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fs!! 5 '4f7,i7! A-gf .7ff'4'zf!4 VZ, R X' ,ff f J ! T7 , ff X-Q7-2 Q 'I' i ' ,J 4' , . ,, , 1 .,-in Wg' f 1 Q' 'ff I , .,.,, ' , I x ' ' ? Q Ain! X f XXQM, '7fJC.bL. 1, 1 V, Q., L f .-4.41.1 114,14 C -'j jx .Amr .df ' 1' I X ,ffl X K J! , ' pb x 1 Q A, 'L Q X ' A f ffl-CJ Z I ' L U11 x!,0'U , ky rj I T J K L 1 ' 1 r K J X ,Q U f ff , -1 ,I ff., ..I,k, 5, 1 ' 7 , f .' , '. 1., J 1 . . I LM. L .- 47 .,f I z' ' 1 4 7, .1 A I I' , 4-' X -1 f. , 1. fl IIQ ffl , L ,if 1 ,', - , , Q 1 . . A-4... . . 1 A , I ff . ff I. X - - ' 1 , X 1,41 A , ' i . A I A K we 14,10-Q, 4 ik ,Lf-ff?-'5461 Q xnkv 7 JU-HW2.'.ewfM Q, '01-A: jf! sy ,LJ 1 I f -r ' K I V1 1 yks 1 ., 4 f . ' ' I A ff , ' f ji' ,- -, V ' ,, -- H- - f , , -- ,, f ., f ,,,,,,, 54' A' . 47 , , 'f - ,, ,., . ,, ,, ,,s. ML MXL! k.l 774, Af I 6 VIL AAKSL 5' J t' K qlf4 ' A 9 54 Q f A ,, ,,,,,M ,m QD sc W 1 ,J i tk 1 LT fs! A VZ' JILQA-1' :.,JxJ'X Y,-A I I Q ,' , F -I if Y- THE SENIOR CLASS 1951 CHFSTER COUNTY HIGH Henderson Tennessee ay 21246 auuaaf Muff max? zwmfefz af mexfwfzzed 3: you W . If ' .... a we V9 ,lu 'bl- Nx Gene Ledbetter Charlotte Peclcly Joe Cooper ackie johnson Billie Melton Edlfor Baum lf Marzager Ad1 erfzrnzg Manager Adz erlixing Manager ANNUAL STAFF Left to right, seated: Royce Hunter, Almeida Smith, and Bobbie Newman, snapsg Murray Milliken, Mary E. Hearn, and joe Armour, sports, Pat Weaver, Rubye Lewis, and Shirley Bolton, features. Standing: Jeannine Bolton, arts, Cardale Russom, jo Anne Orr, Wfancla Harris, and james Smith, typists. Miss McAdams, sponsor Qnot shownj. SFU'-A F vig-. juanita jamerson jimmy DeBerry jo Anne Brewer Tommy Morgan Cornelia Ellis Advertifirzg Manager Cirrulation Cirrzzlalion Circulation Photography DEDICATION 'ff avi 'iv-.LC-+1ff..Af MR. LYMAN GOODWIN B.S., Science MISS LELA HALTOM B.S., English XUJMCM M M I We, the seniors of 1951, dedicate this annual to our sponsors, Miss Haltom, Mr. Goodwin, and Miss McAdams, to whorn we owe too much to express in words. MISS MARTH MCADAMS University of Tenn., Commercial 2 -1' ir 'Xl' 6- by ., ,J .1 - v su L: 5' f I K, - MISS ,MARTHA X J? 'B.S. ' Hqme Econom , I n ,ra J' x 5 . . P SV .ff RAST i 9. ADMINISTRATIGN Aki, V' MR. JAMES WILLIAMS 'S B.S., M.A. Principal of C.C.H.S. 9 WS N,' lg 5' 'WW' YIQSQS Q FM Ng . MR. B.S., M.A. MISS LAURA MORRIS Q,,,.1s WMI UPLZQAWWWML Aw QA IJ. mf J Mkglmggxb l Efgigh ' I ,- F J in Q N . mbffyiffyg MR. VARNELL RANKIN A B M A yy! Higgs, iight Xp , I' f 0... 9.u,,.,...., ,SV -LKHJMRS. Mat YX PM 5913 N MISS CLARA SMITH Sec. to Principal MR. A. C. JONES B.S. Agriculture MR. T. H. WILLIAMS B.S., M.A. Agriculture Q' T MR. C. W. ORICK B.S. History D! dv ,L Wifi Viv' 7 K vs 0' L K9 inf wv M... .iv . Hjwff 275541 IW' Lf Fl.-.f MRS. FRED BA B.S. KER Home Economics MRS. A. C. JONES Univ. of Tenn. Chemistry yd Mfajw. V 'S ffi'f'EL me Q-sr MRS. E. D. BRIGANCE ,F Latin .f.L1A-f,qzffZ,4,.v.f ff? A A f 5 '-'J ' 'L MR. JACK BROWN h-g4fL,..f .' ,L . B-5- I jj Physical Education ,f,V fY 1xL2eJ'p7 5 v rf --J , . - 4 12, 41. H 5W'q sv Rf Y is -i will-ff im Lmxm 5 I 'Sh- QQ!! X it ARMOUR, JOE Basketball 47-503 Annual Staff. He if merry and gay, knows how lo work .88 'F BLACKSTOCK, DEWAYNE 5 and play. FA4 He lookf wife, pray correct that error. ARMOUR, ROSAMOND Transferred. I fan do anything If I really uazzt to. F. H. A. 48Q Latin Club 49-5 3 omm. Club 50-513 Math Wits 50-513 