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-.4 5 -- N, .,..f--7 'Z 4 I , -1 gi , lb "the desire and the determination of man shall be re f " X . 1 5 2 mood 3 4 P + 7. r I i , if P r P I' ., y V 7 NV' WIA , N 1 M N f " l A 'T- , M. gn I Y kg' fav' ,, -E2 'wx iw " , -6, , ll S " 5 '.k . ,5.g..,'2, r ., mi. Q. in 1, I Q EYELLVQ 'Ig"-fylepl n. -A 1 gin! I 1 7. '-.T A h K2 Q -fs, , 4,1 , ,f - N ,-I im- ll D Qrni ifi, 7 J", N' 'W' + , .. 'Ns- Z, N flex, ,A 11515. ..a..'n..X........l"' f E' mod7 in ig E Q I, f 'aw , A- Y, , Q- Q. 5 P gif' 1- ig ,r I. I ' 'il M I ai. or. -Q ,- ,I . H wo- -.i 1 :- ,, V-w . 1-1,5 ' -1-,, , as. 2 C---. is -..- ' Abmbm.. 5 ,wg ,, A V 4 W fbi, y.f . gi ,.,if,,,'i- ff' 'lxgfiif N , Mfg, ,JW . a. if: 1'r'ii'f2?g'-fa 'xgyf V L il -, S ij 3 i 5' T' !i-5. a .mu A '- fy , 4' ff"'.. ." asv' 11, .,:' 'SS ' 'ft 14?4f ,il 3 f if J 'lik' 15,1 .J 'weird 10 mood table of contents activities 11 sports 41 faculty 69 classes 79 advertisements 115 -W4 WU 'kgfk al row 1:k.aIford, m. galehouse, j. friedrichsen, s. slabaugh, s. mcfallsp row 2: m. semonin, n. swain, g. snyder, j. butzer, m. petit. bi row 1: c. durbin, k. franks, j, busson, m. hartman, d. foster, c. camdenp row 2: I. eanter, k. hanawalt, b. roesel, I. croftp row 3: p. baughman, s. hersman, j. daniel, k. booth, b. adairg row 4: s. smith, k. kun, m. magier, b, houk, c. beardsley. cI top: d. foster, middle: d. turner, m. sayre, bottom: t. cun- ningham. dI row 1: c. shutway, a. petit, j. herman, I. gilcrest, m.j. hoff, c. smith, d. foster, m. wells, s. hor- vath, t. adams, t. stiener, d. warren: row 2: c. nedrow, I. beardsley, b. bailey, v. kun, I. galehouse, b. mollohan, d. jones, c. fleming, p. ross, s. ross, b. jones, e. ellisonp row 3: s. shutway, m.j. monbarren, c. Iepley, k. lep- Iey, d. hoover, j. mullett, p. Iep- Iey, j. white, d. hanawalt, s. anderson, v. rastorfer, m. mon- barren, el row 1: d. zelei, p. Iongp row 2: d. zelei, k. lance, bottom: r. hanak. 12 3, 'iFNq'3"N.f if? LAN .F v ,I 1 'ut A" - 4.5 , ,191 'lv L fx ' .N I ,K I 2 . QV... c'- , M ' .liw4.'?g4agr:- .Q 2 ' ' 'Q ,J l. JP l 151 , ..v "'4x.'-fu' X-s 'wwf N71 7 Sinai it tsallxg Ex kr' ' -Stal ,f Al vWm2gffM"wFfWw7fz4w' M M, , W, Mg W , ,L ,,,L ,,M,,, ,, ,,, T ,M -.41 UER E 1 Q7 aft? If 'ef student council makes possible more student involvement the student council made it possible for the student body to be involved, they made up the system of honorary members. they revised the student handbook and they supported the school levy. student council had assemblies for the students with a rock group free fair and a ventriliquist. they also hosted the student council work- shop. al secretary, anne veilhaber, president, nina smith, v. president, sue hersman, treasurer, beth bailey. bl nina directing a meeting. cl row 1 d. zelei, c. santmyer, b. bailey, n, smith, a. veilhaber, s. harvey, k. williams, c. camden, row 2: m. lepley, j. hersman, l. beardsley, e. elleson, p. kaylor, m. armbrust, d. troyer, n. smith, a. stahl row 3: j. johnson, t. petit, d. frizell, s. abt, c. davis, c. weyand, j. aldrich, t. whitman, p. veilhaber, m. genet, s. collins Q c Q - - spectru spectrum staff: row 1: b. stoner, m. dannemiller, d. frizell, s. hersman, r. gilcrest, miss dennis, d. hoover. row 2: m. magier, d. nagy, n. neely, p. baughman, m. olson, k. chisnell. row 3: c. beardsley, b. adair, j. hersman, c. santmyer, c. warren, b. bailey. row 4: a. stahl, m staff m, konich, p. kaylor, m. arm- brust, p. roberis. row 5: m. stuve, n. buck, n. smith, m. chisnell, e. ellison. row 6: j. aldrich, v. kun, c. weyand, d. matthews, b. aldrich, c. davis, d. zelei, d. root, n. smith, k. williams, s, harvey. 16 activities future farmers of america ffa: row 1: t. srock, j. watts, r. mckeand, c. hatfield, j. spiegle, stephens, c. hatfield, d. bennett, d. Steiner, t. huegle, b. hatfield. d. simpson. row 2: g. conkle, t. future teachers of america fta this year continued its annual spring project of student teaching in other schools in the school system. each member spent one day observing and one day . fg . teaching. the club also had other projects of service. they made gifts and attended ward parties at apple creek state institute. al anne brown teaches her class addition. bl sharon tredway comforts her "student," cl as mary petit illustrates. dl the children are paying attention! what's your secret, dan? ei not everything can be as interesting as star trek, but michelle lepley sure tries! 4 Q I learning the alphabet can be fun, f.t.ap 17 if french club 84 spanish club celebrate mardis gras together our french and spanish clubs together in february. bake Sale-S seem to grow bigger each year, and craft sales brought in money they celebrated the mardi gras for the Clubs- alfrench club: row 1: mrs. watts, s. harvey. row 2: r. frase, a. hanayvalt, s. hersman, b. bailey. row 3: r. gilcrest, p. roberts, m. wells, d. hanawalt. row 4: e. ellison, t. steiner, s. shultz, m. jett. row 5: C. veilhaber, m. armbrust, a. Westfall, m. genet. row 6: n. buck, a, vielhaber. row 7: c. davis, r. mount, a. petit, l. beardsley, c. weyand. row 8: k. jarvis, k. kisner, s. shutway, d. turner. row 9: a. kisner, j. white, j, speicher, m. galehouse. row 10: g. harvey, m. shultz, k. williams. bl our mardi gras king and queen, anita hanawalt and steve-harvey. cl mrs. watts has something to smile about during a french club meeting, dl spanish club: row 1: d. hoover, m. chisnell, m. konich. row 2: k. booth, k. franks, j. garcea, c. warren, miss dennism. row 3: c. beardsley, j. hostetler, j. hersman, t. garcea, p. roberts, g. heil. row 4: s. bontrager, m. olson, j. daniels, t. Whitman. row 5: m. busson, s, horvath, d. frizell, p. white. row 6: l. Schmitt, lc. kun, p. kaylor. el miss dennis is always busy! nfl talks on and on and on both michelle's goto state contest a. row 