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-if 4 'YW' . W7' ' ,::ff.:,..1,. U . .-.. -v 'J rw H-,-21:-,?fKt:,?.--, ff f , X . Y .,,-v.- , :gum M- A' - ,, V fn, 3W.fT,.i-gf,-, fiff -YV, Y-H . 1 1-, Q W ,. ,y,3a13:L.,.,,7. . , 1 nf A , f , , i we- , . , . ,nm .- ,M - ' hlffrhnn JAMES S SHAW we the Senior Class of l956 do dedicate this annual to James S Shaw who for the past three years has dealt with our indi vidual problems, upheld Chuckey tradltions and has aided us in the making of finer manhood and womanhood Q LLLLQ 1 04, H X -lf!-11 M5404 gl1fv1lJq ff J! 1,15 7 Mlglff .Lf Low nf we K ! JJ!-Q,,,4J ff Mrs Frances reene B S Degree E T S Tyninv English Librarian ,. R Bobby Broyles Degree E T S C Health Enellsh Phy Education 17' E X mr. Robert Slonaker B.S. Degree U. of T. Agriculture Biology Q 'W NN., HP ude Cox D ree E T S C Mr xrchor Princioal V133 M1111 an Colleve Science ebra I American History fllfll Mr James Shaw S Derree Tusculum 7+h Grade Freshman and Sophomore Boys Coach Envlish Irs Nebraska Broyles Devree E T S C th Grade ,QU 'Y sengill M' A,5, gegpee Tusculum B.S. Degree E.T.S.C. Chemistry tb Spanish 7 Grade Home ECODOMICS v ' f V 1 Y k u l 4 5 ' ' uf' ' A l .- 1 . . I , rl VI I A 'Y K ' , - 's Q N V, U ' f . , s 'V A T Qy.. ,WS1 ln- A:"'5: M 7 K ' 4 if , ,y V N T !. I Y 31 P. ,las QV . G . . V V . A L 4' , , X , , ,C, B,5, g I B. S. lem '. . . . M.S. Degree U. of T. M.A. Degree E. T. S. C. Arithmetic K O.. on , fi ,ti f . , j if , 3 ig fx! l . MP0 I ' U B.S. J . . . . B.S. V . . . . B. . J . - .2 . 8 " . gf W N My T, mm K' M SEHIURS 3 QQQECESQQ 5 ,, Q. 5: yi -Ai T73 72365. -gx A I 161 ' '32 I 5 in ' cr I s fQ,,, fa , f' , A F fW'f'ff dr? K G47 -9 , Z SENIOR CLASS Marlen Gene Collins: He puts his troubles in the bottom of his heart, sits on the lid and smiles H Mary Jo Solomon nBubtling over with laughter and fun, with never a worry for work undone U Secretary f1l""" 61 ,LL Faye Stanton 'Caesar w t, apole hort, and I'm not so tall myself N if 1 1 1 Jim Jil Lawn J u JW ww ,A Nl U Lf K jwf ff X JfU6Q6Aancydgiab?ree nHazy is her mind since he is ll Q: away Ted Wilhoit 'George Washington has died Cicero has died, all great men have died, and I don't feel so well myself ' ll vt if , LU 7 r ' Y e mi' X 4 V A Z! XL' ,J K1 as shor N' on was s ' X' ' LL Song Leader J Jini:a6EfjLl2 v4akpA67gLiiQgi!A5 Reporter '6 V ' A 1 . ' , .ff 444,41 ,, llmpi , uf OL UL N, ' 1, NA 1, ,V 'fufarj-' AAL!! A IOWMUL If A Ji, W : H fy iq ' 5 1 fglfdi f 1 Floyd Ball, Jr. stay ahead is to use your nOne way to get ahead and 1 If head." t 3,3 ,Q g Roma Young nIf I am your friend there is nothing too much for me to do for you N G! Lf qvfloq if +L Mb L ,L LX MMD W L lL ll Phyllis Gourley -at 251 J?ccL ,av azA4 52 fjfffd dj! his lf, ffxwyfff Ce L Lif heart was like the moon, ever changing, but always a man ir lt H Dorothy Bowers Gy' L the world go around Catch MJMAMIXL, me I'm getting dizzy X f J Li Tommy Broyles UA teacher is like a conduc tor, a teacher trains the mind and the conductor mlnds the train l ,Mfg f74LCi wjffaaz ,514 ,fix 775 1 1421 as-,' '1""f"' L IL h JfAQf 44441 7 L p vw ,,g ITZIVI 1 L , III J : wi ffm ' dl, g 7 r ,V f ,f- 4 M 1 6 JUL 1 r e - 4 i , ,f g " -Q 62' n' ' . 4 C1 V ji, all WL! ff? , of A i -I 1, . 1 A : 0cp,fQ,.4 Her ww c L . cn Ahjvwif qi, JLJ4' f Y ,li v' "fr , ff F' ,, . L N4 They say that love makes , - Wg I " 31:1 5 W' 1,59 x : to 'ff' jf min 4 M dv' 32 f W " f . ' V . 'df' lm .H C ,, ef Wh 'ryw uf f c A . 'L' ,, I--'Li ,J . I ' o .4 yf1J!M.,Q.,L' 41.4, l x If ' '- J' 1' lv V' Wi ,f fe-rf. -. .sch 'fL.,,.fG..f' rwhfp . , . J .1 , Sawdvuwmvwigfvmh fflllf' U T vL?4MLQ wM4iblQLa4i?E9 fufkfvf If: PM ya ,,v,L GZ s Richard Burgner NLooks llke an angel b looks are deceiving' Rebecca Shelton True ladylikeness will do for it has always brought her through U Marlene Morrison Ulf foolishness extended the length life, I would live to be an old woman N MW WQMVD WJGVVW 05 ,ll fefiw 1-sap W Of , f- gf ff EFL Rf! Marie Lamb nwith that merry and car free air, you can always tell when she is there U Phillip Jones 'His slowness of speech do not indicate his slowness of action U MWMHW mf . r 1 ' v L' x '!"Ai.A' I . , 1 I , - F I ' A ?L,gIHfi ,U !f'C','f' ' 'f 2 ' ' I ,fL..f' Q' VA' - all -'1.f 2- ' V--xml. ,-4-X , e I bu ' h : fl A Aft' fl. J I-" xr. 'I K '- -- ut .1 ll k :,, MV 0 ' , o b f Q M J J - A' UVLRJH ' ' r ei gd g w? M N "WI 'LL Y E tfq el, W' If M W h K V f f . ek 1:1 f .' - -. 