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To ww fYNU.,ko-Y slke Q' AER E I I I Chammade Hugh School for Boys ol' Ag! Cf! 1958 we I W I VB Q I , f 1. L M,,I K - i L ii! ' 'I' W I A " I Q I 515 - ' I f . I on n e ea Mime 4 a I ornia ibecbca fion BROTHER JOHN PERKU S M To Brother John Perlro, SM., our first Principal, the stu- dents of Chaminade High School gratefully and admiringly dedicate the 1958 AERIE, ln August, 1952, when Brother John came to Los llngeles to estabwi chlninade High School he brought with him hh ideal, a Mpc. The land and buildings were here, unrecogniza- his todiy, but inadequate for a modem high schooh wich oraahnhistrhuvo 'experience hehihu him acollege preparatory school in inind, Brother John set about the taslr of developing a campus, building a body of which the Archdiocese of los could be ' B ' wilt awe chrmihaoe, g,,, you while me if A W Whit Chlm kmg ,,ci Q ili,i f l'i cistodly Inililvm ln-ilu uh he haamchim. ue has been yBBBllVl8lil! mm fwlldlilbll kioi -,,,,,. , i-eff' he me if """""""'1"' hm t 3 ver yu L ee BROTHER JAMES LUUGHRAN S.M -For Brother James Loughran, iS.M., the 1957-58 school year held something special. During October he reached a coveted "plateau" in his life as a Marianist, celebrating his Silver. Jubilee, marking twenty-five years as ea working Bfother in the Society of Mary. Z s y, i Q To describe, Brotherllames as a man, as a religious edu- cator, and as an, integral part of Chaminade life during the past six years is' both easy and difficult. The descriptive words are available: cook book, coffee urn, laundering ma- 'chines, power tools, plumbing equipment, gracious smile, unlailingigood hunior, but to bring -the words together in fan adequate portrait is difficult. k 4 as r r from the matefial standpoint Brother James- has 'responsiblesrfor the smooth running of the school. Butin addition to umewirn his kindly advice, his helping hand, ,andy hisipersonal interest in every student he? has 'created an iatmospheieof genuine friendliness. Terhaps the irish Tiinlde in his Qye couldn't charm the thorns off the rose but ilQSfiYl0ll the hearts 'of evseryone in the Qhammi llldB'f8mil!fS' i 'L W Q 5 -1 A 'Je 1f:.f 5, . 6 ' A, . FACULTY R fx 4 BRO JOHN PERKO Pr1nc1pal Enghsh 4 Latml Modera tor of Chammades Mothers Club MR JAMES BACHMAN Enghshl 3 Dr1ver Educatlon Safetx Educatxon DTIVSY Trammg Modera tor of Glee Club af BRO ROBERT MAGUIRE Vlce Prmclpal U S H15 tory C1v1cs S p e e c h Creatne Wutmg Mod erator of Speech Club A n n u al Staff Dads Club C S F FATHER JOSEPH PRIESTLEY M Chaplam REl1g1Ofl 3 4 Spanlsh 2 Moderator of Semor Sodahty Ladv of the Plllar Gulld Stu dent Counc1l MR THOMAS CARROLL World Hlstory Phx s1cal Sc1ence Typmg ASS1St ant Football Coach H e a d Baseball Coach B Basketball Coach 1' MR WILLIAM CROARKIN Enghsh 2 4 Drama Moderator of D r a m a Gulld Pep Club Soclal ACt1Vlt19S Junlor R e d Cross BRO MARTIN LONERGAN Spanlsh 1 Algebra 2 Geometrx Moderator of J u n 10 r Sodahtv The Eagle Counselor of Resldent Students BRO CHARLES GOEDDE Chennstry Physlcs Trlgonometry SCIENCE Club Athletlc Dlrector B Baseball Coach JAMES DELMANO Mus1c Lessons Band BRO JAMES LOUGHRAN Mamtenance Buyer Cafetema Superv1s1on ' , . 1, 4. S.M. Mechanical Drawing. Moderator of S.M. MR. S.M. BRO MARIO MARINO Algebra l 2 Moderator of Freshman Sodahty Counselor of Postulants Intramurals JOHN VUKELICH Soclal Studles Phys1cal Educat1on 1 2 3 4 Head Football Coach Head Basketball Coach Head Track Coach Moderator of Letterrnen Club BRO WILLIAM McCALL ASS1StaHt Counselor of the Res1dent Students FATHER JOSEPH NAPIER RGl1g101'1 l 2 Latln 2 Postulant s C h a p la1n Moderator of S o p h 0 I'l3I'1 BRO ANTHONY YOUNG Cafeterla Landscapmg S.M. S.M. S.M. rnore Sodality, Libraz MR. S.M. ,911 6141 OP? FATHER FRANCIS MAY S. M. Father Francis May, S.M., has been dead for more than a year, but the memory of the colorful, spirited, white-haired little priest will never dim. There was a certain flair about all that Father May did. Despite the handicap of poor health that seriously curtailed his priestly work he seemed to vibrate. His sim- plicity and fervor as auxiliary chaplain, his casual handling of the little Studebaker, the beaming smile, the desire to be of service to anyone connected with Chaminade, all summed up a lovable personality. At the risk of bordering on the sacrilegious one might say that "he died with his boots on" climaxing a life of unselfish devotedness and indelibly etching his memory in the annals of Chaminade. There is no denying that when Father May died at the age of 74 all who knew him felt they had lost a personal friend. TED LEY President STUDENT JOE DELYEA Secretary LEADERS 58 M121 BUB LAMBRIX Treasurer ERIE KENNELL Vrce Presrdent NW ffff JUL J X X QS WW SENIURS bg K i Q A Q X Q X , OA! f XR fgsfj A , 4 fu 90 Q. A I sf 19 KW." 4- Y K "ff I A552-, :UV Q ,J I :Q ,ff . ff. .M is in Q12 J wif' 1 N' fifeigy 'W V1 - 'iiihf ,,.iZ,:5. wifi- . K Qxkfm, .4 - . 1 " 1 .lb - ,A . , 1, Q f.fSj1aSa3' bg ' A -521 , 3 . ,plat , ,.' , -L fkfnf , 1,w4mx,v,z,, 'gm-1 assi ,L 13 null! E565 I-IRQT QFNIFQTER Presldent Herman Capohnneo xlC0 President G :rx Mower Secretarx Nllke Torree Treasurer Ixm Ford Representdtne Bob Baxter QFK 0N'D SILWIEQTFR Presldent Herman fapoblanco Vice President Whreoi Llni Secretary Duck Hunsaker Treas urer Phll Gunmng., Represent :tue Jlm Ford Sensor Class gl Seniors Assembled at Pinus 14 1 493 ' N 1 s , fm- ' MN-. ,V , V V Q LM , ,. Y 'N 5 A 3 F .,, an-nV nn- N I 55,77 A QM, A 3 81,6 f .s V i i Q .el , r , I lv ,. f ' 2 ' Y ' .. V 3 , ' U Q f 5 K 1 x A. . . 1. A . . . 4 , . , . . . . , . . . , , , ' 1 ' ' , ' .' , . , , ' ' ' 'Q 1 ' ' , . I Q .f, ' ' ' .1 ri O , A ' Y Q s - .V - . 0 1 U " " V 1 'H C Q. ROBERT E. BAXTER JR. "Bob," Hollywood Ambition: "Break my mold." Speech 33 Drama 3, 43 Pep club 3, 43 Eagle staff 3, 43 Aerie staff 43 Class officer 3, 43 Student Body Representa- give 43 Honor Roll 43 Intramurals 3, 43 Tennis . , 4. HERMAN E. CAPOBIANCO "He-rm," Los Angeles Ambition: "Head shrinker for the Mau Mau Pharmacy." Sodality 43 Pep Club 3, 43 Intra- murals 2. 