Band 8-513 Basket- ball 50-513 Football Queen 513 Girls State 503 Sec. Class 48 and 513 Annual Staff3 News- letter Staff. A perfert woman, zzobly planned. BOLTON, JEANNINE if ARNOLD, LILA FRANCES Transferredg F. H. A. 48-493 F. T. C. 49. They alto serve who only Jtand and wail. BOLTON, SHIRLEY F. H. A. 48-513 F. T. A. 48-513 Math Wits 50-513 Sweetheart 503 WhO's Whog Annual Staffg Glee Club 50. Beauty if truly, truly beauty. BEENE, ARLEN 241-ii F. F. A. 50-513 Transferred. Qnzrd Catrh him, girly, if you ran. ' 1 lA'K-fl-Q M fl--BWV 665 BREWER, jo ANNE F. H. A. 48-SIQ F. T. A. 48-513 Alt. Girls State 503 Annual Staff. MM! Dependahility if the key to suffers. wld? ll ill' BEENE, BOBBY JOE Transferred3 F. F. A. 50-513 Basketball 50-513 ' Football 51. To Jtudy he gave mort fare and heed, no work he Jpoke, more than war need. BULLMAN, VIRGIL F. F. A. 48-51. Take your lime, the orean i.r yet to be bridged. -.. R, BOBBY A. 48-51. Y CMH, BIERNICIE F. H. A. 48-51. humor no mailer what Ibe tort. COOPER, jOE F. F. A. 48-515 Football 49-513 Basketball 49- 51g Business Manager of Annual. HGxtf!IflE' ir MJ air. Iofl if hir .ff7c':'fb, md pmur in ,111 tlmughtff' Z , tj . M , f 41 fq. Y. The btnldx 117.11 nun me afnud In do .1 jg -. kindly deed. . KK -,stab ', -1 V? l ,Q I I lj1ZB15RRY,.lIMMY ,, ff. , .fl .4 ff F. F. A. 47-mg Musit 47.435-Aff Crilmw-sos ' Glcc Club 49-so. Math Wits 50-511 Annual Stnffg Alternate to BOy's State 50. f, .zs ff' - Hlllllft' likely to .MU in 1151121 gel ffftftflzl ,L 9-I f' 4, X 5 ' of'A?, ',vv 0 Lf fx ' ' lv - ,NX .Q.lf C ,JJ -4, dl fc C5211 I2 , of I F. H ' - og -ihr 9-Str sit g i,L etbaw? - , mr . 50- , fcws- I , f' ter 'ta . . gli I I tx On a .f14'6' 11 'irlam .nul, li fe .re ed J - v timber ner iw. -X 'f M ' W .A . V + .fx L' ,ft .1 , DILLON, ROSIQMARY- Q' l 1 ' V X -an-.X FS'sNe.,.f-' Cnlzklw, NANQ' 'I r.1nstc-rrt-tl: la H. A. 501511 Qheerleatlet 50-51. . xi .nf,11fhun1 belle 111 greg u.1'1. ' F. H. A. 418-513 l5.rsl-cetb.1ll -18-51. HXIIIIJAJ1' n.1d3 In 'jmjv .1 fI!1'I1Ql,H COCHRAN, BETTY ANNIE F. H. A. 49-50, l5m1lIj', ll!-1' :mme 1.1 it U 711.111, EI.1.1S, CORMZLIA F. H. A. 48-51g Math Wits 50-51g F. T. A. 49-51g F. F. A. Queen 493 Comm. Club 50- 513 GIs. St. 50g Hn. Clubg Who's Whog Annual Staffg Newsletter Staffg Class Sweet- heart. Kzmu'le'dge mmer but ll'f.fd07II FRIEIQMAN F. H. A. 48 Comm. Club 50-51. I think bu! do not 01 'x FREEMAN, MARGARET F. H. A. 48-49g Commercial Club 513 Math Wits 50-51g Band 48-51. A delightful combination of a gracious lady and a giggling girl. HARRIS, WANDA JEAN F. F. A. 48-505 F. T. A. 49g Comm. Club 50-51g Annual Staffg Newsletter Staff 515 Music 48-51. Mini: and a beautiful lady make! the uforld go round. f . -V f' GADDY, MARY LOU W , oy 1 E. H. A. 43-si. 5 jf Thou art more lovely than a me day. i'D we V59 HEARN, JSrd?1A 4fJ,,.ft-'M, :,, 34' Wig-wg Band onor Clubg F. H. Ag 48-51, F. T. C. 48-51g Annual Staffg Newsletter Staffg Comm. Club 50-51g Math Wits 50-513 Cheerleader 48-513 Glee Club 48-50. A fourth of july sparkle with the found effeftff' GATELY, JORENE M E Music 483 Library Asst. 48-51. 21 wi 'ony ,Patience ror1querf I wyiggwy 1- 0- 'WM I ' Mg I ,gfp-I JUANITA Transferred. A practical Jenfe mixed with quiet humor. GILLIAM, EDNA FAYE F. H. A. 48-51. X QuietneJJ never betrayed anyone. lad .4 t .,,,.,,,,',Jw,g,'jl f 1 1,-4,-4-QI.,-yu-1,An HENSON, JIMMY Q Football 50-513 F. F. A. 48-513 Boys State 50. Some people juft ran't help being nice. C58-fwgl Z' a GUINN, DAN Football 50-51g Basketball 48-513 Math Wits 50-515 Boys State 50. One that ir noble mayruliizef' HOLMES, TERRY ALLEN Football 50-515 Basketball 48-513 F. F. A. 48-51. , A Jpleridid giant charged with forte and power. 