Central Junior High School - Reflector Yearbook (Saginaw, MI)

 - Class of 1939

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Central Junior High School - Reflector Yearbook (Saginaw, MI) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 18 of 56
Page 18 of 56

Central Junior High School - Reflector Yearbook (Saginaw, MI) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 17
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Page 18 text:

THE ANNUAL REFLEc'roR 450 QTJZCT U99 Class W ill S our last will and testament we, the class nothing but the best grades in algebra of 1939, leave to the coming generation as Clld D99-U Hadcock, SHG JOChen, the following listed items: 33233 Cgggilafgclxgcggv glmlfpjfchef, , ll ree , ames Item: We leave tg Mr. Milleri and Mr. I-Iubler K1'0hI1, and NOFUI3 Leitow. a group o actors an actresses W o . . will put on as brilliant performances Item ' guzgeiifietigogfiiglnd Roush We Wm - I y of Lyle Kubik, as did Floyd Clark, Barbara Brennan, Dlck Judd Pet . . . - - , er ROS6W1g, Bill Kerri- 1153?-tSZ5.f3EZ.ii2yAi'231d5-1ii?ElCt2t 5-,gn-Q-3--1Lingfgiafciirofdclafke. Lieberman, and,BOb Mitts' 7 aelgwiindrzisildc Fdwlard Rfiih' I 9 , an Item 1 To future husbands and cooking teach- M1195 Russell Taylor, Walter BGFEBT, ers we will a group of cooks such.as and D11-9119 Beck. iii2::..?5i?ff..Bs.:2?52.Esssafisias Item: XQiQ,g1feSf,Qgfg2g"ggge1eafSWglgive Fox, Kay Kelly, Virginia Matheson, Hardt Gertrude Prim 123 38 Sh. er Tffis MinEiS,EhL0rraine Sonntagr and J arzabkowski Nancy gGleasiJJIieplVLalrl? orence e une. - - ' - ' . Jor1e'Beyer, Hedwig Scherzer, Murial Item: To Mr. Rhodes, our patient typing in- L?B1'HkG, J-H116 Wi11iHH1S,, Evelyn structor, Eve willvl a glziliss olf guderits F 1332, 3331513 Stua1'tHNat3119 M01'19y, such as rant c u ouc , orot y an s' 9 Y GHIGDSHY 91'- Frenzel, Raphael Andrade, Dolores Item. TO' Mr Matthews We 1-ea e t d t Kakoska, Jean Krieg, Lois Ecarius, ' as, 'd , A V S u en S . . . . ,goo as. Joe Merdler, Stewart Beatrice Mehleis, Marion List, Marna Fmncke Jack Bruske Geraldin Stlaagtf M5557 Kelley- Irene Francisco- Brown, lildward Stitt, Estella Browiil an une lmmefman- Esther Eurick, Elton Frye, Charles Item To the girls we leave the following DiCkH!311,B0bSl7TiCk1HHd, and Howard boys: Cliffogd Claigi, itilrfhis soltixthern JaC0b1- personality, oyd ar or his umor, . - Stewart Francke for his height, Bob Item' ggfdiiigeaglglefiggfgfilng assets to the Meyers, Bob Mitts and John Theobold. Cl' ff d C1 ' . . - 1. i or arke's popularity. Item' iAE:NigI1ftS..tO '1h?.b0YSf We leave the fol' 2. Jonathan Williams, gift for poetry, g purty ladies. Kay O Keefe, 3 M St . hl . . Marna Stuart, Margo Ernst, Delphine ' alma Hart S at Gmc attam' Dropek, 'Jinny' Childs, and Kay Kelly ments- i , , - 4. Joan Opperman's stories. Item We will tp the lschoolgl suchF great ari 5. Stewart Franckds drums tists as ave een ton rye, Pau - - 1 - , - ' . Janke, and Harold Leutritzi 6. liaziglorie Billmeier sabiltyto digest Item: We gvill tg Mr. Etkind's classes filled 7- grant MCCull0uCh's typing ability. wit stu ents who will keep their 8. stella Brown's ability to spell. minds on their work and always do 9. Floyd Clark for his acting. their home work, also pupils who will 10. Mildred Skopek and her boy be able to digest Latin as well as friends. Janet Stewart, Al Riordan, Joe Merd- 11. Sue Jochen as teacher's pet. ler, Marjorie Billmeier, Eunice Bern- 12. Willie Thorne's mischievousness. thal, Adeline Pharis, Donald Schneu- 13. Kay O'Keefe's popularity. ker' Edmund Mllczewskl' and Betty Item: To all English teachers we leave excel- Item : Andrews. To Mrs. Campbell and Miss Guilford we will them students who will attain -M W.- ti- - lent students such as Barbara Schaffer, John Prueter, Elton Frye, Al Riorden. and Joe Ulicki.

