Charles W Baker High School - Lyre Yearbook (Baldwinsville, NY)

 - Class of 1974

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Charles W Baker High School - Lyre Yearbook (Baldwinsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 21 of 240
Page 21 of 240

Charles W Baker High School - Lyre Yearbook (Baldwinsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 20
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Page 21 text:

Duke Strache leaves to his baby sister one more year and he leaves to go live a happy life with Beeky. Gary Sturm leaves Dann a half a moon, and Sliver a get away from Senett " free card " and a dozen to use the hole year. Tyrrell Sweeney leaves D. H. smooches, to Marty a MOOSE, to Jon H. a H-O-R-S-E, and leaves T. C. with Mike, to go with Punkin to find LASAGNA. Dianne Sweeting leaves hoping Pete will leave soon, and Miss VC 4 inches wherever she wants it; Mr. Mclaud her brother for 3 more yrs. Have fun. Agnes Szabo leaves taking all the memories of Baker with her, thank- ing Mr. McLaud for all the times he ' s helped and listened, and Mr. Decker to anyone who ' s lucky enough to have him, and a milkshake. Cindy Szelewski leaves with the BBB ' s, YSV to the SJ ' s; a bandaid for Margo and lots of memories with Pat. Linda, Mary, LauraLee, Sharon, and Maureen, and Moe, and Candie. TJane Tanner leaves Mr. Bassett a-loud homeroom stu- dent; Mr. Wanzer 57 ' 2 used reeds; a Dorothy Carnegie course to a certain teacher; Kathy a needle and thread; M. G. a patch; and Tish an empty tank of gas. Al Taylor leaves Big George another year of Mr. Cook, a new whistle and watch, and Mr. Arcaro a lifetime supply of Pepsi. Patricia Tetrault leaves 1 screw to Les, a busted broom to Tim, a roach to Don, a nickel to Wanz, a CHUCKhole to the X-C team, one big hug to each coach, Rick Ray to Marc Deb, and the attic for them to — ! Susan Titus leaves Wanz a basket of rose petals to next years marchers— hip boots for the mud— to Y. K., D. W., R. N. Mr. K. — a Cheshire smile. Mary Tomaszewski leaves Mr. Mclaud a card of thanks, Mr. Decker a crate of lemons, Mr. Patchett a 25c dream book, and " Jr. " more luck than she had, and to S. M., P. R., B. M., A. S., C. J., all her love. Mark Tompkins leaves to Gail his future; to Andy Wallace he leaves a ping-pong ball autographed by himself. Debbie Trepasso leaves Gail a lasting friendship and thanks for her help through 24 mistakes and luck with Mark; to Sam, hang in there! To Mike, you have a friend, and to O ' B the memory of " M. A. " . Steve Trexler leaves Briss another year with " Bud " , Gam to G. K., R. D., D. W. with the hopes of finding another " PIT. " George Tripp leaves a case of " BUD " to Gam, Mr. Wiley a cup of coffee, and to Debi a rose and a little finger. Bob Turner leaves Tom some confidence and ' Tash wax; Gale a trip to Ithica; Paul with the M.S.D.C. Championship and Jeff some stick- on sideburns and a book on how to pick up girls. Barb Tuzinski leaves Baker to " Joey " and the gang, whether they want it or not. VRegine Voss leaves America to go back home to Ger- many hoping to meet all her friends here once again, and Sharon to reach her highest aim, happiness. Kim Valerio leaves with Denny to begin a new life together. Margaret VanBuren leaves for Cooperstown with Cory; Dawn her auto services, Koala love to the seven swarfs; Laurie four years to suf- fer in B.H.S. and to find Larry and Moe. Dawn VanDenburg leaves Mr. Chase to Boogies and to C. E. the pottery teacher on those lonely nights while she ' s traveling around the world with V. W.; and Uncle Teddy one younger sister Candy to contend with. Robin VanderBerg leaves to Mr. Barden trvouts and thanks; to Lin- da (BOYS); To W. S. P. L. another yr. of lunch together; to her friends, many memories; and most of all to Rick their future. Anne Ventura leaves Mitch a Bobsey Twin Shirt with a pair of water balloons size 38C, a flower for Carol, a song for Terri, and the stock room to Tom, Bob, and Gail. Karlis Viceps leaves Chink, Rosebud and Wacker his Stan Smith ten- nis guide; Mrs. Coulter a picture of Yul B.: A. E. to live with the dogs; M. B. a light bulb for his ping-pong table; on a P. C. to Mass. WMike Waggoner leaves Bobby S. his old super blade. Pat Waggoner leaves with the BBB ' s and Kel a broken sandal on the Cold Springs Bridge and Odom, straight LEGS. John Walker leaves his hair which should be at least three feet long, to Ote, and a bottle of malt duck to Mr. Fred Alesandro. Sharon Watkins leaves the next Spirette announcer a pronunciation key of swimmer ' s names, Mr. Grant a way to win the Christmas Tour- nament and Dixv all the best memories and a list of cute guys in Brazil. Sue Wedemeyer leaves thanks to Mrs. McDonald for her superb French, Mr. Baker a friendly Hello!! D. H. her hurdling ability, her little brother a good senior Yr.. and her tennis racket bronzed for the girls tennis team. Ernie Weller has nothing to leave, but goes west. Bob Wicks leaves Rosanne Middlemore a years supplv of Butter cookies. Charleene Wicks leaves five more brothers and sisters 39 more vears of school. Cheryl, table B., Sarah the bus, Red a baseball glove., Cin- dy a cow bell and Julie a little sister like Kristy. Mike Wilder leaves P 3 the P ' s and it ' s adventures; Ashby a new street beat and no one to play it and to all the upcoming " pineys " he leaves the brotherhood and a warm place on the bench. Vickie Williams leaves to travel all over the country with D. V. D. and she leaves Judy many years with Carry Ann. Janet Willis leaves Oos, fond memories of Pinky; Sneed, as sisters always; Em, a box of tissues; Mastro, a good ankle and all the good times; Mrs. D. D., dreams come true; and for Gregg, love and many yrs. of happiness. Di ck Windsor leaves one oz. to Dave Claus and the future Allied Commandos, and a new tooth to Bib. Kathy Winslow leaves this school to be with her friends at S.U., like Jimmy LEE and Bob Mitch, she will be with the rest of the S.U. foot- ball and basketball team. To Mr. Engels she leaves him Super Star Mike Bill. Roberta Wolfe leaves with many fond memories; and her brother Ray all the girls at Baker High. Brian Wolken leaves " Doughboy " his six foot stick to put another " D " together and to Arc thoughts of his sister on her Plantation. Marilee Worden leaves, to any student. ZMike Zahn leaves Mr. Sennett a place in common with the Decency Society. Gary Zarnowski leaves to Kim one more happy year in school and to Bruce all the other vears.