9 CN HLINTIER, ROYCE F. T. A. 49-513 Math Wits 50-513 Annual Staff. A few honerl men are hellef than numhefrf' JOHNSON, JACKIE Math Wits 50-513 Science Club 483 Football 50-513 Annual Staffg Delegate to Boys State3 Transferred. He plearer everyone hut rannot pleare him- Jelff' 1-111RsT, PRESTON . ,- ll 1 . F. E. A. 48-51. y An hom-.rl man if lhe nohlerl work of God. . K 3. s 'Y 'f 1 KINCHEN, LOIS ,ix F. H. A. 48-493 Glee Club 503 Music 50. A loring imile rhe gaze to all. ISBELL, MONA LEE Knows my F H A 48 Math Wits so 51 La Qlubpo A 7 71121 feyef' are too fright. for fearfr. HM Y K f f ft, , -lb 1 qvnhv U , ., 1 ' ' ' 1 .- - - -J , U -C 0 1 6.4. , rv jdfl L1 ' fl' f ' av- 4 ,. I y, gif j ,VV -4 I - 'rl , L V .- - ' LEDBETTER, GENE A fl, -' Jljbe, U ,T , F. F. A. 48-513 Math Wits 50-513 Football . 2 1 50-513 Annual Co-Editor. Take il eary, have your fun and let the Q world furry on. ISBELL, DORIS LEA , ll hen the world goef ou! Jhe comer ' - ,rd L -wis, RUBYE NWA A WM , F. H. A. 50-513 E. T. A. 48-513 Glee Club Annual Staff Alt Gls St 50 ia The quiel mind if fifher fhan a frown. ,af 503 Comm. Club 50-513 Newsletter Editorg JAMFRSON, j11AN1TA Basketball 48-513 Math Wits 50-513 F. T. A. 493 Comm. Club 513 Football Maid 513 ,- Girls State Alternate 50. ' There If 11 gafden ln her are uhere foyer nf t - f , ima' white lilie1 grow, JW MANESS, FRANKLIN 709' . F. F. A. 48-51. ,db Wfhy wane pferzour time in J ud MELTON BLI,IE F H A Q5 ass ras 48 Class ec . . .H -483g -. 3 S . 493 M th WEL -5131,-' mm. Club 50-513 G' State 1 3 nn Staff3 :Newsletter aI'ff3 W,b6's' W ' Band 48-5113 State Cham- pio2AfPwirleqf5I1 L' LA' 4' 'il' plpinerr lreignf where finiler dwell. , MORRIS, EDWARD Class Pres. 503 F. F. A. 48-51 Football 50 513 Basketball 48-513 Baseball 50 51 A hero on the football field and among the ladieJ. MILLIKEN, MURRAY Band 48-503 Math Wits 513 Latin Club 493 Football 50-51. Never give hp when there if a rhanre of Us NAYLOR, NANCY D ff winning. F. T. C. 48'5lQ Math Wits 50 51 Comm Club 50-513 Honor Club. Alwayr willing to help a frien MOODY, JOE Football 50-513 Math Wits 50-51. who think mart govern lhore who toil. NEWMAN, BOBBIE SUE F. H. A. 48-513 Comm. Club Staff. A friendly .rmile for everyone MORGAN, TOMMY Latin Club 49-503 Art Club 49-503 Comm. Club 50-513 Newsletter Staff3 Annual Staff3 Who's Who3 School Reporter 51. If he if forgotten, it will he ar a gap in a great feaJt. OLIVER, ARTHUR F. F. A. 48-513 Music 48-493 G F. T. C. 49. A lark of all trader. MORRIS, DELOIS F. H. A. 48-51. Otter Jpeed doe! not determine one! Enou- ledge. ORR, jo ANNE F. H. A. 48-513 Math Wits 50-51 Glee Club 49-503 Comm. Club 50-513 Annual Staff Newsletter Staff3 Girls State. A maid uhorn there uere many to prazfe Peony, CHARLOTTE F. H. A. 48-51g Math Wits 50-513 Art Club 503 I-HUD Club 49-503 Comm. Club 50-512 Glee Club 49-50g Voice 48-51g Music 50-51g Library Asst. 48, 49, 505 Annual Co-Editorg Newsletter Staffg Honor Clubg Who's Who. To do the ber! I can, where I am, ufilb wha! I bare each day. ROBINSON, ANTHONY RAY F. F. A. 48-513 Science 48-49. I dura do all fha! bemmei a man. s PHILLIPS, NINA FHA-is-si