1: m. magier, m. genet, a. Westfall, j. white, row 2: j. speicher, m. petit, m. wells, c. veilhaber, m. galehouse, and advisor miss sturpe. not pictured j. hersman, b. michele magier does another outstanding speech. c. jeanne hersman's expressions help her speech along finely. rw 1' This year nfl had a successful year, sending 2 people to state lmichelle magier in humorous and michelle genet in dramaticl they also had one alternate ijeanne hersman in extempl michele, michelle, and jeanne were the officers this year. ff Q N nfl, 19 chs's spirited art club under the leadership of "big jim" spires and president joe genet, the art club had a very successful year. they dept tradition 177 by selling spirit ribbons and gave tickets tothe games to the winners. they also decorated for chapel services and club member karen jarvis' design was chosen by ski club as their "official" ski club patch. al art club. bl mr. spires, get that silly grin off your face! cl john daniels looks terribly busy! dl richard genet works on one of his master- pieces. el karen williams and joan eisenhauer find a funny situation in art. M c 20 V! avi' QL QW Wai og' , s ...ali owa begins in school owe finishes at work the occupational work experi- ence was continued again this year with mr. charles hartz as their advisor. students involved in this program attend school for half of the day and work the other half. occupational work aid is a new program at chs this year. under advisor ken barton, the students involved in this program help in the school cafeterias. al steve ross is busy studying, or is he? bl owa row 1: h. witschey, r. murdock, f. croft, t. slaybough, j. bennet, r. tester. row 2: mr. barton, j. smith, l. neuman, m. ferguson, j. carpenter, s. cummings, m. haught, p. jastrab, s. ross, t. pullen, d. morrison. cl owe row 1: a. zollinger, p. kriepbel, k. Wintrow, C. fretwell, d. pedro, l. thomas. row 2: t. burkey, m. hopkins, b. slaybaugh, d. thomas, c. hughes. row 3: f. berenyi, c. blanken- ship, d. bowsher, c. underwood, mr. hartz. dl mr. barton finds time away from his "boys" to do paper work. -qv- I rl ,,-gf 4 3 -.jvi Q .1,,'7ri'V. gr'x,J - ' pam, 5 mmt librarians and office girls ' serve c. .s. in their free time librarians and office girls offer librarians: row 1: d. hoover, their free time to serve chs. mrs. johnston, lc. lance, p. i baughman, c. santmyer. row 2: j. K, office girls: v. anderson, c. speicher, m. hoff, c. butcher, j. ,- If sharier, s. goffinet, s. shutway, m. hersman. armbrust, m. lepley, v. stadler, p. ' durbin and mrs. kraemer. office girl, jayne daniel greets inquiries with a pleasant smile. 22 activities ch ippewa off junior and senior girls in the block learn basically how to be good secretaries. this year they attended a convention in columbus. shown below: row 1: lc. keller, g. heil, v. anderson, lc. metheny, j. paridon, s. sherman. row 2: I. linger, e. adkins, d. morgan, p. archer, d. milford, v. stadler, s. mcendree, c. sharier. ice service row 3: mrs. davidson, s. tredway, m. adkins, d. ashley, s. collins, j. steele, s. goffinet, a. stahl. row 4 c. brammer, r. berenyi, c. williams, c. warren, p. rohr, b. haller, j. huffman, m. konich. row 5: c. robinson, I. schmitt, v. roberts, d. hanawalt, b. jones. do you have intensive office education cos does much more than sell baughman. row 2: k. booth, g tupperware. they spend most of their time typing programs for assemblies, pamphlets and even term papers!! cos: row 1: d. ashley, m. adkins, v. anderson, b. bailey, s sherman, m. konich, l. schmitt, carpenter, r. berenyi, c. brammer, b. hajek, v. stadler, s. mcendree, s. anderson, s. anderson, mrs. bailey. row 3: t. adams, p. veilhaber, d. williams, k. porr, v zelei, e. adkins. p. archer, p knighton. p. l. L ' '- "FU-U J., resin? al varsity cheerleaders, left to right j, huffman, k. england, k, williams, s. rohr, P. rohr, c. santmyer. bl freshman, top to bottom, m. dannemiller, s. clark t. genet, r. mount. cl reserve, left to right, p. rohr, r. Whitman, s. shultz, j. garcea, m. lepley. dl pep club, row 1, b haller, s anderson, v rastorfer, c ms. maier, s. williams pres., k, metheny, santmyer row 5, s rohr, m chlsnell, v vice pres., row 2, m. Iepley, t. Steiner, stadler, J daniel, s mc endree, J parl t. garcea, j. eisonhower don, J parudon, s sherman .li Q ' W gaa - letterman clu bs have , f- 6-ff i another successful year " "-- -'-f--Q 41, ......- is a K. Q ' ' i this year gaa has done alot of active group. The lettermans club 1 E acliiive activitiesa tlheylhavetlgone has gg-:ein aclgive Ialsog they playlejd "L "":' ro er sca in an ow in , e h an vo e a . wou l m have had mat-any meetingsgat thc! like toa thank the lelttermans for b. president barb aldrich. . l "' school and they ordered t-shirts. the advisor is miss maier. she has helped build the club into an :L , . -fx, . syyy , t showing up to get their picture taken, thank you rob petit! al row 1: j. busson, b. aldrich, miss maier, p. durbin. row 2: c. sant- myer, j. garcea, k. england, l. fleming, r. Whitman, j. rphr, v. jones, r. hanak, b. hajek, k. williams, p. baughmn, j. frederickson, d. underwood, p. rohr. row 2: j. huffman, a. vielhaber, j. butzer, s. williams, m. petit, k. methneey, s. rohr, k. lance, c. lepely, p. vielhaber, c. smith, j. Eisenhower, t. garcea, v. kun, c. camden. row 3: b. haller, j. murdock, j. paridon, g. miller, b. bailey, k. kun, d. foster, p. geiser, k. keller, g. heil, cl. hoover, v. stadler, t. flikinger. row 4: k. lepley, I. roberts, a. stahl, k. kisner, s. norris, l. vinez, d. miller, b. cradock, s. mc endree, p. reeves, p. long, row 5: s. stiener, k. porr, v. rastorfer, s. anderson, n. swain, m. j. hoff, d, foster, t. stiener, m. lepely, m. hartman, m. chisnell, j. daniel. row 6: b. franks, d. hanawalt, p. rohr, m. adkins, s, collins, d. ashley, m. konich, d. bieri. gaa