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Chattanooga College of Law - Jurist Yearbook (Chattanooga, TN) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Cover

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in , g "X V - X we 145, 32.5 The W 1929 wie I 11 JURIST M -,,.:,.p,'v -..4 . vv.sQ, 3:53 45 y, PQ ogukxlqyfa 56 5 f F I- f J I 19734 ,av ,, ,r 47 Y - fjz-flx-,,,x ,QS -gfespl E 5451, ' fnvjf C. G. MURDOCK M 51' Eauor-imcnief M Louls c. HARRIS Business Manager KJ ' 5 , ,n V 1 X . .- , , 4-.3 -f"fff14ffiv- ?.fQ9::wsf'zw' X ' of t L 2 O ,ff es W IT gi? dg? g' E: glmf WWW 6 ' TQ L! QL , O? LJ rv T ,L T :T ,yi fake +L T JURIST W H 1929 YEAR BOOK T Q OF THE 1 T j '4 CHATTANOOGA COLLEGE 0F LAW v.,s.f2s.a L PuBL1s1-IED BY T 1 THE STUDENT BODY X N VOLUME FIVE ' A Tv Q L 59S0p ,gif Qs! NN " L X X L u E sf"f1h'f' "" ff O ----- - -Tv. VH, O w- -5- E0 M4643 9Ff4Q1bV0gM45"m1--- 05 ' 1 1 ' 1 .---.X MJ. ' I' fs xoj A xx it V! "1 f' ff Q ' m xwf 3-Af ', '1 . "W ,- ' K Ei---. X 1. L7,x,J,-I V. fl, 1 .5-X gi - xxx , + gsm w M ,Cm ' 1,2 , l.Lz'.3i1w 'P .X ff X ' ff ,, ff: Y"", V iv' IIB' ,t'pf?'M,'.N, 5 fffya- .I if XL , "T --. -My A Q " ' J wil-' 'A 'X ,Q 1 3 --',:. ry -F Y v--.H l fllfrffzg A X . vw -izfigzk 3g'iLif:ff:i?ifi:4i:f5-If-L-i'f.T559-fvL.f,QLT13Qg,5i1Z,fQAf' fffl'-551, MQEEVUJXQD 1 ' ' V 'b 6 I Q I I K 1 if Y U I w 9 ' W1 if uk ' sit w Y lj 1 N N 1 l 'x ' I I s x L ' Q9 S V A Q N rf 'H 53 asv WQR. lx L. L " ' 1 Y I . ' 0 . I Jr, N3 ,JK xl-s 2.-2-aces 'rw' fi vlillo 'X' Mig w' i 7 E':'iw il Xe 1 Z ff xllll 6 l x , ' l 1' ' - ffl ' ll. la U if ' rv! Pfizflzk, -' 4 7 A lr i tc" 0 0 i' 3 DGCl1Cc1l1OH , le .. .. y U M In recognition of the long, untirmg 1 3 ,A and unselfish service they have rendered: l and in appreciation of the inspired insight lj i, into the ideas and ideals of an honorable if t X profession which their lives and achieve- i if Ah ments have afforded us: and because they Q i have been so closely allied in the interest of the Chattanooga College of Law for E many years, it is peculiarly fitting that we Q 5 Ji N do not now sever this alliance, but that A 4. X l we affectionately dedicate this volume of 5, the jurist to :ill IVV. A. AND ROY F. McCLURE 1 i i Q 1 S . , , 1 I sl AM 331935. ll l n ' . 7 0 Q V I I 1 Y l .-'H' yi' fi l i Q if Eg .N A 25 if ef! r -i?"" sms 3-W 1632 - y me Z 5 G' .i Nl 5' I- R- - M f Cl ? -...A ::"..:. , ,ff U 5 5 GL' M -M 4 , 2a.f.,1e5i,'f'-13? hifi R ll i ' J iw Foreword f l E R 'li UCH time and energy J has been consumed in publishing this volume 3 y and indeed, the task has not been i r S an easy oneg however, in after J lb years, if this book shall serve to i Ni freshen the memory with fond i X reminiscences of by gone days, then the Stal? will not feel that their ki efforts have been in vain. if 2 l I Q . i in Q5 pxnp w QAXVQQX l l -v ' .P ag I w l 1 ' fW4fTQN R Q, , F ' A Q-Qgcfflr - fr f l I - C J 4 5 'S-ESS T? .fgr I T, I 'f' T1-IE SCHOOL " A N II Q N. A FACULTY A III W X5 CLASSES L S IV L T W A T ORGANIZATIONS A X N, S V V LL FEATURES A A Q A ,X r M9203 ,N gvvqx ls . P 0 5 I 1 f , L A College I r A 4. I HAMILTON COUNTY COURT HOUSE-Home of the Chattanooga College of Law INTERIOR VIEVV OF COURT HOUSE SECTION OF BUSINESS DISTRICT, CITY OF CI-IATTANOOGA MOCCASIN BEND AS SEEN FROM LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN LULA FALLS CHICKAMAUGA BLUFF 1'HIi 'I'IiNNESSI5E RIVER FROM SIGNAL MOUNTAINM-LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN IN THE BACKGROUND READING FROM LEFT TO RIGHT C. G. Munnocx Louisa C. HARRIS Editor-in-Chief Bzuirzrxx Illanager PAUL VIAL Conn HAYES J. E. CURRY F'Lovn DLLANEY fI.v.rt. Bu.rine.v.v Nlgr. If-3K Repnfsefztati-ve Frexhrnan Editar dnt. Editor J. H. CUNNWGHAM R. H. Woonvmnn HAROLD Humvmuss E. E. HARRIS Freshman Representative Art Editor Freshman Bus. Mgr. A9111 Representatifue E, PAUL L'HEREUx CECIL R. WOMBLE Senior Reprexentatifve Junior Representative PAGE 17 f"""X-xy A-'-1.-W W f 1 'fl -5 rf, wx fx, , A,-12,1-,f:?f51" ,U--,mf . 1:15, J MQ.-gl v V Q LQLQL 'Npun umnmznnmzi HJLJSLS-,! ' Officers of Student Body HORACE BOYDSTON President RAYMOND GANIBLE Vice-Prrsiden! MISS LENORE BURNS Secretary and Treasurer PAQ: 18 Uri, 493 Ch., Q9 M... K? ,,- .,.. ,. .,.. .N-,. K . -R 1 h hx . fi . , 5 2 .Q X --.-.., ,- -, 5 ,--W. nl , ' xx 1 , ' - -4, V. r 1 .,. ,-. ' 4 , . .v X ..Y- I, , 1 nk V ' ,..g..,' L . , ,,' ."'i"N.,,,1 , . .. r. -- -- -- .. . .- N. ....-,.. ...,... ,,,,,, N 4' W X ' 'i 1 J 1 1 2 ' ' I A , 4' 1 Hr ,- , I X Facultq VS. r-. pi lLIllQ,'llSVJL" ffll fe ..s 1-.1 FACULTY W. B. SWANEY, B.S., LL.B., LL.M. DEAN Profexror of Ihr Lnfw of Conlrarts and Corzstitutional Lnfw B.S., University of Tennesseeg LL.B., Cum- berland Universityg LL.M., Chattanooga College of Lawg Member American Bar As- sociationg President Bar Association of Ten- nessee 1896-'97g President Chamber of Com- merce of Chattanooga 18993 Associate Jus- tice of Supreme Court of Tennessee 19175 Chairman American Bar Association Com- mittee on Law Enforcement: Author "Safe- guards of Liberty." W. A. MCCLURE, LL.B., LL.M. Secretary Professor of lVill.v and Elementary Law LL.B., LL.M., Chattanooga College of Law: Professor of Law in Chattanooga College of Law since 1910. FRANK S. CARDEN, A.B., LL.B. Professor of the Lau' of Municipal Corporations A.B., Trinity Collegeg LL.B., Cumberland Universityg Member Tennessee General Assembly 1907-'09g City Attorney Chatta- nooga, Tennessee, 1915, 19233 Member American Bar Association Instructor in Chattanooga College of Law since 1920. PAGE 20 JL S91 N S2192 'RQ Xe V ,fi ,, if b'HQl ", i H 1 g5w'Y' fx ,cf-f.f.f.5' fi-hi 4 J ii lfl-tfwlft .li M M ,hxr :W n,L?, ' M J rxbx ,.,, ,.,, Vh n , , ,Q 5 ' ' . 