Central High School - Tom Tom Yearbook (Tulsa, OK)

 - Class of 1963

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Central High School - Tom Tom Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Cover

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7 -' V. Q 3 Lf.: gg, vw W3 w::4,Q,-X. - N. ' " -,ffzuififlgfiffbtfuflff fgfirggi 4,:4,-lY.--.2 L bf' :gf 4 P' 1 x I Qu, uf .Eff f sf.. 55 L' 4 U r 5' ,WL ,xg , 221 , I , w'i',jZ. . U, - . Q3 qu' .. TQ' ' I 1115-, ,, . , N, '11, .' 'fm il mf " .. 'gif 1 Q, V: .1 ., 52541, . V 'N 'f 5 I 'iff Pb, W, J , 1255: V' WU J -52 P7-M :gi-Jw, I, 1 -4215 ,t We f , 552-iii' .BJQQW cQjY!X'.. ,Wi , R. nr U.. yy X w' 'Q , QQ ,X J-.5 ' " ill , 332: flziglf '4 J, - jf EE' fur ,. U ' Qwwmwffffwf- .--L , 441Q,i, N '1r':'-F'-'S4i"wf-fgsliifiu.11: .k.1,Qy-f" fig," F -I 1 x ,f , ,.. 'L ,, J' , . , gziawfwffm A-Vg. I f A WU"Ll--"-.. 1 55,8 . ff' J .-""""ih7, I -, In If! if 5'2"--K. Lm.Jc.-J-5.1-i'4-fc,L , QKMQWWQMW. 'Mindy Q4 UWMWM W .,, V ---lf . 1. ,. . X-,F -.-Q , .4 A .. gf.-,,' " ,L ' , MN ,LI-,,. , , ,, . U . ,v1 . -,e:.: 'M I vi- ' , , xQ.n..a.. Q - . J , U . if Q Wfjw fQQf?ff? V MW' M W QW cgfifggx wif MWMWQ f4ffWff5MW3LSQUTw3ib'R3fRQ WW M lo, fv,f?S'9 we My sf Wlllltfljlx' 'k'I'1N wig Q!! YM W ,HV W' -P FSM'fff3'.3i""! Mfh' 914' -NXKX .U QWX2 ry yy, 12' r Lf'?', Sf 5339! 'NJ '1 'Af' ,ff QC , 'f1l!W1dPf',' ff ,,"Hx. " K7 4 bs GM ,llljfn Jbf '!'1! Qi? W 503' BWV XE xmxwaaugxmwwmgw QD WW X K wig, MYWMXWJQWQNQ Q QQ iWi'f:lCTTTWWM+ awww , ,illu I AZAMMN Wav? A 7Z2L!i.dL!6fwf7Mp"mwwJ' ,M WWWWW :VKX 411- yffvs VDUQ-V fa. OPNQ ll mf-kifbngrwdii 'QFA79 6405 QMMKMQ 6'Ov-J 0-u-f!Li Zion-MA. oufig -Crwmn 7151 3 The Indian has a dancing heart moved deeply hy the heat ol a tom tom signaling him to rival the eagle's majesty. It signals ns as well. Pnnetnating the air with its haunting tone, the tom tom echoes a remainder ol the heritage the Indian ha so tenaeionsly preserved and willingly shared. The loreelul determination to excel, the sensitivity, the proud independence, the solidity ol a hrave civilization -this is the lnessage to he incorporated into our world ii we are to maintain a meaninglnl institution dedieated to its purpose. The heat is steady and persistent . . . this, indeed, is . . . :J vw. - N,.su:-- -N of the To X. Lance Laird of Shawnee descent Central Senior '. w v V . .,7: ..f 'SE ,a ff EQ - w' ,M ,ki f s ii ,xp l,! f an-. SK . ' .3 -Ag' 1 if-v4 ag' 7?'f'L L1 ' F ij, QL "ii"-'lg . kggkfg.-.4 sr Sain, iff , ,Vg Q 'L' . 530-1' gwfy it-5? 2 ., s -. ' ' x .w 'N 2 Zum? gy A ' a , N , if' WV-K: ,- bil K X it M sity ,. 1, ' 'gh ' .Fu s. ,, ,r Wi-nf Q . 'Q 'K 3 vi. v. 1 we -K JP? .4 X 5.4 Ying fi x V ,iid .,Q.3H1f4fgg,'ff. P .-1 1'-'VKH'-' , ' 1 . , ',1..asP x , . 4, r ilff- ' -:VK y mf- , A ,ggi 1 323, X Q- ,if - vm 'T 5 x 2t"'f ,nj is Q -X in S g,Q-351 is QQ ...X ,, WX' - MK 3 5 1552 L1 1. 525. J- Y 1 1- ,. . 'i :NJ A, L .LF K ,- 1, 9' l h . J' , yy if L, . ' K , K ' , E ' ' ' Ki ug, K Q fw ' K 'fl' ' T S . , si: S' --ff : ' +1 - -wg 1 . 4 -.JE J fi N K , V ' X L " - K N .J . 5' ix Ll K iw Y A " ' ' Ng ' AQ J, 1 .. K , 5 - E na IE: f-E. .VM 5 k in -vm, ' K ' 'f K1 -4, . 1, i J Tx -gk -1 , , . 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I' ' A "" 'A 7f'kkf.A' 5 ' 'W 'C E F 5565-ll ' .J . - ' 4 -...... . . ,H L. . . . ,.. . 1 . X tg X Q wx. . ,aa ,ef X '-A -"M, f X .1 , . 5 . R , .. Y D N - 1. 1 X f x XX N X LLm, A "3 4 QQ Y Q f fs, X N, 5 2 Q X - Men qw BOUNCY Red Feather off i ce r s encourage each and every one of Central's loyal support- ers to purchase a beanie and a "CEN- TRAL BRAVES" bump- er sticker for his car to support our teams in their coming activities. Vacation liver - Confusion Reigns Opening day brought many sun-tanned faces to the halls of Central High. Through the lull of conversation, shouts of, "Buy a beanie," "Join AFSI' and "Get a Budget," were heard ringing loud and clear. For the 652 seniors, it was the last time they would ever sign an enrollment sheet, huy a budget, or get a howdy card. For the 1089 sophomores, however, it was the beginning of many exciting times. FROM VERY EARLY in the morning until late in the afternoon, students who are waiting to enroll for the rapidly approaching year m'eet upon the main steps to discuss the past summer's ioys and many activities. r r NANCY WOOD is quite thrilled with her new- est possession, the highly coveted number- one budget, which she eagerly shows to her fellow classmates, Sanclee Stevens and Lynn Gallagher who happily admire her purchase. -3 , s i .:gn ON OPENING DAY Randy Clement finds that he is faced with a temperamental locker and even the able- bodied assistance of Dicky Deardorf and Grant Arm- strong is not too much help in solving this problem. 23 Fans Scream Approval at Braves F' School spirit is very real to the s t u d e n t s of Cen- tral. It is the thing that makes us sing at the pep rallies, yell for our Braves, cry at the fare- well assemlmlyg but most of all, it is the factor that makes Cen- tral hold a dear place in oun hearts forever. Centralities express t h i s spirit in the many, long hours devoted to workouts at the field, ticket sales, Daze prac- tice, and organizations. Such loyalty endures after memo- ries of school days fade. THE BRAVES rip apart a Ranger pre- sented them by the Red Feathers at a surprise field pep rally. These rallies prompt the courage to win. AS TENSION mounts on the playing field, it is The camera catches the ecstasy of these girls mirrored in the faces of those in the stands. as our Braves tie the score with a touchdown. XI, A Lx if? Q . 1 I N 3 W '34 i"' . f 1: --S-N X .XX . ,M N . Q X LU vb . Mg i E W Q i 4 gl E ? x,,,.......w.+,-m.,Alf --M ,L fax 1 jf 6 55 I E X19 S YY 3 E XM if DISCUSSING PLAYS which gained them All-City football hon- ors are Riley McCas- kill, Pat Gordon, Jim Wiltshire, standing. Kneeling: Doug Man- ning, Harry Chichester and Jackie Connors. Bentralites Receive Recognition STUDYING pamphlets are the AFS student hopefuls for 1963- Connie Campbell, Donna Logan, Carol Cox, and Bill Beeman. RECALLING MEMORIES of Boys' and Girls' State are Doug Manning Janet Vickburg, Jane Woodard, Bill Brinnon, Robert Sarrniento NATIONAL MERIT finalists Roger Kirkland, Joe Durham and Ted Tenny discuss the National Merit Scholarship Tests and make their plans for college with Miss Bridges, the senior counselor. vi 27 Students Snare Academic Awards Continuing to uphold high- est academic accomplishments, Central students this year won top national awards in Eng- lish, science, and mathematics. Tulsa School Life and Tom Tom were acclaimed by both Columbia Press Association and National Scholastic Press Association. In the field of music, outstanding students re- ceived the Arion Award as well as state honors. National Merit Finalists were among the many students who re- ceived scholarships to col- leges and universities through- out the nation. MISS CROTCHETT presents to Bill r Brinnon the National Council of l Teachers of English award which he won in the national contest. Runner-up Ruth Rodisch watches. JACK ORME, Tom Tom sponsor, beams with pride by his last year's Tom Tom staff, is posted in as the All-American award for yearbooks, won the hall by Anne Reniers and Nakita Slack. ii c ss. 'WSQIIO Eyr w'M"' Qi' SE .bl -AML. 3' YQ A fig? V .RMS K 2 .lb , 13- ikgijw. gm: K ,, se ax is :SZ N .f .rf 5 K, Q Q , T Q. Qkr Q B. If A-2 W A Zz, J V :WK ,if 5, is f' -iff s ff? gl. , WA, 'L A-x 52--w M if ,544-. fig. 4.- " is. J.. 11 I., L , w fn xx.. X5 irif 1, gf, Y fr XEQ a ,1 ' x - :Jail ., Q wi? YS 5 2 L R. ww mf! aa. 5 4 X 6 1 Q A' 'KB v 9. , W. IR fs. ,,,h'i -, ,Q ,Q A X 3 ,ji .L L F 'Llfgf :Q 55, f 'M 1 W swa g? fzixggg - A 2- 261 'Q gi. ff 5 , QS F? Q 1 .WAX :sf my 'Ss X as Q E 9 ig 31 1 S A s 2 1 W E A X',- .. ni '.h1 fLKL Traditions Entertaining, inspiring, and educational describe Central's weekly assemblies held under the able direction of Mrs. Iona B. Freeman. Programs to suit every taste and interest were presented throughout the year with demonstrations from Karate to card tricks. With the holidays came pro- grams of special purpose: the magnificence of Christmas, the humility of Thanksgiving, and the joy of Easter were all expressed in these inspiration- al presentations. Each assembly was enliven- ed and enriched by the ever- beautiful stage settings design- ed and constructed by Mr. Al- hert Martin and the stagecraft department. lt seemed as if nothing were beyond reach of these talented people who could always achieve "just the right effect" with proper light- ing and scenery. The time and talents of many hard-working people went into each assembly be- fore it was presented. but the result was always the same . . . . MAC-NIFICENT. THE TRUE SIGNIFICANCE of Christmas is expressed in an inspiring Christmas assembly as the angels proclaim the birth of the King. IN THE COLORFUL stagecraft assembly Bob Ritz demonstrates the fog machine which is used to create various unusual effects. 33 Never Doubt Five days a week - it seemed more - Central students struggled to GRAB THAT shoe and run-no time to sit and yawn for Rhett Speer. YVONNE MASON proves the phi- losophy that haste makes waste. Wake up and begin the mad dash for school. And no one ever solved the mystery of the silent alarm clock, the misplaced homework, the unironed blouse. Then came the agonizing routine that never grew simpler: brushing teeth, getting dressed, gulp- ing toast, waiting for a turn at the mirror, scramhlng for lunch money, rushing to the bus or finding a park- ing place for the car. Then the panic of all those steps as the bell could be clearly heard . . . LINDA ANDERSON attempts to catch the school bus that always runs five minutes late except this morn- ing when she failed to regard the sounding alarm. For Whom the Bell Tolls . . . THE FINAL BLOW to Dennis Tatum's hopes of getting to schoolon time occurs when an officer spots the expired parking meter. Somehow the officer is unimpressed with his pleadings - a lecture plus a ticket. "NO EXCUSES! When the bell rings, it rings for you," Mr Ehlers lectures to the four culprits - Linda, Rhett Yvonne, and Dennis - as they give their excuses. These unfortunate four are learning for whom the bell tolls 35 I Students Un-the-Hn ElltllllSi6lSI'Ill Energyl Move! These were the 1962-63 Cen- tral passwords. Activities more than deserved their name, as each day was crammed with lively participation from the first day of enrollment to the last whisper of graduation, providing a great variety of events to fit each student's in- terests. Special school field trips, 50 mile hikes 4 the demanded fad, Wonderful week-end outings and parties -all kept energetic Cen- tralites constantly on the go! MEETING JFK'S challenge but nursing his blisters is hiker Gary Hamilton. "GOODBYE senior dinner dance," thinks Becky Johnson as Jackie Connors proves that he is all thumbs while he is changing the flat tire. Q Q -,4....f I ' Q ix' 1:"fmf X , ' fg i. Q 'f1f:.fsw A N , . L, A5 1? f ag, KL "kk :11 in ' QE 1 "?k" fi F.. X A315 dx ,za v5,,.Yg3 - V Q.- W, , z X m ,mg , Jane Woodard Attendant Susan Schwend Attendant Subjects Exalt llueen Lillie Miss Lillie Fox, Wearing the traditional red velvet robe and White satin dress, symbolic of the colors of her royal kingdom, was crowned Miss Central High XLII and Football Queen for the year 1962. J im Wiltshire, acting football captain, placed the insignia of sovereignty upon her head. Lillie was chosen for her beauty, loyalty, per- sonality, and poise from nine of the loveliest girls of the 'senior class. Attending Her Majesty were Susan Schwend and Jane Woodard, seniorsg Connie Campbell, Linda McClure, and Kitty Hilsheimer, juniors, and Linda 0,Dell, Vicki Crain, and Linda Fet- ter, sophomores. These girls represent beauty and personality for Central. 38 Jg fm K 4 x 1 1 i .L VL 5:25, z f I ,V-1 Q L., L. ff, S. W f' ' K ' ' Wiflps si ,W Lifws, , V JIM WILTSHIRE Attendant King Doug Reigns Uver Annual Daze ulsong Live the Kingln This was the shout that went up the opening night of the thirty seventh annual Daze. Doug Manning wore the coveted crown that represents the highest honor a Central boy can receive from his fellow class- mates. During the impressive Coronation King Doug received his scepter from Lillie Fox, Miss Central XLH. Jim Peters and Jim Wiltshi1'e were chosen as senior attendants. Junior attend- ants were J oe Bratcher, Mike Eppler, and Lloyd George. Serving as sophomore attendants were ,lack Carter, Tom Reed, and Jerry Shonkwiler. .l IM PETERS Attendant 40 ,gg 1 Was? f A 1 x' "Daze By Night" Dazzles Audience SHOWGIRLS from the "Ziegfield Follies Era" set the atmosphere of Daze by Night by portraying elements of the night: stardust, deep purple, and moonglow. Daze By Night was the theme of the thirty-seventh annual Daze. It was a pageant of the color and excitement of night life. The Daze is probably the oldest continuous high school variety show in the United States. From the first one, Variety Daze, held in 1927 this show has set a standard for the talent shows across the nation. There has never once been a duplication of theme or presentation in the program through the years. Behind the scenes of every Daze since 1955 has been Mrs. Iona Free- man, the incredibly capable director. The spectacular staging and scenery effects prompting much of the acclaim have been created by Mr. Albert Mar- ti11 and his stagecraft crews since 1929. The Daze is truly one of our proudest possessions. ANATOLE of Paris, portrayed by Marsha Vance, presents his intriguing chapeaux for women of high society and fashion. TAKING TIME from their work to harmonize on "My Coney Island Baby" are Martin Perry- man, Rick Parks, Eddie Wright, and Mark Capehart - billed as "The Singing Four." . ix V 6 s fs 'Rik Z:-f52r:Q'-1'-wrifiiv-Egl 1s,"IgQ?"1?iI: 2... -Q , ' . -.Q-ex? ,, 5 X asm.. wi : if its X :rf '1 ost 155355 sfs R K 1' "- . X 5 s- --sw e Q fi 3 fs: X t, gases . S E st H3 ,M QM ,s tt ka s , X , 'L if saws X xsX, y . s MJ, I-fa ir X5 - 5 W alexis - N fb F tw. X - is ss Xs fsu 1 X X is H N f- - sf .Xss XQXXX X sfo ' Ngo ws-gb Q NX vas sexi? -'sf .XX 'X Qgftiz AY X 3 sg? Wssgt YQ ss XX .5 ,, X Qi' Ea X IEGE YQ? '4 s 5 f 1 2 T- X 'X as it Y 'X X X Q s .. 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XX as ... fggssXXXX,XXa XX.sXXt.X.XXWs if s, 5- as- S , -,ge se 2 ev gi QQ MZ fr- if ,Sag 12 BX 2 55338 . - 2 X X, xg gs . si t' t if :i w 1 -i s-11 ' 5 tr... . , Xiwa,.XXX 1 , y sXs X X XH3 It its - rs ,r 1 it, Sis - . .s isgg gsgfegst XXX says-Xe Xbz ,sau sas, s . - tXs.,yafZ :sg .sk ,-is -. si- 14.1 M Xp .Xwis - as-Xig, -1 K E :ses ba W . 1 X- 51 we - . 4 5 i t s tai - -V .Xa E 'a -EX , ..., It c ,t : 5 X ' ggi '- s f . . - X ' ? ,S H gf ggi-f it 13? 2 s 1. 2 ies, ae.. .. 2 . X . -. Er 'fi gs tv- It -, r X ,S . -n , as s ,mafia-fa::4sa-e it S 2 -its E ' li -. X tl t i 3 Mrs. Freeman Inspires Creativity To coordinate a multitude of inexperienced amateur performers into a virtually professional production would seem a task for a genius. But a miracle comparable to this occurs at Central during Daze time every year. Our genius-for she is that-is Mrs. Iona Ballew Freeman who combines the qualities of talent, patience, vitality, experience, instinct, and endurance into the exact formula for a completely successful director. Since 1955 when she first worked With the Daze, Mrs. Freeman has emphasized and illustrated the importance of each student finding his own talent, developing it, and using it to the higher aim of building an impentrahly sound character. The impact of this rare achievement is immeasurable. 11' X ,N SX ,. gy ,H '23 5 4A xii E, 'KN fmxfff W . 25, 155 -wx, 1 E g 553 ,. AWSZA' , ,p 1 a 4XV::Lm.g5 - 9-B Z5 ,,, , , ff 1: L, N . f ,, -' K - , QiE2 "fw :" :fY L: 'V :A Q. we ? 5:3 z z z gfwwsm -s-if 42- -ik K QMg.i::3:p,:p5i1i,f -.I fx ,Sw v -1 f W . . X 1 lk .mmm -- ,fi ,, ,, - 1 ig,-,135 gy -1 :. ,A,Q q, ,r . GSS, 2- 5 w w.wmgi,5i,.51 K .. M ,t . x . Q N 'ggfi wki gfigf X ag N fi W' , V f 2553 - X ,l-iff - S I' '3' 53 1' NSE' 'v iig zii vi' if ' S 5.5: .'-?,5Nc- asa, . 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K ' 1 . . ir K K KK.. , S :-K K.K I K b ' A-rl - 1.4.4...u- - 44,,..... , wi.-...,N - jwfxig Pav A Y X 1. wg A W ...4 fha 1963 edition of the fiom fom io dedicated to the memory oz- our principal i Ebon Slagle Jllvln.. .. ,.. 2 QLQ 3 3 A , . s . ' Clive whom like 91165926 with do every whim 1 Q? ':Qememl1er noibxhio oteadfaotneoo. Sin him wao a perfection, an unconociouo grace, fig-e could not mar, and death could not effacef' Robert Hillyer u..4A4ln .f. Dr. Charles C. Mason - Superintendent of Schools Impact on Today Dr. Mason Reflects en Heritage The Indians who roamed Oklahoma and enjoyed its bounties left to all of us an intangible but invaluable heritage. Central High School with its many symbols of the Red Man has done well to preserve these proud legends. The les- sons of the straight tongue, the peace pipe, and the up-raised hand of friend- ship are unmistakably important in our times. The fierce pride in their freedom to pursue a way of life dear to them and the willingness to die bravely to preserve it - these. too, are lessons for our times. But the greatest of all lessons is sym- bolized by the statue of the Great Spirit which stands in serene majesty in the halls at Central, saying to each passing stu- dent body that all men must recognize a power transcending that of man, and that all men finally must submit to be judged by such a power. As the 1963 graduating class of Cen- tral High School, you have learned these lessons well. Now it is your privilege and your responsibility to pass them on to others. 5500125771 1y'-vs-W -' -' BOARD OF EDUCATION Dr. Charles C. Mason, superintendentg Mrs. Butlerg Mrs. J. Littleton Danielg Mr. Carl C. Virgil O. Wood, vice-presidentg Mr. Fenelon Beesleyg Mr. Villard Martin, presidentg and Boescheg Mr. H. C. Baruettg Mr. Wm. L. Mr. Claud Rosenstein, attorney. EDUCATION SERVICE CENTER Mr. Carl L. McCafferty Principal McCofferty Returns New Principal Meets Challenges In January Carl L. lVIcCafferty, prin- cipal of McLain High School since 1958, was appointed principal of Central High School to fill the vacancy left by the death of Mr. Don Slagle. Mr. lVIcCafferty started his teaching career in Tulsa at Horace Mann Junior High School as a science teacher and assistant principal. He was promoted to assistant principal here at Central and then to principal at lVlcLain. Central students welcomed their new principal in a general assembly where he expressed his determination to work with the staff and student body to up- hold the standards of Central. The new principal displayed his loy- alty by beginning work immediately and returning the class ring which he helped to design eight years ago to his hand. Mr. ,loe Lernley Mrs. Laura Baker Mr. Clarence Ehlers Assistant Principal Counselor of Girls Counselor of Boys Slllllllllsllllll GUIDANCE STAFF - Mr. Aubrey Baer, Miss Joyce Ehlers, Miss Mary Ellen Bridges, Mrs. Mary Saunders, Mrs. Sydney Powell, Mr. Joe Lemley, Louise Simms, Mr. George Dorsch. Mr. Don Slagle, Mrs. Laura Baker, Mr. Clarence , ....-..--uuun for teachers Donna Da B Sand D ' ggs, ertha Absher, and ra uncan learn the techniques in the operation of business machi Business Aims at Speed Of rising importance in the world is the need for a well- rounded business education. Not only job-seeking students but also college-hound students have realized the value of the courses offered them. Some of the many subjects which were offered at Central this year were filing and indexing, clerical training, secretarial bookkeeping, office practice, business law, business machines, secretarial typing, bookkeeping, business arithmetic, typewriting, transcription and shorthand. A course of co-operative office training was offered to selected seniors chosen by the co-ordinator, Mr. V. B. Hawes, who was chairman of the Business Education Department. Business education can he helpful to everyone in keeping personal records, understanding fundamentals of business law, completing tax returns, and solving consumer problems. These were some of the main objectives which the department tried to stress this year. FIGS. 53 gnvs M-gg-H nn,,n -v Thelma Alexander English Frances Anderson Organist Senior Counselor Science Faculty . ', N , ,I-If VM., .t 1 V ., Laura Baker Jack Benninghoff : Thelma Berggren William Beuby Rachel Blackburn Girls' Counselor Bookstore Business'Education Science Senior Class Sponsor Business Education Camarata Meclico Club English 1 Ned Blass Charles Bowman Mary Ellen Bridges Betty Bridwell Hugo Brown Business Education Driver Education Senior Counselor Cafeteria Dietitian History Athletics Athletics English ' Carol Cantwell " Carl Cason Russell Charles Clyde Charvoz Esther Clark English Industrial Education Foreign Language - Boys' Physical Art Red Feathers Education 54 WHILE DOING AN experiment on the precipitates hood of the advanced physical science labora- of gaseous reactions, Glen Birdsong takes rec- tory. His stuolious expression is evidence of ords of his progress as he works in the fume the stress placed on scholastic achievements. Research Furthers Knowledge Two areas of great importance at Cen- tral High School this year and every year were those of mathematics and science. Each department o f f e r e d advanced courses for the students interested in these particular fields, plus the usual mathe- matics and science courses. In mathematics the advanced course was trigonometry and college algebrag the other courses offered were basic mathematics, algebra, and plane and solid geometry. The advanced courses offered hy the science department were advanced physical science and advanced biology Physiology-psychology, chemistry, phys- ics, biology, and earth science were in- cluded in the science curriculum. Mr Felix Vestal, chairman of the science de- partment, explained there were only six- teen students i11 the advanced physical science class this year. Fifteen of these were boys, and the one girl was not by any means at the bottom of the class. The students went to the laboratory twice a week, in order to work on their individual projects and to do their regular labora- tory assignments and experiments. Helping the teachers in some of the science courses were students who had qualified as laboratory assistants. It was their job to give friendly advice and help to those who were new to these subjects. They also cared for the laboratory equip- ment a11d distributed the materials to be used in class. They not only helped the teacher, but also the student. GIRLS in the modern dance class who woik for better development of crea- tive ability watch Miss Marsh and Mrs. Morgan demonstrate dance skills. P. E. Stresses Fitness All boys were required to take a year and a half of phy- sical education. A large portion of each class was devoted to calisthentics in order to help the boys develop good muscle co- ordination. In addition to calisthentics, these courses were offered: swimming, football, cross country, basketball, wrestling, physical fitness, tennis, track, and softball. For boys proficient in any sport, sixth hour athletics was provided, from this class Central's winning teams were developed. Along with the ever-popular sports, plus the modern dance program and individual posture improvement classes of Miss lVladeleine McDonald, chairman of the department, two extra ac- tivities were added to the Girls, Physical Education Department. The girls learned the fundamentals and strokes of golf in the regular gym classes and then Went to Central Park to test their skills. Advanced swimming and life-saving courses also proved to be quite popular with the girls. 56 Jane Collier English Cheerleading . Anne Crotchett English School Life 3 s ' Edith Daugherty l History l Tulsa Historical Society aculty Louise Davidson Norris Davis J David Dee Jessie Diffee George Dorsch English Foreign Language Science Homemaking Junior Counselor Department Student Council Future Homemakers Science Chairman of America Medico Club Regina Ellis J. B. Erwin Charlotta Felible J Pat Flahart Vella Frazee Clerk Mathematics Business Education Business Education Mathematics Red Feathers Iona Freeman Paula Gallier Nell Guthrie Dick Gwinn Helen Hagler Speech Assistant Registrar Science History Library Speakers' Bureau Athletics Library Assistants Thespians 57 Faculty Ruth Hale H omemaking V. B. Hawes Business Education Department Chairman Blanche Hughes Secretary to Principal if fy'-,Q H Cathern Hanks Beth Hannah v May Hardin Science Secretary English George Hall Science ' Ivan Holmes Ruth Holton Candace Howell History English Science Polly Higginbotham Industrial Education Secretary Shirley Hughes Wincel Hurt Ethel Johnson ' Paul Jones Business Education Homemaking History Science Red Feathers Camarata Key Club 58 MR. PENNER, one of Central's newest teachers, demonstrates methods of cutting and designing with a band saw to Dan Ecton, Bob Keller, and Leonard Lang, who express great interest and hope to gain similar skills through the study of vocational Woodcraft at the l.E. building. Students Prepare for Vocations Students desiring practical training for a vocation need not go any further than Central's Industrial Arts Department. The department offered eighteen courses this year, taught by twelve instructors. Their aim was to give the students an op- portunity to explore the field of industry and merchandising. The students acquired basic principles by taking auto mechanics, drafting, elec- tricity, woodwork, and printing. In addi- tion to these usual beginning courses the department offered three-period advanced courses in vocational drafting, vocational printing, vocational auto mechanics, and vocational machine shop, which supplied students with enough training to earn a livelihood in their respective fields. lVlr. Elbert Winesburg, head of the Industrial Education Department, explained that these special classes convened at eight o'clock in the morning. This time was se- lected in order to give the students an extra needed hour in these classes. Many students who wished to earn money and prepare for a job, at the same time, participated in the co-operative work program. This program, called distribu- tive education, allowed the students to at- tend school one-half day and to work the other half. Distributive education pro- vided an opportunity to get training in the field of retailing and on-the-job ex- perience at the same time. USING MODERN EQUIPMENT, Miss Pike enlivens history for her homeroom class by proiecting on the screen photographs she bought in Europe last summer. Past Enchants Students Fascinated by the glamour, overwhelmed by the tales, and horrified by the tests, sophomores, juniors and seniors studied various eras of history. Sophomores began their study with United States history for one semester and a study of communism and democracy during the second semester. As juniors and seniors, students chose from ancient and medieval history, a study of the period from prehistoric times to 1763, world history, or consumer economics. Only seniors were able to enroll in modern history. This course stressed government, economical, and community history with the emphasis on the value of good citizenship. Through their studies in the history department, Central stu- dents gained a knowledge of their place in a democracy as well as an understanding of man,s struggle for new lands and a better way of life through the ages. 60 Elizabeth Kelly Nurse L i Elizabeth Kirkman Business Education l l i l l Loucillah Kirkpatric Distributive Education it k Faculty Richard Kisner William Lantz Jerrold Lawless Mildred Lee -'Mona June Linden TSI Coordinator Boys, Physical Department Attendance Clerk Special Education Education Chairman Q Q Department Instrumental Music Chairman ' Athletics - Elmer Mabry Merry Ann Marsh 'Albert Martin Ora Mayberry ' Mayme Mayes Industrial Education ' Girls' Physical Stagecraft Homemaking English Education Department Red Feathers Chairman Synchronettes f Edward McCray Madeleine McDonald Murrel McDougal Ernest McHugh Dora Mae Miller Sophomore Class Girls' Physical English Science Matron Sponsor Education Mathematics Department Chairman GI I t 1 I l - - -.wir - '--- Q- ,-L--- Y Faculty Joan Miller James Mitchell Lynne Morgan Edna Newkirk Wanda Nightingale Bulletin Clerk History Girls' Physical History Clerk Department ' Education Chairman Girls, Recreation E Association Modern Dance Club Emmett Nolan Charles Olds " Frances 0'Neal .lack Orme C. H. Orr Boys' Physical Science Girls' Physical English Activities Treasurer Education Education Tom Tom Mathematics Athletics Clerk-Accompanist Nadine Orr Wayman Penner Margery Pike Geneva Pitt Mary Pottorf Registrar Industrial Education History Business Education Foreign Language International Club 62 - ii K I ' - 1 I - , - jg - . . 3 ' 'lat , ' gi it if mm,, T t . f t ' . 