1 of en ' es n 1 my 39 ,wx N Clifton Corby: Uwork fascinates me, I can sit and look at it for hours. Faye Bales: UI'm here--even if I don't . tell everyone.H ,. ' ' 4 . , f . 5 M, A 4 rs L L'fL4'LfL lDfC,1N,- Viffl ff Qjgtw JQJA fi .K ce J -KZ' Y A . 1 -1 ,ff ff, "' ,Af ,Qkanf , 4, fun Charlotte Jaynes UIL p.'LC-'I 2 lf', V' ,X ll '91-"Z" I 1' 4 kj ff V . Q qu gf 4,4 AA of Q-L Z , .IM Hln school, a quiet lass, she see to be but who knows if it's true when she's free Marilyn Burgner H er mind is here, but her heart is elsewhere Lawerence Phillips, Jr U eautiful women have been the downfall of more great men than one N , 64 f 4140-124 QLDLC J r LOL 4 L J C' G 6 UM-Al 'WM' ll ff J nf ! ,. I Q 1' Q 4 -,A 1 Q IY1 3 'Q ' 5 ff n.. ' ' n f, 1' ' I ,ne Q -uf , . , ms ,z 1 I X V- I 5 V1 A-I I I I L yvb Q H .ll fa Q0-an Y x ' I Y! O x Q, B R 1 :lf A 11 ' 44 'f,f!f'55! yie ff, L W. , mile' 'few 1 - .AL 1 ffl Liffoj. field 5 fmc 445, 'rev , ML lvwf' L L, ' 'N , Q fi M L LL XM? 1 ,MJ 5144 l K' X 4 yyyoafvw 1 1 AM Q-L f ed VAZQJX 4,0 OJM I Allen Ellenburg 'C QW You never know real happiness until you're married then its too late "' Linda Jaynes uQuiet? You should know her better W 6 jf'g L flr,-vmfw-1455 M at 71i.1'W"W'L L60 Me? ff Ya A rl WK! Tfgfwuf Nellie Vest N ariety is the spice of life 't try just one, try them all Betty Phillips WI can live without poetry or nw J? r-rf' walking, but who in the world can live without talking W Marla Corby: N UA qulet, serene countenance and a gracious, pleasing manner.n Mary Agnew: nLife is easy, smooth and slow, do what comes and let the rest go.n "hr Y' l L Plllol' A t QW!! I Q ff!! QWVCY M "M"' I IIIMVWFY 9 ma-wk ' 'aff zz mifffff' 4: ffiiffce calling Fill ff ' Hd! A-3715 5512!-bflj dJY014lWf Biflifbillf X 4, Cyybffyb, ' laws 4 y ugwwyfs FFA qw. f 4 '-'YH ff' ,,, ful 4105 mms' WW FW f,S'E5"l7 Repdm x a cfuazgfjn jvpzar ily fflflgvb'-ffw ' I kef Ml iw. of cf .mmmkfj 5 ' '55 'Q '7 ff ' ' cw iff mmf' X 41,4-1--" 'gfgfdlomaaf' JWPIYHNXI '4 in f MW U, 0 mm Mill' 1 1 fzrpa ewrlZff4"' X ffm 4 W 'FEI Q55 ' FH! 'Pfffv ' P17-fffhw Awfagf-gf-JF 7795? llfdfy J Jvmoy fly 7,0 5044 ,,Gu,2,!f4Znwd Wdfifgjj 915122, ,Iggy gifgfizhk' 5171121 5137, 5 F5435 "f Jflfe Mfg lQ",1"j'51.,1 ffm: Kiera' fzfrmf-iffn K Clvb -77'5' pg 7 l g'g,,bJY"' AA, ef!!! A fwllggfm f yfff fff fff A ff" ' f 029555 Qmfxeffce L W' YM1 I lchzfd , 52420 Af .31 H Plullllqf """'f"5 3 Y" X .Bill-100' Aff 4. 4, C' :zany fygmd kr M6 375' 31 -pr rm eff A5 Sfefbgll e CIM 4 .4 rs- 4, 3 fs- 1711! Pk- '-2fQff"'l F F YI' UZM, jyzlar 'Vaal Hllzxl J Y azm4+'- W' M5 5' an m.Z7'fu I F51 52" 'M' lg m 7 0 fzsf-M5 "' 295' 1176! f fl! KIM!! D Zi' ff ,gag-rlcid 1 frlzffuun 1 paw! 'Q WW 'iff 0, -12012 filo fn su 1' ll club 3 ws 6W7f7'6f' 5'25'f'? 52:549- aflaf ffm 9,6655 ,W fm wfff f 1 ww M4110 ll Chi 4 Yrs- F!!! I Cheerlfifd' "fl" C14 'W' g'e'M'5"7" 4 is :ws lpiflldlvb 37 QL' ff' 4M HF e e 1,64 efffdef' f' .vvmvm C UU' mg M" ' ff ff 1 0 f,,, ,, , X fff fffffifffffffff mga, P276 H116 N, ! jyyax C700 Fill yyf: Wk flee XMZQH FF4 f if? YH Club ffm WL LM' fm Ffa Jw 5 75 A,f',,,ffff I W' 555 , , p -'f0""" .QM f W Lwfan' N me-5" mv Q form' ff f 'X FF! 6111 -" 11' YK? , O . . . ffl. 9 1 ' j , J ' 21 .- f- 'L ' " 5 e N. u 1 H 1 . , Ti. 1 I MT. W ' ' ?'5, , M, If ' 5, 'I ' J - ' ' V , - O 1 ar I' -- I , 1 , f l ' ' " . f ' e . ' ' f ', , . ' ' -- J- uf P . A I J I, N cg' -M05 I5 'i gif 3,33 ::. fi HYMH5-A ' .lc NC 1 I I I . l X . 9, Enya M . ff , 1' f ' , u I fl ' , no y ' ' ' . L F f 5: F G 7'2" Q H , . , , L Q e'r 4'H ' Y . L I-' 1 . 1 4' 11 ff - , f " ' vs. 11-M- is jr , . r K.,-A A ' JW If ' 1- I . ' -J' I P 1' ' ' ' YH' ' 'L' gf f - .. , . . 4 . EM A , , f L I 1 Z I' ' ' ' . 4, s, V . E! J ,'- x. I A ' A 7'1 " V . V - . mx 1 4 Q ff! f , 1 ' 4 ' fm Ella' '-X ., 1 a M ... . . , ' , . ,I- , . I IA: 1 P, ' Q Q - - 1. w ma N if - Q ' 5 A 1 xv ' -. '-L if f'-f 'L ,N f ,, , N , , l 4 ' ' ' N4 SE l0R CLASS WILL In antlcipation of a great event which 1S bound to come into our lives some day, and which will leave us devold of our property rights in the Chuckey Higb School, we make this, our last wlll and testament,fully real izing that lt may never be executed There is a certaln satisfaction, however, in contemplating all that high school life has eant to us, and 1D figuring out Just what we should do with our property that is, what we should do 1f we had