Central High School - Signal Yearbook (Columbia, TN)

 - Class of 1956

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Central High School - Signal Yearbook (Columbia, TN) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 21 of 88
Page 21 of 88

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Page 21 text:

8111.01 Sx'Lx'1.-x .Xxx NIARTIN "l.1f1' 1111t 1111 1I1f'.UlVlg 11111' Il 11711111111 f1'11'r11I." I' HA., l95Il-'5ti: C0lIllllL'l'll2ll Club, lflfxi-'5li. Boisln' M1N1:I.1inoR1-'I-' "llc 111111rc1l 111 1IV1H1l1l'T u'orl1l.v 111111 lrd 11l1' z1111y." l'outb:1ll, lf15f1-'5li: Captain of Ifoot- bzrll 'l'czuu, H155-'56, "C" Club, H154- 56: Viu'-l'1'1'si1l1'11t of 1'l0llll'l'0UIll, l!l5-1-'56, lnclustriul Arts Club, 19511- 7353 P111 Club, H155-'51i: l'1:1s1'l1:1ll, H155-'56, ll1l.1.r DAN NIURROW "l11' 1l111'.v 1'1'1'1'y111111g 111'1'111'11111g In 11ll' .v1111111l1'.xl 11'11.u111.s." IlltlllSll'llll Arts Club, Ifliblffmliz Yiw- l,Il'Slill'lll of lllllllSll'l1ll Arts Club, lf155w'5li: lltrsltvtbnll, H155-'56, YVALTER E. NIOUNTCASTLE, III "He was I1 1111111. We .Y1I!111 never see 1115 l1ke ng11111." h.l'.Q.R., lflnfl-'5-1: Pep Club, 1954- '56: Cleo Club, l95-1356: Ilranmtic Club, l95-1-'51i: President of Dru- mzrtic Club, l955-'56: Tllespian, H154-'56: I-iter:1ry Lcirgfuc Letter, H154-'5ti: Club. l95-1956. KATIE -Il'ANl'l.-X NORNIAN "Si1'l'l'1 .f1111l111g 111111 511'1'e1 Jf1111:1'11," H115 Long High slll00l, Nlt. 'l'l.cns4 unt. It'11111'ss1-1-. l!ln.l-:mr LPA.. H153-'54: Bnslu.-tb:1ll, l95fl-55: HH" Club, l95f5-'551 All-l'0llI'IlllIll1'llI Bu:- lu-tball Tcarrn, H154-'53: Altcrrrzuc to Girls' State, l955. 'l'1':1nsfcrrc1l tu C.H.S.. H1551 I-IHA.. H153-'56. bi? Q .AV I x 1 Q x X 5 'T' . Jn-'Q lf , R k ' 'f' . 1.....J . 4 k e . :Siu va G!ClSS NIAx1Nr1 RUTH NIATHENY ".lI11sir ix the poetry of lhe air." Secretary of Homcroorn, 1953-'5-1: F.H,.-L, l95Il-'5-l: Secretary of F.H.A.. l95Il-'5-l: Vicc-l'rcsidc11t of Homc- room. l954-'55: Student Council, 195-1355: Comrncrciarl Club, l95-4356: vlfl'-l7l'CSlllCIlI of Cornrncrcizil Club, l955-'51i: President of Homcroorn, l955-156: Glvc Club, l954-'51i: Pup Club, H155-'5ti. HAZEL EVELYN MOORE 'AS1If' .Y1lII11 .vlzow 11,8 110111 1111111111 Il 11111111 11 11'm111111 F1111 be." - -1. fr- . l'.H.A.. 195.5-:1-1: X-Icons. l953-5-1: C0l'llIIlCl'4'l1ll Club, H153-'56. C1mk1.1cs XVAYNIC Nlokkow "Il1' l1'11111's Il Il11111g111 111111 1.x 111g 111111 111111111 ll'iI11 Il 11'i.s11 111111 1.x 1111111 111111 I1'111'." lll4llINll'l1ll Arts Club, l951i-'56, JERRY EZELL NORMAN "The best 111111g to 1111116 1111 yum' .sleeve rs ll f1l7ll'lj'1l071P.n Commercial Cl11b, l954-'55, IJ.li. Club, 19553561 ILE. District Con- wntion, 1955-'56. GERALDINE OLIVER "Her heart is ever nl your .xer1'1re." I',H.A.. l953-'5-13 C0lIllIlCl'll2ll Club, 19543565 Secretary of Homeroom, l955-'56g Library Assistant, I955-'5li: Club, 1955-'56, National Honor Society, l956.

