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'I v 'Nigg- - - Tinf. g' W A Q 4 "X , ,fr 'F Q Q if :Y :EW if , .QQ I W x , w.,. It 'Q :Q A , r 5 --.v p---, -hi Y qi "Jn ' g fl: I L xt ,-J' 5 4 1, 1 it ' v, 'M 0' " -4 QC 5-., " "' A , Y I . 1 . 1' ng. . S JT QP '11 ."' 4 1, Q ., 4,5 P - . I 0 V " K M N I v S0 TI-IE RED AND BLACK J ,... fr' x . I xi a A -1 . I' fi: CENTRAL HIGH SCI-ICDCDL SAINT Louis, MISSQURI Peace At Last 44 cc cc My country, O my country, peace at last! Enduring peace, redeeming peace, with right Triumphant, truth exultant in its mighty The storm clouds riven, war's dread cyclone past. Unnumbered men the cords of death bind fast, But not in vain they perished in the ight. God's gracious plans are now revealed to sightg Now freedom's sun, no longer overcast, W1'll send forth piercing beams of healing light, And pour rich blessings on the rescued lands That long have lain in darkness, held by bands Of fierce oppression, ground by tyrant heel Of autocratic state. Secure from blight By ruthless pride, assured all peoples' weal. -W. J. S. 2 BRYAN .Q -x :"' f . . R if S 5 ,Z lili llit iiiih ii V0 H F- , . ' A", I' 3 ' ' Q GENE MERLENBACH 'V l : : 5, smuuwo THROUGH mt YEARS I gg' I El I if I2 E D A N D at A Q K -l"l- 3 53:5 'r.'T nn 3 Senior Annual 159' J Volume XXX J ll - 1947 CONTENTS Theme Poem ........ fl Theme Drawing . . . . . . 5 What is a Smile? ....... 6 Central Smiles Through the Years . . 7 Events of Our Ninety-fourth Year . lO Alumni .......... 15 Faculty ..... . . 25 Seniors . . . . . 3 l P Advisory Groups . . . 63 li ill Clubs . . . . . 81 J Sports . . . . . 99 r X Il IZ 1 b Il II ',"' 513-. Q 3 i ' X1 Sou. KD!7Q QYQQ 37291 5651 T31 fdbi 5631 57231 TGDTCS G EJ Sm ng Through the yea Through the years old Central's spirit's shining, Shining through the years! Faced with fears She'll march with courage f Smiling through her tears. She will triumph In the blazing strifeg There'll never be defeat In Central's life. Through the storm orward, Her sails will not be shaken, And no harm Wz'll find her overtaken. Through the years, Till earth is dead, And dawn's light disappears She will come through, Smiling through the years! 9 ED ESTEL G 8 023,55 3l Q9l .Ql Ql C9l Ul 3l 3l 4 FS .. , - . --uk: ' su' ,". . u UA" ' VZ' -n -."-S 4 ' ' X9 "-1Q-- -f T ' Ji-f-. I . ..' f-",I A ye ,fx 43,15 . 1-15 Ia. - I wx , ' 'fy Lu: I? J' "QE,-Suv" fix:-," 'LQ GZ'-1'-Z-,Q-4. . ' -:X ""5?9f' ' ' if-if'-Q .' -' .I " ' 'I 52 "T'-vi-'fix ' Iii .Q -.A I . Q-J.'IIg.': -.'g:-19? fp, I - I -5I-Iggy I.--II, 5 -- . .gjIf?.I,JI.,'fr-Q,:I.1I.f5fIi-' I ' Q 75 '.2I5ggI.:: ' If' I i:'i,,:5 , ,ii-.I-qi:-j -II. .I-.-I"IIfI," I I 1 H'-'...' . -32 ., 4 M- I -. -' . HH. .' ' - .1-1' 'f . ' I--za' H .- ' I 7- . 'sw Iq:L.r, , 1-:ya-1 - "f..::-E.g:i..:.1 I - '- 15- 'JU '9'N" . " 'I -v'f-"'1-L"-4-3' -. . ' '- ff- 2"4'5ISJyx' ' . '-1-- W-1 :' -Y A ns .1 "' 7-C' Affpci-. . ":yfi0w'.1?5' . .- .' T1.f'ss."' ..- -f -' -"" 2 '- - -.fnzff H I "' "Zi" ' ' h"'ff'4-7'--"1 - ,,j.g-,,q,.5z'Q'3f-9:5 ,y eg- ,: -'I-,, Slrjfv-.I-1 I -,-,I -, ,- -.:I L, 5-L I - .:--- - f - f- Q1 -4ff1---'- . , .far--1f . "' 'fII1:'tz74 Mu " U'-1 ' '- ' vw J ga.. -' '- ' ,-'.- -'I . - ?"Q"N 'A -f'.'f..:"'f-3 I ' I - . ' X ' LII-17 I -Q' . , :QI - ' .f'f"' -"Y'j.?. f C'-,"fi-'-1 .H-f-,iaiilfa Q " F' .. ' .915-jfi' hi., if 'If ' ' 2. Ili-Til, 14 I2I,.II-,I 3I.I,I.i IICII I I6 I I Six, AQII .- L-. I Q I 4 . , II..Ig??fg ' If IIWIIIS ' II-15' -- I . 'Q25fZrIt,-IQII'.'f. '-If-:QYg f' 1S'.5g,--f.-'cv 'f 'lf'-5: ' 2+ , .l2afS.+-'f ', 'Q - - ':'59-'gy ?g?'x::1'..:w---.'.'- Q' - ' iy,I-f:'- if ' '. xg 1gag,+,- . ., fn. - --,,,-- -,- - , Q- g,Y,I.. . 3-'xrb - I-3, Tv! vv ' -- .,i-,., .-rf - I gg-551' . ' ' 'If-.:.i:. 1" Q. I. 1' .f- - -- rg---Em. 15 '?.f535w-. - ..'gIk3.I,i" '- UE: . ' "fJ'.x' . ' - 'Tx ' ,-Ni ,..v- 1 II bf.-1' - , ,- , . Q. yffsly if TC-I f- ,If:.-g71:'-,- ' X - ' VET' f 1 32?-'J3i1.,.Z pts? 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'A""V'5'-xii-' '-222--.. ' - "W I . I I I I I I . L 5 , I II IIIL..,,. I II I . . . II I I I..I . II--IIIIII.,-.I'gIIf:,,!.QIIIIIT,,,,IIIn1ss .. N I 'vjIII 14,f,.-1 'II' '-11512-,'A:"-1."l5 1 " ' I ,-.- -, 35.9 -3- 3 :-4' '- -' I ,I I- , a 5. . . rg . . -" I- 1' 'F qi, ' Q' -1 - 1' '. " .. F'f7??t-..a- .. - F-If 'Il I H IMI f'-Ir Ig- ' . -ff' , - .fu ' f u SF I , I I, I-- I ' -, ' , 1 I I . - 5 f,,.- I ff -I 6 :III ,Lf I I-Q II , 5 I .lgfk-,IIII I-I I :gf 'MII IIII. IIIII5'-?3.'I1.:.II u -5 1' ,.- ff s , -.1-U - 'im '-'L SI, I " FAA' . ,. " ' V " 5 ' I ,QFIIQQIII3 ..,. I I, I I .I I 'N -.,.IIIIIIIII : - -: "XJ II Ixft- I I v .:' .. -I.II I,. I. I .- ,. . I AI. . -.I I I. --S-'J ' -1-.-vi. sul. x-. I fna.:-xI,.-'kfv-1I-.- -. I, .I . I I . ... III II I. II..fI 4..I -1,.-., . Through the Years Qld Central's Spirit,s Shining dtlS Smile 44 44 44 A warm, heart-centered smile strikes the keynote to a radiant personality, like that indescribable note of "The Lost Chord". Yet how can we define such an elusive and varying feature? It defies our inadequate words, since it is not a static physical quality, but frequently happiness itself, and sometimes success in life. How many crimes of insincerity, however, have been committed in the name of a "smile"? A smile has no chemical ingredients, no set shape, color, or size, and appears, like the sun, in spring, summer, autumn, or winter, un- dimmed by tears of adversity. Yes, a smile lives "Through the Years". It varies with the individual, and each has his own meaning attached to it. It is as free as the wind, and yet should not be as timeless and reckless: for, even a smile, if it is insincere, can wear out, and become meaningless unless it flows from the heart and is timely. There is a time for everything, a time to laugh and a time to be serious- and the Hnal keynote is sincerity. Yes, "Smiling Through the Years" is the best and most durable prescription for happiness I know of. It saves many a doctor bill, and keeps you in the sunshine, where you "keep your sunny side up". Let us keep undying our spirit, by 'Smiling Through the Years"! -ED ESTEL. 6 Central Smiles Through The Years vw iw F7 The St. Louis Central High School has been smiling through calm and strife, joy and sorrow, tribulation and prosperity, war and peace, for ninety-four years. Since its organi- zation on the third floor of the old Benton Grade School building at Sixth and Locust Streets on February 11, 1853, it has gradu- ated almost 15,000 alumni, and more than 60,000 other students have attended it with- out finishing the full four years. It has en- dured the agonies and hardships of four wars and two tornadoes. In World War I eighteen of her sons gave up their lives for their coun- try, and in World War II sixty-four more made the supreme sacrifice. In the tornado of 1927 five students were killed. Yes, our Alma Mater has had many days of sorrow and tribulations, although most of her days have been calm and joyful, and most of her years have been peaceful and prosperous. Following is a list of some important dates in Central history: A FEW IMPORTANT DATES IN CENTRAL'S HISTORY 1853-High school established on the third floor of the Benton School building on February 11. Total enrollment for 1853 was 72 pupils. 1855-Total enrollment was 119. 1856-Dedication of building at Fifteenth and Olive Streets on March 24. in c '. 134-:T-3-ll.lVT't I ' . .f 'iiifi p 1 ' Iii ? ' ' 1"" t ii 5 . 4 .L H- , U yi 'I ,Q E2 il EJ , E-J , X -1, . . L i H' 5 S gf ,. . - - ,p . lin f . ffl UB. - ,aff fll j jfi ' A. - if is I I 'li A Ellutmiimga In NS 'pllw M T N N gsllw l!-Y nk.. - 7 ' r... f ii ii' A li... gl ' ' r, ., .1 --- .S Q' if ff ff .. 1 L fri' O me OLD BENTON BUILDING 1853-1856 1858-First graduating class consisting of 13 members. 1860-Enrollment was 290. There were 20 graduates. 1861-Schools closed for several weeks on account of Civil War. THE STYLE IN SMILES 1853 Examiner: What do you study? Little Girl: Reading. writing, and gozinta. Examiner: Gozinta? What is that? Little Girl: Why, two gozinta four and and three gozinta six. J . .... . r , ---N -.- ., .-fg if a,I,Q,f" . U, JQHV. X--fx '-l.....- LM "' 7"' i , . - f i 3 4 w x L I im I 71111 fm l y QI lml lf l li Ill - C my N, X QR RX ,FQONL T Dovolis H. S. BUILDING AT 15TH AND OLIVE 1856-1893 1865-Enrollment was 273. There were 27 in graduating class. 1870-High school enrollment was 391. The graduates numbered 39. 1875-Enrollment was 396. There were 56 graduates. THE STYLE IN SMILES ' 1878 Sign on bulletin board: Found. a gold watch. Owners will line up after school. 1880-There were 436 pupils enrolled. For the Hrst time pupils were graduated in January. This custom has continued ever since. There were 29 in the class of January and 61 in the class of June. 1883-The Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the iirst graduation was celebrated on June 14. The grand total of graduates for the 25 years wasl,138. 1888 to January, 1900-Graduation exer- cises were held in the music hall of the Exposition Building at Fourteenth and Olive Streets. 1893-The June class was the last to gradu- ate from the old building. There were 80 in the January class and 108 in the June class. The number enrolled for the year was l,645. The total number graduated from the old building was 2,345. In September the Grand Ave- nue building was opened. 1894-The January class, numbering 62, was the first to graduate from the Grand Avenue building. The exercises were held at the Exposition Building. 1900 to 1909-Graduation exercises were held in the Odeon on Grand Avenue. 1903-Fiftieth Anniversary celebrated. The graduates totaled 4,413. There were 79 graduates in January and 139 in June. The enrollment reached 2,000. 1910 to 1925-Graduation exercises held in auditorium of Grand Avenue building. 1914-Stairs and corridor floors of building were reconstructed of concrete. 1923-Central celebrated the fiftieth anniver- sary of Mr. Bryan's graduation. 1926-In January the school was temporar- ily housed in Yeatman building, pend- ing the fireproofing of the Grand Ave- nue building. 1927-In September, Central High School was moved back to the building at 1030 North Grand Avenue. A lire broke out in the girls' gymnasium on the first day of school. On September 27, 1927, a tornado struck the central part of the city about 1:00 p. m., resulting in the death of five girls of the school. The girls who lost their lives were Alice Berner, Eva Michalske, Blanche Reid, Zena Schneider, and Lois Shaw. On October 4, 1927, Central moved back into the Yeatman building and shared it with the Yeatman Intermediate School until June, 1928. 1928-On February 1 1, Central High School celebrated the seventy-Hfth anniversary of its foundation with a banquet and mass meeting attended by nearly 3,000 alumni. The total number of graduates reached 9,600 in June. The school published a 300-page Diamond Jubilee issue of THE RED AND BLACK. 1932-On February 22, Central gave a pag- eant at the Odeon written by Percye Mc- Kay in celebration of the 300th anni- versary of the birth of Washington. The June class planted two oak trees on the campus in honor of George and Martha Washington. 5 1 5... 3 lil En VV EEUU :AEI lE'?-A ima! :IWW 1111141111: 4 5 JUNE Ptmotacmss .U T V-4-,:, U I ttf: -'xx g ' A Y fix I f l ' 'N -573' V I A . A -,l. .- o iam A 5 3 j . illll ,,,, 1 Ill A .,. I t Q ... D ,+L , - 7 I 155 355 l 4 ' , Q 1 -- ' ,Iv X 1. i.: '? TV' ' Q' ' Q .I Y i i f f .-v r- Q!-Q E' 1 V1 I W -"' I 1 l"!"X-1 -I 5' 3 i l, 4 V 7 .. .-, ., .-..- . .. ..,... .-.-.fr I ' 4' '- M 1 I -I ,.i.1. GRAND AVENUE BUILDING 1893-1926 1938-Central athletes adopted the nick- name REDWINGS, and also celebrated its 85th birthday by holding a Reunion on February ll, which was broadcast over KWK. The 1938 RED AND BLACK was perhaps the best high school year book ever published. 1927- 1 947-Graduation exercises held in the Beaumont auditorium. THE STYLE IN SMILES 1904 For Sale-A large dog: very tame: will eat off your hand. fx-f r KY 6 ' E . 'f - ' ,Q-3"-i' , af N - 599-45-' ..,, W, 1 fasten: -H Sala I 1 Il l! l Hi t fl. A ,if f A ZQX 'X X, W, X rx 'Nrvxg Ee-6617 6900 NORTH GARRISON BUILDING Central's Home Since 1926 1947-The class of June, 1947, is the 158th graduating class. The total number of graduates is now approximately l5,000. Events of Our This year, in many ways, has been a crowded, "banner" year, in Central's history. On the very first day when school opened in September we were greeted by a new principal and Eve new teachers. The new teachers were Mr. Evans, Mr. Rudy, Mr. Gallais, Miss Knoernschild, and Miss Ochterbeck. Our new principal was Mr. E. W. Alexander, who came to us after serving five years as Assistant Principal of Hadley Technical High School. He has been our guiding spirit during the year, and he has introduced several innova- tions, including two new organizations, the Junior Toastmasters and Junior Toastmis- tresses. His vibrant optimism has helped us carry on through two busy semesters of 1946-47. It is impossible to record here a complete list of the year's events, but we must find space to mention a few of its highlights. In September the chief events were the special auditorium session honoring Mr. Alexander, and the opening of the tennis and football seasons. October saw Central's football team fight- ing valiantly through a tough schedule and her better-than-average tennis team finish in fifth place above Roosevelt, McKinley, and Cleveland. The January class observed Color Day on October 12. Miss Friedman became the sponsor of the Student Council, which conducted the first Community Night Pro- gram on October 25. Central Marches Qnl fTune-Battle Hymn of the Republicl Arranged by VEST DAVIS and ALFRED FRIEDLI Mine eyes have seen the glories of our dear old Central High: They have seen her sons and daughters by the thousands marching by With her banners, Red and Black, so proudly floating in the sky- Whz'le Central Marches On! CHORUS Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! Whz'le Central Marches On! Our fathers builded Central back in eighteen Hfty-three, First High School from the Mississippi westward to the Sea. May thine be greater glories! Alma Mater, hail to thee- Whz'le Central Marches On! Let's give a rousing cheer now for our dear old Central High: Let's join our loyal voices with her thousands marching by: Let's keep her glorious banners ever floating in the sky- While Central Marches On! Ninety-Fourth year ln November the Central Band played for the wounded soldiers at Scott Field, the school observed Education Week by holding open house on November 13, the musical organi- zations presented "The Forest Prince" on November 22 Cthey also were chosen to in- augurate a new series of high school musical programs by KSD on November 235, the public speaking class conducted a discussion about school sports over KMOX on Novem- ber 22, and the football team wound up the season with victories over Soldan and Hanni- bal. Richard Thurston made the All-City Team. In December the basketball and swimming teams opened their seasons, June Dempsey was voted Pigskin Queen on December 6, the Junior Toastmasters' Club entertained guests from the Midtown Toastmasters' Club on December 10, the Senior Prom was held at the Hamilton Hotel on December 20, and a splendid Christmas program was given De- cember 24 under the direction of Mr. Evans. In January the basketball team went through two tournaments, and the swimming team held several dual meets. The 157th graduation class of Central received their diplomas on January 22, the Washington University Scholarship being awarded to Shirley Althoff. Fifteen outstanding members of the C1. A. A. were given awards on January 21, while, on January 24, letters were awarded to 21 football players and seven on the tennis team. The second semester began on January 27. Miss Mutshnick and Miss Rotman joined the faculty and Miss O'Kane became manager of the lunchroom. Among the activities for February were a visit from "Hamlet" in the person of Mr. Ludden, personal representative of Maurice Evans, distinguished Shakespearean actor, on February 4: the winning of the North St. Louis American Legion Oratorical Contest by Elsie Tamalis on February 5: the celebration of Central's 94th Birthday by the Alumni Association on February 11: and the Com- munity Night Program attended by both the Mothers' Club and the Patrons' Association on February 27. The basketball team won THE STYLE IN SMILES 1915 He: Shall we talk or dance? She: I'm very tired: let's dance. Mr. Alexander with Rush Hughes. its league game by beating McKinley, and broke even with Cape Girardeau High School in a home-and-home series. The swimming team took sixth place in the -All-City swim- ming meet. Fred Koenig, Jack Farley, John Russo, Eugene Hall, Dave Hall, and Lee Anoelack represented Central in the Golden Gloves Boxing Tournament. The Junior Toastmistresses were organized on February 13, under the sponsorship of Miss Miller. June Georgie, a member of the Roller Skat- ing Club, received a medal for figure dancing and skating on February 16. On March 6 we were honored by a sur- prise visit from Louis Calhern, an old Cen- Walker Hancock greeted at Aud Session. Central Band on parade. tralite, now starring in the role of Justice Holmes in the play, The Magnificent Yankee. His talk was a feature of our American Broth- erhood Celebration. Helen Johnkoski was informed on March 10 that she had been awarded Hrst prize for her pencil drawing in The Scholastic Magazine contest sponsored by Stix. Baer 8 Fuller. Over one hundred boys answered the call of Mr. Miller and Mr. Ingerson, the new track coaches, while Mr. Bradburn, the baseball coach, was gratified to find his baseball squad the best in several years. On March 27 the alumni held a din- ner in honor of Mr. Walker, who retired last September. The athletic captains and the senior class officers attended as special guests. The principal events in April were the Fashion Show and the Pan-American Pro- gram. The many events scheduled for May in- cluded the Town Meeting broadcast, the Spring Concert of the musical organizations. a visit from the Culver-Stockton College Cilee Club. and a Minstrel Show by the Boys' Lit- erary Society. The track and baseball teams both battled for the championship. The Senior Prom was held at the Congress Hotel on May 30. Graduation comes on June ll. THE STYLE IN SMILES 1923 First boy Ito one just coming out of the principal's office! 1 Have some trouble? The other: No. thanks: just had some. Thoughts at G ra cl u e tio n By SHIRLEY ALTHOFF The theme of our program tonight is "Smiling Through the Years". This is also the theme of our 1947 yearbook, THE RED AND BLACK. When you think about it, it's quite appropriate: isn't it? Our school has smiled through a great many years, and a great many gradua- tions just like this one, which is the l57th. Tonight I should like to tell you about a few of the events which have helped our class smile through our senior term. Our first day as seniors was Registration Day. Besides the joy and excitement of see- ing old friends after a summer's vacation, there was the additional excitement of being a senior. Another day that I am sure my classmates and I shall always remember, one that was second only to tonight, was Color Day- Colar Day, when we received our red and black ribbons which were our ofiicial recog- nition as seniors. That day, I am sure, all of us thought a lot about our graduation as we walked down the aisle of the school audi- torium almost exactly as we did tonight. That day was the fulfillment of four years of working and waiting. We had been fresh- men when we first saw that wonderful cere- mony of tradition when the colors of our school are handed on from one class to an- other. Can you wonder that we shall re- member it as long as we remember tonight? Besides this event, which set us apart as seniors, there were daily activities in which we participated as members of the regular school body-the football games, for in- stance. How we yelled and cheered for our team! One of the most pleasant things that I know of to do is to sit in the cool autumn air and watch a football game. As the last game came, some of us felt a little sad as we realized that that would be the last time we ever cheer for our team as members of the school body. Auditorium sessions were also very impor- tant to us during our senior term. How we all waited for them! To me, two of the most outstanding ones were the Walker Hancock aud session, when Mr. Hancock told us about his experiences in recovering lost and stolen art treasures in Germany: and also the Christ- mas program which told about the three previous Christmases and the different places where our boys in service celebrated them. An event that we didn't wel- come so eagerly was our CWR's or comprehensive written re- views. These were our term examinations and it seems that the hardest ones always come on the same day. We studied and struggled through them much the same as we had done i. for the past three and a half , years. These were practically I the one and only thing that we didn't appreciate about our senior term. We got a real thrill the day when our rings came. We had all been hoping that they would come before Christmas, and when they did we were over- joyed. How proud we were, and how care- ful with them! We went around showing them off to people all day and we thought that they were the most beautiful school rings we had ever seen. , ! all- Class of January, 1947, Senior Prom. And now, tonight! Tonight, which com- pletes not only our senior term, but also four years of high school. This is the goal for which we have worked so long. We realize, however, that tonight is not the end of our education, but only the beginning of our real education-the education of life, itself. What l-ligh School l-las Meant to Me By MILTON WELLER Primarily, high school has been to me a place to study collected and classified knowl- edge of various types suitable to the advance- ment of my education. It has been a place where I could receive the aid of teachers who had followed the same paths and were quali- fied to help others. There, with the aid of teachers, books, and equipment, I was given the opportunity to study the efforts and works of those before me in order to set standards for myself as Well as broaden my mind. Next, high school has been a place to meet and learn to get along with people of various kinds, not only in classes but also in sports and school organizations. Some became in- fluences of great worth. Others lifelong friends, while others helped only by their mistakes from which we profited. Another important gain was in citizen- ship. We have not only had a chance to learn the principles of citizenship, but also have had many opportunities to practice them. In classes we learn what citizenship is. In the care of the school and respect for fellow students, we practiced it. The Stu- dent Council, an organization for the govern- ing of the school by the students, helped many along this line. Our clubs and sports gave students with special interests a chance to enlarge and exer- cise them. Other students have found hob- bies and friends as well as knowledge by par- ticipating in these extra-curricular activities. As you have seen in these color slides of our activities, smiling through four years of high school has been a lot of fun and excite- ment, but it had another side-plenty of work. All in all, high school has given me a broad view of education, a basis for college work, and an understanding of some of the fundamental principles of life. THE STYLE IN SMILES 1931 New J. Daughter: Mother, I just love gym! Suspicious Mother: Jim who? A scene from the Pan-American Program. And. so, along with other members of the class, I offer to our Alma Mater a smile of sincere thanks for the past, a smile of joyful appreciation for the present, and a smile of hope and determination for the future. After tonight the members of this class will all take separate paths of life. Some will go into industry, some into the business world, and others on to higher education. Whatever direction each may choose, the class expects all to do their best to uphold the honor and high standards of our school. Although our stay at Central has been rela- tively brief, her influence and training will follow us for many years to come. TI-IE STYLE IN SMILES 1947 have you been doing?" "Thirty days." Vile are indebted to many people for the opportunity of attending high school and our free education will always be greatly appre- ciated. On behalf of my classmates, I should like to offer our sincere thanks to the tax- payers of this community who have carried the expense: to our teachers who have handed down their knowledge so willingly, and have so patiently helped us over the rough spots: and to our parents for their aid in furthering our education, thus giving us a better chance to achieve success. We will all try to repay this great debt by becoming good citizens, and by helping to make this a better world for everyone re- gardless of race or creed. St. Louis Central I-Iigh School "I haven't seen you for a month. What Our own, our dear old school! thy praise we sing. lVith deepest gratitude our hearts are filled, For lessons by thy tender care instilled, Which through the years have never ceased to ring Like fog bells on a rockbound coastg they bring A needed warning note: our souls are thrilled With dread of danger lurking near. So skilled Thy work, it taught with finished art the thing That men most need to know, how best to live The truth that makes them free to choose the life That more abundant is. untouched by strife Of warring passions-strong and fierce, constrained By love of righteousness themselves to give To service of mankind, with wisdom trained. -W. J. S. BRYAN. 