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A FACULTY Mr. Nile A. Todd comes to us from Lawrence County High School as our new Principal. As our school gets big- ger new problems arise and it falls Mr. Todd's lot to deal with these problems. Rarely do the students or teachers get to see him when there is not something wrong. But he is also instrumental in bringing about the routine that causes school to happen and keeps it functioning smoothly. "Coach'7 Spangler as the Assistant Principal has a linger in every pie. He gets in on all the problems, too. Occasionally, he finds time to shoot a game of pool in the rec. room he helped set upg more often he is working on a basketball tournament schedule or organizing intramurals for the students. Sitting at a desk, as in the picture at the left, is the one thing he rarely does. l t r I Y PECIAL ERVICES Though not regular classroom teachers, these people are essential to teachers and students both. Mrs. Henley Works directly with the Principal and Assistant Principal in sched- uling. She also is in charge of getting all transcripts and college application's filled out. Yet she always finds time to talk to the students. " Hours of work go into proper cataloging and keeping track of our library resources, Mrs, Fielder does all this as well as ordering new books and helping students locate information when they need it. SPECIAL ERVICES AND FACULTY Mrs. Elaine Johnson can smile hereg evidently the registers are not due yet. One of the school's two secretaries, the attendance reports, once a terrible plague to teachers, is her chief concern. Stephanie and Gretchen are her chief con- cerns away from school. If you chance to hear someone whistling a tune as he walks down the hall it will be Mr. Dennis Barnes, band and chorus instructor at CCHS. Mr. Barnes graduated from M.T.S.U. Though not a member of the faculty, she performs services for all faculty members and all students. Mrs. Linda Perry probably knows more about the total operation of the school than anyone except the Principal and the Assistant Principal. Leading our football team to an improved season this year, was our new geogra- phy and Civics teacher Mr. Jerty O'Neal Bishop, Help- ing students develop to their maximum, potential and en- joying his work absorbed a considerable amount of Mr. Bishop's time. Anita Jo Brashears, known for her knowledge of physical education and her talent to talk her way out of or into anything, is a favorite among students. Her first year at CCHS, she comes to us from M.T.S.U. Because she enjoys working with students, the Sophomores elected her a sponsor. wand' Mr. Dale Brinkley has returned to his old "Alma Mater" to teach Algebra, Biology, and General Math. He is a graduate of U.T. with a B.S. His favorite sports are basketball, football, and baseball. One of our most respected teachers at CCHS, Mrs. Pinky Christian is noted for her dedication and in- terest in school affairs. A graduate of the University of Tennessee she teaches Senior English, Latin I and II, and French. z ' W 12 bam One word can be used to describe Mrs. Karen Cannon. That word would be "dedicated,'. A senior English teacher, Mrs. Cannon enjoys working with plays, which is quite evident each year with her fine direction of the senior plays. Always interested in trying new teaching ideas which will benefit his students is Mr. Earl Cannon. A graduate of CCHS and Austin Peay State University he teaches World History and World Geography. NX Going into his second year at CCHS is Mr. Wayne Darrow, a graduate from Tennessee Tech. During his leisure time he enjoys car races and rallies. His knowledge and understanding of people and government are a valuable asset in the classroom where he teaches Government, sociology and economics. If you see a new face running around the science pod, her name is Mrs. Patricia Elam. She is a graduate from University of Tennessee at Martin, with a B.S. degree. She is the sponsor of the Science club and sewing during her spare time. a+ if ,,,. gf The man who is an outstanding football coach and led the CCHS gir1's varsity basketball team to the district tournaments is Coach Bo Elliott, It is his first year of teaching at CCHS. He teaches boy's physical education, he graduated from Austin Peay State University with a B.S. degree in physical education. Those who are reading this should recognize the determination of Miss Brenda Dozier, Again this year she sponsors the annual, adding originality annd diversity, only capable by this teacher of an. A sparkling individual who has many different talents. In his second year as mathematics instructor, Mr. Bruce Gibbs is known for his Mrs. Becky Gayle is noted for friendly association with the stu- friendly manner with students. He is interested in most types of sports but golf and dents she teaches. She is a typing and General Business instructor. tennis are among his favorite. He is an APSU graduate with a BS. Mrs, Gayle graduated from MTSU. SEWHNG PREM 4.0 Miss Francis Fults can always be seen hard at work in the home economics department helping girls learn the new world of sewing and cooking. She is a B.S. graduate from the University of Tennessee. Mrs. Linda Fizer is a dedicated member of the business department. She teaches both typing and book keeping. A collector of antiques, she is a graduate of APSU with a B.S. ,ig . 4 is A face not previously seen here at CCHS is that of Mrs. Jean Woodell Johnson. A Freshman and Sophomore English teacher, Mrs. Johnson says she received her satisfaction from teaching by seeing a student's eyes light up as he discovers something previously unknown about himself and his world. 4 ,J A truly dedicated teacher is Mike Jurreau. He energetically pursues his career teaching Freshmen and Sophomores Health. His warm smile and winning personality makes Health a pleasure to his students. Mrs. Jackie Johnson, Junior English instructor, can well be called the students' best friend. She proves this by being a good listener and by finding new, exciting teaching ideas. Mrs. Johnson received her B.S. from U.T. Martin. One of the most colorful and enthusiastic teachers in the Eng- lish pod is Mrs. Paulette Hart. Her students recognize her as L' . a teacher willing to experiment with new ideas. She has a ,gf 5 lwigfsfiif iei'ii J B.A. from Trevecca College. 23 A former student at CCHS, Mr. Jerry Long continues to show his dedi- cation and interest in this school by teaching both American History and World History. He graduated from Austin Peay State University and is an active sponsor of the Beta Club. .1 , EL x F . 'T gp . W K ,K A,rt,,t,,, , 1,, ,, ,ttt, t,,,, . , . W .. am. E fwasezgreet:-:wafwtsintfeL1xat.x.!rwwas Coming to us from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, Coach Mike Lockert has been a smash here during his first year. He coached the Freshmen basketball girls to a winning record and second in the district. This being her second year here at CCHS Mrs. Teresa Lee is really making her way up to the top among her students. She sponsors the FHA, Science Club, and Sophomore class, She graduated from Tennessee Tech University with a B.S, degree. ' During her spare time she enjoys sewing, cooking, tennis, and water skiing. l?5d?'fv-L' . ' "Watching boys and girls become men and women," says Mr. Thomas Richard Johnson is his most enjoyable aspect of teaching. A teacher of Driver's Ed. and American History, Mr. Johnson concentrates on any outdoor related activity. sitsw -vw-.,,,,,.W fv- ' V Withstanding criticism and controversy, Mrs. Joyce Mayo has man- aged to pull the Cub Scripts through for the second year, An ad- vocate of creative thinking, she teaches journalism, speech. and Eng- lish. Her favorite things are a good cup of coffee and an interesting conversationalist, "Starting with a little something and ending up with a polished, fin- ished productf' This is Jimmy Maxey's combination hobby and oc- cupation. A teacher of Vocational-Agriculture, he surprises all with his unorthodox behavior. Peggy Mays, in her first year at CCHS, has won the friendship and admiration of many of our students through educational student- teacher rap sessions. Along with sponsoring the Speech Club, she teaches speech and English. In her spare time she enjoys dancing, singing, sewing, and motorcycling. Mr. Cordell Majors is a favorite in the agriculture field. Known for his interest in FFA, he is a graduate from Tennessee State University. QL . --..- Mrs. Janelle Powell is one of the smiling faces in the business department. A teacher of Shorthand 2, Ofhce, and Secretarial Practice, she is known for her easy going and jolly manner. Her spare time is spent read- ing and sewing. She graduated from Austin Peay State University. Junior class. A 'fa - 'ii Through new teaching ideas. Mr. Carl Milligan has established a repu tation for the unexpected. He graduated from Austin Peay State Uni versity with a B.S. He teaches sophomore English and sponsors the Mr. Granville Pack is one of our well known mathematics teachers. His inter- est and dedication to CCHS is unquestionable. He is a graduate from Middle Tennessee State University. Trying always to prepare girls to be good home- makers is Mrs. Rebecca Morse. She takes an active interest in the FHA groups and is a graduate of MTSU. ... 