under his quiet ex- terior. Avid sportsman. Amy Bontrager: Friend to all, whiz at all subjects, " Oh that Charles! " Meredith Bontrager: Original artist, has her share of fun, neat. Charles Bontrager: That smile of his! Keeps the classroom lively. Naomi Borntrager: Studies conscientiously, a giggle of her own. Lloyd Graber: Bachelor to be! ? Heard if not seen, reading is a hobby. Ada Kauffman: " These long legs of mine. " Good at sports, friendly. Elroy Miller: Can get buried in a book during class, enjoys sports. Gary Miller: " Quiet? " Great addition to tenor section in chorus, " girls! " Rachel Miller: Full of life, can be serious, friendliness is a part of her. Wayne Miller: Seen more often than heard, " Where is Alve? " Alve Shetler: Lots of freckles, opposite of talkative, friendly. Carolyn Yoder: Short, sweet ' n neat, " Oh quit embarrassing me. " 27 7th Grade President: Gary Beachy Vice -President Lorris Miller Secretary -Treasurer: Clara Fern Graber 28 Joy Elaine Miller Paul Louis Kauffman Frieda Ann Miller Lamar Eugene Troyer Carolyn Fern Miller Lorris David Miller 29 Esther Ellen Miller Wilbur Lee Hochstetler r I Elsie Fern Miller Marion Miller Rose Ella Mast Richard Lee Bontrager 30 Verda Joan Troyer Gary Dawain Beachy Frieda Mae Bontrager Glen E. Bontrager Clara Fern Graber Duane Lee Miller 31 Class Roll Gary Davvain Beachy: Teasing seems to be a hobby, good at sports. Frieda Mae Bontrager: Ready smile, always workin ' . Glen E. Bontrager: Friendly to all, kindhearted. Richard Lee Bontrager: Heard if not seen, favorite pastime; talking. Clara Fern Graber: Never a dull moment, her sister ' s miniature. Wilbur Lee Hochstetler: A ' s are no problem, heard if not seen. Paul Louis Kauffman: Avid sports fan, incessive gum chewer. RosElla Mast: The noiseless type, tall and slender. Carolyn Fern Miller: Books are her favorite, a studious student. Duane Lee Miller: Doesn ' t lose sleep over lessons, teasing is a habit. Elsie Fern Miller: Small but mighty, friend to all. Esther Ellen Miller: Artistic ability, neat as a pin. Frieda Ann Miller: Tall and neat, A ' s are common. Joy Elaine Miller: A smile for everyone, neat as a pin. Lorris David Miller: Avid book fan, " sports hold my attention " . Marion Miller; Miniature giant, nickname " Butch " . LaMar Eugene Troyer: Tall and neat, good at sports. Verda Joan Troyer: Wastes few words, chums with RosElla. 32 Classroom Activities Do you understand? Busily Studying ' Watch out, Duane! There ' s a sneeze a ' coming! " 4 33 HAPPINESS ©.-n 4 SUCCESS We enter here vistas of hope antepast eager wondering plastic trusting teacher to be like God omniscient and good. il SI ELEMENTARY Mrs. Gulp - Teacher Grades Five and Six Mrs. Kortemier First 11 weeks Intensive listenins 36 GRADE 6 David Miller Rosa Yoder Glenda Bontrager Norman Bontrager Joanna Hochstetler Galen Miller Jerry Bontrager Carl Schrock Jason Bontreger Marvin Beachy Elsie Miller Gerald Mullet Lester Shetler Esther Shetler Charles Miller Dorothy Troyer Glenn Mast Beulah Miller Gloria Troyer Robert Click f - - Irr - 37 