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Text from Pages 1 - 44 of the 1948 volume:

THE ECHO 1943 CLEAR LAKE UNION FREE HICH SCHOOL CLEAR LUKE, WISCONSIN CLEAR LAKE SCENE Puhlhhed By ti SENIOR CLASSDEDICATION------------------ WaimaallmivWiire mualrnaJfaa dMJUAxmv olol to urRatowiJLuXu ui ££ €. Wo. MLuureUuit lathis cju?z6jutil . urernsn l $ £owi fuwemh iuha {fare AtuJiiQtifuL AffthaV ureunM. txtbmArudwj faowilifahsinAwrRjBfa iul ttaSnAUf trtumdMnjitart i .wt ujimfAm nmo . ImA ArruxdsiAjuiCtkTJiLoL cuwmwSL SENIOR CLASSo lSFACULTY « W% jK.omJ L So lUe 9.K.4. Ubor tK t uhvt caivie To n-x as xce U .ay T t htjcT jCfierATion. «• blossom . ” F. C. LUNDBERG Eau Claire State Teachers College Principal Q. E. CHRISTENSEN Whitewater State Teachers College Commercial C. C. COWAN University of Minnesota History, American Problems R. J. DUNHAM Oshkosh State Teachers College Shop, Coach M. J. HANSON Superior State Teachers College English, Citizenship, and GeographyM. J. KNUTSON Superior State Teachers College Band and Vooal K. J. LATTIN Iowa State College English W. M. PATAPOFF Stout Institute Home Economics, Biology E. 0. PETERSON River Falls State Teachers College Chemistry, Algebra, Geometry J. A. REDMOND River Falls State Teachers College Agriculture R. M. ZIEDEL Superior State Teachers College Science, Physical EducationUl NIORS CLASS MOTTO ■The Future is Ours to do with What We Will " CLASS FLOWER White Rose Orville A. Anderson Bennie Banning Eva L Breeden Rose E Dietrich Lawrence 0. Emerson Lawrence A. Erickson Marilyn J. Frank Ctene A Gilbertson Beverly M. Hall CLASS ROLL Milton N. Hedlund Anne Marie Johnson Laura Belle 3, Johnson Faye E. Jones Helen L Josephson Douglas L Klatt Richard A. Liohtenberg Orvand A Lien Kathryn A. Lillie CLASS COLOR Blue and White Violet A. Matter Inger M Myrdal Leslie J. Newville James A. Nord Rita 0. Nordahl Barbara J. Ostenson Carol Peterson Mildred D. Shafer Arliss M. WillertBENNIE BANNINK "It's nloe to be natural when you're naturally nloe." Band 34 Chorus 4 Crier 4 FFA 1234 Reporter 4 Class Play 3 Cheerleader b Annual Staff b Pep Club b ORVILLE A. ANDERBUN ‘He who talks little thinks much." Band 1234 Chorus 34 31ee Club 3 Pep Club 4 FFA 1234 V. Pres. 4 Annual Staff 4 Football 234 "C" Club 34 rSSNIQRSi CLASS OF 1948 ROSE E. DIETRICH EVA L. BREEDEN "3lrls may smile, girls may laugh, but I giggle on forever. 31ee Club 123 FHA 123 Library 2 Annual Staff 4 "Of her time and service ever ready to lend, oheerful and willing—a genuine friend. Pep Club 12 FHA 12 Forenslos 124 Class Play 3 Library 134 Annual Staff 4LAWRENCE A. ERICKSON LAWRENCE 0. EMERSON ■He had a far away look In hie eye—he was looking at his feet. Chorus 1234 0-lee Club 123 Pep Club 234 FFA 23 Trees. 3 Quartet 3 Football jU ■C" Club 34 HS Quartet k Baseball 3k Annual Staff 4 ■Sweet are the slumbers of a Tlrtuous man. Pep Club 4 FFA 3 Football 3k Basketball 3k ■C Club 3k Baseball 3k Annual Staff k rSENIORSi CLASS OF 1948 OENE A. OILBERTSON MARILYN FRANK ■The best of all ways to lengthen one's days Is to steal a few hours from the night.1 Class V. Pres. 14 Chorus 1234 Olee Club I23 Pep Club 1234 Crier 4 FFA 123 Football 234 ■C" Club 34 Cheerleader 12 Baseball 1234 Annual Staff 4 ■She appears as though she might be shy, but appearnaoes do sometimes lie. Olee Club 1234 Pep Club 123 Crier 4 FHA 1234 Pres. 4 Library 4 Annual Staff 4MILTON N. HEDLUND , "There are four great men in history — Ceasar. Napoleon, Lincoln and I, Class Treas. 1 Vice Pres. 3 Band 1234 Chorus 1234 01ee Club 12? Pep Club 1234 FFA 123 Forensics 1234 Reporter 3 Quartet 23 Class Play 3 Basketball 124 "C" Club 34 80I08—Vocal 234 Student Council 34 Cheer Leader 12 HS Quartet 4 Crier 34 Annual 4 BEVERLY M. HALL "Be what you are and speak what you think." Class Secretary 1 Chorus 12 Olee Club 123 Pep Club 23 FHA 123 Class Play 3 rSENIOftS-) CLASS Of 1943 LAURA BELLE S. JOHNSON "She is quiet but we all agree, she is nice to know and nice to see." Chorus 4 Olee Club 4 FHA 1234 Annual Staff 4 ANNE MARIE JOHNSON "She Is an upright, downright, all right girl." Chorus 234 Olee Club 23 FHA 1 Library 1 Annual Staff 4HELEN L. J0SEPH80N FAYE E. J0NE8 ■If giggling w e r e a orlme, she'd spend the rest of her life In Jail. Pep Club 2 