Childersburg High School - Treasure Chest Yearbook (Childersburg, AL)

 - Class of 1949

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Childersburg High School - Treasure Chest Yearbook (Childersburg, AL) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 68 of the 1949 volume:

Q A I vfbffkf .Q ff, by N 1. 1. 1-L. Q .3 34 Sl Ii 51 2 3 4 5 3 i 12, A a ' I w 1 '1 We A AX Q T'4""": , ,129 Published by -QQSSENIOR cm!-5 gi 9 4 95 CHILDERSBURG , ALA. RH s 1. P g u-w--w-vy.,,.,-wvwwr- - --Y -V v--fr - -W w--ww Fgmwnwfjw wmwwr I is! nf? .v ,. 2 5 1 ffl, , , wa is . Y, H 1 X Q ., sm' L HQ vw, r., ' gl is ' f fl Aww, auf Ev v , :H r. ' .4145 'ZA ', ass - Q , A C , age,-gyms . San' 1. EHS ALMA MATER On the City's eastern border Reared against the sky, Proudly stands our Alma Mater As the years roll by. Forward, ever, be our watchword, Conquer and prevail, Hail to thee our Alma Mater, C.H.S. All hail! Class Motto: On our own wings we must mount to the skies. Class Colors: Blue and White Class Flower: Pansy 2 '41 : . iQ: 'TW 'i' 'IW uf.: gagzgagxi 5 5 5 ! a 5??QEHSQ sis' aah eff,i In appreciation for his patience and cooperation in dealing with anything for the betterment of our school, we the Seniors of '49 dedicate this edition of our TREASURE CHEST to our principal ' Mr. A.H. Watwood 3 I .5- 'rrffi' , 5 ia '-1 M- A 4.....u,,.. W Li N 1 -17: ' -- Y---47,--V..-.r . U.-. ,, ,..,.-,fpuvg-1-wvpfuurqgw-w-1 Mrs. Juanita Watwood Birmingham Southern B. Auburn M. S. English k Mathematics L. G. Adkins Livingston Charles Vawter Florence Normal Industrial Arts Mrs. Alma Dean Alabama College Physical Education Junior High Mrs. Alice Pickett Alabama College A. B. John Wilbur Cox University of Ala. Jacksonville State Teachers College Coach 4 3 -1 Q fam e My s...-f ' Nl X l ian Naam SSM .sEj,.f:iA ' AE., -As, A 51 4 A .a 'wa Xa a Mrs. Grace McSween Alabama College A. B. Junior High V 5 I X I ' V A A " Y 4 " L x' y. gf N sv Lx 1, J' .J C' .fl tw A xU WN K 7 ,Y V dxivhfu Mrs. Henry Moody H X Alabama College B. M. Music Mrs. Elizabeth Crum Www 55537 Auburn B. S. Home Economics Mary Lou Pittard Jacksonville State Teachers College B.S. History Mrs. Martin Van Douglas Livingston State Teachers College B. S. English S H? H 1 w. Jay Baggetc Jacksonville State Teachers College B.S. Commercial Arts SQ 'I ff ,Q ' Alf H735 W . Pia Wm W Q5 frgz if .M A S A 51 53 X x F' EES '-3252 it W ' "' if: A ' WH Q Q? A I gum -..,.,.m-W ."' ri 4 A H , A 9 :S 2 'I Q ff '--uw! mi 6 1 Howard Green 'resident cf Class cf '49 Leroy Crowe N 'Q Vincent Kendrick Avelda Hartley Elvin Landers Frances Wallis Kenneth Ingram Secretary of Treasurer of Class of '49 Class of '49 Marlin Morris o d lo f ' , Strickland l l Q Strickland -.. .,, r XM X f Elf . M ' Georgellen Pratt Tommy - Stella Hendrick Tommy Fuller York 1 2' ask? -I""""'f ,M 'Q""" WESF' Mary Nelree Louise Williams Rowe Elmo Hindman Buddy C1 rk B111y , A gs' Browning 8 Moore S' I A Vv ' QQE f'f, slow flf if 7 uv-- .nz .T -3.5 . , 1.1, ic' 51. L, F. . Q, .- 1 V E-1 '- if if 'ff fu ..--- , ., ,..,, .'.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, -.- . CLASS HISTORY Twelve years ago this great class of graduating seniors, timidly clutching NMom's hand, walked through the door of their first-grade room. All were curious about the big school, and yet so afraid when left alone. After a few shy glances around the room, the tension broke and they became just kids again. Only two of those pupils came through to the present class. Suppose we pass the next eight years to the freshmen class, the year before we really became a part of senior high school. Our activities for the year were limited to our one class picnic, and the pleasure of finding out what high school was really like. The next year the pupils came back to school with a will, for at last they realized they really belonged. Our activities were still limited to a few class parties and one hockey trip the class made--or shall we forget that. As Juniors we took an active part in high school. We spon- sered a play, nElmer and the Love-Bugn, a class social, won girls basket ball tournament, and sponsered the Junior-Senior Banquet. throats of each senior this year as he for he knew this to be his last year of long years of dreaming of the day when he could be a senior and graduate have passed and the dream has become a reality. A lump came to the entered the 12th grade, high school. All those We seniors really took advantage of this last year in school and elected as class officers, President-Howard Green, Vice- President-Ernestine Willis, Secretary-Frances Wallis, Treasure- Kenneth Ingram. The Senior Three activities we looked forward through the years areg receiving class rings, attending Football Banquet, electing our harvest queen and good citizenship girl, enjoying Junior-Senior Banquet and dance, giving senior play, going on senior trip, sponsoring class soclals and dances, and shedding tears at our Baccalaureate and Commencement Exercise. As we bid farewell to C. H. S., the class wishes to thank the faculty for its help and cooperation through our school life. Expecially do we thank our sponsor for beleiving in us as individuals. Ernestine Willis Class Historian 8 AL " wwf ' 6 Q dp' 1 b . k ' fp I H , x , 2 gg '25 b .jJ J Q fb R . if E 5 5 J a X 3 x Wx 1 0 oo 'Y 'Q 1 ' I '7' I A421 0 an Z ff f , ' , Q Q., x 'tt' X, L fa- f f X I 3-J D Q G Q . 