1 di g A new teacher to CCHS, Mrs. Carol Ann Petty comes to us from David ' Lipscomb College. Her hobby, raising tropical flesh and working with Energetic and competitive certainly apply to Mr. Mike Schrecker. As coach of the varsity boy's basketball team he is in constant contact with the squad instilling within them the determination to win. I-le is a grad- uate from APSU, A familiar sight at school is Mr. Alvin Rose an American History and economics teacher, He received his MAT from Vanderbilt University and his B.A. from David Lipscomb College. He is sponsor of the Bible Club and also serves as minister for Sycamore Chapel Church of Christ. aquariuns, corresponds with the subject she teaches, Biology. Mrs. Mary Rogers, teacher of shorthand and typing is a former student of CCHS. She is a B.S. graduate from APSU who enjoys reading and helping her stu- dents in any way she can. Well-known and respected can be used to convey the students feelings toward Mrs. Fay Shearon. Teaching English and Developmental Reading, Mrs. Shearon devotes what spare time she has to reading, sewing, and golf. 525' ' 1 f el't 7 i s r' f 5, .. , t t at ix? is 4' 'wi rvisfi' -'iizflfffjtilililww ' :HL I . 2 W' 'N " - S THEM Jitrfrint 2162 Q , ' if ff iii sill" r fb I ' . V X B r "iss: 5 my ' V ,V my Ikvk 'A 'hruuw X , r s.,NNM:?',L5 V ,.,,...M - .hug 'Mu Q A ,, 1 fav ff X 1 ,, ...ZW1 ,fe is-if ' .rf '-' ef..-A-M 1.5 irq, Active is Mr. Rudy Smith's middle name. He teachers Business Math, General Business, coaches baseball, and is a Junior class sponsor. Mr. Smith received his B.S. from APSU. Returning from an absence considered much too long, Mr. Joseph Norris Spaulding leads the freshmen and sophomores in the science department. An APSU graduate, Mr. Spaulding states that he simply enjoys helping. Q. ft' A familiar face among those in the mathematics pod is Mr. Otis Thompson, who is interested in promoting the field of math. He has a B.A. from Trevecca College. Sm STUDEN STUDEN UENTS D 1 STUDEN S N S DEQ' HES EVUQENES "VDENE TDEN Q Q L Q TDEN SSTUPENIS lJlJl11N UDEN EDEN UDEN UDEN QDEN TDEN 'DEN DEN DEN DEN VDEN VDEN UDEN UDEN UDEN UDEN UDEN UDEN VD N , E TDEN E 2 W ? w L x ? a Q Q ii 5' R K E IOR CLASS OFFICERS The Seniors have accomplished a great deal since they were Freshmen. The boys won the intramurals for three consecutive years. They won first place in the float contest when they were juniors. They fought for and helped to get the prom. Here the Senior officers are seen getting ready for the great- est accomplishment of all-graduation. The Senior class officers are: president, Jimmy Andrews: vice-president, Rick Statler: reporter, Steve Phillipsg Secre- tary, Teresa Marting Treasurer, Shirley Long. Slim' -.,w........,f Ronnie Anderson Jimmy Andrews Leonard Atkinson IORS 1972 Glenn Baker Carnell Ballard arsw' Dianne Barnette Janice Batey Ronnie Bayles 31 Curtis Bell Sherril Bell Ollie Benefield p, . I U al C SE ICR 1972 Larry Binkley Wanda Binkley June Boyd Theresa Bracey Charlene Brandon 32 Linda Bilbrey Dale Binkley Dan Binkley ICHR E ' M 1972 Johnny Babbitt Melissa Bowers Dwayne Brizendine Donald Bruce Allan Bumeuc I ai, .,,, Brenda Butner Sharman Cannon Linda Carney 1 IGR 972 l Glenda Chunn Sterling Clayton 1 l Jackie Cook Nora Cuttrell Jim Davidson Gary Chandler Raymond Chapman Richard Choate IORS 1972 Kenny Clement Marshall Cole fw1,,Q. . . . 321159 - Martha Davidson Terry Denny Jerry Driver 35 Mike Ellis Pansey Ellis Eddie Fells SENIOR 1972 Diane Finch Janet Forbes Patricia Gentry Wanda Gibbs Jimmy Gilliam 36 Mattie Felts Vanessa Ford Susan Felts Jimmy Garten Waller Fields SENIORS 1972 Regina Glasgow John Grady Julia Greene 37 Lorrie Grimn Susan Guplon Wanda Hailey SE IORS 1972 Bobby Harris Dean Harris Ricky Harris Mike Hendricks Scott Hietl 38 Daryl Hampton Ginger Harris Helen Hodge Jimmy Harden Glenn Harris Sue Hardin IORS 1972 I fl I mga aw Kevin Hollingsworth Pm' Pamela Holt 39 David Hunt Mike Jarell Faye Hudgens IORS 1972 Jerry Johnson Larry Jones If 121: I ,, ig' 4, 5 5 ,if Ni "ff as 'F wi if , M, 2' , 'ff N V. L MA 1' , ,, 3 . 'Y' Michael Justice Marcia Keith Lisa Key Mike Jennette Eddie Jinnette Teresa Johns SE IORS 1972 Steve Jones Joyce Jordan I Sarah Krantz Steve Lewis John Link 41 Suzanne Lockert IOR 1972 Shirley Long Joyce Lynch i I Teresa Martin Johnny Matlock Q1 David Miller Anita Moore Patricia Mosier Carol Mackey he 'fix' Delores Harris Moulton David Nalls Chester Majors Philip Maxev Shirley Netherton Robert Mangrum , IOR 1972 Dan Newland l Debra Nicholson Kathy Nicholson E IORS 1972 Thomas Parker Mafgafene PCUY Steve Phillips Robert Nicholson Daniel Perry Melanie Plumlee Karen Osborne Kenneth Overton Holly Pace SE IOR 1972 Mike Perry Karen Perry Eddie Potts Paulette Pugh Jean Pursley Harold Ray SE IGRS 1972 Kathy Read Susie Read .........,. Karen Schoonover Doug shearon fy 1'1":w, Q yafazir, as ., Sandra Simpkins Pam Shivelv Fred Smith Vincent Rose Deborah Sadler Donna Sanders SE IORS 1972 l Mark Shearon Bonnie Simpkins 4. Loretta Smith Ann Smock Holly Spann 47 Ricky Speakman Jackie Stack Kathy Staggs SE IGRS 1972 W June Stewart Johnny Stokes 6 ii 11 if 5 E! 1 uss2zff,-f1 Connie Taylor Willadean Taylor Mary Teasley 48 l Scott Stanley Rick Statler Vicki Stephens E IOR 1972 4-urlcwanye Steve Stuart Mike Sullivan Debbie Townsend Mark Turrentine Van Vick Joe Walker E IOR 972 Steve Walker Betty Waynick ,ff Gloria Williams Jimmy Williams Jackie Woodard Melissa Wells Arthur Williams Donna Williams lv i is IOR 1972 Jo Williams Ray Wiser Ricky Young CLASS HI TORY Now that we are approaching the final steps to graduation. let us look back into the four years of our lives that made it all possible. Although we now sec that these four years are coming to a close. they will always be cherished in our hearts as 'fthe good times',. Stepping back into the mind's memory, we come upon the date of September, l968. Here 243 young boys and girls were pushed into a new style of life and labeled Freshmen, Little did they know that four long years afterward only I73 of them would emerge at that illustrious state called "Senior.', Most of our Freshman year consist of finding our way around through the maze of halls. making new friends out of old rivals from elementary days. trying to shake off the "green" that so often accompanies a Freshman. and staying out of the way of the upperclassmen. who seem to tower over us at gigantic heights. During this period. life was hectic but exciting and unforgettable memories linger. Then, as if some supreme power from above had taken pity on us. we became Sophomores. No longer did the tower- ing upperclassmen look quite so threatening and we looked back upon our Freshman year and learned from our mis- takes and problems. Now. knowing that we weren't the smallest people in the school, we quickly gained confidence. We set our goal on the first place status in the fioat competition, but the incorrect spelling of 'fSophomorei' caused us to sufier defeat, Yet. this did not stifle our desire to be an outstanding class and. before the year was out. even the Seniors knew us by name. as we beat them in the hard fought intramurals. Each year our class grew smaller. but stronger in a well- fashioned manner. Upon graduation from our Sophomore status. we also graduated into a beautiful. new multimillion dollar school. Stepping into the new school for the first time as Juniors. we were as lost as the Freshmen. but we soon recovered and took our long-awaited positions as upperelassmen. Excitement flowed through each individual as we placed our order for our senior rings. Now all we had to do was hgure out how to pay for them, The idea ol' a once-unheard of Junior- Senior Prom was born and. after some hard-fought battles with many opponents. solid plans were set for it. Magazine sales made the appropriate money for the prom. and on one night in April. the "Impossible Dream" became a true real- ity. Our flashy new senior rings glistened in the sunlight and made life more bearable for us, and less bearable for the underclassmen. Victory in the fioat competition put even more glamour into our Junior year and. as Student Council Elections drew near. everyone got into the scene to promote his favorite candidate. Mark. Steve. Debbie and Pam. emerged as victors in the election to lead us into our most important year of gchool, Then. ill lOI1g l21SI. Olll' dreams Came true. and We stepped into the school as Seniors. We were now the towering upper- Cl21SSmeH that We feared so much as Freshmen. We were How in the 'tspotlightu of all school activities. We were now responsible for leading the school for a last. final year. Our senior year was filled with plays. blackouts. ballgames. home- C0miUg. Cl21l1CeS and work. The first play to be presented in the new school became reality after sixty hard days of work. And, for many the 'gSound of Music" shall ring in the cars and hearts of each for many days to come. Senior keys made us stand even taller, and memory books made us start realizing that our school life was quickly drawing to an end, Al- though all of these memories come back to us in vivid images, an even more important change came about in each of our lives. Through each year. teachers carefully shaped well-learned facts into our heads as well as molded characters and personalities. The main reason for the four years spent here at CCHS has been completed and made possible by all the good times of the past. So let us think as we take the few last steps to the podium where we shall obtain the sheepskin that has long eluded us. of the people. friends. ei emies. and loved ones that we have created over the years. And let us ' 1 - , ' A ' I - 1 V . know that the tears that trickle down our cheeks .5 we once a lun step into a new world. called life. are for the good times. 