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ai|,llSitjil;liiM«?IU ' ' ' reiir4iV, ;■ (!, . " ,sifi»i ' ' ' 3 ' ' pass tt • :% v« LYRE ' 75 C. W. BAKER HIGH SCHOOL BALDWINSVILLE, NEW YORK WE MAY NEVER PASS THIS WAY AGAIN. . . life — so they say Is but a game and we let it slip away, love — like the Autumn sun Should be dyin ' but it ' s only just begun, Like the twilight in the road up ahead, We don ' t see just where we ' re going Whisper in our ears and all the years will come and go . . . And take us up — always up We may never pass this way again. We may never pass this way again. We may never pass this way again. dreams — so they say Are for fools and they let them drift away, peace — like the silent dove Should be flyin ' but its only just begun Like Columbus in the olden days We must gather all our courage Sail our ships out on the open sea Cast away our fears and all the years will come and go . . . And take us up — always up We may never pass this way again. We may never pass this way again. We may never pass this way again. So ... I wanna laugh while the laughin ' is easy, I wanna cry while it makes it worthwhile. We may never pass this way again — That ' s why I want it with you Cause — you make me feel like I ' m more than a friend Like I ' m the journey and you ' re the journey ' s end We may never pass this way again — That ' s why I want it with you baby We may never pass this way again. We may never pass this way again. We may never pass this way again. We may never pass this way again. We dedicate " LYRE ' 75 " to you, Mr. Arcaro. A teacher, coach and friend. A helpful, respected, and enthusiastic individual. Words cannot express our total feelings towards you. We will have memories of you even after our high school days are done. Thanks for helping whenever needed and being you. 1 Dear Friends: Life has many memories. Many of these memories are lived in our high school days — memories from the first step as inexperienced freshmen, to the last as graduating seniors. These days are almost gone. That is why I ' d like to take time now to thank Mr. Baker, Mr. Osgood, and Varden Studios for their help and time involved in the yearbook. I would especially like to thank the entire LYRE STAFF ' 75 for their effort in making the yearbook a success. Knowing that we will never pass this way again, we have tried to capture the best moments of our high school years in this yearbook — moments of sadness and tears, as well as laughter and smiles. We ' ve experienced years of running up and down miles of corridors . . . rummaging a book piled locker . . . the games we won . . . teachers who really cared . . . the good times . . . that someone special . . . yours to remember always with . . . LYRE ' 75. Sincerely yours. 2 trGjZ l Deb Moses, Editor Lyre Staff ' 75, Francemone, Typist; Becky Power , Girls Sports; Pal Beebe ».i«ine»« Manager; Anii« ( »r,lrll» ..,„,, 1 .l,.„r 1„rv I , . iiiielson, Tjrpist; Ba KHii in, Typiat; Tracy Mari illr, A . ' Jf7 ' tf. HBri ' i . Gary Kolodziejczyk. Boys Sports; tft Pfeifer, Administration; Dan Wilco», Auia- lant F.ditor. Absent: Donna Ju ' ' ' S- s f ' Introduction 1 Seniors 9 4 Administration .... 95 " Underclassmen . ... 109 Activities 139 Girls Sports 165 Boys Sports 185 Advertisements .... 212 c,0i§ ' Cause You Make Me Feel Like Vm More Than a Friend, Like Vm the Journey And You ' re the Journey ' s End WE MAY NEVER PASS THIS WAY AGAIN These Are Our Treasures Kept Apart, Cradled in Velvet in Our Hearts, Graven Profiles, Picture-Clear . . . Perfect Moments — Priceless Dear, Etched in Ageless Time To Be, Our Cameos of Memory. Senior Class Profile CUTEST MOST TALKATIVE Donna Hovey Kathy Nagle David Feickert CLASS CLOWNS Gary Kolodziejczyk Mary Beth Kelly 1 T l QUIETEST Donna Wolken Michael Armstrong r .n BEST DRESSED Elizabeth Pfeifer M 2T ;- " N ■ V ' • , im:-. ■ ROMEO JUUET David Claus Pam Stanistreet BEST ALL AROUND MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Dann Brissenden Jane Weisberg Lisa Mathis Patrick Murray Dan Lang CLAMFURTS y HKST l.(M)M . ' U 1- 1 I ' ll (.rabuHikl Jim hiiiii JANET E. ABRAHAM Star When a man ' s ways please the Lord, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him. JEAN ADSIT Jeanie A child is not a vase to be filled, but a fire to be lit. ROBERT C. ALBERT Robbie If at first you don ' t succeed lie, cheat or steal. GEORGE ALEXANDER It is said if vou hav e the time and the can be done no matter what. MICHAEL ALLEN ROBERT ALLEN PETER ANCONA RANDY R. ANDERSON Randous Tomorrow is open and right now it seems to be more than enough to just be here today. GEORGE A. ARMSTRONG When in doubt, throw your stick. MICHAEL M. ARMSTRONG The longest journey begins with a single step. JACALYN BAKER Bake Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. PHYLLIS BALL Phyl There will always be a population explosion until someone takes the fun out of lighting the fuse. LEE R. BARBUR SHARON BARLOW I hale nobody; Vm in charity with the world. KATHLEEN DARNELL Barney The things we remember best are those that are best forgotten. PAUL BARTLETT A stone may fall on the one who starts it rolling. MYRON C. BEALS Might is right. Spike DIANE BEAU LIEU Ralph Have fun in whatever you do and love the ones you ' re with. LAURICE BEAVER Laurie It is with true lo e as it is with ghosts; everyone talks of it, but few have seen it. PATRICIA L. BEEBE Beeb Many times I ' ve been alone and many times I ' ve cried. KAREN K. BIANCAVILLA Biane If you think I ' m quiet then you don ' t really know me. RICHARD BILLINGS JUDY BISHOP DORENA BLANCHARD Eno . . . sometimes our deepest feelings are the hardest to express . . . MARY KATE BLAND Kate I ' ve saved the summer and I give it all to you to hold on winter mornings when the snow is new. DAVID E. BLOK Var It is better to run hard to beat something bad in life than it is to run away from it and hope it goes away. RANDY BORROWMAN Jay PATRICIA A. BORT Friendship is just a little word, it ' s who make it big. SUZANNE BOUSQUET Sue Happiness is being very much in love with someone very special who loves you back. SARAH BOWDEN Be as a page that aches for a word which speaks on a theme that is timeless. WALTER J. BRAINERD, III Joe How beautiful it is to do nothing and then rest after it. LINDA BRAUKSIECK Happy words make happy people and hap- py times make better friends. KIM BRESSE The mystery of life is not a problem to be solved, it is a reality to be experienced. DANN BRISSENDEN Briss Life is tough when you have to be in by 11:00; I was a good boy and always was. LEONTYNE R. BROOME Leony Don ' t hate the Black, don ' t hate the White, if you get bitten, just hate the bite. MARGARET BROWN Brownie MARK BROWN MICHAEL BROWN Mike To know what we must do is good sense, to know what we must think is intelligence. KEVIN BRYANT Kevin It was a long hard road, but I made it. OBIN BRYANT Robin o pass the point of bitterness is to reach le start of love. DAWN M. BRYERTON Though boys throw stones at frogs in sport, the frogs do not die in sport, but in earnest. JOHN BUCKLEY Buck Success will come if you work hard enough JOHN BUIS John Live fast, die young, and leave a good look- ing corpse. CAROLEE K BULTMAN Happiness doesn ' t come from doing what we like to do, but from liking what we have to do. JIM BURTON Boo When choosing between two evils, I always take the one I ' ve never tried before. KATHLEEN BURTON Burton Man is an embodied paradox, a bundle of traditions. STEPHEN BUTLER Steve I am more true to lite than life is to me. BONNIE CALKINS To understand is to love and to love is to live. - Exr-ii, CYNTHIA CALKINS Cindy What is bitter to stand against today may be sweet to remember tomorrow. DANA CAMPBELL BARBARA L. CAM ELL Barb All the world ' s a stage and all are merely players. One man in his time plays many parts. ANITA M. CARDELLA U is half of US. BONNIE CARUSO DAVID D. CASTLE Tank Whether ve eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all for the Glory of God. ROBERT CERIO Cherrio If a man wants his dreams to come true, he imisl first wake up. KATHLEEN CHRISTENSEN LEIGH CLARK AIMEE COCHRANE Ain As I have been, vou are, as I am, vou will be PAMELA A. COLLINS Col. You ' ll never get a second chance to make a first impression. GAIL COMINS If you V4ant something let it go, if it doesn ' t come back it was never yours, if it does come back, it ' s vours forever. MARY JO COMMANE RICHARD CONKLIN It is those that aren ' t that make those that are what thev are. TERRENCE CONNOLLY Terry Friends are the most important things in life. DAVID CRAIG Craigie Bachelors, like detergents, work fast and leave no rings. CELINDA CREGO Lei your life be like a snowflake lea es a mark, but not a stain. SANDRA CURRIER Sandy There are times when one would like to hang the whole human race, and finish the farce. MEGHAN DACK Geoffwey Thru cold, thru cold and the bitter alone, there high in the wind rides a star, my own BARBARA J. DAILY Ostrich Before you tell someone how good you are; you gotta tell them how bad you used to be. CIRTIS DAILY JOANNE DALE Joey It ' s not how many years you get in your life; hut how much life you get in your years. PATRICIA DALEY MARY LOU DANIELSON Mlo To find, to love, to keep is life. ROY J. DAUSMANN, III R.J. Happiness is hitting a tree and being too dniniv to realize it! DIANA DAVIS Dee-Dee Smile through everv fear and sorrow, smile and maybe tomorrow the sun will come shining through for you. MARK DELAWYER AL DEACONS Deac Suzuki isn ' t the best, but it gets me where I want to go, most of the time! PATRICIA DEMSHAW Patty If any man seeks for greatness, let him forget greatness and ask for truth, and he will find both. JAIVIES DIAMOND Jim When I die I ' ll go to heaven, because I ' ve spent my time in hell. SUSAN M. DODGE Love and a red nose can ' t be hid. BRENDA DOLLINGER Try it and you ' ll love it. JAMES DONAHUE KENNETH DONALDSON TERRENCE DOWD, JR. Dowdy I am rather like a mosquito in a nudest camp; I know what I ought to do, but I donH know where to begin. ROBERT J. DO MNG Weasel The world is round because a soccer ball is round. DENISE DOWNUM Denise Let vour life be like a snowflake, which leaves a mark but not a stain. DAVID DREW Dave It is better to remain silent and be thought dumb than to speak and remove all doubt. ROBERT EASTMAN Bob Kalhy, love is you. You and me. Love is knowing we can be. MARK ECKEL Padre Looking to the future, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. STACIE ECKER Eck Never allow the memories of yesterday, nor the dreams of tomorrow, interfere with your goals for today. DOUGLAS W. EIPP Eipper Go climb up on a hill, stand perfectly still, and silently soak up the day. CATHLEEN ELBRECHT Cathy The memory of love should be a place in your heart to contemplate with joy. BONNIE ELDERBROOM THOMAS ELHOFF Hoffer In departing, I wish you love, peace, and soul. LYNN M. ELLIS Lynn Life Is a joke that ' s just begun. ROLAND L. ELLIS Abe Defeat should never be a source of courage, but rather a fresh stimulant. TIMOTHY J. EMERSON Tim Many times Fve listened, and many times Tve wondered how much there is to know. DAVID ENGLISH KATHERINE EVERTZ Katie To be free is to have no regrets of yesterday and have no plans for tomorrow. DENISE FADDEN DAVID FEICKERT Fike If a man does not keep pace with his com- panions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. CHRISTINE FELL Faces are but a pallery of pictures, and talk hut a tinkling cymbal, where there is no love. DEBRA FELL Debbie Let today embrace the past with remem- brance and the future with longing. CHERYL FENTON Cherie Trying to go straight through the park we got lost hut always found the same horse go- ing round. GAIL I. FERGUSON If you face the world with a smile, things look a whole lot brighter. CAROL A. FILSINGER Fil What you can do, or dream you can, begin it: Boldness has genius, power and magic in RICHARD FINCH MICHAEL FITZGERALD Fitz Remember the past as present and the future as always. BEVERLY FITZPATRICK Bev I ' ve been dying for thirteen years, now I ' m living. BONNIE FORDERKONZ To have — to hold, — and, — in time, — let go! DOROTHY FOSTER The real in me is silent. The acquired is talkative. PATRICIA L. FRANCEMONE Fran In love one has need of being believed, in friendship, of being understood. LEE ERASER Le Don ' t worry, you haven ' t seen the last of u Frasers! DEBRA FREAR Frear I think there Is only one quality worse than hardness of heart and that is softness of head. ROBERT FULLER Bob ho the hell reads quotes anvwavs? TRACEY E. GAEBLER Turkey Life is pure flame, and we live by an invisi- ble sun within us. NATALIE GATES ROBIN E. GATES Everyday a new journ DENNIS GAWORECKI Greek Even the best of friends can ' t attend each others funeral. WILLIAM GELLING PVIL GERHARDT To work is hard, to live is easy. JEFF GETMAN Gett Meanwhile, back at the oasis, where the Arabs are eating their dates. BECKY GIRARD Becky Being small doesn ' t limit the size of your smile. Wear one each day and watch your friends increase. PATRICIA A. GODKIN Beautiful things are seldom easy. ROBIN GOODEN I live for my dream and a pocketful of gold. THOMAS GOODFELLOW Goodie Confucius say: Man with good head on his shoulders is good-fellow. ROSS GOODRICH VALERIE GORHAM Crash Hope is a memory of the future. PATRICIA GRABOWSKI Grub When the sun shines down upon us, rememher it ' s always dark on the other side. ROBERT M.GRAF Graffer Confidence is the art of overcoming other people ' s opinions. GEORGE GRANT If it feels good and doesn ' t hurt anyone, DO IT! MICHELLE GRAY - Shelly We are measured not only by how much we love, but how much we are loved by others. ANN M. GREEN Ann The onlv way to have a friend is to be one. CATHARINE M. GREENE Cath Beneath these words are many thoughts. I wish you could read them. There are more than I can write. DOUGLAS GREENE Greener Pass that rouch. pour the wine, I ' ll kiss vours, if YOU kiss mine. GARY L. GRIFFIN Merv It ' s better to let it out than to leave it in. DONNA GROW If you love him you must let him go free; if he does not come back, he was never really vours, if he does, love him forever. PATRICIA GUNTHER Goob On this earth though far or near, without love there ' s only fear. DAVID HAGEMANN ROBERT HAHN Bob Didn ' t think it could be done in four years, but I did it. DEBORAH HALL Let evervbody write so that writer. WARREN S. HALL A madman in life I may not be, bu t a mad- man on skis I surely am. KAREN E. HANNON Karen Friendship is just a little word, it ' s people that make it big. MARY C. HARVEY Mare A friendly smile is as effective as a warm sun shining brightly. ROBERT HASKELL Life consists in what a all day. Bob man is thinking of JEFFERY HAYES Jeff A hero dies but once, a coward dies a thou- sand deaths. MARY HAYES If you can keep your head together while everyone around you is losing theirs, you don ' t understand the system. RICHARD W. HENDERSON Hen Winning isn ' t everything; it ' s knowing that vou tried that counts. RICHARD HENNESSY SUSAN HERRMANN Sue Yesterday is experience. Tomorrow is hope. Today is getting from one to the other as best as we can. GEORGE HILTON Urk . . . Type-Tricky FRANCIS J. HIMPLER All good men die young; life. Frank plan on a long DEBRA L. HITTER Hit I am beckoned to be one or the other, to say I am both and be neither. Well, so much for that. DEBORAH HOLCOMB Debby Life can be wonderful if you want it to be. BONITA HOLIDAY LISA HOLTMAN Lis . . . there ' s a feeling I get when I look to the West and my spirit is crying for leaving CRAIG A. HOPKINS Think of three things; where you came from, where you are going, and to whom you must account. GAIL HOTALING I feel too old to be here, yet too young to leave. DANIEL P. HOURIHAN Horn Trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth. DONNA M. HOVEY Huv Happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have. DARRELL C. HOWARD Bubba There is no wrong side or right side. There is no regret in not being loved only in lov- ing. DANA HOWE ROBERTA L. HOWE Bobbie The magic of a first love is the ignorance that it will never end. JEFF HUDSON Muff YouVe not a man until voii eat a muff. RICK HUDSON The only dreams that are worthwhile are the ones that retain their glory after they become realitv. JODY L. HUGHES Jod A cheerful heart, a smiling face, pours sunshine in the darkest place. MARK HUMPHREY M.D.H. Happiness is a warm transmitter. JOHN HURST Somedays you eat the bear and somedays the bear eats vou. NANCY HYNES The true test of intelligence is not how much we know how to do, but how we behave when we donU know what to do. DAVID JACK Chink I thank everybody for making me welcome. I ' d stay but my wings have just dropped off. SUSAN A. JACKSON Sue Looking forward into the past or backward into the future, I laugh about it all the way. DONNA JARVIS Jarvey To be yourself is something you feel inside of you; not something you wear outside of LYNN JENSEN SALLY A. JENSEN . . . be at peace with your soul. For all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it ' s still a beautiful world. DEBRA JOHNSON Johns When you have someone to love, cherish those moments and memories before they go forever. DIANA JOHNSON Dee I li e for him, and he li es for me. We have what lo e ought to be. LYNN JOHNSON Loneliness remembers what happiness forgets. PAUL JOHNSON RICHARD JOHNSON Jason KATHY A. JOHNSTON Kath A dream-visions of what could be, of where I ' m going, of who I am in the presence of becoming. CHRISTINE JONES Chris If a man does not keep pace with his com- panions, perhaps he hears a different drummer. JENNY JORDAN A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Go to school, live dangerously. BRUCE KAMINSKI LISA K. KELLEY Lease Dream, dream, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly. MARGARET A. KELLY Peg There is no such thing as pleasure; some anxiety always goes with it. MARY BETH KELLY Kel I loved you once in silence and misery was all I knew. PATRICK KELLEY Who cares? KAREN A. KERWOOD A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter; he who finds one finds a treasure. JOHN KILLIAN LISA KINGSLEY Lee THOMAS KINSLOW Love neither suffers wrong, nor wrongs. CHERYL A. KLINE Cherrie Most people who go to school to learn dur- ing the week, learn most on the weekends. TIMOTHY KNIGHT Tim Remember, it ' s a matter of only eighteen in- ches between a pal on the back and a kick in the pants. GARY KOLODZIEJCZYK Do what you want; youMl he belter. JANE L. KOPECKY Thonk I once had brains and a heart also, so hav- ing tried them both, I should much rather have a heart. PAULA KOTLIK SEPEHR KOUSHA The leaves may dry, flowers may die, yc may forget me, but never will I. KIMBERLY KRAFFT I do not wish to be accepted for what I can be when I ' m winning, but for what I am when I refuse to play the game. JOYCE KRATZER Joyce Happiness is to go out in the morning and find a flower blooming that was not there yesterday. CONSTANCE E. KRAWIEC Krevise Happiness isn ' t always measured in smiles. MARK KRENTEL Ton Bonhomme Those who regard work as pleasure can cer- tainly have a hell of a lot of fun in this in- stitution. MICHAEL KUZDZAL Kuz Some say high school is only a building, I now know better. JOY LAGROW JON LAMANCHE DEBORAH A. LAMICA Debbie Love is great. Love hurts. But hang on if you have love and never let go because I did. JEFFREY LAMIRANDE CYNTHIA LANCTO Cindy For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways. K VREN A. LANE Tin can at my feet, think I ' ll kirk it down the street . . . that ' s no way to treat a friend. DANIEL LANG Tuphali Mayhe I haxen ' t got it all right now, but rememher there ' s a future. LYNETTE LAVALLEE Tomorrow is another day. i - PAMELA A, LAV LLEE Pam But much too wise for sandcastles, my castles were across the sea ... or still within mv mind. LINDA LEBLANC Happiness is a warr Linda smile on a cold day. PATRICIA LECLAIR Smile ... It makes pe you ' ve been up to. Pat tple wonder what KATHLEEN A. LEHMAN Kaihy If ihe grass is always greener on the other side how tome this side went to pot? ANN-MARIE LEIER Don ' t part with your illusions. When they are gone vou may still exist, but you have ceased to live. DANIEL LIADKA BRIAN LICOURT Bernie Someone like yon makes me realize what my life is. My whole life is you and only vou. DEBRA LIPTAK Deb To reach perfection one must be free of dis- tractions. Lo e is a very big distraction. JIDITH LOCKE Judy Don ' t brag about your plans for tomorrow — wait and see what happens. ROY LUTHER LeRoy CARL LUTZ Carl Park with care, accidents cause people. GEORGIA LYONS KATHLEEN MACDURMAN RONALD MAKEPEACE Indian Man is transformed into the cotisumer, whose one wish is to consume more and " better " things. WAYNE MANCRONI Manboney Happiness is taking coed swimming and ac- cidently leaving your suit at home. KATHLEEN M. MANHARD Kathy To have happiness one must share it, for happiness was born a twin. TRACY MANVILLE Crush That was a good movie, but I didn ' t like the ending. CAROL A. MARGESON Prejudices are the chains forged by norance to keep men apart. DEBRA MARKERT Deb Live today, for there may be no tomorrow. ALBERT MARKHAN Al Remember what ' s an unnatural act for you is a natural one for me. EDWARD MARKS Ed I ' ve just reached one peak of life only to find a bigger one ahead of me. LAURIE K. MARSH Laur Loneliness of many days, brings emptiness in many ways. DOLORES MARTIN School pays off so don ' t drop out. LINDA MARTIN DEANNE MASSEY Today. JOANNE M. MASSEY I am not in this world to live up to your ex- pectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine . MICHAEL MATHERS Mike Only a fool is sore of himself, I think! LISA MATHIS You can ' t give up trying to understand un- til youVe willing to remain confused. DONALD MAYER Wheels Everybody is going to die, I plan on post- poning mine as long as possible. JOYCE MCARDELL Friends — some are true, others are not. They either love you or what you got. CARRIE MCCARTHY Mic The ability to reach for something that ' s MARK MCCLAUDE ' Nuf said. TIMOTHY F. MCMAHON Look for the best. GEORGE C. MEDINA George All great men are dead; I don ' t feel so well myself. JAMES MELINO Chink If your nose runs, and your feet smell, you ' re built upside down. SHERI MERCADANTE Life just gives you time and space; it ' s up to vou to fill it. GARY MERCER SUSANNA M. METZLER Metz Everything I lack in intelligence I make up for in stupidity. 