3, 43 Class officer 2, 3, 43 Honor Roll 23 Red Cross 4. This car has "1 Capobianco-power" BIANUEL K. J. CORREIA JR. "Manny," Hawaii Ambition: "Exist!" Sodality 43 Drama 33 Speech 33 Basket- ball 33 V a r sity basketball 43 Glee club 33 Pep club 43 Band 43 Intramurals 2, 3, 43 Aerie staff 3, 43 Class officer 33 Sci- ence club 43 Lettermen Club 4. ROBERT A. COSTLEY "Huck," Los Angeles Ambition: "Park cars in a subway." Varsity football 3, 43 B football 1, 23 B baseball I3 Varsity baseball 2, 3, 43 Intramurals I. 2, 3, 43 Lettermen club 2, 3, 4. ROGER DE VERTEFII. "Rogan" Trinidad Ambition: "To forget all that I learned." Class officer 33 Honor Roll 3. DONALD ENGLERT "Don," Culver Ctiy Ambition: "To be one of the boys!" Sodality 13 Drama 43 Varsity football 3. 43 B football 1, 23 B basketball 13 Track 1. 2, 3, 43 Band 1, 23 ln- tramurals 1, 2. 3. 43 Class officer 23 Honor Roll 13 Lettermen club 3. 4. DAVID R. FERGFSON "Dave," San Frnncisro Ambition: "Sing cigarette commercials." So- dality 43 Track 43 Eagle staff 4. JAMES FORD "Jim," Los Angeles Ambition: "To have a chauffeur." Sodality 43 Drama 2, 3, 43 Editor of the Aerie 43 Class officer 3. 4: Honor Roll 2, 3, 43 Student Body Representative 4. ll! i l 1' J lib-5 Gunning calmly teaches class in Gunning ologw JOHN GOEHNER "Johnny," Los Angeles Ambition: "To invent a periscope for a cigar- ette with 20.000 filters." Drama 3. 43 Baseball 1, 23 Pep club 43 Aerie staff 43 Intramurals 4. PHILIP A. GUNNING "Genius," Los Angeles Ambition: "Be the ancestor of a genius!" B baseball 1, 23 Varsity baseball 3, 43 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4: Eagle staff 43 Class officer 43 Aerie staff 43 Lettermen club 4. Q RICHARD HUNSAKER "Little Richard," Los Angeles Ambition: "Be a midget in a circus." Sodality I, 23 Drama 43 Varsity football 43 B football I3 Varsity basketball 2, 3, 43 I3 basketball I3 B baseball 1, 23 Varsity baseball 33 Intramurals 1, 2, 3. 43 Class officer 43 Lettermen club 43 Honor Roll 2, 3. ROBERT JOHNSON "Bob," Los Angeles Ambition: "Take peanuts out of 'CRUNCHY' peanutbutterf' Class officer I3 Band 3, 43 So- dality 43 Intramurals 4. JOHN F. KELLY "Johnny," Los Angeles Ambition: "Be Center of the Bos- ton Celticsf' Varsity football 43 Intramurals 3, 43 Drama 4, JOHN KROG "Johnny," Los Angeles Ambition: "Be a Cowboy!" Sodality I. 23 B basketball 1, 23 Baseball 1, 2. 43 Eagle staff 33 Intramurals 1, 2. 3, 43 Honor Roll I, 23 Letter- man's club 3, 4. ROBERT S. LAMBRIX "Bob," San Diego Ambition: "Be a custodian for a Mint." Speech 43 Drama 3, 43 Varsity football 43 Track 33 Student Body Treasurer 43 Intramurals 3, 43 Class officer 33 Lettermen club 3, 43 Red Cross 4. f MI: St? ws L . 'W gg, ,- Jaap . , ..., ,mggggg , tra, ' 5 W' .si ,DE me f - .X GORDON LAXVSON "Gordo," Los Angeles Ambition: "Lick Champagne off christened ships."Sodality1: l-Iagle staff 3, 43 Intramurals 1. 2, 3: Aerie staff 12. 3, 43 Science club 4. THEODORE LEY "Ted," Los Angeles Ambition: "Throw the first stone in the new Stone Age." Sodality 43 Speech 1. 2, 3, 43 Stu- dent Body President 43 Pep club 2, 33 l-lagle staff 2, 33 Editor of liagle 4: Class officer 1. staff 2, 3: Editor of the Eagle 43 Class officer 1, 2, 33 Student Council 1, 2. 3, 43 Honor Roll 1, w 12 BIARCOS C. LINS "Spumluehi," Brazil Ambition: "Do research work on 'Sleeping Pills'." Sodality 43 Speech 43 Class officer 43 Honor Roll 4. FRANK C. NIATYAS "Mat," Los Angeles Ambition: "Plat humble pie." Varsity football 43 B football 1, 2. 3: FS basketball 1, 2. 33 Var- sity basketball 43 B baseball 13 Varsity base- ball 2, 33 Track 2, 33 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Lettermen club 4. BIICHAEL BIeLAI'G-HLIN t'Red," Los Angeles Ambition: 'tHave a 'million' at twenty." Speech 33 Drama 43 Varsity football 43 Intramurals 33 Red Cross 4. ' s -ff., JAIBIE BIERINO "Jimmy," Mexico Ambition: "Tequila distillerf' Varsity football 43 Honor Roll 23 Drama 2, 3, 43 Intramurals 2, 3, 43 B baseball 21 Varsity baseball 43 Sci- ence club 4. CHARLES NIILLER "Cl1arlie," Los Angeles Ambition: "Build rafts for amoebasf' Drama 4: Bascball 2, 43 Varsity football 43 Intramurals 2, 3, 4. RIFHARD MILTON "Dick," Los Angela-s Ambition: "Collecting operations." Speech 3: Drama 43 B football 1, 2. 33 Pep club 43 Iiagle staff 3, 43 Intramurals l, 2, 3, -13 Aerie staff 4: Honor Roll 2, 33 Scicncc club 4. 'Mo' happily washes watch GARY D. IIOYER "Mo," Los Angeles Ambition: " . . . Mouseketeerf' Varsity foot- ball 3, 43 B football 23 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Class officer 1, 2. 3, 43 Honor Roll 1, 2, 33 Let- termen club 3, 4. DENNIS MURPHY "Murph," Los Angeles Ambition: "Start the Avalon little theater group." Sodality 2, 43 Drama 2, 3, 4: B foot ball 2: Pep club 2, 3, 43 Swimming team 1, 2 Eagle staff 2, 33 Intramurals 1,23 Aerie staff 3 4 Science club 4 Red C ross 4 JOHN E. 0'NELL "Jack," Los Angeles Ambition: "Be an art teacher at Chaminadef' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4g Speech 2, 3, Drama 2, 3, 4, Varsity football 2, 3, 4, B football 1, Varsity basketball 2, 3, 43 B basketball 13 Baseball 1, Track 2, 3, Pep club 2, Eagle staff 2, 33 Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, 4, Class officer 1, 3, Honor Roll 2, Lettermen club 2, 3, 4. THOINIAS PALACIO "Tom," Los Angeles Ambition: "Putting light in light bulbs." So- dality 1, 2, Drama 33 Baseball 15 Eagle staff 1, 2, Class officer 2, Honor Roll 1, Science club 4. RAYDIOND PARNIN "Ray," Los Angeles Ambition: "Make Cricket cages." Sodality 1, 2, 45 Speech 3, 43 Drama 2, 3, 45 Varsity football 3, 4, B football 1, 23 Baseball 1, Pep club 2, 3, 4, Eagle staff 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Aerie staff 4, Science club 43 Honor Roll 13 Lettermen club 4. Miss February R115 Plrnm MICHAEL REID "Mike," Los Angeles Ambition: "Fill Vacuums." Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, CSF 45 Pep club 4, Intramurals 3, 43 Class of- ficer 1, 23 Science club 4, Drama 4, Speech 43 Aerie staff 4. RICHARD RHODY "Tan," Los Angeles Ambition: "The inevitable millionaire." ERNEST L. ROBELLO "Ernie," Hawaii Ambition: "Make holes in doughnuts." Sodality 3, 43 Speech 43 Drama 3, 43 Glee club 3, 43 Pep club 43 Intramurals 3, 43 Aerie staff 43 Libra- rian 3, 4. MICHAEL TORRES "Beefy," Los Angeles Ambition: "Sew ears on Mickey Mouse caps." Drama 2, 3, 43 Varsity football 2, 3, 43 B foot- ball 13 Pep club 3, 43 Eagle staff 23 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Aerie staff 43 Class officer 43 Letter- men club 3, 4. GEORGE VANDENHOFF "Jawge," Los Angeles Ambition: "Gather a poke of star-dustf Honor Roll 1, 2, 33 CSF 43 Science club 4. 1'x Torres and friends look for needle in snow stack! JAMES F. VOGT "Spider," Los Angeles Ambition: To be Santa Clause in the Macey' parade." Science club 4. THOMAS ZUBIETA "Tommy," Los Angeles Ambition: "Be a clown." Drama 4. 1 Speech 2, 3, 43 Drama 3, 43 Class officer 33 JACK 0 NEILL TED LEY BOB BAXTER 094 ' Safe BOB BAXTER TED LEY and JACK O NEILL were CHAMINADES represen tatrves for the AMERICAN LEG l 0 N sponsored BOYS STATE Both BAXTER and LEY were their party s frnal cholce for state oftrcers 0 NEILL was elected clty councrlman and was head cheer leader for has party BAXTER was ap polnted Assistant State Controller and LEY Assrstant Atortney General CHA MINADE can well be proud of Its rep resentatlves at BOYS STATE Q k! fBALLof3 K Q 1266 R mdf fy f .SD rl MIKE REID I . A WWC fl T , o C T W 1 A i A f ec , vf'lV'AL'f7 ' 4 '34 i e o uccee A? A 'MJ GEORGE vnNnENHoFr f C f FRANK MATYAS Z? f .fglffl JACK ONEILL YF i W f 19,9 I BOB BAXTER Z? f J' A 9 BOB LAMBRIX I9 ff Rocca nevemfun Q Arn -f. I N - 95 05 o u ar oo orm ed oo in md oncei ell 1 5 . I I , A Aifodo J ze:- ed 1 e e 1 ,J-""' Y. ,,, L X Boa BAXTER WM, M! f GORDON LAWSON mcnnnn MILTON Q f JJ, PHIL GUNNING 77 y DON ENGLERT TOM PALACIO fC'A TED LEY al MIKE REID SA? al BOB COSTLEY GEORGE VRNDENHOFF Z? f ,fb .J Wff al Bos BAXTER BOB BAXTER 4 e Wiz! er aminacle .sjcienfi C' , . -- 'wmv ' L. A ,Q ,fy - 'ff' ,,,, w A opeecg e 25 F0552 i ie ,eq gg Aw M5 f cxsfflw CLASSES Kg NgE?U,.: A .. f r . Gai' J KN mn U N +7 qrj Q WON f Y x L 1 nl ' - zzzfgggggikm A ? E 6 H55 f . ,W I J J Q Junior A FIRST TERM, Left to Right: Secretary John Keller, President Maynard Gray, Treasurer Oscar Portillo Representative Tom WVafer, Vice President Ed Pren: dergast. FIRST TERM, Left to Right: President Frank Leonetti, Vice President John Foucrier, Secretary Steve Kealoha, Treasurer Tyrone Duncan, Repre- sentative Dick Wahlrab. Junior A Wendell Ai Chang George Bergren Joseph Delyea Glenn Dennis SECOND TERM, Left to Right: President Sam Snerd, Treasurer Atkinson Dymock, Secretary Gordian Fet- tig, Representative Williard Whatswhat ftwin half- brother, from Iriquois tribe, of Sam Snerdj, Vice President Leland Lots-of-luck. 11111. ,. - - :fre 1 df N, if Z f. 3 SECOND TERM, Left to Right: Qlnside stomuchl President Frank Leonetti, Vice President John Foucrier, Secretary Steve Kealoha, T r e a s u r e r John Heilman, Representative Dick Wahlrab. 3 I , f . gil. Y , 32 Robert Bride John Conner L90 D8Vlill Robert Edson Denms Egan Davld Farwell Maynard Gray John Holmes Frank Mahony Edu ard McDonald Michael 0 Nelll Carl Peel Michael Foley John Keller odney Mullins Oscar Portlllo 'we Gerald Russell William Sanders Fred Gabourle Gregory Kent Miekel Niehenke Edward Prendergast John Warren Wlllldm Cregler Franklm Davls Ty rone Duncan Jean Foucrler Carl Grana Charles Hall Joseph Harrmgton Mlchael Hayes John Hellman Stephen Kealoha Erlc Kennell Frank Leonettn Paul Melssner Richard Nllller Geoffrey NIcC'1rron Phlllp Moore Thomas Ralchel Thomas Rettu: Mlchael Wagner Richard Wahlrab Albert Welchert Richard WV0od Sophomore A 5 is a g E E sg .E S , 5 E E ,EE E 1 , A ' at ,X V , , .f fl . -7 5 f' ' i f s , , K 2 K , 4: A 2 - Q 2 Er ' f 0? I H i g e ' ' I I l X 1 4 . 4 FIRST TERM, Left to Right: President Tony Bueno, Vice-President VVilliam Lee, Secretary Don Crawford, Treasurer Richard Simmons, Represen- tative Bill Haljun. SECOND TERM, Left to Right: President Tony Bueno, Vive-President Don Crawford, Secretary Tame Kohliek, Treasurer Phil Garofalo. Represen- tative Bill Haljun. A- 2'-1.57-,zzz FIRST TERM, Left to Right: Vice-President Bill Grimes, Treasurer Dave Dixon, Secretary Brian Rybolt, President Rommie Lovel. ,, P ,Tx A Joseph Agius John Anderson Edward Boyle VVilliam Brady SECOND TERM, Left to Right: qRunning other directionl President Bill Grimes, Vice-President Jim Kelly, Secretary Dave Dixon, Treasurer Brian Rybolt, Representative Rommi Lovil. George Baldus Charles Bonno Peter Brent Anthony Bueno Duane Cody 3: Ronald Englert img, jf tw! Wllham I-Ialjun Lawrence Kontny Donald Crawford .4 Patrick Farrow 3' F' 'rv A QA George Howell Q 3' Mlchael Laxelle -QWL Robert McCauley Mlchael Croghan James Galten Ji nn .4 if James Kelly Wllllam Lee Joseph McGinley mr, M N... Michael Dllley Phlllp Garofalo Tane Kobllck Vlarshall Lloyd Nh: h nel 'SICK IN f' if K1 nneth Ortiz af" Cf nn, 'C"7' fund' If reg,0rx Phtsm 404' 'abr if' VVIII1 am Sax age 'ir GNU T w ufwg. I --. V D av' ' ' D V-S mm-' sf . r J f '- i ., I , nf J rf e 1 -W e W 4, :L :v: , x - ' by 'AQ e Q", 13 1' 4 'w g nn- g e " f ' v- ,r F' 3 . " g hx if ' L Q.- . A Vikki? 'J ff, K , qyl xo W, gm 0:4 I :A if th Ji, vii f ef, giilxvx-Mx 1 are A' .. I 'll ' ' iwhwi alfa V ' il- on siilfiiiff 'VA' I A., 1 Ark 'KK rn ' X 1 If . 'Q V, f. . . lv! e Qi! e ee El 'Zigi J D he x 2 Q ,Lkk wx f EI J K K Q.-I , Y V f i .V x - ' ' ' ' K Q-1- 1 fe i X . J G2 .' 4 2 ' 4. . , . ' ' ' ' J ' .A- 3 K in fem J I I Q 533' D ,. t qw, D N 'Ax 1 :fu , i i If , .il Oscar Sulenf aden YY KX!! QWWNWT J lrrx Bonner 1,4351 gif! I :mes D nulson Ronald Slmmons Thom is Clark mrikifw-ef D u ul Dixon l fs xvlllldlfl Grnmes John Qtdng Thom IS Clause ,aw- D n ld F :ton JS 9- .,-, w li 'ur' 'L . af' e f 7 2, f James Humphrey Ron :ld Bern S "1 P' naa- Nllchael Coffleld Mich ul G une! 1 fm 1 E Fernando Ic nz 1 3? in-nw Daud Wlorrmon fisbr 'Kew Bn un Rs bolt L3 Si 1 urtm W ard X -35 -Qu- James Kellew W lllldlil N eu m'1n In Nllch :Pl Qvhovn 38 -cv I nmei VV00ds 4311-' 4' 41" 'FQ' Rommxe Low ll Brian Meehan Q L Dfn ton Ollnger uvwf 'N'-inf Feorge Sec-our IoSeph Tangnlh Qpp 1 45" L Stephen Robbins Q! 6 mai H' 3 Cer :ld Qheeh in n 1 . 