52 01 X V 'J I , , .ri . dell ! J The Juniors play a vital role in promoting the "good times" here at C.C.H.S. Each year the Juniors hold magazine sales, which in turn pay for the Junior-Senior Prom. People can always tell when magazine time nears for they see Juniors everywhere, talking to prospective buyers, and con- vincing them to buy from them. Magazine sales always involve hard work, but they always provide excitement for the Juniors and they seem to work harder when they remember that the magazines are payment for the prom, the more magazines sold, the better the prom. The prom is always one ofthe highlights of the school year and it is up to the Juniors to see that it is enjoyable, well- organized, and exciting. They also have to plan the theme, decorations, refreshments, and entertainment. This is one way the Juniors salute the Seniors. President ofthe class, Dana Perry, vice president, Sherrie Biggerstaffg secretary, Penny Sandersg treasurer, Mike Lane, and reporter, Kenneth Wahl are seen sitting down to discuss the business of the year which lies ahead of them. With leaders such as these, who have the support of the entire Junior class you can bet the Juniors are going to be up front with the rest of the school in providing the "good times". UNIOR CLASS GFFICERS . , 2: ,, I e 2' ' e tt D'-11131 ii t 5.2 e t -15, . -1 ti i gt. i x X In t 1 s ' P B Lf it f 1, 1 :sf :C , ' 'E 1 if J S it X933 r AT s + l 9 Lt X if i iii i , 't-Q, E! ,Q E4 sf i viii Q if , 1 Lil P . 1 A 4 , X 'xi 3 l 1 I UNIOR CLASS H C 22 sis are 17 f ,' , Nl an i t I-8' . - L . 'Y M if A Y A " -N . ' 14:4 ,Le 4' ,RK 1,571- . X' hw wxgyglkifg i 'Q lie e f' Qi? A 'if -z tl 'E i - -wx , l' Grandville Adams Diana Alberts Shronder Alexander David Allen Gary Allen Debbie Anderson Jamie Anderson Teresa Anderson Cushman Atkins Debbie Austin Alan Baker Preston Balthrop Rhonda Balthrop Debra Basford Johnny Bellar Connie Bennett Sherry Biggerstaff Jerry Biggs Darrell Binkley Mike Blanford Debra Bolden Lou Ann Bowers Danny Bowker Sandy Bowker Ricky Boyd Susie Boyd Chuck Bracey David Bracey Karene Bracey Larry Bracey Gary Breedlove Martha Burroughs John Butler Bonnie Butterworth Charlene Carney George Carr Scotty Chambliss Claudia Chester Duane Claud Donna Coakley Janice Cole Keith Collier Shirley Conner Danny Cook .lerry Crosswhite Bob Crouch Linda Daniels Teresa Davidson Betty Davis Terry Davis Linda DeArk Diane Demonbreun Robert Douglass Joyce Dowlen Kay Dowlen Willie Driver Peggy Dwyer Jan Ellis Vivian Ellis Mike Engelman Edith Evans Debbie Fambrough Peggy Fields Teresa Fizer David Fleming Wanda Fogus Steve Fuller Mike Gafford Susan Garrison .lody George Tyrone Gordon Doug Greer Patti Greer Peggy Griffin Pam Gupton Robert Hall Geneva Hamblin George Hamblin Paula Harris Phil Head Steve Hendricks Chris Herald Paulette Hiland Geoffrey Hoke UNIOR CLASS - lr u i-in Q 5 , N , .i f , .1 N ,fq , lt A YL' A 4' Q of . v Q N all ig gf iw... - ' ,4 . Q5-Vi "will ffl. ' '-22953 tuba, . 1, J.. 'H Rig 'Y li Us J! l i 3 1n"5'h"1 ,gym RL New 1 . X f L. .t ffofi QL 55 3 'K J ,- WEN l, T' l 'Q N selse - S i fig' My 1 . K 5 - e fftzgosli li :-l 'sw :fl 'A im, 5 lli T i is J , , Eg! ' f .1 , L , A ' e gg-w ,Q my 4. vii: ' W 1" E i i l-. i la 4 iff ilso - yi: f . Q- -! C T 1 ll E 3 , -. 5. fmk 4 s We H +1 Qgllxlk ,fi is kr W.-gn iw: R. -1 A A .,,,. 1 X Q S . . it . .., i ie I gn, i- ti v gif 5 4 'R ', 4+ , - 4 iff ff' V . im K I X 3 fr? ' . 1 2 " ,,,.W '- 'Q f "'. " fl " se . as, 1. , 2-s -5 ' . . fy aff . Awfzf Ska, is - J it ',. 1 if l Q i af X 'veg 1 , R . UNIOR CLASS , .ni 'll 1 " . A i A v KJ ' K xl" L' VJ 2.1 'W f 8" 1 ' N O 'Q 2 . ... .. N 5 V.V:7A, I. x'1. 5 '15, 1 -7 ,V .1 fa P5 , . 2. .ii 1 5' Eff' 6 L.: K S xii: 'Q ax., ' z. . h A siflikxyt 'WW x yin W1 si' '2- r .Jig HMM' rf- - lk 1ag A J PCN an Q I 4 'r I ,E as 46 X " ' ' Elaine Ronnie Howington .lerrie Hughes Chuck Hunter Melissa Hutchison Sheila Hutton Rickey Ivey Cecil James Johnny Jenkins Larry Jenkins Gwen Jones Kyle Jordan Donnie Kemp Debbie Kilgore Danny Knight Judy Knight Ronalda Knight Deborah G. Krantz Deborah L. Krantz Ann Lampley Mike Lane Gary Lee R, L, Lewis Debbie Linder Philip Louallen Carl Ludwig David Matthews Jack Mays Janie Mays Margie Mayo Mike McCall Debra McCool Vickie McCutchen Diane McLaughlin Wayne McLaughlin Kim McMahan David McMahon Rochelle McMillian Jerry Meadows Judy Meadows Wanda Methvin Delila Miller Wayne Milliken Bobby Mills Kathy Morris Rosalyn Morris Jamie Morse Gayle Moss Pam Murphy Sandy Myers Debbie Nicholson JeffNewman Mitchell Newman Sherry Newman Vickie Newman Neil Owen Danny Pardue Viki Parker Alphonso Payne Kent Pepper Connie Perry Dana Perry Marlin Perry John Proctor David Puckett Anne Pursley Tom Radford Tony Ray Becky Reed Patsy Reeder Tommy Reeder Saundra Roberts Robert Rose Penny Sanders Ronnie Shane Carol Shivers Beverly Simmons Steve Simpkins Debbie Simpson Marty Smith Steve Smith Wanda Spaulding Terry Speck John Stack Steve Stack New S V V In 1 'X JN V A JE jg, ' ,M 6, 'wet K, 9. 4- 'Z -t 52 11.5, Q... f-lv? 'S y' T54 , wwe ef.3g,w.f5te :Z 915' 5' ' Q 'a v .. 1 .- ,r 13,3 if uf: ,gezrth , l J,..W.y, H J , V, mf 132 , ij, 'ia Y, ay I , ,,,, ,,, C Nil 'li iv-40' 9' - ' ff' 58 L ,mf 'TSW - -k-' -1 JG 'QI ul -sr., ,,. . ,.,.unr--W-"'0y' .I .31 f e -L 5 N Q ' at ' R ' ' Larry Wix Buddy Wright Roger Yates Kathy Young 'fe 0 gf I , f l' 1 A 1 X 'ff im" A ' 1 1 xv l at , 'fe X l K 5 .X K Fvkgr X .ra Q E , ,David Royce Stee? oyce tephens Vernon Stevenson Nancy Stewart Lynn Stinnett Helen Sweat Sabrina Tansil Betty Taylor Beverly Tibbs Jimmy Tucker Clyde Vann Wanda Vann Vickie Umstead Cathy Underwood Allan Vaughn Paul Vondohlen Kenneth Wahl Elizabeth Washburn Karen Watson Cindy Westfall Steve Whitman Debbie Williams Kevin Williams The Sophomores do their part in promoting "goodtimes" by taking active part in all school activities, Here seen in front of their float are class officers: Max Vick. presidentg Brenda Keith, vice president: Carla Chambliss, secretary: Buddy Burnette, Treasurer: and Steve Proctor, reporter. GPHOMORE CLASS Claude Adams Randy Albritton Roger Alexander Bobby Allgood Don Anderson Dale Baker Ginger Baker David Ballard Daryl Balthrop Sue Balthrop Beverly Barnes Dayna Batey Stanley Batey Lee Batson Phil Batts Susie Bayles Mike Beecher Bridget Bell Wilhelmena Bell Marissa Bidwell Gary Biggs Steve Biggs David Binkley Mike Binkley Sara Binkley Diane Blackwell Mary Blanford Carol Blanton wh is 423 -,Mun 'YVW 2 'NV "CF muff' OFFICER lash ,151 -em-l. -'.-m'5'f5w"a:.r z, . rw any-...Q iglfwf fit 'C-f xl fa 1,. , fr L r .. E , J at Lf' 5 W J ' I 1 :figs i , if . ,. , . ji X 'faq , Q M, s 'S 7 .r , f 1 5 ii Q30 'ls 'K 'BF' i 'Tau it e Q , ig ei cf' Ha it . B' 11 1-.-9 , ...wg ' 19 is e . A 1? 1 s. . N Lf . i ii r ' - 5 f ..: .Gif J egg, , Q is 25 I J if aught 'iw' - 5-airy. 'E ' '.. , -alike 5 ' , Aix get C 0 Q ri 3 ,. if H, f Y Deborah Bollinger Debbie Boyd Steve Boyd Jay Bradford Cindy Brinkley Deborah Brock Anita Brown Ronald Brown Mary Kay Buchanan Buddy Burnette Judy Burroughs Ricky Borlon George Bush Marvin Byrd Merle Cannon Vickie Cannon Brenda Carney Vicky Carney Carla Chambliss Nancy Chandler Steve Chapman Philip Chunn Randy Clark Dewanda Clouse Billy Coakley Diane Coakley David Collier Carolyn Conner Pam Cook Teresa Corlew Cathy Crites Pat Crosswhite Jackie Crouch William Crutcher Steve Cunningham Gracie Deloach Debra Demonbreun Frederick Dotson William Dotson Janice Dowlen George Dowlen Ann Dowlen Gary Drake Patsy Drake Rocky Dudly Jeffrey Duncan Leroy Dunn Barbar Eddins Nancy Jo Edgin Candye Ellis Becky Ellis John Engleman Jim Evans Cindy Ferguson Mark Forbes Tony Ford Jackie Forrester Cathy Gates Donald Gentry Pam Gibbs Joyce Gill Lynn Gill Elly Gower Danny Gowin Eddie Green John Greer Kenny Greer Vicky Greer Debbie Gunter Bob Gupton Debbie Gupton Janie Hallums Charles Hamblin Elvis Hamblin Sherry Hamblin Debra Harris Ricky Harris Mary Hartman Rhonda Heath Gary Heathman Cheryl Hendricks Melissa Henley Barry Herita David Herrin Dale Hewitt Pearl Hollinsvrorth Jeanean Hollis Nancy Hollis Ruby Holloway Janice Hooper Danny Hooper Wanda Horton Joey Housley Danny Howington Brenda Hunter Karyn Hunter Sheila Hunter Mary Ivey Hercshel Jackson Steve Jarrel Jackie Jenkins Bruzzer Jennette Mike Johnson Donna Justice Brenda Keith Wanda Kenman Brenda Knight Bobbie Krantz Janelle Krantz Cindy Lackey Kathy Lampley Paula Lannon Terrie Lawrence Ronnie Lawson Tim Leeper Jackie Liles Susan Lindsey Rhonda Mackey Cheryl Major Nena Mayo Floyd Mayes Randy Marlin Junior Mangrum Mary McKinney Andy McNeal K I If 4 i n V ' f V ' ' ' 'Q-'vit K iw-.-tv K , "' wiv l Q ,t on t f J , X 1 .- A Q- at r r , . ef f u Q 17 Q 4 J ,f5J,,.k gy it L ,M ' - .sl 'S ' -' ' 5 ,. I 'jg 4 Q. 'srl ' ,. ,, my I f, Qbqva R- V -pm . . -' V Lt V 1 fu' , ., ,,,,,s K M. W W' ' ,',e 321- 7-wa M 6 Q J 'tx . 1 ' Ig. e A ' lr -Fi- ' W2 2 if r . .P ., :i,.f'f"f"'l, at - . X it 'Hi-:feQ .hgi' ,Aa I fig "" Y I 5 1 :V ,z , '- 1 .11. . y,,,f. -s,::s,- Mm ' 4 345. A 5-fflxk W t, 'r A f-49 ff- " 'i 5-VT' 'Et Jew L ,. 'if' li 1- p. .5 -. -. . , ' J, 139' ,a ,.,-' 6 ' my ,ZZ ' A ' Il. W 7 at 12 V J . 'ef . X av , K ma y J ..,p- ,K I fiii eff ,. V i i ty -'ln ze , . , fi- L A935 .W is New Ax :?,Jas at 'fffi-ff, i .J e V B' :Q v M gl. , A tj 1 H r 5 2' ' . Q R J i t we S J J - ia- , 1+ 5 1, J .,, 162' .Q ,,,, ' y l . w , we 15 :4 ', ' ,,,.,s. . ,, f was af QW. - 1, - 2. , -A ,J-W .t Ht 'E vs ggi--is' i iq g this I 1 A W1 K i 45,1 i i C A 35513 i Q fi E 'E J l +'.1.1,- :- , 5 in V 5 AJL wa., ' Q, .i ,gf . were e mmf E iff ' if 45, - FN " SJ 3 H K 'a, 'ie' ' an X t Wi ,Ta 5 V,trb Q I -125, at ' J K f' , '45 M. J F . w 45 5 .' L. .im z a- 'N '4 iw: Qs fs ' If i , A .7 A QW. 245 4 Q A A 5 ' ifiQl.,Q,,.a A.