Grade 5 P M Charlotte Miller Marvin Weirich Sue Ann Beachy Ivan Borntrager James Miller Miriam Miller Richard Bontrager Ruth Ann Bontrager Walter Bontrager Norma Miller Thomas Bontrager Ruth Ann Stutzman Wayne Miller Susan Miller Warren Yoder Carolyn Mast Hubert Miller Alice Jane Graber Anna Belle Yoder Thomas Rose Denis Ann Miller Raymond Bontrager 38 Classroom Activities K - Back seat view Checking at the atlas Studying hard, Buelah? Busy, but. Acting out Bible stories 39 - Miss Miller, Teacher Grades Three and Four Teacher ' s view of the class. 40 Emma Lu Beachy Floyd Miller Rosemary Beachy Marvin Troyer Norma Yoder Miriam Miller Ruth Ellen Bontrager Loren Johns Ellis Dale Shetler Lavon Schrock Lavern Schrock Mary Stutzman Waneda Mast Lavern Beachy Marion Miller David Lee Miller Rosanna Yoder Emanuel Miller Judith Hochstetler 41 Grade 3 Carol Bontrager Daniel Bontrager Elsie Hochstetler Rhoda Kauffman James Miller Lois Miller Larry Miller Robert Miller Treva Miller Rosetta Mast Eugene Schwietert Mark Bontrager Barbara Sue Shetler Marvin Bontrager Ruth Bontrager Rub Bontrager Herbert Miller Kathryn Yoder 42 Classroom Activities Sharing our ideas 43 Grades First and Second " ' ' ' ■mm.- rfNOS - ■ ' , ' ) KEEP OUR SCHO l " " -MICE-? . 44 Elowayne Mast Carolyn Hash Grace Miller Miriam Miller Maynard Rose Naomi Miller 2nd Grade Edna Yoder Kirbv Miller Eileen Beachy John Edward Miller Karen Miller Loretta Yoder Mervin Troyer .,f- s 45 Philip Borntrager Darrel Weirich Myron Miller Byron Miller Lyn Schlabach 1st Grade Samuel Miller Ernest Nast Charles Boiitrager Michael Zehr Linda Beach 46 Classroom Activities Future Biology Student ? Teacher, I know the answer Miss Bontrager explains 0iL. V Miriam reads to the class Testing our knowledge 47 .•.•.■. ' .•. " .v. .V. ' .V .•.:■.:■.■.■.•,•.•. •.-.•.W ' jw j Hj :::::::: :;:¥ :::i:::::i:x:!o::::::::::: 8| :■.■:■:.:■:■■::■ : : :::::::::::::;:|:;:ox;x:::: ' ' ' - ' ' i i:::::;:;:;!;:;::::::::::::::::- :•:■:•:•:•:■:■:■:•:•:•;•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:■:•:•:•:•:•:■:•:■:•: :•:•:•:•; ■:-: ' :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:¥:-:-ffiv xjioijxWSHxS: ■:•:■:■:■ ii;i;i;i;i;i;i;iii;iiii:;i;;!s H x:::::::::::::::::::::::::-: •:•:•:■:■ i:i;i;x;i| | :; : " HH ■:-:•:•:■ iii H " ffl ii i||;|S 11 Not in books comes all our learning fidelity creativeness resourcefulness agility are refined in the crucible of responsibility. i ACTIVITIES Student Council STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS: Lois Elaine Johns, Chairman Frieda Mae Bontragei, Secretary Shirley Ann Brennamen Amy Bontrager Joy Elaine Miller Brother Galen Johns, Advisor A new student council is elected each year. It is composed of five members plus Brother Galen Johns, who serves as the advisor. Each class (7-10) elects one student to represent their grade in the student council. The fifth member is then chosen, by the faculty, from the four upper grades. A chairman and secretary are also appointed. The student council is responsible for the planning the annual clean-up