14 g,L,4,-,g,,,L-, LA LA , ,A , . ww U ,ge fi f ,l,,l lill i -'75 ,5",7"??" ' ,e3.":'Z'x L A IZ' ' . 4 Wu: ,V - ' xx, SNILING THROUGH TcIjEM?EZZ:I3S will YA'au i.lEll ' i 'Vu - - :Q1-1 QQ:T+f.- 4 -'65 ' " .wg-1' V- ' . .,,.. -fi 511',,." . ,.7,,.,, 4 LL.. aft... I , 'gl' . 5 5 . dim: .ff. -.ga uf. f ' . , ,.. 51323 iii ,. E L L L K.. 4 ' . X J . 1 , ld Q D F 1 1 4 vw I 0 I A f J H T. 5 QL 5 is Q N ' I ' ' A ,',u, " I :ps 'K X ,s ' rp I C- 5 K' 1 .511 I X X c 1 wx ,rg rf. . 5' I 4 - I I I ' ?f I I .s lr Ji I i Q A' M I I 4 7 If II II II II I1 ll li E E II VKQQ'7 wewggi . . TN , .-1. 1, - , f HU 1 MN ' J' ,Q I ..11 ,fi-.-' ' " 1 'af,gLEE2 '1 , fj! I V -I Q ? . -,A bn: U , '- f ., i- YA I 1 ' Q ' '-Q I Z ' 2, f 3 1- . ggi -.25 ..4,. '.,.: ,- ll Il i i'-'5blQ,i?' . l' . S .1-,f f I .l""l. Il 1 Il 2, '-,' i:Qfff5:' .. ' 1 'Q Q13Q,,w, , , f H : f I J D H ' QI D D- wlnk snx g VQEIP I- I 1 15 II - , , . .. - ,wee , .a- .Nfl ,.-.A --" - - : -.N w,. , ,, The Ninety-Fourth Anniversary Reunion On February ll, 1947, a reunion was held at the school to celebrate the ninety-fourth anniversary of the founding of the school. There were about four hundred present at this meeting. Our mailing list was very in- complete. and many who would have at- tended didn't learn about the meeting until it was over. The speakers on the program were representatives of the classes which graduated 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years ago. Among these were Sidney Corson 119375, Norman C. Parker fl927j, and Alfred Fleishman 619221. Vocal solos were given by Charles Burmeister and Ed Nolte, a dance number by John Berger, an accordion solo by Wenzel Eberhardt. Mr. Weir made one of his crisp, enjoyable speeches. We were also favorably impressed by the new principal, Mr. E. W. Alexander. Margaret Euerst 119411 was chairman of the program com- mitte. At this meeting Paul Mulcahy, whose prodigious efforts made it such a success, re- signed as president, and Charles Cirippi was voted in as his successor. Lucille McCann was re-elected secretary, and Robert Wellman was chosen treasurer. After the election, Cirippi pleaded that it was impossible for him to take the presidency because of his status as a busy G. I. college student. Miss McCann also insisted on re- signing as secretary since she is to be out of the city this summer. At a hurry-up emer- gency meeting the following agreed to take over for the rest of the year: Preslidenl ............,............, ...NORMAN PARKER, '27 319 N. Fourth Street-CH. 5787 Vice-President .........,.......,.......,. PAUL MULCAHY, '39 1710 Bacon Street-JE. 9544 Vice-President ........................... ,... ....... M A RY BUTLER 2922 Harper Street-FR. 2120 Treasurer .............................. ROBERT WELLMAN, '42 263521 Hebert Street-FR. 4588 Corresponding Secretary ........ CHARLES S. GRIPPI, '44 1035 N. Eighth Street-GA. 5616 Recording Secretary ,.,,,.....,,.......,,....,.. VEST DAVIS, '09 Central High School-JE. 7949 The Nlilce Walker Dinner Early during the winter, plans were under way to give a testimonial dinner to Central's most famous coach, Michael W. CMikeD Walker, who retired last September. A com- mittee consisting of Joseph E. Holland. Stratford Lee Morton, Sidney Maestre. Al- fred Eleishman, and James E. CJimmyj Con- zelman, was selected to set the date and make the arrangements. The Alumni Association officers gave their full cooperation, and the dinner was held at the Chase Hotel on March 27, 1947. It was a grand reunion attended by many of Central's famous old grads, who turned out in force to pay tribute to their Alma Mater and to their beloved coach and friend, Mike Walker. Many letters and tele- grams poured in from those who were unable to be present. Dozens of tributes were paid to Mike for his gentlemanly qualities and sportsmanship. He responded with a fine talk that displayed his characteristic modesty and sincerity. Talks were also made by Presi- dent Putney of the Board of Education, Supt. Hickey, Mr. Alexander, Mr. Ben H. Barr. Stratford Morton, Talty O'Connor, and Wil- lis Johnson of the Globe-Democrat. The chicken dinner was good, too. Mr. Walker's main suggestion was that Central should have a magnificent new building in which to cele- brate its 100th anniversary in 1953. COMMITTEE FOR "MIKE" WALKER DINNER Seated, left to right: Stratford L. Morton. Mr. Walker, Sidney Maestre. Standing: Joseph F. Holland, Alfred Fleishman, William Taggart. is Pictures of the fVlil4e Welker Alumni Dinner 1' fl Top Cleftj : Mrs. Walker, Mr. Walker, Joseph Holland. Top Crightl : Superintendent Philip J. Hickey, Mr. Walker. President Elmore M. Putney of Board of Education. Center fleftj : Charles Morton Cl906l and F. J. Cornwell C1905l. Center frightj : John Magner Ql908j. Mr. XVa1ker, W. Ci. Funk 119041. Stratford Lee Mor- ton Q1905J . Bottom Cleftj : Richard M. Kelley C19l0l. Art Idler Q1907Q. Joe Holland 119181, Bill Brem- ser 119181. Jack Rutledge f1918l, Tony Anzalone 119181. Seated is Bob Coose 619181. Bottom Crightjz Boys representing this year's athletic teams. Front row-Benny Sobieraj. ten- nis: Alfred Mirth, basketball: Richard Thurston. football. Back row-Harry Drager, track: James Brislane, baseball: James Pendleton. swimming. Mr. Davis is presenting invitations to the dinner. 17 l.et's lVlake a Date Now For February 'l'l, 1948 Central will be 95 years old on February 11. 1948. and the officers are already making plans for a grand reunion on the ninety-fifth birthday of our Alma Mater. Since the school auditorium holds only 700 people, it will be necessary to hold this celebration in a place that will accommodate several thousand. One oflicer suggests that we hold it in the Conven- tion Hall of Kiel Auditorium and conduct it something like the so-called i'beer" con- certs that were given there a year or two ago. If anyone thinks he has a better idea, let him write a letter to the president or secretary, explaining his proposals. At any rate, put a big Red and Black circle on your calendar around the date February ll, 1948. Personal Alumni Notes One of our most enthusiastic alumni is Richard Harkness C1891 1. He was president of the Boys' Literary Society and recently brought to the school the Boys' Literary So- ciety Diploma of Theodore Koestli 118911, who presented it to the school. Mr. Hark- ness keeps in touch with many other "Boys of '91", including Admiral Leigh Palmer fnow in New York City1 and Dwight Kel- logg and Winfred Ernst Garrison. Another interesting item of school history disclosed the fact that on our diplomas as far back as 1875 the oflicial title of the school as printed on the diploma was THE ST. LOUIS CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL. Such a diploma, issued to Miss Jennie Riddle, who is still living, was brought to the school recently by her grand-nephew, Charles Mc- Aninch, a member of the senior class. Sapot's Bootery 3523 NoRTH GRAND Shoes for the high school girl for all occasions: sports and saddle oxfords. All expertly Htted by X-ray machine. Also, shoes for the entire family. We give and redeem Eagle Stamps. Present at the lVlike1Xfalker Alumni Dinner Miss Loretto Amend with four guests: T. Anzalone. 1918: Miss Mary Beck: Miss Jacquelyn Beck CSecre- tary, Class of June. 19471: Mrs. Julius Banashek CHelen F1eishman1 : Miss May Becker with one guest: W. C. Berry: Ben E. Betts. June, 1913: Robert Big- gar. Jan.. 1928: Vernon Bradburn CBaseba1l and Bas- ketball Coach1: Wm. J. Bremser. 1918: Everett L. Brooks: Charles Burmeister, 1937: John W. Calhoun. June, 1903: Benj. H. Caplan. Jan., 1924:-' Roy V. Coffey with one guest: Robt. L. Coose: F. J. Corn- well: C. D. De Pew: Bill Crenshaw, Jan., 1929: Vest Davis. June, 1909: Oscar Detering: Dunham B. Dodge. June. 1903: Miss Isabel C. Dolch. Jan., 1905: Arthur J. Donahue with one guest: Miss Mary Doyle: Bert L. Fenenga: Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Fleishman. 1922, with four guests: Samuel Floun. June. 1921, with four guests: Joseph Forshaw, 1899: Alfred Friedli: Nathan Friedman, 1918: W. G. Funck, 1904: Dr. Frank P. Gaunt: L. P. George: C. W. Godefoy: Clifford B. Godwin, 1909, with one guest: Leo M. Grace with one guest: Charles Grippi, June. 1944: Albert 1. Graff, June, 1920: Wallace C. Gundlach: Miss Joan Hall- back CCentral Band. 19471: Miss Wilma Hanks: James A. Hamett: Carl Hassendeubel: John A. A. Hecker. 1905: L. B. Henderson: Lester O. Hoffman: Mrs. Juanita Holder: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Holland CAbbie Conley1, 1918: Wm. H. Hoppe, Jr.: Homer J. Houston: Josephine Albright Hudson, June, 1915: Arthur M. Idler: Don lngerson CFootba11 and Track Coach1: Harold Jackson. Jan., 1924: Mrs. Lurine Thimmig Jackson, Jan.. 1924: Sidney Jacobs: Richard Kelly: Miss Dolores Keppel CEditor of 1947 RED AND BLACK1 : Miss Lola B. Kerr, 1919: Jerome F. Kircher: Louis J. Kittlaus. Sr.: Louis J. Kittlaus, Jr., 1923: Joseph Kohm, 1936: Delius H. Kotthoff: Arnold Von Lehsten: Wayne Leman CPresident, Class of June. 19471 : Miss Jean Leong CVice-President, Class ofJune, 19471: Sam Lewin, June, 1923: Art W. Lindholm: Miss Lorraine Lowry: Bill Mansfield. 1923: Alvin Margulis: Harry G. Margulis. 1919: Lee W. Margulis. 1918. with one guest: Levi Markland: John Marquard. with one guest: Herbert L. Marshall: Claude W. Mc- Elwee, June, 1915. with two guests: John J. McElwee, 1915: Paul Miller: Charles M. Morton. 1907: Strat- ford Lee Morton, 1906: Byron Moser, June, 1903: Sam Muchnick. June, 1924. with two guests: Paul P. Mulcahy, 1939: Harry L. Murray: R. C. Newman: Russell J. Nies, with one guest: Talty O'Connor: Mrs. Talty O'Connor: Norman C. Parker. 1927: Evelyn Partney, June, 1943, with one guest: Pete Pemberton: Raymond G. Polster: Dayle C. Porter: Thomas Pow- ers, June, 1932: Dr. Louis A. Reuter: Vernon Riehl, 1928: Anthony Romito. June, 1940, with two guests: Al Roudman, with one guest: Frank B. Rowan, with one guest: Dr. Ralph L. Rutledge, 1922: Viola Schon- horst: Harry S. Schucart, 1917. with two guests: Wm. Schumacher, with one guest: Richard M. Senturia. June. 1918, with two guests: F. G. Seymore: W. P. Sey- more: Warren R. Sprague, 1908: Wm. M. Taggart! Dr. John R. Vaughn, 1906: Blewett Wagoner: Bob Wehmueller fTreasurer. Class of June. 19471 : Robert Wellman: Helen Wildfong. Jan., 1937: Elmer M. Wil- liamson: P. S. Wilson CKnox College, 18991: Hans Wulff. 1901: William F. Yorger: Jack Zimmerman. The special guests included Mr. and Mrs. Walker: Mr. Elmore M. Putney. President. Board of Educa- tion: Mr. Philip J. Hickey, Supt. of Instruction: Mr. E. W. Alexander, Principal: Mr. Ben H. Barr. Former Principal: Mr. Willis Johnson, St. Louis C1lobe-Demo- crat: Richard Thurston, Captain. 1946 Football Team: Benny Sobieraj, 1946 Tennis Team: Alfred Mirth. 1946-47 Basketball Team: James Pendleton. 1946-47 Swimming Team: James Brislane. 1947 Basebal1TeamI and Harry Drager. 1947 Track Team. Central High Mothers, Club OFFICERS OF MOTHERS' CLUB OFFICERS OF THE PATRONS President President MRS. JOSH WINKLER MR. HENRY BREDENKAMP 4147 Pleasant Vice - Presid en t MRS. F. STEINKAMP 8538 Park Lane Secretary MRS. A. POTOLSKY 3 O1 2 Bailey Treasurer MRS. SULLIVAN 3201 St. Louis Hostess MRS. Ci. WINDLEY 2001 Anglerod 4467 Holly First Vice-President MR. BRUNO SENDLEIN 4255 N. 20th St. Second Vice-President MRS. Jos. WINKLER 4147 Pleasant Secretary LOUIS B. DE MARTINI 2524 West Palm Treasurer MRS. ERMA BUSCHE 25 3 9 Dodier Sergeant At Arms MR. SVOBODA 7439 Carleton I-lail to Central Words by Clarence Stratton By the mighty Mississippi Sweeping to the sea. Stands our glorious Alma Mater, Stands perpetually: In the midst of noise and bustle Of the city's life, Calm. serene, reserved and noble Unassailed by strife. Chorus Sing our chorus of devotion, Till we rend the sky: Hail to thee our Alma Mater. Hail to Central High. Tune, Annie Llye l 9 High O to thee, Our Alma Mater, Dignihed and strong, Now we raise our loyal voices, Offer we our song. Never shall we let our footsteps Waver or turn back, Marching ever firmly onward, 'Neath the Red and Black. Thus we'll sing our heartfelt praises Till our days shall end. May thy spotless reputation All thy sons defend: May thy walls be never weakened Nor thy prestige die: May the blessings of the ages Rest on Central High. W. J. S. BRYAN J, S, Bryan 1853-1946 GRACE KITCHEN BRYAN The name of William James Samuel Bryan has been associated with the St. Louis Central High School longer than that of any other one person. He graduated from Central in l869, winning the Washington University Honor Scholarship with an average of 98 f2 , which has never been surpassed by a Central student. He was invited to become a mem- ber of the Central faculty in 1873 before he received his degree from Washington Uni- versity, and continued to teach until l895, when he succeeded F. Louis Soldan as Princi- pal. He served as Principal until l908, when he became Assistant Superintendent of ln- struction in charge of high schools. After continuing in the latter position for twenty years, Mr. Bryan retired from active duty, but continued to act as Library Adviser and Historian until his death in 1946. For thirty-nine years he was an actual par- ticipant in the affairs of Central as student, teacher, and principal. Entering school at the age of six, he was actively associated with the St. Louis Public School System during ninety of the ninety-six years of his life. Such are the bare facts. They cannot pos- sibly convey the value of his services or the extent of his influence upon the thousands of students with whom he came in contact. His keen mind and understanding heart will long be remembered. At ninety he was still young enough to read the newspapers with- out glasses, and continue a conversation begun six months previously. As stated in the Eightieth Anniversary Number of TI-IE RED AND BLACK. "So long as Central High School shall continue to open its doors to aspiring young people, the influence of Central's 'Grand Old Man' will go on and on." Mr. Bryan was born in St. Louis on March 12, 1853, the year Central High School was founded, and died here June 18, 1946. His parents were Mr. and Mrs. William Bryan. In 1876 he married Miss Nethie Case, a grad- uate of Central. They had six children, Dr. William M. C. Bryan, Mrs. Grace Bryan James, Mr. Howard Bryan, and three more daughters who died in early childhood. Dr. William M. C. Bryan married Miss Helen Louise Kimlin. They have four children: Dr. William T. K. Bryan, Dr. James Howard Bryan, Navy Chaplain Richard A. Bryan, and Mrs. Helen Bryan Johnson. Dr. Wil- liam M. C. Bryan died in 1925. Mr. How- ard Bryan Csecond son of W. J. S. Bryanj is an engineer residing in Webster Groves. He has one son, Bruce Bryan, who is now at Purdue University after serving in Ger- many during World War II. Mrs. Grace Bryan James Conly living daughter of W. J. S. Bryanj has a son, Dr. Harold James, and two married daughters, Mrs. Alice Finley and Mrs. Elizabeth Tetge. Mr. William J. S. Bryan had six children, eight grandchildren, and fifteen great-grand- ib- NET1-IIE CASE BRYAN children, all descended from his first wife, Nethie Case Bryan, who died in 1889. In 1898 Mr. Bryan married Miss Grace Kitchen, a Central alumna, whom many re- member as a most gracious and charming per- son. Although she had no children of her own, she was a truly conscientious mother to her husbands children by his first wife, and her interest in the activities of old Central continued as long as she lived. She kept up a list of the addresses of thousands of Central graduates and at her death bequeathed it to the school as a priceless legacy. JULIA VALLETTE COFFEY Julia Vallette Coffey 1847-1946 Julia Vallette was a member of the class of June, 1868, and the subject of her very interesting graduation address was "Trifles". "Life," she said, "like the vast ocean, is composed of little drops: little drops of grief and pain, mingled with those of joy, adding color to the whole." "What is a trifle? If we mean small events, then our lives are composed of them. All that surrounds us is but a combination of minute particles. ,The largest mountain is but atoms of dust." "Young people go forth into the world expecting at once to find some great glorious mission. They are apt to neglect the lesser duties and responsibilities which make, for some, the whole, and for all, the greater part of life. If they waste their time in idleness and discontent, they find themselves not ready when great opportunities occur. After all, what is it but the noblest of trifles that have enabled our greatest men to rise from the low- est stations?" Such was Julia Vallette's philosophy, and how nobly did she take care of the millions of trifling duties that were hers throughout the ninety-nine years of her life! She was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on Au- gust 23, l847, and died at Pana, Illinois, on August 24, 1946. Her mother was Marcy Ann Field, who came from Rhode Island to Cincinnati and married a hatter named Fred- erick A. Vallette, who later moved to St. Louis and bought a sawmill near Cairo, Illi- nois. He made cracker boxes for General C1rant's Army, ran the blockade between St. Louis and Cairo, and had his sawmill burnt by the Southern soldiers. Shortly after Julia Vallette graduated from Central High School, she met T. C. Coffey, who was a student at Shurtleff College, Alton, Illinois. Soon after he finished col- lege and was ordained as a Baptist minister, they were married. After serving many years as pastor of various Baptist Churches in Illi- nois, Rev. Coffey died in Arizona, in 1930. They had one son, Mr. Roy V. Coffey, who has been a commercial teacher at Central since l9l5, and four daughters, one of Whom died in infancy. The other three daughters are Mrs. C. T. Ward, of Tonica, Illinois: Mrs. Frank Allan Cutler, of Pana, Illinois: and Mrs. A. C. Stanfleld, also of Pana, Illinois. Frank Allen Cutler, Jr., a grandson of Julia Vallette Coffey, was the highest rank- ing student and valedictorian of the graduat- ing class at the University of Illinois in 1942. He had a straight "A" record for four years in chemical engineering. After doing research work in synthetic rubber for the Goodrich Rubber Company during World War II, he was given a fellowship at the University of Minnesota, where he is now Working for his Ph.D. degree. The two granddaughters were both accom- plished musicians and high school teachers of music. Miss Margaret R. Cutler graduated from Eastern Illinois State Teachers College and Miss Marjorie Ward, now Mrs. Joseph Sibigtroth, from Illinois University. Yes, Julia Vallette Coffey spent ninety- nine years dealing with the trifles of life, and what a great mountain of achievement did she build up, one small pebble at a time, as an example of noble living for her children, and grandchildren, and all the world! In fond appreciation Central High School offers a wreath of honor to her memory. Among the hundreds of Central alumni who have entered the medical profession, one of the most distinguished was Dr. Malvern Bryan Clopton, who was born in St. Louis, in 1876, and graduated from Central in January, 1894. He received his medical de- gree from the University of Virginia, but returned to St. Louis and became professor of clinical surgery at Washington University, and also chief of staff at St. Luke's Hospital. He twice served as president of the State Board of Health, and in 1932 was elected president of the Washington University Cor- poration, a position which he held for ten years. Dr. Clopton served in World War 1 from 1917 to 1919 as a Lieutenant-Colonel in the Medical Corps. He went overseas with a hospital unit from Barnes Hospital. He was first attached to a base hospital and later to a mobile hospital unit. His first wife was Mrs. Lily Lambert Vvfalker, who died in 1911. In 1934 he married Mrs. Rachel Lowe Lambert, who sur- vives him. Also surviving are a brother, William H. Clopton, a retired army Colonel of Chevy Chase, Md., and a sister, Mrs. Elkin L. Franklin, of St. Louis. After retiring in 1942, Dr. Clopton spent most of his time at his home at Wianno, Cape Cod, Mass., where he died on April 21, 1947. He was buried in the family lot in Bellefon- taine Cemetery, St. Louis, after funeral serv- ices at Christ Church Cathedral. In 1930, Dr. Clopton donated S250,000 for completion of the Rand-Johnson Memo- rial wing of Barnes Hospital, and the follow- ing year gave a collection of wood cuts and etchings valued at S100,000 to Washington University. Another gift to the university, made in 1945, was his 850-acre Brookhill DR. MALVERN B. CLOPTON Dr. Malvern B. Clopton 1876-1947 farm near Clarksville, Mo., given to be used for research. Dr. Clopton was great not only as a physi- cian and surgeon, but also as a citizen. Dur- ing the seventy-one years of his life he served his city, state, and country, in many capaci- ties, and many honors were bestowed upon him. His name was among those listed in Who's Who in America, and Central High School has long ago enrolled him upon her Super Honor Roll. Our C ity Administrators PHILIP J. HICKEY. Superintendent of Instruction J. S. NANTS. flssistunt Superintendent of Instruction in Charge of Secondary Schools Board oi Education TERM EXPIRES EI.xIoRI2 M. PUTNEY. President., 835 S. Eighth Street C. OSCAR JOHNSON, Vi'ce-President 620 N. Grand Boulevard JAAIES J. FITZGERALD .. ,. . 6322 S. Grand Boulevard FRANK P. NAGEL ... . .. 5 700 Lansdowne Avenue J. HARRY POHLMAN .... ,.,. . . 818 Olive Street FRANCIS C. SULLIVAN .,...... 1889 Railway Exchange Building ..,..1949 1949 1951 .-.1951 ...1951 ...,.1951 TERM EXPiRES FRED BECK... ......... .............. . 4200 Sacramento Avenue HERBERT O. WINTERER ....,,... 4247 S. Grand Boulevard CHARLES J. DYER ..,............. 2006 Salisbury Street WILLIAM L. SCHWER ........ 8627 Oxford Lane RUDOLPH HOFMEISTER ......,...,. ., 3958 S. Grand Boulevard WILLIAM SCHUMACHER ....... 3013 Meramec Street Principals oi Central High School Jeremiah D. Low ........ James E. Kaime ...... Calvin S. Pennell ..,.... Richard Edwards ,..... Thomas Metcalf .,..,... Ebenezer Knowlton .,.. Charles E. Childs .... Horace H. Morgan .... Brandt V. B. Dixon ..,. E. Louis Soldan .... W. J. S. Bryan .... Chester B. Curtis ..... Stephen A. Douglass D. H. Weir .... .,., . .. Ben H. Barr . . , E. W. Alexander ..,..,,Eebruary, 1853-June, 1855 .....,.June, 1855-June, 1856 I......September, 1856-January, 1862 ...,...January, 1862-March, 1862 .,.....1V1arch, 1862-August, 1862 ., .... August, 1862-June, 1863 .......June, 1863-February, 1866 February, 1866-February, 1886 A March, 1886-September, 1887 September, 1887-September, 1895 1895-September, 1908 1908-March, 1920 1920-April, 1936 September, 1936-June, 1944 . November, ...September, September, June, 1944-June, 1946 ,. June, 1946- 24 1949 1949 1953 1953 1953 1953 .. , .L W. if 5 if .E JL fx! .Q LMA. ,.,. fx, a y , YJ. Q If F1 3 , . awww 'k ' ?'T f GENE MERLENBACH Z Q I I SNILING T HRUUGH THE YE ARS I 2 I aj- E55-ggl-la f ' 'A :nz 'Q I I1, 'b:A 3 FACULTY 1 HU J ,, UU 1 c' J ,Qi-7 ' hr II 1 II J - , , Y If 1 II J .,. .. QQ -M A by IZ 'I T f Az F . 3+ . . .3 ,A . - ,lf - Q4 f g J .1 - I1 Il ' i s Lg -'f d .2 'L vg nx ' IZ Il I 1'f+ f'fi I 1 'I 1' 3 X r 1 c '- 3 " h 1 " 4 z "-' 1 l: J I I I T J MARK ORLANDO I3 , 3' li - l .- an Q 25 'A,'. Qur St a lwart MR. E. W. ALEXANDER Principal 1 .fl IMPERATIVE NEEDS OE YOUTH No. 8 All youth need to be able to use their leisure time Well and to budget it wisely, balancing activities that yield satisfactions to the individual with those that are socially useful, A WISH That students may have the time and in- clination to make full use of our greenhouse facilities to the end that they may develop the capacity to appreciate beauty in . . . and nature. E. W. ALEXANDER. 