and I etterm an-25 XX close battle between sophomores and seniors but sophomores reign again of r :r f 5 OUI' DEW Stal' g3ZCl'S the astronomy club has had building their own rocket now by some unique experiences, such as hand. al astronomy club: j. launching model rockets for the horvath, j. chuhi, e. hubiak, r. earth science classes. they are osivnik. mr. parfitt has a busy year our ski club has suffered no broken bones, but they do have some hurt pride. they went skiing at boston mills, weather permitting, which wasn't very often. mr. parfitt also supervised planting trees behind the school. bl ski club row 1: d. zelei, b. bailey, l. Chapman, row 2: mr. parfitt, m. chisnell, c. hollis, g. walker, m. roehrich. cl greg walker and mara chisnell are busy planting trees in biology. . EBIT M2112 27 chorus members and ai linda galehouse constently studies a complicated piece of music. bl our "boys" are at it again! cl beth bailey likes to make faces at miss stentz when she isn't looking! di is singing really that boring, martha? el chorus: row 1: k. franks, d. mil- sing under the liken, c. troyer, h. baker, n. neely, I. croft, d. williams, j. stanley, s. adkins, c. minor, miss stentz. row 2: l. galehouse, k. craddock, I. vinez, t. Steiner, s. steiner, m. dannemiller, g. miller, p. Ieply, j. mullet, b. adair, l. mccallum. row 3: k. the fine chorus sang under the new leadership of miss barb stentz. they performed at the festival of choirs in march at smithville. the perfor- mance at Chapels and concerts proved their worth. harmonettes also sang at the chapels and concerts, and performed at lions club in november. 4 l l I 1 xi, ff' fs T 1 .. Q 'N' . ly: - 9.5 : pf q 1' Ie! -f " ll f- ff:1 .X . s . , . 1 5 - as l - Q L .fill 1 1 -pk! 58,4 5 gi te s 5 lg g5f:L'jj,i lii ,4, E I ' iss I. . 1 harmonette members new director miss stentz I 3 robinson, d. nagy, I. roberls, j. speicher, k. jarvis, d. everson, r. schtucka, c. davis, I. linger, k. daniels, d. fraley, d. hoover, row 4: s. Shultz, m. wells, n. smith, , k. williams, m. yerian, j. ham- lin, t. krouse, r. gilcrest, s. I bontranger, d. Whitehead, s. rohr. fl miss stentz works over- time on some new music. gl harmonettes: row 1: k. franks, d. nagy, I. galehouse, b. bailey, miss stentz. row 2: k. craddock k. jarvis, I. linger, j. white, hl sue williams needs barbie aldrich to turn the p'ages for her. I I. l I I X, imagination persistance patience work, more annual staff editor . joan speicher ass't editor . . . mary wells activities . . . penny durbin, editor mary june hoff, kim lance, karen jarvis sports . . . gail miller, editor annamarie stahl, chris warren, cindy sharier business . . . kris ludwick, editor suda collins, cheryl hollis, ann petit classes . . . jayne daniels, editor nancy buck, linda roberts, Iorie neiswander senior section . . . tina flickinger, barb stoner artists . . . michelle magier, marilyn olson photographers . . . gall heil, editor donna turner, bob purdy advisor . . . mrs. doris murray bottom left, the 1973-74 annual staff. bottom right, ad staff ! Ti! E ,V 'bk -sph, -""-sv work to meet yearbook monthly deadlines .3 Wx mg.: 5 f ' f e x v 4 ,1 2 Lf.:ufux-,jf-'1fe,f-4 eff-'QQ .4 A 15,35 A 4-Zfaf's,eiS:"5.EiE YY vm 4.7 4 1--I x 4 Qld" ca- B i'a'C"' i H9 54.5. 1 56435. 'X' '-9--s if .. -H - I , u 'L 7-Eli' Hi SPG!!-I!T'H4-SIf! T Qi sport, holiday, entertainment chs assembly schedule every year we have a variety of assemblies, but the favorite of these has to be the pep assembly because here we see the talent of our fellow students. it gives them a chance to express to the team and student body in a funny but very meaningful way their feel- ings . . . to give the students a rest from their usual school-day routine there were also special assemblies such as a rock band performance, a man who demonstrated basic skills on a trampoline, and even a ventriloquist. these plus the traditional holiday chapels made up most of this years assemblies. al patti baughman predicts a team victory for the football 'team . bl mike rohr and mike durbin tell student body of basketball hopes. cl barb aldrich is senior represent- ative in their turn to present a skit, dl karen keller is stripping away the opponents points. el cheerleaders cathy santmyer gets ready to start a cheer. 4 'Y 'K 32 assemblies .T Q ' , ' 'ka ,..f,. 95 ,Ls .LK N 1 N l.f N ATM ,",,,N 1l scholarship and students activities recognized at awards assembly al mike miller receives a soul receives the trophy she was handshake from mr. buch following awarded for third place in the the presentation of his trophy. bl nation for her business abilities. mr. thompson recognizes the base- bl norm smith receives a 516,000 ball team with letters and trophies. scholarship from the naval academy, cl exchange student, marret cl don downs receives his golf stuve receives a service award award from mr. buch. dl kris V sifi 4 from president of national honor ludwick is named valedictorian society, diane hoover. di john f0l' 1974. el joan speicher garcea is congratulated by mr, prepares to give out annual staff caples for a fine job in track. awards with mary wells and opposite page, al, gail heil cheryl asslstmg' :qhu - 1 ,x Q 1 1 ,xg ,JIASEE I mwwp, 1 awardsp 35 1974 drama production "pillow talk" miss morrow, an interior deco- rator, is having a bit of trouble with brad allen, a "don juan" on her party line. the trouble really begins when brad finds out his best friend is dating her and he tries to get in on the action, using a disguise. miss morrow falls in love with him, with the help of her maid, alma, who thinks all young girls should be married. things really get hot when miss morrow finds out that she's been fooled, but don't worry, there was a happy ending! al mr. johnson and mr. parfitt look over the set. bl . . . "smack" . . . cl