-CMH a ,gy nga-,fi 2 V A I 'V K s'w.,,,,,L, .k , 13 aff- fffw J fQg,,w5, yr? ,, . FV ' Q, m , Qyw by V . a 1 ,H K -fly FW f H 'A er' , . .ttl M rg ff . J t.i1l A e"1"W7"4 ete" ' W? E? r fi , Wed' 1 L egg A .K . mm- , ' if ,fa 'E a -f' s .r" ,M y i , , 12-7, sf: "f""'.,.,e 1 an , i. ,, ,J 5 v. 2 , . A Jw - , an , f Sb X . -I ' . , Huff . , 5 9 S- A ii? , . ' 1 , J :mf 5 15 L J :fa 'W i Wifi cwl .35 W ' . nw.. yi? iz G5 X 8 x S Q 'Y t '52 I 'ia 'fab 61 ., it any . ,rf Q , t .. gl' .twl-fa-ff . ti Y ii 4631, s Y-at r' - H 1 1 f can at iff sg . if m'Lm.h" fi fe ' 1,1 " . W1 ,Q ' it ' C , x :viva , f fl . , ' .?.s ..v ' ypqwh " 1 f' -f -- i .. gsm.. . , ' an A J f " L' ' 4 , f -. K ,V 'LL. W' ,C 9' J! i , d ia: j . ,. 1 ,.,Vk 1232 , K 1 ,. - fri ii 5 'Q i' B his 'Q' N , 'B t : Y? J' H, ,1 W Q A 535 C :- eg fy, g 1 ra g g L f J , ,,,A . J 5' f ,f , t t 1 at ' ttf' X en. 5 , A fm? tv- eu ,Qi -, .sci-Q., f. J ' if aw -ati? ', Q . Q 5 A l ,XX M, , 41 xg!! K ' W4AA , is F 3 A,yk W W tc m V N ,, A K tg, ' -el :V i at Q- f ' P M B J -I :sm . if is . , A if - ' J' N ,515 V if B C V ieet J i . J 'E ig-' . I gy K Q Q ,XC ' , ag? ' 312 if 4 . -- -- 'il J - -' ' s 'Fw i -W ' ' 1 gr , 1 - .K . Y PM . 1 3 -mix . ff' ' 2' gi 4' V QVC! X " Q- , um --5 - if - . A L Q . , ' , X V J X Z i it "ti ' u , A A .t - . , v l' 3 fk X 4 as A K 4 W Arts' -fly I ,br 1 g O , K VA . I W t A K .K Vx Q- ' ea it .f J . ff- me 4 ' Hi i 'f ""i '- ffiz. .-, 7 l, '. , I 'WT le 'iv W9 -iw . K' th t? " P5 xtehta J. l "TT if 'W K 58 'xg1.5,1g1: ' 5' f - :XX 2 U - - fsfftiiti 'ts Jia , 'ia v at As? 1 H C ex a rp 5, , Terry McNeal Richard Meadows John Melton Kenny Miller Judy Milliken David Minor Joyce Moore Tony Moran Betty Morgan Mark Mraz Joy Murff Jayme Nabors Beverly Newland Patricia Newman Roy C. Newman Roy W. Newman Diane Nicholson Sandra Nicholson Kay Norfleet Ronnie Norwood Janet Odle Corinne O'Neal Anthony Orange Debra Orange Mildred Osborne Shane Palmore Sherrie Parker Kay Parrish Rita Payne Bobbie Pendergraft Marilyn Perry Mark Perry Sarah Perry Jackie Phillips Susan Pickett Wanda Presson Rose Pritchett Steve Proctor Randall Pugh Sandra Rankin Penny Raymer Patricia Raymond Mary Jean Read Cathy Reeder Connie Reeder Robert Rhea Vicki Robinson Steve Rodgers Rusty Roland Dicky Roy Janice Selph Charles Shearon John Shively Dewayne Shivers James Simmons Margie Simmons Betty Smith Frank Smith Jeanie Smith David Smitty Gail Smock Brenda Staggs Howard Staggs Jane Steele Wanda Stephens Kathy Stevens Johnny Stewart Sheila Stokes Jimmy Story Doug Strunk Micheal Stuart Sandy Suell Cathy Tanner Allen Tansil Eugene Tayes Joe Taylor Bobby Thompson Machelle Toler Casey Tytlandsvik Deborah Vasser Max Vick David Wagnor Leslie Walter Dorothy Washburn Billy Watts Jocelyn Weakley Harry Westmoreland Gene Widner Richard Whittenburg Janice Williams Alan Wilson H. T. Wilson Russell Wilson Nancy Windrow Jere Winters Kay Woodard Debra Yates Chris Young 1. 5 I 1. 1 rf , Q A E . fr , i 'W I r-et t Ag y yy 1 4 My -W Vg Z -1 7 .5 -VVT gt. t A L as f . l , 5 'ii' ff Q. 'V I ,i i ff? 'ip S ' X t or ' ' iss? i L'l' f 1 V wav - " Z. 'Q-. 'V rts P AF? ft f " A .. K 5' wt rw fv i ,f 'J -t ' 'ii' fi K X, L D TPI. 'f'e ' "' te" 1 g, I. ,-3,35 V . on W gt : iii., ffitm-, ---QW . lttt . 1 if. , f Wiley: FRE HMAN CLASS OFFICER tit f 5 e W-an Even though the Freshmen were just learning their way around C.C.H.S., they helped keep "good times" going with their determina- tion. Pictured are class officers: presi- lent, Jeff McLaughling vice presi- dent, Eddie Hamptong secretary, Rochelle Sappg treasurer, Kathy Dwyerg and reporter, Kristy Pace. 63 t f .l .v my ,, . ,,..,1 of -:g5..:Jf5g fr . a s 5 f fr' 'H' ,. 4 ., , W.. f ' .. , im 1 , . ,, We E X J , ,- 3 E alf a -f l,, J. , . V ga ,,,'f4, "W f 'Qft ,A ,MX M A, 'I v ,B is 73 ' 3' tb J if x ' ge :QV ,' 6 N , . v I F L, . .5 yan at 1 it Q 2, , . wwe: 1 v v .rv 1 .fu Mu ' x 51... 1-is .wi ,pf l J T, ' iii ' ii: 1,55 . ' gi x fre .3 it 2-.1 A fi ,Har V ' "ik . . C T my I aa A T . A ,tm .K K , E - ga... .gf we teelt - .J .f ' X 'iffiys H 'll' f'i'f'ii:?. mi ..--.-, . J, ,,.,. g Q W, T . f t s i 'Q ' 3. 1' , A T , D K L 3. , .E-AL Tv .:.,. ,J XF, wg:- Nt at H , f 5 is El - X l ,stills .,., , -ff, ., ' X' ' A , , 1, K ' A -, t E W E V M Hma n g 1 - ' ,. T , 7"- 32.1, a n 5 Q 'El' as I -if: i f 1 Km., 'W' Q' , ' "F H "' fr' k,Q:1',iXiiigf. f 1. W ' X I '-'Emi Sezl-'- Us A L t 1 .,'. 1' , Q-a s ' all Je. A as W... ., A A 1 .1: 1, 1. I' l ' 2535315 L -if .M A' ff V 438. X, :FQ if "1 fs. , V X N at 3 Q X? li yii iir :tl 64 ,Miki . F W -115 1 , F 1 at , 1 - kai? X5 'l ga' , I l A X 50? ,Q , . R to A it w e P 237 ,R " nypjm , 5 J l 4 Q Q Brenda Adams Beverly Adams Donald Ray Adams James Adams Emma Albritton John Albright Sandra Albritton Tommy Albright Elizabeth Alton Teresa Anderson Mark Atkins John Atkins Andrew Austin Gene Austin Randall Balthrop Terry Barnes Nancy Batts Pat Bedwell Nancy Belcher Johnny Bell Sanford Biggs Alvin Binkley Ronnie Boyd Reba Binkley Randy Binkley John Binkley Jerry Binkley Debra Binkley Shelia Boyd Jack Burnette Donna Bumpus Kenny Bugg Shelia Brown lola Brim Teresa Brewington Melba Bracey Vickie Burton Tommy Butler Jimmy Butner Jimmy Butts Trudy Cannon Yvonne Cannon Carol Carney Janice Chandler Betty Chapman Tim Chapman Wanda Chun Angela Copley Jan Cunningham Donald Daniels Randy Daniels David Davenport Evelyn Davidson Joe Davis Pricilla Davis Sidney Davis Ken Denton Gary Donalson Darrell Dorton Renetta Dotson Teresa Dowlen Dawn Dudley Diane Duke Ronnie Dunn Becky Dwyer Kathy Dwyer Tracy Edwards Cliff Eley Lynn Ellis Jerry Engelman Gail Ennis Forrest Evans Harold Evans Lee Farmer Mike Fells Susan Fields Dale Finch Pam Forbes Debra Ford Debbie Forrester Sandra Foster Richard Foust Pam Fowler Debra Gafford Steve Gafford Julie Garrison Barry Gibbs Carl Gibson Debra Gibbs John Gibbs Marty Gillahan Terry Gilliam Mike Green Ray Griffin Belinda Haley Grace Hallums Eddie Hampton Peggy Hampton Joanie Hand Gene Hanna Dale Harris Gloria Harris Kim Harris Robert Harris Debra Harrison Debbie Harrison Patty Harrod Gyle Head Judy Head Barry Heath Mark Heathman David Hecks Vickie Heck Kathy Heck Cinthia Hick Mike Hedgepath Donna Heggie Lisa Hiett Peggy Highers Suzzane Hollis Kenneth Hood Terry Hooper Billy Hudgins Dovie Hudgins Terry Hudgins Steve Hudgins l iiie . s,isi A . . if -f x Q 5,311 W l J can arias QM- Qziqgfa. f , :lijfsl s . 5 if '1 'flij J ef L- J 3 . it fl . mx iiii J' aa.. 1- 4' .av .37 . ,,.e 1 13,55 "i mist ,, V-iz, ivp 1 up ., -'pm N I x Kg xy ibfgfisiief ,fig wi. , 'X l I 1 352.5 W ' li F' . W 151, f .Jimi ,.1-sw . . f sua' , f r H '25 -- t - - ii 1 ii if :Tr Q fr- K1' ,gif e'e,- -Zi, . it -1 '-L? -k.- W "" lj ' p , J A ,Isl 6 .., V N A ,t -.3 " f, i' fi 3, ,., i,:'i'1AXi " Q' iff, Q A -e it uw 3406 V if 7, Wa gif! , if J -a up is 1. ii j A ' ffl' ' f . , , ,, X ii J A V - ' 1 T ' ' if ff J 5. , f ' 453 '- . J 'F 'Fi-Ji ' f . zfg Q ' ' - ' fr '51 'Q ' Fieffsqa 5 1 f 1- f , - ,H . ' .1 ., ' i -. Q it S if it ' . ,. X 65 - .W 5 5- , ' f waz, ' i K 11.5-i-f .5 xl L- ., . Ti Min, i f fa J' f,!a I . -A X 2 , ,I U .V Nti, 9 of 5 1- ' tial. ., . 2 ii b L . fy 4 til l w w fi A. s it i m Q J , Wig - ', A m X V- ' .J ii s a t J 2" 'J '- , . - h - ',,.. fp Q y y to yyy 'Q 1 ,, "b 'iw i ig idk' W . ' . ' V 'film ,I X .x. -NY-.Q tae' 5 fa- F' 1 fir., ffl Et x i X 66 e ai- , 'w .. Jr' . , - ,S 1, : E T ' ei fri. .V , I 3 L, , . S , , , V: - V :au . ,ff . few v A 5, t X t x , Q- at .M WC' 'Y' J. L 5 1 ini' tif N ,Q'V Q, Q: " ig., ' X in kv, , ,3 , WT , . 1 kj L A 'li' L L l al b 'i E I 'QM' i s J 1, ' 33415 1 . LW V is., 4,,,xM .1 I at , l 1 'N-. , ,V .' " if ,fx- E K -ay , t . ei Q jf Q J, 2 L A J 5? 'a f is . K ' 1 J , 1 r Li- , Q - ,1, if , ' ,tw l Eagg. li 'J 5 J PM ,- , ' " E Yi " 1, A A I ,. r n 5. :ff ff.A,' 'f fl? s if t R 5, " 2, ' E ei 1 it f T.. , ' 212 f ,4 ' F r i' ,,L y A Af 'LLL f .2 J. i t 'S - Steve Hunt Lee Hunter Rodger Jackson Thomas Jackson Nancy Jackson Randall Johnson Delores Johnson Murray Johnson Reba Jones Mark Jordan Debra Kerr Bobby Knight Jimmy Knight James Knoble Richard Krantz Paul Krantz Kenny Krantz Diane Lampley Daryl Lampley Cindy Lampley James Laney Polly Lee Terry Lee Ernest Lewis Becky Liebfritz James Linder Gayle Litchford Johnny Long Stella Louallen Allen Lovell Lisa Maclenzie Diane Maddoy Patty Mangrum Cindy Martin Jimmy Mathis Myra Mayo Carol Mays Ray McCarol Mike McCaroIl Eugene McCool David McCormick Larry McCuthchen Elaine McDaniel Jeffrey McLaughli Andy McMahon Joey Mears Rhonda Miller Cindy Miller Dennis Minnick Patricia Monahan Brenda Moore Mike Moore Danita Morris Karen Morris Larry Moss Laura Newland Jacqualine Newmai Cheryll Newman Jerry Nicholson Eva Norfleet Gary Norwood Elaine Odle Kristy Pace Wanda Pack Wayne Palmore David Pardue Barry Perry Beverly Perry Douglas Perry Eddie Perry Roanda Perry Donald Pickering Penny Plumlee Karen Powell Earl Pritchett Debbie Proctor Cheryl Ray Carlton Ray Judy Ray Rhonda Rediker Elvin Rediker Deck Reeks Robbie Roberts Mike Rogers Rita Rorie Vickey Rushing Janice Sadler Teresa Sadler Kenneth Sanders Rachelle Sapp Ricky Schoonover Donna Shivers Dale Singleton Dennis Simmons Bubba Speakman Jack Speakman Ronnie Smith Stacey Smith Pam Stack Danny Stephens Diane Stewart Carol Stinson Rusty Street Steven Strunk Kathy Swaggerty Curraise Sweat Paulanne Sykes Janice Taylor Sherrie Taylor Anolia Teasley Penny Teasley Sheila Teasley Mickey Thomas Teresa Tidwell Terri Todd Andy Tucker Jim Tucker Sheryl Tucker Tommy Tucker Kay Turner Marty Vasser Patty Vick Phyllis Wade Rodney Walker Diane Wall Margaret Walter A f 55, , 1 N W aa V. f we.. , . 