26 Administrators t l MR. ARTHUR J. SVOBCDA Assistant Principal 4 U "These are the things I prize and hold of dearest worth: Light of the sapphire skies, Peace of the silent hills, Shelter of the forests, Comfort of the grass, Music of the birds, murmur of the rills And, after showers, The smell of flowers And of the good brown earth- And best of all, along the way, friendship and mirth." -HENRY VAN DYKE. 27 The Faculty Furs: Row' Xir Divas Mis- Dolch Miss Knight, Mr. Alexander. Miss Kramer. Miss Friedman. Mr. Miller. Second Row: Miss Ran- dall, Mus Buck. Mr. Evans. Mr. Coffey. Mr. Jones. Mr. Markland. Third Row: Mr. Hibbcrt. Mr. Biggar, Mr. Hawkins, Miss lknocrn- schild, Mr. Bradburn. Mr. Gundlac E. XV. ALEXANDER Principal ARTHUR J. SVOBODA Assistant Principal LORETTO C. AMEND Phyiscal Education MARY L. BECK English ROBERT R. BIOGAR Music. Instrumental VERNON J. BRADBURN History ELMER H. CHRISTENSON Science ROY V. COEEEY Commercial Studies JENNIE M. CROWDER Home Economics h, Mr. Ingcrson. VEST DAVIS English ROSINE DICKMAN A Social Studies rt ISABEL S. DOLC 41- t Social Studies g-' -' MARY A. DOYLE English and Spanish EDNA EIMER English JOHN E. EVANS History tFirst Termj MARJORIE EWING Commercial Studies GENEVIEVE ERIEDMAN Mathematics WALLACE C. GUNDLACH English NEW FACULTY MEMBERS, SECOND TERM Miss H:inI.s. Miss M ulshnicln, Miss Rotman, Miss Olxnne. 'fb . Ili WIL MA HANKS Music, Vocal C. W. HAWKINS Social Studies R. W. HIBBERT Science HERBERT J. HICKS Science FLORENCE HIGGINBOTHAM English DONALD D. INGERSON Physical Education yn JAMES MCLAINJGNES History JULIA M. JORDAN Speech MARGARET KNIGHT Mathematics THEKLA KNOERNSCHILD Physical Education LAURA KRAMER Spanish JUDITH LEVY History and English LORRAINE LOWRY English LEVI HARRIS MARKLAND Mathematics ELLES T. MARRIOTT Industrial Arts HERBERT I.. MARSHALL Latin and Spanish KATHERINE MARTINI History and Counseling ALICE E. MILLER English The Faculty F1rst Row: M1ss Burley. M155 D. Ross, NIISS Pncrcc, M1ss Schluuus. M1ss Schroeder, MISS Schonhorsr. AAISS Murray. Second Row: Mr. Von Lehstcn, Mr. Marmot, Mr. Ph1ll1ps, Mr. Vertrecs. Mr. Rudy. Mr. Powell. Mr. Van Landcgcnd, Thlfd Row: Mr. Mar- shall, Mr. Svobodn. Mr. Prelutsky. PAUL G. MILLER Mathematics JULIA K. MURRAY Music, Vocal fFirst Termj CLARA ROSE MUTSHNICK Commercial Studies JOHN A. PHILLIPS Science and Counseling HELEN PIERCE Social Studies and English JOSEPH E. POWELL MRS. ETHEL ROSS Art CILLIA ROTMAN Commercial Studies CHARLES T. RUDY Industrial Arts LOUISE G. SCHLUTIUS English and Latin VIOLA SCHONHORST Mathematics ERMA SCHROEDER Science Home Economics ALBERT' PRDLUTSKY ELSA SOECKNICK Science Commercial Studies LILLIAN I. RANDALL EDWARD VAN LANDEGEND English Mathematics BESSIE G. ROSS JESSE R. VERTREES Science Industrial Arts DOROTHY K. ROSS ARNOLD VON LEHSTEN Librarian Physical Education ROSE BREMERMAN Clerk KFirst Termj MARY BIRTLEY Clerk ROSS B. HOERNER Clerk MAETA WENTZ Clerk E. EUGENE BROWN. M. D. School Physician ANNA L. ITEN School Nurse MAXINE MAURITSON Lunchroom Manager fFirst Termj MARIE ANTOINETTE O'KANE Lunchroom Manager EDWARD B. KOLBE Head Custodian Teachers on Retirement D. H. WEIR I-I. B. SMELLIE Louls KITTLAUS H. F. PRATT J. S. GOCHENAUER ELIZABETH J. PARKER 29 FRANCES J. MooK ANNA JEAN GIBNEY ELIZABETH G. RICE MICHAEL W. WALKER EMMA OCHTERBECK The School Pin f .1 i . '.'I if Designed by Mrs. Mildred Bailey Carpenter Alumni lnitiation pledge At the invitation of Mr. Alexander, the President of the Alumni Association will induct the members of the graduat- ing class into the association immediately after they receive their diplomas by ad- ministering to them the following ALUMNI PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE 1. John Smith. a graduate of Central High School, pledge allegiance to the ideals and pres- tige of my Alma Mater, past, present, and to come: I will defend her dignity and reputation through joy and sorrow, through calm and strife. through prosperity and tribulation as long as I live. 30 iL,,a.,4..J1.., .L.,L.x.q VY? EA:-Q5Q,:,:.1 .,.- h '3fff'3, .Qs I :il I ' 'ij .,.,: L5 i - smuuwa THROUGH I , , , SENIORS L,-f , h .'f:.,J.,' 7'-ff' A -,Az. I Xl'- EI g. AML, I :MW M 1 'ian I ILEII x i Y I I 1-u. 5 .fi . 5 N Z 5: 'K ' , ' u k E N .N L a fa U ' 1 W 'I MP I + 0 5 ni , Jgmiimvfg ,yu 'K o L 1, if Q , 4 : I S P i..,5?Y'3'-2 '- I X I 0 J, X L, 5. K W1 , .1152 N L' - ' :7 I ' ff: A Q. 0 ' '41, j: I I , I I 1 4 I 4 I I A E5 10 I V , Aaxwvv- r Jrl l in Q- N -.' ' ' gx I l I 'I 4-gk,gqm"'H Q x A I Kezlsffljr ', 5 2 'E 'I A' I1 J is M. , f X 3 4 ' Ox I lnni J I:"' :I , HU J I: :I I: II II Il I: Il J J E 3 inn .sf---'..., , KI J If A'-' ij 1 J A 3 .f K: W 'X h.,--,J LQRRAINE WEIPERT 1 I E I I I: K ' Q 5 3. an-.gf:'52-fe,f.f: 31 Lum -'I AM' - ,pg . ' January, 1947 RALPH HL'klPllRll-S llnvw' lit.-r,irv Siuiclv, '40, l'resiili'nI S,-niiir C law 4'. Slllxlflll Kuuntil, '40, Slanip Salesnian, '43 "Xiir'.' but hm-srl! tcm hi' hu fhlhlllfl ' MAE COBB Secrclarv. The Senior Class, '4"1 Co K" lli, '4-L'-Hi, Treasurer. '-Hx, ,'ltl'.-mnurrr, '44, 45, Student L'xKll1Cll. '40, L abinel, '-ln li A. A. 43. "Br.,tt'r' hair, brown fuet, um! u insult' in lr.-r fare, lntelliglent, Irienilly, imil full ol' grati- ARTHUR HESSLER Tratli Team, '-41346, Letterx '43-'46, eaptain, -lb, Football, 45, l,etter 47: Student Council, '40, Sgt, at Arms, '46, "He wax captain of his team, ll'htle he wax out for track, He also entered football, And lettered as hulfbarlz " SHIRLEY ALTHOFF Secrqtary. The New Senior Claes, '46g The CoAC'l'li, '44-'47: Owls, '44l Lamps, '45, '46: Athenaeum, '44, '45 Treasurer, '45: G. A. A., '43: Pan American Club, '44, Student Council '45, "Her very l'rou.'nS are fatter fur Than smiles of other mardent are." LILLIAN GILLEY Girls' Glee Club. '44, '45, Choir. '45 '46, Ci. A, A,, '44, Cnrls' Literary So cielv, '45, '461 The Xeuzs Stall, '44 '46, Academy of Science, '44, '45 Stamp Club, '43, "This irirntl of ours called 'Lil' Xl'tll alu.'ugs hvud the bill " A i X Da:-ff' , 'Q .3 , fir' " .. Wi. I 'S- if?" sq- 'bv :K "ISV "h..l BETTY CONWAT' Vice-Presiderit, The Senior Claws, '471 Student Council Alternate, '44, '45: Girls' Literary Society, '46: Owls. '44L l ampx, '45, 'I he Nt-u.'s Staff,'46. Typist '46, "She funn' ru Central with one thought in mimi. 'l'o do her bins! and friends to End." MERRILI- lVlCDANlEI.S Track, '44-'46: Football Team, '45, '-Hi: Bowling Club, '44: Student Coun- cil, '44, President, '46. "iliac is quite a hamlxome guy: A football star is hc-4 flnil, as the gears roll swiftlu hy, lle'll limi auccesw, we all agree." 44,03 :MAME-12 S 7 C! Lois DozA l'D5C"l5FJ5P 0 Student Council Representative. '45, Stu- dent Council Alternate, '45, '-16: Co-C- Hi, '-45: New Senior Vice-President, '46, "rl merry heart doeth good like a medi- ci'ne," WAYNE BERRY Football Team, '46, Letter '46i Track Team, '45-'46, Letter '46, "lVagne was good at football, And in track meets. too: On this guy you can call If there is anything to do," MARGARET NICHOLS Skating Club, '43: Girls' Cilec Club. '44-'46: Choir, '45, '46, Secretary, '-45. '46. "At everu close she made, the attending throng Replied and bore the burden of the song! So just. so small. yet in so sweet a note. It seemed the music melted in her throat." L5 DORIS LEACH Skating Club, '43: Co'C-Hi, '45, '46. "Intelligent, friendly, with brown hair you adore- To those who know Doris, need I say more."' EUGENE LEEPER La Castilla, '44: Owls, '43, '44: Lamps. '44, '45: Academy of Science, '467 Chemistry Club, '46, Sergeant at Arms, '46: Sub-Manager Football Team. '46, Manager of Football Team. 46, Manager Letter, '46, "Although Gene is small in size, He-as everyone knows-is wise, He is good at joking. too: ll'hen he is around no one is blue," DORIS SCHMIDT Girls' Glee Club. '43, '44: Athenaeum. '44, '45: Co-C-Hi. '44-'46: Gwls, '44- '46: Girls' Literary Society, '45, 1"Doris is tall, pretty, and sweet: To have her friendship is a treat. In ofhce work she will succeed. ln typing she has plenty of speed." XVILLIAM MAULLER Senior Class Treasurer. '47: New Senior Class Treasurer, '46: Student Council Representative. '45, '-16: Mike Club, '45: Football Team, '46: Movie Op- erators' Club, '45: Track Team, '46. "Bill is quite a lad, Doing things worth while: Always happy, never sad, He greets you with a smile." LORRAINE MYERS Bowling Club, '43: Roller Skating, '43: G, A. A., '43-'46, Chevron '44, Let- ter '45, "She's small and sweet as she can be, But yet of super-quality." January, i947 CARL KNIGHT The Junior Academy of Science, '44, '45 ",'llthough no one would e'er reject This nice boy you sue: Still no one would 1-'ur suspett .-l lighting hero he will be.' BETTY WAGSCHAL Bowling Club, '43, '44: The News Salesman. '43, "Betty is u charming lass Whos always on the run, ls liked in every class By each and everyone," EARL MCINTOSH Committee of Twenty, '45-'471 THE RED AND BLACK Salesman, '45: Cam- era Club, '44, Owls, '44, '45. "Earl is kind and brimming with joy: ln math he does excel: We all agree this charming boy Will always do quite well." ANITA WEGENER Student Council Alternate, '46: Junior Band. '43, '44: Senior Band, '45-'47, Letter, '46: Co-C-Hi, '44-'46: Roller Skating, '44-'47, President. '46, '47, Medal. '-45: Academy of Science. '43, '44: Chemistry Club, '46, '47g Girls' Literary Society and Athenaeum, '46: Owls, '43, '-44: Lamps, '44-'47: Girls' Tennis Team, '45-'47, "Anita is sweet, Kind, and true: Shes hard to beat ll'hen you are blue. HERBERT HERCHENREDER "Full of wit as a soda bottle is of pop." January, T947 KL'R'I' CI IRIS I IANbI5N "hurl rw tl M10 In lm-llmzll III ulxt rx xmlrlu an.: lull l-- .'n'rruum calm rs hu Irnnrl. xl lrrlrultg hunrl' lu ll ulu-lux ltml " ROLAND IXTIEIITR ilu-rr, '44-'4'. librarnan. Acatlcnmv ol Stmntr, '44, i'an1cr.1 Club, '44, Roller' Skatnng Club. '46. Ihr gvnllt' nfmrl' hu gI1'l7llU dull rx known: lvr a num by mvtlwng rx to ttwll bt'- lftlglftl 'Is hu hu munnvrif' INTICHAEL ORLANDO Tllli RED AND l3l.,'tfK Art Staff, '4l7l lb. .X'wu's Stall. '45, '40, Business Man- agur. '46, Commlttcc of Twcnty, '44, '45, Football. '43, '-44: Camera Club '44,'45.PrcQ1dcnt,'44,'45, Chcmistry Club, '46, Vin-Pruslclcnr, '46, Gyrn Club, '43, '44, Track, '45, Academy of Scrfncc. '44, '45, 'flnwngz tht' '.llIlQz'Q uf Cunlral Hugh Ht' soars Ltwll up mlu Ihu xku " JANE GUINN l,1brarvC,lub, 44, 45. "UI rrghl and wrong sht' taught 'I rulhi ui rulinvd ax uuvr ,fllhrns heard. .-Intl lslrungf' lo Iull'j she prarlrwrl what ehr prr-uchr-rl." JOHN KNIKER THI' RED AND BLACK Salesman. '43, V la Caxlrlla, '44: Football Team. '46, I ' Ill- rm lraht bmtun harr, and his ruallu nn! tall! Il'rlh hrs sparkling brown ryvs he uvll - makr- some lass fall." V CN ll 5 in "'::' r l-.5 34 FRIEDA GATJANIS Rollcr-Skating Club, '41, '42, "I-rrrda rx so very xwvrl. fhurmrng. gay. quite pvrilc: llvr halr is smooth, her clothvs ure nfal, lo tht- 4-yrs sht- is a lrt'a1." JOE RAY RUFF Studcnt Council. '43-'46: Track Team. '45: Football Team, '45, '46, Luttcr '45, '46I Camera Club, '43, "Slatvly and lull he moucs in rho hall. :Xml he knows how lo handle that pig- mkln ball." MILTON WELLER Student Council. '43-'46: Committee of Twenty, '45, '46, Treasurer. '46: Art Club. '43, '44: Academy of Science, '44, '45, Treasurer, '45: President. New bcnior Class. '46, "lf you haut' knowledge, let others light Ihclr candles al it." WALTER STOKES Swimming, '44-'46, Captain, '44-'46, Mike Club, '45, This swell guy has friends galore. And in swlmnving he did sucrced: ln our halls hr"ll be no more- Wc'll miss him! Yes, lndcedln IRENE EVANS Pan-American Club, '43, '44, "ln the fdur yt-ars she has been around A helpful fn:-nd ln her we'L'v foundf KENNETH H. TAFF "B" Football Team, '42, Varsity, '435 Gym Club, '41, U, S. Navy, '44-'46. "Ken with his bright red rurls ls popular with most of the girls: He is always loads of fun. But his work is never left undone." NORMADEAN IVIANLOVE "Gentle of speech, benelicenl of mind." EARL BRINKMAN Football, '43, '44, '45, '46, Lctter '44 '45, '46, "He'5 a swell fellow And good athlete. A friend like Earl ls hard to beat." MINNIE Lou STEARNS Co-C-Hi, '44-'47: Library Club, '45: Roller-Skating Club, '44: G. A. A., '44: THE RED AND BLACK Staff. '46: Bowl- ing Club, '46, Vice-President. '46. "Off to Harris Minnie will go. And we at Central will miss her so: A good social worker she will make. For she has plenty of what it will take," MIKE MILONSKI Senior Band, '43, '-714: Track Team. '43L Boys' Lit., '46: "B" Football Team. '43, Varsity Football, '46. He is always in the lead. As anyone ran see: And, when we are in need, A friend he'll always be." January, T947 ANNA SOMOGYE Pan-American Club. '43-'45: Co-C-Hi. '45-'471 THE RED AND BLACK Slafl. '46 "S1udious of ease, and fond of humble things." BETTY LAMINGER Literary Club, '44, '45, Secretary, '45: Roller-Skating Club, '44, '45, G. A. A., '43, '44, Chevron, '44, Pan-American Club, '46L Knitting Club. '461 THE RED AND BLACK Salesman, '43, The News Salesman. "A lovely sample of young womanhoodf' VERA TURNQUIST Skating Club, '43: Girls' Literary So- ciety. '451 Student Council, '46, "A nicer young lady never was known Than the one for whom we have writ- ten this poem: She always has a pleasant smile, Doing things which are worth while." VIRGINIA BROWNING The Pan-American Club, '43-'45: La Castilla, '43-'45: THE RED AND BLACK Staff. '46, '47, Class Editor: Owls, '44. "Always ready with her wit. To make you stop and laugh a bit: lVith her laughing eyes and charming way, Virginia's friends will always stay." PI-IYLLIS HAYES G. A. A., '43-'45, Chevron, '443 Chem- istry Club. '46: Roller Skating, '44, '45: Student Council. '46: THE RED AND BLACK Salesman. '46. "She is so hind and just, To us she is a must: If yoii're ever in a daze, Call on our friend Phyllis Hayes." January, T947 JOANN DRFMAN Col-lli, -On, -Hip ,illlwrmi-una, -H ",l pliunlrnl nun trlmk quilt' ,um'i'ri', 'Ili all In-r lriiimlc xh.-R in-ru ilvilr: Suil' iz xtL'i'i'l girl with so mmf: gram, In Hu- tuwrlil u'ill limi lwr high plinr, CHARLOTTE GOMERICH Quit School. l NTELBA LOWRANCE Knitting Club, Sccrctnry and Trcasurcr. '-16: G. A,A..'46,'-17: Roller Skating. '-46. '47, MI?f77bLM'Ll with Sunflily iff rt-axon," l 1 i it l l l HAROLD BROWN i Gvm Club, '4-4: Camera Club,'-115: HB' l Football, '46. "Harold Hamilton Brown . Will ncwr Ie! you down: If you're in Iroublv to him gn, He will hclp you, thu! I know." MARGARET PALERMO G. A. A., '43-'46, Chevron, '44, Latter. '45, Chemistry Club, '46: Girls' Lit- crary Society and Athrnaeum, '46, "Cay, arhlt-lic, kind and su.'vv1-- Sin-'S a girl rhul'.s hun! to beat." i ,QL 'Cys 44 'F rw- 4 L x i 36 ROBERT HoHME1ER ' Howling, '44, '-15: Boys' Lit., Treas- urer, '46: Bawball, '45, '463 Tr.1ck.'45. "."lllhough his brains arc u.'i'II roncculvd. In rhings ht- likrx lhvy uri' ri'L'ealvd." MARX' VIRGINIA MINDAK Academy of Science, '-46. "Walking through our halls With heavy books io carry. She could mort you tuirh a smile. This rharming girl numvil Mary." BERNICE DELAHAY G, A. A,, '43, '44, Chevron '44: Bowl- ing Club, '4-1. "Nothing is therr more friendly to man Than u frivnd in nr-rd," OMA ELLIOT The News Staff, '46, "Minds cannot follow, nor words express. Her joyful charm and calm sw0etnf'xs." GEORGE HOEFMANN Track. '47: Soccer, '43, "Full of laughter and friendly joy ls this shy, induslrious boy." LAVERNE REGH Roller Skating, '43-'-15: Pan-American Club. '4-4: La Castilla, '44, "Always gay, with neuur a rare, Laverne is lol of fun: She has a beauty that is rare. And is liked by everyone." MARX' ALICE YOUNG Red Cross, '-13: Library Club. '43, '4-4: The News Salesman. '45, '46: Chem- istry Club, '45-'-17: Junior Academy of Science, '44, '-l5: Athenaeum, '43: Choir, '45. "Her friends here at Central High All bid Mary a sad goodbye: She is an asset Io all mankind lVith her pleasant smile and serious mind." STANLEY CAMPBELL "Always gay, never blueg He'lI share his happiness with you. He will turn your tears of sadness Into inslani smiles of gladnessf' NICOLINA BOMMARITO Roller-Skating Club, '43, '-44: Bowling Club, '43, '44. "Nickle is small and sweete- ls always full of fun. A nicer girl you eould not meet: She is liked by everyone." LAVERNE BARTELS Even though she does gain fame: LaVerne will always be Ihe same: If there is ever anything to do, Just call on her. she'll help you." January, IQ47 MARY Lou THOMPSON Student Council, '43-'46: Pan-American Club. '43, '-143 Co-C-Hi, '44-'46: Owls. '-83: Lamps, '44, '45, "When you look into her eyes, You will see a garden there: And the Keeper of that garden is wise, So ils beauty is lovely and rare." JACQUELINE FROST "Shes all my fancy painted her: She's lovely, she's divine." MILDRED MARIE MILLER "Her face, oh call it fair, not pale!" ROBERT J. MEYERS Choir, '42: Skating Club, '4Z: U. S. Navy, '43-'46. "lVhatever he did, it was done with ease, This nice guy so easy to please." JANE WALSH G.A.A.,'-14. '45, Chevron. '45. "You never see Janie throughout the day lVhen she isn't ready for work or play." January, 1947 Tl IITLMA LOUISE Sl IRUXI "Our 'l'h.'lnm will .ln quill' u'-'ll, .la ununm- run pluinlu t-'ll " FAY CORSO Student Council Rep., '-135 Rnllcr-Skazv ing Club, '-U: Student Council AIL, '46, "ltr lwr lsvltlltn' tx Ihr luu' uf l:tnilm'sa." MARIAN LEE STANTON G A A,. '44, '451 Skating Club, '44, '-45: Bowling Club, '44, '45. "She always ha.: a pleasing smile, Gay and can-free all the while: Ready and willing to do more than her share, :I lavs of this sort is murh loo rare, KENNETH WALDHOE Chemistry' Club. '45, '46, "With his light brown hair. and durlz blue eyes. Ken will mulzu some girl a wonderful prize." ANTONINA MARIA BOMMARITO Roller-Skating Club. '43, '44I La Cas- tilla, '44, '45: Pan-American Club, '-I4. '45: The News Staff. '45-'47, Reporter, '45, File Director, '45, '46, Associate Editor, '46, '47: Red Cross Representa- llvc, 43. 44: G. A. A., 43, I "O, thou art fairer than the evening air, Clad in the beauty of a thousand stars," il MONICA KAIVIP Co-Cflli. '44-'46, President. '46: Chem- istry. '-46: Student Council Alternate, '45: Student Council Representative, '46, Choir. '45, '46, Lcttcr '45, "Fur ull that faire is. ls by nature good." MARIE CHEATI-IAM Dancing Club, '43p Skating. '44g Chcmf istry Club, '-16: Student Council CAILJ, '-16: Owls. '43g Lamps, '45, "ln friena'ship warmly pure. and sweetly strong," NORMA LUELLA RECKERT Her eyes are bright-of stars theyre made: ' And no mutter when you need her aid, You will never be neglected lf her for a friend you haue selectedf ROSE MARIE SCRUGGS Co-C-Hi. '4-4346: Roller Skating. '44- '46J THE RED AND BLACK Staff, '46, "Elegant as simplicity, and warm as ecstasy." DOLOR ES RUTH LUTZ "Personality plus, And looks a-plenty." BETTY RHOMBERG Of Betty we are proud to say She is the best one yet: lf she will only rome your Lvuy. She'Il be your friend. I bot." ff HELEN STUMBAUGH G. A. A., '44, ws. CO-C-Hi. '-14:46. "As you can plainly see. Of Helen we run boast: In years to rome she'Il be The one that we Lvill toast." RICHARD VAN Football Team, '42, '44-'46: Baseball Team. '45. "Although he isn't very tall. Dick is popular with all: lVith his bright and winning Lvay He is sure to succeed some day." RICHARD WILLIAM BAKER " 'Rich'. a happy, carefree lad. ls always gay. never sad: If you ever need a friend. W'e will him to you send." WALTER MYERS Student Council. '4I: Football Team. '4l-'43, Letter '42, '43: Track Team, '42, '43. Letter '42, '43: U. S. Navy. '44-'-16: Freshman Basketball Team. '43, "fl very nice fellow we have met Is Wallie Myers. a returning 'Vet': He's very ambitious, as you can see. And he has a swell personality." J Q 3 39 anuary, T947 ,i-,fciff D50 JOE FERRANTE Band Sr., '43-'46: Movie Club, '43, 'l-lg iN'i'ivx Salesman, '4-le'-46. "He has moved u little nearer To the nvusler of ull music," VERNON JOHNKOSKI Track Team. '-13: Gym Team. '44, '45, Letter, '44: Baseball, '45, '46. "Sometimes we wonder, when we see A guy who is as nice as he. lf in this great big world so wide Some others ure not trying to hide." HELEN WARD Roller Skating. '44: Girls' Literary Club and I-Inthenz1eum.'45. '46,Secretary,'-46. "A lovely being, scarrvly formed or molded. fl rose with all its sweetest leaves yet folded." FLOYD SILIES The News Salesman, '4-6: TI-IE RED AND BLACK Salesman. '-43: Camera Club, '-H. lf you would like to hear A funny joke or two, Just lend to him an ear- You'II be glad if you do." WILLIAM I-IoRvATH, JR. Academy of Science. '46: Chemistry Club, '-46: Football Manager. '46, "Whenever you are in grief And are looking for relief, This is the one on whom to call. This friend so kind and fall." ,lanuary,'l KATI ILFITN NIAXITITELD Ulplunu IWrl.xvui, DAVE BECKER Scniur Band. '-+3-'-Hu, lxllvr '-45346: B Fuulh.1!I '4 3, Hu. r' all hmm' Dau' As quill' u man: Hfs mulling iw hrlp Whrrmrvcr he run." JACK BLAYLOCK Camera Club. 43, "Kind and friendly. Fxllcd LL'lfh joy: You'll find Jud: ls quilc a buy." DON PFLEGER "Thin is no one on varrh Who is so gay and full of mirth." 47 1 , 1 L .Biff 1-12 R ROBERT A. HEMPEL "His oulward calm was but a shield Of many powcrs hc can wield." ROSEMARY EDEN G. A, A,, '44, Chevron, '-14: Skatin Club, '44: Glee Club, '45. "Safari as Iuuc. Or lhe remembrance of a generous der-d.' RICHARD MCHENRY "Hu gave much pleasure To those he knew. He was a treasure. Tha! is true." VERNON PUHSE Track Team, '43: Junior Band, '43 Scnior Band, '44-'46, Letter '45, '46. "We have been friends together In sunshine and in shade." THE ONE HUNDRED EIFTY-SEVENTH Qnadluatlon Exenclaea OF 'The Centnall High Sclmooll ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI WEDNESDAY EVENING, JANUARY TWENTY-SECOND NINETEEN HUNDRED EORTY-SEVEN At Eight O'Clock BEAUMONT HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM PROGRAM PROCESSIONAL Band NATIONAL ANTI-IEM-The Star Spangled Banner ..,..........,,,..,......,.....,.....,.. John Stafford Smith THEME-SMILING THROUGH TI-IE YEARS INTRODUCTORY ADDRESS Shirley Jane Althoff SCENES AT CENTRAL Vera Turnquist, Narrator ADDRESS-What High School Has Meant to Me Milton Weller SOLO-Caro Mio Ben-Giordani CMy Mother Bids Me Bind My Hairj Margaret Nichols PRESENTATION OF CLASS Mr. E. W. Alexander, Principal RESPONSE AND PRESENTATION OE DIPLOMAS The Honorable Irma H. Friede, Member. Board of Education THE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY HONOR SCHOLARSHIP AWARD Professor NVm. G. Bowling. Dean of Admissions, Washington University AU REVOIR James Ralph Humphries, Class President WE JOIN THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Paul Mulcahy, President. Alumni Association RECESSIONAL Band CLASS OFFICERS James Ralph Humphries ,,.....,.,..............,.........,... President Betty Conway .,..........., ........ V ice-President Mae Cobb ...................... ...,.,,..,.. S ecretary William David Mauller .................., ...,....., T reasurer SHIRLEY JANE ALTHOEP, Reflipient W'ashington University Honor Scholarship 41 apshots of January Class ,U 'o r--' 61,2 X 42 Sn apshots of January Cla J- 43 apslwots of June Cla 'IW 44 apshots of June Cla is hr 45 DOLORES KEPPEL June 'l947 I XVAYNI4 llkll-N liaek 45, 40 letters, 44, 40, len nn 44 46, lelltrs, '44 '46 llaxelaall. 49 '46, B.uketb,ill, '46, kommittee ol l'itt-ntv, '45 '4' Dllltls'Ill liiuntil Rep rewlttatit'e, 44 40 k'ltel'rexitlctll, '4a 4ti Owls, '44, l'rexitlt'nt New Senior Klan, '46 l'rt-xitlt-nt Senior K lass, '4 lltmm' is nur urittt ttrfmx star. .lvul his ltirtttutl app.-al tetll git tat l lrtltlrl. txrttttttu' llattfm' tx thi' lrfpr. l'htit tatltrti tw list his spirit tt'tin'l war ' .lACQL'lil.YN BECK Skating Klub, '43, G. A A,. '43, '4ti. the-vron, '45, Girls ,ltlwnut'trnr, '44, 45, kiirlx' literary Socletv, '45, ' Uwls, -Ji, 41, Lamps. 46. 4 ,L era Vliib, '43, Student Council Al 46: am- ter- nate '43, '46, Student Council Repre- sentative. '46, '4': Secretary Senior t lass, '4', Liirls' Glee Club. '44g X' lif- l'resit.lent New Senior Class, '461 Color lhv Cnniinittee, '4': Senior lixecu IIVC Advisory, '4'. Tlllg RFD AND BLACK Salesman, '46, Tlll? Rl-D AND BLACK Stall, '46, '4', Business Alanager, ' '47, "She is prrtlu lo wall: Leith. .-lntl LL'ttru to tulle with, 46. .-Xml pleasant, mn, to think on," RICHARD THURSTON Committee of Twenty. '45, '46, ' Sgt,-at-Arms, '46, '47: Football Te '44, '43, '46, Captain, '46, Letter.' '45, '461 Swimm.ng Team, '44, ' Letter, '44, '-45: Student Council. ' '4', President, '47: Track Team. ' 47. am, 44, 45. 45, 44, 45, '46, '471 Toastmasters' Club, '47: Owls, '45, '46, Lamps, '47: Harvard Book Award, '46: Financial Commit '47, ICC. ll'hen a soul burns i.t'i'Ih god-like pur- pose to achieve, .4ll obstacles betuuuen it and its gon .llust vanish as the dew before rain," Ml-QS .QAJL lvl 1:1151-.Q DOLORES Hoooti l tht' Roller Skating, '44: Owls, '44: The Yettqx Stall, '45-'47, Assoc.ate Editor. 45, Assistant Editor. '45, News Editor, '46, Chairman of Editorial Board, '46- '4', Ciirls' Literary Society, '47: Toast- mistress' Club, '471 Student Council Representative, '4-1: Commencement Anv nouncement Committee, '47, "SLL't't?lf7t?SS is hers, .-'lnd unaffected ease. Her sole desire. To others please." MARX' LOU FONDREN Owls, 44, C, A, A,, 43, 44, 47. 