FHA 234 Library 34 Annual Staff 4 ■I'm not fllrtaoeous, I'm Just friendly. Claes 8eo. 3 Chorus 1234 Pep Club 1234 Crier Staff 1234 FHA 124 Pres. 1 Claes Play 3 Forensics 234 Annual Staff 4 rSENlORS-i CLASS OF 1948 RICHARD A. LICHTENBERG D0UGLA8 KLATT "Doug ■After the game is over, after the field Is clear: straighten my nose and shoulder and help me find my ear. Band 1234 Chorus 1234 Glee Club 1234 Play 3 Class Pres. 2 FFA 23 Pep Club 1234 Crier 12 Co-ed 3 Ed. 4 Football 1234 Capt. 4 Basketball 1234 Baseball 24 "C Club 34 8ec. 4 Student Council 234 Solo vocal 3 Barltone4 Quartet FFA 3 H. S. 4 Annual Staff 4 "Rare Is a heart like his and rarer still Is Douglas. Class Prss. 1 Pep Club 4 FFA 123 football 1234 Basketball 1234 Capt 4 Baseball 34 ■C Club 34 Annual Staff 4KATHYRN A. LILLIE "Kathy" "Here s to the gip 1 with a heart and a smile that makes this bubble of life worth-while." Band 1234 Glee Club 134 Pep Club 2 FHA 1234 Library 4 Annual Staff k ORVAND A. LIEN "Orvie" "I durst not smile on the damsels — t would break too many hearts." Band 1234 Chorus 1234 Glee Club 123 Pep Club 1234 Crier 34 FFA 2 Forensics 1234 Class Play 3 Library 4 Annual Staff k rSsmaftSi CLASS OF 1948 INGER M. MYRDAL "Ing" "She!s little from top to toe but she 8 filled with zip and go," Class Treas. 14 Secretary 2 Band 3k Chorus 2k Glee Club 1234 8tudent Council 3 Pep Club 1234 Library 234 Cheerleader 234 Majorette 4 Annual Staff k VIOLET A. MATTER ■Speech is great but silence is greater." Band 1234 Pep Club 2 FHA 1234 Annual Staff 4JAKES A. NORD J1b ■I think, therefore I Claes Trees. 3 Band 1 Crier 34 FFA 13 Annual Staff 4 LESLIE J. NEWVILLE ■Lea ’ •In scholarship he leads the list. He has the brai s the others ■issed.1 Class Pres. 4 Band 34 Chorus 234 Glee Club 23 CrlAr 4 FFA 234 Pres. 4 Foransios 234 Class Play 3 Student Counoil 4 Annual Staff 4 FFA ftiartet 4 rStNIORS-i CLASS OF 1948 BARBARA J. OSTENSON RITA 0. NORDAHL •Silence has many advantages." Glee Club 12 Pep Club 1 FHA 1234 Annual Staff 4 •Big-hearted, generous, never blue—ready to be kidded and ready to kid you." Class Treas. 2 Band 1234 Chorus 24 Glea Club 2 Pep Club 1234 Crier 123 FHA 1 Forensics 24 Class Play 3 Cheerleader 123 Library 234 Annual Staff 4MILDRED D. SHAFER "Mllly" ARLI8S M. WILLERT "Not quantity but quality." Glee Club 13 Library 2 FHA 1234 Annual Staff 4 "I dance away Borrow, elng away care, I'm off for a good time—come along If you dare. Class Seot. 4 Band 1234 Chorus 4 Glee Club 234 Pep Club 34 FHA 1234 Treas. 4 Class Plaj 3 Annual Staff h m CAROL E. PETERSON "Pete "She can danoe and she can play, but when It comes to study she's miles away." Pep Club 234 Annual Staff 4 rSENIQR CLASS OfflCERSi President! Leslie Ntwvillc; Vice President, Gene, (rilkertsonj Secretary, ffrliss Willertj Treasurer, In$er Myrd.a.1; RdviSOr, Mr. LurvAber . .— JM APPRECIATION-, TKe Seniors 0 'M wish, to tk .nlC Mr-"Peterson k L Mr. Ch.risten.son. for their advice, Cooperation, an.A Assistance ire predicting IfVSfch. 0.ANNUAL Tfce gA.rru.!ou.s h ernories 9 Xkzr djd'm. from aJ t ieir far lowcv n.00 Ks - S »v a I at firsT a. v dL fuerv by tTvoos' t'Arees, TkeA in, a. mKLLmcrable. ks -fX. hoolCs. ” STAFF d. "threeSj TKca in. a tKrtfn.j 1st row: L. Newville, F. J o n e 0, D. Lichtenberg, 0, Lien, M. Frank. 2nd row: M. Shafer, R. Dietrich, I. Myrdal, H. Joseph-son, C. Peterson, A. Willert, L. B. Johnson, K. Lillie, V. Matter, B. Ostenson. 3rd row: B. Bannink, 0. Anderson, G. Gilbert- son, D. Klatt, L. Emerson, L. Erickson, M. Hedlund, J. Nord. Editor-in-chief..................................Dick Lichtenberg Assistant Editor...............................................Faye Jones Managing Editor..............................................Orvand Lien Art Editor......................................................Les Newville Sports Editors .... Doug Klatt, Larry Emerson, Gene Gilbertson Musio Editor ....................................... Miokey Hedlund Classes and Organizations.................Eva Breeden, Ben Bannink, Orville Anderson Class Will .......................... Inger Myrdal, Arliss Willert Class History. .......................Carol Peterson, Rose Dietrich Class Prophecy..............................Jim Nord, Rita Nordahl Class