Page 20 text:

QU- l.O I' Ctioktcr litmixktm l.OCKl:i "ll'l1en he mpoke. tlum' ulloul lmu Itwk ll4'z'tl." S,1'.Q.R.. 1955-54: Pep Club. 1931- 'fvtiz Cruuerat Club, l955.'5ti, LARRY Duxxlx tg Lowu' 1' UT0 Ive' happy are must not be lm: lugietrlf' Trextsttrer uf Homeruotu, 1934-'Twtig Basketball. 1933-'56, BETTY CAROL LYXN "A sweet expression is the lzigltefl type of female l01'L'llI1ES5." F.H.A., 1953-54: Commercial Club. 1954-55: D.E. Club, 1955.562 Treas- urer of D.E. Club, 1955-563 D.E. District Conxention, 1955-56. XIARGARET ANN NICFARLAND "Pnlitene.ss smootht wrinkles." F.H..-X., 19535565 F.H,.-X. Chapter Degree, 19.5335-l: Commercial Club. 19543552 Glee Club, 19543561 Y- Teens, 1955-156: Pep Club, 1955-56. RUBY KATHERINE xlCKlSSlCK "IL is well to think well, it it flirfinf to acl well." l-'.H.A., 1953-'5-1: F.H.A. Chapter Degree, 1953-'5-1: Commercial Club. 1954-'56, r 1M4 1 CISS ISARBARA ,XNN lntztita 'Wlrl nml lmmrtlrrlgc bring Izrerul mul ll0IlO7'.U lf.H..X., 1953-'541 Y-'lt-ens, 15153-'54, Conmlertiul Club. 1954-'563 National llnnnr Society, 195-1-'56, Library As- sistant, 1955-'563 "C" Club, 1955- '5ti3 lop len, 1956, EDYVARD ARNOLD LYLES "A kirzll heart is more than a crown." D.1i. Club, 19559561 D,1i. District Convention, 1955-'56, JABIES CLIFFORD LYNN "nl man's future is zvlzat he makes it." F.F,A., 19539553 Industrial Arts Club, 1953-'55g D.E. Club, 1955-'56g 13.12. District Convention, 1955-'56, D.E. State Convention, 1955-'56. JOHN SAMUEL NICKENNON "Glad that I live am I." CLINTON 'l'AYLOR NICNIEEN "He lim Il ltenrt lllfll it 1l'0llIll'01lSly free, V I flml hex n.x jolly mul f1'Il'l1fllj' zu lu' can be." Secretary of Homeroom, 1953-'54, lllzrn-nb, Pootbztll, 151551-nb: F.l7.A., 121533563 President nf 1f.lf..'X., 1953- '542 Vite-Presitlenl of l".lf..'X., 1954- '563 'lreasurer of Htmrerontu, 1954- '55

Page 22 text:

Hay Long High School, Nlt. Pleasant. Tennessee, l95-1955: F,H.A., l95-1 enlor ERXFSTIXF QTXYFN "No mullet' zrlzut muv In' the lui. l'll .wi HIYllt'1ltl.' mul I'll do mv lint." l".H.X.. ltlfvi-'Hz Coututcrcial Club. 15333-'Sli RILTHARD LEE PARKS "He vrzcelt von l'l1c't'7'lllllX and is u truz' lrzemlf' 1953-KSNGZ Yin'-l'l'CSitlv.'ltt of I-.l'..-X., l9:w4-JD. l'.DX.X 'IQRIGG PE.-XY Ufzreeler also than honey mul lllc' lioneycornbf' I-IIIA., l953-'56. SONDRA PAYE PENNINGTON "Gran: is in all her steps, and in every gfslu re dignity." Lawrence County High School, Iran' r e n c e b u r g, Tennessee, 1953- 54: F.H.A.. l95fl-'5-1: Pep Club, l934 '55, Glee Club, l954-'55, Trani- ferrcd to C.H.S., lEI55. TVILMA DEAN PICKLE "She is placid and .self-rontaine1l." l".H.A., 19533562 Commercial Club, 1954-'55, C-lee Club, 1954-'56, CZSS .lou ANN PAGE ulflllll lu lllf' f'Ul'l', llmtw, lI11'I'l'3', NWI lru1'." , . - v - S.l'.Q.R.. 19:13-'5-ll l'.H.A.. 19:13-503 Clotuutercial Club. I954 "55- HIIMMY LARRY PAUL "If!lll!l.l0I7l!J it ns lzrmrlxome dues, lull il .iziwx it lol of lime to be good- looking." Hi-Y, 19553563 Camera Club, 1955- Bb. NIARTIN .XRNOLD PLLBLLS ".4u'ny with Imok.x-lel'.t lmve some fun." ljfllllllllll' Clttb, 19533562 VicC-Pt'esi- dent of llrzunalic Club, IQ54-'55, Thespian, 1953-'56, Honor Thespian, l95li3 Literary' League Letter, 1953- '5ti: Literary League All-Star Cast, 19543551 S.l'.Q,R.. 1953-'54, Praetor of S.l'.Q.R.. l953-'54g Football, 1953- '54S: "C" Club, l953-'56: Honorable Mention. All-Nlidstate Football Team, I954355: All-North Central Confer- ence Football Team, 1955-'56: All- Middle Tennessee Football Team. 1955-'56, Honorable Mention, All- State Football Team, 1955-'563 Voice of Democracy Countv Winner, l954- '55: Spanish Club, 195-1556. FRED NEIL PICKARD 'AWl:oez'er is jiopulnr deserves atten- lion." l't'esiclent of Honteroorn, 19533561 Football, l953-'56: All-North Central Conference Football Team. 1955-'SGI All-Nlidstate Third Football Team. l955-'Miz Baseball. l95fl-'56g Club. IQ53-'56: Industrial At-ts Club, H154-'551 Pep Club, 1955-'Sli XVILLIANI CARL PILKINTON 'Elly rlortrinr' ix 'Live as ilmt rllou nmyett desire lo live ag11in."' l".lf..'K., l95Il-'56Z SCntinel of F.F..'X.. IU55-'5ti.

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