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Charles W Baker High School - Lyre Yearbook (Baldwinsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Cover

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1111 Lyre 4 74 • ! $ ' £T ' V ■ .■ " ' ,. ' • . » i , Ge ALLEN COUNTY PUBLIC 1 3 1833 01791 5254 •was GENEALOGY 974.702 IB393BH, 1974 ' K ' ' .-• 2 fHHH u ' ' ' ' ' ' ■kr " ml v .Jfc . C. W. BAKER HIGH SCHOOL BALDWINSVILLE, N.Y.. Everyday things happen. Some things you remember and some you forget. These are the things we tried to remember . . . Origin 1 The Campus Know How .... 92 The Other Campus 108 Doing 138 Competition 168 Consumers 5. Injustice 6. Corruption 7. Apathy 8. Homeroom 9. Disease 10. War For doing what we can ' t And always, always Giving us your total support, We dedicate this Lyre to you, Mr. Charles Baker In hopes that your example Will be an inspiration To all those who read this book. Mr. Baker, a 1962 graduate of Baker High School, has been teaching here for 6 years. He, his wife and a son reside on Oswego Street in Baldwinsville. Mr. Baker is a member of the Class of ' 66 from the University of Buffalo. His participation in the B.H.S. faculty has given us much to be proud of. He coached Frosh basketball for three years, coached soccer one year and has taught summer school. Mr. Baker is currently a soccer official, the Class ' 74 Advisor, and the Lyre Staff Advisor. Mr. Baker enjoys working with students, and hopes to remain at Baker High School in the future. Dear Readers, Every day carries with it the memories of the days that have preceeded it. Memories of snowy mornings, empty halls, and the glowing of a good friend ' s smile. Together we share these experiences as they brighten the past, and light the way for the future. I would like to thank each one who has had a part in mak- ing this yearbook. Each page contains a little bit of the per- sonalities that contributed to it. Special thanks goes to Mr. Baker, Mr. Osgood, and to the people at Varden ' s, for coping with us as an inexperienced staff, and showing us the way when we needed them. Each morning brings changes to ourselves and our sur- roundings, and Lyre Staff ' 74 has done its best to capture some of these changes. We present with much pride LYRE ' 74. If it helps you keep some of the days you have spent here fresh in your memory, then we have accomplished our deed. Sincerely yours, Sharon Leitner, Editor-in-Chief yB ' - , - i »s H«e.»;. The Campus with John and to Ricky three Stephen Adams leaves hehim 60 mph in the right hand lane, " sit leaves Mrs. Molampy with the thought that she ' s given Sherry memories to share: Mary Jane one more year of erri, Dorecn. Jane and group to help me through the rest rs. Rory Alley leaves his lire rubber in the parking lot to Mr. O ' Donnell and Mr. Wiley. Craig Anders leaves Mr. Bailey a new set of nerves and a pair of dirty socks for a hopeless freshmen. Phillip Archer leaves Mr. Wanzer the memory of the kid who lost his pants and a curse that all upcoming freshmen have two left feel. Sue Argersinger leaves toT. O. a pr. of scissors and fond memories, J. Grant a new filter, J. Coslich a last hand of pitch, to Wil a new pinky and happiness to Kalh— an everlasting friendship: to brother, Phil, a good 1 vrs. at B.H.S. and " thank vou " to Mrs. Burton and Mrs. Baker. bora Baker leaves Don a kiss and a hug; Cheryel one re year lo catch him; Ray to Mr. Wiltse for one more jr; and my love to Ray . ark Baker leaves Dave and Ralph his fantastic ability ki; to Deb and Deb, two lifeguards; to Arc, a book on how land ethnic jokes, and to Ann, some common sense, ndy Barnes leaves M. S. a " Schoolhouse " filled with " cheap, filthv nks. " na Barber leaves Bobby D., hoping that he ' ll walk tall next year: Bear some breath savers to get home on; Buddy V. a record of jo Jo Gunne ' s " run. run. run, " and leaves Wanz as the only member of jazz band who couldn ' t sight-read. Mike Barneli leaves to A. E. records at BV Lyre to Mrs. Perkins, an empty tray on the old lunch table, to Susan a b. on S., a B. for K. V., and leaves respectively on a P.C. to Mass. Brad Barrett leaves his amazing ability to slam dunk a basketball to COW and a hot dog in a hamburger roll to Stum. Ginger Baxter leaves to wait for Bill! Pam Bear leaves Mr. Wanzer with the little " Bear " behind; Mr. Grant with a warm friendly smile; and the girls locker room with hopes that someday there won ' t be a shortage of paper! Richard Beck leaves Mr. Powell a pair of sideburns to go with his long hair and Clauder !-i lb. Candy Beige leaves with B.B.B ' s, Margo a bandaid. Tish a smack in a stairway, R. K. and K. P. nine cans of oil, Kel a flashlight to find the goods, and with Buck for CANTON to enjoy the COED dorms. Debbie Bell leaves Frau Coulter her " Guten Morgen Klasses " ' : a phone call to Richard; a mushroom to Flake; to my brother, Scott I leave the freshman girls and many other wonder memories. Fred Bell leaves pity to all those who must live in Baldwinsville with all the groupies and rednecks! Alan Bennett leaves his Chemistry and Physics notebooks to Mr. Powell. Cathy Best leaves Mr. Bender some burnt matches for his cookie jars; and two more years of school lunches to my brother Jim. Cindy Bitz leaves her best of luck to next year ' s tennis team: her brother Mark, a year to make Varsity basketball, and her friends memories of both the good and the bad times that we ' ve had. Richard Bolduc leaves to spend the rest of. my life with Debbie J. Kalhy Bordwell leaves Robin N. to find another tennis buddy, Sharon M. to eat her own pickles, and 4 years of B.H.S. lo her sister Sue. Fenni Bos leaves Baker High for good! Nanci Bradley leaves to any new student fun and joy of adjusting to a new school! Christopher Bradshaw leaves to Mark Krentl, Bill Nielsen and others the ability to play chess. Marie Brate leaves JS a KANGAROO, Lou my livingroom, Dann, Robert Brown leaves Kawi to Jack Montague and hope he blows off as many Hondas as I did and to Jim Tyrrell and Paul Pacelli a pair of Mickey Thompsons which (might) last Jim a week. Ronald Bryant leaves this place his brother and sister and all of mi friends. Good Luck. Maureen Buckley leaves with the B.B.B. ' s. YSV to the SJ ' s. Margo one band-aid. C. B. all the good times. We had, and CB, PE, CS. LG. LR, and MS MANY MEMORIES. Francis Bugnacki leaves lo fellow ping-pong players his ping-pong paddle. John Bunnell leaves for camp so Mark and I can get out the pilch forks, and lo see the other boys. Timothy Bunnell leaves his parki ng space lo Frank O ' Donnell. Leone Burton leaves Baker High School with less education than she started with; and Willie, Sal, Horns, and Glenda (the Five Fingers) memories of the past. David Butler leaves Mrs. Winnewisser the III, two tons of dry clay waiting to be rewedged and good old Rm. 131 with it ' s Leaky Ceiling and it ' s great memories. Russell Butler leaves to Mr. Doris two of Beethoven ' s most fatorite scores . . . 28 to 21 and 14 to 7. s Mr. Florack seven more Butler ' s lo go and good luck and happiness to Georgis, Robin, Steve. Cindy, Clair. Lori and Gail and memories forever for Marcia and Joe. Id leaves Becky and Ken all the happiness in ihe cie all the luck in the world with John. Tim. Larry. I Campbell leaves Roy Engles a dozen soft balls . -gold plated third base with his name engraved in it and Boog Powell six loads of buck shot in his ecology book. .hamberlain leaves with Tyrrell to go to St. Pele and join Mike; to D. H. the lunch table; to Chris two more years of Sub Deb; and to J. T. one more year of BHS. Terri Checkosky leaves Sherry 2 bottles of Baby oil, D. Craig a hockey puck and a smile, Mr. Barden alot of love and thanks for all the memories and confidence, and Mrs. Winters a big hug. Barbara Christen leaves the school to 4 other Christens who will come through, and Good-Luck to the Girls swim team. Robert Christen leaves Mr. Grant 3 more Christen swimmers. Vicki Christian leaves her sister Pam to keep an eye on David while she ' s away, and Miss Costich her rubber donul with rotten memories. Cindy Clark leaves Miss Maschiri the word loquacious for another talkative person to look up. A thank you to Mr. Lindemayer, to Mr. Decker and Mr. Wiley those famous MacDonald milkshakes. Lots of love lo Mark and a good-bye to B.H.S. Steve Clement leaves Mr. Powell a flock of dead geese, because he could surely use to eat them; and to Mr. Wiley 100 feet of the thickest, blackest, stickiest rubber marks he ever did. see. Brian Clifford leaves Jane C. 23W lbs., and a bottle of Tango for los- ing 89 Y2 lbs. Also, to Steve a pack of cigarettes. David Cole leaves something to everybody. He leaves nothing. Maureen Collins leaves with the BBB ' s. YSV to the SJ ' s, Cindy to remember 8 pd. S.H. and Kim and Nag the varsity squad. Mike Collins leaves with Quinnie. for the " Glades " to soak up some beams. Nellie Cook leaves to all her teachers a " tahnx " for being teachers. ne scnooi 10 any . and lo Toni the istead of the floor, cs Pal in hope thu Ann Islam) and Edinger leaves with the feeling lhat I iccecd. leaves no material things, but he does leave tin le hands of fools! Deb Enders leaves B ' ville with the rest of the Enders tribe to tangle with. Sag a Bag and Diane with a book on how not to gel bored in srhool in 70easv lessons and with Bernie lo leave for a life in Denver, English leaves with the B.B.B. ' s, Y.S.V. to the S.J.V. To Margo, ■ band-aid. to C. S„ L. G„ M. S., D. II.. M. C, L. L. R.. M. B.C. 1).. Deborah Downum leaves Mr. Engels, John Spear, and the rest of his Royal summer team. Miss Van Clief one more year of Denise. Good Luck. James Duffy leaves Brian the V. S.S. Enterprize and Joe the number 127. Sue Durkee leaves. Sue Durland leaves Willie, Sal, Lip. and Glenda (the Five Fingers) memories of the past, Diane another ' i yr., Rich a practical joke, and Emily a burp in 7th period studyhall. Phil Dwyer leaves his new 2 yr. old soccer ball to Downing; the widened field and kick board to next year ' s soccer team and Gam to Downing. Wilcox. Coville, Noll, LeClair. II leaves to search for something I ' ve been for all my life— happiness. I leave Yvonne K. ..» piness lhat I was not able to find. Deborah Finch leaves Mrs. McDonald one more Finch with, and one more year to all the guys near me. )i leaves with the hope that the class of ' 74 athletes help start B ' ville sports tow ards the top again. Harvey Fonda leaves one burned Bra to Ms. L. Z. and a biography on chairman Mao to Chink, (oh yeah!) and an autographed picture of Arnold to Murph. Debb Forst leaves a joke, a song, and " traces " of a terrific friend lo Denis Foringer, and Baker High 10 more rs, ' til her sister Lisa is immitled. illiam Frear leaves to everyone nothing because in this world there eally nothing worth leaving. Frevdenfelt leaves Jndv her typing eraser and to Beth im car the k! And to Mr. O ' Donneil a parking pass, and to Mrs. v edger a red pencil. Don Freyleue leaves behind all the love I can spare to all the hippi- phreeks, especially Joe and Tom. as I begin my journey lo find all I seek, in and beyond the utter east, land of Asian and sweet waters at the spa. Walter Fyler leaves all his bad experiences to all my favorite, and not so favorite teachers, and mv gvm clothes to Mr. Sennetl. Linda Galime leaves with the B.B.B. ' s; YSV to theSJ ' s; ,. L. R„ M. B., P. H., C. B.. M. C. M. M„ and K. R. " IY HAPPY MEMORIES; to P. E, and C. S. a , al THANKS, tes leaves her presidency of the 1BT Club to who ' s ever ?h for the job, alot of great memories (and a big kiss) to Ms. ist of all the best of luck and happiness to all her friends, ales leaves seven brothers and sisters to C.W. Baker High nool to them to do what they want with it. UU iu, c » Gaworecki leaves Mrs. Widger 10 carbon ribbons. Miss Hogan two prs. of " white " stockings; Briss one more yr. with D. IL; Dennis to come; and one more yr. to get M. P. and C. M. Shelley Gibbs leaves her sister and Sub Deb good limes; and lo Jisie. Tom, Nicky. Karen, and Rocky, and Bob for better ones, hopefully. Jeff Girod leaves all his friends, whether thev want it or not. one six pack of beer, the Ford, our favorite drinking spot and a stone in school. Mark Gollands leaves a Brownnose to Beeb and father Bear with a clear conscience, and a broken ski to Nort. Laurie Goodenough leaves Ms. VanClief a clean desk. Ms. Record a track for the track team. Ms. Costich a pair of sneakers with 31 holes, Trudy a basketball game June 28, 1984. Earl Green leaves Chuck Wiltse a bottle of aspirin for whitesbore and one more yr. to make it to the State meet, and Areie a lifetime supply of Caffeine pills in case Pepsi Cola goes out of business. Steve Greene leaves knowing the fact lhat there is another Greene coming up, and I will never return. Charles Hagerman leaves his three brothers to continue in school, his reputation whether bad or good. y Hall leaves Miss Costich some S-T-R-E-T-C-H and, . . . horse; to Ron and John a joke to Kick around: ast of the Hall ' s: and D. H. the lunch table. el leaves Freak, Hillbilly. Lion, and some other strange ascription of Dr. D ' s cure-all. to be taken as needed: the e " Brats " ; and in search of something belter in new dcrclassmen who have nothing belter to chase. Karen 1 more yr. of fun and Marth and Jucle all the thanks in the world. Kathy Hansen leaves her friendship to Mrs. Price: the high school to Nadine and Lynda; and good luck to Sue and Aqua Jewel. Lyn Hazen leaves Ms. VC many thanks for her time and memories which will never be forgotten. Becky the best of luck always. Denesie 1 unbreakable comb and Jamie. Mark Heffernan leaves a rock to Sliver and a brain to Murph. Sonja Heins leaves C. W. Baker High the unhappiest years of her life. Tvko Helberg leaves for the west coast with the rest of the band with our start but will return in 2 yrs. to be with Diane for the rest of eter- nitv, also a pair of raunchy underwear in M. S. ' s truck. Susan Helmbold leaves " toots " Gale one more sand dune to climb and a walk on 370, " In a Little While " , Karen Lane " her " band, Warren a firecracker, and Mr. Wanzer a magic button. Jmli Heron lean ' s I frog and 1 " tango " to Jane, 1 chicken and 1 demerit lo Brobert " Ich werde dich immer lieben " to Briidchen. Alot of laughs and " Ein Ehe paar . . . " to Frau Coulter and many enjoyable phone calls to P. J. Robert Herloski leaves Mr. Doris 5,000,000 assorted fuses, an automatic sine wave drawer and a slide rule w a memory; to the K-C team a McDonalds Map; to Mr. Arcaro the results of all track meets; and to Mr. Bailey 1 oil-burning Chevy. Debra Hews leaves to the custodians a broken locker to fix. Steve Hewitt leaves Bill Radel a 900 Kawasoki and John Jon poochess. Carol Hibbard leaves Baker High to seven brothers and sisters; alot of good luck to all mv friends; lots of thanks and appreciation to all ms leuchcrs and counselors. Jon Holtman leases a little confused about where he ' s going but anyways he leaves the same poem to Kathy, the fraternity to Kolo to take care of and to P. no. 2, a gar. P.A.O. Deborah Honsman leaves Baker High to have a happy and exciting life with Bob S. Cathy Hourihan leaves her brother Mike, 2 more yrs. in this place, and her thanks to Mr. Decker for being such a great teacher. Sherry House leaves with the B.B.B. ' s lo K.P. M.K. The rememberance of all the great times we had togerther. And to all my friends 1 sink to remember, C. B., K. P., P. W„ N. H., S. P..D. S., and me by. John Housel leaves his brother Doug, all his knowledge that will help him make his future yrs. successful ones. Gwendolyn Howard leaves with her brother, Darrell, behind to br- ing our football team on to fame and glory and a sister that just night turn the school upside down in future yrs. Tom Howard leaves Bob T. 5 unpaid hours; Jeff S. some skill for S.H.; to Mr. Bender some dumb people to teach; to Paul a book on " Don ' t Get Caught " ; and to Gale the sports column. Gary Hughes leaves a banana tree to Bob Downing and his sister Debbie to all the boys. Mark Hulland leaves absolutely nothing lo anybody except Mr. Whiltse the Coach of the decade award, for being tops in my book, and nothing to the school except the old saying (You know where you can go). Kathy Hurley leaves with her brother Mike, the 1st thing they ' ve done together in years, and to Frear and Gok one more year oi IECK! and to wait for Bill Parody. Mary Alice Jackson leaves Mr. Griggs a bright " Good lorning, sir! " and to ail her underclassman friends OOD LUCK! chele Jamros leaves along with T. J. E. W. I ' m M. J. and E. W. to see the world; and hopefully still have H. D. when I return. To all my friends I say good- bye and good luck. John Jennings leaves Julie and all her weekly crushes. To Lisa a greal friendship and to Peggy and Kathy a year without their older brother. To Sweet I leave 3 six packs he never got! Esther Johnson leaves Baker High to her brother Lester, to do whatever he wants with it! Robert Johnson leaves to D. H. a hill, Juice Hardluck hotel, and Janet a lot of luck. Rusty Johnson leaves with Leslie in his V.W. Camper, to Mr. Decker a pair of WIDE tires for his truck, to Mrs. Eisen a rancid beaver, and finally a thank-you to Mr. Wiley for giving him his " Blue Card " . Cheryl Jones leaves her brother, Vernon, to the mercy of the lovesick freshmen girls; to Pamela long walks and talks; and of course to Bill a big hug and a package of fish sticks. John Jones leaves B.H.S. to Ricky, and Mr. Arcaro a winning football team. Richard Jones leaves his parking space to Deb and my " high? " posi- tion to my little brother Mike to strive for. Kris Julian leaves N. N. a dart board, J. M. a bed to be tied to, L. P. a great time in Boston. Larry Kelley leaves Chuck Wiltse ' s 1974 Cross Country i ' , : Team a water fountain and a John at the top of Sunset Peter Kelley leaves A. S. to Krunt Club; one more Kellev to teach German to Mrs. Coulter; and C. W. Baker to the last of the Kelley klan. Wendy Kelley leaves with the B.B.B. ' s and to all my friends thanks. Ravmond Killian leaves Sandy his motorcycle and a gallon of high test so she can raise hell underneath the School Library. Brian Kinsella leaves all his friends to carry on in his footsteps and raise hell. He also leaves Mr. Scott and Mrs. Plail a book of fairy Kathleen Kinslow leaves. Cindy Kline leaves to go off in the sunset with the " DUKE " eating black olives. Joseph Kline leaves Mr. S. one free pass to a house of ill-repute. Robin Krantz leaves K. P. a broken, bottle from the Forum, C. B. in the ba throom at Sunoco while K. P. and she take the oil. Then, to Canada with Sue Pond ' til Pat and Tony ' s pay day. Pete Krawiec leaves to meet Shelly at Don Pepe ' s some nite, Doughboy his great dodging ability and Cindy another hose fight. Susan Lamanche leaves lo all her friends the value of finding true friendship wherever they may go and to the underclassmen good luck. : _ Deb Landers leaves with a smile remembering all the good times she ' s had and all the better ones yet to come. Regina LaQuay leaves the fifth and last of the LaQuaj Dynasty for Baker High. Gail Lavoie leaves Debbie 24+ mistakes and no more. PLEASE: Drew, memories of ping pong and hits on stairs; Sammy, you ' re the brother I never had; Mark, you know what I leave you. Diane LeBlanc leaves Dawn, Sonja, Esther, Rose, Brenda, and