Page 20 text:

and Wiley one last milkshake and all her underclassmen friends in " silence. " Debra Patchett leaves to New Orleans with Missy and some time and hope to Mary, Darlene, and Lee. Greg Pearce leaves Mr. Doris a portrait of Newton lying unconscious under an apple tree. Jim, 24 Buds. Dave, to Haven. Ed. 3 qts. of tango. Garv, Bill Scott 1 jar of grease. Mike, his quote and 4 yrs. to K. Barb Pease leaves baby brother Rocky, to Arky in hopes of making him a star; and Una, Seg, and Becky all the luck to keep them on ecore leaves for Cooperslown with Koala; all the teachers to put up with her sister Chervl and her friends; and to go find I. id Mo. and C. P. the sta : bv the Auto Mechani Carl Pclcher leaves Quinnie. Ott, Hogo, Wap. Greg. Rum. Howie a bathtub. Spurch a newspaper, John his bed, Nag Rick his Gravel Bowl trophy, and Andi his 21 shirt. s to Russ cowboy spurs and twelve points, to Ray a Steve, good luck. David Pirong leaves Jimmy 4 yrs., Mr. S. a bottle of hair grower, and to leave, for good. Judy Plank leaves a can of bug repellent to Terry, Minnerva to Jan; to Mr. Wiley a can of hair spray and dippity-do, a pair of eyes to Miss W., to Mr. D. a duck; to Billy a Honda and she keeps Bob. Mike Powers leaves Mr. Obine a student who does his homework and his sister a dollar bet she won ' t pass the trig, regents. Susan A Prusinowski leaves for the children- to grow and bread for the ducks. Wishes to Mary. Beth and Robin. Paul Nagle leaves his good looks to Jim Silliman, his Vince Lombar- di game to Coach Arcaro, a handkerchief to Mr. Kasmir. and Baldwinsville to all the cheap two bit punks. Rruce Quimby doesn ' t leave Martha, but leaves Kevin 3 lore years of messed up schedules and rotten lunches. o Dan, hopes that his hard work and desire earns him starting end position in college. ives with OTTO petty, for the " Glades " to soak up 11 Radel leaves Cheryl part of a Hostess Twinkie and _r brother Vernon all the Broads in Baker. Marianne Ranieri leaves Baker with her sister and brother moving up; with hope that they have as much ;as she had. Pauline Reed leaves her sister T. D. all her advice and her brother her foot tracks, also she leaves with lots of love with B. F. in a married life. letsv Regan leaves Maureen Adams the best wishes with Ricky and Jill for 3 more years and to Mr. Schiller good luck teaching. Ed Regan leaves Baker High to J. R. Steve Rhodes leaves Lois in the band room clapping her hands and stamping her feet; Dale all of his broken drum sticks: and of course, with Emily. Anita Ridgeway leaves Becky one ounce of aggressiveness, Denise one lb. of desire, all the other athletes much luck. Ms. C. 4 " where she wants it, Ms. R. a mile smile, and Ms. VC a trillion thanks for a million memories. Deborah Roberts leaves -Mrs. Coulter 1 box of Kleenex, Judi one more bottle of Tango, Paul one year and finally " Auf Weidersehen " . Michael Rocco leaves coach Johnson the wrestling room, a sweaty- sweat shirt, a pulled muscle, and no food for three days. Diane Roekwood leaves a dime and pity for Robin G., Mary H., and Pam S., as September will find them the only " cool " people left; to be with Tvko forever in two years; and to have more good times with Mel. Susan Rode leaves Mr. Engels. one of the nicest teachers she could have ever hoped to meet with all her love he can handle: and Baker to her brother and sister who truly deserve it. Laura Lee Roloff leaves with BBB ' s; YSV to theSJ ' s: Wen and Murff a tricycle; with M. S. to find some A. G.; S. L. her soph, yr., Claude a path to follow; to C. B., M. B., M. C, P. E., S. F., L. G., S. L., K. R., C. S..M.S.