Plays..............................Rita Nordahl, Ben Bannink Advertisement. . . . Inger Myrdal, Marilyn Frank, Arliss Willert, Larry Erickson Typists............Helen Josephson, Mildred Shafer, Rose Dietrich, Anne Marie Johnson, Laura Belle Johnson, Violet . Matter, Kathryn Lillie, Barbara OstensonC LASS« W STORY Hose Carol Mlokey September U, 19 was a bright sunny day when 32 green, but intelligent, Freshmen stood gazing at the oelllng and wondering "Where do we go now." But this period lasted but a short time. (We were soon Initiated and got to know all the tricks of the trade.) The first year the officers were: President................................Doug Elatt Vloe President..............Gene Gilbertson Secretary.............................Beverly Hall Treasurer . . . • •.........Mlokey Hedlund Class Advisor..............Mrs. Helen Johnson In the fall of 19 5 e returned as Sophomores. Our most enjoyable time was the Initiation of the Freshmen. We also had a lovely wiener roast at St. Croix Falls. Our officers were: President...................Dick Llchtenberg Vice President...................Orvand Lien Secretary ..................... .Inger Myrdal Treasurer................................Rita Nordahl Class Advisor..............Mrs. Helen Johnson In the fall of 19 6 we returned as Juniors. The Prom was the biggest event. We had the theme "Moonlight and Roses" with Jack Plngle’s orchestra playing for us. The officers were: President................................Lois Johnson Vloe President.........................Mlokey Hedlund Secretary...................... .Faye Jones Treasurer •••.•• .........................Jin Nord Class Advisor ..... .Mrs. Helen Johnson We entered our Senior year with high spirit. There are only 27 of our 32 left. There are 4 who started In Kindergarten together. They are: Mlokey Hedlund, Dick Llchtenberg, Carol Peterson, and Rose Dietrich. The officers were: President .....................Lee Newvllle Vloe President..............dene Gilbertson Secretary ••••»...• .Arllss Wlllert Treasurer ... .................Inger Myrdal Class Advisor .................Mr. Lundberg We definitely enjoyed the Junior Prom and are looking to the event of Senior Week.C LASSJ? PROPWEC V When shall we three meet again In thunder, lightning, or in rain? When years have oome and gone While the shades of night are drawn. Where to meet? In Clear Lake. What to do? Decide the fate. Of whom? A senior, 8". Why, what's this? The very picture of beautiful youth, walking; light coat unbottoned, shirt thrown open to the slight, balmy breeze of the oool night. He seems to revel in the sweet pungence of the humid air. See how he gazes at titee street light's reflections in a thousand tiny puddles left by the refreshing recent rain, listening to the swishing of an occasional car gliding cross the wet pavement. Hmmm—there was a blue 8 on his white sweater, and there were tears in his eyes. I wonder what he was thinking. Nice night. Makes me think of other nice nights and of days when I used t o go to school. I wonder how the other kids are doin'. Hal I don't even know where they are. Cot so lonely today, I came baok home in hopes of seeing at least one old classmate. And now every face I see is new. But something (is it fate) keeps telling me to stay. I wish I could see some of my friends from long ago. He wishes! He wishes! Make haste you two; Make sure his every wish comes true. Hey! Want a ride? Yeah! yourself? Sure!----Holy Cow! Lawrence Emerson! Where've you been keeping Oh, I've been a traveling salesman for the last few years. Say! Have you seen any of the others? I wish I oould see Miokey and-----------a silent "whoosh" was heard, and Larry was riding alone. I know I'm going crazy, but I won't let on to anyone. How on earth did I get into this theater? I could've sworn I was riding with Larry Emerson a second ago. What's showin'? Hah! I haven't seen the Hoosler Hotshots lhr a long time. Wait! That's not the Hoosler Hotshots. That's Mickey, Dick, Larry Erickson, and Alger Monson (I know he's not a senior). And there's Orvand Liei, the great screen lover. Who's he making love to? Say! Doesn't that beat all, how Rita gets around.