1 :JY f K ' ' J ' 'i-v"i""' 'E " V ' 11,,.a, M., ' 'W' E+ 1 .' it J st't S' . fr! fl . . iQfQ,t,f:i3g1g,,. , mm ,151 T A ,,,, px J l l r i 121 94 S at . W- '.,'i""ll: 2? , 7, .J , J el Lili . , ' mr me J J . iff' 4 K5 t .35 JW ' : J dl X , ,af . . . .. A .. '-t .Wd r J vi a i -V 5 i g , WI J r ' 1 ' lf N X, my , , inte' Y ,, V1 5 it , 1 . gb jf if-t w AJ ? U 1 .1" 1 Mil. kv T-321' , I r W t M A Q Q K 'I gf. H Q ,y,g ,.,. 5 '1 t ..,, ',,f K , . I. ' 9 r f J - , tip.-, wg S J a aa ,J ,Q 5.1 E :v I ,sa i s , 5 'tg 'ii ' ii , 2 .3 Gff s f ltr, tyyg, t,,i 'Wed 1- r 1 Q ami' W ugh 28 1' P3 l ux B X M K A , i , ,W a n ,.,. M, " " ,A Q r . . I an .'T,a'V.,Ri.? Q, ., A Ssfgl, X' ' ' - , ,, r 1 'se fu Jfl'i1g " . , 3 . , 3 , A i K , K . 1 M - ,d 1- . , Wi xi gps? W' , Q a s tl y ' Z WF. .ik 5 J 4 ' lil g ', Z s. .lov . 5 , I I Y , .. . il ,V R nge? na, Ov,-ss wS21,..x2 M, - 'im f , P Qi. 'gttiieitx ft 67 . , N. 4 Efwll , 1 i Q 'Li . ,-,Ai , . D D ettt ,, we o D Ax sl, f . ., . , , ii ii S 8 'fi D it v. ix . , . A ,m gw at -of 71" i ut A 'V' .--N, W is 1 z Pam Ward Rene Watson Larry Watts Tommy Watts Debbie Weakley Jimmy Wells Joseph Whited David Williams Debbie Williams Keith Williams Linda Williams Mary Williams Pam Williams Tim Williams Bill Wood Kenny Wood Diane Woods W 4 ' Clitarlie Talley Randy William Marty Stroud Will lard Anwila Wyatt Donnie McLaughlin Fred Yorle 'Q David Meador ,HQ mi HONORS HONORS HONORS HONORS HONORS HONORSHONORS HONORS HONORS HONORS HONORS HONORS HONORSHONORS, HONORS HONORS HONORS HONORS HONORS HONORS HONORS HONORS HONORS HOVNQRQS HONORS HONORS HONORSHONORS HONORS HONORS HONOR HONORS HONORS HONORS HONORS HONORS HONORS HS J O ORS-HONORS HONORS HONORS HONORS HONORS HONO HONORS HONORS HONORS :HONORS HONORSOH4 RSF' HONORS HONORSHGNORRSO S ONORS HONO CfN HONORSHONORS H ON O H O N O RS H ON OSRS NW RS LHONO N RIQSPNORS HONOFISS H'zO NORS' QHON1 v H , DRS HONORS SHONC v P H v DRS HONORS HONORS HONC ONC PRS HONORS HONORS EHONO ,RS ODNCDRS HONORS 'HONORS HONQRA R H NORS HONO HONORS HONORS ORS OINO HONORS HONORS HONO HONORS HONO INORS HONORS HONO HONORS DNORS HONORS HO DR HONORS HONORS HONORS HON! ONORS HONORS HONORS HONO SDNORS HONORS HO NCDRS' HONORS HONORS HONO RS -HONORS HONORS HO O NURS DHONORS HC RS 'HONORS HONORS HONO URS HONORS LHONORS HONORS HONO rRS HONOR RS HONORS HONORS HONORS PRS HONORS HONO RS HONORS HONORS HONORS vRS HONORS' HON HONORSHONORS HONORS HONORS H ORS HONORS HONORS HONORS HONORS HONORS HONORS H ORS HONORS HONORS HONORS HONORS HONORS HONORS H ORS HONORS HONORS HQNQRSm,HONORS I-ICp1X1CpRS ORS HONORS HONORS HONORS HONORS HONORS ORS HONORS HONORS HONORS HONORS HONORS ORS HONORS HONORS HONORS'-HONORS HONORS ORSOHSONORS HONORS ONORSQHONORS HONORS ORS HONORS HONORS R5 rHONORS HONORS " 1 R URS HONORS HONGRSHONORS HUNQRS HQNQRS HONORSOHWONOQHONORS HONORS: SNJO HONO HON HON ORS HONORS HONORS .gif MR. CCHS 'JIMMY ANDREWS MISS. CCHS 'MELISSA WELLS' W SUPERLATIVES 74 BEST SCHOOL SPIRIT Doug Shearon Melanie Plumlce 35 ZH I J 1 an A 5 ' .,, My 4 Www N ap- ie 4 .- p 5,85 n-Qqgy. . as 4' an P: V 'x ,JKHEV f' 1 kv nl 5 faggf? ap" .274- dq, - v -.Y-'fit' u- ' - .Aff 12, 'fi' 4 ' " Q 1. ' Vs 'O 4 u ' ' ' Q U .4 s 10, Ss! 1.0.7 nf. i, ff 'u..".,. ' o ' n . "if L- ' 1 .s 4 a" N' IAN' 'Q-W gh. "' "" ' N "Q 'f is" Q "'! 5 m 1 1 S 1 in As it ' - s ' of ,ixa"xf:K.5' W' ,l'5, '.z 'v ,lo v X"x-:Ar ' " f Q ,, ,, ,. , fvfx, f.,"A'9," 'Davy -J, Y a . 1-, ' 14,1 ', 4-.,g,:.' f, r u, 'ni "F 's i 7 AU . 1 .. V f il 'fu' h n'vv.Kc , , . 9'uo,',f. :Q-.V K f.f? . 'iv 4,i"'.8.f 1 'Z ,I g ' 15 1 As ' , U A ' a ng M' ik ' yi I -5':s:o':: A e-kY,H- 1 'U' 'iv s9sk1' .1-nv 22" a"'sn,,-. Q: 1f""' 1'n"g1'.a 9 'ns 1,-I-3'f',',' ,Q ,'F!f"o1 I ' -,lp I' u 'l 1 .iii ' , A f gv' 0 ' -. , ' ' ,. ' K ' 9 F' 9 ' -z msg, ,,,,51f,,gv4g,3ff4?g,wwmn Q, , l Q , asv 2, 0 I I- D E? . ' - "S Q '41 ' M' . M. .' " '. f ' " ' ' f .ii A V, 75522 "za - W 4' ' 'Y ! "M"-'H ' V . I 3 r! SUPERLATIVES MOST ATTRACTIVE Steve Walker Susan l-clls 80 VALEDICTORIA N Connie Taylor 3.922 SALUTATORIAN 81 Julia Greene 3.800 Carole Mackey Marsha Keith 3 .687 3 .600 Debbie Townsend Willadean Taylor 3.372 3.350 Susan Gupton Jackie Cook 3-105 3.080 Ginger Harris Mattie Hunter 3.055 3.037 Karen Schoonover 1 3 .775 1 5 ts Paulette Pugh 3.592 ru, E ! 2 W . err ,"-150:13 lille f 'i'5'?S. azggh- , . Aix" Eiffiiif. f" 'fire 1 -- .2 -a . ftifffu M ff' f -' ' sm . ' YQ ,, "fi ' as al 2. pjjy! .. .a 35,Q'T?Ti-'ij -Q In E Y L EL Z 27' j'! ff Lisa Key 3.287 Janet Forbes 3.070 James W. Williams 3.035 F F 1 1 iffy f , . . 'f f ' A ...F gi'-iif1sz siiigfizi 'V , "'5:f:iiiN 'Z 2 f if arm? if . 3 ff V H0 DR TUDE Q 1 .:1- ,':.' 2 1 Ai .ig .4 ...If 'e Ml .. .V - is .jx X ,IL . W .,. Jackie Stack John Link Donna Sue Hardin 3.487 3.405 3.250 Melissa Wells Teresa Johns Frances Pursley 3.220 3.212 3.130 fig L 1 ' 5 X . ff' 72: .:e1l.2i'5w2'55 5-T . 0 f 'f X ' 'Y-filfl Kiwi.-. Q -9' 5 fi J , , .sl iz- K Karen M. Perry Sarah Garrison Diane Finch 3.067 3.066 3.057 Brenda Butner Lou Ella Davis Jerry Johnson 3.030 3.027 3.000 Class members of the student body for the 1972 year elected as Class Favorites the following: Freshman: Jeffery McLaughin and Sheila Brown: Sophomore: Joey Houscly and Brenda Keith: Juniors: Doug Greer and Dana Perry. All of those elected are outstanding class members and are active in all school projects. They are certainly a credit to the class. CLASS FA ORITES 84 Mlkhx utitu HHH Rl!!! The Attendant representing the Seniors for Homecoming 1971 as chosen by the Senior class was Teresa Martin. Debbie Townsend was chosen by the football players to rule the season as the Football Queen for l97l. Debbie was chosen from among all the Senior girls as Queen. Attendant repxesentmg the Jumors for Home 71 as chosen by the Jumor Class was rnoughs HGMECGMI COURT The Attendant representing the Sophomores for The Attendant YePTeSeHfiHg The FfCShmCl'l for Homecommg 1971 as chosen by the Homecoming 1971 as chosen by the Sophomore Class was Judy Burroughs' Freshmen Class was Carol Carney, BEVE Y TIBBS The Basketball Sweethearts were chosen by the students, one for each home game. This made the winners eligible for 'Sweetheart of the Season'. Candye Ellis, a sophomore, got the most votes for this, and won the title of the favorite sweetheart of the season. BASKETBALL WEETHE RTS Each year the DAR and CIVITAN organization give an award to the girl and boy in the Senior class who are voted by their class and by the faculty as exhibiting the best qualities of citizenship and leadership. This year's winners are Lisa Key and Jimmy Andrews.. Lisa is president of the FTA and is the score- keeper for the basketball team, in the Student Council and is on the football and baseball team.. He was delegate to Boy's State last year. l Lisa Key. DAR Award Jimmy And rews-Civitan Award 90 1 l l l 5 H A A - V . Q ,, if-1 2 K l Q, ggwan. V 4 w f " - v , - - ffWQ441.5" ' , ' 1 .ff ' 31 L. VARSITY 5 3 f 4-QL Lgifisl 55 3 Q9 i 3 iff' 'N' . ' 3 lv 1 "' . v. ' in Thirty-four dedicated men worked long grueling hours to build a team that CCHS students could be proud of. They were successful. Under the leadership of Coaches Bishop and Elliot, the team came on strong when they made a good start against Centerville in the season's opener. The record game of the season saw the Cubs beat their long-term foe, FOGTBALL Charlotte, 26 to 20. The team suffered some losses but these losses seemed not so great when the Dickson Dragons also fell to the Cub's superior team in the last few seconds of an exciting game. Near the end of the season, the Cubs played good football when Lewisburg was held to only 14 points. Cheatham County fans can look with pride at this year's team. OFFENSIVE TEAM wif " DEFENSIVE TEAM I I 1 RICK STATLER JIMMY ANDREWS , , x 7 N STEVE WALKER SPUD COLE CURTIS BELL MIKE HENDRICKS VARSITY PLAYERS JIMMY WILLIAMS 96 JOHNNY JENKINS DARRELL BINKLEY ALLEN TANSIL RONALD BROWN GRANVILLE ADAMS STEVE STACK VARSITY PLAYERS EDDIE VANWHY 98 STEVE SIMPKINS Seniors are a great asset to an athletic team and the football team was made up of seven dedicated Seniors who lead the team this year. The Seniors are: Curtis Bell, Jimmy Williams, Rick Statler, Spud Cole, Jimmy Andrews, Mike Hendricks, and Steve Walker. The team had many great stars, but three of them stood out in the eyes of the Nashville papers. Curtis Bell made second string All Midstate and Spud Cole was honorable mention. Jimmy Andrews, Curtis Bell, and Spud Cole all three made the all-conference team. The 1971-1972 echo would like to give them their congratulations. CCHS BAND 5 100 Drill Squad members are: FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, Beverly Langley, Karen Powell, Becky Ellis, Elly Gower, Marcia Keith, Jo Williams Nancy Chandler, Wanda Fogus, Beverly Adams, and Donna Langley. 101 Quality plus quantity seems to be the motto of Dennis Barnes, the CCHS Band Director. Three years of hard work and determination have brought the band to the front as the fast growing, both in size and sound, groups on our campus. Football games and the Christ- mas Concert surprised audiences. "What's happened to the band? They sound great," was a typical comment. The score for next years seems to be mostly happy notes as this active group continues to grow and improve. 