any property In that splrit is this will 1nscr1bed If we had any grades, and if we did, we woulan't know why we deserv ed them, we would vill hem to the whole student body, well know lng that there wouldn't be enough to quarrel over If we had any lntelligence, and we hope we did, we would pas it on to the faculty We feel that they will need it to cope with all the situatlons ahead of them Now, what can we leave the freshmen? Well, they'll need a can of spinach to give them strength The Sophomores? They won't need anything They have their nerve If there 15 anythlng that can euual the nerve of a sophomore we have failed to meet up fith lt Our beloved juniors? We wish them all the happiness in the world Ttey've certainly had little happiness in their school life up to this polnt We hope they can engoy themselves when we get out of their way our flnger prlnts all over the building, the echo of our voices ringing through the halls The happy experiences whlch we have enjoyed w pa s on to others retaining only our memories which we take with us, as we go from hlgh school It is our wish that all the cla ses which follow us may have the same pleasure and lnsplration out of high school th t we have had Individually we wish to dispose of a few personal possessions that we may have accumulated honestly or otherwlse during our pu suit of knowledge We do bequeath the following mentloned property to vit I Nellie Vest, leave y own personal copy of the book HOJ TO SLECP PEACE'FUfLY IN cmss to Joanna Burger I, Ted Wilhoit, will my athletic ability to Clarence Chandley in hope that he will be a great professional star I, Jo Solomon, will my ability to gab in the halls and classrooms to Joyce Fannon providing she can find as many thlngs to gab about I, Linda Jaynes, will my ability to borrow typing paper and erasers to anyone who is slick enough to get by with it I, Jr Phillips, will my llfe, llberty, and pursuit of women to Bay Maupin Watch out that you don't get caught I, Faye Stanton, will my versatllity to the incoming Freshmen girls so that they can take part in as many activities as I have 1 I, Marlen Gene Collins, will my ability to woo the girls to Don Leonard s nce he has a good start I, Marilyn Burgner, will my vivacity to Betty Jo Hice, but I hope that she can corral hers better so that she won't break up study hall fl Clifton Corby, will my 75's to Bob Bailey as I am sure he can make use o hem I, Marie Lamb, will my reputation as a skillful driver to Kay Corby that she won't take the s1de of the river bridge I, Mary Agnew, will my quiet ways to Judy Reece, which I am sure will appreciated by all her teachers h I, Marla Corby, will my studious habits to the Seventh Grade Class, eaven knows they need them I, Richard Burgner, will my size 125 basketball shoes to Norman Jaynes so he can kick his way to becoming a professional star Mi h Ii Marlene Morrison, will my abllity to catch a man to Geraldine tc el l. ' - . J 4 I - 2. ' - ' S 3. ' I . I+: A ' . q 0 C 1.. . X Je ' J 6. To the whole school we leave our foot prints on the sands of time, 7. ' , fo S J , ' . A I s l - 9 so ' ' . be . as , I, Allen Ellenburg, will my ability to play the harmonica to Jehu Broyles, so he can entertainChuckey High School students after I am gone. she can he wil I he wil Faye Bales, wlll my bashfulness to Margaret Broyles, in hope that conquer it better than I Phyllis Gourley, will my bottle of peroxide to Mr Archer, so that have something to remember me by Philip Jones, will my wonderful physique to James Keys in hope that be able to master Physical Ed Betty Phillips, leave my giggles and chatter used in disturbing the peace n the class room, in the halls, etc to Lula Miller Hope you get off as easy as I have the past N years one who thing I Roma Young, will my ability to share other people's troubles to any doesn't have more troubles than I Charlotte Jaynes, have been here only one year need to keep every have acquired Nancy Crabtree, will my cheerleading ability to Frances Laws She seems to bounce around quite a bit I, Jr Ball will my ability to work experiments that don't backfire to Mrs Masengil , so that the lives of the future Chemistry students may be preserved I, Tommy Broyles, will my ability to get out of scrapes to Paul Mathes so he won't have to make so many trips to the office I, Dorothy Bowers, will my hook sho+s to any of the future lineup who need them I, Rebecca Shelton, will my sophisticated ways to Julie Thompson that she might make the most of them we nominate and appoint John Alden as executor of this, our last will and testament He made a poor out at delivering the message of Miles Standish and we expect him to mess up the execution of this wi 1 So a little advice to the legatees on the side: don't count too much on your inheritance under the terms of this will Signed The Graduating Class of 1956 of C H S By: Faye Stanton ff!! Linda Jaynes 4594 I Q Is 1, ' . . 