2 i 1 i -- . e ra-: - r v - . t t t - H - f s 1 s Jer-raids Laeeiesss f -'l-i-if ' - ' - s . f , 'l 122 5' I f1'1'Isfa- 'ii eff 3113, . Ep: V . ' A J ' 1- '- I s r ar if T 1' t if ff tr e . , . . . ,, -.. --u. -- -N ffr- -- .e -tt'--1. se as t T ,. , t t -v" W PRACTICE is the password to the door to the music room, as Charles Green strives for the perfection that all Centralitas expect from the Students Develop The art and music departments at Central encouraged students to develop their creative talents. Concerned with beauty and harmony, both departments added to students' appreciation for the World around them. The music department entertained the student body and the public at various assemblies, plays, parades, sports events, and the opera. Students expressed them- selves vocally and instrumentally. New enthusiasm was injected into the Central marching band when the style of march was changed from military to the more lively tempo of showstyle. The art department offered many areas of expression to talented students. In basic art, form and applied design band. Band members spend many mornings practicing on the marching field to add pep and precision to their varied preformances. Their Talents were studied. Students used only pencil, pen and ink, charcoal, and tempera. In advanced art, the study of form and applied design was continued and includ- ed textiles, pottery, ceramics, sculpture, wire, metals, paper, wood, and terra cotta. Also included in the art department were fashion design and interior design. Homemaking majors as well as art majors frequently enrolled in these courses. Stu- dents enrolled in fashion design c1'eated clothes they would wear. Art majors stres- sed painting and drawing. while home- making majors used mannequins for draping. Interior design included the study of furniture from the past and present, and floor plans for a contemp- orary seven room house. Ht 1 PROVING THAT practice makes perfect, Janice Wilder drills on pronunciation of Spanish in the language laboratory under the instruction of Mrs. Reves. Language Study Revised Centralis first year French and Spanish students were not bur- dened with written homework this year. lVIrs. Reves and Mr. Charles experimented on their first year classes with the aid of audio- lingual materials which stressed learning to speak and understand the spoken language before learning to read and write it. Naturally, the absence of homework helped to create interest in the classroom. First year Latin classes also tried something new. Tapes which accompanied their Latin books were used in class to stimulate in- terest in pronunication. In the language laboratory, French and Spanish students spent many hours improving pronunciation by listening to a tape recorder and repeating what was said into a microphone which reproduced their reply in their earphones. A study of the country's customs, people and geography ac- companied the language study. 64 ' Sydney Powell Class Counselor National Honor Society Virginia Quesenbery Foreign Language ' Julia Rackleff l English , Faculty ' Leona Radcliffe Jewell Ramsey Barney Batzlaff Cafeteria Manager Mathematics Business Education .lunior Red Cross Advertising Board ' Ralph Reynolds Bob Riddle Verlin Ringle Mathematics History Industrial Education Athletics V Y Y Y L .H - Earl Sanders Valdene Sands Joyce Saunders Building Business Education Office Manager Superintendent Red Feathers 65 Velma Reves Foreign Language Department Chairman Henrietta Russell Library Clerk Barbara Schwabe History Future Teachers of America Norma ,lean Reynolds Library Clerk Larettia Sager ,ff Homemaking " Cecil Scott Special Education , F51 A l l l I 4 1 'z rf l -A Faculty ' Robert Sellers Industrial Education Arnold Stock Science Harold Toevs Industrial Education Warren Sharits Boys' Physical Education Assistant Clifford Stone Industrial Education Bernice Tomlinson English Junior Class Sponsor r"-'gf' Mary Louise Simms Jack Skelton f Lorna Stenger Sophomore Class Mathematics English E Counselor Mu Alpha Theta V 'ggfiifgfqfggii re Jfff I iili ii'i 'Ei iii .zrt A . L . ' f K ..,. , - .tnt Eddie Sutton Rex Teague Opel Thorpe History Vocal Music Art Athletics Department Department Chairman Chairman Roy Trimm Tom Turnbaugh Felix Vestal Industrial Education History Science Chess Club Department , Chairman l l 66 BRINGING THE Christmas spirit into the class- room, Linda Ogle and Linda Smith find making centerpieces from candles they have decorated Girls Prepare for Homemaking classes aimed at prepar- ing students for life after graduation. The most popular homemaking courses, cloth- ing and foods, taught girls how to budget expenses for family food and clothes as Well as to prepare meals and make a wardrobe. Other classes stressed personal adjustment and proper care of the sick. Home Living and Family Economics offered Central boys a chance to enter in- to the program. The student delved into problems concerning his place in his fam- ily, with his friends and in the world. Some of the time was spent discussing dating and marriage. Weekly films and pertinent books aided the students. as much fun as any part of the Christmas sea- son. The girls clipped the candles in whipped wax and lavished them with holiday trimmings. Wumen's World T Girls in clothing classes were inspired to sew clothes which they could model in assemblies, style shows, and lVlothers' lVleetings. The girls modeled pajamas, slimjims, White graduation dresses and formals. The all school style show fea- tured a trip around the world with stops in Japan, Switzerland, France, and the United States. The foods classes were highlighted by the preparation of holiday meals. Girls cooked for P.T.A., faculty, and other groups. They learned food nutrition, se- lection, and serving. Cooking foreign foods, baffled and interested many of the future chefs and homemakers. Sharon Williams Elbert Winesburg tt W. B. Wise B' George Wright Dorothy Wyatt English Industrial Education Mathematics Industrial Education English Speech Department Department Chairman Chairman English Emphasizes Vocabulary English courses at Central stressed the need for students of our high school to speak and write with intelligence. This intelligence included more than the use of correct subject and verb and proper punc- tuationg it also included a knowledge of the literature of the world. Outstanding English students enrolled in honors classes where competition was keen. Two outstanding students enrolled in senior honors were Bill Brinnon and Ruth Rodish. They received awards from the National Council of Teachers of Eng- lish. Because of their award Central was presented with an award for an outstand- ing English department from the Council. Grammar and vocabulary were by no means left out of the program. Special emphasis was put on vocabulary in the honors classes with the belief that these students needed an increased vocabulary to express themselves fully. Developmen- tal reading was offered to increase read- ing speed and vocabulary. Seniors interested in journalism were able to join either Tom Tom staff or School Life staff. There they had practi- cal experience in writing for publication. Those interested in dramatics were of- fered excellent opportunities to express themselves in plays and assemblies pre- sented by the speech department. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS - FRONT ROW: Bobbie Jack, Peggy By- rne, Jan Hebbeler, Judy Skaggs. SECOND ROW: Miss Helen Hag- Ier, Judy Broome, Martha Mill- er, Joyce Hockett, Mrs. Henri- etta Russell. BACK ROW: Laura Jane Herriman, Shirley Meeks, Carol Richardson, Ricky Quen- ga, Diana Montgomery, Mrs. Norman Reynolds. z Century of Service Five Staff Members To Retire June marks the completion of duties for five of our staff members-an incident unusual in that their combined service totals 114 years! For 43 years Mr. Sanders has served students and faculty untiringly maintaining our grounds and building to perfection. He has been Building Superintendent since 1924. Mr. Sanders looks foreward to his retirement as a time to travel and spend with his grandchildren. Mr. Reynolds completes 31 years in the math department continuously teaching at Central since 1929 except in 1942-44 when he helped in the construction of air bases along the Alaskan High- way. A world of hunting and fishing now awaits him in his spare time. A career that has spanned 45 years in educa- tion as a superintendent, principal, and teacher closes for Mr. Wise, math department chairman since 1956. Having always enjoyed the privilege to work, Mr. Wise intends to keep on working, although travel and fishing will occupy some of his time after retirement. After 13 years the history department loses the ability of Mrs. Daugherty who has not only been close to Central as a teacher but also as a parent for her three daughters graduated from Central. She plans to continue teaching at a pri- vate school in Tulsa. Since 1955 Central's creative handy man has been Mr. Phillipe whose retirement marks an ex- citing beginning as he realizes the recognition of his patent on a hand glass cutter and the long- held ambition of returning to visit his native Belgium and other European countries. Their experience is irreplaceable. Edith A. Daugherty George Phillipe Ralph C. Reynolds Earl M. Sanders William B. Wise w .BH 1"""i'W? 1 4 2 i 43ET?' ,af f 3 5 V fftxii I 2 gi is gill :Qian if lix? V inf wi l iw-I3 2 443 4 5 X me ,Qs sag? 1 4,5 gifs g.T.iHg.iS .NQKELXM 5. ,. H. . W. 2 'QE M37 , 1 fn' H N 1-.ea 'L f' EACH YEAR the graduating class begins the Christmas holidays by electing an outstanding senior boy as Mister Santa Claus. Doug Manning, James Wiltshire, and Wayne Loucks are the three final- ists in the contest. Recipient of the honor this year was James Wiltshire. Seniors Sets the Pace at Central From a senior class of four students in l905, Central has become a leader in size, traditions, and importance among the Tulsa high schools. As in years he- fore, the seniors of l963 followed the established traditions of crowning Miss Central High, choosing King Daze, at- tending the annual senior Christmas party, staging the class play, and re- ceiving diplomas. For the seniors it had heen three years crowded with memories: the ap- prehension at the beginning of the sopho- more year, the thrill of receiving senior rings, and the bittersweet melancholy while singing '40h, Great Spirit" in the closing assembly. As we walked from Central for the last: time, we realized new experiences, greater responsibilities, and bigger de- cisions were to face us in years to come. SENIOR QUEEN FINALISTS - Standing: Mary Courtaway, Sharon Patton, Susan Schwencl, Nancy Wood, Janet Vickburg, Susan Maison. Sitting: Linda Mudd, Lillie Fox, Jane Woodard. Fall Brings Ilueen Nominations Top row: ROY ADAIRQ SAMMYE AL- BIN Camarata President, Daze, Daze Board, Oklahoma, SC, Synchronettesg JO ALDRIDGE Advertising Board, D'a:e Board, Honor Roll, International Club Social Chairman, NHS, Red Feathers, PAT ALSABROOK Red Feathers, PATRICIA AMICK Da-ze, Home Room Sec- retary, Red Feathers, Synchronettesg LINDA ANDERSON Home Room Treasurer, Red Feathers. Row two: JO ANN ANTHONY FHA, JOYCE ARCENTOS Medico Club, Red Feathers Squad Leader, BRENDA ARLEDCE Red Feathers, BETTY SUE ARNETT FHA, Red Eeathersg JERI LYNN ASH, MARY ELLEN ATCHESON Class Commit- tee, Daze Board, Honor Roll,,NHS, Thespians Historian, The Unsuspected. Top row: KENNY ATKINS Wrestling Letterman, LYNDA ATTEBERY NHS, Medico Club, ALLAN AVERY Boy Meets Girl, Daze Board, Speakers, Bu- reau, Thespians, Town Hall Usher, The Unsuspectedg BETTY AY- ERS FHA, Honor Roll, Red Feathers. Row two: MARCIE BAIL- EY Daze, Daze Board, Honor Roll, Red Feathers Secretary, Syn- chronettes, Tom Tom, MIKE BAILEYg DON BAKER, LETA BAKER Red Feathers. Row three: MARY BAKER Daze, Oklahoma, Red Feathers, SHARON BAKFR Band, Daze, Red Feathers, SC, ELIZABETH BARNES Band, Home Room Secretary, Red Feathersg PAT BARRETT Red Feathers. Row four: DELBERT BATES Red Cross, T and I Club, LEON BATES g CLYDE BAYLESS 5 ANNETTE BEAM Red Feath- ers, Choir. - Top row: SUSAN BEHRENFELD Cam- arata, Daze, Daze Board, Honor Roll, Red Feathers President, Tom Tom, FORREST BELCHER Advertising Board, Honor Roll, NHS, SC, Town Hall Usher, EUGENE BELDENg MELBA BENCH Home Room Officer, Honor Roll, Red Feathers, CONNIE .IO BERRY Daze, Home Room Officer, Red Feathersg BOB BINGHAM Class Commit- tee. l Row two: GLEN BIRDSONG Football Letterman, FTA, Home Room Officer, Honor Roll, Wrestling Letterman, JEANNE BLACK- BURN Camarata V. Pres., Cheerleader, Daze, Daze Board, Red F eathersg LINDA BLADESQ JIM BLAZER Home Room Officer, Medico Club, BRENDA BLOOM- FIELD Red Feathersg BUDDY BOAT- RIGHT Daze Board, Tennis Letterman. Top row: JANET BOCOX Honor Roll, Red Feathers, JOHN BOCLER Home Room President, T and I Club Presidentg ELEA- NOR BOHLANDER FTA Historian, Home Room Secretary, Mu Alpha Theta, Red Feath- ersg EVA BOND Class Committee, Daze, Home Room Officer, Red Feathersg KAREN BOURNE Home Room Secretary, Honor Roll, NHS, Red Feathers Squad Leaderg BOB BRADBURY Home Room Officer, Honor Roll, T and I Club. l Row two: MARILYN BRADLEYg CAROL BREEDEN Medico Club, Red Feath- ers, School Lifeg CLARK BRENNEMAN Red Cross, Swimming Letterman, BAR- BARA BRIMER Home Room Officer, Red Feathers, TOM BRINKLEY Class Com- mittee, Daze, Daze Board, Home Room Presi- dent, Oklahomag BILL BRINNON Boy Meets Girl, Daze Board, Key Club Secretary, NHS. SC V. Pres., Speakers, Bureau. Top row: LEO BRISCO Home Room V. Pres., Tulsa His- torical Society 3 WILLIAM BROAM Red Crossg JUDY BROOME Oklahoma. Red Feath- ers, SC, CHRIS BROWN Home Room Officer. Row Iwo: DAVE BROWN Boy Meets Girl, Class Committee, Daze Board, Key Club, Speakers, Bureau, Thespiansg DIANE BROWN Camarata, Class Com- mittee, Daze, Home Room Sec- retary, Oklahoma, Red Feathersg LINDA BROWN Medico Club, YVANDA BROWN Class Com- mittee, Daze, Daze Board, Home Room President, Red Feathers Squad Leader. Row three: CAROL BRUNER Red Feathers, YFCg JIMMY BRYANT T and I Club, SHARON BRYANT Red Feath- ers, BETTY BUNCH Home Room Secretary, NHS. Row four: i DIANE BUNN Red Feathers: LINDA BUT- LER g VINCENT BUTLER International Clubg JOHN BY- ERS Honor Roll. Significant Decisions Bonfrnnt Us Top row: MARVIN BYRD Basketball Row two: ALBERT CANTRELL T and I Lettermang JERRY CAMPBELL Class Clubg TRISHA CARLILE Honor Rollg Committeeg JUDY CAMPBELLg RONNIE KEN CARLTON Vocational Auto Mechan- CAMPBELL Home Room Officer, Honor icsg ROSEMARY CARROLL Red Feath- Rollg TOMMIE CANADY T and I Clubg ersg DONNA CARTER FHA, Honor Roll, MARLENE CANNON Red Feathers. NHS, Oklahsomag DANNY CASTLE. "COI.lEGE? MILITARY? BUSINESS? What should I after graduafion from high school. His problem do?" Bill Roberts debates which path fo follow is noi unique - ii is one shared by all seniors. EWR ,, 41' ,, iff 2 Fila f an sm 3 I ,ff sig., wh w. X E A f'i.Y?f N ggi W ,A 3 w ff 1, ff xlw ix A , - Xi g 'ESB X' Top row: MARILYN CLARK Home Room President, Oklahoma, Red Feathers Squad Leader, ANNIS CLEMONS Red Feath- ersg GAY CLUTE Advertising Board. Red Feathers, RON COATN EY. Row Iwo: ITA COBB Red Feathersg JEAN COCHRAN Medica Club, Red Feathersg BILL CODY: CHARLES COLE Stagecraft. Row three: RALPH COLE Home Room Officer, SHIRLEY COLE Red Feathers, BILL COALLIERQ JOHN COLLIER T and I Club. Row four: DONNA COLLINS Honor Roll, NHS, Red Feathersg MARIE COLLINS DECA Parlia- mentarian, Okla-homa, Red Cross, Red Feathers: GLENDA CON- LEYg JANE CONLEY Red Feathers. Topfow: JACK CONNORS Football Let- terman, Home Room V. Pres.g NANCY COOPER Camarata, Daze, Honor Ro-ll, NHS, Red Cross President, T om Tom, ROSEMARY CORNELIUS Red C-ross, Red Feathers, MARY COURTAWAY Camarata, Class Com- mittee, Daze, Home Room Secretary, Red Feathersg. JUANITA COX Red Feathers, STEVE COX Baseball Letterman, Class Com- mittee. Daze, Football Letterman, Key Club. W , , , , ,,,,,.,,,, . , . f df. -- . -- f-mu Row Iwo: TIM COX Stagecraftg SUSAN CRANE Home Room V. Pres., Honor Roll, NHS, Red Feathers, JIMMY CRINER Honor Roll, NHS, Orchestra, Town Hall Usher, Wrestling Lettermang JOHN CRIPPS Daze, Daze Board, Honor Roll, Oklahoma, Stageeraft, Town Hall Usher, DANA CRIS- MAN Class Committee, Daze, Red Cross, Red Feathers, CASSANDRA CUNNINGHAM. I L.- .......x..A..s l 1 u . 1 4 I Top row: DIANE DAHLEIVI Advertis- ing Board, Daze Board, Medico Club, Red Feathers, BONNIE DALEY Home Room Officer: WILLIAM D,ARCY SCQ DE- LORES DAVIE DECAg JUDY DAVIS Band, Home Room Officer, Red Cross, KEN DAVIS Class Committee, Class Treasurer, Daze, Daze Board, Home Room V. Pres., Hon- or Roll. Row two: PAM DAVY NHS, LINDA DAWSON Class Committee, Daze, Daze Board, Bed Feathers, KENNETH DEATH- ERAGE Tom Tomg SUSETTE DeCAMP Advertising Board, Daze Board, International Club, Red Feathers, SARAJANE DEES Red Feathersg KENNEH DeMENT. Top row: DAN DENNEY The Unsuspectedg FLOYD De- SELMg BOB DeVORE Football Letterman, BOB DIETER. Row 1100: JOHNNY DILLARD Home Room Officer, T and I Club, HAROLD DINSIVIORE Honor Boll, NHS, NORITA DOBBINS RedFeatl1ersg LINDA DOHEBTY Class Committee, Bed Feathers. Row.Lhree: CHESTER DORE: REX DOWNERQ GARY DUNE- CAN Honor Roll, JOE DUR- HAIVI Home Room President, Honor Roll. Mu Alpha Theta, NH? President, Orchestra, Speak- ers' Bureau. Row four: LOBETTA DYKES Bed Feathers, ANNE EAR- LOUGHEB Bd. of Directors, Camarata, Daze Board, NHS, SC Corresponding Secretary, Syn- chronettes President, DAVID EDGERg DALE ELDER Medico 4 Clubl X '-1 :.s..3- Y .La -,-,..,-... ....'... Scientific Mysteries Enthrall Us T op row: ELIZABETH ELLIOTT Honor Roll, Medico Club, Mu Alpha Theta, NHS, Oklalroma, Red Feathers, DANNY ELL-IS Honor Roll, NHS, MARGARET ELZO Daze, Daze Board, Red Feathersg LINDA ENGLE Home Room President, Red Feathersg JOHNNY ESKRIDGEg CLIFFORD EVANS Band, Stagecraft. EXPLORING THE MYSTERIES of biology, Mary Ellen McAdams, Ronnie Campbell, and Alvina Wienecke Row 1100: GARY EVANS Home Room 'l'reasurer, Red Cross, RICHARD EVANS Chess Club President, International Club, Mu Alpha Theta, NHS, Oklahoma, Orchestra, JOHN EWERT S w i m m in g Lettermang G E O R G E FAHNESTOCKQ CAROLYN FAULKNER Camarata, Class Committee, Daze, Daze Board, Red Feathers, Synchronet- tesg JIM FEHRLE Daze Board, Honor Roll, Key Club, Oklahoma, SC, Opera Club V. Pres. attentively dissect an embryonic pig. This is an exciting proiect open to advanced students. J...-I gmgm, Mm? A W I.. 5 wx , fi . f is w 3 1 .....,1 K ' ,Y 3 fn? Q 'df' N Kvhkyy X f -..: - A, V I 5 M . K, , A K A 2 1 24, V s vi Q -w x Qs v K '5 w 9,4 31? Top row: CAROLYN FOS- TER, LOIS FOSTER: CLELL FOUNTAIN: LILLIE FOX Cam- arata, Cheerleader, Daze Board, Oklahoma. Red Feathers, Miss Central High XLII. Row two: KAAREN FRAN- CIS Band Secretarv, Class Com- mittee. Red Cross. Red Feathers: BEULAH FRANKLINQ MARCY FRANKS Daze. Home R o om President, Red Feathers, ALAN FRASER Olclahorna, Town Hall Usher. Row llzree: M A R C A R E T FREEMAN Cla s s Committee, Home Room President, Honor Roll, BILL FREYMUTHg SUE FRICK Red Feathersg JERRY FRIEL Vocational Auto Mechan- ICS. Row four: GLENN FRISBYg RONNIE FRITZg LARRY CAD- D'Y DECAQ HENRY CAGNE Oklahoma, Orchestra, The Un- suspected. Top row: LYNN GALLAGHER Class Committee, Home Room President, CHAR- LES GAMBILLQ BETTY CANDY Home Room Officer, Red Feathers, FRASER GET- GOOD Honor Roll, International Club Trea- sure1', Key Club, Town Hall Usher, DALE GIBNEY Concert Bandg DONALD CIF- FORD. Row two: BOB GILL Cheerleader, Daze, LUANN CILLIAM Daze, Da-ze Board, Home Room Officer, Oklahoma, Red Feathers, Stage- craftg ROBERT CILLS Home Room Officer, SC, Vocational Auto Mechanics, JENNIFER GILMAN Advertising Board, Class Commit- tee, Daze Board, Red Feathers, SCg ELAINE GIRDNER Home Room Officer, PHIL-L CIVENS. Top row: PAT GORDON Football Letter- mang PAUL GOSSETT Daze Board, Tom Tom: MARY GOULD4 Camarata, Daze Board, Honor Roll, NHS, Speakers' Bureau V. Pres., Thespians Secretaryg CINDY GOURDg JUDY GRAHAM: PATTI GRAVETI' Daze, Daze Board, Home Room Officer, Red Feathers, Tom Tom Secretary. Row two: CHARLES GREEN Band, Boy Meets Girl, Daze, Dwz-e Boardg NITA GREENE Oklahoma, Synchronettesg DORO- THY GREGORYg GEORGE G R E G O R Y Home Room Officerg KIM GRENZOW Bandg DAN GRESHAM. f Top row: DIANA GRIFFIN Red Feathersg LYMAN GRIFFIN Red Cross, Vocational Auto Me- chanicsg LETA GUMMQ SUSAN GUNN Camarata, Oklahoma, Red Feathers. Row two: LES GWIN Daze, Oklahoma. Red Cross, Choir Presi- dent: ALENE HALLQ ROBER- TA HALL Daze Board, GRA President. Honor Roll, Red Fea- thers: GARY HAMILTON Cross- Country Letterman, Track Letter- man. Row three: HOWARD HAM- ILTON Home Room Officerg CAREN HANEY Boy Meets Girl, Daze Board, Home Room Presi- dent, Speakers' Bureau, Synch- ronettes, Thespiansg CAROLYN HANOCK: TOM HARDGRAVE Class Committee, Home Room Of- ficer. Row four: VICKI HARKINS FTA Treasurer, Honor Roll, NHSg DAVID HARLg MIKE HAR- NEY5 JANET HARRIS. Field Trips Encourage Creativity Top row: LINDA HARRIS Red Feathersg PHILLIP HART Home Room V. Pres.g CLAUDETTE HARTGRAVES Camarata, Daze, Red Feathers, SC, Synchronettes, Tom, Tomg BILL HARVELg LESLIE HAUSAM Red Feathersg JOHN HAY. COLLECTING IDEAS for The '63 yearbook, Tom Tom staff members James Wiltshire, Ken Deatherage, Row two: JUDI HAYNES Boy Meets Girl, Daze Board, Oklahoma, SC, Thespians, The Unsuspectedg LARRY HEATH Class Committee, Daze, Mu Alpha Theta, Science Fair, DOUG HELLAND Honor Roll, In- ternational Club President, Key Club, Mu Alpha Theta, NHS, SC Treasurerg NANCY HENDERSHOT Head Majorette, Daze, Red Feathers, Music Councilg SUSAN HENDER- SON Daze, Daze Board, Red Cross, Red Feathersg BEVERLY HENDON Sandra Forehand, Susan Schwencl and Nakita Slack study Indian handiwork displayed at Gilcrease. 5 'B .gg gr, '--4 5 ' - ' ,. Y. . fl hifi " J K' X ' Q v f A, Na , Q A Ex 1 , Q. at X, .su 1 , 4 ,1 f. LLLL V gi W 1:1 ' mfs viii A V if . f 1 .. ' 4 ' wi 'gl in 1: ,. ft 1 -' X ' +1 'il k Q, wx Y A ,F Q - " 3 ,- S N . 4, uk-gg V f . k 52 . wiwai, P. , +A ,gee-if fm fi 'K 2 1 , 1 QQ W'-. I-in 7 T -,AH-f A 31 . F , w w - fi 1 QQ- 1QQ,-.:3, 1 Q Aj 1 ., A ni H, fir? '23 QW X ' H .- 'X-Z X is ,- V wh 4. -A -v, Q A 0, X 65 Q f K ' 9 sa ' 2 A i 5 f M 1- . UE, U 2551 5 i M455 Top row: LINDA HOIDGEN Class Committee, Daze, Daze Board, Oklahoma, Red Feathersg JOHN HOFFMAN Home Room V. P1'es.g JERRY HOLDER Vo- cational Auto Mechanicsg De- ANNA HOOD Red Feathers. Row two: CHARLES HOOP- ER Home Room Officer, Honor Roll, Kev Club. Tennis Letter- man: KAREN HOOPER: NANCY HOOPER Red Feathersg BENNY HOPKINS Baseball Let- terman. Row three: JOANNI2 HOP- K I N S: CAROI. H'OPPERg JOHN HOPPIZR Wrestling Let- terman: JIMMY HORNE Okla- homa. ' Row four: VANCE HORNF. j'lzr:e Board Treasurer. Honor Rnll, Ken' Club, Speakers, Bu- reau, Thespians. The Unsuspect- ed: DEE HORNER Boy meets Girl, Camarata. Daze Board, Okla- homa, Speakers' Bureau Secre- tarv, Thespiansg MIKE HO- WARDg HARMON HOWSER Honor Roll. Swimming Letter- man, Tom Tom. Top row: DONNA HUDSON Red Fea- thers Squad Leader, JIM HUMAN Base- ball Lettermang BETTI HUNT Boy Meets Girl, Class Committee, Daze Board Secretary, Speakers, Bureau, Thespians President, The Unsutspectedg HERSHAL HUNTERQ CAP HURLBUTT Basketball Lettermang SHERRY ILES Daze, Honor Roll, Medico Club, Okla- homa, Red Feathers, Choir Secretary. Row two: LANA IRWIN Class Committee Daze, Daze Board, Oklahoma, Stagecraft, Syn chronettesg JUANITA ISLEY DECA Secre tary, Red Feathersg LYNN JACKSON DECA Red Feathers, JOYCE JAMES Red Feathersg BECKY JOHNSON Camarata, Class Commit tee, Home Room Officer, Red Feathers-g BEV ERLY JOHNSON Red Feathers. Top row: MIKE JOHNSON, PEGGY JOHNSON Class Committee, Daze Board, Red Feathers 5 RONNIE JOHNSON 3 STEVE JOHNSON Red Crossg KAYEE JOHNSTON Red Feathersg JIMMY JONES DECA. Row two: LINDA JONES, PAM JONES Class Committee, Daze Board, Red Feathers, Synchronettesg SUSAN JORDAN Medico Club, Red Feathers, Stagecraftg FREDA JURNEY Red Feathers, KRISTINA KARL- STROM Daze, Daze Board, Honor Roll, SC, Synchronettes, AFS Student, LANA KEF- FER Red Feathers, Stagecraft. Top row: RAYMOND KEITH, CARL KELLERQ .IOAN KEL- LEYg BETTY KIDWELL Daze Board, Honor Roll, International Club, NHS, Red Cross Treasurer, SC. Row two: DONNA KILGORE Class Committee, Daze Board, Honor Roll, Red Cross Historian, Red Feathers. The Unsuspectedg ROBERT KILGOREg CAROLYN KING Red Feathers, Co-op, MARTHA KING Daze, Home Room President, Oklahoma, Red Feathers. Row three: MIKE KING, RONNIE KING Honor Roll, Wrestling Letterman, WAYNE KING Oklahoma, ROGER KIRKLAND Chess Club, Tom Tom. I Row four: MARY KNECHT DECA Treasurer, Home Room Of- ficer. Red Feathers, SC, BAR- BARA KNF.ELANDg JEVANNIE KNOTEN Red Feathers, SC, SAMMY KNOTEN. Seniors Suiter Selected Tests Top row: P A U L I N E KRONBERGER Home Room President, Red Feathersg MARY KROPP FHA, Home Room Officer, Red Fea- thersg DAVID KRUCHEKg KARMAN LAIRD Daze, Da-ze Board, Home Room Sec- retary, Red Feathersg LANCE LAIRDQ RON- ALD LalVIASCUS Daze, DECA Chaplain, Oklahoma. RELAXING AFTER a morning filled with the Amer- ican College Test, Central seniors meet outside Row two: MARCIA LARSON Honor Roll, International Club, NHS, SC Recording Secre- tary, Speakers' Bureau President, The Un- suespectedg GENE LASHg JIM LASHLEYg JOHN LEA Honor Roll, Key Club, School Life, Town Hall Usher, LINDA LEACHg JERRY LESLIE Band, Daze, Honor Roll, Mu Alpha Theta, NHS. the student union on Tulsa University's campus to discuss the four-hour ordeal of the morning. l A X x X , . X' Q :r ' 9' SH? F g'4.,r" , Q , I f ' 1 -9 f A , f . 2 . jf ff' 'Q A V V- Q, . 1 if A. - Y . f ,, Si Q 1 f t .VK XX 'X x '43 A ., QM A ,J XXX wE?Qiim fiQP QQ .. 