46. '4',Chet'ron, '45,Letter,'-15. Pin, '47, Tlll? RED AND BLACK Salesman, '45, fro-C-Hi. '46, '473 THE RLD AND BLACK Stall, '46, '47, Associate and Historical Editor. Ciirls' Literary Society. '46, '47, Vice-President, '471 Student ft-uncil, '46, '47, Calendar Committee. 4', Chemistry Club. '47, Senior Social and Calendar Committee, '47, Toast- m,stress Club, 4 ' If slutty given, ut-I not averse to platlf BH- teastvd not an hour in the clay " i e. ,4- as 1-. 17 7 , -an 5-Y X'-Z7 '-v L ,-' 'Q . ' f'L fear, JEAN LEONG Vice-President Senior Class, '47: Finance Committee. '47: THE RED AND BLACK Staff, '46, '473 Owls, '443 Lamps, '45- '47: Junior Band, '43, '44: Senior Band, 45-'47, Letter. '45, Secretary. '46, '47, Treasurer. '46: Skating Club, '46: Co- t"-Hi, '463 Student Council Representa- tive, '44, "Beauty, intelligence she possessed, In poise and dignity she was dressed: Yi-1 no solemn, sombre maid was she. Her rutment included gaietg." ROBERT L. WEHMUELLER New Senior Class Treasurer, '46: Senior Class Treasurer, '47g THE RED AND BLACK Staff, '47, The News Stall, '463 Camera Club, '44: Student Council Alter- nate, '44: Student Council Representa- tive, '45, '46, "He's charming as a picture Rembrandt made, Whose pleasant smile will surely never fade. He's our super cameraman: He helps our in any way he can- ln this world l'm sure he'll make the grade," DOT ZELTMANN G. A. A., '44: Tennis Team. '43, '44g Xklashington U. Tennis Tournament, '44g Junior Academy of Science. '-131 Secre- tary of New Senior Class, '46: Girls' Cilee Club, '43: Bowling Club, '43: Prom Committee, Co-Chairman. '47, "A glance, a look, another one, What is it that makes us stay? So sweet, so good, so pretty, We cannot go away," Co-C-Hi. '46: Owls, '43, '44I Lamps, '45-'47: Student Council Alternate, '45g Bowling Club, '44, '45, Treasurer, '453 Skating Club, '43: Girls' Literary So- ciety and The Athenaeum, '46, '47, Vice-President, '46, President, '473 Ring Committee. '47: THE RED AND BLACK Staff, '46, '47, Editor-in-Chief. "She was always a friend with a bit of wit to cheer you." BETTY JANE RATH Roller-Skating Club, '43, '44Z G. A. A., '44-'46, Chevron, '46: Athenaeum, '44. '45g Ciirls' Literary Society. '45, '46, Vice-President, '46: Chemistry Club, '46, '47g Owls. '43, '44: Lamps, '44- '47g Toastmistress' Club, '47, Treas- urer, '47: THE RED AND BLACK StaH'. '46, '47: Financial Committee, '47, "Knowledge is power, " JAMES lVlULDOON Junior Academy of Science, '44, '45, '46, Treasurer, '45: Chemistry Club, '47: La Castilla. '45g Pan-American Club. '45: Camera Club, '451 Publicity Committee, '47: The News, '46, Sports Editor, '-46: Toastmasters' Club, '4T: Owls, '46, "Hts votre was loud But carried weight: Few mulict' bore him: None bore hate." THERESA RAPPLEAN Girls' Literary Society, '46, '47: THE RED AND BLACK Stall, Class Editor, '46, '47: The News Salesman, '46: Commencement Announcement Commit- tee, '47: Owls, '44, '45: Student Coun- cil Alternate, '47, "Soft peace she brings. A presence tultich is not to be put bu." EDWARD MILES ESTEL Boys' Literary Society, '44-'47, Presi- dent. '47: Academy of Science, '-15: Tennis Team, '45, '46, Letter, '461 The News Staff, '43, '44, Sports Editor. '44: Track Team, '44: THE RED AND BLACK Staff, Literary Editor, '471 Toastmasters' Club, '47, "A dreamer of dreams rlnd also their master: The speed of his thought Than lightning was faster." CHESTER SHIDLOWSKI The News Staff, '46, '47, Sports Editor. '46, Editorial Board. '47: Gym Club. '44: Camera Club. '45: Academy of Sci- ence, '45, '46, Vice-President, '462 Track, '-46: Finance Committee, '47: The News Salesman, '461 Owls, '46, "A lover of books, but a reader of man, No cynic and no Charlatan: lVho never defers and never demands, But, smiling, takes the world in his hands," BETTY MCANINCH Chemistry Club, '47, "ln all the school you cannot find A girl who is more kind: Liked by all, you'll hear them say That Betty has a most winning way." - inn' ' l up i "l ,ti "t aw? 5'5's " ii- . -.15 -:,,.- , f " l 4 ,- --- ,--- 1, -'. . . rf---Q4 iv' 1 uv.: 'RE 1 . v.-J 'sf 'N .L , a ., -5 ', l 'I . ' i I r Q lla.--4 -J 5 f t 1 -, . 4. X 1 1 .- , '75 '-i.,,,,f . A 'f " l , -. .2"'Tg '4"x t ' ' , I ,th v K ,X ,' X ,,,..-- X - , ' ' -. ,' V" 4- s, tt ,, Y A' H. at r f ,, , c ne, T947 l'llLDEGARD lVlEYER Tllll Rl-IJ AND BLACK SLUT, '46, '47, Club Editor, '47, Girls' Literary Society .ind f'l1ht'nut-um, '46, '47g Co-if-lli, '45- '4T, Vice-President, '46, Treasurer, '473 Junior lland, '44: Girls' Glee Club, '45, '46s Choir, '45: Owls. '44: Academy of Science, '45, '46: Chemistry Cflub. '46, '-473 Roller-Skating Club, '453 l,i- brary Club. '46: Tennis Team, '45, '46g G. A. A,, '44-'47, Chevron, '45, Letter, '46, Pin. '47, State Letter, '47, Vice- President, '45, '46, President, 47: Col- or Day Stunt Committee, '475 Central's Appreciation Club, '47, Wht-never you see her she has a smile: She laughs and Jokes all the while, She does all her work uuery day, Yet she Ends some time to play." ELSIE TAMALIS Co-C-Hi, '44-'47, Treasurer, '46, Presi- dent, '47: Girls Lit., '46, '47, Ci, A, A., '44, '45, Chemistry Club, '46, '47: Tennis Team. '45, '46, Championship, '46, THE RED AND BLACK Staff, '471 Toastmistress' Club, '47g Academy of Science, '44, '45: Roller-Skating Club, '46: Owls, '44, '45: Lamps, '46, 473 Senior Band, '44-'47, Librarian, '45- '47, Color Day Committee, Chairman, '47, Elsie has wit. Elsie has charm: The greatest charm about Elsie Her wit did no one harm." L ENORA REGRET Skating Club, '45: Owls, '45: THE RED AND BLACK Salesman, '45: Caps and Gowns Committee, '46, '47, "A little gtrl with a kindly heart, Who lore the clouds of gloom apart," KENNETH DIERS Central Hi-Y, '45, '46: Football Team, '44, '46: Track Team, '4-4: Student Council, '45, '47, "Ken is a happy fellow, Always bright and gay: Except, in recitations, He doesn't know what to say." RAY COBB Ring Committee, '47, "rl merry heart is a good medicine." June, T947 ll- V FRANK XVIJBISR Clit-ntistrv Klub. '45, '4', Pri-sitleiil. '4,5. '-0': 'I'oaxtniasters' Klub, '-I', Senior Ii nance Cksminittee, '-47: Ilatltetball Team. 40, 4 , Iraclx Team, 41. 4 , "Ile had not Itiullx. Or I no iaulls rould spur .-lm! mp.-uiullu in Chem. Ilit Impex trerv Vert! high' JUNII DELORES IVIILLIER Tumbling Klub, '461 THE RI-I7 AND BLAVK Salesman, '-Ib: THF RED AND BLAVK Staff, '-+63 Co-C'-Hi, '45, '47: Prom Committee, '47, "June is a niaiden. ll'hu responds when Jultl Calla: ll'-' ri' glad fha! we have girls like Ihul. ll'i1Irin riltl C.-nrral's halls," PAULINE VALERIA IVIILESZKO Chemistrv Club, '46, '47: G, A. A., '46. '4', Publicity Committee, '47, "PoIlg's cheerful in every way, Laughing, joking every day. She ll win coniesis at every meer, For shea an athlele that fan'I be beat," CHRISTINE FRIZZELL Ciirlx' Literary Society, '47: Commence- ment Announcement Committee, '47: Junior Toastmistress' Club, '47, "Tull and graceful, with Iighl brown hair. Christine srrolls by with never a cure. Her manner is always cheerful and gay. She gained more friends day afler day." JOE WRIGHT Chemistrx' Club. '45, '-463 Social Com- mittee. '-57. "He slufh lo lhe end. Nor ye! me! defealf' Q Q" ALBERTA BUTLER THF RED AND BLACK Staff, Typist. '47: Dancing Club, '43, '44: Girls' Glue Club, '43, '44: Commencement An- nouncement Committee, '47. ".fIlu.'ays ready in wil, Never Iaching in hope: No one has ever ye! been Able with her ro cope." JOHN DENNIS Track Team, '45, '46, Flower Commit- tee, '47, Chairman: Senior Executive Advisory, '47: The News Staff, '46. '47: Toastmasters' Club, '47, "You are not in earneri. though You bear il wilh surh a somber brow." HELEN FILLBRIGI-IT G. A. A., '43, '44: Ice Skating Club. '43, '44: The News Staff, '45-'47, Edi- torial Board. '46, '47, Toastmistress' Club, '47: Prom Committee, '47. "To be known was her IIFSI aim." EUGENE TETTENHORST Summer School Candidate. PATRICIA SANDBRINK Girls' Glee Club, '44, '45, '46: Choir, '-151 Prom Committee, '473 Swimming Team. '44: Student Council, '43, "This maiden tall. W'irh wondrous eyes. Has a charm No one denies." lVlARlLYN lVlEYER The News Staff, '45, '46, '47: G. A. A.. '44, '45, '46: Junior Academy of Sci- ence, '44, '45: Camera Club, '44, '45, Secretary. '45: Student Council, '44, '45i Chemistry Club. '46, '47: Girls' Lit.. '-46: Owls. '45: Lamps, '46, '47: THE RED AND BLACK Salesman. '46. '47: Toastmistress' Club, '47: Social and Calendar Committee. '47, "ll'heneuer there is work to do. Or where some fun to share. ll'e all may Ermly rest assured That Marilyn will be there," RICHARD JOSE Track, '46, '47: Swimming, '46: Chem- istry Club, '47g Boys' Literary Society. '46, '47, "Rich in English is a whiz: He's never afraid when we have a quiz. And always in other subjects, too: For the answers he always knew." MARY GRECO G. A. A., '43, '44, Chevron, '44: Co- C-Hi. '44, '45, "Sometimes serious, sometimes gag, lllary knows when to work or play, She has worked hard and achieved much skill: She will reach her goal with her will." JUNE DEMPSEY G. A. A., '44-'47, Chevron, '45, Letter. '46, Pin. '47, Treasurer, '44, '46, Vice- President '45-'47, President, '45, '46: Junior Band, '44, '45: Senior Band, '46, '47: Color Day Stunt Committee, '47: Central's Appreciation Club, '47: Foot- ball Queen, '46, "The most manifest sign of wisdom is a continual cheerfulnessf' GERALDINE DEMENT Roller-Skating Club. '44: Commence- ment and Announcement Committee, '47g Girls' Literary Society, '46, "Her merry brown eyes And sweet winning ways Have left Central High In a lingering daze," ne, 'l9-47 RONALD lVlEYER Band. '45, '46, '47: Color Day Stunt Committee, '47, "Of happy mien and nimble wit. The best within him, he offered it," I lf BERTHA KRIETLER Bowling Club, '4-4: The News Staff. Distribution Editor, '46, '47: Student Council, '43: Student Council Alternate: Prom Committee, '47, "A laughing face to greet you. A pair of dancing eyes. fl joke at all times ready To take you by surprise," HAROLD WELLS Football, '43, '44, '45, '46, Letter, 46: Track, '46: Pep Club, '47, "Though Harold will not burn The proverbial midnight oil, Upon the good football field Ht-'ll work, and sweat, and toil," JEANNINE LEE SNUFFER G. A. A., '44: The News Staff, '46, '47, Associate Editor, '47: THE RED AND BLACK Salesman, '47: The News Salesman, '46: Skating Club, '44: Stu- dent Council Alternate. '47, Pan-Ameri- can Club, '44, "Jeannine is noted for her clothes. Quite 'differentf chic and neat: And likewise on the dance floor, ls very hard to beat," ROY STRUCKHOPF Toastmasters' Club, '46, '47: Social and Calendar Committee, '47, Co-Chairman: Senior Executive Advisory, '47, "One good thing. He's a good brick: He doesn't complain And he doesn't kick," June,'l GENE lNlERl,liNBACK l'rowctor Club. '41, '44, Tllli Rl-D AND l'1l.M'K Art Ststl, '40, '473 Prom Cuninnurc, klmirmnn, '4 ". "I-tutlriul to his lrssorzs. l"m!l'ful to it Irtrml, lwutlrlul to lifes duties ls his Jestimwl In-ntl." CHARLENI5 HLUDGES Lo-C-Hi, '45-'-lf: 'Ihr Ni'u's Stall, '46, '4'g Owls. '-lb. "Dark merry rum, it pleasant smile. :ind hair that loves to rurli ilmrlrm' uftm a host or friends. lbho sau shes um' gruml girl," VIRGINIA BICKEL Red Cross, '44, "If you should ever wonder why Her hear! forever sings. ll is because Virginia sees The sunnu side of thingsf PEGGY WROTEN THE RED AND BLACK Salesman, '44- '47: Academy of Science. '-45: Student Council Alternate. '46, '47, "Who glues sunshine Io others Deserves much herself." ERXVIN El-ILERS Summer School Candidate 947 'FQ nh DELORES EIKMEIER ' Roller-Skating Club, '44: Ring Commit- tee, '4 7. "Delores is a pleasant miss, Quiet und unassuming, So diflerent from a lot of us. Whose tongues are always booming." RAY HODO Owls, '44: Boys' Literary Society, '46, '47, Secretary. '46, Vice-President, '47, Chemistry Club, '46, '4 7, Treasurer. '46, Vice-President, '47: Track Team. '46, '-17: THE RED AND BLACK Staff. '46, '47, Verse Writer, '46, Sports Editor, '47: Color Day Committee, '47, Chair- man: Senior Executive Advisory, '47: The News Salesman. '47: Student Coun- cil Alternate. '47: Swimming, '46: Jun- ior Toastmaster, Asst. Secretary. "A fellow we were glad to know As a student in Central High: His spirits neuer seemed so low As when bidding us goodbye." SARA KALLBRIER Girls' Glee Club, '42: THE RED AND BLACK Salesman, '47. "Her good doth disdain comparison. And, but herself, admits no parallel." HERMAN MOHL Camera Club, '44: Chemistry Club. '47, Tre.1surer,'47: Track, '47g Flower Com- mittee. '47: THE RED AND BLACK Staff, Class Editor. "I don't know what to do about Her- man. But I'll try another time: There are several nice things that l could say, But ncne of 'em will rhyme." IRIS ROWEKAMP G, A. A.. '45, '46: Color Day Com- mittee, '47. "Her voice was ever soft, gentle and low- An excellent Ihtng in woman.' BERNICE GROTE Glee Club, '43, '4-lx The News Staff. '46, '471 Toastmistrcss' Club, '47, Wht-neL'er you are 'round Bernice, The air with laughter rings: To know her ix to love hi-r for The Joy she always brings." DEWEY THORNHILL Track, '44: Chemistry Club, '47: Color Day Committee. "fl keeper of silence eloquent: Needy, yu! royally well content." LUCILLE IVICNEW Roller-Skating Club, '43: Owls, '43- '44Z Lamps, '45, '-46: THE RED AND BLACK Staff, Typist, '47: Toastmis- tress' Club, '47: Senior Social and Calendar Committee, '47. "Her rosy lips and rosy cheeks Bring to her much affection. .-Ind everybody enctes her That st'hoolAgirl complexion." MARIE LILLIAN JOHNSON Ring Committee, '-47: Owls, '46, "She is so sweet and so petite, And also dear and hind. That loyal friends are never hard For this fair miss to find." PANSY GRAVES Summer School Graduate Roller-Skating Club, '45, '46, '47, Medal. '45, '46, Sec.-Treas., '47: The IVFLUS Sl-IE. '47, Cap and Gown Com- mittee, '47, "There's many a youth Who stops and sighs, When he looks into Pansy's big green eyes." .ag ne, 'IQ-47 JAMES BRISLANE Basketball. '44-'47, Co-Captain, '46, '47: Baseball, '44-'47: Football, '46, '-473 Student Council Representative, '473 Color Day Committee, '47: Junior Toast- masters' Club, '46, He lets the old world roll by! Reserved. he's yet not too shy, Athletic in manner, I-Ie wins CPD1f0l'S banner, For sportsmanship, win, lose, or tie.' ZELMA BARNES Roller-Skating Club, '44, '45, Color Day Committee, '47, "A smile, a charm, a winsome lace, A personality: All these we End in Zelma's Great popularity," MARY ANN GREGORETZ G. A. A.. '43-'45. Chevron, '44, Let- ter '45: Dancing Club, '43, '44, Prom Committee, '47, Baseball Champions. '44, '45, "Mary Ann Gregoretz you'I1 have to meet: She's small. sincere, and very sweet. Sl-re's always ready to help a friend: Her sympathy and gladness to you she'll lend," MAURICE SAUNDERS "B" Football Team, '431 Roller-Skating Club, '47, "Learn to ascend towards a higher end." VIRGINIA SMITH Student Council, '45: Dancing Club. '43, '44: G. A. A.. '43-'47, Letter, '45, Pin, '47, Chevron, '44: Chemistry Club, '46-'47, Girls' Literary Society, '46-'47, Publicity Committee. "A friend to many a foe to few." June, 'l947 0 DOl ORVS lblUl3SSFNll3Yl3R .inn-ra l lub, '4-O: Prom Coniniittcc, '4'. "Sim l-tix ii vmlv in huppu, ll'l-ich xurrlu will errrirr, .Shri lilcril lvu n-.nl u'1't'ri1nltt', l'li't'i1uxr xlu' lx xii nu'-', 1 BETTY XVILSON Roller-Skating Club. '451 Owls, '44: l Ring Committee, '47, "Mtv is hvrxrli of bail things the collec- lion." XIERLON Moss Roller-Skating Club. '46, "What is so rare us this senior boy. ll'ho's quiet, kim! and gootlg Who m-ver does do anil wrong, But uns just as ht- should." BETTY FOSTER Student Council, '43, '-44: G, A, A. '43, '44, Roller-Skating Club, '44, '45 Secretary and Treasurer: Owls, '45, "Bella always Innlzx so sweet. ll'i'lh llflhl hair and blue 1-gm, lt's in that paasiue softness. Tha! her subtle charm all lies. 2 415' ' GERALDINE FISCHER Roller Skating Club, '44-'46, Preiidcnt '45, Senior Band, '44-'47, Letter, '46 Tcmstmistrvss' Club, '47, nlfiserunnf- knows this girl u.'ellg She has more friends than one can It-ll, ll'iIh hi-r grvut rulvnl and nersnnalilg A fanmus nvuaiciun xhc' will he," l E NUTCHELL J. GRZESIOWSKI Gym Club, '-13: Track Team, '44-'46, "With hix di-lmnair air and flashing way, Ili' holds the girls all in hix sway." RICHARD RUDOWIEZ Owls, '44: The News Staff, '453 Track Ti-am. '46: Football Team, '46: Fi- nance Committee, '47, "Almost to all things could he turn his hand." DOROTHY MROS Ci. A. A,, '45, Secretary, '-45: Academy of Science, '45g Glue Club, '44: Student Council, '44, '471 Dancing Club, '431 Owl Pin, '431 Toastmistress' Club, '47: Prom Committee. '47, "With ht-r golden locks and face so fair." MYRNA KERSTING Student Council Alternate, '46: Student Council Representative, '47: Student Council Cabinet, '47: G. A, A., '43-'46, Letter, '46: Choir, '46, '47, Letter, '46, Bowling Club, '46, '47, Chemistry Club, '46, '47, "There is no beautihcr in form or be- havior, Like the wish to scatter joy, And not pain, around us," DON SMITH Track, '46, '47: Roller Skating Club. '44, '-15: Camera Club, '47, "Modest, yet: but ready, too. To show ushutuuer he could do," RALPH CONNER A fellow who is nice to know Is Ralph, we here declare: He's honest and straightforiuarcl, too, I And always on the square." MARY BIENKOWSKI G. A. A., '46, '47, Chevron, '46, Sec retary, '47: Chemistry Club. '46, '47 Girls' Lit,, '46, '47: Student Council '46, '47: Publicity Committee, '47. "Mary is a girl we all do like, And certainly admire: ll'e look to her and climb up far- Tc dizzy heights aspire." NORMAN WISELY Senior Band, '43-'47, Letter '45, '46 '-47: Color Day Committee. "inwardly gay. Illith outward calm: His soothing voice Was of life the balm." SHIRLEY ANN LAUBE Girls' Glee Club, '43, '44, Letter, '45: Prom Committee, '4 7. "No gems or gold she needs to wear. Not with her beautiful, shining hair.' HELEN LACKO Swimming Team, '44s Glee Club, '44, '45, '46s Choir, '45: Prom Committee. '47 "Helen, the bright-eyed, graceful one. Is a merry maiden full of fun. As a member of the class, She was a very fine lass." sr' f Ju ne, 1947 EARLENE BUERGIN G. A. A., '43-'45, Chevron, '44, Letter. '45: Dancing Club, '43: Commencement Announcement Committee, '47, Owls. '44, It seems her hobby's making friends: She does it with great easeg For with her personality she Everyone does please." JACK PLOSS Choir, '46, '47, President and Letter. '46: Boys' Glue Club, '46, '47, Presi- dent. '47: Boys' Literary Club, '473 Toastmasters' Club, '47: Football Team, '46i Operetta, '46, "Music hath charms, and so hath hc." O RUTH OPFER The News Staff, '45-'47, Editorial Board, '46, '47: G. A. A., '44-'46: Junior Academy of Science. '44, '45s Camera Club, '44, '453 Chemistry Club, '46, '47: Girls' Literary Society, '461 Owls. '45-'46: Lamps, '46, '47: THE RED AND BLACK Staff, Associate Business Manager, '4-7: Toastmistress' Club, '47, Secretary: Prom Committee, '47, "She is the very peah of courtesy." JACK HAYES Football, '43, Letter: Band, '44, '45, '46, '47, Letter: Social Committee, '47g Track Team, '46, '47, Art Club, '43, '44, "Although he's such a silent lad, Were sure he sees of life The sunny and the funny sides, And not all pain and strife." VIRGINIA ROWE Roller-Skating Club. '43: Bowling Club, '44: Spanish Club. '44, "Her way is pleasant, Her smile is gold: Her friendship is lasting, 1-Is we all know." June, 1947 1 T' ' L"l'lC:'z'c " e PATRICIA ZLQNSUN U. A A: Girls' lil,, '40, '4": Chcni' ixirv Club, '40, '4'g Bowling Club. '4b. l',m .'Xmi'ric.1n Club, '-Hug lhninicnccnwnl :'Kiinnumi'l11i'nlx CCOIIINIIIIUU. '4', ".l aan-r lan, with quid ways. lu irlmm grra! nrunumcnfx u'i"ll nun' ' lfARL LAWRENCE l3.1xlxclb,xll'l'c:ln1, '44, '45, '46, '47, l cl- lcr, '4". l'3:inil. '44, '45, '40, l.Cllt'l'. '-log l3.iwb.1ll Team, '44, '453 Cnmcm Club, '44, "Yiwu could Search rhis world lhrouqhoul flvnl m't'i-r find a hrllrr Maul " BETTY BURGOON G. A. A., '46, '47: Girls' Lit., 46, 47: Clwmiilry Club, '47: Bowling. '45Z Tonstminress' Club, '47g Finance Com' mittee, '47, "Belly ix a girl we all do like, .-lnd certainly admire: ll'e look to her Io climb up far To dizzy hrighls aspire," DONALD DAY "Donald sure ii loads of fun We seem ro all agree, Hi"ll lenil a hand to anyone: rl promising ilruflxman he'll be," BEI l l' EDWARDS Student Council. '43, '44, Cabinet. '44 Rollir Skatin Club '43 '44' Bowling . ,X Z 4 1 ' t Club, '44, '45, La Caslilla, '44, '45 'l'lll, RED AND BLACK Salesman, '46 '47 Social Committee, Chairman, '47, "l 1, nvalxi- sunzeone happa was hi-r delighl. Har mu In xpreail a llllle llghl " 5 Man.. J CHARLES POMEROY "This Care-free classmale has a place ln our book of memory: I-'or he had Ihe skill io lane our hearls Llp lu u hrighler key." ROSE NATOLI G. A. A.. '43, '44, '45, '46, Chevron. '44, Secretary. '45, Letter, '-15: Student Council Representative, '45, '46, '47, Cabinet, '45, '46: Prom Committee, '47, "Hf'FE'Y a lillle girlie xweerg Dona you ihinlz shi- ix cog? Looks so neat and prim and nice! To us shc is a joy," CURTIS HALL Chemistry Club, '47, "QuieIIy, he does each lash, And not a question wlll he ash: He does not dramarize his name. Bu! plays life like a happy game." LORETTA TPIOMAS Co-C-Hi, '44-'-475 Chemistry Club, '46 Owls, '44, "Loretta's mass of lovely hair ls ihe color of light gold. We hope that it will keep il5 sheen, Long afler she is old." EDITH MCMILLIN Pan-American, '43, '44: La Casrilla. '43 ' , ' .' : y 44, RollerSkating 43 44 Color Da Stunt Committee. '47. "Endowed with bcauly, wisdom, loo, She wins bolh friends and fame: In UJl7d1SOE'?l' she undertakes She'll make a prominenl name," X V . MAXINE WILLIAMS Roller-Skating Club. '45: Cap and Gown Committee, '47, "She sets to work with cheerful speech Whene'er her services we need." JACK FEARS "If upon his manners we should spy. We could not say this lad was shy!" if SHIRLEY MONTELL Girls' Glee Club, '43, '44: Dancing Club, '44: Toastmistress' Club. '47: Prom Committee. '47: THE RED AND BLACK Salesman, '46, '47g Student Council Alternate, '46, '47, No matter what her destiny. We know that she will gain The very highest heights that one May possibly attain." RALPH SUMMERS Committee of Twenty, '43, '44: Student Council, '44. An accommodating fellow, Always willing, he, And we shall always think of him With pleasant memory." ETHLYN Fox Social and Calendar Committee, '47, "Ethlyn is a girl to know, She's quiet and graceful but never slow. She has a smile for all she sees: Many will miss her when she leaves." ..n, iguzvv, June, 'IQ47 GREGORY BURNS Chemistry Club. '46, '47g Baseball Team, '46: Publicity Committee. "Although he's very silent, he lVill smile most any time: lVhat an asset this will be As he starts his wordly climb!" BETTY MAE SMITH Girls' Cilee Club, '43, Betty seems reticent and shy, She neuer does impose: But friends she gathers quietly, As on her way she goes." LILAS THORNTON Roller-Skating Club. '45, '46, '47, Pin, '46, President, '47p Cap and Gown Com- mittee, '47, "You may look north or south, You may search east or west, But you'll never find one sweeter In all of your quest." l THERESA GARBO Bowling Club, '46, '47, "Brain and heart together, ll'orking in conscious harmony and rhythm." F1 1 ALFRED KURZ Student Council Representative, '43, '44g THE RED AND BLACK Staff. '47: Ring Committee, '47, Junior Toastmasters' Club, '47, "1-ls happy a man as any in the world," June, 1947 HH l-N KlC:XR'l'l lk'R lonimrnn'n1rnl livfllllllllxx. Vi-: Uurlw' Kiln' Klub 43, '44, Ki 504. knrlx' 'lcnnix l-aim. '40 llilrrr w in nun! in I nn u 1. lv' ixiilillwlwl slw limi .Vw lillv-rx lxiru ill -iirrf hull. ll lrlvur ilu xliuhiui lm.'f.' l'l:XRRY xVAL'lil'RS k'rn1nicncvmcnt .Knnvuncrnirnt Cfonimil in-. -J", l'h.inrm.in, '-l', Srniur lfxi-cu nh' Fhlviwrv. '-l-. I .in noi rhmk ii ix lair lvr .1 lwu li Mui xuilr uurm: luilrw DOROTHY lVlERZ Loninwnccmcnl ,'xI'll'lClll'ICClTlCDI Commit- lcc, '-l'. "Vw ix alumiui nvuhirtg uulvux. lhzx lifllc girl .xo xmull. ltul mi-xl if ull ilu' uixhrs. YI-.Xl grou' up and lil' lmlll.H PAT REMSON Prowling Club. '44-'46, Chcm1slryClub -40, 4 , "Dark hrmrn hair and u prulru funn Xl'i!h Ihr umm-rs -hu ll Iain' hur plum' .-llnna iulh lwr xufcuxs and fumu. lxlry dau mira fri-'mls xhifll gain," XlARY SIMOKAT lluru gnu rmnunzml frum Irusihll Ihr !L1f1n'll.rl!i'r lumix. Sli- Illlhx Pwr nnlu in xhflrlivuml. mlm! ilwn :api-x ulih prrfiif 4-aw ' g'awE?4.v- 1 . rin' 1 i r . 1:-,g - RICHARD A. KRUPINSKI Track. '45, '46: Baskctball, '44, '45: Publicity Commitlcc. "For nvvrr has such soorhing voice Hwn ro our world conveyed." BERNICE SLASKI Bowling Club, '46g Chemistry Club, '46: Social Committee, '47: Roller-Skating Cflub, '-43. Hlivrnicc is a sprighlly lass, Shi- loves ro laugh and smile. ,flml her tovs are ulwuyx twinkling, 'Cause shi-'s dancing all the while." MICHAEL THOMPSON "B" Football Team. '43: "A" Football Team, '44, '45, '46g Baseball Team, '45L Track Team, '47s Student Council, '-43: Studcnt Council Sgt. at Arms, '45g Thr' Nrws Staff, '47. "'l his hc-man plays the game of lifc, As on a foorball Held. Hv comes up smiling in the slrife, And nvuvr will he yivldf' MARX' ANN IMPASTATO Bowling Club. '46, '47. "Quic1 and pcnsiue. Bur somrrimcs gay: Wzrh a smile for everybody Shu wanders on her way." ALPHONSE INDELICATO Gym Team, '44, '45: Camera Club, '-l5. "Oh, Al. how .surprised I am. My poor head fairly swirlx. 