day. It also appoints members of the " Echo " and " Mirror " staffs, and the sports committees. Student Council Secretary, -A,C € a Hr2»€l e 50 How Can I Be Saved? " by Wilbur Yoder Paul Hoover spoke to us on " God ' s Lav s. " J.C. Wenger, who was with us a week, spoke to us on " Christian Heritage. ' Richard Yoder asked us What kind of things do you think about? " Simon Gingerich told us of ' 101 Ways to Tell a LIE. Irvm Yoder talked about " The Call of God. 51 Business and Circulation Manager - Joseph Allen Shetler Advertising Manager - Frieda Bontrager Editor of Grades 1-6 Marie Hochstetler Sports Editor - Lois Johns Editor of Grades 7-10 - Irene Thomas Editor, Leon Dale Miller Associate Editor, Shirley Breaneman Sponsor, Bro. Galen Johns 52 Mirror Staff Editor, Joseph Hochstetler Associate Editor, Amy Bontrager Sponsor Miss Siebel Artist Meredith Bontrager REPORTERS Naomi Bontrager Elsie Fern Miller Verna Miller JoAnn Schwietert Circulation Manager Richard Beachy Asst. Circulation Manager, Lorris Miller Chief Pressman Gary Miller Asst. Pressman Gary Beachy 53 School Chorus fc 54 Calvary Singers m 55 and Thi IS " We ' ll see you at the Program. Shall official curtain drawer. Shepherds around the fire. Be a Sign . . . ' In a little manger bed. 56 Your Part rm. " I don ' t understand! In Missions Missions need support from home. Bill explains the Gospel to Mahar. Telling Bill of the need in India. " I want to will half to the church. B? ■■ Discussing Japan Back stage 57 Student Worship Special Music. LaVern takes over as chorister. 58 Commencement 1963 T ' i 8th Grade Graduating Class I. i i. ' Dean Brubaker delivered the commencement address The Valedictorian Speaks Tenth Grade Graduates 59 Class ;? " lS!r- i ailtfMKfeii On the steps of the Alder Aquarium 8th Grade Eating in Chinatown ' 6 - 1 . ' 1 V Camera shy ? ' 60 Trips In front of the Soldier ' s Sailor ' s Monument f: tfrr High School We visited the State Capitol Building 1 ,,MJ ■ KfmBi - In Governor Welsh ' s office 61 Class Parties Homeward after a " Daffy Supper. " Jumping Relays Roasting Hotdogs 62 " Eat with those utensils? " " YEP! ' Misc. Reading the Bible to her class. Sophomore Mixed Quartet. Attentive listeners. Practicing for Music Class. Sponsored by CLINTON CENTER MILL Napiana and Swisher Feeds Route 1 Phone 154 Simon Bontrager - Prop. 63 64 ' 4 66 Quickening the mind the eye the touch the kinesthetic sense of time and space Mind to mind brawn to brawn we match in game or race. ATHLETICS TEAM SPORTS COMMITTEES Lois Johns, chairman; Shirley Brenneman; Naomi Borntrager. Joseph Hochstetler, chairman, Elroy Miller, Joseph Shetler. Sports TABLE SPORTS COMMITTEE Verna Miller, chairman; Marvin Borntrager, Lloyd Graber. 68 Look out for Leon. Three hands at work. Who ' s ahead, Gary? Children at play? Amusing game Action! Where did the ball get to? Safe on first. 69 Boys Phys. Ed. Slug it, Marion. 3, 2, 1, BLAST-OFF! .-W n Get it in there, pitcher. A Standing ovation? Whirlybirds? Caterpillar race? 70 GirW Phys. Ed. Floor cleaners? Put it in there, Shirl. Unpredictable Playing or primping? Running to Philadelphia. Down, girls. 