38? I W g Q -, 212,14 ' w, X41 Qi If: , ' we Qs, K jf iw? . fif W K 5 G A .: 5 TVA . HTL ff, Y 5 22 . ff' fr sig ' X ' 5725x- fffrg li' -3112: avg ,gpg-H ff 215 f'l-,nm 1-1 nw- """- 's- U ' a 'X I.: ' ' LH"" 'TVTI IV!!! ,-X1 9 , . Top row: FO-UNT LOVEJOY: LANA LOVELESS Daze, Red Feathers, Stagecraft Secretary: DAVID LOVINGQ B I L LIE LOYD Red Feathers. Row two: CHARLOTTE LUN- CEFORD: LIANE LYNCH Daze Board. Honor Roll. Red Feathers Squad Leader. School Life: JACKIE MacDONALD: CARO- LYN MADDUX Red Cross. Row three: IRIS MALLORY Red Cross, SC: VIKKI MANLEY DECA: DOUG MANNING Foot- ball Letterman. Baseball Letter- man, Home Room President, Senior Santa Claus Finalist, FRANK MARRS Stagecraft. Row four: ALICE MARTIN Daze, Daze Board, Home Room Officer, Thespians, Red Feathers, The Unsuspecterl: CARLA MAR- TIN Band, Red Feathers, SUSAN M A T S O N Camarata Treasurer, Daze, Red Feathers Treasurer, ALICE MATTHEWS Home Room Officer. Top row: MICHAEL MATTINCLY Home Room Officer, JUDY MATTOX Class Com- mittee, Daze, Honor Roll, NHS, Speakers' Bu- reau, Thespians V. Pres., CAROL MAULDIN Band, Daze Board, Orchestra, Red Feathers, MARY ELLEN IVICADAMS Daze Board, Red Cross, Red Feathers Squad Leader, JIM Mc- AULIFFE International Club. Tom, Tom, RILEY MCCASKILL Baseball Letterman, Basketball Letterman, Football Letterman. Row two: REX McCRACKINg RICHARD MCCRACKINQ JANE MCELROY Advertising Board President, Daze, Daze Board, Honor Roll, NHS, Oklahoma, CHERYL MCGHEE Red Feathers, SC, CHARLESZETTA Mc- GILBRA Red Feathers, BILLY IVICKENZIE. Top row: ARLENITTA McKINLEY FHA, Red Feathers, SCQ CHARLES MCLAUGHLIN Town Hall Usher, RETTA McLAUGHLINg .IIM MCNABB Advertising Board Treasurer, Co-op: V. A. MCNABB Honor Roll, SC, T and I Club, MARY MCNAMARA. Row Iwo: JOAN MCNATT Class Commit- tee, Ho-nor Roll, NHS, Red Feathers, School Life, DANIEL McS-LARROWQ LIBBY MED- LIN Class Committee, Daze, Home Room V. Pres.. Red Feathers, Synchrolnettes Historiang PAULA MEEK Daze, Red Feathersg RON- NIE MEEKERg SHIRLEY MEEKS NHS, YFC V. Pres. Top row: TIN A MELTON Red Feathers, HELEN MENARD Daze, FTA, Honor Roll, NHS, Oklahoma: BARBARA MEN- DOZA Honor Roll, Red Fea- thers, R O N A L D MERRILL Daze, Home Room Officer, School Life, Town Hall Usher. V Row two: J. C. MERRIMANQ SANDY MERRIMAN Red Fea- thers: CARL MESSMERQ CARY MEYER. Row three: BUDDY MICKLE Swimming Letterman, T and I Club, PAUL MILESQ CAR- OLYN MILLER Band, Oklahoma, Orchestra. Red Feathersg GUY MILLER., Row four: RICK MILLER, SHIRLEY MILLER 3 ROGER MILLSg BOB MITCHELL. Friendship Cha Top row: HUGH MITCHELL Daze Board, Home Room Officer, NHS, Speakers, Bureau, JAMES M I T C H EL L 3 CAROL MIZEg TONETTE MOELLER Daze Board, Interna- tional Cluh V. Pres., SC, School Life, Speak- ers' Bureau, Thespiansg DIANA MONT- GOMERY Advertising Board Secretary, Daze Board, International Club, Mu Alpha Theta President, NHS, School Life, LAWSON MOON. EACH YEAR, following the tradition, the senior class adds their link to the friendship chain. .if-'J - Unites Classes Row two: GERALD MOORE, LARRY MOORE, KENNETH MOREY SCg ELVIN MORGAN, GLORIA MORGAN, CINDA MORRELL Class Committee, Red Feathers, Tom Tom. Miss Blackburn, Charles Hooper, Joe Durham and Hugh Mitchell wait anxiously for this addition. ADVANCED ART STUDENTS experiment with the opment of their techniques. Susan Crane and different art media and concentrate on the devel- Ronnie Daley work to perfect their portraits. Art Stimulates the Imagination Top row: JOHN MORRISON Advertis- ing Board, Athletic Managers, Town Hall Usher, LINDA MUDD Class Committee, Daze, Daze Board, Honor Roll, NHS Sec- retary, Thespiansg JAMES MULLEN Ad- vertising Board, Key Clubg PATRICIA MUL- LEN Oklahoma, Red Feathersg NANCY MUL- LENNIX Red Feathersg PAUL MURPHY Class Committee, Daze Board, Home Room Officer, Honor Roll, Mu Alpha Theta, SC. Row two: SHERRY MURPHY Advertis- ing Board, Red Feathersg CAROL MYER Red Feathers, BONNIE NAIFEH Daze Board, Honor Roll, NHS, Red Feathers, Speak- ers, Bureau, Thespians Treasurerg CLAU- DETTE NAQUIN FHA, Red Feathers, SHERRY NEWCOMBg CHERYL NEWMAN Class Committee, Daze Board, SC, Speakers' Bureau. Top row: CLAUDIA NEW- MAN Daze Board, NHS, Red Feathers, Synchronettes, Tom Tom., Honor Rollg ROSE NIGHT- INGALE DECAQ C R A I G NIKELQ CARY NORMAN Band Drum Major, Daze, Daze Board. Row two: JUNE NUNEZ, TRISH 0'BRIEN Class Com- nnittee, Ho-me Room V. Pres., Honor Roll, International Club, Red Cross Secretary, Red Eea- thers, LINDA OGL-E Home Room V. Pres., Red Feathers, G A Y I.. OLDHAM Advertising Board. Boy Meets Girl, Dale Board, Honor Roll, SC, Synch- ronettes. Row three: JA NE OREN- DUFE: LLOYD OSBON Or- chestra, Red Cross, SUSAN OTTO Daze Board. Home Room Officer, Honor Roll. Red Cross, Thespians, The Unsuspecteig BILL OWENS. Row fo u r: ANTOINETTE PAGANO: B I L L PARKEN- ING, DUDLEY PARKER Home Room President, Auto Mechanics, RICK PARKS. , 9 Top row: CRQVER PARNELL H 0 me Row two: SHARON PATTON Daze, Daze Room Officer, DEE ANN PARRISH Daze, Daze Board, Oklahoma, Red Cross, Red Fea- thers, BARBARA PARSON Red Feathers, SHELDON PARU Class Committee, Inter- national Club Guest Speaker, Key Club V. Pres., RedICrossg KEN PATTERSON Daze, Home Room Secretary, SC, JEFF PATTON Baseball Letterman, Daze, Daze Board, Home Room Officer V. Pres., Key Club. Board, Red Feathers, CHARLENE PEAR- S'ON Daze, Honor Roll, NHS, Oklahoma, Red Feathers, EMMA PEARSON Red Fea- thers, Choir, JEAN PEEBLESg VELMA JEAN PENNQ JIM PETERS Class Presi- dent, Daze Board President, Key Club, Speak- ers? Bureau, Thespians, The Unsuspecled. Top row: ANNA MARIE PETTY Red Feathers, ,IIIVIIVIY PILKINGTON DECA President, Home Room Officer, WILMA PIQUETg PAUL POFAHLg LINDA POOR- BOY Class Committee, Red Feathers, RICH- ARD POTTER. Row two: DONNA POUNDS, KAY PRATT FTA, Red Feathers, CAROL PRES- TON FTA, Red Feathersg DIANE PRICE Da-ze Board, International Club, Red Feathers, Modem Dance Club, NIKKI PRICE Red Fea- thers, IACQUELINE PRUITT Class Com- mittee, Honor Roll, Red Feathers, School Life Editor. Top row: RICKY QUENGA Oklahoma, SHARON Q U I N N D E C Ag MIDGE RACKOSKI Home Room V. Pres., Honor Roll, Choirg MICHAEL R A G A N Oklahoma. Row two: BILL RAGSDALE: FRANCES RAINESQ I E A N RAMSEY Red Feathersg RO- BERTA RASK. Row three: BETTY RATLIFF Red Feathers, PHIL RAUCH Class Committee, Daze Usher, Honor Roll, Mu Alpha Theta, NHS, SC, ANN RAULSTON Camarata. FHA V. Pres.. Honor Roll. Oklahoma-, Red Feathersg GARY RAY. . Row four: JACK RAY Okla- homa. Choir V. Pres., TRACY R AYNOLDS C I a s s Committee, SC President. The Unsuspectedg LINDA, RED'MANg SUE REED- ER Home Room Officer, Red Feathers. l , Unusual Pastimes lure Seniors Top row: ANNE RENIERS Camarata, Daze, Red Feathers V. Pres., T om Torng JANIE REYNOLDS Class Committee, Daze, Red Cross, Red Feathersg JERRY REYNOLDS Band, Baseball Letterman, Daze Board, Ukla- lzonuz, Orchestrag DIANA RICHEYg KAREN RIDDELL Home Room Officer, Red Crossg INA LEORA. RIDDLE. "WHOA, BUl.lI" Ernie Lower often finds himself in This situation. AT the Pawhuska Rodeo, one Row Iwo: FINIS RIGGSQ CARY RIGGSg CAROLYN RITCHIEg BOB RITZ Daze Board, Stagecraftg CECILLIA ROARK Red Feathersg BILL ROBERTS. of the many rodeos that he participates in, he is on the devilish Ghosty. Good luck, Ernie! GAG GIFTS, distributed by Mr. Ehlers as Santa Claus, add to the festiveness of the senior Christmas party. Chuck Wilson, a staunchs Re- publican, accepts a gift of The New Frontiah. Santa Visits Central Seniors Top row: ROGER ROBERTS DECA, Home Room Officerg MARVIN ROBINSON Baseball Letterman, Home Room Officerg STEVE ROBINSONQ RUTH RODISCH Daze Board, Honor Roll, International Club, NHS, SC, Speakers, Bureau Tl'SElSul'C1'Q LINDA ROGERS Red Eeathersg JUDY ROLES. . Row two: RICK ROLSTENQ BERNT ROSSIWALL Daze Board, Honor Roll, SC, AES Students RICK ROWEg ,IE-RRY RUSH- ING T and I Clubg VIRGINIA RUSSELL Band, Red Eeathersg DWIGHT RYCHEI.. School. Life. Top row: ROGER RYLANDER TT Cross-Country Letterman, D a z e Board, Home Room President, Key Club, NHS Treasurer, School Life: ROBERT SARMIENTO Daze, Football Letterman, Honor Roll, Key Club President, NHS, Swimming Letterman, CARO- LYN SCACE Medico Club, Red Feathers, NATHAN S C H I F F Speakers, Bureau, Swimming Let- terman, Tom. Tom, Town Hall Usher. Row Iwo: CAR OLYN SCHMIDT Advertising Board, Class Committee, Honor Roll, Red Feathers: EUGENE SCHOL- TEN Town Hall Usher, JOHN SCHROEDER Band, SUSAN SCHWEND Camarata, Class Sec- retary, Daze, Daze Board, Honor Roll, Tom, Tom.. A Row three: LEE 'SELBY Basketball Letterman, Home Room V. Pres., Key Club, SC, Tennis Letterman, STEVEN SHACKEL- FORD, MARIE SHAW, BILL SHEA Baseball Letterman, Daze Board, Home Room Officer. Row four: MARY ANNE SHEARER Camarata' Secretary, Daze, Daze Board, Home Room Officer, Honor Roll. Svnchronet- tes: LINDA SHEPHERD Co-op, DAN SHERMAN Rav Meets Girl: DWIGHT SHERROD T and I Club. Top row: MELVA. SHERWOOD, LARRY Row Iwo: KATHY SKINNER Daze Board, SHIPLET Baseball Letterman, Home Room Honor Roll, NHS, Red Cross, 5611001 Life, Officer, BEN SHOEMAKER, GEORGE Speakers' Bureau, NAKITA SLACK Cama- SHRIVER Home Room Officer, The Un- rata, Daze, Honor Roll, Red Feathers Squad suspected, EDDIE SILKEY, JIM SINCLAIR Leader, Synchronettes, Tom Tom Editor, Basketball Letterman, Honor Roll, NHS. BILLY SMITH, CAROL SMITH Red Fea- thers, GREG SMITH Daze, Home Room Of- ficer, Honor Roll, Tennis Letterman, Town Hall Usher, JANET SMITH Class Commit- tee, Daze, Honor Roll, Oklahoma, Stagecraft, , Tom Tom. Top row: PATSY STANCLIFT I F i' Top row: LARRY SMITH Oklahomag LINDA SMITH FHA, Red Feathers, RO- BERT SMITH Band, Daze, SHARON SMITH DECA V. Pres., Home Room President, NHS, JAMES SNAPg RONNIE SNELL Home Room Officer. Row two: SOUTHERN g homa, JIM Home Room Home Room ERNEST SON Band, JIMMY FRANK SOUTHWOOD Okla- SPEAKER Football Letterman, Officer, BARBARA STAIRES Officer, Red Feathers, JOE STAIRES Cheerleader, Daze, Daze Board, Home Room President, Key Club, Oklahoma. Honor Roll, Medico Clubg HER- B ER T STAUFFER Vocational Auto Mechanics, DAVID' ST. CLAIR Home Room President, T and I Club V. Pres., EVELYN STEED. Row two: JERRY STEELE, GARN STEPHENS Class Com- mittee, Daze, Daze Board, DECA, Red Feathers, Speakers' Bureaug LEE STEPHENS Daze Board, Home Room President. Oklahoma, Track Letterman. Opera Club President, SAND-EE STEPHENS. Row three: JAN STEPHEN- SO'N Advertising Board, Red Fea- thers, Choirg LARRY STEPHEN- SON DECA, Home Room Of- iicerg OPAL STEVENSONQ CAROLYN STEWART Advertis- ing Board, Class Committee, Red Feathers. Row four: HOMER STILL Athletic Manager, Daze, Football Letterman, Key Club, Town Hall Usherg RICHARD STINNETT Daze, Oklahoma: LOUISE STONE Red Feathers, PHIL STONE Chess Club, International Club. r Friendships Span School Years Top row: JOAN STONERg GLENDA STOVALL Honor Roll, Red Feathers, Choirg LONNIE SULLIVANg SHARON SUMMERS Honor Roll, NHS, Red Feathersg JOSEPHINE SWARERg CHARLES SWIM DECA. REMEMBERING THEIR Twelve years of friendship, Mary Ann Shearer, Linda Mudd, Janet Vickburg, Row two: DENNIS TATUM Home Room Presidentg EDDIE TAYLORg ,IANIE TAYLOR DECA, Red Feathersg .IOSETTE TAYLOR FTA Secretary, Red Cross, Red Feathersg RONNIE TAYLOR Band Man- ager, Orchestrag SHARON TAYLOR Red Feathers. V A Susan Oiio, Susan Maison, and Marcie Bailey resolve Thai graduation will not separate Them. aim 11:1 1 Top row: TED TENNY Chess Club, Honor Roll, lVIu Alpha Theta, NHS, Oklahoma, Orcliestrag LYNDIA THOMAS, JESSICA THOMPSON Camarata, Daze Board, Home Room President, NHS. SC, Synehronettes V. Pres.: SHERRY THOMPSON, .IANIE THUR- NIAN Home Room Officer, Red Feathers, HAROLD TOHLEN Honor Roll. Row Iwo: MARIANN TOLIVER Red Fea- thersg JUDI TRIGG Camarata, Class Com- mittee, Red Feathers, Synchronettes Coach, ORVILL TURNSTALLg SUSIE TURNIP- SEED DECA, Red Feathers, BOB TUTTY Class Committee, Home Room V. Pres., Red Crcssg ,IEANIE TYSON Red Feathers. Top row: MARSHA VANCE Daze, NHS, Oklahoma, Red Fea- thers, Speakers' Bureau, Thes- piansg HENRY VAN VEENg JANET VICKBURG Advertising Board, Camarata, Daze Board, Red Cross V. Pres., SC, Girls, S t a t e Delegate, KATHERINE VOELKER Cla ss Committee, Daze Board, Red Feathers, Speak- ers, Bureau, Thespians. Row two: FRED V O S S E Band, Football Letterman, ASH- LEY WALKER Class Committee, Daze Board, International Club, Red Feathers, SC. The Unsuspect- eclg PAUL WALKER Baseball Letterman, ELAINE WALLACE Home Room Officer, Red Fea- thers. Row three: RICK WALLACE: SHARON WALLACE Red Fea- IIICYSQ JEFF WELCH Band, Daze, BILL WENTZ H o m e Room Officer, T and I Club. Row four: ED WERRE Home Room Officer, DONNA WHITE Red Cross. Red Feathersg LON WHITE Class Committee, Home Ro-om V. Pres., Red Cross, Wrestl- ing Letterman, TED WHITE- HEAD Oklahoma. L. as L J Top row: SYLVIA WHITSETT Red Fea- thers, BYRON WHITTAKER Home Room President, SHARON WIDNERg KAREN WIEDENMANN Daze, Oklahoma, Red Fea- thers, Choir Treasurer, ALVINA WIENECKE Advertising Board, Daze, Board, International Club. NHS, Speakers' Bureau, Thespiansg .IANICE WILDER Camarata, Class Commit- tee, Daze, Oklahoma, Red Feathers, Choir. Seniors Are "Old Top row: PEGGY WILSON FHA, JIM WILTSHIRE Daze, Daze Board, Football Let- terman, Home Room President, Key Club, Tom Torn, GAIL WINCHESTER, SHARON WISNER FHA, Red Feathersg BUTCH WITHERSQ DEANNA WITHERS3 NANCY WOOD Camarata, Daze, NHS, Oklahoma, SC, Opera Club Treasurer. Row two: PAT WILKINS Red Feathersg TONY WILKINS, MICHAEL WILLARD Hoy Meets Girl, Class Committee, Speakers' Bureau, Thespians, Town Hall Usher, The Un- suspecterlg CHERYL SUE WILLIS Red Fea- thers, CHUCK WILSON Class V. Pres., Honor Roll, Key Club, Thespians, Town Hall Usher, The Unsuspectedg PATSY WILSON FHA. ' Grads" at last Row two: JANE WO'ODARD Class Com- mittee, Daze, Daze Board, Home Room Of- ficer, Red Feathers, Synchronettesg WILDA WOODFORD Daze, Home Room Secretary, Red Feathers, ALBERTA WRIGHT Daze Board, Red Feathers, School Life, Thespiansg PHYLLIS WYZARDQ MARK YORK, WIL- LIAM YOUNG Chess Club, CHERYL YOUNGER. The Junior Class JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS - Boyd George, treas- urer: Miss Bernice Tomlinson, sponsorg Lloycl George, secrefaryg John Ashby, vice-president, Bill Beeman, president. FIVE AMBITIOUS and hard-working mem- bers of the iunior class, Don Viner, Judy Johnson, Marsha Elkins, Carol Cox, and Brent Patterson, lured by promises of a party and ample refreshments when the work is done, stay after class to prepare books for service in the bookmoble, providing 1000 books for classroom use. Juniors Strive for leadership Never taking no for an answer, Cen- tral's umiddlemen" began a very success- ful year by selling over 2600 tickets for the play, Arsenic and Old Lace, which was presented early in November. At the same time, they demonstrated scholastic enthusiasm by taking charge of the mobile library, which, when put in- to service in the second semester, pro- vided 1037 books for classroom use. The Class of '64 also initiated the Courtesy Campaign to remind all students of the rules of common courtesy suf- ficiently to make courtesy common. The juniors made themselves felt in every Central activity throughout the ,62- ,63 school year from the first Weeks until the last, when they finally received their coveted senior rings. SMILING brilliantly at the students who elec- ted them 'are Linda McClure, Kitty Hilsheimer and Connie Campbell, iunior queen attendants TOP ROW: Bill Aaron, Ruth Ann Aaron Bert Ahsher, Ken Ackley, Frank Acosta, Lin da Adams, Pam Adkins, Marian Alexander Tom Allen. I SECOND ROW: Joyce Allman, Dianna Al- spaugh, Linda Ames, Jimmy Anderson, John- ny Anderson, Sue Andrew, Allan Anthony, Liz Arterburn, Pat Arvidson. THIRD ROW: John Ashby, Melvin Austin, Jim Ayers, Deanna Baker, Dennis Baker, Erma Lue Baker, Mary Baker, Patti Baker, Jeanne Ballard. FOURTH ROW: Johnny Barbour, Bob Bark- er, Randy Barker, Judy Barnum, Donna Bar- rett, Judy Barrett, Wayne Bass, Diane Bate- man, Johnny Bowdle. FIFTH ROW: Kay Bayouth, Tony Bean, Car- olyn Beard, Gary Beard, Melinda Beard, Johnye Ruth Bearpaw, Alvin Beck, Bill Bee- man, Dorothy Begley. Class Elects llueen Attendants TOP ROW: Susan Belt, Jimmy Bennett, Sandy Bloomfield, Hearl Born, Carl Bogler, Tinka Bentley, David Benton, Sharon Berger, ,lackie Borland. Carolyn Bowdler. Best, Bill Bigelow, Woody Bishop, Mike Biv- ens. THIRD ROW: Karen Bowline, Michael Boyce Larry Boyer, Don Bradford, Carol Bradley SECOND ROW: Lonna Black, ,lames Black- Carolene Brand, ,lim Brasher, Joe Bratcher well, Richard Bland, Charles Blaylock, Bob Carl Brazelton. FOURTH ROW: Becky Brewer, Susan Brew- ster, Linda Bright, Sharon Brost, Barbara Brown, Betty Brown, Edna Brown, ,lim Brown, Steve Brown. FIFTH ROW: Susie Brown, Zora Brown, ,lohn Brummett, Charles Bruner, Joan Bullard, Dale Bunney, ,loleta Burdick, Don Burgess, Terry Burgin. SIXTH ROW: Sharon Burnett, Lyline But- ler, Peggy Byrne, Dave Caldwell, Connie Campbell, Larry Campbell, Bozalin Camp- bell, Cary Canada, Mark Capehart. TOP ROW: Janette Carl, Boy Carrick, ,lim Carter, ,lerry Cartwright, Perry Catts, Nellie Juniors Participate in Sports Danny Christmas, Freda Clark, Harold Clem, Paulette Clem. Chance, Burke Chandler, David Chapman, Marlfaret Charlton. D THIRD ROW: Mike Click, Sheryl Cline, Vir- ginia Cline, Walter Clute, Betty Clymer, Nic- SECOND ROW: Betty Chelf, Brenda Chelf, holas Coachman, Robert Cobb, Jolene Coble, Judy Chenault, Charles Cherry, ,lere Chieppo, Pat Cochrane. FOURTH ROW: Anita Cockrell, Georgia na Cooper, Harold Coots, Pete Copeline, Kev- Cody, Chris Cole, Ronald Cole, Bill Collier, in Cornwell. Pat Collier, Sue Collins, Van Compton, Mike Constantine. ' SIXTH ROW: Carol Ann Cox, John Cox, Donna Crawford, Barbara Criner, Karen FIFTH ROW: Mike Conway, Myra Cook, Crisman, Sharon Cl'iSIl13ll,'PZiI1l Crist, Helen Shirley Cook, Steve Cook, Don Cooper, Don- Crockett, Charles Crouch. 106 4 TOP ROW- Sharon Cruzan Sherr' Culbert - a y ' son, Ed Curfman, George Curfman, Sam Cur- ry, Donna Daggs, Rav Dake, Wanda Dalton, Dusty Damron. Q - SECOND ROW: Gene Daniel, Carolyn Dash- er, Charles Daugherty, Fred Davenport, Mar- sha Davenport, Glenna Davidson, Charles Davis, Coleman Davis, Connie Davis. THIRD ROW: Frank Davis, Barbara Daw- son, Patricia Dean, Marilyn Deardorff, Bob Delzell, Tony Diaz, James Dilts, Linda Dod- son, Donna Dolina. FOURTH ROW: Cary Dorman, Barbara Dozi- er, Alan Drew, Joe Driscoll, Sherry Dugger, Sandy Duncan, Gary Dunham, Larry Dun- ham, Vincent Dunn. FIFTH ROW: Clara Durant, Pat Duvall, Phillip DuVall, Charles Edmounds, Mildred Edwards, Cheryl Elder, Margaret Elder, lVl2ll'SllEl Elkins, Judy Elliot. PONDERING THE future of defensive quarterback Duane Wagner, who has iniured his leg during a practice exercise, is coach Charles Bowman. 7 DAVID CHAPMAN receives some vital last-minute instructions from the photographer on the prop- er pose to hold for a good Tom Tom picture. TOP ROW: James Ellison, Eugene Elsey, Johnny Elwell, Mike Eppler, Tommy Epps, Marvin Esmond, Eddie Everett, Pete Exline, Vivica Fair. l SECOND ROW: Bill Felber, Lynn Ferguson, Wayne J. Ferguson, Tommy Finley, Barbara Fleming, Dean Fleming, James Fletcher, An- ita Flowers, Bill Ford. THIRD ROW: Jeanette Forehand, Rebecca Forrest, Linda Foster, Rhett ,Foster, Jim Franklin, Mack Franklin, Stephen Freeze, Jimmy Furr, Steve Gaines. FOURTH ROW: Tommy Gambill, Pilar Gar- cia, Michael Garner, Beatryce Garrett, Bill Garringer, John Garver, Waylie Gaston, Boyd George, Lloyd George. FIFTH ROW: Charlene Gervais, Burr Gib- bons, Nancy Gibbons, Janet Kay Gildersleeve, Janet Gill, Gary Gilmore, Bob Glass, Cinda Gleghorn, David Goddard. J V sei, it s Qi :skis it R of U JI 15:17 X zz .L I Students Pose for Class Photos TOP ROW: Charlotte Golden, Barbara Gold- esberry, Monte Gordan, Donna Gough, An- K nette Gould, Alvin Gouyd, Don Grace, Johnny Graham, Ruthie Grasmanis. SECOND ROW: Arria Lee Gray, Gary Gray Curtis Green, Sue Green, Carol Greenwood . Q Dorothy Grider, Aubrey Griffin, Lorene Grif- fin, Mary Griffin. THIRD ROW: Shelly Guin, Jeanie Hale, La- zell Hale, Larry Halka, Dennis Hall, Jon Hall Malcolm Hall, Sherry Hall, Ellen Halt. 3 A , as ' , ' 1 if I FOURTH ROW: Elaine Hamill, Mary Hamil- Bahs Haymes, Helen Haynes, Judy Haynes, ton, Scotty Hamilton, Suzy Hamilton, Tom Marilyn Hays. Hamilton, Betty Hamrnons, Harlen Hand, Sharon Harris, Rhonda Hart. FIFTH ROW: Kay Harvison, Ronald Haver- field, Shirley Hawkins, Pam Hay, Joan Hayes, SIXTH ROW: Jan Hebbeler, Judy Hellard, Julia Henderson, Linda Henderson, Renee Henderson, Dennis Hendrickson, Ginny Henry, Bill Hensley, Laura Jane Herriman. '1 'fave Blass Members Decide on Rings TOP ROW: Janie Herron, Wayne Hibbard, Neil Hicks, Logan Hill, Ralph Hill, Richinda Hill, Kitty Hilsheimer, Madlyn Hix, Peggy Hobbs. SECOND ROW: Shirley Hobbs, Joyce Hoc- kett, David Hoff, Peggy Holiman, Jim Hol- land, Jerry Hollis, Sharon Holson, Judy Hol- ton, Donna Honeywell. THIRD ROW: Dave Hopkins, Linda Hopper, Bill Horacek, Mike Horton, Margie Hough, Dennis Hoyer, David Hubanks, Billie Hub- bell, Linda Hughes. ies? , 32 . me , it e s ifgiz . f, 5 . i ' FOURTH ROW: Mary Hughes, Catherine Hummel, Ronnie Hummingbird, Jerry Hurd, Mary Lou Hurlburt, Lorena Hurley, Pat Hus- key, Jimmy Ingram, Mike Isley. FIFTH ROW: Cecil lsom, Jim Jackson, Sha- ron Jackson, Larry James, Jonathan Jeffy, me is Carol Johnson, Donald Johnson, James John- son, Judy Jolmson. SIXTH ROW: Philip Johnson, Phyllis John- son, Shirley Johnson, Sidney Johnson, Willie Johnson, Bill Jones, Rodney Jones, Phillip Kager, Hugh Keen. ' ' r - ez Wars? 1 E it 5, !L W TOP ROW: Beverly Keigley, Bob Keller, Dave Keller, Mary Kelley, John Kilgore, Kay Killough, Tom Kimball, Janice King, ,lim King. , SECOND ROW: Marilyn King, Rhonda King, Cynthia Kinkaid, Gene Kirkpatrick, Sidney Kitchel, Al Knight, Barbara Knight, Dave Knighten, Tommy Krauser. THIRD ROW: Linda Kroll, John Labb, Bob Lachenlnaier, Leonard Lang, Vicki Lang, ,loe Kaye Large, Donna Laughery, Sue Lawrence, James Lenox. FOURTH ROW: Eunice Leverett, Paula Lewis, Melton Linflle, Paul Lindsey, Delores Locut, Donna Logan, Johnny Long, Buster Long- acre, Sharon Lower. FIFTH ROW: Jannelle Lumley, Connie Ma- bes, David MacKenzie, Velinda Maddox, John Magnusson, Mary Mahoney, Barbara Mailes, ,ludy Mainer, Rick Majors. DURING the traditional ring assembly Mary Ann Malie interprets the meaning of The Tom Tom on Central's school ring for the Junior Class. 111 SPENDING THEIR lunch period sfuclying chemistry valences prior To the big test are Gene Kirk- patrick, Freda Clark and Dennis Hendrickson. TOP ROW: Mary Ann Malie, Pat Maney, Marie Manuel, Lynda Maples, Bev Marang, Sharon Marlin, Fran Marsh, James Martin, Ken Martin. SECOND ROW: Pat Martin, Luzetta Martin- ez. Jan Mason, Yvonne Mason, Judy Mathis, Deanie Maxey, Jerry Maxey, Jerry Mayes, Gail Maynard. THIRD ROW: James McAllister, Charolotte McCafferty, Mike McCain, Mary McCall, Lin- da McClure. Marshall McClure, Sam McCol- lough, Earl McConnell, Ken McConnell. FOURTH ROW: Nancy McCord, Jerry Mc- Daniel, Jan McDonald, Margaret McDonald, Suzie McGraw, Roberta Mclntosh, Carolyn McKenzie, Stan McKinney, Kathy McLain. FIFTH ROW: Linda McLaughlin, Carol Mc- Mahon, Charles McManus, Clifford McNeely, Connie McPeek, John McQuade, Becky Meadows, Terry Mears, Donna Meyer. 2 Juniors Bram for the Valence TOP ROW: Suzie Meyer, Bob Miller, Cheryl Miller, Kenneth Miller, Martha Miller, Zella Minter, June Mitchell, Lyle Moffitt, Jack Moody. SECOND ROW: Larry Moody, Randy Moon- ey, Allen Moore, Carolyn Moore, Donna Moore, Marilyn Moore, Mary Moore, Cas- sandra Moran, Tom Moran. THIRD ROW: James Morrison, James Mott, Bill L. Mount, Gary Mullins, David Murdock, Lowell Murdock, Micheallynn Murphy, ,lim Murray, Linda Murray. "h' 1 'S' ,,,, 7 ,--- in L ,y i in-xt. a . ,Q P 11. ,.., A A it .. I, I FOURTH ROW: Pat Muse, Barbara Neal, Kenneth Nebraski, Alice Neely, Darlene Nel- son, Donna Nelson, ,lerry Nichols, Alice Nie- meyer, John Norman. FIFTH ROW: ,lack Norton, Henry Nuytens, Richard Oakes, Mona O'Bryan, Bobby Oling- is WF' In Ar g house, Kim Oliphant, Claude Oliver, Deloris O,Neal, Pam Osborn. SIXTH ROW: Steve Osborn, Zelda Osborn, John Parkhill, Beverly Parmley, Dennis Par- ratt, Daisy Parry, Sally Parsley, Sandy Pate, Cary Patrick. nun, Students Emphasize Courtesy TOP ROW: Billy Patterson, Brent Patterson, Diann Pettser, Thomas Plaster, Gilbert Plun- Mike Payne, Chester Pendergraft, Joe Perks, kell, Tim POI1dC1'- Bill Perram, Tom Perry, Sharron Persall, Jana Peters. THIRD ROW: Larry Porter, Marie Porter, Fred Pottorf, Greg Poulos, Sam Powell, Jim SECOND ROW: John Petherick, Linda Pettit, Prater, Donna Prigmore, Waxida Pruitt, Anita Mary Phelps, Roberta Phelps, Pat Pinley, Puckette. ' FOURTH ROW: Rodney Queen, Mary Rabe, Reinolds, Jean Reins, Teddy Renigar, Johnny Jim Ragsdale, Carl Rambo, Susan Ramsay, Reynolds. Aaron Rankin, Kathleen Rasberry, Mike Rathbone, Mary Ann Rauch. SIXTH ROW: Kathy Reynolds, Mary Rey- nolds, John Rhodes, Jean Ririe, Orvil Rob- FIFTH ROW: Eddie Rech, Greta Redman, erts, Ellis Robinson, Janice Robinson, Martha Carol Reed, Dean Reeves, Dionne Rego, Pat Roden, Jerry Rodgers. ' 114 TOP ROW: Paul Rogers, Reid Rogers, John Roop, Jim Roper, Leslie Rose, Vernon Ross, Renee Roszel, Sharron Rowe, Linda Roy. SECOND ROW: Gary Runyan, Rene Ruse, . Jim Rush, Candy Russell, John Russell, Sheila Russell, Leon Rutherford, Janice Samuels, David Sarnowski. THIRD ROW: Don Sassano, Cathy Savage, Mike Schidlowski, Bert Schouten, Ann Schroe- der, Bob Schroeder, Nicki Schuler, Billie Scott, Jerry Scott. FOURTH ROW: Janice Seaba, Suzy Seaton, Bill Self, Evelyn Sellers, 'Jim Selle1's, Andreas Senske, Phyllis Sharp, Zilla Sharp, Bill Shaw. FIFTH ROW: Fred Shawger, Faye Sheeley, Charlotte Lourraine Sheldon, Jean Shepard, Mark Shidler, Richard Shields, Jim Shiflet, Russell Shipley, Houston Shirley. JANET Gii.DERSlEEVE assists Bill Horacek with some last-minute adiusfmenis as they prepare to have their pictures taken for the Tom Tom. 115 DRIVING INSTRUCTOR Charles Bowman watches approvingly as Richard 'Bland skillfully demon- strates the proper method of parallel parking. TOP ROW: Jackie Sue Shofner, Loretta Sides, Albert Silkey, Martha Simpson, Shirley Sims, Leonard A. Skeehan, Mary Ann Skinner Joyce Ann Skocdopole, Mike Slover. SECOND ROW: Billy Smith, Carol Smith, Ed Smith, Jerry Smith, Jo Ann Smith, Leroy Smith, Leslie Smith, Peggy Smith, Regina Smith. THIRD ROW: Robert S. Smith, Sharon Smith, Tonya Renee Smith, Terry A. Smith, Mike Smither, Doug Smotherman, Wayland Snow, Don Sokol, Judi Solomon. FOURTH ROW: Frank Speer, Rhett Speer, Jean Spencer, Estelle Sperber, Lolieta Sperry, Judy Spicer, Jerry Stephens, Sandy Stephens, Sharon Sterk. FIFTH ROW: Bill Sterne, Jimmy Stevenson, John Stevenson, Deana Stewart, Frank Stewart, Jean Stewart, Norma Jean Stimpson, Kay Stone, Susie Stout. Students Increase Driving Ability TOP ROW: Rick Stowell, Carolyn Stringfel- low, Paul Strokey, Everett Sugg, Benny Sulli- van, Fred Sullivent, Paul K. Swanson, Terry Sweet, ,loyce Swim. SECOND ROW: Julia Tabb, Dee Dee Tanner, Jerry Tate, Paul Tate, Mike Taylor, Linda Teclcler, Nancy Teel, Nancy Thomas, Russell Thomas. THIRD ROW: Sue Thomas, Dale Thompson, ,lerry Thompson, Kirk Thompson, Mary Ann Thompson, Sam Thompson, Sharon Tittle, Paula Tolley, Buel Tramel. FOURTH ROW: Betty Trammell, Kathe Trav- is, Linda Trotter, Cheryl Trudgeon, Frances Utley, Sherry Van -Kleer, Frances Vaughn, Charles Vaught, Gloria Vickers. FIFTH ROW: Machelle Villines, Don Viner, Lonnie Vineyard, Wayne Wagley, Duane Wag- ner, Linda Wagoner, Mike Wait, Pat Wait, Lavern Vl7alker. SIXTH ROW: Maribeth Wallace, ,lohn Wallis. Carol Waltrip, ,lan Wampler, Dewayne Ward, Elaine Ward, Linda Ward, Victor Ward, Susi Ward. Juniors Spotlight BIassaPIay TOP ROW: Gloria Warren, Georgia Vlfashing- ton, David Watson, Annell Wattenbarger, Herta Watts, .lune Webster, Susan Weisen- born, John Wells, Catherine Whalen. SECOND ROW: Jo Ann Wheatley, Edward White, Lenard White, Steve White, Winona Whitehorn, Barbara Whiteis, Carolyn White- nack, Sue Whitlock, ,lerry Whittington. THIRD RUW: Fred Wightman, Allan Wil- cox, Austin Wilcox, Patricia Wiley, .leanne Wilkie, Barbara Williams, Jerry Williams, Joe Williams, ,loyce Williams. , FOURTH ROW: Susan Wilmeth, Carolyn Wilson, Mary Winkert, Becky Wisher, Glen Wonderley, Sam Wood, Carol Woods, David Woods, Richard Wooldridge. FIFTH ROW: Gleenah Jean Worley, Benny Worth, Barbara Wren, Eddie Wright, Phil Wright, Brenda York, Lawrence Young, Ron- nie Young. Gayle Zimmerman. 32 ig ' 1 fi, i Q, - 753. ' ,Q F- F5 .V as ? , . it Y f 4 k V . K , ,,,, : MJ, , wwf ,L ,mix 1 K .5 J , Alfie. V' ,, "Nav f T Q . , :ummm SE L. if x X X x , Q 5 X 2,54 Y? . ff: A fx fs S vw V, S 5 -Q SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS - Steve Garreif, presidentp Karen Anderson, Treasurer: Mr. Edward McCray, sophomore class sponsor: Bebe Barber, secreraryg and Jerry Shonkwiler, vice-president. The Sophomore Blass ,,,, i iw V CLAD IN THEIR best and with smiles up- on their faces, these sophomores enter the building to begin another Dress-Up Day. Wednesday of each week is set aside especially for this purpose. This proiect shows the outstanding maturity and leadership ability of the youngest class at Central High School this year. Sophs Introduce New Traditions Demonstrating to upperclassmen that sophomores can be the leaders of import- ant school activities, the class of '65 ini- tiated Sophomore Dress Up Day last September. This project, i11 which Wed- nesday was designated as the day when every sophomore should d1'ess his best, met with success. The sophomores, under the leadership of their sponsor, Mr. Edward lVlcCray, then undertook an even more original and ambitious proposition-the school loyalty tie. These white clip-on ties, which were worn to show loyalty to Central were pur- chased from New York, but the school initials, CHS, were printed on them vert- icallv in red by Central's printing shop. These and many other exciting activ- ities made this a nieniorable year for both Central High School and the Class of ,65. Special Classes Spark Interest TOP ROW: Buddy Adams, Geraldine Adams, Larry Adams, Neal Adams, Sue Alberty, Gene Alford, Ann Allen, Nancy Allen, Robert Allen. SECOND ROW: Herbert Allison, Kathy Al- lison, Sherry Allison, Euldene Ambler, Ann Anderson, Audrey Anderson, Bobby Ander- son, Karen Anderson, Linda Anderson. THIRD ROW: Lloyd Anderson, Marty An- derson, Christine Andrew, Milton Apple, Sharon Archibald, Grant Armstrong, Linda Armstrong, Janet Arnold, ,lim Arnold. FOURTH ROW: Diane Askins, Kenneth Aus tin, Anita Avilla, Mary Avilla, Sheila Avilla, Jimmy Ayers, Ken Ayers, Rodney Bachelder, Richard Badgwell. FIFTH ROW: Ron Badgwell, Kathy Bailey Keith Bailey, Robert Bailey, Vic Bailey, Ro bert Baker, Bob Banfield, Roger Banzhof, Be- be Barber. SIXTH ROW: Paul Barbour, Nancy Barkley, Diana Barlow, Mike Barlow, Barbara J. Bar- nard, Allene Barnes, Carol Ann Bassett, Bruce Bateman, Ann Baume1'. rv i TOP ROW : Patti Beavers, Karma Bebee, Deecle Beckley, Suzy Beeson, Tom Belcher, Jim Belden, Joann Bemore, Linda Bennett, Tommy Bennett. SECOND ROW: Clayburn Beshears, Jim Bet- tis, Sharon Biby, Kenneth Biggs, Sandra Big- pond, Diane Bilke, Linda Bingham, Jane Bit- tick, Margaret Bivens. THIRD ROW: Sharon Blanchett, Danny Blaylock, Linda Blocker, Terry Bloss, Sally Boatwright, Paul Bohbitt, Linda Bohm, Roger Bolcling, Larry Boley. FOURTH ROW: Vernon Boley, Carlene Bo- man, Judy Bowdle, James Bowdler, Judy Bowers, Tommy Bowers, Bud Bowman, Bev- i erlie Boyd, Bob Bozeman. FIFTH ROW: Barbara Brackeen, Rebecca Bradley, John Brandon, Charles Bran Russell Branstetter, Earlene Brantley, T nen, erry Breedlove, John Brenneman, Steve Bright. PUTTING themselves behind the wheel, sopho- mores get driving experience from the Driver Education class taught by Mr. Charles Bowman. 123 THESE candidates for sophomore queen attendants pose a pretty picture and a difficult decision for their class. Only three of them can reign. TOP ROW: Mary Brisbin, Darlene Brisco, Lin Brister, Mary Brooks, Mary Brower, Beverly Brown, Cynthia Brown, Joyce Brown, Judy Brown. SECOND ROW: Linda Brown, Marilyn Brown, Melanie Brown, Carla Bruner, Paula Bruner, Barry Bryant, Carroll D. Buckner, Brad Buffum, Larry Bullard. THIRD ROW: Donna Burgess, Donny Bur- X gess, Mozetta Burks, Dennis Burns, Mary Jo Burns, Shirley Burns, Cheryl Burris, Janice i Buttrey, Jimmy Cady. l l i FOURTH ROW: Sandra Cady, Mike Cald- l well, Loy Calhoun, John Calvert, Bob Camp- bell, Darrell Campbell, Jim Campbell, Jody i Campbell, Mark Canterbury. l i l FIFTH ROW: Glenda Carlile, Leland Car- 1 penter, Linda Carpenter, Freda Carr, Sharon Carr, Jim Carrick, Gayle Carrico, Frank Car- l roll, Jack Carter. J Youngest Class Names Royalty TOP HOW: Linda L. Carter, Barbara Cart- wright, Lee Roy Casebeer, Joe Cash, David Casillias, Marion Caylor, Merle Caylor, Bob- bie Jean Chaney, Richard Chaney. l SECOND ROW: David Lee Chapman. Gary Chappel, John Chenault, Peggy Cissna, Glen- da Clark, Karen Clarke, Tommy Cleghorn Sheila Clem, Randall Clement. THIRD ROW: Roger Clymer, Patsy Cobb, Gayle Coburn, Betty Cody, Larry Coffey, Mary Carol Cohenour, Marilyn Cole, Carol Coleman, Janet Coleman. FOURTH ROW: Mary Collier, Randy Col- lier, Terry Collier, James Collins, James Col- lins, Jerry Colson, Leon Colson, Denny Con- ner, Ralph Conrad. FIFTH ROW: Jene Conwell, Barbara Cook, Phyllis Cook, Jim Cooper, Bob Copeland, Connie Copeland, Dodie Cory, Pat Coulter, Bob Courim. SIXTH ROW: Cathy Cox, Linda Crabtree, Joel Crain, Vicki Crain, Vicki Kay Crain, Nancy Creamer, Leta Creen, Ronnie Crew, Donny Criner. 