Charles W Baker High School - Lyre Yearbook (Baldwinsville, NY)

 - Class of 1974

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Charles W Baker High School - Lyre Yearbook (Baldwinsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 17 of 240
Page 17 of 240

Charles W Baker High School - Lyre Yearbook (Baldwinsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 16
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Charles W Baker High School - Lyre Yearbook (Baldwinsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 18
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Page 17 text:

ne scnooi 10 any . and lo Toni the istead of the floor, cs Pal in hope thu Ann Islam) and Edinger leaves with the feeling lhat I iccecd. leaves no material things, but he does leave tin le hands of fools! Deb Enders leaves B ' ville with the rest of the Enders tribe to tangle with. Sag a Bag and Diane with a book on how not to gel bored in srhool in 70easv lessons and with Bernie lo leave for a life in Denver, English leaves with the B.B.B. ' s, Y.S.V. to the S.J.V. To Margo, ■ band-aid. to C. S„ L. G„ M. S., D. II.. M. C, L. L. R.. M. B.C. 1).. Deborah Downum leaves Mr. Engels, John Spear, and the rest of his Royal summer team. Miss Van Clief one more year of Denise. Good Luck. James Duffy leaves Brian the V. S.S. Enterprize and Joe the number 127. Sue Durkee leaves. Sue Durland leaves Willie, Sal, Lip. and Glenda (the Five Fingers) memories of the past, Diane another ' i yr., Rich a practical joke, and Emily a burp in 7th period studyhall. Phil Dwyer leaves his new 2 yr. old soccer ball to Downing; the widened field and kick board to next year ' s soccer team and Gam to Downing. Wilcox. Coville, Noll, LeClair. II leaves to search for something I ' ve been for all my life— happiness. I leave Yvonne K. ..» piness lhat I was not able to find. Deborah Finch leaves Mrs. McDonald one more Finch with, and one more year to all the guys near me. )i leaves with the hope that the class of ' 74 athletes help start B ' ville sports tow ards the top again. Harvey Fonda leaves one burned Bra to Ms. L. Z. and a biography on chairman Mao to Chink, (oh yeah!) and an autographed picture of Arnold to Murph. Debb Forst leaves a joke, a song, and " traces " of a terrific friend lo Denis Foringer, and Baker High 10 more rs, ' til her sister Lisa is immitled. illiam Frear leaves to everyone nothing because in this world there eally nothing worth leaving. Frevdenfelt leaves Jndv her typing eraser and to Beth im car the k! And to Mr. O ' Donneil a parking pass, and to Mrs. v edger a red pencil. Don Freyleue leaves behind all the love I can spare to all the hippi- phreeks, especially Joe and Tom. as I begin my journey lo find all I seek, in and beyond the utter east, land of Asian and sweet waters at the spa. Walter Fyler leaves all his bad experiences to all my favorite, and not so favorite teachers, and mv gvm clothes to Mr. Sennetl. Linda Galime leaves with the B.B.B. ' s; YSV to theSJ ' s; ,. L. R„ M. B., P. H., C. B.. M. C. M. M„ and K. R. " IY HAPPY MEMORIES; to P. E, and C. S. a , al THANKS, tes leaves her presidency of the 1BT Club to who ' s ever ?h for the job, alot of great memories (and a big kiss) to Ms. ist of all the best of luck and happiness to all her friends, ales leaves seven brothers and sisters to C.W. Baker High nool to them to do what they want with it. UU iu, c » Gaworecki leaves Mrs. Widger 10 carbon ribbons. Miss Hogan two prs. of " white " stockings; Briss one more yr. with D. IL; Dennis to come; and one more yr. to get M. P. and C. M. Shelley Gibbs leaves her sister and Sub Deb good limes; and lo Jisie. Tom, Nicky. Karen, and Rocky, and Bob for better ones, hopefully. Jeff Girod leaves all his friends, whether thev want it or not. one six pack of beer, the Ford, our favorite drinking spot and a stone in school. Mark Gollands leaves a Brownnose to Beeb and father Bear with a clear conscience, and a broken ski to Nort. Laurie Goodenough leaves Ms. VanClief a clean desk. Ms. Record a track for the track team. Ms. Costich a pair of sneakers with 31 holes, Trudy a basketball game June 28, 1984. Earl Green leaves Chuck Wiltse a bottle of aspirin for whitesbore and one more yr. to make it to the State meet, and Areie a lifetime supply of Caffeine pills in case Pepsi Cola goes out of business. Steve Greene leaves knowing the fact lhat there is another Greene coming up, and I will never return. Charles Hagerman leaves his three brothers to continue in school, his reputation whether bad or good. y Hall leaves Miss Costich some S-T-R-E-T-C-H and, . . . horse; to Ron and John a joke to Kick around: ast of the Hall ' s: and D. H. the lunch table. el leaves Freak, Hillbilly. Lion, and some other strange ascription of Dr. D ' s cure-all. to be taken as needed: the e " Brats " ; and in search of something belter in new