----Well I better go. This must be the door out. "Hi there 01' kid! "Well, hello, Bennie. Hi, Orville. Don't tell me you own this theater?" "Yeah, we're the managers. Say, did you see the newsreel picture of that Pro-football team? Gee! Doug Klatt sure is going places." I wish I had seen it. You wouldn't happen to know where Faye Jones is? I wish I could see her--------------Whoosh ah! Here I go again. What's this? Why I'm in a hospital. Of course, Faye always wanted to be a nurse. I'll probably find her here. Well, hello! This is a surprise! Kathryn Lillie, Rose Dietrioh, and Eva Breeden, all three nurses. Is Faye a nurse here too? She's here but she's not a nurse, she's a patient with a very serious case of the mumps. If you want to see her, she's right in that room. Faye! I knew the mumps would catch up with you sooner or later. "Hi!" Say, Faye, do you know where the rest of the kids are? Well, Anne Marie Johnson and Arliss Willert are dancing and singing partners at a night club; Marilyn Frank, Barbara Ostenson, Helen Josephson, ek'd Peterson, and Laura Belle Johnson are all typists at the First National Bank of Clear Lake: Inger is Just settling down to married life; then there's Les New- ville. He's plodding along is his private research lab trying to invent. some-—CLASS •?! WILL We the Senior Class of " 8" having set a good example and having followed every rule, pause before we cross the threshold, where we came on wisdom bent, and leave behind for under classmen our last will and testament. Just to you, dear undergraduates, we leave our capable Instructors, whose wisdom and patience will guide you over the thorny paths. I, Orville Anderson, will my bashfulness to Donnie Nord. I, Bennie Bannlnk, will my big bass horn to Billy Schultz. I, Eva Breeden, will my interest in nursed training to Elaine Newville. I, Rose Dietrich, will my hours in the typing room to Wayne Larson. I, Lawrence Emerson, will my wavey hair to Dean Soderberg. I, Lawrence Erickson, will my Dodge to Marion Brihn. I, Marilyn Frank, will my love for Phy. Ed. to Keith Goodspeed. I, Gene Gilbertson, will my ability to force good marks from teachers to Alger Monson. I, Anne Marie Johnson, will ray love for hill-billy music to Phyllis Wien-berg and Doug Kruger. . .. . . I, Laura Belle Johnson, will my ability to get along with the teachers to Ardell Frankson and Jean Hanson. I, Faye Jones, will my many nicknames, except "Aggie," to Joanne Junkans and Margaret Zurcher. I, Kathryn Lillie, will my enjoyable bus rides to Lilias Hovda and Marvin Koser. I, Leslie Newville, will my "A's" to Jerry Soderberg, Clifford Jones, and John St. Ledger. I, Rita Nordahl, will my scientific interest to Beverly Titel and Charles Pittman. I, Barbara Ostenson, will my practice of staying home nights to Betty Hahn and Delores Rothe. I, Arllss Wlllert, will my love for dancing to Alvin Paulson, Jerry SodeJ -berg and Norman Johnson. I, Beverly Hall, will my "steadies" to Myrl Reed and Oscar Olson. I, Milton Hedlund, will my tenor voice to John Barney. I, Helen Josephson, will my sense of humor to Billy Schultz. I, Douglas Klatt, will my atheletio ability to Jimmy Peterson. I, Dick Lichtenberg, will "Selma" to Donna Anderson. I, Orvand Lien, will my everyday attendance to Russell Brihn. I, Violet Matter, will my quietness to Donald Stewart and Bob Erickson. I, Inger Myrdal, will ray position as cheerleader to Betty Walberg. I, James Nord, will my wise cracks to DuWayne Jones and Kenneth Wright. I, Carol Peterson, will my red hair to Anna Brihn and Shirley Steif. We, the Senior Class, will our capable annual advisor, Mr. Peterson to the Junior Class. thing or other, he doesn't know himself yet; Violet Matter and Millie Shafer are partners in a hat shoppe; and Bev Hall words at Montgomery-Nord a. Oh, there's Gene too, he flys for Pan American Airlines. Once during the war his plane was shot out from under him and it was so far down that he Just decided to stay up there till someone came and got him. I guess he'd still be up there if he hadn't suddenly remembered he was defying the laws of gravity. Hey boy! Watch outl A orowd gathered around the unldentifiably mangled form of the poor boy. The man kneeling beside him said, "He must have been dreaming, he walked right in front of my truck." Is all we see