3 .lnynus Season Brings Festivities TOP ROW: Cynthia Crockett, Mike Crof- ford, Larry Cross, lvan Crossley, Jane Crutchfield, Shirley Cumpton, Robert Curry, Sonia Dake, Linda Dalby. SECOND ROW: Steve Dalton, Mike Dam- ron, Carolyn Daniels, Marsha Daniels, Bob Darby, Bill Daugherty, Bob Daugherty, Kathie Davenport, Mary David. THIRD ROW: Don Davis, Cherie Anna Daw- son, Barbara Dean, Dicky Deardorff, Mike Deatherage, Mary De-Brosse, Roy DeBrosse, Shiela Decker, Diana Denney. FOURTH ROW: Janene Dent, Bill Deramo Caroll Dettman, Bruce DeVault, Darlene Dif fee, Bill Dinger, Shirley Dobson, Gary Dod son, Lula Dodson. FIFTH ROW: Ernest Doetzel, Weridell Dor- sey, Michael Dowd, Douglas Downing, Ron- nie Drake, Cheryl Drummond, Kenny Dugan, Greta Dugger, Wendell Dugger. SIXTH ROW: Bill Duncan, Cheryl Lynn Dun- can, James Dunne, Dianne Dupuy, JoAnn Durham, James' Dye, Janette Dye, Mary Eakes, Larry Earl. ei ' 1 if ,K ,. Pa, gi' r , TOP ROW: Linda Easley, David East, Gerald Eaton, Sandy Eberle, Billy Edwards, Leale Edwards, Linda Egbert, Marvel Eidson, Den- nis Elde1'. . SECOND ROW: Ross Elder, Sandra Elkins, Larry Elliott, Gilbert Ellis, Sherry Ellis, Cathy Ellison, Dorothy England, Eddie Engleking, Everett Enkey. THIRD ROW: Mark Esau, Dyke Fack, Rich- ard Failla, Judy Fair, Gary W. Fakin, Joe Fambrough, Mary Faulkner, Martha Fearon, Jerri Ann Ferrell. FOURTH ROW: Melvin Ferrell, Linda Fetter, Ines Fields, Marlena Fifer, Rae Deane Fite, Sandy Fitzgerald, Cathy Flaugh, Judy Flippo, Donna Flowers. - FIFTH ROW: Dennis Folsom, Jim Ford, Paul Ford, John Ford, Betsy Foresman, Kathy Fortney, Mike Foutch, Eddie Fowler, Wayne Fowler. STUDENTS in Mrs. Pottorf's homeroom anticipate the surprises in store for them after breaking the Spanish pinata during the Christmas party. MIKE SHELTON uses Karma Bebee as a victim for testing a cardiac monitor which he may enter for competition in this year's science fair. TOP ROW: Lynda Francis, Pete Francis, Cathy Franklin, Marilyn Freeman, Joyce Fri- day, Linda Fritts, Terry Fritz, Charles Frye, Alfred Fuller. SECOND ROW: Karen Fulmer, Sharen Ful- mer, Douglas Furgason, Gloria Fusom, Bruce Gaddis, Walter Gallatin, Robert Galloway, E. ,l. Gangel, Wanda Gant. THIRD ROW: Claude Gantt, Carla Garde, Ken Garland, Steve Garrett, Reta Garrison, Ted Gee, Johnny George, Marilyn George, Cathy Gifford. FOURTH ROW: Ginger Gilbert, Tom Gilbert, Richard Gillard, Peggy Gille, David Gilliam, Theresa Gilson, Robert Gladson, Ronnie Glad- son, Sandy Goebel. FIFTH ROW: Glenda Golay, Yvonnia Good- all, Charles Goodman, Wally' Gordon, Gary Gott, Dennis Gougler, Susie Gower, Carl Grace, Paige Graening. Unusual Projects Speed Learning TOP ROW: Chuck Graham, Nancy Graham, Bruce Grant, Ronnie Grattopp, John Green, Kris Green, Melvin Green, Nancy Green, Sha- ron Green. SECOND' ROW: Bill Greer, Tom Gresham, Mary Griffin, Bill Griffith, Larry Grimes, Hugh Guinn, Jalnes Haddock, John Hain, James Hale. THIRD ROW: Sharon Hale, Wayne Hamilton, Tom Hammond, Jimmy Hancock, Pat Hand, Gwili Hanebrink, Kathy Hann, Judy Harbi- son, Lyndeen Harcourt. FOURTH ROW: Clayton Hargis, Delores Har- jo, Edward Harkins, Phil Jay Harmon, Pam- ela Harper, Beth Harrington, DeAnna Harris, Judy Harrison, Ronnie Harrison. FIFTH ROW: Ronnie Hart, Kathie Kay Hart- man, Wanda Harvey, Regina Haskins, Sharrie D l 12 Hassler, Eddie Hatfield, Nancy Hatfield, Di- anne Hays, Judy Hays. ' . SIXTH ROW: Mary Heape, Ronnie Hebard, Roy Heim, Sandra Helscel, Autlier Henderson, Judy Henderson, Norman Henley, Larry Henry, Rita Henson. 9 im School. Events Spur Snph Talent TOP ROW: Charles Hereford, Randy Her- rick, Jack Herrold, Linda Hester, Sella Hester Sheila Hester, Terry Hester, Arline Hickman? Sharrie Hicks. SECOND ROW: Jerry Hill, John Hill, Simp- son Hill, Margaret Hinch, Jim Hinckle, Dickie Hindman. Clement Hitchcock, Leslie Hix, Becky Hockett. THIRD ROW: Bill Holden, Stella Holder, John Holdman, Perry Holloway, Edwina Hol- man, Terry Holmes, Fredrick Holtz, Evelene Honaker, Guy Hooper. FOURTH ROW: Suzanne Hopkins, Earle Hor- ton, Sue Hosey, Jack Houston, Bob Howard, Dennis Howard, Doyle Howerton, Beverly Hubbard, Jack Hudson. FIFTH ROW: John Hudson, Robert Huff, Norma Hufford, Connie Hulsizer, Rebecca Hunt, Steve Imhoff, Louise Ingalls, Kenneth Ingram, Judy Irby. SIXTH ROW: Belzora Marie Irons, Sherry Isom, Bobbie Lee Jack, Betty Jackson, Rita Ann Jackson, Rosemary Jackson, Gerene James, Bernard Wayne Jeffy, Carolyn Jen- nings. TOP ROW: Elbert Johnson, Ethel Johnson, Janie Johnson, Johnny Johnson, Linda John- son. Linda C. Johnson, Sam Johnson, Sara Johnson. Claud Johnston. SECOND ROW: Benjie Johston, Donna Jones. Kent Jones, Janice Jones, john Jones. Judy Jones, LaVena Jones, Mike Jones, Pat Jones. THIRD ROW: Robert Jones, Jimmy Jordan, Vance Jordan, Don Kaase, Linda Karn, Con- nie Kasinger, Sandra Katz, Mariena Keeley, Carol Keith. FOURTH ROW: Elizabeth Keith, Linda Keith, Judy Keller, Floyd Kendall, Allen Kennedy, Gary Kennedy, john Kennedy, Landra Ken- nedy, Sharron Kennedy. FIFTH ROW: Terry Kernaghan, Vernon Kess- ner, john Kietzman, Roger Kilgore, Delores Killough, Bill Kimball, Cheryl King, Marlene Kirby, Jerry Kirk. PEGGY PAPE and Beverlie Boyd exhibit sophomore talent as They perform in the Daze their spark- ling number, Diamonds Are a GirI's Best Friend. l l IN HONOR of our queen, four loyal Centralites put in hours making decorations for the coro- nation mixer following The game with Rogers. 7'0I' ROW: Paula Kirkendoll, Van Kiser, Martha Knight, Charlene Koger, Kay Kreisvelt, Walter Kruse, Joan Ladd, Janice Lamb, John Lamberton. .6 sg ,N A it r K 5? 1 .. . www' gg? at . 1 - aa' -.V : 'nr- - 5 1 . ' f ' all W . ,.,: ---. 1 5- . ...i... ,EQ b ....,..b. ,P .,.. , M, . r. M S I QQ fw fr Q ,f s ..: J t 'nii ' Q R ii' J ' K L , in-a ee. SECOND ROW: Eileen Lane, Gerald Langley, Charlyn Langston, Billie Lankford, Judyann Largent, Lael Latta, Lujean Laughinghouse, Ken Laughlin, Jimmy Lawrence. THIRD ROW: Doug Laws, Linda Leach, Wanda Leak. Billy Lee, Judy Leist, Sarah Leister. Laurie Lesch, Angela Kay Lewis, Ber- nadean Lewis. FOURTH ROW: Donna Lewis, Patsy Lewis, Tina Lewis, Linda Lichty, Dorothy Lightfoot, Rodney Lindsay, Paulette Lindsey Jerry Lin- duff, John Litterell. FIFTH ROW: Jimmy Litterell, Phyllis Little, Bob Logan, Patsy Logan, Linda Loney, Keith Long, Rhonda Long, William Longfellow, Ben- ny Looper. ff X115 if' T., it 799' if J . Snphs Boost Loyalty and Spirit TOP ROW: A. W. Lord, Lynn Loucks, Jean Love, Leah Love, Mike Lowery, Sandra Lownsbery, Norma Carol Lowe, Gene Low- ther, Eddie Lozano. SECOND ROW: Karen Lund, Charles Luppy, Perry Macdonald, Judy Mackey, Ned Ma- goon, Edward Main, Bill Mallinger, Leora Ma- loney, Larry Manley. THIRD ROW: Mike Mann, Bill Martin, Bob Martin, Charles Martin, Doug Martin, John Martin, Linda Martin, Judy Mathews, Wayne Mathis. FOURTH ROW: Billy Maxwell, Gail McCol- loug, Larry McConnell, Barbara McCord, Linda McCrackin, Patricia McCrackin, Mary McDonald, Way'ne McDowell, Gerald Mc- Elroy. FIFTH ROW: Ma1'cia McGee, Max McGregor, Danny McHenry, Carolyn Mclntosh, John Mclntosh, J. D. McKay, Sandra McKelvey, Linda McKenzie, Ruth McLaughlin. SIXTH ROW: Kay McMahan, Tim McPeters, Linda McPhail. Larry Meason, Beverly Melton, Jimmy Melton, Carol Meredith, Carol Merri- man, Susan Meyer. 133 Board Guides Class Activities TOP ROW: Bob Mieir, Ella Miller, Iris Miller, Roilynn Miller, Kenny Mitchell, Linda Mit- chell, Marylin Mitchell, Linda Mize, Rickey Moderow. SECOND ROW: Larry Montgomery, Susan Montgomery, Beverly Moody, .lim Moody, Linda Moomey, Allan Moore, Don Moore, Gary Moore, Howard Moore. THIRD' ROW: Jane Moore, Nedra Moo1'e, Philip Moore, Teddie Moore, Terry Moor- head, Carolyn Moran, Don Morgan, Phillip Morgans, Arthur Morrison. FOURTH ROW: Jim Morrison, Pam Mor- rison, Kathleen Morrissey, Bob Morrow, Ray- mond Mosby, Dorothy Moser, Cherie Mosier. Loyd Mosier, Harry Moth. FIFTH ROW: Joe Murdock, Harvey Murphy, Patrick Murphy, Connie Murray, Glen Myles, Glenda Nave, Donna Needham, Larry Neel, Weldon Neeley. SIXTH ROW: Karrel Nelson, Pat Nelson Donnie New, Mark Newman, Julia Newson Bill Niceley, Charles Nichols, Tommy Nic- hols. Mike Nickles. 5 5 I , ws, i? or f l . I TOP ROW: Phil Ninman, Judy Noah, Judy Noble, Linda Northern, Mary Nott, Donna Nunez, Emmitt Oates, Linda O,Dell, Patricia Orde. aaa? U JQUWL SECOND ROW: Fred Orth, Teresa Osborn, Beverly Owen, Boyd Owens, Pat Owens, Suel- len Owens, Terry Owens, Valerie Owens, Bobby Ozbun. THIRD ROW: Dixie Pace. Pamela Pagano, Donna Page, Donna Pankratz, Jim Park, Janice Parker. Roberta Parker, Samuel Parker, Jerry Parnell. FOURTH ROW: Richard Parson, Billy Par- sons, Bob Parsons, Glenn Parsons, Sandy Par- sons, Terry Parsons, Rachel Paru, Peggy Pape, Ann Patterson. FIFTH ROW: Lynda Payne, Sandy Peace, Anita Peck, David E. Pederson. Susan Peebles, Nancy Peery, Frances Pelz, Tom Pennington, Pat Peoples. MEMBERS of The Sophomore Board who work diligently planning activities for The youngest class take a break after a day of hard work. 135 l FERRY MACDONALD, Tom Gilbert, and Bob Camp- bell realize the wonder of The Appeal to the Great Spirit-one of the greatest legends at Central. TOP ROW: Sandy Perino. Ernestine Perkins, Linda Perkins, Martin Perryman, Ann Peters, Linda Peters, Roy Petty, Ruth Ann Phelps, Era Mae Phillips. SECOND ROW: Jimmy Phillips, Martha Phil- lips, Sharon Phillips, Irene Pierce, Linda Pierce, Larry Poorhoy, Greg Pope, Lynda Poplin, Robert Poreda. THIRD ROW: Sue Porter, Floyd Powell, Sam Prater, Steve Prater. Janet Preston, David Prewitt, Ginna Price, Howard Price, Kenneth Price. FOURTH ROW: Carol Prince, Marlene Pring- er, Peter Prichertt, Larry Provorse, Ricky Pry, Ronnie Pry, Robert Purdy, Sue Pur- viance, Sandy Pyles. FIFTH ROW: Mike Rahurn, Bev Randall, Peggy Raney, Billy Rauch, Ron Raulston, Linda Raus, Tom Reed, Vinson Reed, Carol Reese. 186 jTraditinns Inspire Understanding TOP ROW: Chris Rask, Cheryl Reese, Vin- cent Regalis, Vifesley Renigar, Mike Reynolds, Carrie Rhamy, Janice Rhodes, Kay Rhodes, Ava Rice. SECOND ROW: Carol RlCllHl'ClSOIl, Mike Richardson, Nancy Richmond, Cathy Riley, Rip Riley, Phil Ritz, Rebecca Roach, Penny Roberts, Marilyn Robinson. THIRD ROW: Cindy Rodgers, Earl Rodgers, Linda Rodgers, Lois Roley, Carrie Rosenstein, Peggie Ross, Sandra Rowe, Ronnie Rowell, George Ruby. FOURTH ROW: Leonard Ruckmau, Joe Ruf- fin, ,lohn Russell. Mary Russell, Sharon Rust, Casey Rylander, Cheryl Sager, Anthony Salas Janice Sanders. FIFTH ROW: Tommy Sanders, Jerry Sap- pington, Mary Ann Savage, Charles Schaeffer, Gary Schlemme, Sharilyn Schneider, Edward Scholten, Sherry Schrandt, Jimmie Schreiner. SIXTH ROW: Mary Schreiner, Donna Schuette, Steve Seaton, Wendell Seawright, Linda Segovia, Mike Seibert, Mark Self, Joe Sellman, Brenda Serzy. Knowledge lntrigues Snphumnres TOP ROW : Charles Shaffer, Sari Shank, Tom Shank, Dennis Sharp, Walter Shaw, Judy Shea, Darrell Shehan, Sheila Sheldon, Mike Shelton. SECOND ROW: Bob Shepard, Larry Shepard, Jane Shetters, Monty Shipley, Jerry Shonk- wiler, Diana Shoulders, Larry Shumate, Linda Sides, Kathleen Simmons. THIRD ROW: Pat Simmons, Linda Simpson, David Singer, Bill Skaggs, Judy Skaggs, Don- na Skinner, Tommy Slagle, Jane Sloan, Sandy Smallwood. FOURTH ROW: Walda Smeltz, Al Smith: David Smith, David Smith, Diana Smith, Gordan Smith, Janet Smith, Jimmy Ray Smith, Joe Smith. FIFTH ROW: Leo Smith, Linda Smith, Linda Judy Sorrels, 'tommy Spain, Gail Spence. SIXTH ROW: Ramon Springer, Cary Stalls- worth, Charley Starr, Jeannette Starr, Donna Steele, Mike Steele, David Stegmann, Keith Smith, Skip Smith, Theda Smith, Kay Snell, Stehm, Charles Steil. Q gi ,A.. i ,il TOP ROW: June Stevens, James Stevenson, Richard Stevenson, Bruce Stewart, Reggie Stilley, Jim Stone, Patricia Stone, Tom Stone, Alice Stoner. no -,,,a,...::.w,ssm::sxffs . J 11" wmv, rf .f., ' f , 1 SECOND ROW: Karen Storm, Susie Stout, Walter Stout, Joe Stover, Mike Strait, Glenn Strobel, George Stroud, John Stroud, Michael Strout. THIRD ROW: Walter Stuermann, Sharon Stutsman, Gwen Sullivan, Alice Sunday, Carol Supernaw, Mary Surber, Ted Sutton, Jackie Sweet, Rusty Swenson. FOURTH ROW: Gina Beth Tate, Alvin Taylor, John Taylor, Joyce Taylor, Judi Taylor, Linda Taylor, Roger Taylor, Susan Taylor, James Teague. FIFTH ROW: Erania Tecumseh. David Tee- garden, Evelyn Tennison, Anne Terrell, Mac- kneeta Terry, Teddy Terry, Nancy Tietgen Dale Tolar, Beverly Tolley. "BOOKS, BOOKS, and still more books." Nancy Wood and Joe Smith ponder on the book pound- age they'II be blessed with in the next few years. 139 , l TERRIFKED by the thought that the fatal bomb might go, off, members of the sophomore play, The Mouse That Roared, shrink back in fear. TOP ROW: Buddy Thaxton, Cheryl Thomas, Lillie Thomas, Linda Thomas, Marilyn Tho- mas, Doug Thompson, Harold Thompson, Mary Thompson, Paul Thresher. SECOND ROW: Fran Toney, Ronnie Tracy, Terry Troxell, Steve Tugliani, John Tuller, Carol Turner, Janice Turner, Pat Tutty, Deana Twist. THIRD ROW: ,lane Tyson, ,lim Utterback, Vera Vanaman, Cary Varnell, Lawrence Vaughn, Trudy Vaughn, Frances Veach, Stan Vestal, Bob Villareal. FOURTH ROW: Carolyn Vincent, Alice Wade, Don Wagley, Joann Walden, Cheryl Walker, Susan Carol Walker, John Wallace, Sandy Ann Wallace, Thomas Wallace. FIFTH ROW: Carol Walte1's, Diane Walters, Veva Walters, Danny Wa1'd, Delores Wa1'fl, Linda Wa1'd, Paula Ward, Mike Warma, Patricia Weatherly. Sophs Display Skill in Blass Play TOP ROW: Roy Weaber, Jimmy Webb, Michele West, John Westgate, Kathy Westgate, Howard Wheeler, Danny White, Dennis White, Geraldine White. SECOND ROW: Howard White, Johnny Wiec- zorek, Fred Wilcoxson, Charlene Wilkinson, Donald Wilkerson, Nancy Wilkins, Bob Wil- liams, Bonnie Williams, Dick Williams. THIRD ROW: Ronnie Williams, Pam Willis, Barbara Wfilson, Charles Wilson, Gerald Wil- son, Johnny Wilson, Linda Wilson, Richard Wilson, Ryck Wilson. FOURTH ROW: Rudy Wilson, Todd Wilson, Stan Wimmer, Sandie Winkle, Cheryl Wise, John Wolfe, Bruce Wood, Nancy Wood, David Woods. FIFTH ROW: Roger Wooldridge, Harold Wooten, Duane Wright, Jerri Yancey, Robert Yerton, Judy York, Marcia Young, Connie Ysidro, Roger Zitel. .Lt-V K v S 2 5 X . I '1 1 ' a , ie, x x . . ' 1 k ., Y 'E gym. 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THIRD ROW: Shirley Cook, Linda Armstrong, Billie Lankford, Kristina Karlstrom, Marvel Eidson, Judi Haynes, Annette Gould, Mary Carol Cohenour, Becky BouncH Governs Representatives of all sophomore, jun- ior, and senior homerooms made up the membership of an active Student Coun- cil, the backbone of Central High School. During pre-school enrollment the Stu- Brewer, Cheryl King, Ellen Halt. FOURTH ROW: Jim Fehrle, Delores Killough, Claudette Hartgraves, Beth Harrington, Anne Earlougher, Perry Macdon- ald, Sarnmye Albin, Rebecca Bradley, Eileen Lane, Marsha Daniels, Iris Mallory, Kevin Cornwell. BACK ROW: Robert Gills, Bill Brinnon, Bill Aaron, John Magnusson, Mike Eppler, Bill Beeman, Doug Hel- land, Vic Bailey, Bill Ford, Billy D'arcy, Forrest Belcher. Student Body dent Council sold bookcovers, handbooks, and school pennants to over 2600 en- rollees. At the first of the year the Student Council held tl1e assembly introducing the two A.F.S. students. STUDENT COUNCIL CABINET- SEATED: Mrs. Norris Davis, sponsor, Annette Gould, Kris- tina Karlstrom, Marcia Larson, and Ruth Rodisch. STANDING: Sug Thompson, Doug Helland, Bill Brinnon, Nancy Wood, Bernt Rossiwall, Jim Fehrle, Anne Earl- ougher, and Tracy Raynolds. STUDENT COUNCIL - FRONT ROW: Mary Russell, Kay Snell, Peggy Pape, Sally Parsley. SECOND ROW: Gayl Oldham, Cherie Mosier, Karen Storm, Connie Murray, Alice Wade, Janet Vickburg. THIRD ROW: Carolyn Moran, Nancy Wood, Linda McKen- zie, Carol Wilson, Kitty Hilsheimer, Cheryl New- man, Jennifer Gilman, Cathy Riley. FOURTH ROW: A function enjoyed by all Centralites was the Christmas post office, which op- erated through the week before vacation. The council's main project was to put rubber stripping on the stairs for safety. Helping Tracy during first hour with the counc'il's business were these cabinet members: Bill Brinnon, vice-president, Mike Wait, Regina Smith, Ruth Rodisch, Sug Thompson, Tonette Moeller, Jean Wilkie, Sandee Stevens, Janet Preston, Ken Patterson. BACK ROW: Tom Reed, Phil Rauch, V. A. McNabb, Paul Murphy, Lee Selby, Rick Stowell, Vinson Reed, Tracy Raynolds, Chris Teenor, Bernt Rossiwall. Marcia Larson, recording secretary, Anne Earlougher, corresponding secretaryg Doug Helland, treasurer, Ruth Rodisch, parliamentariang J im Fehrle, Annette Gould, Nancy Wood, and Sug Thompson, interschool council representatives, and Mrs. Norris Davis, who ably directed and supervised the group. CENTRALITES TWIST to the music of the Playboys during the mixer sponsored by the Student Council as a cli- m'ax to their victorious football game against Edison. TRACY RAYNOLDS President KRISTINA KARLSTROM Sweden BERNT ROSSIWALL Austria Foreign Students Make Friends WEEKS OF ANTICIPATION finally end when Claud- ia Newman meets Kristina at the plane. This year will be one the girls will never forget. Central's American Field Service sponsored two foreign exchange students in our school last year. The fund to fi- nance next YCHISS students' trip to Tulsa was kicked off to a good start during pre-school enrollment when S230 worth of A.F.S. stock was sold to enrolling Centralites. The proceeds from the Cen- tral-Cascia basketball game and the bake sale also went into the American Field Service fund in the fall. During A.F.S. week, February 18-22, Student Council representatives sold stock at businesses and private homes over Tulsa, as well as in their honierooms at school in competitive contests. The A.F.S. has performed a small, but necessary, part in furthering world peace through Central's two exchange students, Kristina Karlstrom from Swed- en and Bernt Rossiwall from Austria, who have seen in Tulsa a true picture of American life, which they will take back to their own countries. HARD AT WORK keep- ing the ticket sales y L campaign up to date - for Oklahoma are Ad- vertising Board mem- bers Pat Arvidson, Cathy Hummel, Donna Prigmore, Ste p h e n Freeze - all juniors. Advertising Board Boosts Events 'll know, since the opera is to be Oklahoma, let's have the home rooms be Oklahoma counties and then have a con- test to sell tickets." HBut we have too many home rooms. 3011, it doesn't have to be accuratelv These comments opened a typical meeting of Advertising Board early last November. Governed by their officers, ,lane McElroy, presidentg Diane Mont- gomery, secretaryg and John Bowdle, '77 ADVERTISING BOARD - FRONT ROW: Jane Moore, Julia Tabb, Cynthia Brown, Gay Clute. SECOND ROW: Gayl Oldham, Jo Aldridge, Donna Prigmore, Alvina Wienecke, Mr. Barney Ratzlaff, sponsor. THIRD ROW: Jan Mason, Leah Love, Diane Dahlem, Linda Bright, Janet Vickburg, vice-presidentg the hard-selling members of this organization, which was sponsor- ed this year by Mr. Ratzlaff, promoted ticket sales and attendance to Central stage and sports events. The Daze, watershow, plays, and athletic events all benefited from the malty attractive posters, catchy jingles, entertaining skits, and exciting contests wltich Advertising Board produced for these school activities. Catherine Hummel, Sally Parsley. FOURTH ROW: Pat Arvidson, Susan Otto, Jane McElroy, Diana Montgomery, Susette DeCamp, Carolyn Schmidt. BACK ROW: Jim Roper, John Morrison, Ed Smith, Stephen Freeze, James Mullen, Johnny Bowdle, Forrest Belcher. .,i .i.-. MRS. IONA B. FREE- MAN, the Thespian sponsor, often works into the late evening to perfect the outstanding assemblies and stage productions for which Central is acclaimed. Thespians Accent ramatic Arts 'sAct well your part, there all the honor lies." This is the motto of the Thespians. Under the able direction of Betty Hunt, president, and Mrs. Iona Freeman, sponsor, the members of Thes- pians conducted a world of outstanding dramatic productions. On the agenda for the past year were many plays, programs for assemblies, speakers from the Little Theater, and the individual participation of the members THESPIANS - FRONT ROW: Bonnie Naifeh, Mary Ann Malie, Joan Bullard, Fran Marsh, Alberta Wright, Mrs. Inona Ballew Freeman. SECOND ROW: Linda Mudd, Pilar Garcia, Marsha Vance, Cindy Rodgers, Dee Horner, Alvina Wienecke. Mary Ellen Atcheson, Lonna Black. FOURTH ROW: in the Daze, the class plays, and class and general assemblies. Every nine weeks the members of Thespians presented two plays or put on a Thespian Assembly. For their part in the activities each member received points toward service awards. Last Christmas, Thespians held an Open' House for all past and present members which has become an annual holiday occurrence. Rhett Speer, Tonette Moeller, Sue Lawrence, Judy Chenault, Mary Gould, Katherine Voelker, Donald Sassano, Tom Reed. BACK ROW: Bill Brinnon, Dave Brown, Vance Horne, Joe Bratcher, Jim Peters, Bill Beeman, Michael Willard, Chuck'Wil- son, Bill Ford, Allan Avery. .,..,-...... W, M ,....,,. m-- ,,,,, ,-f, - ., --,-,, fn.innv-nur -we we r 1---W--r- SPEAKERS' BUREAU -- FRONT ROW: Garn Steph- ens, Kathy Skinner, Fran Marsh, Marsha Elkins. SECOND ROW: Dee Horner, Caren Haney, Marsha Vance, Betti Hunt, Marcia Larson, Mrs. Iona Bal- lew Freeman. THIRD ROW: Bonnie Naifeh, Ruth Rodisch, Cheryl Newman, Mary Lou Hurlburt, Katherine Voelker, Pilar Garcia, Alvina Wienecke. Mary Gould, Don Sassano, Allen Avery. BACK ROW: Hugh Mitchell, Bill Brinnon, Vance Horne, Joe Durham, Jim Peters, Bill Beem'an, Michael Willard, Skip Schiff, Bill Ford. Bureau Leads Forensic Activities Another great year has- been com- pleted by one of the most active clubs in Central. Marcia Larson, president, and Mary Gould, vice-president, arranged a trip for the members of Speakers' Bureau to visit the Tulsa County Court House for a day. This provided an excellent opportunity to observe professional men engaged in actual cases. Every member of the organization presented an extemporaneous speech dur- ing one of the meetings this year. These speeches were on topics. such as Rain, Fear, Superstition, and Hate. Many hours of rewarding experience were gained from this by both speaker and audience. The bureau members, With the able direction of Mary Horner, secretary and Ruth Rodisch, treasurer. held a tra- ditional snring picnic. Under the spon- sorship of Mrs. Iona' Freeman. the year's activities were interesting and exciting. CELEBRATING the Christmas spirit, Kathy Skinner, Joe Durham' and Mary Horner are enioying a party given annually for the Speakers' Bureau members. NATIONAL HONOR SOClETY - FRONT ROW: Jeanette Forehand, Karen Bowline, Donna Collins, Susan Crane, Marsha Elkins, Donna Carter, Jere Chieppo. SECOND ROW: Kevin Cornwell, Cathe- rine Borland, Lynda Attebery, Sandra Forehand, Mary Gould, Joan Bullard, Susie Stout, Carol Bradley, Louanna Fifer. THIRD ROW: Nancy Coop- er, Jo Aldridge, Mary Ellen Atcheson, Vicki Hark- ins, Connie Campbell, Charlene Gervais, Susan Brewster, Marcia Larson, Pam Davy, Freda Clark, Mrs. Sydney Powell, Sponsor. FOURTH ROW: David Hoff, Neil Hicks, Jim Furr, James Fletcher, Anne Earlougher, Annette Gould, Elizabeth Elliott, Karen Bourne, Danny Ellis, Harry Chichester, Jim- my Criner. BACK ROW: Larry Halka, Vance Horne, Charles Daugherty, Charles Cherry, Mark Cape- hart, Harold Dinsmore, Bill Beem'an, Doug Helland, Joe Durham, Bill Brinnon, Phil Rauch, Richard Evans, Forrest Belcher. NHS Recognizes Honor Students JOE DURHAM makes his iudgment on the proper spot for Mrs. Powell to place Richard Evan's Honor Society ribbon before their induction. Centralis newest organization, Nation- al Honor Society, gave recognition to stu- dents whose achievements have been out- standing and provided an incentive for all school students. Membership was based on scholarship, service, leadership, and character as essential qualifications. The Honor Society was first installed in Central in lVlay, 1923, but had to he discontinued at the close of the 1935-36 school year. The organization was begun again in Tulsa on November 6, when all the high schools were inducted in Cen- tral's south auditorium. After thisinitiation, Central's mem- bers held a meeting to choose officers for their new organization. During the re- maining part of the year I oe 'Durham pre- sided, assisted by Mark Capehart, vice- president: Linda 'lVludd, secretary: and Roger Rylander, treasurer. Mrs. Sydney Powell and lVlr. Joe Lemley were co-spon- sors of the National Honor Society. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY - FRONT ROW: Gayle Zimmerman, Bonnie Naifeh, Sandy Stalcup, Marilyn Loucks, Sharon Summers, Luzetta Martinez. SECOND ROW: Julia Tabb, Alvina Wienecke, Mar- sha Vance, Donna Logan, Betty Kidwell, Linda Mudd, Ruth Rodisch, Pam Osborn. THIRD ROW: Kathleen Rasberry, Charlene Pearson, Nancy Wood, Shirley Meeks, Sug Thompson, Helen Menard, Betty Trammell, Claudia Newman, Jerry Scott, John McQuade. FOURTH ROW: Brent Patterson, Hugh Mitchell, Judy Mattox, Joan McNatt, Diana Montgomery, Sharon Smith, Jane McElroy, Roberta Phelps, Deana Stewart, David MacKenzie, Mr. Joe W. Lemley, Sponsor. BACK ROW: Ted Tenny, Richard Evans, Phil Rauch, Jerry Leslie, Jim Peters, Jim Sinclair, Andreis Lubkans, Robert Sarmiento, Fred Pottorf, Sidney Kitchel, Roger Rylander. DOUG HELLAND and Donna Logan display a giant replica of the emblem of the National Honor Society. NATI FRED PRUNER, who is employed by the Tulsa Gauge and Instrument Company as an instru- ment repairman, ex- amines pressure gauges for malfunc- tions and inaccuracies of the machine. T. and I. Members Learn and Earn Producing well-rounded, self-depend- ent citizens was the goal of Trade and Industrial Club. The members spent one hour each day in a class related to their jobs and three hours in regular classes to meet graduation requirements. They then left school and worked for four hours learning a trade and gaining valu- able experience. TRADE AND INDUSTRIAL CLUB - FRONT ROW: Mr. Richard Kisner, Don Stark, Tommy Canady, Alvin Gouyd, Billy Patterson. SECOND ROW: Gary Farmer, Albert Cantrell, Henry Nuytens, David St. Clair, Larry Moody. THIRD ROW: Gerald Moore, Jimmy Smith, Aubrey Griffin, Bill Wentz, Ralph Hill, Fred Pruner, Jim Hamaker. Officers were John Bolger, presidentg Bob Bradbury, secretary-treasurerg David St. Clair, vice-presidentg Dean Bradley, reporterg ,lim Sellers, sergeant-at-arms. Among the social activities which T. and I. members enjoyed were moonlight picnics at Mohawk Park, and the annual party at the home of lVlr. Kisner, the sponsor of the organization. FOURTH ROW: John Browning, John Bogler, V. A. McNabb, Jon Hall, Delbert Bates, Dean Brad- ley, Jimmy Bryant. BACK ROW: John Collier, Dwight, Sherrod, Jerry Cartwright, Johnny Dil- lard, Jim Sellers, Jerry Rushing, Bob Bradbury, Sam Wood, Earl Thomas. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUB OF AMERICA - FRONT ROW: Marie Shaw, Sue Turnipseed, Greta Redman, Sue Andrew. SECOND ROW: Garn Step- hens, Marie Collins, Janie Taylor, Deanna Baker, Mrs. Loucillah Kirkpatrick, sponsor. THIRD ROW: Gary Nixon, Juanita lsley, Vikki Manley, Linda Adams, Dorothy Grider, Sharon Smith, Sharon Quinn. FOURTH ROW: Orville Tunstall, Delores Davie, Rose Nightingale, Lynn Jackson, Mary Knecht, Jimmy Pilkington, Tommy Epps. BACK ROW: Bob Lachenmaier, Rick Maiors, Roger Rob- erts, Larry Gaddy, Ronnie L'aMascus, Larry Step- henson, Chuck Swim, Jimmy Jones. IJ.E.lI.A. Students Study Selling Arriving at school at eight each day to study advertising, display, and related subjects, the 32 members of Central's branch of the Distributive Education Clubs of America trained for future ca- reers in marketing and distribution. D.E.C.A. members spent half a day attending regular classes to meet the grad- uation requirements and half at a job in the field of distribution, which includes wholesale, retail, and service business. Opportunities in these Various fields were revealed to D.E.C.A. members by means of films, guest speakers, vocational notebooks, merchandise manuals, field trips. and actual on the job experience. Centralis Distributive Education Club was sponsored this year by Mrs. Loucillah Kirkpatrick, and the officers who presided at meetings were Jimmy Pilkington, pres- identg and Sharon Smith, vice-president. SHARON SMITH, a participant in Central's Dis- tributive Education program, demonstrates the art of salesmanship for her floor supervisor. -, -eases-fe - . Y' .. - ' Sirk. ii KEY CLUB - FRONT ROW: John Lea, Joe Staires, Dave Brown, Bob Glass, John McQuade, Kevin Cornwell. SECOND ROW: Jeff Patton, James Mul- len, Jerry Scott, Vance Horne, Steve Cox, Orville Damron. THIRD ROW: Jim Fehrle, Brent Patterson, Roger Rylander, Lee Selby, Jim Utterback, Robert Sarmiento, Charles Hooper, Bill Ford. FOURTH ROW: Jim Wiltshire, Houston Shirley, Chuck Wil- son, Fred Pottorf, Doug Helland, James Fletcher, Bill Brinnon, Tracy Raynolds, Mr. Paul Jones, spon- sor. BACK ROW: Robert Baker, Jonathan Jeffy, Vic Bailey, Homer Still, Bill Beeman, Jim Peters, Mark Capehart, Charles Davis, Fraser Getgood. Service Is the Theme ut Leaders Synonymous with service at Central has become Key Club. With the many projects such as ticket selling, coke sales, and other service projects, the members HARD' WORKING Key Club members give Good- will lndustries a helping hand collecting clothes in one of Tulsa's most important civic proiects. have had their hands full. Two members each week attended the Kiwanis Lunch- eons downtown, which gave the boys an opportunity to meet their sponsors. With the help of Mr. Paul Jones, school advisor, the members of Key Club sponsored the annual Lenten Service. Robert Sarmiento, president, and Sheldon Paru, vice-president, organized civic service projects for the Goodwill In- dustries and Muscular Dystrophy Drive. At Christmas time this year the mem- bers sold dried fruits in a fund raising drive. This and other projects raised the money for the year's activities. A portion of this money was contributed to tl1e A.F. S. student exchange program. , Highlight of the year's activities was traveling to the Texas-Oklahoma District Convention at San Antonio, Texas, where the boys learned more about the workings and activities of other Key Clubs in this section of the country. WORKING on a tape to send to the students in Japan are members of the International Club - Doug Helland, Tonette Moeller, Jo Aldridge, and Hous- ton Shirley record. Members Record Tape for Japan International Club members, under the direction of Miss Margery Pike, spon- sor, and Doug Helland, president, studied to attain a greater knowledge of world affairs. To achieve this goal, numerous outstanding speakers were invited to the meetings. Panel discussions were formed to relate individual opinions of situations INTERNATIONAL CLUB-FRONT ROW: Jere Chiep- po, Carol Smith, Dianna Alspaugh, Sally Parsley. SECOND ROW: Ruth Rodisch, Alvina Wienecke, Ashley' Walker, Charlotte Golden, Pat Arvidson, Pete Copelin. THIRD ROW: Ruth Ann Aaron, Gayl Oldham, Marcia Larson, Patricia Dean, Donna' Logan, Gloria Fusom, Jo Aldridge, Miss Margery l p. ,., p , throughout the world. This group started an outstanding project this year. The members made a recording explaining schools and life in Tulsa and sent it to students in Tokyo. In return, the Japanese students sent them a recording of their .school song and a short explanation of life in Tokyo. Pike, FOURTH ROW: 'Trish O'Brien, Betty Kidwell, Deane Price, Vincent Butler, Robert Galloway, Diana Montgomery, Tonette Moeller, Annette Gould, Mike Payne, David Hoff. BACK ROW: Houston Shirley, Jerry Smith, Bill Ford, Dave Knighten, Phil Stone, Bill Beeman, Doug Helland, Fraser Getgood, Don Sassano, Richard Evans. lu rn . gm -1 l ENTHUSED with Christ- mas spirit, F.H.A. girls are eagerly sewing house shoes for children. The showcase displays other gifts. F.H.A. Spreads Christmas Cheer The 111Cl11lJC1'S of Future Homemakers of America centered their work around the FHA national objective, "Discovering Myself and My Worth to Othersf, Their discussions, films, and panel debates were mainly concerned with family homelife and marriage. Central's foreign exchange student, Stina Karlstrom, spoke to the FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OFLAMERICA - FRONT ROW: Glenna Davidson, Diann Pittser, Lazell Hale, Donna Honeywell, Louise Stone, Sue Frick. SEC- OND ROW: Jo Ann Anthony, Sharon Parker, Claudette Naquin, Arlenitta McKinley, Julia New- son, Pamela Harper, Mrs. Jessie Diffee. THIRD ROW: Patsy Wilson, Nancy Peery, Sharon Wisner, Theresa Gilson, Robyn Chaney, Rosalie Lesser, group regarding homelife and customs in her country. In regard to marriage, she pointed out that Americans marry much earlier than do the Scandinavians. Before Christmas the FHA members, under the sponsorship of Mrs. Jessie Dif- fee, made houseshoes for children at the Chilclren's Medical Center. Carol Woods, Peggy Wilson. FOURTH ROW: Carol Smith, Linda Hughes, Dorothy Lightfoot, Leora Maloney, Linda Smith, Marilyn Cole, Carol Merri- man, Richinda Hill, Mary Reynolds. BACK ROW: Donna Nelson, Carol Greenwood, Donna Need- ham, Cherie Anna Dawson, Annell Wattenbarger, Bctty Jackson, Nancy Teel, Ann Raulston, Martha Knight, Teddie Moore, Ellen Henry. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA - FRONT ROW: Teresa Osborn, Zelda Osborn, Mary Ann Thomp- son, Jean Ririe, Mrs. Barbara Schwabe, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Margaret McDonald, Josette Taylor, Club Promotes Future Teachers of America started the year off with a get-acquainted bar- becue in October. Also in that month they attended a workshop at T.U. Josette Tay- lor, as a member of the state board, led one of the discussion groups. November brought a field trip to Hor- ace Mann, where the members of F.T.A. interviewed teachers and learned from classroom participation. The officers, Jean Ririe, presidentg Margaret McDon- ald, vice-presidentg Josette Taylor, cor- responding secretaryg Vicki Harkins, treasurerg and Eleanor Bohlander, his- torian, guided the group on this trip and others throughout the year. In March this organization traveled to Stillwater for a convention. They also learned valuable tips on teaching from Mr. Don Slagle, Mrs. Sydney Powell, and Miss Carol Cantwell, who spoke on this subject of vital interest to members. Vicki Harkins, Eleanor Bohlander, Carol Preston. BACK ROW: Jim Roper, Helen Menard, Cherie Anna Dawson, Glen Birdsong, Sari Shank, Kath- leen Simmons. Teaching Interest ATTHIS annual barbecue, in the home ot their sponsor, Mrs. Schwabe, the F.T.A. members are planning their busy program of yearly events. RED CROSS - FRONT ROW: Lynn Loucks, Sella Hester, Jannelle Lumley, Donna Kilgore, Bobbie Jean Chaney. SECOND ROW: Betsy Foresman, Diane Askins, Mary Brooks, Rosemary Cornelius, Donna Dolina, Peggy Byrne. THIRD ROW: Betty Kidwell, Luiean Laughinghouse, Marilyn George, Mary Lou Hurlburt, Judy Harbison, Dianne Hays, Nancy Cooper. BACK ROW: Sherry Culbertson, Barbara Dawson, Steve Johnson, Charles Frye, Stephen Freeze, Les Gwin, Dana Crisman, Yvon- nia Goodall, Charlotte Golden. Red Cross Continues Service Central's Red Cross worked through- out the year helping people all over the world. Near Halloween, forty enthusiastic council members took part in a talent show given at the Muskogee Veterans' Hospital. They took eight acts, including the majorettes and a part of Central's hand. The active Red Cross enrollment drive extended from November 12 to 21 and received 35535. Miss Jewell Ramsey continued her long-respected direction of this hard-working organization. EVERYONE HAS fun laughing and singing in the bus on the way to perform in the tal- ent show Central gave at Muskogee Veterans' Hospital. RED CROSS - FRONT ROW: Susan Peebles, Linda Taylor, Becky Meadows, Anita Puckette, Sue Port- er Rene Ruse. SECOND ROW: Janet Vickburg, Carol Smith, Cheryl Wise, Trish O'Brien, Rachel Paru, Mary Winkert, Pat Wait. THIRD ROW: Kathy Skin- Nancy Cooper served as president this year. Members of her cabinet in- cluded ,lanet Vickburg, vice-presidentg Trish O'Brien, secretaryg and Betty Kid- well served as treasurer. In the spring several members of the ner, Nicki Schuler, Anita Peck, Susan Otto, Carolyn Vincent, Carolyn Whitenack, Miss Jewell Ramsey, sponsor. BACK ROW: Jan Wampler, Mary Ellen McAdams, Sheldon Paru, Ed Smith, Rodney Queen, Kathe Travis, Linda Thomas, Carolyn Stringfellow. council attended the Webstel' Conference for leadership training. Here they re- ceived the guidance necessary to lead an ambitious council through next year's ac- tivities. Several Central seniors participat- ed as moderators at this meeting. RED CROSS CABINET - Nancy Cooper, Janet Vickburg, Mary Ellen McAdams, Betty Kidwell, Anita Peck, Trish O'Brien, Nicki Schuler, and Donna Kilgore discuss the organization's proiects. 161 2 MIRRORING THE expressions of the other Tom Tom Staff mem- bers, Marcie Bailey and Susan Behrenfeld watch with glee as "Happy Jack" opens the pre- sent given him for Christmas by Horneroom 101. This party, held at Mr. Orme's, was a huge success with lots of treats. TDM TDM Explores Indian Lore Central,s Tom Tom. Staff went above and beyond the call of duty this year with an excursion to Cilcrease. The staff, arm- ed with cameras, pencil and paper, and alert minds, scouted the museum for ideas that could be used to convey the theme - i'The Magic of The Tom Ton1.', ON A FIELD trip to Gilcrease, the Tom Tom staff gathers ideas for the "Magic of the Under the capable leadership of their sponsor, Mr. Jack Orme, and editor, Na- kita Slack, the members emerged success- ful with bits of Indian lore to be added to the 1963 Tom Tomi. The staff worked dil- igently in class, before and after school to meet rigidly enforced deadlines. Tom Tom."'Staff members are engrossed by the curator's discussion of Indian relics. HARRY CHICHESTER holds a Shawnee Tom Tom for inspec- tion by Cinda Morrell, Janet Smith, and Harmon Howser. ANNE RENIERS, Roger Kirkland, Nancy Cooper, and Claudia Newman view a shield to gain ideas for the cover. NAKITA SLACK, Editor of the Tom Tom, portrays the various stages of frustration often found in room lOl as deadlines approach. The first stage of perfect calm is soon overcome by slight bewilderment. Complete exasperation follows bewilderment, filling her with despair and deadline blues. HELPING TO serve the guests from various Tulsa schools, Kathy Skinner, Liane Lynch, and Roger Rylander make the TIAP meeting more enioyable. These meetings provide many new ideas along with helpful hints from other future iournalists. SCHUUL LIFE Entertains TIPA Meeting deadlines proved to be the nemesis of Tulsa Central School Life staff this year. Every member contributed valu- able ideas leading to the paper's success. This year the School Life staff, with the Tom Tom staff helping, entertained SCHOOL LIFE - FRONT ROW: Alberta Wright, Liane Lynch, Kathy Skinner, Carol Breeclen. SEC- OND ROW: Jackie Pruitt, Diana Montgomery, the members of the Tulsa Interscholastic Press Association in December. Also in December, the staff elected Jackie Pruitt, editor and John Lea busi- ness manager. Miss Anna Crotchett, ad- visor, found the staff most efficient. Joan McNatt, Miss Ann Crotchett, aclviser. BACK ROW: Dwight Rychel, Tonette Moeller, Ron Mer- rill, Roger Rylander, John Lea. . l , .IOURNALISM - FRONT ROW: Zelda Osborn, Laura Herriman, Linda Murray, Donna Prigmore, Renee Roszel, Sherry Culbertson, Jean Ririe. SECOND ROW: Shelly Guin, Donald Johnson, Pat Arvidson, Mary Hurlburt, Roberta Phelps, Burke Chandler, J-11 learns Tr uYou can trust us, lVlr. Orme, we wo11't tell a soulli' was a sentence heard often in room 101 during fifth hour this year. The juniors studying journalism constant- ly tried to learn about this yearis yearbook in advance. An occasional peek at the work done on the 1963 Tom Tom was just one of the many things which helped prepare the students to be members of the Tom Tom. staff next year. Valuable knowledge was gained in class by studying textbooks on approved yearbook procedure, by discussing the pros and cons of yearbooks from other schools, as well as past Tom, Toms, and by actually beginning work on the 1964 annual. Two outside activities were a field trin to Southwestern Engraving Company and T. U. Press Day. Four students travel- ed to the National Scholastic Press As- sociation Convention in Chicago. The most important thing gained this year was the ability to cooperate with each other and with Mr. Orme, their sponsor. Catherine Hummel. THIRD ROW: Joe Perks Jack Norton, Charles Daugherty, Paul Lindsey, Rick Stowell, Phil Wright, Stephen Freeze, Mr. .lack icks ofthe Trade WHILE ATTENDING the Journalistic Convention in Chicago, CentraI's delegates "live it at the Conrad Hilton's famous Waldorf Room 165 OPERA CLUB - FRONT ROW: Diana Alspaugh, Louis Warren, Judy Barnum, Carolyn Beard, Martin Perryman,,Sherry Dugger, Luzetta Martinez, Frank Stewart, Sonia Hightower, Dee Ann Parrish, Jim Horner, Sharron Persall, Pat Wait, Ted Whitehead, Nancy Wood. SECOND ROW: Richard Wilson, Kathy Reynolds, Nancy Gibbons, John Kennedy, Judy Broome, Diane Brown, Rick Parks, Susan Ramsey, Sharon Cruzan, Mike Reynolds, Susan Gunn, Sandra Duncan, Janice Wilder. THIRD ROW: Carol Cox, David Smith, Nita Greene, Nicki Schu- ler, David Brockway, Mary Baker, Linda Foster, Chuck Chapman, Shelly Guin, Janice King, Roger Bolding, Ann Raulston, Jane McElroy, Alan Fraser, Sam'mye Albin. llpera BIuh's Oklahoma! Sellnut Oklahomal, the musical by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein, was the feature attraction presented by the Opera Club this year. The weeks of practice for the cast under the direction of Mr. Rex Teague and the long hours spent on making scenery resulted in a sellout for both performances. The talented Zilla Sharp as Laurey vied for the affection of J im Fehrle, who portrayed Curly, the singing cowboy. Marsha Vance played Aunt Eller who nurtured their love along. Lee Stephens as Jud, the hired man, excelled in his forceful interpretation of this role. Lillie Fox and Dee Horner were dou- ble cast as Ado Annie, the girl who couldn't say, 'aNOl', J oe Bratcher played Will Parker and wooed Annie away from the roving peddler, played by Rhett Speer. The entire club of ninety-three members was needed, however, to execute the performance successfully. Cent1'al's 166 orchestra practiced many weeks to accom- pany the Opera Club members in their smash hit of this famous musical. ' Aside from Opera Club's annual musical presentation, the members were called upon to appear before school groups as well as civic organizations. In addition to singing Handelis Messiah, they performed, along with the other vo- cal groups, The Night of Miracles in Cen- tral,s Christmas assembly. a Officers of the group this year were Lee Stephens, presidentg Jim Fehrle, vice- presidentg Lillie -Fox, secretary, and Nancy Wood, treasurer. Early in May the group presented the annual Opera Club assembly, in which the group demonstrated its extreme' ver- satility to an appreciative student body. This spring the club toured different junior high schools to give an example of one of Central's most prominent hard- working organizations. N . ,wiiltpiza -S' fr, WA. , K A :L ' 5 in wx, ,rig 1' -L, -E Q4 me s CONCERT BAND - FRONT ROW: Fred Pottorf, Sharon Baker, Kaaren Francis, Carol Mauldin, John Schroeder. SECOND ROW: Wayne Ferguson, Jerry Mayes, Jolene Coble, Virginia Russell, Judy Davis, Marilyn Loucks, Jene Conwell. THIRD ROW: Fred Vosse, Carla Martin, Loretta Sides, Linda Sides, Melinda Beard, Mary Ann Griffin, Marilyn Thomas, Johnny Wieczorek, David Gilliam, John Kietzman, Lael Latta, Richard Melvin. BACK ROW: Helen Haynes, Randy Barker, Marlena Fifer, Karen Ful- mer, Kathy Westgate, Nancy Hendershot, Ronnie Taylor, Liz Barnes, Don Burgess, Joe Kaye Large, Jim Moody, Rodney Jones. GHS Band inspires True Spirit The Central band contributed much to school spirit this year by performing during football games, especially the half- time ceremonies, and playing school songs for pep assemblies and Red Feathers meetings. But it also added much to the entertainment at such traditional events as the annual Christmas Parade, the All-City Clinic Festival, and the All-City Messiah, for which eight Central band members were selected to perform. At the end of the football season, a select ensemble of wind and percussion instruments, which specialized in enter- taining small groups, such as the PTA mothers, was created from all Marching Band members who could qualify and wished to join in this activity. The members of the Instrumental Music Counsel this year included Jerry Reynolds, president: Clifford Evans, vice- president, Karen Francis, secretary, Ron- nie Taylor, band manager, Claude Oliver, the assistant band manager, Gary Nor- man, drum major, and Nancy Hender- shot, head twirler. Once again this year, members of the Central hand sold large, delicious bars of tl'e World,s Finest Chocolate to help pay for new uniforms and instruments. Lonna Black was pronounced Band Queen this year at the Central-Muskogee football game. Queen attendants were Marilyn King and Susan Ramsey. Q Q 1' fy, Q13 77- T 12- 1 ,A ' - g Q' Y . as ' . . wg V , M, - Q- Y ,, - ,x x, ,, 5 - gi? 7 ff ' W V 1, Lyig A W X , 'R ei , I X -X ,rf b 1 5 ,9155 Hk,g, ' 1, fs . .Sty RX - "- K E, -- V H , 1 : tix L . 1, 7' .G 9, .Q -7 ,ff if 5 . -Q jx - fx , ,Nm Y H' VA . , ry. L xg -. ,. X X a ' A 1 H 5 iw' 4 :ik 1 , M 1 ' A K xg Y' : ' ,Q ' .. x.. ' D Q 5 5 25 Q5 A 5 Q X , L1 VIL Q! ,Q AL W Q Q sq 0 n f 1-T3f'QQ 1- " 93' , R 'QQA V5 J Q 7 .LZ 4 bi, N K ,x MK, " " - A ' V, ,W 7 A Q if ff' H E 5 ,ff Q 2 . '.q-ji, ' ' r ' 1 .N KW xx A Hs!! 1 BJ V l. -V , ki? ,ff J . ' Q - 4- Y t ui fr 31-Q xx ' W: , g g ww ORCHESTRA - FRONT ROW: Carolyn Moran, Gary Runyan, Geraldine White, Tonya Smith. SECOND ROW: Cassandra Moran, Joe Durham, Dennis Hall, Clara Durant, Lana Irwin, Nedra Moore, Carol Mauldin, Carolyn Miller. THIRD ROW: Nancy New Director The spring concert closed another full year for Central's orchestra. Under the expert direction of Mr. Jerrold Lawless, a newcomer to Central, the orchestra pre- sented innumerable fine programs. Many of the talented members were selected to play in the all-state orchestra and a few were chosen to accompany the all-city pre- sentation of The Messiah. The orchestra schedule was full this year. The group provided the traditional Pomp and Circumstance for the corona- tion of our Queen, the music for the jun- ior class play, Arsenic and Old Lace, and the senior class play, The Unsuspected. They also performed at the Christmas as- Green, Nancy Wood, Jimmy Bettis, Ted Tenny, Ken Martin, Ronnie Campbell, Richard Evans Bruce Grant, John Westgate. BACK ROW: Tom Pennington, Randy Mooney, Larry Grimes, Linda Bright. Leads llrchestra sexnbly, at numerous general assemblies, and for the Opera Club musical, Okla- homa. The orchestra combined efforts with the concert band, also under the di- rection of Mr. Lawless, and presented a general assembly program to close the year in fine style. A hardworking slate of officers kept the orchestra in order throughout the year. Marilyn Loucks served as president and Carol Mauldin assisted her as secretary. During the second semester the entire orchestra gave programs at Tulsa's junior high schools to create interest in belong- ing to Central's orchestra. The members spent many diligent hours in practice. ORCHESTRA FRONT ROW Mike Deatherage THIRD ROW Tom Hammond, Jerry Hurd, Jerry Jimmy Criner Carolyn Wilson Cheryl Reese Reynolds Henry Gagne, Tommy Sanders, Floyd SECOND ROW Roberta Phelps Terry Fritz Larry Kendall Ronnie Pry, Fred Sullivent, Lloyd Osbon. Fyman Sharllyn Schneider Ricky Pry Marilyn BACK ROW Tom Hamilton, John Brandon, John Loucks Julia Tabb Green Larry Poorboy, Mr. Jerrold Lawless. A CONSCIENTIOUS student is always ready to receive ad- ditional help from an expert. Carolyn Wilson willingly ac- cepts a few pointers on mas- tery of the viola from Mr. Law- less, orchestra director. While providing an outlet for students' talents, the orchestra has been a mainstay for assembly pro- grams. Although a newcomer, Mr. Lawless is carrying on the fine traditions of the orchestra. A CAPPELLA CHOIR - FRONT ROW: Linda Kroll, Linda Howard, Sally Parsley, Patricia Wiley, Shir- ley Cook. SECOND ROW: Jannelle Lumley, Mar- ilyn Reynolds, Carol Bradley, Catherine Whalen, Janice Robinson, Linda Dawson. THIRD ROW: Choir Performs Centralis singing talents comprised the A Cappella Choir. The boys and girls of the choir were in the Christmas assem- bly as well as the Easter assembly. Since 1927 the A Cappella Choir has provided serious programs for the observance of religious holidays. This year's president, Les Cwin, along with Mr. Teague, the organization spon- sor, has directed many of the choir's ac- tivities in school as well as out. Many students from the choir exer- cised their ahilities in other areas. Those with exceptional talents participated in the city-wide production of the Messiah. Also, members of A Cappella Choir and opera club presented the musical, Okla- lroma, this year. The polished performances of the Sidney Johnson, Carol Greenwood, Ronnie Hunt, Billy McKenzie, Jacky Ray, Fred Davenport. BACK RCW: Annette Beam, Carolyn Maddux, Cheryl Miller, Jim Franklin, Les Gwin, Terry Mears, Dave Knighten. Varied Programs choir were the result of many hours of tedious preparation and hard Work. As Central's oldest musical organiza- tion the choir provided the sacred music for the Vespers Service at the First Pres- byterian Church for graduation. This year, however, has not been one of all work and no play. The members of the choir and their dates enjoyed a big fall mixer at the home of .lack Ray. Through the efforts of Sherry Iles, secre- tary, and Jack Ray, vice-president, the choir had a Christmas party last Decem- ber that was a tremendous success. Hold- ing true to custom the choir held their traditional spring picnic at Sequoyah State Park. Karen Vlfiedenmann, treas- urer, was very happy with the low-budget success of the Choir's annual outing. A CAPPELLA CHOIR - FRONT ROW: Glenda Stevenson, Bob Copeland, Nancy Teel, Sherry Stovall, Dorothy Begley, Charlene Maxey, Sharon - Iles, Jan Stephenson. BACK ROW: James Elmore, Harris, lna Riddle. SECOND ROW: Liz Arterburn, David Prewitt, Ben Banfield, Ted Terry, Bob Pam Adkins, Linda Pettit, Mary Phelps, Janice .Morrow, Sam'mye Jo Albin, Emma Pearson, Marsha Wilder, Virginia Gilreath. THIRD ROW: ,Karen Jo Wiedenmann. Jimmie D. Belden, Edward L. White, John A. A CAPPELLA CHOIR poses for a picture forthe 1963 Tom Tom. As they appear on stage they are wearing their new stoles embroidered in red with CHS. Here in the South Auditorium the organization photographs are taken by a professional photographer. Only a section of the choir is on the stage. ,l:' 1 s . r - " 'E-'YQ ,, f N Qs? X S: as s Ni ..., iff? 5 X 1? ,gt is R sf GlRl.'S CHORUS - FRONT ROW: Linda MCKer- rell, Dale Tolar, Cheryl King, Lois Roley, Linda Bingham. SECOND ROW: Pam Pagano, Ruth Phelps, Carolyn Moran, Reta Garrison, Bev Ran- dall, Wanda Harvey. THIRD ROW: Donna Skin- ner, Joann Walden, Sharrie, Hicks, Mary Win- kert, Marilyn Freeman, Cheryl Sager, Linda Sue, Crabtree, Donna Honeywell. FOURTH ROW: Con- Talented Girls P LINDA BINGHAM, Linda Crabtree, and Karen Anderson take time from singing to help decorate the Christmas tree in the hall. T 174 T - I nie Ysidro, Glenda Clark, Linda Northern, Mac- kneeta Terry, Marilyn Robinson, Karrel Nelson, Nancy Allen, Judy Shea, Sylvia Starr. BACK ROW: Donna Nunez, Judy Sorrels, Nancy Wilkins, Gwili Hanebrink, Sari Shank, Sherry Schrandt, Shirley Dobson, Nancy Thomas, Ann Green, Garen An- derson. ractice Hours Girls, Chorus was a sophomore group working under the direction of lVlr. Rex Teague. The class met daily during fifth hour for instruction beneficial for work in one of the advanced choirs. The group has worked specifically for blend, balance and ,correct pronunciation. Each class period had a ten or fifteen minute voice training program. The officers' slate included president, Linda Crabtree, vice-president, Linda Binghamg and the treasurer for the year was Karen Anderson. The Girls' Chorus performed in con- nection with the Treble Tones fo1"Sopho- more Assemhly. They also appeared in Night of Miracles, the Christmas pro- gram for general assembly. cCirls' Chorus enjoyed a very success- ful year and learned a great deal that will help them as they strive for member- ship in an advanced choir. Climaxing a year of hard Work for this talented group was aspring picnic. . TREBLE TONE OFFI- CERS: Sharon Archi- bald, Suellen Owens, Linda O'dell, Linda Mize study the agenda. Treble Tones Perfect Skills An enthusiastic group of sophomore girls with joyful voices were referred to around the halls of Central as Treble Tones. Under the direction of lVlr. Rex Teague, this group strived to train their voices and learn the various skills in musii reading, listening, understanding, and interpreting. Another goal was to ap- preciate the beauty of music. TREBl.E TONES - FRONT ROW: Cathy Cox, Pamela Harper, Sandy Pyles, Carol Meredith, Tina Lewis. SECOND ROW: Janet Cole-m'an, Walda Smeltz, Bernadean Lewis, Linda Mize, Terry Kernaghan, Carolyn Mc'ntosh. THIRD ROW: Donna Lewis, Christine Andrew. Janice Turner, Linda Keith, Nancy Tietgen, Lynda Oakley, Linda Loney, Louise The members of Treble Tones were selected for membership if they possessed the abi'ity and interest necessary. They performed in sophomore assemblies and several other programs. Sharon Archibald fulfilled the duties of president. A The social highlight for Treble Tones this year was a picnic held in the spring. This event polished off a perfect year. King. FOURTH ROW: Sharron Kennedy, Janene Dent, Sharon Archibald, Dorothy England, Sandra Elkins, Dianne Hays, Charlene Wilkinson, Beniie Johnston. BACK ROW: Charlene Koger, Ginna Price, Stella Holder, Carol Reese, Linda O'Dell, Regina Haskins, Peggy Raney, Suellen Owens, Joan Ladd. DR. MAXWELL A. JOHNSON explains a phase of his work to interested m e m be r s after speaking on his recent medical mission and travels in india. Students Show Medical Interests Helping students to understand the numerous phases of medicine was the main purpose of Medico Club this year. Donna Dolina presided over the meetings, which featured prominent doctors and speakers. Donna was assisted in her duties by Pat Marley, vice-presidentg Karen Lund, recording secretary: .loyce Argentos, so- cial secretaryg and lVIr. Vlfilliam Beuhy, MEDICO CLUB-FRONT ROW: Leslie Smith, Glen- na Davidson, Mary Phelps, Jackie Sue Shofner, Donna Dolina, Jane Moore, Pat Maney. SECOND ROW: Susan Jordan, Lynda Attebery, Patsy Stan- cliff, Paula Lewis, Cynthia Brown, Peggy Byrne, Erania Techumseh, Carol Breeden. THIRD ROW: Mary Winkert, Jo Aldridge, Louanna Fifer, Eliza- beth Elliotf, Jean Cochran, Carolyn Scace, De- sponsor. The group met weekly on Tues- day afternoon after school. ul Am a Doctori' and 'tNight Call" were two of the films enjoyed during the year. Also, the club went on a tour of St. ,lohnis Hospital to see some of the hos- pital's equipment in use and to observe various laboratory methods and tech- niques in current practice. Anna Harris, Mr. George Dorsch. FOURTH ROW: Sharon Crismon, Martha Fearon, Joyce Argentos, Diana Barlow, Mozetta Burks, Mary Lou Hurl- burt, Karen Lund, Cheryl Wise, Janette Dye, Deede Beckley. BACK ROW: Mr. William Beuby, Wayne Hamilton, Tom Wallace, Wayne Hibbard, Dale Elder, Stephen Freeze, Jonathan Jeffy, Mike Wait, Bernie Jeffy. -I I ess N r 4,r-ass, A is- f - - MATH CLUB-FIRST ROW: Zelda Osborn, Donna Logan, Diana Montgomery, Elizabeth Elliott, Eleanor Bohlander. SECOND ROW: Mr. .lack Skel- ton, Jim Fehrle, Joe Perks, Richard Evans, Ted Tenny. THIRD ROW: James Blackwell, Bob Glass, Mathematicians Through the efforts of the sponsor, Mr. J ack Skelton, and interested students, Central's Math Club received their charter from the national organization Mu Alpha Theta last December. The primary func- tion of the club was the study of higher mathematics. Upon receipt of the charter, a party was held to celebrate the honor. President Diana Montgomery and vice-president Paul Murphy arranged for many programs by math professors from Tulsa University. Program chairman Joe Durham planned student programs cone cerning math logic and probability. In- teresting films were presented which pro- vided much information on several fields of math and the oppoitunities afforded. Math- is important in today's world. In their club activities the members were shown the full importance and advantage of a career in the field of math. Brent Patterson, Sidney Kitchel, Jerry Scott, Hous- ton Shirley. BACK ROW: Phil Rauch, Jerry Leslie, James Fletcher, Doug Helland, Fred Pottorf, Paul Murphy, Joe Durham. Promote Careers ELIZABETH ELLIOT and Fred Pottorf, who are Math Club members, work for perfection. On the board Fred is attempting to solve a geometric problem. W . .:1'i,,..!2rs5"?!'l!"' - 1 ' rw, ., , CHESS CLUB-FRONT ROW: Tom Wallace, Linda McKenzie, Ted Tertny. SECOND ROW: Richard Evans, Bruce Grant, Phillip Johnson, Mr. Tom Chess Bluh Place CENTRAL'S top chessmah, Joe Cash, a sophomore, surveys his position as he awaits his hapless opponent's next move during a "friendly" game. Turnbaugh. BACK ROW: Ronald Ferguson, Joe