Page 16 text:

with John and to Ricky three Stephen Adams leaves hehim 60 mph in the right hand lane, " sit leaves Mrs. Molampy with the thought that she ' s given Sherry memories to share: Mary Jane one more year of erri, Dorecn. Jane and group to help me through the rest rs. Rory Alley leaves his lire rubber in the parking lot to Mr. O ' Donnell and Mr. Wiley. Craig Anders leaves Mr. Bailey a new set of nerves and a pair of dirty socks for a hopeless freshmen. Phillip Archer leaves Mr. Wanzer the memory of the kid who lost his pants and a curse that all upcoming freshmen have two left feel. Sue Argersinger leaves toT. O. a pr. of scissors and fond memories, J. Grant a new filter, J. Coslich a last hand of pitch, to Wil a new pinky and happiness to Kalh— an everlasting friendship: to brother, Phil, a good 1 vrs. at B.H.S. and " thank vou " to Mrs. Burton and Mrs. Baker. bora Baker leaves Don a kiss and a hug; Cheryel one re year lo catch him; Ray to Mr. Wiltse for one more jr; and my love to Ray . ark Baker leaves Dave and Ralph his fantastic ability ki; to Deb and Deb, two lifeguards; to Arc, a book on how land ethnic jokes, and to Ann, some common sense, ndy Barnes leaves M. S. a " Schoolhouse " filled with " cheap, filthv nks. " na Barber leaves Bobby D., hoping that he ' ll walk tall next year: Bear some breath savers to get home on; Buddy V. a record of jo Jo Gunne ' s " run. run. run, " and leaves Wanz as the only member of jazz band who couldn ' t sight-read. Mike Barneli leaves to A. E. records at BV Lyre to Mrs. Perkins, an empty tray on the old lunch table, to Susan a b. on S., a B. for K. V., and leaves respectively on a P.C. to Mass. Brad Barrett leaves his amazing ability to slam dunk a basketball to COW and a hot dog in a hamburger roll to Stum. Ginger Baxter leaves to wait for Bill! Pam Bear leaves Mr. Wanzer with the little " Bear " behind; Mr. Grant with a warm friendly smile; and the girls locker room with hopes that someday there won ' t be a shortage of paper! Richard Beck leaves Mr. Powell a pair of sideburns to go with his long hair and Clauder !-i lb. Candy Beige leaves with B.B.B ' s, Margo a bandaid. Tish a smack in a stairway, R. K. and K. P. nine cans of oil, Kel a flashlight to find the goods, and with Buck for CANTON to enjoy the COED dorms. Debbie Bell leaves Frau Coulter her " Guten Morgen Klasses " ' : a phone call to Richard; a mushroom to Flake; to my brother, Scott I leave the freshman girls and many other wonder memories. Fred Bell leaves pity to all those who must live in Baldwinsville with all the groupies and rednecks! Alan Bennett leaves his Chemistry and Physics notebooks to Mr. Powell. Cathy Best leaves Mr. Bender some burnt matches for his cookie jars; and two more years of school lunches to my brother Jim. Cindy Bitz leaves her best of luck to next year ' s tennis team: her brother Mark, a year to make Varsity basketball, and her friends memories of both the good and the bad times that we ' ve had. Richard Bolduc leaves to spend the rest of. my life with Debbie J. Kalhy Bordwell leaves Robin N. to find another tennis buddy, Sharon M. to eat her own pickles, and 4 years of B.H.S. lo her sister Sue. Fenni Bos leaves Baker High for good! Nanci Bradley leaves to any new