0i w MARC MICHALET He that looks forward will always have a future. When he heads towards the post, his future shall also pass. PATRICIA MILDEN Sottn I know now who I am, and I have the courage to be just that, for I am the only hindrance to my being. DANIEL MILLER Honcho Well, maybe it wasn ' t a complete waste of DOUGLAS J. MILLER You only go around one Doug n life, so watch it. MICHAEL MILLER IRENE MILLER Reni Young child with dreams; dream every dream on your own. CATHLEEN A. MINNOE Cathy All the darkenss of the world cannot put out the light of one small candle. VINCENT B. MITCHELL Vince Honesty is the key to success; once you learn how to fake it, you have it made. DEBORAH J. MONROE The DeviPs shoes don ' t squeak! JOHN P. MONTAGUE Jack When you think everything is going great, it ' s not, you probably just lost. BETTE MONTMORAN To each his own. ROBERT J. MONTMORAN Bob If I had it to do over, I would think more than twice! JAMES MOORE Jim Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes. RICK MOORE I ' m an atheist, thank God. MYLES MOHAN Don ' t wax your skis with peanut butter, it makes them stick to the roof of your mouth. BRUCE MOREHOUSE Money is the root of all evil. Moose DEBORAH MOSES Seeking means to have a goal, but finding means to be free. JODY MOSES Jody The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do. TONIA MOSLEY Toni Happiness is caring for someone, and someone caring for you. MICHAEL MOWINS Mike Feelings and experiences are the currency of life, but only when we share them do we become wealthy. GREGORY MUELLER Greg The four saddest words that were ever com- posed, are these dismal sounds THE BAR IS CLOSED. SHARON MULVANEY Shar Tomorrow isn ' t promised to us, so make the most of today. PATRICK MURRAY Moose The trouble with you is the trouble with me, you ' ve got two eyes but you still can ' t see. KATHLEEN NAGLE Nag It is better by far to forget and be happy than to remember and be sad. CAROL M. NASH Carol Live as if yesterday never happened and tomorrow never wilL JO ANN NEEDLK Noodle Better by far you should forget and smile than that you should remember and be sad. BRUCE NELLI HiUer Tom, we better head down to the Corner Pharmacy and BUY SOME MORE!!! PAULA NICOLL Welcome to my happiness; you know makes me smile, and it pleases me to ha you here for just a little while. J. ROBIN NIELSEN You give little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give. WILLIAM NIELSEN Bill Todav ' s achievement is only tomorrow ' s confusion. J. PAUL NORTHROP Nort The more you study, the more you miss out on. Enjoy life while you can and forget studying. KATHLEEN OLDENBURG Kathy If you fight hard enough for what you want, you ' ll get it. TERRENCE J. O ' LEARY Hogo The trouble with you is the trouble with me, you ' ve got two eyes, but you still can ' t BILL OLIVER You might as well laugh as to cry, for hardships are bound to happen. LOUISE OPPLETON Lou We ' re children needing other children and yet letting our grown up pride hide all the need inside. LORI A. O ' TOOLE When I was 15, I thought my father was a dumb man. When I was 21, 1 was amazed at how much he learned in six years. PAUL PACELLI Quaz Life is like a thruway, if you slow down, you ' re going to gel passed. STEWART PAICE DONALD PAIGE Don If you have a good track coach, a good track team, and a good track record, then let ' s have a track, please! MICHAEL C. PALLOS II Alex I won ' t quarrel with my bread and butter and especially not with my hamburgers. ANTHONY P. PANNOZO Tony Just be yourself, and life will be a lot easier. WILLIAM PELRINE Bo The longer I think about it. the more I feel like changing my mind. DAVID PATRICK Dave If you don t succeed the first time, tr) ' again with more confidence in yourself. MARGARET PERLOWSKI Meg In the distance I see something, and I will not give up until I find it — then — watch out!!! SUSAN PETRINI Sue He who gains intelligence is his own best friend: he who keeps understanding will be successful. ELIZABETH PFEIFER Liz And a new day will dawn for those who stand long, and the forests will echo with laughter. BOBBI PHILLIPS Boob I am as you: alone and afraid. Alone of heart, afraid of soul. But I move on, for it is as it should be. DAVID PICKARD To be or not to be question! Pick that ' s a helluva CLARENCE PIER :E I just hope it was worth it. DESALYN ' B. PINNEV Desi As we live, so shall we change — As the seasons change, give us life. Let us live. CATHERINE A. PLACE Cathy You on one side. Me on the other. Us between us. JEANNE M. PLOUFFE Je Every ass loves to hear himself brav. RANDALL L. PLUCINIK CYNTHIA POPPLETON Cindy Renewed shall be blade that was broken. The crownless again shall be king. BECKY POWERS Beck The great essentials of happiness are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for. CHERYL POWERS Sherlock All that is gold does not glitter. Not all those who wander are lost. STEVE PREVESK Pesky MICHELE L. PRIEST Don ' t let life discourage you; everyone who got where he is had to begin where he was. KATHLEEN RADFORD Gentlemen prefer blondes. DOUGLAS S. RAYMOND Doug Times change, people change, memories never do! EILEEN REAP Ei While the sun shines and stars never go, I will always have the greatest of times and the lightest of hearts. DAN REED Beave Even the mightyTrojan can make a mistake once in a while. BRIAN REEVES Byron A man more right than his neighbor con- stitutes a majority of one. DEBBY REINHARDT Deb There is one road which leads to happiness, and that is believing in someone you love. DOUGLAS REITH Doug The harder I work, the behinder I get. LUIS REYES Flaquito I don ' l care what is written about me so long as it isn t true. ERIC RITZ Ric Friends walking together make the long road shorter. MICHELE C. ROCCO Roc I was born to smile and to have the world smile back ... to love, and to be loved by onlv vou. LAURIE ROOT The only thing to give your enemy is forgiveness; to your friend, your heart. KIMBERLY ROWE Kim You love me while I ' m here, miss me when I ' m gone. DEBORAH A. ROY Deb In the midst of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer. ' S ILLIAM RUMBLE Rum Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes you forget your uniform, and you don ' t even play. CYNTHIA RUPRACHT Cyn While the ocean is near. I will grow by its sound, learn by its winds, and become strong by its waves. EDWARD RUSS Ed I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills. LESLIE RYAN Love one another, hut make not a bond of love: let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of our souls. THOMAS J. SAMUEL Tom Life is like a song, first you have to learn the music before you can give it your best. CAROLE M. SANTORUM Santorum Love and I were strangers, till you and I were friends. FRED SASS Fred There are fast cars and there are quick cars but this spring don ' t mess around with Blue Basses. LONN SATTLER DEBRA S. SCAIA Deb I must make my life worthwhile to others or it can ne er be of anv alue to me. LINDA SCHADER Love and be loved. DEB SCHAEFER DAVID SCHINNEN If vou believe in something then it is so. DAVID SCHLEGEL JOYCE SCHMID The heart hath its own memory, like the mind, and it is enshrined the precious keep- sake. RUSSELL SCHOCH Rusty If you compare yourself with others, you may become bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. ROBERT J. SCHRAVEN VICTORIA SCOTT Vicki Stay in school, don ' t be a dropout. Only dropouts are dumbies. CHERYL SEGER If we were all love, the world would be much better place to live. DARLENE SENTZ TIMOTHY SENNETT Ote I have many oppositions, but only one enemv — TIME. FRED SHEHADI SHARON SHOENFIELD As long as people nod and smile to each other and think about the next person, all you need is love. JAMES A. SILLIMAN Jaybird If you don ' t like the dips, get off the roller coaster. DEBRA SIMMS GARY SITTER ROBERT SLATE Van Those who go after everything in life get nothing. JON SLOAT DEBBIE SMITH Deb To live is to love, and you can ' t live without loving. MICHAEL J. SMITH Smitty You can always judge a guy by the way he laughs. ROBERT SMITH Don ' t do as I sav or do. Smitty BARBARA SOCHIA Barb The difficult we can do immediately; the impossible takes a little longer. JANET L. SOCIA Janet One does not remember days, only moments. ALLEN SPEACH DALE SPILMAN SpiUy You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late. NORMAN SPINNER Maturity begins when we ' re content to feel we ' re right about something without feel- ing the necessity to prove else wrong. CYNTHIA A. SPOSATO Cindy All cannot be remembered, but all cannot be forgotten. THOMAS P. SPOTO Life is what you make it. Spote DANIEL STACHURSKI ANDREA S. STAMP Anj It ' s by far the hardest thing I ' ve ever done . BARBARA STANISH Berb And it ' s whispered that soon if we all call the tune, then the piper will lead us to reason. PAMELA S. STANISTREET Pammer I was born with the gift of laughter and a sense that the world was mad. CLIFTON STANTON LYNN J. STAURING Sam There ' s nothing half so sweet in life as a young love ' s dream. PATRICE STEVENS Pat That once there was a spot for one brief shining moment that was known as Camelot. SHARON STEVENS Repeat True friends are like diamonds, precious, but rare. False friends are like autumn leaves, found everywhere. SHERYL STEVENS Peat The world is full of beauty, when the heart is full of love. DIANE STODDARD Su The sun is fading away, it ' s the end of day. As the June-light turns to moonlight, I ' ll be on my way. JOHANNA STORMES Stormey Time waits for no man; but me, " I wait for one. " LYDEEN STRACHE Lee Like the restless sea, my many thoughts swell and break on the beach of my mind. DAVID STUMMER Show me a good loser, and I will show you i loser. RICHARD SUDDABY Sudds It ' s what you do for others that counts. WAYNE SUDDABY Sud Natural talent is breaking what comes natural. KAREN SUTTON The love in your heart wasn ' t put there to stay: Love isn ' t love till you give it away. BOB SWEET Bird He who laughs often and loves much, who looks for the hest in others, and the best in life, is one with himself. KAREN TALTY To work and enjoy what you ' re working at! MICHAEL TARNOW Tiem Nobody can be exactly like me, sometimes even I have trouble doing it. RAYMOND K. TETRAULT Ray Why is there so much satisfaction out of parking on what ' s left of the other guy ' s nickel? RICHARD TETRAULT Rick Plan ahead — it wasn ' t raining when Noah built the Ark. BETH A. THELEN Beth Love is ... as personal as you . . . and as universal as the sun and moon. BRUCE THOMAS When tillage begins, other arts follow. The farmers, therefore, are the founders of human civilization. CHRISTEL THOMAS Lead your own life, don ' t be led through it. If you are, you ' ll probably miss something along the way. DEBRA A. THOMAS Debbie The world is full of beauty when the heart is full of love. MARTHA THOMAS Marty You will know then all that in silence you always knew . . . though I have loved, I lov- ed no other as I love you. SHARON THORNE Never say anything that will not improve on silence. PATRICIA A. TOENNIES Toe You ' ve got so much to say, say what you mean, mean what your ' re thinking, and think anything. MICHAEL L. TORELLO Mouse You will find perfection only when you ' ve found pain . . . JEFFREY E. TRAVERS Jeff No mailer who ou are, yon can ' l bend a cracker. KEITH D. TREXLER Yippy. LINDA TRUGLIO Lin If you ' re not part of the answer, you ' re pari of the problem. DOUGLAS A. TULLOCH Doug Too much of anything is bad for you. School is an example, skiing is an exception. BARBARA TYPHAIR Barb Do what voii want, you will anyways. JAMES E. TYRRELL J.T. You only go around once in life so you might as well go around drunk. MARTHA A. UHL Marty Keep smiling, people will wonder what you have been up to. MICHAEL J. RAY Mike Roses are red, violets are blue, I like Chevvs, and you should too. THOMAS J. VAHLE Tom Something could have come and taken me away, but the main man felt I should stay another dav. TONI VALERIO CHRIS VAN ALSTYNE Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker. DANIEL VANDERVEER Hairlip Don ' t worry about what people are tbink- ing about you, for tbey ' re not. Theyre wondering what you ' re thinking about them. MARY VANNORT Snorkie My friend is someone who takes me for what I am. JULIE VAUGHAN Stay high and keep moving and give all of vourself awav. CAROL VENTURA Carol You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can ' t pick your friends nose. r- ' ' MARY JANE VERGINIO No love so true as love untold. M.J. JOHN WAITE JEFFREY S. WALKER Jeff ril try anything once. If it doesn ' t kill me, ril try it again. STEVEN WALL Steve You can always forget your friends, but a friend will ne er forget you. ANDREW WALLACE DENISE WALSER The man who waits for his ship to come in is always missing the boat. ROBERT WALTS Bob Wasting lime is the same as wasting life: and there are a lot of people sitting around wasting time. DAN WARWICK Benny Meanwhile, back at the outhouse, things are piling up. MICHAEL S. WATKINS Michael Indigestion is God ' s establishment of morality in the stomach. JEFFREY WEDEMEYER Weasel Winners never quit and quitters never win. MARY K. WEEKS Booga . . . The caterpillar and Alice looked at each other in silence. STEVEN WEINHOLD TERRY WEIRS All great men are dead; I ' m not feeling too well mvself. JAIVE WEISBERG Pooper Happiness is the only good. The place to be happy is here, the time to he happy is now. CHERYL WELLS Cheryl No matter who you are you can ' t bend a frito. LESLIE WELLS DIANE WILDER JOHN WIRTH Haus Wenn das Wortchen wenn nicht war, war ich schon langst ein Millionar. BERNARD E. WOLCIK Ben I can ' t think of a damn thing to say! RALPH WOLFE No one likes to be disturbed at meals or SUSAN WOLFF Sue Four years of hell is all over with. DAVID J. WOLFORD Wolfman Man is like an apple, he may rot, but he always leaves his seed. DONNA WOLKEN Donna If you want something, let it go. If it doesn ' t come back, it was never yours; if it comes back, it ' s yours forever. BRADLEY WOOD Brad BRUCE ENDERS A day isn ' t bad if it ends in a good night. One of these days I ' m gonna dance with the Queen of Sheba. DANIEL J. WILCOX Wilk An idle brain is the devil ' s workshop. SLIV WILDER Goliath got stoned. GORDON P. WILLIAMS Gordy I don ' t look down at anybody. JOYCE WILLIAMS Getting something out of life means you have to work for it. NANCY WILLIAMS Nanc I discovered the secret of the sea in medita- tion upon a dewdrop. RAYMOND P. WILLIAMS Ramon Life is like a bus ride, you get on and you get off. MARIBETH WILLIAMSON I ' ve been searching for so long to find an answer. . . MARSHALL WILLIAMSON Worry is like that of a rocking chair — it will give you something to do, but will get you nowhere. PATRICIA WINGERTER Winnie Life is like a jigsaw puzzle, sometimes the pieces just don ' t connect. JOYCE WOODALL Yesterday was, today is, tomorrow ' MARK YOUNG You win some, you lose some. ALAN ZOGG Al When faced with a serious problem, do what I do, try it twice and if you can ' t solve it, say the hell with it! PHYLLIS FINCH Phil I can resist anything except temptations and offers, so don ' t tempt me. SCOTT WEBBER DEBRA STACHURSKI Deb I have enjoyed myself this year. Baker High is a nice place to meet people, even the guys. Good luck to the kid ' s who are in Baker. TERRY S. SIPPEL Terry With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. ANITA DUMLER Dumler Love today but not so much that you live in misery tomorrow. RHONDA GUSTKE TERESA HUMPHREY Terri All the seeds of today are the flowers of tomorrow. e» MICHAEL D. LAMB Lamber Work is the curse of the drinking class. STEPHANIE J. RUSS Steph Laughter is not a bad beginning for a friendship, and it is the best ending for one. JOSEPH VALENTIN O HENRY WILLIAMS FRANK RINALDI I ' ve been in the right place, but it must have been the wrong night. JAN STEVES Jan Of all the men I love, I love Jason mostest. ROBERT SILVER DERBY SUTLIFF Sut Happiness is made by one to share with all because a moment of happiness is a short time to waste. Senior Class Officers — 1975 PrcsiHonl — Bob Sweet Secretary — Donna Hovev ice President— Cindy Rupracht Treasurer — Michelle Rocco The Senior Class would like to thank our advisor Mr. Baker for his endless stream of patience along with his ideas and suggestions during 1974-75 activities. We would also like to thank the C. W. Baker High faculty for their advice and guidance in these past four years. Although we may listen to this advice, we will learn through our own experiences. A warm thanks from the Senior Class officers to ail those who have participated in past class activities. Hopefully, the closeness we have grown into will not just become a fond memory of the past but a warm em- brace of the future. Advisor-Mr. - Baker Senior Class Will JANET ABRAHAM leaves an All-County bus full of tears to Tom, a big hug to C.H. and L.W.. a grin to Greene, a tall, dark, handsome stranger to Barb. 40 lbs of back homework to Miss Cvr, and ail her love to Mrs. Winter. JEAN ADSIT leaves Mary K and Boob a smile, snake and memories; Dalc-an H.Y.B., a rose, the other shoe, and Ralphie-a place of honor always with a half stick of gum. BOB ALBERT leaves his little brother; Mr. Johnson, Arc, and the Pillsbury Dough Boy to put up with for three more vears, good luck to the B.S.C.O.W. GEORGE ALEXANDER leaves the school all my hatred for it. I also leave my beloved girlfriend behind for one more year to be able to withstand it. MIKE ALLEN leaves Himp a gray jersey and a new exercise; Bruce some H.C.; and to Skin a good friend. RANDY ANDERSON leaves a case of soda to whoever wants it; at the pits and all the fun I had to the punks who want it. GEORGE ARMSTRONG leaves 5 broken poles and the knowledge that we ' ll never get a track and that someday someone will think of a better school nickname than " BEES. " MICHAEL ARMSTRONG leaves one pair of worn-out soccer shoes to his brother Lou. JACALVN BAKER leaves Bridgelte a bottle of dead Pepsi to do with as she pleases. Nancy another year, and L.Y. a walk up a hill. PHYLLIS BALL leaves a " nook ' ie " blanket for Gail S., her chemistry notes for Robin G, an oreo for Ellen, a big smile for Pat Y., some learning experience for Gail F. and Jim R., and lotsa luck to the MYF. LEE BARBUR leaves Mrs. Gamage and Mr. Bender a fourth Barbur and Jim DeBarr final relaxation in front of his color T.V. SHARON BARLOW leaves to Dina Sue, 2 more years as halfbacks on the soccer team, to Lori Wilcox 3 more years as fullback. KATHY BARNELL leaves to: S.G.. the I.B.T. ' s; B.P., B.H.S. girls; D.L., stilts: Mrs. P., Billy; D.P.R. good memories; P.G. friendship, freedom, memories, a can of Michelob 10,920 hrs. PAUL BARTLETT leaves Mary and Larry ' s classes one dull French knife. MYRON REALS leaves the last of the big boys. DIANE BEAULIEU leaves R.B. 2 more yrs. of C.W.B., Ma a better team and the class of ' 75 a long and happy life; also BB one more year of dances with A.F. LAURIE BEAVER leaves to be with Chris (Bolumpkis). BEEB leaves good memories to her friends, summers at S.P., Mlou 2 great yrs. with problems. Jodi good laughs, I leave Lar his b.b. abili- ty, D.S., and a year without me but still my love. KAREN BIANCA VILLA leaves as fast as possible with no regrets. DORENA BLANCHARD leaves a box of crayons to Laur and Tina because where they ' re going they can ' t have anything sharp, and to Mr. Basselt a book on How to Build Chimneys. MARY KATE BLAND leaves Steve, stop storns, cold hands, ami, a broken duck; Mar, 42 nites at Fireside: Pat, country roads; Sal, a cabbage patch: Nan. GO B ' FILL; CM, an intelligent conversation; Ellis frnS. DAVID BLOK leaves Baker High to JoAnn and Eddie. I leave " Chuck " all the sunsets he wants to do and I leave him another championship year: I leave the names " VAR " " SUPER " to somebody else. RANDY BORROWMAN leaves Mr. Tarnow all the trays in the lafeteria. PATTY BORT leaves her brother Kevin and Mike another year together, David S. lots of fun with the girls and J.M. another year to make it through school this time. She leaves to una nappiness ana good times with Carole. SUE BOUSQUET leaves Ma a great bowling team next year; Jon, the best of luck in the near future. To Myron, the greatest time in the Ar- my, to Bob, all the fun in the world, and to Mary, the best time with Paul. Beth; take care of Andy. SARAH BOWDEN leaves a lot of spare time to Mr. McLaud along with many thanks to him and the guidance staff. Congratulations to Donna and good luck to W.R. and C.C. JOE BRAINERD leaves 4 yrs. in BHS to Sue, lotsa love, and a color- ful world to Lorri. M.B.S. C to go on without me and leaves for USC with " Hairlip. " LINDA BRAUKSIECK leaves Mr. Alesandro " Martha, " to Bif Heave " three more years, to John and Sandy I leave two more years, and to J.H. a big smile. KIM BRESEE leaves Mrs. Plail DRACULA, Mr. Myron 1 set of Hells Bells. To Jeff and Len I leave 3 more yrs., to Miss VanClief Kimbo. DANN BRISSENDEN leaves Kel a longy, J.A. all my women and all my hockey ability, and to Kimberly Ann Lockelt all my love, and Keith and Jim one hell of a good time and Roy 2 more stars like me. LEONY BROOME would like to leave the fifteen water fountains to whoever likes to drink warm water. PEGGY BROWN leaves to NH. EW to D.S. salt to A.O. J.T. the fly paper in NH ' s hair to Pt. A.C. a silent movie to the hoods of A.M. P.B. D.S, B.W, M.W, K.P, L.C, E.K, G.S, R.G, E.G, R.L, T.M. the ccm, to S.D. B.B. all our fund memories to DS NH. MIKE BROWN