71 Softball 5- ? Ready for the pitch Victory at Bethany • -N- •••- r I 72 Elementary Sports Where ' s the ball? - Red Rover Ready for the take-off Watch out, Miriam! ' 73 Table Sports Playing doubles is fun. Spike it, Esther. 74 Varsity Teams 75 Basketball It ' s up there somewhere ! Practice shooting Sponsored From A FRIEND 76 Basketball Edith Miller takes a shot. " O no you don ' t, Lloyd! " HX: Jump, Clara, jump! Sponsored by C AND P OIL COMPANY Millersburg, Indiana 77 Who ' s Who MOST STUDIOUS Amy Bontrager Leon Miller MOST COMICAL Clara Graber Charles Bontreger - n ' MOST ATHLETIC Verna Miller Joe Shetler MOST MUSICAL Frieda Bontrager Gary Miller 78 Those whose hearts and hands (and money) have buoyed our hopes our aims (and this archives of memories) we commend to your patronage that their kindness lie not buried in thoughtlessness and ingratitude. 1 WM ADVERTISING Village Hardware G if ts QtV iVi f at a a ' ' Br ien Pa i nts LP Gas Author i zed Westinghouse Sales Service Troyer Oil Co., Inc. 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Jefferson Street P. 0. Box 5 2 Goshen , I nd i ana Max Myers Motors Chevrolet Oldsmobi le Phone 825-2 55 M i dd 1 ebury 1 nd i ana VARNS HOOVER HARDWARE Phone 825-2705 Midd lebury , I nd iana ' Br ien Pa i nts - Maytag Washers - G. E. Appl iances - Home 1 i te Saws - Feed - Seed - Coal - Fertilizer Middlebury Grain Co. Custom Gr i nd i ng Phone 825-2770 M i dd 1 ebury 1 nd iana To Charter A Bus Cal 1 SHOUP BUSSES INC. Phone 825 M idd 1 ebury, I nd iana KAUFFMAN SONS INCORPORATED Road 33 at Westmoor John Deere Sales Goshen Indiana 88 " Make it good, Joe! " MIDDLEBURY CHURCH FURNITURE Middlebury Indiana Fine Wood Products Phone 825-2092 David J. Miller-Proprietor U.S. 20 State Road 13 FIRST STATE BANK OF MIDDLEBURY Phone 825-2850 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. 1 TROYER S POULTRY Who 1 esal e D St r i butors Goshen 1 nd i ana 1 Let ' s have some action. Interested Onlookers 89 Steady now! Jet. 13 20 Ph. 825-5373 ' The Ul t imate In F i ne Used Cars. " 1 Hon eyville Metal Works Sheet Metal Fabr icators Phone I 2F31 Tope ka 1 nd i ana " But God commendeth His L( Dve towa rd us , in that , wh i le we we re yet s i nne rs Christ d i ed for us . II Roma is 5:8 Verna! { :■ — -l " 4 Topeka Livestock Auction Auction Every Tuesday Phone kG Sherman And Thomas Owners And Operators 90 Salem Bank and Trust Company 1 GLEN G. BIXLER INSURANCE SERVICE Al 1 Your Insurance N( Beds 103 S. 3rd St. Phone KE 3-4200 Goshen Ind i ana Industriously working Comp 1 iments of SHIPSHEWANA STATE BANK Bank I ng Des i gned For Commun I ty Se rv i ce Sh pshewana Ind i ana Peeling onions. . .No tears " 91 CRIST COIN OPERATED DRY CLEANERS U.S. 33 West Sh opping Center Next to Barber Shop 8 Lb. Load $1 .50 Goshen Indiana Compl iments of BRADSHAWS GENERAL STORE Phone 825-25 0 M ■ ddl ebu ry Ind ■ ana Goshen Pine Manor Turkey Pou 1 t s- Feeds-Gra i ns- Baby Chicks Turkey Processing And Marketing Better Quality is Our Goal