or seem But a dream within a dream? When shall we three meet again? Quoth the raven "Nevermore!" "Who was the senior?" you may ask. Well I'll tell you. He was not Just a senior but a composite of all the seniors.PLAY ' ?ct well you.r pn«-t, T v-e e. BLL tk. - K.on 5»- THE CANNIBAL QUEEN MARTHA CRAIG, the owner of the Craig House..............Eva Breeden DAISY MAE COMFORT, a young oolored maid ...... .Inger Myrdal LUCIOUS LONG, a young oolored porter.. ..... Dlok Llohtejiberg BRUCE CLYDE, a young newspaper editor................Mlokey Hedlund JULIA BOYDE, who owns the Oazette......................Beverly Hall BRENDA DAY Bruoe's pretty flanoee................... .Lois Johnson EUGENIA SHERWOOD a drama ooaoh ................. ... .Rita Nordahl PROFESSOR CORNELIUS KENT, a wealthy eoeentrlo . . Leslie Newvllle ALLEN KENT the Professor's nephew.......................Orvand Lien MILDRED WADE, In love with Allen.....................Arllss Wlllert MARY FREMONT, the Professor's nleoe......................Faye Jones ROBERT FREMONT, Mary's young husband.................Bennie Bannlnk JU-Ju, the Cannibal Queen ..... ......................... Carol Gale Dlreoted by J.A.MoGlllls Ben,Lee,fays Ben, Lee Faye Mlokeyto toJUNIORS " Wie kavt bat -pa.itA.: we cannot know} Tor K .« w(e £je. is Thtnjs we. 5 1st. row: D. Anderson, E. DeBoer, B. Walberg, A. Frankson, J. Hanson, P. Weinberg, E. Newvllle, B. Hahn, D. Rothe. 2nd row: N. Johnson, J. Peterson, M. Brihn, A. Brlhn, W. Larson, C. Pittman, K. Wright, J. St. Ledger, J. Junkans, L. Hovda, M. Zurcher, Miss Hanson. 3rd row: M. Reed, A. Paulson, J. Soderberg, D. Nord, R. Erickson, J. Barney, B. Titel, D. Kruger, R. Brlhn, D. Soderberg, S. Strelf. 4th row: A. Monson, M. Koser, D. Stewert, D. Jones, K. Goodspeed, W. Shultz, 0. Olson, C. Jones. All abroad: This is the call we heard on Sept. 4. This fall when we set sail for our Junior Year in High School. We found our full crew consists of 40 very capable members. Our head Skipper is Miss Muriel Hanson and her captain is Bob Erick -son, Chief petty officer is John Barney, the Mate of the deck la Donna Anderson the paymaster is Duane Jones. We stopped for a splendid shore leave at Homecoming time when several of the crew took part in the football game and the band. We are looking forward to the next shore leaves which will be the Prom and the Junior-Senior Banquet. OFFICERS Duane, John, Bob, Donna, Miss Muriel Hanson."Fclucatiorv k s or its Object The. ormoitioh. Of CA-d-ra-cter 1st row: J. Peterson, V. Martin, E. Humpal, J. Pierson, R. Hallen, D. Dudczak, E. Monson, J. Rivard, B. Hiam, N. Beyl, D. Kennetz. 2nd row: L. Gale, I. Knoll, N. Peterson, C. Olson, D. Klein, A. Whitmer, S. Hall, D, Thompson, I, Paulson, V. Clark, D. Ohlin, C. Kuhn, V. Martin, Mr. Peterson. 3rd row: D. Cahow, L. Hovda, I. Paulson, D. Junkans, N. Swagger, E. Emerson, C. Thompson, B. Hanson, R. Jones, J. St. Ledger, D. Banks, D. Rosen, L. Pittman, A. Wilcox. This large tribe of braves and squaws began this fall with a population of forty-six, derived invariably from an old tribe of the year of nineteen hundred and forty-six. Big cheif Edith Monson has had a glorious reign. Jerry Rivard is next in line and Dorothy Dudczak has been their scribe. Their good medicine man has been E. 0. Peterson. Many braves Joined in with the C.L.H.S. Indian nation basketball, football, and baseball teams. Many of the tribe made good music with the rest of the nation and the scribe from this tribe operated the music box accompanying the Indian nation chorous and glee club. Biggest happiness in many rtioons was initiation "Pow wow" to which the whole nation was invited. OFFICERS Edith Dorothy Mr. Peterson J erryFRESHMEN TK.e aim if rea.cke L or not, riiKt grc T The life. 1st row: M. Stensvold, R. Minor, M. Johnson, A. Swanson, V. Peterson, D. Knoll, L. Nelson, B. Sempf, A. Newville. 