hp!!! l1 gI1 limed Jilerzre ii more eloquent than .ffIL'?L'lJ.U Vi: RVSSOM, CARDALE wr' F. H. A. 48g F. T. Comm. Club 50-515 Annual Staff 50 News letter Staff 50g Basketball 46 48 50 A pint ,rized ba!! of fire PIc3KIiTT, GI2RAI.IuINIa F. T. A. 49-50g Music 49-503 Basketball 50-51. I uuuld fzerer betray .1 friend. R1'TH. NANCX' jo F. H. A. Club 48-513 Mat ketball 50-51. I mnze Io make you lang PI.I7NK, JOHNIE W. Basketball Mgr. 48-513 Class Vice President 48-491 BOy's State 50. Girl'J ber! friend. SCOTT, BIQRNARIT F. F. A. 48-51. Kind and gezzlle I0 alf be 1611014 I Rzacomu, SONNY F, F. A. 48-51. He breakf the ladier' lsearlff' yy SHAPPLIEY, W. T., JR. 'Q i F. F. A. 47-48g Math Wits 50-51g Science Club 48-493 Football 50-51g Boys' State 50. The lad doe: nal rare for a rlJild'.r mule. SMITH, ALMEDA HA4851FFA ueen50C F. . . - 3 . . . Q 3 Sec. 50, Latin Club 49' Math Wits 50 51'M Annual Staff, Basketballl50-51. i More beaullful and Jofi af any molly. SPENCER, MARY NE F. H. A. 48-513 Music 50g Comm. Club 51. How Iweet and fair .rbe f , Iffi-ff SMITH, EIINA F. H. A. 48-51. A mind noi :banged by lime and fllufef' 95 5 STANFILL, MILDRLD - F. T. A. 48-493 F. H. A. 48-513 Music 49. A lo1 ely lady muumllg mrlmed. Dug, Q' SMITH, I AYE F. F. A. 48-513 Football 51. A hero in llae quieien manner. STANFILL, PEGGY SUE F. H. A. 48 51. Her sueetneff may be rompafed to a 70161, SMITH, JAMES F. F. A. 48-51. R A loving bean IJ llze b6glI1IIlV1g o all knou ledge. STAVROS, LAD1 E CAROLI N F. H. A. 48-513 F. T. C. 48, Math Wits 50- 513 Music. 48-493 Comm. Clubg Newsletter Stafl. In romparly .flye could laugh and rlmtler. ri' '17 SMITH, SUE .H.A. TU fulriuef that 'ilzem mon admired. 5 I TIDVUELI., MARY ATKQVD' F. H. A. 48 51, Comm. Club. I Her laugbief :been gloomy day. 1 4? 41 vp- ms.- TUCKER, FAYE DNB q,w-43 E. H. A. 48-493 E. T. A. 493 Math Wits so. MW She if af romzmzl af lhe northern nav. 05,345-IK u-J 'S' S. WEAVER, PAT F. H. A. 48-513 F. T. A. 495 Math Wits 50-513 Comm. Club 513 Annual Staffg News- letter Staffg Basketball 49-50g Honor Clubg Alternate Girls State 50. Ta Ttrizfe, to Jeeh, lo find and no! lo yield. TUCKER IMA SLE Latin Club 49 Comm Club 50 51 A gemuf ui! a pen up Kale A I tw 4 cpu ez., ,Gul vs-0-4 f ff-4 24,45 a n.-1- QLUI uv- 'Cl J 4.4! WEEKS MARTHA jo 1 Comm. Club 50-51. Studia trouble me not. -fl ' C,-11-4,114-., l ,, . . ' 4' ,J A ll Life at :A , .W WALLACE, JEAN ' 1 iff: .if-L., 4-,O f F. H. A. 48-495 F. T. A. 49g Comm. Club 50-51g Music 48. One who never Jhrufzk al lhe fight of work. YOUNG, FARENE F. H. A. 48-50. She ufalhf in beauty, like lhe nigh! of rloudleu :limes the starry Thief. WATKINS, BILLY Science Club 48-50g Art Club 50g Latin Club 49-50, ll hy fhould I Trudy fill my head if wood. YouNo, Jo F. H. A. 48-51. f 1 ' A rofehud Jet with wilful fhornff' . -ff .fffi ,Ag Awww fJ,Lp':-jx'-Jwigfff M nf' JZ,,,,y,4,fn AvER,jEssE - fuygfkinn, E F. F. A. 48-51. Z Gentle uziyi helray 4 hind heart. fu' Ez: L PL, 1 QU' SENIOR CLASS HISTORY On uly 19 1947 one hundred and twenty fiye students entered the Chester County High Sehool as green Freshmen We those Bill Shelly to lead our class as president Dan Guinn as ylee president eannine Bolton as seeretary and Billie jo Melton as treasurer Miss Haltom Miss MeAdams and Mr Goodwin were chosen as sponsors They haxe faithfully stood beside us during our tour years in high sehool and our thanks go to them tor being so pitient