leaves Rick and Steve the whole damn thing. ROBIN BRYANT leaves what ' s left of this place to Mike, Von, Val. DAWN BRYERTON leaves J. and A. happiness, C. my fondest hopes, M. a chance to start again, Mr. Barden my lack of talent, and Steven, my love. JOHN BUCKLEY leaves the Junior class a tough act to follow. JOHN BUIS leaves a case of Schlitz M.L. to the glenn, Kim a gas air- plane, Zigvliet B. Schnook a million dollars, a coloring book to Anita, Jane and Katie, and to himself a new, dentproof Mustang. CAROLEE BULTMAN leaves her 10 point quizzes to Mr. Obine, her perfect spelling tests to Mrs. Sweet and her bold and outgoing per- sonality to anyone who doesn ' t need one. JIM Bl ' RTON leaves TWIN 1 pr. used apinterpants; M.P. a trip to the beach; H.H.H.R.W. to sneak in the drive-in; J a toolbox with all the screws he ' ll ever need; T.T. a CJR; D.H. J.H. a.l.o.l.a.t. KATHY BURTON leaves D.R. Rene and a half-opened zipper, R.G. my last good-bye and M.B. Lucy, a horsehead, Howard, tears, B.P. a havride, gin. S.B. our parties, M.W. our B.V., Rose D.M. Sue, the J.W.s. STEVE BUTLER leaves 1 keg to S.R. a film to Judy Harry to M.W. a decision to Spot socialiteness to J.H. the gang a party and drama 1 less ham. BONNIE CALKINS leaves G.M. to J.S. in hope someday she will get him, J.A. one more year with AP, and Therese 3 more years with Chuck also Cheryl Dadey with memories of D.C. CINDY CALKINS leaves DC one case of baby food, DF another year to be PRES, MC 3 more years to get into trouble, to Mrs. Burton thanks for looking after a fellow rebel. BARB CAMWELL leaves her love to B.G., D.H. and C.R., J.A. a V.G.A.T.A.,T.S. and J.K. smiles, a frog toM.M., her brown nose, Mr. B. her undying devotion and love and thanks to everyone else. ANITA CARDELLA leaves Bia a poem, Kel a promise, Jod 1 AAPP 5 yrs, Berb letters. Nag my fav tooth, fun memories with LM, JH, PC. KH. JW, MK, DJ, AS, BS, KN, KK, DW, DH, BH, CK; Mlou 1 HOTT. Su TATB. DJ 1 French final, and LBNL .... T2M ILY. DAVID CASTLE leaves Sheriff Griggs and his posse all halls to monitor, and to Mr. Bogardus many thanks for putting up with my numerous, pestering questions on the MC. BOB CERIO leaves his brother Mike and his girlfriend, Cindy Hennessey, this great school and Coach Johnson a usual Great Wrestling Team. KATHY CHRISTENSEN leaves R.G. Dale and Clear Lake, Val a clown and a bear. Pat Bob Scramble, C.P. a cruise thru H.H. and lots of memories, D.V. another year, C.S. her fan club, Andi and Jeannie good luck. AIMEE COCHRANE leaves Patti, Nancy, Peggy, Debbie, Sharon, and Cathy a lot of good memories and good luck in the future. PAM COLLINS leaves Rat in an alley a LONG walk from Belguim, Jo a walk to W. Hollow, Pam a night at Smitty ' s with D.K. D.M., David H. anything he wants a room at the S.Side to Rat, Jo Pammer. GAIL COMINS leaves BHS four more Comins. RICHARD CONKLIN being of sound mind and body, hereby be- quests nothing to anybody. TERRY CONNOLLY leaves a drowning freshman to Coach Grant; a destroyed frisbee and many thanks for a great summer to CN, JH, SM, and ER, several freshman girls for Mr. Goulet; and a box f or LW ' s motorcycle. DAVID CRAIG leaves his bloddy knuckles to Hockey Club, a copy of " The High School Senior Guide to Drunken Roudyism " , to N. Hynes a blade of from the lawn of life, and a grease trap to the A-V Club. CELINDA CREGO leaves to C.R. a lead in an AMC; to CW a table B; to D.M. 10 mistakes on a Mozart; to DC and FC a computorized schedule; to Mrs. Gamage a dictionary. SANDY CURRIER leaves Beck a book, " How to Solve Your Problems " , and a shoulder to cry on; to my brother a new girlfriend, and to the freshmen a bar of soap. MEG DACK leaves to George, all my love, to Les, all the money In Butchie ' s diaper, and to Mr. Barden, one genuine Plasti-Swat and my deepest thanks. BARB DAILY leaves the art room Lav to my friends, Sennett Cheryl, and Karen and my love to G - - -. I leave fish sadly. JOANNE DALE leaves Pammy moments of love, laughter, and loneliness and to reach out and touch life. De, more trouble. Col, a long walk in the dark and hope that you come out alive. Cheryl, one long week. PAT DALEY leaves K.C. a cup of shamrocks, C.P. a picture of Fon- zie, CM. a vocabulary list so she won ' t be " flustrated " when we get " slarcastic " , M.W. Rita and the Farkles at the K.M., and C.S. to Son- ny. MARY LOU DANIELSON leaves Jeff " lifesavers " 60 seconds; Anita a fishing pole, Beeb luck with M.L.; Su a future with Dave, Jod a real friendship; AC,JC,JM,DS,DM, JT all the parties to Jim lots of good memories forever. RJ DAUSMAN leaves with hundreds of dollars worth of school equipment and to Janet ail his love. DIANA DAVIS leaves Mr. Sennett all the skippers and more to come, good luck to the Jets, Bye Lisa, Kathy, Shelly, Robin, and the rest of the gang. AL DEACONS leaves this school to my three sisters and anyone else that gets sucked into it. PAT DEMSHAW leaves Karen her better half. Richard, and Jenny 2 more years at Baker. I have nothing left to say but " thank you. " JIM DIAMOND leaves Lisa to wear the shortest dress she can possibly find. SUE DODGE leaves Paddy a few hundred " er whatevers " in memory of J.L., some foul words to J. P., 2 sticks of gum to BP for BH, 3 years and a bruised face to BD and an UGLY kid to KH and BR like Linda said. BRENDA DOLLINGER leaves Kenneth Johnnv to Baker High TERRY DO WD leaves Mark Pallos, chapters 1-25 of the " book " , to Rick a seasons pass to the Glenn. ROBERT DOWNING leaves Bud a lot of thanks. Beck to V " Dwy " the concession stand. Weeks a calendar, Woodrow to scoi .,„ goals, J. P. his love, T. Down: Ivan P., a pizza to Tonv. and banana to Kyle Jr. DAVID DREW leaves my sister one more year of Baker, to my former teachers I say thank you, and to Mr. Sennett I leave 10,000 filthy rotten punks, and to mv friends the thought that we had fun ANITA DUMLER leaves for an early drive thru H.H. with Pat and Pick, bronzed crutches for Kate and Poop, laredo kit for Jarvy, Sun. at the Doyle Rd. Inn, and for the greener grass. BOB EASTMAN leaves Kathy with one more year of High School and many years of happiness with me in years to come. MARK ECKEL leaves a SMILE and special thanks to: Mr. Grant, Mr. Coon, Miss Brown, Mrs. MacDonald, and Mrs. Burton; my love to Sandie, and to everyone the GRACE, PEACE, AND LOVE of Jesus Christ. STACIE ECKER leaves her sister Claudia 2 more yrs. of fun(?) in BHS; the athletic and band depts. 1 yr. before her brother Gavin arrives; and leaves to join Robyn at TCIII to become all we are capable of. DOUG EIPP leaves a case of nose spray for the conjested stairs and hallways and my novel HAILLER THE BLUR in some rowdv locker CATHY ELBRECHT leaves Mr. Ba.ssett all the Psych, students who think they ' re insane, to sister Rie and D.B. I hope all their dreams come true. TOM ELHOFF, in departing, wishes vou Love, Peace, Soul ' LYNN ELLIS leaves K.C. a teddy bear and Allan, to L.K. one cow queer, to Patti-Constanteen, and to be with D.W. ABE ELLIS leaves his square-toed shoe to the Baby Golden Toe in hopes that he can get Arc to kick more FG ' s than he ever has before TIM EMERSON leaves Les: " We can cut it in any key. " ; Chris; " Who ' s Leonard Bernstein? " ; to Mr. Wanzer a brief note: A-sharp; Dan: Whatever is left of the new English teachers we had BRUCE ENDERS leaves Baker High to anyone who wants it. KATIE EVERTZ leaves to join BaBa, Oink Wof at the Inn, to P.G. a H.J. paper, to P.S. a tree thanks, to M.R. J.W. a Fritz, to D.J. more f.d., to Mel a rat, to Mr. D. T.C. hapins. to P.S. JP a yodel for the greener grass of tomorrow. DAVE FEICKERT leaves to go to Adams with Marsh, to make Dan find scissors, and clean up the ketchup, a life full of heaves, for Rum. and to find Rob. CHRIS FELL leaves el Maestro the C double flat kazoo overtone series, Mr. K. no lunch, DH TASTE, MP a library of overdues, TM a professor, Berstein-who? and new glasses, DM free tickets, Muncie, and to musicians-practice. CHERYL FENTON leaves: Coach a new butterfly a big THANKS! M.P. the hope of achievement the thrill of winning-M.M. for years of friendship-To Baker High memories. GAIL FERGUSON leaves Bill the promise not to write anymore mushy letters, Robin to the other team in European Handball, and Phyllis all my thanks for listening to my problems and being my friend. CAROL FILSINGER leaves with memories of Bob, Sheri, Tom; as Toni ' s little sister; used bars to Linda; a drink to Sallie; to enjov life and all rain filled puddles; Goodbye to TPFCNHDBP- JLKKBPGWMJVREMTTOMF. PHYLLIS FINCH leaves the school and teachers the best of luck with 4 more Finch ' s. BEV FITZPATRICK leaves to be wi th Mike BONNIE FORDERKONZ leaves Pat Berish and Elaine Loveless all the marshmallows, stubs, and corrections they want because they ' ll be missed on the bus, etc; and Mrs. Reed a fifth dictionary. DOROTHY FOSTER leaves TS and MM experiences never forgotten, U) DM RN JJ all a trip never repeated, to the 3 Musketeyrs may they never part, to JH BI AF all the spiders in the world that they could ever want. PAT FRANCEMONE leaves Joyce a patent no. for the " weekender " , le.ssons on how to ride motorcycles for Mary, a trip to Texas for Sue, any guy from Phoenix for Kalh, memories of the " Knolls " for Lori. LEE ERASER is just going to leave. DERBY FREAR leaves to help her sister, Kama, in decision making, and with Bort to have tea and crumpets. BOB FULLER leaves and that ' s good enough for him. TRACEY GAEBLER leaves C.A.M. and C.E.M. a certain Cicero wrestler to fight over and the boys ' soccer team an undefeated season and " the groupie " a lot of memories. ROBIN GATES leaves her electric socks to Phyl, a soggy sandwich to Gail, a chipmunk to Kath, a broken canoe paddle to the Cleo Trio, and a rusty lock to kid as she goes to mess with Sieve. DENNIS GAWORECKI leaves a bucket of grease and a tube of clearasil to all the A.V. dudes, a poem of remembrance to P.K., and his gold hands to the fussball hall of fame. PAUL GERHARDT leaves Mr. Grant all the joys of having the swim team be worked to death. JEFF GETMAN leaves M.S. one big black scuff mark across the floor of the Bov ' s Gym, and the scum of the earth who did it. BECKY GIRARD leaves the memories of our Saturday night card games, bowling, and picnics to Wayne, Scott, Art, Cheryl, and Moose. ■ PAT GODKIN leaves B.P. 1 more D.J. 2 more and A.P. 3 more years to suffer at Baker High. ROBIN GOODEN leaves a pair of winged boots and a camouflaged suit for skippers wishing to avoid Mr. Sennett. TOM GOODFELLOW leaves the last of the good-fellows to Baker. VALERIE GORHAM leaves on skis, having had 4 beautiful years with C.R., P.W., T.G.. M.W., CM., P.D., F.H., B.P., T.M., D.W., P.L., J.B., C.P., W.H., K.C., C.S., K.L., S.W., CM., and everyone else. PAT GRABOWSKI leaves to Jarv and Marsh an SSS, to Dumler and Pic an early morning ride with Easy Rider, to Katie a fudgesicle, and in hopes of finding the greener grass tomorrow. ROB GRAF leaves M. Young 1 F T pill, Mike Engels a tub of Ben-Gav in his j.s., Julie a sedative pill, Mary-a fake mustache, Chris, a boy ' s camp, and Holly all the memories of the greatest thing that everv happened-us. GEORGE GRANT leaves J.W., MM, C.H.. B.S., V.M, and D.W. many parties at the glenn and D.W. two more years in this sophisticated place of education, and Cindy the library 2,3, and 8 period. MICHELLE GRAY leaves Ms. Costich-thanks for everything! a smile a piece of candy. Mr. Baily-thanks for his patience help. Thanks to all teachers who cared showed it, Baker High to 5 more Grays. ANN GREEN leaves my regrets to the future archery teams, who have to carry the targets in and out of school. CATHY GREENE leaves for CW. Baker an empty space for a Frosh, a record file, and a statistic for Des and Ter my friendship and Wayne my love. For those of you who were kind, thanks. DOUG GREENE leaves the Freshmen three more years in this rathole, good-bye Ote. GARY GRIFFIN leaves Scott Ray my math books for four years. DONNA GROW leaves BHS two more grow girls, and a lot of memories to those who helped make them. PAT GUNTHER leaves FATE to Kath, lots of days in the L. and the loss of a p.s. to John, a bowl of T.S. and the class of 95 to Jim, the WLF to Sue and 8 days to Doug. BOB HAHN leaves Mr. Sennett a pair of soggy gym shorts, Mr. O ' Donnell my friendship, Mr. Brussels a roll of pennies. DEB HALL leaves B.G. a smg off Key, D.L. many happy mistakes, A.S. a lot of luck with Mr. S., and A.K. a locker alone and a ticket out of B ' ville. WARREN HALL leaves a pair of sawdust- " speedy " brother to Mr. Arcaro; practices -_. ._ the band, and many great memories. KAREN HANNONleaves 1 mole to BS and JW, a floor, a sleeping bag and a clock set for 7:00 am for Niter, a lonely walk home at 4:00 am to G.K., 1 more year to KS, no more parties for Tom to LEARN from and 1 " thanks " to JW. MARY HARVEY leaves as a more outgoing person because of certain teachers and friends. ROBERT HASKELL leaves Mr. Arcaro and Mr. Willse a six pack of Pepsi and to the cross-country team a job in a cemetery. JEFF HAYES leaves Mr. Wiley an underwater habitat, and the rest of this place to the dumb Freshmen. MARY HAYES leaves Ms. Lucy and Ms. Shea a free open seat at Guidance, to Ms. Mills I leave on time. To Mr. Mclaud my love, gratitude and respect. RICH HENDERSON leaves for more of the Adventures of Rich and Drew, thanks to all his coaches, his brother to finish up, little booties for Booga from Cootie and to Kuz, Himp, Ricer, and Drew the Fartlet. SUE HERRMANN leaves B.H. a parked car at Paco ' s, D.W. an open basement window with popcorn and no butter, S.P. a wedding in her backyard and for K.K. lessons on how to be on time and happiness withG.S. GEORGE HILTON leaves Larry 1000 broken strings, to Carol I leave 400 offkey notes, to WBXL, one blown tube. FRANK HIMPLER leaves P.R. giv ' em " the Alabama " , to CH. S.H. a bright future. DEBI HIT leaves the Seniors all the best parties to remember; Nag the sink to p; to L.J. P. the gys, to man the beer cans at the d.i. and it ' s only been how long? DEBBY HOLCOMB leaves wishing all my friends all the luck in the world, and my sister Linda three more years. LISA HOLTMAN leaves Trac a hand full of trump and a shower to hide in, Cin a T.T.T.B.D. and a dozen marquee letters, and Liz a B. of C. and a permanent campsite at Wellesley. CRAIG HOPKINS leaves Andy L. the joy of 15 minute closes and the sorrow of 12:59 rushes. GAIL HOTALING leaves this school with mamy memories. I leave to enjoy love and happiness with Ralph. I leave. DAN HOURIHAN leaves Hog and Chink a D.-I. M.; J.-A toolbox for all the screws he needs; Will the perfect car and a B.C. and R. in the bird; Stum a book on how to rip somebody apart in ten easy lessons and Rum a P.F. DONNA HOVEY leaves Roc A.S.I.F., J. a CD., K. a S.T. and M., M.V.C.A. and B. to B., D.J. a G.K. and a S.T.D., G.K. a G.F., B. and H.O.M., D. a B.P., J. a S.D. and S.Y.M., T. to M.R., M.C, and M.V. and S.T.T.J. DARRELL HOWARD leaves P.D. all the money in the world. BOBBIE HOWE leaves DW-her turn on the pulley, MK-a punch in the eye and a ride home from Sandy Pond, SH-one hungry nite, SHA- NA-NA, and my 1st drink, KK-10 easy ways to stay faithful, Doots a " woof. " JEFF HUDSON leaves my 125 Kawasaki to anyone that can handle it. RICHARD HUDSON leaves a PRUNE. JODY HUGHES leaves a CM. S.F. Berb, a b. s. f. Nita, 2 A ' s f. Nag, a r.p.l.f. Johns, a S.D.F. Donna, the l.f. Kel, G.T. ' s with CK. K.H. B.S. A.C K.K. K.N. D.H. B.R. D.S., T.F.F., A.S.W., S ' s f.M.L., S.T ' s to DJ, JM, JB. MARK HUMPHREY leaves the future engineers of WBXL with a list of phony excuses for the FCC inspector. TERRI HUMPHREY leaves the girls in the Freshman lav one can of disinfectant, to Beth a set of keys, Paula my diploma, and to Mr. JOHN HURST leaves Mike and Bill heavy porch siltin ' 88 to Mark to !. ' cl clown Munchees BS to Salchmo 360 to Janet one wish for C. Spaz. (he " Magic Words " to Sunshine dreams to Deb Stravinsky ' s firebird to Murray. NANCY HYNES leaves her old gym locker with her gym suit to A.O.: to Kim L. her F. Hockey stick for good luck, to L.J. the whole F.H. Team: to Pat Amy a hot car; to Jo a hearing aid; and to Dave, all the luck and happiness in the world. DAVID JACK leaves Sil a bathtub; Hog and Horn a drive-in movie; Vi illic and Rum a night at the MAR; Bu a ping-pong paddle; Slum a Miller: Woody a night at his camp; S.T. to J.H., M.P., and D.H.; and his .soccer shoes to Dannv. Sl ' E JACKSON leaves Kath a u.sed ear, Joyce a spare, Fran a bigger bottle. Lori an empty stall, M.J. a ringing phone, Cyn a bent hockey slick. Ann many nights. Rick his own teddy bear, everyone a world of bozos. DONNA JARVIS leaves an " SSS " to Marsh and Grabowski, a lifetime supply of laredo to Dumler, an M. Masterlen to Evertz, to Pal. a slip off the ' ole car at the Regatta, and to Mel, a rat. SALLY JENSEN leaves Baker to Jan, a sloe gin fizz to Pam, and lots of good times and happy memories to Pat, Mar, Shelly, Becky, Lyn, Jo. etc. DEB JOHNSON leaves Marwee " Pudsy " , Laur my TWT? Jod to be related, Tootie Carrols, Jim a pink sweater, DW an announcement, Mike a siz pack. Alpha lES one more year to get my " baby " back DL- NA JOHNSON leaves Mr. DeBarr a wet tennis court, T.S. the knowledge that I can take care of myself, luck and love to all my friends and off to find Chuck. LYNN JOHNSON leaves to marry Mike, to her brother four years of BHS and takes with her a lot of memories. PAUL JOHNSON leaves Mr. Bailey old fords never die thev just go faster to Miss Bullard I leave a big kiss. RICHARD JOHNSON leaves sister Chris with one more year and all my tests in the circular file. Also, two more years in C.W.B.H. to S C KATHY JOHNSTON leaves the girls an unlimited supply of wkends, 1 yellow balloon, 1 strawberry hill to climb, 1 stolen car, Pat a fake ID, Cyn a wkend at W. Glenn, Mar dept 4, 17.33, Joyce Sue- creamed pea tuna. CHRIS JONES leaves one bottle of Bufferin to all teachers who have the misfortune of having S.J. as a Freshmen student, to L.T. she leaves a lifetime with Bob, to C.C. happiness with Larry JENNY JORDAN leaves gladly. LI§A KELLEY leaves S.T.; D.V.; J.B.; J.E.; J.P.; CW; A.P.; all the happiness their senior year; I leave with Mike P. and John B. another parly to collect upon all their football injuries, and Michele P. SI.75. PAT KELLEY leaves John Reidy my old hockey skates and Oatie a four years supply of punks, smokers, and thiefs. I also leave my sister next years Freshmen. G KELLY leaves Metz, a Critch; S.B. a nite at the drive-in; Moe, a rodent; Sue, 1 more year; Dubes, fond memories; D.A.I., a belt loop; and 4 more Kellys to roam the. halls of Baker. MARY KELLY leaves DW, KN KK to boogie eternally; BH a ham- mock; CK a Merc; BS a wig; Johns, Feick, Marsh ' SONG; Jod EHWT; Calh a WOOF; LM KR SMELVIN; Anita ff ' s- Mike thanks and Alpha lES. KAREN KERWOOD leaves Maribeth, Paula and Steph a bottle of wine to enjoy at wrestling matches, Sharon a book on how to cheat belter, and to Lyn, so she ' ll always remember, two glorious years in 125. LISA KINSLEY leaves lo my loving (?) brother-in-law an infinite number of jerky juniors lo lake his chemistry class. To the upcoming jr. I leave a warning to get out before its too late. CHERYL KLINE leaves Baker lo jerk jerseys with Art forever and good limes to all the gang on 104 especially Becky and Wavne. TIM KNIGHT leaves Fran my chemistry and Physics labs; BHS the thought of having to entertain 14 more years of Knight ' s and all my dear friends a big thanks for all the things you never did for me. GARY KOLO leaves Egg to Ed; W.M. of B.S. a J.W.: Gamm to whomever; Party to Robin; Apologies to Jane; Retard to all; Sun to Jane: Tub lo Rum; Brownies to Donna; M.H.T.J.W.; cast to Bud; with schant . . . Pilgrim. JANE KOPECKY leaves Laureen, 3 fun years; Barb, her own per- sonal stage; Sue, a train with assorted goodies; Sherb, without a " Dear Abby " ; Meg 1 male; many memories and thanks; and MLM, a real door. SEPEHR KOUSKA leaves here with happy memories and I ' ll give my place to the other A.F.S.ers and wish them a good year. KIM KRAFFT leaves Kel muck mouth, D.W. enemy territory, B.H. wedding bells. K.N. a sun lamp. Dad a " tech " , B.S., K.N., J.H. the fearsom foursome, love and memories to everyone, and finally, to go find Gerald. JOYCE KRATZER leaves J.B., D.G., M.K.. R.G., and Y.K. luck and happiness and to C.S. a sad good-bye and a hope that he will come up lo the K.B. sometime SOON. CONNIE leaves Burb Anj a swamp, slug, a rut; DF X-mas Eve Day, AC a movie: MBK " Jessie Brewster " ; PM a dance: K K, BH, DW, JH, KH, DJ, DM, KN my fondest memories Tad to have Ms ' Rhebergen for Eng. 11 H.Room. MARK KRENTEL leaves the Najdort to Fab Fred; I leave the Eight to Gerald Kevin; and to all-ma panache. MIKE KUZDZAL leaves my friends thanks. Bud rules for humane training, and Himp power. DEB LAMICA leaves my brother ' s and sisters four years of BHS. CINDY LANCTO leaves my " favorite " typing teacher a pack of gum and I leave the gym teachers my smelly gymsuit. KAREN LANE leaves Mr. Wanzer an empty receptacle, a 1st place, my thanks and love. To Dale, Deb, my directorship to someone who will give it all they ' ve got. DAN LANG isn ' t leaving anthing cause he needs it all. LYNETTE LAVALLEE leaves M.I.G. with one more year of French, B.H. a strange wonderful relationship, B.S. go ahead try it! to B.W., D.B. lunch table memories, to D.M., DR memories, BHS with thanks and relief. PAM LAVALLEE leaves soccer to Spirettes. good times to Ms. C, happiness and memories to Booga, Turkey, Marg, Sister Ferd, Boob, K.C. and Val and a smile and our forevers to Wayne. LINDA LEBLANC leaves Deb D. my bow and arrow. PAT LECLAIR leaves the cockroach she found in her locker to anyone who ' s interested in entomology. KATHY LEHMAN leaves to find happiness with Jamie, to CH and PL 1 more yr. and all the fun they have had at the KM to be happy with their men. ANN-MARIE LEIER leaves many