3mm fzxLr:.zn1nm:z:Q s.,.-.........,..-........A..--.-........,,-.- ..,..,, ,.-...-,,qXu-Q FACULTY l ,,,, JOE FRASSRAND, LL.B. JOSEPH B. ROBERTS, LL.B. Profexxor of the Lafw of Equity Plvading Profa.f.vor of the LIU!!! of Elvidcncc and LL.B., Chattanooga College of Lawg In- Ba'l"'mm structor in Chattanooga College of Law since LL.B., University of Tennessee: Member 1928, American Bar Association: Instructoi Chat- tanooga College of Law since 1924. GUS A. WOOD, JR., LL.B. Profmxog' of the Lqfw of Prilvaln Corporation: LL.B., Chattanooga College of Lawg In- structor Chattanooga College of Law since 1924.- J PAce2l l KU! A '49 N73 .. t,,'. ,.",1 ffix IFWW-fvvlllf " --. 'annul c, wx? . ,.... .. .... fe"-C N V .' 1 'l -Q! , X , , W V , f 1 E'-+5 .31 cH1L.IiK.12.llf3'.?V 5..zua1:movazafrm.mmmmws.'wmumm . .. ., 11. ' . g A cy-,JSTM Ylbwr W vlry In-T-Wim Y-T-T-lx,-.-rem'---T-up -1 .QA Y V i I FACULTY JUDGE FLOYD ESTILL Professor of Conflict of Lafw: Judge Fourth Judicial Circuit Tennessee 1897, 1902g judge Criminal Court Hamil- ton County 1923, 1926g Instructor Chatta- nooga College of Law since 1923. ROY F. MCCLURE, LL.B., LL.M. Profrxsor the Lalw of Rval Properly LL.B., LL.M., Chattanooga College of Lawg Instructor Chattanooga College of Law since 1910. ESTES KEFAUVER, A.B., LLB. Profzxrxor of the Lalw of 1'arhmr.vhip.t A.B., University of Tennessee, 19245 LL.B., Yale University 19275 Instructor in Chatta- nooga College of Law since 1928. PAGE 22 4929 t,3,i!g,a. C92 f. 'Ly tyit,1i1.35iffsf,iif yy A -Ag W .13 6- 5. it , ..-, FACULTY JAMES B. FRAZIER, JR., LL.B. Professor of Ihe Lafw of Crimes LL.B., Chattanooga College of Lawg Instruc- tor Chattanooga College of Law since 1919. SAM E. WHITAKER, LLB. Associate Inst T. POPE SHEPHERD, LL.B. Associate Professor of tl1e.Lafw of Common Lafw Pleadzng LL.B., Cumberland Universityg Assistant Attorney-General Sixth Circuit of Tennessee 1908, 19095 Member American Bar Associ- ation: Instructor Chattanooga College of Law since 1920. I'IlCf0l' LL.B., Chattanooga College of Lawg Mem- ber American Bar Asso City Attorney, City of Chattanoogag Former Special Assistant Attorney-General United Statesg Instructor Chatta Law since 1923. PAGE 23 ciationg Formerly nooga College of 'JL QQ 22, Q72 . 1. W H0 , .,., U -V,, 'E ,V A Y,-,W , .,...... -JD f glilL,l'Jl42illS'1llf' ini-, at A FACULTY T. T. RANKIN, A.B. JUDGE W. B. GARVIN, A.B. Profes.ror of the Lafw of Personal Properly .flrsorizzte Professor Equity Pleading and A.B., University of Tennessee: Member Prawn American Bar Association Instructor Chatta- A.B., University of Michigan: Chancellor nooga College of Law since 1921. Third Chancery Division of Tennessee since 19155 Instructor Chattanooga College of Law since 1919. S. BARTOVV STRANG, LL.B. Professor of the Lafw of Suretyship and Guaranty LL.B., University of Tennesseeg Member American Bar Association: County Attor- ney, Hamilton County, Tennessee, 19195 Instructor Chattanooga College of Law since 1908. PAGE 24 UL Q, f'f1,:2fgfgy tYl1lllfQ,ll5'Ulf' "ht ' I EJ ' ' A ' J FACULTY P. H. THACH, LL.B. Professor ofthe Lafw of Equity Jzlrixprudence Member Tennessee General Assembly 19093 County Attorney, Marion County, Tennes- see, 19015 County Attorney, Hamilton Coun- ty, Tennessee, 1921, 19225 Member American Bar Association, Instructor Chattanooga College of Law since 1919. ALVIN ZEIGLER, LLB. Professor of Legal Bibliography LL.B., Chattanooga College of Law, Coun ty Superintendent Schools, McMinn Coun ty, Tennessee, 1913, 1915, Instructor Chatta nooga College of Law since 1922. J. CLIFFORD CURRY, LL.B. Professor of Common Lafw Pleading LL.B., George Washington University, In- structor Chattanooga College of Law since 1925. PAGE 25 UL 492 Q9 , Z-X QV!! V l ., , ., MQW mffffffrrif, ,A, ,, 5 cg if li, l Ji.-Qii fo .iii .k A Q..T"T'blf ?' - -V Y ififll-15224 l D' M' ' C" J FACULTY JUDGE CHARLES W. LUSK, LL.B. Associate Lecturer LL.B., Chattanooga College of Law, Mem- ber American Bar Association: United States Commissioner 1924 to 19263 Present Judge Criminal Court, Hamilton County, Tennessee, Instructor Chattanooga College of Law since 1920. JAMES H. ANDERSON Associate Lecturer Referee in Bankruptcy Southern Division of the Eastern District of Tennessee 1910, 19245 Present United States Commissioner Southern Division Eastern District of Ten- nesseeg Instructor in Chattanooga College of Law since 1919. PAGE 26 X. . 11, QED Q9 ,Q Seniors ,-xx. 1' zfwmrb-N . ., ,. ., f ,uwygage .,, f Q,D'll..hs-.?,?i .rf - s A ' -M K. Senior Class Officers STANTON M. GRAVES G. M. TUCK Pruzsmuur SECRETARY HORACE BOYDSTON JAMES MCKENZIE VICE-PRESIDENT Tnmsunnn PAGE 28 Q59 1' 5 fl I ling -xv 1 v V if 4 1 V E- f, f 55.1 43? 5. 'Lf .J illikf, 1f"" :J ' 1-'Ry .vs 5 ll . "' 1 ' , . . H E..-N, .,.. MI--vigil I wm""!wB'1'W"5W"nffnLwfl:flff'f'fTj'f1Q,L.L5, l-'l.'A1 ...J . .... HORACE E. BOYDSTON ALBERT E. FARMER TENNESSEE TENNESSEE A0411 BAK Secretary Freshman Class 19275 Secretary Secretary SAK 19285 Treasurer BAK 1929. Junior Class 19285 Dean AQHJLD 19295 Presi- dent Student Body 19295 Bailiff Awcb 19285 ' Vice-President Senior Class 1929. PAGE 29 , ral C0773 'R 599 KD ,E A -W 'id .--WE nk,-J ,.f'-""r-- 1 'wc . -.5 f' A'4A 1 A Ig ti 'El li. llfll'2,llfiV'QlT .1t":t"i?'1 '- A 'J i11"NY'1sr1cwrmqav.'gy4.t'reur1cvzan:1 ,.,, ,., 1.,.,M. E .. .. , .. -...-.