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 - Class of 1955

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Chandlerville High School - Marugolia Yearbook (Chandlerville, IL) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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A 41 N. 1 ,HM 'Liv ry ,HF f' ea Q r' wv , Nl I 1 24 ' 9 . 97 I .qu L t.. ,451 ,L . xi,-. 1:9--.LA 41- A-- --- W .L -,JE , -Q-xg, . ,,,- ---1 . .4-f-- ' 1 -,K V Nwgg tL I 1 fl I W .HV ,AM A , , fy Y ! fu,x X ' 1 7 .X' QQ j , 'A ' 1 :fi fiif 533-Lrsi 'P-E 'V.MW:i 5 si. V AJ ' -V, . .V . flfqif- J? ." . 1' it -...., r u .A :,'47'3ff I pg: .rmv.g:' yy qty' f-151: w 'f, ,L-x V, if 3 V U .x,A ,.1 ., , C-.,1.1?-4 - E5 lui. .,. K f ' ' ' Af. Ii, r , : -3, W' . ag., , . W UH ,. -s Vi . , I 5,1 I :- v I 4 qi 1 if .V 4 " '.g1n.'b,fs rf Af: "gift .11 ,M-n,,, . 4 '::, L' 'cm -- W ' 2' , -'su ,-"'w,5' ,r. 1- , .. , Vg' 1-VJ, vs., 5 Q' I" f' ,. 'f .2 D1 i -1357! 'Ei' 1. -I--iM'-. 7' ,Q 1, Q ' '1-'E-:V iv f f"'f,! V W -ai ' - . . 's"Y' 'gx , . . 'LSE I. 11 -Lin, 'Ra A .-ff" . Q' , 2 'nv 4 . UT .. Q ' 5 4 ', YJ, 'N , 42 , I ' 'in' 1 'V f- ' lm! I A . ,l L f' 5 Z . , E Q.: A Y.. ,ET W . 3, - ,, ei 'fy KX? if' JJ K V X J ', A . 1' 1 , 1, ' ,Z-1:34 l 5' , A is , -H .k 'H 1 ' fb, ' r kwl ' . l :L i , l I K -' 3,f.y..,,i,' "., V 417' 5' A -. .,- , ' - ' 1 "'l?ie2'.lk55'ff15ie:u1'1'f Af fi--2 , ., 1 f r . . 1-. , .5 .3 N I ' i fa' . .fy . +-1 'Y ' ,ff ' fr " . , , L - 1 ' fx Tiff Y 51:4 ,.,1. v "M t -4. ' X f- --,y A 4 , ,s 11,1 L- -L ' ,VW ,1 1.3. -.,1 1- 3-I - , . . ' ' ' L x, . . ' x 1 . fs. . -. f . . - Ik V ,. Q 'lf' .13 " 'TF' 1, 1 ,.-u. ' ' ' ' ' " -, ,4 -I vL9 W . rx I , 459 . ,fi " ,. ,. fp LJ. " f '. Lj.,,x 'x.q1 'H :L ring, ji ,Pl U ,Mill .,-A 1 ., . ef' -:fi - 11 -, -, Hn ,K f. "VH," .V ' iv- - 1" A ' ' 47' . 5 , xiii ,-' K E 1 :" 3, . . ' ' .F ' .j lx' -. : Y X HA , Ni, , .1 - . '- .. ' fhj W --. , . Ts X I f., il ' , ' 4 11:5 "' -K, -, ,, U 1' , .. ly r I 1 f,. F.,asf.fu'lvfg1xw.w.f4N 5 A j N N J. Ii, E .Q , -- ' Q' ' Q I Y W. 1 , ,. ' -,V , V ' 3, ' V17 .4 . ' . . , -- f. ,. - ,L ."'w, 1 ', ' 1 Y. I 1.1 g - ' , 12, . ' -f','r':m:' 1 - w- 1 . - 1' . , 4 F -v- 1 - Q I I 1 4 i. ' X. px' , ,af" ff-' . FORGOTTEN a,..-. K . 1 ' -new --.... ,- -4 jsut'-1' W I ? lll study and get ready and then maybe the chance XX WI CO!!! X ff' ' ' " XX, f fix f' J f -1 ' U f I I 'mfr I X X .V k,.-Q: W. E. Chapman, Agriculture x4 aa MWC 'ma x 1 ws' We iwmx educwon Q C905 ja W l if Eugene Hopper, Mathematics - C? oo? - O 40' ef 'a 055. 'Z' K. QQ- 5. M. Beutrxce Dodd, Commerce and Latin Harold Wainright, Coach and History Glenn N Sappmgton Engllsh and Llbrartan X 1075. ' mu r 5 , , 5 's is W , W1 2521592 2 f M stffgfsyac tk' Wm 1 'Mi mg w L F sgpvx . 4 Q, xxx 5 X n W fmfiisa, . , R N! 15 A ,N + - .L A , Q 5 2 S -W Q ,N v x Q. xii 41. 13061111 giccafion ..f4cLniniJfrafion Eugene Hopper Superintendent Wilmer Severn, Howard White. attorney, Donald Sielschott, john Standish, Bob Gar- ner, clerk, Otto Ruppel, Eugene Hopper, Superintendent, Virgil Alcorn, Frank Siltman president, Glen Salzman, secretary. racluafing Szniom Glenn N. Sappington Senior Class Sponsor Yearbook Advisor Harold Babb Class President lg Pep Club 5g "What a Family" 35 F.l 1,2,3,4g Ass't Grade School P.E. Instructor 4. 55 Richard Salzman F.F.A. 1,2,3,4g Football 1,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Tri 1,2,3,4g Baseball 2,3,4g "What a Family" 3g Student Cour 43 Pep Club 33 Homecoming Candidate 4g Chorus 3. M JerryF.F,a1S 1,2,5,4g Basketball 2,5,4g Football 39 "What 3 Fam- ily" 3g Pep Club 3g Chorus 2,53 Carnival King 4g Track 2,3. CLASS OFFICERS Bob Chesser .................................................. President Howard Richard ...... .............. V ice-President Mary Lintner ........ .......... S ecretary-Treasurer Mary Lintner Class Secretary-Treasurer 43 Class President 2,3g F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, President 2,4g Cheerleader 1,2,3,4g Student Council President 4g "What a Family" 3g Homecoming Attendant 3g Carnival Attendant 1,2,3g District Music Contest 3g Of fice Ass't 4g Mixed Chorus 3,43 Ass't Grade School P.E. Instructor 3g junior Red Cross 3,43 Chorus 1,2,3,4g National Honor Society 4, Secretary 4. Howard Richard Class Vice-President 4g F.F.A. 1,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Football 1,2,3g Track 1,2,3,4g Baseball 35 "What a Family" 35 Pep Club 35 Chorus 2,35 Carnival Attendant 4g Student Council 2,4. Bob Chesser Class President 4g F.F.A. 1,2,3,4g "What a Family" 35 Ass't Grade School P.E. Instructor 4. Bill Cloninger F.F.A. 1,2,3,4, President D, Vice-President 4g "What a Fam- ,flh- ily" 5, Basketball 1,2,3g Class Vice-President 23 Carnival Y rx Attendant 1g Pep Club 3g Ass't Grade School P.E. In- structor 4. ' gi, I f -Y L 1 Z 9 Bonnie Chapman Student Council 3,4, Secretary 4, Reporter 4, F.H.A. 1,2,5,4, Chairman of Public Relations 5, Chairman of Degrees 3,43 "What a Family" 35 Concert Glee Club 1,23 Girls' Glee Club 2,3,4g Pep Club 2,33 Office Ass't 4g Latin Play 4g Carnival Queen 4, Ass't Grade School P.E. Instructor 3,4g Mixed Chorus 3,45 Talent Contest Ig Best Citizen Contest lg District Music Contest 15 Style Show lg Junior Red Cross 3,45 National Honor Society 4, President 4. Don Hopper Football 1,2,3,4g Basketball l,2,3g "What a Family" 33 F.F.A. 1,2,3,4, president 4, Baseball 1,2,5,4g Track 1,2,3,4g Home- coming Candidate 1,2g Pep Club 54 Chorus 1,2,3,4g Bluffs Illinois High School 1,2. R., wx :M ,- Q- X .- . S . . X in 2' ., 7 :E"'. S .: Q X 'Q 1 3, ,Q X, L ., A - :. 'i' ' . ,x WMS ww as -1 ,r M, ,..,.c , ..,.. t M x. is M X -"' PQUQ- Z ' wg ' - Q X - K M ,,f:f- in 6.13 'r 5 i N 6 W. '45 5 2 an ., X . f E Q 1, Q E M -9 EXE ,, Who Donme i B0 Q,-Y Ierry A Y 3- ' Q - -. Bonnie M vvm. Q ggamn-U1 -eq' J' Ridx f. l. f ,.uf"A x , .Q Q n- v i wwf'f"ay?"w. Www - at H, ., t -V 1 ,,, , ya ,H ,J M was X ' Nm, 3 . a' ,, if Q, , im 459 " ' , ' ,'Q'W9.WL,': Q , .m, 'sf, Ms 'f f - ' U Pr " 1 2lfgJrQi,imv5 ,g'1'.T:?,, In W I 1 I cwkfxvi ' Qnf, ZX W' in ,Y ,I WU' MA ,, 39: w ,QA ,Ai ,vt-1 , ,Q Um 4- . 119' i f .4 ' i ff FFL -iw 419, , 'w"'.. - ,sv .-'S v - 'ff U J" hhfm s YW Y ,,A,,,.-sv" "'l'Il fy 45. .V XI, W: ,A - , K4 Z, Ag? ' .' , ' .. ff 1 E 7' P I' -an -' ' ' ' g vw-,aft it -- fy '- '., ' 71' , :' "-eff'-f W Y O . 'L-uf ve ,. wig, if 'ug nh xf'5"' I V u 1.3 D '9.fWlsNX' fx 1. Mary ,,,..--, Harold mmm I st-Wi CN 000 Eula Brown CfreshmanD, Rich Clark Cjuniorl, Adah Wiseman Cfreshmanj, Charles Birdsell fjuniorj, Rich Salzman Qseniorj, Brenda johnson Csophomorej, Donna Brown fsophomorej . Mr. Hopper fsuperintendentb - sponsor, Barbara Updike Cseniorj - Vice-President, Mary Lintner Qseniorb -- President, Bonnie Chapman Cseniorj - Secretary, Shirley Edge Cjuniorj - Treasurer. The Student Council sponsors the annual fall carnival, and serves as hostesses to the student body for the annual Christmas party and gift exchange. Surplus funds are used For the purchase of any needed article for the high school. The losing team pays off at a Student Council party. Eula 8: Charles - Barb 8: Donna - Bonnie 8: Shirley - Silver 8: Adah Around the table we go with Donna, Eula, Barb Bonnie, Shirley, Adah, Mr. Hopper, Charlie, and Silver. Just Beginning io Build .Fl-QP' ......-- EW: x ' jwgfiif ' "www, U- Q-..... fr u ' . N-A 4- 3 Av v sf: S ..:Q,'3Xg Y L V ' my v' Fi' wi ., ,T sb - ,miss s Q ' s .QM Mu P A.: IIE TWV -"if" .fw V' - v H . Y - U, xr.. E. fm . A .,:, :. . - ' gp V f, VTE? J ' Q: 1 3, , ,I , ' .-5-:ii A- V, . 1? 4 Li Q 12' Q .334 WL L- ' , if A1 X 3 .g ii , ' f if M r U ' .339 mug X aj as qi AY,-5. df' ,s is if 5 , , , + WH " gf' , if cgi X3 af l K'l4nf if wir? Wg 5 X. ' x X .g xx. Q , N 9 -1 fr ay'-Q A X is J' "l WM- Margaret Watkins ex W9 2:3 A x Ox xx 46-: X 6 +4 . ,.. ,.4.. 