'F ' V 3 f' X 'lfff' A ,J QQ - ' -ff ,f N v Q3 Q3 sq ,M q n n' .1 ,M.?A ,Q n ' f y aft 4 .k AM . Q x n -'iq fhgf, p , My f ,ff , nQ 1g J : 3 lQQngT Q 1 n 'S W .. n Qqv, 5 fvnj- nqgigltjz tm ' nnnn ff' ,' ,-,,k 1, T H V :gf-Q ' X 2 ' Ainmmmpmwmv z N Freshman A -.55 FIRST TERM, Left to Right: President Tom Givvin, Vice President Terry Lanni, Secretary Herman Besse, Treasurer Tom Littleton, Representative John Male- testa. I. K, H SECOND TERM, Left to Right: 1l'nder Buildingj President Tom Givvin, Viee President Gil. Leien- decker, Seeretary Phil Cunningham, Treasurer Tom Littleton, Representative Terry Lanni. FTBSIIIIIHIIB FIRST TERM, Left to Right: President Miehael Ste- vens, Vice President Kenneth Englert, Secretary Tom Nic-hols, Representative Mike Lanni. ,,-e P... Herm' Besse .ln Gerald Brundo Lawrence Donais Gary Eidam 'Ui SECOND TERM, Left to Right: President Michael Stevens. Vice President Tom Niehlos, Secretary Jim XVhelan, Treasurer Pat Prendergast, Representative Mike Lanni. 'Vi :fi 'esi Philip Cunningham John de Haseth Robert Geisdorf Thomas Givvin Q WH Dax ld Goldberg 3?y Nllchael Haw es xllfh nel Judge 1F'lF lv Terrence L mm xf' W' .fx Daw ld Grlmes 1 Gregory Hodfal -L John Keller H? J Q wil' :df -QP' as ff llbert I 9l9llllf eke r 9 gy H Thomas M xhteet 1 Q v ,,,4R"5 John I-hgehs lvlllldlll H0ilf.,klSS ,pw me H lrrx Kelew 'F lkfgxx Thom li I lttleton I Rlch ard Montm 1 151 A 'F Mlm fm ,ee Kew ln Hfay eS iifn Alfred Iberrl I :mes Kirchhan Thom 15 M lkofike J klll J 1 K Q L Q fy . 4, V S Lf,,,s'A Www' ' e fi, We A .onl QE?m V , V? fi 1 if 1 if we ' A ' h e-ee ,ef J ' Vymx ,,, .4 , V M W X , Z is l il T X' gm f ' e 2,5 flfnf LQ 3" f leqwfl J . ' fm' L ,L 'I 1,..,..,." if!!-.fs , o J.Je,h .w -1-1. J - i l ' J 1' ' -A -12' f ,K f- wigs-5 if-Q if, A -I ,A g :Ll ' ' '- Q - " J X , 7 - i i ,,,, W K if , .K rr . ' lt, ' V, kr gem ' ' X .'1.' .!'.'." in - 1' . I I ' G' A ,' , x - 1 , ,' , 2 . z . . k,: :f,, 11-vf , T . , fe q 1nfA .!f?!!L u E o Thomas Reher -IS ,J -ans! '21 LX 9- Paul de Flgarelll o Q9 P xtnck 'NIcLaughlm 135' on P' .ffl I John N :cols Kenneth Engler Luls Ray as Q 3 'S' Robert Shlrlew 'F t Nlxchael Lanm Tlmoths 'WIcWIahon Kelth Mullmg 'ie as Ieffreg Wovslen Wllll'lITl Pox ondra 'nn ,QF1 figs " av' I' Patrick Prendergast Stephen Sodaro YJ din James Nldsterson IIA X Thomas Nlchols 3' A L Robert Portlllo Denms Rlch nrds L in renve Qcherh Winch nel Stex eng -:gr If Q w Rich xrd XV lteon "-Q in Ruisell Rich lrdeon Ch'lI'lP9 gfllltll eter Rled if Du me Qllllth Yi' ai V an Cl lrke Tolton VV IW ne Tullw I h lrles VVf-Ssel J mm es XVh0l4n Wx! 'in Frederlr' S lnvhel Qt mley Steger Leo Vezzah N, 1 mr! Idem fi.. 3 .5 yf . slew if N A I J 8 I '. ' 1 .' ,. ' 1 . P ' , ' F: ', v ' 'ii P2,,,'2!m . rf" , S m Zl h h V A ' , V ' - . '. 1 Q ' ' "" h T -f" ' T4 ga ' l ,ffl , I lwgygl qt It x A ACTIVITIES Q fx 0 by ws? QR G f FATHFR JOSI' PH INAPIFR Q NI BRO 'NIARTIN LONERCAN Q 'NI FATHFR JOQFPH PRII' STI PY Q 'VI gophomoru JlIIIl0l'S SCIIIOTS SOJQHQ, Seniors LEFT T0 RIGHT: Dennis Murphy, Bob Johnson, Tvd Ley, llvrnmn Capo- hiancn, Ray Pnrnin, -lim Ford, Iluvv Ferguson. ABSENT: Manuvl K. Cor- reia and Ernest L. Rohflllo. I Juniors W vwfj LEFT TO RIGHT Stephen Kealoha Joe Harrington Bob Bride Al VVelchert John Henlmfnn Je'1n Foucrler Frank Mqhonew Bob Hoppe Duck Brundo Tw rone Duncan Frxc Kennell Sophomores LEFT T0 RIGHT: Blll Grimes, Jim Kelly, Jam Galten, Tony Bueno, Bhll Garofalo, Ken Ortiz, Rommle Lox il, Mlke Dllley, Joe Aglus, Mike Croghan -1 ,, I' 1 Mil' ,Q- Q .XL 3 4 1 fe Q 1 Q -'gif' ,P , 'Y 4 Wx 'K gi' , J S N .A 9 a. Y. 1 . ,P .f .N A 0 X. x 11" Aff iw X M 1 fg5f: :r .'7 . Q3 9' QREMB x .. -P I 1 fwfnw 2 -2 sg... 5, 55, -,ann mi' 4' f 5 , 5 'L-" 9 . ,- : Jai-.31 T?fQE3t ,- X Hi-,, .fr 'S K Xi, , K fm! Q' Q." ,jf ' 'bv JACK 0 NEILL 2nd term Student Body Treasurer The 1957-58 Student Council engineered an ad- mirable list of accomplishments. Under the able leadership of Ted Ley the Council has become the focal point of all school activities which is the ambition and purpose of all Student government organizations. In its capacity as organizer of school- wide projects the Council paid off the debt on the coke machine, successfully managed the "Autumn in Blue" dance to welcome the incoming Fresh- men and in cooperation with the Pep Club enhanced sports activities by securing girl songleaders from Notre Dame Academy. The Council competently carried out its regular responsibilities toward as- semblies with programs such as the Christmas Assembly and movie, and the General Motors sci- ence demonstration. Chaminade can long be proud of the well-run, efficient organization that was its 1957-58 Student Body Government. Executive Board: President, Ted Ley-Sem-etzirv. Joe Delyea-Vive President, Eric' Kennell-Treasurer 12nd termb Jw- ' Dance Committee: -Inc Delyea, Eric- Ke-nnell, Bill Haljun, Tom Clause. I0 QQCA GEORGE VANDENHOFF TYRONE DUNCAN Vice President f President 2 X gi,-,, ROMMIE LOVIL Treasurer e.,',? ERIC KENNELL Secretary Seniors The class of 58 hasnt had too great an interest in forensic activities Several seniors toyed briefly with speech work during their high school years but only Ted Ley and George Vandenhoff followed the program through until graduation Lay specialized rn debate and extempe speaking whrle Van denhoff found hrs niche rn oratory e ei n ffTelI Juniors NN The rumors this year were the marnstays of the speech club Led by Eric Kennell Tyrone Duncan Stephen Kealoha and Richard Brundo the rumors furnished the hard core of talent so necessary for a successful competitive speech pro gram T nD Sophomores For numbers ol interested students and for potential talent this years sophomore represent hopes for excep tional success in speech work rn coming years Because of sophomore interest this was the first year that Chamrnade could fill out all speech commitments Al LFFT T0 RIK HT I ph x L x I Br an Me han EdB sl BnllH IJ r 1 1 G org 'ande ho , 1 .ey I 1 Q ' . 