0 X QR.:-1 ,f ' ' R LIIIWX dm I .4 X J Nw X 0 . 7 F K-jpg' .Y R 0 ' .sf ff-'yf U :ff I X K .5 xx txt l q Y If il ' ' XSZVQ Qf... ,L -"' ' X V, "1 ,f X or x A' 75 14' - 7' + fl "4 2? Lv L 1,9 J 9 ff' xxx If .4 4 - 7 'als 94: if 79 i .A 1 QM mx A W .57 I D N K ' CA QA Sl 9 4f W HW A f' Q ' Q " L' '."f- if K. A S ' Y naw . ,Q yu 5 J, F' Q ' 1? f ' Lzhqxej 4- ' 'L .415 M -ov 4 ff X ' M 3 Y-xc Z f J f . :W X RN QLV K xi" .4 gg Q.""f Q 5 'Q .. L. E , ll 5 S 1 RFI: mx 6 X i Q l xx? f f 'R l . U 2:-'Z Ufffff 1 'F f W-1 f ' L S ,-Q' If ..,..,- !a f be 2, fi -4 Ll IK sxdfrxv 1 .ff STARISNG ff CTODAY CNLYJ , 'RZCQ One of the best Pictures C.H.S. has ever produced, it not only has one but six leading stars. We have been indeed fortunate in getting these great stars together, but through the efforts of our director J.M. Riley we suceeded. HOWARD HOWARD THE GREAT .................. THE SECCT-'EM sown KID Lgnpnyg THE FRANCES WALLIS ........................... IEAPING LEANA LEAN, GREAT TOMPFY FULLFYR ........ ..... L AUGHING JACKASS A X I "HONEY RCY VEASFTYH.. ............. SUGAR LAMB A - ERNESTINE WILIIS .... ..... ............... s U GAR PIE f 3 JOHN 1. IQANDWRS ................... TE EARATCEEE YQCELER PLUS THfwAs OSCAR YORK '-'AND HIS TRAINED CUcE"w1LL1Aw' "w1LT,E' A""-M THFL-O-NT.Y DUCK IN THE WORLD THAT CAN DR1v"'E" A R"T1xMCrC R AND PTTCE woo. ADMISSION BABIES me or-'every .......... ...os A N-"' BOYS ........................... ...SO MAws AND PAWS .................. . ..... ........ 2 5 195 "'H0"gf GRANDPA'S AND ':RANEIE's ........................... .10 KAHATQHEE Qjfm GREAT GRANDPA'S AND CRANN1E's ........ we pay you .... so TIDDELIK - - G .Q A f .. 5 "J!A"f5'f,"Q5 sum! LAMB , A 5 f I ' v11.b1AM' Z V T"'7-f g fb? Dum 1 1- E lg . I A ER to Q1 '' A A6225 L aw K lf x E x f I. ' ff Q 1 Joy Jack Algaree William Carolyn Barber Ray Breeding Aldridge Caldwell Melvar Ralph Mary Frances Lorenzo Bennie Jo Crowe Allen Harris Barnett Hornsby gumum Robert Virginia Macon A Catherine Barnett Lightsey Bates Hubbard. Billy Joanne Horace Perry Bra sier Ramsey Brown 1 .. ' , 1 ig.- . fit jg, :sn 54 ,fl 1 ff? fu W 2 I ' sf .ng "4 ,, It -.5 Q,-Q55-not .5 f X - -N - n g.: .wi i -4:-fa sg:- K 5 fiiqtsr z?zwaf1 L 't . fa. 55.15 K . 22,5 f I to fyf, x J 11 'K-SQTJ f 4 at f at fsf Q t'W'f -f Q if eg 5' il aEal'i' arm' D 1352 w -. WL L- - nl a. : -W ""' l D1-za of X L c iise 'L ' "'i bf 4.1 I "INN f ' Vw s.1v I '--up t l r ' 'Y D' f X I I Mickey Doris J.D. Beverly John Hollis Rowe Lee Carter McGhee Durant Dorothy Jimmy Joyce Rgng Ramsey Rowe Riley Early Peters V Horace Sarah Jo Donald Edna Cliff Gene Nelson Traywick Payne Pepper Wright Horace Faye Barnett Wallace Dorothy Brooks Taylor Massey Shoemaker Merrill aw no -by gl'N " ' F5 fm fl G- V 5 uf taa I 'fn 'Qin 'lt V lx s. X 1 y ,-an--my bn-vm . 1 f ! 9 iw rtt 1 MJ? M- f 3? I2 Tommy ,,, Howard Burnham 7. ,T-2 F Clayton Jerry Billy Carter Fannin Giddms 'r A fc 'Q 3 'N' him F Hay 061- B 'f 'N' 'H' n nn H1111 G B B1 nnn nnnnn 'M' Q 'e:""' Hi ht reer y y X j W g ower Y? if J x J, B ,..,X-f2- , I B ' ki i AB if X K - L Y Curtis B B B B B Billy Johnson lg , B 'lg Kearns B R- ' fi LBBB i B BB ChH1'10S B TOM? Kennedy M B B Lowery , 'KY K B as , ' x QQ l aB51s91fE6f3is , I b gym by Comer f B s f in B By gif ' J immy Nelson 'gl' Q eeye ' ' 5- gg S? N., ,,, Saxon a -B. B! ,- Gus Moore Big xg WN., K .,E... . , . y B K. S -. Frank Perry E B Bfgf B , "' ' A Tinney 1 wg B :B in '2 1 ,X ..,e. 31.32. -vm - XB YY B B 351 Fred B B X Sanders Bobby C. M B Boyy ,! -ga 4:-N. B yy 5 James vm: 2 '-as - 'ff .B fb Limb-ugh f W- B Fred B an gs 'fi f' g Byyy g X 'fi Bw Ward Yar- .B,' B QBB ' ' B .M B B R0gne1son B , B www , my B D BB,, Nyl B ---' -B B BB B f brough X ' : y By y y B, X SE mnlur Frances Allen Marie Allen Billie Jean Caldwell Ellie Cleckler Mary Ellen Fannin Lucy Mae Fowler Sara Holmes Wanda Osburn Ellen Smith Dauphine Wallace Dorothy Mithchum Patsy Yarbrough M1 N' 'Cx 'ffl' ,+ I 5 YI' K1 14, . a J? tr 445 fl'.f1i . Mg M gy V 4 Q' T., 5 :wt EL, haf in ' B 1 M B N. A X Q .g fif' ' 1 aQfgag '- 1' MQEFBW K' , in.. C57 Rua, I ai CT? 105 0. lgyy A ' Ruth Allen Mary Grace Braswell Lavada Cork Marilyn Domm Netalene Hare Ethel Hindman Mary Jane Rognelson Jean Rowe Nellie Rene Wallace Patsy Williams Bertha ' Prince Wilma Brewer V7 I Sara Jean Camille Barbara Helen Joyce Parker Cowan Lybrand Carter Collens Kitchens SEIIIR-UI , l4 I ,Q H1 1 .