-..--E ...-. .V---.-----.--E.. STANTON M. GRAVES TENNESSEE SAK Vice-Chancellor SAK 1928: Vice-President Student Body 19283 Vice-President junior Class 19285 President Senior Class 19295 Registrar Chattanooga College of Law 1928-'29, PAGE 30 Ag.,-,, iii., Q91 fa. 92331 -1:-"'-'fqgq J . ,-, ,. HERMAN W HALL TENNESSEE A0112 Tribune A941 1929. .f"'-Nh"-A . 1 f f - 9 . V If .1 f V X- A 3 L..'- .z fL.'i ,, 1. -,rt . f N 'M'Mfm'nf:vrLf+.2mr.w.uxLe:um:E-:run-mr-x:-Q7 N 214- ---M--H - 1 . .......-. . 1 , ---W - --f-- - we ,. -,,...,.,,........... ,......-..--..,-,.- R . 4 1 J LOUIS C. HARRIS HARRY HITE GEORGIA TENNESSEE A6351 Clerk of Rolls AGM: 19283 Clerk of Ex- chequer 1929g 'Treasurer Student Body 19285 Winner of Scholarship Key AGLIJ 19283 Busi- ness Manager "The jurist" 1929. PAGE 31 Q . .' M11 4 ' D Cqjm- Li LK V. ll, fl 1' Ar' , 1 R 1 . , , . Ll- . ff - , , ,.'-aww--I-Ka-:mmwrsaf A71-j -Qbx ',fg,M-,-w-'fvxx-mf1f4rrf'fmmmwwmn.m,1,: 2k, f"e-- 9' fiiilfag ' -N ' Mfgffzifie' el lil Aflqlll JL' ,, gv,fs,,' .JW ' --W , ff r . -..,...ri.,......,l....- A , H W . , A- .......- , -UL-f' ..:., JOSEPH N. HUNTER E. PAUL L'I'IEUREUX TENNESSEE TENNESSEE A9111 BAK Clerk Exchequer A0613 1928. Fraternity Representative "The jurist" 1928 Chancellor BAK 19293 Senior Class Repres entative "The jurist" 1929. PAGE 32 9 . rel 'QD . , 'JVCQP ,. , ,,.,.X S ,, ,-, f . f ii- . in, 3, I, vs 4 i A r L flir i QbrKi'ixIlbuii ' 1.- 1 -vr 4- , Y, ,,,,,,,,,., ..,,,-....2- aww ' . wi 'N 'uf C fvvi :HI v ' , ' ' . Q -- 5 "W :ii if - ' H N- 5" f -., 'xl " T Nmlammzma IM ir,I ,,M,W,W,,mM...,,W,N,n,,--M,qm-n f . .- - J' LEROY MATTHEWS FRANK MOORE GEORGIA BAK "tl 651 TENN nissan TIKCD KBfI1 University of South 1922, '23g Washington and Lee 1923, '24g University of Chatta- nooga, '24, '2S. PAGE 33 ., C D , 4529 LZ?4kQ?QWhmuu X JV I CECIL G. MURDOCK IRVIN D. SHAPIRO GEORGIA TENNESSEE SAK Assistant Business Manager the "jurist B.A., Mercer University, 1925: Chancellor wzs' SAK 1928g Assistant Editor "jurist" 19283 Editor-in-Chief "jurist" 1929. PAGE 34 3259? QQS? e,te em- fx gy ll,l'Jl-QfllS"JC' f+lilf,f- e my , LEE MCCULLEY JAMES E. MCKENZIE TIQNNESSEE OKLAHOMA Bailiff Freshman Class 19273 Bailiff Senior Awfl' Class 1929- Treasurer Senior Class 19293 Clerk of Rolls A9111 1929. Plum 35 ill, SQ: 531. 522, . -......-A----- -- - CN' ,, ,M,.e,,,U ,V ,-A,,,.?, f'NgL,..f?2f.f.f,-.f 5 iff? gy1i.z11.Q,JL5'Jf' M E wF'flw-- E - H+ -' fy.-1 -M l J GEORGE M. TUCK F. M. WILLIAMS TENNESSEE TENNESSEE BAK C. P. A. President of Williams and Com Baililf junior Class 19285 Secretary Sen- pany Auditors' ior Class 1929. PAGE 36 , , 5" 1L 25172 f Q2 Q'uici1'il-agirsriffi A K Y Q Q A 'V JAMES R. WILLIAMS RICHARD H. WOODWARD GEORGIA TENNESSEE A041 MM' Vice-President Freshman Classg Art Editor "The jurist" 19275 Art Editor "The jurist" 1929. PAGE 37 1':f9?l. 'fgzg' Q2 ,R is eriuifaitsar P JD P2 P P A e History of the Senior Class The Senior Class first met in the Criminal Court Room of the Hamilton County Court I-Iouse on a September evening in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and twenty- six as freshmen, green in the realm of law but with great ambitions. After a few nights of getting acquainted we decided to organize which resulted in the election of the following officers: Cameron Ralston, Presidentg Richard H. Woodward, Vice-Presidentg Horace Boydston, Secretaryg Ralph A. Snow, Treasurer and Lee Cgliig Boyl McCulley, Sergeant-at-Arms. Our first subjects of f'Elements of Law" and "Domestic Relations" were taught by Pro- fessors W. A. McClure and Gus. A. Wood, jr., respectively. Among other things which we remember in our Domestic Relation class was the question asked by Guerrant, "what per- centage of the common law is now in use?" The response being "how high is up." On Tuesday night for the first half of the year we had some very good speeches delivered to us by our fellow classmates in the study of Public Speaking, which course was concluded by Professor Louis F. Snow. The remaining Thursday nights of the year we served as material in complainants defendants and star witnesses for the Seniors in Moot Court under judge Gus A. Wood, Jr. Our next subject was "Torts" taught by our Dean Judge Swaney in which we learned about horse trading, take your hands out of your pockets, stand straight and speak like a lawyer and last but not least about nice fat fees. Professor Roy McClure instilled in us the elements and importance of contracts but we never did know whether or not he was going to wear his glasses. Professor j. B. Frazier, Ir. instructed us on how to become Criminal Lawyers and Pro- Iessor Frank S. Darwin instructed us on Personal property. This closed our first year. On September 22nd we again assembled with the upper classmen and the incoming freshmen to listen to our illustrious Dean and other members of the faculty. The next even- ing we assembled in the Circuit Court Room to resume our studies. We organized and elected W. R. Williams, Presidentg Stanton Graves, Vice-President, John J. Lively, Jr., Secretary: Horace Boydston, Treasurer and G. M. Tuck, Bailiff. We studied Private Corporations under Professor Joe Roberts, Bills, Notes and Checks under Pro- fessor Moore, Partnerships under Professor joe Frassrand, Public Corporation and Prohibition under Professor Frank Carden, Professor Clifford Curry instructed us in Common Law Plead- ing. We were instructed also by Professors W. A. McClure and Estes Kefauver all of which we enjoyed. 