7 l 1 .1 c 3 ' Q 1 ' 1, g '7 .nu I ',,' 7 .. - w e 'sm ,Q ' gn . ' 4 f -x .fi - as 'fx I gl .i. .A W . . . . fir fd i T f . r V ' , 3' 1 V 1 LEFT T0 RIGHT: Richard Brundo, Eric Kennell, yro e uncan, Steve Kealoha. ,e , N ,, K fm , , F' gf , rs r l i . , n ' ' 1 on - , f n a I l - , . x . , . . . A r ,-, . . l 8 A 4, ' A ,, l t J I : ,im Hum rely Rommie 0 'i , i e , ox' e, ' a 'un. Dope! W D 0 K Snot-xl' Bashful S A cl AQJLJQA Snow liQ fAQI"Q wad T' mfg' fywpff ,us grrrrr 4 . WU Happy 1 J K X f-,, 5 N Q, ' 14" r' ,HN . i 51 . 4, 'QW Mama gui!! I , 0' O fwkaxxxx X fi? s j A Q6 BOB BAXTER Presldent ff! .1 DENNIS MURPHY ERIC KENNELL MIKE TORRES Vlce Presldent V ce Presldent Secretary 2. . nf 6 I .ian . . i . k ...- nw. . Y, 'P 54 ..f Spring Play 6ll'l'lL 0 4, SL, 1 ' ' 1153. ,Q se ,ff M Y i Ag? " Q! .-r 1 .f if , 5 H W Q i f i 1 Y 'fs F ' L , -K 4. , v- 1 -. .- .3 ' aff 3 E5 5' .V X J T ' 1 .' 47 f I ff' A . '-5k'j.Ly:: 1 2 if .L K I va L, I 'XZ xx 4 im E if '15 22 ,,. 5 7 . 'Q 0 M , iw ' ' " E ,, ,Wgfy fi. , ,, ff P s 'WFQQP -f' gf 9 . ,A Q n .1 ?r5 1 I Q . -' 45. . , A.: ff? H w N A NX I i Q f , D! ix ' b, 'f W W Y 35 .5 Q , L R J, , w, ff. .--r 'K U ' , 2 mp? ivzff, 4.9. , ,M Bob Baxter holds the two trophies Chami- Chaminade holds a truly successful Drama Festival at Jefferson High nade was awarded for their dramatic ef- School. LEFT T0 RIGHT: Eric' Kennell, Ted Ley, Dirk HUHSRRPF, RIF. forts at the Imnuleulate Heart Drama Festi- WVillian1 Croarkin, VVilliam Lee 1-Iefferson Student Body Presidentj, val. The trophy on the left is for 3rd uluee in Mike T0l'l'6S, Bob BaXt6l'- One Act Playg the other is for the best play critique, written by Bob Baxter. x In 'fir -ML Perennial Drama Club supporters -, ,AQ A HI V G E MARIA DUCK or God x" and Country it-if .4 L, 5.5 ami but EDITOR' Ted Ley XVRITERS, Stew- Kealoha, Tyrone Duncan, Eric' Kennvll, Tony Bueno ASSISTANT EDITOR, Eric Kennell 5 WRITERS, Bob Baxter, Roger de Verteuil, Phil Gunning BYSINESS BIANAGERS, SVendell Ai Chang, David Ferguson Pl BLIC ITY MANAGERS, Frank Leonetti, Dick VVahlrab W RITLRS. Tan? Kohllck, Bill Haljun, -If-ff McCarran, Tom Malatesta onli! 'Sw- A K' ' io 'fm Before After H'ot water for cold bodies ". . , what have we here? J Y. CLQIQCQ MIKE REID RAY PARNIN RICHARD MILTON il? gig' onli' ,ff W kievigrgb ,,.w"" gg H ,,gma'5f wa! MODERATOR if-Rf QE ffi Gum gg-4 ff' V! RES 56 ei-,iff ' f 6 ' . bl, A F xe 1 ' f' ji! ' A 4 Vice President Secretary-Treasurer President Miw wl- Y ' i uf mv' i w L,eO 3 2 fx V , Ag h , ,, g 'O A g Li Q14 iv' ', hp ' kW':1. ,XO 4 ' 4:"L"vq.T .va O ,Q K .1 J' , Q f H Q. A eee M 66 My CD 1 1 p : 'Q Q 9 -- i ..,-,Q : ,, ,D " X x 4. Q Q f K fa X ' 4 Q 0 . l ' :JIM IW 'wi Lg 'IE-JEIZQ 1. 65561 imgrl CU! I K JIM DAVIDSON KELLER BOB JOHNSON GARY BONNER is 1:17 f,-,,--.- 1 i' DUANE CODY ff! MANUEL CORREI BOB GEISDORF I D JOE ZANGRILLI HARRY KELLEY JAMES KELLEY JOHN HAGELIS Le CM 'iv WN KEN ORTIZ STEPHEN KEALOHA X rs Q-in k4gg, JOE AGIUS 'md - U 'M f ' I E E m u L l ' ANTHONY BUENO Ill lllF'g lllly. llll 'I llll ill IIC WAYNE TULLY Q 3 , . .Ml ' av" ,-wb-' f .1 --3...-j,, ..,.5, Lyle-',,. - 'J --" ..-f' -V , .f4'..f--'1. ,, . .Q . 'L .Q :lane 4' uv, ,EV Q 5 Univ .. 1' -. ., Q Fin' ' K' ,tv ,,,4,,f' ' ig .KQV 'Qi A ' "'k .. , 1-gf' . 6:11 ' .viii ,QKg4vT .' Q M JIM GALTEN L CHARLES WESSEL l 5 E Q , A ' W 1 wi, W f i 'Q' H Q I ff' E GS , N "-Q 1 fx 4 E '5 Q Q A Q x A , V .zh f .3 A 5 i un H , A E 1 5 N g . .' nf 23 u .4 - m if Wf ' L . X , A--V1 ' I, 'M' W 1 V fi Wx, ',,f Q S N Q, E '53, ' xi, 1 N , TN. Y EQ E H E f Xi: ' ,. 'Clif' . tw ' ' I A 3 if my 6 ,k4, V .75 . l r? ..J. A Lzigz X H1:J3,,,QkL EE' if 1 XE E N ...ev lqgi 'i N -W I ff ,Q H JOHN GOEHNER fr YN! DENNIS MURPHY M BOB BAXTER v BOB HOPPE MIKE REID Q C M 1 President U V ff A i I , Vice-President 9 t K I 4 Q K Ku f kk X' HK C Q Vice-President iff ru' 1 1 fi Q Q LXR , ea , fx X Poster Committee-LEFT TO RIGHT: Front row: Bill Lee. Ken Ortiz, Jeff Nowlen. Back row: Bob Baxter, Tom Givvin, Dirk Montoya, Larry Donais, Joe Delyea. Rally Committee-Bob Baxter and John Goehner 7 rox-s YI 1 ' if. 5 . if 4. sn ' -f .X ,f' 0 4 .QM N f-mf Program Conlmitteo- Paul de Figarelli, Homecoming Committee-Bill Lee Joe McGinley-Greg Mike Lanni, Russ Richardson. Terry Lnnni. Ptitsin, Jim Galten, Jim Kelly. V -'-75 N-A X. Q by 1 v r . ' n . ' f ' -. n-'V 351' .1 9' 6 u 1 v if 'f,d,, if '- 'jfjif 7' 1 J :' ' I '72 , YI, f,A .' wr, v - ' .. a- f nv. Q" A 4 ff f I ,f4,,f 'A V' ' f 4'.f '90 'f I 'A If a 'V Q , A is , ff A Q' IW - ,-135 5 . 'sr , A L55 X "" , 'IK Q , . x kiln. If gi, Q35 J xQ'V wi NP I W-4 J if 'V' "" "Y 'l"f an-1... I p ' E ,, X asf . Q .X Q ff' x., W 'g.'Y nv lv , A ,rv :,,,. - f t J, . . i J' :,,:4,' 'dx ', if 1' uf g,y,:'af 9 SPORTS WVWNL gw,,f q w Mfg X M' 'O Ain VV,VK1f,,fiiiv:NN , idk vv"d Q K Q L, Svvb WNS L W Q , - W. x R K xl! Q f B 'I QR x W Lk sig? ll' 11 S W S ff- 'un 'FI T FOOTBALL First Row Bill Winter Dick Hunsaker Maynard Gray Ray Parnrn Don Peel Frank Matyas Coach John Vukelrch Third Row Dayton Olmger Englert Jack ONerll Bob Costley Gary Moyer Bob Lambrix Second Tom Clark Jim Merino Buddy McDonald Fernando lcaza Tom Wafer Bob Edson Jeff McCarron John Keller Dick Wahlrab Dennis Egan Carl Rod Mullins Coach TOM CARROLL Coach JOHN VUKELICH Co Captain JACK ONEILL Co Captain DON ENGLERT Row: Coach Tom Carroll, Mike Torres, Mike Mcliaughlin, Ogcar'Portillo, Mike Croghan, Mike McKay, Charlie Miller, John Kelly, Billy Newman sf C 1 Q v dlnllla 2 5? 