cast and crew - row 1: l. gale- house, b. stoner, m. petit, m. ed- wards, b. bailey, k. kun, m. lenley, s. ross. row 2: v. anderson, d. danne miller. f. hersman, n. smith, p. rohr, j. aldrich, m. magier, d. steffensen, p. long, s. shultz, d. metheny. row 3: a. hanawalt, d. frank, b. aldrich, s. sherman, m. monbarren, m.j. monbarren, v, stadler, t. Steiner, row 4: b. pel- frey, d. miller, s. mcendree, j, smith, t. petit, j. johnson, d, root, s. abt, g. cunningham. dl . . . "i love you". . . el . . . "put me down" . . .fl . . . "heIIo? hello?" . . . gl for the right make-up, the crew puts on the finishing touches. hi the handsome !?l young devil! il . . . "please help me, alma!" I 36 play I sv V3 X if ff. time in a bottle is the theme and a bottle decora for a change the juniors decided to have prom at the school. they did a fantastic job in the decorating, so good in fact that you couldn't even tell you were in the school. after the dance everyone was invited to charger lanes for bowling, pool, more dancing and breakfast later in the morning. left, president jim johnson es- corts mikie genet through the arch. lower left, rick and cathy get 387 prom -.-11. 1 lf- 'M f .xu....., 4 ready to promenade. below, a look at some of the real excitement. right, rob and sue admire some of the decorations chosen by the juniors. far right, our exchange student, marrett stuve dancing with her escort, keith williamsg bottom right, may courtg left to right cindy Whitehead, marty zelei, ken pullen, jayne daniel, king, rob rohr, queen, penny durbin, joe genet, gail miller, roger gilcrest, diane zelei. hd school is the setting for this year's prom ,Q-5, EA' fi, 9 WX' -5 :- 'wx A N I F, . '14 I, ,. 1 I prom .: -'P' -6'4 national honor society during the candlelight ceremony in may, 32 new members were inducted into national honor society. to be inducted into this organization, one must meet four qualification: scholarship - a grade average of 3.325 or better, leadership, service, and character. the new members include: seniors, b. bailey, m. chisnell, r. gilcrest, s harvey, g. heil, c. ludwick, g. miller, m. olson, p. roberts, b. stoner, and c. whitehead. juniors, c. beardsley, d. downs, p. geiser, b. haller, lc. jarvis, s. knicely, t. krouse, m. magier, p rohr, m. shultz, J. spelcher, a. vielhaber, m. wells, and s. williams. sophomores, l. beardsley, n. buck, e. ellison, lc. england, j. hersman, d. miller, and a. petit. al new member roger gilcrest signs the register as steve harvey looks on. bl new members suffer in silence as the hot wax from the candles burn their fingers. cl mr. vagnini congratulates mike shultz. dl old members, clockwise from top left: k. williams, r. petit, s. hersman, d. hoover, and j butzer. 40, nhs SEQQEFKHZ,-S their desire, dedication and spirit. the team was young dedication and spirit and coach miller was new. they all worked together yet the fri- day night performances ended in defeat. the men who made the 1973 football team never gave up, for their desire to win, 1 i l l burned. the light shone through half the sea- son. the last five games were theirs. chs was proud, and as the senior men ended their high school football career, they could say, "we won ng , - 3, fp i kr . f i . ... 42 football homecoming rings at midnight hour homecoming 1973 began as the queen and her court were ex- corted down the field as the band played "if", the queen was crowned and the players returned to the field to meet Smithville. the game was spirited, exciting, and victorious. over sixty couples attended night, and as they listened to music by "johnny showboat and trust," the theme of midnight hour echoed through the evening. 1973 homecoming court, shelly clark, freshman, jean garcia sophomore, pat rohr, junior, gail miller, senior, and the 1973 homecoming queen, jayne daniel. the dance saturday 44 homecoming chipps football 1973 -S-'KFW' 46 football ,pus 'M Lf A , I ff: 'W ll ll H7411 year, one that will give the future varsity wres- tlers a lot of experience on the mats. SCOFGS 29 hillsdale 30 33 Smithville 21 40 norwayne 11 24 waynedale 37 I , ..,. A f 5 34 triway 30 51 northw este rr. 12 1 y' x J Y ,.,,, experience and dedication make good combination the 1973-1974 varsity coach of the reserve wrestling coach for this team showed a great year was coach mcgowan, amount of determination even though he was not in getting the grapplers teaching at the high school ready for their matches, he performed well as head much of this determina- coach. mr. vagnini as tion spread to the team members. aJ1973-1974 wrestling team back row greg vinez, mike schultz, tom shrock, bob purdy, greg roehrich, dan keller, dave bowling, bill bowling, middle row jack adamson, charlie hatfield, mike musgrave, brian mollohan, mark molnar, bob funk, dan osborne, co-captains: mike stockwell, jeff A morganstern. not pictured jerry osborne, mike semonin, tom duncan, greg walker, gary busson, dalla boyan. bl tom shrock announced the winner of his match. cl bottoms up! wrestling a true test of strength E! -' -v 48 Neva-YQ-'xv fx" " ' f ' ' Q N. ...,.,,., ., -v-5, H- W-wx..m , Sw-. .A.',J 49 varsity basketball team shows drive, determination the chippewa 1973-74 varsity basketball team had a lot of bad breaks this year with bob rohr out for the start of the season with a football injury, 3 senior players left the team. it was a challenging year for the chipps, they worked , cwfafwawi. al marty sits in hopeful an- ticipation of another game. bl don keeps his eyes on the basket as he prepares to shoot. cl as the spirit blocks lie in the background, coach thompson lets the students know that the team has given much more than the fans have in support. dl va.rsity basketball team, row 1. kevin chisnell, dave steffenson row 2. coach r. thompson I to r, gus sales, marty zelei, glenn shaver, craig dignan, don downs, clark brownlow, jim hajek, bob rohr, ken pullen, john garcea, roger gilcrest. 