102 wer ?'L. Agfa "N-. I gm 123 Band students get only V2 credit per year. In addition to the regular class period, these students spend many hours after school marching and twirling. Wonder if Doc Severson played in the high school band? 4 A good band member needs the same drive and determination as a good quarterback. He needs co-ordination rhythm and lots of stamina. It's hard work. If he is good, he must have sensitiveness. Sometimes you listen iii It is hard enough to tigure out what note to play, If you play clarinet, it is even harder to make it sound like that note and notasqueak, 105 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS TOP ROW, LEFT, TO RIGHT: Lynn Stinnetl Junior: Martha Burroughs, Junior, Co-Captain CENTER ROW: Pat Crosswhite, Sophomore BOTTOM ROW: Shirley Nelherton. Senior Beverly Simmons. Juniorg Malanie Plumlee Senior Captain. 1 1 FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS Seni0r's float tried to railroad the tigers sm 4 The lf2 time festivities showed the beauty of homecoming th., After the game entertainment was proved by Past, Present and Future k - 1 f: The Junior float, floated on to first place '72 Homecoming is one entire week filled with hope, fear, and anticipation of that one Friday night. To class members it is hope that their float will win, to the football players it's anticipation of the coming game and to the queen and her court it's a twinge of fear. But suddenly Homecoming has arrived, all too quickly for many. Friday afternoon the first part begins, the parade and float competion. Now all that can be done for the floats is to hope. Will the float go under the trafic light? Later the uncontrolable excitment is unleashed at the game. Although the Cubs don't win on the score board they win in spirit and pride. Then the final moments of Homecoming are spent at the dance with music provided by Past, Present and Future. Now only the memories and private joy remain of Homecoming l97l. nl Maria tells her stepdaughter. Liesel, played by Bonnie Simpkins. that she has always loved the children and now she has come to love their father very much. Ginger Harris as Maria tells Steve Walker. Captain von Trapp. that his children need him. kwin., HSOUN OF MUSIC f 3 Us - 1 ' ,ffm , V ,- , ,Y ,uf fi fwwf ,oi pi U - 1 11' ' , iii- . Mft Q ,wwf A, J-1 ,fi ' t, ' i', " ,F W' . ww ,iw wi i f if 1:,,0ff' if if-Vx" T gui 'W fi' 'fx ,- -9 .. if t it 1 V W 1 i 4 I 11.10 .. if . VY- J ' - ff' t We I 1 or in 'Lf' A AI V GN' .13 idly' LAT! , wif" ,tw,f"' if 4116-' 1? 'W .1 -ffl", i , .1f,"'l' .'! W ,fl Vu ,Jl4,f.-rm ',4,.,.L3" ,, ,Milly -3 1f.1K'f'I .V 2 ,, 51 1121, ' we Q , 43.-9 ipwft, lr, ,J FW IH, ct fry , ,V LL' . i' f w 2 'rf 1. ' ..-4 1 - - t1 ., 4 1 1 A sf .nt - i ,M , ,, A if , L, 3' . ' uiift fri ii ww i if U 4' 'X f -V-,P .,1,4.f i 1 1 .tb 'fmbl' UU 1 11' fy" . ,QL ., Jw 4:1 ,fire M' Q 1, ' UU11 ,+'L.1f'1Jw ' J ,- 4591 fr-i 'H fivvfjdi '-'7 'gf . r it .1j'f 5 I Av, XVVM' 35 QA' N ty- Lf'-f P mu' , U 1 ,V '11 , vm 9 A Q '14 r ,. ,ii-'. t A if , ,. , ,, , i i ' - ' 1 113' jug' zu uf ' 53 yi N ,qs 0' f4,1,fJ-'J 4 ,r J, at 'Aww I 4 , A., mf ,L ,MJ Wi sf , X511 , 1, 1 1 141' L.- as ht! Xa Q' U' ,512 JE tif' . J ,fl NLT' 1' V r ff 3, Lf L ,:,if's". , ,if 1: -fag it 1 311-1 1 ' ti ft," :QI , 1" - f,p,f,u4 it up 5 .., ,ig 1 A ' M' ,riff Iitwr' i ,tt 'A' W fu ."e' s, 1- W Xi ,E 1- . , -J ff 1' QA ',' jp It YW ,- V ! Ui, Q, Y X31 V1.1 5 U ,g PI M ff at f fy' jr A ,QSM '1 ,Ai V., rr,- f' iff' r QV Y ' yt? Lx f ,,. .ff :fi ff The tirst play presented in the new theatre was the Rogers and Hammerstein musical E'The Sound of Music." All four performances were tremendously successful. It was presented by the Senior Class under the direction of Mrs. Karen Cannon. KNEELING FROM LEFT TO RIG HT: Anthony Elliott, Steve Phillips, Spud Cole, Jimmy Harden, Steve Atteberry, David Ballard STAND ING FROM LEFT TO RIGHT' Doug Shearon Joe Walker Mike Blanfoid B bb H ' M'k . , , ' , o y arris, 1 e Hendricks, Danny Gowin Coach Sehrecker. CCHS Soddy-Daisy CCHS Charlotte CCHS Charlotte CCHS Clarksville CCHS East Robertson CCHS Jo Byrns CCHS White Bluff CCHS Joelton CCHS Jo Byrns CCHS Clarksville AC CCHS Lebanon CCHS Springfield CCHS White Bluff CCHS Fort Campbell CCHS Greenbrier CCHS Smyrna CCHS White House CCHS Joelton CCHS Portland CCHS Greenbrier CCHS Springfield CCHS Dickson CCHS East Robertson CCHS Clarksville AC 114 Y ----..,,,-Q L.. ' 115 Mike Hendrlcks rx 1 W-11' Steve Phillips RSITY ASKETB LL xx. 4.1 ,,,..... fv W ,.. fy This year's C. C. H. S. basketball team was built around seven devoted Seniors. They kept this winning ball club together. Most of them have been playing ball since freshman year, so they are all very experienced. FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Steve Phillips. Spud Cole, Joe Walker, Bobby Harris. Doug Shearon, Mike Hendricks. KNEELING FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Jimmy Harden, Coach Schrecker. 'S -...X KNEELING FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Karen Osborne, Donna Justice, Jackie Jenkins, Kim Mc Mahan, Rhonda Balthrop Cindy Brinkley Sherrie Hamblin STANDING FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Suzanne Lockert, Debbie Dovvlen, Karen Hunter, Brenda Hunter Jamie Andei son, Sheila Hutton, Coach Elliott, Pete Read, Melissa Shoate, Jerre Winters, Jane Steele, Lisa Key, Mary Kay Buchanan CCHS Soddy-Daisy CCHS East Robertson CCHS Charlotte CCHS Charlotte CCHS East Robertson CCHS Jo Byrns CCHS White Bluff CCHS Joelton CCHS Jo Byrns CCHS Clarksville Ac. CCHS Lebanon CCHS Springfield CCHS White Bluff CCHS Smyma CCHS Greenbriar CCHS Joelton CCHS Portland CCHS Greenbriar CCHS East Robertson CCHS Dickson CCHS Springfield VARSITY BASKETBALL Pele Read if Du, 91 Sherrie Hamfhlin "?'1'i1 xylem-' 5 ' 123 WRESTLING TEAM FRESHMAN BASKETBALL A winning team provided a winning season for the Fresh- man Cubs. The Cubs rounded out the season with eight wins and five losses, while the Cubettes won ten and lost only three. Both teams did an excellent job of representing the school, as is evident by the fine record of the teams. The tournaments, which were held at New Providence, proved to be a test of the teams and coaches. Both teams came through with Hying colors, the Cubs won third place and the Cubettes won second place. This season showed them and the schools they played against, that the good times are at Cheatham County High School. 1 t l i Freshman Coaches proudly show off trophies. 125 l' X K The Cubs Baseball Team had a very successful season lust year. They plan to have an even better year this season. They are very well coached by Coach Rudy Smith. He says his team has great potential for winning, and has a good chance to win the District. KNEELING FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Spud Cole, Steve Phillips, Iimmy Andrews, Joey Housely. STANDING FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Ray Wiser, Doug Shearon, Bobby Harris, Steve Proctor, Jimmy Harden. BASEBALL ! 2 M"--,.,,, M . ,-M536 'ax , Nmqm 129 PEP CLUB The Senior pep clubgfiembers provided the heart of the enthusiasm Officers: Melanie Plumlee, Van Vick and Susan Lockert PEP CLUB W--ug 1 Involvemnt describes this year's Student Council the best. Assemblies, dances, telephone and the overall bet- terment of the school are goals that provide the challenge to this year's council. One of the main duties of the Student Council is the read- ing of announcements. Mark, in spite of having trouble pronouncing names sometimes, comes through loud and clear. The Student Council officers are: President. Mark Shearon: Vice-President Steve Walker: Secretary, Pam Shivley: and Treasurer, Debbie Townsend STUDENT COUNCIL BETA CLUB The Beta Club is for students who have a 3.00 average or above. It is a privilege to get an invitation asking you to join. Oiiicers are: Paulette Pugh, Bonnie Butterworth, Melissa Wells, Connie Taylor. and Sue Hardin JU IOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE The Junior Classical League, or JCL, is an organization for the students who take Latin. The club goes to the state JCL Contest each year where it's members partici- pate in activities ranging from academic to athletic to costume contests. Sponsor, Mrs. Pinky Christian: Officers, Carol Mackey, Teresa Corlew, Walter Fields, and .lerre Winters. Debbie Fambrough was last years winner of the Josephine Link Duke Memorial Award. Mrs. Josephine Link Duke. in whose memory this award is given, taught Foreign Language in this county lor many years. 136 Sponsors: Mrs. Petty: Mr. Rose: Officers John Link, Brenda Butner, Wanda Vann, Wanda Binkley BIBLE CLUB The Bible club is now in its second year C,C.H.S. Visiting the Rest Home, putting on an Easter program, promoting prayer week, and adding to the spirit of the school have been some of the main projects ofthe club. 137 I H 4 I I I B People with an interest in Math Find the Math Club enjoyable. 3 .U " ' f s Q '+1'vMlf?ff? Science club members do projects E I I I I B to stimulate their interest in sci- ence. PEECH CLUB Sponsor, Mrs. Mays: oliicers, Beverly Tibbs, Mark Shearon, Jimmy Harden, and Lynn Stinnett. :-...J -wsu -..,- . The speech club made its debut this year. Its main objective is to develop skills and interest in speech and dramatics. PRESS CLUB AND CUB SCRIPTS STAFF 6 The Cub Scripts' staff works faithfully every day to produce an interesting school newspaper. The sponsor is Mrs. Mayo and the editor is Kathy Staggs. Below is the Press Club. They write many of the papeis' articles. 