'I rl find you'ru mosilg inli-run-il In lunch, frw pcriodx. and girls." LAMORA DOYEL Knitting Club, '-l6: Bowling Club, '46, '-17: Social and Calendar Committee. '-67: Student Council, '45, "With her dark huir and her -lark eyes. She is thc reason for the fellows' sighs.' RUSSELL PYATT "B" Basketball Team, '44, '-IS: Student Council, '46, '47: Senior Ring Com- mittee. '47. "His mood was neither Mild nor surly: His hair was blonde And mildly curly." GLADYS KUHLENGEL The Camera Club. '45: Bowling Club. '46, '47, Social Calendar Committee. '47, "Gladys is always friendly. Her geniality you will entice: For she is the kind of girl That makes high school so nice," JOHN PERRY SULLIVAN Toastmasters. '47: Boys' Lit., '46, '47g Boys' Cilee Club, '44, '45, Treasurer. '473 Operetta, '46, '47g Stamp Club, '45, '46: Academy of Science, '44: Choir, '44, '45, '46, 47. Letter, '46, '47, Treasurer. '46, '47g Senior Finance Committee, '47, "Quiet in manner-talented in voice: Perry Sullivan is our first choice. He's tall and quiet, with bright red hair: Of great success he'll have his share." BETTY SHAEFER Ice-Skating Club. '43, '44: Senior Fi- nance Committee. '47, "Betty is a dark-hatred girl. Her eyes are brown and bright: And when she's dressed in her Sunday best. She makes u pleasant sight." June, 1947 ARCHIE JACKSON Band, '4 6, "Hu was u lover of g0Otl, Clean fun. Which never was held against anyone." JEAN KLUNK Ci. A. A., '43-'45, Chevron '44, Letter '451 Junior Academy of Science, '45: Camera Club, '45: Cilee Club, '43, '44, Table Tennis, '46, '47, "ln thy face I see the map of honour. truth, and loyalty," GRACE BARTOLOTTA Ci. A. A.. '43-'45, Chevron, '45: The News Staff, '47: Prom Committee, "She has all that her name implies." MAXINE SPRING Summer School Candidate Chemistry Club, '46: Bowling Club. '46, '47, Treasurer. '46, '47, Secretary, '46, '47: Co-C-Hi, '44, '45, '46, '47: Ring Committee. "Blessed with a charming personality, And a friendly nonchalam'e." RUSSELL REED Camera Club. '43I Owls, '43: Ring Committee. '47. "His splendid personality Will win success and friends, youll' sie," t nmmittee. '-47. une, T947 ORYIIII- SMITH 'Hrullr t tluirmiiruriit ,Irv t1int'1m'u .mil rm.-rtu' I Ili' I'-'fu' Iluil lu' will .iluaut yt! II "III-'twr lu ri'i.jM i:'.4.-rip I I BRYAN ROTH Comniittcc of Twvnlv, '45-'47, Ilrcsi I Jvnl. '46, '4": Student Cuuncil Rrprv- ' Nt'l1l.lIlYC."l:7. Studcnt Council Altcrimlc, ' '-V' '-I-: Tuck, '45-'4", lvltur, '45, '4rv Football Tram. '45, '46, Icllcr. '4rw, I'rum Committee, '47, I ".ln u!l'lt'!r and a gcnllt-nvilli, I .-I mlcvr, Itm, is lu' .ln ullfilriiurztl gum! f'cll.1Lt'fA :Ill rhit in lvtt' uuu wt" JAINIES RUSSELL Stutlcnt Council, '44, '46, '47, Boys' lilcmrv Society. '46, '47, Yiccfprcxi- dent, '46, Secretary. '-I7: THE RED .NND BLAVK Staff '4'. Junior Toastmnstura' Club, '4', Bow' State Rcprcsrntativv. '40, Svnior Financu Committcc. '47, "lim Rumrll Q furvvvr lL'I'St"t'f'dl'l2l'l1IJ. Prrwnulzry hr.: f7A'L'Cf lacking ll ill' luv fun-seeking grin ,Ilimy fhumx hu will win, xlrvd lwll always have Cvnlral Highs barking " I VIRGIL COX, JR. Junior Band, '44, '453 Scnior Band, I '43-'4", Letter, '46: Track, '46, IXI.1nA 1 I Jgcr. 46. Lcttcr, '46 "xl it'itlv-sprvatling, hopuful disposition is tie hm! umlvrvllu fur Ihri vale uf Inari " NORMA YAKER Rixllcr-Skating fnlub, '43, '4-47 Publicity "xl gulhi-ring uqnlhuut hur ll'in as t1 icurfh Lflllvvitll :rt funn s- Yrs T , ,rv , " 495' "af H ALAN DURBIN Swimming Tum, '46, '47, Provisional Lcltvr, '46, Letter, '47: Tcnnix Team. '45, '46, Letter. '45, '-46: Track Team, '-57: Student Council Vnbinvt, '46, '47, Prom Committcu, '47: THF RED AND BLACK Cartoonist, '4 73 Thi' Neu,'s Sports Iiditor. '45, '46: Thi- Nt-u.'s Art Editor. '45f'473 Boys' Lilcrnry Club, '46, '47, Moviv and Nlikr Cilub. '43, '44, ",-I iollg than wt' all ugrvv, .rl xurrusx in life his going lo br. In wiszlony and knutulvclgu he goes Io lOlL'n. Nunn' dug hv'll rlw to grunt rcnoLL'r7." JOAN HALLBACK Senior Band, '43, '44, '45, '46, '47, Muxic Lcttcr. '46: G. A. A., '43, '44, Tllli RED AND BLACK Staff. '46, '47, Skating Club, '43, '4-I: Girls' Literary Society and The Athenavum, '46, The Nuws Salesman, '47, Spnnixh Club, '43, '44, "Hvr amiling lips and .sparkling eyes Brush away all gloom and sighs." TOM KOLOCOTRONIS The News Staff, '46, '47, Editorial Board: Senior Color Day Committee, '47. With quiet charm he keeps in slridv, Nvuvr swayud by any 111.10 Thu! comes his way, or ebbs au.'ay,' Hu always has fine u.'ord.x ro say." ETTA SWIFT Ella is wall known by all, A friend ar any HI778. And' alwuya ready lo share On0's falv, in rain or xhmef' EDWIN SWIFT Carvfree, wild as any desert brev7v,' ll"hu1 wiht-r arrribure rwvd he Ihan ll7t'5C:"' .IEANETTE MACDONALD Girls' Glec Club. '45, '46, Treasurer, '46: Choir, '45, '46, "Dark blonde hair with eyes of blue, A real friend she'll be to you." RUBY LAVERN HEALY G. A. A., '44-'47, Treasurer, '46, '47, Chevron, '45, Letter. '46: Senior Band. '43-'47, Letter. '46: Girls' Literary So- ciety, '47: Color Day Stunt Commit- tee, '47, "lVith a sweet smile And a laugh so gay, She meets life's troubles As they come her way." EULINE BARBERO -Prom Committee, '47, "Her beauty makes the vault A feasting presence full of light." JAMES RUSSELL See Preceding Page. MARILYN SCHAEFER Co-C-I-Ii. '45-'47: Bowling Club, '44, '45: Publicity Committee, '47: Owls. '43, '44: Lamps, '45-'47: Roller-Skau ing Club, '44, "She's very quiet, but that doesn't mutter: Her manners speak louder than a lot of chatter. Her sure success in every class Proves that she is an intelligent lass," ne, 1947 ARLINE BRINES Roller-Skating Club, '43, '442 Bowling Club, '44, '-45: Spanish Club, '44, '45, "Quite active was this blond-haired miss, ln everything at school: May generous words and actions Be her life's guiding rule." MARY TIPTON Library Club, '44: Choir, '45, Owls, '44, '45: Caps and Gowns, '47, Chair- man: Toastmistress Club, '47, "Her pleasant looks and chatter That are so very gay, Make Mary a welcome visitor At any time of day." ALVIN A. POTOLSKY Cap and Gown Committee, '47: Basket- ball "B" Team, '45: Basketball Varsity Team, '46, '47, Letter, '47: Track. '45, '46, "A happy smile, a polite way: Once he's your friend, he's yours to stay." ROSE MARIE MILLION G. A. A., '43, '44, '45, '46, '47, Chev- ran. '44, Treasurer and Letter, '45, Pin, '46: C0-C-Hi, '45, '46, '47: Dancing, '44, '45: Chemistry Club, '46, '47, Secretary, '46, '47: Academy of Science, '46: The News Staff, Typist, '46, '47: Publicity Committee, '47: Girls' Lit., '46, '47, Secretary. '47: Owls, '43, '44: Lamps. '45, '46, Student Council, '44. " 'Tis said that pretty girls are dumb. An exception we have found: Rose Marie has looks and wisdom, too, And will the world astoundf' ROSE MARIE BOBEFF Girls' Lit. and Athenaeum, '46, '47: Ring Committee, '47. "This merry girl of Central fllways does her part, To make this sad world gladder, By joyfulness of heart." June, 'I947 JACK QIQINN Ihws' Iit, '44, I'.!llAl1h'Ili., ' II.is.I1.1II I.-am, 44. la Kas '.. ' 45, Nui-Init LX-nmil. '45, '40, ' 4 I Ull1Y11llln'x' ul Iwi-nlv, '44, '43, '40, '4 l"is spiiqlwlx, .Mm iuxl liiwx mi il-arm I n 'I IU:-l 'A in 'Q' mv' 1, Fu lL'tII'VYf, llix rms Mui' rvuianrlu a V pfnal. .mil his sn-il-, lx II-ll as Mx ilwrrlul Llfaii. rrullh' Lilrllwllwln " LIILDRIED SCI IMUI?I.I.ING ln-L 'IIi. '44, '45, IiuIIcrfSIx.1ling Klub 4h TIII IiI,,M'K .-XNI3IiI3IFSl.1fI ' . 402 Kwnimcnccmcnt .ind .Niiiimliiccnirnt Qi niitlrr. '4', ' In mul HHS f7Ydl4lI'l7 lx xurvlgf uwurtl? u'lHlv,' lr I-rvlu lv su' lha! I1'af'llmg snnlvf' DAVID BECK "JI loyal son of Crnlrul High, .-IX rrur ax rruf can bv, ll han ilulq cullinl, he nbur hung back, Hu! ansucrrul Qaqurly, ' BARBARA ACKERSON Q -A. A., '441 Rollcr Skating Club, '44. 4v. Acadcmv of Scicncc. '44, '-15: liirls' Litcrnrv Socivry, '40, Social and Calendar ifommittcu, '47, 'lhu Ncius Staff. '47, 'You wldiim calch hi-r serious: liar har laughing rum burma. fha! Ll.'hAI7 anu mid a fr iunil, iniluul. 'Hubs' an.-4 all Ihr' way." XII-IO FERRARA Xlfivxu llpcrnlors' Crlub, '43, '44, ,Iuniur I'i.1nd, 44, Svninr I5,1nCI, '45, '46, '47, fiilrwr Inv Stun: ffimmirtw, '47, "I'iI-I has aliulus pliulul, lircilizw MK ml wi fall, Hu! ilf.n'l win wffrrif, l'il1f, W - ' Il hm! ix uluugx small U T11 5'3- Q LARRAINE GUY Junior Acndcmy of Science, '46: Student Council. '-46: G. A. A.. '44, "fl pvrson full of sparkling laughlvr. ffornbinvd lUl'Ih wil and brauryg of fun, Ifrivmlships shi' had and loads liul nrvrr shirhvd hcr duly." GLEN STASER Gym Club, '44, '45. "Abi Many johns fould 'l his lad lrlll Nor only Ihut. hi: told Thvm well." BETTY BRYAN Art Club. '44: THF RED AND BLACK Staff, ' 472 Publicity Committcc, '47. Be-Hy is vvcr rvady To svrvr' a frivnd in nvvd: Shi"s famous for her readiness. Aml is a friend indeed." HAROLD KOTTIVIEIER "rl lad as 1alI as tall fan bc. Whose brillianl mind will reap reward, In Ialur life he'll mae! renown: Hi"lI mvrit honor and regard." RICHARD ELLIS Track, '45, '46. "This boy. so Iall and slcndvr. ls surely bound Io win. For wary time you sm- him H0 has rhat famous grin." CHARLES MCANINCH Chemistry Club. '47, "Never put ot? for tomorrow What you can do today: Thut is Charlie's maxim, And he puts it into play." MAXINE SMITH Roller-Skating Club, '44: G, A. A., '45: Camera Club, '45: Academy of Science. '45. "Gentle manners, pleasant smile. Dressed so neat and quite in styleg Many a braue heart doth beguile. This dainty little maiden." BILL MARLOW "Dame Fortune gave this lad no special gift. But through hard work he'll giue him- self a lift," MARGARET SMITH Co-C-Hi, '-14: Pan-American Club, '43, '44: La Castilla Club, '43, '4-4: Roller- Skatirig Club, '43, '44, Student Coun- cil Alternate, '-45: Student Council Sec- retary, '46, '47: Owls, '43, '44: Lamps, '46: Junior Band. '43, '44: The News Staff, '46: THE RED AND BLACK Book- keeper and Typist, '46: Senior Prom Committee, '47: THE RED AND BLACK Salesman, '-46: Basketball Salesman, '46Z Football Salesman, '46. "This rharming girl is popular With seniors and other students She has a pretty dimpled cheekl She is the height of prudence." ROBERT EDWARD MEINER "It is always good to know, if only in passing, charming human beings, It refreshes one like flowers and woods and clear brooks." No PICTURE ROBERT LAMWERSIEK Summer School Candidate Camera Club, '43, '44s Academy of Sci- ence, '43, '44. "Here is a lad of thoughtful intellect. lVho can appreciate the worth of all great things." I l - L l , sign..- I - f' -A l 1, T' ' , pal f ,f'e'i' fe , 'Tffi o R.: '1 xp , A I - , K l- ' . .... "C-fn Q -iss -g gs 5 . A in 61 June, 'l947 NORMA JEAN HUGHES Student Council, '45L Roller-Skating Club, '45, '46. "A girl who lends a willing hand. And does it with a smile! Norma Hughes, we all agree. Is a friend who is worth while." KENNETH TI-IOMAS Track, '46, '47: Swimming, '-15: Stu- dent Council Representative, '47, "Ken is a handsome guy, He's good and hind and gay: All at Central like his smile And wish it here could stay." JEAN LANE G. A. A.. '44, '45: Roller-Skating Club. 245: Chemistry Club, '47: Orchestra. '44, '45: G. A. A. Baseball Champs, '45, This daring girl is not afraid. Of any skillful sport or play: She is not either prim or staid, But jolly, full of fun, and gay." .F 'VC ,Er C, :HS iz fl J WILLIAM K. TOAL Camera Club, '-44. "Bill took the Art course lVhile up at Central High. And we sincerely hope he'll be A well-known artist bye and bye." No PICTURE JIM BENNETT A lot of fun was always found Where? this lad did show: And yet he did much worlz. for he ll'as always 'on the go' No PICTURE FRANCIS MCCREADY Senior Band, '44, '45, '46, '47L Presi QUE dent of Band, '47: Roller-Skating Club. '45, Letter in Band, '-46. "He played in rhythmic measure: His musir was the dancers' pleasuref another good yearbook with Don Roland Portraits DoN RoLAND sTUD1o 308 North Sixth Street St. Louis 1, Missouri ,,fL1,.L.Jf.., Lwpu 2 - I.n1'llmu15f l :L-I lill i - Ji- J - M1 , :qv ,I-I I S wt e S: 1 ., . x J I v 11 , Q I I.: 5 ., l rnm1.fs L nixg 4 ,ow ' '. 4 H , x ", .G ,f I I If f, Q. .5-I 5. , I .il . f I . I ,L :W,.v. I I I l I Q7 I , c' Il E Il II J I II I1 II t Il F 3' II ,,...., 5 II UU J II Il I UU 1. II 1' Il t J III-A Il 'Q ' 3 :- AL. LL .,,. , I SMILING THROUGH TEENWKISS Q ' . I 1 'G' Iwi? 1 -gp J.: .- 'Z isa' I ie: ' i A I. P- 6 , I l L 5 I -, I I 5 A , 0 IW KWSN I 7- 0 411 I I I fglqigzag -Q I ,, I . B Ll .Aff v-'Xxx-I I fr-'I ' if I fa' .z M , , I B275 6 1 . flu Ir "w N -b If ' w . 'qv A J :RN-I-1 NIL IW L nn I 4, 4 '1' 3 "5" N"1I4',' -' Us . :f - ' ' 'YL-.-'.1g: ,.'fv 1 .,--- ,Liz-si? Wg vI,14f ' :-P ,--f"', 25.1-Q. iff . , ' ,ff gk - 4 5, 5.1 -51,35 " . 'ii .gh- Y "' ' I: Q, II f 5 I I Il 1f . 1 E XXX 1 l:A E 'I' IIIII I D CROSSX ' I II N , Yx-RY' I I N IXSEYJALL 2 'Z 2 I l fgfif B U4 ' qu ' .Q' 4 'V gi E I' FOOTBAL I II I I IIII ,I I I D I OLORL PSTONE I: 63 II . -p.,... ' - '. ' . .f.'-::f7z.1'5iiQ: -' 1 ' ..s 4' E.4.g:,Qzf:2g:s 1 .- ,'.,: A '41IxuAf"'1'33ixiJ f"1"' GROUPO FAIGI, TITRM Mr. Christcnson GROUPO SPRING TERM Mr. Ghristcnson GROUPI Mrs. F. Ross JC 1 4 ,lirrxt Row Riu .le1ilx, lgniline Veningn, lzmmn Forrester, Louise Brodeur. Glenda CYJCFJTI. Peggy Vilrotcn. Norma Lewis. Vernon Lock- hart, Robert XK'tmtll.1nd, Virgil Schellhnrdt. Second Row: Darn Kellchcr, Anthony Mazzola, Robert Lamwersiek, John Taylor. Oliver Burnh llinlt Kessler Ruth Sims .lunntltt Htilunh ll Third Row Ra mond Eicktlminn R third XVoo ' , . , . , -. - - - - o . : y ' ' 1 . 9 . tl, Wallace Wigger, Dale Young. Sam Bennett, llcrxhel l,.1XJlfl'. Kun XX'ilson, Fourth Row: Mr. Christensen, Jim Vullman, Orville Smith, George Bruenning. is First Row' Richard Evola, Norma Jean Chestnut. XVilliam Kochcr, Marvin Chapman, Marlene Schwartz, Ruth Ann Hall Nancy Maullcr XVilma Brown. Second Row: Belly McAn1nch, Charley Collins, Fred Koenig, .lim Bennett. Herb Dollus. Charles McAriinch, Jean Lani' Patricia Brady, Rosie Schnell. 'Jn ve' li TJKA lffl-1 v 'Y' QNX QQ '? First Row, Betty Foster. Ted De Zuttcr, Marian Rogers, Shirley Pillman. Dolores Mnlon. Betty Jam: Vogelpohl. Geraldine Fischer. Ethel Shrum, Gerald Rixinger, S-:cond Row. Fddie XK'indish. Vito Buzzottn, Aleeda Drake, Helen XX'nrd. Eugene Bangcrt, Audrey Hoy- berg, L.xVerne Pennington, Melba Singleton Third Row: Forrest Wundezlich. Larry Cfuddy, Ray Berry. Harold XVells. Charles Dunn, Otis M.1dcnn.1. Fred Bates, Fourth Row .lm Pegg, XViIli.1m Vogh. Paul Lange, XVilburn XV.1lton. 64 4' First Row: Lamora Doyel. Evelyn Fabian, Patricia Jerome, Francis Crimi, Laura 'sVasson, Julie Somogye. Dorothy Woods. Doris XVeast. Pat McMillin. Second Row: Gladys Kuhlengel, Leeora Dodd, Alice Pilcher. Herman Geller, Marilyn Meyer. Ruth Opfer. Lenora Regret. Third Row: Gerry Boelhauf, Arlynn Utnage. Jean Klunli, Bob XVehmueller. XV.1yne l,emen, Martin XVeber, Paul Bono. Joe Catalano, Harold Holder. Fourth Row: Kurt Christiansen, James Pendleton, Richard OT unnor, Glenn Heidemann. First Row: Patricia Remson, Patricia Zensen, Jesse Szwarqulski. Virginia Rowe, Arlene Brines, Betty Spitzmiller, Mildred Miller. Irline Sandefer. Ronald Peper. Second Row: Harold Kottmeier. Richard Ellis, Naomi Noelken, Ed Lehmann, Martha Bell, Mary Lou Haub. Dorothy Ballman, Cora Fuller. Third Row: Paul Fitch, Bryan Roth, Clarence Keitel, Jacqueline Frost. Richard Thurston. Dewey Thornhill. Norman Hagan, Arlon Price. Fourth Row: Miss Diclxman. Jack Collins, Ralph Conner, Don Smith, Frank Weber. First Row: June Potts, Dolores Pistone, Rosanna Vivirito. Emma Knight. Jean H. Leong, Charlene Mantee, Eddie R. Leong. Eugene Keeney. Gene Xvilliams. Second Row: Dolly Decker, Marie Johnson. Betty Hodge. Lorraine Englert. Jetty Emmons, Kathleen Roe, Merlee Brock. Katherine Centunze. Rosemary Cool. Jeannine Rhyne. Third Row: Michael King, Leo Caradonna. Rudy Schildroth, Bob Bartz, Julius Laurent, Joseph Musick, John Lawless, Mary Alexander, Catherine Hefti. Fourth Row: David Lee, Jesse Mayberry, Steve Sekarski. Thomas Million. Bert Rose. XVilliam Keck, David Vlelch, Don Pfleger, Miss Schroeder, 81 65 GROUP 7 Miss .-amend GROUP 8 FALL TERM Mr. Marshall SPRING TERM Miss Knoernschild GROUP 9 Nliss Sprague First Row: Geraldine Dement. Josephine Bova. Arlene Smith, Shirley Beck. Lucille Fortune. Edna Schwartz, Helen Buergin. Polly An Jolu. Margaret Schulze. Second Row: Mary Fitzsimons Mildrtd Schutrminn Mary Alice Young Mit Cobb Eunice McCready Patsy XK'ard. Dorothy Palmer. Catherine Marzueo Helen Brinkman Third Row Betty Joyce Bryan Graco. Bartolotta Dorothy Rygelskt Helen Fillbright, June XValter. Shirley Hess Bertha Kreitler Betty Edwards Fourth Row Gwen Glancy Bonnie Duns Audrey Rita Reynolds, I First Row: Lillian Tamalis. Monica Kamp, Roberta Golden. Regenia Green, Ralph Council, Helen Minor. Patcie Blatz. Nancy Stanley. Myrtle XVieduer, Second Row: Vera XVhite, Ruth Schultz, Lillian NVoeber. Bill Guth. David Beck. Stanley Mann. Pat Robbins. Bette Dixon, Third Row: Gino Gasparotto. Joe Ancona. Patricia Taylor. Anita XVegener. Bill Thomas. Sylvester Moll, Robert Schmitt. Francis Callahan, XK'acle Lemons. Fourth Row: Mr. Marshall, Herman Mick. XValter Roberson. Robert Sancork. Frank Fuerst. Denvy Sayles. Y Q6 X! First Row: Dorothy Feldewerlh. Marilyn Mueller. Darrel Barnes, Laura Greenstrcet, Mabel Guenther, Betty Moore, Patricia Thorpe. Tressie XVestbrook, Rose Calandro. Second Row: Patricia Slempfel, Betty Nichols. Richard Juengst. Audy Cobb. Frankie Vaughn. Edwin Canaday, Anita Poss. Leslie Thurston, Donald Crittenden. Third Row: Ronald Mattingly. James Braden, Ray Bollenbach. Jack Thomas. Salvatore Fcrrantc, Eugene Madden, David Hall. Bill Ritter. Fourth Row: Chas, Williams, Harry Noll, Tom La Mastus. Geo, Merkel, Ylelvin Anderson. ' 'X 66 First Row: Yvonne Klunk. Marie Crutchfield. Doris Hollmann. Marietta Brigulio. Doris Jones, Mary Feais. Eve Elliott, l'auline Ruhano, Anna Centunzi. Second Row: Norma Meyer, Antoinette Giacalone, Georgia Gallap, Joan Siering. Patricia O'Sulliv.in. llarleen Jarvis. Joy Gower, Patsy Schillizzi. Dolores XViltshire. Third Row: James Patterson, Robert Baitinger. Roy Asher, Bob Masters, Jack llrnne- berger, Arnold DeZutler, Richard NVoods. Fourth Row: Bill Fox, Bill Lawyer, llerman Mohl, Gregory Marter, John l'lIix, Harold Maul, Clarence Rittenhouse, Miss Knight. First Row: Melba Garvey, June Rutledge, Donald Claus, Garnet XVebb. Irene Scheibe. Herbert Garstane. Ronald XVelch, Earl XValters, Lily Chung. Second Row: Joyce Sandcork. Gloria Duraski. Bonnie Vvloods, Louis Aiello, Genie Melvin, Sam Levantino. Joe Hen- ningsen, Robert Hackett, Audrey George. Third Row: Ralph Sullivan. Jack Blaylock, Akins Opalene, Pearl Catanzaro, Roberta Suth- erlin. Jacqueline Carlin, Gwendolyn Coffey, Mildred Burrough. Fourth Row: Norman Emery. Everett Willeford. Roger Hibbits, Arthur Reckert. First Row: Marie NNagner, Mary Jane Chamanick, Lee Faschine. Helen McManaway. Lilas Thornton, June Holt. Arleen Svoboda, Marie Kogut, Cynthia McKee. Second Row: Darlene Eads, Lois Hagan, Joe Palazzolo, Roy Montgomery. Glen Staser, Mary Simokat, Dottie Zeltmann. Jean Sieririg, Audrey Hensiek. Third Row: Don Brewer, Robert Robinson, Ralph Humphries. Hildegard Meyer, Charlene Hodges. Lillian Gilley. Fourth Row: Joe Ray Ruff, Robert Shaw, Bill Skewes, William Harvath. Kenneth Kammerer. 81+ ' . 'TTQQTII'-f'i','..r.lQLQQ 'i'T1Iff7'ff'i .,.... .,., f, s ,.- 8 t U V ' 67 it ,'- L2 L f GROUP 10 Miss Knight GROUP 1 I Miss Lowry GROUP 12 Miss Randall GROUPIE Miss Pierce GROUP14 Mr. Van Landegend GROUPI5 Miss Ewing l"IfXl Row' Miller. lleleu Smith Second Row. Mary Ann Johanningmeier. Doris Anderson, Anna Marie Bommarito, Mary Greco. Eileen Griffith. Irene Francois. Doris Leach, Mary Lou Fondren, Margaret Nichole. Third Row: Shirley Stoving, llelen Johnkoski, Gladys Albrecht. Janet Flay. Betty Vonway, Betty Laminger, Cfhrixl.ne Frizzell. Ruby Healy. Fourth Row: Shirley Vy'allace. Anna Mae Looby. Kath- erine C hristian. Margie Fenimore, Dolores Keppel. Margaret Palermo, Betty Burgoon. Harriet lueking, Norma XVr.ghr. Barbara Aclxerson, Grace Abshier, Betty Lee. Louise Sawicki, Lorraine Moeckel. Shirley First Row: Velma Yates, Joyce Carlin, Mary McDonald, Pat Coyle, Regina Rabbett, Betty Oakes, XVilbert Capehart. Hubert Morchlew- ski, Virginia Rowen. Second Row: Theresa Rapplean, George Stearns, Dolores Hodge. Jeweldean Johnston, Leo St. George, John Den- nis, Henrietta Carter, Nicki Bommarito. Third Row: Lawrence Lipinski, Charles Mueller. Russell Pyatt, Mitch Grzesiouwski, Shirley Regh. Melvin Flockowslci. Laverne Regh. Fourth Row: Jim Guinn, Charles Scotino, Wallace Gundlach, Doyle Darr, Walter Schrader. 0 s gre 12.9 4-"7 Q First Row: Irene Lvans, Rosemary Molloy, Mary Alyce Finazzo. Elizabeth Mclntosh. Fanny Vitale, Jean Benwell. Jacqueline Schmitt, Velma Boyd. Carol Bueltman, Marie Song. Second Row: Dorothy Schneider, Betty lsringhaus. Bonnie Heidemann. Dorothy Hyde, Fern Halfacre, Etta Swift. Virginia Smith, Evelyn Flinn. Frank Gill. Third Row: Clarence Bruce, Carl Parker, Bill Martchink. Donald Fritz,' Donald Seufert. Emil Grega. Fourth Row: Carl Knight, James Russell, Marvin Carter. Bill Palmer, Bob Stanton. Helen Stumbaugh. Pat Sandbrink. 68 First Row: Maxine Williams, Mildred Schmuelling, Jane Guinn. Tommy leigh. George llowarrl. Phyllis llayex, Norma Yaker, lrla Poli. Stanley Bartell. Second Row: Ruth Jones. Arlene Dode. Shirley Ramsey, Dolores Schulze. Lorraine Lee, Robert 80018, Jeanette Taushanofl. Alberta Schraeder. Doris Kosrr. Third Row: Edward Schmidt. Elmer Gerhardt, Lewis Minzes, Harry llampe, Harlan Mur- ray, Edgar Vr'ilkins0n. Patsy Eilerman. Fourth Row: Ronald Bryan. Ruth Molkenbur. Joyce Hansen. l.eon Heincker, Richard Rudowicl. Joe Mattli. Frank Meczkowski. Ralph Herr. First Row: Elsie Short. Harry Burris, Norma Kuhlcngel. Oma Mardis. XVvvonda Brown, Dorothy XVittkoetter. Dolores Claus, Mary Ossenberg, Frances Mattera. Second Row: Gene Fleher. Robert Abshier. Frank Burch. Troy Coppedge, Sidney Atkinson. Richard Love, Lorraine Guy. Mary Ruth Jordan, Evelyn XVilliams. Third Row: Ray Hodo. Leonard High, Melba Adams. Robert Cool, Marcella Hen- ningfeld, Marion Bathe, Oran Anderson. Fourth Row: Mr, Phillips, Robert Meiner, Edward Estel. First Row: Shirley Mense, Mary XValler. Patricia Smith, Sara Kallbricr, Virginia Bickel, Pauline Mileszko, Kathryn Koenig, Mary Easley, Delores Costello. Second Row: Bill Toal, Roy Russnogle. Joseph Vrlatson. Robert Jones, Norma Camp. Ethel Keller, Emma Jean Swinea, Marie Laskowitz. Third Row: Earl Brinkman, Fred Bokerman. Herman Halle. Milton XVeller, Philip Fleet, Melba Lowrance. Elsie Tamalis. Betty Byrd. 'SA Q- sr' ' av -3- if i f r-H - 69 GRCUPI6 Miss Kramer GROUPI7 Mr. Phillips GROUPI8 Miss Eimer GROUP I0 hlr. .lnncs GROUP 20 Miss Fricdman GROUP 21 Mr. Biggar ,.. go os .l , First Row: Donna Mimrc, Phyllis Lislc, J.lf1Cl Brcclwnkamp, Billy Allgirc. Harry Thompson, Richard Coulson, Rodney Tctlcnhorst lX'.xvnc Mclntosh, James lamwcrsirls. Scrontl Row: llarry Simpson, Harry Mazzola. Dolores Tucker, Marion Rocsbcrg, Jean Stan fill, June Marten, luuisc Bacon, luclllc l'yrr. Bcity Masonr Third Row: Verlon Moss. Norman Wiscly, William Radick, Nettie l.ut man. Dolores lllll, Rosalir: Mr-rcurio, XVarrcn Kivfvr. Fourth Row: Douglas Fgwlur. Bill Spciscr, Mr. Jones. First Row: Helen Michaels, Nola Mac Fenton, Roscanna Natoli. Wanda Schrader. Shirley Montell, Alphonse lnclclicato, Betty Wil- son, Pat Donnelly. Norma Ross. Second Row: Thomas Kopp, Bvlty Rhombcrg. Alberta Butler. Lorraine Morrison, Arthur Burkhart. Ncoma Ross Pat Ncwsham Lucille Ucinski Sally Null Third Row' Roy Mayfield Richard Friss Ruth Htnle Jane Gathri ht. , , . . ..,, , ' y, g Bill Gray, June Francis, Arzctta McCrarkcn, Anthony Maggie. Fourth Row: Al Hiegcr. Henry Raymond Bralkowski. Ken Thomas .lack Howell, Robert Godt, Richard Baker. Ray Cobb, Clarence Hessley. First Row: XVilliam Kuhn. Ruse Russo. Ruth FOUITY, Pat Herndon, Gloria Knopf, Mary Mitchell, Hclcn Smith. Norma Robb. Shirley Gradcl. Second Row- Richard Knapp. Cwurgc Klcnk, Don Kopfvnstcinur, Bob Davis, Hclcn Childcrs. Iris Basham, Bill Jett, Fred NV.ippvl. Third Row. Bill Jucngrl. Dick 0'Mara. Jack Hayes, Joseph Cappcllo. John Toczylowski, Mcrticc Johnson. Bob Flehvr. 