2nd row: Mr. Knutson, J. Erickson, E. Knutson. D. Eggert, G. Newville, M. Johnson, J. Ohlln, B. Fouks, M. Lillie, N. Moe. 3rd row: L. Josephson, F. Soraerfeldt, C. Clark, D. Rundqulst, D. Tronrud, D. Wilcox, I. Gale, G. Buckner, R. Wright, 0. Budd, N. Muohle, Jj-th row: A. Breslln, B. Linden, M. Hlam, S. Klatt, J. Holcomb, R. Hammelman, P. Mara, R. Dietrich, E. Hlama. As the train started out there were forty passengers aboard for a four-year Journey. The passengers consisted of the officers, advisor, and the employees of the Freshmen Class. The group was lead by their advisor, Mr. Knutson and the class officers: Glorls Buckner, President; Beverly Linden, Vice President; Shirley Klatt, Secretary; and Aria Faye Breslln, Treasurer. Many of the employees are working In the field of Football Basketball, Chorus, Glee Club, and Band. We stopped off at Clear Lake and were unfortunately welcomed by the Sophomore of Clear Lake High School who proudly Initiated us. We hope to stop off at Clear Lake High School next to welcome the Freshmen of 19 8. OFFICERS Shirley Mr. Knutson Glorls Arlya Fae Beverly1st row: C. Thompson, 0. Olson, M. Reed, A, Monson, L. Newville, O. Anderson, B. Bannink, R. Erickson. 2nd row: R. Felland, D. Wilcox, R. Hammelman, B. Hanson, J. Newville, J. St. Ledger, P. Mara, D. Rosen, D. Tronrud, L. Pittman. 3rd row: Mr. Redmond 0. Budd, L. Josephson, J. Peterson, D. Cahow, I Paulson, N. Johnson, L. Hovda, D. Soderberg, R. Wright, N. Muchl, th row: D. Stewart, J. Anderson, J. Rivard, C. Jones, A. Paulson, W. Shultz, J. Soderberg, D. Kruger. The Future Farmers of America, better known as the FFA, Is one of the many organizations of the Clear Lake High School. It Is composed of kj members who are enrolled In Vocational Agriculture. It Is a national organization extending from Hawaii to Puerto Rico, and from Maine to Washington. The recreation of the Chapter consists of basketball, table tennis. Indoor parties, and camping trips. The chief aim of the FFA Is to establish leadership, cooperation, and citizenship. Mr. Redmond Is the advls o r and the officers are: President- Leslie Newville, Vice Presldent-Orvllle Anderson, Secretary- Alger Monson, Treasurer- Myrl Reed, Reporter- Bennie Bannink, Sentinel- Kenneth Wright. OFFICERS Front: Alger, Orville, Leslie, Mr. Redmond. Baok: Myrl, BennieFu.Tw.rc. komem.ft.Kerj... Striviivg towardL ---- New kenzoKS. 1st row: M. Brlhn, G Clark, M. Zurcher, S. Strelf, M. Frank, A. Wlllert, E. Monson, J. Pelrson, E. Humpal. 2nd row: B. Hahn, 0. Rothe, C. Olson, P. Wlenberg, J, Junkane, E. DeBoer, A. M. Swanson, A, Newville, C. Kuhn, V. Martin, L. Gale, O'. Buckner, M. Lillie, Mrs. Patapoff. 3rd row: I. dale, M. Stensvold, B. Fouks L.B. Johnson, D. Thompson, E. Newville, V. Matter, L. Nelson, M. Johnson, K. Lillie, B. Ostenson, N. Moe, M. Shafer. 4th row: B. Walberg, I. Paulson, R. Hallen, N. Beyl, D. Dudczak, J. Peterson, D. Kennetz, J. Erickson, F. Jones. The Clear Lake Chapter of the Future Homemakers of America Is composed of 43 members who are taking Home Economics this year. The chief purpose of this organization is to promote an appreciation of homemaking and to establish a spirit of international good will. Field trips, parties, and educational programs are some of the social activities that fill the school year. The officers are: President-Marilyn Frank; Vice President-Edith Monson; Secretary-Margaret Zurcher; Treasurer-Arllss Wlllert; Historian-Shirley Strelf. OFFICERS Seated: Margaret, Edith, Marilyn, Arllss Standing: Ginger, Shirley, Mrs. Patapoff"C" CLUB M STron.] MA hooeL Crowrvi»v.g Vijoroics yjovjtk." 1st row: I. Paulson, N. 8wager, 0, Olson, D. Llchtenberg, D. Klatt, D. Jones, L. Erickson, M. Reed, D. Stewart. 2nd row: A. Monson, 0. Gilbert son, E. Emerson, G. Soderbeig, I Emerson, M. Hedlund, C. Thompson, Coach Dunham. 3rd row: 0. Anderson, D. Nord M. Koser. The "C" Club has twenty-two members. The officers are: Doug Klatt, President; Duane Jones, Treasurer; and Dick Llchtenberg, Secretary. The club again awarded school sweaters to six graduating seniors—an annual function. Another feature of the year was the sponsoring of a danoe. The members are also planning to sponsor a talent program this spring. STUDENT COUNCIL This year marks the third year of the operation of the Student Council which Is representative of the student body. The problems of the school and students are dlsoussed and methods of solution are attained. It provides opportunities for students, classes, and organisations to present any problems they may have to their representatives on the oouncil. The officers of the Student Council are: President—Leslie Newvllle; Vloe-Presldent- Myrl Reed; and Secretary-Treasurer-Dorothy Dudozak. 