50 hard for their victories, held their heads up through defeat. bob rohr was voted the most valuable player award and marty zelei the most improved player award, both proved their ability to the chipp fans. X b - ' , -.-v"""- l'X,",l 0 b d L f'T Q,WPf 5 U 3 U 14 jQ:XllFl0j al reserve basketball team, row 1 s. schultz, m. miller, k. mckee, d matthews. row 2. coach d. miller, t. marshall, m. rohr, t. petit, t neiswander, g. harvey, g. anderson, r. Stephens, j. vercoe, j. paridon not pictured: mike durbin 1974 basketball court cl sophomore attendant, karla england, senior attendant, tina flickenger, queen, pam roberts, junior attendant janlce huffman, freshman attendant, anita zollinger. dl blocks are tough but chipps get through to score. doy. 36 coventry 40 'rittman 53 lake 47 'hillsdale 57 'norwayne 50 'waynedale 53 'northwestern 54 'daltcn 77 'Smithville 58 'riltrnan 55 'hillsdale 73 'norwayne 48 'waynedale 46 northwest 59 'northwestern 61 central christian 40 'dalton 59 'smilhville ' league games OPP 53 64 68 57 69 72 67 79 84 76 60 B9 40 60 6B 62 81 41 freshmen look to varsity for guidance al big number "22" demonstrated the perfect lay-up. bl that which goes up, must come down. cl freshman basketball team. row 1. dave danne- miller, rob mckee, bill reeves, dave blanar, john brownlow, coach d. schrock. row 2. ron richards, joe feesler, john hamlin, rod hartman, harry can- ter, john aldrich. row 3. dan petit, vince hart- man, paul schmitt, bill butzer, dale parson. not pictured mark szittai S 'mv- chipp cross country is best yet! with a 7-6 record, and coached by tom buch, placed 3rd at the clover- the chippewa high cross leaf invitational. coach country track team had buch is looking forward to their best season this year. next year. this year was the the proud runners worked best, but next year will hard, ended their season better yet. '.p4G' al running a long, hard course, john milford reached the finish. bl trying to find out what is going on, jim johnson consults coach Uuch. cl before the race, coach tries to look cool, calm, and collected. K cross country 53 when you're running it's only you al you can't quit until it's over. bl team--row 1: r. perrera, m. Iudwick, c. hughes, v. hartman, m. mus- grave, row 2: d. kendig, j. milford, j. johnson, f. hersman, j. milford, j. hollingsworth, coach buch, t. krouse. cl before the race most of the guys warm up, but mark tests his coordination. dl in a moment of rest, krouse merely sits and thinks. el coach buch announces frank's 9th place victory at the cloverleaf invitational. fl atypical cross country meet--chipps in the lead. gl when you're running, you're on you're own. 54 cross country ,fqfpgvg 1' xi' 1"fff7:7 .1 . .,., 1 - .-f 1-Q4 -- 3..'f5 -C1',,.'73"'- ' f ' Z k ,K , ,.,.V V: : . h V , sf- fs- "f,u?J.iY N .. ,,'.3,f',g,M -1 Q J it's all worth it . ATU' football 55 chipps team breaks win streak, take second place once again this year, doyles- town hosted the volleyball tourna- ments. competing in the tourna- ment were six teams from sur- rounding areas. this year doyles- town broke tradition and came in second with central christian placing first. al our dear "r. t." has a birds- eye" view! bl come on doug, you can hit it! cl battle of the big men dl the threatening three! 'ma-sc. ,Qi '. Rig.. . 1 X , X' - 11fskvf. W. r X I., - V V .k fl .a16,"l1i7-.' wx? f 5 N1 fn- ' 9 -.-'fwa1fw-w- fi ' . -,IV-', um- ' 'V LJ 5 ,a.,,1..,1U . . ,A i u"F,V, 1 iiqv ig ' rfvii -13--'Eff' ,v 1" f 4' a .', 1 4' :J "nf ' f ' '- ,,u.. f s , , Wt fgevx., ,- P "v:'..fX'f' "7 'I f '5Y-ff-+:.fff?Q2 u- -. .' '4 F- .vs Q. . 4 minima 11 ,Q 1' 4 .xi. -....," .. t.-I m.....'," -wi, b rainy weather hampers chipps first tennis team hood, joe genet says romper, stomper, bomper, boo tom Whitman eagerly V77 awaits the serve. di how to serve by mark Iudwick el get the ball over here already" fi dan frlzell in action! I 5 i chipp baseball team ends season sectional champs al. up to bat next, steve. bl. one! calls the umpire. dl what a throw that ball mike. CJ strike team! New 'Lf I ' O A A, . IQ-XIPPS varsity 1q,xuPP,9, 3' pWPPs Y, j, front row: rick winkler, mike molnar, steve harvey, sharon parsons lstatl tom marshall, tim pelfry, jeff feesler, jim johnson, dan petit, dave busson, mr. thom pson . reserve front row: sonny witchey, gary busson, rich bidingeg, tom sharier, mark molnar, second row: time pelfry, jim grigsby, mike Waddell, john saegar, mr. Ioyd. .W .3 ,ya X-Xl PP3 3, gf'-F4 'S .fix , n 1:1 sz iv si Mm 4 wi- 603 baseball 1973-74 track cou rt reigns over annual doylestown track invitational al court converses with mr. genet, thompson. bi court queen sallie aj pat rghr gg jim hollingsworth Sherman 9SC0l't9d by john Qafcea bl mara chisnell 84 frank hersman. and larry lemaster. cl court and CU. garcea, d. young. left to right pat rohr, m. chisnell, dy 1. genef, d. dannernilleri ' sallie sherman, jean garcea, t. el track court. I og 1 ,- 1' i i TXLA . fl i 'Htl :wif .I E weather hinders track team 1 COTTICS on SU'Ol'lg 62p track ai run, mike, run! bl aw! i give up! cl don't look at me i'm not on the track team! di coach shrock gives john garcea some words of wisdom? el the 880-relay team was composed of m. durbiri fi j. garcea gl I. lemaster and hi b. williams. il c'mon guys, you can do it? pm A ,L 'X trackg 63 5 , 1 V C A S I" 9 l- '-'N hi ' .., al the low medalist this year was a '- X ffl " ' mike miller. bl row lljerry paridon, s joe kelly, mike miller, and mark szattai. row 27 coach buch, terry petit, john neely, don downs, tom richards, and jerry steele. cl dem- onstrating the concentration needed in golfing, is roger gilcrest, trying not to smile. dl after deciding which club to use, don downs de- cided this was his best side., front? , lj f I va-41.1 X :FUI chi olfers are . . . E s ff' wayne county champs it E the 1974 chippewa golf team, swung into first f , place and captured the wayne county league cham- - pionship. the overall record was 23 wins and 10 losses, K and their league record stood at 10-O. the young team I . g S-X really proved themselves this year. the outstanding "'-Q f- A golfers were mike miller, don downs, mark szittai, ,i.,A,,' L - ff? A , terry petit and roger gilcrest. the coach of this proud ' r, D gy , ,f""'!jf ' - team was tom buch, who expects to win the title for .. :gin .A :' , 5.5 .Q the next two years, at least. if s' to 5 A so . ffm, 9 f s, 1 -, . Q -so ' x - 5 "' " ' Y' f 5: . 