Kim all the happiness they can find. Sharon Leitner leaves to be with B.B.B. ' s and a long playing version of Y.S.V. to the S.J. ' s and lo L. L. R., M. C, C. S., P. E., S. F., and K. R. Thank you, and also lo Judy a warm kiss from B. L. via airmail. Laurinda Link leaves lo find love in the world, meet Kris halfway from her place on the mountain, and visit N.Y.C. and M.B.S.C. Jim Linnenbach leaves C. P. a box of dirty rags; Mr. Patchelt an egg; J. M. an eency beency spider; Chink, the key to the freezer and to ;r sister the task of moving back, and to Mr. Grant the hope , „u beat ' em. jaquin leaves here saying good-bye to people that she really got la Jarvis leaves The Drama Club and Mr. Harden regrellully. yl Fenton, memories and an empty lunch table. To Bette and a worn out pen and a thousand question marks. To Baker 4 Pat Livingston leaves her lockers lo any sucker who wants lo use them. Donna Lloyd leaves Dobis all her " schmuck " , C. W. Baker High hei il»»K school lunches to scientific research, and to J. H. she leaves iennis " abilities, one pr. of Grassy socks, a bootlace, and hei love. Becky Locke leaves; thanking L. S., M. J., Mr. Cahill, L. J. S., S. G. L. T., J. M., L. Sh., for their friendship and understanding; Lorm filled life with Duke. Jeffrey Loop leaves his " I am the Queen of England " poster to Chip. a tree frog to Nort, a six pack of Maximus Super to Lee and C. W. Baker up for grabs. David Lord leaves knowing he will see Randy, Ron, and John down at the Sports Bowl trying to beat him at the candy machine. David Lowe leaves 15 unsolvable mathematical, chemical equations and the love of Christ to all. Bill Luke leaves Paul ELLIOT Johnson two. three, or maybe even four more years in this school. John MacConaghy leaves in hopes of someday the Budget will be able to afford a Hockey Team, and to Terry Dowd he leaves one broken Koho stick, and one pair of Lange skates. Barbara MacDonald leaves for the sand, sun, and surf of the western coast or the clear air of the mountains or the green grass of the south, but she will leave! Jill MacDonald leaves to her brother ail the notes she ever look in B.H.S., and to all her friends lots of luck in the future. Liz Maras leaves to follow in Mer ' s footsteps; Tom, many of good i; Deb Hughes to get things she couldn ' t, ■jas Markert leaves Mr. S. two punks, three phonies, and a brand Leslie Martans leaves with Rusty in his V.W. Camper, Paul B. a pack of " Breath Savers " for all his girlfriends with bad breath, and to meet Mr. D. and Mr. W. at 7:15 A.M. for another cup of coffee! Anne Mastrogiovanni leaves one personal message to Karen, a thank- you note to Janet, a morning mirror to Katie, Sweet Scent to Nonie, Deb, and Cindy, and a falling star to Dan. Nonie Mathers leaves to Anne one Bic Pen. to Debbie and Doug, each a pint of excitement, " remember whenV to Katie and Cindy, to her brothers and their friends, a ship to run. Claudia Maurer leaves to Amanda all the joys, sorrows, hopes, cares, and problems of her last two years, treasure them always. To Mr, Grant, she leaves her tres. books to get lost AT LEAST one more time. Finally, she leaves (GMW). Beth Mayo leaves a smile full of memories to all of her friends, a glass that won ' t spill to Cheryl, a parking place to Janet, and various and sundry things to Dani. Jim Mazoway leaves Sliv some W. and D.: Bris a big J., and I some silicone for G. J. Gale McArdell leaves John, a " How to Cut Hair " book and a r beans. Wag; 3 Honks and Blue card. Bobby; a Mod Shop and a ... sub. Patty; her 3 sp, dump truck and Butch and Maggie; her tha Sharon McDonald leaves with four years of memories, and another McDonald and friends to put up with — God help Baker!! Joanne McElaney leaves to begin a new life, to the groupies a bag full of a whole other smoke, her love to Don and Rose, and luck to the two faithful Junior Jean Queens, Miss Leah, Miss Jeannie. Michael McGivney leaves to his bald headed friend happy memories of him, and his used socks. to Tim and Steve all the happiness he found during four years at Baker. Kathy Merriam leaves Willie, Sal, Lip, and Horns (the Five Fingers) memories of the past, Alfred a set of clothes of his own and for a life with Mr. DnoMud D. Dduj. Nancy Merrit leaves a quadnipuled noitadnemmoc to Mr. Bob, Pat, his coat and an ounce of Dr. D. ' s cure-all to Nan " cuz she gave hers away and her seat in chemistry to Mr. Bender for the next talker. Stew Metzler leaves Jon Wood 1001 HO ' s; the faculty of Baker all the rest of the Metzler clan, and all the good and bad mei behind. David Miller leaves this school to all the undergraduates of the Scott Mincher leaves Peggy a half empty locker to clean; Steve, a six pack of Mick to follow in his brothers footsteps; Ray a harem of his own, and J. J., J. J. Bambi Mitchell leaves for CCT in August, the hope that Fluff finds her heart ' s desire, happiness to S. C. P. H., the stage to T. M. and the band to G. N. past four years have gone. Wendy Mocyk leaves Mr. M. her tons delicious MHD ' s; the cheerleaders hei figure out which is Don, her or her husband. Most important she leaves for the last time only to keep herself busy until PAFJ she can be together O. A.F. A. ! Rick Monterville leaves himself one bottle of pinch repellent, Karen one book on " How to Bring the Dead to Life " . Paul six cases of Mogen-David Concord Wine which " You can ' t even feel " , and Murph a 3-yr. supply of 65 ' s so he can get out of this joint. Melanie Moore leaves for better times in belter places with L, H.. D. R., T. H., D. P., and M. H. and the school to four more Moor ' s and hope they can overcome it. Melanie Mover leaves Miss Maschiri peace quiet and hope she will remember her name; Mrs. Gamage " have a nice day " ; Mr. Baile to remember the Female grease monkeys in period 8; and Baker High to her little brother Scott. Colleen Mulvaney leaves B.H.S. with its many memories; Sharon and Jean many of fun times; Liz " in a good mood " ; to Milford to see " Goosey " ; T. C. to be with M. L.; and into the world to find eternal happiness. Mnnka Murray doesn ' t leave Bruce, but leaves Patrick one more yr. up schedules and rotten lunches. Also to Wendy a tricycle bt, Pat a Direct Telephone, and Karen BLLLogna! Sue Nash leaves the girl ' s track team knowing that everything is honky-doory. Mr. Mathew ' s back room to next years " Chemists " and half her wardrobe to Carol. Debra Nasiff leaves B.H.S. to Mr. Jamieson and years of trying to her Mom and Dad. Roger Nasiff leaves one of the thousands of back homework papers to Mr. Obine, a broken padlock to Mr. Pelcher, Sunset Terrace, the course for time and all the goodies Coach Wiltse can ihink up for next years Cross Country Team. Robyn Nelson leaves with hopes that she will never have to say thai she misses school, and wishes she was back. Karen Nielsoii leaves to all an empty room, for them to understand what echoes within. Gary Noll leaves a full moon and a kick in the leg to Wolfgang, the barn to Gregg and another year to the " Groupies " , the Giants to Lib and a pipe to Chink. Tef f Noll leaves B ' Ville to contend with 4 more Noll ' s, and a padded ench to next year ' s Pine Brothers! Dianne O ' Brien leaves Jean — Some interest in sports. Denise — Lots of hustle. Ms. V. C,— Lots of thanks and hope for winning seasons. Ms. C. — In search of another " scratching post " and better luck on bets. Ms. R. — A gh. Barbara Oldenburg leaves this scbool to all the other kids, who have alot more years to go. Fred Oliver leaves Mr. S., " The Scum of the Earth. " Tim O ' Mara leaves hopefully for Makapoo Point, leaves Mr. Coon with the memory of projects he HATES. Coach with a dinner speech, Barney, an opinion is never wrong, and Sue his hair and a lot of good memories. Gary Osborne leaves to Baker High his brother Brian, to Polly and Bill 1,000 soft pretzels, and to Terry; five lousy pickles. Danielle Osier leaves all the ones she truly loves many memories, and to Mrs. Tuttle all her worries and problems but she ' s afraid she ' ll have to take them with her. To all, peace, love, freedom hap- piness. Daryl Page leaves Mr. Sennett his brilliant plan on how- to skip his gym class one year without getting caught. Char Pallos leaves Dino to Mr. Johnson, to Pam 3 years M| | of used wrestling tickets; D. F. to V. C; and to Mike and Mark the ability to get good grades without studying. Emily Parker leaves toots a 2nd wardrobe, red underwear, a bass voice and lotsa luv to the C.G. girls, Mr. W. — an " oc ' happiness, hope and a kiss to Beth, Willi and Leme, a L.G. and her heart to Stebie. Jessie Parker leaves Jon in peace, Sue lots of great memories. Decker and Wiley one last milkshake and all her underclassmen friends in " silence. " Debra Patchett leaves to New Orleans with Missy and some time and hope to Mary, Darlene, and Lee. Greg Pearce leaves Mr. Doris a portrait of Newton lying unconscious under an apple tree. Jim, 24 Buds. Dave, to Haven. Ed. 3 qts. of tango. Garv, Bill Scott 1 jar of grease. Mike, his quote and 4 yrs. to K. Barb Pease leaves baby brother Rocky, to Arky in hopes of making him a star; and Una, Seg, and Becky all the luck to keep them on ecore leaves for Cooperslown with Koala; all the teachers to put up with her sister Chervl and her friends; and to go find I. id Mo. and C. P. the sta : bv the Auto Mechani Carl Pclcher leaves Quinnie. Ott, Hogo, Wap. Greg. Rum. Howie a bathtub. Spurch a newspaper, John his bed, Nag Rick his Gravel Bowl trophy, and Andi his 21 shirt. s to Russ cowboy spurs and twelve points, to Ray a Steve, good luck. David Pirong leaves Jimmy 4 yrs., Mr. S. a bottle of hair grower, and to leave, for good. Judy Plank leaves a can of bug repellent to Terry, Minnerva to Jan; to Mr. Wiley a can of hair spray and dippity-do, a pair of eyes to Miss W., to Mr. D. a duck; to Billy a Honda and she keeps Bob. Mike Powers leaves Mr. Obine a student who does his homework and his sister a dollar bet she won ' t pass the trig, regents. Susan A Prusinowski leaves for the children- to grow and bread for the ducks. Wishes to Mary. Beth and Robin. Paul Nagle leaves his good looks to Jim Silliman, his Vince Lombar- di game to Coach Arcaro, a handkerchief to Mr. Kasmir. and Baldwinsville to all the cheap two bit punks. Rruce Quimby doesn ' t leave Martha, but leaves Kevin 3 lore years of messed up schedules and rotten lunches. o Dan, hopes that his hard work and desire earns him starting end position in college. ives with OTTO petty, for the " Glades " to soak up 11 Radel leaves Cheryl part of a Hostess Twinkie and _r brother Vernon all the Broads in Baker. Marianne Ranieri leaves Baker with her sister and brother moving up; with hope that they have as much ;as she had. Pauline Reed leaves her sister T. D. all her advice and her brother her foot tracks, also she leaves with lots of love with B. F. in a married life. letsv Regan leaves Maureen Adams the best wishes with Ricky and Jill for 3 more years and to Mr. Schiller good luck teaching. Ed Regan leaves Baker High to J. R. Steve Rhodes leaves Lois in the band room clapping her hands and stamping her feet; Dale all of his broken drum sticks: and of course, with Emily. Anita Ridgeway leaves Becky one ounce of aggressiveness, Denise one lb. of desire, all the other athletes much luck. Ms. C. 4 " where she wants it, Ms. R. a mile smile, and Ms. VC a trillion thanks for a million memories. Deborah Roberts leaves -Mrs. Coulter 1 box of Kleenex, Judi one more bottle of Tango, Paul one year and finally " Auf Weidersehen " . Michael Rocco leaves coach Johnson the wrestling room, a sweaty- sweat shirt, a pulled muscle, and no food for three days. Diane Roekwood leaves a dime and pity for Robin G., Mary H., and Pam S., as September will find them the only " cool " people left; to be with Tvko forever in two years; and to have more good times with Mel. Susan Rode leaves Mr. Engels. one of the nicest teachers she could have ever hoped to meet with all her love he can handle: and Baker to her brother and sister who truly deserve it. Laura Lee Roloff leaves with BBB ' s; YSV to theSJ ' s: Wen and Murff a tricycle; with M. S. to find some A. G.; S. L. her soph, yr., Claude a path to follow; to C. B., M. B., M. C, P. E., S. F., L. G., S. L., K. R., C. S..M.S.-THANKS! Laurie Ronalds leaves to her " sisters " all the love and happiness that could ever be possible and to Sha a great big smile to last her for the rest of her life. Dan Roth leaves for California, and to Nanette a lot of fine memories and a map. Russ Rowland leaves Mr. Wiley a life size, full color poster of Rodger Staubach, to do whatever he wants with it. Karen Rumble leaves K. N.. K. K.. J. H., trir L G ' s, T. 0., M. W., the back of the bus. L... to S. F.. L. R.. S. L.. M. B.. C. B.. W. M„ to A.G.B.H. on Beak, to Rick everything and her. Linda Russell leaves to be with Ron and to Mr. Alesandro all the luck to be able to quit smoking for good. Lucia Samuel leaves Mr. Barden a part of the love she has for the theater, to try college and be a drama teacher, and her fondness for the miracle of the stage for future classes. Linda Sanford leaves Beck another year to practice walking the track wall and Huv to play the Wizard of Oz without her favorite lion. Lynn Saltier leaves Baker High School just as she was just getting used to the place. Karen Scherfling leaves Tammy another four years of school, a roll of toilet paper for Plainville Field Days and 4 years of wonderful memories. Stephen Schlegel leaves to B. C. no resonated roach clips and to co Kasmer he leaves M. E.. to Sliver he leaves his artistic talent. Mark Schrader leaves to Mike, a Tequila Sunrise, a bottle of Yisine, and a waterskiing lesson; the Buckley twins, a brain to share; to Lvnn. a little Gin to settle her stomach and a quiet place to live — and to BILL A THRILL! Clay Scott leaves the flies in the cafeteria. Edward Seger leaves to keep an eye on Deb and to look for a fast motorcycle for Mr. Wiltze so he can keep up with his runners. Rose Segovis leaves with the promise to find her " wild thing " ; I the 4 guys down the road: Lou and Kath another year; Sherrie a little bit of " woo-man " and " just enough rope " . Deb Sharpe leaves with Tom to have many more happy and memorable times together and to find " Froggie " . Robert Sherman leaves to find his friends at the gatt= «. ».».».» =.. u to protect Middle Earth. Pat Smith leaves M. U. a corner. P. E. to decide; C. P. all the boys she can handle; C. B. a set of crutches and the thought of two down five to go and freedom. Dan Snell leaves Anne M. 8 red roses, a strawberry milkshake and a star filled sky, and to Mr. Kasmer. the thought of another season with one experienced lineman. Kathy Snyder leaves C. M. a lonely letter, Jon a new poem, the cheerleaders a good set of lungs. Sue 5 yrs. of a beautiful friendship. T. O. a car to travel in. L. L. a few overnites, and J.W.A.D. Douglas Soper leaves for D.P. to get a Chevy, and to D.P. that he will become as good a football player as he was bad. For B. S. and I, that we will love and not look for our bad points. Chris Spadaro leaves his Italian T-Shirt to Mr. Arcaro; to Mr. Bender his Atomic Orange; and to the Frosh, a map of the school show ing all the secret passages. David Spurchise leaves Larry Collins 2 yrs. to find a new girlfriend and Chonk and Hourihan all the food at Kaz ' s house. Mary Stamp leaves with BBB ' s, YSV to the SJ ' s, a paper cup in L. L. R. ' s garage, Andi a 12:00 curfew, with L. L. R. to find some AG, and with S. R. to P. A. Doreen Stampp leaves S. A. all her spare cigarettes; to T. C. all her spare talent; to K. H., Karen and Jane all her spare friendship. Dan Stanton leaves Mr. Armstrong a new set of poerating in- struments and Mr. Barr the satisfaction of undoing all he ' s done. Jim Stanton leaves Dave Craig a half of a hockey puck because he he half the shot Jim has. Karen Stapleton leaves S. B. one more yr. of being stuck with Myron: to C. E. the S. H. teacher Mr. Dickerson, and to Mr. Cahill. many thanks, and one younger brother to contend with in a few yrs. Debbie Slarkey leaves Baker High to all her underclass friends and relatives. Mark Stolar leaves M. S. all the cheap gut-less punks left in Baker High. Duke Strache leaves to his baby sister one more year and he leaves to go live a happy life with Beeky. Gary Sturm leaves Dann a half a moon, and Sliver a get away from Senett " free card " and a dozen to use the hole year. Tyrrell Sweeney leaves D. H. smooches, to Marty a MOOSE, to Jon H. a H-O-R-S-E, and leaves T. C. with Mike, to go with Punkin to find LASAGNA. Dianne Sweeting leaves hoping Pete will leave soon, and Miss VC 4 inches wherever she wants it; Mr. Mclaud her brother for 3 more yrs. Have fun. Agnes Szabo leaves taking all the memories of Baker with her, thank- ing Mr. McLaud for all the times he ' s helped and listened, and Mr. Decker to anyone who ' s lucky enough to have him, and a milkshake. Cindy Szelewski leaves with the BBB ' s, YSV to the SJ ' s; a bandaid for Margo and lots of memories with Pat. Linda, Mary, LauraLee, Sharon, and Maureen, and Moe, and Candie. TJane Tanner leaves Mr. Bassett a-loud homeroom stu- dent; Mr. Wanzer 57 ' 2 used reeds; a Dorothy Carnegie course to a certain teacher; Kathy a needle and thread; M. G. a patch; and Tish an empty tank of gas. Al Taylor leaves Big George another year of Mr. Cook, a new whistle and watch, and Mr. Arcaro a lifetime supply of Pepsi. Patricia Tetrault leaves 1 screw to Les, a busted broom to Tim, a roach to Don, a nickel to Wanz, a CHUCKhole to the X-C team, one big hug to each coach, Rick Ray to Marc Deb, and the attic for them to — ! Susan Titus leaves Wanz a basket of rose petals to next years marchers— hip boots for the mud— to Y. K., D. W., R. N. Mr. K. — a Cheshire smile. Mary Tomaszewski leaves Mr. Mclaud a card of thanks, Mr. Decker a crate of lemons, Mr. Patchett a 25c dream book, and " Jr. " more luck than she had, and to S. M., P. R., B. M., A. S., C. J., all her love. Mark Tompkins leaves to Gail his future; to Andy Wallace he leaves a ping-pong ball autographed by himself. Debbie Trepasso leaves Gail a lasting friendship and thanks for her help through 24 mistakes and luck with Mark; to Sam, hang in there! To Mike, you have a friend, and to O ' B the memory of " M. A. " . Steve Trexler leaves Briss another year with " Bud " , Gam to G. K., R. D., D. W. with the hopes of finding another " PIT. " George Tripp leaves a case of " BUD " to Gam, Mr. Wiley a cup of coffee, and to Debi a rose and a little finger. Bob Turner leaves Tom some confidence and ' Tash wax; Gale a trip to Ithica; Paul with the M.S.D.C. Championship and Jeff some stick- on sideburns and a book on how to pick up girls. Barb Tuzinski leaves Baker to " Joey " and the gang, whether they want it or not. VRegine Voss leaves America to go back home to Ger- many hoping to meet all her friends here once again, and Sharon to reach her highest aim, happiness. Kim Valerio leaves with Denny to begin a new life together. Margaret VanBuren leaves for Cooperstown with Cory; Dawn her auto services, Koala love to the seven swarfs; Laurie four years to suf- fer in B.H.S. and to find Larry and Moe. Dawn VanDenburg leaves Mr. Chase to Boogies and to C. E. the pottery teacher on those lonely nights while she ' s traveling around the world with V. W.; and Uncle Teddy one younger