student fun and joy of adjusting to a new school! Christopher Bradshaw leaves to Mark Krentl, Bill Nielsen and others the ability to play chess. Marie Brate leaves JS a KANGAROO, Lou my livingroom, Dann, Robert Brown leaves Kawi to Jack Montague and hope he blows off as many Hondas as I did and to Jim Tyrrell and Paul Pacelli a pair of Mickey Thompsons which (might) last Jim a week. Ronald Bryant leaves this place his brother and sister and all of mi friends. Good Luck. Maureen Buckley leaves with the B.B.B. ' s. YSV to the SJ ' s. Margo one band-aid. C. B. all the good times. We had, and CB, PE, CS. LG. LR, and MS MANY MEMORIES. Francis Bugnacki leaves lo fellow ping-pong players his ping-pong paddle. John Bunnell leaves for camp so Mark and I can get out the pilch forks, and lo see the other boys. Timothy Bunnell leaves his parki ng space lo Frank O ' Donnell. Leone Burton leaves Baker High School with less education than she started with; and Willie, Sal, Horns, and Glenda (the Five Fingers) memories of the past. David Butler leaves Mrs. Winnewisser the III, two tons of dry clay waiting to be rewedged and good old Rm. 131 with it ' s Leaky Ceiling and it ' s great memories. Russell Butler leaves to Mr. Doris two of Beethoven ' s most fatorite scores . . . 28 to 21 and 14 to 7. s Mr. Florack seven more Butler ' s lo go and good luck and happiness to Georgis, Robin, Steve. Cindy, Clair. Lori and Gail and memories forever for Marcia and Joe. Id leaves Becky and Ken all the happiness in ihe cie all the luck in the world with John. Tim. Larry. I Campbell leaves Roy Engles a dozen soft balls . -gold plated third base with his name engraved in it and Boog Powell six loads of buck shot in his ecology book. .hamberlain leaves with Tyrrell to go to St. Pele and join Mike; to D. H. the lunch table; to Chris two more years of Sub Deb; and to J. T. one more year of BHS. Terri Checkosky leaves Sherry 2 bottles of Baby oil, D. Craig a hockey puck and a smile, Mr. Barden alot of love and thanks for all the memories and confidence, and Mrs. Winters a big hug. Barbara Christen leaves the school to 4 other Christens who will come through, and Good-Luck to the Girls swim team. Robert Christen leaves Mr. Grant 3 more Christen swimmers. Vicki Christian leaves her sister Pam to keep an eye on David while she ' s away, and Miss Costich her rubber donul with rotten memories. Cindy Clark leaves Miss Maschiri the word loquacious for another talkative person to look up. A thank you to Mr. Lindemayer, to Mr. Decker and Mr. Wiley those famous MacDonald milkshakes. Lots of love lo Mark and a good-bye to B.H.S. Steve Clement leaves Mr. Powell a flock of dead geese, because he could surely use to eat them; and to Mr. Wiley 100 feet of the thickest, blackest, stickiest rubber marks he ever did. see. Brian Clifford leaves Jane C. 23W lbs., and a bottle of Tango for los- ing 89 Y2 lbs. Also, to Steve a pack of cigarettes. David Cole leaves something to everybody. He leaves nothing. Maureen Collins leaves with the BBB ' s. YSV to the SJ ' s, Cindy to remember 8 pd. S.H. and Kim and Nag the varsity squad. Mike Collins leaves with Quinnie. for the " Glades " to soak up some beams. Nellie Cook leaves to all her teachers a " tahnx " for being teachers.