90411 50560 pf , f tla lf!! A CARL PEEL AJ! Chamrnade s frrst league game was vrctorrous wrth a stunning runnrng attack sparked by Carl Peel who scored two of frve touchdowns Portrllo and Egan scored with end runs and Wahlrab clrmaxed the scormg with a short drve Into the end zone Outstanding blocking and bone crushing tackling spearheaded the Eagle vlctory This vrctory gave Chamlnade the rmpetus to go on to a wrnnmg season Aff! 3 .7 Af Z? f J' MAYNARD GRAY J4 og g Q ,L A W r 'UI Af C Cpr IACKUNEILL C t-,,,i ,-" af ' 4',, L get ,gg - r - - - - - - Akldt ll l g 1 - a er 0 e ee ' X Q 1 X , - ea ue ru: e "' ed inenzan ff ea ue uar er ac 05 a ua e - o- a ain Y alllllla I9 , ffl 'WL OSCAR PORTILLO aminacle 20 My Wy gb KOJCO 19 , M um DON ENGLERT Bell Jeff s hlghly rated passing attack fell short agarnst the Eagle s stalwart defenses After berng behmd by seven pornts lack 0 Nelll opened up hrs aerlal attack with a 60 yard T D pass to Portrllo Por tlllo scored agam by sklrtmg the end and reversing hrs freld for 41 yards ln the second half the Eagles marched the full length of the fleld with Edson gorng around left end for the remarnmg ten yards 0 Nerll made two conversions for the day and this vrctory kept the Eagles In strong contention for the Olymprc League crown .f4f.,l'gCr W lj ,, J BILL WINTER 'iff f 9 f 5:56 3044 ln what was supposed to be a non league practice game Cham: GARY MOYER nade fought a butter defensive battle wlth stubborn Don Bosco Tech The determmg factor was the Eagles abrlrty to put together a sus tamed drrve rn the thrrd perlod which culminated rn lohn Crrllys trmely 14 yard scamper across the goal The alert play of Chamlnade s lmemen led by co captain Don Englert proved too much for the Bosco Tech eleven ,W J' 9 Q J C C' ,,f DON ENGLERT 69 , . . . , . . . , . ' 1 I I l - I I I I I ' I . 1 ' ' ' ' W 1' , I 7 J 1 X :L K l XXI f - ea ue en er 05 rn roue of V , . L ,ttg , parnin - mn er - gn Ar - Aun5aLer ,, ea ac - u ar H ' Y, ' . , . ' x . , . . k . . , . 1 ' r . X ff - ea ue uar o- a ain .Na GJ I9 5, f M WA GARY MOYER CAaminaole 20 3. .fggned I4 I9 , f 14 'WL BOB COSTLEY Before a capacrty homecoming crowd the Orange and Blue stopped the classy St Agnes eleven by holdmg fullback Harold Coleman all league back to a net garn of sux yards Chammades scoring started with lack 0 Nelll sllcmg Into the end zone from two yards out Late rn the second penod Allen of St Agnes raced 61 yards to he the ball game at 7 7 at half time Startmg the second half Chammade qurckly regarned the lead wrth a 10 yard scamper by fullback Carl Peel for the Eagle s second tally of the evening However St Agnes forged ahead for the flrst time 14 to 13 wrth a 55 yard run by Allen ln the hnal quarter with mmutes to play Chamlnade agann showed Its superror offensive power by dnv mg 80 yards wlth Bob Edson powermg off tackle for the fmal 26 The tlmely runnmg of Gary Moyer kept Chamrnades offense one step ahead of the Samts The only team to slow down the powerful Eagles was Harvard Thrs was a day when both teams drd exceptionally well on defense Chammade s offense was not up to par consldermg previous games Harvard scored In the 1st perrod on a 1 yard pass play The Eagles scored ln the 2nd penod with a pass play from 0 Nelll to Egan On the play Egan made a sensational srde lme run of 38 yards Cha mmade mrssed the extra pomt The remainder of the game was a hard fought defensive battle wrth Costley Gray Edson Wmter and Moyer battering the opponents to the fmal play Bob Costley was honored with player of the week for hrs hard fought game as defensive tackle We are sure that Bob has left an rmpressron on the Saracens of Harvard Statistics show Chammade outplayed the Saracens In every phase of the game therefore the Saracens should be credited with a wonderful effort to upset the Eagles UA! 76 5,1 ra 14 J DICK HUNSAKER 3 Lf Bos cosnev 3 ff A cAnL PEEL I 1 ' 1 . . . , . . , . . . . 1 5 l ' J I . , . If , , , ac e - - - - or war ' 1 3 X Q . . , . . u jzac , . -'f'0v-"" 1 1 1 'N J ' u 11 ' 1 a i' 7 ac L pt1y2I' of lA? W A 1AcK 0 NEILL Thrs berng the fmal game of the season and Dads Nrght the Eagles displayed therr real power and versatllrty by showlng the fans a real football game wrth spread spllt T and flanker formatrons Eagle runnrng and passmg was executed to perfection scoring 3 T D s on the frrst-1 plays from scrimmage The hugh sprnted Eagles scored 10 T D s wrth Z berng called back because of penalties The spread formation was sparked by Maynard Gray glvmg fans the thnlls they strll talk about lack 0 Nerll was rn command of the T formation and by hrs efforts broke the game wlde open Dennrs Egan who rs a standout power and break away runner caught the eye of the crowd by gaming 193 of the total 634 yards Men like Crllly Edson Portrllo Wahlrab Parnrn Moyer and Lambrrx showed how the game of football should be played TDs were scored by 0 Nerll 2 Matyas 1 Peel Egan 2 Newman 1 and Crrlly 1 Coaches Vukelrch and Carroll were proud of the boys and the wmnrng season 5 I if gm rc f 'I 26 l K I X - t , ' . 1 I dial JEFF Mccnnnou RAY PARNIN Bos Lnmsnlx txx, ,.',f5' QCLHQJ lean 'Yin 1313.5 ping-pong team Boxing team 91: billiard team , U20 Mule team" r--f-' . K.-D , 'vol 4 N .1 rg f J.-. Sm0kiIlg team 52 pick-up team ,4""m houlmg te lm Frank Matyas Team LEFT T0 RIGHT Front row Jack 0Neill Ed Prendergast Dick Hunsaker Mike Nlehenke Ken Ortiz Back row Manuel Correla Jlm Galten Frank Matvas BASKETBALL 5. LEFT TO RIGHT Front row Mlke Stevens Blll Lee John Stang' Phil Garofalo Back row Steven Kealoha John Keller Tom GIVVUI Marshall Lloyd Charles Smith Mike Dllley fmanagerj A 4 , A ' 14 3 Outstanding Eag ,diff , ,411 I JACK 0 NEILL Varsrty MIKE NIEHENKE Varsity FRANK MATYAS Varsity KEN ORTIZ Varsrty ,Jr DICK HUNSAKER Varsrty ED PRENDERGAST Varsrty STEVE KEIILOHA .IOHN STANG 66,111 IUHN KELLER . ,lvl C0'Cfl,7l!llII MARSHILLL LLOYD .V. TOM GIWIN X J , ' ,,x , 4' 2 W 4 X45 1 2 iq' M f Y ' if , sg.: gl W , I W, vff, 5 98 ' s W 3' W in Q F' W! l sk A4 mg wi C.H.S. C.H.S. C.H.S. C.H.S. C.H.S. C.H.S. C.H.S. C.H.S. C.H.S. C.H.S. C.H.S. C.H.S. C.H.S. C.H.S. C.H.S. C.H.S. B'S Lasalle. . S. G. Mission Black Foxe Huntington Beach John Bosco St. Monica Lutheran . Harvard . St. Agnes . Bell-Jeff . John Bosco St. Monica . Lutheran . Harvard . St. Agnes . Bell-Jeff . Sulfllilafy -' 9 zuin5 3 foam C0'6Aalll,9Cf XJ 'qu 1 LEFT T0 RIGHT Front ron Bob Hoppe C url Peel Don Lnglert Ken Ortiz Daxe Ferguson fc apt 3 Fr Ink 'Shah as Dick Hunsdker Hike Niehenke Jeff McCarr0n 'Hike Folex Leo Dexlm Bob Fdson Back rms Jlm McKay Carlos Yaldes Ron iimmons Hike wICL'lUf.,llllIl Hike Lrogh in Clarke Tolton -Xl Weichert Dawton Ollnger Dennis hgan P iul Poi ondr 1 Joe Zangrllll Outstanding Eagle "Spike-men"-LEFT T0 RIGHT: Front row, Don Englert, Dave Ferguson, Frank Mzltyas, Ken Ortiz. Back row, Mike Niehenke, Dick Hunsaker, Jeff McCarran, Mike Foley, Carl Peel. Outstanding Eagles MATYAS AND FERGUSON Potential league and CIF contenders iff? HOPPE, McLAUGHI.IN, " HUNSAKER, MCCARRON Outstanding distance men 4 .'n.,. EGAN, McKAY, CROGHAN, CARL PEEL High Jumper Eagle "weight-men' VALDES, FERGUSON, ORTIZ Outstanding middle-distance 3 ' 3 ' - V .A4 N" - , An' " gp. - - Q ., - . -' A. 6' f mlm Varsity W xrsnts LEFT T0 Rlf HT Front ron Fd Prendergast Bob Costlew Frank Leonettl John Keller Nhunard Gnu John Krog Bill Lee Bull Neuman Back row Bob McDonald Blll Sanders Phll Gunnmg Whke Folex Charlle Hiller James Merino Greg Ptntsm Bull Holmes B1llW1nters Junior Varsity LEFT TO RICHT Front row Don Crawford 'Vhke Games Jerrw J u n I 0 I' Sheehan Wllke Lelendecker Daxe Dlxon Bob Portlllo PhllCunn1ngham Phll barofalo V a I' S I t y Back ron Charles Smlth Pat Prendergast Tom Makofske Bull Hodgklss James Kelly Jlm Kelley Tom Gnwm Mlke Stewens Keun Hayes 1 - f , f ,' 1 ff Q-- , 1 v , ,Q . f f Y :lg J x A ' 0' if ,Q 4 vv l V, L ,N- B xo ' L Q I . , f L f I -T V -N I , 1 x E X B 33 Q L 4 - I F X Q s ' T P' ' L 1' I 'z ' .'