thanks to Cathy and Dawn for be- ing my friends in a new school. To Mr. Barden. thanks for helping me decide my career as a drama teacher, and to Mr. Bassett, I leave his terrific Intro, to Psvch. class. BRIAN LICOURT leaves Baker to be with Jessie forever: 4 years of this place to David; and lo Dan, a Bernie handshake. DEB LIPTAK leaves a countless number of hours on the smokers path to Donna if she can ' t be smart she may as well be happy. And to Mark I leave a little bit of modesty, there is such a thing as a modest superstar. Jl ' D LOCKE leaves no one to " sing " with and an empty place in her family (parbly) for C. Drew; K.B. with spastic labs: ' w.B. the Suave: and T.M., etc., to suffer thru another year. ROY LUTHER leaves my brother three more years and my sister one more year, and all my friends. CARL LUTZ leaves Mr. Keenan 3 road flares; Mr. Wanzer: one slighllv used sax and the thought that someday I ' ll take Hermie ' s place and tell HIM what to do; Pat C: absolutely nothing, because I ne er had anything she wanted. RON MAKEPEACE leaves my name on the vaulting horse, and to Mr. Ariaro I leave my mean turn to anyone who can master it, and a rase at the shot put pit. WAYNE MANCRONI leaves to everyone in study hall the same good time I had with all my close, special friends and to Mr. Bailey, the question, " How many stop signs are really in Africa? " KATHY MANHARD leaves the 10 minute warning bell to Mr. Mvron and to the skippers, don ' t get caught by Mr. Sennett. TRACY MANVILLE leaves a full moon and fifty pinball games to Cin, to Liz, a plastic rainhat and her own supply of firewood, a free ride in Syracuse and a B.S. to Lis, and Sub Deb to Wellesley and future Geeks and Mumps. CAROL MARGESON leaves Gootz a jar of olives, P.D. all the rum she thinks she can handle and memories of R.G., RD, P.R., BW to T.G. DEBRA MARKERT leaves to P.C. a happy senior year, to my inter some tenors, and to travel and see the world. AL MARKHAM leaves a year ' s subscription of Playboy to anyone who is horny enough to want it. ED MARKS leaves Larry and Julie and Deb one more year of school along with mv other Junior friends and for my other underclassmen friends tough luck. LAURIE MARSH leaves Deb ' 2T, Kel a crazy feelin ' , Pam WRD, Kalh fanny and hello its me, Nila a lot of happy memories, Con Easier blitz, Jim a dusty Rascals album cover ' n a special thanks. DOLORES MARTIN leaves my brother Richard 3 more years of this school and Jim and John their years here too. MIKE leaves many more exciting years at the Glen to all the un- derclassmen and a specially equipped steel-plated partying helmet to Vince. DONALD MAYER leaves Buis a Mach I, Jaybird a desk to push on. Bud V. a Bud, Bris nothing, a mess to the lunch table, to Dwy, a soccer ball in the face, to Roy a pair of wheels. JOYCE MC ARDELL leaves DS, DH, BO, EH, MO, RK, and TH lots and lots of love, MP-4th lunch, SF-one preacher, DR his fake ID, KR her vellow hot rod and MC the wrestlers-willpower and everyone else memories. CARRIE MC CARTHY leaves a Bono and a smile to Mr. Yannetti, another year to Scott, l.o.l. to JH, and lots of good times with CT, TG, CM, Ms. ' c. PL, JM, SD. SC, JA and all the rest. MARK MC CLAUDE being of sound mind and body, hereby be- queath my entire collection of MARVEL COMICS to the library. TIM MC MAHON leaves to Steve all the good times he had while at Baker. GEORGE MEDINA leaves the little room by the nurses office for all future wrestlers or future nuts, and also leaves Baker no more Mcdinas. SHERI MERC. DANTE leaves to be with Bob. To Carol: Guy Smiley. To Jody: Good luck with Ellery. To Mary B. Carol F. good luck with Gale Tom. To Toni M. make sure your brother gets ballet lessons. GARY MERCER leaves Arc a supply of dirty towels and minus one shot put. SUE METZLER leaves Mr. Deloff without a " KOJAK " " MA " Campbell a free dinner at Carrols, Miss VanClief a healthy athlete, A.B. a cig. A.L, D.G, P.B, L. J best wishes and B.H.S. the rest of the METZLER CLAN. MARC MICHELET leaves Mr. Ilnitzki a book of Polish " Proverbs " ? 1 also leave him a new crank key for his Volkswagon. PAT MILDEN leaves to be with Cory; the F.L.I., hustling in M.B. and " the basement " to Jul; a foolproof ripoff and a new color to D.D.; a kiss and happy memories to Helmet; an apple to D.T. and a smile to A.L. DAN MILLER leaves Frau Coulter a 2 yr. course in English. To BHS 40 erasers. To Mr. Bender the thought of passing his class. To T.S. one more year, to L.L. memories. To Mr. DeBarr Best wishes (you ' ve got guts!) DOUG MILLER leaves B.H.S. with R.S. to go to P.G. on Sat. nights. IRENE MILLER leaves Keith all our memories, to go out and make more; S.W. all the teeth she can find, to Maribeth, all the handsome men in the world, and to Lisa all the wild adventures in her future. CATHY MINNOE leaves BHS with goodbyes to all the really nice people she met especially P.T, A.C, G.C, M.J, N.H, D.S, and P.B. VINCE MITCHELL leaves: Leo 500 lbs of sweat, his 2 brothers the ability to raise hell, and to all the words ACTA NGN VERBA. DEB MONROE leaves Ma Campbell 1 free dinner she never got; Mrs. Winnewisser, a smoker; Miss Cyr a tooth-brush and tooth paste; and to Mr. Bailev, a dead pheasant. JACK MONTAGUE leaves Mr. Engels a BASEBALL BOOK OF FACTS and WHEN and WHEN NOT to use them. I leave J.M. my glove and spikes in hopes that he can carry them to the ball park. BETTE MONTMORAN leaves Jerry the cafeteria food and Rick that secret hall where all the cans are. BOB MONTMORAN leaves Jack another year of happiness and best of luck!! JIM MOORE leaves Mr. Grant a pair of matching bruises from two super strong Indian shots and the record " Sherry " to whomever it RICK MOORE leaves Frank Coloprisco, my lacrosse goal, and a case of Fago Diet (Red-pop). MYLES MORAN leaves New York for New 1 Linda W. Will someday see the Glenn, Sally the lawn to mow, the trash to take out, and one less man to pick up after. The backseat of the ski club bus to Judy W. " Chipmunk " Patty J and Jeremy C. BRUCE MOREHOUSE leaves all juniors one year of school. DEB MOSES leaves with many memories. A big thanks to all of Lyre Staff ' 75. To J. Buis-a laugh, Greaser-Hockey Club and Dann B.- ability to flirt. A special thanks to Michele and Con. JODY MOSES leaves Sheri to be with Bob in the future, Nash to be in " heaven " with all the cafeteria cookies ever made, Toni a chair for 5th period lunch and Lisa an early diploma from Baker High. TONI MOSLEY leaves good-byes to L.K., S.M. and M.M.; sore bones to Miss C; J.M. all the cough drops in the world; C.N. in heaven; Carol F. thanks; and the sisters of Alpha love and lES. MIKE MOWINS leaves Coach Grant many thanks, B.C. a broom a frog, MR.B. a paper bag, SUPA to the insane, S.M., C.N., T.C., J.H. B.P. A DAY at the Beach, L.C. half of D.C. ' s keg of modesty, and lots of love to TS. GREG MUELLER leaves Mr. Armstrong a bottle of floor wax. SHARON MULVANEY leaves to C.B. carp stew and late labs, Eileen- -S.M. ' s good ol ' days, Mr. Barden- " you know ' s " , Mr. Grant my handwriting and BHS ' s many memories to the rest of the clan. PAT Ml ' RRAY leaves 1 " Journey " to John H., 1 free pass block and 1 Q. of S. to Mike T., " something " to K.L., the perfect block to Gary M., and a sack of potatoes to " Little Ote. " KATHY NAGLE leaves to DA,PA, BS,JH,KK a purplepassion, to KK TD and DD Schmuttie, to DW, Mary White, to DF a muzzle, to KK and ML a night at Dutchmans, to Kel and Wold " we ' re goin boogie tonight, " and to Danny a special thanks. CAROL NASH leaves Mo a step ladder; Merc and B.J. tennis racket; Buoy to a wild and wooly world at wonder; and to stretch best of luck, a harem to P.B. JO ANN NEEDLE leaves a bag of marshmallows to the Glenn Gang! J.V. talks, storms, and parties. L.M. training and brothers! Jay Bee I.L.V. and lo Abe thanks for remembering and 3:00 am? BRUCE NELLI leaves the brick throwing to the Seneca Knolls Rowdys,-Cole, Connelly, Lewis, Clifford, big Talt, and Little Nell. PAULA NICOLL leaves one Orangoutang to S.C. fame and fortune lo Mickey; the blvd. to Billie Jo; SR and M.W., P.M.S.; an apple to Pclrine and B ' ville. ROBIN NIELSEN leaves J.J. a frozen hat. Dot pennies, C.F. nelshots to him me, ski gang M M ' s, Girl ' s Tennis Team G-luck for a smashing season, G.F., T.S., D.M. all memories of goodtimes. BILL NIELSON leaves Baker High School. PAUL NORTHROP leaves Mike E. four more years of homework, Mr. Bender all the Tulloek and Northrop combinations he can han- dle, and a bucket of GREASE to the A.V. DEPT. KATHY OLDENBURG leaves Sennett now you have one less skipper to catch and one less I.D. to steal. TERRY O ' LEARY leaves J-Bird a toolbox with all the screws he needs, Ote all my jerseys, Bugar a six of Miller, Horn and Chink a drive-in movie, and A.S.W. BILL OLIVER leaves Tom and Jeff one fire extinguisher and one flame thrower each, and to Jon S. I leave nothing, for he already has everything, and to Al more B.M.F.P. to come. LOU OPPLETON leaves Mr. Tarnow a never ending open honesty, Mrs. Mahany a smile, Marpa-Dr. Graham and a bar of soap to wash away the shower, D.R. a girl for that night and Rose, happiness in reality. LORI O ' TOOLE leaves all the memories to Sue, Kath, Joyce and Fran in hopes we have more. To Sue the memories of TBird andluck. Fran I leave my thanks for always being there. To Joyce a spare tire and Mary a telephone. PAUL PACELLI leaves D.B. a fur lined jock, made from a squirrel pelt. I leave with J.M. and J.T. down to the H.H. to see the " Chicken Man. " I also leave A.L. another year to " BOOGIE " , and D.R. a book on lawn care. DON PAIGE leaves Coach Wiltse and Coach Arcaro many thanks for all the help and good times together; next years X-C and track team much success in the years to come. MIKE PALLOS leaves-to George in the cage the words " We don ' t have any. " ; a box of starch for Mr. Scott to straighten his wrists; for the Yankees because they need some s park, right Linny? TONY PANNOZO leaves Mr. Grant one less diver. To C.W. Baker High I leave Mr. Sennett. To Niff I leave the sectionals. And to Teresa I leave all my love. BILL PELRINE leaves with J.H. to go bear huntin ' , and to P.L. I leave one attic to use as he pleases, to M.P. goes one GD, S.O.B, C.L. B, and to M.M. he leaves one " hulk vs. thing " and a " nuff said. " MEG PERLOWSKI leaves Mr. Wanzer: one tape measure and a smile; Doreen and C.G. love and wishes; Mr. Cahill-peace and quiet; Bobbi-many memories; and with a tear and high hopes, I leave. SUE PETRINI leaves with all the memories and good times with Lori, Sue, Jo. Lori the T-bird and Willie; Sue to be with Joel, Jo with Jim, an most of all I leave to be happy with Tom. BOBBI PHILLIPS leaves: Coach a hug! Don, Kuz, Legs States: Ma a shoulder: Turk a gobble: Jean a tickle: Crash Mr. A ' s clothes: Ferd her life: Denise her voice: Boog a new shrink: and Gregg his hairy legs. DAVE PICKARD leaves Jim and John Woodruff the 3 basic needs to survive on the nature trail: a pack of cigarettes, a keg of beer, and a 12 count box of trojans. RED PIERCE leaves Joe Baker High till he finds his " mean " ing in life to Mike one more year of Aehie Allen to C.R. all the freshman girls. DESI PINNEY leaves high school w luv lo T.E.P., many thanks to K.D., hopes, love and memories to Cat and Wayne and finally, with Terry, to build a life and make our dreams reality. CATHY PLACE leaves CS a cruise around town; PD a mass at St. Marys; KC memories of 12 yrs.; Thanks to the administration: and the best of everything to evervone. JEANNE PLOUFFE leaves Boop good memories and lots of luck with M.B., D.P. one more yr. with J.P., D. Bassett a psychology book and Varalli an empty cooking class. CINDY POPPLETON leaves the guttersnipes— ' 1974, flat tires, long nights, the Diner, the B.H., the Trumps, L.H. to work Sal. nights and CLOY. BECKY POWERS leaves Pal B. Linda J. Anne B. to sports, Terry all the boys except Mike, Ms VC, MsC, and Ms. R lots of thanks, and Mike a lot of cherished memories, many thanks, and baseball. CHERYL POWERS leaves a year full of Sundays at the Doyle Road Inn to Moo, Ba and Oink; one trip to Johnny Huff ' s to Massey and a goose to Greener. STEVE PREVESK leaves Benny all the girls in Italy, and you know who; to Paul, my sister; and to Wayne, all my Dallas Cowboy bets. MICHELE PRIEST leaves with many happy memories, " remember whens to Joanne, " long talks to D.M. and to D.J., and most of all the best of luck and happiness to all my friends. KATHY RADFORD leaves Pic,Dum,Pat Driveins, and a smoky car. Pam a nite in Belguim, Laur a " CRAB " , JBS statistics and LBJ and in search of greener grass. DOUG RAYMOND leaves the gang a case of Bud, E.P. all my secret love, L.L. to flirt, K.B. a cold shower, L.O. a shoulder to cry on, M.W. a one-night stand, B.H.S. for college. EILEEN REAP leaves Diane her license and fake proof, Cyn; her own box of Pampers; Belle, success with Mike; Mary S. one more year of cheering with Joyce ' s size S skirl. DAN REED leaves his chemistry notes to the Smithsonian Institute. BRIAN REEVES leaves 1 acre of onions, a bag of red blotches and a toupee to the punks in the schoolhouse; a blind date with Bobby Knight to IVAN; and to Little Ote, first place in the NCAA Milkshake throw. DEBBY REINHARDT leaves with Gary to start a real life at last. DOUG REITH leaves CS. 1 dirty pair of gym socks and a good joke; D.R. 3 more yrs. with Mr. Wanzer; Mr. Deloff many thanks and Mr. Keenan another war story. LUIS REYES leaves nothing, he is taking it all home. FRANK RINALDI leaves Mr. O ' Donnell an empty parking space for another white customized V.W. (with wide whitewall tires). ERIC RITZ leaves my English classes to anyone who wants them. MICHELE ROCCO leaves BHS with two more Roc ' s to go; Cheryl a bag of fritos; Kate Jane a lonawalk; Huv a front seat; Alpha lES; and to share her dreams with If ry. LAURIE ROOT leaves Robin Riitler one more year of Miss Machiri while I go to Oklahoma to j in the Army life. KIM ROE leaves Baker with a few memories. To Weiner and Nose (Mike C.) one more year to have fun with the girls. Good luck to Joyce in college. DEB ROY leaves Kathy 3 more yrs. at B.H.; all my friends the best of luck; an a big " thank you " to all my teachers. CINDY RUPRACHT leaves for the land of mis waves, Kim " Cutie " , Joyce S for ME, MJ, HH, Little Rick a Chick, LJ vitamins Kath frat. bro. at W. Glenn, Craig an Arby, Ei a puddle, J.T. some more talks. Rum skin dip. ED RUSS leaves Warren: deliverance from premature release, to Doug 100 acres in Alaska. STEPH RUSS leaves speeding to Paula Vick Lin. Case to SB gym to Curly cone to SE grain to MW. Leaves for 3M for a Tequilla Sunrise to party with Geo Vick Dave. Happy B ' day N. Year PMS a ladder. LESLIE RYAN leaves Mike her love her life; Meg 2 points in the point tally eternal friendship; Kev, you ' re the brother I always wanted and 4 spades doubled; and Lani 3 more years of purple feet. TOM SAMUELS leaves Carol memories of the Jr. Prom— special thanks lo all his teachers whom have helped me through school. And at last Tom goes lo Medical School to become a Respiratory Tech. CAROL SANTORUM leaves her brother Mike and Kevin a year to become Iricnds: and leaves lo find happiness and good times with Patty and M.J. FRED SASS leaves Wayne Girard a cold lo fool ihe teachers, and he leaves Bruce a job at John Bunnuzzi ' s Arco. DEBRA SCAIA leaves L.L. one more year of B.H.S. and the hope that she has a great senior year, and lo all her friends— good luck! DAVE SCHINNEN leaves his empl locker lo the poor slob who takes mv place, he leaves his bad memories lo the people who made them. JOYCE SCHMID leaves 500 pieces of Bazooka Bubble Gum lo Mr. Burlless, lo K.M. a vacation in Jerusalem, lots of fun lo Jill in F.A., and wish Diane a Happy Thursday. BOB SCHRAVEN leaves the glen to Faster on edge; D.R. sunrise; to Rex and Wag good limes, RA memories, J.T. luck; BHS lo Tom, Dave, Gary. TERRY SIPPEL leaves B.C. decisions. D.R.M. happiness. D.F. an unfogl. experience, M.M. a future, " The Coed Boy Scouts " one cabin, R.N. an art. CW Baker with a smile, happy memories, and 2 more Sippels. ROBERT SLATE leaves lo everyone who has Mr. Powell for physics, the definition of reality. DEBBIE SMITH leaves this school with a warning lo all teachers that there are four more Smith ' s lo come. MIKE SMITH leaves all other cars in ihe dust, also his baby sister 1 more year of joyful school. BOB SMITH leaves 4 old Biology regents to Miss Cain and a hug and a kiss to A.T. BARB SOCHIA leaves 1 more chance to join field hockey; to Winkie I leave 1 homerun per game; lo Coach I leave a number 1 team next vear: and lo Baker High I leave 4 more Sochia ' s. JANET SOCIA leaves Scolly 24 pieces of chicky, the Social Studies dept. a stack of corny reports, and Jack happy times. DALE SPILMAN leaves George a role of stieky-on-both-sides tape, se- cond best a seat, and Jean a shoe. NORMAN SPINNER leaves all teachers the chances lo lislen, while we listen to them yell about not gelling things done, then we wonder why. CINDY SPOSATO leaves K.P. a trip to C.R., P.D. K.C. one free dance lesson. TOM SPOTO leaves Sandy all the guys of Baker, to Barb, all the un- crowded parties and 4325 red lights, to Otto, one Taco, and lo Ron 2 more years. DEB STACHURSKI is glad she mel nice people this year, good luck next vear John, I am glad we were friends, I ' ll miss you. ANDI STAMP leaves Berb and Con a slug, Kel a spark. Peg the Rah Rah girls, many memories lo B.S, M.K, K.N, D.J, D.W, C.K, P.N. love lES to Alpha and Fran 2 yrs more lo cheer and a song lo sing. BARB STANISH leaves Nagle a head in the toilet, Connie a swamp, rut and slug, fCel, Nita the hard way lo the Glenn, the fearsome 4some and manv memories of friendship with CK, MK, KK, KN, DW, JH, AC, DJ, AS, JM, KH, LM. PAM STANISTREET leaves her " Joey " 5 25 74 as ours always! K.E. mv home. Mr. D. Tino happy days, Jo, Rat, Pam a room at S ' side, Alpha Mu lES, S exy, nite at C.H. To all my friends parly limes! To Clauder, SUNSHINE. CLIF STANTON leaves Laurie to Carl or Mark, good luck lo K K, bve lo Mr. DeBarr. and thanks lo Mrs. Michael, Mr. Sennetl, the skippers. Manv thanks to the Baker High Faculty. LYNN STAURING leaves to C.J.; L.T.; and K.M. HAPPINESS ALWAYS! to M.A.P. .3 more years lo find what he ' s looking for; lo Mrs. Kuno an ace bandage, and she leaves with Dave lo slarl a new PAT STEVENS leaves my little sister lo Baker High School and my love to all my friends. SHARON STEVENS leaves the confusion as a twin lo all ihe teachers she had, many thanks to Mr. Cahill, and ihe best of luek lo all her friends. SHERYL STEVENS leaves Miss Record 2 name tags so she ' ll know which one is Sheryl and which one is Sharon while playing field hockev and also leaves her Maine accent lo anyone who can unde land it. DIANE STODDARD leaves RA 1 yr, Jeff a couch, Lee to Joe, Ei belter hrs at SD, Lou luck with Jim, Ni 2 cold nips, JM,AC, JC,DM,MLD,JT lots more parlies, thanks lo Mr. C Mr. G, and all her love to DJ. JOHANNA STORMES leaves Baker High engaged to Jim Bellor and .SIO short lo Mr. Brussells. LEE STRACHE leaves matchmakers unlimited lo Di; her drivers ed papers lo Andy; one blackmail picture and the right room to Scolt; D.H. to the rest of the P ' ville gang; and a pipeeleaner lo Mr. Decker. RICK SIDDABY leaves Gregg Mocyk the P-Bars; also much luck lo John Pelcher. a true friend. WAYNE SUDDABY leaves " Coach " many thanks and wishes him good luck; DD, LA, and JP the HB, BS with BHS; and with Pam for a Place High In Life. DEB BY SUTLIFF leaves P.L, G.S, R.G, T.M. 20 lbs. Pig at Fay ' s lo D.S. P.B, K.P. leave 1 yr at CWB and all the fun memories with N.H., P.B., P.D., P.T., A.C., A.L., L.J., M.S., D.C. KAREN SUTTON leaves with hopes of a happy life. Also leaves her sister and Bonnie two more years of school. BOB SWEET leaves J.H. another year of Arc ' s Heroics, Al I leave lo his following krunls. Key Club with all the girls it wants. Ma with my Arco Credit Card and the Glen with the New Varsity Members. KAREN TALY leaves Mary Happiness in ibe-fulure. Deb a pack of gum, Mark 3 vears of high school lo go, David all the memories and happiness in the past and future. MIKE TARNOW leaves Larry and Mark another year of YA ' s and slo-mo football and Baltz another year lo grow his own innlertube. RAY TETRAULT leaves Chuck a space for a refrigerator he never got, an oil ' cap for the car he had, an indestructible upholstery kit for his Toy, and Jim Walts for a summer of tamping. RICK TETRAULT leaves Chuck many push-ups, a sore hip, and a clock ihal is slow so nobody can be late for practice. To Marcine I leave lots of kisses and the will to last 3 more years without me. BETH THELEN leaves hoping John will someday be pleased and also a nite at the movies; Hi! to the guys at the U.G. garage and the people from J. A. One date for Mr. Mac and a break for Mike. BRUCE THOMAS leaves. CHRISTEL THOMAS leaves Mr. Yanetti smiles and bonos, Mrs. Plail-a pet vampire. Miss Costich a European Handball. To Scolt, an apt. To Mic, GC and SC memories! and to finally be with Jim. DEBBIE THOMAS leaves to be with her husband Dave, and a life full of happiness. MARTHA THOMAS leaves all my friends all the good times we ' ve shared; I leave G.S. and K.S. one more year, and leave lo be with Dave forever. SHARON THORNE leaves all my dirty trays to Big Al. PAT TOENNIES leaves a case of Ben-Gay to Nance, a full-length mirror lo Cath, a hot car to Aim, a dark road and no bike lights to Nance and Deb, a " hurry-up " to Peg, and pow-pow lo gangster. MIKE TORELLO leaves Al and Floyd to the Universal, while I move on lo a bigger one, and lo the rest of the so called " r pain. To Arc I leave a bark and lo Ole I leave some dope. JEFF TRAVERS leaves Gary his black belt, he ' ll never get it himself; Smitty a new ring lo TRY and beat the unbeatable record, and the boy genius a F.D. to go dusting. LINDA TRUGLIO leaves 3 yrs. supply of alka seltzer plus to