1st row: E. Monson, M. Reed, L. Newvllle, D. Dudczak, D. Llchtenberg. 2nd row: G. Buckner, A. Monson, M. Hedlund, Mr. Lundberg.PEP CLUE ‘‘ Vot vi'M 9react -». • ever xckievecL uJirAdit ” — EkT u-sia-s 1st row: K. Goodspeed, L. Hovda, A. Frankson, I. Myrdal, A. Brihn, B. Bannink. 2nd row: M. Brlhn, M. Zurcher, N. Beyl, D. Dudczak, J. Hanson, D. Anderson, P. Weinberg, B. Tltel, R. Nordahl, J. Peterson. 3rd row: B. Walberg, R. Hallen, J. Junkans E. Hurapal, J. Pierson, V. Clark, D. Kennetz, J. Erickson, B. Hlam, F. Jones. 4th row: A. Monson, G. Gilbertson, 3. Strlef, M. Frank, A. Wlllert, M. Hedlund, A. Newville, V. Martin, V. Martin, E. Monson, S. Hall. 5th row: 0. Lien, 0. Anderson, L. Emerson, D. Klatt, D. Liohtenberg, L. Erickson, D. Jones, D. Nord. The Pep Club this year Is made up of 45 efficient members who have cheered their fellow athletes through a good season. The Pep Club furnished a sweel homecoming float and their fine support of the team with the band, had a great deal to do with holding the league winners, Chetek, to a scoreless tie. The outstanding attraction featured by the Pep Club was the snake dance on the eve of the Homecoming that proved to be a great success. Officers for the Pep Club are: President...................Jeanne Hanson Secretary........... . . . . . .Edith Monson Treasurer. •••••••••• .Donna Anderson CHEERLEADERS Ardell Inger Lilias Anna MaeD A M n 1 Vic .r« Tike dye .tntrs of drc x ytr." 1st row: K. Lillie, D. Kennetz, B. Tltel, 0. Lien, D. Dudczafc A. Swanson, J. Peterson, C. Kuhn. 2nd row: L. Hovda, P. Weln-berg, D. Anderson, B.Sempf, A. Monson, R. Hallen, R, Nordahl N. Beyl. L. Newville, A. Wlllert, fc. Monson, 3. Strlef I. Myrdal, J. Erickson, J. Hanson. 3rd row; A. Brlhn, B, Linden M. Hedlund, K. Goodspeed, 0. Anderson, B. Bannlnk, D. Lloh-tenberg, V. Peterson, A. Frankson, J. Peterson, Mr, Knutson The band now Is composed of 38 members, Including 6 majorettes, under the direction of Mr. Knutson. This year the band attended the annual Spring Music Festival held at River Falls on May 1. Their required number was "Joyanna , and the warm-up number "The Thunderer . The band has played at several football and basketball games. It also played at the Achievement Day, Armistice Day program, and for our Homecoming lead the parade and formed a beautiful CL on the football field. MAJORETTES Donna Phyllis Jeanne Inger Jackie Lilias1st Row: L. Hovda, O. Clark, A. Frankson, K. Lillie, J. Erickson J. Hanson, D. Soderberg, N. Johnson, J. Peterson, M. Reed, B. Bannlnk, 0. Anderson, D. Kennetz, F. Jones, L. dale, 2nd Row: S. StreIf, B. Linden, M. Brihn, J Pierson, D. Stewart, G. Gilbertson, L. Newvllle, A, Paulson, A. Monson, R. Hallen, N. Beyl, J. Peterson, A. Brihn, Mr, Knutson. 3rd How: P. Wlnberg, D. And- erson, B. Tltel, 8. Hall, 0. Lein, M. Hedlund, L. Erickson D. Llchtenberg, K. Goodspeed, E. Monson, A. Johnson, B. Hlam, I. Myrdal, D. Dudczak. This year Clear Lake High Is proud to have an a cappella choir. The choir Is composed of fifty members. It gave a Christmas concert and appeared on a program at the First Lutheran Church last fall. The choir again attended the music festival at River Falls this year. "Ifca’s Castle", a Czechoslovakian folk song, was sung as the required number. More public appearances will be made by the choir this spring. H.S QUARTET Left to Right: Alger Monson, Lawrence Erick- son, Dick Llchtenberg, Mickey Hedlund, Dorothy Dudczak, accompanist.GLEE CLUB "■£vtr joyous Anidt.xr Anti Afvd. clea.1" J iair THusit, dotk Surpass. fl i .v,v ; ,8 IV - r Vi i« »' 1 iV»V ■ . I • . « • f u It M'fW W .. | ij 1st row: L. Hovda, K. Lillie, J. Hanson, B. Linden, D. Ken- netz, I, Myrdal, L. Gale, F. Jones, N. Beyl, A. Brihn. 