and working so diligently with us We finally leirned our way around with the help ot the upper elassmen who were not so bad after lll the horrid stories we had heard about them uly of the next year brought eighty seyen students baek to the halls of CC H S With pride we answered to the call of Silly Sophomores Again our freshmen sponsors were with us We eleeted Dan Cuinn president ohnnie Plunle yiee president and Billie o Melton seeretary The year passed almost as quiekly as a twinkle of an eye or it seemed to do sueh Our elass h is reeeiyed many honors during our tour years Brllie o Melton has been the head mayorette ot our bank for tour years She has done a very good job leading the band and also the twirling ensemble In the 11th grade she was awarded the state Champion twirling award Mary Emma Hearn has been a cheerleader for four years Eyeryone is familiar with the words Now eyerybody yell' Juanita fBabyj amerson She has been making goals sinee her freshman year Almedz Smith was ehosen FFA queen while we were juniors and Cornelii Ellis when we were sophomores Several of the boys from our elass proyed to be outstanding on the football field immy Henson was giyen the award for the most yaluable player The third year ot high sehool was more exerting than the first two We eould look down on eyeryone as we were olly juniors Of eourse the seniors still had the upper hand but our time was soon to irriye Matrimony and other interests had taken some of our elassmates when we registered as seniors Therefore there were only seyenty nine aekie ohnson Dan Guinn and eannine Bolton were Chosen to be our elass ottieers They led our eliss III the many ietiyities seniors partieipate in Our rings parties ind trip added mueh to the enjoyment ot our last year in sehool All the faeulty of C C H S are to be eongratulated upon suryiying the rough treatment we gaye them and our thanks go out to them for laughing with us when we were happy and crying with us when we were sad Seyeral of the boys joined the armed serviees during their senior year We regretted their leasing when their goal graduation seemed so near J , , v - 'Y 1 . if. f , V . T f, . i ' . 1 V V S, ' 1 ks ix ' - ' y A , - ' ' s , 'g Y . 'A Y L' I . ' ' '- Y xl A I Y i l L. V ' ' ' . a - 1 ' , ' al ' 3 ' Q , ' ' J - - , . , V f 1 f - '- f y , - , Y , S 17 I 'az 1 L' ' . 1 A l I - V V - -af L-I ki , f pf A 1 1 - .1 I 7 , , 4 V' ' Y 1 I Y f 1 has also brought honors to our class by showing outstanding skill in playing basketball. f 51 7- 1 . rf . 4 - v, f a f Y A A V , 5 ' ,, - . L ' , . , ' ' - f , . - - ,L 1 - v If 1 B- r 'D , 4 'A'-.-. .Y . L-- . f fl-'flags ' 5- i, s' . ' yy , ' S7 2 ' f i - , ' ' . ' , ks y if ' W - A - 1 . s . h I S Y. Y- Y 7 ' 1 Y' A . 1 f A ' 1 A ' L' i y I ' . v 1 ' ' f 1' Y I y f y f ' - . i , - . LUB R RhulATl0N5 3 Peddy. Charlotte OD t Bo IIC HHH sje E 8. H6 OI' C ID I-lea 11 ITI Em aY UTI' 8 t eft L O 'E flv t er oth P3 D-4 cf cd C10 x.. and COI1fCSt5 OrtS 'G art Q T O HIS 1 4.1 A., --4 P? m 2111 CHVCI' I' 4. :IN O r X o ri ht: First row: M Milikan, Mary ' , li Hi, i 1 , x ,Q l U 5 Second row: ackle ohnson, Gene Ledbe ter, Royce Hun er, can Wfallace, o Ann Brewer, Tommy Mo , Qt. W , d Nancy Nay or. 1 fn' A. X g f Menubership of the Honor C ub is based upon sch l hip, p isipation in clubs, sp , ', ,Q 4 -E actrvl les. 01 5,.,-Jfl W Dgwwjwvwjfw fyfffb My CHARLOTTE PEDDY and TOMMY MORGAN M 051' C 0-0 pemtizfe f f',ej4---Lfff-f 319' , ' 'A 'T 'g ,',A T, N, I ' 1 7 - Q , O-4 , K rf! 