'J f 4 "mi ' '- I- I - -U '4Y3 Sit g X competive chipp chicks paves way for future J., , ..,,,.,Q,.A NN girls track. front row: antia zollinger, denise williams, chris war- ren, kerri franks, chris durban, tami Steiner. second row: chris veilhaber, connie butcher, dawn miller, becky franks, anne brown, joan eisenhower, diane ban- acki, nedy swain, cheryl minor. third row: michelle Iepley, sue steiner, rosemary schtucka, chris davis, karla england, jane tomako, sue shultz, marita semon- in, deb fraley, mary armbust, darlene warren, miss maier. al chalk another one up for kerri! bl don't stop now nedy! cl victories come easy for denise williams. . '- -wf "' 1-pe-an r,- D-.4 ... girl's basketball joan eisenhower, jean garcea, mary dannemiller, keri franks, tina garcea, karen kun. second royv: pam ross, diana banacki, karen williams, barb aldrich, val kun, miss maier. third row: ruthie hanak, vickie jones, jane busson, peg knighton, sue anderson, lisa mccallum. girls baseball mary dannemiller, karen williams, tina garcea, jean garcea, second row: barb hajek, Vickie rastoffar, sue anderson, karen porr, deanne foster, patty baughman. third row: brenda roesel, lisa mccallum, sue williams, karen metheny, lori vinez, jane busson, karen kun. ravi-War: ,vs at U -if f K ' :f?6LQuHzy headed by new principal, robert herbst, chipp facult flourishes the 1973-74 school year saw changes in administration. mr. harris, principal for three years, left, to be replaced by robert her- bst, our former math teacher. mr. ron bash was hired as assistant principal, but left mid-year to fill the position of middle school prin- cipal. among the new teachers were dennis lloyd - driver education, steve caples - skills and basic en- glish, mary lou maier'- girl's phys- ical education and health, tom buch - math, and gary dannemiller general math and earth science. throughout the year, our faculty was joined by student teachers, miss horning and miss blachley taught in the home ec department, and mr. hupp taught business. the school board also saw changes during the year. robert williams was replaced by jack foster and ida lecksan became president. wif' 4-,,.K 4-Q Q S, -L ? 'U .. , ,A K 1 g z . ..f .,, ,,.-1,15 f 5' '17 ip: .,,, , V -' k . ' vi-ef . ., . 'uni' , n ,,,..,, b " 'Q'-H , 11 1 1,-,Y ' ,-f- fyfxf,1..,'f,lfgQ,g,1Li ' 1 ilvffii' , A M 4J,,, , W ,ww N, WW L, ,,,, , M WM n b . A --7 , ,Q mf 'ff ' ---Q M. ' fi , KM- , '3 ,,. ,ed wx: 1- ' A' ff K ,a , X sy, I, in I X 3' K 1 I, 4. I av '. 1 ' 1. 1 A , sac M I x '- . L .V -. N I f- -L i- 'K' 9 ' ,, .L.:1:.-.:-a:- ,- I' I ,, ' E A - 1 4 "K 5 , - , I Q l 6 gs? v I , " ' ' - ,. V f I l A Q 4 B tu , 15 5 '16 X 50. 1 X1 'Y X ' N E " ' 'Q M n if X f-Q 1 ' " 1m D, -'A v xf i i 2 . al mrs. k. davidson fi miss I. dennis bi mrs. a bailey ci mrs. n. kubinski di mr. k. vagnini ei mrs. j. watts gi mr. d. schrock 72 faculty iz- M2 ff I .2551 ,415 4l!"'X, .ff x 'ilff'-xl X CfLf.'5.xX'x..X.' l', XXXXX N. - .- 'NS ul? ,f1l.Qx 1 'XXX XXX i'iQwxXxKl-QNX xx 'CP :I UU Xu I . 3- NNX UXK .xl xXXXx6N. XXX lllxyx , - .1 .1 --, -' 1 1 , x. 'x44V MT , . .Nx " V w W A mi-.MLM if J' fir-- 'gl J, 'J-my cl mr. c. dulin bl mr. s. caples eb miss e. sturpe dl mrs. d. murray fl mr. w. johnson faculty 73 x X hal ab mr. d. parfitt bi mr. r. thompson cl miss m.I. maier dl mr. e. moore 74 faculty fl mr. g. dannemiller 'f , 'fly 1 -'v - ,-.QL 5 Fgpjh ,-..N-nv' ,ww .g. , . A .l,, , V ,Am A1 f .J V W' al mr. t. buch bb mr. r. Iandis cl mr.' r. miller dl mr. a. ifft eb mr. n. johnston fl mr. r. kochanski faculty 75 'Wx al miss b. stentz ci mrs. m. collier dl miss p. blachly' 76 faculty Aix. bi mr. j.m. biviano el miss e. bishop fl miss m. homing' hi ms. C. cikra 'student teachers xf N El ,.-,.,..KV, VP' al mr. k. barton bl mr. c. hartz el mr. j. spires dl mrs. e. johnston fl mr. d. lloyd faculty 77 s ,. ,v' X M, I an 4. 'gin 78 QHELSSQS 1 A P new year - new school - new faces , for Chippewa class of 1977 tom whitman, pam ross, john aldrich, cheryl weyand. dan benner jim bennet mike birch dave blanar hal bond john brownlow Carolyn buck gary busson connie butcher bill butzer harry canter dave carpenter jim carpenter rommie carpenter mark chapman kevin chisnell john chuhi shelly clark george conkle karen craddock fred croft scott commings dave cunningham dave dannemiller mary dannemiller khris davis laura dayton don dietry donna dillon chris durbin deb everson joe feesler cathy fleming deb fraley deb frank freshmanp 80 mary armbrust holly baker diane banacki chuck basler terry beck .M :iam l Lf ,f , ,i if Q., 1 'bl 1 ' 'D d X ' :ww iw , c i . .iz . - b pas? -.fggij beth adair i iohn aidrich e r 1 1 i kathy alford If J ' A 51 S em T t f Q if-as Q , it 1 iiff ' N5 A l l ,fx 1- F a fl X 'J AA - i t A .V ., . Y 1 ifff ko,,. i I may .1 i.f,k 'hx - . NN . 'i 'FH . ll. tiff ' -'l ' I A , , ii: '- gi f ' ' i e ee e 5' iigigem i ' AfMN'Tzlif2fl5?ff 'iri iff, 1? A 6 as Q ,1::vy.: f5:2'1'..'7,. ' . g.i:,,i.,- 3: . Kilt: :.4:.: ,' ' of J-- me 1 Y. a sf 'sr J , P at 'Si'- . W' vo- 'ml Q. ,,, ,L .Ml ,F ,Q . - . it i ' Q Q . ' Q A L A , E- 'K' , i - ' 1 1 ' l :iii Hal: .5 V S-rt - .Tw as X l m K. .X - ., Q., ,. 