1 . I1 . . Q 1, Q ' 1, ' - 1, ' . . ' 1 . 1 . QGQ fu if as J I -Z 30 1 l PROPHECY .Dear classmates of '56 Since it has almost been a decade slnce we left Chuckey Hivh chool we thought it would be nice to let you know how our friends are maklnv out ln their pursuit of life Mary allen Agnew owns a l1ne of restaurants from Maine to mars They had to add an extra let er to the alphabet to give them the ratina they deserved Allen mllenburv recently resigned from Clyde Beatty's llon taming performance He was in an accident with a lion and now is dismayed to find he can not vet a head Roma Iounv is making a considerable fortune as the director of a hill billy band Philllp Jones is caretaker at T I He has been there for ten year By the way, Vary Jo Solowon is still trying to fly she is not that much of an ancel yet tllfton Corby 13 recovering in the New Salem sanitariun He was ln Jured in the annual tiddly wlnk game with Harvard Linda Jaynes, who suffered a mental collapse at the clo e of school lS still tryinn to resign from the Annual Staff Cthey were all mental casesb Richard Burcner lS a manufacturer of basketball benches They are de lcnel for the utmost comfort as he probably remembers his hours in that capacity Betty Phillips, famed woman lnvestigator, has just solved her tough est case the murder of a grasshopper by a lawnmower Tomny Broyles, odll enough, is a veterinarian His motto is, you can't k1ll'em see me Vancy rabtree is Librarian at Chuckey She replaces Mrs Greene who has moved to South Africa SClSHtlSt, cracked up when he kept trying to shake hands with h nself in a mlrro Charlotte Jaynes has finally CP3CK6d up after 10 years of unsucess fully trying to be a cheerleader She is now resting peacefully at Lyon's View Ted Wilhoit is blaylnv baseball for the Giants He has a b3t+lhW average of OOO2 Phyllis Gourley is now an airline hostess Flying makes her no different she always was a dizzy blonde Junior Phillips is rolling along quite well through life He 13 the U S marble champion Nellie Mae Vest has a very successful Jazz orchestra, and she is the unexcelled burlesque queen of this area Marlen Gene Collins, who wa always late for school, had better watcn nis timing now He is a trapeze artist in London Faye Stanton is a nurse at St hary's death rate going up Faye Bales is dean of a girls' school ln North Dakota Her theorles are so advanc d she doesn't even understand them Mar1lynBurvner recently suffered abras1ons of the heart when she flr- st viewed the electric si n over her Chicago Department Store The word Hhello came on with the on on the wrong end of the wor Dorotny Bowers was barred from the basketball courts as she never scored less than sixty points a game All other professionals were on the verve of insanity Marla Corby has opened up a school for school teachers O happy day! Rebecca Shelton took the title last week of the world's woman wrest inc champion Marlene Morrison is addinv to the over population of Chuckey She has eight children Marie Lamb is our good will ambassador to Turkey There is a widen ing breach between the two countries Charlotte Jaynes ig Y arewe , F ll Pryllls Gourley K lp 41' , 1 , N . . ' O. J 7 . J 11 . u -,C t ' Q . fe . . Y CJ ' ll L, - 0 X , T . U . ' l Lx. 3 s. F 'V .' .h .. O S s . I J . . N, ' . s'u ' . 1 A D ' " - A I 1 Y . . Ulf 1 -'- 0' A C . Q X , . You will be sorry to hear of another ncrackpot.H Junior Ball, famed ' ' . if .' r. 1 - . . . Q ' " Q . . A o . . . . . . . .' ' I 3 K L 1 . 0 0 W ..-.. O o 5 . . H i x d. . O lim ' - . . , ' 4 J . O -' --" ' - 'I V nl , . xx ' sby is 1 V N E l0Il FAVORl'l'E Most Beautiful and Most Handsome Phyllls Gourley A MT and Miss C H S Faye Stanton Marlen Gene Collins Vsk Lawerence Phillips, Jr. ll R 5 Most Likely To Succeed Linda Jaynes Tommy Broyles I 4 I Q QQ, 'QS-Q' '1 ' Q 75 Most Popular Nancy Crabtree Floyd Ball, Jr SE x 'ug' , N 'Q 'fx -K, u vi Best All Around Jo Solomon Phillip Jones rf? S I 423' , AQ-"'! 