70 First Row: Georgia Brolaski. Marian Best. Lillian McLain. Clara Kuntz, James Soulnup, Wilma liranson. Charles Schull, Doralee Tnff. Fay Corso. Second Row: Mabel Thomas, June Carwitz, XVanda Dunn, Betty Zwilling, Arlayne Koerber. Mary Tipton, Shirley Lxube. Delores Eilsmeier, Juanita XVallen. Third Row: Alfred Mirth, Roland Aubuchon, liuline Barbcro, Dottie lklucssemeyr-r. Melvin Carly George Hoffmann, Gene Hessley. Fourth Row: Harry Drager. Ken Diers, Mr, Gunrllach, llivirl Millor, Fred Cliapmnn, Raymond Hiigan, Ralph Summers, XValter Hoelschcr. First Row: Dolores Olsen. June Dempsey, Jane Garrison, Roselyn Vklalker. Loretta Burkhart, Donald Montgomery, Jane XValsh, Maxine Smith. Ruth Smoot. Second Row: John Lipinski. Joseph Leroy, Albert Saladin. Wanda Graham, Reba Swaw. Ida Schneider, Bill Web- ster. Third Row: Vernon Herrington, Richard Green. XViIliam Mauller, Curtis Hall, John Danielewicz. ,X 1 N-F. First Row: Laurel Bush, Evelyn Bryson. Kathleen Kalinosl-ri, Rose Marie Bobeff. Norman Keeney, Edward NViesler, Ralph Lobsinger. Norma Reckert. Idalla Koch. Second Row: Richard Krupinski. Merrill McDanieIs, Joe Jaeger, LaVer-ne Barrels, Lois Doza, Jeannine Snuffer. Joe XVright, Harry YValters. Third Row: Alvin Potolsky, Alan Durbin, Marvin Meyer, Robert Hohmeier. Eugene Tettenhorst. 71 GROUP 22 Mr. Gundlach GROUP 23 Miss Levy GROUP 24 Miss Soecknick GROUP25 Miss Martini GROUP26 Mamma GROUPZ8 Mr. Marriott p- M: - liirst Row: Jeanine llarder, Shirley Meyer, Joyce XX'achenhein1. Despina Asimakopoulos. Mora Cooper, Mary La Flam, Maxine Brewer, l'hilippina Dohrniann, Richard Van. Second Row: Mary Bienkowski, Gordon Farlow. Ada Bernard. Janet Ifhlen, Pansy Graves. Philip Linppi. Harvey Hemke, Uliver Doza. Mildred Singleton. Third Row: Colleen Kalinoski. Bill l.ottman, Roy McFerron, Robert J. Meyers, Robert Tibhles, Albert Lada. Vern Puhse. Fourth Row: Roy S ruckholl. Kenneth Tall, Bob Moon, Edward Tabaka, Bob Kampal- man, Kenneth XValdlwf, Herbert Heist, Billy Barheld. i ii B iii F .jVIHl l'Y . , ...wc , no P '5' ' v v, -. E Z: First Row: Josephine Zuniga, Fred Ehlers, Betty Rowe, James Brooks, Wallace Eisman. Dorothy Derbes, Ronnie Austin. Louise Muel- ler. Second Row: Ruth Taylor, .Ioan Mohl. Jeannie Pollock, Dorothy Schultz, Christine Becker, Mary Hodge, Agnes Henning, Caro- lyn Gibbs. Third Row: Joe Badalamenti, Bernell Berry. Velaync Turner. Evelyn Herkenhoff. Betty Jane Klos. Margaret Swatske. Delores Martin. Laverne Oelkers, Virginia Karwoski. Fourth Row: Mr. Miller. Earl James, Donald Harris, Arthur McFerron. Frank Saporira. Philip Mcl-lenry, Oliver DePauli, Richard McMasters. , ra . , Q, ' abr 5 La-' 1 'F 1' ,sv as First Row' Bettie Florsek, Norman Mikus, Marian Stanton. Anna Somogye. Joann Dreman. Helin McArthur, Rose Mary Scarborough, Pauline XVesr. Lillian De7ulIer. Second Row: Martin Mefflurken. Edward Baumann, Ruth Oberbeck. Barbara Donahue, Norma Nlanlove, Michael Orlando, Bernice Johaningmeyer, llelen Hogan, Evelyn Pieper. Third Row: Leonard Aparks, Frank Mirth. Don Anton. George Opler. Loretta McC.racl-.en. Mary Virginia Mindak, George Shone, Pauline Turrentine. Fourth Row: Mr. Marriott. Bob Brooks. llerbert llerchenreder, XVilliam Sanford, Erwin Klug. Stanley Campbell, Jack Fears, Robert Hempel, Dave Becker. 72 First Row: Myrna Kersting. Robert Rulfino, Sterling Rodgers. Bill Harris. Tom Mcifauley, Lewis James, Betty Shafler. Domtliv Meri. John Dean. Second Row: Joan Hallbaclt, Mary Ann lmpastato. Zelma Barnes, lucille MeNew, Ruth lirneggeman, Betty Smith, Jacque- line Beebe. Oma Elliott. Mary Ann Gregoretz. Third Row: Don Day. Jacquelyn Beck, Theresa Garbo, litlith McMillin, Marian Selmpfer. Dorinc Sleinltamp. Andrew Titin, Glen Risinger. Fourth Row: Ron Meyer. Bernard Garrison, Shirley Althofi, lzarlene liuergiri, l-rietla Gatjanis. Helen Lacko. First Row: Marie Cheatham. Lorraine XVeipert, Arlene Kurz. Betty Simpson. Patsy Polley. Eugene Leeper, Margaret DcSimone, Doris Lemons, Second Row: Archie Paul Jackson, Thomas Hendrickson, John Malone, Dorothy Mros. Eugene Schaefer. Kenneth Patreele, Carolyn Jones, Virginia XVilliams. Third Row: Alfred Kurz, Jchn Russo, Arthur Hessler. Joe Ferrante, Carroll Crane. Donald Bian- cardi. Charles Evans. Fourth Row: Mr. Powell. Roland Meier, E mer E. Hollaway. .lack Ploss. rt' " . af. ' .- fer- V' -.- .1 as s ,, . -iz 5: , -1 . 1- .swf-r,zy,sgw. 1 WSJ. -new f'-51.1.3-tra' f hi' :?.if1:l"M. A .. ..f.-. . r ' 555-3.1 - 5 . , . . ' ' Q . GP' . W 3 as First Rowi Betty Jane Rath, Doris Miller, Elizabeth Harrington, Joan Haydu, Marilyn Kreuter, Josephine Rimini, Lwana Smith, Vito Ferrara. Dorothy Obrock. Second Row: Betty Pillman. Dorothy Pohl. June Georgie, June Miller. Levi Emmons, Robert Regh. Alice Norton. Arline XVallis. Rose Marie Scruggs. Minnie Lou Stearns, 'Fh.rd Row: Richard XVilson. XValter Myers. Jack Quinn. Doris Schmidt. Hartford Smith. Ehrhardt Lange. Donald Pilcher, Gertrude Haupt. Fourth Row: Howard Rankin, Maurice Sanders, Joan Kniker, Earl Mclntosh, Ray Tubbesing. Gregory Burns, Glen Schulze. Perry Sullivan, Floyd Silies. .rv '.,,. 73 -., '-, f,. GROUP 29 Mr, Prelutslxy GROUP 30 Mr. Powell GROUP 34 Miss B. Ross GROUP 3 7 Xliw Crowder GROUP 40 Miss Dolch SENIOR GROUP MR. MARSHALL and MISS FRIEDMAN lvx lnirtt lluw Vera Turnquixl. Doris Maneu, lrixh Rnewenltamp, Marilyn Schaefer. Kenneth Auxtin, Mary Lou Aaron. Jeannine Freeber- wwr, I'heIm.i Shrurn, Lillian Hebxacker. Seeond Ruw: Iona XValdhof. Kathleen Hake, Rme Marie Million. George Thomas, Jeanette Sax-lex. Joann Oilirien. Dot Smith. Mary Ju Spring Third Row: XVilliam Ruhland. Cfharlei Spiers. Eugene D. Umbright, Robert Nluellten. linx lvrnbardn. Joe Avis. fllfllll Peeblex. ,.z I Eirxt Row' Bernice Slaiki. Barbara Jones. Phyllis Jollief, Mary Evelyn Mclntosh. Doris Newton, Mary Lou Thompson, Betty McWhor- ler. Ronald Simpluns. Second Row:+Jane Pengergraes, Lorine Guerrant. Audrey Snoffer. Margaret Smith, Maxine Spring. Charles Whit- ney. Ewtelle Pumphrey, Shirley Ellis. Elmer Roberts. Third Row: Miss Dolch. Nadine Davis. John Verbanay. Harold Brown, Rose Meyer, Edwin Swift. Gordon Schulze, Jeanne XVes!ermann, Betty Vllagschal. Fourth Row: Richard Muelken. Thomai Kolocotronis. Chexter Shidlowski. Darlene Christian, Richard Jose. Arthur Lohmeyer, XValter Stokem Bill Lackey. Ray Snyder, Earl Lawrence. - lei liirvl lime, Jtvhn llennix, llarry XValterv, lzlue Tamalix. Mary Tipton, Jacquelyn Beck, Dorothy Zeltmann, Betty Jane Rath, Jean Ieong. Second Row Jamey Muldoon. Clene Merlenback. Roy Struckhoff, Lharlex Pnmeroy. Bob XVchmueller, XVayne l.emen. Ray Hodo. 74 First Row: Patsy Baumgartner. Gwyx Moyer, Betty Pierson, Gmcel.icavoli, Marv l.anc.1sler. Norma lliunner, Joe Jasinski, Paul Simp- ltins. Second Row: Richard XV:ide. Shirley Stephens, Jacqueline Helms, Lavon Mitchell, Billie Cfopelanil. Louise XVelsch, Donald Guer- rant, Audrey Kemper. Third Row: George Csolalt, Robert Lease. Helen Lowery, Thomas lialaro. Joe Rocco, Harold Kreitner. Ralph Kirlthart. Robert Standing. Miss Higginbotham, 71 31 an 49 33 First Row: Shirley Bomerschim. Verna Goelik. Twila Penrod, Adele LoPiccolo. Jeanette Longo. Betty Ross. Eleanor Endsley, Magdalen Burgio. Second Row: Clarence Fleer, Eugene Perzon. Dorothy Tidwell, Dorothy XVatts, Martha Duckworth, George Hermann, Michael Indelicato, Mary Sciaramitaro, Third Row: Louis Nieman, Robert Sieckmann, Jack Alford, Armand Salas, Mary Brown, Geraldine Mercurio. Alice Cox. Casimir Zygmunt, Anthony Scotino. l First Row: Nellis Campbell. Donald Carter, Carol Bishop. William Grundmann, Nicki Kolocotronis, Dwight Russnogle, Eugene XValters, Felicia Milonski. Second Row: Ruby Cantrell, Joyce Paschall, Oma Jean Trickey, Jean Leahy. Jim Lane. Billy Vylilliams, Theodore Stefancke, Georgia Friss, Third Row: Donald Donaldson, George McDaniel. Doris Kreutzman, David Melton, Shirley Ann Null, Helen McIntosh. Dolores Meyer, Doris Kieffer. Fourth Row: Miss Schonhorst, Carl Udell Tinnon. Joe Lukitsch, Henry Duncan, Jim Nugent. Jimmy Rosenthal. Helen Hapkins. Clarence Mitchellv , Q QU 1 F an Q0 4- M r, 3 1 9' 'WLNI' 75 if "N GROUP E-I FALL TERM Miss Higginbotham GROUP E-2 FALL TERM Miss Miller GROUP F-3 FALL TERM Miss Schonhorst GROUP F-4 lf.-Xll TlfRXl Mias Sthlutim GROUP F-5 FALL TERM Mr. Hawkins GROUP F-6 FALI- TERM Mr, Hicks .Qi '. -dost -,. 9 lwrxt Rnw laarliara Krcaskv, lilovd Walkrr. Dorothy lfastvr. Frvdllolfniann, Mildrcd llaltgrciuc, llilda Mac Cfutbirth, Jcannrttc Manic. .lamtw Wood Svrmiti Row llilvn labla, Florrncr Ni-wman, Donald Harrir, Dorcftha Moorr, Marir Lawlcsa, Betty Lou Runncts. Juanita ,ltirgt'nxnwrt-r. William Haydu. Third Row. Richatd Grifficth. Harold Self, Shirlry Hagcbuxch, Milton Halman, Maxine Bischof. Audrey Hilixvniann. Patty Vt-rwuyst. Fourth Row, Louis Parzcll. Richard Murphy. Cfharlcs Burcham, Ervin Kamp, Robcrt Nicholw. Joxcph Sch- mirh, Min Schlutiux. 'ld 11 U-ni g-qu-1 M X 5 91, First Row Joycti Buckvr, XK'ilma Parlwr, Virginia Murray. Carole Bickcl, Phyllis Mooney. Evelyn Boyer. Kcnnuth Hall. Anna XVappt:l. Second Row: Catherine Btnnctr. Jean Louis, Marie Skaggs. Datlila Tam. Pat Gradl, Thelma Broclwr, Thelma Smith, Patricia Horan. Third Row: Barbara Finlcy, lxaonard Mirtxching, Robcrt Combs. Don Bvvcridge, Mary Etta Summy. Darlync Schrcmpp. Row Towers, Evcrrtt King, Fourth Row: Fred XVcrnur. Patrick O'Mara, Michael Callahan. Richard Graham, Bob Lawyer, Mr. Hawkins, Fred Lanigan. Patricia Holloway. -P OC First livw lawrvncc l"appt-rt. Frank Ycagvr, Bt-tty Dorrcll, Donald Garrett, Mildred Schott. Dolores Ford, Jane Mcyvr. Gcncvievc Pusclak Stcrmd Row lh-lic Mcl'ht-rmn, Alice llovlschcr, Paula Truislkcn. Gcraldinc Moritz, Shirlcnc Gchrs, Juanctlc Cupp. Joseph R. Kurtum, lzugcnv XV liurroughx .lr,. Dnnalrl XVhitmortx Third Row: Mary I., Cisscll, Belly XVallwr. Harold Ballman. Charlu B. Halford, Btuiiricc Row, Shirlvy Tacchlvr, Bt-tty Davis, Evclyn Rcnfro, Fourth Row. Mr, Hicks. Richard Fritz. Richard Rankin, Owen Edwards. 76 gi First Row: Marie Szydlowslti. Patrick Hughes. Louise Tyler. Rubie Mae Pumphrev, Lorna Temke. Dolores Sanders, lugene XXX-Ish. David Jones. Second Row: Stephanie Johnkoski, Erna Brammeier. Vivian Skewes, Zygnian Franczalft, Antoinette Mall, Margaret Ran dazzo, Joan Rudolph, Norma Miller. Third Row: Kenneth NVtlxon, Shirley Santple, llaroltl Smitn. Harold XX'.iters, Patricia Rogers. Roy Benoist, Jean Barbieri, Fourth Row: Mr. Bradburn. Belly Ray. Robert C'larke. Vernon Carter. Lawrence Ratlick. Ri-bert Zurich, Ted Follin. First Row: Berl Stevenson. Loretta Jones. Marvin Ashmore. Shirley Schwehe. Doris Bell. Patsy Biancardi. Allen Brandt, Glenn McKin- ney. Second Row: Conard Nichols. Joann Cowan, Adele Schachsieck. Charles Digrispino. Kenneth Bushmann, XVilliam XVoods. Third Row: Miss Beck. Janet Feldhaus. Josephine Biondo. XVilliam Finley, Clara Cline. Rowena Devinney, Pauline Baumeister. .xx f i ae .,- . fe- 'v Q v 1 ' i 9' ' -13" ..W"",'tSWf 'K gb :G .,-J "Nr ff t mf' First Row: Melvin Noll. Roberta Urban. Doris Bradshaw. Kathleen Dixon. Lorraine Diehl, Vernon Hanson. Jacqueline Cadwell, Theo- dore Dorenkamp. Second Row: Frances LoPiccolo. Bill Schmidt. Katherine Leier, Kenneth Butler, Shirley Chappell, James XViggains, Virginia Noelken. Glenn Dixon. Norma Cook. Third Row: Joann Utnage. XVilson Henson. Bernadine Blanford. XVilliam Hessler, Robert Doggett. Peggy Bowden. Eugene Hall. Kenneth Jones, Fourth Row: Melvin Richards, Joyce Marie Tinsley, Elmer Meyer, Eugene Bradford, Betty Stoiel. XValter Carlin, Leodrie Kalz. Mr. Evans, E4 ,fe,,.5. yeffgx 1 i i .YQ l , .,,. , I fedysw 's ii 'Rr ' . ' J :R -. .b .nf avi " Q A 11.0, ' y,.sA'1 is ' 1' Wfl at - wr Q Q Q lu as KV 'f Y 77 GROUP F-7 FALL TERM Mr. Bradburn GROUP F-8 FALL TERM Miss Beck GROUP F-9 FALL TERM Mr. Evans GROUP F-I SPRING TIZRXI Mr, Nlarklantl GROUP E-2 SPRING TERM Miss Miller GROUP F-3 SPRING TERM Miss Beck 'P l First Row Marv Lapone. Jane Massa, Carolyn Dachroeden. Shirley Baker, Oma Lee Ross. Anna Pollard. Allen Darr, Marie Combs. Second Row: Betty Kelley, lola Farmer, Katie Sue Bennett, Mary Tasch. Robert Huesgen. James Busby. James Keeney, Charlotte Jose, litta lillt-rbrock. 'lilnrd Row, Jimmy Garrett, Emmett Ransom. James Blaney. Ronald Freebersyser, Mr. Markland, Lee Pavia. James Beck, Jimmie Baldwin, Alvin Hoppe. Paul Gallyoun. Ti' at 36 lvs xc 'X 1' . ohm First Row: Doris Purcell. Darlene Hoylman. Josephine Galali. Alta Miller. June Cooke, Arlene Vega, Douglas Viferle. Antoinette Bri- gulio. Second Row: Joyce Hill, Jackie Dale Allen. Richard Flood, Louise Cheatham, Rcvia XValton, Billy Standing. James Kortkamp. Mary Anne Stone. Third Row: James Dehner, Thomas Young. Bruce Slager, Fred Bevfoden, Audrey Burger, Norma Jean Lipina. Nlarian Swindell, Dorothy Musick. Fourth Row: Kenneth Burger, Bill Albers. Carma Graham, Walter Sanders. I S .vii t ff. I First Row' Terry Sutton. Ruth Molkenbur, Edward Batteiger. Rosalie Licavoli. Elkaine Burris. Alice Davidson, Bob Brewer, Barbara Brown Second Row: Doris Rayheld. Bryan Swaw, Dorothy Rygalski. Doris Sullivan. James Finney. Bonnie Doser. James Erby. Vir- ginia Pace Third Row Norma Norton, Doris Gephart. Doris Smith. Gilbert Bales, Rosemary Scydick, Robert Smart. Rosemarie Lamb. Alta Platter, Billy Mayberry. Fourth Row: Miss Beck. Betty Ann Martin, Charles Dotson, Jerry Thompson, Donald Fuller, Edward Trutter, Grace Vandervort. Agatha Kolocotronis. Mittie Ann Grimm. 78 4 First Row: Louise Gobfr. Charlotte Collins, Shirley Pounds, Joyce Crawley. Mildred Hrawlrv, Mabel Leong, Marcella Moeller, Danny Coumcrilk. Second Row: Carol Potter, Irene Bernard, Betty Cheatham. Eddie Duckworth, Harold Schulze, Charles Lavender, K.harlvs. Parker. Dennis Hohman. Third Row: Miss Schlutius, Arnold Enca, Thomas Taylor, Arno llolling, Charlene Thomas, Belly XK'aIIcr. Juanita Cobb. 9' 49 fX 90 Q First Row: Richard Stevens, Eugene Calvert. John Hill. Carolee Bchan, Evelyn Poole, June Douthit, Gerald Mann, Dona Rios, Soc- ond Row: Roy Cooper. George Beyer, Raymond Mayfield, Harry Dietl, Sarah Soots. Lois Staggs. Pearlinc Seymore. Frank Stager. Third Row: Geraldine Heuermann. Bob Mullen. Robert Sunared, Gerald XVundc-rlich. Beverly Hohmeier, Linda Hughes, Billie Carter, pk -Ji- R' First Row: xvilli-lm PC-lk. Opal Pixley. Eugene XVebb. Roberta NVare. Frances Nlunzer. Charles Lehr, Kenneth Kortum. Rosemary Saun- ders. Second Row: Barbara Leach, Theresa Judcl, Pauline Martellaro, James Keathlcy, Frank Nugent. Joe XVierciak. Vincent Feigcn- butz. James Bryant. Third Row: Mr. Hicks, Buren XValler. Garnett Olms, Bryan Lands, Marilyn Hankcmeyer. Marlene Granzow. Rosalie Randazzo, Laura May Milligan. 1-sei :fy 79 GROUP F-4 SPRING TERM Miss Schlutius GROUP F-5 SPRING TERM Mr. Hawkins GROUP P-6 SPRING TERM Mr. Hicks fXBSlfN'lil2FS November 5 KVM Vin! Row Marian Green, John Morgan. John Smith. John Baldaxso. Mary Fcnguxon. Marilvn Marlin. Carlene Reuler, Vera Mal th.-we Second Rmv, Jamex Muldon, Charlex Ponwroy, Michael Thompmn, Ted Nanncy. Richard Heber, Marvin Zinzel. Marian Sul hvan. Virginia Browning. Bernice Delahay. Qur Friendly Maintenance Crew LUNCHROOM STAFF Fin: Row: Kathleen Anders, Anna Ryan, Mary Kanz. Marie Bar- man. Second Row' Anna Vogt. Anna Schindler, Joan Perricore. Gertrude Michaux, Maxine Mauritson. .f' .2 W B I I r ' , n - g . Q., : 'X , x ' i :- . . 1 , 4 F9 . . A ENGINEERING STAFF CUSTODIANS Ben Lenandmki, George I'. Burke, Albert B. Kuilhe. Julius Callais. First Row: Elmu Hesse. Edw. Kclbe, Eisie Krueger. Second Row: Chas. Pagxterl. Joe Horfiinger. George Hall. 80 .---.-.1-. f i L.--L.,,.'K... L, In-L h i g h 0 sHU,iMi1 1WMr ' L 0 I ' 4 3 . A Gems Memensacu smuuwo T HRUUGH THE YEARS 'iii' f3?f1fT1'1iiS ' in . .- liil -P 177 1 .u f -. N' q . I .gif ' M 1 ff,, .-. ' 001 2215-.f1" ' IF , fax! ' I-d j N V i A 'I f ' X 1 di ,-',- 'iff' ug 3 . A ' 9 V ' 1 J ,ls 3:5 Q: . A,.4 5 5 V I: , I J . . . u I. I I: I :I 0 0409 I: I F :I O? 50 I: 1 :I '4 e ' Q -A rf t 3 I - .'l. I I ' 'V' X46 Q ' I1 Il Qngowogps cy - E I JLTQ.,-U Q , D, - L., p-'A 'Y vi . ..,, 4: N P-N E il 2,960 A ws li J , ,... , :J 6 of b Kil l "S II 'M V A ' ' 2 2,0 II Il Y- I V U ,!. . fi ' ' ,'-A - V "'. 5315, t """ 5 , 'QW Owe 1 I .I-1. 1 .HAEQ , ,fflf fr - ' 1i5 4 I: 3 fyifif' ' 4'-, 'F1 +29'AQc,W'?f3Q, NC, li Il I: -:I Q ivifye OMSXLPKS I: . ' f Il - 3, , YAOQ ,eg 9,06 II :I wi W Rgrhwp I: :I V4 fi ,. .. Z .Q Q 53 0 IZ Il -f ' Y J xi ,.. .. I V4 ,gi p l ., I: 'U , 3 ees Q li J LORRAINE Warp:-:Frr E ff ' 3 I: . ,-.- 81 The Red and Blaclcs r . i , x -S First Row: Merlee Brock, Lorraine XVeipert. Dolores Pistone, Betty Jane Rath, Lorraine Moeckel. Jean Leong. Marie Kogut, Kathryn Koenig. Second Row: Therese Rapplean. Virginia Browning, June Miller, Rose Marie Scruggs. Mildred Schmuelling, Norma R.ckerI. June Pendergrass, Mary Lou Fondren. Dolores Keppel. Third Row: Dorothy Schneider. Gertrude Haupt, Betty Pillman. Jackie Beck. Ruth Opfer. Lucillel McNew, Dara Kelleher. Joan Hallback. Hildegard Meyer. Fourth Row: Mr. Davis. Gene Merlenbach. Bob Weh- mueller, James Russell. XVayne l,cmen, Alfred Kurz. Alan Durbin. Michael Orlando, Edward Estel, Ray Hodo, Elsie Tamalis. THE RED AND BLACK STAFF Editor-in-Chief Class Editors DOLORES KEPPEL THERESE RAPPLEAN AL. H. MOHL Associate and Historical Editor VIRGINIA BROWNING MARY Lou PONDREN ROSE MARIE SCRUGGS THE RED AND BLACK SALESMEN First Row: Frederick Ehlers. Rosemary Cool, Sara Kallbrier, Jane Walsh. Lillian Tamalis. Loretta Jones. Patricia Horan, Jacqueline Helms. Joan Rudolph. Second Row. Jeannine Snufler. Pearl Catanzaro, June Miller. Peggy XVrotcn, Marian Sullivan. Marion Roesberg. Marie Cheatham. Betty Edwards. Third Row: Ken Diers, Clarence Keitel, Michael Orlando, Ray Bollenbach, Armand Sales. XValt2r tarlin, Mary L. Cissell, Hildegard Meyer, Fourth Row: Virginia Smith. Robert Cool. Michael Thompson. ,"X L 82 Staff and Salesman Club Editors HILDEGARD MEYER ELSIE TAMALIS Athletic' Editor R AY HODO Lzlcrary Editor ED ESTEL ASSIDSIKIIYIS MERLEE BROCK KATHRYN KOENIG AL MIRTH SHIRLEY ELLIS GERTRUDE HAUPT JOAN HALLBACK LORRAINE MOECKEL JAMES RUSSELL DCRIS WEAST CORA FULLER BETTY PILLMAN WAYNE LEMEN MARIE KOGUT DOROTHY SCHNEIDER IDA POLI JUNE MILLER DARA KELLEHER ALFRED KURZ Photographer BOB WEHNIUELLER B usiness Managers JACQUELYN BECK LUCILLE MCNEW RUTH OPPER Tgpists BETTY JANE RATH MARGARET SMITH GERALDINE DEMENT JEAN LEONG MILDRED SCHMUELLING EARLENE BUERGIN ALBERTA BUTLER MARILYN SCHAEFER ROSE MARIE MILLION fxdL'PFIl.5l.Y7g Salesmen MARIE KOGUT JOHN DENNIS KATHRYN KOENIG AL. H. MOHL JAMES RUSSELL DOLORES PISTONE RAY HODO FAY UTNAGE Art Editor LORRAINE WEIPERT Art Staff MIKE ORLANDO GENE MERLENBACH ROBERT KAMPELMAN NORMA RECKERT JUNE PENDERGRASS AL DURBIN DOLORES PISTONE BETTY BRYAN Literary Sponsor IVIR. VEST DAVIS Art Sponsor MRS. ETHEL Ross Business Sponsor MISS ELSA SOECKNICK School Treasurer MR. Ross HOERN ER ART STAFF AT WORK S2-,..-7 ' rss wi' I .1 I I V' ' ,F? il f' II , R- Nr V 50 " - 5, 1 f JW v'Q A G-Mn... 83 il-he News Stall First Row: Chester Shidlowski, Ruth Opfcr. Dolores Hoguc. Marilyn Meyer. Tom Kolocotronis. Second Row: Helen Fillbright, Jean Stanfill, Rose Marie Million. Charlene Hodges, Alan Durbin. Berth-1 Kreitler. Anna Marie Bommarito, Bob Brooks. Third Row: Gwen Glanc '. Bertie Fl r ck Lilli n Gillc . F rth R - Bob Wehmuelle B tt L i cr. J nine Snuffer. El'z beth Mclntosh. Joann y os . Il y ou ow. r, e y am ng ean ia O'Bricn, Mr. Gundlach, George Stearns, Oma Elliott, Anna Centunzi. Editorial Board Dolores Hogue. Chairman Marilyn Meyer, Ruth Opfer. Vice-Chairmen Tom Kolocotronis Chester Shidlowski Sports Editor Frank Fuerst Associate Sports Editor Bob Brooks Co-Art Editors Al Durbin Elizabeth Mclntosh Associate Editors Cynthia McKee Jeanine Snuffer Roy Struckhoff Reporters Barbara Ackerson Norma Lewis JoAnn O'Brien Edna Schwartz Gwen Glancy Reba Swan Mary Jo Spring James Woods Vito Buzzota Betty Florsek Dorothy Hyde Barbara Kreasky Typing Co-ordinators Charlene Hodges Rose Marie Million Typists Grace Bartolotta Pansy Graves Georgia Brolaski Ruth Molkenbur Betty Dixon Marion Roseberg Business Managers Jean Stanfil Clarence Keitel Assistant Business Managers George Stearns Mike Thompson Distribution Director Bertha Kreitler Assistant Distribution Director Bernice Grote Photographer Harold Schulze Editorial and Exchange Director Wallace C. Gundlach Art Consultant Financial Sponsor Mrs. Ross E. Van Landegend When I first entered Central's portals, as a stranger, a few years ago, I undertook to journey through the corridors of this immense structure. While strolling by one door, I heard the chatter of typewriters, page editors, and a few other strange noises. Peeking in, I beheld a busy group of reporters and typists. The News Staff has been and still is doing a ine job of keeping Centralites on the "up- 'n-up" of happenings here and there. Now that another school year has come to a close and a few of us are bidding farewell to Central, that certain little room on the third floor will remain calm and serene for a few months, and familiar faces will forever be absent. No more will Ruth Opfer be heard exclaiming, "Now, where is that ar- ticle?" Nor will Tom Kolocotronis hope for a portfolio. No more will Chester Shidlow- ski have to chase through the halls after his reporters and listen to Marilyn Meyer say, "Scootch it in." Yes, another year in the trials and tribula- tions of the Central News is terminating, and our cub reporters are hitching up their belts for next term. Mr. Gundlach, the staffs editorial director, will still strive to turn out journalists who may, perhaps, some day be- come professionals in that field. We, of the staff, especially those of us graduating in a few days, feel that this has been a successful year and that The News has upheld the true tradition of the press. Oops! Have to say good-bye now. The last issue's going to press. Onbehalf of the entire News Staff I say, "Thanks a lot for your cooperation." -TOM KOLOCOTRONIS. The Boys' Literary Society First Row: Don Pfleger. Laurel Bush, Leslie Thurston, Edgar XVilkinson. Kenneth Patrette, Ronald Peper. Second Row: Mr, Davis Jack Ploss. Bob Kampelman. Ralph Humphries. Thomas Million. Ray Hodo, Alan Durbin. Third Row: Perry Sullivan, James Rus- sell. Edward Estel. Robert Hohmeicr, Mike Milonski, Clarence Keitel. MR. DAVIS. Sponsor FIRST TERM QFFICERS SECOND TERM ED ESTEL . . . . President . . . Torvi M1LLioN JAMES RUSSELL . , Vice-President . . . . RAY HODO RAY HODO .... . Secretary . . JAMES RUSSELL ROBERT HOHMEIER ....... TFPUSUFQF . . . PERRY SULLIVAN The Girls, Literary Society MR. DAVIS, Sponsor FIRST TERM OFFICERS SECOND TERM KATHLEEN IVIAXFIELD . . . President . . . . DOLORES KEPPEL DOLORES KEPPEL . . . Vice-President . . MARY LO-U EONDREN HELEN WARD. . . . Secretary . . ROSE MARIE MILLION KATI-IRYN KOENIG ....... Treasurer ....... KATHRYN KOENIG First Row: Barbara Ackerson. Geraldine Dement. .lean Swinea. Mary La Flam, Merlei: Brock, Marie Kogut, Kathryn Koenig, Hilda Cutbirth. Second Row: Rose Marie Million, Dara Kelleher. Joan Hallback. Dolores Keppel, Therese Rapplean, Rose Marie Bobelf, Patricia Zensen, Helen VJard. Mary Lou Fondren. Third Row: Betty Burgoon, Hildegard Meyer, Elsie Tamalis, Margaret Palermo. Dorothy Schneider, Anita XVegener, Mary Bienkowski, Virginia Smith. Mr. Davis. 85 The Co-C-l-li I J 56 00 JN QQ L2 9. 'ss-v "Syl, It First Row Arlecn Svoboda, Mary Evelyn Mclntosh, Kathryn Koenig. Monica Kamp. Elsie Tamalis. Hildegard Meyer. Marie Kogut, Dorothy Obrock. Second Row: Marie Crutchhcld. Jean Leong. Ida Poli, Mary Lou Thompson. Mary Lou Fondrcn. Nola Mae Fenton. Ethel Shrum, Josephine Rimini, Cynthia McKee, Third Row: Jean Swinea. Mary Jo Spring, Dolores Schulze. Lorraine Weipert. Minnie Lou Stearns, Doris Leach. Jean Sicring, Joan Sicring. Dolores Pistone. Fourth Row: Shirley Stoving. Anna Somogye. Maxine Spring. Marilyn Schaefer. Rose Marie Scruggs, Joann Drcman, Ruth Schultz. Lois Hagan, Lillian Tamalis. Fifth Row: Anita Wegener. Loretta Thomas. June Miller, Charlene Hodges, Rove Marie Million. Betty Pillman, Dolores Keppel. Dorothy Schneider. Sixth Row: Shirley Althotf, Mac Cobb, Doris Schmidt. Marian Sullivan. Marion Roesbcrg. MISS DICKMAN. Sponsor FIRST TERM QFFICERS SECOND TERM MONICA KAMP . . . President . . . ELSIE TAMALIS HILDEGARD MEYER . . IIIQCQ-PI'e'SlidE'f7l . DOROTHY SCHNEIDER KATHRYN KOENIC1 . . S8Cl't?!tl!'y . . KATHRYN KOENIG ELSIE TAMALIS . . . Treasurer . . . . I-IILDEGARD MEYER Committee ol Twenty MR. CHRISTENSON, Sponsor FIRST TERM OFFICERS SECOND TERM BRYAN ROTH . . . President . . . . BRYAN ROTH FRANK FUERST . . Vice-President . . CLARENCE KIETEI. GLEN SCHULZE . . Secretary . . . GLEN SCHULZE CLARENCE KIETEI.. . . .... Treasurer . . . . . . FRANK FEURST RICHARD TI-IURSTON ..... Sergeant at Arms ..... RICHARD THURSTON First Row: Vito Buzzotta, Thomas Million, Richard Friss, Paul Bono, Martin McClurken, XVarren Kiefer. Ralph Lobsinger. Ronald Peper, Second Row: Richard Jose. Milton Weller, Earl McIntosh. Richard Thurston, Bryan Roth, Wayne Lemen, Clarence Keitel. Third Row: Mr. Christenson, Ed Dunlap. Frank Fuerst. Marvin Zinzel. Glen Schulze. ,, 1 86 X I -l-he Student Council First Row: Monica Kamp, Mary Lou Fondren, Dorothy Wittkoetter, Rose Towers, Norma Miller, William Haydu, Bernadine Blan- ford, Patsy Biancardi. Second Row: Jean Stannll. Margaret Smith. Roseanna Natoli, Mary Hodge, Iona Waldhof, Jeannette Herkenhoff, Jeannine Rhyne. Mae Cobb. Third Row: Mary Bienkowski, Arthur Hessler, Wayne Lemen. Russell Pyatt. Al Mirth. Donald Bian- cardi, Louis Aiello, Jackie Beck. Fourth Row: Herbert Herchenreder, William Mauller. Fifth Row: James Russell, Paul Lange. Allan Durbin, Joe Ray Ruff, Dave Hall. Bob Masters, Carl Tinnon, Miss Friedman, Merrill McDaniels. STUDENT COUNCIL CFIRST TERMD MISS FRIEDMAN, Sponsor FIRST TERM OFFICERS SECOND TERM MERRILL MCDANIELS . . . President . , RICHARD THURSTON WAYNE LEMEN . . . . Vice-Presi'denr . . . FRED WAPPEL MARGE SMITH . Secretary , . MARGE SMITH FRED WAPPEL . . Treasurer . . . ALFRED MIRTH ART HESSLER . . ...... Sergeant At Arms ...,.... DAVE HALL STUDENT COUNCIL CSECOND TERMD MISS FRIEDMAN, Sponsor First Row: Maxine Smith, Dona Rios, Carolyn Dachroeden. Mary Ann Johanningmeier, Frances Munzer, Rich Thurston, Fred Wappel, Margaret Smith, Al Mirth. Dave Hall, Kathryn Koenig, Ida Poli. Bettie Moore, Revia Walton. Second Row: Therese Rapplean, Jeannine Snuffer, Dorothy Mros. Roseanna Natoli, LeeOra Dodd, Jacquelyn Beck, Mary Hodge, Mary Lou Fondren. Bertha Kreitler, Peggy Wroten. Myrna Kersting, Iris Roewekamp. Carol Potter, Arlene Dode, Edna Schwartz, Third Row: Iona Waldhof, Marion Roesberg, Reba Swaw, Ruth Schultz, Mary Bienkowski. Philip Fleet, Eugene Keeney, Bill Kuhn. Harold Schulze, Richard Coulson, Emmeh Ransom, George Beyer, Donald Claus, Jack Quinn, Russell Pyatt. Dolores Malon. Fourth Row: Bob Mastus, Miss Friedman, Carl Tinnon. Mar- tin Weber, Franklin Burch. Troy Cappedge, James Finney, Bill Albers, Charles Datson, Ted Nanney, Ron Meyer, Ray Snyder, Leonard Sparks, Ken Diers. Fifth Row: Clarence Bruce, Clarence Keitel, Ronald Mattingly, Clarence Rittenhouse, Louis Aiello, Bill Skewes, Erwin Klug. Paul Lange, Frank Saparita, Blll Lottman, Bryan Roth, Alan Durbin, James Russell. 