sister Candy to contend with. Robin VanderBerg leaves to Mr. Barden trvouts and thanks; to Lin- da (BOYS); To W. S. P. L. another yr. of lunch together; to her friends, many memories; and most of all to Rick their future. Anne Ventura leaves Mitch a Bobsey Twin Shirt with a pair of water balloons size 38C, a flower for Carol, a song for Terri, and the stock room to Tom, Bob, and Gail. Karlis Viceps leaves Chink, Rosebud and Wacker his Stan Smith ten- nis guide; Mrs. Coulter a picture of Yul B.: A. E. to live with the dogs; M. B. a light bulb for his ping-pong table; on a P. C. to Mass. WMike Waggoner leaves Bobby S. his old super blade. Pat Waggoner leaves with the BBB ' s and Kel a broken sandal on the Cold Springs Bridge and Odom, straight LEGS. John Walker leaves his hair which should be at least three feet long, to Ote, and a bottle of malt duck to Mr. Fred Alesandro. Sharon Watkins leaves the next Spirette announcer a pronunciation key of swimmer ' s names, Mr. Grant a way to win the Christmas Tour- nament and Dixv all the best memories and a list of cute guys in Brazil. Sue Wedemeyer leaves thanks to Mrs. McDonald for her superb French, Mr. Baker a friendly Hello!! D. H. her hurdling ability, her little brother a good senior Yr.. and her tennis racket bronzed for the girls tennis team. Ernie Weller has nothing to leave, but goes west. Bob Wicks leaves Rosanne Middlemore a years supplv of Butter cookies. Charleene Wicks leaves five more brothers and sisters 39 more vears of school. Cheryl, table B., Sarah the bus, Red a baseball glove., Cin- dy a cow bell and Julie a little sister like Kristy. Mike Wilder leaves P 3 the P ' s and it ' s adventures; Ashby a new street beat and no one to play it and to all the upcoming " pineys " he leaves the brotherhood and a warm place on the bench. Vickie Williams leaves to travel all over the country with D. V. D. and she leaves Judy many years with Carry Ann. Janet Willis leaves Oos, fond memories of Pinky; Sneed, as sisters always; Em, a box of tissues; Mastro, a good ankle and all the good times; Mrs. D. D., dreams come true; and for Gregg, love and many yrs. of happiness. Di ck Windsor leaves one oz. to Dave Claus and the future Allied Commandos, and a new tooth to Bib. Kathy Winslow leaves this school to be with her friends at S.U., like Jimmy LEE and Bob Mitch, she will be with the rest of the S.U. foot- ball and basketball team. To Mr. Engels she leaves him Super Star Mike Bill. Roberta Wolfe leaves with many fond memories; and her brother Ray all the girls at Baker High. Brian Wolken leaves " Doughboy " his six foot stick to put another " D " together and to Arc thoughts of his sister on her Plantation. Marilee Worden leaves, to any student. ZMike Zahn leaves Mr. Sennett a place in common with the Decency Society. Gary Zarnowski leaves to Kim one more happy year in school and to Bruce all the other vears. MICHAEL R. ZAHN Mike There is nothing to little for as little a creature as Man. GARY ZARNOWSKI Zski II ' you can get through school, you can get through anything. MARILEE JO WORDEN Marilee I ' m al the end of the road and the lop of the heap. BRIAN WOLKEN Bri-Bri The onl wa to keep from stepping on other people ' s toes is lo stand still. ROBERTA JOAN WOLFE Bert friend is one who knows all about you and loves you just the same. KATHY WIPJSLOW Ben Just call me angel of the morning and a devil at night. RICHARD WINDSOR PeeW Time is a eloek and eloek is a ti therefore it ' s thirteen o ' clock. JANET ROSE WILLIS Willi For the gate is narrow and the waj i hard, that leads to life, and those whe find it are few. VICKIE MARIE WILLIAMS Vicki I ' m nobody, who are you? Arc yoi nobody too? MICHAEL WILDER Mike If you can ' t pick it rlon " t cat it. ROBERT WICKS Bob does not knov CHARLEENE WICKS CI A friend is the nicest gift y can give yourself. STEVE WHITE C RY WEINHOLD ERNEST WELLER Ernie SUSAN WEDEMEYER Sue It ' s all very interesting the way you describe it, but I ' d like to see the world through my own eyes. SHARON ANN VI ATKINS Kuno . . . but I don ' t know. I ' d rather change my life than walk alone and never love! KEN WASHBURN SHARON WALTS NO PICTURE AVAILABLE JOHN L. WALKER -Hair Don ' t judge someone b he long their hair is. hut b) he elean it is. PAT WAGGONER Tish Life is like a field of freshl) fallen snow: Watch how you walk on it for every mark will show. MICHAEL WAGGONER School is good while it lasts. It gets better as every year goes by. FRED VROMAN REGINE VOSS Life is much too se KARLIS DAVID VICEPS Ui, yes, we wrote the " Purple C e ' re sorry, now. we wrote it. lint I . tell you, anyhow, I ' ll kill you if quote it. ANNE MARIE VENTURA Anne illi a friend at hand, you will see the light, if onr friends are there then everything ' s all rifiht. ROBIN ANDER BERG Friendship alwa s benefits, love sometimes injures. DAWN VAN DENBIRG Van Happiness is not having what win want, hut wanting what ou ha e. MARGARET VANBUREN Koala; " Happy " koala Bears are forever. BARBARA TIZINSKI Barb I ' ll get there. It better he worth the trip. ROBERT Tl RNER Nothing is wasted that make GEORGE W. TRIPP HI Trippei Roses are red. Violets are blue, Sugar is . . . Sugar is . . . Ah. hell. I forgot!?! STEVE TREXLER " Trex " Practice is the best of all instructors. DEBBIE S. TREPASSO Trap The hurrier I go. the behinder I get. Sometimes I wonder how far away I am and how long it ' ll take. MARK TOMKINS Nurd Love is you, you and me. I.ove is know- ing we can be . . . SUSAN TITUS Sunny I haven ' t yet found that path, but I MARY 4NN TOMASZEWSK1 To be alone, without love is a waste of the body. To be not alone, without love is a waste of the soul. refuse to be a carbon PATRICIA TETRAl LT Tish You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars, you have a right to be here. JIM TETRAl IT ALLEN EDWARD TAYLER Al It is better to have loafed and lost than never to have loafed at all. JANE D. TANNER Janey The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings. CYNTHIA JEAN SZELEWSKI Cin (Ski) Trust me and I ' ll do good things for you; even if to make you happy means to leave von to vourself. AGNES SZABO Aggie Let your dreams soar to the sky. For with faith and trust no goal can be too high. DIANNE SWEETING Dianne Women wouldn ' t lie so much i f men wouldn ' t ask so many stions. " ANN SWEENEY Tyrre Before I built a wall I ' d ask to kn what I was walling in or walling out GARY STl IRM We hope that when the insects take over the world, they will remember with gratitude how we took them along on al! our picnics. WALTER STRACHE Duke Live for the day, but plan for the future. MARK STOLAR When you ' re dr clutch no straw. DEBBIE STARKEY Deb don ' t Only the people you love ean hurl you. Laugh and the whole world laughs with you — r and you irv alone. GARY STAVES Canuck Open mouth, insert fool. KAREN STAPLETON Tooie. Stape It doesn ' t matter who or how vou love, but that ou love. JAMES STANTON Jim Edueation is bitter, but its ' fruits are DANIEL STANTON To err is human — to fo — to persist is de ilish. DEBRA STANISTREET VALERIE STAMP MARY STAMP Stamper Some wars a man should never be afraid lo lose. One is ihe loss in lo ing. whether in the lightening or the dark. DOREEN STAMPP Blondie The) who die are not dead, but alive in one ' s soul and heart. DAVID ANTHONY SPIR- CHISE Perch Salurdav Basketball i Ihe l.l- limale goal. WILLIAM SI ' ELLICY PETER SPENCE SARBARA SPEARS CHRISTOPHER SPADARO To the Rest-Room Smokers, Smoking is a form of pollution. Don ' t pollute: just inhale! DOUGLAS ELMER SOPER Soap Have a ball in the dirt, and a riot on the street. KATHLEEN MARIE SNYDER Kath Never Forget the beaut) of a rose, nor the radiance of a smile. TIMOTHY A. SNOW Tim I ' m onl) afraid of two things in the world: Police and Women, DANIEL J. SNELL Wap Uways be truthful. It takes a fantastic memor) to be a successful liar. PATRICIA SMITH Patti. Pat JIM SIYER Not to deeide is to decide. ROBERT SHERMAN Natch. Preache Bus hands are happ) hands, but mor than a handful is loo much. KEVIN SHEA DEBORAH JANTNE SHARPE Shar They say that the time elapse Fr sunrise to sunset is 24 hours . . . hu da ran last forever. ROSEMARY SEGOVIS Rosie You don ' t know what lo%e is until you ' ve lost it. ED SEGER Sego Who said that Mother knows hesl? My hest is her worst. DAVID SEELED 1 Wi jSm. CLAY SCOTT Even a maggot JUDY SCHMID When the legends die, the drea and there is no more greatness STEPHEN SCHLEGEL Keep out of the reach ol Schickilicker KAREN ANN SCHERFLING Sherf children. You gi e l)ii( little when you give of our possessions. It is when you give of yourself thai vou truly give. LVN MARIE D. SATTLER Lynn Let us he what we are and speak what we think and in all things keep ourselves lo al to truth. LINDA SANFORD Lind A true friend is the he possession. LUCIA SAMUEL Lu Memories never die. not for you or for me. The play is over, but the memories live on. — L.S. BRENDA RUSSEAl LINDA JEAN Rl SSELL Nic There is nothing either good or had hut thinking makes it so. KVREN Rl MBLE Ri. I can resist anything but temptation Rl SS ROWLAND Tex I feel you on!) gel on l of school what you put into it. and I feel I e given it all I ' ve got! DANIEL F. ROTH Da If it ' s worth waiting lor. WAIT! LAURIE RONALDS Noodle A smile can never he kept ... it cai onlj he given awa . LAURALEE ROLOEE Laughter will shrink man) tron hies thai have grown hig through worry. SUSAN MARIE RODE Sue Caring onl) lakes a few moments of your life, it ' s worth it to he loved! DIANE ROCKWOOD Mellow is the man who k. been missing. Many, man) the open road. Di MICAEL ROCCO Rock vhat he ' s It was lough, hut I made it the WHOLE ean ' l see four vears! DEBORAH ROBERTS Rob ' s It is better to have loved then not loved at all . . . and I love all. BRIAN ROBERTS ANITA RIDGEWAY I have to say, my friends, this road goes a long way, and if we ' re ever lo find the end, we ' re gonna need a helping hand. STEPHEN ALEX RHODES Stev t Nothing that is worth doing can bi achieved in our lifetime, therefore wc must be saved In hone. EDWARD REGAN Ed Toda is the tomorrow on worried about eslerdav. BETSY REGAN I can ' t believe I made through High School, ll in the neck. PAULINE REED Children learn b) pi MARIANNE RAMERI There is some good in the worst of us. and some bad in the best of us. WILLIAM RADEL Bill A man who is in love wit ' no rivals. h himself has RICHVRD DW1KL Ql INN Quinnie Even fish would sla out of trouble if the) would keep their mouths shut. BRUCE QUMBY Beak It ' s not important whether you win or lose: It ' s crucial. SUSAN A. PRUSINOWSKI lonrness is Pure hut Alone MICHAEL POWERS Mike Try to everyone ' s friend and none will he true. Be yourself and let true friends find ou. Jl ' DY PLANK Jud The sublimes! song to he heard is the lisping of the human soul on the lips of children. DAVID R. PIRONG DENNIS PETTIT Scrappy If someone puts you down, remember the experience and you will never put anyone else down. M RK PERRIN CARL E. PE LCHER Carl Tin- serrel of life is lo nol lake il serious- KATHY LOU PECORE ( ory, Sleepy BARBARA JANE PEASE Barb Smile, and the world smile with you. If you do not raise your eyes. on will Cry, and sou cr) alone. think you are the highest poin GREGORY D. PEARCE Greg Try to be everybody ' s friend and none will be true. Be yourself and let real friends find you. DEBRA PATCHETT Debby Remember that there ' s always a new star to wish on every night. JESSIE MARIE PARKER Giggles We too often love things and use people w hen we should be using things and lov- ing people. EMILY PARKER Whoever saves one life has saved the whole world: whoever destroys one life has destroved the whole world. BRUCE PARK M. CHARI.AINE PALLOS Char While great strides ha e been made in communications, there ' s still a lot to be said lor the smile. DARYL PAGE Life is limited, so li possible. 1 • GREGORY PAINE DANIELLE ANNE OSIER Dani h mind . . . particle of sand in the universe, un- aware, certain of nothing. et believing in love. CHUCK ORR GARY Y. OSBORNE Oz At originalit) I ' m not the best, but af four ears I deser e a rest. TIMOTHY OMYRA Be ashamed to die until achieved some victor) for hur or for yourself. FREDERICK OLIYER Fred We are all but pedestrians of life, guided In our never ending failures. BARBARA OLDENBURG Barb I ' m finallv Belting out of this place. DIANNE O ' BRIAN OB Nothing should be more highl) prized than the value of each day. JEFFREY NOLI. Genius is nothing but ; for patience. ; RY KARL NOLL Gar 5 Fishes live in the sea. as man do a-land. The great ones eat up the little ones. KAREN L. NIELSEN In silence memories of people echo in m soul, like a room empty. ROBYIN MARIE NELSON Rob He that wrestles with us strengthens our nerves, and sharpens our skill: our An- tagonist is our Helper. ROGER E. NASIFF Rog Taet is the abilit) to sta in the middle without getting caught there. DEBRA NASIFF Debbie Life is like a pebble dropped into a pool of water — with each ending there is a new beginning. SUSAN NASH Sue Smile through your fear s and sorrow: smile and maybe tomorrow ou " ll sec the sun come shining through for you. PAUL O. NAGLE III Ape Modern man evolved from the Ape. JEAN MYERS MARTHA Ml RRAV Ma.ih feelings are the hardest to ex- press . . . COLLEEN MULVANEY Col Today ' s trying limes are tomorrow ' s good old days. MELANIE GAY MOYER Mel Happiness and Trouble stand at everyone ' s gale. Yours is the choice of which von will imite in. ■ CLAIR MOSIIER Curiosity killed the cat . . . so keep our hands off Pandora ' s Box. MELANIE MOORE Mel Education should be as gradual as the moonrise, perceptible not in progress but in result. RICHARD LEE MONTERVILLE Bull Always lock your doors and windows. you ne er know when an ape may crawl WENDY DAWN MOCYK W ll is well in mi heart: I am hanr GARY MJOEN ou can ' t just mean what ou sa have to sa what ou mean. BAMB) LYNN MITCHELL Without love and laughte there is no iov. SCOTT MINCHER If I make a mark in time. I can ' t say the mark is mine. I ' m onl the underline of the word. DAVID MILLER Da Love is a many splendored thing. NANCY LYNN MERRITT Nancy Smile: it makes people wonder what you ' ve heen up to . . . and it keeps you STEW METZLER Gotz I hope I live to see the day when all the people on earth live together without fear and in peace. KATHLEEN P TRICI MERRIAM Kath) To understand is to love— To love is lo ANDREW MC MAHON And) Man ' s ego is the fountainhead of human progress. MARK MCKEEN MICHAEL MCGIVNEY Guinea It is easier for a camel to g through the eye of a needl than a rich man lo enter ih kingdom of God. SHARON ELAINE MCDONALD In life there are many obstacles in which to oiercomc. so take them one at a time. JIM l ZOVi Vi The earth is ill. I niverse. ELIZABETH MAYO Beth Our purses shall be proud, our garments poor. For ' tis the mind that makes the bod rich. CLAl DI JO MURER (laud Love is a svmhol of eternity. It wipes out all sense of lime, destroying all memon of a beginning anil all tear of an end. ANNE MASTROGIOVANN1 Anne The qualitj of a life is deter- mined b its activities. WINONA MATHERS Nonie You look around, things astound ou. So breathe in deep, you ' re not asleep-open your mind. LESLIE MARTANS Work is the crab life. THOMAS F. MARKERT Go climb a tree, and whe .op. keep climbing. DONNA MARKHAM " Color mj orld " Dedicated to lh. I love. ELIZABETH MARAS Li; The smile thai lights the face also warm: the heart. RICHARD MANVILLE Rick In nature ' s infinite hook of secrec) a lit- tle I can read. JILL SHAW MAC DONALD In order that all may be taught to speak truth it is necessary that all likewise should learn to hear It. BARBARA J. MACDONALD BJ Keep smiling. It ' s one of the few things that ' s still free. JOHN T. MAC CONAGHY Tim Saving you will succeed is good, but doing it is even better. NO PICTURE AVAILABLE WILLIAM LUKE DAVID LOWE Grandpa DAVID LORD Let there he no strife. I pray thee What Quole ' between me and thee, for we he brethren. JEFFREY LOOP Jai " It ' s pood to renew one ' s wonder, " said the wise man. " Rock ' n Boll has again made children of us all. " REBECCA LOCKE Becky ... 1 want onl) to hold him so close, no sounds can slide between us. no thoughts can confuse our love. DONNA LLOYD When the singer ' s gone. Let the song go on, It ' s a fine line between the darkness and the dawn. Thej say in the darkest night there ' s a light beyond . . . PATRICIA LIVINGSTON Pat lize how much you liked school until you quit, JIM LINNENBOCH Lin) bird in hand is like a hand in a hush. LAURINDA LINK W rinks Our lives are shaped by those who love us, bv those who refuse to lo e us. CHRISTOPHER LINDBOE SHARON KAY LEITNER Shay Everytime we say hello to some new en- counter, we ' re on our way toward good- bye. See that tomorrow is only that and there is nothing to fear except the com- ing of another day. DIANE LE BLANC GAIL I AVOIE Dum-d um The life that we live » ould be worthless. s linn goes in. I rea ize just what Oil if it weren ' t for the 1 with. riends ve share it mean 1 hope o i me . . . Colo loving you. ir mv world v, ilh REGINA LA QUAY (; e nie There are " friends " who pretend to be friends, but there is a friend who slit ks closer than a brother. DKBFU LANDERS Debbie The goal of criticism; to leave the person with the feeling he ' s been helper!. SUSAN LA MANCHE Sue e know the truth not only bv the reason, but also by the heart. NO PICTURE AVAILABLE PETE KRAWIEC Peach a know, the devil makes prett good business for being in such a lousv loea- ROBIN KRANTZ Kruneh You can ' t live in the past nor in the future, live now and be thankful. JOSEPH KLINE Klinke Live is evil spelled backwards. CINDY KLINE I don ' t love him becau: need him because 1 Ion Kline KATHLEEN KINSLOW Kathy I need him, I Live as if yesterda; never happened and him. tomorrow never will. BRIAN KEITH KINSELLA Kinnej I ' m normal! It ' s the rest of the world that ' s all screwed up. PETER KELLEY Scott He who sa es everything " til the last minute usually has more than a minute ' s work to he done! LAURENCE KELLY La In life as in chess, Forethought win RAYMOND KILLIAN While E il Knievel is working on the Grand Canyon I ' m still lr ing to master the street WENDY KELLY I ' ll walk where my own nature would be leading . . . where the wild wind blows on the mountain side. KRISTYN JULIAN Kri Keep smiling. It makes people wonde what you ' ve been up to! RICHARD JONES Jonesey s I went through these joyous years of school I had one goal; to finally come to the enrl. JOHN JONES HuH?!! Pooch CHERYL K. JONES Wear a smile and have friends scowl and ha e wrinkles. RUSSELL JOHNSON Rusty " I kissed my first woman and smoked my first cigarette on the same day; I ' ve never had time for tohacco since. ROBERT JOHNSON Life is like a single pi Kleenex, you onl get on chance to blow it! ' ESTHER JOHNSON Es Love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outwards together JOHN JENNINGS John It used to take me a six pack but now it lakes more. Can that mean I ' m getting old? CRYSTAL JENKINS Tutti Love is a memory time can not end. DONNA NN JARVIS D.J Your oldest friends somelimes turn on to be your best friends in life. MARJORIE K. J gi ' ITH Marg 1 have always known thai I would take this road, but yesterdaj I did not know that it would be today. MARY E JAQUIN Ml can see, yet onlj thes dersland . . . MARY ALICE JACKSON Mary A I In be difficult when with just a little more effort you ean be impossible?! MICHAEL Hl ' RLEY KATHY HURLEY Nothing spoils a ro sense of humor in STEVE Hl ' NTER MARK T. HULLAND The longer men live. ' there is to think; to th and to grow is to live. Jello GARY ALAN HUGHES Hughesie The greatest men ma) ask a foolish question - now and then. THOMAS MICHAEL HOWARD Tom ll makes me feel good that now I can see it lakes more than one to give the life we need. GWENDOLYN HOWARD Howi Happiness is seeking new friends sadness is leaving old friends. JOHN HOISEL Jack The onl way to find the true meaning of life, is to search for it by yourself. ou ' re the only one that knows what you ' re searching for in life. CHERLYNM HOI SE Hon CATHY HOl ' RIHAN It is heller to have loved and lost, than to have never loved al all. BONNIE HOI RIHAN Young we ma be. bul we bring much of ihe best out of the past and keep all go- ing into the future. DEBORAH HONSMAN Deh Life finds its end in itself, and laughs at what is thought of. JONATHAN HOLTMAN Thanks aim you. Jon DAVE HOLLANDER MM HOLLAND CAROL HOCKNELL CAROL HIBBARD Carol He is a wise man who does not grie e for what he has not — but rejoices in what he has. STEVE HEWITT Haste makes waste — A good example the time I spent to think of a quote. DEBRA HEW ES He who plans for to joy todav. Jl 1)1 HEROIN You promised me many things: more lhan e er. vou never kept but one. Yon promised to take my heart: and you took it. ROBERT HERLOSkI Herlosk The only use for a football field is to put a trark around it and a eross-country course through it. SUSAN ' ANN HELMBOLD Suz Slowly passing sailing ships, and Sun- day afternoon, like poeple on the moon I see, are things not meant to be. SON ' JA HEINS Look mom ... I MARK HERRV HEFFERNAN It ' s not the cough that carrie you off. It ' s the coffin the carry vou off in. Jl DV HEAL LYNDA HAZEN Lyn Love and I were strangers, till you and I were friends. WAYNE HARNING DONHARMER EDWARD HARDTER KATHRYN LYNN HANSEN Kathy Intelligence lells you what to say. Wisdom tells ou what not to sav. PATRICA A. HANNON Pat If a man doesn ' t keep pace with companions perhaps it ' s because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music he hears. ANNETTE M. HAMMEL Nan I only feel what touches me, and feeling, touching, I can see a heller state to he in. MARY PAT HALL Mare You ' ve got to get up every morning with a smile on your face and show the world all the love in your heart. CHARLES HAGERMAN Chuck (Plowboy) Never give a sucker a break, only if he ' s a f riend. DAVID HALLQUIST ESTER GROME STEVE GREENE Think what you want to think to live with your thoughts. ■Hi. • ' ' ' ,■ Gus EARL GREEN Earl Run your life like a race. Give it all you ' ve gol from the start, don ' l sa e il for the end. AL GRAVES STEPHEN J. GOSIER Beaver Todays pig is tomorrows bacon. LAURIE GOODENOUGH Good True friendship between man and ma is infinite and immortal. l Rk HOLLANDS If all the modern sciences and technology can not significantly change man ' s environment, can mankind he saved? ROBERT GLIMPE To all those who don ' l knov von might! JEFFGIROD Jeff From the seat of a cycle, art and beauty pass like draw ingboards. English is a stoplight. CRAIG GILLIS MICHELE LOUISE GIBBS Shelley Long gone arc the days of wine and DOLORES GAWORECKI Do Many people are so afraid to die. they never begin to live. JOANNE GATES Think not of the days gone by; but of the days that follow: thc will be better. DONNA LOUISE GATES Gatesy I meant what I said and I said what I meant: an elephant ' s faithful one hun- dred percent! LINDA GALIME Gb Loneliness remembe rs what ha PI forgets. WALTER FYLER Big red They said it couldn ' t be done, so I tried it and I liked it, and I did it too! DONFREYLEUE Don nd ihe sign said ' The words of the prophets arc written on the subway walls, in tenement halls. And echoed in the sounds of silence " " . CHARLES FILLER JANETTE RENE FREYDENFELT Jan There are gold ships, there are silver ships, but the best ship is friendship. WILLIAM FREAR Polock Happiness is a cold beer in one hand and in the other. DEBRA SUSAN FORST Debb " hen oifre real, you can ' t be ugly lo the people who un- derstand " , said the velveteen rabbit. HARVEY ROBERT FONDA. JR. You can ' t get rid of a bad temper by los ing it. I ' ETER A. FIORINI.JR. Do ou look good. ou feel good, you pla good. DEBORAH FINCH Debbie Think before you do. Somedav ou ' ll be glad you did. BARBARA FINCH SHARON KAY FALL Sha Happiness is found in your heart and the only way to keep it is 1 wearing a smile. PATRICIA MARA ENGLISH Pat You have to believe in happiness, or happiness will never come. That is the reason a bird can sing, on his darkest daj he believes in Spring. DEBORAH ANN ENDERS Deb There is a yesterday that is gone forever, but there is a tomorrow that is still our MARK EDMONDS Kean BRIAN EDMONDS KRISTIN EDINGEB Kris A smile is the magie key to the magic door to the... PHILLIP H.DWYER Phil He who lives bj the sword, dies by the SUE-ELLEN MARIE Dl ' RLAND Sue High School days had their delights, but can ' t compare to high school nights. SUEDURKEE Happiness is a sunny day and a pair of skis. JAMES Dl ' FFY Jim I guess it wasn ' t a complete waste of DEBORAH DOWNUM Debbie Cherish yesterday . . . Dream tomorrow . . . Live today. WILLIAM DOWN Bil I wouldn ' t worry about it. CYNTHIA JEAN DOWD (in There are very few people who. when their love is over, are not ashamed of ha ing been in love. CYNTHIA DOW Cindy You ' ve got to have friends the feeling ' s oh so strong. You ' ve got to have friends to make that day last long. LINDA MAE DOUGHERTY Doc Don ' t try to be something you aren ' t, just be yourself. DAVID DODSWORTH Dave Good Friends will sta with you at all times. Pick them v ell and be a good friend in return. LINDA LEE DIX Dixie In order tliat all men he taught to speak truth, it is necessar) that all likewise should learn to hear it. DEBORAH DATTLER Debby I see your lace and think of all we had. with all the things that brought me. WILLIAM DALTON JOHN DALE JANE LEE CITILLO Tilli Nothing will become of nothing, so make something of everything! O. GREGORY CUSTER Greg It ' s too bad we can ' t see what the future will be for us because we would have a lot less worries. GREGORY JOHN CUNNINGHAM Greg Most people were born with two feet, I was lucky, I got four! SUSAN LEECUMM Love is a sweet thing, mentand held inagolde ight b; MICHAEL CRITTENDEN proper protein diet migh John Keats. Filbert have saved PAULCREGO Wenn ich mil Menschen — und mil Engel .ungen redete und hatle der Liebe nil hi. so ware ech ein tonend Erz oder eincklingendeSchclle. MARILYN SUE CREGO Monroe To understand is not only to pardon, but in the end love. DENNIS J. COT A Denny I love the old melodious joys vet v ainly in mv quiet hours. LOIS COSENTINO I heard a voice from the infinil whaldid you do for your soul toda ' ROBERTA L.COOKE Robbie I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what Hirceli. : moving. NELLIE COOK Reach out and touch somebody ' s hand . . . make this world a belter place. . . if you can. . . just try. THERESV CONWAY KATHLEEN CONNOLLY Katie Friendship is like a basket of five loa cs and Iwo fish: it never begins to multipl) TIMOTHY CONNERY Cor-, Walking around this eoncrete garden iewing all in ain. thinking why a dream is dri ing e er one insane. It ' s all there, but we have no time. MICHAEL F. COLLINS Otto Stand, you ' ve been sitting too long there ' s a permanent erease in vour right and MAUREEN ANNE COLLINS Moe All ran hear; hut only the sen- sitive understand. D Win COLE Porky If I eould think of a quote I would write one down. BRI N CLIFFORD Bonvolio If I had to do it oier again Id think STEVE CLEMENT Clem It ' s the squirrel that gathers the nuts on the ground, so ou should hang with a good group of trees. CYNTHIA ANN CLARK Everyone has a special dn be with you. VICKI CHRISTIAN The Vic To love each other is to understand each other, and to accept each other for what they are. ROBERT CHRISTEN Lnderstanding the past is the preparing for the futu re. BARBARA CHRISTEN Barh Where there is an un- knowable there is a promise. TERRI CHECKOSKY Check I often find myself rehearsing for that blackout situation where the punchline reaches out and punches me! THERESA M. CHAMBERLAIN Do not the most moving moment lives find us all without words? MICHAEL CAMPBELL Campee Life is onl what you make it. KAREN BUTTERFIELD Butts Loneliness is only for those who forgot how to communicate with the reality of love. RUSSELL BUTLER keep practicing, kid! MARCIA MARIE BUTLER Ma Love is main things, kissing, caring, ( ue. beauty, lo ing Joe. DAVID BUTLER Da Life is like a game of chess. You make mated. LEONE BURTON When I am silent like this it means I want you to eome in and bring me out. TIMOTHY BUNNELL Tim Where there ' s a will, there ' s a wa . JOHN BUNNELL Pat Never buy anything with a handle on it because work is attached to the other end. M VUREEN BUCKLEY Buck The magic of a first lo e is the ignorance that it will inner end. STEVE BROWN ROBERT BROWN Bob Confucius say: He who look up or down fall flat on his face, but he who look straight ahead go very far. MARK RAMON BRISSENDEN Mark " No problem in life is too big or com- plicated that it can ' t be run away from. CHRISTINE BRILL Kris PAILBRIGGS Paul Education is like rowing up stream, if you stop you go nowhere hut backwards. WILLIAM BREWSTER Bill The art of pleasing is the art of deceiv- LEE ANN BREEN Libhy Land Eor what a man has. he maybe depen- dent on others; what he is, rests with him alone. MARIE ALYSEBRATE Maris Bother me not, for I grieve you not. In other words; back off, Jack! LILLIAN BRANDT CHRISTOPHER A. BRADSHAW Chri The only good use for a track is to put ; chessboard on it. NANCI BRADLEY Nance Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. STEVEN BRACK FENNI BOS Life ' s too short; so make the best of it. KATHY LYNN BORDWELL Kath If e ervone looked before they leaped we ' d still be in the Stone Age. RICHARD BOLDl ' C Happiness is loving someon CYNTHIA IRENE BITZ Cind Be yourself, who else is better qualified. EDWAR DS BILLINGS C THYBEST Shorty. (Bester) Don ' t judge everything by appearances. The earl hird ma simply have heen up all night. ? mm i FRED BELL Fred The world certainly is a strange place. Filled with individually strange people. DEBORAH ANNE BELL Deb Why must you always try to make over, take me as I am or let me go. CANDY BELGE Belg Those who follow in the paths of others, are the ones whose prints will be left in the sand. RICHARD A. BECK Becke Hope for the best but prepare for th PAMELA BEAR Panda Life won ' t mean a thing unless you help it along and make something of it. GINGER BAXTER Big Bax Success is getting what you want: hap- piness is wanting what you get. BRADLEY GEORGE BARRETT Bear I know on which side tnj bread is buttered. RANDY BARNES Plasti Said the straight man to the late man " Where have you hen? " Ise beei Lore and I ' ve been there and I ' ve beei in between. " MICHAEL BARNELL DANA WILLIAM BARBER Dana Tr anything once; but if it kills vcu, never try it again. MARK BAKER Bake Tired of lying in the sunshine, staying home to watch the rain; you are young and life is long and there is time to kill today. DEBOR B KER Debby The love in our heart wasn ' t put there to slay. Lo e isn ' t lo e until you give it away. SUSAN EILEEN RGERS1NGER Sue Hearken to the murmurs of love and the songs of beauty. PHILLIP MICHAEL ARCHER Arch He was once mv brother, and now hc - s mi friend. CRAIG ANDERS Men wouldn ' t lie so much if women didn ' t ask so many questions. RORY LLEY The weed of crime bears hitter fruit. RICHARD ALLEN SHERRY ADSIT True love never dies, only the love that never was. STEPHEN ADAMS Sieve Life is like an old Dodge: no matter what happens, things keep rolling along. MAUREEN ADAMS I can t believe I made it through high school. It " s a pain in the neck. ALAN BENNETT AI If at first you don ' t succeed, the heck with it. LEAH MARIE DOUPE Twerp God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change " courage " to change the things I can and the " wisdom " to know the difference. ROBERT ELLIHORPE PAUL HAFNER STEWART METZLER TIMOTHY NEWCOMB SUSAN POND Sue It ' s not the days that are remembered, but the moments. LARRY SHOWERS Senior Directory A Sherry Adsit Chorus 3 yrs. Girls Chorus 2 yrs. Drama Club 3 yrs. Gymnastics 2 yrs. Color guard 2 yrs. Phillip Archer Student Council Rep. 1 yr. Band 4 yrs. Jazz Band 2 yrs. Chorus 1 r. Sue Argersinger Sr. Editor of Lyre Staff Jr. Class V.P. Rock Ensem- ble 1 yr. Aqua-Notes 4 yrs. Chorus 4 yrs. Ski Club 3 yrs. Student coun- cil alt. 2 yrs. Frosh sec. BDebora Baker Math club 1 yr. Mark Baker Drama Club 2 yrs. Photo Club 2 yrs. Frosh soccer 1 yr. Dana Barber Var. Soccer 1 yr. J.V. 1 yr. Frosh 3 yrs. Lacrosse Var. 1 yr. J.V. 1 yr. Marching Band 4 yrs. Jazz Band 3 yrs. Band 4 yrs. Basketball mgr. Var. 1 yr. Frosh 1 yr. Mike Barnell Ke Club 3 yrs. Lt. Gov. 1 yr. NHS 2 yr s. Stu. council Rep. 1 yr. Ski Club 1 yr. Stu. Council alt. 1 yr. Frosh Football 1 vr. Frosh Basketball 1 yr. Brad Barrett Class Rep. 2 vrs. Indoor Track 2 vrs. J.V. Soccer Intra Basketball. Pam Bear Lyre staff typist Rock Ensemble 1 yr. Var. Gymnastics 1 yr. Drama Club 2 yrs. Folk Group 1 yr. Forbush Rep. 1 yr. Chorus 3 Candy Beige Stu. Council Rep. 1 yr. Ski Club Sub Deb Club 3 yrs. Debbie Bell Ski Club 2 yrs. Spirettes 3 yrs. Chorus 1 yr. Pep Club 1 yr. G.A.A. 1 yr. Aqua-Notes 1 yr. Alan Bennett Frosh Football. Cathy Best Var. Swim 3 yrs. Aqua-Notes 1 yr. Cindy Bitz Tennis 3 yrs. Humanities Club 1 yr. Spirettes 2 yrs. G.A.A. 2 yrs. Drama 2 yrs. Chorus 1 yr. Ski Club 2 yrs. Kathy Bordwell Math Club 4 yrs. Varsity Tennis 3 yrs. Latin Club 2 yrs. Honor Society. Fenni Bos Soccer 1 vr. Bowling 2 vrs. Nanci Bradley Chorus 1 yr. Bowling 2 yrs. Christopher Bradshaw Chess Club Stu. Council Rep. Marie Brate Stu. Council 2 yrs. Color Guard 4 yrs. Cuns Capt. 1 Girls Swim 4 yrs. Drama Club 3 yrs. Chorus 3 vrs. Spirettes 2 yrs. Pub. Rel. 1 yr. Girls Chorus 1 yr. G.A.A. 2 yrs. Lee Breen VICA 2 yrs. BOCES 2 yrs. William Brewster. Jr. Craftsmen Club. Robert Brown Cross Country 2 yrs. Ronald Bryand BOCES 2 yrs. Maureen Buckley Soph. Class Rep. Ski Club 4 yrs. Aqua-Notes 3 yrs. Field Hockey 2 yrs. Girls Basketball 1 yr. Francis Bugnacki Math Club Sergeant-at-arms. Timothy Bunnell Wrestling 2 yrs. David Butler Distribution Club 2 yrs. Russell Butler J.V. Soccer 2 yrs. Frosh Cross Country Piano Recital Freshman Class Benefit. Karen Butterfield Girls Chorus 2 vrs. Chorus 2 yrs. C Michael Campbell J.V. Baseball 2 yrs. Var. Baseball 2 yrs. Var. Bowling 3 yrs. Intra. Basketball. Theresa Chamberlain Cheerleading Var. 1 u. Basket- ball 2 yrs. Sub Deb Club 3 yrs. Stu. Council alt. 1 yr. Spirettes 1 yr. Terri Checkosky Chorus 4 yrs. Girls Chorus Dir. 1 yr. Drama Club 4 ) rs. Pro. 1 Pres. 1 Color Guard 2 yrs. Humanities Club 2 yrs. Forbus Rep. 2 yrs. Barbara Christen Girls Swim 4 yrs. Math Club 1 yr. Archery 1 yr. Robert Christen Varsity Swim 4 yrs. Band 3 yrs. Tennis 1 yr. Vicki Christian Stu. Council Rep. 2 yrs. Health Carreers Club 3 yrs. Gymnastics 1 yr. Cindy Clark Pep Club 3 yrs. Stu. Council alt. 3 yrs. Class Rep 1. Steve Clement Intra. Baseball 2 yrs. David Cole Var Wrestling 2 yrs. Frosh Soccer. Maureen Collins Soph. Class Treas. Cheerleading J.V. 1 yr. Var. 2 Pep Club 4 yrs. Lyre Sr. Editor. Mike Collins Var. Football 2 yrs. J.V. Football 1 yr. Frosh Football 1 yr. Var. Basketball 2 yrs. J.V. Football 1 yr. Frosh Football 1 yr. ar. Lacrosse 2 yrs. J.V. Lacrosse 2 yrs. Roberta Cooke Var. Swim Team 3 vrs. Var. Gvmnastics 2 vrs. Track 2 yrs. Ski Club 1 yr. G.A.A. 2 yrs. Timothy Connery Var. Lacrosse 1 yr. J.V. 2 yrs. Var. Football 1 Frosh 1 yr. Indoor track 2 yrs. Var. Club 2 yrs. Key Club 3 yrs. Stu. Council Rep. 2 yrs. Alt. 1 yr. Katie Connolly Chorus 3 yrs. Girls Chorus 2 yrs. Swimming 3 yrs. Tennis 1 yr. Honor Society All-State Piano Team Stu. Council 1 yr. Drama Club 2 yrs. Humanities Club 1 yr. Ski Club 1 yr. Lois Cosentino Honor Society Prs. Track and Field Pep Club Stu. Council 1 yr. Senior Class Rep. Marilyn Crego Cheerleading J.V. 1 yr. Var. 1 yr. Pep Club 3 yrs. Spirettes 1 yr. Drama Club 3 yrs. Paul Crego Cross Country Indoor Track Track Varsity Club. Susan Cumm J.V. Cheerleader 2 yrs. Var. Cheerleader 1 vr. Var. Volleyball 1 yr. F.H.A. 1 yr. Greg Cunningham Latin Club 3 yrs. Var. Club 4 yrs. Nation Honor Soc. 2 yrs. Var. Soc. 4 yrs. Var. Basketball 3 yrs. Var. Lac. 3. D Deborah Dattler Intra. Volleyball 3 yrs. Chorus 4 yrs. Honor Societv 1 vr. Linda Dix Spirettes 3 yrs. Drama Club 4 yrs. Honor Soc. 2 yrs. National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist. Leah Doupe Newspaper 1 yr. Spirettes 2 yrs. Stu. Council Rep. 1 vr. Cindy Dowd Chorus 4 yrs. V.P. 1 yr. N ' HS 2 yrs. Sec. 1 yr. Spirettes 3 yrs. Corres. Sec. 1 yr. Girls Chorus 2 yrs. Color Guard 2 yrs. Stu. Council alt. 1 yr. Class Rep. 1 yr. Var. Swim 1 yr. Aqua-Notes 1 yr. Cindy Dow Lyre Staff tvpist Drama Club 3 vrs. Spirettes 2 yrs. Ski Club 2 yrs. William Down Var. Soccer 2 yrs. Var. Basketball 1 yr. Var. Golf 3 yrs. J.V. Soccer J.V. Basketball 2 yrs. Frosh Track 1 yr. Frosh Basket- ball 1 yr. Frosh Football 1 yr. Var. Club NHS. Deborah Downum Soccer 1 yr. Bowling 1 yr. G.A.A. 1 vr. Sue Durkee Swim 2 vrs. NHS 2 vrs. Stu. Council alt. 1 vr. Class Rep. 1 yr. Sue Durland Spirettes 2 yrs. Soccer 2 yrs. Basketball mgr. 2 yrs. G.A.A. 2 yrs. Sub Deb 1 yr. Phillip Dwyer Gamma Sigma 3 yrs. Var. Club 2 yrs. Var. Soccer 2 J.V. Soccer 1 yr. Indoor Track 3 yrs. Track 3 yrs. E Kristin Edinger Soccer 1 yr. Deborah Enders Soccer Basketball Volleyball Soft- ball Intra. Volleyball Softball Chorus 4 yrs. Pat English Sr. Class V.P. Newspaper Stu. Council 1 yr. Jr. Class Sec. Ski Club 1 yr. Class Rep. 1 yr. F Sharon Fall Stu. Council Rep. 2 yrs. Spirettes 3 yrs. Deborah Finch Chorus 2 yrs. Girls Chorus 1 yr. Spirettes 1 yr. Pete Fiorini Var. Lacrosse 3 yrs. Var. Football 3 yrs. Var. Basketball 2 yrs. J.V. Lacrosse 1 yr. J.V. Basketball 1 yr. Frosh Football 1 yr. Frosh Basketball 1 yr. Debb Forst Lyre Staff Var. Cheerleader 1 yr. Soph, Class Pres. Frosh Class Treas. Chorus 4 yrs. Pep Club 3 yrs. Stu. Council Rep. 3 William Frear J.V. Football 1 yr. Don Freyleue Stu. Council Rep. 1 yr. Drama Club 3 yrs. Forbush Rep. Frosh Cross Country. Walter Fyler Baseball Ice Hockey. G Linda Galime Stu. Council Rep. 1 yr. Drama Club 1 yr. FTA 2 yrs. Ski Club 1 vr. Stu. Newspaper 1 vr. For- bush Rep. Danna Gates N ' HS 2 yrs. Var. Soccer 1 yr. Var. Field Hoc. 3 yrs. Yar. Track 3 yrs. Var. Gymnastics 4 vrs. Spts and Arts Club2yrs. Dolores Gawocecki Chorus 1 v r. Pep Club 2 yrs. Spiretles 1 r. Shelley Gibbs Lv re Staff Underclassmen Editor Sub Deb 2 v rs. Robert Glumpe Var. Gymnastics Var. Club. Mark Gollands Band 4 yrs. Ski Club 2 v rs. Lacrosse 1 ) r. Laurie Goodenough Frosh Class alt. G.A.A. Volleyball 3 v rs. Track 2 vrs. Softball 2 yrs. Soccer 1 yr. Field Hockey 1 j r. Swimming 1 v r. Stephen Gosier J.V. Soccer Frosh Football. Earl Green Drama Club 4 yrs. Cross Country 2 yrs. Indoor Track 2 yrs. Var. Club 2 yrs. J.V. Lacrosse 2 yrs. Math Club 1 v r. Chess Club 1 Steve Greene Frosh Football J.V. Wrestling 2 yrs. Var. Soccer. H Charles Hagerman Wrestling. Mary Hall Var. Gv mnastics 4 j rs. NHS 2 v rs. Stu. Coun- cil Rep. 2 yrs. G.A.A. 2 yrs. Nan Hammel Stu. Council alt. 2 rs. Spiretle 1 v r. Spanish Club 1 r. Crimson 1 r. S.D.C. 3 yrs. Pat Hannon Lyre Staff advertising Ski