'fly ff? V-,ff,,' Q A K If . x I 1 fx J' fy ,f- .-1' ' - 'A 1 f r , , ' ff fl. 1 .f , 4, I . K 'ig SHIRLEY BOLTON V and ' f Y? JACKIE JOHNSON 'J Moy! Popular Qx QGRXG its 'R if Y- X ps BILLIE MELTON and DANN GUINN M051 Ideal 4150 4 fs 5 T. CORNELIA ELLIS and JACKIE JOHNSON Moi! Likely To Suvreed ii PRETTY o H, Q. X, r 'nr Miyt Q . 1 Qgrw f , ., It M.-X41 W , N, . -.V ri , mfg 1.141 I 1 . , ,Ng F L BA B IE S -1 Bermce r15 uanlta Mona Lee K l.-.. Charlotte Wanda 5 P689 5 Jo Ann B Nina Sue Royce Arthur Q. in '1 -an Geraldme gl.. Shrrley and jeame Mary Lou Lxla Frances :QJJALQQAM OICDC 4-yv'aJ 4. Betty Q Cornelia 0 Anne 0 Rubye and Frances Fayrene 4 Billie M. -'wal' QF- uamte H Bobbie Sue M-0 .nh Tommy Doris Lea K 3' Nw A M1 Mildred Mary Emma -ggi Z 'y if mf Q12 , as L Y' ,N is 1 4 1 Sis 3 . ' ...M se if 4? S Q ,, ,Q sv-an w Wanda jean Alley Crystal Armour flea! BML! 211123233555 ri' Q- is rv ' 1 . Q Alene Chalfin Nancy Dismuke e Racheal Anne Armour f --Q w r '. 6 1 3 'l 1 55 I la bi' 6' -1 .112 as -sw- -nv 3 Q.- ,-:X ,W +A.: 'a 7 4 4 K-X 4 yxv' f s. Sylvia Armour Frances Barton Thelma Beacham Marshall Beshires lim MWEIMS at V fum U Ronald Enoch Mildred Ellis Steve Ellis '-o-ygQ. ff ' Q .el 7 5, l ....? 2, lxx r uf james Bishop ' Y 4 Cletus Bullman Levada C 5 . q A - KZ? 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Raymond Nance i C, A1 Sue Dell Orr r ' . -, ' gy- 4:1 , J, Martha Little 7714 M E JY A W i Charles Malone A ' ii El it Bonnie Ann Maness ' 3 - Laverne 3, ,. v- . ,lg sn, bl-ltr: ,X Ay,-J K.:- ' Y L :M 1 , f Ima jo Patterson L jf Bobby Phillips ' f Ruth Phillips 1 , Donald Rhodes 4? Ralph Maness 2155 fwn William Massengill Ann McDaniel JU f , Vlrglnla McKenzie fb 'f-Ujohnnle Lou Roblnson Sue Nelle Rogers 1 A f .... iv' l ' v Ls ' lf 'A 5. Iisel is if X 1 'si l'CF? I . ,Q .- Lift HOV I . yi ,uf W llmogene Ross f ', i J' y A f J 5, ti.. 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Billy Owen I ' y J 'T' jennette Pannell I: V, 6 , 4 X x J Y LX X J V 'V 9 QS W 5 ' Cb ' 4 .wa - if Y., ' ' ily an 'S it af! 1 K 'S 5x37 lv- ,fi t 7 Q .6 he r i ,T i A Q Y EtWiQ 4: pg! y T if Nil 1 ' ,3 +1-.1 f' t Q . --, 4 It :- 4 i -on 5 W -Qi, gh i 1'-: ,gii iv My tk 17 ., R T 51 xl X Q N X L Gene Parrish Shirley Patterson jerry C. Pickett Shirley Pickett Billie Plunk W fu., ,, Pnnqff K QA' lier.1ltli iv Barbara Powell jewel Priddy Shirley Pusser Donald Ray Ji WW W5 .Jt J ll fag.Cweritlolyn Rhodes 13W Mary jo Richardson L 14 blink! ifRussel Rowland Shirley Ruth Martha Sells Beatrice Skinner Crowley Smith Horace Smith L. C. Smith Loydell Smith it an -2 ., ry men Tignor Patsy Smith Ruby Mae Smith Patsy Tarpley jo Ann Taylor john Thomas . HJ- Betty Thompsogw i jean Tuberville ' Mary Faye Vestal DLL- L , ' Wayne Victory MJ-Aujt P3 14,2403- Mildred Wade Martha F. Weaver 'E x X, f mm 'F' Q0 '. A Paul Waller 0 9 I 'R 1 1 jo Alice Wamble Y Si- D. B. Weatherington 'tee '- ' i Q Q K is Ei A, +135 X 9-N Kam nga C9 dh, kfl x 5 ZAQJAI ww 1956, J. g 1 Slffmfiiff M fWJ.f:1,a,fwe 49. 1 mf' if I X Y7' .ff is K A if C may -it -W, ...,,xA Q--my . ner if A I iv kr. .. -' J ri. al jerry Webster Gayle Wheatley .. Harrel Wilkins L Lala Williams -' Tommie Williams jean Willis Norma Wood Regina Wood Shirley Woods Shirley Woodward 'Q Elizabeth Ann Wright Floraine Wright . jane Young Avis Weaver ,-f BV i A D. K. jones X . S . 