-3 J. A fi? .9 -V, Nannie Jo Martha Berber Harris David Billy Bassett Billingsley J. W. Bertha Branson Campbell Tillis Mary Frances Brett Cliett Charles Frances Dilliard Kennedy Don Jimmy Eiland McGhee Morris Charles W' Owings Parker Xgx Carlton Leroy gy Posey Shaw t fg iggggiil y yik .. K tis ggfii ik n e Qi xg Slgfrso ' 9 ai. C nonald Harold Sara Lou June Kathryn yi Shoemaker Thornton Vewter Ward York y iylg -- K" , QL . Jll Illli IH RH ' 6' 'J WYE A , Y : -1'f1'fm'3 K' v Norma Joyce Jean Burnett Bentley A Barbara ""' Brownirw in Betty 1 Butts Mam e Ruth Bryant Dean R Day Shirley -W Joiner Jane " ,f.,.y ., Golden 1 A R7 'U' W 1311116 Louise or """ ff Jean Jones Lee x In 3 Carolyn M ti Donna , 4 M 'VF er n Luna V, Flora '- McKee .I Nancy Margaret Lynn Potter R J Vanona " "' R Ruddy Janice f' "' J J- 1. Riley A , J Ellen 3' . Q' uw if Sanders Bonnie X . J Lois Russell X A X ,ug 1' ' Vi,ncent J ooon ..., l AQ A 1- 4- fs. ., fn Q.. ,i ,,, C 9 -4' --53 ' W5 - 4' N' . JJ ,Qi Q 5 I A ' 'si ff QM Medie Jo Joann Carol Edna Mrs. Nona Wallace Waldrip Rowe Lovett Crum McKee .lu lon L Hum .f F-. I m--v 1.5-fn:-T' , 'W Billy Earl Barnett Cleckler GOOPBO William Allvn Harwell , EUSOHO Junior Herring Murphy AODO Meherg Shgy HeMe John Vincent Curry Annual Staff Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . Frances Wallis Co-Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Tom y Fuller Secretary . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Edna Ruth Billingsley Sports Editors. . . Vincent Kendrick and Morris Strickland Features . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Leroy Crowe Advertisers . . Billy Moore, Mary Rowe and Stella Hendrick Business Manager . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Tommy York ' Artist . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Avelda Hartley Typist . . . . . . Nell Rea Williams Prophet . . . . . . . . . . Heorgellen Pratt Historian . . . . . . ..... Ernestine Willis Will and Tbstament. . . Betty Moss and Elmo Hindman I7 'fl' 3 WWW, -Sh I .w,, E ,V fx f 3 3,533 - S U fan 4 , .k -, K4--1, ki' 'w 3? -z 3 We 'V' 3-131 'M A ,W w Ki' Q ,J " 4 5 'Us ww? .,, 4 f , J. f 5 'O 1 1 .J '34 , as . 1' 1-4 v .Ei 4 W , I .v 1 i V nmyp lsbwgf ' ai?" lf V 33 .'.,. 1 5? eww lg,vg :W 31 ,. Q5 E WY" .m.-...,.-...---vw-v-wr a S1'-W -,anna 'W Q ff 3 S a,T4 - if X X W - X Q Q AQ Margaret Charles Vivian Sammy Margie James Tomblin Maddox I Parrish Brewer Parker Hill Dorothy Q-ai M Eugenia Cleckler we Einar 'za Sigh Q Duvall Kaff e V M Floyd 5 Lamar Houston HSEQ :.1, Hall Joyce 1 .M Shirley Smith V Jones Harold j WL5e a.a. Delano Guns S ef '-"Q Le' S 'PYT azlrl as Ei W EQ Mary Ann N ,... 'K 'nf ff- ,, .Q Virginia Grice f-- pen 1 M Hollis no -.-. ff Q 'Q 1 lf ' P Bobby 1 'zfv 4 S lj I ' Carroll Limbaugh irlli' A X . .,,,. , 3 Hurst .g P i??g Se 5, fi Opal ' 1 r lx 1- Bertie Mnnnnn M Vincent gay 4E5fiA W EMM Roscoe swQ f M who , - Robert Limbaugh fx h ,S H, S McMillan I 2 A 'T t i Q 7 , , JJ. if . Ah V 1. Q . Ax V s QIL- ig Jgfgf gi f- cm? W fY?f5 P f if ' S re P , as 3 'S Mavis Patsy Rebecca Mary Nell Ann Smith Omie Matson Wislon Breedlove Morris Wallace . -,., 4 xi Q l's' " A f 9 , is ,, 1, 4 Willadene Jewelene Frances Ann Mrs. Betty A Dunn Lee Osburn Kidd Dean Floyd if Jll NIR- IWII 18 ,E , ,R sv.. - C F' " new as if nw X 4 f Hx WP. w'tJ533. 'K L X Q Q We Q ax. X Vivian Olan Thelma Glen Betty Frank Pressly Bachelor Maxwell Alexander Booth Massey Yr 'S giver ,A .. Sarah Owens - J gene, Helen Bean 'ef n'f56: 1 Jfydzd, 1 Mn qi 'yr L Egq yyyy nb xg y 1 yeh ya C I, Jigga QW "': C Y L A s W X , , ' ss: lx C. ,. , . Robert Reeves .V-ua T A4 Donald Finn 1 ig-. fl Barbara Andrew Wanda Richard Campbell Raughton Davis Owens "V L. .- , nee,nr,, Q R if SJ ! .55 . M,g,j W , i 7 is . y , A i is E f vs 45. asa ' f ' if N I 7' Leatrice yJulian Cooper Towery Sara Ann David Moore Edgewood 'r-37 Q , iii. gif A C X 'D CT :tp iss 1IgYs Qld? fi G fx Egg C gg :.Q e- ' s rams ,C QSM Charlotte Betty William Carolyn J.L. Essie Mae Thompson Barnett Rich Shoemaker Cook Hornsby 54' QVC - CQ .A ew M . it in :- if A s-y 3 Q ff , Sq X Celia Sara Martha Tommy Margie Mary Holmes Welp Brooks Stewart Price Stubbefield .lu mn 5 S .H D' SEED ga A Jake Mr. Carl Allen Adkins Clark 19 f s , R' . 1 A, ,K 35 x. l' .. 'i ,.