1 , During the year we found that Mr. Farmer, one of our members, had contracted the malady of matrirnony and we all wished him a happy future. Then came another eventful evening in the fall of 1928, when the Law School convened again. But this time it had a greater significance to us for it marked the final lap in our tortuous journey toward a degree. We assumed the mien of dignfied Seniors with more or less success, and though quite a few faces were missing from our number, there shone the light of victory in the eyes of the ones remaining for the reward of our fight which was now just over the horizon, almost within our grasp. With Graves as President, Boydston, Vice-President, G. M. fMunsyJ Tuck, Secretary and Treasurer and McCulley, Bailiff we started things with a bang. Dean judge Swaney successfully piloted us through Constitutional Law, while Professor Joe Frassrand assumed command, equally successful, in Equity Pleading and Practice. The McClure Brothers, those doughty warriors in legal warfare, showed us how to properly make Wills and dispose of Real Property, while in our Moot Court sessions, real talent was revealed. This year another of our beloved members became a victim to matrimony, that in Mr. C. G. Murdock. This is a history, in few words of three years of hard work and great determination, upon which we may look back upon in idle moments with deserved pride and joy. But the future still beckons, and out there somewhere in the great Tomorrow, the real victory awaits. To each man of us 'there is handed the torch of Truth and Knowledge. May we guard it carefully, and by so doing reap our full reward. PAGE 38 .A F' - JL Q .. 2,492 4.,,,.,..,.---. .J sag, ---. 1' xxx 'ul' P X If lvr-N XX , ae 11 x V, 9 QQ j f: K s. xi: H 1 K 5 1 K V M 1 S f 12 ff1f g 3,f:Q,fgm ' g. - 1542 ?1 X , ' fv K N X N f in I 51-,? 3'? 4,,f, ' i,',.fff'i1? 5 fi" g Y! 141' - it X.- .:"" LL Y pf?ff.L4ff1ff-A SW f: rf' 3 1 ' ff' 'f ' "'f'f1' f"'Q"'f7"'gx75'f':Xxij?" fl 1351 'iff ff- ,M KN XI- ' f g iff X1 QOH 5,4591 -,lyff Vj : fi," ,M . ,f,.,5mf 1 ,f 1- if ,4, k-Q-M .f,vf,wR J ""l1'x wx, ' + , .4i4f'fgX--'f',,.f?J at fd Lx SY fi ff Q3,F" x,,3'vQ C Gs X M6 W VU? ' ,'U' :MEIN L I I J' W . . ,,, gy ,V i., N wx' ' 'V' ' 1 Wig! ' W w We W4 ' F ix 1 V 1 1' W HHN'- if I Til, Ji., 5, M5 Ns ' 'f A, 'x' :"'1uf , 1 ' w, xxi N I f 5 k., H X, ' : 4? W ,v f '-H1 14. is a ga 4 g , 1 H f' ' V . i P if x lf' P , ., A FX - 1' " Juniors fimiggf J1ua1.2Jr5'3C Junior Class Officers FLOYD C. DELANEY PRESIDENT E. E. HARRIS vlcs-PRESIDENT MRS. EVELYN BURTON SECRETARY PAGE 4-U COBB HAYES BAILIFF J. POPE DYER HxsTon1AN W. F. HUDSON 'rkmsumzn UL Q QI , A any .4 , . -. E V ..,..i- --411.-v E-J 1 E- - WWW- ,NYW ,,., z, ,......-, 'V - - ffdhvx , , :fit ff ii' , Q! 157 Zfifi E if A, Q75 J iissiiitgif zinc' iftpiii, 3 A Wi iiizfgi ' E' J FLOYD C. DIELANEY POPE DYER TENNESSEE TENNESSEE A0795 junior Class Historian 1929. President junior Class 19293 Assistant Editor "jurist," 1929. MISS FRANK ELDRIDGE TENNESSEE PAGE 41 .,-, - UL S991 TQ, Q7 H, ,.,,,-,.....--- Y N' H N s -vnu Jiiiiwsivr T. HOUSTON GRIFFITTS T. COBB HAYES TENNESSEE TENNESSEE BAK BAK Representative The "jurist" 1929 Bailiff junior Class 1929. JAMES A. I-IILLEY GEORGIA PAGE 42 'JL Q31 QMNQQ, QQ - iff J1t111J4g2,2rS'12C - E E ' COL. JAMES E. WARE SHELLEY WISE MISSISSIPPI TENNESSEE CECIL R. WOMBLE FLORIDA SAK Junior Class Representative The "jurist" 19295 Secretary SAK 1928. PAGE 43 -EL Q 22, Q7 -,. .. . wmv.. -V t ---L Z"5. 1' 'wry' f EEE f Civ lLlJi.2,Eff53"jC ny? A I-I. R1 SNYDER WVILLIAM E. THOMPSON TENNESSEE TENNESSEE PAUL J. VIALL TENNESSEE Assistant Business Manager The "jurist" 1929. PAGE 44 C-X ,....ii,Q7 'gbjgbi , MM IL' Y.-3Lf y il M7 an f if' -'IWW L.. ,J ma u ,, , 4, ,. L t'm wrnmrvvxrrafmrnrmnsx-fzuvzrrfum ..nxc'.y'A ' -, 6 ' ' . , ,, ,,.--,.,,,,..,..-,,,,,-........,.. 3. gp L -I W V J 1 Y" ' """""' """' s D VVILLIAM F. HUDSON JAMES W. JOHNSON TENNESSEE TENNESSEE Acad: Master of the Ritual AGI: l929g Treasurer Junior Class 1929. G. W. MCCOLLUM csoncu PAGE 45 -jf. CCU7 fr, 9 , gf fy . Q 1-we -- . -r FJ? XXX we--mf..I-M--wmmmmmmw-f.Qi , . .,,.,, . . r, N ' , I ' psy wx! M yr L.: 1" 'f fl f3i4fi':f,i lMf - 'f,, I X! . ""T':' '"r'1"1f'rr:rf:':f:r."zt'1:e:.,.4- . . 4 - I A, A A,,.,--Y,,,,,-.,-..--........-,,,.........,., C. PERRY FOSTER RAYMOND L. GAMBLE TENNESSEE TENNESSEE A8119 M9111 Vice-President Freshman Class 1928: Vice- Deun Af-Ddm 19293 Vice-President Student Body 1929. G. MARSHALL GATES TE N N ESSE E AQ-Jflv PAGE 46 'jg 0:57 L3 , 1 Q.,-,.,- '-i"f"1'f --" 1 -vw-a.-rlmrf ' 'fu R ' ':.w'fx-1aFwA::'.ov1-vt X-.,f -"SN--, fl ,,, VL.: 1 . ,v x - ,.,.,,. F ,, , . W 1' - 21' A W Y! P a W rf km' ' I ' , , ff,,Z" 5' 11 I u I I. 'I ' N ,, .flf ,gf fL.1L, x?""" kfx X If W 4 -.X .xx I Q lf.. ,I .nw . Rv! 21 1, ,QL x'1agg:.w4m'.:a'mw1.:K!::AmEZ3WE74u:Lu21I.E-'1'1twal.1!XH - - - M- 'Q ,sf Q W- M X Q MRS. EVELYN M. BURTON ALTON CHILTON GEORGIA TENNESSEE Secretary junior Class 1929. BAK Bailiff BAK 1929. JOE S. DAWSON ALABAMA PAGE 47 L cCj3 'X f Q ffvjly f" , f' , ff 4,71 If AJ' gyfflii, x sf,T,Lig5:3 nv 1Ll Ji'2f3l5'JL' Qfrp- Y A ?F!?,.lF', . ' 'C. B. O'NEAL TENNESSEE SAK Secretary Freshman Class 1928. VVILLIAM E. SHERRILL TENNESSEE A0111 JOHN G. SIMPSON, JR. TENNESSEE BAK PAc:48 ax, 'QL 652 JT "lb C02 A , , - f ,'i11 H.-wi 13 fuivffgfgfifi' ig, Srxffiy lllfl-Q,1f fb .JL Y V Y In I yk,. .-L WILDER WALKER MARION H. YOUNG 'rENNEssEE TENNESSEE SAK 'AG-DCD Bailiff AQ-yp 1929. PAGE 49 YL YQ? 579 I CQ? 1-. -.,.