PINE MANOR, INC. I nd i ana ED TROYER AND SONS Pa i nt i ng- -General Contract i ng Phone 23 Or 2F73 Topeka Ind i ana 1 Comp 1 iments of YODER ' S MARKET " Compl ete Food Service " M ddl ebu ry Ind i ana Middlebury Produce, Inc. " Poultry Marketing Service " Phone 825-2177 Middlebury Indiana 92 Distributors Prodessed and Delivered by Your Friends and Neighbors ASK FOR IT! dairy lane of Phone KE 3-7920 PRODUCTS 1405 E. Chicago Ave. Goshen, Indiana BLACKPORT TV APPLIANCES Norge-Admi ra 1- Speed Queen Amana-Motorol a- Sy 1 van i a Taf 3pen Open 9 A .M.-9 P.M. 1703 E. L i ncol n Ave . Goshen Ind i ana Clinton Center Grain Gra I n Ha rves t i ng Drying And Storage El wood Kauffman Phone 10 R 63 Millersburg Route 1 Box 151 Goshen Indiana 1 Lumber- Sewer TI le-Lime Cement And Dra in Millersburg Lumber H i gh Qual i ty At Phone 6 Low Prices Ernest Woods- Manager Mi 1 1 ersbu rg Ind i ana Comp 1 iment s of WALTER S. MASSINARI , M. D Mi 1 1 e rsbu rg Ir id i ana 93 1 RILEY SALES SERVICE 01 i ve r Farm! ng And Indust rial Equ Ipment M i ddl ebu ry Street Rd. Goshen Ind i ana CHRISTNER ' S FEED MILL Feed- Fert i 1 i zer- ■Lime Hubbard Sunshine Booster Feeds At Honeyville Phone Topeka 19F31 Ind i ana HOCHSTETLER BUGGY SHOP Woodwork Welding Machinist Carriage Parts Farm Implements And Parts Briggs Clinton Wisconsin Sales Service Topeka Ind i ana WANBERG POPCORN CO. Growers- Processors- Packers Yellow Hybrid £- White Hulless Va r i et i es Phone 825-5235 M i ddl ebu ry Ind i ana Comp 1 iment s of SNYDER ' S MEN SHOP Headquarters For Botany 500 126 S. Main Goshen Ind iana OLYMPIA CANDY KITCHEN Home Made Candies And Ice Cream Corner Main And Clinton St. Goshen Indiana Your Safety Service Cente r Tires Kelly Springfield O.K. Starf 1 ite New Used Recapped Brakes--Wor 1 d Famous Ammco Equipment 30,000 Mile Guarantee Wheel Al i gnment , Bear Teleliner Equipment " For Safety First " Come F i rst To HOFFMAN ' S OK Tire Store 1513 E. Lincoln Ave. Goshen Indiana 94 Chicken BarB-Q Sitting down on the job, Perry? A long, hungry line Alert waitresses The bake sale brought good results W Preparing the slaw 95 CLODFELTER FURNITURE Comp 1 ete Home Fu rn i shi ngs Dia 1 Mi ddl ebu ry 825- 2950 1 nd i ana Sma 1 1 In S i ze But Big In Our Desi re To Please You Custom Grinding And M i xi ng Hubbard S- Napiana Feeds Fence Fertilizer Lime HOCHSTETLER FEED MILL Mervin L. Mast, Prop. Topeka Indiana Compl iments of YODER DEPARTMENT STORES Our Motto " As ye would that men shou 1 d do to you , do ye unto 1 i kewi se. " Phone 768-U571 them Top eka Ship shewana Ind i ana Comp 1 iment s of KIRT ' S DRIVE IN CLEANERS Open Ti 1 1 8:00 Phone KE 3-5 64 600 West Pike St. Goshen Indiana Miller Bros. Inc. David Miller-Amos Miller-Levi Miller-Elmer Miller General Contractors Phone KE 3-3598 Goshen Indiana Fish Lake Road 96 1st Federal Savings Loan Ass n It Pays to Save Where Savings Pay 33-% Goshen nd i ana Provident Bookstore Bibles-Book s-Pictu res Records Christian I te ratu re Sunday School Supplies Phone KE 3-1243 1 19 East L incoln Ave. Goshen ind iana Portraits And