87 Chemistry Club First Row: Patricia Rcmson. Maxine Spring. Patricia Zensen, Myrna Kersting, Bernice Slaski, Pauline Mileszko, Betty Jane Rath. Fugvnt- Lceper. Second Row: Elsie Tamalis, Hildegard Meyer, Mary Bienkowski, Virginia Smith, Rose Marie Million. Marilyn Meyer, Ruth Opfcr. Maris: Cheatham. Third Row: Mr. Powell, Michael Orlando, Frank Weber. Gregory Burns. Thomas Million. Ray hodo. Margaret Palcrnio. Anita K'-'egener. FIRST TERM FRANK WEBER . . MICHAEL ORLANDO ROSE MARIE MILLION RAY I'IODO .... MR. POWELL, Sponsor OFFICERS . President . . . Vice-President . . Secretary . . Treasurer . 88 SECOND TERM . FRANK WEBER . . . . RAY Hooo . RosE MARIE MILLION . . HERMAN Mol-IL During the Chemistry Club's meetings, laboratory demonstra- tions were made, some of which were testing water for chemical impurities and finding the amount of fat in cocoa. Talks were also made at the demon- strations. Junior Academy oi Science CQ H. First Row: Mary Lou I-laub, Shirley Ramsey, Arline XVallis. I.. -s B0bbie Minton, Bonnie Woods, Merlee Obrock. Second Row: Dwight Russnogle. Kathleen Roe, James Muldoon, Helen McManaway, Rose Marie Kathleen Kalinoski. Colleen Kalinoski, Eugene Leeper. Third Row: Laurel Bush, Bert Rose, Thomas Russnogle, Richard NX'oods, Everett Willeford, Mr. Prelutsky. Bro Mill Mill MR. PRELUTSKY, Sponsor President .......... ARTHUR HESSLER Vice-President . JOY GOWER Secretary . . MERLEE BROCK Treasurer . . . . THOMAS MILLION The Library Club MISS D. ROSS. Sponsor Wa. ck, Pat Donnelly, Dorothy ion, Mary Virginia Mindak. ion. Buddy Holloway. Roy FIRST TERM QFFICERS SECOND TERM DARLENE CHRISTIAN . . Pt'8Sid9fII . . . SHIRLEY TASCHLER PAT JEROME . . . . Vice-President . . . EDNA SCHWARTZ RUTH FOSTER . . . . S2Ct'6IIIr'y . . . . EVELYN WILLIAMS EUNICE MCCREADY . . . . . Treasurer . . . . DARLENE CHRISTIAN CHARLES WILLIAMS ...... Sergeant at Arms ..... RICHARD MURPHY First Row: Mary Ferguson. Edna Schwartz. Lwana Smith. Betty Jean Rowe, Norma Ross, James Wood, Ted Dorenkamp. Eugene Walters. Second Row: Helen Buergin, Rose Russo, Mary Jo Spring, Audy Cobb, Pat O'Sullivan, Ruth Foster. Clarence Fleer, Law- rence Pappcrt, Mary Fitzsimmons. Third Row: June Georgie, Mary Sciaramitaro, Patricia Jerome, Miss Ross, Marge Fenimore. Lor- raine Englent, Garnet Webb. Irene Schiebe, Irene Garrison. Fourth Row: Richard Murphy. Carl Parker, Charles Williams, Richard Rankin, Darlene Christian, Nadine Davis. Shirley Hagebusch. Shirley Wallace. 89 4 1.17 fa A , fx The Band FLUTES Kathryn Koenig Ronald Meyer Donald Pilcher CLARINETS June Dempsey Levi Emmons Geraldine Fischer Jean Leong Francis McCready Anthony Maggio Gregory Marter E Kenneth Poole Hartford Smith Elsie Tamalis SAXOPHONES Virgil Cox Vito Ferrara Bob Stanton TRUMPETS Robert Baitinger Melvin Cady Charles Evans Bill Guth Joan Hallback Leonard Mirtsching Richard O'Conner Gerald Risinger Glen Risinger MR. BIGGAR. Sponsor 90 ALTO HORN Hilda Cutbirth Ruby Healy Deloma Jackson Mary Ruth Jordon Mary Waller BARITONE Bernell Berry Gerald Noah TROIMBONE Ronald Bryan Salvatore Ferrante James Patterson Leslie Thurston Norman Wisely BASSES Lewis Minzes Kenneth Patrette Edgar Wilkinson DRUMS Bob Brooks Robert Godt Billy Lackey The Choir U9 . , 36 f. 3-Z First Row: Robert Doggett, Donald Garrett, Perry Sullivan, Margaret Nichols. Jack Ploss, Bob Kampelman, Laurel Bush, William Grundmann. Second Row: Lillian Tamalis, Dolores Wiltshire. Melba Garvey. Rosanna Vivirito, Nola Fenton, Philippina Dohrmann, Carol Bueltman, Elizabeth Harrington, Richard Coulson. Third Row: Patsy Schillizzi, Monica Kamp, Melba Adams. Pauline Tutren- tine. June Carwitz, Arlene Dode, Rita Audrey Reynolds, Cora Fuller, Barbara Jones. Fourth Row: Fred Lanigan. Harold Ballmann, Edward Wiesler. Arlin Peebles, Eugene Madden, Raymond Anderson, Lorraine Guy, Myrna Kersting. Fifth Row: David Melton. Richard Heber, Harry Noll, Bill Martchink, Robert Robinson. MISS MURRAY. Sponsor Uiirst Termj MISS HANKS, Sponsor fSecond Termj FIRST TERM GFFICERS SECOND TERM JACK PLOSS . . . . . President . , ROSANNA VIVIRITO NONE ..... Vice-President . . . JACK PLOSS MARGARET NICHOLS . . , SeCt'6'l'c'lt'y . . . MELBA GARVEY NONE ..... Assistant Secretary MYRNA KERSTING PERRY SULLIVAN . . . Treasurer . . . PERRY SULLIVAN NONE ..,. Assistant Treasurer . . BILL MARTCHINK BOB KAMPLEMAN . . . Libfaritln . . . RICHARD COULSON LAUREL BUSH . . Assistant Librarian . . . . FRED LANIGAN Boys' Glee Club First Row: Ronald Simpkins, Arlin Peebles, Joe Badalamenti. Donald Fritz, Eugene Madden, George Opfer, Paul Fitch, Dwight Russ- nogle. Second Row: Edward Wiesler, Raymond Anderson, Robert Scots, Richard Coulson, Charles NVhitney. Frank Yeager, Gene Wil- liams, William Grundmann, Vernon Hanson. Third Row: Robert Robinson. Harold Ballmann, John Malone, Harry Hampe, Donald Seufert. David Melton. Fred Lanigan, Rodgers Sterling. Fourth Row: Charlie Smith, Bill Martchink, Gino Gasparotto, Miss Murray. William Gabler, Bill Fox. ,A -.xi 1' ,Y JU! N ,394 ,' 7' If 'Y 'iii 1 ,X Z3 VIS - YP' 4 XX 91 Senior Girls, Glee Club YZ' ,- 5 ,ra-v , N-f Yv- 7 First Row: Pauline Rubano. Shirley Beck, Arlene Kurz, Carroll Crane, Katherine Christian, Rita Audrey Reynolds. Evelyn Williams. Pat Newsham. Second Row: Carol Bueltman, Marian Best, Catherine Bennett, Elizabeth Harrington, Jacqueline Beebe, Mary Jane Chamanick. Phrlippina Dohrmann. Eleanor Endsley, Doris Lemons. Third Row: Irene Francois, Eileen Griffith, Shirley Oakley, Bonnie XVoods, Bobbie Minton, Laura Greenstreet, Carolyn Gibbs, Velma Boyd. Marion Rodgers. Fourth Row: Marian Francois, Bonnie Heid- mann. Arlene Dode. Maxine Brewer, Dorothy Hyde. June Carwitz. Jeannie Pollock. Anita Foss, Dolores Wiltshire, Fifth Row: Mar- cella Henningfeld, Opalene Akins, Nadine Davis, Vera XVhite. Joyce Hansen. Roberta Sutherlin, Betty Nichols, Despina Asimakopou- MISS HANKS, Sponsor FIRST TERM OFFICERS SECOND TERM las. Miss Murray. PAT IXIEXVSCHUM . . President . . . BONNIE WOODS CAROL CRANE . . . Vice-President . .... BETTY DAVIS EVELYN WILLIAMS . . . S?Ct'0I0!'y . . . . . JUNE CARWITZ NONE .... . Assistant Secretary . DESPINA ASIMAKOPOLOS Junior Girls, Glee Club First Row: Evelyn Boyer, Magdalen Burgio. Anna Wappel, Pat Gradl, Pauline Baumeister, Betty Davis, Patricia Holloway. Beatrice Rose. Second Row: Norma Brunner, Shirley Miller, Dolores Ford, Kathleen Dixon. Nicki Kolocotronis. Betty Ross. Carole Brckel. Lorna Temke, Genevieve Pusczak. Jacqueline Cadwell. Third Row: Bette McPherson, Thelma Braeker, Tani Dattila, Betty Lou Runnels, Paula Truetlten, Betty McWhorter, Grace Licavoli, Jeannette Manic. Betty Dorrell. Fourth Row: Loretta Jones. Jean Leahy, Dolores Meyer, Antoinette Mall. Norma Cook. Joann Utnage, Louise Tyler, Shirley Schwehr, Jean Louiz. Fifth Rowz Mary L, Cissell, Alice Hoelscher, Shirley Sample, Audrey Hilgemann. Oma Jean Trickey, Mary Etta Summy. Shirley Taschler. Shirley Stephens. Sixth Row: Rose Meyer, Ernestine Slate, Doris Kreuteman, Helen Libla, Miss Murray. as J Lila -ll- ai as . Q' 3 'vii QQ , 1- -Y jill as 6 4 ov as T., Q 'sr 90 1 ' F ' ' I Q3 a A . 7, C4147 . .ste- 1, 1 9' '.: W e ' v' 'Y ' 4 .rl xl' 92 Roller Skating Club First Row: Barbara Kreasky, Joan Rudolph, Shirley Miller, June Georgie, Bob Brooks, Lorraine Moeckel, Donald Carter, Eugene Wal- ters. Second Row: Eugene W. Burroughs Jr., Anita Wegener, Elsie Tamalis, Dwight Russnogle, Dolores Meyer, Garnet Webb. Third Row: David Melton, Don Beveridge, Rose Meyer. Pansy Graves. James R. Guinn, Arlene Dode, Rita Audrey Reynolds, Buddy Hollo- way. Patricia Holloway. MISS SCI-IONHORST, Sponsor FIRST TERM OFFICERS SECOND TERM ANITA WEGENER . . . . Pfeslldeflf . . . . LILAS THGRNTON PANSY GRAVES . . Secretary and Treasurer . . BARBARA KREASKY S t a m o C l u h MISS HIGGINBOTHAM, Sponsor FIRST TERM OFFICERS SECOND TERM CHARLES SMITH . . . President . . . HERMAN MICK WALLACE GUNDLACH . . Vice-President . .... EDWIN KLUG HERMAN MICK . . . S9Ct'0fU!'g . . WALLACE GUNDLACH HERMAN MICK ......,. Treasurer . ...... GREGORY MARTER First Row: Ralph Kirkhart, Richard Griffith, Don Beveridge, Charles Smith, Herman Mick. Marvin Zinzel, Gregory Marter, Paul Simpkins. 93 The Lamps 5 i fix 'Gr ? MISS MARTINI. Sponsor First Row. Lucille McNrw, Merlee Brock, Ethel Shrum. Marilyn Schaefer, Jean Leong, Arleen Svoboda, Marie Kogut, Kathryn Koenig. Second Row: Jacquclyn Beck, Marilyn Meyer. Ruth Opfer, Betty Jane Rath. Evelyn Fabian, Margaret Smith, Dorine Steinkamp, Ralph Lobsinger. Third Row: RICIWJYU Thurston, Marian Sullivan, Dorothy Schneider, Ruth Schultz. Elsie Tamalis, Lillian Tamalis, Dolores Keppel, Rose Marie Million. Fourth Row: Glen Schulze. Richard Jose, Vito Buzzota, Robert Schmitt. VIII Els-Gold Lamps Brady. Jeannine .,,.,,,,.,..... Koctter. Audrey .,.,.., ...,,, VII E's-Gold Lamps DuVall, Norma ........,...,,. Schulze, Carl . .. .. . XVeller. Milton .... .. . VI E's-Gold Lamps Coeddel. Kermine . ..,. Keppel, Dolores , Rath, Betty Jane ..,, XVegener, Anita ., , I' E's-Gold Lamps Althoff, Shirley .... Buzzolta. Vito Leon . Jean g McNew. Lucille ,. , Million. Rose Marie .. Schulze. Glen .... . Thompson. Mary Lou .. ll' Efs-Silver Lamps Brock. Merlee .. .. Ciuth, Jack , Koenig, Kathryn Kogut. Marie .. , Meyer. Marilyn ,, . Schneider. Dorothy SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS JUNE, 1946 III E's-Silver La mps Allison. Dorothy ........,....,,... Beck. Jacquelyn ,..,.. Fabian, Evelyn ..,., Kopp, Walter .......... Lobsinger, Ralph .... Opfer, Ruth ...,...... Schaefer, Marilyn ..., Schmitt, Robert ,, Schultz. Ruth ...,. Shrum. Ethel ,.,.... Smith, Margaret ,..... Svoboda, Arleen Tamalis. Lillian ...... Il E's--Owl Pins Fenton. Nola Mae .... Hodge. Mary .. ,.... .. Hodges, Charlene .... Jose. Richard . ,... . Lee. Betty .... ...,,. Lotz, Marilyn , ,.,..., , Nichols. Margaret ,.,. Page. Mary .,......,.. Poli. Ida ,,.. .,....,. Schmidt. Doris .,.,, Siering. Jean ....,,.,,... Steinkamp. Dorine .. Stogsdill. Jeanne ..,. . Sullivan. Marian I Thurston, Richard .. 94 I E 's-Owl Pins Ancona. Joe ..,,,...,..., Belford, Willis ,.,....,. Bono, Paul ............ Callender, Dolores ...,.. Connelly. Rosemary .. Cooper, Nora ....,...... Dezutter, Lillian Dohrmann. Philippina Fleet, Philip .,.,.....,,,, Friss, Richard .,.......,., Hagan, Lois ..,.....,..... Herchenroeder. Herbert Hoffman, Joyce ..,......, Johnson. Marie ..,. . Kiefer. Warren ...... Leong, Eddie ...... Miller, Ruth ....,.,. Moore, Donna ,.,.,. Oelkers. Laverne .... Olsen. Dolores ...,,. Prater, Mildred ....,. Sandefer. Irline ...,,, Schuff, Charles ..,.., Smoot, Ruth ,....... Snyder, Ray ..,,.,.... Stoving. Shirley ..,, Swaw. Reba ..,.......... Taylor, Patricia .......... Tettenhorst. Rodney .. Weipert. Lorraine ...,., Harvard Book Award Thurston. Richard 2- 8 2-l7 2- 2 2- 9 F5 F4 F2 F1 2-18 3-20 3-12 7-28 2-24 6- 3 3- 6 3- 5 8-14 F3 F3 3-23 8-25 3- 3 F4 4-23 6-40 l-13 2-23 F4 F4 5-30 t Ii e G W I s VIII E's-Gold Lamps Weller, Milton ...,.....,......,,.,.. 8 VII E's-Gola' Lamps Keppel, Dolores .,.....,,..,....,.. 7 Rath. Betty Jane ...... ,....,.... 7 NVegener, Anita .....,..............., 8 VI E's--Gold Lamps Althoff, Shirley .........,.......,,.. 8 Buzzota, Vito ...,......,,.,..,....., 6 Leong, Jean .........,........ ....,. 7 Million, Rose Marie ...... ...... 7 Schulze, Glen ,............ ...., 6 Tamalis, Elsie .,.........,.,.. .,.... 7 V E's-Gola' Lamps Brock, Merlee ...............,,..,..., Koenig, Kathryn ...,...... ...., Meyer. Marilyn ........... .... , 6 5 Kogut, Marie .....,.... ..,., 5 7 Schneider. Dorothy ...,........... 5 IV E's-Silver Lamps Beck, Jacquelyn .,.,...........,... 7 Fabian, Evelyn ....,....,.......,... 5 Lobsinger, Ralph .... ...., 6 Opfer, Ruth ......... ...... 7 Schaefer. Ruth ........ ...... 7 Schmitt, Robert ...... .... 4 SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS JANUARY, 1947 Schultz. Ruth ,..,. .,.. . 24- 8 Tamalis, Lillian ...r................ 4- 8 III E's-Silver Lamps Gundlach, Wallace ....,,...,,..... 4-14 Herchenreder, Herbert ..........., 8-28 Jose, Richard .. .,...,.,.. ,.,,,.., 7 -40 Steinkamp, Dorine ,.... ....... 5 -29 Sullivan, Marian ,....., .,.,, 5 - 1 Thurston, Richard ...., ........ 7 - 3 II E's-Owl Pins Cooper, Nora .,.....,..,,............ 2-25 Dohrmann, Philippina ....,..... 2-Z5 Fleet, Philip .................,....,,., 3-18 Friss, Richard .....,.,.,... ,....... 4 -20 Glancy, Gwendolyn ..... ....,,.. 4 - 7 Mantei, Charlene .....,. ...,. 3 - 5 Moore, Donna .,....... .....,., 2 -19 Oelkers, Laverne ....... ...,,... 2 -26 Olsen, Dolores ....., ........ 2 -23 Snyder. Ray ,..,........, ........ 6 -40 Swaw. Reba ...,...,....... .,,.,.., 3 -23 Tettenhorst, Rodney .............. 2-19 Weipert, Lorraine ....... ........ 6 -30 I E's-Owl Pins Donahue, Barbara ..,.... . ,...... - 28 Centunzi, Anna ,... .,...... - 10 10 5 5 Fears, Mary ,,..,.. ........ 5 - Friss, Georgia .. ,...... F3 MISS MARTINI, Sponsor Garvey, Melba .... ,.,,,,. George. Audrey ...., ,,..... Gibbs, Carolyn ,..,...., ,,..,.. Helms, Jacqueline Horan, Patricia ,, Kieffer, Doris .... Lawyer, Bill ..,.,...., .,,.,., Leier, Katherine .. Lueking, Harriet .,.. ....... Malon, Dolores ....., .,..,.. Manic. Jeanette .. Mauller, William ..,. .. Meyer, Dolores .. Milonski, Felicia Pistone, Dolores ,... ..,.,.. Reckert, Norma .... ....... Rogers, Patricia ., Rudolph, Joan .. Rutledge, June ...... ...,.,. Schmich. Joseph Somogye, Anna ..,......,.. ......, Steinbruegge, Dorothy ...,.,...,,. Struckhoff, Roy .......... ........ Towers, Rose ......,.... .,...... Wallis, Arline ...... ...,.,, Wood, James ...,. .,...,.. Harvard Book Award Buzzotta, Vito Schulze, Glen 3-11 3-ll 3-26 Fl F5 F3 5-10 F9 4-13 2- 1 F4 8-23 F3 F3 5- 5 8-24 F7 F7 3-11 F4 8-28 F3 7-25 F5 3-34 F4 First Row: Philippina Dohrmann, Joan Rudolph. Ida Poli, Dorothy Steinbruegge, Mary Fears, Jeannette Manic, Felicia Milonski, Ruth Smoot. Second Row: Patricia Rogers. Dolores Meyer, Georgia Friss, Doris Kieffer, June Rutledge, Mary Hodge, Melba Garvey, Audrey George. Carolyn Gibbs. Third Row: Charlene Hodges, Marie Johnson, Harriet Lueking, Laverne Oelkers, Dolores Malon, Lillian De Zutter. Donna Moore, Nora Cooper, Rose Towers, Barbara Donahue. Lorraine Weipert, Jean Siering. Fourth Row: Richard Friss. Reba Swaw, Gwendolyn Glancy, Patricia Taylor. Ray Snyder, Bill Lawyer, Warren Kiefer, Philip Fleet, Joseph Schmich, Eddie R. Leong. Q1 t if 95 K- l-elesis Juniors Toastmistress, Club C ,-jg-t RL. I 'khgcxix V ll X U f ' ' . .f ,F i'2.,gftIiR Q7if.,Qf A' U3E':5'iU First Row fSeatedli Marilyn Meyer. Ruth Opfer. Mrs. Edwin Coshow fHospitality Chairman, Telesis Toastmistress' Clubj. Miss Mabel Smith CPresident Telesis Toastmistress' Clubl, Elsie Tamalis CPresiclenr Telesis Juniors, Toastmistress' Clubl, Marie Kogut, Miss Marguerite Grumme tSecond Vice-President, International Toastmistress' Clubs. Incl. Kathryn Koenig. Evelyn Grieshaker fJunior Past President, Telesis Toastmistress' Clubl. Mzss Grace Morgan fSecretary. Telesis Toastmistress' Clubl, Miss Alice Miller CSponsor. Telesis Juniors, Toastmistress' Clubl, Second Row: Arlynn Utnage. Lucille McNew. Loretta McCracken, Mary Lou Fondren. Marion Roesberg, Shirley Ellis, Betty Pillman. Irline Sandefer, Shirley Montell. Marian Sullivan. Jean Stanfill. Geraldine Fischer, Betty Jane Rath, Dara Kelleher. Third Row: Anita Poss, Dorothy Schneider, Bette Dixon, June Rutledge, Ida Schneider, Reba Swaw. Christine Frizzell, Dolores Hogue. Dorothy Mros. Bernice Grote. Evelyn Fabian. Mary Lou Haub. Helen Fillbright, Arleen Svoboda, Marietta Brigulio. Marv Tipton. Lillian Tamalis. Betty Burgoon, MISS MILLER, Sponsor ' OFFICERS President . . . ELSIE TAMLIS Secretary . . RUTHOPFER Vice-President . . . JEAN STANFILL Treasurer . . . . BEIIY JANE RATH The Junior Toastmasters, Club MR. DAVIS, Sponsor President . . ....... FRANK WEBER Vice-President . . . JAMES MULDOON Secretary . . . . JAMES RUSSELL Assistant Secretary ....... RAY HODO Sergeant at Arms ........ RICHARD THURSTON First Row: Bert Mann. District Governor: Ernest Clarke. Past President! Rich Thurston: H. F. Moresberg, Past President: Geo. Board- man Perry. President: Roland Meyer. Jr., Secretary-Treasurer, Second Row: Benny Sobieraj, Ted Nanney. Ronald Welch. Gregory Marter. Kenneth Kammerer. Ronald Bryan. Robert Schmitt, Mitchell Grzesiowslti, John Dennis, Alfred Kurz. Ronald Peper, Richard Coulson. Third Row: Eugene Madden. Frank Weber. Jack Ploss, Billy Palmer. Erwin Klug, Edward Estel. Perry Sullivan. Wendell Valentine, Thomas Million. Richard Friss. Ray Snyder, Roy Struckhoff, Gerald Noah. Paul Lange. Not in Picture: Richard Wilson, Philip Fleet, Jesse Mayberry. James Russell, James Muldoon. Ray Hodo, Frank Fuerst. Henry Kessler, Leslie Thurston, Harry Drager, Mr. Davis, T fikfisii S " s... 'VY' Q6 Bowling Club Q0 'Fc .3 C. ? i 5 9" f' r if 5' First Row: Lorraine XVeipcrt. June Pendcrgrass. Ida Poli, Maxine Spring. Bernice Johaningmeycr. Vk'and.1 Schrader, Jo Rimini. Cynthia McKee. Second Row: Joyce Wachenheim. Carolyn Gibbs, Myrna Kersting. Mary Ann Impastato. Shirley Mense. Georgia Brolaski, La- mora Doycl. Iona XVoldorf. Third Row: Loretta McCracken. Ruth Molkenbur, Miss Schroeder. MISS SCI-IROEDER. Sponsor First Row: Georgia Luss. Velma Yates, Betty Dorrell. June I-lolt. Nicki Kolocotronis. Genevieve Pusczalc, Felicia Milonski, Louise Mueller. Second Row: Ruby Cantrell. Joyce Paschall, M. LaFlam. D. Palmer. Catherine Marzuco. Lamora Doyel. Virginia XVilliams. Delores Meyer. Third Row: Nadfne Davis, Melba Lowrance. Miss Schonhorst, Betty Laminger. Shirley Ann Null. l-listory Club MR. EVANS. Sponsor fFirst Termj MR. JONES. Sponsor ISecond Term! First Row: Marilyn Martin. Philippina Dohrmann. Verna Yatos. XVilbert Capchart, Arlin Peebles. Richard Coulson. Ronald Peper, Louise Mueller. Second Row: Harold Holder, Carroll Crane. June Marten. Arlene Dode, Shirley NVallace. Dorothy Hyde, Edna Schwartz. Marilyn Mueller. Third Row: Nlr. Evans. Arthur MCE-zrron. Joe Avis. 97 Central Knitters MISS SCI-IONI-IORST. Sponsor OFFICERS FIRST TERM CATHERINE IVIARZUCCO . . Pt'e'Sl.r1'9f7! MELBA LOWRANCE . . Secretary LAMORA DOYLE . . Treasurer SECOND TERM PAULINE BAUMEISTER . . . PI'6'Sl.d077l' NAUSICA KOLOCOTRONIS . . . Secretary Une of Central's worthiest service clubs is the Central High Knitting Club. This or- ganization consists of eighteen members. The purpose of the club is to help the needy by knitting for the Red Cross. They have knitted sixty-seven pairs of New Havens and forty-two six-inch squares for an afghan. Centrals Cheer Leaders I'.1I Hrrmlon, I'hl.xhvxh Nlclnlosh, Dolorvx Pxsronc. Cynxhma McKee Sccond Row: Olwcr Doza, Mr. Muller. R Donnhi Biancardi. MR MILLFR Sp MGNTI JEWELRY COMPANY distinctive Class Rings . . . Pins . . . Medals . . . Trophies SUITE 529 ARCADE BUILDING 98 K - , w, r . 4 ,M . 'A ,,,, 4 xv-.. 'r,. -.Af P' L- - X ...,... 1. U f '2 l..-" ' ' 'G U W' " E 3 " 2c'- , . 1. ap. ll E ff 1 - - - EK mn, '.., , 1, rw F - U 4 J 'A L UP o -Q 0 I I hs- - - -- -- r. -,5ExQ:',2A Egliff 6 12. r ' - h 'fig ' A S. x- F .. , -L ' x , i H H .J 1, -I .wid -55 ...4 3 P - Q'- pg,-1.,4..-s...L,,4x,.a.1f' N , -' ' 1 4:- - I ' I lill i .... W- 7-' li If II fl II il J il Il Il EMU lf 'E EI 52 Y il E- Il lf fl MQ J Sf Il k I P J I5 .M J Plf, ' ' ' 3 fi '- :rfJ.S'j5Aj, - V . f-1- "V'1.'2'4a.'f-Y-' -, ., V F' -- I .111 g ms t smums THROUGH rffTfM?f'P?F?'s . ,, ,,.... .---, 4- -W --If f- -- - .. -1--:-1-1:Liff-qgzy-3Q4fibf5g,2i:zi-g+fgg-w-4-4-fee?'rufzgnxfgu-:gQ?Z?FIC:24q-F235QA .jS',fa,-:j- jf. ...v,.1,if- 31. -E4 ..Q'5:Q1'..'Sj? 3 ' ,, ogji. - -Q.-'L-X.. cl-dx! :X L C '-, .-rfb. , , r'A1v,.'?dL-+--K -- -NOQJ3-123351 Bc-:'1!5v 13555 .gu'v'-'1,v.9L'L-'-.'3Z9' 'QW-Tl, '-11 253457-:,'L-pf 1. 4,19 XXX 57' QKFU.. lfffx-'Q1?"J7gV.,k-Zfy Y",S':,jyl 'lik-,--.- zfiiggif-1,1 ?:5:':m:fxff'-'55j- J- ' J-NJ'h'.,C2 '.',rqi"'rffJ-Tfig 1 A - -- ,r . . . 1 - v Q - ,- 1 , 1 -,,.-. -ff-f Us-1 . r A -. - - - - -.,-, 7" ,.-.4-LA. 1 A- fffl'-fi'-1-Xf --f-F -3'f7f"'-if 'MG 51' - R f- f1'1'253'h r -- " .sri- r ,V ,'..1- "H P I C' ea N' - '- LI.-U. A 'il-: ','f"Qiii' L'5HS--2335311 ' Jxfig. 'vi :Y .--.Apt-, "x- .374 , 'ff 3?-Q. ' ' W, 3-5 .fi ' - ff--L-"-',f,-,g,,e4f4, - 1 ww, ., 0- Q- 1 CW' 'F' nffihw . ei3'?:f'?-'x-' fY:'lx.fr" ' ., L? ,' ' E2 A ' , Q .. - '- '-K' 'Wg-yi 55 - , ,. 7f':-"'jfrff52sS3 -1. dr ,- , -Q ,gg-, k,A,:AvxS.x N .V 4 15:-f1'l"' 1, KY: AC-QLJD41' ' 1 -.., JY UT. W - i- I 4 , - .-Q. aff-Y' 91' X ' - , J , ww- f f -ew, w KQQS' ig. Q . rf-F 'Z '- s. , F ...g .f , . er ' 'L " T '-z 'NTT' "-' ' '-'Y gf I if ti" f fl IK LJ,.,,EE 'gg-: W, ,' -jk' -i I ' .f M, '-,fv-fx. 5 -.1 4:69151-.Q3 ' ., " -. , X23-I 'R' f P0Q'.p..ffs7'r'ixv: 4,6 . vgdxyg ,QQ Q' 5,5 ui-QD-H i -Q-:ff ,wi , -. i ' nw-ff-gg A: :5Y,?.3"' ?.7!?,.i:, ' - ' V i,'f7":1.gf ,fx ' 'F' 1-Eff A' --j l -- 37,1-, ."- " . A , c , . , A:k'i332Ca,?75 I., '.-15?-iff!! - Y-,,.,,,-' ,YS'W4'Tfr'37,jJ31Q .:L,,J,JfQ:-f'.'ij,,lj,?'f X ?'?Q",ff3X' AL DU-RBIN 4,3 ,E ,,A- f i-,Huff :Fri Q-an f' - ' - -5?-firm mf ' 4.- ft ' EW - 6 ' ' A a .If V4-Af-5,7 , h A 'f -J - ,X lhfx, 'Q "TT: -1 Q-f-f"' "5-"vv5ffff2?H.fT 54555955 ' 4133-+5"f?fZ' Tiff i I .XV . ' H, 5 TQ.. Silva. :ff ,5?.:i:Q- - bf, V Aj-,L'?'q?x,,Li, P -if '. , gl ,. ff' 5 - . . 'B ' 1 ' . J- xr ' ah, vi". 'W' ,- fm , " xx , gr 1. pg . - -v - .mf A ff 2 - - - 'aa -,+- , v . 455' exit", 'Q fr 'L Aon v x4 X I if' " Y . . a X Q f , I M np' 1 4 'KN 1, A 1 . Ig. 'g,f, f, .' ' - L' ,Jr-' T: . - . ,li fx,.:1ir' 's 'Aw QA ly 'X It Ia.. 5, xi V . -XJ. YI? 5:1-.f 7 3' ,f 1 , A g Y. K QT. ' ,o-. "- I - 'in - ,N ' H 75- f-x ' -,'- ,. ,. ' ,1 , L: 1 N I -54? im- ' f . W .4- x v,. 'L 1 -v X V xxw NV . . N , ,. , ,vp X lib" H bm. 'I L 4+ 4 f 1 . -x -45' 9' V A x x Lf, N ,. A111 . W, f 5 v 'lx 'v-as J 's I 5 ' N H 'Cv' ff' 'L Q. A, J gs 'X XX 'til'- -,3 , ,X , 1 , -I , X . t' s x' " 1 Y 4 , C5 Lx y -RR H If ,, 2, ' J T 4 . . - M 5' --Q75 , i i,,,x-, -3' . ... 1. - 1 , 1 .X ' A r . :-N, 1 N ' Bfwjlz- -gfp5qf1f:x.m' 1 'nv 535,13 Aff.-Y, :.b.-,.1C,': .Hi I 1 ,I-. . 'A.,. A, -4 ' 1, ' -. s g Q xg 9 ' f 5 , N A' fy , 4- 4 ' f ',. - 4 +' vane- ' '-ag' 1' gg-1:1 ' A 0 P' ,. 1 1 1 , L 1 4 . I 1,4 I 75,55 , m x ' u . 5 X 1 i, we - , - - -Q 0.6. ,a-'-- + . M . ' Q: -. - . xIjn'S' x x,f- 1. , ig, , Q LH' ln 3' ' ' 9 B 1 J 4. ,J gi 'v' . L f ' 1 g .v ' ,. , .4 'A'-. 1.-M ' f' . ., HQ 'lf-3 3,1-3, '. ,f 'P'-f J ,ff "W I.Y..',1,.'- '3A ' ' as A , rl X lj , . ., , f Y -'.'2', ' 1.1 'AC I ' .4 " af "A" y - ' 'KX -, If .1 V--f - ,J ,J-. . - f . A .', - - A 1.,,:,,C I-,guy-.l,' A rid.. N 9,n , 4 -4- .3 . 'J-N ff .N . Az-,cl 1, . ' xv, J 1 f .1 f , I f . N S. ' 99 n gil " IKII i Af. A .' ps '- ,. I I II 5 - f , - ., 1 :LQ ' -..'-fiillg-If I: : I' -ifgwjgav f., - 2: .-.Wy J-.13 -. Q J .fff!V.'1C'a:a' ' 5- V' M1 t J IM-. I 1 I J 1 I Il 1 fl J J Il I Girls' Athletic Association First Row: Marv Ann Johanningmeier. Margaret Schulze. Anna Pollard. Alta Miller. Jackie Cadwell. Lorraine Diehl. Mary Lancaster. Second Row Jeanette Cupp. Velma Boyd, Jean Leahy. Joan Rodolph. Josephine Zuniga. Barbara Kreasky, Sarah Soors, Lillian De Zutter. Jane Massa. Third Row: Audrey Burger, Carleen Jarvis. Betty Davis. Shirley Schwehr, lola Farmer, Bernadine Blanford, Arleen Svoboda. Dolores Tucker. Doris Anderson. Marie Laskowitz. Arlene Kuiz. Fourth Row: Rose Marie Million. Virginia Smith. Marian Sullivan. Nadine Davis. Doris Kreutzman, Leodrie Kalz. June Marten. Dolores Malon. Joann Cowan, Caroline Krail. Beatrice Rose. Fifth Row: Bonnie Heidemann. Mabel Thomas. Shirley XVallacc. Evelyn Flinn, Carroll Crane. Arlene Dode. Dorothy Hyde. Edna Schwartz. Hildegard Meyer, June Dempsey, Mary Bienkowski, Mary Lou Fondren. Ruby Healy. Betty Burgoon. Sixth Row: Teni Dat- lila. Dorothy Misick, Virginia Pace. Bonnie Doser. Audrey Kemper. Margaret DeSimone. Norma Ross. Felicia Milonski, Oma Lee Ross, Rosemary Saunders, Mary Capone. Seventh Row: Shirley Bomerschein. Norma Norton. Ruth Schultz. Lillian Tamalis. Jacqueline Schmitt. Marilyn Mueller, Twila Penrod, Frances Munzer. Mary Capone. MISS AMEND and MISS KNOERNSCHILD, Sponsors The ofhcers for the term of September, 1946, to January, 1947, were as follows: TERMS l-2-3-4 TERMS 5-6-7-8 NORMA Ross . . . . . Presidenr . . . JUNE DEMPSEY ROSE TOWERS . . . 