5 ' Q 1, A- 'AY L 1 - fx rf w Verna Eilers Presmdent Eva Wiseman Vlce Presldenr Allen Betz Secretary Treasurer Imogene Sidwell Reporter ' 2 Z-' Freddie and Bonnie Charles and Mary Sue jack and Charlotte garniuaf Ocfoger 27 if 1 1 r 3 . Charles and Gwen Melvin and Shirley l li' 'K Q A J' BONNIE AND JERRY Queen and King of the Carnival jerry and Barbara Howard and Bobrtrc Richard and Barbara Q Conch Wainright john Chipman Dick Marr Rich Salzman Dori Hopper jack Fritchtnitch Bill Hoon Albert Thomas, Manager Rich Clark Richard Logue Pete Griffin Freddie Henry Fred Birdsell William Field September 25 September 50 October 8 October 15 October 22 October 29 Bluffs Arenzville Virginia Chapin Meredosin Routt SCOREBOARD Chundlerville Chnndlerville Chandlerville Clmndlerville Chandlerville Chundlerville I ,i 3 there here there here there here HA E57 . 2 'fC.1'3Q2.vfM4.'I'?'7' 'Af'v3X?i,,,1LiL"w'ei i 34 '- t ,ff-nn. X.- 1 4.s..N john and Fred - Centers Q 3 S Freddie and Rich - Qunrtcrbacks . QMJX , .ii ji, ' via VK, XY 'self ,V X f 1 Zvi ' i 6 W' , sf '1 ' Q is X5 i .J fu . , gp M5 . .,e.9,w ef, wg -., -...ff f - ingyh V- ' me .3 "W ,A i . Sw . 1 mf' V .' , 'WF' 1 ' -Q1 -f p m -L ,. bi w-M X, - . - he L' . wr. ef ,Ag , we A 457. f 'wr - Y 5 .::.Tff--M. . ..-, X-ff i . w"2f! , - 2.-3' zwgf"'7:4w?".'5 1-f24p:Tfwf.Yiffmff" ' .1 f is f-M-:mm f V if ' A gf-. :M A , , -,M 0",:,1 'Z JJ" SH-m'+'1'.S"?'42??I X'ii:i'--gJY'w-,'erfv'1MV'4'MQW? Aff? asf?-Pwr: 2. fa f - , . -fxgfi-iwwfga y,,yg5,'i fwmw,-pfriaww, .x,ff5?:ig3'.1gf5sI-1ux.fin!'w'iss-'Syl 1, -fi JK- '5f1 f f""" N ,,.,vu,..,-ff Q ' np., .E Hfi-zk. IF'9wmQifam'rXJx1Qg.'-y:"jf,2L'y".,5,.,f4-,H'wi-.A.,."-iggf-AgA,Xs:U1,-l'x-41' ---wiffpgf' 'W -... ,nf 5, 'f'gi,.-'GH I l ' , vu fa gi ,,9'g"'Ff",.r qv ffm fab1Q5i.,F:1'51i'A1'-,,g5 ,f. V' M.-3-10,4 Q fi. ,vw .H f,,. 'ff may 4.v.+"'rf "F X +,.w.n+v2i,g-632+ 41 -wwifimqf "'1g,.rY",1.-, ,...i.4,,,,. "1 . .df va if-ff"-e.,g-i ., x .,Jq,.i,fjfTv3'a.i.g3w,,,-',,piwaste' .NH JIZRL , 4,.-Bm ,J -gg, , .. -p 'pfvwg ,,qf-.g,fg 5 d'.gg4,gf'E' rf, A34-. x "'H4QfffQ3,g2,,,"f',yf'Z4fg:m35' 4.x-f.-Mgw -i1iA:'zM5f.z:ffm, -vie? - 79' ' :',Q-'fm' , .rf .n ,gy 'Qjkrgw 4. " sq iz .gi-ifyzgeffi' new-A ffrxgfgv-v5'fgs.4'w X ',- " ' 7-3-'I. ' . ' 4 X, , , . . lff1..,.? .-Q' A, -"u't.N.,5aa'2rT9f:fZfrf,.4if .7531-S,w1?,fpwf 'i iv.SvQ,.Rv- -f,-1r''Fm.+ L I N E U P Rich and jack - Ends .xi 1,1 I Q '23 Q ai '7 4+ ' 51-. joollaf Hi' f'!"' joofga!! 54h W ' 3 THE COMETS READY FOR ACTION .g..--- in ff I f ' 121 . .- Pete - Guard Richard and Bill A Hulfbucks Dick and Don - Guards iwbtw ml 1 CLASS OFFICERS Jack Fritchtnitch ...,.......,,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,.,,,,., Charlotte Atterberry Barbara -Cox ............. Donna Brown .......... Pauline Logue ...... Pictures not taken jack Fritchnitch Charles Wessel Raymond Martin Richard Marr SOFA Oh! Ore CALM Luetta Atterberry Mildred Clement ..President .......Vice-President Rosetta Atterberry .............Secretary .........Treasurer ..........Reporter Mildred Noel Ruth Kruse 2' Ymarfiiiiti? Barbara Cox Charlotte Atterberry Pauline Logue Brenda Johnson Donna Brown V JL. ,may rp, Pete Griffin, Roland Hinrichs, Charles Wessel, john Chipman, Richard Logue Russell Hinrichs, Wayne Force, Steve Miller, Jerry Wessel. Freddie Henry, Albert Thomas, Dick Marr, Bill Hoon, Harold Babb, Charles Bird sell, Rich Salzman, Rich Clark, Fred Birdsell. Bob Chesser, jerry Marr, Mr. Chapman-sponsor, Don Hopper, Bill Cloninger Allen Betz, jack Fritchtnicht, Melvin Ray. The F.F.A. sponsors an annual trip to St. Louis or Chicago and funds for this tour are raised by picking up corn from the fields, various scrap drives, and an annual ice cream social. Each spring, the F.F.A. entertains with a Father and Son, Banquet. FFA. OFFICERS Don Hopper , ,,,,,,, ,. A ,....... President Bill Cloninger .,,.,,, .,.., , ,Vice-President Allen Betz .,,., .,,. Treasurer Rich Clark , ,e ,. ,..,,,,, ,Secretary jack Fritchtnitch ....,,,, .. ,,.t Reporter Don Hopper - President Russell Hinrichs .,,., ,. ,,,,,,,, Sentinel 7 pigsidem Marv ' ZAA. Marie - installing officer, Patricia - chairman of public relations, Eva - chairman of recreation, Barbara - chairman of projects, Bonnie - chairman of degrees. Sue - historian, Bobette - vice-president, Mary - president, Charlotte - secre- tary-treasurer, Verna -- parliamenrarian :rw Sue - Scrapbook Project at xg Mia te in .1 l Eula Brown, Marie Johnson, Mrs. Gilmore, Brenda johnson, Adah Wiseman, Nina Dyson, Mary Davies, Ruth Kruse, Barbara Cox, Donna Hampton, Gwen Carlock, Donna Brown. Sue Houston, Eva Wiseman, Charlotte Atterberry, Mary Lintner, Bobette Dearing, Verna Eilers, Patricia Erclman, Bonnie Chapman, Barbara Updike. A - iw- ...-.4 rv ll"bv'w'l1l Tour of Sr. Louis-The Ralston-Purina Company. 3. Corn picking. jedturei ,t sr M . I r ,. 'X ,,,,1,'ew-I 4. 2. It fig g vt .i jk' x q I i gi' AQ v"fi'7' in . yr my XA-t , 'Q Shop repair work -assembling a tractor Getting ready for an ice cream social. -rl' 2'5- 4? Q-. 4,4 1 M w'U",,f ' f i , ii ' Q U29 tr U I 'A-ly K 1. at X . 5 Q in. A - if i -W- jealumi sv . X 5 f i as-with L Z ww wma -I The F H A sponsors a mother daughter banquet rn the sprmg of the year and an annual tr1p to Chrcago 15 1n the offing as a hlghhght of the act1v1t1es of thls or ganrzamon Flnances are obtamed through the effortn of the organxzatxon rn havmg bake sales candy sales, and mrnrval projects, ww liarlorre Atterberry Mr5' llillll' Klcltl ' rt Q. 1 it u,feQtv A. .unalt- lf 0 9 e Houston Melvin Ray, on p Freddie Henry, .u . , Albert Tlioinas, Gwen Carloelc, Eula Brown. Margaret Watkins, Shirley Edge, l.uetta Atterberry, Rosetta Atterberry, Donna Hampton Mary Davies, Verna llilers, Ruth Kruse, Barbara Cox, Betty Duckwiler, Barbara llg-ml.- Mildred Clement, Mrs. jane Kidd, instructor. Bonnie Chapman, Donna Brown, Charlotte Atterberry, Eva Wiseinan, Mary Lintner ' ' - D aring, Loretta Hinrichs, Marie johnson. Adali Wisetntxti, Bobettt e liula Brown Shirley lidge laietta Atterberry Rosetta Aff,-flwrry Milfy Davies Mildred Clement Blll'l5LlI'Ll Uptiikc Milfllllwf Wartkiris Gwen flarloek Ruth Kruse Verna lfilers llilfliilfgl Cox Marie johnson lbtlllllll llrown lfxxl XVlSQ'IllAlll Mary l,intner Adair XXVisen1an Bobette Hearing Bonnie Cllrapman nf lIlSlfLlLIUf. D Ho per, jack Fritclitnitcli, Rich Clark, jlldhlndll fa-jj CLASS OFFICERS Albert Thomas ..... Sue Houston ..... Richard Logue ..... Donna Hampton ..... Albert Thomas Jerry Wessel Freddie Henry Donna Hampton Loretta Hinrichs Richard Logue .'.." lZ FR ESI-IMEN INITI ATION Steve and Donna do the mambo. Bill and Fred Tater proposes to Eula and Bill proposes to Sue while Mary and Bonnie look on. jerry and john stand at attention and give serial numbers. x : KN , 9 , Ng ' 1 A l .157 1g:T.f,l 5 Steve and Albert hootchie-lcootchie. 5 in 4- PLATTER MATES Shufflin' Along ,, Bill Hoon Gone Fishin' , Pete Griffin Dark Eyes , Loretta Mule Train The faculty All Alone 7 B , Bobette Rag Mop ,, Mary Davies Sisters Luetta and Rosetta Red Hot Mama My Bill This Old House Little Old Lady Till Then 5'2", eyes of blue Oh my Pa Pa Turkey in the straw , 7 , ,T Eva Charlotte-to Bill High School Bonnie 3:40 p.m. Gwen 7 I need the car , , Melvin ,Q Hu. vii? .ex ., ....,w, QW E' N. Q igw mf 3 Q 1- Efxigiigg NL Ns' I fs- . 1'.?'i'x2' 'S -M. , 4:61, .N-Q, iw' 1 if 'WSE if is? M9 ke M MA QM, Sw nw, ,, iQ!ilW1"Q .. ,,v,f,,A7fa,waSygg- V 059595.12443 M1 A H yf 'Q -- 6 an x pit, S i 'iw L 0 ,, ' Q wiwf.i,5Nzm.1f 6 ..f hgx- N. , 4 SY I J L -f EW4 X ,Q xv, 4 V ,MWF mf ' Y R YN 'Cy . 1 ,?fi'Qi' M- 'N' his 'X -. , ' ' W: 7- new W C 'IAQ 1 WK ,V ,Eh M TK . , f ff ,,w.y4.5 A A 'W my -'un 'hvmhm -,Q in gsgew M Wg-i - E- X-v fi , . . X X. A W ML, ,gm X wg,v,g53' x.1.j, -' K K -,ww ,., , X Qi? X A K . s vi-mm - c'rf3 A 1.6.5 Ea 33, R aa S. x 3 . N m -5 E '-'1"""'i 1 1' . v " T QV ' 'h Eiffii X QE W,gi f Q gg, FFT RL f. Ai, 3,4-1 f M X' PA ,A V 'W'S , fag . 