- I : ', , . , 1, Q, ', x 1 I f x K l X A sk' A V f w '- . if ,iv t . " K 5 'X XX V A , Vg ' l I " F w 1 f f ' ' 1 1 ', f' ' .A' " .' ' 80 Uutstanding Eagles BOB COSTLEY Varsity FRANK LEONETTI , 1 1 'Ni JOHNNY KROG Varsity Varsity JOHN KELLER Varsity BILL LEE Varsity llutstandlng Eagles JIM DIXON Outstandmg J V player MAYNARD GRAY Varsity 82 JIM KELLEY Outstandmg J V player BILL NEWMAN BILL SANDERS Varsity Varslty Turnmg the pages of the Aerle In the sectlon devoted to athletrcs rs much like fllppmg the pages of the calendar Its sprung agaln the coaches can go outdoors to develop their ulcers the mfreld hums with encouragmg chatter outflelders rove about the deep pastures torn between ludgmg a srnlung drwe accurately and getting the right rythm rn their latest sonnet to true love Its base ball time agam' Coached by Mr Thomas Carroll the varslty caprtalrzed on splnt and speed on the bases. Bro. Charles Goedde dtsplayed has usual competent hand in developing the freshmen and sophomores on the layvee squad. Tennis-Swimming- 'Tl mln -1-, li' 23' 1 - lil' TENNIS FIRST ROV! LEFT TO RIGHT Dan Cranford Rommle Loul Mlke Luelle Eric Kennell Paul Poxondrfi 'SFCOND ROYV Duck Milton xllkf' ichoen Ilm W oods Jlm VVhel in Russ Rleh xrcleon P947 I :wx llllll FQ"" " ll'll I ggi!! sum." fx' go x SWIMMI LEFT T0 RIGHT Flret ron Hike Llnnl Phil Gfxrofalo Wllke Lax elle Lick ONBIII Qecond ron Terry Lannl George Howell Ed Bowle Blll Halljun Bull Qu fzge Bob Baxter Tennis Jack Anderson Golf ' X ":'- , fl ' i X . , ' .gg x . ,..,, V AMA I i r' 7 wx ,. K ' L . V: ,Q of V A A "-I! Q---Z I Ilgll fi 1111 -- EL, is I llll my . 4 F ' Q 'J lllll 2 llll ,L-,, 'f A ,, A gt"""3 ' ' ffl! 11, 5 f' ' 3 ' 4. . I ' .l I ' 5 I -x. Q ' - '.-.'.'. V' . , ' 'if y I M i ' 'f , N, If TVR NG Letterman Bluh Qi.. DICK HUNSAKER Presldent RAY PARNIN Vlce President llllll Q BOB LAMBRIX Secretary Treasurer 1X ..Z' QQ BOB COSTLEY Sergeant at Arms Q26 L.--J Nu.. S1 Entlre Lettermen Club assembled Dance Commlttee-LEFT T0 RIGHT Front ron Maynard Gras Gary Mower, Bull Sanders Don Englert Frank NIcCarron Oscar Portlllo Mani Leonettl Bark ron Dxck Hunsaker Bob Costleg Jeff ag? I I ll M,,,w.,1s lil An old lady's home-'T or even maybe an insane asylum! I also talk through my nose- I if , A X " 4 -411 I 0 ' 415.5 . VV.-KN ff I XXX ' . , : 1 f 1 Z , I n l ' I 1- ' :,.f -S, . . . All thc- hmlrrlvrs zlslvvp in thvir rooms . . . Tl-ID-for taking Sl pvr month from YOI' for the AERIE . - "Y ' 'W' ' Chzlminzulffs "not 0.K. used cars" 4-f"' li E f Y pig can Correia-putting Hunsakers' head on straight! I am a camera ffl! def J ' 16- I ah-one and-a two, and-a . , . 1 1 an 'MS rf' Everyone enjoys Haljun's witty doings the institution Launching first man into space 4 :sr-lv' -f ' ,,-. 'Ev Biff' 2w...,.w N ., -'A f'-lg? I-wh? 'fx L Q 1 F 'K V 'inf fx . Y V , N I fe' g S 3e':L N .gown sul -. A V'-gm? ' L' ns-Q, gn E.. 0 Q 'K A i g Y X. 4 Ar' ' .' -4 -Q 1 .hs-4. .. 4 'Q 4 NF. X J: T ' xg t 1 K M s. "x 52 4-kg l , .UQ we V 1 s x Y-.v L A I 4 N r"' .1 SQA' v 1 u L , :gi .4 -.o U 1 ' if U fn , s . I poafufanfo Men of Chaminade, men ot the Mother of God, are these young postulants, dedicated to the Queen of Heaven by a special promise of consecration. Combining work and prayer, study and recreation, they are enriching their formative years with that curricula so essential for a future teacher as a Marianist Brother. HARK! Xve come in quest of counsel. ra. from the sublime . . . . . . to the ridiculous ,, ae l Where there's smoke there's . . . Valdez! "A jllg of wine, H loaf of bread. and - - -" . Q kaufen! .gicwlenfa With an accent on the full development of the Chami- nade student, the resident division stresses training on the professional level, as well as the religious, along with the other qualities that make for a Christian gentleman. Seven Latin American nations are represented among the ranks of the young men, together with a few of the "local Holly- wood set." Definite emphasis on the importance of study has given the division its current reputation of being a place for the serious-minded. Obviously posed. Brusha-Brusha-Brusha P b A L of X' 4 X Don't touch this picture-MEASLES . v Q., Hello from Hollywood! Moderator il Q1-.1 XZ'-4 6 m- 'io s X . . .ix .x I 5 . ,lla ,.a-5" E 'S U Q K 4 sr.-D ., ., ...M .oi .1 44 ' , FN D r C n . 5 'I' I 1 A ww ,-I e 2 , ' 3 , 1' , ,,. J, it . , f ' w , 'Q 4. -,f M, - .4 A X, x W 5 -A "'!"Q'f" INQ 14.4 ffl 53' -fi. , 1, , if 1' , W, ll .-,. 4 .A f T! ' g .R :,,:, g-.3 f 1 5 R' M! V ,J fi 'rp af O ,.4'J - 5311-L ul, u 'Q Qi' as :rs-aug.-.W sf I y. I 'J , , l' N. E r 5 '3 P41355 gf l . w , 4 ' 7 Q 71X . 3 Wofkero , T112 2 , . 9 . v v f, 1 Board of Directors: Standing. Mrs. Lawson, Mrs. Milton, Mrs. Meissner, M rs. Sheehan, Mrs. NI2lSt0l'S0lI, Mrs. Cody, Mrs. 0'Neill. Seated, Mrs. XVinter, Mrs. Hlmsnker, Mrs. Savage, Mrs. Hkxrren. Mrs. Vzxndenhoff, Mrs. Dixon. liir Mrs. Hunsuker, Mrs. Savage, Mrs. Wfarren, Mrs. Vandenhoff. Standing:Mrs.Hunsuker.Mrs.VVinter Seated: Mrs. Meissner, Mrs. WVurren si. l QQ? ii 1 ,.l 1' ts F5 El' QZBMQCKML sw leave ..fl 1 si l e? Z he -'JJ un.-M.. , , ig, ' ,fkzw we, 5 N Board of Directors-LEFT T0 RIGHT: Mr. Clause, Mr, Makofske, Mr. Stang, Mr. Macauley, Mr. Kelly, Mr. Judge. 