--. --- .,.A A 'gp , , hill-gfl-f J c7JltllllF2,filS5"JF History of the Junior Class, 1929 The lights in the Courthouse illumined a scene of bustle on the night of Septem- ber 24, for it was then the Chattanooga College of Law met in the Criminal Court Room for re-organization. Opening night, of course, was of greatest importance to the Freshmen as the Juniors and Seniors had had previous acquaintance with the customs of the school. The year's instructors for the Juniors were: JOE ROBERTS ------ Bailments Gus WooDs, JR. - - Corporations Conv SMITH - -Sales MR. MADDCJX - .--- Agency J. C. CURRY - - - Common Law Plealling JUDGE W. B. SWANEY - - - - Suretyship MR. VA-LEN1'INE - - Negotiable Instruments The class officers for the Year are: FLOYD DELANEY ---- - President E. E. HARRIS - Vice-President Foaesr HUDSON - - - Treasurer MRS. EVELYN BURTON - - Secretary J. P. DYER - - - - Historian Colm HAYES ------------ Bailiff As one night succeeded another after opening night so one event succeeding an- other has made the history of the Junior Class. Thrice the aid of the law was in- voked in establishing life partnerships. The heads of the three new firms are Mr. VVomble, Mr. Thompson and Mr. lVIaddox. The class purchased for Mr. and Mrs. Maddox a present which Miss Frankie Eldridge presented with an appropriate speech. It must not be supposed that all the History making events "went merry as a wedding bell." Once the military sounded the call to arms but peace was established before blood was spilt. And so we approached the end of our Junior Year with approximately thirty of the fifty freshmen of our original -class still pressing toward the goal. Messrs. Harris, Delaney, Womble and Dyer are in a close race for the lead. We face the future, in our eyes the light of hope, in our hearts the prayer for strength. PAGE 50 'JL 'CSD H an Freshmen f' if Q'v1L,1ss11sQ,?1s,ur Freshman Class Officers JOSEPH H. CUNNINGHAM MADDOX J. HALE Vxcu-Pnasllssm SEcnE'mnx'f1'nEAsunEn ALVIE M. EDWARDS PRESIDENT PAGE 52 149: QQPPJQ Mm. E' President Secretary a E123 mums Jn A 'E' S 1 ALVIE M. EDWARDS TENNESSEE A0111 Freshman Class 1929. ROBERT H. SMITH TENNESSEE SAK JOHN F. GREEN, JR. ALABAMA MADDOX J. HALE GEORGIA BAK nd Treasurer Freshman MORRIS C. HETZLER TENNESSEE A8111 MRS. GEORGE RICE KENTUCKY .1-Q Class 1929. PAGE 53 E-- gil Q, ,f-sm. ' I 1 "' ' ' 'S I Y " fx. JACK E. MASON TENNESSEE A0115 MISS LENORA BURNS TENNESSEE Secretary and Treasurer Student Body PAGE 54 --415 fi -35 fs " 2 ff w - -'. .JA -., JOHN W. PARKS, JR. ALAu,xMA MRS. CAROLYN G. CLARK TENNESSEE EUSTAQUIO A. GONZALES PIIILLIPINE ISLANDS BEN B. WILSON 'rENNEssEE 7 . ., ,, ,.:ff'N. 1929 qv lclil-QJLSZIC -Ae - :il HL? - f A , N. R. PATTERSON TENNESSEE A0413 HAROLD M, HUMPHREYS TENNESSEE AGDCIJ Freshman Business Manager The "jurist" 1929. GRADY Y. BENNETT TENNESSEE AOKIJ JOSEPH H. CUNNINGHAM TENNESSEE A0111 Vice-President Freshman Class 1929: Fresh- man Representative The "jurist" 1929. S. PAYN E HALE GEORGIA BAK. WILLIAM L. ANDREWS TENNESSEE AGCIJ PAGE S5 EL Q'HllI1llQ,L1l5VlF W' 'F ' - ' -A f Wifi PAGE 56 RAPHAIL SCHUMAKER MISSISSIPPI MISS NELLE CARSON 'rr-:NNEssEE TRUMAN O. COX TENNESSEE PAT ST. CHARLES KENTUCKY SAMUEL A. DURHAM Ama.-xMA CLARENCE D. GENTER TENNESSEE JL Q2 , ...-..,.,.-. SN. , . ,,-,,,,. , ,mln Us L . ..., -AE -E 5 J MORRIS C. I-I ETZLER TENNESSEE A0111 BURREL W. BAKER TENNESSEE PAGES UL 9 . u-U-.-,-,,.,,, J., ,,,, NM .ggi QI Kff------ 'f V151 l ,, . . X .-I y 5---if. ' ' wfe"rmrr.z:uwmz:11w:.-ssennr.-zmaazrvam ,.,., .,.., J! , .....-..-..-H-..------------+A---1s-a-------v--'f-- History of the Freshman Class For many years, each and every Freshman Class at the Chattanooga College of Law has showered forth its air of braggadocio, some I will admit with the reason, others with the reason not so apparent. It is now our turn to keep the good work up. I believe President Edwards expressed the feeling and thought of each and every member of our class, when he said that "we had the best class from every standpoint, that had ever enrolled in the Chatta- nooga College of Law. We were somewhat slow in getting organized, but one night, in the middle of November, Mr. Roy McClure started us off, and when we linally roused ourselves from the deluge of nominations, motions, seconds etc., the results showed, Alvie M. Edwards, President, H. B. Robinson, Vice-President, M. J. Hale, Secretary, john H. Cunningham, Treasurer and John F. Green, Jr., Sergeant-at-arms. With such leadership, nothing seems impossible for our Class. We were started on our quest for legal knowledge by Mr. W. A. McClure and Mr. Pea- body Howard, who exposed us respectively to Elementary Law and Criminal Law. We en- joyed both subjects very much, and had begun to believe that studying law was a "snap." There were some very good grades made in Criminal Law, and we believe that we have quite a few members of the class who are now worthy of the great Darrow in the Criminal Court. Next we took up Domestic Relations under Mr. Roy McClure, and the subject of "Advo- cacy" under Mr. Gus and A. VVood, jr. Both subjects were handled very well, and to the great enjoyment and benefit of the Class. Mr. McClure knew thoroughly and taught us just as thoroughly how to keep from getting married, but after a lengthy discussion of the marriage ceremony intimate details of married life and the linal "bust-up", we were left somewhat dazed. It is almost inconceivable how a man can know so much about those things without ever experiencing them. There's a "Nigger in the wood-pile" somewhere. Our rosy