-Q yi jg Sigel E3 5 l aid -if 2 4' ' Q Q -1 . af ' I 4' Q-I :SW L A 1 . sv H Neff 1 X 1' 'lt Billy Ann Buddy Bonnie Sue D Emil Baine Peterson Carroll Horton ggiglnd patzerson f'JQ 95 NW fy NMSP V' ' K Xu .af 3 23 Sylvia Billy Doris Charles Betty Jessie M e Cockrell Edwards Giddens C f 'C ,J .Q "" Q' w an tn, l F .cr Q Eg gan , l Lf' "L Christine Richard Aliene Ancel Carolyn W.L. Johnson King Lytton Norris York Bgpbgr 'VI Mary but Ann Pauline Jeanette Norma Jean Rich 2 l Carter Taylor Collins Heath Leach t X xx C a 'Q-fmt gk avi' if nm :LA Aga E5 '82 i x Y ..,. .f:" 'K E l, y ' -f ,A -it I . 1 X M Audrey Frances Eugene Juanita Miss Shoe- Peters Brett Boris Pittard maker .llllllll-Ill 20 15 F , l :jg ' . fs X-. John Beck - gn., S' - 1 -.3 - J L S i ik , S, - W1-S1 , K fgggg- f ' , J f ' We if fel 3 A 585:31 ' 1 5 ' saver s-- F S safe -4' assesses z ,Q J -l as we Ni so Q- - ' ' ' -L-- F J Martha Sue Bentley Faye Wayne Betty Lee Jimmy Barley Willis Wright Ssss he o F J ., X I www my f"' . 4 . Z ,.,. f is f , seq, Xmas 51.s me Q .M , gg ,ago :s4Hs SSM jfggf 1 ,, i s ye'r ,,jJ -A sais Brees X ,fefs egg 'Ml ' 'XWMJ M " ip-uf W'?s1r 4 .efffe senses-is . .fbf B I Richard Weaver John Q . Billy Carter Shirley Finn Mary Frances Franklin Emily Burton tt X,- f - H - J . M 1ea1iEme,' 1,: Zzl sK's Leggett me to F Wyhh V l'l. ., e is - ' ' 3 if Y - ,,,. A Y X Ak fr' an 4 .1 Doris James Phyllis James Faye Tyler Burnette Bassett Caldwell Medders Daniels f ' S S - 3' ' - his lve,e W .G W QW reel i lie' so - if FQ Bwww asa W fAWme'Wm ayy WE' .S Riivf J S e ylyaa . -3 mess? fits we ,K iy A , J X J: 1 X Qi N , J I Q. 1 5 - 6 J ' in Q , ,. ' Franklin Bentley Billy Webb Monte Luna James Barbara Dorothy Ray Billy Jean Smith King Bassett Cruise Fannin 'W gw. Y A QQQ A X ,:.'g. X '?hQf'aM3?f l I., ,, lk. - Shirley Clarence Linda Tommy Ruby Mann Fannin Chambers Elliot Wheat wi-iffy . K 'A sian ss if S Eff 1 .4 c ' els Wad? f A L. 5 kj 51 L. . ., , .K . K S, . Z S Lk,. A ef: 5, Q Wmsx .G .,y gggk any Q: My ,., Q t In K F Z .ik '- ' J Mrs. ' Chalmers Mcsween Gland Mar11n Murphey J U I 0 R 0 I Tyler Giddens 21 L H+? ' Y' if ,g W S21 ,--.,-wz-.mY4vlq"4"w,T- ,K 1-murqm-v-gp-pr :A mmy, yWw-Q?3 i,w. e. .lg V, - 3 ' lf, rr- N 'J at .. k 4 K - :,,:, N Q5 N1 Md, 4 Q .... B nfl A iam ivy ' R Arthur Ann Richard Wright Parker Catney Shirley Joel Catney Thorton rf ' 49 wi 'Pa ' ,QP 95 je f"'Q' X 'rf' IQ? . l Q A, m 4, f y i fprflell f' Betty Phillip Jane Joe Lola Hornsby Braswell Benton Shoemaker Jeffcoat ,.. ,- em - ,QA B Nfeidke eteree F 'rf B l we K .I X MQ, gasp? -.K . ,J . ,.. . ,. L, gi M, -1. LA of rtee gil W ff w B y tv' B mm ff Lillie Tom Jeff Martha Norman Sutie Mae Trucks Coleman Rowe Payne Bryan 41: v, ,q 1 ff bi. Jessie Clark nf- f-5 fri J' - X Jack Riley . H1 5:1 f x Curtis Fant 1? Lois Johnny Marie Franklin Kay Frances Herbert Carson Anderson Browning Foster Lee King Jun on Barbara Dorothy Peggy ' Dillard Hightower Thorton -' 22 ll ko mf: k,4,.., y,g g BJHW PII- hi-A 'EEZ C-JD :::: ha-A lil: Chl: 23 A.. 8 fl W. ff ' X I fffWf ff ' ff W E " Q I fr Y S i I . L E , 1 'I ,N . f I Front Row: Left to Right- Miss Nellie Glazener, Mrs. Margie Yates, Mrs. Capito Mrs. Ethel Morrison, Mrs. Lorena Webster, Mrs. Maenetta Caldwell. Second Row: Miss Ollie Thompson, Miss Mary Marker, Mrs Evely P. Smith, Mrs. K thryn Allen, Mrs.Mary P. Laird, Mrs. Nellie M. Stewart, Miss Audrey Baker. Third Row: Mrs. Dora C. Nix, Mrs. Jessie P. Eiland, Mrs. Verna Wallace, Mrs. Arlis Cockrell, Mrs. Helen McCaffrey, Mrs. Annie L. Bush. Y Fourth Row: M s. Armon Tidmore-Asst. Principal, Mr A.H. Watwood-Principal I' I""W""'7'93QV"T'5"""""""'1 .-.W 3 April 1 seo Dearest Avelda, I must take a minute out to write you about my tour through the states. For the past two years I have been Mrs. Vanderbilt Jr's private nurse. She felt so well this year that we took a two months tour of the states for relaxation. I found want to pass Walking and the bill out so much about our class-mates of 45-49 that I the news on to you. , up the streets of New York, I passed by Carnegie Hall board caught my eye. There was a picture of, guess who, Ernestinel I found that she is rated as the worlds greatest pianist and her show was in New York for the 19th week. I rushed around to the back entrance and finally got to see her. She has toured all England and had plenty to tell me--as usual. Frances is in Baltimore. She designee her dresses and ownes the most exclusive dress shope in Maryland. She wants to marry but feels she can't spare the time away from her business. Billy Moore is a well known lawyer in Washington. He told me that Mary in Florida. a well known husband. Louise and her husband own a chain of funeral homes Their main office is in Panama City. Mary models for agency during her spare time from the twins and Being so near Alabama I couldn't resist going through Bir- mingham. Staying over night in Birmingham's largest, most modern hotel I found that Elvin