any Icailier who has the misrortiine of havin;; Lori Gliimpe and Debbie Cov in Iheir class. now. TrU.OCH leaves Jnlie a lap. A.M. same wipeouts (C.B. has enough of his own); a ride in Indian Springs to the viewers: Dulchmans a proof: Bnis a dent and WBXL his siipport(er). BARB TVPHAIR leaves C.W. Baker to all the poor underclassmen that have to suffer a few more years, 1 leave a better life with Larrv. I leave to Sue and Lori-lhe hatred for Brcnda. MARTHA UHL leaves Cheryl D. a bulls eye by aiming at the ground and Laurie S. a back brace so she can stand straight while shooting. TOM VAHLE leaves for another Grand Prix at the Glen to see Scheckter. Fittipoldi, Peterson and all at the limit. And to Coach Johnson a cut up. waterhogged golf ball for future use bv the team. CHRIS VANALSTYNE leaves to be with " Laurie. " nAWANDERVEER leaves 4 little " Hairlips " to Baker High: leaves with Joe B. for liSC: leaves his Var. Pitching record to anyone who wants it. MARY VANNORT leaves Paul Bartlett his Thousand Island dress- ing. I leave Paula and Connie the back seat on the BOCES bus, I leave the rest of the school this message " Good Riddens! " Jl LIE VAllGHAN leaves to Pat, Myrtle, strange evenings: Jo Tiger PJ ' s: Dave parties: Alpha I.E.S. Deb campfires: K.C. Adventure: A. . laughs: Pierre N.T.T.A.; Dann flirtation: Mike a pinch with love. CAROL VENTURA leaves Lynn, Mel, and Lisa a long tiring night at the Hollow, to Lori, a night at the fireside. Tammy some " Whiskers " , the two David ' s, two Big L ' s and last of all, I leave Nag some more dances to get sick at. MARY JANE VERGINION leaves Joyce a box of putt-putt balls to chase. Kalhy a bottle wine to wash away the tears, Cindy, pleasures of the Holiday house. Sue the decrease in cost at F.F., Pat, putting up with all the shit. JEFF WALKER leaves the underclassmen many B.F. parties at the Glen, and A.S. to start a new Kriinl Club, and A.Z. the ability to keep his Ford running and drive with the parking brake off. STEVE WALL leaves S.H. all the good times, to Mr. Wanzer my respect, to Mr. Powell, a brand new never used-used slide rule while off to the world with Ray and the Groupie. DENISE WALSER leaves patience, a smile, and a bass voice to the new CG captain, my sister to anyone who wants her: Mr. Wanzer a little peace and quiet; and the new captains uniform to whomever is worthy of it. BOB WALTS leaves Mr. Sennett not a darn thing, Mr. McLaud all thanks for the last 4 years and the school I leave to the birds and to ■Mr. O ' Donnell I leave not a helluva lot. DAN WARWICK leaves Steve a back seat full of girls from Europe; to Deb and Dale something that doesn ' t taste like tomato juice; Mr. Wanzer, an empty seat for a horny French sax player that can screech. MIKE WATKINS leaves Baker High School because it ' s too heavy to JEFF WEDEMEYER leaves Baker High School the Remembrance of the Wedemeyer kids and hope that the school can carry on without them: I leave my passing ability to Greg Noll in hopes that he can have a good season next year. MARY WEEKS leaves w the Groupies: FERD. Crash. Turk. KC. Chiq. Ma. Mouse. Jean Boob, Pres to Ann B. a polvgl. die. a coed rm. a st. cup. MY SIHT. RH a clav cootie cast. RSDTY. a smile to FJH. JANE WEISBERG leaves Karen and Berb a mole. Kale an F.B.P., George to Diane. Bill T.D.T.. Karen Memories, John A. G.P., to (;ary. much happiness and H.F.T.F.. and to find Munchkinland! CHERYL WELLS leaves her brother Jeff .3 more wonderful years in Baker High School and Michele Rocco two white things a full bag of Fritos. for her diet. DAN WILCOX leaves Fike the man at the stand; Scott Deb Hughes; Sally a good time: Kel a knock on the window: to Kolo RIVER RAT; to Kel and Nag " Marv White " : an announcement to Deb: an Arab friend to Moe. MARK WILDER leaves to Murph a mile-long litho for next years in between [ eriods. (;ORDON WILLIAMS leaves a space for another person: best of luck to B.S. R.M, R.A, D.H, J.K. and J. P.; also good luck to R.S. and W.S. JOYCE WILLIAMS leaves Mr. Coloprisco a Bible and my sister, four years of good luck. NANCY WILLIAMS leaves Baker High to anyone who wants it. RAY WILLIAMS leaves 4 cases to the Glen: To Mrs. Rhebergen a step ladder, then off to see the world with S.W. MARIBETH WILLIAMSON leaves Irene memories of our Freshman y ear and J.G, S.B a million great times, and J.S. a " likker locker. " To P.N. an urangatang. and to both PN and SR the B ' ville diner, some bcachboys songs and hopes of P.M.S. PAT WINGERTER leaves S.R. all the " cute " guys left in school, L.J. one more " exciting " year in Baker, but most important she leaves to be with Ben. JOHN WIRTH leaves a word of advice to all punkv freshmen like Davey .Schavey: Don ' t! BEN WOLCIK leaves John Arcaro the hair on my face to some other player he will let have hair on their face, and I leave Frank O ' Donnell safety first and a film festival and his sidewalk. RALPH WOLFE leaves the school to anyone who wants it. SUE WOLFF leaves Bonnie two more years of Baker High, I leave with great memories to 6lh period lunch to Mariet, Jan. Sharon, Kathy. J.W. " Breakawav " . I leave Irene 8 vrs. of great memories. DAVID WOLFORD leaves Mr. Obine all my back assignments and I leave all Freshmen half the stuff I learned. DONNA WOLKEN leaves her B.B ' s enemy territory, Mary White, a hayride. Aunt Molly, sewing club, to B.H. a pulley ride, and to Sue a bowl of popcorn. BRAD WOOD leaves Doug the two best women in Baker and I leave Bruce and Tom " SOME MORE " ! JOYCE WOODALL leaves Pat a kidney stone and a tranquilizer: Sue, a personal taxi at 2:30 in the morning: Kathy, all the MEN(?) in Phoenix: Cyn, a half paid Mark Eden: Reap a half a stick of Carefree and Tim an " S.S. " MARK YOUNG leaves all the GUM Boys a big faut, H.R. a tube of Ben Gay. Cecil his jokes, and Mary (44) a lot of thanks. AL ZOGG leaves the Glen open for many B.M.R. partys. I also leave Ote Sennett all of the long haired, bearded punks in Baker High. American Field Service II IPI f% « iHiiSM J H Luis Reyes I didn ' t believe. I don ' t believe yet. I won an AFS Scholarship. I can ' t tell you how I felt. I was never so excited in my life. I was going to live an experience, but I didn ' t know if it would be beautiful or sad. I can say now it was beautiful! I left my country, Ecuador, on an August night, and I arrived here also on an August night. The new family, that I love very much now, went to receive me that night; and from there on they helped me very much throughout the whole year. They ' ve always made me feel happy. The Luces are this beautiful family that I will keep in my mind forever. I am thankful to them and also to their relatives and friends. Also, I will never forget the school at which I spent the year because it was very important, fun, and in- teresting part of my experience. I would also like to thank all the members of the school, and also all my friends there. I will always keep Baldwinsville in my mind because I think it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Again, thanks to AFS and everybody that made my trip possible. It was terrific. Love, JZCiU-C Luis Angel Reyes Benalcazar Arriola 430 y Narvaez Cdla. Pichincha QUITO-ECUADOR South America Cathy Place When I was picked last year as the A.F.S. candidate from Baldwinsville I was thrilled to have the oppor- tunity to live and travel in another country. I realized afterward, though, that my trip was more than just an opportunity to travel; it was an experience that had a big effect on my life. The warm atmosphere that I en- countered was more than just the weather; it was the warmth and kindness I was shown. My A.F.S. family and friends in Quepas, Costa Rica made me feel as though I was part of the communi- ty. The sadness I felt when I left was balanced by the memories I have of Costa Rica. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all those who made my trip through A.F.S. possible. Cathy Place A.F.S. Student Sephar Kousha A wonderful year is behind me! I am really sorry that it ' s over, but I ' m happy that I used my time in learning about things that I didn ' t know before. I had such a great time with my family, frieads, and community that I can never forget them. They did many things for me that I couldn ' t imagine possible. In the end, I wish an equally good time for the future AFS students, I give thanks to my teachers, and I feel a deep appreciation to the whole student body for giving me their help this year. How wonderful it was to be an AFS student. Sephar Kousha Regents Scholarship Winners Front Row: Michael L. Mowins, Steven R. Wall, Patricia J. Daley, Tracey Gaebler (Nursing), Pamela A. Lavallee (Alt.). Second Row: Richard J. Conklin. Terrence E. Connolly, Dorothy A. Foster, Jenny A. Jordan, Sally A. Jensen, Lisa G. Mathis, Celinda A. Crego. Third Row: Judith E. Locke, Phyllis I. Ball, Robin E. Gates. William E. Nielson, Gary W. Mercer, Mark D. Humphrey, Brian N. Reeves. Fourth Row: Margaret A. Brown (Alt.), Leslie P. Ryan, Jeffrey L. Hayes, Gail L Ferguson, Patrick J. Murray, Richard H. Tetrault, Mark. D. Eckel (Alt.). Missing: Janet E. Abraham, Kathleen A. Barnell, Carolee K. Bultman, James H. Burton. Kathleen Christensen, Robert J. Downing, Timothy J. Emerson, Valerie A. Gorham, Warren S. Ha.., Francis J. Himpler, Mark W. Krentel, Tracey A. Manville, Timothy F. McMahon, Dianne J. Monge, Elizabeth L. Pfeifer, Edward A. Russ, Clifton W. Stanton, Jeffrey E. Travers, Denise J. Walser, Michael S. Watkins, Leslie A. Wells, Jean C. Adsit (Nursing). Alternates Terrence C. Dowd Robin Gooden Vincent B. Mitchell Russell W. Schoch Paula Kotlik (Nursing) Craig A. Hopkins Carol A. Margeson Carrie E. McCarthy Lisa Holtman (Nursing) Cheryl Powers (Nursing) Senior Class Directory JANET ABRAHAM Biology Club 2 yrs. Chorus 3 yrs, Drama Club 1 yr. Girls Ensemble 1 yr. JEAN ADSIT NHS 2 yrs, Var. Track 2 yrs, Spirettes 3 yrs. Sec. 2 yrs. Drama Club 2 yrs. Chorus 3 yrs, NYSSMA 3 vrs. Ensemble 2 yrs. BOB ALBERT Swim 4 yrs. Ski Club 2 yrs, Krunt Club 2 yrs, intra Baseball Basketball 4 yrs. HKE ALLEN Var. Football 2 yrs, J.V. 1 yr. Indoor Track 2 yrs. Track 4 yrs, J.V. Wrestling 2 yrs, Frosh Soccer 1 yr. RANDY ANDERSON Var. Track 4 vrs. Gymnastics (Var.) 4 yrs, Var. Club 3 yrs-. GEORGE ARMSTRONG Outdoor Track 4 yrs, Indoor Track 4 yrs, Var. Soccer 1 yr. J.V. Soccer 2 yrs, Var. Club 2 yrs, Stu. Council 1 yr. MIKE ARMSTRONG Frosh Soccer 1 vr, J.V. 1 yr, Var. Soccer 2 yrs, J.V. Wrestling 2 6rs, Var. Wrestling 2 yrs. LYN BAKER Spirettes 2 vrs. PHYLLIS BALL N.H.S., G.A.A. 2 yrs. Track 2 yrs. Drama Club 1 yr. SHARON BARLOW Soccer 4 yrs, Softball 1 vr. KATHY BARNELL N.H.S. 2 yrs. Ski Club 2 yrs, Spirettes 1 yr, Stu. Council Alt. 1 vr, Cheerleading J.V. 1 vr, Var 1 yr, Var Soccer, Key Club. PAUL BARTLETT Key Club 1 yr. Gymnastics 2 yrs, J.V. Football 1 yr, Stu. Council 2 yrs. Ski Club 4 yrs. Drama CJub 1 yr. DIANE BEAULIEU Bowling 4 vrs, Spirettes 1 vr. Swimming 1 yr. LAURIE BEAVER Tennis 1 yr. MARY KATE BLAND Stu. Council 2 yrs, St. Council Sec. 1 yr, Cheerleading J.V. I yr, Var. 1 yr. DAVID BLOK Var. X-C 3 yrs, Frosh X-C Indoor Track 2 yrs, Var. Track 2 yrs, Frosh Track Var. Club 2 yrs. Radio Club 2 yrs. PAT BORT Pep Club Treas. 1 vr. G.A.A. 1 vr. Track 1 yr. Gymnastics 1 r. SUE BOUSQUET Swimming 1 vr. Bowling 4 yrs, Spirettes 2 yrs, C,. . . 1 yr. SARAH BOWDEN Spirettes 2 vrs. JOE BRAINERD Var. Football 1 yr, J.V. Football 2 vrs, Frosh Foot- ball, H.R. Rep. 1 yr, Var. Track 3 yrs. Key Club 2 yrs, Var. Club 3 yrs. KIM BRESEE Latin Club 2 yrs, Sr. Class Rep. 1 yr. DANN BRISSENDEN Frosh Soccer, J.V. Soccer 1 yr, Var. 2 yrs, Var. Baseball 3 yrs, Var. Club. PEGGY BROWN Field Hockey 1 yr. Track 1 yr. Humanities Club 1 MIKE BROWN J.V. Football 2 yr. Indoor Track 1 yr. ROBIN BRYANT Swimming 2 yrs, BOCES 2 yrs. JOHN BUCKLEY Stu. Council 3 yrs, Var. X-C 3 yrs, Var. Indoor Track 4 yrs, Var. Outdoor Track 3 yrs. Varsity Club 3 yrs. JOHN BUIS Football Intra 2 yrs, Frosh 1 yr, J.V. 2 yrs, Var. 1 yr. Lacrosse J.V. 1 yr, Glenn J.V. 1 yr. Var. 2 yrs. CAROLEE BULTMAN Chorus 2 yrs. Drama Club 1 yr, French Club 1 yr. Girls Ensemble 2 yrs, NHS 2 yrs. Rock Ensemble 2 yrs. JIM BURTON Football Frosh, J.V. 1 yr, Var. 3 yrs, capt. Var. Wrestl- ing 3 yrs. Var. Lacrosse 2 yrs, Stu. Council 1 yr, Var. Club 1 yr. Drama 1 vr. KATHY BURTON Stu. Council 1 yr. STEVE BUTLER Swimming 2 yrs, Stu. Council 1 yr. Drama 4 yrs. Drama Prcs. 1 vr. CINDY CALKINS Frosh Softball, F.B.L.A. BARB CAMWELL Drama Club 4 yrs. Vice Pres. 1 yr. Biology Club 2 yrs. Chorus 1 vr. Girls Ens. I yr, Furbush Rep. 3 yrs. ANITA CARDELLA Lyre Staff ' Senior Editor, Jun. Class Rep, Soph. Class Rep, Soph. Class Treas, Pep Club 1 yr. Gamma Alpha Mu 3 yrs. DAVID CASTLE Chorus 2 yrs. Drama Club 4 yrs, AV 3 yrs. Radio Broadcasting Club 4 vrs. Biology Club 2 yrs. Radio Station WBXL Program Director. BOB CERIO Wrestling J.V. 1 yr, Var. 2 vrs. KATHY CHRISTENSEN Swimming 1 yr ' . Ski Club 2 yrs. PAM COLLINS Stu. Council 2 vrs. Pep Club 1 vr. Alpha Mu 3 yrs. RICHARD CONKLIN Soccer J.V., Soccer Var, N.H.S. TERRY CONNOLLY Var. Swimming 3 yrs, J.V. Lacrosse 3 yrs, Frosh Football Band 4 yrs. Key Club 1 yr. DAVID CRAIG Stu. Council 1 vr, Frosh Soccer, Hockev Club 2 yrs, Var. Glenn 2 yrs. CELINDA CREGO Drama Club 1 yr, N.H.S. 2 yrs. Humanities Club 3 yrs, St. Council All. 1 yr. SANDY CURRIER Track 1 yr. Swimming 3 yrs, Spirettes 2 vrs. MEGHAN DACK Drama Club 4 yrs, Forbush Rep. 2 vrs. BARB DAILY Photo Club 1 vr, AV 1 vr, J. A. 2 vrs. MARY LOU DANIELSON Lyre Staff Typist. ROY DAUSMAN Football 3 yrs. Track 1 yr. Key Club, Krunt Club, Sen. Class Rep. AL DEACONS Indoor Track 1 vr, J.V. Wrestling 1 yr. PAT DEMSHAW Orchestra. JIM DIAMOND Football 1 yr. Indoor Track 1 yr, Kev Club. BRENDA DOLLINGER BOCES 1 yr, Archerv 1 yr. Bowling 1 yr. TERRY DOWD Football Hockev Club, Var. Glenn. BOB DOWNING Var. Club 4 yrs, Var. Soccer 3 vrs, J.V. 1 yr. Indoor Track 4 yrs, Var. Track 3 yrs. DENISE DOWNUM Field Hockey 2 yrs. Soccer 2 yrs. Basketball 3 yrs, Softball 4 yrs. DAVID DREW Intra Basketball 2 vrs. BOB EASTMAN J.V. Track. MARK ECKEL Football 3 vrs. Lacrosse 2 yrs. Stu. Council Rep. 1 yr, Alt. 2 yrs. STACIE ECKER Stu. Council 4 yrs. Drama Club 2 yrs. Girls Soccer 1 yr, Spirettes 1 yr. DOUG EIPP Latin Club 1 yr. Intra Basketball 2 yrs. Intra Baseball 3 TOM ELHOFF Swimming 2 yrs. Tennis 3 yrs. Key Club 2 vrs. Ski Club 3 yrs. Bowling 2 yrs. LYNN ELLIS Soccer 3 yrs. Track 1 yr. Pep Club, G.A.A. ABE ELLIS Frosh Soccer 1 yr. Indoor Track 1 yr, J.V. Football 1 yr, J.V. Lacrosse 1 vrs, Var. Football 2 vrs, Var. Lacrosse 1 yrs, Var. Club 1 yr, N.H.S. 2 yrs. Key Club 4 yrs. TIM EMERSON Band, Chorus, Jazz Band, Rock Ensemble. KATIE EVERTZ Sub Deb 3 yrs. DAVE FEICKERT Frosh Football, J.V. Lacrosse 2 yrs, J.V. Wrestl- ing 1 yr, Var. Football 3 yrs, Var. Lacrosse 2 yrs, Stu. Council Rep. 2 yrs, Stu. Council Alt. 1 yr, Var. Club 1 yr. Key Club 1 yr. CHRIS FELL Var. Tennis, Concert Band, Marching Band, Drama Club, N.H.S., Pit Band. CHERYL FENTON Var. Swimming 4 yrs. Track 1 vr, Aquanotes 2 yrs, A.A.U. Swim Team 8 yrs, B.O.C.E.S. 2 vrs. GAIL FERGUSON Health Careers Club 1 yr, ' Stu. Council Alt. 2 vrs, N.H.S. 2 yr.s. CAROL FILSINGER Gymnastics 4 yrs, Softball Manager 3 yrs, G.A.A. 3 vrs. Swimming 1 yr. MIKE FITZGERALD J.V. Basketball 2 vrs. Baseball Frosh, J.V. 1 yr. DOROTHY FOSTER N.H.S. 2 yrs, Stu. Council Rep. 1 yr. Humanities 1 yr, Spirettes 1 yr. PAT FRANCEMONE Lyre Staff ' 75 typist, Aquanot ' TRACEY GAEBLER Soccer 1 yr, Spirettes 3 yrs, I , ._, Health Careers Club 1 yr. ROBIN GATES Ski Club 2 yrs, Aquanotes 3 yrs, Spirettes 2 yrs. Humanities Club 1 yr. Drama Club 1 yr. Swimming 1 yr. nFA ' NIS GAWORECKI Horkey 3 yrs. Baseball ] yr. Intra Basketball 3 IS. 1 ' MIL GERHARDT Swimming 4 yrs, Var. Club 3 yrs. BECKY GIRARD Color GiiarH, TOM GOODFELLOW Ski Club 1 yr. V A(,ERIE GORHAM Ski Club 2 yrs, Class Rep. 2 yrs. Drama Club 3 rs. Forbush Rep. 1 yr, Spirettes 2 yrs. ROBERT GRAF Var. Baseball 1 yr, J.V. 2 yrs. Indoor Track 1 yr, J.V. Soccer 1 vr. GEORGE GRANT Key Club, Krunt Club, Var. Glenn 2 yrs. MICHELLE GRAY G.A.A. 3 yrs. Tennis 2 yrs. Field Hockey 1 yr, Aqiianotes 2 yrs. ANN GREEN Bowling 3 yrs. Archery 2 yrs. PAT GUNTHER Stu. Council Rep. 1 yr. DEB HALL Stu. Council, Drama Club. WARREN HALL Band 4 yrs. Track 3 yrs. Indoor Track 4 yrs, J.V. Soccer 1 yr. Chorus 1 yr, Stu. Council Rep. 1 yr. Ski Club 4 yrs, Var. Club 2 yrs. KAREN HANNON Lyre Staff Advertising Editor, Soph. Class Rep. BOB HASKELL Chess Club 3 yrs. Indoor Track 1 yr. Outdoor Track 2 yrs. Cross Country 1 yr. Trade and Craft Guild 2 yrs. JEFF HAYES J.V. Lacro.sse 3 yrs. RICH HENDERSON Soccer J.V. 1 yr, Frosh Var. 2 yrs, Basketball J.V. 2 vrs, Var. 1 vr, Var. Track 4 vrs. Ski Club 1 yr, Var. Club 2 yrs, N.H.S. 1 yr. Key Club 1 yr. FRANK HIMPLER Football Frosh J.V. 1 yr, Var. 2 yrs. Track Frosh Var. 3 yr.s. Indoor Track 3 yrs. DEB HITTER Spirettes 1 yr. Drama 1 yr. Soccer 1 yr, Var. Glenn 1 DEB HOLCOMB Bowling 1 yr, B.O.C.E.S. 1 yr. LISA HOLTMAN N.H.S., Sub Deb Club, Ski Club, French Club, Track. CRAIG HOPKINS Var. Club, Rock Ensemble, Jazz. Band, N.H.S. DAN HOURIHAN Football Frosh J.V. 1 yr, Var. 2 yrs. Basketball Frosh J.V. 1 yr, Var. 2 yrs, Var. Track 4 yrs, Var. Club 1 yr. DONNA HOVEY Concert Band 2 yrs. Senior Class Sec, G.A.A. 2 yrs, Kev Club 1 vr. Field Hockey 2 vrs, Gvmnastics 1 yr, Track 2 yrs. DARRELL HOWARD Football Frosh J.V. 1 yr, Var. 2 yrs. Track 2 yrs, Var. Club. BOBBIE HOWE Ski Club 1 yr. Gamma Alpha Mu 2 yrs. JEFF HUDSON Var. Wrestling 1 yr, J.V. 2 yrs. JODY HUGHES Frosh Class Sec, Cbeerleading J.V. 1 yr, Var. 1 yr. Pep Club 3 yrs. Lyre Sr. Editor, Stu. Council Rep. 2 yrs. Swimming 1 MARK HUMPHREY Radio Club 9 yrs. Radio Broadcasting Club 3 TERESA HUMPHREY Stu. Council 1 yr, Class Rep. 2 yrs. Track 1 vr. Drama Club 4 yrs. JOHN HURST Stu. Council 3 yrs, Pres. 1 yr, Var. Tennis 1 yr. Swim- ming 1 yrs. Key Club 3 yrs, Pres. 1 yr. Ski Club 2 yrs, Var. Club 2 yrs. NANCY HYNES Track 3 yrs. Field Hockey 2 yrs. Gymnastics 1 yr, G.A.A. 3 yrs, Stu. Council Alt. 1 yr. DAVID JACK Basketball Frosh J.V. 2 yr, Var. Club, Soccer Frosh J.V. 2 yrs, Var. 1 yr. Baseball J.V. 1 yr. SUE JACKSON Aquanotes 4 yrs. Field Hockey 2 yrs, Honey Bees 1 yrs, G.A.A. 3 yrs, N.A.W. Club 4 yrs. DONNA JARVIS Lyre Staff Typist. ;N Drama Club 3 yrs, Health Careers Club 3 yrs, Spirettes ' I yr. DEB JOHNSON J.V. Cheerleader 1 yr. Ski Club 4 yrs. Class Rep. 3 yrs, Stu. Council Rep. 1 yr. Alpha Mu 3 yrs. DIANA JOHNSON Photo Club 2 yrs. Chorus 2 yrs, Audio-Visual 3 vrs. PAUL JOHNSON Football J.V. 1 yr, Var. 1 yr. RICK JOHNSON Track. KATHY JOHNSTON Aquanotes 3 rs. Honeybees 2 yrs, N.A.W. Club 4 vrs. Lvrc Staff Tvpisl. JENNY JORDAN Humanities Club, Latin Club, French Club, Ski Club, N.H.S. LISA KELLEY Swimming 2 yrs, Stu. Council 1 yr. Junior Class Treas, Ski Club 2 yrs. Pep Club Pres. 1 yr, Aquanotes 1 yr, G.A.A. 1 yr, Chorus 1 yr, Spirettes 1 yr. PAT KELLEY Band. PEG KELLY Chorus 4 yrs. MARY KELLY Class Rep. 1 yr, Ski Club 2 yrs. Gamma Alpha Mu 3 LISA KINGSLEY Swimming 2 yrs. Track 2 yrs. CHERYL KLINE Track. TIM KNIGHT Var. Track 2 yrs, Intra Basketball 3 yrs. Key Club 2 yrs. Chorus 1 yr. N.H.S. GARY KOLO Var. Track 1 yr. Soccer Frosh J.V. 2 yrs, Var. 1 yr, Gamm 3 yrs, Stu. Council 2 yrs, Lyre Staff Sports Ed, Basketball Frosh Var. 1 vr. SEPEHR KOUSHA AFS from Iran. KIM KRAFFT Gamma Alpha Mu 3 yrs, Cheerleading J.V. 1 yr, Var. 2 yrs. Soph Class Vice Pres, Stu. Council Rep 1 yr, Alt. 1 yr. CONNIE KRAWIEC Aquanotes 2 yrs, Stu. Council Rep, Alt, Frosh Vice Pres. Soph Pres, Swimming 4 yrs. Alpha Mu 3 yrs. MARK KRENTEL N.H.S., Chess ABridge Club. MIKE KUZDZAL Var. Track 2 yrs. Indoor Track 1 yr, Frosh Track, Soccer Frosh J. V. 1 vr, Var. 1 yr. KAREN LANE Frosh Class Pres, Stu. Council Rep., 1 yr, Swimming 3 yrs. Track 1 yr. Chorus 4 vrs. Marching Band Drum Major 3 vrs. DAN LANG Football Frosh Var. 4 yrs, Wrestling 4 yrs. LYNETTE LAVALLEE Spirettes 4 yrs, Drama 3 yrs. Health Careers Club 3 yrs, Stu. Council Rep, 1 yr. PAM LAVALLEE Gymnastics 4 yrs, Aquanotes 2 yrs. Health Career Club 4 vrs, Spirettes 3 vrs, N.H.S. 2 yr. LINDA LEBLANC Archery ] yr. Bowling 2 yr. PAT LECLAIR Spirettes 1 yr, Aquanotes 1 yr, G.A.A. 1 yr. Chorus 1 KATHY LEHMAN B.O.C.E.S. 1 yr. ANN-MARIE LEIER Forbush Rep. 1 yr. BRIAN LICOURT Stu. Council Rep. 1 yr, Frosh Football 1 yr. DEBRA LIPTAK Swimming 2 yrs, Aquanotes 2 yrs. Gymnastics 1 yr. ROY LUTHER Intra Basketball 4 yrs. Intra Baseball. CARL LUTZ Band 4 yrs. Jazz Band 4 yrs. Chorus 2 yrs. Rock Ensem- ble Male Choir. RON MAKEPEACE Gymnastics 4 yrs. Track 3 yrs, Var. Club 4 yrs. TRACY MANVILLE Sub Deb 3 yrs. Lyre Art Editor, French Club 1 yr, NHS 2 yrs, Ski Club 2 yrs. CAROL MARGESON Spirettes 4 yrs, Vice Pres, Gymnastics 2 yrs, GAA 2 yrs, Health Careers Club 2 yrs. DEB MARKERT Stu. Council 1 yr. Chorus 3 yrs. Drama Club 4 yrs, Soccer 1 vr, Swimming 1 vr, Forbush Rep, All State County Chorus. ED MAFtKS J.V. Football 1 yr. LAURIE MARSH Alpha Mu 3 vrs. Track 1 yr. Soccer 2 yrs. Pep Club lyr. DOLORES MARTIN Bowling 2 yrs. Chorus 2 yrs. MIKE MATHERS Var. Glenn 2 yrs, Gamm 1 yr. Ski Club 1 yr. LISA MATHIS NHS. DON MAYER Soccer Frosh J.V. 1 yr, Var. 2 yrs. Wrestling J.V. 2 yrs. Baseball J.V. 1 yr, Var. 2 yrs, Var. Glenn 2 yrs. MARK MC CLAUDE Tennis 4 yrs. TIM MC MAHON Football 4 yrs, Var. Track 3 yrs. Indoor Track 2 yrs. Ski Club 2 yrs, Stu. Council 1 yr, NHS Vice Pres, Band 4 yrs. Chorus 1 yr. GEORGE MEDINA Soccer Frosh J.V. I yr, . ..