Central Methodist University - Ragout Yearbook (Fayette, MO)

 - Class of 1951

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Central Methodist University - Ragout Yearbook (Fayette, MO) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 17 of 244
Page 17 of 244

Central Methodist University - Ragout Yearbook (Fayette, MO) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 16
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Central Methodist University - Ragout Yearbook (Fayette, MO) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 18
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Page 17 text:

, ,V A I J 1.115-f.'a'.ai- PCII'll'lOC Clll Brannock Hall, the first building to be constructed on the campus, is now the administrative heart of Central College. All college business, local and national, finds its beginning in this building. The President and the Dean have their offices in Brannock, and contact with all graduates is made through the busy alumni office. The school treasurer, the bookkeeping office, the director of admissions lnew students' first acquaintancel, and the foreboding office of the registrar are also a part of Brarmock Hall. The home of Central's yearbook, the Raqout and its newspaper, the Cen- tral Collegian, is on the third floor. The art department shares this floor with the Student Publications and art students, clad in color-dotted clothes, carry that certain "Li if' aroma of turpentine and paint around with them at all times. Sociology, journalism, business law, and a variety of other subjects are taught in Brannock, as well as all business courses. Brarmock Hall, the administration building and the heart of the many branches of the whole school, has received the honor of being placed on the official seal of the College.

Page 16 text:

a ins an Wills Hall, the "athletes' abode" located at the northeast side of the campus, is a white frame structure which houses about thirty-two men. Even though students continually predict that "a strong wind will blow Wills away", 'the building is still clinging to its foundations. Strong bonds of friendship exist among the occupants of Wills, and they are as clannish as the Hatfields or the McCoys, although they do not have the same bloodthirsty customs. Nevertheless, a spirit of loyalty and co-operation not only unites the boys socially. but in group activities and intramural athletic competition as well. The many good-natured jokes about the not-too-substantial structure of Wills Hall, and the good humor of its occupants concerning their "home-away-from-home", are a definite part of campus life. Bridge At Givens ivens an The exterior of the smaller of Central's two women's dormitories resembles an average home, with the exception of the large black letters on the front which give the name of the first graduate of Howard-Payne College, Mary Kring Givens. A living room on the first floor, complete with a fire- place, sofa, easy chairs and tables, and attractive bedrooms on both floors make Givens a real home for about fifteen women students. Because Givens Hall does not contain a dining room, the girls brave the elements and make the mad dash from their home to Howard-Payne for their meals. In spite of such inconveniences as this, the Givens girls remain strongly attached to their foster home. Its small size and cheerful, home-like atmosphere make it a pleasant residence for women. Will Power' At Wills.

Page 18 text:

Budding Scientists lejence au Science Hall, the proud owner of a tower which is the highest point in Howard county, houses a strange assortment of phenomena. The basement and the first floor contain a variety of laboratories and class- rooms. A flight of stairs stretches 'to the second floor where the Stephens Museum of Natural History is located. In the museum, thousands of preserved animals populate show cases, and the shelves are full of life-like biological specimen. Microscopes busily follow amoebaand bacteria in biology lab, while "Oscar", the skeleton, patiently allows future doctors to feel his white bones. The third floor is filled with calculus theories, economics problems, and astronomy charts. Still another flight of stairs leads to Science ,Ha1l's famous tower, but this is populated only by pigeons and mice. Budding scientists, peering into fuming test tubes, keep members of the chemistry department on their toes waiting for an explosion, and mathematicians wander through the building guided by slide rule andV logarithm tables. Conscientious biologists eagerly eye any animal who happens to wander near their realm, while geologists keep their eyes on the ground looking for familiar friends. Econo- mists and astronomists, too, inhabit the building, along with botanists, physiologists, and others in- terested Vin any form of science. 3 , 'I S tzfffgsgiesrizsx3i3QV.q4:grmlYn52EXTQQZQMQHQ ,,, Wtfgifw ..-we . ,, ,gMx5: 1R., .-in f--- yt,-, .Vg,:gpgQ1,uf ,fs , g,V13,,,,.m V wV-wg, Assf Q Q ,,. 1 . .zfzeefrw mi . .A M m v .zgkpiw '-:,V--1 U- .W,f,wf.s g1.ssf ,R Qwggmmp W, ,QE ff, 83 QQ KS .W ,J Y ,Q g y y . ..., 7Li3fL,'UffQI1:Ti?1,NQ,fTgQi f Z. 35 f ' if f V-g -ffl- Jw, Viffstfuwf J' -M' - VQ2s?wwte6fwW2ss',fwswf w.. V ' 55 . f .. 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