1 QM .X y x X312 L, mln! X mialfilifgsf , ' f A K ulz' , , . i 1lt,.g,V' R Q ' 5154555 if 12 YJ' Y' in 55,11 95 S . X ! ,. 1 f,,, 4, Qi I SS ,4"' W Q vn- ,.. x w , It v 5 "w,M ."' l Coach Wainright ll Jerry Wessel Freddie Henry Tom Duckwiler ' Charles Wessel Iohn Chipmun Charles Birdsell Rich Salzman ?Ioward Richard lack Frirchnirch lich Clark fnrroll Carlock vfelvin Ray llberr Thomas, M WW H Qmsummm D fgajlfelgalfr 9779' QW! Q?o'o'QW' v2'Z'tft+? 9009202 tfimg Berry Duckwiler Adnh Wfiscmnn Bobette Denring Mary l.imner Shirley Edge W Cllmntllcrvillc Clmndlcrvillc Chxindlerville Clmml lcrvillc Clmntllcrvillc Clmntllcrvillc Clmmllcrville Cll1llkllCIAV i l lc Cflmntl lc-rvillc Clmndlcrville Clmmllervillc Clmntllcrvillc l z Arenzville Petersburg' Grcenview Ashland Tallula Easton ISD Bulyki Virginia Bluffs Chapin Mercclosia I i 53 66 45 45 47 46 57 37 56 56 57 60 Chnncllerville Clmndlerville Chnncllervillc Chandlerville "' 'Chamdlerville Clmndlerville Chancllerville Chandlerville Chandletville Chandlerville " " 'Chantilerville Ill Ilkflk ' Athens-Greenview tournament 1' ' PMBC tournament 1' " ' District tournament Bnlyki Tri-City Routt Pleasant Plains Arenzville Perry Ashland Mt. Sterling Perry Tnllula Easton 41 52 59 59 43 64 56 68 60 68 74 E wan B7 he MORE PLATTER MATES I Love Paris .,..7,7,,7,, ... ,AM.,,.M , .,A A . L L L compared to Chandlerville Let Me Go, Lover 7,77,7 LL LL LL .,7,L Allen to Mildred Sentimental Journey LL .,lll From class to class P. S. I Love You 7,7,7,7l,,,,,77,,, ,..777,,, P atricia to Arney Til We Two are One L ,,.. .,i,,,iiii ,,,,ii. H a rold and Dolores Smoke Gets in Your E es LL ....r,,r ,,rrrrr L L LLLLLLLLLLLL LL LL LL Ane 's Y Y Cross Over the Bridge Cto Bathb L L LL LLLLLLLLLL L Rich Salzman One Has My Heart, the Other My Name LL LLLLLLLLLL LLLL L LLLLLL Charles Birdsell You Were Meant for Me L LLLL LLLLLLL LLLL LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL LLLLLL D o n n ie to Margaret Please Don't Talk About us When We're Gone LL LLLLLLLLLLLL LL LL L Seniors Ain't Misbehavin' LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL LL Steven Miller My Mothers Eyes L LLLLLLLLLL LL LL LL Are Bloodshot Shake, Rattle, and Roll LLLLL L LLLLLL LLLLLLLLLLL L Cafeteria Heart of Stone LL LLLLLLLLLLLLL LLLLLL LLLLLL L L LL L Jerry Marr Hold my Hand LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL LLLLLLLL H oward Richard to faculty Teach me tonight LL LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL LL LLLLLLLLLL Mary Lintner Make Yourself Comfortable LLLLLLL LLLL L LL Mr. Hopper to Freshmen Oh Happy Day LLLLL L LLLLLL LLLLLLLL L LL LLLLL LLLL L L LLLLLLLLL LLLLL L LLLL L L LLLLLLLLL L L School's out I Need you Now L LLLLL L LLLL LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL B o b Chesser to ? it-aww R sv H ggggii l L ' . I Ha? , , v M 4 1 I - W , H' bg- 0 M F .3 '- l I' ff ,g.L1... v -- -.f -in g rn-Q A :1. A 5 3 1 U I Wlmeels of progress "l'1lvlvcr IWLUQQ Ilwppcfs' closet m Wm. 1 6 Mrs. XVill Blair Mrs. Budcllu Babb N .... , M ,Mig s Ai ,.,. I ' F if sr '- --,. Z gl i f,- in A, .,. ,W . 1? '.Q 'ae' ' E .:,, -: " 1 I. v.l , b',w 4 - .A xg Nah, ids: Ralph Henry Floyd Shoemaker Loran Thompson SOME MORE PLATTER MATES Fractured ,,7777 .77,v,77. . , W just One More Chance ,,7,,, Sweet Sue rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I rreerreerr,r.r S Come on up to my House Three Little Fishies ....,.,., Barney Google .,ro,ooo,eo rooooooo You are my sunshine 7 ,,,,,, 7 I Only Have Eyes For You ...... Tell me why ,,,,,,,, ,,,77, I laughed at love , 7,,7,,7,,7 I Forty cups of coffee ,7r,77, My Happiness ,,.,oooo-o,,oo I'm a fool to care ,7,,,7,,,,7.,,. I Can Dream, Can't I? 7,77, . 7,,,,l I ,7,7 Thanks for the buggy ride ,,..s, Did you ever see a dream walk ing? , Love in bloom ,,.ss,,s,,s, .7 ,,,,Yss,,s,,,s,sv ,S Meer me in St. Louis ,,ss,suusssssu.s.,,,o. Cruising down the river ,e.,ss,, Mr. Sandman ,,a. ,,,,,,aa,a,aa Why don't you believe me ,s,,... Comin' round the mountain .V,. Honey Bun ,a,, I ,aaa,a,,a,aaa,,aaa,,a,, 7 California, here I come aasae7oss,, The man on the flying trapeze Roland Hinrichs L ,, Marie johnson ,S ,,,s,,,... ,s, ,,,s, s,,,, T a t er to Sue .... so CCCCC S Csoooosvoo , L jean to Albert Ruth, Mildred Noel and Pauline Carroll Carlock . I ,.,sss john to Nina Kay to Freddie Russell to Verna . Rich Clark , ,,s, ,,,,s,,ss,, W iseman's Cafe ,, Going Steady ,, ,,,. Richard Marr to Brenda , ,,,,, ,.,. , , Coach Wainright ,S Adah to Fred Imogene Shirley Edge S s,ss Mr. Sappington , 7 ,S 7 ,... jerry to Betty , ,,ss Wayne or Bill Field , , ,,,ss Charles to Donna Tom Duckwiler Ray to Barbara Mrs, Kidd , ,,,7,,, Mr. Hopper 5125? X f 52? 2 , K Y, 0 is 9 gm 5 L l N Wm 'I ad 1 5 Complimentx of REYNOLDS, SERVICE A . JD HICKORY HILL Q H A T C H E R Y Virginia I KVI I l'QI'f!'I'I'I'I'xI'f'-I'I"f'f' 'KI J QI 2 Best wishes Beit of Wiflaef From the Z CLASS OF 1957 E cb Chandlerville High School 6 fi Chandlerville da Ivan C. Lintner Joe C LIHUIGI' A. L. LINTNER 8: SONS FUNERAL HOME Chandlerville, Illinois Funeral Service Phone 1282 Imbulance Servlce Best Wishes from MR. AND MRS. WILL E. BURNS Virginia ? A I f DEARING'S Q 5 g ,mfg , BARBER sHoP 5, Lv Chandlerville I6GGGGHWJHGGKWNWMKGMMMMMQG G44 0044 C omplimenn of CLYDE D. EATON Sz SONS Insurance - Finance Havana ERDMANN'S HARDWARE STORE V L. and L. E. Erdmann, Proprietors Hardware - Plumbing - Heating Welding - Electric Wiring Sherwin-Williams Paints Phone 1492 Chandlerville IdqddddqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqdqqgqMg J ""i Q c H Evno LET 1 Llhin--1 WHITE'S GARAGE, INC. Chevrolet Sales and Service 117 West Main Havana Dinners - Sandwiches - Coffee Chandlerville WISEMAN'S CAFE , 2-n-v-D-D-wa-n-n-n-n-v-D-n-D-n-nn- BATH SEED COMPANY Feeds - Field Seeds - Livestock Farm Equipment Phone 38 Ba th Milk for health AFR PRAIRIE FARMS if I+ I I 1- r. 1 . Compliments of FIRST S-TATE BANK of BEARDSTOWN, ILLINOIS 0 X ember Federal Deposit Insurance Jacksonville Corporation Congratulations PAUL H. ABBOTT Insurance of all kinds CHAN DLEDVILLE TELEPHONE CI'a"d'e'Vi"e chandlefvaune Compliments of C. E. BROWN A. J. RISSINGER, M.D. Jeweler Chandlerville II6 State Street Beardstown 1' 17 Compliment! of Complimentf of 4 WESTERN AUTO ,,, fl ASSOCIATE STORE CLEGG INSURANCE AGENCY Insurance of A11 Kinds Phone 712 Virginia Chandlerville ,.f,.D.f,.y.y.y.p.D.p.p.,.i,.p.g.p.D.D.g.p.g.9.g 9 nl G 4 L! xi LI CDG-Qin!--I-xl'nl'Ll'xl-1-6-d'J'xK'1l'J'd'J ul ul I I sl I J REID'S SERVICE STATION Compliment: of . PHILLIPS 66 CARP'S DEPARTMENT STORE PI'0dl1CtS and Accessories The Store Where You Can Do Better 24-Hour Wrecker Service Phones: Night, 327-W - Day, 92 Virginia Phone 52 Havana C omplimenls of C ompliment: bf ROY DICKERSON 8z SON DORR'S .HARDWARE Refrigeration Chandlerville CI'tl'd'kl't!-J-.I-Ll'k!'i!'d'Cl-kl'tK'x!'f!'kK-KI' G I I LI nl . . 0ur Best Wishes Heating Admiral and RCA 'Television ALLEN9S GROCERY Route 78 Phone 10 Virginia Bath C omplimemf of THE TIMES Since 1876 Job Printing Our Specialty Chandlerville dfhl'-I-d'I 4-4-ta-tm-4-a-tm-tm-fi-4-4-4-a-m Q .nf as Complimenis of xiii , WEHNER'S FURNITURE 114 North Orange Havana C ompliment: of WALTER GRANT, Florist 1 x 4, Phone 144 Havana N-D-WD-D-in-I1-ll'll-1l'F'I'-IH -F-F-11-5'-l1'D-F'P'i5'D'D' 'WD41' D' fl' F' D' D' D' F' Complimentx of THE NEFF STORE Best Wishes to the Class of 1955 Chandlerville Congratulations and Best Wishes CONTINENTAL GRAIN COMPANY Chandlerville WD'D'Il'P'D'D'll'D'D'l7'l5'F'P'F'D'D' WEST FOOD STORE Howard Johnson, Manager Chandlerville .HI INGRAM OIL COMPANY Washing - Polishing Greasing Phone 672 Chandlerville C omplimentr of ZEMPEL HARDWARE "Zempel Sells It" Phone 1 HBV-21112 'CI-G'LI'kI'tl'Ll'CI'tl'Ll-G'G'Cl'G'fK'C!'Cl'fl CI'Jai'x!'xK'tK'd'LK'uI'LK'kK'K!'Ll'x!'nK'CI'fl BRANNAN CLEANERS We Clean, Press and Repair Everything.You Wear Mrs. E. Harbison, Agent Phone 1162, Chandlerville Complimentf of MIDWEST AUTO STORE Phone 13 Virginia Havana .I-CC'Gil'll'Kl'fJ'4K'l3'll-G-G41'Cl'Ll'L!