2nd row: Mr. Knutson, A. Swanson, A. Frankson, 8. Strief, V. Clark, 8. Klatt, J. Pierson, D. Ohlin, M. Johnson, V. Martin M. Lillie, J. Erickson, R. Hallen, A. Breslin, B. Hiam. 3rd row: P. Weinberg, D. Anderson, B. Titel, 8. Hall, E. Humpal, A. Willert, E. Knutson, D. Eggert, C. Olson, L. Nelson, M. Brihn, E. M o n s o n, D. Klein, B. Sempf, A. Newville, D. Dudczak. The Girl s Glee Club consists of forty-three members, with Mr. Knutson as their director. They have taken part in several concerts this year, including the Christmas and Spring Concert. "All In An April Evening" and "Where ere You Walk" were sung by the club in "B" class competition at River Falls. Back row: L. Newville, A. Monson, D. Stewart, D. Cahow. Front row: Mr. Knutson, Mr. RedmondCRIES it, . TJunc c nxt 'lot AriAe, eir Spr s, LUjou li,tJiey cojiisptt iT theiAJtltfCs ' 1st row: I Myrdal, D. Dudozak, B. Tltel, D. Llohtenberg, M. Brlhn, J. Hanson, R. Hallen. End row: Miss L a t t 1 n, D. Kennetz, N. Beyl, 0. Lien, M. Hsdlond, F. Jones, L. Hewvllle, M. Hlaa, A. Frankson. 3rd row: L. G a 1 e, P. Weinberg, D. Anderson, J. Nord, D. Kruger. This year the Crier staff published several good editions Much hard work and a competent staff suooeeded in making the Orler what It was We also suooeeded In creating a larger olroulatlon of our paper We all enjoyed working on the Orler this year and hope our readers enjoyed It as well FORENSICS The Forenslo Club has fourteen members who participated in the elimination oontest Seven had serious declamations, six had humorous, and one had an oration The elimination oontest, which was Judged by Mrs Taylor, took place on March 18. The following received "A" ratings and represented Clear Lake at the dlstriot oontest: Leslie Hewville, oration; Orvand Lien, humorous: Gloria Jones, humorous; Mickey Hedlund, serious; and Faye Jones, serious 1st row: £• Monson, G. Jones, D Thompson, R. Hallen, P. Weinberg, S. Strlef. 2nd row: D. Kennetz, A. Brihn, I. Paulson, M. Johnson, Miss Hanson 3rd row: J Peterson, L. New- ville, M. Hedlund, 0. Lien, F Jones BASKETBALL 1st Row: A. Monson, I. Paulson, D. Llohtenberg, D. Klatt, N. Swager, 2nd Row: M. Reed, M. Koser, D. Nord, R. Lark, D. Jones 0. Olson, E. Emerson, L, Erickson, Mr. Dunham. The Warriors started the 1948 campaign with high hopes because of the returning seven letter men and the respective under olass reserves to make up the squad. Our first game was a conference game with Shell Lake. We lost this game due mainly to lack of practice and a new style of basketball, which the Warriors had not yet perfected. However the season was fairly successful. The Warriors came out second place honors In the conference. They also took the oonsolatlon at the district tournament at Luck. CONFERENCE SCORES 1947-48 Clear Lake 21 Clear Lake 32 Clear Lake 33 Shell Lake 38 Turtle Lake 31 Prairie Farm 23 Clear Lake 23 Clear Lake 22 Clear Lake 59 Totals 155 Shell Lake 27 Turtle Lake 19 Prairie Farm 38 ll??? MANAGERS Dick Mr. Dunham MarvinFOOTBALL B«.T the ve»c.« of ol. schoolboy rAll its aaKj “ Pl v h.p P y kp I ? .! pia.y Tta. let row: J. Barney, N. Swager, A. Moneon, D. Llchtenberg, K. Wright, D. Klatt, L. Erickson, D. Jones. 2nd row: I. Paulson, 0. Anderson, D. Junkans, E. Emerson, G. Gilbertson, L. Emerson, J. 8t. Ledger, M. Reed, G. Sodelberg. The 1947 football season started one bright sunny afternoon In September. We had a new coach again and there were about 36 boys out for practice. After a couple of weeks the squad began to take shape. We had quite a few lettermen back form last year which helped a great deal. We tied Our homecoming game with Chetek as our foe. They took championship, but we tied them In a very hard fought battle. During the year we had a number of Injuries which handicapped us quite seriously. There were about six seniors who saw action this year. Dick Llchtenberg, Doug Klatt, and Lawrence Erickson are the only regulars graduating. Lawrence Emerson, Gene Gilbertson, Orville Anderson, were other seniors who saw action and will be missed next year. Altogether the prospects for the coming year look promising. CONFERENCE SCORES 1947-48 Clear Lake 6 Shell Lake 67 Clear Lake 13 Cameron 31 Clear Lake 6 Turtle Lake 20 Clear Lake 27 Clayton 13 Clear Lake 0 Chetek 0 Clear Lake 19 Bruce 14 Clear Lake 19 Prairie Farm 0 Clear Lake 27 New Auburn 7 ADVERTISING i 1 ' HB ■ « NIL SSCNS HRRDMRt ‘-T.SW'iIj- . - STfUIBERGS GlfT SHOP '• f ntrSr s .ktrj NILSSIN'S CUSH ST OKI •'Cat- a- TH€ COFFff lKe r Asc . - FfHUIEH'S MILL «-Ofiv€r !$ SddiiQ m biM,wood mntriENT TUNKHN3 tkosQ k lp d, H mo H f%£t jBMbg 8CLERR LUKE PI IRKCT " fttussc. 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