11' ij J-fi .-,, 1 k erri franks bill fretwell ' Q V, linda galehouse JAM : M x i lf A 1 f . -r -f dennis fry if ll , H, ,gf ' F 'f ' v R ' 'NL , -pu - ., A - 0 5 ,M martha galehouse ,M N in I., ', bill genet 'E D f ' ,, 1 teresa genet ' Af , a A kim griffin V ' ls fel I gig, wg ' " if . e A d m' - . Quin' ... ., 5--lf john hamlln ,ae f ty ,- mary hammer f ' V keith hanawalt " rod hartman 'F' .,,. gl r . V l ff 1 " 3 fi- g vince harlman . ' 2-1, X mark haught f XFX' ,, mark hersman V if K X dennis hicks i' W 'flfll f Y it ifaifirfktv if I . . . .. 6 A , .. , N " ix JA 4 ,, ,af . fs H UB, Y ' gl: 'JTEP-,U ,f ' 9-iii.: ,,. 57 If I -.f W -5: ' E 5 'f' X' .el lf- A 5? .g-'M ' Q g E 'fini . X VX' Y X z' l v M x . .. 4. Q .- S ., 5 fa " ug -I 4 as 3 1::f: cf. ,il ' ,L . :. I :Q aj, ,, '27 E 1l X S '-fi tim Iabo jeff horvath jeff hostetler edward hubiak teresa huegle phil jastrab pam jeffreys bonnie joki deb jones greg jones kurt kallenborn penny kaylor sue kays mike kirkhart anna kisner I-if paula lepley jay manning lisa mccallum rob mcendree stan mcfalls terry mckeand jeff myers don miqhel freshman 81 jamie milford randy miller deb millikin cheryl minor mark molnar marg monbarren eugene moore dwayne morrison ronetta mount julie mullet ray murdock deb nagy cheri nedrow nancy neely lewis new man bob newton roger osivnic dale parsons john pedro robin perrera dan petit dean pol tim pullen bill reeves tom richards nancy roberts karen robinson mark roehrich brenda roesel pam ross stephani ross steve ross paul schmitt rosemary schtucka marita semonin N. , Wu 82 freshman 'W .v'. 'I 'J , ,. . .,,,. ...,,X,,.. . 5 X Q , , W if fl as 5 9 49 " wk -sk R w xv J' ,A 'U 'L e Y l f . i,,z 'f' """ 1'0- I . l ' 'iff 3? l . l . K V -, , A .pp ll, ci: l . 1' A I ,Z f -. . 21311. s ,refs y vw 2 V ,m V, Y Vkk. :flirt A 2 5 5 ' ef' ge gl 22. 0 135 'V il' 1 wb? y in ,IQ 3 3 cindy shutway cheryl simpson scott slabaugh tim slaybaugh jim smith jerry smith sharon smith jim speigel jane stanley jerry steele dale steiner dave steffensen marie stroller mark szittai steve tacchio randy tester ,1.. g 'vi X ' - .--4 -... .- ' ' '-Z1-Z'-1-gi-:Z-Z-'11-3 . 9 . 7' W' " iq? T ' 5, :E 'Y P f 'vii' l2"l'.1sG.2l "' x 7-W ,jf 6' , 'ills 9 ,S 0,,...,, M ,W fqa 'Q' tx Q 5 K X l 'Elf f " 1 i5:5,. ,gsb i .j?fj,iif,f , H V l3E'fr!Elf1f1" - Mft ' ,,..- ,LB 9 .g ' 1 U 5, tit . is .- 1 in H JV I ' - 'MH W... lift? Q' . s le l, V 4 1 , '3 f'K-", ' " -z.. t , i :gil A au JA Vs- 5 xiii' ff? 2 r ', ga la, r Qs .e , f .. .g n Q W 4 at f N . is, Qy, is L Q f s 'rsss M V E . A . ki' 5 ,.." gt .554 as 'W ' -i "ttr L .Q n nr Wt.,.,f-fk',,-I ml' wi ,gl 'M' I 4 1 I 52 as - ... k 1 0 ' X: A 'rsslsl , V ' 3222 nf I I Q. Q 31 I I v NR xg, 5 X e , 9, Y , ey , , it H 5 . . J n ., , if Wi 'I A ,. ,. i . 1 1' k::'i:,f,," r ,Q 1 -,Q l, .I -'Mrs if lv' My 0 ase- 'M .ta K. X .1 it l nfl K G Wifi: i is-ti K up 'gs wf W .. "PJ I ' 1 .Y 5 W 6, 5 5-X5 5 4 ' if X W l J, ,t , ,rx f ' e 'A I V. V in .7 . r ,, , z il - . . PM I V V 111 ' K, I, I .,.,, af - me-1 ea rl, ga ..- not pictured: laurier barden joseph blankenship robert burrows brenda dawson michael ferguson terri foraker joseph genet barbara hatala jeffrey jefferi es lauren ludwig beverly hatfield leon Iudwig claude norman daniel pavkov kevin richards hollie smith theresa stahl marlene stephens dan villers norman wood rickey wood marty yerian denver thomas jane tomayko carolyn troyer brenda turner chuck underwood chris vielahber berney villers mike wagner darlene warren wes Weber amy westfall cheryl weyand joan white deb whitehead tom whitman linda wiley karen winkler hubert witchey larry zelesnik monica zellefrow anita zollinger ESTT' ,. L: ,4' -gh it alll .-' freshman 83 sophomores select rings, class emblem and class motto sophomores have been busy this year preparing for their last two years of high school. we have chosen our class rings, our motto, and our emblem. our motto, "today we follow, tomorrow we lead," was suggested by diane bieri. our emblem, an old english c with a 76 in the middle was designed by nancy buck. al terry seems to be winning. bl class officers, terry petit, president, michelle Iepley, vice-president, ruthie hanak, secretary, and nedy swain, treasurer. terry adams sheila adkins sharon anderson sue anderson tony ashcraft dave basler patty baughman laura beardsley arthur berger rich bidinger diana bieri sue bontrager karen booth dave bowling nancy buck terry bunting shirley burkey mary busson linda canter jerry capen clair carpenter ginger carpenter harold carpenter lynne Chapman gary cottril brenda craddock kay duncan mllce durbin ' . .L fiiefgjlli- l, M5511 ' b , ,i , , e A ige ' . 1 V z ' Q: , S 5 'f A. 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' ' - - . - 5- F joe yacso t I," 'd . ,I X f, ' ifjs and zollin er i 1 f-gk y 9 , -Y: l 'X l"'l.- al karen metheny pins her pattern to her material in creative fashions class bl "you may kiss the bride , , ." cl greg vinez, jim johson, and shelly abt study together dl some very enthused juniors el dennis mcendree shows his excitement at a basketball game camera shy: michelle abt, marilyn adkins, bob birch, clark brownlow, suda collins, don downs, jim garcea, howard genet,.cIara hat- field scott jones, terry mcintire, mark pavkov, pattie reeves, terry stefanko, anne vielhaber, chris warren, jean whitman Af, I IA It CCamera Shy? juniors 91 a mark hanawalt has learned well how to use the machine trades lathe. cindy whitehead styles a patrons hair with advice from debrwoodell. cheryl kays is deep in thought as she types her work. tom putt receives advice from his graphic arts instructor. while kirk lower demonstrates his machine, a variety of others can be seen in the background. deb croft and sue adams are talking it all over with some preschoolers. drilling