Cash, Phil Stone, Bob Howard, Mike Deather- age, Mike Click. s First in City HNOW, if we may have your attention for just a little while, we need to discuss club dues and other businessf, HTEN ,SHUNH Thank you." Thus did the club president capture the attention of the fiercely concentrat- ing Central chessmen for a rare and brief business meeting. Fielding a five man team every other Sunday at the Locust Park Club House to do battle with the other Tulsa high schools the Central Chess Club triumphed for the third consecutive time in the Tulsa All-City last year, thus entitling Central lo keep the .trophy permanently. Chess Club was sponsored by Mr. Tom Turnhaugh this year, and the officers who governed the meetings were Richard Evans, presidentg Mike Click, secretary and vice-presidentg and Ted Tenny kept a close Watch on the money. ON THEIR coffee break, Camarata officers dis- cuss cabinet duties for which they are respon- sible. The leaders are Sammye Albin, Mary Ann Shearer, Jeanne Blackburn, and Susan Matson-all seniors. Camarata Continues Hospitality Breathlessly hoping they had correct- ly seated Central's guests, Camarata mem- bers ushered at various events throughout the year. Assisting at both the PTA recep- tion for teachers, and Back-to-School Night, Camaratas, guided by the presi- dent, Sammye Albin, were most helpful to parents. The other officers: Jeanne Blackburn, vice-president, Mary Anne CAMARATA-FRONT ROW: Gayle Zimmerman, Leslie Smith, Lillie Fox, Pat Wait, Becky Meadows, Carol McMahon, Linda -Murray, Kay Stone. SEC- OND ROW: Mrs. Thelma Berggren, Renee Hen- derson, Dee Horner, Jan Wampler, Susan Schwend, Anne Reiners, Susan Matson, Mary Courtaway, Lynn Ferguson, Yvonne Mason. THIRD ROW: Susan Gunn, Marilyn King, Sandy Bentley, Becky Johnson, Renee Roszel, Diane Brown, Jan Mason, Susie Stout, Nancy Cooper, Judi Trigg, Suzanne Hindman, Lonna Black FOURTH ROW: 1, -. . f ,, - Jig, 'J W ts as 1' il... Shearer, secretaryg and Susan Matson, treasurer, assisted Sammye in serving re- freshments to the guests. This group of juniors and seniors met under the sponsorship of Mrs. Wincel Hurt and Mrs. Thelma Berggen on Wednesday mornings to plan various ushering schedules. It was a rare week when their energies were not used! Donna Prigmore, Janice Wilder, Nakita Slack. Claudette Hartgraves, Marcie Bailey, Susan Behrenfeld, Carolyn Faulkner, Marcia Larson, Janet Vickburg, Diane Bateman, Nancy Wood, Susan Ramsey. BACK ROW: Nicki Schuler, Alice Niemeyer, Ann Raulston, Janice King, Anne Ear- lougher, Mary Anne Shearer, Sammye Albin, Sug Thompson, Annette Gould, Mary Gould, Peggy Smith Ruthie Grasmanis, Connie Campbell, Catherine Hummel. stile as ft BOARD OF DIREC- TORS' student mem- bers are happy to help regulate the activities funds. Tabulating cred- it receipts are Annette Gould, Rhett Speer, Anne Earlougher and Karen Anderson. Board Regulatos Sohool Funds The Board of Directors was organized in December of 194-1 under a state statute which charged Boards of .Edu- cation with the responsibility of con- trolling student activity funds. Original- ly, there were no students on the board.. Class representatives were added in 1943, and in 1952 a Student Council repre- sentative was added. S This year's board 'was composed of Mr. Don Slagle, principal, Mr. Joe BOARD OF DIRECTORS - FRONT ROW: Karen An- derson, Miss Joyce Saunders, Mrs. Sydney Powell, Annette Gould, Anne Earlougher. Lemley, assistant principal, Mr. James Mitchell, Mrs. Sydney Powell, Mr. Barney Ratzlaff, and Mr. W. B. Wise, faculty members, Annette Gould, Student Council representative, Anne Earlougher, senior, Rhett Speer, junior, Karen And- erson, sophomore - all voting mem- bers. The two ex-officio members were Miss Joyce Saunders, office manager, and Mr. Charles H. Orr, treasurer of stu- dent activity funds. F BACK ROW: Rhett Speer, Mr. Barney Ratzlaff, Mr. W. B. Wise, Mr. Don Slagle, Mr. Joe W. Lemley, Mr. James Mitchell, Mr. Charles Orr. STAGECRAFT CLUB -- FRONT ROW: Lillie Fox, Pat Huskey, Susan Jordan, Charlotte McCafferty, Lana Loveless. SECOND ROW: Richard A. Spencer, Luann Gilliam, Janet Smith, Kay Bayouth, Judy Hellarcl, David Sarnowski. THIRD ROW: Mr. Al- bert Martin, Leslie Rose, Lana Keffer, Diane Fer- guson, Charlotte Sheldon, Becky Brewer. FOURTH ROW: Ron Shanks, Clifford Evans, John Zeek, Deana Stewart, Darlene Nelson, Bob Ritz, Cole- man Davis. BACK RCW: Jim Belden, Danny Christmas, Tim Cox, John Cripps, Larry Camp- bell, Donnie New, Tom Perry, James Dilts. lJentral's Scenery Rival Broadway Cent1'al's stagecraft was responsible for all the beautiful scenery, vibrant sound, colorful lighting, well-built props, and the many other things that go into the make-up of the wonderful shows for which Central is noted. 1 Under the able direction of Mr. Al- bert Martin, this group was worthy of the great reputation gained in the past years by the organization. Each year the scenery seems to sur- pass that of previous years. This improve- ment was evident from one stage produc- tion to the next. This was accomplished by the complete cooperation the members showed their president, John Cripps, and secretary, Lana Lovelessg also Bob Ritz in charge of "juice," and Tom Perry, property manager. The highlight of the year was the spectacular sets presented by the group for the Daze. ' WORKING diligently, clearing the stage after the iunior class play are John Cripps, presi- dent, and members of the stage craft group. ,fm jffutgi an -f .1 . . RED FEATHERS - FRONT ROW: Jeanne Blackburn, Susan Matson, Marcie Bailey, Susan Behrenfeld, Anne Reniers, Lillie Fox. SECOND ROW: Miss Shirley Hughes, Lana lrwin, Christine Andrews, Donna Kilgore, Karen Bowline, Judy Barrett, Wan- da Brown, Bobbie Jean Chaney, Miss Jane Collier. THIFD ROW: Miss Marsh, Sharon Patton, Sharon Archibald, Mary Carol Cohenour, Pat Arvidson, Cheryl Drummond, Janet Gill, Diane Askins, Judy Fair, Miss Carol Cantwell. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Pat Flahart, Karol Cheek, Catherine Hummel, Jan- nelle Lumley, Liz Arterburn, Rae Deane Fite, Con- nie Jo Berry, Sherry Culbertson, Sharon Berger, Mrs. Valdene Sands. BACK ROW: Linda Kam, Karen Bourne, Joyce Argentos, Sara Johnson, Marilyn Clark, Ginny Henry, Mary Lou Hurlburt, Annette Gould, Carolyn Dasher, Linda Dawson, Cathy Franklin. , Red Fe thersiire Up Spirit Each Friday morning the halls re- The year began with football and the sounded with the enthusiastic shouts of presence of the 75 squad leaders forming the 755 members of Red Feathers. the Central C on the field. TRYING DESPERATELY to get on stage at a Red Feather meet- ing, Susan Behrenfeld, presi- dent, is bombarded with last minute instructions. Scenes such as this are a common oc- . currence throughout the year. Although Red Feather meetings are well planned, there is al- ways room' for the unexpected. if.-1' j' 'wa ' f-ri. RED FEATHERS - FRONT ROW: Gayle Zimmer- man, Liane Lynch, Julia Tabb, Sandra Rowe, Roy Lynda Smith. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Stringfellow, Cathy Riley, Judy Shea, Sandy Pyles, Beverly Tolley, Pat Maney. THIRD ROW: Sue Thomas, Czrol Mauldin, Connie Murray, Donna Logan, Through the year the organization was honored by the presence of teams from each of the sports and their coaches as guests. ln this way the girls were able to learn a little about all nine of the THE MIGHTY BRAVES are honored at an all school ly on the eve of the Edison tilt. The inspired ready to pluck the eagle made by Red Feather pep ral- team is officers. IFA. Susie Stout, Judi Taylor. FOURTH ROW: Regina Smith, Linda Lichty, Jean Love, Pat Simmons, Mary Ellen McAdams, Judy Lichty, Marcia Young. BACK ROW: Sharron Rowe, Nancy Wilkins, Leah Love, Nakita Slack, Jerry Macdonald, Judy Mainer, Linda Thomas, Linda Segovia, Alice Niemeyer. sports offered at Central. Mrs. Valdene Sands was the head spon- sor, While Susan Behrenfeld served as president. Under their fine guidance Red Feathers served its purpose well. x Susan Behrenfeld President FIRST PLACE winning squad members-Wanda Brown, leader, Sharon Patton, Linda Hodgen, Jane Woodard, Sug Thompson, Anne Earlougher, and Paula Meeks enioy an early morning breakfast given in their honor by members of Red Feathers. Doughnuts and milk were serv- ed to whet the girls' appetites for the work that is sure to come in the remainder of the year. The girls truly earned the honor of Red Feather squad. Winning Squads Receive Honors BY WORKING on favors for the Central Braves, Patti Gravett, Nancy Cooper, Claudette Hartgraves, Karrel Nelson, Janice Wilder, Susan Gunn, Iris Mallory, and Nakita Slack won the honor of 'second place Red Feather's squad. Nakita Slack, leader, led the girls to victory. WORKING diligently to earn the title of Red Feather's third place winning squad are Karen Bourne, Rosalee Lesser, Carolyn Lord, Carol Bruner, and Robyn Chaney. Sitting on the swing are Judy Davis and Virginia Russell. In order for the girls to accumulate the necessary points to win this honor, they put many tiring hours into valuable use. Twirlers Add Enthusiastic Touch Red Feather meetings, pep and gen- headed by Nancy Hendershot. They also eral assemblies, and the Daze would not presented spectacular formations during have been the same without our twirlers, the halftime at Central football games. i MAJORETTES - Kathy Westgate, Cathy Gifford, Nancy Hendershot, Lonna Black, Vicki Crain. 185 I . CHEERLEADERS - STANDING: Tom Reed. CLCCKWISE: Alice Wade, 9' P' ' Y W 'S' F 'F' E We 'if We E We Sir Q EEEi l ll VVWWYS QNQXQN Tom Harnllton, Connie Campbell, Joe Starres, Llllle Fox, Jeanne Blackburn, Bob Gill, Susan Ramsey, Joe Bratcher, and Linda Rogers 186 E, 'A -- .: -E 5.1 V-,VV.,,.,x.T..y,,.R5F,,. Y.- "'f'2" 1' Kg' VY' :?3-15'-r-1.m3"Kn' F rw" xi'fi5""f1r' 1 .I ' TiSQ"'i9?T?L?T ' ' ' ' " " 5. . . Ei ., 1' :S 3 . 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' 'M Mg dv if av ,x fn 5. . .N Y :,..,,:, --ww. i 2 ,zx,-,f-,A ,Af Hg-L:-Lx 5 ,, X X . , . L,,., ff e'f3:35,, xl 'ax vw' S HQ. 55? f Y ' 1z5y:T5Pb f,?:,fJz,,f5,, ? as A ,,.. . 21 M, qv- 2, W g, yea E mf, H, gf , Wi ,. Q ,, k E A qw- Esli- uf? f ' dig : f .Q"KQ1Ti if .,i,M. f Q ,ui --ff QW ME? ,Qin , ., -if 4 f .fir-' M QM -M W- ,MM ,L - ,iff."?Efff2f iff ,ali - u , , x aX.'.iQ 4555 TABULATING their scores and checking for a bull's eye, these members of the girls' physical education department learn the fine points of the sport of archery during one of their regular gym periods. Teamwork--An Important lesson CENTRAL HIGH is proud to have the only gym class five periods a day devoted solely to cor- recting problems in posture. These girls are taught special exercises to improve the in- dividual problems they have. MARY ANN SAVAGE, Linda Taylor, and Carol Supernaw practice tennis skills at Central Park. in Girls' P. E. Many exhilarating and beneficial activities highlighted this year in the girls' physical education department. Girls participated in everything from solo modern dances and swimming to group activities such as volleyball, basketball, softball, and field hockey. Other sports of which the girls took advantage were archery, badminton, tennis, and golf. Thus, the girls had the opportunity of learning skills that were socially and physically valuable throughout their lives. The department chairman, Miss Madeleine McDonald, along with two teachers, Mrs. Morgan and Miss Marsh, planned and also taught the year's varied activities. Their instruc- tion gave the girls the opportunity to learn the fundamental skills of the sports offered. But more important, the girls had the chance to learn co- operation and perfection while Work- i11g with others as a team. MARILYN BROWN and Laurie Lesch practice water safety by uprighting a submerged canoe. ' 1 191 i- GIRLS' RECREATION ASSOCIATION - FRONT ROW: Jeanette Forehand, Roberta Hall, Freda Clark, Beverlie Boyd, Marsha Elkins, Cathy Cox. SECOND ROW: Suzanne Hopkins, Linda C. John- son, Dianne Hays, Carol Cox, Mary Faulkner, Sharon Berger, Susan Belt. THIRD ROW: Diane Bilke, Linda Brown, Sharon Archibald, Delores Killough, Cheryl Drummond, Karon Crismon, Mari- G.R.A. Signitie Bowling, hikes, cookouts, skating fun, and pizza parties supplemented the al- ready overflowing athletic schedule of the energetic girls in Girls' Recreation Association, sponsored by Mrs. Lynn Morgan for the second straight year. lyn George, Mary Hamilton, Mrs. Lynne Morgan. FOURTH ROW: Marsha Daniels, Linda Johnson, Beniie Johnston, Peggy Gille, Judy Johnson, Shar- rie Hicks, Kathy Bailey, LaVena Jones. BACK ROW: Cheryl King, Dianne Dupuy, Ginger Gil- bert, Linda Fritts, Nancy Hatfield, Annette Gould, Linda Bright, Linda Karn, Connie Campbell, Judy Keller. s Sportsmanship The year began with typical fall sports: volleyball, archery, and tennis. After much practice and instruction, tournaments were held and awards were given at the end of the year. As the year progressed, other sports- AFTER A strenuous afternoon of roller skating, eight of the girls in the Girls' Recreation Associa- tion enioy a refreshing snack of pizzas and cokes. The members of the club often have outings such as this for relaxation. GIRLS' RECREATION ASSOCIATION ROW: Gayle Zimmerman, Trudy Vaughn, Judi Taylor, Carol Supernaw, Terry Sweet, Teresa Os- born. SECOND ROW: Carol Meredith, Marcia Young, Carolyn Stringfellow, Joyce Williams, Peggy Pape, Zelda Osborn, Janice Turner. THIRD ROW: Iris Miller, Cherie Mosier, Sandra Lowns- bery, Fran Toney, Donna Page, Susie Stout, Sue - FRONT such as, basketball, softball, table tennis, swimming, and bowling-were added. Throughout the year the members ac- cumulated points by participating in tournaments, placing as a tournament winner, attending meetings, and holding offices. At the end of the year when the points were totaled, each girl who gained Porter. FOURTH ROW: Charlene Koger, Joann Walden, Susie Meyer, Sharilyn Schneider, Alice Niemeyer, Mary McDonald, Cheryl Reese, Jannelle Lumley, Linda Thomas. BACK ROW: Catherine Bor- land, Alice Wade, Sari Shank, Susan Meyer, Susan Taylor, Sherry Schrandt, Perry Macdonald, Micheal- lynn Murphy. the necessary number of points received state awards and medals from the Okla- homa G.R.A. association. The purpose of G.R.A. was the pro- motion of good health, and sportsman- ship. This was accomplished mainly through systematic exercise and competi- tive sports throughout the year. CHECKING THE score during a G.R.A. bowling Marilyn George and Linda Brown consult Sue acting as score-keeper, to determine the match, Meyer, winner. Roberta Hall President COACHES - Fran Marsh, Susie Stout, Sug Thompson, Janice King, and Nakita Slack-on side. Anne Earlougher, Libby Medlin-in water -get together to per- fect acts for the show. Aquatic Broadway Successful . Cowboys to burlesque passed in re- view during Synchronettes 1963 water show "Splashes off Broadway" held ill the McLain High School pool. The girls swam the thirteen fun-filled numbers to the strains of such popular Broadway show tunes as "The Surrey Vifith the Fringe on Topf' "Overture to West Side Storyf' and the theme from "Gypsy.,' The officers elected in May of 1962 worked, diligently throughout the year. Anne Earlougher, presidentg Sug Thomp- SYNCHRONETTES-FRONT ROW: Gayle Zimmerman, Beverlie Boyd, Judi Trigg, Cheryl Walker, Fran Marsh. SECOND ROW: Peggy Pape, Becky Mead- ows, Jane Woodard, Renee Roszel, Gayl Oldham. THIRD ROW: Cheryl Reese, Suzanne Hindman, Carolyn Faulkner, Peggy Smith, Marcie Bailey, Susie Stout. FOURTH ROW: Catherine Borland, son, vice-presidentg Nakita Slack, secre- tary-treasurerg Libby Medlin, historiang coaches, Mary Fran Marsh, Janice King, and Susie Stoutg and sponsor, Miss Merry Ann Marsh gave much time and energy to produce an enjoyable show to be pre- sented in April. Only with constant prac- tice, excellent rehearsal attendance, and great patience were the Synchronettes able to draw crowds for all three perform- ances. Many people said that this was one of the finest water shows. Kristina Karlstrom, Claudette Hartgraves, Janice King, Leslie Rose, Nancy Cooper, Lana lrwin, Miss Merry Ann Marsh. BACK ROW: Anne Ear- lougher, Nancy Teel, Sammye Albin, Sug Thomp- son, Mary Anne Shearer, Nakita Slack, Claudia Newman, Pat Amick. fi A A ,A M.,,M WEST SIDE SWIMMERS-Claudette Hartgraves, Suzi Amick, Marcie Bailey, and Nakita Slack - strike Hindman, and Peggy Smith in front line, Pat a Typical pose from their water show. routine. Anne Earlougher President l.amL.,a.1an.Aef.eM.,om , , ,ci MN9""' :W "YEOWEE!" Cklahoma cowboys, Peggy Pape, Fran Marsh, Pam Jones, Carolyn Faulkner, and Nakita Slack, prepare to hit the water to swim to the famous Surrey song. FOOTBALL A-SQUAD-FRONT ROW: Jim Wilshire, Fred Vosse, Marvin Esmond, Jim Utterback, Don Bradford, Bill Hensley, Greg Poulos, Frank Davis. SECOND ROW: Harry Chichester, Bob Logan, Dan- nis Howard, Jerry Hurd, Carl Brazelton, Lyle Mof- DEFENSIVE corner-backer Duane Wagner stacks up the opposition during the opening game against Bartlesville. Central claimed a 28-6 victory. , ,,,,,,, , fitt, Duane Wagner, Sam Powell, Jack Connors, Doug Manning. THIRD ROW: Coach Clyde Charvoz, John Brummett, Ronnie Hill, Ken Garland, Joe Large, Jim Furr, Riley McCaskill, Tom Lobaugh, Jim Speaker, Steve Cox, Coach Bob Riddle. FOURTH Braves Halt Eagle SEASON'S RECORD Central 28 Bartlesville 6 Central 14 Rogers 20 Central 22 Edison Central 28 Memorial Central 22 Webster' Central 14 Hale Central 14 Muskogee Central 0 Ada Central 18 Ponca City ROW: Coach Chuck Bowman, Jack Carter, Melton BACK ROW: Ed Smith, manager, Glenn Strobel, Lindle, Fred Shawger, Ronald Cole, Jimmy Jordan, Johnny Anderson, Robert Sarmiento, Glen Bird- song, Pat Gordon, James Blackwell, manager. and Wildcat Jinx After battling the summer heat dur- ing their three week pre-season skirmishes the Central Braves opened in the A11- City against Webster. They defeated the Warriors 14 to 8 before bowing to the Hale Rangers 20 to 10. The Braves broke a seven year jinx two weeks later by defeating Bartlesville 28 to 6. Scoring in every quarter, Central dominated the entire game. ' Falling victim to one of the major upsets ofthe season, Central was shocked by the Rogers Ropers 20 to 14. Once again the Braves proved them- selves by breaking the Edison jinx, sound- ly defeating 'them 22 to 0. Central flexed its defensive might by holding the Eagles scoreless throughout the contest. James McAllister, Jimmy Litterell, Phil Flemming, Homer Still, Bill Horacek, Bert Scott, Mike Taylor, Kent Jones, Steve Cook, Bob DeVore, Coach Em- mett Nolan. DOUG MANNING, defensive halfback for Central, demonstrates a crushing tackle that was typi- cal ot the action during the game with Hale. CENTRAl'S FULLBACK, Jim Wiltshire, is pulled down after a short gain up the middle. Unable to overcome a late rally by Hale, the Braves lost I9 to 14. n n I Holiday Victory The next two games gave the Braves a slight rest as they hreezed past Webster 22 to 6 and lVlemorial 28 to 18. A key tilt in the Oklahoma Seven Conference race came the following week with the Central-Hale game. After jump- ing to an early lead, Central led at half- K' ' 7 .L . . lllimaxes Season time 8 to 0. But the Rangers struck for three quick touchdowns after intermission and held on to win 19 to 14. Next, Central met league-leading lVlus- kogee in a fiercely contested game. Cen- tral had to fight from behind to knot the score 14 to 14 with seconds left to play. FOOTBALL B-SQUAD-FRONT ROW: Jim Arnold, Doyle Howerton, David Singer, Larry Grimes, Arnold Henning, Kenneth Biggs, Curtis Johnson. SECOND ROW: Eddie King, Allan Moore, Bob Campbell, Bruce Gaddis, Tommy Gleghorn, Johnny George, Rusty Swenson, Lin Brister. THIRD ROW: Mike Caldwell, Jimmy Phillips, Jim Hancock, Pat Nelson, Mark Esau, Phil Morgans, Mike Shelton, Bob Mieir, Coach Dick Gwinn. FOURTH ROW: Robert Baker, Joe Stover, Terry Parsons, Ronnie Rowell, Fred Holtz, Paul Bobbitt, George Ruby, Tom Bowers, Bruce Wood, Roy Petty. BACK ROW: Kenneth Nebraski, manager, Mike Richardson, Jerry Horn, Larry Spencer, Mike Steele, Charles Frye, Pete Pritchett, Billy Maxwell, Randy Clement, Larry Meason, Raymond Mosby, Tom Belcher, Rodney Queen, manager. FOOTBALL LETTERMEN - TOP ROW: Johnny An- derson, Guard, Glen Birdsong, Tackle, Don Brad- ford, Halfback, Harry Chichester, Guard, .lack Connors, Halfback, Steve Cox, End. SECOND ROW: Bob DeVore, End, Marvin Esmond, Quarter- back, Phil Flemming, End, Jimmy Furr, Halfback, Pat Gordon, Center, Bill Hensley, Guard. THIRD ROW: Bill Horacek, Tackle, Dennis Howard, Full- back, Tom Lobaugh, Guard, Doug Manning, Quarterback, Riley McCaskill, End, Lyle Moffitt, Fullback. FOURTH ROW: Sam' Powell, End, Robert Sarmeinto, Center, Fred Shawger, Guard, Jim Speaker, Guard, Homer Still, Tackle. BOTTOM ROW: Glen Stroble, Halfback, Mike Taylor, Tackle, Fred Vosse, Fullback, Duane Wagner, Quarter- back, Jim Wiltshire, Fullback. wx -Q., 15 , tf - W -fir .55 w"' .Q A, R V31-ffm ff Q2 P .. .lgiggf A ,-gi Q32 w if W., . 55, ,, Football .. It appeared the game would end in a tie, but a penalty on the last play of the game gave the Roughers one more play from the Central one yard line. This final play resulted in a Muskogee touchdown and a healtbreaking loss for Central. Journeying to Ada, a scant Central Squad hoped to gain a much needed vic- tory. With seven StEll'iQCI'S out for discip- linary reasons, the outmaned Braves suf- fered a 36 to O defeat at the hands of the Cougars in a non-conference battle. The finale of the season came on Thanksgiving Day at Ponca City. With the team at full strength, the Braves stym- ied the powerful Wildcat offense and ramhled to an 18 to 0 win. The "Ugh Awardf, which is given to the outstanding defensive player of the year, was presented to Pat Cordon who had compiled 143 points while hacking the line with many spectacular stops. IN THE Thanksgiving Day game against the Wild- cats at Ponca City, Jim Wiltshire attempts to elude would be tacklers as he skirts left end. THE CENTRAL BRAVES' Jimmy Furr goes for a first down before being apprehended by two determin- ed Edison Eagles in their clash at Skelly Stadium. BASKETBALL TEAM - Riley McCaskill, Lee Selby, l Masterson, Burt Scott, Mike Eppler, Harlan Hand, Phil Harmon, Marvin Byrd, Joe Smith, Jimi Sin- Dennis Howard. clair, Coach Eddie Sutton, Cap Hurlbutt, Tommy Cagers Boast 17-6 Season Record TYPICAL of the exciting action during the game with Nathan Hale, Cap Hurlbutt takes a rebound out of the hands of Hale's forward, Jimmy Linn. Using the strategy of head coach Eddie Sutton, Central's roundballers were able to employ delay tactics and outstanding defense to compile one of the best records in the state. While winning eighty per cent of their regular season games, the Braves found their main weakness was in tournament competition. Probably the big game of the season was the Central-Hale tussle, played in the Braves gym. After a hard fought bout, a last second attempt by Mike Eppler fell short and the Rangers nabbed the victory 31-30. With Wins over conference foes Rogers, Ponca City, Bartlesville, and Edi- son, the cagers only other conference loss was to Muskogee, whom the Braves tied for second place in the conference. Seniors Cap Hurlbutt and Riley Mc- Caskill gave leadership to the squad as junior Mike Eppler led the team in scor- ing. But the surprise competitor on the team was sophomore Phil Harmon who Won the "Big Brave Award" for his con- sistent and outstanding play. SEASONS RECORD COACH EDDIE SUTTON has the full attention Central Cascia Hall 30 Central Sand Springs 33 Central Kelly 30 Central Sapulpa 38 Central O. C. Douglas 41 Central Memorial 35 Central Chickasha 51 Central Putman City 4-3 Central Wewoka 23 Central Ponca City 32 Central Rogers 37 Central Sapulpa 26 Central Bartlesville 3114 Central Edison 27 Central Memorial 35 Central Hale 31 Central Muskogee 56 Central Rogers 38 Central Edison 27 Central McLain 39 Central Webster 39 Central B. T. Washington 55 Central McAlester 56 BASKETBALL LETTERMEN - TOP ROW: Marvin Byrd, for- of the squad during a short time out when he is able to make defensive adiustments. ward, Mike Eppler, forward, Phil Harmon, forward. SEC- OND ROW: Cap Hurlbutt, center, Riley McCaskilI, guard Lee Selby, guard. BOTTOM ROW: Jim Sinclair, center Joe Smith, guard. 1 RILEY McCASKILL avoids his opponent's at- tempt to block his shot in an important game against our old arch rivals, Rogers. 7,,7, N as Q 1 l 5- ' -N ,:Sgi.,L.,. Braves Capture SEASONS RECORD Third Fourth National Invitational Meet Second O.B.U. Relays L First Conference Meet First City Meet Second Rogers Invitational Meet Second 0.S.U. Invitational Meet Second State Meet l Beginning the season with a young, inexperienced team, Coach William Lantz made use of team depth and desire to pilot the harriers to first place in both the City and Conference Meets. The squad was led by two seniors, Roger Rylander and Gary Hamilton, but consisted largely of underclassmen. These underclassmen had never competed in varsity cross country competition before the 1962 season. As a finale to the season. a determined squad, paced by Cary Hamilton who took third, captured the runner-up spot at the State Meet in Stillwater. s Conference Title STEPPING up the pace to improve their times are Roger Rylander, Gary Hamilton, Phil DuVall, and James Morrison-stars of the cross country team. FRONT ROW: James Morrison, Mike Slover, Phil DuVall, Terry Holmes. BACK ROW: Lloyd George, Roger Rylander, Gary Hamilton, Boyd George, Coach William Lantz. F SX QL Grapplers Surprise Competition CENTRAL GRAPPLER Ken Atkins gives an all out effort to pin his opponent from Stillwater in the State Regional Tournament held at McLain. Opening the season with power and poise, the Central wrestlers grabbed sec- ond place at the Edmond Tournament and followed this fine showing by trouncing the lVlcLain Scots 20-13. Hitting an early season slump, the Braves lost the next two matches to Webster and Stillwater. WRESTLING TEAM-FRONT ROW: Chuck Graham, Dickie Hindman, Larry Coffey, Tommy Bennett, David Smith, Clyde Bayless, David Singer, John Stroud, Michael Dowd. SECOND ROW: Bob Vil- lareal, Johnny Anderson, Bud Adams, Mike Dam: ron, Dennis Hall, Wayne McDowell, Jim Arnold, Jim Moody, James McAllister, Joe Large, Bruce SEASON'S RECORD Central McLain Central Vlfebster Central Stillwater Central ' Ponca 'City Central Bartlesville Central Rogers Central Edison Central B. T. Washington Central ' Muskogee Central ' Hale Finding the necessary wins, the next match proved to be a real thriller as the Braves tied the top rated Wildcats of Ponca City 15-15. Inspired by this upset, the Centralites fought for decisive vic- tories over conference foes Rogers and the Bartlesville Wildcats. Gaddis. THIRD ROW: Coach Ned Blass, Jerry Hill, Terry Troxell, Tom Pennington, Van Compton, Boyd Owens, Lin Brister, Don Sassano, Fred Holtz, Ken Garland, Coach Dick Gwinn. BACK ROW: Glen Birdsong, Jim Ragsdale, Harry Chichester, Lon White, John Hopper, Jim Criner, Kenny At- kins, Ronnie King, Tony Diaz. IN CENTRAl'S opening match of the season, Jim Criner, 138-pounder, puts a tough ride on his adversary to insure a victory for the team. The Braves continued Their winning ways to defeat the Scots 20-13. LETTERMEN . . . TOP ROW: Tom Penning- to n, 1 O 6 lbs., Kenny Atkins, 115 lbs., Terry Troxell, 115 lbs., Tony Di- az, 123 lbs. S ECON D ROW: Johnny Hopper, 1 2 3 lbs., Ronnie K i n g, 130 lbs., J e r ry Hill, 136 lbs., Jimmy Crin- er, 141 lbs. B O T T O M ROW: Larry Porter, 1 4 8 lb s., L o n White, 1 5 5 lbs., H a r r y Ch i chester, 157 lbs., Jim Ragsdale, 167 l b s. GI e n B i r d s o n g, Heavyweight. ., Ju X A -5:9 K ,BX .. .. 