-THANKS! Laurie Ronalds leaves to her " sisters " all the love and happiness that could ever be possible and to Sha a great big smile to last her for the rest of her life. Dan Roth leaves for California, and to Nanette a lot of fine memories and a map. Russ Rowland leaves Mr. Wiley a life size, full color poster of Rodger Staubach, to do whatever he wants with it. Karen Rumble leaves K. N.. K. K.. J. H., trir L G ' s, T. 0., M. W., the back of the bus. L... to S. F.. L. R.. S. L.. M. B.. C. B.. W. M„ to A.G.B.H. on Beak, to Rick everything and her. Linda Russell leaves to be with Ron and to Mr. Alesandro all the luck to be able to quit smoking for good. Lucia Samuel leaves Mr. Barden a part of the love she has for the theater, to try college and be a drama teacher, and her fondness for the miracle of the stage for future classes. Linda Sanford leaves Beck another year to practice walking the track wall and Huv to play the Wizard of Oz without her favorite lion. Lynn Saltier leaves Baker High School just as she was just getting used to the place. Karen Scherfling leaves Tammy another four years of school, a roll of toilet paper for Plainville Field Days and 4 years of wonderful memories. Stephen Schlegel leaves to B. C. no resonated roach clips and to co Kasmer he leaves M. E.. to Sliver he leaves his artistic talent. Mark Schrader leaves to Mike, a Tequila Sunrise, a bottle of Yisine, and a waterskiing lesson; the Buckley twins, a brain to share; to Lvnn. a little Gin to settle her stomach and a quiet place to live — and to BILL A THRILL! Clay Scott leaves the flies in the cafeteria. Edward Seger leaves to keep an eye on Deb and to look for a fast motorcycle for Mr. Wiltze so he can keep up with his runners. Rose Segovis leaves with the promise to find her " wild thing " ; I the 4 guys down the road: Lou and Kath another year; Sherrie a little bit of " woo-man " and " just enough rope " . Deb Sharpe leaves with Tom to have many more happy and memorable times together and to find " Froggie " . Robert Sherman leaves to find his friends at the gatt= «. ».».».» =.. u to protect Middle Earth. Pat Smith leaves M. U. a corner. P. E. to decide; C. P. all the boys she can handle; C. B. a set of crutches and the thought of two down five to go and freedom. Dan Snell leaves Anne M. 8 red roses, a strawberry milkshake and a star filled sky, and to Mr. Kasmer. the thought of another season with one experienced lineman. Kathy Snyder leaves C. M. a lonely letter, Jon a new poem, the cheerleaders a good set of lungs. Sue 5 yrs. of a beautiful friendship. T. O. a car to travel in. L. L. a few overnites, and J.W.A.D. Douglas Soper leaves for D.P. to get a Chevy, and to D.P. that he will become as good a football player as he was bad. For B. S. and I, that we will love and not look for our bad points. Chris Spadaro leaves his Italian T-Shirt to Mr. Arcaro; to Mr. Bender his Atomic Orange; and to the Frosh, a map of the school show ing all the secret passages. David Spurchise leaves Larry Collins 2 yrs. to find a new girlfriend and Chonk and Hourihan all the food at Kaz ' s house. Mary Stamp leaves with BBB ' s, YSV to the SJ ' s, a paper cup in L. L. R. ' s garage, Andi a 12:00 curfew, with L. L. R. to find some AG, and with S. R. to P. A. Doreen Stampp leaves S. A. all her spare cigarettes; to T. C. all her spare talent; to K. H., Karen and Jane all her spare friendship. Dan Stanton leaves Mr. Armstrong a new set of poerating in- struments and Mr. Barr the satisfaction of undoing all he ' s done. Jim Stanton leaves Dave Craig a half of a hockey puck because he he half the shot Jim has. Karen Stapleton leaves S. B. one more yr. of being stuck with Myron: to C. E. the S. H. teacher Mr. Dickerson, and to Mr. Cahill. many thanks, and one younger brother to contend with in a few yrs. Debbie Slarkey leaves Baker High to all her underclass friends and relatives. Mark Stolar leaves M. S. all the cheap gut-less punks left in Baker High.

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