Club 3 yrs. Stu. Council Rep. 3 vrs. Sub Deb 2 vrs. Newspaper staff 1 yr. Kathy Hansen Math Club 4 yrs. V.P. 2 yrs. NHS 2 yrs. Lyn Hazen Soccer 4 yrs. Band 4 yrs. Softball 3 vrs. G.A.A. 2 yrs. Bowling 1 yr. Susan Helmbold Stu. Council alt. 1 yr. Orchestra 1 yr. Tennis 1 yr. Concert Band 4 yrs. Jazz Band 4 yrs. Band Treas. Band Pres. Chorus 1 yr. All County Band 1 yr. Judi Heron Pep Club 2 yrs. Sec. Spirettes 2 yrs. FHA 1 v r. Bowling Robert Herloski Cross Country Var. 3 yrs. Frosh 1 yr. Indoor Track Var. 4 vrs. Track 3 yrs. Frosh 1 yr. NHS 2 yrs. Tras. 1 v r. Var. Lub2 vrs. Prs. 1 vr. Math Club 4 yrs. Steve Hewitt Var. Tennis 4 yrs. Carol Hibbard Softball 1 yr. Girls Chorus 1 yr. Spanish Club 1. Bonnie Hourihan Sub Deb 2 yrs. Class Rep. 1 yr. Sherry House Softball 1 yr. Sub Deb 2 yrs. John Housel J.V. Baseball 2 yrs. Gwendolyn Howard Pep Club 3 yrs. Secretary 1 yr. Archery 1 yr. Tom Howard Class Rep. Stu. Council Rep. 1 yr. Var. Gymnastics 3 yrs. Var. Club 2 yrs. Chorus 2 yrs. All County Chorus 1 v r. Garv Hughes Var, Soccer J.V. Soccer 2 yrs. Frosh Soccer 2 yrs. Frosh Basketball. Mark Hulland Cross Country 2 yrs. Indoor Track 3 yrs. Var. Track 3 yrs. Var. Club 1 yr. Mary Alice Jackson Jr. Craftsmen Club Sec. 3 yrs. J Newspaper 1 yr. Majoriek Jarquith Chorus G.A.A. FNA. Maryjaquin BOCES 2 yrs. Donna Jarvis Drama Club 3 yrs. Tres. 1 yr. Forbush Rep. 1 yr. Chorus 3 yrs. NYSSMA 3 yrs. All State Chorus 1 yr. Folk Group 1 yr. Stu. Council Rep. 3 yrs. John Jennings Biology Club 2 yrs. Photo Club 1 yr. Swim team. Esther Johnson BOCES. Robert Johnson Var. Swim 4 yrs. J.V. Football 1 yr. Frosh Football 1 yr. Krunt Club Rusty Johnson Ski Club 3 yrs. BOCES 2 yrs. Stu. Council Rep. 1 yr. Jr. Achievement 1 yr. Cheryl Jones Drama Club 4 yrs. Chorus 4 yrs. Band 3 yrs. Alpha Mu 3 yrs. ACC 2 yrs. John Jones J.V. Baseball 2 yrs. Var. Indoor Track 2 yrs. Var. Track 1 yr. • . Richard Jones J.V. Football 1 yr. J.V. Lacrosse 1 yr. Kris Julian Ski Club 2 yrs. K Larry Kelly Var. Track 3 yrs. Indoor Track 2 vrs. Var. Football 1 vr. X-C 1 vr. Frosh Basketball Frosh Foot- ball. Peter Kelley Var. Football 2 yrs. J.V. 1 yr. Frosh 1 yr. Drama Club 3 yrs. V.P. Krunt club 2 yrs. Supreme Krunt Key Club 2 yrs. Forbush Rep. Raymond Killian ar. Track 1 yr. Frosh Basketball 1 yr. Stu. Coun- cil Rep. 1 yr. Brian Kinsella Var. Swim 2 v rs. Var. Tennis 1 v r. Kathy Kinslow Band 4 vrs. Drama Club 3 vrs. Ski Club 1 yr. (.iris Field Hockey 1 yr. Stu. Council Rep. 1 yr. Forbush Rep. Cindy Kline Stu. Council alt. 1 v r. Joeseph Kline JCC 2 yrs. Robin Krantz Jr. Track Softball Stu. Council Rep. Basketball 1 Freshman Soccer. PeteKrawrec Var. Lacrosse 3 yrs. J.V. 1 v r. Var. Football 2 vrs. J.V. 1 yr. Frosh 1 yr. Var. Swim 1 yr. Var. Club 2 yrs. L Susan LaManche Spanish Club 1 v r. Pep Club I yr. Frosh Class Rep. Deb Landers Var. Soccer 4 yrs. Co-captain 2. Softball f yrs. G.A.A. 2 yrs. Regina LaQuay G.A.A. 1 yr. Stu. Council alt. Var. Archer) 1 yr. Sharon Leitner Lyre Editor in Chief Jr. Class Pres. Stu. Council 4 yrs. Chorus 1 yr. A.F.S. chairman 2 yrs. Laurinda Link Ski Club 3 vrs. Chorus 3 vrs. Drama Club I yr. Jim Linnenback Indoor Track 2 yrs. J.V. Baseball 1 v r. Kev Club 3 vrs. Band 3 yrs. Donna Lloyd Var. Cheerleading Pep Club 2 yrs. Jr. ar. Cheerleading Track Stu. Council Tennis Chorus 2 yrs. David Lord Var. Gymnastics 3 yrs. Chrous 2 yrs. David Lowe Trade and Craft Guild Prs. Biology Club M Barbara MacDonald Girls Var. Archery Honeybees Bowling 1 yr. Drama Club 1 yr. Crimeson 1 yr. Richard Manville Ski Club 1 v r. Intr. Basketball 2 Liz Maras Spirettes 2 yrs. Pep Club 1 yr. Stu. Council alt. 2 v rs. Thomas Markert Intra. Basketball 2 yrs. Leslie Martans Jr. Achievement 2 yrs. Ski Club 2 yrs. Aqua-Notes 1 yr. Basketball 1 yr. Alpha Mu 3 yrs. Anne Mastrogiovanni Cheerleader ar. 2 yrs. J. . 1 yr. Pep Club 3 rs. Stu. Council 2 yrs. NHS 2 yrs. Lyre Asst. Ed. Chorus 4 yrs. Pres. Girls Chorus 4 yrs. Rock Ens. 1 yr. Drama Club 4 yrs. Pub. Ch. For- bush Rep. 2 yrs. Nonie Mathers Stu. Council Rep. 1 yr. Spirettes 2 yrs. Gymnast 2 yrs. Tennis 1 yr. Ski Club 1 yr. Claudia Maurer Stu. Council Alt. 2 yrs. Class Rep. 1 yr. Spirettes 3 yrs. Treas. 2 yrs. Swim 3 yrs. Aqua-Notes 2 yrs. Color Guard 2 vrs. Chorus 4 yrs. Girls Chorus 2 yrs. Folk Group. Beth Mayo NHS 2 yrs. Drama Club 4 yrs. Chorus 4 yrs. Girls Chorus 3 yrs. Forbush Rep. 2 yrs. Frosh Class V.P. 1 yr. Glae McArdell Wrestling 2 yrs. Track 2 yrs. Football 3 vrs. Newspaper Staff 1 yr, Sharon McDonald Humanities 1 yr. Latin Club 2 v rs. Andy McMahon Stu. Council 2 yrs. V.P. NHS Band 4 vrs. Math Club 3 yrs. Ski Club 2 yrs. Cross Country 2 yrs. Tennis 3 yrs. Indoor Track 1 yr. Football 1 yr. Kathy Merriam Soccer 2 yrs. Basketball 2 yrs. Softball 1 vr. Spirettes 1 yr. G.A.A. 2 yrs. Sub Deb 2 yrs. Nancy Merritt Drama Club 2 yrs. Aqua-Notes 2 yrs. Stew Metzler Biology Club 1 yr. Ecology Club 1 yr. A-V Photo Club 1 yr. Scott Mincher Stu. Council Rep. 1 yr. J.V. Lacrosse 2 yrs. Biology Club 2 yrs. Bambi Mitchell Band 4 yrs. Jazz Band 3 yrs. Tennis 1 yr. Volleyball 2 yrs. Gary Mjoen J.V.Wrestling 2 yrs. J.V. Lacrosse 1 yr. Frosh Football lyr. Wendy Mocyk Aqua-Notes 1 yr. Lyre Staff Typist Volleyball 1 yr. Pep Club 2 yrs. Cheerleading J.V. 1 yr. Var. 1 yr. Co-captain. Rick Monterville Frosh. Football 1 yr. Var. Track 4 yrs. Var. Foot- ball 3 yrs. Indoor Track 2 yrs. Melanie Mover Jr. Class Rep. 1 yr. Color Guard 2 yrs. Spirettes 3 vrs. Chorus. Colleen Mulvaney Sr. Class Treas. Spirettes 2 yrs. Pep Club 1 Gam- ma Alpha Mu 3 yrs. Ski Club 2 yrs. Martha Murray Sen. Class Pres. Business Manager Lyer Staff Cheerleading J.V. 2 yrs. Soph. V.P. Pep Club 4 yrs. Stu. Council Rep. 2 vrs. NSue Nash Track 4 vrs. Vollej ball 1 yr. Field Hockev 3 Sports and Arts Club Girls Chorus 2 yrs. Roger Nasiff Cross Country 2 yrs. Indoor Track 2 yrs. Tennis 1 yr. Karen Nielson Drama Club Forbush Rep. NHS Humanities Club Sec. 1 yr. Track 2 yrs. Spanish Club 2 yrs. Gary Noll Frosh Football. Jeff Noll Soccer Indoor Track Track Var. Club Ski Club NHS Lyre Staff Sports Ed. ODianne O ' Brien Soccer 3 vrs. Volleyball 1 vr. Softball 4 yrs. GAA 2 yrs. Fred Oliver Frosh Soccer Frosh Football Frosh Basket- ball. Tim O ' Mara Var. Swim 3 vrs. Kev Club 3 vrs. Stu. Council Rep. 1 Paul Nagle Var. Football 2 yrs. J.V. Football J.V. Baseball Frosh Football. Gary Osborne Football Frosh J.V. 2 yrs. J.V. Wrestling 3 yrs. Danielle Osier Newspaper 1 yr. Spirettes 3 yrs. Sec. 1 yr. Class Rep. 3 yrs. Chorus 3 yrs. Girls Chorus 2 yrs. Drama Club 2 yrs. P Emily Parker Stu. Council Rep. 2 yrs. Alt. 1 yr. Girls Chorus 2 yrs. Chorus 4 yrs. Band 3 yrs. Jazz Band 3 yrs. Drama Club 1 yr. Sec. 2 yrs. Forbush Rep. 3 yrs. Color Guard 1 yr. Capt. 1 yr. Jessie Parker Pep Club 4 yrs. Archery 1 yr. Humanities 2 yrs. Spirettes 1 yr. Barbara Pease Lyre Staff Girls Sports Ed. Basketball 3 yrs. Field Hockey 3 yrs. Volleyball 4 yrs. Softball 4 yrs. Drama Club. Kath Pecore Pep Club 4 yrs. Humanities 1 yr. Spirettes 1 yr. Archery 2 yrs. Carl Pelcher Soccer 1 yr. Basketball 4 yrs. Football 3 yrs. Track 1 yr. Lacrosse 2 vrs. Judv Plank Volleyball 2 rs. Stu. Council Alt. Ski Club. Mike Powers J.V. Basketball Stu. Council Rep. Bruce Quimby Football Var. 2 yrs. J.V. 1 yr. Frosh 2 ■ ■ Basketball Var. 1 yr. J.V. 1 yr. Frosh 2 yrs. Indoor L p Track I yr. La rosse ar. 3 yrs. J.V. 1 yr. Track Var. fc DickQuinn Var. Football 3 yrs. Var. Basketball 2 yrs. Var. Track 4 yrs. J.V. Football 1 yr. J.V. Basketball 1 yr. Frosh Basketball 2 vrs. Var. Club. RBill Radel Soccer Var. 2. J.V. 1; Baseball Var. 2. J.V. 2; Basketball J.V. 1, Frosh. Marianne Ranieri Spirettes. Pauline Reed Aqua-notes 2; Spirettes 2; Bowling. Betsy Regan Swimming. F.d Regan Var. Bowling: Baseball. Steve Rhodes Jazz Band 3, Band 3, N.H.S. 2, Stu. Co. Rep. 2. For- bush Rep. 1. Drama Club 2. Anita Ridgeway Basketball 3, Volleyball 3, Softball 4. Field Hockey 3, So A Secretary-Treasurer, GAA Editor. Deborah Roberts Class Rep. 2, Student Co. Alt. Drama Club 2, Chorus 2, Ski Club 1. Track 1. Michael Rocco Wrestling Var. l.J.V. 1. Diane Rockwood Drama Club 3 yrs. Susan Rode Boces 1, Chorus 2 , Girls Chorus 1, Art CI. 1, Drama CI. 4. Forbush Rep. 1. LauraLee Roloff Stu. Co. Rep. 3, Alt. 1, Stu. Newspaper 1. Chorus 2, Girls Field Hockey 1. Laurie Ronalds Gamma Alpha Mu 2 yrs. Dan Roth Indoor Track ar. 1. Freshman Track I. Russ Rowland Football. Karen Rumble Freshman class pres., Student Council 3, Cheerleader 1, Class Rep. 2. Ski Club 2. S Lucia Samuel Drama Club 4, A.V. Club 3. Vice Pres. Bio. Club Drama 2 Pub. Spk. Mass Media. Linda Sanford Basketball 4, Track 4, Field Hockey 3, Volleyball 3, Soccer 1, Honor Societv 2. Club 2 GAA ! 1 JV. Lynn Sattler Girls sports 4; Band 2, NHS 2; Gaa 4; DD Dram 1; Pep Club; Ecology Club 2. Karen Scherfling Student Council Rep. 1, Soccer 1 Volley ball 1. Stephen Schlegel JV Football 2. Var. Football 1. Mark Schrader Var. Lacrosse 3, Var. Football 2 JV Lacross Football Frosh Football 1. Clay Scott JV. Wrestling, Var. Wrestling 3. Edward Seger Var. Basketball: Var. Cross Counln : JV. Baseball: JV. Basketball: Frosh Basketball. Deb Sharpe Track I. Ski Club I. Robert Sherman Var Swimming 4. J V. Lacrosse 1. Student Co. Rep. Pal Smith Chorus 3. Girls Chorus 1. Dan Snell Var. Football 2. Var. Track 3. JV. Football 1. Tim Snow Spanish Club 2 yrs. Distribution Club. Kathy Snyder Cheerleader J.V. 1 v r. Var. 1 yr. Stu. Council Treas. 1 alt. 1 Chorus 3 Pep Club 2 Spirettes 1 Senior Class Sec. Douglas Soper Football Var. 2 J.V. 1 Frosh 1 Indoor Track 2 Track Var. 2 Frosh 1 Var. CI. 1. Christopher Spadaro Track, Ski Club. David Spurchise Gamma Sigma Frat 2 Soccer Var. 1 J.V. 2 Frosh 1 Frosh Basketball Key Club 1. Mary Stamp Editor School Newspaper 1 Soph. Class Sec. 1 Student Council Rep. 2 Alternate 1 Var. Cheerleader 1 Chorus 1 Pep Club. Doreen Stamp Chorus Work Experience— School Store. Dan Stanton AV. Club Photo Club Radio Broadcasting Club. Debbie Starkey AV. Club 1. Mark Slolar Krunt Club Glee Club. Duke Strache Fres. Football JCC 3. Gary Sturm Var. Ping Pong Var. Chess Var. Baseball Ke Club 3. Tyrrell Sweeney Drama Club 4 Spirettes 3 Chorus 2 Aqua-notes 1. Dianne Sweeting Var. Soccer 3 Var. Basketball 3 Var. Track 4. Agnes S .abo Spirettes 1 School newspaper tv pisl. Cindy Szelewski Student Coun. Rep. 2 alt. 1 Cheerleading J.V. 1 Class Rep. 1 Pep Club 1 Stu. newspaper 1. TJane Tanner NHS 2 Band 4 Class Rep. 1 Math CI. 4 VP 2 Sec. 2 Spirettes 2 Latin CI 3 VP 1 Chess CI 1 Sec. 1 Math Sym 4. Al Tayler Soccer Var. 1 J.V. 2 Track Var. 2 In. Track 1. Patricia Tetrault Band 4 Chorus 2 Math CI 3 Spirettes 1 Var. CI 2 Manager X-C and Track Team. Susan Titus Band 4 Chorus 2 G.A.A. 2 Tennis 1 Bowling 2 Rep. CI 1 French CI. 1. Mary Tomaszewski Tennis 2 Stu. Newpaper 1 Pep CI. 1. Mark Tompkins Jr. Achievement, Frosh Football. Steve Trexler Var. Soccer 1 JV. 2 Frosh Soccer Frosh Basketball Gamma Sigma 2. George Tripp Lacrosse Var. 1 JV. 3 Frosh Football 1 Gam 3 prs. 1 Kev CI. 2. Bob Turner Lacrosse Var. 1 JV 2 Gymnastics Var. 1 Soccer Frosh. Barb Tuzinski Distribution Club. Robin Vanderberg Drama CI 2 Spirettes 1 Forbush VRep. Pep Club 1. Anne Ventura Field Hockey 1 Band 4 Photo Club 1. Karlis Viceps Stu Co. 4 Pres. 1 Treas. 1 Class Rep. 1 Frosh Class Pres. Var. Tennis 4 Soccer Var. 1 JV 2 Frosh 1 Var. Club 2 Ski CI. 3 Math Club 1. WPat Waggner Gymnastics 1. John Walker Paper Artist. Sharon Watkins AFS to Brazil, Lyre Staff Act. Ed., Spirettes 3 Pres VP, Color Guard 2, Honor Society, Stu. Co., Drama CI. Chorus. Sue Wedemeyer Spirettes 1. Tennis 4. Track 2 Ski Club. Ernie Weller Ski Club 3. Bob Wicks Var. Football 2, JV. 1, Frosh Football 1, Var. Track 2. Charleen Wicks GAA 2, Drama CI. 2, Majorette 3, Field Hockev 1. Mike Wilder Var. Soccer, Var. Ind. Track, Var. Lac, JV. Soccer JV. Lac, Frosh Soccer, Kev CI. Band. Drama CI. Janet Willis Drama CI. 4, Var. Cheer 1, JV. Cheer 1, SC Sec. 1, S.C. Rep 3,(ACC) Chorus 4, Forbush Rep 2. Dick Windsor Frosh Football 1. Frosh Wrestling 1. Kathy Winslow Pep CI., GAA Soccer, Bowling. Robert Wolfe Field Hockey 1. Track and Field 1. Brian Wolken Var. Lacrosse Var. 2, Football Var. 2, JV. La. 1, Frosh Football. Mike Zahn Football JV, Intramurals 1. Zii ■ ' ■ T- M ijftHi MaS Mb SH Ikkv ¥ ' $ ■ill; " SENIOR PROFILE h $ k m@ Most School Spirited Maureen Collins Pete Fiorini Jim Mazowa Roberta Cooke Nicest Smile an Roberts Kathv Snvder Most Talkative Steve Adams Paul Crego Most Studious Jane Tanner Linda Sanford Greg Cunningham Most Likely to Succeed Lois Cosentino Andv MeMahon Best All Around Cheryl Jones Mike Collins Martha Murray Class Clown Harvey Fonda Maureen Buckle) Class Musician Katie Connolly Steve Carney For me A.F.S. began in the first grade when I first heard of the program and said to myself, " I ' d like to do that someday! " Last year this dream came true when I was picked as a finalist and as a summer program stu- dent to go to Bels Horizonte, Brazil. Although A.F.S. really stands for American Field Ser- vice, it could just as well stand for friendship. For the rest of my life I will always remember the things I did in Brazil, and most of all the friends I made. My Brazilian family: Mamae, Papai, Beth, Marcelo, my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and all cousins, along with the other A.F.S. ' ers have made memories for me which I ' ll never forget. Time passed very quickly and while the three months I spent in Brazil seemed the shortest summer of my life, it will definitely last the longest. Fd like to thank all the people who made my A.F.S. trip possible and all the Brazilians who made it beautiful. Sharon Watkins A.F.S. Student SHARON WATKINS A.F.S. Student Goes to Brazil REGINE VOSS A.F.S. Student From Germany That one year can pass so quickly is hard to conceive. Looking back at this year I spent as an A.F.S. student I can honestly say that it has been the happiest year of my life. Filled with innumerable experiences and satisfaction of many curiosities. The changes in modes of life have made it a year to remember. Not as a tourist, but as a member of an American fami- ly I have come to learn something about the history, culture and the people. As a foreign student communication has proven to be very important. I have learned to understand and accept the different opinions and views of others. This year has been a year of intensive living and a year of " real " liv- ing. I have thought about things that I have never considered before. It has opened my mind to more than just one way of looking or feeling. Fm very happy that there exists such a world wide institution as the American Field Service. It made it possible for me to have so many new ex- periences. It is good that a program exists that has the goal of achieving world peace by bringing nations together through this understanding. Some day I will come back to meet again my host family, The Falls, who mean so much to me, and all my friends that I have found here. Regine Voss A.F.S. Student REGENTS SCHOLARSHIP ROW 1: D. Petit, A. Mastrogiovanni, J. Tanner, K. Bordwell. R. Turner, S. Rhodes. ROW 2: R. Sherman, R. Christen, A. McMahon, T. Howard. D. Freylue, F. Oliver. ROW 3: B. Mayo, K. Connolly, S. Watkins, E. Parker. C. Bradshaw. ROW 4: S. Nash, D. Osier, L. Saltier, J. Noll, M. Baker. L. Cosentino. ROW 5: L. Dix, K. Nielson, S. Durkee, P. Crego. R. Brown. R. Manville. ROW 6: M. Crittenden, R. Herloski, K. Hansen, A. Hammel, S. Leitner, W. Down. MISSING: S. Adams, M. Collins, K. Dack. G. Hughes. LETTER OF COMMENDATION ROW 1: K. Connolly, S. Durkee, S. Leitner, L. Cosentino, D. Freylue, E. Parker, L. Dix, A. McMahon, C. Bradshaw. ROW 2: R. Brown, M. Barnell, W. Down, J. Noll, M. Crittenden, R. Herloski, R. Manville, R. Christen, P. Crego. Missing: S. Adams, D. Petit. WINNERS REGENTS SCHOLARSHIP ALTERNATES: Fred Bel! Donna Gates Mark Gollands Cheryl Jones Pete Kelley Jeffrey Loop Winona Mathers Nancy Merritt Rick Monterville Daniel Stanton Senior Class Officers President — Martha Murray Vice President — Pal English Secretary — Kathy Snyder Treasurer — Colleen Mulvaney Class Advisor — Mr. Baker mm THE SOLDOI 5UBET MEULOM njrrSTHEMESTBfHSKY mm HmiDPHiEH speed itonmi«b ]«g?«MEMEYELL ! LATHEE QUI? ALM HATER ILAUHillLiVlLLE 8 TH FUTURE VMS DER r EUSAMDMElBVETHYHULS 1 ME5HALLW5lM QOT3t MSWflHllTWfHALLS « The Senior Class expresses its deepest appreciation to Mr. Baker for all his thoughtfulness, readiness to help, and lots of listening. It ' s fantastic to know you have a friend in an advisor. Best of luck to you Mr. Baker in all vou do in the future. Graduation John Heinegg When the row in front of us sits We stand up And wind single file for our diplomas. And when my name was read And mispronounced I recalled my years of high school; How my thoughts were carefully laundered And neatly pressed And how nice it felt For my mind to slip smoothly between them And fall asleep. 1 1 HHin . m. rut r. and this is what it ' s all about to be born to be free to be transformed to be made whole to dream and love and create with faith a concern for you and an awareness of all that is life Robert Fulton We are here for only a mo- ment, but our memories share an eternity... I have believed in time and in time come to this meadow where all the moments of time are one. Pecking thru the window of the past . . . into things long forgotten M $s J 7 1 «v £ ' ' A - m3 The longest journey begins with a single step. . . There is never an end . . . just the beginning of something new. June 23rd, 1974 ' Know-How J Mr. Bogardous Miss Hogan Science 1 m P H W Lu.i % ' Mk " - Jr JSSR ; ' ' ■ ' ill! ' ;»..