'QA' 140 ECHO STAFF ECHO T FF The entire ECHO staff is thirty-five people. Thirty of these are primarily salesmen who sell ads to help pay for the book and who sell the yearbook to you, Five or six people are more closely in- volved in putting the book together. These are the people who Worry about deadlines, Writing copy and getting names right. A... Learning to use a scale-o-graph to reduce and blow up pictures is difficult, The Sports-editor, Jimmy Hardeng Salesman, Jamie Morse: and Layout editor, Jackie Phillips concentrate on getting the pictures on the page right. Since about six thousand dollars are handled by the staff, good bookkeeping becomes a must. Duane Claud sells staff typist Betty Waynick her ECHO. Sometimes the salesmen forget to buy their own. Betty Waynick. above. Debbie Nicholson, and Jimmy Harden do most of the typing for the ECHO. ay? ,JN ak "Mr ,Z .W Teamwork was the key to this year's annual, but hard work helped 14 John Link, Editor 5 5 5 5' lk GUIDANCE .J .vw .,., MA . A f OFFICE FUTURE HOMEMAKERS O F v AMERICA Future Homemakers of America helps girls to better understand the role of the wife and mother in the home. These girls are not likely candidates for Women's Lib movements. This year's leaders ol' the FHA are: Teresa Martin, Melanie Plumlee, Beverly Tibbs, Candye Ellis, Pam Shively. Jane Steele. and Wanda Vann. Who says the watched pot doesn't boil: it will even burn! Mrs. Lee gives a demonstration in making Christmas decorations at the December meeting. 147 TL RE F ERS GF AMERICA Ray Wiser. Jim Davidson, Brooks Harris, Steve Whitman. and Eddie Fells, lead the FFA boys in their activities this year. I Future Farmers of America give boys who are taking agricultural classes an opportunity to Work even further in farm-oriented experiences. This club especially emphasizes the importance of public-speaking and parliamentary procedure, FRG-AMERICAN ASSOCIATIO The officers of the Afro-American Association are Chester Majors. Barbara Eddins, and Mike Shelton The Afro-American Associa- tion's primary purpose is to pro- vide experiences and activities which will broaden the cultural outlook of the American Negro. This club, newly organized is sponsored by Mr. Spangler. ' GXQU- - . . M.. ,..,, ,, 'W-M FUTL RE TEACHER OF AMERICA The officers are: FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Brenda Butner, Vice President: Sherry Newman, Reporter: Debbie Fambrough, Secretary: Mrs. Hart, Sponsor: SECOND ROW: Marsha Keith, Historian: Lisa Key, Presi- dent: Donna Coakley. Treasurer. Mrs. Han inspires students who want to make teaching their career. LIBR RY CL Olhcers of the Library Club are: Susan Garrison, Mattie Felts. Michael Shelton. Julia Greene, and Bonnie Butterworth. ......, L' L L, L L - L ., L Y L' LfflLL5L3iQLTELTL-L T lL'f f Li1iLiLti,LiLiT. t LL LL ffl , ' VL'17"Yi'fL,:i'1fT'Q fi V "EJ 5 ' L- L FFL fi " Q - b 115 V ' ' ' f r' 'L""" ' f,-f 5, ",f 1 fue 2 ff" '.L-IL ? , ' ' L ' LL L fi ',-. . A fl L' A L - --Lht V' 'it.L , , t f , ' fv V it 1: , 2 - . HKZT -"- ,r"rL I ..-' if' ' . 1 N ' ','- f '- in 9. ,l?QQLg,Q , j1lLf'iL '19 'iff 5 1 1L Q jf" " ' ' Q f L ' f The oflicers of the P.E. Club are Joy Murlf. Mark Forbes. Marrisa Bidvicll and Margie Simmons. Freshmen and Sophomores form the nu- cleus of one of the newest clubs on campus. Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Jo Brashcars and Couch Elliot. the P.E. Club gives peo- ple not involved in varsity sports at chance to support their team, They help with the concession stand and provide at hospitality room for officials. P.E. CL 153 CUSTODIAL STAFF CAF ETERIA STAFF TISEMENT lSliMliNm Sl Sl Sl Sl Sl Sl EME E DV DVER DVER DVER DVER DVER DVER S ADVER S ADVER DYER DX 5X QR JXQQR 5XffR Uxwifll DYER BY 'RMA DYQR UXAQR DXQQR 3XlLfR 5X1fR 5XlfR 3XlfR 3XlfR 5Xl'lR JXISR . fl 'R .DX'lfR X ADX' liR"l'l ,..qv- F..- SEM EEN SEMEN SEMEN SlfN' EN . 1l.N . 11N Sli XT 'EN SliN' iN SQX QN SIX :fx SLN lfN SQQNY 'EN SHNA.. SQ:fN'fgfN SHN HN Sg'.Ng'.. ,, ,HN 5Qf.x.Q'.. SliN lfN , .N SiN SffXf ZX SLN' IN gfixfx-ix s fix ax ,. ANN SEMEN SEMENTS SEMENTS A ENTS ENTS A MENTS A AD XM. DV A fXf3XlfRHf' XDX 5 l .VX .XX .VX .AX XI 1 xJv1-iw' Xlf 1 1 .X' .X AX Xl .VX ,VX Xl .X .X .X Xl ,PX DVERT DVE fJX'lQR'f' R ll'l l'lSl AS DVERTSEM DVERTISEME FSEME TS ADVERTISEM ENTS HS DVER'f1SEMENf'S SliN Sl-1N1liN lSlffX fSlfN 'Sl5N Xmxm- Sl-1XllfN'I"S sl-ix X' yslix X ,Nfs ifixll-ixlrs XSliX Sl-iN fSlQN lSliNll .NM S S NMS -NTS S 's R'1'1s11ix11-Nils' 'RQ llX l l A igix S'lW s gf 1-i N F' s RIfs1iS11ix'i's COMPLIMENTS OF t9NA1l9 -vY0'V.r. O 0 Z, ,ef ' THE ASHLAND CITY LIONS CLUB Vars H ity Ba ls" ROBERTSON-CHEATHAM FARMERS CGOPERATIVE Farmers Cooperative Seed Feed Fertilizer Complete Car Care Center Springfield Ashland City PhOrl6 792-5711 Sheila Karen Rhonda jamie B d D bb C dy J D C dy J k Loretta Beverly Melissa Sherrie Suzanne Mary Kay N225 ALLEN BROTHERS BI-RITE-CHEAP HILL WHITE WAY - BI-RITE - PLEASANT VIEW HW C0mpliment5 Qf - Repairs 84 Installations Ashland City U.M.Y.F. 242-7152 Pres. Johnny Matlock 1 Vice Pres- Joy Murff Congratulations SENIOR CLASS OF 72 Sec. Danita Morris See Us for Treas' Grace Hauums Good-Student Auto Coverage MID-TENN. INSURANCE CO. OLD CHARLOTTE ROAD MARKET Knowlton C1-Owell Old Cl'l2iI'lOIlC Road BOX Main Pegram, Tennessee Main Street Groceries Union 76 Gas t Ashland City, Tennessee Best of luck, Ashland City Cubs, Bank of Kingston Springs Beauty-land Beauty Shop Offices At Kingston Springs And Pegram, Tenn. Compliments of M b FDIC em ef MJ COUNTRY MAID Q L I Q DAIRY . 6 I T - .- N Compliments ol' '6 I COUUTTJLILDBIAI G. w. HUNTER GROCERY 15373: X s - 952 1 whites creek, Tennessee Highway 41-A Phone 255-2661 SAUNDERS LEASING SYSTEMS INC. T l ph ne 792-4366 fAshland Cityj 244-1564 fNashville5 P. 0. Box 278 A hl dCity T . Compliments of Green Acres Dairy Dip Hu TEIYS C USTDM AUTOMOTIVE 2 27- 65 84 5 W4 G ALLATIN RD. Nu Si1viiie'-i-ennessee THE BEST TO YOU l I k I Q " 4 64 Q 1 E ,f 3 BORDEAUX SHOPPING CENTER REED,S I.G.A. Fo dl e Compliments of Tucker Bros. Big Star 210 South Main Street 10017 Self-S ' e A ple P k ng Space T Pho e 792 4416 102C b I dSt. Phor1e792-4445 Op 7d y 7:3OA.M.-9:0OP.M. Compl ts Of THE WHITES CREEK BANK 8a TRUST N QQEEH afr34isE?fmuST CU HAGEWOOD ASHLAND CITY MOTORS FOOD TOWN Home Of Fine Meats Quality Produce, And FRIENDLY SERVICE 792-4302 244-1189 Ashland City, Tennessee CO HI-HOPE BEAUTY AND BARBER SHOP Rt. 2, Kingston Springs Highway 70 797-3646 Where you dine better for less SHONEY'S Home of Big Boy Compliments of VILLA'S FASHIONS Owner D. R. and Virginia Watts ll8 Main Street ASHLAND CITY SELF-SERVICE LAUNDRY Maytag Exclusive Dial-A-Fabric Washers LUCKY R GIFT SHOP Fireworks 8: Novelties Wholesale 8: Retailer Pleasant View ACf6l5J746-5112 DAVID APPLETON'S GROCERY Rt. 2 Kingston Springs Highway 70 797-3302 37082 TAVEY'S GROCERY Bait and Tackle Hunting and fishing Licenses Discount Gasoline THE BEST TO CHEATHAM COUNTY HIGH WILLIAM,S JEWELERS Main Street Springfield - Ashland City CROUCH'S SHELL I-40 8: Kingston Springs Exit Service is Our Business ASHLAND CITY ALUMINUM COMPANY 104 Mulberry Street Aluminum Siding 4 Storm Windows 8: Doors Car Ports - Awnings - Shutters M AND D BI-RITE Pegram Tennessee 352-0569 Compliments of LOCKERT,S FUNERAL HOME l09 Sycamore Street MAMMA MILLS Satisfied Customers Always Come Back Selph's General Contractor Painting, Roofing, Plumbing Phone 746-5519 Pleasant View HADLEY BROS. IMPLEM ENT CO John Deere Sales and Service P. o. Box 626 10" DEERE Kraft Street Clarksville, Tennessee . v H... Phone 645-6447 The Fashion Plaite 6304 Charlotte Ave. Nashville, Tennessee 37209 Claudine Garton Phone: 356-1570 Compliments of WOODY CAGLE'S ARCO Rottero,s I.G.A. Foodliner 5538 Clarksville Hwy. Joelton, Tennessee Phone 766-2203 TIDWELLS FAMILY CENTER Complete Line for the Family 124 Main Street Ashland City, Tennessee Phone 792-4876 ASHLAND CITY TIMES Printed Weekly In The Interest Of Ashland City, And Cheatham County ASHLAND CITY BANK 8L TRUST COMPANY 311 North Main Street Pleasant View Branch, Pleasant View Skate at Shivers Shoe Shop Ashland City, Tennessee whefeeisecanyouhifea PERKINS ,QL MILLER babysitter for a 51.25 for 3 hours? "Li'L:ili'?,',AL 412 Commerce Street BALTHROP MOTORS P-91391047 Clarksville, Tennessee 37040 Chrysler - Plymouth f Dodge Phone, 647-3571 Sales - Service ' Compliments of Dickson-Sadler Drug Clarksville, Tennessee Phone W 645-4591 Compliments of CHARLES E. STUART, SR. Constable 7th Civil District- Cheatham County Pegram Phone 352-0470 Compliments of J. L. Stack 8L Sons Proctor Hardware 8: Building Supply 41-A Old Hickory Joelton, Tennessee Appliances, Hardware, Paints, Tools Garden Supplies - Lawn Mowers Life Auto Fire TENN. FARMERS MUTUAL INS. CO. 216 North Main Street Ashland City, Tennessee Office Roger Binkley 792-5152 General Agent 792-5196 Brough Inc. Pres. W. F. Fambrough Vice Pres. A. B. Fambrough Attorney W. S. Fambrough 4493 Fifth Street, Ecore, Michigan 48229 Dozier's Boat Dock 8L Restaurant Serving Catfish Dinners Weekend Camping Spaces for Campers Off Hwy. 49 Mouth ofHarpeth River Highway 41-A 792-9127 ASHLAND CITY METHODIST A. E. KRANTZ t W-SCS EV ERREA DY MARKET '3.eis,l1.aitLyn"15i3E135 EESASWSEEWIESQ Fishing Bait and Tackle Picnic Supplies Compliments of LUKE,S BARBER SHOP Highway 41-A Joelton, Tennessee ELECTRICAL REPAIR SERVICE Earl York 792-5698 208 N. Main St. Ashland City, Tennessee Coakley,s Market 501 N. Main Street Ashland City, Tennessee Open 6 A.M. 10 P.M. 7 days a week Phone 792-4471 SHEA RON 1, FUNERAL HOME 7 as X , UM its Qs rirfifiw M X' 1 f 1 K - 21 -8 Mi1ardH.Shearon 101 Elizabeth 8a South Main St. Phone 792-4677 Bonnie Rachelle Kathy Ellen Jamie Senior Girl Scouts Cindy Donna K' P JOY lm shefyi at Compliments of RGBERTSON, STINNETT, AND COSS garter!! CHEVRD LET '25, K "pf, -5 . , WET .3ia+f,'f'i , Y-xxx? c ' 14 i Vg,. X ' i ' -f : i 7 ra. 1 H2 4 I ' ,g.5'I1I1fj'f'iQ1:3,,:3:,i,L1,2'-jj'-E, -Ag ex Complete Service Department Factory Trained Mechanics 792-4311 Sport Car Rebuilders 202 S. Main Street 1 Ashland City, Tennessee Parts - All Makes And Mode s 166 Compliments of Hickory Hut Just Good Food 1971-72 