'A . -on 1, x Barbara Kent Shirley Kennedy Walter King Czrvvs N C 1 Q. ssj fLy-.LQ h-L,U,l q hi' wf - N X 1. . kv, A in .. A K4 , I X . , -L ' I L ,A , YL , ,JS-, 1 . if- . V H, q J, ,..-----...MX ll P N 1 L Q l Il ,ff K G f 5.1 x ff I F ml' 5 CORNELIA ELLIS j ' Senior Sweetheart if s f K.. f!3 'j . f vjil F . 7317-ZZ, X, . my C. C. H. S. J,,,.,.----.-,N k -. . ,X . .1 '1- f NX!! xx 'x H E x SHARON CLAYTON junior Sweetheart as yi' ,....-.-,ml 'Y'-.., Ak -A 'I XX x 'x f X x Q' , X r' . , , Q , M, 1 v- I Q 1 l e m 2 IT1 ITI -I I IT! 31' 70 -1 U7 of ...nv- f N Vf,f ' 'H GWENDOLYN RHODES ...IN - Freshman Sweetheart . . 'ow'- .fb 4 1 ,Q . .W-.. . 27-Q , 3 .L X T .-.-.uf-X x- N., w ue- f 4 5' J?-.-.,-45,1 xx ik ' if' 3- -mg- ELOISE WOOD Sophomore Sweetheart 1 I f' M -Am.-Qu.,-,W-- mx 1-. J' 'x JI! ,L Le' 141' in ff J' X ggi. .- FJ, A' 3 J! X f nj., ,Af l 5 ATHLETICS -4, 79 ,-3 Ix w yPl ryDll MryE Og MZNffGNtSh Q - . V I I, n , ff X. K 1 X V ' K, , 'xx' ' x w r f 3 M f .1 n-. v We are very proud of the outstanding rec- ord of this year's team, eight victories to two losses. In spite of many injuries, the boys played with inspiring spirit. The team made a wise selection of captains in Dossie and Odell. Another wise selection -was made known at the Football Banquet, when the outstanding player of the year was dis- closed. Congratulations, jimmy I-lenson! Coach Brown, we are truly grateful to you for the inspiration you have been to these boys. We regret the loss of several Senior boys but we feel sure the team will have an equally successful year in 1951. SCHEDULE Eagles Oppon Sharon ,....s,,.,. ........., 4 2 0 Decaturville ..... ......, 4 1 0 Camden ..,... .....,. 4 6 13 Bemis ..... ....... 1 9 12 Bolivar ..Y.... 40 0 Selmer ...... ...... 3 3 O Loretto .......... ...... 7 55 Huntington ...., .,.,,, 7 3 3 North Side ....... ....... 1 5 6 Newburn .......... ...,.., 2 0 12 I llhlfilg' XZESSQN y ODELL JEANNINE Dossua DAN GUINN Quarterback 4 'ir' ass! an Q? '43 f aww , fV2?,' if .f 'v , Q 4' M , f , D' 4 'l V we 'I mr Q 4' ,Q is an Q 'EVA lg' 3 E . Vs W ' v: ' 9 I tix If sm I , W 3' - f is if qi M ,, 1 F as X 018' A ED MORRIS MURRAY MILLIKEN W. T. SHAPPLEY Halfback Halfback Guard TERRY HOLMES BRYANT JOHNSON JACKIE JOHNSON Tackle Center Tackle 'T JOE MQODY BILL HUNT EUGENE MOORE Guard End End GIRLS' BASKETBALL f In 'W - n-515 'X I'-il if U. 10' A If L ' K 1 g 1, 'S BOYS' BASKETBALL ref Q., I wx. First row: Coach Brown, Glen King, Odell Hatch, Ed Morris, Eugene Moore, Dan Guinn, Bobby Cooley-Manager. Second row: Billy Naylor, jerry Siler, Cornice Cooper, Jimmy Williams, Bud Butler, Tommy Casey. Third row: Terry Holmes, Bobby Beene, Johnnie Plunk-Manager. Under the direction of Coach jack Brown, the Eagles have showed excellent sportsman- ship on the court. Their main characteristic that is noticed more than any other is the clean ball they play. The record they are making is one that is to be admired and envied by other schools. COACH JACK BROWN C zrrul uno II Tommy Czrfulalzon 0 AUD Cardale 1? Typzft and C zrculatzon Nancy Miss Mac .pq 17 Charlotte 116 fs Sponuor Qu 1 Ruble JK C zrrulal Yf Emma W! Edzzor M 4, ?..m,.,,, PAPE fWM4 sTAFFff:f5 f Reporter Om Bxllne Wanda Clair Reporler Club Refmrler AJIIJ mn! Editor Carolyn 21 Typ!!! S0 'kv-an uw 'Q.L'? czety Society S port: N xl my al .. N' , . A s Aa A I 0, . n 1:7 L' - QW ' f', I I I if lfwgx . ' - r... l . aw xb - , . Y .10 ,wx 5 ,gli 4 J ., , is M V ni U . TWU' . 