1' wma' I :il Most Athletic Dorothy Bowers Ted Wilhoit Alf IAWA 1. F 5. mn OUTLINE OF "'3ToRv RE" t K L . asv V didn 'ms iii FBS Nl Vrana jj S A 4 -AAA uf: kg I 'Jia 32 X L . 'xx L QTTWX-Q, I -. Q 4' Qs 17 V .my A yu up x- 'Q' l ff' YL L I L vi I gl L 'R 'IL r , . A V H 'I .Vyw 1 "LUN X Vu G1 Om! , X It QQ MQW K h . In 'A' yu Y ly X I 3 1 'dk pl' V A V' ' , L F . X J' 1 ,M My fx Q lrbly Qs 1 , R ' V n fy! N . J , 'fl' 'YLIJQ :UQ LLYLUN ' - mu A Qf PN pf ,M .v X I 'XXL M J 1 51,0 I QU 'V x , ' i Q ML V C : K v r W If 'ff W 1 Q' ,LL ' ' X 141' I AA A J NLY ' Eg JU . 3 W fwdlb USU 110 :V 3 X Q 1 A ,till I fx: L ,' .QQ ,', -3 .. 1 -- B '- K g A - :union cuss A7 " .4 his 1 , I 'D Y, X n . mp. xs, , . , , f .- n I X . - . K v' , N , -Pres. Vice Pres. Sec. 6 Treas. , -919 Margaret Broyles Ruth Burgner Joyce Peters Milf ffm 'Y Carl Duncan Mitzi Brink 3 6- rfg Y T Q ,Q Hmmm Edwin Littreal fl' 1 Louise Tolliver Gene McKay Eileine wright onna Thornburg J ,L L uwlkw LC L uk!! ll?-fp-c L A H if 5 R:,. Q , 'R , ,.,. nv -os qi . , r r e of we X V Q? 3 Dlx! ,,r f ., In sf.gsQx . Ji VL L ' !' Ari ' 5 Q S . , l v A I M 6, A Q' ' . ,, eyw N R , , b Yr G 1 kk if Qu w ,,L.1 ,qt ,. -5' JL! , ' -, I' ' , 5 ,fvg ig "' .- .- Qui "' R vc'-v 1 , W . , - 3 . ' A A 5.19 ' A 1 f f i 'lr . 'V 1 ' .- ,J I s , , " 'f I .ln . A 416 m ' e . D ' 2' ,V i' f A .7 is I f - ' N QLA Q f.QA ffj' A- f A ,V V Cl F9651 x :L V 1U , mum, ffl U nl uf V , . .V , + " Mau iff xLL I U f , We-w e A U1 v'L 'fr' ' . 13 H r -' ' s 5 4 AA. !ql"' X 0 V-1 ,Q V- WOQRY- WQERY ,I me Hg he v I. L I If-Ln.-f Liga., 'J,e1Jff 1 ' I . . 'll' fp I . 2 J Leon Burger Geraldlne Been limiiw JW! Z' Don Leonard Pearl Tarltor 7 Corb Ray Hensle, Rex Moles HURRAN ma Me! vs., , x 1 fr! I 4 A 1 fl 1 Gif Curtis Bltner 1-w I? Johnny cYay Darlene Hunu , r Y U' x My L nc , fy , ,, I ,,-"' v , K A 0 1 h v - - A W I wk , v I? :s ' ,,. wr . 9 A . .N Y K . .-f 3 " I ' 4 ll L + 2f,.t u J L . 5 W.u ' W, x ' ,g , 'W K 'N , 1 ' I -in V' : My ,f,.. 2 Q U M! 1' V V- s E . ' 1 9- 1'-,. 5 ' 5 , K K, , .df R V Y w l F I K .1 1' Hay :f - ' , " . - L 53 yyum.-J AJ uv-?A4......Iv-na, 77711-f-M141 440106 4441! I 0. M :zwf ,QWLZ UMW ,JLMVQZZ 0-'vu-flea ylaffww aw' . 9 ! ' of 7 ,4 . - :ff ' 22,69 1:iU5fuZJa,z,. ,of fl--7, ., Q! AA, -6 JE Q SOPHOMORE CLASS af E! Pres Sec Vice Pres Treas N, r Laws J Baskette B Hice R Maupin B Reece J Burger B Rupert B Shelton Yfggld 2' 6' J. Fannon R. Jeffers C. Wilhoit W. Thompson Q 2 ,-'. Q f:s V f5 2.vU s 455. I B , t J. Broyles J. Jaynes C. Chandley J. Thompson J 7061 I' 4 'Wt o B Q 4 O O If O O 22 M Ziff, 2 W Wvfmw xfflfwwfw M X wifywm if M W .vk'iD . '1,,fqg9 JL I9 B Morelocl urray B Murray 4 A'- X 2 Berry L Mlller -xx 6-J, W T Ball ' web JK .na ww C Williamson F Wilhoit Jones 5 'Q fin M' sr -f Y 0 Y 5 ,,,'f C Burgner G Nltchell J Sluder L Gray LQA Q V' I P , - X , 7 'gf 'jj I' ' K 7 6 .K 'lb Ak V , f Q2 '14 . ' 5 I no. 3 ,vi 1 if .. . 1 ' f f f ' k . Wk x N" ' "WS" 3 ft kN ' K K -, . , i 5' w. M . , , .5 ' 1 , 97 . '- fi """"'.?ff3" 52. B .: , nl N- J 1 A z K 1 A 7 Y gi ft-. , i V -- X, i Q I I' 'ggi' X , 'W ' I 1 ' A ' , 'hw , ,K . .Q-T., , V, X I ff A L-., .- X - .. 2-L1 4 5 1- f 2 X 7 W 'fgff " XX , 1 , , "'d 3 , 7 L ' '1 fy 5 IL, ' - J 'rf' A, 1, X E'V, xl V X ... es Q xv g . fy ' 5 ,, i f 1, ' 4 ' .ff K 1' I W, .,. X' ' . 6 ,,, H.. 4 x K y ,W . QX 14 J f Q' B 'f as f O - . G. 'Fix K aw V. X AZ, H I A O " L ' 1,3 gy ' ' ,, K r 2' f 'W 5-M 1,1 jill.. , Q I ' LE M'-an V ui I 4 A - ,A 'F N J , T' ' .V --.Y I3 j :bf 5 , 'lf Q WL ang' 5 l 1- C O A: A Pres IC' FR ESI-IMAN CLASS ' fa Gvva Clam V Pres Sec R Treas Sonp Leader Y? J Stills F Burgner J Baldwin J Reece Reporter Game Leader G Murray .np 1F Mrwv L Sexton J Burgner CIP' WWE J Brown N Jaynes Z Wilhoit S Britton P Whaley J Evans D Patton A Bitner Y T ,,.. - 1, 5 , 4 W T H We , ' if , ,, iff- fi' ai P Norton B Hunt Y TiPt0D J eys .M Watts L Dotson E Morrison K Ricker L Hensley H Beals -HOF IQHLA wuqnv"'5i, M., G Crabtre L eaves S Gourley V an is 12 B Bailey J Corby P Mathes A DaV1S Not Pictured Jimmy Murray and Montie Kinley 2 1 x' 1 4 , Ng. w 'L 3+ L X f fa- fe . kg leg- N 4' ,- x ,V . 5, , Q ' ' J, ' f' J uf Q 'gf ' . 