was its owner and that he also operated hotels in Atlanta, Mobile and Montgomery. John is a very success- ful electrical engineer and has a new job opening in Cuba next month. His wife and three boys are to follow later on in the SUHIUIBI' 1 I suggested a visit to Childersburg and Mrs. Vanderbilt insisted that I go out alone. Our old Alma Mater--well it just isn't. A new building has replaced it and its terribly modenm I noticed the door to the office was open and just by chance I saw a man standing at the window. I must have been startled and I couldn't help uttering a word of surprise. I was even more surprised when he turned around and I saw that it was our own Mr. Watwood. We walked down the hall and he motioned me toward one of the rooms. There was Mrs. Watwood at the desk--grading English papers. At first I d1dn't see anyone else but when someone called my name I immediately recognized Horace, still trying. Mrs. Watwood told me that Stella had set up Hendricks Business College in Alpine. It's the states largest and has students from all over the South. She has acquired quite an amount of money as well as flesh. Stella said she felt much better just taking it easy with a box of candy. . 24 4 ,. w .4, , ,U You could never guess whom I found in New Crleans. Imagine Elmo owner of the swankiest night club on Basin Street. Tommy York was there a couple of weeks before but has already sailed for his 299th trip around the world. He has completely retired from the Merchant Marines. Edna Ruth is Physical Education Instructor at the University of Texas. Nelree is there also. Nelree is head of the music depart ment and has written a great number of popular fiction books. Isn't it swell for them to be together--two bachelor girls from our class! I had heard so much about the Green Light Night Club in Los Angles that I could hardly wait to go there. I found Buddy Clark's Orchestra there. Howard Greene always did have musical ability but he was sure wonderful on the drums. I thought that was enough but when they featured a new vocal number and Betty Joyce walked out into the spot light I couldn't utter a word. She looked more beautiful than ever and seemed to have finally lost that baby-like personality. Barnette is in Portland, head of the Oregon Bus Lines. Seems he always was good at anything concerning buses. Y.Z. is in Port- land also. She's private secretary for Mr. Vawter who ownes a large factory there. Morris ownes a Swank Shop in St. Paul. Marlin struck it rich in Texas after 17 oil wells were found on his property. He and his wife are taking it easy now. Vincent is coaching basketball at the University of Iowa. The 4 little Tommy Fullers and the 5 little Red Ingrams with their papas and mammas live in Detroit. Tommy ownes the Municiple Super Market, Detroits largest grocery store. Kenneth is owner of The Ingram Packing House. Ieroy is in Cinncinati at of the high schools directing quite a noted band. Dorthy has finally gotten back to New York. She's e well known social leader and is the best dressed lady of 1960. I was so proud to know that you were elected Hollywoods most beautiful actress. I wish that by chance I could have met with you some place before you sailed for Paris. Someday I plan to vacation in Paris. Mrs. Vanderbilt is ringing for me now so I must go. Georgellen Pratt Prophet 25 ,,,,,-. ..,, , ,. -r Y- .-......f,.-. -ww-W. -.f-ef- -fm. .fmgm-my-v,w1,,.,.. P ,r LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT State of Alabama County of Talladega Town of Childersburg In the name of the Law, An,n: We, the Senior Clase of 1949, of Childersburg High School, Childersburg, Alabama, being sober and of right and generous frame of mind, having clearly thought over the situation, and having decided the things we can easily do without, do hereby declare this our Last Will and Testament. We, the Senior Class of 1949 do hereby bequeath to the faculty our appreciation and gratitude for their patience and kindly leader- ship. We, the Senior Class of 1949 do hereby bequeath to the incoming Senior Class our intellectual acterlstics, our exclusive right to publish an annual, and to set down at a Junior-Senior banquet that we didn't have for. I, Tommy York, in behalf new list of excuses for missing football practice fThe old must be worn outj. abilities, all our good and bad char- the right to pay of Coach Cox, give to Robert Barnett a shotgun I, Elvin Landers, in behalf of Mrs. Watwood, give to Jimmy Riley and Durant Ramsey my gift of gab. I, Howard Green, will my ical education to Macon Bates I, Stella Hendrix, leave influence over boys. I, Avelda Hartley, leave primping to Bennie Jo Hornsby I, Frances Wallis, leave Dorothy Rowe. I, Billy Moore, leave my corner in the shower room