Page 17 text:

-7190 LaFrenier, James Lennox, George Leppert, Robert Leutritz, Harold Lewis, Gerald Lieberman, Robert Lisama, John Loder, Burnell Longtain, Marshal Loomis, Donald Loth, Bill Lueder, Morris Lumsden, Harold MacDonald, Jack McAnany, Duane McClung, Donald McCullouch, Grant McDonald, Fred McInnis, Donald McLeod, Robert Malecki, Floyd Mallott, Leonard Mandelstamm, Darrel Marker, Robert Martin, Jack Mazur, Chester Meade, Gale Merdler, Joseph Mertz, Lauren Meyers, Bob Mickey, George Mikolaski, Teddy Mielde, Donald Milczewski, Edmund Miles, Allan Miller, Eugene Miller, Robert Mitts, Robert Moore, Henry 1 Newbold, Morse Nigl, Louis Ohmer, Bob Palmer, David Parth, Donald Pasko, Bill Pietrazak, Casimir Pietrazak, Raymond Pitcher, Jim Poag, Jack Poellet, Clinton Postal, Howard Poineau, Clarence Powell, Maynard Preston, Donald Price, Tommy Prindle, James Prueter, John THE ANNUAL REFLECTOR "AIP Radina, Erwin Rangel, Ignatius Reimer, Bill Richards, Jack Riordan, Al Robins, Alfred Rockafellow, LeRoy Rodriguez, Keith Roenicke, Edward Rokita, Alphonse Rose, Charles Rosewig, Peter Ross, Herbert Roth, Paul Roth, Robert Rutter, Leland Sabgash, Harold Salbenblatt, Ronald Salmer, George Scheanwald, Richar Schmidt, Authur Scheuker, Donald Schoen, William Schrader, Ernest Schulz, Bob Scott, Douglas Sherman, Frank Simpson, Arthur Sims, William Solek, Frank Sommer, Robert Sonnenberg, Cleo Spyker, Stewart Staib, Hans Stamper, James Stephens, Charles Stevens, Earl Stierle, George Stitt, Edward Stolz, Earl Storms, James Strickland, Bob Stueber, Ted Swoverland, Robert Szott, Alex Taylor, Russel Tebbel, Robert Theobald, John Thomas, Napoleon Thomas, Richard Thompson, Cecil Thorne, Willie Tomzak,, Phillip Trzos, Danny Tucker, Warren org., d Veremis, Robert Villepando, Nicholas Vollmer, Bill Waach, Erwin Wattelet, Roy Weaver, Raymond Wenzel, Ernest Wesson, Alfred Weston, Jack Whitney, Richard H625 Wrecha, Bob VVilkinson, Bob Willett, Don Williams, Herbert Williams, Jonathan Wilson, Gerald Wilson, Glenmar Woodward, Don Woolston, Vern 14 PF all bk - Faculty Quotations Mr. Rhodes: " Be sure you're set for double spacing." Mrs. Richard: "I smell something burning." Mrs. Denkhaus: " Rip it out." Miss Dailey: " On your numbers." Miss Sinift: " Showers! l! " Miss Ziegler: " Have- I taken roll, girls ?" Mr. Meyers: "In your seats." Mr. Jacobson: " Now I want it quiet in here ! " Mrs. Habel: " I'll give you one minute." Mr. Williams: " Now, I'll tell you." Twarozynski, Bernard Ulicki, Joseph -H115 Mrsb Campbell: " Your home assignment will e . . . " Mrs. Staebellz "This is the noisiest class I have." Mr. Haydon: "If you will." Mrs. Cubbage: "How many see that? " Mrs. Ulman: "Breathe deep from your dia- phragmf' Miss Green: "I'll be right in, girls." Miss Fesleri "Now, see here, I said quiet l" Mr. Adsitt: "Do you want to go to the office ?" Miss Guilford: "Now do you get it." Mr. Turner: "Again I repeat." Mr. Huber: "First row." Mr. Miller : "Put that thing on the desk." Miss Rademacher: "Now, see here." Miss Yeager : " Why didn't you tell Miss Yeager you couldn't do it ? " Jane Williams Joan Opperman if Pls bk Dk Little Johnny was going to school for his first time. The teacher said that the next day they all had to bring their birth certificates. The next day when Johnny came to school he was crying. The teacher asked him what was wrong. He said, "I forgot my excuse for being born." 3 gk ak is Mrs. Green: " This soup tastes funny." Student: "Why don't you laugh?" 19-11-