'Ji' i . " a 0 0 o K l I O .3 7 I I I A . n. n no . , L K .. gr. J ll V In E: , .wi WL K -,E F I i gi? ,,' ix A-'il L' Q k ff, ,,, K L. ' f ' 'V .5 . v 1' , , yiggli- . I ,MVA f, unfair' K I eq 1 .J . o 9 o I 0 x P . . . V f1337 f 725 ' 4: , R-iff? x K A :LW O O I I 3 I'i2l IZ gl wiulf Nrs Fleta Kenney Dev ee rade Mrs Helen Jeffers A B Degree Tusculum lst Grade Urs Flora Bush 'rs Helen Chandley B S Degree E T S C B S Degree E T S C 2nd Grade 3rd Grade fise Joan Bird Mrs Tessie McCork1e B S Degree E T S C B T S C k Tusculum 3rd R Sth Sth Grade 5 1 wif' Mrs Anne Sentelle B Milligan College hth Grade E T S C 6th Grade -it , ' ML B.U's.' Ur E.T.s.c. ". lst. G .A T ,f 7 Q j ,ais- f ' f 'T gi A... 8th Grade fr' V U I 7th Grade 6th Grade Sth Grade lrth Grade 3rd Grade 21'1d Grade lst Grade -mic 7' 1, bf vi' . F' fr ws. HCTIVITIES Qi1 "fi .bg Sb' ! .eff WM ng-'V' , ff'rVJ"' 1 My V M ANNUAL surf Editor ln-Chief Linda Jaynes Business Manager ASSOC1at6 Editor Rebecca Shelton Activities Sports Editors Dorothy Bowers Marlen Collins Advisors Mrs Mildred Masengill Mr James Shaw Faye Mary Jo Solomon Phyllis Gourley Richard Burgner L to R C- Jaynes, M- Agnew, F. Laws, M. Burgner, J. Reece, and F. Stanton WV I XY-l,l I h ! , 017' nf f Kill! li 9. f W 1 f i . U . l" ' in C ' Q 'gg Q , L H K ' T W F -gi -LII Art ....... IIIIIIIIII F.F.A. QUEEN Faye Stanton UFFICER L to R C Bitner, B Reece, T Broyles, J Baskette, R Jeffers Advisor R Slonaker K GLEE CLUB FUTURE IIOMEMAKERS of AMERICA i N I Mrs. W. R. Dixon, Director FUTURE FARMERS of AMERICA CAFETERIA WORKERS ,Y 'V R 5' R. N. Brink, B. Chandley, L. McClain, H. McCurry O Upu 4 wb! V1 en P' Q-3 'R ,aw ., , V -,va-ja . BASKETB LL 113 Kneeling D Thornburg, J Stills, D Hunt, B Shelton, J Thodpson, Standing Coach Broyles, R Shelton, C Wilhoit, M Broyles, J Solomon, J Peters, D Bowers L to R R Jeffers, B McKay, J McKay, C Chandley, G McKay C Duncan, R Burgner, T Wilhoit, C Bitner, R Hensley, P Whaley, N Jaynes, Coach Shaw lfn'?7Ljj ,Jef if V ,ad . B: Waddle G. Murray ' 0 . HDVERTISIHG if RX S Q Q' :L x8 --- ,H S usd 14 3 x Y x I .K X S , x 'K . N "' If -X xx af i e , . X A Q. , T- ,f Xi : Q - "xxx Qi ! ' 'L , NA W , J if NS Q, J -- .W., ,W'- "C-.v N, f' .V A 3- XXX 'BEF' .. ,, S"'f-NX? K Ar Six VV . X 'ff X . fl N:-5 . X N , W3 5 'ai ,ff Q21 . 'fp N- f Q Rf ix Af 2 yang'-4-, 1 uv . ' 1,5 1696 K "A Vx f W 'X , xxq...,.,. V' V-X-., A 1-g ,Q ! tw BYPD'S NELDING AND RADIATOR SHOP Nelding, Brazlng, Cutting achlne and Netallizing Service Ne repair large and small radiators 307 West Market St Johnson City, Tenn Phone 107 The Banking and Trust Company Jonesboro, Tennessee Oldest Bank in Washington County M mber F D I C Compliments Johnson Clty Steam Laundry GREENEVILLE IC AND COLD STOPAGE CO Greeneville Tennessee Compliments A Frlend PONELL SANDEL, INC 120 S Main Street Greeneville, Tennessee Greeneville Loan Servlce 105 W Depot Street Phone 310 Loans on Signature Compliments A Friend Tusculum Service Station and Garave Phone 6737 Compllments F 5 P Drug Store Greeneville, Tennessee Compliments Compliments Dixie 011 Company Imperial Insurance Company Home of Conoco Products Corner Church and Main Phone M160 Greenevllle, Tenn Greeneville Tennessee HOME FEDERAL Johnson C1ty's Oldest and Largest Savings and Loans REYNOLD'S MACHINE SHOP Summer and Cutler Greeneville Tennessee Quallty Work and Courteous Service Phone DIXIE CLEANERS Phone 3114 Paul D. Brown 3llM Greeneville's Most Modern Cleaners A. Q B. HOTDRS Route W6 Johnson City Tennessee X X , . ll ' I L'1 A I . , , . e . . . . E S. n 1 of 1 ' "' n of . ' M A . - A 3 ,6 Of of , . . Qf of - U I NITE AUTO MOVIE Tl1SCU1l.1II1 Road Greeneville Tennessee 771s af x 1 . df ...K X ,al White Blossom And 'Our Best' Flour Velvette Meal Plain or Self Rising GREENEVILLE MILLING CO. IU 'Elms ? DUGGINS TELEVISION Sales And Service Greeneville Tennessee Compliments GAY AND TAYLOR Insurance Adjustors Phone H567 Night 395L Know your agent and your adjuster 24 Hr Claim Service 6 Greene Co Agents Johnson City, Tennessee CRUM LUMBER COMPANY Austin Street Phone NH52 Greeneville Tennessee Grady Hensley's RITE WAY 7 Meat Service Fresh and Cured Meats wholesale Sunny Valley Brand Sausage Telford Tennessee Best Wishes, 1956 Seniors First Federal Savings Loan Association Johnson City Corner Roan and Market Sts Johnson City, Tenn fifq 45 fi S365 Compliments Q'69 VY-1 DUTCH MAID DRIVE-In XL 925 W Market Johnson City, T nnessee Savings Insured to 310,000 OO 4 Of U I ' to V l - 1 I , 'Ei And fqo , of :wg of QPetil ' . if LGI JOHNSON HARD MARE AVD CCAL Chuckey, Tennessee 1FDEFN ELUCTRIC CO FKTY Greeneville Tennes ee GPE +nVILLE LIVLSTOCK CO INC Operatlnv under Supervlsion Compliments Paclers and Stock Yards Dlv U b Dept of AVTlCU1tUT6 North Tf'111'l St Phone 532? Greerevllle, Tennessee Gre neville Tennessee 'XMHQTFF' G MID JLFFKQ GEJE AL IERCHAVDIJE Compliments Located in the heart of Jockey L1F9StODG Rt 3 Tennessee BIG TOP I Q N SUPPLV CO dhere your bUS119Sq 15 appreclated Greeneville Tennessee AUtOUOtlV9 Jobbers Cor Cutler Q Sumner sts Greenevllle, Tennes ee 19 5 .V 2' - , 'I X 1 Fi J 7' '., t L.: l', I Pi . S . EI' 3 . . D' . Q 1 ' . of , . . . . U L-J. C. ROSS CONIJANY CWC . s g . 