= e--- -. ' ■ ' — ■ 3 vrs. JIM MELINO Frosh Soccer, Wrestling J.V. 1 yr, Var. 3 yrs, Tennis .I. . I M-. ar. .! rs. SIIKRI MKRCADAMTE Swimming 3 vrs. (;ARV mercer Football. Indoor Track, Track, Frosh °Baskelball. SIE METZLER Soccer 2 vrs. Bowline 4 yrs, Softball 4 vrs, G.A.A. 3 PAT MILDEN Swi ng 2 yrs, Aquanotes 3 vrs, Stu. Council Rep 1 DAN MILLER Lyre Staff Photographer, Key Club 2 yrs. Photo Club 2 vrs. Audio-Visual 4 yrs. DOIIG MILLER AV 1 yrs, Chess Club 1 yr. CATHY MINNOE Ski Club 2 yrs. VINCE MITCHELL Wrestling J.V. 1 yr, Var. 3 yrs. Tennis 4 yrs, Krunt Cluh. Var. Glenn 2 yrs. DEB MONROE Bowling 3 yrs, G.A.A. 1 yr. Band 1 yr. JACK MONTAGl ' E Basketball Frosh J.V. 2 yrs, Var. 1 yr. Baseball Var. 4 yrs. Football Frosh J.V. 2 yrs, 1 yr. Var. BETTE MONTMORAN Stu. Council Alt. 2 yrs, Latin Club 1 yr. Drama Club 1 yr. JIM MOORE Football Frosh J.V. 1 yr, Var. 2 yrs. Lacrosse J.V. 1 yr, Var. 2 yrs. J.V. Wrestling 1 yr. RICK MOORE Lacrosse J.V. 2 vrs, Var. 2 yrs. Soccer J.V. 1 yr, Var. 3 yrs, Frosh Basketball. MYLES MORAN Tennis Var. 2 vrs. Football Band 4 yrs. Ski Club 3 yrs, Var. Glenn 2 yrs. DEB MOSES Lvre Editor in Chief, Jr. Class Sec, Stu. Council 2 yrs. Key Club 1 yr. Alpha Mu 2 yrs. Class Rep. 1 yr. Ski Club 1 yr. Pep Cluh 1 yr. JODY MOSES Track 2 yrs. TONIA MOSLEY Gymnastics 4 yrs. Field Hockey 2 yrs. Track and Field 1 yr. Gamma Alpha Mu 3 yrs. Swimming 1 yr. Color Guard 1 yr. GAA 2 yrs. MIKE MOWINS Key Club 4 yrs, Lt. Gov. 1 yr, Var. Club 4 yrs, Var. Track 2 yrs, Var. Swimming 4 yrs, x-c I yr, NHS 2 yrs. Drama Club. SHARON MULVANEY Track 1 yr, Spirettes 3 yrs. Color Guard 1 yr. Ski Club 3 yrs. PAT MURRAY Football 4 yrs. Lacrosse 4 yrs. Indoor Track 3 yrs, Kev Cluh 4 yrs, N.H.S. 2 yrs, Stu. Council 3 yrs, Jr. Class Pres. KATHY NAGLE Stu. Council Rep. 2 yrs. Pep Club 2 yrs. Cheerleader J.V. 1 yr, Var. 2 yrs. Alpha Mu 3 yrs. CAROL NASH Track 1 yr. Swimming 2 yrs. JO ANN NEEDLE Stu. Council Alt. 2 yrs. Rep. 2 yrs. Drama Club 2 BRUCE NELLI Tennis 2 yrs. Bowling 3 yrs. Ski Club 1 yr. ROBIN NIELSEN Tennis 4 yrs. Drama Club 4 yrs. Humanities Club 3 yrs. G.A.A. 3 yrs. Ski Cluh 2 yrs, Track 3 yrs. Math Club 3 yrs. PAUL NORTHROP Ski Club 4 yrs. Intra Baseball 3 yrs. Golf 2 yrs, Key Club 1 yr. TERRY O ' LEARY Football Frosh Var. 3 yrs. Basketball Frosh Var. 3 yrs. Var. Track 2 yrs. Var. Baseball 1 yr, Var. Club. BILL OLIVER Frosh Basketball, Key Club, Ski Club. LOUISE OPPLETON Stu. Council 1 yr. Color Guard 1 yr. Chorus 1 LORI O ' TOOLE Aquanotes 1 yr. PAUL PACELLI Football 3 yrs. Lacrosse 2 yrs. Wrestling 2 yrs. DON PAIGE Cross Country Var. 3 yrs, Frosh Indoor Track 4 yrs. Track 4 yrs, Var. Club 4 yrs. MIKE PALLOS Football Frosh J.V. 2 yrs, Var. 1 yr. Baseball J.V. 2 yrs, Var. 2 yr.s, Var. Club 1 yr, Var. Glenn 2 yrs. TONY PANNOZO Var. Diver 3 yrs. Gymnastics 1 yr. Baseball 1 yr. BILL PELRINE Soccer 3 yrs. Swimming 2 yrs. Intra. Basketball 1 yr. Drama 2 yrs, Demolay Var, Glenn 2 yrs. MEG PERLOWSKI Orchestra 4 yrs. Color Guard 2 yrs. BOBBI PHILLIPS Spirettes 3 yrs, Pres. I yr, Latin Club, Chorus 2 vrs, Stu. Council Alt. 2 yrs. RED PIERCE Football Frosh J.V. 2 vrs, Var. 1 yr, J.V. Wrestling 1 r. Bowling 1 yr. J.V. Baseball 1 yr, Var. 2 yrs. DESI PINNEY Honeybees 1 yr, B.O.C.E.S. 2 yr. CATHY PLACE AFS Exchange Student to Costa Rica, Stu. Council All. 2 vrs. Class Rep. 2 yrs, N.H.S. 2 yrs. Orchestra 2 vrs. CINDY POPPLETON Lyree Staff, Sub Deb 3 yrs, Stu. Council Rep. 2 yrs. Ski Club 3 yrs. BECKY POWERS Lyre Staff Girls Sports Editor, Soccer 4 yrs. Basketball 4 vrs, Vollevball 4 vrs. Track 4 vrs, G.A.A. 3 vrs. CHERYL POWERS Ski Club 2 yrs. Sub Deb 2 yrs. STEVE PREVESK Band 3 yrs. Jazz Band 2 yrs, J.V. Baseball. MICHELE PRIEST Stu. Council Rep. 1 yr, Alt. 1 yr, Spirettes 1 yr. Pep Club 1 yr. Chorus 1 yr. KATHY RADFORD Gamma Alpha Mu 3 yrs. DOUG RAYMOND Football Frosh J.V. Var, Tennis J.V. Var, Lacrosse Var, Key Club. DAN REED J.V. Tennis, Var. Tennis, J.V. Soccer, J.V. Basketball, Var. Glenn 2 yrs, Krunt Club 1 yr. BRIAN REEVES Basketball Frosh J.V. 2 yrs, Stu. Council Rep. 1 yr. All. 1 yr. DEBBY REINHARDT Spirettes 2 yrs. DOUG REITH Intra. Basketball 3 yrs. Tennis 4 yrs. Band 4 yrs. Jazz Band 3 yrs. LUIS REYES A.F.S. Exchange Student from Ecuador, Soccer 1 yr. FRANK RINALDI B.O.C.E.S. 1 yr. ERIC RITZ Soccer 2 yrs. Lacrosse 1 yr. MICHELE ROCCO Alpha Mu 3 yrs. Class Rep. 3 yrs. Gymnastics 1 vr, Sr. Class Treas. DEB ROY Drama Club. CINDY RUPRACHT Latin Club 3 yrs, G.A.A. 1 yr. Field Hockey 1 yr. Key Club 1 yr. ED RlisS Football Frosh J.V. 1 yr. Ski Club 4 yrs. Lacrosse J.V. 3 yrs, Var. 1 vr. STEPHANIE RUSS Tennis 1 yr. TOM SAMUEL Chorus 4 yrs, Drama 4 yrs. Track 1 yr, AV 4 yrs. Radio 4 yrs. Photo 2 yrs. Rock En.semble 3 yrs. CAROLE SANTORUM Jr. Class Rep., Pep Club V. Pres, Track 1 yr. Gymnastics 1 yr. RlISS SCHOCH Chess Club 2 yrs. Intra Golf 1 yr, AV 1 yr. BOB SCHRAVEN Football 1 yr. Soccer 1 yr, Stu. Council 1 yr. TERRY SIPPEL Stu. Council Rep. 1 yr, Spanish Club, Tennis 1 yr. Math 1 yr, N.H.S. 2 yrs. Humanities 3 yrs. ROBERT SLATE Outdoor Track 1 yr. MIKE .SMITH Frosh Football, Intra. Baseball 3 yrs. BOB SMITH J.V. Wrestling 2 yrs, Var. Gymnastics 2 yrs. BARB SOCHIA Field Hockey 3 yrs. Volleyball 4 yrs, Softball 4 yrs, G.A.A. Vice Pres, G.A.A. Sec.-Treas. JANET SOCIA Swimming 1 yr. Drama Club 1 yr. DALE SPILMAN Football 4 yrs. Track 4 yrs. Indoor Track 2 yrs. Basketball 2 yrs, Var. Club 3 yrs. TOM SPOTO Football Frosh J.V. 1 yr. Key Club 1 yr. ANDY STAMP Cheerleading J.V. 1 yr, Var. 1 yr. Pep Club 1 yr, Stu. Council Rep. 1 yr. Alpha Mu 3 yrs. BARB STANISH Stu. Council Rep. 1 yr, Cheerleading J.V. 1 yr, Var. 1 vr. Soph Class Sec, Alpha Mu 3 yrs. Lyre Staff Activities Editor. PAM STANISTREET Stu. Council 1 vr. Gamma Alpha Mu 3 yrs. PAT STEVENS Drama Club 2 yrs, Stu. Council Alt. SHARON STEVENS Field Hockey 1 yr, G.A.A. 2 yrs, Latin Club 1 yr. SHERYL STEVENS Field Hockey 2 yrs, Latin Club 1 yr, G.A.A. 2 DIANE STODDARD Stu. Council Alt. 1 yr. Pep Club 2 yrs, Sr. Class Rep. LYDEEN STRACHE J.C.C. 3 yrs, Stu. Council Alt. 1 yr. RICK SUDDABY Soccer, Gymnastics, Track. WAYNE SUDDABA ' Soccer 4 yrs. Gymnastics 4 yrs. Track 3 yrs. DEBBY SUTLIFF Drama Club 1 vr. Field Hockey 1 yr. Track. BOB SWEET Sen. Class Pres, Football Frosh J.V. 1 yr, Var Kev Club 2 vrs. Ski Club 3 yrs. Var. Glenn 2 yrs. KAREN T. LTY B.O.C.E.S. MIKE TARNOW Football Frosh J.V. 1 yr, Var. 2 yrs, Bas Frosb J.V. 1 yr, Var. 2 yrs. Lacrosse J.V. 2 yrs, Var. 2 yrs. Key vr. RAY TETRAULT X-C 4 yrs. Indoor Track 2 yrs. Outdoor 1 rs, Var. Club ,3 yrs. RICK TETRAULT X-C 4 yrs. Indoor Track 3 yrs. Outdoor 1 vrs. Var. Club 3 yrs. Band 2 yrs. BETH THELEN Sub Deb 3 yrs. Swimming 2 yrs. Bowling 2 y Council 1 yr. CHRISTEL THOMAS Drama 2 yrs, Spireltes 2 yrs, Bowlinf MARTHA THOMAS Pep Club. SHARON THORNE N.H.S. PAT TOENNIES Gymnastics 2 yrs. MIKE TORELLO Gymnastics 4 yrs. JEFF TRAVERS Swimming 2 yrs. Soccer Frosh J.V. 1 yr. Key yrs. Ski Club 4 yrs. LINDA TRUGLIO Tennis 1 yr. BARB TYPHAIR J.V. Cheerleading 1 yr. JIM TYRRELL Football Frosb J.V. 2 yrs, Sv = =-- ' - Lacrcssc 2 yrs. MARTHA UHL Bowling 1 yr. Archery 3 yrs. TOM VAHLE Soccer Frosh j.V. 2 yrs, Var. 1 yr, Var. Golf 2 j Club 1 yr. DAN VANDERVEER J.V. Var. Baseball 2 yrs. Football Fro Key Club. JULIE VAUGHAN Aquanotes 4 yrs, Stu. Council Rep, Krun MARY JANE VERGINIO Aquanotes 1 yr. JEFF WALKER Tennis 4 yrs. Intra. Basketball 2 yrs, Var. ( yrs. STEVE WALL Band 3 yrs. Jazz Band 2 yrs. Chorus Pre " yrs. Track 4 yrs, Stu. Council 1 yr. DENISE WALSER Colorguard 2 yrs, Aquanotes 1 yr, Chori Ski Club 2 yrs, Spirettes 2 yrs. Drama Club 3 yrs. DAN WARWICK Band 4 yrs. Jazz Band 3 yrs. Chorus 1 yi MIKE WATKINS Var. Club 3 yrs. MmmI JEFF WEDEMEYER Football Frosh J.V. 1 vr, Var. 1 vr. Tennis 4 yrs. Ski Club 1 yr, Var. Club. JANE WEISBERG Lyre Underclassr -• - - Rep 3 vrs. Sub Deb 2 vrs. Drama 2 v.„, ,. , „, „... , Club 3 yrs, Var. Glenn 2 yrs. DAN WILCOX Soccer Frosh J.V. 2 yrs. Swimming 3 yrs. Track 2 yrs, Gamm 3 vrs. Lyre Staff Assist. Ed, Jr. Class Vice Pres. SLIV WILDER Baseball J.V. 2 yrs, Var. 2 yrs. Key Club 1 yr, Stu. Council Rep 1 yr. Soccer Frosh. GORDON WILLIAMS Gymnastics 2 vrs. RAY WILLIAMS Football Frosh J.V. 1 yr, Var. Baseball 3 yrs. PAT WINGERTER Drama Club 2 yrs. Bowling 2 yrs. BEN WOLCIK Football Frosh Var. 3 yrs. Wrestling Frosh J.V. 2 yrs, Stu. Council Alt 1 yr. Class Rep. 1 yr. RALPHE WOLFE Gymnastics 2 yr. DAVID WOLFORD Stu. Council Alt. 2 yrs. Intra Basketball 4 yrs. BRAD WOOD Bowling 2 yrs. Golf 1 yr. Chess 1 yr. JOYCE WOODALL Cheerleading J.V. 1 yr, Va; ' - - Rep. 1 yr. Class Rep. 1 yr, Aquanotes 3 yrs, Swii . j., , Pep Club, Honeybees 2 yrs. MARK YOUNG Basketball Frosh J.V. 1 yr, Var. 2 yrs, Var. Baseball 3 yrs, Latin Club 3 yrs. ALAN ZOGG Football Frosh J.V. 2 vrs, Var. 1 yr. Var. Glenn 2 yrs. ' TA, ' ' m Alma Mater When the golden sunset mellow Tints the western sky Proudly stands our Alma Mater On her hilltop high Chorus: Join the chorus, speed it onward Loud her name we veil Hail to thee, our Alma Mater Hail, all hail, B ' ville When the future years o ' er take us And we leave thy halls We shall always love and cherish Davs within thv halls The Alma Mater is a tradition carried on from year to year. It is symholic of how students come and go from year to year in the high school. Our high school days bring many memories. Memories we shall cherish forever. The graduating seniors wish the best of memories to all the underclassmen as they complete their years at C. W. Baker High School. Ours Is the World . . . A .. Guidance i ' . R ■-. 1 _ ] ILL y i 0 % % li M- M jtt r flPvl 1 f : i 3 imt 1 Front Row: Miss Brown, Ms. Levine, Mrs. Tuttle. Row Two: Mr. Carrier, Mr. Haws, Mr. McCloud, Mr. Cahill, Mr. Bethel, Mr. Lotier- Librarians Audio Visual Front Row: Mrs. Nowak, Mrs. Roberts. Row Two: Mrs. Demshaw, Mr. Cady. Mr. DeBarr, Mrs. Mitchell Front Row: Mr. Powell, Mr. Doris. Second Row: Mr. Griggs. Mr. Bender, Absent: Mrs. Coram. Mr. Lindenmayer. Dr. Donadio, Mr. White. Front Row: Miss Bullard, Mrs. Homer, Miss Cain. Second Row: Mr. Matthews, Mr. Grant, Mr. Goulet. Front Row: Mr. Keenan, M. Rio, Mr. Coloprisco. Second Row: Mr. Bassett, Mr. Burtless, Mr. Engels. Front Row: Mr. Baker, Mrs. Angeloro, Mr. Alesandro. Second Row: Mr. Yannetti, Mr. Coon, Mr. Ilnitzki Social Studies Mr. Tarnow, Absent: Mr. Thompson. Math Mr. Armstrong, Mr. Neault Front Row: Mr. Deloff. Mr. Myron. Second Row: Mr. Scott, Mrs. Molamti Mr. Dillon, Mrs. Campbell. Absent: Mrs. Baker Health Foreign Languages Front Row: Mrs. Koontz, Mrs. Coulter, Miss Cyr, Mrs. Nevid. Row Two: Mrs. MacDonald, Mrs. Bramble, Mr. Schermerhorn, Mrs. Hughes. Business Home Economics Mrs. Pratt, Mrs. Varalli, Mrs. Gaffney. Front Row: Mrs. Read, Mrs. Frank. Row Two: Mr. Jamieson, Mr Graves, Mr. Brussel, Mr. Lauri. Miss Rowe, Mrs. Plail. Mrs. Gamage, Mrs. Rhebergen, Miss McKelvie, Miss Wright. English Miss Duckett, Miss Waldron. Mr. Honeywell, Miss Bolowsky, Miss Winehell, Mrs. Sweel, Mrs. Thompson. Industrial Arts Front Row: Mr. Kranz, Mr. Enders, Mr. Wiley. Second Row; Mr. Bailey, Mr. MacPherson, Mr. Decker, Mr. O ' Donnell. Mrs. Winnewisser, Mr. Cullen, Mr. Dickerson. Art Music Secretaries Seated: Mrs. Burton. Row Two: Mrs. Aja, Mrs. Shay, Mrs. Mills, Mrs Sturm, Mrs. Kraft, Mrs. Lucy. Special Nurses Mrs. Casper, Mrs. Kuno. Physical Education Ms, Van Clief, Ms. Record, Ms. Costich. Mr. Arcaro, Mr. Sennett, Mr. Pelcher. Cafeteria Ladies Like the twilight in the road ahead They don ' t see just where we ' re going And all the secrets in the universe Whisper in our ears And all the years Will come and go And take us up . . . ilSj Class Officers Freshmen Sophomores President: Carl Zinsmeister V. President: Rick Down Secretary: Sue Speach Treasurer: Nancv Duck Bill Neufanp Bill Burton Kim Prevesk Barrv Albert uniors Deb Gale Nanc Place Deb Cooper Lori Schlereth Class Advisors The Class of 1978 would like to thank Miss Caine for get- ting them started and for be- ing there when she was need- ed. The Class of 1976 wishes to thank Mr. Yanetti for his un- ending patience and concern in the past year. The Class of 1977 wishes to express their thanks to Mrs. Varelli for all her help throughout the year. ' Memories On A Winter ' s Eve ' ' King: Doug Rowe Queen: Deb Vredenburg Court: Sally Moran Dave Fiorini Lori Schlereth Craig Ellis Nancy Place John Pelcher Homeroom 122, First Row: D. Armstrong, A. Boulduc, J. Baird, M. Bonneville, L. Boak, D. Castagna, B. Bellows, J. Beck, S. Brennan. Second Row: S. Bawaes, W. Barrett, J. Boycheck, C. Bliss. P. Bessette, J. Albanese, S. Bell. Third Row: D. Bemis, J. Beck, R. Anderson. K. Bort. D. Ander- son, C. Armilino, C. Boman. Fourth Row: J. Baltzer, R. Armilino, D. Ashy, C. Bishopric, R. Blanchard, R. Anguish. Homeroom 143, First Row: L. Cole, R. Brayton, B. Casper, R. Butler, F. Carpenter, C. Chamberlain, J. Boyd, L. Cummings, A. Buckley. Second Row: J. Brantley, K. Bremer, P. Bradshaw, J. Brach, M. Brown, D. Crego, P. Brennan, K. Cramer. Third Row: T. Carapella, F. Coloprisco, L. Collins, C. Clark, M. Buckley, T. Coville, S. Birch. Fourth Row: P. Cowdery, R. Clarke, D. Cobb, M. Com- maine, M. Caruso, G. Case. Homeroom 214, Front Row: D. Gale, M. Fitzpatrick, L. Eiss, J. Gillespie, J. Edgelt, A. Foster. Row Two: D. Fitzgerald, L. Fitzgerald, D. Fitzgerald, P. Finch, B. Gilcher, L. Ekross, M. Ecker. J. Diamond, M. Frankovic. Row Three: M. Engels, C. Ellis, D. Fiorini, L. Feidt, S. Farrar, D. Eidt. Homeroom 215, Front Row: S. Hebert, S. Harrisson, C. Hennessey, M. Hawthorne, R. Gunther, J. Hewitt. Row Two: J. Hausworth, J. Herman, D. Hildebrandt, M. Harvey, C. Graves. Row Three: L. Griffiss, B. Harper, C. Hacernack, J. Graham, J. Harkins, C. Hardie. Row Four: R. Grant, J. Gorham, K. Greene, P. Hardter, D. Haskell, C. Hart, G. Hill, L. Grome. Homeroom 216, Front Row: L. Johnston, C. Jaquith, E. Klotz. Row Two: A. Kinsella, C. Johnson, L. Jensen, C. Johnson. Row Three: J. Ingham, H. Kelley, B. Johnson. Row Four: S. Johnson, D. Hovey, E. Hor- ning, M. Keegan. Row Five: L. Jacobs, Y. Kopp, K. Hughes, L. Hulbert. Row Six: G. Hinman, J. Honan, E. Innes, B. Keenan. Row Seven: A. Ibbitson, B. Kent, S. Kelly, W. Kline. Homeroom 217, Front Row: E. Loveless, R. Luther, A. Pollech, R. Manhard, T. Lang. Row Two: E. Lyness, L. Lyon, J. Lalla. Row Three: E. Jacobs, K. Lopez, A. Lamirande, K. Lockett, D. MacPherson, S. Maceri, E. LeCIair. Row Four: T. Maras, D. Luce, B. Lewis, D. Lyon, J. Livingston, C. Logan, M. Loveless. Homeroom 218, Front Row: R. Middlemore, K. Monge, T. Moore, J. Mitchell, P. Nagel. Second Row: T. Michaels, K. Millis, D. Morich, A. Maurer, A. Mills, K. McLaughlin, E. Nash, C. McClure, S. Moran, G. Moyck, P. Miller. Third Row: W. Miller, G. Noll, M. Matteo, D. Mavo, J. Mitchell. Homeroom 219, Front Row: J. O ' Brien, H. Pelkey, L. Paice, S. Patterson. Second Row: M. Raby, D. Pinto, J. Pitcher, N. Place. Third Row: T. Powers, E. Pulver, B. Peters, L. Pfeiffer. Fourth Row: C. Zimba, T. Nor- ton, S. Parke. Fifth Row: K. Peirson, G. Parsons, M. Pallos. Sixth Row: J. Orth, N. Prall, A. Perlowski. Seventh Row: D. Plank, M. Pelrine, G. Potter, S. Noll. Homeroom 220, First Row: L. Segretto, L. Shock, L. Sears, D. Rowe, L. Russel. Second Row: T. Reynolds, K. Sahm. J. Reid, L. Schneider, T. Rivard. Third Row: M. Sennett, R. Riblet, C. Rodriguez. D. Reap, L. Schlereth, J. Reith, T. Schraven. Fourth Row: D. Randall, S. Robertson, P. Randall, M. Raymond, C. Schultz, J. Russ, M. Red- dick. Homeroom 221, First Row: T. Toole, G. Snow, D. Wares, T. Stagnita, C. Trexler. Se- cond Row: D. Cooper, B. Steele, T. Toole, J. Smith, L. Smith. Third Row: P. Connely, N. Smith, J. Suddaby, V. Sloan, G. Sim- mons, D. Skinner. Fourth Row: R. Taro, J. Shackleton, B. Taggot, K. Stockdale, S. Trepasso, B. Thompson, M. Stam. Homeroom 222, Front Row: L. Whitney, S. Vine, C. Trexler, M. Wallace, D. Wheeler. Row Two: J. Weisbrod, S. Trowbridge, D. Wilson, K. Tuzinski, S. Walters, D. Vreden- burg, C. Wicks, K. Vennette, B. Wilson, C. anderburg, M. Weigell, C. ' halen. Row Three: J. Woodruff, M. Wysokowski, J. Woodruff, M. Tyrell, A. Wagner, A. Wilcox, J. Woodruff. 1 M nr ' m riii g Homeroom 223, First Row: D. Currier, M. DeCare, D. Davis, D. Dickinson. Second Row: C. Deacons, B. Duger, L. Durkee, D. Cummings, T. Diamond. Third Row: N. Dunham, D. Dunham. D. Dwyer, L. Doyle, T. Debo. Fourth Row: R. Dinant, P. Dob- bins, T. Down, D. Dine, R. Dwyer, C. Dady. Sophomores Homeroom 110, Front Row: D. Champion, T. Fendick, M. Bowden, P. Christian. Row Two: D. Burteh, D. Bunyea, A. Clement. Row Three: R. Bousquet, J. Bowens, R. Cico, J. Caruso. Row Four: D. Cappa, D. Duquette, R. Burrows. Row Five: D. Chap- man, P. Carney, L. Calkins, S. Bugnacki, J. Brauksieck. Row Six: J. Bland, C. Byerton, K. Castor, D. Brewster, G. Christenson, M. Candee. Row Seven: J. Christensen, L. Castor, C. Brown, S. Bunnell, K. Cherney, P. Boucheir, C. Brown, T. Brennan. Homeroom 112, Front Row: M. Dunn, D. Dunn, C. DeMaio, S. Faircloth, S. Cum- mins, J. Evans, C. Ecker, C. Mahynk. Row Two: M. Esposito, R. DeNeve, B. Evans, T. Dwyer, J. Demshaw, S. Donaghey, T. Decker, A. Emerson, C. Fallon. Row Three: K. Dixon, N. Duck, D. Farrar, A. DeBarr, F. Criss, B. Disinger, R. Dowd, R. Down, A. Dumond. Row Four: D. Dearstyne, F. Dickinson, D. Fadden, E. Ecker. Homeroom 114, Front Row: R. Fitzgerald, D. Finch, L. Freeman. Row Two: M. Gargan, L. Genack, P. Garrison. Row Three: T. Gates, L. Gillete, M. Grabowski, E. Fenzel, M. Galloway, P. Fitzpatrick. Row Four; J. Grahm. B. Gales, B. Ferguson, K. Gould. K. Frear, R. Garrison. Row Five: G. Furbush, S. Gates, B. Findeisen, W. Granberg, M. Fryer, C. Flatt, A. Gee. Row Six: W. Gendron, M. Freidrich, W. Fyler, D. Fronczek. W. Fyler, J. Frankovic. Homeroom 116, Front Row: D. Grow, S Gunther, D. Gushea. Row Two: S. Izard, S Ingerson, S. Gridley. Row Three: C. Hib bard, K. Ingerson, G. Gregory. Row Four: T. Heal, T. Hennessey, F, Greeley, D Homeroom 118, Front Row: D. Kline, J. Knight, D. Jack. Row Two: L. Lacy, D. Kerwood, S. Lalla, E. Janaskei, P. Johnson, N. Kratz. Row Three: C. Kline, V. Lancto, D. Johnson, M. Lamirande, S. Mackey. Row Four: D. Lane, E. Kristeller, J. Jaquin, V. Jones, B. Jones, D. Lamica, M. Kotas. Row Five: K. Kalode, J. Kinslow, C. Kelly, B. Kisselstein, T. Krawiec, T. Lang, D. John- son. Homeroom 120, Front Row: D. Melino, L. Macomber, K. Mayo, M. LeClair, D. Leader, B. Mathers, L. Lombard. Row Two: H. Liadka, S. Mancroni, E. Lutz, D. Mack, D. Liptak, S. McMahon, E. Marsh, G. MacConaghy, K. MacDonald. Row Three: A. Lucy, P. McFalls, J. MacDonald, L. Leroux, J. McSally, M. MacDonald. Row Four: R. Mertens, B. Masters, S. Merryweather, R. Metzler. Row Five: J. Linnenbach, J. McKenna, J. Maloney, M. MacDonald. Ramin, L. Root, J. Rinaldi, S. Ranous, W. Rogers, D. Roberts, K. Proper, F. Ranieri. Row Three: K. Quimby, G. Ryder, C. Porter, M. Prall, C. Roloff. Homeroom 135 Front Row: M. Sellin, M. Sitter, J. Spence, C. Smith, B. Sennett, P. Snow, G. Speach, B. Seeley. Second Row: K. Sochia, A. Spilman, A. Shampine, T. Shaffner. S. Speach, D. Schenck, L. Smith, G. Scaizo, J. Smith. Third Row: T. Seeley, M. Socia, J. Smith, J. Scott, M. Sayler, K. Shehadi, E. Sease, F. Serafini. Fourth Row: D. Spear, J. Spinner, S. Sochia, N. Smith. Homeroom 137 Front Row: P. Sturm, B. Suddaby, J. Strouse, R. Stahl, C. Tynan, B. Towlson. Second Row: D. Trouesdale, F. Stamp, S. Trexler, M. Sutton, A. Tripp, R. Surowick, D. Upson, L. Stanistreet. Third Row: R. Taro, K. Trexler, B. St. John, D. Swete, L. Teska, K. Stanton, C. Stevens. Fourth Row: K. Stanten, J. Steele, T. Titus, T. Torpy, S. Thomas. ®a_ mm 1 Homeroom 139 Front Row: P. Zarnowski, L. Watkins, D. Williams. Second Row: D. Worden, T. Ziparo. Third Row: A. Victory, D. Schavina, K. Walters, C. Younis. Fourth Row; D. Weisberg, M. Williams, T. Wilcox, J. Weinright. Fifth Row: D. Young, D. Whit- comb, R. Wolfe, H. Warner, C. Wall. Sixth Row: D. Woolridge, B. Wells. J. Walts. W. Weisberg, J. Vecchio, L. Yager. Seventh Row: L. W ilson. T. Verschure, B. Wolff. P. Virginia. S. Ventura. Eighth Row: K. Zinsmeister, B. Warner. T. Zahn. J. Verginio. Homeroom 141, Front Row: M. Connelly, S. Beagle, D. Clarke. Row Two; S. Cramer, D. Bessette, K. Bernard, P. Berish. Row Three: K. Conger, D. Crego. Row Four: T. Collins, T. CoUard, R. BarnhiU, T. Collins, T. Blanchard. Row Five: M. Atkinson, N. Beattie, S. Cox, H. Benway, J. Cox. Row Six; L. Armstrong, R. Beaulieu, N. Borelli, D. Bettinger. Row Seven; M. Barlow, B, Connellv, M. Dreher. Freshmen Class of 1978 Homeroom 6 — First Row: S. Atkinson, L. Anders, E. Bernholz, S. Alger, S. Abbott, A. Armelino, R. Allen, J. Absolom. Second Row: R. Aller, E. Beckley, B. Bell, R. Appleby, G. Andres, A. Amalfitano. Third Row: C. Barnes, W. Bland, L. Beattie, C. Wise, L. Ottman, L. Allen, B. Alguire, W. Becker. Fourth Row: C. Bennett, L. Ander- son, R. Alexander, M. Bonville, C. Anguish, B. Albert, J. Aja, R. Amodie, P. Arger- singer, M. Ashe. Homeroom 100 — First Row: S. Bordwell, S. Brauksieck, K. Burke, B. Bultman, K. Boyd, J. Buckley, P. Brown, D. Burtch, R. Bremen, M. Calkins, T. Bushey. Second Row: A. Bunyea, B. Burton, R. Brown, M. Bryant, L. Calkins, T. Carley, L. Buschle, E. Butler, R. Camwell. Homeroom 101, Front Row: D. Cosentino. D. Cox, L. Chapman. C. Christian, G. Castor, E. Carrington, K. Cole, S. Collard. Row Two: B. Cahse, M. Claus, J. Cole, P. Carney. R. Coon, D. Carroll, S. Chapman. Row Three: S. Cota, K. Claus, K. Clark, W. Clifford, K. Comins, C. Cox, D. Cobb, P. Cole, J. Coomey, T. Cook, M. Carter, R. Collins. Homeroom 102, Front Row: F. Crippen, M. DeBottis, I. Dumler, A. Dausman, M. Dashnau, D. Dunham, K. Cummings, T. DeGilio. K. Domaghey, F. Dalrymple, L. Dalslead, E. Duerr, A. Dreher, B. Dickson. Row Two: W. Earnshaw, D. Dearstine, F. Crego, B. Dausman, J. DeBarr, T. Duncan, M. Diamond. Row Three: A. Downing, R. Durkee, P. Cromie, B. Dixon, M. Cutillo, E. Deacons. Homeroom 103, Front Row: J. Fitzgerald, T. Fenzl, D. Enders, S. Fairbrother. Row Two: J. Emmons, M. Fay, N. Fabretti, A. Fell, C. Fell, M. Feltrinelli, B. Fesley, K. Eason, B. Falter, J. Evans. Row Three: P. Fikes, T. Fitzpatrick, M. Ensby, T. Falter, D. Didt, G. Ferguson, D. Eidt, P. Engels, P. Panozo, J. Edwards, G. Fennhahn. Homeroom 104, Front Row: D. Gushea, J. Gray, L. Gray, P. Gloska. Row Two: M. Gagnon, L. Gallagher, C. Green, J. Gett- man, L. Green, H. Gilcher. Row Three: R. Crow, J. Francemone, D. Gelling, R. Hahn, K. Flegal, C. Grant, T. Fronczek, P. Gale, J. Green, C. Greeley, K. Gates, L. Gates. Row Four: K. Fuller, M. Giamporaro, J. Gor- don, L. Glumpe, J. Graham, E. Grant, B. Goodman, D. Gallogher, M. Gould, J. Goodenough, V. Grome. Homeroom 105 — First Row: J. Hewitt, M. Harris, M. Hennessay, P. Harms, C. Hib- bard, L. Hall, J. Hewes, D. Hazen, J. Harvey, L. Holcomb, M. Honan, K. Hall- quist, B. Holtman. Second Row: J. Halli- day, M. Horton, T. Hannon, M. Holbrook, J. Holland, O. Hirsh, M. Hamm, P. Houde. Third Row: S. Herlowski, W. Harmer, P. Hess, J. Hennessey, D. Hess, W. Hirsh, K. Hastings, R. Herbert, M. Hamm. Homeroom 106— First Row: C. Hulchanski, C. Kline, E. Kelly, J. Jensen. Second Row: K. Kline, P. Jarvis, C. Jacobs, L. Hughes, N. Housel. E. Kelley, K. Kinsley, N. Knechel. Third Row: A. Johnston, K. Kelley, S. Jackson. R. Jones, K. Hulslander, P. Houghtaling. Fourth Row: S. Hunt, K. Hourihan, K. Innes, L. King, R. Klotz, B. Hughes, G. Klotz, R. Klotz, M. Kelly, B. Kieskowski, D. Humphrey, J. Ibbitson, M. Killian, J. Kent, J. Humphrey, T. Hourihan. Homeroom 107 — First Row: M. Loughlin, J. Liadka, G. Leporte. Second Row: B. Lee, K. Leclair, J. Ladstatter, T. Liadka, Y. Kotas, N. Loveless, M. Liptak. Third Row: L. Loucks, T. Lieneck, P. Lamirande, K. Lewis, J. Leonard, R. Loper, M. Kondrak, P. Leggett. Fourth Row: K. Loveless, M. Krahel, L. Layman, C. Kristeller, C. Larkin, S. Lavallee, M. Linnenbach, D. Lockwood, C. Korzekwa, M. Koegel, S. Krantz, M. Lavallee, D. Liss, K. Kuzdal, J. Lisconish, B. Lang. Homeroom 108 — First Row: S. Spoto, L. Greene, R. Richardson, S. Spears, R. Zimmer, R. Shaw. Second Row: L. MaunseU, S. Goodeve, T. Delpha, E. Conley, G. Chapman, G. Stables, W. Ball, R. Harrington, J. O ' Hara, D. Kuss, K. Leader, D. Marks. Third Row: R. Hook, D. Ingerson, D. Meister, D. Perrott, G. Eipp, R. Tetrault, C. Hudson. Homeroom 109, First Row: E. McKenna, M. McLain. S. Lyons, P. Lowe, L. Mathers, N. Merryweather, R. McCarthy, M. Meister, K. MitcheH. Second Row: K. Miceli, G. Mitchell. S. Metzler, J. McRee, S. Morris. Third Row: J. McElaney, D. Mills, L. Matthew, F. McArdell, A. Markert, M. Mack, J. Luke, P. McAuliffe, L. Middleton, R. Martin, K. Margeson, J. MacDonald, E. Luther. Homeroom 111, First Row: M. Neville, M. Osborne, B. Neufang, P. Moses, S. Organski, T. O ' Leary, M. Pacelli. Second Row: D. Needle. T. Mitchell. J. Nichols. C. Nagy, K. O ' Keefe, K. Moyck. Third Row: D. O ' Connor. M. Munzert. J. Myers, F. O ' Mara. K. Neale. K. Murphy, M. O ' Neill, C. Noll. Fourth Row: G. Montmoran. M. Morressette, B. Nash, S. Monge, D. Nagel. D. Pallos. Fifth Row: D. Moore, L. Palmer. C. Mulderig. G. Monica. G. Morehouse. K. Orr. B. Nelli. Homeroom 113 — First Row: B. Parker, R. Pond, L. Palmer. Second Row: P. Pitts, B. Reagan, R. Pond. Third Row: R. Palmer, A. Pulver, M. Radcliff. Fourth Row: K. Ran- dall, M. Reina, K. Prevesk. Fifth Row: C. Pompo, B. Place, R. Patterson, D. Paskell, T. Powers. Sixth Row: D. Parker, L. Pitcher, J. Pirong, D. Phillips, C. Pierce, J. Powers. Seventh Row: T. Pichard, B. Perkins, J. Pyle, K. Peterson, D. Reith, R. Reinhardt. Homeroom 115 — First Row: T. Schreiber, G. Schaefer, C. Rutherford, D. Schubert, E. Schwartz, M. Ryan, P. Russo. Second Row: D. Rowe, N. Ryder, T. Savanovitch, D. Russell, D. Ploski, J. Schultz, J. Scivetti, S. Russo, T. Scherfling, T. Rogers. Third Row: D. Schraven, V. Rogers, C. Ryan, L. Ryen, E. Russ, K. Ray, D. Ryder, J. Schumacher, C. Schiro, K. Sahm, G. Russell, M. San- torum, B. Schlereth, F. Russell. Homeroom 117 — First Row: A. Staves, S. Stachurski, R. Sharpe, T. Sweeney, A. Shellman, W. Spraker, F. Smith, J. Simek. Second Row: M. Shuba, D. Shattell, C. Spanfelnen, C. Stahl, N. Stippel, S. Smith, D. Speach, T. Sochia, K. Spinner, G. Stewart, M. Sullivan. Third Row: R. Sharer, M. Stratton, K. Strail, J. Smart, C. Smith, A. Spilman, J. Snell, R. Streeter, D. Shields, T. Steele, K. Smith, R. Soutar, R. Skaggs, L. Skinner Homeroom 119— First Row: J. Gardaro, P. Weiser, L. Thomas. Second Row: P. Uhl, J. VanDerveer, K. Welch, B. Turner, A. Taylor, L. Torello. Third Row: A. Vecchio, J. Seneca, D. Warwick, R. Tubalino, M. Tal- ty, B. Trowbridge, K. Trouesdale, J. Vinette, D. Warren, B. Warren, L. VanBuren, D. Towlson, P. Thorne. Homeroom 121 — First Row: L. Wilcox, K. Wilson, E. Wrightmire, C. Rode, A. Wolfe. Second Row: R. Tuthill, S. Winter, J. Witt, B. Zingaro, J. Wood. Third Row: K. Gunnerman, D. Wilcox, J. Zarnowski, P. Wilder, D. Zabrowski. Fourth Row: L. Wolfe, K. Woods, T. Winter, K. Wicks, D. Wood, W. Wysokowski, D. Wattam, C. Wall, C. Zinsmeister. Fifth Row: T. Bren- nan, J. Wilkinson, K. Wolfe. We May Never Pass This Way Again. tr .-. » w- rrt " iirf ' - atu i B HBHIH lxt Like Columbus in the olden days We must gather all our courage Sail our ships out on the open sea Cast away our fears and all the years Will come and go and take us up Always up . . . Laws That Do Not Embody Public Opinion Can Never Be Enforced. S t The purpose of the Student Council is to provide a basis for good student body in matters, within the school, concerning both students and faculty. This year ' s officers are Pres. — John Hurst, Vice Pres. — Tim Coville, Sec. — Katie Bland, Treas. — Jane Weisburg. Mr. Coon is our advisor. This year the student council provided a publicity service that benefits both athletic and social events. This was set up in the hopes of promoting school spirit and pride. A high school swim program was also sponsored by the requests of the students. A food drive to help peace inc. was undertaken in the form of class competition. The AFS program was also sponsored by the council for the 20th year. This program provid- ed for two foreign students to at- tend Baker this year, instead of just one. u d e n t C o u n c i I Representatives Alternates " It ' s a good thing I don ' t drink J mi l s i3§ Qfc 4Sp% TjM l B .w m u kL lllil ■ ■ - ' imrmr K ■■ J f : H The purpose of the Spirettes is to aid in the running of various sports events. The sports at which the Spirettes work include Soccer (Var, JV, and Frosh); Cross Country (girls and boys); Wrestling, Lacrosse (Var. and JV) and Track. Other activities throughout the year include fund raising projects, parties with and without the teams, athletic challenges, and an annual Award ' s Banquet. Spirettes ad- visor is Mr. Grant. This year ' s officers include as President: Bobbi Phillips, Vice President: Carol Margeson, Recording Secretary: Jean Adsit, Corresponding Secretary: Karen Monge, Treasurer: Beth Innes, and Publicity Chairman: Val Gorham. The Girl ' s Athletic Associa- tion was formed to get girls who have an interest in sports in- volved in programs such as in- tramurals, and recreational ac- tivities. Officers are Pat Bessette — President, Cheryl Seger — V. President, Barb Socia — Sec. Treas., Claudia Fallon — GAB editor, Becky Powers — Publici- ty. The objective of Health Careers is to explore the health fields which are of interest to the club members. This year, Health Careers ' interests centered on going on field trips, having guest speakers, and watching films. While fulfilling our objective, we also work within the community. Members include Tina De Gilu, Pam Lavalle, Barb Casper, Don- na Fitzgerald, Beth Steele, Char Johnson, Chris Pompo, Sue Atkinson. Let ' s be friends. ' The Latin Club was formed for those students who would like to learn more about Roman customs. The clubs advisor is Mrs. Bramble. Members in- clude: Front Row. Barb Casper — V. Pres., Donna Fitzgerald — Pres., Ann O ' Mara — Treas. Se- cond Row. J. DeBarr, W. Ryan, M. Maceri, C. Pompo, M. Ryan, B. Phillips, N. Duck, A. Tripp, D. Crego. Third Row. J. Woodruff, R. Gunther, P. Bessette, J. Buckley, N. Housel, D. Sweete, D. Eipp, J. Zar- nowski, R. Patchett, M. Calkins, B. Goodman. This year Key Club ' s national theme was " Caring — Our Way of Life. " The Baldwinsville Key Club is applying itself to service the school and community in respect to this theme. They sponsored the Buddy Program, Knowledge about Public Health, Political Awareness, and Conservation of Resources. This year Key Club has tried to evolve into a bigger, better, and more active club. As a result, the first girls ever to enter any Key Club in the country were initiated into the Baldwinsville club. Officers were: Pres. — J. Hurst, V. Pres. — D. Sturm, Sec. — R. Ellis, Treas. — C. Wager, Projects. — P. Murray. The advisor was Mr. Tarnow. I used my body for show and lelT Ski Club tlOUOUDQ J[J luajuQ " J The Mouse That ' Roared ' ' a Drama Club is an organization which offers students an opportunity to become involved in many fields of the Dramatic Arts. A student can be involved not only in the acting aspect, but also in makeup, lighting, set construction, costumes, and publicity. Our advisor is Mr. Barden. This year ' s officers in- clude Steven Butler, Pres.; Barb Camwell, V. Pres.; Connie Rodriguez, Sec; Bob Grant, Treas.; Jane Weisburg Danny Wilcox, Publicity Co-chairmen; Alan Surdyke, Production Coordinator. This year ' s activities included the full length plays: THE MOUSE THAT ROARED, STORY THEATER, HERE AND NOW, a senior class pan- tomime group, and attending drama festivals. Song Titles " Benny — and the Jets " " I shot Ihf shoriff " " Hello it ' s me " ' Hootchie Kootchie Ladv ' Beach Baby " " You ainH seen nothing yet " " Band on the run " Remembering is for those who have forgotten ■ " ■- ■■ ■ ■■ ' Homecoming 1974 The work and immediate thrills for Homecoming ' 74 are over, but the memories linger on. The weekend festivities started with the traditional hall decoration competition, which was won by the Sophomore Class. Friday night started with the bonfire and pep rally. This led to the snakedance thru the town and up to the school, just in time for the Elf Concert, sponsored by Key Club. Saturday morning was a usual gloomy day for the participants of Homecoming, but at 12:30 the parade began its traditional march through the streets of B ' ville. It ended at the school, where the anticipa- tion for the halftime of the game grew. The varsity foot- ball game against the Fulton Red Raiders started at 2:00 and by .3:00 everyone counted the seconds left un- til halftime. At halftime the princesses who were: Frosh — Kim Prevesk; Soph — Diane Weisburg; and Junior — Lori Jacobs, walked out onto the field, follow- ed by the queen candidates. Pam Stanistreet was voted first runner-up and the excitement grew as Becky Powers was elected Homecoming Queen. Homecoming is one of the more important times of the year and the many surprises left nobody disappointed. We will always cherish the moments of Homecoming ' 74. Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and cannot remain silent Best Wishes D To the ClasSsOf 75 From Varsity " Oh, when the Bees, go marchin in " Here we go B ' ville, here we go . . . ' ' Junior Varsity Front Row: Fran Stamp, Kris Castor, Julie Pitcher, Becky Wells. Avis Shampine. Second Row: Peggy Nagle, Laurie Jacobs, Hol- ly Kelley, Cheryl Wicks, Mary Sennett. m ■-■■ ■■- «• i ' ■■ - — ■=» ' If 11 wt ' i v HK v. ' H Where the golden sunset mellow Tints the western sky Proudly stands our Alma Mater On her hilltop High. Joyce Woodall ae o Andi Stamp — Captain Marv Kate Bland c h Join the chorus Speed it onward Loud her name we yell Hail to the our Alma Mater Hail all Hail B ' villeU! Kathv Barnell «Ki. ' -i iji_ C h e e u r n I I e o r a d e r s Jazz Band Chorus Ensemble Radio Broadcasting i-.ii- . ,- " " «f m! - Photo Club " Wmm It ' s Academic Oaig Hopkins jF " " " " « ' M8BKaMS ' ' Tim McMahon Barh (Barnwell Honor Society IP Humanities J,R. Craftsmen Hockey Club Hockey has returned to Baldwinsville! This year, hockey in B ' ville has come into its own, thanks to the work of Mr. George Cady, the club ' s advisor and to many grads who worked to establish this club. Actual- ly, the club started in the ' 72-73 season with a 13-1 vic- tory over J-D. And last year with games against other clubs, B ' ville showed the potential of a fine team. Coaching the club this year is Mr. Ford, who has had hockey experience with the Oswego High School Hockey team. Club officers are: President, David Craig; Vice-President, Dennis Gaworecki; Secretary, Terry Dowd; and Treasurer, Ricky Dowd. That Was Then . . greaser dances " parties " pledges election hall decorations teachers cigarettes in lavs failing grades playing cards in S.H. food wars locker rooms Homecoming Senior dinner dance the office This Is Now!!! Easter Vacation class competition friends proms the Glen pep rallies Regents ' crowded halls detention singing rain at football games Carrols McDonalds inter Weekend Graduation :» ' »»4 , " ' ve never felt so alive Fm learning that there ' s such a world out there . . . and none of us has ever seen or felt it. " p--- W__ I B " ' " i h 1 . J . Softball Scoreboard B ' ville 18 N.S. 6 BMlle 19 Fulton 10 B ' ville 5 J.D. B ' ville 6 Cato 13 B ' ville 14 E.S.M. 14 B ' ville 2 W. Genesee 14 B ' ville 5 West Hill 9 B ' ville 11 F.M. 3 B ' ville 9 Liverpool 7 B ' ville 8 Weedsport 5 B ' ville 13 Cicero 9 B ' ville 10 Port Byron 9 B ' ville 37 Pebble Hill 1 B ' ville 15 O.C.S. 7 Barb Pease — senior, co-captain, second base. I. n Hazcn — senior, outfielder Deb Enders — senior, co-captain, short stop m M: Softball Takes 2nd The Varsity Softball team took second place honors in the county. Their final over-all record stood at 11 wins and 3 losses. Winning pitchers were Sue Metzler and Kim Lockett. The Most Valuable Player award was given to Deb Enders. Deb Landers — senior, outfield, getting some statistics. Anita Ridgeway — senior, first base, 43 Front Row: Lyn Hazen, Sue Metzler, Deb Gale, Coach Van Clief. Se- cond Row: Anita Ridgeway, Denise Downum, Deb Enders, Deb Landers, Cheryl Segar, Patty Johnston, Roxanne Compton, Barb Sochia. Third Row: Kim Lockett, Barb Pease, Judy Wainwright, and Anne LeClair. Volleyball Front Row: B. Socia, P. Johnson, R. Compton, Coach VanClief, J. Wainwright. A. LeClair. P. Bessette. Row Two: B. Powers, D. Worden, C. Seger, B. Pease, D. Enders, L. Goodenough, L. Johnston. Missing: A. Buckley, D. Hilebrandt, K. Scherfling. A rchery Front Row: J. McArdell, D. Melino, S. Farcloth, L. Poppleton, M. Uhl, L. Searless. Row Two: T. Morrissette , J. Smith, R. LaQuay, P. Smith, C. Dadey, Miss Montague. The net team of 1974 bumped, set and spiked to an 8 and 5 final over-all record. In sectional play, they won the first round but, lost the second. The Junior Varsity stood at 5 and 6 but they ' re looking for a big comeback this season. In its second year, archery is continuing to im- prove. The team is growing but it still lacks the ex- perience and skills of a larger team. Aqua-Notes ' 74 " Gifts From the Sea " This year ' s fine show put on by a hard working, very talented group of tnertnaids was a huge success. The performance had fifteen different " gifts " . They includ- ed the beautiful solo done by Sue Argersinger called " The Ever Constant Sea " . Another feature was the duet done by Pam LaVallee accompanied by the only male Aqua-Note, Tony Pannozo in " Romeo and Juliet " . Other hits were " Sea Breeze by Lisa Durkee and Sue Jackson and " The Celebration of Water " which included the entire cast. Ms. Jerri Costich, the director of the program was very proud of the girls and wishes to thank everyone that helped make the show such a success. ( oach (Costich Front Row: P. Cowdery, P. Milden, C. Maurer, J. Vaughn, J. Woodall, K. Johnston, K. Haskell. Second Row: S. Murray, J. Willis, K. Snyder, S. Argersinger, C. Fenton, S. Gray, B. Mitchell, R. Gates, P. LeClair. Third Row: S. Durkee, B. Philips, P. Francemone, M. Maurer, L. Durkee, T. Pannozo, A. Jordan, B. Lyness, D. Walser, P. LaVallee. Missing: S. Jackson, N. Prall, P. Barish, D. Hildebrandt. Track ' 74 Front Row: K. Demascole. J. Kia l. . Spillman, D. Bessette, P. Dalton, J. Taylor, C. Havarnak, B. Powers, L. Schlereth. Row Two: S. Cox, R. Nelson, L. Cosintino, J. Adsit, B. Towlson, P. Ball, K. Dow, B. Pulver, R. Cooke, L. Sanford, D. Gates, D. Hovey. Row Three: S. Nash, C. Fallon, D. Monge, A. Buckley, P. Bessette, S. Wedemeyer, N. Hynes, A. O ' Leary, L. Goodenough, K. Lane, Miss Record. The 74 track and field team consisting of 30 girls, ended up 8th in the league. With an over-all record of 5 wins and 6 losses. In running events Pat Bessette took 1st place in the 50 yd. dash at the county meet. Qualifying for the sectionals was the 440 relay team: Pat Bessette, Donna Gates, Linda Sanford, and Becky Powers. Also qualify- ing for the 100 yd. dash and placing 6th was Becky Powers. The mile relay team continually bettered their time and 440ers Anne Buckley and Robbie Cooke im- proved as the season progressed. Donna Hovey, Donna Gates, Sue Wedemeyer, and Nancy Hynes proved themselves many times by turning in first places in the hurdle event. In field events, Linda Sanford and Laurie Goodenough took 1st and 2nd place in the shot put and discus. Amy Spillman and Jean Adsit, in the high jump, added many needed points to the score. in for Pat! Soccer Becky Powers — senior, forward, co-captain Sue Met ler- eriio.. fullback Cheryl Seger — senior, forward, co-captain ff - jdH.. I r,.iit Uou ( s, ,, li I ' D. Gale Ro« Two I (,r.n K Baker, K. LeClair, M. LeClair. A. LeClair, L. Russel, A. Taylor. Row Three: D. Wilmar, A. Downing, K. Burke, J. Wainwright, S. Cum- mins ( „a(fi dn( lul I) ,„,l n N Krat BiKkk ( Hv ilcox, R. Rodrogeus. D. Downum, S. Fryer, P. Bessette. Placing second in the county behind West Genny, the 1974 soccer team had a very impressive record. Los- ing only to West Genesee and tieing F.M., their final record was 6-1-1. Leading scorers were Becky Powers with 5 goals, Cheryl Seger with 4 goals, and Deb Gale with one goal. Voted by the team as most valuable defensive player was goalie Anne Buckley, who only was scored upon 3 times. Most valuable offensive player was given to Pat Bessette and most improved was awarded to Kathy LeClair. In sectional play, the team beat Auburn 1-0 in the first round and lost to LaFargeville 1-1 with a new tim- ing rule. Coach VanClief thought the team improved tremendously and is ready to go all the way next season. Denise Downum — senior, fullback. Field Seniors: Cindy Rupracht — forward, Shelley Gray — halfback, Peggy Brown — halfback. Barb Sochia — fullback. Front Row: N. Hvnes, D. Hovev. Row Two: C. Stevens, R. Compton, A. O ' Leary, C. Rupracht, K. Lockett, L. Johnston, D. Eidt. Row Three: Miss Record, S. Stevens, J. Buckley, L. Yager, S. Gray, F. Wolfe, P. Brown. Row Four: N. Duck, B. Sochia, C. Stevens, K. Sochia, B. Pulver. Hockey Seniors: Cheryl Stevens — forward. Donna Hovey (co-captain) — forward, Nancy Hynes (co-captain) — halfback, Sharon Stevens — forward. Ground — Sticks, Ground — Sticks, Ground — Sticks .... These are the motions you go through at the center bully of a field hockey game. This year ' s team was bigger than teams in the past but it still lacked the experience needed for a winning season. The Most Valuable Player award was given to Barb Sochia for a fine defensive job. Their over-all record stood at 4-6 and league record 3-4. Although it wasn ' t her best season, Coach Deb Record feels the underclassmen got the experience they needed for next year ' s great team. Tennis The tennis team bettered their record this year with the experience and skills of improved players. The over-all league record was 4-6. Coach Tudman felt that Lori Schlereth was the most valuable player and hopes for a successful season next year. Robin Neilson — senior, 2nd singles Front Row: C. Fell, R. Neilson, C. Fallon, R. Cico, K. Lopey, J. Aja. Second Row: L. Schlereth, A. Perlowski, J. Caruso, A. Jor- dan, K. Monge, C. Webb, Coach Tudman. Missing: Deb Hughes. Chris Fell — senior, 1st doubles Swim Team As a whole the swim team didn ' t have a winning season. But many of the girls improved their times and bettered their skills. The Most Valuable Swimmer award was given to Sherrie Mercadante. Diana Hildebrandt scored the most points for the team and Donna Bessette added many from her skills in diving. Coach Costich hopes for an exciting season next year with the anticipation of some outstanding swimmers. ■ H ■ B Hk 1 ! P " !? BP[ !9 , mftt: ' ilgS ■i| H , ■ " f l f 1 Cheri Fenton- lior, butterfly. Front Row: K. Haskell, N. Beattie. Row Two: D. Bessette, S. Murray, B. Russ, A. Spilman, K. Kuzdzal. Row Three: S. Brown, M. Miesten Row Four: J. Taylor, J. Barid, L. Beattie, C. Larkin, C. Krawi c, A. Spilman. Row Five: S. Mercadante, D. Hildebrandt, C. Fenton. Sherrie Mercadante — senior, freestyle. Connie Krawic — senior, breast stroke. Carol Nash — senior, butterfly. Cross Country For a one woman cross country team, Betsy Towlson proved to be very good. She set a new B ' ville course record in the 2.5 mile, placed 6th in the B ' ville invitational, and 5th in the sectionals. In league meets she placed first in 4 out of 5 meets. With many junior high girls coming next year, hopefully the team will be bigger. Betsy Towlson Bowling The ' 74- ' 75 Bowling team took 3rd place in the league with a 4-2 record. Sue Metzler had the highest average 154 and Deb Monroe a close second with 151. Deb also had a high game of 229 and Kathv Monroe-214. Front Row: S. Metzler, T. Blanchard, A. Greene. Second Row; F. Russell, Mrs. Campbell, K. Orr. Third Row: D. Johnson, M. Uhl, P. Donahue, V. Lancto, C. Lancto. Missing: D. Monroe, K. Monroe eniors Martha Uhl Anne Greene Cindv Lancto B a s k e t b a I I Cheryl Seger — guard, senior, co-captain Kalhv Nagle — forward, senior. Coached bv Miss Record the girls ' hoop team had a very impressive and successful season. With a 7-2 league record the team shared the first place title with Oswego and F.M. In sectionals, they drew a bye in the first round and lost to E.S.M. in the second round. The team voted Kathy Nagle the Most Improved Player and Becky Powers, the Most Valuable Player. Starter Anne Buckley was the chief rebounder with 128 " bounds " for the season. High scorer was Becky Powers with 130 points total for the season. Other starters included hustlers Cheryl