dreams of a quick and easy grasp of law was quickly shattered when Mr. Gus A. Wood, jr. came in with the subject of Torts. Some of us, thought at the beginning that a Tort was a. disease, or some disfigurement of some kind, and there are a number of the class who still believe in is a disease. Mr. Wood worked hard and finally induced the Class to work some too, and we got a great deal out of the Course, but we were now to the place where we could see the study of law as it is. Something diflicult, if one is not interested, but interesting and uplifting if one is bent on learning it. We have tinally decided that it is necessary to WORK to learn law. HOORAY: We are all becoming Ladies and Gentlemen, no more slumping in chairs, de- lightful smoke from College Corn Cobs, cigars and cigarettes, hovering 'round our heads, and feet delicately lined upon the tables. The ladies now 'have a chanoe'. Judge Swaney, in- troducing Contracts-Horses-and Childhood experiences has descended upon us with a bang! Out of all this change, reformation and imbibing of immortal wisdom, we have firmly printed upon our mind that a contract is nothing monte nor less than "An agreement between 'two or more parties to do or not to do a particular thing upon sufiicient consideration," a meeting of the minds you understand. We must here pay our respects to the members of the fair sex in our class. We were blessed with 'seven very attractive young ladies who have helped us keep our "interest" aroused and helped Judge Swaney in our "reformation" One of this number, Miss Lenore Burns, brought honor to herself and incidentally to our Class through her election to the oflice of Secretary of the Student Body. The high light in the History of this class, is the dance given in honor of the juniors and Seniors. It was given at the Fort Wood Tea Room, incidentally I might state here that I saw no ten, but . . Well-anyhow, we had a swell time, and judging from the reports of those who attended, it was a "Howling Success." We have here given a brief outline of the High Spots of our Freshman year here, and we are now about to assume the responsibilities of juniors. We have left some records to he tried for by succeeding Freshman Classes, and we are now bent on breaking quite a few of those held by Present and Past juniors and Seniors. PAGE SX ,-.,. ' Ql, , fig, 'D ,, Z9 ' ""-5 5-,f,7,V-,.,g,.9s,.,ys:.5,,. -ara,-ww-1-we-or-mal' 5 f -45" sq.-,ga f U h A , . , , .IJ , . ,. . f If - '-' f .s - 2 Grqanizations Universit of Michi an f' . f t,TIt.III.3JI5Tt' ' ilil fel K' ' I' Theta Chapter of Sigma Delta Kappa National Law Fraternity The Theta Chapter of the Sigma Delta Kappa National Law Fraternity resumed its work in the fall of 1928 when the school was called to order. Chancellor L'Heureux called the first meeting to order and work and plans began to take form. Theta Chapter held its initiation banquet at the Read House in December at which time every one present enjoyed themselves to the utmost. Another enjoyable evening was had, also at the Read House, at a farewell banquet to the Seniors. The Chapter feels that this has been a very successful and fraternal year under the leadership of Chancellor L'Heureux and the co-operation of his brother Oflicers and members. The graduating members wish to extend their farewell and although they will not be in active service, they extend their hearty co-Operation in anything the Chapter undertakes to do. SIGMA DELTA KAPPA LAW FRA'1'15RNI'1'Y FOUNDED IN 1914 ROLL OF CHAPTERS Atla nta Chapter - Y ' H Chicago Law School Hamilton College of Law Benton College of Law Valparaiso University Chattanooga College of Law Washington and Lee University Atlanta Law School Detroit University of Law Detroit College, of Law National University Northwestern University University of Georgia Ohio Northern University Cumberland University San Francisco Law School University of Southern California De Patil University Law School Minnesota Law School Hastings College of Law University of Alabama St. Joseph Law School Chicago-Kent College of Law University of Illinois Westminister College of Law University of Mississippi St. John's College of Law University of Louisville Chicago Chapter Detroit Chapter WVashingtOn, D. C. Chapter Indianapolis Chapter Minneapolis Chapter SAN FRANSICO CHAPTER HONORARY MEMBERS THETA CHAPTER W, B. G.-IRVIN Chancellor Fourth Chancery Division of Tennessee FLOYD ESTILI. FRA NK CARDRN Jos. ALTAFFER JAKE ALPER JOE ANDERSON J. G. AUSTIN F'REo C. BARROWS M. R. BERNIIARDT SAMUEL BUTLER EDVVARD CROWE RAYMOND CROWVE HARRY CURE ROBERT L. DENMAN JOE FRASSRAND A. W. CHAMBLISS RESIDENT ALUMNI BYRON M. Foco JAMES H. GlI,MAN LOUIS GOLDSTEIN GEORGE HARVEY RUIIE HOUSTON YVILLXAM E. HOWELL CLAYTON B. HUNTER REUEEN KELLIS G. W. KRAUSE JOHN J. LIVELY, JR. W. B. LOONEY W. R. WILLIAMS PAGE 60 I - T... R PAT TIIACH M. F. VALENTINE Fl..-KVIUS T. LUNA J. FRED MCCLAIN H. L. MCCRORY HUGH MORTON HARRY NEWTON C. B. O'NEAL F. J. M. PORTER JOHN H. SAGENDORF H. R. SAOO EUGENE THRASHER WILLIAM C. SEFF aL C9 , . .IL Q2 -.-L ., ., -,.,,,,..-.,., ..., L. -.-,-E..