during phys- and J.D. Iee--Got a cigarette, Howard? to Dorothy Merrell and Joyce Early my my anticipation for a certificate in my bottle of peroxide to Doris and most treasured gift, Mrs. Watwood's affection, to Don Payne and Wallace Shoemaker. I, Nell Ree Williams, will my forward ways to Faye Taylor. I, Barnett Massey, leave A unlucky soul on whom the duty I . I, Edna R. Billingsley, leave to Sarah Traywick my desire PH play hooky and snatch boys. K", 5 I trol my temper. is for w 9 I, Marlin Strickland, do I I, John L. Landers, bequeath to John McGhee my ability to my worry of driving a school bus to any may fall. to con- found 'Q I, Morris Strickland, bequeath to Horace Brown all clorax in the school to be used as he and Mr. Watwood see fit. will to Gene Wright my claim to Algaree Breeding.--Better see Leroy Crowe before taking possession. I, Betty Joyce Moss, leave my baby-talk and charming ways to Carolyn Caldwell. I, Leroy Crowe, Will my beloved nSusyn to Comer Nelson. We, The Senior girls, leave our desire to play football to any poor goof who wants to try it ' We, Tommy Fuller and Elmo Hlndman, leave our laps around the football field to William Aldridge. We, Georgellen Pratt and our afternoon absentses. Buddy Clark, will to Mr. Watwood all I, Mary Rowe, leave my surly disposition and continuous frown to Joy Barber.. I, Horace Brooks, leave to myself a hugh chew of juicy tobacco. I, Buddy Clark, leave to Ralph Allen my ability to sleep from Tuesday to Sunday. 'lr ,fr ,gl ' hm WELM3 26 I, Georgellen Pratt, bequeath to Mary F. Harris, Cathrine Hubbard and Melvar Crowe my permission to skip school and climb Flagpole. I, Tommy Fuller, leave my attraction to girls in Minor Terrace to Mickey Hollis and Jack Ray. I, Vincent Kendrick, propose to give Horace Nelson a complete course in 'Safe Driving--of the Other Person's Carn. I, Ernestine Willis, will my priviledge of calling Nr. Watwood and saying, nMrs. Hartley speaking, may I talk to Avelda?N to Edna Pepper and Beverly Carter. I, Kenneth Ingram, leave my interest in Virginia Lightsey to Lorenzo Barnett--or should I say to Robert? I, Y. Z. Browning, do bequeath my ability to look at Mrs. Watwood and say UNO, I was in my classn to Joan Ramsey, Nan Perry and Carolyn Caldwell--She knows us too well, girls! I, Elmo Hindman, bequeath to Lorenzo Barnett and William Aldridge my football technique. nDidn't hurt me a bit, Coach.n We, the Senior Class, grant to Ralph Allen and Billy Brasher permission to catch all girls on the rebound. HAHVISI IIIIHN ANII KI li Nelree Williams Will and Testament if 53' Qtr.. sf, tif 1- 6 5 .afxg P' Ml' Faye Lee and John Beck 27 az L+? N! I Wil i Lunchroom Left to right-back row: Mrs. EIIza5efH Middle row: Mrs. Parolee Giddens, Mrs. Davis. Front row: Mrs. Louise Giddens SERVICE lst row: Jane Golden, Louise -ffm 599 .1 . , 1 Staff Ryder and Mrs, Elizabeth Rainwater. Claudia Parker and Mrs. Imogene and Mrs. Riddle, Manager. lllllli Jones, Janis Riley k Donna M X Luna. 2nd row: Edna B111- ingsley, Edna Pepper, mea? '9f1. Mall: 'mp- Shirley Joiner and Betty Butts. Fourth row-last: Mary Frances Harris 'Q Y' A--UR. 1 3- R69 ,V f Y i x c Io' J it. , -a of lp X, lf at as 5 W 5 3rd row: Sara Parker, M Mary Fannin, 5 Bennie Hornsby, Netalene Hare and Joy Barber. 4th row: Mr. Wat- 28 wood, Mary Rognelson, Sarah Holmes, F.Sander X ? rf, All 1 0-UP A A f, ,..,X O W MISS C. H. S. ii Miss A 1 da Hart Lain-hal-a..a2':'-.l1...u.l-EE 25-I-I: nagging Ex A "fx f Q... YQRSZW. L , wg px xv fw Lf -uf K L 5'-Q 4, :nx- Kwlwi, X w. wg H- 5 Vw W-Tjsiaf :.Diu-n-an--a-122141-L-ai:n.a.a:::f: 31 Front Row arolyn Caldwell n y race Braswell var Crowe C E O UCD GF-or-4 0030 CJ"-IES Back Row we gr- Eh o me ewan we an s.. r-. S353 Q -P 43 CIEOP: sgwm H 32 III MAJURHHS '- ls. Y I ix 'W ' l x1,,N,x m ,,,x- U ,sfy Q XNN. P7 HRK Q nxxv V Q?-...E 'QS-.5 I 1 ix . K x, W - X ' h ,,., ,. ' .V - X - 1. H K 'lx A V 3 x1-X MXN ' dx, x .As F f 1 '-' 1 2 . 7' xx? J ?vsHhsiL'4 , ,,, v 4 Ss. 1 fi I I -M W is Q+ff'f' 5 - 5 WEQ -4 f,g4 1 5 E ,AA ., .. V M f Q - -N-w g 2 , A 5' -4 L I , 4' 1,35 in i5'hj'f . 'fzfgi f A X Q. ., ,.,J, 1 f f ' f Ffh ' ' m ffmE3q mf A 1 ' A RLG- K ix. X ffxi fa Y 3 9 F A 4:.3H:Wk,,,.i K vlwfftaiz. .- . Wh, 4 pf9Qw,j,Q'g,,,h " HQ+mAN , W?wf"ffa.4fc , 4 H' q'f,. 33,i'!?::3j'Pvf-?4?rf1 bf'ff S f' " df , ' 1'f'+ua - mm+' K 'QM xu f Q53Ex 'hf3t'm'qf va :W ' Q5SkJxXi9N-. w' L 14 -'gsr' 4. ,K L- '- x 5 kf r"'y1f.7:'SnXR53'?N ,Q I I Xa-gm Q-7 '.. if K1 5 . D w f vp. -wAb:y,,- -+f'f -.. .2 J. ,xwz-:1vgqn,H ',, Left to right-back row: Nannie Jo Barber, Nan Perry, Martha Harris, Kathr n York and Wilma Brewer. Front row: Avelda Hartle Head 9 Majorette, and Ann Stone. -' ,, ' y gy :QA , fig: -95 fm' - - R 5, K . 9 I V Z 'mqil Aiffvv. Qi A Q., . 