-dw!-Cl-G'C!'Cl'CK'Cl'LUG'CK'3'G'Cl'G'G'iI'G'G-CI'G'G-G41 :pq q tj gpg 3 3 Q q.q.g.q.g.Q..5.q.q.q.g.q.q.g.Q41-Q-Q-41 41-G tl gf J 1 I Compliment: of Complimentx of HAMPTON'S BODY SHOP ALICE and HAROLD SETBACKEN Chandlerville Bath C omplimentf of COSNER HEATING SERVICE 1 Sheet Metal - Plumbing - Heating -N Dependable Trucking Service RUEL EICHENAUER General Electric Rock Phosphate - Limestone Fertilizer Phones: Telephones Day, 160 - Night, 50 102 103 Ashland Chandlerville Compliment: o BOB COWAN SHELL SERVICE 1' f N v , 4 V4 I r Comphmentx D fab ,gf of Washing - Lubrication WILSON RECREATION Roy and Ruth, Proprietors ACC6SSOI'ieS Best Hamburgers in Town Bath Chandlerville . ., .l.,.N..,.,.,..,.,.,., 'D'FF-ll-PP'P-f'!f-P-D-D'D'D-F-W Compliment! of ZELLER RED 8z WHITE STORE ILTMAN'S GARAGE Allis - Chalmers Sales and Service Chandlerville Chandlerville CARL M. LIND, M. D. Phone 22 Ashland We take pleasure in Wishing the Senior Class GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU TALLULA FARMERS' ELEVATOR COMPANY Grain - Seeds - Nutrena Feeds Tallula Ivan C. Lintner Joe C. Lintner A. L. LINTNER Sz SONS FURNITURE STORE Cosco Tables Restonic Mattress "ITEM - OF - THE - MONTH" SALE Free Merchandise Each Month Square Brand Furniture Chrome Furniture Permalux Living Room Furniture Phone 722 Chandlerville, Illinois C ompliment: of PETEFISH SKILES 8z COMPANY BANK Oldest Bank in Cass County Virginia NU-WAY LAUNDRY 8z DRY CLEANERS Quality Service Dry Cleaning - Rugs Cleaned Feathers Renovated Havana D D D D D D45 D I D D'D'D-D-D'D'D-D'D'D-D'D'D'D'D-D D-D'D-D-D D'D-D'D-D- EUN ICE CAFE Sandwiches A ., - . Dinners 717, X ' ' . H SW S-. X ' Chandlerville -al l C omplimcntx of ASHLAND FARMERS' ELEVATOR COMPANY WOLF LAKE SERVICE STATION Dealers in Mike Basof Proprietor Grain and Fertilizer Phone 962 Feed - Seed - Custom Grinding Highway 67 Phone 118 Ashland 5 9 95 5 5 5 p 13.3 9 3.13 D 9.13 D Ll'Cl'Cl-G-G-Cl-kl'LI'G'G'G-Lbkl-G-xl-f''J-Ll'G-Gil-G LI KI-G-G k!'G'Cl'4.l'1.K'xl'4!'xK'1l'tl'ml-Ll'iIiil Compliment! of Complimemr of A N E Y , S CUNNINGHAM'S "The Family Shoe Store" Your Friendly Drug Store Phone 1023 Drugs - Sundries - Ice Cream Chandlerville 206 West Main Havana I- I SAVAGE IMPLEMENT IH Dealer Phonp 75 Ashland Congratulations -1-cl-is-is-is-M-1-is-is-4-1 in il-cl-cl-at-a-ax-tx-a-ix-it-4-1-tc and Best Wishes DONNA'S BEAUTY SHOP Donna Shores, Proprietor i S . we -A W lk J, Chandlerville Virginia Complimentx of V FINNEY DRUG STORE ,,,,,,,,i,, ,,,,i,, BOB'S TEXACO SERVICE virginia DUNLAP TIRES D' IPD- FDEP?P'Y"D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D-D- DPDT D'D With their 50,000 miles guarantee Complimentx of You never need service CLARK'S CASH STORE Also Firestone and Goodyear General Merchandise Tires Eggs - Cream Bob Lascelles, Proprietor Elliot Clark, Proprietor Phone 572 Newmansville Routes 78 - 136 Havana Compliment: of NE X E ALCORN'S K,j,W,,i GARAGE QD S4O"4 BUNN CAPITOL COMPANY Hudson Sales and Service Chandlerville xv xi v n r xi n in n sw sv-n-m-n-xvan-iw-is-n-xv-in-in-n-sn-an-v-n-M in xv-my my-D-v Ma- Complimenty of PHILADELPHIA FARMERS' COOPERATIVE Springfield Philadelphia -A W ii ' , ax fp' 1 Quality Groceries and Meats at Lowest C omplimentx of C. N. WATERS, M.D. Virginia CI G xl dm! ul xl ll tl-xl'tid-ul-Ll-xl-Cl-Cl-RI-Cl-tl-Ll-G-G4 CI G CK Cl xl C! 6 G xl tl-xl-Q-G C ompliment: of Prices RIDLEY'S AND LILES Furniture Maytag Washers Dumont Television VOLLMERS STORE Phone 702 Chandlerville HHVHHH C omplimentr of . X ff, 9 ui' 1: - .. HUFFMAN'S BARBER sHoP , S WT V5 If . . ww haafzb Wal? Pleasing Service 'al , LA oRossE LUMBER COMPANY ss Chandlervllle P-l"D-F-15-9' 4'1"Y'P'Y'P'F'P'P'F'l"D'D'D'D'IPD'I7'D'D'D'D'T'D'D'D'P'D'D'D' for 7IZp1i?7Il'7llf of FV ' Q. n f Fifty-Five WAYNE APPLETON, D.V.M. Phone 632 Ashland Chandlerville DAVIS OFFICE SUPPLIES Royal Portable Typewriters Low .Rates Prompt Service Payment Plans 221 West State Street Jacksonville DWVDPDUDWVDDUDWUWWUVUPWWUUUUDUWDWDWWDDW ffl Q qc f x 5 Compliments of ' , MYERS BROTHERS Compliment: of ASHLAND ELECTRIC SERVICE 'fo . M0958 O 9 e '4 QQ e5W0g I5 XJ' App X OSS UQ, .4-J ,, , -gr Phone 193 R Ashland 444444444444444444444444444 444444444444 AMANT'S CLOTHING STORE 'k A GOOD PLACE Jacksonvil1e's Largest Clothiers T0 fuv Men - Women - Boys Jacksonville Chandlerville F521 Z5 DR. R. O. BEADLES DR. E. L. BEADLES MORSE INSURANCE AGENCY Complete Insurance Service imbggaiwg Phone 11 Virginia WWWWUUDWWDUWDWWWUWUWUWVDWUVUUVDVDPWWWDWL BEST WISHES--SENIORS DENTISTS BEN FRANKLIN STORE John Byus, Owner Ashland Virginia COCA COLA 8z ELM CITY BEVERAGES Jacksonville Compliment: of STATE BANK OF ASHLAND X Capital Stock - 850,000.00 Surplus, Undivided Profits, and Reserves - S120,000.00 'Member of Federal Deposit Imumnce Company C ompliment: of CCNOCO HARBISON CONOCO SERVICE Conoco Gas and Oils Complete Lubrication Tire and Battery Service Phone 32 Chandlerville C ompliment: of MURRAY STUDIO The House of Quality Portraits Jacksonville C ompliment: of SWEATMAN'S CAFE OUR BEST WISHES Short Orders Bert of Wishes From the CLASS OF 1956 Chandlerville High School D'D'D'D'D'D'IJ'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'IPD'D'D'D'D'D'IJ'D'D'D'D','D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D+ Compliment: of Dinners OLSTER PARROT BOTTLE GAS GAS STOVES GROCERIES Virginia BATH Complimentrof Comgliment: of CHANDLERVILLE C0-OP T. ALICE 0I.IPI'IAN'I', D. O. GRAIN COMPANY J. H. SCOTT, Manager Chundlorville Best Wishes VIRGINIA 1880 McDonald, Mary-Deceased Mllstead, Ethel llletzmakerl 828 West 28d Street Long Beach, California Metzmaker, Veils-Deceased Slnclalr, Emma IBowenJ-Deceased 1888 Metzmaker, Otto-Deceased 1897 Fielden, Clau'de 519 N. Maple Street Springfield. Illinois Flelden, Nlna fGoode1lJ-Deceased Johnson, A. L.-City Mullen, W. W.-City Staley, Edward Nashua, Iowa Vollmers, Edith flienklel- Deceased 1898 Amant, Charles-Deceased Amant, Harry-Deceased Bowman, Clark E. Lyles, Stella iliendletonl-Deceased 109 E. Tin street 1889 Armstrong, George-Deceased Boone, Dr. H. B.-Deceased Metzmaker, Ethel fbysonj- Deceased Pllcher, Bessie fAlnsworthJ- Deceased Rickard, Frank-Deceased 1890 Horrom, Emma iDysonJ-Deceased James, Anna fsmithl 208 Farragut Street N.W., Apt. 204 Washington, D. C. Johnson, Claude-Deceased Pllcher, Robert 4515 North 2d Street St. Louis 7, Missouri McDonald, Nell QLeeperl- Deceased Wellenolghter, Lydia lGoodellJ- Deceased 1891' Carr, Clyde-City Buck, C. 0.--Deceased Harhlson, Charles-Deceased Hsrbison. Daisy Wlhellodrl Maquon, Illinois Lee, Jennie-Deceased Mullen, Mamie lMcCarthyJ Lewiston, Illlnols Rlgler, Dr. Robert 4158 Newstead Avenue St. Louis, Missouri Skaggs, Charles-Deceased William, Mary lShoresJ-Deceased 1892 Ainsworth, W. E.-Deceased Cromlleh, Anna-Deceased Goodell, William-Deceased McDonald, William-Deceased Pendleton, A. M.-Deceased 1894 Fielden. Lens 1Amantl -Deceased Goodell, J ohn--Deceased Nelson, Anna lShoresJ-Deceased Richardson, Daisy lBalllnger1 Ross, Emma llchonaldj- Deceased Sorrels, Leure-Deceased Wsver, Euls Cletsmakerj- Deceased 1895 Leeper, W. D.