-.... READING FROM LEFT TO RIGHT TOP Row:-G. M. Tuck, S. M. Graves, C. G. Murdock, C. R. VVomble. SECOND Row:-Wilder Walker, A. E. Farmer. THIRD ROW:-LeRoy Matthews, E. P. L'Heu1'eux, Alton Chilton, R. H. Smith BOTTOM Row:-S. P. Hale, j. G. Simpson, T. C. Hayes, Maddox Hale. PAGE 61 i""w l gi. .' N, Delta Theta Phi National Law Fraternity An unusually fine spirit of fraternal brotherhood has been manifested by the active and alumni members of Lurton Senate, Delta Theta Phi National Law Fra- ternity, during the school year of 1928-29. As a result of this situation broad policies of expansion and growth have been fostered and nurtured through the capable leadership of Dean Horace Boydston. The roll of active members has been increased during the year from fourteen on the opening day of school to twenty-six at the present writing. The fraternity lost heavily through graduation last year and consequently set about replenishing lost strength with the addition of new blood, and it might be said in justice to the mem- bership committee, 'composed of Earnest E. Harris, Chairman, L. C. Harris and Forrest Hudson, that they functioned wisely and well. Eleven men can give strong and lasting testimony as to the thoroughness, com- pleteness and impressiveness of the work of the initiation committee under the leader- ship of Raymond Gamble. The manifest intest and function of this committee was to "lay on", and therein they failed not, altho, they were enthusiastically supported by the active membership. All of the customarily brilliant social functions of the Fraternity have been ably handled by the Social Committee, and those in attendance will long remember the annual pledge dance, which was held at the Golf and Country Club on the evening of December twenty-eighth. Another enjoyable occasion was the annual spring house party given in the last week of April. The closing feature of the social calendar is the Founder's Day Banquet and this year was no exception to the rule to make it one of the biggest events of the year. A new event was added to the usual calendar in the school year closing, namely the Smoker. This was staged at the Read House on the night of November 16th and was given primarily as a "get acquainted" function for the active and alumni members and pledges. All entertainment features were planned and directed by the Social Committee with Marshall Gates, Chairman, Horace Boyd- ton and Raymond Gamble. Last, but by no means least important, of the Standing Committees comes the Finance Committee whose patient and persistent pleas may still be heard, functioning as smoothly as a well oiled machine this committee can look back over the year and glory in the satisfaction of a task well done. More power to them. They are Richard Woodward, Chairman, Floyd Delaney and Edwin Sherrill. The Senate regrets to loose six of its choicest members through graduation but realizing that Growth means change those remaining wish for those departing a fruit- ful and prosperous career. PAGE 62 n ri' , 1 I -W .... ...V ---v :--,mq....t1.v St. Paul College of Law C. PERRY FOSTER M ff X I 1 I I I ' I I , -,,,L. .. ,, .wx I. . y1s1 m:ifmaIu.metzr.e:'..Ez.z.:::I,s:. L. ... . . .. . ., . .. U, University of Kansas Boston University Indiana University Williamette University Creighton University St. Louis University ,..?. -.. -.f.........-,. -..-... -. ,.,,, . ,..... .....,. ,, .,...-.... .X . . Delta Theta Phi Law Fraternity Founded in 1913 ROLL OF University of North Carolina University of Missouri University of Michigan Ohio State University Drake University University of Illinois State University of Iowa Columbia University Loyola University CNew Orleansj Cornell University Fordham University Brooklyn Law School University of Cincinnati Yale University University of Detroit University of Utah Loyola University fChi University of Minnesot cagoj a SENATES University of Maryland Detroit College Of Law Western Reserve University John Marshall Law School fChicagoJ Marquette University University of Southern California University of Colorado University of Pittsburg University of South Dakota Southern Methodist University Dickinson College of Law University of Texas Washburn College, School of Law University of Memphis Law School New York Law School University of Chicago Ohio Northern University University of California John Marshall School of Law fClevelandi New Jersey Law School Cleveland Law School Kansas City Law School University of Richmond Mercer University Chattanoga Collcge of Law Leland Standford University University of Washington University of Pennsylvania Chicago-Kent College of Law Detroit City Law School Georgetown University University of Nebraska University of Indianapolis DePaul University Northwestern University Atlanta Law School Northwestern College of Law FRATRES IN FACULTATE W. A. MCCLURE T. POPE SHEPHERD W. B. SWANEY ROY MCCLURE FRATRES IN URBE CARLYSLE S. LITTLETON M. D. BROwnER D. H. BARRER, JR. G. W. CHAMLEE, JR. H. T. SCHAEEEER G. ROYAL NEESE JAMES H. WHELESS CHAS COEFEY CECIL ROGERS ROBERT C. MAxwEI.L WILLIAM W. RODDY H. W. PRESCOTT ALLEN JORDAN THOS. CRUTCHFIELD A. H. COOPER HORACE BOYDSTON L. C. HARRIS HENRY BARGER CLARENCE F. SWEETS DAN I. CASEY BERCH WHILHITE ED HILL J. V. HOLDAM WILLIAM J. LEE, J. S. MCCLAIN BEN W. CAVENDER RAYMOND STREET HORAcE HAMDY EUGENE MCKENZIE DIXIE SMITH ROY SMITH MANLEY WATSON N. J. SIMMONS B. C. FRASSRAND ALVIN ZEIGLER WALTER GRONER WADE BAILEY J. H. BROTIIECK JOHN O'BRIEN EUGENE MERRIAM R. A. SNOW WATSON ALLEY FRANK T. MEACHIXM JAS. A. SHERRILI. J. A. RODDY FRATRES IN COLLEGIO J. R. WILLIAMS GRADY Y. BENNETT GUS A. WOOD JOHN M. FREULER ROBERT FRIERSON ALIIERT W. TABER I. C. HARRINGTON A. M. DICKERSON LAURRELL THATCHER HARRY R. HAYES E. B. CULLEN E. SLOAN T. POPE SHEPHERD HARRY HOGAN E. B. BAKER WINIFRED HAYES D. H. WILSON RICHARD WOODWIXRD FORREST HUDSON RAYMOND GAMBLE JAMES McKENzIE F'LoYD DELANEY GEORGE W. SIMONS, JR. MORRIS C. HETZLER lg'Ug'iiv-en-fmvsvfrpfr-zframza'--ln' -.wwf ' 1 R ' - HERMAN HALL J. N. HUNTER MARSHALL GATES MARION YOUNG ' fl 'CWI ,Car JACK E. MASON HAMILTON CUNNINGHAM W. EDWIN SHERRILL WM. LEE ANDREWS NATHANIEL R. PATTERSO CLYDE WEATHERI-'ORD ALVIE W. EDWARDS ERNEST E. HARRIS HAROLD HUMPHREYS " .D , Cf ff? .. .. ,H ,, tx H...