171-69-Prestdenl . . HILDEGARD MEYER ROSE LEAHY . . . . Secretary . . . . . LILLIAN TAMALIS MARILYN MUELLER ....... Treasurer ......... RUBY HEALY The ofhcers for the term of January, 1947, to June, 1947, were as follows: TERMS 1-Z-3-4 TERMS 5-6-7-8 JEANETTE GUPP. . . . Piesidmz . . . HILDEGARD MEYER MARY LANCASTER . . Vice-Prcsideni . . . JUNE DEMPSEY HELEN MCINTOSH . Secrezary . . MARX' BIENKOWSKI GORALEE BEHAN The G. A. A., known also as the Girls' Athletic Association, is sponsored by Miss Amend, for the upper-termers, and Miss Knoernschild, for the lower-termers. The G. A. A. meets twice weekly: the upper- termers on Tuesday, and the lower-termers on Wednesday. This club is for all girls in- terested in sports. The sports are basketball, hockey. soccer, speedball, softball, volleyball. and badminton. These sports are played in tournament style. Each member of the G. A. A. works toward the G. A. A. awards. The first award is that of a chevron, which is awarded for 600 points: and the "H" let- ter for 1,200 points: a G. A. A. pin for 1,800 points. A state letter is awarded for 1,000 points, which includes swimming, posture. scholarship. sportsmanship, and athletic ability. .......Treasurer. . . . . . . . .RUBYHEALY This year, for the first time, the girls of the G. A. A. have been asked to ofliciate ,at the grade school basketball and softball games. Mr. Alexander has received letters of congratulation from the principals of the grade schools, telling of the Hne work the girls did. Through this work the girls earn points toward the G. A. A. awards. The girls who ofiiciated this year were Mary Bien- kowski, June Dempsey, I-lildegard Meyer, Pauline Mileszko, and Rose Marie Million. They were assisted by Evelyn Flyn, Bonnie I-lcideman, Marilyn Mueller, Mabel Thomas, and Shirley Wallace. Dancing classes are also held under the direction of Miss Amend, and a tumbling class under Miss Knoernschild. The Tennis Team, i9-46 First Row: Benny Sobicraj. XX'nllace Gundlach, XV.iync Lemen, Alan Durbin. Marvin Zinzel. Edward Estel. NValter Schrader. Second R MR. GUNDLACH, Coach ow: Mr. Ciundlach. Coach. The Central netmen under the superb guid- ance of Coach Ciundlach, finished fifth in the Interscholastic Tennis Tournament of St. Louis, tying last year's record by winning seventeen and losing eighteen matches. In the first meet of the season, Central lost to Roosevelt, 3 to 2. Sobieraj and Ciundlach won their singles. while Lemen, and the first and second doubles, lost their matches to their strong opponents. Central defeated Southwest by a score of 3 to 2. The singles, Sobieraj, Ciundlach, and Lemen, won their matches. Central lost their third meet to Soldan 3 to 2. Sobieraj and Ciundlach had an easy victory over their opponents, while Lemen, and the first and second doubles, lost their matches. Next, the netmen were defeated by the city champions, Blewett, with a score of 3 to 2, Sobieraj and Gundlach being the only players to defeat Blewett's first and second singles. Central's third singles and first and second doubles lost to their opponents. Central was defeated 4 to 1 by Beaumont, Sobieraj losing his only match of the season to Beaumont's Dippold. Gundlach won his match, while the third singles man, and first and second doubles, lost their matches. Central came back in the next meet to over- ride McKinley, 4 to 1, with the three singles and first doubles winning their matches, while Zinzel and Schrader were defeated by McKin- ley's second doubles. Central came up with another victory, de- feating Cleveland, with a 3-to-2 score. So- bieraj, Gundlach, and Lemen defeated their opponents, while Durbin and Estel, Zinzel and Schrader were defeated by their oppo- I1CI'lfS. LEAGUE STANDINGS Won. Lost. Blewett ...., ..... 3 O 5 Soldan .,,,. ...,. 2 2 13 Beaumont .... ...,. 2 1 14 Southwest ....... 20 15 Central ,....... ..,.. 1 7 18 Roosevelt .... , ,.,. 13 22 McKinley ..., ..... 1 1 24 Cleveland .... ..........,......,.... 6 29 . LETTERMEN Singles Doubles Benny Sobieraj lst. Alan Durbin Wallace Gundlach ll Ed. Estel Znd. Marvin Zinzel Walter Schrader Wayne Lemen -i fu- -- EUNIS K ., 'run ' Jmlffgafa fx G Q' . g114zaQ,.zq X if Rltfwtsff P b?5'4"i -if-E ,lu '.'J Xcli! , 5 ,. i 7l hy :ii"'1"-ff':. agztf., 5' R525 C--ia-fi fx Y 'Q L lm , . . . , X 4 arf' J warm V 'fb ' - Q . ,, ,...iiiw I ,,, vu, fly. C 3 K ' 'v"f'v'-f,,,, ilMf,iii1""li' 4 ,Mm ,ii oo lr 103' ci Xa X, Y s if if wwe " A lie! - , s ,. 'lv i. nunm A lap wif" Swimming Team, 1946-1947 First Row: Leslie Thurston. Jim Pendleton, Frank Gill. Alan Durbin. Second Row: Frank Stagur. Clarence Bruce. Charles Evans. Iiarl James. Fred Chapman, Ray Berry, Joe Avis, Mr. Evans. MR. EVANS, Couch Central's swimming team was built around five lettermen returning from last year. They were Harry Drager, Frank Gill, Leslie Thurs- ton, James Pendleton, and Marvin Zinzel. Three other veteran swimmers from last year's team were Alan Durbin, Clarence Bruce, and Fred Chapman. W, teer T 'run WIN ,-Eeff-N-f'llllliiilli . W it l' 00 XT' 4.1 Tk' Crm! ff' ' rl ' Q' K fr. ' ' 4 I v 'Ts' i " "' '-' Qfyfgl'-' ' AL DURBIN ""' 'A' .. ,NN N. .M ,-iw 1, ii uv' "" The swimming team finished the season with three victories and six defeats. The defeated schools were Blewett, Soldan, and Hadley. Many of the meets were lost by a small margin because of absences of members of the team. LETTERMEN Harry Drager, Captain Clarence Bruce Fred Chapman Leslie Thurston James Pendleton Frank Gill Alan Durbin Traclc Team, 1946 First Row: Donald Fritz. Eugene Schaefer, Bryan Roth, Bill Jett, Al Mirth, Fred Wappel. Ted Nanney. Ehrhardt Lange. Louis Aiello, Mitchell Grezesiowski. Second Row: Oran Anderson, Merril McDaniels, Al Arcipowski. Art Hessler, Harry Drager. Clarence Ritten- haus. Richard Stumpe. George Aiello, Don Anton, .lack Howell, Clarence Bruce. Third Row: Cal Perkins, Bill Kuhn, Wayne Lemen, Richard Jose. Richard Rudowiez. Don Smith. Carl Schulze. Richard Thurston, John Verbanez. Bob Sandcork, Arlon Price, Fourth Row: Gerald Noah. Mr. Sibley, Virgil Cox, Mgr. MR. SIBLEY, Coach The 1946 track team was coached by Mr. Frank Sibley, a Central graduate who won letters in football, baseball, and basketball, being captain of the latter team in his senior year. After leaving Central, Mr. Sibley played baseball for Illinois University. In practice meets our cindermen won from Soldan and McKinley, but lost to Blewett. Art Hessler was captain. In the Thirty-sixth Annual Field Day, May 29, at the Public Schools Stadium, Central's track team took 5th place in a hard-fought battle. Howell was high point man, having 8 points: Drager, second with 8 points: Arci- powski and McDaniels tied for third, col- lecting 5 points each. Drager came out top point man for the season, turning in a ine performance for the season. The team as a whole made a very good showing for the year. Listed below are the total number of points each cinderman has collected. Those with the CU before their names will receive letters. +Drager ...........,......... 'l:Rittenhouse "'VJ. Berry :l'Stumpe .....,. ......, :'fMcDaniels "CI-Iowell ,.,.. ......, "fI'lessler ......... ........ Herr .... .... ........ "'Perkms . .... ....... l:Lemen ....... ......, P'fRoth ........ Thurston . Smith ...... Schultz, C. Fritz .........,,., ..... Anton ...........,,. ..... 4 4 Nanney . Christiansen ...... ..... Mczkowski Petrie ,.......... ..... 3 Arcipowski Verbanaz .... ..,.. 3 Schaefer .... Schultz. G. 2 Lange ,..... Sanford ....... ..,.. 3kWappel .... 'kMirth, A. ., Bruce ..,.. Sandcork ..... ..... akEllis ........ Anderson ,.... ..... fFAiel1o. G. White ...,,, 9tAiello, L. I I H I fs-Q ff T-xx.: 1, 1 ink l . 'f::3:'T-if f -'?r: i., "' N N 2 wi ' l l K ' V V X T Q - - may f f - 1 I V X 4 E fl 5 f """" 2' 1 'O f-V yi Q f' If 4.-X QI' ' .fa G . f- -X 'N ' ir A who 4 5 ' VJ G6 -if il A 4. Q T? if f" L -r ' , ' , . , , Q ' 7fa.:..,,... W ' 1 . ,T A ' 'Il' i"Q??vr: Fa! - X, . 'ra TT Football liars: Row Mike Thrmpwn, liarl Brinkman. Ralph Herr, Richard Thurston fCaptainl, Vtlayne Berry, Harry Drager, Robert Davis. Sr-ri nd Row Merrill Mrllanicls. Kurt Christenson, Bryan Roth, Ken Diers, Joe Ray Ruff. Don Anlone, Frd Wappel, Ted Namney. Third Row James Pendclton. John Knicker. Bill Lawyer, Jack Collins. Bill Mauller, Charles Scotino, Dave Hall Frank Meczkownki. lwurrh Row Leach lnperson. Jesse Mayberry. Frank Fuerst. Harold Wells, XVarren Kiefer. lintth Row Everett XK'illafcrd, Eugene Lcper. Richard Vk'oods, XVilliam Harvath. Jim Csolak. MR. INGERSON. Coach The beginning of the football season found a large number of boys being drilled by Coach lngerson. This drilling paid off on the first game of the season when the team made Friday the 13th a lucky day for themselves. The team romped to a 31-O victory over St. Charles. On September 20, Central played their second non-league game of the season. Cen- tral showed great fighting spirit but just couldn't hold U. City down. The final score was Central 13, and U. City 26. On September 27, the students witnessed the closest non-league game of the season. Although the Redwings made nineteen first downs to their opponents' three, they failed to defeat Wood River. The final score was Wood River 13, and Central 12. On October 11, Central faced the final league champs in their first league game of the season. Although the team showed a lot of fighting spirit, they were defeated. The final score was Central 7, and McKinley 13. Central students witnessed the most thrill- ing game of the season, Dctober 18, when Central met their arch rival. Although it was one of the best games of the season, the 4 team was overpowered at the end of the game. The score was Beaumont 26, and Central 13. Central finally came through on October 26. Students who witnessed the game saw Central's first and most decisive league victory as Central defeated Southwest 18 to 6. Central had a narrow escape on Novem- ber 2. Central was victorious in the end as Soldan went under by a score of Central 13 and Soldan 12. The game on November 9 found Central on bottom after two consecutive victories. The score was Central 0 and Cleveland 26. On November 16 Central suffered their most decisive defeat as they faced last year's champs. The final score of the game was Central O, Roosevelt 47. Central finished up the season in good style on Thanksgiving Day. The team traveled to Hannibal for their last non-league game of the year. The score was Central 13, and Hannibal O. The total for the season was four games won and six games lost. The opponents scored 179 points and Central scored 120 points. l946 1946 LETTERMEN Richard Thurston, Captain Ted Nanncy. Captain-Elect Harold Wells Earl Brinkman Kurt Christianson Bryan Roth Frank Mcczkowski Merrill lVlcDaniels Mike Thompson Wayne Berry Chicka lacka, Chicka lacka Chow chow chow Boom lacka, Boom lacka Bow wow wow Sis-s-s boom Bah Sis-s-s boom Bah Central! Central! Rah, Rah, Rah Harry Drager Ralph Herr Robert Davis Fred Wappel Charles Scotino Jack Collins Jim Csolack Joe Ruff Dave Hall Kenneth Diers BOB KAMPELMAN 1946 LEAGUE GAMES Date. Team. Score. Team. Score. Oct. ll-Central ,...,, , ..,. 7 McKinley . ..... , i... , I3 Oct, 18--Central ,...., ..... l 3 Beaumont .... ...,. 2 6 Oct. Z6-Central ....,. ..... l 8 Southwest ..... ...... 6 Nov. 2--Central ....., ...., l 3 Soldan ..,.... ...., l 2 Nov. 9-Central ...... .,... O Cleveland ....... ....., Z 6 Nov. 16-Central .......,.. ..i.. . . .. 0 Roosevelt .,..... .,... , 47 1946 NON-LEAGUE GAMES Date. Team. Score. Team. Score. Sept. I3--Central ........,,.......... 31 St. Charles .. ........ . O Sept. 20--Central ...... ..... l 3 U. City ...... ..... 2 6 Sept. 27-Central ...... .... l 2 Wood River ,..... 13 Nov. 28-Central .,.... ..... 1 3 Hannibal ..., ...,.. O Some Central yells Racka Chacka Boom Racka Chacka Boom Racka Chacka, Racka Chacka, Boom! Boom! Boom! Riferee Riferi, Eight 'em, Eight 'em, Central High! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, All good Centralites go to heaven, When they get there, they will yell. C-E-N-T-R-A-L! :sf ak ak :uf Eat 'em up, Central! Eat 'em up, Central! Eat 'em up, Central! Eight 'em, Eight 'em, Eigh Pk PF lk :lf I Yell, You Yell, We All Yell. CENTRAL C-C-Cen-T-T-Ral C-e-n-t-r-a-l Central, Central, Central lO5 t 'em! Basketball . . , . l-:nr Row Al Minh, Jack Howell, l'r.ink Weber, Alvin Polol ky Bill Skewes. James Bnslane. XVayne l.emen. Earl Lawrence, Second Row' Harry Thompson. Harold Maul, Jack Humphreys, Richard Green, William Sanford, Leo Caradonna. John Ellis, David lee. Plnicr Gerhard! Third Row: Mr. Bradburn, James Patterson. Rudy Schildrolh, Bill Ciray. Donald Davis, Joe lukiwch. Doyle lD.irr, John Lipinski, Mi. Marltland. MR. BRADBURN, Coach The outlook for the 1946-47 season was not too bright, for the Central cagers did not have one regular returning from last year's team. Only three lettermen were returning. Jim Brislane, Bill Skewes, and Al Mirth, all substitutes the previous year. The first game of the season was against a fairly good McBride five. Inexperience and the inability to hit their shots cost the Red- wings their first defeat, by the rather large score of 34-22. After leading South Side Catholic, another strong Prep League five, throughout the first quarter and midway through the second, in our second game of the young season, the South Side cagers came to life and went on to trounce the smaller Central five by the overwhelming score of 48-33. St. Louis U. High was our next opponent. The defending State Champs had to go all out against a fighting Redwing five, to defeat them 28-23. lnaccuracy on the free-throw line was a main factor in their defeat. After holding Southwest to an 11-IO score at the half, in the opener of the Public High League, the Midtowners again got the second-half jitters as Southwest went on to win. decisively, 42-22. During the Christmas holidays, Central again entered the Normandy Invitational Tournament. Our first opponent in the meet was Fairview, one of the stronger County fives. The Redwings took the measure of the Fairview boys 24-17, with the first sign of showing spark and spunk enough to play well a whole game. Central had to over- come a half-time lead of 6-5, but once the lead was taken it was never diminished. Our next foe in the tourney was McBride, who again defeated the hapless Central team, 43- 29. After a first-quarter score of 9-6, the "Micks" pulled away and we never threat- ened throughout the game. Blewett was our next league opponent. Again the Red Wings failed to last a whole game, as a close score at the half, 20-18, was turned into a trouncing at the end, 55-33. Cleveland, a perennially strong five in the district, was pressed all the way, with a slightly improved Midtown five succumbing to the tune of 45-33, in the third successive league defeat. Central then traveled to Bayless High School, of the South County League. After overcoming a 10-point lead in the first quar- ter and trailing by only one at the half, the Redwings again faded to lose 39-31. Al Mirth garnered 14 points for the losers. Our next non-league affair was the annual game with Cape Girardeau, the first of a home-and-home series. The Redwings were ahead at the half, for the first time in the season, but again dwindled in the second. The final score was 31-21. 1946-1947 In one of the more exciting and close games of the season, Soldan handed Central its fourth straight league defeat, 34-33, in an overtime thriller. Ackerman's 19 points were too much for the Central cagers, as they failed to hold a one-point lead in regular time, and lost a three-point lead in the overtime session. Beaumont trounced Central in a non-league game, 44-22. Leading at the half, 24-6, the Bluejackets played their second team in the majority of the second half and breezed to its victory. Central traveled to Cape Girardeau for its next game, as they avenged a previous defeat at the hands of the Cape five, and ended a six-game losing streak. lt was the first time a Central live had defeated Cape Girardeau on its home floor since 1940. Final score was 25-23, as Al Potolsky forced the Central at- tack with 10 points. An improved Central five pressed a strong U. City team throughout, before they finally succumbed to a 32-28 defeat. Failure to make free throws was the major cause of defeat. Jack Howell led Central scorers by hitting the net for 10 points. Central continued its fine play against the No. 3 ranked team in the district, Roosevelt, as they lost their fifth consecutive league game, 45-33. Skewes' l0 points was high for Cen- tral, but Lum Edwards' 18 points for Roose- velt proved to be the margin of defeat. Central went on to win its first league game against a hapless McKinley five. After a close first half the Midtowners pulled away and won by a decisive score of 35-28. Jack How- ell's 13 points paced Central. 3 Beaumont was the last regularly scheduled and last league game for the Central Red- wings. In this game the Bluejackets won their 18th straight game of the season. How- ever, this game was in direct contrast to the previous meeting of the two schools. The Central cagers jumped off to an early start and battled the mighty Jackets on even terms for three and a half quarters, when the fight- ing Redwing squad finally let up and Beau- mont scored 15 of their total points. Final score read 44-26, an injustice to the close play of the game. Skewes' ll points paced Central scorers. X K X 5 wi' -we N60 L Xb, .- Z 1 F- X Cf N Nm, ,A ,X XX vows F it -' 13 xx, IFXT jf? fi ig ' 'T aw Il F 0 , Qi 'fr A 2 A - fm Q f s' f- 5 NSY gala- F I dill? Central was again entered in the sub- regional tournaments. For our first opponent we drew Normandy, strongest team in the County and ranked second only to Beaumont in the district. This game marked again the improved playing of the Central squad. The Redwings battled on even terms throughout the whole game except for a lapse in the second quarter, when Normandy scored 16 points. Inaccuracy of shots caused the Mid- towners to lose a very well-played game as the Redwings outshot the mighty Normandy team at least two to one. Jim Brislane led Central scorers with seven, as a valiant Cen- tral team lost 42-30. Central wound up its season by winning only three of their eighteen games. The Red- wings landed in seventh place in the Public High League, with a one and-six-record, while winning only two of its eleven non- league games. The prospects for a successful season is bright, as three regulars are return- ing for next year. LETTERMEN Al Mirth Bill Skewes Jack Howell Earl Lawrence Jim Brislane Jim Patterson. Manager Al Potolsky Baseball 1 if X BASEBALL TEAM, 1946 lfirst Row, Don lxupfcnslcincr, ltlmer Roberts. James Brislnnc, NValrer Kopp. Eugene lVlcRoberts CCnptainl. Harlan Murray, Bill Mirlh. VI S d R XX . nrvin Tnlghadcr ji-con ow' 'nync Lcmcn, Bill Skcwes, xvilllff Hoclscher, Edward Baumann, Bill Gabler, Jack Howell. Ralph Herr, Jessi: Bell Third Row, Eugene Leeper, Mr. Kassing. Leon Heincker. Gregory Burns, Joe Hcnningsen. Dave Hall, Mr. Bradburn. R h d XX d QN1 5 l ic ar 'oo s . .innrcr . The Central High baseball team of 1946, under the guidance of Vernon J. Bradburn. had a fairly successful season. Starting this year again in the Public High School League each school plays every school twice, making a total of 14 games to play. The season opened on March 26 in a non- league affair, with the Redwings losing a close hard-fought game to McBride, 3-2. Another non-league experimental game was played with U. City in which the Tigers won 9-6, I-Iousher doing a fine job of relief hurling. The next non-league game was with South Side Catholic and resulted in the first victory for Central. It was an extra-inning ball game, with Don Kopfensteiner hurling a fine game. The hard-hitting Bill Mirth won the game in the ninth inning by slugging out a home run. The following day South Side visited Cen- tral and the Redwings won 4-2, with Elmer Roberts pitching and with help from Bris- lane, lVlcRoberts, and Talghader at the plate. The first league encounter was with South- west and resulted in a 3-2 victory, Kopfen- steiner doing the pitching and also driving in two of his team's three runs. The next league game was with Roosevelt, in which Central pounded out 15 runs to Roosevelt's 7. Cleveland visited Central for the next league game, which Cleveland won, 6-5. In another non-league game, East St. Louis had an ll-8 victory over the Redwings, Jess Bell and Elmer Roberts sharing plate honors. A few days later the East Siders again proved too strong for the Central nine and won the game 12-l. T946 In the next league encounter Blewett won from Central 9-4. The defeat was caused mostly by errors and not hitting in the clutch. In the next league game Soldan's rally was cut short in the seventh inning and the Red- wings came through again with an 8-7 vic- tory. Kopfensteiner was the winning pitcher. In a free-scoring league game, Central wal- loped McKinley 10-3. In a race for Iirst place, Beaumont defeated Central 6-2, with Beaumont's ace hurler. Loeser, only allowing three hits. Next, Central visited Roosevelt and the latter outscored Central 6-5. Tough breaks in the late innings decided the defeat. Mc- Roberts, Mirth and Central's ace hurler. Kopfensteiner, were the big guns at the plate. Central won from Cleveland 3-O in the first shutout of the season. This game was pitched by Talghader, who was helped out at the plate by lVIcRoberts and Humphreys. The next league game was a reversal of form as the Redwings defeated McKinley by a score of 7-2. This was a game in which Central's hitting and pitching, combined. proved too strong and was a disaster for Mc- Kinley. McRoberts, Bell, Mirth, and Bris- lane were the batting leaders in the game. Again in a league game Central walloped Soldan 1 l-1, with Kopfensteiner again pitch- ing a masterful game. Murray was Central's big gun at the plate. The next game Beaumont won by the score of 6-O, with Beaumont's pitcher allowing only two hits and no runs. In the last game of the season the Red- wings outscored Southwest 8-6. This was Central's eighth league victory against six defeats. This game put Central in third place. .'cATCHE '-SEC0 D BASE-. xii K Y N ff! ' T .. .. 7 --- A ja qafjyl Leg, a gi f "- E -- I- --g -K ' . .' I v ' . I -if 9 5 , dl K 11 i ! A .Ii "cENTER FIELD' ag - I-'K X Nm, A F Fmst BASE N n f I if Fif a ' fl Y 3 l OHL Qfwf' W I' ' EJ Q' Q is ff xxx - ' -A Xf -ix ': j X if QI j f X 1. 'smmm C5 xx ti 'aff-' .- , 201 " .. BASE pf nag ? 'xr if . ? -Wi n GQ oi' HRIGHBIP' ' il' . f ' I FFL, Y f V HELD dx uw' 1, ,amlfxlf 'LEFT FIELD.. - "' . mm. ge 4 Lf: , - The leading hitter of the regulars was Mc- Roberts, and the best pitcher was Kopfen- steiner, who had six victories. With a little more support on the defense and some more good hitting the record would have been much better. LETTERMEN Richard Woods. Manag r Edward Bauman Jesse Bell Don Kopfenstciner Elmer Roberts Jim Brislane Walter Kopp Eugene McRoberts Harlan Murray Bill Mirth Marvin Talghader Jack Humphreys 109 BliS'l' WISHIES CEntral 1208 SANSONe'S Dress Shop Lingerie Coats . Suits . Dresses . Sweaters Blouses . Robes . Purses . Slaclzs Sport Jackets . House Dresses Bathing Suits Uniforms, lllaitress. Nurses SANSONe'S Dress Shop 4102-4 North Grand C. lf. Sansone St. Louis 7. Mo. SCOTT BROS. F ruits-Vegetables Poultry and Eggs 351 1 North Market We Deliver FRanklin 8553 McDOWELL DRUG CO. ED McDowELL. Druggisr 14th and Madison Streets St. Louis, Mo. 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A-X ' It W 1. f l' MQ, if-e- ' , A El, " 1 M " ' f : ' .xx u, 4 ' 'Q' 'ai3Em f 25' ffl-. " 15 .14 HI ' 629' ' A' ' ' I-bi: . ,VT in 6 , ,- YM. : dk Q- ' 35,116 R 5 , -f ffn f 'QNV-WMV 1' 1' 'ff ,gf ff 2 Y '-- 'LL V. -- Af pt fi 5 ' -"5?.f'fQF1ib?'-1 QI ' T -" "Mr ' Fi? ., ,, ' -, w ' 6 Maj' 1 v 9' M .ffffx .vf 1: ' "" .V t , .- fgV71: ':', ' P N l - ' I k 'T I VY 1: , Nut . we ' We qw A' 'qv' 'fl j ,. ' ,A I ,.r t i.,.n.-,SX H1 There will always be a 112 3 . 1. gap.. , f Central High Q., . L rag Q 4 ,a K Q 1' i' . I Ai! - Agia Q A 1 it 'r "4 sie- if , .QQ I W x , w.,. It 'Q :Q A , r 5 --.v p---, -hi

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