-Deceased Scheewe, Emma fltethornj- Deceased 1898 Dyson, Bertha-Deceased Lehman, Ethel lLeeperJ-City McCarthy, Daniel-Deceased Richard, Blrdle 1Flsher-J 821 West First Street Wilmington, California Sllker, Nellle fMcDonaldJ Chester. Nebraska Harllngton, Texas Bair, Sally Ann 5848 Etlel Avenue St. Louis, Missouri Llntner, Arthur-Deceased Llntner, Archie-Deceased Loomis, Marie 110 S. Washington Street Hinsdale, Illinois Market, Caroline-City Neff, Leo 415 W. Conedl' Street Springfield, Illinois Nelll, Fred 847 S. Florida Avenue Lakeland, Florida Reed, Oliver-Deceased Rethorn, Pearl lArmstrongJ-- Deceased Scott, Charles Fort Myers. Florida Scott, Irwin 801 Third Avenue Cedar Rapids. lows Splnk, Ernest-Deceased Russell, Nora lWingj-Deceased 1899 Armstrong. Jeptha-Deceased Dean, Maude fBuckJ 2517 Granville Avenue Los Angeles 64, California Ellrick, Carrie lMuschl 906 Washington Street Beardstown, Illinois Harris, Mary fltethornl Virginia, Illinois Howey, Clara QElliottJ Scottsdale, Arizona Larson, Alice-Deceased Love, Emma Mae lliashj 510 E. Forrest Hill Peoria, Illinois Lucas. Douglas-Deceased Lynn, Anna QMcDonaldJ- Deceased Lynn, Bertha fShrsderJ-Deceased McNeill, Kathryn Uohnsonl- Deceased McNeill, Winfred fCarrl-City McNeill, W. A.-City Taylor, W. H. 108 E. Taylor Street Petersburg, Illinois 1900 Black, Edna fBevierJ-Deceased Boensel, Louis-Deceased Fredrick, Frank-Deceased Kirk, Maude QBevierl-Deceased Mullen, Myrtle lSoursJ-City Shankland, Ora-Deceased 1901 Cherry, Alma lZornl-City Hanssen, Nancy QForcel 902 N. Main Street Carroll, Iowa Hash, Martha lllowmanl- Deceased Heck. Carrie lFieldenJ-Deceased Patterson, Arthur 512 West Hill Champaign, Illinois Rethorn, Sarah-Deceased Samuells, Sally fCa.mphellJ- Deceased Scheler, Della E. fbearingl 4709 Clifton Avenue St. Louis, Missouri Schultz, Martha fMcDonaldJ- Deceased Ward, Fay f.Spinkj 4239 S. Clarkson Street Englewood, Illinois 1902 Achmire, Charlotte fMcNeilll Dellenburg Rest Home Scotland Blvd. Mansfield, Ohio Daniels, Celia Uohnsonj 15468 Dexter Detroit 21, Michigan I-Ienkle, Carl Charleston, Illinois Howard, Alberta Qliullochl- Deceased Selector, Ethel fShoresJ 4404 Penbaoke Lane Fort Wayne, Indiana Turner, Elizabeth Virginia. Illinois Zorn, Frieda fVollmersl-City 1905 Chilton, Elsie fltethornj- Deceased Clegg, W. E. 510 South Highland Street Champaign, Illinois Cornelius, Chestena fKeem1el 1027 Berwick Waukegan, Illinois Dodson, Benjamin-Deceased Fish, Lula fAltlcJ Franken. Ewell-Deceased Hyatt, Mae lDearingl-Deceased Kirchner, Edna lLeeperJ- Deceased Rice, Alice fPllcherJ 324 West 12th Street Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 1907 Ainsworth, Walter 28 Crestwood Drive Clayton 5, Missouri Clegg, Kathryn Qliumphryl-City Inger-sol, Fern 210W S. Logan Street Lincoln, Illinois Kriegbaum, Ella iSuttonj - Deceased Leeper, Marietta 31854 E. Scarritt Street Springfield, Illinois Rawson, Flossle 4Splnkl 002 Second Street Portsmouth, Ohio Rethorn, Euls 16 Center Street Chandlervllle, Illinois 1908 Clark, Eva Uohnsonl 1818 Elgin Street Kalamazoo. Michigan Falrow, Noah 862 S. Baltimore Street Kansas City 2, Kansas Graham, Ella CI-Iurtj IGrifflnJ Rural Route 1 Havana, Illinois Linder, Roscoe 230 Sherman Avenue Macomb, Illinois Lynn, Elsie lHashJ Grant Store Peoria, Illinois Schafer, Violet lDodsonJ- Deceased 1903 Dickinson, Leots- lnlmlrllll 623 Atlantic Avenue Waukegan, Illinois Leeper, Ruth-City Lilllquist, Sylvia KI-Iolmesl Keemle, Hazel 111 West Division Chicago 10, Illinois Mitchell, Coar QDavlsJ-Deceased Murphy. Grace 1500111 1212 Stanford Avenue Springfield. Illinois 1910 Hurt. Chalmers Havana, Illinois Mllstead, Roscoe-City 1911 Blair, Otis-CltY Cook. Tillie Qwilliamsl--City Daniels, Esther Uohnsonl 15894 Pinehurst Avenue Detroit 21, liehiesn Henry, Clyde 1110 South Ninth Street Pekin, Illinois Murphy, Rufus-Deceased 1912 Aney, Gretchen 1Frs.nkenl-Clf-Y Baxter, Verdie QAndersonJ 1522 Peoria Road Springfield. Illinois Blair, Dena lDletschJ-DSC00011 Carr. Gerald '14 Morning Side Drive Akron. Ohio Falrow, John Kllbourne. Illinois Fielden, Marguerite-Deviled Hall, Marie Illarhlsonl 805 Knox Street Galesburl. Illinois Mllsteed. Leo 214 South Sixth Street Quincy, Illinois Out. Basel Bath, Illinois Pierson, Blanche-Deceased Schaad, Mutuefifs lslslll 258 Areadle Drlve Rantoul. Illinois 1918 Burreker, Mildred lLe!N'l'l 526 S. State Street Springfield, Illinois Goodell, Horace Rural Route 5 Frankfort, Indiana I-Iill, Maude QDuckwilerl 1820 Seventeenth Avenue Moline, Illinois Kirchner, Fred Rural Route 2 Virginia, Illinois Marsh, Fern 1LittleJ May, Hilda iliurtl 1928 E. Cedar Street Springfield, Illinois Williams, Claude 2029 Princess Jeanne Road Las Crueu, New Mexico 1914 Drake, Ada lLlnderJ 609 South 2d Street Pekin, Illlnols Gerdes, Dwell Oakford, Illinois Stuphen, Beatrice fbysonl- Deceased 1915 Hurd, Millred lHashJ Mahoning Avenue, Ext. Warren, Ohio Lynn, Fannie fLewisJ 509 E. Jefferson Street Havana, Illinois Thomas, Margueriete-City Watkins, Doris fAndersonJ 715 West S Street Lebanon, Indiana West, Bernice QBakerJ-Deceased 1916 Kirchner. Nellie Rural Route 2 Virginia, Illinois Lowe, Alice fPilcherJ 8803 B Speedway Austin, Texas Lynn, Euna QLintnerl 205 West Adams Street Springfield, Illinois Pschlrrer, Grace QTrowbrldgeJ 843 W. Chestnut Street Canton. Illinois l 9 1 'I Marcy, Harlan-Deceased 1918 Boone, Brooks-Dec. Edwards, Lorena QHiermanJ Rural Route 8 Ashland, Illinois Ferguson, Ines fGebhardsl Beardstown, Illinois Perkins, Elizabeth fHenselerJ White Plains, New York Miller, Lena QBlalrJ 1919 Kirby, Pauline 1PilcherJ Whitcomb Hotel Sulphur Springs St. Joseph. Michigan 1920 Abbott, Mabel Uohnsonj-City Martin, John J r.-Deceased Peterson, Bessie Uohnsonj Rural Route Virginia, Illinois 1921 Daniels, Eva fSheedyl 851 North Church Street Jacksonville, Illinois Fletcher, Gertie fLippertJ Bath, Illinois Foste, Sophia fGuernseyJ Rural Route 2 Care Edgewater Terrace Chillicothe, Illinois Lovekamp, Lula-City Mullen, Gifford 1520 N. 11th Street Springfield, Illinois Murphy, Harold 149 South Morgan Bement, Illinois 1922 Abbott, Paul-City Brown. Ihila Qbanielsl Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois Kirchner, Greta fHollschl 222 North Broadway Street Havana, Illinois Kotter, Neva QBakerJ 1095 Bennett Avenue Long Beach 4, California Stuber, Harry 2712 Normal Avenue Billings, Montana Sundstrom, Rosmand fAbbottJ 8187 Cuyler Avenue Berwyn, Illinois Umback, Mabel fArmstrongJ Easton, Illinois Wilson, Blanche Q'I'rowbridgeJ Fairview, Illinois 1923 Alcorn, Donavan-City Eacret, Glenna iSamuelsJ Care Modern Beauty Shop Jacksonville, Illinois Lynn, Elizabeth fBarrettJ A Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois Jones, Maurine 2601 Parkway Avenue Apartment 805 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Mullen, Bertha-Deceased Murphy, Velma fZellerJ 149 S. Morgan Street Bement, Illinois Richard, Thelma lKirchnerJ-City Sherwin, Stella QBurnsl--Deceased Wilson, Irma CCarlockJ 2 Hoover Street Springfield, Vermont 1924 Alcorn, Maude fSappJ-City Armstrong, Robert 2049 Marlowe Avenue Lakewood 7, Ohio Betty, Thelma QByrus,J 3021 Pine Street Mattoon, Illinois Byus, Morris 1226 S. Clay Street Jacksonville, Illinois Cook, Walter Detroit, Illinois Cook, William 181 W. Jackson Street Macomb, Illinois Harper, Fae fLucasl-City Johnson, Althea 1Gebhards Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois Llntner, Ivan-City McDonald, Miles-Deceased Scott, Lucille lSchraderJ 214 E. Washington Street Bloomington, Illinois Widmar, Blanche fDriskol 126 E.. Third Street Depue, Illinois Wilson, Herschel 1205 E. Republic Street Peoria, Illinois 1925 Armstrong, J eptha Jr. Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois Blair, Lillian iTa.ylorl 85255 North Seventh Street Springfield, Illinois Colburn. Glenn Virginia, Illinois Doxstader, Mabel lbriskoj 128 E. Dearborn Street Havana, Illinois Garner, Evan--City Garner, William 1923 Avenue L Fort Madison, Iowa Harper, Bueford-City Hewitt, Robert Ashlanfl, Illinois Johnson, Clinton Lincoln, Illinois King, Glenn 2614 Grandview Avenue Alton, Illinois Lane. Gertrude QZellerJ 23 W. Chestnut Street Mason City, Illinois Lintner, Joe-City McDonald. Richard 310 W. State Street Marshalltown, Iowa Trowbridge, Frank-City Vaughn, Eugene Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois 1926 Anderson, Harry 538 N. Broadway Havana, Illinois Blair, Florence fPhelpsJ 723 North Plum Street Havana, Illinois Carr, Giles Soil Conservation Service City Building Quincy, Illinois Colburn, Florence fBlairJ Virginia, Illinois Cutlip, Helen lAbbottJ 209 S. Monroe Street Streator, Illinois Gasper, Edna Mae fKingj-City Garner, Walter-Deceased Harper, Burdett 1025 Isaac Pearl Manilla, Philippine Islands Jewell, Dorothy fHaynesJ 1027 Berwick Blvd. Waukegan, Illinois Johnson, Violet QHohimerl Rural Route Bath, Illinois Mayhall, Mazie QCarlockJ- Deceased McDonald, Thomas 666 Ottawa Street Ottawa, Illinois Miller, Lloyd Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois Sarff, Robertine fWilsonl Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois Vaughn, Addison Quiver Beach Havana, Illinois Warner, Mildred fSa.muelsJ-City Wilson, Alma lsalzmanj 1205 E. Republic Street Peoria, Illinois 1927 Brown, Helen Qllurphyl fLynnl 6608 Hereford Drive Los Angeles 22, California Combs, Glenna QDanielsl 609 Ellis Street Peoria, Illinois Cook, Blanche QAbbottl-Deceased Crumrin, Arthur Rural Route 3 Virginia, Illinois Daniel, Victor Genoa, Illinois Garner, Edna fMarcyJ-City Marcy, Bernita-City McDonald, Davidee iAmantj-City Mullen, John Rural Route 3 Lewistown, Illinois Largent, Forrest-City Stuber, Herschel 302 Normal Avenue Normal, Illinois Trowbridge, Watson-City Wilson, Dorothy 613 Arlington Place Chicago 14, Illinois 1928 Bieber, Marie fZellerJ 15 Sunset Drive Jacksonville, Illinois Blair, Henry 339 South 12th Street Quincy, Illinois Carlock, Raymond 922 Hurlbert Street Peoria, Illinois Gebhards, Edward 7616 Santa Monica Normandy, Missouri Gum, Hazel QChiltonJ Tallula, Illinois Hudspeth, Gladys 1SamuelsJ Petersburg, Illinois Koch, Joseph Maurer, Vera iMcArthurJ 804 Fayette Street Springfield, Illinois McDonald, Carl 502 E. Avenue N. W. Cedar Rapids, Iowa Owen, Vera 1Daniell Rural Route 2 Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin Phelps, Russell Salzman, Glenn Rural Route Virginia, Illinois Saye, Elmo Tozer, Winona fArmstrongJ 517 W. Adams Street Petersburg, Illinois Wentzel, Imogene QWilhlte J 14110 Rossini Drive Detroit, Michigan 1929 Ainsworth, Irene Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois Anderson, Buleah QGerdesl Virginia, Illinois Briar, Dorothy fSmithJ Virginia, Illinois Bryant, Alice QDillowJ Godfrey, Illinois Clegg, Louis 2114 Sherman Avenue Evanston, Illinois Cook, Kenneth 2425 Main Street Alton, Illinois Cook, Lenna flshmaelj 2425 Main Street Alton, Illinois Garner, J ack-City Garner, Vernon Riverwood Route Noblesville, Indiana Haynes, Julia 1027 Berwick Blvd. Waukegan, Illinois King, Dale 1205 East Republic Peoria, Illinois Nollsch, Julius 114 South 2d Street West Branch, Michigan Ogden, Ethel fJohnsonJ 205 E. Garfield Street Bartonville, Illinois Oleson, Thomas-Deceased Sheedy, Frank 9442 E. Underwood Street Pico, California Smith, Ruth Post Office Box 2774 Philippine Islands-Manllla Vaughn, Damis Vaughn, Katherine 515 South 7th Street Springfield, Illinois Vaughn, Louise QCrumrln1 Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois Vollmers. Paul 1117 S. Hamlin Avenue Park Ridge, Illinois 1930 Beat, Pauline QGebha.rdsj New Berlin. Illinois Brady, Zelda lWllliamsJ Morton Road Peoria 8, Illinois Brownback. Helen lMlllerJ Ashland. Illlnols Csrlock, Jessle IBlalrJ-Deceased Connett, Velma 1MlllerJ Bath, Illlnols Elchenauer, Ruel-City Ellers, IA.Vern Rural Route Chandlervllle, Illlnols Garner, Gerald-Clty Geist, Isabelle 1WilhlteJ qnrogserl Box 501 Ripon, Callfornla Llntner. Imogene lbletschj-Clf-Y Miller, Alice Marie KCOODOU Rural Route Chandlervllle, Illlnols Murphy, Lucille 1GarnerJ-Clty McArthur, Donald Rural Route 1 Flndlay, Illlnols Neff, Wllllam-City Henry, Paul-City Phelps, Dorothy llluffmanj Oakford, Illlnols Schoonover, Faye fWatklnsl 628 E. Washington Street East Peorla. Illlnols Toland, Dorothea fMlllerl Rural Route Chsndlerville. Illlnola Troster, Elisabeth QNollschl 2014 E. Adele Street Anaheim. Callfornla Turner, Joseph Care Albert Hall Rural Route Jacksonville, Illlnois Woodnrff. Paul Rome, Illlnols 1951 Aars, Paullne fMurph!l Curacao Dutch West Indlsa Abbott. Vertis Rural Route Chandlerville, Illlnols Alllson, Carrie Belle QAbbottJ Rio Linda, Callfornla Blalr, Walter 1002 W. Monroe Street Auburn, Illlnols Brauer, Ewell Oakford, Illlnols Danlels, Sherwood 1111 McA-rthur Highway Peoria 5, Illinlos Gebhards, Eleanor 2744 North Plnegrove Plnewood Hotel Chicago, Illlnols Sarff, Russell 807 S. 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Laura fVa.ughnJ-City Dletech, William 781 South Grand Avenue West ' Sprlrmfleld, Illinois Garner, Kendall Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois Gibson, Alice 1AbbottJ 5391 Del Norte Avenue Sacramento, California Griffin, Ruby 1StremmlngJ Virglnia, Illinols Griffin, Wlllls 1610 South Street Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin High, Wllma lMlIs'teadJ 875 Highland Avenue Kenmore, New York Johnson, John Virginia. Illinois Zlllllm. Walter Ashland, Illlnols 1984 Bolles, Mary KPlunkettJ 380 Newton Avenue Riverhead Long Island, N. Y. Caseheer, Ines Clark, Helen 1BoenselJ 7809 Burrwood Drive Normandy 21, Missouri Collins, Cllfford 1680 Twenty-second Street Rockford, Illinois Fielden, Donald-City Gallagher, Emma fsmlthl 216 Howard Avenue Rockville, Indiana Gehhards. Dwight 285 McQueen Street Peoria., Illinois Hill, Beulah 1Srnith7-City McArthur, Ivan 212 North Illinois Springfield. Illinois McLln, Robert Rural Route Virginia, Illinois Perrlne, Luther 1620 Twenty-second Street Rockford, Illinois Phelps, Earl Oakford. Illlnols Pflel, Herbert-Deceased Smith, Lowell 2987 Fox Road Springfield, Illlnols Taylor, Mary Louise fDorrl Rural Route Virginia, Illlnols Thomas, Royal-City Wahlfeld, Kathryn Mae-City Woodward, Mary Etta fAmantJ 222 North Frink Street Poorla, Illinois 1985 Boensel, Lowe 1Dietsohl--City Bragg, Robertina fGarnerl 210 Globe Street East Peoria, Illinois Cook, Joe North Walnut Street Road Springfield, Illinois Deering, Doris iLoefflerJ 210 Chicago Street East Peoria, Illinois Finn, Leo Rural Route Virginia, Illinois Force, Russell 8601 South Sycamore Avenue Los Angeles, California Garner. Elliott-City Hill, Amel 1828 Seventeenth Street Moline, Illinois Hlmmel, Louise Uurgensl Topeka, Illinois Hood, Marguerite fJohnsonl 210 Adams Street Beardstown, Illinois Houston, John 2255 West Ninth Street Rear Box Gary, Indians Johnson, Cleo Koehne, Floyd 284 Meridian Street Nashville. Tennessee McDonald,'Msrgaret fzellerl Virginia, Illinois Lucas, Allen T. 2216 Whittier Avenue Sprlngfield, Illinois Thomas, Helen fJohnsonJ 624 South Pearl Street Havana, Illinois Vollmers, George-City Watkins, Lloyd Rural Route Chandlervllle, Illinois Wiseman, Kenneth-City 1985 Anderson. Donald Rural Route 2 Springfield, Illinois Armstrong, Lawrence Rural Route Lima.. Ohio Bair, Lyle Easton, Illinois Carloek, Carroll-City Clonlnler, Annabell QCookl-C Rural Route Chandlervllle, Illinois Davis, John B. Jr. 428 East Dearborne Street Havana, Illinois Elchenauer, Thelma-City Force, Virgel 18852 Bucknell Road Saratoga, California Harbison, Edward 617 North Pearl Street Havana, Illinols Jackson, Josephine Qltlrchnerl Rural Route Chandlervllle, Illlnols Morrow, Howard Kllbourne, Illlnols Murphy, J. G. Jacksonville, Illlnols Murphy, Vlvtan QGarnerJ Jacksonville, Illinois Murphy. Hubert 2362 Twentynlnth Street Moline, Illinois Ross, Robert 8497 Leo Street Alton, Illinois Sarff. Beverly f1'IarperJ Washington, Illinois ity Sarff. Orlenna lCo1linsJ 8481 Parkside Avenue Rockford. Illinois Taylor, Shirley Ann lLynnJ Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois Weaver. Russell Oakford, Illinois Workman, Carl-City Walker, Elisabeth 1Bls.lrJ Ashland, Illinois 1987 Ainsworth, Albert Rural Route Clxandlerville, Illinois Atterberry, Wayne-City Blair, Marjorie 1Michaell Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois Bmrmaster, Helen lDearlngJ Bloomington, Illinois Craggs, Gerald 5440 White Oak Avenue Hammond, Indiana Fielden, Clark Petersburg, Illinois Finn. Gerald Vlrlinla. Illlnols Fletcher, Raymond 405 West Reeervior Street Peoria, Illlnols Garner, Robert 1619 Elmwood Avenue Jacksonville, Illinois Greb, Charles 1740 Hillmont Drive Nashville, Tennessee Hampton, Marguerite 1Hohi erj m -City mu, Mary lSmlthJ 1823 Seventeenth Street Moline, Illinois Johnson, Arthur Lee Jr.