-I.-.. -.,,.,. - - -...-.-few-M--so-.1-....A., rt wr- . A N Rmdfny from lrfl to riyfhl Tor' Row:-jack Mason, Alvie Edwards, Louis Harris SECOND Row:-joweph H. Cunningham, Horace Boydston Tmkn Row:-W. L. Andrews, Ed Curry, J. E. McKenzie, I-1. M. Humphries Bo'rTou Row:--Marshall Games, Grady Bennen, joe Iflunrer. PAGE 64 Reading from left to right TOP Row:--Perry Foster, Raymond Gamble, Floyd Delaney SECOND Row:-Forrest Hudson, E. E. Harris THIRD Row:-j. R. Williams, N. R. Patterson, Morris Hetzler, W. E. Sherrill BOTTOM ROW:--Herman Hall, Marion Young, R. H. Woodward PAGE 65 .. .-. H... ,.,.t,, 711-'1'Wl7lW11-.i!,.-...L ... .. Q wining .rc 14 To the following professional men, for their assistance in making this publication possible, we extend sincere thanks. Harry Schaefer P. H. Thach B. C. Frassrand W. A. McClure Roy McClure Gus Wood Joe F rassrand Harry Hays Estes Kefauver E. B. Baker Clarence Sweets Alvin Ziegler W. B. Swaney R. L. Denman Sam Whitaker S. J. McAllister Ray 8: Valentine J. C. Curry C. A. Noone Peabody Howard J. C. Townsend Albert Mead Dickerson J. L. Levine C. C. Moore R. W. Kemmer Nathan L. Bachman F. B. Taylor Albert W. Taber J. H. Anderson Floyd Estill N. W. Prescott Frank S. Carden R. B. Cooke Samuel Bosworth Smith 8: Son Frank Todd Meacham Raymond J. Bork Carlyle S. Littleton T. T. Rankin Joseph B. Roberts J. B. Frazier, Jr. E. Y. Chapin, Sr. W. A. Sadd Thomas, Thomas 8: Darwin 430:02 ini ri 11111031311 1 13 riuiniuioioil 3 in 21111 in 101034 lk 3 0.0 rio- v ninja 0.0 These leading merchants of Chattanooga have materially aided us in publishing this book-Let E us not forget to reciprocate. l l HARDIE AND CAUDLE DAVIDSON CLOTHING CO. EDWARDS AND LaBRoN 3 W. F. FISCHER AND BRO. CO. T. H. PAYNE CO. 3 TERRELL ELECTRIC CO. 5 JAMES M. SHAW CO. 2 FULMER. REEVES AND WARE E SOUTHERN RUBBER co. I STERCHI BROS. AND EowLER l l COLUMBIAN MUTUAL LIFE INS. CO. afnpogopoa-nocr0CD1vCD"I'lD iiliiifi 'FDC' 10101 'SUI 130201 ,103 le L 3 - 3 ...P 3. 5 :init 0 f,,.N,p h A 11 kg ,VN ,xi H ,-,?,w - -lfsfjmf, "-., J ,,.. T CENTRAL g DINING ROOM 5 611 WALNUT STREET I Opp. Court House 1 Home Cooked Meals 350 l Served Hom-e Style E Meal Tickets-21 Meals 535.50 W. W. DAVIS, Mgr. E l Harry E. Chapman Company 2 Funeral Directors l AMBULANCE sERv1CE E Member of the "Order of the Golden Rule" i . 7265 MARKET ST- . U Ofhcxal Photographer "The Jurlst Your Credit is Good - SHYER'S READ HOUSE , 1 J EWELRY STORE N 815 MARKIET ST. l Call 6-2129 for Correct Q Time Service l Courtesy COMPLIMENTS OF C Omf 01' 5 Sterchi-Fowler and I ' White, Inc. I Amerlcan Hotels Corp. ,,Everything for the New York Office" oiuirlioiniui 11110312111 .4 , PT fx 6,2 .2 S 7 .. - 11,1 T, 101 11010111202 in 2 131101 ,D 141101011uxuiuxuiuzuiniqniuiniuininiuiuininiui 11014131 3 11 Compliments of The Ross Hotel Grill 816 Georgia Avenue Chattanooga - Tennessee Street Cars Carry Eighty Per Cent of the People-and Use Bat Little Space THE TENNESSEE ELECTRIC POWER CO. ' Flowers are always 'ght F ountam Square when they come fran Drug Store THE :,,,:, . RETAIL FLORIST HC21dqU2i1'fC1'S L. Foyslllsilglla. 6039 JOY'S-M. 431 Q Q HAEcgi1: IKllLOR.f?L co.-Mg 5152 GI-IATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE L. JACK Spisqlvasillfllbgllal. 103 F ine Shoes Are Best Done The KENTON Way Level Heels Carry a Head Level HOWDY! BILL SHORES CO. , . ' ' ' T ' 4, e . 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DESIGNERS 'UID PRINTERS ii El OF E FINE COLLEGE ANNUALS ,Sf KNOXVILLE, TENN. -'V F- RU u.s.A. Q- N gfyoliaffa-gaefvibfi wif H4 1756 sfyf 122 ifejobfzfiffzy Q 0!70f OQSCQHIQQ gf ffe - E afmwaf 13' 0 oybffe - . .-2 foal?" gf our sefyfce - . .... 7 V?" 5W'I LW, V AWQ3 L7 MWF A . Guwzfffz XQQTRV3 'XY' ff 1, QS' V EMEA ffiwz-1. 'N WN W y x:o:4x1o:o:o1o:ojo1o14 nioicxioioioioicrjaviojeriooxa 101014 540101014 I Engravers to the 1929 .Iurist Satisfying the Staff is Our Aim-The Editor of the Jurist Will Verify This ALABAMA ENGRAVING COMPANY In the Heart of the South For a Quarter Century Engravers to Southern Schools ini ui xi is ioil it 2030311031 303011 10:41:-ninja:rioioioi-n:o14nier:o:o:oio:n:4r1o11x:o11r:o:1x:4n1::4n14:4n14n:4n14rj1x:e 11010101-up 51011 3031303 li 103113 AUIUQTHDHDS Axulltwgmyphs Autographs

Suggestions in the Chattanooga College of Law - Jurist Yearbook (Chattanooga, TN) collection:

Chattanooga College of Law - Jurist Yearbook (Chattanooga, TN) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 53

1929, pg 53

Chattanooga College of Law - Jurist Yearbook (Chattanooga, TN) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 67

1929, pg 67

Chattanooga College of Law - Jurist Yearbook (Chattanooga, TN) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 66

1929, pg 66

Chattanooga College of Law - Jurist Yearbook (Chattanooga, TN) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 20

1929, pg 20

Chattanooga College of Law - Jurist Yearbook (Chattanooga, TN) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 45

1929, pg 45

Chattanooga College of Law - Jurist Yearbook (Chattanooga, TN) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 59

1929, pg 59

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