Seger, Linda Johnston, and Pat Bessette. Anne Buckley — center. Linda Johnston — guard. Dina Worden — guard. Roxanne Compton — forward. Judy Wainwright — center. Anne LeClair guard. Junior Varsity The J.V. ' s didn ' t have a winning season but they gained game experience and skills that they wouldn ' t have been able to, if there hadn ' t been a J.V. team. The team voted Patty Johnson as the Most Valuable Player and Cindy Korzekwa as the Most Improved Player. Front Row: S. Lyons, co-captain — D. Hilderbrandt, co- captain — Pat Johnson, K. Prevesk. Second Row: C. Fallon, C. Korzekwa, M. Krahel. Third Row: D. Reith. K. Burke, R. Palmer. Missing: B. Bremer. CYflNflSTICS Front Row: Pam LaVallee- Tracv Leineck. jiiafior. So(on l Row: Donna Hovey. Judy ja, Andy O ' l.eary. Nancy Hynes, Front Row: Linda Watkins, Kim Kuzdzal. Second Row: Donna Hovey, Carol Filsinger. As of this writing the team record is 3-2. There were many areas where the team was able to pull through and get the needed points that got the win. The strong areas come from Donna Bessette who was last year ' s second place winner in all-around, Tony Mosely and I inda Watkins on bars, Andi O ' Leary and freshman Tracy Leineck on floor ex, and Donna Hovey, Nancy Hynes, and Carol Filsinger vaulting. Junior Varsity A. Spilman, E. Grant. A. Omara, S. Brown. Missing: L. Castor, C. Baker, S. Monge, L. Layman. This is the first year for a Junior Varsity Gym- nastics team. The team competes against any other school who has a J.V. Team. This team provides future varsity members with experience and to learn about gymnastics. Coach Costich is looking forward to an ex- citing season of fun and success. Tony Mosley — senior — bars. Carol Filsinger — senior — vaulting. .»r- it. Donna Hovey — senior — vaulting, beam. Nancy Hynes — senior — vaulting. Donna Besscllo- -s( |ili. all iiroiiiKl. ' ATHLETIC SUPPORTERS ' ' This Section Is in Representation of the Male Students Who Supported Athletics in ' 74- ' 75. c r o s s C o u n t r y r e y F o u r s o m e Rick Tetrault John Bii kle Tennis ' 74 Led by singles player Vince Mitchell and doubles players Jeff Wedemeyer and Jeff Walker, Coach Tudtnan ' s Varsity Tennis team pulled off a very impressive season. Adding Kenneth Mitchell and Karlis Viceps as single players and Douglas Reith teamed with James Melino competing as doubles players, this year ' s tennis team finished the season with a tallied record of 8 wins and 4 losses. The team was, of course, held together by alternate players Mark McClaude, Steve Hewitt, Myles Moran, and Mark Stam. Front Row: M. Moran, J. Walker. K. Viceps, J. Wedemeyer. Second Row: J. Melino, M. Sta K. Mitchell, S. Hewiu, D. Reith, V. Mitchell, Mr. Tiidman. Vince Mitchell ed holes in the nets. B ' ville ' s 8-4 Season B ' ville 3 Auburn 2 B ' viUe 2 J.D. 3 B ' ville 3 F.M. 2 B ' ville 5 N.S. B ' ville 4 Fulton 1 B ' ville 5 C.S. B ' ville 2 E.S.M. 3 B ' ville 2 Cicero 3 B ' ville 3 Nottingham 2 B ' ville Liverpool 5 B ' ville 5 W.G. B ' ville 4 Oswego 1 B ' ville looks promising for next year ' s team. Sf.tiS.VjA Lacrosse ' 74 Front Row: A. Ellis, M. Tarnow, J. Moore, E. Moore, M. MeCarrick. Second Row: Coach Grant, G. Cunningham, M. Collins, P. Krawiec, P. Fiorini, T. Newcomb, B. Quimby, M. Schrader. Front Row: G. Tripp, D. Fiorini. J. Burton, G. Mjoen. Second Row: B. Rumble, D. Barber, B. Down, P. Murray, B. Wolken. Ending the season with eight varsity players plac- ed on All-County, Coach Grant was very pleased with his team ' s performance. Led by seniors Greg Cun- ningham and Peter Fiorini the team compiled a league record of 9 wins — 4 losses. The team, aided by senior midfielders Pete Krawiec (2nd team All-County), Mark Schrader, (All- County H.M.) and Bruce Quimby (All-County H.M.), outscored its opponents 145-101. Brian Wolken and Bill Down were the key defen- sive players, both receiving All-County H.M. ' s. Sophomore Dave Fiorini (All-County H.M.) did a good job in the goal for the Bees, stopping 70% of the shots. The teams highlight of the season was beating Liverpool 24-4 for B ' ville ' s 100th victory and setting a record for most goals scored in one game. Eight Varsity members are returning to action next season to aid the on-coming players. Greg Cunningham has led the Varsity Lacrosse team in scoring and was leader in county scoring both years. Last year Greg set 3 individual team records: a season scoring record of 80 points, a life-time scoring record of 145 pts. and, a lifetime assist record of 93. Last year Greg was named to the prestigious. All- County first team and was second in league scoring. Peter Fiorini has also led the Varsity Lacrosse team to victory, tallying a lifetime team record for scoring goals, at 96 goals. Peter performed magnificently in 1974, scoring 43 goals (tops on the team) and 3 assists for 46 points (good for 2nd place in team scoring). Peter was named to the All- County second team last year. " Good Defensive Tactics " The JV lacrosse team struggled through a hard fought season ending with a 3-13 record. Row One; S. Beckwith, T. Wilcox, G. Evans, T. VerShure, J. Verginio, E. Marsh, M. Pallos.M. McDonald. Row Two: D. Hunter, J. Albanesse, J. Orth,B. Osborne, E. Russ, D. Raymond, F. Coloprisco, G. Ryder, G. Parsons, D. lonasallo, L. Collins. Row Three: T. Connolly, E. Ritz, M. Connolly, C. Hardie, G. Case, D. Rowe, P. Pacelli, M. Eckel, B. Weisburg, T. Down, Coach Andrews. Golf ' 74 Using this season as a rebuilding year, Coach Johnson seems to have good prospects for next year ' s golf team. Rick Down, Greg Noll, and Tom Vahle led this year s team with some fine swinging. Although they had a blushing 1-7 record this year, next year ' s team will be aided by the return of this year ' s entire team. HBKi Xi%J wKBtTm -Mj t ' ' ,, ' i Mi |r im H i« .wt mm Row One; B. Wood, T. Vahle, P. Northrup, F. Serefini, D. Dine, T. Downs, G. Noll. Absent: D. Sweet. Baseball ' 74 Front Row: J. Montague, M. Engels. Second Row: D. VanDeveer, D. Mayer, L. Sattler, M. Young, Coach Engels. Third Row: M. Pallos, R. Williams, D. Brissenden, R. Pierce, M. Campbell. Absent: G. Sturm, M. Wilder. Hoping to rebound from a disastrous 4-16 season last year, the Varsity baseball team found itself with basically the same record, (5 wins, 15 losses), but did show some promise. As the season progressed, the team gained more poise, evident by the fact that the Bees were involved in games where the los- ing margin was three runs or less. The key problem of the Bees was the lack of hitting in tight situations. On the bright side, Ray Williams led the offensive effort with a .250 average, collecting 14 hits. Jack Montague proved a menace for other teams as he ripped the basepaths for 11 stolen bases. The Bees look strong next year, as 10 Varsity players are returning to action. Gary Sturm proved to be the plug of the staff gaining All County Honorable Men- tion status. Gary ' s final record was 4-3 with a 2.33 earned run average. . V. Baseball Coach Deloff ' s JV Baseball team was led by catcher Steve Knapp, outfielder Brian Sennett and John Honan, and first baseman Tim Shraven. These four standouts led the team to a 7-14 season. Front Row: J. Montague, T. Shraven, E. Haskell. Row Two: B. Graff, G. Waggoner, B. Sennett, K. Mertens, C. Minnoe, J. Sims. Row Three: Coach Deloff, M. Barlow, B. Disinger, N. Smith, D. Ashby, S. Knapp, J. Honan, E. St. Andrews. Red Pierce was the slugger of the team, as he hit out two homeruns. One proved to be the winner against Cicero. ■f r 2 - T .« 1 y % Soccer ' 74 Row One: T. Vahle. D. Mayer, D. MacPherson, D. Wilson, D. Moore, T. Down, R. Dwyer. Row Two: M. Kuzdzal. L. Reyes, R. Henderson, G. Kolodziejczyk, D. Brissenden, M. Armstrong, G. Waggoner, G. Armstrong. R. Dwver. Missing: D. Jack, R. Suddabv, W. Suddabv, R. Downing, K. Mitchel. Led by 14 seniors, the Varsity Soccer team turned in another great season. Going all the way into the semi-finals of the Sec- tionals, Coach Vredenberg ' s hooters ended 12-4-2. Led hy league ' s leading scorer, Robert Downing and defense of Dan Brissenden, Mike Armstrong (All- County H.M.) and Don MacPher- son the Bees held the opposing teams to only 20 league goals. Disregarding several key injuries, the Bees turned in one of B ' ville ' s finest teams. Robert Downing led the team and the league in scoring this year. Robert was voted team ' s Most Valuable Player this year (his 3rd varsity season). Robert was named to the 2nd team All- County. Dan Brissenden, the key to the defense, receiving honors from all, is the best senior per- former. Being backed up by one of the best goalies, Dan made him feel safe in the goal with no penetration. Dan received Honorable mention on All- County team. Football ' 74 The Bees finished 2nd in the O.C.H.S.L. with a 6-3 record losing to J.D. in the last game of the season for the overall cham- pionship. The Bees Terry O ' Leary was picked on every All Star team in N.Y.S. and also was picked to 1st team All-State. Other All Stars were Darrell Howard, Dan Lang, Garv Mercer. The Bees won the Championship in ' 73 and the graduating seniors have turned in a 13-5 record for two seasons. The Bees will lose many seniors from graduation but have an un- defeated J.V. team for next season. " The Bees will Jive in ' 75 " . First Row: A. Ellis. J. Brainerd. D. Stiimmer. D. Hourihan.T. O ' Leary, D. Lang. Second Row; R. Pierce, D. Howard. M. Pallos. D. Feickert, A. Zogg, B. Sweet, T. Sennett. T. Lang. Third Row: L. Collins. J. Wedemeyer, M. Tarnow. J. Moore, T. Dowd. B. Jensen, P. Randall, M. Allen. F. Himpler. Fourth Row: J. Silliman, C. Hardie, G. Mercer. P. Murray, T. McMahon, D. Ramin, D. Spillman, J. Burton, B. Wolcik, D. Plank, M. Williamson, B. Rumble. Darrell Howard led the Bees on defense averaging 17 tackles a game (11 unassisted). Darrell was named to the first team All- County as well as several others. Darrell blocked punts, recovered fumbles, sacked quarterbacks and halted extra points attempts as a great defensive man should. Terry O ' Leary was named to every All Star team and also All-State first team defense. This year Terry set records for most in- terceptions (14 career), 1400 yards gained (kickoffs, punts interception returns and offensive yardage). Terry led the Bees in scoring with 48 points and averaged 7 defensive tackles a game. Dan Lang, playing four varsitv seasons, made himself known to all opposing teams as " one of those guys you don ' t want to run into. " Dan was named to the first team All- Countv for defense as he led the Bees with a total of 9 quarterback sacks. Lang, teamed with Howard and O ' Leary, led the Bees defense to an outstanding season. The J.V. football team put the best effort that anyone could, scoring an undefeated 8-0 season. Comprised of only un- derclassmen, the J.V. ' s have great promises for next year. Xl First Row: J. Honan, E. Marsh, B. Disinger, B. Sennett, M. Mitchell, T. Decker, D. Rowe. Second Row: S. Koegal, T. Collins, F. Serefini, J. Speach, J. Grant, R. Dowd, T. Krowiec. Third Row: C. Ellis, R. Spoto, G. Christenson, J. Henry, D. Hunter, Schlegal, D. Kline, M. Engels. Fourth Row: Smith, R. Pease, M. Curoso, R. Ryder, F. Coloprisco, J. Stelle, P. Fiorini. Fifth Row: K. Sahmy, R. Beulieu, G. Evans, M. Ray- mond. S. Thomas. J. Pearce. S. Fastinau. Sixth Row: D. Ecker, M. Bitz, J. Verginio, R. Down. N. Berelli. K. Zinzmeister, J. Scallzo. Seventh Row: W. Kline. W. Rogers, M. Sayler, K. Schultz, J. Knight, J. MacDonald, R. Needle. %£!_ Ji Wrestling ' 74- ' 75 First Row: T. Harkness, J. Hudson. J. Melino, G. Medina. Second Row: B. Cerio, D. Schreiber, E. Horning. T. Coville. Third Row: J. Spears, J. Honrihan. D. Ecker. T. Lang, D. Lang. The Varsity Wrestlers completed their 3rd straight undefeated season. This brings their win- ning streak to 47 in a row. Led by seniors Jeff Hudson, Jim Melino, Bob Cerio, and All States George Medina and Dan Lang, the Bees racked up a 15-0 season and their 5th County League Title. Underclassmen Tim Harkness, Dave Schrieber, and Ed Horning had a great year for the Bees also. George Medina, wrestling at 126, went on to another un- defeated season. Going to the states another year, George is top ranked in the state and will prove it in this year ' s states. Dan Lang, ' 74 State Champ, looks great again this year. Usually pinning his opponents, Dan got off to a slow start. He bulled his way to consecutive victories. This year ' s Junior Varsity team had a good year with a fine record of 13-1. Tom Pickard, who wrestles 119, was the only undefeated member of the team. Next vear hopes to be very promising for Coach Dillon with some talented freshmen moving in for the J.V. ' s going up to varsity. P Track ' 74 First Row: R. Suddaby, D. Blok, B. Gilcher, R. Brayton, D. Wilson, B. Lewis, M. Mowins, T. Samuels, . Suddaby. Second Row: P. Dwyer, W. Kline, C. Zinsmeister, M. Raymond, M. Allen, R. Makepeace, R. Clark. D. Paige. T. O ' Leary, D. Quinn, J. Buckley, D. Spillman, R. Tetrault. Third Row: Coach Arcaro, M. MacDonald, T. Barnhill, T. Lang, J. Sellman, B. Herlowski, R. Henderson, F. Himpler, T. McMahon, L. Kelley, G. Mercer, B. Haskell, R. Tetrault, D. Snell, D. Hourihan, T. iS ' ilcox, W. Hall, Coach Bassett. The Bees went undefeated for the second straight year with a 10-0 record and had an outstanding year all around. Don Paige was the name most heard in track circles running a 4:11:4 mile and placing 2nd in N.Y.S. School records were set by Paige — mile-V2 mile, John Buckley — 2 mile, George Armstrong — pole vault. Baldwinsville ' s big rival Liverpool was topped 71-70 in a thriller. The Bees pushed their track record to 173 wins-16 losses. Besides setting school records, Don set manv records throughout N.Y.S. and topped off last season with a National H.S. Jr. 01 mpic Championship in Lincoln, Nebraska with a 4:13:2 mile. f . ' 5 Basketball ' 74- ' 75 tl!t2 ft-iafl Standing, left to right: J. Montague, M. Young, P. Randall, G. Noll, T. Sennelt, R. Henderson, B. Reeves, D. Hourihan, G. Kolodziejczyk, M. Tarnow, L. Collins. Kneeling: D. Stummer, T. O ' Leary. V I Terry O ' Leary, com- ing off an injury, started to make his All- League presence known. Scoring over 14.0 pts. per game, Terry plays an all- around great game. He dishes out assists and crashes the boards when he has to. Led by seniors T erry O ' Leary and Dave Stummer, Coach Pelcher ' s Bees were a top threat in the county. Although small, Brian Reeves, Rich Henderson and Tim Sennett produced the hard-nosed rebounding strength of the club. Dan Hourihan and Larry Collins were chipping in their talents as they were always good scorers. With the Bees all around quickness, speed and strength (providing upsets) they are going a long way with the attitude that they must go out and play their hardest each game. Dave Stummer, when he shoots the ball, everyone expects it to go in. Quick, smart and aggressive, Dave averag- ed over 17.0 pts. per game. Dave is a clutch ball player as well as an amazing all-around player. : K «| m W w% r 35 S3i 1 :! - ' wk ■ 1 . F. Basketball ity Basketball team was led to anoth rsh, and Tom Down. ■0 - -(4 The Junior Varsity Basketball team was led to another fine season by Brian Sennetl, Ed Marsh, and Tom Down. Front Row: T. Collins, R. Dwyer, M. Mitchell, B. Sennett, T. Collins, E. Marsh. Second Row: B. Dischinger, R. Gates, B. Milligan, M. Bitz. Third Row: N. Smith, J. Verginio, T. Down, R. Down, J. McSally, Coach Kasmer. |i- ' - ' i!| bh ijito " ■ " Gymnastics ' 74- ' 75 Led by two of the states finest gym- nasts, the Bees looked good for another fine season. Averaging 60 of the teams 70 points each meet, Rich ( ' 74 state champ parallel bars) and Wayne (ace side horse competitor) Suddaby stole the whole show. Other fine gymnasts are: top vaulter Ron Makepeace, Mike Torello (rings) and John Pelcher (high bar). First Row: Ke in Moryk, Gordy Williams, Robert Smith, Rick Suddaby. Second Row; Tom Dwy er, Greg Mocyk, Kevin Schultz, Wayne Suddaby, Mike Torello, Dan Dwver, Marty Williams. Third Row: Bill Gogar, Louie Armstrong, Ron Makepeace, John Pelcher, Greg Gergory, Wayne Miller. ■m Indoor Track ' 75 .M The Bees took part in eight track meets, plus Sec- tional play and Invitational races. With fifty schools competing in each meet, the Bees managed to finish no lower than 8th and in the top four in three invitational and section meets. Dong Paige broke more school records in the mile and the 1,000. John Buckley set a school record run- ning the 2 mile. George Armonstrong (pole vault). Dale Spillman (high vault) and Gary Mercer (shot put) led the field-men. Swimming ' 74- ' 75 At mid-wav through the swim season it looks like another good year for Coach Grant ' s tankmen. The team is the best in B ' ville ' s history with many returning lettermen and young prospects. Stan- douts for the season thus far are: Co-captain, Mike Movvins with a record in the 100 yd. freestyle and leader in the point department and sophomore ace Larrv Christen with records in the 200, 500 yd. freestyle and 200 individual medley. The teams record doesn ' t show the dedication and sacrifice of this years team. This is evidenced b the many records set this year and the high attendance at early morning workouts before school. Next vear looks good for " the Boss " with young talent returning. First Row: S. Farrar. L. Christen, M. Lucy, M. Honan, G. Rydde r, Coach Grant. Second Row: S. Graf, T. Pannozzo, D. Haskell, T. Connolly, P. Gerhardt. Third Row: D. Diirkee, N. Dunham, M. Pacelli, B. Goodmen, M. Mow ins. D. Christen. Fourth Row: M. Esposito, A. Lucy,T. VerShure, A. Ibhitson. K. Murphy. Not pictured: B. Albert, A. Ziffel. Love, like the Autumn Sun Should he dyin but its only just begun We may never pass this way again We may never pass this way again We may never pass this way again . . . W--1 ; It ' s the real thing. Coke. ? SUBURBAN PROPANE Gas Service Anywhere Home— Farm— Industry— Commercial Moyers Corners 652-3747 JO-BI CERAMIC STUDIO Greenware— Bisque— Firing— Gifts Joan Gelling 41 -R Oswego Street Phone: 635-9657 E.W. BAKER AGENCY, INC. General Insurance Real Estate Phone: B ' ville 635-6131 THE CLOTHES CLOSET The Little Shop with the Little Prices Store Hours: Mon.— Fri. 11:00 a.m.— 5:30 p.m. Sat. 11:00 a.m.— 5:00 p.m. Compliments from TITCOMBS Best Wishes from LINA ' S FLORIST A Special Thanks to: Mr. Baker Connie Krawiec Mike Smith In Baldwinsville, Everybody Reads THE MESSENGER DIAMOND JIM ' S JEWELERS Best Wishes from BALDWINSVILLE LIQUOR STORE 13V2 East Genesee Street ■s :f P Best Wishes To the Class of 75 From .f - I5.Y.F. .1 Co-Presidents: Scott Bell Patty Cowdery Sec. — Mandy Maurer -- Trea .— Beth Lyness- Tri-County Fashion Paperback " " Booksmith Dedicated to the Fine Art of Browsing Over 15,000 Titles Specializing in Paperbacks, Hardcovers, Records Posters, Prints Special Sale Books! We Do Custom Framing 638-2666 J B LIQUORS Phone; 635-7049 River Mall Baldwinsville, N.Y. " We are always happy to serve you " Compliments of SCHENCK ' S HARDWARE BALDWINSVILLE ELECTRIC SPORTS CENTER DEE JAY FASHIONS 5 West Genesee Street At the Four Corners Best Wishes from Noble ' s Flower Gallery " We Put Your Thoughts into Flowers. " 15 W. Genesee St. 635-5901 THE FORUM Best Wishes to the Class of 1975 From SHOE WORLD 58 Oswego St. Baldwinsville heeharfs APPLIANCES 28 Oswego St., B ' ville — 638-0757 Whirlpool— Kitchen Aide Gibson— G.E. Servicing What We Sell Congratulations To: The Class of 1975 From: Ken Bixler Compliments of CHIP ' S AND CLIFF ' S T.V. AND APPLIANCE, INC. DR. GEORGE HALPIN B-VILLE SPORTS BOWL Offers Best Wishes to The Class of 1975 Congratulations From DOUBLE-B FLOOR AND WALL COVERING Compliments of WEST SIDE ARCO 2371 W. Genesee St. Baldwinsville New York Drive with Care, We Need Your Hair! JOE AND JEAN ' S BARBER SHOP Morris B t Wishes To the Class of 75 From MORRIS PUMPS C. TODAY 11 vm i».i n ' Pit ... for the Total Approach to a Better Yearhook Your Official Yearbook Photographer Congratulations To the Class of 75 from The Class of 76 F Congratulations To the Class of 75 From: COOPER MOTORS INC. Your Ford Dealer Compliments of: L G. BALFOUR CO Representatives: Leiand G. Lee Norman J. Traino Class Rings, Graduation Announcements Diplonnas, Caps and Gowns Prom Favors, Medals and Awards Congratulations To the Class of 75 FIRSTJRU S Dpposii tompdiiy vAT BE SAFE-CLOSE COVER BEFORE STRIKING Baldwinsville, New York The biKery 638-2161 38 Oswego St. at the four corners Baldwinsville Congratulations Graduating Seniors Quality bikes backed by service Phone: 638-1881 VILLAGE HEAD SHED BEAUTY SHOP 3 West Genessee St. Baldwinsville, N.Y. Jan Baker— Esther Samuels Sincere Congratulations And Best Wishes to The Class of 75 SENECA FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Baldwinsville North Syracuse Liverpool Manlius Canastota Congratulations From Ralph C. Gates GATES FUNERAL HOME INC. Baldwinsville, New York Congratulations To the Class of 75 From Cooper ' s Motors Inc. Your Ford Dealer Congratulations To the Class of 75 From TOGS ' n BOOTERY Congratulations To the Class of 75 From THE FIRE SIDE INN W. Genesee St. Congratulations To the Class of 75 BUIS SMART Tax Accountants THE CHICKEN COOP DINER LYRE STAFF 75 wishes To express their gratitude to all who helped us. Mr. Coates Mr. Florack Mr. Boaardus Mrs. Burton Mr. Baker Congratulations To the Class of 1975: Mr. and Mrs. Naif Moses Mr. Joseph Francemone Mr. and Mrs. William Pollard Mr. and Mrs. William Stanish Mr. and Mrs. Sal Cardella Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hughes Mrs. Eileen Hannon Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Woodall Missing: Anita Cardella, Connie Krawiec, Joanne Dale, Kathy Radford Congratulations to the Class of 75 Especially to Our Senior Sisters To Whom We Say Love and I.E.S. Underclassmen Missing: Laurie Stanistreet ' . . . on looking back It s plain to see, it really has been fun. T

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