«! ! , i : Hi m Mr. Griggs Music Drama Math Mr. Armstrong Miss Costich Miss VanClief English Mr. Honeywell Mr. Hidy Mrs. Lyons Mr. Alesandro Miss Montague Audio Vis. Health Mr. Dickenson MM Mrs. Mitchell Mrs. Winnewisser Languages Mrs. Hughes Mr. Schermerhor Mrs. McDonald Industrial Arts Mr. McPherson Mr. O ' Donnell X 84 6k iyfe Class of 1975 Officers: Pres.: Pat Murray Vice Pres.: Dan Wilcox Secretary: Deb Moses Treasurer: Lisa Kelley The class of ' 75 wishes to thank Miss Wilkensen for her understanding and help this year. Miss Wilkensen Homeroom 120 R. Baaedman, L. Beaver, D.BIok, R.Albert, J.C. Adset, P. Bort, G. Alexander, L. Brauksieck, J Abrahane, G. Garnsey, S. Baelaw, D. Blauchard, K. Barnell, M. Blaud, P. Beebe, J. Baker, S. Bousguet, D. Beaulien, P. Ball, S. Bowden, K. Beeree, F. Bell, W. Branard, M. Alguire, M. Allen, P. Bartlett, M. Armstrong, R. Anderson, G. Armstrong. Homeroom 122 K. Bryant, M. Brown, B. Cariss, B. Calkins, D. Bryerton, B. Coles, S. Butler. K. Chrislensen, M. Brown, A. Cochrone, L. Broome, S. Cole, R. Bryant, B. Camwell, M. Commane, G. Comins, K. Burton, A. Cardella, P. Collins, C. Beltman, D. Brissenden, D. Castle, J. Buis, J. Burton, D. Campbell. Homeroom 143 R. Conklin, R. Downing, K. Donaldson, A. Dumler, C. Dailey, A. Deacons, J. Dale, C. Crego, S. Davis, M. Dack, S. Ecker, P. Dewshaw, P. Daley, M. Danielson, S. Currier, B. Dollenger, T. Connolly, R. Dausman, J. Diamond, D. Craig, M. Eckel, T. Dowd, D. Eipp, D. Drew. Homeroom 213 R. Hennessey, D. Hagemann, D. Greene, G. Grant, K. Hannon, R. Graf, P. Gunther, P. Grabowski, D. Hall, V. Gorham, R. Goodin, D. Grow, J. Hayes, R. Gustke, L. Hamm, T. Gaebler, A. Greene, C. Greene, M. Harvey, R. Haskell, R. Henderson, W. Hall. Homeroom 214 L. Johnson. G. Hotaling. K. Johnston, N. Hynes. R. Hudson, J. Hurst. S. Jackson, D. Holcomb. J. Hudson, L. Johnson. L. Holt- man. Haggeman. D. Hewes. S. Heemenn. D. Jan is. D. J. Jarvis. K. Hurley. S. Jensen. D. Hovey. D. Johnson, J. Hughes, D. Hitter, G. Hilton. M. Humphrey. D. Howe. L. Himpler. D. Howard. D. Hourihan. D. Jack. Homeroom 215 L. Kelly, P. Krahel, G. Kolojcjak, K. Kelsey, J. Kopecky, C. Krawric, L. Kingsley, P. Kotlick, D. Lamica, J. Killian, L. Knight, J. Jordau, J. Keaser, M. Kelly, P. Kelly, M. Kuzdzal. Homeroom 216 J. Melino, J. McCardell, K. McDermon, W Mancroni, D. Mayer, J. Lameriande, C McCarthe, P. Lavalee, L. Marsh, M Mathers, L. McCarthy, J. Massey, K MonLart, L. LeBlanc, L. Lee, D. Liptak, K Lane, T. Manville, D. Massey, E. Marks, D Lang, M. McCorano, D. Markert. Homeroom 217 M. Mitchet, J. Miller, S. Mulvaney, S. Monica. C. Minnoe, B. Mottmoran, G. Midina. J. Medina, J. Montague, J. Moore, M. Mowins, T. Mosley, P. Milden, D. Miller, S. Melzler, A. Montrosso, C. Margeson, D. Miller, V. Mitchell, G. Mueller. P. Murray, C. Mercandte, R. Moore. D. Moses, G. Mercer. Homeroom 218 K. Pickard. B. Nellie. D. Patrick. J. Pelcher, P. Northrup, P. Nichol, K. Nagle, L. OToole. J. Needle, L. Phiefer, K. Olden- burg. J. Myers, L. Oppleton, R. Nielson, S. Nash. T. 6 ' Leary, P. Pacelli, M. Pulowski, B. Oliver. B. Pelrine. M. Pallos, B. Neilson. Picture in Your Mind This year ' s court: King: Dan Wilcox Queen: Joanne Needle Court: Dan Brissenden Pat Murray Tony Pannozo Julie Vaughn Barb Stanish Sue Jackson Homeroom 219 D. Puiney, L. Ryner, D. Pickard, L. Rail, C. Poppleton, B. Phillips, K. Rowe, M. Priest, M. Rocco, L. Samuel, E. Reap, J.Plouffe, K. Radford, D. Roy, C. Powers, L. Rout, C. Place, K. Pickard, B. Powers, B. Reeves, D. Reith, B. Rumble, S. Pieverk, E. Ritz. Homeroom 220 D. Scaia, D. Smith, D. Schlegal, M. Spinner, F. Sass Jr.. R. Sclicoch, R. Slate, R. Schraven, D. Ramon, G. Sitters, P. Smith, R. Allen, A. Slcoenfield, J. Sorlin, B. Socleria, C. Santon, D. Sims, C. Seger, D. Sclicnier, J. Siliman, T. Sennett, D. Spilman, J. Sloat, A. Speach, L. Sattler. Homeroom 221 M. Tanner, P. Toernies, B. Thomas, R. Sud- daby, M. Toullo, D. Staddard, M. Thomas, S. Thomas, C. Stanton, D. Sutliff, S. Meloin, A. Stamp, L. Sroche, M. Stewart, J. Stevens, S. Stevens, C. Thomas, R. Tetrault, R. Tetrault, B. Thelen, P. Stanistreet, M. Tarnow, D. Stachurski, R. Sweet, T. Spoto. Homeroom 222 D. Weave, T. Vahle, J. Wedemyer, K. Trex- ler, L. Well, J. Weisburg, D. Vanderveer, S. Wall, M. Virginio, M. Weeks, M. Wilder, J. Tyrell, J. Waite, D. Tulluck, A. Wallace, K. Kraft, B. Stanish, C. Ventura, M. Uhl, M. Nort,D. Wilcox, J. Vaughn. Homeroom 223 N. Williams, H. Williams, S. Thorne, P. Wingerter, C. Tutz, J. Worth, A. Lcier, D. Wolken, M. Williamson, M. Williamson, R. Williams, M. Young, A. Zogg, B. Woleik, J. Woodall, D. Wolford, J. Williams, G. Williams. B. Wood, C. Calkins. Class of 1976 Officers: Pres.: Deb Gale Vice Pres.: Nancy Place Secretary: Lois Smith Treasurer: Debbie Vredenburg The class of ' 76 wishes to thank Mr. Yanetti for his thoughtful consideration in the past year. Mr. Yanetti Homeroom 108 C. Bliss, R. Anderson. D. Armstrong S. Borman, B. Bellows, J. Best, J Baltzer. V. Brack. A. Bolden, D Ashbv. R. Armelino. J. Baird. S Barrett. J. Boeyck. P. Bradshaw. T Boak, M. Bonne lle. C. Armelino R. Blanchard. K. Borl. J. Beck. J Albanese. R. Anguish. D. Bemish. S Bell. S. Baylies. P. Bessette. D Anderson. C. Bishopric. R. Borrow man. J. Blair, T. Bliss, D. Beckwith M. Belonge. Homeroom 110 P. Conley. D. Brandt. P. Brennan, C Chamberlain, L. Comins. F Coloprisco, L. Clark, C. Clark, A Carapella. L. Cole, C. Bryant. D Castor, M. Buckle; Clarke. P. Chapma Bremer. A. Buckle M. Cerio Jr., B. Casper, D. Butch, R Clark. D. Cobb, R. Brayton. M Caruso, M. Capozzo. Homeroom 112 P. Dalton, C. Dadey, M. Conway, D. Dickerson, P. Cowdery, M. Dullen, M. Cooper, C. Drew, D. Davis, B. Doyle, D. Crego, D. Dunham, M. Decarvie, M. Coomey, K. Dow, D. Castagna, R. Dinaut, J. Diamond, N. Dunham, C. Deacons, J. Dale, D. Cooper, D. Currier, D. Dullen, B. Dieter, D. Dine, P. Dobbins, T. Down.S. Dix. Homeroom 114 L. Durkee, D. Dwyer, W. Dwyer, H. Eastman, M. Ecker, J. Edgett, D. Eidt, L. Eies, L. Ekeross, G. Elder- broom, C. Ellis, M. Engels, M. Evans, W. Fairbrother, S. Fauar, S. Fastenau, R. Fauler, P. Finch, D. Fiorini, D. Fitzgerald, D. Fitzgerald, L. Fitzgerald, M. Fitzpatrick, K. Flegal, A. Foster, F. Foster, A. Fuller, D. Fuller, N. Gates, P. Gee, T. A. Genack, K. Gibbs, M. Frankovic. Homeroom 116 D. Gould, R. Gunther. C. G es, B Harper. W. Gogar, M. Harvey, L Griffis, J. Gillespie, K. Gubbins, K Goodrich, C. Gavranek, K. Greene S. Harrison. T. Rivard. L. Grome, M Hawlhore, J. Hauswirlh. M. J. Gray K. Graham. J. Gorbam. B. Gilcher G. Gross. P. Hardier, D. Haskell, C Harl. C. Harkie. R. Hondy. B Gleeson, R. Grant, J. Harkins, R Gould, J. Graham. % SBH 31 ■HTgEBP!! •SSiSnySK gy J ■ Ml « % HT ■ jag— g i Q KcJf Pf L | ( JsSf - ±M . ' p .- ■B R H BePi . H r SI I HfcLAJ Is frTflj P r ' ■ ■■ ' Jfl — ' ' • JTwr ■ _r V . - — ■■- " - Homeroom 1 18 A. Ibbitson, C. Hennessey, C. Holbrook, J. Herman, S. Herbert, C. Johnson, S. Johnson, P. Jewell, D. How, L. Jacobs, D. Housel, J. Ingham, E. Horning, L. Johnston, B. Johnson, D. Hughes, M. Jones, W. Jarvis, G. Hill, C. Jacquith, C. McAurife, C. Johnson, D. Jewell, M. Hourihan, J. Honan, E. Ines, G. Hin- man, D. Hildebraut, R. Hudson. Homeroom 127 R. Lyons, R. Middlemore, J. Mitchell, P. Miller, E. Loveless, S. McArdell, L. Lyon, R. Lather, K. M. Lopez, J. Michaels, K. Millis, R. Manhard, T. Maras, K. Mitchell, M. Maloney, A. Manves, T. Mi M. Mansfield, K. McLaughlin, J. McSherry, G. Markle, W. Miller, R. Luther, D. MacPherson, W. Miller, M. Mattoo, D. Lyons, C. McClure, M. Loveless. Homeroom 135 B. Ritz, J. Reith, P. Ramin, T. Powers, N. Place, N. Prall, E. Pulrer, J. Pitcher. A. Pollech, R. Riblel. L. Pheiffer, G. Potter, K. Prentice, G. Garnsey, H. Pelkey, M. Reddick, R. Hutch, G. Parsons, K. Kadel, C. Proper, J. Reidy, S. Patterson, D. Randell, M. Raymond, D. Plank, R. Randell, K. Pawlina, W. Perry P. LeClair, M. Peline, A. Perlowski. Homeroom 137 D. Skinner, L. Russell, L. Searles, V. Sloan, L. Segretto, D. Sollar. L. Rodgers, G. Simmons, K. Sahn, S. Robertson, L. Sears, k. Smith, D. Schreiber, J. Russ, C. Ryan, M. Sochia, L. Schneider, M. Sennett, L. Hulbert, J. Sims, L. Schlereth, D. Rowe. C. Shultz, T. Shaven. R. Rodgers, F. Shehadi, L. Schoch, G. Snow. Homeroom 139 J. Trexler, D. VanTassell, D. Stachurski. S. Vine, C. Trexler, R. Stevens, T. Toole, S. Trowbridge, D. Vredenburg, J. Suddaby, R. Taroo, K. Tuzinski, G. Waggoner Jr., D. Sturm, C. Trexler, E. VanDerveer, A. Stagnitta, B. Vinnette, S. Trepasso, B. Tompson, B. Steele, R. Vinette, J. Locke, L. Vanderberg, T. Toole, G. Lanner, A. Wager Jr., A. Surdyke, M. Stam, M. Tyrell, E. St. Andrew, K. Stockdale, B. Taggett. Homeroom 141 J. Weisbrod, C. Zimba, T. Windgerter, M. Wallace, C. White Jr., J. Mitchell, J. Woodruff, D. Wilson, F. Wolfe, D. Wilmer, P. Worden, C. Webb, D. Wright, S. Walters, C. Wicks, M. Wiegelt, M. Stummer, C. Whalen, B. Wilson, R. Webber, K. Wilcox, H. Wheeler, Jr., J. Burns, J. Woodruff, C. Woolridge. D. Luce, P. Young, J. Woodruff, D. Pinton. Class of 1977 : ' ; ♦.♦!♦,♦ Officers: Pres.: Kevin Quimby Vice Pres.: Tom McMann Secretary: Sue Speach Treasurer: Deb Melino iiiiiiin . 11 l • ' . The class of ' 77 gives thanks to Miss Cain for just being there when needed. Miss Cain Homeroom 6 N. Borelli, M. Bloomstrand, P. Berish, N. Beattic. M. Bitz. T. Alex- ander, M. Bowden, T. Blair. P. Bouchier. C. Baker, B. Aiibin. T. Adams, T. Blanchard. S. Beagle. J. Bouwens. J. Bland. J. Brauksieck, S. Beck. K. Bernard. M. Barlow. L. llen. D. Bessetle, L. Armstrong. R. Barnliill. M. Atkinson, D. Bettinger. R. Beaulieu, R. Bousquet, S. Beckwith. Homeroom 100 S. Bunnell, L. Castor, T. Brennan, K. Castor, S. Cramer, D. Brewster, P. Carney, M. Candee. C. Brown, C. Bryerton, G. C h r is tensen , S. Bugnack, D. Burteh, D. Chapman, D. Bunyea, J. Caruso, M. Calkins, B. Butler, D. Champion, L. Christen, T. Carlev, R. Burrows. Homeroom 101 K. Claflin. D. Clarke. C. Re ctte. J Cox, S. Cummins, T. Collard. M Connolly. P. Christian. R. Comption J. Christenson, D. Crego, K Cherney. S. Cox, A. Clement, T Criss, R. Cieo. K. Conger. T. Decker T. Collins. B. Connelly, G. Chap Homeroom 102 M. Dalton, K. Dixon, T. Dwyer, D. Dunn. H. Duncan, M. Dunn. C. Ecker, C. DeMaio. . DeBarr. S. Ellis. K. Down. C. Dann, D. Donahue, S. Donaghey, N. Duck. J. Demshaw, R. Dreher. R. DelS ' eve, B. Disinger. D. Ecker. V Demand, D. Dearstine, R. Down. Homeroom 103 M. Espisito. E. Genzl. R. Fitzgerald, D. Finch, L. Freeman. J. Evans, B. Ferguson. D. Fowler. A. Emerson. P. Fitzpatrick. C. Fallon. B. Findeisen, M. Friedrick. G. Evans. J. Frear. J. Frankovie, R. Wolbe, S. Faircloth,S. Fryer. G. Furbush, D. Fanar. C. Flatt. Homeroom 104 S. Gridley . S. Gunther. D. Gushea. T. Gates, F. Greeley, L. Genack, S. Gollands. C. Greenwood. D. Crow, G. Gregory. P. Garrison. S. Guernsey. R. Gratton, J. Graham. A. Gee, W. Grangery, K. Gould, R. Gates. R. Guernsey, M. Grabuwski. J. Halligar. S. Gallup. M. Goodrich. M. Galloway. Homeroom 115 K. Sochia, S. Soclua, P. Spadaro, D. Spara G. Speach, S. Speach, D. Spear, T. Spears, S Spears, J. Spence, A. Spenrer, A. Spilman J. Spinner, Ft. Spolo, C. Squier. B. St. John M. Slaehurski. R. Slahl. R. Stamp. L Stanistreel. W, Stanley, K. Stanton, K. Stan ton. R. Starkey, J. Steele, C. Stevens, A Slokoe, D. Stone, J. Strouse, D. Strum, B Suddaby, R. Surowick, G. Sutliff. T Sutliffe, M. Sutton, G. Stevens. Homeroom 117 M. Seeney, G. Seet, R. Sweeting, D. Swete, R. Toro, D. Tausend, L. Taylor, L. Teska, S. Thomas, T. Titus, D. Tomaszewski, T. Tor- py, B. Towlson, K. Traylor, D. Trousdale, K. Trexler, S. Trexler, A. Tripp, W. Turner, K. Tynon, B. Umbenhouer, D. Upson, R. Urshel, J. Vecchio, S. Veatura, J. Verginio, T. Vershure, A. Victory, J. Wainwright, D. Waldron, C. Wall, K. Walters, J. Walts, H. Warner. N. Smith. Homeroom 119 R. Warner, L. Watkins. D. Weisberg, W. Weisberg, R. Wells, D. Whitcomb, L. Shitney, T. Wilcox, D. Williams, M. Williams, L. Wilson, D. Wolge, B. Wolff, A. Wolford, J. Woods, D. Woolridge, D. Worden, D. Wright, M. Wysokowski, L. Yajer, D. Young, C. Younis, P. Zarnawski, T. Zohn, R. Ziramen, K. Zinmeister, T. Ziparo. S. Locy, R. Bolton. W. Ball, P. Olseu, G. Pitcher, R. Virginia, D. Wheeler. Homeroom 105 L. Hulchanski, K. Haskell. C. Honsinger, S.Ingerson. C. Hibbard Jr.. T. Harkness, M. Henry. P. Holt. D. Jack, I. Holiday. E. Haskell. C. Humphrey. E. Hanaskie Jr.. J. Jaquin. R. Demerle. T. Heal, S. Izard. D. Innicello. D. Hunter. T. Helberg. M. Hawthorne. C. Heyn, D. Holcomb. J. Henry. G. Humphrey. N. Harmer. C. Hud- son. D. Horning. T.Hennessey, C. Hulhert. Homeroom 106 J. Knight. V. Jones. D. Humphrey. B Kisselstein, S. Lalla. D. Lamica, C. Kline T. Krawiec, P. Johnston. V. Kykendall. D Kline. B. Jones. D. Kerwood. C. LaFoun tain. E. Kristeller, S. Koegal. C. Brown, D Johnston, N. Kratz. M. Katas, C. Kelly, J Kinslow. 1). Killian. K. Kent. K. Ka-ode, D Jones, A. Jordan. D. Johnson. Homeroom 107 J. MacDonald, D. Lane. A. Lucy, G. Loucks, B. Mathers. S. Manconi. L. Leroux, L. Lom- bard. H. Liadka. D. Mark. L. MacComber. K. Mayo. V. Lancoso. K. MacDonald. R. Masters, F. MeArdell. D. Liptak, G. MacCohanghy. K. Lotz, S. Leader, M. MacDonald. M. McCarthy. J. Linnenbach, D. Melino, J. Maloney, E. Marsh, P. Marshall. E. Lutz. M. LeClair. K. McCarthy. Homeroom 109 J. Mckenna. P. Mercandante. P. McFalls, R. Needle, M. Mitchell, J. Moore, G. Nielson. J. Montague. S. Mulvaney, J. O ' Hara, G. Minnoe, A. Mills, D. Oehs, M. OToole, D. Milazzo, G. Monica, S. McMhanon, A. O ' Learv, M. Murray, S. Merry weather, H. Neaye, M. MacDonald. T. Morrissette, G. Miner. R. Merten, W. Myers, R. Metzler, P. Minnoe, J. Miller, G. Miller. Homeroom 111 C. Porter, O. Pickard, 1). Raymond. K. Proper, L. Proper, B. Osborne, R. Parise, C. Pitts, C. Pecore, R. Patchett, V. Payne, G. Ramin, W. O ' Hearn, K. Quimby, J. Poissaut, K. Polocy, J. Poissant. L. Poppleton, J. Pierce, T. Reed, J. Peneston, D. Peach, E. Parker, F. Ranieri, M. Prall, S. Rammes, R. Pease, P. Redder. C. McAllister. R. Pitcher. 8. Ramieri, L. Paice. Homeroom 113 C. Roloff, R. Rode, J. Skiff, R. Richardson, W. Rodgers, M. Reagon, F. Russell, M. Saylor, G. Ryder, R. Silver, R. Seeley, F. Serefini. L. Root. D. Roberts, E. Sease, B. Sennett, E. Smith, W. Ryan, J. Smith, G. Richardson, K. Shehadi, L. Smith, A. Shampine, J. Rinaldi, M. Sitter, Scheneck, R. Rodriguez, P. Shaw, M. Sellin, T. Sheffner, T. Seeley, G. Scalzo, G. Glenn, C. Smith. P. Snow. Lyre Staff ' 74 The 1974 Lyre Staff included: Row 1: Jeff Noll — Boys 1 Sports Editor, Pat Hannon — Advertising Editor, Sharon Leitner — Editor-in-Chief, Wendy Mocyk — Typist, Anne Mastrogiovanni — Assis- tant Editor, Brian Roherts — Photography, Maureen Collins — Senior Editor, Sue Arger- singer — Senior Editor, and Deb Forst — Ad- ministration Editor. Row 2: Shelly Gibbs — Underclassmen Editor, Sharon Watkins — Ac- tivities Editor, Pam Bear — Typist, Martha Murray — Business Manager, Barb Pease — Girls 1 Sports Editor, Cindy Dow — Typist, and John Holtman — Art Editor. Mr. Baker is the advisor of the Lyre Staff. During the year the staff works to produce the yearbook. Many hours are spent working on pic- tures, layouts, and meeting deadlines. The staff holds frequent full staff meetings, although members do most of the work outside meetings on their own. Humanities Club Field trips to concerts, plays and films are the activities of the Humanities Club. The club ' s pur- pose is to acquaint the members with the many forms of art. The advisor for the Humanities Club is Mr. Honeywell. The officers: Robin Nielson — President, Terry Sippel — V. President, Diane Monge — Secretary, and Ann Foster — Treasurer. ROW 1: Karl Zimba, Diane Monge, Suzanne Ranieri, Debby Baker, Francis Bugnacki, Chris Spadaro, Phil Spadaro, Jane Tanner. ROW 2: Bob Herloski. Kathy Bordwell, Tom Samuels. ROW 3: Robin Nielson, Andy McMahon, Karen Monge, Kathv Hansen. Math Club The main purpose of the Pi Theta Math Club is to stimulate interest in Mathematics and to extend knowledge into areas beyond classroom content. The Pi Theta Math Club ' s advisor is Mr. Obine. The officers are: Kathy Bordwell — President, Jane Tanner — V. President, Karen Monge — Secretary, Debby Baker — Treasurer, and Francis Bugnacki — Sergeant of Arms. Among the club ' s activities are in- cluded field trips and tutoring ser- vices. The club also sponsors the Pi Theta Math Club ' s Problem of the Every Other Week. Student Council The Student Council ' s main purpose is to help the ad- ministration to improve our school and to teach to its members the democratic way. The club ' s advisor is Mr. Coon. The officers for the year are Karlis Viceps — Pres., Andv McMahon — V.P., Janet Willis — Sec, and Kathy Snyder Treas. The club ' s activities are many. They provide buses to away sports events, and sponsor the Winter Weekend. The Student Council also spon- sors the AFS. This includes an AFS dance plus the an- nual fund drive, which covers the school and town. An AFS variety show is also planned. In the past year the Student Council has gained in work- ing with the administration a divided study hall program and a picnic lunch area. Representatives Chairmen of various standing committees are Karen Rumble — Review Committee, Stacie Ecker — Social Chairman, Sharon Watkins, Sharon Leitner and Mike Mowins — AFS Chairmen, Anne Mastrogiavanne — Morale Chair- man, and John Hurst — Constitu- tion Chairman. Student Council Elections 73- 74 Bill Adsit— President of Student Council runs the meeting. Pi Bob Sherman — candidate for President Karlis Viceps — elected president of Student Council. Andy McMahon — elected V. President of Student Council. Latin Club The purpose of the Latin Club is to expand interest and knowledge of the Roman people ' s customs. Mrs. Bramble is the Club ' s advisor, while the officers include Jane Tanner — Pres., Jenny Jordan — V. Pres., Sheryl Stevens — Sec, Anne Ventura — Treas. The club ' s ac- tivities include a Latin Banquet, and a Saturnalia. ROW 1: S. Stevens, A. Ventura, J. Jordan. J. Tanner. ROW 2: S. Stevens, W. Ryan. B. Caspe J. Woodruff, G. Loucks. ROW 3: A. Tripp, J. Holtman. N. Duck, D. Weisburg. Starting and operating a F-M radio station from the school was the main project of the Radio- Broadcasting Club this year. The club also ran th e morning and evening announcements. Mr. Jenner is the advisor for the club. Officers include Mark Humphrey — Pres., and Dave Castle— V. Pres. Radio Broadcasting Club HONOR SOCIETY The Donald W. Coates Chapter of National Honor Society added many new members this year. Dances and service projects were the activities for the year. Mr. Keenan is the club ' s advisor while the officers are Lois Cosentino - Pres., Sue Durkee-V. Pres., Cindy Dowd-Sec, and Bob Herloski- Treas. Trade and Crafts Guild ROW 1: J. Pennison, K. McLaughlin. ROW 2: P Young, M. Jackson, D. Lowe, C. Zimba, B. Haskell Mr. MacPherson, Mr. Kranz. Photography Club The purpose of the Photography Club is to train and to help students to use and enjoy the camera and all related forms of photography. The advisor for the club is Mr. James Debarr. The officers: Dan Miller- President, Tom Samuels- V. President, Jane Dale- Secretary, and Barb Daily- Treasurer. The club ' s ac- tivities include taking pic- tures at sports events and other school activities. Audio-Visual Club Homecoming 1973-74 feii ' v l Band Sue Helmbold — President, Steve Carney — V.P., Dan Warwick — Treasurer. Jazz ROW 1: Dana Barber, Deb Gale, Doug Reith, Phil Archer, Les Wells, Steve Rhodes, Dale Ashby, Tim Emerson, Craig Hopkins, Sue Helmbold, Dan Warwick, Karl Lutz. ROW 2: Emily Parker. Mr. Wanser, Steve Wall, Bambi Mitchell. Steve Carney, Eric Kristeller. Orchestra While the orchestra is a class it is also considered an organization. The main purpose of the class is to study representative orchestral literature of all styles and to per- form at public concerts. The teacher for the course is Mr. Brim. There are only three players this year which is not enough for the orchestra to perform alone. The students will be participating in the county music festivals. Jenny Demshaw, Diane Monge. Mr. B CHORUS President — S. Carney, V. President — C. Dowd, Treasurer — J. Willis, Secretary — T. Checkosky, Librarian — k. Lane. 1973 Graduation COLOR GUARD ROW 1: E. Parker, M. Moyer, C. Dowd. ROW 2: E. Parker, S. Mulvaney, T. Mosley, S. Herbert, L. Oppleton, M. Brate, J. Caruso. ROW 3: C. Maurer, J. Demshaw, C. Margeson, S. Watkins, J. Christenson, J. Cox, D. Walser. ROW 4: K. Shehadi, G. MaeConaghy, T. Checkosky, P. Daley, C. Flatt,N. Prall. The Color Guard added many new members and ideas to its ranks this year. The guard marched in many parades with the band dur- ing the summer to help the Baldwinsville Volunteer Firemen. During the fall the color guard marched with the band at the foot- ball games with Mr. Wanzer as their advisor. Emily Parker was the color guard captain. At the end of November, Mr. Daley, a professional marching advisor, was hired for circuit competition. Participation in winter circuit competition was one of the guard ' s planned activities. GAA GAA ' s main purpose is to get girls which are interested in sports involved in a wider sports program including in- termurals and recreational activities. The officers of the club