accurately can be tough work, but not so for gary gossard. becky Wooster gives deb speicher some helpful hints on her drawing as eddie adkins looks on. john greene quietly reads his book trying not to miss a fact. scott knicely carefully checks all of his auto mechanic work. 92 vocational opportunity has no limits for students attending wcjvs the thirty different trade areas offered at the wayne county joint vocational school cover a wide variety of careers in the professional field. students are in- volved in programs ranging from child care and accounting to auto body. the 1973-74 school year was successful for chippewa students attending wejvs. during march, at the cuyahoga valley joint vocational school, two chipp students, members of vocational industrial clubs of america tvical were involved in regional com- petition. becky wooster and deb speicher each took a bronze award in drafting. ken treadway took fourth place in a regional competition in accounting which was held at the jvs in march. Y 4 l K WB? vocational juniors working toward a worthwhile goal sue adams eddie adkins craig benneti: dallas boyan cheryl busson dave busson deb casto clyde dayton joy duncan john greene cheryl kays robin kennell kirlc lower randy miller jerry osburn patty prebynski vince reder randy robart rita saeger gus sales pam sommers deb speicher paul talbott tony vaccaro i , wr. is 1 X mi ke weinsheim er m ark woo dford treva young not pictured: eric anderson dave bieri deb croft sharon knicely ken stevens 94 vocational is -gg? rl-' I Ah i If ,. ag. .K ,Q ,ay 3 uv we N: - V LV ,Mah JW , I fy ,' l gf if . ff' r . f i " iw L - lk, I 2 'i:' f , a r if '. ' fi f lg fi " , , xi. s eff' 'fl ' 'fr' 5 1 K I Qi .Q . l55'Ei'i . 'isis e T J f A 41 t, -NW , I I V . W Qtr' H kr i f 'EM' ,, ' 'fills' ' "curse you, red boron!" M! ,Er ,ws s if x f P PA4 V Y SGWEQTS P14 seniors? you'd better believe it! president: norm smith 4 if x tim e vice president: diane zelie Wze 96 seniors secretary: val kun treasurer sue rohr Y P i I Z sb valedictorianz kris Iudwick salutatorian: diane hoover seniorsg 97 'nwa,,.Jaw-J Jnovm, WW al and that's my final answer! bl can't seem to find my civics notes, i wonder why. 98 ' f MQW jwfyw WWW Canal, Cwzdwp Bmw WZJMM 519120-vga? MA- MA... Val Warn! ..i?5fwLZU,,ZZd.., fwmw MW? 99 4.3 'W iww mx. aah, ww Mm Hmm. 3 'lfwtw m5'ta0LlmJ 'f9"?W , H-ik 'IN-Y -v"7 i al looking over some business papers, vickie makes cer- tain of no mistakes. bl a rare sight of joe genet expres- sing himself by chiseling away ata salt block. ci spanish club meeting provides conversation between mara and barb. dl so that's where craig nedrow gets all his imagin- ation! MLIM ssss is :- ML om, Qomro A4'l JcJa.7!Mww1f f,Ud.,w! i 931- Jmiiidalb, .ZQQWQQZW Wann-ww aww-Qmzqum iibfmmawzt 1 Www 4 al study hall proves to be interesting for cass adams. bl take that mr. thompson! cl time for a cigarette break. 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QVQMMVAVAQ -VV1 VVLVAWA ,, ig ' '- Westview mobile home park and sales 18952 edwards rd. doylestovvn, ohio phone: 658-6470 we have vindales, hollyparks, key and freedom homes a pleasant place to live YAMAHA RUP? aff! Seaaaua Spazt Centex SALES - SERVICE - PARTS - ACCESSORIES 569 E. MAIN ST. SMITHVILLE, OHlO 44677 PH. 12161 669-5541 A ,ghfhie AYILLAGEINN I , ew L CHICKEN A I Y"tI"Ikl'R!"Z"3C ei l l M , 33 gjffil BICKSLER ELECTRIC l asa umm s'rn:E'r I wnoswonvi-4. oo-no 4-szei an-ion: 334-1552 winms RESIDENTIAL - commsncmp APPa.iANcEs SALES - sanvics MAYTAG - FRIGIDAIRE - ZENITH KITCHENAID - WHIRLPOOL - HARDVVICK yy, congratulations to the class of 1974 doylestown hi home of the "fighting chipps" rob petit mike molnar bob rohr clark brownlow ken pullen john feesler football season senior varsity squad mike hopkins norm smith steve williams ross mollohan al schmitt roger gilcrest this page compliments of franklin pavkov , ff '. 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The years ahead and your own better world are now in your hands. We'd like to have a part in making those years and that world pleasantand prosperous. ' We invite you to stop in at any Firestone Banking Center and learn firsthand from one of our officers how many ways The Firestone Bank can help you plan for the present and the future. if The Firestone Bank 2? --I Building with your future in view BANKING CENTERS: MAIN 81 MILLER AVENUE - FIRESTONE PARKWAY- COPLEY CIRCLE- STEELS CORNERS CHAPEL HILL MALL - SUMMIT MALL - AKRON SQUARE - AUSTIN ESTATES, BARBERTON Wayfle auto p3I'lS CO. parts for auto - tractor - truck auto parts and machine shop work phone: 753-0294 jerri and jo's beauty salon 672 w. tusc. ave. barberton, ohio Orrvlllef Ohio 6824050 specializing in high styling stop-n-go foods 221 north portage street cloylestovvn 658-9191 evenings by appointment only red pepper steak house - and cocktail lounge - vve are on rt. 261 and barber road from rt. 77 or 21, exit at 261. from 224, exit on barber rd. norton, ohio phone 745-0202 - banquet rooms - t-bone steak - ham - chicken fish - shrimp -dinners louie juhasz, mgr. hours: 11:30 till 12:00 sunday 12 till 9. closed mon. maiwurm's mens and boys clothing in orville cheap jeans 628-2931 r. 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Wadsworth f' 'W - 'XTJQZZ compliments of brunswick charger lanes 1213 norton avenue barberton, ohio 825-9901 PQFIDGYS magic city center barberton 'T 8 ...1Li..l.1 ... .LT I FUR o MIR a AUTO WINDOWS 9 SEAT COVERS r 0 PLATE GLASS l ZIPPERS 0 COMMERCIAL GLAZING 9 PLASTIC WINDOWS gainer's norton village barber - stylist BARBERTON GLASS CO. phone 825-3088 located in the 635 WOOSTER ROAD. 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Suggestions in the Chippewa High School - Chippewa Yearbook (Doylestown, OH) collection:

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