-Dec Koehm. Selma fMareyJ fPflelJ 2154 Catalpa. Street Anaheim, California Loan, Doris 1Garnerl Virginia., Illinois Malllcoat. Maxine lBlalrJ Heyworth, Illinois Sarff, Marguerite fLynnJ 1414 Catherine Street J ollet. Illinois Slltman, Catherine f'I'aylor1 Virginia, Illinois Spires, Mary Ann fBoenselJ Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois Thomas, DuWay'neClty Welsch, Margaret fCleggl 415 Prospect Street Kewanee, Illinois White. Mary Jeanette lVollmersl Rural Route 4 Morocco Lodge Motel Meridian, Mississippi Workman, Harold 111 South Market Street Hartford. Illinois Workman, Herbert 8 North Main Street' Woodrlver, Illinois 1938 Amrber-ry. Fu qsbbom-ony Baker, Major Marshall M.A.A.G. France APO 58, cfo Postmaster New York, New York Barrett. Roy Naples, Illinois Collins, Charles Jr. 1141 Barton Avenue Rockford, Illinois Chilton, Herschel 1200 East 9th Street Beardstown, Illinois Clemons, Carroll 1307 North Monroe Street Peoria, Illinois Decker, Mary QFinnj 222 West Hardin Street Virginia., Illinois Dick, Floyd-Dec Dietsch, Marion-City Fielden, Mildred fEiler-sl-City Fletcher, Stella fHa.rrisJ Topeka, Illinois Frankenfield, Carl 413 West Carpenter Street Springfield, Illinois Griffin. Herschel-City Guernsey, Raymond 821 Spring Street Peoria, Illinois Henry, Nelda lliirchneri -City Hindrichs, Rolland 827 Bryon Street Amarillo, Texas King, Murl-City Kramer, Mae CAbbottJ Rural Route Bath, Illinois McArthur, J. T. Sangamo Heights Springfield, Illinois Ring, George 4807 N. E. Rodney Avenue Portland 11, 0reB0l1 Ring, Katherine iRossl Virginia, Illinois Smith, Bernice QClemonsJ Rural ,Route 1 Green Castle. Missouri Stock, Helen Marie fLynnJ Rural Route Virginia, Illinois Tinsley, Hazel fMillerl Ashland, Illinois 1989 Armstrong, Charles 2325 Isabelle Avenue Wilmar, California Barton, Dorothy fspencerl 907 Calander Street Eureka, Illinois Blair, Letitia fLynnJ 110 Washington Avenue Beardstown, Illinois Boehner, Marie lMorrowJ 808 West Elm Street Taylqrville, ,Illinois Capper. Paul Rural Route 1 Peoria, Illinois Colston, Franklin Rural Route Mt. Sterling, Illinois Cook, Clifford Jr. Abtrtment 98-C Gaffey Heights Fort Knox, Kentucky Cook, Elsie Mae fHl.l'bll0lll North Walnut Street Road Rural Route 2 Springfield, Illinois Cook, Gladys iGerdesJ 982 South Diamond Street Jacksonville, Illinois Davis, Robert 313 Hithland 2600 Pasfield Springfield, Illinois Dietsch, Harry J r.-City Dodds, Muriel fliirchnerj Rural Route Virginia, Illinois Eilers, Delbert-U.S. Navy Garner, Mae Elizabeth fFieldenJ Rural Route Virginia, Illinois Gel-des, Verne Bath, Illinois Harper, Maynard-City Hauser, June fAneyJ 1027 Manning Court Flint, Michigan Hinrichs, Elisabeth fKingJ 827 Bryon Street Amarillo, Texas Krohe, Robert-Dec Koehne, Frank Jr. 2100 Holmes Avenue Springfield, Illinois Lelnberger, Vida Lou fMcLinJ Rural Route Petersburg, Illinois Lynn, Elmer Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois Lynn, Tilden Rural -Route Chandlerville, Illinois Michael, Donald 813 West Kimble Street Springfield, Illinois Michael, Elga CWilhiteJ Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois Murphy, Gene Hillsbom. Illinois Thomas, Cubelle lBoenselJ Oakford, Illinois Watkins, Betty QTheivagtJ Box 789 Vale, Oregon Watkins, Paul Box 739 Vale, Oregon Weaver, Herschel 303 East Chatnut Street Bloomington, Illinois Workman, Wanda QS8-lldlkel-City' 1940 Baxter, John Herbert Illiopolis, Illinois Baxter, Rosemary fZellerl Illiopolis, Illinois Blair, Ernest 110 Washington Street Beardstown, Illinois Capper, Charles 2132 Knoxville Street Peoria, Illinois Carrigon, Robertine QGerdesJ Chapin, Illinois Force, Robert--City Foster, Paul Dow Garner, Marion 241 Floyd Street East Peoria 8, Illinois Hankins, Robert Hobbs: William Jacksonville, Illinois Irlam, Helene fR068l Woodson, Illinois Leinberger, Robert Rural Route Petersburg Illinois Lounsberry. Flvfifhe KDHVUT Rural Route Oakford, Illinois Lynn, Dorothy Mae fBlairi Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois Miller, Raymond Delavin, Illinois Milstead, E. R. Jr. Rural Route Oakford, Illinois McLin, Wayne Ashland, Illinois Reissen, Mariorie fSmi.thJ 348 Catherine Street Perin, Illinois Reynolds, Wayne-City Stone, Marilyn QDickJ Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois Workman, Lula-Dee 1941 Amant, Mary 3641 West 63rd Street Chicago, Illinois Armstrong, Garland 600 Sterling Avenue Peoria, Illinois Bender, Julian 809 Rosel Court Joliet, Illinois Carpenter, Edison 119 Champa Pratt, Kansas Capper, Opal CWilliamJ Rural Route Peorial, Illinois Cook, William-City Dietsch, James-City Dixon, Marguerite lAndersonJ 2114 South 16th Street Springfield, Illinois Eilers, Elvin 124 Virginia Avenue Creve Couer, Illinois Force, Johnny Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois Glick, Arthur Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois Guernsey, Hazel Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois Harbison, R. F.-City Hurt, Eugene 1826 North Madison Peoria, Illinois Ingram, Ernestine fDysonJ Rural Route German Valley, Illinois Ishmael, Dwight Rural Route Godfrey, Illinois King. Irene CGeissJ-City Miller, James Rural Route Bath, Illinois Mush, Maxine fLeinbergerJ Green Valley, Illinois McCormick, Eugene Noltensmeier, Lois fFriendJ Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois Otto, Rosalyn fEverhartl Box 41 Atterberry, Illinois Ross, Charles 624 Pasfield Street Springfield, Illinois Sandige, Eleanor CBlairj Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois Sinclair, Alvenia fFinnJ 221 South Morgan Virginia, Illinois Sturdy, Eileen fRolof!J 831 S. 25th St. Springfield, Illinois Theivagt, Eleanor 427 West Vine Street Springfield, Illinois Weaver, Eugene Pettersburg, Illinois Williams, Freddie 1100 South Water Street Havana, Illinois Witherall, Carl 1489 Florence Avenue Galesburg, Illinois Workman, Donald 93216 Doolin Avenue Jacksonville, Illinois Walters, Dorothy Mae f0gdenJ 3217 Parish Avenue Peoria, Illinois 1942 Bruno, Ralph 718 North 6th Street Springfield, Illinois Carlock, Jack-City Cook, Eula Marie fEddlngaJ Apartment 98-C Gaffey Heights Fort Knox, Kentucky Coy, Dorothy fMichaelJ 1829 North 32d Street Springfield, Illinois Eilers, Evelyn 1BlaieJ 124 Virginia Avenue Creve Couer, Illinois Hess, Lavon fBennettJ Rural Route No. 4 Salem, Illinois Harbison, Betty CCarpenterJ-City Hill, Clifford Johnson, Harold 608 Wall Street Beardstown, Illinois Jordan, Fae-City Kirchner, Roy Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois Logue, Harold 2214 Third Avenue Moline, Illinois Mendenhall, Betty Lou Izellerj 808 Scheen Street East Peoria, Illinois Reitzel, Lyle Sielschott, Fae June fFleldenJ Rural Route Virginia, Illinois Verdun, Darlene fsarffl Box 17 Dakota, Illinois Wiseman, Bert Rural Route No. 4 Macomb, Illinois 1943 Amant, C. L. 2217 East Laurel Street Springfield, Illinois Bast, Francis 5320 North Winthrop Chicago, Illinois Beck, William 138 Findlay Street York, Pennsylvania Doeker, Dale Carpenter, Dorothy