include Becky Powers — President, Barb Sochia — . President, Carol Filsinger — Secretary- Treasurer, Anita Ridgeway — Editor-in- chief of G.A.B. and Linda Johnston — Publicity chairwoman. The club ' s advisor is Miss Costich. Some of the club ' s activities include camping trips, roller skating, ice skating, and in- lermural sports games. miW v rtTff rtftfgffi M WfF " BBS Jtor, " ' ; ' M Bp ' - " wM ■ BK I T ; ' ' ' ' ' J " M French Club The French Club is a new- ly formed club this year. The main purpose of the club is to expand interest in French. The club tries to conduct all their meetings in French. A French bake sale was held by the c lub this year to help raise money for future field trips. A trip to Canada has been discussed for the future. Mrs. Hughes is the club ' s ad- visor, while the officers in- clude Nancy Smith — Pres., Kalhy Hansen — V. Pres., Sunny Titus — Sec, Linda Dix — Treas., and Sue Durkee-Parliamentarian. ROW 1: S. Titus, N. Smith, J. Herman, L. Bradford. L. Hous VanTassell, T. Samuel, J. Jordan, F. Bugnacki. K. Dow. C. Ha Student Newspaper To provide the students with information about ac- tivities and events happen- ing in their school, and to provide the staff with jour- nalism experience is the purpose of the Student Newspaper. Mr. Decker is the club ' s advisor, while the officers include Mary Stamp — Editor, Cindy Szelewski — Assn ' t Editor, Pat English — Treasurer, Gale McArdell — Sport ' s Editor. The club puts out several newspapers during the school year. Most of the work, such as repor- ting, typing and printing is done after school with weekly meetings for overall organization. BIOLOGY CLUB To allow an individual to pursue their specific interests in biology is the main purpose of the Biology Club. The club ' s advisor is Mr. Pierce. The club ' s activities in- clude field trips to Beaver Lake and the school ' s nature trail, work on the annual walkathon, microscope studies, animal studies, and maintaining the school ' s nature study area. ROW1: J.C D. Castle, T. Samuel. JUNIOR CRAFTSMAN The main purpose of the Junior Craftsman Club is to expand the horizons in the field of graphic arts, to help establish a com- munication between the school and local printing industries and to help the students become aware of the job opportunities in this field. The advisor of the club is Mr. Decker. The clubs officers include Prs. — Lee Stache, V.P. — Joe Kline, Sec. — Mary Alice Jackson and Treas. — Duke Strache. The club ' s activities include field trips, speakers, films, and the Senior Craftsman Club Dinner. ROW 1: K. Hansen, M. Jackson, L. Straehe. ROW 2: M. Strahurski, B. Brewster, W. Strache Drama Club To give students a chance to pursue their interests in the Dramatic Arts through the presentation of live works of theater art is the main purpose of the Drama Club. Mr. Barden is the club ' s ad- visor, while the officers are Terri Checkosky — Pres., Peter Kelly — V. Pres., Emily Parker — Sec, Donna Jarvis — Treas., Anne Mastrogiovanni — Publicity, Al Surduke — Production Co- ordinator. This year ' s plays include full length plav — TELL ME THAT YOU LOVE ME, JUNIE MOON musical — BELLS ARE RINGING and the children ' s play — " Ex- cerpts from Peanuts " . The Most Worthy And Honorable Irving C. Forbush Repertory Players Company Inc. Junie Moon TELL ME THAT YOU LOVE ME, JUNIE MOON, is a story about three people: Junie Moon, Arthur, and Warren who each have some type of physical deformi- ty. They leave the hospital together to set up their own " family. " After several weeks of rehearsals, the plav was presented three evenings on December 5, 6, and 8, and on one afternoon, December 9. Jon Barden directed the play, with Jane Weisburg acting as the Assistant Director. The cast included: Robin VanderBurg — Junie Moon, Don Freylue — Arthur, Steve Butler — Warren, Anne Mastrogiovanni — Minnie, Pete Kellev — Mario, Dan Wilcox — John Goren, Linda Galime — Marilyn, Terri Checkosky — Gregory, Mark Baker — Dr. Kirkland. Donna Jarvis — Miss Oxford, Kathv Kinslow — Miss Holt, Karen Nielson — Warren ' s Grandmother, Earl Green — Guiles, Sharon Warkins — Arthur ' s Mother, Ann Sweeney — Director, Marie Brate — Junie ' s Mother, Lucia Samuels — Mario ' s Grandmother, Lin- da Dix — Miss Grayson, Pam Bear — P. A. system, Woman. The technical staff was headed by the following com- mittee chairmen: Cheryl Jones — costumes. Beth Mayo — makeup, Dave Hollander — lighting, Earl Green — sound, Marie Brate — properties. Al Surdvke was the stage manager and co-ordinator of the entire production. PEP CLUB President — Julie Ingham, V. President — Cindy Webb, Secretary — Terry Powe bridge. VARSITY CLUB To aid intramural and in- terseholastic athletics and other activities in the boys Physical Education Department is the purpose of the Varsity Club. Mr. Sennett is the club ' s ad- visor, while the officers in- clude President — Bob Herloski, V. President — Don Paige, Treasurer — Paul Crego, and Secretary — John Buckley. The boy ' s activities include ser- vice project to the athletic department such as buying and building a storage building, bleachers, clocks, and rebounders. They also help sponsor teams on away games or meets. The money for their projects is raised in a concession stand. ROW 1: B. Downing, P. Crego, D. Blok, P. Dwyer. ROW 2: M. Mowins, E. Green, G. Armstrong, J. Brainerd, C. Connery, R. Makepieee, T. Panozzo. ROW 3: D. Paige, M.Watkins, R. Tetrault, R. Anderson, R. Tetrault, D. Howard, D. Spilman, K. Viceps, J. Hurst, J. Melino. ROW 4: B. Down, R. Henderson, B. Herloski, P. Gerhardt. Spirettes Spirettes promote school spirit by helping out at certain sports events. For the fifth year the girls worked at many sports events. The club ' s advisor is Mr. Grant. The officers include Linda Dix- — President, Sharon Watkins— V. President, Jean Adsit — Secretary, Claudia Maurer — Treasurer, and Cindy Dowd— Corresponding Secretary. The girl ' s ac- tivities include working as timers, scorers, statistic keepers, and ball girls at Cross Country, Soccer, Swimming, Wrestling, Gymnastics, Lacrosse, and Track. Varsity Cheerleaders Marylin Crego Maureen Collins ROW 1: B. Stanish, A. Mastrogiovanni. ROW 2: T. Chamberlain, K. Nagle, S. Cumm, M. Collins— captain. K. Krafft. ROW 3: D. Hughes, W. Mocyk, M. Crego. I ' r T " - i ' Kathy Nagle Terr% Chamberlain FRESHMEN: ROW 1: Sue Gunther, Kris Castor, Amy Spilman, Frances Stamp, Sue Beck. ROW 2: Avis Shamplain, Kathy Kelly, Beckv Wells. Deb Mack. Cheerleaders JUNIOR VARSITY: ROW 1: Lisa Sears, Joyce Woodall, Nancy Place, Deb Johnson, Peggy Nagle. ROW 2: Andy Stamp, Debbie V ' redenburg, Mary Kate Bland, Tammy O ' Toole, Kathy Barnell. KEY CLUB The Key Club ' s main purpose is to provide young men with an opportunity to experience first hand, the working of a social service orientated organization, the role it plays in the school and community as well as the rendered frater- nal aspects of any club such as this. Mr. Tarnow is the ad- visor. The officers are Presi- dent — Jim Linnenbach, V. President — Gary Sturm, Treasurer — Jim Mazoway and Secretary — Brian Roberts. The club has many activities including joint meetings with Kiwanis Club, State Key Club conventions, various school and communi- ty service activities, and help- ing with the Baldwinsville Kiwanis Club annual auc- tion. ROW 1: M. Mowins, B. Roberts. B. Turner. J. Hurst, J. Travers, J. Sloat, R. Burrows, C. McArdell. ROVt 2: B. Down, B. Barrett, D. Spurchaise, M. Wilder. M. McCarrick, C. Connery, M. Schrader, J. Linnen- bach. ROW 3: M. Barnell, D. Sturm, G. Sturm, J. Mazoway, R. Ellis, C. Ellis, j. Honan, M. Pallos. ROW 4: P. Murray, M. Heffernon, P. Nagle, T. Elhoff, B. Oliver. HEALTH CAREERS CLUB The main purpose of the Health Careers Club is to acquaint people with job opportunities relating to health careers. The advisor for the club is Mrs. Kuno. The club par- ticipates in many activities in addi- tion to its regular meetings. The club attends movies, takes field trips to the Sanitarium, hospitals, and the Ambulance Corps. They also help the Christmas Bureau and the Volunteer Center with their projects, plus donate money to Health Careers Clubs of the county to have scholarships in the health career field. ROW 1: P. Lavalle, L. Lavalle. ROW 2: C. Kobiss, D. Fitzgerald, T. Di, Casper, D. Fitzgerald. nond. ROW 3: B. S ' H ' sStTS ROW 1: D. Enders, L. Johnston. D. O ' Brien, C. Seger. ROW 2: A. Ridgeway, K. Scherfling. Ms. VanClief, Ms. Record, P. Bessette. ROW 3: B. Sochia, L. Goodenough, D. Hildebrandt, B. Pease, L. Sanford, B. Powers, C. Shackleton. Volleyball 1973 This year ' s bump-set-spike team was comprised of Varsity and J.V. squads. The Varsity team com- piled a record of 7-5-0, while the JV ' s finished 10-2-0. The girls are anxious to meet Cicero and Liver- pool, who were their toughest com- petition. Graduating members are co-captain, Michele Vinette and Cheryl Shack. Michele Vinette — senior, pitcher, co-captain. Softball 1973 ROW 1: M. Vinette, Ms. VanClief, D. O ' Brien. ROW 2: A. Ridgeway, C. Seger, B. Pease, D. Enders. ROW 3: S. Barlow, D. Landers, S. House, S. Metzler, D. Downum, B. Sochia, L. Hazen. Baseball ROW 1: Pat Engels. ROW 2: G. Dadey, J. Montague, M. Engels, K. Candee. M. Young, B. Radel, T. O ' Leary. ROW 3: P. Beaver, D. Brissenden, R. Williams, J. Brown, M. Campbell. Coach Engels. " Inexperienced. " This word more than any other describes B ' villes 1973 varsity baseball team which included 3 juniors, 5 sophomores, and a freshman. Opposing pitchers fired aspirin tablets at our young talent as a .250 batting average took team honors, a feat shared by seniors Pat Beaver and Gary Dadey. Defensively, catching was a standout with those chores being shared by Mike Engels and Jack Montague. The pitching staff improved steadily as the season progressed. Jeff Brown, Mark Young, Dann Brissenden, Garv Sturm, and Terry O ' Leary shared the mound duties with Brown and Young gaining the four victories earned in league competition. Nine lettermen will return for the 1974 season. Most of these players have gained valuable experience in summer baseball competition so top teams at Fulton and Oswego may find the Bees tough to handle in ' 74. i nr, ROW 1: S. Knapp, D. Mayer, J. Honan, G. Waggoner, J. Housel, B. Graf. M. Pallos, D. Vanderveer. ROW 2: Coach Deloff, S. Prevesk, R. Pierce, L. Sattler. J. Sims. D. Jack, M. Wilder. ROW 1: G. Tripp, J. Moore, M. Tarnow, D. Riorini, R. Moore, D. Feikert, G. Mocyk, M. Jones. ROW 2: Coach Andrews, J. Buis, D. Barber, A. Lamirande, P. Paselli, T. Connolly, M. Gollins, R. Ellis, T. Connery, M. McCa J. Hayes, D. Brill. ck. ROW 3: T. Newcombe, E. Russ, M. Eckel, Lacrosse The Varsity Lacrosse team last year had one big problem all year, inconsistency. Some games the team looked very good — being able to defeat Tully and Liverpool by big margins, but losing others to teams that had less talent. For the attack Greg Cunningham was the 3rd highest scorer in the league. Pete Fiorini was close behind with an excellent year. The midfield was led by Mark Schrader and Peter Krawiec, each with 12 goals and 4 assists. Brian Wolken was the strong point of the defense. All of these players are returning for the ' 74 season so Coach Grant hopes to have a title contender. Cunningham was named to the All-County Second Team and Honorable Mention was won by Schrader, Wolken, Fiorini, and goalie John Womble. ROW 1: C. Dale, D. Madison, B. Tynan, M. Schrader, B. Quimby, A Rice, J. Hook. ROW 2: S. Wysokowski, H. Middleton, B. Adsit, D Campell, J. Womble. ROW 3: T. Wilkox, T. Decker, P. Krawiec, B Wolken, T. Clark, Coach Grant. ROW 4: D. Landers, P. Fiorini, G. Cunningham, M. Collins, P. Murray. Aqua-Notes 1973 Each year a group of girls are chosen to represent our Synchronized Swimming show. These girls work hard each night for their annual event. The theme to the 1973 presentation was the " Hits of the Beatles " . A variety of sketches were used, some serious, some comical, but all extremely well done. Graduating members are Linda Scaia, Karen Redfoot, Betty Reagan, Mimi Buckley, Deb Kennedy, and Dawn Minnow. The girls extend their deepest apprecia- tion to Miss Vonnie Vredenberg for a hard job, well done. ROW 1: K. Lane, J. Vaughn, S. Arger- singer, B. Philips, S. Jackson, J. Weisberg, L.OToole, P. Milden. ROW 2: M. Buckley, D. Kennedy, D. Minnow, P. Reed, M. Virginio, N. Merritt. ROW 3: L. Scaia, K. Redfoot, B. Reagan, M. Maurer, B. Lyness, N. Prahl, J. Woodall, R. Oates. ROW 4: L. Pierce, L. Durkee, L. Kelley, L. Krawiec, D. Hildebrandt. Archery 1973 Archery was in their prime, as it was introduced for the first year. Just learning the skills of Robin Hood, the girls will hope for a more successful season next year. Outstanding improvement was shown through the efforts of Jesse Parker and Gwen Howard. ROW 1: Martha Uhl, Lori Searless, Doreen Skinner, Barb MacDonald, Gwen Howard, Mr Pratt, Jesse Parker, Kathy Pecore, Regina LaQuay. Golf The 1973 Golf team finished with a 10-6 record good for fourth place in the county. The team was led by Bill Grygiel who qualified for the finals in the sectional tour- nament and Bill Down. Track ROW 1: R. Mosley, J. Buckley, R. Nasiff,D. Paige, D. Spillman, M. Sieger, M. Watkins, P. Dwyer, A. Tayler, J. Noll. ROW 2: R. Tetrault, B. Beebe, W. Hall, C. Spadero, E. Green, M. Williamson, D. Johnson, M. Deacons, R. Dwyer. ROW 3: Coach Arcaro, B. Morenz, E. Havernak, M. Raymond. F. Himpler, R. Tetrault, P. Crego, T. Ander son, B. Downing, Coach Bassett. ROW 4: G MacDonald, M. Hourihan, T. Sennett, D Quinn, D. Snell, T. McMahon, M. Allen, R Henderson, M. Kuzdal, T. Knight, C. Lind boe, C. Lalla. The Baldwinsville track team had another outstanding season last spring. They were un- defeated champions of the O.C.H.S.L. Northern Division with a 9-0 record, and took third place in the sectionals. The high point of the whole season was when the Bees defeated Liver- pool in a closely contested meet that was decided in the last event. The team consisted of several outstanding seniors in- cluding Bill Beebe (880), Bob Morenz (440), Roy Mosley, (100), Greg MacDonald (LJ,TJ). Other excellent performers were Don Paige (mile), a county and sec- tional champ, Gary Mercer (Shot-put), and George Armstrong (sectional pole vault champ). The entire two mile relay team was outstan- ding all year long, breaking the previous record by more than 20 seconds, and taking fifth place in the State meet. The team included Beebe, Morenz, Paige, and Ed Havernak. Next year should also be a success with the return of Paige, Armstrong, Mercer, Bob Herloski, John Buckley, the Tetrault twins, Larry Kel- ly, Dale Spillman, Dick Quinn, and Randy Anderson. Girl ' s track and field this year, moulded an energetic bunch of girls into a group of fine athletes. The season mark stood at 5-7 in dual meet competi- tion. Executions of strength and endurance were shown throughout the en- tire season. Showing promise for future years were coun- ty meet winners, Becky Powers placing 1st in the 220 with a time of 26.9 and 3rd at 12.7, and Linda Sanford capturing a 2nd in the shot put event, with a distance of 30 ' 4V4 " . Deb Gardner, senior and high jumper, earned 4th place with a 4 ' 10 " leap. All were pleased with the results, considering many lacked experience. Senior members were Cheryl Shackleton, hurdles and dashes; Deb Campbell, hurdles; Carlene Mercer high jump, discus and shot put; and Deb Gardner also high jump and shot put. Future years face success, as the team is young and bubbling over with chatter of victory. ROW 1: L. Pfeifer, L. Goodenough, T Mosely, C. Shackleton, D. Hovey, A. Mon trosso, D. Lloyd. ROW 2: B. Powers, L. San ford, D. Gale, G. Simmons, Miss Record, D Sweeting, C. Havarnak, K. Dow, L. Sattler ROW 3: P. Bessette, S. Nash, L. Ellis, D Gardner, C. Mercer, D. Campbell, C. Fen ton, T. Humphrey, S. Trowbridge, J Edgett. ROW 4: J. Moses, D. Sutliff, P Brown, N. Hunes, D. Monge, P. R. Nielson, C. Kline, C. Maver, K. Shick, L. Holtman. The tennis team had a fine season last spring finishing with a 14-1 record, good for 2nd place in the county. The team was led by Vince Mitchell, 1st singles, Karlis Viceps, 2nd singles, and Ken Mitchell, 3rd singles. With all of the team retur- ning, next year should be more successful. ROW 1: V. Mitchell, K. Viceps, K. Mitchell, S. Hewitt. ROW 2: J. Walker, J. Wedemeyer, T. Elhoff, D. Reith, J. Melino. Tennis ROW 1: S. Gray, C. Bitz, K. Boadrwell. ROW 2: H. Kelly, J. Caruso, K. Lopez, A. Foster, K. Monge, R. Neilson. ROW 3: T. Powers, C. Webb, D. Hughes, S. Wedemeyer, L. Sehlereth, A. Perlowski, K. Fell. Tennis anyone? You would be up against some pretty stiff competition as the girl ' s tennis team was led by seniors Kathy Boardwell, Cindy Bitz, Sue Wedemeyer, and junior Kris Fell. The all- around league record was not as good as an- ticipated but there is great potential for next year. This year, Cindy Bitz was voted MVP by her fellow tennis mates, as she played 1st singles throughout the season. With a little experience and hard practicing, the girls should pull together a fine team in ' 74. SOCCER The Varsity Soccer team broke almost every school record this fall. This year ' s edition allowed the fewest goals (20), shut out their opponents more times (6), and scored more goals (47), than any other previous team. They finished 4th in the county league with a 7-4 ledger and were 12-5 overall. For the second straight year the team received a bid to participate in the sectionals. The leading scorer was Greg Cunningham with 26 goals and 3 assists. He was the leading scorer in the county and during his four years of play broke the school records for the most goals in one game, in a season, and in a career. Other scorers were Bob Downing (9-14), Phil Dwyer (0-4), Rick Moore (2-1), and Steve Trexler (3-0). The anchor of the defense that yielded only 1.1 goals per game was Phil Dwyer. Other fullbacks were Bill Down, Rick Henderson, Dan Brissenden, Steve Trax- ler, and Steve Noll. The halfback positions were mann- ed by Rick Moore, Mike Armstrong, and Bob Downing. With nine returning lettermen Coach Vredenburg should again have a team capable of defeating any team in the section. Coach Cook ' s J.V. soccer team finished with an 11-3-1 record. The team was led by Doug Wilson, George Armstrong, and Randy Dwyer. The freshman also had a fine season copping 1st place in the county league, finishing with a 9-2 slate. ill Greg Cunningham was nam- ed the teams M.V.P. and selected to the all-county team. Phil Dwyer made the 2nd team and Bob Downing received honorable mention. ROW 1: D. Hitter. ROW 2: P. Bessette, M. Buckley, Miss VanClief, C. Seger, L. Hazen, D. Downum, B. Powers. ROW 3: L. Russell, D. Wilmer, D. Enders, A. Buckley, D. Landers, S. Barlow, L. Ellis. ROW 4: D. O ' Brien, K. Winslow. ROW 5: D. Worden, J. Wainright, A. LeClair, D. Sweeting, D. Gale. Following in the footsteps of the boys the girls soccer team concluded a fantastic year with a record of 5-2-3. This made the girls eligible for the sectionals and traveled to Bellville where they were defeated by Lafargeville. Fun AND hard work were the key ingredients for such a successful season. Overall high scorers were Cheryl Seger and Becky Powers. In the future the team will be without the aid of Deb Landers, Lyn Hazen, Dianne O ' Brien, Dianne Sweeting, Deb Enders, and Kathy Winslow. Outstanding