Page 19 text:

THE ANNUAL REFLECTOR 15 .65 'W' vim UW' clusive shop on Fifth Avenue, "Pitcher's Shoe Store." We wonder if the reasons could be his engagement to that little blond sales girl of his, Shirely Taylor? "Flash! Margo Ernst has just achieved her life-long ambition. She is being featured at the Casino on Catalina Island as a famous toe-dancer. "Dan Archangeli is now skipper of "En- deavor Third," which is owned by none other than that boney bundle, Lorrane "Bones" Fox. Smooth sailing, Dan! "l've just received a flash that Josephine Grant, that million-dollar heiress, has finally consented to marry Paul Lemon after a very long courtship. It is reported that they will settle down on a ranch and raise lemons. " Kay O'Keefe has just acquired her big- gest desire which is to became a model. She is modeling in Mlle. De Roy's exclusive shop on Park Avenue in New York City, N.Y. "Bob Mitts has his own orchestra now, and as one of the older members of his band, he has that past "King of Swing," Benny Good- man. Bob is now known as "The King of the Clarinet." "Virginia Childs is now running a select gown shop in Paris. She calls it "Les Deluxe Shoppe." The shop was nuanced by her faith- ful suitor, Stewart Francke. Stewart is still on Jinny's trail, but she says her career comes first. "Besides running after Virginia Childs, Stew has found time to become "America's gift to the drums." He and his orchestra are now playing at Carnegie Hall in New York. "I've just heard that Miss Barbara Morley, who is playing in " Victoria Regina," has re- ceived more than fifteen proposals a day. Barbara is still waiting for the right one to come along. It is said that Miss Morley has a very successful career ahead of her. "That promising young docter, George "Stoop" Stierle, is about to perform an opera- tion that will decide his whole career. Whether he will be a success or a failure, we wish you a lot of luck, George! "J.W. Bell is now a noted racing driver. He is happily married to Barbara Schaffer, who wishes he would settle down and do some office work, but John says "No." He has always liked to drive fast. Happy land- ings, John. "The old fortune teller predicted years ago that one of Central's students would be a diplomat." Of all people, nobody would have guessed it would be a girl! Sally Carman has achieved this goal and is very happy with her work. She 1S our war correspondent in Eng- land. We hope you prevent a lot of Wars, Sally. "It has been rumored that number-one glamour girl, Adelaide Ann Jaenichen, is engaged to Bob Strickland, but she has denied all rumors. We wonder if that movie king, Bob Brown, could have anything to do with her decision? "Betty Remensnyder has just received 525,000 for winning a photography contest. She has just been offered a job at one of the leading motion picture studios as a first camera-women ever to hold such a position. "Natalie Morley is now filling a position as a gym teacher at Vassar College. She has received many offers from different schools, but has turned them all down. Natalie seems to have a very bright future ahead of her. "Word has just been received that famous foreign correspondent, Anne Krieg, has just been killed accidentally by a bomb dropped from a Japanese plane over King Kong, China. That old war is still going and will be going for a long time to come. "Shirley Taylor, famous American music teacher, now has her foreign studio in the American consulate in Vienna, under Sir John Learned, Esquire. The music studio is the most renowned in the world and Miss Taylor is kept very busy. She, by the way, is engaged James Pitcher. "Joan Emery is now an accomplished secretary of that dear old mayor, John Theobald. We hope she isn't one of the home breakers who sits on the boss' lap. We'll leave Joan with John and hope she keeps on with her charming personality. "The old fortune teller is tired now and can see no more for today. Come back next year and her some more." Signed, Class of ,39 14 9k 14 il: An Irishman was inquiring for a factory job. The manager asked him what he could do. Most anything," he replied. The manager said, " Can you wheel out abarrel of smoke? " "Sure," he replied, " fill it up. " :lf fl: SF DK Bob Mitts: "Do you want a large or small picture?" James Krohn: "A small one." Bob: "Then don't smile, please." -wif19l'4"-

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