iCookJ Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois Cook, Marjorie fChiltonJ-City Blakeman, Vivian IGeissJ Rural Route Beardstown, Illinois Davidsmeier, Betty QCoxJ-City Dyson, Edwin South Pear Street Havana, Illinois Fletcher, Beulah iwatkinsj-City Fortney, Kenneth Havana, Illinois Glick, Jean fWaddellJ Rural Route Chandlervillenlllinois Kern, LeRoy Pleasant Plains, Illinois Leinberger, Doris lDuckwllerJ Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois Lynn, James-U. S. Air Force Parrish, Ellajean QGarne.rJ-City Sutton, William 2509 Sherwood Street Springfield, Illinois Waddell, Urban cfo Ira Waddel Chandlerville, Illinois Williams, Fredonia 1100 South Water Street Havana, Illinois 1944 Bare, Dorothy Jean fDysonJ Talat Chiengkam Changwat Chienengral, Thailand Cadamuro, Mary Lee lBeckj 433 N. W. 87th Street Miami, Florida Carter, Kathryn QDavisj 520 North 6th Street Springfield, Illinois Cate, Lillian CCapperJ Rural Route No. 2 Camp Point, Illinois Fulton, Betty Jo-City Finch, Vera QMcLini Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois Hlndrichs, Edwin Atterberry, Illinois Jordan, Charles Rural Route Virginia, Illinois Kem, Mary fAnderson3 3212 Butler Street Springfield, Illinois Kramer, Maxine lBennettj Easton, Illinois Marcy, Addison Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois Mibbs, Herschel-City Sarff, Margaret fDickj Wauconda, Illinois Marcy, Ruth Ellen 1TaylorJ Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois Shoemaker, Clyde Ashland, Illinois Tibba, Darlene Ashland, Illinois Trowbridge, Orlan-City Meisner, Roberta 1ReltzelJ 309W East Pine Street Springfield, Illinois Upp, Merlin-Dec 1945 Bruno, Elizabeth fLynnJ 718 North 6th Street Springfield, Illinois Garner, Jean fAlcornJ-City Haribson, Burdette-City Johnson, Howard-City Jordan, Betty--City Lane, Jo Ann lDallmanl Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois Shores. Janet lCarlockJ-City Siltman, Edward 308 North Orange Havana, Illinois Pepmeyer, Claudine lBlai1-J Rural Route No. 1 Havana, Illinois Trowbridge, MaurlceCity Wiseman, Eula Mae fCollinsJ Rural Route No. 4 Macomb, Illinois 1946 Anderson, Enoch 2124 South 16th Street Springfield, Illinois Barrett, Melvin Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois Carlock, Ina Mae fMarcYl-City David-meler, Frieda Ann iWork- manj Pleasant I-Iill, Illinois Dickie, Homer Leon Rural Route No. 2 Pleasant Plains, Illinois Duckwiler, Burdette 445 South 2d Avenue Canton, Illinois Edwards, Dale-U. S. Army Harblson, Betty Ann QAtte'rberry7 -City Henry, Cora Ruth lDavisJ 1016 South Coleman Street Havana, Illinois Hermes, Mary Ellen iwisemanb Franklin, Illinois Hudson, Leonard-City Ramsey, Mary Lou QGriffinJ 210 East Thompson Avenue Hoopeston, Illinois Richards, Henry-City Rogers. William-City Shores, Donna fAlcornJ-City Siltman, Betty iArtha.lonyD--City Trowbridge, Richard-City Wilhite, Hazel Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois 1947 Aney, Lawrence--City' Dearinz. Roland Rural Route No. 1 Canton, Illinois Dean, Margaret Ann IDHUMUU Astoria. Illinois Reitzel, Vernon 2403 Forty-fourth Street Milwaukee, Wisconsin Rogers, Robert-City Shores, Lubert Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois Siltman, Mart' ADH fC00kl 808 North Orange Street Havana, Illinois Taylor, William 2604 Lake Lawn Springfield, Illinois 1.948 Armstrong. Alan Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois Bulova, Lester efo LeRoy Scholes Virginia, Illinois Crowell, Donna fliooni 214 Kennelworth Court Burlington, Iowa Davidsmeir, Earl 8916 Jaybe Drive San Gabriel, California Duckwiler, Wilma fAndersouJ 445 South 2d Avenue Canton, Illinois Eilers, Mariorie fBll"l'9ttl'city Gasper, Milo 245 North Tonti Circle Peoria, Illinois Host, Joanna lDysonl Malta, Illinois Mllstead, Russell Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois Pherigo, Eugene-City Reynolds. Moneta fCollinsl-City Shoemaker. Helen lltichardl Ashland, Illinois Watkins, Gerald Rural Route Chandlerville,. Illinois 1949 Aney, Paul-U. S. Army Amant, Richard-City Armstrong, J oiean Qhargentj-City Blair, Edison-U. S. Navy Chilton, Mary Louise tReedJ Rural Route Virginia, Illinois Dearing, Imogene fMarcyJ-City Dearing, Raymond-City Johnson, Harold-U. S. Army Kirchner, Paul Rural Route Virginia, Illinois McDonald, Robert-City Pilcher, Richard-U. S. Air Force Watkins, Paul Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois Wilson, Mai-dell QReltzel1 62 Lowery Avenue Henderson, Nevada Young, Phyllis fReavisJ 22 Gren Lawn Avenue Keene, New Hampshire 1950 Anderson, Priscilla 2124 South 16th Street Springfield, Illinois Blair, Eva Lou-City Blair, Hannah Marie-City Blair, Frank-U. S. Navy Capper, Gayle-U. S. Navy Cook, Jim Apartment 165 Centennial Court Lincoln, Illinois Griffin, Jean iNitche1lJ Grimes, Jean Kennedy, Phyllis 1615 North Gilbert Street Danville, Illinois Lane, Donald-U. S. Air Force Marcy, Jack-City Kiefer, Mary fMorrisj Rural Route Taylorville, Illinois Ore, Beverly fMurphyJ Virginia, Illinois Putman, Marjorie fMorrisJ 240 North English Street Springfield, Illinois Taylor, Barbara fKennedyJ-City Taylor, Richard- U. S. Air Force Wiseman, William-U. S. Army 1951 Blair, Paul E. Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois Blair, Robert G. Arenzville, Illinois Brooks, Helen fArrnstrongJ Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois Clark Donald Rural Route Petersburg, Illinois Davis, Shelby 2549 South 10th Street Springfield, Illinois Duckwiler, Walter A. Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois Edge, Hazel iGeissj Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois Griffin, James M. Hoon, James-U. S. Air Force Hunt, Homer 1547 Jefferson Avenue Redwood City. California Jordan, Hazel fClementJ Rural Route Virginia, Illinois Potts, Gloria fMarrJ Bath, Illinois Milstead, Evelyn Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois Mottershaw, Virginia Uohnsonl cfo Otto Johnson Chandlerville, Illinois Stuhmer, Samuel-City Morrow, June fWagonerJ 219 W. Washington Springfield, Illinois Williams, Patricia lReedJ-City 1.952 Clark. Joe-U. S. Navy Cooper, Arley-U. S. Air Force Dyson, Berdellaf-City Edge, Milton Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois Hunt, Charlotte Box 282 - Fall Hall Normal, Illinois Kennedy. John-U. S. Air Force McDonald, Joe-City Milstead, Joann--City Siltman, Waldron-City Vaughn. Roland-U. S. Army Watkins, Ray Rural Route Virginia, Illinois 1953 Boensel, Clyde-City Clark, Jack Rural Route Petersburg, Illinois Dirks, Don-U. S. Army Fritchtnitch, Jo-City Gerdes. Arnold-U. S. Army Gerdes, Douglas-City Hoon, SuePClty Kirchner. Richard Rural Route Virginia, Illinois Lane, Morris-City Marr, Dorothy-City McLin. Horace cfo Oscar McLin Carlinville, Illinois Richard, Faye-City Ruppel. Clinton Rural Route Ashland, Illinois Toland, Jack-U. S. Army I Stuhmer, Darrel-U. S. Army 1954 Alcorn. Dale-City Anderson, Lula . Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois Clark, Janola Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois Duekwiler. Dean Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois Dyson, Sam-U. S. Army Eilers, DuWaynwCity Hopper. Nonna Jean-City Hunt, Darrel-City Johnson, Henry Rural Route Chandlerville, Illinois Morris, Marilyn fCookJ Rural Route Virginia, Illinois Morris Ruby Rural Route Virginia, Illinois fo 13535-Q16 5111130011 HOUSE C I .- , - 41,1 L,-X!-x f- ,z " .nun . x.- .4 .,-I x.. NRS N 41' Z' N AS ' ' -ss: 'Q-1-- -Ca- 1 -.f--ggi: j' .......:..,.. ' xv, 1 ""3 -::.', :iii-' -Q . 5 T?-i A ' 1 - ,,-5 - : 4.5L -sk 3-v L1,1,.,A . , ,v L .- .Ama-:km-ALL.. 'ML-W 2 ' J ,AA-. ',....l..f...m,.,.L...x-...

Suggestions in the Chandlerville High School - Marugolia Yearbook (Chandlerville, IL) collection:

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