Page 18 text:

dcrclassmen who have nothing belter to chase. Karen 1 more yr. of fun and Marth and Jucle all the thanks in the world. Kathy Hansen leaves her friendship to Mrs. Price: the high school to Nadine and Lynda; and good luck to Sue and Aqua Jewel. Lyn Hazen leaves Ms. VC many thanks for her time and memories which will never be forgotten. Becky the best of luck always. Denesie 1 unbreakable comb and Jamie. Mark Heffernan leaves a rock to Sliver and a brain to Murph. Sonja Heins leaves C. W. Baker High the unhappiest years of her life. Tvko Helberg leaves for the west coast with the rest of the band with our start but will return in 2 yrs. to be with Diane for the rest of eter- nitv, also a pair of raunchy underwear in M. S. ' s truck. Susan Helmbold leaves " toots " Gale one more sand dune to climb and a walk on 370, " In a Little While " , Karen Lane " her " band, Warren a firecracker, and Mr. Wanzer a magic button. Jmli Heron lean ' s I frog and 1 " tango " to Jane, 1 chicken and 1 demerit lo Brobert " Ich werde dich immer lieben " to Briidchen. Alot of laughs and " Ein Ehe paar . . . " to Frau Coulter and many enjoyable phone calls to P. J. Robert Herloski leaves Mr. Doris 5,000,000 assorted fuses, an automatic sine wave drawer and a slide rule w a memory; to the K-C team a McDonalds Map; to Mr. Arcaro the results of all track meets; and to Mr. Bailey 1 oil-burning Chevy. Debra Hews leaves to the custodians a broken locker to fix. Steve Hewitt leaves Bill Radel a 900 Kawasoki and John Jon poochess. Carol Hibbard leaves Baker High to seven brothers and sisters; alot of good luck to all mv friends; lots of thanks and appreciation to all ms leuchcrs and counselors. Jon Holtman leases a little confused about where he ' s going but anyways he leaves the same poem to Kathy, the fraternity to Kolo to take care of and to P. no. 2, a gar. P.A.O. Deborah Honsman leaves Baker High to have a happy and exciting life with Bob S. Cathy Hourihan leaves her brother Mike, 2 more yrs. in this place, and her thanks to Mr. Decker for being such a great teacher. Sherry House leaves with the B.B.B. ' s lo K.P. M.K. The rememberance of all the great times we had togerther. And to all my friends 1 sink to remember, C. B., K. P., P. W„ N. H., S. P..D. S., and me by. John Housel leaves his brother Doug, all his knowledge that will help him make his future yrs. successful ones. Gwendolyn Howard leaves with her brother, Darrell, behind to br- ing our football team on to fame and glory and a sister that just night turn the school upside down in future yrs. Tom Howard leaves Bob T. 5 unpaid hours; Jeff S. some skill for S.H.; to Mr. Bender some dumb people to teach; to Paul a book on " Don ' t Get Caught " ; and to Gale the sports column. Gary Hughes leaves a banana tree to Bob Downing and his sister Debbie to all the boys. Mark Hulland leaves absolutely nothing lo anybody except Mr. Whiltse the Coach of the decade award, for being tops in my book, and nothing to the school except the old saying (You know where you can go). Kathy Hurley leaves with her brother Mike, the 1st thing they ' ve done together in years, and to Frear and Gok one more year oi IECK! and to wait for Bill Parody. Mary Alice Jackson leaves Mr. Griggs a bright " Good lorning, sir! " and to ail her underclassman friends OOD LUCK! chele Jamros leaves along with T. J. E. W. I ' m M. J. and E. W. to see the world; and hopefully still have H. D. when I return. To all my friends I say good- bye and good luck. John Jennings leaves Julie and all her weekly crushes. To Lisa a greal friendship and to Peggy and Kathy a year without their older brother. To Sweet I leave 3 six packs he never got! Esther Johnson leaves Baker High to her brother