6' V' ' - n . . , l 5 P t ' gy. nn,l 4 FUTUR E S F , i'4t-UL19: x .NX 6' 0 r I1 L1 x.. Ra ... 5311 E MTI 1: I 'NA-1 1. 'No-1 :I f'-1 -4 rd E .2 ... cd CI lf! Q-1 -C au ... C... ' va is U C fC ,CO 'V gn-5 7' +6 .Q :cv - cd -qi 5 '71 -1 -525.1 an O2 V: :- EE TSR N233-L. 75-53 2 Q 3-gB1'r'SNf, Q.cZf'2' A S :SJ 2 -, Z-I, ' :Ag an , ' 3. rw ,410 U -4' .. 1-..:- ....x..O-4.1 zu- L. P3-527 43Zwj .iw u m , '- ' A ri E LJ D0 .J...,. 0:7-1 '-1.--g, L3 5 3 : ., 5' r-2 75 sr RL r-r VJ 'wr Q N N. 6 Y 'I 'N-4 C D fb Z O C-' D f-r l.w1a.ua5' EEZ P5 3:1 3-:r mm cp'U :- E.: ff: :Wo U1 Q. N.- N. m. U U YY 'BN lfff, NN. 'am '32 N CX, FUTUR AF ya' 50 l X I r N S . Z gi 2 I, ' Q0 x-TQ? 5 .A , p 533' 75? WW nl? Eiffuz N4-'TT Dwi UIQ' r-v,. 77'l, FDI H. I '-U Y 'E , . . I :fb E , Mgg NEST' ' :wi ,N.'-.. i 235. , w I r CID s: fb U fb ,... ,.. 9 .l7l.Y!73.lll .IJ MJWWJ Q' ,QTCAZZQZ csv . 5 1 X DHD GUiHH ...... ...... ...A....... P r eyidenf Cardale Russom .4,... ...... S errelary' Royce Hunter ..... ...... V ire Preridefzl Mrs, Davidson .,,..... ..... S ponsor ' Vi' Wk. Rubye Lewis ,,,...........,..................... Prefident F. T. A. Shirley Bolton ....... ..... S ecremry Arive Ledbetter ...... ..... V ice Prefidenf Miss Haltom ...... ....... S pomor LATIN CLUB The club elects officers each six weeks. Under the leadership of Mrs. Brigance, the dub grows in the appreciation of Latin contributions. Hz? 1' MQSIC DEPARTMENT Mrs Etheridge Mrs Harris Dlrecforr 'ia 4 'I ,V Af' OR K H+ ri? vw, L-af J if L '-N 4 'sf or VX Q- -xxvxf' . A Lax., .f , 5 .2 . 'E n . r A QI A eff , 1. K L ADAM! 'ix ,Nu ham Q., ss Q. 'N Llp! ,. Jolla K slam 2? 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IRVING HARRIS P.O BOX 496 JACKSON TENNESSEE Massaclnuseffs 'C Compliments of ESSO SERVICE Any+hlng from a Flaf Tire +o a General Overhaul Z SERVICE WHEN YOU NEED IT Henderson Tennessee 1 Phone 2 I 06 I PHONE 2246 Q f '21 R ' 0 1 7:- A Q ff QC emdefidan DRY Gcjncjsb S CQ, We Clofhe fhe Enfire Family PHONE 232l Tuf Nui and Fly Work Clofhes Friedman Shelby Shoes Forfune Shoes for Men FlaH'ernl1' Hos ery COMPLIMENTS OF nfl! jgiewefb 'Frestone ' 1 HousEHoLD APPLIANCES liL.J N... ?Qz7deman HARDWARE COMPANY l U Phone 22 I 6 Henderson Tennessee Henderson, Tennessee ' i I :- ' 1 5 ii I l, Q 0 f l IVE W,-qgfgfyzrff KIVVI 5:4012 Q J k C' fa n If C lvl FOY HARDWARE Y APP Remembe' VVECJT3 GQCUFFTQY L fad! Quad ?aw! f ,Sa I 1Cn.+:LT14lL CURILI. 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Suggestions in the Chester County High School - Eagle Yearbook (Henderson, TN) collection:

Chester County High School - Eagle Yearbook (Henderson, TN) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Chester County High School - Eagle Yearbook (Henderson, TN) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Chester County High School - Eagle Yearbook (Henderson, TN) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 24

1951, pg 24

Chester County High School - Eagle Yearbook (Henderson, TN) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 52

1951, pg 52

Chester County High School - Eagle Yearbook (Henderson, TN) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 41

1951, pg 41

Chester County High School - Eagle Yearbook (Henderson, TN) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 88

1951, pg 88

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