1 -.mln X A 1- "' , V-,Ig I 'T X 'I ' . T' Y of 'A - . I e '. .'. - I .1 5 . . A H . .. . ' s Compliments Of LAUGHLIN CLINIC Greeneville Tennessee A W GARLAND Dist Esso Products Phone M3M1 Greeneville Tennessee Compliments UNION BANKER'S INSURANCE Johnson City, Tennessee C C ROACH COMPANY Greenevllle Tennessee Compllments TEXAS STEFR Johnson City Tennessee Compliments MITCHELI CLEANERS Limestone Tennessee P VCONOMY LUMBER SUPPLY CO INC O Box 369 Phone 3R73 H15 West Market Street Johnson City Tennessee Compliments MILLFP AND KEEZEL Paint and Body Shop All Work Guaranteed 830 W Market St Johnson City, Tenn xxx X2 'I 115 ' 377 You're Always Welcome ASHWAY DRIVE IN THEATRE ' REYNOLDS ICE CREAM CO Tusculum Boulevard Greeneville Tennessee - V Of I Of Of .U . . 3 ' ' Of 1' X. I ' :.' "Gi: A - - 5- 1 COMPL IMENTS TAKOMA HOSPITAL AND SANITARIUM Greeneville Tennessee COMPLIMENTS .Tas H Rader, Agent ,Q-I qs ,vw 'E -A STATE FARM MUTUAL Dial 5231 Day Greeneville, Tennessee 3522 Night INSURANCE THAT REALLY INSURES KING ARfrHUR's coma' And ROUND TABLE RESTAURAM ov! Greeneville Tennessee COMPLIMENTS OF FIRST NATIONAL BANK Greeneville Tennessee OF ' ' ft I COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS A 4 A 2 FASHION FROCKS of a OF TENNESSEE FRIEND RHEA FLORAL COMPANY Greeneville Tennessee Jw PHILLIPS' AUTO SHOP ff f" G3 General Repair X qv- Wheel Balancing Dial 6193 Greeneville Tennessee E COMPLIMENTS DAIRY QUEEN JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE HANNAH'S, INC Est 1912 Dependable Brands in Men's Wear Johnson City, Tenn 1 All Strict Adherence to the has made the J C Penney Company able to serve your clothing needs better 'ulb X X ng STROUD'S BARBER SHOP Next Door to Greene Co Bank ,NK H Barbers at Your Service Xxx' Best Shoe Shine in Town Your Patronage Appreciated f' Phone 6172 Air Conditioned '1 2 I if 3 91 G6 on I I 46 I OF . I C . ,pi Golden Rule Principles Z, ' -2 6 N. . . . WT sn 4 MRA, i X :- 4, llllll COMPLIMENTS iz Q" i of the I 'WP L25 MAGNAVOX OF TENNESSEE X The company welcomes applications upon completion of your high school curriculum and we will be happy to nave you visit the employment office of the Magnavox Company of Tennessee "Your Friends DOUGHTY STEVENS Greeneville Tennessee COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND COMPLIMENTS ALUMNI PALMER SCHOOL OF CHIROPRACTIC Davenport Iowa ? Wm vi 5 - N- 5,31 ,U ffl-,W 9, "W 4. ll 46v 1:2:1:-.g.y.:.5ff:g J - - .. ' r N YOUNGS' SUPPLY CO Phone 102 Lamont St Johnson City, Tennessee Your Authorized Dealer For Allis Chalmers New Holland And Oliver Farm Machinery Compliments Greene County Motor Company Greeneville Tennessee Keebler Smith Hardware Limestone Tennessee M D qua The Flower Shoppe Flowers by Ireenen Tusculum Boulevard Greeneville Tennessee Compliments Of The Pepper Man Moody Dunbar Ben Jenkins Grocery Route M Jonesboro Tennessee The Grover C Bird Store Paint Wall Paper Glass Electrical Goods Hardware China Ware School Supplies Greeneville Tennessee Compliments Central and Corner Drug Stores nThe Leading Prescription Stores Greeneville Tennessee ' Of - Co. 2-5, . " - - of DOAK LUMBER COMPANY nThere is a Material Difference Lumber and Builders' Supplies Phone 3631 Greeneville Tennessee HMS KS TH px-ACE T0 EM Compliments Derby Grill Private Parties And Banquets Johnson City Tennessee Electronic Dry Cleanlng There Is A Difference Opposite Roby School Compliments X .W Greeneville, Tennessee Compliments wILSON'S MOTEL AND GRILL Unicoi, Tennessee Johnson City and Erwin Highway BROYLES FEED STORE Glenn Broyles Kelly Broyles Wayne Feeds, Seeds and Baby Chicks w Main Dial 557-+1 Greeneville, Tennessee Terminal Service Station Phone M321 2M hr Service Yellow Cab Co Phone 5252 Greeneville Tennessee KYTE'S BAKERY Pies Sweet Rolls Cakes Bread Cookies Rolls Special