Lester, to do whatever he wants with it! Robert Johnson leaves to D. H. a hill, Juice Hardluck hotel, and Janet a lot of luck. Rusty Johnson leaves with Leslie in his V.W. Camper, to Mr. Decker a pair of WIDE tires for his truck, to Mrs. Eisen a rancid beaver, and finally a thank-you to Mr. Wiley for giving him his " Blue Card " . Cheryl Jones leaves her brother, Vernon, to the mercy of the lovesick freshmen girls; to Pamela long walks and talks; and of course to Bill a big hug and a package of fish sticks. John Jones leaves B.H.S. to Ricky, and Mr. Arcaro a winning football team. Richard Jones leaves his parking space to Deb and my " high? " posi- tion to my little brother Mike to strive for. Kris Julian leaves N. N. a dart board, J. M. a bed to be tied to, L. P. a great time in Boston. Larry Kelley leaves Chuck Wiltse ' s 1974 Cross Country i ' , : Team a water fountain and a John at the top of Sunset Peter Kelley leaves A. S. to Krunt Club; one more Kellev to teach German to Mrs. Coulter; and C. W. Baker to the last of the Kelley klan. Wendy Kelley leaves with the B.B.B. ' s and to all my friends thanks. Ravmond Killian leaves Sandy his motorcycle and a gallon of high test so she can raise hell underneath the School Library. Brian Kinsella leaves all his friends to carry on in his footsteps and raise hell. He also leaves Mr. Scott and Mrs. Plail a book of fairy Kathleen Kinslow leaves. Cindy Kline leaves to go off in the sunset with the " DUKE " eating black olives. Joseph Kline leaves Mr. S. one free pass to a house of ill-repute. Robin Krantz leaves K. P. a broken, bottle from the Forum, C. B. in the ba throom at Sunoco while K. P. and she take the oil. Then, to Canada with Sue Pond ' til Pat and Tony ' s pay day. Pete Krawiec leaves to meet Shelly at Don Pepe ' s some nite, Doughboy his great dodging ability and Cindy another hose fight. Susan Lamanche leaves lo all her friends the value of finding true friendship wherever they may go and to the underclassmen good luck. : _ Deb Landers leaves with a smile remembering all the good times she ' s had and all the better ones yet to come. Regina LaQuay leaves the fifth and last of the LaQuaj Dynasty for Baker High. Gail Lavoie leaves Debbie 24+ mistakes and no more. PLEASE: Drew, memories of ping pong and hits on stairs; Sammy, you ' re the brother I never had; Mark, you know what I leave you. Diane LeBlanc leaves Dawn, Sonja, Esther, Rose, Brenda, and Kim all the happiness they can find. Sharon Leitner leaves to be with B.B.B. ' s and a long playing version of Y.S.V. to the S.J. ' s and lo L. L. R., M. C, C. S., P. E., S. F., and K. R. Thank you, and also lo Judy a warm kiss from B. L. via airmail. Laurinda Link leaves lo find love in the world, meet Kris halfway from her place on the mountain, and visit N.Y.C. and M.B.S.C. Jim Linnenbach leaves C. P. a box of dirty rags; Mr. Patchelt an egg; J. M. an eency beency spider; Chink, the key to the freezer and to ;r sister the task of moving back, and to Mr. Grant the hope , „u beat ' em. jaquin leaves here saying good-bye to people that she really got la Jarvis leaves The Drama Club and Mr. Harden regrellully. yl Fenton, memories and an empty lunch table. To Bette and a worn out pen and a thousand question marks. To Baker 4 Pat Livingston leaves her lockers lo any sucker who wants lo use them. Donna Lloyd leaves Dobis all her " schmuck " , C. W. Baker High hei il»»K school lunches to scientific research, and to J. H. she leaves iennis " abilities, one pr. of Grassy socks, a bootlace, and hei love. Becky Locke leaves; thanking L. S., M. J., Mr. Cahill, L. J. S., S. G. L. T., J. M., L. Sh., for their friendship and understanding; Lorm

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