4- 2 bf, - iv 1 fx 1 :gg A E . - I , Rv 4 ' W ' QQ' A QQHS 5 ," , y Q4 ' Wiywi 5 . V 4:1 . -, A K L. Ik M W FQ 3 5 Xw' gg 'll qw' , , 5 .1-:sig I h "1lll .. , v 'ff' , X, . Q -1' .Xa ' """"""""""' X 3w'4Illil wwwwmwwdihai 32 AV,4 ex, ? X , l Left to right-Ist row: Howard Green, Robert Barnett, Tommy Fuller, Jack Ray, Wallace Shoemaker, Ralph Allen, Vincent Kendrick, Billy Brasier and Coach Cox. 2nd row: Lorenzo Barnett, George Allen, Durant Ramsey, Billy Hightower, William Aldridge, Jimmy Riley, and Kenneth Ingram. 3rd row: Elmo Hindman, Morris Strickland, Jerry Carter, Tommy Lowery, Gus M. Perry, Horace Brooks, Bobby Veazy, Marlin Strickland, Tommy Burnham, Mickey Hollis and Jimmy McGhee. Z Mr. Watwood, Mr. Cox, and Mrs. Dean, Sponsors. Georgellen Pratt, Presi dent. William Aldridge, Secretary. Mary Frances Harris, Treasurer and Donald Payne, Assistant Treasurer. . w 33 'Qpwym' v-,Www-v-1 -' T' - 4 ' f "'2rf'vlH11""-'wr'-fm 'ww---ff-wr -mv-mp-ygmq k , M X, , . 1' x Left to right Standing: Vincent Kendrick, Mickey Hollis, Billy High tower, Lorenzo Barnett and Coach Cox. Sitting: Tommy York, Jack Ray, Tommy Lowery, Robert Barnett and Frank Tinney, Manager. SCORD BOARD They Ashland 22 Comer 54 Fayetteville 55 Sylacauga 20 Lincoln 19 Winterboro 30 Munford 44 Fayetteville 34 Albertville 32 Montevallo 25 Lincoln 14 Winterboro, 21 Munford 25 Columbiana 58 Sylacauga 59 Ashland 15 Columbiana 50 Montevallo 19 Comer 54 Childersburg won THIRD PLACE in District Tournament TOURNAMENT Ashland 25 Ohatchee 12 Southside 27 Ashville 34 Cedar Bluff 5Q 34 .-qgggzqv rw X a Left to right Standing: Horace Nelson, Jene Wright, William Aldridge, Wallace Shoemaker and Coach.Cox. Sitting: Ralph Allen, J D Lee, Horace Brown, Billy Billingsley and Frank Tinney, Manager SCORE BOARD Ashland Comer Fayettville Sylacauga Lincoln Winterboro Munford Fayettville Albertville Lincoln Montevallo Winterboro Mumford Columbiana Sylacanga Ashland Columbiana Montevallo Comer Tournament Comer Sylacauga Talladega ., .F W , . f' ,B 54 35 , They 14 27 22 l4 21 51 51 19 55 18 23 18 35 14 27 15 18 23 44 42 36 IB h+w::::w-:chez-h-d 232, v ! K Q e X Vs ! ' 1 K - 8 1 A a y V T Y' Sl 5 fr 1 ad? 4 ta, 1.2 .YI .4 x '. 1 , ff: x.,':'Q.' w ,3gf'f.1,'f my . 2 UI -4 U3 'X E3 LJ had do B113 ID I Us 'U .N S: 5053 U 05104-7 W ,510 noagbq QLD:-1 3 OU "r'10 "1P4P:.-Cr-1 060114 HOE4 ID Pr 0 9-QQPDO G GD 'Um 3,-O'Or-I Or-45:-I QEQQ by A as 0 Q Pu r-4 0 5 'U -.p.l,,,.4 55:54 Y-e-I-3 Robert Barnett, T ond en, n,M OB S-om an-fu f-4 of-1 owe-.-1 of-em! ' Cnr-IF-4 E -AOD- IIJDIQ-A 0 q-In-4 MGIIQ 0.!4l4-VU moon-f-4 in-Hhlbm CF-f UCI G'U'U O Ct-A -Q m Qihu Eu-452 0049 Of-IU S'-.1-QC rr L54-40' '- qgoohln 'U C1930 F-ht!-.-lm E cull-bf-In-4 tr-I ob-f-1 Om'-P E1 lldmcto sw 'Evhgm 0 0655!-.CIS-e ,CZ -1-45-47-ein. ooo CD 'na c UMD! QF-4 '1 H Soo Pr 72515062 CI HCINM .flthfrlaslio OB OD-4 '18 sf-af-0 QS-100 E-104-M-I r-if-4 ,-4 s te S'-u-I 05-4 htm P15400 gh-A-1 -AH OA- s.. Ohwh E-1 -v-UU -trio .Bw-G G hoia-vohtl --ICJ-1'-n-49 F-40604-if-154 br:-HQ:-f-4 O 8-4 Cin -P'-B0 0 F-4 r-4 Se C 0 43 0 rst ro G O B as A bb :1 an 4-me wa 4900!-AU 2ino5B Aa38mo ' Q: ?..7w,.,.E. -w .. FUUIBAII "llnn,.. vvn Jack Ray -C0 ,mf Captain Sylacauga Goodwatar Lincoln Ohatoheo Columbiana Montevallo Ashland Helfin Munford Vincent i A Coach Cox Captain -Jimmy Riley Score Board Q Ji They 6 O 13 15 19 26 20 O 18 O 3 .5 , rw 'gli , C Q33 ,H ' . Ag iElEMl qv wh 9:44 , 44 . , . . H ng2anf.a1 Qis,+,W,a h 4 Huw 37 HIGH Mn. Pnl' kc ff , . '2'G'5'-' 1, ff f l . 'um-or" " 'Ta -fr- f'?EfrfSie,h N x , '-""' ' " ff' 127, ,rv as 3 I wg 1:3- ,C Wg , ,1 'F' J 0 X if '51-1 6 ff Je H135 Ann-121 : ' , MN 5. I QQ-4 0 5542316 wigs ' y ,3 W, 'J' 'W " 53 ', 'ffQ ,A ' gg, mi, W' f X Q Q X F1 V v an M f N W ' -W 11" if if-5 4 P A' X' ,j W, 5 vi ' gxffla I Q12 ' ' yi 6- A 6 Mug ' 'ff I I .. -vlqfi aa K 4.2 f I . 'If fifw 1. if Q div . ' ' f aim I X , ..', Af-'w '4 yn .1911 hx. . . F"-1 X q x I v 4, . xr . 'Oo -V L : 'il' o "' " + nu nm mule gr' Q- AXA5 I v' 53 ,-5, M ' . X in Af Q it N as A If '- XRS fs. ! 1 E gg, A N s ,. 4, f M 3 W P, i yoga y - K '- ' P- K M.-. 4 ,Y ..- 5 S fy K 3 sf 1-P ,ff l Q p . 2 X fx .v M1 T 2 A . g A 5 1, E K rs N.. I N Jifn ..iLY1. 'W Left to right-back row: Mrs. Watwood, Sara Parker, Carolyn Caldwell, and Donald Payne and Nelree Williams. Middle row: Ernestine Willis, Edna Ruth Billingsley, Bennie Jo Hornsby and Georgellen Pratt. Front row: Joy Barber, Frances Wallis and Edna Cliff Pepper. so E v 'T - V1-W M- -1-f nwvn-H-Tw-wr:-w-awmyqy v ,xii 4' -Q l :sa -ez ia: gg: ell, dw is Cal 11 t Phy Clie 43 0 M W W P G I 0 43 ,gm .HS s mg 3-I ?5 'Qs 'N-'I go 23 N-IUJ 33 0'1 Q 38 D Gb P U vim 3. Hu me S . 