5, H1 L: ., X 'WM SEASON 'S RECORD Edison 78 Central Rogers 65 Central McLain 44- Central Bartlesville 69 Central Edison 71 Central Muskogee 39 Central Hale , 66 Central Rogers 55 Central Ponca City 67 Central City 5th Conference 6 NATHAN SCHIFF navigates a turn during the 100- yard butterfly which he won against the McLain Scots. The Braves defeated the Scots 47-44. tankers Faoe Tough Competition Facing some of the toughest competi- tion in the state, Central swimmers had rough going throughout the season. Lack- ing manpower to cope with the high-class tankers of the Oklahoma Seven Confer- ence, the Braves found themselves shar- SWIMMING TEAM - FRONT ROW: Gary Moore, Randy Collier, Johnny Wieczorek, Jimmy Black- Well, Bruce Stewart, Carl Brazelton, Dean Flem- ming. SECOND ROW: Howard White, Harmon Howser, Richard Deardorff, Andreas Senske, Steve ing the league cellar with Muskogee. There were some bright spots for the swimmers, however, as Dean Flemming and Harmon Howser qualified for the state meet in Norman as diver and free- styler respectively. Brown, Ted Sutton, Kent Jones, John Ford. BACK ROW: Kenneth Ingram, John Hudson, Jimmy Lit- terell, Ken Mitchell, Clark Brenneman, John Ewert, Skip Schiff, Bob Shepard, Bob Bloomfield. GOLF - FRONT ROW: Richard Bland, Harry Bailey, Larry John- son. SECOND ROW: Coach Ed- die Sutton, Bob DeVore. Golfers Score a Winning Season Centralis linksmen turned in a fine season with eight wins, four losses, and one tie. They showed improvement by winning their last six matches. After the team placed third in the city conference, Harry Bailey and Richard Bland went SEASONS RECORD Central 3172 Hale 9176 Central 13 McLain 0 Central 1 Muskogee 12 Central 6115 Rogers 655 Central HV2 Cascia Hall life Central 5 Sand Springs 8 Central 6 Rogers 7 Central 7 Edison 6 Central 91f2 Hale 316. Central 7 Webster 6 Central 9' Sand Springs 44 Central 9 Muskogee 4- Central 13 Webster 0 2 on to take second in the state two-hall play-off. The highlight of the season came when Richard Bland became the first sophomore ever to win the conference medalist crown. Coach Eddie Sutton had good reason to be proud, of the team. SAND AND BALL fly together as Central golfer Richard Bland chips out of a sandtrap on the ninth hole of the Tulsa Country Club course. RETURNING A very difficult set shot in a rank- ing match, Charles Hooper, two year letterman, attempts to take the top position on the team. Tough Season The Central tennis team could never find a Winning streak as they alternated wins and losses while compiling a record of three Wins and four losses. The net- sters were never shut out as all four los- ses were by the identical score of three to r SEASON 'S RECORD Central 3 VW.. Edison Central 5 Muskogee Central 3 Rogers Central 6 Hale Central A 3 Bartlesville Central 9 McLain Central 3 Rogers Presses Netsters Top individual play was turned in hy Phillip Brown who won the confeience singles championship. He then teamed up with Charles Hooper to take second in doubles competition. ' TENNIS - FRONT ROW: Phillip Brown, Lee Shelby, Charles Hooper, Buddy Boatwright. SECOND ROW: Coach Ned Bless, John Roop, Bruce Montgomery. TRACK LETTERMEN - FRONT ROW: Coach Chuck Bowman, Larry Farmer, Johnny Morrison. SECOND ROW: John Hammond, Terry Powell, Lee Stephens, Phillip Flemming. BACK ROW: Howard Bennett, John Cortes. Thinclads Grab Honors at State Under new head coach Chuck Bow- man, the track team improved throughout the year. After wading through tough con- ference competition, the thinclads found their first victory in the Bartlesville-Mus kogee-Central triangular meet. The distance men paced the team PHIL FLEMMING and Lee Stephens combine vigor- ous training with hours of practice in order to improve their performances on the cinders. winning valuable points in every meet. Leading the team to the runner-up spot in the state meet at Norman, were Central's outstanding milers John Cortes and Larry Farmer. John won both the mile and 880 run at the state meet while his teammate Larry Farmer took second in the mite run. SEASON ,S RECORD Central 43 Rogers Central Fourth O.B.U. Relays Central 54 Hale Central First Bartlesville-Muskogee Triangular Central Third City Conference Meet Central Third O.S.U. Relays Central Third Rogers Relays Central Fourth Regional Meet Central Second State Meet SEASON 'S REC-ORD Central 2 Muskogee 1 Central 11 Sapulpa 1 Central 1 McLain 7 Central 14- B. T. Washington 6 Central 3 Webster 11 Central 2 Edison 1 Central 7 Muskogee 0 Central 1 1 B ogers 1 Central 5 Hale 2 Central 21 B. T. Washington 5 Central 5 Bartlesvillc 2 Central 7 Sapulpa 7 Central 8 Bartlesville 3 Central 7 Rogers 4- Central 0 Hale 1 Central 4- Webster 6 Central 9 Edison -1- Central 7 McLain 6 Regional Tournament Central 7 Rogers 2 Central 2 Hale 9 Braves Fight Demonstrating their will to Win, the Central Baseball Braves finished the sea- son with a 14-5-1 record. The team boast- ed a well balanced squad with excellent pitching and powerful hitting. Larry Shiplet was the most successful of the BASEBALL - FRONT ROW: Larry Moore, manager, Jack Connors, Bill Shea, Marvin Robinson, Jim Sea- bolt. SECOND ROW: Allen Moore, manager, Don Bradford, Doug Manning, Larry Shiplet, Ronald TYPICAL OF the action seen in the hard fought games Central plays, Doug Manning, third base- man, slides home during The game with Sapulpa. to Regional Finals Brave hurlers, and the big bats of the team were wielded by Danny Smith, ,lim Seabolt, 'Doug Manning, and Bill Chap- man. They climaxed the season by fight- ing their way to the regional finals before they were downed by Hale 9-2. Cannefax. THIRDROW: Rodney Queen, manager, Terry Shonkwiler, Kenneth Nebraski, manager, Coach Clyde Charvoz, Bill Chapman, Richard Hoyle, Danny Smith, Bill Horacek. ,mmmasmm J 4 w o K. Jug. .. -pq-:nw , ,Massa - . WW14-m,-,..4. W, rw-In V-1+ -Q. n illlvmnrizlm MEREDITH M. BLACK Principal March 2, 1902-August 5, 1962 FLOYD DON SLAGLE - Principal July 23, 1918-Jamal-y 19, 1963 JAMES ALLEN 'A 'Class of 1964 Novembef 30, 1945-Auguxst 28, 1962 2-156 h 4 I -' g 1 . 43. " 9,-.-I L., W 1 5 1 'I -1 -1 F ,bi 1 1 I I I H I 'I ' 1 1 , , '4 '1 ., ' 1 U . 1 1 ! 1 .1 1' ,g . 4 'M ABKNUWLEDGEMENTS EDITOR Nakita Slack BUSINESS MANAGER Nancy Cooper SECRETARY Patti Gravett OPENING SECTION Susan Schwend, co-editor Claudia Newman, co-editor STUDENT LIFE SECTION Claudette Hartgraves, editor Paul Crossett Patti Gravett Anne Reniers FACULTY SECTION Claudia Newman, co-editor Susan Schwend, co-editor SENIOR SECTION Sandra Forehand, editor ,lanet Smith .IUNIOR SECTION Cinda Morrell, editor Roger Kirkland SOPHOMORE SECTION Paul Gossett, editor Marcie Bailey Patti Cravett ORGANIZATIONS Anne Reniers, editor Marcie Bailey Susan Behrenfeld Nancy Cooper Roger Kirkland Nathan Schiff SPORTS Harry Chichester, co-editor ' James Wiltshire, co-editor INDEX Janet Smith, editor Sandra Forehand FEATURE PHOTOGRAPHERS J im McAuliffe, editor Kenneth Deatherage Harmon Howser PRINTING The Hurley Company, Camden, Arkansas ENGRA VING Gene McRae, Yearbook Department, Southwestern Engraving Co., Tulsa, Oklahoma COVER Durand Manufacturing Company, Chicago, Illinois COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY Beverly Studio Enterprise School Photos Fred W. 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David, 125 Caslle, Danny, 75 Calo, Palsy Ann, 76 Calls, Perry, 106 Cay, Ernest 76 Caylor, Marion, 125 Caylor, Merle, 125 Cervantes, Linda, 76 Champion, Harold, 76 Chance, Nellie, 106 Chandler, Burke, 106, 165 Chaney, Bobbie Jean, 125, 160, 182 Chaney, Kay, 76 Chaney, Richard, 125 Chaney, Robyn. 76, 158, 184 Chapman, Bill, 213 Chapman, David, IO6, 108 Chapman, David Lee, 125 Chapman, Jo Ann, 75 Chapman. John C., 76, 166 Chappel, Gary, 125 Charllon. Cheryl, 76 Charllon, Marqarel, 106' Cheek, Karol, 76, 182 CHEERLEADERS. 186 Chelf. Belly, 106 Chell, Brenda, 106 Chenau1l,John, 125 C1-ienau1tJudy, 106, 150, 151 Cherry, Charles. 106, 152 CHESS CLUB, 178 Chichesler, Harry, 76, 152, 162, 163 196, 199, 206. 207 Chieppo, Jere, IO6, 152, 157 CHOIR, 172 Chrislmas, Danny, 106, 181 Cissna, Frances, 76 Cissna, Peggy, 125 Clark, Freda, 106, 112, 152, 192 Clark, Glenda, 125, 174 Clark,-Marilyn, 77, 167, 182 Clarke, Karen, 125 Cleghorn, Tommy, 125 Clem, Harold, 106 Clem, Paulelle. 106 Clem, Shelia, 125 Clement Randy, 23, 125. 169, 198 Clemons, Annis, 77 Click, Mike, 106, 178 C1ine.Shery1, 106 Cline, Virqinia, 106 Clule, Gay, 77, 149 Clule, Waller, 106 Clymer, Belly, 106 Clymer, Roger. 125 Coachman. Nick, 106 Coainey. Ron, 77 Cobb. Ha, 77 Cobb, Palsy. 125 Cobb, Robert 106 Coble,Jo1ene, 106. 168 Coburn. Gayle. I25 Cochran, Jean. 77. 176 Cochrane, Palrick. IO6 Cockrell. Anifa. 106 Cody, Belly, I25 Cody. Bill, 77 Cody. Georqia. 106 Coffey, Larry, 125. 206 Cohenour, Mary, I25, 146. 182 Cole, Charles. 77 Cole. Marilyn. 125. 158 Cole, Paul. 106 Cole, Ralph. 77 Cole, Ronald, IO6, 196 Coleman, Carol. 125 Cole. Shirley, 77 Coleman, Janet I25. I75 Collier, Bill. 77, 106 Co11ier.John, 77, 154 Collier, Mary, 125 Collier, Pai. 106 Collier, Randy. I25. 209 Collier, Terry, 125 Collins, Donna, 77. 152 Col1ins.iJames. 125 Collins, Jim, I25 Collins. Sue. 106 Collins, Marie, 77, 155, 167 Colson. Jerry, I25 Colson. Leon, I25 Complon, Van, 106, 206 Conley. Glenda, 77 Conley. Jane. 77 Conner. Denny, I25 Connors, Jack. 36. 77, I97. 199. 200. 213 Conrad, Ralph. I25 Consianiine, Mike. IO6, I69 Conway. Mike, 106 Conwell. Jene. 125, 168 Cook, Barbara, 125 Cook, Myra, 106 Cook, Phyllis. I25 Cook. Shirley, 106. 146. 172 Cook, Sieve, 106, 197 Cooper. Don. 106 Cooper. Donna, 106 Cooper, Jimmy. I25 Cooper. Nancy. 77. 152, 160. 161. 162. 163, 179, 184, 194 Coors, Harold. 106 Copeland. Bob. I25, 173 Copeland, Connie, 125 Copelin, Pele, 106, 157 Cornelius, Rosemary, 77. 160 Cornwell, Kevin, 106. 146, 152. 156 Cories, John, 212 Cory, Darlene. 125 Couller. Pat I25 Courim, Robert 125 Couriaway, Mary. 9. 72, 77, 179 Cox. Carol, 26. 103. IO6, 166, 192 Cox. Cathy. 125, 175, 192 Cox. John. 106 Cox. Juanila, 77 Cox. Sieve, 11. 77, 156. 197 Cox, Tim, 77. 181 Crabiree, Linda, 125. 174 Crain, Joel, I25 Crain, Vicki. I25. 185 Crain. Vicki Kay. I25 Crane. Susan, 77. 92. 152 Crawford, Donna, 106 Creamer. Nancy. 125 Creen, Leia. I25 Crew, Ronnie. 125 Criner. Barbara, 106 Criner. Donny, 125 Criner. Jimmy, 77, 152. 171, 206. 207 Cripps. John, 77. 181 Crismen. Dana, 77. 160 Crismon. Karon. 106, 192 Crismon, Sharon, 106, 176 Crist Paul. 106 Crockeft Cynfhia. I26 Crockeft Helen, 106 Crofford, Mike. 126 CROSS COUNTRY. 205 Cross. Larry, I26 Crossley, Ivan, I26 Crouch, Charles, 106 Cruichfield, Jane, 126 Cru1an. Sharon, IO7, I66 Culberlson, Sherry, 107, 160. 164. 167, 182 ' Cumpfon, Shirley, I26 - Cunninqham. Cassandra. 77 Curfman, Edwin. 107 Curfman, Georqe. IO7. Curry, Robert 126 Curry. Sam, 107 Daqqs, Donna. 53. 107 Dahlem. Diane. 78, 149 Dake. Skipper, 107 Dake, Sonia, 126 Dalbv. Linda, 126 Daley, Ronnie. 78. 92 Dallon, Sieve. 126 Da11'on,Wanda. 107 Damron, Mike, 126.206 Damron,Orvil1e. 107, 156 Daniel. Gene. 107 Daniels. Carolyn. 126 Daniels. Marsha. I26. 146. 192 Darby, Robert 126 D'Arcy, William, 78. 146 Dasher, Carolyn, 107. 182 . Charles. 44. 107. 152, Dauqherly, Bill, 126 Dauqheriy. Bob, 126 Daueherly 165 Davenport Fred. 107. 172 Davenport Kafhy. 126 Davenport Marsha. IO7 David. Mary, 126 Davidson. Glenna. 107. 158, 176 Davie, Delores, 78. 155 Davis, Charles, 107, 156 Davis. Coleman. 107. 181 Davis. Connie. 107 Davis, Don. I26 Davis, Frank. 107. 197 Davis, Judy. 78. 168. 184 Davis. Ken, 70, 78 Davy, Pam. 78. 152 219 . 199,200 Dawson. Barbara, 107, 160, I67 Dawson, Cherie, I26. 158. 159 Dawson. Linda, 78, 172, 182 Dean, Barbara, 126 Dean. Pairicia. 107. 157 Deardorff, Dicky. 23. 126, 209 Deardorft Marilyn. 107, 169 Dea+heraqe, Ken, 78. 83. 162 Deafheraqe. Mike, 126, 171, 178 DeBrosse. Mary. I26 DeBrosse. Ray. I26 D. E. C. A., 155 DeCamp, Susetie, 78, 149 Decker. Sheila. I26 Dees, Saraiane. 78 Delzell, Robert IO7, 169 DeMent Kenneih. 78 Denney. Denney. Dan, 78 Diana, 126 Dent Janene. 126. 175 Deramo. Bill. 126 DeSelm. Floyd. 78 Deflman, Caroll. I26 DeVau1t Bruce. 126 DeVore, Bob. 78. 197. 199, 210 Diaz. Tony. 107, 206, 207 Dickinson. Charles. 8 Dieier, Bob. 78 Diffee, Darlene. 126 Dillard, Johnny. 78, 154 Di11's,James. 107, 181 Dinqer, Bill, 126 Dinsmore. Harold. 78, 152 Dobbins. Norila, 78 Dobson. Shirley. I26, 174 Dodson, Gary. 126 Dodson. Linda, 107 Dodson. Lula, 126 Doefzel. Ernest I26 Doheriy. Linda. 78 Dolina, Donna, 107, 160, 176 Dore. Chesfer, 78 Dorman. Gary, 107 Dorsey. Wendell, 126 Dowd. Michael. 126, 169, 206 Downer. Rex, 78 Downing. Douglas, I26 Dozier. Barbara. 107 Drake, Ronnie. 126 Drew, Alan. 107 Driscoll, Joe, 107 Drummond. Cheryl. I26. 182. 192 Dugan, Kenny. 126 Dugger, Greia, 126 Dugger, Sherry. 107. I66 Dugqer, Wendell, 126 Duncan, Bill, 126 Duncan. Cheryl. 126 Duncan. Sandra, 53. 107. 166 Dunegan. Gary. 78 Dunham, Gary. 107 Dunham. Larry. IO7 Dunn. Vincent 107 Dunne. James, I26 Dupuy. Dianne. I26. 192 Durant Clara. IO7. 170 Durham. JoAnn. 126 Durham, Joe, 29. 78, 91, ISI. 152 170. 177 DuVa11. Pat 107 DuVa1l. Philip, 107. 205 Dye, James, 126 Dye. Jane11e, 126. 176 Dykes, Lorefia, 78 Eakes, Mary, 126 Earl, Larry, 126 Ear1ouqher,Anne, 78, 146, 152. 179, 180, 184, 194, 195 Easley, Linda. 127 East David, 127 Eafon. Gerald, 127 Eberle, Sandra, 127 Ecfon. Dan, 59 Edgar, David. 78 Edmond. Marvin, 108 Edmounds. Charles, 107 Edwards, Billy, 127 Edwards. Leale, 127 Edwards, Mildred. IO7 Egbert Linda, 127 Eidson. Marvel, 127, 146 E1der,Chery1, 107. 168 Elder, Dale, 78, 176 Elder, Dennis, 127 Elder. Margaret 107 Elder, Ross. 127 Elkins, Marsha, 103, 107, 151, 152, 192 , - Elkins, Sandra. 127. 175 Elllioh, Elizabellfi. 79, 152, 167, .I76. 177 3 - Elliaft Judy. 107 E11ioH', Larry, 127 E11is. Danny, 79. 152 Ellis. Gilbert 127 E11is,Sherry, 127 Ellison, Caihy, 127 E11ison.James, 108. 173 Elsey. Eugene, 108 F1wa11.Johnny. 108 Elzo, Margaret 79 England, Dorofhy, 127, 175 Engle. Linda. 79 Fnfllekinq. Eddie, 127 Enkey. Everett 127 Eppler, Mike, 15, 108. 146,202,201 204- Epps, Tommy, 108, 155 Esau. Mark, 127, 198 Eskridge, Johnny, 79 Esmond, Marvin, 196, 199 Evans. Clifford. 79, 169, 181 Evans. Gary, 79 Evans, Richard, 13, 79, 152, 153, 157, 170, 177, 178 Evereit Eddie. 108 Ewert John, 79. 209 Exline, Pere. 108 Eyman, Larry, 171 Fack. Dyke, 127 Fahneslock, George, 79 Failla, Richard, 127 Fair, Judy, 127, 146. 182 Fair. Vivica, 108 Falkin, Gary. 127 Fambrouqh, Joe. 127 Farmer, Gary. 154 Farmer, Larry. 212 Faulkner, Carolyn, 79, 179, 194. 195 Faulkner, Mary. 127, 192 Fearon, Marfha. 127, 176 Fe1'1r1e, Jim. 79, 146, 156, 167, 177 Felber, Bill, 108 Felmlee, Ed, 80 Ferguson, Diane, 80. 178. 181 Ferguson, Lynn, 108, 179 Ferguson, Ronald, 80 Ferguson, Wayne, 108, 168 Ferrell, Jerri, 127 Ferrell, Melvin, 127 Feffer, Linda, 127 F. H. A., 158 Fields, Arnold, 80 Fields. Ines, 127 Fields. Jeanie. 80 Fifer, Louanna. 80. 152. 167, 176 Fifer, Marlena, 127, 168 Finley, Tommy, 108, 169 Fisher, Frank, 80 Fife. Rae Deane. 127, 169, 182 Firzgerald, Sandy. 127 Flauqh, Calhy, 127 Fleminq. Dean, 108. 209 Fleming, Barbara, 108 Fleminqs, Diana, 80 Flemming, Phil, 80. 196, 199. 212 F1e1cher. James. 108, 152, 156, 177 Fliono, Judv. 127 Flowers, Anifa, 108 Fowers, Donna, 127 Fosom, Dennis. 127 FOOTBALL A-SQUAD, 196-197 FOOTBALL B-SQUAD. 198 Ford.Bi11, 108, 146. 150, 151, 156, 157 Ford, Jim, 127 Ford, John, 127. 209 Ford, Paul. 127 Forehand,Jeane11e. 108. 152. 192 Forehand, Sandra. 80. 83, 152, 162 Foreman. Jimmy. 80 Foresman, Belsy, 127, 160 Forrest Rebecca. 108 Forrest Susan. 80. 146 Forlney. Kaihy, 127 Fosier. Carolyn. 81 Fosrer. Linda. 108, 166 Fosfer. Lou, 81 Fosfer, R11eH', 108 Foun'1'ain,C1e11. 81 Foulch, Mike. 127 Frills, Linda, 128. 192 Frifz, Ron, 81 Fri'1Z, Terry, 128, 171 Frye,Char1es, 128. 159. 160, 198, F.T.A., 159 Fu11er, Alfred, 128 Fulmer, Karen, 128, 168 Fulmer, Sharon, 128 Furgason, Douglas, 128 Furr, Jim, 108. 152. 197, 199. 201 Fuson,G1oria. 128. 157 Gaddis. Bruce, 128, 169, 198, 206 Gaddy. Larry, 81, 155 Gaqne. Henry, 81, 171 Gaines, Sleve, 108 Gallagher, Lynn, 81 Ga11a1in, Wa11er, 128 Galloway. Robert 128, 157 Gambi11,CharIes.81 Gambill, Tommy. 108 Gandy, Be1"ry, 81 Gangel, E. J.. 128 Gant Wanda Mae, 128 Gan1tC1aude. 128, 169 Garcia, Pilar. 108. 151, 150 Garde, Carla. 128 Garland. Ken, 128, 196, 206 Garner, Michael, 108 Garreit Bearryce, 108 Garreft S1eve. 10, 120, 128 Garrinqer, Bill, 108 Garrison, Reia, 128, 174 Garver. John, 108 Gas1on, Olen. 108 Gee. Ted, 128 George George George George . Boyd, 102, 108, 205 .Johnny, 128, 198 , Lloyd. 102. 108. 205 , Marilyn. 128, 160. 192. 193 Gervais. Charlene. 108, 152 Gefqood, Fraser, 81. 156. 157 Fowler, Eddie. 127 Fowler. Wayne. 127 Fox. Lillie. 12, 25. 39. 72. 81 181. 182, 186 Francis, Karen. 81. 168 Francis, Lynda Kay, 128 Francis. Pe1e. 128 Franklin, Beulah, 81 Frank1in.Ca1hy. 128, 182 Frank1in,James. 108. 172 Franklin, Mack, 108 Franks, Marcy. 81 Fraser, Alan, 81. 166 Freemen, Margaret 81 Freeman, Marilyn. 128. 174 Freeze, Sfephen, 108, 149. 160, 165 176 Freymuih, Bill. 81 Frick. Sue, 81, 158 Friday. Joyce. 128 Friel. Jerry, 81 Frisby, Glenn. 81 220 Gibbons. Nancy, 108, 166 Gibbons, Burr, 108 Gibney. Dale, 81 Gi11ord,Ca1'hy, 128, 185 Gifford, Don, 81 G'1ber1, Ginqer, 128, 192 Gilbert Tom, 128. 136 Gildersleeve. Jane+ Kay. 108. 115 Gill, Bob. 12.81. 186 Gill. Janet 108. 182 Gillard. Richard. 128 G-1119, Peggy. 128. 192 Gilliam, David, 128, 168 Gi11iam,Luann,81. 167, 181 Gills, Robert 81, 146 Gi1man.Jenni1er, 81, 147 Gilmore, Gary, 108 Gilrealh, Virginia, 173 Gilson, Theresa, 128, 158 Girclner, Elaine. 81 GIRLS' P. E., 190 GIRLS' CHORUS, 174 Givens, Phillip, 81 Gladson. Robert 108. 128 Gladson. Ronnie, 128 Glass, Bob, 156. 177 Gleghorn, Cinda, 108 Gleghorn, Tommy. 198 Henderson, Linda, 109 Wayne. 129, 176 Hendon, B Goddard, David. 108 Goebel, Sandy, 128 Golay. Glenda, 128 Golden, Charloffe, 109. 157. I60 Goldesberry. Barbara, 109 GOLF. 210 Gooda11.Yvonnia, 128, 160 Goodman, Charles, 128 Gordan. Monle. 109 Gordon, Pal. 82. 197, 199 Gordon, Wallace. 128 Gosself, Paul, 82. 162 Goff, Gary, 128 Gough, Donna, 109 Gouqler, Dennis, 128 Gou1d.Anne1'1e, 109. 146. 151. 152, 157. 179, 180. 182. 192 Gould. Mary. 82, 150, 151. 152, 179 Gourd. Cindy. 82 Gouyd,A1vin. 109, 154 Gower, Susan, 128 G.R.A., 192 Grace. Carl, 128 Grace, Don, 109 Greening, Paige, 128 Graham. Chuck, 129 Graham. Johnny. 109. 169 Graham. Judy. 82 Graham. Nancy, 129 Granl, Bruce, 129. 170, 178 Grasmanis, Rulhie, 109. 179 Grafiopp. Ronald. 129 Gravefl, Pa1'1i.44, 82. 162, 184 Gray, Arria Lee. 109 Gray. Gary, 109 Hale, Sharon, 129 Halka. Larry, 109. 152 Hall, Alene, 82 Hall, Dennis, 109, 170,206 Ha1I.Jah. 109, 154 Hall. Malcolm, 109 Hall, Roberia. 82. 192, 193 Hall. Sherry, 109 Hall, Ellen, 109, 146 1'1amaker,Jim. 154 Hamill, Elaine. 109 Hamilfon, Gary. 82. 205 Hamilfon, Howard. 82 Hays. Dianne. 129. 160, 175. 192 Hays, Judy. 129 Hays, Marilyn, 169 Heape. Mary, 129 Heafh, Larry. 83 Hebard, Ronald, 129 Hebbeler, Jan. 68, 109 Heim, Roy. 129 Helland. Douq1as.83. 146, 152, 153. 156, 157, 177 Hellard, Judy, 109. 181 Helscel. Sandra. 129 Hendershof, Nancy. 83. 168, 185 Hamilion, Mary. 109. 192 Hamilfon, Scolfy. 109 Hamillon, Susie. 109 Hamilion Tom, 109, 171. 186 Hamilfon, Hammond, John, 212 Hammond, Thomas. 129, 171 Hammons. Belly. 109 Hancock, Jimmy. 129. 198 Hand. Harlen, 109,202 Hand. Palricia. 129 Hanebrink,Gwi1e, 129, 174 Haney, Caren. 82. 150, 151 Hann, Kafhy, 129 Hanoch, Caro1yn,82 ' Harbison, Judy, 129, 160 Harcourf, Lyndeen, 129 Hardqrave, Torrl, 82 Harqis, Cleyfon, 129 Hario, Delores, 129 Harkins, Edward. 129 Harkins, Vicki, 82. 152, 159 Henderson, Ariher, 129 Henderson Henderson .Judy. 129 . Julia, 109 Henderson. Renee, 109, 179 Henderson, Susan, 83 everly. 83 Green, Ann, 174 Green, Charles, 63, 82. 169 Green, Curiis, 109 Green, John, 129. 171 Green, Kris. 129 Green, Melvin. 129 Green, Nancy. 29, 129, 170 Green. Sharon, 129 Green, Wanda. 109 Harl, David, 82 Hendrickson, Dennis, 109. 112 Hendrix, Virqinia. 84 Henley, Norman. 129 Henley, Roberla. 84 Henninq,Arno1d, 198 Henry, Ellen. 158 Henry. Ginny, 109. 182 Henry. Kenneih, 84 Henry, Larry, 129 Hensley. Bill, 109. 197, 199 Henson. Rifa, 129 Hereford. Charles. 130 Herrick, Douqlas, 130 Herriman. John. 84 Herriman, Laura, 68. 109, 165 Herrold. Jack, 130 Harmon. Phil. 129, 202, 203 Harney, Mike, 82 Harper, Pamela, 129. 158, 175 Harringfon, Marilyn Befh, 124, 146 Herron, Janie, 110 Hesler, Linda, 130 Hesfer, Sella. 130, 160 Hesfer, Terry, 130 Greene, Nifa, 82, 166 Greenwood.Caro1l, 109. 158, 172 Greer. Bill, 129, 169 Harris, Deanna, 129, 176 Harris, Jane'1', 82 Harris, Linda. 83 Harris. Pal, 173 Harris, Sharon, 109 Harrison, Ann Judy. 129 Harrison, Ronnie, 129 Hari. Fhilli 83 Hewlell, Charles, 84 Hibberd, Wayne, 110, 176 Hickman, Arline, 130 Hickman. Jerry, 84 ' Hicks. Neil, 110. 152 Hicks. Sharrie. 130, 174, 192 Higgins. Keifh. 84 Hill Gregory, Dorofhy. 82 Gregory, George, 82 Grenzow. Kim, 82, 169 Gresham. Dan. 82 Gresham, Tom, 129 Grider, Dorofhy. 109. 155 Griffin Aubrey. 109. 154 Griffin Diana, 82 Griffin Lorena. 109 Griffin Lyman. 82 Griffin Mary. 129 Griffin. Mary Ann, 109. 168 Griffifh, Bill. 129 Grimes. Larry. 129, 170, 198 Guin,She11ey,42, 109, 165. 166 Guinn. Huqh, 129. 169 Gumm. Leia, 82 Gunn, Susan. 82, 166. 179, 184 Gwin. Les, 82. 160. 167. 172 Haddock. James. 129 Hain. John, 129 Hale. James. 129 Hale. Jeanie. 109 Hale, Lazell, 109. 158 P. 1-lari, Rhonda. 109 Herr. Ronnie. 129 Harfqraves, Claudeife. 83. 146, 162. 179, 184, 194, 195 Harlman. Kafheryn Kay, 129 Harvel, Bill. 83 Harvey, I1Vanda, 129, 174 Harvison, Kay, 109 Haskins, Reqina. 129, 175 Hassler, Sherrie, 129 Haffield, Eddie, 129 Haffield. Nancy, 129, 142 Hausam. Leslie, 83 Haverfield, Ronald. 109 Hawkins, Shirley, 109 Hay. John. 83 Hay, Pam, 109 Hayes. Joan, 109 Hayes. Marilyn, 109 Haymes. Barbara. 109 Haynes. Helen, 109, 168 Haynes. Judi, 83, 150 Haynes. Judy, 109. 146 221 Hiqhiower. Sonia. 84. 166 Hill Hill Hill Hill Hill Barbara. 84 Danny. 84 Jerry, 130, 206. 207 John. 130 Loqan, 110 Hill Ralph, 110. 154 Hill Richinda. 110, 158 Hill Ronnie, 196 Hill Simpson, 130 . William, 84 Hilsheimer, Kiffy, 104. 110, 147 Hinch, Margaref. 130 Hinckle, Jim. 130 Hindman. Dickie, 130, 206 Hindman. Suzanne. 84, 179. 194, 195 Hilchcock. Clemenf. 130 Hix, Leslie. 130 Hix, Madlyn. 110 Hobbs, Peggy, 110 Hobbs, Shirley, 110 Hoclcefl, Joyce. 68. 110, 146 Hodgen, Linda. 85. 167. 184 Hoff. David. 110. 152. 157 gf, L- Hollman, John, 85 Holden, Billy. I30 Holder, Jerry, 85 Holder, Slella, I30. I75 I-Ioldman, John, I30 Holiman, Peggy, Il0 Holland, James, I IO Hollis. Jerry, IIO Holloway, Perry, I30 203 Hurley. Lorena, IIO Huskey, Pal, IIO, ISI lies, Sherry, 85, I67, I73 lmoll, Sleve, I30 lngalis, Mary lLouisel, I30 Ingram, Kennelh, I30, 209 Ingram, Jimmy, IIO IN IERNAIIONAL CLUB, l57 Holman, Edwina, I30 Holmes, Terry. I30, 205 Holson, Sharon, IIO Hollon, Judy, I I0 Hollz. Fredrick, I30, l98, 206 lbby, Judy, I30 Irons, Belzora, I30 Irvin, Lana, 85, l7O, l82, I94 Isley, Juanila, 85, l55 Isley, Mike, IIO Honaker, Evelyn, I30 Honeywell, Donna. IIO, I58, I67, I74 Hood, Deanna, 85 Hooper, Charles, IO, 85, 9l, l56, 2l I Hooper, Guy, I30 Hooper, Karen, 85 Hooper, Nancy, 85 Hopkins, Bennie, 85 Hopkins, Dave, IIO Hopkins. Jo Anne, 85 Hopkins, Suzanne, I30. l92 Hopper, Carol, 85 Hopper, John, 85, 206, 207 Hopper. Linda Sue. IIO Horacek, Bill, IIO, ll5, I97, I99, 2l3 Horn, Jerry, I98 Horne, Jimmy, 85 Horne, Vance, 84, 85, l50, l5l, I52, I56 Horner, Dee, 85, l5I, I79 Horner, Jim, I66 Horlon, Earle, I30 Horlon, Frank, IIO I-losey. Marlha, I30 Hough, Marqie, IIO, I69 I-Iouslon. Jack, I30 Howard, Bob, I30. I78 Howard, Carl, l50 Howard, Dennis, I30, I96, I99, 202 Howard. Linda, l72 Howard, Mike, 85 Howerlon. Doyle. I30. I98 Howser, Harmon, 85. l62, I63, 209 Hoyer, Dennis, IIO. I69 Hoyle, Richard, 2I3 Huloanks, David, IIO Hubbard, Beverly, I30 Hubbell, Billie, Il0 Hudson, Donna, 85 Hudson, Jack, I30 Hudson, John, I30, 209 Hull, Roberl, I30. I69 Isom, Cecil, IIO Isom, Sherry, I30 Jack, Bobbie. 68, I30 Jackson, Belly, I30, I58 Jackson, Jim, IIO Jackson, Lynn, 85, l55 Jackson, Rila, I30 Jackson, Rosemary, I30 Jackson, Sharon, IIO James, Serene, I30 James, Joyce, 85 James, Larry, IIO Jelly, Jonalhan, lI0, l5l, I56, I76 Jelly, Bernie, I30, I76 Jennings, Johnson, Carolyn, I30 Becky. 36, 85, I79 Johnson, Bev, 85 Johnson, Carol, IIO Johnson, Curlis, l3I, I98 Johnson, Donald, IIO, l65 Johnson, Elhel, I3l Johnson, James, I I0 Johnson, Janie, I3l Johnson, Johnny, I3l Johnson, Judy, l03, IIO, I92 Johnson, Kayee. 86 Johnson, Larry, ZIO Johnson, Linda, l3l Johnson, Lincla, I3I, I92 Johnson, Mike, 86 Johnson, Peggy, 86 Johnson, Philip, IIO, l78 Johnson, Phyllis, ll0 Johnson, Ronnie, 86 Johnson, Sam, l3I Johnson, Sara. l3l. l82 Johnzon, Shirley, I I0 Johnson, Sidney, IIO. I72 Johnson, Sleve, 86, l60 Johnson, Wilie, I I0 Johnslon, Benialyn, I3I, I75, Johnslon, Claude, l3I Billy IIO Jones. Hullorn, Norma, I30 Huqhes, Linda, IIO Hughes. Mary. IIO, l58 Hulsizer, Connie, I30 Human, Jim, 85 Hummel, Calherine, IIO, l49, I65, I79, l82 I-Iunl, Belly, 85. l50, l5l Hunl, Rebecca, I30 Hunl, Ronnie, I72 Hunler, Hershal, 85 Hurd, Jerry, IIO, l7l. I96 Hurlburl, Mary Lou, IIO, l5l, l60, I65, I76, l82 Jones, Donna, l3I Jones, Janice, l3I Jones, Jimmy, 86. l55 Jones, John, I3l Jones. Judy, l3l Jones. Kenl, I3I. I97. 209 Jones ,Lavena, l3I, l92 Jones, Linda, 86 Jones, Mike, I3I Jordan, Susan, 86. l8l, I76 Jordan, Vance, l3l JOURNALISM, I65 Jurney, Freda, 86 Kaase, Don, l3I Kager, Phillip, IIO Karlslrom, Krislina, I0, 86, I4-6, I4-8, I94 Karn, Linda, I3l, I82, I92 Kasinqer, Connie, l3l Kalz, Sandra, l3l Keeley, Mariena, I3l Keen, Hugh, ll0 Keller, Lana, 86, ISI - Keigley, Beverly, ll I Keil, Linda, l3I, I75 Keilh, Carol, I3l Keilh, Elizabelh, l3I Keilh, Raymond, 86 Keller, Bobby, 59, lll Keller, Carl, 86 Keller, Dave, I I I Keller, Judy, I3I, l92 Kelley, Joan, 86 Kelley, Mary, Il I Kendall, Floyd. l3I, I7l Kennedy, Allen, I3I Kennedy, Gary. l3I Kennedy, John, l3I, I66 Kennedy, Landra, I3I Kennedy. Sharron, I3I, I75 Kernaqhan, Terry, I3I, I75 Kessner, Vernon, l3I KEY CLUB. I56 Kidwell, Belly, 86, I46, I53, I57, l60, I6l Keilzma n, John, l3l, l6B Kilgore, Donna, 86, l6O, l6I, I82 Kilgore, John, I l I Kilgore, Roberl, 86 Kilgore, Roqer, I3l Killouqh, Delores, l3I, I46, l92 Killouqh, Kay, I I I Kimball, Bill. I3l Kimball, Tom, I I I King. Carolyn, 86 King. C heryl, I3l, I46, I74, l92 Kinq. Eddie. I98 King, Janice, III, I66. I79, I94 Kinq, Ji m, Ill Kinq, Louise, I75 King, Marilyn, III, I79 King, Marlha, 86, I67 Kinq. Michael, 86 Kinq, Rhonda, I I I Kinq, Ronnie, 86, 206, 207 Kinq Wayne -86 Kinkaid. Cynlhia, Il I Kirby, Marlene, l3l Kirk, Jerry, l3l Kirkendoll. Paula. I32 Kirkland, Roqer, 86, I63 Kfrkpalrick. Gene, I I I. I I2 Kiser. Van, l32 Kilchel, Sidney, III, l53, I77 Knechl, Mary, 86. I55 Kneeland, Barbara, 86 Kniqhl, Merlha, I32, l58 Knighlen. Dave, Ill, I57, I72 Knolen, Jeannie, 86 Hurlbull, Raymond lCapl, 85, 202, Jones, Pam, 86, l95 Jones, Pal, l3l Jones, Roberlf I3I Jones, Rodney. lI0, I68 Jordan, Jimmy, I3l, I96 222 Knolen, Sammy, 86 Koger,Char1ene, 132, 175, 193 Krauser, Thomas, 111 Kreisvell, Kay, 132 Kroll, Linda, 111, 172 Kronberqer, Pauline, 87 Kropp. Mary, 87 Kruchek, David, 87 Kruse, Waller, 132 Lachenmaier, Bob, 111. 155 Ladd, Joan, 132. 175 Laird, Karman, 87 Laird, Lance, 5, 87 LaMascus, Ronnie, 87, 155, 167 Lamb, Janice, 132 Lamberlon, John, 132 Land, Vicki, 111 Lane, Eileen, 132, 146 Lanq, Leonard, 59, 111 Lanq1ey,G-erald, 132 Langslon, Charlyn, 132 Lanklord, Billie, 132, 146 Large, Joe, 111, 168, 196, 206 Largenl, Judy, 132 Larson Marcia, 84, 87. 146, 150, 151, 152, 157,179 Lash. Gene, 87 Lashley, Jimmy, 87 Lalla, Lael, 132, 168 Laughery, Donna, 111 Laughinghouse, Luiean, 132, 160 Laughlin, Kennelh, 132 Lawrence, Jimmy, 132 Lawrence, Sue, 111, 150 Laws, Douq, 132 Lea, John, 87, 156, 164 Leach, Linda. 87 Leach, Linda Sue, 132 Leak, Wanda, 132 Lee, B llv. 132 Leisl, Judy. 132 0 Leislor, Sarah, 132 Lenox, James, 111 Lesch, Laurie. 132. 191 Leslie, Jerry, 87, 153, 169, 177 Lesser, Rosalie, 88, 158, 184 Leverell. Eunice, 111 Lewis, Anqela. 132 Lewis, Bernadean, 132. 175 Lewis, Donna, 132, 175 Lewis, Palsy, 132 Lewis, Paula, 111. 176 Lewis, Tina, 132, 175 Lichly, Judy, 88, 183 Lichly, Linda, 132, 183 Liqhl, Sue. 88 Liqhllool. Dorolhy. 132, 158 Lindle, Mellon, 111, 196 Lindsay, Rodney, 132, 167 Lindsey, Paul, 111, 165 1.indsey.Paulelle. 132, 169 lindufl, Jerry, 132 Liner, Sue, 88 Lisl, Leonard. 88. 167 Lillere11,Jimmy, 132, 197 Lillerell, John, 132, 209 Lillie, Phyllis, 132 Llewelllyn, Fanny, 88, 169 Lolaauqh, Tom, 10.88, 197, 199 Locul, Delores, 111 Logan, Donna, 26, 111, 153, 157, 177, 183 Logan, Palsy, 132 Logan, Bob, 132, 196 Loney, Linda, 132, 175 Lonq, John, I11 Long, Keilh, 132 Long, Me1ba,88 Long, Rhonda, 132 Lonqacre, Busler, 111 Longfellow, William, 132 Looper, Benny, 132 Lord, A. W., 133 Lord, Carolyn, 88, 184 Lolero, Joan, 88 Loucks, Lynn, 133, 160 Loucks, Marilyn, 88, 153, 168, 171 Loucks, Wayne, 71, 88 Love, Jeannie, 133, 183 Love, Leah, 133, 149, 183 Loveioy, Founl, 89 Loveless, Lana, 89, 181 Loving, David, 89 Lowe, David, 89 Lowe, Norma, 133 Lower, Forresl, 95 Lower, Sharon, 111 Lowery, Mike, 133 Lownsbery, Sandra, 133, 193 Lowlher, Gene, 133 Loyd, Billie L., 89 Lozano, Eddie, 133 Lubkans, Andreis. 153 Lum1ey,Janelle, 111, 160, 172, 182, 193 Luncelord, Charlolle, 89 Lund, Karen, 133, 176 Luppy. Charles, 133 Lynch. Liane, 89, 164, 183 Malaes, Connie, 111 MacDonald, Jackie, 89 MacDonald, Perry, 133, 136, 146, 183, 193 MacKenzie, David, 111, 153 Mackey, Judy, 133 Maddux, Carolyn Sue. 89, 172 Maddux,Va1inda, 11 I Maqnusson, John, 111, 146 Magoon, Ned, 133 Mahoney, Mary, 111 Mailes, Elaine, I11 Main, Edward, 133 Mainer.Judy.,111. 183 MAJORETTES, 185 Maiors, Rick, 111, 155 Malie, Mary Ann, 111. 112, 150 Mallinqer, Bill. 133 Mallory. lris, 89, 146, 184 Maloney, Leora, 133, 158 Maney, Pal, 112, 146, 176, 183 Manley, Larry, 133 Manley, Vikki, 89, 155 Mann, Mike, 133 Manning, Doug, 25, 41, 71, 89, 199, 213 Manuel, Marie, 112 Maples, Lynda, 112 Maranq, Beverly, 112 Mar1in,S11aron, 112 Marrs, Frank, 89 Marsh, Fran, 112, 146, 150, 151, 223 194, 195 Marlin, Alice, 89 Marlin, Bill, 133 Marlin, Bob, 133 Marlin, Carla, 89, 168 Marlin, Charles, 133 Marlin, Douq, 133 Marlin, James, 112 Marlin, John, 133 Marlin, Kennelh, 112, 190 Marlin, Linda, 133 Marlin, Pal, 112 Marlinez, Luzella, 112, 153, 166 Mason, Jan, 112, 149, 179 Mason, Yvonne, 34, 35. 112, 146, 179 Maslerson, Tommy, 202 MATH CLUB, 176 Malhews, Judy, 133 Mallhews, Alice Carol. 89 Malhis, Judilh, 112 Malhis, Wayne, 133 Malson, Susan, 72, 89, 179, 182 Mallingly, Mike, 89 Mallox, Judy. 8, 89, 150.