Orders 110 West Depot Street Greeneville Tennessee 'T " e F H S Of .53 A ,lug of o. K. SHELL SFRVICE STATION xf 7 1 of . st. I Remember You Always Save At PARKS BELK CO The Home of Better Values Greeneville Tennessee Ferguson Eqpt New Holland Eqpt Sales and Service JAYNES CARTER TRACTOR AND IMPLEMENT CO Phone H722 West Main Street Greeneville, Tenn TOM AND GEORGV CLFANERS 114 Summer Street Greenevllle Tennessee Compliments Greeneville Tennessee IDEAL CLEANERS Greeneville Tennessee Compliments GREENEVILLE SCHOOL OF COMMERCE Greeneville Tennessee W JUSTIS COMPANY Refrigeration T V Home Appliances Dairy Equipment Dial 3681 121 E Depot St Greeneville Tennessee Compliments Of TUBE ROSE FLOUR U J N Of ' 1 Of Ci Compliments PAYNE SAUSAGE nwhen Better Sausage is made Payne will make it Phone 2011 Branch OfflC9 in Morristown P Of The Austin Company Greenevllle Tennessee Compliments Mcwherter and Milligan Insurance and Loans Phone 3191 12M S Main Street Greeneville Tennessee Compliments HE BLUE BIRD SODA GRILL Greeneville Tennessee Compliments BEWLEY CHEVROLET CO Greeneville Tennessee KISER FUNERAL HOME Greeneville Tennessee d i ogk -4 L4g!!!!!55N- f-NE fxgf Houston Radio and T V Sales and Service Telephone 2532 Limestone, Tennessee O K BARBER SHOP HOLLADAY'S WATCH AND CLOCK SHOP Your Time is our Businessn 115 E Depot Street Greeneville, Tenn .ll ' Of Of T , ,-J I L. -.X L...J Of ' 1 i 2 A ff 1 ,, I m.'vE,e. 7 NNI faq' wr' N fx o??7Wr:z R a-fwgiggkaih COMPLIM NTD C L BITNER'S GENFRAL MERCHANDISE STORE Ai g. -J' S f Lg Q Vex., .3 Box 7M ANDY' S CAFE 2 Q -:uf ws, 344 Chuckey, Tenn F3 EIHHI BROWN ' S X '-'hx x i L if '09 Q - DDQ G' Furniture And Jewelry Illiqugl , 'fx 1 Ma in Street Q Greeneville ' 'D -er 5 0 Funn- FUHNIBB YWJlBl E3 W?I':0.:.lll Tenne s s ee nausea FEDERAL mzssnvs GREENE COUNTY BANK "" XIX! SYSTEM Greeneville Depen -'A 3 'S 1' rcs fi- ' 2' N , - I Y, N2 ,A Q I OF :WJ 1, ' ' 4 AQ' ' , A4 91N FTX 5 5 if W 1 ,D X, 535 '- 7"-,f,- -'15 -e,-. Q 5 ff. .211 Q " I If I 2. x a s Y. Q , 9 dable Service Since 1890 Hume 4950 Tennessee cob PI IN ENTS 'um I if :MLK if 0 990, ini' NEW CARS For the bes t ln used car S See R V Strong C PLESQ POL TIAC CADILLA X AND RICH NH NYU CAP PARTS COMPANY lnut St Johnson City, T W OLESALE CO a Phone 935 CO Pay Cash Jobtery see 'we Buy wrecks and Junkersn Johnson City, Tennes SDD ,go 1 , .1 E - , 5 odf Mn I L 1 I . .. I pas, OI' ..-"J ' Q" . U l ll I . 'JJ' VJ . , OPPORTUNITIES . . . . . . in the industrial world today are unlimited. Automation, atomic energy, a rapidly increasing population--all point to unprecendented industrial growth. Like many others, the textile industry is just scratching the surface of its own latter-day revolution, which began 25 years ago with the intro duction of man-made fibers Burlington Industries pioneered in production of fabrics from man-made fibers, and is today the world's leading textile concern a career, textiles offer opportunity nwithout boundsu in manufac turing, merchandising, research, development, and design, and many other related fields THE JOHNSON CITY PLANT same, IIWIJ EKFIll1Bl EXECUTIVE OFFICES Greensboro, N C Burlington Mills, Pacific Mills, Burlington Hosiery Co Peerless Woolen Mills, Burlington Decorative Fabrics Associates, Galey Lord, Goodall Fabrics, Burlington Narrow Fabrics, National Mellinson Fabrics, Burlington Exort Co , Morresville Mllls, Burlington International M 5 3210125 of fm M, cg-d' 3 . . . .A J . W2 M472 rgjfo l ff T . I. is 4, CEQQZQZK , ' .'. . 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Suggestions in the Chuckey High School - Barker Yearbook (Chuckey, TN) collection:

Chuckey High School - Barker Yearbook (Chuckey, TN) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 93

1956, pg 93

Chuckey High School - Barker Yearbook (Chuckey, TN) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 79

1956, pg 79

Chuckey High School - Barker Yearbook (Chuckey, TN) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 68

1956, pg 68

Chuckey High School - Barker Yearbook (Chuckey, TN) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 11

1956, pg 11

Chuckey High School - Barker Yearbook (Chuckey, TN) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 38

1956, pg 38

Chuckey High School - Barker Yearbook (Chuckey, TN) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 55

1956, pg 55

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