play was shown through the season by Deb Enders, voted by her teammates as most valuable player. Defense was also strong, led by Deb Landers and Dianne O ' Brien. B ' ville X-countrv enjoyed one of its best seasons ever in its history with a 131-31 overall record. The team was both division and con- ference champs, with a record of 9-0. Baldwinsville was the first public school in the section meet, being beaten by only 2 other schools. B ille produced the sectional champion, Don Paige. All- County honors came to Paige and John Buckley. Overall a fine team. In invitationals the Bees finished 2nd at Oswego, 3rd at Whitesboro, Hannibal, the All-County meet, and the class A sec- tionals. They recorded a 9th place at McQuaid in the top AAAA race, and were 12th at St. John ' s in New York City. Junior sensa- tion Don Paige definitelv led the team to many victories. He finish- ed 3rd at the huge B ' ville invite with a time of 11:17, a school record. He also set course records at West Genesee, Whitesboro, North Svracuse. Oswego, and Liverpool. He also won the county and sectional meets, and placed 14th at the states. These achievements earned Don honorable mention by the NE ORK STATE SCHOLASTIC TRACK magazine. OFFENSE DEFENSE FOOTBALL Football 1973 was a success with the varsity football team. They were Champions of the Seneca Division with a 4-0 record and finished 2nd in the conference with a 6-2 record. The B ' ville school records set this season by the Bees were: Most points scored in one season, 199, Least yardage given up in one game, 30 yards, Best pun- ting average, 41.6 yds., Best kickoff average, 45.4, and most consecutive PATs, 16. Also longest field goal, a 38 yard boot by Abe Ellis, and the most pass receiving yardage, 484, by Dan Snell. Rick Monter- ville ' s records include most carries in one season, most rushing touchdowns, most points scored in a career, and most yar- dage in a season and a career. The Bees in 1974 were coached by John Ar- caro, assisted by Coach Kasmer and Coach Assenheimer. The biggest victory this season was the battering the Bees handed to favorite JD, not giving up a first down until late in the fourth quarter. Another key win for the Bees was the homecoming victory over NS, 20-12. The loss to WG was a heart- breaker, as was the bad night in ESM that destroyed the Bees hope for the overall crown. Probably most of the varsity will remember the 20 inch snowstorm that caused the cancellation of the last game. ROW 1: T. O ' Leary, D. Quinn, R. Monter- ville, B. Wickes, J. Moore, B. Sweet, J. Bur- ton, P. Kelley, B. Quimby, D. Snell, R. Ellis, S. Schlegel. ROW 2: M. Tarnow, D. Stummer, B. Rumble, F. Himpler, M. Allen, M. Schrader, D. Feikert, D. Spillman, C. Pelcher, D. Lang, D. Howard, P. Krawiec. ROW 3: D. Hourihan, M. Feidt, D. Raymond, B. Wolken, P. Fiorini, M. Williamson, P. Nagle, P. Johnson, G. Mercer, T. Sennett, T. McMahon. All-County 1st team players were Dan Snell, Bruce Quimby, Pete Fiorini, Pete Krawiec, and Rick Monterville. 2nd team: Dan Boyle and Terrv O ' Learv. B ' ville 29 Oswego 14 B ' ville WG 8 B ' ville 35 c.s. 6 B ' ville 41 Liverpool 31 B ' ville 24 JD 16 B ' ville 20 NS 12 B ' ville 36 Fulton B ' ville 12 ESM 30 B ' ville vs. Marcellus-snow The class of 1974 contributed much talent to the Baldwinsville championship team. The class of 1975 will find 33 returning lettermen to keep the quality of the Baldwinsville football program high in the league. " Hustle your bods " . . . was a phase often heard on the Durgee hockey field as the girls did just that every night of the season. With the cold fall winds, the girls were often out in hats and mittens. Coached by Miss Deb Record, the girls were proud to say they ended a season of hard work, plus many fun afternoons. Lacking in experience, the team only had six returning players. They were seniors: Sue Nash, Donna Gates. Barb Pease, Linda Sanford, Anita Ridgeway, and junior Barb Sochia. A good turn out next year should make a strong rebuilding season. The season slate ended with a 4-4-1 score, running up against troubles with Liverpool and F-M. Much aid came from the strong defensive fullbacks, Anita Ridgeway and Linda Sanford, as they saved many, many scores. This year Barb Pease was voted MVP, as she played center forward, ending as high scorer with six goals. Even though the girls lost a blue ribbon and ice cream with sprinkles, they had a truly rewarding season. Field Hockey ROW 1: K. Sochia. ROW 2: F. Wolfe, C. Wicks, R. Middlemore, D. Gates, A. Ridgeway, Miss Record. ROW 3: S. Jackson, S. Stevens, A. O ' Leary, C. Stevens, N. Hynes, S. Nash. ROW 4: A. Ventura, R. Compton, T. Mosely, D. Sutliff, L. Goodenough, ROW 5: B. Sochia, L. Yager, D. Hovey, L. Johnston, B. Pulver ROW 6: B. Pease, L. Sanford, C. Wicks. Bottom: M. Maurer. P. Berish, N. Beattie, C. Krawiec, B. Lyness, S. Currier, B. Christen, J. Taylor, P. Cowdery, D. Hildebrandt, C. Fenton. Top: P. Holt, S. Durkee, D. Bessette, M. Gray, J. Haskell, J. Baird, R. Cooke, S. Mercadante, C. Nash, L. Durkee. Swimming Breaking eleven of twelve school records are perhaps the finest team accomplishments of the girl ' s swim season. Terrific performances were turned in from several swimmers. The six top swimmers were Robbie Cooke, as a 50 free- styler and a part of the record breaking relay; Sheri Mercadante, a backstroker, as well as a part of the relay and Diana Hildebrandt, who accumulated a total of 101 points. Also Con- nie Krawiec turned in many firsts throughout the season, as she swam the breaststroke and the individual medley. Having gone to the counties she placed 3rd in the 50 breast, 4th in the 100 breast, and 6th in the 100 Im. Cheri Fenton aided the team, her event being the butterfly. Our diver was little Donna Bessette, placing 5th in the sectionals and capturing a big 92.7 points for the year. This year, four girls were recognized by their team and their coach, Miss Jeri Costich. The highest point total was earned by junior, Connie Krawiec, 124 points. Most improved swimmer was sophomore Lisa Durkee. The most valuable freshman was given to Donna Bessette. Voted by her teammates was senior, Robbie Cooke, as most valuable swimmer of the season. 4 • «,« ROW 1: T. Connelly, N. Dunham, B. Christen, B. Sherman, C. Johnson, T. Pano . .o, T. O ' Mara, A. Ibbitson. ROW 2: L. Christen, Coach Grant, M. Mowins. P. Gerhardt, D. Haskeli, C. Murphy, J. Hurst, M. Espasito, A. Lucy, T. Zahn, D. MacPherson. r — r, ± X g. m , UNEVEN BARS — TOP: P. Waggoner, D. Gates, R. Cooke. BOTTOM: C. Filsinger, L. Watkins. i» Gymnastics BALANCE BEAM: C. Margeson, S. Herbert, B. Phillips (manager), D. Bessette, P. La allee. — «l iter — ■Mj RHH i " ' i VAULTING — BOTTOM: N. Hynes, L. Jacobs, P. Toennies. ROW 2: M. Hall. TOP: D. Hovev. FLOOR EXERCISE - FRONT: A. O ' Leary, T. Mosley, A. Spillman. BACK: C. Trexler, L. Jensen, C. Baker. ■ k ' dlBSS 31 (AjA - x ' ilm J -• Tom Torpv Tom Elhoff Tim Helberp Bruce Nelli Bowling 73-74 ROW 1: P. Donahue, S. Metzler, P. Wingerler, L. Russell, C. McCarthy. ROW 2: J. Freydenfeit, K. Monroe, D. Beaulieu, L. Hulbert. ROW 3: Miss Montague, S. Bousquet, F. Box, B. Thelen, J. Heron, D. Monroe. Seniors Jan Freydenfeit Fenni Bos Jurlv Heron Linda Russell J. V. Basketball The Junior Varsity cagers are enjoying a fine vear with an 11-1 mark, and are currently leading the league. The only loss came at the hands of Jamesville-Dewitt. The team is led by forwards Greg Noll, Pat Randall, Brian Reeves, and Tim Sennett, with backcourt help provided by Dave Jack, Larry Collins, and Jack Mon- tague. R. Dwyer, G. Waggoner. M. Fitzgerald. D.Jack. L. Collins. J. Montague. M . Engels, J. Lningslone, F. Randall. J. Honan, G. Noll. R. Henderson, B. Reeves, T. Sennetle, B. Rumble. T. Down isfcaftsi » t r ,3 ■ — " ii m ROW 1: C. Haskell. R. Merlins. T. Collins, B. Sennett. R. Gales. ROW 2: M. Barlowe. B. Disinger. T. Collins, E. Marsh, R. Down. ROW 3: N. Smith, Coach Cook, J. Virginio. ROV. 1: Dina Worden. Dianne Sweeting, Linda Johnston. ROW 2: Rat Bessett, Rox- anne Compton, Ann LeClair. Debbie Gale, Deb Enders, Cheryl Seger. ROW 3: Neaty Ridgeway, Barb Pease. Linda Lou Sanford, Becky Powers, Anne Buckley, Claudie Fallon, Miss Record. Basketball— A Team Sport KNEELING: Mike Tarnow. Greg Cun- ningham. STANDING: Dick Quinn, Mike Collins. Terry O ' Leary, Dan Hourihan. Mike Powers, Bill Down. Pete Fiorini, Carl Pelcher, Dave Stummer, Mark Young, Coach Pelcher. • % W f SBhil Concluding a " wild " season, the girls earned an overall 5-4 record. Standing in 5th place hehind such teams as Liverpool and Fayetteville-Manlius. The team found the season rewarding, hut ver frustrating. Many ups and downs caused many unnecessary losses. This year, however, the girls were eligible to go to sectionals. Here the girls met Oswego and were crunched. Strong on offense were Deb Enders. Barb Pease, and Linda Sanford. Hustlers on defense were Pat Bessette, Neaty Ridgeway. Cheryl Seger, and Dianne Sweeting. Returning members will be: Becky Powers, Pat Bessette, Deb Gale, Anne Buckley. Anne LeClair, Cheryl Seger, Judy Wainwright, Rox- anne Compton. Dina Worden. Linda Johnston, and Claudia Fallon. A huge thanks goes to Miss Deb Record and Miss Vonnie Vredenburg for their time and efforts towards making this crazy bunch of kids, a Basketball team. d$ in v: -. = -0i ri ■ ' SENIOR MEMBERS— Barl) Pease. Linda Lot. San lord. Del) Enders. Dianne Sweeting. Anita Ridgeway. V. Basketball At the half way point in the season, Coach Pelcher ' s Bees are in first place in both the Seneca Division and the overall county standings. So far their record stands at 7-1 in league competi- tion and 10-2 overall. The Bees are a short team but play excellent defense and run well, forcing taller opponents into numerous turnovers. The leading scorer is junior Terry O ' Leary, currently 3rd in the county. Senior Greg Cunningham also comes through with many big plays from his forward position. Other leading roundballers include Dick Quinn, Dan Hourihan, Pete Fiorini, and Dave Stummer. 2f Wrestling The defending Section 3 champions are once again having an excellent season. Right now they are 12-0. with 28 straight wins in dual matches over the last two years. With only a couple of matches remaining the county championship is once again well within the grapplers grasp. The team has registered a shutout (against Oswego) and won all other matches b) lop- sided margins. Leading grapplers include George Medina (98 lb., second place in the state last year), Clay Scott (112 lb., currently undefeated), Dick Kramer (132 lb., also undefeated), and Dan Lang (Heavyweight, defending sectional champ). Jim Melino, Ed Hourning, and Dave Cole have also per- formed solidly all season. ROW 1: George Medina. Jim Melino. Bob Cerio. Ck) Scott. ROW 2: Ed Hourning, Dick Kramer, Mike Rocco, Mike Armstrong. ROW 3: Dan Lang. Jim Burton. Rick Hourning, John Snears. Seniors Mike Rocco Rick Hourning Dave Cole Dick Kramer Clay Scott Indoor Track The Baldwinsville Indoor Track Team under Senior Co-Captains Bob Herloski and Paul Crego had a season which started slow but had some outstanding perfor- mances develop at mid-season. The team brought back to the school trophies and individual awards plus they broke many school records. Bob Herloski broke the record for the mile indoors, George Armstrong broke the pole an 1 1 record, Dale Spillman the High Jump record, John Buckley the 2-mile record, and Earl Green the 880 yd. record. Last year the team sent 5 boys to the inlerseclional meet against the best in the state. The Indoor Team aided the success of the Baldwinsville Outdoor Track and Field Team in 1974. ' -J ,.. ' Consumers - ' ' : ; i J,X : ' ' Sy ' :- ' Our Sincere Congratulations and Best Wishes Morris Pump Works Baldwinsville, New York am EDYTHE ' S Phone 635-5600 Downer Street Road Congratulations to the Class of 1974 Baldwinsville, N.Y. BERNDT-MICHELS CLEANERS, INC. John Marion Grabowski 56 Oswego St. Baldwinsville, NY 635-6671 Expert Alterations open 8-6 Congratulations from Ralph C. Gates Gates Funeral Home Inc. Baldwinsville, New York Compliments of Residential— Commercial WHITE DIVISION OF ARNOLD MEYER Blatchford SIGN CORPORATION Realty Co. River Road Baldwinsville Inc. Realtor 47 South Bay Road North Syracuse, N.Y. Best Wishes Leonard Blatchford from WOOD IDE Compliments Licensed Real Estate Broker FABRIC of BUS. PH. 454-9288 SHOPPE ROBERT BUS. PH. 457-8279 G. 8390 Oswego Rd. BRITTIAN Liverpool, N.Y. 652-5769 Congratulations to the Class of 1974 from Skip Mary Giarranto Congratulations to the Class of 1974 from a friend Gina ' s Beauty Salon Congratulations to the Class of 74 41 Oswego Street from Baldwinsville 638-2661 BILYEU COLOR CENTER Compliments of Congratulations DON PEPE to the Class of 74 RESTAURANT AND PARTY HOUSE BOVEE Downer Street STUDIO OF 635-9340 PHOTOGRAPHY Falardeau Funeral Home Best wishes Baldwinsville to New York the Class of 74 635-6041 from SHOE WORLD Grove Street Baldwinsville, New York 58 Oswego St. Baldwinsville TODAY . for the TotaJ Approach to a Better Yearbook Your Official Yearbook Photographer Compliments of FLOSS ROLLER LA MACK ' S RINK COIFFURES Memphis Seneca Knolls Dave ' s N.Y. Shopping Center Big M Syracuse, N.Y. 635-6567 Dave and Shirley Hunt Oswego Street f Baldwinsville, New York Compliments of BALDWINSVILLE Sincere FURNITURE APPLIANCE Congratulations to CENTER the Class of 74 " Quality you can depend on. " Furniture, Bedding, Carpeting Frigidaire— Zenith 635-3995 Compliments Congratulations from of THUNDERBIRD Compliments of RESTAURANT FARRELL j DOUBLE-B FLOOR NE8-0211 PLUMBING HEATING AND WALL COVERING Manager Dan Capucilli % I Best Wishes from flrTfL BECK ' S NOBLE ' S FLOWER GALLERY J f HOME AND Compliments " We put your thoughts in J P " GARDEN of STORE CHIP ' S flowers. " v Best Wishes to the CLIFF ' S Class of 74 15 W. Genessee St. 635-5901 Compliments Compliments of Congratulations of E. W. BAKER to the AGENCY, INC. Class of SENECA 1974 AUTO Insurance SUPPLY, INC. Real Estate Compliments of First Trust Deposit Congratulations from Agway Baldwinsville TONY ' S Co. PIZZERIA FARMER ' S 635-9377 Baldwinsville CO-OP ASS ' N, INC. Office 4 Oswego Street Baldwinsville, Baldwinsville New York DURBET KENNELS TEXACO SERVICE Reg. Compliments STATION AKC Cocker VICTORY of o i m i j Spaniels MARKET GENE FRESCH ' S 635-5681 LAUNDROMAT Elizabeth H. Beeline Hudson Durland Plaza Beeline Plaza Mowins Ellsworth Road, B ' ville R. D. 1 B ' ville, N.Y. 3 Compliments Compliments in rvMwnnn of of IK jv vvuuii WEST SIDE Arco HAROLD ' S V -- " -- 2371 W. Genessee St. GULF GOLF COUNTRY CLUB Baldwinsville, New York E. Genesee St. { - — RD 1 CANTON ST. ROAD V i BALDWINSVILLE, N.Y. 13027 Compliments of MELVIN TRACTOR Sincere Congratulations AND EQUIPMENT AND BEST WISHES TO River Road THE CLASS OF 1974 635-6621 John Deere Sales Service Seneca Federal Savings Loan Association Compliments of ADELINE LAMB Baldwinsville North Syracuse FABRICS Compliments Liverpool Manlius of 23 Oswego Street THUNDERBIRD LANES f% Compliments C .J " J B-VILLE SPORTS BOWL of J wzjl GALGANO SHOES l 5C H Offers Tri-County Mall vvT Best Wishes to The Class of 1974 Quality Service 638-1919 Success to SUNNY SIDE The Class of 74 MINATURE GOLF DRIVING from RANGE GIDDINGS FLORIST Extends Best Wishes to The Class of 1974 Oswego Road 635-3543 S. Lewis Virkler We Wire Flowers Owner CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 74 McMAHON- SMITH INC. m 1 1 West Genessee Street Baldwinsville Pulaski Fairmont Brewerton The Little Shop with the Little Prices 43 East Genesee Street Baldwinsville, New York— back of Carrolls Featuring: Jr. Misses-Fashions Jr. Sizes— 5 to 15, Misses Sizes— 8 to 18 DRESSES, SPORTSWEAR, CO-ORDINATES We specialize in giving you the best in fashions! STORE HOURS Mon. thru Thur. 11-5:30 Fri.— 11-9:00 Sat.— 5:00 Master Charge— Lay Away— Bank Americard SUPPORT THE ONONDAGE NATURE CENTER INC. 3 Canton Street Baldwinsville New York (315) 638-1223 or 635-9005 Program Operates of Beaver Lake Nature Center Compliments of Hosier Agency ■% Insurance Agents 5 SSr) Association of I s£S Onondaga County TAPPAN TAPPAN INC. INSURANCE 32 Oswego Street Baldwinsville, New York Congratulations to The Class of 1974 Compliments of First Trust and Deposit Co. Baldwinsville, New York CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1974 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Barnell TONY ' S SALES SERVICE Artie Cat Snowmobiles Bikes Small Engine Repairs 2784 Cold Springs Rd. Phone Baldwinsville, NY 315-635-7974 COMPLIMENTS OF HAROLDS GULF CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1974 From GAMMA ALPHA MU CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 74 SAINT MARY ' S C.Y.O. FROM CHARLIE JANICE FALL Congratulations To The Class Of 74 From RITA ' S BEAUTY SHOP E. Genesee Street EAGAN Real Estate Inc. Since 1920 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 74 AS YOU HEAD FOR THE TOP One MONY Plaza Syracuse, NY 13202 474-7411 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1974 from BALDWINSVILLE OPTIMIST CLUB " FRIEND OF THE BOY " CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 74 FROM BEN GARRETT YOUR ARMY REPRESENTATIVE BALDWINSVILLE CARROLS OFFERS BEST WISHES TO B ' VILLE CARROLS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 74 FROM THE FIRE SIDE INN W. Genessee St. COMPLIMENTS OF PLACE OF INTRIGUE UNIQUE INTRIGUING Gifts, Cards and Jewelry CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1974 Seneca Knolls Liquor Greg Sharon Mr. and Mrs. Neil Welcox Mr. and Mrs. Clarence See, Jr. Enders Art Studio Landers Plumbing and Heating Mr. and Mrs. Dale R. Bear Abbott Homestead Farms Betsue Lumber Co. R. C. Church Sons, Inc. From a friend Dave ' s Shell Station William Sutch, Manager A P Mr. and Mrs. Leitner Fred ' s Body Shop Van Wie " OK " Chevy Joe and Gene ' s Barber Shop Vernice Suttle Aux 113 of the American Legion CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 74 COMPLIMENTS OF: LYNN WILDER ' S— BALDWINSVILLE SCHOOL OF DANCE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 74 FROM SUBURBAN HOME DECORATOR CENTER 7990 Oswego Road Special Thanks To The Following People Who Have Contributed Greatly To The Success Of Mr. Coon Mrs. Burton Mrs. Baker Deb Landers LYRE 74 Mr. Florack Mr. Bogardus Mr. Coates Bret Keenan Judy Plank Bonnie Hourihan Cindy Dow Pam Bear To behold a new day aborning. To heerl the call of dawn ' s creation. To peer inward and see soul. To gaze outward and see hope. To feel new meaning in the life you know. To wonder at the life you are about to know. To quest for who von are and what von are to be. To find purpose in being. To sense challenge in becoming. To imagine yourself a star in the heavens. To approach the unknown and ask why. To confront the unknowable and ask why not. To see adventure in flights transitory. To see eternity in truths immutable. To reach. To touch. To know. To rejoice at the rise of the sun. To seek light where there is dark. To seek peace where there is strife. To embrace dear values. To value dear embraces. To seize the present. To chart the future. To find summer in winter, sun in rain. To accept your place in today. To assert your place in tomorrow. To love to live. To live to love. To laugh. To cry. To be. To become. — Copied ;CVf-. i l - v if. Ws- fe £ w : vt ■

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