--151, 153 Mauldin, Carol, 89, 168, 170, 183 Maxey, Charlene, 112, 173 Maxey, Jerry, 112 Maxwell, Billy, 133, 198 Mayes, Jerry, 112, 168 Maynard, Gail, 112 McAdams, Mary Ellen, 79, 89, 161. 183 Mcfxllisler, James, 112, 196, 206 McAulil'le, Jim. 89, 162 McCallerly, Charlolle, 112, 181 McCain, Mike, 112 McCall, Mary, 112 McCaski11, Riley. 89, 197, 199, 202, 203 McClure, Linda, 104, 112 M'C1ure,Marsha11, 122 McCo11ouqh, Gail, 133 McCo11ouqh, Sammy, 112 McConnell, Earl, 112 McConnell, Kennelh, 112 McConnell, Larry, 133 McCord. Barbara. 133 McCord, Nancy. 112 McCracken Richard. 89 McCrackin, Linda, 133 McCrackin, Pal, 133 McCrac1cin, Rex, 89 McDaniel, Rex, 89 McDaniel, Jerry, 112 McDona1d,Janel, 112 McDonald. Marqarel. 112, 159 MrDana1c1,Mary. 133. 193 McDowell, Wayne, 133, 206 McElroy, Gerald. 133 McElroy, Jane, 89, 153, 166 McGee, Marcia. 133 McGhee, Cheryl, 89 McGi1bra, Charleszella, 89 McGraw, Susan, 112 McGreqor, Max, 133 McHenry, Danny, 133 Mclnlosh, Carolyn, 133, 175 Mclnlosh, John. 133 Mclnlosh, Rolnerla, 112 McKay, J. D., 133 McKelvey, Sandra, I33 McKenzie, Billy, 89, I72 McKenzie, Carolyn, I I2 McKenzie, Linda, I33, I4-7, l78 McKerrel, Linda, I74- McKinley, Arlenilla, 90, I58 McKinney, Slanley, II2 McLain, Kalhy, I22 McLaughlin, Charles. 90 Milchell, Kenny, I34, 209 Milchell, Linda, l34 Milchell, Marilyn, l34 Mize, Carol, 9l, I34 Mize, Linda, l75 Moderow, Riclrey, l34 Moeller, Tonelle, 9I, I47, l50, ISI, l57, I64- Mollill, Lyle, II3, I97, I99 Murphy, Murphy Micheallynn, II3, I93 Palriclc, I34 Murphy, Paul. 92, I47, I77 Murphy, Sharon, 92 Murray, Connie, I34, I47, I83 Murray, Murray, Jim, II3 Linda, II3, l65, I79 Muse, Pal, II3 Myer, Carol, 92 McLaughlin, Linda, Il2 McLaughlin, Rella, 90 McLaughlin, Rulh, I33 McMahon, Carol, II2, I67, I79 McMahon, Yvonna Kay, I33 McManus, Charles, II2 McNabb. Jim, 90 McNabb, V. A., 90, I47, l54 McNamara, Mary. 90 McNair, Joan-, 90, I53, I64 McNeely, Clifford, ll2 McPeelc. Connie, lI2 McPelers, Tim, I33 McPhaiI, Linda, I33 McOuade. John, II2, I53, I56 McSlarrow, Danny, 90 Meadows, Rebecca, II2, I6I, I79, I94- Mears, Terry, II2, l72 Meason. Larry, I33, I98 Monlqomery, Bruce, 2l I Monlgomery, Diana, 68, 9I, I49, I53 I77 l57, I64, Monlgomery, Larry, l34 Monigomery, Susan. I34 Moody, Beverly, I34 Moody, Jack, I I3 Moody, Jim, II3, I34. l68, 206 Moody, Larry, I54- Moomey, Linda, I34 Moon, Craiq, 9I Mooney, William, II3, I70 Myles, Glen, I34 Naifeh, Bonnie, 92, I50, I5l, l53 Naquin, Claudelle, 92, l58 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY. I52 Nave, Glenda, I34 Neal, Barbara, II3 Nebraslci, Kennelh, II3, l98, 2I3 Needham. Donna, I34, I58 Neel. Larry, l34 Neely, Alice, II3 MEDICO CLUB. I76 Medlin, Libby., 90, I94 Meek, Paula, 90, I84 Meeker, Ronnie, 90 Moore, Allan, I34, l98 Moore, Allen, II3, 2l3 Moore, Carolyn, II3 Moore, Don, I34 Moore, Donna. II3 Moore. Gary, I34, 209 Moore, Gerald, 9l, I54 Moore, Howard. I34 Moore, Jane. l34. I49, I76 Moore, Larry, 9l, 2I3 Moore, Marilyn, II3 Moore. Mary, I L3 Neeley. Nelson, Weldon, I34 Darlene, II3 Nelson, Donna, II3, I5B Nelson, Karrel, I34, I74, l84 Nelson, Palriclc, I34, l98 New, Donnie, I34, ISI Newcomb, Sherry, 92 Newman, Cheryl, 92, I47, l5I Newman, Claudia, l0, 93, I48, l53, l62, I63, I94 Moorehead, Terry, I 34 Melvin Meelrs. Shirley, 68, 90, IS3 Mellon, Beverly, l33 Mellon, Jimmy, I33 Mellon, Tina, 90 . Richard, I68 Moore, Nedra, 134, I7O Moore, Philip, I34 Moore, Teddie, I34, I58 Menard, Helen, 90, I53, I59, I67 Mendoza, Barbara, 90 Meredilh, Carol, I33, I93 Merrill, Ron, 90, I64 Merriman, Carol, I33, l58 Merriman, J. C., 90 Merriman, Sandra. 90 Messmer, Carl, 90 Moran, Carolyn, 29, l34. I47, I70, I74 Moran, Cassandra. 29, II3, l70 Moran, Tom, II3 Morey, Kennelh, 9I Morgan, Don, I34 Morgan, Elvin, 9I Morgan, Gloria, 9I Morgans, Phil, I34, I98 Meyer, Donna, ll2 Meyer, Gary, 90 Meyer, Sue, II3, I93 Meyer, Susan, I33, I93 Miclcle, Buddy, 90 Mieir, Bob, I34, I69, I9B Miles, Paul, 90 Miller, Bob, II3 Miller, Carolyn, 90, l70 Miller. Cheryl, II3, I72 Miller, Ella, l34 Miller, Guy, 90 Miller, Iris, I34, I93 Miller, Kennelh, II3 Miller, Marlha, 68, II3 Morrell, Cinda, 9I, I62, Ib3 Morrison, Arlhur, I34 Morrison, James, II3, 205 Morrison. Jim, l34 Morrison, John, 92, I49 Morrison. Johnny, 2l2 Morrison, Palricia lFaml, I34 Morrissey, Kalhleen, I34, I69 Morrow, Roberl, I34, I73 Miller, Riclr, 80, 90 Miller. RoiLynn, l34 Miller, Shirley, 90 Mills, John, 90 Minler, Zella, I I3 Milchell. Bob, 90 Milchell, Hugh, 44, 9l, ISI, l53 Milchell, James, 9l Milchell, June, II3 Mosby, Raymond, I34, l98 Moser. Dorolhy, I34 Mosier, Cherie, I34, I47, I93 Mosier, Loyd, I34 Mofh, I-larry, IB4 Moll, James, II3 Mounl, Billl, II3 Mudd, Linda, 72, 92, I50, l53 Mullen, James, 92, I49, I56 Mullen, Palricia, 92, I67 Mullennix, Nancy, 92 Mullins, Gary, II3 Murdock, David, II3 Murdoclc, Joseph, I34 Murdock, Lowell, II3 M urphy. Harvey, I 34 224 Newman, Mark, I34 Newson, Julia, I34, I58 Niceley, Bill, I34 Nichols, Charles, I34 Nichols, Thomas, I34 Niclcles, Phillip, I34 Niemeyer, Alice, II3, I79, I83, I93 Nightingale, Rose, 93, I55 Nikel, Craiq, 93 Ninman, Phil, l35 Nixon, Gary, I55 Noela, Judy. I35 Noble, Juclilh, I35 Norman, Gary, 93, I69 Norman, John, II3 Norlher. Linda, I35, I74 Norfon, Jack, II3, l65 Noll, Mary, l35 Nunez, Donna. I35, I74 Nunez, June, 93 Nuylens, Henry, II3, l54 Oalces, Richard, II3 Oakley, Linda, I75 Oeles, Emmill, I35 O'Brien, Palricia, 93, l57, I6l O'Bryan, Ramona, II3 O'Dell, Linda, l35, l75 Oqle, Linda, 67, 92 Oldham. Gayl, 93, I47, I49, I57, I94 Olinghouse. Bobby, II3 Oliphanl, Kim, II3 Oliver, Claude. II3, I69 O'Neal. Deloris, II3 OPERA CLUB, I66 ORCHESTRA, I7O Orde, Palricia, I35 Orenduff, Jane. 93 Orfh, Fred, l35 Osbon, Lloyd, 93, I7l Osborn, Pam, II3, IS3 Osborn, Sieve, II3 Osborn, Teresa, l35, I59, I93 Osborn. Zellda, II3. I59, I65, I93 Ollo, Susan. 93, I49, I50, I6I Owen, Beverly, I35 Owen, Terry, I35 Owens, Billy Gene, 93 Owens. Boyd. I35. 206 Owens, Pal, I35 Owens, Suellen, I75 Owens, Valerie. I35 Ozbun, Bobby, I35 Pace, Dixie. I35 Pagano. Anfionnelle, 93 Pagano, Pamela, I35. I74 Page, Donna, I35, I93 Panlcralz, Donna. I35 Pape, Peggy, I3l, I35. I4 I95 Park, James, I35 Parkeninq. Bill, 93 Parlcer, Dudley, 93 Parker. Janice, I35 Parker. Roberla, I35 Pa rker, Samuel. I35 Parker. Sharon. I58 Parlchill, Jon, II3 Parlcs. Richard, 42, 93. I66 Parmley, Beverly, II3 Parnell, Parnell, Grover. 93 Jerry, I 35 Parr, Rachel. I6l Parrish. Dee Ann, 93, I66 Parrofl, Dennis, 80, II3 Parry. Daisy, II3 Parsley. Sally, II3, I47. I49, I57, I72 Person, Barbara. 93 Parson, Parsons. Parsons. Parsons Parsons Richard, I35 Billy, I35 Bob, I35 Glenn. I35 Sandy, I35 Parsons: ,Terry,w I 35. I98 Paru, Rachel. I35 Paru. Sheldon, 93, I6I Pale, Sandra, II3 Pafriclr, Gary, I I3 Paflerson. Ann, I35 Pallerson. Billy, II4, I54 Pallerson, Brenl, I03, II4, I53, I5b, I69 I77 Paflerson. Ken, 93. I47 Fallon, Jeff, 93, I56 Pallon. Sharon, 72, 93. I82, I84 Payne. Lynda, I35 Payne, Milne, II4, l57 Peace. Sandy, I35 Pearson, Charlene. 93, I53, I67 Pearson, Emma. 93, I73 Peck, Anile, I35, I6l Pederson, David, I35 Peebles. Jean, 93 Peebles. Susan, I35, I6I Peery. Nancy. I35, I58 Pelz, Fran. I35 Penderqraff. Chesler. II4 Penn. Velma, 93 Penninqlon, Tom, I35, I70, 206. 207 Peoples. Pal, I35 Perino, Sandy, I 36 Perkins. Perkins, Ernesline, I36 Linda. I36 Perks. Joseph. II4, I65, I77 7. I93, I94, Perram, Bill, II4 Ferry. Tom, II4. l8I Perryman. Marlin. 42, I36. I66 Persall. Sharron, II4. I66 Pelers, Ann, I36 Peters, Jana, II4 Pelers, Jim, 40, 70, 84, 93, ISO, l5I, I53 Pelers, Linda, I36 Pelherick, John. II4 Peffil, Lincla. II4, l7l Pelly, Anna Marie, 94 Pefly, Roy, I36. l98 Phelps, Mary. II4. I73, I76 Phelps, Roberla. II4, I53, Ib5, I7l Phelps, Rulh. I36, I74 Phillips, Era Mae, I36 Phillips, Jimmy, I36. I98 Phillips. Marlha, I36 Phillips. Sharon, I36 Pierce. Frances, I36 Perce. Linda. I36 Piquel, Wilma, 94 Pilkinglon, Jimmy, 94, I55 Pinley, Pal. II4 Pillser, Diann. II4, ISB Plasler, Thomas, I I4 Plunlcell. Gilberf, II4 Polahl, Paul, 94 Ponder, Tim, I I4 Poorboy, Larry., I36. I7I Poorboy, Linda, 94 Pope, Greg, I36 Poplin. Lynda, I36 Poreda. Roberl, I36 Porler. Larry, I I4, 207 Porler. Marie. II4 Porler. Sue, I36, I6l, I93 Polfer, Richard, 94 Polforf, Fred, II4, I53. I56. I68, I77 PouIos.' Greg, II4, I97 Pounds. Donna, 94 Powell, Floyd, I36 Powell. Sam, II4, I67, I97, I99 Powell, Terry, 2l2 Praler, Jim. II4 Prafer. Sam, I36 Pralf, Kay, 94 Presfon, Caroll, 94, I59 Preslon, Janel. I36, I47 Prewifl. David, I36, I73 Price, Diane, 94. I57 Price. Ginna, I36, I75 Price, Howard. I36 Price. Kennelh. I36 Price, Nilclci. 94 Prigmora, Donna, 42, II4, I49, I65, I79 Prince. Carol, I36 Pringer, Marlene, I36 Priichell. Peler, I36, I9B Provorse, Larry. I36 Pruiil, Jaclcie, 94, I64 Pruifl, Wanda, I44 Pruner. Fred, I54 Pry, Riclcy, I36, l7l Pry, Ronnie, I36, l7l Puclceil, Anile, II4, l6l, I67 Purdy, Roberf, I36 Purviance, Beverly lSuel, I36 Pulman, David. I67 Pyles. Sandy, I36, I75, I83 225 Queen, Rodney, II4. lbl, I98. 2l3 Quenga, Ricky, 68, 94 kabe, Mary, II4 Raburn, Milne, I36 Kackosni. Marqarel, 94 Regan. Mike, 94 Ragsdale, Bill, 94 Ragsdale, Jim, II4, 206, 207 Raines, Frances, 94 Rambo, Carl, II4 Ramsay. Susan, II4, I66, I79, I86 Ramsey, Jean. 94 Randall. Beverly, I36, I74 Raney, Peggy, I36, l75 Rankin, Aaron, I I4 Resberry, Kalhleen, II4. I53 Rask. Chris, I37 Rask. Roberla. 94 Ralhbone. Michael, II4 Rallifl, Belly, 94 Rauch. Billy, I36 Rauch, Mary Ann, II4 Rauch, Phil. 29, 94, I47, I52, I53, I77 Raulslon, Ann I4, 94, I58. I66, I79 Raulslon, Ron, I36 Raus, Linda, I36 Ray, Gary, 94 Ray, Jaclcy. 94. I67, I7I Raynolds, Tracy, IO. 84, 94, I46, I47, l56 Rech, Eddie. II4 RED CROSS, I60 RED FEATHERS, IB2 Redman, Grela, II4, I55 Redman, Linda, 94 Reed, Carol, II4 Reed, Tom, I36, I47, I67, I86 Reed, Vinson, I36, I47 Reeder. Carla, 94 Reese, Carol, I36. l75 Reese. Cheryl. I37. I7I, I93, I94 Reeves. Dean. II4 Regalis, Vincenl, I37 Reinolds. Palricia, II4 Reins. Jean. II4 Reniers, Anne, 28, 95, I62, I63, I79, I82 Reniqar, Teddy, II4 Ren'yar, Wesley, I37 Reynolds, Janie, 95 Reynolds, Jerry, 95. II4, I69, l7l Reynolds, Kalhy, II4. I66 Reynolds, Mary, II4, l58 ' Reynolds. Marilyn, I72 Reynolds, Michael, I37, I66 Rhamy, Carrie. I37 Rhodes. Janice, I37 Rhodes. John, II4 Rhodes. Kay, I37 Rice. Ava, I37 Richardson, Carol, 68. I37 Richardson, Malcolm, I37 Richardson. Mike, I37. l98 Richey. Diana. 95 Richmond. Nancy, I37 Riddell, Karen, 95 Riddle, Ina, 95, I7I Riggs, Finis, 95 Riggs. Gary, 95 Riley. Bill. I37 Riley, Mary, I37, I47, l83 Ririe, Jean, II4, IS9, I65 Rilchie, Carolyn, 95 Rill, Bob, 33, 95, I8I Rifz, Phil, I37 Roach, Rebecca, I37 Roark, Cecilia, 95 Roberls, Bill, 75, 95 Roberfs, Orvil, II4 Roberis, Penny, I37 Roberls, Roger, 96, I55 Roberison, Ellis, II4 Robinson, Janice. II4. I72 Robinson, Marilyn, I37, I74 Robinson, Marvin. 96. 2I3 Robinson. Sieve, 96 Roden, Marlha, II4 Rodgers, Cindy, I37, ISO Rodqers, Earl, I37 Rodisch, Rulh, 28, 96, I46, I47, ISI. IS3, IS7 Rogers, Jerry, I I4 Rogers, Linda, 96, I37, I86 Rogers, Paul, IIS Rogers, Reid, IIS Rolen, Judy. 96 Roley, Lois, I37, I74- Rolslen, Rick, 96 Roop, John, I I5, 2II Roper, Jim, IIS, I49, IS9 Rose, Leslie, IIS, I8I, I94 Rosenslein, Carrie. I37 Ross, Peggie, I37 Ross. Vernon, IIS Rossiwall, Bernl, I0. 96, I46. I4-7, I4B Roszel, Renee, I4, IIS. l65, I79, I94 Rowe, Rick. 96 Rowe, Sandra, I37, I83 Rowell, Ronald, I37, I9B Roy, Linda, IIS Ruby, George, I37, I98 Ruckman, Leonard, I37 Ruffin, Joe, I37 Runyan, Gary, IIS, I70 Ruse, Rene, IIS, I6I, I67 Rush, Jim, IIS Rushing, Jerry, 96. IS4 Russell, Candice, IIS Russell, John, IIS, I37 Russell, Mary, I37, I47 Russell, Sheila, IIS Russell, Virqinia, 96, I68, I84 Rusir, Sharon, I37 Rulherford, Leon. IIS Rvchel, Dwighl, 96, I64 Rylander, Cynlhia, I37 Rylander, Roqer, 29, 97, IS3, IS6, I64, 205 Sac1er.Cheryl, I37, I74 Salas, Anlhony, I37 Samuels, Janice, IIS Sanders, Janice. I37 Sanders, Tommy, I37, I69, I7I Sappinglon, Jerry, I37 Sarmienlo, Roberl. 97, IS3. IS6, I97, I99 Sarnowski, David, IIS, I8I Sassano, Don, IIS, ISO, ISI, IS7, 206 Savage, Calhy, IIS, I67 Savage, Mary Ann, I37, I9I Scace, Carolyn, 97, I76 Schaeffer, Charles, I37 Schidlowski. Mike, II5 Schiff. Skip. 97, ISI, 209 Schlemme, Gary, I37 Schmidl, Carolyn, 97. I49 Schneider, Sharilyn. I37, I7I, I93 Schollen, Edward. I37 Schollen, Euqene, 97 SCHOOL LIFE. I64 Schoulen, Huiberf, IIS Schrandf, Sherry, I37, I74, I93 Schreiner, Jimmie, I37 Schreiner, Mary, I37 Schroeder. Ann, IIS Schroeder, John, 88.97, I68 Schroeder, Roberi, IIS Schuerie, Donna, I37 Schuler, Nicki, IIS, I6I. I66. I79 Schwend, Susan, IO, 38, 70, 72, 83, 97,I62,I79 Scoif, Berf, I97, 202 Sco'H', Billie, IIS Scoll, Jerry, IIS, IS3, IS6, I77 Seaba, Janice, IIS Seaboll, Jim, 2I3 Sealon, Sfeve, I34 Sealon, Suzy, IIS Seawriqhf, Wendell, I37 Segovia, Linda, I37, l83 Mike, I37 Selby, Lee, II, 97, I47, IS6, 202, Seiberf, 204, 2II Self, Bill, IIS Self, Mark, I37 Sellers, Evelyn, IIS Sellers, Jim, IIS, I54 Sellman, Joe, I37 Senske, Andreas, IIS, 209 Serzy, Brenda, I37 Shackellord, Sleven, 97 Shaller, Charlie, I38 Shank. Sari, I38, IS9, I74, I93 Shank, Tom. I38 Shanks, Ronald, I8I Sharp, Dennis, I38 Sharp, Phyllis, IIS Sharp, Zilla, IIS. I67 Shaw, Marie, ISS Shaw, William, 97, IIS, I38 Shawqer, Fred, IIS, I96, I99 Shea. Bill. 9, 97, 2I3 Shea, Judy, I38, I74, I83 Shearer, Mary Anne, 97, I79, I94 Sheeley, Faye, IIS Shehan, Darrell, I38 Sheldon, Charloife, IIS, I8I Sheldon, Sheila, I38 Shel'I'on, Michael, I28, I38, I98 Shepard, Jean. I I5 Shepard, Larry, I38 Shepard, Linda, 97 Shepard, Roberf, I38, 209 Sherman, Dan, 97 Sherrod. Dwiqhl, 97, IS4 Sherwood, Melva Jo, 97 Sheiiers, Jane, I38 Shidler. Mark, IIS Shields. Richard, IIS Shifleif, Jim, IIS Shiplel, Larry. 97, 2I3 I .226 203, Shipley, Monly, I38 Shipley, Russell, IIS Shirley, Houslon, II5,'I56, IS7, I77 Shoemaker, Ben, 97 Sholner, Jackie Sue, II6. I76 Shonkwiler, Jerry, I20, I38 Shonkwiler, Terry, 2I3 Shoulders, Diana, I38 Shriver, Georqe, 97 Shumale, Larry, I38 Sides, Linda, I38. I68 Sides, Loreffa, II6, I68 Silkey, Albert II6 Silkey, Eddie, 97 Simmons, Kalhleen, I38, IS9 Simmons, Pai, I38 Simpson, Linda, I38 Simpson, Marlha, II6 Sims, Shirley, I I6 Sinclair, Jim, 97, IS3, 202, 203 Singer, David, I38, I98, 206 Skaggs. Billy, I38 Skaggs, Judy, 68, I38 Skeehan, Leonard, II6 Skinner, Donna, I38, I74 Skinner, Kafhy, 97, ISI, I6I, I64 Skinner, Mary Ann. I I6 Skocdopole, Joyce, I I6 Slack, Nakifa, 28. 83, 97, I62, I63, I79,I84,I94.I95 Slagle, Tommy, I38 Sloan, Janie, I38 Slover. Mike, II6. 205 Smallwood, Sandy, I38 Smellz, Walda, I38, I75 Smi'l'h Smifh Smilh Smifh Smilh Smilh Smilh Smilhi Smilh Smilh Smilh Smilh Smilh Smilh Smilh Smifh Smilh Smifh Smiih Srnilh Smi'I'h Smi'I'h Smilh Smifh Smith Smilh Smilh Smilh Smilh Smilh, Smilh Smilh SmiI'h Smilh Alberl, I38 Bill R., II6 Billy, 97 Carol, II6. IS7. I58, I6I Carol Ann, 97 Danny, 2I3 David, I38 David Wayne, I38, I66, 206 Diana, I38 Ed. II6, I4-9, I6I, I96 Gordon, I38 Greq, 97 James lSkipl, I38 Jane'I', 97, I62, I63, ISI Janei Sue, I38 Jerry. II6, IS7 Jimmy, IS4 Jo Ann, I I6 Joe, I38. I39, 202, 203 Larry, 98 Leroy, II6 Leslie, II6, I76. I79 Linda Lee, 67, 98, I58 Linda, I38 Peggy,II6,I79,l94,I9S Reqina, II6,I47.IB3 Roloeri Blake, 98. I69 Roberf Slanley, I I6 Roy Linda, l83 Sharon, II6 Sharon, 98, IS3, ISS , Terry, I I6 Theda, I38 Tonya, II6, I70 Smilher, Mike, II6 Smolherman, Doug. II6 Snap, James, 98 Snell. Kay. I38. I4-I Snell. Ronnie, 98 Snow, Wayland. I I6 SPEAKERS' BUREAU. l5l Solrel, Don, II6 Solomon. Judi. I Ib Son. Ernest. 98. I69 Sroner. Alice. I39 Sfoner, Joan. 99 Storm, Karen. I39. I47 Slouf. Susie. Ilb. I52. I79. I83. I93. I94 Sfoul. Susie K., I39 Sloul. Walker. I39 Slovalll. Glenda. 99. I73 Slover. Joe, I39, I98 v . Terry. Maclcneffa. I39. I74 Terry. Ted. I39. I73 Thaxfon. Buddy, I40 THESPIANS. ISO Thomas. Cheryl. I40 Thomas. Earl. I54 Thomas. Lillie. I40 Thomas Linda. I40. I6I. IB3. I93 Sorrels. Judilh. I38. I74 Soufhern. Jimmy, 98 Soulhwood. Frank, 98 Sfowell. Riclr. II6. II7. I4-7. l65 Slrail. Mike. I39 Thomas. Lyndia. IOO Thomas. Marilyn. I40. I68 Thomas. Nancy, II7. I74 Spain. Thomas. l38 Speaker. Jimmy, 98. I97. I99 Speer. Frank. II6 Speer. Rhell. 34. 35. II6. I50. Spence. Gail. I38 Spencer. Jean. II6 Spencer. Larry. I98 Sperloer. Esrelle. II6 Sperry, Loliela, II6 Spicer. Judilh Ann. I I6 Springer. Ramon. l38. l68 STAGECRAFT. l8I Sfaires. Barbara. 98 Sfaires. Joe. I2. 98. I56. I86 Sfalcup. Sandy. I53 Slallsworfh. Gary, I38 Slanclill. Palsy. 98. I76 Sfarlc. Don. IS4 Sfarr. Charley. I38 Sfarr. Jeanefle. I38 Sfarr. Sylvia. I74 Slaulfer, Herberf. 98 Sl. Clair. David, 98. I54 Sieed. Evelyn lJeanl. 98 Sfeele. Donna. I38 Sfeele, Jerry. 98 Sfeele. Michael. l38. I98 Slegmann. David. l38 Sfehm. Keifh. 138 Sleil. Charles, I38 Slringfellow. Carolyn, II7. I6I, l83 I93 Slrobel. Glenn. 139. I96. I99 Slrolcey, Paul. II7. I69 Slroucl. Georqe. I39 Slroud. John. I39. 206 Sfroui. Mike. I39 Sfuermann, Waller. I39 Srulsman, Sharon. I39 Sugg. Everell. II7 Sullivan. Benny. II7 Sullivan, Gwen. I39 Sullivan. Lonnie. 99 Sullivenf. Fred. II7. l7I Summers. Sharon. 99. I53 Sunday. Alice. I39 Supernaw. Carol. I39. I9l. I93 Surber. Mary. I39 Sullon. Ted. I39. 209 Swamson. Paul. II7 Swarer. Josephine. 99 Sweet Jackie, I39 Sweel. Terry. I I7. I93 Swenson. Max, I39. I98 Swim. Charles. 99. I55 Swim. Joyce. II7 SWIMMING. 209 SYNCHRONETTES, I94 T. AND I. CLUB. IS4- Tablo. Julia. II7. I49. I53. I7I. I83 Tanner. Dee Dee. II7 Thomas. Russell, II7 Thomas. Sue. II7, I83 Thompson. Dale. II7 Thompson, Douglas. I40 Thompson Harold. I40 Thompson. Jerry. I I7 Thompson, Kirk. II7 Thompson, Mary. I40 Thompson. Mary Ann. II7. I59 Thompson. Sammy. II7 Thompson. Sherry. IOO Thompson. Suq. II, IOO. I46. I47, I53. I79, I84. I94 Thrasher. Paul. I40 Thurman. Janice. IOO Tiefgen. Nancy. I39, I74 Slephens, Gam. 98. l5I. I55 Sfephens, Jerry. II6. I39 Sfephens. Lee. 98, 2l2 Sfephens. Sandy. 98. II6 Sfephenson, Jan, 98. I73 Sfephenson, Larry. 98. I55 Sferne, Bill, II6 Slevens. June. I39 Ufley Slevenson. James. II6 Sfevenson, James C.. I39 Slevenson. John. II6. I73 Sfevenson. Opal. 98 Stevenson. Richard. II6 Slewarl. Bruce. I39. I53. 209 Sfewarf, Carolyn, 98 Sfewarf. Deana. II6, l8I Sfewarl, Franlc, II6. I66 Tale. Gina Belh. I39 Tale. Jerry. II7 Tale. Paul. II7 Tafum. Dennis. 35. 99 Taylor. Alvin. I39 Taylor. Eddie. 99 Taylor Janie. 99. I55 Taylor John Sidney, I39 Taylor. Joselfe. 99. I59 Taylor, Joyce, I39 Taylor. Judi. I39. I83. I93 Taylor. Linda. I39. I6I. I9I Taylor. Milne. II7. I97. I99 Taylor. Roger. I39 Taylor, Ronnie. 99. I68 Taylor, Sharon. 99 Taylor. Susan. I39. I93 Tilrle. Sharon. II7 Tohlen. Harold. IOO Tolar. Dale, I39. I74 Toliver. Mariann. IOO Tolley. Beverly. I39. I83 Tolley. Paula. II7 TOM TOM, l62 Toney, Frances. I40. I93 TRACK. 2I2 Tracy. Ronald. I40 Tramel, Buel. II7 Trammell. Berry. II7. I53 Travis. Kalhe. II7. I6I TREBLE TONES, I75 Trigg, Judi. IOO, I79. I94 Trolfer. Linda. II7 Troxell. Terry. I40. 206. 207 Trudgeon. Cheryl. II7 Tugliani, Sfeve. I40 Tuller. John. I40 Tunslall. Orville. IOO. I55 Turner. Carol. I40 Turner. Janice. I40. I75. I93 Turnipseed, Sue. IOO. I55 Tully, Bob. IOO Tully. Pafricia. I40 Twisf. Deana. I40 Tyson. Jane, I40 Tyson. Jeanie. IOO . Frances, II7 Uflerbaclc. Jim, I40, I56. I96 Vanaman, Vera. IIO Sfewarl, Jean, II6 Sfill. Homer. 98. I56, I96. I99 Slilley. Thomas. I39 Sfimpson. Norma Jean. II6 Slinnell. Richard. 98 Slone. James. I39 Sfone, Kay. II6, I79 Sfone. Louise, 98. l58 Srone. Palricia. I39 Stone. Phil. 98. I57, I78 Slone. Tom. I39 Teague, James. I39 Tecumseh. Erania. I39, I76 Tedder. Linda. II7 Teeqarden. David. I39 Teel. Nancy, II7. IS8. I7I, I94 Teenor. Charles. I47 TENNIS. 2ll Tennison. Evelyn, I39 Tenny. Ted. 8. I3. 29. IOO. I53, I70. I77, I78 Terrell. Anne, I39 227 Vance. Marsha. 42. IOO. I50. ISI. I53 Van Kleer. Sherry, II7 Van Kleer, Henry. IOO Varnell, Vauqhn, Gary. I40 Frances. II7 Vauqhn. Lawrence. I40 Vaughn, Trudy. I40. I93 Vauqhf, Charles. II7 Veach, France. I40 Veslal. Sian, I40. I69 Viclcburq. Janef. IO, 72. l6I,l79 IOO. I4-7. I49 S Vickers. Gloria, II7 Villareal, Bob. I40, 206 Villines. Mechelle. II7 Vincanl, Carolyn, I4O. I6I Viner. Don. IO3, II7 Vineyard, Lonnie, II7 Voelker. Kafherine. IOO. I50 Vosse. Fred. IOO, I68, I96. I99 Wade, Alice, I4-O. I47. I86. I93 Wagley. Don, l40 Waqley. Wayne, I I7 Waqner, Duane. IO7. I96, I97, I99 Waqner, Linda. II7 Ws1+,M11ie, 117, I47. I76 Wail, Pal. II7, l6I. I66, I79 Walden. Joann, I4-O. I74. I93 Walker. Ashley, IOO. I57 Walker, Cheryl. I40. l94 Walder, Lavern, II7 Wallcer. Paul. IOO Welder, Susan. I4O Wallace. Elaine, IOO Wallace. John, I40 Wallace. Maribelh. II7 Wallace. Rick. IOO Wallace. Sandy. I40 Wallace. Sharon. IOO Wallace, Thomas. I40. I76, I7B Wallers. Carol. I40 Wallers. Diane. I40 Walfers. Veva, l4O Walirip. Carol, II7 Wampler, Jan. II7, I6I. I79 Ward. Delores, I40 Ward, Dewayne, II7 Ward. Elaine. II7 Ward. Seorqe, I4O Ward. Linda J.. II7 Ward. Linda L., I4O Ward. Paula. I40 Ward. Susi. II7 Warcl. Viclor. I I7 Warma. Milne, I4O Warren. Gloria. II8 Warren. Louis. I66 Washinglon. Georgia. II8 Walson. David. II8 Waffenbarqer. Annell, II8. I58. I67 Walnls, Herla, II8 Weaber. Roy. I4I Weafherly. Pafricia. I4O Webb. Jimmy, I4I Websler. June, I I8 Weisenborn, Susan. II8. I67 Welch, Jeff, IOO, I69 Wells, John, II8, I67 Wenh. Bill. IOO. I54 weghele, ug X las E ai ii iiilisfii -1--Y Weslgale, John, I4I. I70 Wesfgale. Kalhy. I4I. l68. I85 Werre. Ed. IOO Whalen. Calherine, II8. I72 Whealley. Jo Ann. II8 Wheeler, Howard. I4I Wilson. Johnny. l4I Wilson, Palsy, IOI. I58 Wilson. Peggy, IOI. I58 Wilson, Richard, I4I, I66 Wilson. Rick, I4I Wilson, Rudy. I4I While, Danny, I4-l While. Dennis. I4-I While. Donna. IOO White, Edward. IIB. I73 Whiie. Geraldine. I4I. I70 While, Howard. l4I. 20? While. Lenard. II8 While. Lon. IOO. 206, 207. 208 While. Sieve. I I8 Whifehead. Ted, IOO, I66 Whilehorn, Winona. II8 Whileis. Barbara. II8 Whilenack. Carolyn. II8. I6l Whiilock. Sue, II8 Whilsell. Sylvia. IOI Whiitalcer, Byron. 80. IOI Whiliinqlon, Jerry, II8 Widener. Sharon, IOI Weiczorelz, John. I4l. l68. 209 Wiedenmann, Karen. IOI. I67. I73 Wieneclxe, Alvina, 79. IOI, I49. I50. ISI. l53. I57 Wighlman. Fred, II8 Wilcox, Allan. I I8 Wilcox. Auslin. I I8 Wilcoxson, Fred. I4-I Wilder, Janice, 64. IOI. I66. I73. I79. I84 Wiley. Palricia. II8. I72 Wilkie, Jean, II8. I47 Wilkins. Nancy. I4I, I74. I83 Wilkins. Patricia, IOI Wilkins. Tony, IOI Wilkinson, Charlene, I4-I. I75 Willcerson, Donald, I4-I Willard. Michael, IOI. I50. l5l Williams Barbara, II8 Williams Bobby. I4I Williams. Bonnie. I4I Williams, Diclr. l4I Williams Jerry, II8 Williams. Joe. II8 Williams Joyce, II8. I93 Williams Ronnie I4-I Willis. Pam. 141 ' Willis, Sue. IOI Wilmelh. Susan. II8 Wilson. Barbara. I4I Wilson, Carol. II8. I47. I7l Wilson, Charles. I4I Wilson, Chuclc, 70. 96. IOI, I50. I Wilson. Gerald, I4I SS al 228 Wilson. Todd, I4l Willshire. Jim. 25. 40. 7I. 33. IOI l56. I96. l98. l99. 20l Wimmer. Slanley, I4-I Winchesler. Gail. IOI Winlcerl. Mary. II8, l6I. I74, I76 Winlcle, Sandi, I4-I Wise. Cheryl, I4l. I6I. I76 Wisher, Rebecca. II8 Wisner, Sharon, IOI. I58 Wilhers. Bulch. IOI Wilhers. Deanna. IOI Wolfe. John, I4l Wonderley, Glen, II8 Wood. Bruce, I4l, I98 Wood. Nancy. 23. 72, IOI. I46, I47 l53. I66. I79 Wood. Nancy Elizabefh. I39. I4I. I70 Wood. Sam, II8, l54 Woodard, Jane. 38. 72. IOI. I84. I94 Woodford. Wilda. IOI Woods. Carol. II8. I58 Woods, David. II8. I4I Wooldridge. Richard. II8 Wooldridge, Roger. I4I Woollon, Harold. I4-I Worley, Gleenah Hean. II8 Worth, Benny, II8 Wren. Barbara, II8, I67 WRESTLING. 206 Wriqhl. Alberla, IOI. I50. I64- Wriqhl. Duane, I4I Wriqhl. Eddie. 42. II8, I67 Wrighl. Gary, I69 Wriqhl. Phil. II8. II9. l65 Wy1ard. Kennelh. IOI Yancey. Jerri. I4-I Yerlon, Robert I4I York, Brenda. II8 Yorlc. Judy Ann. I4I Yorlc. Marla. IOI Younq. Lawrence. II8 Young. Marcia, I4l. I83, I93 Younq. Ronnie. II8 Younq. William, IOI Younqer, Cheryl. IOI. I74 Ysidro, Connie. I4I Zeelc, John, I8I Zimmerman. Gayle, II8, l53. I79, IB3. I93. I94 Zilel. Roqer, l4I , Alexander. Thelma. 53 Anderson. Frances. 53 Baer. Aubrey. 52. 53 Balmer, Laura. 52. 54 Barneif. H. G. 50 Beasley. Carl C.. 50 Benninqolf. Jack. 54 Berggren, Thelma, 54. l79 Beuby, William, 54, I76 Blackburn. Rae. 54, 9l Blass. Ned. 54. 206. 208. 2lI Boesche. Fenelon. 50 Bowman, Charles. 54. IO7. l23. I96. 2l2 Bridges. Mary Ellen, 52. 54 Bridwell, Belly, 54 Brown, Huqo, 54 Buller, William L.. 50 Cantwell. Carol. 54. l82 Cason, Carl, 54 Charles. Russell. 54 Charvoz, Clyde. 54. l96, 2l3 Clark, Eslher, 54 Collier. Jane. 56. l82 Croichell, Anna K., 28. 56. I64 Daniel, J. Lililefon lMrs.l, 50 Dauqherly. Edilh, 56. 69 Davidson, Louise. 57 FACULTY INDEX Hannah, Belh. 58 Hardin. May, 58 Hawes, V. B.. 58 Higginbofham. Polly. 58 Holmes. lvan, 58 Holfon, Rulh, 58 Howell. Candace. 58 Hughe s. Blanche. 58 Hughes. Shirley, 58. l82 Huri, Wincel, 58 Johnso Jones. Kelley. Kirkma n, Elhel. 58 Paul, 58. l56 Elizabefh, 60 n. Elizahielh, 60 Kirlrpalriclc. Loucillah, 60, l5S Kisner, Richard O.. 6l. l54 Lenll. William C.. 6l. 205 Lawless. Jerrold, 6l. I69. l7l Lee. M Lemley Linden. Mabry, Marsh. ilclrecl. 6l .J0e. 52, l53. l80 Mona June. 6l Elmer. 6I Merry Ann. 56. 6l. l82. I94 Marlin, Alberl. 6l. lBl Marlin. Villard, 50 Mason, Maybe Mayes. Charles C. lDr.l. 49. 50 ' rry. Ora. 6l Mayme. 6l Davis. Norris, 57. I46 Dee, David, 57 Difiee. Jessie. 57. l58 Dorsch. George. 52. 57, I76 Ehlers. Clarence. 35. 52. 96 Ellis. Reqina. 57 Erwin. J. B.. 57 Felible. Charlolla. 57 Flaharf, Pai, 57, l82 Frazee, Vella, 57 Freeman, Iona, 43. 57. ISO, l5l Gallier. Paula, 57 Gulhrie. Nell, 57 Gwinn. Diclr. 57. l98, 206 Hagler. Helen, 57, 68 Hale. Rulh. 58 McCaflerly. Carl L., Sl McCrary, Edward. 6l. l20 McDonald. Madeleine. 6l McDougal, Murrel, 6I Mcl-luqh, Ernesl. bl Miller. Dora Mae, 6l Miller. Joan, 62 Milchell, James. 62. l80 Morgan. Lynne, 56. 62. l92 Newlrirlr, Edna, 62 . Nighlingale. Wanda. 62 Nolan, Emmefl. 62. I97 Olds, Charles, 62 O'Neal. Frances, 62 Orme, Jacli. 28, 62. l62. l65 Orr. C. H.. 62, l80 Phillips. George. 69 Pilre. Margery, 60. 62. l57 Piil. Geneva. 62 Pollorf. Mary. 62 Powell. Sydney. 62, 64. l52. l80 Quesenbery. Virginia M.. 64 Raclrlelf, Julia M.. 64 Radcliffe. Leona. 65 Ramsey. Jewell. 65, l6I Ralzlaff, Barney. 65, I49 Reves. Velma D., 64, 65 Reynolds, Norma Jean. 65, 68 Reynolds. Ralph C.. 65. 69 Riddle, Bob. 65. I97 Ringle, Verlin, 65 Rosensiein. Claud. 50 Russell. Henrieila. 65. 6B Sager. Larellia, 65 Sanders. Earl M.. 65. 69 Sands, Valdene, 65. l82 Saunders. Joyce. 52. 65, I80 Schwabe. Barbara. 64. l59 Scoil, Cecil. 65 Sellers, Robert' J.. 66 Slwarlis, Warren M. 66 Simms. Mary Louise. 52. 66 Slcellon, Jaclc. 66. l77 Slaqle. Don, 48, 52. l80 Slenqer. Lorna, 66 Sloclc. Arnold. 66 Sfone, Clifford. 66 Sullon. Eddie. 66. 202. 203. 2IO Teague. Rex P.. 66 Thorpe. Opel. 66 Toevs. Harold, 66 Tomlinson. Bernice. 66. l02 Trimm. Roy R.. 66 Turnbauqh. Tom V.. 66. I78 Vesfal, Felix. 66 Williams. Sharon. 68 Winesburq. Elberl, 68 Wise. W. B.. 68, 69. l80 Wood. Virgil O. lMrs.l. 50 Hall. George. 8. . 58 Orr. Nadine. 62 Wflqhii GBOVCIS- 68 - Hanlcs. Caihern Penner. Wayman. 59. 62 VVYGHI D0"0ll"V- 68 X N- X7 'ZZ' zzz! from ' 4222, A ifwilf gi 6 " 4 A if W If 4154! ltd! W fLfL4c24frf!-ff af fail LC 1, " f . ' f , "lf 1' . A ' W ,f15Z6a77Lf6 V ,,-' Valli . 3 ie . 414' gf , ' I .a .Rial 229 I L Woof 1 - i wmifoudflbbcwoukbax MwMM,?,177md . aa' ,mxylwllgdmm EAW gm wLifff?1"zfJ'0f!fff"1'5w-fwfdidi XLJ. QJO flujg up wg lltUgl'3IlhS Qwff uvrxjii. ,Ln 6 fi' 411 QDSGJK , 6 gum-EAM ww -Dultilifl QPDNGLL gg .VW Qwi 'f'fU"ffU+ V' Cwwwwes Q Q A? 1 I x ClHi5'JVV'-Uk MLB Sbmww ammo oiwmwaq VLSQ0 Gm., -df dy Lfigkwem hfitxtffu Jifihibewu JSZZLM , Q elf? wa Wan . N Qowxi, 'wxsmhe wcZe -WMD , x Www XZVMZW m A '. 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Q ' cap? if X - fg'?L'f?C.Q,' j 4- ,, M Q -,fM,QQQ Autographs LQfv3CW,O4,,fw2M.f Q0z QL "" A 0-Q12 QQCLQLAQGL'---7t!2A'LQLe X o LQ E Ko if-f J I LR , Qffjlb Ll QQASQAA fj5f??8w'U Q A 'Q CIZTC5 hgh df C, t It x Q.uwAL vvggs emu! 'bg OL xl5,LQ'C G lima Llffsflql, QA A KLESAX uns. ,n...ffUUOlO.iX'. XQGL'fP'?glg53L1fZQL0L'77l' ffmffy 3066 palm-"5fL - ku-.gkg Sfouvvduvo., UU L.KlL?fIf'A L '54 CNZZX, 'A '-ive , L LC-'HZ , Gum M ufccwf 1- fflgof Gab - , U 1 ., uv LJ S- gmail L,ELdCi'LCX Cfli " 4 g r,: , X7 - M L wff bffm ,D J i at - JH., -QV ,- , V ffil .Gy bk H, A Sig!! QSM!! I. Wa wfwfy J H' 1 - 1 fe J4C,A :Q 5 J .ff -A ' E ja faifwwi gg? ,MJ- fm i Wm MM me mv v ' -J f I daabazodyw ' ?d1.fl?Z7L4zC'4m,6g MQ .il , ,.U'.l 1 ' X 1 , , 1 f " A fdgfbwzerfj M W Q My Ojdfof Q!-vb Qffm M M ' If .9 My Q glggaji -T K XM!! My zfc,.f.,Q, -'Q-11fL,'.'x '.., 15 " '. xx E.,-5' M 'Y Mr? H ,1j.'.xLL, '-L-f-X."'.--Lf- sZEk.lL--ma' M 1 WJ 9' 4-9 fn 232 ffl hbzav. 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C' --'.Ifg,z,fJL LQ, CJ Off' if ,Q pl zleufu Q fa 114 , I L 42 vm fL!v L ffl! f MW ,L f , 0fE4f lui fa Q Mai 19,49 H . , be XJUJW V Q IV c , P ' lb fdwk J LJ XULAA L X V Wwe J w M b LUX' 7.1 1 U49 . fc. WW' I 1 X- J E ff, 1 L1 , H 1 f A in i V J gf I ,f , x W J ' I 1 ' . fr 1 5 wi X V, M , ' ff' fd M T f ' ,41 3 I 4 '1 At A V ' 1 6" ' A V. A f W '

Suggestions in the Central High School - Tom Tom Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) collection:

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