Weddings Color And Black On Wh i te Finishing Wedding Invitations And Napk i ns Snyder s Studio 107i South Main St. Goshen Indiana 1 BONTRAGER PLUMBING AND HEATING INC. F S- W Pumps Excel Fu rnaces Phone 768- •4551 Sh ipshewana Ind i ana E-Z GAS INC. Bulk And Bottled Phone KE 3- 391 Goshen Indiana 97 Taking over? Comp 1 iments of Winsor Mobile Homes Inc, Bristol Ind i ana SCOTT- KINDY Authorize d Dealer Zenith And Magnavox Stereo-Color TV-Radio Sales And Serv ice 216 N. Main KE 3- ■71 0 Goshen , indi ana 1 Math serves Music Class What ' s the joke? 98 Congratu 1 at ions G. P. WHITE D.V.M. Goshen Indi ana Comp 1 iments of GOSHEN ELECTRIC, INC. Phone KE 3- 04 804-808 W. Lincoln Ave Goshen Ind " ana Compl iments of Martinis Feed Mill Inc. Manufacturers of Feeds For Poultry, Livestock, And Dogs Feeds You Can Trust New Par i s , Indiana Phone 2121 Benton, Indiana Phone Mi 1 lersburg 2R139 RIVER-VISTA SALES, INC. Storm Doors-Storm Windows Overhead Garage Doors Awnings S- Carports Al umi num Si d i ng 111 River Vi sta Dr i ve KE 3-1 194 Goshen Indiana REITH - RILEY Construction Company, Inc. Goshen Indiana 99 Burger Dairy Inc. Featu ri ng Stores Mi Ik With Al 1 The Cream Left In 309 E . Purl Street Goshen Ganger ' s Gr i Waterford 11 U. S. 33 West Goshen 718 Lincoln Way Goshen East THE SURGE STORE Wi 1 1 i am Cr ipe 123 E. Lincc In Avenue Phone KE 3-6890 Gos Ten , 1 ndi ana Mi Ik i ng Parlors-Pig Line Equ i pme It- Su r ge Mi 1 ke rs Mccormick motors inc. Chevrolet Cars Trucks Mack Trucks S- Fruehauf Tra i 1 ers Phone 773-313 Nappanee Indiana M. Y. Transport Inc. Topeka, Indiana Phone IFI79 Bui k Milk For Seal test Da i ry Pick-Up Service Maurice D. Yoder 100 r p - , Compliments to The Class of 64 Lyon Greenleaf Feeds - Fertilizer - Grain - Grain Storage Mill ersbu rg 2R62 L i gon ier 89 -41 14 Gab Session :OLDT£ACH£- Enthusiastic Singers? 101 David! For Better Heal th Try NATURAL ORGANIC FOODS Sold By Mrs. Enos A. Bontrager R.R. 1 Box 215 Phone 825-2831 Goshen Ind 1 ana RAY ' S HEATING GAS APPL. Coleman Gas And Oil Furnaces 1502 U.S. West Phone KE 3-18 3 Goshen Indiana Yoder Popcorn Company Processors of Quality Popcorn Sh ipshewana Phone 768- 771 Post Office Topeka Ind i ana GOSHEN IMPLEMENT COMPANY McCormick Farm Ec u ipment 11th At Madison Street Goshen Indiana 102 The Lunch Room Jo And Rudy Goshen I nd iana Service Is Our Watchword ' George s Motor Sales " Big Values In IMew Or Used Cars " Jet. State Rd. 13 U.S. 20 Phone 825-5005 Route 2 Middlebury, Indiana George D. Yoder 103 1 Sale E very Monda y Special Sal es As Announced Gosh eji Community Auction Sales 1 ' The Farmers Livestock Exchange 1 1 Phones KE 3-5585 KE 3-1593 Gera Id Lambr igh t , owner Al Thomas (The Farmer ' s Fr iend) Hog Buyer 1 104 Secret conference Adjusting the flowers 105 INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Kansas City — Winnipeg Yearbooks — Yearbook Covers Diplomas — Graduation Announcements USA V 1. ' ( K ' -A- -iJL - r I lUMllI , - l ' iV A ' .V] ■ - ' i; M 1} r -v ' 1!: % V X t .

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