Officers ofthe Cheatham County Chapter ofthe Future Teachers of America 41-A Germantown Hill President Lisa Key - Vi -P 'd t B d Bt Comphmems of siiltiffj' en D1e1nbiZFa1ni1Efough Treasurer D9-nQaCoaQey Historian CKfIarc tl1.9 Reporter S man Residential Wiring TO CARLA FROM CUBBY Phone Clarksville 647-7940 WITH LOVE Wayfair Carpet Barn Area Rugs, Wall to Wall Carpet, Braided Rugs, Pad 8: Installation Ph. 746-9452 - Night 746-5425 Pleasant View PLEASANT VIEW MILLS Custom Feed Grinding and Mixing Nutrena Feeds Highland Feeds Ph. 746-5221 Pleasant View, Tenn. Compliments of Greenbrier Egg Farms Inc. Greenbrier, Tennessee Greenbrier A 643-4521 and 643-4522 Nashville 4 244-5028 and 244-5029 Only one "Egg in four is good enough to be a Greenbrier eggl' Producers and packers of grade AA eggs. Compliments of HEADS GROCERY and LAUNDRY Henrietta, Tennessee Phone 362-3236 Joelton Food Town Groceries, Purina Feeds Specializing in U S D A Prime Beef FRAZIER BROS. EXCAVATION CO. Owned and Operated by Buddy Frazier Phone 746-3306 Compliments of 4th Period Library Diana, Bonnie, Joyce, Ellen Compliments of PRESS CLUB 8L CUB SCRIPTS STAFF Kathy Staggs Editor Sue Hardin Associate Editor Joyce Dowlen Art Editor .lun Ellis Cartoonist Kenny Overton Photographer Jamie Hallums Business Manager Wanda Binkley Assistant Editor Carol Mackey Assistant Editor Linda De Copy Editor Compliments of WINTERS DAY CARE AND KINDERGARTEN STATE STGVE AND MANUFACTURING CO. INC. Ashland City, Tennessee Compliments of CHEATHAM COUNTY UFFICIALS Sheriff: Dorris Weakly County Judge: Jimmy P. Loekert Circuit Court Clerk:Lloyd Harris Trustee: Ruse Tucker Clerk and Master: Doris Sanders Q Registrar: Betty J. Ross County Court Clerk: Russell Balthrop Tax Assessor: Junior Dozier JOE CLAUD ELECTRIC Commercial and Residential Wiring Free Estimates Phone Pleasant View 746-3371 Sango 375-3425 Chapmansboro, Tenn. Evans And Hester Grocery Rt, 8 Clarksville, Tenn. Highway l2 Phone 375-3769 PARDUE'S SERVICE CENTER Snack Bar 8L Novelties, Fishing Bait Gas Oil Repairs Worm Ranch Phone 792-4278 MARIES' BAIT SHOP Live bait, fishing tackle, Bar-b-cue Cheatham Dam Road Taylor's Grocery 8: Service Station Rt. 2 Kingston Springs Highway 70 797-9903 ASHLAND Q CITY FLORIST ga Mary Bateman - Manager 102 N. Main Street Ashland City, Tenn. Phone 792-4355 Compliments of LOCKERT'S DRUGS Ashland City, Tenn. Compliments of NORWOOD CLEANERS Do you need clean clothes today? William's Esso Service Center And Pleasant View Cafe 746-9447 Pleasant View Lewis Perry's Wrecker Service Phone 792-5338 Frank Shearon Garage Thomasville Tennessee Phone 362-3503 Clarksville Leaf Chronicle Tennessee's Oldest Newspaper PIC-A-RIB Clarksville, Tenn. HOME IMPROVEMENT COMPANY FHA, VA and Conventional Loans New Homes Built- Low Down Payment Orion Jones Route 2 Ashland City, Tenn 37015 Phone 792-5747 BLANKET STORE-SHELL STATION ASHLAND CITY Dowlen Bros. - Prop. Dayton tires, Gas and Oil Wheel Balancing Pleasant View, Tenn. 58Ll0 A lot of guys would like to be in his boots! That? why we put him in ours! Joe Nclmclth, the Dingo Man. Compliments of BEAR NICHOLSON CONSTRUCTION CO. INC. Rt. 7 Box 333 Clarksville, Tennessee Phone 362-3513 9 f R 1-3-f-'W -. ' "s Empson Drug Company Your friendly Rexall store Main Street Ashland City, Tennessee Phone 792-4644 Ashland City Sunshine Laundry Mat "We wash and dry and clean and pressf, Compliments of Jack Binkley's Drive-In Market 1 Janicels Beauty Shop 113 Oak Street Ashland City, Tennessee Phone 792-4018 Compliments KEVIN and SANDY Compliments of MIDWAY CAFE 723 Main Street Springfield, Tennessee Compliments of ASHLAND CITY SALVAGE Compliments of Nancy,s Beauty Salon WES. TENN. DEPT. STORE "The Best for Less" 0Y'9 Clarksville, Tennessee Phone 647-1567 James Oakley Lumber Co. 5307 Charlotte Avenue Nashville 9, Tennessee Phone CYpress 7-8503 Compliments of COMPLIMENTS OF ROTTEROE'S I.G.A. II ASHLAND CITY PleasantView CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Woodrow Perry's Grocery East Cheatham The Place Where Good Friend's Meet Compliments of SWAIN,S MARKET 6210 Clarksville Highway Open Seven Days Owned and Operated By Bill and Alma Chambers Blanton Smith Hatcheriels Compliments ofThe KLO NDI K E Owners Alton Denny 8a Ronnie Boyd Cambell's Restaurant Home Cooked Meals We Specialize in Catfish Dinners, Steaks Seafood Dinners and Homemade Pies 3105 Clarksville Highway BORDEAUX DX U-Haul trucks 84 Trailers Local and one Way Rental 3 l49 Clarksville Highway 256-5334 Mack's Bottle Shop 5 Miles South of Ashland City, Tenn. on Sam's Creek Road W. M. Crouch, Owner Phone 792-4678 Compliments of GRAHAM STRUCTURES INC. Ashland City, Tennessee Go First To FI RST NATIONAL BANK Clarksville, Tennessee Modern full Service Banking and Old-fashioned Friendliness Member of F.D.I.C. We Wish You A Very Fine Year, Best of Luck ofJoy 8L Cheer Richard and Jackie Johnson Carmine's Barber Shop Hair Styling For Men Main Street, Ashland City, Tennessee Best Wishes To The l972 SENIORS From Earl and Karen Cannon Cheatham County kids are really good, Often they do what they know they should Let's talk Real Estate L. J. MATLOCK JR. Real Estate Agent Ashland City Nashville 792-4l69 244-3271 792-5332 Large or small. Jr. is the one to call. Best Wishes To The 1972 SENIORS WAYNE DARROW Farmers Mercantile Warrenis Colorizer Paints Furniture and Appliances 792-4133 THE ROSES johnny n PLEASANT VIEW MARKET Dave Jimmy Compliments Ff0m Main St. Pleasant View, Tennessee Open7 A.M. to 10 P.M. Owners: Mr 8: Mrs. Walter Bedwell N , BUC TUSSLE U GANG Gary J h Wilton O fl GUPTON MOTORS 208 5TH Ave. East Springfield, Tennessee Phone 384-4596 Compliments Of Marvis Ellis Grocery Route l Ashland City, Tennessee Vertagreen Fertilizer Shell Gasoline Congratulations Ewell Perry Insurance Phone 746-5285 Compliments Of J. C. BALTHROPS INSURANCE Compliments Of Pleasant View U.M.Y.F. Sec. Lynda Chambliss Pres. Bonnie Butterworth Treas. Mary Ann Bradley V. Pres. Lynn Ellis Music Brenda Moore 8L Leah Dowlen B 8L S DRIVE-IN MARKET Bearwallow Road Open 8:00 A.M. ll:00 P.M. ASHLAND CITY OIL CO. INC. Distributor ofARCO Products ll8 Cumberland St. Ashland City, Tennessee Compliments of Joelton U.M.Y.F. OLEAN'S BEAUTY SALON Route 1, John's Road Joelton Phone - 746-5544 Oakhill Sunshine Center Bearwallow Road FORWARD DISTRIBUTERS INC. 'Distributors of Beautiful Biblesu Post Office Box 5343 Nashville, Tennessee 37206 Protestant Catholic Masonic Bud's Polishing Shop Polishing 8: Buffing Aluminum Phgng 3 BOX 364 352-9868 Pegram, Tenn. 37143 R. B. LESTER CO. Clarksville, Tenn. Sophomore Class 'fSeniors ofl74', STEELE SADDLE TREE CO. The Best in Cheatham County and the World Compliments of A. B. Hunter General Merchandise Chapmansboro, Tenn. VICK'S HARDWARE AND LUMBER COMPANY 307 North Main Street Ashland City, Tenn. Phone 792-4721 Steve and Peggy M ays M8LP Bl-RITE GROCERY elusiv ff' 'r ANDERSON, GARRET, BOYD FUNERAL HOME visions, happiness, sadness, work, play, tears of joy, tears of pain, all com- year at C.C,H.S. and all lay a foundation for a promising future. would like to thank ull who contributed in any way to make this book of moment in time can provide a lifetime of memories and we hope to have, in e moment of the good times. y,1,u ,.,f. f X ,ff " f LS.-' 6 ,I 4 wc., V !fi,., X 1 .. , 45.1" .vgivsfff riff? 55.77 -.ikfu ,ff6'?5,,2e ff ! ,1 ,f 1 f K, ,, 2,-If ,gf-!f.',,,l, . ,i , , Ji. 1 - -,!,,,,,, if , ' ffl' 16247 T Qwyif, 6 'pf .I t . 4 i v 4 .f ,f 'f 4 ., .f I- I fy 3,1 4, T6 . . ,., ,,f f 1 I WMD 'ND' R 3 AUTOGRAPHS OJLCL mwesfv X A j V4Vq I , XEQQJMWWMQAY f A QSZOAMOW M33 Xjddfffbdg fggdad Www LQQMMJQJN M , mac44f,g9?0Q, " E5YJx w U QMJV fwfdgfymcy WWQQW Z-'i H' jzqgxumwb MZZQQWWM Wwwwf Mm Wmkj, ww Ulm, 4 SQQQMWM 522+ C MQQJ Gfwgf 090 ' . J GU mfQ.uLf,Qf7wUl K -fQlmW QM4f1mJfQ qwif Mfflwfwf? HM gwuf Mui? JLJLU, QC'-.fVk wig, 'I WI J ' ov Qmggklfogvggu KM MMM Hifff ff M uf Kcfwl VQMM1 Vw 15.936 MAJ U Q11-J Q A f am 01,0 mx- fgwigffbf iff MWJQ3 W2 Mfymw MM Wm M Q W if EM c,mmQJ9 ei5ZQfQ5.lx0'U MJ Wxlud' MM Wk MLMJM3 ' H wwf! gfff lewd. faifwnwvj SGXRJX , QUi f .72 W0-ff'-'VQL MMM AMX I Um, flfg j?fgV,,iL! QZZZAJ14 f f. J ' WJ? - 7X CFWWJ' , GJ J MM K L? fljffmfg by f149wM,cmw 1 VL MQ! ' '- Q g . ,1 fVVk, M 1 wfwv Q M IMI 4 if A,LLLQ fwgiavfn JCZUNQL' if! LW'-4 - fU1LU70f A-Q 0. if M f ff 125 fm. of my ffMf, of 6!jdWAfZ6Zf WKMUMQ EKVVK M60 ijfbglyyylx, 0 QM, CALL an WM . fymiwg LQIMA Mba fp CU Aff! WMKM LCLf,fW16LfjVk,y W' 5044 ifzfllwlf CfQ,4,4L ' J U 'dk 60 Zag! HMM? M fflfui, 1f6aAQCfLd2Mfcf 7014 , Cgff JLVKLLZV g7xf,f,fL,C',gj,fZUf, JJWW 47514 x9fuLfvk0fv fgffiftfh-L! fbfvx 7 QLZI7 W 6-'V HL ,dll ' VL 4,Q,g1fmg'Zf, AXVV-if LaJ'JMc,i . 7,11 ' WMU7 x ak! Mlbwf' 777mg abby, x7Nk1,U1,Ly76 'fa CM fl 054,51 D 1 MMU -12.00 f R , jgfucfvcay X74 J WM UW JM drag! Kami Dfw 11761 A W YK 5 MMP 07j6Z2ff?k-D JUN ' ww ,KU!1JfMl2. 7-TL., aff f OJ -if l gf 1 J J Quiz Lf my ZW ff af ' gm q,fw5,ZZZ,Cx Wmdynbgfgga JHXCZQQQ, yaukigildacjz if Jvacffdff, Mm Rb mf' J M252 mmf fm? idcafii 5 'MMI' Yfffafcy 0 Md, fy dwg Qmg W fm WZMGC , CMJ! an Q 'f6?C:CLLiMi1 5ff?cZ,4LlJAU,M 'ji ylwl MQW! Awe My Qgcluu, Kjffgmiip 540-6 G cz gf? T61 Lfjc JMX ' r J Vi Lv-11X P vgjifv Mx X5 I 1 ' . -V , 'A ,f f ft! W f . ,, ., 'X C L wk-fx CL ,. Llfxfk-fw 1 VK LILU fu JL .Q V A gf Cl-"'VK-Ci Ck uv Ylifkfi if K fl IQJQ, 'X gn X. ,Q 'Lx C Wfvx, D l CHL-'XR C gfvx-Ci 53.V.fJ,K,! kwfgig .L kLy'a,.Q-J , Vg ALCLV-'L , V J L ,L ,ft I, V X, X Q, C1 L 1 a pdl, fq 5 ,VVX fylcwfuu Lib 0 'WX C3'k.fL'yqjQ- 7? 4 I f X I I, N I KI .,. VV . f LA, Lx1,k -Kgfmx in K TL' Z f , ,, 'if' ' 'A fl l 6.1 Vkyfg Vx! 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