25 as E5 on hm D 0 23 C m 'S 4-7 EJ 23 s 0 G 4-1: B M U 4-'U M 0 QIW I Ihr-4 33300:-4 Q43 hF1m mo ob Z'7UpJg R E'.e"" gui 0 H Eiw Q e -P19 M OSB wi v UIQ 0 0 - P DCIS U!O hv40 0 M149 m DH 0 Z U G Pri G C D 0 D N 55 Egan A-4-7 'Pam PTSD P OO O 5015 0:53 0 H QU J Bassett, m o W Q 52 2 DUI Q O M Q m o M D A m N U w -G A a --m o BU A140 N136 O F49 OTSM B 0 o 0 0143 MP: SrJ+3k 0 m - nm ox: n E WSE 3 O11H H H 3 G 0 I Q 'DU M - H M M AC o 0 0 b4b 5 Pao m 0 B 0 gUIFcE P O Or4 H D B 0 O 054 Z A E o - U mjjpin O M N 5 m h rfnrplg ZBJh R B 0.0 ww4n 0 gF'r40 C U! vc Pi H T4 3 rilld Did D Pao -n r4PnM 0 -M E h C ffl U H HBOHQ HlJE4U H A 0 H -Pub .D h.H'U I B 0 o'u o 0F'0 5 R E4lUJmIJ Veazy. llace Wh and oitt, C1 BHCSS Mary Fr H., -.,,y7,,,,,,.,L- a ,. -' ' 1 if L.. '3' ,85- '- 14- 1 .. - H. I ,gk it '15 Left to right-Standing: Jean Rowe, Sarah Parker, Y. Z. Browning, Stella, Hendrick and Patsy Yarbrough. Sitting: Mary Ellen Fannin, Edna Ruth Billingsley and Georgellen Pratt. 'UC 'R' .gl un. as Q e 1 S ' rx, 2 X 55 16 , gk , 33 Lx ,af tw. S., In any-J QL- S' 1 h .1 Sinai. Y, Q V if- f"f xv if . -MA 01? K . S W" 'fm 'Q K 'iff' 11""5'f" . QV ,f "ttt .-S A' -Q 'I' P xxx 'ini Left to right-Standing: Baraba Carter, Marie Allen, Sarah Holmes, Frances Allen, Ethel Hindman and Helen Collins. Sitting: Jean Cowan, Netalene Hare and Mary Grace Braswell. ffifsf' ' S 41 -n-Q-I Illllli AMI IWINNHRS , a N 'U A6- 7 15 ka Am . ki' avr Left to right-standing: Jane Golden, Louise Jones, Carolyn Martin, Martha Harris, and Kathryn York. Sitting: M. Frances Cliett, Lois Vincent and Edna Lovett wmvwus ,To Ea BEER, Left to Right-standing: Margaret Tomberlin, Frances Osburn, Omie Wallace, Joyce Smith, Eugenia Duval, Ann Smith, Betty Bar- J Q nettand Sitting is Shirley Jones. . ' 42 an ' xl, . an as ll . ,sax Qi- Standing-Left to right: Betty Wright, Jean Leach! Dorothy Hightower, Doris Ann Cobb, Billie Bassett, Faye hee, Bonnie Sue Horton and Audrey Shoemaker. Sitting: Carolyn York, Doris Burnett and Emily Patterson. 5 'Q Xi Left to right-standing: Joanne Waldrip, Barbara Browning, Shirley Joiner, Betty Butts and June Ward. Sitting: Sarah Vawter, Jovce Dean Burnett and Bonnie Russel. ' 43 as 4' . 4 'Y J ,ix "'i-mb '?' is '05 nt: F' , - 1 0 as 6 fj ,fav 'Af Y' 5. .P lx I .4 4 Left to right-standing: Bennie Jo Hornsby, Edna Pepper, Doris Rowe, Rena Potters, Virginia Lightsey, Joyce Earley, Joy Barber and Doro- thy Rowe. Sitting: Carolyn Caldwell, Melvar Crowe and M. Frances Harris Harris. I O ,F an-.S 0 3 S' 5 Frances Wllen-lst row. F. H. A. CLUB Left to right-4th row: Marilyn Domm, Mary Rognelson, Camille Lybrand, Sara Parker, Mrs. Crum, Sponsor, and Barbara Browning. 5rd row: M. Rrances Har- ris, Georgellen Pratt, Norma Bentley, Bonnie Russell, Louise Jones and Catherine Hubbard. 2nd row: Patsy Yarbrough, Shirley Joiner, Melvar Crow, Betty Butts, M. Ruth Bryant, Lois Vincent and Helen Collins. lst roi: Ethel Hindham, J. Caldwell, J. Waldrip, W.Brewer, D.Day,P.Carney,V.Lightsey 44 1 G-:D--JIIIDIBID -. 5 ff? ,1 4 T Q -E 1, , M, i 5. , g L gf- e " JQPB. Jiiuh J x - K K ' 5 3,, ' Q v 4 Q Q Q Q' X QEEEE VM' RUBEN sf, sl jg. naauhaf4L:g.u::D: ,C hO 23 o K-4 D 2 N Ps m u a m P: 0 fl n N S 'A I-I I-1 -r-IQ!! CQ 'U 0 Cl 'U C11 C2 o +2 +2 Pr rl o B o v4 ra 14 43 +2 o Q4 14 :J P: rf -4 B El I SZ' S5 '1 K O f-4 42 n L O -Fl 4-7 9-Q 0 s-'I C O '-ll 'UO S-QW Q 5 Q-1 5-0 I S U fr-4 F-4 -E ins. rn Brown D Fe Be Sara Barbara E s as hh CO PP on 33 Q-I N-'I ho 'db 041 O Q En 0-r-I nf-I Far-I Es-I 5: EE C-P S2 QQ F-4 P231 g.. 35 .Oh FT! OF-c F-an-1 ug O OD O rr-I S-4 'LD Fo oh D48-1 Ol! OE O 'U OSI OG 1.4. he -PM 'fs 0 HIE Tibw Q4-J ISP 0 OID I Qs 0:11 -r-1 E14 5:-i Ol '23 G Pa DID PMS re A-u fa 01 I I arter n n 1-18-4- H 0 EC: 1-HUG m Q.d m 3450.9 m o m o Q4 Po .D 'U S-I umm or-40113 -r-who 4-1 SI- +1-'ISC E532 D1 0 no p,Qj 3.217-Q 04-vast: F-.G-:Em -A o Cn -'1 5 M 7-o 0'- 5 HE O +3-P0 3,-DC:-4 0014 :mi Sow! 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Suggestions in the Childersburg High School - Treasure Chest Yearbook (Childersburg, AL) collection:

Childersburg High School - Treasure Chest Yearbook (Childersburg, AL) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Childersburg High School - Treasure Chest Yearbook (Childersburg, AL) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Childersburg High School - Treasure Chest Yearbook (Childersburg, AL) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Childersburg High School - Treasure Chest Yearbook (Childersburg, AL) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Childersburg High School - Treasure Chest Yearbook (Childersburg, AL) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Childersburg High School - Treasure Chest Yearbook (Childersburg, AL) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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