3- illafllf will if wilt ff lf E ' 'Qui- 4'- Officers: Mr. Clause, Mr. Makofske, Mr. Stang, Mr. XIr,Judg'e,1SI1', Clause, Mr, Kelly, llr, Lawson Macauley. 95 JIM FORD BOB BAXTER Edltor m Chief Assoclate Edltor Busmess Manager Layout Productlon GORDON LAWSON DENNIS MURPHY Photographer Photographer we AER .ai-3. RICHARD MILTON Photographer J Manuel Corrcia-typist and activities: Ray Parnin-activi- ties: Ernest Rohcllo-typist and activities: Mike Torres- zlctiviticsg John Gochncr-activities: Miko Reid-activities. iaith' JIM FORD PHIL GUNNING BOB BAXTER TED LEY Finances Financial Director Artist Copy afmna an en flfLIf'L0lfl:5 Luke other hugh schools Chamlnade rs something more than a place of learning In the narrow Intellectual sense During the mne months of the school year the students bulld thelr llves around the llfe of the school the studles the relrgrous actrvrtles the sports the soclal affairs the clubs Together wlth the students many other people become associated wlth the school and share In nts llfe Among these non student mem bers of the Chamlnade commumty are the parents and the fnends the PATRONS to whom the Ilene staff wishes to express lts deep gratltude Without their Interest and flnanclal assrstance the Ilene would have been only a dream . l , . r 1 r ' , . r v Hifi Q' if I. 3 p I' MQ dll Mr 1E'IlI'5Q!F Jzmgh T his ml 'vb inwasgssi5 .awfm11 6LfI"0Iflff Mrs James B Austln Mr and Mrs RobertE Baxter and Bob Mr and Mrs John Bueno Calllorma Bakery Calllorma Federal Savrngs and Loan Assoclatron Thomas Rrchard Costello Mr Wlllram Croarkm Culver Crty Typewrrter Co Dr and Mrs lrvmgl Cunmngham Dads Club Davrs Studlo of Photography Dee s Do nut Shop Paulme De Yoe Mrs Davrd C Dlxon Dr BryantJ Dodge Mr Joseph H Dunmgan Emerald Religious Supply Engravers Corporation Mr and Mrs Edward W Ford FreshmanA 61 Freshman B 61 A friend Mrs Bridle Furlong Mr and Mrs JohnJ Galney Mr and Mrs J E Geever Greg Grvvm 56 Tom Glvvm Mr and Mrs H F Goehner Golden State Meat Co Gray s Jewelers Gregory Prlntmg Co The Gunning Famrly Joseph M Head 57 Herman s Garage Mrs Anna Humphrey The Hunsaker Famrly Jumor B 59 Mr and Mrs Clmtonl Kelly Mr and Mrs Raymond E Kelly Mrs Mary Rowan Kunz Fredericks and Son Athletic Co Mary Kunz Mr and Mrs Dermot Kyne Qdeceasedj Mr G L Lerendecker The Lennon Sisters The Madonna House lamesT McGmley Right Rev Msgr James Mclaughlm Mr and Mrs Mrchael Mclaughlm Mrs TobertC McMahon Mrs Edlth Gunning Meade Mr and Mrs lalme Mermo Metwood Manufacturing Co Mr and Mrs Raymond T Mrller Mothers Club Edward Mulrooney 54 Nlms St lude Relrglous Shop Notre Dame Academy Class of 58 Mr and Mrs lohnL Nowlen Mr and Mrs Patrlck 0 Neal Mr and Mrs H 0Nerll Mrs Slmone Pallmen Palms Lumber Co Mrs Fawn M Parker Plece 0 Plzza Restaurants l H McDonough Plumbing Mr GregoryA Ptltsm Mrs Gregoryll Ptltsln Mr and Mrs lohnW Rybolt Security Federal Savings and Loan llssocratron of Los Angeles Senior Class of 58 Mr and Mrs losephF Sodaro Sophomorell 60 Sophomore B 60 Mr BertS Thomas WrllramL Tucker 57 Walker Buerge Ford Walsh Prmtmg Service Mrs Lewrs0 Wheeler Mrs MaryL Wmborn Edwardl Zermet 54 Mr and Mrs M Zubretta Mr. and Mrs. Raymond V. Parnin ,QV W JY .fgufoglnala A ,JW X rv w ff 1 ,7F'00,fl ,X X11,01'H1fUf0,xfLJ WWW -ii 'fu J K., if I yvjilxvyx xx! bf LVL. x F iw wb C 10 si bw nw we J nv LBJ QW" X f I ' ' O X 9 MJ N W WN fbi Q ' ' , J mov X I xl NJA V,f'!IV 4 Q. -I lv . x JI I , 'M I X C N N X f X Q , jg f' . 1 , x X lf! , V J iv!! . .1 ,r I . l Lf Yr x N5 Q .. , Ill, M1 ' ' fX X , 1- - l v Y 1 1 ,,., X Juli!!! . wx, - - If,A-.M .f xx i SWL, x ' WW 1Q,Jf' rv J X X , L, , 1 551 V, , Lx, , lf ,ff XV 'ff fly L, 5 Ltd ix jeff: L Kin 1 ,' 1 ! K ,fx LJ Rx' 1 gif 'A .. ,jffu I x A 1v L . aj , yv, Li J 'V li X ji JDV V KU 2 V il f L U' N X ' 0' f . 0 Q . w 'L' f U Q ff fl f v 93 il 191. 0 ,M 0 . VA' f'-X A ,A xy 4- 1 1 ,ffqfq 'X qu . V I i Ilvlfp 1 f 'M 1' xx! Q f v v WW .J f EM f l f J g "lf 'YQ 'ul' I ,www jf V!! 'ff V xi- H fbi my JW - Q' 9 X K A gk W an ,WL NJ' ,V , V , jf YU M fp, , - .05 pf pf 3 W fl 0102 f wi waxy Q " 'NIJ llwxxfr 2 Qvax X W X AMN JL V V, X M2 -QQ., , 1 X A , J D5 E X , f V,Af K1 I Q V W ' WA '97 . f fw I YN! R56 V ,V MK I , Ml. lj ,L ay 3 Q i4 f T f M' W H' VY 2 L Iuka XLOLVIAQMM-11 .,Qlf14,07d-YW, xi ax-'ka I Q E,-ELI. U l go, - mv- CLLL6 aqfax UAA' I XX my AK 9,-ff 6,21 QJZW Qifzwa wuz. . 4 32 F4 5 f wf M ',.,,.,' ,441 L JQZKQ 5 .' .- , L , L 2' Y I ,6U"U , W cum' Kwfzfdc L, Sm Cgvel W UWM MW WM M WV WWW ff wif 0, mm6Wf M32 W Z0 M W W' 2227 Q WW WWA 2 WW MM QQQQW f O5 'X W2 WW W ff df yiqkjixz' A S Mpc Lis wigijl QQ' L Q W,MofM Q jmkfsff wk, 4510 ANA? 93' S M I v A-X NA Afifidigf 539 w , my Wifi WW M A jf 2' 5Ly! .f- , w.f if , f W fo W' QQ X AY ' w Qi U W NK fgq2gx 5 Z QMW f N 'Nx,fi7g MZ, 53' K , , ' X CKYXN f X: Q h x U 4 'n Q5 4 O nfs! N 7 ff' Q 7' , QU 71,5 xi? M -Y :ic-J' QY A A pfboi K K ff , is ,24fiV if - S ,I J, ,a tbi X r H L, fkj, V ' I 'H . J 6. J f K5-UD "" C17 , 725, wh ' V pfsQ Ofv, fi y. 453 ,A wA'-- 1 L Y? 7 gg ' gf A X V A A fl FW 5 X 6, any X ,ff gl ., . 3 a U V' YN -f' ! V ' w 'L ' "' A TJ dk f Q I if 13 ' A 5 WE Qiwxj Q53 lg' fy ' Ak X, Q M ff 4 if f 1 ix f A X16 Ap qfk J' Q Q' 3"'xN...X,,, 6 jlsb, XC fl' , gr Q- N R 4 Q9 . A fx, , 103 2? f f 4 U QD 'lil' ? T51 Fc V5 L iT'l 1l af? we .L 1 , T x -'I . V R f K V ,Q a P A , , . xx x A xl , ' ' x 1 t xx x H Y , Q S 4, ' X .4 Wu ' fx A vi X k lb 3 ,i f-X K , ,, f . N X ' ,y .X ' h Q. v ,LV 1 . .- L w Y , ,y Y Y K Z, rx X , .F x mx N ' N .V ' X, x ' -'if m X. 4 " X L' , f' ' , s f 'E 1 2 A L TI r , 1- 3 n H X'-V . 1 r Q 1 ' 7 . ' ,f Vik ' J' ' X . - Q U0 9' b Q ,xx f , .' A - - xx X 4 ' -V , -. x ' I q 1 1 I I K -K I s '- D' ' , A V Z I X3 , , fx' 1' XX X' X' fy , 1 C ' , Q x , uv' W fr ,N W! , , . V- x ' X KY, . KK 'kk .V A ' l , 1 ' X x I I Mx 1: 'N- fx ' , , 1 ' X, A X 1' f D fx L Na X O X HA Q., y 4 LV 71' 1 I I x A x- ,N 4 n , , , X. -X1 X 3- , X X V A, x ,-X ' 9 4 ' 1 L rw' f. - , f ' V I I ,J x .A km! , K nf , ,f x, Q f f 4 x 'Q ' x J x L V. U . . , V N -- l

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1958, pg 86

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